Everything Thread - Cup of Harmony 71

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Everything Thread - Cup of Harmony 71

Postby Ethane » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:57 pm

The World Cup qualifiers are complete. Some nations have been successful; many have failed. But this isn't the end of the road for some of those nations. Some of the more promising nations still have the chance for glory; the chance to win a trophy and get your name written into the stars. A chance to succeed.

Welcome to the 71st Cup of Harmony, hosted in Ethane and Qasden. A number of nations have already been invited to participate, and have been preparing their players for the challenge that awaits them in this prestigious tournament. As the players line up on the pitch, ready to shake each other's hands and begin, we wish to welcome you all to the Cup of Harmony.

One: • Flardania
* Osarius
• Mercedini
• Eastfield Lodge
* Soltsteed
• Apox
• Darmen
• New Gazi
Two: • Savojarna
* Buyan
* Aggrey-Fynn Land
• Taeshan
• Equestrian States
• Juvencus
* Anthor
Three: • United States of Devonta
* Yesopalitha
• Filindostan
* Natanians and Nosts
• Mattijana
• Ko-oren
• Banija
• Yue Zhou
Four: • Lisander
* Bojikstan
• Somecoldwetislands
Liberated American Provinces
• South Toronto
• Amazonesta
• Platerdam
• Northwest Kalactin
Five: • Bostopia
• Vangaziland
* Omerica
• Pridnestrovia
* Dunnes

Group A - Soltsteed

Group B - Osarius
Aggrey-Fynn Land
United States of Devonta
South Toronto

Group C - Darmen
Yue Zhou

Group D - Eastfield Lodge
Natanians and Nosts

Group E - Mercedini
Northwest Kalactin

Group F - Flardania
Equestrian States

Group G - Apox

Group H - New Gazi
Liberated American Provinces

Schedule - MD1 = 31/12/2017 (4: 3v4, 1+2 bye // 5: 2v5, 3v4, 1 bye)
MD2 = 01/01/2018 (4: 1v2, 3+4 bye // 5: 5v3, 1v2, 4 bye)
MD3 = 02/01/2018 (4: 3v1, 2+4 bye // 5: 3v1, 4v5, 2 bye)
MD4 = 03/01/2018 (4: 1v4, 2v3 // 5: 1v4, 2v3, 5 bye)
MD5 = 04/01/2018 (4: 4v2, 1+3 bye // 5: 4v2, 5v1, 3 bye)
Ro16 = 06/01/2018
Quarter-Finals = 07/01/2018
Semi-Finals = 08/01/2018
3PPO = 09/01/2018
Final = 10/01/2018

Qasden's side (Groups E-H): 2200-0000 CST
Ethane's side (Groups A-D): 2330-0130 GMT

Please only post in this thread if you have received an invite from either Qasden or me to participate in the Cup of Harmony this cycle and have accepted it. Thank you.
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Postby Ethane » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:58 pm

Welcome to Ethane

Ethane, also known by the chemical formula attributed to its name, is a democratic, politically divided nation located in the region of Esportiva, home to 20 million people. Having recently gone through a period of change, with the long-standing Liberal-Democratic Party, a centrist party committed to increasing defence spending and the economy to the detriment of the environment and social security, being voted out in favour of the left-wing Greener Ethane party, who are more committed to improving the environment and education. However, with the rise of the far-right in the new election of MoralEthane!, this position is being reversed.

The capital city of Ethane is New Sarum, which is home to about 2 million inhabitants, and is adjacent to the major tourist site of Old Sarum, also near to StoneHedge. There are many cities and towns scattered around the nation, spread out, with the largest city located about 250 miles from New Sarum, in Swanmouth, home to about 3 million people. The Isle of Lowe is home to about 400,000 people itself, and is regarded as 'the most beautiful part of Ethane' - most of the Island is wild, and has multiple small 'wild' islands alongside it.

Ethane is famous in many ways, notably for its sporting appearances, which has seen the nation start to become recognised in sporting fields around the world, as well as its performances at Worldvision and the World Hit Festival. The nation is also known for its high living standards, strong economy, specialising in Information Technology, in which it has one of the largest of the IT sectors in Esportiva, and Publishing, its educational standards, and its move towards green energy, which the government is aiming for a 100% renewables in the next 25 years. It is currently around 40% renewable energy. However, this may not continue after the election.

The transport in Ethane benefits from high levels of government funding which benefit the quality of service, with private companies also consolidating the transport network in Ethane. Most of the large cities in Ethane have strong public transport links within them, heavily subsidised buses being the most commonly used way to get around. Also in the two main cities, New Sarum and Swanmouth, eco-friendly modes of transport are also available to be used, including bikes which can be hired and dropped off at later stages along your cycling route.

Bus services also cover most moderately sized towns, with rural areas and small towns and villages being covered by less regular bus services which operate out of a main town or city nearby. There are many long-distance routes also available in Ethane, between many of the major cities and towns, which often stop at rural locations to increase the coverage of the bus service.

Trains also provide a viable option for transport in Ethane, connecting many of the main cities and towns, and providing a cheap, fast, and environmentally friendly way to travel around Ethane. ChemRail provides a fast and reliable train journey between stations, but if you are looking for better quality, or high-speed trains then the best place to look is towards the private companies. The rails have all been electrified, providing an environmentally friendly way of transporting people around the nation.

For longer haul journeys from other nations, we do have a few airports across the country, albeit they are fairly small due to the regulations placed on plane emissions. HITAir provides a strong service to many major countries around the multiverse, with regular flights allowing fans to stream in for the championships. Most transport is state owned in Ethane, so the if the quality is not as expected, feel free to complain to the government.

With the tourist industry booming once again, hotels are once again back in action, with a range of places for those visiting to stay. From 2* hotels to 5* hotels, we strive to provide you with the best accommodation possible. There is the option of either going state funded hotels, or you can go with the private sector.

Food and Drink
There are many places to eat in Ethane, with many restaurants and fast food chains all over Ethane. There are multiple places you can eat at, including the locally born restaurant and fast food chain, Treaters, who have signed a contract with Superchaps of Oisinistan to open a load of their franchises in Ethane, providing an even larger range of food to eat. With multiple food venues across the country, you are sure to find something to your liking.

There are many things you can do while in Ethane for entertainment away from the International Basketball Championships.

In New Sarum, we have multiple cinema and bowling complexes for the enjoyment of our visitors and residents alike, which are often relatively popular. There are many other entertainment complexes in New Sarum as well, which more can be found out about in the tourist information centre. Nearby to New Sarum, you have the historic castle fort of Old Sarum, which provides a good day out, as it is located in the centre of a large wildlife reserve, which is a place where you can often see rare animals lurking about. StoneHedge is also popular and nearby to New Sarum, providing a good family afternoon out, with activities for everyone, and special events running throughout the tournament.

Swanmouth also provides visitors with a great many visitor attractions to visit as well as entertainment complexes. The city itself is also only a 45 minute bus journey away from one of Ethane's finest national parks, the Glade Forest. This provides a good place for walks, as well as adventurous activities and bike hire, as well as being a good place for camping holidays. Further away from this event, you have the fairly mountainous regions of the nation, especially on the island, which provide spectacular views for those visiting, and can have snow on in the winter for skiing.


King Edward IV Stadium

The stadium is situated in New Sarum, the capital of Ethane. New Sarum is the metropolitan hub of Ethane. Home to around 1 million people, it is nestled on the south-west coast of Ethane. It does sometimes get hit by storms coming up from the sea but does have elements of protection. Green energy is in common usage here, and liberal ideas are well-spread throughout the population. It is has been mostly unaffected with the economic downturn, with the tourist industry and other industries which New Sarum relies on not taking so much of a hit.

The stadium can hold 60,000 people in the setup as shown above. Group A will play here.

St. Maries Stadium

The stadium is located in Southern Hampton, which is on the southern end of the Isle of Lowe. This is off the coast of Ethane and is accessible by boat and plane, with special ferries and flights put in place for when matches are on. The airport is small however on the island, so much of the travel to the Isle of Lowe is by boat. The Isle of Lowe is a beatiful place with heavy focus on natural beauty. The nothern side of the island is very mountainous and is great for hikes. The island is very conservative and traditionalist in its ideals.

The stadium can hold 41,115 people. Group B will play here.

Newton-Smith Arena

This stadium is located in Letson, located in the south of Ethane. The city is heavily reliant on the tourism industry, with a decent beach and strong historical connections and landmarks as part of a tour of Ethane. The city is very rich in its cultural history and art which can be seen as you walk around the city. Letson is home to around 500,000 people, but feels a lot more homely than the other large cities.

The stadium can hold up to 38,650 people. Group C will play here.

Brannigan Stadium

The stadium is located in the north-western part of New Sarum. The stadium can hold up to 55,600 people. Group D will play here.
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<drawk> If the entirety of the nation of Ethane was covered in a single cubic foot of Ethane on its surface, lighting it all on fire would cause a 5.44 megaton blast.
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Postby Qasden » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:58 pm

Reserved for Qasden IC Info
Sporting Achievements
World Cup Ranking: 58th; KPB: 15.55; Style: -4
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Equestrian States
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Postby Equestrian States » Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:05 pm


The Pony Principality of Equestrian States
National Hoofball Team - Cup of Harmony 71 Roster

Quick Facts
KPB Ranking: 61st (12.18 pts.)
Style Modifier: -1.75
Nickname: The Ponies
All-Time Record: 256-91-76 (3-2-0 at CoH 71)
Achievements: Market Cup V (Champions), Runner Cup 3 (Champions), Equestria Cup II (Runner-Up), Equestria Cup I (3rd Place), Market Cup VI (3rd Place), Cup of Champions 4 (Semifinals), Cup of Harmony 71 (Quarterfinals), VIII Olympiad - Men's (Quarterfinals), VIII Olympiad - Women's (Quarterfinals), World Cup 67 (Round of 16), World Cup 70 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 51 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 53 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 60 (Round of 16), World Cup 64 (Qualified), World Cup 65 (Qualified), World Cup 66 (Qualified), World Cup 71 (Qualified)


Home - Away - Reverse

The national team receives its kits from two different companies, though the design for each is the same. Kits for the humanoid players (see above) are provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia, while those for equine and other non-humanoid players are provided by Generosity Sporting Equipment. The Equestrian kits were designed to be simple and easy to identify, using the national colors of purple and orange.

Group F
#19 - Image Flardania (26.95 pts.)
#61 - Image Equestrian States (12.18 pts.)
#88 - Image Banija (8.22 pts.)
#105 - Image Somecoldwetislands (6.11 pts.)
#132 - Image Pridnestrovia (3.33 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group F
MD1: Equestrian States 1-1 Pridnestrovia at Stade de Solis (cap. 80,240) in Fyre, Qasden (Draw)
MD2: Flardania 0-0 Equestrian States at Moriardi Square (cap. 75,500) in Destiny, Qasden (Draw)
MD3: Bye Day
MD4: Equestrian States 2-0 Banija at Moriardi Square (cap. 75,500) in Destiny, Qasden (Win)
MD5: Somecoldwetislands 0-3 Equestrian States at Stade de Solis (cap. 80,240) in Fyre, Qasden (Win)

Knockout Stage
Round of 16: Equestrian States 2-0 Filindostan at Royal T.V. Stadium (cap. 90,500) in T.V. City, Qasden (Win)
Quarterfinals: Equestrian States vs. New Gazi at New Qad Field (cap. 85,750) in Qad City, Qasden


#1 - Gentle Breeze (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Qazox (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Dwile Warriors | League: Image Apox National League
International Caps: 115 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
Dubbed by some of her more devoted supporters "the Goddess of Goalkeeping", Gentle Breeze is considered by many one of the multiverse's best hoofballers even by fans outside her homeland, unlike many other players with similar claims of being among the sport's elite. Over the course of her career, the Ponies' keeper has won a Di Bradini Cup, six trophies with her club teams, and no fewer than five Golden Glove awards in some of the multiverse's top leagues. After making her international debut at age 18, Gentle Breeze initially was the Equestrian States' second-choice goalie behind High Soarin', but ultimately forced the veteran to retire from national team duties after taking his starting job. Since then, Gentle Breeze has been the Ponies' undisputed go-to goalkeeper yet is only now beginning to enter her prime years, her ambitions of someday being considered an all-time legendary great aren't as absurd as they may once have seemed.

#21 - Marilyn Peterson (Human - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Urain (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Kings Park | League: Image Schottic Premier League
International Caps: 18 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Not a particularly well-known player, even among Equestrian hoofball fans, Marilyn Peterson is a goalkeeper who has shown considerable potential in her performances in the NFA Premiership over the past several seasons. Though Peterson has now passed Nightflame in the Ponies' depth chart, she's still nowhere near Gentle Breeze and her playing time will thus be limited to facing lower-caliber opponents. Regardless, Marilyn Peterson would likely be a starter for other national teams and will be a regular for the Ponies for the foreseeable future.

#22 - Nightflame (Unicorn - Male)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Yesopalitha (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 23 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
With Gentle Breeze on the team, Nightflame's playing time has almost always been limited to friendlies and low-importance international matches, but is still a talented goalkeeper with much to offer the Equestrian States national team. A product of the Canterlot Stars' famed youth academy, Nightflame has developed into one of the United League's top keepers and is a more than capable backup goalkeeper who steps up his game when called upon, a quality which serves him well given his role in the Equestrian squad.

#12 - Brix Hamilton (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/CB) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Argo Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Handon United | League: Image Schottic Premier League
International Caps: 90 | Assists: 12 | Goals: 2
Unlike most other current Equestrian superstars, Brix Hamilton wasn't very highly-rated as a teen by scouts, and thus was more than happy to sign a modest deal with a mid-table club in Earent, Nithgard GU, where she quickly became a key member of the team. Several years after joining the Kaynd, Hamiton and Nithgard stunned the multiverse by first winning the Integ Brandel and then going all the way to the Champions' Cup quarrterfinals. From that season on, Brix Hamilton's stock soared as Nithgard climbed up the UICA rankings and eventually won a Champions' Cup title, Hamilton becoming just the second Equestrian to hoist the coveted trophy. Now with Schottia's Handon United, Brix Hamilton is playing better than she ever has before and is determined to help lead the Ponies to glory in the World Cup.

#8 - Andrea Molovi (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 31 | Debut: vs. Image Euskirribakondara (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image Crisisbless | League: Image NFA Premiership
International Caps: 188 | Assists: 6 | Goals: 3
Despite being a longtime starter for the Ponies and one of the team's most experienced players, Andrea Molovi is considered by some as one of the Equestrian States' most overlooked stars. Among the first Equestrian-born human players to make a name for herself on the domestic and international level, Andrea's disciplined style of play often earns her praise from coaches and fellow players as she's able to make crucial tackles without being booked in the process. Andrea Molovi's role in 1830 Cathair's rise to international prominence after being sold to the Audioslavian club by Stalliongrad HC boosted her own international profile, and though not as young as other Equestrian defenders is still a key member of the Equestrian back line and will likely remain so in the near future.

#3 - Flitter (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 32 | Debut: vs. Image Waspeaters (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 219 | Assists: 21 | Goals: 10
Twin sister of Ponies captain Cloudchaser, Flitter is viewed by many as an anchor of the Equestrian back line and is considered one of the best defenders to ever represent the Equestrian States on the international stage. A regular starter for the Ponies since her debut as a promising 20 year-old during the World Cup 60 qualifying campaign, she may not be the most imposing player on the pitch, but Flitter is exceptionally quick and agile for a defender, often relying on her speed and hoofwork to steal or intercept the ball rather than brute force tackling.

#19 - Krysia Bailey (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB/DM) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Iturributa (WC68 Qualifying)
Club: Image Avenida Leal | League: Image FARF Freitball Ligá
International Caps: 57 | Assists: 8 | Goals: 2
One of several promising young defenders to make the senior team, Krysia Bailey is an extremely talented prospect who is already considered the best Equestrian right-back. Currently playing with Farfadillis' Avenida Leal, Krysia Bailey looks every bit like a star of the future and, along with Rumble and Erauso Iburrusteta, is routinely hailed as one of the faces of the next generation of Equestrian talent. Offensively-minded, Bailey isn't afraid to assist in the attack, charging down the flanks when called upon and launching pinpoint crosses to her waiting teammates.

#20 - Rumble (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Jeckland (Pre-WC68 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 56 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
The younger brother of longtime Ponies striker Thunderlane, Rumble is another one of Pearly White's "new generation" defenders. Though the young pegasus idolizes his older brother, Rumble's talents lie at the opposite end of the pitch, though his speed and versatility have seen him occasionally feature in the midfield where he's also excelled. Regardless of where Rumble is on the field, opponents should be careful not to underestimate this young Equestrian's abilities.

#27 - Sunlight (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Saint James Islands (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 22 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0
Sunlight is slightly older than her fellow "new generation" defensive stars and doesn't have quite the same megastar potential as the other youngsters Pearly White brought into the senior team, though her skills are a bit more developed than her colleagues' and is only second-choice on the right wing behind Krysia Bailey. Less of an attack-minded fullback than other Equestrian internationals like Bailey and Hamilton, Sunlight shines with her natural instincts and is equally-capable of performing in a central role.

#24 - Erauso Iburrusteta (Human - Male)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Santos Luega | League: Image SuperLiga
International Caps: 37 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
Born and raised in Astograth, Erauso Iburrusteta defected to the Equestrian States after his homeland's government was toppled by the current fascist regime. Signed as a young prospect by the Cloudsdale Flyers, Erauso quickly rose through the ranks to establish himself in the United League before being signed by perennial Felixian power SC Volker. Boasting the pace to required keep up with the high tempo of the Equestrian game, Iburrusteta has already established his value to the Ponies' and is seen by Pearly White as an eventual replacement for Andrea Molovi whenever she decides to retire from international play.

#35 - Nightshade (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (LB) | Age: 19 | Debut: vs. Image Estenia (WC71 Qualifying)
Club: Image Oldem Knights | League: Image Apox National League
International Caps: 3 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Young and relatively untested even with the Little Ponies, Nightshade's senior team selection came as a surprise to many, but Pearly White needs only point at Nightshade's vast potential to explain her choice. Hailed by some scouts as the next Brix Hamilton, this bat pony will be on the national team for years to come if she even comes close to matching expectations.

#9 - Rainbow Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - VICE-CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CAM/ST) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image Slembana (Pre-WC63 Friendly)
Club: Image Makosile United | League: Image V-League Declasse Division
International Caps: 173 | Assists: 80 | Goals: 73
Already considered legendary by many Equestrian hoofball supporters, Rainbow Blitz has been a starter for the Ponies ever since his international debut and was the star player of the Little Ponies teams that dominated the 26th and 27th Di Bradini Cups. Having spent nearly his entire career with Makosile United in the Stellar Division, Rainbow Blitz has long been one of the top midfielders in the V-League and is regularly among the league leaders in assists and average performance rating. The cyan pegasi's lightning-quick speed and remarkable agility are only really challenged on the Equestrian national team by emerging world-class striker Pristina Shine, but Rainbow Blitz's knack for creating scoring opportunities has played no small role in his teammate's international successes.

#2 - Cloudchaser (Pegasus - Female) - CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CM/CAM) | Age: 32 | Debut: vs. Image Khytenna (Pre-WC60 Friendly)
Club: Image Mallox | League: Image FSF Härlighet Ligan
International Caps: 242 | Assists: 98 | Goals: 59
The current captain of the Equestrian States national team and twin sister of veteran defender Flitter, Cloudchaser is seen as the Ponies' leader on the pitch and is as popular among her teammates as she is among Equestrian supporters. Unselfish and boasting pinpoint accuracy with her passes, Cloudchaser rarely fails to create chances for the Equestrian attackers and is among the Ponies' all-time assists leaders. On corners, Cloudchaser is a top target for the Ponies as her aerial supremacy combined with excellent control of her headers makes the pegasus mare an extremely potent threat that opponents cannot afford to ignore.

#5 - Apple Cobbler (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CAM/RM/CM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image United Gordonopia (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Jungle Strike FC | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 73 | Assists: 17 | Goals: 10
First appearing for the senior team when she was just 16 years-old, Apple Cobbler became the youngest Equestrian full international during the VIII Summer Olympics and has long been hailed as the future of the Equestrian midfield. At the club level, Apple Cobbler has spent her entire professional career with world-famous Vilitan powerhouse Jungle Strike FC, where her talents have been nurtured and given the opportunity to thrive. Though at her best when playing in a central attacking role, Apple Cobbler tends to be used more on the right wing by Pearly White in the Ponies' setup and has done well adapting to the position.

#11 - Krystal (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM/CAM) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Manetreal (Equestria Cup 4)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 97 | Assists: 24 | Goals: 14
Another member of the Di Bradini Cup-winning Little Ponies team, Krystal has played alongside Rainbow Blitz in the Equestrian midfield throughout her international career and is another quick-moving threat for Pearly White to wield against opposing midfields. Krystal is perhaps the best Equestrian player when it comes to controlling the ball and can effortlessly zip up the pitch if given any space by defenders. However, her small stature (even among fellow ponies) and slender build puts her at a disadvantage on headers, and is thus often is tipped to deliver corners.

#17 - Rosie Tyler (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/DM/LM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Colombian Britannia (Pre-WC66 Friendly)
Club: Image Willox Street Pirates | League: Image Christopheran Super-League
International Caps: 53 | Assists: 9 | Goals: 10
Rosie Tyler has seemingly moved to a new club every season in her professional career, with her latest move being to Port Christopher's Willox Street Pirates. A versatile midfielder who can thread passes to her teammates from any range, Tyler plays a major role in the Ponies' counterattacks, quickly distributing the ball and moving it up the pitch. Rosie Tyler has also been a popular choice for taking Equestrian set pieces lately, adding yet another tool to her personal arsenal of skills.

#14 - Stardust (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/CAM) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Blouman Empire (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 92 | Assists: 20 | Goals: 9
Largely overshadowed by the successes of Rainbow Blitz and Krystal after the 27th Di Bradini Cup, Stardust saw her career revived after moving to Blau-Weiss Pallstadt following underwhelming spells with Umber Lumber of Falcus and Iskara Daii of Starblaydia. An extremely fast sprinter, Stardust is most lethal on counterattacks and must be tightly-marked by defenders to prevent her from making perfectly-timed runs that can leave her with the field wide open before her.

#4 - Apple Jack (Earth Pony - Male)
Position: Midfielder (DM/CM) | Age: 33 | Debut: vs. Image Antoletia (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Treftadaeth Alliance | League: Image FSF Härlighet Ligan
International Caps: 214 | Assists: 45 | Goals: 20
The oldest player currently on the Equestrian States national team, Apple Jack is a battle-hardened veteran of twelve World Cup campaigns, though he's recently lost his starting job and has announced his intention to retire from international hoofball after the upcoming World Cup. A physical defensive-midfielder who's not afraid to rough up opposing strikers and midfielders, Apple Jack could have been a center-back had he wanted to play on the back line as he certainly has the build for it. The tallest and physically strongest player on the team, Apple Jack will likely come off the bench to make most of his appearances this campaign as a late-game sub brought in to protect a lead.

#16 - Luminesce (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 20 | Debut: vs. Image Bears Armed (Equine-Ursine Cup 12)
Club: Image Lexington Victory | League: Image COTEFA Terranean League West
International Caps: 22 | Assists: 3 | Goals: 2
One of the most promising members of the newest generation of Equestrian national team talents, Luminesce plies her trade with New Gelderland's Lexington Victory. A fairly traditional Equestrian prospect, Luminesce is a quick and nimble midfielder who can run for ages without seeming to tire at all. Though her slender build means she's fairly weak in the air, her pace and ability on the ball makes up for it.

#10 - Pristina Shine (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Footballand (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 86 | Assists: 15 | Goals: 59
Though some still debate whether or not Pristina Shine is truly a world-class striker, there's no arguing that she isn't well on her way to becoming one. Signed by world-famous Iturributa United as a teenager, Pristina Shine was immediately thrust into the spotlight and regularly started for the club, finishing third in the league in scoring in her first season. Over the next few years, the young forward's profile continued to soar as she seamlessly transitioned from the Equestrian league to the higher-profile Iturributan Premiership. When Iturributa fell to the invading Astograthians, Pristina Shine followed her Polarian manager to Divisjon One's Red Star Severny, where she again established herself as a rising superstar, finishing among the prestigious league's top scorers and claiming her second Young Player of the Year award. With the international retirement of legendary Equestrian striker Fire Dash, Pristina Shine has taken the former captain's spot as the Ponies' primary scoring threat and opponents will need to be wary of her lightning-quick speed and lethal ability to finish.

#7 - Thunderlane (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 32 | Debut: vs. Image Waspeaters (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Crystopolis City | League: Image United League
International Caps: 211 | Assists: 35 | Goals: 79
While not the most imposing member of the Ponies' attack, Thunderlane's value to the team lies primarily in his versatility. A talented passer and extremely dangerous long-distance accuracy, the pegasus is often overlooked by opponents as Pristina Shine and Rainbow Blitz are seen as more immediate threats. When not appropriately defended, Thunderlane can deliver a hammer blow to opposing teams with one well-placed shot that might appear seemingly out of nowhere. The longtime "other" Equestrian striker, first behind Fire Dash, now behind Pristina Shine, Thunderlane may not get the same attention as his teammates, but his relentless determination has often inspired late comebacks by the Ponies when called upon. When Thunderlane is playing his best, the Equestrian States can be extremely difficult to beat.

#6 - Wither (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 28 | Debut: vs. Image The Pazhujeb Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Whitetail Foresters | League: Image United League
International Caps: 52 | Assists: 7 | Goals: 24
Widely viewed as the most under-appreciated Equestrian striker, Wither's abilities and scoring record would suggest that she's a regular starter for the Ponies, but she has often been overlooked in favor of the more-established stars. Though Wither's playing time has increased dramatically under Pearly White, she's still considered a second option behind Thunderlane in the roster. Despite her role with the national team, Wither is a determined athlete who never backs down from challenge and who likely will soon take over Thunderlane's position in the Ponies' depth chart as the pegasus nears the end of his international career.

#26 - Decima (Sphinx - Female)
Position: Forward (ST/CAM) | Age: 20 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 17 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 7
A potential superstar in the making, Decima is one of the United League's brightest young stars, playing for league superpower Ponyville United. A well-rounded striker with speed and stamina to spare, power in the air, and a keen eye for scoring from any range, Decima could well be one of the Equestrian States all-time greats if she can fulfill her potential. Still, she has a bit left to learn and won't be taking Pristina Shine's place anytime soon, though fans expect that she'll see plenty of playing time in the upcoming campaign.

Coaches & Staff
Manager - Image Pearly White (Earth Pony - Female) - 45
Appointed interim manager of the national team by the Hoofball Association following the resignation of Twilight Striker - the Ponies' long-time boss of some 12 World Cup campaigns - Pearly White secured the position on a permanent basis with a number of impressive performances against higher-ranked opposition in her first games at the helm, including a stunning upset of then-defending world champions Vilita in the 3rd Cup of Champions. Since then, Pearly White has done nothing to give her employers any doubts that she's the best pony for the job, leading the Equestrian States on a Runner Cup title run without dropping a single point and reaching the 4th Cup of Champions semifinals before capping it all off with a second round appearance at the World Cup finals.

Assistant Manager - Image Dreamy Skies (Pegasus - Female) - 41
Not very long ago, Dreamy Skies was a rookie manager taking the reins of Second League club Whitetail Foresters. Her arrival had a near-instant impact on the club's fortunes as they were promoted to the United League the following season and now regularly contend for UICA berths, an incredible improvement in such a short period of time for a team once known largely for producing talent which was then poached by bigger clubs, at the Foresters' expense. When Pearly White first took charge of the Equestrian senior team, she managed to convince the HA that the still-young pegasus would be a strong addition to the Ponies' coaching staff, and thus far it has paid-off spectacularly. Players routinely praise Dreamy Skies for her enthusiastic optimism and superb work ethic which makes her a popular figure in the locker room and on the practice field.

Assistant Manager - Image Lunar Dusk (Bat Pony - Female) - 41
The newest addition to the national team staff is Lunar Dusk, somepony few Equestrian hoofball fans were aware of just a three years ago but is today one of the best-known coaching talents in the Pony Lands. Like Dreamy Skies, Lunar Dusk's managerial career started in the second tier with Crystal Fair HC, a previously unremarkable side from the Crystal Empire which she transformed into a legitimate force within a few seasons thanks to a focus on quickly developing the Grounders' budding young stars into hoofballers capable of hanging with the best. After shattering numerous Second League records and earning promotion, Crystal Fair survived a relegation battle in their first ever United League campaign, broke into the top half the following season, and last year defied all expectations to come within a tiebreaker playoff of ending Crystopolis City's previously unchallenged monopoly on the Crystal Empire's Champions' Cup berth. With Lunar Dusk's undeniable talent for inspiring young players alone makes her a valuable addition to the staff, but her brilliant tactical mind makes her appointment by Pearly White a no-brainer.

Goalkeeping Coach - Image Fire Blossom (Unicorn - Male) - 50
Responsible for training the Ponies' goalkeepers is Fire Blossom, whose exploits as a keeper in the old Equestrian Premier League earned him much respect amongst early Equestrian hoofball fans and eventually a job with the national team. Fire Blossom's prophetic praise of a teenage prospect named Gentle Breeze and his subsequent push for her initial selection to the senior team for World Cup 62 qualifying have since earned him a reputation as a natural judge of potential, not to mention a considerable amount of credit for Gentle Breeze's many successes.

Scout - Image Diamond Star (Unicorn - Female) - 48
Originally chief scout under Twilight Striker with the Canterlot Royals, Diamond Star was later hired for the national team by the Royals' and Ponies' manager to help identify young Equestrian players with international potential, and the unicorn scout did not fail in her task. Among the current national team stars first scouted by Diamond Star are Thunderlane, Cloudchaser, Rainbow Blitz, and Pristina Shine. Now the manager of Stalliongrad HC, Diamond Star has seen her national team role diminished, though she still provides valuable advice to Pearly White regarding her observations of potential internationals within the United League.

Scout - Image Golden Hooves (Earth Pony - Female) - 59
A veteran member of the Equestrian States staff, Golden Hooves has been around the national team for what seems like forever, her longevity speaking to her performance as a reliable scout. While fellow Ponies scout Diamond Star's focus lies primarily upon United League players and her evaluation of their potential with regards to the senior team, Golden Hooves is responsible mostly for scouting Equestrians on foreign clubs and assessing the Ponies' opponents and how their players compare with those available to the Ponies.

Fitness Coach - Image Craig Jackson (Human - Male) - 48
Hired in the midst of the injury plague which characterized the Ponies' World Cup 63 qualifying campaign, Craig Jackson was the first human member of the Ponies' staff and has done well to keep Equestrian players' injuries minimal in the years since then. While fitness coaches generally don't get much respect or attention from the press, Jackson's gift for keeping players of various biologically-diverse species in near-perfect health throughout grueling tournament schedules which can push them above and beyond their limits is certainly nothing to be dismissed as trivial.

Team Strategy


The Ponies' most-used formation is the slightly modified 3-5-2, preferred by former manager Twilight Striker because of the strength and dominance of the Equestrian midfielders. Thanks to the versatility of the Equestrian States' players, the formation gives the Ponies the ability to shift quickly from the offense to the defense and vice-versa. More recently, however, the Equestrians have begun to shy away from the 3-5-2 in favor of the 4-2-3-1 in order to strengthen the back line and keep their opponents guessing. Aside from the formations themselves, the Equestrians have a number of definitive strengths and weaknesses.

First, the Ponies are among the world's fastest and most durable teams, using their natural advantages to tire out opponents. With those two traits as the defining characteristics of the Equestrian style of play, the squad excels at producing chances in the latter stages of the match. But while the attack dominates the second half, opposing squads have occasionally found success going all-out at the start of the match in an attempt to build an insurmountable lead.

Another area in which the Equestrian States has traditionally dominated is in the aerial battles for headers. While the Ponies are generally shorter than their opponents, the team is often credited with impressive leaping abilities (particularly among the pegasai players). Controlling headers makes the team lethal on corner kicks, and opponents looking to defeat the Equestrians must limit the number conceded to the Ponies or else face a barrage of dangerous short-range shots from the Ponies' attackers.

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article (written during WC65, and a highly-recommended read for my opponents), please click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes - Limited to one per match, player info and species sections give hints on likely candidates
Godmod other events: Yes - No weather-related events allowed in the Equestrian States
Other Notes: TG me if you have any questions regarding my RPs, requests for more information on the Equestrian States, or requests for exemptions from my RP restrictions. Additionally, I strongly encourage my opponents to read through my roster's section on team strategy and the linked article on species to get a better idea of the team's strengths and weaknesses. Note that Equestrian records do not include matches played from WCs 72-78. Player statistics are updated through post-WCQ71 friendlies.
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83rd World Cup Champions
58th & 59th AOCAF Cup Champions
5x World Cup, 2x Cup of Harmony, 1x Baptism of Fire, 2x World Cup of Hockey, 3x World Baseball Classic, 1x World Bowl, 2x International Basketball Championship Host

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Postby Taeshan » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:08 pm


Nation Name:Taeshan
Demonym: Taeshanis, Taeshites, Taes
Team Nickname: Purple Knights
Modifier: -5
Captain: Miles Snavely
Vice-Captain: Janson Jewsbury


Manager: Lysander Ying Uing
Lysander Ying Uing had a hot start to the qualifying campaign but in the end it seems to have rather failed to be the campaign he wanted. While it seems likely that he may not continue as coach much longer he has brought together an incredibly revamped squad for the Cup of Harmony, with young blood and a hope to make an impact soon.
Assistant Manager: Peter Wiggin
Assistant Peter Wiggin has continued to show strongly with the youth sides, and while not lighting the world aflame most of his young players have managed to make an impact with the full team. With young stars on their way in it seems likely that Wiggin will stay around the side, no matter what happens with the coaching staff. After all he has been a big part of the success of the youth program.

Jacob	Jingleheimer-Smitt	23	Blacklake Blues	TAE	GK	1
Alex Turniquette 25 X Island Marauders TAE LB 2
Jamie Fasnacht 22 Mt Ceabring Thunder TAE CB 3
Edison Trueblood 22 Mt Ceabring Thunder TAE CB 4
Alexander Kaiba 27 Real Atlantea TAE RB 5
Randall Abl Bakr 21 Tintown Terrapins TAE CDM 6
Aleksandr Denisov 25 Celtic Rangers TAE RS 7
Miles Snavely 30 Laketown Rangers TAE LS 8
Janson Jewsbury 26 Bayern-Algaer TAE LM 9
Enrique Fuegahita 27 Real Chinchinhua TAE CAM 10
Geoffrey Klingenberg 20 Knightspurs TAE RM 11
Elvis Pacabel 22 Atlantea Hurricanes TAE GK 12
Horatio Galludet 24 Real Chinchinhua TAE ST 13
Seth Green 21 Knightspurs TAE FB 14
Kalvin Talbot 21 Bayern Phoenix TAE MF 15
Johnson Salazar 26 Taeshan City Miners TAE ST 16
Elton Petersheim 27 Bayern-Algaer TAE MF 17
Ensign Petersheim 27 New Capetown Falcons TAE MF 18
Wilhelm Quinones 26 Yaton FC TAE MF 19
Sahler Moon 21 Real Atlantea TAE MF 20
Daigo Coshan 18 Laketown Rangers TAE CB 21
Aston Shelby 21 Los Riosa Monstas TAE MF 22
Nelson Cartwright 21 Fadron Flight TAE DF 23
Esteban Foh 18 X Island Marauders TAE GK 24

Formation 4-4-2 (Diamond)
--Abl Bakr--
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41

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Postby Trans-Dniesters » Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:52 am



It has been at least six years since Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko was defeated in glorious battle against the forces of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft, six years since the greatest field marshal the world has ever seen was undisputably beaten by the forces of a faraway country that was still in the midst of recovering from a devastating religious civil war. Those six years have seen humiliation upon humiliation bestowed by these meddling foreigners upon the once and only rightful ruler of the United Socialist States, Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko. The nation, and our Great Leader, was forced to accept a humiliating peace with the "Democratic" Republic, which saw our glorious nation become a mere "client state" of these troublesome foreigners. In exchange, Great Leader Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko, would remain in position as rightful ruler of the Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia, as befitting his station in life. Yet knowing that he is only ruler by virtue of a foreigner's whim has weighed down hard on the Great Leader Field Marshal. This resulted in the great United Socialist States closing itself off from the rest of the multiverse, so that no foreigner would see the shame that had been wrought upon the Great Leader.

But no longer. Great Leader Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko has decided that the time for seclusion is over. No longer will Pridnestrovia remain under the shadow of the foreigners that had forced itself upon our great nation. We will show that Pridnestrovia has what it takes to become a real and true member of the multiversal community. But we will not do it through our military force. Instead, we will show that we are the best in the multiverse through sports! Sports, which is just codified barbarism! This will show the multiverse that Pridnestrovia is the best sporting country in the world! We will defeat every other nation that dares come up against us!

(OOC: I love being a dictatorial country's propaganda writer)

Name of nation: The Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia
Demonym: Pridnestrovian
Team colors: Green and red
Style modifier: -5 (This time it's all defensive)
Formation: 3-5-2
Head coach: Gaëtano Bernardeschi (80 y/o, Abanhfleft)

GK: Ferdinand Julius ABBING 32 y/o, Dinamo Bender Image, vice-captain
Five years as the starting goalkeeper of Dinamo Bender and leading them to the Pridnestrovian Cup twice in those five years is surely the sign of a great goalkeeper, good enough to dethrone Svyatoslav Alkaev from the number 1 spot and take it for himself. Ferdinand Abbing is an excellent space manager and can handle anything from inside his box and also doesn't hesitate to rush out and put fear in the hearts of rushing opposition players. (Basically a clone of Manuel Neuer.)

RB: Yuri Artyomovich TYMOSHENKO 31 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image (Abanhfleft)
Younger brother of Pridnestrovian women's national football team defender Yelena Tymoshenko. Like his sister, Yuri is good in the air and has a wicked good right foot that can send the ball into the back of the net if he hits the ball just right. But unlike his sister, when he turns crap, it becomes immediately noticeable during the 90 minutes of play as when he's crap, he's really, really crap.

CB: Aleksey Valentinovich VASILYEV 33 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur Image (Abanhfleft)
Whoever said that a back line of only three defenders would be torn to pieces in the Fleftic Premier League obviously hadn't predicted the rise of Aleksey Vasilyev in the center back position, and while the departure of Charles Amoroso to Farfadillis may leave Locomotive in a dangerous position following their 7th-place finish last season, but hopefully some activity in the transfer window will add some strength to the backbone and add defensive strength alongside Vasilyev.

LB: Adam Vladimirovich VADIMENKO 27 y/o, Centus Serpents Image (Cosumar)
It's not that Adam Vadimenko isn't good; it's just that he's tired of always being on loan from Sheriff Tiraspol. In fact, he spent three years on loan with Rosenpfelblatz North End in Abanhfleft! He did manage to break into the Sheriff first team when he was 25 years old but by then, he had already had enough of Sheriff and decided to strike out for greener pastures. Vadimenko's main ability is to make the last-ditch tackle that can stop an opponent from scoring, but a problem that has remained with him since his first appearance for Sheriff is that his tackles are almost like a hit-or-miss; one moment, he saves his team from otherwise clear-cut goalscoring chances by the opponents and other times, he's on the ground quicker than anyone else and is therefore left behind in the dust, and the opponents score anyway.

RM: Mark Ilyich POLZIN 29 y/o, Deschutes FC Image (Dunnes)
Mark Polzin has been in the Pridnestrovian national team ever since they made their first appearance in international football in the 58th Baptism of Fire in Mizuyuki and the Equestrian States, thanks to his impressive performances for Elektrik Admiralnaya, almost singlehandedly bringing them up to the Pridnestrovian Super League for the first time in over 30 years by himself. Of course, that was when he played as the deep midfielder who could pick out passes to his teammates in the final third. But when he was deployed more as a ball-winning midfielder, added to the fact that the upper-tier management of Elektrik seemed content to keep fighting against relegation season after season, Polzin decided that perhaps it was time to move away from the club that had given him his big break. He eventually earned a move to Nephara's Newrook City but, like a lot of players, was a victim of the ruthless nature of the league and was eventually cut from the team after only a season with them. There are rumors though that he has signed a new contract with another team, this one from the nation of Dunnes, and he hopes to stay there quite a bit longer.

RDM: Demyan Isayevich WASYLYK 33 y/o, Dinamo Bender Image
Wasylyk plays well for both club and country, and he did score the 20-yard shot that let the Dynamos equalize against Sheriff Tiraspol in the Derby of All Derbies (even though he missed the penalty shot during the Pridnestrovian Cup Final against the same team). He has a penchant for the long shot from outside the box, and he does tend to convert these chances half of the time. Perhaps being a little more clinical in finishing shots and taking chances from inside the box could turn him into a real goalscoring threat.

CDM: Valentin Olegovich FUNAR 34 y/o, Admiral Novorossiysk-na-Dnistr Image
Funar's calming presence in the center of midfield means that little to no mistakes happen in that part of the pitch whenever he's around. He has a mean tackle and can thunder in shots from long range, sometimes as far as the halfway line, but if he has a weakness, it is that sometimes he can be caught off guard when it comes to going back on defense. He plays well for Admiral Novorossiysk, but many people believe that he deserves a move to another, bigger club. Perhaps his performances in the Copa Rushmori will finally get him a move away from the midtable club.

LDM: Vladislav Branimirovich BOGOMOLOV 34 y/o, Sheriff Tiraspol Image, captain
One of the more dependable players in Pridnestrovia's packed defensive midfield, Bogomolov is yet another product of Sheriff's Academy of Football, and this shows in his high defensive output and work rate. Bogomolov will not hesitate to tackle and get physical with opposing players, which means that he has a career filled with bookings and sending offs. Opposing players may try to use this to get Bogomolov sent off, but more times than not, he doesn't need too much encouragement. He's happy and willing to do much of the dirty work himself.

LM: Demyan Georgiyevich PAJARI 28 y/o, Dinamo Bender Image
Pajari is the second player to be elevated from the bench to the starting lineup following the retirement from international football of his Dinamo teammate Yaroslav Wasylyshyn, who made the decision to hang up his international boots after getting injured in the same friendly against Abanhfleft that also convinced Isidor Petrov to retire from international footy. This isn't to say that Pajari isn't any good. He's got tons of potential, whole bagloads of them, and about the only thing holding him back from realizing this is the fact that he's got two left feet and can't control a long ball to save his life.

CF: Boyan Metodiev RADEV 30 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula, playing in the Fleftic Premier League)
Radev's performances in Baptism of Fire 58, World Cup 71 and Cup of Harmony 63 earned him a transfer from Sheriff Tiraspol's bench and into the starting lineup of Marinos Thimpodopoulos, the Fhulghamous-based club that turned into last season's surprise package in the Fleftic Premier League, not only achieving safety within the top flight but also getting up to a 10th place finish, the club's best ever finish to date, which isn't saying much considering that that was the Mariners' first season in the Prem. Radev combined with Pruski international Lukasz Przyborowski and German-born striker Friedemann Aleshire to make Marinos the third-highest scoring team in last season's Premier League, with only Arsenal de Releinthi and Riuwiee United scoring more than the colonial club. Radev is currently on hot form and will look to pass this onto his appearances for the national team.

CF: Karl-Otto Peter SCHERMER 31 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image (Abanhfleft)

GK: Gavril Konstantinovich KORNEYCHUK
26 y/o, Star City FC Image

GK: Fyodor Isaakovich EKSTATOV 27 y/o, Fortuna Novonikolaysk Image

DEF: Aleksey Naftaliyevich KARDASHENKO 28 y/o, Dinamo Bender Image

DEF: Branislav Aleksandrovich NOCHEVSKI 25 y/o, Chernomorets Bratsk Image

DEF: Urgan Abramovich SPETSIUK 24 y/o, Sheriff Tiraspol Image

MID: Vladimir Ustinovich KRUPIN 29 y/o, Kimmirut Panhandle Image (Abanhfleft)

MID: Horea Vladislav ANTONESCU 25 y/o, FC Universitatea Vanatori Image

MID: Mikhail Igorovich NESTERENKO 30 y/o, Dinamo Bender Image

MID: Yuri Milanov LARIONOV 29 y/o, Vorpommern Nyqvist Image

MID: Klaus Ludwig KHVASHCHYNSKI 26 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image

FW: Wilfried Thomas HALBERSTAM 35 y/o, CSKA Tiraspol Image

FW: Akhmet Magomedovich DAVIDOV 25 y/o, Fortuna Novonikolaysk Image


KITS (by Adidulas)

Win-loss record: 35-14-36 (penalty shootouts are counted as draws regardless of final result)
First international match: VS Aynard (W 6-0)
First win: VS Aynard (6-0)
First loss: VS Fratton (0-1)
Biggest win: VS Nurkama (9-0)
Biggest loss: VS Pasarga (2-6)

BOF 58: 6-1-2 (lost to The Hakifao Isles in the final)
WC 71: 6-2-6 (fifth in Group 12 of qualifying)
COH 63: 1-1-2 (knocked out by Zenic in round of 16)
CR 22: 1-0-2 (third in Group A)
CR 23: 3-0-3 (knocked out by Saintland in round of 16)
CR 24: 1-0-3 (knocked out by Valladares in round of 16)
WC 75: 6-4-7 (fourth in Group A of finals group stage)
CR 25: 1-0-3 (knocked out by Pasarga in round of 16)
CR 26: 2-0-3 (knocked out by Eastern Sunrise Islands in quarterfinals)
GCoS 2: 4-2-1 (lost to The Redvale in the final)
CR 27: 3-2-3 (lost to Nephara in third place playoff on penalties)
GCoS 3: 6-2-0 (champions, defeated Rhineland Sued in the final)
CR 28: 1-2-1 (lost to Sameba in the Round of 16)
WC 79: 5-0-13 (8th out of 10 teams in Group 1 of qualifiers)

MD1: Empire of Donner Land vs Pridnestrovia @ Bogt City Football Stadium, Bogt City, Empire of Donner Land (cap. unknown) W 3-1
MD2: Pridnestrovia vs Brenecia @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) W 3-2
MD3: Gangnam vs Pridnestrovia @ Unknown stadium, Gangnam (cap. unknown) L 1-2
MD4: Pridnestrovia vs EEC @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) L 2-3
MD5: Krytenia vs Pridnestrovia @ Unknown stadium, Krytenia (cap. unknown) L 2-4
MD6: Garifunya vs Pridnestrovia @ Staad Fyet nan Garifunya, Frederykvil, Garifunya (cap. est. 20,500) L 0-1
MD7: Pridnestrovia vs Damukuni @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) L 2-3
MD8: West Angola vs Pridnestrovia @ Unknown stadium, West Angola (cap. unknown) L 3-5
MD9: Pridnestrovia vs Yuezhou @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) L 1-4
MD10: Pridnestrovia vs Empire of Donner Land @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) W 3-0
MD11: Brenecia vs Pridnestrovia @ Unknown stadium, Brenecia (cap. unknown) L 0-1
MD12: Pridnestrovia vs Gangnam @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) W 3-2
MD13: EEC vs Pridnestrovia @ Unknown stadium, EEC (cap. unknown) L 1-2
MD14: Pridnestrovia vs Krytenia @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) W 4-3
MD15: Pridnestrovia vs Garifunya @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) L 0-1
MD16: Damukuni vs Pridnestrovia @ Unknown stadium, Damukuni (cap. unknown) L 2-6
MD17: Pridnestrovia vs West Angola @ Army Stadium, Tiraspol (cap. est. 80,000) L 2-3
MD18: Yuezhou vs Pridnestrovia @ Unknown stadium, Yuezhou (cap. unknown) L 1-3

Army Stadium in Tiraspol is the home stadium of CSKA Tiraspol and can comfortably seat over 80,000 spectators following a three-year capacity expansion project.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (I decide severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (3 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (1 per 2 games)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first)
The Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia
Leader: President Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko

Abanhfleft's post-Soviet dictatorship
Rushmore's a good place, да.

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Postby Filindostan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:59 am

National Football Team
Cup of Harmony 71

The Filindostan Football Federation is pleased to present the Filindostan National football team, to compete in the 71st Cup of Harmony, dubbed FIREQATS, in Ethane and Qasden. The current Baptism of Fire champions almost made it through their inaugural qualifying campaign, falling short of qualification on the last day. Despite their inability to close out their qualifying campaign on a high, their efforts were noted by the multiverse, including the football assocations of Ethane and Qasden, giving them an invite to this tournament. The Filindostanis will prove that their recent performances are not a fluke and they can progress far in the Cup.

About the Filindostan Football Federation

The Filindostan Football Federation (FFF) was founded after they split from the Filindostani National Sports Commission (FNSC), citing the FNSC's tainted image during the Multiverse Boxing Organization boxing tournament and the budget cut the agency suffered. The newly-established federation caters to the nation's footballing affairs and sanctions the selection of the senior, under-21 and under-15 squads. The FNSC will remain the agency for fielding other national football teams that are not sanctioned by the FFF.

The FFF's headquarters are located in San Marco, Filindostan, and is headed by Estrelitta "Estie" Barzagia.

Nickname: Pula Garuda (Red Garuda)
First Match: vs. Tumbra (0-1), Campionato Esportiva 20 (Mattijana)
First Win: vs. Natanians and Nosts (2-0), Campionato Esportiva 20 (Mattijana)
Biggest Wins: vs. Starblaydia (5-1), World Cup 79 Qualifiers (Filindostan); vs. Petroslovania (4-0), Baptism of Fire 66 (Barunia)
Biggest Losses: vs. Starblaydia (0-3), World Cup 79 Qualifiers (Starblaydia); vs. Equestrian States (1-4), Friendly (Filindostan); vs. Abahnfleft (1-4), Friendly (Abahnfleft)
Overall Record (up-to-date): GP 37, W 21, D 4, L 12, GF 62, GA 42, WP 56.76%
PSO Record: GP 1, W 0, L 1, GF 3, GA 4
Manager: WILLY Gurnawan, Male, 46
Assistant Manager: Victoria Murielle "VICKY" Toledo, Female, 40
Captain: Dina Nadya "DINA" SATYAWAN, Female, 29
Vice Captain I: His Excellency "KING" Tisang, Male, 25
Vice Captain II: Lorenzo Mark "ENZO" Matienzo, Male, 32
Vice Captain III: Donna Morielle "DOMO" Delos Santos-Strauss, Female, 28

Squad Pool

In Filindostan, people are often called by their nickname. Some players opt to put their nickname instead of the customary last name in their kits. The shirt names for the squad are noted by ALL CAPS. So for example, Alexander Jampang's shirt name in his kit is ALEX JAMPANG. Likewise Antonio Rafael Vera will have his kit name as TONYO.

The following players are called up into the national team for the tournament.


1 | GK | Gerry Nafari "GERRY" Nasution | M | 26 | Perokojak Kota Jakulta
32 | GK | ABRAM Jampang | M | 26 | Venividicci
91 | GK | Antonio Rafael "TONYO" Vera | M | 20 | Fortunas

Gerry is the most experienced of the goalkeeper pool and will most likely get the starting nod in the opening game for the Pula Garuda. Should he have a dip in form or concede too many goals for Willy's liking or should they face a low-ranked team, it will most likely be Abram who will take the reins. Albeit with cat-like reflexes, his ball delivery needs improvement and might most likely to allow opposing strikers to intercept the deliveries he make. Tonyo, being the youngest keeper, is good at reading the game, however, his lack of command to his defenders, unless your defender is the Empress herself, has undermined his reputation at times.


2 | LB | Eliza Maria Milagros "MILA" KHALIFA | F | 25 | Venividicci
3 | LCB | CASIMIR Likumahuwa | M | 23 | Fortunas
21 | RB | Lorenzo Mark "ENZO" Matienzo | M | 32 | Perodos Bandariyan
68 | RB | Remus Graci "GRACI" Tessin | M | 20 | Venividicci

Mila Khalifa proved that she can be a reliable left back during her stint in Venividicci and the national team. She can cover flanks quickly and can provide much needed wing support when the left winger runs deep at left flank. Enzo is a tireless right back and can be relied upon when making overlap runs, especially when Domo plays as right midfielder. His weakness though is exploited when he is too deep, leaving space for the opposing left winger to make plays off the ball and break offside traps. Casimir showed in the BoF that he is a serviceable left back, and his capability to play centerback in makeshift situations proves to be a plus for him. Graci has the pace to be a wingback, though he has not seen much time in the Pula Garuda shirt.


4 | CB | Dina Nadya "DINA" SATYAWAN | F | 29 | Fortunas
5 | CB | Alexander "ALEX" JAMPANG | M | 28 | Perouno Bandarito
27 | CB | KARTIO Weici | F | 18 | Perokojak Kota Jakulta
88 | CB | Jeferson Martin "BUKNOY" Salcedo | M | 21 | Perotres Bandaroon

The "Filindostani Empress of Defense", captain and oldest player in the team, Dina Satyawan, will lead the centerbacks in the tournament. She will be partnered however not by Buknoy, but with experienced centerback Alex Jampang. Buknoy, which the Filindostani media has declared the weakest link of the team the last tournament they entered, will be backing up the two instead with promising youngster Kartio. Dina Satyawan has been very good at defense this season for Fortunas, and while she picks up yellow cards now and then (due to professional fouls), she's been making up with it with crucial game-saving tackles. Alex Jampang is one big stud, a key factor for centerbacks fighting for headers and joustling for ball possession. His headers are on point and sometimes very unpredictable - one time he can put deceiving spins in glancing headers, other times, he can drill the ball to the goal. His weakness is handling quick strikers due to his height and build. Buknoy lacked what Alex Jampang can provide - but during his stint with Perotres, he can read the movements of the opposing player and make quick decisions about them. Nothing is noteworthy for Kartio at the moment, except that she has Under-21 experience, playing in the Di Bradini Cup for the young Pula Garuda, where some of her weaknesses were exposed - she didn't see much action in the tournament due to Willy preferring experienced players. She did make her first senior cap though against Northwest kalactin, after replacing Alex Jampang due to a caution.

Left/Right Midfielders

48 | RM | Morty Muriel "MMM" Mescano | M | 20 | Perouno Bandarito
44 | LCM | DAMARIS Cambo | M | 22 | Perotapam Massakar
71 | RM | Donna Morielle "DOMO" Delos Santos-Strauss | F | 28 | Fortunas
39 | LM | ZEMIRA ZAI | F | 30 | Fortunas

Domo retains her starting position and will provide dangerous crosses and corners whenever possible. For sure, she'll be a marked player for the team. Damaris has proved that he can be a good left winger, delivering loads of dangerous crosses in the midfield. One challenge though for the right midfielders is how will they cope with defending when Enzo or Graci perform the overlap and sometimes overextend. MMM solves that problem, with his pace and defending, he'll sure be a lynchpin for the aging right midfielder. Zemira Zai was a surprise inclusion in Willy's lineup, despite not playing much time in the qualifiers. She'll not be used much, as Willy prefers to mix it up and put Mila Khalifa in the left midfield position in some tricks in his playbook.

Central Midfielders

22 | CM | His Excellency "KING" Tisang | M | 25 | New Llama Capitals (Super-Llamaland)
28 | CM | Muhammad "MOHD" SAFRI | M | 19 | Venividicci
43 | CM | SIHARTO | M | 22 | Perotres Bandaroon
10 | CM | Manny Jacob Lou "YAKOB" Rivas | M | 23 | Perouno Bandarito

King is a genius when taking set pieces and his passing has improved as the season goes along. His only downside? His short temper. He was banned two FFL games after a verbal spat with a referee for a non-call during a league match. He was sent off and banned fifteen competitive matches during Filindostan's win over Northwest kalactin. Mohd Safri will now have to play without depending on King for the first thirteen matches. He is good on his own though, reads opponents' movements quickly, and is like a sticker to the ball - he rarely loses it. Siharto meanwhile, is a serviceable power sub at central midfield. He is also inserted in case of a 4-5-1 or 3-5-2 formations. Manyakol is a sleek penalty taker and can run very fast in the center of the midfield. His weaknesses are his temper and can irritate most of the female players due to his sly behaviour off the pitch.


9 | FW | Boris Choel "BOCHOG" San Lupe | M | 21 | Fortunas
99 | FW | FIZZY Ramdani | F | 27 | Fortunas
55 | FW | BIENVENIDO Arespacochaga | M | 22 | Perokojak Kota Jakulta
19 | FW | Marish Luzanie "YISH" Sta. Lucia | F | 22 | Venividicci

Bochog had less-than-spectacular in the solo forward role for Pula Garuda in their matches, he now takes the support striker role to feed the balls to Bienvenido and help put rebounds to the back of the net. The attacking forward role will now go to Bienvenido, who torched defenses while playing in Perokojak Kota Jakulta. He will be a target man, and he's equipped with a powerful left foot. Yish grabbed many goals during the BoF and World Cup qualifying campaigns, and will most likely partner Bienvenido or Bochog in the starting lineup. Fizzy returned to the team after declining her call-up for the Baptism of Fire. She'll most likely not start all matches due to a rumored spat with Vicky during one of the trainings, probably the main reason she declined the call-up.

Play Style
Style Modifier: +2.201
The play style of the team is f a more attacking lineup, looking to score more goal scoring opportunities. The team usually utilize pacey wingers to deliver dangerous balls to the penalty box, usually during coordinated attacks.

Filindostani players are usually physical, especially defenders like Alex Jampang, and left midfielder Ryan, as he is a former member of the Filindostani Army. Cautions are mostly common due to their physical plays.


Local kit supplier, No Nonsense, provides the kits for the Pula Garuda. The kits will be used until the World Cup 81 season. The home kits are clad in red and are usually paired with black shorts and white socks. For color clashes in shorts and socks, they use their all red kit. Their alternate kit is white, usually with red shorts and socks, but can be black shorts and white socks in case of color clashes. The goalie kit is all black (or in black shorts and socks), but in case of color clashes, a yellow version of the GK kit is available.

Team RP and Permissions
The below information will help teams RP against my team in case they RP first.

Filindostani fans are double-edged swords - sometimes they are most passionate fans in Filindostan, sometimes, they can be compared to the worst of internet trolls. Around five thousand diehard fans will travel to the host nation to watch their team play - but they usually bring their megaphones and flares with them - they somehow make it past the guards. Some fans are crazy enough to invade the pitch and cause match delays.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my lineup: Yes
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes - I'll determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No - Absolutely no death here please.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Mattijana » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:34 am

Mattijanan Roster and Information for World Cup 79

The Story So Far
The big news for Mattijana from the last World Cup cycle is that the team have parted company with coach Matej Ljubanik after a hugely disappointing run of World Cup results. Despite that, the former FK Petrovijanka boss went out on a high, securing third place in the 20th Campionato Esportiva on home soil.
New man Dusan Vukoja was subsequently appointed. The former Burges and Puljanka manager, favoured to Revinka’s Max Juremchuk and Dinamo Petrovijanka’s Ameli Kurnic. Despite the backroom staff remaining largely unchanged, Vukoja has overseen an overhaul of the playing squad with many older players replaced by promoted U23 prospects.
The move seemed to be paying massive dividends early in the qualifying campaign with the team sitting third in their group after 9 games. Form slipped heavily in the second half, but Vukoja's side still ended up with a record points haul and move to 84th in the world in the rankings. Despite the slump, Vukoja also ended qualifying on a high with an excellent 4-0 victory against Platerdam in Revinka.

Focus now shifts to the Cup of Harmony. Mattijana have failed to get out of their group at the last two attempts, but have renewed optimism after this campaign and will hope to get off to a good start in their group.

Team Info

World Rank: 84
Style Modifier= +3
National Association: MattijanaFusbalBand (MFB)
Kits: Image

Head Coach: Dusan Vukoja
Appointed manager around a month before his first game in charge, Vukoja left Division 1 side FK Puljanka for the National team job, having recorded the club’s best finish in 10 years with 5th, behind only Burges, the two Petrovijanka clubs and FK Revinka. The south-Mattijanan had previously spent time at FK Burges both as assistant and full-time manager after a spell at lower-table side Jamas, where he succeeded in rescuing the team from almost imminent relegation. Now aged 40, Vukoja did not enjoy a lengthy playing career due to injury, but says that coaching is his real passion.
With Ljubanik’s style of play turning increasingly turgid and results also suffering, the Mattijanan FA and fans decided to seek a more exciting brand of football that had been on show at Puljanka in their 5th-place success last season. However the pressure will be on the new man to ensure both more exciting football and more exciting results.

Assistant Manager: Dominik Samikov (FK Burges)

The assistant manager at Championship leaders FK Burges hails from the North-East of Mattijana and began his career at Dinamo Legisaw, another division 2 side before then moving as one of the tactical staff to FK Burges, where he has since worked his way up the pecking order to assistant manager. He has an excellent tactical mind as well as good player welfare skills and helps out Ljubanik in both management areas. He has so far proved himself to be a capable aid.

Head Scout: Marcel Kuzbacher

Marcel Kuzbacher is a seasoned scout, mainly plying his trade for the famed Puljanka Academy. He has links with numerous players in the Mattijanan squad as well as the under-21 side and makes up the 3-man selection panel alongside Samikov and Ljubanik.

Fitness Coordinator: Jelena Neumanič

Jelena Neumanič is responsible for the diet and fitness of the squad, freeing up the main management team to think about tactical matters. She has a solid variety of exercises and is well-known for getting on player's backs if they don't keep up with their expected effort levels.

Psychologist: Samira Kazmir

Samira Kazmir is an experienced sports psychologist who has done work for both the summer and winter Olympic teams, the Mattijanan ITT side and the MRT motor racing team. She is responsible for the mental welfare of players, stretching from the collective mind-set to more personal issues for each individual in the squad and may have a tough task on her hands if this tournament turns out like the last.

The Medical Team:

Head Doctor: Dr Charlotte Smitič
Assistant Doctor: Dr Mattias Buranov
Physio: Martina Laramazič
Physio: Mika Glasnić

The Players:
GK-Lucija Handanovic-#12-Age 25-FK Revinka
Understudy to Matej Handanovic for most of Ljubanik’s tenure, Lucija is favourite to start between the sticks for Mattijana in the upcoming qualifiers. The 25 year old has impressed for club side Revinka in the recent season with both solid performances and heroic clean-sheets and will be tricky to keep out of a starting place.

LB-Helena Neumann-#2

The Burges Player is a regular in the championship leading side and will provide a good defensive option with the occasional run forward to help out the wingers. Barring any injuries or unlikely suspensions, she will play all of Mattijana's matches,

CB-Edvard Crajasović-#3

The towering centre back is a regular for a Revinka side currently sitting fourth in the division 1 table. His height gives him a significant advantage when defending high balls and presents a threat at set-pieces. However, he can be clumsy when faced with skilful runners and does rely on a more quick-footed defensive partner in order to be successful.

CB-Katija Burnisevič-#4

Another Burges Player, Burnisevič is a potential answer to Crajasović's clumsiness and is a quick, skilful and sure-footed player capable of taking the fight to those attempting to run through. She is a dedicated player, happy to chase any lost cause until the ball crosses the line. Her lack of physical strength may be her weakness however and she could be a potential target for more powerful strikers.

RB-Dominik Illisević-#5

Now a regular for FK Puljanka, Illisević is a punchy and pacey player with outstanding fitness and good crossing ability. His defensive technique is the biggest question mark, but if he can have a solid match at the back, he will undoubtedly be a danger coming forward.

LM-Sofiane Bisrali-#6
From the less familiar setting of Shalkar in the South-East, Bisrali has the pace and skill that Vukoja is looking for in his wingers. Replacing the mercurial Sophia Velezia in the starting line-up, the 21 year old has a lot to live up to early in his career, but has the chance to do it on the biggest stage.

CM-Marko Hojbjerg-#7

Another young midfielder at just 24, Hojbjerg is a playmaker with good awareness and passing ability and is the perfect fit for Ljubanik's technical brand of football. Useful for connecting the more attacking players ahead of him, he is also integral in providing the start or the killer pass in a counter-attack. When no forward options are available, he's not afraid to hit one and occasionally finds the back of the net from improbable ranges.

CM-Katarina Jakupovic-#15
Captain of Mattijana’s under-23 side, Jakupovic is a part of Vukoja’s turn to a more attractive style with Jago Adrianov, the midfield enforcer out and the instinctive passer promoted to a starting role. The 22 year-old Snezn player has impressed with both her technique and maturity in the early years of her career and is touted as a future Mattijanan captain after a successful run in the Under-23s.

RM-Jessika Struna-#9

A pacey winger who's preferred play is to make a run and then a cross, the 25 year old Struna is a dynamic and different part of the Mattijanan team. Tipped for a move to Petrovijanka or Burges, Struna chose to stay at Revinka, close to her family and in the town she loves.

FW-Mathilde Lekarisa-#10

Rapid Petrovijanka's 27 year old forward is a lethal finisher with a left foot that makes up for a lack of power with high precision. She enjoys running onto through balls and cutting inside to curl shots into the far corners of the goal. She is expected to play well having scored 5 goals in her last 4 games for Rapid.

FW-Andreas Weiss-#11

The 29 year old Burges Striker has been a fixture in the Mattijanan team for a while now and has matched his performances for the national side with consistent scoring form for FK Burges. He is a poacher with the ability to be in the right place at the right time for any pull-back into the box. Also a good header of the ball, Weiss will be an intimidating target for high crosses if the Mattijanan plan-B is needed.

The Bench:
GK-Matej Handanović-#1
The 28 year old Mattijanan number 1 plays under Matej Ljubanik at FK Petrovijanka and has been a solid, if unspectacular option between the sticks for most of his career. He has good handling skills and makes few mistakes, but could be replaced if he fails to make the spectacular stops expected of him. He may also face renewed competition from the younger and more dynamic Martin Vaskaric.
RB-Kevin Krychowiak-#13-Age 21-Matbirjke
CB- Rikard Illicić-#14- age 21, FK Antalja
CM-Jago Adrianov-#8
Adrianov is the typical midfield enforcer with a hard tackle and a driving run on him which can terrorise both attackers and other midfielders. He's also not afraid to hit one from range with varying success. He is probably the most likely player to pick up cards however, so could be a potential liability.

LM-Sophia Velezia-#16
A mazy winger with less raw pace, but the ability to turn any defender into a messy knot, Velezia is a constant challenge to keep quiet on her day and normally gets through at some point if she hits top form. Her mercurial nature is her biggest and arguably only weakness, but Mattijana will be well-placed if she can get it together.

CAM-Mattias Hoffman-#22-Age 23-Rapid Petrovijanka
ST-Daniella Alaba-#18-Age 25-Puljanka

The Reserves:

GK-Martin Vaskaric-#19-Age 21-FK Antalja
LB-Lara Ljunavic-#20-Age 27-FK Revinka
FW- Kara Lorenzič, age 21, Matbirjke
CAM-Juliana Kjofmann-#23-Age 24-Weststrand FK

About Mattijana!

Mattijana is a huge safe nation with a significant, but proportionate population. It spans a fairly large range of climates with the far north a colder area, the central region temperate, the south Mediteranean and the South-East semi-desert. Petrovijanka, the setting for this competition, is located almost exactly in the centre of the country at 214-232 metres above sea level. It has summer highs of around 28°C and lows of -5°C in the winter. There is a high level of sunshine for most of the year with precipitation mostly snowfall in the winter months.

Culturally, Mattijana can also be divided into six regions. The West of the country is largely Germanic whilst the centre North is a mix of Slavic and Germanic cultures, centred around Mattijana's second city, Burges. The North and East are mainly Eastern European (closest to Polish irl) whilst the Centre (where Petrovijanka is situated) and the South are Slavic (similar to the Slovenian and Croatian cultures). There is an Arabic community in the South-East.
All Mattijanans speak the official language, Mattijanan. However, due to this not being spoken anywhere else in the World, English and German are well-spoken throughout the country whilst Arabic is taken on by the most intelligent students (in addition to English and German) as well as by those in the South-East.
There is no official religion in Mattijana due to this mix of cultures. Islam is popular in the South-East and parts of the South whilst some in the East follow the Mattijanan Orthodox church. Most people hold no religious belief, but believe in the universal philosophy of being kind, welcoming and helpful to others. Even in religious communities, it is these principals that are most talked of with religious figures used to preach them.
Due to the mix/match nature of Mattijanan cultures, religions are also a little mixed up. This is the reason that most muslim women do not wear headscarves.

Attitudes to drink and sex are fairly liberal whilst there is good gender, sexual and racial equality. Social mobility is also good and the rich earn only twice as much as the poorest.

The government follows mildly socialist policies meaning the tax rate is fairly high, but schools, hospitals and other public services are all well-funded and reasonably-priced. Taxes on large businesses are higher than on small ones. The government building is the MattiStaja, which is situated on Staja square in the centre of Petrovijanka. All six regions have their own smaller congresses however. Politicians are generally appreciated and although public decisions are limited to elections and important political decisions where the main population is the most affected, most citizens feel well represented due to the numerous meeting and discussion opportunities with their local politician.
All parties follow a similar philosophy, but mainly disagree on where to fund the most. The MattijanaLeušaBuro is the current elected party, but other popular parties are the ViroBuro (who generally promote the needs of the environment) and the NašinalBuro (who promote funding for employment opportunities). Despite this attitude, unemployment benefits are actually quite low in order to encourage people to be hard-working.

National Stadiums

Due to a large land mass and numerous good quality stadia, the Mattijanan FA prefers to rotate games around a few different grounds. Having said that, the Stadijo Nasinal and the Stadijo Dinamov play host to the bulk of the matches due to the central position of Burges and Petrovijanka, and their reputation for providing excellent hosting services.

Stadijo Dinamov
The Stadijo Dinamov in Petrovijanka is the second biggest football stadium in Mattijana and is one of the five stadiums that share the hosting honours for international matches. It is used on a weekly basis by FK Petrovijanka, Matej Ljubanik's old club, having built by them in 1940 and upgraded twice in 1972 and 2001. The capacity is 60,000.
The stadium is found to the north of the city's old town.

Stadijo Nasinal-Burges
The Stadijo Nasinal is Mattijana's largest multi-purpose sports stadium with retractable grass and astroturf surfaces to cater for cater for Cricket, Hockey, Rugby and Football matches. There is a capacity of 90,000. The Stadium was built in 1985 and heavily upgraded just 2 years ago in preparation for the Cricket T20 World Cup. It is situated on the South bank of the Juliana river, just next to the water and just East of the NordesParke.

Stadijo Snezn:
City: Snezn
Capacity: 37,000
Club residents: FK Snezn
Location: Western Snezn, not far from the old town.
Transport: 10-15 minutes walk from central Snezn, 10 minutes cycle. S3 tram or B3 Bus routes.

The Stadijo Snezn is situated in Mattijana's most northernmost city and is a more modern ground, with a generic rectangular shape and fairly modest capacity. This feature however makes it very accessible and easy to use, so a match here should be a reasonably comfortable experience. The stadium was built around 15 years ago, by owners FK Snezn.

Stadijo Katarina Zafarova:
City: Revinka
Capacity: 30,000
Club residents: FK Revinka
Location: Coast, Eastern Revinka
Transport: S2 Tram route, 20 minute walk/10 minute cycle from city centre.

Another modern multi-purpose stadium, Revinka's regular evening thunderstorms mean that a roof has recently been added to the stadium to make for all-weather events. The stadium is already used for Hockey, rugby, football and handball and is named after Revinka and Mattijanan national Hockey captain Katarina Zafarova.

Garijo Ales Struna:
City: Puljanka
Capacity: 40,000
Club residents: FK Puljanka
Location: Garijo Struna, north-west Puljanka
Transport: 10 minute walk/5 minute cycle from City centre. S11 Tram route.

An older, but very traditional stadium in a park just north-east of Puljanka's centre, the ground has progressed from humble beginnings as a playing field to one of the most recognisable stadiums in the country.
The ground has been upgraded in accordance with Mattijanan FA rules, but still retains much of its old history and is a beautiful place to watch a game. The most distinctive features are the arches spanning the length of the North and South stands.

City: WestStrand
Capacity: 70,000
Club Residents: Weststrand FK
Location: Northern Weststrand
Transport: 10 minutes on foot from Weststrand city centre and main train station. B1 bus route from city centre.

One of the newest stadiums in Mattijana, the Westerstadion was built to reflect its resident's consolidation of a place in the Mattijanan premier league, which gave the club enough funds to move out of a small and battered old ground into a shining new 70,000 capacity creation on part of a former park in the north of Weststrand.
The ground is used almost exclusively for football, although there is talk of rugby also being allowed to take place at the ground. The stadium's modernity means it is accessible and comfortable.

Around Weststrand:
The most Germanic of Mattijana's cities, Weststrand is situated on the west coast of the country and is part of a more rugged section of coastline extending for hundreds of kilometres. As a result, the weather is generally windier than in most locations, with rain coming off the sea regularly.
The town itself has a more colonial feel to it, with imposing buildings on the seafront giving way to narrow, but buzzing backstreets containing a number of quirky independent shops. Watersports are also popular in the area. Cuisine is largely seafood-based, with mussels a very popular choice in the region.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes, but only two per game and nothing potentially life/career ending.
Godmod Injury Events: Yes
Red Card Players: Yes, but 2 per game maximum.
Yellow Card Players: Yes, but a maximum of 5 per match
Godmod Other Events: TG me first, but probably Yes

Other RP stuff:
Most likely to (in order of likelihood)

Score-Mathilde Lekarisa, Andreas Weiss, Jessika Struna
Score from distance-Marko Hojbjerg, Sofiane Bisrali, Katarina Jakupovic
Score a header-Andreas Weiss, Mathilde Lekarisa, Edvard Craz
Pick up cards-Edvard Craz, Marko Hojbjerg, Katarina Jakupovic
Assist goals-Jessika Struna, Marko Hojbjerg, Sofiane Bisrali
The socialist republic of Mattijana:
As if Austria, Slovenia, North-Eastern Europe and Sweden were merged together into some weird stew of a country.
through resilience, we are strong!

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Postby Bostopia » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:37 am

Number, Name, Position, Age, Team


SF - Sofia FIRGARD - Manager – 36
LP – Luke PRANTON - Assistant Manager – 59
DJ - Daniel JENKS - Goalkeeping Coach – 56
AL - Alison LANTON - Fitness Coach - 27
NB - Neil BARNS - Coach – 35
OQ – Oliver QUEDWORTH - Coach – 31
SE - Simon ELDWYCH - Physio – 38
VT – Vincent TOOMEY - Physio - 43

Goalkeepers - 3

1 – Liam WATERS - GK - 23 – Port Flamerty FC
12 - Will SCOTT - GK - 30 – Prussingberg Town
13 - Andrew KINTON - GK - 34 – Caflin City FC

Defenders - 7

2 - David PRINCES - DL - 21 – Fort Boston FC
3 - Cameron CHAMBER - DC - 36 – Ranton Rovers
4 - Zach SPIRES - DC - 31 – Monham United
5 - Robert PRINCES - DR - 20 – Fort Boston FC
14 – Steven THREE - DC - 29 – Jaerring New Club
15 - Craig FRIARS - DLRC - 33 – Drangmorie United
16 - Evan JONES - DR - 28 – Bassingdale City

Midfielders - 8

6 - Harry PETERS - ML - 20 – Caflin City
7 - Richard GEORGE - DMC - 30 – Prussingberg Town
8 - Mark LAMPSWORTH - AMC - 28 – Port Flamerty FC
9 - Lucas ROARSWADE - MR - 25 – Fort Boston FC
17 - John KINNER - MC - 26 – Southenham United
18 - Matthew NEWER - ML - 32 – Rolida FC
19 - Adam FLETCHER - MC - 43 – Henrikstad FC
20 - Austin ONGARD - MR - 30 – Hilltop FC

Strikers - 5

10 - Ernest GOSFORD - Captain - SC - 23 – Fort Boston FC
11 - Cooper SAIL - SC – 22 - Riikenberg FC
21 - Jason SMITH - SC - 24 – Port Flamerty FC
22 - Ryan DRENWICK - SC – 30 – Hilltop FC
23 - Ty NORHOLM - SC - 27 – Caflin City

Home – Blue shirts, black shorts, black socks - blue as per colour on national flag
Away – Red shirts, white shorts, red socks – red as per colour on national flag
Third – “Racing” green shirt, shorts and socks

Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers

Style Modifier - +3

Bostopia plays an attacking 4-3-1-2 formation – expect our DMC to drop back toward the back line though. Numbers 1 – 11 denote our starting players.

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
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Rachel had turned two a couple of months ago, the baby growing into a little girl. During the last couple of years, the family home in Prinharrow remained much the same, though the wallpaper and furniture had changed to reflect the growing child who was now toddling her way around the house, harassing the family cat at every opportunity. She was constantly encouraged to be nice to the cat (named Simon), but unfortunately Simon had learnt to run from Rachel as soon as she approached, which of course only led to a fit of giggles as the young girl tried to give chase to the poor thing, who was practically harassing the beleaguered moggy by this point.
Rachel had been given a set of crayons and some colouring books by her Grandparents for Christmas, and she was sat on the floor in the front room, while her parents watched her and the television talked sport again.

‘Bostopia have done enough to earn an invite to the Cup of Harmony this season, being hosted in Ethane and Qasden. The competition, which Bostopia have of course won twice, is a ‘best of the rest’ tournament for nations which didn’t qualify for the World Cup, but impressed the World Cup Committee enough for them to receive an invite. Bostopia’s rankings have also risen dramatically, going from an unranked side to the 127th best football team in the World, perhaps showing Sofia Firgard’s remarkable ability to get her men to pick up the new styles of play in world football. Of course, what we know about the other sides is still limited so a rise up the order of this magnitude again isn’t likely to happen.’

‘FOOTBALL.’ The toddler’s shout, in the middle of some scribbling, almost made her parents jump. ‘That’s right, football!’ her Dad, Frank, repeated with a smile. Nora frowned. ‘FOOTBALL. CAT’ Rachel yelled again, before shouting the words in a single sentence ‘FOOTBALL CAT.’ She very unsteadily rose to her feet and ambled toward the open door into the hall. Nora herself rose to her feet, her pregnant belly slowing her down slightly as she gave chase ‘No! Rachel! No! Don’t play football with the cat!’
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Postby Apox » Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:37 am


Manager: Luxulya St. Cleer, Aged: 38
Assistant Manager: Sverre Devold (BYN), Aged: 40
Style: -0.5

Spiel: While the team understandably took time to adjust to the fresh new playing system, the qualifying campaign was one of Apox's best, full stop. Posting a ten game winning run during the second half of qualifiers, including defeats of world class Nephara and Eura, this side can consider themselves unlucky not to be back in the World Cup right now. However, what will be will be, and the national team finds themselves in the Cup of Harmony again. While not an IFA directive, Luxulya St. Cleer has publically stated she has one aim in this tournament - win the goddamned thing.

She's brought a blockbuster squad with her - a blend of emerging youth and "experience", although some of that experience, in Imriel Townsend, is only 21 years old. In fact, its a pretty young squad heading to the Cup of Harmony, with the only two outfield players over the age of thirty - those being Eurwen Raynerson and Titan Vladimirescu. There are a few players perhaps surprised to be left out - Ozaria Gandhi is one as she made a good case for inclusion in qualifiers, as did Zlata Ingersleben.

Team Record: 221-103-93

Name Age Caps Sub Caps Goals Club
Jadranka Steele 32 24 0 0 Image Gwinevra Barbarians
Ulysses Abujamal 30 4 0 0 Image Oldem Knights
Tregatta Spitfire 23 3 0 0 Image FC Endeavour

Name Age Caps Sub Caps Goals Club
Ayrton Fox 22 11 1 0 Image Urbanista
Era Beck 23 15 3 0 Image Barbury Town
Imhotep Jekyll 29 45 1 3 Image FC Endeavour - VICE-CAPTAIN
Eurwen Raynerson 31 54 1 1 Image Dwile Warriors

Osmosis Gandhi 27 13 3 1 Image Crisisbless
Brevin Scott 25 4 1 0 Image Eastweald
Aliser Redmond 27 36 4 0 Image Exton F.C
Isidra Belgrave 28 2 1 0 Image FC Endeavour

Midfielders (CM & DM)
Name Age Caps Sub Caps Goals Club
Bryton Menheniot 19 24 3 0 Image Cazadores Cathair
Imriel Townsend 21 40 0 5 Image Sabrefell Moths
James Palmisano 27 48 7 12 Image Spartangrad - CAPTAIN

Aspen Bridges 24 4 11 1 Image FC Endeavour
Llorent Llangolan 21 14 7 2 Image Gwinevra Barbarians
Etzy Dialogue 29 3 2 0 Image Dwile Warriors

Forwards (ST, RW & LW)
Name Age Caps Sub Caps Goals Club
Alpha Gandhi 29 55 10 31 Image 1830 Cathair
Lucan Palmisano 24 35 2 11 Image Spartangrad
Winston Arrowsmith 27 12 8 5 Image FC Endeavour
Miriam Oakstone-Sandoval 24 3 5 4 Image Gwinevra Barbarians
Titan Vladimirescu 30 33 10 4 Image Barbury Town

Clarissa Ephraim-Garza 20 2 2 0 Image Inland Peaks

Luxulya St. Cleer plans to employ a bold new style which requires intensity and fluidity. Initially set out as a "triangle" 4-3-3, it can very easily transition to a 3-4-3, with the full-backs becoming wing backs and the defensive midfielder dropping deeper and taking on a more defensively orientated role. With the tactical change from the "classically Apoxian" 4-1-3-2 employed since about World Cup 67, this is a slightly new look system, and as such many players who might well have been expected to make it to the FIREQATS tournament are not - due to either not adjusting well to the new formation or unfortunate in positions where there is great competition for playing time.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (not too severe, no deaths)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (above being applied though)
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y (max 5)
Hand out red cards to my players Y (max 2)
Godmod other events Y
The History of Modern NSSports internationalpost.apx (Newswire) The Apoxian Compendium
Winners: Campionato Esportiva IV, V & XVI, World T20 Championships VI, Imperial Chap Olympiad
Runners-up: CoH 58, World T20 Championships V, Campionato Esportiva XII
Third: Campionato Esportiva XIII
Fourth: Campionato Esportiva VII & XV
Baptism of Fire 50, Cup of Harmony 56, World Cup 69, World Cup 73, World Cup 82
Friendly Cups 2 & 6, World T20 Championships II, Campionato Esportiva IV, VIII, XII & XXIII, GCF Season 4, 8 & 10

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Postby Lisander » Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:49 am

When you see WC78, read COH71.

Association Football is not the most important sport in Lisander, but is still the most watched and more lucrative. Pro Rugby is growing, but Football is Professional since its beginnings. Good or bad, the National Eleven manage to carry its giant fanbase. The idols of football are richer and more famous than Rugby ones. Lisander usually does not approach international football because of the Rule 11.a of the National Sports Confederation: "To represent the nation, one must represent a professional team inside the country. Players who leave the national football pyramid are automatically expelled from the national eleven."

So, Lisander football is based on confinement. The players come from the Tristarbank Premiership, where an offensive and beautiful game is encouraged. Style Modifier: +3

These are the 23 men selected to represent Lisander in WC 79. In blue, the captain. Starters are 1-11
#	Name			Age	Pos	Team
1 Martin Garmin 27 G Shamrocks FC
2 Bruno Lasses 23 SD Dawson FC
3 Andreas Wagner 36 D Club Sparta
4 Luís Rosell 27 D Club Sparta
5 Luís Ávila 30 M AS Virtus 1904
6 Milen Kaplanoski 23 SD Racing Club de Soria
7 Christian Nantel 25 M AS Virtus 1904
8 Afonso Heretier 31 M Club Sparta
9 Tristan Walker 28 F Racing Club de Soria
10 Tássio Camden 26 M Club Sparta
11 Yoann Dawson 29 F Shamrocks FC

12 Anders Michaelichen 25 G Club Sparta
13 Anders Templeton 24 SD FC Stellar Kasandora
14 Marian Valens 23 D AS Virtus 1904
15 Paul Gleen 30 D Shamrocks FC
16 Dominic Castres 29 SD AS Virtus 1904
17 Saber Neville 25 M Club Sparta
18 Martin Leenvrouw 28 M Racing Club de Soria
19 Dean Stockport 25 M Dawson FC
20 Victor Potenza 26 F AC Kasandora
21 Alex Cavill 26 F Shamrocks FC
22 Erick Morton 28 F CA Oeste
23 Júlio Altona 25 G AS Virtus 1904

Depth Chart - Starter 11

Technical Comission
Coach		Andreas Fox		63
Assistant Hugo Monteot 56
Doctor Carlos Sandía 58
GK Coach Daniel Algrave 45

Lisander uniforms for the next cycles are produced by that brand:Image

So, I'm not with that time to WC, because Rugby, and Real Life, you know. Maybe I drop a line or two.
RP Permissions wrote:Go ahead, do as you want. No career-ending injuries or nothing worse. Have fun.
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Postby Juvencus » Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:57 am

Squadra Nazionale di Juvencus


After a failed Cup of Harmony and 2 failed world cup qualification attempts in a row. Juvencus will give it another go this time, with a refreshed squad. A squad consisting of experienced players inside of Juvencus and on an international level.

The team

Starting XI:
GK:Taddeo Bulgari(Age 26)(Tushlark Superstars FC)
CB:Dudu Madeiros(Age 32)(USC Toro)
CB:Nicolò Bassi(Age 25)(IFK Aldenskoett)
CB:Valerio Scarpa(Age 30)(U.S Scudelli)
CDM:Nino Russo(Age 26)(AC Pomena)
CDM:Filipe Rodrigues(Age 28)(U.S.C Vilan)
RM:Hugo Grec(Age 28)(Carvi Albion)
LM:Angelino Alberighi(Age 26)(Plympton Town)
LF:Joaquim Martell(Age 27)(AC Serone)
RF:Oriol Vives(Age 29)(Internazionale Serone)
CF:Jaumet Albert(Age 31)(U.S Remeno)

GK:Naldo Zappa(Age 29)(AC Serone)
CB:Amaury Félix(Age 27)(USC Toro)
CB:Artur Bernat(Age 31)(U.S Remeno)
CDM:Gian Landi(Age 31)(AC Herona)
CDM:Elio Provenzano(Age 30)(U.S Scudelli)
RM:Sansone Barsotti(Age 34)(AC Serone)
RM:Julio Ramires(Age 25)(S.S.C Tipoli)
LM:Aleix Costa(Age 36)(Toro Calcio)
LM:Albino Romero(Age 31)(AC Vinceti)
LF:Porfirio Araujo(Age 23)(AC Pomena)
RF:Demetro Laterza(Age 25)(Internazionale Serone)
CF:Rodolfo Gallo(Age 30)(Picgliara Calcio)
CF:Santo Silvestri(Age 22)(AC Pomena)

Main Coach:August Toset
Assistant Coach:Desiderio Bellincioni
Assistant Coach:Pau Porras
Team Doctor:Carlo Micheli

Capacity of 137,000 people

Thanks to Filindostan for these!

Juvencus saw some success in their offensive approach of the game last cycle. This cycle it held on pretty strong too, however the team's going in even more offensively for the Cup of Harmony.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Not without my permission
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Not without my permission
Godmod Other Events: Depends on the event itself.
Style modifier: +4
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Postby Savojarna » Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:58 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
Women's team returns for CoH 71

Sjoedrhavn - After last year's success of the women's team in the Cup Of Harmony - they reached the round of 16 and only lost narrowly to eventual bronze-winners Abanhfleft, who also sent their female team - the SFF decided to send the women's national team to the Cup of Harmony again. While the SFF does not intend to create a united team anytime soon due to a majority of the clubs opposing a complete union of the respective leagues, and there are reservations about having one without the other, there are talks about the women's team playing a future World Cup due to demands from the Women's Football Delegate Polina Terjanova. What the SFF will decide remains to be seen before the next World Cup.


Coach: Lise Asbeck (43)
Assistant Coach: Mikaela Rangren (37), Dmitri Simunov (31)
Goalkeeper Coach: Valtteri Andersson (39)
Doctor: Dr. Christer Ljungberg (45)

STYLE: +1.7

GK #1 Viktorija Petrova (27, 186 cm)
LB #5 Kristina Midström (30, 169 cm) -- C
CB #2 Petra Ernberg (22, 178 cm)
CB #4 Linne Kjaer (20, 182 cm)
RB #3 Anna Reskilainen (28, 162 cm)
CM #8 Pernilla Johansson (33, 177 cm)
DM #6 Stefanie Raukanen (26, 179 cm)
CM #15 Ekaterina Vailova (29, 174 cm)
LF #7 Malin Haakonson (24, 168 cm)
ST #11 Freya Sigurdsdottir (24, 193 cm)
RF #10 Irina Jarkasjärvi (28, 183 cm)

GK #12 Lotte Ronne (20, 180 cm)
GK #21 Sanna Poivanen (38, 185 cm)
ST #9 Tanja Mahlström (29, 177 cm)
CM #13 Karin Persson (18, 173 cm)
OM #14 Helga Lindberg (34, 176 cm)
CB #16 Denise Rydberg (25, 186 cm)
RB #17 Alexandra Martinova (21, 172 cm)
LF #18 Paula Sorendal (24, 169 cm)
DM #19 Svetlana Namenkova (19, 172 cm)
CB #20 Jeanette Nidvald (29, 177 cm)
RF #22 Sigrun Kappanen (31, 170 cm)
LB #23 Kaisa Hytamäki (25, 181 cm)

Captain: Midström => Johansson => Petrova
Free Kicks (direct): Jarkasjärvi
Free Kicks (long): Raukanen (left), Jarkasjärvi (center/right)
Corners: Haakonson (left), Jarkasjärvi (right)
Penalty Kick: Jarkasjärvi => Sigurdsdottir => Vailova => Johansson => Midström [also progression for shooutouts]

Savojarna's women play fairly balanced, but with a slightly offensive bias. The team usually relies on speed, strength and fast counters for their goals, as well as the great technics of Jarkasjärvi, who is a constant danger with set pieces. Their main weapon in attack is Sigurdsdottir, the tallest player of the team, who is a very good header. Both fullbacks are very fast and good at crossings, as well as the LF and RF of the team, which will make the striker a constant threat. In defense, the team has opted for speed rather than physical strength as there were concerns if the latter strategy would work against the world's best men's teams. Among the substitutes, the most prominent players of the team are Tanja Mahlström, who has a name as a great joker; Svetlana Namenkova who is the captain of the Savojar Women's U19; and Kaisa Hytamäki, a player who is especially known for her speed and her offensive qualities.

KITS Designed by Meski



Choose Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring: N
Injure Players: Y (no longer than the rest of the tournament, if it is more than on TG me)
Godmod Injuries: N
Yellow Cards: Y
Red Cards: Y - not more than one
Godmod other events: ask for permission

IMPORTANT: If you want to injure Savojar fans, journalists etc., or stage a large scale brawl (also among players) or wage war on us, I am up for that IF you send me a TG first. I will consider my permissions broken if you don't though, and not accept the act (from Savojarna's POV, it never happened - it is up to you whether it actually didn't happen or if the Savojars are lying...)
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Postby Darmen » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:20 am

OOC: The CoH is occurring in late-September/early-October in the Darmeni timeline. Ages are correct as of September 15th, 2040.

National Football Team of Darmen
presented by the
Darmeni Football Association

Formation: 3-1-4-2
Style Mod: +3
Home Kit
Away Kit
Goalkeeper Kit
Coaching Staff
Position Name Age
Manager Godefroy Abascal 37
Assistant Manager Berhtoald Myers 32
Offensive Coach Iwan Perrault 45
Defensive Coach Evan Bullock 46
Goalkeeping Coach Martín Findlay 35

23 Man Roster
Pos Name Age Caps Goals Club
GK Hyman Campo 20 16 0 Suburban Warriors (Isula Reale)
GK Daniel Abram 20 2 0 Royal PFC
GK Fiacre Knopp 28 1 0 Club Jim Falls

LB Anton Messer 30 67 3 IFK Liverpool United
LB Jean Virgo 25 23 1 Chuckio FC
CB Silver Abbey 21 28 0 Tempala United Saints
CB Randell Haenraets 33 58 1 Sterling City United
RB Ritchie Porsche 29 66 3 Darmen City United
RB Klopas Maddox 27 21 0 Augusta

DM Alberich Goldschmidt 27 77 11 MTK Kingsville
DM Kerr Ramírez 23 18 0 Rushmore United

LM Mordecai Ó Cuilinn 23 44 4 Chippewa Valley United FC
LM Riley Mac Pharlain 21 8 1 Nyancato Institue
LCM Grayson Benbow 31 65 4 Rogerton Whitecaps
LCM Marcellinus Winton 25 26 3 Vogler City Force
RCM Zachariah Butler 27 40 5 Brham United
RCM Mercurius Byrnes 21 7 0 University of Science
RM Odran Gordon 33 62 6 Tim City United
RM Juanito Stafford 22 22 1 Rogerton Valladar CF

LF Felix Lucanus 29 74 40 Sterling City United
LF Brian Firmin 23 26 8 Johnho United
RF Daniel Norton 31 65 33 Olympique Chuckio
RF Craig Blackwood 19 9 6 Royal PFC U-19

Starting XI & Formation
-Ó Cuilinn-Benbow-Butler-Gordon-

Captain: Felix Lucanus
Vice-Captain: Alberich Goldschmidt
Left Corner: Alberich Goldschmidt
Right Corner: Alberich Goldschmidt
Penalties: Felix Lucanus
Free-kicks: Alberich Goldschmidt

RP Permissions: No killing, or other serious life altering events, otherwise have fun.
The Republic of Darmen
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Champions: CoH 51, CR 13, GCF Test 9, WBC 25, QWC 7 Runners-up: CoH 53, CR 10, GCF Test 11, T20C 2, T20C 4, RLWC 10, WBC 42
Third: CR 20, T20C 10, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RUWC 18, RUWC 26, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Bojikstan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:44 am

The Bojikstan National Football Team


Ranking: 181
Formation: 4-4-2 diamond
Style modifier: +1.5
Home ground: Camp Strasburg. Capacity 68,000.
Kitmakers: Smoke Sports
Nickname: Azules

Introduction to the country
Bojikstan is a Nordic and Slavic country that also has various immigrants and speaks Spanish due to a former colonial presence. The country has recently been disconnected with the rest of the world because of civil strife and an outright civil war that has only recently started to ease up, and now the focus is on moving forward, rebuilding, and bringing the entire country into the first world. There is a divide between the western capital of Strasburg, which is very secular, and the eastern largest city, Odena, which is more Christian.The civil war was fought between a corrupt and religious government and secular socialist rebels from the western part of the country, but in the end, a more centrist and democratic government was installed after the western victory. Now, the country is strengthening international ties and working on moving forward. Recently, the Bojikstani National Coalition was elected to power, igniting a war between the Gallian Union over conflicts around Bojikstan's Terranean island territory.

Team history
The team was founded by the Bojikstan Football Federation when the latest government budget finally provided money to compete in international sports. Marco Christensen was picked as the first ever manager because of his ability to think outside of the box and punch above his weight tactically, and he assembled a squad of players for the third Independents Cup that were mostly reluctant. Some of the players needed to be paid to represent the country, partly because of east vs west tensions causing some players to not want to play with each other on the same national team. The nation wasn't expected to compete, but it did manage to finish fourth place after running through a somewhat easy path to the semis and then going out on back to back losses. Still, the showing increased confidence in the new team and in manager Marco Christensen.

With Christensen installed as the long term leader of the international program, the team finally embarked on their first World Cup competition, the Baptism of Fire, now led by the group of young players known as the Gunclub. This time, they would have the weight of a nation on their shoulders, entering the competition as the country began war with the Gallian Union. They would disappoint and would fail to make the semifinals of that Baptism of Fire, but with the BFA not doing much to change the perception of the national team, the nation would still be unable to get its best players playing internationally. As a result, the squad would remain largely unchanged entering World Cup qualifying.

A rough qualifying cycle, however, was wracked with controversy and saw the fans clash with management and with Livia Andrade, who would outrage the fanbase with her attitude and create another major controversy going into the Cup of Harmony, where BFA chief Alan Bermejo would have a last chance to salvage something from the cycle and keep his job.


Image Man. Marco Christensen, 40 | FC Strasburg: One of the bright younger minds in football management, recruited to the national team because of his ability to think outside the box and do things somewhat unconventionally. Recruited by the national team with the promise of having more security than at Strasburg, Marco has his own demons from the war that he's evading...

Image Asst. Bruno Cain, 61 | Vorsji Devils: The manager of the Vorsji Devils is assisting Christensen for the same reason that the latter was hired, because the BFF wanted coaches that knew how to get their players to play up. Also because they needed someone that specialized in hustle and defending, traits that the team will need to have any kind of success.

Image GK Coach. Viktoria Ayala, 26 | FC Strasburg: Helping out with the national team program is Viktoria Ayala, one of the finest keepers in Bojikstan. While she has decided not to play, she's taken up the mantle of goalkeeping coach to help out the keepers of the squad and gain coaching experience for the future.

Image Def Coach. Jorg Eugenio, 32 | Strasburg Saints: Joining the staff of players helping the coaches is Jorg Eugenio, the experienced defender that has led the back line of the Saints for awhile, including during the season when they won the league. Eugenio was never the most athletic, but his intelligence makes him a good option for coaching.


Starting XI

Image GK. Lucas Alberg, 24 | 1899 Odena: Athletic and powerful, and not the guy that you expect to see in goal. A flashy and sometimes dominant keeper that benefits from strong legs and long arms, but he has to learn to keep his head on straight and stay grounded while playing in the largest city in the country. While representing the national team, he's become almost famous for his eccentricity and quirkiness.

Image LB. Janis Shenchenko, 29 | Athletic Vorsji: AC Vorsji captain that still plays more like a fullback of old, laying down bone shattering tackles when the need calls for it and not feeling like he has to rush forward all the time. National team vice captain.

Image CB. Chico Suarez, 26 | FC Strasburg: The heart and soul of the back line for both the national team and FC Strasburg. Daring, aggressive, on and off of the pitch. Due for a huge extension and a giant payday if he can make it on the national team without starting major trouble with his teammates. Mistake prone.

Image CB. Martin Brander, 32 | Marque: Former Selta captain Marin Brander brings experience to the defense, and he joined Marque after helping Selta avoid relegation. The end goal, of course, is one last chance to compete during his career... On the national team, his experience is valuable for teaching some of the younger defenders a thing or two.

Image RB. Javier Velazquez, 28 | Selmby IK: The more attacking counterpart to the other fulback, Javier is no stranger to charging up and down the flanks and getting the ball into the box, or at the feet of some of the team's better attackers. On the other end, he's not afraid to play physically and pick up cards when he needs to.

Image DM. Mara Mandaric, 24 | Sporting Ceneisis Women: Made her name playing as a dominating defensive midfielder/half-back for SC Morievo at a young age, before showing out with the national team and gaining infamy for running hard and tackling like a defender. However, her move to Sporting Ceneisis revealed a knee injury that was sustained in the Bojikstani Civil War, that may end her career within a few years.

Image CM. Eric Dern, 27 | Strasburg Saints: A big fish in a small pond, the one on the other side of Strasburg. Precise, focused, and a playmaker first. On the national team, his role is to start the attacks and get the ball to those who need it when it's in the attacking third. Not much of a socialite off of the pitch, unlike some others.

Image CM. Rain Delacruz, 21 | AFC Corvistone: Artem Delacruz's twin sister has become a star of her own, making plays in the midfield with long passes and long shots, but she's still finding herself off of the pitch and has struggled recently with keeping her head straight. She's a little unstable, as evidenced by her side hobby of amateur fighting under a pseudonym. If she had as much confidence in her personal life as she did on the pitch, she would be well on her way to more success in all areas.

Image CAM. Alexy Hesse, 30 | FC Strasburg: The best known player on the national team, or at least the best known player that was willing to accept a call-up to the national team, is Alexy Hesse. The attacking mid has flash, vision, speed, and passing ability, and if the team starts winning, there's a good chance that it will be because he carried them. In early tournaments, Hesse shone brighter than anyone, but he's not getting any younger, and he's transitioning from a superstar role to a mentor role.

Image FW. Artem Delacruz, 21 | Gallian Telecom: Artem Delacruz was predicted for a long time to be a star, and lived up to the reputation by becoming the undisputed top scorer of the team. His scoring is based on playing off of a larger striker, and his skill with the ball is excellent for someone at the position. A hybrid between a nine and ten. His scoring earned a big money move to Gallian Telecom, where he immediately became a dominant center forward.

Image FW. Niko Komarov, 25 | Metropolis Alligators: Niko Komarov is sometimes crazy, sometimes arrogant, but always ready to give one hundred percent effort. The large striker combines power with technique and isn't afraid to bruise his way through the defense, although he needs to learn to keep his temper in check. The thing with Niko Komarov, though, is that he's a head case. His instability both helps and hurts the team at different times.

Reserve players

Image GK. Sam Horn, 26 | Strasburg Saints: The Saints keeper isn't as well known as the player in front of him, but he's been reliable and played a part in it when they shockingly won the title. He's more of a technical counterpart to some of the athletic keepers in Bojikstan.

Image GK. Lars Frisker, 29 | SC Morievo: Morievo has long relied on Lars Frisker to control their back line, and that reliability and loyalty has gotten him a spot on the national team, where he plays a major part in training and in mentoring the younger keepers and defenders on the squad.

Image LB. Killian Holt, 22 | Baskita FC: One of the top prospects in defense is Killian Holt, who was signed to Baskita because of his future potential. He's a real athlete and two way player, the kind of fullback of the future that's valuable for any side.

Image CB. Jared Ottosen, 33 | Athletic Vorsji: The Vorsji clubs know how to bring the grit on defense, and Jared Ottosen is no exception. The top backup defender is an option mainly on the team for physicality and ability to foul well, despite getting older.

Image RB. Luca Vargas, 28 | Vorsji Devils: A speedy, attacking fullback that's good at making overlapping runs and crossing the ball into the bx.

Image CM. Ricardo Hale, 24 | SC Morievo: A consistent depth option for the midfield, Ricardo Hale has been in contention for a starting position since the team began playing. His specialty is putting the ball where he wants it, from whatever position on the pitch he's in. But with the midfield being one of the strong parts of the team, breaking in isn't easy.

Image CM. Will Sorokin, 22 | FC Samotath: The latest from a long line of stars, who now represents the senior national team after leading the U-21 one. He's a very physical holding midfielder who specializes in quickly getting the ball and setting up the team's attacks with it, and thus his skills with long balls and accurate passes are considered great. His work isn't glamorous, but it's crucial to the team's success, and when he's on the pitch, he's considered the player who controls the tempo.

Image CAM. Livia Resendes Andrade, 22 | Tir Snake Strike: Liv Andrade has a lot of potential to either rise or fall. On one hand, she has amazing skills with the ball, and she can humble top defenders if they find themselves isolated one versus one with her. She has the vision of a good playmaker, too, and her tricks often act as distractions that allow her to set up a play for her teammates. On the other hand, the Sameban born midfielder frequently has troubles with teammates and isn't the strongest mentally.

Image FW. Dimitar Kovalov, 22 | Scaffield: Dimitar Kovalov is perhaps one of the more underrated prospects, but the one who puts in the most effort. His game is more about hustle than finishing, and he's more of a playmaker than a scorer. But he has skill at crossing and at playing the defensive winger role, and his defending is good enough to neutralize the other team's good attackers at times. A highly motivated player, as someone that comes from the streets of Odena, and who lived a dangerous life while playing for the National Academy at Odena.

Image FW. Luke Demara, 25 | 1898 Odena: A new inclusion into the squad is the player that set Liga B on fire this season by seemingly coming out of nowhere after joining 1898 Odena from Khorzev Energy, back when Khorzev had just won promotion from the second tier. Luke Demara was one of the league's leading scorers and impressed fans with his strength and accuracy, earning him a spot on Christensen's squad. However, it still remains to be seen if he's just a one year wonder.

Image FW. Pierre Gomez, 31 | Athletic Vorsji: Veteran striker Pierre Gomez takes up the main center forward spot off of the bench. An all around forward, he's especially effective in situations where his team provides long balls for him to chase down.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes*
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: Yes*
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: TG me first about anything that takes place off of the pitch. You're free to go crazy during the game.
*I might not recognize over the top/ridiculous things in my own canon since this nation is MT and at least semi-realistic.
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:02 pm

Ko-oren - Ko-orenite National Association Football Team

Nickname Dragonflies
Region Atlantian Oceania
Head Coach Katanmak Juliasterinthen
Captain Timo Arevalo, Katherine Davenport
Home grounds
- Stade sur la Baie, Aminey (64,500)
- Willowbourne Park, Willowbourne (51,770)
- Maethoru Valley, Maethoru (37,000)
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
Ranking 109
World Cup
Appearances: 9x - 64, 65, 66, 69, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75
Best Result: 5x Ro16 - 66, 69, 70, 74, 75
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 22x - 55, 57-75, 78-79
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 8x - 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, 60, 65, 71
Best Result: 1st, Cup of Harmony 65
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51
Best Result: 2nd, AOCAF 50

1. Lyami Aviara - 27 - Alara
12. Larut Theshendan - 24 - Maethoru
23. Cláudia Macedo (f) - 33 - Miradela
2. Lionel Dalton - 27 - Cirelbourne
3. Hisashi Yamaoka - 23 - Katashi-Kanatsu
4. Gustave Lacan - 32 - Aminey
5. Peter Morrow - 33 - Bruncester
13. Cadell Iorweth - 33 - Maynard
14. Ethan Benjamin - 20 - Cirelbourne
15. Katherine Davenport (f) - 36 - Cirelbourne
6. Reizo Yokota - 25 - Katashi-Kanatsu
7. Analor Avalor - 29 - Straudum
8. Timo Arevalo - 34 - Miradela
16. Lynn Holstege (f) - 24 - Schemerdrecht
17. Henry Denis - 31 - Aminey
18. Erasmo Valente - 22 - Miradela
19. Nathan Didier - 30 - Aminey
9. Wouter Wouters - 24 - Schemerdrecht
10. Ruben de Meester - 28 - Schemerdrecht
11. Chloé Beaulieu (f) - 26 - Aminey
20. Antoine Duchemin - 21 - Tanques
21. Kherles Ensaunden - 19 - Maethoru
22. Gelereth Pirastadhaunden - 20 - Maethoru

Number. Name - Age - Club
Underlined numbers denote starting XI

Formation 5-3-2
Style mod -5

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, introduced the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain during the formative years
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - RPable People - Info Factbook Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café - Call for bids!
Champions 1x CoH - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 3x World Bowl - 4x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x IBC - 2x T20 WC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x World Cup - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC - 1x FHWC

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Postby Yue Zhou » Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:47 pm


月州人民联邦 - 国家足球队

While not the result that Yuezhou fans were looking for, the team's fourth-place finish in their qualifying group was another stepping stone on the Red Dragons' path to World Cup qualification. The solid performance also earned them a berth at the Cup of Harmony for the second consecutive season. Although Yuezhou's low rank makes them one of the less-favored sides to perform well at this tournament, a low rank certainly didn't stop the CoH70 Red Dragons from making the Round of Sixteen. Llamanean Manager Alex Cartwright has returned with the same core group of players with the quarterfinals in his sights.

Nickname: The Red Dragons
Manager: Alex CARTWRIGHT
Style Modifier: -1.5


Most Goals:
1. Jiawei Sangu (15)
2. Fu Xi (12)
3. Wen Xiaoli (7)
Most Assists:
1. Wen Xiaoli (11)
2. Fu Xi (10)
3. Zhang Zhenya (6)
Most Caps:
1. Han Ruoyang (41)
2. Zhang Zhenya (41)
3. Jin Guiyu (41)


#12 - WU Zhen - 23 - Yincheng Capitals

Cartwright has made his preference for a more modern starting goalkeeper well-known, and young Wu Zhen has finally matured enough to fit into that role. Last year’s Golden Gloves winner in the Yuezhou Premier League, Wu is an excellent distributor who’s become the nation’s best shot stopper as well. An aggressive, athletic goalkeeper not afraid to come out of his box, Wu has also quietly become a team leader.

#01 - WEI Haidong - 31 - Nangang Royals
#23 - LI Weifeng - 29 - Beian City

Former starter Wei’s play is marked by fantastic reflex-saves and great athleticism - but although he’s very vocal off the pitch, he’s not exactly a leader on it, and he does make the occasional gaffe on set-pieces. Li’s impressive enough on his own, but although the diminutive keeper rarely makes mistakes, he’s neither a great shot-stopper nor a modern goalkeeper.


#17 - FAN Xiaopeng - 29 - Goldstaff City (COS)
#25 - MA Jianke - 27 - Dynamo Dalian
#03 - HAN Ruoyang [C] - 31 - Beian City
#15 - JIN Guiyu - 27 - SC Jiangdong
#14 - LIN Wangming - 22 - Beian City

Interestingly enough, the defense may be the most talented part of this Red Dragons team. After a few solid seasons in the YPL, Fan Xiaopeng seriously broke out with Cosumar’s Goldstaff City, being named as the best leftback in the league and showing off his athleticism and attacking prowess while becoming a defensive anchor. He’s the most talented player in this defense, but center-back and team captain Han Ruoyang is the most important. Not only does he lead the defense - both vocally and by example - but he’s also an athletic playmaker who will drift forwards and punish you if given the opportunity. Han is flanked by two solid center-backs - Ma Jianke of recently-promoted Dynamo Dalian revels in dirty work and is a very strong man-marker and defender, while Jin Guiyu is solid in the air and very versatile. Last but absolutely not least - except in age - talented right-back Lin Wangming has become a major attacking threat for Beian, and his defense has improved enough to win him the final starting spot in the back five.

#13 - LIANG Yufeng - 26 - Yincheng Capitals
#16 - HU Zheng - 30 - Yincheng Capitals
#02 - WANG Wuying - 28 - Olympic Nangang
#05 - WU Yong - 33 - Olympic Nangang

A solid assortment of backup options. Wu Yong is still a starting-quality right-back, albeit one with less potential and pace than his usurper Lin Wangming, and the ambidextrous and versatile Liang Yufeng is more defensive-minded but still very solid. Closer to the middle, the versatile Hu Zheng is a more physical center-back options who could be used to close out a game, and former starter Wang Wuying, despite a poor qualifying campaign that Cartwright determined outweighed his solid league performance, is still a solid backup option at center-back. Somewhat concerningly though, there’s no replacement for captain Han Ruoyang - if he goes down, Yuezhou’s system goes down with him, although Yuezhou have enough serviceable defenders to get by with a more defensive 5-at-the-back formation.


#08 - ZHANG Zhenya - 33 - Nangang Royals
#21 - WEN Xiaoli - 26 - Lotus Park (BRE)
#11 - HONG Guilin - 30 - FC Shanbei

Cartwright has raised eyebrows - and potentially done much more in the long run - by centering his midfield around controversial young Wen Xiaoli. A proud member of the Sangau (a questionably-Yue western territory) Nationalist Movement who has been imprisoned several times for his actions as part of the SNM, Wen is nevertheless a brilliant - if still somewhat inconsistent - playmaker and tireless presser who has proven himself worth the trust Cartwright has put in him with brilliant performances both at home and abroad. Flanking him is competent water-carrier Zhang Zhenya, one of the few bright spots in Nangang’s terrible season, and Hong Guilin, a new addition to the team and one of Cartwright’s favorites - a tireless defensive midfielder who also has an eye for counterattacks.

#19 - WEI Jiabin - 26 - Beian Rovers
#30 - ZHONG Wei - 28 - Wheathampton Warriors (SLL)
#32 - QUAN Zedong - 27 - Olympic Nangang

A very solid trio of backups. Wei Jiabin is in theory a deep-lying playmaker, but although he’s more than capable of making brilliant passes, it’s not something that happens often for the defensive-minded midfielder - something Cartwright would definitely like to change. Llamanea-based Zhong Wei is a midfielder very much in the Hong Guilin mold, although his work rate isn’t up to par. Finally, Quan Zedong was named the best player in the Yuezhou Premier League two seasons ago - but Cartwright has continued to go with Wen Xiaoli over him in the advanced playmaker role.


#10 - FU Xi - 27 - Viztourzys Kolektyvinis (BYN)
#9 - JIAWEI Sangu - 34 - Mükiazhou Athletic

The opposite of Qiu Hanying's pessimistic one-striker formation, Alex Cartwright’s attack is fluid, dynamic, and athletic. Fu Xi is a false-nine who has played a leading role in first Yincheng’s and then Viztourzy’s strong seasons, and is known both for his playmaking abilities and for his finishing skills inside the box. On his right is Jiawei Sangu. One of two Mükiazhou-based players on the team, Jiawei has scored 301 goals over 12 seasons in the league and is a complete striker who will play much further inside than former winger and second-choice Guo.

#07 - GUO Zexi - 27 - Beian City
#18 - XIE Xueyi - 26 - Beian City
#20 - HUANG Shenan - 30 - SC Jiangdong

A decent trio of backups. Guo Zexi, the fastest man on the team, is a very skilled dribbler and passer on either wing who just can’t finish. Xie Xueyi may have questionable decision making at times, but he’s young, talented, and athletic, and will be useful as an impact sub. Finally, returnee Huang Shenan has become a dominant all-around inside forward since his return from injury, and replaces Ren Delan on the side.

RP Permissions: Don't kill/injure for life, TG for approval if you're going to godmod. Everything else is fair game.
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Capital: Nangang • Population: ~35,000,000

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Postby Omerica » Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:30 pm

Style modifier: -1 (yes, still defensive)
RP permissions: Your RP permissions are mine, short of death and career-ending injuries. If I can send off your players, you can send off mine. If your players can’t be booked, neither can mine. If I can smother the pitch in a bath of chocolate syrup at the half, so can you. Just make it funny/entertaining, if you don’t mind. ;)

If I haven’t posted a starting eleven for a particular game, please assume that the standard eleven are being used. You can feel free to make substitutions, so long as they are position for position as explained on the roster list.
Commonwealth Soccer Federation
6 Jacques la Rouge Road
Port Alexandre, AM 18-A40

About Omerica
National anthem: Marche de l’Indépendance
Capital: Port-des-Saints
Largest city: Charlottesville (by city limits); Philibiscostal (by urban area)
Official languages: English, French
Population: 67,427,652 (2009 census)
Drives on the: left

Association code: OME
Team nickname: Les Incorrigibles
KPB rating: 3.56 (126th)
Home stadium: RS Amphitheatre, Port-des-Saints, PD (capacity: 54,000)

A federation in the far north, Omerica is a cosmopolitan maritime nation, famed for its environmental beauty, thriving black markets and love of a good drink. Omerica is a federal directorial republic with a semi-direct democratic system of governance. An influential country in international affairs, the nation ranks as one of the most politically and socially free states in the multiverse. The nation is noted for having some of the most friendly, compassionate and brash people in the multiverse, who enjoy high rates of economic, scientific and cultural development. The nation is rated as one of the least corrupt and least authoritarian in the world, with low rates of ignorance, obesity, political apathy and preventable death.

About Les Incorrigibles
Just like the history of the nation, the history of Omerican football has been rocky. The nation was one of fifty-six to début in Baptism of Fire 56, where the team made the knockout stage with an undefeated record before bowing out to Lons after extra time in the last 32. Les Oiseaux subsequently floundered for several cycles, finishing below expectations in tournament after tournament and struggling to find their footing. But fortunes turned around during the Campionato Esportiva in the Sarian, where Omerica unexpectedly won their group and made the quarterfinals after defeating Yttribia. Despite falling to runners-up Nephara in a close match, the tournament marked a significant turn in fortunes: a bitter (and, to Osarians, infamous) third-place finish in the World Cup 73 qualifiers, two consecutive knockout stage qualifications and Round of 16 exits and—the nation’s crowning moment of glory—an upset qualification for World Cup 74, where the team scalped Flardania and nearly advanced to the knockout phase.

However, success proved short-lived. After boycotting CE XVI in Falatulu, the Omerican Football Federation found itself mired in a corruption and betting scandal. Combined with a riotous fanbase which had caused numerous bouts of destruction, the scandal dogged the team’s World Cup 75 qualifying campaign and ultimately brought the OFF to an untimely end, ordered dissolved by the Sessions Court of the Metropolitan Arrondissement and liquidated to cover the fines issued to its executives. In the aftermath of the scandal, the cantonal football associations, which had predated and existed parallel to the OFF, formed the Commonwealth Soccer Federation to take over the OFF’s functions and opted to pull Omerica from international competition. Half a decade later, a new national team emerged to contest the Independents Cup and, after much internal debate, the World Cup.
Manager: Christine Salmond
The first woman to ascend to the top managerial position of Omerica’s flagship sporting team, Salmond got her start at United Philibiscostal and Royal Martecabras. Her relationship with Jean-Baptiste Archambault made her the front-runner to become his assistant after James-Alexandre Christopherson’s dismissal as manager, though it was not until Archambault’s death and Ryan Pritchard’s hiring that Salmond finally got the nod. With Pritchard having announced his intention to retire from the managerial role, Salmond was the overwhelming favourite to take on the ‘‘most difficult job in the Commonwealth.’’ Noted for her love of flowing football, Salmond is the antithesis of her nigh-defensive predecessor and has already moved to stamp her mark on the highest football team in the land.

Assistant Manager: George Kostas
One of the stars of Omerica’s Baptism of Fire campaign and a subsequent stalwart of the so-called ‘‘Triad’’ that dominated early Omerican international football, Kostas has turned towards managerial duties since his retirement from international duty. Coaching his club side Corona Christiana to four Central Omerican titles and two national championships since the fall of the Premiership, Kostas has been called the best manager of the post-OFF era. With the CSF having the good fortune of seeing his contract with La Corona expire, the former forward and stalwart of football’s post-OFF revival has returned to the international eye as the replacement for newly-minted manager Christine Salmond.

Strength and Fitness Coach: Jean-Marie Bertrand
Equipment Manager: Lucas Shipley
Medical Lead: Annemarie Cartier
Physical Trainer: Georges-Marie Bernand
Physical Therapist: Eileen Pope-Langley and Stephen King
Starting eleven
№1—GK Frédérique Acardi (F, age 24; United Philibiscostal)
№2—LD Skye Ecclestone (F, age 23; AFC Georgetown)
№3—CD Emily Michelakis (F, age 21; AFC Georgetown)
№5—CD Jesús Cruz (M, age 22; Corona Christiana)
№6—RD Fernand Michelakakis (M, age 23; Sassari Trailblazers)
№7—LM Clemente Affini (M, age 22; Carthaginians)
№21—CM Elise Bianchi (F, age 23; Ville-du-Nord)
№8—CM John Soares (M, age 22; FC Kingsmouth)
№10—RM Krysten Speight (F, age 23; Cathair Dhoire)
№9—AM Red Bolton (M, age 23; FC Londonderry)
№11—ST Morgan Barzetti (F, age 24; Corona Christiana)

№12—ST Lucky Ashworth (F, age 21; Falcon United)
№13—GK Valentine Augustin (F, age 20; Saint-Georges Uni)
№14—LD Julie Boulos (F, age 23; Corona Christiana)
№4—CD Charity Kayode (F, age 20; FC Nassau)
№17—CD Aristide de Felice (M, age 20; Olympique Provençal)
№18—RD Marine Roldan (F, age 22; AS Républicains)
№19—LM George Palmeiro (M, age 18; Northport Naval)
№20—CM Alex Rodrigues (M, age 18; Phoenix Carlisle)
№15—CM Sean Tester (M, age 21; Willemspoort)
№22—RM Christine Riva (F, age 23; Tyrone Athletic)
№23—GK Will Rake (M, age 19; Plymouth Rock)
№16—AM Martin la Rouge (M, age 20; AS Républicains)
№24—ST Éduoard Bouchard (M, age 20; Malavan Romainbourg)
Formation and tactics (4–4–1–1)
Affini — Soares — Bianchi — Speight
Ecclestone — Michelakis — Cruz — Michelakakis

Failure was widely expected in qualification, but it proved a liberation from high expectations, giving Les Incorrigibles the freedom to experiment with different systems and formations. With Salmond taking over the reigns of Omerica from Ryan Pritchard, the team has shifted gears from the nigh defensive 5–4–1 to the more balanced 4–4–1–1. After struggling to produce in the midfield, Red Bolton is back in his favoured hole position (the position he plays at club level in Coleraine), assisting an often frustrated Morgan Barzetti. The weak link of the defensive line Charity Kayode has taken a back seat, giving Ville-du-Nord’s Elise Bianchi the chance to shine in Bolton’s old position.
Who we are
The Commonwealth Soccer Federation is the national football association of the Commonwealth of Omerica. The CSF is organised as a federation of twenty-five cantonal and four regional football associations, with special membership status for the Omerican Professional Soccer Association, Omerican Amateur Football Association and Omerican University Sports Association. The CSF responsible for overseeing association football in Omerica, organising Omerican representative teams and—with the cooperation of the Commonwealth Anti-Doping Authority and Omerican Council for Sporting Integrity—ensuring the integrity of Omerican football.
Conformément à la loi fédérale, ce document est disponible en français sur demande. — In accordance with federal law, this document is available in French upon request.

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iTLD: .or
Demonym: Rubbish Omerican
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This nation does not necessarily reflect my actual political views
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Omerica – 27/09/2017
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Kanoria - 27/09/2017
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KSFB Officiaal Pressesmeuding — RSFF Official Press Release

Postby Soltsteed » Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:36 pm

Style modifier: -5 (or whatever the most defensive modifier might be)
RP permissions: Your RP permissions are mine, short of death and career-ending injuries. If I can send off your players, you can send off mine. If your players can’t be booked, neither can mine. If I can rain a hail of meteors down on the city, so can you. Just make it funny/entertaining, if you don’t mind. ;)

Note: Soltsteedish surnames follow RL Netherlands Dutch conventions on surname prefixes: they aren’t capitalised when used in combination with first names or initials, but are capitalised in all other situations. For example, “Carle de Marcht” is correct, while “Carle De Marcht” is not; however, when the given name is not used, “De Marcht” is proper, while “de Marcht” is not.

Landscode/Country code: SOL
Öknaam/Nickname: De Hingsten/The Stallions
Nationaallied/National Anthem: Aferstannen yt ruinen/Risen from Ruins

Concurrenzlik statistiken/Competitive statistics
Totaal vörslang/Overall record:
28–7–19 (51.9% gewinnrate/win rate)
Först internationaal/First international: Soltsteed 0–2 Loynn (Bellator, DRK; BoF speldag/matchday 1)
Först win/First win: Finland 0–1 Soltsteed (Bellator, DRK; BoF speldag/matchday 2)
Först vörlös/First loss: Soltsteed 0–2 Loynn (Bellator, DRK; BoF speldag/matchday 1)
Först remis/First draw: Soltsteed 4–4 Acapais (Bellator, DRK; BoF hauvfinale/semifinal)
Mössifest win/Biggest win: Soltsteed 6–1 Frejo (Port Michael, SOL; WCQ78 speldag/matchday 5)
Mössifest vörlös/Biggest loss: Electrum 5–2 Soltsteed (Centralis, ETM; Eagle’s Cup speldag/matchday 2); Soltsteed 1–4 Farfadillis (Eswelle, SOL; WCQ79 speldag/matchday 6)

The default Soltsteedish strategy can be summed up in one phrase: “the best offence is a good defence”. The Stallions play a highly opportunistic attack, lying in wait for an opportunity rather than charging head-on. Possession is mostly confined to the midfield, keeping the ball comfortably away from Emmet Ferdinand’s goal and close enough to Soltsteed’s lone striker Emma Gryndhout for her to attack when necessary. Soltsteed prefer to play a passing game in possession, while attempting to pry the ball away from the opposition when not, either by intercepting a pass or tackling players. The Stallions will attempt to frustrate and infuriate the opposition through tactics of time wasting, bus parking and—in the most desperate of circumstances—dirty play if necessary to achieve the desired result and are unashamed of drawing games and advancing via penalty shoot-outs.

Jan-Peter Wietdal
Hjaupendirectör/Assistant Manager: James Armstrong
Medicaalleider/Medical Lead: Vittoria van den Plazen

Starting Euve/Starting Eleven
Portsgaarder/Goalkeeper №1 Emmet Ferdinand (auddöm/age 30, Ōtachi Audfort)
Verdediger/Defender №2 Lily Webb (auddöm/age 30, St George University)
Verdediger/Defender №3 Bryan McBride (auddöm/age 28, Cherrgrove City)
Verdediger/Defender №4 Emmet le Duc (auddöm/age 22, Ōtachi Audfort)
Verdediger/Defender №5 Camille Daley (auddöm/age 25, Cherrgrove City)
Verdediger/Defender №6 Rosie Foley (auddöm/age 28, St George University)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №19 Ann-Marine Crabshaas (auddöm/age 25, Sant-Claudie)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №8 Joanna Morris (auddöm/age 26, SIS FC)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №20 Martin McKenzie (auddöm/age 24, St George University)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №10 Clement Kolen (auddöm/age 27, SIS FC)
Onfaller/Striker №11 Emma Gryndhout (auddöm/age 29, Ōtachi Audfort)

Portsgaarder/Goalkeeper №12 Roger Gaius (auddöm/age 32, Royal Michaeltown)
Portsgaarder/Goalkeeper №13 Julian Lyksdal (auddöm/age 30, Sant-Claudie)
Verdediger/Defender №14 Otto Frederickssen (auddöm/age 23, Sant-Claudie)
Verdediger/Defender №15 Nadia Harrison (auddöm/age 26, To Be Determined)
Verdediger/Defender №16 Shane Carston (auddöm/age 22, Grandstrasse)
Verdediger/Defender №17 Ann-Elisabeth Smid (auddöm/age 25, Spartans)
Verdediger/Defender №18 Jean Peterssen (auddöm/age 25, Sant-Claudie)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №7 Marvin Hilton (auddöm/age 30, SIS FC)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №9 Cobus Brygge (auddöm/age 30, Spartans)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №21 Otto Stephenssen (auddöm/age 26, Ōtachi Audfort)
Midfeuder/Midfielder №22 Matthew Baker (auddöm/age 30, SIS FC)
Onfaller/Striker №23 Carle de Marcht (auddöm/age 23, SIS FC)

Höchstwärsheinlik tö …/Most likely to:
Camille Daley
Werden fylen/Be fouled: Emma Gryndhout
Werden vängen/Be subbed out: Clement Kolen
Vörvängen/Be subbed in: Otto Stephenssen
Shöten/Shoot: Emma Gryndhout
Scoren van när/Score from close range: Emma Gryndhout
Scoren van fjär/Score from long range: Emma Gryndhout
Vörsöken de spectaculär/Attempt the spectacular: Joanna Morris
Spilersrolln/Player roles:
Emmet Ferdinand
Viz-taamsleider/Vice-captain: Lily Webb
Second viz-taamsleider/Second vice-captain: Bryan McBride
Venster cornern/Left corners: Anne-Marine Crabshaas
Recht cornern/Right corners: Clement Kolen
Direct friekicken/Direct free kicks: Martin McKenzie
Indirect friekicken/Indirect free kicks: Martin McKenzie
Penaltien/Penalties: Emma Gryndhout

Formatie/Formation: (5-4-1)
———————————————— Gryndhout ————————————————
—— Crabshaas — Morris — McKenzie — Kolen ——
— Webb — McBride — Le Duc — Daley — Foley —
———————————————— Ferdinand ————————————————

Heim/Home: Rott-en-swart-reipen hemd mid swart korten en socken; Red-and-black-hooped shirt with black shorts and socks
Weg/Away: Weit-en-grön-reipen hemd mid weit korten en socken; White-and-green-hooped shirt with green shorts and socks
Portsgaarder/Goalkeeper: Å goud; All gold
Mid dank an/Courtesy of: No Nonsense Sportswear
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Postby Eastfield Lodge » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:55 pm

Eastfield Lodge Roster for Cup of Harmony 71

Demonym: Eastfielder

Eastfield Lodge is a pretty glorious nation, somewhat situated in Northern Rushmore - in reality, there's a very small island (acting as a transport hub) which hosts a portal linking the NSverse to a small bubble universe, wherein the rest of the Imperial Commonwealth is located (barring a couple of nations, but they’re linked up in other ways). The IC part describes the fact that there are several empires contained within one superstructure – divisions which are somewhat reflected in the convoluted league structure.

Those of you who know this nation well however will wonder what has happened to the Whoniverse (the universe of Doctor Who, the TV programme). Don’t worry, I will (hopefully) RP what went on. To those who don’t know, this nation used be in the NSverse, but due to the acts of a lone madman from The Holy Empire (mad, or pitiful, the legends are a bit shaky), Eastfield Lodge almost vanished from existence, leaving behind a small island (now in Rushmore), attached to a portal connecting here to the Whoniverse. Things happened, the portal became unstable, and we had to form a bubble universe, and as a result, the resulting temporal shockwave both wiped out all electronic records, and did some weird stuff to people’s ages (hence why some names in the team may seem recognisable).

Anyways, because of the initial portal, whilst humans are the overwhelming majority of the populace here, don't be surprised to find several other races and much advanced technology here. Some more historical information can be found here, in lieu of a factbook (NB: a lot of the information there is inaccurate though, TG me for clarification).

Back to the nation itself, Eastfield Lodge is probably the best place to live in the entirety of Rushmore, according to the WA at any rate. Amongst the accolades heaped upon are: Most Compassionate Citizens, Most Beautiful Environments, Happiest Citizens, Most Dedicated Public Healthcare, Healthiest Citizens, Least Corrupt Government, Longest Average Lifespan, Lowest Crime Rates, Nicest Citizens, Largest Public Transportation Department, Safest, Smartest Citizens, Most Popular Tourist Destinations, Best Weather and Largest Welfare Programs. Also of note is the fact that, in a region containing Saintland, Eastfield Lodge is the Most Devout nation, with Islam being the national religion, and that we have the Highest Police Ratios, so do not be alarmed by the sheer number of police officers.

Lodger City Memorial Stadium
Location: New Lodger City
Capacity: 150,000
Description: The home of Eastfielder football, the stadium was built on the ruins of the old capital of Eastfield Lodge, Lodger City, which was flattened in a double disaster (severe floods from dams bursting and an explosion from an unknown source, killing much of the population of the city and rendering the city useless. Administrative functions were transferred over to Lodgertia, the city began to be rebuilt, and it was decided that this stadium would be one of the monuments erected in place. The inside walls contains inscriptions of the names of all the dead – just under 9 million. The stadium used to play host to the two classic giants of EL football – RGS Athletic and VLC FC - until both had their new stadiums finished; it is now only used for internationals and cup matches.

Parliament Stadium
Location: Lodgertia
Capacity: 80,000
Description: Formerly the second largest stadium in Eastfield Lodge (until King Iqbal II and Vorgan Park were completed), behind the Memorial Stadium in New Lodger City, it was built in the centre of Lodgertia, the capital of Eastfield Lodge, and the Imperial Commonwealth. It was named due to the fact that the Parliament is based just a few hundred metres down the road; in fact, the original stadium was actually joined to the Parliament building, as an area where MPs could watch or even engage in sport with the public, as well as being a designated protest site. However, with Lodgertia becoming more built up, it was decided that the stadium needed to be built up as well. It is home to Lodgertia United and Lodgertia City alongside being temporary hosts of RGS Athletic and VLC FC (when Lodger City was being rebuilt), and in the past has hosted several international matches, including the final of SBCC 27 and a group in both stages of Market Cup 4.
Manager: Shabeen Ahmad III
Age: 67. He went down in Eastfield Lodge history as having scored an absurd 201 goals in 215 appearances for the EL national team (records are still being compiled, but he looks likely to be the human player with the highest tally). Still an inspiration to everyone and even at this age his skill is noticeable, even if his agility has waned. He had been the main coach/assistant manager for several World Cups, until Lowell Brown's sacking following a disappointing WC78 campaign, where he was promoted to the managerial role.

Assistant Manager: Robert Andrews
Age: 45. The former national team striker, who had over a century of international appearances to his name during his career, was specifically recruited by the new manager, his old friend and ex-teammate. This will be his first major job in football since his playing retirement, but his ability to calmly analyse situations even under immense pressure has earned him some plaudits from those in the know, and as such could prove to be a vital asset to the national team going forward.

Player are listed higher are more likely to play – strongest starting XI listed in Tactics section

Goalkeepers Age Gender Club Notes

Korbin Harvey 28 M Duke of the North (PAS)
Veronica Puppy 34 F VLC FC Naturalised - High Heels
Thijn Persson 22 M Olympia FC

Defenders Age Gender 1° Pos Other Pos Club Notes

Emely Towers 28 F CB Tanrisal (PAS)
Tia Philip 31 F CB Royal Jam FC
Eskama Nagi 25 F RB Hellinic Rouge (PAS)
Hamaad Siddique 29 M LB Rozelle (BRE)
Lucas Bacon 30 M CB Olympia FC
Tajo Carr-Ponce 25 M CB Ramusok United (COS)
Wesley Martin 34 M CB Royal Jam FC
Shay Lacombe 29 M CB Norrion Rovers
Abdur Rehman 33 M RB RGS Athletic
Wilhelm Phal 33 M LB RGS Athletic Yttribian dual national
Danny Axelsson 33 M RB Olympia FC
Marya Garner 23 F LB Olympia FC

Midfielders Age Gender 1° Pos Other Pos Club Notes

The Doctor ? M AM Utility N/A - Unaffiliated Time Lord (Flesh copy)
Malenna von Kraus 25 F Utility Royal Jam FC ex-USI
Osbaldo Bevan 27 M AM RGS Athletic
Hugh Ilyess 27 M DM Ulsa (EUR)
Amitee Abdalla 28 F CM DM Tanrisal (PAS)
Methuselah Wallis-Iqbal 29 M CM AM Sporting Cenial (CEN) Half-Apoxian
Glen Soria 34 M AM RGS Athletic
Graziana Din 22 F CM Hellinic Rouge (PAS)
Samantha King 31 F AM Olympia FC
Lilian Quazin 33 F AM Royal Jam FC
Jennifer Farrow 21 F CM Crawford City FC (COS)

Wingers Age Gender 1° Pos Other Pos Club Notes

Breta Glibin 25 F RM CA Paulinthal (PAS)
Fedrea Quazin 31 F RM LM FC Fairleigh-Warburton (ETM)
Charmine Berretti 25 F LW Rozelle United (BRE)
Crimson "Swift Curse" LaRosso 23 F LM AM Royal Jam FC Ex-USI
Georgina Wadimu 33 F RM FC Kaldukosic (COS)
Elizabeth Hansen 31 F LM Phalanx AF (CEN)
Tirs Rathun 30 M LM RM Norrion Rovers

Strikers Age Gender Other Pos Club Notes

Tia Drenas 32 F Crisisbless (NPH)
Kaiya Mohd 25 F Royal Jam FC
Auguste Alder 29 M Olympia FC
Liane Fransson 28 F Stein-los Turkish (PAS)
Werdickley Safadão 27 M Norrion Rovers Ex-Matthewsiania
Marlon Rowlinson 33 M Olympia FC

Formation: 4-1-2-3

The formation is a weird variant on the classic basic 4-3-3. Here, there is the one holding midfielder, and the other two are pushed up to play just off the ST as attacking midfielders, whilst the WFs are also slightly tucked in from a usual position. This allows them more of an equal choice of either cutting in or going out wide for the cross, which may be met by the other winger or one of the midfielders. The front five can drift to other positions at any time, just to keep defences on their toes. Defensively, the AMs will drop back and slightly out wide or into the middle as required, and are decently proficient at dispossessing the ball and using it well. The DM is mainly there to guard the defence, and is adept at picking out a pass (short or long), and helping to dictate plays. The CBs are as standard, but the FBs are given the freedom to roam forwards as far as they can get away with, and more often than will get involved in attacking plays, with some crosses from both deep and closer in.
In terms of goal scoring, the ST will get the bulk of the goals, with good contributions from both the AMs and the WFs as well. The WFs will get most of the assists, followed closely by the AMs, then the ST and DM.

Strongest XI:
GK: Korbin Harvey

RB: Eskama Nagi
CB: Tia Philip
CB: Emely Towers
LB: Hamaad Siddique

DM: Hugh Ilyess
RAM: The Doctor
LAM: Malenna von Kraus

RW: Breta Glibin
LW: Charmine Berretti
ST: Tia Drenas

Captain: The Doctor
Vice-Captains: Tia Drenas, Korbin Harvey, Fedrea Quazin, Glen Soria
Penalties: Tia Drenas, The Doctor, Malenna von Kraus
Corners: Malenna von Kraus, Breta Glibin, Charmine Berretti
Free kicks – shooting: The Doctor, Malenna von Kraus, Hugh Ilyess
Free kicks – other: Malenna von Kraus, Hugh Ilyess


Style: +3
RP Permissions:
Select my scorers: Y
Give out yellow cards to my players: Y (maximum five, TG me with a reason for more)
Give out red cards to my players: Y (only one more than the number given to your team, maximum of three - i.e. I get two red cards, you must have at least one)
RP injuries to my players: Y (Maximum 3, no career-ending injuries without my explicit permission – I reserve right to how long players are out; you can RP how severe it looks)
Godmod injuries: Y (within some reason)
Godmod scoring events: Y (Have fun.)
Godmod other events: Y (TG me if you're planning on killing anybody though, or anything really extreme.)

If I do RP, I will include the line-up for the next match in my RP post, along with any suspensions/injuries. If there is no line-up, look through my posts and check for current suspensions/injuries, but otherwise it’s fine. Also, if you're RP'ing any part of my match, please use the full name Eastfield Lodge at least once, it helps me find the RP.

NB: As the people of EL are extremely compassionate, and very civilised (despite what you may say about the religion), it would be uncharacteristic for the coaches/players to lose their temper, dive deliberately (jumping out of the way of bad tackles and falling awkwardly doesn't count), to be sent to the stands (if the ref is clearly very biased however...), spit, argue with the ref or fight. Players will also tend to inform the referee about mistakes/clarifications in judgement regarding throw-ins, fouls given but with no contact and goal kicks/corner kicks (plus other bouts of honesty - up to you).
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:11 pm


Coach: Nathan Watson
Assistant coach: Joe Jackson
Manager: Phil jasawi
Head trainer: Will Sakura


Strikers: Luke Dillan, Jared Sednah

Midfielders: Jack Flemister, Keith Jùrgën, Adi zerodi, Will Sanders

Backs: Gibson Fernandez, Hue Grebv, Señde Folpu, Jack Dakota

Goalkeeper: Wendell Jakerein


Strikers : Azas Gtrety

Midfielders: Daniel Guidry, Wesley Barkley

Backs: Cole Crag, Terry Tak

Goalies: Dak actson


Strikers: Grey Darster

Midfielders: Sada Fgol

Backs: Zazder Lawa, Olom Lawson

Goalie: Saaz Hjuiz

RP permissions
anything except killing and godemoding

Style mod is -1.40
AO Lacrosse Invitational 2 Champions
World Twenty20 Championship X Champion
RP population: 23 million
All India Cup 1
MAC 5&6
Gold Coast Basketball Tournament 1
World Lacrosse Championships XXXV
NSCF Mineral Conference
Coffs 7’s I
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Postby Bojikstan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:30 pm

The Rookies

Part Twenty Three. In which Artem is in over his head.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again! I don’t care what our blood ties are, you talk to me like this and I’m going to beat your ass!” screamed Livia Andrade, taking a dive at her mother in the hotel hallway before being restrained once again by Ricardo Hale, who was having trouble holding her back. Every muscle in her body seemed strained as she pushed against his hold, and he had to lock his arm under hers to prevent her from jumping forward. Her mother looked like she was in a mood for a fight too, but unlike her daughter, she wasn’t quite ready to act on it.

“Liv, let’s calm down and talk this out without throwing punches,” said Ricardo, but even though he was larger than her, it looked like she was going to break free from him at any moment. She lunged forward and nearly threw him off of his feet, and then spun around and shook him off briefly before getting caught by the arm when she tried to charge forward at her target.

That was the scene that Artem Delacruz would walk into, when he opened the door and stepped out of Rain’s room, to investigate the shouting and the sudden chaos. “The hell is happening right now?” he asked, stepping between Liv and her mother and providing an extra layer of separation between the two. “Ricky, can you let Liv go and she can explain what’s going on? And Liv, can you not run past me as soon as that happens? We have enough stuff happening at the moment with this team, I’d say we don’t need more drama.”

Ricardo released Livia, who immediately ran forward and was caught by Artem, who pushed her back with surprising strength for his slender frame. He hooked an arm under hers, and she was stuck where she was right now, much to her detriment. “This isn’t your fight, Artem. Get the fuck out of my way,” she ordered, trying to step around and then trying to push through him but struggling because of the hold that he maintained. Her body was strained as she tried to bruise her way through, but she lacked a good position and quickly saw the effects of it.

“Let’s focus on talking things out instead of fighting, alright? Just like Ricky suggested. If you don’t want to do it to be the bigger person, do it because we can’t have one of our own getting arrested for assault in a foreign country. You think the press are tough on us right now? Just wait until you see the headlines after you do some bullshit stunt and get arrested by another nation’s police,” Artem explained, and that seemed to calm Livia down enough that he could… Control her. She surely needed to be controlled, because she didn’t look like she was going to back down on her own.

“I tried talking things out, I tried diplomacy, but that’s what got me to this point, you know,” Liv growled, glaring over Artem’s shoulder at her mother and then pacing in a tight circle in front of Artem, her hands on her head in frustration as she contemplated what to do. “Some people can’t be reasoned with. Some people are never going to accept that they’re wrong. Sometimes talking isn’t enough and the only way to settle something is to swing on them. At least, that’s how it is on the streets-”

“I’m from Odena, I know how things go on the streets,” Artem interjected. “But we aren’t on the streets of Odena and you getting arrested is the only thing that will come out of swinging on someone. Besides, I’ve had my share of family problems, and most of the time, they can be fixed by talking. Shouting, fighting, all of that stuff, it just complicates things. I don’t think you’re going to achieve anything by getting into a fight, Liv.”

“You don’t know that-”

“I spent time on the frontlines of the war, fighting for a living. It preserved our way of life for a bit longer, but it didn’t change anyone’s mind about anything. That’s what words are for. Hell, ask your friend Niko about that. I know he’s gotten into his fair share of scraps, but has that fixed his family? Not at all. So why don’t we sit down and talk about whatever the reason for this fight is, and we can see if there’s a way to fix it?”

Liv looked like she was considering it, but she stopped and turned her back and shook her head, starting down the hallway in the opposite direction of the one she was originally headed in. In other words, she was storming out. “You don’t know anything about this, Artem. Talking can’t fix every problem, and it sure can’t do anything for this one... And don’t try to step into my problems. Because you don’t know them, either.”
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Postby Trans-Dniesters » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:17 am



By Gustav Tyumenov

Gaëtano Bernardeschi has been hired by the Pridnestrovian Football Union to manage the men's national football team for the 71st Cup of Harmony to replace interim manager Martin Pavle Gormesyan.

TIRASPOL, TRANSNISTRIA - The Pridnestrovian Football Union announced Monday that veteran Fleftic manager Gaëtano Bernardeschi has agreed to a long-term contract with the Union to manage the Pridnestrovian men's national football team, with his tenure set to start in the 71st Cup of Harmony in Qasden and Ethane.

This decision comes in the wake of Pridnestrovia's latest campaign in the World Cup qualifiers, in which the men's national football team won only five games, drew none, and lost thirteen. During the first half of the qualifiers, Pridnestrovia slumped to a pathetic 2-0-7 record, which resulted in the sacking of former manager Werner Ceausescu, who had led Pridnestrovia to the final of the 58th Baptism of Fire and won the 3rd Global Cup of Soccer with this team. Ceausescu's assistant manager, Martin Pavle Gormesyan, was named the new manager, but he fared little better, being able only to tally a 3-0-6 record with the Pridnestrovian squad in the second half of the qualifiers for the eventual 5-0-13 final record. With the announcement of Bernardeschi's entry into the team, Gormesyan has been retroactively named caretaker manager of the team during his tenure and has agreed to return to his original assistant manager role to help Bernardeschi and the team through the transition.

"I am very honored to have been chosen by the Pridnestrovian Football Union as the manager of their men's national football team," Bernardeschi said in the press conference in which he was announced as the men's national football team's new manager. "This is a team that has achieved numerous honors in its lifetime and I am very proud to be taking over an organization of such ambition and talent. I hope to be able to bring even more honors to this country in the future, starting with the Cup of Harmony."

Bernardeschi has previously managed Sarvusdalamoive FC, Xemlice Rovers, Antslinngs Islands FC, and Athletic Dorfdifving of Abanhfleft's Premier League before agreeing to the Pridnestrovian job. Bernardeschi is well known for introducing defensive solidity to the teams that he has taken over, although some of his critics have said that this comes at the price of a boring and predictable attacking mentality. These concerns have also been raised in the past few days as rumors of Bernardeschi's pending announcement circulated throughout the Pridnestrovian Republic, and at least one former Pridnestrovian men's national football team player has spoken against Bernardeschi's appointment as Pridnestrovian men's national football team manager.

"Much as Gaëtano Bernardeschi's credentials speak in favor of him, his style of football simply does not fit the Pridnestrovian philosophy," Bohuslav Gavrilyuk, formerly of the men's national football team, Sheriff Tiraspol, and former manager of relegated Elektrik Admiralnaya, said in an interview with PTsNa. "Bernardeschi is all about defense, defense, and more defense. Offense is not the best part of his game. Our team's offense under Gaëtano Bernardeschi will suffer. It will become simple, boring, and direct, and it could very well alienate the fans."

It may not be a matter of choosing one style over another, though. The Pridnestrovian Football Union has reached a point in which results will have to come over sticking to their philosophy of fluid attacking football for all teams bearing the Pridnestrovian flag to international competitions. And even the fans themselves may grow to like Bernardeschi's defensive style, so long as it brings them victory once again.
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Postby Mercedini » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:59 am


Manager: Image Elidyr Lyndainium • Formation: 4-4-2

Following a rather respectable third place finish in arguably the group to watch during World Cup Qualification, Mercedini failed to qualify for the World Cup in Ceni and Drawkland but were subsequently invited to the Cup of Harmony held in Qasden and Ethane, which means it will be their fourth appearance at the tournament, and their second in succession. This will be Cenian manager Elidyr Lyndainium's first post-Qual tournament following his appointemtn at the end of the previous cycle, which will prove to be a tough test for the manager as he attempts to follow up on his final appearance at the IAC and the Young Eaglets win in Filindostan at the U18 World Cup. Mercedini will once again be going into the tournament as one of the highest ranked teams in the tournament, so let's see whether they can project that onto their campaign or whether they will be dumped out at the group stages like last time.
GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Daniel Hosset 22 Image Zoloroni City
GK Callum Polasic 29 Image Sporting Cenial
GK Martin Hovek 24 Image Langtree United

Lyndainium has opted to go with the obvious choices for the goalkeeping role as he drops the young goalkeeper Poyek in favour of the three perennial shot stoppers on the Mercedinian national team roster. Defending has picked up since the new manager took his role which culminated a number of clean sheets and decent defensive performances from the team during their qualification campaign, however they conceded too many goals when it mattered which resulted in a messy run of results which saw them miss out on a spot at the World Cup by two points. Hosset is likely to lead out his team during the tournament, however Polasic and Hovek could both make appearances during matches against lower ranked opposition and during dead rubbers at the group stages.

LB Callum Aznelik 27 Image Langtree United
LB Anzor Kuznetsov 26 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik

CB Harry Ossun 22 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
CB Liam Dosic 28 Image Myrmidon (On Loan)
CB Peter Patenkov 28 Image Orga City
CB Liam Toivonen 21 Image Real Qad City

RB Issac Catessic 26 Image The Northern Blue Lions
RB Thomas Di Sansev 18 Image OAS Royal FC

Lynainium has experimented with the defence considering their leaky performances throughout the tournament, with a big surprise at right-back where the Cenian manager has dropped Zoloroni Metropolitan defender Noah Park in favour of Catessic who plays his football in Natanians and Nosts, and U18 World Cup Champion defender Thomas Di Sansev who became prevalent throughout the campaign against lower ranked teams, while Catessic took their raigns for mid-ranged teams to hold firm as the attackers were banging in the goals..

LM Jakob Vaselko 29 Image Elspachia
LM Crp. Tim Crasic 22 Image Mercedini Armed Forces FC

CM Adam Kraljic 23 Image 1860 Azoth
CM Johannes Nymark 23 Image Zoloroni City
CM Johan Karlovic 18 Image Tihon Tide
CM Johnny Markus 20 Image Kelsey Merchants

RM Ross Presic 24 Image Somer City and Surrounds
RM Matthias Dawsell 21 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik

Youth players once again dominate the rosters in the midfield as several players at U18 and U21 levels edge out the more experienced players of previous cycles, as Lyndainium hopes to build for the future while still selecting seasoned pros to guide their younger teammates to a better path for their careers. Dawsell, Karlovic and Markus all make the final team selection aged 21 or under but will likely be sitting on the side-lines for much of the tournament, with the odd opportunity arising during matches against lower ranked opposition and general irrelevant matches. Plenty of talent playing abroad for the Mercedinian midfield as they aim to control the match for the players ahead of them and behind them.

ST Charlie Alotic 25 Image Pelethas United
ST Daniel Dostalok 21 Image Handon United
ST Ben Chillotov 20 Image 1860 Azoth
ST Sgt. Sam Billic 31 Image Myrmidon

Mercedini once again bring the big guns for international tournaments with the four horsemen of the apocalypse once again making the trip abroad to represent their nation, even if the pecking order has changed around a bit since the nation stepped onto the international stage. Chillotov, Dostalok, Billic and Alotic have all made a name for themselves in more ways than one throughout their carrers, culminating in the UICA Champions Cup final where both teams were spearheaded by a Mercedinian. Chillotov scored the only goal in that match and will go into the tournament making up half of a deadly strike force which saw the Golden Eagles challenge for top scorers throughout qualification, even as a pot three side.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Novapax Founder • Host Portfolio • Trophy Cabinet
World CupBest: Group Stage ('77, '81, '82, '83)
Cup of HarmonyBest: Champion ('72)
U21 World CupBest: 3rd Place ('43)
U18 World CupBest: Champion ('4)
Independents CupBest: Champion ('5)
WC of HockeyBest: 2nd Place ('37)
WJHCBest: Champion ('13)
Best Placing: 1st (Lipa '72)Most Points: 108 pts (Lipa '72)

World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 1st ('34 & '36)Most Pts: 34 pts (Mousiki '31)
Junior World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 3rd ('3, '4 & '5)Most Pts: 26 pts (Tushlark '5)
Mercedini in WVSC & WHFs



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