FIREQATS - A bid for the 71st Cup of Harmony

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FIREQATS - A bid for the 71st Cup of Harmony

Postby Ethane » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:01 pm


The Football Association of Ethane (FAE) and the Qasden Association Football Association (QAFA) invite the members of the World Cup Committee to review our following bid to jointly host the 71st Cup of Harmony.

About the Nations:

Ethane is a small nation of about 7.5 million people located in North-West Esportiva. Much of the population lives in urban areas, particularly New Sarum - the capital of Ethane - and Swanmouth. However, there are a number of other smaller towns and cities, and some citizens do live in rural areas. Ethane has a strong economy, mostly driven by successes in the book publishing industry and the technology and science industries, but there are a number of other relatively large economic sectors as well.
+ The nation tends to be slightly left-leaning in political terms, but swings between liberal and conservative policies. This is shown through the recent political turmoil, with the GreenerEthane! party being replaced in government by the polar opposite MoralEthane party. The election of MoralEthane! has led to a move back towards the nation's more traditional roots - more militarised and religious. However, despite having a decent sized military, Ethane often looks to its allies such as Eshan for help. Political priorities in Ethane tend to be focused on education and the environment, but there are a variety of other issues which are focused on at the right time.
+ The nation is well known for many things, including its multiple sporting appearances in the likes of the World Baseball Classic, and the World Cup, and its performances in the Worldvision Song Contest and the World Hit Festival. However, it also holds a number of tranquil national treasures, such as the Isle of Lowe providing a serene, natural beauty with a variety of mountains and lakes, and the two sets of mountain ranges in the centre of Ethane with the wondrous countryside surrounding it. Additionally, surrounding Ethane are a number of smaller islands which provide amazing natural habitats and beautiful holiday sites focused on nature and beaches. However, the main beach and nightlife scene is in New Sarum and Letson; both are located along the south coast.

The Principality of Qasden is a sport-loving metropolis located in the southwestern portion of Atlantian Oceania. Under the authorities of Prince Franz-Pierre and PM Rees Häther, who govern from the capital, Turkish Van City (better known as T.V. City), the 'pality maintains relatively well relations with fellow regional nations. The economy is mostly entertainment and tourism-driven, while information and hospitality come close behind.

Citizens of Qasden enjoy frolicking amongst the streets of cities such as T.V. City, Port Harston, Taxson, Qad City, and so on. When it comes to sports, however, things start to get real. Nearly every Qasdonian plays or enthusiastically watches some form of sport, with athletic programs such as Association Football, Basketball, and Tennis leading the nation in popularity. The 'pality is home to many wonderful venues, such as the Royal T.V. Stadium, an all-around mecca for Qad sports, located in the heart of T.V. City. Citizens enjoy these friendly competitions in an almost eternal spring-like weather, with glorious rainy days and gloomy sunny days making up the usual forecasts. Certain places in Qasden, like the mountainous southwestern cities of Fyre and Destiny, experience more of an early spring and autumn pattern, with snow falling at least once every other month. Trains and planes are the best ways to travel between each of the venues, and stray cats on public vehicles are heavily common (so be aware of that, people with cat allergies).

About the Bidders:

Ethane has had many successes in the sporting world. Having now qualified for the World Cup 2 times, the team has made it into the top 30 ranked teams in the world in football. In baseball, the Red Kites have consistently found success in the playoffs, reaching the finals of the World Baseball Classic in the 38th edition, and winning it in the 29th edition. In tennis, the Ethanian success has weakened slightly, but the nation is still well-represented in tennis events.
+ There is a loyal following for most of the major sports in Ethane, bar hockey. Baseball has a more notable following though, with a sizeable proportion of the population turning out and watching local teams. The sport is also particularly popular with students in an academic capacity in school or university teams. However, football still retains the position of Ethane's national sport, with the popular Explosive League going through a revamp and the sport played widely in most schools. This title is being challenged by the likes of baseball and cricket though.

Ethane is no stranger to hosting large events, as it has hosted various large events before, showing the nation is capable of handling the increased demand on everything in the nation during the tournament. The nation started off its hosting career through holding the first Gaelic Football World Championships in Ethane. The nation has also been host to the Aurorealis Football League and the Handball World Cup XVI. Ethane has also held the 11th edition of the World Junior Hockey Championships. Furthermore, Ethane has also been host to two tennis events: The Ethanian Open and The Merseyshore Masters. The nation has also hosted the eighteenth Campionato Esportiva with Campionato Esportiva. However, the most prestigious events Ethane has been host to in the past include the 30th edition of the World Bowl, the 22nd International Basketball Championships, and the 69th Cup of Harmony with Cosumar.

The user behind Ethane has proven he has a good record and detailed hosting resume. He has established himself in the forum and has shown his hosting capabilities through the various events he has hosted. Furthermore, the user behind this nation also holds the prestigious role of Vice-President of the International Basketball Organisation and is the WA Delegate of Esportiva. He also runs his own league - The Flame, Fire, and Candle Leagues, which are currently going through a revamp.

Prior to the beginning of summer 2016, the user behind Qasden had strolled around NS for a year and a half, blindly unknown of the world of forums. After finally discovering it, he created the 'pality to avoid prejudice in his main country's no-forum region. After working with scorinators a bit and researching some of NSS's past events, Qasden finally said "screw it" and began his scorinating career just a few weeks after discovering NS Sports.

First there was the Qasden Open, a small and easily forgettable archery tournament that became inspiration to the development of NSAO, or the NationStates Archery Open. After a few association football friendlies here and there, Qasden co-hosted the fifth Maple Leaf Bowl, a Canadian football tournament, alongside Kep (now known as Kebec). Afterwards, not really any other tournaments were hosted in Qasden, other than maybe a few guest clubs for the domestic Prince's Cup soccer tournament. He did, however, scorinate games for Runner Cup 7 (for Falatulu), Northwestern Cup 2 (for Savalen), the Mercedinian Open (for Mercedini), the IAC (for Bonesea), WBC 38 (for Newmanistan), and more, along with the pre-discussed friendlies. This does not even mention the domestic leagues and tournaments of the Qailpyme Sporting Alliance. Back into his groove, Qasden hosted WLC 26, IBC 23 (with Abaja), NSAO2, AOHC 6, and most recently, the 4th International Cup of 7ball.

Selection and Format

Our primary focus in the selection of nations will be the quality of RP they post during the World Cup qualifying campaign. Qasden and I will assess the RP quality of nations during the qualifying campaign, and create a list of nations which we believe are deserving of entering the Cup of Harmony. We will then cross-reference this list and work upon commonality to decide CoH entrants.

Ideally, we will have 32 teams in the Cup of Harmony. This can increase or decrease depending on roleplay levels - we are flexible - but this would be the ideal.

Invited nations, unless under specific circumstances where we are close to the ideal number of entrants, must have posted at least 2 RP entries, or 1 RP of very good quality, during the qualifying campaign. Preferably, they would also have posted a roster for the World Cup qualifying campaign as well. If we are required to break this category to reach our desired number of nations (only in the circumstance we are a couple out), then there are a number of categories we will use to determine whether to invite a nation or not.


Points -> Goal Difference -> Head-to-Head Goal Difference -> Goals For -> Drawing of Lots (RP Bonus)

Scorination and RP Bonus

Our bid will be employing the use of Xkoranate to score results, using the SGIS formula (developed by SJG). We believe the formula strikes a balance between SQIS (which benefits lower-ranked nations more) and SLIS (which benefits higher-ranked nations more). This formula has previously worked successfully in both the Ethane-SJG Campionato Esportiva and the 69th Cup of Harmony hosted by Cosumar and Ethane.
More on SGIS Scorination Method (including tests) can be found in this OP.

Our RP bonus will measure the quality of an RP based on a number of categories. These categories ensure that all RPs will be graded fairly and that people will be rewarded for their RPs. We believe the Cup of Harmony is a tournament which can help nations reach greatness, and will ensure that the tournament is great for everyone who is invited to it.

For enjoyment and inspiration purposes, we will be providing RP ideas and opportunities to nations. These opportunities and ideas will be completely optional and are there to purely act as inspiration and as a way to create interaction, and by no means will not getting involved prejudice your RP bonus against those who are interacting with the prompts.

We hope you will seriously consider our bid to host the 71st Cup of Harmony. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.
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Postby Qasden » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:01 pm

Tagged as Co-host.
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Postby Drawkland » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:58 pm

I asked the other bidders about what their plans would be if the number of acceptable RP'ing nations was beneath 32, but this bid specifies that you're willing to decrease numbers from 32. Thanks for clarifying before I had to ask!

Good luck in the voting.
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