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Postby Lopimina » Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:21 am


Clar joins the host of elite coaches currently operating within LegaUno.
BREAKING: Pere Clar agrees four-year contract with Monte Sora
The Copa winner looks to boost Monte Sora from their drought this season
Giulio Campanzo reporting from Monte Sora, Atresca
30th November, 2019

The deal many Monte Sora fans were dreaming about has finally come to fruition as the board of US Monte Sora announced that an agreement for a four-year contract had been signed between the club and Midrasian manager Pere Clar. Clar enters the managerial position at the club only four hours before their 15:00 kick-off against RSCM Milazzo at La Uliveto this afternoon. CalcioOGGI understands that the Atrescan club beat off competition from Houlding SK, who sacked manager Tyson Marcoux on Monday, the other main contenders to pick up Clar after he announced his departure from the Midrasian National Team earlier in the week.

Clar addressed the press in Monte Sora after his appointment, saying that "Atresca is really a wonderful place for football. I have played here before, the atmosphere and passion is something that can only be experienced in a few places. This league, this club, is one of history - and I cannot wait to begin my tenure with Monte Sora."

On why Clar had chosen Monte Sora over competitors Houlding: "Firstly, I prefer to not see this as a competition. I am thankful to all clubs who showed interest in me for coming forward, and I wish them the best on the future endeavours. However, I have never managed in Atresca and I wish to broaden my horizons when it comes to the footballing managerial world."

"Monte Sora deserve better than their current position, for the fans, the board, the players, and most importantly, the badge. This is not where a club of this stature should be sitting."

Many footballing pundits have compiled reasons for Clar's acceptance of Monte Sora. CalcioOGGI understands that it is not Clar's wish to take over serial winners, but to build a club up from the ground. Monte Sora's youth program - often considered the best in Atresca - has produced world-class talents in recent times, most notably Ibbené's Adrian Dauda. Clar likes to develop youth at times, especially youth at Monte Sora's calibre. However, one of the biggest speculations is that he wants to become the first manager to win the 'Big 3' Asuran leagues - that is, the Navish Superliga, Midrasian Liga Premiere and Atrescan LegaUno. Having already won the former with Lhedvin in 2016-17, and the Liga Premier with Benedormo in 2004-05 and Internationale in 2008-09 and 2009-10, the sights of the illustrious feat must surely be in Clar's vision.

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Postby Lopimina » Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:44 pm



LegaUno - Gameweek 14
La Uliveto, Monte Sora
15:00 kick-off

0': Kick-off at La Uliveto! Speculations surely high in Pere Clar's inaugural match for the club.
2': Clar deploying his famed 4-3-3 formation, shaking it up from the 5-4-1 the club played under Bruland. Vidorian Juan Saenz makes an appearance in attacking midfield alongside Batisurian international Muhammed Tambo.
4': Monte Sora currently sit 17th, a point behind Milazzo who are 16th. Monte Sora tipped by most as the favourites to this match, but Milazzo certainly do not come without firepower, with both Ivo Bazzano and Thierry Pahuac being dangerous forces up front.
8': And an early chance for Milazzo! Good buildup down the left-hand side as Loup puts a nice ball into Pahuac, who outmuscles and outpaces Domingo Rouco and puts a dangerous cross into the box - but a crucial tackle by da Pont puts the ball out for a corner.
9': Darlen rises above everyone to claim the mediocre corner kick.
11': Free kick to Monte Sora as Muhammed Tambo is brought down outside the box by Roe, who is given a lecture for his actions.
13': Aslyn Gawe steps up to take the kick...and what a save by Maino! The 32-year-old gets his fingers to it and diverts the ball to the right, eventually being cleared by Seco.
15': Roe has lots of space down this right hand side...Toran tries tracking back - Roe cuts back inside onto his left. He's hit it! GOOOOAAAAAALLL! What a strike from Roe! The right-back cuts inside of Toran and laces it into the top-left-hand corner! 1-0 Milazzo!
15'0-1 Ronald Roe (MIL)
19': Milazzo have a bit of bounce in them now. Pahuac is veering further forward by the minute.
22': Gawe gets past his man down the left-hand side - he delivers a decent ball into the box where Bai is waiting! But the Tanggu international cannot control his header and it flies over the bar for a goal kick.
30': Tony Wilson and Ivo Bazzano have clashed heads in the Milazzo penalty area. Both are down - but Wilson seems to have taken the worst of it and has been removed from the game on LegaUno concussion protocols, Monte Sora are forced into an early substitution as Paúl Benedin is welcomed into the game at centre-back.
30'Substitution: Tony WilsonPaúl Benedin (USM)
32': Game back underway - Monte Sora make a quick start as Benedin plays a lovely through ball into Cavalli on the right-hand side, who controls it well but Castiglione anticipates it and puts in a good challenge to put the ball out for a Monte Sora throw.
40': Some nice skill shown by Gawe - he puts a ball into the box - but it's headed out well by Castiglione. But it falls to Bayana who is bombing forward - he feigns the strike to get past Curucuru and plays a soft ball into Cavalli - who surely cannot miss. And he doesn't! Cavalli equalises with essentially an open goal! 1-1!
40'1-1 Taida Cavalli (USM) Assist: Yahya Bayana
42': But no time to celebrate as Pahuac immediately pressures Rouco again down the left - who is looking like a weak link in the Monte Sora back four.
44': But the chance fizzles out into nothing as Pahuac tries a manoeuvre that Marcia himself would be proud of.
45': Five minutes of added time for the collision.
5' Additional time

45+3': Bazzano tries to take on two defenders at once - and almost succeeds - but Darlen claims a loose ball after a heavy touch from the Atrescan.
45+6': The whistle blows for half time.
HT 1 - 1

45': Back underway in Monte Sora, no changes from either manager at the break.
48': Monte Sora seem to have come out with a little more spring in their step. Important for both teams to set the standard coming into the second half.
52': Pahuac with some nice display of pace down the left again. He puts a nice ball into Bazzano who sticks his foot out - and scores! But the linesman's flag is quick to rise and the goal is disallowed.
56': Gawe dribbles into the box from the left hand side - he breaks free of Roe, but he's brought down in the box by a stray leg! The referee points to the spot - it's no question!
58': Bai makes no mistake and drills it into the bottom right hand corner! 2-1!
58'2-1 Bai Zhušennu (USM)
59'Substitution: Julien JaccoudArduino Azzaro (MIL)
62': A great ball from Castiglione curls into the box! But Pahuac misses the chance to equalise! He'll be kicking himself for that one.
65': Free kick for Monte Sora in a dangerous position for a cross. Won by Juan Saenz.
67': The cross is put into the box by Rouco but it doesn't trouble the keeper who easily collects the ball.
70': Gawe again posing a danger to Ronald Roe on the left who seems to be struggling to keep up with the Ainharic. Gawe puts a cross into the box, but it is poor and goes out for a goal kick. Milazzo go for an attacking-minded substitute, bringing on winger Esaù Canale for central midfielder Jordan Loup.
70'Substitution: Jordan LoupEsaù Canale (MIL)
76': Monte Sora win another free kick outside the box. Milazzo need to be careful with their fouls. Referee yet to book anyone, though.
77': GOOOOAAAALLLL! Gawe curls a wonderful shot underneath the wall and into the bottom corner. Monte Sora running away with it now - 3-1!
77'3-1 Aslyn Gawe (USM)
80': An energetic Alcibiade Maneri urges his players forward to try and limit the damage.
86': Pahuac cuts inside of da Pont - who has silently had an excellent game today - but scuffs his shot and puts it over for a goal kick.
89': Monte Sora almost net a fourth as Bai tries a low shot from outside the box, which goes wide.
90': Three minutes of added time.
3' Additional time

90+2': Pahuac tries one last shot to ease the loss, but it is easily gathered on the ground by Darlen, who takes his time getting up.
90+3': Referee blows for full time, Clar and Maneri shake hands, with the latter congratulating the former. La Uliveto gives a standing ovation for Clar and the squad, with this being the club's first win since September.

FT 3 - 1
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Postby Navack » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:55 am

Image BERSK SK 3 - 1 LHEDVIN FK Image


NSL Week 14
den Rødekysten Stadion, Berke
21:30 kick-off


19:00: It's derby night! We are live now from the Rødekysten Stadion, in Berke, ready to bring to you all the emotions of this amazing game, closing NSL's week 14 run.
19:30: Updates on the home team! Right mid-fielder Patrice Crozier felt pain on his right thigh during warm up and will sit on the bench. Manager van Emerik confirmed Høulding's loanee Percy LeBatelier on his place.
19:45: Good news for the away team! After a trashing 7-0 loss to Hudenholm, Lhedvin finally sees important players like Robin Boisselot and Ernest Mossing back. Mid-fielder Daniel del Monte was not related to the squad this night due to recent arguments with Glanish manager Bent Christensen.
19:50: Obviously, the stadium is at its full capacity. Our brilliant capital city stops to watch the oldest regional derby of the Superliga! The stadium is a red sea, but the navy blue section makes its stand, singing as loud as the home fans; what a great atmosphere!


0': And the derby is on! NSKB brings all the emotions of Bersk v. Lhedvin, all the way from our great capital city of Berke! Lhedvin starts with the ball.
2': Tonight, no manager decided to inovate. van Emerik sticks to his 4-2-3-1, formation that led his team to the national glory last season. The big change here is Percy LeBatelier replacing injured Patrice Crozier.
4': Lhedvin comes a bit better today. Mossing and Boisselot are back, which puts their back line back in shape.
5': Lhedvin has the possesion this far, not allowing Bersk to touch the ball so far in the game.
6': Bersk tries pressuring high and advances both lines on the field. Lizancos returns the ball to Boisselot, who passes it to Mossing. The national full-back takes a peak and fires a long ball forward to Neri... WHO AMAZINLGY CLEARS THE BALL AWAY FROM NIEUE! Neri goes for the run. Nieue comes back on the attacker, who now rolls the ball all the way to back line on the right side of the goal area. Neri stops, takes a moment to decide what to do, BETWEEN NIEUE LEGS! The attacker is clear for the shot...
8': JOOOOOOOOOOOHN HELLERUD with an amazing save! But the ball is still on...
9': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! LHEDVIN! AUGUST DAHL! The attacker takes advantage of Hellerud's poor clearance and pushes it in to open the marker! Bersk 0-1 Lhedvin
"Great job, Lhedvin. They've been pressuring Bersk in an amazing way so far. Lhedvin has been keeping their action on the mid-field going, not giving Bersk any chances of creation thus far in the game."
10': Bersk finally has the possesion. Mahdavi passes it all the way back to Nerby, who passes it to Hellerud, in order start the play over. Hellerud kicks it away and ooooh my, that was a terrible foul. Mahdavi is brought down to the ground after a heavy approach by Boisselot. Apparently, the rennequois defender hit Mahdavin on the back with his knee. Mahdavi is still on the pitch, unmovable.
11': Tussle alert! Giammona comes to talk with Boisselot, but Lizancos comes pushing him hard! Now players are in a complete mess. Refs are trying to set the tumult appart. The stadium security has been called and the game has stop.
14': Medical assistence is finally on the pitch to examine Mahdavi.
15': The main referee is now communicating with the VAR refs. They are discussing a possible red card to Boisselot.
17': That's it for Boisselot! The referee has issued a red card for the Rennequois defender. Lhedvin is down to 10 men. Giammona and Lizancos are issued yellow cards.
19': The game is about to restart. Bersk is also down to 10 men, as Mahdavi is being taken care of. Bersk has a free-kick, frontal to the goal, but relatevily far. I think a ball will be lifted in the area.
20: Giammona and Andersen on the ball. Marchesi is positioned a few steps behind the ball. Giammona goes for it... but fakes it! Andersen's now... but also fakes it! It's a trick play! Marchesi comes from a distance for the kick...
23': Mahdavi is back. Lhedvin to start with the ball.
25': The match has finally settled, and the nerves have calmed down. Bersk quickly steals the ball and now will seek to pounce open spaces left by a one-man-down Lhedvin.
30': Nerby with the ball on the attacking field. He opens it on the left to Jonsson, who crosses it to Mahdavi on the area...
30': GOOOOAL! MAHDAVI! He came in free for the header! But wait a second, the ref is talking with the VAR. Possible offside is being discussed.
32': Goal unvalidated by the VAR. Mahdavi, was half-body ahead of the defender.
35': Lhedvin tries to exchange passes to keep possesion. Lizancos passes it back to Larsson, who passes it Nahas, BUT THE POOR AND WEAK PASS IS INTERCEPTED BY MAHDAVI. He outpaces Lhedvin defenders, prepares for the goal...
35': BUT IT GOES OUT WIDE! The ball kissed Lauritzen's left-post and was inches of going in!
41': After a couple chances, Bersk finally decides to slow the game down. They are just keeping possesion, as Lhedvin waches it reactionless. Christensen hasn't made any changes yet since Boisselot's expulsion.
45': Now Jonsson has the ball on the left. He carries it over the marker, shows and amazing footwork and sprints to the backline! He fires a cross in the area...
45': AND IT GOES IN! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! MAHDAVI! MAGNIFIC OVER-HEAD KICK! MAGNIFIC! Mahdavi jumped higher than Lhedvin defenders, who just sat there and watched the league's lead scorer's masterpiece! Bersk with the comeback, 2-1 Lhedvin!
45+1': Mahdavi stays down as he landed on his back after scoring. He has one hand on his face and the other on his back. The medical team comes in with a little car to remove Mahdavi from the pitch. van Emerik calls Azizi to come in.
45+1':Substitution: Hamid MahdaviAzizi (BER)
45': 8' additional time
45+5': A pass by LeBatelier is intercepted by Larsson, who kicks it away to the front. The loose ball is picked up by Dahl, who sprints forward and dribbles Gaumont. Dahl invades the goal area and is brought down by del Toro! Lhedvin players go insane asking for a penalty, but the referee says it was nothing.
45+6': The ball goes out wide, but the referee stops to communicate with the VAR regarding a possible penalty on August Dahl. Both teams' players surround the referee.
45+7': The referee has made a decision. He walks away from the booth and... POINTS TO THE MIDDLE OF THE GOAL AREA! PENALTY FOR LHEDVIN!
45+8': This will be the last play of the first half. Viktor Lizancos has the ball and he will be responsible for the penalty kick. He walks back... runs for it... AND IT HITS THE POOOOOOST! The ball was a missle! Hellerud could've never got that ball, but it was just a bit too much! Lhedvin wastes a precious chance to draw the game level again.
45+8': The whistle blows for half time.
HT 2 - 1

Ladies and gentlemen, what a first-half we had here! We are here tonight with our commentary team: Gustav Arntzen and Richard Kampen, what do we have to say about this intense start here tonight?

R.K.:"It's crazy! Lhedvin started off so well. They were pressuring Bersk and controlling the game, until a silly mistake caused their confidence to go down."

G.A.: "Exactly. It was such a childish mistake by Boisselot, you know? He is a national player; by far one of the best rennequois players in activity nowadays, and he put to check a whole effort and dominance built in the first minutes of match."


45': And we are underway again, live from Berke! Bersk is winning 2-1 against a one-man down Lhedvin.
45': No changes so far on neither side.
50': As expected, Bersk has been keeping most of the possession. The tendency here now is of a very slow game.
53': Lhedvin's coach calls up both Rolf Moen and Michael Hansen.
54'Substitution: Andreas StennesRolf Moen (LHE)
54'Substitution: Mariano MilanesiMichael Hansen (LHE)
55': Lhedvin takes out its two attacking mid-fielders for a center-back and a defensive mid-fielder in order to hold Bersk's attack for the next 40 minutes.
62': The games is really slow. The actions are kept in the mid-field and no verticality has been seen in the past 10 minutes. Klaes van Emerik calls up Paul Kjalster.
64':Substitution: Percy LeBatelierPaul Kjalster (BER)
65': Kjalster came in to bring more gas to the game. He is much more attacking oriented than LeBatelier and will hopefully heath the game up again
67': Speaking of him, Kjalster has the ball on the right and runs forward. He has three markers over him... BUT HE DRIBBLES ALL OF THEM! Great skill by Kjalster, who runs up to the backline, fires a cross where Azizi is... But his effort was defended by Lauritzen, who sent it out for a corner.
68': Giammona on the ball. He crosses it on the far post... AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! THIS IS IT! THE MAN, THE SHERIFF, THE CAPTAIN ROBERT NIEUE WITH THE HEADER! Great cross by Giammona found Nieue on the far post, who flew in the air to header the ball into the net and seal Bersk's victory! Bersk 3-1 Lhedvin!
72'Substitution: Mattieu Neri, STAndreas Bryhn, CB (LHE)
77':Substitution: Robert Nieue, CBArturo Navarro, ST (BER)
81': The game has become an attack vs. defense up to this point. Bersk has over 70% of possession and Lhedvin is simply not on the field. Christensen has 7 men on the back defending; the other three are isolated by a sea of red players.
86': A bad attack by Bersk sees Bryhn kicking the ball away from the defensive field AND IT FALLS RIGHT ON ORDÓÑEZ FEET! The winger dribbles Andersen with certain ease and advances extremly fast! He sees Dahl approaching through the middle. Gabriel cuts inside, decides to take a chance... but John Hellerud was there to send the ball out for a corner. Dahl goes insane with Ordóñez.
87': Lizancos on the corner. He crosses it... but is safely held by Hellerud, who falls down to earn Bersk some time
90': 2' additional time
90+2': Referee blows for full time, Christensen walks to the vest room even before the players. Bersk players celebrate the victory with the crowd.
90+2': With the win, Bersk ends week 14 as the vice-leader on 29 points, behind Hudenholm on 30. Lhedvin, after its second straight loss, lingers in the 7th place on 23 points, outside any qualification zone.
90+2': Tough games for both teams, Bersk travels to the Dragon's Cave to face Hudenholm. Lhedvin goes back to Gylnebyen to recieve managerless Høulding.
FT 3 - 1
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Postby Midrasia » Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:36 pm




Mahdavi 9' - Bersk SK

Athletic Tsuen Wan - Lei 22', 48'

Crozier 72' - Bersk SK


Aleanto Calcio - Holstad 48'

Aleanto Calcio - Domesco (OG) 56'


Nesz 70' - FC Almiaro

Olympique de Lotrique - Johansen 85'


AS Rocca - Cavallera 1'

Sainz 45+1' - Harris's Lads

AS Rocca - Kask 62', 78'

AS Rocca - Canto 90+2'
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Charles Vauban - IIWiki featured article (October 2017)
Pere Clar - IIWiki featured article (September 2019)

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Postby Midrasia » Wed Dec 11, 2019 1:51 pm



Champions Cup
La Colosseo, Almiaro
20:45 kick-off


20:15: Some team news filtering through. No changes for Almiaro who are currently taking the Midrasian league by storm, having only lost one match in their last 16 games. Meanwhile, for the Olympiens under-fire manager Alvaro Camara has named a number of changes. Jerome Albret remains out injured with the hamstring problem he suffered against Internationale and is replaced by Sebastien de Villegas. Meanwhile Ulrik Truelsen is favoured over out-of-form Jose di Oriendente on the right-wing. John Elliots replaces Livne Ben Nuriya at left-back who has been having a torrid time this season.
20:30: The atmosphere is heating up now. It seems this will be another classic match between the two Midrasian giants. Only one place is up for grabs at the end of this round. But will the domestically dominant Almiaro be the one to take it? Or will out of form Olympique turn things around to get another one over their rivals.
20:42: The crowd is roaring, the drums beating, pyrotechnics firing as the teams make their way out onto the pitch. This is surely a match you will not want to miss. Aaaand Its live!


0': And we're underway for another la classique meeting, this time in the Champions Cup between FC Almiaro and Olympique de Lotrique here under the lights at la Colosseo, one of football's most intimidating atmospheres.
7': Some clear attacking intent from the home side, they can clearly smell blood in the poor form of their rivals. Olympique suffered a massive 5-1 loss to Internationale during the midweek games, and again 4-3 in the Lotric derby against ACL. Perhaps this is a chance for the Vermilonor to put the final nail in Alvaro Camara's coffin. Now with Qualquart down the right, overlapped by Kazumi down the wing.
10': CHANCE FOR PAOL FIORE! But the keeper is alert to the danger. A lovely lay-off by Nikodem Nesz sets the winger up for a curling shot, but it is easily dealt with by Florient.
14': Almiaro controlling much of the possession, Olympique looking to sit a little deeper than usual. This is not a circumstance they are used to, being without the ball.
17': SPECULATIVE SHOT BY BREVIG! But the ball sails over the bar. Almiaro applying the pressure now.
20': Olympique getting some of the ball now with Truelsen who wades down the right. Plays a diagonal to Villegas, who is onside despite the protests of the defenders.
21': THE BALL RICOCHETS OFF THE BAR. LAZARÉ RUSHES FORWARD TO GET A HEAD ON IT! But Havad the keeper muscles him to the ground with his jump. Its times like these that you'd hope to have played a big target man up-top.
25': Some wild speculation about the Olympique manager coming into this game which many see as a must-win for the away side or at least progression, no matter the result. Some names being thrown around include Odd Sannes and Marcelinho, and even a return for Klaes Van Emerick! Whether any of those would jump ship mid-season though is another matter. That's all hypothetical though, Camara remains at the reigns for now and his team are starting to get into this clash.
27': Joulles initiates a counter with a great crunching challenge on Satorras who pleads with the referee for a foul. Now with Topaz ben Tal-El who whips it round to Villegas.
29': Foul by Brevig, earning Olympique a free-kick and himself a yellow card. Referee not taking anything lightly in this game by the looks of things.
33': An acrobatic stop by the keeper Havad is all that stood between Olympique and scoring. I'm amazed Havad could even pull that off at his age! One of the elder statesmen of the goalkeeping world. It will be a corner for the visitors.
34': Driven in by Truelsen. But its batted away by Loapa. Now can Almiaro break here? Its Qualquart. He doesn't have the speed he used to, but can still leave players on their backsides with his dribbling.
35': How did he miss that!?!? That's Nesz's bread and butter, but he skies it over the bar. A beautiful through ball by Qualquart timed to perfection. It deserved a better finish than that.
38': The end-to-end attacks seem to have lapsed for the time being as the home side look to slow down the pace of the game and retain the ball.
42': Almiaro with some nice build-up play down the right now. Elliots the Olympique left-back seems to be struggling a little. de Villegas isn't helping him out much defensively either.
45': There will be three minutes of added time. Three minutes.
45+3': Half-time. Almiaro 0-0 Olympique de Lotrique.


45': Substitution: Ulrik Truelsen, (RW)Jose di Oriendente, (RW) (ODL)
45': We're back underway here at La Colosseo where it is Almiaro 0-0 Olympique de Lotrique. One change at the half as Jose di Oriendente replaces Ulrik Truelsen. Perhaps a shift in tactics by the manager, or was Truelsen just struggling at the end of the half there? He has had a lack of minutes lately and may be struggling for fitness.
51': A slow start to the second half as Olympique seem to be uncharacteristically trying to send long balls over the top of the defence rather than their usual tiki-taka approach. The height of Almiaro's back two however is ensuring little success for the visitors.
54': Olympique passing it around the back now. Must be an attempt to get the crowd to die down. The home fans have been booing and jeering their rivals all game long and it seems to have really stifled Olympique at times. A pass too short, or a mistimed interception. Calming that crowd down may go a way to unlocking this match.
56': A long ball forward by Rokhaug is intercepted by Cartee, who now plays it to Zenett. Now Satorras who drives forward looking to up the pace of the match.
57': Its off the post! I don't believe it. Twice now some brilliant shots have hit the woodwork. Can any of these teams score? Fine margins right now. Surely the deadlock has to be broken at some point?
62': Corner for Almiaro fired in, but the ball is easily caught by Florient. HE RELEASES VILLEGAS ON THE COUNTER WHO SPRINTS UP THE FIELD
63': But Villegas stumbles when he comes upon Kazumi who easily steals the ball away from the Veleazan's feet.
67': Foul by Joulles who earns Almiaro a free kick in a dangerous position.
71': But what's this?!? A scuffle has broken out between several of the players. The Olympique players are claiming there was a foul in the build-up. Lazaré and Topaz appear to have confronted Zenett, several other players have gathered around throwing pushes.
73': The referee finally manages to calm down the situation awarding a yellow card to Lazaré, Topaz, Zenett, and Cartee. He now jogs over to the sidelines to check the VAR monitor for any potential infringement.
75': He's taken a good long time with this aaandd.... the goal stands. Almiaro 1-0 Olympique.
78': Olympique may have a mountain to climb now following that incident. They had been so good up until that point. Meridon needs to get his team into gear and get them to forget about the issue and put the scuffle behind them. The crowd are getting into their heads here. They've now started shouting expletives at Lazaré. We apologise for the fruitful language used.
80': Substitution: Yuri Zenett, (CDM)Carl Jepsen, (CDM) (FCA)
80': Substitution: Topaz ben Tal-El, (CM)Roberto Trotta, (CM) (ODL)
83': But he's hacked down by Loapa in a dangerous position. Olympique players furious, confront the defender appealing for a red card. Meridon will have to get a handle on his own players unless he wants to see them sent-off as well. The referee awards a free kick and a yellow card to Loapa.
86: Substitution: Sebástian de Villegas, (LW)Rodrigo, (ST) (ODL)
86': Olympique with their last throw of the dice switch to 2 up-top for the remainder of the match. Johansen will look to go wide as they settle into a 4-2-2-2. Could this bring them a breakthrough?
89: Substitution: Joao Poal Fiore, (LW); SIMONE QUALQUART (RW)Philipp Pelzer, (LW); ILYAPA (RW) (FCA)
89': Almiaro clearly think the best form of defence is attack as they bring on two fresh faces. Looks like they want to take advantage of this home crowd whilst they still have it.
90': There will be six minutes of additional time due to stoppages. Six minutes.
90+2': Trotta launches the ball high up and above the opposition midfield. It lands at the feet of Lazaré who is now looking to play off the shoulder of Rodrigo. Now out wide with Oriendente WHO WHIPS IT IN FAST AND LOW FOR RODRIGO!
90+3': But the keeper anticipated that one, he now releases Mauvacys. HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY HERE. THIS IS END-TO-END STUFF. PASSES TO NESZ, NOW ILYAPA, WHO DRIVES IT AT GOAL HARD AND LOW
90+6': Full-time. Almiaro 1-1 Olympique de Lotrique. The Olympiens will have the happier set of fans coming away from La Colosseo from a draw. That away-goal advantage could be crucial heading into the second leg.

FT 1-1
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Postby Lopimina » Fri Dec 13, 2019 12:42 pm

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Postby Navack » Thu Dec 19, 2019 11:02 am


ROUND OF 16 Leg 1


CA Nacional - Cavazos 53'

CA Nacional - Mascarenas 62'

del Pozo 65', 82' - Benedormo FC


Mathiasen 24' - Lentini Republic FC


Hudenholm FK - Ó Coille 35'

Hudenholm FK - Adrian 37', 49'

Hudenholm FK - Cadwalader 76'


Viikmaa Vikings - Juvonen 11'

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Postby Midrasia » Thu Dec 19, 2019 2:21 pm

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Charles Vauban - IIWiki featured article (October 2017)
Pere Clar - IIWiki featured article (September 2019)

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Postby Midrasia » Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:39 pm



Image ATHLETIC TSUEN WAN (3) 1-3 (5) BERSK SK Image

Lei 2' - Athletic Tsuen Wan

Bersk SK - Mahdavi 45+1', 58', 64'

Image ALEANTO CALCIO (3) 1-2 (2) VICTORIA CF Image

Victoria CF - Picazo 22'

Victoria CF - Sanchez 56'

Beno 90+4' - Aleanto Calcio


FC Almiaro - Satorras 29'

Lazaré 42' - Olympique de Lotrique

FC Almiaro - Qualquart 46', 51'

FC Almiaro - Nesz 66', 84'

Image AS ROCCA (7) 3-3 (4) HARRIS'S LADS Image

Harris's Lads - Sainz 2''

Kask 31' - AS Rocca

Harris's Lads - Garcia 44', 67'

Arico 58' - AS Rocca

Perera 80' - AS Rocca
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Charles Vauban - IIWiki featured article (October 2017)
Pere Clar - IIWiki featured article (September 2019)

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Postby Navack » Mon Dec 23, 2019 12:08 am


ROUND OF 16 Leg 1


Maurin 17', 22', 48' - Maccarese FC

Trionfi 40' - Maccarese FC

Image FC IBBENÉ 1-1 VORSHA 04 Image

Ovcharenko 59' - Vorsha 04

FC Ibbené - Halvorsen 63'


Baadrõl FC - Opik 23'

Genest 86' - Satisienne


ACF Friola - Musante 37'

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Postby Midrasia » Mon Dec 23, 2019 1:06 pm


Comunicata Officiale


The Board of directors of Olympique de Lotrique has today announced the departure of manager Alvaro Camara from the position of manager.
The decision was taken with the mutual consent of the manager and the club's major stakeholders.
Whilst we thank Camara for his contributions, the club's current league position and the manner of the recent exit from the FFA Champions Cup competition has ensured his position was untenable in the eyes of the board.

The Board of directors have announced that Assistant manager Bastien Martin will take over as manager of the team on a temporary basis whilst the search for a permanent manager takes place over the coming weeks.

Alvaro Camara was manager of Olympique de Lotrique for a period of two-and-a-half years during which time the team lifted one Copa de Mydra and one Supercopa title.
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Charles Vauban - IIWiki featured article (October 2017)
Pere Clar - IIWiki featured article (September 2019)

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Postby Midrasia » Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:31 pm


GK - Mathias Grøndhal (NAV)
LB - Kévin Blaise (MID)
CB - Miraglia (ATR)
CB - Leon Varri (ATR) (c)
RB - Diego Lucano (ATR)
CDM - Vittorio Bianchi (ATR)
CM - Stefan Holstad (NAV)
CM - Antonio Bellini (ATR)
CAM - Beno (MAW)
ST - Luigi Abbatello (ATR)
ST - Giordiano Palladino (ATR)
GK - Giuseppe Raggio (ATR)
LB - Marco Baresi (ATR)
CB - Robin Dufour (MID)
CB - Tyson de Launay (MAW)
RB - Arsalan Mahdavi (ATR)
CDM - Jesus Gojtia (VID)
CM - Kristian Helland (NAV)
CAM - Vedasto Arico (ATR)
LW - Musa Hadid (ATR/BAT)
ST - Jurgen Kask (LII) (c)
RW - Eustacio Canto (ATR)

Champions Cup
La Rizzi, Albasini
20:30 kick-off


19:30: Lineups have been released. Looks like it will be a full-strength side for Aleanto who will be looking to take advantage of their home leg of this tie. One standout change for AS Rocca is the inclusion of Musa Hadid how takes over for the injured Perera. It will be a monumental stage for the seventeen-year-old tonight.
20:00: The teams are out for their warm-ups now as the stands begin to fill. AS Rocca manager Nino Giacomo cautiously observes the opposition team's drills at a distance.
21:15: The teams are ready to enter the field. It is an all-Atrescan clash in this Champions Cup semi-final. Only one can make the final, but who well get ahead at leg-one. Its time for kick-off. Aaaaand It's live!


0': We're off here at La Rizzi for the first Semi-final of this year's tournament. An all-Atrescan affair between Aleanto Calcio and AS Rocca, two bitter domestic rivals from the south Asuran nation.
2': Aleanto off to a strong start here. Their attacking intent is clear from the start as Bellini drives forward with the ball.
3': Bellini gives it to Holstad, who sets it out and HAS A SHOT FROM DISTANCE!
3': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL! STEFAN HOLSTAD! It is the worst possible start for AS Rocca as the Navishman sets his team one nil up at home in the Champions Cup semi-final.
GOAL: Stefan Holstad (ALE)
5': Its an absolutely shocking start for Giacomo who scratches his head on the touchline. His team will need to get into gear now if they want to get back into this tie.
9': AS Rocca getting a little success down the left-hand side now with Hadid who beats his man, but then has a pass deflected out for a throw-in.
12': Aleanto seem to be taking the game in their stride now, the home crowd drown the stadium in their chants. Varri sends a long ball over the top to Abbatello! But Raggio read it well and rushed out to meet it.
15': Rocca win a free-kick in their half which they take quickly, but the referee stops play suggesting the ball was rolling. Rocca captain Kask's protests are met with a stern warning from the referee.
19': Finally, Rocca have a decent run of play through Gojtia who plays it wide to Mahdavi driving up the wing. Swung into the box toward Kask!
20': But Kask's touch was poor and the ball as sent sailing over the bar for a goal kick.
23': Rocca may well be ruing that chance as Aleanto have the ball again and do not look like they will be giving it up anytime soon. Sections of the crowd are already dishing out 'olé's' for every pass their team makes.
26': Rocca win the ball back through a stern challenge by Gojtia which has the crowd up in arms. The ref first appeared to wave the challenge away, but has now stopped play and dished out a yellow card to the AS Rocca player. Crowds of yellow shirts crowd the referee over his decision, Kask leading the group. His protests earn him a yellow card as well. Giacomo is furious on the sidelines.
28': This Midrasian referee Remy Lecocq has on occasions been known to give in to the crowd and award decisions in favour of home teams. Not that we commentators are suggesting anything untoward.
32': Corner to Aleanto, fired in by Beno, meeting the head of Palladino! But its gathered up the keeper, who releases Baresi down the wing. What can AS Rocca do on the break? Varri and Miraglia are rushing to get back and help Lucano in defence. Baresi whips it into the box, where Canto lurks at the far post...
33': But it's just wide! The manager applauds the effort though, he will certainly be wanting more of the same.
39': Corner to AS Rocca, whipped in by Canto, onto the head of Dufour!....
39': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl! ROBIN DUFOUR! The AS Rocca defender has levelled the scoring with a towering header that even managed to beat Leon Varri. Game on.
GOAL: Robin Dufour (ASR)
42': That goal certainly seemed to have quietened down the home support. Only Rocca chants can be heard now, and their team certainly seems to be responding now, dominating much of the ball within the last few minutes.
45': Two minutes added time.
45+2: Half time.


45': We're underway once more here at La Rizzi where the score is level at 1-1. Though remember that the away goals rule does apply within this competition so AS Rocca are technically ahead thanks to that thunderous header from Robin Dufour.
49': Rocca look determined going into this half, the equaliser clearly giving them the confidence within this game. The home fans seem a bit more vocal in the stands now though, their numbers drowning out the travellers. Aleanto will certainly be looking to make the most of the rest of this half whilst they have their supporters in numbers.
52': Aleanto win the ball back high up the pitch. Here is Beno, driving forward, plays a through ball to Palladino! But it's just too short and cleared away by the Roccan goalscorer Dufour.
55': Free-kick to Aleanto. Rocca holding a very high line. Whipped in by Beno, Palladino is there! But the linesman has his flag up. The attacking intent is clearly there from the home team though.
58': Rocca winning the ball back through Gojita, the referee doesn't give into the crowd this time. Can Rocca break once more? It's fired forward towards Hadid, who chests it down. He gets past his man, fires it into feet.
60': Kask with the chance! OFF THE POST! The Liidurian holds his head in disbelief. It was inches away.
63': This attack-minded play from Aleanto is really playing into AS Rocca's ability on the counter. Perhaps this was a half-time strategy from the manager, soak up the pressure and hit them on the break? Aleanto will certainly be feeling the pressure to attack so long as they have their home fans here for the next half an hour or so.
67': Rocca gain a free-kick on the edge of the area, and Miraglia earns himself a yellow card in the process. This is a dangerous area, what can Arico do from here, or will Canto fancy his chances on it?
68: Substitution: Abbatello, (ST)Hidalgo, (ST) (ALE)
69': Aleanto taking the time during the set-up to make a change in attack, Hidalgo for Abbatello. Nordmark most likely wanting some fresh legs. The free-kick is hit by Canto! But it sails safely over the bar.
73': Aleanto's attack seems to be waning somewhat, perhaps some tired legs out there? It has been a hectic schedule both domestically and in the cup. Hidalgo seems to be bursting with energy up top having only just made his way onto the field. He drops deep to receive the ball now and drives forward.
75': Aleanto with a sustained spell of possession, now with Lucano on the wing, who drives it low and into the box! But it is blocked by the defender and falls straight back to him. He has another go, this time going for height, and onto the head of the onrushing Hidalgo!..
76': But Raggio pulls off a spectacular save to keep that out! The header looked destined for the back of the net. Corner kick to Aleanto.
77: Substitution: Bellini, (CM)Varabeno, (CM) (ALE)
79': Corner whipped in by Beno, but it is easily cleared by de Launay into the path of Hadid who drives upfield, HE'S GOT THREE MEN WITH HIM. ALEANTO ARE RUSHING TO GET BACK. HADID, THROUGH BALL TOWARDS KASK!....
80': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! JURGEN KASK! With ten minutes left on the clock, Jurgen Kask sinks Aleanto hearts. The Liidurian striker and captain of AS Rocca puts his team in pole position to reach the final of the Champions Cup. Two goals. Two away goals. Rocca will be Rockin' tonight. Aleanto 1-2 AS Rocca.
GOAL: Jurgen Kask (ASR)
83': Gjermund Nordmark is still shaking his head on the sidelines as his team are put one to the good. There is still plenty to play for in this tie, but as it stands his side have a mountain to climb. Some home fans are already making an early exit whilst yellow flares and smoke fills La Rizzi.
86': Aleanto are still pushing forward though, looking for an equaliser. You can't fault their effort, the desire is still there. They're not out of this tie yet.
90': Three minutes added on.
90+3': Full time. Aleanto Calcio 1-2 AS Rocca. Rocca have the upper-hand with two away goals. But Aleanto are not out of this yet. They will be giving it all to make a comeback, however unlikely at the EAM Arena.

FT 1-2
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Charles Vauban - IIWiki featured article (October 2017)
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Postby Midrasia » Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:01 pm

Image FC ALMIARO 1 - 0 BERSK SK Image

GK: Tihomir Havad (c)
LB: Robertas Mauvačys
CB: Edmond Cartee
CB: Mateo Loapa
RB: Yoshigahara Katzumi
CDM: Yuri Zenett
CM: Christer Brevig
CAM: Silvestre Satorras
LW: Simone Qualquart
RW: Joao Paol Fiore
ST: Nikódem Nesz
GK: John Hellerud
LB: Liam Andersen
CB: Rolando de Toro
CB: Robert Nieue (c)
RB: Gael Gaumont
CDM: Vegbar Nerby
CDM: Quarantino Marchesi
LMF: Jon Jonsson
AMF: Emiliano Giammona
RMF: Patrice Crozier
ST: Hamid Mahdavi

Champions Cup
La Colosseo, Almiaro
22:00 kick-off


21:00: Lineups have been released. Strong sides from both teams. Almiaro come into this game from a domineering position at the top of Liga Premiére, whilst Bersk remain embroiled in a title-fight between themselves, Hudenholm, and Brestrand. This is sure to be an energy-sapping match and how it will affect their league form remains to be seen.
21:30: Warmups are beginning as the stadium begins to fill up. Bersk fans are already here and look right up for this one. A sea of red armed with banners and Navish chants takes hold in the south side of the stadium.
21:55: The teams are ready to enter the field. A true clash of titans awaits us here. Both have been finalists before, but only one of them has won it. Can Bersk get one over here on the Vermilonor's home turf though, a real fortress of a stadium. Its the second semi-final. And it's live!


0': We're off! Bersk with the kick-off, and their full-backs are already pushing high and wide, looking to take the initiative. Almiaro sit deep in their 4-3-3 shape.
3': Some nice play on the right-hand side from Patrice Crozier who is certainly not getting a warm welcome today as boos ring around the arena whenever he gets the ball. There is no love lost between the home fans and him tonight.
6': Chance for Mahdavi! But its quite easily snuffed out by Cartee. Mahdavi took far too long to get his shot away. He won't be afforded much time in the box tonight.
9': Now Almiaro with a counter after winning it from Giammona. Katzumi out on the wing, into Satorras, who plays it through to Nesz...
10': Straight at the goalkeeper! Hellerud had that one under control. Nesz was stretching to get anything on that one.
13': Some good short-passing interplay from Almiaro now. It's that tiki-taka that has long defined their style of play. Bersk pressing them hard, but so far the Vermilonor seem able to resist it.
14': And they might be away here, as Qualquart dummies Andersen! Crosses into the box, too high for Nesz, but Fiore on the follow-up!...
15': A wonderful save from Hellerud! Fiore got some welly on that one. It will be a corner to the home side.
16': Corner taken quickly!...Nesz!...
16': But the goalkeeper was switched on to that! Hellerud is looking like a monster tonight.
20': Now what can Bersk do down the left with Jonsson, a real creative wonderkid only in his early 20s and already playing for one of the best teams in the world. He plays it in for Mahdavi! Who beats the offside trap! Surely!
20': Wide of the mark! Mahdavi is in disbelief at how that went wide, there was only the keeper to beat.
25': The end-to-end play is slowing now. Bersk not pressing as much and Almiaro looking to get more of a defensive foothold in this tie.
29': Bersk win a free-kick on the edge of the box after a foul on Crozier. The winger stayed down and looked to be hobbling afterwards but he waves away medical staff to play on.
31': Mahdavi tries his luck with a shot on goal from the free-kick! But the ball sails over the bar, close but no cigar.
35': Bersk seem to be going a bit more direct now with Almiaro cutting off their passing lanes. Will need a good ball over the top to beat that high-line though.
38': Almiaro look to be switching to more of a 4-2-3-1 now. Looking for more defensive stability? Or is it to push Satorras a bit further forward? Seems like they'll be trialling this new approach until the end of the half.
40': Immediate dividends? Brevig plays in Satorras who is in acres of space with Qualquart making his way into the box!...
41': He goes down! Did del Toro foul him? Ref says no. A cacophony of boos rein out from the stadium as the home fans make their displeasure known. Surprised there was no VAR check at least.
45': One minute of added time.
45+1': Half time. FC Almiaro 0-0 Bersk SK.


45': We're underway once again here at La Colosseo where it is goalless between Almiaro and Bersk. Whilst the action has been end-to-end for the most part, it is goals that define football matches, and so far there have been none. Let's hope that changes within the next 45.
49': Almiaro seem to have gone back to their tried and trusted 4-3-3. Seems the double pivot wasn't doing them much good at the end of the last half.
52': And here come Bersk again on the offensive through Jonsson, into the box! But that was well-read by Cartee who thumps the ball back downfield.
55': Free kick to Almiaro after Nerby hacks down Brevig and earns himself a yellow card. Brevig doesn't look too good.
57: Substitution: Brevig, (CM)Jepsen, (CM) (FCA)
58': Brevig didn't look able to continue so Carl Jepsen comes on as a replacement. Qualquart whips the ball into the box onto Fiore! Offside. Bersk's line held firm.
62: Substitution: Nerby, (CDM)Mannik, (CDM) (BSK)
68': Almiaro wielding just a little less control in midfield now they've lost Brevig. They must be hoping he is ok for the next leg and their ongoing title fight. Bersk applying the pressure now through Jonsson on the left.
71: Substitution: Paol Fiore, (LW)Ilyapa, (ST) (FCA)
72': Bersk changing tactic to go with a more offensive midfield has led Almiaro to switch to a 4-4-2 diamond with Qualquart in the 10. Let's see how Bersk cope with both Nesz and Ilyapa leading the line.
74: Substitution: Crozier, (RMF)La Batalier, (RMF) (BSK)
74': Its a litany of substitutions as Bersk swap Crozier out from the right. A last chorus of boos rings out as the winger trods off the pitch at the slowest possible pace, sarcastically clapping the home fans.
76': Almiaro pushing up now Here is Satorras, to Nesz who holds it up and releases Ilyapa! He gets past his man, only the keeper to beat!
77': But as he's been all game Hellerud is there. One-touch too far from Ilyapa led to the feet of the onrushing goalkeeper who punts the ball away
79: Substitution: Mahdavi, (ST)Navarro, (ST) (BSK)
79': One last roll of the dice from Bersk as they put in the 19-year-old Navarro. Mahdavi looks down as he goes off, its certainly not been his best day.
82': Foul by Mannik in a dangerous position lands him a yellow card
83': Free-kick taken by Satorras who goes for goal...
83':GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! SILVESTRE SATORRAS! We finally have a goal and WHAT A GOAL! It needed to be special to beat Hellerud who has been a titan all night. The ball whipped around the wall and landed in the top left-hand corner. Scintillating strike! 1-0
GOAL: Silvestre Satorras (FCA)
85': Heads go down in the Bersk camp. To play so well all match for it all to be undone by one moment of magic is heartbreaking, but they must remember this is only act one of a two-part play.
86: Substitution: Qualquart, (CAM)Araújo, (CDM) (FCA)
86': Not the best of matches for Qualquart, but the 32-year-old has done his part. Almiaro look to hang on to this lead with a defensive change.
88': Bersk certainly aren't out of this yet though as they go flying forward through Jonsson, his youthful exuberance pushing the team on. He plays it to Navarro, the young men linking up, now out wide to Batalier, red shirts line up in the box. He whips it in...
89': But Havad beats them all to catch it in midair. He falls to the floor, clasping the ball in his arms as the clock ticks down.
90': There will be four minutes of added time.
90+2': Bersk aren't done yet. Their players continue to press and push forward a testament to their work rate and mental strength. Giammona wins it back high up the pitch, plays it over the top for Navarro to run onto...
90+3': But the young boy is muscled off it by Cartee. The Bersk players appeal for a penalty, but the referee says no. Firm challenge but fair. Being a young lad its always tough going up against fully developed players like Cartee. They may have speed but they also need to pack on a bit of muscle and strength. That will come in time.
90+4': Full time. FC Almiaro 1-0 Bersk SK. A disappointing result for the visitors, but they can hold their heads high with that performance. La Colosseo is a very tough place to go and they emerged only one goal down. It's still all to play for in this tie and you better believe they will be fighting tooth and nail to get a result at the Rødekysten Stadium.
FT 1-0
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Charles Vauban - IIWiki featured article (October 2017)
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Postby Midrasia » Thu Jan 30, 2020 12:33 pm

Image AS ROCCA (2) 0 - 1 (2) ALEANTO CALCIO Image

GK - Giuseppe Raggio (ATR)
LB - Marco Baresi (ATR)
CB - Robin Dufour (MID)
CB - Tyson de Launay (MAW)
RB - Arsalan Mahdavi (ATR)
CDM - Jesus Gojtia (VID)
CM - Kristian Helland (NAV)
CAM - Vedasto Arico (ATR)
LW - Domenico Perera (ATR)
ST - Jurgen Kask (LII) (c)
RW - Eustacio Canto (ATR)
GK - Mathias Grøndhal (NAV)
LB - Kévin Blaise (MID)
CB - Miraglia (ATR)
CB - Leon Varri (ATR) (c)
RB - Diego Lucano (ATR)
CDM - Vittorio Bianchi (ATR)
CM - Stefan Holstad (NAV)
CM - Antonio Bellini (ATR)
CAM - Beno (MAW)
ST - Luigi Abbatello (ATR)
ST - Giordiano Palladino (ATR)

Champions Cup
AEM Arena, Rocca
20:30 kick-off


0': It's off! The second leg of this semi-final clash in the Champions Cup is now underway in Rocca. Both sides are raring to go here with Aleanto looking for revenge and Rocca looking to use their home advantage to keep hold of this tie.
4': Aleanto pressing from the off and winning the ball back quickly, the home fans booing whenever a striped shirt gets a hold of the ball.
7': Some nice link-up play between Beno and Abbatello tests the keeper Raggio, but it's little more than that. Just a snapshot of their attacking intent tonight.
12': Rocca looking to be wasting some time early on as Baresi takes his time with the throw-in. The home fans don't seem to mind however with the faintest boos being heard from the away end.
15': SHOT BY ABBATELLO! But his speculative strike is just wide of the mark. He earns applause from his manager though as he praises the effort.
19': Now Rocca with their first surge forward of the half. It's been all Aleanto so far leading to some anxiety from the crowd, but that has now been allayed as Mahdavi takes the ball up the pitch.
20': OFF THE BAR! And cleared away by Varri. So close from Rocca. Aleanto will have to be wary that their attacking gameplan doesn't leave them exposed at the back.
25': Here come Aleanto again as they play it around the pitch to break down the opposing low-block. Blaise and Lucano are pinging diagonals across the pitch loosening up Rocca's defensive shape.
27': Lucano loses the ball high up the pitch and Rocca begin to counter. Gojita fires it to Perara WHO BEATS HIS MAN. ONLY THE KEEPER LEFT NOW...
28': But the nerves get the better of him as Grondhal comes rushing out to collect. The winger punted the ball straight into the arms of the goalkeeper.
34': Free kick for Aleanto as Arico brings down Holstad, landing himself a yellow card
36': The ball is driven in by Beno, TO HOLSTAD!...SURELY....
36': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! STEFAN HOLSTAD! A brilliant drive into the back of the net. That is precisely what Aleanto needed, they are back in this tie!
37': Wait, what's this? VAR will check the goal for a potential offside.
39': NO GOAL. Holstad was offside. Rocca's high-line doing its intended job, but they will need to watch out next time. Free-kick to the home side.
43': Aleanto with a corner now after a poor clearance from Baresi after a throw-in.
44': In by Beno TOWARDS VARRI!...
44': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! LEON VARRI! The towering defender thumps the ball into the back of the net with his head. There can be no doubting that one. Aleanto are straight back in this. They all believe. They can do this! 0-1 to Aleanto.
GOAL: Leon Varri (ALE)
45': That strike right on half-time has given the stripes some hope and brought despair to the home crowd. It was the perfect time to score! There will be two minutes added on at the end of this half.
45+2': Half-time and it's one-nil to Aleanto. However, AS Rocca still lead the tie on the away goals rule. It's still all to play for in the second half.


45': Rocca took their time coming out of the tunnel ahead of the second half, whilst Aleanto were very early out on the scene. It's clear what they away side have to do, but Nino Giacomo seemed to be giving his side a good long talking to. They are still ahead, but it could all unravel at any moment. The second half is underway now.
49': The pressure seems to be getting to the Roccan players. No matter how loud their fans cheer and shout they seem to be making mistakes. Wayward passes everywhere. Helland loses out to Bellini now As Aleanto push forward! He strikes from distance!
50': But that was nowhere near the goal. Aleanto must be careful not to squander their moment of dominance. They can't shoot from anywhere on the pitch. Giacomo is going ballistic on the sidelines. Seems his team didn't take in their extended half-time talk.
52': Rocca look too scared to get out of their own half at the moment, the momentum is all against them as Aleanto just pass around them with ease. The midfield are just passengers out there. Giacomo may be mulling over a change or two here.
56': Finally Rocca have an extended period of possession, but they don't seem to be making much progress up the pitch at all. Their full-backs are staying low and the midfield looks lost. See now Dufour with the long ball over the top to Kask, but it's easily won back for Aleanto by Varri.
60': Free-kick to Aleanto on the edge of the box as Mahdavi gives away a wild foul. The Aleanto players call for red, but he only sees yellow.
62': A marvellous save by the goalkeeper Raggio! His fingertips send the ball over the bar for a corner kick. The roar from the away end is growing louder by the minute.
63': Corner driven in by Beno.. But the keeper has it under control. He clutches onto the ball for dear life.
68': Rocca holding onto the ball now with a little more confidence. Seems the Aleanto onslaught has stopped for the time being. Could Aleanto live to regret not taking their chances?
70': It's Perera on the left now for Rocca, slowing the pace down and playing it centrally to Arico.
71': His chipped ball is cleared for a throw-in. Both teams taking the break to make a substitution...
72: Substitution: Arico, (CAM)Gavreau, (CB) (ASR)
72: Substitution: Abbatello, (ST)Hidalgo, (ST) (ALE)
73': Changes for both sides. AS Rocca go defensive swapping an attacking-midfielder for a third centre back. Aleanto roll the dice up top however as the misfiring Abbatello is replaced by Hidalgo. Can he establish himself as a super-sub tonight?
76': Rocca seem to have settled into a 5-4-1 when out of possession, they're clearly looking to ride this one out on their away-goal advantage. But here come Aleanto once again as Canto drives down the right.
79': Just over ten minutes remain for Aleanto to breakthrough here. They seem to be throwing everything at it, but the crowd of yellow shirts in the opposition box is making it difficult.
81': Its again with Lucano on the right as he looks to beat his man. He drives past Baresi AND WHIPS IN A LAST MINUTE CROSS. DID THAT NOT GO OUT? ITS IN TOWARDS HIDALGO!
82': BUT GAVREAU JUST GETS THERE IN TIME! Goal-line technology will have to show us how close that was, I thought it was a definite goal!
86': Time is running out for Aleanto. They keep applying the pressure, but every time by hook or by crook, Rocca seem to be able to hold on.
90': There will be three minutes of time added on here. Three minutes for Rocca to hang on, and three minutes for Aleanto to find the winner.
90+1': Aleanto throwing everything at it. Kitchen sink included. Palladino dropping deep to receive the ball out wide, now inside towards Beno who has probably been Aleanto's best player tonight. They're looking for an opening.
90+2': BUT HE'S BROUGHT DOWN BY MAHDAVI! A PENALTY SURELY! Mahdavi is already walking off the field as the referee brandishes a second yellow card and then ultimately a red card. Arsalan Mahdavi has been sent-off for a last-man challenge on Hidalgo. And Aleanto with the last kick of the game have a chance to win it.
90+4': With what is sure to be the final kick of the game it is the substitute Hidalgo. The man who won the penalty who steps forward with the chance to send Aleanto through to the final of the Champions Cup. AARON HIDALGO TO WIN IT FOR THE AWAY SIDE....
90+4': Full time. AS Rocca 0-1 Aleanto Calcio. 2-2 on aggregate. AS Rocca advance on away goals.
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Postby Midrasia » Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:57 pm

Image BERSK SK (1) 1 - 0 (1) FC ALMIARO Image

GK: John Hellerud
LB: Liam Andersen
CB: Rolando de Toro
CB: Robert Nieue
RB: Gael Gaumont
CDM: Vegbar Nerby
CDM: Quarantino Marchesi
LMF: Jon Jonsson
AMF: Emiliano Giammona
RMF: Patrice Crozier
ST: Hamid Mahdavi
GK: Tihomir Havad (c)
LB: Robertas Mauvačys
CB: Edmond Cartee
CB: Mateo Loapa
RB: Yoshigahara Katzumi
CDM: Yuri Zenett
CM: Christer Brevig
CM: Silvestre Satorras
CAM: Simone Qualquart
ST: Ilyapa
ST: Nikódem Nesz

Champions Cup
Rødekysten Stadion, Berke
21:00 kick-off


20:00: Lineups have been released. Bersk retain their lineup from the previous meeting between the two sides which ended 1-0 in favour of Almiaro. Interestingly, Almiaro change to what looks to be a 4-4-2 diamond with the introduction of Ilyapa as a second striker over Paol Fiore who drops to the bench. Simone Qualquart meanwhile takes the attacking-midfield role.
20:30: The warmups begin on this cold Lhedwinic night. The lights shine down on the pitch as both sides perform their pre-match drills. The stands begin to fill-up, the Midrasians armed with more woolly scarves and hats than they are used to.
20:55: The teams are ready to enter the field. Almiaro just edged it last time out, but will Bersk be able to get revenge tonight on home turf? We will find out over the next 90 minutes. Who will go on to face AS Rocca in the final of the Champions cup? Bersk, or Almiaro?


0': And we're off here in Berke as the home side currently trail Almiaro by a goal to nil on aggregate. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious tonight though.
2': An interesting tactical change by Almiaro tonight, they've only played the diamond on three occasions this year, and one of them was that experiment in the second half of the first leg. Perhaps the coach is looking to guide the play through the middle? Or do you think it is a more defensive-minded move? Only time will tell.
5': Bersk with the ball down the left here with Jonsson, just trying to test his opposite man, but he thinks better of it and plays it more centrally to Marchesi.
8': First shot on goal from Mahdavi goes well wide. A speculative effort, but you have to speculate to accumulate.
10': Almiaro with a sustained spell of possession now as the midfield four move the ball between themselves. Qualquart pushing up now.
11': Satorras plays it through to Qualquart who beats Nerby, AND PLAYS IN ILYAPA!..
11': Good save from the goalkeeper to deny the striker. It will be a corner to the visitors though.
13': Whipped in by Qualquart but beaten away by Hellerud. Nerby blasts it up the pitch to Mahdavi, going very direct, can Bersk counter here?
14': But the attempt was snuffed out by Zenett who was screening the backline. Almiaro regains possession once more.
18': Bersk seem to have changed shape, Nerby now acting as a sole defensive-midfielder as opposed to the double-pivot which started the game. Giamonna looks to have moved forward too into more of a 4-1-3-2?
23': Bersk breaking forward now through Crozier, who gives it to Marchesi and now GIAMONNA!...
24': Just wide of the mark! He got great dip on it as well, but it was just inches too high. Good effort, but it's a goal kick.
27': Bersk struggling a little for possession at the minute, but not many teams usually have more of the ball than Almiaro. They're pressing with intensity though and the will to win the ball back.
31': Chance now for Almiaro as Brevig has it down the right. crosses the ball in towards Nesz...
32': But Hellerud came rushing out to meet it, he falls to the ground clutching the ball between his hands whilst all Nesz could do was look on.
37': Free-kick to Bersk as Zenett brings down Giamonna. No card given however.
39': Ball is fizzed in by Jonsson, towards NIEUE! But the flag's already up. The ball goes into the net, but the linesman was at the ready. No need for VAR here.
42': The pace of the game begins to slow as the half-time whistle draws near. Neither of them want to concede now and ruin what has been a relatively good performance so far by both sides.
45': Two minutes of time to be added on.
45+2': Half-time. Nil-nil at the break. Almiaro continue to lead on aggregate, but there is little to separate both sides at the break.


45': We're off once again for the second half of this semi-final clash between Bersk SK and FC Almiaro two grandees of the Aeian footballing scene.
49': No changes by either side on the half. Both teams beginning the half with their usual intensity, you can tell what this clash means to both of them.
51': Bersk seeing a bit more of the ball, but that formation looks a little weak in midfield, I think they might have a few too many players up top.
53': Foul by Nerby on Brevig, earning himself a yellow card for the late challenge on his fellow countryman.
55': The ball is fired over the top by Qualquart. Satorras chests it down and volleys!...
56': Great save by the keeper with an acrobatic stop to send it out for a corner.
57: Substitution: Andersen, (LB)Mannik, (CDM) (BSK)
58': Qualquart fires in the corner, but Nieue commandingly heads it out Its now with Jonsson on the left. Bersk on the counter, what can they do here?
59': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! HAMID MAHDAVI! That's the goal the home fans were looking for! Bersk's bargain buy strikes true to set the score level on aggregate. Bet the home fans have no love lost over their failed purchase of Dauda now!
GOAL: Hamid Mahdavi (BSK)
60: Substitution: Ilyapa, (ST)Paol Fiore, (LW) (FCA)
61': Almiaro with a substitution which looked to be in the pipeline despite the goal. Ilyapa not having the best of times up top tonight. Perhaps Fiore can work some magic now the score is level.
63: Substitution: Nerby, (CDM)Navarro, (ST) (BSK)
67': Bersk looking to go for the win here. They can smell blood, Almiaro uncharacteristically chasing more of the ball as the game goes on.
72': Bersk go once again, this time with Giamonna, who plays in Crozier on the right, crossed in...
73': Havad with a commanding catch, a surprising leap for a player of his age...I mean experience. He's still not that old in the grand scheme of things.
76: Substitution: Zenett, (CDM)Jepsen, (CM) (FCA)
76: Substitution: Mauvačys, (LB)Pujal, (LB) (FCA)
76: Substitution: Crozier, (RMF)LeBatelier, (RMF) (BSK)
78': Both teams with their final change of the evening. A reminder though that if this match goes to extra time, each team will be able to make an extra substitution.
82': Time running out for both sides to win it in normal time. Almiaro upping the tempo a little now, but there are a few tired looking players on both sides.
87': Almiaro breaking forward with Jepsen now, through ball towards Qualquart!
89': But Nieue got there just in time and was able to mop that one up nicely.
90': Two minutes of added time.
90+2': Full time. 1-0 to Bersk. 1-1 on aggregate so it will be extra-time here in Berke to decide who will go through to play AS Rocca in the final.


90': Here we go once again for 30 more minutes to see if the deadlock can be broken between these two sides. No changes for Almiaro or Bersk as the teams set up for more gruelling semi-final football.
94': Both teams looking a little leggy, but they keep going out there. A place in Vidoria will all be worth it in the end.
97': Almiaro holding onto the ball and slowing the pace down. Reverting to their old possession tiki-taka might create a few new opportunities.
100': Satorras through to Qualquart he's got space on the right, bursting forward...
101': What's this? He's pulled up. Is it cramp or something else? Pulled a hamstring maybe. It doesn't look like he can continue. A major blow to Almiaro if he has to go off.
102: Substitution: Qualquart, (RW)Pelzer, (RW) (FCA)
103': Qualquart receives applause from all sectors of the crowd as he hobbles off. Is his age catching up to him, or is it just an injury? Only time will tell what this means for the rest of the match and Almiaro's league form. Philipp Pelzer will have to step up to the plate now.
105': Three minutes added on.
105+3': No goals in the first half of extra time. Let's see if another 15 can separate these sides.


105': Fifteen more minutes and then it will be penalties. Can any team break the deadlock in the meantime?
109': Almiaro looking to lack a little confidence now Qualquart has gone off. Pelzer is usually more suited to playing on the left and cutting inside, he's more an inside forward than an out and out winger. They're lacking a bit of creativity now.
112': Marchesi in particular looking a little leggy for Bersk right now. A lot of players are feeling it out there right now though. The Barbarians keeping up the press right now though.
115': Five minutes left to finish it off. Bersk with the ball now centrally as Marchesi collapses to the floor with cramp, leading his teammates to put the ball out of play and the ref to stop play.
117: Substitution: Marchesi, (CDM)Haukås, (CDM) (BSK)
117': Final sub from Bersk as Marchesi proved unable to carry on.
120': Two minutes added on.
120+2': And that's it. After 120 minutes nothing can separate these two teams. It will be a good old-fashioned penalty shootout to decide who will go through.


Bersk have won the toss and they will take the first penalty of the night.

Jonsson (BSK): Jon Jonsson, Bersk's young left-winger will take the first penalty of the night...AND ITS IN! SLOTTED BOTTOM LEFT CORNER
Paol Fiore (FCA): Joao Paol Fiore is first to step up for Almiaro, a second-half substitute. Can he make an impact here...THUNDERED INTO THE TOP CORNER. 1-1
Giamonna (BSK): The Atrescan attacking-midfielder Emiliano Giamonna is up next...AND SCORES. STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE
Pelzer (FCA): Philipp Pelzer the Alemannic winger who replaced the injured Qualquart is up next with a long run up...OFF THE POST! IT WAS SO CLOSE. HE SHAKES HIS HEAD IN FRUSTRATION. THE HOME FANS GO WILD. ADVANTAGE BERSK
Navarro (BSK): Arturo Navarro, the substitute striker up next for Bersk with a staggered run up...ITS IN...THE PRESSURE IS BUILDING
Nesz (FCA): Nikódem Nesz up next for Almiaro. He's bagged a tonne of goals this season for the team, can he get another where it counts...BACK OF THE NET. NO STOPPING THAT ONE.
LeBatelier (BSK): Percy LeBatelier. The Midrasian, against the Midrasian team...HAVAD GOT A FINGER TO IT, BUT NOT ENOUGH! THE BALL BOBBLES IN OFF THE POST!
Satorras (FCA): Silvestre Satorras. Almiaro's upcoming midfield maestro. If he misses here its all over...SENT THE KEEPER THE WRONG WAY. ALMIARO ARE STILL IN THIS!
Mahdavi (BSK): Hamid Mahdavi. Goalscorer. Goal Machine. Man of the match. Winner of the match?...ITS IN! BERSK GO CRAZY! THEY'RE GOING TO VIDORIA! MAHDAVI JUMPS INTO THE CROWD! ITS FINALLY OVER!

Its all over here in Berke. Bersk SK will face AS Rocca in the final of the 2019-20 Champions Cup. For the first time in the tournament a Midrasian team will not be in the final. The Champions cup will be finding a new home this year, but will it be in Navack or Atresca?

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Postby Navack » Mon Feb 03, 2020 2:27 pm


ROUND OF 16 Leg 2

Image BENEDORMO FC (6) 4-1 (3) CA NACIONAL Image

Benedormo FC - Virone Gotto 18'

Benedormo FC - Dante Franco 46'

Benedormo FC - Xavier Lazard 51'

Benedormo FC - Tomas Cortinas 77'

Cavazos 15' - CA Nacional

Image LENTINI REP. FC (1) 0-1 (4-5) (1) BLÅTT SK Image

Gonzalez 90'+2' - Blått SK


SS Dynamo Vorhsa - Zhuravel 11', 34'

Ó Coille 40' (PK), 81' (PK) - Hudenholm FK

Hildrum 43' - Hudenholm FK

Mac Óda 72' - Hudenholm FK

Bertelsen 90'+1 - Hudenholm FK


Image MACCARESE FC (5) 1-0 (0) ARGOIS SC Image

Maccarese FC - Maurin 11'

Image VORSHA 04 (2) 1-2 (3) FC IBBENÉ Image

Dauda 3' - FC Ibbené

Vorsha 04 - Ovcharenko 39'

Hevré 57' - FC Ibbené

Image HARHALSEN SK (3) 3-1 (2) ACF FRIOLA Image

Harhalsen SK - Duval 25', 62'

Harhalsen SK - Maldinio 34'

Sánchez 58' - ACF Friola
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Postby Vidoria » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:53 pm



Image BERSK SK 5 - 1 AS ROCCA Image


Arena Nacional, Aljuá
22:00 kick-off


Daniel Nordby: Hey there, and welcome to the show! Today with us are guests Tord Haraldsen and Ernesto Martinez Jr.! Someone today's coming home with the 4th ever Champions Cup trophy - a huge award to recieve, eh? Neither team has received this huge award yet, and both are looking to fill up their trophy cabinet. What do you think, Aristione?

Aristione Marcia: In my opinion, today isn't just about the strength of each team, it's about the abilities and determination of their respective managers. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but it's about how they play to their strengths that will determine the final score. Both teams are neck-and-neck, so it's only about how they use their power.

Tord Haraldsen: Yeah, I agree. Obviously, Bersk has been dominating for quite a long time, and have recently had some huge signings that only benefited them; for example, the signing of Hamid Mahdavi. However, we cannot ignore their poor performance against Almiaro that could foreshadow a longer-term bad spell of play. Additionally, AS Rocca played amazingly against Aleanto Calcio in my opinion, and showed a great determination to win this tournament that Bersk lacked in their semi-final games.

Daniel Nordby: Interesting. So lets have a look at Bersk's and Rocca's lineups for today's game, shall we?

Ernesto Martinez Jr.: Hmm, that's rather interesting. Rocca is playing quite defensively, compared to Bersk's clearly offensive tactic. I think van Emerik is clearly playing well here, as he knows his team dominates mainly in their attacking trio. I'm predicting that a large portion of Bersk's possession will be in Rocca's half.

Aristione Marcia: Agreed. They're clearly looking to cover as much space as possible to avoid weak spots - that, in my opinion, is a good decision due to the way Rocca played against Aleanto. On the other hand, Rocca is playing a quite slow 4-3-3 which they tend to play. This has been proven effective against even more defensive teams like Aleanto, but I doubt it will work well against Bersk.

Tord Haraldsen: I disagree. Rocca's 4-3-3 formation worked well against Harris' Lads, who are quite offensive in their nature. I think the greatest thing that will have an effect on Rocca's possessive play is the lack of Mahdavi. He's key to Rocca's defence, and if one of the main reasons Rocca's midfield plays the ball so often. His passing skills are just immaculate, and it is a shame he will be missing the stand-off against his brother.

Daniel Nordby: I guess we'll have to wait and see. That's all we have for this match - now to Vidoria!


0' Samuel Grøtan: And we're off here in Vidoria! Today is the big game! The ultimate standoff! This is Samuel Grøtan speaking and Gustav Arntzen is sitting beside me and we will be commentating this game for you today! 90 minutes from now, we will know who will lift the 4th Champions Cup trophy!

3' Samuel Grøtan: Rocca is holding to their possession with a tight grip. The passing is strong and Bersk is unable to intercept. What do you think, Gustav?

Gustav Arntzen: I'm quite unsurprised by this. Rocca often plays well in midfield, and it's only a matter of time until they score. It's only a matter of when, and as of now, they seem to be playing very well.

6' Samuel Grøtan: An outstanding interception by Gaumont now means Bersk is in possession. He passes it to Marchesi. He plays it down the left... Marchesi is right in the corner, stuck with only Baresi to beat. Will he do it... OF COURSE HE WILL! MARCHESI WITH THE CROSS...

7' Samuel Grøtan: And straight to Raggio, who kicks it right to Gojtia. Jesus is right at home here, so his play is outstanding.

9' Samuel Grøtan: Rocca on the attack. They've had enough time to build up, but so has Bersk. Perera with the ball. He passes it to Kask, but it's intercepted by de Toro who boots it out. Throw in.

Gustav Arntzen: I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do. Rocca was right up their face, and it was his only option. It's not worth taking any risks this early on.

9' Samuel Grøtan: Arico with the long throw... AND IT'S STRAIGHT TO KASK'S FEET! IT'S ONLY HIM AND HELLERUD NOW! WHO WILL IT BE...

10' Samuel Grøtan: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL! KASK DELIVERS IN KASK FASHION! An outstanding throw by Arico and a supersonic shot by Kask has given Rocca the early lead and the early confidence!

GOAL: Jurgen Kask (ASR)

14' Samuel Grøtan: Bersk now holding to their possession. They have given their opposition an early goal, and do not want to risk another one. Helland is trying to test Nieue, but he is not having any of it - straight to to de Toro.

Gustav Arntzen: Rocca is possibly too confident now. An early goal can really boost morale, but if you get too cocky it can be the cause of your downfall. They have to be cautious.

21' Samuel Grøtan: Though Bersk are keeping possession, the pace of the game has slowed drastically. As manager Klaes van Emerik shouts to the defenders to play higher and to begin some offensive play, a pass from de Toro to Giammona starts up the Bersk offence.


23' Samuel Grøtan: Oh, that's a beautiful save by Raggio. Absolutely outstanding.

Gustav Arntzen: Agreed. This is why he is the first choice for such a world-class team.

Samuel Grøtan: But... whoops! The throw to Dufour is intercepted by Crozier! Crozier with yet another chance at goal! HE PASSES IT TO MAHDAVI, WHO BEATS THE ROCCA DEFENCE! THEY HAVE ONLY ONE MAN TO RELY ON, BUT IS RAGGIO ENOUGH?

24' Samuel Grøtan: GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Mahdavi equalised, and they are level again! Raggio looks disappointed, meanwhile the Bersk players run back to their side of the pitch. No time to celebrate, it's time to get another!

GOAL: Hamid Mahdavi (BSK)

25' Gustav Arntzen: Absolutely outstanding. Hamid's always ready to deliver when he's needed. His position was perfect. Though the shot is nothing to compare against Kask, everything leading up to the shot was among the best plays I've ever seen.

28' Samuel Grøtan: Rocca is determined to get back in the lead. They are playing the ball very high right now, though they are struggling to get past Bersk's pressuring defence.

32' Samuel Grøtan: And a pass to Arico... comes to nothing. Bersk now with the ball, though Rocca is deep in their own half, so the Barbarians do not have a motivation to move forward. Rather, they are playing it slow up the left. Marchesi and Gaumont both up the left in the opposition's half, unable to cross from Rocca's strong line of defenders and midfielders blocking the way.

34' Samuel Grøtan: And Gaumont passes it back to Nerby, who passes it to de Toro. Back to their slow passing at the back.

Gustav Arntzen: Quite understandable, as there was nothing they could do in the opponent's half.

40' Samuel Grøtan: Now a rough tackle from Arico against Andersen. That is dangerous. And Andersen isn't going up...

41' Samuel Grøtan: The referee goes up to the spot. ARICO IS ISSUED A RED CARD! The game is paused, as the medical team is running up to check on Andersen, and most certainly take him back. Meanwhile, Arico is walking back in shame.

Substitution: Liam Andersen, (LB)Nicolás Arvenú, (RB) (BSK)

45' Samuel Grøtan: Ref signals 3 minutes of added time, despite the time taken for the injury and red card. Rocca is down to 10 men, but Bersk will most likely not be able to do anything in the time they have left.

47+2 Samuel Grøtan: Despite the time limit, Arvenú plays to Giammona, who plays it down the middle. I take back what I said previously! GIAMMONA IS IN THE PENALTY BOX! WHAT CAN HE DO?

45+3' Samuel Grøtan: Nothing. De Launay gets the ball back, as the ref whistles for half time.

45' Samuel Grøtan: And we're off once again, at the ultimate deciding battle between Bersk and Rocca! It's 1-1, but Rocca being at 10 men may change that.

48' Samuel Grøtan: Bersk is having no trouble with keeping possession.

Gustav Arntzen: That is true, but the deciding factor is whether they will be able to get past their opponent's defence. Possession doesn't mean anything for the game if they cannot use it.

50' Samuel Grøtan: You're correct, and that's exactly what is happening! Nerby to Jonsson. Jonsson plays it down the middle, beating both Gavreau and Dufour. He's parallel to Mahdavi now. Both are ready to take the shot. Will he pass it and let Hamid do the work, or will he take the risk himself? HE'S DOING IT HIMSELF! HE BEATS BARESI AND IS NOW READY TO SHOOT! HE TAKES THE SHOT...

51' Samuel Grøtan: IT'S IN! BERSK ARE IN THE LEAD! What a run that was! He beat 3 defenders and then absolutely demolished the ball! Absolutely unsaveable.

GOAL: Jon Jonsson (BSK)

52' c That was amazing. With a team like Bersk, though, they will be looking for another.

Samuel Grøtan: Agreed. Now an interception. Bersk has the ball again. Marchesi is looking for the pass.

53' Samuel Grøtan: And the man he was looking for was Mahdavi! A long pass defeating most of Rocca's defence is now putting them at the mercy of one outstanding player. AND MAHDAVI TAKES THE SHOT FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX! THE BALL TRAVELS THROUGH THE AIR LIKE A BULLET! RAGGIO LEAPS IN THE AIR TO PROTECT THE GOAL...

54' Samuel Grøtan: THE GOAL MACHINE SCORES ANOTHER! HE'S UNSTOPPABLE! He's the perfect striker! He can shoot from distance, shoot from close, all he needs now is a header and he will prove he can do everything!

GOAL: Hamid Mahdavi (BSK)

56' Gustav Arntzen: He's the perfect player, however you look at it.

Substitution: Lucien Gavreau, (RB)Francesch Marvel, (CM) (ASR)

Samuel Grøtan: Rocca now switches to a 3-4-3 formation. Rocca is clearly looking for a chance to score, after a catastrophic spell of play after their loss of Arico.

63' Samuel Grøtan: The ball is alternating between Bersk and Rocca right now, in the midfield. However, the ball is not going much further than that.

66' Gustav Arntzen: The play is quite slow.

Samuel Grøtan: Rocca is pushing further into Bersk's half, though. This could be dangerous. This will be dangerous.

68' Samuel Grøtan: The ball is now in Helland's feet. He passes it to... Canto! Canto with the ball! HE RUNS UP THE PITCH, TO THE EDGE OF THE PENALTY BOX, AND CROSSES IT TO KASK! KASK WITH THE HEADER...

69' Samuel Grøtan: Just a bit too high. Goal kick.

71' Samuel Grøtan: Bersk with the ball in Rocca's side of the pitch. Nerby to Jonsson. Jonsson to Giammona. Giammona is ready to push up, towards the penalty box.

72' Samuel Grøtan: Giammona against 3 defenders, and 2 midfielders running back as well. There's no way to get out of this... or is there? Through the legs of Dufour, ball is now in Mahdavi's possession! IS THIS TIME FOR HIS HATTRICK? AS THE CROWD CHANT HIS NAME, HE TAKES THE SHOT FROM THE SPOT...

73' Samuel Grøtan: Wasn't it obvious? OF COURSE HE SCORES. 4-1, BERSK ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

Substitution: Patrice Crozier, (RM)Percy LeBatalier, (RM) (BSK)

Substitution: Vegbar Nerby, (CDM)Arturo Navarro, (ST) (BSK)

Substitution: Dominico Perera, (LW)Musa Hadid, (LW) (ASR)

Gustav Arntzen: Now the biggest change of the game. Rocca is freshening up their offence while Bersk is looking for a fifth!

75' Samuel Grøtan: Bersk back with the ball! LeBatalier to Giammona. Giammona to Mahdavi! But he doesn't fancy his chances! He sets the shot up for recently subbed Navarro! WHAT A BULLET IT IS! IT'S HEADING FOR THE BOTTOM-RIGHT CORNER... WILL RAGGIO GET TO IT IN TIME?

76' Samuel Grøtan: Oh he did. Amazing stop... wait, there was a mistake. Own goal! Raggio doesn't hold on tight enough, and it slips right out of his hands into the net!

GOAL: Giuseppe Raggio (OG) (ASR)

77' Samuel Grøtan: Raggio looks down at the ground, disappointed in his performance. Is it his fault that his team is losing so badly? He looks up. He knows he doesn't have any hope of winning, but at least he can try now.

Gustav Arntzen: That's something I respect in Rocca's players. Despite their losses, they still carry on. True sportsmanship from them.

80' Samuel Grøtan: The game has calmed down now. Rocca has pretty much given up on trying to come back, and Bersk is holding on to the scoreline they have now. Rocca is completely destroyed.

89' Samuel Grøtan: Rocca with the ball once again. They know they can't win, but they can at least put on a show for the last couple minutes. Hadid to Kask! KAST IS READY TO SHOOT!

90' Samuel Grøtan: Booted away by Nieue. No more game time now - full time whistle is blown. 5-1.

The 4th winner of the Champions Cup is...



Samuel Grøtan: Congratulations to Bersk! A truly deserved win, they played amazingly today and throughout this entire campaign. That is it from us, thank you and goodnight! This was Samuel Grøtan and Gustav Arntzen speaking!
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Image BLÅTT SK 2 - 1 FC IBBENÉ Image

GK - Martin Eliassen
RB - Matti Liukko (LID)
CB - Santeri Ilola (CRY)
CB - Ástþór Arnmundsson
LB - Tekle Simon
CDM - David Eriksen C
CDM - Søren Simonsen (CRY)
RMF - Sargent Chandonnet (MYD)
LMF - Isak Nicolaisen
CF - Ludvig Gonzalez
CF - Irakli (ALE)
GK - Ramos
LB - Halvorsen
CB - Wallonde
CB - Pisarek
RB - Pomar
CDM - Tristain
CM - de Lenare
CAM - Jair Blade
LW - Dauda
RW - Tadic
ST - Hevré

AFA Asuran League
Blåby Stadion, Berke
21:30 kick-off


20:00: What a great evening today for a match of footbal. My name is Dennis Hoel, and today, FC Ibbené comes to Berke to face Blått SK on the first game of the AFA Asuran League quarter finals! Our great team of commentarist are set and ready to analyze how both teams arrive for this so antecipated match!
20:30: Theodor Gjerde: Ibbené comes strong after beating Vorsha in Chokashia. This team is filled with stars. Lots of quality in that front four, specially on the feet of Hevré and Dauda. Halvorsen in specific knows this team like no one else. He's played multiple times against the Blues during his time in Bersk.
20:45: Richar Kampen: About the home side, Blått comes from two tough games and a penalty shutout against Lentini Republic. The starting XI is not particularly marked by a big name, but the solidity of this team calls out for attention. Ludvig Gonzalez is their big name for the night. A lot is expected from the 34 years old striker.
20:50: The sky is clean in this cold night in the Navish capital. Supporters from all around the Blue City are here in a sea of blue and white!


0': And we are off! The Referee blows his whistle and the match starts!
3': Blått starts with the ball but it's quickly intercepted by Nicolai Halvorsen, who seeks to keep possesion of the ball.
Theodor Gjerde: This is a game to be expected, Dennis; Blått comes here today to defend itself and let the Midrasian side propose the game. The Blues are counting on the opposition mistakes to pounce on their open gaps.
5': Ibbené is patienly exchanging passes in the opposition's half. They find a very solid defense ahead of them.
Richar Kampen: And that is when players like David Hevré and Adrian Dauda come into play, Dennis. When the opposition's defense is too solid, you definetly need the individual skills to break the lines and attack.
7': Henri de Lenare carries the ball the ball in the middle. He looks up and sends a pass forward to Jair Balde. The midfielder returns it back to de Lenare who chips the ball throw the left, finding Dauda alone against Matti Liukko. The yougster has no problem dribbling the defender! He runs to the back line and prepares a cross... but David Eriksen is there to clear the danger!
9': The ball is still with Ibbené. The capitain Philippe Wallonde has it and seeks to organize their game. He passes to the right where Girault stands. The right-back sends it the middle to Tristan, who plays with Tadic... WHAT A GREAT TRANGULATION! Tadic sent a perfect through ball to Girault, who runs to the back line... He going to cross... NO! HE DID NOT CROSS! Girault left Arnmundsson eating grass as he cut inside! Will he shoot...? IT HITS THE POST! But the ball bounces back to the goal area... It's Hevré... ELIIIIIASEN stretches himself to send that ball out to a corner! What an amazing save!
12': Dauda on the corner. Sends the ball over the far post... but the keeper was there to punch it away! Now Blått with the counter!
14': Eriksen sends a long ball to Irakli, who passes it to the right Where Chandonnet runs freely. HE CHIPS IT THROUGH TO GONZALEZ! He outpaces the opposition... but Ramos is out of the box! He slides and tackles the ball away! Gonzalez flys to the ground and stadium roars! PLAY ON, says the referee!
Richar Kampen: What a bold move by Aldo Ramos. He was perfect with that tackle. Play was clean! But he had to avoid what I said before, Dennis: Blått will be looking for these counters and, if Ibbené isn't careful enough, it will be fatal.
20': Chance for Ibbené as Dauda carries it on the left! HE DRIBBLES TWO DEFENDERS AND OPEN HIS WAY TO THE GOAL ALL BY HIMSELF... but it goes wide! What shame! The effort was exemplary!
Theodor Gjerde: Dauda is different! You can put one, two, three men on him, and he will find his way through, but he is still young and lack expierence. You see, Hevré was approaching in a much better position, but he chose to take the shot. Ibbené cannot waste so many attempts like this.
26': Blått finally with the possesion. Simon passes it to Irakli, who delivers it back to Gonzales... NUTMEG! Gonzalez did not resepect de Lenare right there and, oh... that is a bad tackle! de Lenare comes back for Gonzalez in a dangerous position here.
26': YELLOW CARD, Henri de Lenare, FC Ibbené
27': Medical assistence on the field now.
29': All good there! Gonzalez goes out and is ready to go back as soon as the referee blows the free kick.
29': The captain Eriksen is on the ball. He is the man now... The whole stadium quites down as the referee blows his whistle...
30': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, BLÅTT! WHAT A GREAT KICK! The ball came off way too fast for the keeper, who had no reactions to it! David Eriksen runs to his teammates! BLÅTT 1-0 IBBENÉ!
GOAL: David Eriksen (BLÅ)
32': The ball rolls again! Blått broke the deadlock with an amazing free kick!
35': It didn't take much to Ibbené to make a play! Tadic on the right with Girault... The right back crosses the ball...
37': But not so fast! Flag is up! It's an offside. Hevré goes crazy with the marking of the offside.
45': The referee adds 2 minutes to the regular time.


45': And we are back! The ball goes off with the away team, who loses by a score of 1-0!
47': Great ball here from Tristan! It finds Blade in a good position forward. He plays it wide to Tadic, WHO PUTS IT FORWARD... but he is brought down with a tackle!
47': YELLOW CARD, Tekle Simon, Blått SK
48': Free kick on the right side. Dauda on the cross... But Simonsen goes up to headers and send the ball away.
49': The ball falls right on the feet of David Eriksen, the goal man! He runs forward and distributes the game on the left with Nicolaisen. Halvorsen comes to cover him, but a quick pass and go with Simonsen is enough to get the defender out! Now Nicolaisen with the ball on the back, he crosses it low to the middle... PENALTY, BLÅTT! Wallonde flies through Irakli inside the box and charges the attacker! It's a penalty for the home side!
49': YELLOW CARD, Phillipe Wallonde, FC Ibbené
53': After a long time with protests by the away team and the VAR checking, the penalty is finally given and Ludvig Gonzalez is on it.
53': Gonzalez against Ramos, who will get the best from each other here today? The referee blows the whistle...
54': GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, LUDVIG GOOOOOONZALEEEZ! The striker! The killer! The ball goes to one side and the keeper to the other! Amazing kick to put home 2-0!
GOAL: Ludving Gonzalez (BLÅ)
Theodor Gjerde: What a great kick and what a great game Blått has been having so far! They are holding it together and being fatal when they need to. But they can't get too comfortable, though, as one away goal here leaves everything open for the come back game.
Substitution: Søren Simonsen, (CDM)Ibrahim Sæther, (ST) (BLÅ)
Substitution: Henri de Lenare, (CM)Salvatore Arnal, (CM) (IBB)
65': Blått clearly adopts a more offensive stance here with 3 men forward. They try to keep possesion, but it's stolen by Arnal, who quickly builds a counter.
67': Dauda carries it on the left. He sends it back to Blade, who OPENS WIDE NICELY WITH TADIC! He enters the box and is brought down! But the referee says nothing about it! The VAR is checking the play now...
70': NOT A PENALTY! The rule on the field stands.
Substitution: Irakli, (ST)Jan Bakken, (RW) (BLÅ)
75': Ball is back with Blått, who now look to pounce on the right with Bakken. The youngster has speed and it's up for a chalenge. He dribbles Halvorsen! Now onto Wallonde... AND HE BRINGS BAKKEN DOWN WITH A TACKLE! The referee blows another penalty kick!
76': Wallonde goes bananas here! The referee grabs a second yellow card from his pocket, and it's a red!
76': RED CARD, Phillipe Wallonde
79': Gonzalez on the ball again... He already beat Ramos today. Will he deliver again? He goes for the kick... UUUUUUUUUUUUNBELIEVABLE RAMOS! GIANT! A WALL ON THE GOAL! WHAT A GREAT SAVE!
80': Now the ball is on the loose! Pisarek kicks it long distance to Blade, WHO MAGICALLY SENDS IT THROUGH THE MIDDLE TO DAUDA! He easily outpaces the defender... the keeper is out for the save... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL IBBENÉ! DAUDA SAVIOR! DAUDA GIVES IBBENÉ A CHANCE TO MAKE IT AT HOME!
GOAL: Adrian Dauda (IBB)
Substitution: Johan Tadic, (RW)Claude Puyoles, (CB) (IBB)
Substitution: Matti Liukko, (RB)Dennis Jørgensen, (RB) (BLÅ)
87': Is it too late to still deliver? Can Blått still make their come back game more comfortable? Ibbené has adopted a defensive posture here, so let's see how the home side approcahes this.
Substitution: Sylvain Tristan, (CM)Andreas, (LW) (IBB)
88': Gonzalez on the left. He trys an early cross to the area... but the keeper holds it firm. He falls down with the ball. So far, this is not the worst of the results for Ibbené, as a simple victory home puts the Midrasian side on the semi-finals.
90: The referee adds 4 to the regular time.
90'+4: And there is no time for anything else. The game is open, and now Ibbené plays its life in the competition at the Repain.
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Image BENEDORMO FC (3) 3-1 (1) BAADRÕL FC Image

Benedormo FC - Xavier Lazard 24', 37'

Benedormo FC - Ángel del Pozo 67'

Kotka 30' - Baadrõl FC

Image BLÅTT SK (2) 2-1 (1) FC IBBENÉ Image

Blått SK - Eriksen 30'

Blått SK - Gonzalez 54'

Dauda 80' - FC Ibbené

Image MACCARESE FC (3) 3-1 (1) HUDENHOLM FK Image

Maccarese FC - Murray 15'

Maccarese FC - Maurin 60'

Maccarese FC - Lyngstad 71'

Madsen 77' - Hudenholm FK


Mølgaard 37' - Viikmaa Vikings

Juvonen 50' - Viikmaa Vikings

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La Rizzi, Albasini
LegaUno Matchweek 30
19:30 kick-off


18:37: Lineups have been announced for both teams! A return for Torlandic keeper Andi Logasson, who starts his first game this season after a hamstring injury kept him out until now. Aleanto looking to bounce back to form here after taking only a single point in their last four games.
18:45: An Albasini derby here today. Last time the two sides met at the Parco Umberto in the San VIctore district, Palladino netted twice in a comfortable 2-0 Aleanto win.
18:49: Milazzo manager Maneri on whether Aleanto's current form will help them: "I don't like to take form into consideration very much. Aleanto are a quality team, one of the best in the world, they can lose 1-0 one day and win by seven the next. We just have to focus on good defense and good offense."
18:59: Nordmark on Aleanto's recent form: "I am confident in my boys, we know what we've lacked and what we've been missing in the last few games so we've been focusing on that on the training ground."
19:16: Logasson warming up in the Aleanto goal, he'll have a lot to prove today to show everyone he's still at the top of his game. The 28-year-old replaces Navish Matthias Grøndhal in the net.
19:21: Players back in the tunnel now, we'll hand you over to our commentators now for some quick pre-match comments.
19:29: Players are shaking hands now, kick-off only a minute away....and it's live!

0': Kick off here at La Rizzi! Aleanto starting us off as Beno starts the play off down the right.
4': Milazzo stop the attack successfully and begin to build up from the back. Varri and Lucano and practically marking Pahuac constantly, and will be looking to neuter his finesse and pace during the game.
6': Jaccoud plays Bazzano in...who beats the offside trap! But Logasson is off his line quickly to deny the Atrescan. Milazzo corner.
7': Pardini puts it in...Varri heads out, picked up by Holstad, Aleanto on the counter now!
8': Holstad to Beno, Beno through to Palladino - who slots it past Maino with ease! That's what he's here to do folks - 1-0 Aleanto!
8': GOAL: Giordiano Palladino (ALE)
13': Pahuac cuts in from the right, beats Miraglia off the dribble! But skies his shot into the mocking Rizzi crowd.
19': Beno again down the middle, he's dictating the play massively at the moment. He fakes the pass through to a cutting Abbatello, takes it on his right foot...what a goal! Beno curls an absolute beauty into the top-right hand corner to double Aleanto's lead! 2-0!
19': GOAL: Beno (ALE)
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Image BAADRÕL FC (1) 0-2 (5) BENEDORMO FC Image

del Pozo 16', 74' - Benedormo FC

Image FC IBBENÉ (3) 2-0 (2) BLÅTT SK Image

FC Ibbené - Hevré 11'

FC Ibbené - Dauda 50'

Image HUDENHOLM FK (4) 3-1 (pen. 3-1) (4) MACCARESE FC Image

Hudenholm FK - Hildrum 10', 21'

Hudenholm FK - Finocchio 56'

Yeremenko 33' - Maccarese FC


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