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"Amidst the Lantern Night"

Mashu, Somei-Yoshino
Last Season: 1st Place, KiHi-LEAGUE Champions
Stadium: Mashukita Stadium (21,000)
Titles: 20x KiHi-League (2082, 2086, 2091, 2096, 2097, 2102, 2104, 2105, 2110, 2114, 2115, 2120, 2123, 2126, 2127, 2128, 2130, 2131, 2135, 2140), 2x KiHi-League 2 (2043, 2074), 6x Jewel of the Déesses (2045, 2100, 2102, 2110, 2122, 2132)
- Starters -
GK Maki MITANO (30 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Kichiro YAMAMOTO (28 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Nephelcheres AMENNAKHTITUTSI (23 y/o, CB, ANU)
CB Motoko KUSANAGI (24 y/o, CB/DM, HIN)
LB Zoraya KISHIMARU (30 y/o, LB, HIN)
RM Arichi KUNORIKATO (25 y/o, RM, CSI/HIN)
CM Kamalani KANANI (24 y/o, CB/CM/OM, HIN)
LM HAN Seong-Hyeon (24 y/o, LM, HIN)
ST Attaline ADEDIRDAN (25 y/o, ST, COS)
- Bench -
Daichi OSHIRO (25 y/o, GK, HIN)
Maki NAGAYAMA (23 y/o, RM/RB, HIN)
Shimaterin MARIKONO (32 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kaoru INOUE (31 y/o, CB, HIN)
Shinobu KAWAGUCHI (29 y/o, LB, HIN)
Yuu MAKI (26 y/o, DM, HIN)
Azati KUSHIKAN (26 y/o, RM, HIN)
Zámor SALAMON (19 y/o, CM, PAS)
Ami FUKUI (27 y/o, CM, HIN)
Chinatsu YAMASAKI (31 y/o, LM, HIN)
Norio PURAZONO (26 y/o, OM, HIN)
Hideko KATARIKAWA (26 y/o, ST, HIN)
Name Reason: A nod to their rivals' name coming from a holiday. Pascal is close to the word "Páscoa", Portuguese for Easter.
Club Info: The current leader in KiHi-League titles, Pascal Mashu's history spread all the way to the start of the state leagues, where a team organized by the local youth associations joined the Somei-Yoshino State League under the name of Mashu Youth, a name they retained from 2025 to 2028. The Iehasu Zaibatsu group took an interest at the team and chose to support them come the 2028 season, mirroring the efforts of Mashu Telephonics efforts with crosstown rivals South Mashu (the current day Mashu Hellowenia).
Under the Iehasu Zaibatsu name, they managed to claim the title of the Somei-Yoshino State League at 2035, narrowly missing the Trophy of Eden in 2037 that would later serve as the basis of the KiHi-League, being skipped into the professional league by both their cross-town rivals but also that season's Somei-Yoshino State champions Herarte Kyuminato. That said, Iehasu Zaibatsu's support never stopped, as they believed the club would eventually join the league. They'd be proven right at 2042 where the team's Round of 16 elimination at the Trophy of Eden was deemed a passable result for them to join the second tier of the KiHi-League with a myriad of other teams, although the most notable ones of those being Kokohi Skullomania and Hylian Ninfu.
Pascal Mashu's first piece of silverware under their new name came in 2043 when their sponsors decided to blow a severe amount of money to help prop them up. Alas, such fortunes wouldn't last. Despite an also impressive fifth-place finish the following season at the top tier, they would plummet back to the second tier after Iehasu Zaibatsu's bankruptcy. Only in 2074, when both Pascal and Hellowenia chose to work together to turn Mashu into "the City of Sports" did the club's fortune improve sevenfold.
The Rippers have returned to the top tier in 2075, following their second KiHi-League 2 title and never came down again, solidifying themselves as a major team with a total of 20 KiHi-League titles and 6 Jewel of the Déesses.
For this season... Pascal Mashu retains their roster from last season's title win, although they did replace one piece, sending center-back Shimaterin Marikono to the bench to open up space for this window's sole notable acquisition in Nephelcheres Amennakhtitutsi out of Anubwa's Hanon for about 0.3M Hc$. Additionally, they sold notable forward Nina Niikara to the league's new club in Interdimensional Misei for 3M Hc$, therefore making this window, Pascal Mashu's most lucrative so far since the league joined the UICA system.
Just like its' roster, their playing style has not changed. And that's not without reason, Paliv-Xilit Max's efforts upfront not only led Pascal to a solid run to the trophy but also took him to the top striker award last season with a hefty twenty-seven goals. The team's offensive section also retains Cosumarite Attaline Aderdidan and Equestrian Glitterspice on an offensive midfielder role, the idea here being that they should perform just as well as last season. If their offence falters, there's a good chance Norio Purazono returns to the main team, as the manager is still not entirely sold on playing a Pony where he could have someone more capable to go for higher balls.
Unfortunately for Zámor Salamon, despite his stint playing as a loanee at Tentai Astros last season, the team still doesn't trust him with one of the foreigner cap slots, meaning that he can only come into the field if the offensive trio Pascal currently has playing as starters see one of theirs down. As is, the midfield is still pretty good. Kamalani Kanani's expensive move from the Hokuto Senateurs paid itself so far with the girl causing problems to pretty much every other team in the league while the experienced Kunorikato and the solid Han Seong-Hyeon retain their spots thanks to their contributions in the field.
Defensively, Motoko Kusanagi has been settling well since her return from foreign lands, partnering up with the newbie to Hinodejin football Nephelcheres Amennakhitutsi. Yamamoto and Kishimaru remain on the wings, hopefully being phased out by their reserves in due time, although rumours have been floating that the team is looking towards offloading Shinobu Kawaguchi next window. Maki Mitano keeps the gloves, for the time being, a solid goalkeeper that only has option Daichi Oshiro on the bench anyway.
They just won the league and still have a good shot of doing the double. Opponents beware.

"Fly Me To The Moon"

Miare, Tsutsuji
Last Season: Runners-Up
Stadium: Miare National Stadium (50,000)
Titles: 4x KiHi-League (2080, 2122, 2129, 2138), 2x KiHi-League 2 (2046, 2114), 3x KiHi-League 3 (2045, 2113), 3x Jewel of the Déesses (2052, 2120, 2138)
- Starters -
GK Momotaro SHIGANAMI (22 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Umeki MISAWA (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Daniella ROWAN (22 y/o, CB, EFL)
CB Kerstin STURM (21 y/o, CB, EQS)
LB Chung Ji-Woo (23 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM PARK Ju-Won (33 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Sunshine RAYNE (29 y/o, RM, SSI/HIN) [CAPTAIN]
LM Mimi AKAZUKIN (24 y/o, LB/LM, HIN)
RW Shizohara INOKI (22 y/o, RW, HIN)
ST Boldizsar ZSINKÓ (20 y/o, ST, PAS)
LW Nene MURAI (22 y/o, LW, HIN)
- Bench -
Zhao MUI (21 y/o, GK, HIN)
Kita SERIZAWA (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
PARK Soo-Jin (24 y/o, CB/SW/DM, HIN)
CHO Kyung-Ja (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Tadashi ISHIKAWA (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
Chihomi YOSHIOKA (33 y/o, DM, HIN)
David WHITLEY (24 y/o, RM, NSI/HIN)
Echiko NAMBA (24 y/o, CM, HIN)
Kornélia BARTOS (20 y/o, OM, AZA)
Eho MIYAHIRA (31 y/o, RW, HIN)
Yasuo MIYAICHI (31 y/o, ST, HIN)
Izumi AKAZAWA (31 y/o, LW, HIN)
Name Reason: CosmoStar the Needlemouse is the mascot of Miare's Commerce Union.
Club Info: Top position battlers Miare CosmoStars started out at the start of the state leagues, under the name of Commerce Union, breeding a rivalry with the Tsutsuji Electric Company team and Miare University.
Originally a very respectable team, Commerce Union's luck went downhill as the team got relegated together with Izumi FPD (a police department team that quit the competition in 2034), right at the gates of the creation of the Trophy of Eden.
The Union eventually found themselves at the top tier the season after their brief stint, taking the Tsutsuji State League - Division II title in 2033 and spent the following years improving their football team via building up a fanbase at Miare, an easier task now that Miare University departed that league and Tsutsuji Electric Company (now the Miare Clemontéens) struggled through their economic troubles.
Following a Tsutsuji State League title run at the 2044 season (the team's sole title win at the Tsutsuji state level), the team was renamed the Miare CosmoStars as they joined the professional levels as a member of the KiHi-League 3, following a fourth-place finish at the Trophy of Eden, joining the league in the same class as Hinode Supernova.
The CosmoStars went on to experience a meteoric rise that would finally culminate in a KiHi-League title in 2080, but they failed to consolidate and they went down not too long later.
Unlike most Hinodejin teams that part ways with their sponsors, the CosmoStars' luck improved once they parted ways with the Commerce Union, although both team and union of small markets still have an amicable relationship, although not official. The team's improvement was a result of their administration by the late great Senzo Tanaka, a former player of the CosmoStars that had graduated at Miare University for Economy and Administration, making a team that would have great players under a cheap price.
These days, the CosmoStars have a massive following at their home province due to the team's talents and business sense, a sign that hard work does pay.
For this season... The biggest piece of news comes from the team shafting their experienced trio of forwards, replacing them with three younger and slightly more established. Nene Murai is the most notable name among them, what with her being called for the Hinodejin national team already, despite being a utility player for most of her career at the CosmoStars.
Park Ju-Won is another player that might be seeing his final season as a starter for the CosmoStars, what with the more versatile Park Soo-Jin on the bench, just waiting for any mistakes of his to usurp him of his role. Sunrisian-born Sunshine Rayne remains the team's captain from last season while National Team starter Mimi Akazukin continues to be a major option on the left side. Of note, Kornélia Bartos, who was brought in from Azavarok during the transfer window after a quality season with her hometown team Casino Vryepovísze might be used as an improv piece on the midfield as well.
The defence sees Umeki Misawa remain as the other experienced player this line-up retains, although Kita Serizawa might be brought up soon to replace her. Of note, established defender Takashi Ishikawa was benched in favour of foreigners Daniella Rowan and Equestrian Kerstin Sturm. Although there wasn't any news about a move being on the cards for him, it wouldn't be a surprise for this man to be on his way out soon.
Finally, thanks to a timely retirement from former goalie Yoshiba, Momotaro Shinigami gets his chance to be a KiHi-League goalkeeper. At the bench, weirdly enough, the CosmoStars netted former monk Zhao Mui, formerly of Shaolin Saitama, to play second fiddle. An interesting choice.
This team has a good chance of winning the league, what with its' mix of experienced players and promising youth. Certainly on the run for the title.

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

Hinode, Somei-Yoshino
Last Season: 3rd Place
Stadium: Hinode National Stadium (40,000)
Titles: 1x The Trophy of Eden (2045), 2x KiHi-League (2053, 2136), 3x KiHi-League 2 (2091, 2125, 2135), 2x KiHi-League 3 (2046, 2124), 2x Jewel of the Déesses (2048, 2131)
- Starters -
GK Naoteru ISHIMAKI (27 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Taria SHIMIKAGE (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Sayuudi HURUMI (31 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Thomas FLETCHER (25 y/o, CB, MOR)
LB Goichi HATORI (31 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Nobuharu SAOTOME (31 y/o, DM, HIN)
CM Akimaru SOUJI (27 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Suki HISAMATSU (27 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Senda KAGAE (26 y/o, OM/ST, HIN)
ST Taneyoshi ODA (25 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Jo Ann LEWIS (22 y/o, GK, STA)
Kunimori YAMANOUCHI (24 y/o, RB, HIN)
Tatuapé LEE (24 y/o, CB, KUB)
Tadanaga MORI (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Tsuneteru NANBU (24 y/o, LB, HIN)
Hiratomo NAKAMIKADO (26 y/o, DM, HIN)
Moïse BLANC (18 y/o, CM, THU)
Ushizki AZAI (26 y/o, CM, HIN)
Hirasada AKABASHI (33 y/o, LM, HIN)
Tsunami MISHIBA (34 y/o, OM, HIN)
Chow SING (21 y/o, ST, HIN)
Name Reason: There are two reasons for the name: the city of Hinode's first slogan was "A flaming supernova, waiting to blow up", additionally, upon their win of the Trophy of Eden, they were called "the Supernova" of Hinodejin football. Whichever way the actual reason, the team picked that name up once they became a professional side.
Club Info: These days, if you think about a football team called Naitogaru Nursery, you'll probably think of the youth football team known as getting Well Soon United Naitogaru Nursery (or for short, Get Well Soon United... or even shorter, The Bloody Nurses), but this team is hardly the first one to be named after the fabled Guild of Nurses that would eventually serve as a syndicate for that class.
Before another three incarnations of teams using the name of the Guild, Naitogaru Nursery's start in football was actually created by the lady herself, Madam Sakura Naitogaru, who took to nursery after a surprise attack by the Shogun (or what the Hinodejin called him at the time, the Daimono) Kizuna of Kiribahara forced the Hinodejin into defensive maneuvers. The football team served as a distraction from the war times, which meant that the Nurses were using the sport as a means to stay fit and prepare for the eventuality of war.
Sakura Naitogaru envisioned that the football team would also help to raise spirits at Hinode, the town named after the Empire that wasn't even considered to be the capital yet. By the time the Somei-Yoshino State League was formed, their club was mostly organized and relied mostly on nurses that were still learning their craft to make up their roster while the actual nurses were busy helping out war efforts. Football-wise, the Nurses of Naitogaru, unsurprisingly when you consider what happened to their current youth team, was well known for playing as dirty as they could, often replying to complaints with "we're nurses, bring the broken folk".
While a regular side at the top tier of the state league, the Nurses would eventually fall prey to the more ambitious clubs of the state, dropping a division after a terrible 2033 season that saw them barely finish above bottom team Musaki Metal, which was followed by five seasons where the team was indeed stuck at the second tier of the Somei-Yoshino State League. Their fortunes only improved when a lucky third-place finish saw them get the additional promotion spot (only two teams went up back at the Somei-Yoshino State Leagues) thanks to Hanada Waterworks (that season's top tier third placer that managed to squeak in a surprise run at the Trophy of Eden) departing the state league to become a professional team.
By now, Hinode had grown to a decent size but remained one of the few notable settlements at the province without a top KiHi-League team, missing out to the likes of Mashu, Hanada and Hokuto. Originally, the team wasn't supposed to participate at 2045 (Nakoruru Grand Hotel had won the state league and the Nurses themselves netted a sixth place at their state league) but the federation had brought back the infamous "host city" vote where the entire tournament was played out of one city and Hinode had been drawn as the host city for that season. The odd rule meant that the Nurses had the opportunity to play against the eleven state league champions at home, which ended up being a big advantage as they dominated the Trophy of Eden, getting their promotion.
Now the Hinode Supernova, the team was introduced at the third division, which they dominated, losing three times (to Bialorti Amatsukominato, Miansichu Shirataki and Ensolarado Ondori; all away matches) while claiming promotion to the second tier. The Cosmostars remained middle of the pack team following their eventual top tier title in 2053 before falling out of the top in 2090 and again in 2120. Recently, the team found themselves back at the top tier after a great run in 2135 before claiming their second KiHi-League title the season after. Despite the ups and downs, they're not a team to be taken lightly.
For this season... A team focused more on experience (to a certain extent, at least), the Supernova still have chunks of the engine that netted them their second and last (so far) KiHi-League title, although by this point they're limited to the defence and some bench members.
Kagomi Kurosawa, their star back then has been since replaced by Allen "Serious Business" Slayback, a Nepharim with no time for shenanigans, expressing the kind of side the Supernova their fans are used to. Allen is accompanied by local striker Taneyoshi Oda.
The midfield retains two stalwarts from the last champion side they fielded, Nobuharu Saotome, who doesn't seem to be feeling the age at all, although the team still has two options for his position: former youth product Hiratomo Nakamikado and Futurnian export Ilya Mikhailov from Kholozarya, and Akimaru Souji who is currently backed up by Thunisian midfielder Moïse Blanc and Hinodejin player Ushiziki Azai.
The Supernova went deep into the Futurnian market, bringing on a new defender, Thomas Fletcher. They were one of the few KiHi-League teams to invest in players with experience from their home leagues: six seasons as a member of Jeane Palace. Shimikage, Hurumi and Hatori are all stalwarts from back in the day and Ishimaki was the bench replacement for Satori Sonma. Notably, they have two talented players in Saint Anne-born Jo Ann Lewis and a colonial player (that could join the Hinodejin national team) Tatuapé Lee out of Kubanakan.
This team isn't a championship favourite but they might do well if they managed to play as they did in the past.

"Destined for the Screen"

Monsu, Uchina
Last Season: 4th Place
Stadium: Monsu City Stadium (19,000)
Titles: 1x Trophy of Eden (2037), 4x KiHi-League (2085, 2090, 2107, 2124), 1x KiHi-League 2 (2132), 4x Jewel of the Déesses (2063, 2081, 2085, 2121), 1x Traveller's Trophy (2139)
- Starters -
GK Yoshi SAITO (32 y/o, GK, HIN)
CB Shavraputra TSUSHIKENOMO (21 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Ichiro HAMASAKI (28 y/o, LB, HIN)
RM Aoi KATAHARA (31 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Makoto KAGURA (23 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Junko YAMADA (36 y/o, LM, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
OM Kazumi KIMUMURA (28 y/o, OM, HIN)
CF Mamoru SAISHI (32 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Tsuki NAKAMURA (24 y/o, HIN)
- Bench -
Airi HAMASAKI (21 y/o, GK, HIN)
Yui OSHIRO (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
Akira YAMAZAKI (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Rina OSHIRO (23 y/o, LB, HIN)
HWANG Seong-Min (22 y/o, DM, HIN)
Inaka GURINARIKA (24 y/o, RM, HIN)
Min TSANI (23 y/o, CM, HIN)
Ken'ichi ASATARI (22 y/o, LM, HIN)
RHEE Ji-U (21 y/o, OM, HIN)
Cosimo PLANETARIS (29 y/o, OM, CCN)
HWANG Seong-Ho (23 y/o, CF, HIN)
Mashu RINEMARO (24 y/o, ST, HIN)
Name Reason: Closely tied to the movie industry of the Hinodejin Empire, the team was named after the Cinébuti, the first movie theatre of the Empire at Monsu, Uchina.
Club Info: Football had caught on well at Uchina during the early state league days, eventually bringing up the formation of the Uchina State League in 2027, featuring ten teams... none of which being the predecessors of Cinébuti Monsu.
Monsu Movie Society's football team joined the Uchina State League in 2030, winning the title on their first season and mostly remaining a regular feature on the top tier of Uchina, although critics didn't look fondly towards the team: MMS was a team formed to promote cinema in a league with mostly Social and Athletic Clubs, especially once teams from the Royal Guard and the Police left the league, making them look even more out of their element.
In 2036, however, they would once again win the State League in the fatidical Trophy of Eden that would later form the KiHi-League.
Cinébuti Monsu became one of the fourteen original teams of the KiHi-League, the sole team out of Uchina until Kashikoigai Liberdade from Uchina found themselves on the pyramid as a second-tier team.
Of note, they had an infamous meltdown following a downturn in the movie business, finding their footing again with a new sponsor that eventually brought them some semblance of quality, which is where they currently are at.
For this season... Cinébuti Monsu probably wouldn't be doing well but they managed to luck out in their defence made of players that were, in the past, kicking outside of the Empire: Chomi Tsukimaoho and Shavraputra Tsushikenomo came from Dainer on a free and have since helped the team reach a state of smooth sailing despite not really being in contention for the title.
Upfront, they retain their trusty offence duo of Mamoru Saishi and the lovely Tsuki Nakamura, with solid reserves Hwang Seong-Ho and Mashu Rinemaro just waiting for their chances.
The midfield, laid in a traditional offensive triangle sees Aoi Katahara, Makoto Kagura and Kazumi Kimumura play with a surprisingly well-fit Junko Yamada, the Iron Lady of Monsu. The bench sees Crystal Caves Cosimo Planetaris as a surprise name, hoping to bring in some experience for the team while other names such as Min Tsani and Inaka Gurinarika remain there looking for either playtime or a move to another team. Hwang Seong-Min is also there as an option, should the team need more defensive power.
The defence, as said previously, features Tsukimaoho and Tsushikenomo, two players that were expected to play outside of the country but were soon found back at the Empire defending the Movie team with Monsu native Ichiro Hamasaki completing the back three.
Finally, Yoshi Saito remains as a respectable goalkeeper without any sort of fuss.
Not expected to win the title, but should be battling out for the UICA slots.

"Viva La Revolution"

Kazama, Himawari
Last Season: 5th Place
Stadium: KUJO Field (20,000)
Titles: 1x Trophy of Eden (2127), 1x KiHi-League 2 (2131), 1x KiHi-League 3 (2130), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2129), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2128), 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2127), 1x Central Hinode League (2125)
- Starters -
GK Sokoryu HIROKAWA (38 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Kinzo WAKAIZUMI (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Bryan HEADS (26 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Masafumi ZAKAI (31 y/o, CB, HIN)
RM Kisho ICHIOKA (27 y/o, RM, HIN)
LM Sorai YOICHI (33 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Eurynomile KYUNISHAKUGA (25 y/o, HIN)
CF Murai KIDA (23 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Sana ASRORI (32 y/o, ST, ISK)
- Bench -
Ishtar CURRAN (28 y/o, GK, ISK)
Koetsu OKUYAMA (24 y/o, RB, HIN)
Sakutaro ISAYAMA (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Roku OKAMOTO (26 y/o, DM, HIN)
Massimiliano NARDOVINO (17 y/o, CM, VER)
Seishiro WADA (27 y/o, RM, HIN)
Shungyosai YOSHIKAWA (26 y/o, LM, HIN)
Mihály JUHÁSZ (16 y/o, OM, AZA)
Nori HIRAYAMA (25 y/o, OM, HIN)
KIM Ji-Min (22 y/o, OM, HIN)
Mashiro AKIBA (27 y/o, ST, HIN)
Heihachiro NAKAZAWA (24 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Notable Players on Loan -
Balint TOVNIA (33 y/o, DM, CCN, Loaned to Kazama Juniver)
Name Reason: North Kazama's favourite football team in the whole world was the union of a total of eighteen teams (of all levels, ranging from semi-pro outfits to Sunday League teams) that called North Kazama their home.
Club Info: One of the measures taken by the provincial government of the Territory of Kazama (now the Province of Himawari) when the Hinodejin started to populate that land, was the foundation of a quality football club that could match up to the Hinodejin standards.
The team in question was named Kazama Central FC, playing out of a makeshift stadium during their first season of football, they proceeded to play at the 2051's edition of the Trophy of Eden, serving as the tournament's hosts out of the freshly built Kazama Main Stadium.
The Centrals proceeded to perform surprisingly well at that Trophy of Eden, taking the title home (via some "goddamn terrible refereeing", according to Dokutana Tourism's Satoru Miura after the game where his team let them win from a penalty shot) and soon enough becoming the team that the Territory of Kazama would support.
Said a team is a current-day Kazama Juniver, the team with the silver spoon, as some have since called them. Not a bad team by any regards, they were in the KiHi-League back when teams like Mothra Megoni, Catalle Goshirama, Reiku Wasserantis and Penagrine Mayane were regular faces there.
But they weren't an "organic team". With this in mind, the then Kazama Northern Village spearheaded a merger with a large group of teams from the northern zone of Kazama to form the team that would, indeed, climb the ranks the way they should be climbed: North Kazama United was born in 2064.
NKU's first season was as a member of the Central Hinode League, where they ended up seeing a rather disappointing 10th out of 17 as Bengali Tora were crowned champions and would, eventually, find themselves as KiHi-League 4 members. Legendary, of course, was their infamous 2072 season, where after hiring a "shaman" to manage the team, NKU found themselves as the worst team in all of the Central Hinode League's two tiers, including friendly losses to a Karimarikawa Village Team and the Mashu Elite HS squad that was travelling through Himawari at the time.
The team from North Kazama would, at last, find success and national exposure at the 2126 season, having just won the Central Hinode League's top tier after all that vitriol. This all would culminate in their first appearance at the top tier in 2132, as the team blasted through pretty much all of the other divisions underneath the KiHi-League.
Things would probably have gone downhill after that, once NKU failed to keep their best players, all homegrown talent that moved off to play in the best teams of the Empire instead of keeping things running at NKU, but the team would find solace at new sponsors KUJO, who have since helped the plucky, revolutionary team out of North Kazama to become regulars of the Hinodejin top tier.
For this season... You have not read this wrong. North Kazama just loaned one of their players to their legitimate rivals. If there was any doubt about how far we have come on Hinodejin football, this is the proper answer: the bigger rival got a loanee from a player at the smaller rival that so happens to be on the top tier.
Earth-shattering moments aside, KUJO Express' investments have paid off handsomely as players that were acquired for free have since turned out into solid pieces for NKU. Upfront, Iskandervale-born Sana Asori and local talent Murai Kida remain from the attack that led NKU to CEdC participation while benching arguably quality forward Mashiro Akiba.
Using a diamond formation in the middle, we have a notable player in Eurynomile Kyunishakuga (a former van Caan lister), an Equestrian prospect in Pitter Patter while the other two are complementing players, the experienced Sorai Yoichi and focused Kisho Ichioka. The bench features some interesting players, mostly offensive pieces such as the two highly rated Futurnian midfielders Mihály Juhász (transferred for 1M Hc$ out of Azavarok's Héczi Menecsek) and Massimiliano Nardovino (transferred for 2M Hc$ from his hometown's Viola Calcio) to local talents such as Kim Ji-Min and Seishiro Wada.
Defensively, they're slightly limited: Bryan Heads is still a fairly good defender by all accounts and Sokoryu Hirokawa is a pretty good goalie on his way to retirement, but that's about it. Ishtar Curran might be a pretty good replacement on the net but then the foreign cap would come to rear its' ugly head.
NKU is expected to perform decently but not a title contender. Way better than what they used to get not too long ago, at least.

"Bounce, Rock, Move to the Side"

Kanshiro, Nishikoku
Last Season: 6th Place
Stadium: Kanshiro Hopper Road (35,000)
Titles: 1x Trophy of Eden (2095), 4x KiHi-League (2117, 2118, 2121, 2132), 2x KiHi-League 2 (2106, 2115), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2096), 4x Jewel of the Déesses (2116, 2117, 2118, 2129), 1x Traveller's Trophy (2140)
- Starters -
GK Seinosuke YOSHIHAMA (32 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB CHON Eun-Chae (31 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Madoka MATSUDA (23 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Iskar SERKET (27 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Morgan OAKENFOUR (20 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Taki MUSASHINO (21 y/o, RB/DM, HIN)
RM PYO Hyun-Su (31 y/o, CM/RM, HIN)
LM HYONG Hye-Young (29 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Minka MUNROE (22 y/o, OM, MOR)
CF HYON Seung-Hee (29 y/o, CF, HIN)
- Bench -
HONG Byong-Ho (26 y/o, GK, HIN)
MI Min-Su (28 y/o, RB, HIN)
RA Min-Yung (30 y/o, CB, HIN)
IM Jong-Soo (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
RYANG Eun-Hye (28 y/o, LB, HIN)
KWOK Hye-Ja (30 y/o, DM, HIN)
Asaj SOTELO (35 y/o, CM/RM, COS)
RI Seok-Hwon (26 y/o, LM, HIN)
MUN Seo-Joon (22 y/o, OM, HIN)
IM Hee-Chul (23 y/o, CF, HIN)
Stephanie MUNROE (22 y/o, ST, MOR)
Kyo KUMAHARA (22 y/o, ST, HIN)
Name Reason: A granddaughter of one player from the Mardi Lopunnies, the Sunrisian Club of the Century according to UICA, established the club before the court officially moved to Kanshiro, annexing that state into the Empire.
Club Info: When the Hinodejin entered their current realm, there were many nations scattered across the land. The ones more versed on the Hinodejin history might know of a couple of names (such as Rupertland, the Holy State, the Mittwernian Empire, Wallorea, Monajesca...) but the most notorious one of the bunch, for it opened the Hinodejin Empire's doors to an entirely new continent, Hwangjun.
Based out of the Joseon plains, bordered by a myriad of tribal states that often attacked like bands of rogues, the Hwangjun Kingdom was a proud land but one that had been since chipped away by its' neighbours. Luck had it that they were the first state to reach contact with the Hinodejin, who decided to team up with them and help their war efforts.
This friendship would later become marriage between the leaders of both nations and Hwangju finally joined the Hinodejin Empire fully in 2093. As a sign of goodwill, the capital was relocated from the main island to the Joseon plains.
During the process of Hwangju's adaptation to the Hinodejin culture, football clubs sprung up across the plains, including one formed by one Keiko Sanada, a granddaughter of a former Mardi Lopunnies' player. It wasn't surprising that Kanshiro, together with another seven teams joined the Western Hinode League, once the IHFA asked for ways to introduce football from that part of the Empire.
The 'Punnies from the Plains joined the KiHi-League's ranks in 2096, following a Western Hinode League championship in their second season at that level, finally reaching the top tier in the year of 2102.
They would then yo-yo between the top tier and KiHi-League 2, finding themselves on the top of the Empire at the end of the 2110s. Ever since, the Lopunnies have remained on the top tier, winning silverware here and there. Even after the capital moved away, the Lopunnies remained one of the Empire's most popular teams.
For this season... Life without Sang Kyung-Ja officially started for the Lopunnies as their legend retired last season over concussion woes. The team didn't arm itself with any international talent during the UICA Transfer Window but they did manage to bring in some Futurnians that caught their attention.
The major change in this line-up is the presence of Minka Munroe, one of the Munroe twins that were in the fatidical game where Kyung-Ja called it quits. With this change, the Lopunnies lose quite a bit of flair but win a lot in physicality: Minka Munroe is a fighter first and foremost, taking down anyone that tries to stop her, so she should be an interesting player to watch in the flair-based KiHi-League.
Asaj Sotelo, the Cosumarite that had been a feature of the squad will also see less time than usual as the manager believes it to be wiser to replace him as the starter with a slightly younger Pyo Hyun-Su while Taki Musashino officially owns his main position in the starters. Caipirinha, albeit with her usual struggles with drinking, remains the striker and will probably serve as the team's leader.
Overall, the Lopunnies are a bit different, choosing some of their younger options instead of insisting on the old guard, which means their bench itself is full of experience while their starters should do the running part of the job.
I don't see them as champions but they should be better than what one would think a team would be without their best player in ages.

"Trash it, Change it, Mail - Upgrade It"

Tentai City, Tentai
Last Season: 7th Place
Stadium: Tentai National Stadium (67,100)
Titles: 1x Trophy of Eden (2131), 1x KiHi-League 2 (2139), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2134), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2133), 1x The Jewel of the Déesses (2140)
- Starters -
GK Iona MIZUKARA (19 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Athena MATSUDAIRA (22 y/o, RB/RM, HIN)
CB THENER (26 y/o, DF, DAI)
CB Wong FEI (21 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Fang XUE (24 y/o, LB/LM, HIN)
DM Eleanora SCHERER (31 y/o, DM, NPH) [CAPTAIN]
RM Alois UNDERWOOD (28 y/o, RM, EFL)
CM Ruan HUET (24 y/o, CM, THU)
LM Hinata AZUMA (21 y/o, LM, HIN)
CF Sayaka NIIKARA (26 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Bobby SAURO (39 y/o, ST, DAI)
- Bench -
Koyengquahtah JIANG (20 y/o, GK, KAN)
Jiang HUO (36 y/o, RB, HIN)
Vince PARKER (22 y/o, CB, NWH)
Lin YIN (35 y/o, LB, HIN)
Minma RUNGJU (19 y/o, DM, HIN)
PIPPI (38 y/o, MID, DAI)
Keitaro URASHIMA (21 y/o, RM, HIN)
Étaín Ó DUBHTHAIGH (22 y/o, OM, KIR)
D'Stanleric OSEGUEDA (23 y/o, CF, AUD)
Pamala CROFT (34 y/o, ST, HIN)
Name Reason: The name Astros was based after the city's nickname (both under the Miang dynasty and Hinodejin rule) of "the Celestial Capital". Astro is the prefix for words such as Astronomy, all related to the stars, therefore, celestial bodies.
Club Info: The Astros are one of the youngest teams in the top tier, having been formed in 2128 out of the ashes of the Mui Cosmetics amateur football team, with the idea of promoting a strong football team for the Empire's newest capital.
Of course, we need to start things out from the start. Laixiang was the capital of the Miang Dynasty, a large state on the Wuxia Grasslands. On its' glorious days, the Miang had large ports (Makong and Kwantong), massive farms and were well-run by the Celestial Emperor, a mythical figure.
The Miang had a terrible history with the Hinodejin Empire. Originally, neighbours that could become a threat as soon as the Empire advanced through the north of the planet, they supported traitor Tsufumi Hide, a noble that murdered Queen Mai, one of the many Hinodejin leaders that left their mark on the empire.
Once the rebels were done with, Queen Tomoyo, leader of the Sakura Division that was responsible for cleaning the Empire from the rebels, set the Miang as their rivals, a nation that all Queens should aim towards adding to the Empire via either the pen or the sword, although preferably the latter.
What followed, were twenty-four years of near-constant warfare, the Hinodejin doing all sorts of things to their newly found enemies, forcing smaller rebel states to spring from the once glorious Empire and, finally, push the Miang Empire to their capital.
Liaxiang would be under siege for three months, during which the Celestial Emperor was revealed to be mostly a ruse: the current Celestial Emperor was a two-year-old boy. The Celestial Capital was taken over, the boy was sent to the Main Island to be educated into the Hinodejin system and the remains of the city were remodelled into Tentai-shi, before turning into the current capital of the Empire, Tentai.
Under the name of Mui Cosmetics, the Astros were a team that supported the beggars of the town, something that Queen Tomoyo also made sure to take care of, as she believed that the survivors deserved a better life.
The Astros joined the Hinodejin pyramid in 2129, joining the Central Hinode League, which they ended up winning, thus ensuring their entrance to the KiHi-League's tiers.
What followed would be a decade of progress, the Astros often loaning players from bigger teams to find themselves on the top tier as soon as possible, something that would, at last, happen.
Currently, the Astros are looking for the crown of Hinodejin football, the KiHi-League trophy, and will stop at nothing to get it.
For this season... The Astros made good on their promise of being a competitive team once they finally found their way into the top tier of the Empire after years of coming just short of the promotion.
Albeit local talent still feels rather short, only two players in the starters were born in the Tentai region, after all, this team used their budget on pretty interesting ways, snapping up players on frees in the past before blowing up a sizeable bounty on Futurnian hopefuls.
Ruan Huet, a Thunisian international, made the move from his homeland to fit directly as the team's center-midfielder, allowing them not to rely on the ageing Pippi or the... well, unreliable Ludovico.
Their medallions remain a thing, however: Bobby Sauro is the Astros' main striker once again, being helped by Sayaka Niikara of the famous Niikara family while Eleanora Scherer retains her captainship at the team as well.
The bench itself sees some of the people the Astros brought over from Futurnia, including Koyengquahtah Jiang from Kanteshima, Vince Parker from North Wheatley and Étaín Ó Dubhthaigh from Kirkillia while still keeping some of their more useful players.
Remaining a competitive team is a certainty for the Astros, but the title might still elude them for a good while.

"Gon' Bite The Dust, Can't Fight With Us"

Kamandu, Ando
Last Season: 8th Place
Stadium: Tenkaichi Peak View Field (20,000)
Titles: 1x The Trophy of Eden (2130), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2132), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2131), 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2130), 1x Hinodejin Advance League (2129)
- Starters -
GK Gretel CONISTON (31 y/o, GK, NPH)
RB Taki IZAKI (26 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Miki HOMURA (33 y/o, CB, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
CB Yawara UEMURA (32 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Kura UBUKATA (32 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Saemon OKUYAMA (30 y/o, DM, HIN)
CM Tin KAILAN (21 y/o, CM, HIN)
CM Lam CHUNG (21 y/o, CM, HIN)
OM Toya UEKI (29 y/o, OM, HIN)
CF Akio HIRATA (30 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Tsugumichi KAGA (28 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Ange SHACKELL (29 y/o, GK, NPH)
Ozszát SÁRKÖZI (20 y/o, GK, PAS)
Sergei BARISHYINIKOV (22 y/o, RB, KHO)
Sadatake TAKAHARA (26 y/o, CB, HIN)
Yui SHIGAHATA (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Koichiro NAGAMI (26 y/o, LB, HIN)
Natsuki MAKI (26 y/o, DM, HIN)
Botan MATSUURA (29 y/o, CM, HIN)
Doi KUSUMOTO (30 y/o, CM, HIN)
Noa HONDA (26 y/o, OM, HIN)
Kyoko FUTABA (23 y/o, CF, HIN)
Aeneas IAQUINTA (19 y/o, ST, NRE)
Name Reason: While Kamandu is a usually peaceful region, the team was named after the Hinodejin cult classic movie Kamandu Reaper following a poll by local fans.
Club Info: Originally known as the Kamandu prefectural football team, one of the many teams that served to create entertainment and opportunities for victims of warfare and also to acclimate locals to Hinodejin culture, Reaper Kamandu's professional start was fairly ambitious.
The Reapers entered the professional level in 2126 when Reaper Kamandu joined the Central Hinode League, together with Aturikai Yuria and Golden Lion Andoyama but only made waves the following season when they barely squeezed through a title win that granted them a ticket to join the seventh tier of Hinodejin football.
They went on to spend two seasons at the Hinodejin Advance League before claiming that league's title, followed by the championship at the Hinodejin Challenge League, the KiHi-League 5 and the KiHi-League 4 on a row.
Growth would proceed slowly, the Reapers only promoting from the third tier as the fourth place at the 2134 season before just recently finding themselves at the top tier, following a second-place finish at the KiHi-League 2, only behind Solavista Nagisa.
A KiHi-League side since 2137, Reaper Kamandu is a key part of Ando culture, just don't ask them about that one time they played wearing a jersey that featured the eponymous Kamandu Reaper movie poster from back in the day.
For this season... Last season, Reaper Kamandu came out with rather respectable participation, finding themselves in international club football at the Traveller's Trophy, a tournament where they almost went all the way, bowing out to The Smiths at the Quarter-Finals.
Without the UICA Transfer Window to go look for players, the team from the hills kept a mostly similar squad to the one they fielded last season with only a few signings from the Emirates of Futurnia to strengthen their team's bench options.
Notably, they now have two players that were born in the outskirts of Kamandu playing as starters, both Tin Kailan and Lam Chung having been promoted up to the main team in spite of both Botan Matsuura and Doi Kusumoto. Some believe those are related to financial reasons, as both midfielders were making some noise regarding their contracts.
They still feature their captain in her usual spot, Miki Homura, a stalwart of the Reapers despite not being born in the area the team calls home, has been handling pretty well the height difference and the oxygen distribution in the area.
Honestly, the team's biggest strength remains in the Tenkaichi Peak View Field, where visitants usually struggle due to its' unusual feature of being above the mountains. Not expected to change much from last season, in all fairness.

"Love's Gonna Get You Down"

Minagami, Tsagominagami
Last Season: 9th Place
Stadium: The White Pearl of Minagami (30,000)
Titles: 1x KiHi-League 3 (2125), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2123), 1x The Jewel of the Déesses (2133), 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2117), 1x Hinodejin Advance League (2116)
- Starters -
GK Onishi KAGUNO (34 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Akyo HAYASHI (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Isamu TAKAHASHI (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Hushi MARUKO (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Tseya KOGOMO (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Kouki KAWAGUCHI (23 y/o, LB, HIN)
CM Beatrix ASTERIGES (27 y/o, CM, HIN)
CM Björk THORSSEN (17 y/o, CM, NYJ)
OM Yami KOBAYASHI (27 y/o, OM, HIN)
ST KREW (34 y/o, ST, DAI)
ST Damian HARBOUR (35 y/o, ST, NPH) [CAPTAIN]
- Bench -
Miya KOMANO (22 y/o, GK, HIN)
Hyosuke ONISHI (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
Anthony NGUYEN (28 y/o, CB, ETN)
JARDEL (20 y/o, CB, SMM)
Kimmy CHING (19 y/o, CB, KAR)
Myutisha KARUMON (36 y/o, LB, HIN)
Nyleana GLADHEND (23 y/o, DM, ESK)
Anastasia SHIMA (22 y/o, RM, HIN)
Horya ANTONYUU (24 y/o, CM, HIN)
Nikomaru FIRIPO (22 y/o, LM, HIN)
Amaterasu SHINIGAMI (24 y/o, CF, HIN)
Suzu ONAGA (31 y/o, ST, HIN)
Name Reason: Minagami is the home of a lollipop company, responsible for, among other brands of sweets, the Rainbow Mika, a blue and white lollipop.
Club Info: Annexed by the Empire at the year of 2111, Tsagominami's cold weather made for an interesting contrast with the sport of football. The team itself, like many others that were formed not too long after the annexation of a province, was created to give opportunities for locals to find themselves a new career away from their usual jobs.
Mika Minagami was founded in 2113 under the name of the Minagami Football Club, but soon enough found themselves associated with local candy company (founded by a noble from the old Moshiya Kingdom, no less) Mika's Sweets. The team would originally be called the Rainbow Mika Minagami, but the name was shortened to simply Mika Minagami once they joined the Golden Road Football League, one of the official lower regional leagues of the Hinodejin pyramid.
The team turned out to be pretty successful in its' first attempt at clawing into the pyramid, winning the Golden Road title out of the gate.
With repeated investment from the local displaced nobles, Mika Minagami became a force to be reckoned with... up until the point they reached the top tier of the Empire at the end of the year of 2126, following a KiHi-League 2 runner-up finish behind Hwoarang Seidoshi.
They did alternate from having some really good seasons, like an unprecedented fifth place in the top tier at the 2128 season to the bottom slots with maybe three or four midtable finishes.
What they really accomplished, however, was helping the ruins where they were based at becoming the city of Minagami, one of the nicest places in the middle of the snowy plains of Central Hinode, offering jobs for the locals at all sorts of positions, not to mention fielding youth training clubs every year, helping a couple of respectable prospects into the youth leagues, so it can't be all that bad.
For this season... Last season, Mika Minagami clinched the final Traveller's Trophy slot at tenth place, edging out the notable Honeyame Anitas in the process. Outside of the Empire, however, the team struggled and found themselves eliminated to Solar de Mayo champions, Las Heras.
One could say that Mika Minagami was one of the finest beneficiaries from the Futurnian Window when they spent a marginal sum of money to fellow Second Round drop outs Innfødt Maskinen FK from Nyjorkalloid, a newbie to the Futurnian scene, for the rights to field prospect Björk Thorssen as their starter center midfielder.
Despite having a bit of a mean streak (and when we say mean streak, we mean it), Björk was classified as one of the best talents to come out of the Emirates of Futurnia and considering she pushed off Horya Antonyuu from the line-up by sheer presence? She could mean trouble to bigger teams in the league.
Another foreigner remains on the team's focus, Damian Harbour, in a tradition of Hinodejin teams lately, is now the team's captain instead of their perennial goalie Onishi Kaguno. As to whether or not he deserves the role or if it's just the belief that letting a Nepharim do the job is best for business, it's unknown.
Thanks to their new wonderkid, there's a good chance the team from Minagami might amount to more than they did last season. Sure as hell won't lose to Las Heras at the Traveller's Trophy again.

"Don't Know If In The Morning I Will Be Here"

Honeyame, Mido-Hinode
Last Season: 10th Place
Stadium: Mizumaru Peak View Field (15,000)
Titles: 1x The Trophy of Eden (2105), 1x Hindejin Challenge League (2105)
- Starters -
GK HAN Ji-Hun (33 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Krishnamurta SOGESHITA (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Etishi KARU (25 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Lyn PARTISAN (32 y/o, LB, NPH)
DM Mitsi AIBA (31 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Kristiei INAMOTO (26 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Abdul Wadood LE GALL (22 y/o, CM, EFL)
LM Hirano YUNJIMARU (32 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Sepp HOBSON (36 y/o, OM, NPH) [CAPTAIN]
CF Teru ODA (32 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Tsui AIRUI (31 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Harui KUNARU (25 y/o, GK, HIN)
Monroe LUQUE (34 y/o, RB, NSI/NPH)
Cendrillon AUSTIN-BISSON (22 y/o, CB, THU)
Benedicto VINCUNE (22 y/o, LB, EFL)
Mikhaël MADSEN (19 y/o, DM, NYJ)
Rena SHIMIZU (17 y/o, RB/RM, KEN)
Ben KISUMARU (33 y/o, CM, HIN)
Shiro HANDA (29 y/o, CM, HIN)
Nadane ERI (31 y/o, LM, HIN)
Ayane MOSHIKA (26 y/o, OM, HIN)
Koji BUKITO (28 y/o, CF, HIN)
Agito SAKAZAKI (29 y/o, ST, HIN)
Name Reason: The team was named after the Anitas, a sort of girl scout club that saw work during the days of the Midgard Kingdom.
Club Info: Those with a passable knowledge of Hinodejin history are aware that once upon a time, there was a Kingdom called Midgard.
To better integrate Midgard into the sphere of influence of the Hinodejin, the province acquired by the Empire to guarantee safety for their allies in the border of the Kingdom would see the start of the Mido-Hinodejin Football League.
Among the inaugural teams of the Mido-Hinodejin Football League was the team from a Buddhist Temple brought in from the mainland of the Empire, Wu Shu Hi Mii.
While this Buddhist Temple wouldn't last very long in football, as the religion itself never really gained a lot of strength at the western portion of the Empire, their participation at the tournament was a sign that teams without affiliation to the Hinodejin Armed Forces could grow in the League itself, which led to the introduction of, among others, the team based out of members of the Anita Organization.
The Anita Organization was a girl scout club that often recruited at the mainland to help the poor from the Midgard Kingdom and they ended up using the club mostly for conditioning their recruits. Funnily enough, they ended up being good enough to win the 2090's edition of the Mido-Hinodejin Football League.
Once the Empire spread to nearby regions, the Mido-Hinodejin Football League changed names to the Golden Road Football League and teams were now forced to be either professional or move down the pyramid to participate in any amateur leagues nearby. While it'd be fair for the team to go down or just cease operations, the Anitas Organization chose to merge the team with two other clubs that were established nearby (Ka Man Ka and Ya San Tsu), taking the name of Honeyame Anitas as their HQs were located at Honeyame at the time.
The Anitas found themselves at the national level after a 2104 title win in the Golden Road. Their rise wasn't explosive, but they managed to find themselves at the top of the pyramid in 2114, only ten years after they were a national level team and only twelve since professionalization. Ever since, the team has been usually floating between the top tier and the second division, although things have been pretty good for them lately at the top.
For this season... Suffice to say, the Anitas were not happy over their tenth place finish, which saw the team miss out on Futurnian football, something they were almost certain they would get.
Despite finish under their expectations, the lack of participation at the UICA Transfer Window meant that the team had fewer ways to improve themselves at the end of the season, something that would usually mean trouble for teams of lesser standing but the Anitas themselves believe that they do have the team to compete for the top spots.
It's not like they are wrong, Krishnamurta Sogeshita was a Hinodejin national and other players have enough experience at the Hinodejin leagues, not to mention their moments of shine.
Names like Han Ji-Hun and Etishi Karu did see time playing internationally and they still have the likes of Monroe Luque, Le Gall and Sepp Hobson kicking about for that foreigner talent spot, but the only area they really improved was strengthening their bench: they made four signings from the Futurnian clubs, with only Thunisian-born Sydney St-Jean missing the bench.
Maybe it's a matter of luck. Give the Anitas a bit more of luck and they might improve on their finish last season, shame you can't exactly measure luck.
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"Tell My Love Now"

Mashu, Somei-Yoshino
Last Season: 11th Place
Stadium: Mashunigehama Stadium (20,000)
Titles: 1x The Trophy of Eden (2034), 18x KiHi-League (2051, 2052, 2077, 2079, 2083, 2087, 2088, 2089, 2093, 2095, 2098, 2100, 2106, 2108, 2113, 2116, 2125, 2137), 1x KiHi-League 2 (2061), 7x The Jewel of the Déesses (2062, 2069, 2073, 2091, 2098, 2109, 2126)
- Starters -
GK Ryu YOSHIDA (31 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Natsumi YAMAGUCHI (29 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Satomi SHIMIZU (30 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Taphia AISHIN (30 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Benji NAKAMURA (30 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Xeljan OKKANEN (28 y/o, RM, COS)
CM Sindre SAMSTAG (20 y/o, CM, COS)
LM Hannah TRUIDEN (31 y/o, LM, NPH)
OM Tane IEMARA (26 y/o, OM, HIN)
SS Suijin MINAMI (23 y/o, SS, HIN)
ST GANG Hyun-Woo (28 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Kazue SANADA (28 y/o, GK, HIN)
Kenichi MORITAMI (28 y/o, RB, HIN)
Ghola KARIMI (28 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kamalani MIYAKUGA (31 y/o, LB, HIN)
Rikuo NAGANO (27 y/o, DM, HIN)
LI Jianhong (25 y/o, CM, HIN)
Nina KUSANAGI (31 y/o, CM, HIN)
Qiu HAN (23 y/o, OM, HIN)
Samani SOURNE (31 y/o, SS, HIN)
JO Young-Soo (29 y/o, CF, HIN)
Apollon HAYASHI (26 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: Originally known as the Mashu Telephonics, the term Hellowenia is a combination of the word Halloween (which the team applied for as they used to play in orange and black) and the word Hello, which is kind of self-explanatory in the telephony field.
Club Info: One of the biggest teams of the Empire, the Hellowenia started as a professional team in 2037 as one of the inaugural members of the KiHi-League with their first match as a professional team being a 3-1 win against Saturnica Montosuto.
The Hellowenia was originally an amateur team under the name of their sponsors, Mashu Telephonics, arguably one of the finer teams in the state league level before moving to national football with five Somei-Yoshino State League titles. Some critics often note that the Telephonics side was a professional entity with workers being hired specifically to play for the team, but proper enquiries lessened with time and the company itself kept radio silent about the subject.
Surprisingly to people today, the Hellowenia didn't dominate the top tier in the slightest, being mostly a midtable team with good finishes now and then. The team wasn't one to transfer players in from other pro teams, usually recruiting local talent or amateur stars. Eventually, this strategy was mostly figured out and the team went down in 2060, bottoming the table under Hanger Daian (who also went down), the worst ever position the Hellowenia reached in a season.
After a single season in the second tier (which rivals love to give grief over), the team finally assumed its' position as the strong side it currently is, funded by friendly sponsors and usually have a pretty good eye towards talent.
For this season... For a team of the level of the Hellowenia, failing to qualify for even the Traveller's Trophy is an insult. They finished at the eleventh place last season, yet they re-signed their manager, the always criticized Kenzo Iwazaki, at the end of the season for another three years.
Iwazaki has come under fire for his belief that his current line-up doesn't need any improvement and that their misfortunes were on a sincere lack of luck. Like usual, the Hellowenia went ahead and bought in three prospects, all of the three being under-21 players from respected Futurnian clubs.
The problem, at least to most experts on the subject, it's that the Hellowenia's squad is ageing and there isn't a replacement for some players. Samstag is the only starter of the team who is under-21 and the only other two players behind the age of twenty-five are Suijin Minami and Qiu Han.
Many of these players are, of course, good but the team might have reached its' apex already and any seasons after that, as is, will see only diminishing returns.
Hopefully, this is the moment where Iwazaki realizes his mistakes, but considering all three players they signed up went on loan back to their home teams... yeah, not a fan of what might happen to the Hellowenia.

"Let's Be Friends, I'm Mimikyu"

Kuremura, Himawari
Last Season: 12th Place
Stadium: Kuremura Town Municipal Stadium (12,500)
Titles: 1x KiHi-League (2076), 3x KiHi-League 2 (2073, 2101, 2110), 1x KiHi-League 3 (2072), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2071), 1x The Jewel of the Déesses (2080), 1x Central Hinode League (2070)
- Starters -
GK Hidetoshi AGANO (34 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Shimei UTSUNOMIYA (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Chikafusa UDA (31 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Eichi SOGA (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Taki TOKUDA (36 y/o, LB, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
DM Isaak MATTSSON (23 y/o, DM, EQS)
RM Georgia EDZILL (24 y/o, RM, SCT)
LM Iako UBUKATA (31 y/o, LM, HIN)
RW Ramóna BOGNÁR (20 y/o, RW, PAS)
ST Asahi HIRABAYASHI (31 y/o, ST, HIN)
LW MOON Joon (24 y/o, CF/LW, HIN)
- Bench -
Camilla KASAPILIS (23 y/o, GK, NPH)
Takeru MISHIMA (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
Stephen RADCLIFFE (25 y/o, CB, AUD)
Jingyi ZHANG (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Arushanutsu ARIMANI (23 y/o, LB, HIN)
Ishi MAKI (33 y/o, DM, HIN)
Jurou FUJIMOTO (24 y/o, RM, HIN)
Haneul CHOE (31 y/o, CM, HIN)
Akira WATANABE (22 y/o, LM, HIN)
HAI Fan (31 y/o, OM, HIN)
Kirisoma WITAMURA (31 y/o, ST, HIN)
Gabriel FENTLY (24 y/o, ST, SCT)

Name Reason: The name is a relic to the team's origin when they were deemed the lesser team under Kuremura Pikachus, an amateur team that no longer exists. The name remained with them since then.
Club Info: Formerly an amateur team from the town of Kuremura, Mimikyu Kuremura joined the ranks of professional football at the 2067 season.
Before that, they were considered the lesser side of Kuremura, but shrewd business sense and a couple of good moves in the financial side of things saw the team thrive despite their standing at their town.
Once the team managed to win the Central Hinode League, thus ensuring a slot at the fourth division of Hinodejin football, the KiHi-League 4, their crosstown rivals ceased to exist, further cementing the Mimikyus as Kuremura's team.
They then had a meteoric rise from the lower leagues, culminating in their single KiHi-League title in 2076. Ever since then, they floated between the first and second division of the Empire.
Funnily enough, thanks to the popularity of the Pokémon they named themselves after, it's rather common for the team that was once in the shadows of a Pikachu are now being way more loved than the dime or dozen teams inside the Empire named after the notorious Pikachu.
For this season... One of the teams that looked towards the Transfer Window to get themselves any plausible youth talent, the Mimikyus are still waiting for them to properly become what their potential established.
With that in mind, one has to admit they're pretty bold: even in the Futurnian window, the team failed to bring anyone besides a prospect by the name of Cloud Summers from North Wheatley, who was then promptly sent back to his home country for seasoning.
Their captain this season is soon-to-be retired Taki Tokuda, a long-time servant of the club that was plucked up from a local youth team back in the day. This might also be the last season of Hidetoshi Agano, who picked up injuries last season and will probably be phased out for Nepharim goalie Camilla Kasapilis.
Another notable bit of news is that Georgia Edzill finally finds herself as a starter for the club. She had fallen a bit off the radar for the manager's tastes and after an ultimatum, she was given the chance to play as a starter over a retiring Ming China.
They might improve, depending on how good Georgia Edzill turns out to be, but that's not a guarantee.

"You Can Call Me Queen Bee"

Honeyame, Mido-Hinode
Last Season: 13th Place
Stadium: Honeyame Main Field (19,000)
Titles: 3x The Trophy of Eden (2101, 2102, 2103), 1x KiHi-League (2109), 2x KiHi-League 2 (2108, 2117), 1x KiHi-League 3 (2107), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2105), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2104), 2x The Jewel of the Déesses (2112, 2124), 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2103)
- Starters -
GK Teru HANOI (37 y/o, GK, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
RB Yako BIKYITSU (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Rune KAREMON (25 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Alanley DI BIASI (26 y/o, CB/LB, HIN)
LB Varis EIJI (29 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Ruqayya LENNON (22 y/o, DM, EFL)
CM Wei YU (24 y/o, CM, HIN)
OM Katarina MASHURI (29 y/o, OM, HIN)
CF Kesha MAONO (32 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Joe PNISHI (22 y/o, ST, ETN)
ST June GARDOT (33 y/o, ST, USI)
- Bench -
Kari TERIMARU (21 y/o, GK, HIN)
Natu HAJIROME (36 y/o, RB, HIN)
Niiyi ARUBERUMON (22 y/o, CB, HIN)
Christine ECCLESTONE (21 y/o, CB, MOR)
Oyo KOGA (24 y/o, LB, HIN)
Korane BUROME (32 y/o, DM, HIN)
Sammy ROLFE (19 y/o, DM, NWH)
Matthias HOLLYSSON (18 y/o, CM, NYJ)
Susaeta EXTEITA (27 y/o, OM, ASU)
Airyu BIITO (22 y/o, CF, HIN)
Shirene HUI (31 y/o, ST, HIN)
Rei MIHARU (21 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: The name Q-Bee is a carryover from the two teams that merged to create them: both Hornet and Honeybee Brigades are sections of the Hinodejin Armed Forces and answered (at the time) to a Queen.
Club Info: Like most current day teams from Mido-Hinode, the Q-Bees' origins hail from the Hinodejin occupation of the territory, serving as a barrier for the fallen Kingdom of Midgard that had dealt with (and suffered) from foreign aggression.
Because of this, life at Mido-Hinode wasn't exactly deemed normal, yet the state itself looked for ways for people to unwind, which was one of the reasons why several Brigades and Divisions of the Hinodejin Armed Forces had football clubs, that soon joined the Mido-Hinodejin league.
When professionalism came to town, two Brigade teams (Hornet and Honeybee) agreed to merge and pursue the dream of playing with the big clubs of the empire. Because of this, the team retained a certain style of play, forceful and usually devoted to the betterment of oneself.
Like many clubs in the past, they had their own meteoric rise, claiming several bits of silverware across the tables, including an impressive three titles in a row at the Trophy of Eden and a group of promotions on a row that saw themselves winning the KiHi-League, introducing the Empire to the traditional workhorse brand of football played at Mido-Hinode.
Despite not being the powerhouse they were for that brief season, Q-Bee is one of the Empire's traditional top tier teams by now, having established themselves as a respectable team even at their worse.
For this season... A mid-table finish for a team that wasn't deemed impressive, with players that can certainly be something in the future (Ruqayya Lennon comes to mind) and players that never really seemed to reach their apex and that description fits June Gardot, their captain.
The tale of the tape for this season is Teru Hanoi's upcoming retirement. Q-Bee's number 1 has been playing as the starter for the Q-Bees since joining the team at age 20 and his role as the team's captain this season is more of a reward than actual leadership.
That said, the team did find some interesting pieces in the Futurnian market, mostly bench pieces in Matthias Hollysson and Sammy Rolfe, but you never know with players that come from Futurnian teams, they might take over at some point.
Some say that the team is probably going to sell Susaeta Etxeita next window, despite the foreign cap allowing them to play the center midfielder, Sunrisians and Ethanians technically don't count towards the foreigner cap but they believe that the player isn't good enough.
Honestly, for Hanoi's final season, it's not expected that they'll overperform but they're at least in the middle of the pack.

"Help Me Up Move Right, Left Foot Forward"

Yiantsame, Minamirin
Last Season: 14th Place
Stadium: Yiantsame City Stadium (17,000)
Titles: 1x Trophy of Eden (2087), 2x KiHi-League (2094, 2112), 3x KiHi-League 2 (2093, 2123, 2136), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2091), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2090), 1x Jewel of the Déesses (2101)
- Starters -
GK Huan WONG (33 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Shun MIZUI (31 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Nuan MEE-SONG (27 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Kerimya SATOMIKISHIMA (26 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Yawen CHEN (31 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Granz-Maëdel DE CHARLOT (23 y/o, CB/DM/CM, HIN)
CM Björn TENNESSON (19 y/o, CM, NYJ)
OM Tulipa HEEMSTRA (15 y/o, OM, BLO)
RW Kensuke MITAGARU (32 y/o, RW, HIN)
ST Thorn CRONIN (33 y/o, ST, BRE)
LW Yaling ZHANG (30 y/o, LW, HIN)
- Bench -
Takei IISHIDA (24 y/o, GK, HIN)
Shitanuya NAKORUMU (24 y/o, RB, HIN)
Yeshui NISHIZAKI (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Marie Louise HANADA (19 y/o, CB, MAR)
Nitsatatsi KARUMYA (28 y/o, LB, HIN)
Saraya NATSUBA (26 y/o, RM, HIN)
Kenimishima HANAMI (27 y/o, CM, HIN)
Mina KISHIO (26 y/o, LM, HIN)
Enishi TEGGI (25 y/o, RW, HIN)
Riri MATYUI (33 y/o, ST, HIN)
Aryakina YITERUI (24 y/o, ST, HIN)
Amanya YESUGI (23 y/o, LW, HIN)

Name Reason: An urban legend from Minamirin was of a Jiang-shi named Hsien-Ko that would travel throughout the city at night, helping lost people find their way back home in exchange for an apple.
Club Info: Interestingly, a regular feature of the top tier of the Hinodejin Empire's league was a founding member of the Western Hinode League's... second division.
In 2087, the province of Minamirin was still reeling from the impacts of the War of the Northern Tribes that brought in their province into the fold while the Hinodejin kept the Hwangju Kingdom from murdering everyone there as revenge for their previous attacks.
That is the moment where teams like Hsien-Ko Yiantsame are formed, where Hinodejin businessmen arrive at provinces that are currently struggling and create teams, usually manned by the widows and orphans of the war, who then serve to create a sort of basis for the local economy together with measures ordered by the Hinodejin government.
While not the most famous example of a "Widow's Club" (that'd be the Wakamatsu Bellas, the first example of a Widow's Club formed after the Daimozono Wars), Hsien-Ko Yiantsame turned out to be one of the most successful teams of the bunch, including two KiHi-League titles.
For this season... A downer run last season saw the team from Yiantsame perform rather poorly, finishing in fourteenth place.
To rebuild themselves, they took a good look at the Futurnian window and found two great players in Björn Tennesson and Tulipa Heemstra.
These players match up with an ageing side but also their captain, Granz-Maëdel de Charlot, still the finest player to ever represent the team.
Brenecian Thorn Cronin is set up as the team's captain as they believe that she should have the experience to do so... despite her being as old as the team's goalkeeper Huan Wong.
This team should perform better than last season, assuming Tennesson and Heemstra take to the pace and style of Hinodejin football quickly.

"It Gets Better"

Hokuto, Somei-Yoshino
Last Season: 15th Place
Stadium: Hokuto Tower Park (20,000)
Titles: 1x KiHi-League (2103), 1x KiHi-League 2 (2092), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2088), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2087)
- Starters -
GK Liam REES (37 y/o, GK, EUR)
RB Anishi MAKISHINO (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Everett SEYMOUR (39 y/o, CB, COS) [CAPTAIN]
CB Rosamonde SQUIRES (29 y/o, DF, EFL)
LB Sofia MAKISHINO (31 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Kira KUNA (23 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Akio NAGOYA (33 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Blair MYUURYA (24 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Chiyoko UENO (31 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Gwanii KOKOI (31 y/o, OM, HIN)
ST Karim MURADOV (19 y/o, ST, YAN)
- Bench -
XI Zhenlong (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
Ine WAKAIZUMI (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
Aki FUJIOKA (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
Shiguru IINORUI (24 y/o, LB, HIN)
Ryuunosuke YAMAGUCHI (36 y/o, DM, HIN)
Tsorui ATARI (22 y/o, RM, HIN)
Nino TSUKEMONO (33 y/o, CM, HIN)
CHUNG Han-Eul (23 y/o, LM, HIN)
Misa-Misa SHIBASHINA (22 y/o, OM, HIN)
Kyushi MYAN (24 y/o, CF, HIN)
Riri KORYULA (31 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: A splinter club from the old Constelado Hokuto, they named themselves Rangers as a way to antagonize the club that was allowed to keep Constelado's history, the Hokuto Senateurs. Having the grandson of a Matthew City Rangers player as one of their founders certainly helped matters.
Club Info: Time for a lesson on Hinodejin history, Hokuto was the first-ever capital of the Hinodejin Empire despite the existence of a bigger city called Hinode a mere 500 kilometres away.
The reasoning behind naming Hokuto the capital city of the Empire was historical, for a man named Hokuto was key in ensuring the survival of the Hinodejin, so say the Books of Arceusian History. Unfortunately, he passed away from injuries before we arrived in this realm, hence why the city was named after him and the first-ever queen, Satomi, chose to have her castle be built at the city.
Unfortunately for Hokuto, the city was poorly placed geographically and most of the diplomatic affairs of the Empire were handled at nearby Hinode, which meant that Hokuto itself wasn't very important besides the castle and businesses at the city existed mostly to entertain whichever queen reigned at the time.
Hokuto took it bad once Queen Mai chose to move the capital from Hokuto to Kanshiro, at the former Hwangju Kingdom lands which were a measure to properly integrate those lands into the Empire. Business went down massively at the city, violence wasn't uncommon, the city saw both their hockey (Hokuto Courtmen) and basketball (the first Hokuto Bullets) teams controversially depart the city, but nothing was more controversial than the infamous Constelado Hokuto meetings of 2086.
The board of directors of the club had received an offer from a group of businessmen from the former Hwangju Kingdom to move the team across the pond, a thing that had never happened before in Hinodejin football.
When the move was deemed immoral by half of the board, the half backing the idea chose to break away from the club and work in the creation of a team in those plains, although Kanshiro itself would soon be represented by the Lopunnies (who have no tie to this group).
While the rest of the board was devoted to keeping the team alive, fans turned their back to the club once the news came out and soon enough, the club found itself debt-ridden. Eventually, a judge called it quits on Constelado Hokuto and the team was declared bankrupt.
The remaining members of the board, however, chose to start a new club but soon found themselves divided due to bad blood from both sides during the legal dispute, which culminated in two teams, one of those being the Hokuto Rangers.
Currently, both teams from Hokuto aren't exactly prime material but the Rangers have a better standing over their rivals financially, but not by much.
For this season... Despite not accomplishing anything last season, there were a lot of chuckles with the realization that they overperformed their main rivals in the table.
With this in mind, they didn't change a lot of things, trusting their foreign slots to a trio of experienced defensive players, Liam Rees of Eura in the net, Everett Seymour of Cosumar and Rosamonde Squires of Eastfield Lodge in the backline.
The team as a whole is ageing fast but changes have certainly been made: Yangiers-born promising forward Karim Muradov took over the role of striker from Riri Koryula after her rather disastrous season upfront while Ryuunosuke Yamaguchi saw his position as starter being dropped thanks to a season filled with injuries with Kira Kuna being his immediate replacement.
They went to the Futurnian market as well, bringing other good players but the only name you'll see this season besides Muradov is Noriberto, a thirty-year-old goalie that might be brought in whenever Liam Rees is tired of getting blasted in the face with balls.
If Muradov lives up to his promise, the Rangers could do better but this isn't a team that screams championship material.

"Chelsea, Chelsea, I believe"

Hinode, Somei-Yoshino
Last Season: 16th Place
Stadium: Hinode City People's Stadium (23,500)
Titles: 3x KiHi-League (2050, 2068, 2073), 2x KiHi-League 2 (2049, 2097), 1x KiHi-League 3 (2048), 1x Jewel of the Déesses (2049)
- Starters -
GK Raito SHIKAMARU (34 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Yoshihiro SUZUKI (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Sadamaru SAKAMOTO (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Tsubasa NANIKAWA (31 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Tsuki NYANESHIGA (22 y/o, DM, HIN)
CM OISHI (23 y/o, MID, DAI)
CM Myu SAZAHARA (24 y/o, CM, HIN)
OM Ryu KUJO (22 y/o, OM, HIN)
RW Mita RINUMURA (31 y/o, RW, HIN)
ST Atlas HANABE (31 y/o, ST, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
LW Satomi SHIRAKI (31 y/o, LW, HIN)
- Bench -
Dai YUNLONG (22 y/o, GK, HIN)
Gwitheryn KIRILL (37 y/o, RB, MBT)
Kalin THEROMEI (21 y/o, CB, ESK)
Maki TSUKINIGAME (23 y/o, LB, HIN)
Tahenkhau AMENEMHOTEP (20 y/o, DM, ANU)
Toryuu MASAI (33 y/o, CM, HIN)
Naomi AGUNI (24 y/o, CM, HIN)
KYU Hyong-Bo (31 y/o, OM, HIN)
Shinosuke TADAHARA (22 y/o, RW, HIN)
Sun KANG (24 y/o, LW, HIN)

Name Reason: Formed as the amateur team for Raideniwa Manga Works, the team chose to name themselves after their most popular manga, Shiranui Rose, where a kunoichi of the same name would obtain revenge on those that destroyed her clan.
Club Info: Before the establishment of a professional main tier, the regional leagues presented an interesting prospect: companies could get exposure if they sponsored a football team and even more exposure if they were successful.
Having been recently laid off from their former manga house, Raiden Toyomaru and Hitomi Maniwa decided to establish their own business and, in a sea of small manga houses sprinkled across the land, decided to use the Somei-Yoshino state league as a platform to obtain exposure.
There was just a small problem with that, however, that being that the State Leagues were no longer the hottest game in town. The KiHi-League wasn't just there already, they were already expanding their divisions to introduce more professional teams and competition as a whole in the state leagues started to lose a lot of power as a result of teams making the jump.
This was a double-edged sword for the company's efforts: Somei-Yoshino had one of the highest turnouts of teams as a result of the state being football's hotbed for the past couple of decades and with every season, competition would get easier but also less interesting for the common eye. Their mission was to win the State League as soon as possible, which they did, claiming it in 2046.
They then went through the 2047 edition of the Trophy of Eden, which under the rules back then, they'd have to go through a group of six teams, all fellow state champions with the exception of a team from the host city (Izakuchi, Tsutsuji) and then perform well at an additional group of six where all teams would be examined in several categories before finally getting the nod to join the league.
And they managed to do well enough, barely scraping into the top three of their Group, where Sadamitsu City Sports Club (currently Mokujin Sadamitsu) and the host side Izakuchi Electric Company (currently Izakuchi Electabuzz) while the second group saw them get second place, joining the professional pyramid as Hinode Shiranui, naming themselves after Raideniwa Manga Works' first major manga series.
In the end, the club performed reasonably enough but their main goal, getting Raideniwa Manga Works out there was a massive success. Although the team's ties with the company are no longer as strong as they used to, collaborations between the club and the Manga House remain a thing, whether or not the team is struggling at the lower leagues or, like these days, a feature at the top tier.
For this season... Last season wasn't that bad for the Shiranui's usual expectations as they had to deal with the decisions of both Uerlisson and Raphael Xodó that, despite their stats still being pretty good, they were planning on retirement. The team did manage to convince them to stay for another season but both of these talents are probably looking at Negolossauro Rex and realizing they could be managers by now.
The only condition the duo had was that this meant they should be in the bench, not playing those pesky ninety minutes. This means the rather unprepared trio of Mita Rinumura, Atlas Hanabe and Satomi Shiraki were pushed into the starter roles and... yeah, not a good trio over there.
With that in mind, manager Naoto Odashima probably knew best and made his team into a bit of a defensive powerhouse, bringing a lot of youth to work hard on keeping this team from getting scored on too much. Futurnian names like Karin Theromei (the giant Night Elf) and Tahenkhau Amenemhotep (the giant Anubis) await for the opportunity to knock some heads off shoulders in the starting eleven.
Odashima's job is probably safe as this team is expected to end in the middle of the pack again but he better start getting some offensive power in before the board decides they're tired of being a midtable team.

"Black Winter Night Sky"

Miyako, Itari
Last Season: 17th Place
Stadium: Miyako Colosseum (37,500)
Titles: 1x Trophy of Eden (2134), 1x KiHi-League 2 (2138), 1x KiHi-League 3 (2137), 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2134), 1x Golden Road Football League (2132)
- Starters -
GK Haruka ITO (27 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Sukochi INDIZAKU (22 y/o, RB/CB/RM, HIN)
CB MJÖLNA (22 y/o, CB, CRY)
LB Akira NAKAMURA (27 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Natsu TOGUSA (24 y/o, OM/DM, HIN)
CM KIM Syong-Il (22 y/o, CM, HIN)
CM Christian FREI (33 y/o, CM, HIN)
OM Patrizia AMORETTO (24 y/o, OM, HIN)
ST Okami KAMIYA (19 y/o, ST, HIN)
ST Soma IAYOI (24 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Yasu KOBAYASHI (26 y/o, GK, HIN)
Isidore BOLKVADZE (30 y/o, RB, HIN)
Shouhei MAKI (34 y/o, CB, HIN)
Nyrii NORDASSIL (20 y/o, CB, ESK)
MUN Hyeon-Jeong (22 y/o, LB, HIN)
Tarou MIZUSHIMA (26 y/o, DM, HIN)
Nathan CORTOT (22 y/o, DM, THU)
Marie Claire LINDSTROM (18 y/o, RM/CM/LM, HIN)
Momoko FUKUDA (18 y/o, CM/OM, HIN)
Ibuki MINAKAWA (18 y/o, DM/CM/OM, HIN)
Yuina YOSHIDA (36 y/o, ST, HIN)
Yvette GRIMARD (24 y/o, ST, GRT)

Name Reason: Miyako was built from the ashes of a place that was often called the Eternal City. As Miyako itself tried to invoke the image of the city to better integrate itself with whoever remained from the old population of the city, a name for the team couldn't be anything else.
Club Info: The Western portion of the Empire was once a continent known as Romana, a large stretch of land populated by many states, ranging from small city-states to actual empires with all sorts of political entities in the middle of that bar.
One of the most important things to Romana was their religion, Catholicism. It was such an important matter to those lands that they had a piece of land designed specifically to host the head of said religion, the territory of Sanctum Frere. Sanctus Urbem, the holiest city stood as the Eternal Fire, the one that should represent the rights of said religion and men from all part of Romana would defend it against any sort of forces.
Alas, a weakened Romana, reeling from individualism, lust and hunger for power turned out to be ripe pickings for the Hinodejin Empire and Sanctus Urbem found itself nearly destroyed. Under the new name of Miyako, the Hinodejin rebuilt the city, mixing whatever remained of the former glorious city into a solid, glorious new sight.
To go along with these new domains, however, a football club was established, playing out of the Colosseum, the building that had been called by those living in Romana as one of the Treasures of Humanity due to its' size and splendour. After a lot of work (the Colosseum was partially burnt during the battles between the Hinodejin and Sanctum Frere), the new Colosseum was designed as a football stadium and would house the new team, named Eterna Miyako.
As a result, Eterna Miyako is a rather young establishment, working with those who survived the wars to re-establish the city as a prosperous center of business and culture, hence their rather multi-cultural roster and rather... fashionable uniforms.
For this season... If there ever was a makeshift team in the league, it has to be Eterna Miyako.
Hotter weather than usual at Miyako adversely affected their pre-season, only having the Futurnian window meant they were able to pick up some Futurnian players that are competent enough but the rest of the team still has that aspect of not being a great team despite featuring some really promising players.
Promise that they might act on with Okami Kamiya starting after years of Yuina Yoshida being rather underproductive. Other names they picked up back at the other side of the empire like Ibuki Minakawa and Momoko Fukuda could be useful in the future for this team's offence.
Add to that a bit of a scuffle between Sasha Watanabe and Christian Frei over the captain role and you have a bit of chaos that is hard to predict.
Despite being hard to predict, we'll go with the bottom half of the table because it's hard to tell if Okami Kamiya will deliver.

"She's the Queen Of All I've Seen"

Tikaru, Burakuriri
Last Season: 18th Place
Stadium: Mixacotapotec Plaza Field (17,500)
Titles: 3x Trophy of Eden (2060, 2071, 2120), 1x Jewel of the Déesses (2135), 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2120), 1x Northern Hinode League (2118)
- Starters -
GK Nana UTSUNOMIYA (31 y/o, GK, HIN)
CB Mito KYORANAMUU (31 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Momotaro MIKAME (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Misai SAITAMA (31 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Daisuke KONDO (22 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Misha MIRATSUZOMO (32 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Yoshimoto HIROKAGE (22 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Ayuu KAITO (33 y/o, LM, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
OM Jotaro IKEHARA (28 y/o, OM, HIN)
ST Hanna TAKÁTS (20 y/o, ST/LW, PAS)
- Bench -
Nami AKITA (21 y/o, GK, HIN)
Isao SAKIYAMA (26 y/o, RB, HIN)
Ikki HIDESHIZAKI (22 y/o, CB, KEN)
JONES (20 y/o, CB, SMM)
Kuniyoshi TAKETA (28 y/o, LB, HIN)
Ukyo ARA (22 y/o, DM, HIN)
Shina KITAGAKI (21 y/o, RM, HIN)
Hernán FRISCO (20 y/o, CM, SOL)
Mizushiki HIROI (23 y/o, LM, HIN)
FABINHO (29 y/o, OM, USI)
Naosuke TOYOTA (27 y/o, CF, HIN)
Hoitsu ISHIWATA (26 y/o, ST HIN)

Name Reason: The nickname Princesiña is a nod to the institution that got the ball rolling for this team, the Tikarishi College, who was nicknamed "The Princess of Burakuriri's educational system" thanks to their good behaviour and amazing grades.
Club Info: A feature of the Burakuriri State League, Tikarishi College Alumni was established by... well, alumni of the Tikarishi College, a major institution of learning at the time that was considered one of the finest pieces of Burakuriri due to their administration, said by some to be one of the finest to have ever existed.
The club itself was actually more of a distraction than a part-time job but they would eventually take over the role of departing Arceusian team Most Serene Order of the Black Lily, but they soon found themselves competing with opponents that already dreamed of going pro at the Trophy of Eden, thus more or less making them big fans of the idea of going professional themselves.
They would find their dream coming true as of 2060, following their first win of the Trophy of Eden. They did compete regularly in all levels of the pyramid but never really accomplished much, especially once the original members of the club decided to politely walk away from the sport and the club. They dropped out of the radar a mere thirty years after their entry into the pyramid, having only really won another piece of silverware as their 2070 Trophy of Eden win (when the tournament was turned into a domestic cup for teams playing from the third division nationally all the way to the bottom of the regional leagues.
Things, however, took a different turn when Ken Ishibaoka took over the team. A former student of the now rebranded Tikaru College, his administration of the club saw them return from the bottom of the barrel, claiming a title of the Northern Hinode League that would properly revive the club.
These days, Princesiña usually fights in the middle of the table with the prospect of another fall not being too impossible, but they're at least ready to not go down to the regional leagues again.
For this season... Princesiña Tikaru's line-up was good enough last season but they lacked the luck to go far.
Hanna Takáts has since taken over the role of striker despite good enough competition from Naosuke Toyota and Hoitsu Ishiwata while Friedrich debuts as the right-back for this team, a rather promising player as well.
Transfer Window affairs meant that Hernán Frisco, Jones and Ikki Hideshizaki get the opportunity to play for a Hinodejin side in dire need of stars.
Things aren't as bad as you'd expect in this club but it's clear they need some serious help to go back to the top of the table. Probably a better finish than last season, at least.

"Right Through Gravity"

Seidoshi, Uchina
Last Season: 19th Place
Stadium: Uchina Army Training Park (12,000)
Titles: 1x Trophy of Eden (2043), 3x KiHi-League 2 (2045, 2126, 2137), 1x KiHi-League 3 (2109), 3x Jewel of the Déesses (2050, 2065, 2127)
- Starters -
GK Cyril FOFANA (22 y/o, GK, AFT)
RB Aeon CALCOS (28 y/o, RB, HIN)
LB Gavs SOAVE (24 y/o, LB, AUD)
DM Ryûta MATSUMURA (26 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Genta TSUKITATE (26 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Ryôsuke KOJIMA (31 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Chie MATSUDA (29 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Kasumi TOJO (27 y/o, OM, HIN)
CF Tyron DE LA FUENTE (25 y/o, AUD, HIN)
ST Tatsuya SEKINO (34 y/o, ST, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
- Bench -
Anitta KURNIKOVA (22 y/o, GK, KHO)
Seibu TADANARI (19 y/o, RB, HIN)
Sociea TURUL'NHAAN (21 y/o, CB, ESK)
Kenta BUZUSHIMA (19 y/o, LB, HIN)
Hanne HOLBEIN (23 y/o, DM, NYJ)
Matías PALACIOS (19 y/o, DM, SOL)
Keiko SANADA (21 y/o, RM, HIN)
Manabu IAUKEA (18 y/o, RM/CM/LM, HIN)
Seiya MINAMOTO (18 y/o, LM/OM, HIN)
Hong RYE (22 y/o, OM, AUD)
Saffora PHIRESTONE (26 y/o, CF, CCN)
JI Hyun-Jo (26 y/o, ST, TRV)
- Notable Players on Loan -
Valentin KERGOZ (25 y/o, DM, ACR, Loaned to Pinheiros/SMM)

Name Reason: The club named itself after a Joseon-born traveller that introduced them to the art known as Tae Kwon Do. He insisted to call himself Hwoarang and the club decided to take that for their name. He was amused.
Club Info: Hwoarang Seidoshi's story dates back to the regional league days, more specifically at their home province of Uchina.
Despite being a league with several Social Clubs, teams that were manned mostly by part-time workers and students, the Uchina State League clubs often required a rather large entry fee for people that wanted to be actual members, therefore players of the team.
In 2030, however, dejected members of said clubs chose to create their institution, a team that would accept people of any background, religion and social standing: the People's Club, a red and yellow outfit playing out of Seidoshi that would soon make themselves known.
Really, in their very first season, they finished third behind Monsu Movie Society and Minamikawa Zaibatsu (both teams later becoming Cinébuti Monsu and Paradiso Saiyu respectively). The People's Club would continue to be a regular outfit near the top of the Uchina State League, frequently visiting the Trophy of Eden but never really claiming it for themselves.
By the time the creation of the KiHi-League was announced, the People's Club renamed themselves Seidoshi City Sports Club, citing that the former name created animosity with crosstown rivals that they now wished to unite under the SCSC banner for a move to join the pyramid.
Things ended up being a success for the renamed club and they found themselves inside the pyramid under the name Hwoarang Seidoshi (the winner of a local poll run by the city's local newspaper). While not a KiHi-League champion, the team from Seidoshi retains a respectable reputation in the Empire, having cemented themselves at least as a yo-yo club roaming between the top and second tiers of Hinodejin football.
For this season... Hwoarang Seidoshi's goal last season was to stay in the top tier as they lacked the funds to invest in great players but they also had serious trust in who they already had.
In the end, performances by Tyron de la Fuente, Kasumi Tojo, Boshi Tsarakishiyane and, above all else, Cyril Fofana saw the team from Seidoshi survive and remain at the top tier.
The Futurnian Window meant that they'd be able to bring in players like Hanne Holbein, Sociea Turul'nhaan, Matías Palacio and a possible replacement for whenever Fofana gets injured or leaves in Anitta Kurnikova, which should mean that the team at least has a good bench as is.
The question here is if the team will be able to pick up from last season's relative success to go deep into the season. Odds aren't likely but hey, they're at the top tier, it's a battle they won already.

"High as a Kite"

Tanukai, Tensha
Last Season: 20th Place
Stadium: Tanukai City Sports Stadium (25,000)
Titles: 1x KiHi-League 3 (2131), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2127), 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2126), 1x Hinodejin Advance League (2125), 1x Central Hinode League (2124)
- Starters -
GK Shera CHODRON (23 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Aina NAGATOMO (20 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Lyndon JOLING (17 y/o, CB, BLO)
LB Lyria NAGATOMO (20 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Gianna MAGDALENA (19 y/o, DM, VER)
RM Daphne BOIS (18 y/o, RM/RB, THU)
CM Huxitochihuatl KAGAWA (17 y/o, CM, SUN)
LM Chonden LUKHANGWA (19 y/o, CM, HIN)
OM Rangdol BONGPATSANG (22 y/o, OM, HIN)
CF Youdron SHERPA (24 y/o, CF, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
ST Nanase SHIRAI (18 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Soda NARAZAKI (19 y/o, GK, HIN)
Mizuti TODOH (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
Kechok GONPO (35 y/o, CB, HIN)
Tsuki MITSUBISHI (35 y/o, CB, HIN)
Gunpei MOTONARI (36 y/o, LB, HIN)
Shenlha GURUNG (34 y/o, DM, HIN)
Woekar GURUNG (35 y/o, RM, HIN)
Rigsang THAYE (29 y/o, CM, HIN)
Chokey MINGYUR (28 y/o, LM, HIN)
Kalsang WANGPO (29 y/o, OM, HIN)
Dhargey MANRIWA (17 y/o, CF, HIN)
Palkyi Bhuti CHOEGYAL (29 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: The name is a play in the native language of the region of Tensha, "Anurinanikai" stands for "to fight". Plus, it rhymes.
Club Info: Having been added into the Empire after one of the many wars at the steppes, Tensha was one of the few provinces to avoid battle with the Hinodejin Empire although that was mostly due to their land and population having already been ravaged by other forces.
With that in mind, the club was created to repopulate the area, as weird as it sounds, with several jobs being created specifically by the state government at the same time.
What people didn't expect was that the club would unveil the region's finest talent in Xingfei Sherpa, a very talented player that would later go on to join bigger teams of the Empire after leading Tanukai Anurinanikai to title wins from their regional league to the fifth tier.
His sale would not only keep the team afloat but provide some much-needed funds that went on to build up a respectable team that, despite their region's standing in the Empire, found themselves at the top tier.
These days, the team from Tanukai remains a symbol of respect of a city that rose up from the ashes and a decent enough team, in all fairness.
For this season... Another season that sees the Tensha's favourite team in the whole Empire keep themselves afloat in a battle between the top dogs to remain at the top tier.
Due to the lack of a Transfer Window, the little club saw themselves in a good position as financial status didn't keep them from being able to afford the top talent they could find outside of Hinodejin lands.
Instantly, we see Lyndon Joling from Bloemstad start as a defender instead of the ageing duo of Kechok Gonpo and Tsuki Mitsubishi and Shenlha Gurung kissing her spot in the starters goodbye for Verraccian prospect Gianna Magdalena.
Salon de Coiffure Jeanne de Cheveux's star right midfielder/right back combined player Daphne Bois joins the team in what has to be a major coup by the club due to the stakes of last season's window.
Tanukai wants to use their youth now and hopefully catch some teams by surprise. It's an interesting strategy, let's see if it works out for them.
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"Harder Than You Think, It's A Beautiful Thing"

Hokuto, Somei-Yoshino
Last Season: 21st Place
Stadium: Hokuto National Stadium (25,000)
Titles: 1x The Trophy of Eden (2086), 1x KiHi-League 3 (2094), 1x KiHi-League 4 (2060 inherited), 1x KiHi-League 5 (2089), 2x Jewel of the Déesses (2125, 2136)
- Starters -
GK KIM Sung-Min (34 y/o, GK, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
RB Michi KATOU (21 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Koen HEEMSKERK (25 y/o, CB, AUD)
CB Kotake DAYU (25 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB ELVIS (23 y/o, DF, DAI)
RM Samba TSUGOI (22 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM KANG Su-Bin (33 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Takenao KISHI (31 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Richard BATCHELOR (29 y/o, OM, ETN)
CF Marina KUSHINA (25 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Yoshiko KATO (31 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Noboru SANSHIRO (31 y/o, GK, HIN)
Sakiko AKIYAMA (36 y/o, RB, HIN)
Aoi IKEDA (33 y/o, CB, HIN)
Tarou TAKAHASHI (22 y/o, CB, HIN)
Hotaru KATOU (24 y/o, LB, HIN)
Makoto SAITOU (33 y/o, LB, HIN)
Hiroshi SAITOU (33 y/o, RM, HIN)
Kazushige YAZAWA (23 y/o, CM, HIN)
Takuya SASAKI (35 y/o, LM, HIN)
Allen FÜCHS (19 y/o, OM, GRT)
Kawaki KOA (35 y/o, CF, HIN)
Noriaki KAWAGUCHI (22 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Notable Players on Loan -
NOVALGINO (23 y/o, DF, DAI, loaned to Daiyawayasu Zeppelin)

Name Reason: Formed as a splinter team from Constelado Hokuto, they chose to name themselves after the Matthew City Senators of the Sunrisian league of the past, to which they do have some blood ties in board members and whatnot.
Club Info: Time for a lesson on Hinodejin history, Hokuto was the first-ever capital of the Hinodejin Empire despite the existence of a bigger city called Hinode a mere 500 kilometres away.
The reasoning behind naming Hokuto the capital city of the Empire was historical, for a man named Hokuto was key in ensuring the survival of the Hinodejin, so say the Books of Arceusian History. Unfortunately, he passed away from injuries before we arrived in this realm, hence why the city was named after him and the first-ever queen, Satomi, chose to have her castle be built at the city.
Unfortunately for Hokuto, the city was poorly placed geographically and most of the diplomatic affairs of the Empire were handled at nearby Hinode, which meant that Hokuto itself wasn't very important besides the castle and businesses at the city existed mostly to entertain whichever queen reigned at the time.
Hokuto took it bad once Queen Mai chose to move the capital from Hokuto to Kanshiro, at the former Hwangju Kingdom lands which were a measure to properly integrate those lands into the Empire. Business went down massively at the city, violence wasn't uncommon, the city saw both their hockey (Hokuto Courtmen) and basketball (the first Hokuto Bullets) teams controversially depart the city, but nothing was more controversial than the infamous Constelado Hokuto meetings of 2086.
The board of directors of the club had received an offer from a group of businessmen from the former Hwangju Kingdom to move the team across the pond, a thing that had never happened before in Hinodejin football.
When the move was deemed immoral by half of the board, the half backing the idea chose to break away from the club and work in the creation of a team in those plains, although Kanshiro itself would soon be represented by the Lopunnies (who have no tie to this group).
While the rest of the board was devoted to keeping the team alive, fans turned their back to the club once the news came out and soon enough, the club found itself debt-ridden. Eventually, a judge called it quits on Constelado Hokuto and the team was declared bankrupt.
The remaining members of the board, however, chose to start a new club but soon found themselves divided due to bad blood from both sides during the legal dispute, which culminated in two teams, one of those being the Hokuto Senateurs. Technically, the Senateurs is a continuation of Constelado, but the team itself downplays that.
Currently, both teams from Hokuto aren't exactly prime material but the Senateurs have a better youth academy when compared to their rivals, thanks to being based after the less financially successful side of Hokuto, where families usually try to push their children into the game to get themselves out of the money hole they're usually at.
For this season... Dealing with the departure of Kamalani Kanani was a problem, which they assumed to have solved when they managed to bring in Samba Tsugoi back from her little trip to the outside.
Of course, you need to keep in mind that for a team to use their star player that, while not expensive, was brought in with a lot of hype, you need to use said star player. Samba Tsugoi simply wasn't used by the Senateurs last season at all, being skipped over by Hiroshi Saitou.
This brilliant play by manager Hinobu Kurosawa saw his team finish behind their hated rivals and not too far from the relegation zone. Suffice to say, his axing at the end of the season was celebrated with a lot of fireworks. To replace him, they brought in former Hinodejin Armed Forces Academy manager Hogai Matsuda.
During the off-season, he decided to kibosh both Saitou brothers back to the bench, with both threatening to retire at the end of the season should they not be re-instated. Their only signing was former military woman Allen Füchs from Gran Torche's Go Ahead Tilstad, with many people betting she'll probably kick both of their asses should they start to give out again.
Matsuda is a respectable manager but I just don't know if he'll be able to spark this team back to the top. Here's hoping they do at least go to the Traveller's Trophy, however.

"I Can't Concentrate"

Kissaki, Ainushima
Last Season: 22nd Place
Stadium: Westfield Stadium (19,500)
Titles: 2x KiHi-League 2 (2107, 2120), 3x KiHi-League 3 (2066, 2089, 2102), 1x The Jewel of the Déesses (2113)
- Starters -
GK Kaminari KAWAKAMI (24 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Kirashina MAKURATANA (32 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Iako YAMAJI (31 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Kama YAGINUMA (31 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Chikako YOSHIE (31 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Sata UESAKA (31 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Kaori MIKARI (27 y/o, RM, HIN)
LM Nayoko TANABE (33 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Akane YOSHIDA (34 y/o, OM, HIN) [CAPTAIN]
CF Makisig YANONG (19 y/o, CF, OOZ)
ST Amaya YOKAKOSHIMA (27 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Harald BUS (23 y/o, GK, AUD)
Fumiki SHODA (24 y/o, RB, HIN)
Kiko SHIRO (26 y/o, CB, HIN)
Hana HATANO (24 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kaoru YOSHIKAWA (28 y/o, LB, HIN)
Mihoko IDA (26 y/o, DM, HIN)
Saori ASATORA (27 y/o, RM, HIN)
Isidoro PONCE DE LÉON (20 y/o, CM, SOL)
Nina ONO (26 y/o, LM, HIN)
Akira MIKAGE (25 y/o, OM, HIN)
Saoti TSUNASHIMA (25 y/o, CF, HIN)
Kiri MIKIRU (25 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: Following investment from the Westfield Institute's well-known sorority house Kisarah Club House, the club naturally named themselves after the Institution once going up into professional football.
Club Info: Like many clubs from the regional league days, Kissaki Westfielders started as the Kissaki city team, going only under the name of the city at the standings and playing in a green shirt and yellow shorts and socks.
With football as a whole picking up traction, costs started to be a problem for the team, who were assembled as a truly amateurish side and they started to look for some sort of sponsorship.
In a surprising move, however, infamous sorority house Kisarah Club House chose to sponsor the team and would do so up until they found themselves inside the professional football ranks.
Joining the pyramid in 2042, the Westfielders remain a team known mostly for yo-yo-ing between the top two divisions with a couple of stays at the third tier sprinkled throughout their careers. Not a remarkable team by any stretch.
For this season... When you survive by the tip of your teeth, you'd think that the Westfielders would be desperate for change.
Yet, things remain somewhat the same. Akane Yoshida, despite clearly showing her prime years are already past her, keeps her role as the starter over the already-in-her-prime Akira Mikage.
Isidoro Ponce de Léon, a signing from Solar de Mayo's Barrio Gardel isn't trusted yet by the team's manager, the old and somewhat wise Makoto Tsushigamono but he already showed that he could be better than Nayoko Tanabe if given some training to run at her position.
This team will be guided by Makisig Yanong. If the Oontaz-born forward can... I dunno, score the double of what a forward usually scores, then they have a shot of staying alive again.
Please retire, Tsushigamono.

"Intergalactic Planetary"

Misei City, Hinodejin Interdimensional Territory of Misei
Last Season: N/A (The team was founded this season)
Stadium: The Cauldron at the Gateway (80,000)
Titles: None
- Starters -
GK Miragano RITOMONO (21 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Maria REYES (22 y/o, RB/CB, STB)
CB Hokuto MIZUMOTO (25 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Mii NIKKO (28 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Kaori YAMASHITA (25 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Toju MORISHITA (31 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Glauco VEGA (22 y/o, RM/DM, STB)
CM Branwyn MADDOX (18 y/o, RM/CM/LM, HIN)
LM Eichi NISHIMOTO (27 y/o, LM, HIN)
CF Elianora MENDEZ (24 y/o, CF/ST, STB)
ST Nina NIIKARA (28 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Sato TERUMI (37 y/o, GK, HIN)
Kaito NAKASHIMA (15 y/o, RB, HIN)
Kohako UEDA (23 y/o, CB, HIN)
Shota ISHIKAWA (40 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kazuki NISHIMURA (23 y/o, LB, HIN)
Juurou YAMASAKI (20 y/o, DM, HIN)
Kazuki HISAKAWA (43 y/o, RM, HIN)
Rin KAWAGUCHI (40 y/o, CM, HIN)
Mina SHINZAKI (15 y/o, RM/CM/LM, HIN)
Kotone KAWAGUCHI (15 y/o, LM, HIN)
Shinobu TSUKUDA (23 y/o, CF, HIN)
Yuuna YAMASAKI (19 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: Interdimensional Misei reached their name via an international poll. The team's nickname of the Riftwalkers was also an option at the said poll, interestingly enough.
Club Info: The nature of Misei as a whole is rather interesting. The former lands of Kitsunia-Déesse, Misei serves as the gateway between the normal dimension and the one the Hinodejin live at.
With that in mind, the Empire worried that, if they left the region unpopulated and unguarded, the portal would be at the mercy of unscrupulous individuals, not to mention that allowing such a thing to happen wouldn't bode well to the Empire's reputation.
Thus, the province of Misei saw several efforts by the local government and the Empire as a whole to make Misei into a tourism and business hub. Funnily enough, the football club didn't come as a part of that, however: Misei has a state football league already and the Riftwalkers weren't a club there at all.
The team itself was established by local businessmen after they were granted the first division spot from the former team Shaolin Saitama after the monks that run said club decided that there were no major benefits in keeping the project alive.
What followed was the creation of a team from the ground up with players coming from all sorts of backgrounds and a shiny new stadium. Only time will tell if this team will be another shiny success story from Misei or not.
For this season... Honestly, talk about the most bizarre thing to ever happen in Hinodejin football in... what a century? Shaolin Saitama, somewhat regulars of the first division, chose to close up shop and the Football Association allowed them to send their slot to the good people at Misei.
You got to give it for the likes of Wolvena Hiyena, Satoshima Angel Kids and... well, pretty much everyone else in the pyramid that was absolutely fine with a team that didn't even exist at the start of last season to suddenly play at the top league instead of rising all the way from the ground.
Still, despite the criticism, the Riftwalkers knew exactly what they were doing: Negolossauro Rex, the fabled Sunrisian striker, hung up his boots to be their manager. Nina Niikawa, a player for money drain project La Bela Isla Unicorns, came back to the Empire to play for them.
Additionally, they feature three players who spent some time playing at the youth football level of the Empire in Maria Reyes, Glauco Vega and Elianora Mendez with several other players coming from scouting sessions that more or less reaped whatever good was there at the Misei amateur leagues.
It's hard to tell whether this team will do well or if they'll do poorly, but people should enjoy it: it'll be the first time that a team springs from the ground up like that and the last one for a good while.

"Luck Today, My Brother"

Kawasuki, Nashihana
Last Season: 2nd Place in the KiHi-League 2
Stadium: Kawasuki Athletic Stadium (19,000)
Titles: 2x KiHi-League (2037, 2062), KiHi-League 2 (2079, 2099, 2103), 3x Jewel of the Déesses (2037, 2070, 2105)
- Starters -
GK Nobuyuki UENO (31 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Hanae YAMAGUCHI (29 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Takeshi HAMASAKI (30 y/o, CB, HIN)
CB Suzume SUZUKI (25 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Mariina HIKARI (26 y/o, LB, HIN)
RM Iman NAGI (34 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Satomi SHIMIZU (27 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Sake SAKAZUKI (24 y/o, OM/LB/LM, HIN)
OM Robfs CARLES (27 y/o, OM, AUD)
ST Mateus Silveira COSTA BARROS (30 y/o, ST, NSI)
ST Hideki MIZUSHIMA (32 y/o, ST, HIN)
- Bench -
Hirotsugu TAKACHI (22 y/o, GK, HIN)
Masatomo HASHINOTSUME (19 y/o, RB, HIN)
Jōichi EKI (19 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kiyosei FUROSONO (19 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kurou TSUKUDA (30 y/o, DM, HIN)
Yūshi HIROIKE (18 y/o, RM, HIN)
Edna HUBBARD (35 y/o, CM, APX)
Yuna TAKUSAGAWA (19 y/o, LM, HIN)
Mintxo NAKAMURA (24 y/o, OM, HIN)
Vicente BERNARDES (36 y/o, ST, AMZ)
Tetsufumi TAKABAYASHI (20 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: The former South Kawa chose to name themselves after their uniforms, specifically the black and white vertical stripes on their jersey.
Club Info: The year is 2028 and the head of the Nashihana Football Association is pissed. The Nations' Cup, a tournament established to showcase the best players from each province of the Empire meant that the eleven provinces fielded their sorts of national teams to play against each other in a league format with the winner being crowned at the end of the year.
Nashihana, a cultural hub and beautiful sights? A complete and utter failure at football, usually near the bottom of the table near the likes of Sakurahana, Kuroba and Sudachi (all of which had good reasons to not be good at the sport, whether not being born with the sport or just not being big fans at all). That wouldn't do, something had to be done and soon, they did do something.
Alvinero Kawasuki's origins hail from South Kawa, a team in the city of Kawa-no-Ichitsuki, later renamed Kawasuki that joined the inaugural season of the Sakurahana State League. People didn't even know if the tournament would last, but teams like South Kawa and the Ichitsuki Athletic Club (the current day Radikokoro Ichitsuki) played their socks off to make sure it was a successful event.
Nashihana's national team didn't react quickly but the league managed to grow and the two teams from Kawasuki went to war, with Alvinero eventually claiming the victory when they were granted the opportunity to join the KiHi-League as an original member.
Suffice to say, the boys from Kawasuki became an early day top side, clashing for the title often but never really nailing it. Unfortunately, their sponsors, a racing horse stable went under and the team weakened near the 70s but they returned after investment from local businessmen and fans deciding to do their best to revive Alvinero. They're still not as good as they used to but they're historical nonetheless.
For this season... Back in the top tier again, Alvinero Kawasuki was last season's second place, although they morally can claim to have finished at the top since Shaolin Saitama, who ended up as the second tier's champions decided to shut down their team.
The team has kept a mostly stable roster during their yo-yo years and it kinda shows, their only moves are to replace the more ageing pieces of their roster for the newer players.
Case in point, Bernardes was sent to the bench for a rather old Hideki Mizushima while Edna Hubbard was benched for Satomi Shimizu. It's clear that Alvinero didn't expect themselves to return yet to the top tier and they're now gonna try to stay at the top tier with their current roster.
They did acquire Robfs Carles from Pascal Mashu but I don't think a single player can carry this team from going down.

"Set Your Heart Free True"

Nakurusu, Burakuriri
Last Season: 3rd Place in the KiHi-League 2
Stadium: Nakurusu Big Gem (20,000)
Titles: 2x KiHi-League (2075, 2119), 2x KiHi-League 2 (2068, 2087), 15x The Jewel of the Déesses (2038, 2044, 2053, 2071, 2077, 2078, 2079, 2089, 2093, 2099, 2115, 2119, 2123, 2137, 2139)
- Starters -
GK Akira SEKI (31 y/o, GK, HIN)
RB Mary NOY-MANLY (20 y/o, RB, AUD)
CB Ryūji TAMAGAWA (29 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Mizuha WAKUTA (27 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Herbert FARAJ (31 y/o, DM, EFL)
RM Chiyo YUKUTAKI (25 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Ethan CANDELARIO (37 y/o, CM, SLL)
LM Yūsuke MERA (28 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Fumie URUSHIHARA (27 y/o, OM, HIN)
CF Yoshiyuki ARITA (32 y/o, CF, HIN)
ST Belinda HAUGWITZ (36 y/o, ST, SPD) [CAPTAIN]
- Bench -
Hisahira KINOSHITA (23 y/o, GK, HIN)
Kanetaka KANAMARU (25 y/o, RB, HIN)
Nigako TSUCHIMIKADO (21 y/o, CB, HIN)
Hikomoro AKAMATSU (23 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kachime YAMANA (23 y/o, LB, HIN)
Hitsu SANADA (24 y/o, DM, HIN)
Tomotsune CHOUSOKABE (23 y/o, RM, HIN)
Heyano SASAKI (20 y/o, CM, HIN)
Iso NOMURA (18 y/o, LM, HIN)
Yuki NABESHIMA (23 y/o, OM, HIN)
Kunimune FUJIWARA (19 y/o, CF, HIN)
Nagi MAEDA (18 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: The club was named after their kits during their brief Puraki Company days, where the team was often nicknamed The Red Jewels of Burakuriri football.
Club Info: The Burakuriri state league was established in 2026 with fourteen teams, one of which was known as Puraki Company, playing out of Nakurusu.
Deemed the most experienced team in the league, with several players that had previously played football at the Sunrise Islands, the team smashed their division but their standard of play would wane when the team renamed together with the company sponsoring them.
Still, under the name of Pura Zaibatsu they became regulars near the top with a couple of Trophy of Eden appearances but never really claiming the title. The club, however, was invited to turn professional and join the KiHi-League, which they did promptly.
Renamed Nakurusu Red Jewels, they would be stalwarts of the top tier while becoming specialists on the Jewel of the Déesses, the Hinodejin domestic cup featuring teams from all of the professional tiers of the Empire.
The team would falter to the second tier from time to time but they remained absolute at the nation's domestic cup, winning a record fifteen times. Many people still wonder how they're able to do so, but some just say that there's something in the water at Nakurusu that makes them good at Cups.
For this season... Nakurusu Red Jewels is an interesting side, despite failing to win the top tier title in ages, they've come from another Jewel of the Déesses win two seasons ago.
This isn't a stellar team although they do have their moments of greatness, yet they're almost always a lock to win the domestic cup again.
Now, there are some reasons why they're not an impressive team at this league: football seems to favour teams at the edges of the Empire unless they're a big main island side and Nakurusu hasn't been that.
Hard to tell if they'll stay afloat but do expect them to have a good run at the Jewel of the Déesses... again.

"Turn Into Something Beautiful"

Shara, Tsutsuji
Last Season: 4th Place in the KiHi-League 2
Stadium: The Shrine (23,100)
Titles: 1x Hinodejin Challenge League (2136)
- Starters -
GK Xalbador ZARRAGOITIA (21 y/o, GK, AUD)
RB Shizuki KAMAMOTO (31 y/o, RB, HIN)
CB Yuya NONOGAKI (27 y/o, CB, HIN)
LB Yume INATOMI (28 y/o, LB, HIN)
DM Tomoaki MARUTA (27 y/o, DM, HIN)
RM Saki ICHIDA (26 y/o, RM, HIN)
CM Yukari ISOGAI (26 y/o, CM, HIN)
LM Shina KOBAYASHI (28 y/o, LM, HIN)
OM Risa NISHIMURA (29 y/o, OM, HIN)
CF Charlotte NAKAJIMA (36 y/o, CF, HIN)
- Bench -
Yumie KOJA (19 y/o, GK, HIN)
Mii YAMBE (18 y/o, RB, HIN)
Yuriko TSUGO (19 y/o, CB, HIN)
Kanae FUNAHARA (22 y/o, CB, HIN)
Sae FUNATSUKI (18 y/o, LB, HIN)
Yue OFUSA (18 y/o, DM, HIN)
Miyuki KOSHIKA (23 y/o, RM, HIN)
Iori FUKUOKA (19 y/o, CM, HIN)
Misako KASEDA (24 y/o, LM, HIN)
Sumako TORIHATA (18 y/o, OM, HIN)
Yuka KAKE(19 y/o, CF, HIN)
Kei MINAMI (20 y/o, ST, HIN)

Name Reason: Some people might be familiar with the series of books Huntress Scorned, where a lady in white known as Ashrah more or less defeats the world as a whole. The author of this series of books, Mina Yurikawa, was born at Shara and served as the team's first sponsor.
Club Info: Tsutsuji is one of the main states of the Hinodejin empire but most people wouldn't cite them as being that big. As a result, the only notable cities in Tsutsuji are Miare (home of the Miare CosmoStars and unarguably the busiest city of Tsutsuji), Senso-Shukujo (known for their massive Lady of War statue and the Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS), Uranai (home of the Uranai Déesses, a major basketball team and province capital), Kitsunemachi (where Tsutsuji University is) and, if you're really stretching, Nanto (the port town with fantastic wine).
Let's just say that most specialists of Hinodejin football did think, for a second, that Ashrah Shara was a team from the other side of the empire, survivors of one of the many wars that saw the Hinodejin take in more land from their less technologically advanced neighbours. Thing is, Shara is right in the middle of the province, a member of the Tsutsuji Pokémon Fighting Association with a Ghost-type Gym of their own. In case you're interested, the Tsutsuji Pokémon Valley features the following: Asame, Meisui, Hakudan, Shouyou, Shara, Hiyoku, Miare (them again), Koboku, Kojin, Kunoe, Hyakkoku and finally Eisetsu.
Suffice to say, the locals weren't happy with how ignored their region was. Pokémon battling is a tradition of the Hinodejin from the days of the Sunrise Islands and these towns weren't getting their due respect. So a plot was created, each town would form a team and go to war in the fields of football. Miare refused the idea because... well, they already did have a team (and a pretty good one at that) but the other towns ended up bowing out not too long later besides two: Shara and Eisetsu both sent teams to play in the Southern Hinode League, which leads to the team in question here.
Ashrah Shara was built from the ground up via scouting local players that weren't sniped by Miare CosmoStars and the Tsutsuji institutions of note. The project did quickly bring fruits: keep in mind that Ashrah Shara's first season was in 2133. A mere seven years ago, despite only really winning one piece of silverware, Ashrah Shara is now a team at the top tier. Crazy how these things go, right?
For this season... The dream has been accomplished! Ashrah Shara has finally reached their goal, promotion to the top tier while bringing awareness to Shara, the small town in the middle of Tsutsuji.
With a team consisting mostly of Tsutsuji-born players (hell, fifteen of those were born at Shara), you got to be happy for the team that had a fairly good goal at the start of things.
Of course, they're gonna get drumming from the opposition because... well, they only really went and bought two ageing players from Cinébuti Monsu to try and ensure their survival at the top tier but that's probably not gonna be enough.
Be happy for Ashrah Shara, because they're soon to be scorned from the KiHi-League's top. Like a Huntress.
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The season marked a massive change of the guard. With many of the best players from several teams of the past moving on to the University level or going professional, the top six teams of the All-Hinodejin Youth Football League turned out to be mostly teams that hadn't performed at that kind of level that often, and in most cases, at all since the creation of the Youth Football League. The old guard of teams felt it to different extents with only a few doing better than last season: Mashu Elite HS and Miishima Polytechnical HS flirted with the relegation zone for half of the tournament with Mashu even being the bottom team of the league at one point.

The battle for the top saw a ragtag bunch of teams with their own reasons to go for the top. The Luna Wanderers FC, a midtable team last season hit the ground running when their one-two punch combo of Jamie "the Saint" Lynch tearing it upfront while newcomer Xalan-Xilit Ono established himself as the defensive star that the often overlooked Wanderers needed but in the end, they didn't manage to keep themselves productive and Lynch ended his season nursing a hamstring injury, which could spell disaster for his attempts at reviving his MMA career. Senso-Shukujo had a middling recruiting session this season but they still had the Mori sisters kicking about, which saw them compete for the title until the final matchdays when a loss to recently promoted Berinii Steelworks spelled an early finish for their run at the elusive silverware their football program has been looking for since the start of the league. Two of the biggest surprises of the season were Grand Royal HS and Arctic Dream Shopping Mall YFC, both teams are known for the less than impressive performances and relegations they had at the top tier but their expenses towards improving saw some massive progress: Sevet-Yivix Faz turned out to be a creative mastermind with twenty assists, helping out the Mallrats in their battle for the top, which they only dropped from at the final matchday (with a massive 5-1 win) while Grand Royal HS took the time to rebuild themselves, being carried by their three new prospects Prant-Jerat Mal, Kyoko Hakkarainen and Katherine Underwood.

In the end, however, Hanada City HS and Saria Greens FC were the only true constants at the top spot and one of them had to win the league. Saria Greens FC, a team that was already knocking at the door of the top teams after a really good season last year came back to the fields with the full intention of claiming their first title while Hanada City HS had done decent enough at the top tier following their promotion but they did manage to win the Hinodejin Youth Cup. The Greens kept their play from last season but what really pushed them above and beyond was getting six good enough players to fill in the roles, which means Hylia University is probably going to be really powerful in the next seasons. Still, Hanada City had the best player in Hinodejin youth football at the moment: Nina Nishigawa's final season at this level before probably heading to Somei-Yoshino University saw the best Nishigawa finally claim the title she wanted, an All-Hinodejin Youth Football League title.

On the other end of the table? It was really a battle between teams that were depleted as a result of their best players cracking into the University level while they struggled to pick up any sort of replacement. Getruco barely squeezed themselves to remain at the top tier with very little days remaining before the chopping block was actually chopped while Berinii Steelworks got the most anyone could really get from a team with little to almost no star power. In the end, the axes met familiar necks. Southern Ironworks played better than people thought they would but the problem was a single thing, anxiety. The team suffered over morale and fair play, getting some wild red cards didn't help the matters for a team looking to stay at the top tier. They will be back next season, this team is good enough to be at the top tier but they need to get their heads into place. Aloha Heiwashima's last season brought a lot of hope, it felt like Aloha was, at last, playing as they should, the historic youth club with a massive pedigree. Don't get me wrong, Karar-Cralt Ono is a fantastic striker but that's all they had. In a league where everyone is trying to go to the top, a team without great players is bound to find themselves going down and Aloha has not learned that lesson. The tale of the Dragon Guard was no surprise, this team struggled since the departure of their own legends. They figured that what they needed was to go look for former Hooligans, which they did bring in but they lacked their new Gum Nam-Gong. Juri Mi-Na is clearly a talented individual but it's hard to really count on her when she's trying to step on someone's throat with football boots, a deserved relegation. And finally, our bottom team: Toadstool Enterprises. A team mostly made of foreign players trying to stick at the top tier that did have somewhat of a credential to do so... but then pretty much everything fell down. The Daineri duo of Obiega and Jeph'dinoes went down early in the season and didn't return, Kimi Ishtari spent most of the season contemplating a move to the University level over lack of pay (which is especially suspicious as she was the only non-Human at the team and the only one that wasn't paid in time). They still have the likes of Cralt-Savar Gla, Peter Levi and Michi Ikeda but this relegation was pretty embarrassing. Sure, losing players to Interdimensional Misei of all teams is a bit of a shocker but still, this is Hinodejin youth football, you need to be prepared for that sort of stuff.

   ALL-HINODEJIN YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE                                               Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 Hanada City HS 38 21 6 11 62 47 +15 69
02 Saria Greens FC 38 20 8 10 51 38 +13 68
03 Arctic Dream Shopping Mall YFC 38 19 9 10 60 39 +21 66
04 Grand Royal HS 38 19 6 13 45 35 +10 63
05 Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS 38 17 10 11 52 50 +2 61
06 Luna Wanderers FC 38 18 6 14 61 49 +12 60
07 Zora Youth FC 38 18 5 15 53 38 +15 59
08 Miishima Polytechnical HS 38 17 4 17 64 62 +2 55
09 Zeppelin Foundation 38 16 7 15 44 48 −4 55
10 Mashu Elite HS 38 15 9 14 49 45 +4 54
11 Project Olimpo Jutsii 38 13 9 16 55 58 −3 48
12 Chaolan Zaibatsu 38 14 6 18 45 51 −6 48
13 Kazama All-Schools FC 38 13 9 16 44 52 −8 48
14 Bolt Travelling 38 14 5 19 51 59 −8 47
15 Gerudo Trading Company FC 38 11 14 13 48 58 −10 47
16 Berinii Steelworks 38 12 10 16 53 57 −4 46
17 Southern Ironworks Girls 38 11 12 15 37 45 −8 45
18 Aloha Heiwashima 38 11 10 17 53 60 −7 43
19 Koshu Dragon Guard HS 38 9 11 18 36 52 −16 38
20 Toadstool Enterprises 38 10 8 20 39 59 −20 38

GOLDEN BOOT Nina Nishigawa (Hanada City HS - 18 goals)
SILVER BOOT Kyoko Hakkarainen (Grand Royal HS - 17 goals)
BRONZE BOOT Élodie Proux (Miishima Polytechnical HS - 16 goals)
GOLDEN GLOVE Taichi Sazaki (Miishima Polytechnical HS)
COACHES' VOTE Dussuk Kasekill (Saria Greens FC)
FANS' VOTE Nina Nishigawa (Hanada City HS)
BEST IMPROVED Anhalla Valia wa Malla (Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Project Olimpo Jutsii

GK Taichi Sazaki (Miishima Polytechnical HS)
RB Saiki Namiya (Arctic Dream Shopping Mall YFC)
CB Xalan-Xilit Ono (Luna Wanderers FC)
LB Sevet-Yivix Faz (Arctic Dream Shopping Mall YFC)
DM Jamie "The Saint" Lynch (Luna Wanderers FC)
RM Marie Kelly Hawk (Hanada City HS)
CM Kako Langull (Saria Greens FC)
LM Väinö Koivula (Zeppelin Foundation)
OM Kyoko Hakkarainen (Grand Royal HS)
CF Élodie Proux (Miishima Polytechnical HS)
ST Nina Nishigawa (Hanada City HS)

Ladies and gentlemen, Shigochiyo Takakuwa. Most people would advise against having your team consist of a single star with a couple of competent helpers sprinkled around your squad, but then you have Hinode Sunrise HS, a team with almost zero ambitions at the start of the season that saw themselves pushed to the top via the mere presence of a star in the making. Following them are the Nurses, returning to the top tier after spending last season getting slapped around by the entirety of the top tier. Turns out pairing Celestina Favelli with another magic foreigner midfielder in Jerat-Vulav Niz was just what they needed, albeit the Qusmi generated a bit of a fuss when the Nurses went to shoot their team photo in nurse costume again. Also returning to the top tier is Maku Trading Guild FC, following a season where two midfielders in
Robausu Olaelu and Kison Kanuk annoyed most of the opposition to get themselves at the promotion spots, while another recently relegated team So-Nya Nekojin Academy finishes the top four via the equivalent of a giant Nekojin wall in Hideki Zaniitachi.

Going down are the Dragontamers (who had just gone up the previous season but clearly didn't have it to stay at the second tier), the Underground Metroway team, the Fair Play Award winners Karatsushime Trilanguage HS and the rather underwhelming Maburu Town YFC.

   ALL-HINODEJIN YOUTH FOOTBALL DIVISION 1                                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 Hinode Sunrise HS 38 21 11 6 70 36 +34 74
02 Get Well Soon United Naitogaru Nursery 38 22 8 8 80 53 +27 74
03 Maku Trading Guild FC 38 20 9 9 55 45 +10 69
04 So-Nya Nekojin Academy 38 19 11 8 71 49 +22 68

05 Tsushike Little Foxes 38 17 8 13 61 50 +11 59
06 Royal Theater Preparatory 38 16 8 14 51 43 +8 56
07 Kohei Cherry Villa HS 38 14 12 12 57 50 +7 54
08 Keijo Dairy 38 15 9 14 60 57 +3 54
09 Misutikku-Iseki Diamond Miners 38 14 11 13 55 50 +5 53
10 Speedwagon Foundation 38 14 10 14 58 54 +4 52
11 Ainushima Surfing Club 38 14 10 14 55 54 +1 52
12 Sanijihasu Basco HS 38 13 12 13 59 58 +1 51
13 Royal Music Youth Academy 38 15 6 17 50 49 +1 51
14 Mui Cosmetics 38 14 8 16 43 47 −4 50
15 Marine Shipping and Travel 38 11 13 14 46 44 +2 46
16 Lady Shinagayama Delicacies & Deliveries 38 12 5 21 53 74 −21 41
17 Royal Dragontamer Academy 38 10 9 19 41 65 −24 39
18 Kodoryo Underground Metroway 38 10 7 21 48 75 −27 37
19 Karatsushime Trilanguage HS 38 9 9 20 44 69 −25 36
20 Maburu Town YFC 38 8 8 22 34 69 −35 32

GOLDEN BOOT Shigochiyo Takakuwa (Hinode Sunrise HS - 24 goals)
SILVER BOOT Celestina Favelli (Get Well Soon United Naitogaru Nursery - 18 goals)
BRONZE BOOT Jerat-Vulav Niz (Get Well Soon United Naitogaru Nursery - 15 goals)
GOLDEN GLOVE Ami Matsumoto (Hinode Sunrise HS)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Lady Shinagayama Delicacies & Deliveries
Remember Nazu Rito AC? The team that nobody expected much from last season decided to repeat the dose and go far on their first season at Division 2. They probably would've won the league but usual yo-yo team between the top and the second tiers Beibei Shopping Mall's Nekojin YFC ended up being the better team after managing to bring in the Mangalonga twins, the daughters of former Sunrisian national team player Iau Mangalonga, to light up their game. The other two teams to make the select four that will play Division 1 ball are Wuyon Wind Leaf Academy and Maniwa International HS, respectable institutions that didn't do that much in football yet although International did reveal some players to the world already.

Relegated are the Yokoitohiniku Trading Guild, Nei Town HS, Myanikaji Cavalier Academy and Hawai Surfing Club. The drop was certainly bad news at Hawai, where the Surfing Club itself has been facing some trouble to ensure that their preferred surfing place, Kawashizaki Beach, remains untouched by commerce... people tend to be way less nice when your expensive football team underperforms.

   ALL-HINODEJIN YOUTH FOOTBALL DIVISION 2                                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 Beibei Shopping Mall's Nekojin YFC 38 26 4 8 72 34 +38 82
02 Nazu Rito AC 38 23 6 9 69 42 +27 75
03 Wuyon Wind Leaf Leg Academy 38 21 8 9 70 42 +28 71
04 Maniwa International HS 38 20 10 8 60 40 +20 70

05 Kairi All-Schools FC 38 19 11 8 71 44 +27 68
06 Shinjinigakanaoka Celestial HS 38 17 10 11 65 44 +21 61
07 Senatori Social Club 38 15 14 9 61 45 +16 59
08 Hikata Media Group 38 16 10 12 50 46 +4 58
09 Anuki Youth Club 38 17 5 16 56 48 +8 56
10 Suburban Kawasuki 38 15 7 16 51 56 −5 52
11 Mosudoro Little Flames 38 13 12 13 47 51 −4 51
12 Waruishiko Kezama HS 38 13 11 14 51 51 0 50
13 Kurogane Mining 38 13 9 16 49 65 −16 48
14 Kyuminato Human & Zora HS 38 13 7 18 39 48 −9 46
15 Kunyanto City Market 38 11 8 19 41 51 −10 41
16 Shina Region Fever 38 10 7 21 36 64 −28 37
17 Yokoitohiniku Trading Guild 38 10 6 22 46 66 −20 36
18 Nei Town HS 38 8 12 18 36 56 −20 36
19 Myanikaji Cavalier Academy 38 5 12 21 39 71 −32 27
20 Hawai Surfing Club 38 6 9 23 38 83 −45 27

GOLDEN BOOT Tamika Akunyumyuri (Beibei Shopping Mall's Nekojin YFC - 22 goals)
SILVER BOOT Apui Uchima (Kairi All-Schools FC - 19 goals)
BRONZE BOOT Shina Honjo (Wuyon Wind Leaf Leg Academy - 16 goals)
GOLDEN GLOVE Toshiko Tamanomukyu (Beibei Shopping Mall's Nekojin YFC)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Wuyon Wind Leaf Leg Academy
Underappreciated side Hatsune Records AFC finally claim the title of the League 3 after squaring off against all sorts of issues, including their best player Miki Uranishi having bouts of severe depression after a couple of terrible performances. In the end, the team united to go up and they remain united with that title. Raimon Central HS, after a disappointing season last year that saw them go down, returns next season to League 2 thanks to their duo of starlets in Ippei Fuse and Teppei Kashiwazaki while Verina Young Boys and Igajima Sengoku HS complete the group of teams going up.

The drop came to Kawasuki Seaside United, another team based after a hotel that could be seeing their participation in the pyramid denied, very much like what happened to Grand Hotel Tsubaki last season, although that team wised up and they're still around. On less notable cases, we also see Sonsaku Ring FC, Kotobuki Industry Partners YFC and Saeunomu Mangaka Works bid farewell to the League 3 for at least next season.

   ALL-HINODEJIN YOUTH FOOTBALL DIVISION 3                                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 Hatsune Records AFC 38 24 9 5 66 35 +31 81
02 Verina Young Boys 38 22 12 4 66 34 +32 78
03 Raimon Central HS 38 23 7 8 67 42 +25 76
04 Igajima Sengoku HS 38 20 10 8 61 38 +23 70

05 Airin Rovers 38 19 9 10 59 44 +15 66
06 Northern Ironwork Girls 38 18 11 9 65 46 +19 65
07 Kotobu Villa YFC 38 18 8 12 62 50 +12 62
08 Sanijina Sant-Joan HS 38 17 9 12 60 53 +7 60
09 Usagi Sailor Star HS 38 15 10 13 43 41 +2 55
10 Ooarai Tank Girls HS 38 14 9 15 62 51 +11 51
11 Tentai All-Schools FC 38 14 7 17 54 55 −1 49
12 Uranai Holy Academy 38 14 6 18 51 61 −10 48
13 Manashima All-Schools FC 38 11 14 13 52 49 +3 47
14 Pan Islanders 38 12 11 15 53 62 −9 47
15 Nottoshima Scouts 38 11 6 21 51 69 −18 39
16 Choji Lumber Mill Company 38 10 7 21 33 61 −28 37
17 Kawasuki Seaside United 38 8 9 21 37 61 −24 33
18 Sonsaku Ring FC 38 7 10 21 42 69 −27 31
19 Kotobuki Industry Partners YFC 38 6 12 20 41 67 −26 30
20 Saeunomu Mangaka Works 38 5 8 25 42 79 −37 23

GOLDEN BOOT Ippei Fuse (Raimon Central HS - 20 goals)
SILVER BOOT Miki Uranishi (Hatsune Records AFC - 19 goals)
BRONZE BOOT Sampo Hakkarainen (Verina Young Boys - 18 goals)
GOLDEN GLOVE Antoine Levi (Verina Young Boys)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Uranai Holy Academy
The title ended up at the hands of Kinjishinrin Occult HS, a newcomer to the pyramid that had been previously a feature in the Hinodejin Youth Cup. Things ended very well for the Occult, although they could've done without the regular puns with their team name. The Hotelists, having briefly been considered for flat out purge from the pyramid, made good on their promises and found themselves going up from the bottom tier of the Empire with Kissaki Boarding School and Rakun Police Preparatory HS hot on their trails.

Anizaki Village, Ayase United Village, Arakawa Valley Union and Tsudarikaya Pleasant Island HS will now have to prepare their cases, for they'll go for Re-Election into the pyramid.

   ALL-HINODEJIN YOUTH FOOTBALL DIVISION 4                                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 Kinjishinrin Occult HS 38 23 7 8 77 37 +40 76
02 Tsubaki Hotelists 38 21 11 6 65 39 +26 74
03 Kissaki Boarding School 38 22 7 9 64 50 +14 73
04 Rakun Police Preparatory HS 38 22 6 10 80 48 +32 72

05 Maniwa General IAHS 38 20 12 6 74 47 +27 72
06 Raimon Frontier HS 38 20 9 9 64 33 +31 69
07 West Mashu Corona Girls HS 38 21 5 12 66 42 +24 68
08 Saoru Green Tauros HS 38 16 10 12 53 52 +1 58
09 September's Hand Iron Guild 38 15 11 12 53 45 +8 56
10 Kamuikotan Girls' HS 38 14 12 12 45 42 +3 54
11 Saturn Sakunerishima Genesis 38 15 6 17 47 45 +2 51
12 Kairi-Kameria Slider FC 38 12 12 14 45 53 −8 48
13 Kikushima Ladies HS 38 12 9 17 43 51 −8 45
14 Sijitani Flight Kids 38 13 6 19 38 55 −17 45
15 Tanukibo Seven Tails HS 38 13 4 21 47 66 −19 43
16 Hashimi Magic HS 38 9 9 20 42 50 −8 36
17 Anizaki Village 38 9 6 23 43 76 −33 33
18 Ayase United Village 38 9 6 23 38 74 −36 33
19 Arakawa Valley Union 38 7 6 25 37 70 −33 27
20 Tsudarikaya Pleasant Island HS 38 6 8 24 36 82 −46 26

GOLDEN BOOT Motoki Sugimoto (Kinjishinrin Occult HS - 34 goals)
SILVER BOOT Takafumi Matsuki (Maniwa General IAHS - 25 goals)
BRONZE BOOT Chenda Ruan (Maniwa General IAHS - 19 goals)
GOLDEN GLOVE Shinji Ito (Kinjinshinrin Occult HS)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Kairi-Kameria Slider FC
With 1284 entrants taking part in the Hinodejin Youth Cup, the tournament started early, pitting teams from all parts of the Empire for the main prize. This time, the final was disputed at the Mugisha III Memorial Stadium in Banija but ended up seeing a rather surprise final as two underdogs in Rakun Police Preparatory HS and Bolt Travelling, only for the real underdog of the match end up on top, claiming their first piece of silverware in ages.
Kazama All-Schools FC 1–2 Saria Greens FC
Mashu Elite HS 3–1 Shuuyou Meito HS
Hanada City HS 1–1 Nazu Rito AC (2–1 AET)
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 0–2 Raimon Central HS
Hatsune Records AFC 1–1 East Mashu Gloria All-Girls HS (2–2 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Koshu Dragon Guard HS 4–0 Seinjito All-Schools YFC
Igajima Sengoku HS 1–2 Kinjishinrin Occult HS
So-Nya Nekojin Academy 1–1 Beibei Shopping Mall's Nekojin YFC (2–2 AET) (7–6 pen.)
Tsubaki Hotelists 3–1 Shenova Merchants' Social Club
Aloha Heiwashima 1–0 Zeppelin Foundation
The Foremost World-Renowned International School of Lucha 1–3 Umikazoku Seafaring Company
Komakocho Manga Works 1–3 Verina Young Boys
Miishima Polytechnical HS 1–0 Zora Youth FC
Chaolan Zaibatsu 2–0 Luna Wanderers FC
Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS 1–0 Arctic Dream Shopping Mall YFC
Iwashigahama Hinode Women's Pro-Wrestling Academy 4–3 Young Knights Society
Kotobu Villa YFC 0–0 Viking Project (0–1 AET)
Tentai All-Schools FC 1–3 Royal Theater Preparatory
Grand Royal HS 0–2 Rakun Police Preparatory HS
Southern Ironworks Girls 5–0 Shimotoi Earthcare HS
Usagi Sailor Star HS 1–2 Gerudo Trading Company FC
Bolt Travelling 1–0 Tsushike Little Foxes
Teikoku Gakuen HS 3–1 Nyonbai Royal Star HS
Toadstool Enterprises 1–2 Hinode Sunrise HS
Crimson Academy 1–0 Project Olimpo Jutsii
Airin Rovers 1–2 Get Well Soon United Naitogaru Nursery
Wuyon Wind Leaf Leg Academy 4–1 Kissaki Boarding School
Berinii Steelworks 0–1 Maruseppu Yasei HS
Northern Ironwork Girls 0–2 Sanijina Sant-Joan HS
Maniwa General IAHS 2–1 Miyako Fiamma HS
Ooarai Tank Girls HS 1–3 Museion Spikers HS
Koa Mikage Sennou HS 1–2 Maku Trading Guild FC

Mashu Elite HS 1–1 Hanada City HS (2–2 AET) (1–2 pen.)
Maku Trading Guild FC 0–3 Gerudo Trading Company FC
Bolt Travelling 3–0 Sanijina Sant-Joan HS
Crimson Academy 1–1 Chaolan Zaibatsu (1–1 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Hinode Sunrise HS 2–2 Aloha Heiwashima (2–3 AET)
Tsubaki Hotelists 0–1 Rakun Police Preparatory HS
Iwashigahama Hinode Women's Pro-Wrestling Academy 1–0 Maniwa General IAHS
Southern Ironworks Girls 2–2 Maruseppu Yasei HS (2–2 AET) (5–3 pen.)
Raimon Central HS 3–0 Umikazoku Seafaring Company
Viking Project 2–0 Museion Spikers HS
Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS 4–0 Teikoku Gakuen HS
Get Well Soon United Naitogaru Nursery 1–4 So-Nya Nekojin Academy
Kinjishinrin Occult HS 1–1 Miishima Polytechnical HS (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Koshu Dragon Guard HS 2–1 Wuyon Wind Leaf Leg Academy
Royal Theater Preparatory 0–1 East Mashu Gloria All-Girls HS
Saria Greens FC 2–1 Verina Young Boys

Koshu Dragon Guard HS 0–3 Chaolan Zaibatsu
So-Nya Nekojin Academy 0–1 Aloha Heiwashima
Hanada City HS 1–1 Miishima Polytechnical HS (2–2 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Raimon Central HS 1–1 Senso-Shukujo Ladies HS (2–1 AET)
Rakun Police Preparatory HS 3–2 Saria Greens FC
Gerudo Trading Company FC 2–0 East Mashu Gloria All-Girls HS
Iwashigahama Hinode Women's Pro-Wrestling Academy 1–2 Viking Project
Southern Ironworks Girls 0–1 Bolt Travelling

Aloha Heiwashima 0–1 Bolt Travelling
Raimon Central HS 1–1 Chaolan Zaibatsu (2–2 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Rakun Police Preparatory HS 2–1 Viking Project
Gerudo Trading Company FC 1–2 Miishima Polytechnical HS

Bolt Travelling 3–2 Chaolan Zaibatsu
Rakun Police Preparatory HS 2–0 Miishima Polytechnical HS

Bolt Travelling 0–2 Rakun Police Preparatory HS
A grand total of twenty-eight teams tried for election, including the four teams that were "technically" relegated this season (Anizaki Village, Ayase United Village, Arakawa Valley Union and Tsudarikaya Pleasant Island HS) and... surprisingly, all four schools failed to retain their status as contenders of the Hinodejin youth leagues. Instead, four schools from the independents take their spots on the bottom tier: East Mashu Gloria All-Girls HS (known for their rather colourful red, white and blue uniforms and some notable runs on the Hinodejin Youth Cup, not to mention a rather interesting rivalry in War Games with...), Museion Spikers HS (the rivals of the aforementioned Gloria, known to also have a strong volleyball program), the Shenova Merchants' Social Club (who have some fantastic uniforms and were funded by some very rich merchants that live in the coastal city of Shenova) and Shuuyou Meito HS (the school that had the brilliant idea of playing in jerseys that feature pieces of manga blown out to the point where you could read them from out of the field, which also means the people in Dreamplanet hate their guts).

For what has to be a tradition in Hinodejin football, The Foremost World-Renowned International School of Lucha recorded zero votes for what was their third attempt at joining the pyramid.
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:29 pm


The third season of the Hinodejin Intercollegiate Top League had a lot on the table for pretty much everyone. With several players on their way to graduating out of the league, this season was the final shot for several big names for personal glory at this level and not to mention a good way to broadcast their talents in a national level before entering the Transfer Window. If there was one team that knew that very well, it was the Basque University and especially their two wingers, the Tachibana twins. A team that wasn't predicted to end anywhere near the battle found themselves as title contenders all the way to Matchday 42. But in the end, you have to respect a powerhouse in a competition they all but know how to control. Koji Kagoname may not have managed to reach another Di Bradini Cup final but he came with a lot of fire for the tournament and, with a team made of the finest players in the Empire and some foreign players worthy of note, he beat the league with a couple of days in hand. Let's not forget the team's finest players, in any case: Ikki Tokei remained the explosive, talented player he is and showed it throughout the season while local talents such as Angelina Lundqvist and Frederik Hiraguma proved themselves key to keep the team on top of the competition. And that's not to undersell Zilot-Trenj Miz, Ivica Svok, Filippa Bakushima and the debuting Jeong-Ryun Mitsuharashi.
The other team to qualify themselves for international play are the Imperial Forces Academy, after coming under fire from the media over their questionable thoughts regarding the relevance of football. Their new manager, Captain Hiro Fujita, made the team start to work a more physical style of play that suited what they had in spades. Of course, there's a downside to this: most of the names that were on the Imperial Forces' squad will politely leave the Forces and go play football professionally, which is literally the one thing the Academy didn't want. Behind them, NBI proved that Gum-Nam Gong is a player that can change an entire team if given the chance: he carried them to a fourth-place that was literally not on their cards. Hylia found their surprise recruits to be pretty handy but didn't manage to crack the Top Three while Kanshiro, Zeppelin and Uchina State contributed but didn't really act on it.

If this year was supposed to be the year where the cybernetic revolution that took over basketball would spread over to football, it was a very under-developed Cybernetic Revolution at the Top League: KOS-MOS got a rather unimpressive ninth place for a team that was promised to be the equivalent of world-beaters in a league of Under-15 teams. But they weren't the most depressing team of the season, as that goes to Rakun. The first team to bring in a really good foreigner flopped in their battle to stay at the top tier to the equally questionable University of the Pacific. Things probably would've gone in their favour but the primadonna Shinnosuke Nohara had to misbehave, cause scuffles inside the team and eventually pull the wheels from the cart. Throgmorton did the best he could do while also studying hard, glad to see an example of a player was there after all. Going down with them, Shiga University performed as well as one would expect for one of the two smallest Universities among all institutions of the Hinodejin football pyramid; which is something you can also apply to Totsuka University. As to Kameria, Karim van de Kerkhof did not catch fire and the team itself underperformed. Frequent bottom-dwellers, the only positive thing for the season was that they didn't go down as the bottom team of the league, but that's because Totsuka themselves were around.

01 Mido-Hinode 46 28 8 10 71 43 +28 92
02 Basque 46 24 8 14 66 45 +21 80
03 Imperial Forces 46 22 11 13 68 55 +13 77

04 National Battle Institute 46 21 11 14 56 58 −2 74
05 Hylia 46 20 13 13 66 51 +15 73
06 Kanshiro 46 21 10 15 65 55 +10 73
07 Zeppelin 46 19 13 14 67 59 +8 70
08 Uchina State 46 19 12 15 63 58 +5 69
09 KOS-MOS 46 17 13 16 68 64 +4 64
10 Tsutsuji 46 16 16 14 58 58 0 64
11 Somei-Yoshino 46 16 14 16 65 54 +11 62
12 Zora Institute 46 14 19 13 58 51 +7 61
13 Togene 46 17 10 19 58 55 +3 61
14 Tentai 46 14 18 14 57 54 +3 60
15 Himawari 46 15 15 16 63 62 +1 60
16 Nishikoku 46 17 9 20 58 67 −9 60
17 Williams 46 14 15 17 46 59 −13 57
18 Sakurahana 46 14 12 20 57 74 −17 54
19 Utsukushima 46 13 14 19 56 68 −12 53
20 Pacific 46 14 11 21 50 63 −13 53
21 Rakun 46 12 16 18 55 60 −5 52
22 Shiga 46 12 12 22 55 66 −11 48
23 Kameria 46 11 14 21 47 62 −15 47
24 Totsuka 46 8 14 24 39 71 −32 38

GOLDEN BOOT Ikki Tokei (Mido-Hinode University - 21 goals)
SILVER BOOT Polyhymnia Maki (KOS-MOS Technological Institute - 16 goals)
BRONZE BOOT Pluto Akiyama (KOS-MOS Technological Institute - 15 goals)
GOLDEN GLOVE Frederik Hiraguma (Mido-Hinode University)
COACHES' VOTE Gum-Nam Gong (National Battle Institute)
FANS' VOTE Myozan Namezono (Imperial Forces Academy)
BEST IMPROVED Kotaro Katsura (Imperial Forces Academy)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Totsuka University

GK Frederik Hiraguma (Mido-Hinode University)
RB Zilot-Trenj Miz (Mido-Hinode University)
CB Gum-Nam Gong (National Battle Institute)
LB Seira Muchiko (Imperial Forces Academy)
DM Anders-Fuuya Kurota (Mido-Hinode University)
RM Naia Anhili (Hylia University)
CM Kotaro Katsura (Imperial Forces Academy)
LM Jeong-Ryun Mitsuharashi (Mido-Hinode University)
OM Ikki Tokei (Mido-Hinode University)
CF Polyhymnia Maki (KOS-MOS Technological Institute)
ST Pluto Akiyama (KOS-MOS Technological Institute)
Last season, KOS-MOS Technological Institute surprised many people with their domination of the Challenge League. Their rivals, National Robotics Institute failed to make the jump with them but they managed to make it in the following season with a respectable performance, although by now most teams adapted to the Cyborgs. Of course, the big surprise here was the title victory by the Royal Academy. The Garnets were a former top tier team and most of their class that flopped on the top-level chose to go out with a respectable result, although the best player the team has at the moment is a local talent, Kimiko Maki. Another team returning is the Kuroba Magic, although this meant that Somchai Metharon and Juurou Watanabe spent their last season at the university level playing for a team on the second tier, something they didn't deserve. Former Royal Learning System institution fodder Marushika Royal Institute finishes the top four.

Going down are last season's bottom dwellers on the first division Chokoboshima, together with Kuroba State, Asakawa and Minamitetsu. Not exactly surprising for some of those institutions: Kuroba State has been under one of their most notable downturn periods in the institution's history while Chokoboshima was never really a top dog and qualified to the top tier via sheer luck and a format that favoured teams like them. Asakawa is still a very academic institution and Minamitetsu is a small regional university, so they're literally going to the division that seems to be more focused towards their standards.

01 Royal Academy 46 22 16 8 76 48 +28 82
02 Kuroba 46 22 15 9 73 42 +31 81
03 National Robotics 46 21 12 13 75 54 +21 75
04 Marushika Royal 46 22 9 15 69 58 +11 75

05 Ainu 46 20 13 13 69 53 +16 73
06 Nakoruru 46 19 11 16 60 57 +3 68
07 Mikashu 46 18 12 16 64 62 +2 66
08 Tanuki 46 18 12 16 63 69 −6 66
09 Minamimachi 46 17 14 15 63 61 +2 65
10 Ume-Aburana 46 17 13 16 63 61 +2 64
11 MPI 46 16 14 16 58 59 −1 62
12 Mide Girls 46 17 10 19 55 66 −11 61
13 Anouki 46 15 15 16 54 58 −4 60
14 Naniko 46 17 9 20 52 61 −9 60
15 Eileen Battle 46 14 16 16 58 55 +3 58
16 Sant Joan 46 16 10 20 60 67 −7 58
17 Uchina 46 15 11 20 52 71 −19 56
18 Royal Music 46 15 10 21 60 62 −2 55
19 Somei-Yoshino State 46 13 15 18 55 60 −5 54
20 Hatsune 46 13 15 18 48 55 −7 54
21 Kuroba State 46 11 21 14 45 52 −7 54
22 Asakawa 46 13 13 20 49 60 −11 52
23 Minamitetsu 46 13 12 21 56 70 −14 51
24 Chokoboshima 46 12 14 20 54 70 −16 50

GOLDEN BOOT Kimiko Maki (Royal Academy - 23 goals)
SILVER BOOT Melissa Taylor (National Robotics Institute - 17 goals)
BRONZE BOOT Sanetomo Kinoshita (Ainu University - 15 goals)
GOLDEN GLOVE Odo Cazal (Kuroba University)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Somei-Yoshino State University
The history of Minaduki's descent from being a fair enough side on the top tier to one of the weakest sides in all of the Empire despite their roster being usually good enough on paper has been very well recorded in the past couple of years. They worked really hard, did their best... and then they failed to win the title, leaving Nashihana with it on their hands. Despite not playing a brand of stellar football, an institution with a lot of history ended up claiming the title with a smile. Galaxy Forces and Cannis Canem filled the top four, playing pretty well but lacking that killer instinct that could lead them to the title.

Himegono remains the worst institution in football at the pyramid.

01 Nashihana 46 24 12 10 71 57 +14 84
02 Minaduki 46 21 13 12 77 56 +21 76
03 Galaxy Forces 46 23 7 16 71 63 +8 76
04 Cannis Canem 46 23 7 16 53 49 +4 76

05 Tobukoku 46 19 14 13 72 59 +13 71
06 Sophitia 46 19 11 16 71 60 +11 68
07 Tentai Tech 46 18 14 14 62 53 +9 68
08 Minamihara 46 18 14 14 66 66 0 68
09 Anatokina 46 18 13 15 63 50 +13 67
10 Lan Xang 46 18 12 16 62 58 +4 66
11 Okagane 46 17 14 15 64 60 +4 65
12 Speedwagon 46 16 15 15 70 64 +6 63
13 Aurora Borealis 46 18 9 19 61 61 0 63
14 Kameria Tech 46 18 9 19 64 70 −6 63
15 Rasputin 46 18 8 20 59 63 −4 62
16 Royal Theater 46 15 14 17 66 67 −1 59
17 Rukita 46 16 11 19 59 63 −4 59
18 Saint Mary-Jolteon 46 15 14 17 63 69 −6 59
19 Butler 46 14 14 18 63 65 −2 56
20 Kyokaitai 46 13 17 16 60 64 −4 56
21 Beart 46 13 16 17 53 59 −6 55
22 Taushiga 46 13 10 23 55 70 −15 49
23 Arika 46 11 12 23 52 82 −30 45
24 Himegono 46 6 16 24 49 78 −29 34

GOLDEN BOOT Ran Seefiapraa (Minaduki College)
SILVER BOOT Kyung Chun-Boo (Tobukoku University)
BRONZE BOOT Io Shirai (Galaxy Forces Academy)
GOLDEN GLOVE Nina Kawahara (Cannis Canem College)
FAIR PLAY AWARD Arika University

- The Insular Intercollegiate League was officially formed last season by a group of lesser institutions and private colleges located at the main island of the Empire. Despite being deemed lesser institutions, their brand of football was certainly more interesting than what happened in the Challenge League. Notably, the tournament featured upstart institution Miishima Polytechnical Institute, a Graduation school formed and ran under the same style of the Miishima Polytechnical High School, featuring players from that team. In the end, Miishima Polytechnical Institute won the title after a grand total of forty matchdays, being followed by Tatsumaki Institute and the Nashihana College of Technology. Their league's MVP was Osarian defender Emeka Okore.
- The League of Athena was formed by the same schools that take part in the rather exclusive Athena Conference in basketball but sans Beart (a current third-tier team in the Hinodejin pyramid) with the inclusion of a couple of additional members from the main island of the Empire. The league overall has been deemed weaker and not really all that noteworthy. Still, they do have the eventual good player, this season saw Mina Hinabayama win the title for her school, Prower College and get herself the MVP award as a result.
- The Canvusian University League has been announced during the regular season but won't see play this year. A grand total of ten institutions are expected to participate, all of those from the capital of the planet (the city of Canvas) and nearby districts.

A new tournament, a version of the Hinodejin Youth Cup but for University sides, the Bow of Artemis sees teams from not only the Hinodejin Intercollegiate Football League but also teams from the Insular Intercollegiate League and the League of Athena taking part. Despite this, one could see how each tournament really stacked up: Mido-Hinode University stomping Lamperouge College (of the League of Athena) by ten-nil in the First Round was quite a sight to behold. Due to the troublesome nature of recording so many results, we're presenting only the Round of 64 onwards for those who are interested.

The most notable bit, however, was that Independent school Miishima Polytechnical Institute ended up claiming the title via a late goal by Saito Mishima, an alarming sight to the HIFL but a moment of pride for the rival Insulate Intercollegiate League.
Basque 2–1 Nishikoku
Hylia 3–3 Aurora Borealis (3–3 AET) (6–5 pen.)
Miishima Poly 2–0 Nabooru
Kameria 2–2 Rakun (2–3 AET)
Prower College 3–0 Hatsune
Nashihana 1–1 Uchina State (2–1 AET)
Tsutsuji 1–1 Rasputin (1–1 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Zeppelin 0–1 Dragostea
Ume-Aburana 2–0 Galaxy Forces
Tentai 1–0 Minamimachi
Somei-Yoshino State 2–1 Kyokaitai
Royal Theater 1–1 Shiga (1–2 AET)
Anatokina 1–0 Okagane
College of the Gardens 2–2 Utsukushima (4–2 AET)
Somei-Yoshino 2–2 Togene (2–3 AET)
Kuroba 0–1 Pacific
Tikaru College 1–3 Beart
Lan Xang 1–2 Mido-Hinode
Royal Academy 2–1 Totsuka
Tanuki 1–2 Naniko
National Robotics 0–0 Mikashu (1–0 AET)
Kinokomura Tech 0–2 Rukita
National Battle Institute 2–2 Taiyoo Nekojin (2–3 AET)
Himawari 2–2 Sant Joan (3–2 AET)
Royal Music 1–2 Cannis Canem
Imperial Forces 4–4 MPI (5–4 AET)
Williams 3–1 Kanshiro
Sophitia 1–4 Sakurahana
Tobukoku 1–2 Taushiga
Ainu 1–2 KOS-MOS
Zora Institute 2–1 Speedwagon
Uchina 2–1 Arika

Basque 1–0 Hylia
Miishima Poly 3–2 Rakun
Prower College 3–0 Nashihana
Rasputin 0–2 Dragostea
Ume-Aburana 2–1 Tentai
Somei-Yoshino State 2–1 Shiga
Anatokina 0–3 College of the Gardens
Togene 3–0 Pacific
Beart 1–2 Mido-Hinode
Royal Academy 0–1 Naniko
National Robotics 0–2 Rukita
Taiyoo Nekojin 1–2 Himawari
Cannis Canem 3–2 Imperial Forces
Williams 0–1 Sakurahana
Taushiga 0–0 KOS-MOS (0–0 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Zora Institute 2–1 Uchina

Basque 2–4 Miishima Poly
Prower College 0–1 Dragostea
Ume-Aburana 2–1 Somei-Yoshino State
College of the Gardens 0–2 Togene
Mido-Hinode 3–1 Naniko
Rukita 0–2 Himawari
Cannis Canem 1–1 Sakurahana (1–2 AET)
KOS-MOS 3-2 Zora Institute

Miishima Poly 2–0 Dragostea
Ume-Aburana 2–2 Togene (3–2 AET)
Mido-Hinode 1–1 Himawari (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)
Sakurahana 1–0 KOS-MOS

Miishima Poly 2–1 Ume-Aburana
Mido-Hinode 1–1 Sakurahana (2–2 AET) (6–5 pen.)

Miishima Poly 3–2 Mido-Hinode
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:31 pm

01 Victory Road 45 36 2 7 623 322 +301 110
02 Mashu 45 30 2 13 552 362 +190 92
03 South Hinode 45 26 5 14 554 377 +177 83
04 Raiden Valley 45 25 5 15 525 429 +96 80
05 Metro Hinode 45 24 3 18 508 403 +105 75
06 Kawasuki 45 22 4 19 407 368 +39 70
07 Miishima 45 23 1 21 414 421 −7 70
08 North Hinode 45 23 1 21 451 483 −32 70
09 Minamimachi 45 20 3 22 415 395 +20 63
10 Kanshiro 45 19 4 22 496 474 +22 61
11 Misashima 45 19 4 22 393 456 −63 61
12 Miyako 45 17 4 24 385 543 −158 55
13 Orora 45 16 2 27 379 437 −58 50
14 Mioku 45 13 3 29 382 579 −197 42
15 Chonju 45 12 6 27 345 566 −221 42
16 Saiyu 45 10 1 34 328 542 −214 31

01 Kamandu 45 36 3 6 667 371 +296 111
02 Botan 45 30 3 12 535 380 +155 93

03 Honeyame 45 30 2 13 495 299 +196 92
04 Uranai 45 28 6 11 528 369 +159 90
05 Southern Islands 45 25 3 17 510 368 +142 78
06 Kazama 45 24 3 18 447 355 +92 75
07 Kaedegawa 45 23 3 19 456 314 +142 72
08 Nikai 45 22 4 19 442 401 +41 70
09 Usagi 45 21 4 20 457 402 +55 67
10 Shorii-Yuki 45 17 1 27 329 561 −232 52
11 Kitsukawa 45 16 2 27 357 496 −139 50
12 Kitadawa 45 15 2 28 379 502 −123 47
13 Maho-Hogugako 45 15 0 30 367 581 −214 45
14 Aritsu 45 12 4 29 343 545 −202 40
15 Shieni-Tane 45 12 3 30 366 532 −166 39
16 Uezu 45 12 1 32 324 526 −202 37
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01 Las Deesses 28 21 0 7 453 336 +117 63
02 Hajime SC 28 16 0 12 400 382 +18 48
03 The Eight Clans 28 15 0 13 327 350 −23 45
04 Tsuyazaki 28 13 2 13 364 297 +67 41
05 Pleasantries 28 13 1 14 366 351 +15 40
06 Ibara 28 13 0 15 342 398 −56 39
07 Sunflowers 28 11 1 16 315 373 −58 34
08 Blue Coast 28 7 2 19 308 388 −80 23

01 Genkai Warriors 36 19 8 9 451 360 +91 65
02 Uranai City 36 19 2 15 413 363 +50 59

03 Metropolitan Uranai 36 18 3 15 433 360 +73 57
04 Enkuruma Rugby 36 17 5 14 416 449 −33 56
05 Senso-Shukujo 36 15 7 14 385 366 +19 52
06 Kazama Heat 36 16 1 19 369 405 −36 49
07 The Kitsunes 36 14 6 16 394 389 +5 48
08 Nanto 36 14 4 18 421 464 −43 46
09 Orange Club 36 14 3 19 409 487 −78 45
10 Sekiyame 36 12 5 19 406 454 −48 41
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Postby Santa Maria Madalena » Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:46 pm

   NOVO BASQUETE MADALENO     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts
01 São Bento 39 26 13 3140 2865 +275 78
02 Basquete Metropolitano 39 26 13 3137 2892 +245 78
03 Jambalaya 39 25 14 3070 2884 +186 75
04 Santa Maria 39 25 14 3021 3003 +18 75
05 Noroeste 39 24 15 2958 2833 +125 72
06 Irene 39 23 14 3087 2871 +216 71
07 Araucária 39 21 17 3021 2851 +170 64
08 Belisário 39 19 19 2910 2906 +4 58
09 Vila Isabel 39 17 21 2887 2982 −95 52
10 Vila das Cruzes 39 14 24 2894 3000 −106 43
11 Xiquexique 39 12 25 2869 3042 −173 38
12 Sidney Magal 39 12 26 2910 3150 −240 37
13 Virilhada Clube 39 12 26 2842 3164 −322 37
14 Sociedade Dion Villa 39 11 26 2805 3108 −303 35

São Bento (1st title)

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Postby Eskandor » Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:07 pm

   ESKA DAGORA I         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 Ydra Mamedra 34 23 7 4 69 36 +33 76
02 Sin Menad 34 16 12 6 49 35 +14 60
03 Ertize 34 16 9 9 60 42 +18 57
04 Nenéth 34 17 6 11 56 43 +13 57
05 Kerkera 34 15 10 9 56 40 +16 55
06 Viggo Lalad 34 15 9 10 69 46 +23 54
07 Mallua 34 13 9 12 51 50 +1 48
08 Viggo Ertize 34 12 11 11 55 50 +5 47
09 Glûm 34 11 13 10 41 38 +3 46
10 Rika Monotera 34 11 8 15 49 56 −7 41
11 Latyanama 34 10 9 15 46 57 −11 39
12 Viggo Edora 34 9 11 14 39 47 −8 38
13 YMYD Monotera 34 10 8 16 44 53 −9 38
14 YMYD Latya 34 9 11 14 40 63 −23 38
15 Ballo 34 10 7 17 36 55 −19 37
16 Pepetri 34 8 12 14 36 47 −11 36 RELEGATED
17 Hebana 34 10 6 18 44 58 −14 36 RELEGATED
18 Memiid 34 6 12 16 38 62 −24 30 RELEGATED

01 Haryiss 34 17 12 5 44 36 +8 63 PROMOTED
02 Lariss 34 18 8 8 50 30 +20 62 PROMOTED
03 SMID Latya 34 15 9 10 48 38 +10 54 PROMOTED

04 Majorastrah 34 14 12 8 41 34 +7 54
05 Hennai Aran 34 16 6 12 50 47 +3 54
06 Darnassus 34 14 9 11 43 37 +6 51
07 Eskandorian 34 12 14 8 47 40 +7 50
08 Eldara-al-Himinna 34 14 8 12 51 45 +6 50
09 Tallasa 34 13 11 10 45 41 +4 50
10 Viggo Darnassus 34 12 13 9 47 43 +4 49
11 Thulluscius 34 13 9 12 45 41 +4 48
12 Tethris Kudjan 34 10 13 11 43 44 −1 43
13 Isildien 34 10 11 13 46 47 −1 41
14 Minnal'aran 34 9 10 15 43 56 −13 37
15 Viggo Monotera 34 8 12 14 31 43 −12 36
16 Makunaan 34 7 11 16 38 53 −15 32
17 Daborah 34 7 10 17 37 49 −12 31
18 Kalrendis 34 5 6 23 40 65 −25 21

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   TROPHÉE DE SOREL - DIVISION I  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 L'Escrimeurs Saint-Michel 34 17 10 7 59 40 +19 61
02 Cercle Oudstel 34 17 6 11 52 43 +9 57
03 Go Ahead Tilstad 34 15 11 8 62 44 +18 56
04 Kaisermünster Harriers 34 15 10 9 47 43 +4 55
05 1825 Vöcklaheim 34 15 8 11 50 43 +7 53
06 En Avant Travonne 34 14 8 12 47 39 +8 50
07 Neufstadt Klagentrenk 34 15 5 14 44 47 −3 50
08 VfB Ostershafen 34 14 7 13 50 51 −1 49
09 Escrima Club du Sorel 34 12 12 10 46 40 +6 48
10 Faucheurs Saint-Michel 34 12 12 10 52 50 +2 48
11 Granz Klub Lahnnow 34 12 8 14 45 41 +4 44
12 Espoir Onze FC 34 11 10 13 41 43 −2 43
13 Groenvorden Boys 34 11 9 14 41 45 −4 42
14 Vassy ASC 34 11 9 14 45 51 −6 42
15 Olympique Martouláise 34 12 5 17 49 59 −10 41
16 Standard Versau 34 9 9 16 39 51 −12 36 RELEGATED
17 Royal Club Halbeek 34 8 8 18 40 55 −15 32 RELEGATED
18 Malmeath Regiment FC 34 6 13 15 31 55 −24 31 RELEGATED

01 Athenas Amerestein 34 19 7 8 65 36 +29 64 PROMOTED
02 Volator Hallberg 34 18 8 8 63 40 +23 62 PROMOTED
03 Rouge-Noir Schwarzenbruck 34 18 8 8 61 42 +19 62 PROMOTED

04 Afrodite Grimheuvel 34 18 5 11 71 46 +25 59
05 BBC Bendern 34 19 1 14 48 42 +6 58
06 Wacken Feldbach 34 14 11 9 50 40 +10 53
07 Stade Torchóise Gognane 34 13 12 9 54 41 +13 51
08 Bleu-et-Noir Avimart 34 15 5 14 39 40 −1 50
09 Ställ AK 34 13 11 10 45 48 −3 50
10 Ballyshannon City 34 13 9 12 39 53 −14 48
11 Forgeron Club Rornier 34 10 14 10 35 33 +2 44
12 Racing Roesburg 34 8 18 8 47 47 0 42
13 Consonnais ASC 34 7 13 14 41 53 −12 34
14 Universal Nablayney 34 8 9 17 46 69 −23 33
15 FC Bensten 1996 34 8 8 18 32 51 −19 32
16 Werder Windhem 34 8 7 19 44 59 −15 31
17 Masescha Young Boys 34 7 10 17 32 54 −22 31
18 LNSC Loch 34 6 12 16 33 51 −18 30

L'Escrimeurs Saint-Michel (1st title)

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Postby Kita-Hinode » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:02 am


- The Hinodejin Hockey Championship chose to scrape the playoff set-up for a single game between the champions of the Imperial and Hinodejin Conferences. When asked about it, they reported that it was due to the rather troublesome process of having teams travel throughout the Empire for several playoff games, depending on how far they'd go into the tournament.
- Lower league teams have been lining up for the possibility of becoming team number 22 of either the Imperial or Hinodejin Conferences. A Misei City group currently leads the race with several markets from the western portion of the Empire following closely.

   HINODEJIN CONFERENCE                    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
01 Soshi Oilers 60 31 17 12 106 66 +40 110
02 Sora Blades 60 33 10 17 107 74 +33 109
03 Giishiga Bears 60 25 15 20 100 84 +16 90
04 Tsuki Jets 60 24 18 18 93 80 +13 90
05 Neka Wildcats 60 24 18 18 78 70 +8 90
06 Omorogawa Chiefs 60 25 12 23 80 78 +2 87
07 Mayako Flyers 60 22 19 19 82 83 −1 85
08 Hinode Guardians 60 23 15 22 95 85 +10 84
09 Kurosawa Natives 60 22 18 20 78 81 −3 84
10 Shoge Bolts 60 23 14 23 76 71 +5 83
11 Kanshiro Blue Dragons 60 21 19 20 92 89 +3 82
12 Ainubyu Ainus 60 22 16 22 92 98 −6 82
13 Riku Silver Wings 60 20 20 20 79 81 −2 80
14 Honeyame Stingers 60 19 20 21 87 83 +4 77
15 Utsukushima Lions 60 20 17 23 77 86 −9 77
16 Seijinmura Fighting Saints 60 18 19 23 79 83 −4 73
17 Hokuto Flames 60 17 20 23 72 86 −14 71
18 Furiki Zombies 60 19 14 27 77 102 −25 71
19 Sudachi Knights 60 16 18 26 68 93 −25 66
20 Saishu Stags 60 17 13 30 76 91 −15 64
21 Usagi Stars 60 13 20 27 69 99 −30 59

01 Nukutaki Penguins 60 31 15 14 107 70 +37 108
02 Shira-Hinode Musketeers 60 32 11 17 85 63 +22 107
03 Kawasuki Sharks 60 30 13 17 96 71 +25 103
04 Taishinami Painters 60 26 18 16 89 66 +23 96
05 Mereti Colts 60 26 16 18 83 72 +11 94
06 Tentai Capitals 60 23 19 18 86 79 +7 88
07 Sega Blues 60 23 16 21 91 84 +7 85
08 Maniwa Suns 60 23 16 21 72 79 −7 85
09 Jugishiga Whalers 60 22 18 20 85 84 +1 84
10 Atene Legion 60 24 10 26 85 81 +4 82
11 Kyoso-Zensho Racers 60 21 17 22 86 94 −8 80
12 Akira Comets 60 20 19 21 79 81 −2 79
13 Munikawa Eagles 60 22 12 26 76 80 −4 78
14 Nishi Gears 60 22 11 27 84 86 −2 77
15 Misashima Islanders 60 21 14 25 72 82 −10 77
16 Shiva Raiders 60 20 16 24 83 92 −9 76
17 Kitsunemachi Foxes 60 18 18 24 72 86 −14 72
18 Hapurane Jesters 60 15 23 22 68 93 −25 68
19 Himegono Nationals 60 14 22 24 81 97 −16 64
20 Kari Aeros 60 18 9 33 76 95 −19 63
21 Hotaru Fireflies 60 16 13 31 73 94 −21 61

Nukutaki Penguins 4-3 Soshi Oilers

Nukutaki Penguins (5th title)
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Champion: WC 75 and 76, CoH 74, U-15 WC 4 and 6, DBC 29 and 41, CE 21 and 24

The IC follow-up to Northern Sunrise Islands



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