World Bowl XXXIII - Everything thread (Final posted)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Bowl XXXIII - Everything thread (Final posted)

Postby Bongo Johnson » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:11 pm

World Bowl XXXIII

"The rhythm rises once more."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Incorporated States of Bongo Johnson is once again honored to present the opening of the 33rd World Bowl! This is the Everything thread - this is where results will be posted, as well as your rosters and your RP. Posts that are OOC or discussion-based should be directed to the World Bowl discussion thread.

Sept 1 - Matchday One (2v7, 3v6, 4v5 BYE 1)
Sept 2 - Matchday Two (6v4, 7v3, 1v2 BYE 5)
Sept 3 - Matchday Three (3v1, 4v7, 5v6 BYE 2)
Sept 4 - Matchday Four (7v5, 1v4, 2v3 BYE 6)
Sept 5 - Matchday Five (4v2, 5v1, 6v7 BYE 3)
Sept 6 - Matchday Six (1v6, 2v5, 3v4 BYE 7)
Sept 7 - Matchday Seven (5v3, 6v2, 7v1 BYE 4)
Sept 8 - Matchday Eight (7v2, 6v3, 5v4 BYE 1)
Sept 9 - Matchday Nine (4v6, 3v7, 2v1 BYE 5)
Sept 10 - Matchday Ten (1v3, 7v4, 6v5 BYE 2)
Sept 11 - Matchday Eleven (5v7, 4v1, 3v2 BYE 6)
Sept 12 - Matchday Twelve (2v4, 1v5, 7v6 BYE 3)
Sept 13 - Matchday Thirteen (6v1, 5v2, 4v3 BYE 7)
Sept 14 - Matchday Fourteen / Last day of group stage (3v5, 2v6, 1v7 BYE 4)
Sept 15 - Play-in games (if necessary)
Sept 15/16 - Round of 16
Sept 16/17 - Quarterfinals
Sept 17/18 - Semifinals
Sept 18/19 - Championship and runner-up game

Cutoff time: 6-8pm EST
I.S.B.J. reserves the right to adjust cutoff times within an hour or two if necessary


Important RP Info:
Don't forget to add RP permissions in with your roster to help your future opponents out!

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers:
Choose Scoring Events:
Godmod Scoring Events:
RP Injuries to my Players:
Godmod Injuries to my Players:
Godmod Other Events:

Useful Links:
World Bowl discussion thread
World Bowl XXXIII bid
Guide to Sports RP
Wikipedia's article on American Football
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Proud host of World Bowl XXXII and World Bowl XXXIII
Appearances: 2 (82, 83)
Current rank: 54th
Highest rank: 41st (83)
Lowest rank: 262nd (79)
Best finish: Round 1 (82, 83)

G.A.F.A. I Undefeated Season and Champions
G.A.F.A. II 11-0 Regular Season

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Postby Bongo Johnson » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:15 pm

Alpine Union, Drawkland, Kaboomlandia, Abanhfleft, Gregoryisgodistan, Cosumar

Allamunnic States, Greater Vakolicci Haven, Royal Kingdom of Quebec, United States of Devonta, Barunia, Taeshan

Firebolt, Chromatika, Newmanistan, Pridnestrovia[Trans-Dniesters], Free Republics, The Kiaser Colonies

West Phoenicia, Lisander, Bongo Johnson, Qasden, Rhineland Sued, Newlands

Equestrian States, Space, Vangaziland, The Tiber and Wisdom, Bojikstan, HUElavia

Amuaplye, North Dajao, New Jarwel, New Danican, Mostly Idiots, Sibiandias

Aggrey-Fynn Land, Velstrania, Tenburg, Buddharia, The Orion Islands, Hampton Island

Group A
Bongo Johnson (33)
The Orion Islands (UR)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (10)
Drawkland (1)
Bojikstan (UR)
Firebolt (18)
Sibiandias (UR)

Group B
Pridnestrovia (24)
Lisander (27)
The Tiber and Wisdom (UR)
Abanhfleft (3)
Barunia (13)
Mostly Idiots (UR)
Tenburg (UR)

Group C
Qasden (48)
Vangaziland (UR)
New Jarwel (UR)
Allamunnic States (7)
Cosumar (6)
The Kiaser Colonies (27)
Buddharia (UR)

Group D
Kaboomlandia (2)
Newlands (UR)
Hampton Island (UR)
Free Republics (25)
Amuaplye (UR)
United States of Devonta (11)
Equestrian States (UR)

Group E
Aggrey-Fynn Land (UR)
Gregoryisgodistan (4)
New Danican (UR)
HUElavia (UR)
Greater Vakolicci Haven (9)
West Phoenicia (27)
Newmanistan (22)

Group F
North Dajao (UR)
Taeshan (15)
Space (UR)
Alpine Union (8)
Chromatika (21)
Velstrania (UR)
Rhineland Sued (UR)

Official Stadium Schedule for World Bowl XXXII
listed by group

StrattonBank StadiumBCDEFABCDEFABC
Chessington University ArenaEFABCDEFABCDEF
Brinkley Memorial GardensFABCDEFABCDEFA
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Proud host of World Bowl XXXII and World Bowl XXXIII
Appearances: 2 (82, 83)
Current rank: 54th
Highest rank: 41st (83)
Lowest rank: 262nd (79)
Best finish: Round 1 (82, 83)

G.A.F.A. I Undefeated Season and Champions
G.A.F.A. II 11-0 Regular Season

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Postby Bongo Johnson » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:23 pm

The Incorporated States of Bongo Johnson
Official Visitor's Guide

History of the Incorporated States

The Incorporated States of Bongo Johnson was officially formed in 2002. Prior to then, the Murbley Peninsula was home to six independent nations:

Kalten - Shandon - 236,768
Tocanto - Beowere City - 98,244
Robejo - Pardellon - 411,492
Halien - Stratton - 9,194,205
Leckar - South Tip - 4,501,422
Undna - Las Englesas - 959,809

Out of these six regions, Halien and Leckar were the two largest countries and the worst of enemies. Halien, which spanned the northern border of what is now the I.S.B.J., constantly got into bitter political disagreements with Leckar, which existed on the southern tip of the peninsula. The rest of the nations, which divided amongst the land between the two bickering countries, were used as pawns in what became known as the Murblean Cold War. In an attempt to regain economic autonomy, the four middle nations signed a pact with Leckar in 1990 to become puppets supported by their central government. This pact became known as the Union of Burger, named after the city in which it was signed.

However, by 1999, Leckar's government had all but abandoned the four small nations in order to support their own citizens in the midst of an industrial economic downturn. This infuriated Halien and its people, and the resentment between the two nations grew exponentially. As the Cold War rapidly reached a head, news pundits often predicted that a great war would break out across the peninsula, displacing millions and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

At the turn of the millennium, a man named Bongo Johnson announced his campaign for chancellor of Halien. His attitude towards Halien-Leckar relations was a reconciliatory one - an unpopular opinion that alienated him from his political peers. Nevertheless, on February 20, 2000, the citizens of Halien made their point clear - Bongo Johnson was Halien's last chance before war broke out. Johnson was elected chancellor in a landslide popular vote, beating the opposing warmonger party by nearly 2 million votes.

His first act was to fund aid for the four neglected and malnourished central Murbley nations. Johnson pledged to ensure each one became strong enough to stand on its own. One by one, the four nations began protesting Leckar's political control. Without the agriculture and infrastructure provided by Kalten, Tocanto, Robejo, and Undna to rely on, quality of life in Leckar began to plummet. The people of Leckar could no longer sit idly by as their leaders exceeded budget after budget of military spending with little to no societal improvement. Soon, there were riots in the streets of South Tip and members of the Senate were evacuated.

Ultimately, the strength of the north was undisputable and unignorable. As Leckar dissolved from the inside out, Bongo Johnson waited until just the right moment. With a complete governmental shutdown imminent in Leckar, Johnson gave a speech on the steps at Leckar's City Hall whose words are recited by every child in the Incorporated States. "Your wheat has grown thin, your leaders have raped and pillaged your countryside. We will help you. We will rebuild."

A proposal was drafted in Halien's capital, Stratton, to incorporate the six peninsula nations into one nation, with each region acting as its own state. By a vote of 38 to 5, an interim Leckar government approved the resolution and on May 8, 2002, the Incorporated States of Bongo Johnson was formed. The capital was officially moved to Murbley, a central city and the heart of the Murbley Peninsula.

The flag, first drawn by Charles Gamache, features the six nations united and portrayed as fireworks displaying their brilliance against a night sky. The two originally rivalrous nations, Halien and Leckar, are represented by the blue and purple colors. The northernmost flash on the flag is painted white, to represent the North Star that leads every citizen home.

Bongo Johnson has stadiums of varying sizes scattered across its sprawling lands. The biggest, the Murbley Coliseum, is located in the capital. It will feature the championship game, as well as group stage matches and one playoff match each round.

Built: 2003
Capacity: 81,435

Additionally, group stage matches will be played at the following stadiums:

StrattonBank Stadium
Stratton, Halien
Capacity: 60,565

The Dannydome
South Tip, Leckar
Capacity: 55,325

Pressco Field
Las Englesas, Undna
Capacity: 43,000

Chessington University Arena
South Fallsburg, Halien
Capacity: 42,500

Brinkley Memorial Gardens
Entent, Robejo
Capacity: 39,600


The Incorporated Transit Authority has organized multiple rail-based options for World Bowl fans looking to travel. Fans looking to fly into the Incorporated States should book flights to MBIF - Murbley International Freeport, the country's international hub. Transit guides are located inside the airport, which are printed in several languages for your convenience. Simply follow the color coded lines to your desired destination - the transportation system has been completely overhauled in anticipation for your visit.

Additionally, shuttles are provided to various hotels in each state that will take fans to and from the stadium. These shuttles operate free of charge, but are only operational on matchdays.
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Proud host of World Bowl XXXII and World Bowl XXXIII
Appearances: 2 (82, 83)
Current rank: 54th
Highest rank: 41st (83)
Lowest rank: 262nd (79)
Best finish: Round 1 (82, 83)

G.A.F.A. I Undefeated Season and Champions
G.A.F.A. II 11-0 Regular Season

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Postby Vangaziland » Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:50 pm

Vangaziland National Football


QUARTERBACK: #10 - Dan Bundison - 5'10 - 185 lbs (pocket passer)
HALFBACK: #25 - Filip Skog- Junior - 5'9 - 205 lbs (speed back)
FULLBACK: #40 - Taye Poconos - 5'11 - 220 lbs
LEFT TACKLE: #76 - Kent Isaakssen - 6'3 - 295 lbs
LEFT GUARD: #75 - Milo Horvak - 6'4 - 300 lbs
CENTER: #65 - Charles Quarter - 6'3 - 305 lbs
RIGHT GUARD: #72 - Mag Villjon- Senior - 6'3 - 290 lbs
RIGHT TACKLE: #60 - Max Vanderberg - 6'5- 295 lbs
TIGHT END: #88 - Fred Loxingsen - 6'2 - 225 lbs
TIGHT END: #80 - Tony Stance - 6'1 - 211 lbs
1st OPTION WR: #84 - Parker Vangaard - 6'2 - 200 lbs (hands)
2nd OPTION WR: #15 - Erik Bergum - 6'0 - 175 lbs (speed)
3rd OPTION WR: #82 - Matty Julius - 5'11 - 185 lbs

STRONG SAFETY: #34 - Chris Ingebritson - 6'1 - 210 lbs
FREE SAFETY: #38 - Karver Price - 6'1 - 194 lbs
DEFENSIVE END: #90 - Winton Cathcart - 6'3 - 300 lbs
DEFENSIVE TACKLE: #91 - Tomas Lillegard- 6'4 - 300 lbs
DEFENSIVE TACKLE: #92 - Devino Hutch - 6'6 - 304 lbs
DEFENSIVE END: #99 - Matt Ivarssen - 6'4 - 290 lbs
LINEBACKER: #54 -Richmond Tiller - 6'3 - 240 lbs
LINEBACKER: #57 - Taylor Barnacles - 6'5 - 250 lbs
CORNERBACK: #32 - Dan Skaar - 6'2 - 202 lbs
CORNERBACK: #22 - Amante Ellison- 6'1 - 200 lbs
CORNERBACK: #21 - Earnell Gordonsen - 6'0 - 190 lbs

KICKER/PUNTER: #3 - Antonio Herrera - 5'9 - 170 lbs
LONG SNAPPER: #62 - Randall Lawford - 6'1 285 lbs
HOLDER: #6 - Don Adebaygo - 6'2 - 195 lbs (backup QB)
PUNT RETURNER: #82 - Matty Julius - 6'2 - 209 lbs
KICK RETURNER: #15 - Erik Bergum - 6'0 - 175 lbs (speed)

Head Coach: Kenton Tillford
Assistant Coach: Gavin Wicks
Defensive Coordinator: Mike Waterhouse
Quarterback Coach: Ray Butchingson

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: N
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Other Events: Y
*Feel free to joke on Bundison with interceptions/sacks. Feel free to exaggerate, just keep it good-hearted. He's meant to bring humor to our UR team until we progress.

Style Mod: +5
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Postby West Phoenicia » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:55 pm

The Confederate Kingdom of West Phoenicia

Team name:
West Phoenician War Dancers

Governing Body:
Gridiron Federation of West Phoenicia


* Head Coach: Salvador Di Monti
* Offensive Coordinator: Adam Newport
* Defensive Coordinator: Simon Ford
* Special Teams Coordinator: Christopher Wilkins
* Head Trainer: Adam North

* Quarterback: Jake Mars
* Quarterback: Marc Okinawa
* Halfback: Ryan Adopto
* Halfback: Thomas New
* Fullback: Brad Hollow
* Fullback: Chris De Greene
* Wide Receiver: Francisco Deb
* Wide Receiver: Matthew Pont
* Tight End: Stephen Sylvester
* Tight End: Adrian Brown
* Left Tackle: Skyler Falls
* Left Tackle: Alamain Truman
* Left Guard: Jesse Lansano
* Left Guard: Barry Sidney
* Center: Noah Ponds
* Center: Lester Nevero
* Right Guard: Heinrich Germania
* Right Guard: James Floral
* Right Tackle: David De Lucci
* Right Tackle/DT: Marcus Bronte

* Left End: Kyle Wannamaker
* Left End: Daniel Jozefred
* Defensive Tackle: Bobby Prince
* Defensive Tackle: Kevin Sturgess
* Right End: Vic Nalpontaro
* Right End: Richard Dye
* Left Outside Linebacker: Daniel Schmidt
* Left Outside Linebacker: Mal Tutus
* Middle Linebacker: Titus le Angelo
* Middle Linebacker: Ivan Strauss
* Right Outside Linebacker: Matthias Lexington
* Right Outside Linebacker: Wyatt Storme
* First Safety: Paul Claycourt
* First Safety: Evan Diamond
* Second Safety: Custer Alamo
* Second Safety: Amos Redwing
* Cornerback: Josh Tinkler
* Cornerback: Cooper Tinkler

* Kicker: Ray Piktaro
* Kicker: Van Noc
* Punter: Ali Mustafa
* Returner/RB: Curtis Lemon
* Gunner: Guy Guise
* Jammer: Saul Rosenberg
* Upback: Christian Davies

* Quarterback: Tyler Sharpe
* Center: Brady McAllister
* Wide Receiver: Santino Parvalleo
* Wide Receiver: Roberto El Doro
* Defensive Tackle: Paul Wisecox
* Defensive Tackle: Jefferson Bloomberg
* Cornerback: Mason Phillipe
* Kicker: Asam Harshem
* Punter: Marcello Love
* Returner/FB: Justin Bambino

War Dancer Cheerleaders:

* Celeste Du Vall
* Alison Peeters
* Steffy Cameron
* Tiffany Wells
* Rhianna Downs
* Catriona Deen
* Suzi King
* Yvette Davis
* Jessica Davis
* Paula Cliffs

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Other Events: Y

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Postby Taeshan » Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:35 pm

It's been a while since i've actually put together a World Bowl Roster. But here goes.

Head Coach - Andrew Crew
Offensive Assistant - Kyle Park
Defensive Assistant - Jeremy Drew
Special Teams Assistant - Everett Clark

Defense - 4-2-5
Offense - Spread

#14 Sam Clentimack QB 24
#28 Parson Newberry HB 25
#88 Angel Herrera WR 24
#85 Kyle Trout WR 29
#87 Andrew Michaelson WR 32
#44 Dallas Andrew TE 25
#51 Kevin Connors LT 25
#52 Jacob Walker LG 26
#53 Ken Crewe C 26
#54 Everett Ford RG 27
#55 Jordan Grosh RT 26
#69 Emmit Karlson LE 25
#68 Evander Kyle DT 27
#94 Jones Peverell DT 26
#91 Liam Chiswick RE 24
#57 Hector Flint LB 23
#59 Nick Porter LB 22
#24 Declan Stewart CB 21
#23 Oliver Hahn CB 20
#20 Michael Strittmatter N 29
#37 Tyler Jones FS 28
#41 Peter Fisher SS 27
#2 Martin Xavier K 26
#5 Adam Kline P 26

#4 Ryan Jones QB 29
#5 Tyler Comet QB 25
#32 Wilfred Parker HB 25
#33 Alan Fields HB 25
#84 Patrick Wantanabe WR 24
#17 Elain Martack WR 21
#15 Benny Stewart TE 20
#60 Kyler Jenson G 25
#61 Fred Clopas G 24
#62 Gene Ira T 25
#63 Amos Clark T 26
#64 Ned Dragon C 25
#74 Shinji Vrabel DT 18
#75 Jim Cope DT 21
#77 Lester Qwarany E 22
#66 Emmit Kline LB 21
#67 Drew Fasnacht LB 21
#58 Kevin Prewitt LB 29
#44 Fabian Chester CB 20
#8 Gideon Chester CB 20
#34 Mark Malphasar CB 22
#26 Vin Diego S 29
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41

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Postby North Dajao » Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:36 am

Team Selection Process:

The National Commission on International Sporting Events (NCISE) worked long hours to determine the best players in the North Dajao Professional Football Leauge(NDPFL or PFL) and the Universities Professional Football Conference(UPFC)

Commissioners David Lee of NCISE, Rob Rüttenberger of the PFL, and Gordon Anderson of the UPFC coordinated efforts to determine which players would best represent North Dajao both on and off the field. Each position has one to two backup players ready to jump into the game.

#1 STARTING QB: Dale Webbal, PFL

#25 BACKUP QB: Jan Lettrosky, PFL

#49 THIRD STRING QB: Monaco Davidson, UPFC

#3 HB: Michael Potalio, PFL

#27 BACKUP HB: Maurice Zalowski, UPFC

#5 FB: Jared Busan, PFL

#29 BACKUP FB: André Cuzzon, UPFC

#7 WR 1: Bert Bellian, PFL

#31 WR 1 BACKUP: Darrel Bacard, PFL

#9 WR 2: John Alimanson, PFL

#33 WR 2 BACKUP: José Rizato, UPFC

#11 WR 3: Gavin Lachowchi, PFL

#35 WR 3 BACKUP: Manchur Johnson, UPFC

#13 TE: Henry Baliffson, PFL

#37 BACKUP TE: Pete Janowski, PFL

#15 LT: James Eldritch, PFL

#39 BACKUP LT: Josh Nantes, UPFC

#17 LG: Zane Jagowta, UPFC

#41 BACKUP LG: Mason Nowrutiaz, UPFC

#19 C: Gordon Lewis, PFL

#43 BACKUP C: Yancy Davidson, UPFC

#21 RG: Alabama Jarvis, PFL

#45 BACKUP RG: Orin Worxime, UPFC

#23 RT: Harry Shevoult, PFL

#47 BACKUP RT: Axel Neveao, UPFC
#2 LE: Jacob Wrigtmanson, PFL

#26 BACKUP LE: Jed Banning, UPFC

#4 DT 1: Ari Ndao, PFL

#28 DT 1 BACKUP: Yané Moritze UPFC

#6 DT 2: Gabe Halycon, UPFC

#30 DT 2 BACKUP: Raj Amariani, UPFC

#8 RE: Dan Evkalooper, PFL

#32 BACKUP RE: Howard Berkotz, UPFC

#10 LOLB: Wesley Ponderwood, UPFC

#34 BACKUP LOLB: Adrian Conway, UPFC

#12 LILB: Dallas Nikash, PFL

#36 BACKUP LILB: Morris Naneetz, UPFC

#14 ROLB: Tate Gontario, PFL

#38 BACKUP ROLB: Pierre Jean-March, UPFC

#16 RILB: Bane Karitz, UPFC

#40 BACKUP RILB: Kareem Abnanti, UPFC

#18 CB 1: Palāo De Viero, PFL

#42 CB 1 BACKUP: Usain Salaman, UPFC

#20 CB 2: Gurtney Pajowitz, PFL

#44 CB 2 BACKUP: Sheldon Kuo, UPFC

#22 FS: Tomas Evansonian, PFL

#46 BACKUP FS: George Xumanel, UPFC

#24 SS: Toby Kietro, PFL

#48 BACKUP SS: Claude Yuanyuest, UPFC
#49 K: Arman Guttarez, PFL

#57 BACKUP K: Xavier Almonté, UPFC

#51 P: Michael Tatum, UPFC

#59 BACKUP P: Corey Barowksi, UPFC

#53 KR/PR: Bial Montpelier, UPFC

#61 BACKUP KR/PR: Drake Tantoni, UPFC

#55 Long Snap: William Zidane, PFL

#63 BACKUP Long Snap: Jali Reeves, UPFC

Head Coach: Ivan Reed

Assistant Coach: Matt Wong

Offensive Coordinator/Coach: Pete Yousk

Defensive Coordinator/Coach: Lorenzo King

Special Teams Coordinator/Coach: Gene Wallace

Equipment Manager: Bruce Seymour

Team Spokesperson: Rowan Baker

Lower Staff Manager: Keanu Steele

Team Owner: Dr. Johnathan Luther

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Only like three or four
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N
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Postby Space » Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:15 am

Space Astronauts

The Academy of Space Football Team has been chosen to represent all of Space again in the World Bowl competition. Being the most experienced Athletes in Space at the moment, it was felt that continuing on the... experience... of participating in the NSCF would give Space the best possible chance to succeed in the World Bowl, looking to build on their runner up finish in the Baptism of Iron competition.

Comet Jetson really turned heads in the tryouts and is expected to play defensive back. His older brother Impact will join him on the roster. The receiving corps are fast, very fast! And very deep. There is no clear favorite and the receivers will compete each week for their position in the lineup. Likewise, the not-so-accurate Concrete LaDucka will struggle to maintain the starting Quarter Back position without a strong performance in the opening match.

Powerful senior Fullback Noso Faso will likely be a short-yardage specialist in the running game while freshman Marjuli Nitrogen will be looking for some space to run at defenders in open field to show off some skills.

Coach: Cosmo Icii

Cosmo has been coaching the non-competitive team at the Academy of Sport for 3 seasons and was the only candidate considered for the job. As far as the board is concerned, the job is Cosmo's for the entire season, regardless of the record, so long as he doesn't embarrass the school. While not recognized previously by the NSCF, the Academy has attempted to conform to standard practice by identifying those players who are further along in their schooling but never participated in the sport team with the appropriate allocation. The National Assossiation of Space Athletics (NASA) has requested Cosmo double as the National Team coach.

Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
CB   200   Jr.   Jessie   Richardson
CB   200   Jr.   Jacqueline   Tyson
CB   205   Sr.   Harry   Beard
CB   185   So.   Michelle   Middleton
CB   190   So.   Matthew   Gordon
CB   180   Fr.   Kristen   Roman
CB   220   So.   Rossa   Lane
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
DB   185   Fr.   Comet   Jetson
DB   175   RFr.   Morfy   Suaoinn
DB   190   RFr.   Impact   Jetson
DB   200   RFr.   Stacey   Nash
DB   200   So.   Bruce   George
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
DE   260   Jr.   Juajua   Klioaokl
DE   265   So.   Koluetaia   Nuanoka
DE   255   RFr.   Bradley   Howard
DE   250   Jr.   Tyrone   Hawkins
DE   255   RFr.   Wrecker   Jikazo
DT   285   Sr.   Ericol   Small
DT   295   RFr.   Rokca   Burch
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
LB   210   Fr.   Malaiano   Estastella
LB   230   Jr.   Brittany   Hunt
LB   225   Sr.   Randall   Owens
LB   205   Sr.   Ristor   Lane
LB   235   Jr.   Leozed   Gomez
LB   225   Fr.   Norman   Jacobson
LB   220   Jr.   Valerie   Yates
LB   220   Jr.   Claire   Noel
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
S   200   Jr.   Deanna   Harding
S   210   Sr.   Anasola   Reilly
S   210   RFr.   Buckiy   Asteroid
S   205   RFr.   Hollyvale   Cameron

Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
QB   175   Fr.   Solstice   Conlin
QB   200   RFr.   Marion   Gaines
QB   215   So.   Concrete   LaDucka
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
OL   275   So.   Denio   Suawlla
OL   275   Sr.   Viola   Hendricks
OL   305   So.   Neil   Terry
OL   290   Jr.   Carmen   Bennett
OL   295   RFr.   Caroline   Kelly
OL   270   So.   Douglas   Lindsey
OL   320   Sr.   Kyle   Rivers
OL   265   Fr.   Hugh   Jenkins
OL   270   Jr.   Stephanie   Gardner
OL   320   Sr.   Bill   Workman
OL   285   Fr.   Fred   McLeod
OL   295   Fr.   Neil   Bridges
OL   280   Sr.   Louis   Leach
OL   305   So.   Lee   Fletcher
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
RB   195   Fr.   Marjuli   Nitrogen
FB   235   Sr.   Noso   Faso
FB   250   So.   Dolphin   Isla-Planeta
IB   180   Fr.   Katie   Figueroa
IB   210   Jr.   Carlos   Farrell
IB   215   Sr.   Harvey   Merritt
IB   190   Fr.   Thomas   Lowe
IB   180   Fr.   Haialilai   Buuriala
IB   210   Sr.   Rats   Sila-Persona
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
TE   245   So.   Craigsol   Vargas
TE   255   Jr.   Carlos   Marshall
TE   245   So.   Pittsburg   Jupiter
TE   240   So.   Teresa   Burns
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
WR   195   Fr.   Suzanne   Callahan
WR   180   RFr.   Marian   Warner
WR   175   Fr.   Rocket   Hydra-terra
WR   195   Jr.   Ninasola   Estastella
WR   195   Jr.   Razor   Bush
WR   210   So.   Wesley   Wall
WR   195   RFr.   Herman   Romero
WR   215   Jr.   Nuai   Braisii
WR   225   Sr.   Jeffrey   Carson
WR   175   Jr.   Zips   Friigita
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.   Class   First.   Last.
P   185   Sr.   Donna   Woodward
P/PK   185   Jr.   Zachary   Hester
PK   190   Fr.   Socca   WylWyl
LS   240   Jr.   Heather   Ramirez

RP Permissions:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod "other" events: Yes

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Republic of Newlands football team

Postby Republic Of Newlands » Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:32 pm

Halfback: Vincent Zima
Fullback: Lanh Matsuoka
Wide receiver: Edmand Marchand
Quarterback: Glenn dam
Tackle: Dunstan Morgenstern
Guard: Otto Das
Center: Teodor Ruaidhri
Guard: Chikere Abreu
Tackle: Sextus Tierney
Tight end: Baako Xanthopoulos
Wide Recevier: Endika Agnarsson

Safety: Vittorio Gilbert
Safety: Jabin Santana
Cornerback: Joakim Chmela
Outside linebacker: Haraoun Obando
End: Aristodemous McCaig
Tackle: Fearscare Albrektson
Middle linebacker: Taalay Wehnhert
Tackle: Seferino Slovak
End: Meliton Callahan
Outside linebacker: Eileifr Aalmers
Cornerback: Quidel Sauvageot

Coaching staff:
Head coach: Alexei Summerfield
Offensive coordinater: Mesut Travis
Defensive coordinater: Peter Ghabhann
Head trainer: Pan Jasso

My opponent, if they RP first, may do
the following:
Choose my Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Injuries to my Players: N
Godmod Other Events: Y

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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:19 pm

Union of Socialist Alpine Republics National American Football Team

Reprezentacja Alpejski w Fútbol Amerykanski

Unija Socijalističke Alpske Republike Nacionalna Americki Nogomet Momcad

Selección de Fútbol Americano de Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Alpinas

Équipe d'Union des Républiques Socialistes Alpines de Football Américain

Alpischen Amerikanischer Fußball Nationalgemischtschaft

Sgioba Nàiseanta Ball-coise Ameireaganach na Aonadh Sòisealach Ailpeach Poblachdan

Nation info:
Full Nation Name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short Nation name: Alpine Union, U.S.A.R.
Demonym: Alpines
Nicknames: Alpine Union, Alpines, Green & white, Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski
Trigramme: UAR
Team colors: Green, White, Blue and Red
Offensive formations: 3 WR 1 TE 1 HB or 2 WR 1 TE 2 HB or 3 WRs and 2 HB. The FB is only used in 3 and short and goal line formation
Defensive formations: standard 3-4-4 ; nickel 3-3-5 ; dime 2-3-6 ; goal line 5-4-2
Style mod: -3,5



Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Capacity: 102 321
Location: Rockingham, Chattahoochee
Tenant: Chattahoochee Tigers

The coaching Staff:
Head coach: Kurt McAdams
Offensive Coordinator: Fred Spencer
Defensive Coordinator: Kevin Foote
Special Teams Coach: Marvin Cunningham

Depth Chart

Starters in bold

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     SFL Team                Birthplace                      College                                 Draft
QB 16 Clifford Jenkins 31 Muscogee Raiders Parkersburg, WA
QB 10 Tyler Kruger 27 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA

HB 23 Coconut Riddick 27 Beardstown Maroons Beans Ferry, CH
HB 22 Barkevious Hawkins 25 Oglethorpe Chargers Kitty Hawk, CH
HB 26 Jhavon Diggs 23 Golden Beach Packers Floyd Springs, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2016

FB 43 Garrett Van Noy 28 Charlevoix Bears Bear Market, WA

WR 15 Demarcus Woods 32 Miltonsburg Rams Holly Creek, CH
WR 13 Jarius Floyd 29 Los Osos Eskimos Kewanna, WA
WR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 22 Palm Beach Cardinals Manitou Beach, WA West Wabash Badgers 2017 1.2

WR 85 Marquis Hatwood 31 Beardstown Maroons Bear Creek Springs, CH
WR 81 Jamal Duckett 23 Waddington Seahawks Bucksport, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2016

TE 82 John McRae 32 Muscogee Raiders Dakota Heights, WA
TE 89 Brian Shaw 33 Braddock Oilers McNutt, OK

LT 79 Connor Zagzebski 23 Potosi Bengals Happys Inn, OK Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2016 1.1
T 62 Tyson Konz 28 Los Osos Eskimos Four Bears Village, OK
T 71 Ernesto Herrera 31 Muscogee Raiders Plumas, SO

LG 67 Randall Bush 32 Golden Beach Packers Rosenberg, SO
G 70 Xin Xu 31 Twyford Titans Los Osos, SO

C 66 Colton Ballard 23 Twyford Titans Greensburg, WA Floydsburg Huskies 2016
C 68 Jordan Sawyer 28 San Joaquin Cow Boys McKnightstown, WA

RG 75 Kris Hunter 32 Ozorkow Buffaloes Pinkstaff, WA
G 70 Xin Xu 31 Twyford Titans Los Osos, SO

RT 77 Walter Kaufman 34 San Joaquin Cow Boys Sauk Trail Beach, WA
T 62 Tyson Konz 28 Los Osos Eskimos Four Bears Village, OK
T 71 Ernesto Herrera 31 Muscogee Raiders Plumas, SO

RE 90 Travis Buchanan 31 Potosi Bengals Glenn Shores, WA
DE 94 Ryan Ferguson 29 Charlevoix Bears Elk Run Junction, CH
DE 78 Kyle Alvarado 33 Beardstown Maroons Alba, SO

NT 99 Rodrick Nash 32 Ozorkow Buffaloes Bear Creek Corners, WA
DT 96 Shayne Kilgore 27 Palm Beach Cardinals Chance, OK

LE 92 D.J. Floyd 31 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Rogersville, CH
DE 94 Ryan Ferguson 29 Charlevoix Bears Elk Run Junction, CH
DE 78 Kyle Alvarado 33 Beardstown Maroons Alba, SO

SLB 51 Nick Knox 27 Clarkston Steelers Bear Rocks, WA
OLB 50 LaMarr McGee 32 Bloomingburg Ravens Hamptonburgh, WA
OLB 57 Jimmy Orr 27 Santa Fe 49ers Sandwich, SG

ILB 59 Konrad Juszczyk 29 Braddock Oilers Lake Lindsey, CH
ILB 54 Jarrod Houston 32 Beardstown Maroons Willacoochee, CH

ILB 52 James Williams 33 Palm Beach Cardinals Murphysboro, WA

WLB 53 Demetrius Robinson 31 Muscogee Raiders Dogwood Heights, CH
OLB 50 LaMarr McGee 32 Bloomingburg Ravens Hamptonburgh, WA
OLB 57 Jimmy Orr 27 Santa Fe 49ers Sandwich, SG

LCB 34 DeShawn Lewis-Harris 25 Braddock Oilers Elizabethtown, CH
CB 29 Jarvis Roberts 31 Potosi Bengals Cloutierville, CH
CB 32 Antonio Irvin 34 Palm Beach Cardinals Los Osos, SO

RCB 24 Lavonta Thomas 32 Tavernes Vikings Fort Shawnee, WA
CB 29 Jarvis Roberts 31 Potosi Bengals Cloutierville, CH
CB 32 Antonio Irvin 34 Palm Beach Cardinals Los Osos, SO

FS 21 Octavius Jones 32 Malbork Saints Port Anderson, CH
S 31 Rashad Jennings 32 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Jacksonport, CH
S 33 Dominique Ogletree 33 Beardstown Maroons Greensburg, WA

S 42 Kareem Johnson 26 Waddington Seahawks Coxburg, CH
S 31 Rashad Jennings 32 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Jacksonport, CH
S 33 Dominique Ogletree 33 Beardstown Maroons Greensburg, WA

K 8 Crockett Burkhead 30 Los Osos Eskimos Skunk Hill, SG
P 4 Nick Larsen 35 Braddock Oilers Indian Harbour Beach, CH
KR 31 Rashad Jennings 32 Beach City Lions Jacksonport, CH
KR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 22 Palm Beach Cardinals Manitou Beach, WA
PR 31 Rashad Jennings 32 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Jacksonport, CH
LS 48 Kevin Beauchamp 33 Twyford Titans Saint-Guy, SG
H 10 Tyler Kruger 27 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA

Reserves / Practice Squad
QB	11	Jimmy Morris	        33	Tavernes Vikings	Eastham, SG
QB 8 Haylie Woo 21 Miltonsburg Rams Stoneham, SO USLO Bruins 2018 1.1
HB 36 DeAndre Gresham-Chisholm 26 Potosi Bengals Pointe-au-Chien, CH
HB 32 Montavious McBryde 21 Clarkston Steelers Talking Rock, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2018 1.2
FB 45 LaDarius McElwain 21 Golden Beach Packers Colonial Beach, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2018
WR 17 DeAndre James 33 Muscogee Raiders Grand Côteau, CH
WR 86 Przemyslaw Szalachowski 26 Santa Fe 49ers Pszczyna, WP
WR 81 Lamarcus McGee 23 Miltonsburg Rams Hardwick, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2016
WR 15 Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 21 Rockingham Dolphins Coconut Creek, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2018
TE 87 Shayne Zimmerman 29 Miltonsburg Rams Seaside, CH
TE 83 Hayden Schultz 22 Rockingham Dolphins Indian River Estates, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2017
T 72 Quinton Bishop 35 Charlevoix Bears Sparta, WA
T 72 Slawomir Janikowski 23 Palm Beach Cardinals Pruszkow, WP Lowlanders Szczebrzeszyn 2016
G 74 Jake Sanchez 23 Braddock Oilers La Junta, SO USLO Bruins 2016
C 75 Karter Szczyrbak 22 Los Osos Eskimos Floyds Knobs, WA Floydsburg Huskies 2017

DE 98 Brandon Mazgajewski 28 Bloomingburg Ravens Bannack, OK
RE 91 Kane VanderHeiden 22 Twyford Titans Hungry Horse, OK Okanogan Ducks 2017
LE 74 Cameron Reilly 28 Golden Beach Packers Southern Shores, CH
DT 96 Kellen McGrath 26 Palm Beach Cardinals Madeira Beach, CH
OLB 56 Kwashaun McFadden 26 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Beach City, SO
OLB 96 Nehemiah Charles 22 Golden Beach Packers Port O'Connor, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2017 1.1
OLB 58 Carlos Alvarez 35 Oglethorpe Chargers San Juan, SO
ILB 55 Jimmie Cox 33 Tavernes Vikings Eldorado Springs, SO
ILB 55 Hayden Ferguson 23 Bloomingburg Ravens Holiday Beach, SO Sonoma Longhorns 2016
CB 25 Michael Woodard 33 Floydsburg Redskins Floyd Springs, CH
CB 21 Jonathan Clarke 29 Bloomingburg Ravens Lost Mountain, CH
CB 21 Kevin McGinnis 21 Golden Beach Packers Lake Minnewana, WA North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2018
S 27 J.J. Brown 28 San Joaquin Cow Boys Netawaka, SO
S 26 Dawson Floyd 22 Miltonsburg Rams Los Fresnos, SO Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2017

K 16 Nick DeLuca 21 Rockingham Dolphins West Nottingham, SG Floydsburg Huskies 2018
P 9 Hayden Logan 21 Oglethorpe Chargers Des Pères, WA Chattahoochee Tigers 2018
LS 47 Keifer Landwehr 23 Floydsburg Redskins Evansdale, WA Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2016

CH: Chattahoochee
OK: Okanogan
SG: Saguenay
SO: Sonoma
WA: Wabash
WP: Wschodnioprusy (Prussia East)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (I'll choose the severity)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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Postby Vangaziland » Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:35 pm

Vangaziland has not made much of a splash on the gridiron scene. They had a respectable season or two in the collegiate NSCF. Several players, including safety Miller Keynote, won end of season awards. Don Adebaygo was that team's QB, leading them to at least one first place group finish. Keynote was not available for the new 'Vangaziland National Football' team. He was busy serving his Army officer contract as a graduate of Imperial Military Academy, the school which entered in Vangaziland's most recent international college football appearance.

There are a few players from that team, including FB Taye Poconos and 6'5" linebacker Taylor Barnacles. Matty Julius is also making an appearance as the third option receiver. The truth was that Vannish football was lacking. The national program was cobbled together out of college kids, Army veterans looking to get back into their sport, and pros from an organization that could be called a 'party league' at best.

Vannish football was all about showmanship. Out of all the recent years, one showman has climbed his way into infamy. Dan Bundison was the top gridiron prospect in the Empire of the past decade. They praised his decision making and vision. When he had the right receiver, he could put up big numbers with a rubber-band arm.

His college career went smoothly and he took Emperor State University into the collegiate finals. They fell to Blue Coast University, but it was still an achievement. A championship would evade Bundison all the way into the pros. He'd always end up just short of the title.

The peak of his career came when Emperor State beat Overglade University to make the finals. Bundison subbed in for an injured starter and found himself on a roll. Overglade had a senior running back that expected to dance, juke and break enough tackles to carry his team to a title.

He crashed into a wall. A wall named Dan Bundison. Bundison would go on to throw four touchdowns in one half. He threw a 38 yard laser that drew ahhs from the crowd. Dan would go on to marry his high school sweetheart soon after, a ruddy haired lady named Megan. The media hyped Bundison up as the best Vannish football player of all time.

There was just one problem. He did not convert in the pros.

His bravado turned the team against him. His line was at odds with him. This led Bundison into sports stats history for becoming the most sacked QB in VFO history. He ended up missing two games after a hit that left him dazed. He was never quite the same and was always a little off. It was around this time that Bundison started making outrageous claims at pregame speeches. At a South Stead Pirate's home game, Bundison took a microphone and called out the other team's cornerbacks. Bundison said he'd go 12 for 14 and score three touchdowns.

"And I might just rush for a couple", he added, sunglasses replacing his helmet for the speech.

Most people thought Bundison was just acting. Clearly, he was trying to draw fans to a sport with much room to grow in the media-centric nation. He was trying to get his city involved. He wasn't really that sure of himself was he?

On that game, he went 7 for 12 at 75 yards. He threw 4 interceptions and was sacked 4 times. Defensive backs danced over a jolted Bundison while the O-line watched without emotion.

Bundison ended up being traded to Northton. It was a move from a rural area to the 'big town'. He made his pre game speech a regular event, a move which the team hoped would draw attention from the city folk.

Bundison fought hard to get his team into the second round of the playoffs. He threw a "pick 6" returned interception that basically handed the other team the win. The ball looked as if it was headed to his slot receiver. Instead it sailed right past him and into the approaching safety's arms.

Bundison was seen squinting and said after the game, "Wasn't that Barklaye? That was Barklaye. He still could have got it."

It was another tough loss for Dan. Head Coach Kenton Tillford saw something in Bundison.

"Dan gets a bad rap. He tries to make claims, but circumstances get in his way. He's still our best shot at a developing a pocket passer. Dan Bundison is the Empire's best shot at a win. He's our guy."

Tillford came under criticism, many people saying he should start Adebaygo. The mobile QB showed a fighter's spirit and avoided controversy through his efforts in the NSCF. He had international experience. He was also 70% less likely to embarrass Vangaziland.

Still, Tillford saw something in Bundison.

"Bundison, might be a bit um. Unique. But he just might be the guy to build around. if he can straighten himself out, we might have a team. The question is, how long will it take?"

These players were more receptive to Bundison than his domestic team. Center Charles Quarter told a late night TV host that this O-line was behind Bundison. Furthermore, they bought into the hype.

Filip Skog also hoped to 'make a splash'/'help the team recover from Bundison's picks'. He wasn't too powerful of a back, but could get yards if he found space. The tough World Bowl crew was expected to be more than a match for the Vannish front line.

"We're ready for the challenge", Quarter continued. "They'll be coming at us, but that's football. We'll give Dan some time to make a play."

Bundison released a video from the gym over Vannish social media. He lifted weights while making angry grimaces into his camera phone. The only thing is that he was doing low reps and didn't have a lot of weight loaded. Critics tore him apart.

Dan was set to still be Dan, even on the international stage. Chip Maydress from the show Last Minute stated a budding opinion. "I hate to say it, but I feel like Dan Bundison is just a ticking warhead loaded with possible international embarrassment. Something is going to happen. I'll put money on it."

Co-host Deter J. Piff called him out. "You're just saying that because you're a Horsehoes fan."

Chip immediately reflected a face of guilt and said, "I support my Old Prairie teams. Maybe I'm a bit biased. Bundison is just a South Stead hack put in by one of his fans. I'm calling out Coach Tillford. I think he's a solid coach. But right now, he's being a fan boy."

"I mean, I mean. Just stop. You're ridiculous", said Deter. "Let's see what Bundison can do. This might be the league he needs to get his act together."

Towards the end of the show, Chip held his ear-mic and received an update. Dan was going to call in for a quick talk. He mostly spoke about the upcoming season. He admitted he had nerves, but expressed no worries about the season. "It's all for experience at this point", he said.

But just when he started to seem reasonable. Deter asked where he thought his team would finish. Bundison grit his teeth and raised his fist. His eyes were a sharp blue, and his brown hair was already thinning despite being in his mid 20s. "We're going all the way, bay-bee!"

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Postby Drawkland » Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:49 pm

World Bowl XXX Champions

Name: Grid Corps
Colors: Black with Crimson trim
Denonyms: Drawkian or Drawkish, personal preference
SIXTH World Bowl, Rank #1
Manager: Sam Willis
Head Coach: Quentin Averfel
[O] Alex Gerhardt
[D] Mathis Southers
[ST] George Lindholm


The former champions of the World Bowl (XXX), the Grid Corps is practiced and prepared for this edition ... and hopes to repeat the success for edition XXXIII. They are ready to win more championships, and to beat up on smaller teams on the way. The Grid Corps is strong and ready for anything. Despite some major changes, additions, and subtractions from the roster, the Corps knows they have more star power and can be successful.

Here are the depth chart images for the Corps. Italicized players are ones which will normally start in a game at their specified positions, while unitalicized are backups for that position (but they may start at another position, so take note). Some players play both offense and defense, and/or have special teams roles, depending on their talents.

If you can't view the images, here is a link to the Google Sheet with the same info.



This may be confusing, so here:
The roster here is listed by number. Look above for the depth chart. Then there's their name, obviously, and their main position acronym. Then there's their main position, positions that they're backups in the depth chart for, and then other positions, which is basically what they do on the special teams if it's notable. Then, of course, the team they play for in the Drawkian league. Bold guys are the captains that'll go out for coin tosses.

HERE is an article which details every member of their team and their strengths and weaknesses.
1 Raleigh Stig K Kickoff Specialist Place Kicker Cavson Clowder
2 Vander Levy P Punter Yokare Lake Black Shrews
7 Matthew Watts K Place Kicker Kickoff Specialist Sadeg Claymores
8 Jason McFarland P Punter Xandek Whitecoats
10 Zac Gold QB Quarterback Holder, Upback Metropolon Underrunners
11 Trey Council WR Wide Receiver 3 Wide Receiver, Gunner Ridge Falcons
15 Trace Hayes QB Quarterback Holder Waxton Pilots
16 Toby Miller WR Wide Receiver Kayo Globes
17 Dak Waterman QB Quarterback Drawk Corps
20 Jordan Max SS Strong Safety, Cornerback Delmore Headlamps
22 William Peers SS Strong Safety Cemmendy Hackers
23 Sammy Wilkins HB Halfback Raikennax Stallions
24 Wil Comso FS Free Safety Darae-Sagut Drakes
25 Ross Sterling FS Free Safety Wide Receiver Elmanden Circuits
30 Osman Oswald CB Cornerback Dammenport Lightning
32 Robert Lim CB Cornerback Cove Port Galleons
33 Antonio Anders HB Halfback Dammenport Lightning
35 Dan Teodor CB Cornerback Xandek Whitecoats
40 Julius Wiley MLB Middle Linebacker Right Outside Linebacker Metropolon Underrunners
42 Dominic Bishop FB Fullback Gunner Corinth City Lances
44 Abram Ali ROLB R. Outside Linebacker Lumaniton Phantoms
45 Gunne Viggo FB Fullback Jammer, Upback Dalumar Thunder
49 Jack Hoy HB Halfback Punt Return Kick Return Ducentu Glassmen
50 Eric Sanders C Center Long Snapper Kilnelm Garrison
51 David Hoffman LE Left Defensive End Rejaka Fillies
52 Adair Van Canne LOLB Left Outside Linebacker Shire-Port Corsairs
54 Edmund Snyder LOLB L. Outside Linebacker Drawk City Lookouts
55 Gordon Shiva C Center Long Snapper Cemmendy Hackers
64 Tom Giles RG Right Guard Endertown Obelisks
65 Timmo Folk LG Left Guard Esmereldane Pens
66 Jimmu Koios RG Right Guard Ducentu Glassmen
69 Zach Barber LG Left Guard North Point Oaks
70 Niko Boyd LT Left Tackle Sadeg Claymores
71 Phillip Tomek LE Left Defensive End Baribone Wyrms
72 John Christell LT Left Tackle Hessport Spiders
75 Jeff Royle RT Right Tackle Right Defensive End Jammer Akkor Beach Gulls
77 Leopold Cross RE Right Defensive End Right Tackle Dalumar Thunder
81 Andre Bobo TE Tight End Quinnaber Vultures
84 Jerry Pathon WR Wide Receiver Denber Raiders
87 Rich Covington TE Tight End Hellenmack Flames
88 Riley Hoyt TE Tight End Drawk City Lookouts
89 Daniel Madison WR Wide Receiver Kick Return Punt Return Drawk Corps
90 Max Demetrio DT Nose Tackle Cove Port Galleons
92 Eric Rock DT Defensive Tackle Waxton Pilots
95 Keegan Masters MLB Middle Linebacker Jammer, Fullback Gunner, Upback Raikennax Stallions
99 Theo Killian DT Defensive Tackle, Mid LB Elmanden Circuits

The name of the game for the Grid Corps is aggression and power.

The offense of the Grid Corps is balanced, splitting up responsibilities for yardage between running and passing plays. None is really favored over the other, since everybody on the team is good, but in crunch time situations, they're likely to pass more than run (although running is still used to keep the defense honest). The base formation is usually a shotgun with the running back lining up a couple steps behind and right of the quarterback. The I formation is common, especially on third down and in the red zone. The pistol is also common, as well as a Pro Set or an H-back. The likely personnel for a given play would be RB-TE-TE-WR-WR, or RB-FB-TE-WR-WR. While they're run plays in the spread offense or in a singleback or power formation, it's not as common. Flea flickers, double passes, options, double/triple/quadruple handoffs, jet sweeps, all potential plays you can see coming from the Corps. They love to fake out defenses and woo the crowd with their antics, and so don't be surprised if you team sees them. Most running plays go to the inside unless the team they're playing can't cover the outside. Zone running, rather than power running, is more common. Fullback-led runs are also very common, especially on third down and in the red zone. A very common play is a triple option out of the I formation: it could be a fullback handoff, a halfback pitch, or a quarterback keeper. Pitch plays are also used a lot in the red zone. Passing plays have a lot of elements, but the most common ones are horizontal routes rather than vertical. The Grid Corps' go-to passing play features a tight end running a flat slant, another TE running a mid-yardage corner route, an HB running a flat or wheel route, a WR streaking, and a WR running a dig or out route. Deep plays are only called when the coverage is just right, and even then there's 2 or even 3 checkdown routes slanting underneath. When the game is tight, the Corps is excellent at the hurry-up offense, having a deep playbook to constantly keep the defense off guard.

The defense is also aggressive. Blitzing is very, very common, as the defense is fearless. Even on non-blitz plays, the defensive linemen go all out, and if a player's zone is totally empty, they'll start rushing to the pocket as well. Man blitzes on first down are a regularity, but you likely won't see more than 3 non-linemen blitzing on a play (unless it's goalline, of course). When an opposing offense is stuck inside the five, the Corps will likely come out with everyone except the safeties blitzing. Scoring safeties are the pride of the Grid Corps, and thus they'll go for it as much as possible. They'll also pack the line on the other goalline inside the five, but if a team is Down and Goal outside of the 7 or 8, they're likely to just pack the end zone with as many defensive backs as possible. When not in goalline formation, they'll usually opt for a 4-man rush. 4-3 is incredibly common unless they have a spy play going on or are trying to run a Prevent play. In general, the Corps plays zone defense, usually a cover 3. Their default play is a Cover 3 where the linebackers and corners have 4 zones underneath and the obvious 3 DBs deep with the 4-man rush. However, usually they'll start with man coverage until the team they're playing shows proficiency in beating man, then they'll switch to zone with man and the trademark blitzes thrown in. Blitzes themselves are commonly done by the linebackers, corner and safety blitzes are highly unlikely as the Defensive Coordinator doesn't like bringing too many guys out of coverage. Zone blitzes on crucial third downs have been known to happen.

Special teams for the Grid Corps is hallmarked by fake plays. Whether it's a misleading kick return (moving all the blockers to the opposite side of the field from where the ball is going), lateral returns even when the game doesn't depend on it, passes or runs from special teams formations, or even simply pretending to fumble the ball to pull rushers out of their lanes, the Corps practices it all. In addition, the defensive special teams is highly aggressive. Rushing on punt returns, super fast kick blocks, or even line hurdling (I'm just going to pretend that's still legal, because the NFL is stupid) to block kicks. This is made much easier by the physiology of the Corps of course.

I recommend you read this. It contains important information on how Drawkians are different from your average human. In a nutshell, they're over 7 feet tall on average, and have larger proportions to match. Now, they're also lankier and less stocky all-around, but that doesn't mean some like a D-tackle can't get thick and muscular, it's not just not the average build. Now, this may conflict with some of your RPing preferences or make it harder to RP about us, so you're totally free to just ignore that and pretend we're the same as humans. That's totally your call, and I don't mind it either way.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Hell yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: To an extent.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Fine if it's funny.
Godmod Other Events: Literally anything.
Style Modifier: +3.5
As far as these go, do anything except kill or brutally injure my major starters (QB, RB, WR, etc). Other than that, free reign. TG if you want to collab.

World Bowl XXXIII Schedule - Grid Corps
Home Team First, to be drawn
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The Bojikstan National Gridiron Team


Gridiron football in Bojikstan has more of a tumultuous history than association football. It only caught on in recent decades, and there were some close calls with the future of the sport. Former leagues went bust, and for awhile, fans wondered if their sport was going to disappear for good. But with the rise of the Intercontinental Football League, shared with the Gallian Union, the sport has grown by a very large amount and has become one of the most popular in the country. Now, the IFL has funded the entry of a World Bowl team, comprised of some of their best players, to represent Bojikstan and showcase the Bojikstani scene to the world...

Ranking: Unranked
Formations: Ace, 3-4
Style modifier: +2.5
Home ground: The Strasburg Palace. Capacity 65,000.
Uniform Makers: Smoke Sports
Colors: Blue, grey, and white
Nickname: Marauders
Uniforms: Blue jersey with grey pants/white jersey with white pants and blue helmet

HC. Reid Duenas, 47 | New West Gallia Kings
OC. Bryson Bencomo, 39 | Strasburg Bulls
DC. Yanis Barros, 44 | Odena Ironmakers

QB. Jacob Sorokin, 31 | Lindon Sharks
QB. Joaquin Aguero, 25 | Strasburg Bulls
QB. Ivan Land, 28 | Odena Ironmakers

RB. Blake Mora, 27 | Odena Ironmakers
RB. Dan Proveda, 30 | New West Gallia Kings
RB. Eric Holstad, 22 | Morievo Wolves

WR. Lukas Dragan, 29 | Morievo Wolves
WR. Julian Correa, 24 | Strasburg Bulls
WR. Tomas Holum, 26 | North Shore Sea Monsters

WR. Stephen Dragovic, 21 | Blackmont Blades
WR. Felipe Basulto, 32 | Selta Mountaineers

TE. Robbe Berezin, 25 | Odena Ironmakers
TE. Alejandro Escovedo, 27 | Hallenburg Waves

OT. Nathan Esperanza, 30 | Strasburg Bulls
OT. Corbin Echevaria, 24 | Odena Iornmakers

OT. Jose Loza, 27 | Vorsji Battery
OT. Luk Viken, 25 | Selta Mountaineers

G. Roman Batista, 29 | Hallenburg Waves
G. Luca Baron, 23 | Lindon Sharks

G. Dante Bras, 32 | North Blackmont Knights
G. Charlie Bjornstad, 27 | New West Gallia Kings

C. Jacob Homme, 30 | Morievo Wolves
C. Elliot Arias, 28 | Odena Ironmakers

DE. Kevin Babin, 25 | Odena Ironmakers
DE. Milo Loga, 24 | New West Gallia Kings

DE. Tuur Durado, 28 | Lindon Sharks
DE. Stijn Febo, 23 | Hallenburg Waves

NT. Kennedy Jovanovich, 30 | Strasburg Bulls
NT. Javier Kleven, 29 | Blackmont Blades

CB. Cooper Laake, 21 | North Shore Sea Monsters
CB. Carlos Aquino, 26 | Skye Marauders

CB. Robin Kovacevic, 23 | North Blackmont Knights
CB. Agustin Luz, 32 | Morievo Wolves

OLB. Avery del Valle, 31 | Lindon Sharks
OLB. Emile Ivanoff, 27 | New West Gallia Kings

OLB. Antonio Filipovich, 26 | Odena Ironmakers
OLB. Joshua Marin, 26 | Hallenburg Waves

ILB. Amari Banos, 25 | Morievo Wolves
ILB. Myles Wangberg, 27 | Skye Marauders

ILB. Ryker Popoff, 31 | Odena Ironmakers
ILB. Mario Madrazo, 21 | Lindon Sharks

S. Clement Valle, 25 | Hallenburg Waves
S. Rudolph Koss, 28 | New West Gallia Kings

S. Waylon Loy, 23 | Odena Ironmakers
S. Pip Badales, 29 | Morievo Wolves

P. Ethan Walstead, 32 | Hallenburg Waves
K. Dean Heide, 28 | Odena Ironmakers
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Fraternidad, Volume 1: Raquel



01/Series Theme: Papercut, Linkin Park

Part One.


Zhirov Corp -
International conglomerate, known most notably for Zhirov Oil and Zhirov Pharmaceuticals. Based in Strasburg, Bojikstan, the company is somewhat controversial for their business practices and their treatment of the environment. They were largely one of the driving forces behind the country’s rebuilding after the civil war, and they also are one of the leaders in the development and colonization of Rushmori Bojikstan. However, they’ve come into conflict with the Liberal Democrats in the government and their many supporters in Strasburg, as well as anarchists, socialists, and environmentalists.

Drustvo - The so called Bojikstani Mafia, a nationwide organization that runs its operation more like a business than just any gang. They’re above the practices of the street gangs that they look down on as amateurs, and instead focus on trafficking, providing hired muscle, conducting piracy operations, and producing drugs. They still have ties to the streets, however, through several affiliate gangs that recruit for them, and their membership makes them one of the largest threats to Bojikstani stability and progress, according to the government.

Balandin Corp - Rivals of the Zhirov Corp, who are based out of Vorsji and produce and promote clean energy instead of oil. They were originally a tech company, but after their electronic sales went through the roof in the era of the smartphone, they expanded their services to include internet and communications, as well as green energy. Most Bojikstani citizens in the big cities have Balandin as their phone carrier, and the city of Vorsji has started converting their power grid to BCorp operated solar and wind power, but the company has faced heat recently for supposedly being involved with funding far left agitators… Agitators that conveniently create support for the company, because of their philosophy.

Blasistsa Party -
A splinter faction of the Bojikstan Worker’s Front, the leftist faction from the civil war that was successful in their revolution to unseat the previous right leaning government. The Blasistas are an anarchist organization that follow the teachings of former BWF revolutionary Joakim Blas, and these days, they also take an anti capitalist stance and conduct operations against some of the country’s large corporations. They are nationwide, but because their headquarters is supposedly based now in Goldtown, Rushmori Bojikstan, they have especially taken action against Zhirov Oil recently. It’s also rumored that they have received support in this from the Balandin Corporation and from the Gallian Union.

Gallian Union -
The Gallians have been rivals of Bojikstan for many, many years, because of their proximity to the islands of Rushmori Bojikstan. While the islands are tiny, the waters around them are valuable, and this has created conflict between Bojikstan and the Gallians. Bojikstan’s oil business in these waters is huge, but as staunch environmentalists, the GU has always disapproved. With tensions rising in the islands, and with the old naval rivalry between the two heating up big time, there’s plenty of talk about war coming because of the Bojikstani occupation.


“Everyone, come here, I have someone for you to meet!” Rain Delacruz called out, standing just outside the mansion where they were staying for now, in Blackmont. It was a month or so after the Independents Cup, and now that they had some down time before they had to play domestically again or play for the national team in another tournament, some of the players had retreated to Blackmont to train and to recover. Niko Komarov’s agent, James Almeda, had offered to let them stay in the extra property that he owned out there, and of course, they’d accepted.

Rain, Artem, Niko, Ricardo Hale, and Liv Andrade were all there… And one other person that Rain had invited, who wasn’t a player at all. She pointed her friend out when the others emerged, glancing across their confused expressions. Every one of them wanted to know why there was a girl with a tattooed face coming with them, and their expressions also had a hint of unease. “This is my friend, Raquel. We go back to my days when I was still a youth player from the bad part of Odena. She and her friends from the Drustvo gave me some protection, and we’ve been talking again since the Independents Cup. She’s going to be staying here, as, well… I guess you could call her my bodyguard.”

“Cool, as long as we don’t end up with a gang shootout here,” says Niko. “I have family members that have ties to the Drustvo. I know for a fact that danger follows them.”

“I remember seeing you back in Odena,” remarks Artem, towards Raquel. “But that was before you had a tattoo covering your face. I hardly recognized you… Welcome back.”

“Interesting,” Liv says, not showing one way or the other what she’s thinking.

“Fine, as long as we get to spend some time together without a bodyguard hovering behind you,” shrugs Ricardo.

“Respect my space and you’ll all be fine,” Raquel mumbles, sounding uneasy about talking to Rain’s friends. She pushes through them and steps inside of the mansion, looking around briefly before throwing her bag over her shoulder and starting to walk upstairs, to the room that’s the furthest to the back of the house. Rain follows, curious about the reason why her friend is this silent. It’s not like her, and Rain knows that from years of dealing with her in the past.

“Hey, Quel, wait up!” she says, stepping into the room. “Is something wrong? Did someone say something to offend you?”

“No, it’s not that. You could call it… Well, PTSD is too strong of a word, but you could call it that. I have some bad memories stemming back from my last trip abroad. In Rushmori Bojikstan. I’ve lost some friends there, and I’ve nearly died there myself. Happened not too long before we talked again for the first time.”

“Do you want to… Explain? Or is that too hard right now?”

Raquel shrugs, making a face. “I’ll make you a deal. You tell me your stories from Selta tonight at dinner, and I’ll tell you what happened on Golden Atoll. I can handle talking about it… You might get shaken up from it, though. I know you're not the type that’s into shootouts and violence and the like.”

“I had enough of that during the civil war, but I’m surprised you think I can’t handle this story of yours. Why don’t you try me?”

“Okay, you asked for it. You see, it all started when the Blasistas kidnapped Petro Kozlov, the gridiron football quarterback for Providentia College, who is also the son of the Zhirov Oil CFO, along with his sister Ana…”
"All these sorrows I have seen, they lead me to believe, everything's a mess... But I wanna dream. Leave me to dream..."
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The Kiaser Colonies World Bowl XXXIII Roster
Squad in training

Team Info:
Modifier: +3
Home Kit: Blue with White Trim (as pictured).
Away Kit: Yellow with White Trim.
Helmets: Blue with yellow centre stripe. Southern cross (the stars on the right of our flag) on the sides.

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Leonard James - 50
Offensive Coordinator: Gayle Conway - 43
Defensive Coordinator: Taika MacDonald - 46
Fitness Coach: Sam Webster - 54

Depth Chart
#.  Name / Position / Height Weight / Age
1. Jarvis Pratt / Quarterback / 5ft. 11in. 175lbs. / 33
2. Vern Victors / Running Back / 6ft. 0in. 188lbs. / 22
3. Arthur Hamill / Defensive Back / 6ft. 0in. 176lbs. / 36
4. Edward Keogh / Running Back / 5ft. 11in. 198lbs. / 26
6. Matthew Williams / Defensive Back / 6ft. 0in. 176lbs. / 27
8. Jared Sutton / Defensive Back / 6ft. 3in. 185lbs. / 25 (Edwin Marks dropped)
9. Caden Fairburn / Quarterback / 6ft. 2in. 197lbs. / 33
13. Seachnall Mac Néill / Receiver / 6ft. 0in. 162lbs. / 29
14. Ben Christensen / Quarterback / 6ft. 4in. 227lbs. / 28
16. Brady Ashford / Defensive Back / 5ft. 7in. 160lbs. / 19 (Matthew Elder retired)
18. David Gilroy / Defensive Back / 5ft. 10in. 168lbs. / 32
24. Marley Linford / Running Back / 5ft. 10in. 187lbs. / 30
26. Ramsey Jackson-Mallon / Defensive Back / 6ft. 0in. 199lbs. / 24
34. Graham Buchanan / Defensive Back / 5ft. 10in. 168lbs. / 38
35. James Lacey-Willard / Kicker/Punter / 5ft. 8in. 169lbs. / 29
36. Garrett Payne / Running / Back / 6ft. 1in. 209lbs. / 27
37. Tom McKenzie / Linebacker / 6ft. 2in. 223lbs. / 40
42. Loren Robertson / Linebacker / 6ft. 1in. 212lbs / 34
43. Terrance Richards / Linebacker / 6ft. 3in. 212lbs. / 36
44. Jason Bourne / Linebacker / 6ft. 0in. 203lbs / 23
45. Samson Bourne / Linebacker / 5ft. 10in. 229lbs. / 26
46. Mason Bourne / Defensive Line / 6ft. 4in. 218lbs. / 27
47. Tyson Bourne / Defensive Line / 6ft. 2in. 211lbs / 22
50. Douglas Skinner / Defensive Line / 6ft. 0in. 207lbs. / 23 (Peat Somers retired)
52. Cameron Kennedy / Linebacker / 6ft. 4in. 217lbs / 25 (Alistair Masters changed national allegiances)
55. Dylan Aiken / Linebacker / 6ft. 1in. 224lbs. / 31
56. Israel Brand / Offensive Line / 6ft. 0in. 280lbs. / 30
59. Jace Ellis / Offensive Line / 6ft. 4in. 312lbs. / 29
60. Elias Kincaid / Offensive Line / 5ft. 8in. 299lbs. / 20 (Sid Butler deceased)
61. Greg Harris / Offensive Line / 6ft. 4in. 251lbs. / 24
73. Kyle Bolton / Offensive Line / 6ft. 2in. 279lbs. / 29
74. Blair Cowan / Offensive Line / 6ft. 2in. 270lbs. / 36
77. Nathan Low / Offensive Line / 6ft. 6in. 290lbs. / 37
83. Frederick Bradford / Receiver / 6ft. 5in. 196lbs. / 31
85. Lucas Le Bier / Receiver / 6ft. 2in. 208lbs. / 25
88. Mitchell Duke / Receiver / 6ft. 1in. 170lbs / 28
89. Marshall Haynes / Receiver / 6ft. 4in. 180lbs. / 19 (Oswald Nelson retired)
93. Mikey Akiyama / Defensive Line / 6ft. 2in. 270lbs. / 23
98. Jeremy Webster / Defensive Line / 6ft. 1in. 240lbs. / 37
99. Woodrow Townsend / Defensive Line / 6ft. 5in. 275lbs. / 27 (Tom Tracy dropped)

RP Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but nothing career ending.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but nothing career ending.
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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The round robin schedule has been added to the OP's matchday schedule. Be sure to check your bye weeks, they are a great way to earn RP points without directly affecting your team's results for that day!
Proud host of World Bowl XXXII and World Bowl XXXIII
Appearances: 2 (82, 83)
Current rank: 54th
Highest rank: 41st (83)
Lowest rank: 262nd (79)
Best finish: Round 1 (82, 83)

G.A.F.A. I Undefeated Season and Champions
G.A.F.A. II 11-0 Regular Season

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Mighty Kittens of Murbley Gridiron Roster
Official Use for World Bowl XXXIII

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N

Style addition: +2.75

Head Coach: Zack Murbag
Offensive strategy: Pro set, generally a pass heavy offense with a running game able to back things up if teams are knocking balls out of the air
Defensive strategy: 3-4-3 package

QB: Jimbo Jangles
RB: Robert Moynihan
FB: Ralph Loins
WR: Cringle McBerry
WR: Wallace McWallace
TE: Paul Grognarkski
LT: Robin Fischer
LG: Dag Stevenage
C: Raul Reginna
RG: Judd Thompson
RT: Balrog Teabaghar

DE: Budd Flogger
DT: Samson Robineau
DE: Zack Smith
LOLB: Roldan Hunter
LILB: Andrew Mongoloid
RILB: Schidt-House Lumberjack
ROLB: Brandon Branson
LCB: Phagonaut Bollzak
RCB: Granson Greyson
SS: Fatty Arbuckle
FS: Twister Loins

Special Teams:
K: Roberto vas Deferens
P: Reggie Rapscallion
Ret: Floyd Sack
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Proud host of World Bowl XXXII and World Bowl XXXIII
Appearances: 2 (82, 83)
Current rank: 54th
Highest rank: 41st (83)
Lowest rank: 262nd (79)
Best finish: Round 1 (82, 83)

G.A.F.A. I Undefeated Season and Champions
G.A.F.A. II 11-0 Regular Season

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Tennish National Gridiron Football Team (Foireann Peile Iarann Náisiúnta)

Governing Body: Sraith Peile Náisiúnta Iarann (SPNI)--National Gridiron Football League
Nickname: Volunteers (Coincidentally, they share this nickname with the Port Pierce Volunteers of the SPNI)
Colors: Green, Silver, and Blue

The SPNI has a massive following in Tenburg, becoming the third-most watched sport in the country, behind only association football and hockey, both of which have been played in Tenburg since before its founding. Tennish gridiron football is noted, even among other nations who play the sport, for its violence; the SPNI is significantly more lenient regarding distribution of penalties than other leagues. In an international governing body such as the World Bowl, this could prove to be an issue, as the Volunteers may find themselves receiving penalties for hard hits and other actions which would not get them in trouble in the SPNI.

Head Coach: Jim Roe, Crosskeys Oilers
O. Coordinator: Peter McGuinness
D. Coordinator: Tom Hill
ST. Coordinator: Erin O’Neill—noted for being one of three female coaching staff members in the SPNI
Head trainer: Andrew Scott

When the decision was made to establish a national team instead of simply sending the league champion, it was agreed upon that the head coach would bring in all his/her own staff, as learning conflicting coaching philosophies would be detrimental to the progression of the team.

Offensively, the Volunteers take a balanced approach, with a healthy mix of run and pass plays, to keep the defense honest. Formations of any standard sort can be seen, but it’s unlikely for one to see any trick plays beyond the traditional play actions. Most run plays are between the tackles and straightforward, as the typical Tennish halfback and fullback would much rather run over a defense than dance around it. The passing game requires a strong offensive line and a quarterback who can take a lot of punishment, as only a few Tennish wide receivers are exceptionally fast, thus it takes longer than normal for pass plays to develop.

Defensively, the base formation is 4-3, but occasionally the 3-4 and Nickel will be mixed in as well. The front seven is formidable, as a consistently dangerous defensive line becomes a nightmare when accompanied by the occasional blitzing linebacker. Many would argue that the defensive line is the strongest unit on the team, as it is perfectly capable of taking over a game without blitzing, which is good, because the linebackers can then drop back into a pass defense role, masking a secondary that is notably weak outside of the Strong Safety. This makes blitzing a high-risk, high-reward prospect.

Depth Chart (Number, Name, SPNI Team):

#6 Damien MacGregor, Crosskeys Oilers
#19 Kelly Jones, Tallow Hawks
#23 Aidan Snow, Port Pierce Volunteers

Mobile quarterbacks are now beginning to establish themselves in the SPNI. Generally speaking, however, if a quarterback is running out of the pocket, it’s to avoid getting his head taken off by a charging defensive end. Quarterbacks in the SPNI are tough—the must be—and should have an ability to mentally bounce back from bad plays. Damien MacGregor is of the rare breed of dual-threat quarterback, having led the Oilers to their second straight SPNI Championship this last season, throwing 38 touchdowns against only four interceptions and rushing for 552 yards and five touchdowns.

#47 Kevin Mullen, Hawbowline Generals
#3 Will Munny, Letterkenny Bootleggers
#29 Jim Shockey, Crosskeys Oilers

Kevin Mullen is the undisputed #1 superstar of the SPNI, having lead the league in rushing yards and non-quarterback touchdowns in both his two years in the league. He is a tough, powerful runner, who can occasionally turn on some reserve of speed if necessary, but is much more content with simply running over a linebacker instead. He is one of a few “sixty-minute men” in the league, playing both on offense and defense. The other on the national team is center/linebacker Conor McKellan.

#33 Eamonn Castillo, Letterkenny Bootleggers

Fullbacks in the SPNI rarely see the ball themselves, and are generally used for blocking the first guy who tries to hit the halfback. Eamonn Castillo has made a name for himself, however, for his added ability to catch short passes out of the backfield.

Wide Receivers:
#21 Patrick Coley, Crosskeys Oilers
#1 Essex Johnson, Port Pierce Volunteers
#82 Terrance McDonald, Tallow Hawks
#88 Marcus Grace, Crosskeys Oilers
#25 Adrian McElroy, Tallow Stars
#84 Tommy Callahan, Southern Colme Suns

Tennish receivers as a whole are not particularly fast, and are instead big-bodied, physical players who will jump over whomever they need to in order to get the ball. The standout exception to this is Essex Johnson, the fastest player in the SPNI, who currently leads the league in 60+ yard receiving touchdowns.

Tight Ends:
#87 Michael Floyd, Southern Colme Suns
#80 Brent Jones, Bartram Wheels
#89 Jim Fleming, Hawlbowline Generals

Tennish Tight ends are mainly used in pass and run blocking, but occasionally will run short-to-medium length routes in the middle of the field. Michael Floyd, standout player for the Southern Colme Suns, is the best hybrid tight end in the league.

#71 Jeremy Peterson, Hawbowline Generals (Left)
#69 Kevin Higgins, Bartram Wheels (Right)
#73 Devon Lewis, Port Pierce Jets (Right)
#53 Damien Smith, Tallow Stars (Left)

The tackles are the anchor of the pass protection. Tennish tackles, like the rest of the offensive line, need a high motor, and need to be able to endure multiple pass rush attempts as the receivers find a way to get open.

#77 David Williams, Hamilton Bears (Left)
#61 Patrick Cain, Hawbowline Generals (Right)
#79 Pierce Connelly, Blackpool Huskies (Left)
#72 Tim Haggard, Greystone Pirates (Right)

David Williams, the left guard, is the elder statesman on the offensive line, And while he’s built like a bus and still playing at a high level, his age is catching up to him, and his lack of speed means that any halfback screens are ran to the right side.

#60 Conor McKellan, Southern Colme Suns
#75 Vincent Cameron, Hamilton Bears

Centers by default are some of the toughest on the offensive line, as they lined up against the toughest players on the defensive line. Additionally, they should be the smartest, as they relay what blocking schemes are needed to their line-mates if the quarterback calls an audible at the line of scrimmage.


Defensive ends:
#92 Donald Black, Greystone Pirates (left)
#76 Mike McCutchen, Greystone Pirates (right)
#96 Morgan Garnet, Port Pierce Jets (right)
#91 Shane Patrick, Tallow Stars (left)

Tennish ends are quick and relentless, and score the majority of QB sacks. Donald Black has lead the league in sacks thrice in his five-year career, including this last season with 18.5.

Defensive tackles:
#99 Tyrone White, Greystone Pirates
#78 Thor MacEalar, Hamilton Bears
#63 Seamus McElheney, Greystone Pirates

The Tennish defensive tackle is the toughest man on the line, as star players, like Tyrone White and Thor MacEalar, end up fighting through two and even three linemen to get to the quarterback.

Outside Linebackers:
#60 Conor McKellan, Southern Colme Suns (Left)
#98 Jeramiah Hutchison, Greystone Pirates (right)
#44 Andrew Pearson, Crosskeys Oilers (left)
#52 Killian McMurphy, Bartram Wheels (right)

The outside linebackers need to be especially fast to be able to track down receivers in the slot if they come close, as well as taking down players coming out of the backfield.

Middle Linebackers:
#55 Colin Murphy, Tallow Hawks
#56 Daniel Collins, Tallow Stars
#90 Doyle Lonergan, Greystone Pirates

Tennish MLBs have garnered a reputation as being especially brutal, showing no pity to any receiver or tight end unlucky enough to come across the middle.

#10 Danny Tatum, Greystone Pirates
#17 Todd Anderson, Blackpool Huskies
#8 Danny Driver, Tallow Stars
#40 Enrique Velasquez, Letterkenny Bootleggers
#13 Henry Douglas, Hamilton Bears
#29 Jim Lattimore, Bartram Wheels

Tennish DBs are slower than most, as they are competing against slower wide receivers. This flaw will inevitably lead to a few getting burned for long TDs in the World Bowl. Despite this they have a great nose for the ball and will pick it off any chance they get.

Free Safeties:
#43 Miles Dawkins, Southern Colme Suns
#20 John McCall, Crosskeys Oilers

Tennish Free Safeties are hard-hitting and efficient at tackling in open field, but suffer from the same speed problems as the cornerbacks.

Strong Safeties:
#47 Kevin Mullen, Hawlbowline Generals
#30 Sean Morrison, Greystone Pirates

In addition to being the starting halfback, Kevin Mullen starts at strong safety for the national team. He is known for his ability to track the ball, his aggressiveness playing it in the air, and his merciless hitting of receivers.

#16 Patrick O’Brien, Hawbowline Generals

#2 Tim Donovan, Hamilton Bears

Strengths: Offensive line, running game
Weaknesses: slow receivers, long pass play development

Strengths: Front seven, short pass defense
Weaknesses: mid-to-deep pass defense, high risk of allowing big plays when blitzing

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: as long as it’s funny
RP Injuries to my Players: tg me please
Godmod Injuries to my Players: no
Godmod Other Events: no
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World Bowl XXXIII preview

Entent, Bongo Johnson - (NAP) The Alpine Union is ready to defend their title and will face some tough opposition right away with Taeshan (15th) and Chromatika (21t) being placed in the same group. Then you have some unranked teams who can surprise: Space, North Dajao, Velstrania and Rhineland Sued. Taeshan put up a relatively young team with only one player over 30 years old in the starting formation. Chromatika didn't publish their roster yet but they still have 2 days to do so. Space are an intriguing team with half of their players being females. The Bisons can win this group but it's unlikely they will repeat last year's championship.

Let's analyse the team. It's still the same team with only minor changes. Clifford Jenkins and Coconut Riddick are still the starting quarterback and running back respectively. Demarcus Woods and Jarius Floyd are still the #1 and #2 wide recievers, but 22 years old Jennifer Killebrew is now the 3rd wide reciever. Killebrew has the potential to be the #1 wide reciever on the national team one day. 23 years old Connor Zagzebski is now the starting left tackle and Walter Kaufman has moved to right tackle. Colton Ballard, also 23 years old, is the new starting center. The starting guards remains unchanged.

On defense, it's the same exact team except Lavonta Thomas is now the new right cornerback instead of Antonio Irvin. Rodrick Nash is still listed as the starting nose tackle but it's possible he lose his job in favor of Shayne Kilgore.

Following Alpine Union's championship win in the last world bowl, the government has increased funding for the national team and the roster expanded. The team now has 32 reserves player who will travel with the team for a total of 78 players. The reserves will only dress in case of an injury and they will practice with the team. Half of these reserve players are under 23 years old and some of them like Haylie Woo, Montavious McBryde and Nehemiah Charles are future stars.

The Alpine Union will start off the World Bowl XXXIII against Chromatika and then they will play against Velstrania, Rhineland Sued, North Dajao, Taeshan and Space respectively. Then we repeat once.
Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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Federation of Allamunnic States
National Gridiron Team - The Regulars

Roleplay Information

Style Modifier: -3 (half-way to maximum defensive)
Going for Two: Logical
Roleplay Permissions
- Choose Scorers: Please TG first.
- Injure Players: Nothing beyond game-ending without TGing for approval.
- Penalize Players: Keep it reasonable, or TG for approval. The Regulars tend to be fairly well-disciplined.
- Godmod Injuries: Same as regular injuries. Please keep it reasonable or make it hilarious.
- Godmod Other Events: Keep previous permissions in mind. Have fun with it.
- Photographs: Please do not use photographs with any players intended to depict players on my team.
- Additional Notes:
- Team plays very physically.
- Offense is a run-first, smashmouth-oriented system. A fullback is used more-or-less constantly, and passes will primarily come on long third-downs, or on first-down play-actions. Passes tend to be thrown at least ten yards downfield, and farther than that is not unusual; the Allamunnic quarterback has a strong arm, and they tend to make use of that. Still, most of the team's gains are going to happen on the ground, and most runs will be between the tackles.
- Defense utilizes an aggressive, blitz-heavy system. Although the team typically operates out of a 4-3 set, the 3-4 will sometimes come out, and nickel and dime packages will be used situationally. Front-wise, the system is a lot simpler than past Allamunnic schemes, but blitzes can and will come from just about anywhere on the field. The team will sometimes give up the big play here or there, but it also tends to force plenty of mistakes in the form of turnovers and sacks.

Retired Number(s): #58 Honorius Waalturs
Ring of Honor Members: S#1 Isabelle Margussunn, QB#5 Markus Daalhulm, S#10 Elias Mourner, HB#34 Haanryk Stahlburg, FB#44 Ole Nurdsunn, DE#58 Honorius Waalturs, DT#95 Theo Laansur

(Regulars Uniforms (Home on Left, Road on Right))

Team Captains (Coin-Toss Purposes):
Offense: Torren Tormundsunn (FB)
Defense: Piotr Farrangur (DT)
Special Teams: Wyatt Skode (P)

General Information

Front Office & General Staff

Commissioner: Benjamin Jamesunn (Age: 71) - Following the brief, tumultuous, and, to a lesser extent, disastrous tenure of Gaarutt Kolvyn as Allamunnic Sporting Commissioner for the duration of World Bowl XXXI, long-time Allamunnic National Gridiron Team executive and administrator Benjamin Jamesunn was selected by the Board as the next Commissioner. Jamesunn has a strong grasp of the practices that have long enabled the National Gridiron Team to be successful, and has pledged a return to the patient approach that has yielded six championships since World Bowl XVI.

General Manager: Erik Warnur (Age: 54)
Director of Player Personnel: Anna Torrensunn (Age: 46)

Team Doctors:
Graagur Maarkussunn (Age: 66), Rynna Eriksunn (Age: 59), Daanyl Waalturs (Age: 46), Grenna Wyllur (Age: 36), Joanna Kaarbrynn (Age: 36),

Athletic Trainers:
Maarda Lindersunn (Age: 49), Bryndyn Nyurdlunn (Age: 48), Torren Udunsunn (Age: 44), Kaarl Mendelsunn (Age: 45), Inna Wyllur (Age: 42), Olaf Knutsunn (Age: 43), Maura Kaarlsunn (Age: 41), Kyl Maatysunn (Age: 39), Lyna Henriksunn (Age: 37), Shae Eriklunn (Age: 33)

Strength & Conditioning Staff:
Harald Vynnsunn (Age: 47), Junna Riktur (Age: 42), Aelus Morden (Age: 44)

Coaching Staff

Head Coach & Coordinators
Head Coach: Baeryk Vaalburger (Age: 58) - After two years coaching the Schottian team, Baeryk Vaalburger was invited (well, begged would be more accurate) to return to the head coaching job that Gaarutt Kolvyn fired him from. After being convinced that the entire interlude was essentially a hiccup for the otherwise stable Allamunnic National Gridiron Team, Vaalburger agreed to return. He is still very much his father's son, in that he builds his team and strategy on the importance of blocking and the offensive and defensive lines. The Regulars will look to return to their classic smashmouth strategy that saw them win six championships starting at World Bowl XVI and most recently at World Bowl XXVII.

Offensive Coordinator: Rikard Olafsunn (Age: 53) - Following a lackluster finish at World Bowl XXXII, Olafsunn resigned from the head coaching job, only to be promptly rehired as the offensive coordinator after the decision was made not to renew Kevin Nivek's contract. The decision was made in large part by the return of a now mollified head coach Baeryk Vaalburger, who practically begged Olafsunn to return. Olafsunn is, like Smart and Vaalburger, a student of the late Stevan Vaalburger, who preached the importance of the line on both sides of the ball, and Olafsunn can be trusted to run an offense that Baeryk will approve of.

Defensive Coordinator: Ryan Smart (Age: 50) - After the Innusburg Barons' ownership took a dim view of Smart's role in the firing of AGL company man Gaarutt Kolvyn from the Commissioner position, Smart found himself unemployed. Invited to become a coordinator for a team he once head coached for, under a man who had served as a relatively low-ranked assistant, the three-time champion head coach jumped at the chance. Smart oversaw a reworking of the playbook to give the defense more looks than it has had in years, in an effort to take advantage of the enlarged, talented personnel group. Smart is an aggressive play caller who will look to attack against both the run and the pass, dialing up blitzes and pressures from all directions, trusting his players to cover their responsibilities.

Special Teams Coordinator: Phillipa Demirici (Age: 56) - Phillipa Demirici was a career-long Regular as a kicker, and since her retirement from playing, as a coach. Phillipa finally takes over the special teams coordinator position with the retirement of long-time coordinator Daanyl Mueller.

Quarterbacks Coach: Maarkus Daalhulm (Age: 50) - Daalhulm was a long-time quarterback for the Regulars, and has also since served as their QB position coach for several years. Daalhulm was the offensive coordinator for the renegade Regulars at World Bowl XXXI, but returns to coaching the QBs this year.

Running Backs Coach: Haanryk Staalburg (Age: 49) - Staalburg was an all-world tailback during his time playing for the Regulars. His coaching has done much to turn Bryndyn Traewyk and Ella Kaarbrynn from promising prospects into devastatingly-effective rushers.

Tight Ends Coach: Zak Hall (Age: 42) - Hall was a long-time tight-end for the Regulars, serving as a reliable rotating hand, who, although never distinguishing himself statistically, showcased his skills as a technician quite frequently. His tutelage has helped Godwyn Braanur become a versatile weapon for the team.

Wide Receivers Coach: Mikel Dunn (Age: 51) - Dunn played several years as a wideout for both the Regulars and the Rikardsburg Ironmongers. The one-time deep-threat became more of a technician in his later years, and has since served the Regulars as a position coach for the receivers to pass on those skills.

Offensive Line Coach: Hanrik Wurfytur (Age: 47) - Long time Regulars guard Hanrik Wurfytur has settled in nicely as an offensive line coach, learning his trade under Baeryk Vaalburger, and serving as the team's offensive coordinator at World Bowl XXX. Wurfytur returns to offensive line coaching, overseeing a deep unit.

Offensive Line Assistant Coach: Vaalhulm Rikken (Age: 41) - Former tackle Rikken is learning under Wurfytur in much the same way that Wurfytur learned under Vaalburger. He's a promising assistant who is especially useful in coaching the offensive tackles.

Defensive Line Coach: Theodur Laansur (Age: 49) - Long-time defensive tackle for the Regulars Theo Laansur has served as a coach for the unit he played for over the last several years, and was the Regulars' defensive coordinator at World Bowl XXX. Laansur had a varied enough skill set to complement his massive size that he's done a fairly good job coaching up his players.

Defensive Line Assistant Coach: Archie Wagner (Age: 46) - Long-time defensive end Archie Wagner has returned as an assistant defensive line coach, focusing on coaching up the team's pass rushing specialists, both on the line and in the linebacking unit.

Linebackers Coach: Miles Ryan (Age: 48) - The one-time strong, flexible center of the defense, Miles Ryan has made a good name for himself coaching the team's linebackers, particularly the interior players, instilling a balanced skill set and disciplined mindset in the group.

Linebackers Assistant: Jason Ridley (Age: 48) - Former AGL journeyman Jason Ridley made a name for himself as a hardnosed, technically-skilled player who outplayed his undersized frame. As a result, Ridley has proven well-suited to instilling those same values in his players, especially the outside linebackers that he focuses on.

Defensive Backs Coach: Andrik Ierunmungur (Age: 48) - Andrik Ierunmungur joined the team as a rookie cornerback at World Bowl IX, and has served ever since as either a player or a coach. Ierunmunger is in charge of the secondary, and also served as the rag-tag Regulars' defensive coordinator at World Bowl XXXI.

Defensive Backs Assistant: Leif Coelmunn (Age: 41) - Former reserve safety Leif Coelmunn never amounted to more than a reserve and rotating player with the Regulars, simply due to a lack of overall talent, but his mind for the game was never in doubt. After serving as the coordinator for the Commission's team at World Bowl XXXI, Coelmunn returns to coaching the safeties.

Kicking Coach: Phillipa Demirici (Age: 56) - See Above

Returners Coach: Gretchen Vaalhulmsunn (Age: 43) - Gretchen Vaalhulmsunn is one of the newer additions to the veteran coaching staff, and is responsible for the kick returners, who have steadily improved under her tutelage.

The Team


After a lackluster World Bowl XXXII campaign, the team declined to extend Kaboomlandian coach Kevin Nivek's contract, and retained Rik Olafsunn as offensive coordinator (welcoming back Baeryk Vaalburger as the team's head coach at the same time). The results can be seen in a simplified, pared-down playbook and practices that have seen the Regulars back up to their old ways of pounding the ball up the middle, a few off-tackle runs, and plenty of bootlegs, play-action, and deep throws to keep defenses honest. The smashmouth has returned once again.

This is a team that will work primarily out of a strong-I formation and will rely on a power-run game to do most of the heavy lifting, relying on the tight-end, fullback, and interior line to do most of the offense's dirty work. Bryndyn Traewyk will run the ball at least twenty times per game, and it won't be unusual to see his carry count start creeping towards the thirties. Other backs will also likely get carries, and there will usually be something odd going on if the number of passes thrown by Regulars' QBs goes substantially above twenty. The team isn't exclusively reliant on its run game, but it is noticeably less-effective if that is taken away.

Starting Line-Up (2-1-2 Personnel)
WR#87 Hoerst --- LT#75 Kaarlsunn --- LG#68 Staaghyrt --- CG#55 Unger --- RG#65 Knutsunn --- RT#50 Astyr --- TE#85 Braanur --- WR#80 Haensley
QB#10 G. Wyrth
FB#45 T. Tormundsunn
HB#35 B. Traewyk

Players By Position

#10 - Graagur Wyrth - QB - Age: 30; H: 6'4"; W: 237lbs
#01 - Rowan Daanyls - QB - Age: 23; H: 6'0"; W: 185lbs

The Regulars continue to stick with absurdly-strong-armed ball-chucker Graagur Wyrth, after he experienced a late bloom in his ability to throw short passes during World Bowl XXXI. Despite his size, Wyrth is surprisingly athletic, and can be dangerous on bootlegs and scrambles, although he tends more towards extending the play rather than being a rushing threat. Now, however, he is backed up by Rowan Daanyls, a former gadget player who was able to switch back to her original position after showing good instincts in the pocket and on the run during training camp and scrimmages. Daanyls is a more athletic quarterback, and while she can do all the movement-based things Wyrth can, she is also a legitimate running threat in her own right that must be accounted for. She does lack Wyrth's ridiculously-strong arm, though.

Running Backs:
#45 - Torren Tormundsunn - FB - Age: 29; H: 6'4"; W: 253lbs - CAPTAIN
#35 - Bryndyn Traewyk - HB - Age: 27; H: 5'11"; W: 220lbs
#38 - Grenn Jordsunn - HB/FB - Age: 22; H: 6’2”; W: 239lbs
#21 - Anna Eriklunn - RS/HB - Age: 28; H: 5'7"; W: 158lbs
#39 - Lana Kaarlsunn - RS/SR/LS/HB - Age: 23; H: 5’11”; W: 195lbs

Torren Tormundsunn is the engine of the Regulars offense. Whether he's serving as a blocker (most of the time), a ball carrier (some of the time), or pass-catcher (only a little bit of the time), Tormundsunn is integral to the Regulars' offense, and he pretty much never comes off the field when the offense is out. Complementing him is explosive tailback Bryndyn Traewyk, who is the prototypical Allamunnic rusher in having the strength and low-gears to grind out yards between the tackles, but also having at least some break-away ability. While he is not the absolute fastest back out there, he's quick enough to get past most linebackers given some space, and he has the power to truck most of the defensive backs he comes across. Tormundsunn and Traewyk are both starters, and will spend most of the time on the field together. Complementing them both is power-back Grenn Jordsunn, who is primarily a short-yardage option who can spell either Tormundsunn or Traewyk in their respective jobs as needed. He won't win many foot races, but with his strength, that's not generally an issue. Behind him is smaller, shiftier Anna Eriklunn, who mostly gets her snaps as either a pass-catching back, a slot receiver, or as a kick- and punt-returner. Finally, there is Lana Kaarlsunn, who is only technically a running back, as she mostly sees action as a returner or as a reserve long-snapper, and, sometimes, a slot receiver.

Tight Ends:
#85 – Godwyn Braanur – TE - Age: 32; H: 6'7"; W: 255lbs
#88 - Junn Lindstrom - TE - Age: 31; H: 6'5"; W: 251lbs
#82 - Udun Jaarlsunn - TE/FB - Age: 27; H: 6'6"; W: 262lbs

Another one of the Regulars' stalwarts is Godwyn Braanur, who pretty much never comes off for the offense. Skilled as both a blocker and as a chain-moving pass-catcher (and a sneaky-underrated deep threat), Braanur is a utility player for the Regulars who needs to be accounted for on all plays. Junn Lindstrom is a similarly-well-rounded tight-end, although he lacks Braanur's pure talent. Udun Jaarlsunn is a competent pass-catcher, but his main strength is as a lead-blocker; he will mostly tend to come in on run-heavy drives, and he can be plugged in either as a tight-end, or, in goal-line sets, as a fullback to complement Tormundsunn.

Wide Receivers:
#87 - Waldr Hoerst - WR - Age: 29; H: 6'5"; W: 220lbs
#80 - Ole Haensley - WR - Age: 27; H: 6'2"; W: 210lbs
#86 - Andrik Skyllur - WR/SR - Age: 25; H: 6'1"; W: 211lbs
#83 - Harlyn Wyrnur - WR - Age: 24; H: 6’2”; W: 212lbs
#89 - Arnulf Faarynlunn - WR - Age: 24; H: 6’3”; W: 218lbs
#84 - Andya Haartly - SR/RS - Age: 23; H: 6’0”; W: 168lbs

The Allamunnic wideout corps is led by two longer-tenured hands, the reliable duo of Waldr Hoerst and Ole Haensley. Hoerst is a big, sure-handed target who mostly specializes in making improbable grabs in traffic. He can make plays after the catch, but his main value is as a catcher. Haensley, by contrast, is a little quicker, and, while still sure-handed, is a little more of an after-catch threat. Neither ones are huge field-stretching deep-threats, but defensive backs should still make sure not to let these players get behind them. They are complemented by Andrik Skyllur, who is essentially cast in Haensley's mold, althoug he's a little more fleet-footed. Harlyn Wyrnur and Arnulf Faarynlunn are both bigger wideouts who can do it all, but are further down the depth chart due to occasional dropping issues. Andya Haartly is a deep threat and yard-after-catch specialist who has a little more trouble making catches in traffic.

Left Tackle:
#75 - Bryndyn Kaarlsunn - LT - Age: 28; H: 6'6"; W: 327lbs
#78 - Rikard Waalburg - LT - Age: 22; H: 6'6"; W: 319lbs

Bryndyn Kaarlsunn is a well-rounded, powerful left tackle who can be a hammer on the backside of a run play, a competent lead-blocker, or a capable pass-blocker. He is backed up by Rikard Waalburg, who has a similarly well-rounded skill-set, but is a little more prone to youthful mistakes. Overall, they can rotate fairly freely without seeing much drop-off, but Kaarlsunn gets the starter's spot by virtue of experience and fewer mental errors.

Left Guard:
#68 - Jorvik Staaghyrt - LG - Age: 27; H: 6'3"; W: 314lbs
#70 - Jormund Haagtynd - LG - Age: 22; H: 6'4"; W: 316lbs

Jorvik Staaghyrt is a strong and athletic left guard who is skilled at pulling on right-side runs to serve as a clean-up man, or as a lead blocker in his own right on plays to the left. He has the kind of aggressive, on-field nastiness the Regulars like to see in their offensive guards, and he'll be one of the lynch pins of the offense. Jormund Haagtynd is a capable back-up who has the raw aggression and potential to be every bit as good as Staaghyrt, but is still a couple of years away from that, needing more polish on his technique; he has the unfortunate tendency to play a little high, which can be a problem, and relying on brute strength.

Center Guard:
#55 - Tyrrus Ungur - CG - Age: 27; H: 6'4"; W: 309lbs
#60 - Bryndyn Ulfsunn - CG - Age: 24; H: 6’3”; W: 318lbs

Tyrrus Unger has served as the team's center for several years, and the chemistry he has with Graagur Wyrth is nearly flawless. Although more is made of his athleticism and versatility as both a run and pass-blocker, Unger's own nastiness meshes well with the other guards, and makes him a key component of the team's interior run game. Bryndyn Ulfsunn doesn't play with the same attitude, and he is technically somewhat less proficient than Unger, but he won't embarrass his teammates if he has to fill in.

Right Guard:
#65 - Snaari Knutsunn - RG - Age: 29; H: 6'4"; W: 310lbs
#67 - Margus Brynnur - RG - Age: 23; H: 6’3”; W: 308lbs

Snaari Knutsunn is one of the team's bonafide stars, one of the key engines to the offense. Despite looking somewhat rangy for an offensive guard, Knutsunn is probably the single most vicious, powerful player on the offensive line, a road-grader with sneaky athleticism to make him an asset as a lead blocker on trap plays, a capable pass protector, or a hammer on the inside. Knutsunn is the reason the team tends to run to the right side. Margus Brynnur would be a competent guard on most other teams, but he doesn't get much playing time because of how much of a drop-off he is from Knutsunn.

Right Tackle:
#50 - Baeryk Astyr - RT - Age: 26; H: 6'4"; W: 315lbs
#63 - Wilryk Braandur - RT - Age: 20; H: 6'5"; W: 327lbs

Baeryk Astyr is finally stepping into the full-time starting role, and he seems ready for it after putting on another ten pounds or so. He's still got the athleticism that set him apart as a younger player, but he's added more power to that, and he'll be a capable bookend for an offensive line that drives the Allamunnic offense. He is backed up by new-recruit Wilryk Braandur, who has the dimensions, raw talent, and instincts to be a good tackle, but is still *very* raw, and so likely won't see much playing time except in emergencies.


After last year's teething issues, Ryan Smart simplified the defensive playbook, and limited the number of base formations the team would use, instead relying more on versatile players to make up the difference. The core philosophy of attacking the ball-carrier proactively remains, and this will likely remain one of the more aggressive defenses in World Bowl competition. Still, it will be less about schematics and more about Smart trusting his talented players to do what they're paid to do.

As always, this is a deep unit, and while its secondary is nothing to sneeze at, its greatest strength remains in the front seven, particularly on the line. Expect players to rotate more-or-less continuously over the course of the game on the line, and for Smart to have fun with the fronts; although the number of formations is toned down, this defense will still move fairly often between its 4-3 base formation and a 3-4.

Starting Line-Up (4-3 Base Front)
SDE#66 O. Grahulm --- DT#96 R. Theodur --- DT#95 P. Farrangur --- WDE#94 O. Rynnur
SLB#44 K. Voegyl --- MLB#49 R. Eriksunn --- WLB#51 S. Vaedurly
LCB#09 R. Junnsunn --- SS#23 C. U'Daanyl --- FS#08 L. Donalsunn --- RCB#07 B. Witt

Players By Position

Strong-Side Defensive End:
#66 - Odyn Grahulm - SDE - Age: 23; H: 6'4"; W: 310lbs
#93 - Harald Baaltrlunn - DE - Age: 28; H: 6'4"; W: 318lbs
#74 - Joran Haargrave - DE - Age: 23; H: 6’3”; W: 316lbs

Odyn Grahulm came out of nowhere during the World Bowl XXXI campaign to assert a starting role for the upstart Regulars, and he's been a stalwart on the left side of the defensive line ever since, collapsing running plays and providing situational pressure on opposing passers while being a general terror to opposing tackles. Grahulm plays deceptively low and utilizes the resulting leverage to excellent effect. Harald Baaltrlunn is a Regulars' veteran who really serves as a back-up lineman across the line, but is inserted into the strong-side end rotation under normal circumstances. While he lacks Grahulm's flair, he's a handy replacement in a pinch. Joran Haargrave is a talented, but raw younger edge-setter who can acquit himself well, but is a little more prone to mistakes than the other two ends.

Defensive Tackle:
#95 - Piotr Farrangur - DT - Age: 31; H: 6'6"; W: 317lbs - CAPTAIN
#96 – Rikard Theodur – DT - Age: 33; H: 6'4"; W: 327lbs
#90 - Nyurd Svaartwynn - NT - Age: 29; H: 6'5"; W: 338lbs
#91 - Baard Ulryk - NT - Age: 22; H: 6’4”; W: 334lbs

Piotr Farrangur and Rikard Theodur are a veteran duo playing the interior of the Allamunnic defensive line. The two have played with each other so long that they effortlessly complement one another, and although Theodur is starting to get a little long in the tooth, both are still capable defenders. They are supported by Nyurd Svaartwynn, a run-stuffing tackle who can play as a nose in a 0 technique when called on, or as a rotating player for either starter. He's less versatile than the starters, but he's more than capable in his role. Baard Ulryk is an almost pure-nosetackle, who is great against the run but is kind of useless in passing situations. He's being trained up as a nosetackle of the future, but for now his snaps will be limited.

Weak-Side Defensive End:
#94 - Olaf Rynnur - DE - Age: 28; H: 6'4"; W: 278lbs
#43 - Ardryk Jaarlsunn - RLB - Age: 28; H: 6'6"; W: 271lbs
#58 - Theodur Waalturs - DE - Age: 18; H: 6'3"; W: 260lbs

The weak-side defensive end role is primarily a pass-rushing position, although players are expected to be capable pursuers against the run. The weak-side end will usually play in a three-point stance as a defensive end, but can situationally line up in a two-point stance, or even play as a weak-side outside linebacker. Olaf Rynnur is the starter, by a hair, getting slightly more snaps than co-starter Ardryk Jaarlsunn by virtue of being a more-natural defensive end (Jaarlsunn plays better as a linebacker), but both are strong against the run and have a nose for the quarterback. The new addition is Theodur Waalturs. Waalturs wears his father's number (the only one retired in Regulars' history), and, if early results are anything to go by, the raw prospect has inherited Honorius Waalturs' prodigious pass-rushing skills, although he's still got some developing to go. Don't be surprised if the fresh-out-of high school player wrestles away his fair share of snaps down the line.

Strong-Side Linebacker:
#44 - Kaarl Voegyl - SLB - Age: 23; H: 6'4"; W: 257lbs
#57 - Faeryk Joergsunn - SLB - Age: 22; H: 6’4”; W: 263lbs

Kaarl Voegyl, a jack-of-all-trades linebacker, has stepped into the star-making SAM linebacker spot following the departure of long-time Regular Fredrik Eriksunn to the AGL. Voegyl has the hard-nosed, hard-hitting, ball-sniffing credentials needed for the job as the Regulars primary edge-setter, and has the athleticism needed to also contribute to the pass-rush and blitzes. Faeryk Joergsunn is a more solidly-built SAM linebacker, but he lacks Voegyl's playmaking knack.

Middle Linebacker:
#49 - Rikard Eriksunn - MLB - Age: 28; H: 6'4"; W: 252lbs
#47 - Margus Corwynn - MLB - Age: 23; H: 6'3"; W: 253lbs
#56 - Kaarl Jornur - LB - Age: 26; H: 6'2"; W: 253lbs

Rikard Eriksunn is the kind of rangy, athletic ball-hound that defensive coordinators crave for their middle linebackers, with the hard-hitting nature and nose for the ball that means he'll almost invariably be involved in the play, if not making it himself. He's backed up by the quicker, if slightly less-instinctive Margus Corwynn and journeyman linebacker Kaarl Jornur, both of whom can step up in a pinch, but will be hard-pressed to match the heights Eriksunn is capable of.

Weak-Side Linebacker:
#51 - Sfyn Vaedurly - WLB - Age: 24; H: 6'2"; W: 251lbs
#48 - Aeryn Warryk - WLB - Age: 23; H: 6’3”; W: 243lbs

Sfyn Vaedurly is an athletic linebacker with good speed and pursuit instincts and a tendency to blow up plays. He's athletic enough to serve as a capable situational pass-rusher, and he has a nose for the ball similar to Eriksunn's. He was originally a back-up Mike Linebacker before being moved to WILL so that he could be better utilized. Aeryn Warryk is a little undersized by Allamunnic standards at the linebacker position, and as a result, he's a little less of a sure tackler than many of his teammates. Still, his instincts are good and he's an asset in pass coverage, so he's more likely to see action in obvious passing situations.

Left Cornerback:
#09 - Rikard Junnsunn - LCB - Age: 30; H: 6'1"; W: 210lbs
#31 - Kaarltunn Gaaruttsunn - LCB - Age: 23; H: 6’0”; W: 205lbs

So far, lockdown corner Rikard Junnsunn is not showing his age, but he's still north of thirty, now, so that may change in the future. For the time-being, though, he's a singularly-frustrating cornerback to deal with, capable of hanging on against larger and stronger receivers, with the physical dimensions and ball-hawking instincts necessary to be an elite defender. He's backed up by younger corner Kaarltunn Gaaruttsunn who is no slouch himself, but is not as instinctive as Junnsunn is.

Strong Safety:
#23 - Claetus U'Daanyl - SS - Age: 24; H: 6'1"; W: 216lbs
#17 - Aldryk Baerunsunn - SS/NB - Age: 23; H: 6’1”; W: 218lbs

Claetus U'Daanyl is the prototypical Allamunnic strong-safety, excellent in the box serving as an extra linebacker, capable as a ball-hawk, and dangerous as a backfield enforcer against hapless receivers. U'Daanyl has a relish for delivering jarring hits that some might consider worrying, but is a huge asset for the defense (although it occasionally gets him in trouble. Aldryk Baerunsunn is a young defensive back who backs up U'Daanyl, but is also capable of playing cornerback (including in the nickel spot) if needed. He should find ways to see the field, including special teams.

Free Safety:
#08 - Lyna Donalsunn - FS - Age: 29; H: 5'10"; W: 154lbs
#05 - Anke Baenty - FS/CB - Age: 24; H: 5'10"; W: 177lbs
#02 - Wyllun Hardisunn - FS/CB - Age: 22; H: 6’0”; W: 198lbs

Deep balls thrown against the Regulars run a real risk of being snagged by one of the Regulars' ball-hawking free safeties, either Lyna Donalsunn (the speedier of the two) or Anke Baenty (the more versatile), either of whom might play on any given snap. Both have superb play-making instincts, although they're a little smaller than a lot of the receivers they'll go up against. Wyllun Hardisunn is a young defensive back buried behind two playmakers who, as a result, mostly sees time on special teams or as a reserve cornerback. Still, he looks to have a promising future.

Right Cornerback:
#07 - Bryndyn Witt - RCB - Age: 24; H: 6'1"; W: 214lbs
#14 - Kaarl Bronn - RCB - Age: 30; H: 6'0"; W: 206lbs

Bryndyn Witt is a capable corner who's not quite Junnsunn's equal in instincts, but is even stronger against the run or as a situational pass-rusher. Witt can play safety in a pinch, and has the size needed to cover most receivers. Kaarl Bronn is a veteran Regular who still has the instincts and technical skill to be effective, but is no longer quite in his prime.

Special Teams

Although the Regulars have long had a strong kicking and punting game, they have at times been plagued by special teams gaffes on kick and punt coverage, with lapses at times putting the team in holes that they were unable to climb out of. Over the last several years, the Regulars have improved in that department, to a point where special teams can no longer be considered an actual weakness, even if it is not always quite the strength that some other aspects of the team's game are. As a team that is more than willing to play the game of field position, its punting unit is of particular importance, and Wyatt Skode, a skilled punter, is central to the team's defensive strategy.

Players By Position

#46 - Kaarl Hunt - K - Age: 29; H: 6'2"; W: 225lbs - Lyndur, AK

#04 – Wyatt Skode – P - Age: 38; H: 6'0"; W: 215lbs – Vymsburg, VY - CAPTAIN

Long Snapper:
#71 - Vaargus Kynt - LS/CG - Age: 28; H: 6'2"; W: 285lbs - Trynt, OW
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Postby North Dajao » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:47 pm

Baliffson May Not Play?

Henry Baliffson, the star Tight End of the North Dajao World Bowl team, and the North Dajao Professional Football League(PFL) may not see the field. At least not for the group matches

At a press conference today Rowan Baker, the World Bowl Team spokesperson, said:

“After speaking with Mr. Baliffson’s Doctor and his agent, we have decided to suspend his role in the World Bowl unless a critical situation should arise.

Jon Benny, manager of the Francistown Knights, the team Baliffson plays on is likely to have been an influence in this major decision. The North Dajao National Games are coming up and Baliffson is expected to take part.

Mr. Benny could not be reached for a comment at this time.

Pete Janowski, a fellow PFLer is set to take Baliffsons spot. The National Commission of International Sporting Events has yet to announce a new backup Tight End.
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Postby Vangaziland » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:25 am

Dan Bundison found himself in a slightly different environment than usual. The domestic sports networks knew the VFO and its status as a party league. They never asked hard questions or dug too deep for pro gridiron stories. People didn't watch gridiron in Vangaziland for the sport. It was more about the spectacle.

There were the fast, the strong and the bold. Someone could be a little slow, not too big or strong, but talk their way into a career. It was almost like organized wrestling in some countries, but with a slightly more genuine score.

Of course, refs would give calls to favor one team or another.

"it's about who's hot", leaked a whistleblower calling themselves 'Referee X'. "We never threw any games, but we made a few cheap calls. I personally don't like being booed by the home team."

The National Team was separate from that sort of atmosphere. Most of the Vangazi had realistic ideas about how hard the team had to work to catch up to other international programs.

But then there was Bundison. For the first time, he was invited to the hot seat on the show Last Minute. Chip Maydress and Deter J. Piff would try to get into the QB's mind and see if he really believed what he was talking about.

Dan showed up wearing his trademark classic style sunglasses and a tropical shirt. It wasn't exactly the correct time of year for that, but it was close enough. Still, Bundison wore a similar shirt at a Christmas rally last year.

"Dan Bundison", Chip started. "Dan, the man. Do you think you have what it takes to lead this team against such tough competition?"

A normal Vannish athlete, like backup QB Don Adebaygo, would normally keep things low key and not generate too much controversy. Especially not when starting out as an unranked team.

But again, this was Bundison.

He leaned back and spun in the rotating chair behind the desk.

"I know we'll be alright, Chip. We've got the GUYS! We're on top of the world."

Deter interrupted. "You can say what you want to about the top of the Earth... But when you look at a team like Cosumar, how do you think you're going to approach a defense like that?"

Now Bundison would fall back to his hype-man background in the VFO. He was also a little confused and stubborn, thinking that it would be just like any other football league he's ever played in. Surely he'd win with his own skill. If not, the refs would rescue him like always. Bundison knew no other way.

"Cosumar? I'm not concerned, what are they like the 10th best team? I like their dragon stuff and everything", Dan said as he adjusted his sunglasses. "But we faced them in the NSCF."

"Well, you didn't face them", Chip reminded the dazed and confused QB. "Imperial Military Academy did. And that was on the collegiate level. Also, you weren't on that roster."

"Chip, you're bagging my style. I said it's in the bag, bay-bee."

"They're also 6th."

Deter jumped in. "Listen, I'll say it. Why doesn't Don Adebaygo get the start? He has more relevant experience. He can scramble and make himself a threat. What do you bring? Some say you're just the coach's ole buddy."

Bundi leaned back and took up a stern expression. He leaned forward, showing narrowed cobalt eyes. "Did I ever tell you about my four touchdowns in one game?"

"YES!" The co-hosts replied in unison.

Bundison shook, jarred by the finality of their tone. "Alright, you buzzards. Then let me tell you something else." Bundison took his most confident tone. The one he used while making predictions.

"I am a Bundison. Our line goes back to a man named Bundi in the olden days. They say he was seven feet tall. He had long, golden hair of gold and red. And he had the luck of a green horseshoe."

"But those stories have been debunked as-"

"Don't you dare blaspheme Count Bundi on national television", interrupted the QB, 4 full mangos visible in his shirt's pattern.

"He wasn't even really a Count. That's just what they called him on the farm."

"It was his land. He saw fit to declare himself a Count." Bundison took a defensive tone, almost open. Innocent. Naïve. "Frankly, I feel that was humble on his behalf."

"So if you were there running Bundisland", asked Piff, "what title would you have taken?"

"King! I guarantee 'Olde Emerott' himself would have been concerned."

Bundison was definitely coming off as eccentric at best. He finally got the chance to make the sort of claims he was used to making in the VFO on an international stage.

Chip asked the question with a sheepish, prodding look on his face. "So realistically, Dan. Realistically. How far will you take V.N.F. in it's first run?"

Bundison dramatically took off his onyx black shades. The shot switched to a close up of his freckled face, teeth bared into a gritty smile, wrinkles barely forming around the eyes. "We're going to the big dance, the last run, all the way.... Bay.. Bee."

"Stop it!" D.J. Piff called out. "I mean, I mean.. You are ridiculous." He paused, with an almost embarrassed look in his eyes. "Give us something more realistic."

"I'll say this. Don't count us out. The eyes of Old Man Bundi will shine down on the Vangazi."

Chip had begun to look worried, as if realizing THIS was the guy leading the Vangazi onto the gridiron field.

Soon after the interview, the team would draw mixed reactions. Some players said Bundison was just being confident or playing a role. Other players distanced themselves from his stance, talking about things like learning experiences, program building or even sportsmanship.

The coach was unwavering. Kenton Tillford called the show the next day for his comment on the Bundison interview. The coach laughed. "That's our guy! I'm confident in the system. He's big, he's mobile, he has an arm."

"Coach, he's only 5'10. He gets hit every time he leaves the pocket. Put in Adebaygo!"

"You see, there is something Bundison can teach him. And once I feel like that torch is passed, then we'll look at the rotation. Don't fight it. Dan Bundison is the new face of Vannish football."

The last comment was worrisome to true Vannish sports fans.

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Postby Drawkland » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:29 am


Hi guys and welcome back to your favorite blog in the multiverse, corpsguy725's blog!

I know my super loyal fanbase of about 12 people have been waiting for this for ages, but for those of you (hopefully) checking out my blog for the first time, I hope you enjoy this too. Today we're gonna be talking about World Bowl XXXIII. I know many of my fans were alarmed after the events of the World Bowl XXXII semifinal, in which I disappeared, posting nothing for months afterward. Of course I couldn't ignore my blog forever because I had to start talking about how cool it is that we qualified for the World Cup again, but still. Okay so anyway, I never did talk about the World Bowl XXXII semifinal. I promised myself I'd never do it. Because that would bring up bad memories and plus it's more important for me to talk about the Bowl at hand, so let's get to the action! haha

okay so I just spent 10 minutes staring at my screen thinking of where to start and all that could surface in my head was complete and utter unwavering hatred for Quentin Averfel. That man's a scumbag. The fact that World Bowl XXXII didn't end in us annihilating USAR until their fans cried out in utmost pain, is a complete travesty, okay? Fuck it. I'm going to have to bring out the rant you all were waiting for.

Alright so let's flash back to World Bowl XXXII, shall we? The wondrous land of Bongo Johnson awaits us. We got through the group stage only dropping one game, that one to Anthor, who we spanked on the rematch in the stage. Pridnestrovia were our first round opponents. They had a decent team but they were new and also trash so we trashed them 33-9. Like they couldn't even score a TD on us haha suckers. But then we had to face the fearful Gregoryisgodistan. They had the best record in the group stage and they've been renowned for years for their all-stopping defense. Not gonna lie, I was pretty worried. We'd lost the cycle before in the quarters to Banija (what happened to them? lol) so it wasn't far fetched or anything. But lo and behold we basically embarrassed them and probably caused a few executions because we won 0-29 which was highly impressive.

And then we saw our semifinal opponents. Greater Vakolicci Haven? This isn't our Pot 3 nation in the group stage right? hahaha this will be easy, we all thought. And then Vakolicci Haven was like SIKE you thought and decided to win. But that's what most people think. This isn't what happened. This is what really happened.

Because look. Our smallest margin of victory in the playoffs was 24. Well, up to that point. We only beat Abanhfleft by 18. We still nearly doubled their score though. This is weird, really, Abanhfleft easily crushes everybody and it should be a loss or only a close victory to us but we end up just destroying them by several scores. The time we beat them in WB XXX is the same way, we beat them 37-7. Honestly they're pretty boring games.

Oh right right anyway so here we are thinking GVH is an easy matchup. It is. We could've rolled up the score by 50 points no problem and gone on to probably beat USAR in the final maybe. But no. That didn't happen. We scored a tournament-low 12 points. 12 points?! Fucking what? You could say that Averfel, the HC, was just resting the players. Really? So why didn't he put in the second stringers then? That would've been better and I guarantee they could've still beaten those ... whatever the hell they are, I don't think they have a nickname, by 2 touchdowns. No. This entire game was a waste of everything. My god. If you actually pay attention to the game they were clearly messing around. I mean, Jack Hoy and Daniel Madison splitting snaps out of the wildcat is cool and all, but all that does is cool down Waterman so that when it's 3rd and 16 because you fucked around for 2 downs he's less likely to complete a pass to get first down yardage. It's simple math.

That was what it was like all game. Complete wastes of time. We scored only 1 touchdown, a Daniel Madison direct snap rush which broke free. Then there was that fantastic safety scored by Keegan Masters slamming through the line at the right second and tackling the GVH QB before he could even hand it off to the runner aha classic. And then we got a field goal our last drive of the 4th quarter which we thought would seal it. we THOUGHT

So then we thought it was over. We thought they'd resigned. Greater Vakolicci Haven was down 12-8 (because we allowed a 2 point conversion for no damn reason) and they were on their own goalline. They ran the ball 3 consecutive times, didn't even use their timeouts until the last second. Literally one second left, 4th and 14 on their own 4. We didn't know what was up with the timeout. They had no chance. They were outmatched. We thought. We THOUGHT. And then these disrespectful fuckers come up with the largest amount of bullshit I've ever seen in a single football play. For real. Their halfback takes the ball, basically in their end zone, and then goes up to the line of scrimmage. Another run, haha, funny. We're blitzing engage eight or something ridiculous because why not they're done anyway. Even the corners who were manning up came in for run support. Oh wait oh no it's a GODDAMN FLEA FLICKER. What sort of maniacal asshole comes up with a flea flicker on 4th and 14 with no time on the clock when you're losing, huh? The running back pitches it back to his QB and know because Jordan Max is an idiot who enjoys choking and leaving his man open because 8 people is apparently not enough for run support the receiver is wide open and the QB just launches this fly ball approximately 4 nanoseconds before Leo Cross came and smacked him down so hard he didn't get up until the play was over.

You can tell what happened. This goddamn bullshit. Their receiver, who apparently learned how to run like a 3.8 40 within the space of 2 snaps turns on the jets and streaks down the sideline. Every fan saw what was coming. Oh shit, we thought. This cannot be happening. But it was. Oh, it was. Jordan Max tried his best to fix his mistake. He turned his much more powerful jets on and chased their receiver. He was gaining on them. It'd been 0:00 on the clock for what seemed to be years. And bless his heart, Jordan Max dove to tackle the man, but he was and instant too late. His arms tripped the receiver, and the receiver just fell straight down. But his arms extended. And the ball barely poked the pylon. Touchdown GVH. The game was over, but they did have to kick the PAT. 12-14, the Corps had some hope right? Get a 2-point return to make it 14-14 and easily win in OT? We all prayed as they lined up on the 15. And our hearts jumped at the same time that Keegan Masters jumped over the line of scrimmage at just the right moment. We could see it happening! A last-minute shot at glory! The kick was blocked! ..... and right into the hands of their kicker. We were so damn close. But he just took the ball and knowingly, feebly, flopped to the ground to end the game. It was probably the worst ending I've ever seen and will be on every "football miracle play" video I ever watch on YouTube again and I'll kill myself every time.

So you may think I'm angry at Greater Vakolicci Haven. Well, yes. I'm infinitely angry at them and will not be satisfied until they are completed eliminated from this multiverse. What they did was a disgusting insult to us. But even worse lies the blame in the Grid Corps. Yes, my beloved national team is at fault here. Never have I seen such disgusting play from a team. Why would you fuck around in a World Bowl semifinal? I don't care if you're playing goddamn Kaboomlandia who couldn't win a playoff game if you kneed the ball for them every play. You gotta play your hardest. This was the most disgusting display of disgusting bullshit and I will not be satisfied until that disgusting coach Averfel either quits or proves he can do better by winning another World Bowl.

I was going to write more about the current World Bowl but I'm too pissed off. I'll be back, corpsguy725 out

Don't worry this is complete satire, I'm not actually angry at all. Good luck to everyone in this Bowl!
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Postby Tenburg » Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:13 pm

Tennish Girdiron Team Set to Make its World Bowl Debut

The 33rd World Bowl will see the addition of a new opponent: the Tenburg Volunteers. They finally qualified for international competition this year, and will be following the footsteps of their baseball counterparts, the Metros, in taking the field for their country.

The Vols will enter the World Bowl unranked, as the Mets did going into WBC 40, and coincidentally will be in the group with the #3 seed, as did their countrymen.

There are a few concerns, as the iteration of football played in Tenburg may get them in trouble in a much stricter governing body, and by the looks of things, opposing wide receivers might be faster than the Tennish corners. They've been practicing like madmen, so it's likely they'll be ready for whatever comes their way.
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Postby Free Republics » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:51 pm

Free Republics National Football Team


Base Formation: I-Formation (Offense), 3-4 (Defense)
Style Modifier: -1.5
Colors: Blue and White
Head Coach - Jak Hamilton
Offensive Coordinator - Niels Juhl
Defensive Coordinator - Canine Berggren
Special Teams Coordinator - Godemir Tomic
Assistant Offensive Coordinator - Prudencio Orosco
Assistant Defensive Coordinator - Nicanor Pirogov
Assistant Special Teams Coordinator - Martin Enersen
QB Coach - Edvin Berg
RB Coach - Pall Istvan
WR Coach - Pejo Herceg
TE Coach - Conall Black
OL Coach - Casper Eriksson
DL Coach - Riccardo Li Fonti
LB Coach - Dominic Challis
DB Coach - Luka Marjanovic
Conditioning Coach - Valdemar Thygesen
Coach - Alexandre Garceau
Coach - Vasilije Grajfoner
Coach - Lucas Bumgarner
Coach - Olli Maenpaa
Coach - Bent Klausen

Roster (age in parentheses)

Starting Offense

QB - #64 Wibe Rus (24)
HB - #90 Matthijn Admiraal (24)
FB - #1 Jacob Naylor (26)
WR - #9 Anes Kokoravec (35)
WR - #79 Roman Vesely (26)
TE - #39 Bartha Myricoorish (35)
LT - #37 Alex Bech (36)
LG - #68 Leon Collins (30)
C - #23 Vlad Maslow (35)
RG - #58 Etienne Kopinya (30)
RT - #67 Joshua Howard (24)

Starting Defensive

LE - #29 Jasper Dallachy (26)
NG - #97 Big Mo Henderson (31)
RE - #75 Scott Bruce (27)
LOLB - #14 Daniel Friedman (28)
LILB - #65 Gregorio Trevisano (38)
RILB - #49 Valentin Immonen (27)
ROLB - #82 Michel Lizotte (27)
CB - #69 Simon Gregersen (32)
CB - #74 Prewitt Ayot (39)
FS - #27 Marcus Ikonen (26)
SS - #86 Ismail Holm (38)

Extra Defensive Backs

Nickel - #16 Fedro Colombo (25)
Dime - #71 Ostap Mordvinov (30)
Extra Safety - #17 Stanislav Loncar (31)

Special Teams

K - #18 Dean Kevin (35)
P - #3 Ludvig Eide (29)
KOS - #63 Ewan Wilkinson (31)
KR - #11 Pomeroy Therriault (27)
KR - #62 Casto Armijo (37)
PR - #8 Gianleone Siciliani (33)
LS - #50 Jost Majoranc (33)
COVER - #55 Branislav Obad (33)
COVER - #51 Folke Jonsson (33)
COVER - #20 Mark Ritter (33)
COVER - #43 Roman Hernandes (38)
COVER - #78 Jens Klug (27)
COVER - #25 Sander Mogensen (33)
COVER - #92 D'Arcy Tanguay (32)
COVER - #40 Saturno Velez (35)
COVER - #70 Aron Hunter (31)
COVER - #15 Ivan Cermelj (30)

Backups and Reserves

QB - #89 Rene Duerr (31)
QB - #12 Carlo Pirozzi (33)
QB - #95 Jacob Knudsen (32)
RB - #36 Jorma Isometsa (28)
RB - #85 Gabe van Veelen (33)
RB - #28 Xhafer Jericek (36)
RB - #13 Castore Schiavone (29)
FB - #77 Klonimir Milic (34)
FB - #26 Laurentius Drok (24)
WR - #44 Fran Pavlovic (34)
WR - #88 Zak Cross (24)
WR - #61 Petr Rybar (30)
WR - #5 Carst Zoutewelle (25)
WR - #72 Prvoslav Kralj (34)
WR - #6 Lazarus Zhirov (25)
TE - #60 Carl Curtis (37)
TE - #87 Anders Brandt (29)
TE - #94 Amund Haugen (32)
OT - #98 Eliot Lafond (24)
OT - #54 Daniel Dujmovic (36)
OT - #57 Oskari Ikonen (30)
OG - #19 Victor Mortensen (34)
OG - #33 Stanislav Loncar (27)
OG - #22 Montague Dostie (35)
C - #46 Cvjetko Brajkovic (39)
C - #30 Neri Arreola (24)
DE - #24 Roberto Cosic (39)
DE - #80 Tigran Tokaryev (38)
DE - #76 Fatty Clark (35)
DT - #47 Johan Aas (35)
DT - #56 Peter Sabela (37)
DT - #41 Alcide Conti (24)
DT - #52 Rashied Haverkate (30)
DT - #2 Armen Vela Alba (31)
OLB - #84 Andreas Olsen (37)
OLB - #45 Noah Theriault (28)
OLB - #4 Eligio Mazzi (28)
OLB - #10 Joaquin Ojeda (30)
OLB - #83 Vetle Tveiten (27)
ILB - #42 Marco Finkel (32)
ILB - #73 Emile Lajeunesse (36)
CB - #93 Seth Baume (33)
CB - #35 Joseph Grimes (26)
CB - #66 Tyko Nevalainen (36)
S - #91 Tim Landreth (38)
S - #96 Christopher Barker (26)
S - #59 Jakub Horak (39)
K - #7 Kevin Antonsen (36)
P - #99 Apolinario Velasco (30)

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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1st: DBC 28, X Winter Olympics, Independents Cup 4, CoH 66, WBC 46, World Bowl XXXVIII, World Cup 85
2nd: World Cup 68, DBC 27, U15WC 8, UWCFA Gold Cup I, BoI 15, 2nd Imperial Chap Olympiad, NSCF 11
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
Current Senior Consul: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock (Golden Age)
Current Junior Consul: Samuel Izmailov (Nat-Gre)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
Stop Biden: Vote Trump!



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