Independents Cup III [Everything Thread]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Independents Cup III [Everything Thread]

Postby Kel Assuk » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:56 pm


Welcome to the third Independents Cup, hosted in the Disunited Kingdom of Spaam and the Amalen Confederal Republic of Kel Assuk! This thread is for rosters, roleplay, scores and host announcements. All OOC posts should go here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=419970

Pot 1
Schottia (1)
Bonesea (8)
Flardania (19)
Abanhfleft (27)
Drawkland (28)
Mercedini (44)
Spaam (hosts) (35)
Kel Assuk (hosts) (64)

Pot 2
Kalumba (46)
Tinhampton (48)
United States of Devonta (59)
Aggrey-Fynn Land (65)
HUElavia (67)
Alpine Union (80)
Savalen (81)
Scottopian Isles (83)

Pot 3
Cosneolta (100)
San Regada (103)
Kecrazia (105)
New Danican (108)
Makongo (149)
Britonisea (201)
New Scaiva and Horshenwurst (UR)
Rhineland Sued (UR)

Pot 4
Bojikstan (UR)
Mampris (UR)
Margonda (UR)
Omerica (UR)
Petroslovenia (UR)
Space (UR)
the Selkie (UR)
The Warbler (UR)

Excel's RNG function was used to select which UR nations would be placed in Pot 3.

Group A - Marandet, Kel Assuk
Kel Assuk (hosts) (64)
HUElavia (67)
Britonisea (201)
Petroslovenia (UR)

Group B - Araouane, Kel Assuk
Drawkland (28)
Kalumba (46)
Kecrazia (105)
Bojikstan (UR)

Group C - Abalessa, Kel Assuk
Bonesea (8)
Alpine Union (80)
Rhineland Sued (UR)
The Warbler (UR)

Group D - Adel Bagrou, Kel Assuk
Mercedini (44)
United States of Devonta (59)
New Scaiva and Horshenwurst (UR)
Mampris (UR)

Group E - Paatukar, Spaam
Spaam (hosts) (35)
Scottopian Isles (83)
Makongo (149)
Margonda (UR)

Group F - Taabeka, Spaam
Abanhfleft (27)
Aggrey-Fynn Land (65)
San Regada (103)
the Selkie (UR)

Group G - Skaganes, Spaam
Flardania (19)
Tinhampton (48)
Cosneolta (100)
Omerica (UR)

Group H - Nilmenas, Spaam
Schottia (1)
Savalen (81)
New Danican (108)
Space (UR)

Groups A-D will be located in Kel Assuk and scored by Spaam. Groups E-H will be located in Spaam and scored by Kel Assuk.

The Independents Cup, like previous iterations, will be a single round-robin tournament, with the top two teams in each group progressing into the knockout finals. The 8 groups will be split between Spaam and Kel Assuk, with the winners of each half facing each other in the Grand Final in Spaam and the runner-ups playing in the 3rd Place Match in Kel Assuk.

Tie-breakers in the group stage will be Points, Goal Difference, Head-To-Head, Goals Scored, Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Effigy-Of-Lord-Gregory competition between the team captains (RP bonus).

Xkoranate, SQIS formula, Additive styles. RP bonus will be generous and cumulative.

Here's a gentle reminder that KPB points will not come into effect until a roster is posted.

Wednesday, August 9: Group Stage Day 1 (1v4, 2v3)
Friday, August 11: Group Stage Day 2 (4v3, 1v2)
Sunday, August 13: Group Stage Day 3 (2v4, 1v3)
Tuesday, August 15: Round of 16 (A1 vs B2, C1 vs D2, B1 vs A2, D1 vs C2, E1 vs F2, G1 vs H2, F1 vs E2, H1 vs G2)
Thursday, August 17: Quarterfinals (R1 vs R2, R3 vs R4, R5 vs R6, R7 vs R8)
Saturday, August 19: Semifinals (Q1 vs Q2, Q3 vs Q4)
Monday, August 21: Third Place Match and Grand Final

Cutoffs will be 2000 UTC for matches in Kel Assuk and 2200 UTC for matches in Spaam.
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Postby Kel Assuk » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:57 pm

The Amalen Confederal Republic of Kel Assuk

Kel Assuk (Amasheq: ⴽⴻⵍ ⴰⵙⵙⵓⴽ, Kel Assuk), officially the Amalen Republic of Kel Assuk (Amasheq: ⴰⵎⴰⵍⴻⵏ ⴰ ⵉⴽⴰⵍⴻⵏ ⴱⵉⵏⵏⵓ ⴽⴻⵍ ⴰⵙⵙⵓⴽ, Amalen a Ikalen Binnu Kel Assuk), is a country located in the region of Tyran on the southern continent of Siduri. It borders Tharsatica to the north, Arkoenn to the east, Mansuriyyah to the south, and terra nullius to the northeast and west. With a population of around 5.1 million and an area of a little under 641,000 square kilometers, Kel Assuk is one of the least-populated nations in Tyran; it also has the lowest population density within the region. The country is mainly comprised of the Ejef Desert, with most of the main population centers, including the capital and largest city, Marandet, as well as the three other major cities Araouane, Adel Bagrou, and Abalessa, located near oases that dot the terrain, and is bounded to the east by the Tekawelt Mountains.

Originally, the area was occupied by the Ejefian culture, whose artifacts have been found in the highlands near the Tekawelt mountains. By the Numerous Amalen tribal empires have occupied the area, all concerned with controlling the main north-south trade route from the interior up to the Sundering Sea. The first and most prominent was the Takrit Empire, founded by the legendary Amalen queen Tin Hinan, who is treated as the ancestor of the Amalen people, in around 500 CE. The empire successfully fended off an invasion by the First Arkonite Empire in around 650 CE, around the time traders from present-day Mansuriyyah introduced Islam to the area. In 994 CE, the Takrit Empire collapsed, replaced by the Ekursi Empire, which in turn collapsed in 1423 CE. It was in turn replaced by the Zengaway Empire, which fell to the rising Islamic emirate of Al-Jouf, based in what is today Mansuriyyah in 1647 CE.

As the Al-Jouf emirate began its territorial contraction in the early 1800s, the empire of Shalum swooped in to seize a tactical advantage against its longtime rival Ossoria in 1814, as well as keep an eye on events going on in Arkoenn. The two major powers fought the 32nd installment of the Ossor-Shalumite Wars in Kel Assuk from 1833 to 1841, with Ossoria wanting to prevent Shalum from gaining a larger strategic foothold in Siduri. The desert area played an important role in the Great Tyranian War, as Arkoenn wished to conquer the area's large oil reserves. Shalum granted the area, then a poor desert backwater, its independence after the war's conclusion in 1945. In 1961, the creation of the Shalumite-Kel Assuk Petroleum Company (now Petrokel) to develop the country's oil reserves and the first export of oil led to a boom in the nation's economy, but after the major oilfield in the country's west ran dry in 1977 and poor management of the country's oil wealth, Kel Assuk experienced a 7-year-long recession. The discovery of more oil in the nation in 1982 and the contemporaneous rise in worldwide oil prices reinvigorated the economy.

Today, Kel Assuk enjoys a thriving oil sector and one of the highest per-capita incomes in the region, which allows the nation to provide a large amount of social services, including free healthcare and free primary, secondary, and postsecondary education granted to all citizens. However, Kel Assuk does not entirely rely on its oil sectors, and it has begun to diversify its economy, with tourism, renewable energy, and manufacturing assuming an increasing portion of the nation's economy. The nation's capital Marandet, due to its geographic location, has increasingly marketed itself as a transportation hub for the continent.

Kel Assuk is governed as a federation of the three major Amalen tribal confederacies in the area, the Kel Dinnig, Kel Ataram, and Kel Ammas. The head of state, Igider III, is styled as the Tas-Amenokal (Grand Chief), with legislative power vested in a bicameral legislature, with representation from both the people and the traditional chiefs which represent various tribes and clans. Culturally, Kel Assuk has influences from both its Amalen tribal heritage and Muslim practices that have been incorporated into its cultural practices.


Marandet is the capital and largest city of Kel Assuk, even when considered without its "twin" city, Araouane, and is truly a primate city for the country; it has almost 600,000 people, while Abalessa, its nearest competitor, has only around 150,000. With its shining new skyscrapers and extravagant water features, Marandet has been known as the "Dubai of Tyran" ever since the oil boom really hit Kel Assuk in the 1980s. Once a sleepy backwater town, the oil boom transformed Marandet, on the east side of a small wadi running through the center of Kel Assuk. Its geographical location made it a perfect place to host Kel Assuk's national capital, since nobody could accuse the central government of favoritism towards any particular Amalen clan. To the west of the wadi, Araouane is the medina, or old town, of the complex, featuring architecture dating back to some of the first Amalen kingdoms that once dominated the trans-Ejefian trade. The town is home to a large bazaar centered around an ancient mud brick mosque, and the medina features windy, narrow streets that were built by Mansuriyyan merchants.

Marandet city is home to the Marandet International Airport, increasingly a hub for travel in western Siduri and the main point of entry for the country, as well as an interesting museum of Amalen history and culture; there are several other newish museums in the city, built by rich locals and the government in their attempts to prove that Kel Assuk has some cultural merit, a quest rooted in foreign powers' longstanding belief that the country was a backwater, both economically and culturally.

The Queen Dihya Sports Complex was only built recently, when popularity of football in Kel Assuk took off, and as such is the most modern sports facility within the nation. It contains the National Stadium, which is the home of Kel Assuk's national team, practice fields, and facilities for other sports such as squash and tennis. The Iken II Stadium Araouane, named after one of the Tas-Amenokals of Kel Assuk, is also fairly new, but seats less fans in the hot desert sun.

National Stadium - Queen Dihya Sports Complex (60,000)

Iken II Stadium Araouane (40,000)

Abalessa is an oasis town located on what was once the old trans-Ejefian trading route and now the main north-south highway through Kel Assuk. Caravans of camels still ply the sands, however, and you can always find nomadic Amalen and their beasts drinking, trading goods, and swapping stories at the main oasis part of the town. The main attraction in the area is the Tomb of Tin Hinan, a monumental sepulcher built to honor the first queen (and supposed ancestor) of the Amalen, who supposedly founded the Takrit Empire. The queen's tomb is a central part of the town's identity, as Amalen from all over the country travel to see the tomb. It is increasingly becoming somewhat of a tourist attraction, although Kel Assuk really isn't on that map.

The Abalessa-Tin Hinan Stadium is old and dusty, and rarely features more than 500 attendees at any given point, although the government claims that its capacity is 25,000. In actuality, with the decrepitude of the stadium, it would be lucky to seat 10,000 on a good day.

Abalessa-Tin Hinan Stadium (25,000)

Adel Bagrou
Why a town of no more than 50,000 needed a stadium with a capacity of 20,000 people is unknown, but the Kel Assuk government built one anyway on the hopes that the nomadic Amalen people, who routinely move from oasis to oasis, would flock to the stadium for festivals, football matches, track meets, other sporting events, and tournaments like this one. So far, the interest has failed to materialize, and the stadium is widely regarded as a white elephant in the region. The town itself really has nothing to note besides a tiny museum with some dusty artifacts near the center of town; like Abalessa, the town is located near an oasis and is a meeting point for the local Amalen clans.

Adel Bagrou Stadium (20,000)
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Spaam Information

Postby Spaam » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:09 pm

Capital: 	Paatukar
Currency: Laari
Climate: Dry Temperate
Language: Common (official), Spaamanian (elven)
Religion: Margaretism (89%), Atheist (10%), Other (1%)

The Disunited Kingdom of Spaam is a small nation situated in the Millenium Isles of Wysteria. Almost 14 million people are spread over three islands, with the vast majority living on the mainland. The capital is Paatukar which sits at the base of the Bay of Paatukar, with over 4.5 million calling the city home. The next largest city is Skaganes, with a population of almost 2 million, on the Western tip of the mainland, at the opening of two large channels. The two cities are separated by a large mountain range in the Western centre, which is the source of the River Vitron that flows all the way to Paatukar. The third largest city is the elven city of Nilmenas in West Spaam, followed by Taabeka in the North of the nation in the Bay of Paatukar.


Spaam is a very religious and strict monarchy, but the population enjoy a cheerful and carefree life, and are passionate about their sports, especially football. The mining industry is one of the largest per capita in the multiverse, and it drives the thriving economy that sees very low levels of poverty. Spaam is mostly made up of human, elven and half-elves, who stick close to the fifteen urban centres, with only very small towns dotting the areas in between. Paatukar, and to a lesser extent Skaganes, is a very multicultural city, but outside this, the populations are largely homogenous. West Spaam is mostly elven and half-elven, with a small refugee population from San Juan Guayabal, while Middle Spaam is almost wholly human.

Spaam was once a vast empire with tens of billions of people, but it was almost totally annihilated in a long and destructive war almost two hundred years ago. A century ago, the various refugees that didn’t assimilate into other cultures made their way into Wysteria, where they eventually re-founded Spaam as a monarchy. While it is now a fraction of a percent of its former size, they are still fiercely patriotic and protective of their past, while careful not to display the arrogant pride that led to their destruction.

While Spaamanians have various interests and play many different sports, they are all united in their love of football. Each urban centre has at least one team that plays in either the National League or Second Division, and while most champions have come from Paatukar, Nilmenas City has had a lot of recent success. Almost three hundred years ago, Spaam was one of the top football teams in the world, and has made the World Cup final twice. This history has made the Orange and Black yearn for their past success, and their surprise qualifications in the past two cups have filled them with confidence.


Unless you are coming from within Wysteria, most visitors will start their Spaamanian journey in the capital, Paatukar. This is a bustling multicultural metropolis, with a focus on trade, a passion for sport and a love of food. There are many hotels to stay in, and countless places to eat, with cuisine from all over Spaam and the multiverse. The night markets are very popular with both natives and tourists, and are a must-visit, even just to eat.

The North of the city is built up around the Harbour (on the East side) and the Port (on the West side), with opulent houses situated on the hills overlooking the harbour. The River Vitron runs through the centre of the city, splitting it into two, with canals forming a major trade and traffic route. The West side is less well-off, notable for its industrial and denser residential areas. The East contains the business district, the Royal Palace, the Parliament, and, most importantly, Paatukar Football Stadium. Sitting on a large park, the home of Paatukar City has been the host of many international football games.

Paatukar National Stadium (120 000)

Matches: Group A matches, Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group B, R1 v R3 Quarterfinal, Spaamanian Semifinal, Grand Final


From Paatukar, you can take the ferry through the Bay of Paatukar along the coast to Taabeka. Taabeka is the fourth-largest city in Spaam, and is a massive industrial hub, with mines to the South-West, farms to the West, and the largest port in Spaam. The population of just over a million are known for being hard-working and blunt, unafraid to let you know how they feel about pretty much anything. However, underneath the tough exterior, they will welcome any tourist as if they were family, and will not hesitate to help if you need anything. This is the first international tournament Taabeka has hosted, so the atmosphere will be electric.

Taabeka Arena (60 000)

Matches: Group B matches, Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group A


Skaganes in the second biggest city in Spaam, lying on the Western tip of the mainland, at the opening of two large channels. Lake Galaxy lies to the East, so it almost feels as though the city is an island to itself. To get from Paatukar to Skaganes, you can fly straight there, take the bus South to Kurelin then the ferry which stops at a number of cities in Middle Spaam, or follow the River Vitron up to the Vilsalu in the mountains, then back down past the lake. However you decide to get there, you arguably experience more authentic Spaamanian culture here than anywhere else in the nation.

Skaganes is a true melting-pot of cultures, best reflecting the make-up of the nation as a whole more than the capital. Mostly human and following Margaretism, you will still see the industrial nationalists to the South, religious academics to the North, and elves and magic-users to the East. As different as the almost two million people are, they are still united in one thing: sport. Or more accurately their sporting rivalry with Paatukar. Be prepared for that to be a common topic of conversation as you eat in one of the many community food halls.

Skaganes Stadium (84 000)

Matches: Group C matches, Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group D, R2 v R4 Quarterfinal.


The capital of West Spaam, Nilmenas is a beautiful metropolis catering for elves, half-elves and refugees from other lands. A magical city (literally), the architecture is known for its affinity with nature, preferring to build around trees than cut them down. A friendly people, they will welcome you with open arms, though anyone without elven heritage may find them a bit opaque. The easiest way to get to there is to fly straight from Paatukar, though if you can get to Skaganes, you may also take the ferry to Aanahona then a bus down to Nilmenas. Be prepared to see literal magic, unique creatures, and interesting cuisine served in one of the many inns and family dining houses throughout the city. If you want an authentic experience, stay in a tree-house in the far East of the city on the edge of the forest.

Nilmenas Football Stadium (35 000)

Matches: Group D matches, Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group C.
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Postby Kel Assuk » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:16 pm

National Team Selection for the 3rd Independents Cup

The Amalen, the proud people inhabiting Kel Assuk, have a long history of competition through sport, including several native forms of wrestling, camel racing, and spear-throwing. But the Amalen have only been introduced to football fairly recently, with the 1970s and a wave of internationalization spreading through the land, and the sport has not been popular in the nation, due to the nomadic nature of the Amalen's traditional lifestyle being unable to sustain much participation in the sport, but in 2008, a fledgling league began to take off, with 6 sides from the nation's three cities, and the sport began to grow in popularity.


MANAGER: Image Eric Desmond Desmond is a bit of a wild card manager. Young (for a manager) and ambitious, he stuck with Kings Park of Schottia for several seasons and did well with them, but a poor start last year sealed his fate and he was let go by the club. Although his lack of experience compared to other managers may be his downfall, he is flexible and adaptable; the KABS considered him the perfect candidate to manage their fledgling, underdog side.

ASSISTANT MANAGER: Image Amezwar Sellami, 38 Sellami is raw and inexperienced but energetic and eager. Currently a manager with the nation's best side, Axxuten Adel Bagrou, the KABS has appointed Sellami as an understudy and assistant manager to provide the young manager with an opportunity to study from a more experienced hand as well as an ability to give manager Desmond a perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of his players.


Starting XI
1. GK Aksil Saidi-Sief, 21 | Image Northampton
A close second to Karim Khattabi, Saidi-Sief has strong reflexes and a good court coverage; only problem, he's not Khattabi, and as such, was relegated to second-string goalkeeper for Kel Assuk's first two international tournaments. With Khattabi's poorer performance in Spaam, and his improvement with Northampton, as well as that team's good performance in the Terranean League, have convinced Eric Desmond to promote Saidi-Sief to first string goalkeeper ahead of Khattabi.

2. RB Usem Ouyahia, 28 | Image Tamadalt IT
One of the more experienced backs in Kel Assuk, Ouyahia, left-footed, is the clear choice for right back, having been playing in the league on an amateur basis since it was founded 11 years ago. He enjoys the game, and he's motivated to work hard, too.

3. CB Ziri Neqrouz, 23 | Image FC Marandet
Neqrouz complements his partner Othmani in a couple of ways; he's left footed while Othmani is right footed and a more defensive focus as opposed to a more offensive focus; Neqrouz is quite speedy as well. This means that the centre-back pairing of the two is quite effective, as it allows the team to be more flexible when defending to achieve their aims better.

4. CB Amanar Othmani, 22 | Image Amalen Ijida
Othmani, while complementing his partner Neqrouz, also maintains excellent passing accuracy and a good rapport with the midfield, so he can move the ball up the field if it's necessary, and he's very good at keeping an eye on the field and figuring out what's going on so he can position himself in the best place. Most importantly, he has a strong relationship with his partner Neqrouz, and they help complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.

5. LB Massin Azergui, 25 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa
Azergui, as a left back, has the tendency to move up to support the midfield, particularly Ait Ahmed, who plays right footed on the left like himself; nevertheless, he has proven himself to be pretty adept at the man-to-man defense proposed by manager Desmond, and his stamina allows him to make both offensive and defensive moves, giving him a modicum of versatility.

6. DM Anaruz M'Hidi, 29 | Image Armed Forces FC
M'Hidi, a former Army colonel, has the attitude, and presence, of an army veteran; of the national team, he has the highest stamina and physical fitness. That's why he's a good fit for the defensive midfield position, which requires him to move quite a bit around the pitch, holding up the midfield from any stray attacking runs.

7. CM Mohammed Hasnaoui, 26 | Image Armed Forces FC
Hasnaoui is a credible backup to Ait Ahmed, but his partnership with M'Hidi at Armed Forces has really blossomed; when he's not heading into the attack as a semi-playmaker, most often acting to get the ball to Ait Ahmed or Khalej, he's working to patrol the defense with M'Hidi, giving the defensive lineup a bit more bulk.

8. CM Seyni Ait Ahmed (C), 27 | Image Burnton 1963
Ait Ahmed is the key to the entire strategy of the national team; he is the center distributor and playmaker of the team, and he holds the team together in the midfield. He has a natural talent; on the mental side, some steely composure and a good wit, as well as a good story or two for when the team is traveling or in downtime.

9. AM Saden Khalej, 19 | Image Longtails
Khalej is a hot prospect, recognized by all who know him as a potential superstar. The only problem is, Kel Assuk is probably not the best place for him to develop as a player. He has typical characteristics of a star attacking midfielder: good passing, dribbling, and shooting all around, except that he needs a lot of development. To that end, he moved to the Cenian side Longtails, which he could hope to facilitate some improvement.

10. RW Ashur Ben Hassi, 20 | Image 1860 Azoth
Ashur Ben Hassi recently moved to 1860 Azoth, and that club has really sharpened his attacking skills; those skills showed during the 3rd-place campaign in the recent Baptism of Fire, as manager Desmond has increasingly relied on Ben Hassi to finish off balls. He really does have the skills to finish off balls, especially on set pieces such as corner kicks and off passes into the penalty area. With these improved skills, Desmond has promoted Ben Hassi to starter in order to help the team's attacking potential.

11. LW Isula Azellay, 19 | Image Northampton
Azellay's move to Northampton has helped to improve his attacking skills, and especially his drive up the wings to get balls to his strike partner Ben Hassi. This partnership has been extremely effective in the Baptism of Fire, as Azellay has been able to hit over 90% of his passes to Ben Hassi from a good position on the wings, creating opportunities to allow Ben Hassi to finish off things. He's also worked well with Saden Khalej, and this young attacking trio has proven very capable of getting balls into the goal.

Substitutes & Reserves
12. GK Karim Khattabi, 31 | Image Axxuten Adel Bagrou
Khattabi is solid, if not spectacular, as a goalkeeper, reliable and consistent. However, his reflexes aren't what they used to be, and they were never like those of August Ozuna or Eliot Horn to begin with.
13. RB Anir Selmi, 25 | Image Amalen Ijida
14. CB Talharqa Zbiri, 29 | Image Armed Forces FC
15. CB Igider Bahari, 31 | Image Amalen Ijida
16. RB Marin Adhoui, 30 | Image FC Marandet
17. DM Anaruz Taher, 26 | Image Armed Forces FC
18. CM Mahmoud Salek, 24 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa
19. CM Badis Al-Ouaer, 22 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa
20. AM Ali Bakoura, 23 | Image Tamadalt IT
21. ST Tariq Arazi, 22 | Image Tamadalt IT
Arazi's best aspects are his longer-distance shots and his passing; that makes him the better of Kel Assuk's two strikers, and often the initiator of 1-2 moves with his strike partner Feraoun. His stamina is also pretty good, which allows him to go through defenses and create openings for Feraoun and Khalej to get in and score.
22. ST Omar Feraoun, 23 | Image FC Marandet
Feraoun has a play-finishing instinct, an ability to be in the right place at the right time to just get the ball in the goal. He's an effective punch in the 1-2 play or the 3-man play, with Arazi, Khalej, or Ait Ahmed as the play starters; however, his passing and dribbling could be improved for a more effective striker.
23. GK Menna Trabelsi, 28 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa


Style: +2.5
Formation: 4-3-1-2


Generally, Kel Assuk plays with a slightly attacking formation, with Ait Ahmed and Khalej being the main conduits and attackers for the attacking drives, while Ben Hassi and Azellay often help to finish off the ball into the net with their one-two strike partnership, often from the wings. Defensively, the team tends to play man-to-man defense to help lock down on defensive errors.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod Scoring Events: YES, as long as it could plausibly happen IRL.
RP injuries to my players: YES, limit 1 injury per game; no career-ending injuries or deaths.
Godmod injuries to my players: YES, as long as it could plausibly happen IRL.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: YES, limit 3 per game.
Hand out Red cards to my players: YES, limit 1 per game.
Godmod Other Events: You must TG me and receive my permission in advance.
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Postby Spaam » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:26 pm


Seven years ago, the small nation of Spaam returned to the world stage, attempting to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in almost two centuries. An unranked nation, they became the biggest underdog story of recent years, not only qualifying, but doing it twice in a row. Now they are preparing to host the prestigious Independent's Cup, and hoping a home ground advantage will take them one step further than last time, when they were knocked out by Schottia.



Hewelan Faaberos (57) [North Paatukar]
Hewelan is widely regarded as the best coach in Spaam and has earned accolades through the multiverse thanks to his leading the national team to back-to-back World Cup qualification for the first time in almost 200 years. He has been coach of Paatukar Harbour for almost 20 years, one of the top teams in National League history, and has led them to five titles and seven second-places. Hewelan's style is defensive strength through the midfield, while letting his star forwards latitude to shine, and he works closely with his Paatukar Harbour goalkeeper Oridul Inasys.

4. Alan Belmore (unknown)
Alan Belmore was one of the best players in the multiverse centuries ago, playing for The Belmore Family, Spaam, and possible others. Due to dramas a few years ago, he has returned to do the one thing he has never accomplished: win a World Cup. He will be using his vast experience on the left wing to either ensure that Sehelin or himself scores.

7. Merlara Sehelin (24) [Nilmenas City]
Spaam's leading goal scorer, at both the national and international levels, she is a descendant of ancient Spaamanian great Mela Sehelin. Through her natural skills and leadership, she has led her team Nilmenas City to two National League titles, the first time it has left the mainland. She is just a likely to pass the ball as to shoot for goal, but she is a master of placement, getting herself into the perfect position to score more often than not. As she has mostly Elven heritage, she will likely be in the team for a long time to come.

8. Kian Rose (28) [Highbay City]
Middle Spaam's top player, Kian plays second fiddle to Merlara but is widely regarded as the best assist in the nation. He tends to play on the right wing, and has a fantastic cross, especially on set plays.

13. Rogdorr Kelphine (22) [West Taabeka]
Rogdorr is a talented striker who has graduated from the U21 team and understudies for Kian.

17. Milsula Shagwyn (19) [Paatukar United]
Milsula is a junior player, and is learning her craft from Alan Belmore, whom she will stand in for Sehelin is injured.

2. Thalia Fenzana {Captain} (38) [Paatukar Elven]
Captain Thalia is one of the veterans of the sport, and is widely regarded by the Elven constituents of the team. She controls the forward line, moving her troops into position in attack and is the front line of defense. A strong player, she is not afraid to put her body on the line.

15 & 16. Briddara & Gibelar Ralora (28) [Paatukar City]
Midfield twins Briddara and Gibelar are the centre of the team, controlling the left and right wings respectively. They are fast, strong and totally in-sync, and are the most repsonsible for moving the ball from one side of the field to the other. Briddara is slightly faster and is better at moving the ball down the field, while her brother Gibelar is stronger and will stop the ball coming down his side.

11. Dorrak Vallen (25) [Kurelin City]
Dorrak is a strong midfielder who is not afraid to go for the tackle or bump his opponents out of the way. He has become the regular back midfield player after the retirement of Sebastián Núñez.

12. Takilia Mialee (23) [Port Paatukar]
Takilia is a bench player who is eager for any game time, and will be the first choice if there are any injuries. She is lightning fast and plays down the centre back or right wing, putting her body in line wherever she can.

18. Trisrym Payarus (19) [Paatukar Harbour]
Trisrym is a current U21 player, who has earned the favour of his national and club coach Faaberos. He is strong and intuitive, and will fill in on the left wing if needed.

19. Liltora Sehelin (19) [Nilmenas City]
The little sister of Merlara and another U21 player, she has finally made it to the national side. She is a forward midfield player, being tutored by Fenzana, and like her sister has uncanny positioning intuition.

3. Norsianna Ilirith {Vice-Captain} (29) [Lake Galaxy]
With many defenders playing their last World Cup, Norsianna has been named vice-captain as Spaam transitions to a younger defensive line. She plays in the centre-back position, organising the defensive line.

3. Rawesin Holamora (32) [Vilsalu]
Rawesin is a great utility defender, able to play in any position. Coming from the Nebula Mountains, there are rumours he is part Wizard. With the back line suffering from inexperience, he has become a tutor for the younger players.

14. Galan Romenor (24) [Nilmenas City]
Galan is Nilmenas City's best performing defender, and is another utility, playing wherever he is needed. He is tireless at chasing the forwards, and has a second nature intercept, stopping crosses before they meet their mark.

15. Avelaama Orisys (23) [Paatukar United]
Avelaama is one of the next generation of defenders for Spaam, earning her stripes in the U21 team. She is best placed on the right-wing, and is almost impossible to dribble around.

16. Crisron Liazana (21) [Paatukar City]
The youngest back-line player, he has played with Briddara Ralora for the past few years, teaming up with her well on attack. He is a talented left back, quickly pushing up if he gets the ball away from an opposing forward.


10. Oridul Inasys (31) [Paatukar Harbour]
Arguably the best keeper in Spaam, he has done his nation proud through his quick reflexes. Coming up against some of the best strikers in the world, they will need to put the ball out of his reach if they are to score against them.

1. Eletha Gilhana (44) [Nilmenas Elven]
Eletha is the oldest member of the team, and the most experienced, having represented her club since before Merlara Sehelin was born. The mother of the team, she keeps them together, but it also a very canny keeper who seems to almost read minds.]


Style: -1
Permissions: Yes, if reciprocated.
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Postby Tinhampton » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:53 pm

Tinhampton National Team - The Miners - Official Lineup
Note: The following national team, mainly comprised of Tinhampton City FC reserves, fans and staff, is now the official national team of Tinhampton. New reserves are being found as we speak. Same old, same old...

1 -- Josh Smith (TCFC reserve)
12 -- Euan Terry (lucky fan)
23 -- Amanda Steer (TCFC dinnerlady)

2 -- William Potter (TCFC reserve)
3 -- Simon Phillips (lucky fan, former AM between 2007-2015)
4 -- Andy Daniels (TCFC janitor)
5 -- Peter Wright (lucky fan)
13 -- Harry Porter (TCFC reserve)
14 -- Liam Rhodes (lucky fan, despite losing half his money on gambling in the past 6 months)
15 -- Jamie Valley (lucky fan)
16 -- Prof. Owen Turner (maths professor at Tinhampton University that we called up after our previous lucky fan was killed by a jealous neighbour)

6 -- Michael Young (TCFC reserve)
7 -- Ian Jones (TCFC accountant (until they can find a new one); player-manager here to stay)
8 -- James Wright (lucky fan; no relation to Peter)
9 -- Samantha Jackson (former TCFC surgeon)
17 -- Mohamed al-Khazr (lucky fan)
18 -- Fred Ball (TCFC reserve)
19 -- Steve Cameron (lucky fan; coincidentally, had retired from TCFC in July 2016)

10 -- Priscilla Evans (lucky fan)
11 -- Ian Graham (TCFC reserve)
20 -- Simon Wood (TCFC U10s coach, until he got a call-up)
21 -- Reece Ford (lucky fan)
22 -- Ben Williamson (TCFC reserve; in the game for good)

Style Modifier: -3
Trigram: TIN
Travelling Supporters: about 30-ish
Roleplay Permissions Thingy:
This is a list of stuff you must not do:
  • Injure my players (or give them food poisoning, or stop them from playing, etc.)
  • Red-card more than one player (who is not the goalkeeper) in every game. If I have already RPed a Tinhamptonian getting dismissed, you may only add a second one with my TGed consent.
  • Replace my squad wholesale (or near enough to wholesale, the definition of which I shall define).
Otherwise, it is open season.
The Self-Administrative City of TINHAMPTON (pop. 319,372): Saffron Howard, Mayor (UCP); Alexander Smith, WA Delegate-Ambassador

Authorships & co-authorships: SC#250, SC#251, Issue #1115, SC#267, GA#484, GA#491, GA#533, GA#540, GA#549, SC#356, GA#559, GA#562, GA#567, GA#578, SC#374, GA#582, SC#375, GA#589, GA#590, SC#382, SC#385*, GA#597, GA#607
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Postby Space » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:18 pm


GK: The Keeper of the Milky Way
D: The Defender of Orion's Belt
D: The Defender of Outpost Beta
D: The Defender of Mars
D: The Defender of Alpha Centauri

M: The Protector of Polaris
M: The Guardian of Ursa Minor
M: The Transporter of Pluto
M: The Big Bang of Boötes

F: The Explosion of the Pinwheel Galaxy
F: Saturnia

The Academy of Space is home to a fully enclosed, gravity containing event facility known as the "Extraterrestrial Dome of Sport". The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome rotates with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astronomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control. The Dome of Sport also serves as the official training facility for Team Space in preparation for international competition and away games.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
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New Danican
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Postby New Danican » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:15 am

New Danican Roster
Team Name: Lions
Formation: 4-2-1-3
Style Mod: +1
#      Name               pos.                     Club

1. Daniel Ingram GK Grand Danican Lions

4. Preston Caldwell GK Grand Danican Lions

#         Name                pos.            Club

2. Chance Morris(C)(PK) CF Grand Danican Lions

26. Stuart Vann CF North Carolina Jackals
3. Astor Quickly CF South Carolina Leopards

12. Grayson Barnes(LFK) LW New York Bears

10. Ilene Derrick LW New Jersey Rockets
8. Shannah Goffe LW Tampa Bay Stingrays

7. Bart Sherburne(RFK) RW New York Bears

18. Libby Paul RW Pittsburgh Piranhas
6. Brianne Power RW Indiana Psychos

#         Name                pos.            Club

20. Baldwin Conner(DFK) AMC Tampa Bay Stingrays

26. Toby White AMC New Jersey Rockets
42. Kaylee Mills AMC Pittsburgh Piranhas

8. Placid McGee DMC Virgina Dogs
5. Gabriel Day DMC Grand Danican lions

11. Wesley Robert DMC Delaware Colonials
13. Lilly Sackville DMC Indiana Psycos

#         Name                pos.            Club

38. Jocelyn Garret LD Grand Danican Lions

14. Conner Linton LD Delaware Colonials
15. Winona Arnold LD Pittsburgh Piranhas

59. Scotty Moss DC Indiana Psychos
16. Aston Morris DC Grand Danican Lions

78. Murray Stokes DC Pittsburgh Pirahanas
17. Cash Booth DC New Jersey Rockets

9. Vaughn Jephson RD New York Bears

31. Madeline Mann RD Indiana Psychos
19. Patti Hooker RD Delaware Colonials

PK- Penalty Kick
DFK- Deep Free Kick
LFK- Left Free Kick
RFK- Right Free Kick
Manger: Phil Johnson(52)
Domestic League record: 256-35-21
International Record: 0-2-1.
Phil Johnson is probably the best manager in New Danican today, and maybe all-time. He was won 10 domestic championships during his time as manager of the Grand Danican Lions, and is generally acknowledged as a strategic master.

Assistant Manager: Mark William(42)
Mark Williams will be assisting Johnson for this tournament. He is usually in charge of practices, and served as Johnson's assistant for the BoF, WC, and CoH and knows the style Johnson likes to see in his team.

Doctor: Fred Stevenson, M.D(29)
Trainer: Susan Cadence(25)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y*
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
*- No killing, and I determine length of time out for.
New Danican Embassy Program
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Don't use NS Stats.
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Postby Cosneolta » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:18 am

Cosneoltan National Football Team
courtesy of Meski

Manager: Aartus Levadia
Formation: 4-3-3
GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Leonas Ozolinsh 26 Image Plympton Town
GK Andris Astrauskas 31 Image Dynum City Wanderers
GK Kalev Simoneit 20 Image Stade-National
LB Alfredas Valdis 23 Image Brampton United
LB Artur Simonis 25 Image Elspachia
CB Paulius Takala 28 Image Dynum City Wanderers
CB Dawid Maslanka 26 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
CB Walerian Rudaski 30 Image Dynum City Wanderers
RB Juuso Jagoda 20 Image Orga City
RB Anton Dujaski 17 Image Plympton Town

CM Metodi Kijek 27 Image Zholvi Athletic
CM Juri Kozlow 24 Image Alice Madness
CM Jyrki Zima 32 Image Dynum City Wanderers
CM Saulius Laukkanen 22 Image Mercedini Armed Forces FC
CM Blazej Wojewodski 29 Image Elspachia
CM Erik Malinowski 19 Image Carvi Albion

ST Seppo Korhonen 20 Image Stilwater City
ST Nooa Simonis 30 Image Dynum City Wanderers
ST Dominik Bartosz 25 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik
ST Danil Kowalczyk 23 Image Diamondqueen
ST Remigiusz Jokinen 22 Image Zholvi Athletic

Cosneolta will be experiencing their first Independent's Cup in a couple of days time as they travel to Skaganes, Spaam for the group stages. In their debut, they will have to get past Flardania who finished in 4th place in the last edition of this tournament, Tinhampton who will be sending their reserve team to the tournament after their main team made a big splash on the international stage and finally Omerica who will be the only unranked team in the group and a team which may seem like an easy three points on paper.

Cosneolta are a small island nation of 400,000 people and is a friendly nation which is always welcoming to tourists as any contribution to their economy and quality of life is greatly appreciated by the locals. Cosneolta is classed as a tax haven with many banks and financial institutions operating in the nation, including many Mercedinian businesses, which means Mercedini has plenty of influence over this small nation. Many Cosneoltans have moved to Mercedini due to a free-trade and free movement package between the two nations, meaning both Mercedini and Cosneolta have close political and economic ties to each other. Due to their small population, sports teams are generally under developed, however since debuting on the World Cup stage, infrastructure has improved for it's national teams and clubs which has lead to some decent performances in previous tournaments.

Due to the small size of the nation, turnout for international tournaments may be small but that doesn't mean they won't be vocal when supporting their teams in the stadium. Football and Hockey are competing toe-to-toe to be Cosneolta's national sport and with the Hockey team experiencing more success in recent times, it's up to the football team to put in some good performances and steal that crown back. Dominik Bartosz is undoubtedly the target man and was out on his own when it came to goals in the last World Cup campaign and is the leading goalscoring charts, so it's all eyes on him during the group stages to nab a couple of goals in order to get the results they need to advance.

If you want to know more about Cosneolta, feel free to TG me about life in the country

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (no killing/career ending)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes (max. 2)
Godmod Other Events: Yes (no killing)

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Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:35 pm

Alpine Union National Football Team

Reprezentacja Alpejski w Pilka Nozna

Alpska Unija Nacionalna Nogomet Momcad

Selección de fútbol de Unión Alpina

Équipe d'Union Alpine de Football

Alpischen Fußball Nationalgemischtschaft

Sgioba Nàiseanta Ball-coise na Ailpeach Aonadh

Full nation name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short nation name: Alpine Union, U.S.A.R.
Trigramme: UAR
Demonym: Alpine
Nicknames: Alpine Union, Alpines, Green & white, Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski
Team Colors: Green and white
Formation: 3-5-2
Style modifier: +3

The U.S.A.R. doesn't have it's own kits and will use Prusy Krolewskie's kits which home colors are striped green and white kinda like Celtic F.C.'s jersey:
Our away colors are striped blue and black.

About the Union of Socialist Alpine Republics


Football is played in Prusy Krolewskie since the beginning of the 20th century. Prusy Krolewskie's first international games were in the baptism of fire 59, the Reprezentacja Pruski finished 2nd in group F and lost to Santaclausisgodistan in round of 16. In the World Cup 72 qualifications, Prusy Krolewskie finished fifth in group 5 with a 5-3-6 record. Prusy Krolewskie was then missing in action until we come back for the XI olympiads and the World Cup 76 where we finished 6th in group 6 with a 2-2-8 record. Prusy Krolewskie was invited at the Cup of Harmony and did very poorly. Then, the Reprezentacja Pruski participated in the 1st Independents Cup, for nations outside of the big three regions, but had a bad tournamant either. Prusy Krolewskie tried to qualify for the World Cup 77 and failed, but still had a pretty good run, enough to crack the top 100 in the KPB rankings and recieve an invitation to the Cup of Harmony 69. Prusy Krolewskie finished 3rd in its group with a 0-2-1 record.

In 2018, every nations in North Eurasia formed a superstate called Union of Soclialist Alpine Republics. The Alpine Union inherited Prusy Krolewskie's rank and participated in the Independents Cup II but lost all three games. The USAR tried to qualify for the World Cup 78 but finished 4th in group 8 with a 8-3-5 record, this is the best result so far for Prusy Krolewskie/USAR. At the Cup of Harmony 70, the Allpine Union had one win and two losses in 3 games.

All time record: 25-15-40

First game: 3-0 win vs Kaboomlandia @ baptism of fire 59
First win: 3-0 win vs Kaboomlandia @ baptism of fire 59
First draw: 1-1 draw vs Nova Anglicana @ world cup qualif. 72
First loss: 5-0 loss vs Panem @ baptism of fire 59
Biggest win: 4-0 win vs Kosovakia @ world cup qualif. 78; 6-2 win vs Kosovakia @ world cup qualif. 78
Biggest lost: 5-0 loss vs Panem @ baptism of fire 59
Greatest/Most memorable game: 2-2 draw vs West Saintland @ world cup qualif. 76


MD1: Alpine Union vs Rhineland Sued
MD2: Bonesea vs Alpine Union
MD3: Alpine Union vs The Warbler


Head Coach: Wlodzimierz Jastrzebowski
Ass Coach: Walter Madden
Ass Coach: Horst Engelbrecht


Captain: Krzysztof Januszkiewicz
Penalty Taker: Zbigniew Zajaczkowski
Corners (left): Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz
Corner (right): Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
Free Kicks: Sascha Welzmüller
Direct Free Kicks: Sarah Schroffenegger

Formation (3-5-2):


Team Roster (starters in blue):

#       Pos     Name                    Age     Team                      Birthplace                    Note
1 GK Zofia Kwietniewska 27 Korona Malbork Puck, WP
12 GK Vjekoslav Jakovljevic 27 Celtic F.C. Vrnogracka Slapnica, HZ GK #3
88 GK Jennifer O'Byrne 25 FC Tortella Castletown-Bearhaven, HY GK #2

4 SD Bartosz Strzyzowski 32 GNK Dinamo Zagrad
5 SD Przemyslaw Zawistowski 28 Gornik Ozorkow Brzeszcze, WP

9 SD Weronika Kaczorowska 30 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Kostrzyn nad Odra, WP SD #3
28 SD Weronika Zubrowska 23 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Szczebrzeszyn, WP SD #4

2 CD Tearlach MacEachthighearna 26 Twyford F.C. Achnacloich, CD CD #2
3 CD Krzysztof Januszkiewicz 32 Legia Puck Puszczykowo, WP
13 CD Momo 25 FC Tortella Castello de Farfanya, CT CD #4
32 CD Slawomir Skrzeszewski 22 Celtic F.C. Ozorkow, WP CD #5
33 CD Sabrina Hartmann 28 FK Zeljeznicar Schloßböckelheim, AM CD #3

6 SM Sarah Schroffenegger 29 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Sankt Katharinen, AM
7 SM Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz 28 Legia Puck Zlotow, WP

20 SM Jedrzej Kosciukiewicz 26 GNK Dinamo Zagrad Szczawnica, WP SM #3
23 SM Nick Warner 29 Oglethorpe City FC Des Lacs, OK SM #4

8 CM Sascha Welzmüller 31 Borussia Ueckermünde Buttstädt, AM
10 CM Amelia Zalwowska 27 Gornik Ozorkow Wloszczowa, WP

17 CM Bartlomiej Szczepankiewicz 28 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Przeclaw, WP CM #4, Backup DCM
27 CM Slawomir Zoledziowski 26 Real Manzanilla C.F. Szonowo Krolewskie, WP CM #6
70 CM Cristiano Fernando 26 Twyford F.C. Foz do Arelho, PT CM #5, Backup ACM
77 CM Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz 24 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Ueckermünde, AM
81 CM Alicja Jedrzejczyk 23 Gornik Ozorkow Ostrzeszow, WP CM #7

11 S Zbigniew Zajaczkowski 29 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Miedzyzdroje, WP
14 S Kevin O'Maoilsheachlainn 25 Rangers F.C. Knockskeagh, HY S #4
15 S Jean-François Kleineheismann 27 Borussia Ueckermünde Longcochon, AM
18 S Katarzyna Grzywinska 29 Korona Malbork Wladyslawowo, WP S #3

AM: Alsace-Mecklenburg
CD: Caledonia
CT: Catalonia
HY: Hybernia
HZ: Herzegovina
OK: Okanogan
PT: Portugal
WP: Wschodnioprusy (Prussia East)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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Postby Bojikstan » Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:08 pm

The Bojikstan National Football Team


Ranking: Unranked
Formation: 4-4-2 diamond
Style modifier: +1.5
Home ground: Camp Strasburg. Capacity 68,000.
Kitmakers: Smoke Sports
Nickname: Azules

Introduction to the country
Bojikstan is a Nordic and Slavic country that also has various immigrants and speaks Spanish due to a former colonial presence. The country has recently been disconnected with the rest of the world because of civil strife and an outright civil war that has only recently started to ease up, and now the focus is on moving forward, rebuilding, and bringing the entire country into the first world. There is a divide between the western capital of Strasburg, which is very secular, and the eastern largest city, Odena, which is more Christian.The civil war was fought between a corrupt and religious government and secular socialist rebels from the western part of the country, but in the end, a more centrist and democratic government was installed after the western victory. Now, the country is strengthening international ties and working on moving forward. It is currently governed by the Liberal Democratic Party and by Prime Minister Helio Sandoval.

Team history
The team was founded by the Bojikstan Football Federation when the latest government budget finally provided money to compete in international sports. Marco Christensen was picked as the first ever manager because of his ability to think outside of the box and punch above his weight tactically, and he assembled a squad of players for the third Independents Cup that were mostly reluctant. Some of the players needed to be paid to represent the country, partly because of east vs west tensions causing some players to not want to play with each other on the same national team.

Blue and white flags = West Bojikstan, red and gold flags = East Bojikstan


Image Man. Marco Christensen, 40 | FC Strasburg: One of the bright younger minds in football management, recruited to the national team because of his ability to think outside the box and do things somewhat unconventionally. Recruited by the national team with the promise of having more security than at Strasburg, Marco has his own demons from the war that he's evading...

Image Asst. Bruno Cain, 61 | Vorsji Devils: The manager of the Vorsji Devils is assisting Christensen for the same reason that the latter was hired, because the BFF wanted coaches that knew how to get their players to play up. Also because they needed someone that specialized in hustle and defending, traits that the team will need to have any kind of success.


Starting XI

Image GK. Lucas Alberg, 23 | 1899 Odena: Athletic and powerful, and not the guy that you expect to see in goal. A flashy and sometimes dominant keeper that benefits from strong legs and long arms, but he has to learn to keep his head on straight and stay grounded while playing in the largest city in the country.

Image LB. Janis Shenchenko, 28 | Athletic Vorsji: AC Vorsji captain that still plays more like a fullback of old, laying down bone shattering tackles when the need calls for it and not feeling like he has to rush forward all the time. National team vice captain.

Image CB. Chico Suarez, 25 | FC Strasburg: The heart and soul of the back line for both the national team and FC Strasburg. Daring, aggressive, on and off of the pitch. Due for a huge extension and a giant payday if he can make it on the national team without starting major trouble with his teammates.

Image CB. Martin Brander, 31 | SC Selta: Bringing needed experience to the relatively young defense is Martin Brander, who has been the Selta captain for awhile now and is known for thinking on his feet and not needing to rely on tackling to do a good job of defending.

Image RB. Javier Velazquez, 27 | Selmby IK: The more attacking counterpart to the other fulback, Javier is no stranger to charging up and down the flanks and getting the ball into the box, or at the feet of some of the team's better attackers. On the other end, he's not afraid to play physically and pick up cards when he needs to.

Image DM. Mara Mandaric, 23 | SC Morievo: One of the better midfield prospects in Liga B. Almost a fifth defender at times, she's quite the violent player despite being officially listed at 5'5". Regardless, she's still adapting to the life of a pro player and finding herself, after not completing high school due to fighting related to the civil war.

Image CM. Eric Dern, 26 | Strasburg Saints: A big fish in a small pond, the one on the other side of Strasburg. Precise, focused, and a playmaker first. On the national team, his role is to start the attacks and get the ball to those who need it when it's in the attacking third. Not much of a socialite off of the pitch, unlike some others.

Image CM. Rain Delacruz, 20 | SC Selta: The sister of the highly rated Artem Delacruz is a good prospect herself, and plays between the defensive and central midfield much of the time in a deep playmaker role. That's not to say that she doesn't have attacking instincts... She has a thing for long shots.

Image CAM. Alexy Hesse, 29 | FC Strasburg: The best known player on the national team, or at least the best known player that was willing to accept a call-up to the national team, is Alexy Hesse. The attacking mid has flash, vision, speed, and passing ability, and if the team starts winning, there's a good chance that it will be because he carried them.

Image FW. Artem Delacruz, 20 | SC Selta: The other Delacruz twin is here too, playing for the national team after others rejected their call-ups. Artem is a very technical forward with good skill on the ball, which makes up for how skinny he is. It still remains to be seen if he can go from losing everything because of conflict to being a viable star in the top flight.

Image FW. Niko Komarov, 24 | 1898 Odena: The second striker to gain a spot through someone else giving up theirs is Nico Komarov, Artem's stronger and more aggressive counterpart. The Odenan hometown boy is living the dream, but will his temper and strong emotions get the better of him?

Reserve players

Image GK. Sam Horn, 25 | Strasburg Saints

Image GK. Lars Frisker, 28 | SC Morievo

Image LB. Killian Holt, 21 | Cordona FC

Image CB. Jared Ottosen, 32 | Athletic Vorsji

Image RB. Luca Vargas, 27 | Vorsji Devils

Image CM. Ricardo Hale, 23 | SC Morievo

Image CM. Hunter Petersen, 25 | LSK Odena

Image FW. Pierre Gomez, 30 | Athletic Vorsji

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes*
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: Yes*
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: TG me first about anything that takes place off of the pitch. You're free to go crazy during the game.
*I might not recognize over the top/ridiculous things in my own canon since this nation is MT and at least semi-realistic.
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Postby Petroslovania » Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:26 pm

Petroslovania National Team
Black and Blues
Association: Petroslovanian Ministry of Sport
Confederation: IAC
Head Coach: Tatianna McCaig
Captain: Matteo Petrosillo
Most Caps: Matteo Petrosillo (8)
Top Scorer: Jywant Korrapati (7)
Home Stadium: Championship Arena
-Capacity: 125,000
First Match: @Petroslovania 3-1 @New_Jarwel
Biggest Win: @Petroslovania 4-0 @New_Mana
Biggest Defeat: @Italia_90 5-2 @Petroslovania
World Cup
Best Results:
[center]Independent Associations Cup[/center]
Appearances: 1 (First in IAC3)
Best Results:



Ludvik Brambilla1GK
Berhanu Minami55GK
Tarquinius Jedlička84GK
Finn Cornell6RB
Sava Alberghini11LB
Kiran MacEachern25CB
Riccardo Guarrez47RWB
Lars Erikkson67LB
Matteo Petrosillo9CM
Jędrzej Abdullaba17CM
Soo-Jin Chan38RM
Xia Sung7RW
Lei Makaio4LM
Hermes Boehler96CM
Rüstem Morison74LMPierre Maçon38RM
Jywant Korrapati5CF
Adebayo Campo99ST
Mictlantecuhtli Dobrev71RS
Eli Barrett69LS
Edmundo Sanchez58RW

Goal Scorers bold= still active; italics=most caps
Jywant Korrapati: 7 Goals
Matteo Petrosillo: 4 Goals
Adebayo Campo: 3
Jędrzej Abdullaba: 2
Hermes Boehler: 1
Riccardo Guarrez: 1
Lei Makaio: 1
(We are a very young team)

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Postby Petroslovania » Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:28 pm

Sorry this is my first true competition, so my facts are not that good yet.

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IAC-3 Roster

Postby Makongo » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:17 pm

Independents Cup 3

Makongo National Team
Tournament Squad

Style Modifier +5

Head Coach: Sølmundur Blak (VAE), replaces the two Bonesea coaches who returned home after World Cup qualifying
Assistant: Omar Fatty, studying under Blak to become the first homegrown head coach of the national team

Team colours: home - brown shirts; white shorts; brown socks - all with old gold trim
away - old gold shirt with one brown diagonal stripe; old gold shorts & socks with brown trim.

Starting XI
Player Age Pos. Club Personality Notes

Tairu Cona 33 GK Cap-Cayor, ZEN Temperamental Mad as a bag of squirrels
Yaya Kabba 30 DL Daring-Club Caroussac, SEP Trickster Twin of Faraba
Faraba Kabba 30 DR Daring-Club Caroussac, SEP Beast Twin of Yaya
Vinachê Mbiwa 26 DC Extramarine, BSE Disinterested Team star; ex-Grasshopper Club, Young Refugees
Essa Bajo 19 DC Florence Boldclub, BSE Wonderkid Destined to star for a UICA top-20 club
Abdoulie Ogoo 29 ML AS Taal Professor Team Captain; Ear-marked for club management
Tijan Sanyang 19 MR SS Skiveness, BSE Motivator Hot prospect recently moved to Bonesea
Boto Turay 26 MC FC Spinnaker, PSE Professor Fluent in many languages
Bouba Baldeh 32 AMC Red Star Essony, SEP Reliable Fans favourite, national icon
Adama Koné 33 ST Grasshopper Club, BSE Motivator Team star & Vice Captain
Alifa Dieye 24 ST Gullravens, BSE Determined Destined for greatness


Junkung Mansaray 30 GK Patronage Sainte-Auria Introvert He's really not very good
Birom Jatta 27 GK CARA Yattaville Trickster Great personality in the dressing room
Boto Biri 26 DL Oysterhaven Reds, BSE Warhorse A natural leader and hooligan
Kemo Mbo 36 DL/DR Kaba Garage, ZEN Fabricator Much loved in the nation
Biran Kabba 32 DC Combine Septentrionalis, SEP Moaner Brother of Faraba & Yaya
Boro Dibba 29 DC Felenne FC, TSH Temperamental A student of multiversal history
Musa Mbye 27 DC Gullravens, BSE Grafter It's a wonder he's not in a top league already
Kamara Ogunsola 17 ML Suma Conté Laid back A bright young thing back home
Dembo Gassama 22 MR Athletic St.Leah, BSE Creative Several Bonesligg clubs tried, Athletic signed him
Musa Guiss 22 DMC Golden Boys, AFL Cavalier A dynamo in a combative midfield
Fabba Senghore 17 MC OSA, TXH Grafter Former child soldier of the Democratic Republic of Yokongo
Lalo Kinte 23 AMC Blue Boys FF, BSE Reliable Fulfilled his destiny: moved to Bonesea
Amat Sonko 33 ST AS Castro, TAM Motivator Another natural captain in the team
Tamba Condé 17 ST CARA Yattaville Creative Suprisingly athletic as he is a bit of a tank
Daba Sene 22 ST Blue Boys FF, BSE Showman Lights up any match, will be a star one day


RP Permissions & Other Notes

Have fun. Maybe don't kill everyone. At least not all at once. Or do. That's fine too.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Do Absolutely Anything: Y

RP Pointers
Makongo won the Wide Enness Ocean regional championships to qualify for the World Cup, where they finished 7th in their group of 9, the famously indecisive Group 12, although they disappointingly failed to get in on the act of frustrating the big dreamers or throwing banana skins under the feet of superstars. By default they are then elected WEO representative for the Independents Cup.

Most players are available for free transfers to domestic leagues abroad - they will sign for clubs in associations registered with the UICA only - TG Bonesea if you are interested. Exclusion: Musa Guiss, signed to Golden Boys, Aggrey-Fynn Land.

Feel free to TG me for additional info or RP ideas.

Style Modifier +5
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Postby Flardania » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:38 am

霧島サッカー協会/안개섬 축구 협회
Kirishima Football Association Presents: The Flardania National Roster for the 3rd Independents Cup
"The Kitsunes"
Style Modifier: +3.83
Formation (Formation, 形成): 4-3-3
Trigramme: FDA
In Character Flag:

Introduction/Story So Far
Flardania/Kirishima National Football Team also known as the Kitsunes are Flardania's best soccer players. Football is the national sport of Kirishima (Flardania) and the Kitsunes help showcase the KONAMI Premier League . After years of playing domestic play and tragically missing BOF 56 and BOF 57. Kirishima would later enter Baptism of Fire 58 and after just barely exiting the Group stage, Kirishima as the bottom #16 Seed upset #1 Seed San Llera and defeated Maretta to reach the semi-finals. The Kitsunes unfortunately finished fourth and bitter fans refer to the top 3 teams as the "Puppet Show".

Kirishinan expectations were much smaller going into the WC 71 and look to at least qualify for the main cup. The Kitsunes looked like they were contenders early on but struggled as they were in a really difficult Group mixed with Kirishima playing too balanced a game against the high-powered offense while lacking enough offense to dismantle defensively disciplined teams. Kirishima would have a mediocre showing in the Cup of Harmony with the only notable news being the historic upset against Cosumar.

The Kitsunes then went into World Cup 72 with a miserable first half that had Kyosuke on the hot seat until they turned things around and finished 4th in the group, thus giving Hikaru the rank boost he sought. Kirishima then entered into WC 73 with the main objective being finishing at least mid table and entering COH with stronger momentum. The Kitsunes failed to finish midtable (4th) and enter the COH because they shockingly finished 2nd, a feat only predicted by the media in Saintland and won their playoff game to advance to the world cup proper for the first time. The Kitsunes Rank increased by 45, thus leapfrogging the team from 86 to 41 a reflection of the fast rise of the young Kitsune team.

World Cup 74 saw the addition of a new player, Konami Premier League Rookie of the Year Akiho Ubukata. The Kitsune sought to qualify to their second ever World Cup in back to back editions were a tight group and a heartbreaking loss on MD 1 and MD 13 made it seem that the Kitsunes may have to test their luck in the playoffs. The thought impossible unranked Union of American Democrats draw with 14th ranked Turori sent the Kitsunes a heart attack preventing instant qualification where as usual like previous WC and COH the Kitsune upset the strongest team in the group while getting dismantled by everyone else.

With a Historic World Cup 75 , Kirishima sought to 1) Qualify a third time and not miss out on a memorable cup 2) Try and finally Reach round of 16. With the Kitsunes ranked in the 20's and a group draw going according to plan it seemed like that history would be made, and made it was. The Kitsunes had multiple chances they lost due to draws against lowly teams. Emerging from the ashes of the Kitsunes failed campaign is a new rival. One unlike never before seen gone are the days of friendly rivalries with Devonta and in comes a rivalry with Nordeana and of bad blood and hatred for reserved for Anglatia. Not only did they rob the Kitsunes of a playoff berth, they did it in an insulting manner. Gone is the era of Kyosuke as manager, the inexperience fairy tale story of a civilian interim manager with zero experience who brought the Kitsunes to lightning success in qualifying. His failure in being unable to reach a Round of 16 outside of BOF 58 lead to his voluntary and unwanted departure. A World Cup 75 qualifiers that saw once star mid-fielder Seong Mi Soo retire at the end of qualifiers become the new manager leading up to COH 67. With the nation seeking the major tournament Round Of 16 spot the nation so desperately wanted she proved the Kitsunes were not cursed, as she brought the team to the quarterfinals.

With her WCQ debut in World Cup 76 the Kitsunes found themselves at the top of the Group with two upsets against Quebec but round up in a Group of death, not only failing to exit to group stages yet again but for the first time also failing to pick up a point. With the 1st edition of the Independents Cup the Kitsunes had a firm objective of winning silverware and came close to being in a position to do so before falling to Barunia in the quarterfinals. The Kitsunes entered WC 77 with a majority of the stars on the verge of their primes and the KFA under their new chairman, Sakura Katsuragi, had finally had a firm objective, not only qualify for the World Cup but to escape the group stages for the first time. The Kitsunes nearly did not make the World Cup but also were swept once again in the actual world cup. Final in World Cup 78, Kirishima finally left the group stages of the World Cup, sending the nation into a frenzy before losing a close match to The Holy Empire. Now the Kitsunes seek to win the ICIII....yeah right not with the first rank nation involved, but the Kitsunes will look to try and medal for the first time. The question can the Kitsunes actually play favorites and put themselves in position for at least a 3rd place finish, without a now retired Papadoupulos none the less.

Overview of Flardania/Kirishima
Trigramme: FDA
National Anthem: 時代を超越治世[Un Règne Intemporelle] (A Timeless Reign)
Capital: Heiwa
Largest City: Kairaku
Official Languages: French, Japanese, Korean (Pending Legislative deliberation)
Recognized Languages: English, Kirishinan, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese
Population: 121,283,217
Drives on the: left

Kirishima, as it is called in the East and as Flardania in the West, is an archipelago in the Asia Pacific. Kirishima means literally Mist and Island in Japanese and is known locally as the Islands of the Mist. Kirishima is an archipelago comprising of 1,721 islands. They can be divided into seven large and major islands - Hontō, Zipangu, Yamatai, Reijima, Kiyomisu, Hanarejima, and Yajiriguni. Kirishima is an interesting place that is historically made up of Kirishinans which sociologist determined to be remnants of the Gaya Confederacy and some refugees Baekje Kingdom during the rise of the Silla kingdom in Korea in 660 A.D. These people mixed with Japanese who already shipwrecked or settled in the region prior, along with the local Sungtaku peoples. Each had their own kingdoms that would eventually be united under four Kingdoms which would eventually be divided among Europeans. Namely the French and British. When the French won one of their few theater conflicts in the seven years war they named the land Flardania in honor of the Swedish explorer who discovered the land in the name of France.

Kirishima despite having an Asian majority population, has a decent sized European, and African minority. The nation is proud of it's very welcoming and tolerant attitude despite how it looks. It is a moderate nation that can be very liberal on some issues and conservative on others. One such noteworthy example is Kirishima's very sexually open society deeply embedded in the culture and Majority faith (Lake Shore Order/Houism) of the population. At the same time, Kirishima is a very Traditionalist society that sees Kirishinan nationality as a cultural lifestyle rather than racially inherited. As a quick way to tick off a Kirishinan is to not only not be a part of the culture but openly reject it and preach against it (3 strikes of doom). A very important albeit a random piece of information is the prohibition of smoking tobacco. Kirishinan people believe in a clean body and clean environment even before the world found out about those issues. One may be caught off guard by how clean and devoid of litter the cities and metro systems tend to be.

Uniforms Provided by Meski Sports

Management Team (Équipe De Gestion, マネジメントチーム)
Seong Mi-Soo

Head Coach (Entraîneur, コーチ): Seong Mi Soo
Assistant Coach (Entraîneur Adjoint, アシスタントコーチ): Makoto Kikuchi
Doctor (Médecin, 医者): Myeong Hyeon Yi

Starters (Entrées/スターター)

#1 Miyoko Hōjō(F) (Goalkeeper) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#4 Eizan Iwamoto (Defender) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#8 Claire Nguyen(F) (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#21 Ayame Fujisaka (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC (CAPTIAN)
#7 Koharu Miyamoto(F) (Defender) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#11 Rin Mizoguchi (Mid-Field) - Hyuga Valkyries FC
#6 Son Dae Han (Mid-Field) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#5 Ako Izumi(F) (Mid-Field) – Heiwa Wizards FC -
#14 Renée Guidice(F) (Striker) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#25 Josuke Ichikawa (Striker) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#82 Joseph Yabuta (Striker) – Akihabara Electric OFC

Back-Up (Sauvegarde/バックアップ)
#2 Ai Takagawa(F) (Goalkeeper) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#3 Atasuke Horiuchi (Goalkeeper) – Heiwa Wizards
#15 Jin Seon Ho (Defender) - Brieux Les Lions FC
#18 Miguel Tamayo (Defender) – Anegaoka Jiangshi FC
#10 Hideo Fukuda (Defender) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#12 Akiho Ubukata(F) (Mid-Field) – Hyūga Valkyrie FC
#17 Hiro Sakuma (Mid-Field) – Habaedo University
#9 Ryoushirou Nayasaki (Striker) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#23 Sayo Matsuoka (F) (Striker) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#24 Aoi Fujioka (Striker) – Brieux Les Lions FC

Staff Bio

Seong Mi-Soo Age · 29

This is now Seong Mi-Soo's fourth cycle time coaching. She has played on the national team from World Fair III and BOF 58 until World Cup 75 qualifiers. She was a midfielder with high sports IQ and spent a majority of her time observing former manager Hikaru Kyosuke. She, like Kyosuke, believes that Kirishima should remain an offensive minded team as that what Kirishinans love about the game but the question has always been how offensive should they be. Mi-Soo believes Kyosuke was on the right track but decided to be a twinge more defensive that Kyosuke as to limit the counter attack capabilities of very defensive minded teams.

Makoto Kikuchi Age · 26

Makoto is known as many things a boy? a girl? a miracle worker? Multi-Talented? Nevertheless she has grown up around sports and has always loved it. While attending school she participated in football, Track, and Field, Swimming, basketball, and cycling. She also was discovered for her musical talents she eventually had to choose what she wanted to do with her life and she chose sports and music. During the offseason, Makoto can be seen in dresses performing on stage or seen in swimwear photo shoots but during football seasons she dons a suit and takes to the field as Manager of the Akihabara Electronic OFC. The two different Makoto Kikuchi. In only her first three seasons she managed to build a solid roster and lead the Electric to their first and second ever title in her first two seasons all while keeping the Electric contenders into the present with a third title in her fourth season.

Myeong Hyeon Yi Age · 23

Yes the KFA has provided information on the trainer/team doctor. Why do you ask? Because she is the team doctor and since she is part of the team, plays a role in the outcome of matches. With that said there is not much about her to say besides noting she is the team doctor of Akihabara Electronic OFC which is important as the doctor helps prevent injuries and make sure those injured return to field asap. Something needed in such a competitive domestic league.

Starting XI Bio

Miyoko Hōjō Age · 24

If you live in Kirishima you know her, if you watch Kirishinan games you know her, if you have ever faced against Kirishima you know her. Miyoko Hojo is a former culinary student specializing in Chinese Cuisine. As an athletic individual, she was noticed by both basketball and shockingly football scouts for her potential, height and vertical. She decided to give football a try as it had a more flexible schedule and less chance for injury. The rest was history as she has helped lead the Kitsunes to World Cup Qualifications in each of her first three World Cup experiences as well as keeping Olympique Imgeum-Si as a serious contender domestically. The scary thing for the opposition is her natural ability makes her a top goalkeeper. With her reaching her prime and understanding the game more, she provides a get presence in the goal.
Eizan Iwamoto Age · 22

Young like the rest of the team but unlike them has the position with the least job security. Iwamoto is a former rookie of the year with some pretty big shoes to fill in the historic weak position. Eizan is opportunistic and calculating. Facing off against him can leave opposition dazed and confused. Eizan who sat on the bench last cup cycle will be put through a trial by fire and it remains to be seen if he can heal the Kirishinan Achilles heel. If not then Filipino refugee and emerging rookie of Anegaoka, Miguel Tamayo will be happy to take his place.

Claire Nguyen Age · 25

Young, beautiful and relatively unknown until quite recently. Claire used to be just another defender on the Akihabara Electronic OFC when in one off season she gained a new manager in Makoto Kikuchi and two new players/eventual best friends Joseph Yabuta and Ayame Fujisaka. Nevertheless, the talent that surrounded her raised her game and she took the league by storm. She is quick, precise, and currently known as the slide tackle queen of Kirishima. The one question that is wondered is will she still be as motivated if she played for someone other than Kikuchi or her two BFF? Nevertheless thankfully for her as well as the fans, do not need to find out as her two best friends are also national team material.

Ayame Fujisaka Age · 24

Speaking of Claire's best friends, Ayame Fujisaka at just the age of 21 became the brains of the national team. Despite his age, he now had enough experience to be the captain of the squad, a fact that many Kirishinans have known for a long while. Yes, I said he no he is not a she as he is not transgender. (What a tongue twister) Ayame is well known for his cross-dressing nature but doesn't let your guard down around him as on the pitch he is known for his high football IQ. He is so friendly and knows how to motivate and cheer up anyone. The men and women on the team have always look to him even without the armband. You need someone to talk to he is there, your sore and in need of a massage, he is there. He will do literally anything for you to ensure you will play your maximum potential. He is a reason why Claire has gotten so good. If Seong and Kikuchi are the coaches on the sideline then Fujisaka is the coach on the field. A reputation he has proved and established since his debut with Yabuta on the Kairaku Nymphs before they both went to Akihabara. He is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles.

Koharu Miyamoto Age · 23

Koharu is a free spirit both on and off the field whose player type resembles Miyoko Hojo. She is the type that had no prior football experience and was recruited solely based on various intangibles such as speed and stamina in her specific case. A long distance track star in school her father recruited her to play for his Nabaek Sylph a move that had fans stark mad. Sure just a season prior Hojo found success, left back was different from Goalkeeper and many saw it as a parental preference. Koharu worked hard to salvage her father's name and proved herself to consistently be the first name on any teamsheet. If that was not enough, she added goal scoring to her arsenal so any team unprepared may find themselves shocked by the defender who is the most likely to score in a corner or even more shock to see her sneak past a lagging defender, receive an onside through ball and drill in a goal....once again I remind you she is a defender.

Rin Mizoguchi Age · 20

A year younger and teammate of former rookie of the year, as well as current Primer League champion and first time NT starter, Akiho Ubukata. Cup of Harmony 67 saw the teammate replace the other as the starter. He has helped put Hyuga back on the map and like Akiho is a local from Yamatai prefecture. Seong Mi-Soo is looking to re-add some male strength to the midfield position and it's also hard to deny one of the team's goal scorers a spot. In recent performances, he has been a consistent threat and contributor to the Kitsunes goal scoring endeavors

Daehan Son Age · 19

Filling the big shoes of Papadopoulos lies the young Son Dae Han. Dae-Han has been putting in alot of work for his hometown team of Imgeum and had started some matches in the Kitsunes memorable World Cup 78 run. It will take some time to see what exactly he brings to the table and what his role will be. No pressure right?

Ako Izumi Age · 24

Ako is an intelligent, opportunistic, and team oriented girl who is the best passer on the team. Her sole purpose in her opinion was to make others look good though her passing. She loves dribbling the ball and feels immense satisfaction after an assist. Ako has become more of a scorer since she left AC Kawajiri Tanuki, while she did not appreciate how Bianka Schraeder from Armeia treated her team, Ako seemed to realize that while the assist was great she had to once in awhile score herself should the opportunity arise. She is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles and a key part of the Ballista with her specialty being her goal scoring from free kicks.

Renée Guidice Age · 21

This may be a bit surprising to some but Renée Guidice has earned a place in the starting rotation over Sayo Matsuoka. Renée is a goal scorer who was eventually eclipsed by Sylvain Gainsborough and Nita Jagr. With her dissatisfaction in the club's direction, Renée joined LB Koharu Miyamoto and Midfielder from Cosumar Li H'sen Lang in Nabaek. Having found a resurgent in her game Guidice was a high-impact scorer while Matsuoka's Matthew Mets struggled. Renée has taken advantage of this opportunity and does not seem poised to lose that spot anytime soon. On and off the field Renée is a friendly soul who serves as a role model in sportsmanship and character.

Josuke Ichikawa Age · 23

Josuke is a phenomenal scorer who is often seen as the main rival to Yabuta. A few World Cup qualifiers ago his Childhood friend since elementary school Sayo Matsuoka took his spot. However, his impact was missed and rather than replace Matsuoka who played well, Ichikawa replaced Nayasaki, thus putting the two Enrika natives at the wings. With Matsuoka coming off the bench, Jouske is more determined to ensure he maintains bragging rights in regards to his and Sayo's careers. Josuke has good ball control and has a dangerous cross that can change the flow of any game suddenly. Penalty kicks are his greatest strength and no one is more calm, cool, and collected as he is.

Joseph Yabuta Age · 24

Despite what this humble young man would say, Yabuta is the undisputed star and goal scorer for the Kirishinan national team. Yabuta loves to score and scores he can whether it be left foot, right foot, head, knee, etc. Yabuta plays to have fun and his speed is borderline unfair. In his four-year career, Yabuta has won four championships (1 with Kairaku, 3 with Akihabara). It is safe to assume that if Kirishima scores in a game that Yabuta was behind it. This means he either scored or at least assisted on a goal. That type of consistency is very valuable. Yabuta joins his best friends Ayame and Claire in this year's national team as he remains a crucial cornerstone to the generation of miracles.

Tactic: "The Supported Ballista" 4-3-3 +3.83
Manager Seong is still using Kyosuke tactic at least until the end of Cup of Harmony. She is a bit more focused on counter attacking with her notable defenders Ayame Fujisaka who has a great mind for the game and the tomboy former University track star Koharu Miyamoto whose speed, passing and footwork enables her to get up the field quickly and in the position to opt a pass to a midfielder. However, in this version, Miyamoto does not join in the attack and after making a pass retreats back down the field. Claire Nguyen had a great season with Akihabara and is on the starting line up with teammates Yabuta and fellow center back Fujisaka. With Izumi and Papadopoulos on the field, they can place the ball in a great positioning of any of the Kitsunes capable strikers like Yabuta to drill the ball into the net. Also with Yabuta's almost unnatural ability to score of volley's it will become obvious how Yabuta made the Baptism of Fire 58 squad. Guidice and Ichikawa will provide offensive support. Seong Mi-Soo hopes that this will put less pressure on Hojo who can only handle so many counterattacks.

Captain:Fujisaka ,If Subbed out:Izumi/Yabuta/Ichikawa
Penalty Taker: Ichikawa/Izumi/Fujisaka/Yabuta/Guidice
Free Kick Taker: Izumi/Mizoguchi/Ichikawa
Corner Taker: Izumi/Ichikawa/ Mizoguchi

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes within reason, however, I can edit severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Maybe (TG First)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (Must Tg me)
Godmod other events: TG me I'm willing to discuss

I am a MT Japanese/Korean nation inhabited by Human, Anime(They're also Human), and Secret FanT beings (Northern Wilderness)that perform acts based on MT/PMT Reality

Internationally known as Flardania in English, known domestically as Kirishima in Japanese & French, and domestically as Angaeseom in Korean

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Postby Schottia » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:57 am


National Football Team of Schottia

Independents Cup III
Spaam & Kel-Assuk

Manager: Lionel Mah 55 Image
Assistant: Colin Donaldson 44 Image
First Team Coach: David Chettwell 72 Image
First Team Coach: Judy Scott 67 Image
First Team Coach: Conner Watts 56 Image
Gk Coach: Peter Acheson 55 Image
Physio: Claire Hanson-Conavacio 36 Image

After Schottia's qualification campaign imploded at the halfway stage of World Cup 75, there was really no other option for Jane Gullie than to stand down. Following a lengthy period of deliberation the SFA finally put in place the team, which has ended up creating an era unbridled success on the world stage. Quebecois manager Lionel Mah is one of his nation's most promising coaching prospects, and received critical acclaim for the way he transformed the fortunes of CSKA Quebec, as well as his tactical knowledge. With John Murray leaving alongside Gullie, former Schottia skipper Colin Donaldson comes in as assistant, the 43-year-old's only coaching experience being a brief stint at interim manager at Handon United. Donaldson brings with him a good awareness of the Schottic game, and has been an excellent foil for Lionel Mah. Veteran coach David Chettwell has been with the Schottia team for the best part of fifteen years, and is well known to the current crop of players - he was one of the few coaches to keep his place after the post WC75 purge. Joining him are coaches Judy Scott and Conner Watts. Scott, currently at New Island, as previously been a manager at U15 and has already worked with many of the current squad. Watts, who recently took over at Hillstreet, also brings a lot of managerial experience to the set-up. Goal keeping coach Peter Acheson remains in place, and Physio Claire Hanson- Conavacio (wife of the Quebecois international) was brought back in after previously being realised by Barry Gorman over a decade ago.

Style Modifier: +1

Team history
Barry Gorman era
Not so much a tale of ups and downs, Schottia's history in the World Cup competitions has been one of very slow progress. Since Barry Gorman took over a side ranked outside the world's top 300, which had just finished WC68 with a grand total of 0-points, the Auks have seen their fortunes steadily improve. The small nation of six-and-a-half-million gave a very good account of themselves under his stewardship and it was in this era that we saw them first adopt their now familiar 4-2-3-1 formation. Schottia finished sixth of eight in their group as they tried to reach the finals of WC69 in his first year in charge, qualifying for the Cup of Harmony, where they recorded a surprise win over Mizuyuki. The subsequent rise up the world rankings saw them finish third, fourth, third in WC70, 71, and 72 respectively, as they established themselves as one of the world's mid-ranked sides. Schottia put in some plucky performance over the years, and there was little doubt that it was Gorman who had made the difference, seemingly able to dig deep and get something extra out of the country's small pool of players. It was also during this period (immediately prior to WC70) that Schottia won the Di Bradini Cup, and that golden generation of youngsters has slowly began to make their mark on the senior squad.

Despite being the one to galvanise the team, Barry Gorman's position as manager became more and more difficult. After a series of wild promises and statements of overconfidence, he constantly succeeded in building up the fans' expectations, and creating a rod for his own back. In the end it was no doubt this bravado, coupled with a lacklustre qualification campaign in WC72, which saw the SFA decline to offer him a new contract. He did go on to lead the side to the knockout stages of the Cup of Harmony for the first time, however it wasn't enough, and as the side limped out after a heavy defeat to Nova Anglicana, it was to be the 47-year-old's last act in charge.

Jane Gullie era
After their Cup of Harmony exit, Schottia was standing at a bit of a crossroads. Managerless, and despite reaching the knockout stages of a major tournament for the first time, it was abundantly clear that they were a million miles off the pace. From a shortlist of five candidates, Jane Gullie emerged as the most suitable option, and was handed the job over the likes of caretaker Grant Nean, and Schottic DBC hero Jock Sonny. Gullie had made a name for herself after lifting the SPL title with New Belfast Warriors, and was commended for her style of man-management and balanced tactics, which the board thought conducive to the Schottic style of play. It is easy to forget when looking back with rosé tinted glasses, but Gullie's reign was not an overnight success and indeed, she came very close to being sacked only five matches into the World Cup 73 Qualifiers. Results picked up however, the turning point being a win at home to Krytenia - a massive achievement for a nation who traditionally struggle against the top sides. The result seemed to give Schottia a new found confidence, and with the cracks glossed over with a little self belief, they eventually went on to top their group. Further wins over Mertagne, and the completion of the double over Krytenia in the final group game meant that Schottia were able to avoid the play-off lottery and move straight into the World Cup final draw.

In spite of all the excitement surrounding the nation's qualification, there was no hiding the enormity of the task they faced. Drawn in a difficult group consisting of San Jose San Jose Guayabal, Farfadillis, and the Polar Islandstates, Schottia finished in fourth place picking up a single point against Farfadillis.

Schottia then entered the World Cup 74 qualification as second seeds in their group, and while this made for a potentially easier draw - being placed alongside The Holy Empire, Bears Armed, and New Gelderland saw pay to that. After a huge struggle, Schottia eventually came out on top for a second cycle running. In reflection the home and away wins over New Gelderland, were probably pivotal in a group where all the sides dropped points. By this point Gullie was starting to get the players she wanted around her, and this was marked by the emergence of individuals such as Johannas Ünterhausen, Bella Thompson, and Herron Crew, who all made valuable contributions.

The finals themselves were once again a bridge too far for Schottia, and where they seem to have gotten qualification down to a T, the finals are another story all together. This time Schottia were draw alongside Nova Anglicana, Vilita, and the familiar faces of Farfadillis. It was to be the same story as last time however, and with zero wins, Schottia limped out once again at the group stage.

After topping their qualification group the two previous campaigns there was a lot of pressure on Jane Gullie to do the same going into WC75. However, despite a strong start, the Schottians fell by the wayside, with a seemingly inconceivable collapse at the halfway stage, finishing third behind Devonta and Eura.

Lionel Mah Era
Schottia's first World Cup qualifying campaign under the very highly rated Quebecois Lionel Mah can simply be summed up by the word - frustration. In many ways, they did so much right, but during the critical games against Eshan and Turori, they couldn't come up with the goods. The Schottic support seemed to be divided right down the middle, as to whether or not the manager should be given a second chance. However, and perhaps most crucially, the players had been generally in favour of the then 50-year-old. In the end, the Schottic FA decided not to make a final decision on Mah's fate until after the Cup of Harmony, which would prove to be astute move.

Optimism was desperately low as Schottia headed into their first ever Cup of Harmony on home soil, with overseas territory Port Christopher qualifying for the World Cup making it all the more painful. However, Schottia managed to dig deep, and pull out the results they needed, as they made their way to the final. They suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the final, losing in the dying minutes to a very impressive Bonesea side. Despite the obvious disappointment, there were several positives to take away. The run to the final, which included a 4-0 win over the higher ranked Super-Llamaland, undoubtedly meant that Schottia went into the Independents Cup the following year full of confidence.

Schottia marched to a somewhat surprise victory at the inaugural tournament, which pitted associations playing out with the Mulitiverse's three main sporting regions against one another. Defeating Veldgouwen in the final, Lionel Mah's side were able to atone for letting the Cup of Harmony slip through their fingers on home solid, and add a first senior trophy to the Harbour Hill cabinet.

Going into the qualifiers for World Cup 77, national confidence was at an all time high. Despite what on paper looked like a difficult draw, there was a feeling that Mah and Donaldson were the management team who knew how to get results. Along with heavyweights, Starblaydia and the Sarian, Schottia were also pitted against emerging superpower, Ceni. While Arrowsword, Koromin, and Co proved to be a bridge too far for the Schottians, they swept all others aside with some gutsy performances, to finish second in the group.

After securing a return to the world stage, Schottia found themselves in nosebleed territory after topping their group with nine points. A 2-1 win over Nephara will no doubt be the highlight of what turned out to be their breakthrough cycle. An extra time victory over fellow rising stars, Anglatia, in the round of sixteen, meant that Schottia were in uncharted waters as they progressed to the quarterfinals. It wouldn't be a World Cup if it didn't involve facing Farfadillis, and it was at the hands of the AO side, that Schottia eventually made their exit.

Mah and his team went on to prove that their exploits in SJG were no fluke, as they marched to the finals of the second IAC hosted in Schottia. Despite some good performances along the way, there was a horrible feeling of deja vu, as the Auks lost out to a young Bonesea side in the final.

There can surely have been no Schottic manager ever, who was under the same weight of expectation as Lionel Mah, as he went into World Cup-78. The unprecedented success he had brought to the team over the last four years looked, on paper, to be an impossible act to follow. They were sorted into a qualifying group alongside familiar opponents in the form of Super-Llamaland and Kaboomlandia, with the Schottic fans expecting nothing other than qualification; especially with two sides going through automatically. Mah didn't only deliver qualification; he went through the entire campaign with a 100% record, moving Schottia up into the World's top-ten for the first time.

Despite huffing and puffing through the group stage, Schottia made it to the knockouts for the second year running at the World Cup finals. A bizarre 5-1 win over Pasarga, and a workman like 3-2 victory over hosts Cosumar, saw them though to the semi-final and within ninety minutes of the World Cup final. They face off against two times former champions, Eura, in what was an epic contest. However there was to be heartbreak at the end, as Schottia went out 4-3 on penalty kicks. The side did bounce back however, defeating the Holy Empire in the third place play off, to somehow top the world rankings.

Squad information
Lionel Mah has always used the IAC as a sounding block for new talent, and this has generally been a success. Players such as Evelyn Conjure, and Višnja Brankovič have had their breakthroughs in this tournament over the last few years, and we will be eagerly on the look out to see if any more follow suit. More so than ever this year, the manager has taken the opportunity to experiment, with many of the top NT-stars all passing thirty years of age. At some point the starting line up is going to need a radical overhaul, and the IAC-III might give us the best idea of how a future Schottia side will look. There are a few familiar faces in the form of Conjure, Gareth Souter, and Corinne Martel-Burns, while some players who have been knocking on the door for a long time finally get their long awaited chance. Mah has also thrown into the mix some of the standout players from DBC third place winning side, along with some of the Women's Olympic team who exceeded all expectations earlier in the summer by finishing second.

Harry Gould is now firmly established as first choice goalkeeper, and this will be an opportunity for him to add to fledgling cap tally. In front of him, Mah has gone with a reasonably experience back four (doesn't make sense to tinker too much at the back). Top centre-back Souter is there to ensure some stability, and he will be playing alongside FC Jansberg's Mark Ünterhausen for much of the tournament, with Grant Carlin, and forgotten man, Jack Cranshaw as back-up. At wingback, Esther Abner will play on the right having had a good World Cup acting as understudy to Larry Watt, and Molly Killanen finally gets a chance to show us what she can do on the left. Handon United duo, Louis Hordern and James Roberstson will deputise, with Hordern, in particular, an exciting prospect.

New golden girl Evelyn Conjure will be handed the task of driving things in the midfield; and it seems incredible now that the Blue Coast lass is now considered an experienced member of this side. Alongside her is Handon United starlet, Dilon Bánach, a stylish little midfielder whom we expect great things from. In the central areas, Krista Morham, Kerstin Dornenberger, and Lizzy Addison can all cover if needed, so there are plenty of options on the bench for Schottia in this key position. In the all-important attacking midfield role, Mah will be watching closely to see how wonderkid Camila Luna rises to the challenge. The 21-year-old has been pushing Kim Coultan hard over the last three years, and this will be her big chance to prove she can handle the pressure. Addison, and perhaps Dornenberger are the most likely cover for this area of the pitch. On the wings, Nick James and Steven Rexmont are another two players who had good World Cups, and don't be surprised if Rexmont in particular looks to make the left-flank his own over the next two or three years. Back up on the right is electrifying little winger, Enaas Dajani, while Lotus Park star, Liusaidh Kella is a very exciting addition to the side on the left.

Up front, Martel-Burns of course needs no introduction, and she will be fired up after a blistering World Cup campaign. On the bench, Elspeth Glendening will be desperate to prove she can score goals at this level, when she inevitably gets her chance. Meanwhile, Blue Coast Star Ross Renshaw will be hoping to follow up on a very good DCB campaign establish himself in the side the way teammate Evelyn Conjure has done.




The kits for the last World Cup cycle are designed by Schottsport of Schottia

Full Squad

1. GK Harry Gould, 28 | Image FC Soessch | Height:188cm Weight:75kg | Caps:19 Goals: 0
Finally established himself as Schottia's number one towards the end of the last World Cup cycle, Gould started all seven matches in Cosumar and Bonesea. Gould has always been seen as more of an all-rounder than the other keepers in the squad, and now seems to be considered the safest pair of hands too. The 28-year-old started his career at Port Sebastian, before moving to FC Soessch six years ago, and has been capped at U-18 and U-21 levels. His performances last season contributed greatly to his club's fifth place finish and a return to Globe Cup football.

2. RB Esther Abner, 29 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:170cm Weight:63kg | Caps: 14 Goals: 0
Whilst having long been one of the most popular members of the side, it's important to mention that Abner can play a bit too. With Larry Watt approaching his mid-thirties now, the Porty wingback is seen as the natural successor on the right side of defence. Abner has been to the semi-finals of the Globe Cup and Cup Winners' Cup with her club, and is no stranger to the big matches. Since making the switch from fellow North Handon club Port Patrick eight years ago, she has gained a reputation as one of the best in her position in the league, and will need to jump at this chance to prove herself.

3. LB. Molly Killanen, 27 | Image FC Samotath | Height:173cm Weight:64kg | Caps: 10 Goals: 0
Killanen the younger has spent her entire senior career in Cosumar, where her performances with IFK Aldenskoett, and latterly FC Samotath, have helped earn her ten caps for her country. While it's not a patch on career of her superstar brother, Molly has still experienced a lot of success, playing in one of the world's fastest growing leagues. As a left-back, she had always been stuck behind Porty's Paul Doig in the NT pecking order, so this is a big opportunity for her to show us what she can do with a concerted run in the team. In terms of her style, Killanen is a busy little player, who bustles up and down the entire left flank.

4. CB. Mark Ünterhausen, 25 | Image FC Jansberg | Height:186cm Weight:75kg | Caps: 20 Goals: 1 (c)
The third, and some would argue most talented of the Ünterhausen siblings, Mark is on the verge of becoming a world-class centre-back. He is one of the most experience members of this experimental squad, and was big part of Schottia's third place winning World Cup side. Now a key player for FC Jansberg in Semarland, Mark has captained his nation at U21 level, and is a natural leader. The 25-year-old isn't a hulking monolith of a defender, rather he is a quick and intelligent player, who uses pace and timing to marshal his lines. Ünterhausen's partner is fellow Schottia international and former FC Döllar teammate Kerstin Dornenberger.

5. CB. Gareth Souter, 30 | Image Sporting Cenial | Height: 189cm. Weight: 79kg | Caps: 78 Goals: 7
Lionel Mah might be using this tournament to blood a few of his rising stars, but he hasn't taken too many risks at the back. Gareth Souter is the most capped player in this current side, and has been a rock at the back for Schottia over the past few cycles. The Sporting Cenial defender started his career at Handon United, helping Schottia to the DBC before heading to Ceni twelve years ago. Souter is a highly competitive individual, and that comes across in the way he conducts himself of the pitch. He is also a real threat coming forward for set pieces, and has been a good source of goals of his side.

6. CM/CF. Dilon Bánach, 21 | Image Handon United | Height: 171cm. Weight: 63kg | Caps: 5 Goals: 1
Given that Handon United have never quite cracked youth development, there is a lot of pressure on them to get it right with this girl. Bánach was something of a surprise inclusion in the squad of 23 for the World Cup finals, but she's seen as a potential long-term replacement to Jenny McDonald. She is an aggressive midfielder, with an excellent first touch and good movement and awareness, but probably still has a bit of bulking up to do. The 21-year-old spent a season on loan at Port James Athletic two seasons ago, but was thrown in at the deep end on her return to United. The gamble paid off, however, as the young star most certainly shone as she helped them to the SPL title.

8. CM Evelyn Conjure, 25 | Image Blue Coast 1981 | Height: 170cm. Weight: 67kg | Caps: 48 Goals: 7
The challenge facing Conjure is going to be in making the step up from highly promising youngster, to star of the team. Making her big breakthrough four years ago as Schottia lifted the IAC-1 in the Boreal Islands, is a story that should give encouragement to all the uncapped players in the current side. The Blue Coast star had largely slipped under the radar, owing perhaps to the fact that she plays her domestic football in Port Christopher. However, it's been some career for the midfielder: IAC-1 winner and IAC-2 runner-up, third-place at the World Cup, Champions' Cup appearances, Globe Cup quarters, CEdC final, and two league titles. There is very little that this player has left to achieve, and a big move away from the tiny Esportivan island seems almost certain now. Conjure is a quick and versatile player, who performs best in the engine room of the midfield.

7. AMR Nick James, 24 | Image Dwile Warriors | Height:179cm Weight:71kg | Caps: 9 Goals: 2
Schottia's first internationalist to play in the APL was used more than we expected during the last World Cup campaign. As a straightforward right-winger, James represents something Schottia have never really had, and the former Snubbeak Rock man was often used to provide balance to the side. James uses his pace to good effect and isn't afraid to take players on. His ability to get to the by-line and deliver an end product makes him a dangerous opponent to face.

11. LM. Steven Rexmont, 25 | Image Chenoworth Harriers | Height:180cm Weight: 69kg | Caps: 26 Goals: 8
Unless he goes on to achieve something extraordinary, Rexmont will likely always be remembered for his two late goals - on the counter attack - against Pasarga at the World Cup. Already something of a journeyman aged only 25, Rexmont has played for Cornellians (youth), Dundee, Port Sebastian, and now Chenoworth. He has won rave reviews his entire senior career, leading to him being handed his first cap at the CoH four years ago. He has made the team of the season shortlists in both Schottia and Nephara, catching the eye with his powerful running and thunderous left boot. Although his chances in the Schottia team have been limited due to the presence of Chloe Rudden, so this is his chance to stand out.

10. AMC. Camila Soria Luna, 21 | Image Marine Coast United | Height:176cm Weight:65kg | Caps: 28 Goals: 6
Camila Luna's career has been nothing if not eventful. She first made the headlines aged thirteen, after pledging her allegiance to Schottia as opposed to her island of birth, Port Christopher. On the park she has turned heads for all the right reasons, however, first picking up a U15WC winners medal before going on to win her first cap aged only eighteen. The playmaker left the Schottic youth academy aged fifteen to join up with the Daineri branch of Project +90, where she spent three productive years, before joining Vilitan side, Marine Coast United. Luna is widely regarded as the long-term replacement to Kim Coultan, as a creative attacking player, with a knack for setting up goals. In truth they are very different players though, with Luna representing more of a heavyweight option, better able to handle the rough and tumble.

13. FC Corinne Martel-Burns 23 | Image Polaris | Height:173cm Weight:66kg | Caps: 61 Goals: 51
The fact that she missed the last Independents Cup while facing assault charges in Quebec, strangely seems a rather fitting way to introduce Corinne Martel-Burns. Despite courting controversy at every turn in her career, she has still managed to establish herself as an important player for Schottia. The fact that she is a liability on and of the park has been a price, which Lionel Mah has reluctantly paid for having a world-class striker in the squad. Having a striker who can fashion chances out of nowhere, has arguably been the difference for Schottia over the last three cycles, and a half century of goals in only 61 matches tells its own story. In terms of playing style she is a high-tempo and aggressive player, not opposed to swinging the odd elbow (or fist). It's very easy to write her off as a sociopathic hot head - and maybe she is - but technically speaking she is one of the best Schottia have.


23. GK. Anna Kurovski, 30 | Image Olympic Nassau Bay | Height:186cm Weight:74kg | Caps: 4 Goals: 0
The best female keeper Schottia have ever produced, Anna Kurovski has picked up a handful of caps over the past few cycles. The girl of Acrean parentage has played most of her career in New Gelderland, having started out in the now-defunct Women's league. She has played in the Globe Cup with her club Olympic Nassau Bay, and competes at a high level in the very competitive TL.

14. RB. Louis Hordern, Image Handon United, 21. Height: 181cm. Weight: 72kg | Caps: 0 Goals: 0
Another of Handon United's rising stars, Hordern is a contemporary of golden girl, Dilon Bánach. The right-back forced his way into the starting line-up during the clubs title winning season, and instantly endeared himself to the United fans. Hordern started for Schottia en route to third place at the DBC, and brings a real strength and physicality to the team. He is quick, covers a lot of ground, and for a young player, really seems to have his head screwed on.

15. LB. James Robertson, 27 Image Handon United | Height: 175cm. Weight: 69kg | Caps: 3 Goals: 0
Handon United's title success has propelled Robertson back into the NT set up, after a disappointing run the first time round. A bit part player for most of his career, he got his big break when Colin Donaldson was interim manager, and proved himself to be consistent if unremarkable performer. Robertson is a very good crosser of the ball, and can be entrusted with corners and free kicks from the wide areas. He is one of those players who'll never be world-class, but he can most certainly do a job when called upon.

19. CB Grant Carlin, 22 | Image New Island | Height:188cm Weight:77kg | Caps: 2 Goals: 0
There's a lot of buzz around this young defender, the first New Island player to be capped for Schottia in twenty years. Schottia's most recent DBC captain is tipped as a future star of the senior side, and is certain to add to his two caps at some point. Undoubtedly this young player's future will lie far the New Island, with clubs such as Handon United and Lammerton already said to be circling. Carlin has shown remarkable maturity and composure so far in his young career, and having so much first team experience under his belt at such a young age will stand him in good stead.

22. CB. Jack Cranshaw, 30 | Image Rozelle United | Height:191cm Weight:81kg | Caps: 0 Goals: 0
A call up here is the just rewards for what has been a very steady and consistent career. The former national academy star, spend much of his career with Port Chester Ladybugs in 95X, before recently making the switch to Rozelle United in Brenecia. In making the team of the season, the big defender must have done enough to catch Lionel Mah's eye, as we know he did watch a fair few A-League matches last season. Cranshaw is one of those very steady defenders, who rarely have peaks and troughs in their performances - probably what you want from a defender. At his age, it's unlikely that he will win a lot of caps, but with the manager keen to expand the playing pool, he is well worth a look.

20. RM. Enaas Dajani, Image Metropolon Lights, 20 Height: 172cm. Weight: 64kg | Caps: 0 Goals: 0
A sturdy little winger, Dajani did very well during the last DBC, playing on the right wing. She took the gamble a couple of years back, heading to Drawkland instead of staying at Handon United and acting as an understudy, and it seems to have paid off. The 20-year-old is probably one of the quickest players in the current set-up, and has a down to earth, no nonsense attitude that will stand her in good stead. The impressive thing about this young woman is the way she is always so quickly back on her feet after a knock.

17. AML/C. Liusaidh Kella, 25 | Image Lotus Park | Height:178cm Weight:68kg | Caps: 3 Goals: 2
A surprise find on a recent A-League scouting trip, Kella made an instant impact for Schottia, scoring two in three appearances towards the tail-end of the WCQs. Direct and dangerous, the Lotus Park winger can cause defenders all sorts of problems with her mazy runs, and accurate deliveries. Like most of the players coming out of the Regional Development Academies, Kella seems to be a level headed young woman, and she will be hoping to emulate the likes of Brankovič and Paul, in whose footsteps she follows. While it was deemed a little to early to hand her a place on the plane for WC78, she will likely be given every chance to shine here in the Independents Cup.

21. CM Krista Morham, 23 | Image AFC Corvistone | Height: 176cm. Weight: 66kg | Caps: 0 Goals: 0
Morham was sent into the breach during the Olympic Games, after Schottia's senior internationals were given a rest following a gruelling World Cup campaign. While originally called up as back-up, the Corvistone star found herself centre stage as Schottia's women powered their way to the tournament final. Morham made the switch from West Coast Warriors to the third tier of Nepharim football, joining up with big spending AFC Corvistone. The side's ambitions undoubtedly matched her own; and their large wage budget would undoubtedly have been no draw whatsoever. The side gained promotion last season though, meaning that her gamble of making the Premiership the long way round might pay off. Morham is a model professional, and a good all-rounder in terms of skill set - exactly the kind of midfielder Lionel Mah likes.

12. CM. Kerstin Dornenberger, 24 | Image FC Soessch | Height:180cm Weight:67kg | Caps: 1 Goals: 0
One of the more eccentric members of the team (and for Schottia, that saying something). Dornenberger has put in a lot of hard work over the years, with her performances for FC Döller earning her a move to North Island neighbours, Soessch. The tall and rangy midfielder offers a bit of everything, and will be hoping her versatility means she adds to the one cap she received last year. The midfielder has been in a long-term relationship with former Döllar teammate Mark Ünterhausen since their time together at the club nine years ago.

16. AMC/DM Elizabeth Addison, 26 | Image New Island | Height: 172cm. Weight: 69kg | Caps: 0 Goals: 0
The New Island midfielder will be following her older sister Holly if she makes an appearance for Schottia during this tournament. Ten years ago, the SFA moved heaven and earth to convince the two Arcadian sisters to join the set up, after arriving in Schottia as refugees, and it seems to have paid off. Both are now playing together with club, New Island, and it appears it's the turn of the younger sister, Lizy, to have her chance. She is definitely here as back up, but her performances at youth level have proven that she has real potential.

9. FC. Elspeth Glendening, 25 | Image Port James Athletic | Height:179cm Weight: 67kg | Caps: 5 Goals: 1
Gendening is currently the jewel in the crown for her club, Port James Athletic. The 25-year-old is now reaching the end of her contract however, and that may tempt them to cash in on their prize asset, having previously told her she was going nowhere. Despite her heroics in the SPL, Glendening has never been much more than back up for Schottia, earning a smattering of caps. It's been a long wait for her, but this tournament looks like it could be her last chance to show what she can do, before the manager begins to look elsewhere.

18. FC. Ross Renshaw, 22 | Image Blue Coast 1981 | Height:181cm Weight: 71kg | Caps: 2 Goals: 0
It has been one heck of a year for this young player, who traded the wet and cold of West Belker seven years ago, for the tropical heat of San Marco. Having shown real quality in helping his club to the Globe Cup quarterfinal, he then went on to score a barrel load as he lead the line for Schottia Under-21s. Weirdly, there is nothing remarkable about the 22-year-old: average build, not particularly quick or good in the air. However, there isn't anything he does badly either, and when combined with an excellent work rate and real poacher's instincts, he is clearly a very effective centre-forward.

Formation and tactics


Most likely too...
The following categories operate a depth chart system, taking into account the probability that the player will be on the pitch.
- Corinne Martel-Burns
-Camila Luna
- Steven Rexmont
- Nick James
-Elspeth Glendening
-Ross Renshaw
-Evelyn Conjure
- Liusaidh Kella
- Dilon Bànach
- Enaas Dajani
-Steven Rexmont
-Camila Luna
-Evelyn Conjure
-Dilon Bànach
-Nick James
-Kerstin Dornenberger
- Louis Hordern
- Liusaidh Kella
-Elizabeth Addison
-Corinne Martel-Burns
- Corinne Martel-Burns
-Gareth Souter
-Dilon Bánach
-Evelyn Conjure
-Steven Rexmont
-Molly Killanen
- Esther Abner
-Mark Ünterhausen
-Kerstin Dornerberger

Captian: Mark Unterhausen
Vice-Captain: Gareth Souter
Penalty kicks: Corinne Martel-Burns
Free kick (left-foot): Steven Rexmont/James Robertson
Free kick (right-foot): Corinne Martel-Burns/Camila Luna
Corner kicks R|L: Nick James| Steven Rexmont (James Robertson if on park)

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (I will decide how long.)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N (Y with TG)
Godmod other events Y*
*I'm very open to any interesting ideas on or of the pitch, so feel free to send me a TG.
However, I've always RPed Schottia in a more or less realistic way, so please keep that in mind.
The main thing is don't kill anyone or end their career.

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The Rookies

Series Theme.

Part One. In which we see the calm before the storm.

Mara Mandaric’s Blog

We shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be here, Artem and Rain Delacruz shouldn’t be here, Lucas Alberg shouldn’t be here, and Ricardo Hale shouldn’t be here. All of us young players should be training with our clubs and building up our skills before we head to the international stage, but sometimes, life throws a chance at you and you just have to take it. This is one of those times, and that chance was a callup to the newly formed national team. Let’s be real. We weren’t their first choices, but the BFF didn’t have many options. When you have a country that’s unified in name only, it’s hard to convince all of the best players to team up and forget about their regional ties.

We still have one national team, but it’s representing two flags. The one that I was born under, the blue and white one of the western parts of the country, and the one that I adopted as my own when I went to Morievo. The red and gold one that still flies over the east, even after the civil war reminded the easterners who was in charge in this country. Those two flags are the reason why we’re sending a team of youngsters. Some of the older players, the stars in Liga B, just wouldn’t put their pride aside and play with others from the opposite region. The conflict between the two just runs that deep, and nothing the Federation said could change their minds.

That’s how me and these other younger players, some of whom are just making it into first team roles, ended up here. We’re in Strasburg, staying downtown and training at the Camp Strasburg stadium, and getting ready to fly away to Kel Assuk for the third Independents Cup. We already played one game, where we lost to Mercidini, but that was a decent result. It was our first time playing together as a group, and again, we’re the less experienced side. It’s also a miracle that we were able to keep the game somewhat close, even though we hardly talked.

Everyone is in their own clique, and while we all live and train at the same place while on international duty, it feels like there’s invisible walls between us. We all speak the same language, but it rarely feels that way. It is what it is. I’m sure it will improve in time. I also can’t say that I’m not guilty myself of sticking with a clique. This callup hasn’t been what I expected it to be when I agreed to come, but you, Artem and Rain Delacruz, have made it bearable. Both of you don’t know how much it means for you to welcome me into your circle, along with Niko Komarov.

You, Artem, remind me of the popular kinds of kids who would never give me the time of day before, with your perfect flowing hair and your casual charisma. The other easterners would run through a wall for you, but you never have to put in effort. It’s just how you are, but you haven’t lost your kindness because of your popularity. You haven’t said that you’re too good for someone like me, a high school dropout. And Rain, you’ve helped me too. You have the people skills that I lack, and you didn’t have to use them to help me, but you did. You helped me even when I fucked up over and over again and got myself off on the wrong foot. Thank you. I hope I’ll stay in touch with both of you twins, even when you head back to Selta and I head back to Morievo.

It’s real late at night. I should end this post here. Hopefully this didn’t sound too much like me rambling and complaining about the state of the team, because it’s not. I’m just calling things as I see them. We have a game with Drawkland coming up, and we fly to Kel Assuk next morning. I’ll update you all again when we play them, in our first competitive game.

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sports: independents cup 3 fourth place

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Tag, roster in a few hours ;)
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The Independents Cup is an independent tournament organized by some kind of independent footballing organization, and for the last two editions the independent national football team assembled by independent footballing coach Heinrich Wurzmann was the team sent out to represent the Democratic Republic in this esteemed competition. But now Ranulph Bustamante has decided that the Independents Cup is actually a good place to blood in new players he is considering for inclusion for his next World Cup cycle campaign and he has managed to convince the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft to let him and the official national team take the place of Wurzmann's alternative team in the Independents Cup. This is not a knock on Wurzmann's ability to coach a team; on the contrary, Bustamante just wants a place to develop his youngsters before the main event that is the World Cup cycle.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +3.5
Formation: 4-3-3 (fluid)
Manager: Ranulph Bustamante (52 y/o, Abanhfleft)

GK: Carlos COHEN 28 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image, captain
Carlos did pretty well for himself while he starred in the Di Bradini Cup in Abanhfleft's first few sporting forays into the greater multiverse. But once he became ineligible for the Di Bradini Cup due to his age, he found his struggle to break through the senior national team blocked by the very same obstacle which was blocking his ascension to the first team of Sporting Ceneisis: none other than the Blues' stalwart goalkeeper and captain Maksim Varamoninov. The long-limbed and long-necked keeper held down Ceneisis' number one spot for so many years that Carlos must have surely contemplated moving to another club just to become first-choice keeper. But then Fluvique and Mevosa came swooping in with a big offer for Big Maksim and both Maksim and Ceneisis were crazy not to accept the offer, and that is the story of how Carlos Cohen finally became Ceneisis' number one. Sure, Maksim came back to Abanhfleft after a few years when a Catastrophic Termination Event swept through Fluvique but he signed for Arsenal de Releinthi instead so Carlos continues to be Ceneisis' number one.

RB: Horace POPOV 23 y/o, Farrenton Athletic Image (Eura)
A member of the Fleftic under-21 team's backroom staff happened upon Popov while playing Championship Football Manager and noticed that the kid had high defensive potential. Popov is still a diamond in the rough, but some experience under the wing of Melisizwe Afolayan could see him become a potential star. Whether it's for his mother's homeland Abanhfleft or his birth country Pridnestrovia still remains to be seen, but for now, while he's still under the age of 21, he's Abanhfleft's man. With Afolayan now ineligible, it's up to Popov to make an impact that will keep him in a white shirt. Injuries to Jordan Cervantes and Holland Emilianovski have necessitated Popov's inclusion into the senior team where he has shown that he has what it takes to make a very good impact and he is now fully committed to the Fleftic cause with regards to football.

RCB: Hamad Ahmed KHALED 19 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image (Oontaz)
Hamad Ahmed Khaled is just the shortened version of his full name, which is Mohammed Mahmoud Hamad Ahmed Khaled Salman Idris Muammar el-Sennousi al-Iraqiyah. Try fitting all that onto a jersey. It certainly beats the likes of Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, though, which is why Hamad had it shorted to just Hamad Ahmed Khaled. Hamad is the son of the Emir of Tall Afar with his fifth wife, who is a Fleftic citizen, hence Hamad's eligibility for the Democratic Republic. His strengths lie in his height, aerial ability, and good command of both his area and his fellow defenders. If he develops properly as a player then he could even end up being captain material for both club and country, although having the Emir of Tall Afar carry around a Fleftic passport on his body could cause a problem or two in the Sultanate of Oontaz.

LCB: Ainsley GIBSON 24 y/o, 1830 Cathair Image (Audioslavia), vice-captain
Gibson has large shoes to fill in following the graduation of Rory Edwards to the senior team and Celerino delos Reyes' decision to give the captain's armband to Gibson. Perhaps delos Reyes would have been better off if he had given the armband to Cedric Pearson or Joe Warren, but after Gibson's commanding performance as captain of the under-18s, Owen Bevan would have none of it. Gibson is a speedy center-back, which used to serve as the perfect foil to Kristin Pittmann's rock-solid presence on the pitch, but with Pittmann now ineligible, he's had to work hard to limit his attacking runs, especially now that this tendency of his was exploited by Pasarga in that fateful round of 16 matchup. Somehow managed to get a move from mid-table Submarin Yeralenko in Pridnestrovia to Audioslavia's 1830 Cathair despite all that.

LB: Caleb WAYNE 20 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Image
Caleb isn't a regular starter for any of the junior squads before this, but the few substitute appearances that he made from the bench earned him a big money move to Fluvique's Darwin City (3 million NSD, to be exact). Like many of the defensive players coming through Abanhfleft's academies in recent times, Caleb is a defender, specifically a left back, who likes to bomb forward when the opportunity arises, although he does do his defensive duties as well if called upon, thus giving him the potential to be a wingback or even a winger. He's also quite good in the air and could be relied on when defending set pieces or winning air balls. Now plays for Wanda Island Wanderers after a Catastrophic Termination Event engulfed Fluvique and left him among one of the few survivors.

RM: Cedric PEARSON 26 y/o, Samaj FC Image (Cosumar)
One of the four remaining starters of the original Fleftic Di Bradini squad, Pearson used to be one of the more questionable choices in the starting eleven back when the under-21s first competed in international football, but with age and experience he is starting to prove his doubters wrong, but with a history of being injury-prone Pearson hasn't been able to show good performances for an entire season. His presence will help lock up the midfield, but if he gets injured the Fleftic right side will prove vulnerable. Ced eventually grew tired of being constantly in a relegation battle with Bananas FC and decided to move to Cosumar's Samaj FC when the opportunity came knocking despite interest from FC Brimstone over in Apox as well.

CM: Luĉjo Miĥaelo KLEINMANN 22 y/o, Malabon SC Image
Kleinmann is finally in the starting eleven of a Fleftic national team, much to the relief of Malabon SC fanboys as well as Kleinmann fanboys even thought it's not the official starting eleven of Ranulph Bustamante. Everyone knows how good he is as a central defensive mid, and now he has proven that he can do it on a regular basis after finally earning the starting spot that the now-ineligible Joe Warren once occupied. Well, except for the fact that he was completely and utterly shit in the big game against Pasarga. Is he really as good as people think he is, or is he just another hyped-up talent who can't perform in the big games? Everyone from Ranulph Bustamante to the armchair managers sitting at home in Abanhfleft will soon find out.

LM: Mauro MAGNANELLI 18 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz North End Image, on loan from Rosenpfelblatz City Image
Mauro Magnanelli is good enough for tackling people to the ground and little else, except maybe taking free kicks. It doesn't mean that he can't improve his skills, abilities, and football knowledge though. There's still time for Mauro to become more than just another one-dimensional player. After a good performance in the 3rd Sporting World Cup, Mauro will join Ranulph Bustamante's Independents Cup squad as a central defensive midfielder alongside the famous (or is that infamous?) Lucjo Kleinmann.

RW: Arkady "Arlie" ROZIER 18 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Image
Another Pridnestrovian player born in Abanhfleft who looks like he could be poached by the Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States, although that possibility looks more and more remote now that Ranulph Bustamante has apparently included Arlie in his plans if his inclusion into the Independents Cup squad is any indication. Arlie has serviceable hold-up play but questionable finishing and ball distribution skills. He's also a bit selfish, preferring to shoot the ball himself even if there is a teammate in a better scoring position. But he's just 18 years old. Surely he can learn how to improve himself and his technique, right? Right? Refused a new contract with The Redvale's Maris Rovers and is now back in Abanhfleft playing for Admiral Porcusces.

ST: Prince William LUCKLESS 19 y/o, Duhblakk Rovers Image, on loan from Arsenal de Releinthi Image
No, he's not a prince, and no, he's not really luckless either. That's his real full name: Prince William Luckless. No kidding. He was named after Prince William of the United Kingdom. And if he were indeed truly luckless, he wouldn't be with Arsenal de Releinthi and the Alternative Football Program with his basic striker skills. Both Godric Wexler, Heinrich Wurzmann of the Alternative Football Program, and now Ranulph Bustamante must see something in him to warrant an inclusion into the Independents Cup squad going to Spaam and Kel Assuk. That must be why Wexler, Wurzmann, and Bustamante are the managers and not the average run-of-the-mill football fans who act like they're very good managers just by sitting in an armchair in front of computer. Armchair managers, even.

LW: Garrett KRANTZ 25 y/o, Chernomorets Bratsk Image (Pridnestrovia)
Whatever happened to Garrett Krantz is still a big mystery. One day he was tearing up Unang Liga as a member of the first team of Paulsen FC at just 17 years old and was instrumental to their climb to the Fleftic Premier League and then, like a distant memory of a forgotten dream dreamed long ago, he vanished into the mists of time. No, not really. In the four years that Garrett represented Abanhfleft in the Di Bradini Cup, Paulsen also went through two relegations and two promotions and much like Val Zolnerov, seesawing between leagues just wasn't his cup of tea so Garrett forced a move out of Paulsen despite being offered a contract that would make him the club's highest-paid player in their history. He now plies his trade for Chernomorets Bratsk of the Pridnestrovian Super League where a situation similar to that which he experienced back in Paulsen could very well happen to him once again.

GK: Guildenstern CARDEW
17 y/o, Besanza Emeralds Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula)
Guildenstern Cardew is the younger brother of former Panem striker Silvia Cardew. After Panem was enveloped by a mysterious Catastrophic Termination Event (or CTE), the Cardews eventually managed to wind up on the shores of the Fhulghamous Peninsula Colony along with a large number of their fellow Panemian nationals. Guildenstern was eventually picked up by Besanza Emeralds FC of the Fhulghamousian Premier League. Guildenstern decided to emulate his Panemian idol Walnut Durant and become a goalkeeper even though his sister Silvia is a striker. Guildenstern is also very close friends with Marius Rosenkrantz the soccer player (because of course they would be friends) but it looks like Guildenstern might have something more than just friendship in his eyes and heart for Marius...

GK: Roy RINEY 16 y/o, Thereisnogodistan FC Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula, playing in the Fleftic Premier League)
Now this is probably a sight that you didn't expect to see; a 16-year-old among a bunch of mostly twenty-years-plus players with the odd teenager here and there. Roy is the youngest member of Ranulph Bustamante's experimental Independents Cup squad but not by a big margin as the next-youngest player to him is fellow reserve goalkeeper Guildenstern Cardew. Usually, people would be questioning the inclusion of such a young player in a representative football team but once Ranulph Bustamante took over managing Abanhfleft and unearthed such gems as Robin Riedewald and Tanaka Okamoto, no one questions his decisions anymore. Besides, Riney must have done something right for Ranulph to even consider calling him up, even if it is just for the Independents Cup. Not that Ranulph thinks that the Independents Cup is a nothing trophy; it's still a trophy after all for those nations who aren't affiliated with the Big Three regions of Esportiva, Rushmore, and Atlantian Oceania.

RB: Melisizwe AFOLAYAN 25 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur Image
Afolayan is a no-nonsense defender that doesn't take being skilled around by the opponent lightly. If the opponent begins skilling his or her way around Afolayan then he will just stick out a leg and trip over the opponent, which has led to a disciplinary record filled with yellow cards and the occasional red card. The Rodrigues management claims that Afolayan has the potential to be a wing-back due to his high offensive work rate, but only time will tell if this will become true. Signed by Locomotive Imgortur as a long-term replacement for Charles Amoroso and was a fixture in Abanhfleft's early Di Bradini squads before finally making the cut with the senior national team.

RCB/CB/LCB: Sonny WILLIAM 18 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image (Oontaz)
Sonny is one of the best young players to come out of Oontaz and Botafogo in recent years. A Fleftic grandfather is more than enough to get Sonny playing for the Democratic Republic. He still has defensive liabilities in his game, but there's more than enough time to iron out the kinks. But whether he'll represent Abanhfleft in the senior team in the future is still up in the air, but as long as they have him, Abanhfleft will make sure to enjoy his services while it lasts. Looks like he will be a part of Abanhfleft's future after all as he has been included in Ranulph Bustamante's pool of players as well as the Indepedents Cup squad traveling to Spaam and Kel Assuk.

RCB/CB: Charles VIGER 24 y/o, Kesselburger Kickers Image (Pridnestrovia)
Charlie Viger used to be one of the brightest prospects among defenders in the under-18 group of both Fleftic and Pridnestrovian players and was already knocking on the door of the first team of Vorpommern Nyqvist of the Pridnestrovian Super League looking to become one of the team and league's best young defenders. Then the final of the first ever Sporting World Cup happened and Charlie was part of the Abanhfleft team that conceded five goals against eventual champions Semarland. Charlie's confidence took a very noticeable nosedive and everything that marked him out as a defender for the future vanished and he was eventually released by the club, ending up across the Rheinsee with Kesselburger Kickers. But Ranulph Bustamante still must see the potential in Charlie to warrant an inclusion with the Independents Cup squad. Perhaps Ranulph hopes to re-unearth Charlie's once-again-hidden talent.

LB: Russell FELTNER 21 y/o, FC 23 August Image (Pridnestrovia)
Russ is of a similar case to Charlie Viger but also somewhat different. Russ was also pegged to be one of the brightest prospects to come out of Sheriff Tiraspol, which had begun to challenge the decades-long dominance of CSKA Tiraspol and Dinamo Bender in the Pridnestrovian Super League when Russ first entered the scene. His decline following the defeat to Semarland in the final of the first ever Sporting World Cup wasn't as drastic as that of Charlie Viger but it was still enough of a decline that only a fool would say that he would still probably figure on Sheriff's future plans. Russ was sold to FC 23 August the season before this season but there are rumors that Sheriff included a buy-back clause in his contract just in case Russ finds his earlier form while playing for the Super League's most exciting team in over many years.

DM/CM: Andor GAÁL 20 y/o, Malabon SC Image
Lucjo Kleinmann's fellow Malabonian "wunderkind" is finally stepping up to the plate after spending a lot of time languishing on the bench of the under-18 and under-21 teams. But unlike Lucjo, who is the kind of central midfielder who gets in between the opposition's passing lanes and works to disrupt their offensive rhythm and win the ball, Andor is more of a box-to-box midfielder, chipping in on defensive duties when needed and ready to restart the attack when the ball gets poked out of the final third by the opponents. He's also good for a long-range shot, especially from his left foot, and he has scored his fair share of screamers. He will look to do so for his country on the senior level thanks to Ranulph Bustamante's belief in his ability.

CM: Valery ZOLNEROV 29 y/o, Malabon SC Image, co-captain
After impressing for the under-21s in Abanhfleft's first ever Di Bradini campaign, Zolnerov dropped off the radar after turning 22 and becoming ineligible for the under-21s and turning in a decent-ish performance for Kimmirut Panhandle. However, when he began playing consistent first-team football and helped Kimmirut to return to the Premier League after five seasons in Unang Liga, Zolnerov is back on everyone's minds. After five seasons of watching Kimmirut bounce around between the Premier League and the Unang Liga, Val has decided that he wants to play for a team with a steady league place and went for Fluvique's Saint Matthew for the neat sum of NSD 14.5m. And when Fluvique was wiped out by one of those infamous Catastrophic Termination Events, leaving him one of only a handful of survivors from that nation, Malabon Soccer Club picked him up almost immediately after coming back to Abanhfleft.

CAM: Rory EDWARDS 27 y/o, Riuwiee United Image, co-captain
Consistent for the three years that he'd been playing for the under-21s but never quite managing to lead them to the title, the younger Edwards sibling has made his mark on Fleftic football, but will certainly look to make that mark bigger with his inclusion into the first team of the senior squad. His main job will be feeding the strikers and wingers, but he can and does score some goals from his position. He has now developed the ability to be either a false 9 or an actual striker in his own right.

CAM: Elmo BEVAN 19 y/o, Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula)
Elmo is the youngest son of former Fleftic under-18 football team manager and potential future under-21 manager Owen Bevan. He had a bright future of a career ahead of him; he was playing for Riuwiee United's academy at the ripe young age of 15. But that's all in the past. Now, Elmo plies his trade with the Fhulghamous' Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza at just 19 years old, not the place where someone of his age and potential would be expected to end up in. But if his inclusion into Ranulph Bustamante's Independents Cup squad is any indication, it looks as if either Ranulph or Owen or maybe even Elmo himself may want to revitalize his career.

CAM/ST: Tracy RIVERA 19 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image
Little outside of Mereilles know the name of Tracy Rivera, who back then was just another prospect toiling away in Ceneisis' "infamous" youth academy. Or at least that was how the handful of people outside of football knew him before he was somehow caught up in the controversy involving the Vacek sisters, Allie and Sive, and their less-than-optimal relationship with the club. Tracy reportedly told the club's internal investigation of Sive's misbehaviors both inside Throckmorton Bridge and out and he also made no secret that he didn't particularly like either Vacek. He was a part of the second Fleftic Independents Cup squad which was knocked out by the edition's eventual champions Bonesea and makes a return as part of Ranulph Bustamante's new and experimental squad of youngsters.

ST: Vitaly ZIMA 23 y/o, Imperial Markovsky Image
Vitaly Zima is the twin brother of Arkadi Zima of Revolutionary Nordskania, and they've had quite a contentious relationship outside of football. Vitaly is a one-dimensional striker who is good at getting into spaces and poaching the ball in dangerous areas, but other than that, he's not a remarkable player. No one's really sure why Vitaly has been included to the Independents Cup squad, except maybe to provide a contrast to his more prominent brother Arkadi, who's made a lot of waves recently. He scored goals in the Independents Cup and made himself look like a world-class striker so that has to explain why he was included in the qualifying pool. And then he started in the World Cup proper in place of the recovering Kevin Kelvin and now he's back in the Independents Cup so that must mean... something, yes?

First Team

KITS (by Adidulas)

Win-loss record:
95-31-43 (penalty shootouts counted as draws)
First international match: VS Pays den haut (W 2-1)
First win: VS Pays den haut (W 2-1)
First loss: VS Isula ge Ru (L 1-0)
Biggest win: VS Ramosverg (W 5-0), VS The Icemark (W 7-2), VS The Icemark (W 5-0), VS Hirvania (W 7-2)
Biggest loss: VS Turori (L 5-0, 8-3)

MD1: Abanhfleft vs the Selkie @ Taabeka Arena, Taabeka, Spaam (cap. est. 60,000) W 2-0
MD2: Abanhfleft vs Aggrey-Fynn Land @ Taabeka Arena, Taabeka, Spaam (cap. est. 60,000) W 4-3
MD3: San Regada vs Abanhfleft @ Taabeka Arena, Taabeka, Spaam (cap. est. 60,000) W 2-1
RO16: Abanhfleft vs Spaam

To be expanded/edited when I have the time...
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The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Nicknames: The Wavy Ones, The Superstars, The Red Bottoms (players)
The Galaxy, The High Tide (fans)

RECORD: 19-7-15 (Competitions: 19-5-11, Friendlies: 0-2-4)

Games PlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal Difference

65th place, 10.04 points

First Game: Aggrey-Fynn Land 0-0 Furbish Islands (Baptism of Fire 65, Group C, Game 1. Nilemas Football Stadium. Nilemas, Spaam)

First Win: Aggrey-Fynn Land 5-2 Miloscia (Baptism of Fire 65, Group C, Game 3. Nilemas Football Stadium. Nilemas, Spaam)

First Loss: Aggrey-Fynn Land 2-3 Legatorum (Baptism of Fire 65, Group C, Game 2. Nilemas Football Stadium. Nilemas, Spaam)

Largest Win(s): Aggrey-Fynn Land 4-0 Sarrbia (World Cup 78 Qualifiers, Group 7, Matchday 10. Sunrise Stadium. Sunnyside, Aggrey-Fynn Land.)
Aggrey-Fynn Land 4-0 Mytanar Region (World Cup 78 Qualifiers, Group 7, Matchday 15. Trill Stadium. Trillville, Aggrey-Fynn Land.)
Aggrey-Fynn Land 4-0 San Regada (Independents Cup 3, Group F, Game 1. Taabeka Arena. Taabeka, Spaam.)

Largest Loss(es): Aggrey-Fynn Land 2-6 Schottia (Independents Cup 3, Semifinals. Paatukar National Stadium. Paatukar, Spaam)

Highest Scoring Game: Aggrey-Fynn Land 5-3 Ceni (Cup of Harmony 70, Round of 16. Stadio Del Mar. Sebio, Eshan)

1. Gordon Whitlick- 6 goals
2.Tanner Grammy- 5 goals
2. Jones Strong- 5 goals
4. R.J. Duval- 4 goals
5. Quintavius Tracy- 3 goals
5. Ronald Johnson- 3 goals
5. Justin Green- 3 goals

*under construction*

Baptism of Fire 65: runners-up
World Cup 78: did not qualify
Cup of Harmony 70: quarterfinals
Independents Cup 3: third place

Baptism of Fire 65 runners-up
Independents Cup 3 third place

Aggrey-Fynn Land's National Anthem- "Glory to the New Wave"


The 65th Baptism of Fire was Aggrey-Fynn Land's first jaunt on the international stage. The team got off to a rocky start in the group stage, where a 5-2 win against Miloscia was needed on the final day in order to advance. Aggrey-Fynn Land did very well at the tournament overall, going all the way to the finals. They finished second, losing a extremely close final in Drawkaland Drawkland to Solsteed Soltsteed, 3-2, with Emma Gryndhout scoring the winning penalty for the Stallions.

Aggrey-Fynn Land managed to punch above their weight in the World Cup 78 qualifiers. They beat The Isles of Avon (who were ranked about twice as high as them at the time) twice, and they thrashed Sarrbia (ranked 110th at the time) 4-0, which was Aggrey-Fynn Land's largest margin of victory at the time. With the help of unlikely victories against teams Aggrey-Fynn Land was expected to lose to, they managed to pose a threat to the other teams in Group 7 and have a shot at qualifying. However, Aggrey-Fynn Land's hopes of qualifying for the 78th World Cup were dashed after the 16th matchday, with a 1-3 defeat to Semarland.

Aggrey-Fynn Land had a good showing at the 70th Cup of Harmony. They got past the group stage on goal difference, with one win, draw, and loss apiece. In the Round of 16, Aggrey-Fynn Land got what would probably be one of their most memorable victories. They beat then-ranked #16 Ceni in a goalfest, 5-3. They then bowed out to the eventual champions Qasden 2-1, with Owais Lumière getting the go-ahead goal for the Blue-Reds.

The Independents' Cup is Aggrey-Fynn Land's next tournament, where they hope to make a good impression on the multiversal footballing world, keep up the good work, and finish off a great year for Lander soccer.


All players and staff are Aggrey-Fynn Lander unless otherwise specified; All clubs are Aggrey-Fynn Lander unless otherwise specified.

Manager- Jerry Simmons- 64 years old
Lovingly nicknamed "The Grey Fox" by his players, Jerry has been playing the game since he was a boy. Due to his age, he has seen a lot of football and thus has many tactics and concepts he implements on his team. A successful run in the Baptism of Fire tournament has earned him the trust of the FA and the admiration of the fans, so he appears to have the job for the time being.

Jerry Simmons plays in a defensively minded 4-4-1-1 formation with a style modifier of -2. His aim is to play a slightly conservative game. The plan is not to preemptively attack, but to hold possession and build from the back. The team holds back until they can find a hole in the opponent's defense, and then ruthlessly exploit it.

This is the typical starting lineup, barring injuries or suspensions.

Assistant Manager- Donny Tremors- 31 years old
Donny is relatively young for a coach; some even still mistake him for a player! Don't let this fool you though, he has been Jerry's understudy for 6 years and has gained considerable knowledge about the game. When Jerry decides to retire, he has been tipped by some pundits to be his successor. He has a bit of a temper, and can go off on his players or the officials at any moment.

Right Back- Quintavius Tracy #14 - 24 years old - Sauce Gods
Started playing soccer at the age of 16 and fell in love with the game. Like Tanner Grammy, he has an array of skill moves that he does not hesitate to use on his opponents. As a result of his skill, he plays with a bit of flair; it is not uncommon to see cheeky flicks and headers from him.

Center Back- Renato Milan #23 - 23 years old - Trill Boys
He got his start in soccer by designing his local club's kit as a boy. Eventually, he joined the team, learning quickly and becoming one of the best center backs in the country. He loves the limelight, and he escapades off the field often distract from his achievements on it. When he is focused on the game, his reckless personality turns into a collected one, and he can easily win a tackle for his team if needed.

Center Back- Justin Green #2- 28 years old - Clout Boys
He is small for a center back, and this made many people write him off early in his career. This just made the natural chip on his shoulder even bigger, which helped in his rise to the top. Notable for his pinpoint passes and energetic personality. Another asset is his stamina; he never seems to falter during games, even in difficult conditions.

Left Back- Gee Francisco #46- 33 years old - FC Bassalona
He was inspired by his dad to start playing. Coincidentally enough, he became a left back just like his dad. He uses his pace to run up and down the left side of the field and help out his teammates. Despite his age,
he does not appear to be slowing down; he has said that he hopes to still be able to play at this level for years to come.

Right Mid- Ronald Johnson #22- 24 years old - FC Samueltown
Known for his excellent through balls and easy-going nature, Ronald has been playing since his school days. A key component during forward plays, he slings the ball to the attackers and creates chances. He is a compassionate person, and regularly volunteers for charities in his spare time.

Center Mid- Jones Strong #4- 25 years old - Wavy Boys
Just like his name suggests, he is very strong. His physicality is a huge asset to the team, but he does tend to get more yellow and red cards because of it. He takes part in body building competitions in his spare time.

Center Mid- Roman Kendrick #38 (Captain)- 33 years old - FC Bassalona
Although he is one of the older people on the team, he is one of the most influential. A born leader, he planned to go into politics at first, until he realized that he could control people all the same on the pitch. A real creative outlet; not only can he connect with other players to make big things happen, he can also take the ball himself to create a chance.

Left Mid- R.J. Duval #16 - 28 years old - Climbers
R.J. likes to joke around off the pitch, but on it he is no joke. His deadly shot and pace makes him the X-Factor on the team. He was key to Climbers promotion campaign this year. In his spare time, he does stand up comedy.

Attacking Mid: Tanner Grammy #7- 22 years old - Club Euphoric
His play is very flashy. Since he has played almost all his life, he has mastered many ball tricks, making him even more difficult to account for. He is a singer-songwriter in his free time, and occasionally his songs are played on the radio.

Attacker: Gordon Whitlick #10- 20 years old - Golden Boys
He grew up very poor. This gave him a work ethic unmatched and led to him having lots of success in the game even at a young age. Despite his high skill right now, he still has lots of potential, and is tipped to move to a bigger club outside Aggrey-Fynn Land to continue developing.

Goalie: Jahseh Twins #1- 30 years old - FC Samueltown
He was a soccer star when he was young, but then he ended up working for an insurance firm. Two years ago, he got back into the game, and took his spot back as the country's premier keeper.
His ball skills leave something to be desired, but he makes up for it with his sure hands.

Captain: Roman Kendrick
Penalties: Gordon Whitlick
Short Free Kick: RJ Duval
Long Free Kick: Ronald Johnson
Left Corner: Quintavius Tracy
Right Corner: Tanner Grammy

Substitutes and Reserves
Almost all of them are under the age of 20, as Simmons wishes to develop his youth talent. These are high potential players, who are tipped to break into the team sooner or later.

GK- #40 Ryan Gatwick- 17 yo - Cheese City
CB- #89 Jayquil Server- 19 yo - Park United
CM- #8 Pierre Hanes- 16 yo - Climbers
ST- #9 Yves Grant- 20 yo - Wraith Talk
RB- #3 Handel Nicholas- 22 yo - FC Bassalona
LM- #49 Forest Banker- 18 yo - Club G
RM- #68 Jesus Rowland- 20 yo - Clout Boys

LB- #44 Ice Lincoln- 16 yo - Cozy Boys
CAM- #5 Ronaldo Great- 19 yo - Unity United
ST- #35 Jimmy Desmond- 22 yo - Central
CM- #39 Franklin Denver- 23 yo - Club G
CB- #77 Nick Coleman - 18 yo - Wavy Boys


The main change made to the kits for the Cup of Harmony is that the Lander FA's alternate logo now shows up on the Home and Goalkeeper jerseys.






In short, I'm cool with almost everything as long as it doesn't entail a) rendering my players or staff unable to perform their duties for a extended period of time or b) a mass booking of my players/staff. I will reciprocate your actions. When in doubt, TG me first.
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IAC-3 Roster

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The sky is crashing down on your head. There is the sound of deafening thunder, as heavens continued to cascade towards the ground. The celestial roofing is torn asunder as great, broken shards of blue sky strike you on the head and shoulders, shaking you from your feet. As the earth's tectonic plates shift and grind together, the earth tilts this way and that, as you lose all sense of direction. The world is ending, and as you lie there, blinded and disorientated, you're glad. It's not a moment too soon.

But you're only drunk again. Finally your living room carpet comes into a blurred half focus, although it takes you a few seconds longer to work out which way is up. The horizontal keeps switching to the vertical, and the vertical to the horizontal. It's like your head has spent several minutes in a minutes inside a tumble dryer, and the fluid in your ear is whirling like a vortex.

You're stuck in something - amongst stuff. It's books, magazines, CDs, bookshelves. You're on your back. You're not on your back. You're. You're sitting. You're sitting in the bookshelves, yes, somehow your inside, or you must be...

You crawl out, but it takes some time. You're cold but you're sweating. It takes some time. It takes some time but you make your way into the kitchen; the floor tiles are hard. You know you should get something to drink, the sink is full of unwashed dishes, but you empty stagnant water from a mug and refill it with the stuff from the tap. You're so pissed. You get the water down but it doesn't sit easy, no fuckin way that's going to stay there for long. Here it comes and there it goes. A gut full of stale beer and half digested chips now mixing with the dishwater. Again, more this time, gushing out at speed through your mouth and nostrils. A third time and it feels like it's going to force it's way out of your tear ducts. It's back-breaking work, but you feel a wee bit better. Just a wee bit. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand, before slumping down against the kitchen unit. Your breathing is heavy, but your nose is blocked. You place a finger to each nostril, ejecting as much as you can into the palm of your hand, before wiping the lumps of partly digested chips on your bare leg. Where the fuck are your trousers? You try to snort back the rest to spit it out, but the volume surprises you, and it triggers your gag reflex. A mouthful of stomach bile slides down your t-shirt landing in your lap.

Transcripts from my appointment with Corinne Martel-Burns: 22/8/2026. Dr Elena Durí BSc MSc MSc PhD

ED: Hi Connie, please take a seat. Can I get you a tea or coffee? Or is water okay?
CMB: I'm fine.
ED: It's good to see you again, you're looking well. How have you been?
CMB: Fine, yeah.
ED: We had that really positive chat last time, I've got the notes here. You were looking forward to getting settled in Whitehaven. You thought the change would do you a lot of good, it seemed like a forwards step. That's what we've always talked about, taking steps forward - even if they might seem small.
CMB: Yeah. [Pauses] Yeah, it's fine. It's fine I suppose. [my emphasis]
ED: Just start at the top. Tell me what's been happening. Remember I'm just here to listen; anything you tell me is confidential. Is there anything you want to talk through? The house, the club, the city?
CMB: [there is a long pause, the patient seems reluctant to make eye contact, but eventually shrugs and laughs.]
ED: Nothing?
CMB: [Shakes her head]
ED: So how are things going on the pitch? You were a little concerned about trying to adapt to football outside of the - what was it called - Q-League?
CMB: Yeah. Shite. Not been playing well.
ED: Okay. We've spoken about ways you can try to deal with that; ways you can keep a lid on the frustration and anxiety before it leads to aggression. Have you been...?
CMB: [She shakes her head, cutting me off.]
ED: What's been happening?
CMB: Just. Just really really, can't be fucking bothered anymore. [Patient wraps her arms round her legs, tucking her knees under her chin] I just don't think I have anything else to say, sorry.
ED: Have you been keeping a handle on your aggression on the park?
CMB: [Patient shrugs]
ED: You seem very low Connie; would that be fair to say?
CMB: [Patient shrugs]
ED: What do you think we can do, here, to try and help you through that?
CMB: I think I'd just like to finish here for today. I need a bit of fresh air.


The slide.

'CMB in the house?' Dilon Bánach offered Connie a high five as she entered the players' lounge of the National Training Centre, just outside Handon. Dilon was sat in one of the armchairs, with her hand held out lazily over her shoulder. Connie accepted it, returning a half-hearted slap with her fingers. It was impossible to tell if Dilon was taking the piss or not, but she had nothing to gain by leaving her hanging. They were surrounded by teammates, many of whom were already weary of her, and some unfriendliness the second she walk in the door wasn't going to do much for team building. Connie and Dilon had both been in the Handon United youth system at the same time, although there had been a couple of years between them. Even as a fourteen-year-old, the way Connie was wired made socialising impossible. She was up one minute and down the next, arranging to meet up then deciding on the walk over there not to bother. She had mood swings, switching midsentence from the life and sole of the party, to a bottomless pit of depression. People only gave you so many chances, there were only so many times you could frighten them or let them down before did their best to avoid you.

'Hey Dilon?' Connie said lazily, with a nod of the head. Dilon was a fucking boy's name anyway, no? Connie became suddenly aware that she was receiving a few strange glances from the other players, and to be fair, she probably looked a right state. Her unwashed black hair was tied back tightly away from her face, and if her eyes looked as tired as they felt, then she most likely had the appearance of a corpse.

'Na?'* Dilon said in response. The Handon United star looked the polar opposite. Clean, healthy, sharp as a thistle. Connie had now worked out what was happening at least. Dilon was trying to show her new teammates that she meant business; squaring up to her like this in some show of bravado. She wanted to be the kid who walked up to the barking dog. Dilon had been in the squad throughout most of the World Cup campaign, but hadn't played all that much. Connie could only guess, going by this display, that the manager had made it clear to her that she'd be featuring a fair bit over the next fortnight.

'Yeah, it's going okay I guess.' Connie just wanted to get through the door at the end of the room, and into the shower. The big swing doors looked so inviting, as did the solitude which lay beyond them. 'Ye'alright Steve?' She caught Steven Rexmont staring.

'Yeah-yeah, I'm good Connie, thanks. You?' He quickly redirected his gaze into his lap.

'Aye. Not so bad.' This was fucking unbearable. How long did she need to stand here before it was okay to just leave out the other door? The pressure was all self imposed. She had been through this with Dr Durí a thousand times. Connie needed to get it into her head that people weren't out to get her. There were a million reasons people looked at you, and just as many reason for a room going quite, it wasn't necessarily to do with her. But it was, it always fucking was! Time was slowing down. Connie could feel her heart thumping inside her chest. Her cheeks were flushed, and it felt like blood was pouring into her pale face. The other players were all busy with their phones, or talking quietly. About her?

'So what's happening to that Polaris team?' Harry Gould, the big goalie, the muckle, big farmer's laddie asked from his chair in the corner. He likely meant nothing by it, probably attempting to fill the silence, assuming wrongly that Connie could take a gentle ribbing.

Connie fought hard to keep her face neutral, as the corners of her lips twisted this way and that. Nick James got up and left the room, unable to bare the tension her presence had brought any longer. Eventually though, Connie's face settled on a smile, an uneasy smile, but a smile nonetheless. 'It's....' Fucking hell! What do normal people say to this kind of thing? '...not, going... brilliantly.'

'Aye, ah ken that.' Maybe when you were a big broad shouldered chap like Harry, you didn't need to worry too much about poking proverbial wasps' nests. 'But four points after ten games, what's that aw aboot?' He looked around the room to see if anyone else was laughing - and when it became obvious they weren't - he decided to plough on anyway. 'I watched a bit of the game with Fort - fuckin - Roy, on the tele, ken. What the hell happened there?'

Esther Abner pretended to check an invisible wristwatch then ran for the exit, closely followed by Anna Korovski, who didn't even bother trying to disguise it. The atmosphere was now thick as cold porridge, and probably about as comfortable as sitting in it. Whoever drew the short straw of sitting next to Connie on the way to Spaam was going to be in for a hellish journey.

'I don't know.' She answered weakly, as she felt her eyes focus on some invisible point in the middle of the room. It was maybe some coping mechanism, as her senses became deadened, and time seemed to come to a standstill. It was a feeling she was having more and more; almost like an outer body experience. Was it possible for your soul to get so sad that it left the body behind? Could you're existence be so pathetic, so loveless, that even your own spirit gave up on you?

*A Schottic greeting meaning 'Well then?' or 'So?'

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The Scottopian Isles Football Association (SIFA), one of the eldest football associations in Astyria, has overseen the operations of the domestic league since 1872 when they hosted the first competitive season between 8 teams, all of which were from the cities of New Greenock & Urquhart which are just 17 miles from each other across the Urquhart Channel. 4 teams still remain today from these original 8, which are New Greenock Football Club, New Greenock United, Rangers Football Club & Urquhart Rampants. Travel between more distant islands was difficult for a grass-roots operation at first and was confined to the 2 cities.

By 1902, the game had become extremely popular across the islands and SIFA moved forward with the establishment of the Island League for teams from the Council of the San Joaquin Isles and The Northern League was created for those hailing from the northern & eastern regions of the Isle of Scottopia while rebranding the New Greenock/Urquhart competition as the Southern League. East Kilbride Football Club, MacKenzie City, MacKenzie Whitecaps, Milpitas Bay, North Shore United & Real Junipero Serra are all teams that still exist to this day from these expansion leagues.

By the 1920s, transportation technology had allowed further distances to be made in shorter times allowing the merger between the separate divisions within Scottopian Football into a singular body in 1926. To great success, 20 teams now competed in 2 divisions with a promotion/relegation system between them. Unfortunately, the Scottopian Civil War and then the Great Astyrian War where to break out soon after, which placed a hold on the activities of SIFA until the closure of hostilities almost a decade later. Due to a majority of the leagues players being drafted, many teams ceased to exist during this time.

With the resumption of games following the end of the Civil War & the Great Astyrian War, several new clubs were created by funds of the SIFA to fill in positions left by teams that no longer existed, to continue with the 20 Team/2 League system with such teams as Cappielow Cavaliers, Davanzas United, Port Elisabeth, Scottopia City and Scottopian Capitols joining the fray. To create a bond of national unity following the war, the option to crate a National Team was also undertaken.

In the decades following, many teams came and went but the league had expanded to 32 teams who competed in 3 divisions and continued this fashion until 2015 at the creation of the Elite Astyrian Football League, of which the Scottopian Isles Football Association is a founding member. At that time, 16 Scottopian teams were chosen to represent their home nation in the first Multi-National Football League in the region which consisted of 64 teams from 12 countries in 4 divisions. The EAFL was created to bring a higher professional level of play to more Astyrian nations in hopes to create further excitement and talent region wide, which has now expanded to 120 clubs from 24 countries in 5 divisions. The Scottopian Isles hosted the inaugural Terra Indicium in 2016 and were crowned their first champions, and look to defend their title in the upcoming games.

The Scottopian Isles national team along with other footballing nations from the region of Astyria were fundamental in the establishment of the Astyrian International Football Association (AIFA), which began the Astyrian Cup of Nations, competing yearly since 1968. Since its inception, the Royal CommonWealth has hosted the event 3 times (1971, 1988 & 2017) and have been crowned champions twice (2008 & 2009). The Bluebirds were just the 3rd team in AIFA history to successfully defend their title, and the only team to do so in the modern era of the tournament. In addition to these feats, they were AstyCup Runners-Up in 1967 and have been Semi-Finalists 4 times (1978, 1989, 1996 & 2015). They have also competed in the Baptism of Fire LX, Cup of Harmony LXX, the Independent Associations Cup II & III as well as World Cups LXXIII & LXXVIII.



Number - Name - Position - Club Team
#1 Andrew Rimandos - Goalkeeper - Real Junipero Serra
#2 Graham Armstrong - Defender - Port Elisabeth
#3 Douglas McEdison - Defender - New Greenock FC
#4 Richard Goulding - Defender - Cuidad de Fresno
#5 Kyle Santos - Midfield - MacKenzie City
#6 Angus Ferguson - Midfield - Urquhart Rampants
#7 Scott McCulloch - Midfield - Rangers FC
#8 Jakob Van Drimmlin - Midfield - Paradise City
#9 Allistar Peterson - Forward - Scottopia City
#10 Micheal Baxters- Forward - Scottopia City
#11 Nick Hernandez - Forward - New Greenock United
#12 Andy Castle - Goalkeeper - Rangers FC
#13 Ian Jonstone - Defender - Colchester Landing FC
#14 Craig White - Defender - New Greenock FC
#15 Jaun Navarro - Defender - Deportivo Stockton
#16 Brian Moore - Midfield - Rangers FC
#17 Vince Loufall - Midfield - New Greenock United
#18 Paul Callaghan - Midfiled - Paradise City
#19 Clint Kingsbury - Forward - MacKenzie City
#20 Ken Hugen - Forward - Milpitas Bay
#21 Chris MacKenzie - Forward - Port-au-Prosperite
#22 David Watt - Forward - Scottopia City
#23 Marc Snelders - Goalkeeper - Jandara FC

Manager: Douglas McCann
Assistant Manager: Alberto Garcia
Team Medic: Dr. Jamie McCalvin

Style: +2.5
Formation: 3-4-3

Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Yellow Cards to my Players: Yes
Godmod Red Cards to my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes


The Royal CommonWealth of Scottopian Isles is a tropical archipelago located in the Southern Hemisphere of Astyria. Located exactly in the center of the Scottopian Straits, the country has always been a bridge between Eastern & Western cultures in the region and its diverse population & culture stands to represent that. The population is over 56 Million who have established a Democratic Socialist society, with orders of government and national affairs ran by a Prime Minister & Parliament. However, the nation is in fact a Constitutional Monarchy with Heads of State being King Scott James & Queen Elisabeth, who have ruled for nearly 3 decades as part of the House of Raithbheartaigh. The nation has a tremendous economy due to tourism, strategic shipping routes, plentiful natural resources & produce. The citizens enjoy great Civil, Economical & Political rights, of which they are proud to be a beacon of light within Astyria.


The islands were formed by volcanic activity initiated at an undersea magma source. The process is continuing to build islands as the tectonic plate beneath much of the ocean continually moves southeast and the hot spot remains stationary, slowly creating new submerged volcanoes. This volcanic activity and subsequent erosion have created impressive geological features including the fifth-highest point among the Astyria's islands. Because the islands are vastly distant from other major land habitats, life is thought to have arrived there by wind, waves & wings. This isolation, in combination with the diverse environment including extreme altitudes changes, tropical, grassy and arid climates along with deep & shallow water shorelines, produced an array of endemic flora and fauna. The Scottopian Isles have more endangered species and has lost a higher percentage of its endemic species than any other Astyrian nation.

The islands are well known for the environmental diversity that occurs from sea level to the high mountains within a trade winds field. On any island, the climate around the coasts can range from dry tropical (less than 20 inches/ 510 millimeters annual rainfall) to wet tropical climates on the higher up slopes. Environments range from tropical rainforest (more than 200 inches or 5,100 millimeters per year), through a temperate climate, to alpine conditions with a cold, dry climate. The rainy climate impacts soil development, which largely determines ground permeability, affecting the distribution of streams and wetlands across the archipelago.


The Scottopian Isles climate is typical for the tropics, although temperatures and humidity tend to be less extreme because of near-constant trade winds from the East Scottopian Straits. Summer highs usually reach around 88°F/31°C during the day with the temperature reaching around 75°F/24°C at night. Winter day temperatures are slightly lower around 83°F/28°C. At higher elevations they can dip below 65°F/18°C at night. Snow, not usually associated with the tropics, has fallen at heights near the 13,500ft/4,200m summits on the Isle of Scottopia in some winter months, which can be expected from the second-highest average annual rainfall within Astyria, at about 460 inches (12,000 mm) per year. In actuality though, Royal CommonWealth only experiences only two differing seasons; the dry season runs from May to October and the wet season is from October to April.

English and Native Scottopian are listed as the archipelago's "official languages" in the countries modern constitution. It specifies that "Scottopian shall be required for public acts and transactions only as provided by local law", which essentially gives the right of the local area in question to interpret how to conduct linguistics. Locally it is referred to as "Scotto", and is the native language of many native residents and is a second language for many families descending from settlers to the islands. As of the 2015 Census, 64% of Scottopian residents exclusively speak English in their homes or at business. 31% of residents know or speak some form of Scotto while only 17% are considered as fluent speakers. 11% of the population can speak some form of Spanish due to historical colonization efforts and 9% can speak other languages from Astyria. The Census determined that 36% of the Royal CommonWealth is bilingual.


Some key customs and etiquette within the archipelago are as followed: When visiting a home of a family, friend or acquaintance, it is considered good manners, even in business transactions, to always bring a small gift for one's host, were most commonly drinks, food or flowers are issued. Thus, most parties are usually in the form of banquets were multiple guests each bring a plate to share. Most locals take their shoes off before entering a home that is not theirs, were to not do so is considered rude. But if you happen to forget, the host may not tell you to do so, as ironically it is also considered rude. It is also customary for families, regardless of ethnicity, to hold a large community celebration for their child's first birthday as the culture of the nation is that it takes multiple individuals to truly help raise a child. It is also customary at Scottopian weddings for the bride and groom to have a blend of Scottish as well as Scottopian influences, in addition to their own decor. However, something that is tricky for foreigners to grasp is how what to call somebody from the islands, where the wordage a person uses has to be very careful to keep harmony between the various cultures. Non-native citizens will refer to themselves as Scottopian, but say it in a form such as "I /am/ Scottopian" in reference to their nationality. Where as native Scottopians will proudly say "I am /a/ Scottopian", to reference their cultural heritage.

The cuisine of the country is a fusion of many fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats & other foods brought by immigrants to the isles, including the earliest native cuisine and those of Scottish, Spanish, Indo-European & Oriental origins. Plant and animal food sources are imported from around Astyria for agricultural use in Scottopia, while major agricultural exports of the nation is our tropical fruits & vegetables, which grow year round in the tropical sun. Poi, a starch like substance made by pounding taro plant, is one of the traditional foods of the islands, and is known to be the best natural product to give a nursing child asides their mothers milk. Seafood, Pork, Chicken and Beef are all used frequently in these meals across the islands, although over half of traditional meals are seafood orientated. Rice is a complementary food with all meals in the Scottopian Isles


Traditional Scottopian folk music is a major part of the countries heritage. The native people have inhabited the islands for centuries and have retained much of their traditional musical knowledge through story singing. Their music is largely religious in nature, which includes rhythmic chanting and dancing. Music and dance has an enormous impact on the identity of each islands or regions of bigger islands, as it is the story of their separate ancestors. Additionally, each set of settlers such as the Scottish & Spanish brought their own flavorings of music such as Bagpipes, Drums, Guitars and other instrumental stylings. The influence of such was declared a "unifying factor in the development of modern Scottopian culture".

Scottopian Isles National Stadium
Location: Scottopia City, Council of Capitola
Capacity: 100,000
Home to: Scottopia City & Scottopian Capitols
Opening Year: 2007
About: A most impressive sight, located just outside the capitol city's financial district is the largest venue within the Royal CommonWealth is the Scottopian Isles National Stadium, or 'ScotStand' as the local population tends to refer to it as. The stadium as it is today was constructed on top the ground that once hosted the former Scottopia National Stadium which was built in 1926. When several safety concerns were addressed in the early 2000's, a consortium between the Scottopian Isles Football Association and the government led to the development of the National Stadium with an increase from 60,000 to 100,000 capacity. 'ScotStand' is the center for football within the Scottopian Isles, with all domestic tournament finals being played there. It also hosts a majority of the National Teams home games when playing international opponents. Being so, the stadium contains a Scottopian football museum, adjacent training complex and a restaurant overlooking the field with a view of Scottopia City.

James Watt Park
Location: New Greenock, Council of the Inverclyde Isles
Capacity: 75,000
Home to: New Greenock Football Club & New Greenock United
Opening Year: 1989
About: During the 1980s, the 2 teams from New Greenock were dominating the Scottopian Premiership with both teams winning a combined 21 of 30 available trophies during the decade. Both being historically established teams, the idea that their current grounds were to small for each of the New Greenock fan base was evident to both the United & FC support groups. Although the cross-city rivals may just be the most fierce in all of the Royal CommonWealth, both teams came together to create their new stadium. At was once an aged horse racing track, the grounds were raised and the current stadium was established which at until 2007, was the largest stadium in the Scottopian Isles.

Royal Colliseum
Location: Urquhart, Council of South Scottopia
Capacity: 65,000
Home to: Urquhart Rampants
Opening Year: 1961
About: In an effort to bring prestige back to the city after the transfer of the nations capitol to Scottopia City, officials for Urquhart envisioned a grand stadium to which they could one day host the famed Astyrian Games or the Olympics. In collaboration with King William, the city erected the Royal Coliseum close to the southern shoreline to catch the view of the ocean liners than frequented the Scottopian waters. Although the Olympic dream has yet to come true, the stadium was host to the 1966 & 1982 Astyrian Games to grand audience at home and abroad. While it is one of the largest venues in the Royal CommonWealth that only one premiership team calls their home turf, the arena is also known to be the second home to the national squad.

Estadio de San Francisco
Location: Milpitas Bay, Council of the San Joaquin Isles
Capacity: 55,000
Home to: Milpitas Bay
Opening Year: 1998
About: The largest stadium built outside the "main islands", the Estadio de San Francisco is the pride of the San Joaquin Isles with their distinct and varied culture that is found nowhere else in the Royal CommonWealth. But just like the main islands, the love for the beautiful game is just as strong where the grounds hold the distinction of having the most games played by the National Team outside of the Isle of Scottopia. As with most within the Council of San Joaquin, a majority of the population can Spanish as well as Scots-English, giving the stadium its Hispanic name and alternate design than the norm from the rest of the country.

MacKenzie Dome
Location: MacKenzie City, Council of the Northern Highlands
Capacity: 45,000
Home to: MacKenzie City & MacKenzie WhiteCaps
Opening Year: 1993
About: With the conditions of the Northern Highlands being a different than the tropical beaches and rainforests found across the rest of the islands, the 5th largest city in the archipelago constructed the MacKenzie Dome, the only indoor arena within the country. With the bubbled construction of the venues roof, it keeps the elements that usually harass MacKenzie City for the better part of the year that interrupted games in the decades before. Another stadium that is home to two teams within the Scottopian Isles Football Association, it gives an easy advantage to the home sides at the elevation of 793ft, the highest elevation of any Royal CommonWealth stadium, which can wear down the opponents not used to the change in oxygen levels. Although not home to many national team games, they do use the facilities to prepare for oversea's games that are at higher elevations.

Morton Stadium
Location: Cappielow City, Council of the Auchendowrs Isles
Capacity: 30,000
Home to: Cappielow Cavaliers
Opening Year: 1995
About: Built into the rockface of an older quarry, Morton stadium sits above Cappielow City with great views down to the oceans edge. With the grounds not having a Eastern or Western section, the stadiums design is unique and found nowhere else within Astyria. The arena's tiers tower above the playing field bringing an intense feel to the crowd watching in the Auchdowrs Isles at the most southern facility in the Scottopian Isles.

City of Davanzas Stadium
Location: Davanzas, Council of the Wasatch Isles
Capacity: 25,000
Home to: Davanzas United
Opening Year: 2011
About: One of the more recently built within the Royal CommonWealth, the design of the venue's roof mimic's with the contour of the nearby mountain's ridgeline that is perched above the city of Davanzas where from a lower elevation, can blend into the surroundings. But make no mistake once you are inside the grounds, the atmosphere is one that rivals the "main islands" love of the game that does not easily hide into its surroundings.

Queens Waterside Park
Location: Port Elisabeth, Council of the Huntington Isles
Capacity: 25,000
Home to: Port Elisabeth
Opening Year: 2013
About: The newest stadium in the Scottopian Isles and one of the most unique in Astyria, the Queens Waterside Park was constructed under direction from King Scott James who also designed the entire project. Built in beautiful Port Elisabeth in Huntington's Harbor, the venue was a gift to the Queen to host her hometown's team's matches. The Queens, as it is referenced as, has been praised on numerous architectural milestones where floating platforms keep the pitch steady even during not so agreeable weather, but it does already claim the fact that more official game balls have been lost here than all other stadiums in the Scottopian Isles combined.

Commonwealth Bank, "Prosperity for all..."

The Daily Telegraph, "First in news for the Royal CommonWealth..."

Scottopia City International Airport, "Now you're going places..."

Scottopian Isles Automotive Technology, "Driven..."

Scottopian Isles TeleVision, "Entertaining the Masses..."

ScotRail, "Scottopia, beyond the shores..."

SuperFerry, "No better ways, to cruise the waves..."
Royal CommonWealth of Scottopian Isles
Proud member of Astyria, East Astyrian Treaty Organization & the World Assembly
Capitol: Scottopia CityRoyal Cities: MacKenzie City, Port Elisabeth, Urquhart
Major Cities: Cappielow City, Davanzas, East Kilbride, Kamehameha, Milpitas Bay, New Greenock
Heads of State: King Scott James & Queen ElisabethPrime Minister: Brian P. Beahm
Government: Consitutional MonarchyCurrency: Scot §2.7015=NS$1Population: 56 MillionArea: 95,617 sq mi

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Postby Spaam » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:14 pm

Yes, that Spaam
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Postby Mercedini » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:14 pm


Manager: Elidyr Lyndainium Image
Formation: 4-4-2
GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Callum Polasic 28 Image Sporting Cenial
GK Max Jarvis 23 Image Saabham Forest
GK Edgar Farsal-Smith 17 Image Opal United

LB Liam Koi 16 Image Pinnacle Project
LB Anzor Kuznetsov 25 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik
CB Alexander Ytandev 19 Image Zholvi Athletic
CB Liam Dosic 27 Image Elspachia
CB Liam Toivonen 20 Image Real Qad City
CB Craig Tranev 31 Image AC Bornice Italia
RB Issac Catessic 25 Image The Northern Blue Lions
RB Thomas Di Sansev 16 Image OAS Royal FC

LM Jakob Vaselko 29 Image Elspachia
LM Vadov Pavlek 26 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik
CM George Antonov 22 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik
CM Johannes Nymark 22 Image Zoloroni City
CM Johnny Markus 18 Image Kelsey Merchants
CM Johan Karlovic 17 Image Krsthaven
RM Ross Presic 23 Image Somer City and Surrounds
RM Matthias Dawsell 20 Image Dynamo Shebchetsik
ST Charlie Alotic 26 Image West Gundar FC
ST Daniel Dostalok 20 Image Handon United
ST Misha Spartoni 16 Image Rosenpfelblatz North End
ST Henry Clifton 23 Image Saabham Forest

After their manager departed in the break after the most recent World Cup, Mercedini begin a new chapter in their national team story as ex-Myrmidon and Cenian NT manager Elidyr Lyndainium takes the helm for this coming Independent's Cup to try and win Mercedini's first footballing trophy under his watchful eye. It might be tough for Lyndainium to live up to expectations in the coming year, although with his sporting prowess back in his homeland of Ceni, he may well be the man to take Mercedini back to the World Cup and firmly put the Golden Eagles back on the sporting map after a disappointing World Cup campign coupled with their fourteen place drop in the World Cup KPB rankings. His attacking style of play will certainly please the fans and with big players like Billic, Chillotov and Dostalok all at his disposal, it may be the case that Mercedini can bang in the goals at future tournaments if the players and managers gel in the right manner.

Despite losing his debut match against Ceni by a narrow margin of one goal to nil, he soon managed to get Mercedini back on the winning track with a further two wins. The first was a convincing win as they travelled to Bojikstan and put four past them in what was an entertaining affair and marked his first win as Mercedinian manager, the match finished 4-2 with all the familiar faces on the scoresheet. After that, the team travelled back to Mercedini for their third and final friendly match before the start of the Independent's Cup in Kel-Assuk and Spaam. In what turned out to be Lyndainium's first home match in charge of the Golden Eagles, they welcomed their close friends in Cosneolta which was watched by a coapacity crowd inside the Sports City Stadium, with fans from both nations eager to see the new arrival in action for his first home game. In a game which saw Cosneolta and Mercedini deliver attractive football, it was a great match for the neutrals and when promoting the football of both nations, it will sure to be the one people refer too. A Daniel Dostalok strike in the second half proved to be the difference in that one with the Mercedinians celebrating their new managers tactics along with their 1-0 win igniting hopes that they could be back on an upward trajectory next time around. Two wins and one loss in Lyndainium's first three matches is a decent start, especially given the prowess of the teams he was playing, it's just a matter of time until we find out whether he can turn those results into trophies and medals.

For his first competitive tournament, Lyndainium names a squad which could be considered an alternative national team with many of the nation's big names absent from the list plus some well known names in the realm of youth players and some untried names from newly promoted in the MPL. It is a gamble at such an early stage in his tenure, but many are comparing his roster to what Bonesea last time when they sent their secondary players and won the whole thing last time round when they won it all when we hosted it with Schottia. Plenty of familiar names are in the mix including Schottia and Bonesea who are favourites to win the tournament for a second time, but there are also teams such as Flardania who finished fourth last time aswell as Abanhfleft and Drawkland who are consistently putting in good performances at tournaments like this. We may have to go some to math our bronze medal finish last time, but the groups seems to a fallen rather favourably for us, it's just a case of whether we can do it right on the day to get through.

Speaking of the groups, there are a couple of familiar faces when it comes to who we will play along with an established face who we will face for the first time. New Scaiva & Horshenwurst are close allies to Mercedini and a nation which are becoming a regular of this tournament despite not compteiting at the World Cup just yet. These two nations have played each other only once before despite their close proximity to each other, a 4-1 in a friendly at the Zoloroni Sports City Stadium is the only indication of a result between these two teams, they may be confident about getting three points but it wasn't all plain sailing for Mercedini. If New Scaiva can get their defending in order then anything is possible when it comes to these types of competitions. Mampris is another team who is a regular at this tournament but doesn't compete at a World Cup level, and another team who Mercedini have played once at their home stadium. They met them at the group stage of the last IAC championships and beat them 2-0 on their way to a third place finish, there is a possibility for a bit of revenge from Mampris and do to Mercedini what Mercedini did to them previously, although it's another team that Mercedini can beat to secure their place in the knockout rounds. Finally, and possibly the team that could challenge Mercedini for the top spot is the United States of Devonta who are ranked only fifteen places below us in the KPB rankings. They are the only team in the group that Mercedini haven't played as of yet so they may prove to be a dangerous unknown for Mercedini, however patchy performances have led their team to drop a number of places in recent times, they will be challenging us for the top spot in the group and with Bonesea looming in the Round of 16, top spot will be the one that teams are aiming for to postpone a potential match with the second best team in the championships. Plenty for the fans and pundits to sink their teeth into, it's a question of whether Mercedini can deliver on the night.

If you want to know more about Mercedini, feel free to TG me about the team

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (no killing/career ending)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes (max. 2)
Godmod Other Events: Yes (no killing)

Style: +3
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