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PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 5:21 am
by West-East Timor
Tenburg wrote:
Jack maintained a good poker face as he looked at his lap times. Faster seven out of ten laps, faster average lap, faster overall time, faster best lap. Although, he did overdrive on one lap in particular and found himself spinning a full 360 as he made the turn onto the front stretch. Need to avoid that sort of thing.

Jack still wasn't totally satisfied, as there were a few occasions where he lost significant time because he was trying too hard.

"Thank you, Mara, and as I said in the email, I appreciate this opportunity very much, You have a fantastic car, and I think that no matter which one of us lands the seat, you're gonna have a quality driver." He nodded to Dom. "Honestly I was less concerned with setting fast laps and more concerned about catching him... You didn't make it easy, my friend." This got a few laughs.

His phone, which at this point was in his hand, buzzed. A message from Myra.

Need to get to the airport soon. Almost done?

"Ah, seems I have a plane to catch. Dom, best of luck. Mara, thank you again."

Togonistan wrote:
Dom felt both relief and joy when he was driving his car back into garage. He was really concerned about how the car would handle, but once he got behind the wheel, he was pleasantly surprised. Dom got himself out of the car and went next to Jack to take a look at the screen. Considering it was his first time ever driving a real WGP2 car, his lap times were not that bad after all and even though his performance was worser than Jack's in almost every aspect, Dom was still rather pleased with himself.

Dom was still looking at his lap times when he heard Jack saying something about him being hard to catch. ''Well, I tried,'' Dom said and smiled.

When Jack was about to leave, Dom nodded to him. ''Good luck to you aswell,'' he said and went to take one last look at Katara's car. ''You indeed have a nice car here, seemed very stable and reliable. Anyways, I have to go aswell. Good luck to your team, and be sure to let me know when you have come to some sort of a decision.'' Dom shaked hands with Mara and everyone else before he left the garage.

"Well, you both are talented.", Mara answered to Jack saying Dom is hard to catch. "It's gonna be a really hard choice between you two. I'd sign both of you if I could. It's a shame I can't."

"So alright, then. You both will hear from me. Thanks for your compliments regarding our car, we've been working really hard on it. Goodbye then."

Mara, Katja, Andrew and Timo shook hands with both drivers.

"Ok. Timo, Katja, Andrew. I suggest we all meet in Baranburg soon to make this decision. It's really not an easy one..."

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:03 am
by Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
Nexus Racing HQ, ???

Timothy Guard sits in his office, still bathed in a warm emotional glow from the WGPC. He runs through the memories of that Audioslavian Sunday, smiling as he does so. First and second. Not bad for a first try. Not bad at all…

Ryker had come back to a great many celebrations on that day, for obvious reasons - Marika too, given her resurgent performance in the last race. The latter is probably bound for that new Serbian outfit of hers and, despite the fact that she had tailed off in the second half of the season, Timothy wishes her well; she had given Nexus Racing a fantastic start to it.

As for the new World Champion, he needs time to collect himself. The entire team by this point knows about his somewhat destructive misadventures with one Maria Cattaneo, leaving Ryker with an odd mixture of triumph and regret that he needs to resolve. Plenty of people are on hand around him to help him deal with it, of course, but, with next season’s car in the intermediary phase of its development, he will have plenty of testing to help take his mind off it too.

Ah, yes - testing. Half of the reason for what we’re doing next.

Gertrude, ever the opportunist, had leapt on the chance to get some valuable competitive data for new stuff that she wants to put into the second iteration of the Ultra High Speed Ground Vehicle, a desire which Timothy had only been to accommodate. After all, the more honed and refined Nexus Racing’s WGPC 16 car is, the better.

The other half? Nexus Racing needs a driver development programme - and quickly, too. Some new WGPC talent in the form of Mercer-Daly will do well for the team, certainly, but the team ideally needs fresh blood - and just throwing rookies into the gauntlet of the WGPC with a car whose mechanics are most likely entirely alien to them is not, suffice to say, advisable either. A place to nurture them and prepare them for the challenges ahead is a far better idea; WGP2 is a suitable vehicle for that.

With that in mind, Guard considers his options. One driver that he has had on his mind for a while is Esmerelian Rebecca Darlington; he maximises a window on his monitor that he has had open for a while now, displaying a montage of her driving performances, then leans back in his chair to watch. She has consistency on her side, which is good, but I’ve yet to see anything resembling flair… For all that the media’s been saying about Ryker’s reliability over last season, that was only half of the reason for his Championship victory; the other half was because he could consistently outwit and outmanoeuvre his opponents in on-track battles. He is a daring and quick-thinking fighter and I don’t think that Rebecca is that yet.

The question, then, is one of whether we can teach her to be…

Guard’s thought process is cut off by an email from communications. Apparently Rebecca’s agen- scratch that, Jean Mercer-Daly’s agent, of all people, had asked whether Rebecca could trial for the team. The whole point of a development programme is that we won’t have to do trials - we’ll identify talent in the making and give them the conditions to grow until they’re ready for the WGPC.

At that moment, Guard comes to a decision. In that case, teaching her how to fight is exactly what we’re going to do. We’re having her.

Then he looks over the remainder of Karl’s email, in which he details some interesting news. The team has apparently received a call from one Devin Dekkers, agent to Luna Estrella, seeking to ascertain the team’s interest in the driver, an Ironite with a background in prototype racing. Apparently Karl has done some quick digging for him, too, given the links at the bottom of the email, and calls what he has found ‘of substantial interest’.

Hmm. If Karl thinks that she’s interesting…

Guard clicks on the first link - something about an awards ceremony, apparently - and reads.


Timothy Guard, eyes considerably wider than before, slumps back in his chair and rests his hand on his head.

I cannot believe that we almost missed this. We need a better talent scouting programme.

He leans forward and makes a note of it before he can forget, then returns his mind to the task at hand.

Luna Estrella is good. Really good. She crashes a little too often, certainly, but the talent is clearly there.

And now nobody’s going to take her on. What a waste.

He grins slyly.

Unless, of course, we do.

Guard gets typing.


That afternoon, the following message drops into the inboxes of Devin Dekkers and Talia Thornton:

From: nrcomms@nexusracingwgpc.nim
Subject: WGP2 Drive Offer

Greetings! I am pleased to be able to inform you that, rather than any preliminary testing, Nexus Racing will be unconditionally offering drives to Rebecca Darlington and Luna Estrella for the upcoming WGP2 season. Along with competing in the Championship itself, this will include a programme of driver training with a mind to equip our drivers with skills which they will need to acquire and to hone and refine their extant talent before competing at the sharp end of the WGPC - hopefully with us! Make no mistake: this is a fantastic opportunity to both secure a place in the highest level of worldwide motorsport and to prepare oneself for it.

Should Luna and Rebecca choose to accept our offer, please respond at your earliest convenience so that we may provide transportation to our headquarters in order to hammer out contracts and begin work as soon as possible. We have quarters reserved for them and, should you wish, yourselves there which, along with all amenities, will remain available throughout the season’s course and should be the most convenient option for accommodation, though flying in and out each day from the First City or elsewhere will be possible, distance notwithstanding.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Karl Rain, Nexus Racing Head of Communications and Public Relations

P.S. Please find the non-disclosure agreement pertaining to the secret military testing complex adjacent to our headquarters and its location attached.

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by Vilita and Turori

Vilita & Turori Motorsports Development Center, Eelandii, Turori :: Juracai Klianiota was certain about one thing as the WGP2 Pre-Season was getting under way: He had no intention of driving for a second rate team.

As the unofficial test driver for Vilita & Turori Motorsports and a key part of the team that developed the famed Chassis X and Chassis Y platforms that dominated the WGPC 14 season; Klianiota knew that he needed to put himself in the best position possible for the good of his career. Having not yet broken through as a WGPC race seat driver, dropping down to WGP2 and not being succesful would be far more damaging to his future prospects then would simply not participating in WGP2 at all.

So, when relatively unknown entities Obey Sport GP from Esmerel and Katara Racing from West-East Timor sent out invitations for drivers to participate in an open test at their circuit, Klianiota was particularly disinterested.

However, a conversation with his friend and mentor iBen Toralmintii began to give Klianiota a new perspective.

Klianota professed to Toralmintii how the only teams they could really picture driving for were Yogutz Lantzia, Novikov Racing and Nexus Racing. Of course, Juracai would also consider familiar teams like Tropicorp Engineering, MSA-SinVal and perhaps even Vannish Motors but it would have to be a good paid offer for them to even be in the running.

But Toralmintii's perspective was different. Toralmintii highlighted the fact that even if Klianiota didn't take a drive with Obey Sport GP, they could have a strong engineering package and it would be in Klianiota's best interest to understand as much about their car as possible - particularly its limitations - just in case they were competing head to head in race situations.

So, following Toralmintii's advice, Juracai Klianiota picked up a messaging device and keyed in a test application.

To whom it may concern; Obey Sport GP;

Please consider this my formal application to attend the open test for the First Driver slot at the Raleigh Hill Circuit testing session. Please advise on accomodations at or near the course and any further requirements for my attendance and participation in the test event.


Juracai Klianiota

After that, Klianiota got on the horn and reached out to Yogutz Lantzia to setup a test session of the L2.5 at the Akialden Ducal Autodrome. Klianiota figured at worst they would get to test drive one of the best cars on the circuit - and at best they would secure themselves a primary driver seat in one of the few rides on the circuit with enough on-track experience to be competitive from the start.


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by New Scaiva and Horshenwurst

Jonus Martin stared out his window in Alderakt with a deep grin on his face. Behind him was a group of Scaivans and Horshenwursters alike, sitting around a long cedar table with little NSH flags on each end and a toy Model 40XB in the middle. Among them included Marcus Schwarz, NSH's WGP2 driver, Eisen Martin, father of Jonus and former principal of Junix, and Jeb Arkhet, cheif engineer of the racing team.

Gentlemen. I have brought you all here so we can discuss selecting our secondary driver for WGP2. As you can already see...

Jonus turned around and focused his eyes on Marcus, whom stood their in a scarlet suit...weirdo.

... Mr. Marcus Schwarz will be Junixwagen's Primary driver for WGP2, following a history of companionship in the past and a pretty penny of a contract to be NSH's own #89 car.

The group clapped faintly for Mr. Schwarz as all he could do was smile.[i]

But, unfortunately, Junix cannot rely solely on Marcus for the championships. What we need to stay afloat ahead of time is what the others are already doing, signing two drivers. I propose that, for the second driver position for Junixwagen, we hold a tryout session consisting of 10 laps around a circuit other than Centra in NSH. The fastest and best drivers will be considered the most for the roles, however,
personality is another factor I believe we should consider. All those in favor?

[i]Everyone in the room raised their hands in approval.

Fantastic! Now to find the perfect course for the job. I prefer to have the venue be somewhat of a challenge, but still manageable to tackle in less than 3-4 minutes. Any ideas are welcome here.

The press in the room began blaring out the multiple names of vistas across the two Novapaxian islands. Meanwhile, the engineer jotted down four venues himself. He handed the paper to Jonus, who smirked and silenced the room.

Alrighty, it seems Jeb has named a few good candidates. Let's see, Skevvy, the Marina, Ploker Heights, and Vilchi. Let's put it to a vote, people. Please write one of the said onto a piece of paper, and give it to Arkhet. This is how we will decide...


ATTENTION: Testing for the Secondary driver position on the official Junixwagen WGP2 racing team is now open for potential candidate racers.

For all of those intrigued to race alongside the NSH flag, congratulations! From now until a later date, applications for Junixwagen Motorsports are open. There will be 12 spots open to those still interested after we blatantly repeated the notice above. To apply, simply email JMJunix@xymail.nsh or telegram Junixwagen and request your preferred spot. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible, and will also message when trial dates are set in stone.

SPOT 1: Vacant
SPOT 2: Martijn von Leeuwen (ULX)
SPOT 3: Cesaro Whittaker (EFL)
SPOT 4: Vacant
SPOT 5: Vacant
SPOT 6: Dom Falepeau (TGN)
SPOT 7: Cocoabo #23 (V&T)
SPOT 8: Vacant
SPOT 9: Vacant
SPOT 10: Vacant
SPOT 11: Vacant
SPOT 12: Vacant

The trials will consist of 20 laps per driver, with each driver given the choice of driving a yellow or red Model 40XB. The venue will be the Terrace Bullwix in Vilchi, New Scaiva. Below is the general route of the circuit, including inclines, pastures, and insane twists.


Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to let us know! The trials will commence on June 22nd, 2017.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:25 am
by West-East Timor
Katara Racing Headquarters
West-East Timor

Mara, Timo, Katja and Andrew had gathered in Mara's office.

"I assume you all know why I wanted you here?"

"My teammate. Right?"

"Correct. Your teammate. So... Falepeau or Kelly?"

"Just to let you know, there are rumours Luna Estrella might still be some kind of interested..."

"Estrella? Well..." Mara hesitated. "Well... No. No. It would be unfair against Jack and Dom. I mean, they had come to Pänkili to test the car, they both hope to get the seat I think... If we signed Estrella or only invited her to a test after she didn't even answer my e-mail... No, it would be unfair. We'll either take Dom or Jack."

"Alright. And... Who of them?", Katja asked.

"That's what we have to discuss... Of course I have an opinion, but I'd like to hear yours."

"Alright. Well, I don't know that much about what makes a driver good or not... Regarding media presence, I'd say they're equal... Both aren't too interesting, but not uninteresting either. I think if Falepeau, coming from stock car racing, did well in WGP2 that would get us some attention... But I don't if he'll do well. Kelly seems to be a better driver. But I really don't know. I wouldn't want to make a decision."

"Timo, would you eventually prefer one of them as a team mate?"

"Well, I think they are both nice guys. I'd get along with both of them I guess. So, I would not prefer anyone of them regarding this. I'm not shure if Jack is actually that much better. He's been driving formula cars for a long time, Dom isn't used to them and did really well considering that... Still, I couldn't make a decision either. And well, I don't have to."

"I know, I have to make it... Alright, Andrew? You're my advisor regarding drivers, so..."

"It is a hard decision, indeed. So, Kelly is currently a better driver. He is used to formula cars, he had better lap times, and he has proven in the past to be a very, very talented driver. But, Falepeau has done very, very well too, and taking into consideration that he has been racing stock cars before, he looks promising, as Timo said. So, alright. Kelly would enshure a good performance. He has proven what a good driver he is, and he'd definitely gibe us some solid results. Dom though is more of a risk. Once he knows the car better, he could become a big surprise, maybe he could even become better than Kelly. But, he could also turn out to be a disappointment, and do as you'd expect a former stock car racer to do in a formula series: not very well. We currently simply can't tell. And, we don't know how our car will do compared to the other cars. So I think a solid driver like Kelly would be a better decision. If I had to decide it, I would decide to take Kelly."

"These were my thoughts as well. Dom can be really good, he indeed is talented... But we don't know. But we know for shure that Kelly is fast. So Dom might be very good... But we know that Jack is very good..."

"So... Kelly?"

"Kelly. Yes. I think I'll send some e-mails now..."

From: katararcing@omnimail.wet
Subject: WGP2

Dear Jack,

I'd like to inform you that the team has discussed the topic, and I assume you'll be delighted to hear that we have decided to offer you a contract at Katara Racing for the upcoming WGP2 season. If you plan to accept that offer, I propose you visit me at the Katara Racing Headquarters at Larana Ave. 25, Baranburg, West-East Timor. Let me know when you've got time, and we can discuss the details of your contract.

With Best Regards,
Mara Katara
Team Principal

From: katararacing@omnimail.wet
Subject: WGP2

Dear Dom,

I'm writing to inform you that we have decided to make Jack an offer to race for Katara Racing in the upcoming WGP2 season. We still think that you are incredibly talented, and I really hope to see you as an opponent in WGP2. Stay motivated and give your best to sign at a good team. You'd deserve to be a WGP2 driver.

With Best Regards,
Mara Katara
Team Principal

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by Togonistan
Kaylan Motors Racing HQ, Tushlark, Togonistan

Dom Falepeau and Ralph Felan were sitting in the office. Ralph was smoking a sigar and had a glass of whiskey with him, while Dom was sitting beside him. Ralph had called Dom to discuss about his results at Katara Racing test.

Ralph: ''So, how was it? How was it to drive with a WGP2 car?''
Dom: ''Awesome. I felt insecure at first because it accelerated so quickly, but to be honest, the car handled really well.''
Ralph: ''Great, and the team, have they contacted you yet?''
Dom: ''Well, they e-mailed me and said that they are going to offer a contract to Jack Kelly. I'm not surprised really, as he is clearly way better than me.''
Ralph: ''No, don't underestimate yourself. It was your first time driving a WGP2 car, it would've been a miracle if they offered you a contract right away.''
Dom: ''True, but now that i think about it, i feel i could've done better. Just a little bit.''
Ralph: ''Look Dom, Katara is only one of many teams participating in WGP2 this season. There are loads of other teams looking for a driver. Obey and Junixwagen are both holding open try-outs and who knows, maybe some teams are even going to approach you directly.''
Dom: ''Mr. Felan, may I ask you something?''
Ralph: ''Sure, but please, call me Ralph.''
Dom: ''Why didn't Kaylan sign up their own team to WGP2?
Ralph: ''Sorry Dom, but this is kind of information that only management has right to know of. But I can tell you that we strongly considered this and we have a very good reason why we didn't do it just yet.''
Dom: ''Right. Well I guess I should sign up for some more try-outs then.''

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:23 pm
by Vangaziland
After some negotiations, Vannish Motors Racing signed Jenna Vandersen. She wasn't the most experienced racer in Vangaziland. She was actually a Baroness, a member of one of the lesser Royal houses. They basically represented a state in the way a figurehead emperor might represent a state. It came down to negotiations and commerce. They did dip their hand into government with several direct roles tied to control of provincial government offices.

Jenna was still young. She'd done the few military years expected of a Vangazi Royal. She earned her bachelor's and a good part of her masters. She was still studying when she could. But a young Royal is expected to have hobbies. Jenna was always into cars.

She was well known at most track that sold time on the course. She would travel across Vangaziland, spending a week at different tracks. She did this for three of her summers off from university. She also found her way into some amateur events.

Her family negotiated with VMR to give Jenna a chance. The Vangazi figured she was worth the risk. If she didn't have what it took, they could switch her out. The contract left room to move her to a training spot on the roster. So even though she was signed, there was still an opening.

Vannish Motors seized on her image, casting the new driver in a commercial for the 2017 Roland 6.0x. The VM Roland debuted in 2014. For mid 2017, a new six-liter v8 was introduced. A smaller, turbocharged v-8 was previously available. The supercharger was pulled and the largest engine they could fit was stuffed into the bay.

It has been known to be Vangaziland's take on a luxury sports sedan.


The commercial showed Jenna parking a 6.0x along an abandoned urban landscape, looking down on a hill. There were no words, just aggressive music. It was a mix between urban, trance and rock. The beat was slow and somehow, a sophisticated mix of those raucous elements.

The car was in a new color to hit the market, called Moonbeam. It was a medium shade of grey with a hint of dark lavender to its metal flake.


The car zoomed in on the headlights and grille. The 6.0x came with RGB headlights. There were LEDs around a central projector bulb. There is also an LED ring around the assembly. They all can shift between red, blue, purple, yellow and artic white. Tuners can really get into this system. Aftermarket controllers can make the lights dance in patterns and shift across the complete range of colors, creating shades. They can even tune each set of LEDs to change color independently.

The LED scene is big in the current tuner market and Vannish Motors is looking to capitalize.

The more you tune your lights, the more it can cost. Vannish Motors provided a basic RGB capability, right outside the box. In countries where such lights are illegal, there will be white LEDs and Xenon projectors.

This commercial will be airing during the broadcast of WGP2, e-GP and Hodori races broadcast in Vangaziland and anywhere else Vannish Motors sells its cars and can buy airtime.

Jenna hasn't raced yet, but in her first few days, she's already sold cars. From the company's standpoint, that's what this was all about. Selling cars. But they were competitive people. Those people did want to put out the best team they could. They wanted the fans to have a show.

The commercial finished with a mention of the company's website where the stats could be looked up, with all sorts of info including a "Build Your Own" feature.

Unit Price: $78,500
Engine: 6.0L V8
Drvetrain: AWD
Power: 505 hp @ 6,000 rpm; 480 ft lb of torque @ 4,500 rpm
Transmission: 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic
Wheelbase: 112.4 in (2,855 mm)
Length: 192.7 in (4,895 mm)
Width: 74.6 in (1,895 mm)
Height: 53.7 in (1,364 mm)

MPG: 16 city/25 highway
0-60: 4.3 seconds
1/4 Mile: 12.4 seconds @ 116.3 MPH
Top Speed: 180 mph (drag limited)
Lateral Grip: .91g
Braking 70–0 MPH: 151 ft

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:41 pm
by Vilita and Turori

Tropicorp Engineering Design & Administration Center, Tropicoast, Tropicorp :: Tropicorp Engineering principal Gary Cook started sifting through the list of drivers available as free agents for the upcoming WGP2 Season. There were some well known drivers - and some complete unknowns. Shots in the dark.

Cook flirted with the idea of setting up a test session to welcome prospective drives to the Eelandii Grand Prix Circuit in Turori to get an idea of who would be a best fit for their ride. However, with multiple test sessions already planned outside of Atlantian Oceania, Cook decided the logistics would not make sense. Cook would have to attend other test sessions in person to have a look at the other drivers.

Of course, Tropicorp already had an idea who their second driver would be. The scientists, researchers and conservationists had been working alongside the Cocoabo Preservation Society in the Cocoabo Forest for the Cocoabo Park Enrichment and Enhancement Project (CocoPEEP). While they have already famously enabled the return of the Cocoabo to international footstport competition; one of their more closely held projects was the development of a flock of Cocoabo capable of the decision making capability required to pilot World Class Motorsport machines.

Cocoabo #23, the pride of the Racing Flock - nicknamed 'Fast Cocoabo' - is in line to take one of the two seats in Tropicorp Engineerings WGP2 fleet. That is, so long as Fast Cocoabo continues to prove they can handle the responsibility in closed circuit testing.

In order to ensure Cocoabo #23 was able to pilot succesfully with and against other non-Cocoabo competitors, team principal Cook decided to enroll Cocoabo #23 into the 20-lap open test session with Junixwagen GP at the Terrace Bullwix in Velchi New Scaiva.

Of course, for Gary Cook, there was still the possibility of sending Cocoabo #23 off to race for a different team - such as Junixwagen - if he could otherwise secure the services of two higher quality drivers from outside the Vilita & Turori Motorsports stable.

Of course, Vilita & Turori driver Juracai Klianiota is on the market but is expected to be eying a team with a greater pedigree such as Yogutz Lantzia over a new entity such as the Cook-led Tropicorp team. Other drivers believed to be on Cook's radar include Audioslavian driver Renho Virzi, Eastfield Lodge's Dalia Dahl, Astograth's Lukar Urdaneta and Luna Estrella of the Iron Syndicate.

ImageImage Image
ImageImage Image
ImageImage Image
ImageImage Image
ImageImage Image
ImageImage Image


PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:20 am
by Esmerel
Rebecca Darlington
South Vauxhall, Rosetta, Esmerel
Monday, June 11, 09:00

Another lovely morning came in the great country of Esmerel. Not the overwhelmingly superior one, mind that, but one that deserved its strong place in the world.

It was morning, which meant breakfast, a few hours of daylight, and sitting down to watch The Real World with Eric Vaughn on the TV.

And something else Rebecca had forgotten. Checking in with her agent. And today was the big day. She was twenty minutes in to the hour-long program before the phone rang. Several times over.

She only picked it up two minutes later. On the other end was a lady that did not seem impressed.

"Rebecca! You sure took a while. Did you forget to check in again?"

"I guess I did. Really, I'm sorry. What is it?"

"Your request to test with Nexus. They said you won't need to test with them. You're going to be one of their drivers. Equal status."

Rebecca didn't even care she wasn't first driver. "Sign me up, then."

Talia did as such.

To: nrcomms@nexusracingwgpc.nim
Subject: Contract Accepted

Dear Karl,

Apologies for the extended wait between the contract proposal and our reply. We were busy.

However, we are glad to hear of the news, and as such confirm Rebecca Darlington will be signing for Nexus Racing as an Equal Status Driver. You may come to Esmerel and pick us up. We're ready. Below you can find further contact information and addresses.

See you on the Wardship.

Regards, Talia


That same day, Obey sent out this message:


Due to the necessary amount of signatures being reached, the test now has a finalized date of Wednesday, June 14, at 02:00 PM.

Do not be late.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:55 am
by Tenburg
Jack quietly sipped at his beer as he watched his national team play in the World Baseball Classic, only putting it down to applaud as the right fielder crushed a ball and drove in a run from third to tie the game. His phone vibrated just as he was about to pick his beer back up. It was a text from Myra.

Obey have a firm date for the test now. June 14th. Any thoughts on Katara?

He replied:

I want to at least run with Obey before making a decision. Junix also looks like a good prospect; might move in on that too.

He picked his beer back up and managed another sip as it vibrated again.

I hope you're not trying to start a bidding war I'm not ready for...

He replied:

Not at all. Just want some security. It's nice to have options.

While his phone was in his hand, he flipped over to his mail app and sent out a few emails.

To: JMJunix@xymail.nsh
Subject: test drive

Good evening,

Please consider this an official declaration of my intention to attend your open test. Any slot is fine; I have no preference.

Thank you,
Jack Kelly

To: katararacing@omnimail,wet
subject: RE: WGP2

Dear Mara,

I am more than ecstatic that you have offered me the spot; honored, in fact. That said, before testing with you, I had scheduled a few other tests with other teams. I'd like to make my runs with them before I come to a final decision.
Thank you again for the opportunity to drive your car.


PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:39 pm
by Aboveland
Lintulahti, Nord maakunta, Aboveland
Lintulahti International Circuit
Novikov Racing HQ

"So, Axel," Sven said, walking into the meeting room and sitting at the edge of the exceedingly long table just for him and his boss. "Who do you have in mind for the test?"

"I have a few shortlisted drivers. We've started too late."

"It's never too late, don't worry. Pass me the-"

"How is the car?" Axel said, cutting him off.

"We can speak about that la-"

"Tell me."

Sven sighed. "We ran the car on Layout A to refine the engine and it's properly powerful now, surely among the fastest cars in the championship. We also did some more laps on Layout C to tweak some aero settings for fast, medium and slow corners. It's definitely ready to muster up a storm."

"Okay. Strap me in later."

"Got it. Now, on to the drivers. Pass me the list, please."

Axel pushed the folder with his index finger and slid it across the polished wooden table. Its pages flapped as it came to rest at Sven's fingertips. It had two columns: fast and reliable, the latter sporting one driver to the former's five. Sven looked up at Axel, raising an eyebrow and receiving a cheeky grin.

"Um... hm. We might not be looking at reliability here."

"Psht. People and sponsors want fast drivers who can race each other. And don't give me a look. You asked for two columns, you have two columns. The fact that one is tiny doesn't change the fact that I complied with your demands." As Sven took a deep breath to voice his opinion, Axel continued. "Trust me. Let's take this gamble. We'll have a couple of equal drivers, both fast, one more reliable than the other. The car is good enough to score points so I don't want to waste it on a slow and steady guy. I want to win. Points mean prizes."

"Ugh. Fine."

"Can we set a date for the test?"

"June 17th, layout C."

"Perfect. Start sending out the emails."

Leaving Sven in the office, now armed with a laptop to begin spreading e-mails to the drivers on Axel's list, the former WGPC rookie-turned-team boss headed downstairs to the paddock area. He strapped on his old gloves, fastened his old helmet and climbed into Novikov Racing's WGP2 car, brimming with excitement. It was time to see for himself what the team could do.

Sven typed away, the rumble of the car's engine under him roaring across the bay, the black smudge rocketing through the freshly paved tarmac on the water's edge. The following drivers were on Novikov Racing's shortlist:

- Juracai Kilanota
- Luna Estrella
- Renho Virzi
- Lourdina Westgrens
- Dalia Dahl

He gave his test offer one last proofread before pressing send.

To: Juracai Kilanota, Luna Estrella, Renho Virzi, Lourdina Westgrens, Dalia Dahl
Subject: Novikov Racing Test Offer

To whom it may concern,

On behalf of Novikov Racing I invite all drivers who have received this official message to attend a pre season testing session at the all new Lintulahti International Circuit, situated in Lintulahti, Aboveland. Travel accomodations and costs will be covered by Novikov Racing in their entirety. Should your performance meet or exceed our expectations, an offer to drive for the team may be given to you.

Our provisional plan for the test would consist of a total of ten flying laps each around layout C of the circuit, using our very own chassis and power unit identical to the models entered in the inaugural WGP2 series. Two drivers at a time will take to the track, separated by a time margin that would prohibit an on-track encounter. Due to the possibility of further interest in the test either from us or from third parties, the pairs in which drivers will participate in the test will be seeded closer to the date of the event. We hope you accept our offer, and we wish you good luck in your quests to secure a drive for the 2017 iteration of WGP2.


Right before pressing send, Sven took to Tithererto announce that Novikov Racing accepts requests to attend the test before June 15th from drivers who haven't been invited to participate, with a maximum of five further slots available.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:42 am
by West-East Timor
West-East Timor

Jannick Markner was at home, eating Omrav Ravioli - which taste omnidirectional, according to a commercial - when he got a phnoe call by Mika Pratii, his manager.

"Yeah?", Jannick asked.

"Hey, Jannick."

"Yeah. What do you want? Mika?"

"Well, you see, you have signed up to the Obey Sport GP test tomorrow, right?"


"Well, I wanted to say, I've booked you a flight there. Tomorrow at 10:00, Weshaka International Airport."

"Nice. And, couldn't you have simply texted me that?"

"Well, yeah, I guess I could, but calling you is eventually faster..."

Uh-huh. So, is that everything you wanted to tell me?"

"Errr... No. I also wanted to asked you if you'd consider participating in some other tests for other teams. Junixwagen will be holding tests, for example.."

"Well, sounds interesting. Could you please mail me the details?"

"Shure. So, will you contact them, or do you want me to do that?"

"I think I can do that on my own. So I'll do it my own."

"Alright, bye."


"Junixwagen...", Jannick thought. "Sounds OK." He finished his Ravioli, checked his e-mails for the details, and started typing.

From: jannickmarkner@omnimail.wet
To: JMJunix@xymail.nsh
Subject: Junixwagen Secondary Driver Test

Dear Junixwagen team,

I, Jannick Markner, would like to apply for spot 9 at the test you plan to hold. If someone has occupied spot 9 before me, you can move me to whatever spot you want.

Jannick Markner

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:25 pm
by Vilita and Turori

Vilita & Turori Motorsports Development Center, Eelandii, Turori :: What had originally appeared that it would be a slow week was quickly getting filled up for Vilita & Turori driver Juracai Klianiota. No sooner did Klianiota receive a confirmation that they would be granted the 4th slot in the Obey Sport GP testing session at the Raleigh Hill Circuit, than did a communication come in with an invitation from Novikov Racing to participate in an all-expenses paid test at the brand new LIntulahti International Circuit in Lintulahti Aboveland.

The best part of the whole deal is that drivers would get to pilot platforms identical to those that Novikov will be entering in the inaugural WGP2 season. A win-win for Klianiota who had Novikov Racing on a short list of teams they would be willing to sign for with minimal hesitation. The Lintulahti test would be the second such series of flying laps Klianiota would be running during the week after the private test session with Yogutz Lantzia in Astograth.

Now, it is certain that Klianiota will be testing at the very least one car that ends up being driven by an opponent during the upcoming season. Juracai was hoping, however, that the lap times put up during the test session would be fast enough to warrant an offer as a #1 driver and the 'silly season' would be over - at least for themselves.

As Klianiota prepared to respond confirming participation in the Novikov Racing invitational pre-season testing session, however, Juracai was interrupted by a team official. Tropicorp was on the other line. Then, the message was relayed. Klianiota sighed and wondered why they had to be involved in Tropicorp's business. Juracai decided it wasn't worth the fight. At the end of the confirmation message, one additional line.

"Oh, and Tropicorp were wondering if there is any extra room in your test session for a Cocoabo?"

Juracai hit send, and decided it would be a good time to start collecting a fire suit, helmet and gloves to be used during the weeks testing activities.


PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:25 am
by The Iron Syndicate
Luna Estrella

“We are so fucked,” said Luna Estrella, holding her head in her hands as she sat on the front steps of her family’s luxurious suburban home, the rest of her bags finally packed in the back of her truck and her welcome finally overstayed. “How the hell did I let her bait me into acting like I did and getting dropped from the team? And how did Ella not see it at all and believe that Zhen wasn’t intentionally trying to do this-”


“We’re fucked, Devin,” she said to her agent, Devin Dekkers, as the young man stepped out of the truck and sat down on the step below her, trying to pull her hands away from her head and force her to make eye contact. “It’s going to be another year in the prototypes division, and not even with the team I won the title with… Or it’s going to be a year doing rally or some shit like that, but nobody watches that, even though the races are fun to drive in. I can’t even join the new GT team that my family bought, that Miya is joining…”


The tattooed blonde looked up, blinking a few times as she waited to see what her agent had to say. “You know it’s true,” she remarked. “I just put my career back by like a whole year with what I did. It’s not the right time for this to happen-”

Devin held a hand up. “Luna. Stop panicking. I didn’t get to talk to you about the stuff that’s been sitting in my inbox that I didn’t get to tell you about yet. We were busy moving out, but now that it’s the last day of that, I think we should focus on your career again. It’s not near as bad as you think.”

She raised an eyebrow, before narrowing her eyes. “There were offers, and you didn’t tell me anything about them?”

“Partly because of moving and partly because I didn’t want you to rush into something before we know what all of our options are. Come on,” said Devin, getting up and climbing into the passenger seat of the truck, followed by Luna, who got into the driver’s seat and closed the door. “You have an offer to drive for Nexus, no trials needed. They’ve already scouted you, they already think that you’re a good option, but you’re going to have to share the spotlight as an equal status driver. Not to mention the cultural differences that might make this a strange fit for you, or that might cause you to do worse than you did racing for Ella.”

“I’m not sure that’s possible-”

“And I’m not sure there’s a culture more distant from ours than the Nimbian one. You aren’t going to have an easy time adapting, that’s for sure. But this isn’t the only path that you have to consider. You also have a chance to trial for Aboveland’s Novikov Racing Team. They might not be champions at the top level, but they’re competent, of course, and you should consider them. They have a good racing tradition over there and the culture shock isn’t going to be as bad. However, you are only one of five invited drivers, not two. The competition will be fierce, and you may not win the spot.”

Luna paused to consider her options, and pulled out of the driveway. “But you’re saying that this is just a trial and the Nexus offer is permanent.”


“Then let’s take this trial and get back to Nexus about their offer if this doesn’t work out. I have to say, I’m surprised by this interest from two pretty good teams, but it’s kind of less surprising when I really think about it… I have a good agent after all.”



With the season fast approaching, we have decided that it is time to solve our problem of only having one driver signed for the season, Armo Lehto. You may have already received offers, however, we are giving you a different type of offer that doesn't involve having to trial or compete with others. After evaluating the field with some of the best scouting metrics available, we have decided that you stand out above the pack and that we are willing to take a chance on you. With this, we offer you a one year contract worth one and a half million dollars, with a five hundred thousand dollar bonus if the team wins the Constructor's Championship. Because we have other drivers on our radar too, we request that a response is sent back to us on this offer before the eighteenth of June. From everyone at Team Isla, we hope to see you driving for Academy Racing this season.

Best wishes,
Grayson Chase, Academy Racing team principal

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:09 am
by Esmerel

Testing Results

Drivers had 90 minutes to record up to 30 laps of the track. Each driver's best time, in order from fastest to slowest, is listed below.
Conditions: DRY

PositionDriver (NAT)Fastest TimeGap to Fastest
1Manny "Lil E" Epula (TGN)2:08.985+0:00.000
2Renzo Virzi (AUD)2:09.064+0:00.079
3Juracai Klianiota (V&T)2:09.108+0:00.123
4Jack Kelly (TEN)2:09.151+0:00.165
5Lera Kozel (RSM)2:09.152+0:00.166
6Jannick Markner (WET)2:09.441+0:00.456

Contract offers will be announced by Friday, June 17, but may come earlier.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:05 pm
by Togonistan
Raleigh Hill Circuit, Bavarrano, Esmerel
Obey Sports GP test

''Alright, let's make this baby sing,'' Manny said as he jumped into Obey's WGP2 car and started the engine. The car roared when the engine was turned on. ''Haha, i love this car already,'' Manny said as he drived the car to the racing track.

Manny had planned to drive first five laps at a slow pace to get more used to the circuit and then go all in to make some fast lap times. The weather was nice and dry, just the way he liked it. Manny was taking turns nice and slowly, but as soon as he reached to straighter parts of the track, he accelerated more to test how the car would act.

For first five laps, he kept on going with this kind of speed, until he was about to start his sixth lap. That was when Manny said: ''Well, time to get real and see what you can do.'' He jammed the pedal to the floor and started driving his fast lap. At this moment, Manny used his usual aggressive driving style. He cared more about making good lap times rather than his own safety as he cut every corner as much as possible. Weather was in his favor, as if it would have been a rainy day, he would probably have ended up at tarmac in no time. Everything went fine until the last corner, where he almost lost it. ''Yea boy, that was close,'' he said as he crossed the finish line.

Manny drove 8 more laps at full speed before he started taking it easy again. ''This should do it,'' he said to himself. He drove a few more laps just to test a bit more of car's handling and other aspects before he headed back to the pit garage.

''Yeaaa, I really love this car,'' he said as he climbed out of the cockpit and headed on to take a look at his lap times. ''And not bad lap times either, eh?'' Manny was really pleased with his result and he did have a hard time hiding it.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:24 pm
by Tenburg
It seemed like a long fall from fastest in one car, to fourth of six in another.

As Jack was driven away form the track and headed back to the airport, he went over each lap in his head, over and over again, trying desperately to figure out what went wrong.

"Don't worry about it," Myra said to him. "You looked fine to me."

"Easy to say when ye weren't driving." He recalled that the car liked to get a little tight on him in the high speed corners, causing understeer. He hated having to slow down when he didn't want to. and that usually threw him off balance.

"Don't worry about it, dear. You still have the Katara offer, and you have another test coming. If Obey passes on you, that's on them. You drove the wheels off it. That's all you can do."

Jack nodded, forcing himself to use her rational.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:25 pm
by Ulix
Porto Novo Tribune: Interview with "Malicious Marty" von Leeuwen (Excerpt, cut for telegram constraints)

Some Context: Jasmijn van der Berg is a well-known model from Ulix, widely desired by the male (and homosexual female) populations, and known for her interest in watching racing.

Interviewer: "Congraats on making it to the big leagues, Martijn! We would like to ask you a few questions."

M. von Leeuwen: "Ask me all ya' like, I know the answers! By the way, call me Marty."

Blah Blah Blah Family, Blah Blah Blah Passion, Blah blah Blah Blah Blah Blood Sweat Tears, Blah Big Leagues, Everlasting Blah (You get the point)

Interviewer: "Is there anyone you'd like to dedicate this run to? Anyone Special, Marty?"

M. von Leeuwen: "Yes! Ms. Jasmijn van der Berg, this run goes out to you. Jasmijn, Jij bent mijn zonneschijn!"

Interviewer: "Well, Marty has quite the ambitions, folks!" (Internally, the interviewer thinks as follows: :rofl: )

M. von Leeuwen: "Additionally, I will try for the sponsorship of Junixwagen racing, as I have heard that they are quite the driving team. I may not make it to the primary tryouts, but I can surely do the secondary ones. Long Live Ulix! Thrive to Remain!"

PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:56 am
by West-East Timor
"This went worse than expected...", Jannick thought when he saw the results of the Obey Sport GP test. Although the car was easy to driver (Jannick thought it was almost like a Formula WET1 car, which he was used to) he didn't like the track and struggled to find the setup, leading him to almost crash in one lap. He kind off actually crashed later when he touched the wall and damaged the front wing. "I think I can forget an offer from Obey..."

Back home, Jannick checked his e-mails, and saw he had a contract offer from Academy Racing!

Just then, his phone vibrated and he got a message from Mika.

How was the Obey test?

Not well. But I think you should call me.


Just do it.

Jannick was not surprised when now his phone didn't just vibrate, but rang.

"So last time you wanted me to simply text you, and now you want me to call you?"

"Yeah, 'cause we have something to discuss."

"Was the Obey test really that bad?"

"Well, I got last and damaged a front wing, so yeah, you could say it was, but that doesn't matter."

"Errr... What? So why did you want me to call you?"

"Because I got a contract offer!"

"What? You're kidding me."

"No, I'm not. Academy Racing apparently want me, for whatever reason."

"Really? Well, that's great! What exactly do they offer?"

"Well, it's a one year contract. I would get one and a half million dollars, and an additional five hundred thousand if Academy Racing wins the constructors championship. No trial or something, I could just sign a contract. That's all I got from that e-mail."

"Well... That actually doesn't sound bad..."

"So... Should I accept the offer?"

"Hell yes! That's a fantastic opportunity, if I think about it."

"Well, alright then. I'll just reply that I accept than. By the way, what about the Junixwagen trials?"

"Withdraw from that. I mean, there's obviously no need for a test there when you've got a contract at another team."

"Yeah. Alright. Well, I'll do that then! Goodbye for now, I'd say."

"Yeah, bye."

From: jannickmarkner@omnimail.wet
To: gchase@omail.irn

Dear Grayson Chase,

I feel very honoured to get a contract offer from your team. As I would feel even more honoured to actually drive for Academy Racing, I want to let you know that I accept your contract offer for the upcoming WGP2 season. I'm looking forward to working with the team and hope to meet you soon in person.

Jannick Markner

From: jannickmarkner@omnimail.wet
To: JMJunix@xymail.nsh

Dear Junixwagen,

As I have received and accepted a contract offer from another team, I want to let you know that I withdraw frim my reserved spot at your secondary driver trial.

Jannick Markner

PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:07 pm
by Lisander
Wednesday, 02h21. A car with three people stopped near Team Ignis Boxes in Brax Test Circuit. Two men and a young women. In a light blue suit with a Lyrica idol printed on it, Juliano Lemos. In a black and burgundy suit, Lourdina Westgrens, age 17, number 17, first driver of Team Ignis Racing

"You know, Seigen will hate this..."

"Do you really care, Lemos? Both of us know who are the biggest stars of this team. You, the lead engineer, and my beloved Lourdina." Adam Westgrens spoke what he wanted, after all he was one of the lead sponsors of Team Ignis. A man with lots of money, a former GT racer, a car-racing aficionado for how many years of his life he could count

Juliano Lemos opened the gate, turned on the lights and there were the cars, two kbx-05D's in black and that pinkish red color that Ludi called Shiraz, like the wine.

"So, Lourdina, there's your car. These are the ones we'll use in real racing. Go ahead and feel it. I'll do some preparations to a short lap."

Juliano sent some text messages, and soon the lights of the short configuration of Brax test circuit were all on. Lourdina entered the car and made some laps to warm-up. Soon the messages started to appear in Lemos' phone:

Seigen: What the hell are you doing? Stop this madness now! We haven't found a second driver yet. I'll make the formal announcement tomorrow!
Ludi: You are mad! How could you allow Lourdina training in the night?
Maud: What is you doing? Seigen awoke me to say you're trespassing Brax Circuit!!!
Lanza: Shouldn't you be in Hodori?

"What should we do, Adam?" Lemos asked the mentor of that idea.

"Lourdina, the cops are coming. Last lap now." Westgrens said, by radio.

"Ok, father." she answered and appeared in finish line.

Juliano looked at the computer for her last lap. Turn 1, 2, 3... She was in a fantastic lap! 0.112 faster than the previous record, set in daylight! Turn 4, 5, long straight... A brilliant drive over the BHR chicane! she's 0.097 AHEAD OF THE RECORD. Last turn and she can finish the lap with a new record...

"1.12:537! Just 0.075 behind the record!"

Awesome. Even Juliano was dumbfounded, with that astounding result.

Answer to all:☑Seigen ☑Ludi ☑Maud ☑Lanza

Follow the report and result of the training. The car is perfect. Lourdina was close to break the track record.
Unfortunately, some people have not read the e-mail where I requested a night session.
➢Results.pdf (13 pages)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:25 pm
by Esmerel

Contract Offers

Thanks to all who chose to participate in the test. While only two drivers could be selected for a drive, you all drove your hearts out, and we will love seeing you as opponents. The four of you who do not get a drive, please do not misunderstand us. If we could, we would have signed all six of you.

However, two of you have impressed us the most, and will be obtaining race seats at the team.

The First Driver position has been offered to Renzo Virzi.

The Second Driver position has been offered to Juracai Klianiota.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:16 pm
by Hodori Motorsports
At a WGP2 press event in Kizagma following the Formula Hodori race, Saya Kaseo fidgeted in her seat backstage. Prior to the main Arada announcements, a Tarogama delegation announced Shinno Soukuba’s participation in the Novikov Racing test session, with the feasibility of a seat at Ignis or MSA-SinVal being investigated.

As the Tarogama staff cleared the stage, Arada Motorsport personnel entered. The Arada part of the event began with formally announcing Kaseo as the first driver for Nadakei Sport AYDP. For the team’s second driver, the candidates were Renho Virzi, Juracai Klianiota, and Lukar Urdaneta. Closing the press event was an announced test session for the second AYDP seat, to be held at Driving Park Kudakei at a yet-to-be announced date.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:01 pm
by Aboveland
Lintulahti International Circuit
Lintulahti, Aboveland
Thursday, 7 PM

Axel awoke from his nap to the sound of a top spec WGPC engine and the squeal of tires. An almighty crunch resonated through the bay. Suddenly overcome with alert, he dashed to his immense office window, which overlooked the entire track sans pit straight. One of the Project AGP prototypes lay strewn across the track, surrounded by scattered shards of carbon fiber, rear right tyre gone. Its rear wing seemed to have been ripped off in the impact against the tyre wall as well. A driver climbed out; Axel obviously couldn't see his face, but his height and hanging head suggested it might be Terho.

The air in the room compressed against him with the swing of a door, shaking the window pane. "Hey," Sven interrupted.


"So listen, it's time [Novikov Racing] closed entry for anyone other than the guys on our shortlist. We've not got the time to organize any more unplanned trips before Saturday."

"Okay, fine. Who's on our list so far then?"

"As of right now, we've got confirmations from Juracai Klianiota and Luna Estrella from our original list. Lourdina had actually signed for Team Ignis and we haven't heard from either Dalia Dahl or Renho Virzi."



"That's it?" Axel inquired.

"No. We got two requests from other drivers: Lukar Urdaneta and Shinno Soukuba. Both quick, very capable, and just as reliable as everyone else on our list."

"Okay, so we're doing not too bad then?"

"Exacto. We'll have to wait for Virzi and Dahl to confirm before tomorrow at this time. I'll have the pairs sorted by tomorrow night."

"Great. This is fine."

Sven nodded and turned around, only to be stopped in his tracks by Axel once more.

"Wait," Axel began, grasping Sven's shoulder. "What happened out there?" He pointed to the wreckage on turn two, hovering over the track on a crane, bits and pieces of wing and carbon fiber still littering the fresh tarmac.

"Oh, Terho. We were doing some tests on layout B to see how he would cope on worn tyres. Apparently one of them was too weak and gave under pressure."

"How much will the crash slow development?"

"Not much. It was a fairly early prototype with an older engine, but we supposed the handling characteristics would be similar. Karl will interrogate him a bit now."

"That chassis was prototype...?"

"Three. Prototype Six should be rolling out next week. We used the wind tunnel to sculpt the wings more. It should give us a huge improvement in downforce."

"The engine? How's that?"

Sven began. "Still improving. We're making progress with each prototype, both in the engine and suspension departments. The gearbox is nearly finished, but if we keep on improving the engine at the rate we are we might have to redesign it for higher speeds and RPMs. The suspension is going steady and can hold up against cornering forces just fine. Terho enjoys the steering response too."

"When will we finish with AGP?"

"Oh, we've got a full year ahead. We plan on making at least 20 prototypes of the car before next season. Obviously, the number will be higher than that. Once we get the Vilitian brains fully on board expect the count to rise by ten at the bare minimum, and with the feedback we'll get from at least one of the WGP2 drivers we'll make further improvements and modifications."

"Won't it break the bank?"

"No. We call each evolution a new prototype, so chill. Unless we change the chassis the tests are always carried out on mules."

"How many mules right now?"

"Well, with this one out... one. We'll likely get two more and refine the chassis while we're at it. I gotta go now, see what Terho has to say. You should come."

PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:08 pm
by Former Citizens of the Nimbus System
From: nrcomms@nexusracingwgpc.nim
Subject: Acceptance of Contract


Do not feel the need to apologise for the delay; this is a thoroughly hectic time for all of us and soon to be even more hectic! We are, of course, delighted to have Rebecca and yourself on board and will make arrangements to meet you at Lapiz Point International Airport tomorrow at 10:00 am (your time); after discussing anything necessary, contract included, over the course of the flight, you will both have the afternoon to settle in before we begin Rebecca’s training in the morning after that.

Awaiting your arrival,

Karl Rain, Nexus Racing Head of Communications and Public Relations


The following morning, a Nexus Force Venture League ‘Praetorian’ blended wing aircraft touches down on Esmerelian ground - use of the luxury diplomatic plane now standard practice for Nexus Racing regarding the transportation of new drivers - and the gangplank lowers from the craft’s underbelly, allowing passage for several persons, some in Nexus Racing uniforms, others (somewhat unnervingly for those bearing witness to these events) wearing exo-suits and carrying assault rifles and shields. This latter group moves to positions around the former and the entirety makes its way towards the terminal.

Much grander-looking than the place that we picked up Marika from, Guard notes.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:09 pm
by Esmerel
Rebecca Darlington
1612 Bauer St, South Vauxhall, Esmerel
Thursday, 15/06, 16:45

With the unusually rainy weather setting in over the Rosetta province all week, Rebecca found herself constantly at home instead of doing other activities. Her personal preference was to strap in to her race-tuned simulator she had bought with her domestic championship money, with help from Jean. It was loaded up with a modified copy of WGPC Challenge 11-15, and it was quite fun. It would be needed, anyways. The practice, at least.

Meanwhile, Rebecca had learned to pay attention to her phone so she didn't miss another important message from Talia. As such, this time the pause button was quickly pressed and her thumb flew to the receive button. This would be a very important message.

"Rebecca? You there?"

"Your guess. Who else could it possibly be, Thornton?"

"That sass... Yep, it's you. Huge news. Pack your bags of enough essentials to last until 31/06. We're going on a trip to the Nexus Wardship tomorrow and we need to be at LPIA by 10:00."

"Well, this was of short notice. I'll be ready. Meet me at the Victoria Mall in two hours. I'll pick you up."

"Got it." *click*

An adventure was about to begin.