Independents Cup II [Everything Thread]

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Independents Cup II [Everything Thread]

Postby Schottia » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:26 am

Credit to Bonesea for the logo design.

On behalf of the Football Associations of Schottia and Mercedini, and the IAC, we would like to welcome you to the second Independents Cup. If you are one of the thirty-two participating nations you can start posting your rosters and RPs here. Any OOC discussion can be continued here.

Matches will be scored using xkoranate 0.3.3, the SQIS formula, and additive style modifiers. In keeping with the first Independent Associations Cup, WCC ranks will be used, but will be scaled down to allow for lower ranked nations, who RP consistently, to have a decent chance. With this in mind, RP grading will be generous, emphasising quality over quantity, with additional points awarded for the posting of a roster. Note; WCC nations will not receive their KPB bonus until they have posted a roster.

This 32-team tournament will consist of an initial round robin phase, with the top two in each group progressing to the round of sixteen.


Group A
Averyickan City
Mercedini (co-host)

Group B
Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
The Iron Syndicate
Free Republics

Group C

Group D
United States of Devonta
Kel Assuk

Group E
Schottia (co-host)

Group F
New Lusitania and the Algarves

Group G

Group H
Scottopian Isles
New Scaiva and Horshenwurst

Groups A-D will by played in Mercedini (Scorinated by Schottia), groups E-H will be played in Schottia (Scorinated by Mercedini)

NB: was used to determine which of the unranked nations were sorted into pot three.

1. Points
2. Overall GD
3. Head-to-Head Points
4. Head-to-Head GD
5. Drawing of lots (roster/RP bonus)

Fixture Schedule
MD 1: 1 v 4 | 2 v 3
MD 2: 4 v 3 | 1 v 2
MD 3: 2 v 4 | 3 v 1
MD 4: A1vB2 | C1vD2 | B1vA2 | D1vC2 | E1vF2 | G1vH2 | F1vE2 | H1vG2
MD 5: RS1vRS2 | RS3vRS4 | RS5vRS6| RS7vRS8
MD 6: QF1vQF2 | QF3vQF4
MD 7: 3rd Place Play-off | Grand Final

MD1: Wednesday 29th March
MD2: Friday 31st March
MD3: Sunday 2nd April
MD4: Tuesday 4th April
MD5: Thursday 6th April
MD6: Sunday 9th April
MD7: Tuesday 11th April

Schottia's Cut-offs will take place around 17:00-18:00 (UTC), and Mercedini's around 19:00-20:00 (UTC). If for some reason any of these times need to be pushed back, every care will be taken to communicate this well in advance.

Good luck to everyone taking part.
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Postby Mercedini » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:29 am

Host Information: Mercedini

Mercedini is a large and well-connected island nation located in the South Novapax Ocean in the region of Novapax. It's borders consist of one large landmass (Greater Mercedini) as well as a plethora of small landmasses and archipelagos located to the east, almost half hold and sustain populations (the most notable being Exton, Darlaston and the Kingfisher Islands)

Climate & Weather

Geologically, Mercedini has long existed as a single solid landmass before erosion and rising sea levels created the Sebrami peninsula, separating the aforementioned islands from the mainland. In the present day, Mercedini is geologically unextrordinary with no active volcanoes and only two mountain ranges in the nation: the Irst Highlands located in the North and the Yikulf Mountain Range in the south-west. Forests are plentiful in the nation with rural walks and hiking considered a national pastime due to the sheer number of forests and hiking paths scattered throughout the nation.

The climate of Mercedini is extremely varied and depends on where you are situated. In the south of the nation (including the major cities of Zoloroni and Langtree), the climate is warm with the average temperature reaching 20°C with warm winds originating from the Dovani peninsula (which the city looks into). Moving further inland and towards the central cities of Orga & Acoflosa, tempratures reach approximately 10°C with summers being warmer and winters barely reaching above zero. Finally, the northern cities of Hoventon & Shebchetsik are the coldest parts of the nation, with temperatures averaging around 5°C with winters rarely exceeding zero. Shebchetsik, the nation's northern most city, rarely reaches above zero on average, with summers being between 5-10°C on average.
As the IAC takes place in the Mercedinian Summer, expect temperatures ranging from 30°C in the south and 10°C in the north!


Mercedini is a very accessible and is the main route into the region of Novapax should you want to visit or stay anywhere else, all metropolitan cities (Zoloroni, Langtree, Orga & Acoflosa) all have large scale, big capacity airports with accompanying transport hubs, which means teams and fans can get around the country with ease via Mercedini's extensive transport network.
It's likely that you will enter the country via Zoloroni or Acoflosa International Airport, then take a connecting flight to minor cities or towns. Also, Cross-Country Trains are plentiful and can get you from anywhere to anywhere in the country. The length of international flights will depend on where you're coming from but single domestic flights will not take longer than four hours (not including connections, which will obviously inflate your travel times), the longest domestic flight in Mercedini is Exton-Shebchetsik which takes approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes, domestic flights are plentiful and are operated by QuantumAir and VolareMercedini, the nation's two largest airlines. Cheaper alternatives to get around the country include the previously mentioned Mercedinian Rail Service (MRS), which takes longer to travel to destinations due to frequent station stops but will ultimately cost less and travellers experience just as much comfort and safety on a Mercedinian train as on a plane. Special offers during the Independent's Cup mean that players and fans who possess an IAC match ticket can get a third off their train fare for the duration of the tournament. Mercedini is welcoming it's new visitors with open arms and hopes every tourist has a great experience in our nation.


Mercedini has two national languages and both are universally spoken in the nation as children are taught both at a young age. Mercedinian is the native language of all citizens and is based around the Italian language, knowing the language isn't paramount to a tourist's experience but Mercedinians always appreciate a foreigner attempting to communicate in the Mercedinian language. If learning a foreign language isn't your thing then English is also universally spoken throughout the nation (especially in cities and other metropolitan areas as it is considered the language of business and commerce). It is common for Mercedinians to speak more than one language, however Google Translate is only a couple of clicks away if you need it.


Mercedini's national currency is the Yvroni (¥) and is used universally for the nation's transactions. Currently, the Yvroni is a strong and reliable currency with 1.56 NationStates Dollars equalling 1 Yvroni (¥0.64 = 1 NS$). Goods & Services in Mercedini are comparably cheap thanks to low operating costs, free-trade deals and low import tariffs for foreign goods. Citizens of Mercedini are extremely rich with average incomes topping ¥145,000 (226,822 NS$) which means luxury goods & services are as much a part of Mercedinian shopping-culture as the bargains.


In terms of alignment, Mercedini is economically conservative while being socially and culturally liberal. Here is a brief table listing some of the laws in Mercedini:

Recreational Drugs: Legal to consume in public, however sellers require a licence if they want to sell drugs in shops and on the street. Selling drugs in public without a licence will trigger an on-the-spot fine of ¥750 & confiscation of any drug related material.
Hard Drugs: Illegal to consume and sell in public. However, if people want to run their lives in private, they can.
Prostitution: Legal during allotted times and in permitted areas.
Pornography: Legal, with the exception of child pornography (16 years or younger)
Legal Smoking Age: 18 for Cigars, Cigarettes & Hard Drugs, 16 for E-Cigs & Recreational Drugs
Legal Drinking Age: 16
Legal Age for Sex & Marriage: 16 with parental consent, 18 without parental consent
Maximum BAC to drive: 0.04
Drives on the: Left

If you have any queries about the laws listed above or any other law not listed, feel free to send a TG


When it comes to religion, Mercedini is a mixed bag with the nation considered a melting pot of all different types of cultures and religions, which has then trickled down into general day-to-day life. Although no religion has a majority, believers of the Christian faith have the plurality with just over 47% of the population following the religion, after that, agnostics or non-aligned represent 24%, Atheists 13%, Jews 7%, Muslims 4%, Sikhs 3% and other religions hold the final 2%. Despite having a very diverse population when it comes to religion, every religion has integrated into Mercedinian society meaning that tolerance of others' beliefs is at the forefront of religious teachings & Mercedinian values.


Food & Drink is considered a pillar of Mercedinian culture, which means visitors are literally in for a treat when they visit one of the nations many cafes, restaurants, bars or pubs. As previously mentioned, integration has played a large part in the cuisine, but ultimately Mercedinian cuisine has stayed largely close to it's roots. Mercedinian cuisine, like the language, is based on Italian cuisine, with flavourful pasta and rice dishes on offer, along with pizzas and stuffed flatbreads perfect for carnivores and vegetarians. For the tourists, dishes from their home nation will always be on offer which means that visitors can always have a taste of home while enjoying the action in Mercedini.

GROUP A - Zoloroni

Zoloroni Sports City Stadium, Zoloroni Sports City (61,000) | Inside | Outside |
Snowflake Stadium, Zoloroni (29,000) | Inside | Outside |

Being the official capital city of Mercedini as well as the commercial hub of the nation, Zoloroni is large bustling city littered with modern skyscrapers and office buildings. Zoloroni will be at the centre of the action, holding the largest stadium as well as hosting most of the pre-tournament events that will happen in Mercedini. Visitors will not be disappointed as Zoloroni has restaurants, shops and sightseeing trips in abundance, meaning that teams who play in Zoloroni have plenty of activities waiting for them on their off-days. Zoloroni's main attraction is the Sports City located just a small journey away from the city centre. In the Sports City, there are plenty of arenas and stadiums, some of which are open to the general public, which house the capital's sports teams, which means that there is plenty of action independent of other tournaments and competitions.

Since Zoloroni is a two-team city, the two largest stadiums in the capital will host the matches held in Group A. The Zoloroni Sports City Stadium is the largest stadium in Mercedini and hosts both the national team and Zoloroni City FC. Located in Zoloroni Sports City, the stadium holds up to 61,000 people and has plenty of amenities around the stadium to hold that number plus many more who don't have tickets and decide to stay in the FanZone in Zoloroni Park.
Snowflake Stadium hosts the city's second largest team and will hold the rest of the matches held in Group A. It is located in the main portion of the city which means teams and fans are within walking distance from their hotel rooms and lodgings. Although the stadium has the amenities to cope with the number of people who are descending on the city, there will be a plethora of bars and pubs which will be open for fans to drown their sorrows after a loss or to party the night away after a win. Zoloroni is a city for everybody, so the teams playing in this city have a real treat when they fly to Mercedini's capital.

Averyickan City


Matchday 1
Averyickan City vs. Mercedini @ Zoloroni Sports City Stadium
Kirisaki vs. Mampris @ Snowflake Stadium

Matchday 2
Mercedini vs. Mampris @ Zoloroni Sports City Stadium
Averyickan City vs. Kirisaki @ Snowflake Stadium

Matchday 3
Kirisaki vs. Mercedini @ Zoloroni Sports City Stadium
Mampris vs. Averyickan City @ Snowflake Stadium

GROUP B - Langtree

FLR Stadium, Langtree (27,000) | Inside | Outside |
Langtree Metropolitan Stadium, Langtree (45,000) | Inside | Outside |

Langtree is the second largest city in the nation and is widely viewed as the cultural capital of Mercedini. Throughout the city, visitors will find many old buildings that are still functioning, either as office buildings, apartments or as one of the many concert halls sprinkled throughout the city. Since being announced, Langtree has seen a large scale government renovation scheme which has meant the more dilapidated areas of the city being renovated including the addition of parks, recreation centres and the improvement of the city centre. It has also been involved with the erection of a new stadium which will host some of the group matches at the tournament. There are many things to do in Langtree when not involved in IAC action, including: all types of music held on one of the city's many concert halls & auditoriums, chilling in Havini Park to watch the day go by or even travelling to the newly installed temporary sports pitch in the city centre so visitors can show off their silky skills, the city has put on a show for visitors to try and accommodate as many people as it can.

Since Langtree is another duel-team city, it has the capacity to host a group on it's own using the two largest stadiums in the city, currently housing the two MPL teams; AFC Langtree & Langtree United.
The FLR Stadium is a new stadium which was built especially for the Baptism of Fire, however it's new tenants, AFC Langtree, had moved in after the conclusion of the Baptism of Fire but will still be used as a host stadium for the IAC. As it was a new stadium for a large tournament, it already has the amenities around the stadium to hold a capacity crowd. The design of the stadium means that the noise generated by the crowd will reverberate around the entire arena, meaning the atmosphere will be immense even if a capacity crowd isn't achieved.
The Langtree Metropolitan Stadium is a giant behemoth of a stadium and is the second largest stadium in Mercedini after the Zoloroni Sports City Stadium. Despite having an athletics track around the outside of the pitch, the designers of the stadium have ensured that every seat feels like the best seat in the house. Visiting fans can enjoy the football while the people who we're dragged along and aren't proper football fans can enjoy free WiFi throughout the stadium and moan about how much they don't want to be there. It's a stadium for everyone!

Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
The Iron Syndicate
Free Republics


Matchday 1
Union of Socialist Alpine Republics vs. Free Republics @ FLR Stadium
Bonesea vs. The Iron Syndicate @ Langtree Metropolitan Stadium

Matchday 2
Free Republics vs. The Iron Syndicate @ Langtree Metropolitan Stadium
Union of Socialist Alpine Republics vs. Bonesea @ FLR Stadium

Matchday 3
Bonesea vs. Free Republics @ Langtree Metropolitan Stadium
The Iron Syndicate vs. Union of Socialist Alpine Republics @ FLR Stadium

GROUP C - Orga & Zholvi

Partush Arena, Orga (32,500) | Inside | Outside |
ezMART Stadium, Zholvi (24,000) | Inside | Outside |

Orga & Zholvi take the reigns for Group C, they we're selected as the dual hosts of Group C as the two locations are only 30 miles apart, meaning a short drive or train journey should get you there in no time. Both locations are heavily influenced by the booming industrial sector in both cities.
Orga is the fourth largest city in the nation and is a mix of old and new. As the industrial sector is local to the city, plenty of projects have been started and finished in the city, so don't be surprised if you see luxurious restaurants inside what looks like a rundown factory. There are plenty of things to do in Orga, including: visiting one of the nation's iron factories to create your own replica of the IAC trophy, the cable car where you can take in the sights while travelling from one side of the city to the other, and finally the OrGardens where you can witness nature's beauty in the centre of an industrialised city. The Partush Arena was built in part by the city's iron companies and some say it sums up the functional yet gritty nature of the city. The stadium consists of two small stands for neutral and casual fans while the other stand is huge and is built for the hard core fans of both teams to face off during the big game.
As stated before Zholvi is located a small drive or train journey away from the city of Orga and while the large town is less developed than the cities, it's main propose is to host football matches and Zholvi can do that very well. It's stadium has been vastly updated to hold more fans than ever and investment from the government has meant that the public areas of Zholvi are updated and better suited to greet international audiences. The stadium consists of two tiers and was designed so every fan can feel like they at within touching distance of their favourite players.



Matchday 1
Zaspeuwana vs. Zitru @ ezMART Stadium
Abanhfleft vs. Kitsunia-Deesse @ Partush Arena

Matchday 2
Zitru vs. Kitsunia-Deesse @ Partush Arena
Zaspeuwana vs. Abanhfleft @ ezMART Stadium

Matchday 3
Abanhfleft vs. Zitru @ Partush Arena
Kirsunia-Deesse vs. Zaspeuwana @ ezMART Stadium

GROUP D - Acoflosa & Carvi

Coma Tudo Stadium, Acoflosa (42,000) | Inside | Outside |
Arèna di Carvi, Carvi (14,500) | Inside | Outside |

The final group in the Mercedinian half of the IAC will take place in the city of Acoflosa and the town of Carvi. Acoflosa is the third largest city in Mercedini and with an economy based around finance and services, meaning it's citizens are welcoming of any visitor who comes to their city. Acoflosa is home to the nation's largest airport which is connected to the Transit Hub, where you can get a bullet train to any of the metropolitan areas (Zoloroni, Langtree & Orga), making it one of the most well connected cities in the nation. Due to the city's advanced services sector there are restaurants and cafes are sprinkled throughout the city, meaning you are always accompanied by a friendly face whether you're having a meal or need directions to an important landmark.
The Coma Tudo Stadium was already a large stadium is the centre of Acoflosa, however a large roof was required to shield the fans from the elements. The stadium is surrounded by pubs and bars so there are plenty of places to head to before or after a match.
Carvi is the smallest location in Mercedini that is hosting a match in the Baptism of Fire. It's located just a 25-minute drive away from Acoflosa. The town will be able to host their matches with ease as the town is well-spread out with plenty of available space for parking. The train and bus stations have also been upgraded to allow for the larger flow of passengers on match days, which means the town is more than fit to host it's matches for the IAC, and considering it has already hosted the Baptism of Fire, it is more that capable of hosting a tournament of this scale. Carvi has a booming pottery sector in the town, so why don't you pop over and get yourself a beautifully designed vase, figurine or bowl.

United States of Devonta
Kel Assuk


Matchday 1
Space vs. Kel Assuk @ Arèna di Carvi
Tinhampton vs. United States of Devonta @ Coma Tudo Stadium

Matchday 2
Kel Assuk vs. United States of Devonta @ Coma Tudo Stadium
Space vs. Tinhampton @ Arèna di Carvi

Matchday 3
Tinhampton vs. Kel Assuk @ Coma Tudo Stadium
United States of Devonta vs. Space @ Arèna di Carvi

Knock-Out Stages

Round of 16
1A vs. 2B | @ FLR Stadium, Langtree
1C vs. 2D | @ Snowflake Stadium, Zoloroni
1B vs. 2A | @ ezMART Stadium, Zholvi
1D vs. 2C | @ Arèna di Carvi, Carvi

Winner of R1 vs. Winner of R3 | @ Partush Arena, Orga
Winner of R2 vs. Winner of R4 | @ Coma Tudo Stadium, Acoflosa

Mercedinian Semi-Final
Winner of Q1 vs. Winner of Q2 | @ Langtree Metropolitan Stadium, Langtree

IAC Final
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Postby Schottia » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:30 am

Schottia | National Info

Situated in the region of Tyran, Schottia is a small diverse country of 6.6 million people. Throughout the region, Schottia is best known for its progressive social policies, far left politics, and whisky distilleries. The nation is a group of five small islands, located in the middle of the Bara Sea, north of Cacerta and off the west coast of Acrea. The southern Schottic landscape is largely characterised by arable farmland, pine forests, and windswept pebble beaches. The North Island, by contrast, is almost entirely made up of rugged mountain ranges and bleak scree-slopes, where the towns and cities, for the most part, hug the narrow bands of flat land around the coast.

Schottia was once the easternmost part of an Ossorian Empire, the remnants of which, still stretch around much of what are now the continents of Eracura and Siduri. Schottia broke away from the Ossorians in 1867, following internal unrests, which saw the small fledgling nation take the first steps down the road towards becoming a republic. Schottia as we know it today, was constituted in 1922, following a workers' uprising, out of which the country's socialist politics was born.

Today, Schottia is a small, peaceful nation; with thriving fishing, tourism, and drinks industries. Most people living in South Schottia are ethnically Schottic or Ossorian, although particularly in the bigger cities, you will meet a range of people from all over the region, who have come to either study or settle, and made the country their home. The North Island of Schottia is similar, however it also has a large Shalumite-German population, as well as pockets of French speaking communities.

Getting to Schottia is reasonably straight forward, if not a little time consuming. Despite the fact that the country consists of five islands, it is unlikely that many visitors will arrive by sea, due to the distances involved. Almost everyone arriving for the tournament, either fans, or players, will fly into Handon International Airport. H.I.A handles almost all of the nation's incoming flights, as well as being a main stop off northwest in and out of the region. Anyone arriving by sea will most likely dock at the ferry terminal in Granton, just to the north of Handon.

Travel within Schottia is usually pretty painless. Public transport is well funded, and free bus and tram services make getting around the cities cheap, and stress free. For longer distances, all major towns and cities are connected by a high-speed rail service. Schottic citizens pay high levels of tax, but one of the plus sides is that they have a public transport system that works.

The official languages of Schottia are Scots, English, German, and French, however, English is the one most likely to be heard in the streets. Most people living in Schottia are multilingual, speaking combinations of the four national languages, depending on the area they were born. In addition to this, there is a heavy emphasis on languages in schools from the age of five onwards, meaning that it is not unusual for Schottians to speak up to four or five of the main regional languages with some degree of fluency.

Most of Schottia has a temperate maritime climate, with warm summers typically around 25°C, and cool snowy winters ranging from -8 to +8°C. Due to hemispheric differences in the locations of the World Cup and the Cup of Harmony, the latter will take place in the Schottic winter. Whatever the time of year, expect the weather to be changeable, with frequent rain showers, and often strong winds.

Currency and Shopping
The currency in Schottia is the Schottic Pound. The current exchange rate is just under two NS dollars to the pound, meaning that certain luxury goods might seem expensive. On the flip side of this, food in the supermarkets is available at cost price, as is clothing in government stores - the same can also be said for most non-luxury items. Schottia isn't exactly one of the world's main shopping centres, and strict rules on advertising can often mean that the High Streets seem a little drab to those more used to eye-catching posters, and flashy billboards. That said, the larger more international cities of Soessch and Handon have their fair share of fashion outlets, and foreign eateries. While these regulations might have limited the expansion of international businesses, the gap in the market has been filled up small independent clothing boutiques, family-run bars, and restaurants.

The Venues

Group E: Handon South and New Belfast.
Harbour Hill Stadium | Ashley Road

Harbour Hill Stadium
Will play host to Schottia v Kaboomlandia, Kebec v Schottia, Schottia v Hicaña, Ro16 A1vB2, Q-Final RS1vRS2, Semi QF1vQF2, Either final or 3PPO
Capacity: 55,000
City: Handon, South Schottia
Home to: Handon United (National Stadium)

Ashley Road
Will play host to Kebec v Hicaña, Hicaña v Kaboomlandia, Kaboomlandia v Kebec
Capacity: 22,000
City: New Belfast, South Schottia
Home to: New Belfast Warriors

The most international of all Schottia's cities is its capital, Handon. The diverse population of 1.1 million includes over 200,000 students who attend the city's four universities and five technical colleges. The harbour city is a unique blend of the old and the new, with modern buildings slotted into gap sites around 17th and 18th century architecture. Of all Schottia's towns and cities Handon is by far the most vibrant, with award winning restaurants, clubs, and bars; as well as no shortage of excellent hotels and apartments. For most people in the region, Handon is synonymous with Schottia, and it is often the case that visitors rarely take time to see some of the more remote, rural communities. There is a good chance that many of the visiting fans will choose to station themselves in Handon regardless of where their team is playing, due to the public transport links. Soessch and the rest of the North Island is reachable in twenty minutes by train, through the Handon tunnel, and South Berwick is around 50 minutes away. Built on a peninsula, the south of the city is what many would consider to be the 'centre.' As well as being the location of Harbour Hill Stadium, it is also home to all of the main administrative buildings, and the more affluent parts of the city. The large urban centre is likely to be slightly warmer than other parts of the country, and in the summer, the temperatures can reach the high 20°s. However, the costal location means that the weather can be unpredictable, so visitors should prepare for wind and rain.

New Belfast is a former whaling port, and owes much of its prominence to a time when the trade was one of the nation's main industries. This maritime legacy has contributed much to the architecture and traditions of the city, which boasts a population of 240,000. After going through a period of decline in the 60s and 70s, New Belfast has recently seen an up turn in fortune, largely due to its arts and culture, in particular its art college. The city centre in an eclectic mix of traditional working class communities, sat alongside student areas and cultural institutions, as the old industrial coastline and disused buildings gradually transition. Ashley Road is one of the oldest stadiums in Schottia, and is built just off the High Street, literally sandwiched between the gardens of the old tenement buildings. Parking there can be difficult, so it is recommended that fans walk from the train station, a journey of fifteen minutes.

Group F: Handon North and Greater Handon.
Lochend Stadium | Dyerton

Lochend Stadium
Will play host to Gim v New Lusitania and the Algarves, New Lusitania and the Algarves v Spaam, New Lusitania and the Algarves, Ro16 C1vD2, Q-Final RS3vRS4, Semi QF3vQF4
Capacity: 80,000
City: Lochend, South Schottia
Home to: Cornellians FC

Will play host to Drawkland v Spaam, Gim v Drawkland, Spaam v Gim
Capacity: 30,000
City: Handon, South Schottia
Home to: Port Sebastian

The north of Handon has forever been the industrial heartland of the city, with the Ports at Granton, Port Sebastian, and Port Patrick, once a big part of the nations shipbuilding tradition. For that reason, the area has always been set apart slightly from the rest of the city to the south, whose port was always more commercial, and brought of a mix of traders and different peoples. The north of the city is characterised - particularly around Dyerton Stadium - by neat rows of flats, one up one down, and well-tended front gardens. The Port Sebastian area can be a little bleak, with more traditional workingmen's drinking establishments, and fewer commercial properties. Most fans will probably stay in the city centre to the south, however there are plenty of small inns and B&B ran by cheerful retired couples, should they want more of a local flavour.

There aren't too many good reasons to visit the town of Lochend, unless it is football related. Nine years ago an abandoned industrial site on the outskirts of the town was chosen as the home to Schottia's MPL side Cornellians. The site has its own hotels and bars, as well as a train station, so that visitors don't have to endure the town itself. Although Lochend is a small town, it is not particularly quaint or charming, made up of rows of rather unattractive pebble dashed houses. However, the time of the tournament should make for some pleasant train journeys out from Handon with the fields and hills awash with a patchwork of colour.

Group G: North Island.
Gannon Park | Danu Park

Gannon Park
Will play host to Kecrazia v Kalumba, Kalumba v Veldgouwen, Aupti v Kalumba, Ro16 B1vA2
Capacity: 38,000
City: Soessch, North Island
Home to: FC Soessch

Danu Parc
Will play host to Aupti v Veldgouwen, Kecrazia v Aupti, Veldgouwen v Kecrazia
Capacity: 16,000
City: La Gorla, North Island
Home to: La Gorlions

Soessch is the second city of Schottia and principle town of The North Islands. Like Handon, it has top quality facilities and services, however with a population of 600,000, a little on a smaller scale. The city sits at the foot of a huge mountain range, and occupies a long narrow stretch of land between the cliffs and the sea. Soessch is split down the middle by a wide river, which is crossed by the city's twenty-seven bridges. The architecture differs slightly from that of Handon, as the predominately German-speaking population made their mark in the 1700s. In the Winter, the city is famous for its huge Mid-Winter Market, but in the Summer, the temperatures are far more agreeable.* Sheltered beneath the North Mountains, Soessch will be slightly colder, yet also more sheltered than Handon. Gannon Park is situated to the north of the city, a little further from the main tourist centres.

La Gorla is a spectacular city, situated high in the North Island Mountains, and is the Principle-town in the traditionally French speaking region of Schottia. La Gorla's ninety thousand inhabitants are fiercely passionate about their local team, La Gorlions, which they at times treat more like their national side, rather than an SPL club. The plus sides to playing in La Gorla are: the beautiful stone buildings, the snow capped mountain views in all four directions, and the scenes that wouldn't look out of place on postcards. The down side however, is the altitude, the remoteness, and the fact that the evenings can get very cold. Danu Parc is a small, square, traditional football stadium, situated in the heart of the town. The location contributes to the fact that football in La Gorla feels very much part of the community. Travelling between Soessch and La Gorla, takes around an hour and a half depending on the weather. As the crow flies, it is more or less straight up, but the need to traverse a steep mountain road means it can take all the longer.

Group H: New Island.
Gauld Park| The Rock Ground

Gauld Park
Will play host to Flardania v New Scaiva and Horshenwurst, New Scaiva and Horshenwurst v Garifunya, Scottopian Isles v New Scaiva and Horshenwurst, Ro16 D1vC2

Capacity: 15,000
City: South Berwick, New Island
Home to: Berwick United

The Rock Ground
Will play host to Scottopian Isles v Garifunya, Flardania v Scottopian Isles, Garifunya v Flardania
Capacity: 13,000
City: South Berwick, New Island
Home to: New Island

Schottia's New Island is the southernmost of the five islands making up this small nation. It is accessible from the South Schottic mainland, via rail and road bridges, which themselves, are just twenty minutes drive from Handon. The Town of South Berwick has a population of 50,000, and despite a reputation for being a bit backwards, is actually a very modern, small city. The city is best known for its surrounding beaches, sea birds, and its small university - as well as its two SPL sides. Gauld Park is a modern 15,000 seater stadium, and home to Berwick United. It is built on the edge of the city, not far from the university playing fields. The Rock Ground, home to New Island FC, is build right next to the South Berwick harbour, under the shadows of Snubbeak Rock, which dominates the seascape around the city. There are no shortage of places to stay, or eateries in South Berwick, for those who will consider locating themselves there. However, there is no doubt that the teams playing here have drawn a bit a short straw, if the hustle and bustle of the city is their thing.

*Schottia's atheist population don't celebrate religious festivals, so rather than Christmas they celebrate Mid-Winter (or the winter solstice) on the 23rd.
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Postby Tinhampton » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:36 am

Tinhampton National Team - The Miners - Official Lineup
Note: The following national team, mainly comprised of Tinhampton City FC reserves, fans and staff, is now the official national team of Tinhampton. New reserves are being found as we speak. The lineup is the same as ever; so are the style mods. RP permissions have been tweaked again.

1 -- Josh Smith (TCFC reserve)
12 -- Euan Terry (lucky fan)
23 -- Amanda Steer (TCFC dinnerlady)

2 -- William Potter (TCFC reserve)
3 -- Simon Phillips (lucky fan, former AM between 2007-2015)
4 -- Andy Daniels (TCFC janitor)
5 -- Peter Wright (lucky fan)
13 -- Harry Porter (TCFC reserve)
14 -- Liam Rhodes (lucky fan, despite losing half his money on gambling in the past 6 months)
15 -- Jamie Valley (lucky fan)
16 -- Prof. Owen Turner (maths professor at Tinhampton University that we called up after our previous lucky fan was killed by a jealous neighbour)

6 -- Michael Young (TCFC reserve)
7 -- Ian Jones (TCFC accountant (until they can find a new one); player-manager here to stay)
8 -- James Wright (lucky fan; no relation to Peter)
9 -- Samantha Jackson (former TCFC surgeon)
17 -- Mohamed al-Khazr (lucky fan)
18 -- Fred Ball (TCFC reserve)
19 -- Steve Cameron (lucky fan; coincidentally, had retired from TCFC in July 2016)

10 -- Priscilla Evans (lucky fan)
11 -- Ian Graham (TCFC reserve)
20 -- Simon Wood (TCFC U10s coach, until he got a call-up)
21 -- Reece Ford (lucky fan)
22 -- Ben Williamson (TCFC reserve; supposed to retire after WC77 or thereabout, but then un-retired)

Style Modifier: -3
Trigram: TIN
Travelling Supporters: 100 or so (including 13 of the 14 who came to watch us at Costhane)
Roleplay Permissions Thingy:
This is a list of stuff you must not do:
  • Injure my players (or give them food poisoning, or stop them from playing, etc.)
  • Red-card more than one player (who is not the goalkeeper) in every game. If I have already RPed a Tinhamptonian getting dismissed, you may only add a second one with my TGed consent.
  • Replace my squad wholesale (or near enough to wholesale, the definition of which I shall define).
  • Nuke Tinhampton, or any part thereof.
  • Bomb or damage Tinhampton City Hall, Tin Park, or the Ryan's Garage Arena.
Otherwise, it is open season.
The Self-Administrative City of TINHAMPTON (pop. 319,372): Saffron Howard, Mayor (UCP); Alexander Smith, WA Delegate-Ambassador

Authorships & co-authorships: SC#250, SC#251, Issue #1115, SC#267, GA#484, GA#491, GA#533, GA#540, GA#549, SC#356, GA#559, GA#562, GA#567, GA#578, SC#374, GA#582, SC#375, GA#589, GA#590, SC#382, SC#385*, GA#597, GA#607
Other achievements: Cup of Harmony 73 champions; Philosopher-Queen of Sophia; possibly very controversial; *author of the most popular WA resolution ever
Who am I, really? 46yo Tory woman w/Asperger's; Cambridge graduate; currently reading nothing much

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Postby Mercedini » Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:43 pm


Manager: David Bjanasson
Formation: 4-4-2
GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Daniel Hosset 20 Image Zoloroni City
GK Martin Hovek 22 Image Langtree United
GK Callum Polasic 27 Image Sporting Cenial

LB Callum Aznelik 25 Image Langtree United
LB Uche Pollson 21 Image Coral Island FC
CB Harry Ossun 20 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
CB Liam Dosic 26 Image Elspachia
CB Peter Patenkov 26 Image Orga City
CB Craig Tranev 30 Image AC Bornice Italia
RB Issac Catessic 24 Image Matekkipper Royals
RB Noah Park 27 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan

LM Miles Taezhong 18 Image Acoflosa Utd
LM Crp. Tim Crasic 20 Image Mercedini Armed Forces FC
CM Adam Kraljic 21 Image 1860 Azoth
CM Johannes Nymark 21 Image Zoloroni City
CM Harry Webster 28 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan
CM Patrick Jackic 19 Image Zholvi Athletic
RM Ross Presic 22 Image Somer City and Surrounds
RM Carlton Pujanic 24 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town

ST Charlie Alotic 23 Image West Gundar FC
ST Daniel Dostalok 19 Image Handon United
ST Ben Chillotov 18 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
ST Sgt. Sam Billic 29 Image Myrmidon

Group A:
Averyickan City

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes* (max. two per match, no killing or career ending)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes* (max. two per match)
Godmod Other Events: Yes (Mercedini reserves the right to ignore if you RP some zaney shit)

Novapax Founder • Host Portfolio • Trophy Cabinet
World CupBest: Group Stage ('77, '81, '82, '83)
Cup of HarmonyBest: Champion ('72)
U21 World CupBest: 3rd Place ('43)
U18 World CupBest: Champion ('4)
Independents CupBest: Champion ('5)
WC of HockeyBest: 2nd Place ('37)
WJHCBest: Champion ('13)
Best Placing: 1st (Lipa '72)Most Points: 108 pts (Lipa '72)

World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 1st ('34 & '36)Most Pts: 34 pts (Mousiki '31)
Junior World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 3rd ('3, '4 & '5)Most Pts: 26 pts (Tushlark '5)
Mercedini in WVSC & WHFs

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Postby Mampris » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:58 pm

Mamprisian National Football Team

01 (GK) - Manuel Johnson-Clinen
12 (GK) - Mark Azualos
23 (GK) - Johnny McClinen-Stades
02 (LB) - Carter Floyd-Ryans
03 (LCB) - Thommas Floyd-Johnson
04 (RCB) - Spencer J. Tuliac
05 (RB) - Evan McJohnson

13 (LB) - Spencer J. L. Tuliac
14 (RCB) - Floyd Ryan-Duarte

25 (RB) - John Smithfield
06 (LM) - Robert Dickens
07 (CAM) - John McClyde-Sonnareh
08 (CDM) - Chris Mampris-Tettule
09 (RM) - John Spencer

15 (CAM) - Spencer Smith-Jones
16 (LM) - Johnathan Stades-Jones

41 (CDM) - Junior Chacalade
10 (LST) - Johnny McMullin-Thompson
48 (RST) - Chris Pavithiran-Stottlemire

11 (LST) - Spencer Dickens-Pavithiran
17 (RST) - Carter Floyd-Boite

18 (CST) - Nick McFowell-Johns



KirsakiMamprisSnowflake, Zoloroni, Mercredini
MercrediniMamprisZoloroni Sports City, Zoloroni, Mercredini
MamprisAveryickan CitySnowflake, Zoloroni, Mercredini

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes* (max. one per two matches, no killing or career ending)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes* (Max. one per match)
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes* (max. one per two matches)
Godmod Other Events: NO

Style: +0.5
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Year: 1900 AD
President: President John Sackuchi

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Postby Kel Assuk » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:30 pm

National Team Selection for the 2nd Independents Cup

The Amalen, the proud people inhabiting Kel Assuk, have a long history of competition through sport, including several native forms of wrestling, camel racing, and spear-throwing. But the Amalen have only been introduced to football fairly recently, with the 1970s and a wave of internationalization spreading through the land, and the sport has not been popular in the nation, due to the nomadic nature of the Amalen's traditional lifestyle being unable to sustain much participation in the sport, but in 2008, a fledgling league began to take off, with 6 sides from the nation's three cities, and the sport began to grow in popularity. Now, in 2017, the KASB has decided that its team is ready to compete internationally in the Independents' Cup.


MANAGER: Image Eric Desmond Desmond is a bit of a wild card manager. Young (for a manager) and ambitious, he stuck with Kings Park of Schottia for several seasons and did well with them, but a poor start last year sealed his fate and he was let go by the club. Although his lack of experience compared to other managers may be his downfall, he is flexible and adaptable; the KABS considered him the perfect candidate to manage their fledgling, underdog side.

ASSISTANT MANAGER: Image Amezwar Sellami, 38 Sellami is raw and inexperienced but energetic and eager. Currently a manager with the nation's best side, Axxuten Adel Bagrou, the KABS has appointed Sellami as an understudy and assistant manager to provide the young manager with an opportunity to study from a more experienced hand as well as an ability to give manager Desmond a perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of his players.


Starting XI
1. GK Karim Khattabi (C), 30 | Image Axxuten Adel Bagrou
Khattabi is solid, if not spectacular, as a goalkeeper, reliable and consistent. However, his reflexes aren't what they used to be, and they were never like those of August Ozuna or Eliot Horn to begin with. Nonetheless, Khattabi will serve for the team, as he's the best they have.

2. RB Usem Ouyahia, 27 | Image Tamadalt IT
One of the more experienced backs in Kel Assuk, Ouyahia, left-footed, is the clear choice for right back, having been playing in the league on an amateur basis since it was founded 11 years ago. He enjoys the game, and he's motivated to work hard, too.

3. CB Ziri Neqrouz, 22 | Image FC Marandet
Neqrouz complements his partner Othmani in a couple of ways; he's left footed while Othmani is right footedm and a more defensive focus as opposed to a more offensive focus; Neqrouz is quite speedy as well. This means that the centre-back pairing of the two is quite effective, as it allows the team to be more flexible when defending to achieve their aims better.

4. CB Amanar Othmani, 21 | Image Amalen Ijida
Othmani, while complementing his partner Neqrouz, also maintains excellent passing accuracy and a good rapport with the midfield, so he can move the ball up the field if it's necessary, and he's very good at keeping an eye on the field and figuring out what's going on so he can position himself in the best place. Most importantly, he has a strong relationship with his partner Neqrouz, and they help complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.

5. LB Massin Azergui, 24 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa
Azergui, as a left back, has the tendency to move up to support the midfield, particularly Ait Ahmed, who plays right footed on the left like himself; nevertheless, he has proven himself to be pretty adept at the man-to-man defense proposed by manager Desmond, and his stamina allows him to make both offensive and defensive moves, giving him a modicum of versatility.

6. DM Anaruz M'Hidi, 28 | Image Armed Forces FC
M'Hidi, a former Army colonel, has the attitude, and presence, of an army veteran; of the national team, he has the highest stamina and physical fitness. That's why he's a good fit for the defensive midfield position, which requires him to move quite a bit around the pitch, holding up the midfield from any stray attacking runs.

7. CM Mohammed Hasnaoui, 25 | Image Armed Forces FC
Hasnaoui is a credible backup to Ait Ahmed, but his partnership with M'Hidi at Armed Forces has really blossomed; when he's not heading into the attack as a semi-playmaker, most often acting to get the ball to Ait Ahmed or Khalej, he's working to patrol the defense with M'Hidi, giving the defensive lineup a bit more bulk.

8. CM Seyni Ait Ahmed (VC), 26 | Image Axxuten Adel Bagrou
Ait Ahmed is the key to the entire strategy of the national team; he is the center distributor and playmaker of the team, and he holds the team together in the midfield. He has a natural talent; on the mental side, some steely composure and a good wit, as well as a good story or two for when the team is traveling or in downtime.

9. AM Saden Khalej, 18 | Image Axxuten Adel Bagrou
Khalej is a hot prospect, recognized by all who know him as a potential superstar. The only problem is, Kel Assuk is probably not the best place for him to develop as a player. He has typical characteristics of a star attacking midfielder: good passing, dribbling, and shooting all around, except that he needs a lot of development.

10. ST Tariq Arazi, 21 | Image Tamadalt IT
Arazi's best aspects are his longer-distance shots and his passing; that makes him the better of Kel Assuk's two strikers, and often the initiator of 1-2 moves with his strike partner Feraoun. His stamina is also pretty good, which allows him to go through defenses and create openings for Feraoun and Khalej to get in and score.

11. ST Omar Feraoun, 22 | Image FC Marandet
Feraoun has a play-finishing instinct, an ability to be in the right place at the right time to just get the ball in the goal. He's an effective punch in the 1-2 play or the 3-man play, with Arazi, Khalej, or Ait Ahmed as the play starters; however, his passing and dribbling could be improved for a more effective striker.

Substitutes & Reserves
12. GK Aksil Saidi-Sief, 20 | Image Tamadalt IT
A close second to Karim Khattabi, Saidi-Sief has strong reflexes and a good court coverage; only problem, he's not Khattabi, and as such, has been relegated to second-string goalkeeper. He will be a solid replacement once Khattabi retires, however, or if he goes abroad to get some more experience.
13. RB Anir Selmi, 24 | Image Amalen Ijida
14. CB Talharqa Zbiri, 28 | Image Armed Forces FC
15. CB Igider Bahari, 30 | Image Amalen Ijida
16. RB Marin Adhoui, 29 | Image FC Marandet
17. DM Anaruz Taher, 25 | Image Armed Forces FC
18. CM Mahmoud Salek, 23 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa
19. CM Badis Al-Ouaer, 21 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa
20. AM Ali Bakoura, 22 | Image Tamadalt IT
21. ST Ashur Ben Hassi, 19 | Image Axxuten Adel Bagrou
Has the potential to be a star, just needs some international-level training to be more competitive.
22. ST Isula Azellay, 18 | Image FC Marandet
Has the potential to be a star, just needs some international-level training to be more competitive.
23. GK Menna Trabelsi, 28 | Image Tin Hinan IT Abalessa


Style: +2.5
Formation: 4-3-1-2


Generally, Kel Assuk plays with a slightly attacking formation, with Ait Ahmed and Khalej being the main conduits and attackers for the attacking drives, while Arazi and Feraoun often help to finish off the ball into the net with their one-two strike partnership. Defensively, the team tends to play man-to-man defense to help lock down on defensive errors.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod Scoring Events: YES, as long as it could plausibly happen IRL.
RP injuries to my players: YES, limit 1 injury per game; no career-ending injuries or deaths.
Godmod injuries to my players: YES, as long as it could plausibly happen IRL.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: YES, limit 3 per game.
Hand out Red cards to my players: YES, limit 1 per game.
Godmod Other Events: You must TG me and receive my permission in advance.

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Postby Spaam » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:12 am


Spaam was once a massive nation of 12 billion people and one of the greatest football powers in the multiverse. However, a great war obliterated the nation almost 200 years ago. The Disunited Kingdom of Spaam was refounded almost 60 years ago, after some of the few refugees found a new home in a neighbouring region. Now a small nation of almost 13 million people, they achieved the impossible in World Cup 77, qualifying despite being unranked and having never played an international game since refounding. Merlara Sehelin is the darling of Spaam, leading the goal scoring over more experienced team-mates, and will be the player to look out for. Former Guayabalenese national players Núñez, Côçô and Moreira have been drafted into the side after repatriation in West Spaam.


 	Hewelan Faaberos	Coach		M	53		

4 Orinos Elzeros Forward M 30 Paatukar City *
7 Merlara Sehelin Forward F 20 Nilmenas City *
17 Kian Rose Forward M 24 Highbay City *
13 Rogdorr Kelphine Forward M 18 South Taabeka
12 Saldiane Helemar Forward F 27 Paatukar United
2 Thalia Fenzana Midfielder F 34 Paatukar Elven *
15 Briddara Ralora Midfielder F 24 Paatukar City *
16 Gibelar Ralora Midfielder M 24 Paatukar City *
3 Sebastián Núñez Midfielder M 31 Nilmenas City *
18 Takilia Mialee Midfielder F 19 Port Paatukar
11 Malrissa Aadan Midfielder F 27 Skaganes City
19 Dorrak Vallen Midfielder M 21 Kurelin City
5 Farlinar Reyen Defender M 29 Skaganes City *
6 James Moreira Defender M 30 Nilmenas City *
7 Daniel Côçô Defender M 31 Nilmenas City *
14 Norsianna Ilirith Defender F 25 Lake Galaxy
9 Rawesin Holamora Defender M 28 Vilsalu
10 Oridul Inasys Goalkeeper M 27 North Paatukar *
1 Eletha Gilhana Goalkeeper F 40 Nilmenas Elven

Starting Lineup

.               .   Sehelin     .               .     
. Elzeros . . Rose .
. . Fenzana (vc) . .
. B.Ralora . . G.Ralora .
. . Núñez . .
. Moreira . . Côçô .
. . Reyen (c) . .
. . Inasys . .


Other Information

Style: -1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following: Yes
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Yes, that Spaam
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Postby Kecrazia » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:51 am


Coach: Charles Grevfrehn
Assistant coach: Jeked Oldrejik
Captain: Aleksandr Chovaluch
Vice-captain: Thiago Luiz


No. Name Age Position
1 Philip Jonas 25 GK
2 George Velenaz 28 RCB/RB
3 Viktor Kalez 29 RB
4 Aleksandr Chovaluch 27 LB
5 Robert Sousa 23 CB
6 Michael Gerfenjel 28 RM/CDM
7 Marko Sela 27 CAM
8 Abu Zuzeth 26 LM
9 Dennis Vagfak 25 ST/LW
10 Naven Xelafen 23 CF
11 Thiago Luiz 28 RW


No. Name Age Pos
12 Zernbafex Walej 28 LCB
13 Ermir Delanzel 24 GK
14 Kasper Mhentazec 25 CDM
15 Bernard Valenan 25 LM
16 Stefan Grebinguch 26 LM
17 Cuevan Jolavic 21 CF
18 Robin de Valenfil 22 RM
19 Ithimian Klevan 23 RB
20 Zedelan Hurthe 25 CB
21 Pithenret Krache 28 GK
22 Ethan Vexezej 25 RB

Style Modifier: -4

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y, but keep it realistic please
RP injuries to my players: Y, 1 per game, no career ending etc.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, but keep it realistic please
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, 3 per game at maximum please
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, 1 per game maximum please
Godmod other events: Y, but keep it realistic please
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Postby The Iron Syndicate » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:39 am

The Black Arrows

The Iron Syndicate is a massive and futuristic country located in the Sea of Iron, between Rushmore and Esportiva and Atlantian Oceania, and that country is unique in that it's run by a large coalition of corporations that have banded together to bring a higher standard of life to their islands and to advance technological progress and prosperity. The country itself is made up of dozens of islands with varying climates, with the northern ones generally being warm, the southern ones generally being cool, and the middle ones being temperate. The nation has been self declared to be the Most Decadent Place On Earth, and is ruled by the Executive Board, an elected group of leaders that is responsible for all national decisions. The official leader of the country is the Chief Executive, and for now, that position is held by Augustus Darkstar, who is on his third term.

Appius Rule era(163-Present)
Football has always been popular in the Syndicate, because of the advanced simulators and widely available football pitches allowing anyone to begin playing the game, and allowing good players to hone their skills locally at the grassroots level. The extreme density of the island cities has made it easy to make sure that every neighborhood is covered with at least a couple of football pitches, and while other sports may be popular, this one can boast that it's the game of the streets. That popularity led to the Executive Board looking into different options for growing it even further, and they all came to the same conclusion.

A national team was the logical next step, and a talent search was held across the space territories and stations to try to find some players that could expand the talent pool. After the search, a team was selected based on how the new and existing players performed in the National League, and eventually, it was time to select a manager for that new team, too. Appius Rule was the one that was picked, after serving for four seasons as the assistant manager of Central Portus. His tactical style is a balanced one that focuses on strength in all three phases of the game, and that style led to him picking a 4-2-3-1 for the first tournament and placing an emphasis on using their midfield as a double edged sword to help in the attack and in defense, too. With that tactic, they head into the second Independents Cup for their first competition, seeking wins against nations that might now know who they are yet.

Nickname: The Black Arrows
Colors: Blue, white, and black
Style Modifier: +1.5
Home Stadium: Bank of Portus Coliseum(145,000)
Fan Group: The Iron Guard is the number one supporter group for Syndicate sports, and can be spotted by the rowdy atmosphere they bring to every home and away game as well as their black and gold banners.

Note: Some players will not have full names and will instead have shortform names with a first name and a one letter surname, that take the place of their longform ID designations. Most of these players come from the Syndicate's space territories.
Manager - Appius Rule - 38
Assistant Manager - Helena Bold - 40 - Portus Independent
Head Physio - Clarke Drago - 67 - Central Portus
Chief Technological Officer - Jason Ward - 42 - Sporting Ceres
Personnel Director - Trent Silva - 35 - Sporting Ceres

GK - Devon Hill - 26 - Sporting Ceres
LB - Jeremy Flash - 23 - Union Atrus
CB - Basilus Rhodes - 25 - Zombie FC
CB - Ether Atrius - 29 - Portus Independent
RB - Case Aquila - 22 - Sporting Ceres
DM - Drew C - 20 - Central Portus
CM - Raquel A - 24 - Luxus FC
CAM - Lucy Silverstone - 20 - Central Portus
LM - Deandre Z - 24 - Central Portus
RM - Bianca Eaststar - 25 - Sporting Ceres
ST - Alonso Cortes - 28 - Central Portus

GK - Ty Boldsword - 19 - Central Portus
GK - Mick Lockey - 30 - Portus Independent
FB - Nico Iglesias - 28 - Metrus United
FB - Brandon Lightner - 31 - Luxus FC
CB - Jerome Ford - 27 - Central Portus
CB - Hermes Steele - 25 - Noodle SC
DM - Xavier D - 21 - Black Isle FC
CM - Bikendi H - 18 - Academy United
CM - Eneko J - 23 - Racing Club Westbay
W - Stevan Horvat - 30 - Union Atrus
W - Drika Southwater - 20 - Academy United
ST - Aleixo Christakis - 25 - Sporting Ceres
ST - Kyle Zombie - 21 - Zombie FC

OOC: Apologies for not including that many details, but I was forced to write this on a tablet by my current computer problems and it was the best I could do.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:49 am


The Independents Cup is an independent tournament organized by some kind of independent footballing organization, hence the independent national football team assembled by independent footballing coach Heinrich Wurzmann. Most of the players called up to represent Abanhfleft in the Independents Cup could have or did represent other sides throughout the multiverse but other players will be representing the Democratic Republic for the first time. Wurzmann's hopes that good performances in this cup will convince the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft to give some of these guys a chance with the actual national team have gone very well with the likes of Daisuke Ogigayatsu, Toumain Vincelot, and Vitaly Zima becoming fixtures in the official national team of Abanhfleft. Wurzmann hopes to do the same again this year with a bunch of new talent.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +3.5
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Manager: Heinrich Wurzmann (57 y/o, Pridnestrovia-Abanhfleft)

GK: Chestnut DURANT 28 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos Image (playing in the Fleftic Premier League)
Chestnut Durant is a goalkeeper originally from the State of Panem, winners of the 59th Baptism of Fire, before that mysterious thing which the Bonesfolk of Bonesea call "Catastrophic Termination Events" or CTEs happened in Panem, which resulted in the whole place being wiped off of the map with only the memories of those who played against them and some records in the vast archives of the sporting universe the only evidence that they actually existed before. Chestnut was one of the lucky few who made it away from the CTE which claimed the rest of Panem and his countrymen, and he's signed up with Marinos Thimpodopoulos in the Fhulghamous Peninsula to keep up his match fitness. Now he's also decided to give his services to the national team, even though this is not the official national team, but this guy still looks like he's keeping some secrets of his own...

RB: Mauricio EMAZAGUCCI 28 y/o, Selid Town AFC Image
Mauricio Emazagucci is part of the national futsal team which won Abanhfleft its first ever piece of silverware in the 1st Futsal World Cup held in Allied Omaha. Of course, it wasn’t gold but silver (Rejistania took home the gold in that competition) but for a bunch of 20 and 21-year-olds, winning second place in any sort of international tournament was still a significant achievement. One would expect that the national football team would come calling upon these fine individuals seeing as they’ve already got some international pedigree (transitioning from futsal and beach soccer to actual soccer wasn’t unheard of before) but sadly for Mauricio and the rest of the silver winners in Allied Omaha, the call-ups just didn’t come. But Heinrich Wurzmann is here now, and he’s here to give the old national futsal team a new start with the Alternative Football Program.

RCB: Matty YUSUFF 22 y/o, Samalense Image (Oontaz), on loan from Rosenpfelblatz City Image
Matthew Yusuff is his full name but he prefers to be called Matty. He says it’s so people can tell him apart from Matt Cave of Rosenpfelblatz City, his parent club. Why he would think that, nobody knows as Matty Yusuff and Matt Cave are two worlds apart from each other. Matty is thin, has buckets of pace and is somewhat good in the air (if there’s no one also in the air to bully him away from the ball) while Matt Cave is a heavyset man whose main strengths lie in his ability to keep the ball through massive clumps of defenders. Matty was signed by Rosen from Bytuch Wyk Wanderers after his impressive potential and was immediately sent out on a two-year loan to Oontaznik First Division side Samalense. The Oontaznik First Division has a reputation for being a good place to develop young defenders with good aerial ability and easing them into a starting eleven. With his loan set to wrap up after this season, Matty is looking forward to challenging for spots in Rosenpfelblatz.

LCB: Will JENKS 25 y/o, Sporting Mykorrigan Image
Everyone knows that Will’s mother is a Fleftic citizen, but there is still some confusion regarding the citizenship of Will’s father. Even his mother wasn’t too sure herself. Sometimes she says that Will’s father is from Schottia; other times she’s claimed that Will’s father is from Tumbra. There was even one time when Will’s mother claimed that his father was from Whovian Tardisia! That means, technically, that Will could have represented any one of these three nations if he so chose, but since no one knows his father’s nationality, let alone his identity, the only real nation for which he is eligible to play is the Fleftic national team. And he hasn’t even been considered by the SFA for a call-up yet which is why when Heinrich Wurzmann and his Alternative Football Program came calling, Will immediately jumped at the chance. Will is a decent enough defender with good aerial ability which is put to good use when both defending and attacking corners, but aside from that he has nothing else except a proclivity for the slide tackle, which has earned him many yellow cards and the occasional red card or two, which has cemented his reputation as being only a lower league player.

LB: Roscoe "Rocko" STUBBS 32 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image, captain
Rocko Stubbs is the consummate professional: he does his defending effectively and efficiently and never seems to put a foot out of place. Well, that’s technically not true as Rocko has been found to put feet out of place with some flying tackles here and there so that means he’s got a fair few yellow and red cards to his name (but then again, who doesn’t?) Still, he’s a good defender even for his age and has also been named captain of Sporting Ceneisis after Maksim Varamoninov transferred to Mevosa in Fluvique. He would have represented Abanhfleft already were it not for his part in a scandal which involved his brother’s fiancée, the less of which is said the better. But he found a new lease in life in terms of his international career when Heinrich Wurzmann set up his Alternative Football Program and invited Rocko to join the side. With Luke Edwards announcing that he was considering retiring from the national team within two years, Rocko may just have a chance to represent the blue, orange, and green officially but for now he will have to content himself with playing for the Alternative National Team.

RM: Aros ABELLESI 29 y/o, Duhblakk Rovers Image

LM: Abednego SANTAMARIA 28 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Image

RW: Chuckazor "Chuck" PULZAZIN 28 y/o, Braganopolis United Image

CAM: ABIMELECH Ollanta 25 y/o, Samalense Image (Oontaz)

LW: Ji MOON 24 y/o, Kimmirut Panhandle Image

ST: Kahaan KAZZBLASSART 30 y/o, Keephall Vikings Image


GK: Eammon DAVIS








First Team

KITS (by Adidulas)

Win-loss record:
4-1-2 (penalty shootouts are counted as draws)
First international match: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
First win: VS Prusy krolewskie (W 5-2)
First loss: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
Biggest win: VS Prusy krolewskie (W 5-2), VS Nordernious (W 5-2)
Biggest loss: VS Veldgouwen (L 2-4 AET)

MD1: Abanhfleft vs Kitsunia-Deesse @ Partush Arena, Orga, Mercedini (cap. est. 32,500) D 1-1
MD2: Zaspeuwana vs Abanhfleft @ ezMart Arena, Zholvi, Mercedini (cap. est. 24,000)
MD3: Abanhfleft vs Zitru @ Partush Arena, Orga, Mercedini (cap. est. 32,500)

To be expanded/edited when I have the time...
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Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
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Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Our Great Divide

Chapter One: Hustle

Picture, in your mind, the pinnacle of wealth and of advancement. Picture a group of corporations that have become so powerful that they were able to overcome the state and bring about a technological and social revolution that changed their home islands forever. Picture the most decadent megacities that have ever been created, with billions of dollars of wealth concentrated into areas that were sometimes less than three hundred miles big. Picture a well oiled machine of a country that somehow keeps running smoothly through a combination of brutally efficient administration and the industrial grit of the lower classes, who toil hard for the upper classes who run the cities that they all live in.

Are you done? Great. You’ve just pictured the Iron Syndicate, who for the most recent decades, have been the kings and queens of the Sea of Iron and the islands that make up its population. They turned these sleepy little islands into one of the richest places of the world, and into a global powerhouse in commerce and industry. Their reach spans through many islands and multiple enclaves, and stretches into space with multiple space colonies, but their seat of power is in the biggest city of them all, Portus. That’s also what you could call my home, or the closest thing that I have to one.

You’re probably wondering who I am. Well, the easiest way to explain is to introduce myself as Praefectus and inform you that I am one of the AIs that is used by the Syndicate in running the city of Portus and the island that surrounds it, Portum. One of my main roles is documentation, and I was given the task of documenting the latest chapter in the history of the Syndicate, of the city of Portus, and of the people of the islands and of the territories. Whether these records will eventually become useful to anyone is up for debate, but every event in the past year or so has been tracked by me, and documented after being fact checked for multiple angles for legitimacy.

I cannot promise you that you will be interested in everything I have recorded, but I can promise you that every word I say to you is true, even when I say things that appear to make the Syndicate look good. My goal is not to provide propaganda but to provide one hundred percent accuracy, and that is at the core of my purpose. So, you want to learn about what went down in Portum and about the international rise of the Syndicate on more than just the economic scene? You want to learn how some of our national heroes came to be, and the conflict that they went through to get there? Do you want to learn how the divide between the territories and the islands became big enough to boil over?

I have the answers to all of those questions, and because of my purpose as the recordkeeper of Portum, I will share them with you. But before we get to the later questions, let us start from the beginning. Let us go all the way back, to when a group of people received a chance that would change their lives permanently. Let us go back to when the Black Arrows were assembled for the first time.


While most others were returning from work, heading back home, and checking to see if their balances had increased yet so they could go out for dinner after a long day, the college aged kid was fighting for his life. His back was pressed against the cold stone wall, his opponent was rapidly approaching to finish him off, and he felt like he was seeing stars. No, he was literally seeing stars, with his vision taking some moments to recover after the shots to the face that he’d just taken from his opponent’s right hand. There was more than one cut on his face, and the blood was running down his cheeks and making his wounds look worse than they were…

But still, he wasn’t doing well at all. His opponent, a larger and stronger boy who had been through more training than him, grew closer and threw body shots at him, which he absorbed. You couldn’t dodge and counter a body shot easily, and both fighters knew that. But, the boy who was against the wall also knew that if he stood in there and took the body shots, he’d have his chance to get back in this thing. His skin felt like it was burning at the points of contact, but he kept standing in there by the old factory wall and let his opponent get some free hits on him.

And then, when his opponent took a swing at his head, he ducked the punch and slid out of his range, hopping to the side and then forward, away from the wall. He hops backwards after that, and his opponent takes a step backwards to reset as both fighters stare each other down. The smaller boy is confident, though. He shakes his freshly shaved head and extends both arms wide, inviting his opponent to come after him and try to land a free shot on him. “Come on, you son of a bitch,” he says, waving the opponent forward.

The opponent knows that this is a trap. They call the smaller boy the Phantom on these streets, because of his ability to slip out of attacks and counter with deadly power, and it’s obvious that he’s planning to slip out of any open blow that his opponent lands. Still, it’s an easy chance, and the crowd wouldn’t like it very much if the opponent passed up on it. He charges forward, pulling his fist back early and getting ready to throw a hard punch to the face that has some serious knockout power. That didn’t turn out to be the correct option.

With a laugh, the Phantom shifted his feet and slid out of the way of the attacker, letting him stop and turn to continue going after him before squaring up. He pulls back and shifts his body for maximum momentum, and then slams his left fist into the side of his opponent’s head, the impact making an audible sound and dropping the larger boy to the ground. The Phantom goes to ground to deliver more punches and finish the fight, but to his surprise, he’s already won. His opponent is out cold, and the crowd’s cheers indicate that the Phantom is the clear winner of the fight.

“What’s yer name, kid?” asked one of the men in the crowd, one who looked like he wasn’t from around here at all. You see, the industrial districts in the territories were rough places. They were places that you only went to if you had to, because you either worked in them or lived around them. The rich preferred to stay in their walled off neighborhoods in the suburbs, and that was why it was so strange to see this well groomed man whose clothes were perfectly clean and pressed, devoid of the dirt and oil and other stains that covered those of most of the crowd.

“Drew C,” the Phantom said, sounding slightly disappointed that he only had a normal name and not a family one. In the Iron Syndicate’s territories and islands, only the upper classes were able to have family names. For the middle and working classes, everyone was given a long alphanumeric designation followed by a shorthand name consisting of a first name and a one letter surname to distinguish them from others with the same name. “Everyone ‘round here knows me as the Phantom. I’ve got something of a reputation on this street.”

“I can see,” replies the man, and Drew can hear that he has the territorial accent. Even if he’s from an upper class area, it does seem like he’s from around here. “What you did was impressive, Drew. Ever thought of taking that talent and doing something with it that’s more productive than fighting in the streets?”

With the crowd looking on, Drew shrugs. “Don’t know. It’s what I’m good at, man. It’s what we do around here. I can tell you aren’t from these parts, so let me explain it to you. We fight, ‘round these parts. It’s a city pastime for the people of the Black Isle Station. When you don’t have much to do other than process minerals and oil from the surface and balance yer budget at the end of the workday, you come up with things to do. I dunno about every territory, but on the Stations, we fight.”

“I’m aware. But fighting may not be the only thing that you can do, now. Have you ever considered that you might have a chance to move up in life behind your talents? Let’s head somewhere more quiet and I can explain-”

“Mate, I ain’t walking away from here before I get paid. I only worked a half day today and I have to keep the lights on somehow,” says Drew, holding both hands up in a gesture to tell the man to slow down. “I don’t even know ya. For all I know, you’re just another con looking to get one over me. If you wait till after I get paid… Then maybe we’ll talk.”

“I can wait.”

There’s a brief pause, and then Drew nods and turns to the crowd that’s still assembled. “Ya’ll heard me. I’m cutting dangerously close today and I need some extra coins to pay the bills with. Unless you all want to see me move back in with my parents and never fight in front of you again, I suggest you help me out. Even a few coins helps, people. Don’t think that your donation is too small. I like doing this. I really do. But I won’t be able to continue doing it if I don’t have my own place anymore. If you want to give something, you know where to send it. My ID number is written on my shirt, after all.”

After the call for donations, there’s a few more moments of milling around as Drew takes out his phone and looks at his balance increasing. It doesn’t take long before he’s earned enough coins to pay off his bills, and he takes a bow towards the crowd. “Thank you, ladies and gentleman. You’re all great, ya don’t know how much I appreciate it that you let me chase after this… This career in fighting. Someday I promise I’ll repay this district, if I ever make it big,” he says, before turning to the man who sounded like he was from the gated rich neighborhoods. “What was it that you wanted to offer me?”

“Well, you see, I’m with the government, and we’re looking for some top athletes that are willing to try different sports and give us an edge in international competitions. More specifically, we’re looking for some extreme athletes who are willing to try football, to eventually play for one of our national teams, and I was told that this district is a good place to find unproven athletes,” explains the man. “And you? You’re the kind of person that we’re looking for. Young, and filled with the athleticism that our footballers lack, and with everything to play for. I’m offering you a chance, kid, a chance to go from zero to national hero in a few weeks. It’s up to you if you want to take the plunge and accept it.”


The sun rose across the horizon in Portus, and the cycle began again. The massive city of forty million people is already awake by the time that the sun is fully visible in the sky, and in the center of all of it, in the Central region, the day is beginning for the rich and super powerful elites that run the whole city and country. Their neighborhood is the wealthiest of the wealthiest, behind only North Ceres in average net worth, and the people here live in massive skyscraping condos that are on the cutting edge of architecture, with extravagantly fancy designs and hundreds of floors. For most people, the new day would bring a new grind, as they headed to their jobs and worked to raise their balances. After all, living here was more expensive than almost anywhere else in the country, and the lifestyle that came with this place wasn’t cheap either.

For the elites though, the ones who were in the higher ranks of the businesses and the ones who were in politics, each day didn’t have to be a grind. They were done grinding, and they were coasting through life as their wealth improved without them having to do much. One of those people, that didn’t have much to grind for now other than political position, was Lucy Silverstone. At twenty years old, she was already set for life because of her family. Her father, Kal Silverstone, was the governor of the island of Portum. There were others in her family that had considerable influence in multiple fields, and she was already looking successful as a member of a line of considerably successful people.

So, as the sun rose and the city of Portus woke up, Lucy wasn’t thinking about the latest day’s grind and the troubles of work. She climbs out of bed and moves to the window, staring out and watching others commute to work via the avenue outside the building where her family lives. She herself hasn’t done anything resembling ‘work’ since last month, before she dropped out of the University of Portus to pursue her real interests, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have some goals that she was aspiring to. “System, play morning playlist number one,” she said out loud, and the computer system that was intertwined with the room began to play one of the music playlists that she’d organized for mornings.

She goes through her morning routine and puts on today’s outfit, a pair of black denim shorts and a contrasting white sweater, and then steps in front of an electronic screen in her bedroom that’s acting as a mirror. She can see herself in the mirror, but she can also see it displaying different things about her. Her vitals, her account balance, her contacts and her profile with Iron Net, the big social media site used by Ironite citizens. “System, change my hair to dark pink,” she says, and a prompt appears in the middle of the the mirror.

“This action will cost fifty coins, do you wish to continue?”

“Continue,” she says, and she watches in the mirror as her hair changes from its natural shade of black into a shade of pink that she’d worn in the past in college. “Change my eye color to purple,” she continues, and another prompt appears on the mirror.

“This action will cost four hundred coins, do you wish-”

“Continue,” Lucy repeats, cutting off the automated voice and gesturing with her hand for it to move forward with the transaction. After a period of loading, the prompt disappears and she stares at herself in the mirror as her irises shift from dark brown to a light shade of purple. She was experiencing the wonders of Syndicate technology firsthand again, and she couldn’t hold back a smile as she looked at her new eye color.

Suddenly, however, the mirror dimmed and darkened, and then it shifted back into a normal electronic screen and began playing an advertisement, which Lucy guessed was for Zombie Energy. “Unsubscribe,” Lucy says, waving her hand to stop the advertisement. It pauses, and another prompt appears on the screen, this one demanding even more money.

“This action will remove advertisements for one week and will cost one thousand coins. Do you wish to continue?” the automated voice asked, and she nods.

“Yes,” she says, and the screen processes the transaction. These purchases take longer because it’s not just doing one thing, but syncing up the purchase with all of her other devices and with her profile in the Syndicate database. Eventually, it finishes, and Lucy stands up and starts towards the door after picking up her bag. After stepping out into the hallway, she looks down at her watch and issues a verbal command. “System, send a message to Dad telling him that I’m on my way to the meeting, and that I’ve made my decision. I’m going to drop my business career to play football, and I’m going to do it for Central Portus and the new national team.”

The watch played back her message, and asked if she wanted to send it. She nods, swiping the screen with one finger to send. “It’s done then,” she mutters under her breath, but that wasn’t an exact assessment. In reality, things were just beginning.


Zandra Lux was one of the few people in downtown Portus who was able to wake up late. While the rest of the city had crawled out of bed and gotten to work, and while the streets were full of people that were heading to and from the many major destinations in the Central District, Zandra was barely waking up and was taking her own sweet time with getting dressed and getting out of bed. She was able to do this because her job was a dirty one, one that was technically legal but still operated out of the underground, and that job was a part of the vast underworld in the Iron Syndicate that didn’t listen to anyone and that didn’t follow the usual schedules that the others in this nation did.

There were many names for what Zandra was. Street walker, lady of the night, call girl, etcetera. Whatever someone called it, most would agree that it was indeed a dirty job. But in a place like Portus, that was completely focused on decadence, Zandra and the ‘company’ that she worked for never ran out of business. They called themselves the Shadow Corporation, because even though they operated in plain sight, many of their activities were the types that were conducted in the shadows. A criminal syndicate they were, but at the same time, they had enough legitimate businesses that they could front as being one of the larger legit companies in the country and not get in any trouble for what they did in secret.

Today, Zandra would have a chance to look for more business, and that was what the heads up display that projected itself over her vision told her as she activated it and looked through the many different alerts that began to appear in the corners of her sight. And that was a good thing, because keeping the lights on and the utilities running in an expensive place like downtown Portus wasn't easy for someone with a less conventional job. Hell, she'd blown her last paycheck on finally getting around to buying a real surname, meaning that she would need to work extra to make sure that she didn't lose her electricity and access to her smart devices because of not paying the bills.

“System, call Vincent back,” she says, referring to Vincent J, one of her shadowy bosses that didn't spend much time around her, but still gave her the information about where the company's best jobs could be found. The Shadow Corp was strange like that, because the hours weren't set like with most jobs. That just wasn't how they rolled. No, they'd instead post a list of available jobs and let someone choose which ones they wanted to work, unless they were working with some of their higher paying clients that had more sway in the company’s activities.

The phone icon in the corner of her vision shifts into a ticker showing how long she's been connected, and Vincent answers the call immediately as Zandra steps out of the apartment and starts heading to the elevator, to go to street level. “Zandra, it's good to hear from you again. I was wondering if you were going to take our latest high level job posting. It's in your part of the business, and we're thinner in that department right now-”

“Yeah, I can already say that I'm going to probably say yes to whatever it is that you want me to do today. These rent prices aren't getting any cheaper,” Zandra says, and when she gets out of the elevator, she walks out of the apartment and onto a city street that's already packed with plenty of pedestrians. The corner of her vision fills with arrows warning her of the proximity between her and others, until she waves those arrows away with a hand swipe. “But I just woke up. What kind of job is this, exactly? I didn't get a chance to check the listings yet.”

“You know Central Portus loves to keep their players happy. Well, they're going to need some more ‘interns’,” explains Vincent, dragging out the word ‘interns’ for sarcastic purposes. He was referring to how many of the top football clubs in the Syndicate kept attractive girls around their teams under the pretense of them being part of either the coaching or medical staffs, even though it was really just a compromise to keep the players away from groupies. If they wanted to mess around with girls while they were with the clubs, especially on road trips, it would at least hopefully be with ones that the clubs knew wouldn't cause heartache.

But the interesting thing was that most of the job wasn't actually sleeping with players. No, that would be far too easy. The ‘interns’ were the ones who were often responsible for giving the players all of the luxuries that the elites in the Syndicate had. They'd drive them places in nice cars, get there quickly to make sure that things were fixed quickly if there was ever a problem on a road trip, be the ones who the players vented about their careers to, and more. The job wasn't necessarily easy, but the pay was excellent and Zandra didn't mind getting paid to act as a babysitter and professional companion to some millionaire footballers. “You need me and a few of my friends to join the ‘staff’ as ‘interns’ for Central. How many of us are you going to need? I don't mind following around some footballers, might be hard to talk some of the other girls into it. Everyone knows how much more work this is than usual-”

“They're paying the corporation three hundred thousand coins for this, and the four of you will split the profits by twenty five percent each. Yes, the corporation won't make money, but building connections is more important at this stage. I want only my best workers on this job, because there will be a chance for an even bigger big money contract that could be a game changer for us.”

“What would that chance be?”

“Don't tell the other girls this yet, because it's not official, but there's rumors that the Syndicate board wants to create a national team. That's why they've been searching for more great footballers and trying to strengthen the league with better athletes… It's all part of the grand plan to find athletes that are good enough to play against the world’s best, whether they be football players already or not,” Vincent says, his voice hurried with excitement as he speaks. “If we can prove to Central that we take good care of their players and actually make a useful impact on the team, we can make a push to do the same for the new national team… Which will obviously have a lot of money involved with it.”

“Damn it, Vincent. I'm a call girl, not a businesswoman. I'm just focused on doing my job and keeping those footballers satisfied with their jobs, not setting up deals. But whatever, I don't have much of a choice in this because I need to pay off those bills. Consider me in, and I'll find three others who I can rope into doing this too.”

“You're the best, Zandra. And remember… Do well, make connections with people at the top, and you'll have a shot at the biggest payday in your life.”

(TL;DR recap: A young fighter from the Black Isle space station receives a chance to make it big in another sport, football, as part of the ongoing talent search. Central Portus hires beautiful women to take care of their players, and one of them catches wind of a chance for a new job, one that's for a team that doesn't exist yet: the Black Arrows.)
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Postby Garifunya » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:21 am


G #1 Arjan Maatman, 34, FC Frederykvil
G #22 Stijn Kruit, 24, SV Oranje
G #23 Joren Melenhorst, 25, Zeerovers Vrijport

D #2 Farouk Vosjan, 30, Estreya Zwart FC
D #5 Rudie Kreijenveld, 24, Onvervaard FC
D #4 Marcel Alfring, 27, Eendracht Garifunya
D #3 Youssef van Hartskamp, 32, Onvervaard FC
D #12 Bert-Jan van der Lugt, 24, SV Oranje
D #13 Jochem Elijzen, 28, VK Konduktor
D #14 Youri Ridderhof, 25, Zeerovers Vrijport
D #15 Luuk Visser, 26, FC Frederykvil

M #6 Mart-jan Spijkkers, 32, SV Oranje
M #7 Joachem van Ness, 33, Onvervaard FC
M #8 Wil Schoeneveld, 24, FC Frederyvkvil
M #16 Jozua Krumers, 23, Eendracht Garifunya
M #17 Muhammad Kamerling, 26, Zeerovers Vrijport
M #18 Dawaas Nieuwaal, 22, Estreya Zwart FC

F #9 Ali Wijkstra, 32, Estreya Zwart FC
F #10 Florentijn Takman, 33, Zeerovers Vrijport
F #11 Floris-Jan Klenkman, 24, Eendracht Garifunya
F #19 Adriaan van Petersen, 27, Estreya Zwart FC
F #20 Mechiel Disselhorst, 25, Hadarage FC
F #21 Sebaastian Diekman, 22, VK Konduktor

Manager: Michel Bouwers, 48, Garifunya
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Mod: +2


Stadium: Staad Fyet nan Garifunya (20,500, Frederykvil)


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Schottia » Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:21 am


National Football Team of Schottia

Independents Cup II

Manager: Lionel Mah 53 Image
Assistant: Colin Donaldson 42 Image
First Team Coach: David Chettwell 70 Image
First Team Coach: Judy Scott 65 Image
First Team Coach: Conner Watts 54 Image
Gk Coach: Peter Acheson 53 Image
Physio: Claire Hanson-Conavacio 34 Image

After Schottia's qualification campaign imploded at the halfway stage of World Cup 75, there was really no other option for Jane Gullie than to stand down. Following a lengthy period of deliberation the SFA finally put in place the team that they believe will give them a chance of returning to the world stage. Quebecois manager Lionel Mah is one of his nation's most promising coaching prospects, and received critical acclaim for the way he transformed the fortunes of CSKA Quebec, as well as his tactical knowledge. With John Murray leaving alongside Gullie, former Schottia skipper Colin Donaldson comes in as assistant, the 39-year-old's only coaching experience being a brief stint at interim manager at Handon United. Donaldson brings with him a good awareness of the Schottic game, and has been an excellent foil for Lionel Mah. Veteran coach David Chettwell has been with the Schottia team for the best part of ten years, and is well known to the current crop of players - he was one of the few coaches to keep his place after the post WC75 purge. Joining him for the first time are coaches Judy Scott and Conner Watts. Scott, currently at New Island, as previously been a manager at U15 and has already worked with many of the current squad. Watts, who recently took over at Hillstreet, also brings a lot of managerial experience to the set-up. Goal keeping coach Peter Acheson remains in place, and Physio Claire Hanson his brought back in after previously being realised by Barry Gorman a decade ago.
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Team history
Barry Gorman era
Not so much a tale of ups and downs, Schottia's history in the World Cup competitions has been one of very slow progress. Since Barry Gorman took over a side ranked outside the world's top 300, which had just finished WC68 with a grand total of 0-points, the Auks have seen their fortunes steadily improve. The small nation of six-and-a-half-million gave a very good account of themselves under his stewardship and it was in this era that we saw them first adopt their now familiar 4-2-3-1 formation. Schottia finished sixth of eight in their group as they tried to reach the finals of WC69 in his first year in charge, qualifying for the Cup of Harmony, where they recorded a surprise win over Mizuyuki. The subsequent rise up the world rankings saw them finish third, fourth, third in WC70, 71, and 72 respectively, as they established themselves as one of the world's mid-ranked sides. Schottia put in some plucky performance over the years, and there was little doubt that it was Gorman who had made the difference, seemingly able to dig deep and get something extra out of the country's small pool of players. It was also during this period (immediately prior to WC70) that Schottia won the Di Bradini Cup, and that golden generation of youngsters has slowly began to make their mark on the senior squad.

Despite being the one to galvanise the team, Barry Gorman's position as manager became more and more difficult. After a series of wild promises and statements of overconfidence, he constantly succeeded in building up the fans' expectations, and creating a rod for his own back. In the end it was no doubt this bravado, coupled with a lacklustre qualification campaign in WC72, which saw the SFA decline to offer him a new contract. He did go on to lead the side to the knockout stages of the Cup of Harmony for the first time, however it wasn't enough, and as the side limped out after a heavy defeat to Nova Anglicana, it was to be the 47-year-old's last act in charge.

Jane Gullie era
After their Cup of Harmony exit, Schottia was standing at a bit of a crossroads. Managerless, and despite reaching the knockout stages of a major tournament for the first time, it was abundantly clear that they were a million miles off the pace. From a shortlist of five candidates, Jane Gullie emerged as the most suitable option, and was handed the job over the likes of caretaker Grant Nean, and Schottic DBC hero Jock Sonny. Gullie had made a name for herself after lifting the SPL title with New Belfast Warriors, and was commended for her style of man-management and balanced tactics, which the board thought conducive to the Schottic style of play. It is easy to forget when looking back with rosé tinted glasses, but Gullie's reign was not an overnight success and indeed, she came very close to being sacked only five matches into the World Cup 73 Qualifiers. Results picked up however, the turning point being a win at home to Krytenia - a massive achievement for a nation who traditionally struggle against the top sides. The result seemed to give Schottia a new found confidence, and with the cracks glossed over with a little self belief, they eventually went on to top their group. Further wins over Mertagne, and the completion of the double over Krytenia in the final group game meant that Schottia were able to avoid the play-off lottery and move straight into the World Cup final draw.

In spite of all the excitement surrounding the nation's qualification, there was no hiding the enormity of the task they faced. Drawn in a difficult group consisting of San Jose San Jose Guayabal, Farfadillis, and the Polar Islandstates, Schottia finished in fourth place picking up a single point against Farfadillis.

Schottia then entered the World Cup 74 qualification as second seeds in their group, and while this made for a potentially easier draw - being placed alongside The Holy Empire, Bears Armed, and New Gelderland saw pay to that. After a huge struggle, Schottia eventually came out on top for a second cycle running. In reflection the home and away wins over New Gelderland, were probably pivotal in a group where all the sides dropped points. By this point Gullie was starting to get the players she wanted around her, and this was marked by the emergence of individuals such as Johannas Ünterhausen, Bella Thompson, and Herron Crew, who all made valuable contributions.

The finals themselves were once again a bridge too far for Schottia, and where they seem to have gotten qualification down to a T, the finals are another story all together. This time Schottia were draw alongside Nova Anglicana, Vilita, and the familiar faces of Farfadillis. It was to be the same story as last time however, and with zero wins, Schottia limped out once again at the group stage.

After topping their qualification group the two previous campaigns there was a lot of pressure on Jane Gullie to do the same going into WC75. However, despite a strong start, the Schottians fell by the wayside, with a seemingly inconceivable collapse at the halfway stage, finishing third behind Eura and Devonta.

Lionel Mah Era
Schottia's first World Cup qualifying campaign under the very highly rated Quebecois Lionel Mah can simply be summed up by the word - frustration. In many ways, they did so much right, but during the critical games against Eshan and Turori, they couldn't come up with the goods. The Schottic support seemed to be divided right down the middle, as to whether or not the manager should be given a second chance. However, and perhaps most crucially, the players had been generally in favour of the then 50-year-old. In the end, the Schottic FA decided not to make a final decision on Mah's fate until after the Cup of Harmony, which would prove to be astute move.

Optimism was desperately low as Schottia headed into their first ever Cup of Harmony on home soil, with overseas territory Port Christopher qualifying for the World Cup making it all the more painful. However, Schottia managed to dig deep, and pull out the results they needed, as they made their way to the final. They suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the final, losing in the dying minutes to a very impressive Bonesea side. Despite the obvious disappointment, there were several positives to take away. The run to the final, which included a 4-0 win over the higher ranked Super-Llamaland, undoubtedly meant that Schottia went into the Independents Cup the following year full of confidence.

Schottia marched to a somewhat surprise victory at the inaugural tournament, which pitted associations playing out with the Mulitiverse's three main sporting regions against one another. Defeating Veldgouwen in the final, Lionel Mah's side were able to atone for letting the Cup of Harmony slip through their fingers on home solid, and add a first senior trophy to the Harbour Hill cabinet.

Going into the qualifiers for World Cup 77, national confidence was at an all time high. Despite what on paper looked like a difficult draw, there was a feeling that Mah and Donaldson were the management team who knew how to get results. Along with heavyweights, Starblaydia and the Sarian, Schottia were also pitted against emerging superpower, Ceni. While Arrowsword, Koromin, and Co proved to be a bridge too far for the Schottians, they swept all others aside with some gutsy performances, to finish second in the group.

After securing a return to the world stage, Schottia found themselves in nosebleed territory after topping their group with nine points. A 2-1 win over Nephara will no doubt be the highlight of what turned out to be their breakthrough cycle. An extra time victory over fellow rising stars, Anglatia, in the round of sixteen, meant that Schottia were in uncharted waters as they progressed to the quarterfinals. It wouldn't be a World Cup if it didn't involve facing Farfadillis, and it was at the hands of the AO side, that Schottia eventually made their exit.

Squad information
Lionel Mah seems to have gone for the same approach as two years ago; selecting a more or less full-strength starting eleven, while filling the bench with players from the fringes of the playing-pool. The biggest blow to Schottia as they look to defend their title, is the absence of the on form, Corinne Martel-Burns. The St Johns Arsenal star is currently unable to leave the country, as she awaits a court hearing. on assault charges. The 21-year-old was phenomenal during WCQs and replacing her goal threat isn't going to be easy. John McCormack is the senior striker in the squad, in terms of international appearances, and their will now be a lot of pressure on his shoulders. In addition to the Centralis Heart star, Mah has called-up prolific Eastern Stars girl, Višnja Brankovič, along with 23-year-old Athletic star, Elspeth Glendening.

While the midfield is at full strength, Mah has taken the opportunity to call up Snubbeak Rock's Nick James, and Dundee's Jim Gerrish. The former was a stand out player in the SPL last season, although he has literally no big match experience. Gerrish, on the other hand, was part of the initial squad of 34 for the World Cup, but only managed a single cap. The usual suspects, Killanen, Coutlan, McDonald, etc have all been called-up and will no doubt be of vital importance once again. We will also get another look at teenager, Camila Luna, after the Marine Coast United playmaker had a very good World Cup. The former Project +90 star looks to be an integral part of Lionel Mah's future plans.

The defence is also as you would expect, with the now established back four of Watt, Doig, Souter, and Paul. Mark Ünterhausen continues his development as an international centre-half with another call-up here. Molly Killanen, and Esther Abner are preferred as cover in the wide areas. With Mark's brother Johannas capable of filling in at the back, Mah was clearly persuaded to drop one defensive back up, in favour of another forward option. Jeremy McNott is once again between the sticks, with Harry Gould waiting in the wings as a back-up.


The kits for the last World Cup cycle are designed by Schottsport of Schottia

Full Squad

1. GK Jeremy McNott, 31 | Image Cornellians | Height:191cm Weight:79kg | Caps: 46 Goals: 0
There is no doubt that McNott wasn't everyone's first choice for the number-one jersey. While he has always played at the highest level with Cornellians, he is far from flawless, and has made one or two high profile mistakes. All that to one side, he has been an ever-present part of the national team since Lionel Mah took charge, and definitely impressed during the last World Cup. The former DBC winner has been with Cornellians his entire senior career, having first featured as a teenager in their MPL days. With five SPL titles to his name, he is Schottia's most decorated keeper if not their best, and he brings big match experience to the side. McNott is a good shot stopper, who spreads himself well, and is good in one-on-one situations.

2. RB Larry Watt, 31 | Image 1860 Azoth, | Height: 180cm. Weight: 75kg | Caps: 72 Goals: 2
Vice-captain, and one of the most dependable players in the team. He is a less-glamorous option at right-back, focusing generally on the defensive work. Like many in the current squad, he has a DBC winners medal, earned when he was a youngster at Marionville. Watt subsequently signed for Blau-Weiss Pallstadt in the last days of the Buyanese Top-League, before jumping ship at the right time, in a $9 million move to Cenian side 1860 Azoth. Schottia's most expensive defender has grown with the league, and is now regarded a key player in the squad. Fast, strong, and very defensively minded: There is very little getting past the 31-year-old.

3. LB Paul Doig, 29 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:180cm Weight:71kg | Caps: 34 Goals: 0
Schottia have been waiting for a long time for a left-back to come into this squad and really make the position their own. The former DBC winner, and double SPL champion, has all the attributes needed to excel in this role. The Port Sebastian man is never going to be a world-class player, and he has been found out once or twice against sides such as Nephara, but he is a marked improvement on his predecessors. With his pace, composure, and the bonus of his long throw-ins, the idea of playing Doig might well turn out to be one of Lionel Mah's better moves.

4. CB Stephen Paul, 27 | Image Falourr | Height:182cm Weight:81kg | Caps: 35 Goals: 2
Being branded Mr Reliable, is a good place to start out when you are a young centreback, but few of us would have predicted the national academy graduate would rise to such dizzying heights. Now playing with Falourr in Eura, Paul has both Globe Cup and top domestic football experience under his belt at a relatively young age. Schottia have been waiting for a while for a solid central defender to come along and claim that position alongside Gareth Souter, and it seems as if Paul can be that individual. His partnership with Souter has now become a vital element of the Schottia side, who have had problems in the past, leaking goals.

5. CB. Gareth Souter, 28 | Image Sporting Cenial | Height: 189cm. Weight: 79kg | Caps: 58 Goals: 6
Over the last ten years, Souter has gone from an 18-year-old DBC winner, to being the beating heart of his nations defence. There are now few who would not argue that the Sporting Cenial player isn't our best defender, and some fantastic performances in the last World Cup cycle would testify to that. His very settled partnership with Paul, at the back, has definitely been one of the biggest differences in this side. Souter is a strong player, who takes the game very seriously. He can also be a menacing presence coming forward for set pieces, where he has a habit of getting on the end a cross, or simply being in the right place at the right time.

6. CM Jenny McDonald, 30 | Image Coret Hawks | Height: 173cm. Weight: 64kg | Caps: 47 Goals: 5 (c)
A natural leader, who likes to grab the game by the scruff of the neck... as well as the opposition players. McDonald is a good balance of aggression and technical ability; and despite her height, she is a big presence in the midfield. She has previously captained the Willox Street Pirates to multiple league titles, as well as the last-16 of the Globe Cup, forcing her way into the national team set up as a result. Last summer she completed a move to Nepharim side, Coret Hawks, where she now has the chance to prove what she can do at the top level. For McDonald, leading the side out in the World Cup finals would have been a special moment. Her influence on the road to WC77, was no doubt a big factor in her side's qualification.

8. R/L/CM Evelyn Conjure, 23 | Image Blue Coast 1981 | Height: 169cm. Weight: 67kg | Caps: 24 Goals: 3
An extremely versatile player, who can operate anywhere in the midfield, Conjure made her debut during Schottia's triumphant campaign in the Boreal Islands two years ago. She has benefited greatly from Blue Coast's form, both domestically, and in the Champions' Cup. Long-term, her future will probably lie far from Port Christopher, but at the moment, it doesn't seem to be affecting her career. Like McDonald in the centre, she is a small, compact, punchy sort of player, very aggressive and direct. Conjure is also a decent enough passer of the ball, but what sets her apart is her pace, which is hard to match. She was a very important player for Schottia during the last World Cup cycle.

11. A/CM FC Kim Coultan, 29 | Image Crawford City | Height:160cm Weight:53kg | Caps: 77 Goals: 22
From the fringes of a side in the second tier of Schottic football to one of the stars of a team, which finished third in the Buyanese Top League. Coultan's journey from scrawny 17-year-old to full-internationalist has been a rags to riches story. The 29-year-old DBC winner became the first woman to play for the senior team when she was capped in the Cup of Harmony five cycles back, and has since gone on to establish herself in the first team. Small in stature even in terms of the other female players, Coultan relies on speed and agility to out-fox the opposition. Good on either foot, she is best known for her crisp, one touch passing and her goal scoring abilities. Six years ago she completed a $14 million move to Cosumarite club Crawford City, making her one of the most expensive Schottic player ever in terms of transfer fees. Coultan's partner is Schottic World Bowl winner, Rupert Kenny.

7. LM/F Chloe Rudden, 28 | Image Sabrefell Athletic | Height:172cm Weight:60kg | Caps: 71 Goals: 15
Rudden is second to no one in this squad in terms of pace when she drives forward down the left wing. A very successful player at youth level, Rudden won her first Schottia cap aged eighteen, after an impressive debut season with North Laithland in the Nepharim Premiership. The 28-year-old helped the Spiders to some strong league finishes in what is one of the Multiverse's top divisions, and recently earned a move to rivals Sabrefell Athletic. With Rudden's directness, and attacking threat she is also one of the main sources if goals in the current side. In her debut season with the Reds, she made the Premiership team of the season, scoring sixteen goals in the process.

10. AMRLC Eoin Killanen, 32 | Image Mâ Âlâmëómë | Height:176cm Weight:71kg | Caps: 111 Goals: 51
With seven goals in six World Cup finals appearances, it's easy to see why Killanen is widely regarded as the nation's only real world class player (Although Coutan and Rudden may beg to differ). Starting his career Lammerton, he then moved to FC Zürich in Vyrser, before being picked up by A-League side Kingsgrove. It was with the Brenecian club that he made a name for himself, becoming player of the year award in his one and only season there. Killanen then joined up with Mâ Âlâmëómë in Farfadillis where he has been for the last five seasons. He has had attitude problems at various points in his career, but then he is on song, he had the ability to be a game changer for his side. Schottia's Di Bradini Cup winning captain can play anywhere in the attacking line, right, left, or centre. At 111 caps, he is now only fifteen away from Lucas D'Araby's all time Schottic record.

9. FR/C John McCormack, 28 | Image Centralis Heart | Height:186cm Weight:79kg | Caps: 34 Goals: 16
This no nonsense attacker has been putting in some strong performances in the Terranean-League, particularly in helping Electrumite club Centralis Heart to Champions' Cup semi finals a few years back. The former Lammerton striker came to prominence after Schottia's run to the semi-finals of DBC-35, where his goals scoring ability started to catch the eye of few foreign clubs. Generally speaking, he has shared striking duties with Martel-Burns, but with the striker back in Quebec facing assault charges, he might get more of a chance here. Of all the strikers in the national pool, McCormack offers the most in terms of raw pace.


12. GK Harry Gould, 26 | Image FC Soessch | Height:188cm Weight:75kg | Caps:4 Goals: 0
The former Port Sebastian youth prospect found himself as second choice keeper during the last World Cup cycle, and keeps his place here, ahead of the likes of Jim Black and Anna Kurovski. Since joining FC Soessch as a youngster, the Handon born keeper has been in excellent form for his club, and has been capped at U18 and U21 levels. He has looked solid when tested in the four caps he has earned so far, and there are a few fans who would certainly like to see him on the pitch more. Less up and down that McNott, but he can't pull of the same wonder saves, so take your pick.

23. RB Esther Abner, 27 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:170cm Weight:63kg | Caps: 7 Goals: 0
Abner burst onto the scene with Port Patrick United, as part of the squad of player who took the SPL by storm in their first season. Now playing at Port Sebastian, Abner was one of the players pivotal to her former side's promotion seven seasons ago. A dependable right-back, solid in defence but with an emphasis on attack - the 27-year-old is definitely good enough to get some game time, as her performances in the Globe Cup would suggest. Despite her obvious talent, Abner's career has always been side-railed a little by her good looks, which have sadly been afforded more spotlight than her on-field exploits.

17. CB Mark Ünterhausen, 23 | Image FC Jansberg | Height:186cm Weight:75kg | Caps: 9 Goals: 0
Following his elder brother Johannas into the squad, the FC Jansberg centre-back previously captained his nation at under-21 level. Seen as the most consistent and level headed of the Ünterhausens, there is little doubt that Mark will force his way into the first team at some point, even if it isn't right now. Schottia have been through a lot of central-defensive-pairings over the last ten years, so Mah might be reluctant to break up the current partnership. However Mark has been very impressive over the last cycle and a half, and performed admirably in his nine caps so far. Ünterhausen's partner is FC Döllar midfielder Kerstin Dornenberger.

15. LB. Molly Killanen, 25 | Image FC Samotath | Height:173cm Weight:64kg | Caps: 6 Goals: 0
It must make it extra tough to shine, when you are the younger sister of Eoin Killanen, but Molly has done a pretty good job. After leaving the woman's Super League, she put in some solid performances with IFK Aldenskoett in Cosumar, before winning her first cap at the Cup of Harmony. The 25-year-old was part of the Aldenskoett side that got relegated two seasons ago, but was thrown a lifeline as she was signed by FC Samotath. Killanen is a busy little player, who likes to get forward down the left and cause defenders problems.

20. LM Steven Rexmont, 24 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:180cm Weight: 69kg | Caps: 12 Goals: 2
Rexmont made a huge splash in the SPL since he burst onto the scene as an 18-year-old with Dundee, subsequently winning a move to top four side, Port Sebastian. Thrown in at the deep end, he received his first call-up to the national team at the age of 21, but initially struggled to make the step up to that level. After missing out on the final twenty-three, which reached the CoH final on home soil, Rexmont was given a second bite at the cherry in the IAC-1. He has since seen his international form improve, winning a further ten caps, and scoring two goals. A fast, powerful winger, Rexmont can play on the right at a push. He is more straightforward than Rudden, but lacks some of her flair.

18. AMR Nick James, 22 | Image Snubbeak Rock | Height:179cm Weight:71kg | Caps: 0 Goals: 0
After more or less single-handedly winning the Waders promotion two years ago, he then almost single-handedly kept them up. It seems reasonable that Lionel Mah would want to have a look at electric winger, James - who as a straightforward, right-footed, right-sided winger - is something the team has perhaps been lacking. The 22-year-old is always looking for the ball, and uses it well when he gets it. He was a big source of both goals and assists last season for Snubbeack, and they will be hoping to make a seven-figure sum when he eventually moves on.

14. DM Jim Gerrish, 25 | Image Dundee | Height:180cm Weight:75kg | Caps: 1 Goals: 0
Jim 'The Hacker' Gerrish as earned a reputation in the SPL for being, well... a bit of a hacker. However, for the player who has been such a key part of Dundee's revival over the last four year, this probably sells him short. Alongside journeyman Nepharim teammate, Gustav Fandrich, the pair form a very effective partnership, which have helped the Panners punch above their wait for a number of seasons now. Gerrish earned his first cap on the road to SJG and Quebec, and at 25, this is probably his best chance to show the management team what he can do. It remains to be seen whether or not he will join the conveyor belt of players heading for the Dundee exit door: however, as the fourth squad player to have a connection to the club, and the only one still playing there, there is perhaps a pattern emerging.

16. D/ACM Johannas Ünterhausen, 25 | Image Real Chinchinhua | Height: 186cm. Weight: 77kg | Caps: 43 Goals: 6
The jury are still out as to whether or not Johannas is the star that was promised, when he first burst onto the scene as a 15-year-old playing with FC Döllar. It could easily be argued that he has never reached the level we all expected playing in Taeshan, but either way, he seems to have emerged as a nation team regular under Lionel Mah. Johannas has represented his nation at all levels, and is equally comfortable anchoring the midfield as he is in attack, having been employed in several different positions in his international career. In terms of physical and technical attributes, he has the potential to become a world-class player; he perhaps just needs to show more of a level head. It is usually 40%-60% is terms of who starts, between Ünterhausen and Conjure, alongside McDonald in the centre. Both are very capable players, but inevitably, in this current formation, Mah cannot accommodate both of them.

22. CM Vera Cummings, 27 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:177cm Weight: 63kg | Caps: 10 Goals: 1
Cummings made a big impact on this Schottia squad, with her no nonsense attitude and work ethic impressing her new boss. Like Rexmont, she followed manager Jock Sonny from Dundee to Port Sebastian, and adjusted extremely well. She has played very well in the SPL, and was a big part of Porty's run the quarterfinal of the Globe Cup. Cummings has been touted as the next Gary Corsie by the media; let's hope that only refers to her on-field attributes. The success she has seen at club level, has meant that she was one of the players more frequently called upon during the last World Cup, winning a place on the plane to the finals.

19. AMC Camila Soria Luna, 19 | Image Marine Coast United | Height:176cm Weight:65kg | Caps: 11 Goals: 1
The Port Christopher born talent, Luna, has never really been out of the headlines in her short professional career. Exploiting a loophole to play for her former nation of residence rather than her nation of birth, has instantly made her a bit of a hate figure in Port Christopher, who have branded her a traitor. All that nasty business to one side, the U15 WC winner, and current U21s captain is one of the best young players to come through the ranks in a long time. Luna is a creative midfield playmaker, who is extremely comfortable on the ball, and always looking for the killer pass. The Project +90 graduate, now playing with Vilitan side Marine Coast United, is also capable of some fantastic trickery, and offers something quite different from the rest of the side who tend to be more direct.

13. FC Višnja Brankovič, 28 | Image Eastern Stars | Height:177cm Weight: 60kg | Caps: 3 Goals: 1
The Schottic Regional Development graduate has made a big splash since signing for Cenian side Lake Cenial Chimeras, with an incredible 87 goals in three season, easily making her one of Schottia's most prolific goal scorers. Since the CeniLeague's merger at the start of last season, she has since moved to Isle of Avon side Eastern Stars, where she seems to be making an impact. Brankovic, who is of Syaran parentage, has an undergraduate law degree, and is currently studying a masters degree part-time. She has been in the last two World Cup squads, but this Independents Cup will be her first major tournament finals.

21. FC Elspeth Glendening, 23 | Image Port James Athletic | Height:179cm Weight: 67kg | Caps:2 Goals: 0
Gendening has been utterly brilliant for Port James Athletic, since she burst onto the scene aged 20. An excellent goal-scoring rate, as well as graft and intelligence to go with it, have made her a massive fans favourite at the club. Athletic very much see her as the girl who will lift the club back into the top four in the years to come, and since she is on a long-term contract, she seems to be going nowhere. The 23-year-old got off the bench a couple of times in the World Cup Qualifiers, but didn't make the final twenty-three.

Formation and tactics


Most likely too...
The following categories operate a depth chart system, taking into account the probability that the player will be on the pitch.
- John McCormack
-Eion Killanen
- Višnja Brankovič
- Chloe Rudden
- Kim Coultan
-Camila Soria Luna
-Elspeth Glendening
-Jenny McDonald
- Elspeth Glendening
- Johannas Ünterhausen
- Vera Cummings
-Eoin Killanen
-Kim Coultan
-Evelyn Conjure
-Jenny McDonald
-Chloe Rudden
-Vera Cummings
- Johannas Ünterhausen
-Steven Rexmont
-Camila Soria Luna
-Nick James
- Jenny McDonald
-Paul Doig
-Gareth Souter
-Evelyn Conjure
-Vera Cummings
-Eoin Killanen
- Johannas Ünterhausen
-Mark Ünterhausen
-Esther Abner

Captian: Jenny McDonald
Vice-Captain: Larry Watt
Penalty kicks: Eoin Killanen
Free kick (left-foot): Paul Doig.
Free kick (right-foot): Kim Coultan
Corner kicks R|L: Larry Watt | Paul Doig

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (I will decide how long.)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N (Y with TG)
Godmod other events Y*
*I'm very open to any interesting ideas on or of the pitch, so feel free to send me a TG.
However, I've always RPed Schottia in a more or less realistic way, so please keep that in mind.
The main thing is don't kill anyone or end their career.

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霧島サッカー協会/안개섬 축구 협회
Kirishima Football Association Presents: The Flardania National Roster for the 2nd Independents Cup
"The Kitsunes"
Style Modifier: +2.68
Formation (Formation, 形成): 4-3-3
Trigramme: FDA
In Character Flag:

Introduction/Story So Far
Flardania/Kirishima National Football Team also known as the Kitsunes are Flardania's best soccer players. Football is the national sport of Kirishima (Flardania) and the Kitsunes help showcase the KONAMI Premier League . After years of playing domestic play and tragically missing BOF 56 and BOF 57. Kirishima would later enter Baptism of Fire 58 and after just barely exiting the Group stage, Kirishima as the bottom #16 Seed upset #1 Seed San Llera and defeated Maretta to reach the semi-finals. The Kitsunes unfortunately finished fourth and bitter fans refer to the top 3 teams as the "Puppet Show".

Kirishinan expectations were much smaller going into the WC 71 and look to at least qualify for the main cup. The Kitsunes looked like they were contenders early on but struggled as they were in a really difficult Group mixed with Kirishima playing too balanced a game against the high-powered offense while lacking enough offense to dismantle defensive disciplined teams. Kirishima would have a mediocre showing in the Cup of Harmony with the only notable news being the historic upset against Cosumar.

The Kitsunes then went into World Cup 72 with a miserable first half that had Kyosuke on the hot seat until they turned things around and finished 4th in the group, thus giving Hikaru the rank boost he sought. Kirishima then entered into WC 73 with the main objective being finishing at least mid table and entering COH with stronger momentum. The Kitsunes failed to finish midtable (4th) and enter the COH because they shockingly finished 2nd, a feat only predicted by the media in Saintland and won their playoff game to advance to the world cup proper for the first time. The Kitsunes Rank increased by 45, thus leapfrogging the team from 86 to 41 a reflection of the fast rise of the young Kitsune team.

World Cup 74 saw the addition of a new player, Konami Premier League Rookie of the Year Akiho Ubukata. The Kitsune sought to qualify to their second ever World Cup in back to back editions were a tight group and a heartbreaking loss on MD 1 and MD 13 made it seem that the Kitsunes may have to test their luck in the playoffs. The thought impossible unranked Union of American Democrats draw with 14th ranked Turori sent the Kitsunes a heart attack preventing instant qualification where as usual like previous WC and COH the Kitsune upset the strongest team in the group while getting dismantled by everyone else.

With a Historic World Cup 75 , Kirishima sought to 1) Qualify a third time and not miss out on a memorable cup 2) Try and finally Reach round of 16. With the Kitsunes ranked in the 20's and a group draw going according to plan it seemed like that history would be made, and made it was. The Kitsunes had multiple chances they lost due to draws against lowly teams. Emerging from the ashes of the Kitsunes failed campaign is a new rival. One unlike never before seen gone are the days of friendly rivalries with Devonta and in comes a rivalry with Nordeana and of bad blood and hatred for reserved for Anglatia. Not only did they rob the Kitsunes of a playoff berth, they did it in an insulting manner. Gone is the era of Kyosuke as manager, the inexperience fairy tale story of a civilian interim manager with zero experience who brought the Kitsunes to lightning success in qualifying. His failure in being unable to reach a Round of 16 outside of BOF 58 lead to his voluntary and unwanted departure. A World Cup 75 qualifiers that saw once star mid-fielder Seong Mi Soo retire at the end of qualifiers become the new manager leading up to COH 67. With the nation seeking the major tournament Round Of 16 spot the nation so desperately wanted she proved the Kitsunes were not cursed, as she brought the team to the quarterfinals.

With her WCQ debut in World Cup 76 the Kitsunes found themselves at the top of the Group with two upsets against Quebec but round up in a Group of death, not only failing to exit to group stages yet again but for the first time also failing to pick up a point. With the 1st edition of the Independents Cup the Kitsunes had a firm objective of winning silverware and came close to being in a position to do so before falling to Barunia in the quarterfinals. The Kitsunes entered WC 77 with a majority of the stars on the verge of their primes and the KFA had finally had a firm objective, not only qualify for the World Cup but to escape the group stages for the first time. The Kitsunes nearly did not make the World Cup but also were swept once again in the actual world cup. Kirishima is starting to get impaitent and will be looking for some silverware in ICII.

Overview of Flardania/Kirishima
Trigramme: FDA
National Anthem: 時代を超越治世[Un Règne Intemporelle] (A Timeless Reign)
Capital: Heiwa
Largest City: Kairaku
Official Languages: French & Japanese
Recognized Languages: English, Kirishinan, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese
Population: 121,283,217
Drives on the: left

Kirishima, as it is called in the East and as Flardania in the West, is an archipelago in the Asia Pacific. Kirishima means literally Mist and Island in Japanese and is known locally as the Islands of the Mist. Kirishima is an archipelago comprising of 1,721 islands. They can be divided into seven large and major islands - Hontō, Zipangu, Yamatai, Reijima, Kiyomisu, Iroshima, and Yajiriguni. Kirishima is an interesting place that is historically made up of Kirishinans which sociologist determined to be remnants of the Gaya Confederacy and some refugees Baekje Kingdom during the rise of the Silla kingdom in Korea in 660 A.D. These people mixed with Japanese who already shipwrecked or settled in the region prior, along as local Asiatic peoples. Each had their own kingdoms that would eventually be united under four Kingdoms which would eventually be divided among Europeans. Namely the French and British. When the french won one of their few theater conflicts in the seven years war they named the land Flardania in honor of the Swedish explorer who discovered the land in the name of France.

Kirishima despite having an Asian majority population, has a decent sized European, African, Arabic minority. The nation is proud of it's very welcoming and tolerant attitude despite how it looks. It is a moderate nation that can be very liberal on some issues and conservative on others. One such noteworthy example is Kirishima's very sexually open society deeply embedded in the culture and Majority faith (Lake Shore Order) of the population. At the same time, Kirishima is a very Traditionalist society that sees Kirishinan nationality as a cultural lifestyle rather than racially inherited. As a quick way to tick off a Kirishinan is to not only not be a part of the culture but openly reject it and preach against it (3 strikes of doom). A very important albeit a random piece of information is the prohibition of smoking tobacco. Kirishinan people believe in a clean body and clean environment even before the world found out about those issues. One may be caught off guard by how clean and devoid of litter the cities and metro systems tend to be.

Uniforms Provided by Meski Sports

Management Team (Équipe De Gestion, マネジメントチーム)
Seong Mi-Soo

Head Coach (Entraîneur, コーチ): Seong Mi Soo
Assistant Coach (Entraîneur Adjoint, アシスタントコーチ): Makoto Kikuchi
Doctor (Médecin, 医者): Myeong Hyeon Yi

Starters (Entrées/スターター)

#1 Miyoko Hōjō(F) (Goalkeeper) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#4 Eizan Iwamoto (Defender) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#8 Claire Nguyen(F) (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#21 Ayame Fujisaka (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC (CAPTIAN)
#7 Koharu Miyamoto(F) (Defender) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#11 Rin Mizoguchi (Mid-Field) - Hyuga Valkyries FC
#13 Pandazi Papadopoulos (Mid-Field) – Llara Llera - San Llera
#5 Ako Izumi(F) (Mid-Field) – Jaunepont Hérault - Image Northern Sunrise Islands
#14 Renée Guidice(F) (Striker) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#25 Josuke Ichikawa (Striker) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#82 Joseph Yabuta (Striker) – Akihabara Electric OFC

Back-Up (Sauvegarde/バックアップ)
#2 Ai Takagawa(F) (Goalkeeper) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#3 Atasuke Horiuchi (Goalkeeper) – Heiwa Wizards
#15 Jin Seon Ho (Defender) - Brieux Les Lions FC
#18 Kazuo Nakamura (Defender) – Heiwa Wizards
#10 Hideo Fukuda (Defender) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#12 Akiho Ubukata(F) (Mid-Field) – Hyūga Valkyrie FC
#17 Hiro Sakuma (Mid-Field) – Habaedo University
#6 Son Dae Han (Mid-Field) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#9 Ryoushirou Nayasaki (Striker) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#23 Sayo Matsuoka (F) (Striker) – Matthew Mets -
#24 Aoi Fujioka (Striker) – [i] Brieux Les Lions FC

Staff Bio

Seong Mi-Soo Age · 29

This is now Seong Mi-Soo's third cycle time coaching. She has played on the national team from World Fair III and BOF 58 until World Cup 75 qualifiers. She was a midfielder with high sports IQ and spent a majority of her time observing former manager Hikaru Kyosuke. She, like Kyosuke, believes that Kirishima should remain an offensive minded team as that what Kirishinans love about the game but the question has always been how offensive should they be. Mi-Soo believes Kyosuke was on the right track but decided to be a twinge more defensive that Kyosuke as to limit the counter attack capabilities of very defensive minded teams.

Makoto Kikuchi Age · 26

Makoto is known as many things a boy? a girl? a miracle worker? Multi-Talented? Nevertheless she has grown up around sports and has always loved it. While attending school she participated in football, Track and Field, swimming, basketball, and cycling. She also was discovered for her musical talents she eventually had to choose what she wanted to do with her life and she chose sports and music. During the offseason, Makoto can be seen in dresses performing on stage or seen in swimwear photo shoots but during football seasons she dons a suit and takes to the field as Manager of the Akihabara Electronic OFC. The two different Makoto Kikuchi. In only her first three seasons she managed to build a solid roster and lead the Electric to their first and second ever title in her first two seasons all while keeping the Electric contenders into the present.

Myeong Hyeon Yi Age · 23

Yes the KFA has provided information on the trainer/team doctor. Why do you ask? Because she is the team doctor and since she is part of the team, plays a role in the outcome of matches. With that said there is not much about her to say besides noting she is the team doctor of Akihabara Electronic OFC which is important as the doctor helps prevent injuries and make sure those injured return to field asap. Something needed in such a competitive domestic league.

Starting XI Bio

Miyoko Hōjō Age · 23

If you live in Kirishima you know her, if you watch Kirishinan games you know her, if you have ever faced against Kirishima you know her. Miyoko Hojo is a former culinary student specializing in Chinese Cuisine. As an athletic individual, she was noticed by both basketball and shockingly football scouts for her potential, height and vertical. She decided to give football a try as it had a more flexible schedule and less chance for injury. The rest was history as she has helped led the Kitsunes to World Cup Qualifications in each of her first three World Cup experiences as well as keeping Olympique Imgeum-Si as a serious contender domestically. The scary thing for the opposition is her natural ability makes her a top goalkeeper. How much more of a threat will she be when she truly understands the game.

Eizan Iwamoto Age · 21

Young like the rest of the team but unlike them has the position with the least job security. Iwamoto is a former rookie of the year with some pretty big shoes to fill in the historic weak position. Eizan is opportunistic and calculating. Facing off against him can leave opposition dazed and confused. Eizan who sat on the bench last cup cycle will be put through a trial by fire and it remains to be seen if he can heal the Kirishinan Achilles heel.

Claire Nguyen Age · 24

Young, beautiful and relatively unknown until quite recently. Claire used to be just another defender on the Akihabara Electronic OFC when in one off season she gained a new manager in Makoto Kikuchi and two new players/eventual best friends Joseph Yabuta and Ayame Fujisaka. Nevertheless, the talented that surrounded her raised her game and she took the league by storm. She is quick, precise, and currently known as the slide tackle queen of Kirishima. The one question that is wondered is will she still be as motivated if she played for someone other than Kikuchi or her two BFF? Nevertheless thankfully for her as well as the fans, do not need to find out as her two best friends are also national team material.

Ayame Fujisaka Age · 23

Speaking of Claire's best friends, Ayame Fujisaka at just the age of 21 became the brains of the national team. Despite his age, he now had enough experience to be the captain of the squad, a fact that many Kirishinans have known for a long while. Yes, I said he no he is not a she as he is not transgender. (What a tongue twister) Ayame is well known for his cross-dressing nature but don't let your guard down around him as on the pitch he is known for his high football IQ. He is so friendly and knows how to motivate and cheer up anyone. The men and women on the team have always look to him even without the armband. You need someone to talk to he is there, your sore and in need of a massage, he is there. He will do literally anything for you to ensure you will play your maximum potential. He is a reason why Claire has gotten so good. If Seong and Kikuchi are the coaches on the sideline then Fujisaka is the coach on the field. A reputation he has proved and established since his debut with Yabuta on the Kairaku Nymphs before they both went to Akihabara. He is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles.

Koharu Miyamoto Age · 22

Koharu is a free spirit both on and off the field whose player type resembles Miyoko Hojo. She is the type that had no prior football experience and was recruited solely based on various intangibles such as speed and stamina in her specific case. A long distance track star in school her father recruited her to play for his Nabaek Sylph a move that had fans stark mad. Sure just a season prior Hojo found success, left back was different from Goalkeeper and many saw it as a parental preference. Koharu worked hard to salvage her father's name and proved herself to consistently be the first name on any teamsheet. If that was not enough, she added goal scoring to her arsenal so any team unprepared may find themselves shocked by the defender who is the most likely to score in a corner or even more shock to see her sneak past a lagging defender, receive an onside through ball and drill in a goal....once again I remind you she is a defender.

Rin Mizoguchi Age · 19

A year younger and teammate of former rookie of the year, as well as current Primer League champion and first time NT starter, Akiho Ubukata. Cup of Harmony 67 saw the teammate replace the other as the starter. He has helped put Hyuga back on the map and like Akiho is a local from Yamatai prefecture. Seong Mi-Soo is looking to re-add some male strength to the midfield position and it's also hard to deny one of the team's goal scorers a spot. In recent performances, he has been a consistent threat and contributor to the Kitsunes goal scoring endeavors

Pandazi Papadopoulos Age · 30

How to summarize Pandazi Papadopoulos? Well, he is one of the only players on the national team to play on the pre-BOF team, he is the oldest player on the team, and currently the only player on the national team to play abroad. Pandazi is an experienced veteran that the team can count on when the rest of the young team is cold. Papadopoulos is a former captain and is good nay talented at getting the ball to the proper areas of the field.

Ako Izumi Age · 23

Ako is an intelligent, opportunistic, and team oriented girl who is the best passer on the team. Her sole purpose in her opinion was to make others look good though her passing. She loves dribbling the ball and feels immense satisfaction after an assist. Ako has become more of a scorer since she left AC Kawajiri Tanuki, while she did not appreciate how Bianka Schraeder from Armeia treated her team, Ako seemed to realize that while the assist was great she had to once in awhile score herself should the opportunity arise. She is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles and a key part of the Ballista with her specialty being her goal scoring from free kicks.

Renée Guidice Age · 20

This may be a bit surprising to some but Renée Guidice has earned a place in the starting rotation over Sayo Matsuoka. Renée is a goal scorer who was eventually eclipsed by Sylvain Gainsborough and Nita Jagr. With her dissatisfaction in the club's direction, Renée joined LB Koharu Miyamoto and Midfielder from Cosumar Li H'sen Lang. Having found a resurgent in her game Guidice was a high-impact scorer while Matsuoka's Matthew Mets struggled. Renée will be looking to take advantage of this opportunity. On and off the field Renée is a friendly soul who serves as a role model.

Josuke Ichikawa Age · 22

Josuke is a phenomenal scorer who is often seen as the main rival to Yabuta. Last World Cup qualifiers his Childhood friend since elementary school Sayo Matsuoka took his spot. However, his impact was missed and rather than replace Matsuoka who played well, Ichikawa replaces Nayasaki, thus putting the two Enrika natives at the wings. Josuke has good ball control and has a dangerous cross that can change the flow of any game suddenly. Penalty kicks are his greatest strength and no one is more calm, cool, and collected as he is.

Joseph Yabuta Age · 23

Despite what this humble young man would say, Yabuta is the undisputed star and goal scorer for the Kirishinan national team. Yabuta loves to score and scores he can whether it be left foot, right foot, head, knee, etc. Yabuta plays to have fun and his speed is borderline unfair. In his four-year career, Yabuta has won three championships (1 with Kairaku, 2 with Akihabara). It is safe to assume that if Kirishima scores in a game that Yabuta was behind it. This means he either scored or at least assisted on a goal. That type of consistency is very valuable. Yabuta joins his best friends Ayame and Claire in this year's national team as he remains a crucial cornerstone to the generation of miracles.

Tactic: "The Supported Ballista" 4-3-3 +2.68
Manager Seong is still using Kyosuke tactic at least until the end of Cup of Harmony. She is a bit more focused on counter attacking with her notable defenders Ayame Fujisaka who has a great mind for the game and the tomboy former university track star Koharu Miyamoto whose speed, passing and footwork enables her to get up the field quickly and in the position to opt a pass to a midfielder. However, in this version, Miyamoto does not join in the attack and after making a pass retreats back down the field. Claire Nguyen had a great season with Akihabara and is on the starting line up with teammates Yabuta and fellow center back Fujisaka. With Izumi and Papadopoulos on the field, they can place the ball in great positioning of any of the Kitsunes capable strikers like Yabuta to drill the ball into the net. Also with Yabuta's almost unnatural ability to score of volley's it will become obvious how Yabuta made the Baptism of Fire 58 squad. Guidice and Ichikawa will provide offensive support. Seong Mi-Soo hopes that this will put less pressure on Hojo who can only handle so many counterattacks.

Captain:Fujisaka ,If Subbed out: Papadopoulos/Izumi/Yabuta
Penalty Taker: Ichikawa/Izumi/Fujisaka/Yabuta/Guidice
Free Kick Taker: Izumi/Mizoguchi/Papadopoulos
Corner Taker: Izumi/Papadopoulos/ Mizoguchi

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes within reason, however, I can edit severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Maybe (TG First)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (Must Tg me)
Godmod other events: TG me I'm willing to discuss

I am a MT Japanese/Korean nation inhabited by Human, Anime(They're also Human), and Secret FanT beings (Northern Wilderness)that perform acts based on MT/PMT Reality

Internationally known as Flardania in English, known domestically as Kirishima in Japanese & French, and domestically as Angaeseom in Korean

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”The Phoenixes”

After a lengthy civil war, they were bombed into oblivion. After escaping, they were bombed again. Then a space shuttle somehow crashed into their island. They escaped again before being taken over by a far-right dictatorship and plunging back into political infighting. Just a handful of years after they’d risen back up from the ashes, Hicaña ceased to exist again.

The Phoenixes haven’t achieved much on the pitch yet. But with a number of younger, more talented players from foreign leagues joining the national team, there’s hope that they’ll be able to do something more this time. Maybe this team could prove the rallying point for the hopes of an entire diaspora?

MANAGER: Albert Castro (41)

Once Hicaña’s captain and star attacking-midfielder, Castro became the manager of a second-tier Arondic team after a strong career overseas in Quebec. However, with the national team that was his life for ten years reforming, he dropped everything in order to manage the fledgling team. Style: +3.5

Assistant Manager: Luís Carrasco (47)

With Castro’s longtime sidekick Matthieu Rhoderick busy running for office in Super-Llamaland, Castro has selected his former club teammate Carrasco to serve as assistant manager. Carrasco spent eight years in the Hicañan leagues as one of its top talents, but injury forced the former center-back into a premature retirement and kept him out of the first iteration of Hicaña’s national team. He’s excited to play a role in the second iteration.


Declan COSTA - #01 - 30 - Anmen Athletic

Before Hicaña ceased to exist, Costa was a teenaged goalkeeping prodigy and the national team’s third-choice keeper at age sixteen. The second-cousin of Llamanean star goalkeeper James Costa has not disappointed, excelling abroad and maturing into a strong shot-stopper and distributor. One of the team’s few real stars, Costa will be one of the keys to this team’s performance.

Morgan SAJONIKA - #12 - 25 - Atlas GIF
Hansel GIMENEZ - #23 - 24 - Alice Springs

The backup options available to Castro don’t impress: Morgan Sajonika was the third-string keeper on a second-division Arondic team, while Gimenez is talented but inconsistent. Hicaña will just have to hope Costa isn’t injured this tournament, although both backups still have a lot of potential.


Ramiro HECHAVARRIA - #02 - 22 - Kyrinson
Kris SUAREZ - #03 - 31 - Los-Juantos Coastal
Elena DE AVILA - #05 - 29 - AC Bartolomé (Vice-Captain)
Annalise TEIXEIRA - #16 - 25 - Keslapisces

In true Hicañan spirit, none of the team’s starting defenders are particularly good at defending. Ramiro Hechavarria is undoubtedly talented, known for his athletic ability and strong crosses, but he lacks composure on defense and could rack up a lot of cards this tournament. Kris Suarez, known for his tenure with Llamanean champions Emerald City, is also known for making a number of key defensive blunders in matches - however, he’s an excellent distributor from the back and has moments of excellence, and can be utilized as a man-marker. Newly-appointed Vice-Captain Elena De Avila is considerably more composed, but is still more known for her attacking talents than her defending. Meanwhile, new addition Annalise Teixeira has a lot of promise, and is expected to make a move to a bigger club very soon.

Yannick IGLESÍAS - #14 - 34 - free agent
Salvatore NUÑEZ - #15 - 29 - FF Axel
Kenneth PAZ - #06 - 33 - Atletico Nacional

Tall, imposing center-back/defensive-midfielder Nuñez represents the biggest change of pace, while Iglesías and Paz represent attack-minded options on the wings and in the center, respectively. Iglesías is the more well-known of the two for his exploits in the Hicañan and Miklandian leagues, while Paz is a stopgap.


Guadalupe REYES - #30 - 18 - AC Bartolomé
Santiago CORREIA [C] - #07 - 33 - Brookport FK
Clayton VELASQUEZ - #08 - 20 - Dinamo Visånd

Any discussion of Hicaña’s abilities has to start with Santiago Correia, the captain and undoubted centerpiece of this squad. “El Pulpo”, or “The Octopus”, is a midfield maestro with an excellent passing touch, a strong goal-scoring record off free kicks and long-range shots, and seemingly limitless stamina. Meanwhile, Reyes is universally regarded as the next big thing - she has the athleticism, stamina, and imagination to be an excellent midfielder or winger, and should be the team’s X-factor. Providing stability to the entire configuration is defensive-midfielder Velasquez, a promising young import from MIklandia who’s seemingly everywhere all the time - it’s nearly impossible to get past him or get the ball from him, and although his passing is limited, he’s still an incredible asset on counterattacks.

Morgan LEDESMA - #18 - 25 - Dresburden Athletic
Leon FERNANDEZ - #17 - 31 - Sheffield Post
Alexandre ROJO - #31 - 32 - Bronte Athletic
Chris FLORES - #20 - 18 - AC Keslapisces

Ledesma is younger, pacier, and prone to flashes of brilliance, but she’s also one-footed and inconsistent. Leon Fernandez is a quality player whose team, Sheffield Post, qualified for the Series B Champion’s Cup with him directing the midfield - he could see time if Correia’s form declines. Rojo is a generic defensive midfielder known for his questionable tackles, while Flores, although remarkably talented, is still too raw to get consistent minutes.


Nikolai SANCHEZ - #10 - 23 - Dynamo Rostov
Emma DA SILVA - #09 - 25 - Wheathampton Warriors
Johan ESCOBAR - #11 - 29 - Red Star Hlavné

It’s hard not to like this front three. Nikolai Sanchez on the left wing is a deadly finisher who will cut inside and fire away from nearly any distance. Johan Escobar on the right wing, always one of the nation’s fastest, has come into a deadly low cross as well and will be an excellent winger. In the center, Emma Da Silva, the niece of former national-team striker Emily, could mature into one of the team’s stars. She’s more wasteful than one would want from a striker, but makes up for it with athleticism and intelligence that combine to seemingly always get her open. Da Silva’s playmaking skills and versatility mean that Da Silva could drop back and Sanchez and Escobar pinch in, making this a highly flexible front line.

Nicholas SANTANA - #21 - 28 - Inter Velheim
Emily MIRANDA - #32 - 19 - Emerald City Harmony U18
Florent FERREIRA - #20 - 35 - Wheathampton Warriors

Santana is a solid, athletic winger who just wasn’t better than any of the front three. Miranda is a promising prospect on either wing, but still hasn’t gotten her finishing down (although she’ll make an excellent impact sub), while Ferreira provides a veteran presence and depth on the wings.
THE SOCIETY OF HICAÑANS ABROAD • La Sociedad de Hicaños en el Exterior
Leader: ??? • Capital: An Office In Nikcoro • Population: ~3500

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They Rose from the Desert
Chapter One: Eric Arrives

A strong melody of plucked strings and small drums rode the wind along the winding narrow streets of Marandet's medina, and a smell of roasting goat wafted through the market. Vendors from all sides hawked shining silver trinkets, goat and camel milk, blue veils and textiles, and taguella bread, and camels bearing large loads attempted to push their way through the crowds milling about. Amidst the sea of brown and blue turbans and veils, a figure wearing Western work clothes attempted to cut his way through the mess and chaos while swatting away efforts to peddle whatever tchotchkes the vendors had to peddle. Hardly anyone batted an eye, however, as the inhabitants simply went about their daily business. The figure cut his way down a side alley and finally exited the marketplace, favoring almost immediately the quiet and shade of the alley as opposed to the loud cacophony of the narrow, claustrophobic marketplace.

Eric Desmond of Schottia didn't know what quite to make of it. Kel Assuk was a different culture, for sure, definitely not like what he had experienced back in Schottia. For one, it was hot, with very little breeze disrupting the stagnant air, which didn't jibe with Schottia's cooler, more moderate climate; Schottia was tolerant and welcoming, and while the Amalen people had long passed their descent through their mothers, and the Marandet international airport was named after an Amalen queen, Tin Hinan, their society was still more conservative and less open to outsiders. The Amalen were proud, and they had a rich history and culture of their own. Western stigma against the nomadic tribes and Islam in general meant that the inhabitants of Kel Assuk were long misunderstood by outsiders; people judged the country as a backwater, both economically and culturally, but despite that characterization, the Amalen had found a way to thrive and hit back at the Westerners' mischaracterization.

Then, in the 1970s, the oil boom came. Or more accurately, it gushed. What was once a dusty town in the middle of the desert centered around a date palm oasis with an ancient and proud, but decrepit, city center had transformed, overnight, into a boomtown metropolis - at least what passed for a metropolis in this corner of the desert, anyway. Black gold pumped out of the earth made Marandet a gleaming, modern city, while the rush of foreign investment had allowed for the town to finally reinvigorate its historic medina while building the gleaming modern city about a mile or so away from the older quarter. Marandet, the capital of this amalgamation of tribes, had finally come into its own.

Oil did not bring Eric Desmond into Marandet, however. Still groggy from his 12-hour flight in from Schottia on Air Terranea via the Ragusa airport, he had woken up early, before the sound of the prayer calls from the minaret, to formalize his contract over the traditional Amalen ceremony for these kinds of things, featuring heavily in goat's milk, cheese, and traditional tea. Eric dreaded it; he was most definitely dreading the meeting, but the Kel Assuk Board of Sport was a stickler for tradition, and the Amalen culture prized tradition. So Eric dragged himself out of bed in his cheap hotel on one side of town, through the narrow and claustrophobic streets of the Marandet medina, endured a bumpy camel taxi ride to the newer part of town, and finally grabbed a real taxicab - thank God! - to head to the headquarters of the Kel Assuk Board of Sport.

Two hours later, Eric emerged alive, if a bit tired and harried. From the minute he decided to accept this job as manager of the fledgling Kel Assuk national team, he knew it would be a challenge, from the unfamiliar local culture to the tradition-bound Sports Board to the woeful quality of the nation's training infrastructure. Some of the players might be alright, but he just assumed that they were pretty crappy, considering what his new employer had told him, anyway. He hadn't actually met them yet (that was one of the first things on his list, after this nerve-inducing tea-contract ceremony or whatever), but he wasn't particularly looking forward to meeting them, considering the language barrier and all. But Eric was ready for a change, and a challenge; after his less-than-honorable sacking at Kings Park, not many Schottic clubs were willing to hire him, and he didn't want to make the jump down to youth team coach. So when the Kel Assuk national team position became available, Eric, despite his reservations, jumped at the chance to explore the new environment, and get the Kel Assuk players the training they deserved.

Having set up an appointment to meet the players the next day, Eric decided to take a trip around the New City of Marandet before taking a long, long nap in his hotel, which admittedly was better than he made it out to be. It was a traditional bed-and-breakfast, with a friendly family taking care of him and providing him with a hearty, traditional breakfast every morning, at least until the Board of Sport could put him up at a hotel closer to the national training grounds in the newer part of town. Eric yawned; on second thought, he'd better return to the hotel. Sightseeing would have to wait; the next day would be long, and Eric needed all the energy he could get. Especially with the dry heat sapping energy out of him. He made the long trek back to the hotel and plopped down on his bed. He reached for a warm glass of milk next to his bed, drained it, and immediately fell asleep.

Eric awoke the next morning groggy and definitely dreading what was to happen that day. He grabbed a cup of coffee, packed his bags, and started out nervously for what would happen later that day. It would be a big day, and he wasn't sure he was ready. Ready or not, though, Eric knew he had a long road ahead of him.

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Independents Cup II - We Won't Suck This Time, Promise

Postby Drawkland » Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:19 am


Region: Sonnel
Trigramme: DRK
Leader: Iarocav
Currency: Lolad
Capital City: Metropolon
Largest City: Drawk City

Manager: Michael Starre (Metropolon Lights)
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +4
Home Stadium: Drawk City Stadium; Capacity 175,000

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club [NAT]
00 GK Savannah Everett 23 Jaffro Storm [DRK]
01 SW Sarah Arrowsword 24 Whitehaven Triumph [CEN]
02 LB Cynthia Pack 26 Kilnelm Crusaders [DRK]
03 RB Nicole Warren 25 Eastern Stars [AVN]
04 LM Rebecca Talla 32 Handon United [SCH]
07 CM Ellzidan 5366 Elstrund Roots [DRK]
05 RM Mandy Thompson 23 Strat City [AVN]
08 LF Jackie Crawford 21 Matthew Mets [USI]
10 WF Corrie Archer 23 Drawk Corps [DRK]
22 RF Cam Cross 20 Jaffro Storm [DRK]
11 CF Katie Madison 22 Drawk Corps [DRK]
Reserve Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club [NAT]
12 GK Jessie Peterson 20 Drawk Corps [DRK]
13 FB Sonia Kirsten 31 Owabrok Speed [DRK]
14 FB Seon-Yann Slater 20 Willox Street Pirates [PCR]
15 FB Melitta Yanks 34 Bolabore Anvils [DRK]
16 MD Ella Cornelius 27 Dalumar Waves [NDR]
17 MD Kaitlyn Axelson 24 Kayo Queens [DRK]
18 MD Siv Foss 24 Elstrund Roots [DRK]
19 ST Aurora Jewel 22 Owabrok Speed [NDR]
20 ST Leea May 21 Dammenport Lightning [DRK]
06 ST Mickey Watson 24 Raikennax Charge [DRK]
21 ST Iana Synder 27 New Belfast Warriors [SCH]
09 ST Stella Moore 24 Drawk City Troopers [DRK]

  1. Katie Madison (or CF)
  2. Cam Cross (or WF)
  3. Ellzidan (or LF)
  4. Sarah Arrowsword (or RF)
  5. Corrie Archer (or CM)
If a shootout unlikely goes on beyond 5, it will progress from unused players, Striker to Keeper.
Parenthesis refers to what player will take the shot if the listed player is absent.


This is the fifth soccer/football tournament of any kind that Drawkland has officially competed in in the multiversal stage. After Qualifying for World Cup 77, the Kick Corps has pretty much quelled any doubts about whether or not they're actually good, and no longer have to rely on "well look how many tournaments we've done!"
This is the official form of the roster to feature a Reserve Roster in addition to the Main Roster. After only having a starting lineup for the GCoS, a test reserve roster for the IC, and a full Start/Reserve roster for the Baptism of Fire, the team has now settled on their official arrangement and lineup. The Main Roster has featured a few changes from earlier tournaments and the Reserve Roster has been locked in. This is the lineup personally selected by the Drawkian International Sporting Council (DISC) to represent Drawkland: those chosen are undeniably the best at what they do and excel under the team chemistry and dynamic.
Drawkian soccer, and indeed, sporting in general, is mostly offensive-minded. This is reflected in the style indicator and in the formation. Drawkian soccer has not really been exposed to outside influences, and thus may look or feel strange to those used to "normal" football. Nevertheless, the players are still good at what they do, and prize in an enduring game, moving the ball around nearly constantly and keeping energy going, aiming to tire out the opposing team. Of course, Drawkians aren't humans, but you can read about that elsewhere. Oh yes, and Drawkian Soccer is a female-only sport. This may change, but not for a *long* time. This is because Gridiron Football is all-male, and the other two major sports, Baseball and Basketball, are mixed-gender. If there's anything a Drawkian loves, it's even formats and symmetric paradigms, hence why things shook out like they did.
Most of the team, including the manager, are made up from home-grown talent, coming from the highest-quality teams. However, a few have branched out to foreign leagues, mainly those of Eastern Rushmore, that of Ceni and the Isles of Avon. More information on the players is to come later.

First Match: Drawkland 3-3 Averyickan City
First Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
First Loss: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia 2-2 Drawkland (2-2 AET) [3-1 PKs]
Highest Score: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Lowest Score: Drawkland 0-0 Kosovakia (1-0 AET)
Best Win: Turkmebasyn 0-3 Drawkland
Worst Loss: Drawkland 0–4 Schottia
Most Important: Drawkland 3-2 Great Caledonia and North Hybernia
Best End Result: 3rd Place (Baptism of Fire 64)
Global Cup of Soccer 1: The first tournament where Drawkland competed on the international soccer stage. It featured no reserve roster, the Starting XI were the only players sent to the Cup. Started with an exciting Group Stage, having a 3-3 draw with Averyickan City and a 1-1 draw against Lisander, a win against the Gregoryisgodistan Capital District, Ward 1 was needed to make it to the knockout rounds. And such a win was needed, in a high-octane 4-6 win. Wins on Paradisiam and Kosovakia slid the Kick Corps into the semifinals, where they unexpectedly flopped to Great Caledonia and North Hybernia on Penalty Kicks and proceeded to get mowed over 0-2 in the 3rd Place match by Free Republics, ending their initial campaign with a disappointing 4th place which they hope to never repeat in any tournament again. Despite the sour ending, though, the Corps got some much-needed chemistry and solidification, as well as confidence on the international stage, which hopefully proves to be invaluable in future tournaments.
Independents Cup 1: In the first Cup where Drawkland had a reserve roster, and therefore wider team options and more freedom to take chances, they were expected to do at least a little bit better, as far as team chemistry goes. However, the much tougher competition was definitely going to be a challenge, considering this would be the Drawkians' first exposure to absolute World-Class teams. Being drawn in a group with familiar names like Schottia, Revolutionary Nordskania, and Greater Vakolicci Haven went as expected, with a huge 0-4 loss to the most recent Cup of Harmony runners-up to start, a large 3-1 win over the underpowered Greater Vakolicci Haven, and a disappointing defeat to the Nordskanians, 3-1. However, despite the rather dismal performance, they still barely qualified for the knockout round. The defeat to Flardania, 1-0 in the Round of 16, was a little disappointing, but it proved that even if the Drawkians were going to go down in the playoffs, they'd make it a bloody hard match to win (such an assumption can easily be corroborated based on their GCoS performance).
Baptism of Fire 64: The big event, as it was referred to, was where Drawkland finally made their foray into the World Cup Cycle. Spirits were high going into the tournament and many were slating the Drawkians to take the whole tournament before it started. A 1-1 draw to Kernovi wasn't the start they imagined, but an 0-3 win on Turkmenbasyn followed by a 1-1 draw to Amnarei-asud was enough to send Drawkland to the knockout rounds. Winning 3-2 versus Ndaku in the first round, followed by an 0-2 win on Mriin was certainly expected, but a brutal 1-2 AET loss to none other than Amnarei-asud in the Semifinal sent the Corps to their second third place matchup, which was really not where they wanted to end up. However, they delightfully made light of the situation by beating the despised Great Caledonia and North Hybernia by a 3-2 margin to at least get bronze.
World Cup 77: And, being placed in Pot 7 for their first-ever World Cup Qualifiers, it was expected Drawkland to finish mid-table. Especially with the likes of the up-and-coming power of Bonesea, the Old Guard of Jeruselem, and the Top Pots of Barunia, it would be a long shot for Drawkland to qualify. But, somehow, on amazing circumstances that lasted all the way to the final minutes of the final match against Barunia, Drawkland managed to scrape through and qualify in their first ever shot at qualification. On to World Cup 77, where they sure got annihilated by other teams, only managing to get a single point by drawing Eura 0-0, before taking big L's to Osarius and Valladares.

Beautifully Crafted by Meski Sports.
From Left to Right: Home, Away, Goalkeeper.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
As far as these go, I'm fair game for anything. You should know what is and isn't drastic RP, and if you think your RP is on the drastic side, TG me first. But I'm still basically up for anything.
I'd like to request that injuries or cards don't do anything outside of the scope of a single game or maybe 2. Don't want anything tournament or cycle-ending. Red cards should be limited to late knockout stages, and I'd probably think that there should be no more than 2 players red carded per tournament.
Also, Ellzidan is a rather unique figure, as you'll come to find out, so you can go ahead and do some weirdness involving her if you'd like to make something less realistic occur. TG me if unsure.

Disclaimers of various sorts:
I don't know very much about soccer. If I RP something weird, it's because I have little to no experience with this sport. But whatever.
If you have any questions about anything involving me, this team, my nation, this competition, life, etc., feel free to telegram me.
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Postby Kalumba » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:07 am

Choose my goalscorers Y, but try to keep them in the chosen 16
Godmod scoring events Y, but not too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players Y, but not to serious
Godmod injuries to my players Y, but please don't cripple them
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y, but not excessively
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but not too often
Godmod other events Y, make it funny. As you may have notice Kalumba has a wee bit of a hooligan problem so feel free to mention that

And the team:

Manager: Terence Ottbourne - Kalumban hero, was hugely influential in the Baptism of Fire 43 victory where his goalkeeping kept us in many a game and went so far as to win us others. His retirement left a hole which has still to be filled. He is still relatively new to the managerial position having worked as a first team coach with a few Kalumban sides and led the national side in the last qualifying campaign. After a decent showing led to Kalumba being ranked 107th in the world, only 25 places behind our all time best position, one would hope he will take the side to a new high over the next few years.

First Team Coach: Magnus Malan- Led the team throughout the last World Cup without much success but he did record a notable victory against highly rated Newmanistan, and suffered only narrow defeats to teams in the top 25 in the world. Very defensive minded and his approach led the team to be nicknamed 'The Tortoises'.

Ulusu Mtanda-No.1 23 year old novice, looking to make his debut this time out. Part of the Kahali Spears team which is taking the Kalumban League by storm, and holds a new clean sheet record after going 14 games unbeaten this season.
Frank Burnden-No.67 42 year old veteran keeper, useful back up option. Will not expect to start but will most probably be on the bench to cover for the young keeper in case of injury.
Peter Franks-No.41 23 year old rookie, first selection for the team. Missed out on going to the Di Bradini cup by 2 months, so will be hoping to play a few games to secure his position as long term successor to Ottbourne and to unseat Mtanda. May play in less crucial group games or when Kalumba are knocked out. Still strugging to fulfill his early potential.

LB-Derek Ward, 29 year old truck driver, stupid but effective No. 12 Recently banned from driving for Drink-Driving, will be hoping to secure a place at a foreign club team to provide him with an income.
LCB-Vincent Mkure, 19 year old, member of the Kahali Spears No. 14 Built like the proverbial ox this young man has a long career ahead of him at the heart of Kalumba's defence. And such is his maturity he is already being spoken of as a future captain.
LCB-Duncan Edward, 28 year old, pretty boy, but solid at the back No. 4 A true rock and Kalumba's second most capped player since his debut in BoF 43 will be hoping to return Kalumba to the heights she once achieve.
RCB-Kaneu Daima, 22 year old, 6 foot 9, deadly in the air No. 6 Last minute inclusion ahead of the injured Von Harniggen, but his displays for Kahali this season warrant an inclusion anyway.
RCB-Norman Baker, 28 year old bank manager, great slide tackler No. 5 Castigated in the news for losing his bank a large amount of money speculating on the stock market, will try to rebuild his reputation.
RB-James Downs, 39 year old ex-rugpy prop forward, solid but no agility whatsoever No. 3 Recently dropped from his Rugby team so is looking to football for his wage.
RB-Frank Ruyten, 23 year old civil servant, very fast but poor crossing ability No. 19 Has worked on his crossing but still struggles to fulfill his promise as an attacking fullback.

LM-Peter Kurtz, 25 year old full time proffesional footballer No. 21 Still struggling for form but has improved at the World Cup scoring twice and creating another couple for Kalumba.
LM-James Fish, 19 year old protege No. 9 Still a protege, retained for the first team instead of the U21s so Davies clearly intends to play him.
CM-Ollie Roberts, 27 year old model and dancing champion No. 18 First high profile homosexual in Kalumba. Has moved to Southern Cynocephali to play professionally and be open with his sexuality.
CM-Gabriel Danukwe, 20 year old Kahali Spears strong man No. 16 An old fashioned enforcer, Danukwe will have to watch his discipline.
CM -Laurence Kabila, 20 year old Kahali Spears creative midfielder No. 15 Picked up 23 assists this season and is seen as a major part of the future of Kalumban football.
CAM -Ben Cheeter, 23 built like an arab donkey but with the shot of an angry mule No. 27 Didn't impress at either the BoF or the last WC but still integral to the team as he links the midfield to the strikers.
CDM- Godwin Kuli, 19 year old sweeper for Kahali Spears No. 17 Despite the unfashionability of the position this young man has played it with aplomb and will hope to reproduce such form for the national side.
RM-Jameson Slutei, 23 year old and rapid No. 33 Lucky to get in the team, but an injury to Abouto left the position open and Slutei will look to make it his own.
RW-Jermaine Filks, 33 year old great crosser of the ball No. 11 Due to Abouto's excellence has yet to feature but has worked on his left sided play in hope of getting a starting position.

RS- Roland Grezlak, 28 year old, 6 foot strong as an ox No. 8 Came on to score many a crucial goal, will be looking for me involvment this time round.
RS- Anthony Peters, 23 year old, youngster but top scorer last season No. 99 Barely featured but did score our second goal in the BoF final. Will be looking to break into the team on a regular basis.
LS-Piet Von Kruger, 21 year old, second striker for Kahali spears No. 21 An excellent partner for Watusi, if they can recreate their club form they will be a feature for years to come in the Kalumban national team.
CF- Peterson Watusi, 17 year old, 20 goal hero for Kahali Spears No. 10 His goals have won him the place of veteran Kevin Davis, it is hoped the pressure won't overwhelm the young man.
CF- Craig Garden, 28 year old, reliable but not much skill No. 93 Another non-starter and like Malone will struggle to record a further cap to his collection of seven.

Starting line-up:

4-4-2 (Style Modifier: +3)

GK Ulusu Mtanda

LB Derek Ward
LCB Duncan Edward (c)
RCB Kaneu Daima
RB Vincent Mkure

LM Peter Kurtz
CM Ollie Roberts
CM Laurence Kabila
RM Jameson Slutei

CF Peterson Watusi
CF Piet Von Kruger

GK Frank Burnden
LCB Ronan Beardly
RB James Downs
CM Gabriel Danukwe
CM Godwin Kuli
ST Roland Grezlak

By Barrengeka, becuase there's the rest, then the best.
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IAC-2 Roster

Postby Bonesea » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:55 am

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Postby Spaam » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:35 am

"Hip, hooray! Hip, hooray! Hip, HOORAY!" The team cheered as they were sitting down for dinner on the eve of their opening Independents Cup match against Drawkland.

"We welcome our Guyabalanese cousins to our team, as new citizens of Spaam!" Hewlaan Faaberos, coach of the national team, led the toast. "You may have lost your old home to religious intolerance..." A low boooo rumbled through the seated players. "But you are more than welcome to your new home with us!"

"Hear, hear!" Farlinar Reyen, captain of the team, cheered in response. "And I look forward to sharing my defensive duties with James and Daniel here!"

"Defense! Defense! Defense!" The rest of the team cried out, slamming their hands on the tables.

"They are worth their salt, Farly!" Merlara Sehelin, darling striker of the team, raised her glass. "They almost got us the Championship at Nilmenas this year, and with a full season, the cup will be ours next year!"

"Not bloody likely." Orinos Elzeros grumbled, but noone was listening to him.

Orinos was not happy. His team, Paatukar City, had won the National League again, but the gap between them and Nilmenas City was closing. And he was supposed to be the star of the team, but all anybody could talk about was Merlara, Merlara, Merlara. Just because her distant ancestor was the revered Mela Sehelin, and she tossed that ponytail around, everyone passed to her. I should've been the top scorer, he thought, not that little brat. And now we have those dark-skinned illegals walking on to the team... Its bad enough those bastard elves get a look in. All because they pray to some non-existant goddess. As long as they all stay in West Spaam.

"We want to thank you all for making us so welcome." Sebastian Nunez, the new midfielder was standing and addressing the rest of the team. "When we were driven from San Jose, we thought we would never get to play football again. And now we are a part of one of the greatest nations to ever walk on the field... we are very very thankful. We promise we will work just as hard as all of you, and Margaret willing, help you to win this competition."

"Hear, hear!" The rest of the team cheered in response.

"Viva Spaam!" Daniel Coco raised his glass of wine before skolling it.

It was a picturesque scene, Spaam's national football team sitting at the hotel dining room, eating, drinking and enjoying each other's company. But it would not stay this way forever...
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Postby Schottia » Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:59 am

OOC: I'm going to take the chance to try to finish the storyline I started during the first Independents Cup. The final part I wrote can be found here.


Part Eight

Handon, Present Day.
James had one of those pitiable faces. There was something about those slightly podgy cheeks, aging skin, and somewhat forlorn expression that made you want to give him a pat on the back and tell him everything would be alright. Karen sometimes wondered whether she had placed a small-ad for a therapist's job as opposed to profile on a dating site, as she increasingly found herself acting more as a support mechanism in his life. It was awful, stringing the poor guy along like this, but he had made it abundantly clear that he didn't have anything else in his life right now. What if he killed himself? Would she feel bad? That was the thing, why was looking after the guy her responsibility, he was forty years old and she barely even knew him. If anything, she was the victim here. It had been he, who had used a ten-year-old photograph for his profile picture. It had been he, who had managed to seem normal enough in the initial messages to draw her in. You'd think the incident would have taught her a lesson, but the sad part was, this wasn't even her worst online dating experience.

Shit! What was he talking about now? She had been pretending to read the menu, and was totally tuned out.

'It's just like, och, I think my parents and I have just come to the end of our time together, if you know what I mean?' His own menu card still lay flat on the table in front of him, his beer three quarters empty.

'Mmm.' Karen nodded, taking sip of wine. She had to either pull some faux concern out of the bag here, or admit to him that she hadn't been listening for the last fifteen minutes. 'Yeah, I imagine it's got to be hard living at home. I moved out when I was nineteen, and my mum still has the ability to ruin my day with a single phone call.' Oh shit, not exactly how she meant that to come across.

'Well, yeah.' James finally opened the menu and looked down at it with a sulky face, his bottom lip protruding. 'Obviously we can't all be as lucky. Not all of us have the financial means to move out.'

Karen took another sip from her glass. She had an overwhelming urge to reach over the table and strangle him right now. The idea that he couldn't afford to move out was ludicrous for more reason's than she cared to get into. The worst part of all was that he was better off than her. Every time they met (or he sent her a message at three in the morning) he was talking about what new gadget he'd bought. Christ! And here she was worrying about whether she could afford the supermarket's own olive oil or if she could stretch the extra five pence for the branded product. The bastard always grumbled about the price of the bill when it was brought to the table too, even though they already went halfers.

'How's work going anyway, James?' She watched as he turned the page with real gusto. She'd had enough drama working at Ghastly Tours, without this every other week. 'Are you still working on the same project?'

'Yeah...' More silent treatment.

'It was, eh, the promotional material for that hot air balloon race, right?'


Bloody... fucking... fat shit. 'Excuse me, I'm just going to go to the toilet.' Karen got to her feet calmly, and marched from the table. Her tranquil exterior masked her inner disquiet.

Never again. Never a-fucking-gain, was she going to show anyone a shred of pity, no matter how much she thought they needed it. Where the fuck was her pity? Who was feeling sorry for her? She was a penniless, thirty-three year old woman, staying in a mouldering tenement flat, pretending to be a fucking ghost for a living. Where was her shoulder to cry on? That was the most important lesson you could learn in life: You need to take the rough with the fucking rough.

She scowled at the mirror, before tugging hard her ponytail, making sure it was nicely lopsided, pulling loose a few more backcombed stands of frizz. It had struck her, just as she was about to leave the flat, that she might be able to put him off. She had removed her makeup, hunted out her knee length tartan skirt, and put on an old pair of Schottic Health Service glasses she had bought in a second-hand shop as a student. Finally she had topped it all off with the old fisherman's rib jumper - stretched out of all proportions - that she wore around the flat. If this didn't work, perhaps next time she'd look for a pair of orthopaedic shoes.

This had to work, she thought, as she considered squeezing a spot on her chin - she actually kind of repulsed herself. Karen wondered how Margaret Davis would have handled this situation. Form how she had come to understand the woman, she wouldn't have gotten herself into this mess in the first place. If she had, she would have no doubt just given it to him straight, no messing around. James wouldn't have wanted anything to do with her anyway, she could only imagine that Davis had been a formidable young woman, she'd have probably given him a heart attack with her forthright, no nonsense attitude.

That was it! She had been doing this all wrong. By toning everything down, by showing him sympathy, she had played right into his self-image of victimhood. Of course he was happy to meet up with her every couple of weeks; he just got to sit there, sulk, and pour out his problems. Next time they met up he was going to meet a very different Karen Sillars, and they were going to meeting at a very different venue.

La Gorla, Present Day.
'Go'on Jack! Go'on Son!' Jago Avelione knew he was going to need to note down the parenting if his son were to make it in the La Gorlions first team. It was getting harder and harder to observe his son's footballing ability with an objective eye. He had to regain a degree of impartiality however, as it had to be hard for a young player to make it in a team managed by their father. He knew Alex Pearce Jnr had only just broken through the ranks at Cornellians, and Alexander snr taking over at Cosumar was probably the best thing for his career.

Jack Avelione was a great young player though, and it wasn't just Jago's yes-men who were saying that, it was clear for everyone to see. He was fourteen, so there was still some way to go, a couple of years minimum before he was likely to be thrown onto the bench. Jago knew it wasn't easy though, and even in the four short years since he had retired, the standard in Schottic football had gone through the roof.

Today he had his parent hat on, and he had declined the offer to join his youth coaches in the dugout just to make that fact clear. He was stood at the edge of the pitch with the rest of the sixty or so fans (the majority of them parents) who had gathered to watch La Golions U18 v Dundee U18. Jack was a big, tall player - he had his father's build. However he also had a subtlety to him, and a lightness of touch that Jago had never possessed. Watching him drift in from the right flank, taking players on, there were definitely echoes of his uncle Gaston.

When Jago had received his final Schottia cap, back in the World Cup 68 qualifiers, it had been a totally different world. Schottia was an unranked side, the national team consisted only of men, and you'd be lucky to find a single foreign player in the league. Things had changed a lot since they had joined the WCC and UICA, and Jago knew he wouldn't have gotten near the national team these days. There was not place for carthorses like him anymore - he was probable more likely to have a bridle placed round his neck than he was to get anywhere near a football pitch.

That's how he knew Jack was the real deal, the best complement he could pay his son, as a player, was in saying he was nothing like his old man.

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IAC-2 MD-0 Caro Tyree 1/3

Postby Bonesea » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:32 am

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Those without a proper nickname


Eliminated from the Baptism of Fire 63 in the Quarterfinals on penalty kicks after five consecutive victories.
Made it to fourth in Group 3 of the WC76 qualifiers, taking 17 points (5-2-5) before being slayed in the first knock-out round of the Cup of Harmony.
Reached, contrary to all expectations, the final of the inaugural Independents Cup before falling to Schottia.
Failed at the last hurdle to qualify for the World Cup 77, eventually grabbing 36 points out of a possible 54 and coming in third, before failing once again to get out of the group phase of the Cup of Harmony.

Home games will be contested at The Ship, the stadium from Piershaven Club.


Style: -1

Unless noted differently in RP - starts with number 1 to 11

Head Coach

Johan Valkeniers

Of all the decisions of the VNVB (Veldgouwen FA), picking Johan Valkeniers as manager of this novice team certainly was one of the most contested ones. Such does not refer to his slate of honour as a player, which includes a longlist of trophies during the amateur days and playing a major part in the two titles of Westerzandse VV, where Valkeniers had a prolific Indian summer. Rather it is his complete lack of experience in the cockpit of a team which makes him more than a surprise choice. Once he hung up his boots, the 51-year old made himself an even more well-known face as a pundit for major television channels and newspapers, a role in which he seldom forgets to use the vinegar and dares to kick against many shins. With that in mind, it’s strange that the VNVB even considered someone with that amount of enemies. But, credit where credit is due, his tactical capacity is uncontested and his vocal guidance gives a good vibe to a still unaccustomed team.

Assistant Coach

Ronny Allaerts

Those guys that sit in the plush during games decided they needed to counterbalance the boisterous and outspoken Valkeniers and offered a half-time contract to a man who has earned quite some respect in the inner circle for his work with Piershaven Club, even if Allaerts is less known for the public. Those who do might rather recall him as a mediocre defender who plied his trade with perennial elevator clubs such as Zwarte Leeuwen Brust and Rapid Almskerk. However, his current reputation as a valuable assistant is built on his relentless number crunching. Whatever Ronny Allaerts lacks in national authority, he makes up in vision to turn free-kicks and corners into dangerous weapons, as he demonstrated in his time at Club who rein in title after title.

23 – Goalkeeper – 21 years old – Racing Vlierdrecht

Corné Van Luchene

With the retirement of Vandermarliere, a spot between the posts became available and Valkeniers opted for the future with the inclusion of Van Luchene. As he did before with Oberink, launching this promising goalie should give him options for the future when the need is there. Breaking into the first formation of the Zwarte Leeuwen Brust at seventeen, he quickly got snapped up by an ambitious Racing Vlierdrecht. No wonder as Van Luchene combines presence and a big mouth with amazing reflexes on his line. In the air, however, he still is slightly vulnerable and with 1m87, he’ll never be an ace in that department of the skills. Being in this selection will be, save for injuries, most that’s in it for him and it will be focusing on getting to learn from his senior teammates. Has a lot of fans due to being one of the first players on the squad who shows his presence on social media.

12 – Goalkeeper – 31 years old – Spierendam FC

Hubert Van Boxelaere

Every good goalkeeper is a bit crazy, it is said and there is no one who made such a personal badge of honour of eccentricity across the nation as Van Boxelaere, a tall and powerful goalie who loves making that spectacular dive when you can just catch the ball. Nonetheless, he is correctly considered to be one of the most reliable ones around due to this remarkable capacity to make the most impossible saves. Always outspoken and not afraid to put a manager in his place, he has been seen as a liability in previous clubs but his excellent relationship with gaffer Karsten Hoeksma makes him a cornerstone of Spierendam. Many worry whether he will not clash with Oberink, having to deal with a role as back-up, but he seems to have cooled down a little with the years, as evidenced by the lack of press conflicts last season. That’s a good enough thing, right? Valkeniers will have his hands full with him, but so does any opposing striker.

1 – Goalkeeper – 26 years old – Piershaven Club

Simon Oberink

Grief concerns were raised ahead of the Baptism of Fire for including a junior who could bank on little more than two years between the sticks for a relegation battler. Nonetheless, that dodgy move did certainly pay off. Valkeniers has confidence in the unmistakable talent from Oberink, who is quick to the ground and gives catlike reflexes a new ring. Also importantly, he has the right character to deal with a permanent role as second-string solution, having always been considered a bit too short to make it at Belden Sport before making the step back to Plek and breaking his supposed limits there. Last year, he took another step up by making a huge transfer to Piershaven Club and his performances in the Independents Cup raised his profile as number one goalie for the national team as well. With the confidence of both his manager and his defenders, Oberink has been strong throughout the qualifiers.

2 – Right Defender – 30 years old – Racing Vlierdrecht

Derk Breydels

Valkeniers never made a secret of his ambition to play with attentive and active wingbacks and such a role fits Derk Breydels like a glove. The right attacker turned defender won’t hesitate to go back and forth near his side line a baker’s dozen times each half and this set of lungs earned him the nickname Roadrunner. Breydels’ natural guts is shown by the transfer he made at twenty, leaving his youth team Vlierdrecht Sport for cross-city rivals Racing but hasn't regretted so as Sport lingers in the second tier these days, whilst Racing has gone on to win two titles with Breydels as an essential element of the line-up. His crosses will hurt many opponents at this level and he allows the team to move up the pitch incredibly fast, but he needs a reliable man by his side to cover for the risks he takes. Breydels was one of those that most caught the eye during his previous appearances.

13 – Central Defender – 34 years old – Union Fiersem

Carlos Deferme

With just a single Liga Beker won, the trophy cupboard of Deferme does not represent the status he has built up across the last decade in Veldgouwen. Initially a journeyman with stints in Pellegem, Corinthians, Racing Grawarden and Plek, his transfer to Union allowed the club to transform from a straggler into a reliable side, being the sole to challenge Piershaven Club lately. Carlos Deferme is a no-nonsense old-school defender who will take no prisoners but is clever enough to avoid abundant yellow cards. His fine heading results in a goal or four yearly, certainly an extra weapon on corner kicks. Off the pitch, he is notorious for being completely devoid of any star attitude, which makes him a bit of a hero for any Fiersem fan. It also allows them to turn a blind eye on his mediocre passing and incapacity to open up the game with a proper cross. Age seems to have no impact on him and he’s a rock on which the team builds. However, a racism-related clash made him a slightly contested figure in public.

3 – Central Defender – 28 years old – Piershaven Club

Sven Wittouck

Making up for the lack of technical skills for Deferme and Mortelmans at the core of the team, we may assume that Sven Wittouck will continue to be a regular starter for this formation. Having made his way up the ladder originating from Third Divisionist Go Ahead Pachtem, he has joined Piershaven Club from Vitesse Ravenstad three seasons ago for over six million, still a record figure for a defender. But Club hasn’t regretted the move, three titles and cup final victory later, trophies in which Wittouck played his part with bravado. One can be assured of tight defending and the capacity to deal with Gegenpressure when putting him in the middle of your defence. He still lacks some presence and can be conned in the air, but for what goes a modern defender, Sven Wittouck is the full package with still room for further growth in his already fine skillset. Has become more vocal as well.

5 – Left Defender – 31 years old – Spierendam FC

Kieran Maes

The second selected player from the Canaries is considered a sure bet for a starter. After a stint with Belden Sport, he made the switch to Spierendam three seasons ago. An excellent choice, as the 3-4-3 employed by the always optimistic side from the historical capital from the nation might never lift them to the absolute summit of the table but fits someone with the skillset of Maes like a glove. There is speed but what catches the eye is his marvellous positioning and capacity to nip an attack in the bud cleanly without resorting himself to bringing in the chainsaw or kicking the leather over the stands. Reliable on and off the field, Kieran Maes has been chosen in the team of the year eight seasons on end now, a testimony to his consistency. Or maybe to our lack of other proper left backs. In international company, we have seen a few mediocre moments as well and he will not get better with age.

4 – Central Defender – 26 years old – Vitesse Ravenstad

Mike Mortelmans

Currently, Mortelmans still plies his trade for one of the poorest clubs in the top tier but the question remains how long that is going to last – Mike Mortelmans might be the hottest prospect on the market. As a youngster, his lack of discipline ensured that he never really broke through at Koninklijke Pellegem but since he left the Royals behind and moved to small-town Ravenstad, Mortelmans has blossomed. Get ready for a good ninety kilograms of raw power that tear up many an opponent and make him excellent when dealing with sturdier strikers. He is faster than you would presume but his technical limitations probably will put him on the bench for the national team. This man is still prone to picking up unnecessary cards but his off-field antics, for many teams a reason not to buy him, have calmed ever since marrying one of Veldgouwens most notorious models. Often called Iron Mike.

14 – Left Defender – 22 years old – Vitesse Ravenstad

Matthias Hermans

Making the cut for the ICup was considered a relative surprise to the press but the lack of depth for left-backs made him pop up quicker than expected. Hermans offers a tactical alternative to Maes, being much less of a clever ballwinner and runner along the wing, but more of a no-nonsense person. His amazing long throw has been used as a weapon by his team and it is no secret that Valkeniers wouldn't mind resorting to that tactic when the situation asks for it. Off the pitch, this young face has gathered a bit of a reputation for his involvement in free fighting - officially only supporting crews of his friends and not in an active role. His long-term potential and a tad of maturity should allow him to evolve into a more decisive position. According to the expectations, we should see the debut of Hermans across this campaign but for a lot of commentators, he lacks the capacity to truly become an international starter.

19 – Right Defender – 24 years old – Piershaven Club

Lasse Vandertoren

This recent addition to the national team is the latest diamond from the crown of perennial powerhouse Piershaven Club. Having plied his trade at Corinthians Haven during his youth years, Vandertoren was picked up at 16 by Club and has broken into the team only a season and a bit later. In a side that is used to having the upper hand, he is excellent in balancing his defensive obligations with his attacking opportunities, not seldom finding an unmarked man in the box. However, he lacks the pure speed for a wing defender and can be caught by a very technical opponent, making him an option not to use every time at the national side. Vandertoren is one of the players Valkeniers hopes to prepare for the longer term, seeing in him a future stronghold of the national side. The maturity he displays at Piershaven should give all confidence on what is about to come for him and taking over from Breydels is only a matter of time, but he failed to convince during the recent World Cup qualifiers.

15 – Defensive Midfielder – 32 years old – Piershaven Club

Wim Vreysen

One of the six Piershaven Club players in this selection, Wim Vreysen is respected as the silent architect behind the incredible success of the last years, having won nine domestic trophies across eight seasons. With passing rates usually in the top half of ninety procent, Vreysen is the metronome who ensures that people can pick out their moment to find a hole in the opposing backline. The lack of risk in his game might be the main criticism given but those who play with him on a daily basis know the value of this prototype of a professional, in the best sense of the word. A dream for coaches and referees, Vreysen will speak up seldom but when times get rough, he is not afraid to lead the way. For the national side, Vreysen had that same role but when the pace gets higher, he gets replaced. Will probably play against weaker opponents. Has gained some notoriety amongst the non-sports fans when he became the face of an anti-racism campaign.

8 – Box-to-box Midfielder – 25 years old – Racing Grawarden

Jim Decubber

Despite being a regular squad player at Piershaven Club at only seventeen, he left the stadium of the domestic powerhouse with revolving doors after a financial dispute. Many were surprised that he joined the modest Grawarden but that turned out to be the correct decision. Despite his age, he already has a team revolving around him which goes along in his dynamic, energy-absorbing style. Go hard or go home, something that gets confirmed by his clubbing records at night. Still, Racing knows that they have to hold on to their diamond as Decubber singlehandedly might make them champion one day. Always top marks when it comes to ground covered and passing, matched to a more than average tackle and vision, which makes him an interesting teammate: does more than his dirty work and can pop up to score on your pass, but a bit of a hothead when things don’t go his way. A driving force to this squad and the captain despite his young age.

23 – Attacking Midfielder – 29 years old – Eendracht Rankelsven

Gert Stalhof

A special figure with a similar story attached to his name. At only sixteen, Gert Stalhof popped up in the first team of Spierendam FC. It did not take too much time for him to become a fan favourite with his short dribbles, long passes and unseen stamina for a player of his stature. Hiding in an enigma, his silence only pierced by a rare tantrum, made him even more of a figure for the ages. Before being 20, Stalhof had already won two titles with his team but it seemed as if the fame was too much to hold for him. He became less and less seen on the training pitch and started to go down along with his side. Aiming for new glory, he made a surprise transfer to Pellegem but a horror injury kept him off the field for two years. Restarted this season for Rankelsven and immediately his displays of raw talent made him resurface. For Valkeniers, it was enough to make him his number ten but Stalhof still seems fragile, both physically and mentally.

7 – Right Midfielder – 20 years old – Racing Grawarden

Yassin Tarki

After a series of disappointing performances in the national shirt, someone had to replace Boudewijn Snoeks as the quick, offensive right midfielder in the formation. Eventually, the choice fell amidst a lot of controversy on Yassin Tarki. All sorts of reasons were put against the decision of Valkeniers, who as usual couldn’t care less. That Tarki so far only played forty games at the highest level and scored fairly few times in those, did hold some weight. That Tarki himself doesn’t hold too much weight, is another one and that there are a few alternative candidates was voiced quite often as well. But much deeper were the traces of racism in many comments, as Tarki will be the first player representing Veldgouwen with a different ethnicity. Although only being the first of a generation of exciting talents, unfortunately many people haven’t accepted his presence in the selection, on the pitch or in the dressing room.

11 – Left Midfielder – 32 years old – Union Fiersem

Marnix Van Baekel

If Johan Valkeniers can rely on someone to always be there, for better and for worse, it is the short Van Baekel. The lanky player usually sticks to his wing except on free kicks and corners where he brings his magnificent cross in action from a different position. A left foot that can telepathically guide the ball anywhere in the box, Marnix learned his trade in the lower divisions for Sparta Leusden and VC Lovingem but since Fiersem gave him a chance, things have gone quick. Apart from regularly leading all assisting pass statistics, Van Baekel does not feel too good to neglect his defensive duties, a style which matches Union. A lightweight, he will be of little use when it comes to duelling but he perfected cutting off the space of opponents and stops several counters in their tracks so. Could be a little bit quicker and the dynamic with his back is crucial, but it clicks surprisingly well with Kieran Maes.

6 – Defensive Defender – 22 years old – Rapid Almskerk

Dan Troch

The youngest one ever to get selected and still the junior amongst the starters. His role in the title for the second tier of Rapid did catch the attention of anyone near Veldgouwer football. Already a starting player for Almskerk as soon as he passed the legal limit of sixteen, Dan is surprisingly strong physically and has the stamina of someone ten years older. Along with that goes a mature head, but his quick rise might even for him be difficult to grasp. Went down with Rapid two years ago but decided to stick with them despite several lucrative offers because then “I’ll have to show that I can guide a team that’s favourite every week”. Yep, that mature. Lived up to the expectation of being a future starter in the previous Cup of Harmony, being crucial in the round of 16 qualification. With that attitude, he has fought himself into the side and his dynamic with Decubber appears to be what spurred the unexpected final in the IC.

16 – Attacking Midfielder – 28 years old – Piershaven Club

Kris Liesmonts

The lack of depth with attacking midfielders in mind, Kris Liesmonts is not really considered to be the star of the champions, Piershaven Club, although it is a bit unfair to hold that against him. Often seeming a bit clumsy, Liesmonts has his image against him, something which isn’t helped by his capacity to be the only Club player to make a gaffe every once and a while. But once you look through that, you might see a hard-working attacking midfielder who will dive into space whenever half a metre opens up, who has a more than fine offensive pass and who scores his fair share of the goals. His tattoos with slogans in favour of far-going autonomy for the Oosthoek made him a controversial figure to call up and a dubious goal celebration created quite some commotion at the BoF. But Valkeniers stands by him and his prowess does get valued, more than by the press, by his fellow players.

20 – Attacking Midfielder – 27 years old – Westerzandse VV

Stef Looibeek

Being the number ten for the national team always has been a sore spot in the selection and the retirement of good old Guido Becu is no stranger to that problem. Stalhof is impressive but his performances look like the profile of a cycling mountain stage and Liesmonts can only play that role against specific opponents. It could be questioned whether Looibeek will be the one who manages to fill that gap in the tactical scheme of Valkeniers. It is not that Looibeek does not have his skills, after all he is the pivotal figure in the renaissance of Westerzandse, whom he lifted back from the second tier to the middle of the top division. But he’s a rather slow number ten, who needs a speedy guy in front of him and at the wings to anticipate his great passes. One can also wonder how much further growth potential still is there with him. Nonetheless, his loyalty and positive approach might have given him the edge to be the ace up the sleeve for Valkeniers.

17 – Right Midfielder – 26 years old – Racing Vlierdrecht

Roel Meganck

Valkeniers likes players who have the tactical capacity to appear at several positions and such is certainly the case with Meganck, a clever player who does not shy away from the physical work either. A chest like a home mover and a few scars make him feared amongst opponents but beneath that cover goes a gentle young man who loves jazz music and modern art – quite rare in a dressing room. Roel Meganck can be staged as a box-to-box player, less prone to make it into the box as Decubber, but with a better tackle and pass. That latter part makes him an option on the wing as well, making his way to an assisting pass not with the characteristic dribble, but with sheer power and positioning. Plays the game at full pace and that might lead to errors but he strengthens the team evidently. Many see him as the future captain of the national team due to his natural presence, but that’s still a few steps away.

9 – Striker – 29 years old – SS Skiveness (Bonesea)

Piet Masschelin

A pure targetman with a rocket in his right foot, Piet Masschelin brought home the bacon for Piershaven Club. Across the last six seasons, he accumulated a very respectable 138 goals in 225 games, a figure that has gotten him three Golden Boots and the utmost respect from the home crowd. Masschelin is not an uncontested figure, admitting himself that he turns on a switch when going on the pitch: horrible tackles, clashes with fans, fights with opponents and swearing to refs, he has been there. In daily life, he is a fine guy without that short temper who is as hard on his teammates as he is on himself – doing an extra series after training is regular for him. His ambitiousness is not always loved, but it did result in the man who’s at his age already cited to be one of the best strikers every produced in the nation. Can fight off a strong defence and will certainly get better by playing for SS Skiveness.

21 – Forward – 33 years old – Piershaven Club

Koert Schepers

Of those not wearing a jersey between one and eleven, Schepers is potentially closest to getting a spot at the kick-off some time or another. Rather on the short side himself, he is used to acting around a tall guy at Piershaven Club with Masschelin as big man. His stats are certainly fine: the last eight years he never went below a production of eleven goals per season. If you would have to categorize him, it would be easy to call him a pocket striker but he is more than raw speed and quick feet. His shot is seldom hard but always with a certain elegance and there is a guy with an eye for a teammate in times of need. As beloved and calm as he is on the field, it is hard to believe that he seemed lost for professional football at eighteen when struggling with drug addictions. Nonetheless, adding him as second striker seems to be the ace up the sleeve of Valkeniers when goals need to be made.

18 – Forward – 25 years old – Union Fiersem

Sjoerd Waegemakers

It was inevitable that one day, good old Jaco "He’s a poacher and that’s ok, he hardly works but he scores all day" Poortvliet would lose his spot on the squad and be replaced with someone who makes the same stats but based on a better combination of talent and industriousness. Coming into the ranks of Fiersem at 18, he's been a major part of the rise of Union to the top of the competition. Ideally employed in a system with two attackers, he makes the difference by chasing down his markers in defense whilst appearing in the box at the exactly right moment when a good setup is assured. It is unclear, especially with the dedication of the gaffer to the 4-2-3-1, what role Waegemakers could have but seeing how useful Schepers is at times, we see a role for him as well. Especially with the lack of a proper number ten, we could see Waegemakers play his part against some lesser alternatives.

10 – Forward – 28 years old – Marinos Thimpodopoulos (FHP)

Hannes Schaepdryver

Another remarkable figure, whose good looks and sponsor deals often make him the centre of the attention, even if he’s not scoring. But admittedly, that is not too often as Schaepdryver is an attacker who understands very well that production is what makes or breaks him. Stronger than you would expect from a player who stands at 1m81, he picks his duels carefully and wins them more often than opponents like. That timing allows him to score a series of goals but he is one who chooses his moments – critics tend to say he’s a bit picky with his chances. However, “it’s someone else’s job to supply them”, Schaepdryver once famously quoted and if he’s offered a proper shot at goal, it usually ends up against the net. Despite being a crucial player for a few years now already, previously at Pellegem and later at Grawarden, he is still missing a Golden Boot in his price cabinet. Nonetheless, he became the first Veldgouwian to win an international transfer and knocks on the door of an international breakthrough.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not career-threatening
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, limit to 2 unless TGed
Godmod other events: Yes, but send me a message please
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Lex Talionis, Part Forty-seven

Joinville Street
Saint Rainier, Patierre

The white semi-trailer truck was part of a convoy which was allowed entry into the city of Saint Rainier, capital of the Anglatian colony of Patierre, only at regulated intervals such as this one the truck was traveling in right now. It was high noon over Patierre, and the sun beat down hard on the gendarmes and Anglatian soldiers manning the checkpoint through which the trucks passed before they were allowed any deeper into Saint Rainier. The driver of this white semi, a fat man with chuckling eyes and a ring of facial hair around his mouth, handed over his clipboard detailing the manifest of his truck, which claimed to be carrying only eight motorcycles. A quick opening of the trailer revealed that the manifest was telling the truth; there were only eight motorcycles inside the trailer. The truck was then made to pass through a large X-ray machine to make sure that no contraband was being smuggled into Saint Rainier, or bombs. The attack in Alery was still fresh in the mind of the colonial authorities and they didn’t want a repeat of the bombing right in their capital city.

Once the truck had been cleared for passage, the driver gave the gendarmes and soldiers a cursory salute and a jovial “Thank you very much” before restarting his engine and driving away from the checkpoint. Once the driver thought that he was far enough away from the checkpoint he reached for the phone in his pocket and dialed a number. “Attila, it’s Burrito,” he said. "I made it through the checkpoint. You picked up Kid and Countess yet?”

“Not yet, but we’re on the way to their last location,” Attila, the leader of the Huns sent to Patierre to continue their war with their rivals the Corsairs, replied to Burrito’s question. “We’ll meet up at the place that our friend from the port mentioned and then plan our next move from there.”

“Got that,” Burrito replied. “I sure hope that this doesn’t end up being a repeat of last time, brother.”

“Amen to that, brother, amen to that.”

The incident which had brought out the Huns from their Patierrean headquarters in Alery to the capital city of Saint Rainier was the kidnapping of Countess and Kid, two high-ranking members of the Huns who were directly responsible for the death of Francisco “Isko” Riviero, the weapons expert of the Corsairs and therefore a high-ranking member of the gang as well. Based on what Attila had managed to learn, apparently an elite unit within Imperial Intelligence known only as the Vikings had been responsible for kidnapping both Kid and Countess in exchange for the Corsairs helping II take down the Patierre Insurgency. Countess and Kid had been turned over to the Corsairs, specifically their muscular enforcer Benton Singer and his protégé Lucio Riviero, Isko’s son who was seeking revenge for his father’s death. Kid and Countess had been spirited away to Saint Rainier while the Corsairs and Bravos set up a trap for the rest of the Huns in Alery University, where they had hoped that the Vikings would eliminate the Huns once and for all at the same time that Lucio and Singer executed Kid and Countess and Isko’s son therefore would get his revenge. But it hadn’t happened that way. Not only did Attila and his Huns manage to survive the ambush in Alery University but Countess and Kid managed to forestall their executions, although it has to be said that it was all Countess who did the stopping. It was Countess who managed to kill both Singer and Lucio along with the rest of the Corsairs who were guarding the place which was supposed to have been her execution place and Kid’s. That was how the Huns, or at least some of them, had ended up in Saint Rainier. Attila, along with a few other members as backup, had come down to the capital city of Patierre to pick up Kid and Countess and bring them back up to Alery.

Attila was in a black minivan along with Steeler and Ghost, two of his backups. The last call from Countess had said that they had moved away from the warehouse where the Corsairs had kept her and Kid and made their way towards the nearest place with a semblance of civilization, Joinville Street. Countess had also mentioned the name of a diner on the street where she and Kid were licking their wounds, so to speak. Attila finally found the diner and saw, to his massive relief, Countess and Kid waiting for them just outside the diner. Attila parked the minivan right in front of the two and then got going again as soon as both women were inside the car. “Welcome back to the land of the living, girls,” he said in greeting. “Mind telling us what mess you got yourselves into now?”

“Can we talk later, bro?” Kid said from behind closed eyes. “I need a freaking break from all this.”

“Whoa, easy there, grumpy-pants,” Attila said. “If you wanted to sleep you just had to tell me.”

“All right, then, I’m telling you now that I’m going to sleep all this off and hopefully I’m back to my old chipper self later.” With that, Kid settled her head on the headrest of her seat and promptly began snoring loudly.

“She’s been fighting to keep awake ever since we got out of the place,” Countess replied in response to Kid’s unusual behavior. “Even coffee couldn’t keep her up for long now, not after what happened to us back there.”

“Yeah, about that,” Steeler said, turning around from her seat to face Countess. “Would you mind filling us in on what did happen back there?”

“Yeah, all right. So Kid got jumped when she was fixing a flat tire over in some dark street back in Alery. You know, the usual Balete Drive shit. Then someone knocked her out and then put her bike in the parking lot of the apartment we were renting in Alery so that I was lured into thinking that Kid was there as well. I managed to get a guy in black trying to knock me out and I even got so far as to ask him a few questions before another asshole got the jump on me as well and sent me to sleepy-land. The next thing I know, I’m in this dark room with Kid and Singer and Lucio were waving machetes in our faces.”

“Tell me about Singer and Lucio, how you killed them,” Steeler said. “I know Benton Singer’s, like, the Corsairs’ lead enforcer, and Lucio’s Isko’s kid so he’s looking to get some of that sweet revenge. I’m guessing that he didn’t get it, though.”

“You got that right,” Countess replied. “Taking care of Lucio was easy. He’s so consumed by his desire to avenge his dad that it’s almost too easy to take advantage of his rage like that. He really takes after Isko, though, you know. Like father, like son. They’re both tough and blustering bastards when they’ve got weapons and backup but when it comes to a mano y mano fistfight they’re both more cowardly than a sack of thin-shelled turtles. He didn’t even put up much of a good fight, you know. Good thing I had some more energy left in me back then that I got to snap his scrawny neck. I hope he burns in hell like his daddy too.”

“Well, isn’t that very cruel, even for you,” Steeler mused. “What about Singer?”

“Singer may be all brawn, sure, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have brains to go with it,” Countess conceded. “You don’t become the lead enforcer of the Corsairs by being all muscle much as we might want to think of it that way. His main motivation is just killing. It’s all a business for him, and that’s what made him more difficult to bring down and why I had to kill him first. But even muscles like him have buttons you can push for maximum effect. With Singer, it’s just a matter of being a little quicker than him and simply not dying after his first move. Once you break the pattern of dying after his first strike then he got all flustered and didn’t know what to do.”

“What about that other guy you and Kid killed after everyone else?” Attila asked. “The one in the black military suit thing and carrying your phones in a case of some sort?”

“Yeah, well, I checked him out,” Countess replied. “He’s got some tats but not the kind that the Corsairs have on themselves. This guy’s tattoos looked more military or something like it, you know. I don’t know, really. Maybe he’s one of those Viking guys you say got the Wannabes working with them to bring down the insurgency and tried to kill all of you in the university.”

“Maybe,” Attila repeated. “Well, at least you two are back safe and sound, and in the end, that’s what matters.”

“Oh, don’t go soft on me now, Attila,” Countess retorted. “We may be alive but it’s all down to a healthy dose of luck on my part as well. If I wasn’t as flexible as I was then I wouldn’t have been able to hit Lucio’s nuts and preempt my own throat slashing.”

“She’s back, all right,” Steeler said to Attila. “She’s already joking about her near-death experience.”

“Uh-huh,” Attila nodded. “Now it’s Kid’s turn to recover. Oh, look, we’re here already.” He turned the minivan and drove it right for a small warehouse constructed almost entirely out of sheets of galvanized sheet metal. As warehouses went, it was a very far cry from the one in which the Huns had first based themselves when they first arrived in Patierre. Now they had a clubhouse in Alery, membership to the MC in the country was rising in tiny increments (but still rising) and it looked as if the Huns had really established a firm foothold in Patierre. But some things sometimes went backwards when everything else was moving forwards. The warehouse in the Port of Alery where the Huns had first set up shop was much more nicer and cleaner than the one which the Riuwiee Cargo Shipping and Transport Corporation had rented in Saint Rainier and was now “loaning” out for the Huns to use. The Riuwiee Cargo Transport and Shipping Corporation was part of the legal arm of the Huesca Cartel of Amelia Pena, after all, and the Huesca Cartel had entered into an alliance with the Huns after the Corsairs, themselves an affiliate of the Crows, had killed a high-ranking member of the Cartel and was looking to get some revenge on the upstart bikers through their rivals.

Attila drove through the open door at the side of the great and massive sliding doors of the warehouse. Burrito was already inside and waiting for them, and he had parked his big rig inside and had already brought out their bikes ready for riding. “Oh, great, you got my bike back,” Kid said. No one had realized that she had already woken up after her little nap. “Did any of you guys manage to fix my flat?” she asked.

“Not really,” Burrito replied, “but we did get you a new one instead.”

“Eh, that’ll be all right, so long as they didn’t do anything else to it, you know, like put a tracker in it or something.”

“They weren’t expecting you two to survive so I doubt that II would do something like that. Anyway, Attila, what’s next?” Burrito asked. “What’s our next move?”

“Well, since the Wannabes took some of our girls and didn’t give us much time to think about it, I think it’s just fair that we return the favor,” Attila said.

“And how exactly are we going to do that?”

“Well, I was thinking of asking you, Burrito, if you had another one of those vans filled with bombs sitting around because I’m thinking of doing what we did in Alery right here in Saint Rainier. I have reason to believe that the Corsairs have set up shop here and we’re just going to do here what they did to us back in Alery.”

“I don’t think I like the sound of that,” Steeler said. Burrito, Countess, and Ghost all nodded their heads in assent of her opinion.

“What exactly are you planning to do, Attila?” Burrito asked.

“We blow up our cars, again,” Attila replied. “And then we kidnap a Corsair or two and lure the assholes into a trap of our own making.”

“And then…?”

“That’s all I got,” Attila admitted. “Not much of a plan, I know, but it’s all I got at the moment.”

“Attila, are you really planning on doing your own take of a repeat of the Alery U ambush?” Countess asked. “Aside from the one hundred other reasons why I don’t think your stupid-ass plan will work, where the hell are you going to scrounge up your own elite super-secret task force of special secret agents whose only job is to do blacker-than-black ops aside from killing biker gangs on behalf of other biker gangs?”

“And don’t even think of saying that you’re going to get us to kill these Wannabes,” Steeler added. “You know what, Attila? I’m beginning to think you’re taking this whole thing personally. The Doctor sent us down here to make sure that the Corsairs didn’t even think about going back to Riuwiee now that they’ve cleared off. We’ve already lost a lot of people trying to mess with the Corsairs’ minds. Cowboy died fighting the Corsairs and II during the insurgency. And we also lost Shortstop, Cigar, Church, Royal, Vegas, and Peach in the ambush in the university. Who else has to die for this war of yours, Attila?”

“You know what? You’re right,” Attila said after a few moments. “Maybe I have been taking this war a little too personally. Maybe a little too many Huns have died doing what I tell them to do. But no more. This time, I’m going to do all this myself. Burrito, all you need to do for me is to make me a bomb and tell me how to detonate it. Everyone else can walk away from this thing. I won’t hold it against you. But I have to do this. I have to do this, but no one else has to.”

“All right, brother, I’ll do what you want me to do,” Burrito said. “But as for the rest of the stuff you’ve got in mind… well, it’s your funeral.”

“That’s the point,” Attila said. “It’s my funeral and no one else’s.”
A few hours later

When another explosion occurred in the streets of Saint Rainier, people didn’t know what to think. Who was responsible for these attacks? Why were they still on the loose? Why hadn’t the authorities dealt with them yet? Why were they doing this? Were they terrorists? Were they members of the insurgency who wasn’t yet ready to admit defeat?

The answer was that it was the Huns Motorcycle Club from Abanhfleft responsible for the two bombings in Alery and now Saint Rainier. However, the objective of the two bombings wasn’t the same. The first bombing was to kill as many Corsairs and Bravos as possible. This bombing in Saint Rainier, on the other hand, was specifically targeted so that one Hun could get his hands on one particular Corsair.

Three Corsairs had been caught in the blast which exploded through Saint Rainier. Or rather it was two Corsairs and one Sea Monster, yet another affiliate of the Corsairs in Abanhfleft, although the Sea Monsters were based in Markovsky, Mezaladbyi Province. There was a black minivan parked a block away from the van which exploded right beside the passing bikers, knocking them all down to the ground. A man wearing black clothes, a black leather vest with a patch depicting a grinning skull with a spiked helmet and a scimitar between its teeth, a black bandanna over the lower half of his face and large black sunglasses to obscure his eyes stepped out of the minivan once he had brought it in position next to the blast site. Attila looked down at the three victims claimed by his explosion. The male Corsair was dead, plain and simple. The female Corsair, whom Attila recognized as Scout Jonsdottir, the head of the Wannabes’ female wing, was down and unconscious. Attila considered shooting at her with his gun and ending her miserable life right then and there, but he held his fire. He had something else in mind for Scout and the rest of the Corsairs.

It was the second girl, the one wearing the denim vest with a cartoon Loch Ness Monster patch on the back, who interested Attila the most. Even though he knew that there was only one Sea Monster supposed to be in Patierre, he turned her over so he could see her face and be sure. It was Jessica Mariano-Sorondo, all right. Attila then checked her for a pulse. It was thin but still there. God, she looks so much like Jessica, Attila thought, recalling his first girlfriend and the mother of his only child, whom he now held at his mercy. At least Jessi had inherited a few things from her father like his black hair and his resilience. But now was not the time for nostalgia or thinking about what could have been. Now was the time to first bring Jessi Mariano back into the fold.

Just to make sure, Attila cuffed Jessi’s wrists and ankles with plastic ties, and then he hauled her up, carried her to his minivan, dumped her inside, got in, and got away from the crime scene before he could be apprehended.

This time, Attila would make sure that the Corsairs could no longer fight back after what he would do to them tonight.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?



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