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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:41 am
by Abanhfleft

The Fleftic Premier League is a Fleftic professional league for men's association football clubs. It is the country's primary football competition and sits at the top of the Fleftic football league system. It is contested by 20 clubs and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Liga ng Abanhfleft ("League of Abanhfleft" in English). Clubs from the Fhulghamous Peninsula that compete in the Fleftic football league system can also qualify.

1994-95: Xemlice Rovers (1)
1995-96: Malabon SC (1)
1996-97: Riuwiee United (1)
1997-98: Arsenal de Releinthi (1)
1998-99: Riuwiee United (2)
1999-2000: Rosenpfelblatz City (1)
2000-01: Riuwiee United (3)
2001-02: Arsenal de Releinthi (2)
2002-03: Riuwiee United (4)
2003-04: Arsenal de Releinthi (3)
2004-05: Sporting Ceneisis (1)
2005-06: Malabon SC (2)
2006-07: Riuwiee United (5)
2007-08: Arsenal de Releinthi (4)
2008-09: Rosenpfelblatz City (2)
2009-10: Sarvusdalamoive (1)
2010-11: Sporting Ceneisis (2)
2011-12: Riuwiee United (6)
2012-13: Rosenpfelblatz City (3)
2013-14: Ludogorets Markovsky (1)
2014-15: Arsenal de Releinthi (5)
2015-16: Arsenal de Releinthi (6)
2016-17: Sporting Ceneisis (3)
2017-18: Riuwiee United (7)
2018-19: Rosenpfelblatz City (4)
2019-20: Admiral Porcusces (1)
2020-21: Ludogorets Markovsky (2)
2021-22: Arsenal de Releinthi (7)

2022-23: Rosenpfelblatz City (5)
2023-24: Arsenal de Releinthi (8)
2024-25: Arsenal de Releinthi (9)
2025-26: Locomotive Imgortur (1)
2026-27: Ludogorets Markovsky (3)

2027-28: Wanda Island Wanderers (1)
2028-29: Arsenal de Releinthi (10)
2029-30: All-Inclusive Haranguer (1)
2030-31: ???

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:41 am
by Trans-Dniesters
Ignore the CSL bit for now. I'll change that to a proper logo soon enough.


The Pridnestrovian Super League is the top domestic football association in the Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia. It has its roots in the old Pridnestrovian Football Division, which stood as the long-time first tier of the Pridnestrovian pyramid until 1991, when as part of Galdar Umayev's democratization reforms the Football Division was reformed and restructured and the first tier was given the name of Pridnestrovian Top League. This format was retained by President Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko when he took over the Pridnestrovian government in the aftermath of Umayev's sudden death although there have been changes to the top division along the way. In 1999, the teams in the Pridnestrovian Top League decided to form a new top-level division, the Pridnestrovian National Premier Football League, with the Top League subsequently becoming the second tier of Pridnestrovian football. Lax financial management and concerns about non-competitiveness eventually resulting in all of the teams of the NPFL to band together once again and form another new top division, this time with stricter and more stringent rules about finances and rules to supposedly ensure a more level playing field for all teams. This new league was called the Pridnestrovian Super League, and the National Premier Football League became the second division and the Top League the third division, and the regional leagues below the Top League now comprise the fourth tier of the Pridnestrovian football.

The Super League, National Premier Football League, and Top League are all contested by 18 teams. In the NPFL and Top League, there are two automatic promotion places and a promotion playoff place, which the third place team will contest against the 16th place team in the league above. In the Super League, there are two automatic relegation spots and a relegation playoff spot for the 16th place team, which will contest their spot in the Super League against the 3rd placed team in the NPFL.


Top League Era
1991-92: CSKA Tiraspol (1)
1992-93: CSKA Tiraspol (2)
1993-94: CSKA Tiraspol (3)
1994-95: CSKA Tiraspol (4)
1995-96: CSKA Tiraspol (5)
1996-97: CSKA Tiraspol (6)
1997-98: Dinamo Bender (1)
1998-99: Dinamo Bender (2)

National Premier Football League Era
1999-2000: Admiral Novorossiysk (1)
2000-01: Dinamo Macaresti (1)
2001-02: Dinamo Bender (3)
2002-03: CSKA Tiraspol (7)
2003-04: CSKA Tiraspol (8)

Super League Era
2004-05: Admiral Novorossiysk (2)
2005-06: Dinamo Bender (4)
2006-07: CSKA Tiraspol (9)
2007-08: CSKA Tiraspol (10)
2008-09: CSKA Tiraspol (11)
2009-10: Dinamo Bender (5)
2010-11: Rotor Dnistrosh (1)
2011-12: CSKA Tiraspol (12)
2012-13: CSKA Tiraspol (13)
2013-14: Sheriff Tiraspol (1)
2014-15: Sheriff Tiraspol (2)
2015-16: Sheriff Tiraspol (3)
2016-17: Admiral Novorossiysk (3)
2017-18: Union Rheinburg (1)
2018-19: Dinamo Bender (6)
2019-20: Sheriff Tiraspol (4)
2020-21: CSKA Tiraspol (14)

Super League (UICA) Era
2021-22: Fortuna Novonikolaysk (1)
2022-23: Sheriff Tiraspol (5)
2023-24: Sheriff Tiraspol (6)
2024-25: Union Rheinburg (2)
2025-26: Dinamo Bender (7)
2026-27: Shakhtar Rheinburg (1)

Super League (IFCF Era)
2027-28: Dinamo Bender (8)
2028-29: Sheriff Tiraspol (7)
2029-30: CSKA Tiraspol (15)
2030-31: ?????

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:42 am
by Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Reserved for Oontaznik First Division.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:43 am
by Copper Cuprum
(OOC: Ignore the Vanarama part.)

The Copperite National League is the second oldest sporting organization and tournament in the Chiefdom of Copper Cuprum, with only the Copperite Rugby League predating it by over twenty years. The first recorded organized football tournament in Copper Cuprum was held in 1950 with teams playing against other teams in their own provinces and sometimes cities, and the winners of these formative leagues contesting the honor of being the best football in the country in what would now be called a straight knockout competition. In 1957, the top two teams in the eight best leagues according to the Royal Commission on Games, Sport and National Well-Being were organized into what is now known as the Copperite National League, and the knockout competition played before formed the basis of the Copperite Cup three years later, in 1960.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been Copperite tradition to name their cities after the ruling Chief of the nation; hence, city names and by extension club names also change when a Chief dies and is succeeded by a new Chief. Thus, the Copperite National League champions are divided by the eras of the sitting Chiefs during the time.

Chief Hid Era (1940-1977)
1957-58: South Ons Hid Rabbitohs A.F.C. (1)
1958-59: Ken Hid South End* (1)
1959-60: Pan Hid (1)
1960-61: Jet Hid (1)
1961-62: Nay Hid (1)
1962-63: Nay Hid (2)
1963-64: Ken Hid United (2)
1964-65: Vay Hid Eels A.F.C. (1)
1965-66: Yon Hid (1)
1966-67: South Ons Hid Rabbitohs A.F.C. (2)
1967-68: Atletico Bed Hid (1)
1968-69: Vay Hid Eels A.F.C. (2)
1969-70: Athletic Wa Hid (1)
1970-71: Athletic Wa Hid (2)
1971-72: Ken Hid United (3)
1972-73: Bor Hid Bears (1)
1973-74: Sub Hid Raiders A.F.C. (1)
1974-75: South Ons Hid Rabbitohs A.F.C. (3)
1975-76: Jit Hid Royal F.C. (1)
1976-77: Athletic Wa Hid (3)
*Ken Hid South End joined with Ken Hid Town in the 1962-63 season and became Ken Hid United

Chief Add Era (1977-1989)
1977-78: Athletic Wa Add (4)
1978-79: Athletic Wa Add (5)
1979-80: Athletic Wa Add (6)
1980-81: Bor Add Bears (2)
1981-82: Jit Add Royal F.C. (2)
1982-83: Jit Add Royal F.C. (3)
1983-84: Vay Add Eels A.F.C. (3)
1984-85: Eb Add Bulldogs A.F.C.
1985-86: Atletico Bed Add (2)
1986-87: Ken Add United (4)
1987-88: Red Add Adders A.F.C. (1)
1988-89: Nay Add (3)

Chief Wod Era (1989-2000)
1989-90: Yon Wod (2)
1990-91: South Ons Wod Rabbitohs A.F.C. (4)
1991-92: Atletico Bed Wod (3)
1992-93: Athletic Wa Wod (7)
1993-94: Athletic Wa Wod (8)
1994-95: Atletico Bed Wod (4)
1995-96: Jet Wod (2)
1996-97: Nay Wod (4)
1997-98: Athletic Wa Wod (9)
1998-99: Ken Wod United (5)
1999-2000: Athletic Wa Wod (10)

Chief Gon Era (2000-2024)
2000-01: Athletic Wa Gon (11)
2001-02: Atletico Bed Gon (5)
2002-03: Athletic Wa Gon (12)
2003-04: His Gon A.F.C. (1)
2004-05: Vay Gon Eels A.F.C. (4)
2005-06: Atletico Bed Gon (6)
2006-07: Athletic Wa Gon (13)
2007-08: Athletic Wa Gon (14)
2008-09: Bor Gon Bears (3)
2009-10: Atletico Bed Gon (7)
2010-11: Athletic Wa Gon (15)
2011-12: Athletic Wa Gon (16)
2012-13: Athletic Wa Gon (17)
2013-14: Atletico Bed Gon (8)
2014-15: Athletic Wa Gon (18)
2015-16: Athletic Wa Gon (19)
2016-17: Atletico Bed Gon (9)
2017-18: Atletico Bed Gon (10)
2018-19: Athletic Wa Gon (20)
2019-20: Athletic Wa Gon (21)
2020-21: Copper Cuprum Halal Commission (1)
2021-22: Sub Gon Raiders A.F.C. (2)
2022-23: Atletico Bed Gon (11)
2023-24: Vay Gon Eels A.F.C. (5)

Chief Deg Era (2024-Present)
2024-25: Mah Deg Diamonds (1)
2025-26: Nel Deg Rovers (1)
2026-27: Athletic Wa Deg (22)
2027-28: Vay Deg Eels A.F.C. (6)
2028-29: ????

2021-2022 Copperite National League Final Standings

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:30 am
by Copper Cuprum
Pos Team                               Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Sub Gon Raiders A.F.C. 30 18 4 8 49 32 +17 58 Champions, CedC
2 Nay Gon 30 14 12 4 59 43 +16 54 CedC

3 Ken Gon United 30 16 4 10 61 53 +8 52
4 Athletic Wa Gon 30 14 8 8 55 51 +4 50
5 Sportif Ab Gon 30 13 8 9 37 25 +12 47
6 Copper Cuprum Halal Commission 30 12 10 8 74 59 +15 46
7 Atletico Bed Gon 30 12 7 11 57 52 +5 43
8 South Ons Gon Rabbitohs A.F.C. 30 10 11 9 50 48 +2 41
9 Wa Gon City 30 11 8 11 35 36 −1 41
10 Ven Gon A.F.C. 30 10 9 11 64 63 +1 39
11 Hen Gon 30 10 8 12 58 59 −1 38
12 Jet Gon 30 9 8 13 31 42 −11 35
13 Bor Gon Bears 30 8 10 12 38 47 −9 34
14 His Gon A.F.C. 30 5 11 14 42 51 −9 26
15 Wid Gon Athletic 30 6 8 16 40 63 −23 26 Relegated
16 Jit Gon Royal F.C. 30 6 6 18 59 85 −26 24 Relegated

Congratulations to Sub Gon Raiders A.F.C., your 2021-22 Copperite National League champions!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:03 pm
by Fhulghamous Peninsula
The Fhulghamousian Premier League is the top footballing competition in the Fhulghamous Peninsula Colony of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft. It was founded in 2014 after concerns that Fhulghamousian teams attempting to enter the Fleftic footballing pyramid would end up not being able to develop football in the colony better due to the fact that they would most probably be bogged down in Abanhfleft's lower leagues. Some of the teams based in the Fhulghamous, like Marinos Thimpodopoulos and Thereisnogodistan FC, have managed to survive in the Fleftic Premier League but most of the other teams in the Fhulghamous would rather compete in their own league system, hence the Fhulghamousian Premier League.

The Fhulghamousian Premier League is composed of twelve teams. In the first few years of the league, the competition was held only once but with the exponential rise in popularity of football in the colony and the need to introduce more competitiveness into the system, the league adopted a new Apertura-Clausura system effective as of the 2021 season. Teams topping the league in either the Apertura or Clausura period will earn the title of "Apertura/Clausura Champion" (depending on the part of the season) and an overall table calculated at the end of the Clausura will determine both the overall champion of the season and the relegated teams. The Apertura-Clausura-overall system is also now in use in the lower leagues to determine promotions and relegations as well now.

List of champions coming soon...

2021-22 Fhulghamousian Premier League Final Standings

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:12 pm
by Fhulghamous Peninsula
2021-22 Fhulghamousian Premier League - Apertura
Pos Team                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Besanza Emeralds 22 15 3 4 58 39 +19 48 Apertura Champions, CEdC
2 Thereisnogodabad Town 22 13 5 4 35 20 +15 44
3 Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza 22 10 7 5 47 36 +11 37
4 Panposeidonios 22 10 4 8 28 26 +2 34
5 Haritzaga Albion 22 10 3 9 47 49 −2 33
6 Charalambos FC 22 7 11 4 40 36 +4 32
7 Athletic Club Ixmurattin 22 9 5 8 33 30 +3 32
8 Palaeiologi 22 9 3 10 42 43 −1 30
9 Veterans Foundation FC 22 6 5 11 36 45 −9 23
10 Nove Gossed 22 6 2 14 32 48 −16 20
11 UD Albarecete 22 4 6 12 12 23 −11 18
12 Emekasis Sportif 22 3 6 13 23 38 −15 15

2021-22 Fhulghamousian Premier League - Clausura
Pos Team                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza 22 13 4 5 40 26 +14 43 Clausura Champions, CEdC
2 Thereisnogodabad Town 22 12 6 4 30 24 +6 42
3 Athletic Club Ixmurattin 22 12 3 7 43 30 +13 39
4 Besanza Emeralds 22 11 5 6 41 26 +15 38
5 Veterans Foundation FC 22 11 4 7 43 33 +10 37
6 Panposeidonios 22 11 4 7 33 25 +8 37
7 Charalambos FC 22 10 6 6 45 36 +9 36
8 Haritzaga Albion 22 9 4 9 47 46 +1 31
9 Nove Gossed 22 6 7 9 36 41 −5 25
10 Palaeiologi 22 5 4 13 40 54 −14 19
11 UD Albarecelete 22 3 3 16 13 35 −22 12
12 Emekasis Sportif 22 3 2 17 21 56 −35 11

2021-22 Fhulghamousian Premier League - Overall Standings
Pos Team                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Besanza Emeralds 44 26 8 10 99 65 +34 86 Overall Champions
2 Thereisnogodabad Town 44 25 11 8 65 44 +21 86
3 Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza 44 23 11 10 87 62 +25 80
4 Athletic Club Ixmurattin 44 21 8 15 76 60 +16 71
5 Panposeidonios 44 21 8 15 61 51 +10 71
6 Charalambos FC 44 17 17 10 95 72 +13 68
7 Haritzaga Albion 44 19 7 18 94 95 −1 64
8 Veterans Foundation FC 44 17 9 18 79 78 +1 60
9 Palaeiologi 44 14 7 23 82 97 −15 49
10 Nove Gossed 44 12 9 23 68 89 −21 45
11 UD Albarecete 44 7 9 28 25 58 −33 30 Relegated
12 Emekasis Sportif 44 6 8 30 44 94 −50 26 Relegated

2021-22 Pridnestrovian Super League Final Standings

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:39 pm
by Trans-Dniesters
2021-22 Pridnestrovian Super League Final Standings
Pos Team                         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Fortuna Novonikolaysk 34 17 9 8 44 25 +19 60 Champions, CdC
2 Union Rheinburg 34 17 8 9 57 38 +19 59
3 Vorpommern Nyqvist 34 17 6 11 52 36 +16 57
4 Sheriff Tiraspol 34 16 7 11 67 52 +15 55
5 Dinamo Bender 34 14 11 9 50 37 +13 53
6 Ufa Verkhovyansk 34 14 9 11 63 54 +9 51
7 Metallurgist Beledor 34 14 8 12 43 46 −3 50
8 Chernomorets Bratsk 34 12 13 9 53 45 +8 49
9 Elektrik Admiralnaya 34 13 10 11 47 48 −1 49
10 Kesselburger Kickers 34 15 4 15 67 75 −8 49
11 Lokomotiv Novosverdlovsk 34 12 8 14 54 60 −6 44
12 CSKA Tiraspol 34 11 9 14 62 66 −4 42
13 Submarin Yeralenko 34 10 10 14 63 73 −10 40
14 Palatine Opals 34 11 5 18 58 61 −3 38
15 Star City FC 34 9 11 14 26 38 −12 38
16 FC 23 August 34 10 8 16 65 78 −13 38 Relegation playoff
17 Admiral Novorossiysk 34 9 9 16 60 79 −19 36 Relegated to NPFL
18 Torpedo Yeralenko 34 9 7 18 59 79 −20 34 Relegated to NPFL

'Tis the season of surprises in the Super League, la la la la. There are three very noteworthy results coming out of this mystical, strange and wonderful PSL season. First is the obvious: Fortuna Novonikolaysk has won the Super League! It's also their first ever Pridnestrovian top-flight title in their entire history! And this is after they gave up their top scorer Fabian Prasutagusic to Exiles FK! Of course, everyone will be quick to say that it was all a team effort, with Akhmet Davidov and Galdar Sokolov providing the lion's share of the goals for the Fortune Giants, Fyodor Ekstatov racking up a respectable number of clean sheets, and Yuri Gandorov's pragmatic tactics and management (the 5-1 drubbing of CSKA, the 4-0 beatdowns of Ufa Verkhovyansk and Admiral Novorossiysk notwithstanding) all playing a part in the first ever major sporting victory in Novonikolaysk's history. At least it gave the people of Novonikolaysk something to cheer about while their gridiron team, the Sharks, floundered at the bottom of the Pridnestrovian Gridiron Super League table. And Fortuna almost gave up the title to Union Rheinburg until the last day when Davidov scored the game-winning goal against FC 23 August while Union slipped to a 1-0 defeat against Haris Mirzioglu's Submarin Yeralenko.

The second most astonishing thing from this final table is CSKA Tiraspol in 12th place. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, indeed! Last season's champions have been reduced to hoping for a mid-table finish and not being dragged into the relegation dogfight. Ivan Krasnopresnensky is lucky to still be hanging on to the managerial job at the Army Club because any other manager would have been duly sacked without thought if they had gotten the results that he did this season. But there's no arguing about the job that he did for both Union Rheinburg and CSKA (before this season, at least) and perhaps that's why Krasnopresnensky is still manager of CSKA despite the odds being so very much against him. Still, he could very well get sacked next season if CSKA continues to perform poorly. It all started off with a draw against Lokomotiv Novosverdlovsk, and then another draw against Star City FC (who barely survived the promotion-relegation playoff against Aviapromet Olimp in the same season that CSKA triumphed once again) and after that, things just went downhill for the Army Club, with losses against teams that they beat in the season prior to this. Their inability to even just pluck draws from the jaws of defeat also served to see their in their lowly position in the table.

And last (but technically they're not last since Torpedo Yeralenko has a worse record than they do) but not least in the surprises of the 2021-22 Super League season, Admiral Novorossiysk have been relegated. Yes, comrades in the Navy, you read that right: Admiral Novorossiysk, the Navy Club, the Seamen, have dropped down from the top tier of Pridnestrovian football for the first time in history. If someone from the present were to go back to the past and tell someone from the past that there will come a time that Admiral Novorossiysk will be relegated, the man from the present time will either be thought crazy or deranged, or they will be picked up by the KGB for "counterrevolutionary statements" and "confined" at the Solidovskaya Psychiatric Institute (which we all know is actually the KGB's sanitarium and "holding place" for "dissidents" and other "counterrevolutionary elements" of their ilk. This certainly won't happen in the old days, the early days of the Comrade President's term as President of the Pridnestrovian Republic. But with the integration into the greater sporting society comes more stringent rules for clubs and officials to follow, and it's now harder not to get caught with the eye of social media and video referees all around us. So, yes, starting in 2022, the Pridnestrovian Super League will kick off without one of its stalwarts, Admiral Novorossiysk, in the mix.

At the bottom of the table, Torpedo Yeralenko have also fallen victim to the drop, and one could say that it has been a few years in the offing, unlike the relegation of Admiral Novorossiysk. Star City FC, the season previous' relegation playoff candidate, secure their spot in next year's Super League by the skin of their teeth (and one less goal conceded than their other relegation rival) and FC 23 August will have to contest their spot in the Super League against the third-placed team in the National Premier Football League, which is (once again) Aviapromet Olimp. Will the Beach Boys hang on to their spot in the top flight or will the Aviators from down the road on the shores of Lake Begorod finally climb up from the second tier?

But enough of the relegation malarkey for now, let us all congratulate Fortuna Novonikolaysk, your 2021-22 Pridnestrovian Super League champions!

Fortuna Novonikolaysk, your 2021-22 Pridnestrovian Super League champions!

2021-22 Pridnestrovian National Premier Football League Final Standings
Pos Team                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Dinamo Macaresti 34 18 8 8 28 14 +14 62 Champions, Promoted to Super League
2 Shakhtar Rheinburg 34 17 9 8 48 34 +14 60 Promoted to Super League

3 Aviapromet Olimp 34 16 11 7 65 39 +26 59 Promotion playoff
4 Bierburger SV 34 16 10 8 34 26 +8 58
5 Amzaceaspor 34 16 8 10 64 45 +19 56
6 Dnistro Dnistropavlovsk 34 16 5 13 49 44 +5 53
7 Politehnica Pecineaga 34 14 10 10 64 57 +7 52
8 Rotor Dnistrosh 34 16 4 14 44 48 −4 52
9 Latakiaspor 34 14 9 11 46 35 +11 51
10 Universitate Vanatori 34 12 12 10 34 35 −1 48
11 Szigetszentmiklos 34 12 9 13 59 59 0 45
12 Atom Zheleznogorsk 34 11 10 13 27 25 +2 43
13 Spartak Tiraspol 34 10 12 12 47 41 +6 42
14 Avion Topraisar 34 13 3 18 24 33 −9 42
15 Submarin Admiralnaya 34 9 7 18 36 56 −20 34
16 Admiral Tuzla 34 8 6 20 42 69 −27 30 Relegation playoff
17 Antakyaspor 34 7 9 18 35 62 −27 30 Relegated to Top League
18 Larnakaspor 34 7 6 21 31 55 −24 27 Relegated to Top League

All's well that end's well, as they say, and it could be said that it has ended well for Dinamo Macaresti, champion of the Pridnestrovian National Premier Football Leagues back in 2001 (when the NPFL was still the top tier of Pridnestrovian football). Right now, the Direwolves are the National Premier Football League champions, and they are going to be promoted right back to the Super League after only a single season's absence following their relegation last season. However, their fellow relegated club from last season, Rotor Dnistrosh, the surprise champions of the Super League in the 2010-11 season, will not be so lucky, settling for a mid-table finish in the NPFL. Going up alongside Macaresti will be Shakhtar Rheinburg, and now Union will have someone else to call their bitter rivals aside from fellow Ixanian club Kesselburger Kickers. And if things go very right for them, Aviapromet Olimp could very well go up to the Super League as well, but they will have to go through FC 23 August first in the promotion-relegation playoff. Olimp tried (and failed) to beat Star City FC in the playoff last season, and this season's playoff almost looked to be a repeat of the last season's playoff had FC 23 August not conceded just one more goal than Star City did. In any case, it's going to be the Beach Boys against the Aviators in the Super League promotion-relegation playoff, and it's very much in the air if one goes up and one goes down or if both teams will end up staying where they are in terms of their leagues.

At the other end of the NPFL table, two Hatay clubs, Antakyaspor and Larnakaspor, are both immediately relegated to the Top League. Both teams had good starts to the season; unfortunately for both of them, everything went downhill as the season progressed. Both Antakyaspor and Admiral Tuzla actually had a chance to qualify for the relegation playoff in the final matchday, hoping that one team could do better than the other, but alas, both of them lost in the final matchday. Antakyaspor actually lost 4-0 to Aviapromet Olimp at the same time that Admiral Tuzla lost 5-3 against Shakhtar Rheinburg, meaning that both teams were equal on both points and goal difference. Tuzla's lifesaver ended up being their goals for tally, which at 42 is seven higher than Antakyaspor's 35. Admiral Tuzla will hence have a chance to fight for their place in the National Premier Football League while Antakyaspor will not be so lucky, and they will go down automatically to the Top League alongside fellow Hatay side and rivals Larnakaspor.

Still, when all has been said and done, the only thing left to do is to offer congratulations to Dinamo Macaresti, your 2021-22 Pridnestrovian National Premier Football League champions!

Dinamo Macaresti, your 2021-22 Pridnestrovian National Premier Football League champions, achieving immediate promotion back to the Super League after only one season in the second tier!

2021-22 Pridnestrovian Top League Final Standings
Pos Team                          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Derinkuyuspor 34 20 6 8 62 44 +18 66 Champions, Promoted to NPFL
2 FK Pridnestrovskaya Gavan 34 20 4 10 79 51 +28 64 Promoted to NPFL

3 Bryan Bryansk 34 20 4 10 65 48 +17 64 Promotion playoff
4 Masyafspor 34 18 9 7 57 28 +29 63
5 Renechev Revolution 34 17 7 10 62 48 +14 58
6 Raketa Palatinsk 34 17 5 12 55 47 +8 56
7 Dinamo Vitebsk 34 16 5 13 56 49 +7 53
8 Opalgebirge Kesselburg 34 15 8 11 75 76 −1 53
9 Zenit Vladiyug 34 13 9 12 36 27 +9 48
10 Spartak Sonolovichyrevko 34 13 6 15 61 65 −4 45
11 Olimpia Strebsk 34 12 8 14 32 39 −7 44
12 FK Sonolovichyrevko 34 12 7 15 70 69 +1 43
13 Baltika Belgorod 34 11 10 13 66 69 −3 43
14 Neptunas Neptun 34 11 6 17 47 61 −14 39
15 Wormatia Wewelsburg 34 9 5 20 32 47 −15 32
16 Avtozavod Pecineaga 34 9 4 21 57 96 −39 31 Relegated to State Leagues
17 Traktor Bender 34 8 6 20 55 80 −25 30 Relegated to State Leagues
18 Poveda Vlaha 34 6 9 19 41 64 −23 27 Relegated to State Leagues

Yet another team bounces back after relegation last year, and this time it's Derinkuyuspor who make the leap back into the NPFL after winning the Top League with the biggest points tally of all the champions in Pridnestrovia's top three leagues with 66 points. It wasn't a guaranteed thing though as Bryan Bryansk and FK Pridnestrovskaya Gavan stuck to Derinkuyuspor's tail until the very end, but a two-point margin proved to be sufficient for the Cavemen to take the Top League title and one of two automatic promotion spots to the NPFL. The other automatic promotion spot goes to FK Pridnestrovskaya Gavan, a fact which Bryan Bryansk will not be happy about since the Partisans did the double over the Stevedores (and the Pridnestrovian Football Union is already looking into the possibility of taking head-to-head results over goal difference in future seasons) but for now, Bryansk will have to content themselves with contesting a spot in the NPFL against the third-lowest team in the second tier, which happens to be Admiral Tuzla.

At the other end of the table, it's more bad news for football fans from Bender who don't support Dinamo. Traktor Bender, once considered one of the potential future challengers of Pridnestrovian footballing supremacy against the likes of CSKA Tiraspol, Dinamo Bender, and Admiral Novorossiysk but was relegated from the NPFL to the Top League last season, has slipped even further down the table after their disastrous failed attempt at taking advantage of CSKA's transition years in the 2016-17 season. Signing lots of mediocre players on big contracts for a single shot at a title attempt is not a good strategy for any team to employ, but for Traktor, whose financials aren't exactly in the best shape to begin with, the attempt failed spectacularly, and now they will have no one to blame but themselves as they go down to the State League level for the first time in over 60 years. Going down with them to the fourth tier will be Avtozavod Pecineaga and Poveda Vlaha, while replacing them in the Top League will be Exiles FK from the Pridnestrovian State League, 1895 Lekhwiya Pepuza from the Hatay State League, and Dynamo Wismut from the Ixanian State League.

In any case, we congratulate Derinkuyuspor, your 2021-22 Pridnestrovian Top League champions!

Derinkuyuspor, your 2021-22 Pridnestrovian Top League champions, achieving immediate promotion back to the National Premier Football League after only one season in the third tier!

2022 Pridnestrovian promotion-relegation playoffs

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:59 pm
by Trans-Dniesters
It's that time of the year once again, comrades. Yes, you got it right; it's time for the third best teams in the Top League and the National Premier Football League to challenge the third worst teams in the National Premier Football League and the Super League respectively for a place in next season's leagues. First, we will get a brief overview of the four teams competing for two spots in their respective leagues and then we will get down to the business of the playoffs themselves.





2022 Pridnestrovian Super League promotion-relegation playoff
FC 23 August 2–4 Aviapromet Olimp
Aviapromet Olimp 3–2 FC 23 August

Aviapromet Olimp wins 7-4 on aggregate. Aviapromet Olimp is promoted to the Super League; FC 23 August is relegated to the National Premier Football League.

2022 Pridnestrovian National Premier Football League promotion-relegation playoff
Admiral Tuzla 0–1 Bryan Bryansk
Bryan Bryansk 2–1 Admiral Tuzla

Bryan Bryansk wins 3-1 on aggregate. Bryan Bryansk is promoted to the National Premier Football League; Admiral Tuzla is relegated to the Top League.

2021-22 Fhulghamousian Second League Final Standings

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:50 am
by Fhulghamous Peninsula
The Fhulghamousian Second League is the second tier of football in the Fhulghamous Peninsula Colony. Just like the Fhulghamousian Premier League, it is contested by twelve teams for two promotion places to the FhPL (the lowercase h is added to the abbreviation of the Fhulghamousian Premier League to differentiate it from the Fleftic Premier League. And, before the 2021-22 season, the Fhulghamousian Second League was contested in a double round-robin format playing throughout the standard football season. However, with the rise of the popularity of football in the colony, a demand for a better schedule and the associated earnings from more games played, the Fhulghamousian Football Union decided to shift the entirety of the colony's footballing system to an Apertura-Clausura format. Three champions will now be crowned in one season: the Apertura champions, the Clausura champions, and the champions of the overall table (calculated by adding up the results of both Apertura and Clausura). The Apertura and Clausura champions will now be the two teams promoted to the FhPL, unless one team wins both the Apertura and Clausura, in which case the second-placed team in the overall table will earn the next promotion spot. As for relegation, the two lowest teams in the overall table will be relegated to the Third League, which is actually divided into North and South areas.

2021-22 Fhulghamousian Second League - Apertura
Pos Team                          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Sfaxspor 22 15 2 5 49 28 +21 47 Apertura Champions
2 UD Nuevo Carthago 22 11 6 5 30 14 +16 39
3 EA Tatouwine 22 10 5 7 26 20 +6 35
4 Pythagoras FC 22 11 2 9 24 18 +6 35
5 RCD Nueva Ceuta 22 10 4 8 22 21 +1 34
6 Deportivo Pequeña Melilla 22 8 8 6 13 10 +3 32
7 Nuevo Guadix CF 22 10 2 10 34 35 −1 32
8 Olympic Doucoure 22 8 7 7 29 32 −3 31
9 Nou Philippopolis 22 9 2 11 13 17 −4 29
10 Sycorax Kickers 22 6 5 11 16 26 −10 23
11 Marble Arch Defenders 22 4 4 14 15 32 −17 16
12 OGC Nou Nicaea 22 3 7 12 22 40 −18 16

2021-22 Fhulghamousian Second League - Clausura
Pos Team                          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Nou Philippopolis 22 16 4 2 20 8 +12 52 Clausura Champions
2 Sycorax Kickers 22 14 2 6 27 16 +11 44
3 Sfaxspor 22 12 3 7 46 23 +23 39
4 Deportivo Pequeña Melilla 22 10 4 8 25 16 +9 34
5 UD Nuevo Carthago 22 10 3 9 35 32 +3 33
6 EA Tatouwine 22 11 0 11 23 21 +2 33
7 Pythagoras FC 22 9 4 9 32 22 +10 31
8 RCD Nueva Ceuta 22 8 5 9 23 24 −1 29
9 OGC Nou Nicaea 22 8 2 12 33 53 −20 26
10 Nuevo Guadix CF 22 6 5 11 35 33 +2 23
11 Marble Arch Defenders 22 7 1 14 14 23 −9 22
12 Olympic Doucoure 22 2 5 15 24 66 −42 11

2021-22 Fhulghamousian Second League - Final Standings
Pos Team                          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Sfaxspor 44 27 5 12 95 51 +44 86 Overall champions, Promoted to Premier League as Apertura champions
2 Nou Philippopolis 44 25 6 13 33 25 +8 81 Promoted to Premier League as Clausura champions

3 UD Nuevo Carthago 44 21 9 14 65 46 +19 72
4 EA Tatouwine 44 21 5 18 49 41 +8 68
5 Sycorax Kickers 44 20 7 17 43 42 +1 67
6 Pythagoras FC 44 20 6 18 56 40 +16 66
7 Deportivo Pequeña Melilla 44 18 12 14 38 26 +12 66
8 RCD Nueva Ceuta 44 18 9 17 45 45 0 63
9 Nuevo Guadix CF 44 16 7 21 69 68 +1 55
10 OGC Nou Nicaea 44 11 9 24 55 93 -38 42
11 Olympic Doucoure 44 10 12 22 53 98 -45 42 Relegated to Third League
12 Marble Arch Defenders 44 11 5 28 29 55 -26 38 Relegated to Third League

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:17 pm
by APOC Coalition
The Rugby Coalition is a brand new rugby union organization with teams and franchises based in the four nations of Abanhfleft, Pridnestrovia, Oontaz, and Copper Cuprum, who are all loosely organized into the politico-economic organization known simply as the APOC Coalition (APOC standing for Abanhfleft, Pridnestrovia, Oontaz, and Copper Cuprum). The sport of rugby union has a good and respectable following throughout the four nations of the APOC Coalition, but aside from Abanhfleft and probably Pridnestrovia, there aren't enough teams and support for individual leagues across all four countries. The solution to this particular problem was the establishment of the Rugby Coalition, in which all four countries would send forth four teams each to the competition to compete against each other.

These are the sixteen teams that make up the Rugby Coalition:
Bytuch Feld Dinosaurs
Haranguer Death Worms
Jasvirabad Titans
San Seriffe Bad Hombres

Copper Cuprum
Albatross Bed Gon
Ken Gon Rooks
Red Gon Red Bulls
Wa Gon Carabiners

Manitogoro Madness
Nineveh Whales
Sasmuan Supermen
Tikrit Oilers

Bierburg Sentinels
Kesselburger Packers
Oshkosh Dnistrosh
Zheleznogorsk Atomsplitters

The Rugby Coalition was inaugurated on September 19, 2021, and its first season has just been concluded successfully with Pridnestrovia's Oshkosh Dnistrosh taking home the first ever Rugby Coalition champions title.

Below is the final results table of the first ever season of the Rugby Coalition, as well as rules for the allocation of points to the teams.
4 points for a win
2 points for a draw
0 points for a loss
1 bonus point for a team scoring at least 4 or more tries in a game
1 bonus point for a team that lost by less than or equal to a converted try (7 points)

2021-22 Rugby Coalition final standings
Pos Team                               Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   TB   LB   Pts  Ttl
1 Oshkosh Dnistrosh 30 17 5 8 455 312 +143 4 5 78 87 Champions, Dwile International
2 San Seriffe Bad Hombres 30 18 3 9 333 288 +45 2 5 78 85 Dwile International

3 Haranguer Death Worms 30 17 1 12 534 356 +178 6 6 70 82
4 Kesselburger Packers 30 17 2 11 339 235 +104 2 6 72 80
5 Tikrit Oilers 30 16 2 12 257 285 −28 1 4 68 73
6 Wa Gon Carabiners 30 13 4 13 454 414 +40 5 7 60 72
7 Red Gon Red Bulls 30 15 1 14 428 360 +68 3 6 62 71
8 Bytuch Feld Dinosaurs 30 15 1 14 304 298 +6 2 6 62 70
9 Zheleznogorsk Atomsplitters 30 14 1 15 316 224 +92 3 8 58 69
10 Ken Gon Rooks 30 14 0 16 239 233 +6 4 9 56 69
11 Nineveh Whales 30 12 2 16 187 251 −64 2 9 52 63
12 Bierburg Sentinels 30 11 4 15 175 227 −52 0 9 52 61
13 Sasmuan Supermen 30 13 2 15 140 196 −56 0 5 56 61
14 Manitogoro Madness 30 13 0 17 227 334 −107 0 8 52 60
15 Jasvirabad Titans 30 10 3 17 303 480 −177 2 7 46 55
16 Albatross Bed Gon 30 9 1 20 284 482 −198 1 6 38 45

2022-23 Oontaznik First Division Final Standings

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:31 am
by Oontaz Dert Li Ng
2022-23 Oontaznik First Division Final Standings
Pos Team                       Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Pasargad Manitogoro 38 33 3 2 108 16 +92 102 Champions, AOCL
2 Botafogo de Maranao 38 32 3 3 101 22 +79 99
3 General Santos FC 38 30 4 4 125 21 +104 94
4 Hapoel Nineveh 38 31 1 6 87 20 +67 94
5 Gryphons Nubalochi 38 27 8 3 76 15 +61 89
6 Real Meycauayan 38 19 4 15 37 39 −2 61
7 Deportivo Mangudadatu 38 15 6 17 46 72 −26 51
8 Deportivo Cauayan 38 14 7 17 37 42 −5 49
9 Tall Afar FC 38 13 6 19 46 54 −8 45
10 Athletic Club Baguio 38 14 3 21 21 29 −8 45
11 Real Altamarino 38 12 7 19 25 37 −12 43
12 Rayo La Presa 38 12 7 19 34 47 −13 43
13 Racing al-Ampatuan 38 12 5 21 18 32 −14 41
14 Atletico Novaliches 38 12 3 23 61 86 −25 39
15 Paniqui CF 38 11 6 21 56 87 −31 39
16 Gingoog Gymnastic Club 38 11 4 23 49 109 −60 37
17 al-Mutazz FC 38 8 10 20 36 73 −37 34
18 Racing Club Antipolo 38 8 8 22 36 83 −47 32 Relegated to Second Division
19 Bir Tawil 38 7 5 26 39 91 −52 26 Relegated to Second Division
20 Fudukwan FC 38 5 8 25 35 98 −63 23 Relegated to Second Division

Congratulations to Pasargad Manitogoro, who successfully defended their title and at the same time set a new record for most points won in a single season in the Oontaznik First Division!
Pasargad Manitogoro, your 2022-23 Oontaznik First Division champions, and the first team to get 100 points or more in a single First Division season!

2022-23 Oontaznik Second Division Final Standings
Pos Team                          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Um al-Gwarif FC 38 21 9 8 75 54 +21 72 Champions, Promoted to First Division
2 General Trias Multiversal 38 20 5 13 83 57 +26 65 Promoted to First Division
3 RCD Baler 38 17 9 12 43 33 +10 60 Promoted to First Division

4 Habaniyyah Harriers 38 17 9 12 33 25 +8 60
5 Vigan Athletic 38 17 8 13 46 53 −7 59
6 Red Horse Biñan 38 15 13 10 63 56 +7 58
7 al-Suwayyil 38 16 9 13 31 26 +5 57
8 Osmaniyah 38 16 9 13 36 32 +4 57
9 Tikrit Wanderers 38 16 9 13 27 27 0 57
10 Maccabi Manassas 38 15 11 12 35 38 −3 56
11 Kota Nibabalu 38 14 10 14 55 58 −3 52
12 Persephone Hojfsa 38 14 9 15 61 52 +9 51
13 Circe Bacolod 38 14 9 15 34 31 +3 51
14 Zaman Athletic 38 13 9 16 27 33 −6 48
15 Dasmariñas Dragons 38 11 12 15 35 41 −6 45
16 AC Luigi Brown 38 10 13 15 37 45 −8 43
17 Sasmuanense 38 10 11 17 35 52 −17 41
18 Beitar Gideon 38 12 4 22 45 66 −21 40 Relegated to Third Division
19 Nasiriyah 38 10 8 20 31 41 −10 38 Relegated to Third Division
20 Beitar Jericho 38 7 14 17 49 61 −12 35 Relegated to Third Division

Um al-Gwarif FC, your 2022-23 Oontaznik Second League champions, promoted to the First Division for the first time in their history!

2022-23 Fleftic Premier League Preview, Part One

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:08 pm
by Abanhfleft
Ah, finally, that most elusive of leagues, the Fleftic Premier League, has finally decided to rise to the surface and integrate themselves into the international, or should I say multiversal, sports. Rumors of the Fleftic Premier League finally making the step to UICA integration have come long and hard since the arrival of Abanhfleft into the multiverse of sports in 2014 but the actual integration didn't come along until over eight years later, just in time for the beginning of the 2022-23 season. And now, before we kick off things in the FPL, let's take a look at all the participating teams.


Admiral Porcusces: The surprise champions of the 2019-20 FPL season are first up on our list due to alphabetical order. Everyone knows that Admiral's triumph in 2020 was a one-off, a one-time event in which a formerly midtable team was able to get together a string of good results and grinded their way to the Premier League title while the rest of the usual title challengers were suffering from uncharacteristically bad form and no one was able to take too much of an advantage of the situation. The Foxes have slipped back down to midtable following that miracle season, and with their talismanic striker Tristan Lee edging ever closer to retirement and no one looking to be ready to step into his boots in the long term--or short term for that matter--they might just edge that little bit closer to relegation. Prediction: Fourteenth


All-Inclusive Haranguer: The Sand Tigers did well in their second stint back in the FPL but they almost didn't do good enough as they flirted with relegation for all but the final matchdays of the season. Wallace Partridge did a good job of rebuilding the first ever top-flight club in Abanhfleft to field both male and female players into a force to be reckoned with in Unang Liga, but Unang Liga forces to be reckoned with often don't do very well once they make that big step up to the Premier League. Players like Luke de Coubertin, Abigail Papadiamantopoulos, and the twins Faisal and Amirah Mansoor are all too good to remain with Haranguer for long, but as long as Partridge keeps hold of them for one or even two seasons more then Haranguer might just possibly establish themselves as a new midtable club. Prediction: Seventeenth


Antslinngs Islands: When Antslinngs went up from Unang Liga back in 2009, nobody thought that they would end up cementing their place in the FPL, but now, thirteen years later, here the football club from the barrier islands of the Colony of Trendstart still are. The complete and utter miracle of this whole thing is that Antslinngs managed to do this with players who aren't exactly world-beaters on their day, but they know how to play and keep the Islanders up for a very long time. The best player to come out of Antslinngs in the time that they have become sort of a household name due to their association with the Premier League was Lea Choi, and technically she doesn't count because she's a woman and can't play in the FPL except if she signs for All-Inclusive Haranguer, and there's no way in hell that Godric Wexler is going to do that because Lea has made herself such an integral part with the next generation of Lady Gunners. Still, Antslinngs have shown that they have (just) enough quality to remain in the top tier of Fleftic football. Prediction: Twelfth


Arsenal de Releinthi: And now we come to the defending champions. Their brief foray into the short-lived Multiverse Premier League as champions of the 2015-16 season seemed to have sapped a lot of energy from the Gunners as they weren't able to sustain title challenges for the next few years. The closest they came to winning the title once again before last season was the famous "season of the Foxes" in 2019-20, when Admiral Porcusces took home the trophy. Arsenal was acknowledged as the side most likely to bring a cruel end to the fairytale of Admiral Porcusces but in the end, the Foxes were too wily for the Gunners to catch up. But Arsenal and Godric Wexler surprised everyone when they appeared out of nowhere and nipped the title away from Riuwiee United in the last few matchdays of the 2021-22 season despite their aging strikeforce of Godzilla, Uziel Gal Tza'eer, Selim Tiryaki, Elliot Edison, and Ralph Dominguez. But the Gunners did have the likes of Billy Cross, Charlie Lester, and the young goalkeeper Diamander filling in for Miles Hurst when the latter was injured in the final stretch to back up the old guns, and if Wexler can bring out the same fire and passion that he got last season, it's not so inconceivable that Arsenal might be able to defend their title once again. Prediction: First


Athletic Dorfdifving: Credit where credit is due; Dorfdifving were able to make it straight back up to the Premier League after just one season down in Unang Liga. It's even more astonishing considering that the only really famous players in this Dorfdifving side are Louis Simpson and Charlie King, both from the now-disappeared Fairview Islands. A fair few number of their countrymen have made their way to the shores of Abanhfleft with both Simpson and King's help and are now filling roster spots in various teams in Abanhfleft and the Fleftic sphere of influence, including Dorfdifving itself. Aside from Simpson and King, though, it looks as if there's no one else in this team who could or would be able to keep Dorfdifving back up in the Premier League this time around. Sorry, Dorfdifving fans. Prediction: Nineteenth


Fleftic Air Force: And now we arrive at one of two Armed Forces clubs duking it out in the FPL, long after they had massively overstayed their welcome, some folks might say. But teams like Air Force Club don't get to where they are without doing some very hard work of their own. Long known for their practice of fielding only players who are actively serving in the Fleftic Air Force itself, the Air Force Club finally loosened up on this particular restriction starting in the 2016-17 season, when multiversal money began pouring into the league. Air Force finally let go of their active service players in the 2020-21 season after mutual agreement between the player-aviators and the club itself. They've stayed in midtable after all this time with semi-professional players; where could they possibly go now that they've become fully professional? Prediction: Tenth


Fleftic Army: The Army are in a similar position as the Air Force; for a long, long time they've been playing in the Premier League with only active servicemen in their ranks, but with the arrival of Abanhfleft into the multiversal sporting scene, Army were forced to accept that the only way to remain competitive in the FPL was to release their players serving in the Army and become another corporate identity to be able to sign foreign and, most importantly, fully professional players. With this new policy in the works, another midtable finish might just be possible for the Soldiers, although this will be little comfort for those "die-hard" Army fans, who consider this team as a new entity altogether and that the semi-pro Army team now playing in the non-league level is the actual Fleftic Army F.C. Prediction: Eighth


Kimmirut Panhandle: The champions of the 2021-22 Unang Liga are almost self-perpetuating now the myth that they are the yo-yo club of Abanhfleft, bouncing right back up after yet another relegation this season. Some online netizens have already considered a new plan for the Premier League and Unang Liga: pass a law in which Kimmirut must be relegated one season and then promoted the next, and to change the structure of the leagues to ensure that three teams now go up or down alongside Kimmirut. Now, we all know that that won't happen, but it must makes you think of how much Kimmirut's constant promotions and relegations have become so much a part of our lives and culture that some of us are seriously (as in seriously-seriously and not just seriously-in-a-comedically-funny-way) considering putting it into law. But unfortunately I will have to side with the memes at this point and peg them for immediate relegation despite me hating memes to the ends of the earth. Prediction: Eighteenth


Locomotive Imgortur: The team from Verbergerkinnh have done pretty well for the time that they've been in the Premier League. Promoted in 1999, just a few years after the "official" end of the Verbergerkinnh Rebellion and they haven't gone back down ever since. Most probably because of the efforts of a few names such as Veljko Nastasic and Ruud Akinfenyor. You may have heard of them. In the present day though, they've got less of a thing going for them but they do have Fleftic international right back Melisizwe Afolayan playing for them, and club legend Charles Amoroso has come back to Locomotive for his first ever managerial job after seeing out his career in Farfadillis. Here's to hoping that Amoroso does a good enough job for the Engineers this season. Prediction: Ninth


Ludogorets Markovsky: It's been a fairly stable stay in the top tier of Fleftic football for the Foresters once long-time (and long-suffering) fan Julian Markovsky finally got his hands on the club and began pouring money to improve both the club's infrastructure and the quality of players it was able to field. After some fits and starts, promotion was finally achieved in the 2009-10 season, and four years later, Ludogorets was able to lift the Premier League trophy. They became part of the small set of clubs who always have a shot at winning the title after that and they were able to bring the trophy back to Markovsky once again in the season before the previous, once again under the helm of Kasper Molak, and this season it's very much conceivable that they could do it again so long as they keep themselves in contention all throughout the season, something Molak has not been known to do very well. Prediction: Second

Part Two coming next...

2022-23 Fleftic Premier League Preview, Part Two

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:08 pm
by Abanhfleft
Here is part two of the Fleftic Premier League preview for the 2022-23 season. First of all, the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft would like to profusely apologize for some of the erroneous club badges that have appeared on these pages. It seems as if malicious hackers have replaced the original club badge files with similar-looking badges with obviously-fake club names such as "Leicester City Football Club" for Admiral Porcusces' badge and "Tulsa Roughnecks FC" for Kimmirut Panhandle's badge. The SFA's information technology staff are already hard at work re-uploading the proper club badge images to our servers. We apologize for the inconvenience.
(OOC: Obviously all this is not true; all the badges are just placeholders until I can have proper badges made. ;) )


Malabon SC: The Black-and-Whites impressed us last season with a second-place finish last season, just barely losing out on lifting the Premier League trophy for the third time in their history to an invigorated and refreshed Arsenal side. The future looks very bright for Malabon indeed as they have a very capable midfield mixed with both experience and up-and-coming talent in Valery Zolnerov, Luĉjo Miĥaelo Kleinmann, and Andor Gaál, and with Adelmio Bandini at the helm, there's nowhere to go for Malabon but up. Unfortunately for them, the top will be quite congested with the number of teams competing for the title so they might not be able to make it as high as first or even second this time around. Prediction: Fifth


Marinos Thimpodopoulos: The team from the Fhulghamous Peninsula Colony surprised everyone when they beat Arsenal de Releinthi at home in the first ever game of the 2015-16 season, and although Arsenal went on to defend their title that same season, Marinos have built upon that single game to build their confidence both at home and away and cement their reputation as a midtable club in the PL. Sure, they may have eventually lost the likes of Max Fetfatzidis, Tony Uist, and Lukasz Przyborowski to Rosenpfelblatz City, Brenecia, and retirement respectively, but Friedemann Aleshire looks more than ready to step into those strikers' shoes. And let's not forget the likes of Mafana Kasayogi, Rex Dithers, Alain L'Auvergne, and Hamish Kipling in this squad. Add to that the mercurial goalkeeping talents of Svyatoslav Alkaev and Cheim Ogem and Marinos has a recipe for staying up, but unfortunately for Marinos fans it won't be without its heartstopping moments. Prediction: Fifteenth


Riuwiee United: The Premier League club with the most titles (seven, tied with Arsenal de Releinthi) are going through an unprecedented resurgence under the temperamental Artemio Peres, whose style and tactics of football has been widely mocked and derided by many, but there's no arguing with titles and success with Peres, who already has three Premier League titles (two with Sporting Ceneisis and one with Riuwiee United) and three Pridnestrovian Super League titles (all with Sheriff Tiraspol), as well as a number of cups, under his belt. For his players, club stalwart Luke Edwards remains to marshal the defense, Edison Joao and Isaac Georgiadis will handle the midfield, and Luke's younger brother Rory Edwards will constantly feed balls to the likes of Oren Ya'akovi, Sebastiano Pelucci, and Schottian wunderkind Hamish Muir, who is newly arrived from Quebec and is well-known for leading the line of the Schottian team that beat the Fleftic team in the final of the 9th Under-15 World Cup in Schottia. Competition for places at the top of the Premier League will be tight, but I am confident that Peres and his Blue Tribesmen will make a good showing of themselves this season. Prediction: Third


Rosenpfelblatz City: Another club which has undergone a resurgence following the appointment of a new manager in Joseph Churchill, Rosenpfelblatz City has now become cemented in the minds and hearts of the Fleftic people as one of the top six clubs in the country, one of the six always vying for the Premier League title season in and season out. Of course, many of City's rival fans will quickly say that all this wouldn't be possible without the oil, gas, and gold money coming from the coffers and pockets of Sultan Kudarat of Oontaz in 2008, and that the only title that the club really deserved was their surprise win in the 1999-2000 season. Churchill led the team to their latest title after only three years at the helm, and now, three years later, he looks to win it all once again. To help Churchill out in this task will be Fhulghamousian international striker Max Fetfazidis. Fleftic international striker Kareem Dagen, New Gazi international Mosi Okoye, and the undisputed surprise of DI Bradini Cups past, the Tumbran breakout star Oliver Ganson. In defense, Kenneth Owobowale and Holland Emilianovski will keep the Citizens' back line secure, and in midfield, Hristo Haralampiev will control the middle of the park while it is Alan Turpentine's duty to pump balls forward to the attack. Whichever way the wind will blow for this season, rest assured that it will be a tight affair for Rosenpfelblatz City. Prediction: Fourth


Rosenpfelblatz North End: Rosen North made it back to the top flight of Fleftic football for the first time in sixteen years after surviving a harrowing playoff against Real Mikkaleth but, judging by the squad that barely squeezed into the final playoff spot in Unang Liga last season, their return to Premier League will likely be a short one. Still, if there's one consolation to watching a side that's obviously doomed to relegation, it's the fact that a few stellar prospects and young players will most likely feature for this Rosen North side, like Mercedini's Misha Spartoni and former Sporting Ceneisis academy product (and now AFC Langtree loanee) Christian Vacek Jr., who was sent off by the Blues following his elder half-sister Allie's notorious and well-documented falling-out with the club. Prediction: Twentieth


Sporting Ceneisis: Tullio Zorzalo took everyone by surprise when he took Ceneisis to the Premier League title in just his first season as a manager. Zorzalo, who was then more well-known as one of the players in the inaugural Uranium City Nukes team of the FBA (yes, the Fleftic Basketball Association), was definitely not the man Ceneisis fans had in mind when team owner Nikita Bellich announced that he was going to absolutely shake up the organization, starting with a brand new manager after former manager Artemio Peres went off to his dream club Riuwiee United. But Zorzalo quickly won over almost all of his critics with that resounding Premier League win in 2016-17, and now, he is still aiming for more titles and more glory. And with a team starting from Carlos Cohen in goal to Peter Schermer as the striker, who's going to behoove Zorzalo and the Blues success this season? Us, apparently, as the quality of teams in the top six will certainly put a spanner in those particular works. Prediction: Sixth


Thereisnogodistan FC: The Atheists, like their fellow Fhulghamous-based club Marinos Thimpodopoulos, have done well enough in their first season in the top flight to cement a reputation as a tricky midtable side where anyone can basically drop points at any time. Most of the squad that participated in the short-lived Multiverse Premier League have long since retired or moved on to other clubs, but a few stalwarts still remain, like goalkeepers Wally Arredondo and Samwell Crownover, and forwards Olen Celis and Hugo Willmore. Thereisnogodistan have what it takes to stay up, but never let it be said that they will have it easy this time around. Prediction: Sixteenth


Wabash River: Wabash barely survived last season, making a great escape only in the final five matchdays to consign Sarvusdalamoive to relegation alongside the likes of Bananas FC and Paulsen FC. Still, it's not been a very great season for the Swamp People, but if things go their way this time around, they might just be able to make it with the skin of their teeth (once again). Prediction: Thirteenth


Wanda Island Wanderers: Ah, yes, the Wanderers, who are somehow Arsenal de Releinthi's biggest rivals, even bigger than either Riuwiee United and Sporting Ceneisis despite the geographical distance between Releinthi and Wanda Island. Releinthi and Wanda Island have long been at each other's throats ever since Godric Wexler took over the Gunners and Arsenal have finished above Wanda Island ever since (except for that one season in 2016-17 that no one in Releinthi wants to talk about much and at the same time everyone in Wanda Island wants to talk about much). The Wanderers have never been in the title picture until recent years though, but a new generation of Wanderers such as Caleb Wayne and Arthur MacAlistair will look to change all that though. But that day won't be today, unfortunately for the Wanderers, as there's simply too much competition in the top make room for them. Prediction: Seventh


Xemlice Rovers: Last but not the least, we finally arrive at Lotharstadt, Xemlice for the final team in the Premier League (at least in the alphabetical listings). Gustavo Potter has finally come back home to Xemlice after spending the majority of his career with Gryphons Nubalochi of the Oontaznik First Division. Aside from Gustavo though, there isn't much else in terms of quality in this Xemlice side to make anyone believe that anything other than midtable would be possible for them. Still, you never know. Gustavo Potter still has it in him to change games with the snap of a finger or a kick of the ball, if Xemlice's social media and all the numerous Gustavo Potter highlight videos floating around the interwebs is to be believed. Prediction: Eleventh

And that's it for the Fleftic Premier League preview. We'll be back at the end of the season for the 2022-23 Fleftic Premier League Review. Until then, keep on supporting your side to victory!

2022-23 Fleftic Premier League Final Standings

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:16 pm
by Abanhfleft
2022-23 Fleftic Premier League Final Standings
Pos Team                         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Rosenpfelblatz City 38 20 9 9 83 64 +19 69 Champions, Champions' Cup
2 Sporting Ceneisis 38 20 7 11 72 63 +9 67 Globe Cup, Cygnus Cup
3 Wanda Island Wanderers 38 19 7 12 70 56 +14 64 Globe Cup
4 Xemlice Rovers 38 18 9 11 77 62 +15 63 Globe Cup

5 All-Inclusive Haranguer 38 19 6 13 92 83 +9 63
6 Locomotive Imgortur 38 19 5 14 67 58 +9 62
7 Fleftic Army 38 17 9 12 63 48 +15 60
8 Riuwiee United 38 16 11 11 42 29 +13 59
9 Arsenal de Releinthi 38 17 7 14 102 88 +14 58
10 Flefic Air Force 38 14 11 13 64 63 +1 53
11 Athletic Dorfdifving 38 14 9 15 67 75 −8 51
12 Ludogorets Markovsky 38 13 11 14 65 67 −2 50
13 Admiral Porcusces 38 13 10 15 71 65 +6 49
14 Malabon SC 38 11 12 15 93 97 −4 45
15 Thereisnogodistan 38 13 6 19 65 74 −9 45
16 Kimmirut Panhandle 38 12 8 18 55 68 −13 44
17 Marinos Thimpodopoulos 38 12 8 18 60 74 −14 44
18 Wabash River 38 11 8 19 57 80 −23 41 Relegated to Unang Liga
19 Antslinngs Islands 38 10 9 19 30 43 −13 39 Relegated to Unang Liga
20 Rosenpfelblatz North End 38 8 6 24 67 105 −38 30 Relegated to Unang Liga

2022-23 Fleftic Unang Liga Final Standings
Pos Team                       Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Sarvusdalamoive 46 28 11 7 110 57 +53 95 Champions, Promoted to Premier League, SBCC
2 Paulsen FC 46 23 14 9 82 49 +33 83 Promoted to Premier League, SBCC
3 Bananas FC 46 23 10 13 51 35 +16 79 Promotion playoffs, SBCC
4 Atletico San Sebastian 46 22 11 13 93 83 +10 77 Promotion playoffs
5 El Horizonte 46 21 13 12 43 31 +12 76 Promotion playoffs
6 Electric Yugal 46 19 13 14 85 84 +1 70 Promotion playoffs

7 Gyouza Young Lads 46 19 12 15 68 62 +6 69
8 Pilken Kickers 46 18 14 14 93 85 +8 68
9 Pawwazim 46 18 12 16 61 60 +1 66
10 Inseparables 46 18 11 17 65 59 +6 65
11 Real Mikkaleth 46 17 13 16 89 82 +7 64
12 Mannerheim Sports 46 18 9 19 80 71 +9 63
13 Dynamo Ja 46 18 9 19 44 41 +3 63
14 Uranium City Radiation 46 16 15 15 48 52 −4 63
15 Eielo Sunlight 46 16 13 17 48 46 +2 61
16 Buscargill Town 46 16 12 18 70 74 −4 60
17 Chevaliers de Motonou 46 16 9 21 50 65 −15 57
18 Niraza Rovers 46 15 11 20 76 101 −25 56
19 Tefel FC 46 15 9 22 85 97 −12 54
20 Rodrigues FC 46 14 9 23 74 83 −9 51
21 Miroz Old Boys 46 13 12 21 41 53 −12 51
22 Sporting Busov 46 13 12 21 30 49 −19 51 Relegated to Liga Ikalawa
23 Duhblakk Rovers 46 11 8 27 35 67 −32 41 Relegated to Liga Ikalawa
24 Imperial Markovsky 46 11 6 29 36 71 −35 39 Relegated to Liga Ikalawa

2022-23 Fleftic Liga Ikalawa & Liga Ikatlo Final Standings

PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:06 pm
by Abanhfleft
2022-23 Fleftic Liga Ikalawa Final Standings
Pos Team                     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Malhall United 46 23 11 12 40 28 +12 80 Champions, Promoted to Unang Liga
2 Pamunas 46 23 10 13 69 55 +14 79 Promoted to Unang Liga

3 Berezovsky United 46 23 10 13 61 47 +14 79 Promotion playoffs
4 Tentenaraya Rovers 46 22 12 12 60 42 +18 78 Promotion playoffs
5 Keephall Vikings 46 22 10 14 66 54 +12 76 Promotion playoffs
6 Keklavik United 46 19 15 12 84 64 +20 72 Promotion playoffs

7 Rapid Pelaez 46 20 11 15 88 67 +21 71
8 Selid Town 46 19 11 16 40 38 +2 68
9 Vikrant Rovers 46 19 9 18 73 69 +4 66
10 Sociedad de Pesadill 46 18 11 17 37 29 +8 65
11 Porcusces Tsunamis 46 20 5 21 77 94 −17 65
12 Reyes United 46 18 10 18 69 66 +3 64
13 West Releinthi City 46 16 14 16 37 33 +4 62
14 Effelenendro 46 17 11 18 31 37 −6 62
15 Bytuch Wyk Wanderers 46 15 16 15 65 68 −3 61
16 Bohuda United 46 16 11 19 52 55 −3 59
17 Sporting Wappinger 46 17 8 21 49 54 −5 59
18 Southern Imgortur 46 16 11 19 43 48 −5 59
19 Sporting Tiembabkh 46 14 15 17 37 39 −2 57
20 Zenit Novograd 46 14 12 20 36 46 −10 54
21 Pazugas 46 13 10 23 70 93 −23 49
22 Real Haritzaga 46 10 17 19 56 76 −20 47 Relegated to Liga Ikatlo
23 Garufaloe 46 11 13 22 45 59 −14 46 Relegated to Liga Ikatlo
24 Onghawesk East End 46 9 13 24 38 62 −24 40 Relegated to Liga Ikatlo

2022-23 Fleftic Liga Ikatlo Final Standings
Pos Team                      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Real San Seriffe 46 26 7 13 39 25 +14 85 Champions, Promoted to Liga Ikalawa
2 Sporting Mykorrigan 46 22 13 11 44 26 +18 79 Promoted to Liga Ikalawa

3 Nuclear Spriekt 46 21 9 16 69 59 +10 72 Promotion playoffs
4 FC Afa-az 46 20 12 14 58 55 +3 72 Promotion playoffs
5 Riuwiee Metropolitan 46 19 14 13 39 36 +3 71 Promotion playoffs
6 Nnettekkebb Wanderers 46 21 7 18 42 37 +5 70 Promotion playoffs

7 Purzat Rovers 46 19 11 16 33 30 +3 68
8 Tutschkill Town 46 16 18 12 55 45 +10 66
9 Lokoue Llamas 46 17 13 16 38 41 −3 64
10 Bartunna United 46 15 17 14 46 39 +7 62
11 The Other Side 46 16 14 16 60 57 +3 62
12 North Iboyie Albion 46 16 14 16 33 32 +1 62
13 Tanasteh United 46 17 11 18 33 33 0 62
14 Arlkornd Diamonds 46 16 14 16 26 32 −6 62
15 Haranguer Town AFC 46 13 21 12 52 45 +7 60
16 Mertano & Mertayev 46 15 14 17 48 51 −3 59
17 Uthilmir United 46 16 11 19 22 28 −6 59
18 Al-Wilayat 46 14 15 17 40 50 −10 57
19 Koob Rovers 46 15 10 21 59 73 −14 55
20 Athletic Bergson 46 15 10 21 39 53 −14 55
21 Olistan Presbyterians 46 15 9 22 27 32 −5 54
22 Khimik Ogovlich 46 14 10 22 25 31 −6 52 Relegated to National Conference
23 Nou Constantinopoli 46 13 11 22 72 78 −6 50 Relegated to National Conference
24 Moroni City 46 13 11 22 54 65 −11 50 Relegated to National Conference

2022-23 SFA Cup

PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:19 am
by Abanhfleft
2022-23 SFA Cup First Round
The lowest sixteen (16) teams in the lowest tier of the Liga ng Abanhfleft (currently Liga Ikatlo) enter the first round of the SFA Cup for eight places in the second round.
Riuwiee Metropolitan 1–0 Arlkornd Diamonds
Nuclear Spriekt 3–2 FC Afa-az
Al-Wilayat 2–1 Real San Seriffe
Nnettekkebb Wanderers 2–1 Khimik Ogovlich
Koob Rovers 2–4 Tutschkill Town
North Iboyie Albion 0–1 Lokoue Llamas
The Other Side 4–1 Tanasteh United
Purzat Rovers 2–3 Moroni City

2022-23 SFA Cup Second Round
The remaining eight (8) teams in Liga Ikatlo, along with all twenty-four (24) teams in Liga Ikalawa, enter the second round along with the eight (8) winners of the first round. The forty (40) teams will play against each other for twenty (20) spots into the third round.
Pamunas 0–1 Malhall United
Sociedad de Pesadill 0–1 Sporting Mykorrigan
Garufaloe 2–2 Haranguer Town AFC (2–3 AET)
Keklavik United 0–2 Nou Constantinopoli
The Other Side 1–1 Athletic Bergson (1–1 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Real Haritzaga 3–1 Selid Town
Mertano & Mertayev 3–2 Bartunna United
Reyes United 5–2 Berezovsky United
Nnettekkebb Wanderers 0–1 Uthilmir United
Vikrant Rovers 3–0 West Releinthi City
Nuclear Spriekt 1–0 Effelenendro
Porcusces Tsunamis 1–1 Moroni City (3–2 AET)
Sporting Tiembabkh 1–0 Al-Wilayat
Pazugas 4–2 Tentenaraya Rovers
Tutschkill Town 4–2 Keephall Vikings
Southern Imgortur 5–2 Lokoue Llamas
Bohuda United 0–3 Sporting Wappinger
Olistan Presbyterians 1–0 Riuwiee Metropolitan
Bytuch Wyk Wanderers 2–3 Zenit Novograd
Rapid Pelaez 0–0 Onghawesk East End (1–1 AET) (2–3 pen.)

2022-23 SFA Cup Third Round
The twenty (20) winners of the second round enter the third round alongside all twenty-four (24) teams of Unang Liga and the twenty (20) teams of the Fleftic Premier League for a total of sixty-four (64) teams in the third round.
Southern Imgortur 3–1 Pawwazim
Olistan Presbyterians 1–2 Arsenal de Releinthi
Nou Constantinopoli 0–0 Malhall United (0–0 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Ludogorets Markovsky 4–3 Real Haritzaga
Wanda Island Wanderers 0–2 Locomotive Imgortur
Imperial Markovsky 1–0 Mannerheim Sports
Uthilmir United 0–1 Athletic Bergson
Riuwiee United 1–2 Dynamo Ja
Kimmirut Panhandle 2–1 Haranguer Town AFC
Buscargill Town 0–0 Sporting Tiembabkh (0–0 AET) (2–1 pen.)
Admiral Porcusces 1–1 Rosenpfelblatz City (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)
Inseparables 3–1 Athletic Dorfdifving
Miroz Old Boys 1–2 Zenit Novograd
Porcusces Tsunamis 2–4 Sporting Ceneisis
All-Inclusive Haranguer 5–4 Atletico San Sebastian
Pilken Kickers 2–2 Fleftic Army (2–2 AET) (3–0 pen.)
Sporting Mykorrigan 1–2 Xemlice Rovers
Pazugas 2–4 Real Mikkaleth
Marinos Thimpodopoulos 3–1 Nuclear Spriekt
Reyes United 1–1 Sporting Busov (1–2 AET)
Wabash River 2–0 Paulsen FC
Tutschkill Town 3–3 Gyouza Young Lads (3–3 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Vikrant Rovers 0–2 Sporting Wappinger
Chevaliers de Motonou 1–2 Electric Yugal
Fleftic Air Force 0–0 Onghawesk East End (2–0 AET)
Malabon SC 3–2 Tefel FC
El Horizonte 2–3 Niraza Rovers
Eielo Sunlight 2–1 Sarvusdalamoive
Bananas FC 1–1 Thereisnogodistan (1–2 AET)
Rodrigues FC 2–2 Rosenpfelblatz North End (2–2 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Antslinngs Islands 1–0 Mertano & Mertayev
Uranium City Radiation 1–3 Duhblakk Rovers

The biggest stories of the Third Round: Joe Churchill's Rosenpfelblatz City side goes out of the third round, losing on penalties against Tristan Lee's Admiral Porcusces; and All-Inclusive Haranguer finally get a win over their bogey team Atletico San Sebastian in a nine-goal thriller at the National Book Store Stadium, with All-Inclusive edging the contest 5-4. Special mention goes to the tie between Buscargill Town and Sporting Tiembabkh which ended in a penalty shootout in which Buscargill emerged triumphant after both teams somehow conspired to miss all five of their opening spot kicks respectively. This match is now being dubbed by Fleftic footie fans as "the worst game of football in the history of Abanhfleft".

2022-23 SFA Cup Fourth Round
The field narrows from thirty-two (32) teams to sixteen (16).
Athletic Bergson 4–2 Rosenpfelblatz North End
Duhblakk Rovers 0–1 Dynamo Ja
Antslinngs Islands 3–1 Electric Yugal
Thereisnogodistan 1–1 Marinos Thimpodopoulos (1–1 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Inseparables 3–2 Fleftic Air Force
Malhall United 0–1 Sporting Busov
Southern Imgortur 1–2 Locomotive Imgortur
Niraza Rovers 0–0 Sporting Ceneisis (0–2 AET)
Malabon SC 3–3 Eielo Sunlight (3–3 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Kimmirut Panhandle 0–1 Wabash River
Buscargill Town 1–5 Sporting Wappinger
Gyouza Young Lads 1–0 Imperial Markovsky
Xemlice Rovers 3–3 Pilken Kickers (3–3 AET) (3–5 pen.)
Ludogorets Markovsky 3–0 Real Mikkaleth
Arsenal de Releinthi 1–1 Zenit Novograd (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)
All-Inclusive Haranguer 2–2 Admiral Porcusces (3–2 AET)

Liga Ikatlo side Athletic Bergson makes club history as the Chocolatiers advances to the fifth round of the SFA Cup for the first time in over 63 years when they beat Premier League side Rosenpfelblatz North End 4-2 in front of Bergson's home fans. Bergson held on despite late heroics from Rosen North's wunderkinds Misha Spartoni and Christian Vacek Jr. But the award for the biggest upset of the tournament so far goes to Zenit Novograd, who toppled Godric Wexler's Arsenal de Releinthi at the Monsanto Stadium in a heartstopping penalty shootout; Elliot Edison's skyward penalty miss crushing the hearts and hopes of Gunners fans nationwide. If anyone has any plans of ArsenalFanTV and chill, prepare to grab bucketloads of popcorn. And Gustavo Potter was also at fault for missing his penalty and letting Pilken Kickers pull off a giant-killing against his beloved Xemlice Rovers.

2022-23 SFA Cup Fifth Round
Sixteen (16) teams become eight (8).
Gyouza Young Lads 1–2 Athletic Bergson
Wabash River 2–2 Inseparables (2–4 AET)
Ludogorets Markovsky 1–0 Sporting Busov
Locomotive Imgortur 0–3 Antslinngs Islands
Dynamo Ja 1–2 Malabon SC
Sporting Ceneisis 2–0 All-Inclusive Haranguer
Zenit Novograd 1–2 Sporting Wappinger
Thereisnogodistan 3–5 Pilken Kickers

Athletic Bergson's fairy-tale run through the SFA Cup continues as they sweep aside the Gyouza Young Lads away from home to advance to the cup quarterfinals for the first time ever in their history. Zenit Novograd's run however comes to an end in front of their home fans courtesy of a 2-1 loss to Sporting Wappinger, another team making history of their own in the competition. Wappinger hadn't been to the quarterfinals of the SFA Cup in 26 years and Wappinger fans will be anticipating their team's next draw with bated but expectant breath.

2022-23 SFA Cup Quarterfinals
Eight (8) teams enter, but only four (4) will come out.
Malabon SC 1–1 Sporting Ceneisis (1–1 AET) (1–3 pen.)
Ludogorets Markovsky 0–0 Antslinngs Islands (1–1 AET) (2–0 pen.)
Inseparables 2–3 Athletic Bergson
Sporting Wappinger 0–0 Pilken Kickers (0–0 AET) (3–4 pen.)

All but one of these SFA Cup quarterfinals games ended in a penalty shootout, and the one that ended in regular time isn't the one you're expecting, or maybe it is. In any case, Tullio Zorzalo and Sporting Ceneisis survived a shootout against Malabon SC to advance to their second SFA Cup semifinal in two seasons. Kasper Molak and Ludogorets Markovsky kept everyone on the edge of their seats as they unleashed a flurry of shots and attacks against Antslinngs Islands even though the resulting penalty shootout ended up being a massive downer of an anticlimax, and the Ludogorets-Antslinngs penalty shootout is now being mentioned in the same breath as the Buscargill-Tiembabkh shootout (and it's a complete toss-up about which is honestly worse). Pilken Kickers triumphed over Sporting Wappinger and brought the Green-Whites' unexpected and unprecedented cup run to an end, and Athletic Bergson advanced to their first ever SFA Cup semifinal after a five-goal thriller against Inseparables, emerging as 3-2 winners.

2022-23 SFA Cup Semifinals
Between four (4) teams, only two (2) will have the right to fight for the cup. Who will those two teams be?
Sporting Ceneisis 5–4 Athletic Bergson
Ludogorets Markovsky 1–1 Pilken Kickers (1–1 AET) (3–4 pen.)

Sporting Ceneisis brings Athletic Bergson's fairy tale to a screeching halt but not before both sides had scored a total of nine goals. Peter Schermer bagged a hat-trick to advance the Blues to their second SFA Cup final in the same number of seasons. But hopes of a repeat of last season's final between Ceneisis and Ludogorets Markovsky proved to be fruitless as Pilken Kickers defeated Kasper Molak's Foresters in a penalty shootout. The coming SFA Cup Final is the first time that an Unang Liga team will feature since 2009, when then Unang Liga side Real Mikkaleth contested the cup against Riuwiee United.

2022-23 SFA Cup Final
Out of two (2) teams left, only one (1) shall emerge triumphant. Who will lift the Cup this time? Will the Blues repeat their feat last season or will Pilken Kickers defy the odds and pull off the greatest upset and giant-killing in the SFA Cup's recent history?
Pilken Kickers 1–1 Sporting Ceneisis (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)

It took penalties to separate these two teams but the SFA Cup stays in Throckmorton Bridge, Mereilles, and with Tullio Zorzalo and Sporting Ceneisis. Pilken Kickers gave it all they got but the Blues just had just that little bit more of quality over their opponents. Enjoy that tin idol, Sporting Ceneisis, your 2022-23 SFA Cup winners!

Sporting Ceneisis, your 2022-23 SFA Cup winners!

2022-23 Liga ng Abanhfleft promotion playoffs

PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:56 am
by Abanhfleft
For a long time, promotion through the Liga ng Abanhfleft (the second to fourth tiers of football in Abanhfleft) has been determined in one of two ways: by automatic promotion as champions of their league and the second-best team, and the promotion playoffs in which the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth best teams in the league play against each to take the third promotion place to the higher league. Starting in 1994 (the foundation of the Fleftic Premier League), the third and sixth-placed teams and the fourth and fifth-placed teams faced each other in a two-legged playoff with the winners of both playoffs coming against each other in the playoff final at a neutral venue, at first a stadium occupied by a team in the same league equidistant (or as equidistant as possible) from both teams and then starting in 2009 the May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium, with the winner of the final taking the third promotion place.

For the 2022-23 season, the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft debuted a new promotion playoff format in which the fifth-placed team would face the third-placed team at home and the sixth-placed team would face the fourth-placed team at home. The ties would be decided on the day, going to extra time and penalties if needed. This new format received widespread criticism from both clubs and fans and the SFA has decided that it will return to the old format starting in the 2023-24 season.

2022-23 Unang Liga promotion playoffs
Playoff 1 @ Estadio Luis Garrigo, Horizon, Duhblakk
El Horizonte 0–0 Bananas FC (0–1 AET)
Bananas FC advances to the Unang Liga promotion playoff final in extra time

Playoff 2 @ Weehawken Air Arena, Yugal, Eielo
Electric Yugal 0–0 Atletico San Sebastian (0–0 AET) (3–0 pen.)
Electric Yugal advances to the Unang Liga promotion playoff final on penalties

2022-23 Liga Ikalawa promotion playoffs
Playoff 3 @ Hall of Heroes, Keephall, Malhall
Keephall Vikings 1–1 Berezovsky United (1–2 AET)
Berezovsky United advances to the Liga Ikalawa promotion playoff final in extra time

Playoff 4 @ Stade Olaf Ragnar Grimsson, Keklavik, Fleftic Antarctica
Keklavik United 1–1 Tentenaraya Rovers (2–1 AET)
Keklavik United advances to the Liga Ikalawa promotion playoff final in extra time

2022-23 Liga Ikatlo promotion playoffs
Playoff 5 @ Police Field, Riuwiee
Riuwiee Metropolitan 1–2 Nuclear Spriekt
Nuclear Spriekt advances to the Liga Ikatlo promotion playoff final

Playoff 6 @ Essttadde dde Ccittatte dde Nnettekkebb, Nnettekkebb, Ddallakk
Nnettekkebb Wanderers 0–0 FC Afa-az (0–1 AET)
FC Afa-az advances to the Liga Ikatlo promotion playoff final in extra time

2022-23 Liga ng Abanhfleft promotion playoff finals
Unang Liga promotion playoff final @ May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium, Riuwiee
Bananas FC 0–1 Electric Yugal
Electric Yugal is promoted to the Fleftic Premier League

Liga Ikalawa promotion playoff final @ May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium, Riuwiee
Berezovsky United 3–2 Keklavik United
Berezovsky United is promoted to Unang Liga

Liga Ikatlo promotion playoff final @ May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium, Riuwiee
FC Afa-az 0–2 Nuclear Spriekt
Nuclear Spriekt is promoted to Liga Ikalawa

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:17 am
by Abanhfleft
Another season of the Fleftic Premier League has come and gone, and now it's time to look back and watch how it all unfolded with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. But before everyone pipes in to add their respective two cents as to how and why this campaign unfolded the way it did, let's take a look at how our predictions compare to the actual reality of the concluded Premier League campaign.

Rosenpfelblatz City
Predicted Finish: Fourth
Actual Finish: First

When you have a top seven as stacked as Abanhfleft's, it's almost impossible to choose one side to win it all without caveats that the rest of the best would falter somewhere along the way. But indeed that is what happened with Rosenpfelblatz City as they took home the Premier League title for the fifth time since the foundation of the Premier League. Incidentally, the Sky Blues' points total of 69 points is the lowest tally of points since Sarvusdalamoive's 71-point haul back in the 2009-10 season during which everyone agrees all of the other teams had gone through a rough patch throughout the season, resulting in the Pinks, currently playing in Unang Liga, to win their first and currently only Premier League title. It's almost the same thing this season with Rosen City drawing nine games and losing nine as well, but the most important thing is that they racked up twenty wins to go with those nine draws and nine losses, and it has to be said that being very stacked in attack and having a dependable back line helped them very much during their campaign. Joe Churchill must be pleased.

Sporting Ceneisis
Predicted Finish: Sixth
Actual Finish: Second

In the end, two points was the difference between Sporting Ceneisis being level on points with Rosenpfelblatz City with only goal difference separating the two sides. But instead of salvaging some pride for the Blues in the final matchday, they drew 1-1 with a struggling Ludogorets Markovsky side. But let's be honest, a poor run of results to start off the season meant that Ceneisis weren't really in the title picture until the last few matchdays of the season, and even then the goal difference that Rosenpfelblatz City had built up was too much for Tullio Zorzalo's boys to reduce unless they had a very big victory at home against the Foresters and obviously that didn't happen. Nevertheless, Zorzalo would probably have more positive than negative things to say to his team as they look to try once again. The Globe Cup would also be a good place to blood themselves on the international stage now that Abanhfleft has made the integration into UICA.

Wanda Island Wanderers
Predicted Finish: Seventh
Actual Finish: Third

Oh, another season of what-ifs for this Wanda Island team as they let slip their lead at the top of the Premier League and let Rosenpfelblatz City get away with the title. The fact that they drew three and lost two of their last five games to deny them their first ever Premier League title will be a very sore point for Wanda Island fans for years to come and is expected to be one of the few bright spots that Arsenal de Releinthi fans will hold on to from this season. Seeing as how things went for them, no one will blame them. One thing is for certain, though: Arthur MacAlistair cannot carry this Wanda Island team all by himself. Petro Zhdanov is good support for him but the Pridnestrovian striker is too inconsistent; consistency will be the key to Wanda Island's success if they are to make further inroads come the new season.

Xemlice Rovers
Predicted Finish: Eleventh
Actual Finish: Fourth

Well, well, well, maybe Gustavo Potter's homecoming will turn out to be a good thing after all. Everyone had their doubts about Gustavo's comeback attempt with the club that started it all for him, with many pundits saying that Potter will have trouble leading this young squad to actual physical and tangible glories. Well, the Premier League was always a long shot for Xemlice and they were eliminated by the eventual losing finalists Pilken Kickers in the SFA Cup but at least Gustavo Potter and Xemlice will finally get to experience club-level international football with UICA's Globe Cup for at least one more season. And that has to count as a success in his book, or anyone else's.

All-Inclusive Haranguer
Predicted Finish: Seventeenth
Actual Finish: Fifth

Looks like Wallace Partridge and his men have made a little more history than even they expected. Everyone was pegging the Sand Tigers to have a difficult time, perhaps ending up in mid-table or more likely a relegation dogfight. But far from both those results, All-Inclusive Haranguer have actually ended up in fifth place, just a few points shy of their first ever UICA appearance after just their third season in their second stint in the Premier League. The rise of the Sand Tigers' young central midfield in Luke de Coubertin and Abigail Papadiamantopoulos certainly contributed to Haranguer's meteoric rise up the Premier League table, and Sam Gonza, despite being already over thirty years old, is still banging in the goals for his side. We don't know for how long Gonza will be able to keep scoring goals and we also don't know how long Coubertin and Papadiamantopoulos will remain with the Sand Tigers but as long as they're there, All-Inclusive just might have a shot of securing their spot in the upper half of the table.

Locomotive Imgortur
Predicted Finish: Ninth
Actual Finish: Sixth

It is kind of a surprise to see Locomotive this far up the table despite having what is admittedly an average squad in comparison to some of the other squads that teams have at their disposal at this end of the Premier League. Nevertheless, with a young but already decently talented squad at his disposal, Charles Amoroso achieved the goals set out before him by the board and could even be said to have succeeded it, and if they can just hold on to their players, Locomotive might just be in with a shout for challenging for those UICA places sooner than later.

Fleftic Army
Predicted Finish: Eighth
Actual Finish: Seventh

The Army Club is still their usual average selves, and their performance in the recently concluded Premier League season shows this. The transition from a purely Fleftic Army-based roster to a professional team composed of players from Abanhfleft and outside has been a bit difficult for Army but the fact that they're still in the league (and at seventh place) after this delicate transition period with a cast of average and (sometimes) above-average and below-average players shows that maybe they do still deserve their spot in the league. Just this pundit's two cents.

Riuwiee United
Predicted Finish: Third
Actual Finish: Eighth

Now this was a finish that no one really expected, barring the one suffered by Arsenal which we will discuss later on. To be quite honest, a lot of us were expecting Artemio Peres to repeat his title heroics back in the 2017-18 season or at the very least keep the Blue Tribesmen in that top four. But competition for those four places has become very, very stiff, and for once Peres’ defensive football, while helping him amass a good number of points from other teams in the Premier League, didn’t help him out when he needed to score more goals once his opponents had figured out how to break down his defensive walls. The only bright spot in United’s otherwise abysmal season is their young Schottic striker Hamish Muir, who has already created a lofty tally at the May 26 Revolution Stadium and will be looking to improve on that as Artemio Peres strives to steer the Blue Tribesmen to the UICA places. Likewise, Riuwiee’s other young guns, Rory Edwards and Isaac Georgiadis, did very well this season but the veterans will have to take up the slack that the youngsters have apparently given to themselves once they saw this season slipping out of their hands. If Riuwiee United is to succeed next season then both the young and the old must begin pulling their weight and contribute all they can to the club.

Arsenal de Releinthi
Predicted Finish: First
Actual Finish: Ninth

Simply put, Arsenal’s problems lie with their defense. Yes, they can score goals all the live-long day, but if their defense cannot stop their side from leaking as many goals as they score or, even worse, more than they put into the back of the opponents’ net. The Gunners’ tally of 102 goals scored in the Premier League this season is impressive, but when you look at the number of goals they have conceded (88 if you haven’t been looking) then that marks the difference between them and all the other clubs. To reiterate: creating and scoring goals is not Arsenal de Releinthi’s problem. They can create and score goals in droves, from their thirty-plus strikers and even from almost every player they could field onto the pitch. No, the Gunners’ problem lies in the fact that they cannot close out games. That fact cost them dearly in the early part of the season and that’s the reason why they slipped this far down the table. Godric Wexler only has one more year left in his contract extension following triumph in the League in the 2021-22 season, and if he wants to leave behind a great team to his successor then he needs to invest in a good defense. He must get good defenders for this Arsenal de Releinthi team, or else all that goal production could end up being for naught once again.

Fleftic Air Force
Predicted Finish: Tenth
Actual Finish: Tenth

Huh, will you look at that. We predicted the Air Force team to end up in tenth in this league and they actually did just that, the absolute madmen. Still, it feels good to have at least one prediction vindicated in this season which has looked to be a bit of a confusing and topsy-turvy season in terms of teams ending up in the top, middle, and bottom of this table. It’s particularly impressive (or seeing as they did exactly what was predicted of them then maybe not so impressive at all) that the Air Force club was able to do this despite them also going through a transition period from an all-Air Force team to a professional team like their Army rivals. In the end it was striker Loris Wilder who carried the Airmen to their current place in the league, and while they weren’t able to finish over their Army rivals once again, at least this time they’re keeping up the fight until the very end. Now the question is to whether they should just stick with mid-table mediocrity or if they should go for attempting to sneak into the UICA places now that Abanhfleft is fully integrated to the multiversal league.

Athletic Dorfdifving
Predicted Finish: Nineteenth
Actual Finish: Eleventh

A lot of people and pundits predicted the Canaries to go down this season but Athletic Dorfdifving proved all of the doubters wrong. Dorfdifving was selected for relegation because everyone saw them as being only a team of one star in the form of Charlie King surrounded by other otherwise-unremarkable players. No one definitely expected the rise of a certain Charlie Forbes into the scene. It is this aforementioned Forbes which chipped in alongside Charlie King both in terms of goals and leadership, something which Dorfdifving lacked in their first season back in the Premier League last season. And almost everyone else in that Dorfdifving team contributed at least a goal or two or a vital tackle or interception, and that certainly can only help the Canaries’ cause. A few well-thought-out moves in the transfer window and maybe securing their newfound star players on longer and maybe bigger contracts could help, but there’s always the risk of guys like Charlie Forbes ending up being a one-season wonder… Well, here’s to hoping that that doesn’t happen for Dorfdifving!

Ludogorets Markovsky
Predicted Finish: Second
Actual Finish: Twelfth

And yet another disappointment from what is supposed to be a top-six team. Ludogorets hadn't finished this low in the table since they were bought by long-time fan Julian Markovsky back in 2010. The season that Markovsky finally got enough money to buy out the club from its former owners, they finished fifteenth out of twenty, very close to relegation. Only three years later and they've already won the Premier League, and they've become a member of that elite club of Fleftic clubs (repetitive much?) which are always expected to compete for the title season in, season out. This final result surely is an outlier for the Foresters, or is it? This is the fifth year of Kasper Molak's second tenure in the Old Forester after all and everyone who's been following the Fleftic national football team will know that Molak's teams will always drop in form whenever he stays in one job for too long. Kasper still has next season to prove that this is not going to be a regular thing for Ludogorets but if he messes this up one too many times next season, it's goodbye to Kasper Molak once again from the fans and owners of Ludogorets Markovsky.

Admiral Porcusces
Predicted Finish: Fourteenth
Actual Finish: Thirteenth

Everyone had long accepted that Admiral Porcusces' sudden and unexpected title victory in the 2019-2020 season came completely out of left field and wouldn't happen again, most likely for a very long time. This isn't to say that it won't happen; there is a possibility that it will, but that day won't be today, especially not for Admiral Porcusces. As had been noted in the preseason league predictions, Admiral had a very hard time keeping up with the rest of the top six seeing as they have been especially reliant on their once-talismanic striker Tristan Lee. Well, Lee did eventually get help from his second striker Uriah Holt and Fleftic under-21 international Arkady Rozier but it doesn't cover for the fact that the team is no longer the well-oiled that it once was during their fairy-tale season, but even as Lee nears retirement, Holt and Rozier look to be capable of taking up his mantle as Admiral Porcusces' dependable goalscorers. But maybe investing in the next transfer window will do wonders for the Foxes too.

Malabon SC
Predicted Finish: Fifth
Actual Finish: Fourteenth

Arguably the biggest disappointment of the season. After a second-place finish back in 2021-22, Malabon were pegged to be finally returning to stake their place in the top six or even turn the whole thing into a top seven with Malabon being of course the seventh team that rounds out all of the usual challengers for the Premier League title. Instead, that didn't happen. Kevin Kelvin was good for the Black-Whites; he always is; and Lucjo Kleinmann, Valery Zolnerov and Andor Gaal were also dependable, but everyone else was frankly wank for the Black-Whites. The goalkeepers were awful; the defense was awful; the midfield was awful at actually defending, instead opting for the "offense is the best defense" mentality, and look how well that worked out for them. It's curtains for Adelmio Bandini after that frankly pathetic showing for Malabon and it's up to his successor (still unknown at the time of this writing) to get the most out of this group of players and replicate their better days and hopefully even exceed them with a possible title. But really, Malabon SC lifting the title? That's probably an even longer shot than Admiral Porcusces, to be honest.

Thereisnogodistan FC
Predicted Finish: Sixteenth
Actual Finish: Fifteenth

Behold, an underperforming team in the Premier League from the Fhulghamous Peninsula. Thereisnogodistan was a pleasant surprise for Premier League watchers when they finally made the leap up from Unang Liga but it was their performances in the short-live Multiverse Premier League which really made them stick out in the minds of people. They were doing well in the MPL of course, but when it came to juggling their MPL and Fleftic Premier League schedules, people were expecting this to be a drain in their resources and players. But they made it work, by God, and they’ve been rewarded for it by more than a decade’s stay in the highest level of professional football in Abanhfleft. The strange thing though is that now that they have no more MPL to distract them, surely they should be able to conquer the Premier League and become an upper-mid-table side. But that’s not what happened. Maybe that injury to their new Nueva Andalusian striker Jeremias Rodriguez had something to do with it. The bad thing for Thereisnogodistan is that Rodriguez is not getting any younger and this injury may have actually chopped off a few years from Rodriguez’s career. And the players that had got them through the earlier Premier League and the MPL are also growing old and losing that magic touch. A shakeup is desirous for this club.

Kimmirut Panhandle
Predicted Finish: Eighteenth
Actual Finish: Sixteenth

Kimmirut Panhandle have managed to avoid the drop this time around, but only by the skin of their teeth. They will have no one but their (partial) namesake to thank for that, Kim Jae-in. The Oontaznik footballer originally plied his trade for General Trias Multiversal over in the Oontaznik Second Division before Kimmirut picked him up for 5 million new penenks to bolster their attack for yet another campaign in the top flight, a campaign in which their aim this time is to stick around the top flight for longer than two or even three seasons. So far they have managed to stave off the drop, but it’s just one season past. There are still at least two more seasons to go for Kimmirut to actually cement their place in the Premier League. Whether they can actually do it is another matter entirely. Certainly Kim Jae-in alone wouldn’t help keep the club. They need reinforcements, and fast.

Marinos Thimpodopoulos
Predicted Finish: Fifteenth
Actual Finish: Seventeenth

Yet another Premier League club from the Fhulghamous has disappointed us. Will tenth in the league forever remain their best finish? Whatever happened to the side that people thought would finally be able to break through the dominance of the top six of the Premier League and add a new challenger to the mix? By the looks of it, challenging for top ten honors has become a bit too much of a job for Marinos and they have become complacent, satisfied with mid-table and not aiming much higher than that. But, as their sudden and unexpected descent into the relegation dogfight showed, complacency is the death of many a football club. Teams which have become complacent and satisfied with mid-table in the Premier League like Sarvusdalamoive, Tefel, Real Mikkaleth, and Dynamo Ja have all paid for their complacency in the league with descent into the Liga ng Abanhfleft. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course, but there will always be those football purists or nostalgia lovers who will wish for the day that the aforementioned sides are back in the top flight. Marinos Thimpodopoulos have what it takes to remain in the top flight and maybe eventually challenge the dominance of the top six once again, but unless they make moves to improve their squad now, they could very well end up alongside the fallen giants.

Wabash River
Predicted Finish: Thirteenth
Actual Finish: Eighteenth

Well, it had to happen eventually. Wabash River have been pulling off escape after escape that surely they must have already used up all of their nine lives to stave off what had appeared to be the inevitable for many Premier League fans. They wouldn’t go so far as to say that everyone who played for Wabash were nicking a living but the sentiment certainly was present for those eagle-eyed enough to see it. Of course, seeing Wabash being called “the turd that wouldn’t flush” doesn’t help matters one bit for them too. It’s just that Wabash’s players are so average that nobody even dares to make themselves stand out. Well, some of them have stood out, but not of their own choice. Dopinder Kumar, for example. Who scores an own goal for three games straight and still makes their way into the starting eleven of a team? Dopinder Kumar, that’s who. At least Rob West and James Yulin have both been a breath of fresh air for this side but unfortunately, Wabash’s mediocrity was too much for them. To be perfectly honest, it may be too much even for the likes of Godzilla, Oren Ya’akovi or Peter Schermer, and they’re all quality Premier League-tested strikers. Well, at least they’ll spice up life in Unang Liga somewhat. That is, if they don’t get poached by Premier League clubs.

Antslinngs Islands
Predicted Finish: Twelfth
Actual Finish: Nineteenth

This has been the story of the Premier League in recent years: a team which has been relatively stable in terms of league position suddenly falls into the relegation dogfight and ends up going down due to some factor or another. Antslinngs Islands is that team from mid-table that have suddenly ended up being relegated. It was such a shame that it had to be them, too. Their Oontaznik signing (it’s always the Oontazniks who end up stealing the show in the Fleftic PL, no?) Weyverley has come very good this season but it ultimately wasn’t enough as they were sorely lacking in goals, a commodity which is very much crucial to survival in the Premier League. It’s not that they don’t produce too many chances (that would be Riuwiee United, cough cough) but Antslinngs have been quite wasteful with the chances that they have had. There were days where they simply couldn’t convert a chance if their lives depended on it. Well, their lives in the Premier League did depend on it, and now they have paid the price by falling back down to Unang Liga.

Rosenpfelblatz North End
Predicted Finish: Twentieth
Actual Finish: Twentieth

Ah, doesn’t it feel very nice to have not just one but two predictions out of twenty be ultimately vindicated in the end? It certainly does when it comes to the prediction that newly-promoted Rosenpfelblatz North End would end up dead last in the league, but it wasn’t for lack of trying from the Acolytes. Rosen North actually scored 67 goals this season, a good showing for a newly-promoted side. Their problems lies (mostly) in the fact that they have conceded 105 goals. And that, frankly, is never going to be good enough for the Premier League. Pundits have already noted that the key to Rosen North’s success back in the 2021-22 season was the fact that they could afford to outscore the opposition, but that option simply isn’t available in the Premier League. A few sides have tried it (Ludogorets and Arsenal spring to mind) but one need only look at how they did this season when they attempted that to know what happens next to such a side in the Premier League. And Rosen North doesn’t even have the cushion of some scrappy wins or draws so that was also a key to their eventual drop. One comfort that could be taken from this is that Misha Spartoni will absolutely tear apart Unang Liga next season; that is if he doesn’t get swiped by a top Prem club in the next transfer window.

And that does it for the Premier League Review. Tune in next time for a preview of the 2023-24 season.

2022-23 FBA Regular Season

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:17 am
by Abanhfleft

The Fleftic Basketball Association is a men's professional basketball league playing in the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft. Contested by 30 teams, it is generally considered as one of the best basketball leagues in the region of Antarctica and is also one of the most competitive and most popular. Teams are divided into two conferences of fifteen teams each, with each conference further subdivided into three divisions of five teams each. Both conference and division placement are decided geographically, with the Central Conference based around the original territories which comprise Abanhfleft during the founding of the FBA and the National Conference located in Abanhfleft's further outlying territories and colonies established in the days after the founding of the FBA. The current defending champions of the FBA are the Malabon Black Ops of the Capital Division of the Central Conference, who defeated the Sfax Scream of the Colonial Division of the National Conference in the 2022 FBA Finals by 4 games to 3. The Black Ops have become a powerhouse under the leadership of Fleftic and international basketball star Leonidas "Leo" Baxter and will look to consolidate and defend their title once again, perhaps even aiming for a potential three-peat, but they will have challengers in the form of Jazz Higgs' Uranium City Nukes, Newton Isaacs' Markovsky Red Army, and Hayden Dorola's Mereilles Port Boys to mix things up. And that's not even getting into the potential dark horses....

The FBA's players are composed mostly of Fleftics, with the odd Pridnestrovian, Oontaznik, and even Copperite plying their trade in the league. There are plans to open up the league to more nationalities in the coming years, and it is hoped that the FBA's membership into the IUBC will help introduce the league to said other nationalities.

2022-23 FBA Central Conference Regular Season Final Standings
CAPITAL DIVISION                Pld     W    L      WP   GB    PF    PA    PD
1 Malabon Black Ops [x] 82 70 12 0.854 0 6746 5371 +1375
2 Wanda Island Wizards [y] 82 56 26 0.683 14 6468 6000 +468
3 Releinthi Chiefs 82 20 62 0.244 50 5902 6534 −632
4 Effelenendro Piranhas 82 18 64 0.220 52 5803 6764 −961
5 Riuwiee Presidents 82 17 65 0.207 53 5638 6613 −975

1 Mereilles Port Boys [x] 82 63 19 0.768 0 6700 5692 +1008
2 Dorfdifving Steel [y] 82 56 26 0.683 7 6546 5952 +594
3 San Seriffe Black Panthers [z] 82 41 41 0.500 22 6289 6346 −57
4 Bendy Benny Wildcats 82 32 50 0.390 31 6063 6587 −524
5 Porcusces Giants 82 17 65 0.207 46 5621 6673 −1052

1 Uranium City Nukes [x] 82 59 23 0.720 0 6574 5708 +866
2 Tentenaraya Thunder [y] 82 41 41 0.500 18 6202 6163 +39
3 Garufaloe Rattlesnakes [z] 82 35 47 0.427 24 6055 6435 −380
4 Lotharstadt Grenadiers 82 26 56 0.317 33 5797 6426 −629
5 Wappinger Steam 82 25 57 0.305 34 5847 6549 −702

*[x] = division champion
*[y] = division runners-up
*[z] = best division third-place teams

2022-23 FBA National Conference Regular Season Final Standings
MAINLAND DIVISION               Pld     W    L      WP   GB    PF    PA    PD
1 Affeddall Beasts [x] 82 62 20 0.756 0 6674 5806 +868
2 Malhall Raiders [y] 82 50 32 0.610 12 6214 5881 +333
3 Mykorrigan MonStars [z] 82 42 40 0.512 20 6198 6321 −123
4 Selid Stars 82 38 44 0.463 24 6212 6270 −58
5 Zimp Kings 82 34 48 0.415 28 6113 6439 −326

1 Vikrant Conquerors [x] 82 60 22 0.732 0 6553 5706 +847
2 Markovsky Red Army [y] 82 44 38 0.537 16 6312 6368 −56
3 Braganopolis Braves 82 31 51 0.378 29 6077 6459 −382
4 Bytuch Wyk SaberTigers 82 26 56 0.317 34 6047 6405 −358
5 Jasvirabad Jazz 82 16 66 0.195 44 5769 6675 −906

1 Albarecete Albinos [x] 82 72 10 0.878 0 6743 5509 +1234
2 Sfax Scream [y] 82 71 11 0.866 1 6687 5583 +1104
3 Besanza Belugas [z] 82 42 40 0.512 30 6402 6245 +157
4 Pilken Mammoths 82 34 48 0.415 38 5985 6340 −355
5 Real Haritzaga Baloncesto 82 32 50 0.390 40 6020 6437 −417

*[x] = division champion
*[y] = division runners-up
*[z] = best division third-place teams

The FBA postseason format is as follows: 1v8, 4v5, 3v6, and 2v7. All sides will play a best-of-seven series to determine the winner of their respective match-ups, with the winner of 1v8 facing the winner of 4v5 and the winner of 3v6 facing the winner of 2v7. The three division champions receive the top three seeds, the division runners-up then get the next three seeds, and the two third-placed teams with the best records will get the two remaining seeds.

The following is the format of the 2022-23 FBA postseason.
Central Conference match-ups
(1) Malabon Black Ops vs. (8) Garufaloe Rattlesnakes

(4) Dorfdifving Steel vs. (5) Wanda Island Wizards

(3) Uranium City Nukes vs. (6) Tentenaraya Thunder

(2) Mereilles Port Boys vs. (7) San Seriffe Black Panthers

National Conference match-ups
(1) Albarecete Albinos vs. (8) Mykorrigan MonStars

(4) Sfax Scream vs. (5) Malhall Raiders

(3) Vikrant Conquerors vs. (6) Markovsky Red Army

(2) Affeddall Beasts vs. (7) Besanza Belugas

Results to come on the next post....

2022-23 FBA Postseason

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:34 am
by Abanhfleft
2022-23 FBA Playoffs
(1) Malabon Black Ops vs. (8) Garufaloe Rattlesnakes

Malabon Black Ops 95–63 Garufaloe Rattlesnakes
Malabon Black Ops 74–69 Garufaloe Rattlesnakes
Garufaloe Rattlesnakes 57–81 Malabon Black Ops
Garufaloe Rattlesnakes 70–99 Malabon Black Ops

Malabon Black Ops wins the series 4-0

(4) Dorfdifving Steel vs. (5) Wanda Island Wizards

Dorfdifving Steel 68–67 Wanda Island Wizards
Dorfdifving Steel 77–79 Wanda Island Wizards
Wanda Island Wizards 91–72 Dorfdifving Steel
Wanda Island Wizards 76–81 Dorfdifving Steel
Dorfdifving Steel 84–67 Wanda Island Wizards
Wanda Island Wizards 63–67 Dorfdifving Steel

Dorfdifving Steel wins the series 4-2

(3) Uranium City Nukes vs. (6) Tentenaraya Thunder

Uranium City Nukes 82–77 Tentenaraya Thunder
Uranium City Nukes 75–78 Tentenaraya Thunder
Tentenaraya Thunder 67–79 Uranium City Nukes
Tentenaraya Thunder 60–86 Uranium City Nukes
Uranium City Nukes 76–54 Tentenaraya Thunder

Uranium City Nukes wins the series 4-1

(2) Mereilles Port Boys vs. (7) San Seriffe Black Panthers

Mereilles Port Boys 77–57 San Seriffe Black Panthers
Mereilles Port Boys 78–61 San Seriffe Black Panthers
San Seriffe Black Panthers 60–78 Mereilles Port Boys
San Seriffe Black Panthers 62–95 Mereilles Port Boys

Mereilles Port Boys wins the series 4-0

(1) Albarecete Albinos vs. (8) Mykorrigan MonStars

Albaracete Albinos 67–92 Mykorrigan MonStars
Albaracete Albinos 72–91 Mykorrigan MonStars
Mykorrigan MonStars 80–67 Albaracete Albinos
Mykorrigan MonStars 83–74 Albaracete Albinos

Mykorrigan MonStars wins the series 4-0

(4) Sfax Scream vs. (5) Malhall Raiders

Sfax Scream 91–84 Malhall Raiders
Sfax Scream 62–68 Malhall Raiders
Malhall Raiders 64–77 Sfax Scream
Malhall Raiders 66–91 Sfax Scream
Sfax Scream 75–82 Malhall Raiders
Malhall Raiders 82–127 Sfax Scream

Sfax Scream wins the series 4-2

(3) Vikrant Conquerors vs. (6) Markovsky Red Army

Vikrant Conquerors 76–90 Markovsky Red Army
Vikrant Conquerors 77–83 Markovsky Red Army
Markovsky Red Army 76–75 Vikrant Conquerors
Markovsky Red Army 86–80 Vikrant Conquerors

Markovsky Red Army wins the series 4-0

(2) Affeddall Beasts vs. (7) Besanza Belugas

Affeddall Beasts 78–74 Besanza Belugas
Affeddall Beasts 75–59 Besanza Belugas
Besanza Belugas 80–70 Affeddall Beasts
Besanza Belugas 62–76 Affeddall Beasts
Affeddall Beasts 64–74 Besanza Belugas
Besanza Belugas 77–79 Affeddall Beasts

Affeddall Beasts win the series 4-2

The most surprising result of these playoffs is that the eighth-seeded Mykorrigan MonStars were somehow able to not only defeat the rampant Albarecete Albinos (who have made light work of the FBA this regular season) but the MonStars were actually able to sweep the Albinos! The eighth-seeded team swept the top-seeded team of the National Conference! It's so unbelievable that it has to be repeated until it loses its shock factor! In other more expected news, the Markovsky Red Army have finally managed to pick up some vital form coming into the playoffs. Their recent run of poor results means that they slipped down the division and conference rankings, hence resulting in their current lowly number-six seed. Up against the Vikrant Conquerors, who true to their name had made short work of the National Conference and conquered almost everyone they encountered, the oddsmakers were not giving the Red Army too much of a chance to make it past Vikrant. But lo and behold, not only did the Red Army survive against the Conquerors, they actually managed to sweep the Conquerors out of the playoffs too! Could this be finally Markovsky's year?

The conference semifinals match-ups are:
Central Conference semifinals
(1) Malabon Black Ops vs. (4) Dorfdifving Steel

(3) Uranium City Nukes vs. (2) Mereilles Port Boys

National Conference semifinals
(8) Mykorrigan MonStars vs. (4) Sfax Scream

(6) Markovsky Red Army vs. (2) Affeddall Beasts

2022-23 FBA Conference Semifinals
(1) Malabon Black Ops vs (4) Dorfdifving Steel

Malabon Black Ops 75–59 Dorfdifving Steel
Malabon Black Ops 78–66 Dorfdifving Steel
Dorfdifving Steel 67–81 Malabon Black Ops
Dorfdifving Steel 79–81 Malabon Black Ops

Malabon Black Ops wins the series 4-0

(3) Uranium City Nukes vs. (2) Mereilles Port Boys

Mereilles Port Boys 79–89 Uranium City Nukes
Mereilles Port Boys 57–93 Uranium City Nukes
Uranium City Nukes 93–85 Mereilles Port Boys
Uranium City Nukes 78–59 Mereilles Port Boys

Uranium City Nukes wins the series 4-0

(8) Mykorrigan MonStars vs. (4) Sfax Scream

Sfax Scream 69–67 Mykorrigan MonStars
Sfax Scream 74–85 Mykorrigan MonStars
Mykorrigan MonStars 73–81 Sfax Scream
Mykorrigan MonStars 76–84 Sfax Scream
Sfax Scream 59–94 Mykorrigan MonStars
Mykorrigan MonStars 64–73 Sfax Scream

Sfax Scream wins the series 4-2

(6) Markovsky Red Army vs. (2) Affeddall Beasts

Affeddall Beasts 60–90 Markovsky Red Army
Affeddall Beasts 68–87 Markovsky Red Army
Markovsky Red Army 69–62 Affeddall Beasts
Markovsky Red Army 74–66 Affeddall Beasts

Markovsky Red Army wins the series 4-0

It's no surprise that the Black Ops had the edge over the Steel in the conference semifinals, hence Malabon sweeping Dorfdifving off the board, but what is more surprising is the fact that the Uranium City Nukes also managed to sweep the Mereilles Port Boys out of the competition. Everyone was expecting that particular series to go down to the wire, with either Jazz Higgs' team or Hayden Dorola's edging out the competition after a full best-of-seven series. But what actually happened is that the Nukes had the definite edge over the Port Boys and hence they will be the ones advancing to face the Black Ops in the conference finals. That's sure to be a juicy match-up. And speaking of juicy match-ups, Sfax versus Markovsky should also shape up to be a very good one. We are being blessed with a good FBA postseason, ladies and gentlemen; we should make the most out of it!

Here are the conference finals match-ups:
Central Conference Finals
(1) Malabon Black Ops vs. (3) Uranium City Nukes

National Conference Finals
(4) Sfax Scream vs. (6) Markovsky Red Army

2022-23 FBA Conference Finals
(1) Malabon Black Ops vs. (3) Uranium City Nukes

Malabon Black Ops 67–83 Uranium City Nukes
Malabon Black Ops 67–89 Uranium City Nukes
Uranium City Nukes 99–78 Malabon Black Ops
Uranium City Nukes 85–93 Malabon Black Ops
Malabon Black Ops 78–63 Uranium City Nukes
Uranium City Nukes 67–73 Malabon Black Ops
Malabon Black Ops 89–69 Uranium City Nukes

Malabon Black Ops wins the series 4-3

(4) Sfax Scream vs. (6) Markovsky Red Army

Sfax Scream 76–84 Markovsky Red Army
Sfax Scream 77–89 Markovsky Red Army
Markovsky Red Army 90–71 Sfax Scream
Markovsky Red Army 84–80 Sfax Scream

Markovsky Red Army wins the series 4-0

The Uranium City Nukes blew a 3-0 lead. There's no other way to say it. The Nukes blew a 3-0 lead! This is really just the stuff of memes, this is! There is literally no more words left to say after this.

P.S.: The Markovsky Red Army swept the Sfax Scream in the National Conference Finals.
2022-23 FBA Finals
Finally, it has all come to this. This crazy FBA season is about to come to an end, and only one team can come out of this triumphant. It's either the Malabon Black Ops securing that three-peat or the Markovsky Red Army spoiling the party over in the Capital Islands. Who will lift that coveted Fleftic Basketball Association Championship Trophy this time around? Let's all find out together.
Malabon Black Ops 67–74 Markovsky Red Army
Malabon Black Ops 67–64 Markovsky Red Army
Markovsky Red Army 87–58 Malabon Black Ops
Markovsky Red Army 80–74 Malabon Black Ops
Markovsky Red Army 79–66 Malabon Black Ops

Markovsky Red Army wins the FBA Finals 4-1

And there you have it. The FBA season ends with Newt Isaacs lifting that trophy. Newt denies his national teammate Leo Baxter the chance at a three-peat, but the Red Army simply wanted it more, so the trophy will go to Markovsky for this season. Until the next one, folks, and goodbye.

Congratulations to the Markovsky Red Army, your 2022-23 FBA champions!

2022-23 PBSL Regular Season

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:55 am
by Trans-Dniesters

The Pridnestrovian Basketball Super League (Pridnestrovian: Приднестровская баскетбольная суперлига, Pridnestrovskaya basketbol'naya superliga) is the highest level of professional basketball in the Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia. It is contested by eighteen clubs and operates a combination of promotion and relegation and playoffs to determine who is the champion of the league in a given season and who will go down to the lower tier of basketball competition. The top eight clubs will play each other in a bracketed playoff format to determine who will be the final champion of the season, but the team which is top of the league at the end of the regular season also receives a prize, the "minor championship". At the other end, the two teams with the lowest number of points automatically go down to the Pridnestrovian Basketball Second Division, and their places in the Basketball Super League will be replaced by the top two teams of the Second Division. The playoff format is only applicable to the Basketball Super League; the champions and other top teams in the lower leagues will be determined solely in regular season play.

For the playoffs, the teams will be seeded according to their position on the table. They will then face each other in the so-called "FBA bracket", with 1v8, 4v5, 3v6, and 2v7 all playing each other in a best-of-five series. On it goes until a champion is finally crowned.

With the Basketball Super League now planning on joining the IUBC, the criteria for the four clubs allowed to join the IUBC Trophy is as follows: the playoff champions will earn the top spot in the qualifiers, and the losing finalist will take the second spot. The minor champions (the table-toppers in the regular season table) will take the third spot and a new third-place playoff competition (to be contested by the losing semifinalists in the playoff stage) will see the winners of that particular competition take the final qualifier slot. In the event that the minor champions is also eligible for an IUBC qualifier slot through the other criteria, the loser of the third-place playoff game will receive the final IUBC slot.

Here are the final standings of the 2022-23 Pridnestrovian Basketball Super League regular season.
Pos Team                                  Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts
1 BC Admiral Novorossiysk 34 30 4 2744 2336 +408 90 Minor champions, qualified for PBSL playoffs
2 BC Dinamo Bender 34 27 7 2755 2446 +309 81 Qualified for PBSL playoffs
3 BC CSKA Tiraspol 34 26 8 2720 2449 +271 78 Qualified for PBSL playoffs
4 Kesselburger Cagers 34 25 9 2676 2357 +319 75 Qualified for PBSL playoffs
5 Strigoni Macaresti 34 19 15 2684 2579 +105 57 Qualified for PBSL playoffs
6 BK Tukums 34 18 16 2626 2533 +93 54 Qualified for PBSL playoffs
7 Bacardi Derinkuyu 34 18 16 2582 2532 +50 54 Qualified for PBSL playoffs
8 Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters 34 17 17 2477 2659 −182 51 Qualified for PBSL playoffs

9 Bratsk Buccaneers 34 16 18 2568 2585 −17 48
10 BC Sheriff Tiraspol 34 15 19 2590 2587 +3 45
11 BC Vitosha 34 14 20 2583 2635 −52 42
12 Dnistrolvovsk Loggers 34 14 20 2512 2637 −125 42
13 Vladikarpaty Mountaineers 34 13 21 2593 2731 −138 39
14 BC Unterspielsdorf 34 13 21 2590 2744 −154 39
15 Vladikrav Chiefs 34 12 22 2511 2788 −277 36
16 Incirlik Bombers 34 11 23 2571 2705 −134 33
17 BC Atom Chernogorsk 34 10 24 2448 2646 −198 30 Relegated to Basketball Second Division
18 Wewelsburg Dragons 34 8 26 2457 2738 −281 24 Relegated to Basketball Second Division

BC Admiral Novorossiysk take home the minor championship this time round, giving the supporters of the Navy Club and the basketball fans of Novorossiysk something more to cheer about. Last year's champions Kesselburger Cagers (who also took home the minor championship for their second basketball double) ended up in fourth this time but it's still a respectable showing. Vladikrav Chiefs and BC Atom Chernogorsk as the promoted sides were expected to be a bit poor when it comes to competing against the other teams in the league but it has to be said that the performance of both teams, at least during the first half of the season, was woeful at best; only two wins for the Chiefs and no wins whatsoever for Chernogorsk. They both did pick up some form over the second half of the season but, in the case of Atom Chernogorsk at least, it was a case of too little, too late. They will go back down to the Basketball Second Division alongside the Wewelsburg Dragons, who did well last season but will have all of next season in the Second Division to contemplate about what went wrong for them this season.

Congratulations to BC Admiral Novorossiysk, your 2022-23 Pridnestrovian Basketball Super League minor champions!

PBSL playoff results to come in the following post....

2022-23 PBSL Playoffs

PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:05 am
by Trans-Dniesters
2022-23 PBSL Playoffs
(1) BC Admiral Novorossiysk vs (8) Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters

BC Admiral Novorossiysk 60–82 Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters
Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters 66–77 BC Admiral Novorossiysk
BC Admiral Novorossiysk 69–87 Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters
Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters 93–65 BC Admiral Novorossiysk

Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters wins the series 3-1

(4) Kesselburger Cagers vs. (5) Strigoni Macaresti

Kesselburger Cagers 78–65 Strigoni Macaresti
Strigoni Macaresti 61–95 Kesselburger Cagers
Kesselburger Cagers 69–57 Strigoni Macaresti

Kesselburger Cagers wins the series 3-0

(3) BC CSKA Tiraspol vs (6) BK Tukums

BC CSKA Tiraspol 94–65 BK Tukums
BK Tukums 67–99 BC CSKA Tiraspol
BC CSKA Tiraspol 69–60 BK Tukums

BC CSKA Tiraspol wins the series 3-0

(2) BC Dinamo Bender vs. (7) Bacardi Derinkuyu

BC Dinamo Bender 78–58 Bacardi Derinkuyu
Bacardi Derinkuyu 56–85 BC Dinamo Bender
BC Dinamo Bender 83–63 Bacardi Derinkuyu

BC Dinamo Bender wins the series 3-0

Well, that didn't last long, at least from the perspective of BC Admiral Novorossiysk. Yes, they were the minor champions of the Basketball Super League regular season but as the proverb goes, the regular season doesn't mean anything when the playoffs come around, and that's exactly what happened to the Navy Ballers when they faced up against the Harbormasters of Pridnestrovskaya Gavan. The fact that it's a rivalry match between the two cities hosting the two biggest bases of the Pridnestrovian Navy simply doesn't make it any easier for Admiral to stomach this defeat. Novorossiysk has always prided itself in having the bigger and better team between the naval bases so when Pridnestrovskaya Gavan actually gets one over them, the Harbor (the nickname for P. Gavan as that's what its name stands for in Russian, Pridnestrovian Harbor) has no choice but to celebrate and milk it for all that it's worth. But other than that, all the teams which were expected to win their series did so. It will be defending champions Kesselburger Cagers who will aim to bring the Harbormasters down a peg or two, and in the other match-up it will be the Derby of All Derbies between BC CSKA Tiraspol and CSKA Dinamo Bender. It looks to be a good show, comrades, so don't miss it!
2022-23 PBSL Semifinals
(8) Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters vs. (4) Kesselburger Cagers

Kesselburger Cagers 75–91 Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters
Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters 93–68 Kesselburger Cagers
Kesselburger Cagers 73–88 Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters

Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters wins the series 3-0

(3) BC CSKA Tiraspol vs. (2) BC Dinamo Bender

BC Dinamo Bender 70–91 BC CSKA Tiraspol
BC CSKA Tiraspol 76–64 BC Dinamo Bender
BC Dinamo Bender 86–79 BC CSKA Tiraspol
BC CSKA Tiraspol 84–60 BC Dinamo Bender

BC CSKA Tiraspol wins the series 3-1

Pridnestrovskaya Gavan just seem to be on an absolute rampage this postseason. First they knocked the minor champions and their naval rivals BC Admiral Novorossiysk out of the competition and now they have claimed the scalp of the defending champions, Kesselburger Cagers. The Harbormasters made short work of the team from Kesselburg, thus setting them up for their first ever PBSL Final in their entire history. And to think that this is only their fifth year in the top two tiers of Pridnestrovian basketball! They will surely be the darlings of the finals but their opponents will certainly have the backing of almost the entire nation behind them. BC CSKA Tiraspol edged out their bitter and eternal rivals BC Dinamo Bender in a thrilling semifinal, but eventually CSKA won out just as it looked like Dinamo had swung the momentum in their favor in games three and four.

The 2023 Pridnestrovian Basketball Super League Finals will then be BC CSKA Tiraspol against Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters in a best-of-five series while BC Dinamo Bender and Kesselburger Cagers will be duking it out for the third-place playoff and the final IUBC Trophy spot in a single do-or-die game to be held in the home stadium of the team which is lower in the regular season table; in this case, Kesselburger Cagers. Watch this space.
2022-23 PBSL Finals & 3PPO
Kesselburger Cagers 79–84 BC Dinamo Bender

BC Dinamo Bender wins the third place playoff

Sadly for Kesselburger Cagers, they will not be coming away with anything this season, not even third place and a spot in the IUBC Trophy as they were narrowly defeated at home by BC Dinamo Bender. The Dynamos were soundly beaten by their eternal rivals BC CSKA Tiraspol in the semifinals and were looking for something or someone in which they could vent their frustration at being beaten by the eternal rival, and that someone just happened to be poor Kesselburger Cagers. BC Dinamo Bender will then take the final IUBC Trophy slot allocated to Pridnestrovia. Now we turn to the final to determine who will be leading Pridnestrovia’s representatives in the IUBC Trophy.

BC CSKA Tiraspol 66–59 Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters
Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters 73–79 BC CSKA Tiraspol
BC CSKA Tiraspol 74–65 Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters

BC CSKA Tiraspol wins the 2023 PBSL Finals 3-0

It was fun while it lasted, but all fairy tales must come to an end no matter what, and for the Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters, that ending was not really the happy one they may have envisioned. They were always going to be underdogs against BC CSKA Tiraspol, and even though there were many people who began rooting for the Harbormasters just because they could (and also because no one really expected them to get this far into the playoffs), there was always going to be just one winner, and that was the Army Club. This will give the fans of CSKA something to cheer about when the rest of their club’s sports teams are not performing up to their usual standards. So that’s it for the 2022-23 Pridnestrovian Basketball Super League; BC CSKA Tiraspol are your champions but Pridnestrovskaya Gavan Harbormasters have made history nevertheless, and their rewards will be participation in the IUBC Trophy.

Congratulations to BC CSKA Tiraspol, your 2022-23 Pridnestrovian Basketball Super League champions!

2022-23 PDN Basketball 2nd Division Final Results

PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:23 am
by Trans-Dniesters
Pos Team                           Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts
1 Nord-Vest Representative Team 34 25 9 2682 2423 +259 75 Champions, Promoted to PBSL
2 Novonikolaysk Bluefins 34 23 11 2736 2631 +105 69 Promoted to PBSL

3 BC Spartak Rheinburg 34 19 15 2729 2687 +42 57
4 Barrikada Renechev 34 19 15 2574 2558 +16 57
5 BC Nickel Novorossiysk 34 18 16 2676 2618 +58 54
6 Tuzla Longhorns 34 18 16 2598 2563 +35 54
7 Yeralenko Yaks 34 18 16 2639 2607 +32 54
8 Derov Bloodhounds 34 18 16 2657 2649 +8 54
9 BC Traktor Bender 34 17 17 2594 2505 +89 51
10 Radomedix Dnistrosh 34 17 17 2674 2711 −37 51
11 BC Avtozavod Divnogorsk 34 16 18 2630 2641 −11 48
12 BC Korchak Novosverdlovsk 34 15 19 2644 2645 −1 45
13 Index Eggolsheim-Neuses 34 15 19 2603 2624 −21 45
14 Pepuza Patriots 34 15 19 2499 2568 −69 45
15 Masyaf Messengers 34 14 20 2547 2732 −185 42
16 Zheleznogorsk Bears 34 13 21 2627 2657 −30 39
17 BC Spartak Sonolovichyrevko 34 13 21 2609 2743 −134 39 Relegated to Basketball Third Division
18 Komsomolskaya Tiraspol 34 13 21 2492 2648 −156 39 Relegated to Basketball Third Division

Congratulations to the Nord-Vest Representative Team, your 2022-23 Pridnestrovian Basketball Second Division champions, achieving promotion to the Basketball Super League for the first time ever in their history!

2022-23 Rugby Coalition season

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:28 am
by APOC Coalition
Following the massive success of the Rugby Coalition not only among the member nations of the APOC Coalition but also in the field of international rugby union (namely the Dwile International Tournament in which Pridnestrovia's Oshkosh Dnistrosh, the inaugural Rugby Coalition champions. also brought home the inaugural Dwile International title), here is the second season of the Rugby Coalition.

There is one significant rule change brought about by this new edition of the Rugby Coalition, which is listed below:
*teams are now required to score at least 4 converted tries (that is, four tries with successful conversions equivalent to 28 points) before they are given 1 bonus point for scoring 4 tries. Before, the rules stated that a team need only score 4 tries without any conditions for successful conversions, but this was changed after complaints from a number of teams participating in the Rugby Coalition.

All of the matches of the first matchday of the 2022-23 Rugby Coalition season began with a minute of silence in remembrance of the victims of the bombing of the Dnistrosh Metro by pro-ESTORVIPAN terrorists during Oshkosh Dnistrosh's Dwile International victory parade.

Here then are the results of the 2022-23 Rugby Coalition season.

2022-23 Rugby Coalition season final standings
Pos Team                         Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   TB   LB   Pts  Ttl
1 San Seriffe Bad Hombres 30 18 1 11 501 391 +110 3 7 74 84 Champions, Dwile International
2 Oshkosh Dnistrosh 30 17 1 12 545 457 +88 3 8 70 81 Dwile International

3 Wa Gon Carabiners 30 18 1 11 371 315 +56 0 6 74 80
4 Ken Gon Rooks 30 16 1 13 544 491 +53 4 8 66 78
5 Kesselburger Packers 30 17 1 12 348 278 +70 3 4 70 77
6 Bytuch Feld Dinosaurs 30 16 4 10 489 455 +34 1 3 72 76
7 Tikrit Oilers 30 16 2 12 403 337 +66 1 4 68 73
8 Haranguer Death Worms 30 15 2 13 325 266 +59 2 7 64 73
9 Nineveh Whales 30 14 2 14 342 306 +36 2 9 60 71
10 Jasvirabad Titans 30 16 2 12 345 379 −34 0 3 68 71
11 Zheleznogorsk Atomsplitters 30 13 5 12 301 318 −17 1 7 62 70
12 Red Gon Red Bulls 30 13 1 16 417 445 −28 1 7 54 62
13 Sasmuan Supermen 30 12 3 15 383 474 −91 1 4 54 59
14 Manitogoro Madness 30 10 1 19 373 510 −137 1 4 42 47
15 Albatross Bed Gon 30 8 1 21 449 560 −111 1 9 34 44
16 Bierburg Sentinels 30 7 0 23 289 443 −154 1 9 28 38

This season, it was Bytuch Feld Dinosaurs' title to lose, and boy did they lose it. A combination of poor results in the final run-in of the season as well as a small pool of bonus points to fall back on resulted in the Dinosaurs, which had topped the table for over sixteen matchdays, falling all the way down to sixth. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the San Seriffe Bad Hombres took home the 2022-23 title despite a poor start to the season that saw them all the way down in twelfth before bouncing back to seventh place at the halfway point of the season. The defending champions Oshkosh Dnistrosh managed to sneak into second place thanks to their massive haul of bonus points, just barely edging out the Wa Gon Carabiners of the Sultanate of Oontaz, which took third place after a mid-table finish last season. And the Bierburg Sentinels will take home the wooden spoon with last year's wooden spoon holders Albatross Bed Gon just barely finishing higher than the Sentinels.