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Postby Spaam » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:48 am

Part 2

Mela took a break by walking around the vast cavern, observing the many statues, sculptures and carvings that decorated the periphery. The site was hive of activity, with workers walking here and there with purpose, and archaeology students carefully cataloguing artifacts and photographing the seemingly infinite points of interest. There was a buzz of noise: conversations, the low hum of generators, the high hum of the countless work lights, numerous taps, bumps and shuffles, and the unmistakable sound of a radio broadcast that seemed to pierce the other noises.

“...the corner kick comes in… the Hirvanians still have the ball… and SCORE! The number nine Roknovich has finally pierced the Spaamanian defense, with a header that Inasys just can’t get to. The home team now has a one-nil lead deep in the second half…”

There was clear sound of disappointment that seemed to echo through the whole cavern, and Mela could almost perceptibly feel the energy level drop. It still seemed weird to the young archaeologist that a mere sport could have such an effect on people, but her boss was slowly convincing her otherwise. If it was true, as Professor Torbanise claimed, that an entire nation could be more productive, more united, happier, through a shared endeavour, then wouldn’t whatever they were doing be worth it? However, that was the problem, thought Mela. Whatever were they doing here?

She had stopped in front of a large statue, probably the largest one in the entire cavern. It portrayed a tall, regal - no, godly - woman, who was blindfolded and yet looked proud and haughty over the entire cavern. In her right hand held high were two dice, while around her were scrolls, seemingly left as offerings. Twice the height of any person, the white speckled marble figure made Mela feel very small and insignificant. She leant down to read out loud the inscription at the base: “'Margaret hi ki jelges naap dorsumes bud'.”

“Margaret gives blessings to those who make words,” said a male voice behind her.

“I know my ancient Spaamanian, Professor,” retorted Mela, “I just don’t know why this minor god has such a prominent place at this site.”

“Oh no, Margaret is certainly no minor god, Mela. She was actually a very important deity to the people that held power even up to a couple of hundred years ago. Margaret just doesn’t have very many followers these days… at least not in public.” The professor stepped up next to Mela as they both looked up at the face of the goddess. “The terrible and powerful Margaret holds the fate of…”

Professor Torbanise was interrupted by a loud cheer and a wave of energy that permeated shortly after.

“...and that’s the equaliser! Sehelin has converted the penalty and this is now anyone’s match with ten minutes left to play. What a goal! She…”

“Another draw, excellent.” The older man drew his gaze from the people around the cavern that seemed to move with more purpose and focused on the great mass of stone, marble and metal that dominated the middle of site. “So what are your conclusions so far with regard to our friend here, my dear?”

“Honestly Professor, I’m still confused. It is obviously some sort of machine, but even with the imaging, there are many components that don’t make any sense to me. And what sort of metal stays unrusted for hundreds of years? I thought I knew a lot about ancient machinery, but this is totally unlike anything that I’ve ever come across. If I didn’t know better,” Mela shook her head, “I’d say it was magic.”

The professor grinned. “Magic you say? Well, there is more in heaven and earth. Why don’t you show me what you mean?”

The older man led the two into the middle of cavern and up the stone stairs to the monolith. Standing just as tall as the statue of Margaret, and twice as much in length and width, marble, metal and stone were jumbled up in wheels, levers and other things they seemed like perhaps they could move if you wished hard enough. Mela ran her hands over the cool metal, the smooth marble and the rough and oddly warm stone.

“I think I can get it to work, but to what purpose is beyond me. The individual components seem to be in working order and the carvings around it are clear in their instructions. But what it does? It seems like it does nothing at all, but everything else in these ruins indicate that it does something incredibly important.” Mela turned back to the professor with accusation in her expression, “and you know what that is.”

“I will admit, I may have some idea…”

Again they were interrupted, but this time the cheer was deafening and the emotions palpable.

“She’s done it! The pass from Ralora was spot on and Sehelin gets past the Hilvanian keeper. They’ve got the lead and there’s just seconds to go! This is incredible, Spaam is winning! Spaam is…”

The professor looked vaguely troubled and idly rubbed his chin. “That was unexpected. A win is great, of course, but I thought…” He shook his head and smiled at his protege. “I think we should soon get this machine running, don’t you think?”

Part 4
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Postby Electrum » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:43 am


5: The Wall

The day had finally arrived. The four-parties who went into that secret pact went into the cabinet room. Due to Sameba's sudden attack on Eura, most of the party leaders of the traditional parties were absent, in an unfortunately arranged meeting that clashed with the cabinet meeting (which was set up with Alan Rickuss' accomplice in the Prime Minister's office) and so there were only twenty members out of thirty in the cabinet room, just enough for quorum.

The Electrumite Executive, by special order of a citizen's referendum, has proportionally allocated roles to all political parties, in order to ensure co-operation, and to make it almost impossible for the government to collapse, as most of the parties were in government. This has meant, however, that there is much political disagreement in the cabinet, with a wide array of voices, including joke parties, Greens, nationalists, neo-conservatives, etc. all having a say in the process and the voting. To counteract this, the cabinet has made special rules, including requiring a 2/3 quorum (previously cabinet meetings did not require any quorum), to only vote on new policies once per term, in order to stop protracted deliberation of new policy, and finally, to incinerate all notes and papers after cabinet meetings to prevent leakages.

The four parties who had entered the pact were the Electrumite Nationalist Party, Country Living, Compassionate Workers and Family Principles Party, all of whom had their own reasons to oppose the intake of Euran refugees from across the border. With a population of billions to the North, the Electrumite nation with a population of 40 million was understandably nervous about the situation in Eura, especially after Sameba effectively striked the nation without warning. Already, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people were already poring across the border without documentation, and overwhelming the Electrumite border towns. The entire cabinet discussed the idea of a wall separating the two nations, but was laughed out without so much as a vote. The four parties collectively controlled seven votes out of thirty, but with most of the leaders out of the meeting, they only needed eleven for a majority.

Before the meeting, the four leaders all had a target: the four remaining members of the Conservative Party remaining in the cabinet. Not being important enough to go to the security meeting, they were asked to hold the fort, should any shenanigans happen. It just so happens that they also represented the right-wing faction of the party, with the moderates in control, the right-wing of the CP effectively had no voice in party administration, which angered the party's grassroots base. In recent years, the CP's share of the vote had been falling to the parties of the secret pact, as well as other parties, because of their support for controversial measures such as a new land tax, and increasing taxes on the VAT and other un-conservative laws. Because of these circumstances, the leaders managed to easily convince those four members of the CP to switch their vote in the meeting to vote for the wall, and to defect immediately after the meeting was over.

As the twenty members shuffled into the room, the cabinet meeting was underway. The chair of the meeting was Greens Leader Marco Lombardi. He was a short, moustached man with olive skin. Nobody bothered to pay attention to him really, but to him, being the chair of the cabinet for a single meeting meant a lot to him.

"I call the Cabinet to order. ORDER. ORDER!!" Marco yelled across the table. After a few hushes, he banged his gavel and said, "First order of business is apologies. I have the apologies from the leaders of the Liberty, Labour, Conservatives and Centrist party, who are all in a security meeting with their assistants about the Euran crisis and the Rushmori Union. That leaves us down to twenty members, which is the quorum needed for cabinet meetings.

Second order of business is to consider and to vote on the two related bills, the Fishing Regulatory Bill and the Gambling and Alcohol Licensing Commissioner Establishment Bill."

Alan Rickuss, the leader of the Electrum Nationalist Party, cleared his throat rather violently.

"Is there a problem Mr. Rickuss?" asked Lombardi in a condescending manner.

"Yes indeed. I propose we suspend the agenda and instead vote on the Euran Wall Bill, or just the Ew Bill for short."

"Mr. Rickuss, with all due respect, you haven't circulated a copy of the bill to all members of the cabinet, nor discussed this bill at all so I can't--"

"We did. Remember, Marco? During the last cabinet meeting, when it got lost in all the other resolutions? We didn't manage to vote on them."

"Mr. Rickuss, I'm saying this very kindly, but I do not see that this has prospects of passing. Anyways, moving on to the Fish--"

Three voices, loud and clear, all rang at once, "We second the motion!"

All the faces on the table turned to the three people who seconded the motion. It was Laina Li, the leader of the Country Living Party, Daniel Waters from the Family Principles Party and Michael Lynton from the Compassionate Workers Party.

Marco Lombardi audibly sighed. "Okay, fine. We'll hold a vote. I doubt you'll get the numbers, so lets just get this wall business over and done with so that we don't have to discuss this ever again until after the next election. And I will be glad that we won't have to discuss this stupid proposal again. Okay, hands up for NAY against this bill." 9 hands shot straight up.

Marco looked to his right to the disgruntled Conservatives. He expected them to put their hands up too, but they weren't budging. Marco thought they would probably abstain. Surely they wouldn't dare contradict the party line, would they? If they abstained, it would be 9-7, and the issue would still be over. Now was the moment for truth.

"Alright... now AYE for debating the bill." Eleven hands went up. Seven from the four party leaders, and four more from the Conservatives put their hand up. "That's eleven. I don't believe it. I don't believe it at all. What you've unleashed... this is not acceptable..."
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Postby Osarius » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:19 am

It took little time after the ascension of King Alexander II to the throne to bring an end to the unrest across Osarius. The new monarch used the powers of his seat to dissolve government, upon discovering their questionable attitudes toward the Cobre nation. A meeting with Tukari Kaita followed, which culminated in Osarius officially recognising the Free Lands of Cobrio as a self-governed territory under the protection of the Crown. Negotiations with the Council of Rabastor came next, leading to associate membership to the Rabastorian Union being awarded to the newly established state.

"We are still one people, though I believe in the principles of self-determination and smaller government," the King said in a speech to the nation, early in July. "I would not, in good conscience, be able to maintain a vice grip on power over those who would govern themselves. Nor do I believe it part of the mandate of my seat to enforce rulership on the unwilling. My agreement, in the interests of all the Osarian people, Cobre or not, returns a great deal of power to the people. Where it belongs."

This move is said to be in-line with the ideals of his grandfather, King Benedict I -- though he was loathe to interfere in governmental affairs unless absolutely necessary -- in that it restricts the influence politicians can exert over the populace. As an effect of the dissolution of government, His Majesty now holds full executive power over the nation, and is wasting no time in reforming many of the problems that had been allowed to fester. By compromising with the Cobre people, some fear the King has alienated a significant minority of the population, but others suggest this is the first step in what may well turn out to be a return to a regional system of government, compromising a United Kingdom. The King's new government will be taking shape over the course of the next few months, and it is believed that he seeks a return to the small central government system favoured by his grandfather, with more power held by similarly smaller-sized local councils... (read more on page 6)

* * * * *

It had been a busy summer. The appointment of new manager Ayanna Barca-Carthy, and Osarius' crushing 4-1 defeat at the hands of Chromatika in the AOCAF Cup had been largely swept aside amidst the political changes affecting the nation. The buzz surrounding the executive orders being passed down from the new King had drowned out most news regarding the national team, but there was one thing that had not gone unnoticed. Cobrio and Osarius had arranged to play a ceremeonial friendly in Callistea to mark the former's entry to the Rabastorian Union. There were articles springing up all over the place, debates about nationality and patriotism, people harking back to the vitriol flung at the national team for their protesting... pretty much every topic except the actual football being played.

"Probably a good thing, Aya." Autumn Phelps remarked, tongue firmly in cheek. "They're too busy hating each other to bitch about us, eh?"

Ayanna laughed, bitterly. "Give it time. They'll certainly have words for me if Cobrio enter a World Cup, if not before."

"Because of the defections?"

"What else? Losing Ihenacho is a big one, he's popular."

"It's inevitable, though. We have a lot of talent to choose from. Cobrio... not so much."

Ayanna barked a laugh so bitter, lemons would have tasted sweet. "You're applying logic to football fans, Autumn. Why?"

"This bothers you a lot, huh?"

"Of course it does! My father is of Cobre descent, and my mother might as well be."

"I thought your mother was Tubrissian?"

"Long story. She technically is, but the tribes mingled a lot in the- ... know what? Now is not the time for a history lesson."

"Okay, I just... I wouldn't have guessed."

"Because I'm pale, right?"

"Well... yeah."

"It's okay, I get it. But at the same time, I'm really glad for Cobrio. I didn't want to make the decision for the team before, but you know I was over the moon when they came to me and said they wanted to show solidarity. It was amazing." Autumn stayed quiet this time.

"Now, I have to make absolutely sure we don't lose this one. Even though on some level, I want Cobrio to win." Autumn cocked an eyebrow. "Not like I want to lose. Just that I feel it would be a bigger deal to them than to us."

"Well yeah, isn't that why we send the kids to the Rabastor Trophy and everyone else sends full senior squads?"

"I suppose. I think they're using the same squad they sent to the RUT for our friendly, by the way."

"Makes sense. It's not like they have time to be picking and choosing, and vetting selections."

"Makes them an even bigger underdog, though. More reason to want them to win, isn't it?"

"Even if it costs you your job?"

"...good point."

* * * * *

       Osarius   1-0   Audioslavia
Johnson 68'

Man-of-the-Match: Fabio Mancini (OSR)

OSR [4-2-3-1] Monteforte; Simpson, Constantini, Calabrese, Rizzi (G. Simpson 76); Gentile,
Bailey (Estevez 76); Bartley (Montanari 83), Mancini, Watson; Johnson

It's been a while, but the Firebirds still, apparently, have the number of their COCANEFA rivals. Another hard-fought, narrowly decided game between the two nations, as is tradition. That the key players for the home side were both based overseas -- Mancini snubbed a return to Hastmead in favour of a move to Audioslavian side Zozi, while Aaliyah "arguably-the-best-striker-in-the-world-no-matter-what-Boldsport-think" Johnson plies her trade in Nephara -- should not detract in any way from a near-flawlessly executed tactical game from Barca-Carthy's side, and it's implications on Osarius' quest to return to football's top table. No quarter was expected -- nor would it be given -- against the Bulls. And both teams would have it no other way.

A change in system to a narrower, more conservative implementation of the 4-5-1/4-3-3 hybrid system used by the Firebirds over the past couple decades was a signal of intent. Knowing that the Bulls would likely control the middle, Barca-Carthy made the conscious decision to mirror their system and flood the centre of the park in an attempt to slow the tempo. It worked. Two defensively inclined midfielders in the form of Bailey and Gentile would prove adequate obstacle to Audioslavia's attempts to move the ball quickly through the centre. The selection of two hard-working, but pacey wingers, deployed in narrower roles either side of the dynamic Fabio Mancini gave the front four flexibility. Whenever Gentile or Bailey won the ball, Bartley and Watson would immediately drift wide into the fullback zones -- often vacant, courtesy of the marauding runs of Audioslavia's fullbacks -- while Johnson hung on the shoulder of the last man, knowing she would handily win a footrace.

That the eventual winner came from a counter -- ironically against a team which not too long ago was perhaps most well-known for its ability to absorb absurd amounts of pressure before launching a devastating counter-attack -- is no coincidence. Johnson had been caught offside a few times already, perhaps deliberately lingering beyond the last man in order to cultivate a false sense of security. When Gentile received a short lateral from Bailey, Johnson had already begun sprinting back to an onside position, while Mancini pushed up to occupy a centre back. Meanwhile, Watson and Bartley pulled wide to create gaps in the defensive line. With almost impeccable timing, Gentile released the pass out wide to Watson, who centred with his first touch for Johnson to run onto. The Sabrefell Moths striker did not hesitate, lashing a vicious right footed strike across goal to put Osarius ahead.

Taking the lead was crucial for the Firebirds against the second ranked side in the multiverse, no matter when it happened, as it would give them the freedom to focus attention on frustrating their opposition; particularly the clinical forward, and best young player in the world, Roddy Fraser. "Honestly, I was a little excited about the prospect of man-marking a player of his quality," revealed Osarius centre back Demetrio Constantini. "It's a proper challenge, and you have to outsmart him because you can't outrun him, and if he gets half a chance, he will take it." It became clear after Johnson's goal that Barca-Carthy's plan was literally to annoy the Bulls. "Football is played as much in your head as it is with your feet." She remarked, stony-faced. "We know the Bulls don't take it well when you turn their own methods against them, it's why they use them in the first place, isn't it? Dark arts and all that."

With Constantini occupied with the task of shutting down Roddy Fraser -- the cultured Hastmead centre-half was often seen directing his teammates across the back-four to cover the Treason forward's movements -- it was up to the midfield to cut off the supply. Mancini led from the front on this one, leaving Giuffrida and Zufiria to Bartley and Watson in the defensive phase, the Zozi midfielder was able to push all the way forward and harry Marquez and Colmenero alongside Johnson. This sustained pressure -- kept up through carefully chosen substitutes later in the game -- forced errors and lapses in judgment in the latter stages of the game. This psychological assault, combined with an absence of genuine outlets in wide areas, meant the Bulls played into traffic a lot of the time, or simply attempted long passes to Fraser... where Constantini was waiting. "Not sure why people hate long balls, if I'm honest," said Constantini. "I love them. Easier to defend." This is not to say the world class forward did not ensure Bartolo Monteforte earned his keep, of course. The Nuholm custodian was forced into multiple saves, while Constantini and Calabrese both made excellent last-ditch blocks to thwart the Bulls' attempts. Notably, Monteforte flung himself bodily across goal to get the slightest of touches onto a Fraser piledriver in the eighty-eighth minute.

Starting out the qualifying campaign with a win over Audioslavia will put the Firebirds in a strong position as things progress, but it is absolutely crucial that Barca-Carthy's side maintain this level throughout. Audioslavia will not languish behind for long, and with both Kirisaki and Hasznia looking to propel themselves up the ladder, Osarius cannot afford to focus too hard on those above them. "It's going to be a tough campaign," Ayanna Barca-Carthy conceded. "It's a long one, with some really tricky opponents to face. We're going to have to be at our best the whole way, and we can't afford more than a couple of slips, if that." Next up for Osarius is a trip to unranked Mar de la Plata, which Barca-Carthy has earmarked as a potential "banana skin" game. "Same with any unranked team, we don't really know much about them, but we know they've done their homework on us. It's difficult to fully prepare for a team that you've never seen in action, and even harder to counter their plans for you. But I feel confident that we have the quality in our squad to do just that."
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Postby Nova Anglicana » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:34 am

Lions Up and Down to Start, Will Face Tigers Next

Hayden Landers, Nova Anglican Football Today

The Nova Anglicana Lions' World Cup 77 is off to an up and down, if expected, start. The Lions' first match was against the #1 seed in the group, Pasarga, in Stade de Torgos, the enormous 90,000 seat home of the Wanderers. Given the difference between the two teams' rank, many expected Pasarga to come away with a win and only the brave believed that our boys would come home with even one point. As it turned out, the scholarly consensus was right, and perhaps even underestimated Pasarga a little. The Wanderers thoroughly defeated the Lions, 3-0. Although they played what seemed to be a bog-standard 4-4-2 alignment, the quality of the opponents shone through, especially the young Ingþór Auðbjörnsson. Auðbjörnsson plays in Audioslavia's domestic league with AC Izotz Zubia, a perennial powerhouse, so we expected him to be good. I'm not sure that anyone expected him to be this good, scoring in the fourth minute by outfoxing Nick Gilbert. It was Gilbert's first qualifying start for the Lions, though he has started in friendlies and appeared in qualifiers before, and it showed. He's a veteran and a good defender for Newfield, but he's not quite Casey Bowman, the man who he replaced. Auðbjörnsson added another goal on a blistering shot in the 27th minute, beating keeper Jerome Vincent's outstretched arms by only a few inches. While the Lions held their own for another 45 minutes, Auðbjörnsson added an assist to his tally in the 73rd minute, starting a quick one-two give-and-go with his fellow forward Romelio Ceballos, himself a player for another Audioslavian giant, 1830 Cathair.

Meanwhile, the Lions' offense was mostly shut down, as they registered just seven shots, and only four on goal. Striker Mathieu Garcon had the best chance in the 56th minute, getting free of Borislava Mađar for just a moment before blasting one at the goal, only to be denied by Aswad Munif Shalhoub, who got his fingertips on it to deflect it out of play. The ensuing corner kick was headed out by Mađar, and the Lions wouldn't really threaten for the rest of the match. Henry Santos, the young buck expected to take over Emmanuel Moga's role, was shadowed heavily by Mađar and Jessica Weiss for most of the match, with midfielders Peppin Ruel and Roland Lebrun tracking back to help occasionally. Santos' passing ability was locked down and he couldn't free himself to act as the link between the midfielders and Garcon up front. Colin Dawson and the right side of the defense, Aaron Bowen and Matt Wells, probably played the best, as they managed to provide solid defense, passing, and even a few bombing runs from Wells. But there was precious little good news out of Stade de Torgos.

The Lions' next match was at home against the Isles of Avon, ranked 140th in the world and coming off a 3-0 win over unranked Royalsoldiers. The Lions put the wood to them in the first 30 minutes, discovering that form which they had lacked throughout their match against Pasarga. In the 8th minute, Santos made a nice pass to Garcon, who then backheeled it to a charging Jake Rhodes, who smashed it past the Avon keeper for a 1-0 lead. In the 17th minute, it was Garcon himself doing the scoring, as he got behind the defense just onside and then sidestepped Avon's keeper, who had decided to come out to challenge him. A simple tap-in later and it was 2-0. In the 29th minute, Matt Wells' bombing run up the sideline got him past an Avon defender, who tripped him from behind. A yellow card and a free kick followed. On that free kick, Colin Dawson curled it over the wall for Aaron Bowen, who skied into the air to head it home, 3-0. Avon protested that Bowen had pushed off, but the referee was unmoved and the goal stood. After that, the Lions got some pressure, but Avon fended it off pretty easily and even scored on a free kick in the 78th minute, spoiling the shutout. A nice bounce-back game, but it certainly could have been better in the last hour.

The Lions will need their first 30 minutes form against their next opponent, 28th-ranked Super-Llamaland. The Tigers crushed Blouman Empire 5-0 before falling 3-1 away to Pasarga, putting them at the same 1-0-1 the Lions are. The winner of this match will have the inside edge on second place and a qualifying spot, so both teams are sure to go all out. The teams played a pair of pre-WC friendlies, with the Tigers walloping our boys 4-1 at home and then fighting us to a 2-2 draw in Rutupiae. Both teams played substitutes and fairly cagey games, not wanting to give too much away, but the Tigers are clearly better at this point. Let's hope Antoine Searcy can shore up his team's vulnerabilities and at least get out of Super-Llamaland with a point. Anything less and the Lions have very little room for error. You can catch all the action on StateSports1, starting at 20:00.
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Postby Anglatia » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:37 am

Hustlers United

Chapter Three: Relapse

Allie Vacek woke up in her hotel room’s bed, with a headache that felt like someone had just taken a jackhammer to her head, and a sickness in her stomach that could only have come from being hungover. It was taking a long time for her memories from last night to come back, and some of them didn’t show many signs of coming back. She’d been blackout drunk, and after finally coming back to the hotel and going to sleep that night, she was just waking up again. The noise that was waking her up, she realized, was her phone ringing. The hard vibration of the phone against the nightstand had caused her eyes to flutter open, and now, she ignored her headache and reached to see who it was. The caller ID said that it was Katie Drysdale-Fox.

With a groan, Allie swiped to answer the call, and managed to hold the phone to her ear even though her hand was shaking. “Katie… Can we talk later? I’m hungover as fuck right now,” she said, hoping that Katie wasn’t angry at her for partying. Ever since her friend had asked to date her, and she had given her a reply that was up for interpretation instead of flat out rejecting her and breaking her heart, she had been clingy towards her. Allie had no real plans for a relationship, but Katie clearly did, and she didn’t like seeing Allie going out to party at the exotic clubs that she often found herself in, surrounded by other potential suitors.

“I bet you are!” Katie snapped at her, with surprising force in her voice. “Is that you excuse? That you were drunk? That excuse isn’t going to cut it sometimes, Allie! You can’t just drink and use it as an excuse to do whatever you want without thinking of how it affects others!”

“What the hell did I do?” asked Allie, honestly. “I can’t even remember anything that happened at the club last night. Can we… Have this conversation later?”

“No, because I’m done with you. Consider our relationship over-”

“I hate to break this to you, but we never truly had one in the first place,” Allie replied, and there was silence on the line before Katie hung up. She sighed, rolled onto her back, and tried to get her eyes to focus on her phone as she went to her messages and looked for any new ones. There was one new one from Darren Harbin, asking if she was okay and also asking if she had seen what he called ‘the video’. It couldn’t be good if there was a ‘video’ from last night, especially if it had already made its way back to her hometown. She sent back a reply asking what he was talking about, and in a few minutes, Darren sent her the link. She clicked it and opened it, and she was surprised by what she saw.

The video was indeed from last night, and it showed her dancing with strippers in the middle of the club and laughing as they bumped and grinded against her. They were wearing outfits similar to bikinis, while she had pulled her tight sleeveless shirt up suggestively to show her belly. And, while she realized now that she had been extremely drunk while she was doing that, her high tolerance for alcohol meant that the effects of that didn’t necessarily show in the video. Someone that didn’t know her well would probably guess that she was just having a good time partying, not that she was too drunk to make good choices. She could see why Katie was angry with her, and she could also see why Darren was worried for her. He was one of the few who was close enough to her to pick up on things like this. He realized that this was something she would regret in the morning.

But she kept playing the video, and it got worse. Hakki had been dancing the same way with the Castle basketball player Maren Murphy(and to Allie, it appeared that Maren was one hundred percent sober and just enjoyed the flirting), and the camera had panned over to him a few times, but about thirty seconds into the video, he moved over to Allie and pulled her away from the other girls to dance with her instead. She was happy to bump and grind with him, too, and the video showed that for about ten more seconds before ending. As soon as the video was over, she closed it and called Darren, and the phone only rang a few times before he picked up.

“I hope you realize that none of that was really me,” Allie blurted out as soon as Darren picked up. “I mean, it was, but I’d had a bunch of drinks and I couldn’t even remember anything and I didn’t realize how drunk I was until this morning when I woke up with a hangover and no memory of the party. Katie already won’t talk to me, though… I didn’t do anything else that looked bad, did I?”

“Calm down,” said Darren. “It’s not too big of a deal. Players party all the time, it just so happens that you got recorded. I just wanted to make sure you were okay and that nobody took advantage of you while you were drunk and high-”

“And high? You’re telling me I was high too? Did they catch me smoking on video, also?”

“Just in pictures,” Darren replied, with a light sigh. “Listen, it’s not like it’s the middle of the season and you’ve been out of the news for awhile. A little publicity can’t hurt. Just issue a statement telling your club that you made a couple of mistakes that you regret, and keep your head down for a few days until the press stops talking about it. The news cycle only runs for forty eight hours, you know. And then someone else will take the spotlight and you can get back to work.”

“My manager is going to be pissed,” Allie groaned. “And probably my teammates, too. I don’t have the best record so far with staying sober during the season. I already fucked everything up with Katie, too… I was trying to find a way to explain that I’m not interested in a relationship without hurting her, but now, she thinks that I was leading her on and that I’m into Hakki. Which isn’t the case at all… I wouldn’t have did what I did if I was sober-”

“Hold on, you’re saying that you weren’t interested in Katie? You do realize that she’s been telling everyone that you two are dating, right? I’m shocked it hasn’t gotten to the media by now, everyone at the national team camps think that you guys are together. You do know this, right?”

“Wait, what? Lily brought it up and Remy did too, but I thought they were messing around,” Allie said, sitting up and rolling out of bed. “She’s saying that because she asked me out and I never actually rejected her, just gave her some bullshit ambiguous answer that I hoped would get her to back off a bit without breaking her heart. I tried to tell her I wasn’t interested in being with a girl for anything longer than a fling, but apparently I wasn’t forward enough about that-”

“Wait a minute, Allie,” Darren said, worry creeping into his voice. She could hear him stepping away from the phone, and he returned a few moments later with an even more worried tone. “Shit. You’re right that Katie is done with you. She just posted a rant about you on her blog, which already has hundreds of reblogs from the Rossites who follow her. And, uh… She says that her dad is going to try to get you removed from the national team starters because of your ‘poor off the pitch conduct’. This is pretty fucking bad-”

“I’m not worried about the opinions of a player who couldn’t make the first team,” snapped Allie. “Who cares if she posts a rant and it gets a bunch of likes? With all due respect to her, she’s a D-list star and I’m an A-lister. She has Ross behind her but she forgets that I’m from Underfell and that I have their flag tattooed on my arm. If she wants to start a thing with the press, we can start it, the Underfell press can be just as low and brutal as the Ross one can-”

“No, you don’t get it! I’m not worried about her, I’m worried about her goddamn father. Dan Drysdale may be retired, but he still holds a lot of sway and he’s a legend in Ross. Do you know what his job now is? Because that’s where you’re going to run into problems.”

“Why would I run into problems? Isn’t he an assistant with Ross Armor? The team that got their asses beat when they tried to fight with my friends at Lane?”

“He’s not just an assistant with Armor, he’s going to be joining the national team staff full time as a tactics coach,” sighed Darren. “You’re working under him and he’s convinced that you broke the heart of his only daughter. I know you’re popular, but I don’t think you have the pull yet to be able to take on someone like him and come out with your reputation intact. You have your fans, but he has his own plus the fans from Western Anglatia plus the Ross media, plus the support of many people within the national federation itself. You really fucked up by gaining him as an enemy-”

“I wasn’t trying to! I fucked up when I didn’t reject Katie on the spot and I let her think that I had some interest in her! And maybe I would have some real interest in her if every time I looked at her… If every time I looked at her, it didn’t bring some things back that I would rather fucking forget!” Allie shouted, grabbing her head in frustration. “If the Drysdale family wants war, than we’ll fucking give them a war! Ross versus Underfell, just like old times! I’m sick and tired of hearing about this Ross media and how I should be scared of it! You think I’m scared of a bunch of talking heads and ex players, Darren? You think I’m scared of going to war?”

She stepped out from the bedroom and into the hotel living room, to find Stefan Rakocic along with Veli and Kesha Grice sitting around and listening to her. But she didn’t let that stop her from shouting. “I’m not afraid to go to war with the big bad city of Ross, I’ve got my own city backing me and I have an agent with enough connections to push back. If Dan Drysdale thinks he’s going to take away everything I’ve worked for because his daughter is annoying and overly emotional, than he’s damn wrong! Oh, and tell Katie to go fuck herself. If she can’t handle me when I’m drunk, she doesn’t deserve me when I’m sober.”

“You want me to quote you on that or you want me to soften it a bit?” Darren asked, with a chuckle. “Um, Allie, I think you might want to go easy on her. She’s never been dumped before, remember that. I know she’s angry, but she’s also sad and lonely now and I don’t think you should push her-”

“Tell her to go fuck herself. If she’d just said that she wasn’t talking to me now, that would have been fine, but she made this personal by trying to use her big shot dad to get me thrown out of the national team after how hard I’ve worked to get there. Either you tell her or I will, and I’ll do it through the Underfell news where millions of people will see-”

“Okay, fine, I’ll tell her. Look, I have to go, I’m supposed to be working out right now, but I have one more thing to ask. Who’s Katie remind you of?”

“You don’t need to know that,” Allie replied, and with that, she hung up and looked towards the others that were staring at her. She just shrugged in response to their stares, rolling her eyes slightly. “So, about last night,” she added, slowly. “I didn’t do anything that was too crazy, other than dancing with strippers and with Hakki, right?”

“Uh, yeah, about that. You may have loaned me ten million bucks for a deal that I needed to close by the weekend… I kind of had a deadline move up and I needed the cash and you told me that you would give it to me… But you were also high, so I’m not sure how much of that was your actual decision,” Stefan said, nearly sweating as he explained that he had taken ten million dollars from her. “Technically I owe you one hundred million dollars to be repaid over the next five years. If it makes you feel any better, I also owe seventy five million over the next ten years to your friend Hakki Ojala.”

“I gave you ten million dollars?” asked Allie, scratching her head in confusion as she tried to remember.

“Yeah, because we were at the club when I got a call about one of my side projects. And the side project turned into a real project really quickly because our deadline moved to this weekend, and I had to find a way to get fifteen million dollars before that weekend. I explained the thing to you and you said that you’d just give me your Bay Athletics money to cover most of it, and Hakki gave a ton of his endorsement money too because he liked the idea,” Stefan explained, speaking quickly and shakily. “I honestly didn’t know how wasted you were-”

“Okay, okay, so I gave you a bunch of cash so you could meet your deadline. I get it. But what the hell was I investing in that I needed ten million for?”

“Uh, you might want to sit down for this… Because I think it’s going to surprise you.”
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Player Bios 1

Postby Drawkland » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:55 am

It's come to our attention that many people don't know a lot about Kick Corps players outside of what they've seen on the international stage. We feel that this is unfair to the players and thus, we want to showcase them a little of our players' history, personality, personal life, and of course, playing style. Maybe this will help future opponents or scouts understand our players more and lead to a brighter and better future for Drawkland in soccer.

Pft, nahh. Anyway, we'll be progressing along through the lineup, starting with the Starters and then going into the Reserves. Once we finish the current lineup this series will obviously cease, but we'll release a new installment every time new players are called up to the team.

Part 1: Savannah Everett, Sarah Arrowsword.

Age: 23 Position: Goalkeeper Corps Number: 0

Savannah Everett was born in Sevenola, a city in the Betakree District of Drawkland (the 75th largest city in Drawkland with upwards of 10 million people calling it home), the middle child of 3. Born to parents Rob Everett and Saira Jan Everett, Savannah grew up on the comfortable south side of town, going to Sevenate High School, playing for their high school team. University scouts quickly caught on to her scent, and she received a full scholarship to play for Krakon District University, close to home (staying within the Betakree District) but still far enough to start her own life. Unfortunately for Krakon D.U., DLK scouts found her too, and after her first year of playing for Krakon at the age of 20, she was suggested to enter into the Drawkian League Kickerball Player's Draft. She was picked up by the Jaffro Storm who were in dire need of a quality keeper, and Savannah supplied just that for them. She quickly established herself as one of the best goalies in the league, and thus DISC had her on the shortlist to become the National Team Starter.

As far as playing style goes, Savannah is known for reading player's tendencies quickly, getting to know they likely shooting habits before the match and quickly catching on to them while on the pitch. She's definitely a film-watcher, and makes sure to stay on her top game constantly. She isn't a huge presence on the goal (at least for Drawkians), standing at a mere 7 feet 2 inches, but her speed between the poles is unmatched. She's good at defending corners and free kicks, but penalty shootouts are by no means her forte. She does best in hectic situations, where she can count on the pressure of teammates to make the shooter more inaccurate. In situations as free as shootouts, she isn't as strong as guessing where the ball would be placed.

Savannah has long-ish blonde hair which she leaves straightened near-constantly, often reluctantly putting on a headband for matches, if even that. She has a small and squarish build, so it's not like any beauty pageant awards grace her trophy case alongside Kick Corps and Storm silverware. Off of the pitch, Savannah is known to not be one of those "haughty asshole" characters, but we'd be lying if we said she gets any humanitarian awards. She mainly seems to keep to herself, living in a small house on the outskirts of Jaffro, and as far as we know she doesn't have a lover of any kind. She does have a sort of temper, it seems, especially shown in the 3rd place match versus Great Caledonia and North Hybernia in the Baptism of Fire where she received a Red Card for fighting another player, which put the Corps at a pretty big disadvantage. Nevertheless, we also can't say that isn't typical Drawkian style. The few times she's been asked about certain issues unrelated to sport she's definitely reacted rather volatile, so it's clear she's stubborn in whatever beliefs she does possess. She also seems to have on-and-off high-profile romantic matchups, generally with B-level Drawkian celebrity men, but none of them seem to last long at all.

Age: 24 Position: Sweeper/Centerback Corps Number: 1

Sarah Arrowsword was born in Metropolon, to a certain Seth Arrowsword and Vanessa Arina Arrowsword. The couple had gotten married directly out of high school and Sarah was soon born (leading to questions of the time of her conception vs the time of her parents' engagement), but Seth received a scholarship to the University of Cenial in Ceni and moved there, leaving his new child and wife to live in Metropolon on their own. Vanessa got a job while Seth studied in Rushmore so she could support Sarah in her very young age. Seth, meanwhile, went off and knocked up some Cenian girl under the gym bleachers or something. That was his senior year, and he returned to Drawkland before his illegitimate son could be born. Said son grew up to be named Andrew Arrowsword. You might've heard of him.

Seth returned to the budding Sarah, who'd just started early school, and quickly got her involved in youth soccer at her school. Sarah took to the game with ferocity. Originally she was seeming to fit the striker position like a glove, but as she got older it became apparent that navigating in pressure was too difficult for her to handle, so her middle school coach made the decision to make her try defense, which she immediately took with pride. She became trained in the art of defending and sweeping, and once she entered high school, she was one of the nation's top youth Sweepers. She continued on her tirade and right after graduating from Metropolon Southwest High School, the DLK invited her to participate in the Draft, where the Metropolon Lights picked her up in the second round. She looked great in the white and cream of the Lights, but she soon gained attention overseas. Well, overportals. Close enough. She transferred from the Lights to Whitehaven Triumph, a struggling team in Ceni, at the age of 22. She still plays for said club, and was part of the initial income of players that took Whitehaven from a table double-digiter fighting relegation to a top side which qualified for the Globe Cup within 2 cycles.

While the art of the Sweeper seems to be fading around the multiverse, in Drawkland it's the bread and butter of a quality defense. Instead of having a strong centerback, some teams opt to only have a single sweeper, or maybe a sweeper behind the centerback, who runs up and down the pitch. It requires a lot of endurance, which Sarah possesses. In fact, Sarah has been dubbed the "Stamina Stalwart" by some, indicative of her massive endurance which lasts not only one game, but usually an entire set of matches. She's currently bumping up on the record for "Most Consecutive Matches Played" by a normal player (of course the actual record is held by Ellzidan, something in 4 digits) in Drawkland, and we think she'll probably make it. Her best skill is her eye for intercepting and tackling the ball cleanly and avoiding penalties or defensive weak spots. She can play both man, zone, and fluid coverage, and transitions easily between modes. She's a boon to any defense looking for a solid and imposing presence in the backfield, almost like a second keeper.

Sarah has brown hair which she keeps in a ponytail or braid both on and off the pitch. She often wears hair ties whose color matches whatever uniform she's wearing, and small white sweatbands on each wrist. She's a rather imposing figure for a Drawkian, standing a solid 7'5" but being very lithe and powerful, with rather normal proportions. She incessantly exercises and despite her size is still quite speedy. In and out of games she's known for being levelheaded, straightforward, and down-to-earth, as well as being viciously competitive. When faced with a challenge, many times she'll defy expectations to overcome it, even though that doesn't seem to happen often now. She currently takes residence in Whitehaven, Ceni, but has looked at moving to the Isles of Avon for a less bustling city scene. When asked about it once, she said "I had enough of the thick city scene growing up in Metropolon. I've almost never had a quiet moment to myself." She currently does not have a romantic partner and doesn't seem to be interested in having one.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:25 am

Lex Talionis, Part Thirty-four

Rastaka, Valeria, Anglatia

It must have seemed strange for the citizens of Upper and Lower Valeria in Anglatia. For the second time in seven months, a young football player had been tragically cut down even before the prime of her life and her career, and someone surely must be wondering what in the world was causing the untimely deaths of all these young footballers. Perhaps the only main differences were that this particular player was being buried in Rastaka, her hometown, instead of Hunsen, and that the circumstances of her death were much less known than those of the two players who had preceded her to the afterlife. But there were rumors, as there always were. Audra Jaakola had been Britt Hanokssen’s friend, after all, and the winger had never been the same after Britt had died in a hotel room fire in Otavice alongside her fellow Hunsen teammate and rumored girlfriend Erin Jensdottir. It wasn’t that much of a leap to think that Audra, who had demanded to be cut from the Hunsen roster to get some time to think of herself, had finally succumbed to temptation and killed herself so she could finally join her friend in the afterlife.

But there were a handful of people who knew the truth about the whole thing. Strangely, almost all of these people were from the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft, a country which was in a virtual cold war with the Empire of Anglatia due to the former’s links with the latter’s enemy in the Nordskanian War, the Democratic People’s Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia. And the truth of Audra Jaakola’s death was that she had been shot (by accident, but it had achieved the purpose of the ones who had engineered the situation in the first place) by the one person whom she thought was her best friend, the surprisingly-still-alive-and-kicking Britt Hanokssen. For it turned out that both Britt and Erin hadn’t actually died in that hotel room fire in Otavice; they had been evacuated to the safety of Riuwiee, the capital city of Abanhfleft, by the criminal group known as the Huesca Cartel to save them from the nefarious clutches of the Anglatian group known only as the Crows. Events had spiraled into a gang war between the Crows and the Huescas, and Audra Jaakola had become just one of many casualties in this secret war.

Britt Hanokssen was inconsolable, especially in the moments immediately after she had shot Audra and accidentally killed her. In a sick and brutal display of her power, Amelia Pena, the leader of the Huesca Cartel, had arranged for Britt and Audra to be locked in a room with only each other for company. Both had been given their own pistols, but the guns had been loaded with only one round each so that they would have no choice but to use it on the other. This was Pena’s twisted idea of lex talionis, an eye for an eye and such. The war with the Crows had cost the Huescas good people in Maricel Ocampo and Ricky Reese, and while the Huescas and their allies the Huns Motorcycle Club had managed to capture and kill some high-ranking Crows and Corsairs, Pena still didn’t feel that they were enough to avenge the killings of Ocampo and Reese. Then an opportunity to capture Audra Jaakola, all but confirmed to be the girlfriend of the leader of the Crows, Slobo Vulovic, arose, and Pena didn’t waste any time in taking it.

But just killing Audra wouldn’t have satisfied the bloodlust that had erupted to life within Amy Pena. No, Audra couldn’t just be killed. She had to suffer, much like how the Crows and Corsairs made Ricky and Maricel suffer before they died. So Pena had arranged for Audra to be locked in a room with Britt and given a gun loaded with only one round so that she would have to make a sadistic choice to escape: Audra could kill Britt and earn her freedom from the Huescas, or she would have to let Britt kill her as a message to the Crows that the Huescas could keep up with the Anglatians’ reputation for cruel and unusual punishment. Either way, one person was not going to get out of that room alive. And that person would turn out to be Audra.

After a period of being inconsolable, Britt then became furious at Amy Pena and the Huescas. And Britt wasn’t alone in her righteous fury. Bisera Haralampieva, another winger for Hunsen Loggers and former teammate of both Audra and Britt and the one who had arranged for Britt and Erin to be flown to the safety of Riuwiee which started this whole mess, was also angry at Pena for breaking her word. Pena had apparently promised Bisera that she would, as much as possible, try to keep Audra alive even though she had become a Crow, the Huesca’s newest greatest enemy. But Bisera had been too naïve to think that Pena would let such a tempting opportunity slip through her fingers, and so she had agreed to the plan to lure Audra out of hiding with a Hun who looked almost exactly like Britt, not knowing that doing so would result in Audra’s death.

During discussions on what to do with Audra’s body, opinions were divided between those who were present at her death. The Huescas wanted to either dump Audra’s body in an unmarked grave or send it to her boyfriend Slobo in its natural state. Britt had vehemently protested the idea, instead wanting to give Audra a proper and decent burial in her hometown of Rastaka. Bisera agreed to Britt’s proposal, something which didn’t surprise Pena but bothered her nevertheless. She knew that Bisera had never had the stomach to handle being actually part of a criminal syndicate like the Huesca Cartel, and yet Pena couldn’t shake the feeling that she could very well lose the friendship of two people that night.

As the other Huescas continued to debate about the fate of Audra’s remains, Bisera pulled Pena aside and said, “I know what you’re thinking right now, Amy. And right now, I’m telling you that if you want to stay in Britt’s good side for as long as possible, you have to go along with whatever she wants.”

“Whatever she wants?” Amy repeated. “What Britt wants is to give that Crow bitch a decent burial. Did the Crows let us give Ricky Reese a decent burial when they burned him up in that old abandoned building in Otavice? No, they didn’t. So why should I give this Crow who’s the girlfriend of this asshole Slobo such a thing? She doesn’t deserve it. She deserves to be fish food.”

“No, she doesn’t,” Bisera retorted. “Do you know what else I found out about Audra when she invited me to talk in Kirazi? She told me that she went with the Crows because she felt like they’re the only people out there who can understand what she’s going through. You’re pretty much the same as Audra was, Amy. You’re both just girls who fell into crime because that’s where you both felt that you were understood, safe. Sure, you went to the military first and got that scratch on your face as a mark of your service and loyalty to the country, but then what did Abanhfleft give you? A bunch of pretty medals, a pat on the back, an artificial limb, and nothing else. But when you went to your uncle’s business, you got respect and fear, which is what you really wanted all your life. I got the feeling that that’s all Audra ever wanted from the Crows too, but when she didn’t get it, she decided that she’d rather have someone she absolutely trusted and loved by her side, someone like Britt.”

“That bitch and I are not the same!” Amy hissed, but Bisera could see in her eyes that she had struck a particularly sensitive nerve. A tinge of scarlet appeared in Amy’s eyes, but then she blinked, and the scarlet disappeared. “All right, fine, we’ll give the bitch a funeral in her hometown like Britt wants. But just what exactly did you mean when you said that I better do it to remain in Britt’s good side for as long as possible?”

“Britt isn’t the type of person to forgive easily,” Bisera replied. “You saw how she was when she found out that Audra’s been with the Crows this whole time, and willingly to boot. Only something as intense as this, you making Britt kill Audra, has finally made her realize that Audra’s like one of the only real friends she ever had and now she’s gone and killed her. Right now, all her anger and rage’s directed at you, and I have to tell you that I’m pretty mad at you myself. You told me you’d try to keep Audra alive as much as you could. What the hell are you playing at, locking Britt and Audra in a room and forcing them to kill each other just to get out? What the hell happened to you, Amelia?”

“In my defense, I kept Audra alive for as long as she was with me,” Pena said, looking directly at Bisera’s eyes. “What happened once I left her with Britt was out of my hands.”

“That’s typical of you,” Bisera snorted. “Always ready with a way out of whatever mess you got yourself in. Well, you’re not getting away from this. You’re going to arrange Audra’s funeral, and you’re not going to go through that anonymous donor crap of yours. You’re going to display your name prominently on every facet of this funeral whether you like it or not.”

Pena grinned, and the scar on her face gave her smile a sinister effect. “Of all the things you could have made me do for that Crow and this is all of it?” she asked. “I won’t even break a sweat doing this.”

So the Huescas had shipped Audra’s body to Rastaka and arranged for the funeral and burial. It was a risky move as Rastaka was crawling with Crows after all, but it was part of Britt and Bisera’s demands, and Amy Pena would just have to ride with it.

A small crowd had turned out to watch the burial of a daughter of Rastaka. It mostly consisted of Audra’s teammates from Hunsen and Rastaka, where she had plied her trade for some time before requesting to be released once again so she could come with the Crows and the Maslevs to Nordskania and assist Darya Zharkov and the State of Nordskania. And, among the mourners but unnoticed was a young girl wearing a black hoodie with the logos of Monarch Sports and Ross United on the chest. This girl was none other than Britt Hanokssen, but because the Huescas had thought that the risk of letting her go to the funeral alone was too much (especially as Rastaka was Crows city, after all), Bisera had accompanied Britt to the wake, and Pena and her friends were watching the proceedings a short distance away.

Britt had made her way right to Audra’s coffin, and despite Pena’s express orders not to let her get too close, Bisera decided to allow Britt this one last chance to see her friend for the last time. It was just as she deserved after all the shit she’d been through. Bisera maintained her distance, but she still kept herself close enough to reach out and grab Britt in case more shit went down. As Bisera prayed her own prayers for Audra’s soul, she noticed a girl wearing the neon green jacket of the Loggers weeping loudly in the row of folding metal chairs nearest to the coffin. She looked and recognized the girl as DeAria Tavaris, and Bisera was suddenly struck by an unexpected thought. Bisera remembered that Britt, Audra, and DeAria used to be the trio running around Hunsen doing things together. DeAria had even been hurt during one of the trio’s numerous escapades.

Looking at the crying DeAria, Bisera realized that the girl must be thinking that she was the only one left living among their little trio. Audra was dead because of the war which her gang had gotten into, and before her, Britt had burned to death in that hotel room in Otavice. DeAria had no idea that Britt was standing just inches away from her, and that Britt was responsible for the death of Audra. Bisera could only shake her head at the incredible waste. Where has our humanity gone? she asked herself.

Meanwhile, Britt stood beside Audra’s coffin. Silent tears poured out of her eyes as she caressed the varnished oak in which Audra’s bodily remains rested. The time for screaming and wailing was long past; all she could do now was live in the present and think about what could have been. She should have talked Pena into letting her come with Bisera to Audra. If that was what she had done instead of relying on these Fleftic gangsters to doing their own thing then Audra would still be alive. Sure, she’d be away from Erin, but Britt had started to feel that Erin was dating her only out of pity (although pity was a bit of a strong word for Britt’s tastes), and besides, Britt knew Audra better than everyone else. She knew that Audra had told the truth when she said that she had formed a deep attachment to her during that fateful shootout. I should have just gone with Audra to wherever she wanted to go, Britt thought to herself. Then she would still be alive.

Out of the corner of her eye, Britt noticed a very short figure making its way towards the coffin. The figure then resolved itself into a man in a gray overcoat which looked laughably oversized compared to his small stature, and he actually had to stand on the tips of his toes just to be able to look at the coffin. He caressed lovingly the wood, and then he leaned close to the coffin and whispered, “I told you that people in our group don’t live too long. But this is your choice, and I respect it.”

“Hang on a minute,” Britt said as she looked at the man properly for the first time. “I know you. You’re Slobo Vulovic, aren’t you?”

“The one and only,” Slobo replied without looking at Britt. “And you must be Brittany Hanokssen.”

Right at that moment, Bisera appeared at Britt’s side. “What are you doing here and what do you want?” she demanded.

“Hey, I come in peace today,” Slobo said, raising his hands to chest level. “Which is probably a lot more than I can say about your countrymen, Bisera Hristova, what with the way that they’re tearing up our brothers and sisters’ homeland in Nordskania.”

“I’m only Pridnestrovian on the football field, Slobo,” Bisera muttered. “I don’t support what that country has done in Nordskania.”

“Sure, as you say,” Slobo said, lowering his hands. “As for what I want, I just wanted you to tell your friend Amy Pena that killing Audra doesn’t affect me one bit. Sure, she was my girlfriend, but we’ve never been close, you know what I mean? She’s told me everything about you and Britt, how she’s got this mental disorder which makes her attached to people for all sorts of reasons. Yes, Audra’s death is a blow to me and the Crows, but it’s not as strong a blow as I know Pena’s hoping it would be to me.” Slobo then looked up at the place where Pena and her friends were watching the funeral. He could just make out the woman in the black leather longcoat and clutching a black umbrella over her head to shield herself from the setting sun. He gave the little group a casual wave and then turned back to Britt and Bisera.

“I also have something to tell you, Britt,” he told her. “I just want you to know that whatever beef you and your girlfriend have with the Crows is now gone. Erased from existence. Gone up in smoke. Basically, I don’t have a beef with you and Erin now.”

“Wait a minute, how’s that possible?” Britt asked, not believing her ears. “Six months ago, you gave us a choice of going away and never playing football again or else Bisera gets her legs broken. Why, all of a sudden, are you telling me that you and I have a clean slate now?”

“Well, to be honest, all your problems stem from Sami Haawk and his buddies,” Slobo said, looking as if he was admitting to some grave misdeed. “Sami’s the one who’s got a beef with Erin. And Sami had always been a lackey of my father’s. Well, now that my father’s gone from the picture and Sami and his pals are marching to my beat, there’s just no reason for the Crows to go after two little girls like you and Erin. We’ve got bigger fish to fry now,” he added, leering at Bisera, who fought the urge to recoil from the tiny bastard. “Besides, you’re Upper Valerian, aren’t you, Brittany? You’re almost a blood sister. Spilling your blood would be both a waste and just plain pointless.”

“Well, I guess this is where we go our separate ways,” Slobo continued. “Right now, we part as friends of the deceased, but the next time that we all see each other, I can assure you that I won’t be as friendly.” Slobo then turned around and walked away, whistling something which sounded like “Bisera Haralampieva, it’s off with your head.” “Come on,” Bisera said to Britt, and she physically dragged the other girl away from the funeral and towards the place where the Huescas were keeping watch.

“What did the tiny asshole say to you two?” Amy Pena asked as soon as both Britt and Bisera were within earshot.

“I don’t think killing Audra had the effect you were hoping to have on Slobo,” Bisera said first. “The guy didn’t even shed a tear when he got to the funeral. Hell, he didn’t even look at the body! He even told me to tell you that things like that aren’t even going to faze him.”

“Damn it,” Pena muttered. “This is exactly what I thought was going to happen in my worst fears. The old Huesca luck’s running out, I can feel it. The Crows could kill Maricel and Ricky, and all we’ve been able to get our hands on is a useless biker wannabe and a girl whose boyfriend could hardly care if she rose up from the dead suddenly.”

“You know what?” Britt suddenly said. “If all of you had just let me go quietly with Audra then she’d still be alive now. This cycle of revenge in which you think you’re in is already affecting innocent people around you, like me. What’s it matter to you that you killed Slobo’s girlfriend? Did he kill your boyfriend or something like it?”

“The Crows killed two friends of mine,” Pena replied coldly. “It’s just fair that I killed two of his.”

“But one of those friends of his was also my friend!” Britt shouted back. “And what’s worse, you made me kill her! But the worst part of this whole thing is that there’s now no point in me and Erin remaining dead.”

“And why’s that? Is it because your friend’s actually dead now so you want to follow her to the afterlife?”

“No, you know damned well that that was not what I meant. There’s no reason for Erin and I to remain in hiding now. Slobo just told me that the Crows no longer have a quarrel with us. Apparently, we were just Sami Haawk’s problem and by extension Slobo’s dad’s problem because Sami’s some kind of friend of Slobo’s dad. But now that Slobo’s running the whole thing, he’s decided that we’re too unimportant for him to worry about. There’s no more reason for me to be dead. I want to come back to life, if you know what I mean.”

“Okay, then,” Pena said once Britt had finished her tirade. “Bisera, what do you have to say to this?”

“I say that Britt’s right,” Bisera replied. “It’s time for her and Erin to come back from the dead.”

Pena blinked furiously. “Did I hear you right, Bisera?” she asked. “Did you just say that the very two people whom you had their deaths faked should now be coming back to life?”

“I saw DeAria, Britt’s other friend, at the funeral, okay?” Bisera said back. “She was crying her eyes out. She’s at the end of her tether. She already thinks she’s lost Britt, and then now she actually loses Audra. It’s too much for her. If Britt and Erin don’t reveal themselves soon, I’m sure that DeAria’s going to kill herself just so she could rejoin her pals in the afterlife. That’s how close these girls are. I’ve already got Audra’s blood on my hands because I let her fall into your hands, Amelia. If DeAria kills herself after this then Britt and I are going to take our chances with the Crows.”

Amelia Pena knew that Bisera’s threat was an empty one; not only could she see the fear and indecision in Bisera’s face, but she knew that the woman would never forgive Slobo Vulovic for attempting to rape her. It was Britt which Pena was more worried about. Britt looked in a mutinous mood, and Bisera had already warned Pena about keeping herself on Britt’s good side for as long as possible, and even though Britt hadn’t been allowed into the inner workings of the Huesca Cartel, she still knew some stuff that would be damaging if it got into the wrong hands. “Fine,” she finally said. “Britt and Erin can come back to life. However, if they do actually die after this, you know who to blame.”



By Malik Qazizadah

Abanhfleft's Kareem Dagen in action against Revolutionary Nordskania. (Courtesy of Crescent News Network Sports Channel/Andros Tasasa)

RIUWIEE - A thrilling 3-goal comeback win sealed Abanhfleft's spot at the top of Group 14 of the World Cup 77 qualifiers as they came from behind to win against Revolutionary Nordskania.

Rory Edwards saw the hosts take the lead within 14 minutes as he pounced on a punch-save from Josef Grekov to volley the ball into the roof of the net.

However, Revolutionary Nordskania's attacking trio of Ces Yoshida, Damir Dragovic-Courtial, and Piotr Vlasenko proved too hot to handle, at least in the first half-hour of the match, and Yoshida showed people why she had gotten a hat-trick against Hazard Nation when she smashed home the ball powerfully after defensive mistakes from Daisuke Ogigayatsu and Kenneth Owobowale.

Vlasenko then handed the visitors a surprise lead just three minutes when he nodded home Arkadi Zima's free kick, and Abanhfleft's attempts to restore parity within the first half were stifled by impressive defending on the Barons' part.

However, Nordskania's resistance was finally breached when Toumain Vincelot, the Patierre-born midfielder who had fled his country of birth for Abanhfleft after Anglatian forces removed the ruling Communists from power and turned Patierre into a colony, applied the finishing touch to Rory Edwards' free kick to lob it over Grekov.

Daisuke Ogigayatsu then scored his first goal for the official Fleftic national team when his head met the ball following Kareem Dagen's corner, and then substitute Tristan Lee applied the finishing touch to Abanhfleft's comeback victory.

Abanhfleft manager Ranulph Bustamante: Today, the better team won

Abanhfleft manager Ranulph Bustamante: "I'm having to bring out the old cliches by the dozen, but it has to be said. The better team won today, plain and simple. We had our tactics, and they had theirs, and we just happened to execute our gameplan better than they did."

"Maybe they were distracted by the fact that there's a war going on in their homeland. I mean, in their shoes, I'd be worried too. We all know what Pridnestrovia and Anglatia are capable of doing on the field of battle, but why are we talking about that? We're football fans here, not soldiers, although I do know that some of the players over in Nordskania had served in their armies before."

"I don't wish to say anything, but if the Nordskanian fans spent as much time cheering their team as they did booing us for being friends with Pridnestrovia then perhaps they could have done more, but that's the way things go."

Abanhfleft travels to Averyickan City for the third match in the World Cup 77 qualifiers.

R. EDWARDS (14') YOSHIDA (23')
LEE (80')
GK: 1 J. Grekov
RB: 2 Hadzic
CB: 3 Nadarevic (Ceran - 69')
LB: 4 Bilous
RM: 5 Afanasyev (Bojovic - 85')
RCM: 6 A. Zima
LCM: 7 Besic
LM: 8 Sindler (Aguilar - 69')
RS: 9 Vlasenko
CF: 10 Yoshida
LS: 11 Dragovic-Courtial
GK: 1 Varamoninov
RB: 2 Afolayan (Popov - 60')
RCB: 4 L. Edwards
LCB: 5 Owobowale
LB: 3 Ogigayatsu
RM: 8 Vincelot
CM: 7 Zolnerov
LM: 6 Marilungo
CAM: 10 R. Edwards (V. Zima - 74')
RS: 9 Kelvin (Lee - 74')
LS: 11 Dagen


Abanhfleft: 54%
Revolutionary Nordskania: 46%
Abanhfleft: 14 (7 on target)
Revolutionary Nordskania: 10 (6 on target)
Abanhfleft: 8
Revolutionary Nordskania: 6
Abanhfleft: 22
Revolutionary Nordskania: 21
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Oke oke, I may was a bit to ....... after the match against Anthor, But look at this result it's an 3-0 victory for Kosovakia. So can we Just say Kosovakia Second? Is that oke? ... Answer: No. If we wants to become second in the Group Still a long way to go, But as you know there can happen strange things in the WCQ. Also look at the match against Anthor.. What if it was an draw against that team? Do we get candy for that, NO it's are the most important points, even if you end with an draw. Every point counts. But after all, we don't give the Kosovakians an bad feeling. They do really well here at the moment. The 3-0 victory was not an easy one.. Hihihi... it was, Oh sorry!?. That's only because i'm really happy at this moment. But yaah to mutch random for today. I know as Always it's a bid short for today. But you have to know, that an Kosovakian man is very Bussy with Everything and Nothing. Goodbye for now. Don't expect to mutch for the next match of Kosovakia, we will win it Easy! #TeamKosovakia


Kosovakia 2-3 Anthor (Finished)
Kosovakia 3-0 Freyhill (Finished)

Kosovakia 2-2 Abaja
Kosovakia 4-0 Hernton
Kosovakia 0-2 The Holy Empire
Kosovakia 1-2 Frenline Delpha
Kosovakia 3-0 Natanians and Nosts
Kosovakia 2-1 Yttribia
Kosovakia 11-0 Unified Sunrise Islands (Never mind: It will be 0-4)
World Cup: -
World Cup Qualifiers: 77 (6th)
Baptism of Fire 64: Round of 16
Global Cup of Soccer I: Quarter-finalist
XII Winter Olympics G: 4 S: 2 B: 3
XIII Winter Olympics: G: 0 S: 0 B: 0
Winter Universiade: G: 8 S: 10 B: 5

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Part One

“Look, I’m just saying we have the national team job lined up for you if you want it. It’s not that we want to sack Karl, because he’s an excellent tactical coach and an even better motivator, but our sources from his inner circle say that he doesn’t want to stick around for a few more cycles to try to make it into the World Cup with a young and inexperienced team like the one we have now. He’s been coaching youngsters for awhile now, with the Kurovo Stars of the Revolutionary Youth League and now with the national team, and while we have a lot of veteran experience, we also have a lot of guys under twenty three that still have a lot of learning to do. In other words, we think he might be retiring from international management soon and then either retiring from the game completely, to spend more time with his kids, or finding a cozy coaching job somewhere else where he can do what he loves for a few more years with no expectations. We’ve already looked at potential replacements, and you lead the list.”

“Yeah, you’ve made me aware of that. If you asked a few years ago, I’m sure I would be interested, but I think I’m going to pass on the offer right now. I still don’t know when Karl is retiring from the team and there’s other offers that I can take at the club level that are more… Lucrative. Few great managers get their start with national teams, you know. I don’t think it would be my best option, as far as career trajectory goes. I wanted a club job, and that’s what I’ve wanted since I left my position as Italio assistant manager. You understand that, right?”

“Of course. However, with all due respect, the clubs that are calling you aren’t exactly giants, and I think you can do more for your career internationally. People watch international football, and they watch it a lot. You coach us and you make it into the World Cup and you get attention from the biggest names. Karl had to turn down offers from Alliance and Energie Masloka after he took us to the Baptism of Fire final, after all. I know you want a club position, but spending a few years at the helm with the international team is going to do a lot to boost your stock with the bigger clubs.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just not what I’m interested in. Working as an assistant here is great but I never intended to become a full time national team manager. It’s an entirely different career trajectory than what I want. I’d rather prove myself with a small club-”

“You don’t have to work full time with the national team. Karl didn’t abandon his post with the Kurovo Stars for the national team, and the rest of the backroom staff are working part time. You did too, until you left Italio. You could at least stay until we can set up another replacement manager.”

“Like I said, I just can’t see it working out. I’m going to stay as assistant until I get my club job ready, and I don’t know when that will be, but I’m not interested in the full time head manager job if Karl decides to walk away before the Cup of Harmony. I already know what I want to do with my career. International management just isn’t a part of my plans.”

“Okay, I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed by that but I respect that you’re sticking with your original plans and chasing your goals. We’re happy to have you on board as an assistant manager, at least. Whatever you want to do in the future, I’m sure you’ll do well at it. I just wish you chose to do it with us.”


The scene was a small apartment in the suburb of North Karakosa, just above the capital of the Territory of Endelos. The place was nearly empty, with not much furniture being brought in yet by the man who had just moved in. The living room had a single couch, a few wooden chairs, and a TV that was awkwardly set up on the wall in front of the couch, with a tangled bunch of cords below it along with a DVR box that was set up on the floor. The apartment had a mostly open design that placed the kitchen next to the living room, and past the door on the other side of the room, there was a bedroom. That bedroom was just as bare, too. There was one large sized bed, one nightstand, and two flags hanging from the walls. One was from Revolutionary Nordskania, the other one was from the Northern Syndicate. The place had been quiet all night, but in the morning, when the sun came up, an alarm rang out through the room. It wasn’t a typical alarm, one that beeped or buzzed, but a musical tune that sounded like it was played on the fife.

Julius Shvets sat up almost as soon as the alarm rang. He wasn’t a heavy sleeper, and not the type of person to sleep in after hitting snooze on an alarm. His eyes darted to the clock on the nightstand, which was also charging his phone. The clock said that the time was six in the morning, and when he checked his phone for messages, he saw one from Damir Dragovic-Courtial saying that he and Natasha Grekov wanted to talk to Julius about something. That message had been sent at two in the morning. There was another one from Antonius Karpenko, Karl’s grandson who had just made it to the national team after performing well with FC Maris B. Antonius was asking about his playing time, and Julius sighed and sent back a text saying that he would talk to him about it when the team met to train.

“No rest for the assistant,” muttered Julius, rolling out of bed and moving to his closet, which was still in the process of being filled up with the clothes that were sitting next to it in boxes. Because he was the assistant manager and not the head man, the players came to him with everything that they didn’t want to bother Karl with. Karl Karpenko had always been a manager that kept a distance from everyone else and delegated many tasks to the rest of his staff, so Julius was the main one that players approached with their problems and their questions and advice. If what they said was important enough, it would reach Karl soon enough, or at least that was what Julius told them. Today’s problems weren’t quite clear yet, with the team arriving in Karakosa for the first time, and that was what Julius was thinking as he got dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and an oversized matching black hoodie with the words ‘Northern Football’ emblazoned across the front in large gold lettering.

After putting on a contrasting pair of gold sneakers, he picked up his phone and called Damir Dragovic-Courtial, who answered only a few seconds after he made the call. “What’s good, my G? You heading into work yet?”

“I just woke up and got your text,” Julius said, stepping out of the bedroom after picking up his backpack and letting it hang from one shoulder. “You said you had something that you wanted to talk about, with Tasha? And yes, I’m heading to Foss Road right now. I don’t think most of the other staff are heading in yet, but I have some things to finalize before this World Cup qualifying kicks off for real.”

“Great. Me and Tasha need to talk to you, but I think we should do it in person,” replied Damir. “We already talked to Karl and got turned down, so we… We were thinking you could change his mind. We’ll talk to you about it when you get in, we’re heading down for some early training today.”

“Yeah, what’s this about?” asked Julius, grabbing his keys and stepping towards the front door. “The fact that Karl already turned you down on it gives me a bad feeling about whatever it is you’re trying to do-”

“We’ll talk later!” Damir interjected, before hanging up. Julius just sighed and put his phone in his front pocket, stepping out and locking the door behind him before heading towards the stairs. His work with the players would start earlier than he had planned, but that was all part of being an assistant manager under Karl Karpenko. Julius wouldn’t have it any other way, and both he and the players that he helped were aware of that.


Foss Road was the new home of the Nordskania Football Association, otherwise known as the ‘Federation’, at least for now until it was safe to return to the actual country. The place wasn’t huge, and it was actually on the small side, but it had been bought cheaply and it served its purpose well enough. Like most training grounds, there was one large pitch in addition to a few smaller ones, and there was also a building next to the big pitch that contained the locker rooms and a small office that the staff used when they were in Karakosa. It wasn’t as large as FK National’s training grounds in Kurovo, which had been recently modernized and had every feature that one could imagine, but the staff of the Nordskanian national team didn’t mind that. It reminded them all of the early days of the national team, before the Baptism of Fire run, when things were more amateur and when the only thing that mattered was love of the country and love of the game, not the condition of the pitch or the size of the locker room.

Julius pulled into the main parking lot with his black pickup truck, and climbed out to find that a few of the other staff members were already there. So he had been wrong when he guessed that they weren’t up yet, he thought. He didn’t see Karl’s silver convertible, though, which meant that it was mostly the other lesser known members of the backroom staff that were up early. After glancing at the pitches and seeing that none of the players were out there yet, he stepped inside the main building and checked in with the receptionist. “Who else is here?” he asked, curiously.

The receptionist looked into her book for the answer to that question. “Damir and Natasha, and Lara, Eros, and Natalia. Oh, and Antonius and Antonia are here, also. Petrus just dropped them off, you missed him by about fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks,” nodded Julius, before heading down the hall towards the offices. He stepped into one of the first rooms down the hall after turning right, a converted conference room that had been turned into something of a lounge for the staff and the players. Lara Krupin, the beautiful psychologist, was there as well as Eros Ivanovic, the stats guy who had done a lot of work behind the scenes to help the team with his analytics. In the corner, Natalia Kotov was sitting in an office chair and reading through what appeared to be some of Karl’s older game plans, which were saved in a binder. Despite being an assistant trainer, she’d always wanted to be a coach, and she always seemed to be working towards that goal. “Hello, everyone. I see I’m not the only early bird out here.”

“It’s hard to sleep in with pre World Cup nerves,” said Lara, shrugging and taking a sip from the cup of coffee that she was holding. “Eros was heading over to break down some more data before everyone else gets here, and Natalia wanted to work some more on her second job. I came in early just to help set everything up for training. Sometimes I get bored waiting for the players to come to me with their problems, you know.”

“Right,” Julius said, reaching to the table where the food was and grabbing a few of the small cakes that Eros was eating. He hadn’t eaten anything all morning, but his appetite wasn’t as strong because his mind was focused on work. “Where’s the twins? The receptionist said they’re here. Are they in the weight rooms?”

Lara shook her head. “They’re in one of the empty rooms, sparring. You know they love their MMA. I already told em not to do anything that’s going to get them hurt. Oh, and Natasha and Damir are here, also. They’re in the locker room, getting ready for some early workouts. They wanted to talk to you, too. I don’t think you’re going to like what they have to say.”

“And what would that be?” asked Julius, raising an eyebrow.

“They want to go over to Nordskania to fight in the war,” Lara stated. “They already told me that Karl said there was no way that he would allow it. Well, he said he couldn’t do anything to stop them, but he wouldn’t save a place on the team for them when they’re back if they run off to fight. They both want to fight in the Red Division.”

“I don’t recall there being a unit known as the Red Division,” said Julius, thinking back to his own military experience.

“They formed it after you left,” Natalia explained. “It’s mostly made up of members of the Nordskanian diaspora, and there’s a few non Slavic volunteers in there, too. They fight under the banner of the Northern Syndicate and they’re active on the Ryakova Front right now. Damir wants to join because they’ll let him speak French there, and Natasha wants to join because they would let her be an officer, as a full blooded Nordskanian who fought in the revolution. They told me that they’re either going to get permission or they’re going to bail and do it at the expense of their spots.”

“Like hell,” chuckled Julius. “Let me talk to them. I may be a hypocrite, as someone who left a football career early so I could take up arms with the Northern Army, but I can be persuasive when I want to. And if my talk doesn’t convince them, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I can resort to in a pinch.”


It was two weeks after Damir Dragovic-Courtial and Natasha Grekov threatened to leave the squad. Ces Yoshida and Arkadi Zima had secured hat tricks against Hazard Nation to pull away with a 6-1 demolition of the opposition, but one week after that, when they had to take on Abanhfleft on the road, the team let their emotions get the best of them. And they returned to the label of being the ‘streaky’ team, the one that couldn’t be trusted to keep their good form running between games. That had been how they’d performed near the end of the Baptism of Fire and the World Cup qualifying cycle after that. Now, they were showing up as a very different team than the one that had taken down Hazard Nation easily. Maybe it had to do with playing on the road, but as he stood on the sideline and watched the players head back towards the bench as the referee blew the whistle for full time, Julius believed that it had to do more with emotions.

Losing to an ally of Pridnestrovia was worse than losing a final, to the Nordskanians. The reactions were certainly worse. Piotr Vlasenko and Ante Sindler laid facedown on the ground, not moving. Ces Yoshida sat next to the goal, holding her head in her hands and not looking up. Josef Grekov frustratedly threw his gloves as soon as the final whistle sounded. Arkadi Zima, who had been born here, was just as angry as any of the others, walking over to the fans and waving for them to jeer louder at the Fleftic players that were leaving the pitch. And Damir was the most furious of everyone, screaming at his teammates and telling them that they had to step up their efforts. He also ran to Julius, intercepting him before he could step onto the pitch to tell the players to keep their heads up. “You know, I never understood how much I hated these guys until now,” he stated. “I don’t care what the cost is. I’m going over to Nordskania to fight.”

He was likely feeding off of the energy of the away fans, who had been hostile all night. The Nordskanian section was clad entirely in black, and they had been lighting flares and had burned more than one flag during the match. They’d burned the Soviet flag, the Pridnestrovian flag, and the Fleftic one, in addition to spending much of the match singing patriotic songs that sounded like they belonged more on the battlefield than at a football match. Now that their team had lost, they were throwing the flares that they had left onto the pitch. “We all do, but you’re not going to help anyone by getting yourself killed. Remember what I said, you have a larger potential for impact by using your voice to support our country,” Julius said. “Don’t underestimate that.”

“I can make more of an impact with a rifle and a bayonet!” snapped Damir. “Tonight, our fans reminded me of what’s going on back home, and I’m sick of fucking hiding in Karakosa and waiting for it all to blow over! What happened to defending our homeland? Did we have this revolution just so we can get invaded by someone just as bad as the people we overthrew?”

“We’ll talk about this in the locker room,” said Julius, looking back towards the spot where the fans were tossing their flares. Some of the pitch was on fire by now, and he watched as a few stewards rushed to try to put it out. He let out a long sigh, knowing that it would take them a long time to recover from this loss. That applied to both the players, and the staff and the fanbase. “Right now, I have to keep everyone’s spirits high. Because I have a feeling that the rest of the team thinks the same things that you do about this country, and losing here collectively fucked up the psyche of just about everyone.”

“Which one of us is going to be the one to shank Vincelot before the return leg?” asked Natasha, coming up behind Damir and pulling him into a side hug. Despite never actually playing in Anglatia, Natasha was probably the most pro Imperial player on the squad. The fact that Abanhfleft was fielding a player with roots in Patierre really, really rubbed her the wrong way. “Oh, and I still don’t see why we’re facing these guys on the football field instead of the battlefield…”

“Like I said… We’ll talk about this in the locker room.”
An AnCap community in the north of Nordskania. Proxy state of Anglatia, and there's no rules here outside of contract.
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Juvencus gets the credit but Anglatia gets the points

Juvencus XI:
GK:Naldo Zappa
CB:Dudu Madeiros
CB:Valerio Scarpa
CB:Nicolò Bassi
CDM:Gian Landi
CDM:Filipe Rodrigues
RM:Hugo Grec
LM:Albino Romero
LF:Joaquim Martell
RF:Oriol Vives
CF:Jaumet Albert
Anglatia XI:
GK:Costin Anghelescu
LIB:Darren Harbin
CB:Hector Grier
CB:Lukas Aukland
RB:Joao Francis Inciarte
LB:Leonne Warner
CM:Andros Diasakos
CM:Marco Saint Paul
LW:Zahara Santana
RW:Allie Vacek
CF:Hakki Ojala

Anglatian players trying to progress

Torona locals were able to experience quite an amazing matchup. A rather goalscoring one, with a multitude of goals being scored from both sides ending in the eventual result of 3-4. A halftime advantadge of 0-3 for the Anglatians was almost cut short by a smart operating Juven offense which was seriously close to turning things up to their favour.

The first half was a piece of cake for the Anglatian squad. A quick offensive game was enough to take the early lead during the first 5 minutes and an amazing screamer by Hakki Ojala was the match opener. A few more chances by both Ojala and Allie Vacek followed, which both lead to Naldo Zappa's hands. However Juvencus was able to counter with an outstanding cross from Martell being kept before it reached Vives' head. 15 long minutes followed and Anglatia went all fiery on the Juven players, quick passing players and then strong shots from the sides. One of the shots made by Diasakos actually worked and he delivered an exceptional curvy shot goal which hit the top post and then got in. At the 43rd minute, after a missed chance by Albino Romero, Anglatian players were able to counter with their star striker Ojala scoring a second goal to add to his tally. The first half ended in a 0-3 lead for Anglatia, a horrible play by Juven players, which were unable to react for the half duration.

During half time a rare occurence took place. A solar eclipse on Sonnel's second sun Trentake made it visible with naked eye, it was a great event and increased half time break's duration from 15 minutes to 35 minutes.

During the second half, Albino gave his spot to Alberighi for a faster paced game. Alberighi alongside Martell got matters into their own hands. At the 48th minute, Juvencus was able to score the first consolation goal in the game, after an amazing through ball by Alberighi found Martell all alone with the goalkeeper, scoring in the process. Juven offensive play paid off and 5 minutes later, after a hard tackle by Grier on Vives(Grier got yellow carded), Martell was able to score the free kick in outstanding fashion. The ball changed trajectory multiple times mid-air and the Anglatian goalkeeper was unable to react, but jumped in an effort to miraculously keep it, with no result. With the score being 2-3 and Juven players boosted up, the team managed to do a couple more chances but a Madeiros unlucky own goal gave Anglatia a bigger lead once more. Martell was able to score a lightning bolt from 34 meters at the 89th minute as the last Juven consolation goal in an amazing performance from both sides. Despite the defeat, Juvencus is visiting Tobiasia with heads up and hopes for an eventual first victory in the campaign.

Match mistakes:
Juvencus:The first half was an absolute disaster for the team, the defenders weren't paying too much attention on the game, despite the better passing, passing wasn't enough for the squad. The offence during the first half was also horrific and allowed Anglatia to steal the ball many times to pressure forwards. A better second half saw Juvencus coming close to a comeback to no reward after Madeiros scored an own goal.
Anglatia:The first half was miraculous, however the second half almost ended in Juvencus upsetting quite a superior Anglatian squad. The big lead at the half's end possibly made Anglatian players go a bit more relaxed during the second half which resulted in Juven players finding lots of space, thus going close to the equaliser. A goalkeeping mistake by Costin Anghelescu during the 89th minute resulted in Martell scoring an incredible goal, the goalkeeper should improve on that.

Top goalscorers this cycle's WCQ:
Joaquim Martell: 2 goals
Angelino Alberighi: 1 goal

Top assistmakers this cycle's WCQ:
Angelino Alberighi: 1 assist
Joaquim Martell: 1 assist
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Postby Veldgouwen » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:54 am

With his hands deep in his pockets and his hoodie covering the lion’s share of his face, Derk Breydels jogged so hard through the small and congested lane that it almost seemed to be a part of his training programme. In days gone past, this had been one of the crucial arteries for the city of Grawarden but it had become blocked, not only due to the policy in which everyone wanted to reach the centre by car but also by the ignorance of the locals for whom parking in the middle of the street seemed like a sensible solution. But it wasn’t as much its role in the bigger infarct which constituted the traffic in and around Grawarden that made Derk walk at an Olympic speed or the wet leaves that gave in to gravity and made their way to the ground to be mauled to pulp by unbothered feet.

In between a rowdy betting office and a run-down grocery shop, Derk turned left before going up the metallic stairs of an apartment block that had remained untouched by several generations of city architects. The walls, according to the more senior inhabitants, had once been bright yellow but over time had assimilated with the greyish from the whole neighbourhood. After a couple of flights, Derk knocked a door, halted for half a second and then entered himself, well aware that the person at the other side was expecting him.

”It’s me,” he spoke, with a voice filled with relief upon the sight of an elderly women, calmly sitting in her rocking chair.
”I’m glad to see you, you do remember that I want a glimpse of you before taking planes,” she responded bittersweet in her raspy voice, well aware that she hadn’t seen her grandchild in years.

Or nothing else, for that matter. But the only thing about her that had ever given up were her eyes and beneath her wrinkled shell, her hardnosed can-do mentality still could be found, the same attitude that had managed her to raise a bunch of little brats after her daughter walked out on everyone to go live abroad with a wealthy stock broker. One day later, Karel Breydels had parked his car in that same small lane, dropped off his four children and drove away, never to return again.

Biographers could probably paint a nearly filmic picture about growing up in tough circumstances, nearly lauding them for forming a tougher right back in Derk. But he himself knew what an empty stomach before you fall to sleep and the social stigmas attached to having not even a penny in your pocket do with young people – no one praises the storm for only letting most people drawn. He hadn’t gone head under and due to the soft but firm hand of granny, none of his siblings had either. Often, it had been a close call and whatever temptations his grandmother hadn’t covered, the quarter had.

The Old Mill, of which the namesake had long been buried under tons of concrete, had carried over its poor reputation from one generation to the next but for those who grew up there in Derk’s time, the word ‘hood’ had a positive ring. You had to grow up tough, sure, and you saw a portion of violence and rowdiness on the daily that made people in residential suburb lift both their noses and their accusing fingers. But in the heaviest headwind, you never stood alone and the word neighbour meant a thing or two here back in those days, not just ‘the person across the hall’. That sentiment, which border melancholy, was the main reason why Derk hadn’t been able to convince his granny to come and live in a better part of town. By now, Derk Breydels left the subject to be.

It wasn’t but after he had made a fine pour of tea, bringing the two fragile cups in his large hands to the living room, that he noticed she hardly moved. Her hands remained clamped around the handles of her chair. By now he knew better than to drag what was wrong out of her and decided to steer the conversation in a different direction.

”There wasn’t a lot of activity in the shop of Gerolf,” he attempted some small talk but when saying ”is he on holidays?” he already knew how ridiculous that was about a local store that seemed to be open continuously day and night for about forty years on end now.
”He’s out of business,” she sighed. ”Everyone’s going to that brand-new thing and especially those… new people. And then he got robbed, so.”
”Robbed? Who would do that?”
”Young kids, apparently. They knew which tin held the cash, so they must have been locals.”

Derk stared through the window which only amply lighted the room. Although it only uncovered a nameless brick wall, he had seen it often enough to recall every ripple and all dents. Locals. A lot had changed with the recent wave of migration, caused by the explosion in low-cost factory jobs for which there were too few hands to cover. The first few had been more than welcome and responded accordingly. Aziz, a tall, skinny man who used to live across the hall, had often driven him to the game if he didn’t want to spend his cash on a series of bus tickets. And as it appeared to be a win-win situation, more people made the move to Veldgouwen. They even advertised for it!

And somewhere in that process, something broke. The newcomers didn’t have enough cash and locals weren’t too keen to rent their places, so they quickly ended up in groups in low-end boroughs like this one. Some didn’t join the flock of factory workers and took up other jobs, started a small firm, shop or restaurant. In a little over a decade, it created not one, but two communities, stuck in a difficult dance where they were too afraid to let go, but too scared of the unknown to hold close. It was a subject politicians and sociologists set up great treatises about, tackling public values, integration and, while they were at it, love and world peace. Oh, how one could debate about it.

But Derk wasn’t about words. If he walked through his street, his own ground where he had been born and raised, he saw nothing of that history anymore and the last traces of his past were being shoved away by these newcomers. Old shops got boycotted and scared out of business, the park was their territory and when he walked around, he heard loud voices in strange tongues. One fell after another and as unspoken as it was, now they would shove out granny as well.

”No locals, gran… No real locals,” Derk concluded, ”where do you get your groceries? The new thing or…”
”I… I tried once but they don’t help,” she sighed, ”and I hardly understand them with their dialect. Not speaking proper Grawarder as anyone else. A neighbour sometimes brings some for me as well, now.”
”That’s no way to go, gran… You should…”
”Move? Never. This old tree ain’t going nowhere, she murmured and switching the subject ”Could you hand me my tea?”

Derk pressed the lukewarm tea in her shaking hand and had to bite off his tongue not to ask for more.

”So, where are you going again, Urea?”
”Eura, gran. It’s not ridiculously far but it’s an impossible mission. They’re…” Derk sought for a way to describe one of the giants of the game to a women for whom figures like ’17 qualifications in 23 attempts’ and five-time medal winner didn’t mean a thing. ”… the best we’ve ever played against. By far.”
”That’s what they said about Bonesea on the road as well and we all know how that ended,” she smiled.
”True. But so far, we were poor. Nagore would’ve been a disaster if it weren’t for a fluky goal by Jim in the extra time. A silly tap-in and suddenly the new players are the hosanna of the year,” Derk spitted, quite disgruntled about losing his spot on the starting eleven.
”You won’t play?”
”Probably. He’ll just throw Vandertoren again till he messes it up.”
”And Snoeks?” she asked for his closest mate in the national side, so carelessly that it wouldn’t be till until after his departure that Derk realised she hadn’t simply forgotten that he had been off the team for this campaign.
”He won’t come with us, not for a while. For no reason, Valkeniers replaced him. He’s technically, tactically and physically superior to that… that…” Derk doubted to utter the slur he had stuck in his throat, ”Tarki kid. But they say that Valkeniers has been pressured to include a ‘New Veldgouwer’ as those politically correct treehuggers call it. So just out of thin air, Snoeks had to go. Seriously, gran, he’s just… Cocky. It is as if he knows he can’t be touched, that someone up the line is protecting him. Against Nagore he was poor but not only the manager, but even the press started applauding every word out of his mouth. He’s not only just half a local, he’s also given something he doesn’t deserve.”

Deep down, Derk felt that that was his biggest problem with Tarki. Or at least, that was what he believed. His speech got cut off abruptly with the sound of a half-empty cup of tea clashing to the ground into a thousand pieces. While his grandmother remained frozen, her hand shaking in front of her, Derk cleaned up the mess and finally got to the point.

”What happened, gran?”
”They stole my handbag, just here, in the alley. It all went so quick and they pushed me over and… Gerolf came for the noise and helped me up the stairs.”
”Jezus, you’re wounded as well,” Derk discovered the scratches on her legs.
”Nothing that won’t heal,” she downsized the event as much as the shiver in her voice allowed.
”Were it… Of those sandmonk…” he asked.
”Watch your mouth in my house,” she chided him like a little kid, but she didn’t reply ‘no’ to his question.

As he walked back out, the hoodie again tight over him and his stare to the ground, quite some thoughts went across his head. They might be taking over his old place and getting his friends kicked out but if they touched his grandmother, a bridge was crossed. One that demanded action.

I hope none of the contents of my RP line so far have offended anyone and if so, don’t hesitate to contact me. I know that topics like integration and racism can provoke a lot of different opinions – but it’s exactly that group of viewpoints I try to grasp. If I do so successfully is, of course, a different matter.

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Postby Tobiasia » Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:09 am

Another disappointing 2-1 loss

Tobiasian goalkeeper Percy Matthews performs a clearance

Goals: 1 - 2
Possession: 41% - 59%
Shots on target: 7 - 12

Eastfield Lodge XI
GK: Korbin Harvey
RB: Abdur Rehman
CB: Wesley Martin
CB: Emely Towers
LB: Hamaad Siddique
DM: Amitee Abdalla
RAM: The Doctor
LAM: Glen Soria
RW: Ali Asif
LW: Fedrea Quazin (Goal '47)
ST: Tia Drenas (Goal '78)

Tobiasia XI
GK-Percy Matthews
LCB-Abraham Peters
RCB-Paul Goldsmith
DM-Arthur Slim
LM-Harry Lithgow
RM-Alexander West
SW-Frank Woods
CM-Flint Eastgate
ST-Fraser Philips (Goal '68)
LW-Lee Ryans
RW-Matthew Card

Another day another 2-1 loss. After a somewhat unexciting match against Eastfield Lodge, Tobiasia was put down. The able players of the opposition found themselves in many cases unable to penetrate the ranks of the Tobiasian centre backs, but in the end a header from Tia Drenas won it for them.

There was however a beautiful shot from Fraser Philips, who tore the ball into the net from inside the box, equalising in the 68th minute.

The best Tobiasian of the match award should definitely go to LCB Abraham Peters, who stopped several attacks in their tracks with his brilliant overhead sweeps.

Tobiasia are now hoping for a better result tommorow, hopefully a win against relative newcomers Juvecus. Fraser Philips said in an interview: "im really excited about playing Juvecus tommorow. Me Matthew and Lee have been practicing trying to move in a three man attack smoothly and i think that went quite well against Eastfield Lodge today. They were always going to be tough and i think the team were great. Obviously upsetting that we didnt get a point like we hoped but that is that and we can only hope to do better against Juvecus. They're a good team sure, very dynamic, in fact i watched one of their matches the other day, but i know when the team gives it its all we are unstoppable, and i know we can get points tomorrow."

All away games are being shown in the Ark of Tobiasia live on the big screen. Book tickets now from $30. Food and drink not included but available at the stadium and nearby in the city.
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Postby Barunia » Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:40 am

Bayview Stadium, Bayview, will host two World Cup qualifiers

MD 1: v Jeruselem, Memorial Stadium
MD 3: v Bonesea Suns Stadium
MD 5: v Witty Penguins, Sam Garcia Field
MD 6: v Willinois, Bayview Stadium
MD 8: v Whovian Tardisia, Bluebirds Stadium
MD 11: v Darmen, Memorial Stadium
MD 13: 2 Quakmybush, Sam Garcia Field
MD 16: v Garifunya, Bayview Stadium
MD 18: v Drawkland, Suns Stadium

The Barunian Football Association have named their home schedule for the 77th World Cup. With 9 home games, fans had perhaps hoped that it would mean three games at each stadium, rather than the usual two. The BFA surprised everyone though, by instead opting to add not one, but two more stadiums to the schedule. Bayview Stadium in Tildos will host two games, while Bluebirds stadium in Waybridge will host the remaining game.
The BFA have investigated the possibility of World Cup qualifying games in Tildos before, but have never acted on it. Several stadiums had been named as possible locations: Raven's Stadium and Locke Park in Delmars were the definite forerunners, being situated in the state capital.
However, the World Cup expansion into Tildos was instead granted to Bayview Stadium, in the West Bay region of Tildos. The stadium is the home of league powerhouse West Bay Mariners, and seats 70,000 - 25,000 more than Raven's Stadium and 30,000 more than Locke Park.

Each of the stadiums will host two games. The remaining game, against Whovian Tardisia on Matchday 8, will be played at Bluebirds Stadium in Waybridge. The city in the south of Havenia has seen rapid population growth over the last few years, and also the success of the local team, the Southern Bluebirds. With a capacity of 45,000, Bluebirds is the equal-sixth largest football stadium in the country. While its size is suitable for a World Cup game, Waybridge is still in some respects a small town, and it might not have the infrastructure to support a sudden influx of tourists and media attention.
Questions gave also been raised as to why Blackrock Stadium was overlooked. The 80,000-seat stadium is the third largest in Barunia, and has previously hosted World Cup games. The overlooking of the stadium in Newland means that the BFA have missed an opportunity to host a World Cup qualifier in every state, which would have meant more chances for fans to have access to a game. As it is, fans in West Barunia must now travel interstate to catch a game.

Bluebirds Stadium, Waybridge, will host one World Cup qualifier

Raven's Stadium, Delmars, missed out on hosting a qualifier.
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Postby Darmen » Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:57 am

Tor Tong Lee elected Provisional President and Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly on 5th Ballot

Tor Tong Lee waves to the crowd gathered outside
the Main Hall of Scott City University on Wednesday
SCOTT CITY - Delegates to the Constitutional Assembly have elected former Captain and Manager of the All Greens, Tor Tong Lee, as Provisional President and Chairman of the Assembly after five ballots. With a 115 votes, four more than needed, Lee was elevated to the position ahead of Maxwell Romanov, current Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom of Darmen, of the Royalist Party, and Yoram Nash, of the Coalition of the Left. Lee's center-right coalition, Movement for a New Darmen, secured the support of Rowland McNab's liberal National Civil Liberal Democratic Union in the final round of voting, despite McNab's opposition to some of Lee's more socially conservative stances.

Following the conclusion of the Constitutional Assembly's business for the day, Lee emerged from Scott City University's Main Hall to be greeted by a crowd of several thousand supporters and fans. Although Lee did not speak to the crowd, he waved and smiled in their direction, resulting in loud cheers from the assembled onlookers.

With Lee's election as Provisional President, some political analysts are now worried that a rivalry between Lee and the Governing Council of the Confederation of Darmen will begin to develop, with each party claiming to be the true representative of governance throughout the entire nation. Other analysts however are not worried, saying that because the Constitutional Assembly derives its power from the Confederation's Governing Council, that Lee will focus primarily on constructing a constitution and allow the Governing Council to continue its business as usual.

111 votes needed for election
Party Candidatate B1 B2 B3 B4 B5
Movement for a New Darmen Tor Tong Lee 78 78 90 90 115
Royalist Party Maxwell Romanov 45 45 45 65 65
Coalition of the Left Yoram Nash 37 37 41 41 41
National Civil Liberal Democratic Union Rowland McNab 25 25 25 25 -
Coalition for Darmen León McReynolds 20 20 20 - -
Second Communist Group Romilda Tobias 8 8 - - -
People's Party Goffredo Mantovani 5 8 - - -
Frente de la Libertad Valladar Artemio Aritza 3 - - - -
The Constitutional Assembly is likely to take a short recess now, resuming deliberations on Monday. Primary topics of discussion will include the overall scope of the Constitution, Darmen's future form of government, possible membership in a Rushmori Union, membership in the World Assembly and provisions for amending the constitution. With no political grouping in the Assembly holding a majority, it is likely that a vast number of compromises will need to be reached.

Other Headlines
  • Darmen loses to Barunia, 2-3
  • DFA announces new format for domestic football
  • Valladar Priest shot in Rogerton, expected to recover
  • Fishermen in Liverpool enter third week of strike
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Postby Mercedini » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:11 am

World Cup MD2: Mercedini vs. Savalen LIVE
@ Zoloroni Sports City Stadium - Zoloroni, Mercedini

Ladies and gentlemen, you join us in the Zoloroni Sports City Stadium where Mercedini play their first home game of the World Cup Qualifiers against the second highest ranked team in the group, Savalen. Mercedini wants to take their second spot which would mean they qualify for the World Cup but they must beat Savalen to even have a sniff at qualifying. After their tight battle on MD1, Bjarnasson name an unchanged side for their game against Savalen, citing their attacking prowess and dominance down the wings. Will they continue their winning streak and go 2-in-2 at these qualifiers, we will find out in about two hours time when this match has finished.

0' - The teams are out and ready for the match to begin. Another great turnout from the Mercedinian fans filling up the Sports City Stadium once again, the Savalen allocation is currently only half full at the moment, I'm not too sure if some of them or late or if this is it. It's safe to say that Mercedini are making all of the noise with only a small number of Savalen fans in their team colours. While the Mercedinians are in their traditional blue and black kits. The teams are all ready to start with the Savalen players kicking off proceedings.

3' - (MRC 0-0 SAV) - Savalen have the ball into the net for the opening goal! Mercedini haven't got going in the opening minutes and Savalen have forced the initiative after three minutes. I'm not too sure a to who scored as the Savalen delegation hasn't submitted a roster to us just yet. One of the players came towards the by-line and muscled Noah Park off the challenge, he squared the ball to the awaiting striker who trashed the ball into the net. Hosset got a hand to the ball but the power of the shot took it past him and into the net. 1-0 Savalen, what a start!

9' - (MRC 0-1 SAV) - Mercedini have not woken up yet and Savalen are peppering the goal with shot after shot. The home fans are not liking what they are seeing, maybe the players had a couple too many WKDs after their opening win but they are not at the races. Bjarnasson is staying calm with his arms crossed on the touchline, this is the first time they have gone behind in qualification thus far. Can they turn it around?

12' - (MRC 0-1 SAV) - Savalen are running riot in Zoloroni as they have bagged their second of the game in just twelve minutes. Another goal coming from the wing but this time it was an early cross that did it for Savalen. The cross was high and bounced before entering the danger area the ball came up off the turf and was subtly flicked towards goal by the Savalen attacker. Hosset was coming for the ball but was caught in no-mans land and the ball flew over the goalkeeper's head and rolled ever so slowly into the net. The stadium is stunned into silence with only a small cheer coming from the small pocket of fans. 2-0 Savalen, who thought it would go this wrong, this quickly!

20' - (MRC 0-2 SAV) - Mercedini looked to have kicked into gear, too bad it's taken them two goals to get there. The size of the pitch may benefit Mercedini as there is plenty of space for them to work in. One chance for Mercedini after that opening meltdown, it was Ben Chillotov whose quick dribbling moved opened space for Billic, he threaded the Myrmidon man through on goal but his fizzing shot was saved and parried away from goal. Still 2-0.

27' - (MRC 0-2 SAV) - Mercedini have the ball in the net but it's been chalked off for offside. It further adds to the frustration of the Mercedinian fans who feel they should have a goal back in this game. Looking at the replay, Crasic was marginally offside as he flicked his header on for Nymark to bundle the ball into the net. Mercedini pressuring at the moment, they just need a goal to get them up and running in this match. Still 2-0 to Savalen as we enter the final fifteen minutes.

36' - (MRC 0-2 SAV) - GOAL!! Mercedini are on the board and have reduced the deficit by one as Ben Chillotov gets his first of the campaign. Mercedini had the ball for a while as they looked for an opening in the defence. Nymark found Chillotov with a through ball, he his first time shot went through the legs of the goalkeeper, off the post and into the net. 2-1, and Mercedini have found a new lease of life in this match.

41' - (MRC 1-2 SAV) - Savalen holding the ball up well, trying to hold their lead in this game as they look to consolidate what they have in this game already. Mercedini are trying to get control of the ball but a couple of yellow cards have been brandished already. The Mercedinian fans are booing the slow play of Savalen but it's proving effective so far.

43' - (MRC 1-2 SAV) - GOAL!! and Mercedini have found an unexpected equaliser in this game to the delight of the Mercedinian in the stadium. It's Ben Chillotov again, he took the ball from one of the Savalen defenders who were attempting to keep the ball and Chillotov was practically through on goal. He raced forward on his own towards the goal and threaded the ball past the goalkeeper to tie the game up at two a piece. The rest of the players who were downfield at the time all celebrate with the fans and Chillotov, I would if I could. 2-2!

45+4' - (MRC 2-2 SAV) - The referee blows his whistle to signal the end of the first half and talk about a tale of two halves of a half. Savalen were two up and cruising but a brace for Ben Chillotov has got his nation back into the reckoning. The first was a first time strike which went in off the post and the second was a coolly slotted goal coming from an interception and a one-on-one break. Plenty to play for in the second half, but for now it's Mercedini 2, Savalen 2.

Mercedini 2 - 2 Savalen

Chillotov 36', 43' | unknown 3', 12'

So a finely poised match here in Mercedini, both teams won their first match which means a win for either team will see them set distance between them and their opponents. Mercedini and Savalen are likely to challenge for a World Cup position so this match may have implication for future matches and, of course, the rest of the group. The fans have had their fix of Dini-Dini and we are ready for kick-off.

51' - (MRC 2-2 SAV) - We are about five minutes into this second half and both teams are lively and up for the fight, I think Mercedini have recovered from the woes of the opening 15 minutes or so. It looks as if Nymark and Jackic have moved back to assist the defenders and blocking up the space on the pitch. Leaving the two wingers and the two strikers to fend for themselves up top. We have already seen that Mercedini have great talent and quality upfront, so let's see if they can work their magic in this match. It remains 2-2.

59' - (MRC 2-2 SAV) - The pressure is increasing in the cooker that is the Sports City Stadium. The teams are back and forth in what is a very open and tight affair, it looks as if either team could nab a winner, both managers are employing tactics to out fox the other, still 2-2 as it stands, the players are tiring and we surely must get at least one more goal in this match.

66' - (MRC 2-2 SAV) - Billic OFF, Dostalok ON. In a make-or-break move from Bjarnasson, he has subbed off Mercedini's star striker. I have to agree and say that Billic has been relatively absent for much of the two matches, save for his couple of goals. Daniel Dostalok has come on for his competitive debut, he plays for Handon United in Schottia and has enjoyed relatively good success in the nation and has many good words to say about the experience. Bjarnasson has taken a risk so let's see if it pays off. We have about 25 minutes left and it's 2-2!

72' - (MRC 2-2 SAV) - I don't think many Mercedinians know about Dostalok's performances in Schottia and I think this is the first time many of them have seen him in action and the fans are relatively surprised. Dostalok is working the central portions of the pitch very well, the two young guns are injecting plenty of energy into the game. Can Savalen contain them? 18 minutes plus stoppage time.

78' - (MRC 2-2 SAV) - The gamble looks to have paid for Mercedini as they have taken the lead with about ten minutes of the game left! It's Ben Chillotov with his hat-trick with an assist from Daniel Dostalok. Presic fed through Dostalok down the wing who let the ball roll and roll and roll before finally sending a low cross into the box. The ball hit the standing leg of one of the defenders and Chillotov was the quickest to react as he toe-poked the ball into the net for his third. The comeback is complete, does Savalen have anything left in the tank to get an equaliser? 3-2!

81' - (MRC 3-2 SAV) - GOAL!! Savalen HAVE found the equaliser in this game and the Savalen fans go wild in the corner. A free-kick on the edge of the box was originally saved by Hosset as he parried the ball onto the bar. The ball flew up into the air and a huddle of layers were waiting for the ball to drop. It fell inside the six yard box and one of the Savalen players rose high enough to bundle the ball into the net, beating the jump of Hosset. What an exciting end to the game, 3-3!

90' - (MRC 3-3 SAV) - ...but wait there's more! Mercedini look to have grasped the winning goal just as we enter added on time in this game. Cpl. Tim Crasic has put the ball in the net with a strike from the edge of the box. Mercedini held onto the ball and were working it round the pitch, Crasic picked up the ball on the wing and dribbled inside before dropping his shoulder and firing low into the bottom corner. The stadium has gone mad and the players ans substitutes have all piled on top of each other in the corner. If they can hold on it will be a huge win for the Golden Eagles! 4-3!

90+4' - (MRC 4-3 SAV) - The referee blows his whistle for the end of the match and Mercedini have made it over the line against Savalen, the players and the coaching staff must be optimistic after this performance. They had to work for it but a Chillotov hat-trick accompanied by a late Crasic strike means that Mercedini continue their 100% record in the group. The players applaud the fans who are all waving their flags high, at the end of this titanic match it's finished Mercedini 4, Savalen 3!

Mercedini 4 - 3 Savalen

Chillotov 36', 43', 78', Crasic 90' | unknown 3', 12', 81'

Mercedini have managed to squeeze through their first two manages and now the Golden Eagles hope to make their third match much more comfortable against Gadirya. We will be providing live commentary of that match so we hope you will be able to join us for another tussle for qualification. Will Mercedini make it three on the bounce? We will see. From the Zoloroni Sports City Stadium, we hope you have a great night!
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Postby Tobiasia » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:34 pm

Tobiasian home games schedule

February 11th - MD 7: vs Kaisaru @The Ark of Tobiasia
February 12th -MD 8: vs Savorjana @Rose Stadium
February 16th - MD 10: vs Anglatia @To Greenside Park
February 17th - MD 11: vs Eastfield Lodge @Opal Park
February 18th - MD 12: vs Juvecus @To Greenside Park
February 19th - MD 13: vs Turori @Rose Park
February 20th - MD 14: vs Mattijana @The Ark of Tobiasia
February 23rd - MD 17: Brecenia @Opal Park
February 24th - MD 18: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia @The Ark of Tobiasia

The Ark of Tobiasia
Capacity: 90,000
Location: Tobiasia City
Built in: originally 1962, rebuilt 2003
Purpose: national stadium

Opal Park
Capacity: 61,000
Location; Tobiasia City
Built in: 1998
Purpose: stadium of Tobiasia City FC

Rose Stadium
Capacity: 45,000
Location; East River City
Built in: 1999
Purpose: stadium of the East River Roses

To Greenside Park
Capacity: 54,000
Location; To City
Built in: 1991
Purpose: stadium of the Portside Tigers
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Postby Tinhampton » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:37 pm

Meanwhile, at Tinhampton Herald HQ...

  • Office Intern: I could swear that I had an article ready on the fucking game!
  • Editor Peter Friedman: No, you did not. You officially missed the article cut-off, and thereforeeee...

When Tinhampton press secretary Suzanne Hammond conducted her regular newspaper website visits, she was expecting match reports from Tinhampton's narrow matches against Electrum and Cetheque. Of course, she knew the details - Knight free-kick, Graham's hilarious failures, Jamie Winter's work in preventing a 2-0 loss to the Electrumites - but she had not expected the death of a well-respected tabloid editor. Of course, it may have just been the Herald, but the match reports were a bit further down this time. Not that it mattered that he was ordered to stop work at 1am...

After suspicious items found, Tinhampton Police suspect foul play...
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Postby Taeshan » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:03 pm

To say the Purple Knights were disappointing in the opener of their 39th qualifying campaign would be a fair estimate. The fans were unhappy, the coach was unhappy, and for the most part the players seemed unhappy. Perhaps the most unhappy was star forward Miles Snavely who would be sidelined for the Knights next two matches with a slight strain in his leg. Not exactly something that needed that much rest but the team knew it was better to sit him out a few games and have him ready for bigger games later on then have him further injure the leg and leave the team without pretty much their best player in the most important games of the qualifying effort.

The Knights second game of qualifying would be against a relative unknown in that of the team from EEC. With a fairly good effort in their baptism of Fire the Knights knew to expect at least a fiery effort from their new opponents. Playing a team on the road was always a big ask, especially in a hostile environment, that said when you can get wins against the relative minnows in your group on the road that can go a long way in getting you to a World Cup. As the old adage goes, win at home and get ties on the road and you can be set for qualifiers. The Knights had lost their first match at home, meaning they would need to earn some early road points, and to do so they would have to score at least a goal and rely on their staunch defense to get the full points.

Miles Snavely wasn't the only Taeshani out for the second game with midfielder Maxwell McMichael missing his first start in almost a decade of games, alongside Everett Eskandarian both down with the flu. The Captain, McMichael, and his fellow starter were replaced on the road trip by the Petersheim twins with both Elton and Ensign getting their first career starts with the national team on their 19th caps. The captain's armband went to defender Andrew Chesnut who with the cap earned his 91st career cap, leading all active players with the national team.

The Knights looked sluggish throughout the game but notably started the game much like they had ended the previous one. Unable to convert their counter attack chances, but however unlike the first game the defense didn't let in any early goals in the game, and at halftime the visitors were relatively unscathed by their hosts. The Knights looked relatively strong throughout the first half but their attack wasn't providing much. Jon Hutch starting for the injured Snavely seemed relatively unable to score a goal, and at the half the Knights manager, Lysander Ying Uing, brought in Gordie von Houten to take over for the lackluster sub.

The second half started much like the first and the Knights seemed destined not to score a goal, let alone earn the full 3 points. At the hour mark Ying Uing made two more changes bringing in Wilhelm Quinones for Anton Vader on the right wing, with Janson Jewsbury replacing Elton Petersheim on the other side. The change brought about a quick difference in the pace of the offense as both of the wingers moved up and down the field faster than the tired players had before. Eventually with all sorts of pace on the field the Knights were able to win a penalty in the 71st minute as von Houten was hacked down in the box, giving the Knights their first penalty of the year.

Many expected Enrique Fuegahita to come up to the spot, or the penalty winner von Houten, but Andrew Chesnut fancied himself from the spot and pulled his captain rank to line up the ball, and this worried the Taeshani faithful throughout the stands as the center back wasn't exactly known for his scoring prowess let alone known for his deadball skills. But the fans need not be worried as the captain stepped up and put it in the top corner, and after 20 more minutes of defense the Knights walked away with the win.

While not exactly the attacking game that many fans had expected in their team on the road against a weak opponent in the end the Purple Knights were very able to get the full points at the end of the game. While not a tour de force the game went well, the management was good, and the Purple Knights looked slightly better than anemic without their best striker on the field and without two other starters including their captain. Hopefully moving forward the team can get these players to return to the field, and that will help them in their push to once again qualify for the World Cup.
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Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
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Postby Anglatia » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:25 pm
An inside view of sports in the Empire of Greater Anglatia

The Faceless Player: Part Six
Article by the Faceless Player

Purple for Patierre

There’s plenty of distractions for everyone on the squad. Blaze is pregnant, Andros is trying to keep his spot and his role as team captain, Allie and Hakki are still adjusting to playing abroad, Nessa is injured again, and Remy Ladipo and John Fidalgo are fighting to get into the lineup. Bozidar Pavlovic is challenging an out of form Leonne Warner, and Kaden Espina is trying to take back his old spot from the younger and more well rounded Darren Habin. One distraction that applies equally to everyone is the war. There’s an insurgency in Patierre, and it’s on the minds of more players than just Remy, who plays there with OGC Syhaux.

When we visited Juvencus for the first away match of the qualifying cycle, we all decided to speak up about the issue of Patierre before the match began. We held an anonymous vote, deciding that if anyone didn’t want to make a statement, we wouldn’t, but when the votes were counted up, we discovered that there wasn’t a single player on the squad who had voted against it. And so, instead of coming out in our usual black and white warmup kits, we wore purple tee shirts over our black jerseys. The middle of the shirts showed a white silhouette of the island of Patierre, overlaid with the design of the Imperial flag. There were no words on the shirts, but the image was enough to make the point that we wanted. We came out wearing those shirts for warmups, and our away fans immediately noticed and cheered us on for wearing them.

But like I said, Patierre is a distraction for everybody. The war there is on the minds of everyone because of the implications the result has for other parts of the Empire. Patierre had long been aligned with the center left as a democratic socialist constitutional monarchy before it was recaptured by Anglatia, and the island could also be considered the gateway to Nordskania because of its proximity to the other formerly leftist island that was near the Imperial sphere of influence. The Empire had invested hundreds of millions of dollars not just into the invasion, but into anti communist operations on the streets to turn Patierre into a place that could serve as a wall between the right winged Imperial sphere and the leftists that remained in Nordskania, in the south. If that buffer state falls into the hands of anarcho-syndicalists, the ones who are doing most of the insurgency, it could spell a bad shift for Imperial politics out west.

The other implication is that if things escalate into another full blown war in Patierre, one that takes place in the cities and not in the rural regions and the seas, the nicer colonies of the Empire will be flooded by Patierren refugees who have no cultural or linguistic similarity to the locals. East Underfell went from a nice suburb to a complete shithole within five years when it was filled with refugees from East Kisote. Many citizens fear that their city could become the next one to suffer the same thing, except with Patierrens and not Kisotans. That fear extends to the players, especially the ones who play domestically. We may have been bold enough to make a statement, but don’t let that confuse you; we’re just as scared as everyone else, and we can only hope that we’re able to keep our focus on the matches ahead of us.

Juvencus 3-4 Anglatia

We nearly collapsed in this one. Playing in Torona, Juvencus, was always going to be a match that was circled on our calendars as a risky one, mainly because the opposition are lowly in terms of ranking but much more dangerous than they look on paper. They haven’t been at it for long and so their ranking isn’t a great indicator of their skill, and Yanick warned us not to underestimate them. But the fact of the matter is, we didn’t collapse because we underestimated them, we collapsed because the squad doesn’t have enough killer instinct. Zahara Santana has killer instinct. Marco Saint Paul has it. But not enough players have it, and that almost cost us.

We played a good match in the first half, though. Nessa will be able to play through her torn shoulder, but Andres Yevtushenko advised Yanick to leave her out of the lineup anyway for the rest of the first half of qualifying, to avoid her injuring herself further by coming back too soon. Because of that, Hakki Ojala took her spot up front, and he played as a false nine instead of a true striker like Nessa. Despite the change in our gameplan and the fact that Hakki was being played out of position, we bounced back well from Nessa’s injury and Hakki got himself off to a flying start as a member of the starting lineup. Everyone thinks it was a wonder goal that came down to individual talent, but let me explain what really happened.

Because of the loss of Nessa, Zahara and Allie moved further inside and played like a pair of inside forwards rather than wingers, and they also brought the pressure on the back four. The goal was an early result of that pressure. Valerio Scarpo had the ball in the fifth minute and Zahara immediately pressured him and forced him to pass the ball backwards to Naldo Zappa after taking three backwards dribbles. Now, everyone knows that, but what a lot of our fans don’t realize is that the goal happened because Allie came in from the other side and pressured Zappa, forcing Gian Landi to drop deep to pick up the ball from Zappa and avoid any more risks. Landi was supposed to be marking Hakki at all times, and so when he took the ball up the pitch and then had his pass intercepted by Marco Saint Paul, Hakki was wide open in the center of the field.

Instead of volleying the ball into the box for the wingers, he decided to use the space that Landi had given up to take his time with a long shot, which obviously curled into goal despite the initial bad angle of the flight of the ball. Hakki is one of the most technically skilled players I’ve ever seen, and goals like this are the reason why. He knows where to strike the ball, and in this case, the curve of the ball came from the way he used the inside of the top of his boot along with a running start and a good angle. The strange flight of the ball meant that Zappa had a hard time judging the shot, and he fell backwards as it went over his head and into the goal.

Our second goal happened in almost the exact same way, except it was from Andros Diasakos, who is practically a certified expert at ranged shots by now. Diasakos was holding the ball wide on the wing and waiting for Hakki and Zahara to make their runs into the box, but when Gian Landi and Filipe Rodrigues chased both players into the box to double up on coverage, Andros took advantage of the space and took the shot himself, letting the ball curve into goal. The flight of the ball was a bit more clear on this shot, as it traveled on a perfectly curved path and struck the crossbar before going in. Up 2-0 and putting more and more pressure on, the match should have been on ice.

And we did think it was on ice when we picked up goal number three. Juvencus pushed higher up to try to cut our lead before halftime, but Hakki straddled the offside line perfectly and then took off at top speed as soon as Marco received the pass from Darren Harbin and chipped the ball over the offside line. He managed to stay onside and then slowed down to time his shot, feinting to the left side to throw off Zappa before switching to dribbling with his right foot and finishing with that one from the top of the box. Yanick Martins’ gameplan was working masterfully, and at this point, we were playing as good as any of his FC Maris teams had ever played. We couldn’t keep the momentum going during halftime, though. The media say that it was because of the extra long halftime break during a solar eclipse, but I think we just didn’t have any killer instinct to put the opposition away for good.

Because of having less training time than we do with our clubs, our defenders can still be very undisciplined at times, and Lukas Aukland was exposed while playing a high line again. He let a through ball slip past him, and then in his frantic recovery attempt, he slipped onto the ground to leave Joaquim Martell one on one with Costin Anghelescu. Costin was determined to stay on his line, but as Martell grew closer, he tried to step up to make a save on a shot he thought was coming towards the middle. Instead, the shot went right, and Juvencus had their first goal of the match.

Conceding one goal shouldn’t have been a problem, but we never got the urgency back that we had in the opening minutes. When we’re not playing in front of our home crowd, there’s just less immediate pressure. We would concede a goal later on a free kick from Martell, where it was hard to tell where the ball was going to go. Costin misjudged the flight of it and dove poorly, and the ball ended up in the back of the net. And we lazily didn’t close down in the 89th minute, assuming the match was over and not bothering to take away the space for a long shot. The only reason we won instead of drawing was because Zahara’s earlier cross was knocked into the net for a Juven own goal. As soon as the match ended, Yanick and Cedric Cress got on us for losing focus.

He warned us of something, saying that if we didn’t play well in garbage time, he wouldn’t let us play at all when the lights were the brightest. And that’s probably for the better, because right now, if we keep playing like this, there’s no way we make the World Cup, let alone make any noise if we get there.
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WC77Q-MD2 Beginningmeet

Postby Bonesea » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:14 pm

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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:22 pm

Yttribia 1–6 The Holy Empire

<OOC: and 1000th post in these forums with the Holy Empire; ah, those pre-Jolt forums back in 2003, how I remember them well....>

"...yes, it was the middle one. Simeone?"

"Sorry to interrupt, Juan, but Hook and Silver are fighting again."

"Handbags - or hooks and peglegs - at dawn; nothing to worry about."

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely, Simeone. Look, they both scored a hattrick each against Yttribia, and they're not used to sharing the spoils, so..."

"But do they have to fight, Juan?"

"A rhetorical question?"

"Not entirely..."

"The multiverse is full of interesting rhetorical questions, Simeone, such as why did Eura steal the Holy Empire's away colours, why do Smickleshipple pigs only fly on alternate Tuesdays, who is Laborious Hawk really, why isn't blue red, whither Audioslavia, are croutons necessary for a truly successful salad, and who on God's green multiverse decided that cyan worked as colour for football kits."

"That's not really an answer."

"Rhetorical questions rarely have answers, Simeone."

"But that's not really what I came here to talk about today."


"No; did you know that our entire team this World Cup seems to be famous in various corners of the multiverse? They've all appeared in books."

"I think I was vaguely aware."

"Strange books."

"Strange is a relative concept, Simeone."

"Alright, so how about I read out some titles for you...

Harry Potter and the Call of Cthulhu

Aslan - Reanimated

Winnie the Pooh and the Colour Out of Space

Facts Concerning the Late Willie Wonka and His Family

Rupert at the Mountains of Madness

The Strange Treasure Island in the Mist

The Dream Quest of Unknown Paddington

Need I go on?"

"Alright, I'll admit that's not quite what I was expecting. Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, I know; Winnie the Pooh and the Colour Out of Space, I'm less familiar with."

"So not entirely what you were expecting, Juan?"

"No, Simeone, it isn't."

"You're not just a little worried?"

"It's a big multiverse, Simeone. If young Potter wants to hunt for the Cyclopean cities of the Great Old Ones, then who am I to argue? So long as he does his job out on the wing, and remembers to leave that broomstick behind, frankly who am I to argue? What are a few eldritch horrors between friends. We've both seen worse..."

"Still, Juan... something's... not quite right here."

"It rarely is old friend; it rarely is. But 6 points from two matches and a +10 goal difference? That is right. And at this point I'm not going to argue..."
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Postby Natanians and Nosts » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:03 pm

"Accents of Natanians and Nosts,part two:Average Natanian.
The Average Natanian is somewhat based at the Sowthwestern speech of N-City.It was conceived as an alternative to the existing dialects to be used by the media to keep a "neutral" geographic position to the character,but it is far from the prestige dialect.An idiosycratic expression from Average Natanian is "a bird in hand worths more than two flying",a variation of the popular "a bird in hand worths two in bush".
Average Natanian is non-rhotic,that is,it does not pronouce r's in the end of syllabi,sometimes,like other Natanian accents,even when followed by a vowel.It has the peculiarity in the vowels in comma and letter don't rhyme,the comma vowel is as open as the trap vowel;also the vowel in words like fir or fur has two variations a nasal one /ã/ and an oral one /3/."

-That was the second episode in the series.
-Natanians and Nosts lose it's first game in WCQ.Gheorghe Márcus Álvares has the info.
-The game started well,with Natan Nínnio Gonçalo almost scoring by the fifth minute,but the Abajan team started attacking hard and scored their first goal 25 minutes in the first period,when they had a corner,but it was too confusing to know who scored and nothing else happened at the first period.The Abajans came strong to te second period,when they scored their second goal in a foul,when John Karl Foster recived a yellow card.And their last goal was scored by Alan Atsi at the 40th minute of the second period.
-That's sad Gheorghe.How has the team reacted?
-Ion,they reacted badly,they did not even gave a collective interview,they would have a session with the team psychologist.And again they apologised for losing the game.
-Bye Gheorghe.
-Good ye Ion.Good bye Mihaela.
-After the break.Ministry of Education lauching new high education courses.

/a/ as in "trap"
/a/ as in "trap"
/i/ as "fleece" but shorter
/ɛ/ as in "tree"
/ɔ/ as in "thought",but shorter
/u:/ as in "goose"
/u/ idem to the one above,but shorter
/u/ equal to the above
/ɔ/ same to the one three lines above
/ã/ as in Portuguese "mão" [hand],/ɜ/ as in RP "fern" but shorter
/i:/ as in RP "fleece"
/ei/ as in "face"
/ɑ/ as in "father",but shorter
/ɔ:/ as in "more" (U.K.)
/oʊ/ as in "grown" (U.S.)
/ai/ as in "why"
/ɔi/ as in "boy"
/aʊ/ as in "mouth"
/iə/ as in RP "here"
/ɛa/ similar to RP "there"
/ɑ/ as in "start",but shorter
/ɔ:/ as in "North" (U.K.)
/ɔ:/ equal to the above
/ʊə/ as in "poor" (U.K.)
/i/ as in "fleece",but shorter
/ə/ as in "water"
/a/ as in "bath" (North of England)
/u.o/ as in Spanish "búho" [owl]
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Hosted:WLC 27

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Postby Kitsunia-Deesse » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:56 pm

Former names of the Ligue 1 saw names flip all over the place.
The introduction of new factors to the rather traditional style of Kitsunian football saw some wiser sides make advantage of the switch.
Not everyone could stay on top, however and the fall of some teams is quite notorious.

Si c'est un Girondin
Ou une Citadelle
Tout importe très peu
Je suis tout Reinet et Soleiville

Years before the foundation of the LMF-K, unpopular side Citadelles de Soleiville left their home for the then middling town of Reinet.
Come the LMF-K, popular three-time champion Girondins de Soleiville merge with the Citadelles and move their operations to Reinet.
The new team, named Soleis Rois-et-Reines, had a fair start, a terrible follow-up where the team managed to get relegated but quickly bounced back to the Premiere Division.
The purple-and-gold clad team however, wouldn't reach their former heights, being a traditional knee-biter team.
Soleis Rois-et-Reines, however, kept a surprisingly big following all things considered, a remainder of Girondins' former popularity.
The supporters themselves do not really mix, however, some still loyal to the former Citadelles' ideas while most of it comes from fans of the more remarkable Girondins team.
As is, the team remains on the good graces of the region.

Je suis de Caen
Je m'appelle Jean
Je mange seulement Flan
Et mon équipe est la championne

Olympique Caenne was the UICA Club of the Century from Kitsunia-Déesse, a surprising result given their current status.
With Caresse Rossignol up front, Caenne's new form as the Caen Draveurs started with questions.
Caen itself was never a major city, the team's laurels came as a surprise and the team wasn't all that remarkable for their debut season.
The Draveurs avoided relegation on the first season, but wouldn't survive the second season.
Rossignol left, but the Draveurs wouldn't miss her too much, as the team went on to reach second place on the Deuxieme Division and last on the top tier for a bit.
They would go down eventually and now float on the Deuxieme Division.
Supporters are still there as they cope with the team's reality, but let it be known that they'd probably would give all they have to see the team return to its' winning ways.

Le rouge et le vert sont mon sang
Coulant profondément dans mon corps
Nous sommes des guerriers du terrain
Propriétaires d'une terre oubliée

Guerriers Aztèques were that one team that simply couldn't win a title during the Ligue 1 years.
A shame as their side was always a contender yet failed to catch the title at any occasion.
When the LMF-K came, the Aztèques played just as hard.
At last, the Aztèques came out of many great seasons to finally achieve their second title ever, the first after the league's participations at the UICA.
Season 54, the team finally managed to win it thanks to a single win that differentiated them from the Cápitale Soeurs.
While a massive exodus followed, the team still keeps fine striker Fantina Zirome to do her usual business and push the team near the top.
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:32 pm

Lord Almighty Gregory's Speech to the People

"Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and slaves. I must speak to you today about the so-called journalist named Journalist M38SFSBBSDB. This wicked, evil heathen decided to write a series of articles containing a series of "Alternative Facts" about every nation in the World Cup Qualifying. These alternative facts, in spite of his repeated denials, were lies. "Alternative Facts" sounds like something Dumpy O'Rumpy or his band of merry Dumplings would have come up with. In fact, I'm somewhat surprised they didn't before Dumpy resigned in shame and lied again.

"Anyway, Journalist M38SFSBBSDB has shamed himself, he has shamed his newspaper, and he has shamed this nation. He has insulted many nations, some of which are not our enemies yet. He has also mocked our hit TV show Costa Lunians Say The Dardnest Things and misrepresented our holy laws to indicate that saying the word "strawberry" is illegal. That is not the forbidden fruit word. You know what the forbidden fruit word is. I will not say it. It is forbidden. That is what forbidden means, something Journalist M38SFSBBSDB apparently does not understand because he is a liar and an idiot.

"This kind of ridiculous lying calls for swift and decisive action. As you all know, lying is a capital crime in Gregoryisgodistan, and Journalist M38SFSBBSDB has committed at least 150 counts of lying. Furthermore, I can only presume this was intended as a joke, but making bad jokes is also a capital crime in Gregoryisgodistan, and this joke was indeed bad. Therefore, he is guilty of 150 counts of making a bad joke. Furthermore, one of these "jokes" concerned dwile flonking, which as everyone knows is a sexual sport popular in Apox. Making a sexual joke is also a capital crime, so he has been charged with that as well. One count. And he is guilty.

"Therefore, it is time to take an action. Earlier this evening, our Secret Police arrested Journalist M38SFSBBSDB at his house, and he is being taken to the local Execution Chamber as we speak along with his family, who was also arrested. Once they arrive, they will be executed for their sins, and it will air on The Execution Channel. You will watch it. They will die, for Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's sins. They must be punished for they are wicked, evil heathens. They lied, they died. That is our motto. You lie, you die. I don't care if you're high. Or eating pie. Don't ask why. Just know you'll die.

"My speech is almost over, because it is almost time for the execution. But now I will do something I almost never do and apologize on Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's behalf to those nations he offended. He is a liar, he will pay the price, and this should be a lesson to the Free Republics as to what should be done with liars like Dumpy O'Rumpy. If you would like him and his family to suffer the same fate, feel free to do it yourself or send them over here so we can use the Brownie Cutter of Death. Though considering he kidnapped his wife through a mail-order bride service, and probably sexually abused at least one of his children given his history of rape and sexual assault, it might not be fair to execute them. Your call. But we'll be sure to execute Dumpy for those sins too if you send him over here.

"Anyway, that concludes my speech. Stay tuned for the Execution."

The Execution Channel, 7:15 PM

"Execution of Journalist M38SFSBBSDB,age 35, from the District 3 Ward 9 Public Execution Chamber. Crimes are 150 counts of lying, 150 counts of making a bad joke, and one count of making a sexual joke. We will begin by executing Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's family, and finally we will execute him."

Journalist M38SFSBBSDB and his family are paraded in shame as part of the Parade of Shame. They are paraded before the cameras while handcuffed, and Journalist M38SFSBBSDB is led over to a wall along with his family. They are then temporarily chained to the wall so they cannot escape during the Execution Ceremony.

"First, we will execute Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's 98 year old maternal grandmother, Retiree L9E9S9DFBASDF8UASD. All of Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's other grandparents are dead, so they will not be executed."

Retiree L9E9S9DFBASDF8UASD is unchained from the wall, then forcibly carried over to the execution table. She is handcuffed by her hands and feet to the table, and then the Executioner gets out the Brownie Cutter of Death and begins the execution.

The Brownie Cutter of Death slowly slices Retiree L9E9S9DFBASDF8UASD into thousands of little tiny pieces, cutting through skin and bones, and would ordinarily take quite a while. However, Retiree L9E9S9DFBASDF8UASD's little old heart can't take the pain, and she dies of a heart attack within 30 seconds. The Executioner then slices faster, until the slicing is complete, as boos ring down from the audience that she didn't suffer long enough.

"Next, we will execute Journalist M38SFSBBSDB''s 56 year-old mother, Chef I8349EAS9FDNASDF."

Chef I8349EAS9FDNASDF is unchained from the wall and paraded over to the execution table. She is then handcuffed to it as well. The Brownie Cutter slices through her, her skin, her bones, her organs, and this time she does not die of a heart attack. She simply howls in pain and agony for 45 minutes as blood and organ goo gushes out, until finally she is dead. Then they slice faster and chop her into thousands of tiny pieces.

"Next, we will execute Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's 57 year-old father, Prune Farmer MIE8DAUYA."

Prune Farmer MIE8DAUYA is unchained from the wall and paraded over to the execution table, before being handcuffed to it. The Execution goes just as smoothly as the previous one, and he takes 50 minutes to die, howling in pain the whole entire time. The audience cheers wildly at the heathen fool being put in his place.

"Next, we will execute Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's 32 year-old brother, Goat Herder CEAZECENI23."

Goat Herder CEAZECENI23 is unchained and escorted to the execution table, smelling faintly of goat. He is handcuffed to it, then sliced slowly to death, blood and organs pouring out as he howls in pain for exactly 72 minutes and 13 seconds, until finally he is dead. The crowd has been cheering the whole time, at one of the longest and greatest executions in Gregoryisgodistani history, only three minutes and nine seconds short of the all-time record. A truly outstanding performance by the Executioner in dragging out Goat Herder CEAZECENI23's suffering."

"Next, we will execute Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's 35 year-old wife, Milkmaid OCHOECINCO85."

Milkmaid OCHOECINCO85 is escorted over to the execution table, as the executioner tries again to do well, looking to break the all-time longest execution record. Unfortunately, this time he falls a mere three seconds short before Milkmaid OCHOECINCO85 dies, so close yet so far. It took him 75 minutes and 19 seconds. The crowd got really excited and started counting down until he broke the record, and was utterly disappointed when Milkmaid OCHOECINCO85 died three seconds too soon.

"Next, we will execute Journalist M38SFSBBSDB's one year-old daughter, Youth 32839409AS8F."

Obviously, with a baby there was no chance of setting the execution record, but that doesn't mean the Executioner didn't try. Youth 32839409AS8F cried in pain the whole time, even before the execution started, because she is a baby and babies cry. Plus her mother was just killed in front of her. The execution lasts 29 minutes and 48 seconds, which is thought to be one of the longest executions of a one year-old ever, although that is not an official record that is kept in the record books. In theory, one could look through all the executions ever to figure it out, but that would take too long as we are approaching the glorious milestone of the 100 millionth execution in the history of Gregoryisgodistan. This was execution number 99,993,234. The next and final execution in this ceremony will be execution number 99,993,235. Although other executions are likely going on simultaneously around Gregoryisgodistan, the numbering scheme counts consecutively based on whichever execution ceremony started first, numbering all the executions in that ceremony consecutively. For instance, the first execution in the first execution ceremony to begin after this one will be numbered execution number 99,993,236, even if it begins before this ceremony ends, or even before the second execution started.

"Finally, it is time to execute Journalist M38SFSBBSDB himself, that horrible man."

Journalist M38SFSBBSDB is escorted to the table and strapped down. This is the executioner's last chance for an all time record in this ceremony. 20 minutes go by and Journalist M38SFSBBSDB is still alive, howling in pain. 30 minutes.... 40 minutes.... 50 minutes.... 60 minutes... 70 minutes... It's getting close and the crowd is whipped up into a frenzy. Five minutes away..... Four.... Three.... Two minutes.... One minute.... 30 seconds. The crowd is counting off the seconds as they appear on the screen, they know what's coming up! 20..... 19.... 18..... 17..... 16.... 15.... 14... 13... 12... 11... 10... Journalist M38SFSBBSDB still howling in pain, blood and organs still gushing out of him, the crowd is going nuts now.


The executioner continues to do his job, and finally, 78 minutes and 52 seconds after the execution began, Journalist M38SFSBBSDB is dead. Executioner R3E209UAF09SDF has earned himself a new all-time record for longest execution. The crowd is going nuts and giving him a standing ovation. He tips his executioner's hat to the crowd and salutes them, as he walks out of the Execution Chamber and the cleanup crew comes in.

"Execution of Youth YAKEDHADSU, age four, crime: three counts nose picking. Execution to take place in the Execution Chamber of District 17 Ward 11 Preschool, which the offender attended...."
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Postby Savojarna » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:44 pm - inside reports from all Savojarna
World Cup Qualification starts out slowly for Savojarna

The first two games of the World Cup Qualification left a lot of questions open about the state of the Savojar national team while it also answered quite a few for us. One of our biggest questions was how well the team would respond to the rather bleak BoF campaign and whether they could specifically improve on the fields that were most problematic down in Bonesea. Namely, we were wondering if the squad around coach Mikkel Pedersen would be able to prevent complete breakdowns such as the horrible 6-2 loss at the hands of Abristan, when it took very little to break the defense of Savojarna entirely open and fill up our goal. Another thing that we were not exactly happy with back then was the mental state of the team in general, not only in the Abristan game but also in the decisive second match against EEC, when the team seemed to take the opponent much too lightly after the 2-0 lead and blew it to lose the game in an infamous 2-3 final score to the benefit of EEC. For the WCQ, the disappointing results of the Baptism led to quite a few changes, most notably from the rather ineffective 4-4-2 system to a more solid 4-4-1-1 which, while increasing defensive stability, is supposed to give Perttu Karjanen and Marcus Nyborg some more freedom to move in the front. Also, some players changed their role in the team and were benched or even cut from the team, while some others joined it.

In the first game against Eastfield Lodge, the offense continued doing what they did in the Baptism and scored early on. After we had seen two goals, a goal by Nyborg off a free kick and a long distance shot by the substitute player Petteri Hytönen, people had a confirmation that the new formation has likely not stifled Savojarna's offensive power. Also, the team was able to equalise and stay in the game for a long time after losing an early 1-0 lead to Eastfield Lodge and going into half time with a 1-2. Following the break, they had showed some considerable mental strength in coming back to a game in which Savojarna looked like a brave but deserving loser at the time. They managed to dominate large parts of the second half, but in the end it was a justified result against the Eastfield Lodge team which did show more strength than Savojarna. However, the team made it more than clear that they did have indeed the willpower and the mental capacity to come back late in a seemingly lost match, something that we had dearly missed during the Baptism of Fire and a quality we were able to observe in the U21 team that reached the Octofinals of the Di Bradini Cup, where Ceni was the end of our dreams. This capacity for comebacks is something we hadn't seen before, and it seems that Pedersen had found the right words for his team in the break.

In the second match against Kaisaru, the offense was a bit of a problem. Given that the Saru team was even more defensive than Savojarna and almost never attacked enough to open up spaces for Karjanen and Nyborg, it was to be expected that the match would not be the greatest of all times. However, to say that would have been a gross euphemism. In fact, the Savojar team did barely get any opportunities while Kaisaru's attempts at doing so were limited at best. It was always clear that our team would be best in a match against offensive squads. This is a fellow low-ranked team struggling to fight the best, and they did not feel a need to overstate their abilities by some fancy play. While I personally admire this humbleness and awareness of one's strengths, it would have been very good for Savojarna if it hadn't been the case. In the game we were given, the first minutes were absolutely dire as Karjanen kept running into a very well organized defense. It required a change at half time to properly start the game for Savojarna, when Gustafsson replaced Andersen and became a lot more aggressive. This led to some great charges down the left wing. Once the tall Dominik Ryberg had joined the game, Kaisaru's goal was under pressure but never fell, a success mostly thanks to goaltender Yin Ka-Hułi. On the positive side, they managed to stay calm and never forced the game to go their way too much, a problem we encountered earlier and that sometimes led to very dangerous moments and some crushing losses.

In the defensive department, things still look a bit worse despite this being supposed to be our prime asset. Samuelsson was deemed one of the main culprits after the Eastfield Lodge loss as he let his man run past him twice, and against Kaisaru he was benched. However, the change was of little efficiency as his replacement Pyotr Nemanyev committed some mistakes as well, and it was only luck that prevented a penalty shot after a very late tackle of Nemanyev that went uncalled. In the match against Kaisaru, defense seemed more stable, but then again the midfield often had little problems to defend against the cautious attacks of Kaisaru. The Savojar defense managed to keep the midfield relatively clear in both games, but proved pretty vulnerable to attacks down the flanks or off set pieces, which is how Eastfield Lodge managed to score three goals against a usually very tenacious defense. Jarnström has shown two decent games in goal, in the first match he had to concede three goals but was completely chanceless on two of them. In the second match, the efforts of Jarnström were rarely needed but on point, and his choice of Man of the Match might have been disputed on the basis of his almost inexistent workload, but not because he'd have committed any major mistakes. The problem is rather the combination of defense and offense, as so far, it seems that if one shone, the other fell to the ground in the very same match. The patterns even occured in certain single matches such as the EEC game. However, if we want to stand anything resembling a chance against the world's number 10 who we will be visiting, Brenecia, then it must finally come together right now.

In the rest of our group, the games have mostly gone as expected with Brenecia, Eastfield Lodge and Anglatia taking the three top spots. We are already looking forward to the duel with the latter given the potential for rivalry in the match after Anglatia suffered a rather humiliating 2-1 defeat from our hands in the Copa Rushmori. Following next for Savojarna are, as mentioned, Brenecia in our team's first away game of the campaign. Against the group's top seed, it is relatively unlikely that we will get any points. But there is always a chance of surprise, and we will certainly not give up before the game begins.
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