World Lacrosse Championships XXVI {Everything Thread}

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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West Phoencia
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Postby West Phoencia » Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:19 am

The West Phoenician Lacrosse Association has put Roberto Taylor and Helena Bryce on notice.

A new stadium, injected funds into a state of the art gym and player performance bonuses has done nothing to push the Daredevils into a more lucrative spot in the tournament.

Lacrosse as a sport in West Phoenicia has seen a steady rise in loyal fans and Increased funding. The Lacrosse College league and National league have seen Lacrosse become one of the core sports watched by West Phoenician sport fans. The others being by popularity 1. Baseball, 2. Gridiron,3. Basketball, 4. Archery, 5. Ice Hockey and Handball.

With each of the major sports wanting their own slice of the pie in regards to international events and championships, a winning team is ensured extra funding, endorsements and lucrative deals by major sport networks.

Roberto Taylor has promised to observe players of the National Lacrosse League and replacements will not be out of the question if it means The Daredevils are thrust further into the international league and winning their first international championship.

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Postby Cosumar » Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:31 pm


Comeback Cosumar set to take on Nassau-Hessen for third WLC title

Fleur Colossia
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TURKISH VAN CITY -- When Abanhfleft sent Cosumar packing from WLC 25 in the Quarterfinals, many pundits proclaimed it the end of the Dragons' dynastic era at the top of the sport. "I think their glory days are done," mused one prominent West Guiana analyst. "They really have gone down hill since the 23rd edition," said another publication. Abanhfleft and Banija were the new superpowers, Cosumar fading out of relevance like Kodak in the 2000s.

Well, forget all of that nonsense. Erase it from your memory.

Duke McDougle's WLC 26 team, spearheaded by a new generation of young talents, has responded with one of the most dominant campaigns in Cosumar's history. The Dragons swept the group slate undefeated and subsequently stormed past Nephara, Kebec and the United States of Devonta in the knockouts with relative ease. Riding nine consecutive wins, the Dragons have returned to the stage that has eluded them for the last two tournaments: the final of the World Lacrosse Championships. Waiting for them there is the only other 9-0 team: #1-seeded Nassau-Hessen, a proud program also experiencing something of a resurgence.

Pre-tourney favorites Abanhfleft and Banija both surprisingly crashed out in the Quarterfinals: to Qasden (who subsequently fell to Nassau-Hessen) and Devonta (who we just beat), respectively. Cosumar and Nassau-Hessen were fortunate to avoid them, but have nonetheless been the best and most consistent teams in Qasden all month. There will be a lot on the line when they meet at Royal T.V. Stadium tonight. For Nassau-Hessen, it is a chance to exorcise demons from past WLC Finals. The Hessens are perpetual silver-medalists, 0-3 in the big game. A long-awaited WLC title would be a cathartic moment for the nation's dedicated lacrosse fans. Cosumar, on the other hand, will tie Sarzonia for the highest medal count in WLC history regardless of the result (8). Coach McDougle would undoubtedly prefer the gold, however, which would tie Cosumar with Abanhfleft at three WLC titles. It would be the Dragons' first time to lift the trophy since WLC 21.

It will be a classic tale of offense vs. defense. Nassau-Hessen got here by scoring the second-most goals in the group stage (84!) while Cosumar had far and away the stingiest defense, allowing only 35 in the group stage. Nassau-Hessen are bound to get at least six goals with their sheer amount of dangerous shooters and athletic attackers, so the key to the game for Cosumar will be to at least hold them under 12 and give our own attackers a chance to keep up. If the Dragons concede 17 goals like Phillappanoa did in the Quarterfinals, it's game over.

I like the Dragons' chances, though. Their stellar defensive record has been the handiwork of goalie Jack Schmidt, who has been head-and-shoulders above most of the other keepers in the competition this year. The attacking front, while young and lacking in big-stage experience, has enough firepower to penetrate a potentially vulnerable Nassau defense. Harvey Teclam-Still, with his elite speed and fierce stick, has been the breakout star of this tournament and Dawchire teenager Almin Alzidaleh hasn't been bad either with his knack for flipping the key pass. Cosumarite lacrosse icon Tracy Sheppard (now a coach) will have been pouring his wisdom and clutch instincts into them over the last few days, so I think they'll produce enough goals to get the job done.

And if they do, it might just be the beginning of a new era of Cosumarite medals rather than the end that was proclaimed.

Prediction: Cosumar 13-12 Nassa-Hessen.
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Postby Qasden » Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:31 pm

The time has come to dawn a new champion! Who will be the heroes of our time?! Ladies and gentlemen, this is your FINAL CUTOFF of WLC26!

Third Place Play-off

{12} Qasden 7-9 United States of Devonta {9}
(Courtesy of Saintland/Free Republics)

Congrats to the United States of Devonta, a well-deserved bronze finish in Qasden!

and now for the....

WLC26 Championship Match

{1} Nassau-Hessen 8-15 Cosumar {3}

Congratulations to the fiefdom of Cosumar, your new WLC Champions! Commiserations to Nassau-Hessen, but an impressive run for them. Thank you for partaking in the 26th World Lacrosse Championships, and we hope to see you all back at WLC27, wherever that may be. Qasden out!
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