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Postby Mercedini » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:29 pm

Nova Lisboa Open Preview
@ Nova Lisboa Tennis Centre - Nova Lisboa, Costa de Ouro

Hello and Welcome to a special edition of Mercedini Sports Daily! Today, we close out the Astyrian Series here in Nova Lisboa as the players have their final chance to big up ranking points before 'The Big One' in the Astyrian Slam, the first grand slam of the calendar year. Today, though, we focus our attention on the Nova Lisboa Open with, yet again, four Mercedinian players and two Mercedinian doubles players in action hoping to climb up the rankings and win the first piece of silverware of the year for Mercedini. We will be going through all the ins and outs of the draws, starting with the singles draw where four Mercedinians were anxiously waiting for their opponents in the final event of the tour. Let's see how they went on:

Nova Lisboa Open: Qualifiers & First Round Draw

The final leg of the Astyrian Tour will be kicking off shortly with four singles' players and two doubles' pairings in action in Costa de Ouro as they hope to pick up some silverware and those valuable ranking points as they aim to book a spot at their first NSTT World Tour Finals at the end of the year. Mercedini have been ever present at this event and almost all of the players have made the impact they wanted to, with players in mid-table rocketing up the rankings with some tremendous performances, along with the likes of Almeronovic, Roshik and Jokek all coasting along and picking up points when needed. The draw has been made and we have some tasty match-ups waiting for the crowds in Nova Lisboa. Here is the lowdown..

Once again, as he is one of the highest ranked players in the tournament Cracik Almeronovic (6) has bypassed the qualifiers and finds himself in the main draw. This time, he has been placed in the lower portion if the top half of the draw (if that makes any sense), along with Andrew Lamar (4) from New Gelderland and Hadar ben Ofer from House of Judah and four qualifiers who will be intermingled in the bunch. If Almeronovic performs well at this tournament, we will probably see him reach the third round before being dispatched by Andrew Lamar. However, more ridiculous things have happened at tennis tournaments before so anything is possible.

Her dreams have finally come true! Laura Roshik is finally the #1 seed at a tournament...wait... it's just for the qualifiers? Oh well. She is the highest ranked player in qualification so it may seem academical that she will qualify for the first round, but don't count out her opponents just yet. She must get past Maria Julenic of Mattijana which is notoriously a difficult nation to play against tennis-wise, which could prove a challenge in the very first match at this tournament. In the same group as Roshik will be Emma au Fuse de Maris from The Redvale and Jane Smith from Tobiasia, but considering the qualifiers are straight knockout, Roshik will only play one of those IF she beats Julenic. Plenty to ponder over, should be an interesting set of matches.

The current lowest ranked, still active Mercedinian player is back in action in Nova Lisboa and ready to continue her great first year in professional tennis after her Junior ITT win. That's right, Molly Rhonic represents Mercedini once again, thanks to the confidence that the MNTA has put into youth players for the future of Mercedinian tennis. She has been given a very tough draw as she needs to get through the Mattijanan juggernaut Dominika Lisicki (who just so happens to be qualifying's fourth seed) before the winner of that match plays Iona Aumlio Constantinescu from Natanians and Nosts or Francisco Abreu from New Lusitania. Not to be rude or anything, anything other than a Mattijanan steamrolling would be a surprise considering the gulf in rankings between Lisicki and the rest of the players in the group. A Mercedinian triumph would be surprising but no doubt accepted by us, our girl on fire is still burning.

Finally, Rasmus Milik will be returning to the fray to continue his resurgence since his set of disappointing results since debuting on the NSTT tour. He has taken the Astyrian Tour by the .scruff of the neck and has stepped up to the plate when needed to pull out some tremendous results which has seen him actively fighting for the #5 rank spot in Mercedini. He will have to put up some great scores in order to round off his Astyrian campaign with a flurry of points and securing his place as a force in Mercedinian tennis. Milik will play qualifying's 12th seed in Alba Baxter from Schottia which will no doubt prove difficult considering the tennis prowess that Schottia has to offer and the tidal wave that is Schottian players that are hitting the top-100 in their droves. The winner of that will play Brazzos from Qasden or Thompson from Ethane. Four well developed tennis-playing nations fighting it out for one spot in the first round proper, should be a tasty affair!

Glory glory hallelujah, Mercedini have reached what some consider the promised land in tennis, and that is to have all players qualified for the first round without having to go through qualification. That's right! Parminus, Stratesimov, Roshik and Noyek will all have time to top up their tan as they wait for the tournament proper to begin. That being said, we already have an idea of who they will play in the opening rounds of the Nova Lisboa Open. Jack Parminus and Adam Stratesimov will definitely be playing the tournament's proper third seed in Garry and Quehall from bezzie-mates Britonisea. Their tennis has been slow to get going as of late, and maybe the Mercedinians can catch them off guard while the Britonish focus on Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2017 or the World hit Festival (which we are involved in as well, because we're bezzie-mates). After that, Laura Roshik and Wendy Noyek will have to wait for their first opponents, although a match-up with the top seeds are likely which will be the ultimate test for the duo. There is a very unlikely scenario in which both duos will face each other in the semi-finals, if that happens we are guaranteed to have a Mercedinian finalist, but that happening in nearly impossible so let's just leave it at that.

That rounds out our tennis coverage and with those in qualifying playing tomorrow, we will give you coverage of their matches and what that means for the championship. We hope you can join us tomorrow for our coverage of the first qualifying rounds at we approach the end of the Astyrian Tour. From Nova Lisboa in Costa de Ouro, goodnight!
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Postby Vers-Gelderland » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:59 pm

New Gelderland At It Again

It has been a busy past couple of weeks on the clay circuit on the NSTT Tour as the tour threaded through Albergaria and Beograd, site of two of the more prestigious tournaments on the Astyrian Series, the BCA Albergaria Open and the Fresko Royal Nikolian Open. New Gelderlish players continued their hot streak on the Astyrian clay, winning three titles in both the singles and the doubles at the two tournaments, sending two doubles teams into the Top 10. It has certainly been a successful couple of weeks for Gelderlish tennis.

Although Stephanie Brown, Antillia Masters champion, was eliminated early in both tournaments, there were still multiple singles successes in both. At the Albergaria Open, the top half was a Group of Death for Gelderlish players, as neither wild card Liam Penderyn or Tommy West, seeded sixth made it out of the first round; the bottom half, however, was more successful. Mark Southgate beat two Mercedinian players and a Ndakene qualifier to reach the semifinals, while Andrew Lamar, seeded seventh, had a little harder path, defeating local Costenho wildcard and former top-10 player Andre Pedrinho Delgado in straights before dispatching second-seeded Ardil Navsal, also in straight sets, to set up a meeting with his compatriot Southgate.

It was a tough match through and through for both players in the Albergaria heat, as the semifinal lasted more than two hours over three sets. Southgate, using a serve-and-volley style that is more suited for a faster court, caught Lamar off guard in the first set, as Lamar had very few break chances on the Southgate serve, while a poorly-timed double fault from Lamar on a crucial break point sent the first set the way of the elder Gelderlish player. But Lamar upped his game in the second, with some well-placed passing shots and groundstrokes showing why the 20-year-old Lamar is so good on clay; he broke Southgate to take the second set 6-4. The third set was quite competitive, with a tiebreak deciding the winner of the matchup; Lamar upped his game and proved more consistent, while the 29-year-old Southgate, tired after several singles and doubles matches, simply gave out, conceding several points on careless errors as well as some on poorly-executed drop shots. In the end, Lamar would fight in the final against first seed Andy Amada.

Amada has done well here in the past but was on the lookout for his first Albergaria title, which he was denied last year by qualifier Felice Mareaux of Neu Engollon. He set out to finally win his first Albergaria title, and first NSTT crown of the season, winning the first set 7-6. But Lamar wasn't done against his 22-year-old opponent; he spiced up the second set with both crosscourt and down-the-line forehands, and even surprised Amada with some deft volleys after the serve. Mixing up during the set worked, as he took it 6-3. The third set was quite topsy-turvy, with both players taking a couple of breaks of serve, but in the end, it was Lamar that was the more consistent, finally serving it out in the twelfth game after using some astute tactics, while serving and volleying on match point for a winner to take home a prestigious Tier 2 title.

The Fresko Royal Nikolian Open did not result in a singles title for a Gelderlish player, but there will still good performances all around from the team. Megan Elliott upset Albergaria titlist and compatriot Andrew Lamar in the first round before defeating the fourth seed, World Tour Finals champion Catherine Krumins, in the third round to earn a spot in the quarterfinals; Tommy West eked out crucial wins against Neu Engollian opposition to reach the semifinals, where he lost to Gelderlish compatriot Mark Southgate; Liam Penderyn defeated the first part of the season's sensation Dani Mateus in three sets before upsetting Kika Dovan, former Electrum Slam champion, to reach the quarterfinals, his second at the Tier 1 level for this 18-year-old player; and Mark Southgate, who's been playing a lot of tennis in the past couple of weeks, reached the final before all this tennis took its toll on the serve-and-volley specialist. His serve failed him, with several double faults, and he was hitting quite a lot of errors in the final, while Matti Doerwald of Neu Engollon was playing well enough to take advantage. Although he lost, the final was still a good showing for Southgate.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on New Gelderlish doubles in the Astyrian Series!
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Postby Costa de Ouro » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:49 pm

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Qualifying Round 1
Laura Roshik (MRC)                    6   6
Maria Julenic (MTJ) 2 2

Emma au Fuse de Maris (REV) 5 3
Jane Smith (TOB) 7 6

Danjiella Zovic (NEG) 6 6
Rob Canson (TOB) 2 4

Rog Ion Tralito (NTN) 5 3
Diana Plaith (SCH) 7 6

Max Aswick (NGD) 6 6
Karina Gerard (NEG) 4 3

Jurgen DiPasso (NEG) 6 7
Violet Prieto (EFL) 3 5

Dominika Lisicki (MTJ) 5 5
Molly Rhonic (MRC) 7 7

Ioana Amúlio Constantinescu (NTN) 6 4 6
Francisco Abreu (LUS) 4 6 4

Ofir bat Paz (JUD) 6 6
Claudius Ion Varro (NTN) 2 3

João Silva (LUS) 3 2
Mihai Carolus Maro (NTN) 6 6

Ofra bat Dekel (JUD) 1 6 5
Maritania Cross (NDA) 6 4 7

Kate Esposito (REV) 6 0 2
Noah Lennox (NGD) 3 6 6

Lou Herriot (NDA) 6 6
Sami Dominikanov (MTJ) 2 2

Jess Peterson (TOB) 6 3 5
Nik au Ignaa (REV) 2 6 7

Marisa Celeste Frieri (SRB) 7 6
Maria do Carmo Pereira (LUS) 6 1

Patrice Lang (REV) 5 3
Izara Sava (MTJ) 7 6

Meaghan Sharples (EFL) 6 7
Danny Wallson (TOB) 1 6

Tomás Santos (LUS) 2 4
Tony Tuk (QAD) 6 6

Jade Oreskovic (SRB) 6 6
Jaxton Monty (QAD) 2 3

Edward Hinton (ETN) 4 6 1
Odell Bristol (NDA) 6 4 6

Bilaal Bilclough (EFL) 6 6
Abigail Stevens (ETN) 4 1

Edmund Wilkinson (ETN) 3 6 4
Vladimir Ivanovic Ivanov (SRB) 6 0 6

Rasmus Milik (MRC) 6 5 0
Alba Baxter (SCH) 3 7 6

Paisley Brazzos (QAD) 6 1 7
Benjamin Thompson (ETN) 4 6 6

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Qualifying Round 1
Rayford Wise/Dhaakir Prieto (EFL)                             6   6
Goran Petrovic/Ria Valentia (SRB) 2 3

Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro (NTN) 3 3
Patrice Lang/Nik au Ignaa (REV) 6 6

Marisa Celeste Frieri/Gisela Stefanovic (SRB) 6 6 16
Luke Pool/Mike Del Collo (SCH) 7 3 14

Kara Dragovic/ Jelena Svitolina (MTJ) 7 6
Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura/Maria Cláudia Amúlio (NTN) 6 3

Livnat bat Avram/Arieh ben Daniyyel (JUD) 4 4
Alma Semmes/Felice Mareaux (NEG) 6 6

João Silva/Tomás Santos (LUS) 3 6 6
Sam Jones/Danny Wallson (TOB) 6 2 10

Tommy West/Stephanie Brown (NGD) 6 7
Niamh Livreson/Samanthe Berry (ETN) 1 5

Rob Canson/Jess Peterson (TOB) 7 3 11
Maria do Carmo Pereira/ Francisco Abreu (LUS) 6 6 9

Franklin Polymar/Yves Whitz (QAD) 4 6 9
Adam Bennet/Thomas Winston (ETN) 6 3 11

Furaha Abraham/Brooke Géroux (NDA) 3 3
Dominic Ripaldi/Marco Vrient (NEG) 6 6

Blair Forest/Donny Knight (QAD) 7 6
Emma au Fuse de Maris/Kate Esposito (REV) 5 4

Fabiano Bishop/Sebas Hariri (EFL) 4 2
Manasses Henryson/Itri Rider (NDA) 6 6
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Postby Costa de Ouro » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:26 pm

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Qualifying Round 2
Laura Roshik (MRC)                    7   6
Jane Smith (TOB) 5 2

Danjiella Zovic (NEG) 6 6 2
Diana Plaith (SCH) 7 2 6

Max Aswick (NGD) 6 6
Jurgen DiPasso (NEG) 2 0

Molly Rhonic (MRC) 6 6
Ioana Amúlio Constantinescu (NTN) 3 1

Ofir bat Paz (JUD) 6 6
Mihai Carolus Maro (NTN) 1 3

Maritania Cross (NDA) 3 4
Noah Lennox (NGD) 6 6

Lou Herriot (NDA) 6 7
Nik au Ignaa (REV) 3 6

Marisa Celeste Frieri (SRB) 6 6
Izara Sava (MTJ) 2 3

Meaghan Sharples (EFL) 6 6
Tony Tuk (QAD) 3 3

Jade Oreskovic (SRB) 6 6
Odell Bristol (NDA) 4 4

Bilaal Bilclough (EFL) 2 6 6
Vladimir Ivanovic Ivanov (SRB) 6 3 4

Alba Baxter (SCH) 6 6
Paisley Brazzos (QAD) 4 2

Nova Lisboa - Doubles - Qualifying Round 2
Rayford Wise/Dhaakir Prieto (EFL)                 6   6
Patrice Lang/Nik au Ignaa (REV) 3 4

Marisa Celeste Frieri/Gisela Stefanovic (SRB) 6 6
Kara Dragovic/ Jelena Svitolina (MTJ) 3 2

Alma Semmes/Felice Mareaux (NEG) 6 3 11
Sam Jones/Danny Wallson (TOB) 4 6 9

Tommy West/Stephanie Brown (NGD) 6 6
Rob Canson/Jess Peterson (TOB) 0 1

Adam Bennet/Thomas Winston (ETN) 3 3
Dominic Ripaldi/Marco Vrient (NEG) 6 6

Blair Forest/Donny Knight (QAD) 6 6
Manasses Henryson/Itri Rider (NDA) 4 4
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Postby Costa de Ouro » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:06 pm

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Round of 28
Giorgio Irani (EFL)             3   2
Lou Herriot (NDA) 6 6

John Muir (SCH) 3 3
Marisa Maradona (CEN) 6 6

Laura Roshik (MRC) 4 2
Thierry Garzala (NEG) 6 6

Ofir bat Paz (JUD) 2 1
Marisa Celeste Frieri (SRB) 6 6

Cracik Almeronovic (MRC) 6 6
Bilaal Bilclough (EFL) 2 3

Molly Rhonic (MRC) 6 2 3
Hadar ben Ofer (JUD) 0 6 6

Noah Lennox (NGD) 6 6
Gisela Stefanovic (SRB) 3 4

Noah Damaris (CEN) 4 2
Jade Oreskovic (SRB) 6 6

Diana Plaith (SCH) 7 4 6
Meaghan Sharples (EFL) 5 6 7

Jim Cowie (SCH) 4 6 4
Halaeo DiGaldi (QAD) 6 2 6

Liam Penderyn (NGD) 6 6
Alba Baxter (SCH) 3 2

Max Aswick (NGD) 7 4 3
Dani Mateus (NDA) 5 6 6
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Postby Costa de Ouro » Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:53 pm

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Round of 16
Lonus Varalin (CEN)             6   6
Lou Herriot (NDA) 2 3

Marisa Maradona (CEN) 7 2 6
Thierry Garzala (NEG) 5 6 4

Andrew Lamar (NGD) 6 6
Marisa Celeste Frieri (SRB) 2 3

Cracik Almeronovic (MRC) 6 6
Hadar ben Ofer (JUD) 4 4

Ardil Navsal (CEN) 1 4
Noah Lennox (NGD) 6 6

Jade Oreskovic (SRB) 7 6
Meaghan Sharples (EFL) 5 3

Simcha bat Dor (JUD) 2 7 7
Halaeo DiGaldi (QAD) 6 6 5

Liam Penderyn (NGD) 6 6
Dani Mateus (NDA) 4 4

Nova Lisboa - Doubles - Round of 16
Ellela Thotan/Ciache Nagya (CEN)                  6   6
Blair Forest/Donny Knight (QAD) 4 1

Laura Roshik/Wendy Noyek (MRC) 2 0
Rayford Wise/Dhaakir Prieto (EFL) 6 6

Leo Garry/ Elizabeth Quehall (BRI) 2 6 9
Jack Parminus/Adam Stratesimov (MRC) 6 4 11

Max Aswick/Noah Lennox (NGD) 4 4
Tommy West/Stephanie Brown (NGD) 6 6

Anat ben Yonah/Hadar ben Ofer (JUD) 2 5
Kika Dovan/Neia Dovan (CEN) 6 7

Peter McLeod/Anna Jones (SCH) 3 3
Marisa Celeste Frieri/Gisela Stefanovic (SRB) 6 6

Mark Southgate/Megan Elliott (NGD) 6 6
Dominic Ripaldi/Marco Vrient (NEG) 4 0

Rikard Kampl/ Dominika Lisicki (MTJ) 7 3 4
Alma Semmes/Felice Mareaux (NEG) 6 6 10
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Postby Costa de Ouro » Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:49 pm

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Quarterfinals
Lonus Varalin (CEN)          7   6
Marisa Maradona (CEN) 6 2

Andrew Lamar (NGD) 4 6 6
Cracik Almeronovic (MRC) 6 2 3

Noah Lennox (NGD) 3 7 6
Jade Oreskovic (SRB) 6 5 1

Simcha bat Dor (JUD) 3 3
Liam Penderyn (NGD) 6 6

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Semifinals
Lonus Varalin (CEN)      4   1
Andrew Lamar (NGD) 6 6

Noah Lennox (NGD) 3 0
Liam Penderyn (NGD) 6 6

Nova Lisboa - Singles - Final
Andrew Lamar (NGD)       6   6
Liam Penderyn (NGD) 0 2

Nova Lisboa - Doubles - Quarterfinals
Ellela Thotan/Ciache Nagya (CEN)                  6   3  10
Rayford Wise/Dhaakir Prieto (EFL) 3 6 4

Jack Parminus/Adam Stratesimov (MRC) 6 1 8
Tommy West/Stephanie Brown (NGD) 0 6 10

Kika Dovan/Neia Dovan (CEN) 1 7 10
Marisa Celeste Frieri/Gisela Stefanovic (SRB) 6 5 2

Mark Southgate/Megan Elliott (NGD) 2 7 10
Alma Semmes/Felice Mareaux (NEG) 6 6 8

Nova Lisboa - Doubles - Semifinals
Ellela Thotan/Ciache Nagya (CEN)       6   4   9
Tommy West/Stephanie Brown (NGD) 4 6 11

Kika Dovan/Neia Dovan (CEN) 2 6 9
Mark Southgate/Megan Elliott (NGD) 6 4 11

Nova Lisboa - Doubles - Finals
Tommy West/Stephanie Brown (NGD)       5   2
Mark Southgate/Megan Elliott (NGD) 7 6
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