World Grand Prix Championship Season 15: Roleplay Thread

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World Grand Prix Championship Season 15: Roleplay Thread

Postby WGPC » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:47 pm


World Grand Prix Championship Season 15
Roleplay Thread

For the next couple of weeks, negotiations between drivers and teams will take place in this thread. For those who have not done this before, have a look at the first five pages of last season's thread.

You may RP however you like. Maybe you'd prefer to tell the world that a couple of teams are interested in your driver via some rumour-mongering in your local newspapers? Perhaps you'd like to set up an interview for a team/driver? A popular tactic in recent years has been for teams to hold an open-invitation trial for a number of drivers to test your racecar around a local circuit, with the best driver/drivers being chosen for the team. There is no 'right' way to do it, and the only 'wrong' way to do it would be to attempt to confirm your driver is racing with a team before any real negotiations, OOC, IC or otherwise, have taken place.

You may also wish to consider the massive difference in pay between an experienced driver with a good reputation and a newcomer. In RL Formula 1, the best drivers are paid handsomely to drive while the newcomers often have to pay a team in order to secure a drive. Does your driver need to secure sponsorship in order to pay his way into a deal? Or is he a skilled driver with years of experience, upon whom a team can rely to draw money to the team through external sponsorship and win bonuses?

When you wish to confirm that a driver has joined a team, or formally offer a spot in your team to a driver, do so in bold, like this or this or this or simply like this.

Please note: There is no difference in strength between 'Driver 1' and 'Driver 2'. The driver given the distinction of being 'Driver 1' does not grant him/her an OOC advantage over his team-mate.

Drivers can state their preferred car number when they sign up, but only the World Champion is allowed to use #1. If you do not submit a preferred number, then one will be given to you at random. Drivers retaining a number from a previous season will be given preference over another driver, should two decide to choose the same number. Outside of that, we will adopt a first come, first served policy with regard to driver numbers. Driver numbers may range from 1-99.

One final, final thing: This is the RP thread. There is to be no Out-of-Context communication here. You may use the sign-up thread if you feel you need to make an OOC post.


ImageMattijana Racing Team

ImageImage1 Terho Talvela (5/4/3)
ImageImage23 Moisés Delgado (4/4/4)

ImageMSA-SinVal Racing

ImageImage89 Will Madison (4.3/3.9/3.8 )
ImageImage18 Louis Krindle (4.8/4.8/2.4)

ImageTelaris Racing

ImageImage17 Eaoueaiou Aeouiouie (3/4/5)
ImageImage37 Axel Novikov (5/5/2)

ImageMcPahan Racing

ImageImage52 Sayono Souzare (3.7/4.4/3.9)
ImageImage63 Kurt Censki (4.5/3.5/4)

ImageScuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio

ImageImage74 Alexandra Mayari (3.5/3.5/5)
ImageImage24 Victoria Gardner (4/4/4)

ImageArada Motorsport

ImageImage55 Asao Nadakei (4.1/4.2/3.7)
ImageImage51 R.L. Cruisin (5/4/3)

ImageBitten Heroes Grand Prix Engineering

ImageImage20 Mick Schramm (4.5/3.5/4)
ImageImage5 Julianos Lemos (3.5/5/3.5)


ImageImage80 Jeremy Jensen-Fletcher (5/2/5)
ImageImage42 Alex Dimitrianov (2/5/5)

ImageNexus Racing

ImageImage94 Ryker Lane (4.5/2.5/5)
ImageImage6 Marika Pedanovic (2.9/4.1/5)

ImageWilson Grand Prix Engineering

ImageImage16 Alexander Lund (4/3/5)
ImageImage7 Ethan Ellis (3/5/4)

ImageRumble Strip Racing

ImageImage14 Oliver Bliss (3/5/4)
ImageImage29 Esteban Guilhermez (2/5/5)

ImageRed Lion Racing Formerly 'WGPC Kjeligsted'

ImageImage04 Jean Mercer-Daly (5/2/5)
ImageImage99 Maria Cattaneo (2/5/5)

ImageWGPC Eelandii

ImageImage77 iBen Toralmintii (3.3/5/3.7)
ImageImage53 Denholm Kingsley (3/5/4)
Date		Race	Circuit				Qualifying	Track Picture
28/1 Testing TAE Fadron Raceway Park ... aceway.jpg
4/2 Testing LEN Gold Park Circuit ... 253be4.png

10/2 - 12/2 NA AEL Western Route Circuit Two-Tier (cancelled)
17/2 - 19/2 1 EFL Mount Salt Raceway Two-Tier ... aceway.png
23/2 - 25/2 2 SJG Circuito Callejero PdA Two-Tier
3/3 - 5/3 3 LIS Circuit Grandeville Traditional

11/3 Testing SWR Uberzöömingsplatz

17/3 - 19/3 4 HDR Yakumicha Circuit Two-Tier ... 0thumb.png
24/3 - 25/3 5 MTJ Kopylov InternazionRing Two-Tier ... 9fie3d.png
31/3 - 2/4 6 NEK Nova Valley Circuit Traditional
7/4 - 9/4 7 ALH Gracemeria Granprix Traditional
14/4 - 16/4 8 TUR Eelandii Grand Prix Course Traditional ... ndiigp.png
21/4 - 23/4 9 ABL Furuhøytie Virtpiiri Two-Tier
28/4 - 30/4 10 KRY Argentring Two-Tier ... xykhil.png
4/5 - 6/5 11 VIL Vilitan Mountain Challenge Traditional ... cmap16.png
10/5 - 12/5 12 AUD Crossport Raceway Traditional

Drivers listed as On Standby will be considered first for any mid-season replacements.
# NAT Name Agg/Tec/Rel

1 ABL Terho Talvela 5 4 3 MRT
3 RAK Mateo Oket 3.5 5 3.5 On Standby
04 ESM Jean Mercer-Daly 5 2 5 Red Lion Racing
5 LIS Juliano Lemos 3.5 5 3.5 Bitten Heroes
6 SRB Marika Pedanovic 2.9 4.1 5 Nexus
7 ETN Ethan Ellis 3 5 4 Wilson
7 USM H.H. Julius 4 4 4
8 DIO Igne Spupuo 5 5 2
11 FFI Kenji Hizmanto 3 5 4
12 CHI Julia Starker 3 5 4
14 TAE Oliver Bliss 3 5 4 RSR
15 WET Timo Jänkirinää 5 4 2
16 AUD Alexander Lund 4 3 5 Wilson
17 CRM Eaoueaiou Aeouiouie 3 4 5 Telaris
18 EFL Louis Krindle 4.8 4.8 2.4 MSA-SinVal
20 WET Mick Schramm 4.5 3.5 4 Bitten Heroes
22 MTJ Jasmin Kransjka 4 5 3 On Standby
23 SJG Moisés Delgado 4 4 4 MRT
24 EFL Victoria Gardner 4 4 4 Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio
25 VNG Jessica Franssen 3 5 4
29 KRY Esteban Guilhermez 2 5 5 RSR
37 ABL Axel Novikov 5 5 2 Telaris
42 MTJ Alex Dimitrianov 2 5 5 Fireline
47 HNT Markus Tordoro 2.5 5 4.5
50 VNG James Lark 2.8 5 4.2
51 VIL R.L. Cruisin 5 4 3 Arada
51 ETN Benjamin Talison 5 3 4 On Standby
52 HDR Sayono Souzare 3.7 4.4 3.9 McPahan
53 ANT Denholm Kingsley 3 5 4 WGPC Eelandii
55 HDR Asao Nadakei 4.1 4.2 3.7 Arada
63 QAD Kurt Censki 4.5 3.5 4 McPahan
74 NEK Alexandra Mayari 3.5 3.5 5 Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio
74 ISA Jack Glenfidle 4 4 4 On Standby
77 TUR iBen Toralmintii 3.3 5 3.7 WGPC Eelandii
77 USM K. Al-Jarish Karl 5 2 5
80 TRV Jeremy Jensen-Fletcher 5 2 5 Fireline
84 LIS Bastian Alcaraz 4.5 3 4.5
89 DRK Will Madison 4.3 3.9 3.8 MSA SinVal
91 UIK Ilyas Nurlibaev 3 4.5 4.5 Red Lion Racing (reserve)
92 EQZ Trace McSorley 3 4 4
94 NIM Ryker Lane 4.5 2.5 5 Nexus
99 TRV Maria Cattaneo 2 5 5 Red Lion Racing
## OUN Teo Broekhof 2 2 4 (consider revising)
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WGPC 15 Starting Up

Postby Drawkland » Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:46 pm


Written By: Hack Warren and Caroline White

Woooo! Most of you probably don't remember this, probably because we didn't cover it very well, and also because the races are always broadcast at painfully early morning hours, and also because we only have one guy doing it, and also because he didn't do too well at the beginning, and also because team ball games are so much more exciting nowadays, and also because I like run on sentences. Anyway, what are we talking about? The World Grand Prix Championships! Season 15 to be exact. Here we'll detail what's happening and what to expect these next few weeks.

Last season, the Drawkian International Sporting Council decided to send a single racer to compete for Drawkland in the WGPC, and his name was Will Madison. A sibling of the powerful and famous Madison family, perhaps one of the least famous ones (unfortunately for him), he's renowned around Drawkland and the rest of Sonnel for being a sexy and powerful racer of all things with a motor: he's won national and some international championships on motorcycles, stock cars, rally cars, formula cars, exotic cars, and even snowmobiles that one time. If it's got 4 wheels, a motor, and drives on the ground, Will Madison can probably beat you in a race with it.

Anyway, that's why DISC chose him to represent Drawkland in WGPC 14. And totally not bribery from the seniors of the Madison Clan. What? Why would they do that? Returning to Formula 1 a little rusty, Will started off the season slow, after getting a contract to race alongside Jac-Irlo Val with Fornax Racing out of Ceni. After finishing in only a mediocre array of numbers and DNFs, Will Madison kicked it into high gear the last half of the season, putting up decent numbers, pulling Fornax racing up to 6th in the Team Championship rankings by the end (no thanks to Jac-Irlo, who failed to even finish a race for months before finally finishing a few times, out of the top 10 and therefore contributing no points to the team). In addition, he won the Vilitan Grand Prix, and eventually landed in 5th in the Driver's Championship, losing 4th to Jessica Franssen who surpassed him in points on the last race of the season by beating him, 1st to 2nd. If Will had won that race, it's likely he would've gotten a podium finish on the official Driver's Championship, but alas, he did not. Whatever, he was close enough, right?

Anyway, that pretty much sums up what happened in the last season ... but what about this season?

With Fornax Racing deciding to not participate this season, and with no Drawkian team interested in submitting a team (or DISC not letting any in such a case), Will Madison has pretty much been left high and dry as far as securing a place to race for WGPC 15. Now, apparently there's no official talks yet, but here's a message that his agent posted on the Madison "family website" (I know, weird, right?).

Mr. Scott Connor wrote:On Behalf of Will Madison:

After the apparent folding of Fornax Racing, Will Madison is open to be hired by any team participating in World Grand Prix Championships 15. Last season he was the driving force behind Fornax's 6th place finish in the Constructor's Championship, and we're confident any team with a competent second driver alongside Will Madison can managed a podium finish for the Constructor's Championship. Will also finished 5th in the Driver's Championship, and was one win away from a podium finish there as well. He has several race podium finishes, even winning the Vilitan Grand Prix ahead of Terho Tavela, last season's driver champion.

We and Will are looking for a team that will boost his strengths while bolstering his few weaknesses. Will is most famous for his ability to pass other racers, while maintaining technical skill, navigating vehicles and courses with much ease. While he was famous for not being the safest or most reliable driver last season, he's worked to fix this issue in the offseason to make sure he's more reliable and powerful.

We are most interested in teams whose strengths are either equal, or have priorities in Acceleration and/or Reliability. Considering his performance last season, we're absolutely confident Will deserves to have the head driver position and be paid for his time at a team. While offers for second/paying driver will still be considered, one of the main determining factors will be the amount of money being offered for the opportunity and privilege for Will to race for a team.

Thank you for your consideration. We're excited to hear back from the greatest racing teams in the multiverse!

What's gonna happen this season? Who knows? Terho Tavela, iBen Toralmintii, Igne Spupuo, and Jessica Franssen have all returned, so the tops of the Driver's Championship rankings from last season are still going to be here, and in the case of Jessica, for an entire season. Who knows how it'll turn out? A few major teams have left, and new teams from powerful racing nations have emerged, so that throws another interesting element to the mix. It's too early to tell how things will shake out, as the Negotiation Phase for the season has just begun, so we, and you, will just have to wait and see.

Good luck Will Madison and to all the other racers out there!

Hey everyone! If you're a team interested in picking up Will, make sure you read the quote thingy above and make sure your team, IC'ly, meets the demands. If you want to make an offer, TG or IRC me and we'll talk things out. To get my attention, just mention Will Madison somewhere on your RP so I can ctrl-F it and find you. If you want to make a formal RP offer, make sure to put it into a fancy [box] or something.

Also, I will only consider your team offer if you plan to at least marginally RP the other driver or hire a driver who's going to be well-RP'd by some other user. I don't want to be left out high and dry this season.

Thanks for you reading! Good luck to everyone.
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Postby The Serbian Empire » Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:34 pm

"What will it take for me to get a ride in the WGPC? A bucket full of money? It's not like I'm some pay driver to be exploited by a backmarker or something," Marika said.

"I'll try to get you some ride in this series otherwise we'll be agreeing to more touring car racing again this season. I've got an offer over in the STCC for the factory FAS (FIAT Automobili Srbija) team," the agent comforted Marika.

"Well, that's better than the Skoda I drove last season for Stefan TC. But is there any offers coming our way from the WGPC teams?" Marika asked.

"I'm still awaiting word from the teams. But I think you'd seeking a reliable strong cornering car, Fireline would be optimum for that task. However, that doesn't mean you'd be beyond racing for other teams," the agent responded.

"The only team that bothers me is Nexus Racing, I've heard their cars are historically ill-handling. A death trap as you would say," Marika stated.

"A death trap. Would you race for them if they paid you more money than usually seen for an unproven driver?" the agent asked.

"Sure thing, but they better pay me about 500,000,000 Palla dinar," Marika assuredly spoke.

"Better get the accountants to discuss the exchange rates if they come knocking," the agent said.
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Postby The Republic Of Arkan » Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:57 pm

The requirement to get the WGPC position in Arkan requires a racer to get at least 100 points, with a maximum of ten points for first in a race. Last year, it took an entire twenty-two race season for one person to qualify for the World Grand Prix Championship from the Arkan Pro Racing League. This year, it took Makeo Oket a grand total of eleven races (9 First, 1 Second, 1 Third) to qualify for the Position of Arkan's entry. Not a bad year for the five-year veteran of professional racing, to say the least.

After securing the spot, and after a press confernce at the APRLRA HQ in Arkania, he spent the majority of the next two weeks down in his home town of Cryslis, primarily training on either the oval track or the circuit track there during those weeks. He, much like most people, looked to improve this season from last year. Granted, he was coming in on his best years, with much more to come.

The next week, he, after somehow breaking his nose driving, was forced to stay at home with his now wife, Clare Oket, and his brother, Zento. This would allow him to re-watch the other confirmed racers races, studying how they race, what their skills are, and how he could potentially outplay them. Somehow, breaking his nose may have helped long term. Or it could screw with how well he breaths through his nose. Who knows?

Arkan Sports Network
The Report with David Esto and Conor Alsno

"Okay Conor, we're closing in onto the start of the World Grand Prix and we know that two time Arkan Pro Racing League Champ Makeo Oket is racing in it for Arkan. Any thoughts on that?"

"David, I'm saying it now. Makeo Oket is going to finish in the top ten. That's my prediction for this season. He placed, what? Sixteenth last season? He showed how he can beat people. He's only getting better. He can only place higher at this point."

"I'm gonna just point out he broke his nose this past week in a freak accident in his practice. Do you think that'll affect him during the first few weeks?"

"I hardly believe that a racer of that caliber, who had raced with a foot injury before, would be affected by a broken nose."

"Well, we'll get back on this after we come back from the break, along with getting into the APSL season at hand."
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Postby Audioslavia » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:35 pm


Message to all drivers.

McPahan Racing will be holding an open try-out to fill the two available seats for the coming season.

Any driver wishing to particpate in the trial should email Johan Johansson ( with a short resume and a confirmation that they would like to attend the trial. They should also state which slot they would prefer.

The trial will take place a week before the opening WGPC Testing session in Taeshan. It will be split into two sessions.

#1 Driver Try-outs
In the Morning Sessions, experienced drivers (i.e. with at least a season's experience racing in either the WGPC or Formula Hodori) will be welcomed to the circuit. They will be given a time slot of one hour to record up to eleven flying laps of the circuit. The weather forecast is set to be rather foggy with occasional showers, which will make for sub-optimal conditions, so lap times aren't so much of an issue. We're looking for drivers who are consistent and can manage the car's fuel and tyres effectively over the course of their session. Each driver will be asked to make one set of intermediate tyres last the full duration of their trial, and all will start on the same amount of fuel. The car will be set up in a way that the crew feel takes maximum advantage of the conditions and the circuit, but drivers are free to the crew to make changes. Changing the set-up of the car will take around fifteen minutes, and so will affect the amount of flying laps a driver is able to do in the one-hour time frame. If a driver has any requests for changes to be made to the car before their session (not including changes to the tyres of fuel load) they should make them at least twenty-four before their session.

There are eight available time slots.

Saturday: 8.30am (Car one)
Saturday: 9.30am (Car two) - Sayono Souzare - Hodori
Saturday: 10.30am (Car one) -
Saturday: 11.30am (Car two) - Oliver Bliss - Taeshan

Sunday: 9am (Car one) - Alexander Lund - Audioslavia
Sunday: 10am (Car two) - Esteban Guilhermez - Krytenia
Sunday: 11am (Car one) - Moisés Delgado - San Jose Guayabal
Sunday: 12pm (Car two)

There should be zero difference between the two cars.

The #1 driver at McPahan next season will be a team-pays-driver position, meaning no driver sponsors are required. A yearly salary of $1m, payable in nine monthly installments during the season, is the maximum amount of money the team has set aside to spend.

All applicants must express their desire to attend the trial in the form of an RP, clearly stating which timeslot they would like to use.
#2 Driver Try-outs
In the Afternoon Sessions, rookie drivers (i.e. those who are in their debut year of international open-wheel racing, and who have never taken part in either the WGPC or Formula Hodori before) are invited to try out for the number two spot on the team.

During the morning sessions, the rookie drivers will spend time with former WGPC driver and two-time Grand Prix winnerRoger Bunn, who give a short course in how to drive the new McPahan WGPC car, before race technician Jackie Johansson will give the drivers a heads-up with regards to how the various controls, switches, levers and buttons on the steering wheel work. Lunch will be served at the track's tower restaurant at 1pm, giving drivers the opportunity to analyse the morning's trials.

The rookie driver's timeslots will start at 3pm. They will be given a time slot of one hour to record up to eleven flying laps of the circuit. The weather forecast is set to be rather foggy with occasional showers, which will make for sub-optimal conditions, so lap times aren't so much of an issue. We're looking for drivers who are consistent and can manage the car's fuel and tyres effectively over the course of their session. Each driver will be asked to make one set of intermediate tyres last the full duration of their trial, and all will start on the same amount of fuel. The car will be set up in a way that the crew feel takes maximum advantage of the conditions and the circuit. Rookie drivers are asked to use these exact calibrations.

There are six available time slots.

Saturday: 3pm (Car one) - Markus Tordoro - Hernton
Saturday: 4pm (Car two) - Hofer Hofferman Julius - AF-DR
Saturday: 5pm (Car one) - Kurt Censki - Qasden

Sunday: 3pm (Car two) - Maria Cattaneo - The Redvale
Sunday: 4pm (Car one) - Jasmin Kransjka - Mattijana
Sunday: 5pm (Car two) - Jeremy Jensen-Fletcher - The Redvale

There should be zero differences between the two cars.

The 2nd driver at McPahan this season will be a driver-pays-team position, so all applicants should have sponsorships. The fee payable to McPahan is $1m for the season.

All applicants must express their desire to attend the trial in the form of an RP, clearly stating which timeslot they would like to use.

For those drivers who would like a trial, but are too late to reserve a spot, please do not panic. McPahan will be keeping a close eye on the results of try-outs for other teams (though naturally we respect the privacy of other teams' trials and will not be attempting to spy on the goings on at each trial) and an offer may yet be forthcoming to any drivers who excel elsewhere.
Rival Teams

Please be aware that no personnel from rival teams will be admitted to the trials.
The Circuit

Silverspasecasarthe is located a short distance away from Oljestaden, on the coast. It is a circuit that has proven to be a little too long by WGPC standards (it was last used as a testing circuit in season 12) and can be a little treacherous in places, although the large, grassy run-off areas offer little chance of drivers crashing into barriers.

The clockwise circuit starts between the Easter Chicane and Turn One. Drivers traverse turn one fairly slowly before maintaining a fairly straight line through the next chicanes. Two 90-degree right-handers see the track narrow slightly, before a sharp left-hander (named after former World Champion Stang Crax) gives way to a long up-hill climb, fast through 75r and onwards up to Aquaroja, which is a chicane on a very steep upwards incline. Drivers pick up speed on the way to Tirabuzon, a windy and treacherous chicane that sees drivers slowing to a crawl as the car struggles for grip on the downwards incline. The track levels out again before the final long straight, interrupted by two short, artificial chicanes. The fastest lap of two minutes, five seconds won't be reachable in the foggy conditions.
About McPahan
Created by the benevolent philanthropist Charles McPahan, wildly mismanaged by the controversial Linco McPahan, now in the hands of racing-mad Stan McPahan, the McPahan brand is one of the most recogniseable names in NS motorsport.

WGPC12 was the team's first foray into the WGPC after decades of tearing tarmac (often quite literally) in other regional and national competitions. In a massive shock, #2 driver Alexander Lund emerged as driver's champion, with the McPahan team finishing in the top three in the constructor's standings. The team attained another top-three finish in the constructor's standings the season after, albiet with Lund finishing down in third place in the championship.

Last season saw the team lurch from crisis to the crisis as they finished in the middle of the pack, well off the pace of the leading teams. Alexander Lund's contract came to an end after the season. Though he is a former World Champion, Lund is now thirty years old and has experienced a slight decline in recent years. He has expressed a desire to race for McPahan again this year, but the team have demanded he prove himself against other competitors first. Should he fail, Lund is expected to try for employment at another team.

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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:02 pm


The Bullhorn ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sport News

Chief Sports Correspondent
Caitlin Morris

There was delight among motorsport fans as it was confirmed yesterday that Nexus Racing, originally an Assembly research and development outfit, would compete in the next season of the World Grand Prix Championship.

The team, which was set up to refine the Dragoon military ground vehicle and then rebranded after Ministers Gibbons and Gilbert expressed interest in the world-wide racing series, has been working to develop a car for three years at a hidden facility, thought to be part of the Assembly’s larger secret research site. A prototype of the car, named ‘Nexus Racing Ultra High Speed Ground Vehicle 1’ and nicknamed ‘Chase Cutter’, was first shown at a live demonstration on the roads of the First City.

It was officially announced that Ryker Lane, known for his prominence in the Cityprix scene, would be the team’s first driver, confirming suspicions held among the racing community for some time. Nexus Racing’s second seat is yet to be filled, though a source inside the team told The Bullhorn that they were looking for, “a young and passionate yet competent driver who is willing to take on a challenge, from the Wardship or elsewhere” for the role. Lane was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

Timothy Guard, head of Nexus Racing, in an interview exclusive for The Bullhorn said, “We are overjoyed that Nexus Racing was selected to compete in the WGPC after all of our work. Nexus Racing is a project that I and everyone working here is passionate about and we can’t wait to prove ourselves for the first time, particularly with a household name like Ryker on board.” When asked whether he was concerned about the fact that Nexus Racing was competing against teams that had been a part of the Championship for years, or about widespread rumours of the UHSGV-1’s lack of mechanical grip, he responded with, “All I can say is that we’re going to have a few tricks up our sleeves, things that the opponents won’t see coming. Besides, we have the power of Imagination on our side!”

A statement released by the Ministerial Office for Sport at the announcement added, ‘The success of Nexus Racing at this preliminary stage is only the beginning for the team. We wish Ryker Lane, his eventual teammate and Nexus Racing as a whole every success in the upcoming Championship.’

A press conference featuring prominent members of Nexus Racing, alongside Minister for Sport Jacob Gibbons, is to be held later today.


Press Conference Transcript

RL - Ryker Lane
TG - Timothy Guard, Project Manager of Nexus Racing
GT - Gertrude Thompson, Chief Designer of the Ultra High Speed Ground Vehicle 1
JG - Jacob Gibbons, Minister for Sport

I - Interviewer

The conference opens.

I: There's a long list of drivers who've signed up to race this season. Which ones do you know about? Which ones have you had your eye on?
TG: Obviously we've been following the scene for some time, despite the fact that we're new to the WGPC, so all the big names - your Madisons, Lunds, Franssens - are known to us. Currently, though, I'd like some more new blood on the team, someone who hasn't been in the Championships before; our team and car are quite different from most, so someone from 'the establishment', stuck in the paradigms that they've learned over their WGPC racing careers, might grate. I mean, if someone like that can come and prove to us that they can adapt and work well with Nexus Racing then we'll consider them, sure, but we're not really focussed on that now - we want someone who doesn't have any binding expectations of how a WGPC racing team and car operates.
GT: What, you aren't going to mention Pedano-
TG: Alright, alright. Yes, we've been tracking the progress of the Serbian driver Marika Pedanovic for some time. She's not driven in the Championships before but she has competed in an array of different and diverse racing series and worked for more teams than I can name, so she should be able to fit into our outfit easily, and she has more than enough skill to handle the car - which isn't great at turning corners at the best of times. Plus, Ryker over here's a big fan of hers. But, again, we'd have to see how well she actually does in a trial period working with the team before we make any decisions.

I: Ethane has two drivers competing this year, and at least one of them is looking for a ride. How interested would the Nexus Racing Team be in taking one of the drivers on for their second driver role?
TG: There's the possibility. Talison isn't our top priority at the moment, but we're certainly considering inviting him to be the driver for one of our trialling periods.

I: Melissa Thyme, from TV5Sports, Lisander. A common practice in Lisander and some other countries is the use of pay-drivers, drivers backed by a sponsor. What does Nexus Racing think about this system?
TG: I'm not going to comment on other teams, but I will say that we have a very stable source of income. Since we're government-funded, we can afford to judge drivers on ability rather than on any money that they might bring into the team. It's a great position to be in for us at Nexus Racing, since it means that we can just get on and deliver the best competition - and results - for ourselves and our fans here and, hopefully, across the world! Hey, enough questions for me - that's three in a row, now! There are other people sitting here, you know!

I: Wait, I've got a question for you too. But, if anybody else is able to answer it, that is possible too. As you know there are two West-East Timorian drivers currently looking for a drive in the upcoming season. Especially the younger one, Timo Jänkinää, would perfectly fit to your description of a 'young, passionate, yet competent driver'. What do you think of him?
TG: Yes, both are certainly considerations for us; again, it all depends on how well they work with the team if we decide to invite either of them to trial with us. Though that quotation didn't come from me.

I: I have a question for Ryker. The last three WGPC seasons have seen two rookie drivers crowned champions. How confident are you of accomplishing the same feat? And... and this might be in Gertrude Thompson's field too... how are you going to wrestle with the car's problems? We hear rumours that, for all the flashy knobs and buttons, it has all the cornering capabilities of a... er... of a 'particularly immobile soviet oiltanker in a narrow hallway', so one report goes.
RL: Yeah, that's a bit of a sore point for our Chief Designer over here - you'll definitely want to hear her take. Anyway, winning the WGPC? Yeah, it's possible, and I know that I have some great people and machinery behind me, so I've got as good a chance as anyone. I suppose that I'm also an unknown for most of the competition, so I've got that advantage too! Now, Chief Designer, you want to talk abou-
GT: Tyres. It's all down to the tyres. The UHSGV-1 should be one of the best-handling cars in the field. It's got a powertrain that combines electric four-wheel drive and the direct, even application of kinetic energy across the car - what other car has a system that so effectively avoids oversteer and understeer? It's got systems that actively change the car's aerodynamic profile for cornering. It's got onboard computers that control the suspension and rotation of each individual wheel. I even built in an underbody cross-flow fan - a fan, for Imagination's sake - for additional downforce! But no, our great and glorious Wardship, with enough scientific understanding to be able to physically simulate individual thoughts, still hasn't managed to figure out how to manufacture half-decent racing tyre compounds, so my masterpiece has to slow to the speed of a gentle stroll to be able to turn a corner! Oh, but wait - surely you can ask a foreign company to make tyres for you? Well, guess what? That doesn't really work when you're operating as part of a team as secretive as the Paradox! You can't just go out and work with a tyre manufacturer when that would involve revealing informa-
TG: Yes, I think that we get the idea. On the plus side, we don't have to be nearly as secretive now that we're out in the open, so I'd like to use the opportunity to announce that Nexus Racing is now indeed looking for a company to supply us with tyres for the coming season and potentially longer; please do get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are interested. You would make a certain somebody very happy.

I: Talia Veras for the Bullhorn - Ryker, how difficult has it been to adjust from Cityprix's cars to the UHSGV-1 and how secure do you feel with your vehicle going into the Championship? The two formulae are obviously a far cry from one another in terms of machinery.
RL: Yeah, they are. The main thing that you're going to see at home if you watch both is the difference in speed; Cityprix machinery just doesn't move as fast as our Chase Cutter does. For me as a driver, though, the biggest changes are the technical ability needed. The Chase Cutter is just downright complicated. I mean, it's still a car, but the amount of options and variables you can tweak while driving is insane. Comparing my old Bolter to that is like comparing a bird to an aeroplane; it's a quantum leap behind. Gertrude wasn't kidding when she said that this was her masterpiece. Still, I've had a ton of time to practice with it over at the test track that the team's got, and Cityprix cars don't have much grip at all in comparison to the Chase Cutter; all of those mechanical aids really, really do help. So yeah, I'd say that I'm happy with my driving at the moment, though of course there's always some room to improve.

I: How hard was it to design the car, Gertrude Thompson, and how have you managed to make such an amazing car while sticking to all the regulations and kept the car viable for the tracks it will be driving on?
GT: The wonderful thing about the WGPC is the lack of technical regulations other than vague requirements on shape, so you can put in almost anything so long as it's practical - and of course, we Nimbans are known for innovation and creative thinking. It helps, of course, to have the best designers and engineers in the New Nexus Force assigned to your team; while I did a lot of the conceptual and theoretical work, that work would never have been implemented without so many talented people behind me. As for tracks, we've been working on the UHSGV-1 on the basis of it being driven on the most demanding circuits in the world generally, so I have every confidence that it will perform well wherever we send it.

I: Goran Stefanovic from the Serbian Sporting News here. There have been rumors of the team having a fondness for Marika Pedanovic to be in the 2nd seat of the Nexus Racing team. Any other drivers that rouse the team's interest?
TG: As I say, we want to do some trials with individual drivers before we confirm anything, though we have already stated our interest in Marika becoming a part of the team. Could we have a few questions about things other than our driving lineup? You've got pretty much all of the information about drivers that we're interested in out of us.

I: Jelena Nuremič from MattijanaFern here. As a new team, how do you plan to inject some experience and WGPC knowledge into the team, not just through your driver lineup, but through the engineering, management and team staff in general.
I: What is Nexus Racing's goal in the championship titles this year? Will you be aiming for the win in both categories, drivers and teams, be content with winning one of them, or do you have modest expectations?
TG: In answer to Jelena's question, simply put, we aren't going to; that's not how we want to work. The team's view generally is that by coming at the Championship with a fresh pair of eyes, Nexus Racing can adapt and innovate in ways that established teams with set ways of thinking can't. That doesn't mean that we should reject traditional paradigms out of hand - we've been doing plenty of research on that front too, talking to old hands from other teams, studying race footage, that sort of thing - but instead we believe in analysing different techniques, technologies and approaches from an objective standpoint and picking out those which we believe are most effective, regardless of their previous history. Look at our powertrain, for example: we've combined Nimban Imagitech propulsion, something that the WGPC has never seen before, with more traditional electrical power and recovery systems, and the result, as I'm sure you saw during our prototype's demonstration a few months ago, was a very fast car. The freedom to think creatively and objectively is why we currently want ourselves to be an entirely new team for the Championship this season; people with set ideas on how things somehow ought to be done would compromise that working culture. Still, we could make exceptions if we felt that there was a person previously involved with the WGPC who was able to avoid following their old ideas for the sake of following those ideas; in the end, it all comes down to their individual willingness to change. When it comes to the second question, we want Nexus Racing to be constantly improving, so, while we would of course like to see good results in the Championship standings, it's more important to us that we're doing better towards the end of the season than at the beginning. Don't get me wrong - we want to win, but we want to be winning more as we continue to develop and innovate in every area of the team.

I: Hamza Farrell, Lodgertia Gazette. What benefits do you hope participation in the WGPC will bring to the wider Nimban public, especially as it seems this team is at least partly government-funded?
JG: First of all, there's the obvious cultural value; we Nimbans have quite the history of racing from our origin universe, so to honour that legacy in the WGPC is wonderful for us. There will also be technological improvement resulting from the pressures of the competition; already Nexus Racing's engineers been able to make our Imagikinetic converters far more compact. My colleague Gilbert has been very happy about that one. But most important is the fact that it will mean more quality sporting entertainment for the Nimban people. As Minister for Sport, that is something that I can always get behind - so, while the project of course had funding from its days as a military programme, I was more than happy to authorise the continuation of those funds. I think that they've been put to good use so far.

I: Thomas Strauss from Paddock Voice here. Obviously, Ryker, you haven’t been interacting with your fans and supporters as much recently, which we can now confirm is as a result of your working with Nexus Racing. Now that you’re back out in the open, are you going to be trying to get back to the levels of fan engagement that you had previously?
RL: Yeah, sorry about that; we’ve obviously had to be a bit secretive about this whole thing - that extends to me, too. Still, you’re right - I’ll be getting out into the community a bit more often now, though not as much as I’d like to be - I’ve got testing and so on that I need to be involved with. If not for that, I’d be out talking to my fans every day. Seriously, thanks to everyone who follows me - first for waiting this long and trusting me when I said that I’d be back in racing at some point and second for being such a great crowd. You guys are the best.
TG: Before we go, there are three things that I need to say. First, obviously, thank you for having us here; we want as many people to get engaged with what we’re doing as possible. Secondly, as I alluded to earlier, we’re going to be setting up some trial periods for drivers who might join the team in which they’ll work with us for three days so that we can assess how good a fit they would be for a drive with Nexus Racing. We will be sending out invitations to drivers who we’re particularly interested in, but those who don’t shouldn’t be put off getting in touch with us. That brings me onto my final point, that the official Nexus Racing website at http://www.nexusracingwgpc.nim will be going up soon with a whole bunch of stuff for fans of the team. It will also contain sections with contact details for drivers who want to enquire about doing a trial period with us and for tyre manufacturers who want to help us to solve the problems that Gertrude was so eloquent in describing. Sponsorship is available. Again, thanks to everyone for coming out to talk to us, and you’ll see us on the track soon!

The conference concludes.
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Postby Mattijana » Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:37 am

MRT Head Office, Kopylov, Centre-North Mattijana

"Good news!" Said Johan Struna, the head of MRT. "The driver negotiation period is open."
His Deputy, Maria Jamasova, was sitting at the desk opposite.
"I think we all know what that means." She replied.
"Yep. Lots of rumour-mongering, lots of trials at the team's expense, and some really bad panic signings."

"We're not making that mistake again Johan. That was awful."

"No we're not Maria. That's why the idea of a test run out there is not my favourite right now. I've actually got an offer in the matrix as we speak."
"For Jasmina?"
"No. She said she wanted more time to see if anyone else was interested before committing to us. You know what she's like."
"For who then?"
"For Jess Franssen. She's hot property after last season and we only had her on a short contract because we didn't know how good she was. I'm going to send her a season-long one in a minute and hopefully we'll have a chance of getting her on board before a big team comes calling with an even bigger pay-packet than the one we're giving her."
"How much are we giving her?" Maria sounded a tad sceptical.
"Enough." Replied Johan. "We got a pretty decent amount of prize money for the second place last season and because of that, the funding from the MSO (MattijanaSportaOrganisasion, the Mattijanan department of sport) got pretty big too. Finance isn't much of a concern, but some of the other teams are running on a stupid amount of money."
"I see. Can I have a look at the offer?"
"Of course."
Dear Miss Franssen

After your excellent performances for us last season, we are pleased to offer you a renewal of your contract to last for the entire duration of the upcoming WGPC season, as our number 1 driver. Aside from your sponsorship, no additional payment is required. Details of your salary and the terms of your contract are enclosed.
We hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards
Johan Struna, Head of MRT.

"Seems alright." Said Maria. "Hopefully status shouldn't be an issue. There are more established teams around, but 2nd on debut is nothing to be sniffed at, and the VandTs were out of everyone's league last year."

"Not this year. We're going to catch them. If it's the last thing I do."
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Postby Lisander » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:39 am

Bitten Heroes Grand Prix Engineering - The Hub

WELCOME TO THE HUB! In this area, you will be able to find and go to every new information about Bitten Heroes. Stay Tuned.

The Team

Bitten Heroes GPE is a Lisanderian Racing team with A-License from the Lab (Lisander Autosports Board) to race in WGPC. Formed by a joint-venture of three B-License teams (Team Ignis, Maud Formula Team and Zeus Autosports) from Alpha League, the main formula competition in Lisander, the team is based in Brax, Lisander. The team principal is Natassia Maud, head of Maud Formula team, and the chief of the engineers is Andrea Lanza, Lead Engineer of #5 car.

The car

Painted in [kb] autosports media haus, Brax, Lisander. Art by Ludwika Wiel and Vivianna Baroni

The drivers

20. Mick Schramm
West-East Timoran
Previously raced in Formula WET1
First season in WGPC
Sponsored by WET Motors
5.Juliano Lemos
24 years old
Previously raced in Alpha League
First season in WGPC


#5 LEMX89234DNF81DNF9DNF24th (95 pts)
#20 SCHX238DNF213DNFDNF5DNF313DNF9th (43 pts)

Some crew of interest
Natassia Maud, Team Owner and Principal. The head of Bitten Heroes and Maud Formula Team in Alpha League. An idealist. She is 44 years old and was a driver in minor categories.
Maximilian Garnold. The lead engineer for #20 car is a West-East Timorian Engineer and was the lead engineer for Mick Schramm in Formula WET1. Schramm seems to trust him.
Andrea Lanza, The lead engineer for #5 car is an Iceman. Still runs in open class racing. Owns 2% of the team and considers Lemos his pupil. 42 years old.

Team Partners Image

Open spots
Bitten Heroes have the following spots to fill. Interested drivers, shoot me a PM.
Test Driver: Run the car in case of some accident.
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Postby Qasden » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:26 pm

12:37— Blue-Red Racing Garage— Taxson, Qasden- "So? We're not entering the Grand Prix?" Kurt Censki asked the man in crimson attire. "I'm afraid not," the man spoke, "those Gemini Games really racked up the bills, you know? We're gonna need some time to refinance.". Censki's gaze deepened, "But we've already signed up. Don't ya think that teams are gonna be more focused on the returnees rather than debutants like us?". The man, pouring smooth black coffee into his mug, let's out a faint sigh before replying. "Listen Censki," he started, "you gave this country an astounding third-place performance at the Gemini Games. You've made your way to the top of the charts at the Qailpyme tournaments. Heck, you even built your own racetrack out of the town of Marbles, and yet you're worried about being left out from a team?!" The man put his mug down for a bit and firmly glanced at Censki, his faded blue eyes igniting with a fiery passion. "Do you really think that none of the 12-13 teams here would need you for something? C'mon now, Kurt! Look at that Aboveland, Terho or something like that. He managed to get picked up by Vilita and Turori Motorsports in his first year. Not to mention that he ended up winning the last WGPC! If anything, you've got a pretty good chance, man.". The man pulled out a wad of papers from his desk and threw them down in front of Kurt. "Look," the man started frantically, "McPahan Racing is holding some trials a week before Taeshan, which could mean good things for ya. Those Audioslavians know a thing or two about this competition.". Kurt hesitated a bit before answering. "Sounds legit, but I better look at others, too, should I fail to impress 'em somehow.". The man's faint smirk slipped away. "...okay then". He flipped around the papers, searching for any other factors that could come into play. The man sparked up, his crimson turning to a blazing red. "Here we are!" He shouts in victory. "Looks like there's a few new parties that we can get into. How'd ya feel about Nexus?". Kurt's glance breaks for a moment. "Nexus? Aren't they that Nimbus team interested in a Serbian racer, though?". The man pauses for a second, trying to recall the article. Growling under his breath, he looks through more of the pile before coming across another team. "How about that Lisander team, Bitten Heroes? They're looking for racers and livery.". Kurt looks up again. "Bitten Heroes, you say?". He slowly eases off his chair and walks over to the window.

12:45— Feasties' Multiversal Cuisine Headquarters— T.V. City, Qasden- "So, Bitten Heroes wants so livery, ey?". It was Kayla Kriswell, the cheif executive of Feasties' promotional board, whom gazed at the online flyer. "Looks like a major buisness opportunity is at hand.". She turns to face a rather small gentlemen, 40 or so, in a blazer behind her. "Lyons, contact the Bitten Heroes livery department as soon as possible. Mama's got plans for this.". Lyons didn't hesitate to do the requested task. "Absolutely, Ms. Kriswell. I will let you know their response as soon as possible.". "Thank you Lyons," Kayla smiled, "Means a lot to me.".

23:35— Censki Residence— Marbles, Qasden- "I'm home!" Kurt shouts into the apartment's void. He lived alone for the most part, apart from his lab, Boxer, and his Persian, Victoria. "I hope I made the right choice," Censki thought to himself, "perhaps a team may be interested in I.".
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Postby West-East Timor » Sun Dec 25, 2016 1:00 pm

Isnalkorvburg, West-East Timor
Mick Schramm was meeting his manager, Andy Kashnan, in a fine reaturant in his hometown. When he entered, he already say Kashnan.

"Hey Mick!", he shouted. "Come on."

"Hi Andy. What do you have? I guess no team wants to sign me already?"

" But, that's what I want to talk about."

"What a surprise", said Mick while sitting down.

"Sooo... Which team would you like to drive for?"

"I don't know. As long as I'm driving... I don't expect to get a drive at a top team. Being a pay driver works too. I just want to drive."

"Alright. Well, Nexus Racing don't need pay drivers. Nevertheless, you're talented. So it could work, you match most other conditions for Nexus' prefered driver. I don't know if they want paydrivers, but would you consider participating in McPahan's Driver Trials?"

"I don't know. They take place only a week before testing. If they don't take me, it might be harder getting a team then."

"So what do you think of Bitten Heroes? They want a main sponsor. And you got me. And I got WET Cheese. And WET Cheese got money. Lots of money."

"Sounds good to me. So... Contact them?"

"We should contact them yes. By the way..."

In that moment, Timo Jänkirinää entered. "Hey guys"

"Timo?", askes Mick.

"Yeah, that's correct, Mick.", said Timo.

"Timo is right with his statement of this being correct. I'm his manager too."

"Are you managing everyone?", asked Mick.

"Not everyone.", replied Andy. "Just almost everyone."

"Yeah. Anyways.", said Timo. "Andy, you got a drive for me?"

"Of course I haven't. Did you really expect that?"


"Oh. Well, then. Anyways Timo, I think you would fit to Nexus Racing."



"Shure. That's ok. Sounds good to me. Nexus seem to be competitive. Maybe."

"And they want a 'young, passionate, yet competent driver'. Sounds like you, eh?"

"If you say so."

"Fine. Mick, you contact Bitten Heroes whenever you want. Meanwhile, I will see what chances you, Timo have got at Nexus Racing. We have some journalists at the Nexus Press Conference taking place right now, I'll send one of them a message."

To: Bitten Heroes GPE
From: Mick Schramm
Dear Bitten Heroes Team,
My name is Mick Schramm, I am one of West-East Timor's most famous racing drivers and multiple Formula WET1 (West-East Timor's first racing series) Champion. I would like you to consider me as a possible driver for the upcoming WGPC season. Why should you do so?

Well, as you can see, I got lots of experience in Formula Racing, being a top driver in my country's most prestigous racing series, which I could win several times.
Also, as far as I know, you are currently looking for a main sponsor. I am sponsored by WET Cheese, West-East Timor's biggest cheese company, and cheese export is an important industrie of West-East Timor. As a main sponsor, WET Cheese would bring you lots of money. I have contacted WET Cheese, and they ensured me, that any team signing me could choose almost any amount of money they want them to pay, and WET Cheese will pay them.

This is why I think I would fit perfect into your team, and I hope, you consider signing me.
Mick Schramm
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Postby Hernton » Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:32 pm

Time: 0500
Location: Carnack Motorsports Testing Grounds; Carnack, Hernton

Markus stepped out of his small unwelcoming apartment. He didn't mind the drab furniture or the dingy walls; they were commonplace in Hernton. He loved his apartment for one reason it was across the street from the largest circuit in Hernton. As the only government operated track in the country Markus was given an office here when he's was given his class 1 race license from the Ministry of Sports Culture and Tourism. He opened his office door, and oak desk with a computer sat to the far end and one side was just a glass window over looking the track. He booted up his computer and read the newest email from his manager Seth Wren. Attached to the email was a document breaking down the basics of every teams' cars as well as links to any public statements they have made so far. As Markus read about the teams he made some notes:
Vilita & Turori Motorsports: Very fast cars but may have trouble staying in the race, if I make it to the finish I should be towards the top of the field.
Mattijana Racing Team: Slightly faster than V&T Motorsports but corners worse, still has reliability issuses. I could keep it on the track though
MSA-SinVal Racing: Slower yet soild I'd cross the finish line every race but I might not see the top 5 at all. If I sign with them I need to work on being more aggressive.
Telaris Racing a soild unimpressive machine it does everything well but nothing great. Would be a good ride for my first time in WGPC
Carvenlo-Clockwork Racing: Fast and reliable but would struggle on technical cricuts however this is just the type of machine I need to be in. I'll have Seth send them an email.
McPahan Racing: first team I know of holding testing. For now I'll go tryout on Saturday at 3pm for driver 2. I like what I see in their car. Highly technical ride. I might not do well in this car in my first go out but I'll try. If I got the hang of this car I'd be very competitive.
Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio: Very reliable but not fast and struggles with corners. Should avoid if I can but would sign if no other offers come up.
Arada Motorsport: extremely technical but nothingood special anywhere else. Would not be competitive here.
Bitten Heroes Grand Prix Engineering: They are looking for sponsors so there isn't a lot of money but that means there is a good chance of them taking me as a pay to race driver. Good speed and reliable but corners poorly could do well here. I'll send them an email.
Fireline: technical and slow. Would do great on tight tracks but struggle on open ones.
Nexus Racing: raw power that is harnessed well. This is a great team to join will send them an email.
Vannish Motors Racing: good balance of power to finesse. Could be competitive.
Wilson Grand Prix Engineering: Soild car nothing exciting

Markus Tordoro wants to sign with a team with high acceleration to offset his lack of aggression

Email to: Nexus Racing, Bitten Heroes Grand Prix Engineering, McPahan Racing, Carvenlo-Clockwork Racing
From: Markus Tordoro
Good Morning from the beautiful Islands of Hernton. My name is Markus and I am the 3 time champion of Prest Racing League. The premier motorsports in the nation. I have 2 million NSD to pay if need be however I would like to take a closer look at your machines and discuss the mutually beniftual partnership of myself driving for you team.
Have a great day,
Markus Tordoro
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Postby The Serbian Empire » Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:17 pm

Marika Pedanovic Press Statement

My favorite teams at this time include Nexus Racing, MSA SinVal Racing, Telaris Racing, Wilson Grand Prix Engineering, and Fireline. I've recently picked up a sponsorship from the Serbian Empire Tourism Board for 250 million Palla Dinar or roughly 2.1 NSD to pay at this point. Wilson seems to be intriguing to me and Nexus is particularly interested in my abilities at this time. I'd put those two as distinguishing to me as the most favorable. One of them would be reliable and fast, but I'd be using my skill at cornering to counter the downside of the chassis. A worthwhile challenge to me. The other option is a car that is highly balanced where I'd not push it to the maximum of what it's capable of but rather be one of the most dominant on technical circuits without fear of mechanical failure.
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Postby The Republic Of Arkan » Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:40 pm

A surprisingly quiet day passed over, little had happened that day at the Oket Racing compound. Clare Oket had been out shopping most the day, followed by a solid hour of cooking. Zento Oket, prepping to leave for a race in Uliv in the APRL, had stayed in his room most of the day, aside from going to the film room once in the middle of the day. Makeo had been working out, mostly aerobic. Following a 6 PM dinner, they all dispersed, Zento returning to the film room, Clare cleaning, and Makeo sitting down in front of a computer, tapping his fingers on the desk, debating what to do.

Sighing, he opened up a new email, beginning to type out names of teams he could apply to. Obviously, his stock wasn't that great thanks to last season, but still, teams needed racers to get points. He eyed over the list of teams once again. Nexus Racing was a fresh face and could potentially use someone who'd raced this level before, Bitten Heroes seemed...interesting, to say the least, Scuderia was a name he remembered from last season, along with a few others. Looking over the list of teams he'd be interested in racing for, he started to type out their contact, followed by an application.

To: Nexus Racing, Bitten Heroes GPE, Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio
Subject: World Grand Prix Championship Seat

Greetings from Cryslis, Arkan. Seeing as of right now, you have available seat(s), I, Makeo Oket, would formally like to apply to obtain a seat within one of your brands. Coming into my second year of racing in the WGPC, I, along with most, if not all, of you are looking forward to a successful season. Personally, I would love to place anything above 16th, however, I would need a team to help me fulfill that dream. However, I do understand that the racing world is a cut throat world, and if you are not interested, I will accept whole-heartedly.

Yours Truly,
Makeo Oket

Looking back from his computer, he looked at the clock. Shrugging, he sent out one more email, this time, to McPahan Racing.

To: McPahan Racing
Subject: World Grand Prix Championship Seat Trial

Greetings from Cryslis, Arkan. This email is a conditional entry into your trials to decide your drivers for this season. This is conditional on if I am medically cleared to race fully by the time of the trials. I will send a reply back closer to the trial date if I am cleared if you would be interested.

Yours Truly,
Makeo Oket

Sending that email out, he got out of the chair, retiring for the day to his room with his wife. Another day awaited him, and potentially, a seat.
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A bidwar?

Postby Lisander » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:34 am

Natassia left the square glass on the table and picked up the sheet with the avaliations of international drivers and sponsors based on blind performance and intake of money.

"She looks fairly experienced. Her driving style resembles Seigen's Daughter. We could benefit of the expertise of her nation. She also have the most balanced stats. I suggest an approach."

"This company is capable to offer a fair good sponsoring. Even more than X-PRO. But I'm not sure about the driver they're offering. His stats are decently balanced. But If you have read my first point, you will know you don't need another balanced driver."

"He is a good driver. Stats are decent. The sponsoring looks nice. But this is a completely unrelated market. This won't gather any interest of lisanderian public. For the well of public opinion, refuse it. I feel sorry, but that's life.

"Refuse. You don't want to get behind. He drives flawlessly, like a butterfly in the air. But he is clueless. No... Lemos is Clueless, with his idea of running each corner. This one looks like a perfect track psycho. Lemos is still a better choice."

"He is Juliano Lemos, just from another country. The difference: He does not look like a pay-driver."

After it, she read all the e-mails sent. Oh, how that was boring... and all that pity texts. Talking like charity organizations... Talking about Bitten Heroes as a struggling team. That could make her squirm. Well, at least the Bidwar was interesting. A touch in the telephone called the assistant.

—Alin. Could you please call Seigen? I need his technical support here.

—Okay, madam. — A masculine voice in a very effeminate tone answered.

Natassia Maud, the head of Bitten Heroes, as well as Maud Formula Team, the B-license Alpha League team. 44 years, 14 years since left the circuit as a driver. Currently a sucessful manager, she had to deal with stuff like that, but her biggest desire was sit in the damn cockpit and run against that brats. There were drivers older than her age in the WGPC list, and she felt bad of remembering that. To concentrate herself, he started pushups. Hands in ground, feet in the wall. Hold the entire body wasn't a problem for that woman. Seigen appeared following.

—You know Natassia, I can see your pant...

—I don't f* care. There's nothing there you haven't seen in summer of 1994, at that Camden parties. — She was merciless. Never married, mother of an adopted girl, Natassia never wanted to build a "common family". She always have been an independent woman. The rememberance of younth was funny, but the scenarios caused and reawaken by them were just boring.. — Now let's go down to the business. Look at the emails, reports and tables on my desk. I need a prospection of these drivers. Do it with windtunnels, use similar drivers, whatever you want, but bring me results. I have one or two of these in my mind. Hey, before I forget, How is your daughter going?

—She is going well, finished 7th in Sirenia GP. 15 seconds ahead of Lemos. Ahead.

—I remember she caused an accident in Grandeville, in the first ever curve of Alpha League.

Seigen had not defense to his daughter. Shizuko was excited, locked the wheel, hit Pedro Theiss and went the two out before even passing under the bridge. In the first race.

—C'mon, don't feel so bad. I also broke cars in my driver career. The important is: She had 4th time in Grandeville Qualifying, correct? I'd like to see her racing in a Bitten Heroes car, at least a week before other drivers, even if only testing.

—Okay, I will call her. But I have to say, you still have beautiful thighs.

—I'm upside down and I can not lift my middle finger. Please be gentle and go f* yourself.

Seigen left the office with the papers. Natassia finished her 3 series of 20 push-ups before turning back to desk, to write some e-mails.
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:46 am Johan Johansson <>
From: Hofer Hoffermann Julius <hofer_hoffermann_julius@besuche.ah>
Object: Trial

I see that you search driver for the WGPC 15.

I'll want to have a test for the 2nd Driver Triel. i won the last season of the 12th Alingan National Formula 1 Championship, become the youngest winner of the torunament

If I can choos the day and time, I'll prefer Saturday at 3 pm.


Hofer Hofferman Julius
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Postby West-East Timor » Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:08 am

Back home, Mick thought about the McPahan driver trials. Mybe he can reserve a slot there, and in case he already has a drive until then, he just won't take part. That might work. He decided to send an e-mail to McPahan, it can't be bad.

From: Mick Schramm

Dear mr. Johansson,
I would like to attend you driver trials for the upcoming WGPC season, but only in case I haven't signed at any other team until then. I'll keep it up to you how you manage that. I can send you another e-mail close to the driver trials to let you know if I'll take part in it, or not.
Mick Schramm
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Postby Mattijana » Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:57 pm

MRT HQ, Kopylov, Centre-North Mattijana

"Still no reply from Jess. Should we reconsider?" Asked Maria Jamasova.
"Not yet, but I think we should probably plan some potential replacements." Was Johan Struna's reply. "Even is she feels she should re-sign, it's good to plan for every eventuality. I actually made a list of all the drivers, which might help us out slightly."
"How festive..." Remarked Maria.
"Oh I know. Here it is."
Tier 1: Hot property. Will be difficult to sign.
Tier 2: Good drivers, but more achievable signings.
Tier 3: New/ inexperienced, but still potentially interesting.
Tier 4: Nope. Not unless we're desperate.

Tier 1:
Terho Talvela (The current champion. Likely to stay at V&T, but we'll keep an eye on him)
iBen Toralmintii (Runner up, also likely to stay, bit of a d*** anyway)
Alexander Lund (always seems to sign for McPahen. But might have to work for it this year. We'll keep an eye on him, but faded glory comes to mind)
Jess Franssen (stunning performance in the second half of last season. Will be hard to retain, but we'll try)
Alexandra Mayari (Experienced and sharp. Likely to be lots of interest despite a horrible last season)

Tier 2:
Will Madison (some good performances last year in a poor car. Could be a step up for him, but he's undoubtedly talented. Could be our man if we can't get Franssen)
Igne Spupuo (good performances in a fairly average car last season. Has class)
Louis Krindle (6th place last year, very good technique)
Mateo Oket (Had a reasonable season. Not stunning, but could be a solid addition)
R.L Cruisin (second fiddle to Toralmintii, but by no means a shabby driver. Carries technique and experience)
Ethan Ellis (Another driver in his second season, the first being very solid. May be interested in his debutant team however)
Oliver Bliss (9th place last season reasonable. Struggled in quali however)
Victoria Gardner (Underacheived last season, but carries some experience)
Asao Nadakei (8th last season. Completely outperformed teammate)

Tier 3:

Marika Pedanovic (a newbie, but shows signs of promise and enthusiasm. A good technical driver)
Timo Jänkirinää (cool name. Seems enthusiastic with a decent motoring pedigree)
Mick Schramm (also enthusiastic to get a drive)
Moisés Delgado (Poor last season, albeit in a poor car)
Esteban Guilhermez (disappointing season last year, at least knows roughly what he's doing)
James Lark (First season, but shows class. May be involved in a deal if Franssen is unobtainable)
Sayano Souzare (poor last season, looked fragile, but does have some experience)
Kurt Censki (Newbie, but seems talented. May be worth keeping an eye on)

Tier 4:

Alex Dimitrianov (Underacheived last season. Ideally needs a change or a break. May be useful for another team but not us)
Juliano Lemos (meh)
H.H.Julius (meh)
Kenji Hizmanto (meh)
Julia Starker (the name is the raceyest thing)
Markus Tordoro (meh)
Benjamin Tallison (meh)
K. Al-Jarish Karl (meh)
Jeremy Jenson-Fletcher (meh)
Bastian Alcarez (meh)
Trace McSorley (meh)
Maria Cattaneo (meh)

"Interesting. So it's Will or Igne if we can't get Jess?"
"I wouldn't go that far, but they looked good last season and they look up for it now." Johan didn't want to commit, but knew decisions would have to be made.
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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:04 pm

The McPahan offices in Ceilerden are situated in what is, basically, a large glass cube building on the outskirts of the city. Behind it is a short oval racing circuit (rumoured to be on the way towards an upgrade that could repurpose it as a genuine racing circuit on the national tour) a warehouse and a hanger. In the hanger is a state of the art windtunnel and a laboratory in which McPahan's resident scientist Radoslav Salahamdzic works on minor improvements to fuel mixtures, tyre compounds and such. The warehouse houses various McPahan wares. Hence the name.

Radoslav Salihamidic is a mystery wrapped in an enigma shrouded in a paradox disguised as a small chemist with an odd accent. He started working for the team during season 12 in bizarre circumstances. He works to ensure the cars are efficient, fuel-wise, and is considered a good-luck charm by many of the team. He is small and balding (yet with jet black hair on the sides and back of his head) with black glasses and odd facial hair. He looks like a tiny, pale version of Ming the Merciless only less normal-looking.

The office building is divided into two floors. On the bottom floor there sits a receptionist - the identity of which changes every year, but it's almost always an improbably beautiful 21 year-old student (racing remains a male-dominated occupation in Audioslavia) - and a small private gallery of McPahan's greatest achievements - the F170a car that won Alexander Lund the World Driver's Championship, a replica of Lund's WGPC12 Driver's Championship Trophy, various scale-length models of McPahan cars past and present, and a small plaque commemorating the life and death of Linco McPahan, who died in such tragic and messy circumstances after the Falcanian Grand Prix in season twelve.

On the top floor are the McPahan offices, split into three sections. In one large room there are a dozen administrative, marketing and sales staff, in another a large and luxurious meeting room looking over the circuit, and the other are a number of individual offices for McPahan's senior staff.

The most senior is Stan McPahan, the Team Principal, who has final say in what happens at the team. Stan McPahan is the nephew of former team principal Linco McPahan (deceased). Stan McPahan shares little of his uncle's contempt for driver safety, and has actively ensured modern McPahan cars be orders of magnitude safer than they were under Linco (though that's still not saying much). He took over the McPahan team midway through season 12 and was partially responsible for giving lead driver Alec Lund the push he needed to secure the world drivers' championship.

By season 13, Stan and the McPahan team were much more prepared than they had been in season 12, but as he and the team adopted a new, public-friendly image, they perhaps lost a little of the us-against-the-world mentality that encouraged them so much in season 12 and, despite strong showings in most races and a new, professional attitude, the team came up trophyless. Season fourteen saw the team go through a great deal of problems - losing one driver and having a multitude of hastle in supplying a competitive car to their other. Stan, who had already lost most of his hair, lost the rest of it during the course of a stressful season. He's spent the late autumn trying to distance himself from the sport to clear his head.

Stan McPahan is just about fifty years old, can frequently be seen in sharp suits or an immaculately tailored McPahan pit uniform (dark blue polo shirt adorned with sponsors, with or without a black and light blue jacket over the top, with plain black trousers and black boots), usually sports a baseball cap and almost always has a pair of piercing blue eyes. He is serious and driven by the desire to attain silverware for the team - something that has perhaps come at the expense of his former ability to maintain a friendly, informal relationship with his drivers.

In the second largest office is Race Director Johan Johanson. Johan was a former test driver and racer for the McPahan team, before a heavy crash robbed him of his career and his left leg, in place of which he now uses a prosthetic. He is in his late fifties, with thinning greyish blonde hair. He has worked for McPahan almost continuously ever since the accident, after which guilt-stricken former owner Charles McPahan gave him a 'job for life' with the team. Johanson, however, was loathed by the next team boss, Linco McPahan, who froze Johanson out of the decision-making process for the team for much of Linco's tenureship as team owner. Upon Linco's death, Johan Johanson was promoted to race director, and was partially responsible for Alec Lund's World Championship win in season 12.

Johanson left McPahan temporarily after season 12 to found the Johanson Racing team that competes in Formula Hodori, but returned for season 13 to take on an advisory role. He has gone on to become lead race director and head of race strategy.

Johanson is the most affable and friendly person one could hope to meet. He is a regular source of inspiration and wisdom for the McPahan drivers, and has been known to leak information about whatever safety problems the team has to its drivers and to the media, knowing how dangerous it can be when a team foregoes safety in return for decreased car weight and a slightly higher top speed.

Jacky Johanson, daughter of Johan, will work with Johan in organizing the team's strategy, and will be in charge of ensuring the pit crew are well-drilled and well-oiled (if you'll pardon the puns) so that pit-stops run smoothly and quickly. She is a former driver on the karting circuit and a qualified mechanic, meaning she understands both the technical and human aspects of the sport. Jacky is in her early thirties, has close cropped sandy blond hair and is rarely seen without a tool belt or a screwdriver or oil stains on her uniform or all of the above.

Roger Bunn rounds out the team of race strategists. He is a former WGPC driver from Mertagne who raced for McPahan in season 12, finishing eighth in the driver's championship. Bunn was due to race in season thirteen after signing a contract with Mertian race team Synclair, but didn't manage to even get on the grid after Synclair ran into money problems. Bunn had been considering a comeback last season, but his plans were derailed in January when, while training for the new season, he suffered a shoulder injury which required surgery, keeping him out of action for around ten months and, therefore, most of the season. Aged 34, Bunn decided to retire, and agreed to take on the roll of race tactician for McPahan permanently this season, working with the drivers and the team to ensure McPahan chose the optimal tyre, pit and driving strategy for each race.

Bunn is 5'8 with short, light brown hair. He has formed a lasting friendship with Audioslavian racer Alec Lund, a fixture at the McPahan team over the last three seasons. Lund, however, may soon be racing for another team (or not at all, if he's unlucky).

The final two offices are home to Gilles Denis and Stewart Clark, who ensure the #1 and #2 cars respectively are in proper working order. They have been working for McPahan for most of their career, and were two of the team members who weren't particularly fond of the old boss Linco McPahan. Gilles Denis looks after car number one, while Stewart Clark deals with car number two.

The door of Johan Johanson's office makes a loud 'clang' sound as it swings into the room's large aluminium coatstand, having been kicked open by Johan Johanson himself. In one of his hands is a large folder, in the other a laptop, and between his teeth is a half-eaten salmon and horseradish sandwich. Hence the kick. He places his folder and laptop on his desk as gently as possible before stuffing the rest of the sandwich into his mouth, chomping thoughtfully as he connects his laptop to a power cable.

"There's a state-of-the-art $14,000 Mac sitting right there" said a voice from outside the door. Johan turned round to see Stan McPahan in the doorway. "..and you come in with that seven year-old Dell laptop"
"I've tried using that thing" replied Johan, nodding towards the Mac and trying not to spit salmon everywhere as he did so. "Wait a sec" he continued, reaching for a tissue. He gulped the last part of his sandwich down and dabbed his eyes and nose, which had begun protesting the introduction of that much horseradish into the system in such short amount of time.
"It'd be great if you could learn to use it. It does make me feel a bit foolish with that sitting there unused. Fourteen grand is a lot of money. I mean, look, it is what we used to pay Alec for every race"
"He was on a lot more than that last season" said Johan.
"Aye. Look where it got us" replied Stan. "Anyway. I know it's early days, but what's the word on interested drivers?"
"One sec" said Johan, opening his laptop up and typing in a short password. "I'll show you the emails now"
"Just wait a couple of minutes for it to warm up" said Johan, sheepishly, cueing an eye-roll from Stan. Stan flicked the 'on' switch on the Mac. It booted almost immediately. A click of another button was enough to pull up Johan's emails. Johan accepted Stan's 'I told you so' look.
"Markus Tordoro is down for the Saturday. Three o'clock. He was the first to drop us the line. Hofer Hofferman Julius... quite the mouthful that name... also requested 3pm, so I'm going to email back today to check that he's okay with 4pm instead."
"Okay" said Stan, nodding. He frowned, and paused. "...and... who... who are they?"
"Oh, they're both adept. More than adept. Double-H Julius is very young, won his own country's national championships last season. He's Alingan, so that bodes well, it's a competitive formula they've got over there. Tordodo is a three-time national champ in Hernton, though they've less of a repuation over there. Tordoro is the more discerning. He's a bit older so he's asking questions about the car and how we can make the deal beneficial for him as well as us, so that's good, proves his head is screwed on right. It'll make a nice change after Sanderson last year."
"Good good. Just two so far, yeah?" asked Stan. Johan shrugged.
"Oket is interested in the #1 driver position, though hasn't put his name down for a place at the trial yet. He made the best of a bad situation at Archer last season with their piece-of-shit car. Even managed a podium last year. Aside from that he's kind of untested though. We've no idea how good he'll be with a decent car, that's the thing."
"Promising" said Stan.
"Mich Shramm, too. Scram. Schram. Something like that. He says he's interested in a trial for the rookie position but is still uhm-ing and ah-ing about it, so he might be a late arrival. Other than that, that's it. We've heard Kurt Censki is interested, but he hasn't contacted us so, hey."
"Early days yet. Keep it up" said Stan. "I'm off for lunch. Oh, and Johan?"
"Don't kick my door again, please"
"Sure thing, boss" replied Johan, watching Stan leave. Johan hobbled over to his chair and sat down, readjusting his prosthetic as he did so. He reached over for the mouse to his Mac, jiggled it, and tried in vain to find Minesweeper.

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Postby Taeshan » Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:29 pm

Oliver hadn't been the happiest with the end of the last season. He clearly lost some of the pace near the end of the run and could hardly qualify well for races let alone run well in them. He didn't blame the team at MSA-Sinval either, it just hadn't fallen their way by the end of the season. Beyond that he had combined with Louis Krindle for the third best team throughout the season, though in the end they were also well off the place. Really only placing 4 times through the season should hardly get you a top 10 finish in the final standings, but here he was ready to bask in the glory of a top 10 finish.

He was also fully ready to be a part of another attempt from MSA-Sinval at the next season of competition, that said he felt both he and the team he called home should take the preseason to look at other options. He was especially interested in offers that could come from noted sides McPahan and V and T but felt maybe he hadn't done enough to become there second driver. He was mostly interested in getting a top driver position, but wasn't willing to drive for someone who didn't have the cars that could use his talent. He was also very interested in hearing any offers from the new Krytenian team in Wilson Grand Prix, and felt he could definitely lead them. Of course he also had a handshake agreement with home team RSR to take there #1 position if they entered, that said he was hardly willing to commit to that even if they did make it out of first reserve position in the league as rumors were that the team had nothing in the area of competition for the larger teams and would likely at most make it to the middle of the pack, and Oliver wanted more.

There was more excitement in this season for Taeshan than any other season before and much of it was around his success in the previous season and the hope of him winning sometime in the upcoming season. Beyond that for the first time ever a Taeshani track would play host to the Grand Prix circuit with the first testing session of the new season. The newly rebuilt Fadron Raceway Park had everyone excited and Oliver was ready to really show some speed on his home track, and have the fans of Taeshan get to see the series best drivers even if it wasn't a real race. But before that he was headed to Audioslavia and the Silverspasecarthe to try out the McPahan car #2 as the last driver to drive during the first driver sessions. Oliver was hoping being the last experienced driver in one of the cars would keep his name on the mind of the directors of McPahan as the day grew hotter.
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Postby Nekoni » Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:34 am

"So I just sign here, and that's that?"

"I'd read the contract if I was you, Alex, it's rather different this year, for obvious reasons."

Alexandra Mayari flipped through the document that had been placed in front of her. True to the boss' word, it was different. The pay had halved.

"I know you're going to be looking at the salary, but as bad as the circumstances were for you, I'm afraid from up here it's only the results that count. Last season wasn't our best, and despite that little incident, the money hasn't been all that favourable." This was the third time Alex had to talk contracts with Francesco Rabandt, the team principal of SFeG, and the other two times felt much brighter. Last season started with mild promise, then degenerated to damage limitation halfway through, then fell completely off a cliff. She may have gone through the worst title defence in WGPC history, although it never came to her mind to check.

"You're back on the amount we signed you up for in season 13. Take it or leave it." She could tell that Francesco didn't do negotiation; even back in the local racing scene he had the reputation of knowing what was best for the team he owned, and he didn't take kindly to drivers getting ideas above their station. You either took his offers, or he found someone else to deal with. "So, 200 million Gens on the table. You were able to get a championship win on that, so all you need to do is do it again." She read more through the contract, and noticed a worrying bullet point on the second page:

- The Driver agrees that a contract for season 16 will not be offered if (s)he fails to finish the season in the Top 10 of the Drivers Championship.

"This" Alex pointed at the text with a bit of surprise.

"Yes, that's the other thing. As you'll notice on the new car, the sponsors are the same as last year. We had to argue like mad just to keep them in, and that was what they had stipulated. As the First Driver, you'll have that on your shoulders." Francesco took a sip of his whisky. "Of course, for a former World Champion, this shouldn't be a problem for you, right?"

She understood completely. In both her and SFeG's mind, this was her redemption season, and if she couldn't do the team justice now, the team had no reason to keep her around. This was her final chance with this team. Although she knew the reasons why this was added, the possibility of her not being able to race frightened her. "And, what if I don't make top ten? What happens then?"

"Well, that's entirely up to you. You could pursue a different team, or take a developmental role bringing in new drivers from Nekoni. Maybe be part of the pit crew. However, your place won't going be in the car." He could note the slight look of dejection. "I can't cut any better deals with the sponsors, I'm afraid. At least with that little issue with Fatali out the way, it's all about your racing this season."

She nodded. Her kidnapper last season was currently in some kind of institution being filled with either electricity or pills. Perhaps both. He definitely wasn't going to bother her any more. Even if he was released this year, the media coverage meant that he wouldn't dare go anywhere near even the same country the WGPC team was. This season, it's all going to be about her, twelve tracks, and a car. Twelve races to save her career.

After having a good, long look through the contract, she knew what she had to do. Alexandra Mayari signed for SFeG as First Driver.

"Do we know who's second driver? Is it Victoria again?" Alex asked.

"We haven't confirmed yet, you know as much as I at the moment."

"Will they still have the Top 10 clause?"

"I can't give details about other employee's contracts, you know that, Alex." Mayari shrugged, realising she wasn't going to get any closure. "The same applies to yours too. This doesn't leave this room, yes? If this breaks out, you know there's going to be teams wanting to deliberately put you into a wall."

Francesco adjusted his glasses. "Although this isn't exactly the warmest reception for today, I'm glad you've signed, Alex. The team is behind you 100%. We know you've had a tough couple of years, and this stipulation isn't exactly the greatest way to show it, but we want you to succeed." Francesco extended a hand to Alex, and she shook, sealing the deal.

"I will not let you down, Francesco. This time, I will not let you down."
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Postby Aboveland » Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:16 am

Tuesday evening
Terho strolled through the wintry streets of Porthos, scalding cup of coffee in hand, when a phone call made him jump. He switched the coffee to his left hand, reached into his jean pocket, and pulled out his phone. The caller ID read "Edvin Pekkanen". Terho's eyes lit up and a grin began to take over his face. He knew exactly what that call was about.

He chugged down the last of his coffee and ran to his apartment a block away. Once inside he removed his gloves, coat, scarf and everything else he'd worn to shield himself from the cold and turned on his computer. He scouted the available teams this season, made a list of which teams he'd be interested in, and called Edvin back.

"Hello?" Edvin said.

"Hey, so listen," Terho began, "I've just finished going over the teams and there are a few that look promising."

"Okay, hit me," said Edvin.

"So, for now, my first pick is still V+T. They have the car I trust the most and the team I trust the most from personal experience. They were the ones to put faith in me in the first place, so they're up there. Second option could be MRT. The car has similar strengths and weaknesses; its increased power gives me the impression it'll let me be more aggressive."

Edvin was quick to deflate Terho's early aspirations. "MRT is hard to sign for, though. They really want Franssen."

"Well yeah, but if they can't get her I might as well give it a shot. Anyways, McPahan looks nice this year too. They had an abysmal last season, sure, but they know how to make a championship winning car. Finally, Telaris offered me a test drive. It's the most average, but last year they finished really high up the standings and a boost in reliability wouldn't hurt."

There was a long period of silence as Edvin waited for a verdict and Terho for an opinion. Edvin finally broke the ice.

"So what?"

"I don't know, help me decide."

"Well, keep V+T close. They know you and you know them. Email MRT and sign up for the McPahan test. Show up at Telaris too, and take a look around."

"Great. Pack your bags and meet me at the Arcticair termina-"

Edvin cut the world champion off. "The hell? Where are we going?"

"Pæhkinoot. I wanna practice a bit."

"You know it's on the calendar this year, right?"

"Mhm. So?"

Edvin sighed. "Alright, fine. How much will it cost us?"

"Nothing. Arcticair and Nortec renewed my contracts for this year. Sponsorship money in the bag!"

"Good. Take your laptop and I'll help you with your emails."

"Pssht. I can write myself."

"Just focus on the driving, smart guy."

Wednesday morning

Edvin slipped Terho's laptop out of his backpack as the former rallying star set off around the Furuhøytie Virtapiiri and powered it on. He logged in as a guest, opened his email, and began to type away.

To: Johan Struna, head of MRT
From: Edvin Pekkanen, agent of Terho Talvela

Mr Struna,

On behalf of Terho Talvela, I write to you to state my interest and that of my colleague in arranging a test drive with the MRT machine in the hopes of possibly forming a part of MRT for the coming WGPC season. Terho and I are readily available. Our travel arrangements will be dealt with personally and we have a flexible schedule. Should it be required we can count on sponsorship income to pay for a seat. Hoping to hear again from you soon.

Edvin Pekkanen


Mr. Johansson,

On behalf of Terho Talvela I wish to reserve a slot for a #1 driver tryout on Saturday morning, at 10:30 AM. Talvela, the reigning world champion, is on the hunt for the team that he believes will best assist his goal of securing a second world driver's title, and McPahan is on his list. Travel arrangements will be organized personally. We hope to hear from you soon.

Edvin Pekkanen

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Postby Mattijana » Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:13 pm

MRT HQ, Kopylov, Centre-North Mattijana

Johan Struna was usually passionate about his work, but on this occasion, he was beyond passion and nearing the sort of excitement that makes the ex-national driver want to run out of his office, jump in the latest prototype vehicle, and try and set a lap record around the InternazionRing.
"We've had an email!" He exclaimed.
"Maria Jamasova was in slightly less enthusiastic mood. Although in fairness, she hadn't seen what Johan had.
"That's nothing new, we've had loads of obscure local tyre companies trying to get their name on our rear wing."
"I'm pretty sure you'll be a bit happier with this one. It's from Terho Talvela, well his agent anyway."
That just about did the job.
"Really? We didn't even offer him a contract?"
"I know, I don't know if he genuinely feels we're the best fit or whether he's just covering in case he can't get a renewal at V&T. Still, he's prepared to come over for a test drive, so he's obviously taking us reasonably seriously."
"I see. I suppose we should get him over,"
"Of course." Replied Johan. "I'll get back to him."

To: Edvin Pekkanen,
From: Johan Struna,

Dear Mr Pekkanen

Subsequent to your previous message, we are pleased to offer you a test drive here at the Kopylov circuit in around 5 days time, contingent of course on your personal schedule. Details of the finer timings of the test are enclosed.
We are unable to disclose our current contractual details, however we can say that we can see your client being an integral part of our team in the near future.
We must also add that although sponsorship is welcomed, our financial situation means no such payment will be required to actually obtain the seat.
Kind regards. Thank you for your interest.

Johan Struna, head of MRT.
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Postby Aboveland » Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:20 pm

Terho screeched to a halt in the pristine Furuhøytie Virtapiiri paddock, smoke emanating from the glowing brakes and bits of rubber marking his path. Edvin approached him with a cheery grin and waited patiently for him to take off his helmet, gloves, and get out of the car. As he sprung out, Edvin jammed his phone into his compatriot's face. On the screen, an email subject read Re: MRT Test Request. Terho raised his eyebrows in confusion, but before he let words spill out of his mouth Edvin clarified.

"We're going to Mattijana on Monday."

Terho's facial expression transitioned from confused to surprised in an instant. He let out a joyous chuckle and jumped up and down thrice. Edvin, caught off guard, pushed him down by his shoulders against the ground.

"When did you send the email?" Terho inquired.

"Right as you started. Great support they have there."

"Oh, this is great! If last season is anything to go by, that car will be a beast to drive. It's a bit sad though."

"What is?"

"The thought of leaving V+T. The feeling I had with that car was second to none. It was absolutely spectacular."

"I bet. But MRT is state of the art. Cream of the crop. The bee's kne-"

"Okay, stop."


"Damn, I wanna try that car out. Hell, it'll probably be for the best. Any word on Telaris or McPahan?"

"Nope." Edvin replied.

"Well, okay then. MRT, here we come!"

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Postby Ethane » Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:05 pm

To Mr. Daniel Lakes,

I am writing about an idea I had about a week ago. I know this may seem a little last-minute, but I thought this would be such a great way to benefit our businesses, because of the favourable deals on sponsorship we could forge if we were to do this.

I understand that the application for teams close in just a few days, and I know you may not have the money for such a drastic move at such at stage leading up to the Christmas rush and then the mass-purchase of products in January, but I thought that it would be great if Ethane could have its own international racing team in the World Grand Prix Championships.

Before you worry about how much funding you would have to commit to such a project, it is not as drastic as you think it would be. I have already managed to get another 3 large businesses who are willing to join with my project idea, so the funding would be split between all five of our companies, who could easily manage to finance this team without any extra help.

However, luckily for us this is not all the funding that we have available to us. I spoke to the sports funding board recently over the phone, and they liked the idea that I had put forward, so wished to discuss it further with me. So I met up with a few men from the board - they seemed relatively high up the command structure - in an expensive restaurant yesterday, and we discussed the detailed plans that I had created for this team. They agreed that my idea for an international WGPC team representing Ethane was a sound idea, and decided to approve a pot load of funding towards our team project, so we have a wealth of money available to us to make this work and attract drivers with the intention of pushing for the best position we can in the constructors championships, and push our drivers as high up the drivers championships as possible.

This idea may seem a little crazy and radical to you, and you may be wary of committing such money to it, but I can guarantee it is a sound financial investment. You get the benefit of cheap or even free sponsorship with the team and its affiliates, which will boost your business revenue and increase name recognition for your business around the globe. This isn't an opportunity to let up on - the opportunity of a lifetime for your business.

I always used to play it safe with financial investments, and my business grew sluggishly. But as soon as I took a large risk, my business began to grow at a much faster rate, until it became the Ethanese behemoth it is today. With this, you become a life-long member of the team, with all the incentives and rewards that come with it, unless you decide to pull out of the consortium at some point, at which you would lose all privileges effective immediately.

This is such a great opportunity for all of us, and I really hope you decide to come on the journey with us into this new world, where we can benefit so greatly.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. James Hartleigh.
Esportivan and Proud.
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Postby Qasden » Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:11 pm

17:32— Feasties' Multiversal Cuisine Headquarters— T.V. City, Qasden- "LYONS!" Kayla shouted from across the building. Preceding a sound of countless footsteps, a man, this "Lyons" guy, appeared at the door. "Y–yes, Ms.Kriswell?". "Good, your here. I need a status update on the livery case with Bitten Heroes GPE, Stat!". Lyons disappears from the door and runs down a couple of rooms to his cubicle. "I wonder sometimes what all that man does outta here." Kayla thought to herself. Suddenly, Lyons reappears at the door with a paper and lays it onto her desk. "As you requested, Ms. Kriswell.", as he slides the response towards Kayla. Getting a magnifying glass to search for any hidden details, she reads the note to herself.

"Dear Ms. Kriswell, yadda yadda yadda, Ah! Here we are.". She continues glancing at the sheet before calling for Lyons once more. "Lyons," she starts, "would you please email more information about the company to Bitten Heroes GPE as soon as possible. Be sure to include the logo and all those fix-ins.". Lyons nods and begins making his way back down the hall. "Oh, Lyons," Kayla starts, holding the assistant at bay, "also send a little bri, er, I mean gift basket to their headquarters. Some shirts, maybe a few bottles of the finest Prince's Select, perhaps even some of our best culinary samples. I am NOT losing this opportunity now!". "Very well, Ms. Kriswell. I will have those sent as soon as possible.".

14:45— Censki Raceway— Marbles, Qasden- Kurt was at his track, managing the upgrades he had in stock using his winnings from the xRally league. Leaning over a pile of maps and blueprints with a few engineers, Kurt starts, "Ok, so the grand stands here should be extended from a capacity of 2,000 to a minimum of 5,000. Start working on that and have some of the volunteers take care of the two new stands on the northwest and east sides of the track, got it? Cliff you're in charge of th—" he was interrupted by the sound of his cellphone. "Kurt, it's me, Rust. Listen, yinz gotta get back to Taxson as soon as possible.". A confused Kurt slightly hesitates to reply. "What for? And did you just say 'yinz'?". "JUST GET HERE NOW! I've got some news that I need to deliver to ya, personally.".
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