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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:47 pm
by Qasden
Doubles Team Keeps the Redreamption Alive

Qasden has been notoriously better at the singles events in NSTT tournaments than the doubles events, as all major achievements were reached by solo players, like DiGaldi and Poniac. However, as the qualifiers in Ethane come to a close, the near entirety of TQ seemed at high risk of elimination right then and there.

First up was Halaeo DiGaldi, our young and talented pearl, who had to play in Group A. Her first match pitted her against notable TQ Mercedinian Open rival, Stephen Perez, who seemed to know the match from the get-go. The Krytenian swept DiGaldi in straight sets, which wasn't highly unexpected at all. The real nerve game was against Fi Richardson of West Phoenicia, where, should Qasden lose, would result in her mathematical elimination. It was a hard fought battle, with DiGaldi narrowly taking it to a third set. Malheureusement, Fi took the opportunity to slam the exhausted Halaeo right then and there. She was now 0-2, basically screwed at this point. Her final match saw her play against Humberland's Daniel Pearce, who could potentially advance with a win. It was just as dramatically close as the match against Richardson. 3 sets, it took, to finish the match. Unlike her second match, she won this time around. Despite not being able to advance, she did eliminate Pearce from the competition, as well.

Another hopeful was Jaxton Monty, who we anticipated so much from following Mercedini. His first match was an obvious bust, as he was brutally beaten down by Judea's Ofra bat Dekel in the matter of just over an hour. Next came Estela Fenton-Millington from Eastfield Lodge, an opponent crucial to defeat. Luckily, he did take that game. In straight sets, too. Finally, it was the match against the host's own Alice Curson, the game to decide who will go on and who will go home. First set ended 1-6 Curson, then was followed with a 6-1 win for Monty. The final set ended 6-4 in favor of.....Alice. The Ethanian clinched the win away from Jaxton and was selected as a lucky loser to advance.

Oh shoot, our time's running out (weird for a news report, huh?). Alright, lightning round.

Ty Kanelious and Feyrord Poniac showed great displays of talent on day 1 with both securing wins over Jade Oreskovic and Prince Simon respectively. Day 2 saw them both lose out to Laura Roshik and Felice Mareaux respectively, putting both of them in a "win or go home" situation for match day 3 of the qualifiers. Kanelious took on West Phoenicia's Renee Richardson, the group leader, for a chance to surpass Roshik. Taking it to 3 sets, Ty was unfortunately defeated by Richardson, 4-6, ending his campaign in Lowes. As for Poniac, his match against Mercedini's power-player, Mei Jokek, wasn't all rainbows and cupcakes. Set 1 went to Feyrord, while Set 2 barely went to Mei. Set 3 ended much like the first, 6-3. However, the result owners had swapped, with Jokek taking the win over Poniac, just like that. Crazily enough, though, the Mercedinian was still under the lucky loser radar despite having 2 wins and a +2 PD. Oh well.

And now, for the first time in Qad Tennis history, all singles representatives have been eliminated in the qualifiers.

This is truly a travesty to the Qad name, but redemption is hard to achieve in this field. But we still have hope in Ethane left before we prepare for Savalen...the doubles teams. To start the two, Blair Forest and Donny Knight kicked things off good with a bye on day 1, great for more practice. Come day 2, however, and the pain roared in. Judea's Anat ben Yonah and Hadar ben Ofer needed a win against the Vans in order to win the group, so failure was not an option. As come gametime, it was pretty darn easy to tell that the Judeans were heavily determined on victory, which they indeed claimed. So now first place was out of reach, leaving just the potential lucky loser spot. For it, Forest and Knight played Peter McLeod and Anna Jones of Schottia. 3 sets are hard fought battle later, the Schottians finish on top, leaving a depressed Qad duo to pack their bags.

Things seemed grim for TQ, with our last gamble relying on Terry Rèben and Icy Mellows, whom had potentially lucked out by getting drawn into a group with debutants from Humberland and Natainians and Nosts. Unlike Blair and Donny, Terry and Icy actually had to play on day 1, against Humberland's Eric Parry and Phoenix Moore. With luck and strength on their side, they took the game by force, setting themselves up for potential success. Day 2 pitted the against Márcus and Mihai from N&N. The first 2 sets showed a 7-6 win for the newbies and a 6-0 obliteration commandeered by the Qads. However, the third set is what shocked fans the most, as Rèben and Mellows began slumping in their skills. While winning 4 games, the duo from Natainians and Nosts ended what would be our last hope. While it seemed like inevitable defeat, Terry and Icy had one card left to play, being the gamble of day 3, the group's match between Humberland's Parry and Moore and N&N's Márcus and Mihai. Surprisingly enough, Humberland upset N&N in 3 sets, putting all 3 duos in the group at a 1-1 deadlock. After minutes of anticipation and worry.....we were saved. Rèben and Mellows were declared the group winners, and will progress as the only Qad representatives left.

This marks the first time in Qad Tennis history that someone from the doubles event had progressed further than everyone in the singles event. Somehow seeded as #6 (even though there were lower seeds with perfect records), the last Qads in Lowes will have a great challenge to surmount. Their opponents are the 11th-seeded Samuel Gates and Greg Meares of Electrum, whom topped their group in straight sets against both opponents. They will truly be some of the toughest foes Qad doubles tennis will face this tour.

That's all for this report. Can Terry and Icy usurp victory from the easily predicted winners, Samuel and Greg? Or will most bets be right as the Rushmori duo tackle the last of the Vans before Magr? Only way to find out is with popcorn and a drink, so stay hungry, stay thirsty, and stay delicious for our first report of the proper, right here in Lowes, Ethane!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:02 pm
by Ethane
Because of an error in the seeding calculations for the tournament which has led to an unevenly weighted bracket, I will be delaying the next round of the tournament by a day and will be re-doing the seeding soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:07 pm
by Ethane

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:28 am
by Electrum
Centralis Herald - Sports Section - Kimiko Shigaraki

Odds and ends

Electrumite tennis fans have been known to have fits of pain and frustration when they look at the tennis results on the phone straight after they wake up. But today is not the case, as for the first time in a long time, all Electrumites have qualified, and as an added bonus, they have all had undefeated runs in the qualification. Tier 2 tournaments are notorious for their group stage qualifications, as there is more competition for the limited number of spots, and with that uncertainty. Regardless of what the naysayers have said, the Electrumites are fit and fighting and are expected to appear in the final few tournaments of the year. Greg Meares in particular is to be commended, playing a total of five matches over three days, and of course, accommodating one pesky reporter's questions during his first day of competition (see Centralis Herald, previous two daily editions)

One pair that didn't go through qualification was Ronya. After a prolonged absence with the rest of the team, they have had a precipitous fall in the rankings, now they are seeded 4th in a Tier 2 tournament -- it's been a very long time since that has happened. Sonya Gredello and Rosa Levinsky will need to work extremely hard to claw back those points they missed. Perhaps a spot in the end of year tournament will be unattainable, which means that they will need to prepare for the eventuality that they will yet lose even more points. Even worse was a niggling back injury of Rosa's has resurfaced once again at the most inopportune of moments. During a practice session on one of the practice courts in Ethane, she was spotted cowering on the floor after overextending her body during a shot. Electrumites will be hoping that they can recover from this setback and make an emphatic statement against Terry Rèben and Icy Mellows from Qasden, their sole qualifier in this tournament. It will be tough to see either team go, but Ronya have more on the line.

On a different tack, this year the grass court swing has been extended to include tournaments in Mercedini and Ethane. This is a good move on part of the NSTT organisers as this increases the exposure of tennis to new tennis playing countries, and hopefully encourage the growth of tennis throughout the multiverse. Indeed this has been part of the strategy by the NSTT to give more responsibility to new nations in hosting tournaments, from tours in Schottia to Savalen and from Eura to New Gelderland. It has also been confirmed by Electrumite organisers that the Electrum Slam and the Hamilton International will be continuing next year. The question turns to when these tournaments will be held? It is understood that Electrum will be hoping for both the tournaments to occur at roughly the same time, though all dates are negotiable.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:46 pm
by Natanians and Nosts
After three rounds of qualifying,unfortunately only 3 athletes advanced to the actual tournament:Ion Victor Amúlio and the double formed by Túlius Tarquínio da Silva and Ápio Rog dos Santos.The great deception was the elimination of Rog Ion Tralito,the favourite of the fans and one of the most talentous of this generation.Also what disappointed was the elimination of Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura and Mihaela Ioana Prisco who had been training hard since their last appearance on international tennis.
Ion will play against Jill Walker of Schottia,and we'll be cheering ffor him to win the game.Our great bet is Túlio and Ápio who'll face Andrew Lamar and Jack Algernon.Stay tuned to the games.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:42 pm
by House of Judah
“I’m telling you, Yissa,” Arieh ben Daniyyel said on the phone to Yissakhar ben Ira, “the place is beautiful, but it’s just not the sort of place you want to go.”

“How so?” Yissakhar replied.

“It just not very… tolerant. I swear, I haven’t seen so many signs bashing homosexuals since… well, ever actually.”

“Well, then it’s just as well that we’re back here. Did I tell you that Shai got an acting role? His first film role.”

“No kidding? Good for him. Has he said what the role it?”

“It’s a historical drama about a medieval princess. Yael, I think.”

“The one with Lihi bat Kidla? I’d heard about that. Sounds exciting.”

“Yeah. Shai is going to play a kohan, a religious fanatic that stirs up trouble with Christian pilgrims. He’s got a death scene. He’s been practicing non-stop, trying to get it right. He’s super worried he’s going to wind up over acting.”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine. You make sure you’re watching and rooting for us, you hear?”

“Absolutely. Talk to later, man.”

“Talk to you later.”

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:40 pm
by Neu Engollon

"Good evening Neu Engollon, and to our international viewers. You're watching Courtside Central on NETV Sports 19. I'm your host Dom Toglani. We're watching intently as the NETC advance further at the Ethanian Open. Currently we've seen qualifications come to an end and the results have been overall good for the Neu Engollian team.

Marla Gerard, still holding the top seed in the NSTT, is set to take on one of the host players, Nico Angelo. Personally, I don't know that much about Angelo, so I can't give you a prediction there, but one would hope that Marla has this match locked up. She's had a tough year to be fair, but it would be extra rough for her to take a dive so soon in the tournament and not take it as seriously as we have seen her past dedication.

Matti Doerwald will be taking on 4th seed Ardil Navsal of Ceni after a tough climb through qualifications, barely squeaking by at second spot in the group stage after a bruising defeat to Aljaz Corluka, who advanced to the top spot after winning that three set match.

In an unfortunate match up, we're guaranteed to lose one Neu Engollian player for sure as Felice Mareaux is matched up against fellow teammate and mentor, Alma Semmes. Should still be an edge of the seat match to watch, but a lot of favor leans towards Alma who has had a surprisingly good year so far.

In the doubles, we'll only see the duo of Ripaldi and Gazarra competing as Zovic and Vrient were unable to get past their group. These two seem to still be getting used to each other, as Ripaldi has taken Quiront's old spot as Thierry's partner.

Coming up after this sponsor break, we'll take a closer look at the competition for our NETC players. Stay tuned to Courtside Central here on NETV 19."

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:01 pm
by The Serbian Empire
Serbian Tennis Guide

Doubling Up?

I can't recall a time when both doubles pairings from the Serbian Empire emerged into the round of 16 in a Tier 2 tournament. The Marisa Celeste Frieri/Gisela Stefanovic pairing is a slight favorite to win as an 8 seed against a 9. Goran Petrovic and Ria Valentia are probably just lucky to be here given their low ranking and 1-1 record in Group play barely got them in. The better question is how far of a run can these teams run before departing? Most would say not more than the Top 8.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:00 pm
by Ceni
Ethanian Open - Preview
11/30/2016 - Vyri Arcaina, chief correspondent

The grass season will finally come to an end with the Tier 2 event on the island of Lowes, Ethane, for the Ethanian Open. Contestants will be looking to secure 500 points in the quest for the World Tour Finals, which will be coming up in only a few short weeks, in the week after Christmas, which features the top 8 singles and doubles players. But first, let's get to the Ethanian Open and do a quick preview of the singles competition here. It appears to be a fairly competitive tournament for just a Tier 2, with 4 of the top singles seeds and all of the doubles seeds, in the top ten, so let's dive in!

Top Half
After a bit of confusion with the seeding, Ethanian Open organizers have finally sorted the bracket into two halves with much more evenness between the two different halves, with the first one being arguably a little bit more competitive. First seed Marla Gerard is defending some heavy points in the upcoming weeks, with Lake Hai'lu'kai soon to drop and the tournament at Symphonia soon to drop as well, and thus Gerard will need to play well on grass in order to have a chance at qualifying, seeing that she is currently in 15th position on the year-to-date rankings despite being #5 in the world. Catherine Krumins, the third seed, is ranked number 7 in the world but number 5 in the race to the Tour Finals, and she can stamp her ticket to the tour finals with a solid showing here. Fifth seed Neia Dovan is also hoping to do well, leveraging a grass title in San Salvador earlier this year to do well, but she will need to reach the semis to get into the Top 8, seeing as she is about 200 points away from the top 8 spot, sitting in ninth at the moment. Rounding out the pool is #7 seed, and #16 player from Schottia, Jill Walker, who has a faint chance of qualifying but a chance that's still mathematically possible. However, the two Ethanians in this section are ranked fairly highly for unseeded players and should be able to tear up the draw if they get the backing of the crowd.

Also Here: Stephen Perez of Krytenia (surprise semifinalist at the AOpen, the grass Grand Slam), Nico Angelo (home hope, and ranked #22, who could pose a main threat), Alice Curson (home hope, ranked #20)

Semifinals: Nico Angelo vs Jill Walker

Bottom Half
Johmer Vales, the second seed here and player who has an affinity for the grass courts, as well as a former Grand Slam champion, will be looking to confirm his place in the World Tour Finals as well with a decent performance in this tournament. He has a style similar to that of Botack Andiam, with his flowing one-hand backhand and serve-and-volley affinity. Fourth seed Ardil Navsal will also look to be on the comeback trail as he's defending champion points at the Tour Finals and will need a magnificent comeback in order to even qualify for the year-ending tournament and defend those points, but he's not had a great year so far and grass is his least-favorite surface. Sixth seed Simcha bat Dor is having a blossoming of her career as she reached the final of the AOpen, losing to Andiam, and won the Mercedini Open, also on grass, so she'll be a large favorite to go deep in this tournament, and she'll need to to qualify for the Tour Finals, considering that she's 11th on the year-to-date ranking sheet. Finally, eighth seed Alma Semmes has not had a blockbuster year so far, but she's defending finalist points from Symphonia in last year so she's also under pressure to do well or drop out of the top 20 worldwide.

Also Here: Malcom Press (Electrum Slam semifinalist), Mattias Doerwald

Surprisingly not here: any Gelderlish singles players.

Semifinalists: Johmer Vales vs Simcha bat Dor

Semifinals: bat Dor d. Vales, Walker d. Angelo
Final: Walker d. bat Dor

PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:38 am
by Ethane
(cutoff) Sorry guys - I was tired after debating and ended up falling asleep while doing by league before cutoff.


Marla Gerard (NEG)           3   3
Nico Angelo (ETN) 6 6

Stephen Perez (KRY) 6 7
Aljaz Corluka (MTJ) 4 6

Catherine Kruminš (SCH) 5 6
Alice Curson (ETN) 7 7

Hadar ben Ofer (JUD) 1 1
Cracik Almeronovic (MRC) 6 6

Neia Dovan (CEN) 6 6
Frankie Webb (HUM) 2 4

Hunter Roberts (ETM) 4 7 6
Renee Richardson (KWP) 6 6 4

Jill Walker (SCH) 7 6
Ion Victor Amúlio (NTN) 6 0

Maya Cassington (ETM) 6 7
Giorgio Irani (EFL) 3 5

Johmer Vales (CEN) 6 7
Laura Roshik (MRC) 3 5

Malcolm Press (ETM) 6 7
Nik au Ignaa (REV) 4 6

Ardil Navsal (CEN) 6 6
Mattias Doerwald (NEG) 1 2

Greg Meares (ETM) 6 6
Olivia Murphy (HUM) 2 3

Simcha bat Dor (JUD) 6 7
Andrew Baumgartner (KRY) 2 6

Thomas Hutchon (ETN) 3 2
Ofra bat Dekel (JUD) 6 6

Alma Semmes (NEG) 6 6
Felice Mareaux (NEG) 4 2

Hollie Gratton (ETN) 6 6
Mattias Burges (MTJ) 2 3

Singles Bracket

PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:38 am
by Natanians and Nosts
Ion Victor Amúlio started the game very well,with amazing serves,but no aces,because Jill Walker,from Schottia,was keeping a good defence.After losing the first two games,Ion won three games in a row with eight aces,that is a surprisingly high number,and the set finished 7-6 to Jill Walker.
The second set was terrible to watch,because you could see Ion playing,you could hear Ion playing,but it was hard to believe,because it was impossible to feel him.It was a set won by Walker,with no difficulties at all,it even looks like that wasn't Ion there.After the match,Ion apologised and said he didn't know what did happen,he just coudn't explain.He said that everyone in the staff were worried about what happened.
Our next hope will be tomorrow,when Túlius and Ápio will play against Andrew Lamar and Jack Algernon.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:07 pm
by Ethane
Cutoff for this thing :)

Singles - Round of 16

Nico Angelo (ETN)            6   6
Stephen Perez (KRY) 4 2

Alice Curson (ETN) 7 6
Cracik Almeronovic (MRC) 6 2

Neia Dovan (CEN) 6 6
Hunter Roberts (ETM) 3 3

Jill Walker (SCH) 6 6
Maya Cassington (ETM) 2 4

Johmer Vales (CEN) 6 6
Malcolm Press (ETM) 0 3

Ardil Navsal (CEN) 5 4
Greg Meares (ETM) 7 6

Simcha bat Dor (JUD) 6 7
Ofra bat Dekel (JUD) 1 5

Alma Semmes (NEG) 6 4 4
Hollie Gratton (ETN) 4 6 6

Doubles - Round of 16

Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN)                                  7   6
Dominic Ripaldi/Thierry Garzala (NEG) 6 1

Marisa Celeste Frieri/Gisela Stefanovic (SRB) 5 4
Rob Westfelt/Ken Gates (SCH) 7 6

Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) 6 6
Terry Rèben/Icy Mellows (QAD) 2 1

Andrew Lamar/Jack Algernon (NGD) 6 7
Túlius Tarquínio da Silva/Ápio Rog dos Santos (NTN) 4 5

Val Korekal/Jac Iegis (CEN) 7 6
Dominika Lisicki/Rikard Kampl (MTJ) 6 2

Anat ben Yonah/Hadar ben Ofer (JUD) 1 6 3
Liam Penderyn/Harry Blackwood (NGD) 6 3 6

Ioana au Fuse/Ela au Fuse (REV) 6 4
Oscar Bowermars/Julie Syncole (ETN) 7 6

Samuel Gates/Greg Meares (ETM) 7 6 6
Jack Booth/Nicholas Burns (HUM) 5 7 2


PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:04 pm
by House of Judah
“Are you sure we should go out to a bar?” asked Ofra bat Dekel. “The local area isn’t exactly the most hospitable to outsiders, especially folks like myself and Liorit.”

“This bar is downtown,” replied Hadar ben Ofer. “Kind of touristy area near tennis centre. Lot’s of folks from out of town are drinking there. We should be fine.” Ofra shrugged, then followed Hadar into the bar. For a little bit it was fine. Then Ofir bat Paz went to the jukebox to change songs.

“I wouldn’t touch my jukebox, little girl,” said one of the locals.

“Your jukebox? I’m pretty sure it’s the bar’s and here for anyone of the customers.”

“Oh no. It’s mine ‘cause I say it’s mine. You know what, I know you. You’re one of them Judee-ins. Ya’ll think you’re real special don’t you?”

“No more so than anyone else. Have you jukebox, hick.”

“The fuck you call me you little bitch?”

“Hey, there a problem over here?” asked Hadar.

“No,” said Ofir. “Just finding out that the touristy area is just as bad as the rest of Lowes.”

“Alright. Head back to the bar.” Ofir looked at him. “Go.” Hadar watched her go back to the other Judeans, then looked back at the locals. “Now we’ve our patch of real estate and you have yours. Let’s just ignore each other until we both go away.” Hadar turned and started making his way back when Anat ben Yonah called out a warning. He turned and had just enough time to raise his arm to catch the pool cue on it. He grabbed the bottom portion of the cue and swung it back into the local’s groin. The local fell over in a fetal position. Several other locals stood up and began moving towards Hadar. Anat and Arieh ben Daniyyel rushed over to his defence. Soon the Judeans and the locals were in a full on fight.

“Hey, call the constables!” Livnat bat Avram yelled at the bar tender.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:29 pm
by Ethane
I call this a cutoff. You just grab a saw and begin to cut and... ouch. Sorry, I just cut myself.

Singles - Quarter-Finals

Nico Angelo (ETN)        6   3   8
Alice Curson (ETN) 3 6 6

Neia Dovan (CEN) 5 6 6
Jill Walker (SCH) 7 3 0

Johmer Vales (CEN) 6 6 8
Greg Meares (ETM) 4 7 6

Simcha bat Dor (JUD) 6 6
Hollie Gratton (ETN) 0 4


Doubles - Quarter-Finals

Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN)                  6   6
Rob Westfelt/Ken Gates (SCH) 3 3

Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) 6 6
Andrew Lamar/Jack Algernon (NGD) 3 2

Val Korekal/Jac Iegis (CEN) 6 6
Liam Penderyn/Harry Blackwood (NGD) 1 1

Oscar Bowermars/Julie Syncole (ETN) 6 3 6
Samuel Gates/Greg Meares (ETM) 2 6 4


PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:51 pm
by Ethane
A cutoff way too late :p

Singles - Semi-Finals

Nico Angelo (ETN)        3   1
Neia Dovan (CEN) 6 6

Johmer Vales (CEN) 6 6
Simcha bat Dor (JUD) 2 0


Doubles - Semi-Finals

Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN)                  6   6
Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) 1 3

Val Korekal/Jac Iegis (CEN) 7 2 6
Oscar Bowermars/Julie Syncole (ETN) 5 6 8


PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:02 pm
by Ethane

Singles - Final

Neia Dovan (CEN)          6   6   2
Johmer Vales (CEN) 4 7 6

Doubles - Final (scorinated by House of Judah)

Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN)                   6   6
Oscar Bowermars/Julie Syncole (ETN) 4 4