World Grand Prix Championships S15: OOC Discussion Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Grand Prix Championships S15: OOC Discussion Thread

Postby WGPC » Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:39 pm


The World Grand Prix Championship is back for another season of high drama, high octane and high-or-at-least-on-something roleplay. The multiverse's best racing teams and drivers will compete for the fifteenth World Championship.

The World Grand Prix Championship has been going since 2005 and is Nationstates' answer to RL's Formula One, albeit with the drama turned up to eleven and the thousands of rules and regulations tossed casually into an icebucket. The WGPC follows reality's example just up to the point where reality becomes a bit boring. F1 banned things like ground effect, active suspension, smoking in the pit garages and a whole host of other things. This isn't the case with the WGPC. How a team builds a car is entirely up to them, and if it ends up upside down in a hedge on fire then that's their own damned fault.

Season 12, Season 13 and Season 14 have been completed in recent years. Season fifteen is just around the corner.

The WGPC is currently in
The Signup Phase
The Negotiation Phase
The Season Phase

The Negotiation Phase is currently in progress. In this phase, drivers apply to join racing teams and/or racing teams will try to sign drivers. Please look through previous threads for an idea as to how this is done. To apply to join a team, make an in-character roleplay post in the RP thread. Read the OP of the RP thread for more details.

Season 14 Signup Thread
Season 13 Signup Thread


Every user may sign up a maximum of TWO drivers. Every driver starts off as a free agent, meaning they are not affiliated to any team. Drivers sign up to teams via roleplay in the RP thread, which will be created soon, though its customary to ask around the users who control racing teams (more on them later) to let them know you're available.

The more RPing you do with your driver, the higher your RP bonus. The higher your RP bonus, the faster your driver is likely to be on the circuit, and the more likely a team is to sign them.

To sign-up a driver, fill in the following form:

ABILITY: (Aggression/Technique/Reliability)

NAME is the full name of the driver. The driver may be male or female or any kind of sentient being. Want to sign up a pony? Or some kind of sentient wasp? That's fine, but do appreciate that IC regulations on driver safety, car weight, helmet measurements and general aerodynamic ability would have to be factored in. The WGPC reserves the right to punish sentient bees for not wearing the correct safety equiptment, even if said safety equipment would make it impossible for said bee to reach the steering wheel.

GENDER is your driver's gender. If this is left blank we will assume the driver is a male human. If you've decided to go for a half-ape half-encephelapod, this is where to write that.

TRIGRAM is the driver's nationality. It should be put in the form of a trigram. This is NOT the trigram for the driver's name.
A TRIGRAM is the three-letter code that tells us what your nation is called. Audioslavia's, for example, is AUD.
In a change from Formula One, the driver's trigram is NOT three letters that represent a short form of the driver's name.

NUMBER is your driver's preferred car number. This can be any number between 3 and 99. 1 is reserved for the current driver's champion. 2 is only availble to the champion's team-mate should they so choose. In the event that two drivers choose the same number, first preference will be given to any driver trying to retain a number they used previously, followed by whoever signed up first. Drivers who have chosen a number that has already been taken will be given a random one at the start of the season, unless they specify another number beforehand.

ABILITY is split into three sections: AGGRESSION, TECHNIQUE and RELIABILITY. Aggressive drivers are better at overtaking, while technical drivers are better at traversing the multiverse's more difficult circuits. Reliable drivers don't find themselves upside-down in a gravel-pit quite so often. Each attribute should be given a numerical number between 1 and 5 and the three ratings must add up to a maximum of twelve. This is a change from last season.

You can increase your driver's A/T/R rating by RPing.

BIO is a short biography of your driver. His/her/its age, experience, hopes and aspirations, driving style, favourite sandwich, things like that.

NAME: Alexander Lund
NATIONALITY: Audioslavian
ABILITY: 4/3/5
BIO: Alec Lund shot to fame in Season 12 of the WGPC. Signed to the notoriously unreliable McPahan team, Lund struggled through accident after accident during the first half of the season, only to put a streak together over the last handful of races and, against all expectation, win the World Driver's Championship on the very final raceday of the season. Lund's form dipped slightly in season thirteen, finishing third after a slow start to the campaign, while last season was an unmitigated disaster that him, and his McPahan team, would like to forget as soon as possible.

Alec is a careful driver, all too used to handling some of the most unreliable cars on the planet. His ability to race at pace while keeping an eye on his tires is second to none, but while he shows consistency he doesn't quite have the raw talent and reaction times of his peers.
The following applications have been received and accepted, and the drivers will take part in the negotiation period at the start of the season.
Not every driver is guaranteed a drive. Whether they get to drive or not depends on the negotiation phase.

For available drivers, please see the RP thread


Each user may sign up a maximum of TWO grand-prix circuits, and no more than one per nation (meaning one circuit from your main nation and one from a puppet is fine).

Signing up a circuit is not a guarantee that it will be used in the upcoming WGPC season. Spare circuits may be used for pre-season or in-season testing.

It is customary to provide an image of your circuit (no larger than 900 x 900 pixels, of course). Providing an image is mandatory for your circuit to become one of the 12 that will be used for the upcoming season.

To sign up a circuit, fill in the following form.


QUALIFYING TYPE: (Trad / Two-Tier)

Link the image too, if you have one.

NAME OF CIRCUIT is the name of the circuit. To use a real-life example, Spa-Francorchamps is the name of the track used for the Belgian grand-prix.

CITY/TOWN is the name of the place the circuit is in / nearest to. For example, Spa-Francorchamps is situated near the Belgian town of Stavelot.

COUNTRY is the nation the circuit is in. Spa Francorchamps is in Belgium.

NAME OF GRAND PRIX is what the grand prix will be called. For example, Grand Prix de Quebec or Audioslavian Grand Prix or Gran Premio de San Jose Guayabal.

TRACK RATING is, like the driver ability rating, comprised of numerical values. The first value is Aggressiveness. Aggressive circuits are wide with plenty of opportunities to overtake. The second value is Technical Difficulty. A track with a high TD rating suits more technically skilled drivers, and the circuit may be more difficult to overtake on. The numbers should add up to ten. (ie 4/6, 3/7, 5/5)

QUALIFYING TYPE was a new addition for season 14.
A single ninety-minute free-for-all in which every driver gets ten laps in which to record the fastest lap-time possible is known as the Traditional qualifying type, and if you would like your grand prix to use this qualifying type, say so in this field.

Two-tier is similar to what is currently used in formula one. In the first, fifty-minute session the drivers record up to six flying laps. The ten fastest go on to tier two, the slower ones drop out and will line up in positions 11 to 24 on race-day. In the second session, the ten fastest drivers record up to three flying laps over a twenty-five minute period. The driver with the slowest time of this period will start 10th, the second-slowest 9th and so on.

LAP RECORD is the fastest any grand prix driver has driven the track before.

LENGTH OF ONE LAP should be measured in kilometres. Tracks that are too long or too short won't be considered when it comes to selecting places for the racing season.

BIO is a short description of the track. You can provide the track's history and/or give a description of one lap around the circuit.

Oh, and remember the two usual rules: NO OVALS, and NO RL CIRCUITS.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Crossport Raceway
CITY/TOWN: Crossport
COUNTRY: Audioslavia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Audioslavia
QUALIFYING: Traditional
LAP RECORD: 1m 30.929s (R.L. Cruisin', Frontiere Racing, WGPC13)


The Crossport Raceway, Audioslavia's newest and most modern grand prix circuit, has a long straight down to turn one, the so called 'turn of the century', a mid-length left-hander just deep enough to whittle a pack of 24 roaring cars to single file.

Alec approaches at a modest speed, pumps the brakes and coasts around the corner, missing all apexes by a mile, before accelerating downhill, through Turn 2 before easing off for the tighting right hander that ends with the 'Hammerhead' turn - a sharp right onto a long straight. The g-force from the right-hander presses his helmet into the side of the cockpit - a force his neck isn't quite strong enough to counter. He lets out a grunt as the corner opens out into the straight, which he accelerates down as fast as is possible. A shallow incline levels out into a 10-degree left, followed by a hard, hard braking zone which puts extra pressure on that neck. The car judders to an almost standstill, thankfully without any wheelspin, and he feeds the car through the turn as best he can. It's still.. not quite right. Not only are his, and therefore the car's, movements not quite smooth enough, but the g-forces are still messing with him and everything is still... it's somehow sluggish. Was the car heavier? Was the engine not giving him as much as last season? The car, like him, felt a little more lethargic and a few pounds too heavy. What was wrong?

Knock corner hones into view in front of him, and Alec takes it at a safe pace, feeding the car through Hold and Loose before accelerating up the part of the circuit named after him. Lund Hill. A big, steep climb with a slight right-hand lilt. He builds speed up the hill, levels out for a short straight before starting the descent down Bunn Straight - named after his former team-mate.

Alec's eyes open at the sight in front of him - perhaps the most dangerous part of any circuit on the current WGPC calendar. The rail tunnel. It wasn't technically a rail tunnel - the cars weren't driving on rails - it was, rather, a bridge, with a functioning railtrack above. The track had originally been built to end just before it, but problems with the steep descent down Bunn hill meant that either the track had to wind back out and in again to negate the steep clim, or be extended just a little past the original boundaries. It was the quickest part of the circuit even with the slight bend, and at the end of it was a wall. It may have been a wall angled so that it would give even the most out-of-sorts cars a long, grinding slide rather than a head-on crash, but it was a wall nonetheless, and even clipping a tire in the wrong place could spell the end of one's race.

Alec brakes as late as he dare - which isn't that late, it turns out - and banks right, and right again, before embarking on the main straight. He stamps on the accelerator as quickly as possible, and curses under his breath as the engine goes through the gears just a fraction of a second slower than he'd like. The horizon hurtles towards him, he passes the line, and it's the start of his flying lap. This is definitely it, now. Now he goes about earning that big old salary of his.

The Turn of the Century soon arrives, for the second time, and this time the McPahan F180a is flush on the right hand side of the track for the approach. A pump of the brakes kills his speed and lets him decellerate through to second gear. He misses the apex on the inside, but his the outer one. The right-rear spins as he fails to get the traction he needs to properly hit top speed down the short downhill straight before turn two, but he does manage to take the second turn smoothly and coast round to Hammerhead. His head, once again, is duly hammered onto the side of the cockpit as he swings round, a little too fast, onto the main straight, and the car eats up all of the generous rumble-strip and even a few blades of grass as he begins the shallow climb on the eastern part of the circuit. The car, once again, gallops a little labouredly up the hill, still feeling as if he's dragging a wheelbarrow full of tar behind him. He's thankful for the absense of said wheelbarrow as he brakes hard for Hammertail. The tyres squeal in protest as he again carries a few too many horses round the corner, and he's rocked by a sharp mount of the outer rumblestrip as the car straightens out again.

Flush onto the right hand side of the circuit, Alec narrows his eyes with determination as Knock homes into view, and he swings the car violently into the left-hander. The rear end feels like it's about to slip away... it thankfully doesn't, but he's certainly gone in too hard, and has to keep his foot off the accelerator in order to get himself into Hold at the correct angle. The car drifts slowly round Hold before Loose comes into view, and Alec pumps the car forward into the corner, getting good traction and good speed out of it in comparison to last time, and hurtling up his own hill as quick as possible. He hears the engine struggle against the combined forces of gravity and air resistance. The shallow right almost takes Lund by surprise, but he keeps his foot pressed against the accelerator all the while. Now, it's time for the right-hander down to Bunn Hill, and Alec can't help but glance at the speedometer as it dances to and beyond the 200 mark... well beyond... scarily beyond... the tunnel gets too close for comfort. Alec brakes hard, the wheels scream in anguish. The right-rear locks up, forcing Alec to pump the brakes again. He's just in time for the right-hander, and gets the car round Linco Turn quickly. The engine lets out a bloodcurdling warcry as the start-finish line rushes towards its wheels."

"Nice first lap. One-thirty-three point oh-three-three. Top marks for repetition. You can go quicker. Over"
The following applications have been received. Only twelve will be selected for the Grand Prix season. Extra circuits may be used for pre/mid season testing.

NAT Circuit			Qualifying	Track Picture
HDR Yakumicha Circuit Two-Tier ... 0thumb.png
AEL Western Route Circuit Two-Tier ... gxwmpi.png
LEN Gold Park Circuit Traditional ... 253be4.png
AUD Crossport Raceway Traditional
ALH Gracemeria Granprix Traditional
MTJ Kopylov InternazionRing Two-Tier ... 9fie3d.png
EFL Mount Salt Raceway Two-Tier ... aceway.png
SJG Circuito Callejero PdA Two-Tier
ABL Furuhøytie Virtpiiri Two-Tier
SWR Uberzöömingsplatz Traditional
LIS Circuit Grandeville Traditional
VIL Vilitan Mountain Challenge Traditional ... cmap16.png
TUR Eelandii Grand Prix Course Two-Tier ... ndiigp.png
WET New Dili City Circuit Two-Tier
CHI Chistanian Int. Circuit Two-Tier ... aqnzws.png
KRY Argentring Two-Tier ... xykhil.png
NEK Nova Valley Circuit Traditional
TAE Fadron Raceway Park Two-Tier ... aceway.jpg

The following applications have been rejected due to a problem with the signup. Please rectify this as soon as possible.

NAT Circuit			Qualifying	Track Picture


Team sign-ups work a little differently compared to other sports. Team sign-ups are semi-open. Anyone is allowed to register a team, but only a few will be selected. Selection is based on the hosts' preference and nothing else. Please also note that, unlike previous iterations, there will be no test-driver slots.

Why so strict? The onus is on teams to RP well, for enjoyments sake as well as to reap the benefits of a decent RP bonus. Running a team in the WGPC is a large responsibility that should not be taken lightly. If you are a newcomer to NS sports you probably shouldn't apply.

Users that RP well will find not only that their drivers go faster, but their teams perform better too. The combination of a well-RP'd driver racing for a well RP'd team will make for a very competitive team, though its worth stressing that, due to the random nature of scorinators, RPing well is not a guarantee of success, it merely improves your chances.

Also, just as teams are free to fire drivers if they feel they aren't performing (ie the user isn't RPing enough), drivers are free to quit teams they feel are not giving them the help they need (ie the user isn't RPing enough). Although it rarely happens in Formula One nowadays, there is the possibility to remove teams during the season and enter new ones, if there is little or no activity from the user. All changes are at the discretion of the WGPC Committee.

To register a team, fill in the following form:

RATING: (Acceleration/Cornering/Reliability)


TEAM NAME is the name of the team. For example, McPahan Racing, ENSADRINK GP, Red Bull Racing

RATING is, like the ability sections for the drivers, divided into three numbers. 'Acceleration' is the team's ability to get the best out of the engine, while a team's Cornering ability denotes their ability to get the best performance out of their tyres, wings and the like. The Rebiality rating denotes how reliable they can make the team's car, and just how reliable the pit crew are at changing the tyres on a car without accidentally setting fire to it.

Each rating can be a maximum of 5 and a team's total rating points can add up to no more than 12. You can increase your team's A/C/R rating by RPing.

A team's Headquarters are the city in which the team is based.

Bio is where you write a little bit about your team.

It is also very adviseable that you provide a profile picture of your team's car. Your chances of getting offered a spot with a team increases dramatically if you can create, or find someone to create, a picture of your team's car.

TEAM NAME: McPahan Racing
RATING: (4/5/3)
HEADQUARTERS: Ceilerden, Audioslavia.
BIO: Created by the benevolent philanthropist Charles McPahan, widly mismanaged by the controversial Linco McPahan, now in the hands of racing-mad Stan McPahan, the McPahan brand is one of the most recogniseable names in NS motorsport.

WGPC12 was the team's first foray into the WGPC after decades of tearing tarmac (often quite literally) in other regional and national competitions. In a massive shock, #2 driver Alexander Lund emerged as driver's champion, with the McPahan team finishing in the top three in the constructor's standings. The team did the same the next season, albiet with Lund finishing in third place in the championship.

Last season saw the team lurch from crisis to the crisis as they finished in the middle of the pack, but the team is looking forward to a new start in the competition.

The following applications have been received. A maximum of 12 teams will be selected for the upcoming season. The selection process is done in secret by a comittee within the WGPC. Success if largely dependent on previous RP history in the WGPC and elsewhere on Nationstates.

Car Team Acc/Cor/Rel
Image Arada 3.9/4.5/3.6
Image Bitten Heroes 4.4/3.6/4
Image Carvenlo-Clockwork 4.5/3.5/4
Image Fireline 3.5/4.5/4
Image KNP 2 /5 /4
Image McPahan 4 /5 /3
Image MRT 5 /4 /3
Image MSA-SinVal 3.8/3.7/4.5
Image Nexus 5 /2 /5
Image RSR 4 /4 /4
Image SFeG 3.5/3.5/4
Image Telaris 4 /4 /4
Image Vannish 4.3/3.7/4
Image VTR 4.8/4.2/3
Image Wilson 4 /4 /4
Image WGPC Motorworks 3 /4 /3

To reiterate: The above teams are not yet confirmed for entry into the coming season.

Team signups that have not included a picture of the car, and/or who have never had a car in previous seasons, are not currently being considered.

The season will start with the Negotiation Period which will commence on December 23rd. The deadline for team signups will be on December 22nd.
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Postby Hodori Motorsports » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:21 pm

NAME: Asao Nadakei
ABILITY: 4.1/4.2/3.7
BIO: A 45-year-old veteran driver, Nadakei is one of Dekijika's factory drivers in domestic Hodoran championships. He was a dominant force in the domestic open-wheel championship until his retirement at the end of the most recent Formula Hodori season.

As Nadakei is a driver for Dekijika's works team, he is unlikely to sign for any others.
NAME: Sayono Souzare
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: 3.7/4.4/3.9
BIO: A 24-year-old racing driver from Soeshu, a coastal city on one of the western islands of Hodori. Known for excelling in wet conditions as demonstrated in lower formula, and for utterly falling apart under pressure.

Between WGPC seasons, she has kept herself busy in the domestic GT and open-wheel championships.
TEAM NAME: Arada Motorsport
RATING: 3.9/4.5/3.6
HEADQUARTERS: Dashoze, Hodori
BIO: Intorduced as Dekijika's performance and export marque between WGPC seasons, Arada Motorsport picks up where ENSADRINK GP left off with Tarogama's departure from the project.

As Taorgama Motors is no longer involved with the WGPC effort, the engine for the Z15 T2 has been changed from the 2.4-litre V8 to the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6. Gazanarikeyu departs as the team's title sponsor, replaced by PrismRiver Corporation to promote the global release of the English-language version of their LYRICA Virtual Idol software.
NAME OF CIRCUIT: Yakumicha Circuit

CITY/TOWN: Yakumicha
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Hodori
LAP RECORD: 1:26.973 [A. Mayari - Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio, WGPC13 Qualifying]

A circuit constructed outside Yakumicha in Hodori's Toudekan prefecture. Nestled in a scenic valley, Yakumicha circuit consists of a 3.257km National Circuit and a 1.962km Junior Circuit, conjoined to form the 5.257km Grand Prix circuit.

Access to the circuit is primarily through public transit, with dedicated rail and bus lines connecting the facility to Yakumicha and Jechiru. Additional road lines allow access from the village of Yegitou.

To meet the regulation distance of 305km, the Grand Prix at Yakumicha is run to 59 laps.

A Lap of the Grand Prix Circuit
Starting from the grid, drivers will first climb six meters from the starting line and pit exit to the crest at the entry of First Corner, before dropping 52 meters through the downhill First, Esses, and WhiteRock Corners. Taking the Shameimaru Chicane, the track will descend another 3 meters to join the Junior Circuit at the exit of 50R.

Climbing over 16 meters from 85R to the peak at the middle of 90R, drivers will then drop 14 meters as they run down the Junior Back Straight to the chicane of 55R, 25R, and 45R. Racing down the Junior Grid Straight at a slight downward grade, the track starts to dive more sharply past the Junior Pit Exit into the Valley Corner, with its middle third — and the lowest point of the circuit — 6 meters below the corner entry.

Climbing out of Valley to 30R, drivers will take the hairpin to rejoin the National circuit at Turn 17. From Turn 17, drivers will climb over 50 meters up the back straight and through the Hairpin, PrismRiver (formerly HIEDA), TIREIPALACE Chicane, and Final Corners. Out of Final Corner and past the start of the DRS zone at pit entry, drivers will have returned to the starting elevation.

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Postby Aels » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:47 pm

Signup from Aels:

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Western Route Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Watersedge
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Aels
TRACK RATING: Ag 6.2/Tc 3.8
LAP RECORD: 1:25.987 in WGPC14 qualifying

BIO: The second purpose-built motor racing circuit in Aels and the first in the southern strip of the country, the Western Route Circuit is located just outside Watersedge.

It is officially named for the M-D21 motorway, the 'Western Route', which links Watersedge with the towns of Chilcompchester and Brackendale and backs onto the eastern end of the Circuit.

Unlike the Drayfill circuit, the turns at Watersedge are not named, and simply known by their corner number. There are 16 turns on the course, with the following barriers: gravel trap at turn 1; tyre wall at turns 2/3; hard wall at turn 4; tyre wall at turns 5/9; gravel trap at turns 6/7; asphalt run-off at turn 8 (for safety, to allow cars to re-join at turn 10); gravel trap at turn 12; tyre wall at turns 13/14/15; asphalt run-off at turn 16 (for safety, due to proximity to pits).

The circuit is fast, with sectors one and three offering the greatest opportunities for aggressive driving and overtaking. Sector two is the technical part of the lap, and includes two hairpin turns (8 and 9) and two chicanes (10 and 11).

Sector three also features a chicane, at turn 13, and a slow corner 15, but that leads onto a long back straight and the final corner taken at fifth gear before the main start/finish straight.


TEAM NAME: Carvenlo-Clockwork Racing (CCR)
RATING: 4.5/3.5/4
HEADQUARTERS: Drayfill, Aels/Folenisa, Liventia
RACING COLOURS: Green/Black/Gold

After their season out of the World Grand Prix Championship, Macllynlleth Clockwork Racing (MCR) are making a return to the multiverse's top stage in collaboration with Liventian heavyweights Carvenlo Racing, who have dropped Franklin Racing as their junior partner. Carvenlo will provide the chassis design, while all other parts will come from Clockwork Racing. The team will split its headquarters between Folenisa, home to Carvenlo, and the Aelsh capital of Drayfill.

To mark the new partnership, the car colours are a mix between Carvenlo's white-gold-green and Clockwork's green-black. Mark Marsh, CEO of Carvenlo, is non-executive chairman of CCR, while MCR's Elfyn Macllynlleth is executive team director. Carvenlo's Frederik Helmarsson will be team principal with MCR's Rhys Macllynlleth serving as deputy team principal and chief race strategist.

This season's car can be viewed here.
Main nation: Liventia

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Postby Liventia » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:55 pm

In addition to Liventia's stake in Carvenlo-Clockwork Racing, Motorsport Liventia are putting forward Gold Park Circuit for use in WGPC15, after an agreement was reached between Gold Park and the Talbott Autodrome to alternate for the right to host the Grand Prix of Liventia.

The circuit will run in an anti-clockwise configuration for the WGPC.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Gold Park Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Neverend
COUNTRY: Liventia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Liventia / Grand Prix du Liventie
LAP RECORD: 1:38.411
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 5.98 km (52 laps)
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Postby Audioslavia » Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:07 pm

NAME: Alexander Lund
NATIONALITY: Audioslavian
ABILITY: 4/3/5
BIO: Alec Lund shot to fame in Season 12 of the WGPC. Signed to the notoriously unreliable McPahan team, Lund struggled through accident after accident during the first half of the season, only to put a streak together over the last handful of races and, against all expectation, win the World Driver's Championship on the very final raceday of the season. Lund's form dipped slightly in season thirteen, finishing third after a slow start to the campaign, while last season was an unmitigated disaster that him, and his McPahan team, would like to forget as soon as possible.

Alec is a careful driver, all too used to handling some of the most unreliable cars on the planet. His ability to race at pace while keeping an eye on his tires is second to none, but while he shows consistency he doesn't quite have the raw talent and reaction times of his peers.
TEAM NAME: McPahan Racing
RATING: (4/5/3)
HEADQUARTERS: Ceilerden, Audioslavia.
BIO: Created by the benevolent philanthropist Charles McPahan, widly mismanaged by the controversial Linco McPahan, now in the hands of racing-mad Stan McPahan, the McPahan brand is one of the most recogniseable names in NS motorsport.

WGPC12 was the team's first foray into the WGPC after decades of tearing tarmac (often quite literally) in other regional and national competitions. In a massive shock, #2 driver Alexander Lund emerged as driver's champion, with the McPahan team finishing in the top three in the constructor's standings. The team did the same the next season, albiet with Lund finishing in third place in the championship.

Last season saw the team lurch from crisis to the crisis as they finished in the middle of the pack, but the team is looking forward to a new start in the competition.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Crossport Raceway
CITY/TOWN: Crossport
COUNTRY: Audioslavia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Audioslavia
QUALIFYING: Traditional
LAP RECORD: 1m 30.929s (R.L. Cruisin', Frontiere Racing, WGPC13)


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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:47 am


NAME: Hofer Hoffermann Julius
ABILITY: (Aggression/Technique/Reliability) (4/4/4)
BIO: Is the young driver aged 21, born in Jagenschallaft im Zohm, he's passion to automobilistic races born then the was only the kid of 4 yo, at the 18 do a challenge to a race driving course, with a very good time, in 2/3 years he grown in ability and experience and the our frist WGPC the comitee decided to signup at the competition

NAME: Kluassermann Al-Jarish Karl
ABILITY: (Aggression/Technique/Reliability) (5/2/5)
BIO: Is the older, he have 27 years old, he do experience on the Die InterKantonal Gran Prix (The our national scale of a car grandprix).

Circuit Signup

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Gracemeria GranPrix
CITY/TOWN: Gracemeria
COUNTRY: Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Gran Prix of Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
TRACK RATING: (Ag/Tc) (4/6)
QUALIFYING TYPE: (Trad / Two-Tier) Traditional
LAP RECORD: 2'01.56"
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 7.234 Km / 4.494 mi
BIO:This is a town track, this across the east side of the city of Gracemeria, the track being in the last kimometers of the Motorwat n. 14, after the track ho in the National and Kantonal Road, after go in the city street, across the Balanroad, Coast Road, Revolutionary Road, Animal Road, Cat and Dog Road, after they go in a vdery importa Boulevard called Big Buolevard, the car go in the longest straight of the Gran Prix, where the velocity can go over 300 Km/h. Afet go to the Tenent Road, Lindingruber Road, Bee Road, after where are two S turn (mandela and Univerity Road). After the track go into the european Road, and where a re little straignt up to First Road turn, nad after City hall Road, the track goes acroos a roundabot, after will be an anoter straight trait, after go to the South road, after the car go for a very little trait in the other sense of the Big Boulevard and turn immediately in the Dog Road again (and it's create a very large U-turn). After will be an a strict S turn, and the car go in the Cantonal Road n. 342, who where are a log straigt who end at the motorway's enter in the Autobahn n. 14. This track is created for this Grand Prix


TEAM NAME: Alingher Motor Sporting
RATING: (Acceleration/Cornering/Reliability) (4.5/3/4.5)

BIO: Alinghi was interested to have a own Pilots and a own Gran Prix Track, but we haven't a Car (or other) Company who will want to build a F1 Car and partecipate, also the government create a new State Industry specilized for the F1 Car
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Postby Mattijana » Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:10 am

NAME: Jasmin Kranjska
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: (4/5/3)
BIO: After a spell as unofficial reserve driver during WGPC 14, Jasmin Kranjska (pronounced Cran-Ski-A) took up a place as number one driver for the Petrovijanka Rally Team during the recent edition of the Gemini Games. Although the car itself could have been quite a bit better, Jasmin did impress, most notably on the final day of the season when she took a shock second place.
After a disappointing second season for Alex Dimitrianov in WGPC racing, Jasmin was nominated as Mattijana's best driver for this edition of the WGPC. If Mattijana's MRT team are accepted into the sport for their second season, she is likely to sign for them. However, she is open minded and will take other offers into review.
The 25 year old's driving style is significantly more aggressive than Dimitrianov's, with inspired overtaking moves not uncommon and the occasional crash an occupational hazard. Her technique is her less controversial area for Mattijanans. She undoubtedly has class.

NAME: Alex Dimitrianov
ABILITY: (2/5/5)
BIO: Dimitrianov was on the verge of being dropped for this year's WGPC, but a merciful change to the highest number of possible signups means that he returns with a desire to improve. His lack of aggression was probably his biggest downfall last season and lead to him being completely outclassed by Vangazi team mate, Jess Franssen. His technique, and therefore potential, are certainly good, but application is proving hard for the 28 year old, who was arguably the most boring driver on last season's grid.


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Kopylov InternazionRing
CITY/TOWN: Kranjagrad
COUNTRY: Mattijana
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix Tsa Mattijana
LAP RECORD: 1:35.244
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 5.123km (3.183 miles)
The Kopylov circuit is Mattijana's oldest purpose-built racing circuit and the second oldest layout used for competitive racing behind the Petrovijanka street circuit. Built near the village of Kranjagrad in the outskirts of Mattijana's second city, Burges, the track is well-connected to train and bus routes and is not far from Burges' international airport. The track is located where the large Burges flat joins the small group of hills known as the Rekvadas collection meaning the first half of the lap slopes upwards before turning back downhill leading into the final corner and the flat pit straight.

Despite more recent safety upgrades and renovations, the centre has retained most of its original stands, which offer superb views of the circuit, especially due to the inclines around the circuit offering natural banks to place stands on. The pit building has also been retained with a fresh coat of paint and a spruced up interior making it a suitable contrast between nostalgia and modern practicality.

It's mixture of straights, twisty sections and more sweeping turns means it tests all parts of a car and makes car setup an interesting dilemma come race day whilst the steep slopes and inclines also play their part in interfering with the car's balance during a lap.

Run off generally depends on slope with uphill sections having largely tarmac runoff with small gravel traps close to the barrier whilst downhill sections have a smaller amount of tarmac and large gravel traps to slow cars with more momentum in smaller spaces. The only tight barrier is on the exit if turn 13, but is a well-engineered absorption barrier and should protect drivers if needed, which it probably will be. In fact, despite a total of well over 150 collisions with this wall, the most serious injury ever sustained was a broken elbow.

The lap begins with a long run down to the breaking zone at the Čaluka hairpin which represents the main overtaking opportunity on the circuit. After exiting, the drivers must negotiate a left hand kink and drive steeply uphill around one of the Rekvadas before the track flattens out and goes into a tight left-right chicane. After that, the track continues upwards towards turn 5, a 90° right hander that immediately leads into another looser right hander.
A good exit from that section is key as the track immediately goes downhill for a longer period of time towards the multi-apex Hollesbirjke turn, named due to it's similarity to a turn at the country's main alpine sliding centre. This turn is a big test of both a driver and a car's turning ability and once again, exit speed is key as the track once again slopes upwards towards turn 8, another long and flowing hairpin.
Another long downhill section leads into another very good overtaking opportunity into the 9/10 chicane which continues down into a tighter hairpin at turn 11. Any indication of the track slowing down is however vanquished, as drivers are encouraged to drive flat out through a high speed chicane with a barrier tight to the exit.
The track then goes into the slowest corner on the track-a tight right hand hairpin before a straight and than a flowing right hander to finish the lap.

Full list of corner names:
1: Čaluka hairpin (named after the hill it's situated under).
2: Čaluka sling (commonly known as the sling).
3/4: Vischkolcha (Fishook chicane).
5: De Šumma (The summit, named because it is the highest point on the circuit).
6: Da Ausfleck (literally translates as 'the flick out').
7: Hollesbirjke (named after Mattijana's famous alpine sliding centre).
8-9: De Sava (the river: named due to it's flowing nature).
10: Erstglaub (named as it is the first time cars can be seen from the pit straight after turn 2).
11: Ezelhöchlas (cliffhanger, named as it's run off is on an artificial platform to deal with the steep slope).
12/13: Wasserkirjke (The waterslide).
14: Da Lebjalupa (survival loop, named as it comes after the most risky turn on the circuit at turn 13).
15: Kranjagrad (named after the village this part of the circuit is closest to).

TEAM NAME: MRT (Mattijana Racing Team)
RATING: (5/4/3)
HEADQUARTERS: Stavbe 2 (Building 2), Kompleks Kopylov, Kranjagrad (Just next to the Kopylov circuit).

BIO: Having won the constructors title in Mattijana's main open-wheel championships, MRT, previously known as Birjkenluftšaft, took a large government prize containing a modern engineering and administrative complex on condition that they would have to enter the WGPC the following year. They did, but were not selected and so returned to domestic motorsport for a year, taking a comfortable victory.

A first foray into WGPC was then negotiated and after a sluggish start under Dimitrianov and Oisinistani, Oliver Bachmann, Johann Struna chose to sack Bachmann and hire Vangazi rookie Jessica Franssen. The new girl did wonders for the team, catapulting them up to a remarkable second place in the constructors championships, behind only the dominant V&T team.
Looking to retain Franssen, as well as the Mattijanan Kranska, MRT are looking for wins, possibly even in the long run.

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Postby The Serbian Empire » Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:19 pm

NAME: Marika Pedanovic
ABILITY: 2.9/4.1/5
BIO: A 26 year old from the city of Nis in the rain shadow of one of Serbia's mountains. Known for particularly low DNF rates in other series. Likely a product of her highly technical driving style and lack of aggression. Likely a very difficult driver to pass on the race track. Spends most of the offseason racing in Serbian Touring Car Championship and open wheel races outside of that span
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Postby Eastfield Lodge » Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:49 pm

NAME: Victoria Gardner
GENDER: Female
NATIONALITY: Eastfielder
ABILITY (Aggression/Technique/Reliability): 4/4/4
BIO: One of the cleverer and more calculating drivers from Eastfield Lodge, the 29 year old matured significantly since making her bow as a test driver in WGPC12 for the ill-fated MSA-SinVal team. Back then, she was extremely reliable, but this came at a cost of outright pace. Since then however, she developed her driving skills even further, winning both seasons in the top level of domestic racing (FICEL-1) during the hiatus of the WGPC, before returning for the Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio team from Nekoni alongside home hero Alexandra Mayari. It was a partnership that struggled severely at the start, with Victoria scoring the team's sole point, and her first WGPC point, in the first four races. Following former team principal's Christian Fatali removal following on assault on Mayari, things turned around, with 4 podiums in the next 6 races moving Victoria within 11 points of the Drivers' Championship lead, with her team topping the Constructors' table to boot. Mayari's home win in Nekoni opened up the gap again, leaving Victoria with just an outside shot, but she kept her cool and played her part to end up 4th in the Drivers' table, with Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio winning the Constructors' title.

She remained with SFeG for the following season, alongside Mayari, but it wasn't the best season for the team, as Mayari was nowhere near replicating the form she showed the season prior, along with the fact that VTM more or less dominated the entire field. A podium in the second race in Liventia did show some promise for the season, followed up by another third place finish three races later in Mattijana, but after finishing 6th in Nekoni in race 7, the rest of the season just fell apart, either finishing laps down or not finishing at all to remain on the 42 points that she had in mid-season. In the end she finished down in 11th in the Driver's table, and contributing most of the points towards a dismal Fuoco e Ghiaccio season as the team finished 9th with just 56 points, a far cry from the season prior.
NAME: Louis Krindle
NATIONALITY: Eastfielder
ABILITY (Aggression/Technique/Reliability): 4.8/4.8/2.4
BIO: Brutal would probably be the best way to describe the 33 year old's racing style. Extremely brave and extremely quick, the Eastfielder once-wonderkid took the 4th NationStates Grand Prix season by surprise when he stood in for the critically injured Alex Tingis as a rookie, topping the speed charts quite consistently. Storming through the domestic scene as well more or less inflated Krindle's ego, to the point he signed up for the ill-fated MSA-SinVal team in WGPC 12 expecting to spearhead the team to glory - we all know how that went. Even then, Krindle did get a good haul of points, but the rise of Victoria Gardner on the domestic scene, along with her selection over him in WGPC 13, have all served to make him even more big-headed, and even more driven to win. He resigned for the team's regeneration last season, and began well, with two decent points finishes preceding the pole position and second-place finish on his home track in the third race, but his lack of reliability caught up with him in the next three races with two DNFs. He bounced back in Nekoni with another second place finish, and points finishes in the next couple of races saw him to joint fourth in the Championship with three races to go, and in the end he finished 6th with a decent 60 point haul. He will get the best out of the car, and push it to its mechanical edge, although his reliability record is shocking.
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of the Imperial Commonwealth
Qualifying type: Two-Tier
LAP RECORD: 1:21.954 - Louis Krindle (Qualifying, WGPC14, MSA-SinVal Racing)
(rest of necessary info in picture)

Description:Located a few minutes from one of the biggest cities in Eastfield Lodge in both sporting and population terms, Mount Salt Raceway is a relatively new (less than 15 years old) purpose-built circuit, and became the show-piece event for every domestic motorsport calendar. The track is a blend of quite a few high speed corners and long straights - the kilometre long pit straight is one of the longest in Eastfield Lodge - but there also plenty of slow corners to test the cars and the drivers.

Starting just after the halfway point of the start-finish straight, the tight first corner is far enough away for the field to spread slightly, but needs precision to carry speed up the hill to the second corner, where the drivers will find a mirror image of the first corner. A short straight before we reach the Turn 3 hairpin, where the prevailing wind can scatter a fine layer of salt, originating from a salt plain near the mountains, over the corner.

Passing through the chicane (Turns 4 and 5), we come to the hardest section of the circuit; a long climb up the hill on a long left hander, before taking a sharp left at Turn 7. The combination of the hill and the wall close to the inside of the track results in drivers being more or less blind until the last moment before turning, making for some good action for crowd to watch. The wall on the exit of 7 is a recent addition, and yet another crowd favourite.

The track then levels out as the drivers take two right handers at Turns 8 and 9, before taking the long right hander at Turn 10 back down the hill and braking hard for turn 11. Little braking needed for Turn 12, and then it's down another hill, before reaching the Turn 13/14 chicane before the pit entry and the last corner, after which it's a 0.5 km sprint to the finish line.

Usually, the weather in the region is pretty dry and sunny, often with a stiff breeze as noted above - that WGPC13's race weekend took place nearly entirely in the wet was a bit of an anomaly.

Note: Where there isn't a gravel pit or a wall indicated, you can assume it's a tarmac run-off for the corners and grass/turf for the straights.
TEAM NAME: MSA-SinVal Racing
RATING (Acceleration/Cornering/Reliability): 3.8/3.7/4.5
HEADQUARTERS: Mount Salt City, Eastfield Lodge
BIO: The team's first appearance was in WGPC12, but a pre-season plagued by reliability issues set the team back; their resultant car was extremely reliable, but that came at the cost of race pace, and as it transpired, it was too high a cost. As for drivers, they believed they got a decent coup when they signed Lukas Forbes of Licentiapacisterra, alongside speed-freak and crash-magnet Eastfielder Louis Krindle, with Victoria Gardner as test driver. But Forbes more or less set the tone for the season ahead by crashing into the back of an old adversary of his in the very first practice session of the first weekend. Despite a decent start, by the first in-season test session, the team were 10th out of 12 on just 4 points, 25 points behind 9th and only ahead of the two WGPC works teams. Things didn't really pick up from there, constantly placing in the bottom throes of every practice session and qualifying session, and subsequently struggling to get points. By race 9 in Paradystopia, it had all gone to pot, as Lukas has begun drowning the sorrows of his horror season in drink, and his temper came to a head when he got involved in a fight with team principal Matthew Trytin. That may have been a catalyst, as in that race, Forbes got a point in tenth, whilst Krindle surprised everybody by finishing third to get back ahead of one of the WGPC works teams. A couple more points finishes followed for Krindle, but it wasn't enough as the team finished 10th out of 12, with a grand total of 23 points from 12 races.

Having had one of the worst seasons in WGPC history, the team took a season off, to develop the car and make their return the season after. They kept on Krindle, and made the choice to sign Taeshani driver Oliver Bliss. Krindle's good start provided most of the team's points, with Bliss' one 4th point finish in race three his only early contribution. Bliss then registered a podium finish of his own, and another couple of good finishes propelled the team into third in the Constructors' table at the halfway point, having been second a race prior as well. Krindle's podium at Nekoni put the team back into second, where they stayed for the next two races before falling to third after race 10 in Vilita. The penultimate race in Krytenia saw the team jump back above Telaris, but in the end, both were pipped by a surging MRT team, with MSA finishing the season in third on 105 points, a far cry from their dismal efforts the season before. And now, they're looking to improve on that.
PICTURE: *see last season*
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Postby Vangaziland » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:16 pm

NAME: Jessica Franssen
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: (Aggression/Technique/Reliability)3/5/4
The Franssen name is synonymous with racing in Vangaziland. Her father, Kraig, started racing factory cars in the late 1970s and rose to fame early in the 1980s. Jessica was his third and final child, born in 1988. Kraig passed on suddenly, early in Jessica's life. It was around this time that she put it into her mind that she would follow in her father's footsteps, if for no other reason than to make him proud.

She started racing open-wheel, modified carts in a travelling league in Vangaziland at age 16. Over the years, she worked her way up to racing in Vangaziland's top open-wheeled racing league, T1. Her career has been a bit mediocre so far. She has a few wins under her belt, but no silverware. She does have a commercial sponsor, more so because of her name than her racing talent. She is the spokeswoman and model for Van-Bands, a line of designer sunglasses and eyewear.

Jessica has become known as a patient driver who focuses on her lines, making sure to hit every turn's apex carefully. This means she can be a bit hesitant to pass if it deviates too far from her path. She has had a good crew behind her in Vangaziland and she typically finishes most races. She has done some endurance racing in the past, teamed up with 3 drivers for one car during the '24 Hours of T1'.

Jess had a breakout season during the last edition of the WGPC. She finished ranked 4th and helped her team rank 2nd in the Constructor's Championship. Keep in mind, she joined late and did all this in only six races. In her stretch, she outscored every other driver in points winning in Barunia, Krytenia and Audioslavia.

After the WGPC, she joined an event in Oceanion called the Cross Rally Championships. Once again, Franssen dominated, finishing every stage in the top 3, winning 2 stages and every event. Second place was quite far behind her.

She picked up many sponsors, including Vannish Motors, who built a new car and have applied to join the WGPC. She will be courted by MRT. Negotiations will be ongoing.

NAME: James Lark
ABILITY: (Aggression/Technique/Reliability) 2.75/5/4.25
Like Jessica Franssen, Lark cut his teeth in the Vannish-domestic T1 league. The two were rivals over a few seasons, leaving good impressions of each other in their minds. They stayed in touch as Jessica moved up to the WGPC.

His connections got him a spot with Vannish Motors Racing in Hodori's Ensadrink GT2 Championship. He teamed up with John Stansen and Kev Schorebrook. The team finished 9th and had a few decent finishes, including a win at the Soumaku 300km. His connections with Franssen and VMR, along with his first international performances have made him known to team scouts.

RATING: (Acceleration/Cornering/Reliability) 4.25/3.75/4
HEADQUARTERS: Old Prarie, Vangaziland

Vannish Motors Racing is an offshoot of the partially state owned company, Vannish Motors. They are known for the mid-level luxury sports sedan, the Roland. They also made news with a Vangaziland-Edition variant of their Ghost supercar. The Racing division started in Vangaziland, getting involved with stock cars, T1 and even youth go-karts..

The team's biggest signing was Jessica Franssen in the Cross Rally Championship. She performed well and got the company lots of airtime. Sales skyrocketed for the company's Astro, which the rally car was based on. It was also the team's first footing into international competition. VMR also fielded a team for the Ensadrink GT2 Championship in Hodori. the company used their Ghost supercar for the chassis.

They fared alright, but didn't make much headway, finishing 9th at the end of the season. In truth, they spent more resources signing Franssen and building the WGPC car than they did for the HGTC. The company did wish their car would have fared better, for more prestige. The car did win a race and had a few good runs. It was reliable, if nothing else.

They built their WGPC cars knowing their team was still in the approval process. They hope to use their relationship with Jessica Franssen to get a foothold into the WGPC. The company has poured millions into their V-10 chassis, again using one of the engines available to the VM Ghost. They have some of the company's top engineers lined up to work on the car. They also signed several major T1 pit crew members and have been training them together for a month now.

VMR is serious about the WGPC. They hope to sign Franssen and another motivated up-and-coming driver to make a serious push for the cup. The company's marketing department has also taken to social media using the hashtag #WeWantVMR. People across the Vannish Empire from Wrexwic to the tropical Svennish Isles, took to various social networks and petitioned for the WGPC to bring in Vannish Motors Racing. The goal was to show the company how many potential fans are behind the company.

The Vangazi people were behind Jess Franssen and they would love to see her race for a Vannish company. But talks were still on with MRT. It was something VMR was constantly working on, calling Franssen several times a day to check on her. They recently sent her on a weekend vacation, all expenses paid.

Any driver who signed with VMR would become a Vannish sports celebrity. The media was already speculating who may be interested in a Vannish team, especially alongside Franssen.


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Drawkie is IN, baby

Postby Drawkland » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:57 pm

[pre] tag signups are for chumps

NAME: Will Madison
ABILITY: 4.25/3.90/3.85
BIO: Will Madison finished 5th in his inaugural season, WGPC 14. After being in the plagued Fornax Racing team, he's looking to branch out. In addition, he's worked in the off-season to balance out his reliability, and the expense of his technical skills. He's hoping to have an even better season this time around, whoever he ends up racing for.

Team and track signups may come later.
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Postby The Redvale » Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:31 pm

I haven't watched much racing, but it looks like I'll have time to try some new stuff.

NAME: Jeremy Jensen-Fletcher
ABILITY: 5/2/5
BIO: A rookie driver entering the WGPC after graduating from Maris Technical University and realizing that his true talent is for cars and other machines. He worked on cars when he was in college and started driving them too, competing in drift races around Maris as a student and becoming decently well known in racing circles by the time of his graduation. Now his goal is to turn into a professional and get a deal with a team in the WGPC.

NAME: Maria Cattaneo
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: 2/5/5
BIO: A well known name among the racing scene in Redvale, and the island of Janford in particular. Cattaneo has won a handful of races in Janford and in the Southern Coast, and now she's trying to take her talents abroad after signing a large contract with Bay Athletics to represent their company.
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Postby Kep » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:21 pm



Founded: 2016
Headquarters Calix City, Kebec
President: Timothé Carpentier
Budget: N$7.3-million
WGPC Appearances: 1
WGPC Championships:0
No. of Drivers: 0
Other Awards: --
National League: None
Academy: Kebecois Grand Prix Academy

TEAM NAME: Kebec National Motorsport [ KNP ]
RATING: 2/5/4
HEADQUARTERS: Calix City, Kebec
BIO: As with many other organizations in the KSA [ viewtopic.php?f=7&t=394127 ], the KNP [ Kebec National Motorsport ] is a brand new organization in charge of managing Kebec's international participation in motorsport and as such is in charge of the team. KNP is the only motorsport team representing Kebec currently on the intl. stage and will likely be for awhile.

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Postby Equatorial Zeldaen » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:28 pm

NAME: Trace McSorley
NATIONALITY: Equatorial Zeldaen
ABILITY: 3/4/4
BIO: Trace McSorley was once a player for EZU Acus' college football program, eventually deciding to pursue the Grand Prix. This is his first WGPC, so he has to fit in with the rest if he wants a shot at taking home the Grand Prix.
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:43 pm

Hello! I am interested in participating; I would like to inquire, however, about the existence of two things before I get started:

1. Any technological limit (my nation in universe is slightly more technologically advanced than first-world nations today).
2. Use of extra-natural (magical and pseudo-magical) processes/technologies.
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Postby WGPC » Sat Nov 26, 2016 5:39 pm

Former Citizens of the Nimbus System wrote:Hello! I am interested in participating; I would like to inquire, however, about the existence of two things before I get started:

1. Any technological limit (my nation in universe is slightly more technologically advanced than first-world nations today).
2. Use of extra-natural (magical and pseudo-magical) processes/technologies.

Hi people-not-in-Nimbus-anymore.

You're free to roleplay your car as being powered by whatever you like, as long as you can also explain why it is that, despite the magic/futuristic technology, your cars are no faster or slower than the rest of the field. The car has to look like an open-wheel F1-style racecar (one seat, open cockpit, four to six wheels that are open to the elements and have rubber (or similar synthetic material) tyres, no weapons, not remote controlled, within reasonable weight restrictions) such as we've seen in real life since the late 1960s and/or such as we may see in the foreseeable future.

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Postby San Jose Guayabal » Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:14 pm


NAME: Moisés Delgado
AGE: 24
NATIONALITY: Guayabalense
ABILITY: 4/4/4

BIO: Moisés is a balanced driver (Age: 24) in the sense of the word, competed in the Formula Guayabalense since he was sixteen years old, definitively he has some experience despite his youngness, in his second season (Year 2193) won the title of "Rookie of the Year" after finishing fifth in the general classification, after that finished second in three times in a row just to win it in the 2198 Season by a narrow margin, with a promising future he decided to adventure into the WGPC and did a quite decent season finishing 7th in the drivers leaderboard after leading for a good part of the season. In the previous season, Delgado aimed higher after a decent performance but things went horrible, a series


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Circuito Callejero Plaza de Armas.
CITY/TOWN: San Salvador.
COUNTRY: San José Guayabal.
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Gran Premio de San José Guayabal.
TYPE: Street Circuit.
LAP RECORD: 01:41:212.
PRESS HALLS: Five halls available on the National Theatre and also a multipurpose hall, equipped with A/C, Wi-Fi, 100 computers with optical fibre internet, the fastest available in San José Guayabal.
PREVIOUSLY HOSTED: Three races of Gran Turismo Guayabalense (6 hours of San Salvador).


TEAM NAME: Telaris Racing
RATING: (4/4/4)
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Jaime Gutiérrez
HEADQUARTERS: Moncada, San Salvador Province, San José Guayabal
RACING COLOURS: Light green and skyblue



Telaris Racing enters in their third season on WGPC, their aims for this time are the same as usual, strive for better positions and having at their disposal the amount of money that can be needed, no matter how much, they are able to spend it in order to buy top quality racers. The last season marked an inflection point for the team, as they reached the best positions among builders, considering the performance made by Igne Spupuo and Vic Convarion, both players sent Telaris to a decent third place finish on builders standings, Spupuo finished third too while Convarion finished in a decent 7th place. Considering how Telaris performed in that season, expectations in the internal environment of Telaris are high, they are going, for sure, to spend all the money that they’d need to use in order to call the best among the best drivers.
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Postby Finfia » Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:56 pm

NAME: Kenji Hizmanto
ABILITY: (3/5/4)
BIO: he was born in Finfia on March 1995. He is young driver who was signed contract with Telfia-Bösen Team.

TEAM NAME: Telfia-Bosen Team
RATING: (5/5/2)
HEADQUARTERS: Hanz Ave 500, Havne District, Odense, Finfia
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Apa itu Finfia? What is Finfia?
Siapa Pemerintahnya? Who are their Government?
Dimana Letaknya? Where are their Location?
Kapan Berdirinya? When was founded?
Mengapa didirikan? Why was founded?
Bagaimana sejarahnya? How their histories?

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Postby Aboveland » Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:20 am

NAME: Terho Talvela
NUMBER: 1 (reigning champion)
ABILITY (Aggression/Technique/Reliability): 5.5/3.5/3
BIO: Terho Talvela entered the world of circuit racing in the fourteenth iteration of the WGPC, winning the drivers' championship in his inaugural season with the greatly successful V+T team as the second driver to local iBen Toralmintii. It was a season with unprecedented success for the Abovian rally driver who barely arrived in time to secure a seat in a team. At season's end, Talvela tried to delve back into rallying in the domestic Hodorian championship, but an underpowered car and a lack of experience in the foreign Hodorian roads landed him near the bottom of the standings. Eager to defend his drivers' title, Talvela returned to Aboveland to practice his track racing skills in the all new Pine Hill Circuit in his home nation, and has been anticipating a return to the WGPC since the end of season 14.

His aggressive, flat out driving style and friendly attitude around the paddock earned him friends, admirers and success. He is determined to defend his drivers title from the prying hands of the rest of the field (including Vannish driver Jessica Franssen who displayed extreme skill in her few races of last season) with whatever it takes.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Furuhøytie Virtapiiri (Pine Hill Circuit)

Gray: grandstands
Green: tree fields (separated from the track by fences and barriers)
Orange: VIP area

CITY/TOWN: Pæhkinoot
COUNTRY: Aboveland
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Abovian Grand Prix
LAP RECORD: 1:45:239 (Terho Talvela, not set in WGPC car)
BIO: A resurgence of circuit racing in Aboveland together with Terho Talvela's success in the WGPC prompted the completion of a circuit in Aboveland's rallying heart, Pæhkinoot. The brand new circuit has seen little use, with numerous practice runs by Talvela in local cars being the height of it's action. However, being purpose built for the WGPC, the Abovian government is eager to get the track accepted into the championship.

A lap around the track...
Drivers shoot out of the pit straight into turn 1, a fast, wide downhill right hairpin. Still on the slope they follow through into an easy left turn and reach the bottom of the valley at turn 3, another easy right turn. As the cars pick up speed and the downforce begins to play its fundamental role the drivers must slow down to navigate the turn 4 chicane. Picking up speed again the drivers must be prepared to brake hard once more and turn into the sharp right hairpin of turn 5. They head onto another long straight which send them into a tunnel under the pit straight and into turn 6, a narrow tunnel turn which isn't too sharp. The machines head uphill into a wide, open hairpin and then downhill again through turn 8, an easy right turn. At the end of another short straight, the track gets more technical, through uphill turns 9-13. The circuit opens up again at turn 14, a fast left turn that can be taken at speed with the proper downforce setup. They dance through the plateau section of turns 15 and 16, passing right in front of the panoramic grandstands, and then head on to turn 17, an easy left turn. After the former they head downhill once more to turn left at number 18, an easy hairpin, and end the lap after turn 19, a very quick right turn, following through to the pit straight.

I can't wait to bring Terho back to the WGPC!

Home to Terho Talvela, three-time WGPC World Champion

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Postby Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland » Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:13 am

Not a huge motorsports guy so absolutely no problem if a more deserving entrant takes my place(s), but I did like doing this with QoD once upon a time.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Uberzöömingsplatz
CITY/TOWN: Bräufels
COUNTRY: Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Schutzenphalian Grand Prix
LAP RECORD: 1:12.544 (non-WGPC)
BIO: If accepted to the World Grand Prix Championship circuit, Uberzöömingsplatz would become the highest elevation Grand Prix circuit in the world.* Situated in the picturesque Schutzenphalian Alps, Uberzöömingsplatz offers visitors breathtaking scenery, snow-capped mountains giving way to verdant swathes of steeply forested slopes and crystal lakes, the human touch evident in the hand painted log chalets nestling among neo-Gothic fairytale castle towers. Unfortunately, the clear-aired beauty is offset by the hideous ugliness of the angular race track itself, a visual cacophony of tarmac, brick, and rubber that has served as the home of the Frankurt School of Motor Racing for the latter half of the twentieth century. A group of racers (such as Max "Mad Dog" Horkheimer and Theodor "Teddy Smooth" Adorno) whose singular despair at the postmodern condition of humanity was matched only by their ability to make sick handbrake turns on winding alpine roads, they built the circuit as an "indictment of ration-technological terror of science-reason", although that doesn't really explain why they included a pointless S-bend. The track slopes to the south-west, with the Negt-Schmidt corner of the track around 100m higher than the start/pit area: for this reason, overtaking is generally more possible in the rising first half of the course, as opposed to the descending second half. Weather conditions are typically dry with excellent visibility, but heavy cross-winds can be a factor in all but the shielded southern section of the race.

* Unless anyone else has already claimed this.

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Postby The Republic Of Arkan » Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:41 am

NAME: Mateo Oket
ABILITY: 3.5/5/3.5
BIO: Mateo Oket, aged 23, is a technical racer returning to his second WGPC season. Hailing from Cryslis, Arkan, he's become a national legend, hoping to lead his country to the top once again. Last season, Oket finished 16th in a pool of 26 other racers, and now looks to improve this season. The two time Arkan Racing League champion comes in after spending the offseason racing in the ARL, finishing his season halfway through at the top of the league.

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Postby Lisander » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:56 pm

Lisander Autosports Board (The LAB) applications to WGPC.


Drivers who received an A-License from LAB (Lisander Autosports Board) to drive in WGPC are:
NAME: Bastian Alcaraz
ABILITY: 4,5/3/4,5
BIO: Bastian is a 26 years-old and his story in motorsports is quite uncommon. He was only a street racer with little karting experience, when a scout of Zeus Autosports found him. Zeus is a small team in Alpha League, with only one car and struggling to carry on, so they came with a inexpensive driver. But the talent of Bastian is making good for the team. The agressive style of the driver helped Zeus to sign a contract with EON, the major technology and electronics company in Lisander, and have a more comfortable budget. Further details about Alcaraz will be revealed in the RP Thread.

NAME: Juliano Lemos
ABILITY: 3,5/5/3,5
BIO: A very technique driver with a late peak. Heavily protected by Maud Formula Tean, won the qualification race. The following drivers came 27 seconds behind in Amisso Grand Prix. At the age of 24, drives a Maud Formula Team car, sponsored by Remington Farmaceuticals. Remington stated it will keep following Lemos' career wherever he run, and is interested in sponsoring the liveries of his car, independent of being or not a lisanderian team. In the end, what can we say? A talented driver backed by a supporter company. Further details about Lemos will be revealed in the RP Thread.


Bitten Heroes Grand Prix Engineering (GPE for short)
RATING: (Acceleration/Cornering/Reliability): 4.4/3.6/4
HEADQUARTERS: Grandeville, Lisander

After weeks of speculation, The LAB announced the Team that is interested in represent the nation in WGPC. Bitten Heroes GPE is the result of a conjoined bid of Team Ignis, Maud Formula Team and Zeus Autosports. The LAB also authorized the team to make tests in Grandeville as soon as the cars are able to run.

Currently, the chassis (a totally revamped design of X-PRO 17B), called Project Aurora is in windtunnel phase, and more news should be brought within the time [OOC: in the roleplay thread]. The motor, a standard X-PRO Alpha, is being "demonized" by Mikado Seigen. We don't have much idea of what Seigen Dynamics is doing, but basing on what he did in Team Ignis car, it could be great. Bitten Heroes designed team posted early an image of the car before entering the windtunnel, still with standard engine. The livery is not defined, since the team is still searching for sponsors.



NAME OF CIRCUIT: Circuit Grandeville
CITY/TOWN: Grandeville
COUNTRY: Lisander
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix EON Lisander
LAP RECORD: 1:29.443

BIO:Grandeville is a city in the mountain. Down the mountain, near River Grand, in the outskirts of Grandeville Commune, the Circuit Grandeville is the last thing you see before that road sign "You are leaving Grandeville".

CG, as commonly called, is a circuit known for its contrasts. Long straights and gentle curves like 5 6 and 9 come as a prize to brave ones who endure the hards 3 and 4, square 6 and closed 7. It runs counter-clockwise. Circuit de Grandeville was completely remodeled with funds from EON, the major technology enterprise of Lisander, and will serve as Base to the lisanderian WGPC team.

Start/Finish line is in the main straight, the [i]Grandstand. In the remodel, the grandstand and Paddock changed places. You can see a more detailed graphic of the circuit clicking here. The first turn, to the left, is still easy. After it, the cars pass under a suspended walkway where people can see it with a beautiful angle. The second turn is the opposite of the first and leads to first braking point, the turn 3. After it, the turn 4 keep the engines low before turn 5 and the Reta Oposta (Opposite Straight).

Reta oposta isn't a straight, but a easy and long turn, allowing even turnovers and battle for positions. A long dive to square 6, a turn composed of three small turns, make cars get together again. The turn 7 brings a slight climb, and again a long curve appears. The 8 is for keep the pace and get in the right way. No one wants problems to itself in the inclined 9. Turn 9 differs from the Reta Oposta, because the terrain is inclined, making cars pass in opposite stand inclined by near 8°. G-Force is strong in this point and any misposition can cost a race or even more.

At the exit of the curve, full throttle again over the open curve 10, until the last close curve. You can make it going to boxes or to the Grandstand again, to complete one of the 54 laps of the race.
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Postby Former Citizens of the Nimbus System » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:30 pm


TEAM NAME: Nexus Racing
RATING: Acceleration: 5/Cornering: 2/Reliability: 5
HEADQUARTERS: Assembly Experimental Technologies Development Site, Wilds Plateau, the Nexus Wardship of Former Citizens of the Nimbus System

Bio: Nexus Racing grew from a department of the R&D division of the Assembly, one of the four Factions of the New Nexus Force, the NWFCNS' military. Originally codenamed 'Project Overdrive', its purpose was to advance the design of the principle ground vehicle of the Venture League faction, the lightly-armoured, fast-moving Dragoon, for greater speed, reduction of drag and, most importantly, traction - the nature of the origin of the Nimban nation being a group of disgruntled survivors somehow shunted from another universe left the modern Wardship with an excellent understanding of physics along with, now, their newly-restored Imagination and the technology based on it (or 'Imagitech' as it is colloquially known), but barely any surrounding biology or much of chemistry, including such mundane things as the chemistry of tyres.

Project Overdrive continued for about a year, making some progress with the Dragoon's design but without many major breakthroughs, until three years ago the Nimban Ministers for Sport and for Science and Technology decided to enter a national team for the WGPC; with permission from the Minister for Warfare, Project Overdrive was reimagined as Nexus Racing for this purpose and a racing circuit added to its facilities. This year's entry is the first manifestation of their efforts; the team is currently looking for a second driver to join Nimban Ryker Lane.

Nexus Racing 'Chase Cutter' UHSGV-1

'Chase Cutter' without driver livery

Car Name: Nexus Racing 'Chase Cutter' UHSGV-1
Chassis: Imagination-lightened titanium monocoque
  • 'Paragon Warp 5.3.4' Imagi-kinetic/Imagi-electric converter
  • 4 in-wheel electric motors
  • Waste Kinetic Energy Recycler System (WKERS)
Other features:
  • Mass Aerodynamic Reconfiguration System (MARS) - Reconfigures the car's various aerodynamic devices to minimise drag at the expense of downforce.
  • Comprehensive Suspension and Traction Computer Control System (CS-TCCL) - Actively alters the suspension, braking and power for each individual wheel as a supreme driver aid.
  • Underbody Pressure Reduction System (UPRS) - Uses a large cross-flow fan to reduce the car's underbody pressure.
  • Comprehensive Driver Information System (CDIS) - Displays detailed information about the car and its systems and live visuals from cameras around the car on a steering wheel-mounted screen, controllable using buttons around the screen.

Name: Ryker Lane
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nimban
Trigram: NIM
Number: 29
Ability: Aggression: 4.5/Technique: 2.5/Reliability: 5
Age: 22
Helmet Colour: Dark blue with light blue and gold highlights
Bio: Ryker is a part of the Lane family, famous in the Nimban origin universe for their racing prowess and high-adrenaline exploits more generally. Upholding the family name, Ryker had been advancing through the government-run street racing scene before being head-hunted to drive for Nexus Racing.

While he lacks practical experience in single-seater racing on any track but the Nexus Racing test track, Ryker has a unique mastery of getting the best out of the Chase Cutter's awful mechanical grip through hundreds upon hundreds of hours of practice. Ryker is also something of a maverick, a trait inherited from his forebearers which he became known for during his street racing days, something that won him both races, adopting unconventional tactics to wrongfoot the competition, and a great many fans, since the entire culture of the Wardship revolves around free-thinking and difference.

Ryker Lane's 'Chase Cutter'.
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Postby Deiorus » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:41 pm

NAME: Igne Spupuo
ABILITY: (Aggression/Technique/Reliability) 5/5/2
BIO: Deiorii's finest, Igne Spupuo is back to the WGPC after a hectic post-season involving court case against his agent for pilfering his bonus and supervising the family trading business. The ex-horse jockey had a phenomenal rookie season which saw him place 3rd in the driver's championship and hold the season record for most DNFs, most of which was caused by clipping into barriers. While slightly more stable in staying on track than before than his 1st season, Spupuo's post-season kept him from training and improving his control on the track.

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Postby Somersville » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:39 pm

Name:Kaija Hjelm
Nationality:Somersvillian Trigram SSV
Ms.Hjelm is 24 years old.She was born in Keenerland,Somersville to Johan Hjelm and Helena Hjelm (nee Van Brocklin) . Her career started at the Maple 500 .
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