World Bowl XXX - Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Bowl XXX - Everything Thread

Postby Ethane » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:14 pm



A person steps on to the vehicle you arrived in Ethane on, where you are waiting to be unloaded.

''Hello, and welcome to Ethane. I hope you are all as excited as me for this tournament.'' The person grabs a folder, and holds it up.

''While here in Ethane, there are plenty of things to do for you, including some special events to celebrate the anniversary, while you are not playing matches. In this folder here is a document, which informs you of events you can attend, and things you can see while in Ethane. This is the same guide that will be handed out to all tourists and visitors to this World Bowl.'' The person puts down the folder, and picks up another folder, slightly thinner.

''In this folder, which will be handed to managers once you disembark this vehicle, is all the official tournament information you need to know, such as seeding, groups, times of matches, dates of matches, and any other necessary information to the running of this tournament, for your benefit.'' The person glances across the vehicle, before picking up all the folders, and heading to the door.

''I hope you do enjoy your time here in Ethane, and make the most of it for yourselves. Good luck in the tournament.''


  • Pot 1
    • Ethane (Hosts/23)
    • Anglatia (1)
    • Schottia (2)
    • Allamunnic States (4)
    • San Llera (5)
    • Gregoryisgodistan (6)
    • Cosumar (7)
    • Taeshan (8)
  • Post 2
    • Abanhfleft (9)
    • Chromatika (10)
    • Kaboomlandia (11)
    • Royal Kingdom of Quebec (12)
    • Banija (13)
    • Nassau-Hessen (16)
    • Drawkland (17)
    • The Fair Republic (18)
  • Pot 3
    • Frenline Delpha (20)
    • Barunia (22)
    • Thereisnogodistan (24)
    • United States of Devonta (25)
    • Abaja (29)
    • West Phonecia (39)
    • Greater Vakolicci Haven (45)
    • West Saintland (49)
  • Pot 4
    • Fleuronordicia (53)
    • Qasden (UR)
    • Southern Democratic States (UR)
    • The New Telengana Rajj (UR)
    • Islana Lunigo (UR)
    • Cheongji (UR)
    • Ficiscia (UR)
    • Sheepish (UR)
  • Pot 5
    • Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic (UR)
    • New West Guiana (UR)
    • United Bermuda (UR)
    • Averyickan City (UR)
    • Ferkas (UR)
    • Free Tulsa (UR)
    • The New North African Republic (UR)
    • The Independent Hazerls (UR)


  • Group 1:
    • West Phonecia
    • Banija
    • Averyickan City
    • San Llera
    • Southern Democratic States
  • Group 2:
    • Greater Vakolicci Haven
    • Royal Kingdom of Quebec
    • The New North African Republic
    • Sheepish
    • Allamunnic States
  • Group 3:
    • Schottia
    • Thereisnogodistan
    • Kaboomlandia
    • The Independent Hazerls
    • Qasden
  • Group 4
    • Anglatia
    • Ferkas
    • Barunia
    • Fleuronordicia
    • The Fair Republic
  • Group 5
    • Cheongji
    • United States of Devonta
    • Ethane
    • United Bermuda
    • Abanhfleft
  • Group 6
    • Taeshan
    • Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
    • The New Telengana Rajj
    • Drawkland
    • Frenline Delpha

  • Group 7:
    • Ficiscia
    • Chromatika
    • West Saintland
    • Free Tulas
    • Cosumar
  • Group 8:
    • Nassau-Hessen
    • Gregoryisgodistan
    • New West Guiana
    • Abaja
    • Islana Lunigo

18/09: MD1: 2v5, 3v4
19/09: MD2: 5v3, 1v2
20/09: MD3: 3v1, 4v5
21/09: MD4: 1v4, 2v3
22/09: MD5: 4v2, 5v1
23/09: MD6: 5v2, 4v3
25/09: MD7: 3v5, 2v1
26/09:MD8: 1v3, 5v4
27/09: MD9: 4v1, 3v2
28/09: MD10: 2v4, 1v5
29/09: Ro16
30/09: Quarter-Finals
01/09: Semi-Finals
02/09: 3PPO
02/09: Final


Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes/No
Choose Scoring Events: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Other Events: Yes/No

23:30 BST/22:30 UTC
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Postby Ethane » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:15 pm

Welcome to Ethane

Ethane, also known by the chemical formula attributed to its name, is a democratic, politically divided nation located in the region of Esportiva, home to 20 million people. Having recently gone through a period of change, with the long-standing Liberal-Democratic Party, a centrist party committed to increasing defence spending and the economy to the detriment of the environment and social security, being voted out in favour of the left-wing Greener Ethane party, who are more committed to improving the environment and education. However, with the rise of the far-right, and a new election coming up, this position may be reversed.

The capital city of Ethane is New Sarum, which is home to 1 million inhabitants, and is adjacent to the major tourist site of Old Sarum, also near to StoneHedge. There are many cities and towns scattered around the nation, spread out, with the largest city located about 250 miles from New Sarum, in Swanmouth, home to 1.2 million people.

Ethane is famous in many ways, notably for its sporting appearances, which has seen the nation start to become recognised in sporting fields around the world, as well as its performances at Worldvision and the World Hit Festival. The nation is also known for its high living standards, strong economy, specialising in Information Technology, in which it has one of the largest of the IT sectors in Esportiva, and Publishing, its educational standards, and its move towards green energy, which the government is aiming for a 100% renewables in the next 25 years. It is currently around 40% renewable energy. However, this may not continue after the election.

The transport in Ethane benefits from high levels of government funding which benefit the quality of service, with private companies also consolidating the transport network in Ethane. Most of the large cities in Ethane have strong public transport links within them, heavily subsidised buses being the most commonly used way to get around. Also in the two main cities, New Sarum and Swanmouth, eco-friendly modes of transport are also available to be used, including bikes which can be hired and dropped off at later stages along your cycling route.

Bus services also cover most moderately sized towns, with rural areas and small towns and villages being covered by less regular bus services which operate out of a main town or city nearby. There are many long-distance routes also available in Ethane, between many of the major cities and towns, which often stop at rural locations to increase the coverage of the bus service.

Trains also provide a viable option for transport in Ethane, connecting many of the main cities and towns, and providing a cheap, fast, and environmentally friendly way to travel around Ethane. ChemRail provides a fast and reliable train journey between stations, but if you are looking for better quality, or high-speed trains then the best place to look is towards the private companies. The rails have all been electrified, providing an environmentally friendly way of transporting people around the nation.

For longer haul journeys from other nations, we do have a few airports across the country, albeit they are fairly small due to the regulations placed on plane emissions. HITAir provides a strong service to many major countries around the multiverse, with regular flights allowing fans to stream in for the championships. Most transport is state owned in Ethane, so the if the quality is not as expected, feel free to complain to the government.

With the tourist industry booming once again, hotels are once again back in action, with a range of places for those visiting to stay. From 2* hotels to 5* hotels, we strive to provide you with the best accommodation possible. There is the option of either going state funded hotels, or you can go with the private sector.

Food and Drink
There are many places to eat in Ethane, with many restaurants and fast food chains all over Ethane. There are multiple places you can eat at, including the locally born restaurant and fast food chain, Treaters, who have recently signed a contract with Superchaps of Oisinistan to open a load of their franchises in Ethane, providing an even larger range of food to eat. With multiple food venues across the country, you are sure to find something to your liking.

There are many things you can do while in Ethane for entertainment away from the World Junior Hockey Championships.

In New Sarum, we have multiple cinema and bowling complexes for the enjoyment of our visitors and residents alike, which are often relatively popular. There are many other entertainment complexes in New Sarum as well, which more can be found out about in the tourist information centre. Nearby to New Sarum, you have the historic castle fort of Old Sarum, which provides a good day out, as it is located in the centre of a large wildlife reserve, which is a place where you can often see rare animals lurking about. StoneHedge is also popular and nearby to New Sarum, providing a good family afternoon out, with activities for everyone, and special events running throughout the tournament.

Swanmouth also provides visitors with a great many visitor attractions to visit as well as entertainment complexes. The city itself is also only a 45 minute bus journey away from one of Ethane's finest national parks, the Glade Forest. This provides a good place for walks, as well as adventurous activities and bike hire, as well as being a good place for camping holidays. Further away from this event, you have the fairly mountainous regions of the nation, especially on the island, which provide spectacular views for those visiting, and can have snow on in the winter for skiing.


Hillcroft Stadium, New Sarum: 27,200 capacity


The Swans Stadium, Swanmouth: 18,600 capacity


Loweshire County Arena, Lowes: 35,350 capacity


King Edward IV Stadium, New Sarum: Normally football stadium, but temporary change for this tournament. 60,000 capacity.

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Postby Anglatia » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:16 pm


The offseason after Anglatia pulled off a shocker to win the World Bowl was tumultuous, and the result is an entirely new Crusaders team created from the all stars of a long unpopular league, the Imperial Gridiron League. For a while, the IGL was mocked and not taken seriously by the public. Fans of it were considered outcasts, and most gridiron fans preferred to watch foreign teams instead. Slowly, over the twenty years of the league's existence, it has grown in popularity and became one of the biggest attractions in the nation. But now, the IGL will be the deciding factor in whether the Crusaders can keep their good results rolling, or if they flop. The debacle regarding the new team came from quarterback Cara Devlin attempting to retire with one year left on her contract with the national team, and Emperor Colden of Kaine suspending the entire Armeian-Anglatian team(which was already hit hard by four retirements) until Devlin returns. Devlin would not come back, and the Emperor made a calculated decision to send an all-Anglatian team of players who play domestically in the IGL and the Super Ten. Nobody knows how good these newcomers are. They only know that the Emperor has said that if their campaign is a success, they'll stay, and that if they flop, the Armeians will return. How will they do? Well, that's impossible to say at this point, but it's guaranteed that they'll put on quite a show.


Nicknames: The Crusaders(a nickname for all Anglatian national teams), The Nomads(refers specifically to gridiron football), Los Matadors, The Toros(in areas with both Spanish and English speakers)
Colors: Pure white and royal purple
Uniforms: (COMING SOON)


Style: +5


HEAD COACH - Adrien Enquist - 41 - Ross Blue Wings
OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR - Shane Principe - 35 - Underfell Surge
DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR - Kai Malik - 40 - Ross Blue Wings


QB - Jani Koivu - 24 - Underfell Surge(A quick dual threat who can beat an opposing defense with his cannon of an arm or with his agility. Supposedly the male Cara Devlin, except without her accuracy from mid range)
HB - Enzo Blessed - 21 - Kisote Hammers(Mjasa Tech's best prospect in twenty years is playing in his hometown in the pros now. Fans in Mjasa will be happy to have him for the next three years after his new contract)
HB - Antonio Rush - 24 - Bathgate City
LT - Aage Edvardsson - 30 - Underfell Surge(Koivu's top blocker with his club team. Nobody else in the IGL has his combination of speed and technique)
LG - Cam Eir - 26 - Calovice Razors
C - Endre Bjarnsson - 28 - AC Piranha
RG - Diell Ruiz - 31 - Rastaka Krakens
RT - Halvor Gudrunsson - 20 - College of Ross Tigers(The only college player on the line, but also the larger of the two tackles.)
WR1 - Anook Havoc - 22 - Ross Blue Wings(The streaky Blue Wings rookie takes the top spot on the receiving order because of her near superhuman ability to make impossible contact catches)
WR2 - D'Arcy Cook - 27 - Underfell Surge(Cook is another vertical threat but he can also play as a possession receiver and can move around to the slot, hence his inclusion as a top receiver)
WR3 - Jonas Jack - 24 - Ross Blue Wings


DE - Emile Cruz - 32 - Ross Blue Wings(You can try doubling him, but it hasn't worked for anyone else so far)
DT - Nic Patricio - 29 - AC Piranha
DT - Adronikos Saed - 25 - Xera Bay Wolves
DE - Max Lisowski - 26 - Calovice Razors(Watch for him on the edge, his technique is second to none)
ILB - Jovan Lisowski - 26 - Calovice Razors
ILB - Ava Makela - 21 - Underfell Surge(One of the few females on the squad had a good rookie season and a great follow up season. Watch for her to stuff the run)
SS - Jack Conchobair - 30 - Ross Blue Wings
SS - Oba Goodluck - 23 - Xera Bay Wolves
CB - Darien Blix - 28 - Underfell Surge
CB - Connor Ceallaigh - 19 - Bathgate City
FS - Anders Cuinn - 21 - Bathgate City(Had a very big rookie season, and can play at receiver too if needed)


K/P - Gunnar Bryansson - 27 - Ross Blue Wings
Returner - Mateo Cernovich - 24 - Calovice Razors




The vast majority of snaps this time around will come out of the Hydra formation, a version of the shotgun that was perfected by the Blue Wings and features the quarterback standing four steps deep with two halfbacks flanking him. Sometimes one of the halfbacks will run in motion and take up position in the slot. Other times, the quarterback will go under center just before the actual snap. One back will usually act as an edge blocker making up for the lack of a tight end. The top wide receiver is always a vertical threat that lines up to the outside, while the other two receivers typically play closer to the inside and look for plays over the middle. Right now, the team is passing centric based on their personnel, meaning that Enzo Blessed will play many snaps as a fourth receiver. Jani Koivu should be expected to throw the ball fifty times every game, and each halfback should expect to take twenty five percent or more of their snaps in the slot. The target is generally to pick up first downs in an air raid style and not to chase big plays that are more risky, and the formation utilizes Koivu's running ability to meet that goal. On defense, the team is using an aggressive 4-2-5 that can either blitz or drop back with slight shifts, and the one free safety is generally in charge of the deep area down the field, while the other DBs are assigned other cover assignments. It's common to see one half of the field covered by a zone, while the biggest deep threat is covered by the top corner on the team. A 4-2-5 can sometimes give up deep passes, but the Crusaders are perfectly fine with giving up big plays through the air as long as they hit the quarterback, make negative plays, and stop the opponent on third down.
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:46 pm

Gregoryisgodistan Grid Slaves
Style modifier = -5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following: Anything at all except killing, wounding, or otherwise committing a violent crime against Lord Almighty Gregory, provided I can reciprocate.
Style Modifier: -5

Most Gregoryisgodistanis (that is the demonym) do not have real names, only titles and government IDs. For instance, our starting quarterback is Zookeeper ZNZ949AHX. This means his job is Zookeeper and his government ID is ZNZ949AHX. Government IDs do not change throughout one's life, but titles may. For instance, our quarterback was formerly known as Youth ZNZ949AHX until he turned 18, then Lion Tamer ZNZ949AHX while he worked as a Lion Tamer, before becoming a Zookeeper and acquiring his current title. He should be referred to by his full name at all times, never ZNZ949AHX. A few high-ranking government elites have personal names.

Gregoryisgodistan normally goes with 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, a halfback, and a fullback on offense, but may use other sets, such as 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB, etc.

On defense, our base is a 4-3-4 (4 linemen, 3 linebackers, 4 backs) but we also use a 4-2-5 nickel from time to time, and occasionally, a 3-2-6 dime. We NEVER play prevent defense.)

Our defense is very strong, but our offense is mediocre at best. Most of our scores are either directly scored by the defense or scored by the defense setting up the offense with good field position. We also frequently will use Defected Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher (more on him later) as a blitzing linebacker, meaning we're sending five men.

That being said, in spite of our mediocre offense and -5 style modifier, we are very aggressive and known to use trick plays. If style mod really were style mod and not skill mod called style mod for some reason, we would be +5, because our offense and defense are both very aggressive. The thing is that our offense, while known to go deep and call strange plays, usually fails spectacularly. And our aggressive defense usually succeeds, though it can give up a big play if it fails. Expect lots of sacks and turnovers when we're on defense, and a number of trick plays when we're on offense which may or may not work.

Note: our head coach calls all plays, unlike most teams.

Head Coach: Assistant Sports Minister Jorgen Roth
Offensive Coordinator: Assistant Sports Minister Orlando Pornoa
Defensive Coordinator: Assistant Sports Chief Hugh Rivers

(Starters first, then second stringers, etc. Also, be sure to see the notes in the FAQ.)

QB #3 Grammar Enforcement Officer SLS399SSH, 6-2, 205 lb.
QB #14 Zookeeper ZNZ949AHX, 6-3, 175
QB #6 Gruelmaker SBZBZB, 6-1, 195

HB #25 Slavecatcher ZN39000ASD, 5-10, 215
HB #35 Pervert Chaser A00312939, 5-11, 185
HB #33 Slave Beater K939SJHSHD, 6-0, 195

FB #44 Chef L0091, 5-10, 245
(use a tight end as fullback in second string)

WR #81 Navy SuperAdmiral Q-Bert McFee, 6-3, 185 (Kick and punt returner) OFFENSIVE CAPTAIN
WR #89 Air Force SuperCaptain Peter Karfee, 6-2, 175
WR #80 Pervert Chaser ZMM019931, 6-3, 185
WR #19 Air Force SuperPilot Z-Bert Gorgonzola, 6-2, 180
WR #88 Navy SuperAdmiral Booboo McZebra, 6-1, 195

TE #84 Tank Driver SUIERUA95, 6-2, 255
TE #85 Soldier N2N4A917, 6-4, 285
TE #82 Military Sniper and Assassin Ugine Orca, 6-1, 255

LT #70 Enemy Crusher Drew Flipkens, 6-0, 775
LT #67 Enemy Crusher Ulysses Encherido, 6-2, 780

LG #61 Enemy Crusher Michael Flipkens, Jr. 6-2, 750
LG #60 Enemy Crusher Parker Howell, 6-1, 755

C #58 Enemy Crusher Bob Howell, 6-2, 733
C #54 Enemy Crusher Charlie Howell, 6-3, 720

RG #66 Enemy Crusher Charles Richardson, 6-1, 755
RG #67 Enemy Crusher Harold Flipkens, Sr. 6-2, 760

RT #50 Enemy Crusher Michael Flipkens, Sr. 6-1, 780
RT #71 Enemy Crusher Uga Paloga, 6-2, 770

RE #98 Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino, 6-2, 950 DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN
RE #99 Enemy Crusher Surly Paladino, 6-3, 880

DT #97 Enemy Crusher Jorgen von Streudel, 6-1, 885 (Often used as a third tight end in goal-line situations)
DT #96 Enemy Crusher Yorgen von Streudel, 6-2, 912
DT #90 Enemy Crusher Piotr von Porker, 6-2, 795
DT #91 Enemy Crusher Porky Fatana, 6-1, 811

LE #92 Enemy Crusher Jurgen von Streudel, 6-8, 835
LE #93 Enemy Crusher Greenward von Squiredward, 6-2, 790

LOLB #55 Soldier 193DGA, 6-2, 250
LOLB #58 Soldier 9139AH, 6-0, 215

MLB #54 Defected Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher, 6-1, 230 AT-LARGE CAPTAIN
MLB #51 Military SuperGeneral Peter Smithbergs, 6-2, 215

ROLB #52 Chef ASHBA13, 6-0, 230
ROLB #59 Chef 9SHAG, 6-2, 215

CB #24 Defected New York Jet Darrelle Revis, 6-0, 210
CB #28 Military SuperGeneral Ichabod Luna, 6-2, 215
CB #23 Elementary School Teacher 1837GGA, 6-0, 211
CB #34 English Teacher 1381377DQ, 6-1, 210

FS #27 Police Officer 8138DHAQ4, 6-3, 215
FS #26 Police Officer 1DQHHA, 6-2, 210

SS #22 Pervert Chaser NSBGAGD, 6-1, 195
SS #21 Pervert Chaser JJSHQ991, 6-0, 185

K #1 Mathematics Teacher 2737ASH, 5-9, 155
P #11 History Teacher 518HHA284, 5-11, 193

What is an Enemy Crusher? And why are they all so fat?
Enemy Crushers work for the government to crush people as an "enhanced interrogation" technique to get them to confess. Many of them die if they don't confess in time. They are fat in order to successfully inflict pain upon the torturee. That's why most die. The Enemy Crushers also crushed to death multiple referees, plus several players, coaches, and fans of the the opposing teams since Gregoryisgodistan's debut. You have been warned. Also, Enemy Crusher Piotr von Porker is the brother of the late Samuel "Porky" von Porker who was executed in Free Republics for crushing someone to death during World Bowl XXII He will likely look for revenge if Gregoryisgodistan winds up playing the Republicans again. Furthermore, the enemy crushers have gained a lot of weight since the last World Bowl and will be doing even more crushing.

Is Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino related to the politician from New York?
No, and he will crush to death anyone who asks him that. So don't try, unless you want to be crushed to death.

Did Darrelle Revis and Brian Urlacher really defect to Gregoryisgodistan?
No, but the government claims to have kidnapped them. Following the Baptism of Iron, in which "Uralcher" was named MVP of the final, the two "kidnapped NFL players" claimed they liked Gregoryisgodistan so much that they wanted to live here forever, even though Lord Almighty Gregory offered them the opportunity to leave. But in reality, they are just random Gregoryisgodistanis who are good at football who were instructed to pretend to be Urlacher and Revis. Keep in mind that everyone in the country believes the official government story because they are so propagandized, even though "Urlacher" and "Revis" look nothing like their real counterparts.

"Liked Gregoryisgodistan so much and decided to stay here forever" sounds an awful lot like Stockholm Syndrome, considering they were allegedly kidnapped, right?
It is often debated among Gregoryisgodistanis whether it is Stockholm Syndrome or true love of the country, and in fact both players mentioned Stockholm Syndrome then specifically denied it. A recent survey showed that 76% of Gregoryisgodistanis believe the two genuinely love this country, 24% believe it is Stockholm Syndrome, and 0% believe the "absurd foreign propaganda" that the players are not really who they supposedly are.

You do realize Darrelle Revis doesn't play for the Jets, anymore, right?
Exactly, and the official government story is that he no longer plays for the Jets because he was kidnapped and later defected. In reality, he was traded to the Buccaneers and eventually wound up with the Patriots.

And Urlacher's retired, you know?
Yes, but the official story is we kidnapped him and he defected permanently.

How should I refer to these two in my RP's?
By their official names, but feel free to use irony quotes to imply doubt as to the name's veracity.

What's a pervert chaser? Sounds creepy.
It really isn't. They chase down people who commit sex crimes like mooing, rape, molestation, or indecent exposure, then cut their privates off with a butcher's knife. Without any anesthetic or Novocaine. Don't be a pervert in Gregoryisgodistan. Or a Pervert Chaser will catch you.

Are all the von Streudels related?
Yes, they are brothers.

What is a Grammar Enforcement Officer?
A Grammar Enforcement Officer is a law enforcement officer in Gregoryisgodistan who is responsible for enforcing the use of proper grammar. Using improper grammar is punishable by 28 days in a grammar reeducation camp under Gregoryisgodistani law. The Grammar Enforcement Officers enforce this law. There are also Spelling Enforcement Officers, Mathematics Enforcement Officers, and Speaking Enforcement Officers, Vocabulary Enforcement Officers, and respective reeducation camps.

Ha! What if I say "I'm not going to no Grammar Reeducation Camp?" That's a double negative, but if you send me to a Grammar Reeducation Camp, then I'm not going to no Grammar Reeducation Camp, so really it was correct. But if you don't send me to a Grammar Reeducation Camp, then you should have, so your Grammar Enforcement Officers will be running around forever. MWAHAHAHAHA!

*Ahem* Interfering with a Grammar Enforcement Officer is a capital offense. Don't try it.

Because Gregoryisgodistan's football uniform manufacturer vanished off the face of the Earth without notice (OOC: CTE'd and deleted the images from PhotoBucket), and the Grid Slaves didn't have time to acquire any decent sort of new uniform on proper notice, they will be wearing clown costumes borrowed from Gregoryisgodistan Clown College. They look like this.


In accordance with Gregoryisgodistani laws on clowning, they will also be painting their faces and wearing the wig, although you won't see the latter under the helmet.)

Home games will be played at Lord Almighty Gregory Stadium in the Capital District. It seats 175,617. It is also the home of the soccer team. The image below shows it for soccer.

Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
IBS II Champions
Beach Cup IX Round of 16
World Indoor Soccer Championship 6 - 2nd place
BoI XIV Champion
IBS III Champions
WCoH 22 Round of 16
WB XXII 10th Place in Casaran, advanced to Round of 32
IBS IV host, champion
4th in WCoH 23
HWC 12 hosts
WJHC VI 2nd place,
CoH 60 4th place
WCoH XXIV Champs
CoH 61 Runner-Up
IBS VI Champs
IBS VII Champs
WCoH XXV 2nd Place
WBC 32 2nd Place
IBS VIII host and champs
WBC 33 Host/QF
WCoH 27 co-host and champs
WC 72 Qualifier
WBC 34 champs
CoH 67 Third place

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Postby Kaboomlandia » Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:08 pm

Kaboomlandia Phoenix National Canadian Football Team

Following an upset in Quebec that eliminated Kaboomlandia, the Phoenix are back for revenge. The team has spent the past year trying to get back to where they were in Cosumar, where they almost upset Ko-oren and would have made the semifinals were it not for a heartbreaking last-second field goal attempt gone wide. The core of this roster is still intact, though some tinkering around the edges has happened.

Coach: Kevin Nivek
Offensive Coord: Ryan MacLeod
Defensive Coord: Matt MacKay
Style Mod: +1.7

Priority is from the top down the list
19 Tyler Martin, 26, 5'11", 170
4 Travis Reuben, 28, 6'2", 190
6 Russell Jones, 22, 5'11", 170

Wide Receivers:
17 Manny Hayes, 30, 6'3", 198
81 Lamar Anderson, 25, 6'5", 205
11 Connor Day, 27, 6'4", 176
88 James Malone, 21, 6'6", 224
18 Jimmy Monahan, 25, 6'3", 189

Running Backs:
33 Andrew Michaels, 31, 6'4", 230
20 Brandon Malone, 34, 5'11", 220
29 Kale Sweatt, 21, 6'7", 242

Tight Ends:
85 Jack White, 25, 6'8", 198
82 Enoch Bailey, 28, 6'4", 185

Offensive Line:
C: 66 Raymond Fermi, 30, 6'6", 325
OT: 68 Johnson Malone, 26, 7'1", 336
OT: 61 Ricky Jones, 33, 6'7", 322
OG: 69 Mikey Philips, 25, 6'4", 323
OG: 67 Casey Manfred, 23, 6'6", 300

OL: 65 Mike Kenny, 28, 6'10", 331
C: 70 Sebastian Collett, 32, 6'8", 310

Defensive Line:
LE: 94 Khalif Gazzard, 6'8", 297
RE: 99 Adam Cox, 6'9", 316
DT: 91 Mitchell Layton, 6'11", 322
DT: 92 Wilson Andrews, 6'10", 318
(substitutes come from OL)

OLB: 57 Ryan Bighill, 6'7, 235
OLB: 56 George Kodem, 6'6", 247
MLB: 58 Darren Drouin, 6'4", 228

Defensive Backs:
CB: 25 Richard Cody, 6'3", 213
CB: 26 Jeremy Rutherford, 6'3", 223
SS: 31 Cameron Johnson, 6'4", 229
FS: 32 Scott Falk, 6'2", 208 lb

Special Teams:
K: 4 Caleb McCallum, 6'1", 195
P: 7 Scott Schmitt, 6'2", 198
LS: 59 Darryl Herndon, 6'6", 240
Punter = holder
Kick Returner: Manny Hayes (WR)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: TG me first
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No

MD1: The Independent Hazerls
MD2: Qasden
MD3: Schottia
MD4: Thereisnogodistan
MD5: bye
Matchdays 6-10 are a repeat of days 1-5, but with the home and away teams reversed.

EDIT: Apparently I cannot read. I posted this in the signups thread first before realizing my mistake. :p
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Southern Democratic States National American Football Team

Nation info:
Country Name: Southern Democratic States
Demonym: Southerners
Nicknames: Southern Bears, Bears, Southerners
Trigramme: SDS
Team colors: Dark blue & white
Offensive formations: 3 WR 1 TE 1 HB or 2 WR 1 TE 2 HB or 3 WRs and 2 HB. The FB is only used in 3 and short and goal line formation
Defensive formations: standard 3-4-4 ; nickel 3-3-5 ; dime 2-3-6 ; goal line 5-4-2
Style mod: -3,5


MD1: Banija vs Southern Democratic States
MD2: Southern Democratic States vs Averyickan City
MD3: San Llera vs Southern Democratic States
MD4: Bye
MD5: Southern Democratic States vs West Phonecia
MD6: Southern Democratic States vs Banija
MD7: Averyickan City vs Southern Democratic States
MD8: Southern Democratic States vs San Llera
MD9: Bye
MD10: West Phonecia vs Southern Democratic States

Stadium: Violet Bowl
Capacity: 92 542
Location: Los Osos, Sonoma
Tenant: USLO Bruins (University of Sonoma, Los Osos)

The coaching Staff:
Head coach: Nick Hoffman
Offensive Coordinator: Fred Spencer
Defensive Coordinator: Kurt McAdams
Special Teams Coach: Marvin Cunningham

53 men Depth Chart

Starters in bold
Inactives in italic
Pos     Num     Name               Age     SFL Team             Birthplace
QB 16 Clifford Jenkins 29 Muscogee Raiders Parkersburg, WA
QB 10 Tyler Kruger 25 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA

HB 23 Coconut Riddick 25 Beardstown Maroons Beans Ferry, CH
HB 22 Barkevious Hawkins 23 Oglethorpe Chargers Kitty Hawk, CH
HB 26 Kerwynn Watford 28 Miltonsburg Rams Forest Park, CH

FB 43 Garrett Van Noy 26 Floydsburg Redskins Bear Market, WA

WR 15 Demarcus Woods 30 San Carlos Panhandles Holly Creek, CH
WR 13 Jarius Floyd 27 Los Osos Eskimos Kewanna, WA
WR 85 Marquis Hatwood 29 Oglethorpe Buccaneers Bear Creek Springs, CH

WR 17 DeAndre James 31 Muscogee Raiders Grand Côteau, CH
WR 80 Dwayne Boyd 33 Mendota Saints El Cerrito, SO
WR 81 Shawn Foote 35 Clarkston Jeffersons Sainte-Geneviève, WA

TE 82 John McRae 30 Santa Fe 49ers Dakota Heights, WA
TE 89 Brian Shaw 31 Braddock Oilers McNutt, OK
TE 87 Shayne Zimmerman 27 Miltonsburg Rams Seaside, CH

LT 77 Walter Kaufman 32 San Joaquin Cow Boys Sauk Trail Beach, WA
T 71 Ernesto Herrera 29 Mendota Saints Plumas, SO
T 72 Quinton Bishop 33 Rockingham Dolphins Sparta, WA

LG 67 Randall Bush 30 Golden Beach Packers Rosenberg, SO
G 70 Xin Xu 29 San Carlos Panhandles Los Osos, SO

C 79 Nick Adams 35 Beach City Lions Two Johns, CH
C 66 Jordan Sawyer 26 San Joaquin Cow Boys McKnightstown, WA

RG 75 Kris Hunter 30 Oglethorpe Buccaneers Pinkstaff, WA
G 70 Xin Xu 29 San Carlos Panhandles Los Osos, SO

RT 62 Tyson Konz 26 Los Osos Eskimos Four Bears Village, OK
RT 72 Quinton Bishop 33 Rockingham Dolphins Sparta, WA
T 71 Ernesto Herrera 29 Mendota Saints Plumas, SO

RE 97 Derek Sheppard 34 Oglethorpe Chargers Sugar Bush Knolls, WA
DE 78 Kyle Alvarado 31 Beardstown Maroons Alba, SO
DE 90 Travis Buchanan 29 Potosi Bengals Glenn Shores, WA
DL 94 Ryan Ferguson 27 Charlevoix Bears Elk Run Junction, CH

NT 99 Rodrick Nash 30 Oglethorpe Buccaneers Bear Creek Corners, WA
DT 96 Shayne Kilgore 25 Palm Beach Cardinals Chance, OK
DL 94 Ryan Ferguson 27 Charlevoix Bears Elk Run Junction, CH

LE 92 D.J. Floyd 29 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Rogersville, CH
DE 78 Kyle Alvarado 31 Beardstown Maroons Alba, SO
DE 90 Travis Buchanan 29 Potosi Bengals Glenn Shores, WA
DL 94 Ryan Ferguson 27 Charlevoix Bears Elk Run Junction, CH

SLB 51 Nick Knox 25 Clarkston Jeffersons Bear Rocks, WA
OLB 50 LaMarr McGee 30 Bloomingburg Ravens Hamptonburgh, WA
OLB 58 Carlos Alvarez 33 Oglethorpe Chargers San Juan, SO
OLB 57 Jimmy Orr 25 Santa Fe 49ers Sandwich, SA

ILB 59 Konrad Juszczyk 27 Braddock Oilers Lake Lindsey, CH
ILB 52 James Williams 31 Beach City Lions Murphysboro, WA

ILB 54 Jarrod Houston 30 Beardstown Maroons Willacoochee, CH
ILB 55 Jimmie Cox 31 Harwich Vikings Eldorado Springs, SO

WLB 53 Demetrius Robinson 29 Floydsburg Redskins Dogwood Heights, CH
OLB 50 LaMarr McGee 30 Bloomingburg Ravens Hamptonburgh, WA
OLB 58 Carlos Alvarez 33 Oglethorpe Chargers San Juan, SO
OLB 57 Jimmy Orr 25 Santa Fe 49ers Sandwich, SA

LCB 34 DeShawn Lewis-Harris 23 Braddock Oilers Elizabethtown, CH
CB 24 Lavonta Thomas 30 Neoga Steelers Fort Shawnee, WA
CB 30 Morris Dunbar 34 Santa Fe 49ers Kent, CH
CB 29 Jarvis Roberts 29 Rockingham Dolphins Cloutierville, CH

RCB 32 Antonio Irvin 32 Palm Beach Cardinals Los Osos, SO
CB 24 Lavonta Thomas 30 Neoga Steelers Fort Shawnee, WA
CB 30 Morris Dunbar 34 Santa Fe 49ers Kent, CH
CB 29 Jarvis Roberts 29 Rockingham Dolphins Cloutierville, CH

FS 21 Octavius Jones 30 Mendota Saints Port Anderson, CH
S 31 Rashad Jennings 30 Beach City Lions Jacksonport, CH
S 42 Kareem Johnson 24 Waddington Seahawks Coxburg, CH
S 27 J.J. Brown 26 San Joaquin Cow Boys Netawaka, SO

SS 33 Dominique Ogletree 31 Clarkston Jeffersons Greensburg, WA
S 31 Rashad Jennings 30 Beach City Lions Jacksonport, CH
S 42 Kareem Johnson 24 Waddington Seahawks Coxburg, CH
S 27 J.J. Brown 26 San Joaquin Cow Boys Netawaka, SO

K 8 Crockett Burkhead 28 Los Osos Eskimos Skunk Hill, SA
P 4 Nick Larsen 33 Braddock Oilers Indian Harbour Beach, CH
KR 80 Dwayne Boyd 33 Mendota Saints El Cerrito, SO
KR 31 Rashad Jennings 30 Beach City Lions Jacksonport, CH
PR 80 Dwayne Boyd 33 Mendota Saints El Cerrito, SO
LS 48 Kevin Beauchamp 31 San Carlos Panhandles Saint-Guy, SA
H 10 Tyler Kruger 25 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA

Reserves / Practice Squad
QB	11	Jimmy Morris	   31	   Harwich Vikings	Eastham, SA
HB 36 DeAndre Gresham-Chisholm 24 Potosi Bengals Pointe-au-Chien, CH
WR 83 Markus McLendon 29 Neoga Steelers Brazil, CH
OL 76 Riley Vandervelde 31 Miltonsburg Rams Whitebreast, WA
DL 98 Brandon Mazgajewski 26 Bloomingburg Ravens Bannack, OK
LB 56 Kwashaun McFadden 24 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Beach City, SO
CB 25 Michael Woodard 31 Floydsburg Redskins Floyd Springs, CH

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (I'll choose the severity)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Federation of Allamunnic States
National Gridiron Football Team - The Regulars

Roleplay Information

Style Modifier: -2.5

Going for Two: Logical

Roleplay Permissions
- Choose Scorers: Please TG first.
- Injure Players: Nothing beyond game-ending without TGing for approval.
- Penalize Players: Keep it reasonable, or TG for approval. The Regulars tend to be fairly well-disciplined.
- Godmod Injuries: Same as regular injuries. Please keep it reasonable or make it hilarious.
- Godmod Other Events: Keep previous permissions in mind. Have fun with it.
- Photographs: Please do not use photographs with any players intended to depict players on my team.
- Additional Notes:
- Offense is mostly run-first. Offensive line is probably the single most-important unit for the offense's success.
- Defense is stout. Strongest part is the front-seven; count on a lot of pressure on QBs and attention toward stopping the run.
- Special teams have traditionally been a relative weakness.
- Team plays very physically.

General Information


The Regulars finished World Bowl XXVII by winning an unprecedented sixth championship, solidifying their credentials further as the most successful international gridiron football program. The approach that has produced most of those championships, a formula emphasizing a stifling defense and an effective power rushing game, remains essentially unchanged.

With its leading coaches, including its head coach and both primary unit coordinators having backgrounds on one line or another (both as players and coaches), it is perhaps unsurprising that the Regulars, players and coaches alike, tend to believe that games and championships are won in the trenches. Given their track record (three championships in five campaigns under Head Coach Baeryk Vaalburger), nobody is likely to argue that point with them. The offensive line is trusted to power the rushing attack while giving breathing room to the passing game, while the defensive line is relied on to enable the linebackers and place pressure on opposing offenses to shut down the run and pass alike.

The Allamunnic National Gridiron Squad at this point has no trouble recruiting, in spite of the longstanding policy that requires players on the team to renounce all domestic league commitments during their tenure. Once limited to AGL rejects and washed-up veterans for players (with rare exceptions), the Regulars now boast a roster as talented as any Allamunnic Gridiron League squad.

This is a program that is quite well-staffed and funded, being a point of pride for a country that is somewhat gridiron-crazy. It employs 60 players and a large staff that includes coaches, trainers, managers, and team medical professionals, and its success has brought them to a point wherein a year that does not feature at least a semifinal appearance has come to be considered a failure.

From left: Blue (home), Gray (away), Black (alternate)

Retired Number(s): #58 Honorius Waalturs
Ring of Honor Members: S#1 Isabelle Margussunn, QB#5 Markus Daalhulm, S#10 Elias Mourner, HB#34 Haanryk Stahlburg, FB#44 Ole Nurdsunn, DE#58 Honorius Waalturs, DT#95 Theo Laansur

Home Stadiums
Federal Steel Field, Rikardsburg (Staalmaark)(Capacity: 108,000)
Harborview Stadium, Vaalhulmspurt (Lower Tyrrslynd)(Capacity: 106,000)
Royal Stadium, Onneria (Onneria)(Capacity: 107,000)
Note: World Bowls take place during the Federation's summers; it is frequently rainy and cool, even in the summer.

Team Captains (Coin-Toss Purposes):
Offense: Torren Tormundsunn (FB)
Defense: Waldr Baersvylk (DT)
Special Teams: Wyatt Skode (P)

General Staff

General & Front Office
Commissioner: Hadley Thornburger (Age: 74) - The long-time Allamunnic Sporting Commissioner is still, strictly-speaking, at the head of the national team's power structure, just as he is with every other Allamunnic national sporting team. However, because of the team's long-term success since Ryan Smart took over and since, Thornburger has largely taken a hands-off role for gridiron, only stepping in in a handful of crises.

Team President: Benjamin Jamesunn (Age: 68)
General Manager: Erik Warnur (Age: 51)
Director of Player Personnel: Anna Torrensunn (Age: 43)
Team Doctors: Graagur Maarkussunn (Age: 63)(Head); Rynna Eriksunn (Age: 56)
Athletic Trainers: Maarda Lindersunn (Age: 46)(Head); Bryndyn Nyurdlunn (Age: 45); Torren Udunsunn (Age: 41); Kaarl Mendelsunn (Age: 42); Olaf Knutsunn (Age: 40); Inna Wyllur (Age: 39); Lyna Henriksunn (Age: 34); Shae Eriklunn (Age: 30)

Head Coach: Baeryk Vaalburger (Age: 55) – The successor to three-time champion Ryan Smart, and the team's former offensive coordinator, can now also boast three championships of his own after defeating Saintland at World Bowl XXIII, Equestrian States at World Bowl XXV, and Ko-oren at World Bowl XXVII. Vaalburger has kept the Regulars true to their smashmouth and defense-first roots, bringing in enough talent and coaching them well enough to help solidify the Allamunnic national program's place as the most successful in the world.

Assistant Head Coach: Rikard Olafsunn (Age: 50)
Strength & Conditioning: Harald Vynnsunn (Age: 44)
Strength & Conditioning Assistant: Junna Riktur (Age: 40)

Offensive Staff & Depth Chart

Overview & Description
The Allamunnic offense is primarily a power- and ball-control-oriented system. The Regulars' offense has long been built on winning in the trenches, and that remains the case, with the team featuring an experienced, yet still youthful offensive line that can ably protect passers while blowing defenders off the ball and opening running lanes for rushers.

To rush, the team relies on a thunder-and-lightning duo in Ella Kaarbrynn and Bryndyn Traewyk. While the former has greater breakaway speed and the latter is the stronger runner between the tackles, both have excellent burst and the ability to break or slip tackles to gain yards after contact. Expect this team to run at least 30 times per game, even if they trail. Both players are candidates to get catches out of the backfield as well.

In the passing game, the team is powered by large-framed, big-armed Graagur Wyrth, who is capable of launching passes very far downfield, even doing so off his backfoot (although his control would tend to suffer doing that) or while absorbing hits. He is aided by a batch of speedy wideouts, particularly deeper on the roster; only Waldr Hoerst can truly be said to be a "possession" type of receiver. For those shorter completions, Wyrth is much more likely to rely on a batch of strong, athletic tight-ends and fullbacks, who also play key roles in blocking in the run game.

Overall, the Regulars' offense, while not known for its explosiveness, is still capable of making big plays, and, more importantly, is very much capable of grinding out efficient, if not spectacular drives to put the points the team needs to win up on the board.

Starting Line-Up - I Formation
LT#63 Rikardsunn - LG#62 Braandur - C#55 Ungur - RG#65 Knutsunn - RT#59 Maarks - TE#85 Braanur
WR#87 Hoerst - QB#10 Wyrth - WR#12 Kaarlsunn
FB#45 Tormundsunn
HB#35 Traewyk

Second String Line-Up - I Formation
LT#75 Kaarlsunn - LG#72 Rorynn* - C#71 Kynt - RG#52 Kynyk - RT#54 Hendriks* - TE#88 Lindstrom
WR#23 Brandt - QB#13 Grenn - WR#81 Jaans
FB#26 Shraedur
HB#24 Hendriks

* Denotes a back-up who plays a large number of snaps as a rotating player.

Coordinator: Hanrik Wurfytur (Age: 44) - As has often been the case, because the Allamunnic offense flows through the offensive line, the offensive line position coach has been promoted to take over as offensive coordinator. Wurfytur will, at least for World Bowl XXV, serve as mostly a personnel coordinator and package designer, where play-calling duties will remain with head coach Baeryk Vaalburger. However, the hope may well be to eventually hand over play-calling duties to Wurfytur.

Quarterbacks Coach: Maarkus Daalhulm (Age: 47)
Running Backs Coach: Haanryk Stahlburg (Age: 46)
Wide Receivers Coach: Mikel Dunn (Age: 48)
Tight-Ends Coach: Zak Hall (Age: 39)
Offensive Line Coach: Vaalhulm Rikken (Age: 38)

Roster & Depth Chart

#10 - Graagur Wyrth - QB - Age: 27; H: 6'4"; W: 237lbs - Rikardsburg, SM
#13 - Waldr Grenn - QB - Age: 24; H: 6'4"; W: 230lbs - Jaarlsburg, OW

Wyrth is a big-armed signal caller with only rudimentary scrambling abilities. While he throws an excellent deep ball, and he can keep plays alive with his feet (in and out of the pocket) while not getting rattled under pressure, Wyrth lacks touch on short throws, leading to a disproportionately-low completion percentage on shorter passes. Grenn is a more complete passer with more natural athleticism, but doesn't make as good decisions and lacks Wyrth's degree of accuracy.

#35 - Bryndyn Traewyk - HB - Age: 24; H: 5'11"; W: 220lbs - Dunnmaar, BW
#24 - Brandt Hendriks - HB - Age: 27; H: 6'0"; W: 216lbs - Tyrrswatch, UT
#21 - Anna Eriklunn - HB - Age: 25; H: 5'7"; W: 158lbs - Dunnmaar, BW

#22 - Ella Kaarbrynn - HB - Age: 25; H: 5'9"; W: 166lbs - Spaal, SP - FRACTURED CLAVICLE; OUT UNTIL PLAYOFFS

Kaarbrynn is an explosive, shifty back who can slip tackles effectively and has a high degree of agility, giving her more opportunities to display her break-away speed. She is complemented by Traewyk, who is a more powerful back. While he has plenty of burst and speed of his own, he isn't quite as much of an instant home-run threat as Kaarbrynn, but is better at pounding the ball between the tackles. Hendriks is a well-rounded back-up, who can run inside, outside, or catch passes out of the backfield capably, if not as well as the two starters. Eriklunn is very much a "speedback," a running back who specializes in outside runs, screens, and catching passes out of the backfield.

#45 - Torren Tormundsunn - FB - Age: 26; H: 6'4"; W: 248lbs - Haalsten, UT - CAPTAIN
#26 - Dexter Shraedur - FB - Age: 32; H: 6'0"; W: 240lbs - Skaarphulm, LT

Tormundsunn is a key part of the Allamunnic offense. While he is primarily a lead blocker (sometimes playing both out of the backfield or as a lead-blocking tight-end), he also acts as a safety-valve receiver (again, both as a tight-end or out of the backfield), occasional rusher, and pass-blocker. Shraedur is a similar triple threat (blocking, receiving, rushing), although he acts a little more as a rusher than Tormundsunn does.

#85 – Godwyn Braanur – TE - Age: 29; H: 6'7"; W: 260lbs – Kristinburg, ON
#88 - Junn Lindstrom - TE - Age: 28; H: 6'5"; W: 251lbs - Onneria, ON
#82 - Udun Jaarlsunn - TE - Age: 24; H: 6'6"; W: 262lbs - Corvik, BW

Braanur is one of the offense's key weapons in the passing game, a big, athletic tight-end who can make tough catches in traffic, while having the speed and strength to break tackles and pick up yards after the catch. Lindstrom is similarly well-rounded to Braanur, although he lacks Braanur's sheer talent. Jaarlsunn is primarily a blocking tight-end, although he is a viable receiver. He will usually be put in in obvious run situations.

#87 - Waldr Hoerst - WR - Age: 26; H: 6'5"; W: 220lbs - Innusburg, SM
#23 - Ole Brandt - WR - Age: 27; H: 6'1"; W: 214lbs - Hillen, AL
#16 - Maark Aksvingur - WR - Age: 26; H: 6'0"; W: 210lbs - Hendriksburg, OW

Hoerst is a big-bodied, athletic receiver who can both make tough catches and make big plays before and after the catch. He is, however, primarily a possession receiver. Brandt is another big-framed, athletic player who is a useful weapon in the passing game, while also being a back-up running back. Aksvingur is in a similar mold, although a little more drop-prone than either of the other two split-end wideouts.

#12 - Emma Kaarlsunn - WR - Age: 27; H: 5'10"; W: 164lbs - Vaalhulmspurt, LT
#81 - Paul Jaans - WR - Age: 24; H: 6'0"; W: 200lbs - Torrenhuld, UT

Kaarlsunn is primarily a deep threat who can stretch a defense or run fast, short routes to get separation against defenders underneath. In three-wide sets, she will usually play slot-receiver. Jaans is a little more versatile than Kaarlsunn, but is generally less-skilled, more drop-prone, and can't slip tackles as effectively.

Left Tackle
#63 - Torren Rikardsunn - LT - Age: 26; H: 6'5"; W: 320lbs - Dahlburg, PK
#75 - Bryndyn Kaarlsunn - LT - Age: 25; H: 6'6"; W: 327lbs - Harrensburg, HR

Rikardsunn is a capable left tackle who can both protect Wyrth's blindside while being able to open big lanes in the run game when called for, or sealing off the back edge against pursuing linebackers. Kaarlsunn is a little more of a run-blocker, but he'll do as a pass protector in a pinch.

Left Guard
#62 - Junn Braandur - LG - Age: 26; H: 6'2"; W: 316lbs - Dunnmaar, DM
#72 - Harald Rorynn - LG - Age: 25; H: 6'3"; W: 318lbs - Helter, FL
#68 - Jorvik Staaghyrt - C/G - Age: 24; H: 6'3"; W: 307lbs - Vaddurhulm, OW

Braandur is a technician at left guard, who wins with his hands and is very good at keeping his leverage against defenders. He has the lateral speed to be an effective pulling guard, and enough strength to be effective. Rorynn is in a similar mold. Staaghyrt is a swing-lineman, who can play either guard spot or center, with a good understanding of various blocking schemes and enough viciousness to compensate for slightly poorer technique.

#55 - Tyrrus Ungur - C - Age: 24; H: 6'4"; W: 324lbs - Dyrm, NY
#71 - Vaargus Kynt - C/LS - Age: 25; H: 6'2"; W: 295lbs - Trynt, OW

Ungur is one of they key cogs in the offense, adjusting blocking and protection schemes on the fly, calling holes, and providing a good push up front on the run. Kynt is a competent center, although he lacks Ungur's talent level in both brains and strength. That said, he has good technique, and is a reliable longsnapper to boot.

Right Guard
#65 - Snaari Knutsunn - RG - Age: 26; H: 6'4"; W: 310lbs - Corvik, BW
#52 - Rikard Kynyk - RG - Age: 27; H: 6'3"; W: 317lbs - Broomfeld, NW
#50 - Baeryk Astyr - G/T - Age: 23; H: 6'4"; W: 313lbs - Hendriksburg, OW

Knutsunn is a key player on the offense, distinguished both by his excellent technique as a guard, and a level of aggression and viciousness in his play that sees him blowing defenders off the ball, destroying opposing players as a pulling guard, and gashing large holes in the defensive front to allow free running. Kynyk by comparison, although competent, is not as effective as Knutsunn (due to less aggression). Astyr is another swing back-up, who can play guard or tackle effectively, although he's more run-blocker than pass-protector.

Right Tackle
#59 - Derrik Maarks - RT - Age: 27; H: 6'5"; W: 326lbs - Aldhuld, PK
#54 - Bronn Hendriks - RT - Age: 25; H: 6'5"; W: 319lbs - Skarrsboro, US

Maarks is a capable right guard, with the level of aggression needed to be a lead blocker in this offense. Hendriks is essentially interchangeable with Maarks, a very good right tackle who will rotate freely with the player in front of him. Either one may start in any given week.

Defensive Staff & Depth Chart

Overview & Description
The defense has long been a key part of the Regulars' identity, riding the defense and a smashmouth offense to six World Bowl Championships. The defense is geared towards taking the run away from opponents first, allowing the front seven to go for broke in rushing the passer and laying pressure on quarterbacks. As such, the primary strength of the Regulars' defense is in the front seven.

That front seven is composed of a group of experienced, athletic personnel with the ability to play multiple positions and take on multiple roles as called for. Because of this, the base personnel package for the defense can line-up and play in multiple styles, including the 3-4, 4-3, 4-4, 5-2, and 5-3 fronts.

The entire group pivots on nose tackle Waldr Baersvylk, a big-framed, strong lineman who can reliably command double teams, sometimes even triple teams, opening holes for other defenders to make plays and stuffing the inside run effectively. He is flanked by versatile linemen Piotr Farrangur and Rikard Theodur, who have the "tweener" size and athleticism needed to play 3-4 defensive end or 4-3 defensive tackle, making plays and opening holes as called for.

Depending on the play, "flexman" Olaf Rynnur can play either defensive end (in the 4-3) or "Joker" linebacker (in the 3-4), specializing as a pass-rusher or back-side pursuer. On the other side, "Sam" linebacker Fradryk Eriksunn can do the same, although he tends to play back as an edge-setter and coverage man against tight-ends and, situationally, a pass rusher. On the interior, long-time stalwarts Kyl Waalturs and Junn Haaldur play Will and Mike linebackers respectively, although both have the skillsets to play any spot in the linebacking unit, able to play in coverage, as pass-rushers, run-stoppers, or pursuit players as necessary.

The secondary is filled with strong athletes at corner (Rikard Junnsunn being a true shut-down caliber corner and Bronn being a capable complement) and strong safety (Mikel Ulrik), needed to ensure that man coverage is viable on most plays (zone coverage being situational). The smaller, more fleet-footed, coverage-oriented free safeties (notably ballhawk Lyna Donalsunn) mostly are present to help double-cover major receiving threats, and as a last line of defense (being generally sure-tacklers). The strong safeties tend to be particularly strong tacklers and blitzers, often playing up as box safeties.

Starting Line-Up - 3-4 Base
DE#95 Farrangur - NT#91 Baersvylk - DT#96 Theodur
SL#98 Eriksunn - ML#53 Haaldur - WL#57 Waalturs - JL#94 Rynnur
LC#09 Junnsunn - SS#18 Ulrik - FS#08 Donalsunn - RC#14 Bronn

Second String Line-Up - 3-4 Base
DE#92 Izaaksunn* - NT#90 Svaartwynn - DT#64 Bronnsunn*
SL#48 Harren - ML#42 Nyurdsunn* - WL#49 Eriksunn - JL#43 Jaarlsunn
LCB#29 Baartunn* - SS#28 Sult* - FS#06 Kaarlsunn - RCB#15 Laands

* Denotes a back-up who plays a large number of snaps as a rotating player.

Coordinator: Theodur Laansur (Age: 46) – Although he still works a lot with the team’s defensive line, Theodur Laansur has been promoted to defensive coordinator following the departure of Elias Mourner.

Defensive Line Coach: Archie Wagner (Age: 43)
Linebackers Coach: Miles Ryan (Age: 45)
Linebackers Assistant Coach: Jason Ridley (Age: 45)
Defensive Backs Coach: Andrik Ierunmungur (Age: 45)
Defensive Backs Assistant Coach: Leif Coelmunn (Age: 38)

Roster & Depth Chart

Strong Defensive Lineman/Defensive End
#95 - Piotr Farrangur - DL - Age: 28; H: 6'6"; W: 317lbs - Dunnmaar, BW
#92 - Junn Izaaksunn - DE - Age: 27; H: 6'2"; W: 308lbs - Onneria, ON
#93 - Harald Baaltrlunn - DE - Age: 25; H: 6'4"; W: 312lbs - Wyndursburg, OW

Farrangur is an athletic, explosive lineman who can provide pressure on the edge or inside, potentially command double teams under the right circumstances, and play strongly against the run. He can play either defensive end or defensive tackle as the situation requires. Izaaksunn is a capable defensive end, who can rotate in to play in either 3-4 or 4-3 fronts. Baaltrlunn is something of a swing lineman, who can play end or tackle as needed, and is a useful all-around back-up.

Center Defensive Lineman/Nose Tackle
#91 – Waldr Baersvylk – NT - Age: 30; H: 6'11"; W: 342lbs – Torrenhuld, UT - CAPTAIN
#90 - Nyurd Svaartwynn - NT - Age: 26; H: 6'5"; W: 333lbs - Murt, NY

Baersvylk is the keystone to the Allamunnic defense, a huge, powerful lineman who commands multiple blocks, has the explosiveness to stuff the run, and even, on occasion, rush the passer with some effectiveness. While Svaartwynn is a capable replacement, he is not the fantastic tackle that Baersvylk is.

Weak Defensive Lineman/Defensive Tackle
#96 – Rikard Theodur – DL - Age: 30; H: 6'4"; W: 321lbs – Roan, AL
#64 - Mikel Bronnsunn - DL - Age: 28; H: 6'2"; W: 310lbs - Andersburg, BW
#66 - Odyn Grahulm - DL - Age: 20; H: 6'4"; W: 314lbs - Dunnmaar, BW

Theodur is primarily a defensive tackle, although he can play defensive end in a pinch and can shift around with Farrangur as necessary. Like Farrangur, he has the strength and athleticism to carry out every duty on the defensive line in the 3-4 and 4-3 fronts with some degree of effectiveness, while being a leader for the defense. Bronnsunn can do the same, although without Theodur's nose for the ball. Grahulm, a member of the noteworthy Grahulm family, is a big, strong defensive tackle that can also play 3-4 defensive end. He has plenty of talent, but is a raw prospect who needs to spend a few years learning.

Joker/Flex Linebacker
#94 - Olaf Rynnur - DE/LB - Age: 25; H: 6'4"; W: 272lbs - Sorfurd, SM
#43 - Ardryk Jaarlsunn - LB/DE - Age: 25; H: 6'6"; W: 267lbs - Kleinsburg, HL
#44 - Kaarl Voegyl - LB/DE - Age: 20; H: 6'4"; W: 265lbs - Roan, AL

Rynnur is first-and-foremost a pass-rusher, able to play as a defensive end or outside linebacker as necessary, generally on the weak (usually right) side of the tackle box. He can competently set the edge and pursue against the run, but his forte is pass rushing. Jaarlsunn is a little more well-rounded and is more comfortable as a linebacker, but does have similar capabilities. Voegyl is a raw, but explosive pass rusher, a college defensive end with the skill set to play either outside linebacker (in the 3-4) or defensive end (in the 4-3).

Strong-Side Linebacker
#98 - Fradrik Eriksunn - LB - Age: 25; H: 6'4"; W: 265lbs - Haargyld, SM
#48 - Daanyl Harren - LB - Age: 25; H: 6'3"; W: 257lbs - Wendeltunn, OW

Eriksunn is an absolute hammer against the run, and capable in coverage against tight ends and fullbacks. He can situationally play as a defensive end or edge rusher, and will play forward with Rynnur in the 5-2 or 5-3 as a defensive end. He is key to the team's run defense. Harren is not as powerful as Eriksunn, and is not an enforcer in the same way, but can capably set the edge.

Middle Linebacker
#53 - Junn Haaldur - LB - Age: 31; H: 6'2"; W: 255lbs - Roan, AL
#42 - Bryndyn Nyurdsunn - LB - Age: 27; H: 6'2"; W: 248lbs - Vaddurhulm, OW
#56 - Kaarl Jornur - LB - Age: 23; H: 6'2"; W: 253lbs - Skaarphulm, LT

Haaldur is a sure tackler and is competent in coverage, and as such has been moved to middle linebacker. Nyurdsunn is a little more coverage-oriented, and is not as effective as a pass rusher as Haaldur is, but can fill in capably as necessary. Jornur is a general interior linebacker who can play Mike or Will effectively, although he is still being coached and trained to be a good replacement at either position.

Weak-Side Linebacker
#57 – Kyl Waalturs – LB - Age: 31; H: 6'3"; W: 250lbs – Vylfhuld, BW
#49 - Rikard Eriksunn - LB - Age: 25; H: 6'4"; W: 252lbs - Arksfurd, OW
#47 - Margus Corwynn - LB - Age: 20; H: 6'3"; W: 249lbs - Haensley, SM

Waalturs is a very good linebacker who, like Haaldur, is a sure tackler, effective pass rusher, capable coverage man, and, importantly, is a good pursuer on the backside of the run. Waalturs is a play maker who can force fumbles and snag interceptions, and is the mental leader of the defense. Eriksunn is even more athletic than Waalturs, but his tackling is not as reliable. Corwynn is a sure tackler with no small athletic ability. Like many of the next generation of defenders recruited this year, he's not ready to start, but he should get some snaps late in one-sided games.

Left Cornerback
#09 - Rikard Junnsunn - CB - Age: 27; H: 6'1"; W: 210lbs - Leifspurt, HR
#29 - Clay Baartunn - CB - Age: 29; H: 6'0"; W: 207lbs - Northuld, NW

Junnsunn is a lock-down cover corner who can shut down good wide receivers with a fair degree of reliability (although, obviously, he won't win on every play). Although he tends to get paired with an opponent's best receiver, he will, by default, tend to be placed on the left side of the defense, frequently the strong side, owing to his abilities to play the outside run. Baartunn is in a similar mold to Junnsunn, is the team's usual nickel corner, although is a little older and not as fast as Junnsunn.

Right Cornerback
#14 - Kaarl Bronn - CB - Age: 27; H: 6'0"; W: 206lbs - Vylfhuld, BW
#15 - Soryn Laands - CB - Age: 26; H: 6'0"; W: 203lbs - Amburg, ON
#05 - Anke Baenty - CB - Age: 21; H: 5'10"; W: 177lbs - Kaepenhulm, UT

Bronn is a strong corner in multiple phases, although he is not as good against the run as his opposite, Junnsunn. Bronn, like Junnsunn, is a shut-down type of cover corner, who will sometimes get beaten: not a true lock-down corner, but one capable of taking a receiver out of the play on any given down. Laands is a little more of a ballhawk, more boom-bust in that he tends to either make big plays or give them up. Baenty has a knack for coverage and, although her tackling still needs some work, she has good hands and a nose for the ball.

Strong Safety
#18 – Mikel Ulrik – SS - Age: 31; H: 6’0”; W: 215lbs – Kristinburg, ON
#28 - Loren Sult - SS - Age: 29; H: 6'0"; W: 206lbs - Leifspurt, HR
#21 - Claetus U'Daanyl - SS - Age: 21; H: 6'1"; W: 210lbs - Corvik, BW

Ulrik is a versatile safety who can play back in coverage, in the box in coverage (against backs or tight-ends), or can play effectively against the run, on the outside or inside. Typically, in the base personnel package, Ulrik will shift up to the box in the 5-3 and 4-4 fronts. Sult is a little more of a coverage safety, who can sometimes play as a nickelback as well, when called on (although he can also play as a box safety, if necessary). U'Daanyl is a large, strong safety who can play up in the box or in coverage. However, he is still quite raw in his technique, and will need a few years to mature before he's ready to take over the lead strong safety spot.

Free Safety
#08 - Lyna Donalsunn - FS - Age: 26; H: 5'10"; W: 154lbs - Innusburg, SM
#06 - Raechl Kaarlsunn - FS - Age: 28; H: 5'8"; W: 151lbs - Leifspurt, HR

Donalsunn is a ball-hawking safety who can make tackles on ball-carriers as a last line of defense, but is at her best when she can break up passes before completion. She has good enough hands to haul in interceptions with a fair degree of reliability. Kaarlsunn can do the same, although her hands are not as good.

Special Teams Staff & Depth Chart

Overview & Description
Special teams has traditionally been something of a weakness for the Regulars, particularly when it comes to kick-off coverage. Though this has lessened over the years, kick-offs continue to be a minor hazard for the Allamunnic team. By contrast, coverage of punts seems to be a relative strength and, combined with a booming leg and expert placement by Wyatt Skode, this allows the Regulars' defense to frequently start in positions of advantage.

The returners on the Allamunnic side of the ball don't routinely break big returns for scores, but they tend to be good enough, with competent enough blocking, to leave the offense in generally decent, if unremarkable field position.

Coordinator: Daanyl Mueller (Age: 67) – The Regulars' long-time kicking coach takes over as special teams coordinator following the departure of Haargild Baannun to the AGL for a head-coaching job. Mueller has proven amusingly anti-careerist, only taking the promotion to coordinator at Vaalburger's insistence.

Kicking Coach: Phillipa Demirici (Age: 53)
Return Coach: Gretchen Vaalhulmsunn (Age: 40)


Kicking Specialists
#04 – Wyatt Skode – P - Age: 35; H: 6'0"; W: 215lbs – Vymsburg, VY - CAPTAIN
#46 - Kaarl Hunt - K - Age: 26; H: 6'2"; W: 225lbs - Lyndur, AK

Skode is the team's punter, and, as such, is a key member of the defense, in that his strong leg and expert ball placement tends to give the defense a good position to start against opposing offenses. Hunt has finally taken over as the team's primary place-kicker. He is reliable out to about 45 yards, with anything beyond being somewhat spotty (although his accuracy out to about 55 yards is not terrible).

Return Specialists
#11 - Jana Graelunn - WR - Age: 28; H: 5'8"; W: 162lbs - Vaesthuld, VY
#21 - Anna Eriklunn - HB - Age: 25; H: 5'7"; W: 158lbs - Dunnmaar, BW

Graelunn is an explosive kick-returner who can be relied on to make something out of nothing after making the catch. Graelunn also plays wide receiver (specifically flanker or slot receiver), and is a yards-after-catch specialist (so to speak). Eriklunn is a tailback who can also play as a return specialist (especially on kick-offs). Although she lacks the strength to break tackles, she has the speed and agility to dodge effectively, and the explosive speed to get separation with only a few blocks.
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Cosumar World Bowl 30 Roster

Postby Cosumar » Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:40 am

Cosumar National Football Team - World Bowl XXX

Basic Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Demonym: Cosumarite

Nickname: Dragons

Home FIeld: SweetHaven Stadium, Stoneshore (capacity 77,500)

Debut: Baptism of Iron VI (3rd place), World Bowl XI

Ranking: 7th

World Bowl XXIX: 7-3 in Group H, lost to San Llera 23-20 in Ro16

Style Modifier: Moderately Offensive (+2)

Football in Cosumar: Football, also known here as Gridiron or Gridiron Football (varying by region), is the second most popular spectator sport behind only soccer. The Cosumar Football League (CFL) commands a strong Fiefdom-wide following. The most recent season's results can be found here. Cosumar's World Bowl team is a collection of All-Stars from the CFL. Cosumar also boasts two of the most prominent college football programs in the world: Ramusok Capital University (RCU) and Stoneshore College. RCU and Stoneshore have both won the NationStates College Football (NSCF) championship. As such, many of Cosumar's World Bowl players had experience in NSCF with either RCU or Stoneshore College prior to their CFL careers. For example, RCU star running back Avery Broddick was drafted into the CFL by the Jadde Bruins and has become a star there, landing him on the National Team for World Bowls. As previously mentioned, football is immensely popular at collegiate, professional, AND international levels. Some fans (particularly in the central Fiefdom) stubbornly take offense to use of terms other than "football" when describing the sport.




Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Rod Mason (58)

Assistant Head Coach: Phillip Jennings (48)

Offensive Coordinator: Kirk Keathley (40)

Defensive Coordinator: Lars Björklund (46)

Special Teams Coordinator: David Huxley (55)

Offensive Team Captain: Jakkrik Levinsson (QB)

Defensive Team Captain: Leumas Ren (S)

Starters in bold: Name - Age - CFL Team

Q u a r t e r b a c k
Jakkrik Levinsson - 37 - Kaldukosic Kataklysm
Jeston Boulware - 28 - Morponte Marauders
Brandon Reigner - 31 - Emerald Cove Conquistadores

R u n n i n g b a c k
Neptune Trevorrow - 26 - Versiaville Vikings
Avery Broddick - 30 - Jadde Bruins
Amando Ness - 25 - Olask Dolphins

F u l l b a c k
Major Ackerman - 25 - Versiaville Vikings
Hans Skorva - 30 - Kaldukosic Blazers

T i g h t E n d
Kashmir Morrow - 30 - Kaldukosic Kataklysm
Arild Keldan - 27 - Zakhoro Wolfpack
Justus Bod - 25 - Kaldukosic Blazers

W i d e R e c e i v e r
Ulises Willoughby - 30 - Pelethas Thunder
Thoumen Kuyengall - 23 - Olask Dolphins

Akim Fjara - 27 - Helfin Mighty Men
Sid Vinceant - 32 - Morponte Marauders
Devin Ferris - 23 - Samaj Spartans

L e f t T a c k l e
Leighton Kurevic - 28 - Sarmon Spirit
Magnus Peusen - 25 - Opjenheim Bulldogs

L e f t G u a r d
Harmon St. Clair - 24 - Sarmon Spirit
Varum Na'Golo - 29 - Hagenheim Vagabonds

C e n t e r
Mason Vanderglass - 32 - Pelethas Thunder
Finn Maki - 25 - Emerald Cove Conquistadores

R i g h t G u a r d
Elsdom Blomsson - 25 - Helfin Mighty Men
Ray Peregon - 31 - Pelethas Thunder

R i g h t T a c k l e
Demetrius Petrov - 27 - Dusk Bearcats
Otis Hammelsson - 28 - Na'Malsille Venom

D e f e n s i v e T a c k l e
Maximillian Hall - 25 - Dawchire Eagles
Frampton Scott - 27 - Bayford Blue Dragons

Armando Gutierrez - 32 - Opjenheim Bulldogs
Vaber Dundurand - 23 - Sarmon Spirit
Lothar Grunstein - 24 - Bayford Blue Dragons

L e f t D e f e n s i v e E n d
Oskirk Hevermann - 28 - Morponte Marauders
Toby Tancredi - 26 - Dawchire Eagles
Kamil Yeoman - 25 - Dusk Bearcats

R i g h t D e f e n s i v e E n d
Duncan Norwell - 29 - Ramusok Stars
Wester Galbraith - 24 - Surpronuk Marsh Monsters
Antigonus Jameson - 24 - Crawford Comrades

L e f t O u t s i d e L i n e b a c k e r
Dat Zheng - 28 - Versiaville Vikings
Quin Wooton - 23 - Morponte Marauders
Nathaniel Evertulle - 32 - Kaldukosic Kataklysm

M i d d l e L i n e b a c k e r
Berahthram Nedved - 24 - Mallox Tigers
Thomas Tompkins - 34 - Hagenheim Vagabonds
Artur Seeger - 23 - Kaldukosic Blazers

R i g h t O u t s i d e L i n e b a c k e r
Wayne Troumper - 30 - Hagenheim Vagabonds
Cygnus Cason - 23 - Na'Malsille Venom
Lincoln Donohue - 26 - OAS Kingsmen

C o r n e r b a c k
Hedley Shrewton - 26 - Olask Dolphins
DuAndre Castillo - 30 - Zakhoro Wolfpack

Dexter Singleton - 28 - Surpronuk Marsh Monsters
LaVonte Greene - 29 - Keenan Robins
Feanor Eldarthal - 23 - Dawchire Eagles

F r e e S a f e t y
Ethan Telfair - 29 - Bayford Blue Dragons
Devan Edelby - 26 - Kaldukosic Kataklysm
Wes Benton - 24 - Na'Malsille Venom

S t r o n g S a f e t y
Leumas Ren - 27 - Pelethas Thunder
Tamkot Piturcarat - 29 - Jadde Bruins
Lewis Sprawles - 28 - Klyde Cyclones

K i c k e r
Xendel Reieffen - 33 - Altamirano Devils
Latep Na'At - 24 - OAS Kingsmen

P u n t e r
Keevu Schavinski - 66 - Ramusok Stars
Æðelbeorht Baardsson - 26 - Morponte Marauders

K i c k R e t u r n
Devin Ferris (WR)

P u n t R e t u r n
Akim Fjara (WR)


MD1: @ Chromatika (10)
MD2: vs. Coraspia
MD3: @ Free Tulas
MD4: Bye
MD5: vs. West Phonecia (39)
MD6: vs. Chromatika (10)
MD7: @ Coraspia
MD8: vs. Free Tulas
MD9: Bye
MD10: @ West Phonecia (39)

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but leave the severity up to me
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

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Postby West Phoencia » Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:34 am

Nation: The Confederate Kingdom of West Phoenicia
Trigramme: KWP
Team Name: West Phoenician War Dancers

Home Field: War Dancers Stadium; East Jackson; Jackson; West Phoenicia.

* Head Coach: Salvador Di Monti
* Offensive Coordinator: Adam Newport
* Defensive Coordinator: Simon Ford
* Special Teams Coordinator: Christopher Wilkins
* Head Trainer: Adam North

* Quarterback: Jake Mars
* Quarterback: Marc Okinawa
* Halfback: Ryan Adopto
* Halfback: Thomas New
* Fullback: Brad Hollow
* Fullback: Chris De Greene
* Wide Receiver: Francisco Deb
* Wide Receiver: Matthew Pont
* Tight End: Stephen Sylvester
* Tight End: Adrian Brown
* Left Tackle: Skyler Falls
* Left Tackle: Alamain Truman
* Left Guard: Jesse Lansano
* Left Guard: Barry Sidney
* Center: Noah Ponds
* Center: Lester Nevero
* Right Guard: Heinrich Germania
* Right Guard: James Floral
* Right Tackle: David De Lucci
* Right Tackle/DT: Marcus Bronte

* Left End: Kyle Wannamaker
* Left End: Daniel Jozefred
* Defensive Tackle: Bobby Prince
* Defensive Tackle: Kevin Sturgess
* Right End: Vic Nalpontaro
* Right End: Richard Dye
* Left Outside Linebacker: Daniel Schmidt
* Left Outside Linebacker: Mal Tutus
* Middle Linebacker: Titus le Angelo
* Middle Linebacker: Ivan Strauss
* Right Outside Linebacker: Matthias Lexington
* Right Outside Linebacker: Wyatt Storme
* First Safety: Paul Claycourt
* First Safety: Evan Diamond
* Second Safety: Custer Alamo
* Second Safety: Amos Redwing
* Cornerback: Josh Tinkler
* Cornerback: Cooper Tinkler

* Kicker: Ray Piktaro
* Kicker: Van Noc 
* Punter: Ali Mustafa
* Returner/RB: Curtis Lemon
* Gunner: Guy Guise
* Jammer: Saul Rosenberg
* Upback: Christian Davies

* Quarterback: Tyler Sharpe
* Center: Brady McAllister
* Wide Receiver: Santino Parvalleo
* Wide Receiver: Roberto El Doro
* Defensive Tackle: Paul Wisecox
* Defensive Tackle: Jefferson Bloomberg
* Cornerback: Mason Phillipe
* Kicker: Asam Harshem
* Punter: Marcello Love
* Returner/FB: Justin Bambino

Angel Van Baroda
Missy Willis
Babs McLebbs
Tia Sun
Mandi Healer
Elaine Towers
Kylie Towers
Di Musk
Rowena Roxpark
Tanya Petal


MD1: Bye
MD2: Chromatika
MD3: Coraspia
MD4: Free Tulsa
MD5: Consumar
MD6: Bye
MD7: Chromatika
MD8: Coraspia
MD9: Free Tulsa
MD10: Consumar

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
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Grid Corps XXX

Postby Drawkland » Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:50 am


Name: Grid Corps
Colors: Black with Crimson trim
Denonyms: Drawkian or Drawkish, personal preference
THIRD World Bowl
Manager: Sam Willis
Head Coach: Quentin Averfel
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[AC] August Harman
[O] Alex Gerhardt
[D] Mathis Southers
[ST] George Lindholm

After decent success playing and hosting last edition, Drawkland's Grid Corps is ready to go at it again and hopefully penetrate deeper into the playoffs next time. As far as the schedule goes, it's expected that Abaja will be the biggest challenge to the Corps, but barring upsets, a playoff appearance should be surefire.

Priority is from top to bottom.

15 QB Dak Waterman 7'5" 240 Drawk Corps
17 QB Trace Hayes 7'8" 257 Waxton Pilots

37 RB Bennett Morgan 7'10" 265 Ducentu Glassmen
33 RB Antonio Anders 7'6" 251 Drawk Corps
34 RB Dmitri Sallangs 7'8" 261 Rejaka Fillies
38 RB Robert Lim 6'11" 212 Cove Port Galleons

42 FB Dominic Bishop 7'3" 234 Corinth City Lances
47 FB Darrell Stevens 7'7" 250 Quinnaber Vultures

89 WR Daniel Madison 7'7" 255 Dammenport Lightning
19 WR Michael Hughes 7'4" 239 Raikennax Stallions
87 WR Toby Miller 7'5" 246 Kayo Globes
12 WR Richard Anderson 7'11" 277 Metropolon Underrunners

88 TE Riley Hoyt 7'3" 232 Drawk City Lookouts
81 TE Kevin Hayes 7'2" 228 Metropolon Underrunners
85 TE Peter Ulric 7'6" 256 Hellenmack Flames

55 C Oscar Tatham 7'9" 280 Ridge Falcons
57 C Dwight Van Duren 8'0" 300 Elmanden Circuits

69 OG Zach Barber 7'7" 289 North Point Oaks
64 OG Brandon Erlander 7'5" 277 Esmereldane Pens
67 OG Tom Giles 7'8" 292 Endertown Obelisks

77 OT Jacob Stevens 7'8" 274 Delmore Headlamps
75 OT Jeff Royle 7'5" 269 Akkor Beach Gulls
72 OT John Christell 7'9" 283 Hessport Spiders

22 SS David Hallorton 7'5" 263 Lumaniton Phantoms
27 SS William Peers 7'7" 272 Cemmendy Hackers

25 FS Gerald Fairfield 7'8" 289 Shire-Port Corsairs
24 FS Wil Comso 7'8" 291 Darae-Sagut Drakes

99 DE Jordan Tomek 7'5" 307 Baribone Wyrms
95 DE Nate Henrisonn 7'8" 320 Cavson Clowder
98 DE Timothy Armstrong 7'7" 350 Yokare Lake Black Shrews
97 DE Leopold Cross 7'10" 300 Dalumar Thunder

90 DT Max Demetrio 7'3" 367 Cove Port Galleons
92 DT Lenny McNevin 7'5" 344 Corinth City Lances

43 DB Nikolace Wallace 7'1" 234 Ridge Falcons
48 DB Adam Washington 7'3" 244 Yokare Lake Black Shrews

30 LB Brice Morton 7'4" 243 Ducentu Glassmen
39 LB Edmund Synder 7'7" 267 Drawk City Lookouts
35 LB Keegan Masters 7'6" 256 Raikennax Stallions
31 LB Taylor Dedmen 7'9" 277 Waxton Pilots
32 LB Adair Van Canne 7'10" 281 Shire-Port Corsairs
29 LB Julius Fishman 7'2" 223 Kilnelm Garrisons

50 CB Chris Frasier 7'4" 228 Lumaniton Phantoms
51 CB Bernard Violan 7'3" 237 Xandek Whitecoats
54 CB Osman Oswald 7'6" 243 Dammenport Lightning
56 CB Carston Viccar 7'8" 259 Darae-Sagut Dragons

00 LS Eric Sanders 7'7" 255 Kilnelm Garrison
07 PK Matthew Watts 7'8" 259 Sadeg Claymores
08 P Jason McFarland 7'4" 245 Xandek Whitecoats

89 WR Daniel Madison returns Punts and Kicks

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Ye.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yeah.
RP Injuries to my Players: Sure.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Fine.
Godmod Other Events: Literally anything.
Style Modifier: +3
As far as these go, do anything except murder a majority of my starting line. You could bomb my bench and I could probably care less. If you think you're gonna do something major, TG first. If you want to collab on a storyline, TG me. Again, I'm up for anything.

The Grid Corps is a very aggressive team. Their defense is known for calling blitzes often, at least once per series. They use the 4-3-4 defense most often, but will sometimes opt for a 3-4-4 in risky situations, and on brief occasions, a 3-3-5.

On Offense, plays are called by the Quarterback for most of the game, unless the Head Coach requests the Offensive Coordinator to take over. For the most part, the Grid Corps opts for 2 WR, 2RB, and a TE. The Passing game is decent, but considering Drawkland's avid running culture, the Running game is top-notch. They usually use both at whatever discretion.

The Special Teams is only okay. Kicking isn't held to as high a standard as other skills in Drawkland, so it's a sort of weak spot for the Corps. Accuracy is quite good, making field goals a usual gimme, but power is rather lacking, meaning kickoffs and punts don't travel as far. It's uncommon, but the Grid Corps has been known to use fake punts in the past, due to a multi-talented Punter (Jason McFarland) who is decent at passing and a quick runner.

Kicks returned usually by #89 WR Daniel Madison.

This is the Grid Corps' second World Bowl (after placing 4th in their group last edition). It's a conglomerate of both All-Pro teams from the Focal and the Prime leagues of the FLD. Essentially, it's the best of the best of Drawkland. The Council of Athletes determines the best of each position and recruit them from each team. Teams which were in the Round of 16 in the FLD Playoffs that year can submit 2 players, other teams only submit 1.

As it can be determined from the roster, most Drawkian players are about a foot taller and a couple dozen pounds heavier than the average players of other teams. This is due to the evolution of the species, in the ancient times, required to grow taller to seek potential threats and to have longer legs to run faster. So, the team isn't made of 7 foot freaks, that's just how the average Drawkian looks (well, they're still 7 feet tall, but they're not freaks to us).

1) vv The New Telengana Rajj
2) BYE
3) vv Frenline Delpha
4) vv Taeshan
5) vv Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
6) vv The New Telengana Rajj
7) vv BYE
8) vv Frenline Delpha
9) vv Taeshan
10) vv Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
Further games dependent on whether or not we suck
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Postby Barunia » Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:08 am

The Sea Cows enter a new chapter, as they say goodbye to many of their original lineup. The original players were almost entirely drawn from the student body of Karl Marx University, and have since completed their degrees. Some have remained, and new faces have been recruited from KMU's gridiron program. The recruitment drives in other sporting areas continue to be successful.

The Barunian department of sports has taken the World Bowl seriously this year. They've set up a formal governance body for gridiron, moving the sport away from it's informal origins. One of the Barunian Gridiron Association's first actions was to select a squad to compete in the World Bowl. They elected to save money by allocating funds for a small team, just 30 players. However, the coaching staff were able to convince them to allow two more players, for a squad of 32.
As always, these players will double up positions in offence, defence, and special teams.

Barunia Gridiron Team "The Sea-Cows" WBXXX Roster

BGA Commissioner: Clancy Griffin
Head Coach: Ignatius Mori
Offensive Coordinator: David McCall
Defensive Coordinator: Elizabeth Brown
Special Teams Coordinator: Chris Ryall

Offensive Captain: Anton Dulwich
Defensive Captain: Marc DeLeon
Special Teams Captain: Josh Bell

(Positions marked * are a player's secondary position)
## Player Off Def ST
01 Keno D'Cunha QB -- Holder
02 Bill Holman -- -- Kicker
03 Josh Bell HB* -- Punter
04 James O'Neill FB* -- Kick Returner
10 Floyd Matthews WR -- Gunner
11 Chris Connely WR LB* --
12 Dane Evans WR -- Punt Returner
20 Roger Taylor HB -- --
21 Bryan Roberts FB -- --
22 Lane Edwards HB -- Gunner
30 Dan Mayweather -- S Jammer
31 Tim Bishop QB* FS --
32 Ben Smith TE* SS --
33 Ronny Marquez -- CB --
34 Shane Decastro -- CB --
35 Orlando Kendrick WR* CB --
40 John Lethbridge -- MLB --
41 Miguel Reyes -- LB --
42 Thomas Dawes -- LB --
43 Mitch Holt -- MLB --
50 Matt Lewis C -- --
51 Simon Korb C* DT --
60 Anton Dulwich OT DE* Long Snapper
61 Arbuckle Washington OG -- --
62 Riley Croft OG -- --
63 Ty Johnson OT -- --
70 Marc DeLeon OT* DT --
71 George Dulwich -- DE --
72 Kevin WIlliams -- DT --
80 Sam Green TE -- Jammer
81 David Yates TE LB* --
82 Will Freeman TE -- --

Barunian player numbers:
0-9 Quarterbacks/special teams;
10-19 Wide Receivers;
20-29 Running backs;
30-39 Safeties/corners;
40-49 Linebackers;
50-59 Centres;
60-69 Offensive line;
70-79 Defensive line;
80-89 Tight ends

Team Name and Kits
The team name is the Barunia Sea Cows, and take their name from the Barunian Sea Cow, or White Dugong, a rare Sirenian which is known to live only in the deep sea and coastal water around Barunia. Team kits utilise the three colours of the Barunian flag, with the helmets in yellow, a colour often associated with Barunian sports. Th distinctive white stripe flanked by two thin red lines on the flag is a dominant feature in the kit; it features on the socks, the side of the pants, the shoulders of the shirts, and down the centre of the helmet.

Play Style
The Sea Cows have a built a reputation as a difficult team to score against, with their games often low scoring affairs. A well-skilled defensive unit with some hard hitters has formed the bedrock of their success. Offensively, the Sea Cows will always favour the running game, with the team happy to drive the length of a field solely on rushes. Tight ends and H-Backs are widely used, and are often the favoured receivers of long passes. The Barunians have turned their inexperience with the game into unpredictability, and they are fully prepared to take risks (such as playing on fourth down) and crazy plays in an effort to keep the opposition guessing. The special teams unit is very good, and field goals are a common occurrence - to the point where kicker Bill Holman led the team in points scored at WBXXVIII.

Style mod. -0.5

Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, I choose the Severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby The New Telengana Rajj » Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:22 am

HEAD COACH - Naguban James
OFFENSIVE Coach - Joseph Carbone
DEFENSIVE Coach - Henry Dorrid


QB - Tomas Homas-29
HB - Jojo Baskar
HB - Antiporska Jovainacicd
LT - Gared Om
LG - Haoind Baala
C - Joanas Elmo - 28
RG - Barney David - 31
RT - Great Jackiedonma - 20
WR1 - Mynameis Jefforson - 22
WR2 - Halziakx- 27
WR3 - Jack - 24


DE - Baska Gud - 32
DT - Patrick Thom - 29
DT - Papa Dopu - 25
DE - Hakazan - 26
ILB - Vanoi Hala - 26
ILB - Avanish - 21
SS - Kartikeyan - 30
SS - Vishunu Bout - 23
CB - Shreyas Rockjo- 28
CB - Ganhor - 19
FS - Sidourth - 21

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Schottia » Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:37 am

The Leviathans of Schottia

World Bowl XXX

Team Info
Schottia are now almost unrecognisable from their BoI debut on the World stage, with what was then a side of aging semi-pros, now replaced with a group of highly determined young players. Obviously last year was a steep learning curve for the Leviathans, as they found that repeating their achievement in Quebec was not so easy. Their defeat to San Llera in the last eight probably was much more of a reflection on the side's current level, when looking at their performances over the last four or five years. This year there is obviously a fair bit less pressure on the players, but the competitive group of individuals will be all out for victory. Despite a tricky group, Schottia will be most people's favourites to progress, and only time will tell how far they can go in this tournament. While they are not going to be the bookies pick for the title, they are one of a handful of sides who could run Anglatia close.

Schottia have a hard attacking attitude to Gridiron, and that is largely the philosophy of the nation's domestic sides as well. Perhaps born from a lack of sophistication, and little experience in the sport at a professional level in their formative years, it has meant the game has evolved down those lines.

Top players in the current squad include: Rupert Kenny and Nathan Johnson, both currently playing in the AGL with Draakurr Mariners, and Ardryk Crimson Tide respectively, along with Attawapiskat Broncos' Quarterback Gabriella Alessi who was the team's shining-light when they lifted the title two years ago, putting in some incredible performances en rout to the final. In terms of SGL players to watch out for, wide receivers Mia Little, and Jack Stewart are pretty handy, the latter being the top touchdown scorer in the current side. Also 19-year-old left-guard Morris Faulkner is one of the best in the business at what he does, as is powerhouse tackler Alistair Ellan. On top of this, former rugby player Mark Tomkins-Brown, who has been with the side since the BoI, is extremely reliable at kicker.


Coaching Staff
Head coach: Lewis Patterson 42
Assistant coach: Steven Gregg 58
Assistant coach: Sarah Leighton 41

Offencive coach: Nick Farnmouth 62
Defencive coach: Phil Unbridge 40
Physio: Gary Thornton 65

Offence Line Up
QB: Gabriella Alessi, 25 | Image Attawapiskat Broncos
RB: Lucas Popescu, 30 | Image Handon Fire
WR: Mia Little, 24 | Image North Coast Sirens
WR: Hank Fitterman, 25 | Image Lammerton Hawks
WR: Jack Stewart, 21 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
TE: David Cowden, 23 | Image Belker Celts
RT: Sara Ofenski, 27 | Image North Coast Sirens
LT: Harry Grey, 24 | Image Port James Central
RG: James Clee, 23 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
LG: Morris Faulkner, 19 | Image Lammerton Hawks
C: Rupert Kenny, 22 | Image Draakurr Mariners

Defence Line Up
SS: Stephen Graham, 28 | Image Soessch Bats
FS: Archie Scott, 34 | Image Handon City
CB: John Rodgers, 27 | Image Gaspe Patriotes
CB: Stuart Tantalon, 34 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
OLB: Crius Lucious Vento, 29 | Image New Belfast Whalers
MLB: Alistair Ellan, 18 | Image Lammerton Hawks
OLB: Nathan Johnson, 23 | Image Ardryk Crimson Tide
RE: Roberto Di Ignasio, 25 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
LE: Howard Eccles, 20 | Image Handon Fire
DT: Jarron Fyul, 31 | Image Handon Fire
DT: Nasat Gibthi, 29 | Image New Belfast Whalers
Specials Team
K: Mark Tomkins-Brown, 33 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
P: Craig McLeod, 34 | Image Handon City
KR: Jack Stoitkov, 28 | Image Handon Fire
PR: Leon Caddie, 30 | Image Soessch Bats


Offence Line Up
QB: Gerry Bunton, 29 | Image Soessch Bats
RB: Nick Lovelle, 20 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
WR: Matthew Randolph, 23 | Image Belker Celts
WR: Nail Cornor, 26 | Image Handon Fire
WR: Kara O'Neil, 20 | Image Lammerton Hawks
TE: Bob Vydale, 22 | Image Handon Fire
RT: Glen Oldman, 20 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
LT: Meredith McEwan, 21 | Image North Coast Sirens
RG: Lachlan Donald, 23 | Image Handon City
LG: David Henson, 22 | Image Handon City
C: Lena Stevens, 20 | Image New Belfast Whalers

Defence Line Up
SS: Gemma Malcolm, 23 | Image North Coast Sirens
FS: Duncan McRoss, 25 | Image Handon Fire
CB: Gavin Dorite, 24 | Image Belker Celts
CB: Bryan Blackburn, 26 | Image Port Patrick & Granton
OLB: Pablo Deverto, 22 | Image Vormsi Vikings
MLB: Tom Nicks, 19 | Image Handon City
OLB: Owen Johansen, 27 | Image Handon Fire
RE: Daisy Longly , 23 | Image North Coast Sirens
LE: Ben Wilson, 28 | Image Handon City
DT: Tom Tin, 22 | Image Handon City
DT: Willy Perton, 26 | Image Handon Rams


RP Permissions

Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y Within reason

Style mod: +3

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Postby San Llera » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:09 am

San Llera World Bowl Roster

Name: San Llera National Football Team
Nickname(s): Rotino-Fish / San-Men
Demonym: San Lleran
World Bowl Appearances: 4
Head Coach: Xavier Pan
Assistant Coaches: Conrad Ferre, Dionis Viola
Best Finish: 2nd
Ranking: 5th
Style Modifier: 2
Everything you ever wanted to know about the San Lleran National Football Team (A bit outdated)

(Starters in larger letters)
Agusti Basso - 32 years old - Has an incredibly strong and accurate arm, but sometimes makes poor decisions. Played well in the last World Bowl.
Enric Terranova
Gonzalo Bambalone

Normando - 34 years old - Downhill rusher and San Llera's best weapon; has lots of strength but lacks in speed
Aleix Dedencha
Ignasi Malmo

Leo Gasado (Doesn't start) - 25 years old - His body could fill out a bit more, but Gasado is a useful weapon on short yardage plays

Octavius Llena - 31 years old - Tall, strong receiver who catches most balls thrown near him
Dak Delle Valle - 32 years old - Fastest player on the team but hands are subpar
Ricard Salva - 29 years old - The best receiver, with decent hands and excellent route running and yards after catch ability
Frederic Ardeval
Ramir Bru

Exeter Segura - 23 years old - Very fast for a tight end and has solid hands, although is a bit wasted when blocking
Lluis Mora
Rafael Galceran

Xavier Llana - 32 years old - Excellent footwork and physicality, does a goofed job protecting the blind side
Francesc Mascaro

Xavier Moster - 36 years old - Strong and an excellent run blocker, but lacks in pass blocking.
Robert Villardel

Josep Mariova - 32 years old - Incredibly dirty

Aaron Gonia - 34 years old - Very fast for an offensive lineman, although agin
Andreu Navas

Lleo Chara - 34 years old - Consistently adequate
Flavio Chara

Denis Chara - 30 years old - Quick; can get around opposing tackles; brother of Flavio and Lleo, cousin of Marco. Has blossomed into perhaps San Llera's best defensive player.
Marti Avello

Marco Chara - 33 years old - 370 pounds of pure physicality
Oscar Maura - 26 years old - A bit undersized, but has excellent footwork and surprising strength
Xavier Parret
Oscar Maura

Enric Parrella - 27 years old - Uses his length to bat down balls thrown by opposing QB's
Reginald Arballo

Cecil Dinson - 33 years old - Very adept at sacking the quarterback but is sometimes forced to cover receivers, which he is poor at
Lluc Ferra

Adam Lamarca - 30 years old - Very smart, has good tackling form
Ignasi Blanca

Emilio Carpinella - 31 years old - Very dirty player
Carles Prada

Dionis Della - 31 years old - Very physical within 5 yards
Tomas Guardiola - 29 years old - Has excellent instincts, always knows where receiver is and where the quarterback is looking
Antonio Anando
Conrad Gregori

Emilio Vela - 32 years old - Very athletic but tends to make stupid plays
Miquel Rado

Enric Paldo - 25 years old - Reliable in coverage, makes a lot of tackles for a safety
Sergi Parella

Martini Prado - 36 years old - Very accurate but cannot kick long distances

Martini Prado - 36 years old - See above

Do anything except kill a player
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Postby Ethane » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:37 am

Ethane Red Kites Roster to the World Bowl XXIX Edition

Head Coach: Giorgio Ferraro
Offensive Coordinator: Sam Hepworth
Defensive Coordinator: Nicola Salvi
Special Teams Coordinator: Arthur Washington

Colours: Red and Purple

Quarterback: Christopher Stewart
Quarterback: Michael Parker
Quarterback: Christopher Stewart
Halfback: Jerry Lawrence
Halfback: Tyler Chapman
Fullback: Samuel Bell
Fullback: Laurence Conner
Wide Receiver: Jack Mason
Wide Receiver: George Allen
Wide Receiver: Muhammad Lewis
Wide Receiver: Tyler Chapman
Tight End: Bradley Wood
Tight End: Sebastian Morris
Left Tackle: Bradley Robertson
Left Tackle: Aidan Cox
Left Guard: Evan Patel
Left Guard: Jacob Wood
Center: Dominic Young
Center: Frederick Butler
Center: Gabriel Powell
Right Guard: John Kennedy
Right Guard: Scott Stevens
Right Tackle: Ramiro Santos
Right Tackle: Ciprian Bodescu

Left End: Calvin Newman
Left End: Sherman Blake
Defensive Tackle: Stewart Hamilton
Defensive Tackle: Paul Gordon
Defensive Tackle: Frank Pittman
Defensive Tackle: Timothy Jordan
Right End: Jonathan Tyler
Right End: Hernando Moreno
Left Outside Linebacker: Lowell Turner
Left Outside Linebacker: Adam Ciupe
Middle Linebacker: Darnell Reid
Middle Linebacker: Lyle Dunn
Right Outside Linebacker: Arthur Farmer
Right Outside Linebacker: Valentin Stein
First Safety: Loren Owen
First Safety: Trevor Swanson
Second Safety: Arian Celan
Second Safety: Matthew Freeman
Cornerback: Darren Walker
Cornerback: Rudolf Domokos
Cornerback: Sam Hogdson

Kicker: Lucas Walker
Kicker: Marshall Hudson
Kicker: Daniel Conner
Punter: Florin Maican
Punter: Peter Evers
Returner/RB: Ray Chapman
Returner/FB: Johnny Davidson
Gunner: Brian Williamson
Jammer: Lewis Black
Upback: Jordan Wauters

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (TG me once you've done it, I decide the length)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Style Modifier: -5
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Postby Anglatia » Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:46 pm

OOC: This is a bit of a prelude to the events of my World Cup RP... You'll get a look for the first time at what goes on in the Anglatian capital.

Part One

It all started with a video. Anglatia’s entirely new team for their World Bowl title defense started with a video that made Emperor Colden of Kaine declare that the Empire could win without Cara Devlin. That video has been posted to Ross based social media site Anglanet, and it had over ten million views in the first week of being uploaded. It’s title? ‘So long and thanks for the ring’.

The video was apparently recorded after Devlin’s latest arm surgery. In it, she talked about how her arm was still giving her trouble, and she announced her early retirement after playing four games in the Imperial Gridiron League for the Lane Owls before ending her season early because of her injuries. Her retirement would have been fine by everybody, if it wasn’t for the fact that she(along with everyone else on the team) had signed a contract with the Emperor saying that she would play for three full seasons for the national team in exchange for the early citizenship.

Within days, the video divided the nation. Technically, Devlin should have been arrested for breaching her contract. But Colden wouldn’t dare arrest a national hero, who had left the country to a major trophy in their first attempt in the competition. Not only was Devlin a national hero, but her four games with the Lane Owls had done more for the IGL’s popularity than the past two years of advertising had been able to do.

However, Emperor Colden wasn’t one to be defied. The young man knew that a strong ruler needed to project authority, in all things. He couldn’t just let Devlin break her contract without trying to keep her. Two days after the video was released, Colden released an ultimatum stating that the entire national gridiron team was suspended until Cara returned to her position. Her reaction? She told Colden to go fuck himself, and said that her teammates would stand by her.

In a week, all of the work that had been spent winning the World Bowl had been undone. Under normal circumstances, the Emperor would look like a fool because of this. But these weren’t normal circumstances. The sixteen teams of the Imperial Gridiron League were putting on an amazing show this season, and ratings were at an all time high, surpassing the popular Liga Elite and also the Imperial Hockey League in both attendance and viewership on TV. Going into the last weeks of the season, everyone could see that maybe Anglatia didn’t need to rely on their imported talent. They had some talented players in their backyard, and the IGL showed that clearly.

The playoffs would show who the real stars were, and would make or break the chances of certain players for making the new national team. The performance of these stars would also make or break Emperor Colden’s popularity among gridiron fans, after he took the biggest fan favorite away from the national team. The twentieth season of Anglatia’s domestic league would be interesting for sure, but nobody could predict that it would have impact on a top ranked national team. If the stars of the new national team performed like the top players that they were, it would ease the concerns of the fans who were complaining about Devlin being gone. But it would, of course, be much more complicated than that.


Before the playoffs could begin, week sixteen would begin with what was essentially a play in game. The top half of the league made it in, and the Underfell Surge would make it in with a win against their archrivals, the Calovice Razors. Everyone penciled them in for a win, but it wasn’t looking like those predictions were right. There were two minutes left, and the Surge were down 21-23 at the two minute warning.

The biggest contender to replace Devlin at quarterback was Jani Koivu, who led the Surge and the league in passing yards with over four thousand yards, and in passing touchdowns with forty three. Koivu was also more than a pocket passer. He was skilled at making time for throws and rushing in the red zone, too. In a way, he was like Devlin, if she was larger and more physical.

“Thirty one Ghost, vert flanker flare, h-slant, on two,” Koivu announced to his team, calling out the play. The Surge ran to the line, and their opponents met them at the fifty yard line. As the linemen got into position, there was some trash talking going on.

“You ready to go down and out of the playoffs?” asked the defensive end, getting into the two point stance and leaning towards the line of scrimmage.

Koivu grinned and took three steps from behind the center. One of the Razors linemen tried to call out his cadence, but that lineman didn't know that they were using a silent count. Koivu stomped his foot twice once and then clapped, and the center snapped him the ball and took the defense by surprise. The defensive ends both got pushed to the side by the tackles, and there was a good amount of room to move around in the pocket. Koivu pump faked to the right side, before hurling the ball deep to his favorite receiver, D’Arcy Cook.

Cook hadn't been watching for the ball, but as he got separation on the nickelback about thirty or forty yards downfield, he turned and saw it arcing through the air in his direction. The pass was overthrown, but Cook kept running and spun on his heel to turn around and grab it before it could hit the ground. He landed on his back, and held up the ball to show that he'd managed to make the no look catch.

Koivu held up a fist to signal to the team that they needed to rush back to the line quickly, and he flashed a series of hand signals that told them to get into pistol formation. On the sideline, the offensive coordinator gave a second series of signals that had the exact play. The running back went into motion and took up the position of a second tight end, and Koivu stomped twice to start the play.

The ball reached his hands quickly and the running back was quickly blown off the line by a more athletic blitzing safety. Koivu ran backwards into the open field, before spinning to lose the safety and give himself some time, and then took four steps forward and made the same type of throw to Cook that he made last time. Both Cook and the DB went into the air for the ball, but Cook managed to tip it and then grab it before it could touch the ground. He landed at the two yard line, and it was first and goal.

Once again, Koivu ran back and everyone rushed to the line, this time in triple option formation. The Surge were now advancing towards the end of the stadium where their most passionate fans stood for the entire game, and as Koivu stepped up to the line, he could see just how much pressure there was on him. Everyone was watching, not just in the north end but in the entire stadium. They were all watching and standing, waiting for their hero to make a huge play to win them the game.

Koivu clapped and took the snap, but the pocket collapsed almost instantly, and he was forced to tuck the ball and run between the right guard and right tackle. In the open field, the safety was between him and the goal line, but he used a stutter step to throw the safety in the wrong direction, before taking three steps and diving into the end zone. It was a touchdown, and the Surge led with forty five seconds left in the game. The crowd was going wild, and Koivu and Cook both ran to the wall and leapt onto the ledge, waving their arms to pump up the fans in front of them. When Koivu jumped over the ledge and into the stand, dozens of fans rushed to the front row to get a chance to touch him.

The night air was freezing, but nobody felt it at that moment. “Touchdown, Surge! Your Surge now lead the game, twenty seven points to twenty three,” said the announcer, and the crowd roared. The field goal unit came out to kick the extra point, and it was good, giving them a 28-23 lead over their rivals.

As Cook walked back to the bench, he high fived most of the other members of the offense, and when Koivu got there, he slapped his quarterback on the shoulder pads and knocked helmets with him. “We’re going all the fucking way this year,” he exclaimed, slapping Koivu’s helmet in his excitement. “Which one of us is gonna be the MVP today?”

“Let's wait till the game is done,” Koivu said with a smile, turning and watching the teams line up for the kickoff. “They're dangerous on returns, you know.”

Calovice was dangerous indeed. Their returner was a small and fast receiver named Mateo Cernovich, and he received the ball at the twenty yard line and took off as soon as his blockers were in position. He juked out of one tackle and burst through an opening on the left side of the field, and was in the open field and in position to score a touchdown if the kicker couldn't get to him. Eventually, the kicker did shove him out of bounds, but he was already at the thirty yard line. The last four plays of the game would be made much more interesting by the sudden big gain.

The Surge defense, led by defensive back Darien Blix, got into position to defend a five wide receiver set. The ball was snapped quickly, and all five receivers went vertical. The quarterback had to throw soon to avoid the edge rush, and the ball went short to be picked off by Blix easily, who was three steps closer to the ball than the intended receiver. The crowd went wild, and Blix rolled to his feet and spiked the ball in celebration.

Running the clock out by kneeling was the only thing left to do, and after two snaps from the backup, Jani Koivu came running back out for the last play. The clock hit zero, and the Underfell Surge were back in the IGL playoffs, even if it was just barely. Fireworks lit up the night sky around the AirValeria Arena, and media members instantly flooded the field to get interviews. “The final score is twenty eight points to twenty three, and it’s just another Surge victory!” the announcer said, and off in the distance, the Underfell Bank Building’s lights turned red to show that the home team had won.

“Jani, that was quite a comeback… What does this comeback say about your postseason intentions?” asked a reporter, sticking a microphone in Jani’s face.

“We want Ross!” Jani exclaimed, ripping off his helmet and shaking his hair out. “Watch for us to go all the way this year and upset the oddsmakers… There’s something special about this year’s team, and this is the last chance for anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon. We’ve disappointed our fans once, but we sure as hell won’t do it again, and you can quote me on that.”


Ross was an urban jungle of more than eleven million people, and so when the city demanded something, it was in everyone’s best interests that they got what they wanted. In this case, they wanted a championship in football, and Cassius Sparks and Jenna Santana could see that as soon as they got on the subway to take them to Bradford Road. Everyone was decked out in blue and white, even entire families, and everyone had on the logos of the Blue Wings. “You sure we shouldn’t have worn our colors?” asked Jenna, still unsure about Cass’ plan to get them into the biggest game of the season without tickets.

“Absolutely. I got the jerseys in my backpack. We’ll put em on when we’re in. For now, we’ve gotta look important. Although, if you actually looked like that sister of yours, they’d probably let us right in,” Cass remarked, referring to how Jenna Santana was significantly darker than her light skinned sister, who was a much bigger star than her. A number of fans wouldn’t even recognize Jenna if they saw her on the street, while Zahara could barely walk around the Empire without getting mobbed.

“I do look like her… Just-” started Jenna, looking down and sounding hurt.

“It’s not a bad thing that you two look different. I’d say it’s a good thing, actually. Your big sis makes me uncomfortable, but you? I like hanging with you.”

Jenna smiled, and the subway stopped at the last stop before they would reach the stadium. “Next stop, Bradford Road. This will be the last stop on the events line,” announced the driver, and the doors opened. Even more fans flooded onto the train, and then the doors shut when there was no more room. Jenna and Cass had to sit closer together to make room for others, and the slight reddish blush on Jenna’s face got deeper. “We’re almost there,” said Cass, noticing her claustrophobia. “You’ll forget all about this part once you see the stadium. It’s the best gridiron stadium in the Empire in my opinion. It might not be as large as the Steelworks, but the place turns into a cauldron of noise on gameday.”

The train quickly reached the Bradford Road stop, and Jenna and Cass finally stepped out and moved to the elevator that took them aboveground. In view was the massive stadium, dominating the sightlines and attracting attention from the surrounding neighborhoods. As it was getting dark already, the floodlights were lit, and the famous ‘ROSS BLUE WINGS’ sign on the facade was fully lit. Cass took Jenna by the hand and led her through the surrounding side streets until they found themselves on the opposite end of the main entrance. “Just follow my lead and act confident. That’s the most important thing. We’re going to walk right through the staff gate, but you can’t act nervous. Most of the staff are too busy letting people in to bother us, anyway.”

Jenna nodded, but she still looked nervous as Cass practically dragged her through the gate by the wrist. When they got strange looks from the actual staff members, Cass pulled out his phone and pretended that someone was calling him, motioning for Jenna to follow as he walked right past. He kept pretending to talk, as he went into a staff door and went into a hallway that led under the field and to the locker rooms. “Didn’t I tell you I knew what I was doing? You didn’t believe me, did you?”

“I’m just careful, that’s all,” Jenna said, looking around. “Let’s move on before we get caught down here.”

Cass started walking to an elevator. “Sure. Follow me.”

They went up to the very highest level, on the south end of the stadium, and exited into a packed concourse full of small shops along the walls. “Ready to get your mind blown?” Cass asked, pulling Jenna through a gate and into the standing room section at the top of the stadium. “Nobody is going to bother us about seating up here… We’ll move down to the Sandon End at halftime if there’s empty seats.”

“Woah,” Jenna said, her jaw dropping when she saw how high up they were and saw the field. The Lane Owls were finishing their warmup and running to the sidelines, and the Blue Wings were preparing to enter the field.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time once again… Football night, at Bradford Road,” said the stadium announcer, and immediately, the sky was lit up by blue fireworks. “Taking the field now… Your Ross Blue Wings!”
The crowd roared, the Blue Wings ran out to the sight of blue flames, and Cass pulled on his jersey and handed Jenna’s to her. “You glad you trusted me?” he asked, as the players took a lap around the field.

“Of course,” she replied, hugging him. “I don’t know why my sister hates you so much.”

Cass shrugged and smiled slightly. “Eh, it’s a bit of a story. Let’s just say that I’m no saint. But I can say that I look out for my clients. Though I’d look out for you even if I wasn’t your agent.”

Little did Cass or Jenna know that across the stadium, in the box where some of the Imperial officials were sitting, business was being done that would affect the future of the Empire, or more specifically, the Church. It was business much bigger than football, but somehow, football was the perfect stage for it to be conducted in front of.
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Postby Ethane » Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:51 pm

It's a celebration

Cutoff - Match Day One
Cutoff will be delayed until 00:00 BST tomorrow (11pm UTC), to give more time to RP.
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Postby Ethane » Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:51 pm


Match Day One Scores

Group 1
Banija 130 Southern Democratic States
Averyickan City 010 San Llera

Group 2
Royal Kingdom of Quebec 30 Allamunnic States
The New North African Republic 09 Sheepish

Group 3
Thereisnogodistan 230 Qasden
Kaboomlandia 1620 The Independent Hazerls

Group 4
Ferkas 1627 The Fair Republic
Barunia 200 Fleurnordicia

Group 5
United States of Devonta 1024 Abanhfleft
Ethane 370 United Bermuda

Group 6
Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic 39 Frenline Delpha
The New Telengana Rajj 339 Drawkland

Group 7
Chromatika 1627 Cosumar
West Saintland 60 Free Tulsa

Group 8
Gregoryisgodistan 210 Islana Lunigo
New West Guiana 1017 Abaja
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Postby Schottia » Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:57 pm

On the face of it, it was hard to see how qualification could be any harder for the Schottian players. The world's eleventh ranked side Kaboomlandia, who had pushed them hard last time round - along with Thereisnogodistan, the side they defeated in the final two years ago. The days of Schottia being considered underdogs were long gone, as was any element of surprise that might have brought. During their run to the title in Quebec they had definitely caught a few of their opponents off guard, most notably Gregoryisgodistan and the Allamunnic States. However, it had been a very different story in Drawkland, where every match they played ended up feeling like a final, such was the resistance they were met with. This year they were going up against two sides with a big score to settle, and there was no way it would be easy. Whatever the outcome, they would find out soon enough, as their first match saw them take on Thereisnogodistan, after a bye on day one.

Lewis Paterson had seen a lot of changes to the Schottic side since he had started out as a player back in World Bowl XXV, most notably, he was now in the dugout as opposed to out there on the field. There had also been a lot more nations taking part in those days, fifty-percent more than here in Ethane. Back then their was no SGL, no Jack Stewart, Ally Ellan, or Mia Little - the poor sods even had to put up with him at quarterback rather than Gabbi Alessi, who was a marked improvement. In those days the side ranked 94th in the world had no fully-professional players, and those they did have were either too young or too old.

As Schottia's only Gridiron player, Patterson spent his entire career as a bit part player in the AGL. Back in those days the Allamunnic States had been un touchable, and it put the 42-year-old into nosebleed territory just thinking about the fact that the side he had started up with his bare hands were now ranked higher than his old heroes. That moment, two years ago, when they had beaten the Regulars 24-17 to make the final had been a pivotal moment in his life. Opposing coach Baeryk Vaalburger had been such an inspiration to him, and it presented him with one of those situations in life where you really don't know how to feel. To try and put that victory into perspective, it should be noted that almost every player in the Schottic side supported Allamunnic teams back then. Moreover, the sport was often referred to as Allamunnic Football in Schottia to differentiate between that and Association football.

This year was going to bring its own challenges for Paterson and his players. They would have to juggle the weight of expectations, while confronting some very difficult opponents. He knew his side weren't the biggest pack out there, but in terms of pace and handling, they had the edge on the majority of them. This meant that they were certainly not the strongest side defensively, especially compared to other top sides such as the Gridslaves, or the Regulars, but they could hit very hard on the offence, and were especially dangerous on the breakaway. What Schottia did, they did very well, and if everyone in the team played at their best, he knew they could beat any side in the world with a bit of luck.

Patterson still had much of his World Bowl XXVIII side in place, and had gone with a very settled squad of players. Players like Alessi, and John Rodgers both now had experience playing overseas in Quebec, something which would hopefully stand them in good stead. He also had Lammerton Hawks wonderkid Morris Faulkner at left guard, the teenager had already been named in the SGL team of the year, and was widely considered the league's best in that position. Patterson was excited to see how he would do alongside their already impressive front line of James Clee and big Rupert Kenny. With a smaller quarter back in the form of Alessi, and small, quick running back Lucas Popescu, the guards took on a whole now level of importance. In the beginning it had been down to necessity, with a less technically able playing squad, but now quick attacking moves and team selections based on pace were a norm for Schottia.

With Schottia possibly in something of a false position in terms of rank, it was hard to say what a good showing here in Ethane would entail. The wintery conditions in Quebec had been a great leveller the year Schottia had lifted the title, and much of their ranking was still held up by that. The small legion of fans back home would definitely be horrified should they fail to qualify from the group (even with a tricky draw), but Paterson felt he could probably get away with anything other than that. Once you were in the play offs the whole thing was in the lap of the Gods, and there would be nothing left to do but throw themselves into every match and hope for the best.

The first round of fixtures had shown that the higher ranked sides were not invincible, and Kaboomlandia's defeat at the hands of the unranked Independent Hazerls would have to go down as a warning shot for the Schottians. Furthermore, an impressive 23-0 win for Thereisnogodistan over Qasden proved that their run to the finals two years ago was no flash in the pan, meaning Paterson's side will definitely be given some food for thought.

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Postby Abanhfleft » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:12 am

National American football team

Abanhfleft returns to the World Bowl after deciding to not participate in last year's World Bowl XXVII, held in Cosumar, in honor of the victims of Air Abanhfleft Flight 5116. Now with a new team assembled, Abanhfleft will seek to start fresh with a new squad, a new coach, and new inspirations in the memories of the 25 members of the national American football team who were among those who died in Flight 5116. This new team made it as far as the playoffs in Drawkland before new boys The United States of Saints swept aside this new-look team. Now the boys are back for more, and they're laughing because the Saints didn't make it and they did.

Name of nation
: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Official history: This will be Abanhfleft's third time playing the World Bowl after the disaster that was the crash of Air Abanhfleft Flight 5116 in Electrum. This is Abanhfleft's sixth time participating in the World Bowl overall.
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +2. Abanhfleft has adopted a new, more conservative attacking style of play under new coach Marius Magnussen.

The Amado Isauro-Imponte Garden in Kammala, Garufaloe Province, home of the Garufaloe Cobras of the FNLAF, will be playing host to the Fleftic national gridiron team's home matches. It has an official capacity of 51,000 people, but attendance regularly exceeds that figure thanks to a rabid fanbase, and people preferring to stand up or sit on the stairs whenever capacity is filled.

: (Shirt number, height, weight in pounds, age, starter or not)

Quarterback - Radomel Santos (#54, 5'8", 176, 31, Starter)
Quarterback - Chadwick Ramirez (#29, 5'11", 200, 23)
Quarterback - Cornelius Menard (#14, 6'1", 213, 31)
Fullback - Von Colone (#2, 6'0, 212, 25, Starter)
Fullback - Sylvester Slattery (#12, 5'8", 170, 28)
Tailback - Dimitri Faure (#18, 5'5", 179, 28, Starter)
Tailback - Virgilio Evans (#75, 5'9", 189, 20)
Wide Receiver - Uranus Sanidor (#7, 5'9", 204, 30, Starter)
Wide Receiver - Saddam Hussain (#4, 6'0, 230, 25, Starter)
Wide Receiver - Jeremy Lacazette (#51, 6'1", 209, 22)
Wide Receiver - Jerry Grissom (#59, 5'8", 193, 34)
Tight End - Oren Makkabi (#47, 5'10", 188, 27, Starter)
Tight End - Arnold Wood (#44, 5'11", 203, 26)
Tight End - Lewis Hilton (#5, 6'0", 227, 27)

Center - Francisco Dalangin (#89, 5'6", 165, 29, Starter)
Center - Reynaldo Merlino (#97, 5'8", 240, 26)
Center - Tony Ferrell (#34, 6'0", 250, 33)
Offensive Guard - Canuto Batobalani III (#3, 5'5", 172, 30, Starter)
Offensive Guard - Hoyt Baumgardner (#85, 6'6", 229, 24, Starter)
Offensive Guard - Kent Hertz (#25, 6'1", 234, 26)
Offensive Guard - Chuck Naylor (#76, 5'9", 209, 30)
Offensive Tackle - Rudolph Gomez (#24, 5'9, 210, 27, Starter)
Offensive Tackle - Richard Maynard (#93, 6'4", 244, 31, Starter)
Offensive Tackle - Otto Roseborough (#96, 6'2", 222, 27)
Offensive Tackle - Sheldon Lybrand (#56, 5'7", 218, 25)

Middle Linebacker - Eduardo Knuckles (#4, 5'9", 225, 25, Starter)
Middle Linebacker - Sydney Granato (#68, 6'2", 240, 25)
Outside Linebacker - Yaropolk Feofiliyev (#4, 6'4", 255, 30, Starter)
Outside Linebacker - Ali Abdullah Latif (#8, 5'11", 214, 30, Starter)
Outside Linebacker - Damien Tocci (#13, 5'6", 177, 20)
Outside Linebacker - Grant Teller (#8, 6'4". 243, 23)
Cornerback - Minh Duong (#86, 5'7", 201, 23, Starter)
Cornerback - Talib Wahhad (#15, 6'3", 222, 27, Starter)
Cornerback - Jorge Read (#44, 6'2", 225, 31)
Cornerback - Rene Thomas (#25, 5'11", 210, 24)
Safety - Marcelo Chia (#32, 5'9", 18, 24, Starter)
Safety - Junichiro Chosokabe (#38, 6'2", 292, 30, Starter)
Safety - Andre Alexander (#65, 5'9", 207, 26)
Safety - Woodrow Basel (#83, 6'5", 250, 30)

Defensive Tackle - Farrell Watley (#57, 5'7", 217, 28, Starter)
Defensive Tackle - Ray Verrier (#20, 5'8", 200, 26, Starter)
Defensive Tackle - Cyrus Farrell (#27, 5'11", 210, 24)
Defensive Tackle - Aurelio Oropeza (#9, 6'0", 206, 23)
Defensive End - Patrick Endrolfini (#22, 6'6", 301, 31, Starter)
Defensive End - Till Hartzberger (#38, 6'6, 314, 33, Starter)
Defensive End - Vaughn Welker (#26, 5'7", 208, 23)
Defensive End - Morgan Winn (#6, 5'7", 175, 23)

Kicker - Cleveland Hyneman (#36, 5'10", 156, 25, Kickoff specialist)
Holder - Radomel Santos
Punter - Uziel Ehud (#65, 5'8", 175, 29)
Returner - Talib Wahhad

RP Permissions
Anything except killing is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
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Postby Abanhfleft » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:18 am

(OOC: I'm posting a story about soccer-football and not American-football because I really want to get this out of my head and on the net. Enjoy if you dare.)

The Saga of All-Inclusive Haranguer F.C. 2, Part One

It had lasted three years, but eventually, like all dreams, the Premier League had to come to an end for All-Inclusive Haranguer. The club, which had been the only mixed-gender club playing throughout the Democratic Republic when they were promoted to the Fleftic Premier League in 2016, had made history when they had achieved that feat. And when they finished 10th in the league, their highest ever finish in the club’s history, this had inspired other mixed-gender clubs to enter the Fleftic league system, and even the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft were once again considering the possibility of fielding a mixed-gender senior team for the coming World Cup of Football after playing around with the concept four years before.

But everything could only go downhill after they had come so far and so high. For the 2017-2018 season, Haranguer finished in 14th position, and the season after that, they were finally relegated after ending up in 19th place. The team’s managers, the unprecedented duo of Tom Mereilles and Janine Fuller, had departed the club after refusing to sign a new contract to manage the Sand Tigers back to the Premier League, leaving All-Inclusive manager-less as they prepared to embark on their first season back in Abanhfleft’s Unang Liga, the second tier of professional football in the country. Finally, after protracted negotiations, Haranguer announced that it had signed Wallace Partridge, whose managerial credentials include Admiral Porcusces, Sporting Ceneisis, and Ludogorets Markovsky, on a long-term deal as its new manager.

Wally Partridge’s first order of business was to take a close and hard look at the team that he had inherited and determine whether they had what it takes to get back up to the Premier League in just one season. Everyone knows the players that Tom and Janine had brought in to the team that finally allowed them to go up for the first time in club history: Sutalen Desoka, Rory Edwards, Lasse Torson, Sam Gonza, Callisto Parra, Samantha Leroux, Gillian Lapointe, Roman Garley, and Kim Dong Jin. But the team that Partridge had inherited was now missing some of these names and for different reasons. Sutalen Desoka had retired from playing football, partly due to complications relating to his weight. Rory Edwards was not a permanent signing; he had been loaned by Riuwiee United to Haranguer while he waited to finally become a part of the Blue Tribesmen’s starting eleven.

Also, when Haranguer had gone back down to Unang Liga, other teams jumped at the chance to sign their players and provide them with top quality first tier football. Sporting Ceneisis Women signed Samantha Leroux for 20 million NS dollars to beef up its attacking unit and provide a source for goals whenever Allison Torres and Svenja Volksson hit their dry patches. Godric Wexler, ever the ruthless gatherer of youngsters, signed Gillian Lapointe to Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies for 5 million NS dollars to beef up the Lady Gunners’ defensive midfield alongside Fleftic national team regular Lea Choi. Kim Dong Jin was already rumored with a permanent move to Wanda Island Wanderers, and a number of clubs were reportedly interested in securing the services of Callisto Parra. Sam Gonza had also been linked to many clubs until he signed a new contract with Haranguer which ensured that he would be staying at the National Book Store Stadium for four more years while earning 60 thousand NS dollars per week.

All in all, Wally Partridge had inherited a promotion-capable team that had nevertheless been dismantled systematically by the top teams who had seen what these players were capable of and wanted them to do it for their own teams. He had many problems, but the most glaring one was the hole in defensive midfield. Haranguer had lost its two starting defensive midfielders, one due to retirement and the other due to a transfer to a more successful team. He needed two defensive midfielders and quickly. But where could he possibly get them? What use was the carte blanche to spend the money made available to him by All-Inclusive’s majority shareholder, popular Fleftic actor Dirk Ballinger, if he didn’t have the targets on which to spend it?

The good news was that there was one competition in which Partridge would be able to find the players that he hoped would suit Haranguer very well: the Di Bradini Cup, otherwise known as the Under-21 World Cup. Many a Fleftic team had purchased players from other countries based on their performances in the Di Bradini Cup, and some of those players had gone on to find fame, fortune, and trophies in Abanhfleft. One name in particular jumps right out to Partridge at this moment: Oliver Ganson. The Tumbran teen, just sixteen years old when he made his debut in the 37th Di Bradini Cup, had made such an impact for his team that, not only did he help the Blue Lions win third place, Ganson also won a move from non-league Ilcaster Town to Fleftic Premier League contenders Rosenpfelblatz City. Ganson ended up appearing in seven games for the Sky-Blues as they finished second in the Premier League and won the SFA Cup in 2018 during which he stepped into the shoes of Rosen’s first-choice striker, Max Fetfatzidis, who had come back from the Campionato Esportiva injured.

The reason why Partridge was recalling Ganson’s exploits in Abanhfleft was because he was watching Tumbra in the Di Bradini Cup today, and he could see another player from that country who could potentially make as big an impact for Haranguer as Ganson did for Rosenpfelblatz. That player was Luke de Coubertin, and he was a skilled defensive midfielder who could twist and turn his way out of a broom closet, a player which Haranguer sorely needed after Gillian Lapointe departed for the Monsanto Stadium. Lapointe’s experience playing in Kaboomlandia’s world-famous ultra-defensive national sides had also helped her learn the skills that had allowed her to be the ball-cycler to Sutalen Desoka’s ball-winner during Haranguer’s successful promotion campaign and highest ever finish in the Premier League.

Thinking about Sutalen Desoka made Partridge realize that he was also missing a ball-winning defensive midfielder for Haranguer this season. There were some such midfielders in Haranguer’s football academy, but Partridge had been given the mission to return to the Premier League this season, and he was also one of the managers who preferred to bring in outside help before calling upon internal reinforcements from the team’s reserves and academy to bring success to his club. But where was he going to find such a player? He had the money to spend on any player he liked, but all the money in world meant nothing if he couldn’t bring find the right player for the team, or if so-and-so didn’t want to play for a team in a country’s second tier of football.

Good news would eventually find its way to Partridge by way of foreign media. Because more and more Fleftic players were finding their way to Anglatia’s leagues and vice versa, people were paying closer attention to the Anglatian media to keep an eye on their favorite players and teams in the country. It was through this that Abigail Papadiamantopoulos was brought to Wally Partridge’s attention, and he was surprised that she hadn’t attracted his attention much earlier. For one, she was another defensive midfielder, and her height was six feet and eight inches, a veritable skyscraper in a country where being just six feet was already considered tall. And, judging by the footage and highlight reels of her available on the Internet, Abigail was a midfield bully on par with the Beast of Copper Cuprum, almost. No one could beat Sutalen Desoka in terms of being a ball-winning midfield bully, but Abigail Papadiamantopoulos does come very close to his level.

Wallace Partridge now has his transfer targets, and all he needed to do was to pay what was needed to bring them to Haranguer. He waited until the conclusion of the Di Bradini Cup to approach the players and their teams, and that was when he got his second stroke of good luck. Both Coubertin and Papadiamantopoulos were available for free; Coubertin because he was a free agent, and Papadiamantopoulos because she was playing non-league and had been made available by her club. A few questions immediately popped into Partridge’s mind because of this: how could these two obviously greatly skilled young players be a free agent and playing in non-league? The mystery of the Anglatian non-leaguer was a little more explainable than the Tumbran free agent, at least to Partridge’s pragmatic mind: there were many people who were content with playing in the so-called “non-league”, the tiers of football in which professionalism was not really a thing. Many a famous player did start in non-league, but for every one of them that made it big, there were probably about four more players who stayed in non-league and were quite happy to do it. As for Coubertin, could there be a reason why he preferred to be a free agent, never really sticking with one club or the other? Partridge guessed that he would find out soon.

All-Inclusive Haranguer unveiled their first signings of the 2019-2020 season, Luke de Coubertin and Abigail Papadiamantopoulos, in front of a small crowd of fans and media at the National Book Store Stadium. The details of their contracts were not made public, but Partridge knew that both of them were going to be paid 5 thousand new penenks per week for the rest of their five-year contracts. It probably didn’t seem much, but Partridge had to take into account that they were both not yet proven in a fully professional league, and if either one of them or, God forbid, both of them couldn’t adapt to Abanhfleft’s leagues, then Partridge didn’t want to have flushed thousands of new penenks down the drain just like that. Buying players for a club was just like investing in a business after all: there’s always an element of risk, and the investment could either pay off big time or make a hole deeper than a black hole.

There were still other gaps in the squad for Wallace Partridge to fill, but for the moment, he was satisfied with the two signings that he had made. There was always room for more improvement and more signings though. He would never ever forget that fact.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
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Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:28 pm

Gregoryisgodistan 21–0 Islana Lunigo

"Good evening, and welcome to Gregoryisgodistan for today's World Bowl opener between Gregoryisgodistan's glorious Grid Slave and Islana Lunigo's losers. Islana Lunigo is too lazy to even submit a roster, so we don't know their names and will make up mean ones.

"Anyway, Gregoryisgodistan has won the coin toss and deferred, so Mathematics Teacher 2737ASH will kick off to Lala Potatohead to start this one. He does, and Potatohead will kneel in the end zone for a touchback. It comes out to the 20.

"Clownface Trumplethug is over center to start. He takes the snap and drops back to pass. But the Enemy Crushers plow through the O-Line like a knife through butter, and Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino whacks him at full speed at the 12 for a sack. What a hit. What a hit! And Trumplethug is knocked out cold and may be dead. Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino basically drilled him as hard as he could, right in the chest, then he fell backwards, his helmet fell off from the force, and his head hit the ground. The EMTs are coming on but they say he's dead and he'll come off in a body bag. On the very first play of the World Bowl, the Enemy Crushers have claimed their first victim. And now Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino is celebrating by burning 340 flags of Islana Lunigo. Wow! What a celebration!

"Anyway, we're ready to go again, second and 17, and backup quarterback Clonefaclowna Dumpy hands it off to Ugly Hippo, who is hit in the backfield by Enemy Crusher Yorgen von Streudel. He goes flying through the air, the ball pops loose, and Enemy Crusher Jorgen von Streudel picks it up, HE'LL RUN FOR A TOUCHDOWN! 6-0 GRID SLAVES! In the meantime, Hippo flew all the way into the stands, and now the Gregoryisgodistanis are smashing glass prune juice bottles in his face. Meanwhile, the Enemy Crushers will celebrate by running into the stands and crushing 693 visiting fans from Islana Lunigo. Wow! And the fans from this glorious country are cheering "Ole!"

"The PAT is good, it's 7-0 Grid Slaves.


"3:02 left in the first quarter, and Dumpy drops back to pass from the 30, and is cloberred by Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino for a 9 yard loss. And now it's second and 19 from the 21. Hippo drops back to pass again, drilled and stripped, by, who else, Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino! And while Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino finishes crushing Hippo, Enemy Crusher Jurgen von Streudel will pick it up and run for a touchdown! 13-0, and with the PAT, it will be 14-0!


"6:03 second quarter, and with the two quarterbacks dead, Islana Lunigo has to use their punter as a quarterback, it's Smellypants Pantyhose dropping back from his own 9, and he's hit as he throws, right into the chest of Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino! 20-0! And now the Enemy Crushers are celebrating by crushing the entire Islana Lunigo team except 11 players, all kickers and punters, because they know they need to keep 11 alive so it's not a forfeit. And now those players are fighting with the Enemy Crushers and the other players join in! And now the Enemy Crushers run into the stands and crush the remaining Islana Lunigo fans while the remaining Grid Slaves set the bodies on fire! And this is awesome! But oh nuts, there are lots of penalty flags. And the Enemy Crushers are crushing the refs for trying to stop them, alternate refs come, they'll be crushed too, third crew comes and the Enemy Crushers figure they got the point and it's fine. Let's listen in.

"All the Gregoryisgodistanis are ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct except the following - number 1, number 11, number six, number 44, number 14, number 3, number 24, number 51, number 34, number 23, number 59, number 52. Gregoryisgodistan is penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct, to be enforced on the PAT.

"So we're basically down to 11-on-11 unqualified players. But first, the PAT. It's good. 21-0.


"And now it's been very boring so far, and there's the final whistle. Grid Slaves win 21-0. And now the Enemy Crushers are pouring out of the locker room and crushing the remaining 11 Islana Lunigo players, who have outlived their usefulness. They'll need a new team next game. And now they're setting all the bodies on fire with flamethrowers, roasting marshmallows over them, and making smores. Even the commoners will join in, and here comes Lord Almighty Gregory to give them medals. He gets bows from all, and then a standing ovation. So do the players. This has been a great night, and hopefully the World Bowl only gets better from here!"
Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
IBS II Champions
Beach Cup IX Round of 16
World Indoor Soccer Championship 6 - 2nd place
BoI XIV Champion
IBS III Champions
WCoH 22 Round of 16
WB XXII 10th Place in Casaran, advanced to Round of 32
IBS IV host, champion
4th in WCoH 23
HWC 12 hosts
WJHC VI 2nd place,
CoH 60 4th place
WCoH XXIV Champs
CoH 61 Runner-Up
IBS VI Champs
IBS VII Champs
WCoH XXV 2nd Place
WBC 32 2nd Place
IBS VIII host and champs
WBC 33 Host/QF
WCoH 27 co-host and champs
WC 72 Qualifier
WBC 34 champs
CoH 67 Third place

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Postby Chromatika » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:39 pm

Chromatik National Gridiron Football Team
The Iron Legion

After the success of last World Bowl, where the Iron Legion went undefeated until the playoffs, the political situation has made it hard to get more players on board. Instead, the Chromatik Party sends the exact same players as last cycle. Here are the brave souls:

Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City, Chromatika (133,000)

Head Coach: Henrik Von Schroeder, 47, LVi, Qet Lynx
After leading the Lynx to the inaugural Chromatik Football League title, Von Schroeder hopes to echo the success in the international stage.

Assistant Coach: Kevin Newmann, 44, DIn, Chromatik City Cyan
After leading the Cyan to the second place finish, Newmann will be teaming up with Von Schroeder. The two are good friends as well as rivals, so complications aren't expected.

#    Pos   First       Last        Age    Height    Weight    Rank    Team                 
1 P Jeremy Duncan 22 186 cm 73 kg D In Brisara Juggernauts
6 K Harry Garner 26 192 cm 82 kg L Vi Qet Lynx
7 K Randy Head 30 198 cm 80 kg M Bl Chromatik City Cyan
8 P Ivan Stokes 30 176 cm 83 kg M Vi Staramara Angels
10 QB Anthony Rivers 25 209 cm 105 kg L In Chromatik City Cyan
12 QB Nathaniel Mercado 28 184 cm 98 kg M In Qet Lynx
13 QB Mark Rush 26 196 cm 98 kg D Vi Depri Lanar Turtles
15 WR Francis Armstrong 24 214 cm 86 kg L Bl Chromatik City Cyan
18 WR William Washington 27 206 cm 89 kg M Vi Brisara Juggernauts
19 WR Derrick Wiley 31 222 cm 88 kg D In Depri Lanar Turtles
22 CB Ernest Ashley 28 207 cm 82 kg M In Knetyohai Icebreakers
24 HB Leonardo Curry 33 186 cm 113 kg L Vi Depri Sanar Batallion
27 HB David McDonald 27 179 cm 106 kg M Vi Chromatik City Cyan
28 SS Earl Bass 24 195 cm 98 kg D In Qet Lynx
29 FS Jimmy Sawyer 28 197 cm 94 kg M Vi Brisara Juggernauts
32 FB Robert Harrington 33 180 cm 102 kg D Vi Depri Lanar Turtles
35 CB Maurice McLean 28 210 cm 91 kg M Bl Qet Lynx
39 FS Gary Farley 31 198 cm 94 kg L In Qet Lynx
41 OLB Timothy Clay 27 187 cm 92 kg M Vi Chromatik City Cyan
42 FB Alberto Dean 33 172 cm 100 kg D In Qet Lynx
43 TE Dave Blackwell 28 194 cm 98 kg L Vi Staramara Angels
44 HB Gene Stewart 25 184 cm 99 kg M In Brisara Juggernauts
45 CB Robert Stewart 29 210 cm 87 kg M Vi Chromatik City Cyan
47 SS Seth Hendricks 24 192 cm 89 kg D Bl Qet Lynx
49 CB Lester Russell 30 184 cm 91 kg D Vi Alnio Pirates
50 OLB Todd Snyder 27 176 cm 102 kg L In Brisara Juggernauts
52 MLB Troy Pace 26 182 cm 111 kg M Vi Qet Lynx
53 LE Jerry Young 33 186 cm 134 kg M Bl Depri Sanar Batallion
56 OLB Clinton Foster 31 192 cm 100 kg D Vi Chromatik City Cyan
58 DT Glen James 28 175 cm 125 kg D In Staramara Angels
59 MLB Jonathan O'Neal 26 163 cm 94 kg L In Depri Lanar Turtles
61 DT Barry Diaz 29 162 cm 112 kg L Bl Qet Lynx
62 RE Dwayne Flores 31 179 cm 124 kg L Vi Brisara Juggernauts
68 LT Clayton Randolph 27 186 cm 135 kg M Vi Chromatik City Cyan
70 LT Lester Townsend 28 183 cm 136 kg M In Qet Lynx
71 LG Johnathan Garcia 23 201 cm 138 kg D In Knetyohai Icebreakers
72 RG Dan Barnett 29 186 cm 142 kg D Vi Alnio Pirates
74 C Byron Sheppard 25 192 cm 154 kg D Bl Depri Sanar Batallion
77 RT Thomas Acevedo 31 186 cm 158 kg L Vi Qet Lynx
78 RG Jeffery Sweet 24 184 cm 143 kg L In Chromatik City Cyan
79 RT Jim Byrd 28 186 cm 156 kg M Bl Depri Lanar Turtles
80 WR Daniel Acevedo 29 179 cm 95 kg D Vi Alnio Pirates
81 WR Marshall Reese 26 212 cm 85 kg M Vi Depri Sanar Batallion
84 WR Brandon Bridges 26 210 cm 89 kg M In Qet Lynx
88 TE Neil Frye 31 196 cm 92 kg D Vi Chromatik City Cyan
89 TE Walter Bradley 23 187 cm 94 kg L Vi Alnio Pirates
90 OLB Steve Wilcox 27 182 cm 99 kg M Vi Qet Lynx
94 OLB Jack Davenport 22 191 cm 98 kg M Vi Brisara Juggernauts
95 DT Zachary Pena 28 181 cm 142 kg L In Qet Lynx
96 NT Howard McLaughlin 29 194 cm 154 kg D Vi Depri Sanar Batallion
97 MLB Michael Lynch 26 186 cm 85 kg D In Staramara Angels
98 LE Marvin Hernandez 24 184 cm 95 kg M Vi Alnio Pirates
99 RE Allen Griffith 28 174 cm 97 kg M Bl Qet Lynx

Offensive Coordinator: Liam Michels, 43, DBl, Chromatik City Cyan
Michels takes the helm of the offense after taking the Cyan to the Chromatik Bowl. At his disposal are some of the best offensive weapons of the nation.
Scheme: Spread

Chromatik Gridiron Football can be characterized by one word: CATCH. CFL doesn't have too many great running backs or quarter backs, but there are a wealth of talent in the wide receiver position to be considered. Those receivers will be the ones to lead the Chromatiks if they are to go anywhere. Even the running backs know how to catch the ball, and the ball is run on average no more than twelve times per game.

Starting XI:
QB Nathaniel Mercado
HB David McDonald
TE Neil Frye
WR Derrick Wiley
WR Brandon Bridges
WR Marshall Reese
RT Jim Byrd
RG Jeffery Sweet
C Byron Sheppard
LG Jonathan Garcia
LT Lester Townsend

Nathaniel Mercado is an average ball-thrower, but a very shifty quarterback who knows how to scamper around, waiting to make the play. David McDonald knows how to catch the ball as well as run, and is an excellent route-runner. Neil Frye is your average end zone threat, and a good blocker in those moments where some more protection is needed. Derrick Wiley is the tallest receiver on the team, and has massive hops to go along with his natural height, while Brandon Bridges uses his speed more often, and Marshall Reese is the route-running, possession-based receiver. Jim Byrd is a solid pass-blocker, while Jeffery Sweet provides reliable blocking up front; Byron Sheppard knows how to shift left or right as needed, Jonathan Garcia is a great run-blocker, and Lester Townsend is the most athletic on the line, knowing how to pivot on a moment's notice.

Key Substitutes:
QB Anthony Rivers
HB Leonardo Curry
FB Alberto Dean
FB Robert Harrington
WR Daniel Acevedo
WR Francis Armstrong
WR William Washington
TE Walter Bradley
RT Thomas Acevedo
RG Dan Barnett

Rivers is more of the in-the-pocket passer, and the backup. Leonardo is the downhill runner, while Alberto Dean is the blocking fullback and Robert Harrington is more of the down-the-field fullback. Daniel Acevedo, Francis Armstrong, and William Washington round out the stable of wide receivers, with Acevedo being like Wiley, Armstrong being like Reese, and Washington being like Bridges. Bradley is the second tight end if needed, although he's more of a blocker than Frye. Acevedo and Barnett are flexible linemen that know how to play almost any position along the line.

Most Likely to Score Short-Yardage: McDonald, Frye, Bradley, Reese, Bridges, Wiley, Mercado, Acevedo, Armstrong, Washington, Curry, Dean, Harrington.
Most Likely to Score Medium-Yardage: Bridges, Reese, Wiley, Washington, Armstrong, Acevedo, Frye, McDonald, Bradley, Curry, Dean, Harrington.
Most Likely to Score Long-Yardage: Bridges, Wiley, Reese, Washington, Acevedo, Armstrong, McDonald, Frye, Bradley, Curry, Dean, Harrington.
Most Likely to Fumble: Wiley, Acevedo, Mercado, Reese, Armstrong, Frye, Bradley, Bridges, Washington, McDonald, Curry.
Most Likely to Score by Running: McDonald, Curry, Dean, Harrington, Mercado.

Defensive Coordinator: Paul Limen, 46, LVi, Qet Lynx
Limen's defense allowed the least amount of points last season, and now he brings most of his squad, plus some of the league's best, to try to do the same.
Scheme: 4-3-4, Zone

The Iron Legion employs a 4-3-4 zone scheme, relying on its linebackers and backs to make plays out on the open field. That isn't to say that the linemen aren't any good; it's just that the Legion doesn't need them to do much, as the backers and backs cause turnovers. In Chromatik Gridiron Football, it's okay to give up points as long as you generate turnovers and give more opportunities for the offense to score.

Starting XI:
RE Allen Griffith
DT Zachary Pena
DT Barry Diaz
LE Marvin Hernandez
OLB Steve Wilcox
MLB Michael Lynch
OLB Jack Davenport
CB Maurice McLean
FS Gary Farley
SS Earl Bass
CB Robert Stewart

Up front, Zachary Pena and Barry Diaz provide some meat, with Diaz being the pass-rusher and Pena being the run specialist. Griffith and Hernandez provide lots of pressure from the sides. Steve Wilcox and Jack Davenport are excellent pass defenders, while Michael Lynch is a real run-stopping machine. McLean is the best deep-route covering player, while Stewart is really good at jamming receivers at the line. Gary Farley likes to cover tight ends or running backs one-on-one, while Earl Bass is the real defensive mastermind, going wherever he is needed.

Key Substitutes:
NT Howard McLaughlin
DT Glen James
LE Jerry Young
OLB Todd Snyder
MLB Troy Pace
MLB Jonathan O'Neal
FS Jimmy Sawyer
CB Lester Russell

Howard McLaughlin plays the nose-tackle position if the Iron Legion ever chooses to switch to a three-man front. Glen James and Jerry Young are run-stoppers who will be coming in if they are needed. Troy Pace and Jonathan O'Neal both know how to handle playing the middle linebacker position as well as a four-backer system. Jimmy Sawyer is an excellent nickle-back, while Lester Russell knows how to play the third corner if needed.

Most Likely to Intercept: Bass, Farley, McLean, Stewart, Sawyer, Russell.
Most Likely to Sack: Wilcox, Griffith, Hernandez, Pena, Diaz, Lynch, Davenport, Bass, Farley.
Most Likely to Cause A Fumble: Griffith, Wilcox, Hernandez, Lynch, Davenport, Bass, Farley, McLean, Stewart, Pena, Diaz.
Most Likely to Tackle: Bass, Lynch, Wilcox, Davenport, Lynch, Hernandez, Griffith, Diaz, Pena.

Special Teams Coordinator: Jeremiah Trotter, 47, MIn, Brisara Juggernauts
Trotter was famous for helping his punter be the best in the league.
Scheme: Conservative

Chromatika will almost always go for the one-point, and almost never go for onside kicks. They will try to kick the ball away from returners as much as possible, being willing to give up a little field position if that is required to make that come true. The returners emphasize holding onto the ball and not taking any unneeded risks.

K Randy Head
P/H Jeremy Duncan
LS Byron Sheppard
PR Daniel Acevedo
KR Marshall Reese

Randy Head has a powerful leg and decent accuracy. He can hit balls from fifty-seven out, or miss from forty. Jeremy Duncan is a directional sniper as well as the holder, and Byron Sheppard plays both center as well as long snapper. Acevedo provided sure-handedness for the punt returning squad while Reese provides the speed needed to be a kick returner.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes, but read my roster!
Choose Scoring Events: Yes, but read my roster!
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but I get to choose the severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No

Style Modifier: +4.75
Former User of the Nations of Yesopalitha and Falconfar

Regional Tournaments: 52 (2nd), 53 (4th), 54 (QF), 55 (Champions), 56 (Ro16)
WC Proper Appearance: 75 (Ro16), 76 (SF), 77, 78 (QF), 79 (Ro16), 80 (Ro16), 81 (Group Stage), 83 (Group Stage)
KPB Ranking: 36 (Post 85)

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Postby Ethane » Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:15 pm


Cutoff - Match Day Two
<drawk> If the entirety of the nation of Ethane was covered in a single cubic foot of Ethane on its surface, lighting it all on fire would cause a 5.44 megaton blast
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Postby Ethane » Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:37 pm


Match Day Two Scores

Group 1
Southern Democratic States 240 Averyickan City
West Phonecia 1036 Banija

Group 1                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Banija 2 2 0 0 49 10 +39 6
2 Southern Democratic States 2 1 0 1 24 13 +11 3
3 San Llera 1 1 0 0 10 0 +10 3
4 West Phonecia 1 0 0 1 10 36 −26 0
5 Averyickan City 2 0 0 2 0 34 −34 0

Group 2
Allamunnic States 230 The New North African Republic
Greater Vakolicci Haven 613 Royal Kingdom of Quebec

Group 2                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Royal Kingdom of Quebec 2 2 0 0 16 6 +10 6
2 Allamunnic States 2 1 0 1 23 3 +20 3
3 Sheepish 1 1 0 0 9 0 +9 3
4 Greater Vakolicci Haven 1 0 0 1 6 13 −7 0
5 The New North African Republic 2 0 0 2 0 32 −32 0

Group 3
Qasden 043 Kaboomlandia
Schottia 2720 Thereisnogodistan

Group 3                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Schottia 1 1 0 0 27 20 +7 3
2 The Independent Hazerls 1 1 0 0 20 16 +4 3
3 Kaboomlandia 2 1 0 1 59 20 +39 3
4 Thereisnogodistan 2 1 0 1 43 27 +16 3
5 Qasden 2 0 0 2 0 66 −66 0

Group 4
The Fair Republic 100 Barunia
Anglatia 449 Ferkas

Group 4                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 The Fair Republic 2 2 0 0 37 16 +21 6
2 Anglatia 1 1 0 0 44 9 +35 3
3 Barunia 2 1 0 1 20 10 +10 3
4 Fleurnordicia 1 0 0 1 0 20 −20 0
5 Ferkas 2 0 0 2 25 71 −46 0

Group 5
Abanhfleft 76 Ethane
Cheongji 1020 United States of Devonta

Group 5                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Abanhfleft 2 2 0 0 31 16 +15 6
2 Ethane 2 1 0 1 43 7 +36 3
3 United States of Devonta 2 1 0 1 30 34 −4 3
4 Cheongji 1 0 0 1 10 20 −10 0
5 United Bermuda 1 0 0 1 0 37 −37 0

Group 6
Frenline Delpha 267 The New Telengana Rajj
Taeshan 240 Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic

Group 6                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Frenline Delpha 2 2 0 0 35 10 +25 6
2 Drawkland 1 1 0 0 39 3 +36 3
3 Taeshan 1 1 0 0 24 0 +24 3
4 Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic 2 0 0 2 3 33 −30 0
5 The New Telengana Rajj 2 0 0 2 10 65 −55 0

Group 7
Cosumar 1724 West Saintland
Ficiscia 032 Chromatika

Group 7                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 West Saintland 2 2 0 0 30 17 +13 6
2 Cosumar 2 1 0 1 44 40 +4 3
3 Chromatika 2 1 0 1 48 27 +21 3
4 Free Tulsa 1 0 0 1 0 6 −6 0
5 Ficiscia 1 0 0 1 0 32 −32 0

Group 8
Islana Lunigo 203 New West Guiana
Nassau-Hessen 07 Gregoryisgodistan

Group 8                                   Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Gregoryisgodistan 2 2 0 0 28 0 +28 6
2 Abaja 1 1 0 0 17 10 +7 3
3 Islana Lunigo 2 1 0 1 20 24 −4 3
4 Nassau-Hessen 1 0 0 1 0 7 −7 0
5 New West Guiana 2 0 0 2 13 37 −24 0
<drawk> If the entirety of the nation of Ethane was covered in a single cubic foot of Ethane on its surface, lighting it all on fire would cause a 5.44 megaton blast
<Savalen> Only on NS Sport can watford or peach slices be a hop skip and a jump away from the EU referendum....

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