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International Domestic Lacrosse Newswires

PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:47 pm
by New West Guiana
International Domestic Lacrosse Organization

Welcome to the International Domestic Lacrosse Organization (IDLO).

This is the place to post all leagues, and any RPs patterning to it, for the premier season all associations are permitted to submit four teams to the Lacrosse Champions Cup, each user is allowed a maximum of one puppet and multi-associations leagues are granted four places, of which no more than three may be from the same association. As per IDLO rules, teams must qualify on sporting merit.

Corporate Sponsorship
For IDLO seasons 1-5, bidding is open for the primary sponsor of the Champions Cup.

  • Logos, though optional may not be any larger than 150 x 150 pixels, however exceptions can be made.
  • The name of the bidding company or product, preferably a single word or acronym.
  • (Optional) If the company has a storefront forum thread, a link to that thread.

Other Important Links: Current IDLO Rankings|Domestics Lacrosse Transfers|xkoranate|Lacrosse on Wikipedia

PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:49 pm
by New West Guiana
National Codes
BNJ   Banija
CHI Chiata
COS Cosumar
DAR Darmen
NKO Northwest Kalactin
SRX Seraxinbourgh
VLZ Velestria
WGA West Guiana

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:50 am
by New West Guiana
West Guiana Qualifiers (WGA)
Season 37 Final Table|NLL Playoffs and Championship
Champions Cup: Allison Bolts, Gemsbrook Eagles
Ultimate Cup: Zomni Gladiators, Waverly Falcons, Dalson Wildcats

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:38 am
by Chiata
Chiata (CHI) Qualifiers
Champions Cup: Southing, Gulf Coast
Ultimate Cup: Water Town, Yakitusk, Point de Clu

-------------------------Pld    W   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Southing 18 16 2 235 146 +89 48 Champions + Champions Cup
2 Gulf Coast 18 14 4 234 161 +73 42 Champions Cup
3 Water Town 18 14 4 226 155 +71 42 Ultimate Cup
4 Yakitusk 18 9 9 175 217 −42 27
5 Point de Clu 18 8 10 180 163 +17 24

6 Gulfville 18 8 10 166 181 −15 24
7 Peidimont 18 7 11 151 171 −20 21
8 Lee Town 18 7 11 163 208 −45 21
9 Biata 18 6 12 152 185 −33 18
10 Fiva 18 1 17 122 217 −95 3

Team P. Name Votes
1. Water Town D Alfonso Hill 23 MVP
2. Southing M Jared Allison 22
3. Water Town A Al Morten 21
4. Yakitusk A Fernando Phillips 20
5. Peidimont A Rogelio Weber 14

Matchday One
Water Town 19–9 Point de Clu
Fiva 8–11 Lee Town
Yakitusk 9–7 Gulfville
Gulf Coast 20–8 Southing
Biata 7–12 Peidimont

Matchday Two
Point de Clu 12–8 Peidimont
Southing 9–4 Biata
Gulfville 8–15 Gulf Coast
Lee Town 10–14 Yakitusk
Water Town 6–5 Fiva

Matchday Three
Fiva 0–17 Point de Clu
Yakitusk 11–20 Water Town
Gulf Coast 18–6 Lee Town
Biata 11–5 Gulfville
Peidimont 5–20 Southing

Matchday Four
Point de Clu 10–10 Southing (11–13 OT)
Gulfville 9–8 Peidimont
Lee Town 10–9 Biata
Water Town 9–18 Gulf Coast
Fiva 7–9 Yakitusk

Matchday Five
Yakitusk 8–12 Point de Clu
Gulf Coast 12–10 Fiva
Biata 4–9 Water Town
Peidimont 4–4 Lee Town (7–5 OT)
Southing 15–11 Gulfville

Matchday Six
Point de Clu 4–8 Gulfville
Lee Town 9–9 Southing (9–11 OT)
Water Town 10–3 Peidimont
Fiva 11–12 Biata
Yakitusk 14–18 Gulf Coast

Matchday Seven
Gulf Coast 9–12 Point de Clu
Biata 9–11 Yakitusk
Peidimont 12–3 Fiva
Southing 12–11 Water Town
Gulfville 13–13 Lee Town (14–15 OT)

Matchday Eight
Point de Clu 16–11 Lee Town
Water Town 15–8 Gulfville
Fiva 6–19 Southing
Yakitusk 11–9 Peidimont
Gulf Coast 16–9 Biata

Matchday Nine
Biata 6–12 Point de Clu
Peidimont 3–9 Gulf Coast
Southing 10–15 Yakitusk
Gulfville 12–2 Fiva
Lee Town 8–15 Water Town

Matchday Ten
Point de Clu 6–9 Water Town
Lee Town 7–6 Fiva
Gulfville 9–11 Yakitusk
Southing 17–10 Gulf Coast
Peidimont 9–10 Biata

Matchday Eleven
Peidimont 5–15 Point de Clu
Biata 7–10 Southing
Gulf Coast 9–6 Gulfville
Yakitusk 8–9 Lee Town
Fiva 7–8 Water Town

Matchday Twelve
Point de Clu 9–16 Fiva
Water Town 20–10 Yakitusk
Lee Town 9–9 Gulf Coast (9–11 OT)
Gulfville 10–8 Biata
Southing 9–4 Peidimont

Matchday Thirteen
Southing 12–9 Point de Clu
Peidimont 10–12 Gulfville
Biata 9–15 Lee Town
Gulf Coast 6–14 Water Town
Yakitusk 10–5 Fiva

Matchday Fourteen
Point de Clu 8–9 Yakitusk
Fiva 11–21 Gulf Coast
Water Town 17–11 Biata
Lee Town 6–11 Peidimont
Gulfville 7–13 Southing

Matchday Fifteen
Gulfville 10–5 Point de Clu
Southing 13–2 Lee Town
Peidimont 9–8 Water Town
Biata 6–5 Fiva
Gulf Coast 15–3 Yakitusk

Matchday Sixteen
Point de Clu 7–8 Gulf Coast
Yakitusk 9–18 Biata
Fiva 6–13 Peidimont
Water Town 3–12 Southing
Lee Town 9–11 Gulfville

Matchday Seventeen
Lee Town 8–7 Point de Clu
Gulfville 3–13 Water Town
Southing 17–5 Fiva
Peidimont 16–6 Yakitusk
Biata 8–6 Gulf Coast

Matchday Eighteen
Point de Clu 9–4 Biata
Gulf Coast 13–7 Peidimont
Yakitusk 7–15 Southing
Fiva 9–16 Gulfville
Water Town 20–13 Lee Town

All players are Chiatan unless specified
P. Name Age
A Eric Vargas 18
A Jeremiah Griffith 22
A Darrel Soto 19
M Lionel Burns 25
M Brandon Estrada 23
M Shannon Brady 21
D Clay Williamson 22
D Michael Reynolds 21
D Mack Little 20
G Darrell Willis 18

P. Name Age
A Felix Young 19
A Roosevelt Austin 19
A Ralph Craig 21
M Charles Owen 28
M Bradford Wilson 28
M Donald Boyd 23
D Brett Fuller 26
D Rickey Nash 21
D Shawn Valdez 28
G Aubrey Chavez 22

Gulf Coast
P. Name Age
A Dennis Pratt 18
A Alexander Hubbard 20
A Randall Sims 21
M Drew Lynch 23
M Victor Rodgers 21
M Geoffrey Armstrong 19
D Mitchell Thornton 19
D Eugene Simpson 26
D Randolph Dawson 26
G Alton Williams 22

P. Name Age
A Marshall Simmons 20
A Geoffrey Barnett 24
A Joel Ortiz 22
M Wilbur Morgan 22
M Rene Willis 19
M Terrence Morales 21
D Marion Barrett 24
D Jim Stevens 22
D Moses Alvarado 23
G Guillermo Aguilar 19

Lee Town
P. Name Age
A Jose Morris 23
A Jody Mclaughlin 25
A Dallas Freeman 27
M Jerald Abbott 27
M John Warner 18
M Nathan Gibson 27
D Hector Sharp 26
D Steven Bailey 25
D Charlie George 25
G Frankie Gomez 18

P. Name Age
A Jeremiah Dunn 23
A Rogelio Weber 24
A Benny Myers 26
M Amos Goodwin 25
M Felipe Hogan 24
M Ivan Wade 24
D Erick Sharp 27
D Eric Norman 22
D Sam Hayes 21
G Enrique Mcdonald 19

Point de Clu
P. Name Age
A Max Willis 27
A Kelly Ballard 21
A Lawrence Huff 23
M Allen Hernandez 26
M Robin Harrington 22
M Rodolfo Nelson 21
D Roy Gibson 26
D Terrence Turner 26
D Edmund Owen 19
G Nathaniel Goodman 18

P. Name Age
A Hugh Pearson 19
A Allan Casey 20
A Marc Simmons 24
M Jared Allison 28
M Saul Copeland 25
M Ed Perry 26
D Darnell Robinson 20
D Garry Allen 24
D Julian Gibbs 18
G Joel Cobb 21

Water Town
P. Name Age
A Curtis Thompson 18
A Al Morton 19
A Toby Walsh 22
M Erick Doyle 22
M Vernon Mcgee 19
M Manuel Pierce 20
D Everett Chandler 22
D Alfonso Hill 18
D Malcolm Williams 20
G Raymond Arnold 23

P. Name Age
A Wilbur Newman 21
A Micheal Wells 25
A Fernando Phillips 20
M Otis Young 20
M Roman Cohen 22
M Bryan Cannon 23
D Tyler Barker 19
D Courtney Dawson 24
D Jamie Woods 27
G Sean Richards 20


PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:50 pm
by New West Guiana
Roughly 1 and a half weeks till the deadline for IDLO, so get your teams in and any host finale bids.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 5:15 am
by Banija
Banija (BNJ) Qualifiers
Champions Cup: Herzegovina City Kings, Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club
Ultimate Cup: Vidizi Bulls, Busukuma Flyers, Luguyala Patriots

Final Regular Season Standings

Banijan Lacrosse League

All-Moravica final as the Vidizi Bulls and the Herzegovina City Kings advance from semifinal rounds

A Herzegovina Kings player celebrates a goal in game 3

Semifinal 1 Results (Vidizi Bulls win series 2-0)
Vidizi Bulls 20–4 Busukuma Flyers
Busukuma Flyers 9–9 Vidizi Bulls (11–12 OT)

Semifinal 2 Results (Herzegovina City Kings win series 2-1)
Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club 15–9 Herzegovina City Kings
Herzegovina City Kings 18–9 Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club
Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club 9–12 Herzegovina City Kings

HERZEGOVINA CITY- The Moravica conference is generally regarded as the stronger conference out of the two conferences. Simply because of their economic resources and population strength, but mostly because of the popularity of their sport in that region. Lacrosse is considered a growing niche sport in many parts of this country, but in Moravica, lacrosse is as popular as ever. That is why one region of this country has their own conference, while the rest of the country has another. Support for lacrosse is large in Moravica, and therefore, their teams are usually better, as it is easier to recruit in your own backyard.

That adage rung as true as ever. Nobody was shocked, of course, when the Vidizi Bulls swept the Busukuma Flyers, 2-0. It was clear who the better team was this entire time in that series. The Bulls came storming out of the gates, winning game 1 by a stunning score of 20-4. As the first game of the entire postseason, we don't think that anybody really saw that kind of beat down coming. While The Busukuma Flyers regrouped and left it all on the field in game 2, it was clear that the Bulls were too much for them, and a late game-winner in overtime punched the Bulls ticket to the Final.

The Herzegovina City Kings took a different path to the final. The Kings lost game 1 at the Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club. When they came back to Herzegovina City, they were able to regroup and actually win game 2, to force a do-or-die game 3 away from home. Against the regular season's best side, the Kings were able to win game 3 away from home, and set up a Final in Vidizi, which is a city just on the outskirts of Herzegovina City itself. We'll see who wins the big game, who can become Banija's lacrosse champion and, just as importantly, who can clinch the final Champions Cup spot.

Herzegovina City Kings win Banijan lacrosse championship on the road

Kings celebrate immediately after the final whistle

Vidizi Bulls 12–16 Herzegovina City Kings

VIDIZI- The Herzegovina City Kings have been crowned the champions of the Banijan Lacrosse League after their stunning 16-12 victory over the Vidizi Bulls in the Final. The Bulls, who were the Moravica conference champions and therefore had earned the right to play this game on their home field, were the favorites entering this matchup. Of course, with all the momentum that the Kings had from having to come back from a game down to win their series against the regular season's best team, Bunyoro RSC, anything was possible, and dreams came true today.

Of course, this has implications internationally as well. This means that, as virtue of being Banija's champion, the Herzegovina City Kings have clinched Banija's 2nd spot in the Champions Cup. And with the end of the postseason, Banija's three Ultimate Cup teams have been discovered- the Vidizi Bulls, the Busukuma Flyers, both courtesy of their playoff berths, and the Luguyala Patriots, as having the best record out of any non-playoff team. We here at this magazine give a massive congratulations to the Kings on achieving their goals, and best of luck to all the teams next season!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:56 am
by New West Guiana
As there were no bids for a finale site, the Champions Cup final will be held by default at Tiger Stadium(Cap: 78,000) Gemsbrook, FD, West Guiana. And as the above mentioned, there were also no bids for the Ultimate Cup final, thus will be held by default at Inesco Field, Allison, Alkoul, WGA.

First Champions Cup

Group A

Allison Bolts (WGA)
Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club (BNJ)
Gulf Coast (CHI)

Group B

Gemsbrook Eagles (WGA)
Herzegovina City Kings (BNJ)
Southing (CHI)

First Ulitmate Cup

Group A

Dalson Wildcats (WGA)
Busukuma Flyers (BNJ)
Point de Clu (CHI)

Group B

Luguyala Patriots (BNJ)
Waverly Falcons (WGA)
Water Town (CHI)

Group C

Zomni Gladiators (WGA)
Yakitusk (CHI)
Vidizi Bulls (BNJ)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:01 pm
by New West Guiana
First Champions Cup

Advances to Champions Cup Semi-finals
Advances to Ultimate Cup Qrt-finals

Herzegovina City Kings 2–16 Southing
Allison Bolts 16–14 Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club
Gulf Coast 12–12 Allison Bolts (13–14 OT)
Gulf Coast 5–12 Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club
Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club 18–5 Allison Bolts
Allison Bolts 10–21 Gulf Coast

* Tie breaker, Goals for.
Group A                       Pld   W  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 

1 Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club 4 2 2 52 38 +14 6
2 Gulf Coast 4 2 2 51 44 +7 6

3 Allison Bolts 4 2 2 45 66 −21 6

Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club 8–12 Gulf Coast
Gemsbrook Eagles 11–14 Herzegovina City Kings
Southing 15–14 Gemsbrook Eagles
Southing 17–7 Herzegovina City Kings
Herzegovina City Kings 18–2 Gemsbrook Eagles
Gemsbrook Eagles 8–12 Southing

Group B                       Pld   W  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 

1 Southing 4 4 0 60 31 +29 12
2 Herzegovina City Kings 4 2 2 41 46 −5 6

3 Gemsbrook Eagles 4 0 4 35 59 −24 0

(1) Southing (CHI) - (4) Herzegovina City Kings (BNJ)
(2) Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club (BNJ) - (3) Gulf Coast (CHI)

First Ulitmate Cup

Busukuma Flyers 12–19 Point de Clu
Dalson Wildcats 7–5 Busukuma Flyers
Point de Clu 19–8 Dalson Wildcats
Point de Clu 13–5 Busukuma Flyers
Busukuma Flyers 10–12 Dalson Wildcats
Dalson Wildcats 3–9 Point de Clu

Group A                    Pld   W  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 

1 Point de Clu (CHI) 4 4 0 60 28 +32 12
2 Dalson Wildcats (WGA) 4 2 2 30 43 −13 6

3 Busukuma Flyers (BNJ) 4 0 4 32 51 −19 0

Luguyala Patriots 13–15 Water Town
Waverly Falcons 11–10 Luguyala Patriots
Water Town 19–9 Waverly Falcons
Water Town 18–12 Luguyala Patriots
Luguyala Patriots 7–11 Waverly Falcons
Waverly Falcons 16–13 Water Town

Group B                    Pld   W  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 

1 Water Town (CHI) 4 3 1 65 50 +15 9 * Head by Goals For
2 Waverly Falcons (WGA) 4 3 1 47 49 −2 9

3 Luguyala Patriots (BNJ) 4 0 4 42 55 −13 0

Vidizi Bulls 13–6 Yakitusk
Zomni Gladiators 24–11 Vidizi Bulls
Yakitusk 12–9 Zomni Gladiators
Yakitusk 9–9 Vidizi Bulls (11–10 OT)
Vidizi Bulls 12–15 Zomni Gladiators
Zomni Gladiators 12–3 Yakitusk

Group C                    Pld   W  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 

1 Zomni Gladiators (WGA) 4 3 1 60 38 +22 9
2 Yakitusk (CHI) 4 2 2 32 44 −12 6

3 Vidizi Bulls (BNJ) 4 1 3 46 56 −10 3

* All games will be scorinated through 3rd Party
(1) Point de Clu (CHI) - (2) Gemsbrook Eagles (WGA)
(3) Zomni Gladiators (WGA) -(6) Yakitusk (CHI)

(4) Waverly Falcons (WGA) - (5) Allison Bolts (WGA)
(2) Water Town (CHI) - (7) Dalson Wildcats (WGA)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:15 pm
by Banija
First Ulitmate Cup Knockout Stages

Teams in green have advanced to the semifinals.
Ultimate Cup Quarterfinals
Point De Clu (CHI) 19–4 Gemsbrook Eagles (WGA)
Zomni Gladiators (WGA) 10–5 Yakitusk (CHI)
Waverly Falcons (WGA) 12–9 Allison Bolts (WGA)
Water Town (CHI) 9–9 Dalson Wildcats (WGA) (11–10 OT)[/color]

The semifinal matchups...

(1) Point de Clu (CHI) vs. (4) Waverly Falcons (WGA)
(2) Water Town (CHI) vs. (3) Zomni Gladiators (WGA)

Ultimate Cup Semifinals
Point De Clu (CHI) 12–8 Waverly Falcons (WGA)
Water Town (CHI) 9–15 Zomni Gladiators (WGA)

The final...

(1) Point de Clu (CHI) vs. (3) Zomni Gladiators (WGA)

Hosted at Inesco Field in Allison, Alkoul, West Guiana.
Ultimate Cup Final
Point De Clu (CHI) 9–2 Zomni Gladiators (WGA)[/b]

Point De Clu out of Chiata are the champions of the inaugural Ultimate Cup.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:05 pm
by New West Guiana

Champions Cup Semi-finals
Southing (CHI) 12–12 Herzegovina City Kings (BNJ) (12–14 OT)
Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club (BNJ) 10–8 Gulf Coast (CHI)

Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club (BNJ) 11–10 Herzegovina City Kings (BNJ)

Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club advances to the first Challengers Cup.


Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club (BNJ) 25–20 Point De Clu (CHIA)

The entry limits for the next season of IDLO competition will be as follows:

Champions Cup 2

Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club is an automatic qualifier for the next Champions Cup, should they fail to qualify based on their own merit , Banija will be awarded an additional spot in the Champions Cup.

All associations are permitted to submit two sides to the Champions Cup.

Ultimate Cup 2
The Ultimate Cup is for sides who fell short of qualifying for the Champions Cup, but must still qualify on sporting merit. All associations will be permitted to submit three sides.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:44 am
by Chiata
Chiata Times
Point de Clu Undefeated in Ultimate Cup

The Point de Clu Lacrosse Team defeated the Zomni Gladioators in a 7-2 blowout championship win for the Chiatans. Point de Clu has had an up and down season and were somewhat of a surprise contender, and later winner, for the inaugural Ultimate Cup. To truly understand the story, we have to go to the beginning.

The formation of the International Domestic Lacrosse Organization, IDLO, was met with little fanfare in Chiata. Lacrosse was a niche sport that drew little media attention. Most Chiatan Lacrosse players stopped playing after college while only a few continued to play overseas. However, following the formation of the IDLO, Chiata formed a Lacrosse League. Ten teams were slapped haphazardly together and rosters were filled with college athletes and returning players. The league matches quickly gained attention and Chiatan Lacrosse established itself on the national scene.

Before the start of the season, Point de Clu was a popular contender for the League title. Most sportswriters had them finishing in the top three. Sadly, Point de Clu did not meet expectations. The team scraped through the season and finished 8-10, not even ending with a positive record. To top it off, not a single player from the Point de Clu team was nominated for MVP. All of this is what makes Point de Clu's run all the more surprising.

Point de Clu may have had a losing record, but they still placed fifth in League standings, and therefor took the last Ultimate Cup birth. Not much was expected from Point de Clu, or any Chiatan team for that matter, but the Lacrosse League earned its keep in the first season of IDLO competition. In their group of three, Point de Clu was placed with Dalson Wildcats, a WGA team that finished only 6th in the NLL West, and with the Busukuma Flyers, a BNJ side that finished second in their conference. Point de Clu would go on to win seven games in a row, just one short of what they won in all of the League season.

Point de Clu would win their first match of the competition, edging out Busukuma 19-12. Point de Clu would rest on Matchday Two and get right back into it with a better 19-8 win over Dalson. Point de Clu had already proven they could defeat their opponents in the group, they just needed to finish. Point de Clu would do just that, finishing off the Flyers 13-5 in Matchday Four. After another break, Point de Clu would round up the group with a 9-3 victory against the Wildcats. Point de Clu went an impressive 4-0, winning by an average of 8 scores.

Obviously, the Quarter Finals would bring harder competition. Point de Clu was not alone in this endeavor. Water Town won their group while Yakitusk placed second to advance to the Ultimate Cup Quarter Finals. Also, South went 4-0 in their group while Gulf Coast secured second to advance to the senior competition's (Champion's Cup) knockouts. In total, all of the Chiatan delegation had advanced to the knockout stages.

Point de Clu faced the Gemsbrook Eagles, a team that qualified for the Champions Cup but washed out 0-4 in the group stage. Point de Clu met the competition in stride and smashed Gemsbrook 19-4. At the same time, Yakitusk would lose handily 10-5 while Water Town finished off Dalson in overtime. With two Chiatan teams in the Semi Finals it was possible for an all-Chiatan final, though not too likely.

Point de Clu met the Waverly Falcons in the Semi Finals. Waverly, a WGA team, had gone 3-1 in the group stage and bested their Quarter Final opponent 12-9. Point de Clu still proved the better team in a 12-8 win that sent the team with a losing record to the Ultimate Cup Finals. The Zomni Gladiators defeated Water Town, dashing the hopes of an all-Chiatan final. It would be up to Point de Clu to avenge their fallen neighbors, and they did it to the tune of a a one-sided 9-2 victory. Midfielder Allen Hernandez and defender Roy Gibson proved to be key players in the game. The Chiatan's in the Champion's Cup proved to be less fortunate as both Chiatan teams were eliminated in the first round of knockouts. Southing lost aggravatingly in overtime while Gulf Coast would lose to the eventual champions. The whole tournament ended in a lukewarm state when Point de Clu lost to Bunyoro Reg. Sporting Club in the Challenger's Cup in a 25-20 shootout.

Point de Clu's amazing success put Chiatan Lacrosse on the map. Already, the Lacrosse League is talking about sending a delegation to the International Lacrosse Champions, but it is not none if they can gather enough government support to do so. The Lacrosse League also awarded Point de Clu a $3,000,000 reward for their championship. It was also stated that all future champions would receive the same reward and future runner-ups will receive half the funds. Such a large offer must prove that the Lacrosse League is in excellent financial condition and the Chiatan clubs may afford to look for international players, particularly from New West Guinea and Banija.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:14 am
by Banija
The All-Banija Sports Magazine
The only nationwide publication that is all sports, all the time!

Bunyoro RSC exacts revenge for BLL semifinal loss to the Herzegovina City Kings by defeating them in the Champions Cup Final

Bunyoro RSC players celebrate winning the International Champions Cup over BLL league champions Herzegovina City

GEMSBROOK, NEW WEST GUIANA- In the Banijan Lacrosse League, the team with the best regular season was Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club, which is how they clinched their spot in the International Champions Cup. The team who won the BLL championship, who are the Herzegovina City Kings, gained the other spot virtue of being the champions of the Banijan Lacrosse League. Three other teams in Banija, who are the Luguyala Patriots, the Busukuma Flyers, and the Vidizi Bulls, qualified for the tier 2 international club lacrosse competition, which is the Ultimate Cup.

The Ultimate Cup, unfortunately, was nothing short of disaster for the BLL teams participating in the tournament. The Busukuma Flyers and the Luguyala Patriots, both members of the National Conference, embarrassed themselves by going 0-4 in the group stages of that tournament. While the Patriots and the Flyers competed in some matches, it was absolutely clear that neither team was prepared to compete at that level for the Ultimate Cup. BLL runner-ups the Vidizi Bulls did slightly better, 1-3, but all three teams finished in the cellars of their groups at the Ultimate Cup. To say that those were disappointing finishes, of course, is a massive understatement.

People largely ignored their efforts, however, due to the efforts of the two Banijan teams in the premier competition, the International Champions Cup. While the secondary competition is important, it is all about the primary competition, and the Banijan club sides faired excellently there. Both teams went 2-2 in the group stages of the International Champions Cup. However, Bunyoro RSC was able to win their group due to their superior goal difference over the other 2-2 sides, while the Herzegovina City Kings finished solidly in second place, sandwiched between the 4-0 Southing side and the 0-4 Gemsbrook Eagles, who hosted the tournament Final.

They always say that it is extremely difficult to beat the same team three times in a row. While Southing beat the Kings twice in the group stage, the Kings exacted their revenge from their two group stage losses with a 14-12 overtime victory, away from home, over the tournament's #1 seed to clinch a spot in the final. Of course, the Kings did something similar in the BLL playoffs, defeating the league's best regular season side, Bunyoro RSC, in the semifinals. Bunyoro RSC, who had the same 2-2 record as Gulf Coast, won by a score of 10-8 to set up an all-Banijan final in the International Champions Cup.

As you could imagine, ratings were through the roof for Bunyoro RSC vs. Herzegovina City Kings back home in Banija. It was National v. Moravica, it was the rematch of the semifinal, and it was the BLL champion vs. the BLL's best regular season side. The storylines, of course, wrote themselves. The game was close, very back & forth. Once one team pulled ahead, the other came clawing back. The game featured 4 lead changes throughout the game, but Bunyoro RSC scored the final 3 goals of the game, all in the final 5 minutes of the 4th quarter, and exacted their revenge on the Banijan champions to become the inaugural winners of the International Champions Cup. And, for good measure, they won the Challengers Cup as well by defeating Ultimate Cup champions Point de Clu by a score of 25-20.

While rankings are still yet to come out, Banijan Lacrosse League officials are ecstatic over the result. A BLL press release following the Bunyoro RSC vs. Herzegovina City Kings game proved that Banija had the world's premier lacrosse talent playing in Banija, and that this proved it. There are also rumors circulating that limits on foreign players will be lifted extremely soon, to improve quality in the BLL and give more Banijans a chance to play abroad, which will help the national team.

Razen Sports Daily / Razen IDLO 2 Cycle Qualifiers

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:50 pm
by Razenthuria


Razenthuria (RZN) Qualifiers:

Champions Cup: Shallowford Hyenas, Green Torch Farmshores
Ultimate Cup: Burnley Bandits, Port Perrington Sailors, Cumberland Kats

    OOC: Banija has tg'd me as of earlier today saying he would be reviving the IDLO competitions soon and I noticed there was an interest in the discussion thread so, hope this isn't considered grave-digging and locked.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:57 pm
by Northwest Kalactin
Jim De Lafleur Cup And Lacrosse Premiership I

Lacrosse Premiership I

North Division 
1. Murwelldobah Nighthawks
2. Gold Coast Express
3. Scarton island Attack
4. Gold Coast Merchants

South Division 
1. Kempsey Subzero
2. Kyater Thunder
3. Coffs harbor Lumberjax
4. AO Knights

Jim De lafleur Cup
Wild Card: Coffs Harbour Lumberjax 14-16 Gold Coast Express

Divisional: Gold Coast Express 12-7 Murwelldobah Nighthawks
Kempsey Subzero 9-4 Kyater Thunder

Championship: Gold Coast Express 13-11 Kempsey Subzero

Northwest Kalactin (NKO) Qualifiers
Champions cup: Gold Coast Express, Kempsey Subzero
Ultimate cup: Kyater thunder, Murwelldobah Nighthawks

PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2018 12:30 pm
by Darmen
2040 Darmeni Lacrosse League
Indoor Season | Outdoor Season

It's been decades since Darmeni Lacrosse teams took to the fields to play, but the Darmeni Lacrosse League is up and running once again. All nine teams participated in both the Indoor and Outdoor seasons, playing a total of 32 regular season games in both formats, plus playoff matches. Qualification to the Champions' and Ultimate Cups are decided solely during the Outdoor season.

Chuckio HC came from third place in their division to win the Indoor Championship, but were unable to replicate that during the Outdoor season, winning their only match in the final week of the regular season. Johnho LC however, who finished last in their division during the Indoor season, stunned Brady City LC with a dominant 16-4 victory in the Outdoor championship final.
Darmen (DAR) qualifiers
Champions' Cup: Johnho LC (Champions), Brady City LC (Runners-up)
Ultimate Cup: Rogerton LC, Scott City LC, Tilden LC

IDLO Finals BId Site - A Bid

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 12:19 pm
by Razenthuria
IDLO Bid Site | Baron's Galactic Tech. Stadium

(Stadium shown in its football configuration for Njiko RZN play)

Baron's Galactic Tech. Stadium, known formerly as Christcastle Downs is a 12,000-seater in northern Christcastle, situated thirty-five minutes from the city center and only seven miles from Christcastle Multiverse Airport - operating with more than three-million people crossing thru its thresholds each and everyday. It is first and foremost a lacrosse stadium; the home of Razen domestic lax side Christcastle Eskimos, a side that occupies the bottom cellar of regional lax; Baron's Galactic is a huge technological firm specializing in software operating out of Soroko, a southern city in Razenthuria. In recent years, Baron's Galactic acquired the naming rights to the stadium - which is currently being repurposed and expanded to meet both WLC and NSWC-requirements as Razenthuria looks into the possibility of hosting a Campianto Esportiva in football and also a possible World Lacrose Championships on home soil, Baron's Galactic is due to be expanded to 27 500 within two years, as for now, it remains one of the smaller fotobvalling stadiums and mid-sized lax stadiums within Razenthuria.

Christcastle is one of the bigger cities within Razenthuria - considered the gateway city to the north, it is also the home of the largest concentration of White-Razens besides Calix City, Christcastle has been known to be the home of the white residents within Razenthuria and conversely is also the largest Christian populace within Razenthuria. Christcastle has long been without a sports team in both lacrosse and football, but recently got the Christcastle Eskimos on the establishment of Starliga, founded in part with the Razen Lacrosse Federation - in addition, 414 Christcastle, the local side also was an expansion team in time for R-415 season of Njiko RZN, Razenthuria's top sanctioned football league.

The bid for the said finale of the IDLO is supported by both the Razen Lacrosse Federation but also by Razen Tourist Board, under the banner Visit! Raza, the Christcastle Chamer of Commerce and Casino Royale - a large sports-betting company in Razenthuria looking to be a sponsor of the finals.

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 12:42 am
by Cosumar
As a result of this recently-concluded season, the newly-expanded Cosumar Lacrosse League (CLL) is proud to submit the following teams to IDLO competition:

Cosumar (COS) qualifiers
Champions' Cup: Klyde Guardians (Sheppard Trophy champions), Altamirano Apes (Silver Shield)
Ultimate Cup: Cassandra City Coroners (Sheppard Trophy runners-up), Ramusok Rhinos, Surpronuk Snowstorm (best remaining records)

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 6:18 pm
by Banija
And we have an official date.

The hard deadline for submission is Wednesday, June 6th, at 10 AM EST. So, essentially, a week plus 12 hours.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:32 am
by Banija
Banijan Lacrosse League Regular Season
Banijan Lacrosse League Playoffs

Banija (BNJ) Qualifiers
Champions Cup: Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club, Istria Thunder
Ultimate Cup: Vidizi Bulls, Busukuma Flyers, Herzegovina City Kings

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:10 am
by Banija
And we now have our official cutoff.

Participating Associations
BNJ Banija
COS Cosumar
DAR Darmen
NKO Northwest Kalactin
RZN Razenthuria

The following squads have qualified for the International Domestic Lacrosse Organization competitions.

Champions Cup
Green Torch Farmshores (RZN)
Shallowford Hyenas (RZN)
Gold Coast Express (NKO)
Kempsey Subzero (NKO)
Johnho LC (DAR)
Brady City LC (DAR)
Klyde Guardians (COS)
Altamirano Apes (COS)
Bunyoro RSC (BNJ)
Istria Thunder (BNJ)

Ultimate Cup
Burnley Bandits (RZN)
Port Perrington Sailors (RZN)
Cumberland Kats (RZN)
Kyater thunder (NKO)
Murwelldobah Nighthawks (NKO)
Rogerton LC (DAR)
Scott City LC (DAR)
Tilden LC (DAR)
Cassandra City Coroners (COS)
Ramusok Rhinos (COS)
Surpronuk Snowstorm (COS)
Vidizi Bulls (BNJ)
Busukuma Flyers (BNJ)
Herzegovina City Kings (BNJ)

1. Considering the time frame between IDLO 1 and this competition, no rankings will be established from that competition. That said- it will still be used to calculate all-time records and an all-time trophy count/medal count and such.
2. Northwest Kalactin's entry, after review, has been accepted, even despite limited evidence of scorination of a regular season(no regular season records were posted). In review on his domestic sports thread, I found a partially scored season, and with a scorinated postseason, I decided to accept his entries. He is reminded that he is afforded three entries to the Ultimate Cup, though his two are accepted.

Baron's Galactic Tech Stadium In Christcastle, Razenthuria, has been selected to host the Champions Cup Final.

Kizza I Field in Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija, has been selected to host the Ultimate Cup Final. The Challengers Cup, a one-off match between the winners of the Champions Cup and the Ultimate Cup, will also be hosted at Kizza I Field.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:19 am
by Banija
2nd IDLO Ultimate Cup

Advance to knockout stages
Eliminated From Tournament

Ultimate Cup Group A                   Pld   W   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts    RSR    BKF  RLC   CBK   KYT                           
1 Ramusok Rhinos COS 8 7 1 110 68 +42 21 — 11–13 18–9 9–5 10–4
2 Busukuma Flyers BNJ 8 7 1 98 73 +25 21 8–12 — 14–10 11–9 16–10
3 Rogerton LC DAR 8 3 5 99 100 −1 9 11–25 10–11 — 12–5 21–5

4 Cumberland Kats RZN 8 3 5 69 77 −8 9 9–12 6–14 15–12 — 8–4
5 Kyater Thunder NKO 8 0 8 47 105 −58 0 9–13 5–11 7–14 3–12 —

Ultimate Cup Group B              Pld   W   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   CCC   BUB    SCL  HZC  MWD                           
1 Cassandra City Coroners COS 8 7 1 98 58 +40 21 — 9–11 13–9 10–8 12–4
2 Burnley Bandits RZN 8 6 2 99 66 +33 18 5–7 — 9–10 12–9 8–3
3 Scott City LC DAR 8 4 4 97 70 +27 12 9–10 11–12 — 9–4 28–4

4 Herzegovina City Kings BNJ 8 3 5 77 94 −17 9 8–20 7–19 13–5 — 14–10
5 Murwelldobah Nighthawks NKO 8 0 8 49 132 −83 0 4–17 10–23 5–16 9–14 —

  Ultimate Cup Group C           Pld    W   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts          SPS   VDB   PPS   TLD                             
1 Surpronuk Snowstorm COS 6 6 0 77 51 +26 18 — 10–6 13–12 14–5
2 Vidizi Bulls BNJ 6 4 2 75 58 +17 12 10–15 — 15–10 26–9

3 Port Perrington Sailors RZN 6 2 4 57 55 +2 6 7–11 5–7 — 10–9
4 Tilden LC DAR 6 0 6 43 88 −45 0 11–14 9–11 0–13 —

The knockout stage games for the quarterfinals are randomly drawn. There are three restrictions for the quarterfinal draw.

1. Group winners must play at home in the quarterfinals
2. Group winners cannot be drawn against other group winners
3. Teams from the same country cannot play each other in the quarterfinals.

2nd Ultimate Cup Quarterfinals
Burnley Bandits (RZN) 15–12 Rogerton LC (DAR)
Cassandra City Coroners (COS) 13–9 Scott City LC (DAR)
Surpronuk Snowstorm (COS) 8–10 Busukuma Flyers (BNJ)
Ramusok Rhinos (COS) 13–10 Vidizi Bulls (BNJ)

The semifinals are randomly drawn. The semifinal draw has no restrictions.

2nd Ultimate Cup Semifinals
Busukuma Flyers (BNJ) 9–8 Cassandra City Coroners (COS)
Ramusok Rhinos (COS) 10–9 Burnley Bandits (RZN)

The 2nd Ultimate Cup Final
Played at Kizza I Field in Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija

Busukuma Flyers (BNJ) 7–11 Ramusok Rhinos (COS)

The Ramusok Rhinos of the Cosumar Lacrosse League are the champions of the 2nd Ultimate Cup.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:19 am
by Banija
2nd IDLO Champions Cup

Advance to knockout stages

    Champions Cup Group A           Pld   W   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts     BNY    KLY  GTF   BCL    KMP                              
1 Bunyoro RSC BNJ 8 7 1 105 61 +44 21 — 12–8 8–10 8–7 27–8
2 Klyde Guardians COS 8 6 2 94 79 +15 18 8–11 — 9–5 12–11 18–12

3 Green Torch Farmshores RZN 8 4 4 88 72 +16 12 8–13 13–16 — 7–2 16–9
4 Brady City LC DAR 8 2 6 69 83 −14 6 7–19 10–11 11–10 — 12–4
5 Kempsey Subzero NKO 8 1 7 59 120 −61 3 5–7 5–12 4–19 12–9 —

  Champions Cup Group B         Pld    W   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts     SWF   IST    APE   JHL   GCE                          
1 Shallowford Hyenas RZN 8 5 3 111 87 +24 15 — 17–11 11–10 10–11 18–7
2 Istria Thunder BNJ 8 5 3 93 81 +12 15 12–13 — 13–11 9–10 14–9

3 Altamirano Apes COS 8 4 4 103 77 +26 12 19–12 9–12 — 10–7 23–2
4 Johnho LC DAR 8 4 4 74 77 −3 12 13–10 3–6 9–11 — 12–13
5 Gold Coast Express NKO 8 2 6 63 122 −59 6 4–20 9–16 11–10 8–9 —

The semifinals are drawn with the winner of Group A facing the winner of Group B in a best of 5 series. Group winner is home games 1 & 2, their opponent is home games 3 & 4, and group winner is home game 5(if necessary).

There are no restrictions on who can play each other.

Semifinal #1 - Bunyoro RSC v. Istria Thunder
Game 1: Bunyoro RSC (BNJ) 12–11 Istria Thunder (BNJ) - Bunyoro RSC lead series 1-0
Game 2: Bunyoro RSC (BNJ) 13–8 Istria Thunder (BNJ) - Bunyoro RSC lead series 2-0
Game 3: Istria Thunder (BNJ) 4–11 Bunyoro RSC (BNJ) - Bunyoro RSC sweep
Bunyoro RSC wins series 3-0; advances to championship game

Semifinal #2 - Shallowford Hyenas v. Bunyoro RSC
Game 1: Shallowford Hyenas (RZN) 10–10 Klyde Guardians (COS) (12–11 OT) - Hyenas lead series 1-0
Game 2: Shallowford Hyenas (RZN) 12–13 Klyde Guardians (COS) - Series tied at 1-1
Game 3: Klyde Guardians (COS) 7–6 Shallowford Hyenas (RZN) - Guardians lead series 2-1
Game 4: Klyde Guardians (COS) 18–4 Shallowford Hyenas (RZN) - Guardians win series 3-1
Klyde Guardians wins series 3-1; advances to championship game

2nd IDLO Champions Cup Final
Hosted at Baron's Galactic Tech Stadium In Christcastle, Razenthuria.

Klyde Guardians (COS) 9–7 Bunyoro RSC (BNJ)

The Klyde Guardians of the Cosumar Lacrosse League are the champions of the 2nd IDLO Champions Cup.

2nd IDLO Challenger's Cup
Klyde Guardians (COS) 10–15 Ramusok Rhinos (COS)

The Ramusok Rhinos of the Cosumar Lacrosse League are the champions of the 2nd IDLO Challenger's Cup.

The international Domestic Lacrosse Organization would like to thank participants for participating in IDLO competition this season. The IDLO would like to announce reforms for the next competition, before the start of the 30th World Lacrosse Championships.

1. Recognizing the size of our lacrosse community in the multiverse, the IDLO does not feel it financially prudent to continue with two, small, competitions. Therefore, they have decided that the Ultimate Cup and the Challenger's Cup will be eliminated.
2. In light of the above announcement, all leagues/associations shall be able to enter up to four teams in next season's Champions Cup.
3. The Klyde Guardians, as the trophy holder, shall gain automatic re-entry into the Champions Cup. If they do not qualify through the Cosumar Lacrosse League, an extra spot shall be granted to the Cosumar Lacrosse League.
4. As a one-off for the transition, the Ramusok Rhinos, who are the final winners of the Ultimate Cup, are also entitled to an automatic berth into the Champions Cup. If they do not qualify through the Cosumar Lacrosse League, an extra spot shall be granted to the Cosumar Lacrosse League.
a. As an addendum to announcements 3 and 4- the Cosumar Lacrosse League (CLL) shall be allowed no more than five (5) teams in the Champions Cup. If four different teams qualify for the Champions Cup via the CLL, and neither the Rhinos or the Guardians qualify for either spot, the lowest ranked team otherwise qualifying from the CLL shall be dropped from Champions Cup competition.
5. As the final winners of both the Challenger's Cup and the Ultimate Cup, the Ramusok Rhinos are entitled to keep those trophies in perpetuity.

All participating associations and/or leagues are encouraged to submit stadium bids to host the 3rd IDLO Champions Cup Final.

IDLO Rankings

Razen Sports Daily / Razen IDLO 3 Cycle Qualifiers

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:03 pm
by Razenthuria


Razenthuria (RZN) Qualifiers:

Champions Cup: Cumberland Kats, New Victoria Thunder, Green Torch Farmshore, Shallowford Hyenas

    OOC: I'm looking to start creating rosters for Starliga, so if you have any foreign players who want to play in Razenthurid, tg me.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:08 pm
by Banija
Just a reminder that this is back up! We obviously don't have a set in stone date for the cutoff, but to take advantage of interest heading into the WLCs, but the aim is to cut off about 24 hours before Matchday 1 of the WLCs.

Once a host is selected and we have dates, I'll update you.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:43 pm
by Velestria

Velestria1 (VLZ) qualifiers
Primary Association
Champions’ Cup 72: Faliox Falls Surge, New Victoria Thunder, Keldax Wave, Mount Paran Greens

    1 — inherits ranking of Razenthuria as a successor-state