The 25th World Lacrosse Championships (Everything Thread)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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The 25th World Lacrosse Championships (Everything Thread)

Postby Old Corcra » Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:58 pm

Curaidheachd an t-Saoghail de Lacrosse

25mh / 25th Edition - Corcra

Welcome to the 25th edition of the World Lacrosse Championships, hosted by The United Kingdom of Corcra. This thread serves as the roster, RP, and scores thread for this competition.
OOC posts should appear in the competition's discussion thread. Any OOC posts other than the host making announcements or a mod performing their duties will be severely dealt with.
01 Abanhfleft
02 Cosumar
03 Ko-oren
04 United States of Devonta
06 Banija
07 New West Guiana
08 Mapletish
10 Nassau-Hessen
12 Vangaziland
13 Ontorisa
16 Kaboomlandia
21 San Llera
24 The Serbian Empire
25 Frenline Delpha
29 Amazonesta
33 West Phoenicia
46 Levivania
Celtica Free State
The Licentian Isles
' Free Swiss States
New Reuss-Gera
Sasil Hangug
' Alkoul
Western Jarwel
Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Republic of Kaboomlandia

NOTE: Pots were adjusted, and Cauja, a numbers puppet, was excluded from the tournament, due to an oversight error in which 21-San Llera was not entered into the tournament.
Event times, including scorination cutoffs, will fluctuate as I am available, as I work at a summer camp and have limited time away from the programme, but I can guarantee in most cases that cutoffs, scorination, and result postings will be between 18:45 and 20:30 UTC (14:45 and 16:30 US Eastern Time) each day.

(01) Abanhfleft
(16) Kaboomlandia
( ) Kep
( ) Cheongji
(02) Cosumar
(21) San Llera
( ) Free Swiss States
( ) Royal Kingdom of Quebec
(03) Ko-oren
(24) The Serbian Empire
( ) Temeru
( ) Jarwel
(04) United States of Devonta
(25) Frenline Delpha
( ) New Reuss-Gera
( ) Alkoul
(06) Banija
(33) West Phoenicia
( ) Celreostia
( ) Republic of Kaboomlandia
(07) New West Guiana
(29) Amazonesta
( ) Ferkas
( ) Corcra
(08) Mapletish
(46) Levivania
( ) Sasil Hangug
( ) Mahrcain
(10) Nassau-Hessen
( ) Celtica Free State
( ) Rardium
( ) Amouraland
(12) Vangaziland
( ) The Licentian Isles
( ) Gregoryisgodistan
( ) Ilyseum
(13) Ontorisa
( ) Nephara
( ) Qasden
( ) Western Jarwel
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Postby Old Corcra » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:02 pm

Curaidheachd an t-Saoghail de Lacrosse

25mh / 25th Edition - Corcra

11 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3 (group)Fri 22 Jul 2016, 3:00 AM UTC
24 vs. 3, 1 vs. 2 (group)Sat 23 Jul 2016, 3:00 AM UTC
32 vs. 4, 3 vs. 1 (group)Sun 24 Jul 2016, 3:00 AM UTC
4-6Reverse of Matchdays 1-3Mon 25-Wed 27 Jul 2016, 7:00 PM UTC
#13 vs. #20, #14 vs. #19, #15 vs. #18, #16 vs. #17
Sun 31 Jul 2016, 3:00 AM UTC
Octofinals (Round of 16)Top 12 seeded teams plus play-in winners (see bracket at end of group stage)Tue 01 Aug 2016, 6:30-9:00 PM UTC
Exact time will be furnished later
QuarterfinalsWinners of OctofinalsWed 02 Aug 2016, 6:30-9:00 PM UTC
Exact time will be furnished later
SemifinalsWinners of QuarterfinalsThu 03 Aug 2016, 6:30-9:00 PM UTC
Exact time will be furnished later
Third-Place Game and FinalLosers of Semifinals in third-place game
Winners of Semifinals in Final
Sun 06 Aug 2016, 3:00 AM UTC
All Corcran stadiums are converted for use by lacrosse teams. Nine of these stadiums were converted American or association football fields; the Alomar I Memorial Field, however, was a stock-car racing track used for the now-defunct Tamriel Stock Car Alliance.

These matches are held in the sub-region of the United Kingdom of Corcra known as Corcra.

Group A - King Alomar I Memorial Field - Meaghola
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal, one Semifinal, and the Final ]

Looks like an abandoned stock car racetrack, right? Well, that's exactly what it was... until now. The Tamrielese Sport Control Board bought up the place from the former executives of Motorsports Teaillaghan (now called MTA Sport Authority). They tore down most of the seating over by the back edge of the track, added actual seating on the track, tore up the infield, irrigated that to TSCB outdoor sport standards, and built a multi-sport field out of it. This preliminary shot shows the progress the TSCB made up to about a week before the matches are scheduled to begin:

Group B - TrackOne Stadium - Meaghola
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal, one Quarterfinal, one Semifinal, and the Third-Place Game ]

Located directly across from King Alomar I Memorial Field, TrackOne Stadium, home to the Tamriel Golden Shield American football expansion franchise Meaghola Orangemen, is also located next to the Corcra Museum of Sport and the Tamrielese Sport Control Board headquarters, which share the same building complex. Both stadiums are located about 3,200 metres from the Meaghola International Airport, the main landing hub for the United Kingdom of Corcra's commuter air traffic.

Group C - Elbridge Nockt - Tansdale
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal and one Quarterfinal ]

Tansdale is a medium-sized city not far from the northern border of Corcra with Emphfir. It is home to the University of Tansdale, of which Elbridge Nockt is the American football and lacrosse field. Three and a half hours from the bustling capital city of Meaghola, it is also accessible by air - its commuter airport generally serves Emphfirian traffic, but also Tamriel Golden Shield teams from other countries. National teams wishing to utilise this airport should contact the Corcran Airport Authority at +809 (63) 2242-7855 for a reduced rate.

Group D - Necker/Moore Field - Pensdale
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal ]

Necker/Moore Field, home to the Pensdale College Rockets American football team, is named for the college's third president, Robert Necker, an Otselician who defected after the stadium's other namesake, Emperor Moore of Otselic, declared South Otselic in a state of rebellion. Pensdale is a two-hour drive west of the capital city of Meaghola.

Group E - Caorach am Màrt - Rìoghachd End
[ ALSO HOSTS - two Play-In matches ]

Caorach am Màrt (translated "Shepherdess' March"), sometimes known as Kingdom's End Field, is located on the southern tip of the Corcran peninsula in the southeast. It is named for Mairead (MacCully-Lathan) Stone, a shepherdess, who, in ME 582 (some 1,500 years before the present), at age seventeen, waded in 1.2-metre-deep waters for about 8 km (5 miles) to reach her pasture to defend it from a rival clan, the MacBaraghans. Stone survived the ensuing battle, only amassing a hip injury that left her with a limp for the rest of her life - and rendered the MacBaraghan clan obsolete (they were totally slaughtered by the MacCullys and Lathans).

These matches are held in the sub-region of the United Kingdom of Corcra known as Tir Trodaithe.

Group F - The Stadium of MacIlroy - Bort
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal and one Quarterfinal ]

Bort is not home to much, but its warm, caring population of 7,500 will gladly receive the Group F teams. The Stadium of MacIlroy was donated from the Otselician Lord MacIlroy for use as a sports complex. The field is usually used for association football, and occasionally, Northwestern College will drop by for a football (soccer) game here.
NOTE: Bort has no formal overnight accommodations for national teams, but several families arranged themselves to receive up to five players from each team to stay at their homes. ((OOC: A good RP plot point!))

Group G - Trodaithe Indoor Stadium - Alomaria
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal and one Quarterfinal ]

Alomaria, in the Tir Trodaithian section of Corcra, is named for the ruling family of Alomar. The only indoor stadium to be tipped for this edition of the WLC, it boasts an interesting seating experience - it's a rectangular wraparound, which means there's somewhat good seating for everyone.

Group H - St. Herridge's Stadium - Brask
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal ]

Brask, one hour west of Meaghola, is home to Corcra's only Catholic university, St. Herridge's University, named after Corcra's patron saint. Its population is generally around 5,800 without students, but has been known to double in size around the college season. St. Herridge's was the higher education of choice for Prince (now King) Alomar II before he ascended the throne after the death of his father and the unification of Old Corcra and Tir Trodaithe. The King and Queen are rumoured to make a formal state visit to the university during the group stage.

Group J - Heston Brown Memorial Field - Nastan Mor
[ ALSO HOSTS - one Octofinal ]

Not far from Brask lies its twin city, Nastan Mor. The nation's only active Jewish community, Kibbutz Nastan Mor, lies at the western edge of the city. The stadium is located five city blocks away from the kibbutz, which is open to the public for Saturday synagogue. Besides the religious element of the town, the city is also known for its ice sculptures, particularly one of Tir Trodaithe's first monarchs, King Alomar I and Queen Tamarisk.

Group K - Díoltas Mhaighréide - Flagayaret
[ ALSO HOSTS - two Play-In matches ]

Díoltas Mhaighréide (or Maggie's Revenge, as the locals call it), is the focal point of the sports city of Flagayaret, home to the Tamrielese Sport Control Board's Tir Trodaithian headquarters. Teams playing here will stay at the Historic Tamriel Sport Village, where American football teams from the Tamriel Golden Shield used to stay to play their exhibition and training matches.
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Postby Nephara » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:03 pm

Style Modifier:
Home Kit: Emerald green shirts and socks, black helmets and shorts
Away Kit: Terracotta shirts and shorts, white helmets and socks
Nickname: The Hawks

Nephara has many small leagues for many small sports. Lacrosse is one of them. The hastily-assembled Hawks, thrown together to fill the gap in the Championships, will consider the tournament a success if they manage a win against anyone.

The Nepharim are semi-professionals, all domestically based in the small eight-team national league. Lacking technique, they will play to their strengths and simply opt to beat the shit out of their opposition.

Numbers 1-10 are the regular starters.

Manager: Imogen Gunstock
Asst. Manager: Jennifer Bellamy

1 - Catheline Drake - LC Treason - Age 26
11 - Jess Meghan - Sabrefell Greens - Age 25
23 - Hera Theodorakopolous - Terracotta Army - Age 23

2 - Portia Athanasiadis - LC Chenoworth - Age 31
3 - Russ Hasselbaink - LC Treason - Age 32
5 - Uther Varney - West Sabrefell - Age 30
12 - Arjen Scannell - Northern Vale - Age 27
16 - Gough Tapster - LC Treason - Age 36
19 - Lily Kennet - Corvistone - Age 24

4 - Althea Levein - LC Treason - Age 26
6 - Helmut Barron - Terracotta Army - Age 25 - Vice-captain
8 - Ash Weiss - West Sabrefell - Age 23
13 - Nicola Malinder - Northern Vale - Age 22
17 - Artur Katsambanis - LC Treason - Age 31
18 - Natalia Leichhadt - Corvistone - Age 29
21 - Heather Finnan - LC Chenoworth - Age 27

7 - Marisa Sutton - West Sabrefell - Age 24
9 - Portia Buchanan - LC Treason - Age 28 - Captain
10 - Wren Samaras - Terracotta Army - Age 23
14 - Karin Murdoch - Sabrefell Greens - Age 26
15 - Kilroy Leitch - West Sabrefell - Age 31
20 - Gerry Claver - Laith Bandersnatches - Age 32
22 - Heidi Perry - Corvistone - Age 25
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Postby Ontorisa » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:03 pm

Ontorisan National Lacrosse Team

Lacrosse in Ontorisa, much like the rest of the world, is fighting an uphill battle against other sports. It is expensive, relatively unknown and hard to organize at times. Despite this, there is still considerable talent that does come out of Ontorisa and heads over to the Northern Sunrise Islands Lacrosse League's Entry Draft.

Taking inspiration from the other playing styles of the other national teams of Ontorisa, the national team uses both speed and skill to create space and to make high scoring chances. The defensive core of Ontorisa's team is highly agile and possess both good groundball recovery and stick checking skills. However, just because Ontorisa does not play a physical game does not mean that they are immediately pushovers in the physical category as players do take the body, especially during groundballs in order to maintain possession.

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Jakob Tryusajek
Assistant Coach: Dairej Rittar
Assistant Coach: Salom Grushak
Assistant Coach: Wasiaj Kajelei
Captain: Mikael Wesitre
Assistant Captains: Jean-Gabriel Desjardins; Alexei Rasyujov

Kajid Cepisak - Beschov Power (OVLA)
Tomas Yaroskairj - Mevostrisburg Attack (OVLA)
Brakars Zaislai - Amy Roses (TATL)

Azarc Drumikel - Hestias Knights (OVLA)
Camaark Tiryak - Saliasburg University (OKLL)
Druma Zaroskij - Beschov Power (OVLA)
Zapdis Vasilak - Narosez University (OKLL)
Mikael Wesitre - Amy Roses (TATL)
Gruytej Halloskart - Hestias Knights (OVLA)

Jurik Hamaska - Beschov Power (OVLA)
Tobias Resicha - Amy Roses (TATL)
Largot Nooderstrom - Amy Roses (TATL)
Kaspar Rooksial - Beschov Power (OVLA)
Thomas Pierre-Therriault - Hestias Knights (OVLA)
Alexei Rasyujov - Yeals Army University (OKLL)

Jean-Gabriel Desjardins - Ellasjors Rampage (OVLA)
Kaspar Rikkard - Ellasjors Rampage (OVLA)
Tomas Morollos - Ellasjors Rampage (OVLA)
Velnaas Tologish - Hestias Knights (OVLA)
Xavier LaForte - Prism Academy (OKLL)
Marikir Slauja - Mevotrisburg Attack (OVLA)

Leagues as follow
OVLA - Ontorisan Valdkond Lakross Assotsiatsioon [Ontorisan Field Lacrosse Association]
TATL - The Arceusian Trophy of Lacrosse [Northern Sunrise Islands Lacrosse League]
OKLL - Ontorisan Kollegiaalkirik Lakrossi Liigamäng [Ontorisan Collegiate Lacrosse League]

Starting Line-Up




RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: No
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Corcra's Roster

Postby Old Corcra » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:05 pm


Nation: The United Kingdom of Corcra
Trigramme: OCR
Head Coach: Othniel Kunzlich
Style Mod: +1

LineName (Gen/Age)
GKsZach Coty Hudson (M/22)
Roseann Lorcán Graves (F/23)
D1Malvina Tadg Toole (F/25)
Timothy Brenton Winston (M/30)
Marylou Elmer Rier (F/22)
M1Deloris Mack Harris (F/27)
Ryleigh Amhlaidh Seymour (F/24)
Alden Éimhín Flanagan (M/25)
A1Tighearnán Berny Ellery (M/24)
Isebella Calla Whinery (F/29)
Angelia Grier O'Tuathail (F/22)
D2Áedh Clyde Northrop (M/19)
Naomi Luanna Dudley (F/20)
Aodhagán Alysia Ikin (F/24)
M2Marlon Otto Beake (M/20)
Finbarr Sholto Christopher (M/22)
Donnchad Liliana McGuire (F/31)
A2Somerled Leilah Tupper (F/27) (team captain)
Finnegan Anne Fitzroy (F/26)
Joni Sloane Smith (F/29)

RP Permissions: Anything is good, except for killing my players. Also, note that the Corcran coach will rotate lines out one-by-one, so every player will be guaranteed that the other two players within the box will be playing alongside them. The obvious exception would be the goalies, as they're only sent in one at a time.
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Postby San Llera » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:15 pm

San Llera National Lacrosse Team

After a two-WLC long hiatus, San Llera is returning to the World Lacrosse Championships. The team is known for their combination of dirtiness and speed.

Starting X
GK Alfredo Milla - Big, tall goalkeeper who uses his large frame to block shots
DF Adam Caleva - The dirtiest player on the team, seems to enjoy stick checks
DF Croissant Pastrio - Another physically imposing, dirty defender
DF Marco Dinatelli - Very hard worker, gives everything he has to win every ground ball, even if it means committing a few fouls
MF Ignasi Quella - Has an excellent long range shot, uses it a bit too often
MF Hector Vela - Incredibly fast player who uses his speed and array of tricks to get past defenders
MF Pere Ressin - The opposite of Quella, Ressin has a great shot but rarely uses it in favor of passing in search of a better look. One of the few unselfish players on the team
AT Ronaldo Pan - Pan's talent is overshadowed by how prone he is to starting fights
AT Victor Mirra - A very good player all-around, Mirra is the captain and the leading goalscorer
AT Xavier Mentana - 6'4" and 250 pounds of pure muscle. Surprisingly quick as well.

GK Tomas Amador
GK Aleix Mieras
DF Felip Torralba
DF Vincent Pages
DF Josep Mora
MF Octavi Alba
MF Agustus Salvador
MF Teodor Ripoli
AT Luis Delmont
AT Artur Cosco
AT Dari Mir

RP Permissions
Do anything except kill a player
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About San Llera
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World Bowl XXVI 4th Place
Runner Cup 6 3rd Place
Di Bradini Cup 35 4th Place
Qualified for World Cup 74-75
World Bowl XXIX Finalists
Di Bradini Cup 38 Finalists
Nothing else.........yet

Ranked 24th in Soccer
Ranked 54th in Hockey
Ranked 23rd in Basketball
Ranked 57th in Baseball (WBC)
Ranked 16th in Baseball (IBS)
Ranked 7th in Football
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Postby Amouraland » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:42 pm

Amourésque National Lacrosse Team (AMR)

Lacrosse in Amouraland isn't really known by Amourésques, only some people who play it. Ironically, it is the first time ever that Amouraland's participating at a sport world championship. All of players are from the only lacrosse club in Amouraland, Le Onskrosse. That means only people from the capital city of Amouraland, Onskedrom, will be Amourésque players at the 25th World Lacrosse Championship.

Head Coach
Benjamin Bengtsson

Starting X
Goalkeeper - Bror Widforss
Defenders - Pierre-Antoine Barrault
Defenders - Adrian Ulf
Defenders - Killian Fetique
Midfielders - Aymeric Bassot
Midfielders - Elis Westergren
Midfielders - Isaac Rousseau
Attackers - Kjell Crusenstolpe
Attackers - Stefan Sodergren
Attackers - Armand Rouanet

Goalkeeper - Christophe Deloffre
Goalkeeper - Vincent Malmsten
Defenders - Marcel Grinda
Defenders - Kevin Delsarte
Midfielders - Malte Kroon
Midfielders - Reer Hermansson
Attackers - Alexis Courvoisier
Attackers - Bo Henriksson

RP Perimissions:
This is their first lacrosse competition, so you can do anything.
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Postby New West Guiana » Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:13 pm

WG National Lacrosse Roster

Home Stadiums

Each of the following stadiums that we use that are designated as home stadiums, are home of a franchise in NS's largest domestic lacrosse league, the National Lacrosse League.

Capacity: 34,000
Willington, Alkoul

Home to the Willington Aces.
Capacity: 22,000
Gemsbrook, FD

Home to the historic and most successful NLL franchise the 9 time NLL Champions the Gemsbrook Eagles.

Premissions:What ever you want besides killing them or career ending injury.
Style +3.4
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Postby Qasden » Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:49 pm

Official Roster of the WLC25 Qasden Lacrosse Team

Nickname: The Vans


Coach- Matthew Turiz
Assistant Coach- Drew Bræser


1- Brändon Mèyerre
2- Valetta Motchski
3- Arrow Flakes


4- Julian Perre
5- Wyatt Delano
6- Traylor Droi

7- Nash Baiker
8- Perry Sale
9- Ivy Qosi


10- Kurt Hernin
11- Blake Alder
12- Dale Rui

13- Roswell Chesser
14- Volly Mako
15- Cree Tbelo


16- Brutis Adièrre
17- Kacy Wallback
18- Nigel Brüdder

19- Joakim Tylo
20- Peter Rehlo
21- Baddi Léboll

Green = Starting X

RP Permission-
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Postby West Phoencia » Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:58 pm

The Confederate Kingdom of West Phoenicia National Lacrosse Team

Team Name: West Phoenician Daredevils
Governing Body: Lacrosse West Phoenicia Association


* Head Coach: Roberto Taylor
* Assistant Coach: Helena Bryce

Starting X

# - Prince Jericho Bush - Goalkeeper
# - Luiz Debney - Defender
# - Scott Mare - Defender
# - Jake Prospect - Defender
# - Ryan Marine - Midfielder
# - Ben Ascot - Midfielder
# - Stephen Di Mateo - Midfielder
# - Audie Cult - Forward
# - Colin King - Forward
# - Daniel Joseph - Forward


# - Skipper Brisbane- Goalkeeper
# - Joshua Indi - Defender
# - Rhett English - Midfielder
# - Matt de Chapps - Midfielder
# - Raj Kik- Forward


West Phoenicia currently ranks number 33 in the World Lacrosse Championships

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Postby Abanhfleft » Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:50 am


This will be Abanhfleft's fifth time participating in the World Lacrosse Championship. For reasons that can be simply summed up as "it's the best thing we've done in a while," the Democratic Republic is sending forth their women's national lacrosse team once again. The women's team, led by the "Fearsome Threesome" of Menan Alrisheb, Fatima Alsambis, and Cecilia Cuvimi, managed to win third place in their first ever tournament WLC XIX, beating the Serbian Empire to nab the bronze from under the veteran nation's noses. They went on to win back-to-back titles in WLC 22 and WLC 23 before a miserable performance in WLC 24 saw them eliminated in the group stage. This women's team is different from the other women's lacrosse teams because they are trained in men's lacrosse rules, the reasons why will be explained in the history spoiler below.

The history of lacrosse in Abanhfleft is both long and short, in that it has been in the country for a long time, but a concise summary of said history can be written down in just ten to fifteen sentences or maybe more. Lacross was introduced in Abanhfleft by vacationing Canadian college students and expatriates who missed playing the game. The first truly Fleftic lacrosse players came from association football and field hockey backgrounds, and these players played in seasonal lacrosse clubs to augment their salaries during their respective sports' offseasons. The first national lacrosse league in Abanhfleft was established in 1929, and was composed of 7 teams coming from the Capital Islands. The Fleftic national lacrosse league system adopted its current promotion-and-relegation format in 1951, with the National League (now called the Lacrosse Premier League) at the top of the pyramid. The Fleftic Lacrosse Federation (Flefteikor' Fidourhat'she ob Lakros or FFoL) was established in 1930 to manage the leagues, and to see to the creation of a national team. The Abanhfleft men's national lacrosse team played its first game in 1931, where they lost 1-0 to a team of Montreal college players.

1963 saw the first attempts to introduce women's lacrosse into Abanhfleft. Women's lacrosse had vastly different rules from men's lacrosse, and while these programs saw some success in the mid-sixties, Fleftic women decided that the rules of women's lacrosse were "too soft," and simply adopted the rules of men's lacrosse. When the women's national lacrosse team played its first games in 1969, they surprised many other teams with their extremely aggressive style of play, the likes of which were more usually seen in men's lacrosse games. This led to many incidents of broken legs, broken arms, broken ribs, broken jaws, and so on and so forth. Eventually, the FFoL established another women's team, this one focusing on women's lacrosse rules. Teams playing Abanhfleft are well-advised to treat the women like men because the girls will certainly treat their opponents like Fleftic men.

They also won the last two World Lacrosse Championships, and they tried going for a third straight title, but a limp performance in the group stage of WLC 24 resulted in them going out on said stage. Now they're back for the silver edition of the World Lacrosse Championships hoping to come back stronger than ever. Can they do it, now that the Fearsome Threesome have all decided to retire from international lacrosse at the same time, or can they only somehow sink even deeper?

GK - Goalkeeper
DF - Defender
MF - Midfielder
AT - Attacker

GK - #1 Alesia Westinggate (30)
DF - #2 Georgia Turalles (26)
DF - #3 Jean Buchare (29)
DF - #4 Olivia Jackson (22)
MF - #5 Patricia Gilfoy (28)
MF - #6 Chandra Koothrappali (31)
MF - #7 Mubashira de Alto Aragon (29)
AT - #8 Heidi Vanderzee (23)
AT - #9 Sabrina Silber (26)
AT - #10 Beverly Smith (25)

GK - #11 Hannah Jurtanek (25)
DF - #12 Mary-Lou Covell (22)
DF - #13 Jane Johns (25)
DF - #14 Conchita Bartholow (23)
MF - #15 Hildegard Marinello (24)
MF - #16 Tallulah Johnson (28)
MF - #17 Sharon Condon (24)
AT - #18 Haley Hosier (25)
AT - #19 Tabitha McNulty (27)
AT - #20 Shelly Barcenas (23)

Head Coach: Watch this space

Assistant Coach - Tactics: Tim Blyther (44)
Blyther is an Australian who played lacrosse in Abanhfleft's Lacrosse Premier League for almost fifteen years, eventually retiring in 2009 with five championships under his belt. Blyther is also a fan of association football, and was the mastermind of adapting some of that's sports tactics into lacrosse, and this combination of lacrosse and football helped lead the Releinthi Fighting Sticks to three consecutive championships in the Lacrosse Premier League. Being the inventor and innovator of FootCrosse (the combination of football and lacrosse tactics), Blyther was invited by the FFoL to be both national teams' tactics coach, but this will be the first time that FootCrosse will be seen on the world stage, and how Abanhfleft will perform in this tournament will determine the viability of FootCrosse on the international lacrosse scene.

Assistant Coach - Training: Chan Lua (58)
A popular aerobics instructor back in the 1980s, Chan Lua was hired by the FFoL in 2012 for a yearly salary of 2 million new penenks, one of the largest yearly salaries ever in the federation. Lua's job will be to increase and enhance the players' fitness levels. Lua's hiring, which had been a controversial decision at the time, eventually paid off when both national teams' starting lineups lasted much longer on the field than their opponents. Observers keen to gauge this side will look to Lua's contributions to the effectiveness of the national side. In his spare time, when he is not the fitness coach of the Fleftic women's national lacrosse team, he is the fitness coach of the Fhulghamous Peninsula national football team.

Watch this space

Nickname: The Amazons
Colors: All white with blue, orange, and green stripes on the waistline and yellow numbers in a red circle (home kit); all red with yellow letters and numbers (away kit)
Style: Abanhfleft is an attacking team. The legacy of football and hockey players dabbling in lacrosse in its early days in Abanhfleft has resulted in a playing style that emphasizes getting the ball up front for chances to score. This, however, leaves the defense a bit thin, as at least two midfielders join the attackers in forays up to the goal, leaving behind only the defenders and the keeper. The midfield makes up for this by rushing back to their positions as soon as the opponents have acquired the ball.

To be added later

The Imponte Garden in Kammala, Garufaloe Province, home of the Garufaloe Cobras of the FNLAF, will be playing host to the Fleftic national lacrosse team's home matches. It has an official capacity of 51,000 people, and while attendance regularly exceeds that figure thanks to a rabid fanbase for American football, and people prefer to stand up or sit on the stairs whenever capacity is filled, the organizers are not sure if this capacity will be filled for lacrosse matches, as it simply does not have the same pull as American football, association football, or even rugby union.

RP Permissions:
Everything except killing my players is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.82
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Postby Ko-oren » Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:01 am



GK Martin Broderick (THL)
DEF Birahnik Buyahgish (POL)
DEF Ruslana Zubkova (f) (THL)
DEF Felicia MacCarmaig (f) (THL)
MID Oleg Nikonov (THL)
MID Reesheenin (POL)
MID Yashhagee Reehishah (f) (POL)
STR Jade MacPhilip (f) (THL)
STR Yu'khashah (f) (POL)
STR Carolyn Treharne (f) (THL)

GK Vanessa Carr (f) (THL)
DEF Belessunu (f) (IXS)
DEF Terri Osborn (f) (THL)
DEF Tharime Lazhahu (f) (POL)
MID Mariya Kosheleva (f) (THL)
MID Alan Meredith (THL)
MID Aaron MacLianain (THL)
STR Dehbeshahn (POL)
STR Erwin Roberts (THL)
STR Chahayu (f) (POL)

THL: comes from Thaulandi
POL: comes from Polaris
IXS: comes from the Nine Sisters
(more info about these territories in domestic newswires)

Home Stadium (if necessary)
- Talsheer, Polaris. The Talghahn seats 80,000 and is a legendary stadium in Unionite lacrosse. Three teams in the domestic league play here. Talsheer itself is dry, with big differences between summer and winter temperatures. Expect this stadium to fill up to at least 50,000.
- Pereselenets, Thaulandi. The Century Bank Stadium can hold 31,000 and that doesn't make it among the biggest stadiums in the domestic league. However, you can expect this cold, but domed arena to sell out.
- Marinwood, Thaulandi. The Big One (yeah, the name of the stadium is really Marinwood's Big One) has a maximum attendance of 74,000 and that puts it second in the league. The Marinwooders are pretty picky about their lacrosse though: the Rebels play in this stadium and you'll find their fans to visit the Big One for national team games as well, but the Citizens' fans, normally going to the Marinwood Oval, will probably not even try to make it to the rival ground.

Do whatever
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Postby Vangaziland » Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:39 pm

Vangaziland Royals Lacrosse

Head Coach: Larry Hootsen
Assistant Coach: Jon Vennet
Personal Trainer: Sheila Hancourt

G - #3 - Stevie Jacob - 5'8 -176 lbs
D - #32 - Vince Heart - 5'11 - 215 lbs
D - #66 - Lars Swenson - 6'6 - 255 lbs
D - #41 - Mike Swythe - 6'2 - 245 lbs
M - #22 - Jake Carrs - 5'9 - 179 lbs
M - #7 - Rich Purdehar - 6'1 - 185 lbs
M - #25 - Chris Anderssen - 6'0 - 175 lbs
A - #1 - Will Rubey -5'8 - 170 lbs
A - #12 - Tony Tute - 6'1 - 190 lbs
A - #20 - Andie Verrando - 5'10 - 175 lbs

D - #45 - Andrew Lotson - 6'0 - 200 lbs
D - #50 - Merril Andalay - 6'1 - 220 lbs
D - #35 - Freddie Tentson - 6'2 - 211 lbs

M - #27 - Derrick Kensite - 5'11 - 175 lbs
M - #7 - Henry Libberson - 5'8 - 164 lbs
M - #16 - Theo Scandrix - 5'7 - 170 lbs
M - #10 - Erik Schotta - 6'0 - 175 lbs

A - #8 - Mike Grensen - 5'8 - 175 lbs
A - #14 - Tim Dunbork - 6'1 - 190 lbs
A - #9 - Jimmy Lattersen - 5'6 - 165 lbs

Home Stadium: Emmerson Field
Capacity: 35,000
Location: Emeros, Vangaziland

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers: No
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: No

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Postby Levivania » Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:05 pm

Levivanian National Lacrosse Team



Lacrosse is not a very popular or well known sport in Levivania. Only scattered regional amateur leagues exist. However, Levivania always looks to challenge itself and decided to hold a national tryout for the best lacrosse players n the country to make the team.

Starting Lineup

GK: Jaek Corry
DEF: Fabs Balk
DEF: Mike Mara
DEF: Pattrick Rustle
MID: PetrusPeter Manny
MID: John Dough
MID: Shawn O' Connior
ATT: Levi Goldman
ATT: Ben Ballmer
ATT: Danny Boyo
DEF: Ponyboy Curtis
DEF: Brad Cruise
DEF: Tom Pitt
MID/ATT: Mikey Gaines
MID/ATT: erry London
MID/ATT: Rob Graden
GK: John Matthews

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers: yes
Godmod scoring events: no
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Ontorisa » Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:29 pm

The 25th World Lacrosse Championships: Who to Watch on Team Ontorisa?
Jean-Gabriel Desjardins, Kaspar Rikkard and Tomas Morollos prepare to return to the Championships as the most dominant offensive line there is.

Corcra - Are you ready Ontorisa? With the 25th World Lacrosse Championships just around the corner, we took it upon ourselves to take a look at Team Ontorisa and who to look out for during the championships.

The DKM Line - Jean-Gabriel Desjardins, Kaspar Rikkard and Tomas Morollos are all international lacrosse stars on the rise. Combining for a championships-leading goal total of 39 and led all attack men in ground balls with 94. Despite being offensive juggernauts, the DKM line can also be sound defensively, breaking up breakout passes and being a complete pain for defenders to both defend and avoid.

Bulked Up Midfield - One of the reasons why the #2 seeded Team Ontorisa was brutally kicked out by the Ko-orens in the previous championships was the lack of a large, skilled midfield core. This year, with the maturing of starter Alexei Rasyujov and the addition of Largot Nooderstrom, these two incredibly quick and towering midfielders (Rasyujov is 6'4" while Nooderstrom is 6'6") will be a force both defensively and offensively. As well, Rasyujov's stick work has been much better, as he accounted for 52 forced turnovers in the OKLL this season.

Stability in the Cage - Tomas Yaroskairj brings some much needed experience to the cage for the goalkeepers. Last year, the poor effort of the goalkeepers put increased pressure on Ontorisa's defensive core, who were already struggling with the lack of midfield support. Yaroskairj, who led the OVLA in SV% with .832, is expected to be Ontorisa's #1 starter, passing up Brakars Zaislai.

A New Year - It's just another, fresh new run at the championships. Everyone's head will be locked in to win and to do anything to win.

Good Luck Falcons!
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Postby Kep » Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:04 pm

English - Kep Eagles

Team Info

Head Coach - Guðbjartur Úlfarsson | 56 | 6'5
Assistant Coach - Heiðar Arnbjarnarson | 43 | 5'6
Loke Sortland | 210 lbs. | 6'7 | #1
Lucas Solstad | 245 lbs. | 6'3 | #2
Leander Låstad | 240 lbs. | 5'11 | #3
Alvin Borge | 196 lbs. | 6'1 | #4
Millian Sætre | 166 lbs. | 5'6 | #5
Þórðr Jónbjörnsson | 180 lbs. | 5'11 | #6
Sigurþór Rögnvaldsson | 201 lbs. | 6'3 | #7
Sigurd Sæterdal | 144 lbs. | 5'9 | #8
Mikkel Holen | 240 lbs. | 6'7 | #9
Martin Foss | 180 lbs. | 6'4 | #10

Sturla Sigurdórsson | 188 lbs. | 7'2 | #21
Barði Ámundason | 205 lbs. | 6'6 | #22
Ármann Ásmundsson | 215 lbs. | 6'3 | #23
Steingrímur Magnússon | 230 lbs. | 6'4 | #24
Rúnar Theodórsson | 240 lbs. | 6'5 | #25
Þorvaldur Hafliðason | 192 lbs. | 5'11 | #26
Ingimundur Sveinsson | 167 lbs. | 6'6 | #27
Ómar Þráinsson | 203 lbs. | 5'5 | #28
Sturlaugur Guðbjarnarson | 206 lbs | 6'4 | #39
Benjamín Sverrisson | 216 lbs. | 5'8 | #30
Kalman Njálsson | 204 lbs. | 5'9 | #31
Unnþór Birkisson | 243 lbs. | 6'4 | #32
RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes
RP Penalties for My Players: No
RP Ejections for My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Don't kill anyone.

The question is, is this your chance Kep? A chance to break onto the multiverses' stage? Here we stand at a crossroads, Kep vs. the world, and here, Kep prevails or maybe not. Sports in Kep is a valiant and old tradition and the Kep Estongs, the male team of Kespian lacrosse has much to prove to the multiverse. A major light must be shown in Kep's defense, an iron guard that holds strong. A new coach must prove to be decisive and show Kep's power-projection on the ground. The question is are you ready?
Kep's offense must be explosive, shining through the group, it must be fast-paced and limit casualties. Winning is paramount, and offense ignites this. Kep's offense is comprised of mainly people of medium to short height, this may be to the advantage of Kep, allowing for mobile and versatile offensive pushes. Kep should be able to score its fair share of goals.
Kep's midfield must watch its edges, it must groom the field and stop opponents from penetrating the core. Kep's midfield is also short, one wonders why? Perhaps the coach has a trick up his sleeve which will stun even the most knowing person of all lacrosse.
As many say, defense is the best offense, and for good reason too. The defense of this team poses a threat to others, the ironclad defense will not be east to penetrate. Resistance will be met at every front, ones that are hard to deal with. Kep's goalkeepers are experienced to say the least. Goals will come hard and earned for opponents.
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Postby Cheongji » Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:39 pm

Jerseys of Cheongji



Head Coach: Seo Bon Seung
Assistant Coach: Park Kyeong Hwan
Assistant Coach: Seo Eun Pyo
Trigramme: CHE
Demonym: Jian
Style Modifier: -5

Goal Keeper
GK - #1 - Jang Jeong Wook - 193 cm - 105 kg

DF - #2 - Won Do Kyung - 195 cm - 98 kg
DF - #3 - Nam Dong Hyuk - 194 cm - 101 kg
DF - #5 - Jo Jae Hoon - 198 cm - 103 kg

MF - #11 - Seo Hyun Tak - 190 cm - 88 kg
MF - #13 - Jeong Da Woon - 192 cm - 85 kg
MF - #17 - Oh Do Won - 196 cm - 89 kg

AT - #21 - Seo Young Chan - 199 cm - 91 kg
AT - #24 - Kang Sae Hyeon - 184 cm - 80 kg
AT - #29 - Jang Seo Joon - 189 cm - 83 kg

GK - #33 - Kim Kyu Hyun - 177 cm - 74 kg
GK - #43 - Yoo Jae Yoon - 195 cm - 90 kg

DF - #15 - Yoo Yo Hwan - 198 cm - 95 kg
DF - #54 - Park Geon Seok - 194 cm - 91 kg
DF - #5 - Choo Sae Won - 217 cm - 112 kg

MF - #24 - Oh Jeong Hyeon - 189 cm - 82 kg
MF - #70 - Jung Geon Tae - 178 cm - 74 kg
MF - #6 - Park Jong Yoon - 192 cm - 86 kg
MF - #10 - Jang Hyeon Ho - 184 cm - 79 kg

AT - #80 - Kim Jin Ik - 189 cm - 83 kg
AT - #34 - Byeon Jeong Woo - 188 cm - 80 kg
AT - #4 - Moon Tae Woong - 196 cm - 91 kg

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Don't kill anyone.

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Free Swiss States
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Postby Free Swiss States » Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:25 pm

Nation Name: Free Swiss States (The F.S.S.)
Nation Trigram: FSS

The inexperienced and understaffed is glad to compete in the 25th World Lacrosse Championships. The sport is not an enormously popular one in the FSS, as it is mostly overshadowed by rowing - which draws from similar demographics. Still, the Swiss Dep. Of Athletics decided that this year's team was good enough to warrant sending to compete at an international tournament.

Head Coach: Jonah Nizzy
Assistant Coach: James Hunt

Starting X
Goalkeeper - Glenn Foley
Defenders - Owen Walshman
Defenders - Tristan McEnroe
Defenders - Yale Fitzpatrick
Midfielders - Anirin O'Rourke
Midfielders - Evan Anderson
Midfielders - Gwyn Hunter
Attackers - Ian Chaikan
Attackers - Roewulf van Eaux
Attackers - Dafyed Donovan


Goalkeeper - Aaron Meicel
Defenders - Max Meicel
Defenders - Reese Flanagan
Midfielders - Peter Mullan
Attackers - Fred Murphy

RP Permissions: Do whatever you want!

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Postby Ferkas » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:27 am

Ferkian National Lacrosse Team

While lacrosse is an emerging sport in many parts of the world it is facing perhaps an even tougher battle to gain traction in the Chancellery Kingdom of Ferkas. Sports are immensely popular within Ferkas, but the overwhelming amount of attention and funding is given to athletics, followed by football (association and American rules). With that said, lacrosse is starting to catch on with certain portions of the population, especially at the secondary school and university levels. Over the last decade numerous local club teams have been established, along with local and regional leagues to organize competition.

The premier league is the Association of Ferkian Lacrosse Conferences (AFLC) which counts 24 teams as members, spread across the CKF. The AFLC is currently in its second year of earning full league accreditation from the Ministry of Sport. Participation in the 25th World Lacrosse Championships is a major part of that process and the team is being co-managed by the Ministry of Sport and the AFLC.


Red marks starters


Head Coach: Scott McGauly (Coventry LxC - 4 years)
Assistant Coach: Richard Allio (Mount Fortuna LxC - 3 years)
Assistant Coach: John Hope (Alseford Youth LxC - 17 years)
Team Captain: William Hope


#11 Evan McAdams (Coventry LxC) - Age 21
#97 Andrew Peers (Mount Fortuna LxC) - Age 19


#33 Victor La Rupa (South Shores LxC) - Age 20
#80 Samuel Gergon (Coventry LxC) - Age 22

#9 Zachary Leif (Adamsboro LxC) - Age 19
#55 Quinton Singfel (East Litchfield LxC) - Age 18
#71 Ryan Hearston (Unaffiliated) - Age 18


#12 Olsen Card (Coventry LxC) - Age 18
#8 Daniel Dupoin (University of Ferkas at Coventry LxC) - Age 21
#44 Zintan Yang (Reshford Rovers LxC) - Age 19
#66 Ian Chaner (Addlesboro Technical College LxC) - Age 20
#10 Brandon Clyde (Unaffiliated) - Age 18
#19 Reginald Cooper (Youngstown Rivers LxC) - Age 19
#74 Hank Torelli (South Shores LxC) - Age 19
#52 William Hope (Unaffiliated) - Age 25

#4 Alec Smiths (University of Ferkas at Coventry LxC) - Age 21
#42 Derek Hope (Polsburo State University LxC) - Age 20
#5 Timothy Hope (Polsburo State University LxC) - Age 18

#51 Stanley Paulson (Polsburo State University LxC) - Age 18
#16 Gregory Cerker (Addlesboro Technical College LxC) - Age 21

Media Notes:

1.) The team is by Coach Scott McGauly, head coach for the Coventry Lacrosse Club (LxC) which is fresh off its 2016 AFLC national title. Over the last four years he has guided Coventry LxC to the AFLC final three times (2016, 2014, 2013), winning titles in 2016 and 2013. Previously he coached at Addlesboro Technical College LxC, where he guided the program to the AFLC final in its third year of operation (2009).

2.) The Hope family, considered by many to be the "royal family" of Ferkian lacrosse features heavily on this team. John Hope, who has long been a leader in Ferkian lacrosse, joins the team as an assistant coach. In addition to his years coaching youth and development teams he was a founding member of the AFLC and has served as its chair five times (2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2005-2006, 2008-2009, 2012-2013). He is currently the lead liaison between the AFLC and the Ministry of Sport.

Three of his sons - William Hope, Derek Hope, and Timothy Hope - are also on the team. William Hope is well known for his dominating career with University of Ferkas -Brownfield Heights LxC, where he still holds club records for scores and assists. He was the AFLC "Player of the Year" in 2013 and 2014. Derek Hope has emerged as a sensation at Polsburo State University, guiding their team to the AFLC collegiate conference championships this year, where he earned Conference "Player of the Year" honors and was a consensus 1st Team All-AFLC pick in both of the last two seasons. Timothy, the youngest sibling, has shown that he will not be hidden by his family's shadow, earning 1st Team All-AFLC honors this year as well, playing alongside Derek at Polsuburo State University.

3.) The team has spent the last two weeks training together at the South Shores LxC complex. According to Coach McGauly the time "has really allowed the team to pull together and establish more of a unified approach."

4.) Although neither the Ministry of Sport or the AFLC will confirm, many analysts believe that the teams performance in this tournament will have major repercussions for the sports progress towards full accreditation. Although there is currently a two year transition period left it has been noted that the Ministry of Sport can chose to expedite the process as will and many believe that a strong showing here could motivate such a decision. However, there is no agreement on what would be a "strong showing", especially against such high caliber international competition.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes*
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
*Within reason - if you want to do something a bit more "out there" just shoot me a message first!
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The Licentian Isles
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:50 pm

Licentian National Lacrosse Team

As one of the biggest sports in the Licentian Isles, it is no surprise that this is where the Licentians choose to make their return to the world of international sport. Having hosted this tournament in the past, but never really made too much of an impact in the tournament itself, the Cyan-and-Gold will be looking to come back with a bang, and bring a trophy home from Corcra.

Head Coach - Ash Fransen



1 - Regan Hughes - 30 years - Montfort
11 - Tjarco van Nieuwenwijk - 20 years - St Bart’s


2 - Ally Reid - 23 years - Abingdon
3 - Sol Linnenbank - 28 years - Montfort
4 - Aidan Minshull - 31 years - Abingdon
12 - Max Jones - 21 years - Colesham
13 - Joe Park - 24 years - St Bart’s
14 - Martin Brogan - 19 years - Colesham


5 - Ross Duncan - 33 years - Montfort
6 - Tom Mackay - 29 years - Abingdon
7 - Marty Vijn - 25 years - St Bart’s
15 - Harry Johnstone - 27 years - Colesham
16 - Kim Somers - 20 years - Abingdon
17 - Dan King - 29 years - Montfort


8 - Mirko Zweverink - 19 years - St Bart’s
9 - Matt Franklin - 22 years - Colesham
10 - Alex Macleod - 24 years - Montfort
18 - Corwin Noya - 21 years - Abingdon
19 - Rob Munroe - 23 years - St Bart’s
20 - Niko Hunt - 26 years - Colesham

Home - Cyan with gold trim
Away - White with cyan trim

Home Stadium:

Adamson Park:
Location - Montfort, Montfort Parish
Capacity - 55,000 (40,000 seated)
Home Side - SC Montfort, Montfort Lacrosse

For details on how to get to the Licentian Isles, how to get around once you are here, or general enquiries about the parish your team will be hosted, or facilities at each ground, please contact the RFALI (OOC - again, me, by TG).

RP Permissions:
If my opponent should RP first, they may:
Choose my goal scorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y, but nothing too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players Y, but nothing serious, and TG me to make me aware
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but TG me to make me aware
Godmod other events N

If you wish to do anything outside these boundaries, TG me.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.
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Postby Ilyseum » Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:42 pm

Ilyseum National Lacrosse Team

Coach - Conor Diarmaid
Captain - Urien Dwyn



GK: Urien Dwyn (31)
DEF: Njörðr Bedivere (20)
DEF: Finn Lugos (23)
DEF: Lugus Gwalchmei (21)
MID: Alfr Jodocus (28)
MID: Gandalf Taranis (25)
MID: Ailill Völundr (30)
ATT: Cian Yngvi (22)
ATT: Myrddin Lugos (27)
ATT: Þórr Arawn (25)


GK: Caomhán Mordred (20)
DEF: Víðarr Judoc (29)
DEF: Óengus Teutorigos (22)
MID: Odin Parthalán (30)
MID: Urien Ǫrvar (31)
ATT: Math Bedwyr (26)
ATT: Caomh Nuadha (26)

Ilyseum is a nation in the Realm of the Gods, an alternate reality where gods are real, electricity does not exist and magical powers exist.

RP Permissions
Style Mod: (1+5^(1/2))/2 or approximately 1.61803398874
Choose my Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
Injure my Players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Other Notes: Do anything you want, so long as you're willing to grant me the same RP permissions and you don't contradict the laws of my nation's home reality while in that reality.
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Postby Western Jarwel » Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:50 pm

Manager: Al Hunb
Asst. Manager: Amy Hunb
In Parenthesies are the college they went to.

Starting Lineup
GK: Vernon Welks (Kiuj University)
DEF: Alexander Fepal (Asedan University)
DEF: John Pina (Iuja University)
DEF: Tony Weten (Tunib University)
MID: Sam Bekan (Asedan University)
MID: Jackson Alpan (Gyten University)
MID: Gerald Franz (Did Not Go To College)
ATT: Daniel Yusi (Asedan University)
ATT: David Tuin (Tunib University)
ATT: Sam Vacib (Reaton University)
DEF: Xavier Talson (Did Not Go To College)
DEF: Tommy Ulson (Reaton University)
DEF: Elijah Watson (Niakl University
MID/ATT: Carl Yuti (Asedan University)
MID/ATT: Ryan Ert (Asedan University)
MID/ATT: Jack Ret (Asedan State University)
GK: Tyrone Adwen (Derjin University)

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers: yes
Godmod scoring events: yes
Suspend my players: yes
Godmod suspension events: yes
Godmod other events: No

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Postby Banija » Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:23 pm

Official Banijan Men's National Lacrosse Team roster for the 25th World Lacrosse Championships

Head Coach: Pavle Yankovich. Banijan central midfielder in WLC 21 & WLC 22; Captain of the WLC 22 team. Managed WLC XXIV. Age 43.
Demonym: Banijan
Trigamme: BNJ
Style Modifier: +5

2nd place finish at the 21st World Lacrosse Championships(International Debut)
3rd place finish at the 22nd World Lacrosse Championships
4th place finish at the 1st Multiverse Games for Men's Lacrosse
KOed in the Round of 16 at the 23rd World Lacrosse Championships
KOed in Quarterfianls of the 24th World Lacrosse Championships
Total Record: 28-13
World Ranking: #6

Home jerseys: Black
Away: White
Alternate: Green

Starters are underlined
Players from the WLC 24 team are italicized
Jela Ikeno. #29, age 24.
Boris Sakota. #31, age 33.
Anthony Valnovich. #35, age 26.

Hassan Motuma #7, age 28. Left Side.
Isaiah Bath. #13, age 28. Central.
Lemuel Debebe. #17, age 24. Right Side.
Eleazar Aklilu. #2, age 31.
Daudi Maruty. #19, age 21.
Busara Badru. #4, age 23.
Nikola Vucenov. #5, age 24.

Levan Wesley. #27, age 29. Left Side.
Alex Rod. #10, age 30. Central. Team Captain.
KeAndre Wright. #18, age 25. Right Side.
Joseph Novak. #22, age 30.
Beno Azizi. #24, age 19.
Kamari Nyo. #6, age 27.
Taji Adhama. #21, age 22.

Alexei Zitros. #16, age 31. Left Side.
Deke Papadakis. #15, age 28. Central.
Cyrus Bell. #9, age 23. Right Side.
Beno Abdalla. #8, age 24.
Mosi Basar. #20, age 33.
Usian Salehe. #23, age 26.
Zahur Mkubwa. #11, age 25.

Group Schedule

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes (please specify the length of the suspension though)
Godmod suspension events: Yes (please specify the length of the suspension though)
Godmod other events: No
Kingdom of Banija(3rd world nation). RP Population: 87 million
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
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Postby Amazonesta » Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:30 am

Official Amazonesta Men's National Lacrosse Team roster for the 25th World Lacrosse Championships

Head Coach: Gustavo Rezende. Age 53
Demonym: Amazonestan
Trigamme: AMZ
Style Modifier: -2

Home jerseys: Red
Away: White
Alternate: Green

Starters are underlined
Players from the WLC XXIV roster are italicized.
Nicolas Ribeiro. #40, age 31.
Cauã Assis. #32, age 33.
Lucas Furtado. #51, age 22.

Tomás Andrade #2, age 32. Left Side.
Diego Dias #5, age 24. Central.
Edgar Castro #9, age 25. Right Side.
Emanuel Padilha. #21, age 27.
Érico Queiroz. #19, age 27.
Guilherme dos Santos. #22, age 27.
Frederico Magalhães. #24, age 20.

Gilberto Paiva. #27, age 22. Left Side.
Vinicius Rios. #3, age 29. Central.
Tiago Vargas. #14, age 25. Right Side.
César Rios. #16, age 34.
Bernardo Bitencourt. #18, age 28.
Alexandre Justo. #4, age 27.
Maurício de Oliveira. #8, age 22.

Cláudio Reis. #6, age 23. Left Side.
André Soares. #10, age 30. Central. Team Captain.
Rodrigo Prado. #15, age 28. Right Side.
Bernardo Medeiros. #12, age 23.
Vinicius Andrade. #25, age 26
Guilherme Soares. #11, age 25.
Armando Duarte. #7, age 31.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes (please specify the length of the suspension though)
Godmod suspension events: Yes (please specify the length of the suspension though)
Godmod other events: No
Sporting Achievements: Champions of the 61st Baptism of Fire
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Postby Kaboomlandia » Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:55 am

Kaboomlandia Phoenix National Field Lacrosse Team

The Kaboomlandian lacrosse team isn't that good, as they all play in the Kaboomlandian Lacrosse League, a minor-pro league for lacrosse. The team doesn't have much cohesion and is essentially the KLL's version of an all-star team.

Nickname: Phoenix
Head coach: Kurt Oakley
Trigramme: KBM
Style mod: +3.0

#40 Randy Kelly
#2 Jimmie Albert
#3 Ivan Steele

#25 Darryl Combs
#9 Gary Nixon
#35 Dwayne Long
#29 Leonard Slater
#7 Shawn David
#11 Dan Griffin

#38 Charlie Hopkins
#49 Curtis Gallagher
#18 Johnnie Rivera
#8 Tim MacDonald
#43 Enrique Howe
#45 Darryl Valentine
#6 Julio Mercer

#15 Hugh Marks
#1 Ray Dean
#30 Jeffery Hill
#41 Glenn Dickerson
#13 Enrique Caldwell
#26 Bernard Riley

RP permissions:
Choose scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Suspend my players: Anything beyond the next game, you TG me first.
Godmod suspensions: No
Godmod other: No
In=character, Kaboomlandia is a World Assembly member and abides by its resolutions. If this nation isn't in the WA, it's for practical reasons.
Author of GA #371 and SC #208, #214, #226, #227, #230, #232
Co-Author of SC #204
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."
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"Your legitimacy, Kaboom, has melted away in my eyes. I couldn't have believed that only a shadow of your once brilliant WA career remains."



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