World Grand Prix Championship Season 14: Roleplay Thread

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World Grand Prix Championship Season 14: Roleplay Thread

Postby WGPC » Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:11 pm




Image Image Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio (4/3/5)
Driver 1: Image #1 Alexandra Mayari
Driver 2: Image #24 Victoria Gardner

Image Image McPahan Racing (4/5/3)
Driver 1: Image #6 Alexander Lund
Driver 2: Image #46 Reni Sanderson

Image Image ENSADRINK GP (3.8/4.3/3.9)
Driver 1: Image #55 Asao Nadakei
Driver 2: Image #10 Lauren Ashburton

Image Image Cygnus ATR (4/3/5)
Driver 1: Image #29 Esteban Guilhermez
Driver 2: Image #23 Moisés Delgado

Image Image Archer Motorsports (2/5/5)
Driver 1: Image #52 Sayono Souzare
Driver 2: Image #3 Mateo Oket

Image Image Telaris Racing (5/3/4)
Driver 1: Image #8 Igne Spupuo
Driver 2: Image #12 Vic Convarion

Image Image Carvenlo-Franklin Racing (4/5/3)
Driver 1: Image #51 R.L. Cruisin
Driver 2: Image #7 Ethan Ellis

Image Image Vilita and Turori Motorsports (4.8/4.2/3)
Driver 1: Image #77 iBen Toralmintii
Driver 2: Image #56 Terho Tavela

Image Image MSA-SinVal Racing (3.8/3.7/4.5)
Driver 1: Image #18 Louis Krindle
Driver 2: Image #14 Oliver Bliss

Image Image MRT (4/4/4)
Driver 1: Image #42 Alex Dimitrianov
Driver 2: Image #17 Oliver Bachmann

Image Image Fornax Racing (5/4/3)
Driver 1: Image #35 Jac-Irlo Val
Driver 2: Image #89 Will Madison

Image Image WGPC Motorworks (4/4/3)
Driver 1: Image #21 Alexander Kohlon
Driver 2: Image #13 Gunnar Lindstrom

Image Image Scuderia WGPC (4/4/3)
Driver 1: Image #99 Rudolf Ibuna
Driver 2: Image #57 Galicio Palembe

Circuit Calendar

Pre-season practice: Gaiano Forest Circuit, Proluvia

1 HDR Yakumicha Circuit Grand Prix of Hodori
2 AEL Western Route Circuit Grand Prix of Aels
3 EFL Mount Salt Raceway Grand Prix of the Imperial Commonwealth
4 LEN Talbott Autodrome Liventia Airways Grand Prix of Liventia

mid-season practice: Slithereen Snakeheart Circuit, Frenline Delpha

5 MTJ Kopylov InternazionRing Grand Prix tsa Mattijana
6 SJG Suojärvi Raceway Gran Premio Guayabalense
7 NEK Nekoni International Circuit Grand Prix of Nekoni
8 BAU Alexwood Racing Park Grand Prix of Barunia
9 NUD Circuit de Dunpa Grand Prix of Dunpa

mid-season practice: Eelandii Circuit, Turori

10 VIL Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course Vilitan Grand Prix
11 KRY Argentring Grand Prix of Krytenia
12 AUD Crossport Raceway Audioslavian Grand Prix

Available Drivers

The following drivers are registered and elligible to compete for a team:

#	NAT	Name	Team		Ag	Tc	Re
1 NEK Alexandra Mayari 2 2 2
3 ARK Mateo Oket 1 3 2
5 JES Henry Tiaoa 2 1 3
6 AUD Alexander Lund 2 1.5 2.5
7 AMR Xavier Jennings 1 3 2
7 ETN Ethan Ellis 1.6 2.4 2
8 DIO Igne Spupuo 3 3 0
10 BAU Lauren Ashburton 1 3 2
11 FRI Heinz Mignolet 2 2 2
12 CEN Vic Convarion 1.75 2.25 2
13 VLK Gunnar Lindström 0.5 2.5 3
14 TAE Oliver Bliss 1 3 2
14 KSN Taeko Nashishima 0.75 3 2.25
17 OIS Oliver Bachmann 2 2 2
18 EFL Louis Krindle 2.6 2.6 0.8
20 TSB Marcus Melton 2 2 2
21 NUD Alexander Kohlon 2 2 2

23 SJG Moisés Delgado 2 2 2
24 EFL Victoria Gardner 2 2 2
29 KRY Esteban Guilhermez 1 3 2
32 JES Jerry Heesey 2 3 1
34 MTJ Jasmin Kranjška 2 2 2
35 CEN Jac-Irlo Val 2.5 1.75 1.75
42 MTJ Alex Dimitrianov 1 2 3
46 SCV Reni Sanderson 0.5 2.5 3
47 CRE April Crawford 0.5 3 2.5
51 VIL R.L. Crusin 2.75 2 1.25
52 HDR Sayono Souzare 1.7 2.4 1.9
55 HDR Asao Nadakei 2.2 2.1 1.7
55 ABL Terho Talvela 3 1.5 1.5
63 SJG Ulrik Fjorissen 1.8 2 2.2
64 USI Crimson LaRoja 3 2 1
66 FND Smith Snick 2 1 3

77 TUR iBen Toralmintii 1 3.25 1.75
89 DRK Will Madison 2.2 2.3 1.5
?? APN Noah Bosshart 2 2 2

Drivers listed in BOLD have been RP'd and would be good choices for a team.
If there is demand, then a twelfth team, dubbed 'WGPC Motorworks', will be entered. This team cannot be applied to. It will send TG's to worthy drivers and those replying with 'yes' will be given a drive.

For the next couple of weeks, negotiations between drivers and teams will take place in this thread. For those who have not done this before, have a look at the first two or three pages of last season's thread.

You may RP however you like. Maybe you'd prefer to tell the world that a couple of teams are interested in your driver via some rumour-mongering in your local newspapers? Perhaps you'd like to set up an interview for a team/driver? Maybe you can do what Vilita has done a few times and hold an open-invitation trial for a number of drivers to test your racecar around a local circuit, and choose the best one? There is no 'right' way to do it, and the only 'wrong' way to do it would be to attempt to confirm your driver is racing with a team before any real negotiations, OOC, IC or otherwise, have taken place. You may also wish to consider the massive difference in pay between an experienced driver with a good reputation and a newcomer. In RL Formula 1, the best drivers are paid handsomely to drive while the newcomers often have to pay a team in order to secure a drive. Does your driver need to secure sponsorship in order to pay his way into a deal? Or is he a skilled driver with years of experience, upon whom a team can rely to draw money to the team through external sponsorship and win bonuses?

When you wish to confirm that a driver has joined a team, or formally offer a spot in your team to a driver, do so in bold, like this or this or this or simply like this.

Please note: There is no difference in strength between 'Driver 1' and 'Driver 2'. The driver given the distinction of being 'Driver 1' does not grant him/her an OOC advantage over his team-mate.

This is the rule the WGPC will enforce. Drivers can state their preferred car number when they sign up, but only the World Champion is allowed to use #1. If you do not submit a preferred number, then one will be given to you at random. We will adopt a first come, first served policy with regard to driver numbers. Driver numbers may range from 1-99.

One final, final thing: This is the RP thread. There is to be no Out-of-Context communication here. You may use the sign-up thread if you feel you need to make an OOC post.

Regardless of how many drivers have/haven't signed up with teams, the first pre-season practice will be scorinated on Sunday March 20th. Race one will be scorinated the weekend after that.
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Interview with Oliver Bachmann

Postby OIsINiSTAn » Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:00 pm


Date of Birth: 15/04/93
Nationality: Oisinistani
Home Town: Ballyacklee, Oisinistan

Oliver Bachmann is one of Oisinistan''s brightest motor racing prospects. Aged 21, he has already won ten driver Championships, including the 2012 Oisinistani Superchaps Championship, and is touted by a number of industry experts as one to watch for the future.


In 2014 I will be competing in the WGPC Season 14. It is a privilege to be racing in such a prestigious competition, I have been dreaming about doing this since I was a very young child.


Motorsport has been in my family for as long as I can remember. My Dad was into karting when he was younger and more recently he raced in the National Auto Grass Championship and won his class in 2002. My Uncle is also a motorsports fan and still races supercars so I've been around motor racing my entire life.

As a child I was quite into my football, playing for the local village football team with my friends from school. It was actually my Dad who first got me started in Karting. He thought it would be something I'd enjoy and suggested I have a go.

What surprises a lot of people is that I didn't enjoy my first experience of Karting! I was still very young and didn't know anyone at the Karting track and to be honest I was happier playing football with my friends. I wasn't very comfortable the first few times I had a go in the Kart and therefore wasn't very quick and when you're young and not immediately very good at something it doesn't really make it enjoyable!

However, my Dad encouraged me to stick at it and I'm grateful he did as I started to get better at Karting, I made a group of friends at the track and really start to enjoy it. Bit by bit I began to win races and then Championships and I started to believe that this was something that I was good at and could potentially have a career in, and the rest is history!


The ultimate dream has always been to race in the WGPC as this is the top level of motorsports and where you can find the best racing drivers in the world. I'm always pushing myself to be the best I can, so the aim is to be in a position to race against the best drivers out there.

But I know that there is a long journey ahead of me to get to the top, so the main focus at the moment is to take one year at a time and to focus on winning each Championship and pushing to be best driver I can be.

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Postby Deiorus » Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:05 pm

Igne Spupuo announces to enter WGPC

A shock in the world of horseracing and motorsports as famous Deiorii jockey, Igne Spupuo announced to enter free agency in the upcoming World Grand Prix Championship.

The 5-time Deios Derby winning champion Igne Spupuo, 28, announced his switch to motorsports today on the future grounds of the currently unnamed motor speedway.

“I have reached a peak in my career and cannot stand to see my self-stagnate anymore,” said Spupuo

“And with horses disappearing from the streets and likely soon the tracks, I felt that I needed to pursue a more modern venture in this time of sweeping modernization“

Spupuo began his horse-racing career at the age of 17 which was followed with success with him winning his first Deios Derby at the age 18, his career later continued with success in Lorbush Stakes and Erimoor Handicap.

With his recent back-to-back Deios Derby wins, most are surprised of his claims of stagnation in his career.

When asked was the moment that made Spupuo make the switch to a completely different kind of racing while still enjoying recent fame and fortune.

“It was when I noticed that I set the record for most wins with only being 12 years into my career and that I hold 5 wins at the Deios Derby, nothing is challenging me at this point, I need something new.”

“While I'm still relatively young and with the opportunity to work in a similar area where I can be challenged to my fullest physical and mental extent, I had no reason not to take it”.

Most pundits believe that Igne Spupuo's brave move of his has little to no chance of coming to fruition with his no experience of motor vehicles of any kind, his skills likely being non-transferable, no team willing to take the risk of complete rookie and the fact that he has no sponsors to pay secure a place on any team but contrary to the pundits, rumors have been circulating that Fornax Racing is planning to offer Spupuo a trial.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sports refused to comment on the speculation of this short-notice move was done as a part of the recent surge in funding sports venues and organizations to boost international exposure of the nation or if the Ministry had any involvement on influencing his decision.

In other news:
SPORT: Cheim Ogem has accepted the transfer offer from Marinos Thimpodopoulos
ECONOMY: Successful potato harvest doubles national GDP
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Postby Mattijana » Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:25 pm


"Hi Alex, it's Johann Struna here, you'll be pleased to know we've been given a place to race."

"Evening Johann, I swear that was just cause only 10 half-decent teams actually wanted to race?"

"Ummm, well yes, but let's gloss over that a bit. The truth is we've got a good package ready and a home GP on the calendar, so I think we can be really competitive this year."

"Well that's great, but why have you decided to ring me up just before dinner time?"

"I know you've been interested in racing for a Mattijanan team..."

"...It would cut the commute..."

"Among other things I presume..."

"Of course..."

"Anyway, we'd like you to drive for us this year Alex."

"I'd love to Johann."

"Thanks Alex. I knew I could trust on you to make life easy for us..."

"No worries."

"Just the official stuff then. We reserve the right to drop you if you turn out to be awful..."

Well, I'll try not to be awful then..."

"I would if I were you. One more thing Alex-last year you were in that umm..sub standard Han thing. You could get away with a view mishaps. This year, do try and keep it on the island. We're fairly well-funded, but a new front wing and suspension rebuilds every week don't come cheap. See you on Monday."

"See you then"


Alex Dimitrianov is therefore confirmed as the no.1 driver for MRT.
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Postby Krytenia » Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:24 pm

"So, Mike, how's the new car going?" Andrew Swann was in his Bromham office, twirling his finger lazily in the telephone cord as he spoke to his team principal down the road in Ousevale.

"It's going well. Dyno tests have been great, car's looking faster than last year. Of course, we won't know exactly how she handles until we get her out on the track for testing." Mike Dewhurst, team principal, skimmed through telemetry data.

"Any news on the driver situation? Can we get Bunn?"

"Sadly, he's not applied for a superlicence this season. But we have re-signed Esteban Guilhermez for another season...and we're hoping for an equal-one situation."


"No designated team leader. Given his form last season, we'd like to re-sign Moisés Delgado. I'd offer him an improved contract on last year, of course."

"Sounds like a plan. Make it so, and keep me updated."
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Postby Dunpa » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:25 pm

11:00 (Dunpan time), Kohlon's bedroom

Phone rings

"Um, hello."

"Hey Alex, it's Mike Dunham. You have been invited to take part in driver negotiations."

"But I've been training for Formula Hawk. Can't you call later?"

"Come on Alexander, get your helmet, and get to negotiations!"

"Besides, you get to race around regions!"

"Ok, I'll be there in 2 hours."

Alex looks at WGPC calendar

"I've never been to most of these circuits. Yakumicha Circuit, Western Route Circuit, Mount Salt Raceway, Talbott Autodrome... Circuit de Dunpa. Hey, I've been there."

"I hope my red-tail hawk racing experience helps with auto racing"

Alex goes to Techn, a territory of Dunpa and drives a WGPC-style car

"This is so different, and faster than driving a red-tail hawk."

Alexander goes back to sleep, thinking about his chances of getting a team
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Postby Taeshan » Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:19 pm

"Hello everyone and welcome to our coverage of the 14th Nationstates Grand Prix Championship. I'll be your guide throughout the season as Oliver Bliss attempts to make it on to the track for the first time after failing to get more than a few trial runs in for various teams last season. Today we will talk to the young Taeshani driver and to the head of the now twice unsuccessful firm Salvatore F1, Everett Bentley. First up we will talk to Bentley."

"So Mr. Bentley, we know you are trying for a second time to get into the Grand Prix circuit, and this time you were denied outright, much like early last year. You were given a look before the actual process to start the season as a potential 12th team, but looking at the teams announced for the new season not only did you miss out on a team, but they are only running 8 teams, and 16 cars this year. How does that make you feel."

"Can i be blunt."


"I honestly just want to know whose **** I have to **** to make it in this sport. This is not the first time Taeshani teams have failed to be allowed entrance. Perhaps it stems from the few seasons Taeshan has entered, back in the early seasons of the competition where they would race all year long and not even get a single finish in the points. Now that is a crock of ****. Just because past teams have gone out and not fulfilled their promise to run hard, and to go after the points doesn't mean we won't. Salvatore has spent millions of dollars to try to get up to the level of the international teams, and to be told we're not even good enough to grace the same tracks as the big guys on the weekends they are there is just unbelievable. It's not even like there was 3 or 4 teams better than us out there that they put in the position, they just flat out refused us."

"That really is a bad situation to be in."

"Yeah. Heck back when Taeshan was competing in this series every year they would have feeder races for teams that didn't qualify, and for countries that might not yet be on par with the rest of the world, they had a second series. Now the big wigs out there think it's better to not just stop all of that, stop progress in nations that might not yet be good at the sport, but just completely say no....Come back when you are good enough. How are you supposed to be good enough one day, if you can't grow?"


"I mean i don't want to start something here, but it just seems a bit...Wrong. In a world where in other sports they have competitions for young, thriving nations where they can compete against others at their levels, or where competitions such as the Cup of Harmony exist so that those that may not be the best in the world can still have a chance to seems weird to me that they do not give a chance to teams like us, and some others that may not have always been good, or successful before, or maybe just those that are new. Like couldn't they at least give these teams a single spot or something. Not run for team championships and such. I don't know, it just grinds my gears."

"Thanks for your thoughts Mr. Bentley. Now we shall talk to his friend, and sometimes driver Oliver Bliss. Oliver how do you think this upcoming season will go, and what are your goals?"

"Well i think the most important thing for me is i want to race this season. I want to get on track, be it in a car of my own, or for someone else out there. Life is about obstacles. Last season we were taken down by the obstacles and couldn't come back. I couldn't find a ride, the nation didn't have a team. This year us not having a team will not stop us. I will find a ride, and i will go out there and compete. I would like to race for my country, and my long time team, but i may not get that chance. Maybe ever. But i can go out there, win a ride, bring glory to us, and maybe this can lead to Taeshan getting a team again."

"As always thank you Oliver. And we shall see you all again soon, when Oliver hopefully gets some looks from teams around the world for the upcoming season."
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Postby The Republic Of Arkan » Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:29 pm

Press Conference
Arkan Racing League HQ, Arkania, Arkan

"Welcome, welcome. Makeo Oket, two time Arkan Racing League champion, has called the press conference today to announce a major event. Makeo, if you would?"

"Yes, thank you [Jessup] Oteno. Today, I am announcing that I am moving to the World Grand Prix Championship for this season, and giving main control of Oket Racing to my brother, who will still be in ARL. This decision is in hopes that I can bring Arkan glory in the international racing picture. I'll hand over the talking to crew leader Jamie Setoto. Setoto?"

"Thank you, Oket. We have decided to follow Makeo to the WGPC, helping him both repair, update, and renovate the number 3 car for each race, and work to find new sponsorship's and a team for Oket to work under. Hopefully, the fact he is new to the international circuit won't hurt his chances in finding a team. But, as of this moment, we, along with Oket, will be prepping for pre-season training in Proluvia, and the season as a whole."

"Thank you, Setoto. Seeing that we have a bit of time left, Oket would like to take a few questions to from the press."

"Ezneto, Arkan City News. Oket, what course do you see the most issues for your crew, and how do you think you'll counter that?"

"Uh, I see either Suojärvi [Raceway] or Kopylov [InternazionRing]. Suojärvi has that loop which we haven't had a lot of testing on yet, and Kopylov have the hills, which we only test in Cryslis. Countering, we'll probably be busy in Cryslis on our training course. Other than that, we'll see."

"Thank you for your time, this conference has concluded. Oket, Setoto, thank you for joining us today, and good luck in the upcoming season."
BoF - Round of 16
WGPC 14 - 16th Place

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Postby Cre Drago » Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:46 am

April Crawford nervously pushed the large glass door of the office of the Ministry of Athletics. Normally racecar drivers don't receive invitations to speak with the Minister because in Cre Drago racing has always been outside the view of the government more or less. She rallied her courage and walked inside. A nice lady lead her to Warren Black's office.

"Ah Ms Crawford, please have a seat."
"Good afternoon Minister Black."
"Would you mind signing these it'll help the paperwork go through while we talk"

April looked down at the packet, it was an I423 or anot approval for government sponsored activities.

"Sir whyd you call me down here?"
"Well have you heard of the World Grand Prix?"
"Yes of course it's every racers dream. But we can't compete because the government won't allow us."
"We'll we are doing an experiment. A one time deal where we have an athlete compete on the international stage and bring glory to our nation. That's why I picked you. Not only are you a great racer but you are level headed and won't cause a disgrace. You won't will you?"
No sir I won't you can count on me! Just what are the stipulations?"
"If you race and don't disgrace our country and give our citizens something to be proud of the government will cover all expenses including driving fees."

Eagerly April signed the contract and other imordant documentation.

April Crawford will go on a 3 day tour of the nation before heading overseas to pursue not only her dream but her nations dream of glory in the WGPC.

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Postby Audioslavia » Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:29 am


Founder: Charles McPahan

Team Principal: Stan McPahan

Race Directors:
Johan Johanson, Jacky Johanson, Roger Bunn

Technical Directors:
Radoslav Salihamidzic, Stewart Clark, Gilles Denis

#1 Driver: Alexander Lund

The name McPahan is a notorious one in Audioslavian motorsport. The team, established by Charles McPahan in 1954, had positioned themselves as one of the stronger teams on Audioslavia's domestic FA1 circuit without ever really troubling any of the big Audioslavian teams when it came to winning races. A maiden AA1 constructors' championship happened in 1970, and with that Charles McPahan retired from the sport, letting his son, Linco, run the team.

Linco Junior's ethos was similar to his father's: a light car is a fast car. However, McPahan Junior took this idea very much to its extreme, making cars so light and fast that they became outright dangerous. The McPahan car become quicker and quicker, but as it did it got more and more susceptible to massive failures until the inevitable happened when a young driver lost his life in a domestic grand prix in 1974. Four more drivers would die before 1977, when the team were banned for five years for failure to adequately protect their pilots. Returning in 1980 after an appeal, McPahan continued to flirt with controversy throughout the eighties, pioneering the now-banned ground effect system in their cars - a system that allowed for fantastic cornering speeds on dry, even surfaces, and catastrophic accidents were one of those two conditions to be taken away. McPahan were domestic constructors champions eight times in ten years, but lost a further four drivers to death and countless others to injury in the process, including one Johan Johanson, the team's current race director.

Increased safety regulations throughout the 1990s largely stifled Linco McPahan Junior's more creative attempts at sabotaging his drivers' safety in return for a few more joules of power out his engines, until the team ceased competing at the highest domestic levels in 2003.

McPahan's return wouldn't come until 2010, fielding a strong team in the domestic FA1 formula in a car that was still occasionally dangerous. Rumours began to fly that their return was actually in preparation for a move up to the international scene, and the move happened in 2013 as McPahan registered two cars for the twelfth season of the World Grand Prix Championship.

McPahan Racing exploded onto the WGPC scene almost literally in season twelve, buoyed by two talented drivers in Roger Bunn and Alec Lund. The team started slowly in terms of reliability - Bunn often found himself at the head of the grid albiet without much of a chance come the seventy-lap raceday - but grew into the season and ended up with Alexander Lund winning the world championship in the debut season for both driver and car. Linco McPahan Junior's first season as the boss of a truly international racing team would also be his last, however, as he met his untimely demise during the Falcanian grand prix when one of his car's 'spontaneously exploded' with him sitting on top of it, according to the story coming from the McPahan garage.

New owner Stanley McPahan - nephew of Linco - had a more safety-oriented approach to the car and forged an amicable relationship with the two drivers that helped, in part, the Lund to take home the world championship that year.

Season 13 of the WGPC saw McPahan driver Alec Lund finish third in a car that was infinitely more reliable than the preceding one, but that didn't quite have the pace of those around it. It's worth noting that the McPahan took home as many race wins and scored more points than they did the previous season, but were pipped at the post in both the drivers' and constructors' championships to end the season empty handed. It was the second season in a row where McPahan finished second in the constructors' championship.
Stan McPahan is the nephew of former team principal Linco McPahan, the ever unpopular and controversial figure who came to an untimely demise during WGPC season 12. Stan McPahan shares little of his uncle's contempt for driver safety, and has actively ensured modern McPahan cars be orders of magnitude safer than they were under Linco (though that's still not saying much). He took over the McPahan team midway through season 12 and was partially responsible for giving lead driver Alec Lund the push he needed to secure the world drivers' championship.

By season 13, Stan and the McPahan team were much more prepared than they had been in season 12, but as he and the team adopted a new, public-friendly image, they perhaps lost a little of the us-against-the-world mentality that encouraged them so much in season 12 and, despite strong showings in most races and a new, professional attitude, the team came up trophyless.

Stan McPahan is 48 years old, can frequently be seen in sharp suits or an immaculately tailored McPahan pit uniform (dark blue polo shirt adorned with sponsors, with or without a black and light blue jacket over the top, with plain black trousers and black boots) and sports a close-cropped shaven hair style and a pair of piercing blue eyes. He is serious and driven by the desire to attain silverware for the team - something that has perhaps come at the expense of his former ability to maintain a friendly, informal relationship with his drivers
Johan Johanson was a former test driver and racer for the McPahan team, before a heavy crash robbed him of his career and his left leg, in place of which he now uses a prosthetic. He is 55 years old, with thinning greyish blonde hair. He has worked for McPahan almost continuously ever since the accident, after which guilt-stricken former owner Charles McPahan gave him a 'job for life' with the team. Johanson, however, was loathed by the next team boss, Linco McPahan, who froze Johanson out of the decision-making process for the team for much of Linco's tenureship as team owner. Upon Linco's death, Johan Johanson was promoted to race director, and was partially responsible for Alec Lund's World Championship win in season 12.

Johanson left McPahan temporarily after season 12 to found the Johanson Racing team that competes in Formula Hodori, but returned for season 13 to take on an advisory role. He has returned in a management capacity this season, becoming lead race director and head of race strategy.

Johanson is the most affable and friendly person one could hope to meet. He is a regular source of inspiration and wisdom for the McPahan drivers, and has been known to leak information about whatever safety problems the team has to its drivers and to the media.

Jacky Johanson, daughter of Johan, will work with Johan in organizing the team's strategy, and will be in charge of ensuring the pit crew are well-drilled and well-oiled (if you'll pardon the puns) so that pit-stops run smoothly and quickly. She is a former driver on the karting circuit and a qualified mechanic, meaning she understands both the technical and human aspects of the sport. Jacky is 32 years old, has close cropped sandy blond hair and is rarely seen without a tool belt or a screwdriver or oil stains on her uniform or all of the above.

Roger Bunn is a Mertian former WGPC driver, who raced for McPahan in season 12, finishing eighth in the driver's championship. Bunn was due to race in season thirteen after signing a contract with Mertian race team Synclair, but didn't manage to even get on the grid after Synclair ran into money problems. Bunn had been considering a comeback this season, but his plans were derailed in January when, while training for the new season, he suffered a shoulder injury which required surgery, keeping him out of action for around ten months and, therefore, most of the season. Bunn agreed to take on the roll of race tactician for McPahan in February, working with the drivers and the team to ensure McPahan chose the optimal tyre, pit and driving strategy for each race.

Bunn is 5'8 with short, light brown hair. He has formed a lasting friendship with Alec Lund, who complained after last season that without his 'partner' he had been a much less confident driver.
Radoslav Salihamidic is a mystery wrapped in an enigma shrouded in a paradox disguised as a small chemist with an odd accent. He started working for the team during season 12 in bizarre circumstances. He works to ensure the cars are efficient, fuel-wise, and is considered a good-luck charm by many of the team. He is small and balding (yet with jet black hair on the sides and back of his head) with black glasses and odd facial hair. He looks like a tiny, pale version of Ming the Merciless only less normal-looking.

Gilles Denis and Stewart Clark ensure the #1 and #2 cars respectively are in proper working order. They have been working for McPahan for most of their career, and were two of the team members who weren't particularly fond of the old boss Linco McPahan.
Alec Lund shot to fame in Season 12 of the WGPC. Signed to the notoriously unreliable McPahan team, Lund struggled through accident after accident during the first half of the season, only to put a streak together over the last handful of races and, against all expectation, win the World Driver's Championship on the very final raceday of the season. Last year's WGPC13 season didn't go quite so well for Lund, who came into the season a little unfit and, despite early promise, never quite recreated his championship winning form from the previous season, but a third place finish in the driver's standing is a fine base for the driver to build from.

Alec is a careful driver, all too used to handling some of the most unreliable cars on the planet. His ability to race at pace while keeping an eye on his tires is second to none, but while he shows consistency he doesn't quite have the raw talent and reaction times of his peers.

Alec is 29 years old, 5'7 with long, brown hair. He has become a bit of a playboy since his world championship, and has often been seen photographed with foreign models and high society it-girls, holding a glass of champagne and looking smug. He has, however, vowed to adopt a more professional attitude this season, and to come back fitter and more prepared than ever for the start of season fourteen.
With Bunn injured and last season's second driver Matt Hingis unavailable, the second driver's spot at McPahan is currently vacant. McPahan are looking for a pay-driver to fill the #2 position, meaning that any prospective new driver would need to have backing from sponsors (or, if they're from a communist country, their state) to secure the drive. The driver will be given a generous monetary bonus for every championship point they score.

Applications should be sent to Johan Johanson, who will be holding interviews. Successful applicants will be invited to a test drive on the weekend of March 12th/13th, where they will put the new McPahan car through its paces around the Crossport Raceway circuit

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Postby Nekoni » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:33 pm

Manager Briefing Room, Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio, Neocastella, Nekoni
Sunday 6, March

"Ah, Alexandra, long time no see." As she entered the room, Francesco Rabandt, the silver-haired team manager of SFeG, laid back in his leather chair at his desk, and dumped an ice cube into his whisky using a silver set of tongs. "I trust you had a nice break?"

"Yeah, once the press left me alone, I could get some decent down-time. I guess being the golden girl of the sport does that to you."

Francesco chuckled to himself. Normally his tolerance for braggadocio was fairly low, but Alex was right, and she had the titles to prove it, both for her and for the team, the trophy of which was now adorning the wall behind his head. She put that there, and this meeting was about keeping her on his side.

"This new season is a new ball game. Our car is faster, everyone else's car is faster. You never know what new blood will come in, and both you and I know how high the expectations are for you this year." He gestured Alex to sit at the granite desk opposite him. "Of course, if you want to stay." He pushed a button on his desk, sliding open a compartment, containing a document in a plastic wallet. On the document was a label with 'WGPC14 - A.Mayari Contract' handwritten on it.

"Give it a good read, but I'll give you the brass tacks: double the money across the board, quintuple bonus if you get the double. We have more money now, thanks to you, so it's only right that you get rewarded. But don't let it go to your head. You pull a duff season on us and you'll not be around for 15."

"Understood, I see it." Alex took about ten minutes reading the three page document, then reached into her pocket for her pen. "Let's be honest, though. This was a formality, Francesco. I'm not ditching you guys. Not after what you did for me." Alexandra signed the contract, passed it across the table, and smiled. "I won't let you down, boss."

Alexandra Mayari had signed up for First Driver of Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio.

"I hope you don't. We're at the top of the hill, Alex, and the only way we can go is down, and if you're not racing at 100%, that's exactly what's going to happen. We have bigger sponsors this year to please, too, so that's more monkeys on our back if you underperform. Anyway, you're not going to. I'm glad you're staying with us, Alex." He cracked a smile back to Alex, which was a cue for her to stand up to leave. Before she could leave, he called her out.

"Oh, before you go. Stop by the Test Track. Minna's got the new car in. If you're not busy, you can do some test laps."

"How did you get the car sorted so quickly for me?"

Francesco smirked. "Because I knew you weren't going to be busy. And I knew you were going to sign."

Test Track, Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio, Neocastella, Nekoni
Sunday 6, March

"Presenting la Tenebrae. Nine hundred and seventy angry horses all squeezed into a 3.2 litre V10. 0-60 in a touch over two seconds. Everything that can be made better than Maelstrom has been made better, and you're going to be taking this to win our second title." Patrice Minna, the principal, was waiting for Alex in the garage. He had a surprising lilt in his voice, excited to be showing the reigning champion her new car.

"No livery change, I see?"

"More sponsors, but that's it. It's all under the hood. And this." He tapped the number 1 decal on the rear wing. "You're everyone's target now. Every team, and every driver, wants your crown. Remember that. This season's going to be harder than the last one."

He walked over to the locker next to the car and opened it using a key from a chain on his neck. "Oh, we have new suits, too." Lifting the suit on the hanger out of the locker, Minna handed the black and orange suit to her. "Perks of getting Laburno on board as a sponsor. Naturally you're going to want to test the car out, so feel free."

Examining the suit, Alex noticed something interesting on the back of it. "Patrice, you've given me the wrong one. This isn't my size...or number. I've never been #24...isn't that Victoria's?"

"Ah, you weren't told?" Patrice looked puzzled. "I could have sworn Francesco would have told you who your second driver was."

"I never asked. I guess Victoria's second driver again?"

"Yeah. Confirmed this morning. Victoria Gardner signed up as your Second Driver. I guess that explains the 24 on there." Alex was a little annoyed that Patrice's clothing mix-up was how she learnt who her teammate was, but the knowledge that she had joined the team again made her not annoyed for very long. She really enjoyed having Vicky as a driver, good enough to be her rival, close enough to be her friend. Both of them knew that without the other driver in the team, neither would be in the position they were in now.

"She's not been round the track in this car, so it's all up to you to set the lap record. It's not if you beat it, it'll be by how much."

"How's the car?" Minna called through the radio as Alex's car tore around the final, quick right-handers of the Black Diamond Test Circuit. "Everything working as it should?"

"You're right, Patrice, this is faster than last year!"

"It's the development staff, they're outdone themselves this year!"

"Give me their phone numbers, I'll buy them a pizza or something!" Alex was clearly having fun again. The off-season hadn't been boring, a mix of media work, TV appearances, R&R and simulator training, but it didn't compare to getting back in a car and doing it for real. Each of the individual aspects of the car had small improvements, but they all added up to make a big, big difference. "This is unreal!"

Half an hour of burning rubber later, Alex was able to smash the lap record time and time again, pushing it to just under 1'30. Just about to enter her seventeenth lap of the session, she could see a worrying glint of orange in her mirror. "Aw, shit, Patrice, get up here, the brakes are on fire!" The brake pad had, after half an hour of abrasion, given up and set on fire, right when she was in the middle of the track. Unable to pit safely, she stopped at the side of the road, jumped out, and waited for Patrice to drive up, fire extinguisher in the passenger seat. As it wasn't an official test session, no fire crew were at hand. The fire was dealt with quickly, but the brake failure was a heart-in-mouth moment for both.

As the car, now sporting a blackened rear left tire, was hoisted on a tow truck and back to the development center, Alex (who had since changed back into her civvies and was in the safety of the main offices) fumbled in her pocket for a cigarette and headed for the exit. "Guess I'm going to be putting the pizza delivery on hold, then..."
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Postby Schiavonia » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:37 pm

"Mr Rodrigues... Are you sure?"

After spending a couple of years flouncing around in junior formulae around Audioslavia, Reni Sanderson didn't seem like the most obvious choice for a massive sponsorship investment. Yes, he was a regular finisher, and he wasn't bad at all at knocking a run of quick laps together, but he lacked something in race conditions, and would often melt into the field, lacking the aggression to attack and defend. Plus, he was only 22 - probably a little young to be making a leap up a few levels. But to Horatio Rodrigues, CEO of Visit Schiavonia, he seemed perfect.

"Absolutely," he told the young driver, "You are the best racing driver in Schiavonia."

"I'm the only racing driver in Schiavonia," Reni interrupted. Which was true.

"Well... yes... But the World Grand Prix Championship is one of the most lucrative sporting championships in the multiverse. If we can make our homeland a major worldwide brand, we can make Craw the first place people think of when they're looking to take a holiday. We can even market New Kingsbury as a luxury, secluded getaway. If your father and his colleagues will let us."

"Well, we'll see about that."

"Anyway, 20 million wields isn't as much as people think. That's the advantage of not being a powerhouse economy - an investment sounds like it is worth a lot more than it is."

"You've lost me," said the confused driver."

"Sorry Reni. I know, I should focus on the finances, you just concentrate on the driving."

"But... 20 million wields is a lot. You're going to pay me that?"

"No, Reni. It's to get you into a team. You pay your way on, you get a seat, you prove yourself and then they pay you. All the while, Visit Schiavonia gets the promotion that comes with being associated with you and your team. Indeed, we've said that we'll increase the investment slightly if the team agree to put our logo on their cars for the coming season."


"So you just have to go out there and do your thing."


"You think you can do that?"

"I'll give it my best shot."

"Great. Because I've got a test drive for you."

Reni looked up, startled. "Sorry?"

"A test drive," Horatio repeated, as if to emphasise, "for you."

"What? In WGPC?"

"Yes. In WGPC."

"How have you managed that?"

"Let's just say, money can get you places."


"So the test is with MRT. It's next week, so we'll fly you out to Mattijana on one of our SchiAir jets and hopefully you can do your bit."

"I thought you said that money gets you places?"

"Well, yes, it does. But you still have to do show them that you're the fastest driver. You will have competition, so don't take it for granted."

Reni was a little excited. "I won't!"

"And that's not all," Horatio continued, "because we are pursuing other avenues, too. I'll let you know more when I hear solid information about them. But for now, all you have to do is tell Mr Strauna that you accept his offer of a test."

"I shall!" he said excitedly, followed by a yelp of excitement!

This was it! This was where his dream could become real!

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Postby Vilita and Turori » Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:01 pm


EELANDII, TURORI :: Shortly after the announcement that the Eelandii Grand Prix Circuit was not awarded a primary event on the World Grand Prix Championship 14 Circuit, organizing officials including Turorian wheelman iBen Toralmintii quickly got working on alternatives to ensure motorsports remained on the calendar in Turori for the upcoming season.

First, given the proximity to Vilita which was awarded a spot on the circuit, with the Vilitan Grand Prix scheduled as the 10th race on the calendar at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, officials for Vilita & Turori's Motorsports organizing body arranged for an official in-season test for the week preceding the Vilitan Grand Prix. Teams would be able to participate in the official test session at the Eelandii Grand Prix circuit then save on travel costs by making the short trip directly to Vilita from there.

Settling just for a single in-season test session wasn't enough for circuit officials, however, looking for a real headline-grabbing event to draw in - if not the crowds, then at least the media recognition.

As such, Vilita & Turori Motorsports have announced that they will Host a pre-WGPC simulation event, open to all drivers who have applied for a WGPC liscense. The simulation event will occur immediately upon the arrival of competitors in the start of the new week.
NAME OF CIRCUIT: Eelandii Grand Prix Course

CITY/TOWN: Eelandii
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Turori
LAP RECORD: 1:22.409 (Jai Kardaeri, WGPC 12)

The race-weekend simulation event will be an accelerated simulation with all segments of competition completed over the course of a single day.

The itinerary for the day will begin with a meet & greet over breakfast in the morning where drivers will be able to meet each other, if they choose, as well as meet with representatives from any WGPC entered Grand Prix teams that decide to show up to the event to take a look at the drivers. There will then be two warmup sessions before lunch in order to allow the drivers to familiarize themselves with the equipment and recommend any changes to the on-site engineers.

All equipment will be provided by the Vilita & Turori Motorsports Organization, mostly through a set of similarly designed VTF1 primary and secondary machines. The drivers will then break for a working lunch where they will have an open forum to discuss the track and the vehicles, and how to improve their speeds prior to the classic time trial session that will begin following lunch. Turorian racing legend iBen Toralmintii will be on hand to give any final tips and tricks to the drivers, before suiting up himself to attempt to beat the lot at his home track. Vilita's R.L. Cruisin will also be on hand, looking to prove his worth on a familiar course as he looks to stretch his support from local Vilitan & Tropicorp sponsorship one further season on a high-level team with an open drive for the upcoming season.

At the conclusion of the time trial session, the drivers will break for a final one-hour intermission before the start of the race simulation event.

The race simulation event will be monitored by Vilita & Turori Motorsports officials. However, as all the machines are being provided by Vilita & Turori Motorsports, any vehicles that incur damage through accident or mechanical malfunction will be removed from the event.

There will be 2 mandatory yellow flag sessions during the race simulation, at which point Vilita & Turori Motorsports personnel will change the tires and refuel each vehicle, which will then return to the track in the order which it was running at the time the mandatory yellow flag was thrown.

Should damage occur to the Vilita & Turori Motorsports vehicles as a result of an accident or off-course excursions, it will be the responsibility of the Driver, their personal sponsor or national motorsports sanctioning body to cover the cost of the repairs to the vehicle. If drivers would like to opt out of any individual session, they must alert Vilita & Turori Motorsports officials before hand.

Drivers are not permitted to bring their own equipment, tires or fuel but may purchase additional sets of tires on site from Tropicorp Racing Supply (TRS).

Drivers interested in participating must declare their immediate intention such that a machine can be set aside and prepared for their use. Drivers must contact Vilita and Turori Motorsports or publicly declare their intention to compete via social media by including the tag #eelandiiGP

Eelandii Simulation Event Schedule
08:00: Drivers Meet & Greet
09:30: Warmup Session #1
11:00: Warmup Session #2
12:15: Lunch
13:30: Traditional Time Trial Session
15:15: Open Race Event with 2 planned intermissions
19:00: Vehicle Inspection & Session Complete
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Postby Dunpa » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:31 pm

A day has passed and Alex is sleeping after checking out the driver negotiations


"Hey Alex, it's Mike again. I just heard from a person in Techn that in Turori, they are hosting a simulation at Eelandi Circuit."

"How do they know about it?"

"Well, apparently, the person who first spread the rumor has a cousin in Atlantian Oceania."

"That is going to take a lot of money, but I'm on a budget with food and things, so I think I can afford it."

"Welcome to Dunpan Airlines. How may we service you today?"

"I would like to go to Vilita and Turori, please."

"That will be 5,160 euritos, please."

"That flight will be at Terminal 12"

"Thank you!"

Alexander is flying on his way to Atlantian Oceania

"Yay, WiFi. I guess I'll send some teams this message."

Alexander Kohlon
Official Telegram
TO: McPahan Racing, ENSADRINK GP, MRT, Telaris Racing

Dear potential teams, my name is Alexander Kohlon and I will tell you why you should sign me for this season.

First of all, I have won 2 championships in Formula Hawk in 2008 and 2012. I know red-tail hawk racing isn't the same as auto racing, but I have credentials.

Second of all, I know about auto racing. Sure, last night, I got my first test in a WGPC-style car, but I know about all of the mechanics of auto racing (from an 2015 encyclopedia). I also have won 2 go-kart tournaments in my childhood.

My final reason is that I am likable. Sure, I might be not the best aggresive, technical, or most reliable driver but I am commited to bringing great fortune to your organisations.

Be sure to look into my reasons and reply what you think. Thank you for reading this message/telegram.

Alexander Kohlon
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Postby Northern Sunrise Islands » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:45 pm

"This is officially the most boring thing ever." said Kiki. The twin stylists of Crimson had been waiting under a tree for what it seemed like thirty minutes on the streets of Boston. Luke shrugged, using a binocle to look at some of the Bostonian girls watching from the sideline. "Here she comes!" yelled Kiki, quickly reaching for the barrier together with her sister while Luke slowly joined them, lowering his binocles. It was then that a skater popped up from the horizon. She wore a long black track pants, a red top, elbow pads and a hockey goalie mask. The skater leaped with her board, evading an open manhole but switching stance as well. Finally, placing her left hand on the street to force a slide, crossing the finish line. Kiki, Viola and Luke walked towards the skater after the finish line. "You can take off that dumb mask now, boss."
She took off her mask, revealing herself to be past WGPC driver Crimson LaRoja. "So, how fast was it?"
Viola smiled, raising her fashionable Marill clock. "4 minutes. No more, no less." Crimson raised her skateboard proudly. "A record. You got your groove back. Dunno how you could do that when facing Sunrisian Sktate Challenge's greats like Edgar Sawyer and Amie Salas."
"To be fair, they're more of the kind that pulls tricks." said Crimson, placing her board behind her head. "Speed, on the other hand, is my second name."
"I thought you didn't have one." answered Luke, staring at her. She stared back, on disbelief. "Then people would really confuse you with a pony, don't you think?"

Crimson was on the catering area as they waited for what it would be the second half of the tournament together with others of the skate elite scene and her "posse" only for Luke's phone to ring. "Uh, Crimson."
The racer opened up a can of soda, taking a sip afterwards. "Yeah?"
"Your registration's in." he said, smiling. "You're on to another season on the WGPC." She nodded, taking another sip until a more shocking newsflash messed things up. "Only you'll have to look for a new team. Frontiére turned belly up."
She spat. "WHAT?"
"Actually, Frontiére turned belly up thanks to Yttribia's recent... civil issues. Some fans have been talking about how the Ensadrink team might have bought bits of Frontiére for unknown reasons, but your contract might not be one of the things up."
"And considering how the old boss' deals were pretty... well, lucrative." brought up Kiki. "I'd suggest we get the wheels running quick."
"Sure." Crimson answered. "But first, we have a couple of kids to impress." She said as she took her skateboard to the ramps, making a brief victory sign towards her friends.

"First travel, first party." thought Luke as he fingered his phone's screen on Crimson's account at QwikBird.

Crimson LaRoja @TheCurseIsHere
VTM... We comin' for you, natives. #eelandiiGP
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Postby Cre Drago » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:56 pm

A loud banging woke April from her sleep. It was Josh Bernier her government apointed manager, he's a racing stragey genius he just doesn't have people skills.
"Wake up April your flight leaves in an hour."
As she made her way out of bed and became presentable Josh filled her in on the first simulation of the season.

April Crawford will be attending the simulation in Vilita and Tuori

Nervously she boarded the plane, when she lands her destiny as the first Dragoian international athlete would be set in motion. Will she bring glory to her beloved country or shame? Only time can tell

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Postby Drawkland » Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:10 pm

Will Madison had never been in the forefront. Well, of course he had been, in the racing scene in Drawkland, but that's not much. Being one of the Madison siblings, it was well-expected he'd be on the top part of whatever sports' pile he wished to be on. But racing had never been in the forefront of Drawkland's public sports scene. Football, basketball, baseball, even drum corps took the cake whenever it came to popularity. Racing, sort of like kickerball or 7ball or even tennis some years, seems to only get honorable mentions on the big scene. Because of this, Will never had the chance to be at the top of the attention in Drawkland. He never got the special celebrity treatment that his brothers Gerald or Daniel got, and those two were just an example. Even his sister Hailey, who was probably the least skilled at her sport kickerball compared to the siblings, was glorified and had a sort of cult following.

Perhaps it's my own fault, Will sometimes thought to himself. While it was an unspoken rule growing up that the Madison siblings didn't play on the same sport, he was never forced to do racing. He actually wanted to be a drum major for a drum corps before he started driving.
That's where it all came together for him.
Even in his first time driving, in an empty lot on the outskirts of a Drawk City suburb, he had a certain feel, a mastery to the art of driving. He drove for 4 hours around that lot, by his own accord, and it was his father who finally pressed him to go home. And Will drove all the way home on his first time ever trying the pedals, something his brothers and sisters had never even tried attempting on their first tries. And from then on, driving was his passion. His parents were both high-profile sports reporters, and they put aside some extra money for Will to get his own car right as soon as he was licensed. He often drove to races all around the district by himself as a teen, and his parents noticed this. His father hooked him up with a connection in the Drawkland Young Racing League. He rose quickly to the top, and by then it was decided. Will Madison was to become a racing star.

But again, this was all stuff and things to the general public. If he asked out a girl, she'd say yes and go out on a date with him, but within minutes of sitting down she'd inevitably ask, "So do you talk to your brothers often? Are they dating anyone?" and would go downhill from there. It seemed his entire existence was just to redirect people to his more famous brothers.

And so, week after week, one could find Will driving through all sorts of Drawkland's highways and byways, alone.

The call was unexpected. Will would've jumped at it, if he wasn't used to sudden noises and movements after his decent racing career. He didn't recognize the number but he picked up anyway, pressing the cold glass of the screen to his face.
"Hello?" he said. The word seemed to echo, empty through his apartment, located in one of the taller luxury buildings in Owabrok, Drawkland. He had been reading some articles about a new innovation some Drawkian scientists has introduced. He closed the laptop screen to pay attention to the call.
"This is Harvey Flantar of the Drawkland International Sports Council. Is this Will Madison?"
"Um, yes. Yes it is," Will said after a moment's hesitation. He hadn't remembered giving his phone number out to any agency, but he brushed by it. He probably put it on his annual census form a few years back.
"We have a proposition for you. If it's convenient, we'd like you to be in our offices in Metropolon in the next 36 hours."
Will out of the window of his apartment. It was starting to be dusk in Owabrok, and it was likely dark in Metropolon by now. He took a look at the room he was sitting in, and figured he had nothing better to do. He wasn't exactly expecting anyone for the next few ... years.
"I'll set off tonight. Should I get myself a room there, or..?"
"We have a suite reserved for you in The Pinnapex, should you require it."
The Pinnapex? Will thought to himself, This must be serious business. The Pinnapex is the highly regarded and famous center of the city of Metropolon, and the tallest building on all of Sonnel. Anything that happens there is something important, or so society says.
"I'll be there by this time tomorrow," he promised.
"Good. When you get to the offices, tell the secretary you're here on GP business. Goodbye and good luck in your travels."
The man on the other side of the line hung up.
"GP business?" he thought aloud, "That's the common abbreviation for Grand Prix ... but that's never been government business. Hmm ..." he pondered on what the heck he was about to do for awhile. But eventually he resolved to leave. The drive from Owabrok to Metropolon wasn't exactly a day trip. It would take about 18 hours to get there, but Will had done trips longer than that in one shot. He performed these calculations in his head as he walked down to the tower garage to get a car.

He decided to take his hybrid, driving on the roads as he loved to and then switching to autopilot and flying once he would get tired.

The next day, he was sitting in the office of the man who had called him before, Harvey Flantar. It was in one of the lower levels of the Pinnapex, and outside of the window, the nation's capitol building could be seen below. The office was decorated with performances of some of the best athletes that had competed in the multiversal stage. Given Drawkland's mediocre debuts on most fronts, the pictures were mostly of Olympic athletes, as the team sports' teams had flopped across the board. By now Will had a good idea of what he was going to be doing.
"Welcome to the offices of DISC," Flantar said to him. He was sitting in a large leather chair across from Will. On the desk were various sports-themed trinkets.
"Thank you for inviting me," Will replied after a moment. He really had no idea how to respond to that statement.
"You're probably wondering why we invited you here, correct?" Flantar queried. "We" probably referred to the organization, as the room was empty except for the two of them.
"That would be the question on my mind, yes."
"Well, as you may tell, this is the office where I conduct matters of international sports. And I'm not talking simply Sonnel, I'm talking everywhere. Any place where there is sport, I decide if Drawkland should be represented." The man had a certain air to himself, as if he was important to the continuance of all creation.
"So what does that mean for me?" Will asked after he considered the weight of the statement.
"There is a competition that will be held soon. A season, really, of racing. The World Grand Prix Championship. After some consideration, we decided that you would be the best driver fit to represent Drawkland in this series of races. Plus, you look good in black and red."
"Oh ... well ... what do I need to do for this? Will I have to pay out of pocket?"
"Presuming you do better than the Base Corps did recently, we'll pay for everything, save for the car and racing team. That's where we've hit a 'speed bump,' so to speak. Heh. Speed bump." Flantar seemed to be very pleased in his pun.
"What kind of racing is it? I'm guessing that because of the universal aspect, it'll be held on ground racers?"
"Forumla 1, to be exact," Flantar clarified, "That won't be a problem, will it?"
"Of course not. That'd be one of my favorite types of ground racing."
"Perfect. Swimmingly. Okay, so the issue here is that to compete, you'll have to gain favor with and join a racing team. Drawkland doesn't have the budget or time to contribute their own racing team, so you'll have to join someone else's."
"Couldn't you all whip the Drawk Corps into doing a team for this? This'll make things harder on me."
"I'm afraid we don't want to risk another glaring failure on the universal stage like this. If anything, organizing a racing team will only draw attention to us."
"So assuming I do get a team that wants me, what exactly do you expect me to accomplish? To win the thing?"
"Absolutely not. At this point, I want some international competition that doesn't embarrass us, or lose me my job. Just don't draw any attention to yourself unless it's positive. If you win the thing, that'll be fantastic, but I don't expect this, especially because we're newcomers. Just stay above sea level and establish a base for you or other future racers in this competition, and you'll be fine. Agreed?"
"I'm sure I can handle that," said Will, but inwardly he felt that that same thought had been said by the manager of every other Drawkian team that hit international competition.
"Good then. We're sending out requests to join teams as we speak, but we'll need you to do some trial runs here so we can send current footage.
"Great. When do I start?"

Drawkland International Sports Council
Official Communication

TO: McPahan Racing, Carvenlo-Franklin Racing, Fornax Racing, ENSADRINK GP

The D.I.S.C. (Drawkland International Sports Council) is newly joining the World Grand Prix Championships this season! We are interested in our racer, Will Madison, to become a member of your racing team.

Madison is an esteemed member of the Drawkian racing scene, and is well-versed in all types of vehicle racing, but is visibly the most skilled in Forumla One. His strengths include overtaking opponents and handling technical courses, but he is also relatively stable and is unlikely to crash.

We believe that Madison's strengths would best compliment our understanding of your team's style and applicable strengths. Together, both our racer and your teams are most likely to thrive.

As far as money is concerned, DISC is willing to find sponsors for our driver if your team deems it necessary. If needed, we will pay your team to be a part of it, although we will be in favor of the team with the least amount of payment required in their offer.

We hope that you will consider us as a choice for your team.

Many Thanks,
Harvey Flantar
On Behalf of Will Madison
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Postby The Republic Of Arkan » Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:41 pm

"Makeo, word is Vilita and Turori is hosting a preseason test. We still need to get our name out, Thoughts on going?"

"Tell the team to pack, Setoto. Showcase of skills never hurt, and the team needs a warmup to this."

"I'll forward the message. I'll tell HQ to set the plane to go tomorrow. Need to get that prep time up."

From: Makeo Oket Race Crew
To: Vitita And Turori Motorsports

We will like to inform you that Makeo Oket will be attending your pre-season test. We expect to arrive as early as tomorrow. Thank you for allowing us to race in your country.

Jamie Setoto
Makeo Oket Crew Leader
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Postby Deiorus » Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:43 am







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Postby Ethane » Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:38 am

I was just sitting down to watch some tv when I heard the phone ring. I picked it up, and heard my agent on the phone.

''Hello, Ethan, I have something important to tell you.''

''Yes, what is it, is it something good? Are there interested teams?''

''Well, not of yet, but then, there are opportunities to prove yourself with some test drives. You aren't the only racer going, but I am sure you would be in with a good chance of getting the position as a team driver if you did attend.''

''Well, which team is it? I really want to know. Is it a good team? Or is it one of the newer teams?''

''Yes, it is a good team I believe, MRT is the name. They have 1 driver signed in already, and they pinged me an email recently, asking for you to test their car for them, as well as a few other racers, with the fastest racer getting the second driver role. Certainly something you wish to look at?''

''Oh yes, sign me up please. I would definitely be interested. I like to keep my options open though if that falls through for me and they select one of the other drivers. What other teams are looking for drivers?''''

''McPahan Racing, they are looking for a second driver.''

''You mean to say, that one of the best racing teams here are looking for a second driver. Bloody hell, why haven't you signed me up already?!''

''Yes. I will make sure to get your name down as interested in the team there, ok.''

''Sure, thank you. Make sure to keep an eye out for any other offers for me as well please.''

''Oh yeah, before I forget, I have applied to some companies for sponsors, hopefully we will have answers by wednesday.''

''I do hope so too. Bye''
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Postby Dunpa » Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:44 am

"Wow, this place is cool. I need to get to Turori."

"Hey Alex."

"Mike, you came with me?!"

"Yep. Anyway, MRT is hosting a test drive next week."

"I don't think we'll have time if this event is after then."

"Come on, it'll be great!"

"Fine, i'll send an application."

To: MRT executive

We would like to attend your test drive. If in any way, shape, or form, we cannot come, it is probably because we're at Vilita and Turori.

Mike Dunham and Alexander Kohlon
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Postby OIsINiSTAn » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:46 pm


After missing the deadline to enter the WGPC as a team, Superchaps, Oisinistan's most popular fast food joint, have agreed to sponsor the cars of Alexander Kohlon of Dunpa, and Ethan Ellis of Ethane. Both cars will have the Superchaps logo on both sides, and Superchaps boss Clifford Khumalo is glad to have finally got a chance to fund racing, having 'been a racing enthusiast all his life.' Khumalo has also agreed to sponsor Oliver Bachmann's car. Bachmann, however, will bear the logo of AsiaToGo, another one of Khumalo's fast food projects.

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Postby Liventia » Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:21 pm

OOC: I would hope that you cleared that RP with both Ethane and Dunpa before posting it, Oisinistan. It's not good form to RP for their drivers, even to say they've been sponsored, unless you've had prior permission. If you have, then ignore this.


Carvenlo–Franklin to attend VTM test
FOLENISA— Liventian WGPC outfit Carvenlo–Franklin will be represented in Turori next week for Vilita & Turori Motorsports' pre-season drivers' test.

Team principal Fred Helmarsson and Carvenlo chief executive Matt Marsh are both expected to attend the VTM test at the Eelandii Grand Prix Course to cast an eye over the free agent drivers in this year's championship.

Carvenlo–Franklin are understood to be interested in signing Vilitan legend RL Cruisin for the new season as their lead driver, and with Cruisin expected to take part in the test session, Helmarsson and Marsh have taken the decision to attempt face-to-face negotiations with the star in person.

Rumours have also been floating that Carvenlo–Franklin will make offers to selected drivers following the Eelandii session to take part in a further test, to be conducted at the Gold Park Circuit in Neverend that is Carvenlo's test track.

Schiavonia's Reni Sanderson, Will Madison of Drawkland and Ethan Ellis of Ethane are said to be high on the Carvenlo–Franklin shortlist, provided they are able to bring in sponsorship as pay drivers.
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Postby Mattijana » Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:34 pm

To: Vilita and Turori Motorsports
From: Jasmin Kranška

Thank you for the opportunity to test at your track. I would like to attend and will travel to your circuit straight after my MRT test on Thursday.

I hope to see you there.

Jasmin Kranška
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Postby Dunpa » Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:27 pm

Liventia wrote:OOC: I would hope that you cleared that RP with both Ethane and Dunpa before posting it, Oisinistan. It's not good form to RP for their drivers, even to say they've been sponsored, unless you've had prior permission. If you have, then ignore this.

OOC: I asked him if his restaurant can sponsor Alexander Kohlon and I only let him use Kohlon once, IDK for Ethane though
Last edited by Dunpa on Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:30 pm, edited 3 times in total.
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