AOCAF Cup 49 - Rosters/RP/Scores Thread

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AOCAF Cup 49 - Rosters/RP/Scores Thread

Postby Audioslavia » Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:22 pm


Welcome one, welcome all, to the forty-ninth AOCAF Cup

Matchday One will be held on approximately January 4th. There will be a 24 hour warning before matchday one.

Arena Kirola / The 66 Stadium
Cathair, Central, Audioslavia

The 66 Stadium, called the Arena Kirola for marketing purposes, became the home stadium of the Audioslavia national football team for World Cup 66, for which it was built. One could call the Kirola Arena 'modern', but as the word tends to imply abstract minimalism and modest use of space, the word isn't quite the right one to use. The arena features a large shopping complex, complete with cinema, an array of chain cafes and restaurants, three gyms, a swimming pool and even a sauna. The conference rooms are numerous, large and lavish, and the media centre for visiting journalists and television crews is arguably one of the biggest and hi-tech in the world.

As for the football part of the stadium, one could be forgiven for thinking it was an afterthought, squeezed in at the last minute between the vast media complex and larger of two fast food restaurants. In truth, the narrow, long pitch is perfectly suited to the cautious, defensive, kontrapuntzeka brand of football played by the Audioslavian national team and adopted by club tenants 1830 Cathair, who won not only five LigAnaia championships at the ground but also their first and (to date) only UICA Champions Cup trophy. The narrow playing area, towering stands (the FFA's insistence on large, comfortable seating for each punter necessitated the stadium's vertigo-inducing height, with three tiers encircling the pitch) and large roof lets little light in during the day, but keeps the sound of the crowd echoing around the arena allowing for a deafening atmosphere. The the state-of-the-art floodlight system, bright white goal nets and high, white walls between the grass and the stands - laden with electronic advertising for big games - gives the stadium a distintive look, perfectly suited to live television.

1927 Stadium
Kjelstad, Kjeligsted, Audioslavia

The Audioslavian national team played at the 1927 arena between cycles 59 and 66. The stadium's location - on an island politically seperate from the rest of Audioslavia - ensured that, for a time, Audioslavia were the only team in the world who's home stadium was *outside* their own national borders. Now owned by the LigAnaia's second-tier side Isle of Kjeligsted F.C., The 1927 Arena is perhaps the most picturesque of the grounds being used for the AOCAF Cup. Fans on three sides are able to turn their attentions to views of the vast, tranquil Wight Sea to the north, over the top of the low North Stand.

Soldaduak Eremuaberria
Izotzazubia, Herradura, Audioslavia

Given temporary extentions for AOCAF 42 and now with permanent corner seating, the Soldaduak Eremuaberria (commonly known as the Zozi Ground for those not wanting to curl their tongue around the Auske dialect) isn't quite as imposing for travelling teams as it once was - a feature perhaps partially to blame for AC Izotz Zubia's failure to win any titles in recent years.
The old stadium's wooden stands, partially thatched roofs, high altitude and stunning view of the valleys ensure that it has retained some of its old character, however, and travelling fans should really make it their business to make a stop at this magnificent stadium.

The Antzerkia
Ferramendiak, Herradura, Audioslavia

The Antzerkia ws one of three brand new stadiums built for World Cup 66. The absence of much in the way of useful flat ground in the Ferramendiak region, and the demand for the region to be used at some point in the World Cup, necessitated the construction of the stadium into the ground or, to be exact, partially into a mountain. It is a nod towards the Paladindome in New Montreal States, which was constructed by Audioslavians before World Cup 10.
The stadium, temporarily expanded to 60,000 for World Cup 66, has been left as it is for the AOCAF Cup at the request of KT Itzalovalle, the stadium's current tenants, who prefer their stadium just the way it is, thankyouverymuch.

El Ruedo
Cathair, Central, Audioslavia

Shamrock Cathair's Glass Bridge stadium had been used for World Cup 66 and AOCAF 42, and so the FFA have decided that, this time round, Cazadores Cathair's El Ruedo stadium will be the 'other' stadium in Cathair. Smaller, but with twice the character of the Glass Bridge, El Ruedo is distinctive for its large concrete arches on one side and crumbling southerly exterior that was once part of an amputheatre that stood on the same ground.

Parc des Revenants
Hasiera, Bas de la Sierra, Audioslavia

The Parc des Revenants is the newest stadium being used at the tournament, having been finished just six short years ago. The stadium, home to Tout-Puissant Hasiera, is noted for its bright white exterior, which is a layer of chalk rock taken from the nearby cliffs in southern Bas Sierra.

Ibarretako Estadioa
Morezerua, Herradura, Audioslavia

KT Moreazerua's home ground is another Herraduran stadium with stunning views of the Horseshoe Mountains. Mozi, stuck in the lower leagues for years, have recently made a comeback to the upper echelons of the LigAnaia: East and many have put part of their success down to their home form at this stadium in Moreazerua's fashionable central district.

Hygolje Arena
Oljestaden, Hyland, Audioslavia

The Hygolje Stadium is the home of Oljestaden IF, a LigAnaia team who have fallen on hard times of late. The stadium is a renovated athletics ground, with an extra-wide and long pitch put in place to cover parts of the old athletics track.

The Silver Jubilee Stadium
Ceilerden, Central, Audioslavia

The Silver Jubilee Stadium was used as the venue for the World Cup 25 final - the scene of Starblaydia's first triumph. The stadium since fell into disrepair but was renovated in time for World Cup 66 - sans a few thousand seats - in time for the world cup. The stadium was used as Audioslavia's home ground between World Cups 25 and 29. It now hosts third-tier teams Ceilerden Harp and Ceilerden Rovers.

Lemmitania National Stadium
Lemmington, Lemmitania, Audioslavia

Using sponsorship funds and a helluva lot of shovels, Lemmitania's national stadium was been upgraded and modernised to become the pride and joy of Lemmitanian sport, just in time for World Cup 7. Now a couple of centuries on, the Victorian (ie made by a Lemmitanian chap named Victor who quite liked red bricks and little frilly covers for his table legs) design leaves much to be desired for modern tastes, but the stadium has been renovated as well as possible for AOCAF 49, the first outing for the stadium since Lemmitania was incorporated into Audioslavia, much to the chagrin of the local population.

Lemco City Municipal Stadium
Lemco City, Lemmitania, Audioslavia

Another throwback World Cup 7 stadium, the LCMS is not the largest stadium in Lemmitania, but is certainly the most famous and the most historic. Lemco City Municipal Stadium is based half a mile (thats 17.91 cubic litres if youre metric... or whatever) north of Lemco City, and thefore closest to the historic Mt. Gilsmore. Due to the nature of Lemmitania's national animal, the lemming, the stadium is built upon the fossils of millions of lemmings that have plummeted down Mt Gilsmore throughout history. A special "Lemming Net 2000" roof has been built recently to avoid another "Lemming Death From Above" incident which once killed young Lemco Lions rugby star Lime Cleemore, about 250 years ago.
Current # of entrants: 29

Shown in order of rank. TG if there are any mistakes/omissions.

1 Osarius : 32.88
2 Ko-oren : 29
3 Audioslavia : 28.2
4 Farfadillis : 26.62
5 Vilita & Turori : 23.62
6 95X : 22.39
7 Valanora : 21.49
8 Mertagne : 16.8
9 Royal Kingdom of Québec : 14.65
10 Krytenia : 14.03
11 Cosumar : 13.54
12 Equestrian States : 13.35
13 Starblaydia : 12.93
14 Greater Watford : 11.88
15 Semarland : 10.93
16 Blouman Empire : 7.2
17 Nellietopia : 6.11
17 Austernersey : 6.11
19 New West Guiana : 5.64
20 Western Sunrise Islands : 5.32
21 Lindmark : 2.38
22 The Hakifao Isles : 2.21
23 Tallaga la Falla : 1.71
24 Iskandervale : 0
24 Geisenfried : 0
24 Brescia Mare : 0
24 Tropicorp : 0
24 Eshan : 0
24 Fellow Citizens : 0
24 Demot : 0
Pot 1
3.Audioslavia - 28.2 (hosts)
4.Farfadillis - 26.62 (champions)
1.Osarius - 32.88
2.Ko-oren - 29
5.Vilita & Turori - 23.62
6.95X - 22.39

Pot 2
7.Valanora - 21.49
8.Mertagne - 16.8
9.Royal Kingdom of Québec - 14.65
10.Krytenia - 14.03
11.Cosumar - 13.54
12.Equestrian States - 13.35

Pot 3
13.Starblaydia - 12.93
14.Greater Watford - 11.88
15.Semarland - 10.93
16.Blouman Empire - 7.2
17.Nellietopia - 6.11
18.Austernersey - 6.11

Pot 4
19.New West Guiana - 5.64
20.Western Sunrise Islands - 5.32
21.Lindmark - 2.38
22.The Hakifao Isles - 2.21
23.Tallaga la Falla - 1.71

Pot 5
24.Iskandervale - Unr
25.Geisenfried - Unr
26.Brescia Mare - Unr
27.Tropicorp - Unr
28.Eshan - Unr
29.Fellow Citizens - Unr
30.Demot - Unr

One team from pot five will be chosen at random to join pot four come tomorrow's draw.
Iskandervale were chosen at random to be the one unranked nation to enter pot four.

Group A -
Audioslavia - 28.2
Mertagne - 16.8
Austernersey - 6.11
Western Sunrise Islands - 5.32
Geisenfried - 0

Group B -
Vilita & Turori - 23.62
Valanora - 21.49
Nellietopia - 6.11
Lindmark - 2.38
Tropicorp - 0

Group C -

95X - 22.39
Cosumar - 13.54
Starblaydia - 12.93
The Hakifao Isles - 2.21
Fellow Citizens - 0

Group D -
Farfadillis - 26.62
Equestrian States - 13.35
Greater Watford - 11.88
Tallaga la Falla - 1.71
Eshan - 0

Group E -
Osarius - 32.88
Royal Kingdom of Québec - 14.65
Semarland - 10.93
New West Guiana - 5.64
Brescia Mare - 0

Group F -
Ko-oren - 29
Krytenia - 14.03
Blouman Empire - 7.2
Iskandervale - 0
Demot - 0
Group Stage

MD 1
2 v 5
3 v 4

MD 2
3 v 5
1 v 2

MD 3
1 v 3
4 v 5

MD 4
1 v 4
2 v 3

MD 5
2 v 4
1 v 5
Group A:
First listed match: The 66 Stadium
Second listed match: Soldaduak Eremuaberria

Group B:
First listed match: 1927 Arena
Second listed match: Lemmitania National Stadium

Group C:
First listed match: The Silver Jubilee Stadium
Second listed match: Hygolje Arena

Group D:
First listed match: The Antzerkia
Second listed match: El Ruedo

Group E:
First listed match: Parc des Revenants
Second listed match: Lemco City Municpal Stadium

Group F:
First listed match: The Silver Jubilee Stadium
Second listed match: Lemmitania National Stadium
6 GROUP WINNERS go into Alpha Pot
BEST 2 RUNNERS-UP go into Beta Pot
NEXT BEST 2 RUNNERS-UP go into Gamma Pot
OTHER 2 RUNNERS UP go into Delta Pot
BEST 4 THIRD-PLACE TEAMS go into Delta Pot

Second Round will be drawn shortly after MD5 scores are finalised.
2R1: Alpha Pot vs Delta Pot
2R2: Alpha Pot vs Delta Pot
2R3: Alpha Pot vs Delta Pot
2R4: Beta Pot vs Gamma Pot
2R5: Alpha Pot vs Delta Pot
2R6: Alpha Pot vs Delta Pot
2R7: Alpha Pot vs Delta Pot
2R8: Beta Pot vs Gamma Pot

Quarter Final
QF1: 2R1 vs 2R2
QF2: 2R3 vs 2R4
QF3: 2R5 vs 2R6
QF4: 2R7 vs 2R8

SF1: QF1 vs QF2
SF2: QF3 vs QF4

SF1 vs SF2
All matches will be scorinated on or after 11pm UTC.

MD1 - January 4th
MD2 - January 6th
MD3 - January 8th
MD5 - January 11th

2R - January 14th
QF - January 16th
SF - January 18th
F - January 20th
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Postby Iskandervale » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:06 pm

Preferred Formation:
4-4-2 diamond
Style Modifier: 0
Kit Supplier: Cloaker
Nickname: The Flock

A mostly-independent Nepharim territory, Iskandervale is mostly a tax haven and tourist destination that tries to stay out of the news - at least until there was talk of Nepharim political dissidents moving to it en masse. Still, for the most part it stays under the radar and turns a quiet profit. The government's decision to allow them to enter the AOCAF has been pretty much entirely motivated by profit, hoping to market their sunny little country of roughly 362 thousand people and at least as many birds.

The squad itself is a mixture of locally-based semi-professionals and a few Nepharim with blood ties in the lower tiers. There are six full-time professionals in the squad - Hooker, Ramsey, Tarragon, Mirzayev, Matthews and Starbuck. Triffid Ramsey, daughter of current Cosumar manager Gethin Ramsey, is probably their best player - currently plying her trade in Schottia after a career on loan in the Nepharim lower tiers and a stint in the MPL. A successful tournament for them would be to score a goal.

Given a lazy template kit by an apathetic Nephara-based Cloaker. The goalkeepers will wear all-terracotta or all-black.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

First-choice lineup. The Flock have no technical players and precisely one creative influence in Brewster. The game plan is to keep tight at the back and swarm forward quickly in numbers, hoping crosses and long balls over the top hit their targets. And, naturally, given the Nepharim origins of the side, they will be hard and uncompromising tacklers. Pace and power will be the watchwords, hoping to make up in physicality what they lack in skill.

Manager: Timur Ardent - Age 47
Asst. Manager: Gethin Dorran - Age 55

Ardent, who simultaneously manages the island's most successful side, Lokomotiv Iskandabad, is not a renowned tactician and boasts only the lowest coaching qualification that the WCC offers. This is one more qualification than anyone else they can call upon. What he lacks in qualifications he makes up for in effort. He always knows the right thing to say at the right time, and while his tactics are understandably pretty basic, he can at least get these no-hopers motivated. He should also be commended for an exhaustive search for eligible players in the Nepharim league pyramid.

1 - GK - Marat Saysyan - Age 29 - Qarshakor
12 - GK - Shukhrat Kozak - Age 24 - Lokomotiv Iskandabad
20 - GK - Gareth Hooker - Age 23 - Falston Town (NPH)

None of the goalkeepers are exactly inspiring. The lanky Saysyan is a pure shot-stopper with pretty good reflexes who never even tries to catch the ball cleanly and is a little too cocky with his feet, the massive Kozak is relatively poor in that regard but a beast in the air with a genuine command of his box, while Hooker's distribution is the best but he has rust to shake off through being the backup goalkeeper of Falston.

2 - RB - Sabahat Djeparov - Age 28 - Lokomotiv Iskandabad
3 - LB - Triffid Ramsey - Age 24 - Cornellians (SCH)
5 - CB - Jasur Farghona - Age 34 - AFC Tachmur
6 - CB - Tamerlane Kapadze (c) - Age 29 - Lokomotiv Iskandabad
13 - CB - Oksana Swindon - Age 31 - Iskandabad United
16 - RB - Sigrun Tarragon - Age 19 - Morningstar (NPH)
18 - LB - Sonya Rhine - Age 23 - Peregrine (NPH)
22 - CB - Klaus Hammond - Age 26 - Vakhqul Ironworks

Ramsey is the best player in the squad and will be a major outlet going forward with her accurate crossing and quick feet, while Djeparov will have her hands full trying to defend and mark her winger tightly. Farghona is a cool, experienced head, while Kapadze is a clean and experienced centre-half probably good enough to go low-grade professional. Both are, however, pretty slow. Neither of their backups convince, while young Rhine and Tarragon are Nepharim born and bred and should make for reasonable cover.

4 - DM - Raven Laithwalker - Age 27 - Umbershore Rovers
7 - RCM - Ekaterina Mirzayev - Age 24 - Augustinople Saints (PRV)
8 - AM - Seyahat Brewster - Age 29 - Vakhqul Ironworks
11 - LCM - Sienna Matthews - Age 26 - Ringway (NPH)
15 - AM - Ruziqul Burgundy - Age 20 - Navakor Farchi
17 - DM - Theodora Howard - Age 33 - AFC Tachmur
19 - CM - Roland Harkens - Age 31 - Lesser Vale Wanderers
23 - CM - Shavkat Kuziqov-Reisinger - Age 22 - Iskandabad United

Laithwalker, a Nepharim backpacker and Extreme Hills academy dropout who decided to stick around, join the league and was one of its best players, might have the best story of any player in the AOCAF but she is probably still not good enough. Still, she passes the ball pretty cleanly and is hard in the tackle. Mirzayev and Matthews are reasonably talented box-to-box players who can also get the ball along cleanly. Brewster is an enthusiastic attacking midfielder, the squad's set piece specialist but also a creative passer who loves trying to find the perfect forward pass for the strikers. On the whole, the midfield unit is pretty good, but the backups are either too old or too young and, in either case, not that good.

9 - ST - Ulrich Whitesmith - Age 29 - The Hanged Man (NPH)
10 - ST - Autumn Starbuck - Age 23 - Crisisbless Athletic (NPH)
14 - ST - Kurtis Samarqand - Age 21 - Navakor Farchi
21 - ST - Dorcas Monteath - Age 32 - Iskandabad United

Starbuck is a quick striker and a reasonable finisher, plying her trade for middling third-tier side Crisisbless Athletic. Whitesmith, in the fifth tier, is pretty much just a large man to kick the ball at. Gangly 6'7" Samarqand can probably cut it at professional level sooner rather than later, while the short, squat Monteath might be a goal machine at Iskandrian National League level but is no substitute for Starbuck. She can score ugly, at least.

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Postby Semarland » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:30 am


NATIONAL STADIUM - Natunolstadion, Jansberg, 86,000

Home - Goalkeeper - Away

Kits kindly manufactured by VUCTI Kits

Manager: Andreas Jansen, 43
A definite national footballing hero of Semarland, both playing wise and managing wise, Andreas Jansen became the first ever manager to lead Semarland to the World Cup finals. A somewhat surprise appointment following the resignation of Henrik Jensen, who has gone on to manage Molsbik Arkjet, fortunately Andreas Jansen stepped in. Having already done his coaching badges before, it came as a surprise that he was appointed so early yet being a qualified coach. He proved the doubters wrong as he lead Semarland into the World Cup group stages, via the playoffs after finishing second in their group, defeating Buyan in the aforementioned playoff in an inspiring second-leg victory. Then, he went onto the next world cup which Semarland qualified for again despite losing all group stage games (the same case with the previous AOCAF), but he is hoping some of these new players can turn fortunes around.

Assistant manager: Tunde Ajayi, 45
45 year old Tunde Ajayi is no stranger to the world of assistant managing. Ajayi was previously the assistant manager at Eikborg Club for four years, leading them to higher positions. Capped by Semarland 28 times, scoring twice, in his playing days he often featured at centre-back or in defensive midfield, earning him the nickname “the brick wall.” Like Jansen, he’d be interested in remaining in the coaching setup for a while - maybe as a first-team coach or just as a general tactical coach. One thing that will delight the SFA is his experience and professionalism - despite his rather young age, he has been involved in coaching setups for eight years, since he was 34 when he retired due to a knee injury. As well as being the assistant manager of the side, Ajayi is also the head coach of FC Jansberg U14s, with his children Kunle and Ibrahim playing just a few age groups below.

First team coach: Yohan Martinsson, 42
First team coach: Raul Juarez (FFD)
Tactical coach: Johan Nikkelsen, 38
Goalkeeping coach: Martin Datheim, 44
Defensive coach: Johannes Pedersen, 46
Attacking coach: Franco Fortaleza (FFD)
B team coach: Sven Svoldreik, 43
U21 coach: Rene Brown, 34
Fitness coach: Rasmus Karlsen, 42
Fitness coach: Jacob Denmark, 31
Head physio: Lars Mikkelsen-Schone, 43
Physio: Mats Borg, 45
Physio: Tobias Jensen-Moller, 49
Doctor: Stefan Tramsø, 50
Doctor: Åke Ulfsson, 42
Performance analyst: Karl Jansen, 42
Performance analyst: Tobias Mikkelsen, 31
Head scout: Karl Sorensen, 43
Domestic scout: Yoann Livimbi, 31
Domestic scout: Mark Eriksen, 30
International scout: Mikkel Pedersen, 38
International scout: Soren Nathanielsen, 44
Scout: Johan Martinsen, 42
Scout: Clarck Mbala, 26
Spokesman, Mikael Stevestad, 47

Each matchday will have a set starting XI plus three substitutes to be used. Veteran 35 year old defender Matthias Karbruck to make a final 100th appearance for Semarland, whilst a host of other players are included in the squad to either try and get themselves back into the picture or are given a long awaited callup.

#1 - GK - Marco Valbuena - Age 26 - CSKA Quebec (QUE) - 37 caps
#2 - DR - Johan Huxley - Age 20 - FF Berafjörðinn (BLK) - 14 caps, 1 goal
#3 - DL - Rasmus Norregaard - Age 26 - Wye United (APX) - 42 caps
#4 - DC - Martell Chalobah - Age 21 - FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) - 22 caps, 2 goals
#5 - DC - Jakob Lunds - Age 29 - Exton FC (APX) - 111 caps, 3 goals
#6 - DMC - Marcel Labonne - Age 25 - Red Star Severny (PIS) - 48 caps, 8 goals
#7 - ML - Dequane Saint Etienne - Age 18 - Firewood City (OSR) - 8 caps, 3 goals
#8 - MC - Demba Cisse - Age 30 - RSK Longyearbyen Town (PIS) - 111 caps, 26 goals
#9 - ST - Jakob Lindesfarne - Age 27 - Ulsa (EUR) - 39 caps, 28 goals
#10 - ST - Andre Smith-Brown - Age 25 - Eikborg Club - Uncapped
#11 - MR - Diego Snow - Age 25 - La Nueva Avenida (FFD) - 49 caps, 5 goals
#25 - DC - Matthias Karbruck - Age 35 - Ramusok United (COS) - 99 caps, 1 goal
#37 - MC - Kunayo Adebayo - Age 21 - Athletic Meskitah (RED) - 11 caps
#38 - ST - Jakob Stretner - Age 24 - Lexington Victory (NGL) - 10 caps, 4 goals

#12 - GK - Blaise N'Zonzi - Age 26 - Utica United (OSR) - 27 caps
#19 - DR - Nathaniel Oseni - Age 21 - CSKA Quebec (QUE) - 23 caps
#21 - DL - Matur Eiriksson - Age 26 - St John's Arsenal (QUE) - 108 caps, 1 goal
#13 - DC - Matjas Nordland - Age 26 - Hastmead Diamante (OSR) - 25 caps
#26 - DC - Niko Schone - Age 24 - Melendez FC (SJG) - 2 caps
#27 - DMC - Emmanuel Sambu - Age 19 - Trothwands Evolution (OSR) - 9 caps, 1 goal
#17 - ML - Abel Nkutu - Age 28 - Hastmead Diamante (OSR) - 44 caps, 5 goals
#20 - MR - Tipio Runen - Age 27 - Vermillion Rage (NPH) - 69 caps, 6 goals
#15 - AMC - Marc Strand - Age 21 - FC Endeavour (APX) - 25 caps, 12 goals
#16 - ST - Isaac Nketiah - Age 19 - Handon United (SCH)* - 12 caps, 7 goals
#18 - ST - Serge Mavididi - Age 19 - Handon United (SCH)* - 12 caps, 7 goals
#39 - DC - Marquez Sbangunu - Age 24 - Shanak FC (OSR) - 4 caps
#40 - DMC - Gunner Brickwalk - Age 26 - North Laithland (NPH) - 1 cap
#41 - MR - Rene Matunne - Age 25 - Montreal Koreana (QUE) - 3 caps

#22 - GK - Marc Lindholm - Age 20 - Alianza FC (SJG) - 2 caps
#28 - DR - Lars Britsen - Age 20 - Barbury Town (APX) - Uncapped
#29 - DL - Christian Parr - Age 20 - FC Jansberg - Uncapped
#30 - DC - Valentin Hummel - Age 27 - Eikborg Club - Uncapped
#31 - DC - Femi Kayin - Age 25 - Etoile Verte (VLD) - Uncapped
#24 - MC - Tunji Adebayo - Age 20 - Trothwands Evolution (OSR) - 7 caps, 1 goal
#14 - MC - Tunji Tunde - Age 22 - SK Franz Jozef City (PIS) - 55 caps, 7 goals
#32 - AMC - Rene Claro-Hunt - Age 18 - Hastmead Diamante (OSR) - Uncapped
#34 - ST - Reiss Claro-Hunt - Age 18 - Hastmead Diamante (OSR) - Uncapped
#35 - ST - Kofi Boakye-Yiadom - Age 20 - Galatica (PAS) - 2 caps, 1 goal
#36 - ST - Nicklas Church - Age 20 - Fryi Frêndê (FFD) - 7 caps, 3 goals
#42 - MC - Lasse Pedersen - Age 24 - Raynor City United (VAL) - 10 caps
#43 - ST - Yannick Simeone - Age 25 - La Nueva Avenida (FFD) - 60 caps, 21 goals
#44 - MC - Jakob Poulsen - Age 25 - Krsthaven - 15 caps

* = on season-long loan from FC Jansberg

STYLE MOD = +2.5
I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
The Republic of Semarland - The Home of Footballing Youth Development
Capital: Jansberg - Demonym: Semar/Semarlandic - Trigramme: SEM
Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
<Jeck> If Sem RPs as much as he transfers, next cycle we're all screwed
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Postby Lindmark » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:01 am

Lindmark national football team

Manager: Leon Korstensen (SEM), 41
Previously an attacking midfielder who made over 75 appearances for the Semar national team, and spent the majority of career at his boyhood club, Krsthaven, this is his only his third job. After leading FK Lindhaven to the title, the LFA appointed him as manager. Previously, he was joint assistant for Semarland B to Sven Svoldreik and Semarland U21 to Tomas Surensen when he was the U21s manager.

Assistant manager: Mattias Neuerstadt (SEM), 34
After being ruled out with a long term injury, the then Eikland Sport midfielder decided to take his coaching badges. Appointed temporary assistant to Korstensen at FK Lindhaven last season, he then became assistant to Korstensen for the national team. Now retired from professional football, he's now Korstensen's full-time assistant.

#1 - GK - Mattias Eklund - Age 29 - FK Nordsjaelland
#12 - GK - Erik Prada - Age 26 - Linqvist Town
#22 - GK - Jukka Kleinstad - Age 20 - Stonlund AFK
Reliable, safe handed goalkeeper Mattias Eklund is no doubt first choice for Korstensen, but Erik Prada and Jukka Kleinstad are solid backups. Prada is also eligible for the Naaroe Islands, the country he was born in whilst Kleinstad remarkably has been Stonlund's first choice goalkeeper since the age of 15.

#2 - DL - Marc Johansen - Age 26 - Midtjylland
#3 - DR - Johannes Petterson - Age 27 - Saint Johan Square
#4 - DC - Ronald Aleksson - Age 27 - Saint Johan Square
#5 - DC - Jacob Sundstrom - Age 29 - FK Lindhaven

#13 - DC - Axel Rasholm - Age 24 - Midtjylland
#14 - DL - Jon Strand - Age 31 - FK Nordsjaelland
#16 - DR - Rasmus Helle - Age 29 - Lindstrommer FC
#17 - DC - Peder Prebensen - Age 20 - Larstad Town Bay
Three new faces in the substitutes, with Axel Rasholm, Jon Strand and Peder Prebensen coming in with the former two replacing the retired Linqvist Town duo Peder Svensson and Petter Kvist (Svensson is 36 and Kvist is 29 but injured) and highly rated Larstad Town Bay centre-back Prebensen moving in for Ronald Aleksson who was promoted to the starting lineup. Johansen and Sundstrom have been part of the team from the start (AOCAF 47) and will of course start alongside Aleksson and Petterson, the latter making his debut last tournament.

6 - MC - Yohan Borg - Age 26 - Stonlund AFK
#7 - ML - Soren Karlstrom - Age 30 - Tknevvik
#8 - DMC - Martin Sunde - Age 29 - FK Lindhaven
#11 - MR - Johan Clarke - Age 27 - FK Lindhaven

#15 - AMC - Lars Rasmussen - Age 27 - Nelshaven Town
#18 - MR - Mads Vinter - Age 24 - Askstad United
#19 - MC - Isak Hemming - Age 30 - Stonlund AFK
#21 - ML - Brandon Christiansen - Age 25 - Sorenstrom United
#23 - MC - Marc Lindroos - MC - Age 23 - Krsthaven (SEM)
Karlstrom, Sunde and Clarke are joined by 26 year old Borg who was a substitute last time, with 30 year old Isak Hemming a surprise callup to take his place on the bench. Highly rated Marc Lindroos became the first Lindish player to move abroad after signing for Krsthaven, and he and Rasmussen will likely come off the bench to insert creative, attacking flair when needed. Karlstrom and Clarke are getting a bit old on the wings now, and Christiansen and Vinter look more than adequate replacements.

#9 - ST - Jonas Clarke - Age 27 - FK Lindhaven
#10 - ST - Knut Lindstrom - Age 29 - FK Lindhaven

#20 - ST - Peder Sorensen - Age 30 - Larstad Town Bay
There are only three strikers in the squad, FK Lindhaven duo Clarke and Lindstrom and Larstad Town Bay's target man Peder Sorensen. Each are all of good capabilities, with them being the top three goalscorers in the Lindish Premjaerdivisjon, but the younger and faster Clarke and Lindstrom will likely get the nod over Sorensen, who should feature a couple of times though.

Style Mod = +2.75
I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y, TG me first.
Yellow Card Players: Y
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic

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Cosumar National Team - AOCAF 49


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is a Fiefdom, which means Cosumar is comprised of 21 historical "fiefs". These are now effectively provinces. Cosumar's government is a constitutional monarchy and believes wholeheartedly in complete civil rights, advancing science, conserving nature and exploring outer space. Cosumar is known for being the "Most Developed" nation in Atlantian Oceania according to WA Census, and in the Top 1% of the world's developed nations. Our current ruler, King James II, has done a remarkable job of promoting progress while maintaining our unique culture and the diverse and beautiful natural landscapes that Cosumar is famous for.

Region: Atlantian Oceania (far Northeast)

Official Nicknames: Azure Dragons (typically shortened to "Dragons"), Vanquishers (as of WC 72)

Colors: Royal Blue, White, Silver

Stadium: Leviathan Arena (capacity 99,114)

Location: Kaldukosic, Kaldukosic Fief, Cosumar


Context: World Cup 73 was Cosumar's 23rd consecutive campaign since its international debut in World Cup 51. New manager Gethin Ramsey build on the momentum from winning the Cup of Harmony to qualify Cosumar to the World Cup Finals for the first time since World Cup 62, ending a miserable 20-year drought. Moreover, the Dragons advanced all the way to the quarterfinals before finally falling to medalist San Jose Guayabal. With the program now rejuvenated, expectations are higher than they have been in a long time for AOCAF 49. Players will be trying to prove themselves to make the roster for World Cup 74 Qualifying.

History: Cosumar qualified for six consecutive World Cups (54-59) in its "golden age" of football, going out twice in the group stage and then four times in the Round of 16. After World Cup 59, Cosumar reached its peak ranking of #7 in the world. The National Team's gradual decline began in World Cup 60 and 61, in which they were eliminated in the qualification playoff despite strong campaigns. They would qualify once again at World Cup 62 in Astograth, but the downward trajectory had already set in. World Cups 64-66 were particularly bleak and saw our once-elite ranking dip as low as the 80s. Farris Crowley, manager since WC54, was on a constant hot seat. Many were demanding he be sacked... the glory days of his tenure a distant memory. But we stuck with him, and Cosumar began re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with around World Cup 67. A marvelous crop of young talent (including the likes of Francois Renault, Giovanni Aldinne and Alexander Pearce), now lovingly referred to as the "Renaissance Generation", started to restore the former sense of honor to Cosumarite soccer. They led the Dragons to several more successful WC and CoH campaigns...though they never did manage to return to the biggest stage. They came oh-so-close on multiple occasions, but the Football Gods were never on their side. Their biggest achievement and swansong ended up being a 3rd place medal at Cup of Harmony 62. Farris Crowley was finally sacked after 40 years in charge after World Cup 72 turned out to be the worst since our debut with eight draws against lower-ranked sides, but replacement Gethin Ramsey (of Nephara fame) salvaged Cosumar's ranking by winning the subsequent Cup of Harmony. Ramsey continued to work wonders in his first World Cup campaign, leading the Dragons to their best ever finish (Quarterfinals) in World Cup 73 fresh off the back of 72's failure.

All-time Record: 269-102-146

First International Match: Cosumar 0-0 Krytenia (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD1)
First win: Cosumar 4-3 The Ursine Northlands (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD3)
First World Cup match: Akbarabad 3-0 Cosumar (World Cup 54, MD1)
First World Cup win: Cosumar 2-1 Al Mumtaz (World Cup 55, MD2)

Largest win: Hladio Huggers 0-7 Cosumar (World Cup 57 Qualifiers, MD12)
Largest defeat: Cosumar 0-9 Valanora (World Cup 55 Qualifiers, MD11)

Most glorious moments:
Cosumar 1-0 Cotdelapoms - Cup of Harmony 45 Third Place Playoff - Late Rikki Varshney winner for our first medalist finish.
Cosumar 4-0 Haginonia - World Cup 54 Interzonal Stage - Showdown on the final day of Qualifying with both sides' first World Cup berth at stake: we rolled.
Cosumar 1-0 Sarzonia - World Cup 57 MD3 - Dragons advance to their first Round of 16 at Sarzonia's expense.
Cosumar 7-3 Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 60 Qualification Playoff - Brutal revenge against K&P for ousting us on penalties in the previous World Cup's Round of 16.
Cosumar 5-1 The Sarian - Cup of Harmony 64 Finals - Ramsey and the newly-christened "Vanquishers" propel Cosumar to lift a first WCC trophy.
Valanora 2–2 Cosumar (3–3 AET) (7–8 pen.) - World Cup 73 Round of 16 - After splitting the series in group play, we triumphed over the Elves to claim our first ever Quarterfinals.

Most heartbreaking moments:
Cosumar 1-1 (1-1 AET, 3-4 PKs) Churchma - Cup of Harmony 45 Semifinals - Losing on penalties always hurts, especially when it's to your oldest rival so deep in a tourney.
Cosumar 0-3 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 55 MD3 - It came down to this match for a spot in the Ro16, and we got our asses kicked.
Cosumar 2-4 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 56 Round of 16 - We finally made it to the knockout rounds for the first time, just to be humbled by these guys again.
Cosumar 1-4 Jeru FC - World Cup 57 Round of 16 - Another drubbing in the Ro16.
Cosumar 0-4 The Babbage Islands - World Cup 58 Round of 16 - New Cup, same story. Dragons fall apart in the knockouts.
Cosumar 3-3 (3-3 AET, 2-4 PKs) Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 59 Round of 16 - This is THE match that haunts the dreams of every Cosumarite to this day. We had rolled through our Qualification and World Cup groups in dominant fashion - completely undefeated. It was the greatest Cosumarite team ever assembled, seeming destined for new heights. In the Ro16, the Dragons led the Urchins 3-0 late and celebrations had already begun. But Chalia Sajid scored a flurry of goals for an unlikely hat trick in final 15 minutes to force extra time. In the eventual shootout, we would completely choke, badly missing the target twice. Complete and utter shock. Many wandered if Cosumar would EVER be able to advance to the quarterfinals and exorcise these demons. It took nearly 30 years.

Most Goals: 104 - Sur Arora (WC 63-72)
Most Assists: 77 - Irvinn Rincon (WC 51-56)
Most Caps: 191 - Luke Crisalus (WC 52-60)

More records HERE

Recent Results:
World Cup 70 Qualifying: 3rd Place in Group 15 (9-4-3)
Cup of Harmony 62: Defeated Electrum in 3rd Place Match
AOCAF 46: Eliminated by 95X in Quarterfinals, 2-0
World Cup 71 Qualifying: 2nd Place in Group 15 (9-3-2), eliminated by Holy Republican Empire in playoff[/i]
Cup of Harmony 63: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group C, 1-0-2)
AOCAF 47: Eliminated in Group Stage (4th in Group A, 2-1-2)
World Cup 72 Qualifying: 5th Place in Group 13 (2-8-4)
Cup of Harmony 64: Defeated The Sarian in the Final
AOCAF 48: Eliminated by Ko-oren in Round Two, 2-0
World Cup 73 Qualifying: 2nd place in Qualifying Group 20 (10-0-2), 2nd place in World Cup Group B (2-0-1), eliminated by San Jose Guayabal in Quarterfinals

Team: The roster consists of 26 players, 24 of which are standard human (though they have varying amounts of genetic selection). The remaining players (midfielders Vareza Na'Noni and Frazan Va'Goshal) are of the Vloo people (species homo cosumarensis), a humanoid race native to Cosumar. Please note that the Vloo have no sizable physical advantage over homo sapien players. Vloo are, on average, approximately two inches taller than humans (which admittedly can come in handy on set pieces), and they must use different footwear due to their unique foot structure. Vloo have pale blue skin and two small horns. Many Vloo's horns are mostly covered by their thick, black hair. There has always been at least one Vloo player in the squad, but never more than four. As per the Gethin Ramsey trademark, this squad features an emphasis on pressing high and forcing opposing midfields to make mistakes, then punishing with up-tempo precise passing. The roster features players in some of the top leagues around the world such as Apox, Nephara and LigAnaia.

Style Modifier: +1

Post-WC73 Ranking: 18 (29.23 KPB)

Formation: 4-4-2
In WC72, Farris Crowley tried to be innovative by installing a new brand of 4-2-2-2. It didn't work - and players often looked unsure of their roles. New manager Gethin Ramsey has stripped things back to the basics: a flat 4-4-2. This flat four, rather than the diamond, takes advantage of one of the biggest strengths of the Cosumarite player pool: our great wide midfielders/wingers. This could leave us weak in center of the pitch, but it is thought that the box-to-box work rate and defensive prowess of Vareza Na'Noni will cover us there and allow Darwyn Lucassen to get forward. The striker partnership of Engstrom and Newman will remain unchanged - with Newman as the large target and deadly finisher and Engstrom as the smaller, quicker and more creative second striker. The 4-4-2 can easily morph into a 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 to suit specific situations.



Cosumar's kits were prepared for the team by Meski Soccer & Sports Store of Red Blackiland for World Cup 71 and have been worn ever since. The design has been applauded by for improving upon the already-brilliant WC70 design, while still staying true to the spirit of the beloved classic kits that served the team from World Cup 54 to 69. The home and away kits make heavy use of the national colours (blue, white, silver), new Fiefdom Soccer Federation logo, and the majestic Azure Dragon that Cosumar is famous for. The goalkeeper kit features hints of the royal family's colors: Gold and Green.

First-Choice Starting XI

Goalkeeper - Jakk Winterfyll - 27 - Image Exton F.C Image
Winterfyll is the most talented goalkeeper Cosumar has ever produced. He already has four World Cups under his belt at age 27, though 71 was his first as the first-choice. He dominated in the Cosumarite Harlighet Ligan with Crawford City FC early in his career, setting a record for clean sheets in a season. He has since become a mainstay in the Apox National League with Exton FC, blossomimg into one of the world's elite goalkeepers. He is known for his almost psychic anticipation and springy reflexes. Off the pitch, Winterfyll plays several Cosumarite folk instruments like the vevlira and the flojagu and is a regular contributor to the annual "Sounds of Ancient Cosumar" compilation CD.

Left Back - Maynard Gorham - 27 - Image Papillio Mertagne Image
Gorham is a strong left back who is playing the best football of his career at the moment, emerging as a key player both internationally and in LigAnaia ever since being excluded from World Cup 71. Has always possessed above-average football intelligence. Excellent tackler. Isn't as dynamic going forward as other fullbacks on the team, but is sturdier in defense. Spent the early years of his career with Dusk Athletic in Cosumar and Peswick Town in Jeckland. He scored his first goal for Cosumar in World Cup 72 Qualifying and nailed a crucial penalty in the WC73 Ro16. Off the pitch he is a dark, mysterious figure. Long black hair, which he ties up during matches. He also plays bass guitar for gothic band Mors Incarnati in his spare time.

Center Back - Arndu Farsgaard - 34 - Hastmeade Diamente Image
Dependable veteran defender who plays younger than his age. Was Cosumar's best-performing defender in World Cup 71 and 72. Originally a hockey player with no interest in a "sissy sport" like soccer, he didn't even discover his talent for the game until age 24, after failing in his hockey career. He took to the sport quickly, rapidly moving up the ranks of the Cosumarite leagues after starting with a local semi-professional team. By the time he was 27, he was starting at center back for SekundarLigan regulars Keenan Athletic. At age 28, he got snatched up by famous Audioslavian club Cazadores Cathair and made a big impact in LigAnaia, thrusting him onto the radar of the National Team. After six years in the national team, he has become a fan favorite and trusted defensive presence. Just ten years ago, he was on the street after being cut from a minor league hockey team. Now he is playing for freaking Hastmeade Diamente. Crazy. He's not dominant in the air, but he has a propensity for always winning the fight for position.

Center Back - Peter Svensson - 22 - Image FC Jansberg Image
Standout product of the Na'Malsille Mariners youth system that moved to Semarluundik Premarligaen giant FC Jansberg at age 19 after shining in the Di Bradini Cup. He immediately impressed at Jansberg, earning a starting job and helping the club win the championship in his first season. Is now set to help Jansberg find similar success in LigAnaia. Svensson has impressive physical might, aerial ability on set-pieces, and sends a great pass forward. Earned his first cap towards the end of WC72 Qualifying and played a bit more in WC73. This AOCAF will be his first tournament with a starting job locked down. No one is quite sure just how good Svensson could be, but he certainly looks the part and is being tipped as future Cosumarite captain. He is the nephew of Herrgly Svensson, a famous Cosumarite daredevil known for skydiving out of a space station, and little brother of Erak Svensson, a Congressman.

Right Back - Sheldon Serra - 26 - Zenit Attawapiskat Image
Serra has the distinction of being born and living the first eight years of his life on a spaceship of neutral nationality. After returning to the planet and living in the nation of Indigo Plains, Serra found his land legs surprisingly quickly and discovered a natural talent for football. But because Indigo Plains does not have professional football and he was technically not born anywhere, his international eligibility was somewhat muddled. Serra eventually attended university in Cosumar and fell in love with the country, becoming a citizen at age 20. He was the Best Defensive Player of Cosumar's collegiate league at age 21, and subsequently ventured overseas to Zenit Attawapiskat, where he has been ever since. He loves it in Quebec and has done well there for the last six years, becoming a staple in the side. With Zenit, he has played in the old Quebecois league, Repechage 49 (where they won the title this year) and LigAnaia. Though small in stature, Serra has rare natural ability as a dynamic wingback and is very technically sound. He has long been a familiar face around the National Team set-up, but finally locked up a starting spot with a brilliant World Cup 73.

Left Midfielder - Mauricio Sigler - 24 - Real Atlantea Image
Sigler has lived up to the hype from his time as a teen prodigy, crossing the line from "exciting young talent with potential" to true stardom when he won the Golden Ball (tournament MVP) at the Cup of Harmony. His technical wizardry is superb, reminiscent of countryman Anders Engstrom, and his pace is off the charts. In Cosumar, he single-handedly propelled the newly-promoted Zakhoro Aces all the way to the top half in 1001 before being purchased by a club ranked in the UICA top ten. Taeshani titans Real Atlantea. He is currently in his third season there as a featured player, helping the club to their billionth consecutive Champions Cup appearance. Famously scored the game-winning penalty against Valanora in the World Cup 73 knockout stage, cementing his status as a Cosumarite legend forevermore.

Center Midfielder - Vareza Na'Noni - 31 - Image Avenida Principal Image
The only Vloo player at World Cup 73, Na'Noni can play almost any midfield position due to his understanding of the game, calmness with the ball and scary combination of size, strength and pace. After a sustained period of success at FC Samotath in Cosumar, Na'Noni announced himself to the world with his brilliance in World Cup 69. His breakout performance caught the eye of Red Star Severny of Polar Islandstates, making him the first Cosumarite to play in a league ranked #1 in the world. Four years in the Polarian league facilitated even more improvement for the talented Vloo and he has been a constant fixture for the National Team ever since. He has spent the last couple years in Farfadillis playing for Avenida Principal since he couldn't any longer take the frigid weather in Severny. Na'Noni is known for his eye-popping tattoos, including detailed patterns of constellations across his arms, a roaring dragon on his neck, and an elaborate sunset on his forehead.

Center Midfielder - Darwyn Lucassen - 31 - North Hall Image
Lucassen made his name in Buyan, where he emerged as one of the most important players for Garbarnia Hoyersko in the Top Division at age 27. There wasn't a whole lot to work with when he arrived from Na'Malsille Mariners, but he quickly earned the admiration of Buyanese peers, fans and media. A late-career blossomer for sure. Was subsequently granted his first senior caps in World Cup 72 - and as a starter! Scored or assisted on 12 goals in the World Cup 73 cycle. Not the most technical with the ball, but has a cool head and opportunistic creativity in the attack. Sends a great final ball through. Versatile and jovial. The kind of guy loved by both coaches and teammates. After the Buyanese league suddenly ceased operations, he was forced to scramble to find a new club and eventually landed in LigAnaia with Century Mertagne. He never really settled in in his short stint there and has since joined up with North Hall in the A-League. His parents are both people of science, his dad an astronaut and his mom a marine biologist, so his first name was an homage to pioneering scientist Charles Darwin. Lucassen himself has a deep love for geology - minerals in particular.

Right Midfielder - Ole Öhman - 29 - Image Sabrefell Athletic Image
One of the most famous Cosumarite players around the world right now thanks to his prominent role for Sabrefell Athletic over the last several years. He has helped the Nepharim side win their league, the Globe Cup, and Esportivan championship. Ole is a winger of great skill who has gained recognition as one of the best at his position in the world. He can do it all - he can score, he can square that perfect ball back to the middle, he can cross, and he is equally good with both feet. That last part is huge as it allows Ramsey to employ him on either side of the field. He plays on the left for Sabrefell, but he will move to the right in this tournament to make room for Mauricio Sigler. That kind of versatility is a blessing for any manager. Made his debut as a promising young reserve in World Cup 69, but he fell out of Crowley's plans after accepting a lucrative contract to play his club ball in Florgania (a vastly inferior league). Returned to the fold in World Cup 71 after resurfacing in a big way as Debutant Of The Year in the Nepharim Premiership. He seems to have reached his peak and has stated his desire to stay at Sabrefell long-term. He was pretty much the only Cosumarite who consistently looked good in the dreary WC72 Qualifying, leading the team with 5 goals and also notching an assist. Scored 8 goals in World Cup 73. His only downside is that he doesn't have the pace required of a truly world-class winger.

Striker - Anders Engström - 29 - CAPTAIN - Image Crisisbless Image
A Cosumarite superstar in his prime who is the best all-around player on the team. Engström (AKA Captain Andy) is the Cosumarite poster-boy for football, playing most of his career (until recently) at domestic titan Mallox FC. Here he will occupy the "roaming second striker" role of the 4-4-2 slightly behind Newman, being the nimbler, more creative player of the two. Engström was voted HarlighetLigan MVP multiple times (including three seasons ago, when he delivered Mallox their fourth championship) and won three Golden Boots with four consecutive 20+ goal seasons. Engström is the most technically skilled player on the team and will be vital in setting up goal-scoring chances for others when he's not clinically burying shots himself. Though small in stature (5"8), his ball control and acceleration are of the rarest variety. People use to criticize him for being unwilling to challenge himself in a foreign league, but silenced the critics by doing quite well in his first season in Nephara. 12 goals and 9 assists in World Cup 73. First choice to take penalties.

Striker - Ace Newman - 28 - Image Urbanista Image
Ace Newman was a star with Cassandra City for years, winning the club its first Cosumarite championship, but he exploded into worldwide prominence with some dominant performances in WC 70 Qualifying. As the starting right-winger, Newman came out of nowhere to score 10 goals and also recorded 6 assists. Could've been a candidate for Best Young Player of the tournament. In World Cup 71, he transitioned to fill his more natural central role up top and scored 7 goals despite missing four games with suspension. Was ineffective at times in WC 72 Qualifying, scoring only three goals, but more than redeemed himself with a monstrous 17-goal World Cup 73 cycle. Best on the team at scoring with his head thanks to his broad shoulders and height, but his best attribute is his strength. He frequently will fire off powerful shots despite defenders draped all over him. He just shrugs them off. Impressive pace considering his size too. His job is to leverage these things to put the ball in the back of the net, and he is laser-focused on that task. He did a good job of it in the ANL this year, where he scored double-digit goals for Urbanista again.


The Rest of the Squad

GK - Esteban Hernandez - 24 - Mierton Manatees Image
Morponte Fief has a legendary youth academy, but Hernandez might just be the most extraordinary talent they've ever produced. This dude's frame is massive: 6"7, broad shoulders, long arms, enormous hands. Most people that size don't have the coordination to walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone take on Audioslavian strikers. But Hernandez is one of those rare exceptions. He was considered too raw to get any serious time at World Cup 71, but that has changed. He stepped up in a big way for Morponte Fief in the Harlighet Ligan, carrying them to a record 6th-place finish in 1001 and winning U21 Player of the Year. He even placed in the top five in the MVP voting. This attracted the attention of Mierton Manatees, one of the better teams from the Taeshani Premier League, one of the world's top ten leagues. Success there could see him put some semblance of pressure on Jakk Winterfyll for the first choice spot, something no one has yet been able to do since Winterfyll's ascension. Fun tidbit: he nearly gave up on his professional soccer career at age 18 to go to culinary school instead.

LB - Senter Senterekoesima - 24 - Rozelle United Image
Pacey young wingback who was a recent standout of Cosumar's collegiate league, where his technical ability and physical fitness were miles beyond the competition. After graduating with a degree in Astrophysics from Stoneshore College, he made the jump straight to Brenecia with Saint Alexander of the A-League. Though the club was relegated in his first season, he did well enough to be picked up by Rozelle United, a club that loves to hoard Cosumarites these days. Gethin Ramsey has spoken very highly of Senterekoesima ever since he got his first call-up in preparation for the pre-WC friendlies. He was impressed enough to bump the more experienced Jukka Lindroos from the final World Cup squad. The player becoming dubbed "Senter-squared" only made three sub appearances in the World Cup, but he should get more significant minutes here.

CB - Jon-Perohlin Nodtveit - 32 - Image Crisisbless Image
If there was ever an enigmatic and controversial footballer, it's Nodtveit. He is bald-headed but bears a thick black beard. Off the pitch he is almost always gruff and silent, hardly uttering more than a word or two in interviews. He is a member of the Luciferian Satanist Order and was a suspect in a well-publicized murder case five years ago. Some despise him, but even more Cosumarites love his dark and dangerous allure. Though divisive off the pitch, he is universally recognized for his value on the pitch. Nodtveit is the Dragons' "hard man", a disciplined defensive enforcer and ruthless tackler. His mere nearby presence is often enough to distract and inhibit attacking players. Not capable of much with the ball and lacking in pace, but he is extremely good at his specialties. Has been a constant on the National Team since World Cup 68, rotating between the First XI and a role as a defensive super-sub. His stamina is declining a bit, so he will get some sporadic games off throughout Qualifying and sub out early from time to time. His ability to muscle for position (and huge shiny head) make him a danger on set pieces around the goal. Played for OAS Royal FC in Cosumar before moving to Nephara a couple years ago, helping Crisisbless win the Premiership.

CB - Jacob Pandan - 30 - Trothwands Evolution Image
A fairly standard but extremely reliable defender who has cemented himself in LigAnaia in recent years after a fruitful tenure at Cassandra City, one of Cosumar's top clubs. Can be made to look a bit slow on his feet by the most athletically gifted of opponents, but usually makes up for it with his effort and intelligence. Very savvy with his positioning and timing in the tackle. Not a giant like Nodtveit, but is of a sturdy build and plays a great ball out of the back. He has been a fringe National Team player in and out of camps over the last several years, but World Cup 73 was his first time in a major tournament. He was an unlikely hero in the Round of 16 win, scoring a spectacular set-piece volley late on to take a 3-2 lead.

RB - Tomasso Tenebrosa - 25 - Image Ramusok United Image
Tomasso is one of the most affable people you will ever meet, never losing his cool and constantly encouraging his teammates with smiles. He is a dynamic young wingback who loves to press forward with pace, but Ramsey will need to teach him how to pick his spots because it is not required often in the flat 4-4-2. Has some good skill with the ball and plays a nice cross, so many think he could play as a RM if needed. Came up through the FC Kaldukosic youth system and was a regular for Cosumar U18 and U21. Completed a big-money move to Ramusok United last year and helped the Blues win their second title in his first season. Tenebrosa did well as the first-choice RB in World Cup 72, especially in the Cup of Harmony, but has been relegated back to more of a spot role since the arrival of Gethin Ramsey, who favors Sheldon Serra at RB.

DM - Olaf Womack - 26 - Twentytwo Cacti Image
Bulldog of a defensive midfielder who has played for clubs such as Versiaville SC (Cosumar), Rannin FC (Estenia) and now Twentytwo Cacti in 95X. Relentless pest of a player, probably the strongest on the team. And ugliest (#punchablefaces). Looks like 95% of his body weight is in his absolutely ripped torso. Not very skilled, but deceptively smart. Gets away with a lot and really grates on opponents' nerves, often coaxing them into yellow or red cards. Probably won't see much action unless Ramsey feels the need for his very specific, albeit limited, attributes. But a worthy inclusion because there's not another player quite like him in our talent pool, so he lends some versatility and flexibility in the midfield depth.

LM - Matt Branch - 22 - Image FC Jansberg Image
The surprise breakout star of Cosumar's DBC35-winning u21 squad. Despite not getting regular minutes with Sporting Matrolvik, he was magnificent on the international stage - racking up several goals and assists in the tournament. FC Jansberg came calling over the transfer window, offering LigAnaia prestige and the playing time he needs to further his development. Shows promising technical ability, leadership potential, and ability to score from distance. This is his first opportunity for a Cosumar cap.

CM - Tiffany Elam - 21 - Guingamp Image
At age 18, Elam turned down the #1 medical school in Cosumar to pursue her soccer career, moving to Kernansquillec to join Project X. She was one of the program's standouts, immediately being offered a contract upon graduation to join Guingamp, one of Kernansquillec's biggest clubs. She has only been there a couple years but already become a key starter. She started the last two Di Bradini Cups, guiding Cosumar to a title last time and a Round of 16 exit this time as captain. With her youth career completely behind her, Elam will join up with the senior team as she did for WC73 Qualifying (during which she made 5 sub appearance). Elam's best attributes are her pace and incredible work rate. She is a true workhorse in midfield, covering more ground box-to-box than anyone else in every match. She's a good passer who likes to venture forward, but she relishes the defensive work too.

CM - Aziz Senturk - 26 - Image Maximum Rovers Image
Senturk is Gethin Ramsey's wild card on the bench. When the sun, the Earth's tilt and the stars are in the right alignment, Senturk can light up a pitch like very few others in the Cosumarite player pool. He has all the right ingredients to be a dominant force...pace, technical prowess, craftiness, shooting. For this reason alone, he is worth calling up to always have in the back pocket. What he has lacked so far in his career are consistency and club success. His intermittent displays of brilliance with South Laithland earned him some credibility in the Nepharim Premiership, enough that Maximum Rovers signed him after the former club was relegated. What remains to be seen is if he can produce that brilliance on a weekly basis to an extent that he can prevent Rovers from being relegated like South Laithland were, and Nomad Brotherhood FC in Cosumar before that. Who knows, maybe he'll be one of those players who always shows better for country than club. He showed signs of it in World Cup 73, scoring four goals.

CM - Timo Sorben - 28 - Eikborg Club Image
Well-rounded midfielder with few holes in his game. Sorben has been a star player for teams in Cosumar, Barunia and currently Semarland as Eikborg transitions to LigAnaia. He hasn't managed to crack the World Cup squad in some time, but he has played in the last three AOCAFs now. Versatile enough to play as a CM, DM or related central role. He is not the most athletically or technically gifted, but he is a true student of the game and is constantly studying tactics and proper technique and has used this thirst for knowledge to improve his play. Clearly has a future in coaching.

RM - Frazan Va'Goshal - 27 - Galatica Image
The second Vloo member of the team, Va'Goshal is a productive and above-average winger who can get the job done against anyone even if he has never quite been outstanding. Established himself as a young star at FC Kaldukosic then cashed-in in the Pasargan SuperLiga. He has been solid all five years at Galatica, but had a career year last season and cracked the SuperLiga Season's Best XI. His great year has earned him a look with the National Team again, from which he had been freezed out ever since his lackluster WC 71 and 72 showings. Though traditionally better for club than country, Va'Goshal is worth calling up for his blistering pace and potential as a late impact sub. He is not a great shot-taker, but he excels at creating angles and windows of space with the ball. He is a true playmaker in this respect, clinical in his manipulation of defenses. He has pledged to donate any earnings in AOCAF 49 to Operation Goodness, a secular charity based in Kaldukosic.

RM - Kit Kvanderwyk - 22 - Image Cassandra City Image
Kit is a product of the FC Kaldukosic academy who managed to crack their first team by age 17. Now 22, he already has five years worth of experience in the HarlighetLigan. But he finally had his big breakout season last year after moving to Cassandra, helping the Reds win the HarlighetLigan championship and placing in the top five for assists and MVP voting. He was also a super sub on Cosumar's Di Bradini Cup-winning U21 side last year. Much like his counterpart Ole Ohman in the starting line-up, Kvanderwyk is skilled, creative and intelligent but only has average pace. He won't blow by any opponents, he uses his technicality to create space. Ramsey likes to use him as a super-sub late in games. Off the pitch, Kvanderwyk is a massive fan of the Cosumarite heavy metal scene and even hosts his own annual music festival: the KvanderFest.

AM - Augen Wittevrongel - 24 - Image Barbury Town Image
Wittevrongel emerged as one of the stars of Cosumar's Di Bradini Cup team a few editions ago after developing handsomely at Star United States youth club C.D. Spikers. After graduating from their program, he capitalized on his DBC success to force a move to "the most prestigious club that would have him" ... which ended up being Barbury Town. Not a bad place to establish oneself at all. Wittevrongel, who has been labeled as arrogant by some, was confident he could earn his way into regular minutes anywhere. Sure enough, he has shown well for himself so far in Apox and even scored a couple of goals as a substitute in World Cup 73. Very good technical skill, attacks the goal with pace, vision and aggression. He's on the thin side though and will get forced around too easily against more physical opponents. Ramsey will give him an increased role here and keep a close eye on his performances.

ST - Tevin Lilley - 25 - Rozelle Image
Lilley was Cosumar's top striker at the U23 (Olympics) and U21 levels, and has seamlessly transitioned into a productive member of the senior National Team. He was one of the Top 10 scorers in the HarlighetLigan at only 20 years old, with 17 goals for Cassandra City (though he was clearly unhappy that teammate Ace Newman still had more). His elite pace nearly earned him a spot on the World Cup 70 squad, but he was one of the last cuts. His feel for the game, his finishing touch execution in the crucial moments, weren't quite where they needed to be. His fiery competitiveness often spilled over into recklessness. He could rely on his physical gifts to dominate domestically, but Farris Crowley knew he would run into a brick wall in the World Cup. Lilley needed to play abroad to continue his development. Though he didn't put up the gaudy numbers in his four years in Taeshan (with Blacklake Blues) that he did in Cosumar, Lilley has become a much more complete player according to coaches. He now has that quiet confidence and poise that can only come with experience. He's back in the shadow of Ace Newman like he was at Cassandra City, but he has no problem with it this time and will be the first striker off the bench. Rozelle, arguably the best club in Brenecia, purchased him over the recent transfer window. Expectations for him in the A-League are high.

ST - Belarmin Worsaw - 25 - Image Eastweald Image
The ex-Borderlandian striker has been prolific in the HarlighetLigan and Sekundar Ligan here for years. He signed with Zakhoro Aces as a youth prospect and scored 16 goals as a teenager. After Aces were relegated, he had a 30 goal season in the SekundarLigan at age 20. Back in the HarlighetLigan again, he and fellow young star Mauricio Sigler guided them to a record 9th place finish. He then left for Eastweald, clearly meant for bigger things, and won the Golden Boot there last year with 22 goals in a 2nd-place campaign. To fans of Cosumarite soccer, it feels like Worsaw has been around forever, but he's still only 25. The collapse of the Western Borderlands government freed up his international eligibility, and after a long process, he announced that he had become a Cosumarite citizen after living here for seven years. All of a sudden, social media was a lit ablaze with people suddenly realizing what this meant for the Dragons, begging Ramsey to bring him in for World Cup 73. Which he did. And Worsaw showed extremely well, scoring 5 goals in 7 substitute appearances. Now here we are, with the former Western Borderlands World Cup player suiting up for a different (and quite superior) nation once again. But he can't get comfortable with such a deep striker pool eyeing his spot enviously.


Manager: Gethin Ramsey Image
As RPed here, Farris Crowley was removed from his post as head coach of Cosumar after 38 years. The man who has replaced him is none other than...Gethin Ramsey. The Nepharim icon is probably one of the very few men who could immediately step into Crowley's shoes and own the position. The 70-year-old is exceedingly accomplished on both the international and domestic stages. He led Nephara to their first World Cup Finals (67) and successfully qualified with The Licentian Isles every year there. You can now add his Cup of Harmony triumph in his Cosumar debut to the list. In the Nepharim Premiership, he made his name as a club legend at Chenoworth Rovers and eventually coached powerhouse AFC Treason to the title. Oft considered the best manager Nephara has ever produced, Ramsey's hire has been a massive hit with fans, players and media alike. His track record of navigating World Cup Qualifying, where Cosumar has struggled for the past two decades, is impeccable. If anyone can lead us back to the World Cup, it's Ramsey. With a Cup of Harmony trophy already delivered, I'd say he's off to a good start. The new gaffer is best known for his ability to motivate players. He knows how to speak to them, how to identify with them - and they feed off his unwavering confidence. His harsh disciplinary style and frequent hairdryer treatments is a contrast to the patient, old-sage-mentor approach of Farris "Master Miyagi" Crowley. Ramsey brings with him his trusty tactical expert, Marlena Scamander, from AFC Treason.

Assistant Manager: Kennedy Kopenhaver Image
World Cup 72 was Kopenhaver's third as Assistant Manager since the sacking of Truda Jotunnoj (someone had to be the scapegoat for the team's failures and it wasn't going to be Crowley). Kopenhaver, 55, was once a terrific center back for the Cosumar National Team in World Cups 55-57, back when Crowley was establishing his legacy. He was infamous in Cosumar for being one of the most passionate and fiery players ever to step on a pitch. He would stop at nothing to win, even if it meant angrily telling his teammates what's what or getting himself a card. After retiring, Kopenhaver attempted a broadcasting career but was not happy. It was too far removed from the action! He then took to coaching, and spent six years as an assistant to Alvin Burnsides, Manager of Mallox FC, the most historically successful club in the Cosumarite Harlighet Ligan. After being skipped over for the managerial vacancy at Miners 47 in Apox, he jumped on the chance to work for his former mentor Farris Crowley with the National Team. Kopenhaver should bring a lot of passion and youthful energy to a team that Crowley and Jotunnoj hadn't been able to provide. He is a rare man - physically imposing yet keenly intelligent. Deceptively clever and excels at game strategy. Really knows how to motivate players.

Strategic Advisor: Marlena Scamander

Goalkeepers Coach: Anders Videfors

Defenders Coach: Artis Thomas

Midfielders Coach: Irvinn Rincon

Forwards Coach: Guiseke Seto

Head Trainer: Yvette Carson

RP Permissions

Essentially, full RP permissions. Be creative. Use my characters however you like. You can state that someone was injured, but allow me to determine the severity. I also ask that you telegram me before RPing anything extreme (like a bombing, a fan riot, extreme weather events impacting the game, etc). I'm usually up for anything, but just check with me first.

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y, but leave the severity up to me
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but no killing or wounding. TG me if you're doing something particularly unusual.
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me first.
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Postby Iskandervale » Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:02 am

Timur Ardent could lay a fair claim to being the most cheerful man in football.
Most other people in football wouldn't envy his job. This job - only his second job - was to take a largely semi-professional side into their first-ever international tournament. Oh, and through an accident of geography, that would be in Atlantian Oceania. The land of the LigAnaia - where most of the side aspired to play. The land of tradition, of success, of victory. Not of, well... of Marat Saysyan.
Ardent now walked through the scenic cobblestone streets. He'd had to take five of his charges here earlier, ones who'd all shared one thing in common - none had lived here since the age of five. They'd all watched in wonder at the beautiful buildings and the roads as horse-hooves clacked along. The people seemed universally cheerful, and there were weird squiggles on the signs written above the English they would eventually (hopefully) come to recognise as Persian.
In short, they'd loved it.
Tagging along with him was approximately the last person Ardent had expected to see; someone who spoke (halting) Persian and had a press pass around her neck. She was short, on the slim side of average and dressed plainly but expensively, and introduced herself in a gentle Nepharim accent (Eastern, at his best guess) as Auburn Bywater, editor of the Brinemouth Herald.
"So why is it you're here, Auburn?" Down to brass tacks.
"Couple reasons. One's 'cause this is a good little interest story, figured I'd cover some ground here myself." She shrugged. "This the place?"
"Yes, yes - please take a seat."
They did, outdoors at a quaint little cafe. He signalled - smiling, as ever - to the waiter, speaking quickly in Persian before turning back to Bywater. "How do you take your coffee?"
"Black. Strong."
"You're in luck, then!" The waiter went off on his way. "So, your other reason?"
"Personal favour. As you may or may not know, I was Nephara's assistant manager for many years..."
"Oh?" Ardent did not, and leaned forward. "Well, I already have a-"
"Yeah, your man Corren or whatever."
"Gethin Dorran."
"Right. You've got him. I'm here in more of an... advisory capacity."
"As I said - a favour. Ramsey's - your Ramsey, Triff, the leftback - her father was the one who got me the job with Nephara. Really great experience, yeah? Anyway, he wanted me to... you know. Offer to, uh, do assistant manager things for you. If you needed. Show you a couple drills. Maybe offer my thoughts on your squad selection."
Ardent nodded. "Yes, I saw you at training. I learned the drills at the UICA B certificate course I took - subsidised, generously, by the government."
"Eager to do your best, huh?"
"Of course! The FFI is behind this project 100%, 110%."
"And they say you're a tough man, huh? You know, you can take care of yourself."
There was a glint in Ardent's eyes. "I like to think so," he says amiably. "My grandfather was Nepharim, moved here at 23 to find an opportunity as an engineer, and always used to say he brought the steel along with him from his factory in Treason."
"Good. 'Cause you won't flinch when I tell you straight-up you're gonna get massacred."
There was a pause.
"You're welcome to that opinion."
"Well, at the back - Saysyan, your 'keeper. First word comes to mind? Vulnerable. I saw him flapping at crosses in training, beaten at his near post a couple times, too. Wouldn't see that from your man Hooker, I don't think - professional, and all. Even if he's a bit underdone."
A pleasant smile. "Marat is a good man."
"I don't doubt that. I like to consider myself a good woman, but throw me in goal against Farfadillis and you're conceding twenty to thirty a game. Either way - a guy who needs protection. Farghona, well, I think you could outrun him. Kapadze's solid. Could make it professional."
"I feel as though most of this squad could."
"Mm. That's as might be. See, I'd throw Djeparov into the centre - or better yet, maybe Rhine if she can get over the whole 'being a midget' thing. And nineteen or not, Tarragon's the best shot you have at rightback. She could go far someday."
"As well you might."
"Only thing I wonder is - I assume your formation's through personnel more than anything, right?"
"It is how I have always played."
"Two up front, huh. And the fullbacks pressing up so high?"
He nodded.
Bywater sighed, and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Look. You've got spirit. I admire that. But you're gonna get pumped, like, six-nil by the first decent opponents you see. Your lads are full of spirit now, I don't doubt that, but what about the first time they have to face a crowd in the tens of thousands? Maybe even a hostile one? Five of your back six are semi-pro, the other's best going forward - what're they gonna do with someone genuinely professional running at them? Throw off one of your strikers, I guess probably Whitesmith, put on... on.. do you have any defensive midfielder who isn't Howard? Maybe you can stop the bloodletting a little."
"And accept defeat, you mean."
"Y- yes! Your FFI accepted defeat as soon as they signed up for the tournament!"
"No, you misunderstand. To accept defeat is to sit back and wait for death by a respectable scoreline." Ardent adjusted his cuffs. "We may well go down. It might not be by a pretty 1-0 or 2-0 scoreline. It might be four. It might be six. It might be twenty. But if we must go down, we will go down fighting, Ms. Bywater. I shall see to that."
Bywater looked him up and down, trying to get a measure on him. Eventually, she smiled, which turned into a quiet chuckle. "I like you, Mr. Ardent. See, I'll be covering the tournament when it comes, and maybe this cute little human interest story's got something more to it. Maybe we'll meet again up there. Maybe it won't take a 20-0 defeat for you to make headlines. With all sincerity..." She stood, and offered a hand. "Good luck."
Ardent took it firmly. "You too, my friend. You too."

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Postby Tallaga la Falla » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:19 pm


Nation: Tallaga la Falla
Trigramme: TLF
Manager: Serena van Trass (RSY)
Captain: Lluc Vicenç Tomàs
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Style Mod: -1



1Júlia-Anna Agramunt26FRecidivà, Senyoriu del SudGK
90Roger Òscar Romà24MDeltra, Senyoriu del PonentLF
91Joana Marta Blanxart30FMartell, Senyoriu del NorteRF
92Lluc Vicenç Tomàs (C)28MSant Lauren, Senyoriu del PonentST
93Júlia Assumpció Vivas24FSant Carlo, Senyoriu dell'OrientLH
94Jordi Pau Mas23MImez, Senyoriu del NorteRH
95Martina Anna Martell25FBarce, Senyoriu del PonentCH
96Guifré Gonçal Vivas27MBepur, Senyoriu dell'OrientLW
97Joaquima Salut Tomàs19FSant Dix, Senyoriu del NorteRW
98Dídac Ricard Rey25MEman, Senyoriu del PonentCF
99Mònica Sílvia Sala21FAssumpcio, Senyoriu del SudCF
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Postby Valanora » Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:00 pm

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2



Home Away

Vanauraiiel Nardironel (F)
Age: 1302
Nardironel is a small and quirky woman who is very unassuming, until you get to the training pitch, where she will run you ragged and then when you feel your body collapsing, run you even more ragged until you are in the ultimate peak condition you can be. This is like to be Nardironel's final tournament in charge of the Marauders, unless she can replicate the success she saw in Quebec four years ago and see the Marauders to the championship. Her reign as the manager will be one that no one will soon forget, with the fall and subsequent rise of the squad under her guidance. Even a second AOCAF may not be enough to save her job but it may be enough to at least leave a positive spin on what was a roller coaster reign for the manager.

Assistant Manager
Vamariiel Falavir (F)
Age: 1482
Tipped as the most likely person to replace Nardironel should she indeed leave following the AOCAF, Falavir is a people person who gets on well with the players. Seen more as a liason between the manager and the squad, Falavir is good at solving small issues and getting the squad prepared mentally for big games, as has been the case for her domestic side in Ibini.


1 Aediron Galadirdren, Ibini FC
Age - 681
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 174 lbs
Galadirdren looks to be the long term solution for the Marauders in net after several stellar seasons in the domestic scene with Ibini FC. While not loud and "in control" of his box, the keeper is very good when the opposition has a breakaway, as well as some amazing reflexes. His best attribute though is his near perfect position, always seeming to know where the opposition is going to place their shots or crosses.


2 Morlaithan Aldamiel, AC Izotz Zubia Image
Age - 694
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 162 lbs
A tough and quiet sort at the back, more physical than your usual Vanorian centerback thanks to the years that he has played in Audioslavia. More of a stay at home defender than the rest of the backline and more prone the occasional card due to the more physical nature.

3 Rainyardil Toraandal, Mar Sara FC
Age - 653
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 168 lbs
Toraandal is deceptively fast and agile for a person of his size and also very keen to get in on the attack during prolonged spells in the opponents third. With his size and pure athletic ability, he has a knack for getting open in the box and heading home his fair share of goals, though it is his stern defending that is the reason that he was put on to the starting eleven.

4 Revhil Lardireil, Hondo FC
Age - 652
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 171 lbs
Like Toraandal, Lardireil is used to getting into the attack, having spent the majority of his career at Hondo with their attacking flavor. However he has the speed of a cheetah and the strength of an elephant, most likely the most versatile of the three defenders that the side uses.


21 Espy va Drake, Yuba United (Paripana)
Age: 757
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
After becoming a folklore hero for the lower class of the world, va Drake has made himself one of the living legends of the game after help leading the side to a title in World Cup 53. He has traveled far and wide while plying his trade, donning kits for no less than five countries clubs. Seen as the driving force in the middle of the park alongside Hawk, it is up to the opposition to try and figure out how to deal with the brilliance the winger and his other attackers have rather than them to create magic.

6 Caeltimyonan Haerear, Mar Sara FC
Age - 612
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 lbs
Coming from Mar Sara you would expect Haerear to be more of an attacking option, yet the midfielder is more of a box to box playmaker than the attacking midfielders usually coming from the Flames. Not overly fast or physical but Haerear has a motor that never quits, never giving up on a play or a game despite how dire the situation may be.

14 Laborious Hawk, Dwile Warriors Image
Age - 721
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

8 Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar, Raynor City United
Age - 727
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs
Lithvathar is much like va Drake, a floater who is dynamic in attack but with enough speed and sense of the pitch to make up on any sort of defensive lapse. Yet unlike her flankmate, she is not nearly as skilled, but do not let that fool you, in a moment of magic she can undress an entire backline and set up more prolific scorers with easy chances.

7 Faeron Soldarian, 1830 Cathair Image
Age - 635
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
Soldarian continues to live in the shadow of more well known players both on the national team and with his club. Despite this, Soldarian is seen by all on the squad as the emotional leader and the linchpin the in the middle that allows the more attacking minded midfielders being allowed to play their game.


9 Allandren Fresco, Ibini FC
Age - 510
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Fresco continues to lead the line of the attack, being the tip of the spear that is the Marauders offensive movement. By now most teams know of the striker's pace and near laser guided shot, however the striker still somehow finds ways to bring in the goals. With the more durable Celetholtinu to play off of, he has become an almost impossible force to stop when the duo are on form.

11 Dûrdur Celetholtinu, Telecontarë Image
Age - 904
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 183 lbs
Dûrdur is by and large a holding forward, meant to retain possession for Fresco, Hawk, or va Drake to into possession for attacks. His large frame suits his style of play and the years in Liga Calania has made him quite equipped at taking kicks and chips while maintaining possession.

13 GK Legoion Taltauré, age 677, Char Sara FC
20 GK Belltarion Nartalhûn, age 551, AC Valanari
15 CB Bronlanda Culiththir, age 595, Char Sara FC (F)
16 CB Urúvdion Shatholryl, age 660, Wexax United
17 CB Ainglad Gwavaul, age 601, Hondo FC
23 DMC Belltherdon Cularin - age 716 - Milona-Lpaka Image
18 LW Sellan Teltaththor, age 687, Hondo FC
5 RW Filwame Omasas, age 648, FC Capri (F)
16 MC Berdëmiel Nardhrinonel, age 686, Soldarian FC (F)
22 AMC Héra Teltholsyr, age 470 - Lonngeylin Coast Image (F)
10 ST Galasgoldas Tathtauré, age 592, Myrmidon Image
19 ST Gonmucaethor Mithlithelen - age 662 - Ibini FC ~

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Allandren Fresco
Right Corner: Espy va Drake
Left Corner: Espy va Drake

Aldamiel Toraandal Lardireil
va Drake Soldarian Haerear Lithvathar

Fresco Celetholtinu

~ denotes Vyintanese
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Postby Demot » Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:50 pm

Demot "Dynamo" Roster

Home Away

Manager: Scott Gaines, age 40
Assistant: Gary Josephs, age 37

Modifier: +4

GK: Manuela Brunson, age 20 (F)
GK: Wesley Goulette, age 20
GK: Ladawn Simard, age 25 (F)
LB: Lee Walker, age 23

LB: Steven Woods, age 20
CB: Brenda McDaniel, age 19 (F)
CB: Michele Noriega, age 24 (F)
RB: Michael Cooper, age 22
RB: Richard McMorrow, age 24
RW: Karen Courtney, age 22 (F)
RW: Margaret Santana, age 24 (F)
LW: Terry Jackson, age 23
LW: Rose Yearwood, age 24 (F)
MC: Rocco Branch, age 23
MC: Herbert Lisenby, age 25
AMC: Jacqueline Trosper, age 24 (F)

AMC: Carol Pugh, age 20 (F)
AMC: Viola Silvis, age 22 (F)
AMC: Jennifer Nguyen, age 23 (F)
ST: Christopher Moore, age 22
ST: Sean Johnson, age 23
ST: Carmine Holmes, age 24

ST: Latoya Joseph, age 20 (F)

McMorrow Noriega Walker
Santana Lisenby Yearwood
Trosper Nguyen

Johnson Holmes

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, but no more than two games out
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me first.

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Postby Eshan » Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:31 am

Number: Position: Name (Club)
Age: Height: Weight:
Player Description
International Appearances:
International Stats:
Club Appearances:
Club Stats:

List of domestic and international awards

Coach: Steven Dumolt: 63 years old: Rosaria United

#1: GK: Pietro Tomaselli (Skoljard FC)
Age: 34 years old - Height: 6’3 - Weight: 185lbs
The grizzled stalwart of Skoljard FC, Pietro Tomaselli has been a fixture between the sticks in the Echani Premier League since he was 17, and has spent all that time in peak form really. He has fantastic positioning; putting himself in a spot where he can easily catch the ball instead of having to make a diving save. He is highly admired among the Echani fans for his loyalty and professionalism between the posts, and was key in goal in the 2-1 Baptism of Fire 3PPO against Thaldor.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Conceded: 25
Assists: 0
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Conceded: 0
Assists: 0

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#2: RB (RWB/RM/RW): Francesco Di Nolfo (La Nueva Avenida---Farfadillas)
Age: 23 years old - Height: 5’11 - Weight: 153lbs
A quick player who is skilled on the ball, Francesco Di Nolfo started his career as a winger before being moved into defence. He loves to charge forward in attack, using his dribbling ability and speed to navigate the right side of the field. His defensive skills had just started to make some progress before making the voyage across seas to ply his trade in the ultra-attacking Farfadillian league. The first Echani player to play abroad, Di Nolfo will charge up and down the right flank as Marco van Ciavatinni sits narrow, and will undoubtably spend plenty of time in the opposition half.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#3: CB (LB/RB): David SMITH (Alexandria United)
Age: 26 years old - Height: 6’6 - Weight: 188lbs
Stepping into the defensive line to replace the retired Ian Khamauiop, David Smith rarely ventures forward from his position at the heart of a formidable defensive line. Standing at a formidable 6'6 and 188lbs of muscle, Smith is a classic defensive strongman who's only interest lines in locking down the defense. A step slow off the mark, Smith's long strides allow him to cover plenty of ground and catch up with opposing forwards if they somehow manage to get behind him. He's the perfect foil for Luc Villaview, who has bags of pace and likes to step forward from the defensive line, hopefully forming a strong stopper-sweeper combination.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Scored: 1
Assists: 0
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#5: CB (LB): Willian Luc Villaview (Rosaria United)
Age: 22 years old - Height: 6’1 - Weight: 164lbs
An blossoming young central defender, Luc Villaview has fantastic pace and agility, and dominates the defensive line. He recently completed a transfer to Rosaria United and will be expected to fill the gaping hole left by Ian Khamaupio's retirement. Willian frequently stepping into the space behind Samper Markovic to grab loose balls or to quickly close down a forward/midfielder to freeze them, before retreating back down the field to rejoin the defensive line. He'll form the sweeper part of a stopper-sweeper combo with David Smith at the heart of the Echani defense.
International Appearances: 24
Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#23: LB (LM/LWB/RB): Luke Albom (Club Ithini)
Age: 28 years old - Height: 5’11 - Weight: 155lbs
A pacey left back, Luke Albom likes to operate at the left midfield spot and pushes forward and holds there when in attack to shore up space left open as Antonio Mulcair cuts inside at goal. He’s comfortable on the ball, but prefers to pass it to one of the more creative midfielders before him. Albom is a very competent defender, pushing wingers out towards the touchline and herding them out of bounds.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#4: RCM (CDM/CB): Samper M.arkovic (Sebio City)
Age: 21 years old - Height: 6’1 - Weight: 169lbs
A very strong player physically and defensively, Samper Markovic Samper Markovic is the rock that holds the entire Echani offensive movement together. Samper naturally drops from the midfield line into a CDM position during the run of play to break up opposing play, before carrying it upfield an offering an unpredictable and dynamic creative outlet from the midfield line. He has a brilliant range of passing, and several go-to dribbling moves to shed any pressure. Samper Markovic has blossomed wonderfully into one of the premier Echani midfielders, and looks set to drive a young but superbly talented Sebio City squad towards a Seria-A title.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 2
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#6: LCM: Xavier Albiol (FC Rosaria) VICE-CAPTAIN
Age: 31 years old - Height: 5’8 - Weight: 152lbs
A metronome in possession, Xavier plays short passes with the intent at recycling the ball. He is very creative, pinging the ball around the midfield as the team advances up the field. He’s been a permanent fixture in FC Rosaria’s midfield since bursting onto the scene looking more mature beyond his 19 years of age. He plays the same deep lying playmaker role for the national team that he does for his club, just precise, probing, patient passing.
International Appearances: 22
Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 3
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Assists: 0

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#8: CAM (CM): Jean-Marie Bentacur (Rosaria United) THIRD-CAPTAIN
Age: 23 years old - Height: 5’10 - Weight: 152lbs
An extremely creative, highly technical playmaking midfielder, Jean-Marie Bentacur has added a defensive component to his game to become a complete midfielder. The unquestionable best Echani midfielder brings an instant offensive spark the moment he steps on the pitch. A quick and electric dribbler, Jean-Marie seeks to drive forward in attack and to make use of his dribbling, silky smooth touch, an eye for the killer pass, and a fantastic long shot. A key component of the national team, Jean-Marie Bentacur keeps the offensive game clicking, while also dropping back next to Xavier in defense to help regain possession.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Scored: 2
Assists: 4
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Club Assists:

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#17: RW (ST/LW/CAM): Marco van Ciavatinni (Sebio City)
Age: 17 years old - Height: 5’8 - Weight: 142lbs
The golden boy of Echani football, Marco van Ciavatinni grabbed the starting winger spot at the tail end of the 73rd World Cup thanks to an injury to LaHoya and hasn’t looked back yet. van Ciavatinni, even at the age of 17, is clearly a once in a generation player. A brilliant attacking threat, van Ciavatinni is a real livewire with the ball at his feet, and might actually move faster when he’s dribbling. A beautifully simple player, Marco is a master of feints, stop and starts, simple moves to send his opponent one way while he goes the other. He has a sharp eye for the pass, and has already displayed a wide passing range. He starts for a young Sebio City squad as a striker, but simply drifts around the field looking for spaces where he feels he is most effective. He'll have plenty of freedom in the Echani squad, maybe not as much as he does for Sebio City, but he is still free to drift in from the right wing.
International Appearances: 18
Goals Scored: 4
Assists: 6
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Club Assists:

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#10: ST (AM): Irlian Ceka (Royal Queenstown---Ceni)
Age: 28 years old - Height: 5’10 - Weight: 155lbs
A striker very suitable for the probing possession based game Eshan plays, Irlian Ceka likes to roam from the striker position to find areas where he can help play build. Strong passing and dribbling skills lead to Ceka creating plenty of chances for his teammates. However, as an actual scoring striker, Irlian Ceka leaves a lot to be desired. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in the Echani system and formation, with Antonio Mulcair being the team's main goalscoring threat and van Ciavatinni proving his international goalscoring credentials.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Scored: 1
Assists: 4
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Club Assists:

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

#9: LW (ST): Antonio Mulcair (Rosaria United) VICE-CAPTAIN
Age: 29 years old - Height: 6’2 - Weight: 165lbs
The main goalscoring threat for the Echani team, Antonio Mulcair is a deadly false winger with terrific dribbling and shooting abilities. Always looking to score, Muclair sits narrow on the wing, declining to track back defensively so he can break quickly when the attack is on. He likes to run at the opponent before calling on a wide repertoire of dribbling moves before unleashing a fierce shot.
International Appearances: 25
Goals Scored: 11
Assists: 3
Club Appearances: 0
Club Goals Scored: 0
Club Assists:

National Team: Baptism of Fire 60 (3rd)

AM: #11: Augustin Markel: 23 years old: 5’11: 155lbs: Sebio City
CB (LB/RB): #12: David Smith: 26 years old: 6’: 159lbs: Alexandria United
GK: #13: Demarcus Jones: 20 years old: 6’5: 191lbs: Sebio City
CDM (CM): #14: Iñaki Martón: 24 years old: 5’10: 153lbs: Celtic Noviodunum (Ceni)
LW (RW): #15: Noah Silvio: 27 years old: 5’11: 157lbs: Rosaria United
LB (LWB): #16: Marten Agar: 21 years old: 6’: 153lbs: FC Rosaria
RW: #7: Bernard LaHoya: 30 years old: 5’9: 152lbs: Monmarte
RB (RWB): #18: Steven Tadeo: 20 years old: 6'1: 154lbs: Rosaria United
CB: #19: Luke Calsthena: 22 years old: 6’2: 161lbs: Football Club Basilica
AM (LW/RW/ST): #20: Marshawn Mercury: 19 years old: 6’3: 161lbs: Sebio City
CM (CDM/AM): #21: Deandre James: 19 years old: 6’: 160lbs: Vaduz Portcullis (Ceni)
ST: #22: Anthony Baudelio: 19 years old: 6'2: 164lbs: Alexandria United

Starting formation: The Eshan National Team plays a 4-2-3-1, with two holding centre backs and 2 all-purpose wingbacks charging up and down the flanks.The right central midfielder (Samper Markovic) is a physical presence who is tasked with breaking up opposing play, winning the ball, and offering an unpredictable and dynamic creative outlet who is always looking to create chances for his teammates. Xavier plays as a deep-lying playmaker (LCM), while Jean-Marie Bentacur (CAM) enganche/advanced playmaker and dictates the offensive game,. The two wingers act as both inside-forwards, given the freedom to cut in and attack goal or look for the overlapping wingbacks. He frequently drops deep to make room for Mulcair cutting in and Ceka’s unpredictable off the ball movement. Antonio Mulcair is the team's primary goal scoring threat, and sits narrow on the left wing; waiting for the ball to make its way to him, while striker Irlian Ceka is given the freedom to get into the positions he thinks will get him a chance at goal. As the game progresses, it is not unusual to see the Echani team switch to different formations to counter certain threats, take advantage of mismatches, and to react to the game and try to influence it in a pro-Echani way. In general when on the defensive, Sergi Markovic drops to a defensive midfielder position, while Bentacur takes his place in the central midfield. Xavier drops a few steps deep to form a 4-3-3 with a staggered 3 in the midfield.

Playstyle: The Echani team plays a patient attacking game, moving the ball around quickly with primarily short passes, searching for a weakness in the oppositions defensive play. When a weakness is identified, the team surges forward in attack, with quick interlocking play to bring to ball to the goal. Creative freedom is given to the strikers, wingers, and the advanced playmaking midfielder, as well as the directive to roam from their position in an attempt to find pockets of space where they may be more effective. The team closes down quickly, aiming to win back possession in five seconds or less. Failing that, the team drops deep into defensive positioning to shore up any vulnerabilities. Echani defenders stay on their feet rather than trying desperate slide tackles. When in attack, the defensive line pushes higher up to pitch to condense play.

Modifier: -1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Ask me first
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Ask me first
Godmod other events: No
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Runners Up: AOCAF LIV
3rd Place: Baptism of Fire 60
Quarterfinal: AOCAF 50, AOCAF 53
Round of 16: DBC 37, CoH 67
Hosted: Cup of Harmony #BIGGUNSBIGGOALS

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Postby Audioslavia » Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:53 pm

Audioslavia National Football Team
AOCAF 49 Roster


#       POS     NAME                            AGE	CAPS	CLUB
1 G Sean Patterick 32 67 Image Fligsive FC
2 D/M RC Vann Dalllara 23 9 Image Blades ex Magnaeus
3 D L Turi Varisco 29 21 Image KT Itzalovalle
4 DM C Johan Tijgers Landhuis 28 44 Image Mâ Âlâmëómë
5 D C Jouard Caceres 26 35 Image 1830 Cathair
6 D C Ramon Goicoechea 28 48 Image Kurtz Herritik
7 M R Imanol Vengochea 29 47 Image Ousevale Borough
8 M RC Asier Huelva 26 9 Image Mikaera FC
9 F C Dragan Kryznjak 24 9 Image Alianza FC
10 F RC Espiridón Caszely 31 22 Image Red Star Severny
11 M L Zorio Etxezuniyiga 24 22 Image La Nueva Avenida
12 D R Bastijn Fokke-Rommedahl 28 14 Image 1830 Cathair
13 G Wim de Snaaijer 24 2 Image KT Ferramendiak
14 M L Txordinutzko Etxehartzaren 24 2 Image AC Izotz Zubia
15 D C Ortzi Rouy 25 1 Image AC Izotz Zubia
16 M LC Loloala Izmao 24 0 Image Cazadores Cathair
17 M C Conor Magellan 22 0 Image Firewood City
18 F C Joord Rietveld 24 1 Image Comunas Cougars
19 F C Jose-Luis Aurrekoetxea 23 0 Image AC Izotz Zubia
20 F C Frantzisko Apexarena 24 4 Image AC Izotz Zubia
21 D L Solvir Ulvestad 24 2 Image AFC Serpentine
22 M C Fabio Van Vollenhoven 20 0 Image FC Kolberg
23 G Pablo Llorente 30 0 Image Kurtz Herritik

    The FFA only counts caps for players that *start* a football match.
    In Audioslavian/Starblaydi/Mertian time, the AOCAF takes place four years after the last UICA transfer window, and two years after World Cup 73.


Audioslavia is, both ICly and OOCly, rather ancient. The country was founded on December 17th 2002, a period regarded as 'pre-history' by many. The nation originally CTE'd in 2006, was revived briefly in 2007 and 2009, and enjoyed a proper resurgence at the start of 2012, locating itself in Atlantian Oceania indefinitely after IC centuries of rivalries with various nations in the region.

The Audioslavia national side participated in World Cups 4 to 29, made an abortive comeback in World Cup 37, and rejoined the world of international football properly back in World Cup 59. The ancient Audioslavia side qualified for all but one of the World Cups it entered (a young Audioslavia failed during the WC5 qualifying playoffs) and generally maintained a place in top twenty of the world rankings, peaking at #1 during the qualifying phases of World Cups 20 and 21.

Paradoxically, the national team has seen more success in its modern form - a period where quick success is much more difficult to achieve than in the early days. Whereas those early years yielded only the inaugural U21 World Cup and a string of losing finals in the World Cup proper, the modern team won the Baptism of Fire tournament before WC59 and triumphed in the thirty-fifth, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth installments of the AOCAF Cup. The side have also reached the final of the AOCAF cup on four other occasions and have reached as far as the semi-finals of the Cup of Harmony.

Modern Audioslavia finally won the World Cup itself in cycle 63, a victory that required a huge amount of luck and some very po-faced, negative football. Audioslavia managed to win the tournament despite going into the qualifiers with a ranking of #53 in the world. Four years later, in World Cup 64, the national side proved that this win, as fortunate as it was, was no flash in the pan when they again took home the World Cup trophy, completing the first ever 'double-double' of winning back-to-back AOCAF and World Cup championships.
Audioslavian footballers tend to be a little on the small side, with few players standing over six feet (1.83m) tall. The average Audioslavian footballer stands at around about 5'8 (1.72m) or thereabouts, though most goalkeepers and central defenders are at least 5'11.

Audioslavian footballers are renowned for their high fitness levels and stamina, though a comparitively lithely framed squad do occasionally have problems when facing large, physical teams. Quick, one-touch passing is the key to Audioslavia's midfield prowess, which likes to play at a high tempo, and the side often take advantage of some fleet-footed wingers and full-backs to play through-balls beyond the oppisition's defensive line after having created the space with some quick interchanges. Audioslavian attacking football was built on the idea that two crisp, quick passes around the opponent's penalty area will lead to a goalscoring opportunity, and as such the team's forward line throughout history has been littered with quick-thinking playmakers and dead-eye finishers.

Recent Audioslavian sides have had few weaknesses, but no team is without one or two or seven near-fatal flaws, and Audioslavia certainly are no strangers to flaws. Audioslavian national teams tend to lack true leadership figures on the pitch - our nation's footballers tend to be stubborn with regards to letting peers tell them what to do. Audioslavian teams sometimes tend towards disorder and in-fighting when truly on the back-foot - say, when one or two goals behind in a game - and are easily disheartened when things start to go wrong. On the pitch, the side's lack physical strength means defending against corners is often a problem, despite a well-drilled defensive line. Marauding full-backs can be susceptible to counter-attacks via the wings, and very few centre backs in Audioslavia are very quick.

Kontrapuntzeka has long been the name of Audioslavia's style of play, taken from the Auskadian word for 'counterpunch'. Audioslavia's ability to hold teams at bay for long periods before hurting them via quick counter-attacks and short bursts of activity helped the side to its two World Cup victories. As the years have gone by, Audioslavia have had to veer away from the style as opponents start to adapt and change. The system that won two World Cups in a row doesn't quite hold against modern football teams. The national team have never really adapted a new style, however, and current manager Kajaxo Imaslavii, who twice won the cup as a player, has tried to recreate the 'spirit of sixty three' with regards to the side relying on hitting opponents on the counter.

Audioslavia's squad has traditionally consisted of a multitude of Audioslavians plying their trade abroad, including a number of nationalised foreign-born players. The progression of the LigAnaia, however, has seen an larger proportion of domestic-based players make the national team squad. A number of them come from 1830 Cathair, who recently won the coveted Champions Cup.
With Alexander Kirk having left his position after World Cup 72, Kajaxo Imaslavii has taken the reigns.

Imaslavii, born in Audioslavia but raised in Vilita, with both Audish and Vilitan parentage, holds the all-time appearance record for Audioslavia with 172 caps, having represented the country from World Cups 62 to 68. He won two World Cups and two AOCAF Cups as a player. His management credentials include the Champions Cup win for 1830 Cathair and one LigAnaia championship.

Imaslavii is a very Audioslavian manager. He has stated time and time again that he believes Audioslavian football is at its best when they accentuate the positives of the players' games, and that the counter-attacking style is still the side's best bet going forward.

Nevertheless, the Bulls have operated slightly differently in recent times. Gone is the tried and test 4-5-1 formation with one or two holding midfield players. Audioslavia now play a fairly orthodox four-four-two, with the emphasis very much on using wingers, full-backs and two skillful yet small forwards.
R.J. Styrn's retirement from international football has opened the door for Red Star Severny team-mate Espiridon Caszely to establish himself as a first-choice striker. Partnering Caszely is the tall young striker Dragan Kryznjak.

On the wings, Imanol Vengochea and Zorio Etxezuniyiga have taken the coveted 7 and 11 shirts and will likely be the team's main threats with regards to creating chances. Central midfield has been a bit of a problem position for Audioslavia since Omaexevarria and Hufschmied's retirement from international football. Asier Huelva and Vann Dallara - two of Audioslavia's young prospects - may well find themselves in the centre of midfield despite both being more noted as wingers and full-backs respectively, partnering Johan Tijgers Landhuis in midfield. The lack of depth in the centre may well be one of the reasons Imaslavii has opted for a 4-4-2.

Goalkeeper Sean Patterick will once again take the number one jersey despite Imaslavii having initially preferred Serge Rollins. Rollins has suffered from some nagging injuries in recent months, and so Llorente - his understudy for years at Cazadores but now of Mertian hopefuls Kurtz Herritik - will deputise alongside young gun Wim de Snaaijer. Ahead of the goalkeeper will be the duo of Caceres and Goicoechea, who have established themselves in the centre, while who plays full-back is anyone's guess. Fokke-Rommedahl and Varisco have both had runs in the team, but Dallara is the form player who may well take up the right-back position rather than one in midfield.

Roleplaying permissions: We frown on god-modding if there isn't a sense of humour behind it. Everything else is fine. If you'd like to injure a few players or dish out red cards for a particularly harsh game, go right ahead, go hog wild. Want to injure the entire team in a bus-crash? Fine, but make it good, or suffer the humiliation of having your limbs scattered hither and thither via a blast from my mighty ignore-cannon.

One general rule about the Audioslavian national team is that we are very, very often the 'fall guy'. We've lost so many big matches - WC finals, AOCAF finals, you name it - that we've come to thrive on being the big baddie who gets their comeuppance at the end. If your team has a particular strength or tactic that they like to use, by all means use it against us and RP that it worked tremendously. The scorinator may well show us to have won, but don't let us get away with it without having had a jolly good scare first, and make sure to *really* rub it in our faces if you beat us. Anything that makes it fun to RP. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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Postby Farfadillis » Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:42 pm

The Freisan Farf Freitball Francitian hereby presents the Farf roster for the 49th Edition of the AOCAF Cup
Nation Name: The Oulandish Lands of Farfadillis
Demonym: Farf (plural Farves)
Team Nickname: La Vherderoja
Honours: AOCAF Cup 43 and 48 Winners

Provided by Kirola


World Cup Roster, with in-depth information about the players.

Manager: Steffan Pekarik - Polarian - Age 59
Assistant: Casper Baek - Polarian - Age 52
Physiotherapist: Radek Greve - Polarian - Age 49

#1 - Rôhj Tzâín - GK - Age 31 - Mâ Âlâmëómë
#12 - Ascensión Ekvinter - GK - Age 30 - Avenida Victoria
#23 - Calogero Metz - GK - Age 24 - Mallox

#2 - Cleto Mata - RB - Age 33 - Gwinevra Barbarians
#4 - Drê Röènôùjýâ - LB - Age 25 - Violence Chariots
#6 - Ivaktör Bârr - CB - Age 31 - Dí Maozöxê [CAPTAIN]

#14 - Leonhard Mixé - LB - Age 29 - Urbanista
#16 - Santos Alaminos - RB - Age 35 - Jungle Strike
#21 - Thjorgias Pickton - CB - Age 24 - La Nueva Avenida

#3 - Alex Terán - OM - Age 34 - FC Endeavour
#5 - Ostadar Arambilet - CM - Age 30 - Avenida Leal
#9 - Mâás Fôx - RM - Age 31 - Directus
#10 - Fôrté Wínrôuge - OM - Age 21 - Mâ Âlâmëómë
#11 - Rübéãn Tôr - LM - Age 26 - FC Endeavour

#13 - Iñaki Ibarra - RM - Age 26 - Avenida Principal
#15 - Itxaso Zuazubiskar - OM - Age 31 - Avenida Leal
#19 - Matías Delafuente - OM - Age 29 - Holdenberg
#20 - Ruy Monrazón - CM - Age 22 - Gwinevra Barbarians
#22 - Jê Çìró - LM - Age 19 - Neuville Scythers

#7 - José Torino Fuego - Age 29 - Flamagua
#8 - Risko Kâí - Age 33 - Mâ Âlâmëómë

#17 - Elexhé Nofzaleiné - Age 24 - Colonial Sile
#18 - Täjó Çíânflöné - Age 20 - Raynor City United

The Outlandish Lands of Farfadillis Ӿ Population: 29,814,000 ± 21,186,000
Capital: Ferdullaele Ӿ Demonym: Farf, plural Farves (Yes, really) Ӿ FFL Results by Season Ӿ How to get any WA Category Ӿ IIwiki Article

Champions: AOCAF Cups 43, 48 and 57
Hosts: AOCAF Cup 38, Baptisms of Fire 54 and 68
For: Good things Ӿ Against: Bad things

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Postby Krytenia » Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:04 pm

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just don’t kill anyone, K?

Modifier: +3


Manager – Dario NAVAS, Age 41
With old Rami Niblick disappearing off into a glorious sky blue sunset, it's his former assistant who's taking the reins. He's a little more defensive than his predecessor, which is like saying that black is a little darker than hex colour #111111.

Assistant Manager – Cordell TATE, Age 44
Goalkeeping Coach – Michael VERDETTI, Age 49
Defensive Coach – Steven PRIMROSE, Age 44
Offensive Coach – Mark YAKIMOV, Age 47
Physiotherapist – Jessica NELSON, Age 43


Age: 33
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Wexax United (VAL)

Emerged as a world-class shot stopper during World Cup 72. Wexax clearly liked what they saw.

Age: 31
Position: Right-back
Club: Avidia United

Pacy fullback with a decent cross, Barcali is no relation to the famed goalkeeper of yore. He is, however, an exciting attacking option for the national team. Age has dented his speed only slightly.

Age: 31
Position: Left-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

Captain for club and country, Demetrius has a fire in his belly and a hunger to make his team succeed. (It's working better for Krytenia than Casuals.) Strong tackler, tends to hang back unlike the more cavalier Barcali.

Age: 27
Position: Centre-back
Club: Mercia Bromham

Tall and rangy, Jason Davis is the man you want heading the ball - at either end.

Age: 24
Position: Centre-back
Club: Avidia United

Combining intelligence with pace, Xousa has developed an excellent working relationship with Davis.

Age: 31
Position: Central midfield
Club: Avidia United

Simple, honest, hard-tackling central midfielder, with excellent distribution. A real fulcrum for the side to work from.

Age: Elf
Position: Forward
Club: Telecontarë (STB)

Ah, the infamous elf. Valrauncion is, at least for now, the only Krytenian international who can lay claim to a World Cup winners' medal. He made a home for himself in Ousevale over the years, and when Starblaydia withdrew from international football at the end of World Cup 57, the KFA made a cheeky request to naturalise the striker and offer him a place in the cyan. To their astonishment, he accepted. Now back where it all began for his club, the Cyan Army still knows that he may be a cock, but he's OUR cock.

Age: 26
Position: Right midfield
Club: Emberton Reds

Maturing like a fine Chablis, Angelo has bags of pace, and crosses well. The one downside is that he no longer has Ronnie van Rijn to aim at.

Alexander SAMPSON
Age: 22
Position: Forward
Club: Ousevale Borough

Having stepped into Valrauncion's role at Ousevale, Sampson is now replacing cult hero Ronnie van Rijn for the national team. Chipped in a few goals in the World Cup 73 qualifiers despite a lack of starts.

Armando ORTEGA
Age: 20
Position: Attacking midfield/forward
Club: Avidia United

Where to begin? Plays like the ball is glued to his feat, is completely fearless against defences...and he's only just out of his teens. Expect fireworks. And maybe Exocets.

Age: 30
Position: Left midfield
Club: Casuals Osteria

Casuals' winger brings his skills to the national team. Look for him to cut inside defenders when the flow of play allows.

Fernando REYES
Age: 32
Position: Central/attacking midfield
Club: Avidia United

Pop-star looks and Mediterranean tan aside, Reyes is an excellent player of the ball. Expect him to come off the bench to inject some attacking flair.

Martin DAVIS
Age: 30
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Ousevale Borough

Athletic and wiry, it is perhaps only Davis' tendency to fist or flap at crosses that precludes him from being in the Aces starting line-up. No relation to the Mercia defender.

Age: 22
Position: Right midfield
Club: Ashton Olympic

One of the best players to come out of the Mother Bear City in years. Loves to make full-backs work.

Age: 32
Position: Right-back
Club: Mercia Bromham

Not the greatest first touch in the world, but an expert at closing down and tackling wingers.

Age: 29
Position: Central midfield
Club: Real Atlantea

A midfield rock, tends to play best just in front of the back four. Excellent distribution with the short pass and tenacious in the tackle.

Will OSS
Age: 29
Position: Forward
Club: Avidia United

Possibly the shortest name ever for a Krytenian international, Oss is a clinical finisher. His set-up play isn't the greatest though.

Age: 23
Position: Forward
Club: Royal Emberton

Clinical in the box, but could do with improving his workrate off the ball.

Age: 29
Position: Centre-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

The rock of the Miners' defence, Ellisham is best with the ball at his feet. He's an expert at the calm thirty-yard clearance to an onrushing winger.

Michael COKER
Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Leston Town

Ah, Leston, the City of Industry. No surprises, then, that Coker is a hard-working engine in the back line.

Age: 24
Position: Left midfield
Club: Emberton Reds

Still yet to completely fulfil his tag as the "new Kiefer Lloyd". Captaining the Under-21s added some strings to his bow though.

Age: 28
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Casuals Osteria

Casuals do like to produce young goalkeeping talent; sadly Leuter is well back in the current international queue.

Age: 32
Position: Left-back
Club: Mercia Bromham

Great left foot, right one's for standing.

Barcali - Xousa – J. Davis – Demetrius
Angelo - Alinas - Larsson
Valrauncion – Sampson


Image Image Image
KRYTENIA: Losing in semi-finals since 2004.

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Postby Nellietopia » Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:52 pm

So You Want to Know More About Footy in Nellietopia...

Well, that's a bloody mistake. Any exercise in understanding Nellies is an exercise in futility, much like emptying a bathtub of molasses with a spoon underwater. We've stopped trying to explain it years ago. But what you do need to understand are these:

(1) While there are many types of nellies, the most frequent (i.e. only) type of nellie found is the ubiquitous Purple-Stinging Nellie. These little critters are the conception of some crazed lunatic who spent his/her/its days inventing creatures with radically long stories filled to the brim with verbose descriptors like adverbs and adjectives (not to mention the odd plethora of parenthetical remarks). That crazed lunatic is now retired, but the conception that spawned the first purple-stinging nellie has given birth to a whole nation of nellies that very much dominates regional thought.

(2) The organization responsible for the defense of Nellietopia is known as the Armed Forces League of Allemenschen Critters (AFLAC) [link no longer works because someone took away NSWiki...]. If you don't what that means, don't worry - we're still confused as well. The general jist is that the country that used to be the former territory of Nellietopia was once called Allemenschen, a poor country full of idiots (literally). Somewhere along the way, the defense of the country was subcontracted to a bunch of animals, hence AFLAC. The list of animals that makes up this armed force is only limited by the imagination allowed. Perhaps the most famous members are the Bovine Geese Corps, whose hatred of all things Sorthern Northland is quite renowned (even as the Snorths nuked themselves to oblivion). If you've been reading out latest (and greatest) in the Nellie anthology of xenobiological wonders, you'll also know there's someone new on the block.

(3) A typical match of footy in Nellietopia is simply chaos. There are eleven nellies with eight legs. There is that purple silk that the nellies will produce. There is the stinging. There is the biting. And there is the ball - it is round.

I mean, we could contrive some roster for you to survey and say "well, I think Jim-Bob deserves to score a hat trick today..." but we've evolved beyond the need to publish match reports. Does it mean that you're going to love every last bit of RP we write? Hell no. People hate it when we write, because it means ten-ninety-three words of superfluous drivel. Moreover, even if we were to contrive a roster of nellies, the reality is that Nellietopian society is becoming more and more hive-mind-like. Is it fair to say one part is above any other part or whole?

To prepare you with that inevitable reality, we've concocted a few "realistic" scenarios should your team face a team of Nellies...

(A) "The [TEAMNAME] was sent to hospital following the AOCAF match against Nellietopia, most players suffering from serious bites and stings inflicted by the opponents. The referee attempted to issue red cards to the violating players, but he/she/it was stung as well and sent to the hospital. Government officials are now quarantining the stadium and banning Nellietopia from sending any more nellies, threatening to nuke the country with a giant can of RAID..."

(B) "The [TEAMNAME] emerged victorious over the puny Nellies of Nellietopia. Government officials later issued apologies after the entire Nellietopian team was squashed under the feet of the [NATION] players. The nellies are still recovering from the hospital, although it is widely expected that the nellies will remain in critical condition for some time..."

(C) "I rolled special AOCAF XLIX edition Nellie Scout Chance Cubes, and a badger mauled my niece!"

Well, there are other options. But that's for you to decide and for me to critique nonchalantly with a casual wag of my hyperbolic finger.

(4) More than likely, playing a bunch of nellies is going to be boring. I mean... they're nellies. You could spray a can of RAID and win. Or you could huff a can of RAID and die. Please don't die.

But instead of the match report, you could opt to partake in perhaps the greatest cultural legacy of the Nellies - an exclusive line of Nellie Scout brand merchandise! It started with the original - Nellie Scout Cookies, made with real scouts (not nellies...). Then we branched into other obscure (and long forgotten products). Recently, a new resurgence in the Nellie Scout brand has brought you a whole plethora of random shit that you don't need but you direly want (almost the same thing as needing, I suppose). Of course, you're welcome to buy Nellie Scout Chance Cubes - the chance cubes where anything can and will happen. Eventually, we'll catalogue all of those merchandise that the Nellie Scouts have produced, but for now, we'll suffice with cookies, chance cubes, frying pans, and cans of worms - mostly because they're the most amusing at the present, and quite frankly, we'll come up with something else that equally amusing later and forget about that as well.

(5) RP Permissions: you can do anything whatever you are willing to have done to yourself. Be mindful of the torrent of words that you may unleash upon yourself should your RP not satisfy the nellies, however (as a point of advice, buy lots of our Nellie Scout shit, and you'll be plenty fine).

BTW: we pledge to the hosts that the nellies won't do anything to defile the host venues that can't be cleaned up with a good amount of Nellie Scout Elbow Grease ®.


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Postby Osarius » Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:48 am

Osarius Squad for AOCAF 48 49

Team: Osarius National Football Team (aka "The Firebirds")
Style modifier: +1.5 (counter/possession-based attacking)

Manager: Azarai Robinson
Assistant Manager: Reiss Ryerson
Captain: Jorge Santana
Vice-captain: Bartolo Monteforte
3rd captain: Luther Bailey

  Coaches: Jordan Simpson           General
Serenity Lewis General
Roque Urbina Attacking
Rene Wilson-Ouaddou Attacking (part-time)
Brent Steele Defending
Harvey Decker Defending
Gilberto Cuellar Technical
Benni Watson Technical (part-time)
Gareth Mason Goalkeeping
Gabriele Esposito Strength & Fitness
Tobias Holt Strength
Medical: Dr. Chanice Ash Team Doctor
Dr. Clara Cormega Physiotherapist
Dr. Cerys Francis Psychologist
Scouting: Roberto Cormega Chief Scout
Elene Altieri Scout
Miguel Rios Scout
Dr. Lika Rugatoro Performance Analyst

Home stadium: Mount Crown Stadium, Burningham (cap. 98,000 all seated)
The Firebirds' home stadium is built at the foot of the imposing Mount Crown, on the outskirts of the capital city, Burningham. Fans are known for their extremely vocal support, and the Osarian national stadium has been described as a difficult place to play. The stats support this notion, as Osarius are undefeated, and have not failed to find the net there under Jermain Lewis. The most vociferous home fans are seated in a kop-esque stand built into the mountainside, with the huge, rocky face behind them adding to the intimidation. The pitch itself is usually made shorter, but wider than most, catering to the short midfield passing game of the Firebirds, and their frequent use of width. Long-ball teams will find it difficult to find space behind the defence, but teams making liberal use of wingers will likely flourish.

Image Image
Image Image

There are also two "special" kits, one is white with black and red flames on the front left, and the other is mostly gold (the traditional alternate kit colours) with a red and black bar across the middle, if neither of these is suitable. I'll make these eventually. For now, they can be seen in simplified format on the (incomplete) wiki page

My RP Permissions are pretty chill to be honest.
Pretty much anything goes, I only ask that you let me decide the severity of any injuries you decide to RP for me, please.
Send my players off if you must -- if its a player I really didn't wanna lose for the next game, I'll RP an appeal or something.
Oh and at the risk of sounding a bit "RAWR" ... do not kill any of my players or coaching staff (unless I say go ahead via TG).
Killing fans is okay though. Go nuts with that if you like.

Most likely to...
Score a goal: Johnson, Monroe, Samuels, Munoz
Create that goal: Samuels, Monroe
Win a free kick: Monroe, Samuels
Take (and score) that free kick: Alan Drummond
Win a penalty: Aaliyah Johnson, Alan Drummond
Take (and score) that penalty: Aaliyah Johnson
Miss a penalty: Calabrese
Score a header off a set piece: Santana
Score an own goal: Calabrese, probably. Though still not likely.
Hack an opponent down: Lika Faratamu
Lose their head and get sent off: Okereke
Commit a professional foul: Calabrese
Argue with the referee: Bailey, Munoz
"Disappear" during a match: Washington
"Put in a shift": Turner
Have an elaborate goal celebration planned out: The Callaghan brothers
Get caught stumbling out of a nightclub: again, those brothers
Do charity work: Chukwu Igbeze
Elicit marriage proposals from fans: Ashley Saunders, Damian Munoz

I have a pretty clear tactical philosophy in mind for my team so I recommend at least skim-reading the next spoilered section if you intend to RP the match in any detail. It will be greatly appreciated if you do. Long story short, Osarius are something like Arsenal's invincibles (in that they are a technical side with a capacity for VERY physical games; as opposed to modern Arsenal, they don't mind it up 'em...) lining up something like a Messi-era Barcelona type of 4-3-3 formation. It's sort of 1970s Netherlands in a way, actually. But not quite. I'll eventually document my actual vision for this system. Eventually.

The team will generally attempt to control possession rather than engage in consciously defensive play; and "parking the bus" is a cardinal sin. When out of possession, the team will generally press high up the pitch to compress the available space -- because they are largely comfortable playing the ball under pressure -- and try to win the ball back as quickly as possible, sometimes over-committing, and leaving themselves vulnerable to a swift counterattack. Generally pacy defenders help to alleviate this problem somewhat.

Against stronger opponents, expect to see a more defensive positioning manifest itself, though. Fullbacks will be less likely to bomb forward, and the team tends to be more conservative in possession, often playing backward to draw the opposition in, before launching a devastating counter attack with pace. They will also slow down when ahead later in the game, but only so they don't unnecessarily provide opportunities to lose possession and/or concede. This doesn't mean they wont take the opportunity to score if it presents itself, though... it's all a bit Bruce Lee in that sense. "When the opponent advances, we retreat. When the opponent retreats, we advance. When there is an opportunity to score, we do not score. It scores all by itself." Or something like that.

The front line of three is often very flexible, with all three (usually) capable of playing in any of the front three roles at any given time, though recently, the centre forward tends to be just that. This is because most of the time, the centre forward/striker will remain the focal point of the team's central attacking, though, whether they are receiving passes or moving to make space for the wingers.

The midfield will almost always be lined up in way that the three players form a sideways arrow (minus the shaft). By this, I mean that one will sit deep, one will push forward, and one will be a box-to-box type shuttling between the two. On the occasions no specifically named attacking midfielder ("AM" in the squad list) is used, typically it is an indicator that the manager expects a tighter battle for possession in the midfield zone, and it's likely two midfielders will be box-to-box, while the third midfielder is a more defensively-inclined (possibly even a "DM") option.

If there IS an attacking midfielder on the pitch, they will operate either as a playmaker, and most passages of play will go through them... or they will push forward from midfield a lot, getting onto the end of passes in the final third, and thus scoring a fair few goals. I'll try to highlight which of the two if I feel like it really matters. Typically speaking, if none of the other two midfielders is mentioned as being outright defensive, the attacking midfielder is a "playmaker" type.

If two attacking midfielders are named, take it as an indicator of respect for the opposition's defensive prowess. It also means the remaining midfielder is likely to be booked for "tactical" fouls...

Defensively, Osarian centre-backs are typically pacy and expected to have strong aerial ability and good positional awareness. The latter part is less important if a player is particularly quick, though. Almost certainly, one of the centre backs or the goalkeeper will be good at organising the defence. In cases where there is a notable lack of organisational skill -- typically in situations lacking experience -- there is a clear knock-on effect on the rest of the team. With that in mind, don't expect starting centre backs to be among the younger or less experienced members of the team. If they are, that means they are exceptional players, hint hint.

The fullbacks typically overlap a lot -- considering how often the wingers change sides and become "inverted" (i.e. cutting inside the defender on their stronger foot, rather than pulling wide) -- and seem to operate almost as advanced as wingbacks (or even midfielders against considerably weaker teams) a lot of the time, making the system a sort of like a 3-4-3 when Osarius attack, due to the deepest central midfielder dropping back to a position right in front of the defence, to counter against a potential playmaker "in the hole" for the opposition. This can be a potential weak point if this player is small in stature (they often are), as they will often get drawn into the backline and thus, potentially mismatched against forwards.

Set piece preferences (in order):
Corner kick takers: Whichever wingers/wide forwards are on the pitch
Penalty takers: Munoz, Samuels, Monroe
Free kick takers: Drummond, Monroe
Long free kicks: Santana, Scott, Monteforte

You don't have to stick to all of that, though. It just fits in better with the way I intend to RP my team (when I can).

Something that is important to know is that football isnt the number on sport in Osarius. Its second, to GraviBall, though the gap is (still) closing.

Footballers in Osarius are loved if they cover a lot of ground and make tough tackles, because the combative nature of the game is what the majority of fans like most. Very passionate, are Osarian fans, you see. Sooo... basically, if you're not scoring goals or making crunching tackles, the fans generally aren't impressed. They can appreciate the tactics and whatnot... it's just not entertaining. Again, this is because GraviBall. Which, btw, is a fast paced, high scoring, BRUTAL game. Think of a combination of Basketball and Gridiron Football. So yeah... Oh, and that whole goals/tackls thing... That goes for opponents too... Osarian fans always appreciate a good tackle, so they will even applaud opposition players at times (although they will boo their goals, obvs).

The complicated tactical systems used by modern Osarian teams are well-understood by the fans, and a growing football blogging community within Osarius often has in-depth tactical discussion, and regularly posters show great insight. This is thought to be the result of a general increase in coaching quality throughout the nation, which has also contributed heavily to the national team's increased degree of success in recent years.

From time to time I'll make reference to the area a player is from, and when I do, I will try to add an OOC note to explain what it means, because different regions of Osarius have almost entirely different cultures. For example, Tubrissian people's habits and sayings are heavily based on Phoenician/Carthaginian culture and religious beliefs; Islanders -- those from Kyoshiku/Kholanaras Island in the south-west -- have a warrior-centric culture and are quite insular; many Ikutursans worship a malevolent, erisian, serpent deity... and so on.

Manager: Azarai Robinson
To say he was at a loss to explain Osarius' shocking defeat to Farfadillis in the World Cup would be an understatement. Having seen his under 25s come agonisingly close to beating the Farves, Robinson conceded that he needed to go "back to the drawing board" when the full senior squad missed the mark by a country mile. "I think we perhaps got a bit complacent after the run we'd had." He admitted. Robinson's ability to motivate has never been tested like it will be now, though his work in Buyan with Tjelberg Forening gives the OFA hope that he has what it takes to rebuild the once-again shattered reputation of the two-time World Champions. As is tradition, Robinson will be selecting an under 25 squad for the AOCAF Cup, in what he describes as "a continuing search for future world champions". Despite the Firebirds' relative struggles in the World Cup of late, they will enter the AOCAF among the favourites, and Robinson is no stranger to that kind of pressure, having spent most of his playing career in a dominant Firewood City side. "It's important that these young players adapt to the expectations of being an elite team. They're talented, but talent is only one of many parts of the formula for winners, for champions."

Assistant Manager: Reiss Ryerson
Ryerson perhaps took the defeat at World Cup 73 harder than anyone, as he had finally begun to rebuild his reputation after it was severely damaged by his stint in charge of Firewood City. "I thought we were about to turn the corner but..." he revealed. Ryerson's passionate approach to the game is infectious, and earns him a lot of respect among the players, who see just how much it means to him. Unlike Robinson, who is a generally quiet and understated coach; prowling the touchline with an analytic eye and an aloof demeanour that makes him difficult to consider a friend... Ryerson is heavily involved in all aspects of the team's time with the national setup. From training to meals to leisure, he is one of the group, and serves as the buffer between the gaffer and the players in many respects. More than any other member of the backroom staff, Ryerson will be the one to make sure the players understand exactly what is expected of them in each and every game. And though he would consider each of them a friend, woe betide those who do not measure up to his high standards.

Coaches: Jordan Simpson & Serenity Lewis (General), Brent Steele & Harvey Decker (Defending), Rene Wilson-Ouaddou & Roque Urbina (Attacking), Benni Watson & Gilberto Cuellar (Technical)
Lewis and Simpson will be the main motivators in the coaching staff, letting their infectious enthusiasm spread through the squad. Their energy will be invaluable as Robinson and his team try to rebuild the national team's reputation (and perhaps their confidence) following disappointing performances in three successive tournaments. Serenity Lewis in particular, having been tipped to take over from her father, may see this role as her last chance to impress the OFA.

Steele and Decker's innate understanding of defensive positioning and timing will be crucial in the development of the young defenders in Robinson's squad. With the exception of a few, it's unlikely that the new gaffer will be particularly impressed with their defensive prowess, and it's hardly a secret that Osarius' first World Cup triumph was built heavily on the back of defensive stability. While Robinson has no intention of changing the nation's approach, he will recognise the need for things to be tighter at the back. Expect this to be an area of focus.

While Osarius can no longer rely on the near-certainty that was Ezio Grassi in front of goal, Dean Richards' methods seemed to have been working. Roque Urbina will provide insight into off-the-ball movement, while Rene Wilson-Ouaddou -- Osarius' second highest all-time goalscorer, in case you had forgotten -- should have some pointers on finishing. Between the two, Ezio's goal record might yet be assailable.

Finally, two of Osarius' greatest technicians will be assisting the team on the finer points of the beautiful game. Cuellar will be focused heavily on ball control and improving capacity for rapid, one-touch football, something practiced heavily by Firewood City during his playing days. Watson, however, as a part-time member of the setup -- owing to his duties as Hastmead Diamante manager -- will work directly with set piece takers, hoping to pass on his expertise in matters of the dead ball.

Specialist Coaches: Gareth Mason (Goalkeeping), Gabriele Esposito (Strength & Fitness), Tobias Holt (Strength)
Gareth Mason has spent the better part of the last decade coaching at the Enzo Corradini Goalkeeping Academy -- which he himself graduated from -- and has cultivated a reputation for being as good a coach as he was a player. His overall comprehension of the game's most specialised role has seen him take on not just the role of senior goalkeeping coach for Osarius, but also goalkeeping co-ordinator across all levels.

Esposito's experience working with football teams has proven invaluable for Lewis, and is unlikely to cease being so. With the assistance of Holt, it seems as though Lewis' concerns over the physical strength of some of the younger players will not be shared by Robinson, as notable differences are emerging.

Medical Staff: Clara Cormega (physiotherapist), Dr. Daniella Bruni (psychologist), Dr. Chanice Ash (team doctor)
Dr. Cormega's presence has been invaluable for Osarius over the years, maintaining health among the various squads she has worked with. Between the niggling injuries from domestic campaigns the players are involved in, Robinson may have been forced to deviate from his long-term plans with regard to younger, emerging players, if not for Dr. Cormega's expert assistance in limiting recurrence and speeding recovery. Dr. Ash proved herself a more than adequate replacement for the now-legendary Dr. Karusiki, and is considered one of the most promising young doctors in Osarius, receiving her doctorate from Kyoshiku University after completing her residency working alongside her predecessor at the University Hospital.

The continuing inclusion of a psychologist in the backroom staff is notable, given how hard Jermain Lewis had to push the OFA to sanction the hiring of Dr. Bruni. Her move to Quebec was a blow for the national setup, but her replacement is more than capable. Dr. Cerys Francis holds multiple qualifications and a surprising degree of experience, considering her relative youth. She has experience working with athletes, having provided counseling services to Robinson's Tjelberg Forening team in Buyan after a recommendation from Reiss Ryerson.

The Squad

With the U21s entering the Di Bradini Cup and the U19s preparing for the Rabastor Unity Trophy, the available players for selection to an under 25s squad for the AOCAF Cup was greatly limited. As a result, some players from the Di Bradini Cup squad were pulling double duty, appearing in Robinson's AOCAF selection also. Robinson conceded that fatigue was an inevitable condition for some players, but was still confident that he had enough talent as his disposal to select a competitive squad. A surprise call up for Jasmin Griffiths is the main shock in the selection, as the versatile fullback provides backup to Scott and Turner.

There was also a strong suggestion that Robinson would experiment with a different system, in which he could make use of both Saunders and Johnson, though nothing was confirmed. Most likely, the Osarius boss will stick with the Osarian 4-3-3, though it's unclear how this will affect the playing time for the highly-rated Johnson, or Saunders, who has a strong understanding with designated playmaker Alan Drummond.

Utica captain Jorge Santana is named as captain, in a squad that could conceivably be built around a Utica spine (Santana, Munoz, Drummond, Saunders) presumably to make the most of his considerable influence.

Main Squad

No. Pos. Player Name Age Team

#01 [GK] Bartolo MONTEFORTE 25 y/o [SEM] FC Nuholm
#02 [RB] India TURNER 25 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
#03 [LB] Alexander SCOTT 24 y/o [TAE] Mierton Manatees
#04 [CM] Luther BAILEY 22 y/o [OSR] Greeningham City
#05 [CB] Gianluigi CALABRESE 23 y/o [OSR] Burningham City
#06 [CB] Jorge SANTANA 23 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#07 [RW] Jerome MONROE 22 y/o [SEM] Krsthaven
#08 [CM] Damian MUNOZ 24 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#09 [ST] Aaliyah JOHNSON 21 y/o [NPH] Sabrefell Moths
#10 [AM] Alan DRUMMOND 21 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#11 [LW] Darik SAMUELS 22 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#12 [GK] Clayton HART 21 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#13 [GK] Chukwu IGBEZE 21 y/o [OSR] Shanak FC
#14 [CF] Ashley SAUNDERS 22 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#15 [CB] Alberto MONTEFORTE 21 y/o [OSR] AFC Hollybrent
#16 [CM] Antonio ZAPATA 22 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#17 [CB] Chinedu OKEREKE 21 y/o [OSR] Shanak FC
#18 [RW] Paolita BRUNO 25 y/o [OSR] FC Barciddia
#19 [RB] Jasmin GRIFFITHS 24 y/o [OSR] Rapid Hearthlands
#20 [DM] Lika FARATAMU 22 y/o [SEM] Molsbik Arkjet
#21 [ST] Nathan CALLAGHAN 23 y/o [SEM] Sporting Saint Adrensburg
#22 [AM] Isaia URSO 21 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
#23 [ST] Caleb CALLAGHAN 23 y/o [SEM] Sporting Saint Adrensburg

Usual starting lineup: [ 4-3-3 ] Monteforte; Scott, Santana (c), Calabrese, Turner; Bailey, Munoz, Drummond; Samuels, Johnson, Monroe
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Postby Osarius » Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:32 pm

Ah, sweet familiarity. The group stage of AOCAF Cup 49 has thrown up some familiar foes for the Firebirds; including two fellow LigAnaia nations [though to be fair, it feels like half the region is part of COCANEFA - Ed.] with whom it could be said there is... "a little" history.

The Semarland clash will be relatively friendly, one suspects. With a handful of players in the Osarius squad plying their trade in Semarland, and vice versa, it seems likely that there will be some mutual fan appreciation at times. The two nations seem to have some sort of symbiotic relationship when it comes to domestic football... not too much unlike the connection Osarius shares with Nephara, for example. Though, where the connection with Nephara is based largely on similarities in footballing values -- the physical ones, mostly; but also a shared appreciation for technique -- the connection with Semarland seems to be based a little more on cultural similarities. There are large communities of peoples in Semarland who share a lot of similarities with several Osarian tribes^ -- namely the Biafrai, Awonomo and Koromanti for the most part, but also the Akkano, Ohafia, Kalanigo and Urawaga; the separatist Cobrio movement are fans of the Semar for this precise reason, it seems -- and while it has not yet been confirmed, it is suspected that the two nations share some origin. It's difficult to really predict the result, though you'd probably expect the Firebirds to come out on top given the relative inexperience of some of the projected starters for Semarland in that game. If not, it's entirely possible Krsthaven might deeply regret that remarkable fee they paid for Jerome Monroe during the last transfer window...

The clash with Quebec will be... less friendly. Shall we say? Putting aside the presence of a former Osarius captain in the opposite dugout [oddly, our own manager never captained the national team - Ed.] and the fierce battle between Hastmead Diamante and Montreal Koreana in the LigAnaia Grand Final a couple of years ago... The Quebecois also dealt the Firebirds their worst ever defeat at the AOCAF Cup. A humiliating 6-1 drubbing four years ago, in which seven of this year's AOCAF squad played. Relations between the two nations are generally pleasant, but football is a different matter. The simple fact that Jayson Dhanda is managing the opposition will be enough to get fans riled up. Nobody is really angry at his decision to coach the Grim Reapers, unlike when it turned out Marco Corradini was coaching the Kryosi, for example... but it's difficult to believe they're happy either. A bit of a grudge match, this one.

New West Guiana are another nation with history against the Firebirds. Another humiliating defeat, in fact. Back in AOCAF Cup 43, the Firebirds were crushed 5-1 [interestingly enough, their record defeat until the Quebecois took it a step further - Ed.] with a team containing future two-time World Cup winning captain and all-round Osarius legend Roque Acosta. Marinate on that for a minute. If there's one thing certain about this one, it's that Osarius will not be taking them lightly, despite the gulf between the two sides in the rankings.

Osarius will be expected to top the group, without a doubt, but Robinson knows it will not be anywhere as simple as some might suggest. "It's a tough group in many ways. There are teams here that we know can really hurt us, so we can't afford to lose focus. We did that last summer and paid for it. Dearly." The wound inflicted by the Farves is still clearly raw, and there is a feeling about the squad that they want nothing more than an opportunity to right that. "We're not looking past the group stage, as tempting as it might be. Would we like to get a chance at redemption? Of course. Are we planning for it? Only as much as we're planning for any other matchup we're not certain to have. Is it a priority? Not at all."

Team captain Jorge Santana echoed the manager's sentiments, underlining the squad's commitment to immediate preparation. "We can talk about redemption all day but it means nothing right now. First thing to do is watch Quebec in their opener against Brescia Mare, see what we can apply to our match with them. Nothing else is important right now."

Assistant manager Reiss Ryerson added to this, pointing out that Quebec were unlikely to give much away with regard to their plans for the Firebirds, in their opening game. "It wouldn't make sense to expect them to play the same way against us, would it? Brescia Mare and Osarius are two very different teams. Jayson knows this. But we'll take whatever insight we can get." When asked if the backroom staff were placing the same level of focus on reconnaisance for their other opposition, Ryerson grinned and asked "We have a scouting team, so what do you think?"

^ While this information isn't fully fleshed out anywhere just yet, the tribes listed are effectively the ones based OOCly on various Caribbean and African ethnic groups. I touched on it with the Cobrio separatist plotline (that I didn't finish) a couple of cycles ago. Also, Sem will already know this, but the Osarian players of those ethnic groups share RL name origins with several of his players.
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95X AOCAF 49 Roster

Postby 95X » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:00 pm

95X AOCAF 49 Roster

In 95X, AOCAF 49 is taking place one year after AOCAF 48, during a break in the Soccer League X Regular season.

Formation: 4-4-2

Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder

##  P Name                  M/F Age Club
1 K Una Solo F 34 SC Oceanside
3 RF Jordyn Third F 26 Pacific City Nationals
4 LM Lizeth Beaverton F 23 SC Cascadia
6 D Cynthia Brixton F 28 Twentytwo Cacti
7 LF Logan Roork M 24 SC Cascadia
8 D Sarai Thirteenth F 25 Millennium City Eagles
9 RM Alessandra Leadbetter F 31 SC Oceanside
10 LM Xbrenna Samster F 25 Twentytwo Cacti
12 D Wu Fivetwelve F 27 Twentytwo Cacti
20 D Lindsay Sunray F 25 SC Oceanside
75 RM Sam Seventyfifth M 25 Atlético Nacional (SJG)

07 03
04 10 75 09
20 06 12 08

2 AM Carrie Camassia F 21 Brooklyn Cultures
5 K Jacob Firdale M 24 SC Cascadia
15 M Myrshyll Grandview M 30 Trojana Condommakers FC (QUE)
16 M Stacey Sunset F 21 Spatula City Utensils
18 M Isiah Polk M 31 Pacific City Nationals
19 RF Elyssa Scholls F 29 Phalanx AF (CEN)
21 D Natalie Burns F 30 Spatula City Utensils
30 K Mary Thirtieth F 23 Mardi Loupines (USI)
31 D Jacoby Maltby M 30 Spatula City Utensils
41 D Bo Foureleven M 21 Matthew Rangers (USI)
51 RF Katelynn State F 33 Twentytwo Cacti
57 LF Ariana Oregonia F 34 Twentytwo Cacti
Sideline staff exists; named as needed.

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most events: Y
Also, please refer to the 95X Style Guide. If you learned something about 95X or it answers a question you'd otherwise have, make sure to click "Approve of this dispatch."

Finally, the loved/hated Xi Foureleven is out for this tournament, leaving a big hole in the team's heart that cannot be totally filled by anyone. The overall team knows they're collectively competitive and can win without her, but fact is 95X is going into this without their best-ever player.
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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:22 pm

CUT OFF for matchday one!

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Postby Geisenfried » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:23 pm

After a long slumber, the KBFV proudly presents the return of...
Die Steinadler / The Golden Eagles

The checkered kits return, courtesy of Kirola. Goalkeepers wear a golden yellow jacket.

Base Formation: [4-5-1]
Style Modifier: i-squared (-1)

Starting XI

Manager: Rolf MÜLLER (45)
POS - # Name SURNAME [Club] (Age)

GK - #1 Viktor MARQUARDT [1. FSV Dözel] (22)
GK - #13 Willem-Jans BRAUER [FC Alster Alba] (17)
GK - #23 Rutger MAGNUSSEN [Königs FC] (16)

RWB - #2 Claude VOGT [FC Alster Alba] (24)
RCB - #3 Martin KRÜGER [Königs FC] (21)
LCB - #4 Otto WIEGAND [Darnesmark FC] (20)
LWB - #6 Erik BÖSCH [August Gründer] (27)

RDF - #12 Paul RICHTER [SV Silbern Sileväl] (18)
CDF - #14 Niklaus KUYPERS [VfS Königseifert] (18)
LDF - #16 Lorenz FISCHER [Heimüller SC] (17)

DM - #5 Matthias SCHNEIDER [Heimüller SC] (19) (c)
RAM - #7 Cesare AUGUSTIN [Eintracht Rödis] (21)
RCM - #8 Duarte KASPARES [Kaiserstadt Altien] (20)
LCM - #10 Alexei CZERNIEWICZ [Königs FC] (18)
LAM - #11 Johannes IMMELMANN [VfS Königseifert] (25)

DMF - #15 Tomas ZILBERSCHMIDT [Seifert Barheim] (18)
RMF - #17 Josef ROTH [August Gründer] (16)
CMF - #18 Demetrius GREGOROVIC [Gryphons FC] (19)
AMF - #20 Mikhael FALK [VfS Königseifert] (17)
LMF - #21 Henrik HOLGER [Heimüller SC] (17)

CF - #9 Lukas STERNBERG [Gryphons FC] (19)
ST/RW - #19 Jakob OSTENFLUSS [Lüthessien Sportlich] (17)
ST/LW - #22 Maxwell KLEIN [Königs FC] (18)

Corners are taken by the respective wings/attacking midfielders.
Free Kick preference goes: Immelmann, Augustin, Schneider
Penalty Kick preference goes: Augustin, Immelmann, Sternberg, Czerniewicz, Schneider

You're free to do anything that common sense would allow on the field. If it's going to affect the players off the field (or the fans or the country itself), talk to me first.

MD1: v Mertagne
MD2: v Austenersey
MD3: v Western Sunrise Islands
MD5: v Audioslavia
The Royal Federation of Geisenfried / der Königsbund von Geisenfried
Proper demonym: Geisen

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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:38 pm

MD1 Scores

Note: There are five teams in each group. The team who have a bye on MD1 are not listed in the league table.

Group A
Mertagne 2–0 Geisenfried
Austernersey 3–2 Western Sunrise Islands

Group A Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mertagne 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Austernersey 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
3 Western Sunrise Islands 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
4 Geisenfried 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group B
Valanora 3–0 Tropicorp
Nellietopia 6–5 Lindmark

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Valanora 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
2 Nellietopia 1 1 0 0 6 5 +1 3
3 Lindmark 1 0 0 1 5 6 −1 0
4 Tropicorp 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0

Group C
Cosumar 3–0 Fellow Citizens
Starblaydia 1–0 The Hakifao Isles

Group C Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Cosumar 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
2 Starblaydia 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 The Hakifao Isles 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Fellow Citizens 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0

Group D
Equestrian States 0–0 Eshan
Greater Watford 0–0 Tallaga la Falla

Group D Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Equestrian States 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
1 Eshan 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
1 Greater Watford 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
1 Tallaga la Falla 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Group E
Royal Kingdom of Québec 2–0 Brescia Mare
Semarland 2–1 New West Guiana

Group E Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Royal Kingdom of Québec 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Semarland 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
3 New West Guiana 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
4 Brescia Mare 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group F
Krytenia 3–0 Demot
Blouman Empire 4–0 Iskandervale

Group F Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Blouman Empire 1 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
2 Krytenia 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
3 Demot 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0
4 Iskandervale 1 0 0 1 0 4 −4 0

See the OP for information about which stadiums the matches were played in, and the dates for the forthcoming games.
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Postby Krytenia » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:52 am


Dario Three
by Trevor O'Carroll in Ceilerden, Audioslavia

THERE are worse results to have to begin your career as Aces manager. True, Dario Navas has managed the Under-21s in the recent past, and true, Demot are a nation coming back from a long absence from international football...but let's not forget that on that last point, we were where they were eight years ago. In truth, though, it was a calm, measured, and altogether superior performance from the men in sky blue and white stripes, who were good value for their three-nil victory.

Krytenia's strength since their return to the international fold has been their dominance of the midfield; yesterday proved no different, as the triumverate of Sam Alinas, Liam Larsson, and Marco Angelo were in imperious form. That's not to say that Demot didn't have a sniff, but Herbert Lisenby in particular had a torrid afternoon, largely chasing shadows before going off clutching his hamstring late on. Hopefully, for his sake, it's nothing too serious; after this match, though, he may just be glad of the extended rest that missing a game or two would bring.

The man who was pulling the strings hardest, though, was the young maestro Armando Ortega. Recent weeks have seen interest from abroad for the twenty-year old, but one feels that it would take a shattering of Valrauncion's transfer record - and then some - to convince the Eagles to part with this little gem. Indeed, Ortega's performance yesterday may even have slapped a further couple of million argentals on the asking price. With the ball at his feet, Ortega is a man possessed. Whether it was rounding poor young Lisenby, splitting defences with his pinpoint passing, or having a crack himself, he looked dangerous for the whole ninety minutes, and had a hand in all three goals.

The first, halfway through the first half, was simple enough; Ortega received the ball with his back to the box and slid a pass to an onrushing Alexander Sampson. The Ousevale man, comfortable in the shoes recently vacated by one Ronnie van Rijn, made no mistake with a thunderous low shot. Ortega himself would score the second, controlling a long Jason Davis clearance before passing Michele Noriega as if she wasn't there, ending the move with a deft chip over the sprawling Ladawn Simard. The third, late on, was the result of another Ortega pass, this time a chipped effort that Larsson cracked home with a sweet volley that left poor Simard no chance.

Three goals, three points, and job done for the Aces, then. The next game, though, will be somewhat tougher, as they face the side that defeated the men from Krytenia twice on home soil four years ago. One feels that this pack of rabid Krytenians will be out for vengeance when they face Ko-oren - and, of course, a naturally hostile Audioslavian crowd.

Sampson 24
Ortega 41
Larsson 84

- no scorers -
KRYTENIA: Losing in semi-finals since 2004.

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Runner-Up: AOCAF VII, World Cup LVIII

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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:37 pm


Nation Name: The Union of Ko-oren
Short Nation Name: Ko-oren
Trigramme: KOR
Demonym: Unionite
Team Nickname: Greenblues, Dragonflies
National Colors: Green, Blue
Head Coach: Bogdan Antonescu (Furellum)
Style: -5
Formation: 5-4-1
Ko-orenite Roster
for AOCAF 49

1. Cláudia Macedo (f) - KOR - 24 - Safe hands, great decision making.
22. Trent Booth (m) - ZAK - 25
23. Nosekeni Nbekeni (f) - PRO - 21

2. Nanami Aoki (f) - DEN - 29 - Fast, good midfield support, but a little volatile.
3. Katherine Davenport (f) - IXS - 27 - Natural leader 1/2
4. Katanmak Juliasterinthen (m) - KOR - 29 - Natural leader 2/2. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
5. Bahsen Bahvahnin (m) - POL - 28 - Earned his starting position to endless hard work.
6. Celine de Jong (f) - KOR - 26 - Makes everything look easy.
12. Cadell Iorweth (m) - DRI - 24
13. Julia Carlson (f) - IXS - 23
14. Roberto Rodriguez (m) - STT - 30
15. Peter Morrow (m) - WAR - 24
16. Katherine Turnbull (f) - THL - 21

7. Nalaikh Bagaurunir (m) - KOR - 29 - Embodies the Ko-orenite style: excessively defensive.
8. Vitomir Volkov (m) - THL - 27 - Embodies the Thaulandian style: excessively offensive.
9. Violet Wakefield (f) - FER - 30 - Loves running up and down the flanks, sometimes even getting a decent cross to the strikers.
10. Timo Arevalo (m) - VIS - 25 - He's starting to be the big star on the team.
17. Emeline Millet (f) - KOR - 24
18. Dionysius Hortentius (m) - IXS - 22
19. Leonie Wilderink (f) - WOL - 27

11. Audrey Leroux (f) - KOR - 28 - Functional in attack, needs only one chance to score a goal.
20. Anthony Sutherland (m) - THL - 26
21. Reginbjörg 'Löddy' Hlöðvarðursdottir (f) - SVO - 24

[spoiler=Home venues (where applicable)]Aminey, Ko-oren
Pereselenets, Thaulandi
New Sydney, Nine Sisters
Santa Teresa, Santa Teresa
New Amsterdam, Nine Sisters
Marinwood, Thaulandi
Mika, Ko-oren
Talsheer, Polaris
Castelo da Miradela, Ko-oren[/spoiler]

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y (in context)
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Semarland » Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:17 pm

Karbruck celebrates 100th and probably final national team appearance with a goal

SEMARLAND kicked off their AOCAF campaign with a 2-1 win over New West Guaiana in Audioslavia last night thanks to goals from Jakob Lindesfarne and Matthias Karbruck at the Lemco City Municipal Stadium. Andreas Jansen has named a specific starting XI for the opening three games from his 42 man squad, with the final two group games and hopefully beyond in the knockout stages to be determined by whoever has impressed in these games - and in training of coure. It was pretty much the strongest starting XI appearing in the opener against New West Guiana, with the only surprise being Dequane Saint Etienne starting at left wing rather than Abel Nkutu, who will start in another game.

It also marks the start of the era without Marc Lygaard - with 25 year old Eikborg Club striker Andre Smith-Brown starting in place of him alongside Lindesfarne. It's nothing permanent though, Jansen insists - best to throw in the player once tipped to be the next Lygaard in at the deep end. Smith-Brown only signed his scholarship at FC Jansberg nine years ago, and made the first team bench at 17, coming off the bench in the next game. Signing a professional contract after his scholarship, he was in blazing form for their U21s in 2012-13 and 2013-14 but was surprisingly released and signed for Sporting Solsholm in 2014, where, in the next five seasons he would get at least 20 goals each season, apart from 17 in 15-16, before leading Solsholm to promotion last season (18-19) - earning them a spot in LigAnaia R49. His goalscoring exploit did not go unnoticed and he became a target for Eikborg Club, FC Kolberg, Krsthaven and Fransborg set Njilkaer, eventually signing for the first of those for 14M in Summer 2019.

Smith-Brown certainly made a good impression on his national team debut, too. Blessed with searing pace as well as an imposing phyical presense, he wasn't to get on the scoreheet but he definitely tested the New West Guiana goalkeeper a couple of times with a pounding effort on 24 minutes sending the goalkeeper into a brilliant save, tipping it over his crossbar. Smith-Brown seemed happy to get on the assisting side of things too, creating many cleverly worked chances for Lindesfarne, who was making his 40th appearance in a Semarland shirt. Lindesfarne didn't have the best campaign of all time last World Cup, not scoring as much as he'd like to, and he didn't look that sharp either in the game. The tall striker is remarkably known for his excellent ball control and effectiveness with his feet - something not as common in tall strikers in the multiverse. Netherless, he sent a testing shot towards the goalkeeper just before half time which rattled the crossbar.

Jansen made no changes at the break, but two minutes into the second half he replaced Martlel Chalobah who had been relatively quiet at the back wwith legend Matthias Karbruck, making his 100th appearance for Semarland. He hadn't played for the national team since last AOCAF had Karbruck, impressing in Cosumar for his team Ramusok United and was given a fantastic applause as he entered the field, taking the captain's armband from Jakob Lunds for one more time. Despite being 35 years of age he still looked as solid as he did 10 years ago and it looked like the New West Guiana weren't going to get through at all, having only one chance in the opening ten minutes of the second half which was excellently parried away by Marco Valbuena. On the hour mark left back Rasmus Norregaard set off down the wing on a blistering run before playing a inch-perfect yet deep cross, which allowed Lindesfarne to rise high and power the ball home past the goalkeeper, giving Semarland the lead. Norregaard has usually been backup but started today in place of Matur Eiriksson, who had a slight injury going into the tournament but should be back for the next match. But Norregaard made a costly error seven minutes later allowing New West Guaiana's right winger to square it into the box and their striker to slide home past Valbuena.

Norregaard was keen to rectify his mistake though, linking up well with Deqaune Saint Etienne. The 18 year old winger signed for Firewood City of Osarius in the summer and looked tricky on the wing throughout the game. He played a neat pass into the centre for Kunayo Adebayo to sprint forward and spray out wide to Diego Snow, whose cross into the Guainan box found nobody. But his corner two minutes later on 81 minutes would. Swung in deep into the box, there was Matthias Karbruck of all people to pop up and power another header home, celebrating in front of the Semar fans in Lemco City. And that would be it to win the game for Semarland, earning them three points and giving them a solid start going into their next tie against Osarius. This game will be an interesting one - the two nations have a mutual appreciation for each other with many Semars playing in Osarius and vice versa. Osarius are definitely the better team though and are firm favourites going into the game but Marc Strand is tipped to be the key player for Semarland - the 21 year old attacking midfielder ready to shine for his country.

Semarland: Marco Valbuena, Rasmus Norregaard, Martell Chalobah (Matthias Karbruck 47), Jakob Lunds, Johan Huxley, Dequane Saint Etienne, Marcel Labonne, Demba Cisse (Kunayo Adebayo 73), Diego Snow, Andre Smith-Brown (Jakob Stretner 76), Jakob Lindesfarne
The Republic of Semarland - The Home of Footballing Youth Development
Capital: Jansberg - Demonym: Semar/Semarlandic - Trigramme: SEM
Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
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Postby Valanora » Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:21 pm

Valanora Times
Marauders Look Ahead

Another World Cup has come and gone and the Marauders made their presence known but ultimately were not up to the task of reestablishing themselves as a premier challenger for the title. However there has been progress from that complete and utter failure from four years ago and coming into this AOCAF, they look to harness what progress there has been and leap forward even more. For the longest time the AOCAF was an enigma for the Marauders, so often dominating on the World scale but could not get any real results in the regional competition, though the quality of that competition is usually condensed as AO is known by many as the region of champions, with over thirty World Cup trophies housed in its region. However, with two titles in the last decade, it seems those fortunes are reversed.

The draw has been somewhat kind to the Marauders and it is a good thing as well, as this appears to be the last tournament that the current manager will be in charge, regardless of the success of the team. It would be fitting then that the side perform well and send their manager out on a positive note, instead of that lingering sour one of missing the Finals of World Cup two cycles before. It was winning the AOCAF that cycle that seemed to save Nardironel's job then, but I don't think she will be retained even if she repeats that success. All the same, a good run in the AOCAF would at least have people be more willing to look favorably upon her tenure as the manageress of the Marauders than as it currently stands.

Whoever the new manager will be following this AOCAF, it looks likely that they will be without the services of Dûrdur Celetholtinu, as the Telecontarë striker informed the media before their opening match against Tropicorp that he would be hanging up his international boots at the conclusion of the tournament. Just to show that the Starblaydi club will still be getting the best out of him though, the striker managed to get a brace in the match, with Fresco converting a late penalty and giving the Marauders a three to nil win to open up group play. Celetholtinu was a good player for the Marauders, though his efforts likely were not appreciated enough when he was at his best, being one of the first hold up strikers the Marauders had used in some time. All the same, he put the goals and effort in, and he definitely will be missed moving forward for the side.

Speaking of moving forward, the defense of the side will need to be on alert in their two matches against Nellietopia and Lindmark, as the two played to a thrilling six to five affair in their opening match. Nellietopia is infamous for their chance cubes and cookies, as well has utilizing stinging nellies. However the squad will be using non intrusive personal forcefields in their match with the nellies as a cautionary measure to ensure fair play between the squads. Whenever the groups were announced, the VFA supplied the squad with them and they claim to have practiced enough with the devices that they are ready to be used in a match.

However before the Marauders can look to topple the two offensive minded sides, they first must contend with the combined team of Vilita & Turori, the first seeds who also were granted a bye on the opening matchday. As such you can be sure that they are quite prepared for the Marauders, as their scouts were seen at the match against Tropicorp and the general familiarity that the two nations have with ours. It will be the hope of many of the Navy Wave that the Marauders can exact a little revenge upon the combined squad, one of the favorites to lift the trophy here in Audioslavia, and get a step in on progressing from the group. Whether a win or a draw, a result of some sort if crucial if the side wishes to top the table and avoid the likes of the hosts, Farfadillis, and Osarius in the first knockout round.
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Demot » Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:42 pm

"It's been nearly fifty years, is this course of action wise?"

"Wisdom has seldom held a spot of virtue in the ways of sport, what is wise is often only able to be determined in hindsight. Unfortunately, that means that in the here and now, we can only go with what we think should be done and in this instance, I deem this course of action to be the proper one. The Dynamo are to be reinstated and to represent the nation at the AOCAF."

"But your highness, we do not have training facilities, we do not have a manager, our national league has gone into amateur status. We would be sending out semi professionals against players who are the best of the best, who have been trained since a young age to be the best footballers that their respective nations can produce. Let us not forget about the elves, they are immortal, many of their players are still the same as from when we quit entering the World Cup."

Matilda Domineer smirked at her Minister of Sport, he was not as inclined to her idea as she might have hoped. While he had a point, there had been a stirring in her heart for some years now to see the nation rise back up into international focus and the use of sport was by far the easiest and least messy of it. Besides, her grandmother had a fondness for the game, it would be honoring her legacy to have the Dynamo once more take on those red and black kits and put on a good display.

"Then my friend I suggest that you begin to work on fixing that. Assemble a team, find suitable locations for training grounds if you must, find a manager who feels like they can take on this challenge. Enlist the Druids if you must, get their blessing, but I want the Dynamo to take part in the upcoming AOCAF. We were once respected the world over in football, we made the Final of the World Cup on multiple occasions and even hosted one of the editions. While it likely will never be the same again, let us try to recapture some of the magic, some of that majesty, restore a bit of that national pride that has been lacking for far too long."

"If this is the course that you are set on your highness, I will see to it, but do not expect much from the showing. These will be kids and young adults who often have second jobs with footballing being a hobby and not their careers. It may be a lion's den that we are sending them into, one which they are not like to escape."

"Skyhaven was not made in but a night, I know the pains that might endure, but as our capital stands among the clouds, so to can our citizens if given the chance. I believe this is their chance."



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