AOCAF 48 Everything Thread (Atlantian Oceania Only)

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AOCAF 48 Everything Thread (Atlantian Oceania Only)

Postby Krytenia » Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:25 pm

The Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football
in association with
The Krytenian Football Association

Welcome, nations of Atlantian Oceania, to the forty-eighth edition of the AOCAF Cup competition, being held for a record sixth time in the nation where it all started: Krytenia.

Welcome To Krytenia!
Or welcome back, to the many of you who've visited these shores before. Krytenia is a modern, cosmopolitan nation, full of sights to see and things to do. The host cities have vibrant nightlife, and marijuana is legal (though strictly licenced, please buy from authorised stores). Curry is the national dish, and there are plenty of restaurants that specialise in the stuff; spicy desserts are not uncommon, blending the sweetness of chocolate or caramel with the spiciness of your main course. If you don't like spice, there are a glut of international restaurants, so you'll find something to your tastes. Prices are reasonable, especially with the current strong argental, and purchases of non-essential items include sales tax in the price, so no having to add 11% before getting to the till. Duty free stores operate at most major cities, and at all airport and ferry/sea terminals; on presentation of your passport and travel details, non-terminal stores will deliver to "pick-up points" at air or sea ports, so long as you purchase at least 24 hours before departure. The central cities, Emberton and Avidia, both contain large Hispanophonic communities, whilst the south of the country is almost entirely English-speaking. English is the only national language, but plenty of French and Spanish speakers abound.

Please note if hiring a car in Krytenia, smoking is not permitted in rental cars and we drive on the left.

Host Cities and Stadia

Stadium: Isserson Olympic Stadium, cap 204,661
Emberton is the place to be in Krytenia. The largest city, the Olympic host, and the "City of Nations". Almost all countries of the world can find a friend from their nation within this glittering metropolis. The stadium itself is the jewel in Krytenia's crown, and has hosted World Cup finals, and most famously, the VII Summer Olympics.

Stadium: ArenaWest, cap 54,862
Aigburth may not be the swinging cosmopolitan centre, or the grand old gem, but they make up for this with a raft of import shopping. Placed on the shores of the Sea of Vilita, it is said that everything that Krytenia is passes through the Aigburth Docks. Visit Wavertree Bay, a few miles south, for the best beaches in the Provinces, and enjoy the noise of the acoustically-engineered ArenaWest during the games here.

Stadium: New City Stadium, cap 88,553
The Second City, and ancient capital, Avidia mixes ancient and modern. The famous Guildhall takes a Victorian meeting hall, and turns it into a concert and indoor sports venue of grand spectacle. The Spanish Quarter is excellent for shopping, and though the stadium (in the Avidia New City development) is outside the centre, the Avidia Metro provides good rail links.

Stadium: Cygnus Stadium, cap 105,013
When it was the capital of Nova Mercia, Bromham was famed for political debate. Now, it's skyscrapers and high technology, thanks to the Cygnus Corporation. They also sponsor the stadium, which was the original permanent home of the Cygnus Cup final.

Stadium: Draconium Arena, cap 51,233
Long considered a backwater of the nation, Caversham's star has risen in recent years thanks to them being the centre of the nation's glass and crystal manufacturing industry. The City of Glass is now a hive of activity...and yes, you can get some lovely crystal trinkets for the other half cheap here. Look out for the huge dragon mural in stained glass at the stadium, too.

Stadium: Munitis Stadium, cap 74,593
The "Northern Capital", Norton has a lot of influence from its northern neighbours in Mertagne. One thing that is decidedly Krytenian, however, is the Munitis Stadium, named after legendary goalkeeper Alan Munitis.

Stadium: Coalfields, cap 71,119
The "City of Smoke" from its position as the centre of Krytenia's coal refining and steelmaking industries. Indeed, the stadium here is built on a former spoil tip. Don't worry though, the industry isn't as big as it was, so the pollution shouldn't be a problem. Probably.

Stadium: Southern Arena, cap 91,093
Osevale, the "University City", is jam-packed with students and cheap beer. It's also, statistically speaking, the sunniest city in Krytenia, which is why the Southern Arena has an unusually high roof.

Stadium: Walton Gardens, cap 55,208
The "Green City"; parkland and picturesque garden squares abound here. The Simpson Botanical Gardens moved to a new location many moons ago, and their former home is now home to Caledon Simpson at the stadium you'll be visiting.

Stadium: Harbour Stadium, cap 60,622
Stanton's trade has long come from their position on the shores of Lake Bekk, known as the Beck by locals. Stanton's historic docks now house a bevy of interesting uses for former warehouses; a couple were demolished, though, to make room for the Harbour Stadium.

Map of host cities

Competing nations and groups - rank in square brackets:

Krytenia [31]
Ko-oren [6]
Semarland [17]
Swilatia [UR]

Vilita and Turori [5]
Mertagne [9]
Western Sunrise Islands [22]
Lindmark [42]

Osarius [3]
Cosumar [12]
Equestrian States [15]
Weimania [44]

Valanora [2]
Starblaydia [11]
Ratastan [18]
Tallaga la Falla [UR]

Audioslavia [1]
Farfadillis [7]
West Guiana [19]
Austenersey [=51]

95X [4] - holders
Royal Kingdom of Quebec [10]
Greater Watford [13]
Protectoria [UR]

MD1 (1v3, 2v4): Friday 28 August
A - Krytenia vs Semarland (Emberton), Ko-oren vs Swilatia (Aigburth)
B - Vilita & Turori vs Western Sunrise Islands (Caversham), Mertagne vs Lindmark (Ousevale)
C - Osarius vs Equestrian States (Simpson), Cosumar vs Weimania (Bromham)
D - Valanora vs Ratastan (Stanton), Starblaydia vs Tallaga la Falla (Norton)
E - Audioslavia vs West Guiana (Emberton), Farfadillis vs Austenersey (Avidia)
F - 95X vs Greater Watford (Caversham), Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs Protectoria (Osteria)

MD2 (1v4, 2v3): Sunday 30 August
A - Krytenia vs Swilatia (Stanton), Ko-oren vs Semarland (Ousevale)
B - Vilita & Turori vs Lindmark (Bromham), Mertagne vs Western Sunrise Islands (Aigburth)
C - Osarius vs Weimania (Avidia), Cosumar vs Equestrian States (Emberton)
D - Valanora vs Tallaga la Falla (Osteria), Starblaydia vs Ratastan (Simpson)
E - Audioslavia vs Austenersey (Norton), Farfadillis vs West Guiana (Caversham)
F - 95X vs Protectoria (Ousevale), Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs Greater Watford (Stanton)

MD3 (1v2, 3v4): Tuesday 1 September
A - Krytenia vs Ko-oren (Avidia), Semarland vs Swilatia (Bromham)
B - Vilita & Turori vs Mertagne (Norton), Western Sunrise Islands vs Lindmark (Osteria)
C - Osarius vs Cosumar (Ousevale), Equestrian States vs Weimania (Stanton)
D - Valanora vs Starblaydia (Aigburth), Ratastan vs Tallaga la Falla (Caversham)
E - Audioslavia vs Farfadillis (Bromham), West Guiana vs Austenersey (Simpson)
F - 95X vs Royal Kingdom of Quebec (Emberton), Greater Watford vs Protectoria (Avidia)

Round Two: Thursday 3 September
Quarter Finals: Saturday 5 September
Semi Finals (Ousevale/Avidia): Monday 7 September
3PPO and Final (Bromham/Emberton): Wednesday 9 September

Group winners, second place, and best four third placed sides qualify for Round Two.

Round Two Draw:
1: Winner A vs 3rd C/D/E (Avidia)
2: Second B vs Second F (Simpson)
(will meet in QF1 in Emberton)

3: Winner C vs 3rd A/B/F (Bromham)
4: Winner E vs Second D (Emberton)
(will meet in QF2 in Caversham)

5: Second A vs Second C (Osteria)
6: Winner D vs 3rd B/E/F (Aigburth)
(will meet in QF3 in Ousevale)

7: Winner B vs 3rd A/C/D (Stanton)
8: Winner F vs Second E (Norton)
(will meet in QF4 in Bromham)
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Postby Cosumar » Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:35 pm

Cosumar National Team - AOCAF 48


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is a Fiefdom, which means Cosumar is comprised of 21 historical "fiefs". These are now effectively provinces. Cosumar's government is a constitutional monarchy and believes wholeheartedly in complete civil rights, advancing science, conserving nature and exploring outer space. Cosumar is known for being the "Most Developed" nation in Atlantian Oceania according to WA Census, and in the Top 1% of the world's developed nations. Our current ruler, King James II, has done a remarkable job of promoting progress while maintaining our unique culture and the diverse and beautiful natural landscapes that Cosumar is famous for.

Region: Atlantian Oceania (far Northeast)

Official Nicknames: Azure Dragons (typically shortened to "Dragons"), Vanquishers (as of Cup of Harmony 64)

Colors: Royal Blue, White, Silver

Stadium: Leviathan Arena (capacity 99,114)

Location: Kaldukosic, Kaldukosic Fief, Cosumar


Context: The 72nd World Cup was Cosumar's 22nd consecutive tournament since its debut in World Cup 51. After falling just one point shy of winning their qualification group (and then losing 2-1 in the playoff) in World Cup 71, expectations were high. But we imploded under the pressure, racking up eight draws in a historically bad qualifying effort that saw our ranking plummet and manager sacked after finishing 5th. This Cup of Harmony was a glorious story of redemption, however, as new manager Gethin Ramsey led the team to win the competition (our first WCC gold) and restore some of Cosumar's dignity. We will seek to build on this momentum in the AOCAF.

History: Cosumar qualified for six consecutive World Cups (54-59) in its "golden age" of football. Cosumar's best finishes were trips to the Round of 16 in World Cups 56-59. After World Cup 59, Cosumar reached its peak ranking of #7 in the world. The National Team's gradual decline began in World Cup 60 and 61, in which they were eliminated in the qualification playoff despite strong campaigns. They would qualify once again at World Cup 62 in Astograth, but even that could prevent the downward trajectory that had set in. World Cups 64-66 were especially painful and saw our once-elite ranking dip as low as the 80s. The Cosumarite populace became generally apathetic towards the sport and gridiron football briefly surpassed it in passion and popularity. Farris Crowley, manager since WC54, was on the most scorching of hot seats. Many were demanding he be sacked... the glory days of his tenure a distant memory. But we stuck with him, and Cosumar began re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with around World Cup 67. A marvelous crop of young talent (including the likes of Francois Renault, Giovanni Aldinne and Alexander Pearce), now lovingly referred to as the "Renaissance Generation", restored the former sense of honor to Cosumarite soccer. They led the Dragons to multiple more successful WC and CoH campaigns...though they never did manage to return to the biggest stage. They came oh-so-close on multiple occasions, but the Football Gods were never on their side. Their biggest achievement and swansong ended up being a 3rd place medal at Cup of Harmony 62. Cosumar briefly reached a ranking of #37, the highest it had been since World Cup 63, but is now at #43 following our failure to launch in WC72 Qualifying, though the Cup of Harmony 64 championship run salvaged it from being a lot worse. It is now up to a new generation to carry the torch for the Fiefdom and continue the fight that the Renaissance Generation started.

All-time Record: 255-101-138

First International Match: Cosumar 0-0 Krytenia (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD1)
First win: Cosumar 4-3 The Ursine Northlands (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD3)
First World Cup match: Akbarabad 3-0 Cosumar (World Cup 54, MD1)
First World Cup win: Cosumar 2-1 Al Mumtaz (World Cup 55, MD2)

Largest win: Hladio Huggers 0-7 Cosumar (World Cup 57 Qualifiers, MD12)
Largest defeat: Cosumar 0-9 Valanora (World Cup 55 Qualifiers, MD11)

Most glorious moments:
Cosumar 1-0 Cotdelapoms - Cup of Harmony 45 Third Place Playoff - Late Rikki Varshney winner for our first medal.
Cosumar 4-0 Haginonia - World Cup 54 Interzonal Stage - Showdown on the final day of Qualifying with both sides' first World Cup berth at stake, we rolled.
Cosumar 1-0 Sarzonia - World Cup 57 MD3 - Dragons advance to their first Round of 16 at Sarzonia's expense.
Cosumar 7-3 Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 60 Qualification Playoff - Sweet revenge against K&P for ousting us on penalties on the brink of the quarterfinals in the previous World Cup.
Cosumar 2-0 Electrum - Cup of Harmony 62 Third Place Playoff - Capped off a magical run that included wins over Greater Watford, Starblaydia and Sandwich Territories.
Cosumar 5-1 The Sarian - Cup of Harmony 64 Finals - Ramsey and the new Vanquisher propel Cosumar to lift first WCC trophy, rebounding miraculously from 2-8-4 qualifying campaign.

Most heartbreaking moments:
Cosumar 1-1 (1-1 AET, 3-4 PKs) Churchma - Cup of Harmony 45 Semifinals - Losing on penalties always hurts, especially when it's to your oldest rival so deep in a tourney.
Cosumar 0-3 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 55 MD3 - It came down to this match for a spot in the Ro16, and we got our asses kicked.
Cosumar 2-4 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 56 Round of 16 - We finally made it to the knockout rounds for the first time, just to be humbled by these guys again.
Cosumar 1-4 Jeru FC - World Cup 57 Round of 16 - Another drubbing in the Ro16.
Cosumar 0-4 The Babbage Islands - World Cup 58 Round of 16 - New Cup, same story. Dragons fall apart in the knockouts.
Cosumar 3-3 (3-3 AET, 2-4 PKs) Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 59 Round of 16 - This is THE match that haunts the dreams of every Cosumarite to this day. We had rolled through our Qualification and World Cup groups undefeated and in dominant fashion - seeming destined for new heights. The Dragons led the Urchins 3-0 late and celebrations had begun, but Chalia Sajid scored a flurry of goals for an unlikely second-half hat trick to force extra time. In the eventual shootout, we would completely choke, badly missing the target twice. Complete and utter shock. Many wandered if Cosumar would EVER be able to advance to the quarterfinals and exorcise these demons. We haven't been back since...

Most Goals: 104 - Sur Arora (WC 63-72)
Most Assists: 77 - Irvinn Rincon (WC 51-56)
Most Caps: 167 - Tomi Koskinen (WC 62-71)

More records HERE

Recent Results:
World Cup 69 Qualifying: 2nd Place in Group 12 (6-6-2), eliminated by Farfadillis in playoff
Cup of Harmony 61: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group C, 1-0-2)
AOCAF 45: Eliminated by Osarius in Round of 16 (2nd Place, 2-1 in Group E)
World Cup 70 Qualifying: 3rd Place in Group 15 (9-4-3)
Cup of Harmony 62: Defeated Electrum in 3rd Place Match
AOCAF 46: Eliminated by 95X in Quarterfinals, 2-0
World Cup 71 Qualifying: 2nd Place in Group 15 (9-3-2), eliminated by Holy Republican Empire in playoff[/i]
Cup of Harmony 63: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group C, 1-0-2)
AOCAF 47: Eliminated in Group Stage (4th in Group A, 2-1-2)
World Cup 72 Qualifying: 5th Place in Group 13 (2-8-4)
Cup of Harmony 64: Defeated The Sarian in the Final
AOCAF 48: ???

Team: The roster consists of 24 players, 22 of which are standard human (though they have varying amounts of genetic selection). The remaining players (midfielder Vareza Na'Noni and winger Frazan Va'Goshal) are of the Vloo people (species homo cosumarensis), a humanoid race native to Cosumar. Please note that the Vloo have no sizable physical advantage over homo sapien players. Vloo are, on average, approximately two inches taller than humans (which admittedly can come in handy on set pieces), and they must use different footwear due to their unique foot structure. Vloo have pale blue skin and two small horns. Many Vloo's horns are mostly covered by their thick, black hair. There has always been at least one Vloo player in the squad, but never more than four. As per the Gethin Ramsey trademark, this squad features an emphasis on pressing high and forcing opposing midfields to make mistakes, then punishing with up-tempo precise passing. The roster features players in some of the top leagues around the world and a younger average age than usual, as many of Cosumar's older veterans (most notably Sur Arora and Paaron Petrov) decided to ride into the glorious sunset from the international game following the CoH triumph. Among the new players receiving call-ups from Ramsey are ________.

Style Modifier: +1

Mid-WC72 Ranking: 41 (18.79 KPB)

Formation: 4-4-2
In WC72 Qualifying, Farris Crowley tried to be innovative by installing a new brand of 4-2-2-2. It didn't work - and players often looked unsure of their roles. New manager Gethin Ramsey has stripped things back to the basics: a flat 4-4-2. This flat four, rather than the diamond, takes advantage of one of the biggest strengths of the Cosumarite player pool: our great wide midfielders/wingers. This could leave us weak in center of the pitch, but it is thought that the box-to-box work rate and defensive prowess of Vareza Na'Noni will cover us there and allow Darwyn Lucassen to get forward. The striker partnership of Engstrom and Newman will remain unchanged - with Newman as the large target and deadly finisher and Engstrom as the smaller, quicker and more creative second striker. The 4-4-2 can easily morph into a 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 to suit specific situations.



Cosumar's kits were prepared for the team by Meski Soccer & Sports Store of Red Blackiland for World Cup 71 and have been worn ever since. The design has been applauded by for improving upon the already-brilliant WC70 design, while still staying true to the spirit of the beloved classic kits that served the team from World Cup 54 to 69. The home and away kits make heavy use of the national colours (blue, white, silver), new Fiefdom Soccer Federation logo, and the majestic Azure Dragon that Cosumar is famous for. The goalkeeper kit features hints of the royal family's colors: Gold and Green.

The Starting XI

Goalkeeper - Jakk Winterfyll - 26 - Image Exton F.C Image
Winterfyll is the most physically gifted goalkeeper Cosumar has produced. He's only 26 and already has three World Cups as a result, though 71 was his first as the full-fledged first-choice. Winterfyll dominated in the Cosumarite Harlighet Ligan with Crawford City FC early in his career, setting a record for clean sheets in a season. Since moving to the Apox National League four years ago and earning a starting job with Exton, Winterfyll has blossomed into one of the world's elite goalkeepers. He is known for his almost psychic anticipation and springy reflexes. Off the pitch, Winterfyll plays several Cosumarite folk instruments like the vevlira and the flojagu and is a regular contributor to the annual "Sounds of Ancient Cosumar" compilation CD.

Left Back - Maynard Gorham - 26 - Image Lesko Pavillion Image
Gorham is a strong left back who has recently stepped up his game and is currently playing the best football of his career. Has always possessed above-average football intelligence. Excellent tackler. Isn't as dynamic going forward as Tenebrosa, but is sturdier in the back. Gorham played for Cosumar U21 in Di Bradini Cup 32, and also earned three caps in World Cup 70 Qualifying. He was not named to the squad for World Cup 71 due to the better form of left back Ben Seppanen at the time. He decided he wasn't getting enough exposure at middling Jeckish club Peswick Town, and completed a risky move to Lesko Pavillion. LigAnaia has brought out the best in him, and he has earned a regular starting role for the Calanian club, drawing praise from fans and coaches alike. He scored his first goal for Cosumar in World Cup 72 Qualifying. Off the pitch he is a dark, mysterious figure. Long black hair, which he ties up during matches. He also plays bass guitar for gothic metal band Mors Incarnati in his spare time.

Left Center Back - Arndu Farsgaard - 33 - Image Cazadores Cathair Image
Dependable veteran defender who plays younger than his age. Was Cosumar's best-performing defender in World Cup 71, and will return to the starting line-up after being a sub in Qualifying thanks to a favorable first impression on Ramsey. Originally a hockey player with no interest in a "sissy sport" like soccer, he didn't even discover his talent for the game until age 24, after failing in his hockey career. He took to the sport quickly, rapidly moving up the ranks of the Cosumarite leagues after starting with a local semi-professional team. By the time he was 27, he was starting at center back for Sekundar Ligan regulars Keenan Athletic. At age 28, he got snatched up by famous Audioslavian club Cazadores Cathair and made a big impact in LigAnaia, thrusting him onto the radar of the National Team. Just eight years ago, he was on the street after being cut from a minor league hockey team. Now he is playing in his third World Cup. Crazy. Has a propensity for scoring on set-piece headers.

Right Center Back - Robahn Akindele - 25 - Image Jaunepont Hérault Image
Akindele was a talented prospect for Harlighet Ligan club Na'Malsille Mariners for the first three years of his career. Itching for a bigger challenge in a more prestigious league, he joined forces with Cosumar teammate Felix Merchison at Buyanese club Viztourzys Kolektyvinis after Na'Malsille was relegated. After four years there that saw him develop into a reliable NT player, he completed a move to hopeful Sunrisian outfit Jaunepont Hérault over the transfer window. Of Sirainian descent but born in Cosumar, Akindele plays with an angry, aggressive edge, which sometimes leads to him being labelled as a "dirty player", but in reality it's all heart. Takes more risks than most coaches would like, but his excellent pace and recovery speed allow him to make up for the gambles. Very good on the ball for a center back, as evidenced by his two assists in WC72 Qualifying. Off the pitch, Akindele is known for being a vocal advocate of universal drug legalization.

Right Back - Tomasso Tenebrosa - 24 - Image Ramusok United Image
Tomasso is one of the most affable people you will ever meet, never losing his cool and constantly encouraging his teammates with smiles. He is a dynamic young wingback who loves to press forward with pace, but Ramsey will need to teach him how to pick his spots because it is not required often in the flat 4-4-2. Has some good skill with the ball and plays a nice cross, so many think he could play as a RM if needed. Came up through the FC Kaldukosic youth system and was a regular for Cosumar U18 and U21. Completed a big-money move to Ramusok United last year and has been fantastic there thus far, helping the Blues win their second title in his first season. Tenebrosa cemented himself as the first-choice RB with great play in the Cup of Harmony, but Sheldon Serra is still pressing hard to impress Ramsey and win back the spot.

Left Midfielder - Mauricio Sigler - 23 - Real Atlantea Image
Exciting young talent who looks to be the next big thing. Surprised the world by taking home the Golden Ball (tournament MVP) from the Cup of Harmony. His technical ability is superb, reminiscent of Anders Engstrom, and he's blindingly fast. Was the main reason why newly-promoted club Zakhoro Aces springboarded all the way to the top half of the Harlighet Ligan in 1001. One season later and without Sigler, Aces are currently in last. Where did he go? To a club ranked in the top ten by the UICA, Taeshani titans Real Atlantea. He has already broken into the side there and has looked good in his appearances, helping the club to their billionth consecutive title. He was a revelation in Qualifying with several impactful substitute appearances, so one of Gethin Ramsey's first moves upon arrival was to declare Sigler a starter. His decision-making and awareness improved before our eyes. He's starting to cross the line from "exciting young talent with potential" to true stardom.

Center Midfielder - Vareza Na'Noni - 30 - Image Avenida Principal Image
One of two Vloo players at World Cup 72, Na'Noni can play almost any midfield position due to his understanding of the game, calmness with the ball and scary combination of size, strength and pace. He made a name for himself as a RB for Cosumar's U21 squad, which catapulted him into the Harlighet Ligan, where he converted to midfield with FC Samotath. After a sustained period of success at Samotath, Na'Noni announced himself to the world with his brilliance in World Cup 69. His breakout performance caught the eye of Red Star Severny of Polar Islandstates, making him the first Cosumarite to play in a league ranked #1 in the world. Four years in the Polarian league, primarily as a defensive midfielder, facilitated even more improvement for the talented Vloo and he has been a constant fixture for the National Team over that time. Recently completed a move to Farfadillis to play for Avenida Principal. Na'Noni is known for his eye-popping tattoos, including detailed patterns of constellations across his arms, a roaring dragon on his neck, and an elaborate sunset on his forehead.

Center Midfielder - Darwyn Lucassen - 30 - Crystal Mertagne Image
Cosumarites have been begging for Lucassen to be called up ever since he emerged as one of the most important players for Garbarnia Hoyersko in the Buyan Top Division at age 27. There wasn't a whole lot to work with when he arrived at Hoyersko from Na'Malsille, but he quickly earned the admiration of Buyanese peers, fans and media. Well, Farris Crowley may have been short of hearing, but he finally heard our cries and included Lucassen in the side for the first time for WC72 - and as a starter! His experience and vision were valuable, as he scored or assisted on five goals in qualifying. Not the most dynamic with the ball, but has a cool head and opportunistic flair in the attack. Sends a great final ball through. Versatile, amicable and technically sound. After the Buyanese league suddenly ceased operations, he was forced to scramble to find a new club and eventually landed in LigAnaia with Crystal Mertagne. His parents are both people of science, his dad an astronaut and his mom a marine biologist, so his first name was an homage to pioneering scientist Charles Darwin. Lucassen himself has a deep love for geology - minerals in particular.

Right Midfielder - Ole Öhman - 28 - Image Sabrefell Athletic Image
Probably the most famous Cosumarite player outside Cosumar right now thanks to his prominent role for Sabrefell Athletic, where has has helped the Nepharim side win their league, the Globe Cup and Esportivan championship. Ole is a winger of great skill who has gained recognition as one of the best at his position in the world. He can do it all - he can score, he can square that perfect ball back to the middle, he can cross, and he is equally good with both feet. That last part is huge as it allows Ramsey to employ him on either side of the field. He plays on the left for Sabrefell, but he will move to the right in this tournament to make room for Mauricio Sigler. That kind of versatility is a blessing for any manager. Made his debut as a promising young reserve in World Cup 69, but he fell out of Crowley's plans after accepting a lucrative contract to play his club ball in Florgania (a vastly inferior league). Returned to the fold in World Cup 71 after resurfacing in a big way as Debutant Of The Year in the Nepharim Premiership. He has really settled in there and is still improving. He was pretty much the only Cosumarite who consistently looked good in Qualifying this year, leading the team with 5 goals and also notching an assist. His only downside is that he doesn't have the pace required of a truly world-class winger.

Striker - Anders Engström - 28 - CAPTAIN - Image Crisisbless Image
A Cosumarite superstar in his prime who is the best technical player on the team. Engström has become the poster-boy for Cosumarite football, playing his entire career so far at Harlighet Ligan titan Mallox FC. He plays as a left forward for Mallox, spearheading their infamous 4-3-3 attack. Here he will occupy the "roaming second striker" role of the 4-4-2 slightly behind Newman, being the nimbler, more creative player of the two. Engström has been voted Harlighet Ligan MVP multiple times (including two seasons ago, when he delivered Mallox their fourth championship) and won three Golden Boots with four consecutive 20+ goal seasons. A precise deliverer in set-pieces, Engström will be instrumental in setting up Cosumar for goal-scoring chances when he's not clinically burying shots himself. Though small in stature (5"9), his ball control and acceleration are of the rarest variety. The only criticism against him was his apparent unwillingness to face a bigger challenge abroad, but he recently completed a move to play for Crisisbless next season. Cosumarites everywhere are already super excited to watch him play in Nephara. Engström shared the team lead with 9 goals in WC 69, and displayed a more well-rounded game in WC 70 by scoring 7 goals and tallying a team-high 8 assists. Led Cosumar again with 11 goals in the WC 71 cycle, but had a bit off a slump in WC 72 Qualifying (along with almost everyone else) scoring only twice along with four assists. First choice to take penalties.

Striker - Ace Newman - 27 - Image Urbanista Image
Ace Newman was a star in Cosumar with Cassandra City for years, winning the club its first championship, but he exploded into worldwide prominence with some dominant performances in WC 70 Qualifying. As the starting right-winger, was second on the team only to Sur Arora with 10 goals, and also recorded 6 assists. Could've been a candidate for Best Young Player of the tournament. In World Cup 71, he transitioned to fill his more natural role up top and scored 7 goals despite missing four games with suspension. Was ineffective at times in WC 72 Qualifying, scoring only three goals, but he wasn't alone in that regard. Gethin Ramsey has declared that no one's starting position is safe, so Newman will be eager to find his prior form with Tevin Lilley pushing him for minutes. Best on the team at scoring with his head thanks to his broad shoulders and height, but his best attribute is his strength. He frequently will fire off powerful shots despite defenders draped all over him. He just shrugs them off. Impressive pace considering his size too. His job is to leverage these things to put the ball in the back of the net, and he is laser-focused on that task. He did a good job of it in the ANL last year, where he scored 13 goals in his debut season.


The Substitutes

GK - Esteban Hernandez - 23 - Mierton Manatees Image
Morponte Fief has a legendary youth academy, but Hernandez might just be the most extraordinary talent they've ever produced. This dude's frame is massive: 6"7, broad shoulders, long arms, enormous hands. Most people that size don't have the coordination to walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone take on Audioslavian strikers. But Hernandez is one of those rare exceptions. He was considered too raw to get any serious time at World Cup 71, but that has changed. He stepped up in a big way for Morponte Fief in the Harlighet Ligan, carrying them to a record 6th-place finish in 1001 and winning U21 Player of the Year. He even placed in the top five in the MVP voting. This attracted the attention of Mierton Manatees, one of the better teams from the Taeshani Premier League, one of the world's top ten leagues. Success there could see him put some semblance of pressure on Jakk Winterfyll for the first choice spot, something no one has yet been able to do since Winterfyll's ascension. Fun tidbit: he nearly gave up on his professional soccer career at age 18 to go to culinary school instead.

LB - Jukka Lindroos - 27 - Marine Coast United Image
Lindroos has been one of the best defenders in the Vilita (VIL) second division for years. He dominated here in Cosumar early in his career, carrying the Centus Serpents to a promotion on a defense that allowed only 7 goals all season - a record that still stands. He was the National Team's most reliable defender in World Cups 69 and 70 despite being the least experienced. Though he will now relinquish his first-choice role due to the emergence of Maynard Gorham, Lindroos is still a huge part of the Dragons' current and future plans and will sub in often. His boyish face and long golden locks have charmed the media, but do not be fooled - he is a ruthless player on the pitch. He has great technique and discipline, and can make world-class stops in the back against the best of opponents. Doesn't have great pace or athleticism, but makes up for it with his relentless energy. Like a jolt of lightning every time he steps on the pitch. Plays a beautiful cross, though he is careful in picking his spots to go forward. Ramsey's arrival is a perfect chance for him to fight for his starting spot back.

CB - Peter Svensson - 21 - Image FC Jansberg Image
Standout product of the Mariners youth system that moved to Semarluundik Premarligaen giant FC Jansberg at age 19 after shining in the Di Bradini Cup. He immediately impressed at Jansberg, earning a starting job and helping the club win the championship in his first season. Svensson has impressive physical might, aerial ability on set-pieces, and sends a great pass forward. Earned his first cap towards the end of WC72 Qualifying and will continue to work hard to prove he belongs. But he certainly looks the part and is being tipped as a replacement for Arndu Farsgaard for World Cup 73. He is the nephew of Herrgly Svensson, a famous Cosumarite daredevil known for skydiving out of a space station, and little brother of Erak Svensson, a Congressman.

CB - Jon-Perohlin Nodtveit - 31 - Image Crisisbless Image
If there was ever an enigmatic and controversial footballer, it's Nodtveit. He is bald-headed but bears a thick black beard. Off the pitch he is almost always gruff and silent, hardly uttering more than a word or two in interviews. He is a member of the Luciferian Satanist Order and was a suspect in a well-publicized murder case five years ago. Some despise him, but even more Cosumarites love his dark and dangerous allure. Though divisive off the pitch, he is universally recognized for his value on the pitch. Nodtveit is the Dragons' "hard man", a disciplined defensive enforcer and ruthless tackler. His mere nearby presence is often enough to distract and inhibit attacking players. Not capable of much with the ball and lacking in pace, but he is extremely good at his specialties. Has been a constant on the National Team since World Cup 68, rotating between the First XI and a role as a defensive super-sub. His stamina is declining and he had a few late-match errors in Qualigying, so Ramsey will utilize him in the latter role in the Cup of Harmony. His ability to muscle for position (and huge head) make him a danger on set pieces around the goal. Played for OAS Royal FC in Cosumar before moving to Nephara a couple years ago. Helped Crisisbless win the Premiership last season.

RB - Sheldon Serra - 25 - Zenit Attawapiskat Image
Serra has the distinction of being born and living the first eight years of his life on a spaceship of neutral nationality. After returning to the planet and living in the nation of Indigo Plains, Serra found his land legs surprisingly quickly and discovered a natural talent for football. But because Indigo Plains does not have professional football and he was technically not born anywhere, his international eligibility was somewhat muddled. Serra eventually attended university in Cosumar and fell in love with the country, becoming a citizen at age 20. He was the Best Defensive Player of Cosumar's collegiate league at age 21, eventually graduating and signing his first professional contract with Zenit Attawapiskat. He loves it in Quebec and has done well there for the last five years, becoming a staple in the side. Despite his best efforts, the club was relegated to LigAnaia 2 after their debut LigAnaia season. He could have sought a move back up to LigAnaia, but elected to stay and help Zenit fight for promotion next season. Though small in stature, Serra has rare natural ability as a dynamic wingback. He hasn't quite reached the level of stardom many thought he was would have by now, but the story of his career is still unfolding. He will share time with Tenebrosa, to whom he is a very similar player. Both of them have great speed and ability to play both sides of the ball, making them worthy successors to the unique skill set of Tae Woo Miyori, who was left out for the first time in WC 72 due to effects of aging.

DM - Felix Merchison - 29 - Norrion Rovers Image
Merchsion has a very well-rounded midfielder skill set, with a penchant for dropping the perfect deep ball in behind the defense. A very physical defender, he also embraces the dirty work - making him perfect to sub in when Ramsey wants to adjust the 4-4-2 into a 4-1-4-1 as the first 1. Can also play CM. It often goes unappreciated, but Merchison's relentless defensive presence is vital and allows others to go forward. At age 21, he was winning Harlighet Ligan championships with Mallox in Cosumar. But somehow, he flew under the radar of the National Team for years. After shining as a defensive linchpin for Viztourzys Kolektyvinis in Buyan, he finally got his chance. Farris Crowley thrusted Merchison into a starting role in World Cup 70 despite his complete dearth of international experience, but the man was magnificent and never looked back. When the Buyanese league suddenly ceased operations this year, he was forced to look for a new club and eventually landed with Norrion Rovers, one of the best clubs in Eastfield Lodge.

LM - Kyron Everdale - 29 - Lotus Park Image
Gethin Ramsey needed more wide midfielders for his 4-4-2 than Crowley had in the World Cup squad, so he has turned to former Morponte Fief captain Kyron Everdale in the Cup of Harmony and again here. He was all too happy to join the team, having not represented his country since the Olympics several years ago. A pure passer first and foremost, Everdale has great range and timing with that powerful left foot of his. After spending most of his career in Morponte, a career year in 1000 led to calls from Cranequin Wanderers and Lotus Park. He jumped on the offer of the latter club, enticed by the opportunity for UICA minutes.

CM - Kira Jonassen - 23 - Image Ramusok United Image
Kira has already made a lot of history for someone still so young. First, she was the first woman to start a match for Ramusok United at age 19. Within two years, she had developed into one of the finest passers in the Harlighet Ligan and led the league in assists at age 21, becoming the first woman to place in the top five of MVP voting. Around the same time, she became one of the first women (alongside Selena Aliena and Nidia De Leon) to play for Cosumar in a Di Bradini Cup. Now, the big one. She has the opportunity in this AOCAF to become the first female footballer to be capped by the senior National Team. She is a Pirlo-esque passer extraordinaire in the making, with phenomenal range, placement and timing. She is mediocre defensively, especially on the international level, and lacks pace and shooting. But she can be a very effective player if used correctly.

CM - Timo Sorben - 27 - Eikborg Club Image
Well-rounded midfielder with few holes in his game who has been an important player for teams in Cosumar, Barunia and now Semarland. Has been a sporadic call-up for the National Team over the last five years, his last cap coming in AOCAF 47. Versatile enough to play as a CM, DM or related role. He is not the most athletically or technically gifted, but he is a true student of the game and is constantly studying tactics and proper technique and has used this thirst for knowledge to improve his play. Clearly has a future in coaching.

RM - Frazan Va'Goshal - 26 - Galatica Image
The second Vloo member of the team, Va'Goshal is a productive and skilled, though not quite outstanding, winger. Estabished himself at FC Kaldukosic and cashed-in in the Pasargan SuperLiga after three great seasons at home and has been solid there. In World Cup 71 Qualifying, he lost his starting job to Ole Ohman halfway through as the Sabrefell Athletic man constantly outperformed him in training and matches alike. Though his National Team form has never quite matched his club form, Ramsey still likes to keep Va'Goshal and his blistering pace around as a late impact sub for Ohman. Va'Goshal is not a great shot-taker, though he is good at creating angles and windows of space with the ball. He is a true playmaker in this respect, clinical in his manipulation of defenses. He has pledged to donate any earnings in AOCAF 48 to Operation Goodness, a secular charity based in Kaldukosic.

AM - Augen Wittevrongel - 23 - Image Barbury Town Image
Wittevrongel emerged as one of the stars of Cosumar's Di Bradini Cup team last year after developing handsomely at Starian youth club C.D. Spikers. After graduating from their program, he capitalized on his DBC success to force a move to "the most prestigious club that would have him" ... which ended up being Barbury Town. Not a bad place to establish oneself at all. Wittevrongel, who has been labeled as a little arrogant by some, is confident he can earn his way into regular minutes anywhere, whether its in Apox or here in his first tournament with the senior National Team. Very good technical skill, attacks the goal with pace, vision and aggression. He's on the thin side though and will get forced around too easily against more physical opponents. But he's an intriguing prospect who might grow into a world-class player in the coming few years. Ramsey will give him some spot minutes here and keep a close eye on his performances.

ST - Tevin Lilley - 24 - Blacklake Blues Image
Lilley was Cosumar's top striker in the Summer Olympics and Di Bradini Cup 32, and has seamlessly transitioned into a productive member of the senior National Team. He was one of the Top 10 scorers in the Harlighet Ligan at only 20 years old, with 17 goals for Cassandra City (though he was clearly unhappy that teammate Ace Newman still had more). His unearthly pace and agility nearly earned him a spot on the World Cup 70 squad, but he was one of the last cuts. His feel for the game, his finishing touch execution in the crucial moments weren't quite where they needed to be. His fiery competitiveness often spilled over into recklessness. He could rely on his physical gifts to dominate domestically, but Farris Crowley knew he would run into a brick wall in the World Cup. Lilley needed to play abroad to continue his development. Though he hasn't put up the gaudy numbers in his three years in Taeshan that he did in Cosumar, Lilley has become a much more complete player according to coaches. He now has that quiet confidence and poise that can only come with experience. Put up one goal and one assist in World Cup 71 Qualifying in a few substitute appearances. He's back in the shadow of Ace Newman like he was at Cassandra, but he has no problem with it this time. Should see increased minutes this time.

ST - Belarmin Worsaw - 24 - Image Eastweald Image
The retirement of Sur Arora from the National Team has opened up an additional striker spot that has not been available for a long, long time. A number of candidates were discussed to fill the opening, including Rozelle United's Kirum Ingolfsson and Kurtz Herritik's Linden Lucassen, but Ramsey's eventual selection ended up coming out of left field. Not that Worsaw hasn't earned a chance for his first caps, it's just that no one knew he would be eligible for Cosumar. The Borderlandian striker has been prolific in the Harlighet Ligan and Sekundar Ligan here for years. He signed with Zakhoro Aces as a youth prospect and scored 16 goals as a teenager. After Aces were relegated, he had a 30 goal season in the Sekundar Ligan at age 20. Back in the Harlighet Ligan again, he and fellow young star Mauricio Sigler guided them to a record 9th place finish. He then left for Eastweald, clearly meant for bigger things, and has had a great few seasons there, helping the Elves to a Globe Cup finish last season. To fans of Cosumarite soccer, it feels that Worsaw has been around forever, but he's still only 24. The collapse of the Western Borderlands government freed up his international eligibility, and after a long process, he announced out of the blue last month that he had become a Cosumarite citizen after living here for seven years. All of a sudden, social media was a lit ablaze with people suddenly realizing what this meant for the Dragons and begging Ramsey to bring him in for the AOCAF. Now here we are. Good performances here could help his case for World Cup 73... there will be a lot of strikers in our talent pool competing for the bench spots behind Engstrom and Newman.


Manager: Gethin Ramsey Image
As RPed here, Farris Crowley is out as manager of Cosumar after 38 years. The man who has replaced him is none other than...Gethin Ramsey. The Nepharim icon is probably one of the very few men who could immediately step into Crowley's shoes and own the position. The 69-year-old is exceedingly accomplished on both the international and domestic stages. He led Nephara to their first World Cup Finals (67) and successfully qualified with The Licentian Isles every year there. You can now add his Cup of Harmony triumph in his Cosumar debut to the list. In the Nepharim Premiership, he made his name as a club legend at Chenoworth Rovers and eventually coached powerhouse AFC Treason to the title. Oft considered the best manager Nephara has ever produced, Ramsey's hire has been a massive hit with fans, players and media alike. His track record of navigating World Cup Qualifying, where Cosumar has struggled for the past two decades, is impeccable. If anyone can lead us back to the World Cup, it's Ramsey. The new gaffer is best known for his ability to motivate players. He knows how to speak to them, how to identify with them - and they feed off his unwavering confidence. His harsh disciplinary style and frequent hairdryer treatments is a contrast to the patient, old-sage-mentor approach of Farris "Master Miyagi" Crowley. Ramsey brings with him his trusty tactical expert, Marlena Scamander, from AFC Treason.

Assistant Manager: Kennedy Kopenhaver Image
World Cup 71 was Kopenhaver's second as Assistant Manager since the sacking of Truda Jotunnoj (someone had to be the scapegoat for the team's failures and it wasn't going to be Crowley). Kopenhaver, 54, was once a terrific center back for the Cosumar National Team in World Cups 55-57, back when Crowley was establishing his legacy. He was infamous in Cosumar for being one of the most passionate and fiery players ever to step on a pitch. He would stop at nothing to win, even if it meant angrily telling his teammates what's what or getting himself a card. After retiring, Kopenhaver attempted a broadcasting career but was not happy. It was too far removed from the action! He then took to coaching, and spent six years as an assistant to Alvin Burnsides, Manager of Mallox FC, the most historically successful club in the Cosumarite Harlighet Ligan. After being skipped over for the managerial vacancy at Miners 47 in Apox, he jumped on the chance to work for his former mentor Farris Crowley with the National Team. Kopenhaver should bring a lot of passion and youthful energy to a team that Crowley and Jotunnoj hadn't been able to provide. He is a rare man - physically imposing yet keenly intelligent. Deceptively clever and excels at game strategy. Really knows how to motivate players.

Strategic Advisor: Marlena Scamander

Goalkeepers Coach: Luis Varezzi

Defenders Coach: Artis Thomas

Midfielders Coach: Irvinn Rincon

Forwards Coach: Guiseke Seto

Head Trainer: Yvette Carson

RP Permissions

Essentially, full RP permissions. Be creative. Use my characters however you like. You can state that someone was injured, but allow me to determine the severity. I also ask that you telegram me before RPing anything extreme (like a bombing, a fan riot, extreme weather events impacting the game, etc). I'm usually up for anything, but just check with me first.

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y, but leave the severity up to me
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but no killing or wounding. TG me if you're doing something particularly unusual.
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me first.
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:19 am

Royal Kingdom of Quebec Grim Reapers- AOCAF 48 Experimental Squad

Style modifier: +5

Manager: Jayson Dhanda (OSR) (49 year old)
Assistant Manager: Thunderbolt Park (45 year old)
Captain: Hazel Van Robben
Vice-captain: Lorne Dunford
3rd captain: Seung Myeon Courtois


RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes (TG me)
Godmod scoring events: Yes (TG me)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (TG me)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (TG me)
RP Injuries to my players: Yes (TG me, and no more than one)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (make them creative, but TG me beforehand )
Godmod other events: Yes (Be creative, but TG me beforehand)
Style Modifier: +5

Score a goal: Hazel Van Robben, Marcos Zelaya (in this order)
Create that goal: Angelo Gelinas, Aaron Shin, Hazel Van Robben, Marcos Zelaya, Roberto Di Maria (in this order)
Win a free kick: Hye Min Jeong
Take (and score) that free kick: Marcos Zelaya or Hazel Van Robben
Win a penalty: Marcos Zelaya, Man Jin Kang, Hazel Van Robben (in this order)
Take (and score) that penalty: Zachary Fortin or Xavier Hertel
Miss a penalty: Jason Goulding
Score a header off a set piece: Julie Bishop or Tyson Nam
Score an own goal: Hye Min Jeong or Lorne Dunford
Hack an opponent down: Lorne Dunford, Andrew Hyun, Hye Min Jeong, Marcos Zelaya
Lose their head and get sent off: Aaron Shin, Hazel van Robben or Jannick Kontiola
Commit a professional foul: Jannick Kontiola, Hazel van Robben and Justin Morton. In general Quebecois commit lots of fouls, due to their excessively physical style of play
Bite: Marcos Zelaya. He's learning it well from Leonardo Conavacio....
Argue with the referee: Anyone in the squad
Give a middle finger or any other inappropriate actions to opponent players/fans: Hazel Van Robben, Roberto Di Maria or Philip-Michel Schneiderlin
Headbutt: Hye Min Jeong, Marcos Zelaya or Julie Bishop
"Disappear" during a match: Storm Marchand
"Put in a shift": Hazel Van Robben, Justin Morton or Tyson Nam
Have an elaborate goal celebration planned out: Hazel Van Robben or Marcos Zelaya
Get caught stumbling out of a nightclub: Marcos Zelaya
Do charity work: Jason Goulding
Elicit marriage proposals from fans: Angelo Gelinas and Hazel Van Robben

Coaching Staff

Executive Coaching Staff
Manager: Jayson Dhanda, 49 (OSR)
Assistant Manager: Thunderbolt Park, 45

Non-playing Coaches
Offensive Coach- Yi Jin Shin, 54
Midfields Coach- Patrice Brennan, 35
Defensive Coach- Valli Hussain, 43 (PAT)
Technical Coach- Sa Ik Jang, 64

Specialist Coaches
Goaltending Coach- Cody Gallant, 31
Fitness Coach- Marko Kjær, 39 (SEM)
Strength and Fitness Coach- Mamadou Zehaf-Tsonga, 37

Medical Staff
Physiotherapist- Dr. Leonard Henriksen, 56 (SEM)
Team Doctor- Dr. Ilya Potemkin, 48
Psychologist- Dr. Daniella Bruni, 47 (OSR)

Players bolded are starters
GK: #20 Seung Myeon Courtois 25 FC Jansberg (Semarland)
GK: #31 Pascal Park 22 Montreal Koreana (LigAnaia Calania)
CB: #18 Gilles Berhanemeskel 24 Jan Mayen Islanders (Polar Islandstates)
CB: #24 Hye Min Jeong 22 Real Atlantea (Taeshan)
CB: #29 Said El-Khadr 20 FC Jansberg (Semarland)
CB: #5 Lorne Dunford 23 East Franz Athletic (Polar Islandstates)
CB: #3 Claude In Shik Sung 22 CSKA Quebec (LigAnaia Calania)
CB: #14 Jannick Kontiola 24 OAS Royal FC (Cosumar)
CB: #4 Andrew Hyun 28 Montreal Koreana (LigAnaia Calania)
LM: #10 Storm Marchand 20 Zenit Attawapiskat (LigAnaia 2)
LM: #26 Andrea Bartolli 25 Bohemians 1935 (Norrehavn)
CM: #7 Roberto Di Maria 29 CD FAS (San Jose Guayabal)
CM: #8 Philip-Michel Schneiderlin 18 Montreal Koreana (LigAnaia Calania)
CM: #55 Markus Lazarev-Horak 25 Norrion Rovers (Eastfield Lodge)
RM: #15 Aaron Shin 20 Montreal Koreana (LigAnaia Calania)
RM: #17 Julie Bishop 21 St.John's Arsenal (LigAnaia Calania)
LW: #23 Man Jin Kang 24 RGS Athletic (Eastfield Lodge)
LW: #39 Justin Morton 18 CSKA Quebec (LigAnaia Calania)
RW: #12 Hazel Van Robben 19 Fligsive FC (LigAnaia Calania)
RW: #11 Jason Goulding 21 London FC (LigAnaia Calania)
ST: #10 Angelo Gelinas 23 Burgess FC (LigAnaia Calania)
ST: #19 Tyson Nam-DiNozzo 24 CSKA Quebec (LigAnaia Calania)
ST: #9 Marcos Zelaya 21 Raskstad United (Vermark)
ST: #13 Marco Engvall 19 St.John's Arsenal (LigAnaia Calania)


----------Marchand--------Di Maria-----------Shin------------
-------Kang------Gelinas----Zelaya------Van Robben----------
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Postby Austenersey » Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:36 am

Austenersian Eucalypts
The official AOCAF 48 team of the Commonwealth of Austenersey

It's the time of year where cries of "What's an ayocaf?" and "There's an Austenersian professional football team" ring out in the suburbs and metropoli of the nation. It is with this enthusiasm that we present the official AOCAF 48 team representing the Commonwealth of Austenersey - the Eucalypts, a mixture of new blood and, uh, not-so-new blood.

Starting XI'
GK | #13 - Conrad Bösch - 31, New Bellevue Tigers
DEF | #1 - Bernd Kohler - 24, Osbourne Stars
DEF | #14 - Max Traugott - 22, Portland Renegades
DEF | #12 -Josiah Papke - 27, Cautley United
DEF | #6 - Leon Ethans - 30, Francis Jets [captain]
MID | #4 - Will Heyman - 25, Mont Alban Glory
MID | #8 - Jonathan Mactier - 19, Mount Carcer-Bowral Giants
MID | #2 - Sean Buzacott - 23, Portland Renegades
MID | #3 - Marcus Leach - 28, Mount Carcer-Bowral Giants
FOR | #16 - Hugh Oakley - 32, Francis Jets
FOR | #7 - Adam Hambledon - 28, Mont Alban Glory

Manager: Nicholas Willoughby - 39, Mont Alban Glory
Assistant Manager: David O'Kane - 37, Cautley United
Style Modifer: +1.4
Formation: 4-4-2

RP Permissions: be creative.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes.
RP Injuries to my players: Yes, however do TG me.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, however do TG me.
Godmod other events: TG me first.
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Postby Swilatia » Tue Aug 25, 2015 6:39 am

Swilatia national football team

Nation Code: SWI
Demonym: Swilatian
Nickname: Bielo-cerveni (white-and-red)
Manager: Miran Julianski
Captain: Karen Renadov
Formation: 3-4-3
Style: +4

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes.
RP Injuries to my players: Yes, up to one per match only.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, see above.
Godmod other events: Yes

#1 Andrej Marsanski (M, 27)
#22 Roman Petrovic (M, 30)
#23 Haclav Miranov (M, 22)

#2 Stevan Bielanski (M, 19)
#3 Pavel Tojamov (M, 25)
#4 Emilia Vilamska (F, 24)
#12 Olav Dominski (M, 26)
#13 Justina Miranov (F, 29)
#14 Miran Javalski (M, 23)

#5 Samira Milanovic (F, 22)
#6 Julian Novogradski (M, 24)
#7 Vilam Kavaljov (M, 17)
#8 Elena Hasenov (F, 21)
#15 Silvan Janovic (M, 26)
#16 Kamila Mirovska (F, 27)
#17 Milan Hajamov (M, 29)
#18 Lejla Petrovksa (F, 26)

#9 Karen Renadov (M, 26)
#10 Ajsel Filipovic (F, 19)
#11 Miroslav Rybjanski (M, 22)
#19 Stefan Biranski (M, 31)
#20 Alesandra Silvanska (F, 27)
#21 Hilda Mirovska (F, 29)


Some of you may recognise this as my old CdE team. Apparently none of that ever happened, so these guys need a new backstory or something.
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Postby Valanora » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:53 am

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

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Vanauraiiel Nardironel (F)
Age: 1300
Nardironel is a small and quirky woman who is very unassuming, until you get to the training pitch, where she will run you ragged and then when you feel your body collapsing, run you even more ragged until you are in the ultimate peak condition you can be. The only person on the brain trust to survive the overhaul from last World Cup's dismal showing. She was initially given only a two year contract, but after leading the Marauders to a surprise win in the AOCAF, she has been given two full cycles to try and right the team in the World Cup. While the first cycle went horribly awry, the VSC decided to let her continue out the entirety of her contract when they got the hosting rights for World Cup 72, hoping that the woman can give a good account of the team on the home grounds.

Assistant Manager
Vamariiel Falavir (F)
Age: 1480
Ibini's assistant finds herself in the same spot on the national team program after the VFA decided to do a complete overhaul of the Vanorian national team program following three straight tournaments of not making the knockout rounds of the World Cup. She is a very easy going personality, a complete reverse to the traditional personalities that take the assistant spot as the team looks to scramble back to their usual standards with new approaches.


1 Aediron Galadirdren, Ibini FC
Age - 679
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 174 lbs
Galadirdren looks to be the long term solution for the Marauders in net after several stellar seasons in the domestic scene with Ibini FC. While not loud and "in control" of his box, the keeper is very good when the opposition has a breakaway, as well as some amazing reflexes. His best attribute though is his near perfect position, always seeming to know where the opposition is going to place their shots or crosses.


2 Morlaithan Aldamiel, AC Izotz Zubia Image
Age - 692
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 162 lbs
A tough and quiet sort at the back, more physical than your usual Vanorian centerback thanks to the years that he has played in Audioslavia. More of a stay at home defender than the rest of the backline and more prone the occasional card due to the more physical nature.

3 Rainyardil Toraandal, Mar Sara FC
Age - 651
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 168 lbs
Toraandal is deceptively fast and agile for a person of his size and also very keen to get in on the attack during prolonged spells in the opponents third. With his size and pure athletic ability, he has a knack for getting open in the box and heading home his fair share of goals, though it is his stern defending that is the reason that he was put on to the starting eleven.

4 Revhil Lardireil, Hondo FC
Age - 650
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 171 lbs
Like Toraandal, Lardireil is used to getting into the attack, having spent the majority of his career at Hondo with their attacking flavor. However he has the speed of a cheetah and the strength of an elephant, most likely the most versatile of the three defenders that the side uses.


21 Espy va Drake, Yuba United (Paripana)
Age: 755
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
After becoming a folklore hero for the lower class of the world, va Drake has made himself one of the living legends of the game after help leading the side to a title in World Cup 53. He has traveled far and wide while plying his trade, donning kits for no less than five countries clubs. Seen as the driving force in the middle of the park alongside Hawk, it is up to the opposition to try and figure out how to deal with the brilliance the winger and his other attackers have rather than them to create magic.

6 Caeltimyonan Haerear, Mar Sara FC
Age - 610
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 lbs
Coming from Mar Sara you would expect Haerear to be more of an attacking option, yet the midfielder is more of a box to box playmaker than the attacking midfielders usually coming from the Flames. Not overly fast or physical but Haerear has a motor that never quits, never giving up on a play or a game despite how dire the situation may be.

14 Laborious Hawk, Dwile Warriors Image
Age - 719
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

8 Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar, Raynor City United
Age - 725
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs
Lithvathar is much like va Drake, a floater who is dynamic in attack but with enough speed and sense of the pitch to make up on any sort of defensive lapse. Yet unlike her flankmate, she is not nearly as skilled, but do not let that fool you, in a moment of magic she can undress an entire backline and set up more prolific scorers with easy chances.

7 Faeron Soldarian, Raynor City United
Age - 633
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
Soldarian continues to live in the shadow of more well known players both on the national team and with his club. Despite this, Soldarian is seen by all on the squad as the emotional leader and the linchpin the in the middle that allows the more attacking minded midfielders being allowed to play their game.


9 Allandren Fresco, Ibini FC
Age - 508
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Fresco continues to lead the line of the attack, being the tip of the spear that is the Marauders offensive movement. By now most teams know of the striker's pace and near laser guided shot, however the striker still somehow finds ways to bring in the goals. With the more durable Celetholtinu to play off of, he looks to become even more dangerous, as the AOCAF championship proved.

11 Dûrdur Celetholtinu, Telecontarë Image
Age - 902
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 183 lbs
Dûrdur is by and large a holding forward, meant to retain possession for Fresco, Hawk, or va Drake to into possession for attacks. His large frame suits his style of play and the years in Audioslavia has made him quite equipped at taking kicks and chips while maintaining possession.

13 GK Legoion Taltauré, age 675, Char Sara FC
20 GK Belltarion Nartalhûn, age 549, AC Valanari
15 CB Bronlanda Culiththir, age 593, Char Sara FC (F)
16 CB Urúvdion Shatholryl, age 658, Wexax United
17 CB Ainglad Gwavaul, age 599, Hondo FC
18 LW Sellan Teltaththor, age 685, Hondo FC
5 RW Filwame Omasas, age 646, FC Capri (F)
16 MC Berdëmiel Nardhrinonel, age 684, Soldarian FC (F)
23 MC Idhôndon Cuendthor, age 594, Wexax United
22 AMC Eslinnstra Runlithdren, age 686, Raynor City United (F)
10 ST Galasgoldas Tathtauré, age 590, Myrmidon Image
19 ST Gonmucaethor Mithlithelen - age 660 - Ibini FC ~

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Allandren Fresco
Right Corner: Espy va Drake
Left Corner: Espy va Drake

Aldamiel Toraandal Lardireil
va Drake Soldarian Haerear Lithvathar

Fresco Celetholtinu

~ denotes Vyintanese
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Formation: 4-2-1-3
Coach: John Ule
- For the past six years John Ule has been the head coach of FC United, he has taken that club from near the bottom of the league to one of the premier clubs in the league. However despite all this, he has been unable to take FC United any further than the group stage of the play-offs.
Assin Coach: Mike Jonson
- Jonson was two years ago hired by Gemsbrook United and in those two season he took the struggling club from mediocrity to winning the NPSL Cup. The question is what this means for the AOCAF, has no correct answer, yet.

Starting 11
#2 Chris Hayes, GK
#9 Muhammed Al-Qif, DL
#11 Jeremy Ross, DC
#12 Stanly Hue, DC
#23 Xi-Ji Peng, DL
#28 Serge Holter, ML
#21 Bassam Al-Faya, MR
#3 Rafel Horez', AC
#1 Tim Sanders, AL
#10 Nile Ramson, FC
#4 Andrew Neil, GK
#30 Flipe' Ramon, FC
#17 Benjamen Yishi, DL
#5 Zach Klingborg, MR
#29 DuJuan Harris, DC
#14 Meryl Walnut, AC

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Audioslavia National Football Team

## Pos  Name				Age	Club			Nat	Caps
1 G Serge Rollins 35 Cazadores Cathair Image 52
2 D RC Jean-Pierre Corbijn 28 Raynor City United Image 31
3 D L Turi Varisco 25 KT Itzalovalle Image 0
4 M C Gaizka Omaexevarria 34 Bastion Image 90
5 D RC Jouard Caceres 22 1830 Cathair Image 7
6 D C Ramon Goicoechea 24 Iskara Daii Image 21
7 M R Imanol Vengochea 25 Ousevale Borough Image 22
8 M C Johan Tijgers Landhuis 24 Mâ Âlâmëómë Image 28
9 F C Weverton Rodriguez-Torrejon 26 Gwinevra Barbarians Image 8
10 F C Ronda Jude Styrn 33 Red Star Severny Image 65
11 M L Aitor Jovellanos 30 Dwile Warriors Image 94
12 F C Espiridón Caszely 27 Red Star Severny Image 5
13 G Sean Patterick 28 Fligsive FC Image 46
14 M L Zorio Etxezuniyiga 20 La Nueva Avenida Image 0
15 M C Iker Llagostera 32 FC Kolberg Image 17
16 D CL Agustin Evrard-Lecuyer 28 Fligsive FC Image 19
17 M R Ivo Cuijpers 21 AFC Serpentine Image 2
18 M C Janos Hufschmied 30 Northbrook Diamonds Image 41
19 M R Asier Huelva 22 Mikaera FC Image 0
20 M C Christopher Swansmith 29 SC Kiel Image 0
21 D C Txo Zubudazkenean 26 KT Itzalovalle Image 0
22 D R Bastijn Fokke-Rommedahl 24 1830 Cathair Image 9
23 G Ottavio Juez 26 Mercia Bromham Image 0

Audioslavia is, both ICly and OOCly, rather ancient. The country was founded on December 17th 2002, a period regarded as 'pre-history' by many. The nation originally CTE'd in 2006, was revived briefly in 2007 and 2009, and enjoyed a proper resurgence at the start of 2012, locating itself in Atlantian Oceania indefinitely after IC centuries of rivalries with various nations in the region.

The Audioslavia national side participated in World Cups 4 to 29, made an abortive comeback in World Cup 37, and rejoined the world of international football properly back in World Cup 59. The ancient Audioslavia side qualified for all but one of the World Cups it entered (a young Audioslavia failed during the WC5 qualifying playoffs) and generally maintained a place in top twenty of the world rankings, peaking at #1 during the qualifying phases of World Cups 20 and 21.

Paradoxically, the national team has seen more success in its modern form - a period where quick success is much more difficult to achieve than in the early days. Whereas those early years yielded only the inaugural U21 World Cup and a string of losing finals in the World Cup proper, the modern team won the Baptism of Fire tournament before WC59 and triumphed in the thirty-fifth, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth installments of the AOCAF Cup. The side have also reached the final of the AOCAF cup on four other occasions and have reached as far as the semi-finals of the Cup of Harmony.

Modern Audioslavia finally won the World Cup itself in cycle 63, a victory that required a huge amount of luck and some very po-faced, negative football. Audioslavia managed to win the tournament despite going into the qualifiers with a ranking of #53 in the world. Four years later, in World Cup 64, the national side proved that this win, as fortunate as it was, was no flash in the pan when they again took home the World Cup trophy, completing the first ever 'double-double' of winning back-to-back AOCAF and World Cup championships.
Audioslavian footballers tend to be a little on the small side, with few players standing over six feet (1.83m) tall. The average Audioslavian footballer stands at around about 5'8 (1.72m) or thereabouts, though most goalkeepers and central defenders tend to be around 6'0. Of the current crop, defensive midfielder Gaizka Omaexevarria is an exception, standing at an improbable 1.93m tall.

Audioslavian footballers are renowned for their high fitness levels and stamina, though a comparitively lithely framed squad do occasionally have problems when facing large, physical teams. Quick, one-touch passing is the key to Audioslavia's midfield prowess, which likes to play at a high tempo, and the side often take advantage of some fleet-footed wingers and full-backs to play through-balls beyond the oppisition's defensive line after having created the space with some quick interchanges. Audioslavian attacking football was built on the idea that two crisp, quick passes around the opponent's penalty area will lead to a goalscoring opportunity, and as such the team's forward line throughout history has been littered with quick-thinking playmakers and dead-eye finishers.

Recent Audioslavian sides have had few weaknesses, but no team is without one or two or seven near-fatal flaws, and Audioslavia certainly are no strangers to flaws. Audioslavian national teams tend to lack true leadership figures on the pitch - our nation's footballers tend to be stubborn with regards to letting peers tell them what to do. Audioslavian teams sometimes tend towards disorder and in-fighting when truly on the back-foot - say, when one or two goals behind in a game - and are easily disheartened when things start to go wrong. On the pitch, the side's lack of physical strength means defending against corners is often a problem, despite a well-drilled defensive line. Marauding full-backs can be susceptible to counter-attacks via the wings, and neither central-defender is particularly quick.

Kontrapuntzeka has long been the name of Audioslavia's style of play, taken from the Auskadian word for 'counterpunch'. Audioslavia's ability to hold teams at bay for long periods before hurting them via quick counter-attacks and short bursts of activity helped the side to its two World Cup victories. As the years have gone by, Audioslavia have had to veer away from the style as opponents start to adapt and change. The system that won two World Cups in a row doesn't quite hold against modern football teams. The national team have never really truly taken to newer styles of play. Manager Kajaxo Imaslavii - a member of Audioslavia's World Cup 63 and 64 winning sides, has stated he expects Audioslavia to play 'the Audioslavian way'.

Audioslavia's squad has traditionally consisted of a multitude of Audioslavians plying their trade abroad, including a number of nationalised foreign-born players. The progression of the LigAnaia, however, has seen an larger proportion of domestic-based players make the national team squad. A number of them come from 1830 Cathair, who recently won the coveted Champions Cup.
Alexander Kirk resigned twelve months before the start of the AOCAF Cup, citing an ability to get the best out of his squad. New manager Kajaxo Imaslavii is a popular appointment.

Imaslavii won 172 caps for Audioslavia - by far a record - in between cycles 62 and 67. He kept goal for the side for both their World Cup wins.

Recently, Imaslavii managed 1830 Cathair during their run to the Champions Cup and Super Cup, and won two championships with the capital club.
Ronda Jude Styrn, or 'RJ', is the biggest story of the current squad. Styrn, now 33, has been the national team's marquee player for a long time. Now of Red Star Severny after four seasons with 1830 Cathair, she looks to be winding down her career and, in truth, her form has fallen far from where it was six or seven years ago. Styrn's appearances will be limited to cameos from the substitutes bench to inspire the side in darker moments.

"Styrn is 5'5 but with broad shoulders and a low centre of gravity that allows her to turn quickly, shield the ball from defenders and get past them when needed. Styrn is quick over ten yards, though lacks the true pace to properly break away from chasing defenders. Her finishing inside the box is exemplary and though she's a quick and accurate passer she isn't the type to play in the final, killer ball. Styrn is much better inside the enemy eighteen yard box, finding and creating goal-scoring chances."

Those were the words of one journalist when asked to describe how effective a player Styrn was a number of years ago, but the modern incarnation has changed somewhat. The diminutive footballing talisman has lost more than a yard of pace due to some persistent injuries. Styrn's role has been reduced somewhat from that of a workhorse to a goal-grabber - the striker's eye for a finish hasn't dwindled quite so much as her physical talents.

First choice striker will be Weverton Rodriguez-Torrejon. The Gwinevra Barbarians forward, named after iconic playmaker Weverton Sporadic, is an all-rounder, capable of creating and scoring chances.

Rijshart's retirement meant Aitor Jovellanos is almost sure to start every game on the left hand side of the field. Jovellanos, now thirty, is coming to the end of his career as a top performer and is looking to win the ten more caps he needs to reach the century. Competition for the left wing spot now comes from Zorio Etxezuniyiga of La Nueva Avenida. 'Etchy' is, at five feet four, small even for an Audioslavian, but his lightening-quick reflexes and acceleration make him a nightmare for full-backs to defend against. 21 year-old wunderkind Imanol Vengochea, Audioslavia's best performer at the last World Cup and comparatively a giant at five feet nine, will start on the right hand side.

In goal, Audioslavia have two world class goalkeepers. Serge Rollins is the elder of the two, and has already won over fifty caps for his country, but Sean Patterick has recently been preferred by managers. Imaslavii, who Rollins replaced as national team goalkeeper all those years ago, is said to prefer Rollins' shot-stopping ability to Patterick's positional play and command of his penalty area. Rollins, plagued with anxiety and self-doubt in his early career, has a cooler head on his shoulders now that he's nearing the end of his career, and his increased awareness when it comes to defending corners - an area he'd previously been weak at - has lead Imaslavii to name him as his number one goalkeeper yet again.

At the back, Alec Koskinen and Frantzko Intxausti have both retired from international football, leaving the 5 and 6 shirts in the hands of young guns Goecoechea and Caceres. In the full-back positions, Turi Varisco will finally make his debut after never having been featured in a squad before, while the dependable Corbijn retains his number two shirt

Roleplaying permissions: We frown on god-modding if there isn't a sense of humour behind it. Everything else is fine. If you'd like to injure a few players or dish out red cards for a particularly harsh game, go right ahead, go hog wild. Want to injure the entire team in a bus-crash? Fine, but make it good, or suffer the humiliation of having your limbs scattered hither and thither via a blast from my mighty ignore-cannon.

One general rule about the Audioslavian national team is that we are very, [b]very often the 'fall guy'. We've lost so many big matches - WC finals, AOCAF finals, you name it - that we've come to thrive on being the big baddie who gets their comeuppance at the end. If your team has a particular strength or tactic that they like to use, by all means use it against us and RP that it worked tremendously. The scorinator may well show us to have won, but don't let us get away with it without having had a jolly good scare first, and make sure to *really* rub it in our faces if you beat us. Anything that makes it fun to RP. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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NATIONAL STADIUM - Natunolstadion, Jansberg, 86,000

Home - Goalkeeper - Away

Kits kindly manufactured by VUCTI Kits

Manager: Andreas Jansen, 42
A definite national footballing hero of Semarland, both playing wise and managing wise, Andreas Jansen became the first ever manager to lead Semarland to the World Cup finals. A somewhat surprise appointment following the resignation of Henrik Jensen, who has gone on to manage Molsbik Arkjet, fortunately Andreas Jansen stepped in. Having already done his coaching badges before, it came as a surprise that he was appointed so early yet being a qualified coach. He proved the doubters wrong as he lead Semarland into the World Cup group stages, via the playoffs after finishing second in their group, defeating Buyan in the aforementioned playoff in an inspiring second-leg victory. He’s looking to have a solid AOCAF performance too, before going onto the next World Cup which Semarland will hope to qualify for again.

Assistant manager: Tunde Ajayi, 44
44 year old Tunde Ajayi is no stranger to the world of assistant managing. Ajayi was previously the assistant manager at Eikborg Club for four years, leading them to higher positions. Capped by Semarland 28 times, scoring twice, in his playing days he often featured at centre-back or in defensive midfield, earning him the nickname “the brick wall.” Like Jansen, he’d be interested in remaining in the coaching setup for a while - maybe as a first-team coach or just as a general tactical coach. One thing that will delight the SFA is his experience and professionalism - despite his rather young age, he has been involved in coaching setups for eight years, since he was 34 when he retired due to a knee injury. As well as being the assistant manager of the side, Ajayi is also the head coach of FC Jansberg U14s, with his children Kunle and Ibrahim playing just a few age groups below.

First team coach: Yohan Martinsson, 41
First team coach: Raul Juarez (FFD)
Tactical coach: Johan Nikkelsen, 37
Goalkeeping coach: Martin Datheim, 43
Defensive coach: Johannes Pedersen, 45
Attacking coach: Franco Fortaleza (FFD)
B team coach: Sven Svoldreik, 42
U21 coach: Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg, 40
U21 coach: Morten Poulsen, 40
Fitness coach: Rasmus Karlsen, 41
Fitness coach: Jacob Denmark, 30
Head physio: Lars Mikkelsen-Schone, 42
Physio: Mats Borg, 44
Physio: Tobias Jensen-Moller, 48
Doctor: Stefan Tramsø, 49
Doctor: Åke Ulfsson, 41
Performance analyst: Karl Jansen, 41
Performance analyst: Tobias Mikkelsen, 30
Head scout: Karl Sorensen, 42
Domestic scout: Yoann Livimbi, 30
Domestic scout: Mark Eriksen, 29
International scout: Mikkel Pedersen, 37
International scout: Soren Nathanielsen, 43
Scout: Johan Martinsen, 41
Scout: Clarck Mbala, 25
Spokesman, Mikael Stevestad, 46

#1 – GK – Blaise N’Zonzi – Age 25 – Utica United (OSR) – 13 caps
With usual first choice goalkeeper Marco Valbuena being rested for the next World Cup, Andreas Jansen has given the hard-working Blaise N’Zonzi the number one shirt. Since he’s moved to Utica United of Osarius, from Krsthaven, he’s put some really high quality performances in. It is, admittedly a tough call for Jansen to choose whether Valbuena or N’Zonzi gets the number one jersey, but with the latter having the chance to prove himself in the AOCAF, this could be a shining opportunity. N’Zonzi is no stranger to making acrobatic saves and athletic dives, and has a little hint of eccentricity that Valbuena may not have. Being a graduate of Krsthaven’s academy though, what’s the surprise? He’ll definitely be at his best to try and steal Valbuena’s starting spot.

#2 – DR – Knut Svensson – Age 28 – SC Kiel (PIS) – 38 caps
A solid, dependable full back, Knut Svensson is basically a younger version of Eirik Malsen. Having said that, you’d think he’d be playing until he was 37 for the national team, right? Wrong. Svensson’s making this AOCAF his last international tournament at just 28 to let the younger players get their chance. Seeing as he’s more of a defensive full back than an attacking one, his style won’t really fit Andreas Jansen’s new system as he looks to implement more attacking full backs into the game. Svensson has been performing very well over at SC Kiel though, with this upcoming season being his fifth ever since he moved from Lusenhagen. He says he wants to focus on his career over in the Federation, and he’d like to exit the national team on a high note.

#3 – DL – Rasmus Norregaard – Age 25 – Wye United (APX) – 26 caps
Fast, explosive, highly attacking. Just like Matur Eiriksson, except less…violent. Rasmus Norregaard was easily one of the most consistent performers in the Premarligaen last season as he guided his team FC Nuholm to their best ever finish of 4th place. This did not go unnoticed however, and almost immediately after he was signed by Apoxian side Wye United for a total of 6M. Yet to make his debut for the club, he’ll be looking to make a good impression on his new fans as Jansen has rested Matur Eiriksson for the World Cup, giving Norregaard to the opportunity to see what he can do at first choice. Norregaard is a very attacking full back, much like Eiriksson, and you can always see him making darting runs and floating in crosses. Backup for most of his international career, now it’s time for him to try and convince Jansen if he should be first choice.

#4 – DC – Matthias Karbruck – Age 34 – Ramusok United (COS) – 87 caps, 1 goal
Tough and strong, and yet at 34 he is still feared by many attackers. A somewhat journeyman throughout his career, Matthias Karbruck has played for Laastne Sportsklub, Adjurgen, Molsbik Kadet, Yeyjkyavik, Krsthaven, Koppen Rig Force, FC Jansberg and now defending Cosumarian champions Ramusok United. Like a few others, Karbruck has said this AOCAF will be his last playing involvement with the national team, as he looks to focus on his club career with Ramusok United and whoever else after that. His national career has seen him win nearly 90 caps and he’s been a regular in the Semarland defense for a long time now. His partnership with Jakob Lunds has been of the best as Semarland qualified for the World Cup for the first time in the most recent edition, and he’ll probably pass on a few tips to his successor. Like Svensson, he’ll look to exit the national team on a high note.

#5 – DC – Jakob Lunds – Age 27 – Exton FC (APX) – 80 caps, 3 goals
One of Semarland’s greatest centre-backs ever? Probably. Six years ago, Jakob Lunds was a relatively unknown centre-back whose performances for Fransborg set Njilkaer earned him a callup into Semarland’s first ever World Cup squad. Released by FC Jansberg upon the expiry of his U13-U14 contract, Lunds signed for Fransborg set Njilkaer and progressed through the academy into a first team regular. Impressive performances followed, then came the national team call, and now he is arguably one of Semarland’s greatest centre-backs, a sensation for Apoxian side Exton and touted as a potential future national team captain. 80 caps followed since that World Cup, and Lunds hasn’t looked back since. Once Marc Lygaard retires, Lygaard himself and Andreas Jansen have stated Lunds will be the next captain, an honour many Semars will dream about.

#6 – DMC – Marcel Labonne – Age 24 – Red Star Severny (PIS) – 22 caps, 2 goals
Tipped to be the next “midfield general” of the national side, when you watch Marcel Labonne play it’s easy to see why. A combative holding midfielder who can not only be tough in the tackle, he can also pick a perfect pass. A graduate of the Krsthaven academy (surprise surprise), he joined them at U8 and has progressed all the way up ever since. After helping them win the last two Premarligaen titles, Krsthaven fought off the many offers from a plethora of potential suitors, until they gave in to Polarian side Red Star Severny, who purchased the 24 year old for 10M. Before embarking on his Polarian adventure, he’ll prove to Andreas Jansen why he’s fit to become Semarland’s starting defensive midfielder. Rumours say Polarian legend and of course, Red Star manager Petter Bielsen, one of Labonne’s idols, has come personally to watch him, which’ll mean Labonne will be at his best throughout the tournament.

#7 – ML – Devante Mabaywu – Age 21 – Krsthaven – Uncapped
One of many new exciting youngsters Andreas Jansen is handing debuts to, Devante Mabaywu is a fast winger with a few tricks up his sleeve. Allocating him the number #7 shirt on his debut is seen as a bit of a gamble by many fans, but of course, not the Krsthaven ones. Impressive performances alongside central midfielder Sante Sundu for Krsthaven’s U21s saw the pair make their first-team debuts in the latter third of the season, Mabaywu also impressed for Semarland U21s in the most recent Di Bradini cup. Since Jansen’s resting Abel Nkutu, to give him time to settle in with his new teammates at Hastmead Diamante, Osarius, now’s a good chance for Mabaywu to stake his claim in the national team and possibly be Nkutu’s backup. Like Sundu, he’s been loaned to Recuecian side Recuecn FC for the upcoming UICA season.

#8 – MC – Sante Sundu – Age 20 – Krsthaven – Uncapped
One of many new exciting youngsters Andreas Jansen is handing debuts to, Sante Sundu is a reliable, calm central midfielder also capable of playing in defensive midfield. Giving him the number #8 shirt on his debut is seen as a bit of a gamble by many fans, but not of course, the Krsthaven ones. Impressive performances alongside left winger Devante Mabaywu for Krsthaven’s U21s saw the pair make their first team debuts in the latter third of a season, Sunde also impressed for Semarland U21s in the most recent Di Bradini Cup, scoring an absolute cracker from 30 yards out in the opening game. Since Jansen’s resting Demba Cisse, to give him time to settle in with his new teammates at RSK Longyearbyen Town over in Polar Islandstates, now’s a good chance for Sundu to stake his claim in the national team and possibly be Cisse, Labonne or Tunde’s backup. Like Mabaywu, he’s been loaned to Recuecian side Recuecn FC for the upcoming UICA season.

#9 – ST – Jakob Lindesfarne – Age 26 – Ulsa (EUR) – 17 caps, 13 goals
One of the most prolific strikers in recent times for Semarland, it’s a shame that Jakob Lindesfarne was only called up quite recently. The World Cup qualification campaign saw him score 10 times in 11 matches plus another in the group stages, bringing his total to 13 goals in 17 appearances. His club form for Krsthaven was impressive too, since he joined from Arkau Klub he scored 30+ goals every season. This caught the attention of some major foreign clubs of course, so he recently signed with Ulsa of Eura. Lindesfarne actually started off in non-league football with club Knaben Town, before signing for Arkrau Klub, then Krsthaven, then Eura, which could be a perfect example of “working your way up to the top.” He’s only 26, so he could have at least six years left of him, and his partnership with Marc Lygaard seems to get better and better.

#10 – ST – Marc Lygaard – Age 34 – FC Jansberg – 202 caps, 128 goals
A national hero of Semarland, Marc Lygaard became the first ever player in Semarlandic history to reach 200 caps, doing so in the World Cup group stage. He’s also Semarland’s highest goalscorer, netting a total of 128 times in his 202 appearances. He’s 34 now, so he’s probably only got a few more tournaments left in him, but he always seems to be at his best despite his age. His club form for FC Jansberg has been phenomenal once more, scoring 26 goals in the most recent UICA season and his partnership with fellow veteran, Polarian Wojciech Jagr, being ever-prolific as usual. Lygaard has stated that once he retires from football he’d like to take up a role in youth development in Jansberg, so he spent half of his holiday on courses for the necessary qualifications to earn higher coaching badges.

#11 – MR – Olle Pranich – Age 25 – Directus (EUR) – 12 caps, 5 goals
Some may say this callup is long overdue, others may never heard of him. Olle Pranich has been away from the national setup ever since he was part of the squad that won the first Meski Cup a few years ago. Despite this, he’s been in good form for Euran club Directus, yet he hasn’t been called up. Perhaps it was too far the scouts to travel? Anyway, Andreas Jansen’s given his former protégé his long awaited return, and it’s not too late considering Pranich’s 25. The Krsthaven academy graduate certainly has fierce completion though, with Diego Snow and Tipio Runen to compete against. Both are rested for the upcoming World Cup, and of course to settle in with their new clubs, so it’s a good opportunity for Pranich to force his way back in.

#12 – GK – Kojo Boakye-Yiadom – Age 21 – Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS) – 5 caps
A product of Arkrau Klub’s academy, the club already had three goalkeepers so he found himself fourth choice, mainly playing for the U21s. But a bizarre twist of fate saw Kojo Boakye-Yiadom between the sticks for one game and he thoroughly impressed. In the games he played, Arkrau mostly won or draw, but despite that they were relegated. Semarland’s goalkeeping coach Martin Datheim seemed impressed, and recommended him to his former club, Krsthaven. But FC Jansberg got in the way and included him and a very large swap deal that saw Kojo, his younger brother Kofi plus Inzazi Dulu, Guillaume Chanoure and Cenian winger Jacob Zajon go to Jansberg. A season later, he was brought by recent Polarian champions Northbrook Diamonds FK, with a certain Niko Marek impressed by him. The legendary Terns defender signed him straight away, and playing for a big club that will certainly help him in trying to get in Andreas Jansen’s future squads.

#13 – DC – Martell Chalobah – Age 20 – FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) – Uncapped
Being highly rated at 16 is one thing, but making your first team debut is another. Highly rated centre-back Martell Chalobah already totalled over 100 first team appearances at FC Nuholm in four seasons before being snapped up by Polarian side FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla for a bargain fee of 1M. Considering his contract was almost over, it could be seen more of a compensation fee but Nuholm will be kicking themselves that they didn’t offer the highly rated Chalobah a contract soon. Like most other players that’ve recently moved abroad (There seems to be a mass migration to Polar Islandstates, if you haven’t noticed, which is a good thing), he is yet to play for his club but will be hoping to be a part of the Flotilla’s defence in Divisjon One very soon. With the impending retirement of Matthias Karbruck, there’s a strong chance he’ll be paired with Jakob Lunds or backup, an equal chance he shares with the rested Soren Pedersen.

#14 – MC – Tunji Tunde – Age 21 – SK Franz Jozef City (PIS) – 24 caps, 5 goals
Nicknamed “The Metronome” for his superb passing abilities and his ability to control the midfield, Tunji Tunde is yet another highly rated young Semar who has moved abroad. Tunde struck lucky, being offered the chance to one of the greatest Polarian teams, SK Franz Jozef City. Part of one of the greatest midfields in the multiverse, Tunde will rotate in a midfield that includes Polarian national team duo Bjorn Konigstein and Luar Dardan as well as Osarian Toby Drummond, and provide the assists for Polarian NT strikers Kjartan Grndstrom and Finn Kirkkegaard and Valladarian striker Pedrinho. The highly rated youngster actually has never appeared for the U21 side before, but since he made his debut last AOCAF he has racked up 24 caps and 5 goals. FC Nuholm were upset to lose him too, as for the past three years he’s been a key part of their midfield, especially last season when they finished 4th, their best position in the Premarligaen yet. Tunde is deadly from the penalty spot and has the tendency to score a few fancy goals too, and we’re really excited to see how he progresses in Divisjon One.

#15 – AMC – Marc Strand – Age 20 – FC Endeavour (APX) – 8 caps, 4 goals
Many call him the future of Semar football, and it’s easy to see why. Talented attacking midfielder Marc Strand was signed by the best club in the highest ranked league in the multiverse, FC Endeavour of Apox. Signing him for 15M obviously proves how much talent he has, and we have no doubt he’ll be a success there. A clever attacking midfielder with an eye for goal, in his eight national team appearances he has netted four times, on average once every two games, and for a 20 year old attacking midfielder that is very good. Strand holds the highest assist records for FC Jansberg from U14 up to U21 level and got many in his 67 first team appearances too. The sale of him to FC Endeavour was a shock to many, but it was quite a good amount of money for a 20 year olds. Jansberg fans will wish him the best, and he’ll always be one of their own, and they’ll hope he does well in this AOCAF. Except him to start, considering Demba Cisse is rested.

#16 – ST – Isaac Nketiah – Age 18 – FC Torshavn (PIS) (On loan from FC Jansberg) – Uncapped
Clubs such as FC Jansberg, Krsthaven and FC Nuholm have a reputation for producing high quality young players and quite a lot of the players in this squad come from those clubs. Isaac Nketiah comes from the first one, and he is one of many promising young strikers from Semarland’s biggest club. The highly rated youngster forms an electric partnership with Serge Mavididi, who is also included in the squad. The duo made their first team debuts aged 17, in the second year of their scholarship, and recently after signing professional terms, they have both been loaned out to Polarian side FC Torshavn for this UICA season. Nketiah is a powerful striker who is able to run, run and run and barge his way through the defence then smack it home. It is speculated that the Nketiah/Mavididi partnership is going to be the next Lygaard/Lindesfarne, but the two have fierce competition from many other promising young Semar strikers.

#17 – DMC – Emmanuel Sambu – Age 18 – FC Jansberg – Uncapped
Very well built for an 18 year old, Emmanuel Sambu is a more “I’ll-break-your-fucking-legs” type of a defensive midfielder than the calm, composed Marcel Labonne. Originally on the books of FC Kolberg, he was released as an U14 before signing with the Semarluundik Natunol Akademik, where he played at U15 and U16 level before signing a scholarship with FC Jansberg. He has gone on to make 21 first team appearances in the last two seasons, but is yet to be capped by the U21s. Now, Andreas Jansen sees the perfect time to develop him early, to give him some early yet vital experience in the AOCAF. Will he feature in the next World Cup? Maybe. It depends whether Jansen will use the number 17 for a backup winger, a defensive midfielder or a striker. But if he puts some good performances in when he plays, he’s almost certainly guaranteed to feature again in the future.

#18 – ST – Serge Mavididi – Age 18 – FC Torshavn (PIS) (On loan from FC Jansberg) – Uncapped
Clubs such as FC Jansberg, Krsthaven and FC Nuholm have a reputation for producing high quality young players and quite a lot of the players in this squad come from those clubs. Serge Mavididi comes from the first one, and he is one of many promising young strikers from Semarland’s biggest club. The highly rated youngster forms an electric partnership with Isaac Nketiah, who is also included in the squad. The duo made their first team debuts aged 17, in the second year of their scholarship, and recently after signing professional terms, they have both been loaned out to Polarian side FC Torshavn for this UICA season. Mavididi is slightly different to Nketiah, still a powerful striker but he’s probably stronger in the air. Get a good cross in Mavididi will be there to head it home. That being said, he’s still able to score with his feet of course, but he’s a very dominating in the air and a major threat from set pieces. It is speculated that the Nketiah/Mavididi partnership is going to be the next Lygaard/Lindesfarne, but the two have fierce competition from many other promising young Semar strikers.

#19 – DR – Nathaniel Oseni – Age 20 - Molsbik Arkjet – Uncapped
A powerful attacking right-back, Nathaniel Oseni is tipped to be the successor to fill in the gap that Eirik Malsen left. Oseni deputised for Malsen whilst the veteran full-back spent some time off to do his coaching badges and such, Oseni impressed thoroughly and ended up moving the ever-reliable Malsen to the bench. Andreas Jansen is known for taking risks, and all the ones so far have paid off. Oseni did not feature in the Di Bradini cup squad, but since then he has been the starting right-back for the U21s where he has thoroughly impressed Jansen and U21 head coaches Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg and Morten Poulsen. With Svensson retiring, now’s the chance for Oseni to prove to Jansen why he deserves to be the national team’s next starting right-back for a long time.

#20 – AMC – Florent Marcssen – Age 20 - Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS) – 7 caps, 1 goal
Not so long ago, Florent Marcssen was a virtually unknown name in the Semarland squad for the World Cup qualification. After a few impressive displays, he made the final cut and played twice in the World Cup group stages. Marcssen impressed for Copenbrok Klub, guiding them to promotion by having the highest amount of assists in the 2Ligaen and impressed very well against some of the big teams of Semarland in pre-season, against some full-strength sides. Polarian side Jan Mayen Islanders, who are in need of a spark to get them back into the Globe Cup spots, acquired Marcssen who becomes yet another lucky young Semar to embark on a Polarian adventure. He’ll have to perform at his best, as he has intense competition with Marc Strand to who is designated as the national team’s first choice designated attacking midfielder.

#21 – DL – Martin Eriksen – Age 20 – New Oxford Nucleus (CEN) – Uncapped
Yet another Krsthaven academy product, Martin Eriksen recently moved abroad in a surprise move to Cenian side New Oxford Nucleus. An attacking full back like most Semar full backs are, it’s fair to say he isn’t as attacking as Eiriksson and Norregaard, perhaps more near to balanced than attacking, yet still talented nonetheless. His strong performances for Krsthaven as they won the Premarligaen twice in succession attracted the interest of Cenian clubs, and after negotiations he signed for New Oxford Nucleus for a fee of 2M. A regular for the U21s where he has continuously impressed, the resting of Eiriksson provides the perfect opportunity for Eriksen to showcase his talents.

#22 – GK – Marc Lindholm – Age 19 – Fransborg set Njilkaer – Uncapped
Marc Lindholm is yet another player in a long line of talented goalkeepers pushing their way into the squad. Lindholm has seen himself as second choice for Fransborg set Njilkaer, often alternating with Dario Blancio. Considering Blancio has been loaned out, Lindholm will probably be second choice to new Polarian goalkeeper Sander Frostad, but has the potential to start a few games. An athletic, reliable goalkeeper, Lindholm has the potential to be Semarland’s number one. His impressive performances for the U21s at the Di Bradini cup has shown why Andreas Jansen has included him, and now is a good time to start getting him involved with the senior team.

#23 – ST – Nicklas Church – Age 19 - Fryi Frêndê (FFD) – Uncapped
Promising young striker Nicklas Church’s only prior international experience is a few U21 caps and that’s absolutely it. Despite that, he had some good form for Eikborg Club, netting 10 times in 19 matches at just 18 is phenomenal. A recent move to Fryi Frêndê should try and kick start his international career, because if he performs well in the Farf league then that should attract the attention of Andreas Jansen more. Due to Jansen resting Yannick Simeone and Amos Nkuna-Ybangwa, Church has been given the nod and so he will use this AOCAF to prove himself on the big stage. He’s a very good poacher, and can make the best out of tight situations but it’s fair to say he’ll need some more time to develop. Once he is developed though, he’s got good potential to be possibly one of Semarland’s best.

Starting XI (4-1-2-1-2):

STYLE MOD = +3.500
I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
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Postby Lindmark » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:32 am

Lindmark national football team

Manager: Leon Korstensen (SEM), 39
Previously an attacking midfielder who made over 75 appearances for the Semar national team, and spent the majority of career at his boyhood club, Krsthaven, this is his only his third job. After leading FK Lindhaven to the title, the LFA appointed him as manager. Previously, he was joint assistant for Semarland B to Sven Svoldreik and Semarland U21 to Tomas Surensen.

Assistant manager: Mattias Neuerstadt (SEM), 32
After being ruled out with a long term injury, the then Eikland Sport midfielder decided to take his coaching badges. Was appointed temporary assistant to Korstensen at FK Lindhaven last season, and temporary assistant to Korstensen for last AOCAF. Now retired from professional football, he's now Korstensen's full-time assistant.

#1 - Mattias Eklund - GK - Age 27 - FK Nordsjaelland
#12 - Erik Prada - GK - Age 24 - Linqvist Town
#22 - Jukka Kleinstad - GK - Age 18 - Stonlund AFK
Reliable, safe handed goalkeeper Mattias Eklund is no doubt first choice for Korstensen, but Erik Prada and Jukka Kleinstad are solid backups. Prada is also eligible for the Naaroe Islands, the country he was born in whilst Kleinstad remarkably has been Stonlund's first choice goalkeeper since the age of 15.

#2 - Marc Johansen - DL - Age 24 - Midtjylland
#3 - Johannes Petterson - DR - Age 25 - Saint Johan Square
#4 - Eric Holm - DC - Age 34 - FK Bondsburgh
#5 - Jacob Sundstrom - DC - Age 27 - FK Lindhaven

#13 - Peder Svensson - DC - Age 34 - Linqvist Town
#14 - Petter Kvist - DL - Age 27 - Linqvist Town
#16 - Rasmus Helle - DR - Age 27 - Lindstrommer FC
#17 - Roland Aleksson - DC - Age 25 - Saint Johan Square
Johannes Petterson is the new face in this defensive starting lineup, replacing Kalle Randrup. Rasmus Helle and Roland Aleksson also come in to substitute for Knut Hansson and Roland Lygaard respectively. Veteran defender Eric Holm and Jacob Sundstrom will start in defence, with Holm and left-back Marc Johansen having Peder Svensson and Petter Kvist to deputise for them.

#6 - Mikkel Larsson - MC - Age 32 - Brande and Eriknavr
#7 - Soren Karlstrom - ML - Age 28 - Tknevvik
#8 - Martin Sunde - DMC - Age 27 - FK Lindhaven
#11 - Johan Clarke - MR - Age 25 - FK Lindhaven

#15 - Lars Rasmussen - AMC - Age 25 - Nelshaven Town
#18 - Mads Vinter - MR - Age 22 - Askstad United
#19 - Yohan Borg - MC - Age 24 - Stonlund AFK
#21 - Brandon Christiansen - ML - Age 23 - Sorenstrom United
#23 - Marc Lindroos - MC - Age 21 - FK Lindhaven
Karlstrom, Sunde, Larsson and Clarke are the likely starting midfielders, who provide a source of experience. Highly rated trio Borg, Lindroos and Rasmussen will likely start on the bench but are there to insert creative, attacking flair when needed. Christiansen and Vinter are good backup for Karlstrom and Clarke too.

#9 - Jonas Clarke - ST - Age 25 - FK Lindhaven
#10 - Knut Lindstrom - ST - Age 27 - FK Lindhaven

#20 - Peder Sorensen - ST - Age 30 - Larstad Town Bay
There are only three strikers in the squad, FK Lindhaven duo Clarke and Lindstrom and Larstad Town Bay's target man Peder Sorensen. Each are all of good capabilities, with them being the top three goalscorers in the Lindish Premjaerdivisjon, but the younger and faster Clarke and Lindstrom will likely get the nod over Sorensen, who should feature though.

Starting XI (4-4-2):
GK – Mattias Eklund
DL – Marc Johansen
DC – Eric Holm
DC – Jacob Sundstrom
DR – Johannes Pettersson
ML – Soren Karlstrom
MC – Martin Sunde
MC – Mikkel Larsson
MR – Johan Clarke
ST – Knut Lindstrom
ST – Jonas Clarke

Style Mod = +2.750
I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y, TG me first.
Yellow Card Players: Y
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
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Postby Farfadillis » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:19 pm

The Freisan Farf Freitball Francitian hereby presents the Farf roster for the 48th Edition of the AOCAF Cup
Nation Name: The Oulandish Lands of Farfadillis
Demonym: Farf (plural Farves)
Team Nickname: La Vherderoja
Honours: AOCAF Cup 43 Winners

Provided by Kirola

Name: Steffan Pekarik
Age: 57
First Cycle: 69
Record: 57-17-17
Win Percentage: 62%
Description: Pekarik once played for the Terns as a left-back. Well, not once, but a hundred and forty one times. He managed to get fifteen assists and six goals and even captained his country once. On club level, he played for East Franz Athletic, Urajbina of Kagdazka and Pazhujebu, and then FC Axel Heiburg, winning the Champions' Cup as captain before retiring and going into a coaching role with the club. He later followed manager Morten Rasmussen to the Terns to become assistant manager through all the Terns' final appearances. He's got a preference for defensive football, but here he is managing Farfadillis. Steffan is famously hard on his players if they're found to be guilty of complacency or lazy play, and he drills his players hard on the training pitch. Some Farf players have caused him a couple of headaches as a result, Terán being the worst offender with Mata fast on his trail. He's not afraid of ruffling feathers with popular/lazy/show pony players. He'll take no prisoners, suffer no fools, and allow no airs or graces. Everyone works hard, everyone gets the rewards. That's the philosophy he's been trying to make prevail facing this particularly eccentric national team he's chosen, and he's had certainly... varying degrees of success. The fight's been hard so far, and, though he's not achieved the best of results, he sure has been making the team progress, at least defensively. Except for when it matters. Finally giving up, in a way, Pekarik has accepted to adopt a more 'Farf' mindset from here on. It did seem to work last World Cup, what with being the only team to make Pasarga drop points.

Assistant Manager
Name: Casper Baek
Age: 50
First Cycle: 69
Description: Casper Baek has been one of the most celebrated one-club-players in recent Valhallan history. Turning out his entire career for FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls until he reached forty and finally retired, Baek has eased naturally into a coaching role, and his vast playing experience will be a valuable resource for any team that employs him. He has a keen eye for man-management, so whenever Pekarik gets angry and shouts at people, it will be Baek who picks them up, dusts them down, and tells them they can do it. Nonetheless, he will be a loyal assistant to Pekarik.

Name: Radek Greve
Age: 48
First Cycle: 69
Description: Radek Greve now holds the title of first physiotherapist of the Farf national football team. When Pekarik arrived, he quickly noticed that the FFFF had never appointed someone to take care of the players, and soon put forward Radek's name.

#1 - GK
Name: Rôhj Tzâín Üjkân
Age: 29
Positions: GK
Team: Image Âlâmëómë Image
Description: The Rulandese heir to Lisdiren's throne. Though Erfaon left a huge hole to be filled, Rôhj's done it more than decently. No, he's not as good as his predecessor, but he's still second-best for best Farf keeper in history. A true one-club man, he's been at Mâ Âlâmëómë all his life, amassing more experience than he could've asked for. Flashy and acrobatic, but not tall, which is often his biggest shortcoming. Used to be his second biggest, though, but he's left his laziness behind in part thanks to a certain new Polarian manager who just wouldn't have any of the nonsense. At least not in excessive amounts. Poor Steffan is still managing Farfadillis, after all.

#2 - LB
Name: Cleto Mata Tarariras
Age: 31
Positions: LB/CB/RB
Team: Image Gwinevra Barbarians Image
Description: Mata's been defending la Vherderoja for more than half his life. He defended a Farf squad nefore growing hair in his buttcrack. First the under fifteens, then the Di Bradini Cup and, finally, the senior squad. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Cleto's among the Farfest of players in this squad, in spite of being a defender. He's not bad at defending, no, he's actually excellent at it by Farf standards (that is to say, he's good). What catches the eye, though, is his offensive game. He likes to dribble his way into the opponent's side of the pitch, he's great at creating counterattacks, and he's actually very good at running down the flank and crossing. Sometimes he even surprises defenders by cutting in and adapting to an inside forward role for a few seconds. Pekarik took quite some time to finally warm up to him, but at the end of the day he's opened his mind and accepted that, even though Cleto's different, he's still pretty good.

#6 - CB
Name: Ivaktör Mâr Bârr Rîk-Ândré
Age: 29
Positions: CB
Team: Image Northbrook Diamonds Image
Description: Though maybe at the time not many would've predicted it, Ivaktör has turned out to be one of Dí Maozöxê's finest academy products. This is, funnily enough, mostly a result of him leaving the Rulandese team at a very young age. He joined Sunrisian team Darveston City, getting much-appreciated exposure that earned him a call-up to a Di Bradini squad that ended up winning the whole thing. He performed really well in that tournament, one thing led to another and he ended up signing for Northbrook Diamonds. Niko Marek was his teacher there, so things just couldn't go wrong. In fact, they went so not wrongthat he ended up a pretty normal defender despite his nationality. Bârr's a tall, strong and aggressive defender with an acute understanding of the game. His presence in the box is huge, which was perfectly demonstrated when he scored the title-winning goal for the Diamonds last season. He's in the form of his life.

#4 - RB
Name: Drê Tâás Röènôùjýâ Ìrrýbâuzârâ
Age: 23
Positions: LB/LM/RB
Team: Image Violence Chariots Image
Description: Drê started his career playing for Sunrisian team Neuville Scyther's youth team. His performances there earned him a move back to Mâ Âlâmëómë very quickly. Back in Farfadillis, he became one of the hottest young prospectsin the league. Stringing a great performance after another for seasons on end. His development has stagnated a bit, though, and many blame his one-dimensionality. He's truly great filling in the role of kamikaze wingback that is so typical of Farf teams, but in his position defending is still important, and he's neglected it after so many years in the FFL. A move to Nepharim team Violence Chariots might set that right, however. Obviously, he's got the talent, as is evidenced by the fact that Pekarik called him up despite his preferrence for defensive defenders. Also, don't worry: even Farves have a hard time with his name.

#5 - CM
Name: Yurpá Mêndêlöíndçêl Nüyntâk
Age: 35
Positions: DM/CM
Team: Image Dwile Warriors Image
Description: Yurpá's played literally every game the national team has played. All of them. His caps record will not be beaten, that is guaranteed. He's the one that wears the captain's armband, which should come as no surprise. His timing for challenges is impeccable, and he's got a borderline unhealthy understanding of the game. He's easily one of the most defensively-capable players in the game. No, we don't know what he's doing here. It puzzles us too. Even at the not-so-tender age of thirty.five, Yurpá can still run frenzily all game long. It's beginning to get suspicious, even. He's good like any Farf at the offensive side of the game. He can pass and dribble, though it's not where he shines. His shots are powerful, though, and they can definitely trouble goalkeepers. He's the only Farf player to win the Champions' Cup to this day. This is his last AOCAF Cup, so he'll be looking to make the most out of it.

#11 - LM
Name: Rübéãn Tôr Rämír
Age: 24
Positions: LM/RM/LW/RW
Team: Image FC Endeavour Image
Description: Tôr is the kind of player that could've started aged twenty if he had been born a tad earlier. However, Fôx and Kâí are two players that just can't be displaced, as is evidenced by the fact that Tôr's now finally a starter without having actually displaced either of them. Rübéãn has got an admirable workrate, even if his defensive skilles are decidedly average. He's got stunning technique, and a knack for the unexpected. He likes to play a more vertical style, so we're likely to see the team trying more through passes with Tôr's presence. He's a bit of a stepdown from Risko, but he is also very different, something the team appreciates as the tactics were getting very much predictable. It's also worth noting that he's fast and pretty ambiextrous, which pretty much doubles how dangerous he is.

#3 - OM
Name: Alex Terán Loya
Age: 32
Positions: CM/OM
Team: Image FC Endeavour Image
Description: Terán is the kind of player Pekarik absolutely hates. He's clueless tactically, his workrate leaves something to be desired and he rarely takes things seriously. Thing is, he's also a case of natural talent taking a player very far. It's difficult to find someone as unpredictable as Terán. He can single-handedly turn a game around when things are not going well, and make his team play better just by being there. His ventures into the opposing box are very dangerous, too, as is evidenced by his goalscoring record. Overall a very particular kind of player, and one Pekarik has had a particularly painful time warming up to. He may be getting old, but he's never been reliant on his physical attributes, so it'll be hard to write him off for some time yet. Wínrôuge's biggest will likely be displacing him. Alex is loved by Endeavour's fans, and it's totally justified, as he's been one of their best players for quite a long time now.

#10 - OM
Name: Matías Delafuente Obrero
Age: 27
Positions: CM/OM
Team: Image Holdenberg Image
Description: La Nueva Avenida are evidently pretty good at producing creative midfielders. Just like Terán, Delafuente is also a Novan youth product, albeit one that left before he even started a game. He's a different kind of player, though. He's far more one-dimensional. The very reason he's here is his playmaking. He's not particularly good at scoring himself, nor is he very good at defending, but he makes the team's game that much more fluid. His vision and passing are simply unmatched by players in this squad. Unlike his Apoxian-based counterpart, he adds a layer of tactical awareness to his game that just makes him deadlier. If you don't let the ball get to him rather cleanly, he becomes a non-factor. But good luck doing that.

#9 - RM
Name: Mâás Jân Fôx Düçélájé
Age: 29
Positions: RM/RW
Team: Image Directus Image
Description: Officially among the twenty-five most influential players of the Euraleague, it's not really hard to see why. Fôx is an attacker so versatile it's just impossible to have a definitive answer to him. He likes to cut in to make the most out of his sharp eye for passes, but he's fast and ambidextrous, so he can just keep running down the flank and crossing if he wishes. What's more, he's also a great set piece taker, really consistent and really strong mentally. However, despite his vast skillset and overall completeness as an attacker, he's got his downsides. He's not good defensively, as you probably could've guessed, and physically he's always been pretty bad. He's gotten better, though! He can now endure entire matches! That said, don't expect him to give a hundred percent all match, it's probably not for the better anyway.

#8 - ST
Name: Risko Kâí Tüzá
Age: 31
Positions: LM/LW/ST
Team: Image Âlâmëómë Image
Description: Risko's the best player the national team has to offer, though he's gonna have to adapt to his role as a striker now that Dandalleion's not a part of the starting eleven anymore. His dribbling is on another level, he's really pacey and he's great at finding spaces. His crossing is great, and so is his finishing. He's just deadly at whatever he does, provided it's offensive and not defensive. He's no slouch in defense, though, but now that he's playing as a striker that's a non-factor, anyway. He's not good at jumping or heading, though, so expect the team to cross less than when Dandalleion started. That's fine, though, cause Risko was the one who crossed most of the time anyway, and Tôr doesn't do it so much.

#7 - ST
Name: José Torino Fuego Teixidó
Age: 27
Positions: ST
Team: Image FC Axel Heiburg Image
Description: Brother of Lorenzo Fuego, capped, and Pablo Fuego, a legend at yo-yo club Tifón De La Costa. He started playing for a lowly-club in the third tier of the Farf pyramid, Flamagua, but after he left they were already in the top tier. And yes, it was mostly thanks to him. After playing for the Flames, he signed for Mytanar club Liria Prizren. But then there was a civil war and that wasn't cool. So he moved to Polarian outfit Axel Heiburg. Cue big freeze. So yeah, domestically, he's not the luckiest guy, but his talent is undeniable. He's got very good dribbling and positioning, as well as clinical finishing. He's become a bit of a terror in the air lately, and his fighting spirit is absolutely commendable. Overall, an extremely complete striker.


Name: Ascensión Espiritual Ekvinter González
Age: 28
Positions: GK
Team: Image Avenida Victoria Image
Description: Ekvinter's by all accounts a very good goalkeeper. He's been a vital part of the Victorians' line-up for almost as long as he's been professional. However, Tzâín is simply the superior choice, and there's little he can do about it. Nonetheless, the difference in quality is not too big, and a serious in dip in form from the Rulandese could see the Faroleran rising up to take his place. It's unlikely, but not impossible.

Name: Calogero André Metz Lille
Age: 22
Positions: GK
Team: Image Mallox Image
Description: Calogero will, in all likelihood, wear the #1 jersey for Farfadillis at some point in his career. Pekarik's aware of that so he has decided to ease him into the squad by calling him up, even over more talented goalkeeper like Sifé Rigutti. This is a tree in whose shade Pekarik might not sit, but it's still a necessary step. Steffan's evidently got some kind of blind faith, in fact, because Calogero conceded ninety-nine goals last season as Deportí Agaumi ended up dead-bottom of the table. Sure, he didn't do badly, but it was a risky call nonetheless.

Name: Thjorgias Archere Pickton Exhaurré
Age: 22
Positions: CB/RB/DM
Team: Image La Nueva Avenida Image
Description: The Farf son of Apoxian Grant Pickton, one of the most influential players in the history of the Farf league. Also, yes, Grant was daft enough to name his son so extravagantly. But, after all, anything goes in Farfadillis as far as names are concerned. He's somewhere between Ivaktör Bârr's slightly Farf defending and Mata's overzealous Farf defending, and really, at this stage of his development, he could swing either way depending on the kind of coaching he gets. Currently, Pekarik's his defensive influence, while his father, who is also his manager at La Nueva Avenida, is his offensive influence. His tough tackling and surprisingly good technique are something neither of them will beat out of him, though.

Name: Leonhard Emanuel Mixé Santomarí
Age: 27
Positions: CB/LB/RB
Team: Image Urbanista Image
Description: Mixé's been working his ass off under the radar for a while now, and it's finally paying dividends. A string of good seasons at Urbanista, who play, if your memory would like a little refreshing, in the best league of the Multiverse, meant Pekarik couldn't just not call him up. Plus, Mixé's a rather typical defender just like Bârr, though it's a step-down in quality. He can read the game well and his tackles are usually on-point. He can fill in as fullback (as an actual fullback), which is much appreciated after Alaminos' unfortunate injury.

Name: John Dragonslayer Richardson
Age: 26
Positions: CB/RB
Team: Image SC Kiel Image
Description: John's the son of Apoxians, but he was born and raised in Farfadillis. Aged just fourteen, though, he signed for Waldenøya Bears (no, we don't know how that happened) of Polar Islandstates. He played there until he turned twenty-five and signed for SC Kiel, who were terrific last season. Dragonslayer's an absolute animal. He's probably injured more players than he's scored goals. However, his talent is undeniable. Also, yes four defenders in this squad are related in some way or another to Apox. Interesting, isn't it?

Name: Ruy Alexander Monrazón Dianaslocas
Age: 20
Positions: DM/CM
Team: Image Gwinevra Barbarians Image
Description: A tough tackler with a warrior's spirit and a great understanding of the game, Ruy is the heir to the captain's armband. Absolutely nobody has dared question that. Not Pekarik, not the players, not the fans, not Yurpá, not him. He's a born leader. Outgoing and inspirational. In the very words of one of his teammates, : “He leads by example. Maybe he won't ask you to work your socks off, but you will see him putting in so much effort you'll just feel obliged to.” And that's aged twenty. Experience will only make him mellow. Recently moved from his beloved Avenida Leal to Apoxian big giants Gwinevra Barbarians, where he's expected to excel immediately. If a Boom! Best Young Player award is anything to go by, Ruy's got what is needed.

Name: Ostadar Arambilet Olitzar
Age: 28
Positions: CM
Team: Image Avenida Leal Image
Description: Born and raised in Astograth, son of Gaur Arambilet (so destined for stardom) and originally an Astograthian NTer. What happened? Gaskon Ugarte went all Lord Protector on his people's ass. Ostadar had liked it in Farfadillis after playing for Avenida Leal for a few years, so when he was offered a spot in the national team, he didn't turn the offer down. As some Polarians could lead you to believe, this is not cause of controversy in Farfadillis. Arambilet is Farf and that's the end of it. He helps keep the defense cohesive and he's very offensively-capable (his long shots are particularly good), mainly because he's been playing in the Farf league for a decade. He excels in neither defense nor offense, but he's still a player few clubs wouldn't like to have. He'll probably be the one who replaces Mêndêlöíndçêl, but Monrazón's breathing down his neck. The relationship between them is allegedly very friendly, though, what with sharing a team until Ruy's move and all.

Name: Iñaki Jair Ibarra Desábato
Age: 24
Positions: RM/RW
Team: Image Avenida Principal Image
Description: Iñaki's debút was just three years ago, aged twenty-one. Libertarian Ferdullaele discovered him because of a one-off nation-wide scouting project. That season, he single-handedly saved them from relegation. After that, he moved to Avenida Principal, the team he supports. There, with his pace, craftiness and consistency, he cemented himself as one of the best players in the league. He plays with a youthful vigour hard to match. It is to be expected, though, as he's living the dream. Not long ago he'd be working at a factory, after all.

Name: Fôrté Mâás Wínrôuge Çíânflöné
Age: 19
Positions: OM
Team: Image Âlâmëómë Image
Description: Occasionally, a Farf player appears that is just something completely different. So far, it's been Friekder Dandalleion and Risko Kâí. Now we have the third term of the series, that some started to believe would never arrive. Fôrté's workrate's very bad, and he might be the worst player in the world when it comes to tackling, but he's as scary as offensive midfielders come. Vicious and knotty dribbling, defense-splitting passing, a striker's sense of smell and, most importantly, ambidexterity have made this player far too much for defenders in the FFL to handle, even at such a young age. His growth as a player has been stunning, and it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon.

Name: Rüx Çìró Albuquerque
Age: 17
Positions: LM/LW
Team: Image Neuville Scythers Image
Description: There's been a pretty big shortage of wingers recently, and as a result Jê's gotten the frankly extremely surprising call-up. Jê's a winger with staggering pace and dribbling. He cuts in often, but he's great at just outpacing and crossing. His workrate is commendable, and his defensive skillset not too shabby. He's got the potential to roughly match Mâás Fôx. He's got a curse when it comes to penalties, though. His father was killed because of him missing one in a regional compeition for Dí Maozöxê's youth team (hence him playing for Neuville Scythers now), and to add insult to injury he missed the decisive penalty against Semarland last U18WC. The Semars went on to win the whole thing.

Name: Friekder Dandalleion Ígneo
Age: 36
Positions: LM/LW/RM/RW/OM/ST
Team: Image Jungle Strike Image
Description: Easily the most famous Farf player in history, Dandalleion is simply a legend. Originally a swamp football player, Dandalleion's meteoric rise to stardom can even be described as unrealistic. A legend for his national team and for Jungle Strike, where he's been perhaps the most influential player in history, Dandalleion's now pretty old. With the years he's gone from Olympics-entrant fast to still pretty damn fast, and his endurance has decayed considerably. However, even though his speed is no longer his most lethal tool, he's still the same extremely complete and versatile player we know. Still a clinical finisher, still an aerial menace, still a nightmare to defenses. He originally planned to retire after last World Cup, but he's decided missing a decisive penalty against the Holy Empire was not the right way to go out. He's willingly stepped down from the starting eleven, however, as Pekarik and him both understand it's more beneficial for the team if a yonger player like Rübéãn Tôr starts getting more playing time.

Name: Elexhé Renzo Nofzaleiné Tüjâká
Age: 22
Positions: ST
Team: Image Avenida Principal Image
Description: Farf strikers are usually pictured as very pacey. Dandalleion, Roga, Tenian, the Fuego brothers, Dragãozý, Cornelio. Tenian was the slowest out of them, and his explosiveness in the box was still his most remarkable strength. How funny then, that one of Farfadillis' most exciting young strikers is slightly lacking in that department. Yes, his running speed is pretty average, but he more than makes up for that with a first touch that puts even Bârr's rudimentary long passes to sleep, a knack for exploiting bad positioning and some very clinical finishing. He's also a very resourceful striker. He always attempts to pull off unorthodox ways to score when they're all that's left, without every worrying over how ridiculous he might end up looking. He often screws up, as you'd expect, but, when he nails it, it's memorable.

Starting XI


Style Modifier
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Postby Semarland » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:56 am

Semarland 7-1 Lindmark
Pre-AOCAF Friendly
Natunolstadion, Jansberg, Semarland
Home Manager - Referee - Away Manager

Andreas Jansen (SEM) - Rigo Kapanapo (OSR) - Leon Korstensen (LDN)
Maximum six substitutes used from each team

Semarland (4-1-2-1-2): Marc Lindholm, Martin Eriksen (Devante Mabaywu 73), Jakob Lunds (c), Martell Chalobah, Nathaniel Oseni (Olle Pranich 73), Emmanuel Sambu, Tunji Tunde (Sante Sundu 73), Marcel Labonne (Florent Marcssen 73), Marc Strand, Isaac Nketiah (Nicklas Church HT), Serge Mavididi (Marc Lygaard HT)

Lindmark (4-5-1): Jukka Kleinstad (Erik Prada 63), Petter Kvist, Peder Svensson, Roland Aleksson (Jacob Sundstrom HT), Rasmus Helle (Johannes Pettersson 76), Brandon Christiansen, Marc Lindroos, Yohan Borg, Lars Rasmussen (Martin Sunde HT), Mads Vinter (Johan Clarke 63), Peder Sorensen (Jonas Clarke HT)

Semarland kicked off their trio of Pre-AOCAF friendlies with a resounding 7-1 victory over Lindmark last night.

Manager Andreas Jansen handed debuts to seven of the starting eleven, with three of those getting on the scoresheet and looking impressive throughout the game. The Lindish side also included the highly rated Marc Lindroos, with the attacking midfielder linked with moves abroad following some impressive performances for club and country.

It was Isaac Nketiah to open the scoring with a calm finish after receiving the ball from Tunji Tunde. Tunde, who recently signed with SK Franz Jozef City of Polar Islandstates played a lovely through ball over the heads of Petter Kvist and Peder Svensson for Nketiah to calmly trap it, swivel past Roland Aleksson and calmly place it past Jukka Kleinstad, like a seasoned professional.

The Lindish seemed dazed after that, and an error from Rasmus Helle gifted Marc Strand to run through and square it to Serge Mavididi who powered home for a debut goal too. The Strand-Nketiah-Mavididi triangle was recently broken, at least at club form considering the trio have all moved away from FC Jansberg, the latter two on a temporary basis.

Now the second goal did spark some life into Lindmark who came close with Yohan Borg hitting the bar and Peder Sorensen heading wide, but nothing really troubling Marc Lindholm. Martell Chalobah looked very composed in the centre, and with the guidance of Jakob Lunds the two could be one of Semarland’s best defensive partnerships in the modern era.

Semarland could add a third just before half time with a rocket from Emmanuel Sambu from 30 yards out. Sambu, also making his debut received the ball from Marcel Labonne before lashing it first time into the top right hand goal of Jukka Kleinstad’s goal. Three goals for three debutees was outstanding, and the FC Jansberg academy staff must be extremely proud considering the trio are all graduates from the academy, all signing their scholarships in the summer of 2016.

Both teams made two changes at half time – Nketiah and Mavididi were replaced by Marc Lygaard and Nicklas Church, whilst Lindmark brought on Jacob Sundstrom for Aleksson and Martin Sunde for Rasmussen.

The arrival of Sunde in the Lindish midfield spurred them on a little bit with Sunde hitting the bar and Borg scraping the post. The Lindish did get a goal however, Marc Lindroos tapping home Rasmus Helle’s low cross after he was left unmarked, a mistake Jakob Lunds certainly will be reviewing after the match.

But Semarland weren’t unfazed and scored two more, from Marc Lygaard and Marcel Labonne before Marc Strand’s free kick crept in at the left hand post with five minutes to play. Twelve minutes previous to Strand’s goal, Devante Mabaywu was brought on at left-back for Eriksen and Olle Pranich at right-back for Oseni, alongside Sante Sundu replacing Tunde and Florent Marcssen replacing Labonne.

A neat one-two between Marcssen and Church allowed the former to slot home the seventh and final goal past Jukka Kleinstad. The win will give Semarland confidence going onto their next friendlies against Osarius and the Royal Kingdom of Quebec before they progress into AOCAF Group A, alongside hosts Krytenia, Swilatia and Ko-oren.

Semarland 1-3 Osarius
Pre-AOCAF Friendly
Natunolstadion, Jansberg, Semarland
Home Manager - Referee - Away Manager

Andreas Jansen (SEM) – Gaspard Georges-Leblanc (QUE) - (OSR)
Maximum six substitutes used from each team

Semarland (4-4-2): Blaise N’Zonzi, Rasmus Norregaard, Jakob Lunds (Martell Chalobah HT), Matthias Karbruck, Knut Svensson (Nathaniel Oseni HT), Devante Mabaywu (Florent Marcssen 60), Marcel Labonne, Sante Sundu (Tunji Tunde 60), Olle Pranich, Marc Lygaard (Isaac Nketiah HT), Jakob Lindesfarne (Serge Mavididi 80)

Osarius (4-4-2): Bartolo Monteforte, Theodore Prince, Emanuele Riviello (Clemente Jaconelli 62), Fabricio Gallardo (Jorge Santana 71), Nathaniel Porter, Alex Marshall, Kayode Afolayan (Salvador Juarez 71), Casim Gordon (Emilio Tapia 71), Jerome Monroe (Trevor Ward 71), Marco Puntoriero, Salvotore Laccona (Esteban Crespo 62)

Devante Mabaywu and Sante Sundu were handed their full debuts as Semarland crashed to a 3-1 defeat by Osarius.

The Osarian side included duo Lika Faratamu and Casim Gordon, who recently signed for FC Jansberg and Eikborg Club respectively. Both created trouble in the central of midfield, Faratamu in playing a more defensive role and Gordon as an attacking threat, linking up with Marshall, Monroe, Puntoriero and Laccona.

It was Monroe who got the opening goal, slotting home after controlling Theodore Prince’s crossfield ball nicely, knocking it past Norregaard then bending it past Blaise N’Zonzi’s outstretched hand. Definitely a sublime finish, but a poor mistake from Norregaard to let Monroe beat him easily like that.

Monroe was a major threat on the wings, supplying a perfect cross for Marco Puntoriero to rise highest and powerfully head home with ease. Semarland responded well though, with Jakob Lindesfarne flicking it past Monteforte from Olle Pranich’s cross.

But Osarius were able to seal the game in the second half as Marco Puntoriero struck home a second, with a dipping volley that he smacked first time past N’Zonzi that shows what a phenomenal striker he is. Despite the loss, it will motivate Semarland to do well in their final friendly against the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.

Semarland 5-1 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Pre-AOCAF Friendly
Natunolstadion, Jansberg, Semarland
Home Manager - Referee - Away Manager

Andreas Jansen (SEM) – Johnathan Oakdoore (EFL) – Jayson Dhanda (QUE)
Maximum six substitutes used from each team

Semarland (4-2-3-1): Kojo Boakye-Yiadom, Martin Eriksen (Rasmus Norregaard 80), Jakob Lunds, Martell Chalobah (Matthias Karbruck 71), Knut Svensson, Marcel Labonne, Tunji Tunde (Sante Sundu 88), Marc Lygaard (Devante Mabaywu 88), Marc Strand, Florent Marcssen (Olle Pranich HT), Jakob Lindesfarne (Nicklas Church HT)

The Royal Kingdom of Quebec (3-3-4): Gilles Berhanemeskel (Pascal Park 78), Jannick Kontiola (Lorne Dunford 67), Claude In Shik Sung (Said El-Khadr 73), Andrew Hyun, Storm Marchand, Philip-Michel Schneiderlin (Markus Lazarev-Horak 67), Aaron Shin (Justin Morton 67), Man Jin Kang, Angelo Gelinas (Marcos Zelaya 80), Marco Engvall, Hazel Van Robben

Semarland stormed their way to a resounding 5-1 win over the Royal Kingdom of Quebec last night to complete the final match of their pre-AOCAF friendly series.

Marc Lygaard nodded home Martin Eriksen’s cross on 10 minutes to give Semarland the lead, but extraordinary events followed 14 minutes later. Hazel Van Robben latched onto Philip-Michel Schneiderlin’s through ball, rounded Boakye-Yiadom and slotted home. Seems normal, right? It was until she ran at Martell Chalobah and attempted to attack him, but Chalobah was tall for his age and just shrugged her off.

She didn’t stop there – she kicked him in the shin and allegedly spat at him, to which he pushed her away. Eastfielder referee Johnathan Oakdoore intervened, and booked Chalobah but sent off Van Robben, who stormed off the pitch, and down the tunnel.

Jakob Lindesfarne then got a second for Semarland, volleying it past Berhanemeskel after Tunde chipped it over Andrew Hyun’s head – similar to his assist of Isaac Nketiah’s goal vs Lindmark in the first friendly.

At half time, Semarland brought on Nicklas Church for Lindesfarne and Olle Pranich for Florent Marcssen, despite the former scoring and the latter linking up well with Lygaard, Strand and Lindesfarne. But Church looked dangerously as he poked up Semarland’s third, after Lygaard’s low cross ended up at his feet and In Shik Sung nowhere to be seen.

Marc Strand added a fourth ten minutes later, slamming it home after some neat linkup play with Marcel Labonne. Labonne, who really impressed, was in luck as it was rumoured that his idol and new team manager Petter Bielsen was in the stands. And considering Labonne had made some important tackles and good passes, no doubt Bielsen will be impressed with his new signing.

And then the fifth and final goal was scored by Knut Svensson, with the SC Kiel right back scoring his first international goal. Although it was just a friendly, it’ll mean a lot considering he plans to step down from the national team after the AOCAF and he’ll have at least one goal to his name. Svensson drove it low and hard past an outstretched Berhanemeskel and it’ll definitely be a goal for him to remember.

Semarland’s first match of AOCAF 48, Group A is against the hosts, Krytenia, at the Olympic Stadium in Emberton.
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Terror In Gemsbrook

Hey Jill tonight there will be an estimated 20,000 people down here at the docks to see the CarlMocks Band, they are the biggest rock band in the country right now..

A young man 22, sitting in the drivers seat of a old sedan, driving down the highway over the St. Johns River, he had a small dark beard well kept and shaven. His name as the world will so come to know as the man who killed innocents attending a concert in the name of Islam. Hajji Menhaden was attending college at the University of Gemsbrook, he was the head of the U of G Friends of Islam, until he was kicked out for expressing extremist views. Over the past summer he had joined the Calanian Desert Islmaic State (CDIS). Many in the region let alone in West Guiana even know who these people are, they have remained low level in both recruiting members and attacks, but this is about to change.

Hajji is deep in thought, thinking of the plans ahead and hoping that the NSI(National Security of Intelligence (FBI)) doesn't get a hold of his plans. His friend Damion Stevens who recently converted to Islam with the help of Hajji is helping aid in the plans. Hajjis' phone rings, bringing him out of his deep thinking.

(Following is in code)
"Hey where's that bike you wanted?"
"Bike, no I told you that box I left at my old place."
Sorry, forgot you had to sell the bike, so where's the box you think?"
"I had a friend hide it in a dumpster in a parking lot near 3rd and Northview."
You know they've been locking some dumpsters downtown for whatever reasons, did you get a key?
"Yes, should be located in a pipe at the pack of the lot."

He turns his phone off, and at the next exit drives off the highway and finds a small tourist look out point, and pulls into that parking area. Hajji looks around to see if anyone is around, nope many are either at home or traveling to the docks for the Gemsbrook Dockyard Feast. And this is a good thing, as he walks over to the ledge and looks down at the water which is only three-four feet below him. Taking his phone out, he steps back and throws it in the water.

Further downtown Damion is walking towards the parking lot Hajji gave in his directions, he finds it soon enough, squeezed in between to old apartment buildings and there along with a rusty station wagon sits a moving van for a pizzeria. Damion reads the signage, Joe's Pizzeria, "Hmm, so that's where he worked". Hajji was fired from that business after he was caught stealing $400 one night, he wasn't arrested but not allowed near the store. Payback Damion thought. He walks to the back of the van to the tail pipe and gets the key. He first looks in the back, it is filled with boxes of pasta and other explosive things.

He gets in and starts down to the docks, he was told to wait until most of the crowd had been admitted and most of the police and other security personal had gone off on other duties. This means that the plan wouldn't be carried out until mid-way through the show.

As far as the eye can see there is just the faces of people trying to enter the temp stands where the concert will be, at least 2,000 people and contracted security guards brought in to handle the crowd. CarlMock fans have been known to get violent in their own right, especially if the lines at concerts don't move quickly. Threats for terror acts however though were deemed low and the only thing "stopping" any vehicles is one concert barrier and yards of metal barricades. Which were used to funnel fans into the concert area, most of which will be taken away in a few hours.

Random voices
"Okay people, hold on we'll get you all through, please be patient and stay calm, the show wont start for another hour."

"Like oh my god, Jess I can't wait! My dad got these ticks for my 17th birthday."


"No, i'm not nervous it's not like its my first, but i've never been a fan of rock."

"They seriously need to move these big name concerts off the docks, at least to a stadium or proper venue, so many people."

"Hun, I don't know, really there aren't enough security measures in place."

"I'm sending this to our little princess, I know she's not happy not being allowed to come, told her we'll be home soon."

Hajji pulled into a parking garage, he waited for the cars ahead of him to get their tabs, and then he finally pulled into a spot near the entrance locked the car and walked off quickly. The cars trunk was filled with explosives but not as much as the van, nearly 900 pounds were in the van enough to make a small crater where the van was. Hajji walked to the nearest phone booth(yes, in WG we still have them) and called Damion.
(again in code)
"Yea, I delivered the necklace to your girlfriend, she loved it."
"What are we meeting up?"
"Around eight"
"Okay, bye."

8:00 pm
Damion, breathing heavy while sitting in the van, with his head against the wheel he slowly cried to himself and prayed, "Oh Allah praise be to you". He got himself together and turned on the ignition, he looked down the street at the dock and saw that the police had since removed all the barricades, including the concert barrier. He took out a control and turned it on, activating the explosive dedinators, then pressing down the button he floored the van towards the crowd...

Press TV


Julia - The scene you are seeing on your tv is a still of a picture taken by one of our crew on their phone who was heading to the Dockyard Feast for a live report for tonight's news at ten. We are right now unsure what has happened, but we are positive that the explosion occurred by the dockyards near where the CarlMock band was performing in-front of an estimated 20,000 people.

Dave - Hold on Julia, we are getting word from police who were near the area believes that this maybe an act of terrorism. We have Lt. Jane Louis on the phone with us, lieutenant Louis, can you hear me?

- Lt. Louis - "Yes, I can hear you"

Julia - "Can you explain to us quickly what occurred?"

Lt. Louis - "I was patrolling along the street three blocks from the docks when a van with a logo of a pizzeria flew past, it rammed into the stands where the concert was going on, the next thing I remember is seeing a massive ball of fire. I say this because seconds latter I was thrown onto the street by a shock wave, which blew out the windows of many businesses. I'm sorry but I have to go"

Dave - "We'll stay live until we hear from Premier DeCader which I can expect that will happen soon.

Julia - "Do we have a camera even a skycam from downtown? We do, well lets get that up and see what is happening"

*Another still appears on screen*
The Dockyards is filled with fire and what appears to be burning bodies and people running away, the screen goes black.

Julia - Her mouth is open and shaking her head, "Oh, God...Wha..ho.w

*The screen goes black again*

Premier DeCader walks up to podium

Moments ago, the Gemsbrook dockyard Feast was attacked by a group or single terrorist, we do not know their motives nor who they are, but my government and our military will track down the perpetrators of who carried out their cowardly act. With information still coming in, we do not know the death toll, however though I can confirm that several individuals have been killed based on first hand reports from police.

Tonight I ask the nation to pray for those families who believe they may be the targets of this act of terror whose loved ones may have attended this concert. And I fully expect those security personal who failed to do their job properly be found and punished to the full extent of the law.

I promise you, that we will find those who planned this attack and they will know that they can run but can't hide and that they will be forced to take responsibility for their cowardly actions.

*Again the screen goes dark when it comes back, the flag of West Guiana appears along with the national anthem*

Domestic sports leagues

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((OOC: This is a work in progress; it should be done by 11:59 PM ET today.))


Trigramme: TLF
Manager: Serena van Trass (RSY)
Captain: Lluc Vicenç Tomàs
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Style Mod: -1

1Júlia-Anna Agramunt26FRecidivà, Senyoriu del SudGK
90Roger Òscar Romà24MDeltra, Senyoriu del PonentLF
91Joana Marta Blanxart30FMartell, Senyoriu del NorteRF
92Lluc Vicenç Tomàs (C)28MSant Lauren, Senyoriu del PonentST
93Júlia Assumpció Vivas24FSant Carlo, Senyoriu dell'OrientLH
94Jordi Pau Mas23MImez, Senyoriu del NorteRH
95Martina Anna Martell25FBarce, Senyoriu del PonentCH
96Guifré Gonçal Vivas27MBepur, Senyoriu dell'OrientLW
97Joaquima Salut Tomàs19FSant Dix, Senyoriu del NorteRW
98Dídac Ricard Rey25MEman, Senyoriu del PonentCF
99Mònica Sílvia Sala21FAssumpcio, Senyoriu del SudCF
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Postby Krytenia » Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:24 am

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just don’t kill anyone, K?

Modifier: +5


Manager – Rameses NIBLICK III, Age ?? (seriously, we have no idea, and it's likely best not to ask)
Rami's an old face, with a new job. Journalist turned gaffer, Niblick took his side to a surprise last sixteen appearance at World Cup LXXII.

Assistant Manager – Dario NAVAS, Age 37
Goalkeeping Coach – Michael VERDETTI, Age 45
Defensive Coach – Steven PRIMROSE, Age 40
Offensive Coach – Mark YAKIMOV, Age 43
Physiotherapist – Jessica NELSON, Age 39


Age: 29
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Wexax United (VAL)

He may not be as famed a name as Alan Keys, Adam Vernazza, or James Barcali, but Heaton is the latest in a fine tradition of Krytenian goalkeeping. His excellent abilities as a shot-stopper earned him a move to Wexax.

Age: 27
Position: Right-back
Club: Avidia United

Pacy fullback with a decent cross, Barcali is no relation to the famed goalkeeper of yore. He is, however, an exciting attacking option for the national team.

Age: 27
Position: Left-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

Captain for club and country, Demetrius has a fire in his belly and a hunger to make his team succeed. Strong tackler, tends to hang back unlike the more cavalier Barcali.

Age: 29
Position: Centre-back
Club: Mercia Bromham

Versatile centre-back who can also play as a midfield anchor. At six foot three, expect him to be a threat from set-pieces too.

Age: 32
Position: Centre-back
Club: Avidia United

Muscular, if a little slow, but has an unquestionable talent for reading the game. His lack of pace is made up for by the fact the first yard is in his head.

Age: 25
Position: Central midfield
Club: Real Atlantea (TAE)

A midfield rock, tends to play best just ion front of the back four. Excellent distribution with the short pass and tenacious in the tackle; will be looking to get his first-team place back from Sam Alinas.

Age: Elf
Position: Forward
Club: Telecontarë (STB)

For those of you thinking that name looks familiar, it should. Valrauncion is, at least for now, the only Krytenian international who can lay claim to a World Cup winners' medal. He made a home for himself in Ousevale over the years, and when Starblaydia withdrew from international football at the end of World Cup 57, the KFA made a cheeky request to naturalise the striker and offer him a place in the cyan. To their astonishment, he accepted. As Ousevale fans used to say: “He may be a cock, but he's OUR cock!” Now back at the team where he began his career after an eye-watering amount of cash was exchanged for his services.

Age: 26
Position: Central midfield
Club: Ousevale Borough

Blessed with speed and intelligence, Radcliffe will blay for his country where he does for his club: right behind the elf. If the elf is unavailable, expect him to shoot with ferocity. A good source of goals.

Age: 32
Position: Forward
Club: Avenida Victoria (FFD)

Cultured striker who's caught the eye of Farfadillis-based Avenida Victoria. Proved he's worth his transfer fee for both club and country, and has become a cult hero amongst Victoria and Krytenia fans alike.

Age: 22
Position: Right midfield
Club: Emberton Reds

Despite his tender years and baby face, don't be fooled. Angelo has bags of pace, and crosses well - and he's used to the skills of former teammate Ronnie van Rijn, too.

Age: 26
Position: Left midfield
Club: Ousevale Borough

The former Casuals winger brings his skills to the national team; though not to Taeshan, after he chose Borough over Laketown Rangers. Look for him to cut inside defenders when the flow of play allows.

Fernando REYES
Age: 28
Position: Central midfield
Club: Avidia United

Pop-star looks and Mediterranean tan aside, Reyes is an excellent player of the ball. Expect him to come off the bench to inject some attacking flair.

Martin DAVIS
Age: 26
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Ousevale Borough

Athletic and wiry, it is perhaps only Davis' tendency to fist or flap at crosses that precludes him from being in the Aces starting line-up.

Age: 33
Position: Right midfield
Club: Avidia United

Not the fastest of players, but another with intelligence and accuracy. Pretty good from the dead-ball, too.

Age: 28
Position: Right-back
Club: Mercia Bromham

Not the greatest first touch in the world, but an expert at closing down and tackling wingers.

Age: 27
Position: Central midfield
Club: Avidia United

Simple, honest, hard-tackling central midfielder. Has become the fulcrum from which Krytenia's passing game flows.

Will OSS
Age: 25
Position: Forward
Club: Avidia United

Possibly the shortest name ever for a Krytenian international, Oss is a clinical finisher. His set-up play isn't the greatest though.

Age: 33
Position: Forward
Club: Emberton Reds

Happy to be the focus of the Reds' attack with the departure of RVR, Persson's tendency to pick up knocks keeps him out of the starting eleven.

Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

The rock of the Miners' defence, Ellisham is best with the ball at his feet. He's an expert at the calm thirty-yard clearance to an onrushing winger.

Age: 32
Position: Centre-back
Club: Emberton Reds

Rossi loves the rough and tumble of being a centre-back - perhaps a little too much, as his collection of yellow (and red) cards would suggest.

Age: 20
Position: Left midfield
Club: Emberton Reds

Young and precocious he may be, but already being heralded as the "new Kiefer Lloyd". He certainly has the unpredictability for it...

Age: 24
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Casuals Osteria

Casuals do like to produce young goalkeeping talent; expect Leuter to be no exception.

Age: 28
Position: Left-back
Club: Mercia Bromham

Great left foot, right one's for standing.

Barcali - Frenz – Scott – Demetrius
Angelo - Alinas - Larsson
Valrauncion – van Rijn


Image Image Image
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:12 pm


[align=right]Nation Name: The Union of Ko-oren
Short Nation Name: Union of Ko-oren
Trigramme: UKO/(KOR)
Demonym: Unionite
Team Nickname: Greenblues, Dragonflies
National Colors: Green, Blue
Head coach: Bogan Antonescu (Furellum)
Style: -5
Formation: 5-4-1
Ko-orenite Roster
for AOCAF 48

Number. Name (m/f) - Nation (see signature) - Age

1. Cláudia Macedo (f) - KOR - 23
22. Trent Booth (m) - ZAK - 24
23. Nosekeni Nbekeni (f) - PRO - 20

2. Nanami Aoki (f) - DEN - 28
3. Katherine Davenport (f) - IXS - 26
4. Katanmak Juliasterinthen (m) - KOR - 28
5. Cadell Iorweth (m) - DRI - 23
6. Celine de Jong (f) - KOR - 25
12. Bahsen Bahvahnin (m) - POL - 27
13. Julia Carlson (f) - IXS - 22
14. Roberto Rodriguez (m) - STT - 29
15. Peter Morrow (m) - WAR - 23
16. Katherine Turnbull (f) - THL - 20

7. Nalaikh Bagaurunir (m) - KOR - 28
8. Vitomir Volkov (m) - THL - 26
9. Violet Wakefield (f) - FER - 29
10. Emeline Millet (f) - KOR - 23
17. Timo Arevalo (m) - VIS - 24
18. Dionysius Hortentius (m) - IXS - 21
19. Leonie Wilderink (f) - WOL - 26

11. Audrey Leroux (f) - KOR - 27
20. Anthony Sutherland (m) - THL - 25
21. Reginbjörg 'Löddy' Hlöðvarðursdottir (f) - SVO - 23

Updated team bio incoming, most likely as RP after match 1

RP Permissions:
RP goals, yellow/red cards, injuries: Y
Godmod goals, yellow/red cards, injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y, to some extent
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 2x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Audioslavia » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:33 pm

Kajaxo Imaslavii certainly looked the part as he took to the stage for his first press conference as manager of Audioslavia, dressed in a smark grey suit replete with waistcoat and claret tie. The former goalkeeper, who won two World Cups and two AOCAF Cups while twixt the sticks for Audioslavia's national team and won the league, Champions Cup and UICA Super Cup as manager of 1830 Cathair, 'dived full stretch' at the chance to become manager of the national side after Alec Kirk stood down in the months after World Cup 72, citing a desire to spend more time with his family and feeling he hadn't much more to give as Bulls' coach.

After the conference, Imaslavii sat down with our (wo)man in Emberton Sue Dysos.

So, Kajaxo, how do you rate our chances?
"It's a daunting task, of course, especially given that we'll be playing here in Krytenia, but we're simply going to plan one game at a time. We have the talent to beat any one of the twenty-three other teams here."

How does it feel to be the second Vilitan-born Audioslavia manager?
"Hah, well, I have big shoes to fill with regards to Helmut Vilkaous, luckily for me nobody's alive today who can remember how big those shoes were. Except for messrs JJ and RN3 of course. I think the fact that I represented Audioslavia, proudly, for a number of years means that..."

You mentioned Rami Niblick...
"Well, yes, but.."

What do you think of Rami Niblick?
"Well I like to think I view him with the same respect that most managers give to him."

That he's a bland greying Krytenian prick who precided over the biggest fluke in sporting history and couldn't manage his way out of a toilet cubicle?
"Well now you're putting words in my mouth. I don't hate him. I don't hate Krytenians."

Have you had any problems from the locals?
"Hah, no. Well a bit of good-natured banter here and there, but that's to be expected. To be honest if we didn't have people tooting their car horns at our big claret team bus, or chanting 'Rami Niblick's cyan army' at us whenever we're in public, or waving those furry estoques they've been selling outside our hotel, I'd be disappointed.

Some back home have questioned the wisdom of using a large claret bus with 'BULLS' written in bold letters on the side. Surely you're just asking for trouble? Especially as its parked in the middle of Emberton
"Not at all. Emberton isn't exactly a crime metropolis. It'll be fine."

What do you make of reports that your bus driver had to clean the letters 'H I T' off the side of the bus before taking the squad to training yesterday?
"Like I said, friendly banter. I remember stories of Audioslavians scrawling 'Poopy F' and 'S' on the side of Krytenia's coach back in the day."

Krytenia had 'ACES' written on the side of their bus?
"No, not the bus, the coach. Francico Vazquez Garcia, I believe" 'Poopy F' was his nickname over here.

Anyway, on to football. From your choice of squad, it doesn't appear that the team will line up too differently from the side that, well, looked fairly ordinary in the World Cup two years ago.
"These are still the best twenty-three players we have. We won't be changing things completely, of course, as we want to make sure we hit the ground running with a cohesive unit. Rijshaart has gone, as you all know, but he was a little old at 35.."

Some are confused as to why you've replaced him with Christopher Swansmith, who is more of a defensive midfielder and is a bit old to be making his debut at the age of twenty-nine..
"Chris is a holding midfielder, yes, but if you've seen Kiel play recently, and I have, you'll know exactly why he's been picked. Huffy is a very good attacking mid, while Tijger, Gaizka, Chris and Iker are all good centre-mids."

Well that's just it, isn't it? You've chosen just one attacking midfielder and four regular ones
"We attack best on the wings, mate, we always have. If something happens to Huffy and I feel we really need an attacking mid, Aitor, Ivo or Asier can all play there..

Is Asier Huelva really playing at a high enough level in Lutine to warrant a call-up?

..fine. Full-backs? No Skueri or Lame in the side
I like Lame, but he's lost a yard of pace, so that's that as far as I'm concerned. We really do need pace on the wings. Turi Varisco should have been given the opportunity years ago. We've high hopes for him at left-back.

High hopes?

Turi Varisco?
"Yes. Any more questions?"

Imaslavii looked only a little rattled as he left the interview, perhaps wondering why Audioslavian journalists are quite so hell-bent on tearing the team apart from the outside. It's one thing he will, unfortunately, just have to learn to deal with.
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Postby Osarius » Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:19 pm

Osarius Squad for AOCAF 48

Team: Osarius National Football Team (aka "The Firebirds")
Style modifier: +1.5 (counter/possession-based attacking)

Manager: Azarai Robinson
Assistant Manager: Reiss Ryerson
Captain: Fabio Mancini
Vice-captain: Jorge Santana
3rd captain: Bartolo Monteforte

Home stadium: Mount Crown Stadium, Burningham (cap. 98,000 all seated)
The Firebirds' home stadium is built at the foot of the imposing Mount Crown, on the outskirts of the capital city, Burningham. Fans are known for their extremely vocal support, and the Osarian national stadium has been described as a difficult place to play. The stats support this notion, as Osarius are undefeated, and have not failed to find the net there under Jermain Lewis. The most vociferous home fans are seated in a kop-esque stand built into the mountainside, with the huge, rocky face behind them adding to the intimidation. The pitch itself is usually made shorter, but wider than most, catering to the short midfield passing game of the Firebirds, and their frequent use of width. Long-ball teams will find it difficult to find space behind the defence, but teams making liberal use of wingers will likely flourish.

Image Image
Image Image

There are also two "special" kits, one is white with black and red flames on the front left, and the other is mostly gold (the traditional alternate kit colours) with a red and black bar across the middle, if neither of these is suitable. I'll make these eventually.

My RP Permissions are pretty chill to be honest.
Pretty much anything goes, I only ask that you let me decide the severity of any injuries you decide to RP for me, please.
Send my players off if you must -- if its a player I really didn't wanna lose for the next game, I'll RP an appeal or something.
Oh and at the risk of sounding a bit "RAWR" ... do not kill any of my players or coaching staff (unless I say go ahead via TG).
Killing fans is okay though. Go nuts with that if you like.

Most likely to...
Score a goal: Pudoremu, Monroe, Samuels, Mitchell/Mancini
Create that goal: Mitchell/Mancini, Samuels, Monroe
Win a free kick: Monroe, Samuels, Pudoremu
Take (and score) that free kick: Gavin Mitchell
Win a penalty: Sido Pudoremu
Take (and score) that penalty: Sido Pudoremu
Miss a penalty: Calabrese
Score a header off a set piece: Santana
Score an own goal: Calabrese, probably. Though still not likely.
Hack an opponent down: Lika Faratamu
Lose their head and get sent off: Ramiro Figueroa
Commit a professional foul: Calabrese
Argue with the referee: Bailey, Pudoremu
"Disappear" during a match: Washington
"Put in a shift": Turner
Have an elaborate goal celebration planned out: The Callaghan brothers
Get caught stumbling out of a nightclub: again, those brothers
Do charity work: Chukwu Igbeze
Elicit marriage proposals from fans: Ashley Saunders, Zoe Barnes and Demetrio Constantini

I have a pretty clear tactical philosophy in mind for my team so I recommend at least skim-reading the next section if you intend to RP the match in any detail. Long story short, Osarius are something like Arsenal's invincibles, lining up in a Messi-era Barcelona type of 4-3-3 formation.

The team will generally attempt to control possession rather than engage in consciously defensive play; and "parking the bus" is a cardinal sin. When out of possession, the team will generally press high up the pitch to compress the available space -- because they are largely comfortable playing the ball under pressure -- and try to win the ball back as quickly as possible, sometimes over-committing, and leaving themselves vulnerable to a swift counterattack. Generally pacy defenders help to alleviate this problem somewhat.

Against stronger opponents, expect to see a more defensive positioning manifest itself, though. Fullbacks will be less likely to bomb forward, and the team tends to be more conservative in possession, often playing backward to draw the opposition in, before launching a devastating counter attack with pace. They will also slow down when ahead later in the game, but only so they don't unnecessarily provide opportunities to lose possession and/or concede. This doesn't mean they wont take the opportunity to score if it presents itself, though...

The front line of three is often very flexible, with all three (usually) capable of playing in any of the front three roles at any given time. Most of the time, the centre forward/striker will remain the focal point of the team's central attacking, though, whether they are receiving passes or moving to make space for the wingers.

The midfield will almost always be lined up in way that the three players form a sideways arrow (minus the shaft). By this, I mean that one will sit deep, one will push forward, and one will be a box-to-box type shuttling between the two. On the occasions no specifically named attacking midfielder ("AM" in the squad list) is used, typically it is an indicator that the manager expects a tighter battle for possession in the midfield zone, and it's likely two midfielders will be box-to-box, while the third midfielder is a more defensively-inclined (possibly even a "DM") option.

If there IS an attacking midfielder on the pitch, they will operate either as a playmaker, and most passages of play will go through them... or they will push forward from midfield a lot, getting onto the end of passes in the final third, and thus scoring a fair few goals. I'll try to highlight which of the two if I feel like it really matters. Typically speaking, if none of the other two midfielders is mentioned as being outright defensive, the attacking midfielder is a "playmaker" type.

Defensively, Osarian centre-backs are typically pacy and expected to have strong aerial ability and good positional awareness. The latter part is less important if a player is particularly quick, though. Almost certainly, one of the centre backs or the goalkeeper will be good at organising the defence. In cases where there is a notable lack of organisational skill -- typically in situations lacking experience -- there is a clear knock-on effect on the rest of the team. With that in mind, don't expect starting centre backs to be among the younger or less experienced members of the team.

The fullbacks typically overlap a lot -- considering how often the wingers change sides and become "inverted" (i.e. cutting inside the defender on their stronger foot, rather than pulling wide) -- and seem to operate almost as advanced as wingbacks (or even midfielders against considerably weaker teams) a lot of the time, making the system a sort of like a 3-4-3 when Osarius attack, due to the deepest central midfielder dropping back to a position right in front of the defence, to counter against a potential playmaker "in the hole" for the opposition. This can be a potential weak point if this player is small in stature, as they will often get drawn into the backline and thus, potentially mismatched against forwards.

Set piece preferences (in order):
Corner kick takers: Whichever wingers/wide forwards are on the pitch
Penalty takers: Pudoremu, Samuels, Mitchell, Monroe, Mancini
Free kick takers: Mitchell, Barnes, Mancini, Drummond
Long free kicks: Santana, Scott, Monteforte

You don't have to stick to all of that, though. It just fits in better with the way I intend to RP my team (when I can).

Something that is important to know is that football isnt the number on sport in Osarius. Its second, to GraviBall, though the gap is (still) closing.

Footballers in Osarius are loved if they cover a lot of ground and make tough tackles, because the combative nature of the game is what the majority of fans like most. Very passionate, are Osarian fans, you see. Sooo... basically, if you're not scoring goals or making crunching tackles, the fans generally aren't impressed. That goes for opponents too... Osarian fans always appreciate a good tackle, so they will even applaud opposition players at times (although they will boo their goals, obvs).

The complicated tactical systems used by modern Osarian teams are well-understood by the fans, and a growing football blogging community within Osarius often has in-depth tactical discussion, and regularly posters show great insight. This is thought to be the result of a general increase in coaching quality throughout the nation, which has also contributed heavily to the national team's increased degree of success in recent years.

From time to time I'll make reference to the area a player is from, and when I do, I will try to add an OOC note to explain what it means, because different regions of Osarius have almost entirely different cultures. For example, Tubrissian people's habits and sayings are heavily based on Phoenician/Carthaginian culture and religious beliefs; Islanders -- those from Kyoshiku/Kholanaras Island in the south-west -- have a warrior-centric culture and are quite insular; many Ikutursans worship a malevolent, erisian, serpent deity... and so on.

Manager: Azarai Robinson
The former Osarius and Firewood City left back was admired in his playing days for his unwavering loyalty -- he retired as a one-club man -- and quietly effective playing style. That quiet efficacy carried over to his managerial career, which went almost entirely under the radar until a heartbreaking defeat on penalties in the final of the Golden Road Playoffs for his Parania Albion side. In the wake of the defeat, Robinson stepped down, later re-emerging as reserve team manager position at Arcaea County, once the buzz had died down. Never one to enjoy the spotlight, Robinson preferred to toil in the background, aiming for the Arcaea manager's role. Those plans were scuppered with the OLAF restructuring and merge with LigAnaia, and Robinson took a position in Buyan, with Tjelberg Forening. Some shrewd signings and tactical decisions saw him turn the formerly mediocre club into title contenders, establishing himself as an excellent manager. Robinson's general distaste for the media, small stature and soft-spoken nature make him the polar opposite of Jermain Lewis in many ways, but the OFA believes that he has the required qualities to fill the abnormally large shoes of the Hall of Famer.

Assistant Manager: Reiss Ryerson
His sacking as Firewood manager hit him hard, after the club struggled to adapt to LigAnaia under his leadership, but Ryerson -- like Robinson -- is a very astute tactician. Robinson's closeness to his former captain was underlined by his refusal to apply for the Firewood job, despite openly stating his desire to manage the club in the past. Ryerson feels compelled to return the favour. Ryerson's tactical nous and overall ability as a player made him capable in every position on the pitch, and it is thought that this versatility and understanding, combined with his vocal leadership style -- somewhat reminiscent of one of his mentors, Jermain Lewis -- will make him an effective second-in-command to the more introspective Robinson.

Coaches: Jordan Simpson & Serenity Lewis (General), Brent Steele & Harvey Decker (Defending), Rene Wilson-Ouaddou & Roque Urbina (Attacking), Benni Watson & Gilberto Cuellar (Technical)
After Jermain Lewis' overhauling of the Osarius backroom staff, Robinson has urged the OFA to continue in that vein by revamping the coaching setup at a national level. Now, the OFA has four national setups (senior, developmental, junior and youth) totaling eight teams. Each setup has its own comprehensive backroom staff, and the seniors -- under Robinson's management -- have an almost entirely new coaching staff consisting of six full-time coaches and two part-timers. Of Lewis' staff, only Harvey Decker and Serenity Lewis remain, largely down to Ayanna Barca-Carthy -- now managing the Developmental squad -- not asking them to join her.

Lewis and Simpson will be the main motivators in the coaching staff, letting their infectious enthusiasm spread through the squad. Their energy will be invaluable as Robinson and his team try to rebuild the national team's reputation (and perhaps their confidence) following disappointing performances in three successive tournaments. Serenity Lewis in particular, having been tipped to take over from her father, may see this role as her last chance to impress the OFA.

Steele and Decker's innate understanding of defensive positioning and timing will be crucial in the development of the young defenders in Robinson's squad. With the exception of a few, it's unlikely that the new gaffer will be particularly impressed with their defensive prowess, and it's hardly a secret that Osarius' first World Cup triumph was built heavily on the back of defensive stability. While Robinson has no intention of changing the nation's approach, he will recognise the need for things to be tighter at the back. Expect this to be an area of focus.

While Osarius can no longer rely on the near-certainty that was Ezio Grassi in front of goal, Dean Richards' methods seemed to have been working. Roque Urbina will provide insight into off-the-ball movement, while Rene Wilson-Ouaddou -- Osarius' second highest all-time goalscorer, in case you had forgotten -- should have some pointers on finishing. Between the two, Ezio's goal record might yet be assailable.

Finally, two of Osarius' greatest technicians will be assisting the team on the finer points of the beautiful game. Cuellar will be focused heavily on ball control and improving capacity for rapid, one-touch football, something practiced heavily by Firewood City during his playing days. Watson, however, as a part-time member of the setup -- owing to his duties as Hastmead Diamante manager -- will work directly with set piece takers, hoping to pass on his expertise in matters of the dead ball.

Specialist Coaches: Gareth Mason (Goalkeeping), Gabriele Esposito (Strength & Fitness), Tobias Holt (Strength)
Gareth Mason has spent the better part of the last decade coaching at the Enzo Corradini Goalkeeping Academy -- which he himself graduated from -- and has cultivated a reputation for being as good a coach as he was a player. His overall comprehension of the game's most specialised role has seen him take on not just the role of senior goalkeeping coach for Osarius, but also goalkeeping co-ordinator across all levels.

Esposito's experience working with football teams has proven invaluable for Lewis, and is unlikely to cease being so. With the assistance of Holt, it seems as though Lewis' concerns over the physical strength of some of the younger players will not be shared by Robinson, as notable differences are emerging.

Medical Staff: Clara Cormega (physiotherapist), Dr. Daniella Bruni (psychologist), Dr. Chanice Ash (team doctor)
Dr. Cormega's presence has been invaluable for Osarius over the years, maintaining health among the various squads she has worked with. Between the niggling injuries from domestic campaigns the players are involved in, Robinson may have been forced to deviate from his long-term plans with regard to younger, emerging players, if not for Dr. Cormega's expert assistance in limiting recurrence and speeding recovery. Dr. Ash proved herself a more than adequate replacement for the now-legendary Dr. Karusiki, and is considered one of the most promising young doctors in Osarius, receiving her doctorate from Kyoshiku University after completing her residency working alongside her predecessor at the University Hospital.

The continuing inclusion of a psychologist in the backroom staff is notable, given how hard Jermain Lewis had to push the OFA to sanction the hiring of Dr. Bruni. Her move to Quebec was a blow for the national setup, but her replacement is more than capable. Dr. Cerys Francis holds multiple qualifications and a surprising degree of experience, considering her relative youth. She has experience working with athletes, having provided counseling services to Robinson's Tjelberg Forening team in Buyan after a recommendation from Reiss Ryerson.

The Squad
No. Pos. Player Name          Age     Team                           
#01 [GK] Bartolo MONTEFORTE 21 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
#02 [RB] India TURNER 22 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
#03 [LB] Alexander SCOTT 21 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
#04 [CM] Luther BAILEY 22 y/o [OSR] Greeningham City
#05 [CB] Gianluigi CALABRESE 23 y/o [OSR] Burningham City
#06 [CB] Jorge SANTANA 23 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#07 [RW] Jerome MONROE 22 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#08 [CM] Gavin MITCHELL 24 y/o [EUR] Directus
#09 [ST] Sido PUDOREMU 24 y/o [FEL] Real Santa Maria
#10 [CM] Fabio MANCINI 24 y/o [AUD] AC Izotz Zubia
#11 [LW] Darik SAMUELS 22 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#12 [GK] Clayton HART 21 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#13 [GK] Chukwu IGBEZE 21 y/o [OSR] Shanak FC
#14 [CF] Ashley SAUNDERS 21 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#15 [DM] Ramiro FIGUEROA 21 y/o [SEM] FC Jansberg
#16 [CB] Demetrio CONSTANTINI 21 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
#17 [CM] Miguel GOMEZ 25 y/o [TAE] Fadron Flight
#18 [LW] Perry WASHINGTON 21 y/o [OSR] FC Barciddia
#19 [CM] Zoe BARNES 25 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
#20 [DM] Lika FARATAMU 21 y/o [SEM] FC Jansberg
#21 [ST] Nathan CALLAGHAN 21 y/o [SEM] Sporting Saint Adrensburg
#22 [AM] Alan DRUMMOND 21 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#23 [ST] Caleb CALLAGHAN 21 y/o [SEM] Sporting Saint Adrensburg

Usual starting lineup: [ 4-3-3 ] Monteforte; Scott, Santana, Calabrese, Turner; Bailey, Mitchell, Mancini (c); Samuels, Pudoremu, Monroe
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95X AOCAF 48 Roster

Postby 95X » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:35 pm

95X AOCAF 48 Roster

Formation: 4-4-2

Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder

##  P Name                  M/F Age Club
1 K Una Solo F 33 SC Oceanside
3 RF Jordyn Third F 25 Gateway Force
4 LM Lizeth Beaverton F 22 SC Cascadia
6 D Cynthia Brixton F 27 Twentytwo Cacti
8 D Sarai Thirteenth F 24 Millennium City Eagles
9 RM Alessandra Leadbetter F 30 SC Oceanside
10 LM Xbrenna Samster F 24 Twentytwo Cacti
11 LF Xi Foureleven F na SC Oceanside
12 D Wu Fivetwelve F 26 Twentytwo Cacti
20 D Lindsay Sunray F 24 SC Oceanside
75 RM Sam Seventyfifth M 24 Atlético Nacional (SJG)

11 03
04 10 75 09
20 06 12 08

5 K Jacob Firdale M 23 SC Cascadia
7 F Logan Roork M 23 SC Cascadia
19 RF Elyssa Scholls F 28 Phalanx AF (CEN)
21 D Natalie Burns F 29 Brooklyn Cultures
30 K Mary Thirtieth F 22 Mardi Loupines (USI)
31 D Jacoby Maltby M 29 Spatula City Utensils
41 D Bo Foureleven M 20 Matthew Rangers (USI)
51 RF Katelynn State F 32 Twentytwo Cacti
57 LF Ariana Oregonia F 33 Twentytwo Cacti
Some nameless midfielders
Head Coach: Marvin Stark, SC Cascadia

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most events: Y
Godmod anything involving Xi Foureleven: N
Finally, please refer to the 95X Style Guide. If you learned something about 95X or it answers a question you'd otherwise have, make sure to click "Approve of this dispatch."
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Postby Farfadillis » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:39 pm

Last international tournament. He'd felt a bit frightened by that idea last cycle, after so many years. But after so much mental preparation and going through the scenario countless times in his head, he was now much more chilled about it. But maybe all of that worrying was what made him continue. He couldn't recall every little detail, but in his mind he'd not been in the best state of mind to take that penalty against the Holy Empire. Maybe this was all his imagination's fabrication. All he knew was he wasn't done yet.

However, truth be told, he was old. And he'd been holding back exciting youngsters perhaps for a bit too long. So maybe his last tournament would be better spent as a substitute that enters the pitch in the dying minutes and proceeds to exploit tired defenders. Yeah, even at his age, he still had some unreal speed.

He sipped from his overpriced airport drink while waiting for the time to board. One of those 'exciting youngsters', albeit not on of those he'd been holding back as he was seventeen, looked like he was rehearsing in his head how to approach him. Timid youngster, that Çìró guy. He'd noticed as soon as he'd walked up to him to shake his hand when they met, what, three hours earlier? Apparently, the kid had worked up the courage now.

“Hi! I'm Jê Çìró, nice to meet you.” He introduced himself... for the second time.

Dandalleion smirked. “Heh, yeah, I know. You introduced yourself already. Plus, I watched some of your matches in the Sporting World Cup.” Actually, he'd only watched the match against Semarland, but he felt it would make the kid feel better if he said he had.

Evidently, he was right, as Jê's face lit up instantly. “Really? What did you think?” He asked enthusiastically. It was clear as day that he looked up to him.

“Well, there's a reason why you're here, is there not?” He shot him a rhetoric question. “So yeah, you were definitely good. I know you missed that penalty, but hey, I of all people should know that's not what matters.” He clenched his teeth at the thought of the dreadful moments after missing that.

“I was gonna ask you about that.” He paused hesitantly. “How do you cope?”

Pfft. He didn't, of course. But that was not an answer he could give. “Well, as the Faroleran saying goes, 'El Fútbol da revancha.'. I just stay calm knowing that I'll have a chance to right the wrongs... if I don't, then I make one. That's basically why I'm here.”

“But what if you wrong the wrongs, so to speak?”

“As in, fuck up your second chance?”


“Then you'll get a third, and a fourth. You're not even old enough for me to share this drink with you.” He shook the can in his hand. “You'll have plenty of them.” He paused. “Both chances and drinks, I believe.”

“Hmm... I see. And what if I always fail?”

Insistent kid. “Well, then you just need to put it into perspective. Football's not life and death, after all. Worst case scenario you'll still be very well-off without a single title to boot.'

“I see... uhh... thanks for everything. I'll leave now.” The kid promptly got up and left, as if in a bit of a hurry. Strange.

A few moments later, Ivaktör Bârr sprang out of nowhere and wrapped his arm round his shoulder.

“So, speaking to little Jê, huh?”

“Yeah, I was. Timid kid.”

“Yeah, but it's kinda expected. I heard he's shielded himself from the outside a bit ever since that incident.”


“Oh, of course, maybe you didn't hear. After all, I only found out cause I kept contacts with friends I made at Dí Maozöxê.” Bârr paused. “The kid missed a penalty in a youth game and his father was killed for it. Really tragic.”

“Well, fucking hell.”
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Postby Krytenia » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:47 pm

This is your Matchday One cutoff.

A! O! Let's go!


Group A
Krytenia 1–0 Semarland
Ko-oren 1–0 Swilatia

Group B
Vilita and Turori 2-0 Western Sunrise Islands
Mertagne 3–0 Lindmark

Group C
Osarius 4–3 Equestrian States
Cosumar 3–0 Weimania

Group D
Valanora 2–3 Ratastan
Starblaydia 0–0 Tallaga la Falla

Group E
Audioslavia 2–2 West Guiana
Farfadillis 3–2 Austenersey

Group F
95X 2–0 Greater Watford
Royal Kingdom of Quebec 4–2 Protectoria

EDIT: V&T v WSI resimmed after Farf notices I'd placed Valanora in the group in V&T's place. Valanora's were also (correctly) placed into Group D, so their result against Ratastan stands.
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Postby Cosumar » Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:55 pm


No hangover for Cup of Harmony champs: Engström ruthless in AOCAF opener

BROMHAM, KRYTENIA -- Cosumar were expected to take care of business against a Weimanian side ranked 44th in Atlantian Oceania, but it was refreshing to see the Vanquishers, as Cosumarites still lovingly call them, play with the same hunger and concentration that won them the Cup of Harmony all these months later. In their first competitive match since that fateful final, Gethin Ramsey's Cosumar cruised to a 3-0 victory behind an Anders Engström hat-trick, looking calm and confident all the way.

The match was a finishing clinic by Engström, who scored twice from the run of play and another from the penalty stripe. The first came just fifteen minutes in. Engström channeled the spirit of Sur Arora, now his teammate at Crisisbless, when he powerfully curled a snazzy Darwyn Lucassen backheeled pass into the upper shelf first-time. That first goal opened the game up, forcing Weimania to emerge from their defensive cocoon. Engström effectively buried them eleven minutes later.

After picking a defender's pocket in the back, he swaggered forward towards goal like a lioness going in for the kill. There were still two defenders between Engström and the goalkeeper, but before they knew it, he was in behind them with the ball. One of the beaten defenders then went barreling into his back to prevent the close-range conversion. The referee had never seen a more obvious penalty. After single-handedly creating the whole sequence, the prolific Cosumar captain stepped up and immediately took the kick himself, drilling it in low and hard. 2-0. Classic Andy.

But he wasn't done quite yet. After that same Weimanian defender was shown a second yellow for an errant elbow in the 70th minute and sent off, Engström took advantage of the additional space to secure his first career AOCAF hat trick. Left back Maynard Gorham hit a long ball over the top, and he controlled it with a beautiful touch to put two defenders out of position. The do-it-all attacker then turned and fired home from the top of the box to vanquish any traces of Weimanian hope.

With the strike, Andy Engström surpassed 45 career goals for his country (with 103 caps) and is nearing Cosumar's all-time Top 5 scorers while still being comfortably in his 20s.

While the captain stole the show on this night, the Cosumarite defense was also dominant. Weimania struggled to create chances as their routes to their lead striker were constantly snuffed out by active Dragon defenders or well-executed offside traps. Weimania's best attempt on goal came in the 60th minute, as their striker launched a screamer on target from 30 yards - but Jakk Winterfyll had enough time to get in position and parry it away.

14 shots (8 on-target)
56% Possession, 82% pass accuracy
8 corners, 3 offsides
12 fouls, 1 yellow card (Gorham)

10 shots (4 on-target)
44% Possession, 75% pass accuracy
5 corners, 4 offsides
14 fouls, 1 red card, 2 yellow cards
Cosumar - 3
Engström (15')
Engström (26' - p)
Engström (71')

Weimania - 0
No scorers

Cosumar substitutions
T. Lilley and B. Worsaw (78')
K. Everdale (82')
Photo: Cosumar captain Anders Engström was quite delighted with his hat-trick in the post-match conference, though he tried not to show it.

The Cosumarites will now travel north to Emberton, home of the Reds, in high spirits to kick off the more difficult side of Group. World Cup 72 hosts Equestrian States will be awaiting them at the famous Olympic Stadium, surely keen to put a damper on Cosumar's recent run of good fortune.

Gethin Ramsey cannot afford to let his side's confidence cross the line into complacency, lest they get humbled by an Equestrian side that is much more accomplished on the world stage despite their slightly lower regional rank. But if what we saw in Bromham against Weimania was any indication, Ramsey has the right mentality instilled into his players for this tournament. All we can do now is wait and see if Engström can replicate his magical performance against a much stronger defense and dread MD3's meeting with Osarius...

Thank you for reading The Cosumarite Courier's exclusive AOCAF 48 Coverage. Follow us on Twitter @TheCourier or subscribe to our website (TheCourier.cos) to receive daily updates and analysis of Cosumar's progress in the tournament.

Ava Morgong
Staff Writer

Cosumar's AOCAF 48 Path
Matchday 1: Cosumar 3-0 Weimania (@ Cygnus Stadium, Bromham)
Matchday 2: Cosumar vs. Equestrian States (@ Olympic Stadium, Emberton)
Matchday 3: Osarius vs. Cosumar (@ Southern Arena, Ousevale)
Green: Victory
Blue: Draw
Red: Defeat

Cosumar AOCAF 48 Statistical Leaders
Anders Engström - 3 goals
Darwyn Lucassen - 1 assist
Maynard Gorham - 1 assist
Qualified: World Cups 54-59, 62, 73-83
President, World Lacrosse Fed.
World Bowl VP

Champions: DBC 35/44/45, AOCAF 54, Eagle Cup VII, WCoH 33, CoH 64, IBC 18, NSCF 10/11/15/16, WLC 20/21/26, Arena Bowl I & III
2nd Place: AOCAF 57, NSCF 13, WBC 34, WLC 12/19/23, AOHC VI, Arena Bowl V
3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

Host: WC 78 & 82, CoH 69 & 74, BoF 62, World Bowl 27, WLC 20, Beach Cup II & V
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Postby New West Guiana » Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:10 pm

Hajji could hear and see the blast from where he was even though he was two miles from the docks, he smiled watching the light from the fire rise up into the sky. He walked casually to another parking garage a few blocks from the one he had just left, he knew he only had a small time frame to get to his next location. While he was walking to the garage he thought of Damion who sacrificed his life for a place in heaven and the prizes he had just inherited. Knowing very well he soon will join his friend.

The normal fast pace environment of downtown Gemsbrook was still, through out the streets all one could here was the wailing sirens as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks rushed by. Hajji could see down a few blocks in the City Plaza on the massive LED screens live imagines of the scene and people standing still watching in horror. He could hear as he walked past a small cafe that all victims are being taken to Alfred Calman Health Care Center the largest hospital in the city, he thought to himself, that he should go there.

He gets to the garage and looks around for the car, he can't find it instead in the spot is a moped, under the seat he sees there are a few explosives. Upset he finds the cloest pay phone and calls one of his "suppliers".

مهلا أين الرعاية ؟

تقرر بعدم استخدام السيارة، الدراجة هو أصغر و أقل بشكل ملحوظ

Hey where's the car?

It was decided that the moped would be less noticeable.

Disgruntled Hajji slide on the moped and turned it on, he could see several ambulances rushing by going towards the hospital and knew that he hadn't much time, soon the place will fill up inside and they'll start turning people away. He speeds out of the garage and speeding towards the hospital. Only one block away he surveys the building and sees that pull in entrance has no police near it and that the doors are wide open. As he gets closer the parking lot is full of reporters and people trying to get in, he stops at the red light and takes in a deep breath. The light turns green and he speeds towards the hospital front doors that have people walking into, shifting his hand to press harder on the gas he flies through the parking lot through the drive. Before he detonates the explosives he shouts ALLAHU AKBAR!

ER Waiting room
The seating area was full of people waiting to get good news or hoping that their loved ones will be ok or weeping for the inevitable news that they have passed on. Like the rest of the city and country people were shocked and many cried softly into the arms of strangers. The ER was on the other side of the building, but everyone could still feel and hear as the explosion ripped through the facility. Cries turned into screams as people hadn't a clue what to do, the room went dark has the explosion knocked power out for the building. Moments latter the generators turned on and so do the power. Those in the room can smell smoke and calmly walk towards the nearest exits.

As the walked outside, amid the sound of sirens, a new sound rose out of the air screams and cries, along with a plume of smoke though it was dark now the street lights shown that it was smoke. Amid the already consuming chaos that was chocking the city and peoples minds, the very though of another attack, this time on a hospital was mind boggling. Many rushed to the front to the building only to see a raging fire and the partially collapsed entrance, a few people were sitting down on the curb covered in dust and shaking.

*random talk of the crowd*
"What the hell...what, why a hospital?"

"I was walking towards the door....and...I see a large explosion *crying* MY DAUGHTER! MY SAMANTHA! was waiting for me in the door, I saw her..then. WHY!

"Bloodless cowards, that's all they are. Killing innocents for what?


Presidential Palace

As if Premier DeCader didn't already have enough on his mind, early reports coming in that the suicide attack had killed an estimated 2,000 people with at least 3,000 more injuries. His advisers were starting to get on his nerves telling him what needs to be done. DeCader was in his office which was filled with the buzzing of phones, and the mumbling of generals and security annalists when one of the interns came rushing in.

"What is the matter, Anthony?" DeCader turning to the panting intern.

There was a explosion at the Calman Hospital just minutes ago, those who witnessed it aid a man on a moped speed into the entry and denoted a bomb.

DeCader who was holding onto a large stack of papers, dropped them on the floor, which they scattered all around, "What? Attacked a god damn hospital, what people are we up against who are such lazy cowards!"

General Mark Thomson looked up from his laptop and spoke to DeCader, "Sir our intelligence says that this individual recently came back from the Calanian Desert, there are several known terror groups operating out of that area."

DeCader still wavering from the news about the hospital shyly replied, "Yes the Great Desert a place void of any intelligence and any religious lunatic can hide quite well. General what region of the desert it is quite large."

Thomson quickly typing, "It appears to be in a unknown nation called Bashir which is just south of Ibex, lovely two hellish intellectual wastelands."

DeCader taking some water from one of his aids, spoke gently, "Don't say that in public those damn goats maybe of use to us once we know exactly who we are dealing with. What is this persons name?"

"Hajji Menhaden" A younger intern said softly, "He was in one of my classes of the University of Gemsbrook, he was at first very kind and polite, but one day he started ranting against our country of how evil it is. He dropped out just before the end of the last school year."

Admiral Franco looked at the intern whose name is Felecia Raimundo, Why'd you say his name, the guy we have is Damion Stevens, he's the one that drove into the crowd at the docks."

Felecia, could feel the weight of the world pressing down on her for more details and she knew what she said would help everyone on pinning down who Hajji was. "I for a time dated Damion, I broke it up after he started telling me about he would love to die for a chance to eneter into heaven. I became worried so I told his parents who promptly told me not to worry. Well I went to the Gemsbrook PD and well, to put it into words they mostly laughed it off. Hajji was the mastermind I can feel it, he's the one who convert Damion to Islam and started this brainwashing of him. Anyway that's all I know."

DeCader walked to Felecia who was holding back tears and confronted her, holding her, "Felecia thank you, we owe you our gratitude for being brave to tell us this, you wont be in trouble nor be labeled a suspect." Walking towards his desk and then sitting down, "It's obvious the police in this city need some re-trained or be fired outright, the fact that Felecia went to them and they did nothing really pisses me off and when the people of this country find out...well the Gemsbrook PD will have a real mess on their hands."

"For now what is the course of action, sir." Franco said.

Right now our job is to calm the people and reassure them that we are doing everything possible to increase the security around the country and encourage them to keep an eye out for suspicious activities. I will tell you this, military action against this nation of Bashir will not be ruled out, we must strike back at those who attacked us in such cruel and inhumane means."

Despite the tie against top ranked Audioslavia, the mood amongst the players and staff was somber, they were in the middle of a night practice when the news came in about the attacks in Gemsbrook, coach John Ule gathered the team and said for the night to go back to the hotel and hope that the worst is behind. While his players slept, John had drove back to the Krytenia / West Guianan border, there were a line of cars and trucks trying to get in and yet many more, mostly filled with fans traveling to Krytenia.

John had dug into his pocket to get his passport, after the guard handed it back he softly spoke back giving his deepest condolences. He drove all the way to Port. Salem a eight hour drive in total one way, he left with a two boxes of black armbands he got at a thrift store just outside of downtown Port Salem. He was shocked that many business were still open, though he did notice of high presence of police blocking the drives of police stations and hospitals. As he drove back, something he noticed that he hadn't before, the city was very quite, something Port Salem isn't known for.

Press Conference


John: "Look, normally when one of my teams had drawn against a great high power opponent i'd be here all happy and congratulating ourselves, talking about our mistakes and all. But look I am very pleased with our preference today and can't wait for in a few days when we meet up against Farfadillis.

Press: "What have you done in order to keep your players confident and keeping their minds from worrying too much about the attacks?"

John: "We all fully understand the circumstances, our hearts ache and it feels that we all have lost the ability to speak, but we all understand that we have to remain focus on whats next."

Press: "Whose idea was it to wear the black arm bands?"

John: "It was mine alone, since we rented a coach and took the team supply van, I drove fifteen hours round trip to Port Salem. It, felt like ages had passed by when I had returned to the hotel. All the guys were up and glued to the tv in the sitting room. I simply walked in with two boxes and explained everything. And yes we all will wear them till the end."
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Postby Semarland » Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:16 am

RP with the permission of Polar Islandstates

Valentin Jahr pulled up outside the Semarland team hotel in Emberton. Stepping out of the rather flash looking car he was driven in - a car, mind, definitely not a limo. Far too gauche - he gave a brisk "Thank you" before flipping open his phone. Mumbling something about having to be in Krytenia, he received a text from his associate, regarding the Jakkar deal. More good news, he thought. Let's hope I can finish this off.

Stepping in, he had to admit it was nice. Even if it was a Krytenian one after all. The hotel seemed pretty quiet, but considering only the team was here, that made it better. More quiet. And easier to get this deal done. Walking towards the staircase, he saw Andreas Jansen walking down, carrying a bag of footballs. He'd done is research into the guy and he loved the fact he really got into training. He didn't just leave it to his coaches - he led it himself.

"Hello Valentin, how are you?" beamed Andreas, in a usual friendly Semar tone. "Hello Andreas," smiled Valentin politely. "I'm looking for a Mr Tunde?"

"Oh, Tunde? Right behind me." grinned Andreas. His assistant, Tunde Ajayi, came thundering down the stairs. "Valentin Jahr? SK Franz Jozef City chairman? More of an East Franz guy myself." he boomed, before noticing the shock on Valentin's face. "Only joking with you. More of a Surtsey fan to be honest. Although my dad did love Lokomotiv Karlstadt..."

Sensing this giant of a man was going to start rambling, Valentin tried to cut him off. "Yes, yes, I'm sure. I'm looking for another Tunde. One who plays."

Tunde Ajayi chuckled. "Oh yes," he boomed. "I may be 44, but I can still smack that ball!", pretending to strike a ball on the staircase, just missing Valentin's pink suit, to which Ajayi seemed to look a little mystified by.

"Yes," chuckled Valentin nervously. "I'm sure you can. But I'm looking for Tunji Tunde. Midfielder. Young. Coincidentally, he plays for your team?" he said, maybe a little too abrupt but at least it showed he meant business.

"Oh." was all Ajayi said. "Follow me.". He then guided him into some sort of room where the players, well, relaxed. There was a match on TV - Polar Islandstates v Pasarga. Valentin tried to refrain himself from getting too drawn into it, but he hoped sincerely the Terns were doing well. Especially his lot. Flipping his phone out to check the live updates, he sighed as he noted Finn Kirkkegaard was brought off in favour of Jonas Hertzberg.

"Jammy cunt." he muttered, but it seemed to attract the attention of a group of players in the corner. Namely Isaac Nketiah, Serge Mavididi, Marc Strand and Martin Eriksen.

"Woah, do I know you from somewhere?" grinned Isaac. Valentin shot him a glare. "Haven't you got a match to prepare for?" he shot back, in a cold tone.

"Nah, not yet, haven't you got players to sign?" replied Isaac, trying to attract the attention of Tunji who was sitting near the front with Martell Chalobah and Emmanuel Sambu.

Mercifully it didn't alert Tunji, but before Valentin could comment back he turned his attention to the match. Victor Otkupschikov made a heroic title to halt Dominik Mauer in his tracks. Valentin checked the phone and saw he came on in place for the mountain that was Olaf Strauss - which seemed surprising but who was he to argue? Victor certainly had a heart of fire. Playing a neat little one-two with his older brother, Willem, the captain, before playing it to Eidur Gunnlaugsson.

"Go on," mumbled Valentin. Gunnlaugsson, in sheer magic, let Hedinn Olgeirsson for dead before knocking it to Sim Lefebvre, who swivelled and played it to Jonas Hertzberg. Valentin tutted at this, considering he didn't have time for this "division-jumper" or so he called him. Hertzberg knocked it back to Kiriyenko, who performed a neat little step over before threading Rauno Bickermann through. "Go on," said Valentin, a little louder, and smiled broadly as Bickermann smacked it home past Bognar Lukacs. Only seven minutes left, and the Terns were close to sealing it.

Valentin laughed as the whole room erupted too. Polar Islandstates were a great team, of course, but the Semar obsession with them was hilariously unreal. But flattering. Amongst the kerfuffle, he walked over to Tunji Tunde.

He did feel a slight twinge of disappointment though. Bickermann was his prime target. He thought he'd fit in well with Grndstrom and Pedrinho. While he liked Kirkkegaard, he definitely would've preferred Rauno. Even if Finn was a good striker.

"You could be playing with some of those guys, next season." he hinted. Tunji seemed surprised. "Oh, hi Mr Jahr! I wasn't expecting you here?" he replied, smiling nervously.

Martell just grinned and clapped his friend on the shoulder. Valentin sort of gave him a "convince-your-friend" look, so Martell's parting comment was "I'll look forward to breaking your leg next season."

Maybe not the best start, thought Valentin. But good enough. Time to press on.

"I've spoken with the Nuholm board. They'll lower the bid if you're happy. Now, that's good relations but of course, I'll make you feel especially welcome over in Franz Jozef."

Tunji smiled. "I'm sure you will, Mr Jahr. It's just that I love Nuholm-"

Shit. Valentin thought. Don't let him finish. There isn't time for this nonsense.

"Yes, yes. The extra money will be used towards your wages."

Maybe it wouldn't be. I need to tell Grndstrom he's still in my plans. He might want a wage increase. But maybe I will increase Tunji's wages. Just slightly.

"Wages are nices Mr. Jahr, but will I get playing time?"

"Yes, Tunji. You'll be part of the best midfield in the Federation. Konigstein, Dardan, Drummond. You want to play alongside them, right? Picture the headline on the Sportnyheter. "Tunde - the jewel in the crown."

Well you'll be part of it, at least.

"Alright. What do I sign?" Tunji smiled.

"Just these consent forms, basically. I'll finalise everything with the Nuholm board myself. If it's official, I'll return for a picture, and that. I'll be in touch."

Valetin got up, patted Tunji on the back and left the room. Walking down the stairs he bid goodbye and good luck to Andreas and Tunde, before exiting the hotel. Getting into his car, he smiled as the driver pulled out of the car park and drove back to the airport.

It looked like he was getting his man. Again.

Of course he would.

Krytenia 1-0 SEMARLAND
Semarland: Blaise N'Zonzi, Rasmus Norregaard, Jakob Lunds, Matthias Karbruck (Martell Chalobah 86), Knut Svensson, Marcel Labonne, Tunji Tunde, Florent Marcssen (Sante Sundu 70), Marc Strand, Marc Lygaard, Jakob Lindesfarne (Nicklas Church 73)
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Osarius » Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:35 pm

A winning start for the new gaffer, but it was a close-run thing in the end. Robinson will be pleased to have picked up three points, but as a defender, he will certainly see plenty of reasons to be concerned. He can make a case for inexperience being a factor, but the fury of Bartolo Monteforte when the Equestrian third hit the net suggests that this is not an excuse that will hold up for long.

"It's going to be tough." Robinson conceded, referring to the notion that he is expected to 'rebuild' the reputation of Osarius on the international stage. "That aura of near-invincibility that the team had under Jermain has faded away, and results like tonight won't do enough to get it back."

The straight-talking approach of Robinson was appreciated by his captain, Fabio Mancini, who shocked Osarian fans with his recent move to Izotz Zubia -- citing that though he still loves Diamante, Zozi 'are in a better position to win trophies' -- and his candid commentary on the team's performance has been well-received. "The gaffer didn't say anything we didn't expect to hear, if I'm honest." Mancini revealed. "We knew we should have been better defensively, we're better than we showed today." The captain went on to state that Osarius had been "lucky", and it would take a dramatic improvement if the Firebirds were to regain their status as Atlantian Oceania's dominant side.

In fairness to Osarius, there was little wrong offensively against an Equestrian States side that is typically among the harder sides in the world to break down. "I was happy with the way the attackers linked up," said Robinson, "but we can't regress back to the old 'score more goals than the other team' attitude we had in the past. We haven't produced championship winning sides with that mentality."

Sido Pudoremu opened scoring after Fabio Mancini split the Equestrian defence with an incisive pass. The Real Santa Maria forward timed his run to perfection, latching on to the pass just inside the box, and placing a shot first time. Pudoremu in particular will have seen this AOCAF Cup -- and new manager -- as an opportunity to force his way into the senior team for World Cup qualifying, and was certainly pressing that claim in the first half. It was his run just before half time that opened the gap from which Gavin Mitchell put Osarius back ahead. Unfortunately, Pudoremu would pick up an injury early in the second half, the severity of which is still unclear. "Sido looked okay, but we can't be too careful. We're still evaluating." Robinson admitted. "Saunders looked sharp enough, and the front five overall was still strong, so it's not the end of the world if he has to sit out for a while. But I know he's in good form lately, and he'll be devastated if he's out for any extended period of time."

On the hour mark, with the scores level again, Robinson replaced Luther Bailey -- carrying a booking, and looking increasingly likely to pick up another -- with an extra creative presence in Zoe Barnes. "I felt like it would be easier to create with Zoe, than asking Fabio and Gavin to create while shuttling back and forth." Robinson told us. It worked. A minute after entering the fray, Barnes picked out Monroe with a superb 40 yard diagonal pass. Monroe found Samuels at the back post, unmarked, to tap in a third for Osarius.

Barnes would find Monroe again later on, with a simpler pass this time, bisecting the space between centre and left back. The Trothwands winger pulled the pass backward this time, into the path of Fabio Mancini at the edge of the box. 4-2 Osarius, and seemingly game over. "That fourth goal I think perhaps let the guys relax too early. They let their focus slip again, and again, they paid for it." Robinson said. It's understandable why he'd be frustrated by events in the last ten minutes of the game -- though he didn't look or sound it, in all honesty. Calabrese's lazy pass to Barnes put the Dynapolis midfielder under undue pressure, and when she was robbed of the ball, he didn't react quickly enough. Minutes later, Calabrese again seemed to be at fault, gifting the Equestrian side a chance at an equaliser. This time Monteforte was equal to the task, however, palming the shot around the post before berating his defenders. The Dynapolis 'keeper took matters into his own hands from the corner, literally, claiming the cross amidst a throng of bodies.

The absence of an experienced head to settle everything for Osarius became very noticeable at this point, and Robinson's management style does not lend itself to the same kind of frantic gesturing and bellowing that his predecessor's did. A subtle gesture was made, though. Thankfully, Fabio Mancini got it, dropping deep to protect the back four alongside Barnes so that Osarius could see out the final five minutes or so. Just about.

While few would expect such trouble against Weimania, Robinson would be wise to be on guard. A slip up against the weakest team -- statistically speaking -- in the group could be extremely costly, given the final match of the group stage is against a challenging opponent in Cosumar. "I'm trying not to think beyond the next match, if I'm honest. We just need to take this one game at a time." He's not wrong, but if he's going to rescue Osarian football's international reputation, there needs to be a long-term plan, too.

Match stats:
Osarius [4-3-3] Monteforte, Scott, Calabrese, Santana, Turner, Bailey (Barnes 60), Mitchell, Mancini, Samuels, Pudoremu (Saunders 51), Monroe

Man of the Match: Fabio Mancini

28' [GOAL] S. Pudoremu (F. Mancini)
43' [GOAL] G. Mitchell (F. Mancini)
61' [GOAL] D. Samuels (J. Monroe)
77' [GOAL] F. Mancini (J. Monroe)
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