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EURYTT - A Euran/Yttribian Bid for CoH 64

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:17 pm
by Yttribia
A joint Yttribian-Euran bid
tag, eurytt!

The nations of Yttribia and Eura are proud to present to all World Cup Committee members a bid between the nations to host the 64th Cup of Harmony in their respective nations.

Our Mission
To provide the forum the greatest Cup of Harmony it will ever see, providing a unique opportunity for teams to experience the great countries of Eura and Yttribia, and in doing so to create unique RP opportunities and memorable stories for themselves and the community to enjoy.

IC Information
The Yttribian Confederation is a somewhat small (compared to Eura) parliamentary democracy located in south eastern Esportiva, home to just over forty six million citizens, and former Esportivan delegate for the World Assembly. The land that makes up Yttribia was originally occupied by six distinct nations, who were later unified by revolutionary Ximena after massive wars that took place. However, while many Yttribians are proud to call themselves that, there is a distinct culture in the six regions, based around the language that each region has. The nation is generally considered a bastion for democracy, despite the Corvax regime that ruled Yttribia for two or so years. While the nation maintains no oversea territories, the Yttribian diaspora makes up for it, with the nations of Varmelle, Bissone, and the now destroyed Mastille to have been considered a part of it. The relation between Yttribia and Varmelle is generally considered to be extremely harsh, as Varmellites were forced to leave centuries ago. Yttribia is known throughout Esportiva for being sort of a "tax haven," with many rich foreigners moving to the Confederation to escape taxes; as a result of the massive amount of foreigners present, both migrants and the wealthy, Yttribia is considered a salad bowl of culture. The cultures from various nations across Esportiva, from the Sarian, to the Unified Sunrise Islands, to Apox, allow for Yttribia to adopt small pieces from their respective cultures and ingrain them into Yttribian culture. This has resulted in various successes across the mediums of art, film, television, and sport. These successes in the general world have given Yttribia, with its gorgeous landscapes and cities, something to be very proud. No matter what, Yttribians will choose to remain who they are.

Within the timespan of sixteen years, Yttribia has transformed itself in the sporting world. Gone were the days of them being absolutely terrible, and the days of success upon success from Yttribian athletes are here. While Yttribia is beginning to make a name for itself in the motorsport world, in addition to the widespread popularity of Yttribian pro wrestling, the main sport watched and played in Yttribia is soccer. Fluidity being key to playing the Yttribian game, players such as Xavi Vilhjalmsson and Ulysses Bonaventura are some of the most recognizable faces within the sport, and key components to the fluid and quick style of game. With various successes such as a silver medal in the 11th Campionato Esportiva, quarter-final appearances in Cup of Harmony 62, and more, Yttribia made it to the World Cup by hosting it in edition 71. Domestically, the Yttribian Premiership is a successful league, one of the top twenty-five associations in all of the multiverse, as determined by UICA. While Yttribia is not necessarily the greatest sporting nation in the world, it sure has the most heart, and it would be proud to welcome with open arms the sixteen teams and their fans into the Confederation once more.

The United Federation of Eura is a very large parliamentary democracy located in south eastern Rushmore, home to just over three billion citizens and the Rushmore delegation for the World Assembly. Eura became a unified state of six regions after centuries of civil wars some three centuries ago, developing a strong national identity with a distinct Euran-Anglophone culture originating from the region of Endemia. The country has been democratic for the most part of a century and has developed into Rushmore’s military-industrial powerhouse, due to its strong industrial economy, massive military expenditure and power projection capabilities, large population and involvement in numerous overseas adventures. It also has a series of overseas territories known colloquially as the “Eurasphere”, in Rushmore, Endemia and Atlantian Oceania. It is well known for its rivalry and hostility to its northern neighbour Sameba, the isolated “Seventh Kingdom” of Endemian Rushmore. The stereotype of Euran’s assigned by foreigners is usually that of a homogenous, culturally uninteresting horde, who are zealously patriotic and have a socialistic tendency to accept low pay and high taxation. Despite this mostly untrue characterisation, Euran culture has found success and popularity abroad in many forms, especially in cinema and sport, and the country itself has become a hugely popular destination for foreign business and tourists who come to see its heaving megacities, beautiful mountains, magnificent castles and towering industrial complexes. Euran’s have gained a more positive reputation in recent years as an industrious and hardworking people, and the state a positive reputation for decisive if sometimes forceful regional leadership.

Eura has a prestigious record in international sport since it became a regular competitor in the last thirty years or so, especially at the Summer Olympics and Rushmori Games, but its most outstanding contribution to sport has without a doubt been Euran football. In a footballing context “Euran” is a byword for a play style that is easy on the eyes but is also reliant on exceptional stamina and determination amongst the players, a defining characteristic of Euran teams ever since their 54th World Cup debut. Since then Eura has become a top footballing nation, having now been a top 32 nation for over ten cycles. Eura’s first major tournament final was that of the 51st Cup of Harmony, where Ben Randall’s team suffered an agonising loss to Darmen. During the next cycle, after a number of failed attempts, Eura finally qualified for the World Cup at the 60th tournament, and subsequently gave it a breath of fresh air with their exciting football. The Lee Sharp inspired team went all the way to the final at the first attempt before losing to the Holy Empire. Since then Eura has become an established competitor, reaching the semi-finals at the last World Cup but most famously winning the 66th tournament in Fligsive, in the former Inevitable Syndicate, beating the seemingly invincible Polar Islandstates 4-2. Eura has perhaps underperformed in regional tournaments, finishing as runners up twice in the Copa Rushmori at best, but in domestic football Eura has excelled, with the Euraleague now seen as one of the best leagues in the world, which has now brought home a Champions Cup and two Globe Cup titles. Eura is a busy and quite crowded country, but is home to a fantastic range of sporting and transport infrastructure and also a population who are increasingly familiar with different nations through the medium of sport. Therefore the Euran FA hopes that Eura’s host cities, not just Bastion but others such as Brigham and Directus, will be fantastic venues to visit for the fans and teams of the many nations that will take part in the Cup of Harmony, and that they will have a memorable stay in the blue and gold federation.

OOC Stuff
Previous Hosting Experience
Yttribia has hosted the 11th Campionato Esportiva, the 61st Cup of Harmony, and the 71st World Cup as Yttribia. In addition, the user has hosted the eighth edition of the Under 15 World Cup as Mastille.

Eura has not hosted a major tournament, but has hosted the Rushmori Under-17 and Under-20 international tournaments, and of course the domestic Euraleague for twenty five UICA cycles, and is plenty familiar with the NSFS scorinator.

RP Bonuses and Scorination
Scorination will take place using the latest version of the NSFS scorinator. The RP bonus, which shall not be revealed, will be cumulative and generous, as we shall award quality RPs with the RP bonuses they deserve. In addition, we shall not be revealing criteria for invitation.

Our preferred format is to be with thirty-two (32) teams, with eight groups of four; groups A-D to play in Yttribia, and groups E-H to be played in Eura. Should both hosts qualify, then the groups will be scored by the user in which your team is playing in. However, if one of us does not qualify, then the hosts will score the groups that belong to the co-host. We are open to expanding (or shrinking) the tournament field with 24 nations at least, or 40 nations at most. No matter what, the knock-out round will consist of sixteen (16) nations playing to the final, with the Grand Finale to be held at Le Nid Violet in Fontvieille, Yttribia, and the 3PPO to be held in the Bastion Arena in Bastion, Eura.

Tie Breakers
We'll be using the following tie-breakers.
Games Played this is a joke, no worries
Goal Differential
H2H Points
Goals For
H2H Goal Differential
H2H Goals For

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:44 pm
by Saintland
In the event that you elect to shrink the tournament to 24 teams, what format would you elect to use for the group stage?

Edit: In the event that you go with 40 teams, what format would you use for the group stage?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:18 pm
by Yttribia
Saintland wrote:In the event that you elect to shrink the tournament to 24 teams, what format would you elect to use for the group stage?

Edit: In the event that you go with 40 teams, what format would you use for the group stage?

Six groups of four if we have to shrink to twenty-four, and eight groups of five should we have to go with forty teams.