World Grand Prix Championship 13 - Signups [MOTOR RACING/F1]

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World Grand Prix Championship 13 - Signups [MOTOR RACING/F1]

Postby WGPC » Sat May 23, 2015 12:14 pm

Audioslavia and The Calanian Union present...

The World Grand Prix Championships are back for another season of thrills, spills, shunts and bumps. The multiverse's best racing teams will go head to head to find out who is the number one racer - and who is the number one racing team.

For those of you unfamiliar with the WGPC, I could tell you about how it's been going since around 2005, and how its basically a slightly-more-relaxed version of Formula 1, but to best get a feel for how it works, here is a link to the WGPC12 thread, which was a pretty awesome experience from start to finish. Having a read of it will give you a feel for how the season works, but bear in mind there are a few changes for season thirteen.


Every user may sign up ONE driver. Every driver starts off as a free agent, meaning they are not affiliated to any team. Drivers sign up to teams via roleplay in the RP thread (coming soon), though its customary to ask around the users who control racing teams (more on them later) to let them know you're available.

The more RPing you do with your driver, the faster they are likely to be on the circuit, and the more likely a team is to sign them. Furthermore, teams may hire and fire drivers throughout the season, so if you don't contribute, there's a chance your team may get rid of you in favour of someone who will.

To sign-up a driver, fill in the following form:

ABILITY: (Experience/Reflexes/Reliability)

NAME is the full name of the driver. The driver may be male or female or - a new rule compared to previous seasons - any kind of sentient being. Want to sign up a pony? Or some kind of sentient wasp? That's fine, but do appreciate that IC regulations on driver safety, car weight, helmet measurements and general aerodynamic ability would have to be factored in. The WGPC reserves the right to punish sentient bees for not wearing the correct safety equiptment, even if said safety equipment would make it impossible for said bee to reach the steering wheel.

GENDER is your driver's gender. If this is left blank we will assume the driver is a male human. If you've decided to go for a half-ape half-encephelapod, this is where to write that.

NATIONALITY is the driver's nationality. This is also probably the demonym form of your nation's name.

A TRIGRAM is the three-letter code that tells us what your nation is called. Audioslavia's, for example, is AUD.

ABILITY is split into three sections: EXPERIENCE, REFLEXES and RELIABILITY. Experienced drivers corner more efficiently, drivers with good reflexes may be more effective during overtaking manuevers, while reliable drivers don't find themselves upside-down in a gravel-pit quite so often. Each attribute should be given a numerical number between 1 and 3 and the three ratings must add up to a maximum of six

You can increase your driver's E/R/R rating by RPing.

BIO is a short biography of your driver. His/her/its age, experience, hopes and aspirations, driving style, favourite sandwich, things like that.

NAME: Alexander Lund
NATIONALITY: Audioslavian
ABILITY: 2/1/3
BIO: Alec Lund shot to fame in Season 12 of the WGPC. Signed to the notoriously unreliable McPahan team, Lund struggled through accident after accident during the first half of the season, only to put a streak together over the last handful of races and, against all expectation, win the World Driver's Championship on the very final raceday of the season.

Alec is a careful driver, all too used to handling some of the most unreliable cars on the planet. He occasionally lacks confidence in his abilities, though whether that rings true this season - as he comes in as reigning World Champion - remains to be seen.

Sign-ups (33)
The following applications have been accepted, and the drivers will take part in the negotiation period at the start of the season. Not every driver is guaranteed a drive.

AUD Alexander Lund
BAU Lauren Ashburton
EFL Victoria Gardner
ESP Johnathan Klassen
FND Smith Snick
GLX Wayne Forrest
HAN Maxwell Song
HDR Sayono Souzare
KRN Qara Budang
MAT Ruslan Matveev
MDU Enu Noel
MGN Scotty Tucker
MIO Michael Olaffson
MLT Maluk Vezer
MTJ Alex Dimitrianov
NDL Adrian Klaassen
NED Jacob Bohun
NEK Alexandra Mayari
NKM Noel Kallaghan
PKR Katarzyna Owczarzak
PPD Xebandhra Kallasdun
RPX Ujkan Sadiraj
SJG Moisés Delgado
TAE Oliver Bliss
TCU Roger Bunn
TOR Weston Arbeid
TRB Rudolf Ibuna
USI Crimson 'Swift Curse' LaRoja
VER Lovisa Landenberg
VIL R.L. Cruisin
VNG Mike Starlite
YTT Tyler Brooks
ZAD Alexander Longreach


Each user may sign up a maximum of TWO grand-prix circuits, and no more than one per nation (meaning one circuit from your main nation and one from a puppet is fine).

Signing up a circuit is not a guarantee that it will be used in the upcoming WGPC season. Spare circuits may be used for pre-season or in-season testing.

It is customary to provide an image of your circuit (no larger than 900 x 900 pixels, of course). Providing an image isn't mandatory, though better-RP'd circuits have a better chance of being used during the season.

To sign up a circuit, fill in the following form.


TRACK RATING: (Technical Difficulty/Overtaking Opportunities)

Link the image too, if you have one.

NAME OF CIRCUIT is the name of the circuit. To use a real-life example, Spa-Francorchamps is the name of the track used for the Belgian grand-prix.

CITY/TOWN is the name of the place the circuit is in / nearest to. For example, Spa-Francorchamps is situated near the Belgian town of Stavelot.

COUNTRY is the nation the circuit is in.

NAME OF GRAND PRIX is what the grand prix will be called. For example, Grand Prix de Quebec or Audioslavian Grand Prix or Gran Premio de Astrograth.

TRACK RATING is, like the driver ability rating, comprised of numerical values. The first value is Technical Difficulty. A technically difficult track would be easier for experienced drivers to traverse quickly. The second value is Overtaking Opportunity. This value rewards quick-witted drivers who can best take advantage of overtaking opportunities. The numbers should add up to ten. (ie 4/6, 3/7, 5/5)

LAP RECORD is the fastest any grand prix driver has driven the track before.

LENGTH OF ONE LAP should be measured in kilometres. Tracks that are too long or too short won't be considered when it comes to selecting places for the racing season.

The above two are in italics for a reason. We need information for only one of these.

Oh, and remember the two usual rules: NO OVALS, and NO RL CIRCUITS


NAME OF CIRCUIT: Silverspasecasarthe
CITY/TOWN: Oljestaden
COUNTRY: Audioslavia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Audioslavia
LAP RECORD: 2m 15.843s (Alexander Lund, McPahan Racing, WGPC Season 12)


Circuits (22)

The following applications have been received. Only fifteen will be selected for the Grand Prix season.

AEL Trac Rasio Drefhil
AUD Crossport Raceway
BAU Alexwood Racing Park
BEA Beobic Racing Arena
EFL Mount Salt Raceway
FND Slithereen Snakeheart Circuit
HAN Haishang International Circuit
HDR Yakumicha circuit
LIV Gold Park Circuit
MLT Vaduz Street Circuit
MNG Goldshom Park
MTJ Petrovijanka international street circuit
NEK Nekoni International Circuit
NKM Northwilde Race Track
PKR Tor Wyscigowy Przemyslaw Kuczkowski
PPD Circuit de Blakkoakes
RPX Komandat Race Track
SJG La Laguna
TUR Eelandii Grand Prix Course
VER Naturburg Circuit
VIL Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course
YTT Circuit de Telino


Team sign-ups work a little differently compared to other sports, and will work a little differently compared to previous editions of the WGPC too.

Whereas, for WGPC, invitations were given to various users to run teams in the WGPC, this time the team sign-ups are semi-open. Anyone is allowed to register a team, but only a few will be selected. Selection is based on the hosts' preference and nothing else. Please also note that, unlike previous iterations, there will be no test-driver slots and each user is allowed only one driver, regardless of whether or not they are running a team. This does mean that a user's driver is not obligated to drive for the user's team.

Why so strict? The onus is on teams to RP well, for enjoyments sake as well as to reap the benefits of a decent RP bonus. Users that RP well will find not only that their drivers go faster, but their teams perform better too. The combination of a well-RP'd driver racing for a well RP'd team will make for a very competitive team, though its worth stressing that, due to the random nature of scorinators, RPing well is not a guarantee of success, it merely improves your chances.

Also, just as teams are free to fire drivers if they feel they aren't performing (ie the user isn't RPing enough), drivers are free to quit teams they feel are not giving them the help they need (ie the user isn't RPing enough). Although it rarely happens in Formula One nowadays, there is the possibility to remove teams during the season and enter new ones, if there is little or no activity from the user. All changes are at the discretion of the WGPC Committee.

To register a team, fill in the following form:

RATING: (Wealth/Experience/Skill)

TEAM NAME is the name of the team. For example, McPahan Racing, Yogutz Lantzia, Red Bull Racing

RATING is, like the ability sections for the drivers, divided into three numbers. The 'W' stands for Wealth - the team's ability to afford the best money can buy in terms of engines, tyres and equipment, and should be able to deliver fast cars. A team's Experience denotes their ability to get the best performance out of their car and how to best adapt the car to different circuits, while the Skill rating denotes how reliable they can make the team's car, and just how reliable the pit crew are at changing the tyres on a car without accidentally setting fire to it.

Each rating can be a maximum of 5 and a team's total rating points can add up to no more than 12. You can increase your team's W/E/S rating by RPing.

The Team Principal is the person in charge of the team.

A team's Headquarters are the city in which the team is based.

Racing colours (you may spell colours without the 'u' if you prefer) are the main colours of the team's livery. You may provide a picture if you think you can make one.


TEAM NAME: McPahan Racing
RATING: (4/5/3)
HEADQUARTERS: Ceilerden, Audioslavia
RACING COLOURS: Electric blue and silver.


The following applications have been received. Only twelve teams will be selected for the WGPC season.

Teams (17)
AEL	Macllynlleth Clockwork Racing
AUD McPahan Racing
BAU Archer Motorsports Super-WGP
HAN SinoMotors Racing
HDR ENSADRINK GP Team Dekijika-Tarogama
KRY Aston Tickford Racing
MIO Uurutia Motorsports
MTJ Mattjiana Racing
NEK Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio
NKM Nurkaman Motorsports
PPD Cobolis-Wobbegong
SJG Telaris Racing
TAE Salvatore F1
TCU Synclair Automotive
VER Hans-Nyrota Racing
WHT Orlov Racing Automobilles
YTT Frontière Racing

The WGPC is the multiverse's oldest open-wheel motor racing championships. Our ethos is to provide a fun RPing environment for everyone, regardless of their knowledge of cars, Formula One, or motor racing in general. You don't need to be a petrolhead to RP here. If you *are* a petrol-head, though, and you're looking for something more in-depth and technical, try Formula Hodori, which should be making a long-awaited comeback soon.

Closing date for sign-ups has been moved to 20th June 2015 due to RL commitments.
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Postby Northern Sunrise Islands » Sat May 23, 2015 12:52 pm

So, since I doubt I'd be able to hold a team, I'd rather post my entrant. Also, I'll add a circuit soon.

NAME: Crimson "Swift Curse" LaRoja
GENDER: Female
NATIONALITY: Unified Sunrisian (Northern Sunrisian)
ABILITY: (3/2/1)
BIO: A motorcycle driver ever since her youth at Saint Elsewhere, Crimson LaRoja made a reputation of being hard to work with, but always succeeding thanks to her skill. They say that whatever you hand to her that has to be fast will probably arrive as soon as first place if she is driving it. There's no true reason for her to be like that, it just seems she has a thing for good driving and considers the WGPC just another step on her road of being the best driver to ever exist.
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Postby San Jose Guayabal » Sat May 23, 2015 2:53 pm


NAME: Moisés Delgado
AGE: 22
NATIONALITY: Guayabalense
ABILITY: 2/2/2
BIO: Moisés is a balanced driver (Age: 22) in the sense of the word, competed in the Formula Guayabalense since he was sixteen years old, definitively he has some experience despite his youngness, in his second season (Year 2193 - ASSRPT) won the title of "Rookie of the Year" after finishing fifth in the general classification, after that finished second in three times in a row just to win it in the 2198 Season by a narrow margin, considering his youngness, Delgado has a promising future in Motorsports.


CITY/TOWN: La Laguna
COUNTRY: San José Guayabal
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Gran Premio de San José Guayabal.
LAP RECORD: 00:00:00 - New Circuit.
PRECIPITATION CHANCE: (10% in Summer - 24% in Autumn - 58% in Winter - 20% in Spring.)
AVAILABILITY TO RACE AT NIGHT: Yes, the circuit has proper illumination to do a race at night if the WGPC Council considers it properly.
SUGGESTED START TIMES: 14:00, 16:00 or 21:00.
CAPACITY: 98,000 fans.
VIP BOXES: 1000.
PRESS HALLS: Available, equipped with A/C, Wi-Fi, 25 computers with enough broadband to upload and download files, special zones to do press conferences.


TEAM NAME: Telaris Racing
RATING: (5/3/4)
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Jaime Gutiérrez
HEADQUARTERS: Moncada, San Salvador Province, San José Guayabal
RACING COLOURS: Light green and skyblue


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Postby Madesu » Sat May 23, 2015 3:28 pm

NAME: Enu Noel
ABILITY: (2/2/2)
BIO: 26 year old Enu Noel has always been a motor enthusiast from his childhood years. During his teenage years he was able to a successful mechanic and soon started to race in Ndaku due to strict automobile regulations in Madesu, especially his home town, Lumumbaville. Noel's comrades say anything that has to do with cars, Noel is the number one man to talk to.
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Postby Kheeriin » Sat May 23, 2015 5:55 pm

NAME: Qara Budang
ABILITY: (Experience/Reflexes/Reliability) 1/3/2
BIO: A former Armor Officer, 21-year-old Qara Budang is using his military experience to entertain international crowds. His lightning-fast reflexes and his skill with automobiles make him one of the best possible F1 racers in Kheerin, but his lack of racing experience could cost him the Championship.
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Postby Aels » Sun May 24, 2015 3:22 am

TEAM NAME: Macllynlleth Clockwork Racing (MCR)
RATING: 5/2/5
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Rhys Macllynlleth
HEADQUARTERS: Drayfill, Aels

The team has its roots in a self-made business in the town of Rhydmawr, Aels. Started by Elfyn Macllynlleth, the family-run garage expanded beyond its reach into the nearby cities of Fishwick and Plaidstone before being bought out by Clockwork Garages, the largest chain of garages and service stations in the capital Drayfill.

Keeping the Clockwork name, but with Macllynlleth now a minority stakeholder, the chain expanded across North Aels before making inroads south of the Bay of Celts, and is now the largest chain of garage services in the country.

Its motorsport division was started three years ago under Macllynlleth's supervision, and the majority of the garages' profit is now diverted to its burgeoning racing team. While Elfyn Macllynlleth is director of MCR, it is his son Rhys, just 28, who runs the day-to-day operations at the circuit as team principal.

The Drayfill Racing Circuit (Aels Welsh: Trac Rasio Drefhil) is the first and only purpose-built motorsport facility in Aels. It has 14 cornering events, each named after an Aelsh town or city, with turn 9 – a long left-hander – named after the capital city in which the circuit is located. It runs clockwise, like most tracks, and has a pitlane speed limit of 80 kph.
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Postby Zadiner » Sun May 24, 2015 3:39 am

NAME: Alexander Longreach
ABILITY: (2/1/3)
BIO: Alex was born to a family living in te city of St Johns and signed up to the local racing team at the age of 7. He took lessons and learnt to race karts. by the age of 20 he had started learning the ways of F1 racing and has been doing so for 6 years now. He has won a few regional finals and came 10th in the nation in a competition 2 years ago. this will be his first international competition.
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Postby Liventia » Sun May 24, 2015 4:15 am

Liventia's motorsport authority puts forward Gold Park Circuit, Neverend, for its first use in a WGPC season, replacing the Talbott Autodrome.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Gold Park Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Neverend
COUNTRY: Liventia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Liventia / Grand Prix du Liventie
LAP RECORD: 1:38.411
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 5.98 km (52 laps)
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Postby Vilita and Turori » Sun May 24, 2015 6:48 am

reserved :)

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Postby Rapoxha » Sun May 24, 2015 1:23 pm

NAME: Ujkan Sadiraj
ABILITY: 1/3/2
BIO: Few Rapoxhans ever left the territory of their beloved nation, the infamous Fascist Empire of Rapoxha, led by Skender Siliqi for the past forty years with a fierce and bloody hand. Ujkan, a 23-year old member of the army, has been chosen as representative by the state and will try to convince a team with his briefcase filled with a smack of money from the national treasury and a resume that looks rather short - notwithstanding two victories in the GP of Broxha, the sole race on a track worthy of that name. He certainly is skilled but not used yet to the speeds of WGPC machinery, being usually at the wheel of an army truck. His style is rather agressive behind the wheel, yet notoriously quiet when no longer on four wheels. Said character helped him to become the first Rapoxhan international sportsmen, but being a staunch supporter of the Komandat, as Siliqi is called, sealed the deal. He wants to wave the flag for the nation - a true patriot. Oh, his favorite sandwich is mayo and lamb, which roams on the lush hills around his home city Qureda.

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Postby Audioslavia » Sun May 24, 2015 2:37 pm

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Crossport Raceway

CITY/TOWN: Crossport
COUNTRY: Audioslavia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Audioslavia
LAP RECORD: 1:31.093
NAME: Alexander Lund
NATIONALITY: Audioslavian
ABILITY: (2/1/3)

BIO: Alec Lund shot to fame in Season 12 of the WGPC. Signed to the notoriously unreliable McPahan team, Lund struggled through accident after accident during the first half of the season, only to put a streak together over the last handful of races and, against all expectation, win the World Driver's Championship on the very final raceday of the season.

Alec is a careful driver, all too used to handling some of the most unreliable cars on the planet. He occasionally lacks confidence in his abilities, though whether that rings true this season - as he comes in as reigning World Champion - remains to be seen.

In his personal life, Lund has been known to like the odd drink and the very odd glamorous pit-board-holding supermodel, but is generally a amiable chap, even if he is occasionally aloof. His friendship and partnership with Roger Bunn last season helped keep morale high during an occasionally difficult first half of the season.
TEAM NAME: McPahan Racing
RATING: (4/5/3)
HEADQUARTERS: Ceilerden, Audioslavia
RACING COLOURS: Electric Blue and Silver


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Postby Frenline Delpha » Sun May 24, 2015 4:18 pm

NAME: Smith Snick
ABILITY: Experience 2 Reflexes 1 Reliability 3
BIO: Snick started out on the Star National Auto Kar Eclusive (SNAKE), but he found the races becoming tedious, as he won two championships in a row. He was soon approached by a F1 team from Crystal Ice, and he sogned with them. After three years of national F1 racing, he decided to move on and try his luck in the international circuit. He is now a Free Agent, looking for a spot in a tough industry.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Slithereen Snakeheart Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Markelville, Frenline Delpha (South of Bloodbenderopolis)
COUNTRY: Frenline Delpha
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Samuel Snaker Grand Prix in Snakeheart Circuit
LAP RECORD: 2:05:36 (Frenline Delpha National Formula Racing)

The race starts in the middle of the straightaway between turns 24-1. Death Row is a horrendous hairpin turn that destroys newer races who don't know how to handle these turns. The Curevball is a quick-on-the-pedal curve that allows for more experienced racers. Rectangle Row is a both quick turn and a great overtaking opportunities. Turnabout is much like Curveball, except two show up, and this can often obliterate newer racers. Bobby is the final hairpin turn in the track, and Yesterday is a long straightway that leads to the Triangle of Turns 23-24. The straightway of Turns 24-1 is also located in an impressive stadium that can sit up to 1,960. This racetrack is located outside the capital of Bloodbenderopolis, in the quaint little town of Markelville. It was originally built for national racing, but it has been modified to fit the international standings.

Credit for track to Nekoni.
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Postby Nekoni » Sun May 24, 2015 5:30 pm

TEAM NAME: Scuderia Fuoco e Ghiaccio
RATING: (4/3/5)
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Francesco Rabandt
HEADQUARTERS: Neocastella, Nekoni
RACING COLOURS: Metallic silver (#e0e0e0), orange (#ffaa00) and Nekoni blue (#1884ba)

NAME: Alexandra Mayari
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: 2/2/2
BIO: Alexandra Mayari appeared on the scene in WGPC12, building from a Yogutz Lantzia test drive slot to eventually getting second driver status. Finishing on the podium in her home grand prix at NIC, the Phoenix (named so after her flame-red hair) eventually was able to consistently score points, finishing a solid 12th in the final standings. After the last tour, Mayari became somewhat of a celebrity in Nekoni, with a smattering of advertising details coming her way, particularly with memories of that one fateful day in Marina Point last season still ringing fresh in the public's head. However, it seems that the weight of fame and the expectation to perform has slightly dulled her ability to get the car home. More experienced she may be, yes, but occasionally during practice she has been known to exaggerate her abilities somewhat and lose a few cars in the gravel. "Better the gravel than the wall", so she says...

And yet, no mention in the media of her can slip without a mention of her annus horribilis three years ago, when she crashed in the night stages of the annual 24hr race around Nekoni's capital, Varea. Although her redemption came in the immediate year after, it seems the events of that night in January 2012 haven't quite been fully erased from her memory, taunting her. "If I hadn't crashed it into Victory Roundabout, I'd have won, but I didn't...and that's a year of my life I wasted." Granted, these thoughts of self-doubt are fleeting, but it seems that they will tirelessly re-appear, making the occasional night a sleepless one, tormenting her until, it seems, her success in this series is able to give her some inner peace.

Mayari tends to not slip much about her personal life (other than the usual 'racing karts since 12, racing in open-wheel at age 18' spiel she gives out repeatedly to the NTR Sports interviewers), other than her home is still on the race track. Almost literally: her current home has always been overlooking the Nekoni International Circuit, and despite the increased income the last season provided, she saw no reason to move. Rumours have spread that she was planning to be guest vocalist in the country's next WorldVision Song Contest entry, but nobody can prove that.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Nekoni International Circuit
CITY/TOWN: Marina Point
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Nekoni
TRACK RATING: (6.5/3.5)
LAP RECORD: 1'43.036 (Umberto Lavoise, GSN test driver, NIC circuit reveal [26, January 2015])
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 6.247km (3.882mi)

Planned Extension to Nekoni International Circuit, January 2015
Prevista Estensione a Nekoni International Circuit, Gennaio 2015
Tervezett Kiterjesztése Nekóni International Circuit, Január 2015

The Automobile Racing Club of Nekoni has, following the lukewarm reception to the previous Grand Prix of Nekoni, decided to renovate the Nekoni International Circuit for all new events starting January this year. Resurfacing has taken place over the winter period in time for the current round of the World Grand Prix Championship.

Previous track map for reference

The following changes have been made:

- The Finishing Chicane has been removed, and in its place a fast triple-apexed sweeper from the former Turn 17. Moving the pit straight has also enabled a quicker entrance into the first turn, bypassing the old Turn 1.
- The infield complex has been reworked, extending the derided Monti hairpin into a longer right. Turn six and seven have been made smoother, with an added challenge for the driver being less time to prepare for the old Complex hairpin.
- The entry into The Sling has been smoothed to allow for even greater speeds leading up to Coast Corner.
- The Coast Corner has been tightened to accomodate this extra speed. A certain Miss Mayari would be very happy to know that her residence is not involved in the demolition process.
- The Lungomare straight has been extended greatly to 1005m long to allow a tighter hairpin at the end.
- The Doppio turn has been widened, allowing a faster entrance speed into the final corner of the lap.

This has increased the circuit length from 5.480km (3.405mi) to 6.247km (3.882mi). As no official races have taken place, there is no current lap record, but through simulation the fastest time the test drivers have set has been 1'43.036.
Whilst unsuitable for WGPC use, two configurations are also available for club use: the Sprint circuit, that bypasses turns 6 through 16, and the Rallycross circuit, that utilises turns 3-8, then continues on an off-road track, crossing at turn 10's apex to rejoin the road at a hairpin into turn 2.
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Postby Krytenia » Sun May 24, 2015 5:51 pm

TEAM NAME: Aston-Tickford Racing (ATR)
RATING: (Wealth/Experience/Skill) 3/5/4
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Michael Dewhurst
HEADQUARTERS: Tickford Technology Centre, Ousevale, Krytenia
RACING COLOURS: White, Orange, and Black

You may remember ATR from GPWCs past...but as we haven't competed since X, you'll have to take our word for that. Aston-Tickford may not be the richest team on the grid, but with the R&B boys at Tickford Cars' Technology Centre pouring their heart and soul into the A8 that will be racing this season, the boys from Ousevale will be hoping to at least match their third places from IX and X.
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Postby Barunia » Mon May 25, 2015 9:32 am

NAME: Lauren Ashburton
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: (Experience/Reflexes/Reliability) 3/1/2
BIO: Started racing cars (illegally!) before she was even old enough to hold a drivers licence. After getting her licence, switched to the legal circuit as an amateur driver. Scouted to go professional in the GT circuit, had some success. Switched to open-wheel to represent Barunia in the International Super Formula Championship.

Lauren is not the most aggressive driver, she is happy to sit back and wait for the perfect moment to pass. Prides herself on being able to stick to her line through any corner on any track.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Alexwood Racing Park
CITY/TOWN: Edwardton, Marion
COUNTRY: Barunia
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix Barunia
TRACK RATING: (Technical Difficulty/Overtaking Opportunities) 7/3
LAP RECORD: 1:15:286 (L. Ashburton [BAU])*

Alexwood is a relatively new track on the outskirts of the state capital of Marion, Barunia's eastern most island state. Alexwood is short, but technically challenging, and has been used in both GT races and as a special stage in the Marion rally.

*records are for performance trials done by Archer on their test car - no formula 1 type vehicles have raced here before. Records are therefore expected to be broken.

TEAM NAME: Archer Motorsports Super-WGP
RATING: (2/5/5)
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Henry Baltimore
HEADQUARTERS: Dropshort, Havenia, Barunia
RACING COLOURS: Dark Blue, Grey, Dark Red

TEAM BACKGROUND: Archer are the most dominant name in Barunian Motorsports. The country's biggest car manufacturer, Archer have been around for over 50 years. The first Archer cars were built for rallying, and that sports pedigree continues in every car they make, as well as a commitment to reliability. The proper racecars are now built by child-company Archer Motorsports. Archer cars are used widely by many teams in Barunia, but Archer also manage their own teams under the AM banner, and have been selected to compete under the Barunian flag multiple times. They've had some success too, most notably in Hodori, winning in both GT and Rally categories. Due to changes in the relationship between business and Barunia's socialist government, Archer Motorsports has more freedom then before in this competition, and for the first time will compete in their domestic racing colours of dark blue, rather than Barunian racing yellow.

Images to come if I have time, also more information on driver, circuit, and team will be provided (possibly as RP)

EDIT: Hopefully tracks will be happening this weekend, when I should have some time free.
EDIT2: Track image added, and put it back to one track. Also changed length and lap record.
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Postby Nurkama » Mon May 25, 2015 8:13 pm

NAME: Noel Kallaghan
ABILITY: (2/1/3)
BIO: Noel is Nurkama's best racer, although there are few Grand Prix's in Nurkama. He is 28 years old. And hopes to be a big name in international competitions. His favourite sandwich is Salami and Mustard.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Northwilde Race Track
CITY/TOWN: Northwilde
COUNTRY: Nurkama
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Nurkaman Grand Prix
LAP RECORD: 1m 59.432s (John Marshtley, Retired Nurkaman Racecar Driver. Nurkaman Motorsports. Nurkaman Grand Prix Season 3)
I do not have an image.

TEAM NAME: Nurkaman Motorsports
RATING: (5/4/3)
HEADQUARTERS: 2508- 25th Street, Gredon, Nurkama
RACING COLOURS: Red, Black, White

Is this good? Is there anything I need to change?
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Postby Eastfield Lodge » Tue May 26, 2015 5:27 pm

NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of the Imperial Commonwealth
TRACK RATING (Technical/Overtaking): 5/5
LAP RECORD: None recorded at this level
(rest of necessary info in picture)

Description:Located a few minutes from one of the biggest cities in Eastfield Lodge in both sporting and population terms, Mount Salt Raceway is a relatively new (less than 15 years old) purpose-built circuit, and became the show-piece event for every domestic motorsport calendar. The track is a blend of quite a few high speed corners and long straights - the kilometre long pit straight is one of the longest in Eastfield Lodge - but there also plenty of slow corners to test the cars and the drivers.

Starting just after the halfway point of the start-finish straight, the tight first corner is far enough away for the field to spread slightly, but needs precision to carry speed up the hill to the second corner, where the drivers will find a mirror image of the first corner. A short straight before we reach the Turn 3 hairpin, where the prevailing wind can scatter a fine layer of salt, originating from a salt plain near the mountains, over the corner.

Passing through the chicane (Turns 4 and 5), we come to the hardest section of the circuit; a long climb up the hill on a long left hander, before taking a sharp left at Turn 7. The combination of the hill and the wall close to the inside of the track results in drivers being more or less blind until the last moment before turning, making for some good action for crowd to watch. The wall on the exit of 7 is a recent addition, and yet another crowd favourite.

The track then levels out as the drivers take two right handers at Turns 8 and 9, before taking the long right hander at Turn 10 back down the hill and braking hard for turn 11. Little braking needed for Turn 12, and then it's down another hill, before reaching the Turn 13/14 chicane before the pit entry and the last corner, after which it's a 0.5 km sprint to the finish line.

Note: Where there isn't a gravel pit or a wall indicated, you can assume it's a tarmac run-off for the corners and grass/turf for the straights.

NAME: Victoria Gardner
GENDER: Female
NATIONALITY: Eastfield Lodge
ABILITY (Experience/Reflexes/Reliability): 2/2/2
BIO: One of the cleverer and more calculating drivers in Eastfield Lodge, the 25 year old has matured significantly since being a test driver in the previous WGPC. Back then, she was extremely reliable, but this came at a cost of outright pace. Since then however, she has developed and has been able to push her driving skills even further, having won the last two seasons in the top level of domestic racing (FICEL-1) - whilst plans for a joint championship with Gloriax are ongoing, the championship has been suspended, freeing her up for this.
Also considered one the most attractive sportswomen in the Imperial Commonwealth, it's a minor miracle that she's managed to hide most of her personal life from public view, but she recently got married to a childhood friend, and her calm and modest manner is used as an example to all.More background info.
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Postby Taeshan » Tue May 26, 2015 7:02 pm

TEAM NAME: Salvatore F1
RATING: (3/5/4)
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Everett Bentley
HEADQUARTERS: Bayern, Taeshan
RACING COLORS: Purple and Silver

NAME: Oliver Bliss
ABILITY: (1/3/2)
BIO: Oliver Bliss is the latest in Taeshani racing champions. One time champion of both the Taeshani Indy Circuit and recently champion of the Taeshan stock car circuit the 29 year old racer is now looking to set his sites on the international conglomerate that is F1. After years of testing his merit in Taeshan he is looking to move on to bigger and better things. He lacks experience in this type of car, but he has great reflexes and always finds a way to finish the race. He is a man who tends to a lot of time look to make the smart move and often this keeps him near the top of the points race.
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Postby Mangolana » Tue May 26, 2015 8:14 pm

NAME: Scotty Tucker
ABILITY: (1, 3, 2)
BIO: At 22-years of age, Tucker is one of the best to ever race in Mangolana. Winning the Mangolana Street Racing and Rally Racing titles in the same season, Tucker has the potential to become a world star. His lack of world racing experience has its downsides, but Tucker makes up for it in raw speed and ability when it comes to driving a race car. His reflexes are top class. Once he gets some seat time, he could become one of the best racers in all of the world.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Goldshom Park
CITY: Goldshom
COUNTRY: Mangolana
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Mangolana
LAP RECORD: **00:00:00** New Circuit.
LOCATION: Located along Mangolana's northern gold coast, bordering the ocean giving fans and drivers a very serene view of the waters off the coast.
CHANCE OF RAIN: (62% in the Summer -- 40% in the Fall -- 10% in the Winter -- 35% in the Spring.
CAPACITY: 70,000 with most seats located along the front stretch and first and final turn areas.
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Postby The Royal Barangay » Wed May 27, 2015 5:22 am

NAME: Rudolf Ibuna
ABILITY: (3, 1, 2)
BIO: Rudolf Ibuna has experience on driving single seater cars, from Formula Hodori to the International Super Formula Championship (NSFC). Although he frequently retires from the race due to his aggression, he slowly grew up, learning how to make his car more reliable. He enters the WGPC in hope to further his career, which had been full of disappointment at the beginning.
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Postby Hodori Motorsports » Wed May 27, 2015 8:56 am

NAME: Sayono Souzare
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: 1.5/2.5/2
BIO: A 22-year-old racing driver from Soeshu, Hodori. She made her international motorsports debut in the second International Super Formula Championship, finishing second in points to Turorian driver iBen Toralmintii. Though she has familiarity with open-wheel racing machines, her experience in a WGPC-spec car is limited to testing and developmental sessions for the FH171GP chassis.

The daughter of a former champion in what is now the GT2 class of the Hodoran GT Championship and niece of Formula Hodori champion Asao Nadakei, Sayano had been surrounded by racing cars for most of her life, and had been driving in various lower-level domestic championships for half that time, with her racing career starting in local karting championships to a seat in the domestic Junior Formula Challenge series.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Yakumicha Circuit

CITY/TOWN: Yakumicha
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix of Hodori
LAP RECORD: Not established for WGPC-spec machines, but estimated to be approximately 1:27

A brand-new, state-of-the-art circuit constructed outside Yakumicha in Hodori's Toudekan prefecture. Nestled in a scenic valley, Yakumicha Circuit consists of a 3.257km National Circuit and a 1.962km Junior Circuit, conjoined to form the 5.257km Grand Prix Circuit.

Access to the circuit is primarily through public transit, with dedicated rail and bus lines connecting the facility to Yakumicha and Jechiru. Additional road lines allow access from the village of Yegitou.

TEAM NAME: ENSADRINK GP Team Dekijika-Tarogama
RATING: 3.5/4.5/4
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Nechiru Seozamo
HEADQUARTERS: Dashoze, Hodori

A collaborative effort between Hodoran rivals Dekijika Automotive and Tarogama Motors. Dekijika provides most of the team's funding and commissioned the development of the chassis, and Tarogama supplies the powerplant. Traditional Tarogama sponsor and drinks company Gazanarikeyu provides additional financial support and supplies the team with its ENSADRINK product line of energy drinks.
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Postby Lunar Republic Isands » Wed May 27, 2015 9:06 am

TEAM NAME: Uurutia Motorsports
RATING: (3/5/4)
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Michael Uurutia (human)
HEADQUARTERS: Fillinnati, Lunar Republic Islands
RACING COLOURS: Red and Royal Blue

NAME: Michael Olaffson
NATIONALITY: Lunar Republic Islands
ABILITY: (2, 2, 2)
BIO: Olaffson is a young racer from the Human side of the LRI who is much balanced in his Experience and Reflexes. He needs work in confidence, but he is one of the hottest racers nationally who is ready for a break-out.
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Postby Torisakia » Wed May 27, 2015 11:26 am

NAME: Weston Arbeid
ABILITY: (2/3/1)
BIO: Weston Arbeid is known as one of the top auto racers in Torisakia. He's 23 years old and just finished university at Postmeridian (he was a Civil Engineering major). To pay his way through, he fixed up an old F1 car his father bought some years back and took it to a local racetrack and raced it to earn reward money. Since he started in 2011, his driving skills have become fairly well known in Torisakia and other places. He's a fairly balanced driver, except he has a tendency to not watch his speed and often loses control of his car. Thankfully he's been able to escape major injury, for now.
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Postby Prusy Krolewskie » Wed May 27, 2015 10:00 pm

NAME: Katarzyna Owczarzak
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: (Experience/Reflexes/Reliability) 1/3/2
BIO: Katarzyna started racing in Ozorkow's streets at the age of 15 and she quickly established herself as the queen of street racing in Prusy Krolewskie. She was arrested at 17 for speeding and participating in an illegal race but because she was still minor she had to do community work. Then she started racing on sanctionned circuits and she still was one of the best driver. Today at 20 she's up for a new challenge: racing all around the NationStates multiverse. Her favorite food is sushi. Her favorite singer is Radoslaw Brzezanczyk and her favorite soccer team is Widzew Pruszcz Ozorkowski.

NAME OF CIRCUIT: Tor Wyscigowy Przemyslaw Kuczkowski [Przemyslaw Kuczkowski Raceway]
CITY/TOWN: Szczawnica
COUNTRY: Prusy Krolewskie
NAME OF GRAND PRIX: Grand Prix z Prusy Krolewskie [Grand Prix of Prusy Krolewskie]
LENGTH OF ONE LAP: 4.1123 km


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Postby Whiteshore » Fri May 29, 2015 6:00 am

NAME: Ruslan Matveev
ABILITY: (Experience/Reflexes/Reliability)2/2/2
BIO:Ruslan Matveev was born in New Moscow in 1989 from a family of athletes, from a young age, he was enthusiastic about racing and liked to watch his racing idols on live TV. In 2006, he won the Whiteshorian Karting Championship and in 2007 finished second in a junior formula and was a decent if somewhat aggressive driver and arrived in a more senior junior formula in 2010 and raced there until 2015 when he joined the WGPC and is now a prominent rookie willing to prove himself in the WGPC

TEAM NAME: Orlov Racing Automobilles
RATING: (Wealth/Experience/Skill)3/5/4
RACING COLOURS:Blue and Yellow
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