AOCAF 47 Everything Thread

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AOCAF 47 Everything Thread

Postby Valanora » Mon May 18, 2015 9:08 pm


The oldest running regional competition returns to Valanora for a third iteration. Will history repeat itself and Valanora reach the Final once more and defend their titles or will the likes of the northeast and other regional powers cast down the reign of the elves?

If you are not a member of Atlantian Oceania do not post in this thread.

Group A
Valanora (3)
Farfadillis (5)
Cosumar (12)
Nellietopia (14)
New West Guiana (22)
Perlasilangan (50)

Group B
Audioslavia (2)
Legalese (8)
The Calanian Union (9)
Equestrian States (18)
Western Sunrise Islands (37)
Ciqi (UR)

Group C
Osarius (1)
Ko-oren (7)
Starblaydia (10)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (16)
Darvale (34)
Sportgirls (UR)

Group D
Vilita & Turori (4)
95X (6)
Blouman Empire (11)
Greater Watford (15)
Semarland (19)
Lindmark (UR)

May 20th MD1: 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
May 21st MD2: 5v1, 4v6, 3v2
May 22nd MD3: 1v4, 5v3, 6v2
May 23rd MD4: 3v1, 2v4, 6v5
May 24th MD5: 1v2, 3v6, 4v5
May 25th: Bye
May 26th QFs: A1vD2, B1vC2, C1vB2, D1vA2
May 27th: Bye
May 28th SFs: Q1vQ3, Q2vQ4
May 29th: 3PPo
May 30th: Final

RP Permission Box

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Red Card Players:
Yellow Card Players:
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Valanora » Mon May 18, 2015 9:08 pm

Map of Valanora

Valanora Information
The most important thing to know about traveling through Valanora is that automobiles are banned except for government officials. A high tech railway system connects the entirety of the nation, with three international airports in Raynor City, Gladerial, and Baysleef. A ferry from Rinaldi travels to and from the island of Capri every hour on the hour. The most distinguishing feature of Valanora is the prevalent amount of forests standing in many of the inner half of the nation, even in cities, with the elven attempts to live in harmony with nature. Vanorians are a polite if not a bit high on themselves, believing elvenkind to be superior to humans, though they show a respect for the potential their humanoid cousins have.


The Battleground
Capacity: 78,000
Location: Raynor City

Capacity: 74,000
Location: Mar Sara

Angelotic Temple
Capacity: 71,000
Location: Longview

The White Fortress
Capacity: 70,000
Location: Gladerial

Donna Cathedral
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Mar Sara

Hatire Memorial
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Capri

Aranfield Bridge
Capacity: 52,000
Location: Everlin

Castle de Mot
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Wexax

Rose Gardens
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Kareen

Capacity: 39,00
Location: Ibini

Miner's Haven
Capacity: 36,000
Location: Goldsan

Capacity: 29,000
Location: Ianisle

Group A
MD1: Valanora v Perlasilangan @ The Battleground, Farfadillis v New West Guiana @ Angelotic Temple, Cosumar v Nellietopia @ Lathal
MD2: New West Guiana v Valanora @ The White Fortress, Nellietopia v Perlasilangan @ Rose Gardens, Cosumar v Farfadillis @ Hatire Memorial
MD3: Valanora v Nellietopia @ Angelotic Temple, New West Guiana v Cosumar @ Miner's Haven, Perlasilangan v Farfadillis @ Metropolis
MD4: Cosumar v Valanora @ Hatire Memorial, Farfadillis v Nellietopia @ Castle de Mot, Perlasilangan v New West Guiana @ Aranfield Bridge
MD5: Valanora v Farfadillis @ Artani, Cosumar v Perlasilangan @ Donna Cathedral, Nellietopia v New West Guiana @ Lathal

Group B
MD1: Audioslavia v Ciqi @ Donna Cathedral, Legalese v Western Sunrise Islands @ Rose Gardens, The Calanian Union v Equestrian States @ Artani
MD2: Western Sunrise Islands v Audioslavia @ Lathal, Equestrian States v Ciqi @ Castle de Mot, The Calanian Union v Legalese @ The Battleground
MD3: Audioslavia v Equestrian States @ Artani, Western Sunrise Islands v The Calanian Union @ Aranfiled Bridge, Ciqi v Legalese @ Lathal
MD4: The Calanian Union v Audioslavia @ The White Fortress, Legalese v Equestrian States @ The Battleground, Ciqi v Western Sunrise Islands @ Miner's Haven
MD5: Audioslavia v Legalese @ Hatire Memorial, The Calanian Union v Ciqi @ Rose Gardens, Equestrian States v Western Sunrise Islands @ Castle de Mot

Group C
MD1: Osarius v Sportgirls @ Castle de Mot, Ko-oren v Darvale @ Miner's Haven, Starblaydia v Royal Kingdom of Quebec @ Hatire Memorial
MD2: Darvale v Osarius @ Metropolis, Royal Kingdom of Quebec v Sportgirls @ Aranfield Bridge, Starblaydia v Ko-oren @ Donna Cathedral
MD3: Osarius v Royal Kingdom of Quebec @ The Battleground, Darvale v Starblaydia @ Angelotic Temple, Sportgirls v Ko-oren @ Castle de Mot
MD4: Starblaydia v Osarius @ Rose Gardens, Ko-oren v Royal Kingdom of Quebec @ Aranfield Bridge, Sportgirls v Darvale @ Metropolis
MD5: Osarius v Ko-oren @ Angelotic Temple, Starblaydia v Sportgirls @ The White Fortress, Royal Kingdom of Quebec v Darvale @ Miner's Haven

Group D
MD1: Vilita & Turori v Lindmark @ Metropolis, 95X v Semarland @ Aranfield Bridge, Blouman Empire v Greater Watford @ The White Fortress
MD2: Semarland v Vilita & Turori @ Miner's Haven, Greater Watford v Lindmark @ Angelotic Temple, Blouman Empire v 95X @ Artani
MD3: Vilita & Turori v Greater Watford @ Aranfield Bridge, Semarland v Blouman Empire @ The White Fortress, Lindmark v 95X @ Donna Cathedral
MD4: Blouman Empire v Vilita & Turori @ Donna Cathedral, 95X v Greater Watford @ Angelotic Temple, Lindmark v Semarland @ Lathal
MD5: Vilita & Turori v 95X @ The Battleground, Blouman Empire v Lindmark @ Metropolis, Greater Watford v Semarland @ Castle de Mot
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EPL Season 20,073

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Equestrian States
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Postby Equestrian States » Tue May 19, 2015 5:57 am


The Pony Principality of Equestrian States
National Hoofball Team - AOCAF Cup 47 Roster

Quick Facts
AOCAF Ranking: 18th (6.56 pts.)
Style Modifier: +1.25
Nickname: The Ponies
All-Time Record: 239-83-71 (0-0-0 at AOCAF Cup 47)
Achievements: Market Cup V (Champions), Runner Cup 3 (Champions), Equestria Cup II (Runner-Up), Equestria Cup I (3rd Place), Market Cup VI (3rd Place), Cup of Champions 4 (Semifinals), VIII Olympiad - Men's (Quarterfinals), VIII Olympiad - Women's (Quarterfinals), World Cup 67 (Round of 16), World Cup 70 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 51 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 53 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 60 (Round of 16), World Cup 64 (Qualified), World Cup 65 (Qualified), World Cup 66 (Qualified), World Cup 71 (Qualified)


Home - Away - Reverse

The national team receives its kits from two different companies, though the design for each is the same. Kits for the humanoid players (see above) are provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia, while those for equine and other non-humanoid players are provided by Generosity Sporting Equipment. The Equestrian kits were designed to be simple and easy to identify, using the national colors of purple and orange.

Group B
#2 - Image Audioslavia (25.39 pts.)
#8 - Image Legalese (16.45 pts.)
#9 - Image The Calanian Union (11.34 pts.)
#18 - Image Equestrian States (6.56 pts.)
#37 - Image Western Sunrise Islands (1.67 pts.)
UR - Image Ciqi (0.00 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group B
MD1: The Calanian Union vs. Equestrian States at Artani (cap. 74,000) in Mar Sara, Valanora
MD2: Equestrian States vs. Ciqi at Castle de Mot (cap. 49,000) in Wexax, Valanora
MD3: Audioslavia vs. Equestrian States at Artani (cap. 74,000) in Mar Sara, Valanora
MD4: Legalese vs. Equestrian States at The Battleground (cap. 78,000) in Raynor City, Valanora
MD5: Equestrian States vs. Western Sunrise Islands at Castle de Mot (cap. 49,000) in Wexax, Valanora


#1 - Gentle Breeze (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Qazox (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Northbrook Diamonds FK | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 120 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
Dubbed by some of her more devoted supporters "the Goddess of Goalkeeping", Gentle Breeze is considered by many one of the multiverse's best hoofballers even by fans outside her homeland, unlike many other players with similar claims of being among the sport's elite. Over the course of her career, the Ponies' keeper has won a Di Bradini Cup, six trophies with her club teams, and no fewer than four Golden Glove awards between two of the multiverse's top leagues. After making her international debut at age 18, Gentle Breeze initially was the Equestrian States' second-choice goalie behind High Soarin', but ultimately forced the veteran to retire from national team duties after taking his starting job. Since then, Gentle Breeze has been the Ponies' undisputed go-to goalkeeper yet is only now beginning to enter her prime years, her ambitions of someday being considered an all-time legendary great aren't as absurd as they may once have seemed.

#21 - Marilyn Peterson (Human - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Urain (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Sabrefell Moths | League: Image NFA Premiership
International Caps: 18 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
Not a particularly well-known player, even among Equestrian hoofball fans, Marilyn Peterson is a goalkeeper who has shown considerable potential in her performances in the NFA Premiership over the past several seasons. Though Peterson has now passed Nightflame in the Ponies' depth chart, she's still nowhere near Gentle Breeze and her playing time will thus be limited to facing lower-caliber opponents. Regardless, Marilyn Peterson could likely be a starter for other national teams and will be a regular for the Ponies for the foreseeable future.

#22 - Nightflame (Unicorn - Male)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Yesopalitha (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Canterlot Stars | League: Image United League
International Caps: 23 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
With Gentle Breeze on the team, Nightflame's playing time has almost always been limited to friendlies and low-importance international matches, but is still a talented goalkeeper with much to offer the Equestrian States national team. A product of the Canterlot Stars' famed youth academy, Nightflame has developed into one of the United League's top keepers and is a more than capable backup goalkeeper who steps up his game when called upon, a quality which serves him well given his role in the Equestrian squad.

#12 - Brix Hamilton (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/CB) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Argo Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image SK Franz Josef City | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 93 | Assists: 12 | Goals: 2
Unlike most other current Equestrian superstars, Brix Hamilton wasn't very highly-rated as a teen by scouts, and thus was more than happy to sign a modest deal with a mid-table club in Earent, Nithgard GU, where she quickly became a key member of the team. Several years after joining the Kaynd, Hamiton and Nithgard stunned the multiverse by first winning the Integ Brandel and then going all the way to the Champions' Cup quarrterfinals. From that season on, Brix Hamilton's stock soared as Nithgard climbed up the UICA rankings and eventually won a Champions' Cup title, Hamilton becoming just the second Equestrian to hoist the coveted trophy. Now with SK Franz Josef City after being sold to the legendary Polarian giants for $28 million NSD, Brix Hamilton is playing better than she ever has before and is determined to help lead the Ponies to glory in the World Cup.

#8 - Andrea Molovi (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Euskirribakondara (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image 1830 Cathair FC | League: Image LigAnaia Division One
International Caps: 191 | Assists: 6 | Goals: 3
Despite being a longtime starter for the Ponies and one of the team's most experienced players, Andrea Molovi is considered by some as one of the Equestrian States' most overlooked stars. Among the first Equestrian-born human players to make a name for herself on the domestic and international level, Andrea's disciplined style of play often earns her praise from coaches and fellow players as she's able to make crucial tackles without being booked in the process. Andrea Molovi's role in 1830 Cathair's rise to international prominence after being sold by Stalliongrad HC has made her invaluable to her club's success, and though not as young as other Equestrian defenders is still a key member of the Equestrian back line and will likely remain so in the near future.

#3 - Flitter (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 31 | Debut: vs. Image Waspeaters (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Jan Mayen Islanders | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 222 | Assists: 21 | Goals: 10
Twin sister of Ponies captain Cloudchaser, Flitter is viewed by many as an anchor of the Equestrian back line and is considered one of the best defenders to ever represent the Equestrian States on the international stage. A regular starter for the Ponies since her debut as a promising 20 year-old during the World Cup 60 qualifying campaign, she may not be the most imposing player on the pitch, but Flitter is exceptionally quick and agile for a defender, often relying on her speed and hoofwork to steal or intercept the ball rather than brute force tackling.

#19 - Krysia Bailey (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB/DM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Iturributa (WC68 Qualifying)
Club: Image Avenida Leal | League: Image FARF Freitball Ligá
International Caps: 60 | Assists: 8 | Goals: 2
One of several promising young defenders to make the senior team, Krysia Bailey is an extremely talented prospect who is already considered the best Equestrian right-back. Currently playing with Farfadillis' Avenida Leal, Krysia Bailey looks every bit like a star of the future and, along with Rumble and Erauso Iburrusteta, is routinely hailed as one of the faces of the next generation of Equestrian talent. Offensively-minded, Bailey isn't afraid to assist in the attack, charging down the flanks when called upon and launching pinpoint crosses to her waiting teammates.

#20 - Rumble (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Jeckland (Pre-WC68 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 59 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
The younger brother of longtime Ponies striker Thunderlane, Rumble is another one of Pearly White's "new generation" defenders. Though the young pegasus idolizes his older brother, Rumble's talents lie at the opposite end of the pitch, though his speed and versatility have seen him occasionally feature in the midfield where he's also excelled. Regardless of where Rumble is on the field, opponents should be careful not to underestimate this young Equestrian's abilities.

#27 - Sunlight (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Saint James Islands (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Telino | League: Image Yttribian Premiership
International Caps: 25 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0
Sunlight is slightly older than her fellow "new generation" defensive stars and doesn't have quite the same megastar potential as the other youngsters Pearly White brought into the senior team, though her skills are a bit more developed than her colleagues' and is only second-choice on the right wing behind Krysia Bailey. Less of an attack-minded fullback than other Equestrian internationals like Bailey and Hamilton, Sunlight shines with her natural instincts and is equally-capable of performing in a central role.

#24 - Erauso Iburrusteta (Human - Male)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image SC Volker | League: Image Felixian Premier League
International Caps: 39 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
Born and raised in Astograth, Erauso Iburrusteta defected to the Equestrian States after his homeland's government was toppled by the current fascist regime. Signed as a young prospect by the Cloudsdale Flyers, Erauso quickly rose through the ranks to establish himself in the United League before being signed by perennial Felixian power SC Volker. Boasting the pace to required keep up with the high tempo of the Equestrian game, Iburrusteta has already established his value to the Ponies' and is seen by Pearly White as an eventual replacement for Andrea Molovi whenever she decides to retire from international play.

#9 - Rainbow Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - VICE-CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CAM/ST) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Slembana (Pre-WC63 Friendly)
Club: Image Makosile United | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 178 | Assists: 81 | Goals: 73
Already considered legendary by many Equestrian hoofball supporters, Rainbow Blitz has been a starter for the Ponies ever since his international debut and was the star player of the Little Ponies teams that dominated the 26th and 27th Di Bradini Cups. Having spent nearly his entire career with Makosile United in the Stellar Division, Rainbow Blitz has long been one of the top midfielders in the V-League and is regularly among the league leaders in assists and average performance rating. The cyan pegasi's lightning-quick speed and remarkable agility are only really challenged on the Equestrian national team by emerging world-class striker Pristina Shine, but Rainbow Blitz's knack for creating scoring opportunities has played no small role in his teammate's international successes.

#2 - Cloudchaser (Pegasus - Female) - CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CM/CAM) | Age: 31 | Debut: vs. Image Khytenna (Pre-WC60 Friendly)
Club: Image La Nueva Avenida | League: Image FARF Freitball Ligá
International Caps: 247 | Assists: 100 | Goals: 59
The current captain of the Equestrian States national team and twin sister of veteran defender Flitter, Cloudchaser is seen as the Ponies' leader on the pitch and is as popular among her teammates as she is among Equestrian supporters. Unselfish and boasting pinpoint accuracy with her passes, Cloudchaser rarely fails to create chances for the Equestrian attackers and is among the Ponies' all-time assists leaders. On corners, Cloudchaser is a top target for the Ponies as her aerial supremacy combined with excellent control of her headers makes the pegasus mare an extremely potent threat that opponents cannot afford to ignore.

#5 - Apple Cobbler (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CAM/RM/CM) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image United Gordonopia (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Jungle Strike FC | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 77 | Assists: 18 | Goals: 10
First appearing for the senior team when she was just 16 years-old, Apple Cobbler became the youngest Equestrian full international during the VIII Summer Olympics and has long been hailed as the future of the Equestrian midfield. At the club level, Apple Cobbler has spent her entire professional career with world-famous Vilitan powerhouse Jungle Strike FC, where her talents have been nurtured and given the opportunity to thrive. Though at her best when playing in a central attacking role, Apple Cobbler tends to be used more on the right wing by Pearly White in the Ponies' setup and has done well adapting to the position.

#11 - Krystal (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM/CAM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Manetreal (Equestria Cup 4)
Club: Image Fligsive FC | League: Image LigAnaia Division One
International Caps: 102 | Assists: 24 | Goals: 14
Another member of the Di Bradini Cup-winning Little Ponies team, Krystal has played alongside Rainbow Blitz in the Equestrian midfield throughout her international career and is another quick-moving threat for Pearly White to wield against opposing midfields. Krystal is perhaps the best Equestrian player when it comes to controlling the ball and can effortlessly zip up the pitch if given any space by defenders. However, her small stature (even among fellow ponies) and slender build puts her at a disadvantage on headers, and is thus often is tipped to deliver corners.

#14 - Stardust (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/CAM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Blouman Empire (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Blau-Weiss Pallstadt | League: Image Buyanese Top Division
International Caps: 97 | Assists: 20 | Goals: 9
Largely overshadowed by the successes of Rainbow Blitz and Krystal after the 27th Di Bradini Cup, Stardust has seen her career revived after moving to Blau-Weiss Pallstadt after underwhelming spells with Umber Lumber of Falcus and Iskara Daii of Starblaydia. An extremely fast sprinter, Stardust is most lethal on counterattacks and must be tightly-marked by defenders to prevent her from making perfectly-timed runs that can leave her with the field wide open before her.

#17 - Rosie Tyler (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/DM/LM) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Colombian Britannia (Pre-WC66 Friendly)
Club: Image Urbanista | League: Image Apox National League
International Caps: 57 | Assists: 9 | Goals: 10
After moving to new club seemingly every season in her first few years as a professional, Rosie Tyler appears to have finally settled down at Urbanista in the prestigious Apox National League, Equestrian fans hoping her newly-found stability will enable her to focus on honing her already impressive talents. A versatile midfielder who can thread passes to her teammates from any range, Tyler plays a major role in the Ponies' counterattacks, quickly distributing the ball and moving it up the pitch. Rosie Tyler has also been a popular choice for taking Equestrian set pieces lately, adding yet another tool to her personal arsenal of skills.

#16 - Luminesce (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM) | Age: 19 | Debut: vs. Image Bears Armed (Equine-Ursine Cup 12)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 24 | Assists: 4 | Goals: 2

#4 - Apple Jack (Earth Pony - Male)
Position: Midfielder (DM/CM) | Age: 32 | Debut: vs. Image Antoletia (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Mardi Lopunnies | League: Image Sunrisian Championship
International Caps: 214 | Assists: 45 | Goals: 20
The oldest player currently on the Equestrian States national team, Apple Jack is a battle-hardened veteran of ten World Cup campaigns, though he's recently lost his starting job and likely only has one or two more years at the international level. A physical defensive-midfielder who's not afraid to rough up opposing strikers and midfielders, Apple Jack could have been a center-back had he wanted to play on the back line as he certainly has the build for it. The tallest and physically strongest player on the team, Apple Jack will likely come off the bench to make most of his appearances this campaign as a late-game sub brought in to protect a lead.

#28 - Sparrow Body (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/CAM) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Gloriax (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image CA Paulinthal | League: Image SuperLiga
International Caps: 21 | Assists: 4 | Goals: 2

#10 - Pristina Shine (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 25 | Debut: vs. Image Footballand (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Red Star Severny | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 91 | Assists: 15 | Goals: 62
Though some still debate whether or not Pristina Shine is truly a world-class striker, there's no arguing that she isn't well on her way to becoming one. Signed by world-famous Iturributa United as a teenager, Pristina Shine was immediately thrust into the spotlight and regularly started for the club, finishing third in the league in scoring in her first season. Over the next few years, the young forward's profile continued to soar as she seamlessly transitioned from the Equestrian league to the higher-profile Iturributan Premiership. When Iturributa fell to the invading Astograthians, Pristina Shine followed her Polarian manager to Divisjon One's Red Star Severny, where she again established herself as a rising superstar, finishing among the prestigious league's top scorers and claiming her second Young Player of the Year award. Over the past couple seasons, Pristina Shine has been a major factor in her club's ascension towards the top of Divisjon One as the once mid-table club now routinely contends for a spot in the Champions' Cup. With the international retirement of legendary Equestrian striker Fire Dash, Pristina Shine has taken the former captain's spot as the Ponies' primary scoring threat and opponents will need to be wary of her lightning-quick speed and lethal ability to finish.

#6 - Wither (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image The Pazhujeb Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Soldarian FC | League: Image Elven Premier League
International Caps: 54 | Assists: 7 | Goals: 25
Widely viewed as the most under-appreciated Equestrian striker, Wither's abilities and scoring record would suggest that she's a regular starter for the Ponies, and though she has often been overlooked in favor of the more-established stars, Wither's playing time has increased dramatically under Pearly White. A star for the historic Vanorian club Soldarian FC, Wither has established herself as a solid player in one of the multiverse's most famous leagues that is seen as rather selective when it comes to purchasing foreign stars.

#23 - Sonar (Bat Pony - Male)
Position: Forward (ST/LW) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image The Scandinavian Islands (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 72 | Assists: 9 | Goals: 31
The first of many bat ponies to appear on the Ponies' roster, Sonar has been a regular for the Equestrian national team since he made his debut, though his role in the depth chart has been far from consistent. Generally used as a "super sub", Sonar's endurance isn't nearly as good as others on the team but is still nothing to scoff at, especially since his speed is almost unrivaled. Often appearing late in matches, Sonar can provide the Ponies with the final boost to overcome a tough opponent or put the final nail in the coffin of a lesser team.

#26 - Decima (Sphinx - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 19 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 17 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 7

Coaches & Staff
Manager - Image Pearly White (Earth Pony - Female) - 44
Appointed interim manager of the national team by the Hoofball Association following the resignation of Twilight Striker - the Ponies' long-time boss of some 12 World Cup campaigns - Pearly White secured the position on a permanent basis with a number of impressive performances against higher-ranked opposition in her first games at the helm, including a stunning upset of then-defending world champions Vilita in the 3rd Cup of Champions. Since then, Pearly White has done nothing to give her employers any doubts that she's the best pony for the job, leading the Equestrian States on a Runner Cup title run without dropping a single point and reaching the 4th Cup of Champions semifinals before capping it all off with a second round appearance at the World Cup finals. However, it remains to be seen how well Pearly White will handle the longer gauntlet of a qualifying campaign and whether she's capable of guiding the Ponies past (or around) the final playoff hurdle which has long been the bane of the Equestrian team and their supporters.

Assistant Manager - Image Dreamy Skies (Pegasus - Female) - 40
Not very long ago, Dreamy Skies was a rookie manager taking the reins of Second League club Whitetail Foresters. Her arrival had a near-instant impact on the club's fortunes as they were promoted to the United League the following season and now regularly contend for UICA berths, an incredible improvement in such a short period of time for a team once known largely for producing talent which was then poached by bigger clubs, at the Foresters' expense. When Pearly White first took charge of the Equestrian senior team, she managed to convince the HA that the still-young pegasus would be a strong addition to the Ponies' coaching staff, and thus far it has paid-off spectacularly. Players routinely praise Dreamy Skies for her enthusiastic optimism and superb work ethic which makes her a popular figure in the locker room and on the practice field.

Assistant Manager - Image Lunar Dusk (Bat Pony - Female) - 40
The newest addition to the national team staff is Lunar Dusk, somepony few Equestrian hoofball fans were aware of just a three years ago but is today one of the best-known coaching talents in the Pony Lands. Like Dreamy Skies, Lunar Dusk's managerial career started in the second tier with Crystal Fair HC, a previously unremarkable side from the Crystal Empire which she transformed into a legitimate force within a few seasons thanks to a focus on quickly developing the Grounders' budding young stars into hoofballers capable of hanging with the best. After shattering numerous Second League records and earning promotion, Crystal Fair survived a relegation battle in their first ever United League campaign, broke into the top half the following season, and last year defied all expectations to come within a tiebreaker playoff of ending Crystopolis City's previously unchallenged monopoly on the Crystal Empire's Champions' Cup berth. With Lunar Dusk's undeniable talent for inspiring young players alone makes her a valuable addition to the staff, but her brilliant tactical mind makes her appointment by Pearly White a no-brainer.

Goalkeeping Coach - Image Fire Blossom (Unicorn - Male) - 49
Responsible for training the Ponies' goalkeepers is Fire Blossom, whose exploits as a keeper in the old Equestrian Premier League earned him much respect amongst early Equestrian hoofball fans and eventually a job with the national team. During the World Cup 61 qualifying campaign, Fire Blossom's early doubts regarding Mac Stevenson's ability to replace High Soarin' after the veteran keeper was injured were justified as Stevenson's selection and ultimate failures led to the Equestrians falling just short of the playoffs after coming within an Astograthian extra time strike of qualifying from one the previous year. Furthermore, Fire Blossom's prophetic praise of a teenage prospect named Gentle Breeze and his subsequent push for her initial selection to the senior team for World Cup 62 qualifying have since earned him a reputation as a natural judge of potential, not to mention a considerable amount of credit for Gentle Breeze's many successes.

Scout - Image Diamond Star (Unicorn - Female) - 47
Originally chief scout under Twilight Striker with the Canterlot Royals, Diamond Star was later hired for the national team by the Royals' and Ponies' manager to help identify young Equestrian players with international potential, and the unicorn scout did not fail in her task. Among the current national team stars first scouted by Diamond Star are Thunderlane, Cloudchaser, Rainbow Blitz, and Pristina Shine. Now the manager of Stalliongrad HC, Diamond Star has seen her national team role diminished, though she still provides valuable advice to Pearly White regarding her observations of potential internationals within the United League.

Scout - Image Golden Hooves (Earth Pony - Female) - 58
A veteran member of the Equestrian States staff, Golden Hooves has been around the national team for what seems like forever, her longevity speaking to her performance as a reliable scout. While fellow Ponies scout Diamond Star's focus lies primarily upon United League players and her evaluation of their potential with regards to the senior team, Golden Hooves is responsible mostly for scouting Equestrians on foreign clubs and assessing the Ponies' opponents and how their players compare with those available to the Ponies.

Fitness Coach - Image Craig Jackson (Human - Male) - 47
Hired in the midst of the injury plague which characterized the Ponies' World Cup 63 qualifying campaign, Craig Jackson was the first human member of the Ponies' staff and has done well to keep Equestrian players' injuries minimal in the years since then. While fitness coaches generally don't get much respect or attention from the press, Jackson's gift for keeping players of various biologically-diverse species in near-perfect health throughout grueling tournament schedules which can push them above and beyond their limits is certainly nothing to be dismissed as trivial.

Team Strategy


The Ponies' most-used formation is the slightly modified 3-5-2, preferred by former manager Twilight Striker because of the strength and dominance of the Equestrian midfielders. Thanks to the versatility of the Equestrian States' players, the formation gives the Ponies the ability to shift quickly from the offense to the defense and vice-versa. More recently, however, the Equestrians have begun to shy away from the 3-5-2 in favor of the 4-2-3-1 in order to strengthen the back line and keep their opponents guessing. Aside from the formations themselves, the Equestrians have a number of definitive strengths and weaknesses.

First, the Ponies are among the world's fastest and most durable teams, using their natural advantages to tire out opponents. With those two traits as the defining characteristics of the Equestrian style of play, the squad excels at producing chances in the latter stages of the match. But while the attack dominates the second half, opposing squads have occasionally found success going all-out at the start of the match in an attempt to build an insurmountable lead.

Another area in which the Equestrian States has traditionally dominated is in the aerial battles for headers. While the Ponies are generally shorter than their opponents, the team is often credited with impressive leaping abilities (particularly among the pegasai players). Controlling headers makes the team lethal on corner kicks, and opponents looking to defeat the Equestrians must limit the number conceded to the Ponies or else face a barrage of dangerous short-range shots from the Ponies' attackers.

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article (written during WC65, and a highly-recommended read for my opponents), please click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes - Limited to one per match, player info and species sections give hints on likely candidates
Godmod other events: Yes - No weather-related events allowed in the Equestrian States
Other Notes: TG me if you have any questions regarding my RPs, requests for more information on the Equestrian States, or requests for exemptions from my RP restrictions. Additionally, I strongly encourage my opponents to read through my roster's section on team strategy and the linked article on species to get a better idea of the team's strengths and weaknesses. Player statistics are updated through post-WC71 friendlies.
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Postby Ciqi » Tue May 19, 2015 8:21 am

Ciqi Colonial Soccer Team

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: 0
Colors: Red and Yellow
Demonym: Ciqian
Manager: Sumner Belair (44)
Assistant: Xiong Chao (62)
Assistant: Bao T'an (32)

Roster (Gender/Age)

Starting Lineup

GK: #1 Bao Tien (26)
RB: #2 Kuan-Yin Pai (25)
CB: #3 Hui Pai (26)
CB: #4 Cheng Chiu (26)
LB: #5 Xiong Tien (21)
RM: #6 Liang Hou (25)
CM: #7 Song Hsu (31)
CM: #8 Dong T'ien (34)
LM: #9 Lee Pai (22)
CF: #10 Gang Chu (29)
ST: #11 Ning Yin (24)


GK: #12 Dewei Tu (20)
GK: #13 Qiang Ko (31)
DEF: #14 Sheng Chen (33)
DEF: #15 Qiang Shih (32)
DEF: #16 Sun Fang (20)
MID: #17 Lian Chou (29)
MID: #18 An Ts'ao (30)
MID: #19 Fai Pai (34)
ST: #20 Cai She (20)
ST: #21 Shaiming Yuan (28)


Ciqi is a colony of the Holy Republican Empire which was conquered in the Ciqi War. The persecution of Christians in Ciqi, particularly Christians affiliated with the True Church of Iesus Christus (commonly known as the "Church of Saintland"), was used by Consul Kulseth as an excuse to invade and conquer Ciqi. The name Ciqi literally means "Middle Kingdom" in the Ciqian language and reflects the traditional Ciqian view that their nation is the center of the multiverse, uniquely blessed by the Heavens. This team was selected based upon the player's faith rather than their athletic ability, so they aren't expected to do particularly well and are likely to attribute any success they should attain to the Will of God. Their formation is a rather basic 4-4-2 as Sumner Belair prefers to play it safe tactically. Likewise, none of the players on the team are particular standouts although Lee Pai is considered a decent prospect for the future.

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Tue May 19, 2015 8:42 am

The Football Federation of Mertagne Presents...
The Calanian Union National Football Team
For The AOCAF Cup 47

Held in the Summer of 2200

It's a brand new century, and the Mertian Government have this year made a big push for 2200 to be the "Year of Mertagne". Millions of ducats have gone into sound economic investments, with the quality of life slowly increasing in the big cities in the north of the Union, and new cities cropping up every day. An influx of migrants from the Former Inevitable Syndicate have made expansion a lot easier, and it really seems that the new nation is set to gain a lot of power politically and economically in the new decade. Mourning the loss of former capital Fligsive, the nation is focusing on the future.

In sports, the national football team is headed to Valanora for another AOCAF, where they'll be facing off against several formidable foes and friends. Best buds Audioslavia will be looking to get one up on their anaia, and Legalese will also want to prove their worth. However, the Union is more concerned about the presence of the Equestrian States, newcomers to the region yet veterans to the circuit, and the Western Sunrise Isles, who have a strong pool of players from across the USI to field.

One thing's for sure, it's going to be a difficult group stage. But if the Union can get through that, it could be plain sailing to the finals...
Farrel Kiter's Player-Picking Depth Chart:*
No. Pos. Name Age Club
1 GK Terry Scott 34 Image Telino
93 GK Johannes Medici 27 Image FC Torshavn
11 GK Toussaint Laisné 23 Image Raynor City United
12 GK Syndii Imaslavii 20 Image Magnaeus City
3 DEF Robert Morgan 31 Image Bastion
4 DEF Gus Merrv 28 Image Fligsive FC
5 DEF Chris Denholm 24 Image FC Kolberg
13 DEF Mann Milburn 29 Image Six Star Cyanaes
14 DEF Simon Street 31 Image Koppen Rig Force
15 DEF Antonio Whelt 24 Image Bekostadelko
16 DEF Kaden Osbourne 26 Image KT Koroatuz
6 MID Lionel Ott 34 Image Sporting Volker
7 MID Sébastien Dostie 27 Image FC Capri
8 MID Albert Canervlik 32 Image Kurtz Herritik
9 MID Daniel O'Conner 24 Image Alianza FC
17 MID Gianluca Goikoetxea 21 Image FC Kolberg
18 MID Martin Wyght 31 Image North Hall
19 MID Kendal Altsby 24 Image HSC
20 MID Raymond Smitt 29 Image Magnaeus City
66 FW Spencer Fox 32 Image La Nueva Avenida
10 FW Rhys West 30 Image Bastion
21 FW Jean Hachée 30 Image FC Hondo
23 FW Garrett 'Keritu' Hampson 29 Image Ltianhama Kimi
23 FW Frank Deniauld 27 Image Hastmeade Diamante
25 FW Talon Boulé 24 Image Raynor City United
61 FW Antony Sixton 30 Image Tenth Star Hasiera

*Players are selected before the game begins depending on their performance in recent games. Typically, a player closer to the top of the depth chart is more likely to be picked. This outfit of the Calanian Union team will be playing in a 4-4-2 Diamond formation.


Style: +1.093
Manager: Farrel Kiter
Coach: Anatoly Reis

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Do absolutely anything short of killing my players: Y
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Postby Semarland » Tue May 19, 2015 12:39 pm


NATIONAL STADIUM - Natunolstadion, Jansberg, 86,000
HOME KIT - Red, with upwards diagonal yellow stripe
AWAY KIT - White with red trim

Manager, Andreas Jansen, 41
Assistant, Tunde Ajayi, 43
First team coach, Yohan Martinsson, 40
First team coach, Mako Albrechtsen 45
Tactical coach, Johan Nikkelsen, 36
B team coach, Sven Svoldreik, 41
Goalkeeping coach, Martin Datheim, 42
Performance analyst, Karl Jansen, 40
Performance analyst, Tobias Mikkelsen, 29
Defensive coach, Johannes Pedersen, 44
Attacking coach, Simon Pedersen, 43
Fitness coach, Rasmus Karlsen, 40
Head physio, Lars Mikkelsen-Schone, 41
Physio, Mats Borg, 43
Physio, Tobias Jensen-Moller, 47
Doctor, Stefan Tramsø, 48
Doctor, Åke Ulfsson, 40
Spokesman, Mikael Stevestad, 45

Stats and bios will be added shortly
#1 – GK – Marco Valbeuna
#2 – DR – Eirik Malsen
#3 – DL – Matur Eiriksson
#4 – DM – Yacouba Sakho
#5 – DC – Jakob Lunds
#6 – DC – Matjas Nordland
#7 – ML – Abel Nkutu
#8 – MC – Demba Cisse
#9 – ST – Jakob Lindesfarne
#10 – ST – Marc Lygaard
#11 – MR – Tipio Runen
#12 – GK – Blaise N’Zonzi
#13 – DC – Soren Pedersen
#14 – DL – Rasmus Norregaard
#15 – MR – Diego Snow
#16 – MC – Marcel Labonne
#17 – MC – Jakob Poulsen
#18 – DR – Knut Svensson
#19 – ML – Inzazi Dvulu
#20 – ST – Christian Brocht
#21 – ST – Carmelo Nkutu
#22 – GK – Jonah Nkutu
#23 – MC – Tunji Tunde

Jansen has not strongly differed from his Cup of Harmony side, with only four players changed. Matthias Karbruck is carrying an ankle injury, Jakob Larsen decided to retire from international football to make way for the youngsters, Adel Nzonzi decided to settle into his new club, and Jakob Stretner was already selected for Sporting Saint Adrensburg’s Lindenhalle Cup squad. Replacing them are Matjas Nordland, Jakob Lindesfarne, Inzazi Dvulu and Carmelo Nkutu, with the latter three earning their first national callups. Yannick Simeone also misses out to a foot injury.

The squad also includes other recent arrivals to the national scene Diego Snow, Marcel Labonne, Jakob Poulsen, Christian Brocht and Tunji Tunde, who will all attempt to cement themselves a starting place going into the tournament. With Andreas Mikkelsen retiring, it also marks a new era as Marco Valbuena, Blaise N’Zonzi and Jonah Nkutu contest for the number one spot.

Captain - Marc LYGAARD
Vice Captain - Jakob LUNDS
Penalty Taker - Marc LYGAARD
Free Kick Taker - Demba CISSE/Yacouba SAKHO
Left Corner - Abel NKUTU
Right Corner - Tipio RUNEN
Playmaker - Demba CISSE
Star Player - Marc LYGAARD/Demba CISSE/Jakob LUNDS
Most Likely To Foul - Genuinely no-one, Semarland are a fair team.
Most Likely To Be Fouled - Demba CISSE/Marc LYGAARD

Starting XI (4-1-2-1-2):
CB - Jakob LUNDS
CB - Matthias KARBRUCK
DM - Yacouba SAKHO
RM – Diego SNOW
AM - Demba CISSE

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
The Republic of Semarland
Capital: Jansberg - Demonym: Semar/Semarlandic - Trigramme: SEM
Hosted: Trindl Cup I/II, Baptism of Fire 68
Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
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Postby Lindmark » Tue May 19, 2015 1:23 pm

Lindmark national football team

Manager: Leon Korstensen (SEM), 37
Previously an attacking midfielder who made over 75 appearances for the Semar national team, and spent the majority of career at his boyhood club, Krsthaven, this is his only his third job. After leading FK Lindhaven to the title, the LFA appointed him as manager. Previously, he was joint assistant for Semarland B to Sven Svoldreik and Semarland U21 to Tomas Surensen.

Assistant manager: Mattias Neuerstadt (SEM), 30
Currently injured from last season to the end of next season, the Eikland Sport midfielder decided to take his coaching badges. Was appointed temporary assistant to Korstensen at FK Lindhaven last season, and now temporary assistant to Korstensen for this AOCAF.

#1 - GK - Mattias Eklund - Age 25 - FK Nordsjaelland
Safe handed keeper who had the most clean sheets in the league last season. Previously had trials with FC Kolberg, Lusenhagen and Sporting Saint Adrenburg after coming through Arkrau Klub's academy but joined Nordsjaelland after being a free agent.

#2 - DL - Marc Johansen - Age 22 – Midtjylland
Fast left back compared to Semarland’s Matur Eiriksson. Was originally at Krsthaven’s academy before being released as an U16, and playing for then third tier side FC York until the age of 20, when he was released. Joined Midtjylland initially on loan from FK Lindhaven last season, but the move was made permanent in the winter transfer window.

#3 – DR – Kalle Randrup – Age 31 – Unattached
The only free agent in the side, the veteran but dependable right-back was a surprise callup to the side. Played non league football for Kolberg Lions in Semarland and Sundesvaret in Lindmark before signing for FK Gradsel in Dutch Semarland. Was recently released at the end of the season.

#4 – DC – Eric Holm – Age 32 – FK Bondsburgh
Solid centre-back who was recently elected chairman of the LPFA (Lindish Professional Footballers Association). Founded FK Bondsburgh alongside manager Christian Jonsson last season, with the latter also being chairman.

#5 – DC – Jacob Sundstrom – Age 25 – FK Bondsburgh
Fiery centre-back who can also play in central midfield. Recently signed by FK Bondsburgh from second division side Lindesmark IF who he lead to promotion as captain. According to the Lindmael, Sundstrom is a distant relation of the Polaa Foreign Affairs Minister Vladimir-Kristof Sundstrom.

#6 – MC – Mikkel Larsson – Age 30 – Brande and Eriknavr
Tough tackling central midfielder who plays for Brande and Eriknavr, based in the town of Sutten, Outer Lindmark. Once played for Arkrau Klub in the 2011-12 season, making only 1 appearance, becoming the first Lindish player to appear in a Semar league.

#7 – ML – Soren Karlstrom – Age 26 – Tknevvik
Formerly a Polaa national, Karlstrom decided to play for Lindmark after being overlooked by his country at senior level. Made one Polaaskan U21 appearance and gained Lindish citizenship one year ago. Cousin of Polaa national team player Lukas Karlstrom, and plays in a similar role.
#8 – DMC – Martin Sunde – Age 25 – FK Lindhaven
Captain of the country’s first ever Premier League winners, tough tackling defensive midfielder Sunde is regarded as one of the finest in Lindish football. A true rags-to-riches story, beginning in the outer suburbs of Tknevvik, working his way up through “Sunday League” teams and being signed initially as a trialist for FK Lindhaven, but after captain Daniel Sorensburgh was ruled out for the rest of the season, Sunde was appointed captain and led them to the title.

#9 – ST – Jonas Clarke – ST – Age 23 – FK Lindhaven
Top scorer in the league, Clarke is the twin of right midfielder and club teammate Johan. Netted 20 goals in the season, including a spectular overhead kick in the 2-0 win over Tknevvik that won them the title. Eligible for Semar citizenship after previously living there but declined an U21 invitation two years ago.

#10 – Knut Lindstrom – ST – Age 25 – FK Lindhaven
Clarke’s partner-in-crime for the majority of last season, Lindstrom finished second highest scorer in the league with 17 goals. Plays in a similar to style to the likes of Jakob Lindesfarne of Semarland and Soren Kvist of Polaaskan.

#11 – Johan Clarke – MR – Age 23 – FK Lindhaven
Top assister in the league and twin of striker Jonas. Made 14 assists and created a record 281 chances. Eligible for Semar citizenship after previously living there but declined an U21 invitation two years ago.

#12 – Helge Johansson – GK – Age 31 – FK Bondsburgh
Reliable back-up keeper who famously campaigned for independence of the Naaroe Islands.

#13 – Peder Svensson – DC – Age 32 – Linqvist Town
Backup defender who is sadly occasionally injury prone.

#14 – Petter Kvist – DL – Age 25 – Linqvist Town
Defensive left-back who had trials for Polaaskan club Red Star Slazhnov aged 14.

#15 – Lars Rasmussen – AMC – Age 23 – Nelshaven Town
Had the second most assists in the league, one less than Johan Clarke.

#16 – Knut Hansson – DR – Age 30 – OB Motterhaven
Strong right-back tough in the tackle and composed in attack.

#17 – Roland Lygaard – DC – Age 34 – Nelshaven Town
Veteran centre-back but can be rather slow at times.

#18 – Finn Overstrom – MR – Age 25 - FK Bondsburgh
Decent winger but not the best in the world, good backup to Johan Clarke.

#19 – Patrik Isaacsson – MC – Age 29 – Lindstrommer FC
Dubbed the “pass master of Lindmark”, as he is renowned for his passing skills.

#20 – Peder Sorensen – ST – Age 28 – Larstad Town Bay
Inspired a somewhat inexperienced team to third place, two points off second place.

#21 – Hakan Poulsen – ML – Age 26 – Larstad Town Bay
Not a really fast winger but good backup nonetheless.

#22 – Edvard Lindquist – GK – 31 – Nordstrommer FC
Goalkeeper who made his first team debut at the age of 14.

#23 – Marc Lindroos – MC – Age 19 – FK Lindhaven
Young, talented midfielder who could be the bright future of Lindmark. Broke into the first team late on in the season.

Starting XI (4-4-2):
GK – Mattias Eklund
DL – Marc Johansen
DC – Eric Holm
DC – Jacob Sundstrom
DR – Kalle Randrup
ML – Soren Karlstrom
MC – Martin Sunde
MC – Mikkel Larsson
MR – Johan Clarke
ST – Knut Lindstrom
ST – Jonas Clarke

Style Mod = +2
I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic

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Postby Farfadillis » Tue May 19, 2015 2:00 pm


Name: Steffan Pekarik
Age: 56
First Cycle: 69
Record: The FFFF will go back and check someday
Win Percentage: The FFFF will calculate it someday
Description: Pekarik once played for the Terns as a left-back. Well, not once, but a hundred and forty one times. He managed to get fifteen assists and six goals and even captained his country once. On club level, he played for East Franz Athletic, Urajbina of Kagdazka and Pazhujebu, and then FC Axel Heiburg, winning the Champions' Cup as captain before retiring and going into a coaching role with the club. Later followed manager Morten Rasmussen to the Terns to become assistant manager through all the Terns' final appearances. And now comes the weird part, he prefers defensively strong formations. Yet he's now managing Farfadillis. After a decade learning from Rasmussen, it was about time Steffan started to do things on his own, though. Steffan is famously hard on his players if they're found to be guilty of complacency or lazy play, and he drills his players hard on the training pitch. Some Farf players have caused him a couple of headaches as a result, Terán being the worst offender. He's not afraid of ruffling feathers with popular/lazy/show pony players. He'll take no prisoners, suffer no fools, and allow no airs or graces. Everyone works hard, everyone gets the rewards. That's the philosophy he'll try to make prevail facing the particularly eccentric national team he's chosen. The fight's been hard so far, and, though he's not achieved the best of results, he sure has been making the team progress, at least defensively. Naturally, he's aiming for more than what he's achieved so far, and in that he can finally agree with his team.

Assistant Manager
Name: Casper Baek
Age: 49
First Cycle: 69
Description: Casper Baek has been one of the most celebrated one-club-players in recent Valhallan history. Turning out his entire career for FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls until he reached forty and finally retired, Baek has eased naturally into a coaching role, and his vast playing experience will be a valuable resource for any team that employs him. He has a keen eye for man-management, so whenever Pekarik gets angry and shouts at people, it will be Baek who picks them up, dusts them down, and tells them they can do it. Nonetheless, he will be a loyal assistant to Pekarik.

Name: Radek Greve
Age: 47
First Cycle: 69
Description: Radek Greve now holds the title of first medic of the Farf national football team. When Pekarik arrived, he quickly noticed that the FFFF had never appointed a medic, and soon suggested him. Rossizzo, the manager who preceded him, somehow had failed to notice the lack of a medic. Radek is a very consummate professional despite the cirumstances he finds himself in now.

Name: Jon Veen
Age: 51
First Cycle: 69
Description: Veen is a short, quiet and somewhat shy man, but his scouting skills are astonishing. He's got videos of just about any match that has been played, and always provides Pekarik with vital information of both Farf players and opposing players. He's also got a sharp eye for talent-spotting, and can somehow tell, roughly, how much a player will progress in the future. Jon Veen's name may be unknown to many Farves, but he's definitely a vital part of the team.

La Vherderoja
The nickname is a reference to the colours of the kits, though the nickname itself is in Farf.

Style Modifier
Much to Pekarik's frustration, Farf players play more offensively than they should. However, after a couple of years together, Pekarik and his players appear to have reached a middle ground. While this Farf squad is still very heavily focused on the attack, it is not as attacking as it used to be. At the same time, its defense has become better and better with time.


Name: Rôhj Tzâín Üjkân
Age: 28
Team: Image Âlâmëómë Image
Description: With Lisdiren having retired, Tzâín has finally got the starting position in the national team. A Di Bradini Cup winner, he's, of course, a great goalkeeper. He's one of the players who gave Pekarik a few headaches, though, due to his unmatched laziness, now thankfully (mostly) a thing of the past. His biggest downfall is that he's not really tall (just slightly below-average height), but he makes up for it with astonishing, acrobatic saves. He's quick-tempered, but knows very well what he can and cannot do to avoid harming the team. His talent has been increasing at an accelerated rate.

Name: Sifé Rigutti Fazeré
Age: 32
Team: Image La Nueva Avenida Image
Description: Sifé Rigutti is a pretty good goalkeeper who has been unlucky enough to be born in the years between Lisdiren's birth and Tzâín's. He's very secure with the ball, and often denies the opponents any rebounds. He's a very good leader, and would no doubt do well if he were a starter. It's just that Lisdiren was better before retiring, and he gave Tzâín enough time to become better too. Still, Rigutti's a very safe choice for second goalkeeper. Recently moved to Farfadillis after realizing (kind of late) that Earent was disappearing from the international scene. He's been doing really well at La Nueva Avenida.

Name: Ascensión Espiritual Ekvinter González
Age: 27
Team: Image Avenida Victoria Image
Description: Ekvinter was a part of the Di Bradini Cup-winning squad that Risko Kâí captained to glory. He was a substitute to Rôhj Tzâín, sure, but nobody can deny he's got the talent going for him. This man may just end up being second choice to Rôhj Tzâín throughout his international career, but he's as safe as second choices come.


Name: Cleto Mata Tarariras
Age: 30
Team: Image Gwinevra Barbarians Image
Description: Mata's been around since the U-15's, having been the star of the U-15 World Cup 1 Farf squad. He's a defender with astonishing dribbling skills and an eye for scoring goals when it comes to venturing into the opponent's box. He's good defensively, more than good in many areas, though from a Farf perspective. He excels, however, at how he can bring his team out of the box whenever they park the bus without intending to (which rarely happens when playing for Farfadillis, to be fair). He can start a counterattack in a matter of seconds, and will often take needless risks by dribbling an opponent inside the box. However, up to date, none of the teams he's defended have had to regret him doing this. Never has any other player played the very definition of Farf defender so well. Pekarik doesn't like his style, but his talent is undeniable, and Pekarik's no fool. Playing for a top team in the best league of the Multiverse should say enough about him.

Name: Ivaktör Mâr Bârr Rîk-Ândré
Age: 28
Team: Image Northbrook Diamonds Image
Description: A product of Dí Maozöxê's youth academy, Bârr has gotten here thanks to a few good performances in the Di Bradini Cup Farfadillis won and, specifically, because he performed incredibly in that Di Bradini Cup's final. Naturally, after the final kickstarted his international career, he's done numerous things to keep his place in the starting line-up. He's a quick-tempered defender, but a few years surrounded by Polarian influences have made him learn to channel it correctly and make it a virtue. He's tall, fast, and very strong, too. His technique is decent, but he's less skilled than most Farf defenders (and, by extension, most Farves). He's a titan in the air, however, and has got the ability to read the game really well when fully focused. Truly a player Niko Marek (his 'teacher' at Northbrook) and Steffan Pekarik can be proud of. Reportedly unhappy at Northbrook now that the league's failed to meet the UICA deadline, and looking for a move out on a loan until things stabilize at the Islandstates.

Name: Santos José Alaminos Soldado
Age: 32
Team: Image Jungle Strike Image
Description: Yes, Cleto Mata may be the best Farf-style defender out there, but nobody doubts that Santos Alaminos is who keeps the defense from collapsing. He's a wonderful player when it comes to defending (he can cover the holes Mata leaves), but he's just as good at helping the attack. He can and will dribble his way out of the box, instead of clearing the ball like most other defenders would. That is something he shares with Mata. He never, however, dribbles when it's not necessary. That is something he does not share with Mata. He's not tremendously fast, though he is fast. It's his incredible endurance that stands out, however. He can, somehow, survive his own continuous runs up and down the pitch. He always gives his all and a bit more, and that's probably what places him above so many other players who'd like to play in his place. Going back to his attacking, he might be that extra player that finally breaks the opposing defense, as when it comes to offense he's just another talented midfielder who can do as he wishes with the ball, though he's no Terán. He seemed to blossom in World Cup 67, being one of the best players of the squad, with his most remarkable performance being against Valanora. The AOCAF Cup after that proved no different, having been key for the Farf success in it. His most notable performance was in the semifinal against Vilita, in which he scored twice. Unlike Mata, Alaminos is one of Pekarik's favourites. He's now almost exiting his prime. Pekarik will want to make the most out of it.

Name: Leonhard Emanuel Mixé Santomarí
Age: 26
Team: Image Urbanista Image
Description: With Cayfú's unfortunate injury, Apoxian-based Leonhard Mixé gets a pretty unexpected call-up from his national team. Though he's pretty much completely unheard of in his nation, Mixé's been playing in the top league of the Multiverse for some tmie now, and though he's certainly not the best defender Farfadillis has to offer, he's high enough up in the pecking order to get a call up after Cayfú's injury. He's pretty good at reading the game, and his tackling's something not every Farf can offer. A pretty typical defender.

Name: Thjorgias Archere Pickton Exhaurré
Age: 21
Team: Image La Nueva Avenida Image
Description: Thjorgias is the Farf son of Apoxian Grant Pickton, one of the most successful and influential players in the history of the FFL, and current (successful) manager of La Nueva Avenida. As a result, he didn't have trouble getting the spotlight. Under the spotlight, however, he's shown that he's not just a name. He's got his father's versatility, as well as some of his dribbling and passing. However, he truly shines at tough tackles and intercepting passes. It's a mystery what Pekarik might make out of him, though. He's got the talent in loads, that's for sure.

Name: Drê Tâás Röènôùjýâ Ìrrýbâuzârâ
Age: 22
Team: Image Âlâmëómë Image
Description: Röènôùjýâ is one of the hottest Farf prospects of the moment. He broke into the Di Bradini Cup squad at age sixteen, but he was pretty unsuccessful in the three editions he played. Not in terms of performance, though. Otherwise, why would he be here? Drê's a very offensive-minded 'leftback' who oozes talent. He must be really good to have Pekarik call him up despite his decidedly average defensive attributes. Maybe Pekarik's sure he can make a defender out of this "defender". His performances for Mâ Âlâmëómë have been astonishing.


Name: Yurpá Mêndêlöíndçêl Nüyntâk
Age: 34
Team: Image Dwile Warriors Image
Description: Say hello to the captain, and one of the best players of the team. If there's anyone who knows what playing for Farfadillis is, it's him, as he has played every single game the national team has played. Yurpá's the classic typical boy who grew up to become a footballer, who had to make a few tough calls along the way, mainly regarding family. Maybe that's what makes him such a good leader for the national team. When it comes to football, all decisions seem very easy to him. He can strip any player from the ball as soon as he/she/it is unfortunate enough to give this frenzied midfielder half a centimetre. His endurance is almost unmatched, and is without a shadow of a doubt his most defining attribute. He's always able to sprint once more. When he puts his eyes on the ball, it's all he cares about. This probably should be a flaw of his, but it's not. He will slide, jump, do just about anything to get the ball, but he never gets sent out. Indeed, he never commits unnecessary fouls. He's as clean a player as you may find, at least from the referee's perspective. He's not as good with the ball as some other players in the team, but he's by no means bad. He can provide teammates with assists and dribble his way into the box (which is admittedly rare). However, there's one thing at which he excels, which is an added bonus that makes him the incredibly threatening player he is: he's very good from long range. His shots are not necessarily precise, though they tend to be. It's their sheer speed that makes them impossible to stop for the goalkeeper. Now, obviously, he'll be missing some attempts, and it may be difficult for him to find the space to shoot, but if he gets, say, three long-range shots in one match, chances are the opponents are in trouble. He just seems to wreak his anger when he lets those missiles off his right foot. He can shoot with his left foot, too, but he's not that good with it. Despite being the captain, he's a pretty withdrawn player inside the pitch, and will probably be the last person to be sent out due to being disrespectful to the referee. He also has a thorough disregard for his own safety when there're big things on the line. One of the most successful Farf players at club level, as well as the only to have won the Champions' Cup.

Name: Alex Terán Loya
Age: 31
Team: Image FC Endeavour Image
Description: Terán is an incredibly classy yet very passionate player. He sees football as just a game, though he does take it very seriously when truly needed. Always a cheerful, cheeky player, he can and will do anything to opposing defenders. He's spectacular when it comes to chipping the ball from outside the box. He's always aware of the opposing goalkeeper's position and, if the goalkeeper is a few steps from the goal, he'll just chip the ball. If he's not, he'll shoot powerfully to one of the posts. It's a pretty simple tactic, and it has gotten quite old, but he's just too adept at it for goalkeepers to be able to completely anticipate it. His endurance is stunning, his speed above-average, his dribbling very good and his playmaking eye-catching. He's one of Rossizzo's biggest successes, as nobody would've called him up when Rossizzo did. He ended up not only earning his starting position in the national team, but also being a vital part of the World Cup 66 squad that got to the round of sixteen, even scoring against the eventual champions, Eura. He's reasonably good defensively and a box-to-box player. He plays a slightly more attacking role than centre midfielder, but he still helps the defense considerably. However, Pekarik's always wanted him to defend even more. What he's come to find out, however, is that Terán is so absent-minded he won't even realize he's not following his instructions when inside the pitch. Terán has definitely been the most frustrating player Steffan has coached (or is at least top three), but he's got talent and nobody can deny it. He's in his prime, and is currently one of Endeavour's best players.

Name: Risko Kâí Tüzá
Age: 30
Team: Image Âlâmëómë Image
Description: The captain and best product of Farfadillis' to-date only Di Bradini Cup-winning squad, Risko Kâí is an incredibly dangerous hybrid of a left midfielder and a left winger. If he gets the ball, he will probably go down the flank and create a dangerous opportunity. When dribbling, he's got each and every trick possible down his sleeve, and can pull off any of them at any given moment. Easily Farfadillis' most unpredictable player, besides Terán possibly. He's a player who does not care about aggressiveness against him, and will tend to provoke the opponent if he sees he can get away with it, provoking can range from trash-talking to nutmegs. He can cut in and shoot from afar, but he's not as good at it as he's going down the flank. He's pretty good at passing, too, but it's not his biggest asset. However, as heavily attacking-minded as he may sound, he's still good defensively. He gives his all for the team, and knows how to strip players from the ball, though he's definitely average at it. He may be very cheeky inside the pitch, but he's not the kind of player who gets a red card for idiotic reason, and he's not really that temperamental. He's not the kind of player who dives either; it has happened that when he gets fouled inside the box he continues with the ball attempting to score or assist a teammate, which backfires sometimes and secures the goals some others. Many argue he's becoming the best Farf player in football history. It's tough distinguishing between Dandalleion and him by now, and some would argue he's already got the edge with the striker now aging. Risko's definitely at his peak now.

Name: Matías Delafuente Obrero
Age: 26
Team: Image Viztourzys Kolektyvinis Image
Description: A fantastic playmaker, and a player with an enormous present and future. He became the first Farf to win a UICA competition, though he was followed by everyone from Dor Frío a season later, as well as Mêndêlöíndçêl last season. Oh, and he scored in the Globe Cup final he won! He may not be the best dribbler, and his long-range shots may indeed not be that much of a hazard for the opposition, but this youngster can see any holes a defense leaves open. His passes are incisive and often wreak havoc, specially if he plays alongside players like Dandalleion, Kâí and Fuego. One of La Nueva Avenida's academy's greatest products. Too bad they let him leave so early. He made a name for himself back in the Di Bradini Cup Farves apparently just can't stop talking about. Now a starter, his workrate's been getting admirable, and his passes have only gotten scarier with time. Delafuente's progress so far seems pretty boundless.

Name: Mâás Jân Fôx Düçélájé
Age: 28
Team: Image Directus Image
Description: Mâás Fôx is not great defensively, but he will cause a headache to most defenders. He's got an impressive long-range precision and an impressive playmaking ability. He can run down the flank if he wishes, but he prefers to cut in. Being ambidextrous lets him do whatever he wants, and makes him a lot more dangerous. Whenever he decides to cut in, defenders will have to guess whether he'll attempt a sniper assist to the strikers or advanced midfielders or just shoot from afar. He's wonderful at scoring from free kicks, too. He's also very fast, just as everyone in the team and is very precise when crossing. And he couldn't care less about pressure. Used to not be in a great physical state, most of the times unable to endure an entire match, but his time at Directus seems to have left that behind. He can be stripped from the ball by virtue of physical strength, though he's good at getting fouled when that happens. Fôx is nowadays absolutely key to the team. At the age of twenty-eight, many hope he has not yet reached his peak.

Name: Ruy Alexander Monrazón Dianaslocas
Age: 19
Team: Image Avenida Leal Image
Description: Avenida Leal's youth academy received heavy investment not very long ago, and it's turning out to be a pretty fruitful decision. This player is as fruitful as it gets. Ruy is quite short, but that does not stop him from being one of the best young Farf players right now. His sky-high workrate is reminiscent of Mêndêlóíndçêl's when he was his age. His playmaking is tremendous, and his dribbling and long-range attempts are nothing to scoff at. When it comes to defending, it's not hard to see why Pekarik would call him up. Ruy has got a natural talent for tackling and intercepting, which Pekarik can only improve. If things turn out the way they should, Farfadillis has finally got itself a worthy replacement for Mêndêlöíndçêl. Arambilet's probably his biggest obstacle right now, but he's six years younger. This AOCAF Cup should be his best chance to get a good amount of playing time now that Arambilet's injured.

Name: Iñaki Jair Ibarra Desábato
Age: 23
Team: Image Avenida Principal Image
Description: Ibarra's an odd case. His debút in football was at the age of twenty-two, just last year, for Libertarian Ferdullaele, a relegation-threatened team. This was after being discovered by a one-off nation-wide extremely expensive scouting the Liberdullaelans chose to carry out. He almost single-handedly avoided relegation playing for them. Pacey, crafty and very consistent, Ibarra's very, very unlikely to find a place in the starting line-up right now, but he's young and nobody knows what the future holds for him. His performances last season earned him a move to Avenida Principal, one of the best Farf teams around, and the team he supports.

Name: Rübéãn Tôr Rämír
Age: 24
Team: Image FC Endeavour Image
Description: Tôr is one very talented player. He's got the spirit of a typical Rulandese midfielder; unquenchable and irresponsibly (in terms of health) dedicated to the team. You'll see him running up and down the pitch all the time. He knows how to defend, but he's also a cheeky player. He will dribble and attempt passes others would not, and he will get many of them right (and some wrong, too, let's admit it). He's a bit reckless, however, though it does mean you won't see him diving. Though he's right-footed, he's certainly not bad at all with his left foot, often shooting from afar with it when playing on the right. He can play on both flanks, and cause headaches to anyone who has to take care of him. Dí Maozöxê certainly did not disappoint anyone after producing Mâás Fôx. Rübéãn Tôr is the new talented midfielder from Ruland, and he's already a big deal. Capped at age nineteen? Check. Signed by an important internationally-renowned club? Check. Starter there at a young age? Check. Scarily talented? Check. He's been evolving into a very likely replacement for... uhmm... pretty much any offensive player in the team. He'll be getting as much playing time as Pekarik can afford, as it's evident Farfadillis' future hopes lie in big part on this guy's shoulders.

Name: Ichi Marco Tuzzio Grecco
Age: 34
Team: Image Cednia Beach Image
Description: Originally from Dandillis, a Farf colony, Ichi Tuzzio might be a bit too old to start now, but he's still one of the best players in Farf history; nobody should underestimate him just because he's been declining in quality (and, mainly, physical aptitude). His incredibly convenient skill set for a centre attacking midfielder makes him a big threat. First of all, he's a very good playmaker, and has almost telepathic communication with Dandalleion, with them being very good friends off the pitch, too. However, his playmaking ability is kind of just a bonus, as what stands out is his incredible agility and reflexes when dribbling, coupled with his impressive technique. Therefore, he's a great dribbler, and can make his way into the box and score quite easily. It is not his dribbling, as good as it may be, that makes him stand above most others, though. It is his clinical shots that do. No matter where he is, he can get a shot on target if given half a centimetre. When inside the box and given space, the likelihood of him not scoring is pretty slim. He often aims for the lower corners, and almost gets it right a scary amount of the time. His long-range shots are very threatening, too, adding just another player who's good at long-range efforts to a team that just can't get enough of them. Obviously, he won't get all long-range efforts right, but they all tend to be powerful and precise. Very, very precise. He's pretty fast, but there is two downsides to him, the two closely related. His endurance is below-average and, probably as a consequence, he does not help out defensively. Pekarik's been striving to change that to little success. Nonetheless, his raw talent more than makes up for it. He's been a ghost of his former self inside the pitch for some time now, but whenever his former self makes a return, Farfadillis plays one of its best matches. The spark's still there, but it shows up less and less often as time passes.

Name: Itxaso Zuazubiskar Lauvé
Age: 28
Team: Image Avenida Leal Image
Description: The last foreign midfielder, we swear. There's Ostadar (now injured, though), there's Ichi and this is the last guy. Zuazubiskar is mostly Astograthian and, though we all know how that went down, his reasons for playing for Farfadillis have, surprisingly, nothing to do with authoritarianism. Farfadillis was the only team that ever paid attention to him, so he just chose to play for his mother's country. Not very complicated. He's now playing for Avenida Leal, a team that came in begging for his talent after the Astograthian league KABOOM'D. He's above-average in all offensive areas, but the only attribute of his that stands out is his long-range precision (what a surprise!).


Name: José Torino Fuego Teixidó
Age: 26
Team: Image FC Axel Heiburg Image
Description: José Torino Fuego was a starter for the Di Bradini Cup-winning squad and was even the top goalscorer. He started playing at Flamagua and got them promoted to the FFL2. He even got them really far in the Series B Champions' Cup. Oh, and he got them promoted to the FFL after that. What followed that? He moved to Liria Prizren, where many held the belief he would excel in due time. Sadly, Mytannion turned into a failed state and he had to move to Polar Islandstates, where the league has recently failed to meet the UICA deadline, so maybe history's doomed to be repeated. He's without a doubt a complete striker, heralded as the next Dandalleion, and he's got just the right age for that. His brother, Lorenzo Fuego, was capped for Farfadillis, but Pekarik has decided he is no longer fit for the national team. Oh, his eldest brother, Pablo Fuego, is the captain of Tifón De La Costa, a Farf yo-yo club, too. Inside the pitch, Fuego is notable for his unquenchable will, his dribbling, his ability to never let a hole in the opposing defense escape his attention, his exquisite passing to make use of the previous skill and, finally, his stunning precision with his feet and his head. Certainly one with an enormous future. He's just the right age, too. He's young and he's earned the starting position despite the competition for the two starting spots being very, very fierce. Dandalleion takes one spot automatically, and then countless Farf strikers try to get the remaining spot. It's a shame we won't enjoy him and Dandalleion playing together in their prime, though.

Name: Friekder Dandalleion Ígneo
Age: 35
Team: Image Jungle Strike Image
Description: Friekder Dandalleion is easily the most famous Farf player around. He started his career playing for the swamp football national team. Ferdullaele gave him a chance for a trial as a result of his great performances in said national team. He was great. He eventually started playing for Ferdullaele, and then the national team, with a move to Turori following. The rest, as they say, is history. Dandalleion is the very definition of a versatile player, being able to play as either a right midfielder, a left midfielder, a centre attacking midfielder or any position up front. He can also play as a wingback if really, really needed. Being so versatile not only gives him more chances of starting for his team (though he does not need those extra chances), but it also gives him an ample skillset to pull off just about anything regardless of position. He knows each and every position down to the minute detail, and knows how to mix them, yielding a lethal result. Rossizzo seemed to have found the perfect combination for this, making him play as a striker on the left. Pekarik will do the same. This allows him to cut in and shoot to the lower corners, something he does well thanks to playing as a centre attacking midfielder for Jungle Strike (not the part of cutting in, obviously). This also allows him to venture down the flank thanks to his times as a left midfielder, and it also allows him to act as any other striker thanks to his times as a striker. However, there's one thing that makes Dandalleion outstanding. When you mix his hybrid position with astonishing speed (he even got two gold medals last summer Olympics, and qualified to the two hundred metres final, though his inclusion in the Farf delegation was an unsurprising bureaucratic mistake) and an exquisite control of the sphere, you get a striker that's very easy to assist. Sure, he can create chances for himself, but having Delafuente and Terán assisting you makes everything a lot easier. Dandalleion also makes things easier for them. His dribbling and his finishing, which are almost unmatched when it comes to Farves, let him finish everything he starts. He's as complete as forwards come. The trick he likes to pull off the most is, as said, to cut in and shoot to the lower corners. The shots tend to be very fast and precise, which makes it all that harder for the goalkeeper. He's a very acrobatic player too, and he's not bad when heading, though he's the one who takes the corners most of the time, once scoring directly from one against Northern Sunrise Islands. His crossing is very good, but he does not tend to cross (except from corners, as mentioned) anyway. If he goes down the flank, he's very likely to attempt to enter the box and create a much more dangerous chance than just crossing the ball. He's known for turning up in big games. He's one of Jungle Strike's most valuable players, and has probably been their best player for almost a decade. If not, then he's not far from best. Renowned as the best Farf player along with Mêndêlöíndçêl (and nowadays, Kâí), but he's the one who gets the spotlight. He's considerably old now, but he's still as fast, only his endurance has taken a hit. It will be a sad day for Farf football when Dandalleion has to retire, and not many want to think what would be of the national team without him. Pekarik's out of luck, it seems: he'll probably be the one who'll have to take the decision to exclude him from the roster when push comes to shove.

Name: Nazeau Roga Quimartan
Age: 33
Team: Image Izotz Zubia Image
Description: Roga is a mystery. He does not excel at anything, but he's above-average in everything a striker needs. He's also an avid writer with a few books under his belt, one of which is a best-seller in Farfadillis. All of them were pretty grotesque in terms of plot, mind. He was the starter for a good amount of time, but Fuego's gotten considerably better, and Roga's getting old. Now, the competition for being Dandalleion's partner may be very tough, but Roga has coninuously convinced, and Pekarik knows full well he's currently a very good option. He's definitely Farfadillis' best poacher, probably in history, with only Tenian as competition.

Name: Horacio Cornelio Ramos
Age: 31
Team: Image Avenida Leal Image
Description: The reason why Cornelio had been called up is mainly that he'd been consistently impressive playing for Avenida Leal. A move to La Nueva Avenida late in his career seems to have brought more of the spotlight to this player, who excelled last season, tying for most goals. He's a striker with stunning speed and good finishing, but his dribbling is not very good. In all honesty, he shouldn't be getting much - if any - playing time, but who knows what goes through Pekarik's mind? He's had his minutes already, and he actually went to the last World Cup Farfadillis qualified to. He's never let anyone down so far, so he's got that going for him.



Farfadillis will play its usual kamikaze football, but now more conservatively due to having been influenced by a Polarian manager for a couple of years already. You can still expect the defenders to try to attack often and the team to try to swarm the opposing box, just not as often as in the past.

Starting XI
(Will vary. However, when it does, it will be RP'd)

La Fantás (100,000 seats)

Say hello to Farfadillis' still-kind-of-somewhat-remotely-new stadium! Having somewhat relatively recently hosted the Champions' Cup's 50th final and the Baptism of Fire's 54th final, it's a great stadium. It's got many, many, many seats, and it's filled with violent Farves, fanatics without any limits willing to shoot each and every one of your nation's fans! Not really, those are just a minority, albeit an incredibly loud one. No, seriously, watch out.

The Outlandish Lands of Farfadillis Ӿ Population: 20,814,000 ± 11,186,000
Capital: not applicable Ӿ Demonym: Farf, plural Farves Ӿ FFL Results by Season Ӿ How to get any WA Category Ӿ Map of Farfadillis

Champions: World Cup 84 and AOCAF Cups 43, 48 and 57
Hosts: World Cup 85, Baptisms of Fire 54 and 68 and AOCAF Cups 38 and 60

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National Football Team


###  Pos         Name                    Age         Club                        Caps*
1. G Sean Patterick 24 Image Fligsive FC 21
21. G Serge Rollins 31 Image Cazadores Cathair 51
22. G Aritz Zezena 34 Image Titania 0

2. D R Jean-Pierre Corbijn 24 Image Raynor City United 8
3. D L Fima Lame 31 Image AS Bezieres 11
5. D C Alex Koskinen 37 Image 1830 Cathair 102
6. D C Frantzko Intxausti 35 Image Canterlot Royals 98
13. D L Turi Varisco 21 Image KT Itzalovalle 0
15. D C Jouard Caceres 18 Image KT Itzalovalle 0
16. D C Ramon Goicoechea 20 Image Cazadores Cathair 0
21. D R Bastijn Fokke-Rommedahl 20 Image 1830 Cathair 9

4. DM C Gaizka Omaexevarria 30 Image Bastion 67
7. M R Imanol Vengochea 21 Image Crystal Mertagne 0
8. AM C Johan Tijgers Landhuis 20 Image Mâ Âlâmëómë 10
10. AM C Janos Hufschmied 26 Image Northbrook Diamonds 20
11. AM L Aitor Jovellanos 26 Image Dwile Warriors 72
14. AM L Jody Rijshaart 31 Image Barbury Town 39
17. M RL Raul Capablanca 25 Image Tout-Puissant Hasiera 0
18. M C Iker Llagostera 28 Image FC Kolberg 10
23. M C Cristóbal Bustos 32 Image La Nueva Avenida 20

9. F C Ronda Judit Styrn 29 Image 1830 Cathair 53
12. F C Espiridón Caszely 23 Image 1830 Cathair 1
19. F C Gaizka Urrunaga 28 Image AC Izotz Zubia 0
20. F C Hufdis Uulver 30 Image Thunchester City 44

*NB: The FFA only counts caps for players that *start* a football match.

Audioslavia is, both ICly and OOCly, rather ancient. The country was founded on December 17th 2002, a period regarded as 'pre-history' by many. The nation originally CTE'd in 2006, was revived briefly in 2007 and 2009, and enjoyed a proper resurgence at the start of 2012, locating itself in Atlantian Oceania indefinitely after IC centuries of rivalries with various nations in the region.

The Audioslavia national side participated in World Cups 4 to 29, made an abortive comeback in World Cup 37, and rejoined the world of international football properly back in World Cup 59. The ancient Audioslavia side qualified for all but one of the World Cups it entered (a young Audioslavia failed during the WC5 qualifying playoffs) and generally maintained a place in top twenty of the world rankings, peaking at #1 during the qualifying phases of World Cups 20 and 21.

Paradoxically, the national team has seen more success in its modern form - a period where quick success is much more difficult to achieve than in the early days. Whereas those early years yielded only the inaugural U21 World Cup and a string of losing finals in the World Cup proper, the modern team won the Baptism of Fire tournament before WC59 and triumphed in the thirty-fifth, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth installments of the AOCAF Cup. The side have also reached the final of the AOCAF cup on four other occasions, including the most recent incarnation, and have reached as far as the semi-finals of the Cup of Harmony.

Modern Audioslavia finally won the World Cup itself in cycle 63, a victory that required a huge amount of luck and some very po-faced, negative football. Audioslavia managed to win the tournament despite going into the qualifiers with a ranking of #53 in the world. Four years later, in World Cup 64, the national side proved that this win, as fortunate as it was, was no flash in the pan when they again took home the World Cup trophy, completing the first ever 'double-double' of winning back-to-back AOCAF and World Cup championships.
Audioslavian footballers tend to be a little on the small side, with few players standing over six feet (1.83m) tall. The average Audioslavian footballer stands at around about 5'8 (1.72m) or thereabouts, though most goalkeepers and central defenders tend to be around 6'0. Of the current crop, defensive midfielder Gaizka Omaexevarria is an exception, standing at an improbable 1.93m tall.

Audioslavian footballers are renowned for their high fitness levels and stamina, though a comparitively lithely framed squad do occasionally have problems when facing large, physical teams. Quick, one-touch passing is the key to Audioslavia's midfield prowess, which likes to play at a high tempo, and the side often take advantage of some fleet-footed wingers and full-backs to play through-balls beyond the oppisition's defensive line after having created the space with some quick interchanges.

Recent Audioslavian sides have had few weaknesses, but no team is without one or two or seven near-fatal flaws, and Audioslavia certainly are no strangers to flaws. Audioslavian national teams tend to lack true leadership figures on the pitch - our nation's footballers tend to be stubborn with regards to letting peers tell them what to do. Audioslavian teams sometimes tend towards disorder and in-fighting when truly on the back-foot - say, when one or two goals behind in a game - and are easily disheartened when things start to go wrong. On the pitch, the side's lack physical strength means defending against corners is often a problem, despite a well-drilled defensive line. Marauding full-backs can be susceptible to counter-attacks via the wings, and an aging central-defensive partnership lack pace.

Kontrapuntzeka has long been the name of Audioslavia's style of play, taken from the Auskadian word for 'counterpunch'. Audioslavia's ability to hold teams at bay for long periods before hurting them via quick counter-attacks and short bursts of activity helped the side to its two World Cup victories. As the years have gone by, Audioslavia have had to veer away from the style as opponents start to adapt and change. The system that won two World Cups in a row doesn't quite hold against modern football teams. The national team have never really adapted a new style.

Audioslavia's squad has traditionally consisted of a multitude of Audioslavians plying their trade abroad, including a number of nationalised foreign-born players. The progression of the LigAnaia, however, has seen an larger proportion of domestic-based players make the national team squad.
Euran manager Lee Sharp had been the long-term manager of the national team before matchday eight of the qualifiers for World Cup 71, wherein he resigned after a string of poor performances.

The man who took over the job is one Alexander Kirk, a former player at Urbanista of Apox and Iskara Daii of Starblaydia. Kirk had been a useful central-midfielder, attaining a handful of caps for Audioslavia between World Cups 66 and 67, before dropping out of the national team picture for a while. He came back to the side in World Cup 69 and, despite his advancing years, forced himself into the first team in time for the World Cup final of that year. He was captain of the national side for World Cup 70, during the 'indian summer' of his career, before retiring upon Audioslavia's quarter-final exit to Polar Islandstates.

Kirk is similarly respected by the players, the FFA and the fans - just as Lee Sharp was - but Kirk's advantage is his tactical nous, which he has in abundance compared to the more tactically naive Sharp. Audioslavia have steadily improved on the pitch since Kirk took over, though an early exit from World Cup 71 has seen increased pressure on the boss as of late.
Ronda Jude Styrn, or 'RJ', is the biggest story of the current squad. Styrn is Audioslavia's first ever female footballer. The selection of RJ Styrn had been first hinted at in former manager Lee Sharp's first press conference as national team manager, where he noted his preference for high, pressing football and the necessity of a terrier-like midfielder to close down opposing defenders as they attempted to release the ball. Now 29, Styrn has amassed fifty-three caps for the national team and was voted #2 best footballer in the world in an international poll during World Cup 70.

"Styrn is 5'5 but with broad shoulders and a low centre of gravity that allows her to turn quickly, shield the ball from defenders and get past them when needed. Styrn is quick over ten yards, though lacks the true pace to properly break away from chasing defenders. Her finishing inside the box is exemplary, though one shouldn't expect too many long distance shots, and though she's a quick and accurate passer she isn't the type to play in the final, killer ball. Styrn is much better inside the enemy eighteen yard box, finding and creating goal-scoring chances."

Those were the words of one journalist when asked to describe how effective a player Styrn was a number of years ago, but the modern incarnation has changed somewhat. Still only 29, the diminutive footballing talisman has lost more than a yard of pace due to some persistent injuries, and has occasionally struggled to find her form for club and country in recent years. Styrn's role has been reduced somewhat from that of a workhorse to a goal-grabber - the striker's eye for a finish hasn't dwindled along with her physical talents - and how long she stays as a first-choice striker largely depends on the form of those around her.

Second-choice up front is a toss-up between Hufdis Uulver and Espiridon Caszely - the former a big, broad-shouldered target-man and the other a diminutive out-and-out striker.

On the wings, Rijshaart and Jovellanos have long been the team's best playmakers, though many feel a potential golden generation has been thwarted by the fact that both are similar types of player who have pretty much proven, at this point, that they can't work in the same team together. Jovellanos is expected to start more of the games on that left hand side, while the right wing will likely see the debut of Crystal Mertagne's 21 year-old wunderkind Imanol Vengochea.

Elsewhere, goalkeeper Serge Rollins hecame number 1 after all-time appearance-leader Kajaxo Imaslavii's retirement, but young Sean Patterick is said to be preferred by the manager. Patterick, a little smaller than Rollins and without the shot-stopping ability, nevertheless commands his area well and defends against corners *much* better than Rollins. Furthermore, he doesn't suffer the same problems with anxiety and self-doubt that Rollins apparently does.

At the back, Alec Koskinen has been chosen as captain once again. The defender, now on over a hundred caps, will play alongside long-time national-team partner Frantzko Intxausti for possibly the last time. In the full-back positions, Lame and Corbijn aren't the most exciting of Audioslavia's wing-back prospects, but have been chosen for their reliability.

Roleplaying permissions: We frown on god-modding if there isn't a sense of humour behind it. Everything else is fine. If you'd like to injure a few players or dish out red cards for a particularly harsh game, go right ahead, go hog wild. Want to injure the entire team in a bus-crash? Fine, but make it good, or suffer the humiliation of having your limbs scattered hither and thither via a blast from my mighty ignore-cannon.

One general rule about the Audioslavian national team is that we are very, very often the 'fall guy'. We've lost so many big matches - WC finals, AOCAF finals, you name it - that we've come to thrive on being the big baddie who gets their comeuppance at the end. If your team has a particular strength or tactic that they like to use, by all means use it against us and RP that it worked tremendously. The scorinator may well show us to have won, but don't let us get away with it without having had a jolly good scare first, and make sure to *really* rub it in our faces if you beat us. Anything that makes it fun to RP. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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Cosumar National Team - AOCAF 47


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is a Fiefdom, which means Cosumar is comprised of 21 historical "fiefs". These are now effectively provinces. Cosumar's government is a constitutional monarchy and believes wholeheartedly in complete civil rights, advancing science, conserving nature and exploring outer space. Cosumar is known for being the "Most Developed" nation in Atlantian Oceania according to WA Census, and in the Top 1% of the world's developed nations. Our current ruler, King James II, has done a remarkable job of promoting advancement while maintaining our unique culture and the diverse and beautiful natural landscapes that Cosumar is famous for.

Region: Atlantian Oceania (far Northeast)

Official Nickname: Azure Dragons (typically shortened simply to "Dragons"). Occasionally referred to as Heathens.

Colors: Royal Blue, White, Silver

Stadium: Leviathan Arena (capacity 99,114)

Location: Kaldukosic, Kaldukosic Fief, Cosumar


History: The 71st World Cup was Cosumar's 21st consecutive tournament since its debut in World Cup 51. The anniversary was no help to the qualifying effort, which concluded with the Dragons just one point shy of winning their group. In the subsequent Qualification Playoff, they fell to Holy Republican Empire 1-0 in the away leg after drawing 1-1 at home. Cosumar qualified for six consecutive Cups (54-59) in its "golden age" of football. Cosumar's best finishes were trips to the Round of 16 in World Cups 56-59. After World Cup 59, Cosumar reached its peak ranking of #7 in the world. The National Team's gradual decline began in World Cup 60 and 61, in both of which they were eliminated in the qualification playoff despite strong campaigns. They would qualify once again at World Cup 62 in Astograth, but even that could not change the inevitable downward trajectory. World Cups 64-66 were especially painful and saw our once elite ranking dip as low as the 80s. The Cosumarite populace became generally apathetic towards the National Team and gravitated more towards the World Bowl. The ancient Farris Crowley, manager since WC54, was on the most scorching of hot seats. Cosumarites everywhere were demanding he be sacked... the glory days of his tenure a distant memory. But we stuck with him, and Cosumar began re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with in World Cup 67. A marvelous crop of young talent (including the likes of Francois Renault, Giovanni Aldinne and Alexander Pearce), now lovingly referred to as the "Renaissance Generation", restored the former sense of glory and honour to the Cosumarite colours. They led the Dragons to multiple more successful WC and CoH campaigns...though they never did manage to return to the biggest stage. They came oh so close, but it was not to be. Their biggest achievement and swansong ended up being a 3rd place medal at Cup of Harmony 62. Cosumar briefly reached a ranking of #37, the highest it had been since World Cup 63, but is now at #43 following our dud in Cup of Harmony 63. It was Cosumar's first World Cup cycle without the Renaissancers, who are now in their mid-to-late 30s and no longer the best options. It is up to a new, younger generation to carry the torch for the Fiefdom and continue the fight that the Renaissance Generation started. Performances in this AOCAF will help shape the World Cup 72 squad and will hopefully help the National Team build some positive momentum.

All-time Record: 244-89-130

First International Match: Cosumar 0-0 Krytenia (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD1)
First win: Cosumar 4-3 The Ursine Northlands (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD3)
First actual World Cup match: Akbarabad 3-0 Cosumar (World Cup 54, MD1)
First actual World Cup win: Cosumar 2-1 Al Mumtaz (World Cup 55, MD2)

Largest win: Hladio Huggers 0-7 Cosumar (World Cup 57 Qualifiers, MD12)
Largest defeat: Cosumar 0-9 Valanora (World Cup 55 Qualifiers, MD11)

Most glorious moments:
Cosumar 1-0 Cotdelapoms - Cup of Harmony 45 Third Place Playoff - late Rikki Varshney winner for our first medal
Cosumar 4-0 Haginonia - World Cup 54 Interzonal Stage - showdown on the final day of Qualifying with both sides' first World Cup berth at stake
Cosumar 1-0 Sarzonia - World Cup 57 MD3 - Dragons advance to their first Round of 16 at Sarzonia's expense
Cosumar 7-3 Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 60 Qualification Playoff - sweet sweet revenge on K&P for ousting us on penalties in the Ro16 of the prior World Cup
Cosumar 2-0 Electrum - Cup of Harmony 62 Third Place Playoff - Capped off a magical run that included wins over Greater Watford, Starblaydia and Sandwich Territories

Most heartbreaking moments:
Cosumar 1-1 (1-1 AET, 3-4 PKs) Churchma - Cup of Harmony 45 Semifinals - Losing on penalties always hurts, especially when it's to your fiercest rival so deep in a tourney.
Cosumar 0-3 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 55 MD3 - It came down to this match for a spot in the Ro16, and we got our asses kicked.
Cosumar 2-4 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 56 Round of 16 - We finally made it to the knockout rounds for the first time, just to be humbled by these guys again.
Cosumar 1-4 Jeru FC - World Cup 57 Round of 16 - Another drubbing in the Ro16.
Cosumar 0-4 The Babbage Islands - World Cup 58 Round of 16 - New Cup, same story. Dragons fall apart in the knockouts.
Cosumar 3-3 (3-3 AET, 2-4 PKs) Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 59 Round of 16 - This is THE match that haunts the dreams of every Cosumarite to this day. We had rolled through our Qualification and World Cup groups undefeated and in dominant fashion - seeming destined for new heights. The Dragons led the Urchins 3-0 late and celebrations had begun, but Chalia Sajid scored a flurry of goals for an unlikely second-half hat trick to force extra time. In the eventual shootout, we would completely choke, badly missing the target twice. Complete and utter shock. Many wandered if Cosumar would EVER be able to advance to the quarterfinals and exorcise these demons. We haven't been back since...

Most Goals: 100 - Sur Arora (WC 63-71)
Most Assists: 77 - Irvinn Rincon (WC 51-56)
Most Caps: 167 - Tomi Koskinen (WC 62-71)

Recent Results:
World Cup 68 Qualifying: 4th Place in Group 8 (6-5-3)
Cup of Harmony 60: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group H, 1-1-1)
World Cup 69 Qualifying: 2nd Place in Group 12 (6-6-2), eliminated by Farfadillis in playoff
Cup of Harmony 61: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group C, 1-0-2)
AOCAF 45: Eliminated by Osarius in Round of 16 (2nd Place, 2-1 in Group E)
World Cup 70 Qualifying: 3rd Place in Group 15 (9-4-3)
Cup of Harmony 62: Defeated Electrum in 3rd Place Match
AOCAF 46: Eliminated by 95X in Quarterfinals, 2-0
World Cup 71 Qualifying: 2nd Place in Group 15 (9-3-2), eliminated by Holy Republican Empire in playoff

Cup of Harmony 63: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group C, 1-0-2)
AOCAF 47: _____???

Team: The roster consists of 24 players, 22 of which are standard human (though they have varying amounts of genetic selection). The remaining players (midfielder Vareza Na'Noni and winger Frazan Va'Goshal) are of the Vloo people (species homo cosumarensis), a humanoid race native to Cosumar. Please note that the Vloo have no sizable physical advantage over homo sapien players. The average Vloo is about two inches taller than the average human (which admittedly can come in handy on set pieces), and they must wear different cleats due to their unique foot structure. Vloo have a blue taint to their skin and two small, dull horns on the top of their head. Many Vloo's horns are mostly covered by their thick, black hair. There has always been at least one Vloo player on the team, but never more than three or four. Overall, this Dragons' squad features an emphasis on surgically-precise passing and technical possession football. There is a good balance of experienced veterans and new young talents. Manager Farris Crowley is continuing the new formation introduced in WC70 Qualifying (a sort of 4-2-1-2-1), moving on from his signature 4-2-4 that was heavily criticized in the years prior.

Style Modifier: +2

Post-WC71 Ranking: 43 (18.00 KPB)

Formation: 4-2-3-1



Cosumar's kits were prepared for the team by Meski Soccer & Sports Store of Red Blackiland for World Cup 71. The design has been applauded by for improving upon the already-brilliant WC70 design, while still staying true to the spirit of the beloved classic kits that served the team from World Cup 54 to 69. The home and away kits make heavy use of the national colours (blue, white, silver), new Fiefdom Soccer Federation logo, and the majestic Azure Dragon that Cosumar is famous for. The goalkeeper kit features hints of the royal family's colors: Gold and Green.

The Starting XI

Goalkeeper - Jakk Winterfyll - 24 - Image Exton F.C Image
Winterfyll has emerged as the most extraordinary goalkeeper Cosumar has ever produced. He's only 24 and already has three World Cups as a result, though 71 was his first as the full-fledged starter. The era of Tomi Koskinen, Cosumar's all-time leader in caps, is finally over. It's Winterfyll's time to shine. He dominated in the Cosumarite Harlighet Ligan with Crawford City FC early in his career, setting a record for clean sheets in a season, but still had some to learn about the finer subtleties of the game. Since moving to the Apox National League two years ago and earning a starting job with Exton, however, Winterfyll has truly blossomed into one of the world's elite goalkeepers. He is known for his almost psychic anticipation and springy reflexes. But he can't get complacent - young Morponte Fief keeper Esteban Hernandez is evolving into something special in his own right and could challenge for Winterfyll's top spot. Off the pitch, Winterfyll plays several Cosumarite folk instruments like the vevlira and the flojagu and is a regular contributor to the annual "Sounds of Ancient Cosumar" compilation CD.

Left Back - Jukka Lindroos - 25 - Marine Coast United Image
Lindroos is one of the better young defenders in all of Atlantian Oceania. In Cosumar early in his career, he was the star of a dominant defense that carried the Centus Serpents to a promotion, allowing only 7 goals all season. He was the National Team's most consistent defender in World Cups 69 and 70 despite being the least experienced. His brilliance on the world stage caught the eyes of the V-League and he eventually left Cosumar to play for storied Vilitan club Marine Coast United and has been one of the best defenders in that league as well. Still only 25 years old, Lindroos is a huge centerpiece to the Dragons' current and future plans. His boyish face and long golden locks have charmed the media, but do not be fooled - he is a ruthless player on the pitch. He is extremely skilled and can make world-class stops in the back against the best of opponents. Doesn't have great pace or athleticism, but makes up for it with his relentless energy. Plays a beautiful cross, though he is careful in picking his spots to go forward.

Center Back - Arndu Farsgaard - 31 - Image Cazadores Cathair Image
After impressing Farris Crowley with his work ethic in his first international caps in AOCAF 45, Farsgaard made the World Cup 70 roster as a reserve. Though he seldom saw action at first, starters Mortonsson and Nodtveit were so woeful throughout Qualifying that Crowley decided to give him a chance at serious minutes in the Cup of Harmony. Despite his older age, Farsgaard performed well enough to retain the job in World Cup 71, much to the chagrin of Mortonsson and Nodtveit. Originally a hockey player with no interest in a "sissy sport" like soccer, he didn't even discover his talent for the game until age 24, after failing in his hockey career. He took to the sport quickly, rapidly moving up the ranks of the Cosumarite leagues after starting with a local semi-professional team. By the time he was 27, he was starting at center back for Sekundar Ligan regulars Keenan Athletic. At age 28, he got snatched up by famous Audioslavian club Cazadores Cathair and made a big impact there, thrusting him onto the radar of the National Team. Just six years ago, he was on the street after being cut from a minor league hockey team. Now he is the best central defender on Cosumarite National Team. Crazy. He doesn't seem to realize that he's 31 years old, as he continues to ascend on his meteoric rise. Scored three goals on set-pieces in WC 71 Qualifying.

Center Back - Robahn Akindele - 23 - Viztourzys Kolektyvinis Image
Akindele was a bright spot for lower-table Harlighet Ligan club Na'Malsille Mariners for the first three years of his career. Itching for a bigger challenge in a more prestigious league, he joined forces with Cosumar teammate Felix Merchison at Buyanese club Viztourzys Kolektyvinis after Na'Malsille was relegated. He has been there for two seasons now. Of New Sirain descent but born in Cosumar, Akindele was on the Cosumar U21 squad for Di Bradini Cup 32 and made the transition to the senior team during World Cup 71 Qualifying as a reserve. He is a disruptive defensive presence in the back who plays with an angry edge, and is prolific for his opportunistic flair on set-pieces. Quick and very good on the ball for a center-back. He did not make a single appearance in Qualifying, so he is still seeking his first international cap, but it was a valuable learning experience for him. Crowley thinks his ready for his first taste of international action here in Valanora and has tabbed him as a starter. It will be sink or swim for the youngster, but his play at Viztourzys indicates that he will have no trouble. Off the pitch, he is known for being a vocal advocate of universal drug legalization.

Right Back - Tae Woo Miyori - 33 - Blau-Weiss Pallstadt Image
Miyori still possesses pace, quick-mindedness and ability to play both sides of the ball, though aging has begun to take a noticeable toll this year. Though he is starting to wage war with Father Time, he is still able to do most of the things he was able to do when he was a decade younger and time can never rob him of his phenomenal vision and deft passing touch. As an aggressive wing-back, he loves to charge forward and be utilized as part of the attack, more often than most right backs. Miyori had a spectacular debut as a youngster in World Cup 65, and finally justified the resulting hype with illustrious campaigns in World Cups 68 & 69. He performed a bit below his lofty standards throughout World Cup 71, and it's possible that AOCAF 47 could be his last major tournament in a prominent role with the National Team. When it is all said and done, Miyori will be remembered in the same category as William Riley and Alexander Pearce in the pantheon of Cosumar's all-time best defensemen. Miyori spent most of his club career with Klyde FC here in Cosumar, guiding the Doves to their first Harlighet Ligan Championship. He has spent the last three years playing for Blau-Weiss Pallstadt, one of the biggest clubs in the Buyan Top Division. It has been rumored that he will return to play in Cosumar after his fourth and final season at Pallstadt.

Defensive Midfielder - Vareza Na'Noni - 28 - Image Red Star Severny Image
One of two Vloo players at Cup of Harmony 63, Na'Noni can play almost any position due to his understanding of the game, excellent ball skills and scary combination of size, strength and pace. He made a name for himself as a Right Back for Cosumar's U-21 team, which catapulted him into the Harlighet Ligan, where he converted to midfielder with FC Samotath. After a sustained period of success there, Na'Noni solidified himself on the international scene with his brilliance in World Cup 69. He then moved to Red Star Severny of Polar Islandstates, making him the first Cosumarite to play in a league ranked #1. Four years in the Polarian league have facilitated even more improvement for the talented Vloo, though his club future is up in the air after this season. Na'Noni is known for his eye-popping tattoos, including detailed patterns of constellations across his arms, a roaring dragon on his neck, and an elaborate sunset on his forehead.

Defensive Midfielder - Felix Merchison - 27 - Viztourzys Kolektyvinis Image
Farris Crowley controversially thrusted Merchison into a starting role in World Cup 70 despite his complete dearth of international experience, but the man was magnificent, proving once again Crowley's eye for talent. He scored a goal and recorded four assists, even outshining his more famous counterpart Na'Noni at times. His resume was already impressive though. At age 21, he was winning Harlighet Ligan championships with Mallox in Cosumar. But somehow, he flew under the radar of the National Team for years. After excelling as a defensive linchpin for Viztourzys Kolektyvinis in Buyan, he finally got his chance. Merchsion has a very well-rounded midfielder skill set. A very physical defender, he also embraces the dirty work. A very good pure athlete. Has a penchant for dropping in the perfect deep ball behind the defense. He recorded two assists in WC71 Qualifying despite serving a multigame suspension. It often went unappreciated, but Merchison's strong defensive presence in the back was vital and allowed others - like Na'Noni and Miyori - to go forward. The Na'Noni-Merchsion central midfield tandem has served Farris Crowley as figures to be a permanent feature of the squad for the next few years.

Left Attacking Midfielder - Anders Engström - 26 - Image Mallox FC Image
A superstar in his prime who is the most dangerous weapon on the team. Engström has become the poster-boy for Cosumarite football. He plays as a forward for Mallox, spearheading their infamous +5 style attack. But in Crowley's 4-2-3-1 he works best plugged in as an aggressive attacking midfielder. Engström has been voted Harlighet Ligan MVP multiple times (including last season, when he delivered Mallox their fourth championship) and won multiple Golden Boots with several consecutive 20+ goal seasons. A precise deliverer in set-pieces and from the flanks, Engström will be instrumental in setting up Cosumar for goal-scoring chances when he's not putting it in the net himself. Though small in stature, his ball control and nimble quickness are world-class. The only criticism against him is his apparent unwillingness to face a bigger challenge abroad, seemingly preferring the comfort of consistently dominating in his home country. But that could change soon - his contract with Mallox expires after next season. He shared the team lead with nine goals in WC 69, and he displayed a more well-rounded game in WC 70 by scoring seven goals and tallying a team-high eight assists. Led Cosumar again with eleven goals in the WC 71 cycle. First choice to take penalties.

Center Attacking Midfielder - Paaron Petrov - 33 - CAPTAIN - Image Wrexton F.C Image
Petrov's career recently reached new heights upon being named the Player of the Season for the Apox National League last year. He was also named to the ANL Best XI. He scored 13 goals for Wrexton, rejuvenating a side that had been struggling prior to his arrival. Petrov was born on a nearby mountainous planet Fevelo, in the Cosumarite extraterrestrial colony of Fevelo. Because of his close ties there, Petrov insisted on playing his club ball for Sekundar Ligan club Fevelo United for much of his career. Though his selection to the National Team was heavily criticized for World Cup 68, Petrov made Crowley look awfully smart when the experience helped him blossom into one of Cosumar's best. Feisty and resourceful, and a devastatingly accurate passer, Petrov is an asset when it comes to setting up the big play. He is also a threat to score from long distances, as he gets great movement on the ball and is able to keep it down. He had a fantastic qualifying campaign in WC 71, notching 7 assists. His speed leaves a lot to be desired, but it's his vision and creativity that make him irreplaceable despite his age. Completed a two-year spell at Fadron Flight in Taeshan prior to moving to Apox. First choice to take free kicks.

Right Attacking Midfielder - Ole Öhman - 26 - Image Sabrefell Athletic Image
Ole is a winger of great skill in the form of his life. Producing goals is what he does, and he does it well. Though he usually plays on the left side, Öhman is very good with both feet and will play on the right here so that he and Engstrom can share the field. He competed for Cosumar in World Cup 69 as a seldom-seen bench player, but was viewed as a beacon of hope for the future. But then he was abruptly left off the team in World Cup 70. Many accused former assistant manager Truda Jotunnoj of deliberately snubbing Ole as revenge for some harsh criticisms he had said about him to the press. Jotunnoj denied this, however, saying the decision was one agreed upon by both he and Farris Crowley due to Öhman's decision to accept a lucrative contract to play his club ball in Florgania, seen as an inferior league. However, that complaint was resolved when Öhman transferred to Sabrefell Athletic of the Nepharim Premiership and was named Debutant Of The Year. After helping Athletic win the league the following season, Öhman was included in the World Cup 71 roster as a key substitute. He scored two goals in Qualifying and notched an assist in the Cup of Harmony. His only downside is that he doesn't have the pace required of a world-class winger.

Center Forward - Ace Newman - 25 - Image Cassandra City Image
Ace Newman has been an exciting young talent in Cosumar for years with Cassandra City, but he really exploded into worldwide prominence with some dominant performances in WC 70 Qualifying. As the starting right winger, he was second on the team only to Sur Arora with 10 goals, and also recorded 6 assists. In World Cup 71, he transitioned to fill his more natural role up top. He had his highs and his lows in the Qualifying campaign, but ultimately proved that he has what it takes to succeed as a center forward on the international stage. He didn't disappear against elite competition as much as he used to, and scored 7 goals and 3 assists. He will still share substantial time with the other forwards, and may still occasionally appear as a RW, but he has successfully alleviated much of the burden Sur Arora has long bared as Cosumar's lone world-class pure CF. Domestically, he led Cassandra City to its first championship a year ago with his prowess in the final third and guided them to a 2nd place finish this year with a 23-goal season. He will only continue to get better, and is rumored to be looking for a big international move at the upcoming transfer window.


The Substitutes


GK - Esteban Hernandez - 21 - Image Morponte Fief Image
Hernandez is the latest top-notch product of the legendary Morponte Fief youth academy, a line that includes the likes of Abel Scarloff, Belarmin Worsaw and Calvin Keppeleire. This dude's frame is massive: 6"7, broad shoulders, long arms, enormous hands. Most people that size don't have the coordination to walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone take on Audioslavian strikers. But Hernandez is one of those rare exceptions. He was considered too raw to get any serious time at World Cup 71, but that has changed now. He stepped up in a big way for Morponte Fief in the last Harlighet Ligan season, carrying them to a record 6th-place finish and winning U21 Player of the Year. He even placed in the top five in the MVP voting. It seems he has suddenly surpassed Koskinen for the second-choice spot and could eventually challenge Winterfyll for the first-choice job if he can find comparable international success. Fun tidbit: he nearly gave up on his professional soccer career at age 18 to go to culinary school instead.

GK - Tomi Koskinen - 35 - Image Ramusok United Image
Tomi Koskinen has served Cosumar so well for so long that it seems like an eternity ago that someone else defended the Dragons' net. Well, that time is here once again. At age 35, Koskinen recognizes that he is no longer the top Cosumarite goalie, and is willing to let Winterfyll take up the mantle. Don't be fooled though, Koskinen will still be very much involved in this AOCAF effort even if he's not playing on matchday much anymore. And he's not exactly senile just yet - his stellar play was a big part of Ramusok United qualifying for the Globe Cup this season. But alas, it was about 20 years ago that Koskinen emerged as one of the best young stars in Cosumar. At only 16 years old, he dominated Cosumar's collegiate league by allowing an average of 0.4 goals per game. At age 17, he shocked pundits by being the youngest player ever named to the Cosumarite National Team. He served as an anchor of consistency for the Dragons for over an entire era and several World Cups, and is now the all-time leader in caps for Cosumar. Koskinen still has the exceptional instincts and poise that made him famous, often denying goals with extraordinary feats of confidence and athleticism. It will be a nice luxury to have someone so proven as a mentor to Winterfyll and Hernandez.


LB - Ben Seppänen - 28 - Pkethat Hevnaje Image
Strong, tall, broad-shouldered fullback that emerged as one of the best defensive players in the Harlighet Ligan in the last couple seasons with AC Holmenkollen. He has spent the past year in a Top 50 league (Stvoto Latoli) and his solid play earned him an invitation to National Team cap prior to World Cup 71. It also helped that he plays the position with the shallowest Cosumarite talent pool. The stoic blonde-headed 28-year-old ended up impressing Farris Crowley in camp and made the squad. He didn't play much in Qualifying, but did make a few key appearances to secure his first international caps. It will continue to be a toss up between Seppänen and Peswick Town (JEC) left back Maynard Gorham for this spot in future competitions. Left-footed and sturdy as hell in the back, but is not much of an asset going forward. In his free time, he is a prolific clay sculptor, specializing in Ancient Greek style statues.

CB - Jon-Perohlin Nodtveit - 29 - Image OAS Royal FC Image
If there was ever an enigmatic and controversial footballer, it's Nodtveit. He is bald-headed but bears a thick black beard. Off the pitch he is almost always gruff and silent, hardly uttering more than a word or two in interviews. He is known to be a member of the Luciferian Satanist Order and was a suspect in a well-publicized murder case five years ago. Some despise him, but even more Cosumarites love his dark and dangerous allure. Though divisive off the pitch, he is universally recognized for his value on the pitch. Nodtveit is the Dragons' "hard man", a defensive enforcer and ruthless tackler. His mere nearby presence is often enough to distract and inhibit attacking players. Though he is not particularly athletic or skilled with the ball, he is extremely good at his specialties. After serving as a reserve in World Cups 68 and 69, he finally had his chance to shine as a starter in WC70. He made a few costly errors late in matches (stemming from either fatigue or carelessness) that cost us precious points, but redeemed himself with magnificent play in the Cup of Harmony. He was a key sub in World Cup 71, and strong performances for OAS Royal this season have returned him to the fold of for frequent playing time in the AOCAF. His stamina weakness will be addressed by playing him for shorter periods of time, typically subbing in around the 70th minute, and he will be ready if Akindele does not work out as a starter. His ability to muscle for position (and huge head) make him a danger on set pieces around the goal.

CB - Everett Seymour - 23 - Image FC Mendel City Image
Standout product of the OAS Royal FC youth system that transferred to the Llamanean Premiere League after a couple great seasons with the OAS Royal senior team in the Harlighet Ligan. Seymour was also a key starter in Di Bradini Cups 32 and 33 for the Cosumar U21s. He had a decent amount of success in Super-Llamaland despite playing for a struggling club. Did well as a starter in the World Cup despite taking awhile to acclimate, but Mendel City being relegated from the Premiere League hurt his National Team status for the AOCAF. Seymour has great physical strength, aerial ability, mobility and defending technique, but hasn't quite seemed to tap his true potential yet. This AOCAF will be a chance for him to prove his value to Farris Crowley and perhaps draw the attention of bigger clubs.

RB - Kristian Gjallskald - 27 - Newfield FC Image
Powerful back who has been a big-time player in the Nova Anglicana Sovereign Division since transferring from Crawford City FC here in Cosumar, where he was a local academy product. After being a key ingredient of CCFC's Globe Cup season in 998, he then made a similarly big impact at Newfield, helping them to a championship in his first season and 2nd place and a Nova Anglican Cup this year. This AOCAF is Gjallskald's first call-up to the National Team, and he is one of a couple players seen as viable replacements for aging longtime starting RB Tae Woo Miyori. Zenit Attawapiskat (Quebec) player Sheldon Serra (23) has long been viewed as Miyori's successor, but his absence from the AOCAF roster in favor of Gjallskald could indicate a shift in Farris Crowley's thinking. Serra even got minutes in World Cup 71, playing well and recording an assist, but his decidedly mediocre club form seems to have cost him his spot this time. Whereas Serra is a Miyori-esque wingback who likes to drift forward and utilize his pace, Gjallskald is more of a traditional full back. He doesn't offer as much going forward or on the ball, but his marking, tackling and mental presence are superior. Outstanding work rate. We will see if these characteristics, which he has consistently demonstrated for his clubs, translate to the international game.


DM - Timo Sorben - 25 - West Bay Mariners Image
Sorben was an overlooked prospect coming out of the collegiate league from a small school. But in just three seasons in the Harlighet Ligan, with some Cosumar U21 experience in between, he steadily improved his game was rewarded with a big payday to play for Barunian giants West Bay. In World Cup 70, Sorben played the fewest minutes of any non-goalie on the roster, but gained valuable experience. He played a larger role in the Cup of Harmony and AOCAF and made favorable impressions. After another few seasons with West Bay in Barunia, he's an even more seasoned player this time around. Rumor has it that he even pushed well-established starters Na'Noni and Merchison for their jobs in World Cup 71 camp. He is not the most athletic or skilled player, but he is a true student of the game and is constantly studying technique and tactics. Clearly has a future in coaching. Used late cutting from the Cup of Harmony roster as further fuel for motivation. If his trajectory of improvement continues, he could have big things in store for him. When his time comes, he will be ready.

CM - Pablo Corderro - 31 - Image Crisisbless United Image
A midfielder a true quality who has long been on the edges of the National Team radar, but finally got his first international caps in Cup of Harmony 63, playing in all three group matches. He has enjoyed a late-career renaissance with Crisisbless United of Nephara after going there on free transfer when Cassandra City let him walk after a six season stint. Some doubted he would even be able to break into the team at Crisisbless United, but he proved his doubters wrong by becoming one of their key players over the last three seasons. He was always a solid player in the Harlighet Ligan, but the higher level of competition in the Nepharim Premiership has brought something out of him that we didn't know existed. Corderro has become one of the elite Cosumarite passers in the game today and his hard work has been duly rewarded with continued call-ups in the AOCAF. It's uncertain if he will be in Farris Crowley's plans for World Cup 72 (he will be 33), but if he keeps playing well for Crisisbless United, it will be hard to say no.

CAM - Octavius Ioda - 24 - Vultures Image
One of Cosumar's bright young stars. Octavius scored 71 goals over four seasons with mid-table Harlighet Ligan club Versiaville SC, with his seasonal tally increasing each year. He was clearly meant for a bigger and better stage, and transferred to Acedonian titan Vultures FC over the window for a jaw-dropping fee of $75.4 million, which was one of the most expensive transfers ever recorded. In World Cup 71 Ioda earned his first international caps and he looks to continue make a name for himself on the multiverse's stage here. He has blistering pace with skill and a great finishing touch. He is a striker-by-trade, but is versatile enough to also be plugged in as an aggressive CAM in Crowley's system, which is where he made his substitute appearances in Qualifying, when 33-year-old Petrov needed rest. His corn-rows haircut makes him easy to identify on the pitch.

LW - Petri Hansen - 29 - Sieberg Image
Hansen used to have a reputation for being a flamboyant winger who never quite lived up to his immense potential. After his well-publicized success as Captain of Cosumar's U18 team a decade ago, Hansen joined Mallox with fanfare but was sort of forgotten there. His talent was squandered for a few years because he was stuck behind players like Anders Engstrom and Jimmy Kelly. He didn't help matters by being suspended for an entire season because of an assault charge and struggling to find his footing upon returning. But he has repaired his image with consistently good play in recent years. At age 26, he finally got his fresh start with Sieberg of the Felixian Premiere League. His blinding pace earned him a spot on the National Team in WC 70, and he played spare minutes late in games. He made a surprisingly positive impression in his limited time, netting a goal and an assist. His maturation and dynamic skill set has gradually led to increased opportunity in the last AOCAF and WC 71 Qualifying, where he once again tallied 1 goal and 1 assist over several sub appearances. Though he failed to get the starting spot he wanted here, he will still play frequently. Won the Golden Lace in the Felixian Premiere League a season ago by leading the league with 20 assists for Sieberg.

RAM - Frazan Va'Goshal - 24 - Galatica Image
The second Vloo member of the team, Va'Goshal is an oustanding winger who is rapidly becoming one of the most well-rounded players on the Cosumarite roster. Product of the FC Kaldukosic youth system who cashed in in the Pasarga SuperLiga after three great seasons at home. 71 was his first World Cup, though he did play in the "B-Team" that went to the Summer Olympics a few years ago. Unlike many of the "attacking midfielders" for Cosumar, this is his natural position. He's not a striker-by-trade like Engstrom or Ioda and he won't consistently create his own goals. He's not particularly fast nor a great shooter. He is, however, great at creating angles and windows of space with the ball. Va'Goshal is a true mathematician in this respect, clinical in his manipulation of defenses. Once he has you where he wants you, he can deliver a heavenly ball wherever he wants. He had the starting RAM spot for most World Cup 71 Qualifying but didn't make the impact expected and was been replaced by Ole Ohman, who thrived in the role. Va'Goshal should still get some good minutes off the bench, but he will be looking to win back his starting role for WC 72. Gained some good publicity by donating his earnings from World Cup 71 to Operation Goodness, a secular charity based in Kaldukosic.


FW - Sur Arora - 34 - Image Crisisbless Image
Arora is the most prolific goal-scorer in Cosumarite history with 100 goals for his beloved country. He has been the very best at every level of Cosumarite football he's played in, from U-18 to Collegiate to the Harlighet Ligan to the National Team. Arora is also the all-time leading scorer for Cosumar's most famous club team OAS Royal FC, and now plays for Nepharim championship contenders Crisisbless. He genuinely loves the game and has been described by coaches as being "one of the hardest workers they ever coached". Vintage Arora was so noticeably fluid in his motions, acceleration and ball control that it's almost scary. Aging has finally started to become noticeable within the years since World Cup 70, and it's possible that this might have been his final World Cup cycle. He has become worryingly prone to nagging injuries, but he is still nearly as unstoppable as ever when healthy - which he is right now. Off the pitch, he is known for his dry, sarcastic sense of humor - especially in interviews with the media.

FW - Tevin Lilley - 22 - Blacklake Blues Image
A few years ago, Lilley was a much-hyped teen prodigy. He was Cosumar's top striker in the Summer Olympics and Di Bradini Cup 32. He was one of the Top 10 scorers in the Harlighet Ligan at only 20 years old, with 17 goals for Cassandra City (though he was clearly unhappy that teammate Ace Newman still had more). His explosive pace and agility nearly earned him a spot on the World Cup 70 squad, but he was one of the last cuts. His feel for the game, his finishing touch execution in the crucial moments wasn't quite where it needed to be. His fiery competitiveness often spilled over into recklessness. He could rely on his physical gifts to dominate domestically, but Farris Crowley knew he would run into a brick wall in the World Cup. Lilley needed to play abroad to continue to improve his game. Though he hasn't put up the gaudy numbers in his two years in Taeshan that he did in Cosumar, Lilley has become a much more complete player according to coaches. He now has that quiet confidence and poise that can only come with experience. Now he is back with the National Team and just completed his first World Cup with one goal and one assist in a few substitute appearances early in Qualifying. He's back in the shadow of Ace Newman like he was at Cassandra, but he has no problem with it this time. He won't see too much action, but he'll be soaking up everything he can.


Manager: Farris Crowley
After a phenomenal debut as Manager in World Cup 54, and an even more impressive efforts in World Cups 55-59, Farris Crowley became a Cosumarite legend. The nation has stood by him through thick and thin ever since, even when other managers certainly would've been fired. The seemingly immortal icon was once a somewhat successful player in Cosumar's domestic league many years ago but found his true calling as a coach after retiring. His goal is absolute: bring glory to Cosumar through victory on the pitch. He is currently 77 years of age and has an unwaveringly stoic and solemn personality. If you're lucky, you might catch him with a hint of a grin for a split second after a big victory. Despite being the one who took Cosumar to new heights and qualified us for all seven of our World Cups, there is a rumor that he is under pressure (yeah right, the only thing that can remove him at this point is old age) due to yet another failed attempt to qualify despite a favorable group draw and a sizable 1st place lead halfway through. And with his health starting to finally show signs of deterioration, pundits are questioning his capacity to lead the team for much longer. He might not have many more World Cups in him, whether he gets sacked or not. World Cup 72 has been rumored to be his final cycle.

Assistant Manager: Kennedy Kopenhaver
World Cup 71 was Kopenhaver's second as Assistant Manager since the sacking of Truda Jotunnoj (someone had to be the scapegoat for the team's failures and it wasn't going to be Crowley). Kopenhaver, 52, was once a terrific center back for the Cosumar National Team in World Cups 55-57, back when Crowley was a new face on the scene. He was infamous in Cosumar for being one of the most passionate and fiery players ever to step on a pitch. He would stop at nothing to win, even if it meant angrily telling his teammates what's what or getting himself a card. After retiring, Kopenhaver attempted a broadcasting career but was not happy. It was too far removed from the action! He then took to coaching, and spent six years as an assistant to Alvin Burnsides, Manager of Mallox FC, the most historically successful club in the Cosumarite Harlighet Ligan. After being skipped over for the managerial vacancy at Miners 47 in Apox, he jumped on the chance to work for his former mentor Farris Crowley with the National Team. Kopenhaver should bring a lot of passion and youthful energy to a team that Crowley and Jotunnoj hadn't been able to provide. He is a rare man - physically imposing yet keenly intelligent. Deceptively clever and excels at game strategy. Really knows how to motivate players.

Goalkeepers Coach: Luis Varezzi

Defenders Coach: Artis Thomas

Midfielders Coach: Irvinn Rincon

Forwards Coach: Guiseke Seto

Head Trainer: Yvette Carson

RP Permissions

Essentially, full RP permissions. Be creative. Use my characters however you like. You can state that someone was injured, but allow me to determine the severity. I also ask that you telegram me before RPing anything extreme (like a bombing, a fan riot, extreme weather events impacting the game, etc). I'm usually up for anything, but just check with me first.

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y, but leave the severity up to me
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but no killing or wounding. TG me if you're doing something particularly unusual.
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me first.
Qualified: World Cups 54-59, 62, 73-83
President, World Lacrosse Fed.
World Bowl VP

Champions: DBC 35/44/45, AOCAF 54, Eagle Cup VII, WCoH 33, CoH 64, IBC 18, NSCF 10/11/15/16, WLC 20/21/26, Arena Bowl I & III
2nd Place: AOCAF 57, NSCF 13, WBC 34, WLC 12/19/23, AOHC VI, Arena Bowl V
3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

Host: WC 78 & 82, CoH 69 & 74, BoF 62, World Bowl 27, WLC 20, Beach Cup II & V
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed May 20, 2015 3:24 am

Ko-orenite National Team Roster | Ko-oreniet nationaal elftal | Seleção Co-orenense de Futebol | Équipe de Co-oren de football | サッカーコーレン代表

Nation Name: The Babelic Meritocracy of Ko-oren
Short Nation Name: Ko-oren
Trigramme: KOR
Demonym: Ko-orenite
Team Nickname: Greenblues, Dragonflies
National Colors: Green, Blue
Head of Committee of Coaches: Darius Fitzpatrick
Style: -5
Formation: 5-4-1
Ko-orenite Roster
for AOCAF 47

1. Storm Enshadilsa - GK (32/m) - Still Ko-oren's first goalkeeper, even if his goal kicks won't reach the half way line.
12. Cláudia Macedo - GK (23/f) - Excentric and explosive. Excellent line keeper, but she has trouble with defending corner kicks and free kicks.
22. Ralph Maverick - GK (24/m) - Joins the passing game with his teammates, sometimes leading to dangerous situations.

4. Katanmak Juliasterinthen - CB (28/m) - Captain of the team, in the prime of his career. Stellar defender, great communicator and perfect at set pieces.
3. Katherine Davenport - CB (26/f) - Talented defender who likes to leave the defensive line. Often disrupts attacks before they even start.
13. Celine de Jong - LB (25/f) - Awesome stamina, she connects the back line to the other lines.
6. Páll Ólafursson - CB (32/m) - Tank. Muscular, 200cm, the entire package.
2. Nanami Aoki - LB (28/f) - Smart, tactical defender. Small physique, but excellent pace.
14. Shi Zhang - CB (32/m) - Tends to get booked, but he's otherwise good at shutting out one specific player.
5. Jin-Sang Min - RB (21/m) - Inexperienced but talented. Quick, agile, and faster than most strikers. Now on the starting XI.
15. Katherine Turnbull - RB (20/f) - Tall, but time will tell if she's got enough to make the team.
18. Peter Morrow - CB (23/m) - With the aging centrebacks, Morrow was added last-minute to bring the defence up to par.

16. Nalaikh Bagaurunir - DM (28/m) - Great tackles... not so great passes.
7. Ceindrych Heilyn - CM (33/f) - Excellent passing rate, likes to play a high possession game. Unfortunately that's not what the Dragonflies do.
8. Henrique Nascimento - CM (26/m) - Box to box midfielder, thrives in a team that utilises the long ball.
17. Hisahito Kawano - CM (23/m) - Accurate and powerful shots. Free kicks and corner kicks are his strong point.
9. Violet Wakefield - WM (29/m) - We still don't know what she likes best: shooting or dribbling. Unfortunately she's best at crossing.
10. Esolywend Eregrent - AM (28/m) - Attacking midfielder who is also just as good on either wing. Can even play central midfielder.
19. Emeline Millet - AM (23/f) - Good at distracting defenders to create gaps for the strikers. And that's only partially because of her looks.

20. Audrey Leroux - ST (27/f) - Excellent poacher. Stays cool in all circumstances, good at defeating the goalkeeper one on one.
21. Anthony Sutherland - ST (25/m) - Elegant striker, good touch. Bicycle kicks galore.
11. Narantuyaa Chuluun - ST (29/f) - Heaps stronger than most defenders. Awful at dribbling, but good at finishing free kicks and corner kicks.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Champions 1x CoH - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 3x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 3x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC - 1x FHWC

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Postby Greater Watford » Wed May 20, 2015 3:29 am


GK1Kendrick Hannon2941Watford FC
DEF2Jonny Gregor26671Watford FC
DEF3Elmo Dowling29311Leavesden Rovers FC
DEF4Steven Shields2624Leavesden Rovers FC
DEF5Osvaldo Current28321Watford FC
MID6Tommy Deer26453Hemel Hempstead FC
MID7Aaron Smith31593Leverstock Green Rovers FC
MID8Garry Oldfen31467Leavesden Rovers FC
ATT9Mario Mannetti2911164Watford FC
ATT10Ignacio Peréz286533Hemel Hempstead FC
MID11Samuel Harris2810320Marlowes City FC
GK12Gordon Watson3013Bovingdon FC
DEF13Keven Sproull28291Marlowes City FC
DEF14Ryan Warthon31952Hemel Hempstead FC
DEF15Armando Westberg21141Leavesden Rovers FC
DEF16Ryan Franks2911Bricket Wood FC
MID17Hobert Capp29131Marlowes City FC
MID18Stefan Schwartz22Hemel Hempstead FC
MID19Rueben Mcbee2291Leavesden Rovers FC
ATT20Jean-Pierre Mons282FC Samotath (COS)
ATT21Lorenzo Lanzo2381Watford FC
MID22Jan Regan34587Leavesden Rovers FC
GK23Leland Winchester26Hemel Hempstead FC

All players are labelled with the team they played for at the end of the year 8AU. The majority of the WC71 and CoH 63 squad maintain their places, with Leland Winchester and Stefan Schwartz being called up. This tournament could also be the last for a few players, such as Jan Regan, especially with Peter Tilder being dropped by de Rosso.

Manager: Alessandro de Rosso
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2

Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (discuss it via Telegram first)
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier-0

Greater Watford's kit from AOCAF 46 is retained for the AOCAF 47. The new kit won't be released until WC73, so it's likely this will be the 2nd of 3 AOCAF tournaments for this kit. The usual yellow with red sleeves look is on the home kit, with an away kit of white and green stripes with black trim. The red third kit also doubles as the goalkeeper kit.

Image Image Image
International FireStorm V Cup Winner with Watford FC
International FireStorm VI Cup Winner with St Albans City FC

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Postby Sportgirls » Wed May 20, 2015 5:44 am

Sportgirls AOCAF 47 Squad List

Best Eleven
Style: Balanced (0).
Main Formation: Diamond 4-1-2-1-2.

#1 Cherilyn Finnegan, 20, GK
#2 Ness Findlay, 24, RB, gateball captain
#3 Kim Gabrielson, 26, CB, football captain
#4 Suzanne Kendrick, 31, CB
#5 Coby Stone, 22, LB
#6 Aoibhe Huxley, 25, DM
#7 Shauna Gibb, 21, CM
#8 Kathi Dedrick, 25, AM
#9 Becka Ruskin, 24, ST, baseball captain
#10 Mattie Huddleson, 17, ST
#11 Natille O Domhnaill, 30, CM


#12 Ana Forest, 30, K
#13 Florrie Desmond, 33, D
#14 Kalysta Jack, 19, D
#15 Maura Rye, 27, D, rugby sevens captain
#16 Laraine Richards, 24, M
#17 Alene Causer, 22, M
#18 Kandi Harrison, 26, M, volleyball captain
#19 Marylou Kemp, 29, F, netball captain
#20 Josephine Tyler, 25, F


Manager/Football Coach: Ms. Cathy Flynn
Baseball Coach: Ms. Hayden Dillard
Gateball Coach: Yoshiaki se-Ren (Sumo Cupcake)
Netball Coach: Ms. Elisabeth Graham
Sevens Coach: Mr. Ioritz Zaldibar (Zhenherribae)
Volleyball Coach: Ms. Michelle Ball
Conditioning Coach: Mr. Rhys King
Medical Officer: Dr. Alexandra Lloyd (Waltzing Matilda)
Trainer: Ms. Piper Kerr


Queen Ingebjørg Stadium (capacity 6,192) is the national stadium, capable of holding over half the adults in Sportgirls proper. It is located in North Ward on the border of the Palace district.

RP Permissions

Please do not godmod or cause my players injuries likely to sit them for more than one match. In general, expect the specific athletes labelled as starters to start in those positions, although some variance is certainly OK (especially with thoughtful RP). Otherwise, let your imaginations roll.


Sportgirls is a tiny island city-state in northern Atlantian Oceania, with a population of less than 20,000.


The 20 members of the Sportgirls National All-Sport Team are all full-time professional multi-sport athletes under multi-year contracts with the Office of Sport. Each was selected for her gifts as a key player in one or more sports and a back-up in others. The whole squad cross-trains in any sports the Office of Sport requests for international competitions. Each coach has a speciality sport and a basic knowledge of others to assist as needed.

The original incarnation of the team focused on football and baseball and fielded a winter Olympic team as well. Although the experiment was short-lived, being shelved in favor of expanding the national football league, it produced several first-rate athletes including legendary footballer Caitlyn Ballantyne and speed skating Olympic medalist Megan Sullivan.

Ballantyne's personal sponsorship and support were instrumental in Queen Kirsten II’s decision to resurrect the team and extend the core sports to six: Baseball, football, gateball, netball, rugby sevens, and volleyball. Queen Dana was a gifted athlete herself as crown princess, and she is determined to rebuild a world presence for Sportgirls through athletic competition. Some consider this a large ask. But no serious observer doubts the will of the Crown to essay the attempt.
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Postby Valanora » Wed May 20, 2015 10:34 am

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2



Home Away

Vanauraiiel Nardironel (F)
Age: 1298
Nardironel is a small and quirky woman who is very unassuming, until you get to the training pitch, where she will run you ragged and then when you feel your body collapsing, run you even more ragged until you are in the ultimate peak condition you can be. The only person on the brain trust to survive the overhaul from last World Cup's dismal showing. She was initially given only a two year contract, but after leading the Marauders to a surprise win in the AOCAF, she was been given two full cycles to try and right the team in the World Cup. However with the dismal showing in the following World Cup, many are surprised she wasn't sacked before the AOCAF.

Assistant Manager
Vamariiel Falavir (F)
Age: 1478
Ibini's assistant finds herself in the same spot on the national team program after the VFA decided to do a complete overhaul of the Vanorian national team program following three straight tournaments of not making the knockout rounds of the World Cup. She is a very easy going personality, a complete reverse to the traditional personalities that take the assistant spot as the team looks to scramble back to their usual standards with new approaches.


1 Aediron Galadirdren, Ibini FC
Age - 677
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 174 lbs
Galadirdren looks to be the long term solution for the Marauders in net after several stellar seasons in the domestic scene with Ibini FC. While not loud and "in control" of his box, the keeper is very good when the opposition has a breakaway, as well as some amazing reflexes. His best attribute though is his near perfect position, always seeming to know where the opposition is going to place their shots or crosses.


2 Morlaithan Aldamiel, AC Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia)
Age - 690
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 162 lbs
A tough and quiet sort at the back, more physical than your usual Vanorian centerback thanks to the years that he has played in Audioslavia. More of a stay at home defender than the rest of the backline and more prone the occasional card due to the more physical nature.

3 Rainyardil Toraandal, Mar Sara FC
Age - 649
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 168 lbs
Toraandal is deceptively fast and agile for a person of his size and also very keen to get in on the attack during prolonged spells in the opponents third. With his size and pure athletic ability, he has a knack for getting open in the box and heading home his fair share of goals, though it is his stern defending that is the reason that he was put on to the starting eleven.

4 Revhil Lardireil, Hondo FC
Age - 648
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 171 lbs
Like Toraandal, Lardireil is used to getting into the attack, having spent the majority of his career at Hondo with their attacking flavor. However he has the speed of a cheetah and the strength of an elephant, most likely the most versatile of the three defenders that the side uses.


21 Espy va Drake, Yuba United (Paripana)
Age: 753
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
After becoming a folklore hero for the lower class of the world, va Drake has made himself one of the living legends of the game after help leading the side to a title in World Cup 53. He has traveled far and wide while plying his trade, donning kits for no less than five countries clubs. Seen as the driving force in the middle of the park alongside Hawk, it is up to the opposition to try and figure out how to deal with the brilliance the winger and his other attackers have rather than them to create magic.

6 Caeltimyonan Haerear, Mar Sara FC
Age - 608
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 lbs
Coming from Mar Sara you would expect Haerear to be more of an attacking option, yet the midfielder is more of a box to box playmaker than the attacking midfielders usually coming from the Flames. Not overly fast or physical but Haerear has a motor that never quits, never giving up on a play or a game despite how dire the situation may be.

14 Laborious Hawk, Dwile Warriors (Apox)
Age - 717
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

8 Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar, Raynor City United
Age - 723
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs
Lithvathar is much like va Drake, a floater who is dynamic in attack but with enough speed and sense of the pitch to make up on any sort of defensive lapse. Yet unlike her flankmate, she is not nearly as skilled, but do not let that fool you, in a moment of magic she can undress an entire backline and set up more prolific scorers with easy chances.

7 Faeron Soldarian, Raynor City United
Age - 631
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
Soldarian continues to live in the shadow of more well known players both on the national team and with his club. Despite this, Soldarian is seen by all on the squad as the emotional leader and the linchpin the in the middle that allows the more attacking minded midfielders being allowed to play their game.


9 Allandren Fresco, Ibini FC
Age - 506
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Fresco continues to lead the line of the attack, being the tip of the spear that is the Marauders offensive movement. By now most teams know of the striker's pace and near laser guided shot, however the striker still somehow finds ways to bring in the goals. With the more durable Celetholtinu to play off of, he looks to become even more dangerous, as the AOCAF championship proved.

11 Dûrdur Celetholtinu, Oljestaden IF (Audioslavia)
Age - 900
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 183 lbs
Dûrdur is by and large a holding forward, meant to retain possession for Fresco, Hawk, or va Drake to into possession for attacks. His large frame suits his style of play and the years in Audioslavia has made him quite equipped at taking kicks and chips while maintaining possession.

13 GK Nienna Sáralondë, age 643, SC Rinaldi
20 GK Belltarion Nartalhûn, age 547, AC Valanari
15 CB Tawaion Faladiir, age 670, SC Rinaldi
16 CB Tamuríl Amandil, age 604, SC Rinaldi
17 CB Ainglad Gwavaul, age 597, Hondo FC
23 DMC Belltherdon Cularin - age 712 - Milona-Lpaka (Turori)
18 LW Sellan Teltaththor, age 683, Hondo FC
5 RW Filwame Omasas, age 644, FC Capri (F)
16 MC Berdëmiel Nardhrinonel, age 682, Soldarian FC (F)
22 AMC Héra Teltholsyr, age 466 - Lonngeylin Coast (Vilita) (F)
10 ST Galasgoldas Tathtauré, age 588, Raynor City United
19 ST Gonmucaethor Mithlithelen - age 658 - Ibini FC ~

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Allandren Fresco
Right Corner: Espy va Drake
Left Corner: Espy va Drake

Aldamiel Toraandal Lardireil
va Drake Soldarian Haerear Lithvathar

Fresco Celetholtinu

~ denotes Vyintanese
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EPL Season 20,073

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Western Sunrise Islands
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One of the four main Sunrises, the Jolteons' football is most likely the one that has less to do with how the Unified Sunrise plays. A defensive-minded trainer together with teams that are mostly focused on not suffering goals over actually scoring goals ends up tieing with the floating quality of the Western Sunrisian teams. The best football clubs inside the country are Porto Velho, Nacional and Filipéia according to historians, but nobody can't ever deny the impact that Dogueirense has in it.

When football's not a factor, Western Sunrise Islands has to deal with the fact that they are the least powerful Sunrise Islands among the four. Only speaking Portuguese, the country is still rather navy-based, with their economy focused after naval industry or transport. The Western Sunrise Islands are also the most affected region from the "newmons", strange new forms of life that some believe to have come either through miracles or flat out science.

Num.	Pos.	Name				Age	Team
01 GK ROSINA 17 Filipéia [WSI]
02 LB DIEGO COLASCO 19 Central City [UPS]
03 CB ZEZINHO (C) 20 Gwinevra Barbarians [APX]
04 CB ISRAEL 17 Filipéia [WSI]
05 CB DOMINGOS 18 Nacional [WSI]
06 RB ILAN CORREIRA (VC) 18 Filipéia [WSI]
08 DM DUARTE SIMÕES 23 Porto Velho [WSI]
09 CM RATINHO 18 Afonse Battalion [NSI]
10 OM FUTURNIO 17 Porto Velho [WSI]
11 CF MATÍAS COSTA 19 Nacional [WSI]

12 GK COELHO 21 Nacional [WSI]
13 LB VICTOR ABREU 21 Porto Velho [WSI]
14 CB MADI 17 Filipéia [WSI]
16 CB LUDOVICO 21 Porto Velho [WSI]
17 RB ROMEU 17 Nacional [WSI]
18 DM NUNO ROBERTO 18 Nacional [WSI]
19 DM LUNA 24 Paulo Soares [WSI]
20 CM FAUSTINO 17 Nacional [WSI]
21 OM PEPE 21 Filipéia [WSI]
COACH ADELFI 23 Filipéia [WSI] [-3]
Picked by Filipéia's coach Adelfi after the somewhat nice results last season, the Western Sunrisian squad is more national focused, mostly thanks to the lack of players outside Western Sunrise deemed ready to fill in the squad. Some more questionable picks such as lower league's Kike were mostly based out of the semi-final finish by the Sunrise Cup's squad of Western Sunrise.

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Sporting World

Ciqi is in AOCAF 47
by: Sumner Belair

AOCAF. A name synonymous with prestige and excellence. The regional soccer tournament of Atlantian Oceania is undoubtedly the most prestigious regional soccer tournament in the multiverse. Out of 71 World Cups, the nations of Atlantian Oceania have won 32 of them, including 3 out of the last 4. The top seeds in this tournament are a who's who of the elite of international soccer, starting with #1 Osarius, the 2-time defending World Cup champions. The second seed, Audioslavia, are 2-time World Cup champions as well and have also lost the World Cup final seemingly every other World Cup. While the third-seeded team from Valanora has struggled recently in the World Cup, this is noteworthy because they've won 5 World Cup titles and qualified for almost every edition of the World Cup ever held. Their failure to qualify for World Cup 71 was even more shocking than the disastrous Holy Republican qualifying campaign in World Cup 70. Finally, the 4th seed is Vilita & Turori, a super-team comprised of 2 nations. Vilita has won the World Cup twice, most recently by ending the longest title drought in World Cup history at World Cup 68 as Rule Theriault began his self-destruction. Turori, en route to their Cup of Harmony title 2 years ago, served as the instrument of God's Will through which Mr. Theriault was removed as the Holy Republican manager so that the Holy Republican National team could be purified of the wicked elements that were holding them back.

However, the interesting thing about AOCAF this time around is the decision, personally approved by Consul Kulseth, to permit a team of righteous Ciqians to enter AOCAF. I was chosen to manage this team because of my fluency in the Ciqian language, my background as a long-time assistant coach at the collegiate level and my piety. I have selected the team of 21 men and I am confident that all 21 of them are devout and sincere believers in the Truth of Iesus Christus. These 21 men, whose family names are listed before their Christian names on the official roster in accordance with Ciqian customs, are all professional players in Ciqi.

We were drawn into an intriguing Group B with Audioslavia, Legalese, The Calanian Union, the Equestrian States and the Western Sunrise Islands. The first match for us will be against the Audioslavia Bulls, who will be looking to bounce back from a poor performance at World Cup 71. Second up will be the profoundly wicked Equestrian States, home to a bunch of uppity talking animals who need to be put in their place. We intend to do just that. Then, we will have Legalese. I'm sure there's no love lost for the Legalites anywhere in the Empire, after the way they robbed us of a home field final at World Cup 68 and knocked us out of World Cup 69. Personally, I want to humiliate them on that pitch almost as much as I want to humiliate Animal Farm. While the Western Sunrise Islands, our fourth opponent, are part of the Unified Sunrise Islands, most of their talent comes from the Northern Sunrise Islands, so I'm not that worried about them. Then, we'll finish up against the Calanian Union. Need I remind thee that this is the same team that lost 6 to 2 the last time they stepped onto the pitch to play a team from the Empire.

However, we need to keep in mind that I am not Petrus Fadius or even Lucas Gavius and this is not the Imperial Soccer Team. This is a team from Ciqi, a colony of ours that has only played a single match of international soccer before. That match took place at the last Summer Olympics and was a 3 to 1 defeat. We must keep expectations down if we are going to pull off the string of upsets that we would need just to get out of the group stage and even then, I'm not sure if we're good enough to actually beat those teams. The games will be broadcast on FS9, both live and on tape delay. We would appreciate if thou wouldst tune in.

Sumner Belair is the manager of the Ciqian Colonian Soccer Team. A long-time assistant coach at the collegiate level, Belair recently got his first big break when he was named manager for Ciqi's teams at the AOCAF and will likely be looking to find some success here so that he can parlay that success into a managerial job elsewhere.

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RP Permissions: I wont post a roster, make the names up and don't kill anyone ok.

The Voodoos Curse

It was a un-normally cool mid-morning for May, however regardless the two thousand some people getting ready to board the MS Titan on one of her final voyages were excited and anxious for those who had sea sickness . The ship was to depart after three pm local time and set course for Valanora, those aboard were not going to attend any matches expect the final, to which the Titan was expected to dock only hours before the title game.
The MS Titan once the largest ship from West Guiana over nine hundred feet in length once could hold over three thousand people when she was first launched in 1960. Since then though she was remodeled in 1993 into a cruise ship and upgraded with at the time the latest in technical navigation. This cruise though will be one of her last, second to last. Though for the occasion she has been painted to match this event with AOCAF 47 painted on her sides in varying colors.
The passengers are some of West Guianas’ wealthiest, from David Blue CEO of the country’s largest bank Blueford Financial, to Celin Quin the founder and CEO of Quin Technology, the nation’s largest computer manufacturer. Both networths combined add up to over $147.3 billion. Then there are some of the less known figures such as Alyson Shal one of the one hundred news reporters covering both the cup and the daily going ons of the famously wealthy. Though on this ship the most important man is Caption Adam Shefield whom has been the Titans caption for about a year now.

Ch. 1
“Sir, the dock loaders need you assistance in signing off on some cargo.” First Mate, Lance Holms says as he walks onto the bridge.

“Cargo, what cargo. For this voyage we are to only carry passengers and their luggage.”

“The head of WG Soccer is aboard and at last minute requested that we carry two thousand pounds of fireworks that he expects us to set off the night before the title game.” Holms handing the e-mail to the captain. “I told him that he would need a permit to carry such a large amount of explosive materials aboard, but he ignored and walked off.”

Caption Shefield rolled his eyes, getting on his radio, “where is Mr. Jackson this hour, I need to have a word with him."

*over the radio* “He is chatting at the Maroons Bar, I’ll get a hold of him.”

On the other end of the ship Gail Luxson and her husband of sixty years where waiting in line to board the ship, they had just waited more than an hour standing in line just to get past the check-in, they were pleased that they had no troubles. Now only ten feet away from entering the ship they both stopped and took a selfie of each other before they walked aboard.

Gail leaning over to her husband, “Oh Jeff, don’t you believe it for the first time since our fifth anniversy, we’re about to be back on the Titan. The pictures Gloria sent us on her and Brabs honeymoon gave us something to remember, she has changed over the past fifty-five years.”

Jeff whispering back, “Glad we were able to book the same room we had all those years ago.”

Joge’ Ramone had been working for the New Haven Times for the past three and a half years, and finally was assigned to something exciting, no more covering boring lost pet stories which no one ever read in the first place. Along with Joge’ is his assistant Zir Al-Faya given the realitivly easy task to simply get pictures and reactions from passengers and maybe the rare interview from some of the famous aboard.

At Maroons Bar Lepe Jackson head of WG soccer, the struggling national organization was chatting to a few reporters and fans when Captain Shefield walked up and asked for a privet conversation. “Yes, Captain what may I do for you?”

“A better question is why can you do for me. Why do you believe that without warning you suddenly want over a ton of fireworks to be brought aboard?”
Smiling at the captain clear frustration, “Look, I suddenly thought that hey before we dock, why not give all the passengers something to look at other than black waters and sky. Look you see I did apply for the proper papers but I was denied.”

Shefield sighing while looking up at the ceiling, “Then do tell me why you think you can circumvent the system?”

Suddenly David Blue who has been over hearing the conversation walked up and interrupted, “I’m sorry Captain but I believe your first mate was given inaccurate information, Lepe here did indeed file but was denied, however though you will find that these fireworks are filed under my name.”

Shefield takes out the paper again and looks over it, “You’re name is not on this slip of paper, however though I will call into headquarters to sort this matter out, until then those fireworks will remain on the dock. “ And he walks away.

After the Captain had walked away David looks at Lepe in the eyes, “Well apparently money can not buy everything, here I am holding my debit card at him and he ignores it. But no worries that papers were accepted.”

Before David walks off Lepe stops him and whispers, “Aren’t you a little bit worried about the really explosive stuff, I mean any spark could set it off and an old ship like this.”

Holding his hand out, “Look Lepe, I highly doubt any of those deckhands could even afford a pack of lights, with DeCaders outrageous anti-smoking taxes, and besides this isn’t the Zeus.”

The Titans sister ship the Zeus the first of the Olympus class ship to be built was only two miles from shore when a massive explosion rocked her stern in the engine room, the ship quickly took on water and with no power the bridge could not single for help, the water tight doors could not be shut and the lifeboats had to be lowered by hand. It was the largest loss of life on a passenger ship in West Guiana, over 1,900 people died to few lifeboats and hysteria amongst both crew and passengers is what an official report blamed for the loss of life. The Titan launched in 1960 three years afterwards was equipped with backup generators and enough lifeboats for 90% of the ship. Today with a lowered capacity and new lifeboats now can hold 100% of total capacity.

Zir looking down at his computer looks over at Joge’, “This is going to be really exciting I can already sense, something big is going to happen.”
Jorge’ laughs at Zir, “the Only big thing that will happen is that we’ll get a sniff of David Blue and that is about it.”
Zir brought up a website he was reading off that was about the forgotten sister ship the MS Venus, “Well according to Madam Fronle the Titan is the final piece of the puzzle for the curse of the voodoo witch. You know that story about how the designers of the would be Venus were cursed and the project was cut because ten of twenty designers commit suicide. Some speculate since the Zeus was built from the Venuss’ plans is why she sunk.”
“Zir, that is nothing but a urban legend, I don’t find those things very fascinating, bunch of crazed out theories.”
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Magnaeus Broadcasting Centre, Magnaeus, Former Inevitable Syndicate

Wayne Spillot sat in the corner of the studio, flash cards in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. This would be his final week as President, before handing control over to his successor, Miles Bederatzi, also of the Mertian League. The party, which Spillot also belonged to, had won by a far greater margin than they did five years ago, thanks in part to the influx of Mertians who had settled down quite happily in their new homes, and felt that the needs of the new country needed to be put over the needs of the old one. The Fligsive Incident hadn't helped, either, as a large proportion of the base voting for the main opposition, the Economic Socialist Party, or EconoSol for short, had disappeared or scattered in the incident.

This speech was to be one of his last, and it would be televised, as it was to contain some vital news. The coffee was doing nothing to calm his nerves, and as he stepped up to the wooden podium that the camera was pointed at, he adjusted the microphone. Taking a look at the supervisor behind it, he raised his eyebrows as she held out a hand and counted down from five to zero.

He tapped the microphone, and began to speak.

"Over the past five years, we have seen many things happen within our great nation. Good things for many, disasters for some, but we can all agree that every single person has come out of the last five years stronger than they were before it. Nothing has come out stronger, however, than the nation of Mertagne. Many have flocked to its borders, and the Union government has done everything in its power to secure a better life for those who saw theirs destroyed by the perils of war and climate change. I am proud to be a Mertian citizen, and I hope that the thousands of you that are making the journey north every day are proud too - not just of where you are going, but also where you have come from.

The Former Inevitable Syndicate is, unfortunately, a nation that has seen far better days. It's infrastructure failing, its population dwindling. Many of you have chosen to stay in your homes far past the recommended movement period. Some have done this out of pride for their homeland - others, out of spite for the government. I am pleased to say that you will not have to endure this situation for long.

In one of my final acts as President, before I hand over control of Mertagne to Mr. Bederatzi, I hereby declare that the Forum has recently enacted laws that will allow the sale of all Former Inevitable Syndicate lands to a sovereign nation of our choosing. When the sale is made, 25% of the funds generated from the sale will go directly to former Syndicatian Citizens, in the form of a tax rebate. 60% will go to the Mertian Government, to allow them to continue expansion an reclamation projects, aided in part by other Bekkside nations. The remaining 15% will go to Mertian Citizens, also in the form of a tax rebate.

The year is 2200. I wish for the next one hundred years to be the Century of Mertagne - one where we can rise from the ashes and take out place on the world stage. I hope that every single Mertian citizen has that dream too, and that we can all work together to achieve it."
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Wed May 20, 2015 5:22 pm

Royal Kingdom of Quebec Grim Reapers

Style modifier: +4.5

Manager: Jayson Dhanda (OSR) (49 year old)
Assistant Manager: Kurt Hlasek (VAU) (49 years old)
Captain: Frederic Beauchemin
Vice-captain: Zachary Fortin
3rd captain: Karl Varsteeg


RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes (TG me)
Godmod scoring events: Yes (TG me)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (TG me)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (TG me)
RP Injuries to my players: Yes (TG me, and no more than one)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (make them creative, but TG me beforehand )
Godmod other events: Yes (Be creative, but TG me beforehand)
Style Modifier: +4.25

Score a goal: Zachary Fortin, Leonardo Conavacio, Hazel Van Zanten, Frederic Beauchemin (in this order)
Create that goal: Xavier Hertel, Frederic Beauchemin, Hazel Van Robben (in this order)
Win a free kick: Xaiver Hertel, Stewie Burns, Hye Min Jeong
Take (and score) that free kick: Leonardo Conavacio or Hazel Van Robben
Win a penalty: Xavier Hertel, Zachary Fortin, Karl Varsteeg
Take (and score) that penalty: Zachary Fortin or Xavier Hertel
Miss a penalty: Xavier Hertel
Score a header off a set piece: Frederic Beauchemin or Hye Min Jeong
Score an own goal: Hye Min Jeong or Lorne Dunford
Hack an opponent down: Lorne Dunford
Lose their head and get sent off: Leonardo Conavacio or Jannick Kontiola
Commit a professional foul: Jannick Kontiola, Leonardo Conavacio, or Frederic Beauchemin. In general Quebecois commit lots of fouls, due to their excessively physical style of play
Bite: Leonardo Conavacio. He loves biting your players and isn't afraid to try whenever he can, and is currently the most infamous player in multiverse when it comes to his antics
Argue with the referee: Leonardo Conavacio, Frederic Beauchemin or Karl Varsteeg
Give a middle finger or any other inappropriate actions to opponent players/fans: Lorne Dunford, Hazel Van Robben
Headbutt: Hye Min Jeong, Stewie Burns, Devane Miller
"Disappear" during a match: Xavier Hertel
"Put in a shift": Hazel Van Robben, Marcos Zelaya
Have an elaborate goal celebration planned out: Leonardo Conavacio, Hazel Van Robben or Marcos Zelaya
Get caught stumbling out of a nightclub: Karl Varsteeg and Leonardo Conavacio.
Do charity work: Zachary Fortin.
Elicit marriage proposals from fans: Leonardo Conavacio. He's only 20, but is already considered by many Quebecois as the sexiest Quebecois football player to grace the turf, since Beauchemin's youthful days.....his off-turf personality (a devoted lover and son) is certainly a bonus as well.

Coaching Staff

Executive Coaching Staff
Manager: Jayson Dhanda, 49 (OSR)
Assistant Manager: Kurt Hlasek, 49 (VAU)

Non-playing Coaches
Offensive Coach- Yi Jin Shin, 53
Midfields Coach- Arturo Mancini, 48
Defensive Coach- Valli Hussain, 42 (PAT)
Technical Coach- Sa Ik Jang, 63

Specialist Coaches
Goaltending Coach- Cody Gallant, 30
Fitness Coach- Marko Kjær, 38 (SEM)
Strength and Fitness Coach- Mamadou Zehaf-Tsonga, 36

Medical Staff
Physiotherapist- Dr. Leonard Henriksen, 55 (SEM)
Team Doctor- Dr. Ilya Potemkin, 47
Psychologist- Dr. Daniella Bruni, 46 (OSR)

Players bolded are starters.

GK: #1 Ondrej Cech, 21, Beckwith City (The Sarian)
GK: #21 Adrian Middleton, 28, Maximum Rovers (Nephara)
GK: #30 Seung Myeon Courtois, 23, AS Cadillac (Felix)
LB: #2 Karl Varsteeg, 27, Avenida Principal (Farfadilis)
LB: #19 P.K. Varsteeg, 31, Sleepy Hollow (Taeshan)
LB: #41 Kenneth Winton, 33, Iqaluit Red Army (Q-League)
CB: #24 Hye Min Jeong, 20, Real Atlantea (Taeshan)
CB: #6 Seon Hyeok Kim, 19, Crystopolis City (Equestrian States)
CB: #5 Lorne Dunford, 21, Blau-Weiss Pallastadt (Buyan)
CB: #3 Claude In Shik Sung, 20, CSKA Quebec (Q-League)
CB: #20 Carlos Ferrari, 29, Beckwith City (The Sarian)
RB: #48 Devane Miller, 28, Chatswood (Nephara)
RB: #14 Jannick Kontiola, 22, OAS Royal FC (Cosumar)
RB: #4 Andrew Hyun, 26, Montreal Koreana (Q-League)
MC: #7 Roberto Di Maria, 27, CD Aguila (San Jose Guayabal)
MC: #21 Stewie Burns, 25, Lyon (Felix)
MC: #10 Frederic Beauchemin, 56, Alianza FC (San Jose Guayabal)
MC: #51 Aaron Shin, 19, Montreal Koreana (Q-League)
AL: #8 Xavier Hertel, 25, CD FAS (San Jose Guayabal)
AL: #23 Man Jin Kang, 22, Jottnar Karlsmudden (Buyan)
AR: #15 Hazel Van Robben, 17, Fligsive FC (Greater Mertagne Union, LigAnaia)
AR: #27 Jason Goulding, 20, Alianza FAShionista de Montreal (Q-League)
ST: #9 Leonardo Conavacio, 22, Manechester City (Equestrian States)
ST: #25 Angelo Gelinas, 21, Burgess FC (Greater Mertagne Union, LigAnaia)
ST: #11 Zachary Fortin, 30, Metropolis Alligators (Valladares)
ST: #16 Marcos Zelaya, 19, SK Aasiaat Harbour (Polar Islandstates)


----Hertel-----Conavacio------Fortin-----Van Robben--
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It was all another easy day at Porto Velho.


Except not at all.

It wasn't an easy day at the Western Sunrise Islands Football Association, whom had to overlook the Western Islanders' trip to Valanora via ship. Five days had been spent on sea, until they noticed they took the wrong turn at Bazalonia and ended up on Farfadillis instead of the actual host nation. Having to deal with the Farves' unconventional language was rather hard, but the bit of English the Jolteons knew managed to arrange them enough food and fuel to complete their trip. As of that very moment, the team representing Western Sunrise was a couple of hours away from Kareen, where they'd play Legalese to start their AOCAF run.

It wasn't an easy day specially at the Senate of Western Sunrise. Recent studies revealed that of all Sunrisian dependencies, the Western Sunrisians were the least intelligent ones of the bunch and because of that, the country should start investing on education as quick as possible, according to the Queen, who then pointed to the Senate on how to efficiently do that. As we continue this little text, senators are almost punching each other on a complete nightmare of a reunion because one person has decided that offending the students of Arts as useless people would be a bright move. No wonder we got the short stick on those studies.

But it was a rather easy day on the Castelo dos Jolteons. Queen Anelisa had finally finished a lengthy call to the other leaders of the Big Four, how the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Sunrises are called inside the Unified Sunrise. Funds were high and that meant only thing.


She yelled from her room on the castle, only to notice there literally was no one to hear it.

"...that's anticlimactic as hell."
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95X AOCAF Cup 47 Roster

Postby 95X » Wed May 20, 2015 5:45 pm

◈AOCAF Cup 47 Champions◈
95X AOCAF Cup 47 Roster

Formation: 4-4-2
Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder

##  P Name               M/F Age Club                          Would Play Abroad?
1 K Una Solo F 32 SC Oceanside No
3 RF Jordyn Third F 24 Gateway Force No
5 D Jacob Firdale M 22 SC Cascadia Maybe
6 D Cynthia Brixton F 26 Twentytwo Cacti Maybe
8 M Clay Beaverton M 28 Cascadia Seafox Maybe
10 M Xbrenna Samster F 23 Twentytwo Cacti No
11 LF Xi Foureleven F na SC Oceanside Never
12 D Wu Fivetwelve F 25 Twentytwo Cacti Yes
15 M Myrshyll Grandview M 28 Trojana Condommakers FC (QUE) Already
20 D Lindsay Sunray F 24 SC Oceanside Maybe
75 M Sam Seventyfifth M 23 Spatula City Utensils Maybe

4 M Lizeth Beaverton F 21 SC Cascadia Yes
7 M Belinda Haskins F 26 Brooklyn Cultures Yes
19 F Elyssa Scholls F 28 SC Oceanside Maybe
21 D Natalie Burns F 28 Brooklyn Cultures Maybe
22 F Krista Beal F 26 Cascadia Seafox Signed by Canterlot Stars (EQS)
30 K Mary Thirtieth F 22 Brooklyn Cultures Yes
31 D Jacoby Maltby M 28 Spatula City Utensils Yes
Head Coach: Marvin Stark, SC Cascadia

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most events: Y
Godmod anything involving Xi Foureleven: N
Finally, please refer to the 95X Style Guide. If you learned something about 95X or it answers a question you'd otherwise have, make sure to click "Approve of this dispatch."
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Postby Nellietopia » Wed May 20, 2015 5:49 pm

So You Want to Know More About Footy in Nellietopia...

Well, that's a bloody mistake. Any exercise in understanding Nellies is an exercise in futility, much like emptying a bathtub of molasses with a spoon underwater. We've stopped trying to explain it years ago. But what you do need to understand are these:

(1) While there are many types of nellies, the most frequent (i.e. only) type of nellie found is the ubiquitous Purple-Stinging Nellie. These little critters are the conception of some crazed lunatic who spent his/her/its days inventing creatures with radically long stories filled to the brim with verbose descriptors like adverbs and adjectives (not to mention the odd plethora of parenthetical remarks). That crazed lunatic is now retired, but the conception that spawned the first purple-stinging nellie has given birth to a whole nation of nellies that very much dominates regional thought.

(2) The organization responsible for the defense of Nellietopia is known as the Armed Forces League of Allemenschen Critters (AFLAC) [link no longer works because someone took away NSWiki...]. If you don't what that means, don't worry - we're still confused as well. The general jist is that the country that used to be the former territory of Nellietopia was once called Allemenschen, a poor country full of idiots (literally). Somewhere along the way, the defense of the country was subcontracted to a bunch of animals, hence AFLAC. The list of animals that makes up this armed force is only limited by the imagination allowed. Perhaps the most famous members are the Bovine Geese Corps, whose hatred of all things Sorthern Northland is quite renowned (even as the Snorths nuked themselves to oblivion). If you've been reading out latest (and greatest) in the Nellie anthology of xenobiological wonders, you'll also know there's someone new on the block.

(3) A typical match of footy in Nellietopia is simply chaos. There are eleven nellies with eight legs. There is that purple silk that the nellies will produce. There is the stinging. There is the biting. And there is the ball - it is round.

I mean, we could contrive some roster for you to survey and say "well, I think Jim-Bob deserves to score a hat trick today..." but we've evolved beyond the need to publish match reports. Does it mean that you're going to love every last bit of RP we write? Hell no. People hate it when we write, because it means ten-ninety-three words of superfluous drivel. Moreover, even if we were to contrive a roster of nellies, the reality is that Nellietopian society is becoming more and more hive-mind-like. Is it fair to say one part is above any other part or whole?

To prepare you with that inevitable reality, we've concocted a few "realistic" scenarios should your team face a team of Nellies...

(A) "The [TEAMNAME] was sent to hospital following the AOCAF match against Nellietopia, most players suffering from serious bites and stings inflicted by the opponents. The referee attempted to issue red cards to the violating players, but he/she/it was stung as well and sent to the hospital. Government officials are now quarantining the stadium and banning Nellietopia from sending any more nellies, threatening to nuke the country with a giant can of RAID..."

(B) "The [TEAMNAME] emerged victorious over the puny Nellies of Nellietopia. Government officials later issued apologies after the entire Nellietopian team was squashed under the feet of the [NATION] players. The nellies are still recovering from the hospital, although it is widely expected that the nellies will remain in critical condition for some time..."

(C) "I rolled special AOCAF XLVI edition Nellie Scout Chance Cubes, and a badger mauled my niece!"

Well, there are other options. But that's for you to decide and for me to critique nonchalantly with a casual wag of my hyperbolic finger.

(4) More than likely, playing a bunch of nellies is going to be boring. I mean... they're nellies. You could spray a can of RAID and win. Or you could huff a can of RAID and die. Please don't die.

But instead of the match report, you could opt to partake in perhaps the greatest cultural legacy of the Nellies - an exclusive line of Nellie Scout brand merchandise! It started with the original - Nellie Scout Cookies, made with real scouts (not nellies...). Then we branched into other obscure (and long forgotten products). Recently, a new resurgence in the Nellie Scout brand has brought you a whole plethora of random shit that you don't need but you direly want (almost the same thing as needing, I suppose). Of course, you're welcome to buy Nellie Scout Chance Cubes - the chance cubes where anything can and will happen. Eventually, we'll catalogue all of those merchandise that the Nellie Scouts have produced, but for now, we'll suffice with cookies, chance cubes, frying pans, and cans of worms - mostly because they're the most amusing at the present, and quite frankly, we'll come up with something else that equally amusing later and forget about that as well.

(5) RP Permissions: you can do anything whatever you are willing to have done to yourself. Be mindful of the torrent of words that you may unleash upon yourself should your RP not satisfy the nellies, however (as a point of advice, buy lots of our Nellie Scout shit, and you'll be plenty fine).

BTW: we pledge to the hosts that the nellies won't do anything to defile the host venues that can't be cleaned up with a good amount of Nellie Scout Elbow Grease ®.


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Postby Valanora » Wed May 20, 2015 6:08 pm

AOCAF 47 Matchday 1

Group A
Valanora 3-0 Perlasilangan
Farfadillis 4-3 New West Guiana
Cosumar 1-0 Nellietopia

Group B
Audioslavia 2-0 Ciqi
Legalese 2-0 Western Sunrise Islands
The Calanian Union 1-2 Equestrian States

Group C
Osarius 4-0 Sportgirls
Ko-oren 1-0 Darvale
Starblaydia 2-2 Royal Kingdom of Quebec

Group D
Vilita & Turori 2-0 Lindmark
95X 0-1 Semarland
Blouman Empire
1-0 Greater Watford
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Nellietopia » Wed May 20, 2015 6:38 pm

MD1: 0-1 v Cosumar
MD2: v Perlasilangan
MD3: v Valanora
MD4: v Farfadillis
MD5: v New West Guinea

Annals of the Nellietopian Institute of Xenobiology

CASE 6 - Cosumar
Population consists of an unusual mix of hominids, including the NationStates standard Homo sapiens and the endemic Homo cosumarensis. Of particular interest is the novel species - locally called "Vloo" - with some uniquely divergent characteristics. The average height of H. cosumarensis is reportedly slightly higher than the average H. sapiens, although conflicting measurement standards makes it difficult to determine how much and whether this difference is significant. The constitution and endurance of H. cosumarensis is comparable to H. sapiens. A few novel characteristics exist. The skin of H. cosumarensis contains a novel form of cyanomelanin, leading to a light blue pigmentation of skin. At the apex of the head are two keratinaceous knobs, hidden under a pelt of dark hair. The foot is structured very differently compared to that found on H. sapiens, requiring distinct footwear to accommodate this. Despite the anatomical differences, there are few significant physiological differences to distinguish H. sapiens and H. cosumarensis. Moreover, despite full genetic complementarity, few studies exist on H. sapiens x cosumarensis hybrids, whether any suitable individuals exist at all.

NIX RECOMMENDATIONS: More study required, H. sapiens x cosumarensis hybrids must be bred and examined to determine full extent of genetic complementarity, Department of Linguistics and Culture should conduct studies of Cosumari language to determine potential divergence of H. sapiens and H. cosumarensis.


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Postby Vilita and Turori » Wed May 20, 2015 11:47 pm


The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. Players are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.

Nikki Tzimas [ - Jungle Strike FC - ]
GK ( AGE: 15 CAPS: :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Half-Audioslavian by blood, Nikki Tzimas came through the Venom Youth Academy an signed a professional contract with Jungle Strike FC at the age of 15. Tzimas spent V-League season 46 on loan to Kiiara-Torra.

Upsin Ajaara [ - Turoki Academy - ]
GK ( AGE: 15 CAPS: :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Mitimi Obalialo [ - Eelandii Academy - ]
GK ( AGE: 15 CAPS: :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Kwuimekii Hentetii [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
D RC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Hentetii was promoted to the senior squad at the Alikki-Corra Academy to support their Season 44 Declasse campaign. Strong performances attracted interests from Eastal Lunar who snapped the player up for their Season 46 campaign.

Monner Vileai [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
D RC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS: ) :: [ N/R ]
Vileai made their debut for the Vilita National Team at the Eagle's Cup V tournament.

Inbekira Ajhabekk [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
D RC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS: ) :: [ N/R ]
Ajhabekk, the offspring of former Starblaydia and Strike FC defender Azestella Ajhabekk, made their debut for the Vilita National Team at the Eagle's Cup V tournament.

Mikki Mayelli [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
D C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS: ) :: [ N/R ]

Linkat Cjinder [ - Turoki Academy - ]
D RC ( AGE: 15 CAPS: :: GOALS: ) :: [ N/R ]

Yitizo Mpala'a [ - Eelandii Academy - ]
D C ( AGE: 15 CAPS: :: GOALS: ) :: [ N/R ]

Tripate Falcon [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
M C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 17 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Vilita & Turori Dual National. Member of the Cednia Beach AFC squad that won the Vilitan Cup during Season 43, and subsequently went on to win the 50th UICA Globe Cup, the first ever UICA Top-Level Champions from Turori.

Teliima Loinara [ - Sporta Eelandii - ]
M LC ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Yahaya was a graduate of the Turoki Academy drafted in to the Turoki Isle senior squad ahead of V-League Season 44.

Nubara Moafalia [ - Yeaddin Owls (Vilita) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Ikala Mravedii [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Westii Yahaya [ - Turoki Isle - ]
M C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Yahaya was a graduate of the Turoki Academy drafted in to the Turoki Isle senior squad ahead of V-League Season 44.

Timi'sala Koarena [ - Lonngeylin Coast (VIL) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Tinjus Mngomeni [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Mbdiai Akarenaa [ - Eelandii Academy - ]
M LC ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Cywrenta Vlintejni [ - Crosaibi Academy - ]
M LC ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Polaox Torerun [ - Venom Youth - ]
M LC ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Berali Tzufarei [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Tzufarei made their debut for the Vilita National Team at the Eagle's Cup V tournament.

Mirana Gotuai [ - Mist City Floatzels (NSI) - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Meldi'ita Mungwaii [ - Eastal Lunar (VIL) - ]
F C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Wiztsana Iretziia [ - Eelandii Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Nuola Brenzil [ - Inland Select - ]
F C ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Tenziki Kulakao [ - Owls Castle Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]


I Give My Opponent Permission To:		
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y




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