AOCAF 46: Everything Thread

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AOCAF 46: Everything Thread

Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:40 pm

Thanks to Meski Sports by Red Blackiland for the logo

The multiverse's oldest and greatest regional tournament will be held in Northwestern AO for the first itme in a while! As you have already figured out, this is where the region's legendary players, coaches and their fans come to have a piece of history in Royal Kingdom of Quebec for AOCAF 46. This thread is the place for your rosters, RPs and their results(to be posted by the OP behind it). It's open for business now, so go ahead and post your roster and RPs!

This thread is exclusive for Atlantian Oceania nations only, and I would request that you don't post here unless you're in AO or if you are a mod who needs to post here while doing their duties.

Royal Kingdom of Quebec
New Drakonika
The Calanian Union
Greater Watford
Vilita & Turori
New Cloudsdale
Blouman Empire

Pot 1: Vilita and Turori, Farfadillis, Osarius, Audioslavia, Valanora, Legalese

Pot 2: Ko-oren, 95X, The Calanian Union, Starblaydia, Cosumar, Blouman Empire,

Pot 3: Royal Kingdom of Quebec (Host), Ratastan, New Cloudsdale, Greater Watford, Naitpyge, The Hakifao Isles

Pot 4: Mangolana, Semarland, Mendoya, New Drakonika, Achtklan, Patistan

The Groups

Group A
Valanora (5)
Cosumar (13)
Naitpyge (260
Mangolana (28)

Group B
Legalese (6)
Ko-oren (7)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (19)
Semarland (29)

Group C
Osarius (3)
The Calanian Union (9)
New Cloudsdale (22)
Mendoya (32)

Group D
Audioslavia (4)
Blouman Empire (15)
The Hakifao Isles (27)
Patistan (UR)

Group E
Vilita and Turori (1)
Starblaydia (10)
Ratastan (21)
Nellietopia(Achkltan) (11)

Group F
Farfadillis (1)
95X (8)
Greater Watford (25)
New Drakonika (34)

Format and Schedule

The format will be of 24 teams using six groups of four, top two sides, per group, advances together with the best four third placed teams according to the tiebreaker criteria proposed for the tournament will advance to the round of 16. The round of 16 matches will be in base of seeding of the teams ranked top two in their groups and the best third placed teams the seeding will be made according the tiebreaker criteria for the tournament and a table will be posted showing the seeding and also the fixtures.

Matchdays will be scorinated with a 48 hours gap between each scorination. Cutoffs for this tournament will be between 3 hour window, from 18:30 to 21:30 in Eastern Standard Time (Toronto-New York Time).


27th January 2015 : Matchday One - 1v3, 2v4
29th January 2015: Matchday Two - 1v2, 3v4
31th January 2015: Matchday Three - 1v4, 2v3
1st February 2015: Rest Day
2nd February 2015: Round of Sixteen
4th February 2015: Quarter Finals
6th February 2015: Semi Final
7th February 2015: Third Place Playoff
8th February 2015: Final

(This is just an example, you can personalise as you see fit)

Code: Select all
[pre]I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers:
Godmod Goalscoring Events:
Injure Players:
Godmod Injury Events:
Red Card Players:
Yellow Card Players:
Godmod Other Events:
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:41 pm



To arrive in Quebec you'll likely just want to fly in to the city that you will be playing in. The 6 cities going to be hosting the tournament, with all of them possessing a major airport. If you insist on arriving via waterways, then there's nothing to worry, as all 3 holds a port able to hold most vessels.

While travelling inside country, there are main methods you can use for this. The railways here isn't as quick as it'd be with other nations(the maximum speed being 225km for the fastest train service), but they are extremely punctual/on-time, popular and frequent(one train per 30 minutes), making it a very cost-effective and attractive option. Quebec does possess a strong auto industry and cars are somewhat prevalent, so you can travel via cars if interested. Flying between those three cities are not recommended as there are not only very few flights, but also there's no need for them.


There will be some hotels of high-calibre(at least 4 star ones) available in those cities. However, those 4 cities being medium-sized cities, there will be some issues. The same will not be guaranteed with the visiting fans as there will be mass influx of Quebecois citizens as well, to watch the games. Therefore it is recommended to make reservations 3-4 months ahead of the tournament, in order to guarantee your reservation in the hotels around the city.

If you are still in trouble of finding hotel or motel suites, there will be hotels, motels and other modes of accomodation available at your expense, on towns slightly far away from the venues(50km-100km). For more information please contact Tourism Quebec or for more specific information any tourism agency of the city/cities you'll be off to(OOC: TG The Royal Kingdom of Quebec if you have any questions or so).


Royal Kingdom of Quebec is located in Temperate and Polar regions, with the cities located in varying degrees of climate zones so all 4 seasons can be experienced each year, but with different extremes. As this tournament is held during the month of June, temperatures will be either around 18-25'C in normal days for all venues but those in Attawapiskat and Iqaluit. For information about how the Summers are like in normal Summer time for them, please look at the venues information. For those visiting Attawapiskat and/or Iqaluit, it's very likely that the snowfall will be extremely frequent. This will not affect the train services, though it'll do more than enough job of freezing people up, as all of the games will be held outdoors.


There are three official languages in this nation: English, French and Korean. All 3 languages are taught in school curriculum and with great depth, causing most of the population to be at least trilingual. Additionally, in this part of the nation there are some other First Nations languages being recognised as regional languages and are used+learned to great depth in schools, so please note this when you're RPing in Quebec. Most Quebecois you'll meet are extremely polyglot and that will show with way they speak.

When it comes to linguistic status on city that you're RPing on/about, you're more than welcome to TG The Royal Kingdom of Quebec about it.


The national currency of Quebec is Quebecois Dollar, which is fairly expensive. The current exchange rate is $3 NS for 1 Quebecois dollar. With the nation being rich with huge economy, almost everyone will have at least has a good deal of money here. So please don't feel surprised if the products are much more expensive here than back home, excluding alcohol.

Things you'll need in your stay, prices in NS Dollars (NS$) and Quebecois Dollars (Q$)

-Hotel: NS$ 35-400, Q$12-135
-Public transport in the cities: NS$2-$5, Q$0.7-1.7
-Bus transport to different cities: NS$5-50, Q$1.7-17
-Train transport to different cities: NS$6-80, Q$2-28
-Ferry between lakes: NS$5-$12, Q$1.7-4
-Flights between cities: NS$65-150, Q$22-50
-Average cost of food: NS$12-45, Q$4-15
-Hockey tickets: NS$60-600, Q$20-200 (TG The Royal Kingdom of Quebec for hockey tickets of each match, for they all vary between arenas and matches)
-Bottle of water: NS$9, Q$3 (Sale of bottled water extremely limited, with public fountains providing very low interest for the people)
-Public phone: NS$1.5 per call, Q$0.5 per call


Mediums of entertainment are largely varied based upon where you go. It's time for a handy chart.

Kingston: Some museums, more sports, Nightclubs, sailing
Montreal: Nightclubs, bars, live performances(theatre, music, etc), some museum, more sports
Quebec City: Movies, Symphonies, Traditional Arts(especially at the older parts of city), Museums(the city has 47 museums according to the Tourisme-Capitale website)
Iqaluit: Hockey(city of 750,000 with 25,000 hockey rinks is certainly a hockey town ;) ), Inuit traditional arts, Rock(more into alternative and modern) Concerts

Once again, if you have any questions, please TG the very guy behind this.


Quebecois cuisine has evolved through centuries of social and political change. Originating from dominant Korean and elegant French cuisine that came with settlers, as well as materials and existing food of the First Nations living in the area, Quebecois cuisine has evolved through a complex interaction of the natural environment and different cultural trends and is the best mix of it all.

Quebecois cuisine is largely based upon rice, other diverse kinds of grains, vegetables, and meats(in this area moose and caribou, and to rare cases bears). The meals are noted for the number of side dishes (banchan) that accompany steam-cooked short-grain rice. It varies on the personal preferences but often in every meal they eat at least some form of maple syrup, Kimchi and/or bread. Commonly used ingredients include sesame oil, doenjang (fermented bean paste), soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper flakes and gochujang (fermented red chili paste). In this part of the nation, fish are caught off the rivers and lakes to be eaten in whatever the way one prefers as well.

Ingredients and dishes vary by region to region, with many. Many regional dishes have become national, and dishes that were once regional have proliferated in different variations across the country.
Meals are regulated by cultural etiquette, which are very hard to follow for even the average Quebecois due to all the processes they take.

TG The Royal Kingdom of Quebec for any questions.


Quebec is a religiously diverse country, though divided when it comes to dominant regions. In the cities where the World Cup of Hockey will be hosted, First Nations' religions are widely practiced, with Quebecois Catholic Church and Buddhism right behind. Due to these differences, all three levels of Government keeps some separation from any religions, though they still hold some influences in those levels and receive lots of funding. It is also not recommended to argue about politics or religion in Quebec, as political and religious apathy is not known....for most part.


Culturally and socially, Quebec is in bit of a mix. Another handy chart will be in place to explain some of Quebec's laws in place:

Recreational drugs: Legal, though selling them without licence can lead to up to $10,000 in fines and 5 years in jail.
Hard drugs: Illegal, with punishments up to $50,000 in fines and 15 years in jail for possession and consumption of the drugs
Prostitution: Legal, though people's attitudes about it will be very conservative in this part of the nation
Pornography: Legal, aside from child pornography(applies to any pornographic videos or anything else starring people up to 18 years of age). Possession of child pornography will land you straight in jail for 5 years, while production and distribution of it can lead to potential death sentence. So, don't try it as it's a big no-no.
Legal age for tobacco: Varies (16 in Val d'Or and Rouyn-Noranda, 19 in Churchill and Winnipeg, 18 in rest)
Legal age for alcohol: 16
Maximum BAC to drive: 0.03.
Saying the word 'Coconut': Legal

All the foreign citizens caught under the Federal and/or Provincial law will not be extradited, unless of a special order given by the Emperor, His Imperial Majesty the Jacques IX.


Host Venues


Attawapiskat (/ˌætəˈwɑːpɨskæt/ Cree: ᐋᐦᑕᐙᐱᐢᑲᑐᐎ ᐃᓂᓂᐧᐊᐠ Āhtawāpiskatowi ininiwak, "People of the parting of the rocks"; unpointed: ᐊᑕᐗᐱᐢᑲᑐᐎ ᐃᓂᓂᐧᐊᐠ) is an isolated city located in the northwestern corner of Northwest, Royal Kingdom of Quebec, at the mouth of the Attawapiskat River at Guerin Bay. Attawapiskat has been a mining city for its entire existence, owing its existence to two mineral deposits that were nearby. Royal Āhtawāpiskatowi Deposit, located northwest of the city of 750,000, was the World’s largest Diamond deposit, while Northland-Denver Deposit, which is 50km away to the northeast, was the World’s largest Emerald deposit. Recently however they have been diversifying their economy into telecommunications and trades, bringing the city additional economic boom. As a result, Politics-wise, it has been a conservative and traditional area, which was shown through the dominance of Parti Quebecois in last several provincial and federal elections.

When it comes to climate, it is a pretty cold city, with the average temperature of -4'C on a Summer day. So it is wise to wear some warm clothes.


City of Attawapiskat Stadium
Capacity: 48,330 (Seats: 32,460)
City: Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale
Home team(s): Zenit Attawapiskat (Q-League), Attawapiskat Rangers (QFL) , Northwestern University Marauders (QIS), University of Attawapiskat Nanabush (QIS)
Matches Hosted: Group A, Round of Sixteen, Quarterfinals


Iqaluit is a city of 750,000 people, most of them Inuits. With average winter temperature of -27'C, It is by far the coldest major city in Quebec, located right in the Esquarian Arctic. Therefore, most of the transportation is done through subways and underground hallways, which are often well known for being insulating, as well as luxurious. The city is extremely well known for its love of hockey, having 25,000 hockey arenas and rinks in a city of 750,000, but football is well-followed with Iqaluit Red Army drawing huge attendance figures.


Iqaluit Stadium
Built: 1947
Capacity: 104,000 (Standing room: 34,280)
City: Iqaluit, Nunavut
Home teams: Iqaluit Red Army(Q-League Elite Division), Iqaluit Thanatos(Quebec Football League)
Matches to be hosted: Group B, Round of Sixteen (two matches), Semifinals


Kingston is a major city in the Southwestern corner of the nation, with the population of 3 million. an international centre for business and finanace. The city's cosmopolitan and international population reflects its status as one of most important destinations for immigrants to this Esquarian nation. The city itself is a mix of different periods and styles in history, which draws attentions to many visitors and residents. However, the city itself is quite weak on culture, a huge downer for one of Quebec's largest cities.


Pavel Wilson Stadium
Capacity: 47,560
City: Kingston, Frontenac
Home team(s): Kingston FC (Q-League Elite Division), Kingston Argonauts (Quebec Football League)
Matches: Group C, Round of Sixteen, Quarterfinals, Semifinals


Montreal is the largest city of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. With the population of 12 million in the area, the city is the centre of Quebec's economy, culture,commerce, finance, industry, transportation and sports. While there are plenty of things to do there, we won't get to all of them(the list is too long and OOCly hard for me to write). The demographics tends to be younger and more educated than the national average.


Stade Olympia
Capacity: 57,880
City: Montreal, Montreal
Home team(s): Montreal Koreana (Q-League Elite Division), Montreal City (Q-League Challenge Division), Montreal Alouettes (Quebec Football League)
Matches:Group D, Round of Sixteen, Quarterfinals, Third-Place Match

Quebec City

Quebec City is the second largest and the capital city of the nation. Compared to other cities, it is particularly a Franco-Korean(with latter more dominant) city, which makes playing in/visiting the city quite unique. The general demographics tend to be slightly older than national average. There are certainly lots of places to visit: The city is home to 24 museums, 56 theatres and over 100 cultural institutions in place, with many artisans producing works that were in place as early as 800s. An example is USC. Universite St.Croix is the nation's most accredited learning institution, producing some of multiverse's leading scholars, businessmen and of course leaders.


CSKA Stadium
Capacity: 134,880 (Standing room: 73,800)
City: Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale
Home team(s): CSKA Quebec (Q-League Elite Division)
Matches: Group E, Round of Sixteen, Final


One of the great pleasures of Quebec, is the juxtaposition of cultures between the four solitudes within Canada. Through a landscape that is both virgin and scarred from nearly a century of extracting wealth from the ground, this large city of 1.85 million people is memorable and standing out on its own. The local Crees and Inuits are everywhere both in town and at the rink, and the unique, passionate Aboriginal flavour in Val-d'Or, with the city itself being located at the native land and natives being 56% of the population, holds the torch of Abitibi-Temiscamingue province as ICly Minnesota of Quebec. The city's on its rise as a winter sports mecca, as well as native-led tourism industry, of Quebec.


Imperial Copper Stadium
Capacity: 67,300 (Seats: 66,380)
City: Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi-Temiscamingue
Home team(s):Rouyn-Noranda Coal Diggers (Q-League), Abitibi Institute of Technology (QIS)
Matches:Group F, Round of Sixteen (two games), Quarterfinals
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:42 pm

Royal Kingdom of Quebec Grim Reapers

Team: Royal Kingdom of Quebec National Football Team
Nickname: Grim Reapers
Style modifier: +4.25

Manager: Jayson Dhanda (OSR) (49 year old)
Assistant Manager: Kurt Hlasek (49 years old)
Captain: Frederic Beauchemin
Vice-captain: Zachary Fortin
3rd captain: Karl Varsteeg

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes (TG me)
Godmod scoring events: Yes (TG me)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (TG me)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (TG me)
RP Injuries to my players: Yes (TG me, and no more than one)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (make them creative, but TG me beforehand )
Godmod other events: Yes (Be creative, but TG me beforehand)
Style Modifier: +4.25

Score a goal: Zachary Fortin, Leonardo Conavacio, Frederic Beauchemin, Cassius Antollini (in this order)
Create that goal: Xavier Hertel, Roberto Di Maria, Frederic Beauchemin (in this order)
Win a free kick: Xaiver Hertel, Cassius Antolini, Hye Min Jeong
Take (and score) that free kick: Leonardo Conavacio or Cassius Antollini
Win a penalty: Xavier Hertel, Zachary Fortin, Karl Varsteeg
Take (and score) that penalty: Zachary Fortin or Cassius Antollini
Miss a penalty: Xavier Hertel
Score a header off a set piece: Frederic Beauchemin or Hye Min Jeong
Score an own goal: Hye Min Jeong or Lorne Dunford
Hack an opponent down: Lorne Dunford
Lose their head and get sent off: Leonardo Conavacio or Jannick Kontiola
Commit a professional foul: Jannick Kontiola, Leonardo Conavacio, or Frederic Beauchemin. In general Quebecois commit lots of fouls, due to their excessively physical style of play
Bite: Leonardo Conavacio. He loves biting your players and isn't afraid to try whenever he can, and is currently the most infamous player in multiverse when it comes to his antics
Argue with the referee: Leonardo Conavacio, Frederic Beauchemin or Karl Varsteeg
Give a middle finger or any other inappropriate actions to opponent players/fans: Lorne Dunford
Headbutt: Hye Min Jeong
"Disappear" during a match: Xavier Hertel
"Put in a shift": Maksim Jang or Marcos Zelaya
Have an elaborate goal celebration planned out: Leonardo Conavacio or Marcos Zelaya
Get caught stumbling out of a nightclub: Karl Varsteeg and Leonardo Conavacio.
Do charity work: Cassius Antollini and Zachary Fortin. Antollini's charity work with the Hicanan-Quebecois and Coconutstani communities and Fortin's football camps for underprivileged youth are publicly acclaimed.
Elicit marriage proposals from fans: Leonardo Conavacio. He's only 20, but is already considered by many Quebecois as the sexiest Quebecois football player to grace the turf, since Beauchemin's youthful days.....his off-turf personality(a devoted lover and son) is certainly a bonus as well.

Coaching Staff

Executive Coaching Staff
Manager: Jayson Dhanda, 48 (OSR)
Assistant Manager: Kurt Hlasek, 48 (VAU)

Non-playing Coaches
Offensive Coach- Yi Jin Shin, 52
Midfields Coach- Arturo Mancini, 47
Defensive Coach- Valli Hussain, 41 (PAT)
Technical Coach- Sa Ik Jang, 62

Specialist Coaches
Goaltending Coach- Cody Gallant, 29
Fitness Coach- Marko Kjær, 37 (SEM)
Strength and Fitness Coach- Mamadou Zehaf-Tsonga, 35

Medical Staff
Physiotherapist- Dr. Leonard Henriksen, 54 (SEM)
Team Doctor- Dr. Ilya Potemkin, 46
Psychologist- Dr. Daniella Bruni, 45 (OSR)

Players bolded are starters.

GK: #1 Ondrej Cech, 19, Beckwith City (The Sarian)
GK: #21 Adrian Middleton, 26, Maximum Rovers (Nephara)
GK: #30 Seung Myeon Courtois, 21, AS Cadillac (Felix)
LB: #2 Karl Varsteeg, 25, Avenida Principal (Farfadilis)
LB: #19 Santeri Venidos, 23, Real Azuris (Cosumar)
CB: #24 Hye Min Jeong, 18, Sleepy Hollow (Taeshan)
CB: #4 Eugene Cohen, 37, Stalliongrad HC (Equestrian States)
RB: #5 Lorne Dunford, 19, Blau-Weiss Pallastadt (Buyan)
RB: Devane Miller, 26, Nunavut North Stars (Q-League)
CDM: #14 Jannick Kontiola, 20, OAS Royal FC (Cosumar)
CDM: #20 Carlos Ferrari, 27, Beckwith City (The Sarian)
MC: #7 Roberto Di Maria, 25, Alianza FC (San Jose Guayabal)
MC: #21 Stewie Burns, 23, Universidad de Santander (Felix)
MC: #10 Frederic Beauchemin, 54, Alianza FC (San Jose Guayabal)
MC: #42 Robert Byeon-Myeong, 27, Nunavut Red Army (Q-League)
AL: #8 Xavier Hertel, 23, Alianza FC (San Jose Guayabal)
AL: #23 Man Jin Kang, 20, Jottnar Karlsmudden (Buyan)
AR: #92 Cassius Antolini, 25, Eterna Stars (Valladares)
AR: #25 Jason Goulding, 18, Alianza FAShionista de Montreal (Q-League)
ST: #9 Leonardo Conavacio, 20, Manechester City (Equestrian States)
ST: #53 Maksim Buchanevitch Jang, 25, Salvador FC (The Sarian)
ST: #11 Zachary Fortin, 28, Real Campo Grande (Valladares)
ST: #16 Marcos Zelaya, 17, SK Aasiaat Harbour (Polar Islandstates)

To be completed
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Postby Mangolana » Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:21 pm


Manager: Francis McLaughlin (45yrs old)- Assistant Manager for both Skyline United and Skyline FC. Shockingly appointed manager following last World Cup over candidates with managerial experience.
Assistant Manager: Tappy Shogun (48yrs old)- Former International team captain. Played domestically with Arlnet and Skyline United along with playing time in Erathore, Valladares, and Felix.
Head Trainer: Dr.Todd Wisocki

Mangolana line-up

Goalkeeper: #1 Victor Moses (32yrs old), Club: Dalenderain, Mangolana

Left Back: #17 JP Gutierrez (34yrs old), Club: Mascona FC, Mangolana
Left center: #12 Edison Exavier (26yrs old), Redpool, Mangolana
Right center Back: #9 Dell Showers (30yrs old), Club: Arlnet, Mangolana
Right Back: #29 Arnold Sutil (20yrs old), Club: Mangolana City, Mangolana

Left Midfielder: #4 Steven Hart (25yrs old), Club: Makosile, Vilita CAPTAIN
Right Midfielder: #14 Mitch Macentire (31yrs old) Club: Amsterpom, Mangolana
Midfielder: #2 Benjamin Clucke (30yrs old), Club: Klyde FC, Cosumar
Midfielder: #21 Frank Guenther (28yrs old), Club: Federation, Mangolana

Striker: #16 Rudy Bungle (31yrs old), Club: Skline FC, Mangolana
Striker: #7 Harold Tyler (25yrs old), Club: Arsenrall, Mangolana

Midfielder: #19 Matt Gurland (23yrs old), Club: Skyline FC, Mangolana
CB/RB: #15 Jordan Phillips (24yrs old), Club: Skyline City, Mangolana
Forward: #5 TJ Ceresa (19yrs old), Club: Redpool, Mangolana
Midfielder: #18 John Hanks (32yrs old), Club: Herogeos, Mangolana
ATK Midfielder/Forward: #22 Ernest Marcuem (23yrs old), Club: Mangolana City, Mangolana
CB/LB: #54 Curtis Dolder (21yrs old), Club: Soccoroo, Mangolana
GK: #3 Shain Howler (29yrs old), Club: Skyline City, Mangolana
Midfielder: #47 Robert Costas (23yrs old), Club: Bluepool, Mangolana
Defense/Midfielder: #16 Sam Mcentosh (21yrs old), Club: Totten, Mangolana
GK: #32 Adam Roshid (18yrs old), Club: Soccoroo, Mangolana

style modifier: +1

straight on Freekick: Benjamin Clucke
freekick from angle: Benjamin Clucke
Penalty: Rudy Bungle
Corner: Benjamin Clucke
Defensive zone Freekick: Dell Showers


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, tg major injuries, i can set return time table
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but keep it within reason.
Godmod other events N
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Won: Beach Cup IX
Second: Market Cup, Graveyard Cup
Third: Market Cup II, WIF/SC II
Fourth: Market Cup 4
Quartefinals: IBC 8, World Lacrosse Campionship XI, World Junior Ice hockey Championship, Buchadinger Cup II, Market Cup 3

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Postby Patistan » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:09 am


Patistan Football Federation Presents to you.

Patistan National football Team

The Kits





The Serpents
(Organized by chances of Playing)

#13,Shaheer Shazib,26 years old,Northern Union, A-League (C)
Notes: Shaheer has been performing above average since he left Tachi Federal F.C. He helped Northern Union win the A-League title in his first season for them. He shall be captaining the squad after 2 years.

#45,Zulqaranian Haider,19 years old,Cachachistan F.C,Patistan Premier League
Notes: Made his debut in the WCQ and was chosen above foreign based Zardar Dargiz.

#23,Zardar Dargiz, 23 years old,FC Kolberg, Semarluundik Premarligaen
Notes: Zardar after moving from Navy, has had a very good season with Kolberg.

#3,Aslam Chaudary,25 Years Old,Liberty Rodriguez, San Jose Guayabyal Liga Premier
Notes: First Patistani to play in the San Jose Guayablense Liga, Had a good first season with them.

#78,Wasina Harggig,26 years old, Haman Rockies, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Best defender on the league winning side. Now captaining Haman Rockies

#14,Tauhid Rammez, 17 years old, Dasalabad Air Force, Patistan Premier league.
Notes: Youngest ever player to debut for the national team.

#38,Akhtar Jamil, 23 years old,Bentsmark IF, Buyan Premier League
Notes: Known as the only aggressive defender in the squad. Recently got transferred to Bengtsmark

#23,Hannan Khana, 27 years old, Pak-Jariri F.C, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Pak-Jariri's first international player. Had a commendable performance in the WCQ's

#17,Talat Hussain, 29 Years old, Tahore United, Patistan Premier League
Notes: The only defender which was also in World Cup 69 and 70 qualifications.

#28,Jhanzeb Narwal, 23 Years old, Daslabad Air Force, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Was also a defender in the World cup 69 qualifiers but didn't play any matches due to a hamstring injury. Had a good performances in the latest WCQ's.

#45,Rohail Jameel, 19 years old, FC Jansberg, Semarluundik Premarligaen
Notes: First player of Semarlandic descent to play for Patistan. He got sold to FC Jansberg and has made a big impact there in a short time.

#98,Furqan Shaq, 23 years old, Chiddersley F.C, Jeckland Premier League
Notes: Furqan isn't having the best of his moments and will need to impress in the AOCAF if he want's to maintain his place.

#29,Fahad Khan, 25 years old, Dayton F.C, Darvale Football League
Notes: After guiding Tashawar Cheetahs to the cup, Fahad was chosen by Dayton F.C and after performing there he was a easy pick for the selectors. The WCQ's proved a little hard for him but he has the potential to do much better for the team.

#88,Zulfiqar Babar, 23 years old, Fairbanks United F.C, Darvale Football League
Notes: Controversial pick due to his experience in the National squad. He can easily perform and disappoint on any given day.

#5,Atiaq Rasool, 23 years old, 1860 Azoth, Cenian Premier league
Notes: Cost a heavy 13 million to Azoth after performing spectacularly at P.E.C.S. Performed well for Patistan in the WCQ's and can repeat his performance in the AOCAF.

#67,Abdullah Hussain, 24 years old, Manehatten Dragons, Equestrian League
Notes: Abdullah recently transferred to Manehatten to become the first Patistani player to play in the Equestrian League.

#21,Younda Fahad, 21 years old, AOS Royal FC, Cosumarite League
Notes: By far the best midfielder in the newly promoted side of Fujranwala, he also scored in the pre-match friendly against Super-Llamaland.

#14,Raina Akhtaura,29 years old, Jawhlpur City, Patistan Premier League
Notes: The only person selected from a team which plays in the 3rd division of the league, Raina was the person who in some opinions was responsible for promoting Jawhlpur

#100,Faraz Zia,26 years old, Paymina Navy, Paymina Futbol Premer Liga
Notes: Faraz had a rusty season but is all set to play on the global stage again, he will also might move back to Patistan.

#9.James Hussam, 21 years old, Nagelti Rovers, Jeckland Premier League
Notes: With James playing very well at one of the top Jeckish clubs, he was a easy pick for the selectors for the WCQ's, after notching up the highest goals for Patistan he was guaranteed a place in the AOCAF squad.

#12,Shahid Shazib, 25 years old, Jaunepont Persians, Sun League
Notes: The most expensive Patistani on the transfer market to date, Shahid went for a amazing 36 Mil to Jaunepont Persians,he was Patistan's previous captain.

#19,Zesh Rehman, 28 years old, Kingston F.C, Quebecois Premier League (VC)
Notes: Zesh had a horrible season with PLI Paladins, he was struck with injuries and could only play 5 matches. He although had a bright season with Kingston and finished a good position. Being a former captain he was a sensible choice for Vice-Captain.

#14,Junaid Hussain, 19 years old, ST Johns Arsenal, Quebecois football league
Notes: The young Patistani hot prospect who played a vita part in North Toota being promoted. He got transferred to ST.Johns Arsenal and will be looking to make it to the first team directly with some good performances for Patistan.

#10,Rashid Gulaz,25 years old, Tachi Stars, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Rashid has been with Tachi ever since they started in the 3rd tier, he was the reason that they got promoted to the Premier league this quickly,he was also the reason they finished 2nd in the premier league. Can he build upon his WCQ performance now?

#89,Farahl Tauhid,23 years old, Serebii Arcues, K League
Notes: Farahl won the silver boot in the league with his 19 goals.He also Serebii win the league. Can he now

The Managers
Nassear Hussain,55 years old,has managed Tachi Stars, Tamabad Strikers and P.E.C.S.
Notes: Nassear is the mastermind behind the star struck club Tachi Stars.

Starting 11


I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: N
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y

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Note: I have written this on my phone (due to my laptop situation), so please excuse any poor grammar. There is some, well, unfamiliar faces but I'll explain that soon. Will edit in stats and player info over the weekend/when I can get on a laptop. Thanks!

Both manager Henrik Jensen and assistant Thomas Leonardsen agreed there were changes to be made after a dismal Cup of Harmony run. Mainly fringe and young players have been called up, but the reason for this, according to Jensen is, to "develop them and give them experience." Surprise call-ups include two back-up goalkeepers Johan Jorgensen (31) and Erich Krause (38), who both were capped previously, but Krause was last capped in 2006 and Jorgensen in 2007. Knut Svensson and Matjas Nordland rejoin the defence, replacing Rasmus Noregaard and Per Olsen. Promising youngster Lars Johannes is also in the squad, alongside U21s Markus Kalle and Soren Maaksemstad, who both play their trade for SK Sturm Nuuk in Polar Islandstates.

Jensen will employ a 4-4-2 formation. Mikkelsen in goal, Eiriksson at left-back, Lunds and Karbruck in the centre, Malsen on the right, then Sakho in defensive midfield, Jansen and Runen in the centre, Cisse in attacking midfield, Lygaard and Larsen up front. Usual impact subs Mads Olsen and Abel Nkutu are not including in the squad, so expect the likes of Yannick Simeone, Lars Johannes, Markus Kalle or Soren Maaksemstad to be the likely substitutes.

1 - Andreas MIKKELSEN - Age 31 - Marlborough City (TSA) - 34 caps
12 - Johan JORGENSEN - Age 31 - FC Nuholm - 6 caps
22 - Erich KRAUSE - Age 38 - Lusenhagen - 5 caps
2 - Eirik MALSEN - Age 32 - Molsbik Arkjet - 88 caps, 1 goal
3 - Matur EIRIKSSON - Age 22 - Marlborough City (TSA) - 49 caps, 5 goals
5 - Jakob LUNDS - Age 24 - Exton FC (APX) - 33 caps, 2 goals
6 - Matthias KARBRUCK - Age 30 - Koppen Rig Force (PIS) - 58 caps, 1 goal

13 - Soren PEDERSEN - Age 26 - Wrexton FC (APX) - 15 caps
14 - Knut SVENSSON - Age 25 - SC Kiel (PIS) - 21 caps
16 - Matjas NORDLAND - Age 22 - Hastmead Diamante (OSR) - 8 caps
18 - Ole MIKKELSEN - Age 26 - FC Aaneshel (POL) - 11 caps
4 - Yacouba SAKHO - Age 25 - CD Barrio El Nino (SJG) - 10 caps, 1 goal
7 - Lars JOHANNES - Age 22 - Taslabad FC (PAT) - 3 caps
8 - Demba CISSE - Age 24 - FC Nuholm - 43 caps, 14 goals
11 - Tipio RUNEN - Age 23 - Eikborg Club - 26 caps, 4 goals
15 - Andreas JANSEN - Age 40 - FC Kolberg - 139 caps, 22 goals

17 - Markus KALLE - Age 19 - SK Sturm Nuuk (PIS) - 5 caps
19 - Steffan POULSEN - Age 27 - Adjurgen - 9 caps
23 - Lasse PEDERSEN - Age 20 - La Halda 1845 (YTT) - 2 caps
9 - Jakob LARSEN - Age 28 - Mortsey (JEC) - 93 caps, 45 goals
10 - Marc LYGAARD (c) - Age 31 - FC Jansberg - 154 caps, 99 goals

20 - Yannick SIMEONE - Age 20 - Molsbik Arkjet - 14 caps, 3 goals
21 - Soren MAAKSEMSTAD - Age 20 - SK Sturm Nuuk (PIS) - 5 caps, 1 goal

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: 1PM maximum, reserving right to change severity
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: 1PM maximum
Yellow Card Players: 3PM maximum
Godmod Other Events: TG me first
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Cosumar National Team - AOCAF 46


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is a Fiefdom, which means Cosumar is comprised of 21 historical "fiefs". These are now effectively provinces. Cosumar's government is a constitutional monarchy and believes wholeheartedly in complete civil rights, advancing science, conserving nature and exploring outer space.

Region: Northeastern Atlantian Oceania

Official Nickname: Azure Dragons (typically shortened simply to "Dragons")

Colors: Royal Blue, White, Silver

Stadium: Leviathan Arena (capacity 99,114)

Location: Kaldukosic, Kaldukosic Fief, Cosumar


History: The 70th World Cup was Cosumar's 20th consecutive tournament since their debut in World Cup 51. The anniversary was no help to the qualifying effort, which concluded with the Dragons three points shy of advancing to the playoff. Cosumar qualified for six consecutive Cups (54-59) in its "golden age" of football. Cosumar's best finishes were trips to the Round of 16 in World Cups 56-59. After World Cup 59, Cosumar reached its peak ranking of #7 in the world. The National Team's gradual decline began in World Cup 60 and 61, in both of which they were eliminated in the qualification playoff despite strong campaigns. They would qualify once again at World Cup 62 in Astograth, but even that could not change the inevitable downward trajectory. World Cups 64-66 were especially painful and saw our once elite ranking dip as low as the 80s. The ancient Farris Crowley, manager since WC54, was on the most scorching of hot seats. Cosumarites everywhere were demanding he be sacked, the glory days of his tenure a distant memory. But the Fiefdom Soccer Federation (FSF) stuck with him, and Cosumar began re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with in World Cup 67. A marvelous crop of young talent, now lovingly referred to as the "Renaissance Generation", including the likes of Francois Renault, Giovanni Aldinne and Alexander Pearce, restored the former sense of glory and honour to the Cosumarite colours, leading the Dragons to multiple successful WC and CoH campaigns. Cosumar's ranking is now at #42, the highest they've been since World Cup 63. However, a trip to the World Cup proper has eluded Crowley & The Renaissancers. With that core of players now in their 30s, many thought World Cup 70 would be the final chance for these national heroes to return the Fiefdom to the world's biggest stage. They came oh so close, but it was not to be. They did, however, win 3rd place at the Cup of Harmony in Mizuyuki. The medal lent a wave of momentum to the National Team and brightened aspiration for the future. Cosumar is already ripe with anticipation to build on this success in the AOCAF, and beyond that, World Cup 71. The Dragons were punched out in the first knockout round of AOCAF 45 by current World Champion Osarius after advancing out of Group E.

Recent Results:
World Cup 68 Qualifying: 4th Place in Group 8 (6-5-3)
Cup of Harmony 60: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group H, 1-1-1)
World Cup 69 Qualifying: 2nd Place in Group 12 (6-6-2), eliminated by Farfadillis in playoff
Cup of Harmony 61: Eliminated in Group Stage (3rd in Group C, 1-0-2)
AOCAF 45: Eliminated by Osarius in Round of 16 (2nd Place, 2-1 in Group E)
World Cup 70 Qualifying: 3rd Place in Group 15 (9-4-3)
Cup of Harmony 62: Defeated Electrum in 3rd Place Match
AOCAF 46: _____???

Team: The roster consists of 24 players, 23 of which are human. The remaining player (midfielder Vareza Na'Noni) is of the Vloo people (species homo cosumarensis), a humanoid race native to Cosumar. Please note that the Vloo have no sizable physical advantage over homo sapien players. The average Vloo is about two inches taller than the average human, and they must wear different cleats due to their unique foot structure. Vloo are roughly equivalent to humans in terms of strength and speed, but have a blue taint to their skin and two small, dull horns on the top of their head. Most Vloo's horns are mostly covered by their thick, black hair. This is the first time there has only been one Vloo player on the team. This Dragons' squad features an emphasis on surgically-precise passing and technical possession football. There is a good balance of experienced veterans and new young talents. Manager Farris Crowley is continuing the new formation introduced in Qualifying (a 4-2-3-1 variant), moving on from his signature 4-2-4 that was heavily criticized for years.

Style Modifier: +3

Mid-WC70 Ranking: 42 (18.71 KPB)

Formation: 4-2-1-2-1



This will be the World Cup debut for Cosumar's new kit, prepared for the team by Meski Soccer & Sports Store of Red Blackiland. The design has been applauded by for featuring a brilliant and refreshingly modern aesthetic while still staying true to the spirit of the beloved old kits that served the team from World Cup 54 to 69. The home and away kits make heavy use of the national colours (blue, white, silver), team badge, and the majestic Azure Dragon that Cosumar is famous for. The keeper's uniform is gold and green - the royal family's colours.

The Starting XI

Goalkeeper - Tomi Koskinen - 33 - Image Ramusok United Image
Tomi Koskinen has served Cosumar so well for so long that it seems like an eternity ago that someone else defended the Dragons' net. But alas, it was about 17 years ago that Koskinen emerged as one of the best young stars in Cosumar. At only 16 years old, he dominated Cosumar's collegiate league by allowing an average of 0.4 goals per game. At age 18, he shocked pundits by locking up the starting spot on the Cosumarite National Team. He hasn't looked back - serving as an anchor of consistency for the Dragons for over a decade and several World Cups. Still in his prime, Koskinen is known for his exceptional instincts and reflexes, often denying goals with extraordinary feats of athleticism and anticipation. He plays his club football with Ramusok United of Cosumar's Harlighet Ligan.

Left Back - Jukka Lindroos - 23 - Marine Coast United Image
Lindroos is not just one of the best young defenders in Cosumar - but in all of Atlantian Oceania. In Cosumar, he was the best player on a dominant defense that carried the Centus Serpents to a promotion, allowing only 7 goals all season. He was also Cosumar's most consistent starting defender in World Cup 69, Cup of Harmony 61 and World Cup 70. His brilliance on the world stage caught the eyes of the V-League and he eventually left Cosumar to play for storied Vilitan club Marine Coast United. Still only 23 years old, Lindroos is a huge ingredient to the Dragons' future success. His boyish face and long golden locks have charmed the media but do not be fooled - he is a ruthless player on the pitch. He is extremely skilled and can make world-class stops in the back against the best of opponents. Brings a jolt of energy whenever he steps on the field.

Center Back - Arndu Farsgaard - 29 - Image Cazadores Cathair Image
After impressing Farris Crowley with his work ethic in his first international caps in AOCAF 45, Farsgaard made the World Cup roster for the first time. Though he only played a grand total of 163 minutes throughout all of Qualifying, he made the most of his chances and earned the starting job for the Cup of Harmony. He performed well enough to retain the job in the AOCAF, much to the chagrin of Kirum Mortonsson. Originally a hockey player with no interest in a "sissy sport" like soccer, he didn't even discover his talent for the game until age 24, after failing in his hockey career. He took to the sport quickly, rapidly moving up the ranks of the Cosumarite league after starting with a local semi-professional team. By the time he was 27, he was starting at center back for Sekundar Ligan regulars Keenan Athletic. Last year, he got snatched up by Audioslavian club Cazadores Cathair and made an impact there. Just five years ago he was on the street after being cut from a minor league hockey team. Now he's suiting up for the National Soccer Team. Crazy. He has made it clear that his meteoric rise has not reached its ceiling yet.

Center Back - Jon-Perohlin Nodtveit - 27 - Image OAS Royal FC Image
If there was ever an enigmatic and controversial footballer, it's Nodtveit. He is bald-headed but bears a thick black beard. Off the pitch he is almost always gruff and silent, hardly uttering more than a word or two in interviews. He is known to be a member of the Luciferian Satanist Order and was a suspect in a well-publicized murder case three years ago (though he was ultimately found Not Guilty due to lack of evidence). Some despise him, but even more Cosumarites love his dark & dangerous allure. Though divisive off the pitch, he is universally recognized for his value on the pitch. He is extremely good at his specialties. Nodtveit is the Dragons' "hard man", a defensive enforcer and ruthless tackler. Though he is not particularly skilled with the ball or particularly fast, he plays his role well. After serving as a reserve in World Cups 68 and 69, he finally had his chance to shine on the world's biggest stage in WC70. He made a few costly errors late in games that cost the Dragons' precious points. Crowley could've benched him like he did Mortonsson, but there's no one else on this roster that can replicate what Nodtveit brings to the table, so he remained and redeemed himself with magnificent play in the Cup of Harmony. His concentration and endurance seem to have improved, but could still be lingering problems. His height and leaping ability make him a danger on set pieces near the goal.

Right Back - Tae Woo Miyori - 31 - Blau-Weiss Pallstadt Image
Miyori possesses outstanding pace, quick-mindedness and ability to play both sides of the ball. He is also known as a phenomenal passer of great vision. Miyori had a spectacular debut as a youngster in World Cup 67, and fully embraced the limelight in World Cups 68 & 69. He is considered by some to be in the same category as William Riley and Alexander Pearce in the pantheon of Cosumar's all-time premiere defensemen. Miyori spent most of his club career with Klyde FC of the Harlighet Ligan, guiding them to their first League Championship. He now plays in the Buyanese Top League for Blau-Weiss Pallstadt, and helped guide the Craftsmen to a league championship last season. He likes to drift quite far forward and be utilized as part of the attack, much moreso than most right backs. This tendency both benefited and backfired for Cosumar at various times throughout WC 70 Qualifying. It was probably Miyori's weakest WC overall leading some to suggest his decline is beginning, though he was still quite good by normal standards.

Defensive Midfielder - Vareza Na'Noni - 26 - Image Red Star Severny Image
The sole Vloo representative at this AOCAF, Na'Noni can play almost any position due to his understanding of the game, strong ball skills, and imposing physique (tall, muscular, fast). He made a name for himself as a Right Back for Cosumar's U-21 team, which catapulted him into the Harlighet Ligan, where he converted to midfielder with FC Samotath. After a sustained period of success there, Na'Noni solidified himself on the international scene with his brilliance in World Cup 69. He then moved to Red Star Severny of Polar Islandstates, making him one of the few Cosumarites currently in one of the world's top five leagues. Playing at Severny has facilitated even more improvement for the talented Vloo. His strong presence is instrumental for Cosumar's success. Na'Noni is known for his tattoos, including detailed patterns of constellations across his arms, a roaring dragon on his neck, and an elaborate sunset on his forehead.

Defensive Midfielder - Felix Merchison - 25 - Viztourzys Kolektyvinis Image
For a 24 year old who had never played in the World Cup before, Merchison was magnificent in WC 70 Qualifying. He scored a goal and recorded four assists, even outshining his more famous counterpart Na'Noni at times. His resume was already impressive. At age 21, he was winning league championships with Mallox in Cosumar. Now he's excelling as a starter for Viztourzys Kolektyvinis in Buyan. But somehow, he flew under the radar of the National Team. He finally received his first call-up a year ago to represent Cosumar in the Olympic Games. He played well, but was left off the AOCAF 45 squad a few months later. But now it seems Farris Crowley and his staff have finally come to their senses and realized how great this guy is. He has permanently displaced Dean McSaunders as the long-term starting DM alongside Na'Noni, and deservedly so. Has a very well-rounded and complete midfielder skill set. A very physical defender, embraces the dirty work. A very good pure athlete. Has a penchant for dropping in the perfect deep ball behind the defense.

Left Attacking Midfielder - Anders Engström - 24 - Image Mallox FC Image
A young superstar who is one of the most dangerous weapons on the team. He was made for the limelight and his time is here. Engström has become the poster-boy for the future of Cosumarite football. His plays as a forward for Mallox, but in Crowley's 4-2-3-1 he works best as an aggressive attacking midfielder. Engström led Stoneshore College to a collegiate championship five years ago and then moved on to bigger and better things at Mallox, where he has shined as their leading goal scorer for the last three seasons. Engström was voted League MVP this season after winning the golden boot with 24 goals. A precise deliverer in set-pieces and from the flanks, Engström will be instrumental in setting up Cosumar for goal-scoring chances when he's not putting it in the net himself. He shared the team lead with nine goals in WC 69, and he displayed a more well-rounded game in WC 70 by scoring seven goals and tallying a team-high eight assists.

Center Attacking Midfielder - Paaron Petrov - 31 - Fadron Flight Image
A citizen-by-birth of Cosumarite extraterrestrial colony Fevelo. Because of his close ties on Fevelo, Petrov insisted on playing his professional soccer there for the majority of his career. Though his selection to the National Team was heavily criticized before World Cup 68, Petrov made Crowley look awfully smart when he blossomed into one of Cosumar's best. Feisty and resourceful, and a devastatingly accurate passer, Petrov is an asset when it comes to setting up the big play. He is also a threat to score from long distances, as he gets great movement on the ball and is able to keep it down. He had a fantastic qualifying campaign in WC70, racking up five goals and five assists despite missing a few matches with injury. He also finally cashed in on his success last year, joining the Fadron Flight of Taeshan.

Right Attacking Midfielder - Ace Newman - 23 - Image Cassandra City Image
Ace Newman is an exciting young talent who exploded into prominence with some dominant performances in WC 70 Qualifying. He was second on the team only to Sur Arora with 10 goals, and also recorded 6 assists. He and Engström should make a fearsome duo on the wings for years to come. He was the second-leading goal-scorer in the Harlighet Ligan last season, netting 22 for Cassandra City in a campaign that landed them in the Globe Cup. Newman is still relatively inexperienced and disappears at times against elite competition, but he is literally overflowing with potential. He will only continue to get better, but he is already well on his way to becoming a world-class player. He will primarily play as an aggressive midfielder/winger in Crowley's system for now, but he is being groomed to eventually replace Sur Arora in the crucial center-forward spot because of his size and strength.

Center Forward - Sur Arora - 32 - Image OAS Royal FC Image - CAPTAIN
Arora is the most prolific goal-scorer in Cosumarite history. He has been the very best at every level of Cosumarite football he's played in, from U-18 to Collegiate to the Harlighet Ligan to the National Team. A true bastion of excellence. He is the leading goal-scorer for Cosumar's most famous club team OAS Royal FC, which has made several Champions Cup appearances with him. He genuinely loves the game and has been described by coaches as being "one of the hardest workers they ever coached". He is so noticeably fluid in his motions, acceleration and ball control that it's almost scary. Arora was one of the leading goal-scorers in the entire World Cup 67, 68, 69 AND 70 qualifying fields, the first time the Dragons had a true go-to attacking weapon since the retirement of Rikki Varshney. Arora surpassed Varshney for Team Cosumar's all-time goals record midway through Qualifying. He has now scored 97 goals for Cosumar in his career. It is possible he will eclipse the elite 100 mark in this tournament. He has become worryingly prone to nagging injuries with age, but he is still as unstoppable as ever when healthy.


The Substitutes


GK - Jakk Winterfyll - 22 - Image Exton F.C Image
Winterfyll is clearly the goalkeeper of the future for Cosumar. He just turned 22 and he's already the best Cosumarite goalie not named Tomi Koskinen. He still has some to learn about the finer subtleties of the game, but the instincts and physical tools are all there. Coming off his first World Cup experience, he is ready for his second AOCAF. He was magnificent for Cosumarite club Crawford City FC last season, allowing fewer than one goal per game, but Apox's Exton F.C swooped in for him over the transfer window. Playing in the world's #1 league is a great opportunity for Winterfyll, and is well-deserved. The day where he surpasses Koskinen as the best Cosumarite goalkeeper seems to be drawing nearer and nearer.

GK - Robert Sieuwerd - 28 - Image Real Azuris Image
Robert broke out as one of the best goalkeepers in the Harlighet Ligan over the last three seasons with Real Azuris. With his steady hand guarding the net, the Breakers have won two consecutive League Championships and Champions Cup berths. He's a bit more ordinary than Koskinen and Winterfyll, but he's a solid reserve and can be relied upon to do a solid job if necessary. World Cup 70 was his first call-up to the National Team.


LB - Alexander Pearce - 36 - Image Cornellians FC Image
Pearce has been traveling with the Cosumar National Team in a variety of positions since age 18. Pearce captained the squad for World Cups 67 and 68. He was hailed as the figurehead of those campaigns and is considered one of the best Cosumarite defensemen in history. With multiple World Cups under his belt and a highly developed skill set, Pearce is one of the most vital leaders of this team even though he is no longer captain. He was considered "over the hill" and too old by many, and was subsequently left off the World Cup 70 squad. Many assumed his NT career was over. But surprisingly, Pearce earned a spot on the team back with his exemplary play with Cornellians FC in the Multiverse Premiere League. He transferred from OAS Royal FC over the transfer window and instantly made an impact in the MPL, earning the roles of Vice Captain and Player-Coach with the Schottian club en route to a 2nd place finish. The move has rejuvenated his NT career. Though this will likely be his final major tournament with Cosumar, he relishes the chance to don the Cosumarite colors a few more times. Pearce has an exceptionally strong leg and is a crafty player who frequently outwits his opponents. He still has the versatility to play anywhere on the back line and frequently makes crucial one-on-one stops.

CB - Abdiel Assad - 33 - Image Eastweald Image
Hailing from a poverty-stricken community in the rugged, mountainous land of southeast Cosumar (where soccer is practically nonexistent), Assad defied all odds to emerge as one of Cosumar's finest defenders and has helped expand the sport to this region, which traditionally disavows competitive sport. Ten years ago, he had a breakout season with Eastweald to help them recapture their former glory and qualify for the TakilQuip Champions Cup. He has remained with Eastweald ever since, showing loyalty to his club - something of a rarity these days. He has established himself as one of the Harlighet Ligan's most prominent stars, and is known as a true "nice guy" and class act. Assad is not exceptional at any one thing, but has no weaknesses either - a reliable jack-of-all-trades. He was also the first man of Arab descent to play on the Cosumarite national team. Started in World Cups 67-69 and was a frequent sub in 70. This could be his final major tournament for Cosumar.

CB - Kirum Mortonsson - 28 - Image Ramusok United Image
Dashing model/footballer Mortonsson recently completed his fourth season with Harlighet Ligan stalwarts Ramusok United. He and teammate Tomi Koskinen are part of a formidable defensive machine that shut down even the league's top attacking teams. Despite Mortonsson's experience (WC70 was his fourth, and second as starting center back), central defense was a weakness throughout qualifying. His spotty performance led to diminished playing time and Crowley handing his starting job to Farsgaard. Though his biggest fans are often teenage girls (and as such, he is heckled by some male fans), he is supremely athletic and, when he is in his usual form, finds ways to make big stops when the team needs it the most. He can be hotheaded at times and make poor decisions resulting in yellow or red cards. He led the team in fouls in WC 70 Qualifying, though he also scored 3 goals.

RB - Sheldon Serra - 21 - Zenit Attawapiskat Image
Serra has the distinction of being born and living the first eight years of his life on a spaceship of neutral nationality. After returning to the planet and living in Indigo Plains, Serra found his land legs surprisingly quickly and discovered a natural talent for football. Because Indigo Plains does not have professional football, Serra attended university in Cosumar and is eligible for our team because his mother was a Cosumarite citizen. He was the Defensive MVP of Cosumar's collegiate league three years ago, before signing with Zenit Attawapiskat of The Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Though small in stature, this shaggy blonde youngster has incredibly rare natural ability. With experience and hard work, he could be a star in the future. For this World Cup he will primarily serve as a back-up for Miyori at right back. Due to his speed and ability to play both sides of the ball, Crowley clearly sees him as the eventual replacement for the unique skill set of Tae Woo Miyori.


DM - Thaddeus Barker - 27 - Menomonie United Image
After emerging as a gem of Cosumar's Tredje Ligan (third division), Barker was picked up by Menomonie United, one of the top clubs in Darmen. Barker has continued his steady improvement in Darmen, with constructive experiences such as playing in the Globe Cup. He has been rewarded with his first call-up to the senior National Team. Farris Crowley was fed up with the inconsistent play from veteran NT midfielder Dean McSaunders in WC 70, leading him to experiment with other options in the AOCAF. Hence, Thaddeus Barker. He is not the most versatile midfielder, as he is limited to a holding midfielder role due to his mediocre passing skills. But he thrives in that role. Is consistently observed to be one of the hardest workers on any team, constantly going full-throttle no matter the situation. He could earn a place on the WC 71 squad if he seizes an opportunity here.

DM - Timo Sorben - 23 - West Bay Mariners Image
WC70 gave Sorben his first international caps. He played the fewest minutes of any non-goalie on the roster, though he played a bit more in the Cup of Harmony and made a moderately favorable impresson. He was something of a surprise selection because many anticipated this spot being filled by the more experienced Eido Noldor, who started in World Cup 69 and AOCAF 45. Sorben must've done something to really impress Farris Crowley to knock Noldor off the squad. Sorben was an overlooked prospect coming out of the collegiate league from a small school. But in just three seasons in the Harlighet Ligan, with some Cosumar U-21 experience in between, he steadily improved his game was rewarded with a big payday to play for West Bay of Barunia. He is not the most athletic player, but he is a true student of the game and is constantly studying technique and tactics. He is also a bit more versatile than Barker and can fill a CM-type role if necessary. When his time comes, he will be ready.

CAM - Giovanni Aldinne - 34 - Image Whitetail Foresters Image
Aldinne debuted in the FSF ten seasons ago with up-and-coming club Real Azuris. In the last decade he has pulled Real Azuris up the ranks of the Cosumarite football ladder, culminating with their back to back League Championships the last two years. Aldinne, like his cousin Francois Renault, was a much-hyped young prospect that has met all expectations and helped spearhead the Renaissance Generation of Cosumarite footballers. He was shockingly dropped from the starting XI in World Cup 69, but handled the situation with dignity and was an impact substitute. He still has what it takes to be effective in this role, albeit for limited durations of time. Aldinne is noted for his extraordinary soccer intelligence and skill on the ball. He brings invaluable experience to the Dragons' midfield depth. Though he is getting older, his deft passing touch and savvy around the goal is the same as it was in his WC67 glory days. He recently completed a move from his boyhood club Real Azuris to Whitetail Foresters of Equestrian States over the transfer window, wanting "a new challenge" in the twilight years of his prime.

LAM - Ole Öhman - 24 - Sabrefell Athletic Image
Though his surname is a bit comical, Ole is young midfielder of great skill. Producing goals is what he does, and he does it well. He competed for Cosumar in World Cup 69 as a seldom-seen bench player, but he was seen as a beacon of hope for the future. But then he was abruptly left off the team in World Cup 70. Many accused former assistant manager Truda Jotunnoj of deliberately snubbing him as revenge for some harsh criticisms Öhman had said about him to the press. Jotunnoj denied this, however, saying the decision was one agreed upon by both he and Farris Crowley due to Öhman's decision to accept a lucrative contract to play his club ball in Florgania, seen as an inferior league. However, that complaint was resolved when Öhman transferred to Sabrefell Athletic of Nephara over the transfer window following the collapse of the Florganian Premiere League. And just like that, Öhman is back in Cosumarite colors for the first time since the last AOCAF. He will primarily sub in as an attacking midfielder on the left side when Engstrom needs rest. His only downside is his lack of world-class breakaway pace.

RAM - Petri Hansen - 27 - Sieberg Image
Hansen is a well known as a flashy winger who has never quite lived up to his immense potential. But producing goals is what he does, and he does it well. After his well-publicized success as Captain of Cosumar's U-18 team a decade ago, Hansen joined Mallox but was sort of forgotten there. His talent was squandered for a few years because he was stuck behind players like Anders Engstrom and Jimmy Kelly. A year ago, he finally got his well-deserved fresh start with Sieberg of Felix. His blistering pace earned him a spot on the team in WC 70, and he played spare minutes late in games. He made a surprisingly positive impression in his limited time on the pitch. His poise and dynamic skill set led to two assists credited to his name. He is sure to get a larger share of the playing time in the AOCAF to further observe just how effective he can be on the international stage. There is likely to be a starting winger spot open come WC 71, and Hansen is directly competing with Öhman for the job.


CF - Sergio Vilar - 26 - Levadia Narkiv Image
Vilar was a breakout star in the Cosumarite second division a few years ago, coming from obscurity to shatter the Sekundar Ligan single-season goal record with 30. The Olask Islanders had been on the brink of relegation for several seasons running, his historic season rocketed them to the top half of the table for the first time in almost three decades. Vilar has since moved to Levadia Narkiv, arguably the best club in Estenia, and has shined there. Though Sur Arora is clearly still the king when it comes to Cosumarite forwards, Vilar's role on the team is growing. He started in place of Arora in Cup of Harmony 61 and AOCAF 45 due to Arora's broken leg. Vilar's skill is obvious (the ball is basically tied to his sock!) and he is passionate about the game - a man possessed on the pitch. But he also has a bad habit of dominating lesser competition and then disappearing against elite opposition. Arora (thankfully) stayed healthy throughout WC 70 Qualifying, so Vilar's services were not needed too much. He was very good when he did play, scoring a goal and two assists in his limited playing time, and adding another goal in the Cup of Harmony.

CF - Ipier Ubuntu - 28 - Image Real Azuris Image
Ipier is something of a hero in Cosumar because he has established himself as one of the Harlighet Ligan's most lethal finishers despite being born mute. He had to overcome ableist prejudices early in his career. He has always been an underrated player but finally started getting national and even regional attention with his success with Real Azuris, clearly the best club in Cosumar at the moment. He scored over 20 goals again last season in Harlighet Ligan, earning him a chance to travel with the team to WC 70 for his first international caps. He didn't see much action, but it was an honor for him just to be there. He is distinguished on the field by his extremely powerful leg (and his corn rows haircut). He gets a lot of pace on the ball and is not afraid to launch a few long-range screamers.


Manager: Farris Crowley
After a phenomenal debut as Manager in World Cup 54, and an even more impressive efforts in World Cups 55-59, Farris Crowley became a Cosumarite legend. The nation has stood by him through thick and thin ever since, even when other managers certainly would've been fired. The seemingly immortal icon was once a somewhat successful player in Cosumar's domestic league many years ago but found his true calling as a coach after retiring. His goal is absolute: bring glory to Cosumar through victory on the pitch. He is currently 75 years of age and appears solemn most of the time. If you're lucky, you might catch him with a rare smile for a split second after a big victory. Despite being the one who took Cosumar to new heights and qualified us for all seven of our World Cups, there is a rumor that he is on the hot seat (yeah right, the only thing that can remove him at this point is old age) due to yet another failed attempt to qualify despite a favorable group draw. And with his health starting to finally show signs of deterioration, pundits are questioning his capacity to lead the team for much longer. He might not have many more World Cups in him, whether he gets sacked or not.

Assistant Manager: Kennedy Kopenhaver
This is Kopenhaver's first Cup of Harmony as Assistant Manager for the National Team, replacing Truda Jotunnoj at the start of WC70 Qualifying. Kopenhaver, 50, was once a terrific center back for the Cosumar National Team in World Cups 55-57, back when Crowley was a new face on the scene. He was infamous in Cosumar for being one of the most passionate and fiery players ever to step on a pitch. He would stop at nothing to win, even if it meant angrily telling his teammates what's what or getting himself a card. After retiring from his playing career, Kopenhaver attempted a broadcasting career but was not happy. It was too far removed from the action! He then took to coaching, and has spent the last six years as an assistant to Alvin Burnsides, Manager of Mallox FC, the most historically successful club in Cosumar's Harlighet Ligan. Kopenhaver feels he has learned a lot from his time there and is ready for more responsibility. After being skipped over for the managerial vacancy at Miners 47 in Apox, he jumped on the chance to work for Farris Crowley with the National Team. Kopenhaver should bring a lot of passion and youthful energy to a team that Crowley and Jotunnoj hadn't been able to provide. He is a rare man - physically imposing yet keenly intelligent. Deceptively clever and excels at game strategy.

Goalkeepers Coach: Luis Varezzi

Defenders Coach: Artis Thomas

Midfielders Coach: Irvinn Rincon

Forwards Coach: Guiseke Seto

Head Trainer: Yvette Carson

RP Permissions

Essentially, full RP permissions. Be creative. Use my characters however you like. You can state that someone was injured, but allow me to determine the severity. I also ask that you telegram me before RPing anything extreme (like a bombing, a fan riot, extreme weather events impacting the game, etc). I'm usually up for anything, but just check with me first.

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y, but leave the severity up to me
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but no killing or wounding. TG me if you're doing something particularly unusual.
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me first.
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3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

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Postby Naitpyge » Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:47 am

Naitpyge National Football Team

Manager: Fuat Badem, 48, Cowapobia
Assitant Manager: Károly Olasz, 46, CT Naitpyge
Style Modifier: +0.491
Formation: 4-6-0
All time Record: 112 matches, 48 wins, 20 draws, 44 losses, 151 goals for, 140 goals against, +11 goal difference

Position # Name Age Club Caps Goals
GK 1 Sámuel Bátori 29 Club Jim Falls 102 0
DEF 2 Serhan Simon 27 Vogler City Force 109 3
DEF 3 Ábel Albaf 28 Darmen City AC 110 1
DEF 4 Yakov Büki 33 Eau Claire United 110 4 Captain
DEF 5 Hikmet Demir 31 Club Jim Falls 109 2
MID 6 Khorshid Vargha 28 Vogler City Force 108 29
MID 7 Richárd Vörös 29 Darmen City AC 106 46
MID 8 Ottó Velitchkov 25 Darmen City United 110 7
MID 9 Shahriyar Agócs 31 Brady City Crunch 108 14
MID 10 Eko Vincze 33 Darmen City FC 111 9
MID 11 Arastoo Nyilas 30 Bloomer FC 105 7

Position # Name Age Club Caps Goals
GK 12 Deyan Büki 26 Guard FC 27 0
GK 13 Svetoslav Halász 24 Scott City Beat 12 0
DEF 14 Mikhail Marangoz 34 Bloomer FC 53 0
DEF 15 Nanook Fekete 27 Augusta 38 0
DEF 16 Shahzad Balogh 25 Vogler City Force 31 0
MID 17 Arastoo Chavdarov 28 Vogler City Force 63 4
MID 18 Cemal Baráth 27 Vogler City Force 38 4
MID 19 Arda Teke 29 Bloomer FC 33 5
MID 20 Samu Bokor 27 Darmen City FC 32 3
FOR 21 Evren Hegedûs 23 Scott City Beat 48 12
FOR 22 Temel Küçük 31 Darmen City United 44 1
All Players play in Darmen

RP Permissions: No killing, otherwise, go wild.

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Postby Valanora » Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:29 pm

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2



Home Away

Vanauraiiel Nardironel (F)
Age: 1298
Nardironel is a small and quirky woman who is very unassuming, until you get to the training pitch, where she will run you ragged and then when you feel your body collapsing, run you even more ragged until you are in the ultimate peak condition you can be. The only person on the braintrust to survive the overhaul, she will be entrusted for at least two years to try and right the sinking ship that is the national team program or be sacked like her predecessor.

Assistant Manager
Vamariiel Falavir (F)
Age: 1478
Ibini's assistant finds herself in the same spot on the national team program after the VFA decided to do a complete overhaul of the Vanorian national team program following three straight tournaments of not making the knockout rounds of the World Cup. She is a very easy going personality, a complete reverse to the traditional personalities that take the assistant spot as the team looks to scramble back to their usual standards with new approaches.


1 Aediron Galadirdren, Ibini FC
Age - 677
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 174 lbs
Galadirdren looks to be the long term solution for the Marauders in net after several stellar seasons in the domestic scene with Ibini FC. While not loud and "in control" of his box, the keeper is very good when the opposition has a breakaway, as well as some amazing reflexes. His best attribute though is his near perfect position, always seeming to know where the opposition is going to place their shots or crosses.


2 Morlaithan Aldamiel, AC Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia)
Age - 690
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 162 lbs
A tough and quiet sort at the back, more physical than your usual Vanorian centerback thanks to the years that he has played in Audioslavia. More of a stay at home defender than the rest of the backline and more prone the occasional card due to the more physical nature.

3 Rainyardil Toraandal, Mar Sara FC
Age - 649
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 168 lbs
Toraandal is deceptively fast and agile for a person of his size and also very keen to get in on the attack during prolonged spells in the opponents third. With his size and pure athletic ability, he has a knack for getting open in the box and heading home his fair share of goals, though it is his stern defending that is the reason that he was put on to the starting eleven.

4 Revhil Lardireil, Hondo FC
Age - 648
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 171 lbs
Like Toraandal, Lardireil is used to getting into the attack, having spent the majority of his career at Hondo with their attacking flavor. However he has the speed of a cheetah and the strength of an elephant, most likely the most versatile of the three defenders that the side uses.


21 Espy va Drake, Yuba United (Paripana)
Age: 753
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
After becoming a folklore hero for the lower class of the world, va Drake has made himself one of the living legends of the game after help leading the side to a title in World Cup 53. He has traveled far and wide while plying his trade, donning kits for no less than five countries clubs. Seen as the driving force in the middle of the park alongside Hawk, it is up to the opposition to try and figure out how to deal with the brilliance the winger and his other attackers have rather than them to create magic.

6 Caeltimyonan Haerear, Mar Sara FC
Age - 608
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 lbs
Coming from Mar Sara you would expect Haerear to be more of an attacking option, yet the midfielder is more of a box to box playmaker than the attacking midfielders usually coming from the Flames. Not overly fast or physical but Haerear has a motor that never quits, never giving up on a play or a game despite how dire the situation may be.

14 Laborious Hawk, Dwile Warriors (Apox)
Age - 717
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

8 Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar, Raynor City United
Age - 723
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs
Lithvathar is much like va Drake, a floater who is dynamic in attack but with enough speed and sense of the pitch to make up on any sort of defensive lapse. Yet unlike her flankmate, she is not nearly as skilled, but do not let that fool you, in a moment of magic she can undress an entire backline and set up more prolific scorers with easy chances.

7 Faeron Soldarian, Raynor City United
Age - 631
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
Soldarian continues to live in the shadow of more well known players both on the national team and with his club. Despite this, Soldarian is seen by all on the squad as the emotional leader and the linchpin the in the middle that allows the more attacking minded midfielders being allowed to play their game.


9 Allandren Fresco, Ibini FC
Age - 506
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Fresco will once again have to learn to play off a new strike partner with Isiliéseil being recognized for his exceptionally play in the domestic league and given a spot straight into the starting eleven. By now Fresco is a known commodity, strong in the air with a pretty decent shot, the vision to create when asked upon. With both of the forwards very comfortable playing with the ball in their feet rather than one being a poacher, you can expect them to rotate their positions, along with Hawk, to create a fearsome attacking spearhead trio that will be difficult for many managers to come up with a plan to stop.

11 Dûrdur Celetholtinu, Oljestaden IF (Audioslavia)
Age - 900
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 183 lbs
Dûrdur is by and large a holding forward, meant to retain possession for Fresco, Hawk, or va Drake to into possession for attacks. His large frame suits his style of play and the years in Audioslavia has made him quite equipped at taking kicks and chips while maintaining possession.

13 GK Nienna Sáralondë, age 643, SC Rinaldi
20 GK Belltarion Nartalhûn, age 547, AC Valanari
15 CB Tawaion Faladiir, age 670, SC Rinaldi
16 CB Tamuríl Amandil, age 604, SC Rinaldi
17 CB Ainglad Gwavaul, age 597, Hondo FC
23 DMC Belltherdon Cularin - age 712 - Milona-Lpaka (Turori)
18 LW Sellan Teltaththor, age 683, Hondo FC
5 RW Filwame Omasas, age 644, FC Capri (F)
16 MC Berdëmiel Nardhrinonel, age 682, Soldarian FC (F)
22 AMC Héra Teltholsyr, age 466 - Lonngeylin Coast (Vilita) (F)
10 ST Galasgoldas Tathtauré, age 588, Raynor City United
19 ST Gonmucaethor Mithlithelen - age 658 - Ibini FC ~

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Allandren Fresco
Right Corner: Espy va Drake
Left Corner: Espy va Drake

Aldamiel Toraandal Lardireil
va Drake Soldarian Haerear Lithvathar

Fresco Celetholtinu

~ denotes Vyintanese
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Postby The Hakifao Isles » Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:13 pm

Hakifao Starlings : AOCAF Cup 46 Official Roster

Nation History

The Hakifao Isles, the furthest northwest of the three major nations to the north of Super-Llamaland, has a rich and glorious history of being taken over repeatedly but coming out ahead of their captors. Parts of the classical Vjäle, Arønedell, and Nojais Empires at various points in its older history, Hakifao first became independent following the Öslerholm Revolts of 1687, whereupon they broke apart from the Arøndell Monarchy. They were one of the first nations in the North to embrace democracy, deposing the autocratic Henrik II in early 1705, nearly half a century before the formation of Arøndell's Talspråkare för Republiken movement.

In 1896, after nearly two centuries of relative peace due to non-aggression pacts signed with Vjaalsbürg and Arøndell, the fledgling Arøndellan Empire attempted to annex Hakifao, failing miserably in a multi-year war that sparked the First Northern Conflict (1905 - 1912). In said conflict, the expansionist Arendellenskes were defeated by a Vjaal-Hakifao coalition, and the Isles gained territory. In the Second Northern Conflict (1926 - 1928), however, the Hakifaos lost much of their territory to a Vjaal-Arendellenske alliance.

The North continued onwards through relative peace until the rising of the Llamanean Union under autocratic William Andeck. The Isles surrendered quickly and as such had the least loss of life. Super-Llamaland occupied Hakifao from 1975 to 1986.

After the dissolution of the Empire and the death of Andeck, Hakifao once again became an independent state. However, after countless years of pressure, the nation joined the Arendellenske Union in 1999, quickly losing autonomy but still technically being a sovereign nation. Now, a new wave of nationalists have pressured the Arendellenskes into more rights, but their fate is still up in the air.

Team History

Although Hakifao had numerous short-lived leagues since 1934, after the Llamanean Expansions, they did not possess one. Pressured to create one by the Arendellenskes upon entering their union, the Hakifao Football League (HFL) was founded in 2002.

Still, it would not have survived if it weren't for two men - Alessandr Simon was the first. Herlek Korhonen, the second. Simon, the owner of FC Ulselsheim, one of the largest cities, in Hakifao, began to sign foreign players, building a football empire and taking over the reigns as commissioner, reviving the league and bringing football to Hakifao. But the only reason it stayed was Korhonen - a do-it-all offensive star in his day, which perfectly coincided with Ulselsheim's rise to power, who drew players in great amounts for both Denhølm and Ulselsheim after Simon shrewdly engineered a deal for him.

In 2005, the Hakifao Football Association (HFA) was founded to get the Hakifaos access into the international scene. Sure enough, they debuted in the Empire Reunion Cup in 2009, generally doing mediocre. Finally, they gained access to an important sporting region, Atlantian Oceania, and joined as a member. Their first tournament was wildly successful, defeating Osarius and advancing to the Round of Sixteen. Can they improve on it this time?

Team Roster

Formation: 4-4-2
Manager: Emmanuel Orselssen
Style Mod: -2

listed in descending likeliness to start.

ANDERSSON, Isak - #01 - 30
GUSTAVSSON, Anton - #12 - 28
VALQUIST, Arnur - #23 - 22


PEDERSSEN, Alex - #02 - 27
HAUGEN, Marcus - #03 - 28
HENRIKSON, Adam - #05 - 26

ANJEL, Tomas - #19 - 27
JONSSON, Brynjar - #15 - 26
BERGEN, Eric - #12 - 23


WALQUIST, Jonas - #08 - 22
BORG, Elias - #11 - 28
KORHONEN, Herlek - #10 - 33 (CAPTAIN)
Attacking: PEDERSSEN, Sven - #07 - 28

VIRJALEN, Andrey - #20 - 32
SAARINEN, Mattias - #25 - 31
KARLSON, Viljami - #17 - 25
MÄKELA, Konstans - #19 - 28


NIEMI, Daniel - #06 - 27
ARONSEN, Sigmund - #12 - 25
ANDREASSON, Gordon - #13 - 23
LETONIEN, Sofia - #18 - 27
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Postby The Hakifao Isles » Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:14 am


Hakifao to Incorporate Islands of Feyjän, Mjottsland, Vestfjörður

A map of the Northern Isles.

Following July's successful referendum in the Northern Isles, today the Hakifao Congress approved of the bill that would annex the islands of Mjottsland, Feyjän, and Vestfjördður.

Historically, all three islands retained their independence throughout the ages, although like Hakifao, all three were temporarily part of the infamous Llamanean Union under William Granveir's autocratic regime. However, as they were taken over a few years after the Conquest of Hakifao, spending only three years under the Union flag, and of course they were quite a bit smaller, their economic recovery was far swifter, and in 2004 all three were experiencing the heady heights of the tech boom and their economic pinnacle.

Unfortunately for the newly-powerful isles, eventually all of the northern island economies popped in the early 2010s. The exceptionally wealthy islands of Kattslånd managed to pull itself through the dire straits fairly easily, Mjottsland, Feyjän, and Vestfjördður struggled to stay aloft as their economies collapsed inwards on themselves. Eventually, the situation was so dire that when a referendum asking them to join the Hakifao Republic was posed, two-thirds of the islands voted for the proposal.

The three nations will form the province of Norræyjar (North Islands), with the capital set as Asändersheim, a port city of 180,000, in Mjottsland, and the counties of North Feyjän, South Feyjän, Mjottsland, and Vestfjördður. The province has a combined population of 1,620,000 and is expected to ratify the Hakifao constitution within weeks...
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Postby New Cloudsdale » Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:14 pm


The Equestrian Sky Colony of New Cloudsdale
National Hoofball Team - AOCAF Cup 46 Roster

Quick Stats
AOCAF Ranking: 22nd (6.22 pts.)
Style Modifier: +4.75
Nickname: The Flying Stars
All-Time Record: 3-4-8 (0-0-0 at AOCAF Cup 46)
Achievements: None
AOCAF Cup 41: 0-1-2 (4th in Group 4)
MD1: The Inevitable Syndicate 0–0 New Cloudsdale at the Flynn Arena (cap. 96,500) in Fligsive, The Inevitable Syndicate (Draw)
MD2: New Cloudsdale 0–1 Lymryk Isles at the Flynn Arena (cap. 96,500) in Fligsive, The Inevitable Syndicate (Loss)
MD3: Kinitaria 3–2 New Cloudsdale at at the Flynn Arena (cap. 96,500) in Fligsive, The Inevitable Syndicate (Loss)

AOCAF Cup 42: 0-1-2 (4th in Group E)
MD1: Vilita & Turori 1–0 New Cloudsdale at the 66 Stadium (cap. 85,500) in Cathair, Audioslavia (Loss)
MD2: New Cloudsdale 1–1 Naitpyge at Audmoor Stadium (cap. 22,000) in Ceileerden, Audioslavia (Draw)
MD3: Ibex 2–1 New Cloudsdale at the 66 Stadium (cap. 85,500) in Cathair, Audioslavia (Loss)

AOCAF Cup 43: 1-0-2 (3rd in Group A)
MD1: New Cloudsdale 0–2 Maklohi Vai at Stadion Republikana (cap. 49,830) in Serenberg, Kinitaria (Loss)
MD2: Kinitaria 2–0 New Cloudsdale at Central Stadium (cap. 76,000) in Mi'ato, Kinitaria (Loss)
MD3: New Cloudsdale 4–1 Greater Watford at Stadion Dinamo (cap. 47,000) in Paleu, Kinitaria (Win)

AOCAF Cup 44: 1-1-1 (3rd in Group D)
MD1: Thatius 1-1 New Cloudsdale at Artani (cap. 74,000) in Mar Sara, Valanora (Draw)
MD2: New Cloudsdale 0-5 Legalese at Aranfield Bridge (cap. 52,000) in Everlin, Valanora (Loss)
MD3: New Cloudsdale 4-0 Oceanic Lemmingtopias at Donna Cathedral (cap. 60,000) in Mar Sara, Valanora (Win)

AOCAF Cup 45: 1-1-1 (3rd in Group C)
MD1: New Cloudsdale 1-1 Furellum at Varcea Stadionul (cap. 49,100) in Mehedinti, Ratastan (Draw)
MD2: Ko-oren 1-0 New Cloudsdale at Varcea Stadionul (cap. 49,100) in Mehedinti, Ratastan (Loss)
MD3: New Cloudsdale 3-2 Bazalonia at Varcea Stadionul (cap. 49,100) in Mehedinti, Ratastan (Win)


Home - Away - Reverse

The squad from New Cloudsdale will use their newly-designed kits for the first time, after wearing the same kit used by the Equestrian States in previous editions of the AOCAF Cup. Kits for humanoid players (see above), as well as those for equine and other non-humanoid players, are provided by Generosity Sportswear of the Equestrian States.

Group C
#3 - Image Osarius (26.08 pts.)
#9 - Image The Calanian Union (12.56 pts.)
#22 - Image New Cloudsdale (6.22 pts.)
#32 - Image Mendoya (3.40 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group C
MD1: Osarius vs. New Cloudsdale at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Quebec
MD2: New Cloudsdale vs. Mendoya at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Quebec
MD3: The Calanian Union vs. New Cloudsdale at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Quebec


Starters (3-5-2)
GK - #1 - Hurricane Gale (Pegasus - Male) - 33 - Image Caen Draveurs (NSI)
DF - #2 - Cassandra (Griffon - Female) - 31 - Image Manehattan Dragons (EQS) - CAPTAIN
DF - #6 - Rainbow Shine (Pegasus - Female) - 24 - Image Everfree Forest HC (EQS)
DF - #3 - Shady Days (Pegasus - Male) - 22 - Image Whitetail Foresters (EQS)
MF - #5 - Constance (Pegasus - Female) - 27 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL) - VICE-CAPTAIN
MF - #8 - Stormy Seas (Pegasus - Male) - 29 - Image Equestria HC (EQS)
MF - #4 - Gleaming Light (Pegasus - Female) - 23 - Image North Spire HC (CRY)
MF - #7 - Supernova Starlight (Pegasus - Female) - 25 - Image Crystal Fair HC (CRY)
MF - #9 - Perfect Place (Pegasus - Female) - 28 - Image Whitetail Rangers (EQS)
FW - #10 - Decima (Sphinx - Female) - 18 - Image Ponyville United (EQS)
FW - #11 - Redlight (Pegasus - Male) - 24 - Image Coltenhagen Magic (EQS)

GK - #22 - Road Block (Pegasus - Male) - 28 - Image Manechester City HC (EQS)
GK - #20 - Sterling Silver (Griffon - Female) - 26 - Image Equestria HC (EQS)
DF - #12 - Maelstrom (Griffon - Male) - 28 - Image Manetreal Impact (EQS)
DF - #15 - Foremast (Pegasus - Male) - 23 - Image Whitetail Rangers (EQS)
DF - #18 - Matt Williamson (Human - Male) - 30 - Image Molsbik Arkjet (SEM)
MF - #17 - Reyan (Griffon - Male) - 32 - Image Trottingham Pirates (EQS)
MF - #16 - Golden Chance (Pegasus - Male) - 18 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)
MF - #14 - Pointed Glare (Unicorn - Female) - 31 - Image South Spire United (CRY)
MF - #23 - Pained Prowess (Pegasus - Male) - 25 - Image Salt Lick City HC (EQS)
MF - #13 - Jailbait (Pegasus - Female) - 28 - Image Maresaiiles HC (CRY)
FW - #21 - Coinstack (Pegasus - Female) - 27 - Image Seaddle Rage (EQS)
FW - #19 - Satin Rose (Pegasus - Female) - 18 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)

Manager - Image Guiding Light (Pegasus - Female) - 61
Assistant Manager - Image Blackout (Unicorn - Female) - 47
Assistant Manager - Image Firing Cylinder (Pegasus - Male) - 43
Goalkeeping Coach - Image Storm Thunder (Pegasus - Male) - 48
Scout - Image Foresight (Pegasus - Male) - 59
Scout - Image Hindsight (Pegasus - Male) - 68
Fitness Coach - Image Tender Care (Earth Pony - Female) - 36

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article, which I highly recommend my opponents read, click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (Max: 2)
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but please keep it somewhat realistic
The Equestrian Sky Colony of New Cloudsdale
Capital: New Cloudsdale | Demonym: Equestrian | Trigramme: NCL
OOC & IC Puppet of the Equestrian States

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AOCAF 46 Vilita & Turori Roster

Postby Vilita and Turori » Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:56 am


The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. Players are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.

Kalek Intafel [ - Alikki-Corra - ]
GK ( AGE: 23 CAPS: 7 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Intafel was initially trained in Mavaloiao but was snapped up by the famed academy in Alikki-Corra when the capital-based club earned promotion to the Stellar Division for the first time in the modern era prior to Season 41.

G.Q Disterfred II [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
GK ( AGE: 23 CAPS: 24 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Young prospect Disterfred pushed Inura Forests into the top half of the Season 38 Declasse, earning player of the season honors at the club and earning recognition as a serious propsect for the National Team. Disterfred was a member of the AOCAF 41 Championship Winning side, but did not start any of the 7 matches en-route to the title. When head coach Nycflala Kater took a back seat early in the competition during AOCAF 42, however, Disterfred had his chance to play as Vilita & Turori earned their second consecutive AOCAF title. However, Disterfred's domestic career took a negative turn when Inura Forests were relegated out of the Vilitan League, prompting a cross-country transfer to the Kionao Locals in the Declasse division. Despite the strong leadership of Lita Adjei and good performances in the UICA Competitions, Kionao was unable to get promoted and eventually Disterfred would move to Turoki Isle in order to get a chance to play in the Stellar Division. Having played his whole career in Vilita, Disterfred was eventually convinced to return home to Turori when the chance to play at Cednia Beach AFC was presented, Disterfred being named the replacement for retiring Vilitan netminder Jaqe Planst.

Nikki Tzimas [ - Kiiara-Torra - ]
GK ( AGE: 15 CAPS: :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Half-Audioslavian by blood, Nikki Tzimas came through the Venom Youth Academy an signed a professional contract with Jungle Strike FC at the age of 15. Tzimas would spend V-League season 46 on loan to Kiiara-Torra.
:: Reserves ::
Cilamara Issah [ - Marine Coast United - ]
GK ( AGE: 24 CAPS: 7 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ 5.59 Average Rating ]

Tarek Edgeli [ - Strike FC (Vilita) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 41 :: GOALS:2 ) :: [ N/R ]
After spending 3 seasons being trained in Crosaibi at Marine Coast United, Edgeli made the switch down the coast to the Lonngeylin Coliseum for Season 43. While Strike were unable to win any silverware, Edgeli fit straight into the squad as one of the top performing defenders in the entire league earning instant plaudits and recognition back in Turori.

Jirijii Januaa [ - Jlinal Cove - ]
D LC ( AGE: 22 CAPS: 6 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ 6.76 Average Rating ]
Januaa began his career at Kiiarana City but after City failed to secure promotion back to the Stellar Division during Season 41, Januaa was recruited by Nycflala Kater to make the switch across town to play for Kiiara-Torra starting in season 42 before spending 3 seasons at Mliona-Lpaka. During Season 46, Januaa transferred to Jlinal-Cove FC

Mikki Mayelli [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
D C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Majid Jedidi [ - Kiiarana City (Vilita) - ]
D C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 13 :: GOALS:1 ) :: [ N/R ]
Jedidi made the move from Turori to Kiiarana City on the western shore of Vilita prior to V-League season 44.

Arocki Tadalek [ - Inland Peaks - ]
D RC ( AGE: 20 CAPS: 9 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Kwuimekii Hentetii [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
D RC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Hentetii was promoted to the senior squad at the Alikki-Corra Academy to support their Season 44 Declasse campaign. Strong performances attracted interests from Eastal Lunar who snapped the player up for their Season 46 campaign.

Tlikao Muratai [ - Lonngeylin Coast - ]
D C ( AGE: 23 CAPS: 28 :: GOALS:1 ) :: [ 7.56 Average Rating ]
A Member of the AOCAF 41 Championship winning side, Muratai quickly proved his worth at the international level as well as earning a domestic transfer to Kiiara-Torra in the Vilitan Stellar Division for Season 40, spending a season there before switching to Lonngeylin Coast for Season 41 helping them to a 4th place finish in the final standings and a spot in the UICA Champions Cup.

Inbekira Ajhabekk [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
D RC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS: ) :: [ N/R ]
Ajhabekk, the offspring of former Starblaydia and Strike FC defender Azestella Ajhabekk, made their debut for the Vilita National Team at the Eagle's Cup V tournament.
:: Reserves ::
Monner Vileai [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
D RC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS: ) :: [ N/R ]

Karisto Monafog [ - Strike FC - ]
DM C ( AGE: 21 CAPS: 3 :: GOALS:1 ) :: [ N/R ]
Monafog had a breakthrough season during V-League 43, transferring to Strike FC and scoring a career high 9 goals.

Klaillal Tuirma [ - Mliona-Lpaka - ]
ATH ( AGE: 26 CAPS: 30 :: GOALS:3 ) :: [ N/R ]
Descendant of Season 4 Turorian Player of the Season and National team legend Cuolia Tuirma, Klaillal will work with Restiaa Mumamba to become the future "All-Around" player for the Turori National Team. Playing in a unique role, Tuirma will be expected to fill the role of being able to play every game, in every position - even Goalkeeper, if there are no subs left. Tuirma will certainly be starting as a substitute during their debut campaign in World Cup 62 but may get the chance to start against weaker opposition. After being brought up through the academy system at Kionao, Tuirma signed a professional contract with Colonial Sile in Vilita for Season 35, winning silverware in the first match, the Tropical Trophy triumph over Strike. Tuirma's stay in Sile didn't last long, however, coaxed back to the luxury of Arcticala Inlet to help in their Champions-Cup qualifying campaign of Season 38. Tuirma returned to Turori during Season 44 as a member of Mliona-Lpaka AFC

Kamarul Zaman [ - Makosile - ]
DM C ( AGE: 22 CAPS: 3 :: GOALS:0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Zaman, a product of the famed Alikki-Corra Academy, made the switch to the Island of Turoki to play for Makosile during V-League Season 44.

Purapal Eskiiy [ - Kionao Locals (Turori) - ]
M RC ( AGE: 22 CAPS: 41 :: GOALS::SR: 6 ) :: [ 7.30 Average Rating ]
Up and coming youngster who can trace lineage back through Lake Bekk and Starblaydia, was a member of the Vilita & Turori regional squad that won the AOCAF 42 Championship. The young Eskiiy broke into the Vilitan lineup during World Cup 68 and started in the World Cup Final, scoring the goal that changed the momentum of the game in the Jungle Cats favor.

Westii Yahaya [ - Turoki Isle - ]
M C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Yahaya was a graduate of the Turoki Academy drafted in to the Turoki Isle senior squad ahead of V-League Season 44.

Tripate Falcon [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
M C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 17 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Vilita & Turori Dual National. Member of the Cednia Beach AFC squad that won the Vilitan Cup during Season 43, and subsequently went on to win the 50th UICA Globe Cup, the first ever UICA Top-Level Champions from Turori.

Timi'sala Koarena [ - Lonngeylin Coast (VIL) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 2 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Teliima Loinara [ - Sporta Eelandii - ]
M LC ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 16 :: GOALS::SR: 6 ) :: [ N/R ]

Vliela Lianksa [ - Mliona-Lpaka (Turori) - ]
M C ( AGE: 23 CAPS: 48 :: GOALS::SR: 6 ) :: [ 6.72 Average Rating ]
Lianksa was a member of the Vilita & Turori AOCAF 42 Championship side

Amosiik Montaane [ - Lonngeylin Coast - ]
M LC ( AGE: 21 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Nubara Moafalia [ - Yeaddin Owls (Vilita) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 14 :: GOALS::SR: 1 ) :: [ N/R ]
After coming up throught the academy system at Mliona-Lpaka, Moafalia saw the opportunity to become a star player for the Yeaddin Owls - trading in his role as a substitute in Turori for the limelight at the Lirai Asku Castle ahead of V-League season 44.

Ikala Mravedii [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: ) :: [ N/R ]
Mravedii made their debut for the Vilita National Team at the Eagle's Cup V tournament.

Serabi Chamya [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
M C ( AGE: 20 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
Blood of Bedistan, Chamya was trained up in Lonngeylin before making the move to Jlinal Cove. Despite experiencing success, Chamya was talked into a switch to Arcticala Inlet in the midst of season 44 by the new Electricians Manager and Vilita National Team captain Miiara Makose.
:: Reserves ::
Jomur Hulyer [ - Mliona-Lpaka (Turori) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 38 CAPS: 188 :: GOALS::SR: 37 ) :: [ 6.76 Average Rating ]

Tinjus Mngomeni [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: ) :: [ N/R ]

Inamari Altariiz [ - Mliona-Lpaka - ]
F C ( AGE: 22 CAPS: 37 :: GOALS::SR: 12 ) :: [ N/R ]
Altariiz was instantly identified as a high-quality prospect at Mliona-Lpaka and was promoted to the senior squad at 16 years of age taking up a starting role in Mliona-Lpaka's Season 38 campaign. Altariiz was named Mliona-Lpaka's player of the season for 39 & 40 in addition to being named Turorian Player of the Season during Season 40 after leading MLiona-Lpaka to the Vilitan Cup title.

Kiliko Riazen [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
F C ( AGE: 22 CAPS: 1 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ 6.00 Average Rating ]
Riazen was trained in Alikki-Corra but opted to stay in the Vilitan Declasse after Alikki-Corra earned an unexpected promotion to the top flight, signing with Kiiarana City. Riazen's Krytenian bloodline makes him a secret weapon in the Vilitan arsenal, sure to be the ultimate future thorn in the side of any Audioslavian opposition. Was a member of Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 42 Championship side. After scoring 5 times for Kiiarana during their Season 41 Declasse campaign, the youngster made the switch across town to Kiiara-Torra in order to re-unite with Eel-Cat things head coach Nycflala Kater and return to the Stellar Division. The magic never came through, however, and eventually, Riazen returned to the Stellar Division by transfer - to Arcticala Inlet

Perran Adlani [ - Jungle Strike FC - ]
F C ( AGE: 20 CAPS: 13 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Meldi'ita Mungwaii [ - Eastal Lunar (VIL) - ]
F C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 6 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]
After 2 seasons at Inura Forests, leading the club in Scoring with 29 goals in Season 45 and the Player of the Season award, Mungwaii earned a high-profile transfer to Vilitan Stellar Division side Eastal Lunar for Season 46

Kaivel Illatara [ - Lonngeylin Coast - ]
F C ( AGE: 23 CAPS: 15 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ 5.68 Average Rating ]
A graduate of the Crosaibi Academy, Illatara signed professionally with Marine Coast United during season 38. After a slow start, Illatara's Season 40 exploits earned him top honors with 16 goals in Marine Coast United's promotion campaign. The performances did not go unnoticed and Illatara was snapped up by Lonngeylin Coast as they contended for the Season 41 title. Was a member of Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 42 Championship side.

Wiztsana Iretziia [ - Eelandii Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 1 :: GOALS::SR: 0 ) :: [ N/R ]

Berali Tzufarei [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: ) :: [ N/R ]
Tzufarei made their debut for the Vilita National Team at the Eagle's Cup V tournament.


I Give My Opponent Permission To:		
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y

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95X AOCAF 46 Roster

Postby 95X » Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:18 am

Yes, that's what my old flag looks like!
Formation: 4-4-2
Style: 0

## P Name                      M/F Age Soccer League X Team
01 K Una Solo F 30 none
05 F Melissa/Michelle Mitchell F ∞ SC Oceanside
06 D Cynthia Brixton F 24 Twentytwo Cacti
11 F Xi Foureleven F ∞ SC Oceanside
20 M Krista Beal F 24 Cascadia Seafox
22 D Allison Sixtwentyninth F 32 SC Cascadia
08 D Chris Posey M 27 none
30 M Myrshyll Grandview M 27 none
31 M Cassidy Eighttwentythird F 32 none
33 M Travis Sevenninetyeight M 30 none
51 D Wu Fivetwelve F 23 Brooklyn Cultures
Reserves exist; announced as needed.

Head Coach: Marvin Stark (SC Cascadia)

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod reasonable other events: Y
Godmod anything involving Xi Foureleven: N

For the first time, 95X will wear white uniforms with blue lettering, blue uniforms with gray lettering, or green uniforms with blue lettering as an alternate.
Several players without current Soccer League X teams as the league contracted to 10 teams; more on that when I post the SLX Season.
If you had a 95X player on one of your nation's domestic teams before I "left," you're free to continue using them and retcon them in if necessary.
If the RL Hope Solo were a 95Xer, she'd be Xi Foureleven's teammate. Enough said.

Finally, please refer to the 95X Style Guide. If you learned something about 95X or it answers a question you'd otherwise have, make sure to click "Approve of this dispatch."
Nation not my RL views, etc.
Poe's Law. Nonpartisan.
Atlantian Oceania. The Place.
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“If you want to read books, read books.”—Dennis James
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95X AOCAF 46 MD 0 RP

Postby 95X » Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:28 am

(OOC: this post brought to you IRL by Android, the OS with almost the same usability of Windows 3.11!)

95X Returns, Part One

Xi Foureleven held the AOCAF 46/2015 Limited Edition Nellie Scout Chance Cubes in her hand.
"How silly," she remarked to Melissa/Michelle Mitchell, who was in the same room.
"I hear they work though," Melissa added.
"Or, we could both be turned to inanimate objects," Michelle skeptically added, regarding her two-headed self and Xi.
As the hordes rage outside Xi Foureleven's supposedly secure home, Foureleven tosses them in her right hand once, twice, then rolls.
A flash of bright white light fills the room. Mitchell, having put aside her personal and professional differences with Foureleven, embraced Foureleven, who places her head between both of Mitchell's.
"It was nice knowing you," Foureleven said, thinking the roll destroyed themselves and/or 95X entirely.
The light fills the room, and Foureleven blacks out for a few moments.
Her sense of touch is the first to return, as she realizes she is somewhere else, possibly a different world. It's as if she knows she is touching something solid, although she doesn't know what.
She then hears familiar noises faintly in the distance. Her hearing began to return, when she realized they were closer than she thought.
Seconds later, she opened her eyes, to see a drab, slightly cluttered room. The most organized corner featured an antique desk holding a computer. A very familiar man sat in the chair, one she thought she'd never see again. Xi got up off the floor, took a deep breath, and spoke to him.
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‘Everyone makes mistakes, that's why they put erasers at the end of pencils.’—Bob Monkhouse paraphrase
“If you want to read books, read books.”—Dennis James
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Postby Nellietopia » Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:48 am

So You Want to Know More About Footy in Nellietopia...

Well, that's a bloody mistake. Any exercise in understanding Nellies is an exercise in futility, much like emptying a bathtub of molasses with a spoon underwater. We've stopped trying to explain it years ago. But what you do need to understand are these:

(1) While there are many types of nellies, the most frequent (i.e. only) type of nellie found is the ubiquitous Purple-Stinging Nellie. These little critters are the conception of some crazed lunatic who spent his/her/its days inventing creatures with radically long stories filled to the brim with verbose descriptors like adverbs and adjectives (not to mention the odd plethora of parenthetical remarks). That crazed lunatic is now retired, but the conception that spawned the first purple-stinging nellie has given birth to a whole nation of nellies that very much dominates regional thought.

(2) The organization responsible for the defense of Nellietopia is known as the Armed Forces League of Allemenschen Critters (AFLAC) [link no longer works because someone took away NSWiki...]. If you don't what that means, don't worry - we're still confused as well. The general jist is that the country that used to be the former territory of Nellietopia was once called Allemenschen, a poor country full of idiots (literally). Somewhere along the way, the defense of the country was subcontracted to a bunch of animals, hence AFLAC. The list of animals that makes up this armed force is only limited by the imagination allowed. Perhaps the most famous members are the Bovine Geese Corps, whose hatred of all things Sorthern Northland is quite renowned (even as the Snorths nuked themselves to oblivion). If you've been reading out latest (and greatest) in the Nellie anthology of xenobiological wonders, you'll also know there's someone new on the block.

(3) A typical match of footy in Nellietopia is simply chaos. There are eleven nellies with eight legs. There is that purple silk that the nellies will produce. There is the stinging. There is the biting. And there is the ball - it is round.

I mean, we could contrive some roster for you to survey and say "well, I think Jim-Bob deserves to score a hat trick today..." but we've evolved beyond the need to publish match reports. Does it mean that you're going to love every last bit of RP we write? Hell no. People hate it when we write, because it means ten-ninety-three words of superfluous drivel. Moreover, even if we were to contrive a roster of nellies, the reality is that Nellietopian society is becoming more and more hive-mind-like. Is it fair to say one part is above any other part or whole?

To prepare you with that inevitable reality, we've concocted a few "realistic" scenarios should your team face a team of Nellies...

(A) "The [TEAMNAME] was sent to hospital following the AOCAF match against Nellietopia, most players suffering from serious bites and stings inflicted by the opponents. The referee attempted to issue red cards to the violating players, but he/she/it was stung as well and sent to the hospital. Government officials are now quarantining the stadium and banning Nellietopia from sending any more nellies, threatening to nuke the country with a giant can of RAID..."

(B) "The [TEAMNAME] emerged victorious over the puny Nellies of Nellietopia. Government officials later issued apologies after the entire Nellietopian team was squashed under the feet of the [NATION] players. The nellies are still recovering from the hospital, although it is widely expected that the nellies will remain in critical condition for some time..."

(C) "I rolled special AOCAF XLVI edition Nellie Scout Chance Cubes, and a badger mauled my niece!"

Well, there are other options. But that's for you to decide and for me to critique nonchalantly with a casual wag of my hyperbolic finger.

(4) More than likely, playing a bunch of nellies is going to be boring. I mean... they're nellies. You could spray a can of RAID and win. Or you could huff a can of RAID and die. Please don't die.

But instead of the match report, you could opt to partake in perhaps the greatest cultural legacy of the Nellies - an exclusive line of Nellie Scout brand merchandise! It started with the original - Nellie Scout Cookies, made with real scouts (not nellies...). Then we branched into other obscure (and long forgotten products). Recently, a new resurgence in the Nellie Scout brand has brought you a whole plethora of random shit that you don't need but you direly want (almost the same thing as needing, I suppose). Of course, you're welcome to buy Nellie Scout Chance Cubes - the chance cubes where anything can and will happen. Eventually, we'll catalogue all of those merchandise that the Nellie Scouts have produced, but for now, we'll suffice with cookies, chance cubes, frying pans, and cans of worms - mostly because they're the most amusing at the present, and quite frankly, we'll come up with something else that equally amusing later and forget about that as well.

(5) RP Permissions: you can do anything whatever you are willing to have done to yourself. Be mindful of the torrent of words that you may unleash upon yourself should your RP not satisfy the nellies, however (as a point of advice, buy lots of our Nellie Scout shit, and you'll be plenty fine).

BTW: we pledge to the hosts that the nellies won't do anything to defile the host venues that can't be cleaned up with a good amount of Nellie Scout Elbow Grease ®.
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Postby Nellietopia » Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:38 am

"Who the HELL is Achtklan?!?"


"Thank you. No! No! What? I'm asking a question!"

The Duck looked back at the Nellies with a shrug. "I haven't the faintest clue. Why are you asking me? I'm the guy who shoots stuff, not ask questions."

"Then where is the person who asks the questions?"

At that remark, a cat wearing a lab coat fell through the roof of the Conclave. She landed splat on the ground. The Nellies muttered amongst themselves, "Aren't cats supposed to land on their feet?" The cat adjusted herself and dusted off the little bit of dirt from the ground. She put on a pair of goggles. She turned to the Nellies and spoke in the squeakiest voice that perhaps had ever been heard from a cat (or anything really). "Greetings, esteemed members of the Conclave. I am Curiosity - the cat. What you just observed was the unlikely event of a cat landing splat on the ground. It confirms my hypothesis - landing splat actually hurts a lot. Now, I am the one who answers the questions in Nellietopia - what questions may you have?"

The Nellies and the Duck looked at Curiosity. "Well, if you're here, maybe you can answer the question about..."

"Not to worry!" Curiosity replied, pulling out a easel chart board from under her lab coat. "I already have the answer here. And it seems the problem stems from the abundance of randomizing chance cubes that have been dispersed over many years. The mere toss or roll of a chance cube of these types has disrupted the chance continuum, assorting preferentially to randomness that is both unlikely and annoying. I suspect that the past three years have been horribly skewed in the direction of unusual activity, but there's no way of knowing unless I finish my invention - the Anti-Randomness Chamber - and discover what the world would look like without randomness, a world where all things are perfectly calculable."

The Nellies all glanced at Curiosity with a fair amount of skepticism. "Well, if the Chance Cubes are causing all of the problems, why not just get rid of them?"

The Duck subtly chimed in with his thoughts. "If you want my opinion, we could just take over AOCAF again, and tell them to fix the name thing."

"Or we could send a letter asking them to change it."

"OR!" Curiosity yelled. "I could finish my ARC and we could figure out what the world looks like without randomness."

The Nellies all glanced again. "That still sounds like a horrible idea..."

Curiosity shrugged her shoulders. "Why not?"


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Postby Greater Watford » Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:30 pm


GK1Kendrick Hannon2727Leavesden Rovers FC
DEF2Jonny Gregor2449Watford FC
DEF3Elmo Dowling27191Leavesden Rovers FC
DEF4Steven Shields2420Bovingdon FC
DEF5Osvaldo Current26171Sporting Tudor
MID6Tommy Deer24291Hemel Hempstead FC
MID7Aaron Smith29453Leverstock Green Rovers FC
MID8Garry Oldfen29294Leavesden Rovers FC
ATT9Mario Mannetti279353Watford FC
ATT10Ignacio Peréz265825Hemel Hempstead FC
MID11Samuel Harris269217Marlowes City FC
GK12Tommy Lancaster323Sporting Tudor
DEF13Keven Sproull26201Marlowes City FC
DEF14Ryan Warthon29872Hemel Hempstead FC
DEF15Jerrod Ledger319Bricket Wood FC
DEF16Ryan Franks272Bricket Wood FC
MID17Hobert Capp27111Marlowes City FC
MID18Peter Tilder32764Marlowes City FC
MID19Kyle Kerney27171Watford FC
ATT20Freddy Lincoln306725Heartwood FC (NOV)
ATT21Lorenzo Lanzo21Watford FC
MID22Shirley Ortiz279Bricket Wood FC
GK23Gordon Watson289Bovingdon FC

1.Kendrick Hannon-Now the #1 goalkeeper in Greater Watford, Hannon surrounded himself with publicity last season with a switch from Leavesden Rovers FC to Watford FC. The switch saw him displace James Hemsworth, former #1 goalkeeper for both Watford FC and the national side. Hannon is a relatively calm and composed goalkeeper, preferring to get the job done, over any flamboyant displays of modern keepers.
2.Jonny Gregor-Since he moved to Watford FC, Jonny Gregor has become a crucial left back for club and country. Replacing Thomas Razdeski in the left-back role, Jonny Gregor has proven himself to be more athletic than the average defender. His translates to good pace and dribbling skills, as he plays a deep lying winger role, as opposed to the traditional left-back.
3.Elmo Dowling-Thrown into the first 11 for the WC70 qualifiers, Elmo Dowling proved to be a good centre back, even scoring a goal in the process. Notable for this bright red hair, his defending is more expressive than some old-school defenders. Nevertheless, he is building experience in the national team, and still has several years in him yet.
4.Steven Shields-One of the returning faces of Greater Watford. He was in the AOCAF 43 squad, but was relatively ineffective. Returning as #14 in the WC70 squad, he is now in the first eleven for AOCAF 46. He has a big responsibility on his shoulders, playing centre back and not left back, but he hopes to be able to rise to the challenge.
5.Osvaldo Current-New blood for WC70 qualifying, he cemented his place in the team with good performances on the right-wing. Like Gregor, he plays as a deep lying winger, giving width to the national team. He has good pace for a defender, and always looks to take the battle to the opponent on the wing.
6.Tommy Deer-Having spent time as a substitute for many tournaments, Tommy Deer is now granted a place in the first team. He is naturally a central midfielder, but drops to defensive midfielder in de Rosso’s plans. It remains to be seen how well he will do at this, however he is relatively strong, and one of the taller players, at 6’3’’, so he should pose an aerial threat.
7.Aaron Smith-In the very first squad for Greater Watford, back in the WC67 and BoF days, it was a surprise to see him go straight into the first eleven. However, de Rosso says that he saw him playing for Leverstock Green Rovers FC, and is confident in his abilities. A tough cookie, he’s known for his tenacity in the centre of the park, so there could be a few fireworks if he is rattled.
8.Garry Oldfen-Appearing in the WC69 and AOCAF 45 squads, Oldfen worked his way into the first eleven. He is one of the more mature players, having developed strongly at Leavesden Rovers FC, helping them to 2 Super League titles. He looks for the pass, and doesn’t often dribble the ball, but is technically skilled, and accurate when passing or crossing.
9.Mario Mannetti-As captain and most capped player, Mario Mannetti probably needs no introduction. Considered the star of Greater Watford, he now believes he is in his peak, and has said that he dreams of World Cup qualification, and a Super League title for his hometown club Watford FC. Always clinical in front of goal, and with a sharp eye for space, he should never be underestimated.
10.Ignacio Peréz-Ignacio Peréz worked his way into the team after Gianpedro Dominico’s reign as manager ended, and Freddy Lincoln and Ylvin Serven hit some bad form. Since then, he has been considered the main #10 for Greater Watford. On a good day, he is dangerous to the opposition defence, with pace and a powerful shot. However, he can be inconsistent. He is also known for his very long brown curly hair, which now extends over his name on the back of his shirt.
11.Samuel Harris-After moving for $25’000’000 to Marlowes City FC from St Albans City FC, after no foreign teams looked to sign him, Harris has a lot of attention on him. As an attacking midfielder, he is the perfect outlet for the strikers, with good pace, dribbling and passing. He also has a good shot as well. While not the strongest player on the pitch, he certainly is a threat to be wary of.
12.Tommy Lancaster-The backup keeper for Greater Watford. With only 3 caps at 32, his backup keeper selection surprised many. While he plays well for his club Sporting Tudor, the quiet talk among those higher up is that James Hemsworth’s feud with de Rosso and Hannon has left a hole for Greater Watford in the goalkeeping department.
13.Keven Sproull-Sproull is one of Marlowes City FC’s key defenders, and has often sat on the bench for Greater Watford. He gets some game time, when the Hornets look to retain their lead, as his strength is useful in the end game when others have tired legs. A useful player for the Hornets, if not an outright star.
14.Ryan Warthon-Bald but bearded, one of the most famous defenders in Greater Watford, Ryan Warthon has been dropped from the first eleven for the first time. His sending off at the CoH, and general aggressive behaviour for club and country have been considered large factors for de Rosso’s decision. Even from the bench, he’ll prove to be a tough, strong player in the defensive line.
15.Jerrod Ledger-At 31, he broke into the national team at a relatively late time. However, good performances have enabled him to make the bench of the national team. He is a useful utility defender, not skilled in any particular area, but with enough ability to make the difference wherever he plays in the back line.
16.Ryan Franks-In the National Team for AOCAF 44, Franks makes a surprise return to get the #16 shirt. At 27 he is around his prime, and at right back, was very effective for Bricket Wood FC. It still remains to be seen how he will adapt to the role of deep lying winger if subbed on.
17.Hobert Capp-Typically a deep lying midfielder, Capp was dropped for WC70 qualifying, but retuns to the bench, owing to the ageing Louis Revson and Jan Regan. Quite strong and tall, Hobert is a passer, and not a dribbler. What he lacks in technical skill he shows with a gritty determination, and is often considered an extra centre back by some people.
18.Peter Tilder-One of the early pioneers of Greater Watford’s football journey, Tilder’s age is beginning to show, as he sits on the bench at this tournament. Known for his rough play, he looks to win the battles in the midfield. Built like a rugby player, many opponents come off second best in a challenge with him, but he is prone to being outpaced.
19.Kyle Kerney-Kerney is another player who seemed to be on a hiatus from the National Team, until de Rosso called him up for the WC70 qualifiers. Kerney is one of the fastest players in the squad, looking to get himself as far forward as possible to supply for his teammates. His shooting still needs some work, but having him come on as a sub against tired defenders can prove to be a good tactical move.
20.Freddy Lincoln-The only one of the 23 players to play abroad, for Heartwood FC of Nova Anglicana. He is one of the strikers who relies on strength, and a good heading ability to score his goals, as opposed to the pacey shooter stereotype. He’s often competed for a place in the first eleven, but Peréz now appears to be the favoured #10.
21.Lorenzo Lanzo-Young prodigy and the only uncapped player in the squad. Often seen as a younger version of Mario Mannetti, Lanzo has tried to shake off this identity, by carving out his own fortune at Watford FC. Him and Mannetti are a lethal strike force in the Super League, and if he is given the chance, many will be excited to see the pair of them line up in Greater Watford colours.
22.Shirley Ortiz-To people outside of Greater Watford, it should be noted that Shirley is a unisex name, and Shirley Ortiz is in fact male. Ortiz is a midfielder who can adapt himself to a wide range of positions, making him useful on the bench. He has good vision and passing skills, which do make up for his less than stellar physical performance.
23.Gordon Watson-The goalkeeper merry-go-round saw Gordon Watson move to Leavesden Rovers FC from Bovingdon FC. As 3rd choice keeper, he had some caps in the early days, when there were clashes between tournaments for Greater Watford. However, any involvement in the AOCAF 46 seems unlikely, and like Lancaster, Watson seems like a stop-gap before young players progress into the squad.

Notable absentees include James Hemsworth, alledegly due to a feud between him, Kendrick Hannon and Alessandro de Rosso. Jan Ragen and Louis Revson also miss out. Pip Roberto is dropped in favour of Lorenzo Lanzo.

Manager: Alessandro de Rosso
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2

Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (discuss it via Telegram first)
Godmod other events: Yes

Style modifier-0

A new kit was unveiled for Greater Watford. The home shirt features the traditional red sleeves, with a red and black stirpe down the side of the shirt. The away kit pays tribute to the traditional name of the island Greater Watford is situted on Hertfordia, by incorporating the white and green stripes of the flag. The third and goalkeeper shirt, is the same pattern as the home shirt, but in red.
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Postby Osarius » Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:37 pm

Osarius Squad for AOCAF Cup 46

Team: Osarius National Football Team (aka "The Firebirds")
Style modifier: +1.5 (counter/possession-based attacking)

Manager: Jermain Lewis (68 years old)
Assistant Manager: Georgina Carsley (60 years old)
Captain: Juan Pablo Rodriguez
Vice-captain: Efrain Suarez
3rd captain: Gabrielle Harrison

Home stadium: Mount Crown Stadium, Burningham (cap. 98,000 all seated)
The Firebirds' home stadium is built at the foot of the imposing Mount Crown, on the outskirts of the capital city, Burningham. Fans are known for their extremely vocal support, and the Osarian national stadium has been described as a difficult place to play. The stats support this notion, as Osarius are undefeated, and have not failed to find the net there under Jermain Lewis. The most vociferous home fans are seated in a kop-esque stand built into the mountainside, with the huge, rocky face behind them adding to the intimidation. The pitch itself is usually made shorter, but wider than most, catering to the short midfield passing game of the Firebirds, and their frequent use of width. Long-ball teams will find it difficult to find space behind the defence, but teams making liberal use of wingers will likely flourish.

Image Image
Image Image

There are also two "special" kits, one is white with black and red flames on the front left, and the other is mostly gold (the traditional alternate kit colours) with a red and black bar across the middle, if neither of these is suitable. I'll make these eventually.

My RP Permissions are pretty chill to be honest.
Pretty much anything goes, I only ask that you let me decide the severity of any injuries you decide to RP for me, please.
Send my players off if you must -- if it's a player I really didn't wanna lose for the next game, I'll RP an appeal or something.
Oh and at the risk of sounding a bit "RAWR" ... do not kill any of my players or coaching staff (unless I say go ahead via TG).
Killing fans is okay though. Go nuts with that if you like.

Most likely to...
Score a goal: Marco Puntoriero, Sido Pudoremu (if he's playing), Andrea Poynter, Lucio Lazzarani, Salvatore Laccona, Paolita Bruno, the other winger(s) (in something like that order)
Create that goal: Lucio Lazzarani or Nicola Costello. Salvatore Laccona is a big lad, so he makes a decent amount of flick ons, too.
Win a free kick: Paolita Bruno, Marco Puntoriero or Lucio Lazzarani
Take (and score) that free kick: Lucio Lazzarani, Nicola Costello or Andrea Poynter
Win a penalty: Marco Puntoriero, Sido Pudoremu or Andrea Poynter
Take (and score) that penalty: Marco Puntoriero, Andrea Poynter or Nicola Costello
Miss a penalty: probably Salvatore Laccona
Score a header off a set piece: Salvatore Laccona, Fabian Padron or Gianluigi Calabrese
Score an own goal: Jorge Santana
Hack an opponent down: Salvador Juarez. Cynically.
Lose their head and get sent off: Will Simpson has inherited his dad's crazy streak, it seems
Commit a professional foul: Efrain Suarez. Dude is (still) insane.
Argue with the referee: Efrain Suarez again (he will sprint a good 60-70m to do it, too)
"Disappear" during a match: Alexander Scott and Zoe Barnes have both shown this kind of inconsistency for Dynapolis this past season
"Put in a shift": Fabio Mancini
Have an elaborate goal celebration planned out: Darik Samuels and Jerome Monroe are well known for their shenanigans at Trothwands... like Doherty before them.
Get caught stumbling out of a nightclub: He doesn't drink, but Luther Bailey does DJ from time to time.
Do charity work: Lewis requires the entire squad to at times, but Juan Pablo Rodriguez and Andrea Poynter are most likely to do so without being told to
Elicit marriage proposals from fans: Gabrielle Harrison is very popular, and Juan Pablo Rodriguez has seen his popularity skyrocket in the past 12 months.

The team will generally attempt to control possession rather than engage in consciously defensive play; and "parking the bus" is a cardinal sin. When out of possession, the team will generally press high up the pitch and try to win the ball back as quickly as possible, sometimes over-committing, and leaving themselves vulnerable to a swift counterattack. Generally pacy defenders help to alleviate this problem somewhat.

Against stronger opponents, expect to see a more defensive positioning manifest itself, though. Defenders will be less likely to press high, and the team plays something akin to consciously defensive football, looking to use devastating speed on the break.

They will also slow down when ahead later in the game, but only so they don't unnecessarily provide opportunities to lose possession and/or concede. This doesn't mean they wont take the opportunity to score if it presents itself, though...

The front line of three is often very flexible, with all three (usually) capable of playing in any of the front three roles at any given time. Most of the time, the centre forward/striker will remain the focal point of the team's central attacking, though, whether they are receiving passes or moving to make space for the wingers.

If there is an attacking midfielder on the pitch, they will likely operate as a "false ten" in tandem with a forward dropping deep (like a "false nine"). Effectively they will be most likely to get onto the end of passes in the final third, and thus score goals. Unless the forward is Marco Puntoriero. Because he doesn't do well when asked to drop back, and in this case, the most attacking midfielder remaining will be tasked with supporting the striker, with Costello usually creating from deep a la Andrea Pirlo.

On the occasions no specifically named attacking midfielder is used, typically it is an indicator that the manager expects a tighter battle for possession in the midfield zone. In these situations, expect Mancini to push forward more often, while the third midfielder is a more defensively-inclined option, like Salvador Juarez or Luther Bailey.

The fullbacks typically overlap a lot -- considering how often the wingers change sides and become "inverted" (i.e. cutting inside the defender on their stronger foot, rather than pulling wide) -- and seem to operate almost as advanced as wingbacks (or even midfielders against considerably weaker teams) a lot of the time, making the system a sort of like a 3-4-3 when Osarius attack, due to Costello (usually) dropping deeper to counter against a potential playmaker "in the hole" for the opposition.

Set piece preferences (in order):
Corner kick takers: Whichever wingers/wide forwards are on the pitch. Sometimes Lazzarani will insist.
Penalty takers: Marco Puntoriero, Andrea Poynter, Nicola Costello then... your call, I guess.
Free kick takers: Lucio Lazzarani, Nicola Costello, Andrea Poynter
Long free kicks: A centre back (usually Rodriguez), or the Suarez (because he "won't get many touches otherwise" -- his words)

You don't have to stick to all of that, though. It just fits in better with the way I intend to RP my team (when I can).

Something that is important to know is that football isnt the number on sport in Osarius. Its second, to GraviBall, though the gap is (still) closing.

Footballers in Osarius are popular for abstract reasons. Normally the main one is making tough tackles, because the combative nature of the game is what the majority of fans like most. Very passionate, are Osarian fans, you see. However, there is also an increasing appreciation for the cerebral footballer; be that a clever pass or a clever run that leads to a goal. Sooo... basically, if you're not creating/scoring goals or making crunching tackles, the fans generally aren't impressed. That goes for opponents too... Osarian fans always appreciate good football, so they will even applaud opposition players at times (although they will boo their goals, obvs).

The complicated tactical systems used by modern Osarian teams are well-understood by the fans, and a growing football blogging community within Osarius often has in-depth tactical discussion, and regularly posters show great insight. This is thought to be the result of a general increase in coaching quality throughout the nation, which has also contributed heavily to the national team's increased degree of success in recent years.

From time to time I'll make reference to the area a player is from, and when I do, I will try to add an OOC note to explain what it means (if relevant), because different regions of Osarius have almost entirely different cultures. For example, Tubrissian people's habits and sayings are heavily based on Phoenician/Carthaginian culture and religious beliefs; Islanders -- those from Kyoshiku/Kholanaras Island in the south-west -- have a warrior-centric culture and are quite insular; many Ikutursans worship a malevolent, erisian, serpent deity... and so on.

Manager: Jermain Lewis
There isn't much more that can be said about Lewis that hasn't already been said. After leading the national side to a regional championship, followed by a World Cup win, he can do no wrong. It is a testament to his dedication to improvement, and unwavering desire for success that he has had little rest since last summer's triumph; travelling the multiverse along with his scouting team to check in on Osarian talent in several leagues. While Lewis' main perceived flaw is his stubbornness -- he consistently selects his squad based on his preferred 4-3-3 system -- he has exhibited some tactical flexibility in the past eighteen months or so. Injuries and suspensions have forced his hand a few times, and the former Firewood City and Osarius captain adjusted admirably. If he has a critical weakness, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see it.

Assistant Manager: Georgina Carsley
Although Lewis has the air of an enforcer, Carsley seems to be the one carrying out most of the enforcing in the dressing room, if rumours are to be believed. The former Greeningham City fullback -- and darling of the crowds -- was known in her playing days for her no-nonsense, tough tackling style of play, and it seems she takes a similar stance as a coach. Perhaps taking more than one leaf from the Elissa Barca-Carthy school of management, she is said to be brutally honest in her appraisal of player performance -- something that several senior members of the squad admire greatly -- and gets more than a little upset with a lack of commitment from her charges.

Other Non-Playing Staff
Though Osarius were recently crowned World Champions, Lewis has managed to keep his fairly newly assembled backroom team together. New arrivals Richards and Decker have proven to be useful additions, helping to fine-tune inconsistencies in the team's attacking and defending respectively.

Coaches: Lorenzo Ruiz, Harvey Decker, Serenity Lewis, Ayanna Barca-Carthy, Dean Richards
Lorenzo Ruiz is beginning to seem irreplaceable in his role as the team's primary technical coach, with few daring to argue against the claim that the former Utica United midfielder can trap a ball better than any current player in the squad. Ruiz is often found working with another technical great, Ayanna Barca-Carthy, to refine the more delicate aspects of the game with the players; particularly the younger ones. Barca-Carthy's skill at working with youngsters has seen her manage an under-23 squad to victory in the Rabastor Trophy, and many believe she will eventually succeed Lewis as national team manager. It's hard to see many arguing with this, if it happens, given the respect she commands -- partially as a result of her status as a former Osarius captain herself.

The manager's daughter, Serenity, is a part of Osarian football history much like her father, but has fought off claims of nepotism throughout her career. Her mental toughness cannot be underestimated, and with an intensity similar to her father's, but a likeability he doesn't always exude -- given his propensity for "prickly" behaviour -- she has managed to gain the respect and affection of the squad. Her popularity is thought to be both a possible advantage and disadvantage in any attempt to claim the Osarius manager's spot in future.

Harvey Decker's innate understanding of defending has seen a noticeable improvement in the team's defensive positioning. The captain for the AOCAF Cup, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, has been the primary beneficiary of his knowledge. Rodriguez, as leader of the defence, is expected to organise the defence -- Decker's insight has seen him improve considerably in this respect.

The lethal understanding of the art of goalscoring behind Dean Richards' quiet eyes has seen Marco Puntoriero finally begin to realise the potential that saw him compared to national team record goalscorer Ezio Grassi while still a teenager. While the Firewood striker did not fully complete the takeover, this AOCAF Cup is a good chance to finish the transformation. If he -- or any other Osarian striker, for that matter -- is to manage it, Richards' insight will be invaluable.

Specialist Coaches: Lana Schroeder (goalkeeping), Gabriele Esposito (strength and fitness)
With Traga retiring after the World Cup, Gabriele Esposito -- his most favoured student -- has inherited his duties, and has opted to continue the older man's legacy; "mental fitness training". The Fourgian spent three years working with Trothwands Evolution prior to joining Traga's organisation, so is familiar with the requirements of elite footballers, and has been able to apply his experience to the Osarian national team without any difficulty. Lana Schroeder's goalkeeping expertise is unquestioned, though her patience is often tested working with the unorthodox Efrain Suarez. Schroeder has adapted well, though, introducing more ball work into her regime, in order to help work on the "sweeper keeper" aspects of the position -- something she never did as a player -- to better reflect the changing nature of the game. Lewis is said to be dreading the day Lana retires, which speaks volumes about her ability.

Medical Team: Dr. Clara Cormega (physiotherapist), Dr. Vite Karusiki (team doctor)
Dr. Cormega's presence has been invaluable for Lewis in his attempts to maintain health among his squad. Between the niggling injuries from domestic campaigns his players are involved in, Lewis may have been forced to deviate from his long-term plans with regard to younger, emerging players, if not for Dr. Cormega's expert assistance in limiting recurrence and speeding recovery. It helps that Dr. Cormega has an excellent working relationship with Dr. Karusiki, and the two are able to combine their knowledge and experience to maximise efficacy.

Noting the increased burden on Dr. Karusiki with regard to attending to mental health -- and perhaps to address the lingering concerns over squad mentality -- Lewis implored the OFA to hire a dedicated psychologist for the team. Dr. Bruni came highly recommended, having spent several years working with OLAF championship winning sides, but departed after the World Cup. Her replacement is yet to be confirmed, though rumours are abound that a highly respected, second generation Quebecois doctor will be taking up the post.

Scouting Team: Roberto Cormega, Rene Wilson-Ouaddou, Elene Altieri
Something Osarius has only had in recent years, is a dedicated scouting team. Lewis insisted on this after the humiliating defeat at the hands of The Hakifao Isles during the last AOCAF Cup, and finally he has his wish. It was agreed that a scouting team would aid Lewis in his meticulous preparations, and to fill requirements, he called on one of the most knowledgeable coaches in Osarius (Cormega), a trusted old teammate (Wilson-Ouaddou) and the head scout working under another of his old teammates (Altieri; currently contracted to Hastmead Diamante, under Benni Watson). Of the three, only Wilson-Ouaddou is full-time with the national team, though Cormega's superior knowledge affords him the rank of chief scout. Lewis will be relying on the trio to provide him with detailed information on all opponents in the AOCAF Cup, as he seeks to guide his team to back-to-back regional titles.

The Squad

As is customary, Jermain Lewis has named an entirely under-25 squad. Many of the championship winning squad from AOCAF Cup 45 will be returning -- some of them with World Cup winners medals -- so opposition will underestimate them at their own peril.

### Pos  Name                  Age    Current Club                   
#01 [GK] Efrain SUAREZ 24 y/o [TAE] New Capetown Falcons
#02 [RB] Gabrielle HARRISON 22 y/o [TAE] Bayern Phoenix
#04 [CM] Nicola COSTELLO 24 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
#03 [LB] Alexander SCOTT 21 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
#05 [CB] Juan Pablo RODRIGUEZ 24 y/o [PAS] Tanrisal
#06 [CB] Fabian PADRON 24 y/o [SEM] Fransborg set Njilkaer
#07 [RW] Paolita BRUNO 22 y/o [WBO] Hollow Cliffs
#08 [CM] Fabio MANCINI 20 y/o [DRV] Grimsby Town FC
#09 [ST] Marco PUNTORIERO 23 y/o [OSR] Firewood City
#10 [AM] Lucio LAZZARANI 24 y/o [WBO] Heigellion
#11 [LW] Darik SAMUELS 18 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#12 [GK] Paolita TACCARDI 23 y/o [EQS] Stalliongrad HC
#13 [ST] Sido PUDOREMU 20 y/o [FEL] Real Santa Maria
#14 [ST] Salvatore LACCONA 23 y/o [WBO] Fairbanks Royals FC
#15 [CB] Gianluigi CALABRESE 19 y/o [OSR] Burningham City
#16 [CM] Luther BAILEY 18 y/o [OSR] Greeningham City
#17 [CB] Jorge SANTANA 19 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#18 [RW] Jerome MONROE 18 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#19 [DM] Salvador JUAREZ 20 y/o [JEC] Colanso City
#20 [CM] Zoe BARNES 21 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
#21 [RB] India TURNER 19 y/o [OSR] Callisto City
#22 [AM] Andrea POYNTER 25 y/o [EQS] Canterlot Royals
#23 [LB] Will SIMPSON 16 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante

"Best" starting lineup: [4-3-3] Suarez; Scott, Rodriguez (c), Padron, Harrison; Costello, Mancini, Lazzarani; Samuels, Puntoriero, Bruno
Most common changes: Poynter, Laccona, Juarez, Turner, Pudoremu
Ruler: - vacant - | Population: ~125 million (as of 2300) | Capital: Burningham, Mount Crown
Civilisation Index: 13.43 • Tier 7, Level 2, Type 5
Current Project(s): A customisable trading card game and a 7-a-side footy sim

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Postby Mangolana » Tue Jan 27, 2015 4:17 pm

Mangolana Gazzette

Mangolana aims high in AOCAF

The Mangolana national soccer team is aiming high. Following a disastrous World Cup campaign, Mangolana will be looking to rebound, starting with the 46th edition of the AOCAF, Atlantian Oceania's regional tournament. Not only would a good finish in the tournament provide the gator mangoes with some much needed confidence, but also give its players a stage to play on.

Manager Francis McLaughlin will be relishing the tournament. AOCAF 46 will mark the first competitive match for Mangolana under McLaughlin. When asked about the his expectations for the tournament, the long time assistant did not shy away from his high expectations.

"We should easily make a run out of the group. Excluding Valanora, us three (Cosumar, Naitpyge and Mangolana) all have an equal chance of making the knockout rounds. Whether it be differential or on points, we will make the knockout rounds. Anything less is unacceptable."

Whether these expectations are meetable or not, Mangolana looks to already have the confidence factor on its side. Should that lead to overconfidence and complacency is yet to be seen. However, Mangolana will be looking to start off their tournament well. Taking on Cosumar in the opening match will be a tell tale sign of how this tournament will progress for the fighting mangoes of Mangolana.
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The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:23 pm


Here it comes, the first cutoff for the AOCAF XLVI! Who will manage a good or horrendous start to the tournament?

MD1 Results

Group A
Valanora 0–0 Naitpyge
Cosumar 2–2 Mangolana

Group B
Legalese 0–0 Ko-oren
Royal Kingdom of Quebec 4–2 Semarland

Group C
Osarius 3–0 New Cloudsdale
The Calanian Union 0–1 Mendoya

Group D
Audioslavia 2–0 The Hakifao Isles
Blouman Empire 2–0 Patistan

Group E
Vilita & Turori 1–2 Ratastan
Starblaydia 1–0 Achtklan

Group F
Farfadillis 1–2 Greater Watford
95X 1–0 New Drakonika

Tables to come in MD2.

Your Sponsor for the AOCAF 46:
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Postby Vilita » Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:21 pm


Ir-RAT-ional loss for Eel-Cat Things

Vilita & Turori 1 - 2 Ratastan

:: Goalscorers ::
:: 11' Purapal Eskiiy
:: Goalscorers ::
:: 63' A. Rat Bastard*
:: 66' Stan "The Man" Cheesehead*
:: Best Player: Perran Adlani
:: Worst Player: Kalek Intafel
:: Shots on Target: 4
:: Corner Kicks: 5
:: Best Player: Mouse Trap (GK)
:: Worst Player: Sewer Rat
:: Shots on Target: 4
:: Corner Kicks: 3

Vilita & Turori Eel Cat Things ::
[GK] Kalek Intafel, [D.] Tarek Edgeli, [D.] Majid Jedidi, [D.] Jirijii Januaa, [D.] Arocki Tadalek, [ML] Purapal Eskiiy, [MC] Teliima Loinara, [MC] Amosiik Montaane, [MR] Vliela Lianksa, [FC] Perran Adlani, [FC] Kaivel Illatara
[FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Inamari Altariiz, [M] Timi'sala Koarena, [M] Tripate Falcon, [U] Karisto Monafog, [D] Tlikao Muratai, [GK] G.Q Disterfred II

Vilita Substitutions::
(45) - Teliima Loinara >>> Inamari Altariiz
(64) - Vliela Lianksa >>> Meldi'ita Mungwaii
(79) - Jirijii Januaa >>> Tripate Falcon

(For Future Statistical Reference)
GK:: Kalek Intafel - [4]

D.:: Tarek Edgeli - [6]
D.:: Majid Jedidi - [6]
D.:: Jirijii Januaa - [5]
D.:: Arocki Tadalek - [5]
ML:: Purapal Eskiiy - [10]
MC:: Teliima Loinara - [6]
MC:: Amosiik Montaane - [7]
MR:: Vliela Lianksa - [7]
FC:: Perran Adlani - [9]
FC:: Kaivel Illatara - [7]

Vilitan Subs Bench:
FC:: Meldi'ita Mungwaii - [5]
FC:: Inamari Altariiz - [7]
M:: Timi'sala Koarena - [DNP]
M:: Tripate Falcon - [5]
U:: Karisto Monafog - [DNP]
D:: Tlikao Muratai - [DNP]
GK:: G.Q Disterfred II - [DNP]

* In the absence of an official roster, player names were assumed
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The Hakifao Isles
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Postby The Hakifao Isles » Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:03 pm

In my mind, I understood why the proud islands of Feýjánsmitt had voted overwhelmingly to join the Hakifao Republic. Our economy had been flatlining for nearly a decade now ever since it had fallen to pieces, and when you're on some desolate rock out in the Sea of Katterna, there's not much natural resources to live off of. Hakifao had offered to pay off our frighteningly large debt if we joined, so we had voted to, along with nearby desolate rocks in the Sea of Katterna, Mjöttsland and Vestfjörður.

In my heart, of course, I was an unabashed nationalist. The forest-sky-silver hues of the national þrírslat, or tricolor, evoked a sensation none other did when I gazed at it. On the football field which I practiced on, the small field belonging to FC North Feyjän, every day I saw it.

I was disappointed when Feýjánsmitt chose life under the Hakifaos, of course. But over the years my nationalism, without the whetstone of schooling and church, lost its edge. Yet still, when the green, blue, and silver-striped flag was replaced with the purple-and-navy cross of the Hakifaos during an important game against Ulselsheim, our new capital, I was furious.

But what can you do about it? My family needed the money from football, and I was urged from all sides to join the Hakifao national team. To play what was truly international soccer, rather than the Greater Hakifao League, which at most required me to fly an hour or so to Rodeshelm in the south of the nation. Reluctantly I dotted the "J" in "Byrnjar" and took the next flight to Ulselsheim.

Three months later I was standing in Quebec, lacing up to make the latest national attempt to defend against Audioslavia.
"Starting at left-back for The Hakifao Republic...twenty-six years old, number fifteeeeennnnn...Brynjar Jonsson!"

I laced up a second before the announcement came and sprinted out into the chilly Quebecois night. A bit late, perhaps, but then again I'd been given the nod thirty minutes before gametime, Adam Henrikson being busy vomiting up the raw meat he'd mistaken for cold cuts. An unlikely start, for sure, but nevertheless I was on the pitch and there was only one thing that could mean.

I'd seen a copy of the Audioslavian starting lineup, and things didn't look good. The squad was in full strength, not chancing the upsets Hakifao had proven themselves worthy of against Osarius in the past. Hufdis Uulver, Ronda-Judit Styrn, Serge Rollins - all of the starting eleven that had finished second at the sixty-ninth World Cup and made it to the quarterfinals at the seventieth.

I, being the left-back, was told to keep an eye on Aitor Jovellanos, the technically skilled left-footed winger, in particular, although of course players of the caliber of Styrn and Uulver would pose risk quite often and so on and so forth. In fact, most of my pre-game coaching was a thinly veiled "we're doomed."

I was snapped from my thoughts by the whistle. The game had begun.
Hakifao, ever the plucky fighting nation of underdogs, hung on for a surprisingly long period of time, winning kickoff and pushing it about the Audioslavians' third while making threatening noises.

Unfortunately, at the 03:28 mark, Audioslavia decided to strike back, and Alex Koskinen stripped the ball ruthlessly from the hapless Sigmund Aronsen. The ball went cleared forwards, the Bulls pushed up, and Kjeld-Dahl Johanssen found a gap in the defense - typical Alex Pederssen; the left-back had hesitating over whether or not to cover a dangerously lurking Omaexevarria and the Audioslavian had picked up on it and shot a through-ball just past Pederssen towards Hufdis Uulver. I sprinted towards him in the vain hope I could stop the striker in time, while Marcus Haugen came up on him, but the hastiness of the flank only resulted in an easy pass to Jovellanos, who effortlessly pounded the life out of the ball and sent it flying a foot to the right of the left post. One-nil.


The Hakifaos managed to push back a bit, but the deadly Ronda-Judit Styrn managed to snag a cross in the twenty-third and volley it in. After that I was subbed out.

Perhaps I should have stayed in Feyjän after all, I thought, walking off the pitch. There was no point in watching the rest of the game, was there?

serge rollins / andreij tal, frantzko intxausti, alex koskinen, txordin iturrigatza / Gaizka Omaexevarria, Alexander Kirk / Kjeld-Dahl Johanssen, Ronda-Judit Styrn, Aitor Jovellanos / Hufdis Uulver

JONSSON, Brynjar - #15 - 26
"The Hakifaos look like a million bucks, doesn't them? They just looks like someone you want to stick in your... Esportiva."
"I'm glad you finished that sentence the way you did. "
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Postby 95X » Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:48 am

Melissa/Michelle Mitchell wasted no time in getting reaccustomed to the 95X National Soccer Team.

Upon learning of her personal immortality, it took very little prodding by others for her to return to the field, and even less time to again make an impact on a team sorely in need of a competent replacement to Floyd Commando, who seemed to have been groomed for the position.

"No comment," was her reply as to if this is simply a temporary appearance for the tournament. Asking if Xi Foureleven had anything to do with it resulted in a long stare.

As 95X took the pitch against New Drakonika, onlookers wondered if the future existed for 95X, or if was all in the past. Whatever their thoughts were didn't matter, as Mitchell scored the match's only goal in the 17th minute.

95X took four other attempts during the match, with no further success. Una Solo stopped no fewer than six New Drakonika attempts, having a few more words than necessary to the veteran 95X defenders following the match.

95X will next face Farfadillis, who dropped their opener to Greater Watford, 2-1.
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Postby Semarland » Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:16 am

Lygaard hits 100

Iqaluit, ROYAL KINGDOM OF QUEBEC - Despite Marc Lygaard reaching 100 national team goals, it couldn't prevent Semarland from losing 4-2 to hosts the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.

It was Carlos Ferrari who opened the scoring for the hosts on 25 minutes. Picking the ball up from Roberto Di Maria's pass, he smacked it into the top corner from 35 yards out.

Their lead did not last long, with Jakob Larsen heading home Eirik Malsen's cross on 33 minutes. It was a brilliant header that Ondrej Cech could not save, and it put some spirit into the Semarland team.

But just before half time, Cassius Antolini volleyed home, on 44 minutes. Chesting down Xavier Hertel's pass, he smacked into the top corner in a similar fashion to Ferrari's goal.

Two half time changes for Semarland were made, with youngsters Markus Kalle and Soren Maaksemstad coming on for Yacouba Sakho and Jakob Larsen respectively.

Kalle went close, hitting the post, and Maaksemstad tapped wide, but the Semars could not get back in the game. Quebecois substitute Jannick Kontiola looked to have sealed it off on 55 minutes, sliding home from Karl Varsteeg's cross.

But Marc Lygaard reduced the deficit in spectacular fashion. Picking up the ball on the edge of the penalty area, he curled it past Cech into the far top corner, a great way to get your 100th goal for your country.

But Leonardo Contavacio won the game on 78 minutes, hammering home from close range after a defensive mishap from the usually dependable Matthias Karbruck to make it 4-2 to the Quebecois.

Semarland's next game in Iqaluit is against Ko-oren, with their final game being against Legalese, in which is possibly called by some "the group of death."

Semarland: A. Mikkelsen, M. Eiriksson, J. Lunds, M. Karbruck, E. Malsen (K. Svensson 74), D. Cisse, Y. Sakho (M. Kalle HT), A. Jansen, T. Runen, M. Lygaard, J. Larsen (S. Maaksemstad HT)
The Republic of Semarland
Capital: Jansberg - Demonym: Semar/Semarlandic - Trigramme: SEM
Hosted: Trindl Cup I/II, Baptism of Fire 68
Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
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