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Postby Nassau-Hessen » Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:01 pm

Nassau National Football Squad


Nation: Nassau
Team Name: Eagles
Nickname: the Hessen
Colors: Blue and Gold
Trigram: NAS
Denonym: Nassauite, Hessian
Style Modifier: -1
Formation: 5-3-2
Stadium: Arima Pavilion


This years representative team for Nassau in the 70th World Cup of Football Cycle has to build up on their current success (that ended with a touch of disappointment). If one would take a trip down memory lane to the most recent World Cup, one would find a Nassauite squad that narrowly reached their ultimate objective. Nassau, who at one point had an advancing spot within their reach late in the qualifiers, ended catastrophically after a strong start, barely being able to hang on to a .500 record. In the end, the Eagles did barely find themselves amongst the top 100 in rankings, but only after being dragged down to ground level after flying high.

The footballers of Nassau most notably come from the vast mountainous region of Kuthoderia (you can clearly see this through their names, which are almost completely traditional with little to no conventional entities). People from the Hessian highlands have an unwavering passion for football, and constitute nearly all of the best national players. It seemed that the entire region was ecstatic when it was found out that they were bound to represent the entire nation in the World Cup. There will be no moving up of U20 players this year, delaying a battle for many starting positions including what is bound to be a heated competition for the goalie spot. Very few people have been replaced in the starting lineup, with reserves taking over starting spots rather than actual new players to the football system, whom will most likely fill the former reserves spots. There will definitely be a Harmony amongst all of the veterans, but how far can that take them?

The Kuthoderians arrived into the Beltane with a few objectives in mind, most of which have not changed. First and foremost, the team needs to establish a positive consistency (especially after last WC's collapse), the Hessen must act like they are a top 100 team if they have plans to remain in that prestigious area, this goal was somewhat reached during the Beltane by getting past the group stage, but will truly be tested during the extensive World Cup Qualifiers.

Secondly, the Eagles must adapt to their new formation, the absence of Sandybanks as a starter is still felt by various players and fans. Everyone must learn to move on with the new formation, failure to do so could result in a huge obstacle on the path to success should the slightly more defensive-minded pattern persist. Once again, the goal was somewhat reached in the Beltane, but the true challenge lies ahead.

Lastly, rivalries must develop. Nassau must be further invested in football, popularity must grow if the team itself aspires to develop. This is potentially the most prominent step, for the fan base has found itself slightly dwindling ever since the recent downfall. Nassau is coming into this competition in a much better state than last time, but destiny has repeatedly shown her clench on reality through many unpredictable scenarios, making things, at the utmost least...interesting.


LF Blanco Chubbs #45

RF Balbo Zarambaga #12


LM Quintus Marma-Madoc #69

CM Sancho Bolgorro #58

RM Blaise Tworidge #37


LD Wilibald Similo #21

LCD Rufo Pott #19

CD Odovach Faircotton #63

RCD Polydamas Brandybuck #96

RD Shem Bracegirdle #87


GK Falco Brambler #32


F Orgulas Sanybanks #67

F Fastolph Hamwich #39

F Jaulio Danderflaugh #71

M Boffin Bandobrad #14

M Hob Willowbottom #79***

M Isenberic Longhole #80

D Pimp Brockhouse #18***

D Drogo Malando #24***

D Popp Danderbluff #36***

D Gerundio Goldworthy #56

G Corbadoc Malloch #62

G Patici Sheerplough #40





Choose My Goal Scorers: Yes
God Mod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries: Yes, Max. 1 A Game (No Backups)
RP Injuries: Yes
Hand Out Yellow Cards: Yes, Max. 3 A Game
Red Cards: Yes, Max. 1 A Game
God Mod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Abanhfleft » Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:37 am


This will be the first time that Abanhfleft will be participating in the World Cup. Decisions made by national team manager Kasper Molak meant that once again, Abanhfleft will be fielding a team with both male and female players. Some sacrifices had been made: some of Abanhfleft's best male strikers had not been called up for national duty in favor of female strikers and forward midfielders who are admittedly good, too. But that doesn't mean that this is a weak team. On the contrary, many Fleftic fans think that this may be one of the best teams that the country has ever made to play on the international stage. Players to watch out for are Luke Edwards, the Abanhfleft men's national team captain and quite a capable defender; James Tarragona, the old but still athletic and flexible goalkeeper; and Riuwiee State University's Mythical Five of Chelsea Stuart, Alex Rousseau, Sonny Torres, Lilly Prescott, and Addie Singh, who have all gone on to successful careers in the Ladies' Premier League.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +2
Formation: 4-3-1-2 (This will be standard unless I change it through RPs)
Head coach: Kasper Molak (58 y/o, Slovakia)

GK: James Tarragona (32 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi, co-captain, male)
LB: Jefferson Samonte (27 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi, male)
LCB: Nestor Mikkelsen (23 y/o, Elektrik Yugal FC, male)
RCB: Luke Edwards (26 y/o, Riuwiee United, captain, male)
RB: Charles Amoroso (29 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi, male)
CDM: Abdullah Musa (25 y/o, Tefel FC, male)
LW: Adelaide Singh (23 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies, female)
RW: Lillian Prescott (23 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Ladies, female)
CAM: Allison Torres (23 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Ladies, female)
LS: Alexandra Rousseau (23 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies, female)
RS: Chelsea Stuart (23y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies, vice-captain, female)

GK: Victoria Carter (28 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Ladies, vice-captain, female)
GK: Ikenna Obama (22 y/o, Admiral Porcusces, male)
LB: Jordana Valentine (23 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Ladies, female)
CB: Dawn Jackson (24 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies, female)
RB: Claire Osgood (24 y/o, Sarvusdalamoive Ladies FC, female)
CDM: Walter White (32 y/o, Fleftic Air Force, male)
LW: Rachel Azul (22 y/o, Antslinngs Islands Ladies, female)
RW: Cecilia Johnson (22 y/o, Antslinngs Islands Ladies, female)
LAM: Josh Hodges (25 y/o, Bananas FC, female)
RAM: Peter Rice (27, y/o, Hapoel Nineveh FC, male)
LS: Gustavo Potter (26 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi FC, male)
RS: Randy Floyd (24 y/o, Vompommern Nyqvist FC, male)

First international match:
VS Pays den haut (W 2-1)
First win: VS Pays den haut (W 2-1)
First loss: VS Isula ge Ru (L 1-0)
Biggest win: VS The Oaklands (W 3-0)
Biggest loss: VS Isula ge Ru (L 1-0)

All football stadiums in Abanhfleft now have seats following a mandatory upgrade in 2000, but despite this ruling, many, if not all, stadiums still allow standing spectators during matches. However, in anticipation for World Cup qualifying matches, more security forces had been hired by the authorities to make sure that there are no standing spectators in such games.


Official name: May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium
Capacity: est. 67,000
Record attendance: 72,308 (Riuwiee United vs. Wanda Island Wanderers; June 3, 2009)
Operator: Riuwiee United FC
Short history: The May 26 Stadium, originally known as Raschner Lane, and later on as Riuwiee National Stadium, was built in 1886 as a cricket ground, and it served as home for two semi-pro cricket teams before it was bought by the Riuwiee Capitals football team, which will later on become Riuwiee United. After the conclusion of the Catholic Revolution of 2008, the national government bought the controlling share of Riuwiee National Stadium and renamed it the May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium, in commemoration of the May 26 Revolution that eventually established the nation of Abanhfleft. Riuwiee United still play in the May 26 Stadium, but now it is also the chosen stadium for home games by the Fleftic national football team.


Official name: State of Wanda Island Arena
Capacity: est. 54,000
Record attendance: 59,674 (Wanda Island Wanderers vs. Malabon SC; November 15, 2012)
Operator: Wanda Island Wanderers FC
Short history: The State of Wanda Island demolished the old Wanda Island Arena in 1998 to make way for a new and improved football stadium that follows international standards. Construction began in 1999, and finished just in time for the beginning of the 2001 Premier League season. The Wanderers played in a nearby high school athletic field for the duration of the arena's construction. In 2010, when IKEA entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Wanderers, the arena was consequently called IKEA Arena for sponsorship reasons. This agreement is expected to continue until 2020, after both sides came to a six-year contract extension.


Official name: Monsanto Stadium
Capacity: est. 50,000
Record attendance: 56,555 (Arsenal de Releinthi vs. Admiral Porcusces; January 7, 2013)
Operator: FC Arsenal de Releinthi
Short history: Arsenal de Releinthi mooted moving to a new stadium ever since 1993, but it was only in 2002 that the club managed to get permission to begin construction on the site of a former landfill after disputes with the city council and land planning office. Even then, it was only after Monsanto agreed to shoulder the cost of the new stadium that it was even built, and because of this, the stadium was named Monsanto Stadium. Arsenal de Releinthi and Monsanto entered into a seven-year contract extension this year, potentially extending Monsanto's sponsorship of the club up to 2021.


Official name: DaPanzer Oubie Park
Capacity: est. 40,000
Record attendance: 46,709 (Xemlice Rovers vs. Ludogorets Markovsky; October 31, 2011)
Operator: Xemlice Rovers FC


Official name: Stadion Memoriam de December 27
Capacity: est. 26,500
Record attendance: 33,451 (Locomotive Imgortur vs. Elektrik Yugal; December 1, 2012)
Operators: Verbergerkinnh Cubs, Locomotive Imgortur

Anything except killing, and I reserve the right to stage riots when I lose in home games. The chances of a riot happening increase exponentially if I draw and I win, in that particular order.

Will be edited later.
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Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
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Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
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Postby Audioslavia » Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:32 am

Audioslavia: National Football Team
Official selection: World Cup 70

#  Pos. 	Name			Age	Current Club
1 G Serge Rollins 27 Image Cazadores Cathair
2 D R Andreij Tal 34 Image 1830 Cathair
3 D L Arne Polsson 32 Image Jlinal Cove
4 DM/M C Gaizka Omaexevarria 26 Image Bastion
5 D C Frantzko Intxausti 29 Image Attereg
6 D C Alex Koskinen 33 Image 1830 Cathair
7 M R Kjeld-Dahl Johanssen 28 Image RSK Longyearbyen Town
8 AM/F C Ronda Judit Styrn 25 Image 1830 Cathair
9 F C Hufdis Uulver 26 Image Thunchester City
10 AM/F LC Jody Rijshaart 27 Image Barbury Town
11 AM LC Aitor Jovellanos 22 Image Dwile Warriors
12 F C Jaurtiketa Buruz 28 Image AC Izotz Zubia
13. G Sean Patterick 20 Image Fligsive FC
14 D RC Agustin Evrard-Lecuyer 20 Image Fligsive FC
15 DM/M C Alexander Kirk 36 Image Urbanista
16 D C Lortzen Zauritu 28 Image AS Bezieres
17 M R Maati Jarvinen 33 Image Alianza FC
18 M/AM C Janos Hufschmied 22 Image Northbrook Diamonds
19 F C Arturo Hudson-Blake 35 Image Surtsey Island Gulls
20 M C Txai Zubiri 32 Image Ma Alameome
21 D L Txordin Iturrigatza 22 Image Foxchester Raiders
22 F C Espiridon Caszely 19 Image 1830 Cathair
23 G Pilotak Hegan-Iragana 30 Image Lac-Drouin St-Pierre


2 5 6 21
Tal Intxausti Koskinen Iturrigatza

4 15
Omaexevarria Kirk

7 8 11
Johanssen Styrn Jovellanos



Audioslavia is, both ICly and OOCly, rather ancient. The country was founded on December 17th 2002, a period regarded as 'pre-history' by many. The nation originally CTE'd in 2006, was revived briefly in 2007 and 2009, and enjoyed a proper resurgence at the start of 2012, locating itself in Atlantian Oceania indefinitely after IC centuries of rivalries with various nations in the region.

The Audioslavia national side participated in World Cups 4 to 29, made an abortive comeback in World Cup 37, and rejoined the world of international football properly back in World Cup 59. The ancient Audioslavia side qualified for all but one of the World Cups it entered (a young Audioslavia failed during the WC5 qualifying playoffs) and generally maintained a place in top twenty of the world rankings, peaking at #1 during the qualifying phases of World Cups 20 and 21.

Paradoxically, the national team has seen more success in its modern form - a period where quick success is much more difficult to achieve than in the early days. Whereas those early years yielded only the inaugural U21 World Cup and a string of losing finals in the World Cup proper, the modern team won the Baptism of Fire tournament before WC59 and triumphed in the thirty-fifth, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth installments of the AOCAF Cup. The side have also reached the final of the AOCAF cup on three other occasions, and have reached as far as the semi-finals of the Cup of Harmony.

Modern Audioslavia finally won the World Cup itself in cycle 63, a victory that required a huge amount of luck and some very po-faced, negative football. Audioslavia managed to win the tournament despite going into the qualifiers with a ranking of #53 in the world. Four years later, in World Cup 64, the national side proved that this win, as fortunate as it was, was no flash in the pan when they again took home the World Cup trophy, completing the first ever 'double-double' of winning back-to-back AOCAF and World Cup championships.
Audioslavian footballers tend to be a little on the small side, with few players standing over six feet (1.83m) tall. The average Audioslavian footballer stands at around about 5'8 (1.72m) or thereabouts, though most goalkeepers, central defenders and target-man style strikers tend to be around 6'0.

Audioslavian footballers are renowned for their high fitness levels and stamina, though a comparitively lithely framed squad do occasionally have problems when facing large, physical teams. Quick, one-touch passing is the key to Audioslavia's midfield prowess, which likes to play at a high tempo, and the side often take advantage of some fleet-footed wingers and full-backs to play through-balls beyond the oppisition's defensive line after having created the space with some quick interchanges.

The side's lack of height and physical strength means defending against corners is often a problem, and their negative, cautious play can play against them if the side find themselves a goal or two behind in the game, assuming their opposition drop back and invite the Audioslavians to come at them.

Kontrapuntzeka has long been the name of Audioslavia's style, taken from the Auskadian word for 'counterpunch'. Audioslavia's ability to hold teams at bay for long periods before hurting them via quick counter-attacks and short bursts of activity helped the side to its two World Cup victories, but as the side's standing in world football has grown, so has the necessity to stamp their authority on games, and the current team, under the direction fo Euran manager Lee Sharp, has taken on a more possession-oriented style, with a high line of defenders, packed midfield and increased reliance on a big 'target man' striker to hold the ball up during counter-attacks, rather than a number of smaller, quicker attacking players to get forward quickly.

Audioslavia's new style involves more pressing in the middle of the field - a tactic that suits the team's high levels of fitness and stamina - and increased reliance on breaking down attacks before they begin and forcing mistakes and misplaced passes from their opponents. How the defense copes with the higher line and increased space behind them remains to be seen.

Audioslavia's squad has traditionally consisted of a multitude of Audioslavians plying their trade abroad, including a number of nationalised foreign-born players. The progression of the LigAnaia, however, has seen an larger proportion of domestic-based players make the national team squad.
After the modest successes of the tenures of John Ryan and David Reilly, the Football Federation of Audioslavia have turned to Euran superstar-turned-manager Lee Sharp to guide the side at World Cup 70.

Euran journalist Simon Banning has the following to say about the new manager:

Lee Sharp’s career in professional football started as a 17 year old at Euran top flight side Culpapy United, over twenty years ago. After impressing scouts from Euran giants Directus, he was signed for an undisclosed fee and fast tracked to the first team where he became a revelation. He quickly racked up an impressive goal tally and was called up for Eura duty at just 18. By the time Eura was in a position to enter a World Cup qualifying section for the first time after too long an exodus, Sharp was already in his early twenties and smashing records in Euran domestic football. Renowned for his pace, finishing and diminutive stature, as well as his outstanding skill on the ball, he would have an unusually long career for such a pacey striker. He would evolve his game in his 30’s to become more of a centre forward, ensuring he kept playing until the age of 40.

From Eura’s qualifying debut in the 54th World Cup to the mid-60’s of World Cup history, Sharp was an immovable object at international level. He scored an almost farcical 189 goals for Eura from a total of 265 caps, winning two minor friendly competitions (the Market Cup and Next Generation Trophy) and winning a World Cup runners up medal. That medal was won at the 60th World Cup where Eura, who were making their finals debut, shocked the world with thrilling attacking football that took them all the way to the final, dispatching established footballing giants along the way. Sharp was critical to this run, topping the scoring charts of the tournament – and though no official title is anointed these days for Player of the Tournament, he almost certainly would’ve won such an accolade. Tragically Eura fell short against the Holy Empire in the final, but only after Sharp scored another memorable goal that was perhaps only trumped by his legendary equaliser against Bears Armed in the group stage.

In his domestic career, Sharp left the Euraleague during its troubled years stuck in UICA mediocrity, and became by far the most successful Euran abroad. He won league titles and other silverware first at FC Mildrid in Erathore, than at a major club in Civil Citizenry and then in Cafendu before returning to Euraleague in his 30’s. He came back to his old haunt Directus to continue smashing away goals, before in his final season he inexplicably netted a record of 40 league goals in a season – beating the record of 36 set by his Euran strike partner Sam Needle. Sharp was incredibly lucky to score so many in that season and it is worth noting that 8 of the goals were from penalties, but it was nevertheless a great achievement.

After this, he left Directus and bowed out of Euran football to spend two more seasons in Polar Islandstates. Joining Jan Mayen Islanders to reunite with the former Eura boss Ben Randall and good Polarian friend Alexsandr van Sorensen. He performed remarkably well in his first season and was seen by many as the surprise package of the season at 39 years old. The next year he was less key to the Islanders but nevertheless made a very important contribution and scored several key goals that allowed the Islanders to beat the odds and win the league, giving him and van Sorensen title winning send offs. Somewhat tragically, Sharp retired the year before Eura won the World Cup he deserved a medal for, but he was able to take part in the success as Eura’s attacking coach.

Sharp then took on the role of manager of the Euran Under 21’s team, with limited success. His first job managing a club came shortly after at Issington FC, one of the biggest clubs in Apox. He enjoyed a very good first season, securing a high placed league finish and winning plenty of plaudits in the process. However Sharp came to be undermined by a team that had just peaked, with little support from his board, and in his second season they played atrociously. Without the tools to properly replicate his first season’s success, Sharp resigned in principle despite continuing support from the fans of the club.

Sharp now takes over as manager of Audioslavia at the age of 45, and his first act was to appoint Daniel Belgrave, the 42 year old retired goalkeeper who had pulled off a man of the match performance to help Eura win their first World Cup title. It is already expected that Sharp will impose a new way of playing on Audioslavia to try and sustain their lofty ambitions. Sharp will recognise the irony of the fact that the multiple cup winning team of years past famously (or infamously, if you’re Audioslavian) was cut down by Eura in the group stage of the 65th World Cup. The reigning champions and world number one team, led by Israel Klimt who now manages New Montreal States, sunk to quite a low as their golden generation faded. Since then, it’s been years of chopping and changing and inconsistency.

Sharp seeks to end that with a new tactical approach. Sharp has come in with the intention of modifying Audioslavia’s famous counterattacking style to give it a more Euran flavour, ironically like how Kelly Sporadic has enjoyed much success by modifying Eura’s tactics with Audioslavian influences. Sharp will seek to play a higher defensive line and move from a gameplan of counter attacking off the base of a strong defence to one of controlling games by retaining possession cautiously, and then assaulting the opposition through attrition and short bursts of energetic attacking play down the wings and through the medium of through balls. Whether or not he can succeed is a complex question; is he experienced enough? Will his idealistic outlook towards the game and reputation as a star striker but not a leader lead to him struggling to maintain authority? And will an Audioslavian team in transition be able to capitalise on an increasingly strong domestic output?

Credit to Eura for writing this biography up.
Ronda Jude Styrn, or 'RJ', is the biggest story of the current squad. Styrn is Audioslavia's first ever female footballer. The selection of RJ Styrn had been first hinted at in Lee Sharp's first press conference as national team manager, where he noted his preference for high, pressing football and the necessity of a terrier-like midfielder to close down opposing defenders as they attempted to release the ball.

'Terrier-like' is certainly an apt description. Styrn is 5'5 but with broad shoulders and a low centre of gravity that allows her to turn quickly, shield the ball from defenders and get past them when needed. Styrn is quick over ten yards, though lacks the true pace to properly break away from chasing defenders. Her finishing inside the box is exemplary, though one shouldn't expect too many long distance shots, and though she's a quick and accurate passer she isn't quite the type to create openings. With Styrn as the team's only attacking midfielder (the 4-5-1 line-up features two defensive-minded midfielders), the Bulls are likely to attack down the wing.

The best of the strikers in the squad is undoubtedly Arturo Hudson-Blake, despite his advancing years, but all the same, the taller and more physical Hufdis Uulver is expected to get the nod as Audioslavia strive to replace quick counter-attacking with slower, cautious build up play, which needs a little muscle up front. Rijshaart could be second or third choice up front, but has been moved out on the left side of midfield (where he's currently behind newcomer Jovellanos in the pecking order) meaning striker Jaurtiketa Buruz could well find himself launched into the throng as a substitute.

Elsewhere, goalkeeper Serge Rollins has become number 1 after Kajaxo Imaslavii's retirement, and made the position his own during World Cup 69, but will have a fight on his hands for the number one jersey in the near future from bright youngster Sean Patterick.

Roleplaying permissions: We frown on god-modding if there isn't a sense of humour behind it. Everything else is fine. If you'd like to injure a few players or dish out red cards for a particularly harsh game, go right ahead, go hog wild. Want to injure the entire team in a bus-crash? Fine, but make it good, or suffer the humiliation of having your limbs scattered hither and thither via a blast from my mighty ignore-cannon.

Style Modifier: -1

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Postby Zenic » Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:41 am

The Empire of Zenic National Team

Nickname: The Survivors
Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond
Federation President/ Minister of Sports: Hans Zimmel III (57 years old)
Deputy Minister of Sports: Emile Forte De Luciano (28 years old)
Manager: Joseph Michael Sanders (49 years old)
Asst. Manager: Dmitri Golovkin (40 years old)
Doctor: Dr. Wakahisa Emi (39 years old)

Starting XI:
GK Bartholomew Sagan (#1, 35 years old, Lupinia United [New Wolfopolis], 47 caps)
RB Yasif (#29, 30 years old, Internacional Binar , 47 caps)
RCB Pedro Villa-Lobos (#22, 33 years old, Honneur, 47 caps)
LCB Nikolai Romanov (#26, 36 years old, Real Old Maiz, 47 caps)
LB Leon Gaspare Rosso (#20, 26 years old, Mortsey [Jeckland], 47 caps)
DM Luke Killian (#10, Captain, 32 years old, FC Virtus, 47 caps)
RM Daniel Oliver Barnsley (#98, 25 years old, Reichton, 47 caps)
LM Gavin Barnsley (#89, 25 years old, Real Old Maiz, 47 caps)
AM Seok Kun-Woo (#11, 24 years old, FC Virtus. 47 caps)
RF Sandro Michel Augustine (#73, 24 years old, U. de Santanter [Felix], 17 caps)
LF Alexander Ayaode (#9, 28 years old, Telino [Yttribia], 47 caps)


GK Hiroyama Sai (#0, 27 years old, Internazionale [Felix], 2 caps)
RB - Momoi Kenshin (#35, 31 years old, FC Virtus, 5 caps)
CB Lee Chan (#2, 21 years old, Eretium AC [Western Borderlands], 3 caps)
CB Xavier Marshall (#6, 25 years old, Loderno Inferno [Jeckland], 3 caps)
LB Thomas Marley Edu (#64, 24 years old, FC Mineurs [Nova Anglicana], 2 caps)
DM Paolo Jorge Camargo (#5, 29 years old, Grimsby Town FC [Darvale], 4 caps)
RM Henry Wallace Evans (#30, 29 years old, Internacional Binar, 4 caps)
LM Leonidas Pagonis (#99, 33 years old, Deline Athletic, 5 caps)
AM Alexi Romanov (#7, 22 year old, Oceania [Felix], 6 caps)
F Felix Peer (#50, 28 years old, Galton United [Jeckland], 1 cap)
ST Isidor Wessel (#91, 29 years old, Wrexton FC [Apox], 2 caps)

Kick Takers:
Left corner - Daniel Oliver Barnsley
Right corner - Gavin Barnsley
Free Kick - Seok Kun-woo
Penalty - Luke Killian

Kit (Provided by Barrengeka)

Name: Philosophia Colosseum
Location: Manacus
Capacity: 106,255

Style Modifier = +2
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y (within reason)
Hand out red cards to my players Y (within reason)
Godmod other events (TG me first)
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Third Place:
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Postby Greater Watford » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:06 am


Greater Watford has announced it's squad for the WC70 qualifiers, including 3 debutants, 2 of which are in the first XI.

GK1Kendrick Hannon258Leavesden Rovers FC
DEF2Jonny Gregor2231Watford FC
DEF3Elmo Dowling25Leavesden Rovers FC
DEF4Ryan Warthon27711Hemel Hempstead FC
DEF5Osvaldo Current24Sporting Tudor
MID8Louis Revson32532Hemel Hempstead FC
MID7Jan Regan30403Leavesden Rovers FC
MID8Garry Oldfen2711Leavesden Rovers FC
ATT9Mario Mannetti257243Watford FC
ATT10Ignacio Peréz243917Hemel Hempstead FC
MID11Samuel Harris247113St Albans City FC
GK12James Hemsworth3058Watford FC
DEF13Keven Sproull24101Marlowes City FC
DEF14Steven Shields228Bovingdon FC
DEF15Jerrod Ledger29Bricket Wood FC
DEF16Vincent Warthon31482Hemel Hempstead FC
MID17Tommy Deer22191Hemel Hempstead FC
MID18Peter Tilder30644Marlowes City FC
MID19Kyle Kerney2512Watford FC
ATT20Freddy Lincoln286024Leavesden Rovers FC
ATT21Pip Roberto27102Leavesden Rovers FC
MID22Shirley Ortiz252Bricket Wood FC
GK23Tommy Lancaster303Sporting Tudor

Manager: Alessandro de Rosso
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2

Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (no fatalities or serious injuries)
Godmod other events: Yes

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The yellow and red sleeves kit, used in WC68 and 69, return for their third and final outing this time, before being archived.
Kits: (Home, Away, Goalkeeper/Third)
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Postby Chiata » Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:58 pm

The Chiata Suns

Gulf Stadium, Villitova. Seats 80,000 

Staff and Other Info:
Head Coach: Roger Fillmont
KPB Rank: 25th
Style: -3
Overall Record: 47-16-36 (99)
Formation: 5-3-2


Pos:    Name:           No:     Club:
ST: Sammy Swade 1 Michael's Bay FC, ICM
ST: Joe Ringer-Toso 20 Montreal Koreana, QUE
CMF: Logan Britt 44 Peidimont St. Peters, CHI
CMF: Ram Willis 7 Molsbik Arkjet, SEM
CMF: Bill Rickers 10 Marlowes City FC, GWA
LB: Lee Robertson 40 FC Jansburg, GWA
CB: Noel Stevenson 57 Northern Tridents, BAU
CB: George Chriss 45 Ripitough Riot, CHI
CB: Buck Miles 54 Jungleton Jaguars, CHI
RB: George Smith 24 Bengtsmark IF, BUY
GK: Fill Stewert 35 Water Town Torrents, CHI

Pos:    Name:                No:     Club:
ST: Tony Stewart 49 Sparta Torspeda, BUY
ST: Marcus Seal 13 FC Los Juantos, SLL
MF: Ethan McGreen 20 Salvador FC, TIS
MF: Francois Peurralt 14 Mierton Manatees, TAE
MF: Tama M. N. Keoni 6 Point de Clu Clash, CHI
CB: Rod Fermer 18 Real Azuras, COS
CB: Rob Boter 19 Atletico Nacional, SJG
CB: Jerry Raymond 4 Villitova Vampires, CHI
CB: Erick Garyson 5 FC Koldukosic, COS
GK: Michael Hinton 21 Serbury, JEC
GK: Julius Netherhill 37 River End Rhinos, CHI




Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (no deaths or career enders)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (max 3)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (max 1)
Godmod other events: Yes
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Playoffs: WC 71, WC 72, WC 73
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Postby Kandorith » Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:25 am

Kandorese National Team

The Red Dragons


Football Kit
Kit WiP

Style Modifier: +5
Adaptive 4-1-2-1-2 (4-4-2 Diamond)

The style is based on quick and continues passing, working towards quick runs on the flanks and the centre.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Primary goalscorers: Méng Zeiji, Iichi Fujiwara, Taiji Moto
Primary assist: Ximin Chosi, JieJie, Iichi Fuji, Méng Zeiji
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP Injuries to my players: Y (I can determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, but no outrageous numbers
Hand out red cards to my players: N (Although open to certain events which would result in red cards)
Godmod other events: N (Unless TGed, I am always open for some creative events)

Coaching Staff

Age: 63
Xí-tiang is a veteran in the Kandorese football world, being the coach of multiple big names as the Xiǎngzhóu Ravens and Nagato Goya. He knows most of the youngsters in this team, with that he also knows their abilities and performance. Xí-tiang took over from Yúan Genshí who failed to keep up the performance the Football Association wanted from him. With Xi-tiang in charge, a new era of Kandorese football seems to dawn. He has multiple notable performances and national titles to back him up as a great coach, this team however will proof a challenge for him.

Huangzhou Yu
Age: 29
From Xiangzhou Sapphire's field, the assistant coach looks promising according to the critics and was the assistant of Xíangjí Hatema. He started his career as coach with a local team and fought his way up to the major domestic league of Kandorith. He has shown to be calm and understanding. Now he makes a return in the coaching staff of the Dragons, as the assistant coach to Yúan Genshí, who spoke utterly confident about Huangzhou's abilities.

Starting XI



Wú Shinsen
Age: 22
Length: 192CM
Wú is the current goal keeper of Xiangzhou Frontale, with a flawless record in the domestic league. although slightly shorter than his predecessor, his agility and stamina exceeds Huajian by far. He is one of the few new players to be introduced to the perfect squad of the last World Cup, as coach Yúan believes he is the perfect goalie for this World Cup and future ones.


Xian Ximen
Age: 22
Length: 185CM
Xian is a cold blooded defender of Gamba Hujiajing, a true old school styled defender. Always trying to get his tackles perfectly timed, and never taking his eyes off the ball. His other noteworthy abilities are his free kicks and headers, which he excels at by far.

Jin Zexi
Age: 25
Length: 178CM
Known for his quick tackles and saving headers; this agile defender is a tough one to run away from. He only has one goal: regaining possession and passing the ball around as quick as possible.

Mitsuharu Eri
Age: 23
Length: 176CM
Mitsuharu, a true defender. He is the man for the pass and the crosses, the tactical link between and in-between the midfield. He is a great supportive player and a quick runner, with an eye for quick passes or crosses trough the midfield.


Miraki Nakamura
Age: 22
Length: 190CM
Miraki Nakamura, the "star" defender of Xianghzou Sapphires. With his length, sturdiness and great heading abilities he is sure to give strikers who are receiving the ball or are trying to make a run for it a hard time. Even though he is quite sturdy; Miraki does not lack in speed at all, being an agile and fast player.

Age: 25
Length: 177CM
Passer, runner and assists; JieJie, another star from Nagato Goya. He has made his debute 3 years ago and has shown many coaches he is the man for the midfield passing and chance creating. With tactical insight and almost unmatchable running speed he is the winger and the attacking midfielder.

Taiji Moto
Age: 26
Length: 181CM
The Captain, El Commandante, and the elder; Taiji Moto the captain of the Kandorese National Team and the Captain of Nagato Goya. Experienced, ferocious and quick. He plays mostly defensive but when he sees a goal scoring opportunity or the chance for an assist he won't hold back. He is one of the links of the chain,to keep that ball passing and keep possession, while steering the team towards a goal.

Ximin Chosi Kansuo Je-Han
Age: 22
Length: 177CM
Ximin, an ambitious young player from Yingshua Sabers, one of the lesser known teams of the Kandorese Imperial League; but equally dangerous as the bigger names, mostly because of this player. He is an excellent runner, passer and crosser; always looking for a hole in the defence to press the ball towards the striker, he does not often score; but when he does, it's a ranged effort with extreme finesse.

Atasuki Eguchi
Age: 24
Length: 177CM
The true winger of the team, always scanning the sideline; waiting for that pass to push it forward and create a goal chance. He is a fast and agile runner with great crossing ability. His most notable love of the game, is giving defenders a hard time by running and crossing when they least expect it.


Iichi Fuji
Age: 23
Length: 182CM
The "support" striker. Iichi is the main assist and header in front of goal; his headers are precise, fast and dangerous; just like this man when he has the ball in front of goal. He does not aim for the goal, he is the main passer when the 6 yard box gets hot. A real dribbler and trick passer, leaving the scoring to his fellow strikers or attacking midfielder. According to Yúan he is irreplaceable on the midfield and will play the most important role in the attack too.

Méng Zeijí
Age: 21
Length: 181CM
The current star of Kandorese football. This youngster has made his name as goal cannon, never passing the oppertunity to score and when he does see the chance; the ball flies in like a guided projectile. Also agile and a real dribbler, he loves to run circles around the defence and rocket the ball into a tight corner. Méng is accurate, calm and controlled, which made him the current top scorer of the Kandorese league.


Seiji Sakabara
Huajian Kanzo

Jun Hatema LB
Xiexie Tian CD
Ming-hua Te RB/RWB
Shanyuan Lee RLB

Murakami Mitsuhare RW
Okha Eiichi LW
Xin Zihao AM
Longxien Téng CF/ST

Madato Xien-kan ST/CM

Home Stadium:
"Huanghzhé Stadium"
Capacity: 120,000

Originally designed as a multi-purpose Olympic stadium, it was bought by the management of the Nagato Goya soccer team. After a billion Qúan project the stadium was fully renovated and issued as the largest football stadium within Kandorith, still in use by both Nagato Goya and the Kandorese National team.
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Postby Garifunya » Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:21 am


G #1 Uli Maneschijns, 32, FC Frederykvil
G #22 Gerard Brierre, 27, Onvervaard FC
G #23 Jaap van Vlijt, 22, Hadarage FC

D #2 Ousmane Okoye, 27, Zeerovers Vrijport
D #5 Eduoaard Castelaõ, 25, Onvervaard FC
D #4 Kodjoe Adeoye, 31, VK Konduktor
D #3 Valentijn Kunst, 28, SV Oranje
D #12 Olivier Jerou, 27, VK Konduktor
D #13 Paul Kompagnie, 30, SV Oranje
D #14 Tomás Saankt, 30, FC Frederykvil
D #15 Sulaymun Falana, 26, Estreya Zwart FC

M #6 Piotr Kenkhuis, 25, VK Voortrekkers
M #7 David Diallou, 30, Eendracht Garifunya
M #8 Kristiaan Amadi, 24, Eendracht Garifunya
M #16 Isaak van Voorst, 25, Zeerovers Vrijoport
M #17 Mamadou van der Linden, 23, FC Frederykvil
M #18 Harun Dimka, 28, Estreya Zwart FC

F #9 Ibrahim Iweala, 27, Hadarage FC
F #10 Assane Diakite, 29, FC Frederykvil
F #11 Nils Ledeboer, 24, VVV Mytelbeerg
F #19 Caarlo Boumers, 22, Eendracht Garifunya
F #20 Maatias Simons, 32, Eendracht Garifunya
F #21 Endrik Boeker, 22, Estreya Zwart FC

Manager: John Ayensu, 50, Ghana
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Mod: +2




I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Aestate » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:18 am


National Team Of Aestate

Coach: Paolo Ziccardi
Assistant: Tristan Miller
Formation: 3-5-2
Colors: Red and Yellow
Trigram: AES
Style Modifier: 0

Team Base Camp:

Built for colonization and protection, the Northwest Gate is a religious complex with three Monasteries, one Convent and four inns. This isolated location has a permanent population of one thousand people, and has a valid sportive structure. Today, Ziccardi does keep the team there. Many obstacles existed in this place, but Ziccardi sees this as a positive thing.

Name: Capital Anena
Club: USC Fenice
City: Fenice
Capacity: 100.000

Name: National Arena
Club: FC Nazionale
City: Carpanela
Capacity: 100.000

Name: West Stadium
Club: AC Meninx
City: Meninx
Capacity: 78.000

Name: Blue Stadium
Club: AS Portus
City: Portus Cale
Capacity: 73.000

Name: East Stadium
Club: Trício FC
City: Trício
Capacity: 72.000

Name: Gold Stadium
Club: UC Gênua
City: Gênua
Capacity: 50.000

Image Image Image

First String:

GK - Sergei Alekseiev - 1
DF - Roberto Ferri - 2
DF - Jack Torrance - 4
DF - Graciano Papini - 3
DF - Gerardo Citati - 6
MF - Guido Alves - 5
MF - Emilio Grossi - 8
MF - Mario Bobbio - 7
MF - Niccolò Soldati - 9
FW - Marco Álvares - 10
FW - Michael Myers - 11


GK - Bruno Camilleri - 13
GK - Gerardo Pansa - 15
DF - Raffaello Cinisa - 16
DF - Lankester Merrin - 18
DF - Harry Grimassi - 20
DF - Tavo Ceniza - 17
MF - Leo Bertinotti - 19
MF - Lorenzo Mazini - 21
MF - Flavio Svevo - 14
MF - Cruzio Magris - 12
FW - Charles Lee Ray - 22
FW - Daryl Van Horne - 23


Passage of a Local News:

Agostina Bertolli in Fenice
Corriere Dello Sport, Tuesday 11 November


Sergei Alekseiev - Age: 23 - Number: 01 - Local Team: AS Portus

The Goalkeeper of Associazione Sportiva Portus, Alekseiev earned prominence three years ago, when the Portus ended the National League in the second position. That year, Alekseiev started in all opportunities, conceding only fifteen in forty matches, and two national awards were presented to him. Sadly, Sergei did a horrible BoF. He conceded eight in four matches. His stature is his big quality: Height - 1,93 m (6’4”); Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs). Curiosity: Alekseiev trained in Portus Cale by Ivo Sterbik, a famous aestatean Goalkeeper.

Possible Substitutes: Bruno Camilleri is the Goalkeeper of AC Meninx. He is very young with 18, but Camilleri is in the headlines this year (Height - 1,90 m/6’3”; Weight: 70 kg/154 lbs). The other, Gerardo Pansa plays in FC Nazionale. Pansa is older with 25 (Height - 1,85 m/6’1”; Weight: 74 kg/163 lbs).

Roberto Ferri - Age: 32 - Number: 02 - Local Team: As Portus

An older defender of Associazione Sportiva Portus, Ferri is the trustworthy player by Portus fans. In AS Portus, he won two National League and many national awards. Roberto did a reasonable BoF, and the natural interaction with Alekseiev is a good point for him. Another positive point is his experience, assuring his Right Centre Back position (Height - 1,85 m/6’1”; Weight: 76 kg/167 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: Lankester Merrin is a defender of FC Nazionale. With a good career, critics labeled his a other best defender in Aestate (Age: 24; Height - 1,80 m/5’11”; Weight: 69 kg/152 lbs). Raffaello Cinisa is a choice too. He plays in Unione Sportiva Città di Fenice (Age: 21; Height - 1,83 m/6’0”; Weight: 69 kg/152 lbs).

Jack Torrance - Age: 25 - Number: 04 - Local Team: AC Meninx

Favorite defender of Associazione Calcio Meninx Fans, Torrance has many problems. First, he is crazy. Second, he is violent and crazy. His statistics of yellow and red cards are ridiculous. But he is fast, and only because this, Ziccardi support him. No words about this. Today, He’s the Left Centre Back. (Height - 1,88 m/6’2”; Weight: 79 kg/174 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: Lankester Merrin and Raffaello Cinisa.

Graciano Papini - Age: 23 - Number: 03 - Local Team: UC Gênua

One victorious, first because his team. The Unione Calcio Gênua isn’t in a big city, and it’s not a big team. Second, thanks to Papini and Citati (I’ll talk later), Gênua is today a dangerous team in our National League. Maybe because this, they received an especial job. In Papini case, the Left Midfield position was given to him. With experience in defensive area and quality in midfield, he is a good choice. His biggest complication is the speed, now a big problem in our touchlines, yet he did a great BoF. A wonderful surprise (Height - 1,80 m/5’11”; Weight: 73 kg/161 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: Harry Grimassi has a little career in the Trício FC. He’s faster than Papini, but Grimassi is very young with 18. Anyway, he’ll an acceptable option with when we need (Height - 1,82 m/6’0”; Weight: 70 kg/154 lbs).

Gerardo Citati - Age: 22 - Number: 06 - Local Team: UC Gênua

The same as Papini, Gerardo Citati is a good and slow player of Unione Calcio Gênua, now in Right Midfield. Other quality not mentioned above is his familiarity with Papini, showing confident switching fields (Height - 1,82 m/6’0”; Weight: 75 kg/165 lbs). Curiosity: Citati is orphan, had cancer in childhood, and is planning become a priest in the future.

Possible Substitutes: A young player of FC Nazionale, Tavo Ceniza is faster than Papini, and he possesses an offensive style. However, his statistics aren’t good today (Height - 1,80 m/5’11”; Weight: 69 kg/152 lbs).

Guido Alves - Age: 23 - Number: 05 - Local Team: AC Meninx

An important player on this team, Guido Alves is our libero (sweeper). His traditional position was the holding midfielder in Associazione Calcio Meninx, but now Alves was going back. Two reasons justified this Ziccardi decision: Alves is very fast and resistant, almost a marathon runner. With this, the team gets volume in defense, midfield and even attack. But it’s an obviously stressful for the player, marathon runner or not. Other affirmative point about Alves is his team, the same to four other players (Height - 1,85 m/6’1”; Weight: 75 kg/165 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: Leo Bertinotti has many years in USC Fenice. Now with 28, he has an identical speed as Alves, but doesn’t have the same resistance. Another difference is his origin. While Alves is a natural midfielder with defense characteristics, Bertinotti is a defender with midfield elements, in other words, more defensive style (Height - 1,83 m/6’0”; Weight: 72 kg/158 lbs).

Emilio Grossi - Age: 23 - Number: 08 Local Team: AC Meninx

With an acceptable quality, Grossi belonged to favorite group of Associazione Calcio Meninx, together with Alves and Soldati. They are the triad of Meninx. A strange name, but they have motives for this classification. That excellent group created a complex midfield in Meninx. Because this, Meninx is the current champion of our National League. Unfortunately, the triad didn’t work an excellent Job in recent BoF (Height - 1,83 m/6’0”; Weight: 77 kg/170 lbs). Curiosity: Alves, Grossi and Soldati started their career together, ten years ago.

Possible Substitutes: Last year, Lorenzo Mazini did succeed with Trício FC, but now his ability is controversial (Height - 1,78 m/5’10”; Weight: 65 kg/143 lbs). But Cruzio Magris is a good midfielder. He’s a typical box-to-box central midfielder, and important key player in USC Fenice (Height - 1,88 m/6’2”; Weight: 79 kg/174 lbs).

Mario Bobbio - Age: 25 - Number: 07 - Local Team: FC Nazionale

The best midfielder of Aestate, simple. In the National League, he showed intelligence, ability, incredible passes and assistances, a vision of the game, and he is the perfect deep-lying playmaker. But in National Team didn’t achieve the same performance as in Football Club Nazionale Carpanelano. For example, his work in BoF was poor. Maybe will be better in future? Another problem of Bobbio is his little resistance. Curiosity: Bobbio has a history of lesions. Maybe because that, he has a difficult to transition from attack to defense. An intense or very defensive match may cause difficulties (Height - 1,72 m/5’8”; Weight: 65 kg/143 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: The hope of AS Portus, Flavio Svevo is labeled the future Bobbio, and he has resistance. But now, Svevo is younger in our team with 17, and his inexperience may be a problem (Height - 1,78 m/5’10”; Weight: 60 kg/132 lbs).

Niccolò Soldati - Age: 22 - Number: 09 - Local Team: AC Meninx

A good attacking midfielder and box-to-box central midfielder, Soldati had the best BoF participation among the others aestateans players. Important in Associazione Calcio Meninx, in National Team he became important too. A left-hander, this feature is relevant in pitch for him (Height - 1,75 m/5’9”; Weight: 64 kg/141 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: Lorenzo Mazini and Cruzio Magris.

Marco Álvares - Age: 19 - Number: 10 - Local Team: USC Fenice

Everyone calls him a hope, but I look him a reality. Álvares is the centre-forward of Unione Sportiva Città di Fenice, and in National Team, he has reasonable career with typical striker. In BoF he had many failed moments, but the expectative is here, after all, Álvares is the goalscorer in the National League this year (Height - 1,72 m/5’8”; Weight: 61 kg/134 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: Charles Lee Ray is a good striker in FC Nazionale, but physical problems affect his life (Height - 1,85 m/6’1”; Weight: 78 kg/172 lbs). And Daryl Van Horne has a difficult personality, a problem in Trício FC, a problem in the national team (Height - 1,78 m/5’10”; Weight: 64 kg/141 lbs).

Michael Myers - Age: 24 - Number: 11 - Local Team: AS Portus

A false 10 in Associazione Sportiva Portus, he had a relative participation in the BoF. But it was better than anyone expected (Height - 1,88 m/6’2”; Weight: 75 kg/165 lbs).

Possible Substitutes: Charles Lee Ray and Daryl Van Horne.


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes (please, sense)
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: 1 per 4 matches
Yellow Card Players: 1 per match
Godmod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Timbermunich » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:26 am

Timbermunich Soccer Squad
The Lumberjacks or Jacks, as they are often called, that make up the Hardwoods’ roster are a brawny bunch plucked from the limbs of Great TimberOaks which stand deep within the Great Timbermunich Forest. These Great TimberOaks are massive trees that make up the central portion of the Great Timbermunich Forest, the trees stand at nearly 424 meters tall with trunks that can reach upwards of 32 meters in diameter. It is said that these Lumberjacks once selected spend their entire life within the Great Timbermunich Forest. To be a Jack in Timbermunich is a great honor and they are now selected by The Great Battle Axe while still in utero. They are tasked with guarding the Great Timbermunich Forest from all harm (natural or otherwise) starting at their birth and continuing to their death, that is if they actually do die as no one has ever witnessed a Jacks death nor has a Jacks body ever been discovered void of life they seem to vanish from existence once they reach an estimated 250 years of forest protection. It is also said that each of the Great TimberOaks has a single Jack to watch along with the shared duty over the rest of the Great Timbermunich Forest. If true this would mean that there are approximately 450 thousand Jacks, there are also nearly 100000 trees (multiple genomes) per living Timbermunichers (everyday folks: 50 million) so there are a great number of trees to watch over. You may be asking what this has to do with a soccer team, well you see the Jacks get a small senescence in which they are able to leave the Great Timbermunich Forest and they choose to play sports during this abscission time. Much of the lore around the Jacks seems to indicate this is their final farewell before vanishing from the forest. It is unknown if a Jack gets more than one senescence or not, we have seen some Jacks on more than one cycles roster, but since the legends are not written down we don’t know if this is due to the length of ones senescence or if they have more than one. They do seem to stick with the more strength and power sporting events, which we attribute to their physical stature and strength. After all they spend their entire life wielding one or sometimes two Double Bit Great Felling Axe, an axe that no normal human can lift. This doesn’t mean we don’t see them in finesse sports; it’s just more common for them to choose physical sports more during their senescence.
Manager: Smitty
Assistant(s): Howard Watts, Bender Nikols, Samual Sneed
Stength & Fitness: Whitteny Johannason, Nancy Macker
Medical Staff: Dr. Noble Woods, Dr. Phillip Major III, Margaret Mumford
Scouts: Gilbert Badfreed, Mortimer Holday
Squad Details
Starters					Reserves
Pos. Name # Pos. Name #
GK Great Hatchet Hank 01 GK Great One-Eye Wallice 02
RB Great Norman 04 GK Great Mortimer 00
CB Great Battle 05 B Great Sloth 12
CB Great Felling Axe 03 B Great Peter Pulaski 13
LB Great Tomahawk Tommy 06 B Great Ice Craker Ike 14
RM Great Dead-Eye Darrin 07 M Great Squeaky Stew 15
CM Great Wicked Warren* 10 M Great Big-House Blake 16
LM Great Dirty Doug 08 M Great Cruel-Face Ed 18
RW Great Dagger Dan 09 M Great Hector 19
CF Great One-Arm Willy 21 F Great Pancake Pal 20
LW Great Kyle Slater 17 F Great Buckskin Barry 11
F Great Stuttering Stan 22
* denotes Captain
The Hardwoods will be using a 4-3-3 with a style mod of +5

Note that all players are Jacks (Lumberjacks) and have the title Great, the title can be left off if you like for RP purposes.

Player Profiles
Goal Keepers
Great Hatchet Hank
– Club Team –
None, Timbermunich only has the National Team
- Position -
Goal Keeper
Hank attributes much of his success to the training he has gone through as a Great as well as his exceptional hand eye coordination. He also has excellent reflexes and is seen more as a reactive goalie and is somewhere between a Traditional and Acrobatic style keeper. Hank is good both on the ground and in the air as he has great diving speed and distance. The only draw back he has is on 1v1 situations, as he tends to stay on his line and not challenge or cut-off the incoming angle very well. He has been working with the coaching staff to improve that area, but is still somewhat of a struggle. Many of the players thought he would make a good captain because he is very vocal and is a great leader both on and off the field. However he was not selected for that task by the coaching staff and he fully accepts whatever role they want him to fulfill.

Great One-Eye Wallice
– Club Team –
None, Timbermunich only has the National Team
- Position -
Goal Keeper
Wallice as apposed to Wallace, pronounced like Wall-ICE, is the youngest son of Great One-Arm Willy and is considered second in line for the starting keeper position to Great Hatchet Hank. He is an all out acrobatic keeper and because of this his handling ability seems to elude him at times and he simply punches the ball away. That’s not to say he can’t or doesn’t catch the ball, but rather he is more apt to dive at anything coming his way even if it is directly at him. His goal coverage is great too; with his quick feet and excellent vision (even with only one eye) he is able to cut off angles before a chance is presented to the opposition. Sometimes he is a bit to ambitious and will come off his line becoming a sweeper keeper, which can get him into trouble.

Great Mortimer
– Club Team –
None, Timbermunich only has the National Team
- Position -
Goal Keeper
He is more traditional with great hands and field vision. But he tends to have poor positioning at times and can get caught out of place on occasion. His on field commanding voice can be heard by anyone, which is a great asset for him to have. He is a good leader and is liked by everyone on the team. But because of his bad positioning he is not on par with either Wallice or Hank.

Starting Defenders
Great Norman
– Club Team – 
– Position –
Right Back
Great Norman is a very physical back who has excellent speed and is rarely beat in a foot race. He is good in the air but could use some improvement in that area as well. Norman has exceptional one on one skill and because of his speed is a great back that is hard to get past. He is very uncomfortable when pressured into the middle of the field and prefers to stay out wide to cover any possible crossing situation. Overall he is an acceptable back with some room to improve.

Great Battle
– Club Team –
Image Crew of Gypsum SC – Image HopNation
– Position –
Center Back
Great Battle is the core of the four backs and keeps them well organized. He is great in the air, has good 1v1 skill, and superb field awareness. His only real downfall as a center back is his speed, sure he is quick footed and skilled on the ball but his overall pace seems to struggle at times. Thankfully he has a couple other backs next to him that are extremely fast and if he does happen to get beat they are there to quickly step in and recover for him. With his communication and field awareness Great Battle gets his defensive unit in good positions to help limit the amount of opportunities that the opponents might have. He is also the best passer out of the four starting backs, because of this he is often a focal point to start the forward progress of their attack.

Great Felling Axe
– Club Team –
None, Timbermunich only has the National Team– Position –
Center Back
Felling is a good back and compliments Great Battle in the center very well. He is not as good in the air as most center backs but makes up for it with his excellent positioning and field awareness. He is never found out of position and has the most blocks on the team because of it. The other aspect of his game that is really good is his communication, probably just a bit better than Great Battle’s. He along with Great Battle organizes the teams defensive efforts and keep everyone in check. If he were to improve his aerial ability and perhaps his passing just a bit he may even be a better center back than Great Battle is.

Great Tomahawk Tommy
– Club Team –
None, Timbermunich only has the National Team
– Position –
Left Back
Tommy is a nice left back but he tends to slide too much. He is also very fast, has good passing, and good 1v1 body positioning so with that combination of skills he is rather hard to beat. He does however have a little trouble staying where he is supposed to and the other backs are constantly yelling at him to get into position. His aerial play is also very good and is often the first player to touch the ball on corner kicks. He is not afraid to get in the way of a shot or pass and is often the leader when it comes to setting up walls on free kicks. He is very coachable and his teammates find his dry humor somewhat funny, so he is a good player to have around when the mood needs lightened.

Starting Midfielders
Great Dead-Eye Darrin
– Club Team – 
Image Zorg FC Phynix – Image HopNation
– Position –
Right Midfielder
Darrin plays at the right mid position and is equal in his attacking and defending responsibilities. He is a great all around player with exceptional endurance and passing accuracy. He is often the player that can pick out and precisely pass the ball to an open teammate half way across the field and land the ball directly in the stride of that player. Because of this his coaches have him take all corner kicks no matter which side of the field they are on as well as any longer ranged free kick, the ones that aren’t within range for a direct shot. The one area of his game that isn’t superb is his shooting, which you would think with how precise his passing is he would be a good shooter. But that is not the case as he tends to overpower his shots causing his accuracy to decrease greatly.

Great Wicked Warren
– Club Team –
56ers – Image Schovenia
– Position –
Center Midfielder
Great Wicked Warren is the pinnacle of the team and is a true commander of the field. The teams’ captain is also one of the first people to join a team outside of Timbermunich, this was due in part to his exceptional play and desire to get better. He is great on the ball and is rarely dispossessed easily maintaining possession in challenging situations. He has good field vision, great stamina and fitness, as well as a shot no keeper wants to be in front of when it is on it’s mark. His leadership on and off the field is second to none and is a great student of the game as he is constantly looking for ways to improve himself and his teams. The coaching staff would love to have 11 players on the field just like Warren and all of them enjoy his coach ability and his lighthearted joking that keeps the team grounded.

Great Dirty Doug
– Club Team –
None, Timbermunich only has the National Team
– Position –
Left Midfielder
Doug is the teams left midfielder and he does an excellent job fulfilling that roll. He has boundless energy and never seems to tire when on the field. He is a precision passer and can hit almost any target at any time. However his ball control skills still need some work as his first touch often leads him into trouble, so he tries to pass the ball using that first touch rather than controlling it and then doing something with it. His teammates enjoy having him around as he pushes them at training sessions to be better than they are and he is often found well after training has ended working on his touch so he can get better.

Starting Forwards
Great Dagger Dan
– Club Team – 
- Position –
Right Wing
Dan is a great positional player, rarely ever found out of position and he is exceptionally fast. His speed sometimes gets him into trouble as even when he times his runs officials will still flag him as offside because they can’t imagine someone creating that much space behind a defender without being offside. His Coaches know this is of a concern and often will show officials prior game footage so they are aware of his speed and hopefully not mistake a great run with a true offside call. Dan is also very good in the air and is often a primary target on corner kicks. However he does have one drawback in that he is solely right footed, to the point that he will go out of his way to circle the ball to avoid his left. This can make him an easier mark as defenders learn quickly that he is going to his right, every time. He is working on the left foot but we think it will be a great deal of time before he gets any better with it, his coaches have even restricted him to left only practices in hopes it gets better sooner rather than later.

Great One-Arm Willy
– Club Team –
– Position –
Center Forward
Great One-Arm Willy is an excellent striker and has pin point accuracy with his shooting. In order to challenge him and make him a better shooter than he already is the coaches often hang small one inch twigs from the cross bar at different heights and locations around the goal and challenge him to hit them, which he does every time. Because of this he is one of the teams free kick takers and a key target when the team is in the attacking third. The one aspect of his game that suffers is his stamina, he has been working on it but he is often the first to need a substitute in those games that he is required to run a lot in. Another good thing to his game is that he plays up top with one of his sons, which the two almost seem to know what the other is going to do before it ever happens. Willy is one of the best forward the team has.

Great Kyle Slater
– Club Team –
None, Timbermunich only has the National Team
- Position –
Left Wing
The left wing for Timbermunich is Great Kyle Slater and he is a decent player, but does need to improved in a few areas before he will be considered one of Timbermunich’s great players. He is very good on the ball and can dribble at pace with ease, but his dribbling skill is about where is abilities end. Unfortunately there isn’t anyone to fill his spot that is better so the team is kind of stuck with him on the left. His passing is something that, well, sucks to say the least as he will often miss his target when it is only five yards away. The coaches are desperately trying to fix this and work one on one with him, setting up cones at three yards for him to pass between or try and hit with the ball. His field positioning is okay but he tends to hold back and stay more in the central portion of the left side rather than pushing forward with the other two forwards. The other part of his game that is bad is his heading, he will actually duck away from a ball when he could easily use his head to knock it into the goal and he is often whistled for high kicking because he just refuses to use his head. Hopefully the team can find a replacement for him soon or all the individual training he gets will start to pay off.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
*Choose my goalscorers
*Godmod scoring events
*Issue yellow cards
*Issue red cards
*RP Injuries
*Godmod otherevents
Yes to all just don’t kill anyone unless pre-authorization via TG has been received.
Jacks (the Greats) cannot be killed – EVER.

Laubholz-StadionGreat Timbermunich Forest, Timbermunich | Cap: 86,000
Laubholz-Stadion is located south of the Heart of the Grove and just to the north of TimberOak Grove. TimberOak Grove is the capital of the northern region of Timbermunich which the region is called Great Timbermunich Forest. It is close enough that the Heart of the Groves outer rim can be seen, but note that no one other than the Greats can enter the Heart of the Grove. Due to it’s pulsating power shift, the very essence of all life throughout Timbermunich, any none Great that dares to enter the Heart of the Grove is instantly divulged of all fleshy matter and left as just a frozen skeleton at that point in which they chose to enter. So be warned that any travelers to Timbermunich will be closely watched when near Laubholz-Stadion so that they are not harmed by their own curiosity. Timbermunich is also not responsible for anyone that does not heed this warning and dares to test their fate by going near the Heart of the Grove.

Further Timbermunich Information
Regions - Geographical set-up if you will
Legend of the Great Battle Axe –Timbermunich’s beginnings/history
Sub-Story - more on the Heart of the Grove
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Postby Furellum » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:30 am

Furellum's Roster for the 70th World Cup
Furellum is a small nation at the mouth of the Taaru sea in Atlantian Oceania. Or at least that's what it looks like. In actual fact, the vast majority of the nation is located in another dimension, connected to the Atlantian Oceania portion by a magical bridge at the top of the White Tower. Furellum is a land of magic, however this magic is connected to the land and will not work outside the country unless the user is either a very powerful magic or happens to have a source of ether on him, which is unlikely. The majority of Furellum's population is anthropomorphic animals; over 90% are mammals, with amphibians and reptiles making up the remainder. It is unclear wether the fish or birds are sentient, or just regular creatures. Humans are newcomers to the country, only arriving in the middle ages. Furellum is still stuck in the middle ages in many ways: They lack any type of electrical power or goods, or modern technology. Humans conquered the country in the name of the King of Maalvia, making it a Grand Duchy. However, recently the country has undergone a revolution, and is now under the control of the fascist Corvidae party. The country is led by Special Administrator Yuri Kedzierski, and the Supreme Leader of the Corvidae party Lex Crowley, who is hiding out in Furellum for the moment.

Team Motto: Victoria et hoc genus omne
Manager: Claudiu Frey
Assistant: Eliphet Zoric
Formation: 4-2-3-1

# 1 GK Mihails Gavrilovic* (Gelada Baboon) (Captain)
#21 GK Mikhail Nicolescu (Elk)

#2 LB Yngvi Cizek* (Cheetah)
#3 LCB Ragnar Asbjorn* (Polar Bear)
#4 RCB Marian Constantin* (Elk)
# 5 RB Radovan Kozel* (Abyssinian Wolf)
#12 LCB Benedikt Vyacheslav (Wolf)
#14 RCB Modya Radic (Hare)

#6 LDM Nokolai Cojocaru* (Wolverine)
#7 RDM Tjaz Petran* (Wolf)
#8 LM Emil Brankovic (Wolf)
#9 CM Svyatoslav Petrcovic* (White Ferret)
#10 RM Odinn Zcklrbo* (Grey Wolf)
#15 LDM Innokentiy Ungur (Hyrax)
#16 RDM Eoghan Strnad (Pronghorn)
#17 CM Leopold Pavletic (Tiger)
#18 LM Zhenya Polzin* (Jungle Cat)
#19 RM Volund Dragos (Grey Wolf)
#23 MF Leontiy Anghelescu (Wolf)

#11 ST Eleazar Szczelaszcyk* (Leopard)
#20 ST Ezra Szczelaszcyk (Leopard)

Furellum's roster for the 70th World Cup reflects the political shift the nation has undergone. The Corvidae regime, believing in the superiority of canines over all other species, has stacked this team full of the "master species". There's no humans for the same reason, and the four cats here have all made their way here on merit. Polzin has been a star of both U-15 and U-21 campaigns, while star striker Eleazar Szczelaszcyk also returns, and this time he will be supported by his son Ezra, himself a star of the junior competitions. Leopold Pavletic is a member of the Corvidae party.

The team have changed formation, but remain extremely defensive. Any of the four defensive midfielders can also play in defence, and may be substituted for any of the back four. Leontiy Anghelescu, while officially a midfielder, is capable of playing in any outfield position and may be placed anywhere on the field.

Furellum will play all their home games at Liberty Grounds. Once part of the Grand Duke's estate, that did not stop the locals from trespassing to play football on it every weekend. Since the revolution it has been a parade ground for the Corvidae party, especially as it is connected to the Administrator's Palace (formerly the Duke's palace). Liberty Grounds is located in the capital city of Altsby, on the Atlantian Oceania side of the magical bridge; visiting teams or spectators will not be permitted to cross the bridge, or enter Greater Furellum. Liberty Grounds has no seating, so the locals have taken to bringing their own, which can range from camp stools to seven piece lounge sets.

Furellum have new kits this cycle, as always courtesy of Barunian company Foroni Fabrics. The kits were debuted at the last Di Bradini Cup. On the shoulders of the home kits are the roman numerals for 31 and 52, which are significant numbers in Furelese Football History. (OOC: I'll let you work out why...)

Style Modifier: Negative 4.5

RP Permissions: No killing, no maiming. Otherwise, go for it.
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Postby HopNation » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:34 am

HopNation Hops
National Fußball Team

Roster and Staff
World Cup 70 - 23 Man
# Name(age)
1 Oeny Subanos (24)
20 Whouf Rantinwar (30)
3 Bans Kastas (31)
5 Lecho Loontas (22)
6 Ess Nysistia (25)
9 Sid Raefwar (24)
12 Rayrd Lesamnal (21)
16 Oawo Rayhonrad (22)
21 Icha Wiashrod (28)
24 Kins Houndtin (33)
4 Teur Smuemund (22)
7 Morf Chrortas (23)
8 Uraka Ildechban (22)
10 Pheir Droimpol (19)
13 Ruk Rothrothther (25)
14 Leuld Biaddan (27)
22 Eisa Loostin (20)
26 Thriaw Arcerton (24)
28 Honn Worfworf (24)
30 Ike Myer (30)
2 Raes Queardest (22)
11 Pech Schytaing (19)
23 Gos Banrayorm (23)

# Name Age Pref. Position Club Team
1 Oeny Subanos* 24 GK Bayern FC (HBN) Image
20 Whouf Rantinwar 30 GK York FC (HBN) Image
25 Eburo Chroollack 24 GK Zorg FC (CPW) Image
5 Lecho Loontas* 22 CB Malt SC (CPW) Image
3 Bans Kastas 31 CB Gypsum SC (DKV) Image
6 Ess Nysistia 25 LB Coppendos FC (CPW) Image
9 Sid Raefwar* 24 RB Coppendos FC (CPW) Image
12 Rayrd Lesamnal* 21 CB Gypsum SC (DKV) Image
16 Oawo Rayhonrad 22 RB Captile SC (BPR) Image
18 Steat Nykaugh 27 RB Guile FC (HBN) Image
21 Icha Wiashrod* 28 LB Herberger FC (DKV) Image
24 Kins Houndtin 33 CB Nightinton FC (BPR) Image
27 Vaugh Jeikrom 21 RB Herberger FC (DKV) Image
10 Pheir Droimpol** 19 AM ( C) Bayern FC (HBN) Image
13 Ruk Rothrothther 25 AM (R,C,L) Malt SC (CPW) Image
4 Teur Smuemund* 22 DFM (R,C,L) Captile SC (BPR) Image
7 Morf Chrortas 23 AM (R,L) Tearrain FC (BPR) Image
8 Uraka Ildechban 22 AM (L) Holden FC (DKV) Image
14 Leuld Biaddan* 27 DFM (R,C,L) Malt SC (CPW) Image
15 Nil Nousskel 29 AM ( L) FC Darkton (DKV) Image
22 Eisa Loostin* 20 AM ( R) FC Darkton (DKV) Image
26 Thriaw Arcerton 24 DFM (R,L) FC Indecent (BPR) Image
28 Honn Worfworf 24 AM (R,L) Tearrain FC (BPR) Image
30 Ike Myer* 30 AM (R,C,L) Guile FC (HBN) Image
11 Pech Schytaing* 19 F (R,C,L) Zorg FC (CPW) Image
17 Brim Swauswor 24 F (L) Quazar FC (CPW) Image
2 Raes Queardest 22 F ( C) Gypsum SC (DKV) Image
19 Eenu Zysamenth 29 F ( C) York FC (HBN) Image
23 Gos Banrayorm 23 F (R,C,L) FC Indecent (BPR) Image
29 Jeus Ebtubtua 30 F ( R) Jelle FC Image

* denotes starter
* denotes captain

Head Coach
Warren Schmidt
Assistant Coach
Charles Brinkmeyer
Assistant Coach
Corey Barden
Goalkeeping Coach
Timothy Mahmonds
Fitness Coache
Scott Moe
Medical Staff
Dr. Tonya Hendricks
Dr. Jill Hansen
Kevin Bayts (Trainer)

Tarrence Unduntserwora
Rittchie Ranranyerbur

Typical Style: +2.5 (slightly attacking, wing play, short passes, man behind the ball)
Typical Formations: 4-2-3-1*, 4-3-3, and 4-4-2

RP Permissions if opponent RPs first
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Godmod scoring events Yes
Issue yellow cards Yes
Issue red cards Yes - within reason and cannot render team unable to continue due to cards
RP Injuries (normal and Godmod) Yes - no career ending or deaths - I reserve right to set return time and/or edit severity with follow-up RP
Godmod other events Yes

Starting XI


Rhizome Arena: capacity 125,000|location Zorg, Copperwies
The largest of all association football stadiums in HopNation, Rhizome Arena is a spectacle to be seen. It is an extremely advanced stadium with self regulating weather blockers that open and close based on the current events attendance, sun glare, precipitation, and event type. It’s a two tier style stadium with each seat having a clear view of the field. It has an impressive array of video boards: two main screens, one on each end of the stadium located on the upper level; a continuous screen that separates the lower and upper levels; and other screens spread through the concourse, the main ones for this type being ideally located just outside of each section entrance. This stadium is home to the Phynix of Zorg FC (Zorg FC’s Senior Squad) as well as the official home of the Hops (HopNation’s Association Football National Team).

edited to include the 23 man roster
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*playoff game
BOI 15 - Champion
World Bowl
Group Stage Exits: XXII*, XXIII, XXV*
*playoff game
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Postby Darvale » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:00 am

The Official Darvalian National Football Roster
Presented to you by the



After a plausibly positive World Cup 69 campaign, which, however, saw the deaths of six members of the national side by terrorists, a handful of players from the Darvalian World Cup 69 roster either resigned, or dropped to the reserve list. Because of this, manager Hugo Simmons has done what he does best - turning newly-recruited youngsters into national heroes. Six Darvalians now currently playing as substitutes or starters on the now reformed national side were previously either reserves, or not at all on the national side in any way.However, the likes of veterans like Philip Downing, Cedric Pearson and Darrell Burns will, hopefully, along with the guidance of manager Hugo Simmons, help the now young players of the national team become as seasoned as the older members of the team.

Quick Information & Formation

Official Nickname(s) - The Suns, The Flames, The Goats
Style Modifier - +3.5
Formation - 3 - 2 - 2 - 3 - The Bident and the Eagle
Manager - Hugo Simmons
Head Coach - Dennis Carter
Assistant Coaches - Wayne Russell, Chris Osborne
Captain - Philip Downing
Vice Captain - Cedric Pearson
Left Corner Taker - Cedric Pearson
Right Corner Taker - Steven Bennett
Free Kick Taker - Cedric Pearson
Penalty Taker - Darrell Burns


Previous Kits | Baptism of Fire 55 - Post-World Cup 69 (Made by Adler Sport)
Current Kit | Post World Cup 69 - Present (Made By Libertad Sportswear)Image


Image Hugo Simmons | Team Manager | 64 years old | Paddington Ridge FC (Florgania)
At 64 years of age, Simmons is the current team manager of Darvale, widely popular amongst both the players and the fans. Simmons led the Darvalian team during the World Cup 69 cycle, a cycle widely considered to be the most successful that Darvale has experienced. Hugo Simmons regularly plays around with the team, frequently putting up reserves and substitutes.

Other Staff

Image Dennis Carter | Head Coach | 60 years old | Athletic Teviera
Image Wayne Russell | Assistant Coach | 45 years old | Dayton FC
Image Chris Osborne | Assistant Coach | 47 years old | Hudson FC



Lowell Rose | GK | Starter | 30 years old | Nunavut North Stars (Quebec)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 0 Western Borderlands

At 30 years old, Lowell Rose wouldn't be considered to be the youngest option for the national team, but Rose did manage to lead Fairbanks Royals to a Darvalian Cup and a second place title at the Darvalian First League. Rose has only competed on an international level during friendlies, but is expected to make his international tournament debut at the World Cup 70 Qualifiers.

Lyndon Holmes | GK | Substitute | 30 years old | Port Newland (Barunia)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

At 30 years old, Lyndon Holmes captained the Darvalian team during the World Cup 69 Qualifiers, and, all though the Goats did not qualify, they still had made significant improvements from the World Cup 68 cycle. Holmes was a star of the team, but age started to rust the Darvalian team hero, and he was melancholily dropped to substitute.

Jordan Bridges | GK | Substitute | 27 years old | U. Of Keye (Zenic)
Debut - World Cup 69 Qualifiers Matchday 2 - Darvale 2 - 1 The Crystal Empire

Now 27 years old, Jordan Bridges has been a national team substitute since the beginning of the World Cup 69 cycle. Bridges was considered as an option for starting goalkeeper for the World Cup 70 cycle, but Lowell Rose was instead given the position after Bridges picked up an injury near the end of the World Cup 69 Qualifiers.


Wade Schultz | LB | Starter | 29 years old | Zenit Attawapiskat (Quebec)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

Schultz, now 29, joined Quebecois side Zenit Attawapiskat after Hudson FC, his previous club, was relegated into the Darvalian Second League. Considered to be the best left-back Darvale has ever produced, Schultz played for Darvale during the entire World Cup 69 Qualifiers, and will be the starting left-back for Darvale during the World Cup 70 cycle.

Marlon Fowler | CB | Starter | 31 years old | FC Alaer (The Kytler Peninsulae)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

Another talented player that was recruited off the streets, Fowler does have a lot of skill in defending, but sometimes has a somewhat urgent need to tackle any striker that attempts to enter the penalty arc, thus earning him the nickname "Fouler". The 31 year old will be the starting central-back for Darvale during the World Cup 70 cycle.

Owen MacGee | RB | Starter | 28 years old | Nunavut North Stars (Quebec)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

Playing for FC Alaer, of The Kytler Peninsulae, MacGee was not chosen to play for Darvale during the 68th World Cup because of his relatively young age, although he became a key defender for Darvale during the World Cup 69 cycle. The 28 year old, unlike Fowler, almost never tackles, and prefers to block balls or simply steal them with the least possible or without any physical contact at all.

Carl Moore | CB | Substitute | 24 years old | Kyslo (Jeckland)
Debut - World Cup 69 Qualifiers Matchday 9 - The Crystal Empire 2 - 2 Darvale

Carl Moore was added to the national team after the six female members of the World Cup 69 Darvalian Roster were killed. Moore was first considered to be given the position of starting left central back, but after manager Hugo Simmons decided to change the team's formation from 4 - 2 - 3 to 3 - 2 - 2 - 3, eliminating a position from the defense, Moore was instead dropped to become a substitute.

Jerome Dawson | RB | Substitute | 24 years old | Loderno Inferno (Jeckland)
Debut - World Cup 69 Qualifiers Matchday 10 - Darvale 1 - 0 Lleidia

At 24 years old, Dawson was a young star of the national side during the World Cup 69 Qualifiers, temporarily becoming the starting right-back of the national side during the qualifiers. However, due to the fact Owen MacGee is now back in form and playing in his usual starting right-back position, Dawson was put back to his normal substitute status.

Central Midfielders

Cedric Pearson | CM | Starter | 29 years old | Southwind HC ([img]The Crystal Empire)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

Cedric Pearson was a major part of the Darvalian team during the World Cup 69 Qualifiers, being the third captain of the team, as well as the gateway between the defense and the offense of the Darvalian team. However, due to the formation change of the team, Pearson now partakes in more defensive operations than offensive operations. Pearson has also been promoted to vice-captain.

Steven Bennett | CM | Starter | 29 years old | Kaldukosic United FC (Cosumar)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

At 29 years old, Steven Bennett has quite a bit of experience in football, having played for the Darvalian side during the entire World Cup 69 Qualifiers. Bennett, like Pearson, defends more than he attacks. Due to the fact that Bennett and Cedric Pearson originally played for Grimsby Town FC together as the two central midfielders before moving to foreign clubs, the two national team central midfielders can collaborate very well with each other during both offensive and defensive operations.

Johnny Robinson | CM | Substitute | 25 years old | Paddington Ridge FC (Florgania)
Debut - World Cup 69 Qualifiers Matchday 1 - Semarland 2 - 2 Darvale

Johnny Robinson caught the eye of a national team recruiter when he was 20 years old, shortly before the start of the World Cup 69 Qualifiers. Robinson has been a substitute midfielder for the national side ever since the beginning of the World Cup 69 Qualifiers, but has only made one international appearance for the Darvalian national team.

Attacking Midfielders

Philip Downing | LCAM | Starter | 29 years old | CSKA Quebec (Quebec)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

Captain of the Darvalian side, Philip Downing is the heart and pride of the Darvalian national team. Initially a striker in his early days on the national side, Downing was a starting striker for the national side from before the World Cup 69 until the middle of the World Cup 69 Qualifiers, Downing was changed to the position attacking midfielder after the introduction of the 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 formation - a position that seemed to fit Downing perfectly. And after the 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 formation was abolished, and the 3 - 2 - 2 - 3 formation was introduced, Downing kept the position of attacking midfielder. It is likely that Downing will be playing as an attacking midfielder for the rest of his career on the national side.

Callum Ramsey | RCAM | Starter | 21 years old | Atlético Militar Marte (San Jose Guayabal)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 5 - 4 Super-Llamaland

Callum Ramsey is the young superstar of the team, known for his handsome face, young age, and dangerous potential for the national team. Ramsey was originally a reserve on the national team, but was, after excelling performance in training sessions and an incredible shred of luck, was promoted to the starting status he holds today.

David Rowe | RCAM | Substitute | 20 years old | Kingsgrove (Brenecia)
Debut - Runner Cup 3 Qualifiers Matchday 1 - Darvale 5 - 3 Kandorith

David Rowe was a member of the memorable Darvalian wild card selection for the Runner Cup 3, hosted in Equestrian States. Rowe was, before making it to the national side, an amateur playing on the streets of Darvale. Rowe is one of the three Darvalian Runner Cup 3 wild card selection members to have made it to the national side (apart from the reserve list).


Spencer Campbell | LW | Starter | 23 years old | Lotus Park (Brenecia)
Debut - Runner Cup 3 Qualifiers Matchday 1 - Darvale 5 - 3 Kandorith

An aspiring, young 23 year old, Spencer Campbell was another member of the memorable Darvalian wild card selection for the Runner Cup 3. Campbell, like David Rowe, played on the streets of Darvale before making it to the national team. Campbell is one of the three members of the Darvalian Runner Cup 3 wild card selection to have made it to the national side (apart from the reserve list).

Darrell Burns | CS | Starter | 29 years old | Sparta Torspeda (Buyan)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 3 - 2 The Kytler Peninsulae

Burns is the veteran and star striker of the team, and is rather known as a 6 meter box poacher, being very sneaky and knowing how to stay onside. Burns usually scores goals from corner kicks or crosses, and his playstyle is less offensive than those of other strikers. Burns was the top Darvalian goalscorer of the Darvalian World Cup 69 Qualifiers side, after scoring a total of twelve times for Darvale during the Qualifiers.

Ryan Keane | RW | Starter | 22 years old | Port York (Felix)
Debut - Runner Cup 3 Qualifiers Matchday 1 - Darvale 5 - 3 Kandorith

The young 22 year old Ryan Keane is the third member of the memorable Darvalian Runner Cup 3 wild card selection, along with Spencer Campbell and David Rowe who made it to the national team (apart from the reserve list). Ryan Keane is a precision expert, capable of producing on-target shots from long distances.

Gavin Reed | LW | Substitute | 24 years old | Sporting Cenial (Ceni)
Debut - Friendly - Darvale 5 - 4 Super-Llamaland

Gavin Reed was added to the national team after an excelling performance for his club, Bayern Hautbregen, during the International FireStorm Cup VIII - a tournament in which Reed led Bayern to the Round of 16 after scoring 22 goals for the club - in 7 games. Reed was originally a reserve on the national team, but he was promoted to the substitute status he holds today after his splendid performance in the IFSC.

Tony Powell | CS | Substitute | 24 years old | Isca Town FC (Nova Anglicana)
Debut - World Cup 69 Qualifiers Matchday 9 - The Crystal Empire 2 - 2 Darvale

Tony Powell burst onto the national team during the World Cup 69 Qualifiers, replacing former striker Lena Parker after the latter was killed during the qualifiers. Tony Powell, along with Jerome Dawson, are the only members of the Darvalian Under-21 roster for the Di Bradini Cup 31 (Under-21 Cup 52) now on the national team (except for the reserve list).

Abbreviated Roster

Player NameCurrent ClubJersey NumberAgePosition
Image Rose, Lowell Image Nunavut North Stars (Quebec)3030Goalkeeper (GK)
Image Holmes, LyndonImage Port Newland (Barunia)130Goalkeeper (GK)
Image Bridges, JordanImage U. Of Keye (Zenic)1327Goalkeeper (GK)
Image Schultz, WadeImage Zenit Attawapiskat (Quebec)229Defender (LB)
Image Fowler, MarlonImage FC Alaer (The Kytler Peninsulae)431Defender (CB)
Image MacGee, OwenImage Nunavut North Stars (Quebec)528Defender (RB)
Image Moore, CarlImage Kyslo (Jeckland)3424Defender (LB)
Image Dawson, JeromeImage Loderno Inferno (Jeckland)1524Defender (CB)
Image Pearson, CedricImage Southwind HC (The Crystal Empire)629Midfielder (LCM)
Image Downing, PhilipImage CSKA Quebec (Quebec)1029Midfielder (LCAM)
Image Ramsey, CallumImage Atlético Militar Marte (San Jose Guayabal)821Midfielder (RCAM)
Image Bennett, StevenImage Kaldukosic United FC (Cosumar)730Midfielder (RCM)
Image Robinson, JohnnyImage Paddington Ridge FC (Florgania)1625Midfielder (RCDM)
Image Rowe, DavidImage Kingsgrove (Brenecia)7020Midfielder (RCAM)
Image Campbell, SpencerImage Lotus Park (Brenecia)323Striker (LW)
Image Burns, DarrellImage Sparta Torspeda (Buyan)1129Striker (CS)
Image Keane, RyanImage Port York (Felix)922Striker (RW)
Image Reed, GavinImage Sporting Cenial (Ceni)2324Striker (LW)
Image Powell, TonyImage Isca Town FC (Nova Anglicana)2425Striker (CS)

Reserve List

Image Alexander Champlain | Goalkeeper | #12 | 19 years old | Yakitusk Yes (Chiata)
Image Logan Shaw | Goalkeeper | #86 | 23 years old | Zakhoro Aces (Cosumar)
Image Lucas Englund | Goalkeeper | #41 | 18 years old | Yarizakura Fusiliers (Mizuyuki)
Image Elias Byrd | Goalkeeper | #35 | 20 years old | Fujranwala United (Patistan)
Image Kieran Faulkner | Goalkeeper | #26 | 24 years old | FC Kolberg (Semarland)
Image John Evans | Defender (LB) | #44 | 26 years old | Fujranwala United (Patistan)
Image Lucas Rhys | Defender (LCB) | #17 | 20 years old | Ghindon (Jeckland)
Image Keenan Cambie | Defender (LCB) | #19 | 20 years old | Moncton FC (Quebec)
Image Pietro Cortez | Defender (RCB) | #23 | 27 years old | Molsbik Arkjet (Semarland)
Image Andrew Chambers | Defender (RCB) | #30 | 19 years old | Karijuku Lirin (Mizuyuki)
Image Alan Cross | Defender (RB) | #29 | 21 years old | Rack City Rangers (Jeckland)
Image Lou Chapman | Defender (RB) | #31 | 18 years old | Free Agent
Image James Berkeley | Defender (RB) | #27 | 22 years old | Dundee (Schottia)
Image Willis Finchley | Midfielder (LCM) | #36 | 25 years old | Levadia Narkiv (Estenia)
Image Kenny Sterling | Midfielder (LCM) | #91 | 17 years old | Free Agent
Image Freddie McLaughlin | Midfielder (CAM) | #48 | 20 years old | Northbrook FC (Western Borderlands)
Image Frankie Greaves | Midfielder (CAM) | #24 | 20 years old | Tahore Lions (Patistan)
Image Louis Porter | Midfielder (RCM) | #47 | 20 years old | Asuzono Sunrise (Mizuyuki)
Image Archie Fleming | Midfielder (RCM) | #77 | 17 years old | Free Agent
Image Ruben Stokes | Forward (LW) | #14 | 17 years old | Shirane Strike (Mizuyuki)
Image Patrick O'Neil | Forward (LW) | #20 | 24 years old | Peswick Rovers (Jeckland)
Image Dylan Small | Forward (LW) | #45 | 21 years old | Free Agent
Image Rohen Lambeau | Forward (LW) | #22 | 19 years old | Free Agent
Image Brett Cole | Forward (LCS) | #51 | 24 years old | Sporting Saint Adrensburg (Semarland)
Image Jermaine Wallcroft | Forward (LCS) | #72 | 19 years old | FC Jansberg (Semarland)
Image Jo Law | Forward (LCS) | #37 | 17 years old | Free Agent
Image Dixie Brambler | Forward (CS) | #18 | 17 years old | Free Agent
Image Tom Greyfriars | Forward (CS) | #33 | 22 years old | Winnipeg United (Quebec)
Image Aaron Hurst | Forward (CS) | #21 | 24 years old | Levadia Narkiv (Estenia)
Image Joe Di Scampi | Forward (CS) | #99 | 17 years old | FC Denison (Super-Llamaland)
Image Rudi Baker | Forward (CS) | #88 | 17 years old | Ordbury Athletic (Jeckland)
Image Roman Saxsmith | Forward (RCS) | #32 | 25 years old | Sporting Saint Adrensburg (Semarland)
Image Jorge Simpson | Forward (RCS) | #25 | 17 years old | FC Nuholm (Semarland)
Image Cassius Camden | Forward (RW) | #48 | 18 years old | Kagami Sunburst (Mizuyuki)
Image David Wainwright | Forward (RW) | #28 | 28 years old | Tachi Navy FC (Patistan)
Image Harlan White | Forward (RW) | #92 | 19 years old | Free Agent
Image Jacob Madison | Forward (RW) | #97 | 19 years old | Klyde FC (Cosumar)

Home Stadium

The Capital Citadel

Proudly standing on the top of Citadel Hill, one of the seven legendary hills surrounding the capital of Darvale, Crompton (previously known as Fairbanks), The Capital Citadel was constructed by the BNW Varin Corporation just before the World Cup 69 Qualifiers, and can accommodate just under 75,500 fans. The Capital Citadel succeeded the Fairbanks Arena (home of Fairbanks Royals FC) as the national Darvalian stadium, and was built for the national Darvalian team's use for the World Cup 69 qualifiers.

Penalty Kick Order

1. Spencer Campbell
2. Darrell Burns
3. Ryan Keane
4. Philip Downing
5. Callum Ramsey
6. Cedric Pearson
7. Steven Bennett
8. Owen MacGee
9. Marlon Fowler
10. Wade Schultz
11. Lowell Rose

Roleplaying Permissions

If my opponent roleplays before me, I grant him/her the permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod goalscoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per 3 games)
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per 4 games)
Godmod injury events: No
Godmod things in general: No
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Postby Buyan » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:53 am

Apox, Farfadillis, SJG, Venalzio, New Sideburn, Estenia, The Royal Barangay & Equestrian States for having internationals of mine over in their nation.
Hamburg SV for lending me their stadium.
Gloriax for the visuals

Till MD17 of the WC70 qualifiers.


Some forty years ago, a couple of Esportivan communist exchange students decide to kick a ball around on a field not too far away from Vannarby. After a lot of history, we’ve now in the year 2021 and football is tilting the crown as the most popular sport in the archipelago. In the sixth season of the unified Top Division, Bengtsmark IF retook their dominance with a second title, seemingly ending the era of Viztourzys Kolektyvinis. A side that also can pride themselves upon a certain international stature after winning a Globe Cup. The national President’s Cup saw already a list of victorious sides, with Blau-Weiss Pallstadt, the nation's second team, as the latest addition. The official national competitions contain 48 teams and are still up to expansion, but its popularity mainly lies on the many local teams and competitions. Especially in the western part, football is the main sport, whilst being opposed to the popularity of rugby and basket in the east.

Before our international wake, Buyanese football was usually noted by powerful midfield play, with a lot of forward focus transcended in one man: a team was often defined by its type of attacking midfielder and the position was probably a bit overrated. Navickas and Cedar, by example, previously grew into the posterboys of their time that way. These days, the man around which Buyanese football revolves is Sverre Devold, although Piotr Kluszak might hold that position in the domestic Top Division. These stars of the new generations, however, demonstrated that the danger doesn't have to come from one person only and the ability from Viztourzys - and more recently Bengtsmark, Blau-Weiss and Jottnar - to deal with this new football reality have allowed them to grow to the highest level. The fact that Hope held on to the same opinion has certainly helped to popularize the idea.

He stamped out the old traditions with a renewed midfield where the wings can produce a lot of danger as well, but with a larger focus on the defending as a whole. It was a typical vision in Buyan to see attacking players stay forward when the opposing team launches an attack, causing a lot of pressure and goals, but the national side doesn’t show so. Hope wanted a sturdy defence, unless there are opportunities on the wing, with Naess and Zermin as a double lock on the door. It brought Buyan a Baptism of Fire, but after 88 international games, the reign of Hope stranded on a goalless draw against Kernansquillec... And the World Cup being further than ever. A fourteen on eighteen, under new manager Reinhard Shale, brought them back in the race but the Hedgehogs fell one point short to United Eastedge. The Cup of Harmony nor the CE XI was a success by all standards, but with a new cycle starting, Shale wants to bring the national team to a new level. The silver from the Beltane Cup should have lifted the spirits.


The Blue Hedgehogs

Winner of the Baptism of Fire 54
Winner of the Beltane Cup II
Participant in WC 68 & WC 70

KPB: 19th, post WC70
EspKB: 11th with 12.67, post CEX

All-time scoreline: 199 for, 129 against
Game results: 74 wins, 23 draws, 34 losses in 131 international fixtures

Biggest victory: WCQ70, Paymina - Buyan 0-7
Greatest victory: WCQ68, United Gordonopia - Buyan 0-1, Equestrian States - Buyan 0-1 / WC68 Buyan - GAS 1-0 / WCQ70, Buyan - Turori 1-0 / WC70 Buyan - San Jose Guayabal 2-1
Most preferable result: 1-0, 28 victories out of 74
Opponent most played: Greater Watford, 7 occasions
Biggest loss: Confederations Cup, Equestrian States – Buyan, 4-0
Most painful loss: CoH59, Buyan - Sangti 2-5 / CEX, Apox - Buyan 2-0 / WCQ69 Kernansquillec - Buyan 3-1 / WCQ70 Estope - Buyan 3-1
Opponent most lost against: HopNation
Rivalries: Rüntenbach – Apox – HopNation – Greater Watford – The Sarian

Record at the CE VIII: 2 wins, 0 draws, 4 losses: elimination in the qualification round
Record at the BoF 54: 6 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses: victory
Record at the Conf. Cup: 0 wins, 0 draws, 3 losses: elimination in the group phase
Record at the WCQ 67: 8 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses: 5th spot, elimination in the qualification round
Record at the CoH 59: 0 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss: elimination in the group phase

Record at the CE IX: 3 win, 0 draws, 3 losses: elimination in the qualification round
Record at the Beltane Cup: 3 win, 1 draw, 2 losses: 3th spot
Record at the WCQ 68: 14 wins, 4 draws, 0 losses: 2nd spot, won play-offs
Record at the WC 68: 1 win, 0 draws, 2 losses: elimination in the first round

Record at the CE X: 4 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses: elimination in the Round of 16
Record at the Beltane Cup II: 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss: victory
Record at the WCQ 69: 7 wins, 6 draws, 1 loss: 3rd spot, eliminated in the qualifications
Record at the CoH 61: 2 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses: elimination in the Round of 16

Record at the CE XI: 4 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses: elimination in the Round of 16
Record at the Beltane Cup III: 3 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss: silver
Record at the WCQ 70: 10 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses: 1st spot, qualified
Record at the WC 70: 2 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses: elimination in the Round of 16

Top scorer: Elmo Havelund, twenty-six goals
Most caps: Sverre Devold, hundred and five caps

Buyan has come a long way since their debut interland, a worrying 3-0 loss against Dandillis. Their first CE saw proper performances, but the Hedgehogs only got the taste of winning in their Baptism of Fire. Without dominating, they amassed the victories. After beating Kitsunia-Deesse and Dutciberg, they faced The Sarian in a thriller. After one hundred twenty scoreless minutes, penalties had to decide upon a victor and the steel nerves from the Buyanese came out on top. The tournament marked Zemaitis, Havelund, Tufte and not in the least Sverre Devold as international players and lay the foundation of a respectable World Cup campaign.

Despite organising the next Campionato, it didn’t saw a real breakthrough of Buyan and the Beltane Cup ended in deception when Yttribia got the best of us, leaving us with bronze. But the World Cup qualifiers were exceptional, playing eighteen games back-to-back without a single loss. Taking the scalps of United Gordonopia, Thatius and the Equestrian States, Buyan surprisingly qualified for the World Cup 68 proper. After losses against Legalese and Osarius, Buyan grabbed three sweet points after a much contested duel against Rüntenbach, seeing Manuel Schmidt as a hero.

Their third campaign of international football has resolved in mixed results. Due to internal issues, a homegrown side had to contest the CE and the Beltane Cup. The CE ended faster than hoped, as Apox cut short the road to the quarterfinals, but the Beltane resulted in the second trophy in the cabinet, as we once again showed more cool on penalties against Greater Watford. The expectations were high: a second World Cup qualification was a must but that did not work out. A second round in the CoH 61 did not really resolve the question marks. Is Buyan bound to be one of those sites hanging on the edge of World Cup spots or can they become a major name in football?


Reinhard Shale decided to bring twenty-eight players in the selection for the World Cup qualifiers. A few names were left behind since the Beltane Cup. Istvan Losokov was considered too weak and the long international career of Harald Naess came to a slightly painful end. They were replaced by Bartosz Wladecki, a promising defensive midfield that seems to have surpassed Suhr already as back-up for Zermin, and the experienced Marco Castell. A few players such as Angst, Venclova, Ullsmang, Niceforski, Dobrovolskas, Martinek and Riesling are considered stand-ins when necessary.

1. Manuel Schmidt --- GK --- 31, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 30 caps, 1 sub, 1 goal
12. Ulle Seber --- GK --- 31, Garbarnia Hoyersko --- 55 caps, 1 sub
23. Erbald Saldlund --- GK --- 26, Bengtsmark IF --- 5 caps, 1 sub

17. Maxim Dziuba --- LD --- 25, Jottnar Kallsmudden --- 5 caps, 10 subs
2. Kazimieras Zemaitis --- LD --- 26, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 101 caps, 7 subs, 7 goals

21. Kai Ruutu --- CD --- 23, Seura Pohkakunti --- 3 caps, 4 subs
16. Antanas Mamontovas --- CD --- 26, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 15 caps, 6 subs
3. Sigurd Tufte --- CD --- 27, Bengtsmark IF --- 103 caps, 4 goals
4. Rafal Giertych --- CD --- 24, Jottnar Kallsmudden --- 37 caps

18. Ignas Smetona --- RD --- 31, Santa Tecla FC, SJG --- 34 caps, 6 subs, 1 goal
5. Giedius Justs --- RD --- 23, Commercianti, VEN --- 15 caps, 4 subs

15. Bartosz Wladecki --- DM --- 22, Blau-Weiss Pallstadt --- 6 caps, 1 sub
6. Quinten Zermin --- DM --- 30, Carrubonieta Il Gueti, TRB --- 81 caps, 11 subs, 6 goals
27. Frederik Suhr --- DM --- 22, Sparta Torspeda --- 0 caps, 2 subs

14. Vridrich Lammerschon --- LM --- 25, Tjelberg Forening --- 19 caps, 8 subs, 1 goal
7. Dimitri Plovnarov --- LM --- 23, La Nueva Avenida, FRF --- 22 caps, 6 subs, 2 goals

24. Marco Castell --- CM --- 28, Canterlot Royals, EQS --- 37 caps, 14 subs, 4 goals
8. Espen Knutsen --- RM --- 27, Crisisbless, NEP --- 28 caps, 13 subs, 6 goals
9. Eero Halmiini --- RM --- 28, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 45 caps, 14 subs, 12 goals

10. Sverre Devold --- AM --- 27, Barbury Town, APX --- 105 caps, 1 sub, 21 goals
25. Arnold Rootare --- AM --- 23, Thor Rellhovn --- 0 caps, 1 sub
20. Piotr Kluszak --- AM --- 28, Blau-Weiss Pallstadt --- 20 caps, 13 subs, 6 goals

19. Sil Moen --- LA --- 30, Levadia Narkiv, EST --- 32 caps, 29 subs, 11 goals

11. Elmo Havelund --- CA --- 30, Vermillion Rage, NEP --- 49 caps, 18 subs, 26 goals
28. Stefan Hostmann --- CA --- 18, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 0 caps, 3 subs
26. Damien Balnerii --- CA --- 28, St George’s Creek, APX--- 19 caps, 7 subs, 13 goals
13. Andrey Rettinger --- CA --- 30, Goodfeather FC, NEP --- 30 caps, 6 subs, 12 goals

22. Duco Dalmshelf --- RA --- 24, Blau-Weiss Pallstadt --- 44 caps, 16 subs, 24 goals


Second Assistant: Alowysz Krupa

Debuting can be a remarkable word if we apply it to a man who has almost two decades of football experience behind him. Alowysz Krupa wore the shirt of the Blue Hedgehogs on 35 occasions and is a cult hero for his former domestic side Garbarnia Hoyersko, whose black and brown colours he defended for nine years. Being one of the most modest men ever to represent our nation, he will still remain a national icon for being the one to score the all-important penalty during the Baptism of Fire victory. Up to this day, it remains the only penalty ever shot by this man who is once too often called a grey mouse.

First Assistant: Erica Brewer, NEP

Joining the Buyanese coaching staff, Brewer raised more than one eyebrow as she is one of the first females to enter the masculine circle of Buyanese professional football. However, all question marks were quickly turned into exclamation points once they got to know her. Her thorough knowledge of opponents, attention to details and patience makes her the ideal counterpart for Shale, with whom she shares her career. No surprise that by now, she is quite rightfully seen as 'one of us' by the dressing room, judging her by her skill rather than her gender.

Manager: Reinhard Shale, NEP

Sirius Hope brought Buyan to glory in the Baptism of Fire, lead them to their first World Cup and overlooked the squad that gained the Beltane Cup, but his time with the Hedgehogs stranded on a string of shaky performances in the World Cup qualifiers. It's here that Shale came into the picture, a man who could bring in the right kind of résumé despite only being 43 years of age. This talkative manager took up coaching after a career as winger being cut short by injury - we do like some coherence here in Buyan - and earned a name for himself when he not only lead Maximum Rovers to a title in the second division, but turned them into a solid side for the Nepharan competition.

Domestic powerhouse AFC Treason noted his class and Shale did live up to the expectations, bringing them a new title. But after three years, he decided it was time for a new challenge and found it in the dwindling Buyanese national team. With fourteen points in the remaining qualification games, the Hedgehogs hadn't lost yet under his reign, as he tries to bring them away from their defensive outlook to a typical Nepharim 4-4-2. His Cup of Harmony wasn’t that successful, although the stats could be worse. Shale is a talkative, media-friendly manager who tends to make the most of his time with the press, always quick with a joke. Even if that joke needs to pass inaccurately through a translator. He tends to take a challenge head-on and never really bother with the subtle route. It's something the Buyanese will have to get use to calm and subtle Hope.



After using regular blues for the Campionato Esportiva VIII, Buyan addressed Vulpine Sportif who provided them with beautiful kits, both in a blue edition for the home side and red ones for the away games. But time flies and the BFB rightfully decided that it was time for an update. The result is the above marvellous shirts, kindfully provided by AER Sportswear. This modern touch certainly has added to our flair. We’ll wear these excellent shirts with pride, added with red shorts and socks. The goalie will take the field in an all blue outfit.


Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - No, unless awesome
RP injuries to my players – Yes, but no indication of length of injury if above three games
Godmod injuries to my players – No, unless hilarious
Hand out yellow cards to my players – Yes, up to five
Hand out red cards to my players – Yes, up to one
Godmod other events – No, unless hilarious
Dude, I've got this awesome idea - TG me, I'll be glad to cooperate


The Nine @ Dyatinsk (57,000 seats)

It's big, it's build on an unpractical location and if we believe the contractor, it's build on a swamp.
But it's also state of the art and featured some games in the Campionato Esportiva IX, hence the name.


Style Modifier: -2

The one-attacker system almost proverbially attached to Sirius Hope is now a thing of the past and it leads to a new tactical scheme, a Nepharim 4-4-2 with a narrow diamond on the midfield. It is intended that the wing defenders will take up more offensive actions in this system, reaching the line from time to time if possible.

Between the posts, Ulle Seber managed to reclaim his spot. The Garbarnia goalie, out during the WC 68 due to an awful knee injury, took the upper hand as starting goalie since Shale took over and has shown that he is the right number one. He's reliable, splendid in one-on-one but not unbeatable on a long-distance shot. Despite playing for a minor domestic side, Seber holds Manuel Schmidt on the bench so far. Schmidt, former Rüntenbacher and goalie of Viztourzys Kolektyvinis, Buyan's most famous club team, is more than a good double, as this spectacular keeper is as good as his opponent between the sticks. A change - if the opponent asks for it - is not impossible but the two have the utmost respect for one another. Third goalie Saldlund was once a major prodigy, but hasn't made that last step up yet. Questions arise if he ever will.

As left defender, Kazimieras Zemaitis is the household name. Quick, always ready for a counterattack and with a stinging shot, one would almost forget that over the past few years for Viztourzys he also became a strong defender with a mean tackle. One of the few Buyanese of true multiversal level, this shy wingback is a unique asset. His doublure, Dziuba, is carved out of similar wood, but still lacks the international experience and view on the game. Nonetheless, he has shown promising things during his few appearances. As Bronius Bartkus disappeared from international football due to a horrible knee injury, a gap was created in the heart of the Buyanese defence. A gap that is filled by Rafal Giertych, a youngster who has promise written all over him and a true professional. He brings similar things to the side as Bartkus. As his back-up, Ruutu had been added to the squad, he’ll mainly have to keep his eyes open for the future. Teaming up with Giertych in the middle of defence is Sigurd Tufte, a man who grew during his years for Mytanar Dinamo Esca from an interesting talent to a reliable international. Tufte still is a bit more rash than his counterpart, but brings a few dangerous infiltrations and a good long pass to the team, along with a good header. His stunt double is Antanas Mamontovas, a man who struggles a bit with the international level but with the years still on his good side. Completing the quartet, the right defender position will probably be filled by Ignas Smetona who is reunited with his former Viztourzys mates Bartkus and Zemaitis. An enfant terrible, he lost his spot on the team during our first Campionato Esportiva and disappeared from the spotlights. However, he matured and made a career for himself in San José Guayabal, where his spectacular style, dribbling and stinging assists were much appreciated by the local fans. Hope brought him back to the squad and Shale entrusted him with the right-back position, discarding the reliable but more static Refshauge. Gabs Refshauge, number two in terms of all-time caps, did not even make the squad as he was passed for Giedius Justs, the brightest prospect in the defensive department and the latest acquisition of Commercianti and likewise a winger, but a tad less expressive as Smetona.

Any good diamond midfield falls or stands by their holding midfielder and it is there that Quinten Zermin enters the story. Starting as a left midfielder, der Kaempfer grew into a player that is both capable to add something in the build-up and strong enough to withstand opposing pressure. Broad shoulders, vast experience and a great attitude, he is the rock on which his teammates can build. Before, we saw the experienced Naess, vice-captain, once the bench but his time for the Hedgehogs is over. For the future, we look to Frederik Suhr, who combines splendid vision with great pace and Bartosz Wladecki, a bit less rash and with a better tackle. On the left, Frederik Wallenberg disappeared from the squad after an unnecessary red card in the vital game against Free Swiss States, the end of his international career. His spot is filled by Dimitri Plovnarov, who recently left his youth club Sparta Torspeda for a Farf adventure. Despite not too spectacular, Plovnarov is a creative fellow with a great kick and a fine pass. A few more centimeters would have benefitted him, but he has still plenty of room for improvement. His doublure is Lammerschon, a quiet, hard-working player who makes up with attitude for what he lacks in talent. It earned him a spot in Viztourzys, one in the future for Buyan as well? On the opposite side, two gifted fellows try to match one another, even managing to keep the always appreciated Marco Castell on the bench. Eero Halmiini, out of the currently defunct Mytanar competition and playing for Viztourzys, still is on the starting eleven as he has more experience and can break open a closed game as no other. Quick feet and smooth rushes define him, only a few more goals wouldn't hurt him. He holds Espen Knutsen on the bench, a player that moved out of the Buyanese competition to Nephara and hasn't regretted that move. Knutsen is stronger and taller than Halmiini and will possibly feature against more physical opponents. This brings us to the defining player of the Buyanese team, the only player that could come anywhere near the term superstar. Sverre Devold is a true number ten and after a successful time for Jottnar Kallsmudden, he became a key player for Apoxian Barbury Town, a side in the second-biggest competition in the multiverse with which he won national and international titles. He's - for a number ten - quite defensive, but with a good kick and similar vision. His main lack might be his confidence, he's not always the leader this team needs. In case of troubles, it seems that Buyan found a double for him in Piotr Kluszak, who rocked the domestic league with his bright performances. A daredevil with great vision and quick feet, he gives Devold some pressure. The bright new prospect in this department is Arnold Rootare, not the tallest of players but with magnificent passing. If the team revolves around him, he can do a lot.

This leaves open the offensive department, in which two rather new players to the national team try to shine. Duco Dalmshelf is a true goalscorer, who attempts to appear as often in front of goal as possible. It earned him the Golden Boot in the last Top Division and with twenty goals, he's second on the eternal list of the Hedgehogs. He's not too tall and his heading is moderate, but otherwise he's a very stubborn and useful killer who doesn't need too many chances. On his side, Andrey Rettinger might be the most surprising name in the line-up. The first Buyanese ever to try his luck abroad, Rettinger became a club monument for Nepharim side Goodfeather. His style isn't that attractive for the eye but he brings power to the team and has an eye open for a fellow attacker. He's also an important weapon on free kicks and corners, as Buyan traditionally seldom makes the most out of these situations. Two remaining attackers on the squad allow Shale to alter his formation. Elmo Havelund, often called the Lantern Post by the press, never has been much-liked by the fans, but he did score quite often in the infamous system with one attacker. Under Shale, he appears less but remains a faithful player who will always give his best for Buyan. Last but not least, Sil Moen wears the number nineteen. He's an interesting white rabbit in the hat, hard to define by only one position. A creative left foot, very intelligent and versatile, capable to bring a tactical change from paper to grass, Moen remains an ace to throw on the table when things get tough in any system. But if Shale really has another ace up his sleeve, it will be Damien Balnerii who escaped the public eye the last few seasons but who build up a nice career in Earent. Balnerii demonstrated his capacity in front of goal in the previous tournaments and we wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it to starting player. Last but not least, there is the junior of the squad Stefan Hostmann. Only nineteen years old, he’s a domestic sensation.

12. Ulle Seber
18. Ignas Smetona * 4. Rafal Giertych * 3. Sigurd Tufte * 2. Kazimieras Zemaitis
8. Quinten Zermin
9. Eero Halmiini * 7. Dimitri Plovnarov
10. Sverre Devold
22. Duco Dalmshelf * 13. Andrey Rettinger

Important: I usually post line-ups in the bottom of my RP for any upcoming game, so please check whether I've assigned players for our game before taking this one.

Penalties: Sverre Devold (if unavailable, in order: Zermin, Rettinger, Tufte)
Indirect free kicks: Dimitri Plovnarov
Direct free kicks: Sverre Devold
Corners, left side: Eero Halmiini
Corners, right side: Kazimieras Zemaitis
Likely to be booked: Sigurd Tufte, Quinten Zermin, Andrey Rettinger

Captain: Sverre Devold
Vice-captains: Sigurd Tufte & Andrey Rettinger
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RP Population: 22 million
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State of Economy: deplorable
Weather: cold
Atmosphere: less depressing than before, but only a bit

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Postby Friskney Eaudyke » Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:32 am

Friskney Eaudyke national football team roster

Manager: Fraiser Barrett - 40
Barrett is a well known face across Friskney Eaudyke. His career spanned 22 years and 6 different clubs until his retirement at the end of last season. What better candidate to take the job? Apart from someone with actual managerial experience of course, of which he has none. Bit of a strange first job to take, but there's probably not all that much pressure on him, being first time entrants and all that. Maybe he'll use it as a stepping stone into club management if he is successful in this endeavor, and someone who is more experienced can take his place next time around.

A not particularly good Baptism of Fire saw Eaudyke get knocked out in the group stages, disappointing many hopeful fans who would've expected a better run in the tournament. Despite scoring a good number of goals, an average of roughly 2.5 per game including 4 in a win over Western Borderlands, the defence was leaked goals, which led to the team's eventual downfall. Despite these stats, Barrett has refused to change up the defence, clearly wanting more time for them to gel together.

Bold indicates starter
#1 - Kyle Ellis - 29 - Ramsbottom FC - 4 caps
#13 - Tyler Walker - 26 - Irwell United - 1 cap
#23 - Nathan McDonald - 25 - Blackrod RMI - 0 caps

#2 - Jake Woods - 29 - Rivington - 5 caps
#3 - Tyler Walker - 28 - Irwell United - 3 caps
#4 - Taylor Tyler - 25 - Ramsbottom Town - 4 caps
#5 - Callum Stephenson - 30 - Ramsbottom FC - 5 caps

#14 - Jack Connolly - 33 - Irwell United - 1 cap
#15 - Tom Baxter - 23 - Ramsbottom FC - 0 caps
#20 - Oliver Crawford - 30 - AFC Southallerton - 2 caps
#21 - John Carter - 21 - Irwell United - 0 caps

#6 - Matty Newman - 25 - Ulverston
#7 - Aidan Willis - 24 - Ramsbottom FC
#8 - Jack Austin - 26 - Blackrod RMI
#11 - Alexander Sutton - 28 - Ramsbottom FC

#16 - Henry Brightson - 20 - Stoneclough Town
#17 - Jonathon Jarvis - 25 - Ramsbottom FC
#22 - Archie Green - 27 - Irwell United
#24 - George Myers - 22 - Blackrod RMI

#9 - Chris Long - 24 - Irwell United
#10 - David Rowe - 26 - Ramsbottom FC

#18 - Aaron Pearson - 32 - Rivington
#19 - Aidan Mole - 20 - Ramsbottom Town

Formation: 4-2-4
Style modifier: +3

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes, maximum 3 per game
Godmod Injury Events: Yes
Red Card Players: No
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Alastonia- » Wed Nov 12, 2014 5:58 pm

Alastonian Men's National Football Team

Country: Federal Republic of Alastonia
Nickname: The Owls
Home stadium: Republic Stadium

Official World Cup Roster

Position, Number, Name, Club

GK, #1, Maxwell Harmon, Bydell Athletic
DEF, #12, Daniel Whitney, Crystal Shore XI
DEF, #21, Carson Anderson, Graceport Rovers
DEF, #7, Ray Redford, Blackpine
DEF, #3, Jack Newman, Morwick United
MF, #10, Adam Reese, Winterhill
MF, #16, Pierre Cris, Crystal Shore XI
MF, #6, Andrew Pace, Paradisium South Shore
FW, #2, Elias Harrison, Clover FC
FW, #15, Chris Thompson, Esther Stars
FW, #11, Lee Burton, Lightham United

GK, #17, Ian Edwards, Valdalia
GK, #14, Joseph Burns, Orion
DEF, #18, Kent Sanders, Bayport Armada
DEF, #4, Jonas Allen, Blackpine
DEF, #19, Carlos Felco, Sapphire
DEF, #23, Ryan Spencer, Esther Stars
MF, #9, Craig Jackson, Lairden City
MF, #8, Paul McBride, Bydell Athletic
MF, #5, Jeffrey Turner, Clover FC
FW, #13, Gabe Valentine, Orion
FW, #20, Steven Potts, Lormount
FW, #22, Taylor Winslow, Ashfield

Manager: Anthony Matthews
Assistant: Will Floyd
Style mod: +1

RP Permissions
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, limit 1 per match
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, limit 1 per match
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, within reason


Home stadium: Republic Stadium (80,000)- Ravenwood
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Postby Jeruselem » Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:20 pm

Jeruselem's roster

"The Princesses"

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +2

Coach: Jayden Bella, Assistant coach of Jerusalem United

Assistant Coach: Hans Muller

Security staff: Captain Taylor Alison Smith

Official JGN reporters
* Kira Sallad

GK (M,23) - Con Vatsisvakis - Dad is a rich property developer
GK (F,22) - Louise Jenna - One of the smaller Jeruselem keepers going round. Former gymnastics star
GK (F,26) - Missy Masters - Clever girl but prone to hubris

DEF (M,25) - John Kiys - Hails from "Nuw Zeelund"
DEF (M,21) - "Afroman" - Because he gets high!
DEF (F,34) - Delia Daring - Loves to take on stupid suicidal adventures in ther spare time CAPTAIN
DEF (F,23) - Fugi Susumi - Looks more like an Asian AV model than a football player
DEF (F,18) - Sunny Leona - Resident optimist in the team
DEF (M,29) - Kat Silva - Samba girl, loves her Brazilian food
DEF (F,23) - Lena Dallas - Better known as Lena Perry in nude modelling circles.

MID (F,29) - Helena Tzatziki - Twin sister of Vikki
MID (F,29) - Vikki Tzatziki - Not to be confused with her twin sister Helena
MID (M,19) - Eric Abetzz - Borderline Nazi
MID (F,17) - Laurina Dallas - Not to be confused with the younger Princess Laura Virginia Dallas who looks like her
MID (M,30) - Joe Root - Actually a very boring guy who doesn't root around
MID (M,29) - Kelly Martens - Resident Bitch
MID (F,22) - Georgia Jackson - Part time chef
MID (M,23) - Biffo Reed - Plays with a lot of passion but tends to collect red cards

STR (F,25) - Danielle Danza - Loves a good selfie
STR (F,23) - Misty Messi - AKA Miss Messy
STR (F,24) - Viv Volkers - Redhead with big boobies
STR (M,20) - Stewart James Stuart - Might be related to the British royal family
STR (M,25) - James Ruis - Best talent of the current year

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

Dallas count = 2
Sallad count = 1


The strip!
Jeruselem's sports achievements ... hievements

Land of the Tiger Princesses

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Postby Jeru FC » Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:21 pm

Jeru FC Roster

"The Cannons"

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +2

Coach: Princess Amelia Jane Dallas of Jeruselem, daughter of Princess Melody Song Dallas of Jeruselem.

Former Jeruselem player. Took over the Jeru FC team in the Runner Cup 3 after the World Cup 69 and the team made the quarter finals. The World Cup 70 team is a new team with challenges.

Assistant coach: Captain Israel Goldstein, serving member of the Jeruselem army
Reporter: Laura Cashman of Naked News Jeruselem

All boys are sons of serving army personnel.

GK (M,20) - Duck Hoss - Loves the occult and anything dark
GK (M,20) - Berth Day - Has a girly obsession with making cakes

DEF (M,20) - Thesis Howedo - Loves 50s retro styling
DEF (M,20) - Intanational Smile - Resident happy person
DEF (M,20) - Ghost - Does his work invisibly on the field
DEF (M,20) - Luv Mee - Always seeking the attentions of unattainable girls
DEF (M,20) - Dis Momen - Hopeless romantic
DEF (M,20) - Dubble Rainbow - Resident homosexual

MID (M,20) - Bida Grace OfGod - The only religious person in the team
MID (M,20) - Spiritule - Loves his spirits of the alcoholic variety
MID (M,20) - Itakes Too - Doesn't like to be by himself
MID (M,20) - Choos yaw battels - Always getting into fights
MID (M,20) - Prisem - Resident scientist and geek

STR (M,20) - L3g3nd@ry L0v3r - Has more girlfriends than you can poke a stick at
STR (M,20) - Walkin Onair - Efficent mover who doesn't waste energy on extravance
STR (M,20) - Uncle Ditionally - Dedicated to the cause and least selfish of the strikers
STR (M,20) - ROAW - Star striker of the team, the team tiger

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

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Postby Atrua » Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:30 am

Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: no
Godmod Goalscoring Events: yes- within reason- no one guy dribbles coast to coast through my entire team and scores things please
Injure Players: no
Godmod Injury Events: no
Red Card Players: no
Yellow Card Players: yes- one per match
Godmod Other Events: yes

Coach: Jacob Howard
5-4-1 formation (-5 max defense style)

#1 G- Hans ”Gandalf” Mitterand- age 24- male 6’2” wt 195 pounds

# 4 Def (left)- Alex Shelvay age 22- male 5’ 11” wt 180 pounds

# 5 Def (left)- Andrew Wallis age 25- male 5’10” wt 175 pounds

#9 Def (middle)- Kyle Ortan- age 24- male 5’10” wt 171 pounds

# 11 Def (right)- Corey Hadeson age 23- male 5’9” wt 161 pounds

#12 Def (right)- David Green age 24- male, 6’0” wt 185 pounds

# 6 Mid (left)- Lionel Martin age 20- male 5’10” wt 178 pounds

# 8 Mid (center)- John James age 22- male 5’11” wt 194 pounds

# 14 Mid (center)- Ken Drake age 23- male ht 5’9” wt 165 pounds

#16 Mid (right)- Joel Manuel age 20- male ht 5’11” wt 180 pounds

# 00 Striker/forward- Gordon “the Hammer” Toren- male 6’0” wt 195 pounds

# 33 G/Def- Jake Green age 26- male, 5’11” wt 182 pounds
# 35 Def- Miles Standow age 27 ht 5’10” wt 177 pounds
#28 Mid- Harry Mickerson age 28 ht 5’9” wt 166 pounds
# 24 Mid- Eric Davidson age 20 ht 5’9” wt 161 pounds
# 31 Mid/Def- Colbey White age 21 ht 6’0” wt 193 pounds
# 30 F- Jim McCoy age 22, ht 5’10” wt 187 pounds

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Postby Yttribia » Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:08 pm

Thanks to Kirola Sports for this amazing crest

All-Time Record: (W-D-L) (48-22-44) | 27-6-6 under Cardona [WCC sanctioned and regional competitions]

Head Coach: Daniel Cardona (FEL)
Assistant Coach: Gabriel Russell (OSR)
Assistant Coach: Bailey Linville

You've got to be joking. Daniel Cardona has taken Yttribia into a skyrocket high above in the sky. The man has quite frankly stolen the hearts of all citizens in the nation. He's somehow led this Yttribian team to only lose six times in his tenure as head coach. The losses include two against Nephara in the Campionato Esportiva X, one against the Polar Islandstates in World Cup Qualifiers, two times against Eura in the World Cup playoffs, and one time against Ruentenbach, in the match where everything mattered. What a remarkable story for Cardona and his squad. The sheer fact that they've only lost six times since Cardona has taken the head is absolutely stunning. And for all we know, there could be something greater ahead for this nation, and for its players.

A nation of around forty-six million, Yttribia is located between the nations in Thrilledge and Byfugland, on the continent of Inferiore, in the region of Esportiva; its capital being Fontvieille. The nation's border between the two countries consists of a mountain range known as the Urellans, where most of the Urellians live. There are six official languages, and (in order of usage) they are: English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, and Italian. The rest of the nation is mostly at sea level, with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the multiverse.

Culturally, Yttribians are proud of how godforsaken they are, with the majority of citizens being listed as godforsaken. A sizeable minority belong to the satirical church, known as the Church of Vilhjalmsson, and a small minority belong to the Urellian Church of Christ. The government has been shrunken down a bit since the last World Cup, and now most power lies within the regions of Yttribia. Politically, most Yttribians used to identify on the left, with the Convergence being the largest registered party in the nation. Others include "el Sindicat del Trellabadores" or the Workers' Syndicate, Partito Verde or the Green Party, the Liberal Party, and the Conservative Party, as well as the Corvax Party. However, due to a certain amount of frustration with the government, the Corvax Party, an affiliate of the Corvidae movement in The Inevitable Syndicate, took control of the nation, effectively banning all political parties. However, the Corvax regime fell, and now Yttribia is back to how they usually were, tolerant and acceptable.

In the time between the second edition of the Beltane Cup and now, Yttribia went through a sort of period in which the time-space continuum slowed down the aging process for everyone in Yttribia, with the World Cup being held once every four years in Yttribian time is now held every two years.

The largest five cities in Yttribia are (descending down) Fontvieille, Telino, Gremalsco, Zevella, and Stemanisis.

Home Stadium
After an excellent period of success with the joint host venues, the Yttribian Football Federation is planning to adopt a rotating venue policy for World Cup Qualifiers from here on out. Two venues in Yttribia will be given the privilege to host the Ravens in their quest for World Cup glory in this set of qualifiers.

Die Einundsechzigste, Dahlen, Obersinn | cap. 61,000

Remember that promise the Yttribian Local Organizing Committee made back in the 61st Cup of Harmony, where they said they would donate the upper bowl of this stadium to the poor people of La Halda? cue internal laughter from the FF Nope, they've expanded this venue to a staggering 61,000; the expansion allows for the Football Federation's guidelines of hosting the National Team to fit in perfectly with the venue. Right on the northern coast of Yttribia, the venue used to resemble a boat, a former homage to the largest industry in the region. Now the architects redesigned the stadium, and plan on using the dismantled exterior for something. The stadium is located right in the heart of the city, an easy walk from just about anywhere.

Casa Naranja, Stemanisis, Yttribia | cap. 64,236

The site of the 29th Cup Winners' Cup final, the Orange House has a ton to offer to its fans. "Hell on Earth," "Satan's Worst Nightmare," and "The House that Tanas Built" (coincidentially, Tanas is an anagram of Satan) are all nicknames given by the supporters of Stemanisis SSC, and basically every fan of Yttribian football. Sure, the fans of the Orange Machine are nice when it comes to every day life, you just better watch your behind when ninety minutes of hell played in here. However, rivalries shall be put aside when the Ravens splash la Casa Naranja with purple gear. Notorious, yet welcoming to say the least.


Three out back, five in the middle, two out front. Simple, is it not?

Style Mod:

#1 - Michi Totso - 21 - GK - KT Itzalovalle (AUD)
#20 - Gaspard Irvin - 25 - GK - Free Agent
#23 - Emmerson Bengochea - GK - FC Delare Minon (1st)

It's official. The young Michi Totso will be in charge of defending the hopes and dreams of forty-six million nationals. Better known as tend the goal. In addition, Ferdinand Forney is upset with his lack of playtime. And so he leaves the National Team, and football in total. Replacing the departing Forney is the now recently signed goalkeeper for Delare Minon: Emerson Bengochea.

#11 - Rico Mathews - 29 - CB - Jungle Strike FC (VIL)
#14 - Dezi Burns - 28 - CB - Free Agent
#15 - Xavi Vilhjalmsson - 30 - CB - Crystopolis City (CRY) (C)
#17 - Tanner Dickinson - 29 - CB - Free Agent
#21 - Elias Melendez - 22 - CB - FC Delare Minon (1st)
#22 - Torsten Larson - 23 - CB - Fontvieille FC (5th)

The age of Darren Quinones and Bradley Gaspar was beginning to show quite a bit. Alas, it was time for them to hang up the boots they've worn playing for their country, and play out with their clubs. However, the bright future of Yttribian defense has just arrived. Assisting the soon to be retiring (from international football) Vilhjalmsson. These two lads are going to be the future of the defense. Elias Melendez and Torsten Larson are soon to be the best damn defenders the world will see. Both of these centre-backs play contrasting football, but boy can they tackle.

#2 - Niek Krooijmans - 23 - CM - FC Delare Minon (1st)
#3 - Magnus Lorentz - 22 - DM - CdF Dowtel (3rd)
#4 - Dado Hale - 22 - RM - Mortsey (JEC)
#5 - Franck Langlois - 23 - CM - Gremalsco FC (2nd)
#8 - Ned Goode - 28 - DM - Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS)
#9 - Crofton Abbatantuono - 28 - LM - Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS)
#13 - Michel di Mercurio - 27 - DM - Issington FC (APX)
#16 - Tom Prescott - 24 - CM - Aturra SC (1st, Serie B)
#18 - Josué Triggs - 23 - LM/RM - Gremalsco FC (4th)

Until then, Antonio and Onésime. Two of the best midfielders to have ever graced the purple, black, and white are now hanging up their international boots for good. However, in comes the former Licentian midfielder, and Team 2215 graduate Niek Krooijmans. Krooijmans joins Magnus Lorentz as the two new players to represent Yttribia. However, what may be the most surprising is the fact that Tom Prescott has transfered to Serie B club, Aturra SC. Granted, they were recently promoted, however, Prescott stated that "this is a club that can do the impossible." We'll see about that, Tommy Boy.

#6 - Raúl Monti - 24 - FC - Parrhesia United (NPH)
#7 - Terry Hyme - 28 - FC - Avenida Principal (FFD)
#10 - Daniel Celestino - 22 - FC - CdF Dowtel (3rd)
#12 - Moisés Fairclough - 27 - FC - Hellenic Rouge (PAS)
#19 - Bruno Arce - 20 - FC - FC Delare Minon (1st)

The duo of Monti and Arce continues to prove the effectiveness these squads have. However, recent call-up Daniel Celestino looks to prove to Cardona that he is ready to make the big stage. One thing's for sure is that these three are some of then nation's finest talent they have yet to offer. Terry Hyme, once star of the Yttribian attack is now taking the backseat to these three players. Sure, he could be an okay starter, but this man is going to shine every time he comes off the bench.

Visual Formation:
Arce - Monti
Abbatantuono - Langlois - di Mercurio - Prescott - Hale
Larson - Vilhjalmsson (C) - Melendez

Kits (provided by Kirola Sport):

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - I'm open to some really, really crazy ideas, so TG me. But TG me first if you're going to have 80 metre shots.
RP injuries to my players – Yes, I have the final say on injury severity.
Godmod injuries to my players – No
Hand out yellow cards to my players – Yes, three cards per match
Hand out red cards to my players – Yes, one card per match
Godmod other events – TG me, I'm open to your really crazy ideas
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The Yttribian Confederation
World Cup 71 | Cup of Harmony 61 | Campionato Esportiva 11 | Campionato Esportiva 15
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Postby Electrum » Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:37 pm

Electrum Football is proud to present the...

Electrumite National Football Team

It has been an interesting year for the Electrumites as a recently announced upheaval just prior to Copa Rushmori XIX saw an overhaul of the team at the conclusion of the tournament. Previously, it was said that most, if not all players from the amateur team would be retired to make way for a professional based team, with the new E-League due to be set up at the conclusion of this tournament. If all goes to plan for Electrum Football, then this will be the first time that a national association football tournament will be held in Electrum. New venues are being built along the way, and the new roster will be comprised of a mixture of old, with some contracts from the old team being renewed, and the new with up-and-coming players coming through the ranks after a new development program was introduced at the end of the 55th Baptism of Fire, Electrum's first tournament.

It's tabula rasa for the team, but sources and betting agencies alike say that the National Team is unlikely to achieve qualification in the tournament proper, and will be banking on their amateurness and good sportsmanship to secure entry to hopefully enter their third Cup of Harmony in a row. Their target is to best the record run last time with a record of 7-2-5. Anything above that ratio will be considered a success given the relative 'newness' of the team. Also, they are looking to break their Cup of Harmony omen with a few wins as well, because out of their last two CoH, they came out with 0-1-5.

Statistical Information
WCC Sanctioned Events:
BoF 55: 2-0-2
WC68: 4-2-8
CoH60: 0-1-2
WC69: 7-2-5
CoH61: 0-0-3
Regional Events:
CR18: 1-1-1
CR19: 4-0-1,SR,QF loss
Total Record: 19-6-23, KPB #104 8.75

Executive Board
The coaching team has undergone an expansion. Despite there being new players, Electrum Football has decided to keep the old management team from before, given their recent performances in the group stage of WC69 qualification and their breakout performance in the most recent Copa Rushmori held in Polar Islandstates. This team is known as the Executive Board and are in charge of ensuring the team has a successful performance this time round, as well as managing the ongoing development programs. The four that were part of the old team and are still continuing are:
Manager: Mitch Blain
Coach: Milo Wilkinson
Assistant Coach: Pete Walker
Physio/Medical: Jane Ellis
The new members, provisionally part of the Executive Board are:

Development Manager: Risa 'Lisa' Shigaraki
Psychologist: Dr. Michael Watts
Goalkeeping Coach: Abi Gardner
Strategist: Walter Mulhall
Wellbeing Assistant: Val Strontine

Roster - new sign-ons have an asterisk next to them

First 11
#1 David Fenech - 27 - GK
#4 Kirk Lynn-Peters (vc) - 27 - MF
#6 Jason McGann - 19 - DF
#7 Alexander Krane (c) - 29 - FW
#9 Jess Fielding* - 22 - FW
#10 Mark Kobe - 23 - DF
#12 Jake Ingram - 24 - MF
#13 Douglas Luna - 24 - MF
#22 Noel Kane - 25 - DF
#25 Nicholas Henry - 21 - FW
#27 Mick Usher* - 20 - DF

#8 Tyler Fernando* - 22 - MF
#16 Frances Lemona* - 23 - GK
#17 Abigail Knight* - 23 - FW
#19 Mitch Watkins* - 18 - DF
#23 Sam Kara* - 19 - GK
#24 Rachel Ramirez* - 22 - MF
#26 Timothy Grange* - 27 - DF
#28 Jake Latham* - 20 - FW
#29 Peter Ficker* - 19 - DF

0 Modifier
-First Eleven Formation-
Fielding Krane Henry

Luna Lynn-Peters

McGann Usher Kane Kobe


Stadium and Kit Information


Courtesy of Adler Sports

Stadii Used
Thursday, November 20, 2014: Match Day 1 - Neu Engollon vs Electrum
Saturday, November 22, 2014: Match Day 3 - Electrum vs Darmen @Centralis
Sunday, November 23, 2014: Match Day 4 - Rejistania vs Electrum
Monday, November 24, 2014: Match Day 5 - Electrum vs Masentur @Prescott
Tuesday, November 25, 2014: Match Day 6 - Audioslavia vs Electrum
Wednesday, November 26, 2014: Match Day 7 - Electrum vs Garifunya @Prescott
Thursday, November 27, 2014: Match Day 8 - Pine Island vs Electrum
Friday, November 28, 2014: Match Day 9 - Electrum vs Ceni @Prescott
Monday, December 1, 2014: Match Day 10 - Electrum vs Neu Engollon @Centralis
Tuesday, December 2, 2014: Match Day 11 - Darmen vs Electrum
Thursday, December 4, 2014: Match Day 13 - Electrum vs Rejistania @Centralis
Friday, December 5, 2014: Match Day 14 - Masentur vs Electrum
Saturday, December 6, 2014: Match Day 15 - Electrum vs Audioslavia @Centralis
Sunday, December 7, 2014: Match Day 16 - Garifunya vs Electrum
Monday, December 8, 2014: Match Day 17 - Electrum vs Pine Island @Prescott
Tuesday, December 9, 2014: Match Day 18 - Ceni vs Electrum

Centralis Stadium, Centralis - Capacity: 45,000

Northcote Oval, Prescott - Capacity: 20,000

RP Permissions
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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Postby Octinstine » Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:13 am

Octinstine National Football Team

World Cup 70 Roster

National Team win/draw/loss record: 66/28/57

Current World Ranking: 356
Highest World Ranking: 57 - world cup 63

Home Kit: Navy and Gold
Away Kit: Blue and White

Starting XI - 4-2-3-1 Formation +2 Style

1. Alex Warren, GK, Age 25, 47 Caps

2. John Glens, RB, Age 34, 127 Caps/ 4 Goals - Captain
5. Mark May, CB, Age 26, 62 Caps/ 11 Goals
6. Leighton Murphy, CB, Age 29, 51 Caps/ 1 Goal
3. Greg Brown, LB, Age 33, 68 Caps

4. Nathan Brown, CDM, Age 22, 42 Caps/ 14 Goals
8. Andrew Stevens, CDM, Age 24, 21 Caps/ 2 Goals

7. Tom Trent, RM, Age 28, 34 Caps/ 3 Goals
11. Sean Owen, LM, Age 29, 36 Caps/ 11 Goals - Vice Captain
10. Greg Jone, CF, Age 20, 13 Caps/1 Goals

9. Jake Simpson, ST, Age 21, 51 Caps/22 Goals


12. Miehel Haym, LM
13. Tom Miller, GK
14. Liam Watson, CF
15. James Barret, CB
16. Adam Jhonson, CB
17. James Young, RM
18. Michel Smith, CDM
19. Jack Jones, CDM
20. Craig Edwards, LB
21. Steven Crebs, RB
22. Paul Smith, ST
23. Michel Casey, GK

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: N
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N
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Postby Kernansquillec » Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:59 am


Manager: Gabby Indignu (49, ♀, Image)
Assistant Manager: Fernando Di Pablo (45, ♂, Image)

Formation: 4-2-3-1
Style modifier: +3.45
RBP rank: 95th (10.00)

Squad: See here.

Starting XI:
L _________________________________ R
Iris Noupen Poutre
Käufer Zorm
Winter Andrewson Dubois Yegos

Stadium: The National Stadium, Kernansquillec City (110 000)

Kit (Home - Away)

KERS 0-0 Kandorith
Absurdly Polite Gentlemen 1-4 KERS
KERS 3-2 Mangolana
Polar Islandstates 2-0 KERS
KERS 0-0 Chiata
MD7 - Beauce vs. KERS (319th vs. 95th)
MD8 - KERS vs. Gregory Llama Land (95th vs. 258th)
MD9 - Friday Freshman vs. KERS (UR vs. 95th)
MD10 - Kandorith vs. KERS (55th vs. 95th)
MD11 - KERS vs. Absurdly Polite Gentlemen (95th vs. 155th)
MD12 - Bye
MD13 - Mangolana vs. KERS (124th vs. 95th)
MD14 - KERS vs. Polar Islandstates (95th vs. 3rd)
MD15 - Chiata vs. KERS (25th vs. 95th)
MD16 - KERS vs. Beauce (95th vs. 319th)
MD17 - Gregory Llama Land vs. KERS (258th vs. 95th)
MD18 - KERS vs. Friday Freshman (95th vs. UR)

More information on the team:
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Postby Carialus » Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:17 pm

The Carialus Comrades

*Formerly know as the Carialus Kings

Stadium: Capital Field, Carialus (55,000)

Coach: Jordon Schlasteur
Style: +4
Formation: 2-5-3
Rank: 60th
All-Time Record: 42-13-32


Left Wing: Matyas KRAUS
Striker: William FROST
Right Wing: Bruno GOMES

Striker: Martin CHLUM
L/R Wing: Tomas BLAJEZ
L/R Wing: Miroslav SVLOBODA

Left Midfielder: Vladimer LELEK
Center Midfielder: Patrick DUMONT
Right Midfielder: Antoine L'HIVER
Defensive Midfielder: Adam CERNY
Defensive Midfielder: Jiri HORAK

Center Midfielder: Jan KALIVODA
Defensive Midfielder: Tomas JIRANAK
Defensive Midfielder: Ladislav KUTEJ
L/R Midfielder: Emil HAVELKA
L/R Midfielder: Ludek SCRABUNECK

Center Back: Barry de BRISSA
Center Back: Thorsten BRAUER

Center Back: Adolf DEDECK
Center Back: Jaromere ANDERLE

Goal Keeper: Dhul BOULOS
Goal Keeper: Patrick DOPITA
Goal Keeper: Alexander KROSCEN


Free Kicks:

Penalty Kicks:

Most Likely to Score:

Mosdt Likely to get Carded:

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y-even 30 yard bicycle kicks :P
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y-anything deadly/career-ending might cause unfortunate "accidents"
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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Postby Albundania » Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:29 pm

Albundanian Roster

Starting XI:
GK: Cayden Merchant, 29 Y/O
LB: Jonathon Potter, 20 Y/O
CB: Eligio Capello, 35 Y/O (Captain)
CB: Beniamino Jamison, 25 Y/O
RB: Rolando Vaccaro, 31 Y/O
CDM: Vasco Alberghi, 31 Y/O (Vice-Captain)
CM: Lou Easton, 25 Y/O
CM: Sigi Potter, 27 Y/O
LW: Meino Rakes, 22 Y/O
ST: David Herberts, 27 Y/O
RW: Keaton Roderick, 31 Y/O

GK: Jason Legrand, 30 Y/O
GK: Marty Royston, 32 Y/O
LB: Vincent Giannino, 20 Y/O
CB: Venetia Cloutier, 25 Y/O
CB: Ellis Tucker, 20 Y/O
CDM: Janette Laurito, 19 Y/O
CM: Graeme Disney, 27 Y/O
CM: Maude Chaput, 28 Y/O
RW: Claude Summer, 27 Y/O
ST: Maurine Horn, 20 Y/O

Quick Facts:
Typical Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +2
Nickname: Los Azuelen
Home Stadium: Ballista Stadio in Montecastello, capacity of 57,000

Albundania is a nation that is always in transition, going from one bloody civil war to another with frightening regularity, which among other things leads to the massive inconsistency with which the Albundanians exhibit in their sports. Often they emerge from these periods of conflict with an entirely new footballing culture and structure, and when they begin settling in they will often succumb to yet another violent revolution. Luckily the new Lonon presidency seems strong, and his security is tight, so this squad may have time to adjust to the new system and once again bring Albundania to a World Cup final. This team, though, is widely expected to be a flop. The only real bright points are the center-midfielding pair of Lou Easton and Sigi Potter, both of whom are likely to be too old to benefit from an Albundanian squad that is competitive in a decade or two. There are plenty of promising young players, though, like Maurine Horn and Jonathon Potter, so maybe Albundania can just go on to shock the world sooner than anyone could ever expect.

Cayden Merchant, Keeper for 1093 Club de Atlantea (TAE), 29 Y/O:

Won the Golden Glove in the AMFL in 1990, and left the country to get better playing experience so as to be able to represent his country in the World Cup. The man is an excellent shot stopper, though his decision making and aerial abilities leave something to be desired in a starting keeper at this level.

Jonathon Potter, Left-Back for Inter Davoli (ALB), 20 Y/O:

1991 AMFL golden ball winner at just 19 years old, his contract is up at typically mid-table Inter Davoli and he is looking to put in one hell of a performance at the world cup to secure a move abroad. He is not a world beater today, but he has brilliant positioning and vision to be a true Albundanian legend if he develops his physical attributes more.

Eligio Capello, Center-Back for AC Lupazzano (ALB), 35 Y/O, Vice-Captain:

The man is a veritable dinosaur, and it shows in that he will more or less be the slowest player on the field, but his leadership is unparallelled in the squad.He has announced his retirement from football following this tournament, so look for him to give all that he has left for his country here and maybe keep an eye out for him to take up a coaching or management position soon.

Beniamino Jamison, Center-Back for Folkingham University (ALB), 25 Y/O

His inclusion by Simpson is controversial, given that his team in the AMFL has conceded a ludicrous amount of goals this last season, and many feel that Cloutier would at least be a better starter. Largely in the league, he's looked an average defender in all aspects, without any significant strengths or weaknesses to speak of.

Rolando Vaccaro, Right-Back for Folkingham University (ALB), 31 Y/O

He suffers from the same "Folkingham Dilemma" that any good defender on a super attacking team faces, but his choice is way less controversial because there are no other right-backs in the country that are even remotely ready for national competition. He's lost some of his pace, and his mental attributes aren't great, but he is quite used to the attacking pace Albundania play at, so there shouldn't be any adjustment problems there at least.

Vasco Alberghi, Center-Defensive-Midfielder for Lokomotive Falchen (ALB), 31 Y/O, Captain

Another player who really has no viable replacement, Alberghi is clearly the best CDM in the country and by the time Laurito is ready to replace him he should be well retired. Additionally, he is a textbook leader, determined for a full 90 and generally not hot-headed. On the field he lacks for physical strength and speed, but is a smart defender and competent at setting up counter-attacks if needed.

Lou Easton, Center-Midfielder for Atlético Nacional (SJG), 25 Y/O:

While he's certainly not the Q Inieta of WC 55's finalist squad, he is the best playmaker the nation has developed in the last decade, and the play largely goes through him. He is not good defensively, but he is a very slick player on the field, often losing players with his quick turns and burning pace. His pass placement is always ambitious for better and worse, but his vision and accuracy just continues to approve year after year. Hopefully his move abroad will help develop him even more in the future.

Sigi Potter, Center-Midfielder for Crawford City FC (COS), 27 Y/O:

Albundania's deep lying playmaker, he is silly good at launching quick counter-attacks and making ludicrous deep passes to set up easy goals for others, as well as occasionally just hitting absolute rockets on frame. That being said, he is routinely one of the laziest players on the field, and also has started developing a bit of a hot-head, often arguing with the refs and other players even when inadvisable. Still, despite his issues, when he is on form he can be a true all-star.

Meino Rakes, Left-Wing for Folkingham University (ALB), 22 Y/O:

Famous in Albundania for scoring Folkingham's game winning goal in the Cup of the Kings final, her primary attribute is her ridiculous pace and ability to not get tired even deep into extra time. Beyond that, she is average in things like crossing and shooting, but her speed allows her to pick up many rebounds and drag defenders hopelessly out of position with her quick runs.

Keaton Roderick, Right-Wing for Union Hauteville (ALB), 31 Y/O:

Roderick is in for his first and only world cup, having already announced international retirement after WC 70. While he's not the fastest, he is an excellent crosser and otherwise great with his passing ability. He also is well known in Albundania for his role in Union Hauteville's Cup of the Kings championship in 1990, marking another bizzare similarity to Meino Rakes.

David Herberts, Striker for Lokomotive Falchen (ALB), 27 Y/O:

1990 AMFL golden boot winner, he also helped drag Falchen along to two consecutive domestic titles. He's not a quick, agile striker, but rather relies on smart positioning and a ludicrous ability to drag the shot across net to catch the keeper off. While he's no Aaron Louis, he should have no problem finishing off chances given to him by a ridiculously creative midfield.

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y, (nothing career ending)
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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World Cup:
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QF: 55
Finalists: 53



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