World Cup 70 - Rosters Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Maklohi Vai
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Postby Maklohi Vai » Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:24 pm



Starters (5-3-2):

#2 Numatao Makai, Club: AC Tamolaki

LFB #8 Punao Kumakapani, Club: Uwalamo FC
LCB #4 Kolu Worunapalakani, Club: AC Tamolaki
CB #5 Wulamo Ropakakanai, Club: AC Tamolaki
RCB #2 Lunako Muruloparakoi, Club: Kolo Lahi Cannons
RFB #3 Lomo Kalopani, Club: Rutupo'a Squadron

LM: #16 Lokunao Wotulanai, Club: Kolo Lahi Cannons
CM: #18 Klaus Lomupakani-Wagner, Club: AC Tamolaki
RM: #9 Tilao Palarutani, Club: Kolo Lahi United

LS: #6 Julian Segundo, Club: Kolo Lahi United
RS: #7 Tumo Makanopalani, Club: AC Tamolaki

GK: #22 Pulo Namukanapai, Club: FC Napamako
GK: #27 Rumao Malopai, Club: Kolo Lahi Cannons

#21 Nolu Patukomonai, Club: Uwalamo FC
#19 Nomao Kawai, Club: Alonamo Eels
#34 Petr Molurukapai, Club: AC Tamolaki
#11 Muto Nilomapai, Club: Uwalamo FC
#17 Rulo Kawai, Club: Kolo Lahi Cannons
#3 Worako Lukanapurolakanakai, Club: Wakita United
#28 Esteban Nawakani, Club: Napuloi Lions
#26 Ruto Koratulopanai, Club: AC Tamolaki

#33 Hans Rijksen, Club: Mulotawi Rhinos
#31 Ponuko Nolakarapawani, Club: Uwalamo FC
#48 Nulo Purowatani, Club: Rutupo'a Squadron
#25 Wolutu Romokanapai, Club: AC Tamolaki
#45 Pulokaru Potanai, Club: FC Napamako
#49 Kaluno Mulopai, Club: AC Tamolaki

#4 Roru Lanipoi, Club: FC Napamako
#14 Wano Mopa'ai, Club: Kupali Defenders
#23 Makao Rulopanai, Club: FC Napamako
#38 Nulo Makaopai, Club: Lowanaki Jaguars
#30 Ailo Malakapanai, Club: AC Tamolaki

Coach: Ishmael Walker, Osarius.

Home Stadium:
Vaian National Pitch, Kolo Lahi. Capacity 112,532.

Style: -4

Kits Designed by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia

RP Permissions: No death. If you godmod anything whatsoever, make it humorous or I'll ignore it.

Roleplay Info

Left Corner TakerKlaus Lomupakani-Wagner
Right Corner TakerTilao Palarutani
Penalty TakerTumo Makanopalani
Direct FK TakerTumo Makanopalani
Indirect FK TakerTilao Palarutani
Most likely to foul/be bookedLomo Kalopani
Most likely to shootTumo Makanopalani
Most likely to score from close rangeTumo Makanopalani
Most likely to score from long-rangeKlaus Lomupakani-Wagner


Tourist's Handbook:

1) Where is Maklohi Vai and how do I get there?
Maklohi Vai is an island group, comprising an archipelago and a truncated volcanic chain, located in southeast Atlantian Oceania. There are ferries to some other nations in AO, but those are long rides typically unsuitable for tourists. The best way to get to Maklohi Vai is by plane, most likely through Kolo Lahi International Airport. From there, there are connecting flights, roads, ferries, or trains to all other destinations in the country.

2) Will I be able to communicate with the locals?
Maklohi Vai is a bilingual nation, with 98% of the citizenry knowing both Vaian and English. Highly educated people, no matter their field, will typically learn one or two more languages, often an East Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) or a major Romance language (French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.). Those working in cultural and historical fields often learn Siroyese and Samoan as well. If none of these meet your language, there are translators available at all visitor information centers and major tourist destinations.

3) Where can I stay?
There are numerous hotels and smaller hostels in and around every city. The Vaian economy is largely built on tourism, so there’s plenty of options in many places. If you need help, you can contact the National Tourism Bureau.

4) What and where can I eat?
Like hotels, restaurants and cafes are abundant in cities and along highways linking the cities. In the more tourist heavy sections of the country, as well as those more metropolitan areas, cuisine is global, encompassing a number of options from nearly any place you can think of. If you’re looking for a trendy bite, try out a Vaian fusion restaurant, the new kids on the scene. If you’re off the beaten path in other parts of the country, you’re likely to find the local cuisine more frequently. This consists largely of fish and other seafood, tropical fruit, a multitude of spices, and various root vegetables like taro.

5) Are there any religious services available?
Yes, although they may be hard to find. Maklohi Vai is 94% atheist, with the remaining 6% being almost entirely Christian, mainly Mormon and Catholic. As such, it’s not hard to find those places of worship if you’re in a big city. There are a few other Protestant denominational churches in Kolo Lahi and Totai, a mosque in Kolo Lahi, and a synagogue in Wakita.

6) What cultural norms should I observe?
Vaians are very friendly, welcoming people. If they see you looking around lost, they’ll come over and help. If they see you looking very much like a tourist on the street, they’ll wave and say hello, a gesture which you should return. It is considered impolite to not accept an offer of hospitality such as a ride to where you’re going or another offer of assistance. Do not try to pay those who help you, as this is typically embarrassing; it is better to give a sincere thanks and a warm handshake.

7) Will I be safe?
There is little to no daylight crime whatsoever, especially not in tourist areas. Likewise, if you’re going to a restaurant or bar and there are a lot of other people around, you will be perfectly safe. If you must be out at night alone, it’s safe on major roads and in the downtowns of cities. The danger lies in the rural parts of the country, off the main roads. There are opportunist theives who are not afraid to strip you of your belongings before letting you go. Murder and violent crime rates are extremely low.

8) What health services are available?
The nationalized healthcare system admits foreign patients free of charge for a one time ER visit. If you enter a hospital, costs are subsidized heavily, but do expect a bill. Ambulances run with great speed, as do the police. Dial 444 on any phone to get services.

9) Are there sensitive politics that I should avoid?
If you are not a native of Maklohi Vai or otherwise very well acquainted with its political situation, it is considered bad form to make disparaging remarks against government officials. Mild criticism is acceptable, although not warmly welcomed, and if you voice strong opinions contrary to the present political situation, be prepared for a debate. Vaians love to talk politics and love even more to engage in a intellectual debate about it, especially with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It is best to not be that person.

10) How is the civil rights situation?
Maklohi Vai is ranked highly internationally for civil rights, and all people are accepted regardless of any preference, with one major exception: religious fundamentalists. The Mormon population in other countries may be known for their proselytizing, but in Maklohi Vai they stay quiet for a good reason: Over 3/4 of the country identifies as anti-fundamentalist and anti-religious activism. If you hold particularly strong religious beliefs, do not share them out loud, let alone try to persuade others of them. This is a very good way to make a Vaian’s good charm flip to the opposite emotion. Besides this, there is almost no reason to be scared because of who you are.
"For the glory of our people, we govern our nation freely. For the glory of Polynesia, we help and strengthen our friends. For the glory of the earth, we do not destroy what it has bestowed upon us."
Demonym: Vaian
-Kamanakai Oa'a Pani, first president of Maklohi Vai
-6.13/-8.51 - as of 7/18
Hosted: MVBT 1; WBC 27; Friendly Cups 7, 9; (co-) NSCAA 5
Former President, WBC; WBC Councillor
Senator Giandomenico Abruzzi, Workers Party of Galatea
Head Administrator
Beto Goncalves, Chair, CTA
Abraham Kamassi, Chair, Labour Party of Elizia
President of Calaverde Eduardo Bustamante; Leader, LDP
President of Baltonia Dovydas Kanarigis; Leader, LDP
President of Aurentina Wulukuno Porunalakai; Leader, Progress Coa.

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Crystal Ponies
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Postby Crystal Ponies » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:46 pm


The Crystal Empire of Equestria
National Hoofball Team - World Cup 70 Roster

Quick Facts
KPB Ranking: 98th (9.54 pts.)
Style Modifier: -2.25
Nickname: The Crystal Knights
All-Time Record: 51-29-46 (8-1-5 at WC70 Qualifying)
Achievements: Baptism of Fire 53 (Semifinals), Runner Cup 3 (Semifinals)


Home - Away - Reverse

The Crystal Empire national team receives its kits from two different companies, though the design for each is the same. Kits for the humanoid players (see above) are provided by Barrengeka of Astograth, while those for equine and other non-humanoid players are provided by Generosity Sporting Equipment of the Equestrian States.

Qualifying - Group 11
#11 - Unified Sunrise Islands (33.21 pts.)
#24 - The Calanian Union (27.77 pts.)
#62 - Jeru FC (14.25 pts.)
#98 - Crystal Empire (9.54 pts.)
#128 - Dawnhaven (5.79 pts.)
#189 - Britonisea (2.60 pts.)
#294 - Aestate (0.63 pts.)
#319 - Etelkoz (0.38 pts.)
UR - Bostopia (0.00 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Qualifying - Group 11
MD1: Etelkoz 0–5 Crystal Empire at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Etelkoz (Win)
MD2: Crystal Empire 2–1 Aestate at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire (Win)
MD3: Britonisea 1–1 Crystal Empire at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Britonisea (Draw)
MD4: Bye Day
MD5: Crystal Empire 1–0 Bostopia at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire (Win)
MD6: Unified Sunrise Islands 1–0 Crystal Empire at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Northern Sunrise Islands (Loss)
MD7: Crystal Empire 1–2 Jeru FC at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire (Loss)
MD8: Dawnhaven 0–3 Crystal Empire at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Dawnhaven (Win)
MD9: Crystal Empire 4-3 The Calanian Union at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire (Win)
MD10: Crystal Empire 1–0 Etelkoz at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire (Win)
MD11: Aestate 1–3 Crystal Empire at Blue Stadium (cap. 73,000) in Portus Cale, Aestate (Win)
MD12: Crystal Empire 0-1 Britonisea at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire (Loss)
MD13: Bye Day
MD14: Bostopia 1-2 Crystal Empire at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Bostopia (Win)
MD15: Crystal Empire 1-3 Unified Sunrise Islands at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire (Loss)
MD16: Jeru FC 2-0 Crystal Empire at an Unknown Venue (cap. Unknown) in an Unknown City, Jeruselem (Loss)
MD17: Crystal Empire vs. Dawnhaven at Imperial Arena (cap. 69,740) in Crystopolis, Crystal Empire
MD18: The Calanian Union vs. Crystal Empire at Neorudo Olympic Stadium (cap. 96,300) in Neorudo, The Calanian Union


Starters (4-4-2)
GK - #20 - Starshine (Crystal Pony - Male) - 24 - Image Crystopolis City (CRY)
DF - #2 - Arctic Lily (Crystal Pony - Female) - 24 - Image Ponyville United (EQS) - -VC-
DF - #4 - Toastie (Crystal Pony - Female) - 25 - Image Crystal City United (CRY)
DF - #18 - Rose Quartz (Crystal Pony - Female) - 23 - Image Canterlot Royals (EQS)
DF - #30 - Firecrest (Crystal Pony - Male) - 33 - Image Viztourzys Kolektyvinis (BYN)
MF - #10 - Sapphire Rose (Crystal Pony - Female) - 26 - Image Cloudsdale Flyers (EQS) - -C-
MF - #8 - Amber Waves (Crystal Pony - Female) - 26 - Image Ponyville United (EQS)
MF - #14 - Fleur de Verre (Crystal Pony - Female) - 25 - Image Ponyville United (EQS)
MF - #5 - Sugar Glass (Crystal Pony - Male) - 22 - Image Crystal Fair HC (CRY)
FW - #11 - Crystal Arrow (Crystal Pony - Male) - 29 - Image Crystopolis City (CRY)
FW - #12 - Berry Splash (Crystal Pony - Female) - 25 - Image Canterlot Royals (EQS)

GK - #1 - Amberlocks (Crystal Pony - Female) - 27 - Image Canterlot Royals (EQS)
GK - #22 - Ardent (Crystal Pony - Male) - 28 - Image Crystal City United (CRY)
DF - #16 - Sunshine Splash (Crystal Pony - Female) - 24 - Image Crystopolis City (CRY)
DF - #3 - Ivory (Crystal Pony - Male) - 28 - Image Crystopolis City (CRY)
DF - #19 - Rubinstein (Crystal Pony - Male) - 31 - Image Whitetail Foresters (EQS)
DF - #16 - Crystalline Blaze (Crystal Pony - Male) - 18 - Image Crystal Fair HC (CRY)
MF - #6 - Zirconic (Crystal Pony - Male) - 28 - Image Wolfenstade Ehrgeiz (KDE)
MF - #15 - Jaded Fury (Crystal Pony - Male) - 19 - Image Crystal City United (CRY)
MF - #7 - Diamond Heart (Crystal Pony - Female) - 20 - Image Crystal City United (CRY)
MF - #23 - Honeycomb (Crystal Pony - Female) - 25 - Image North Spire HC (CRY)
FW - #9 - Esmeralda (Crystal Pony - Female) - 25 - Image Industus (GLX)
FW - #24 - Silver Moon (Crystal Pony - Female) - 19 - Image Crystal Fair HC (CRY)

Coaches & Staff
Head Coach - Image Shining Armor (Unicorn - Male) - 38
Assistant Coach - Image Hearti (Crystal Pony - Female) - 52
Assistant Coach - Image Blistering Glaze (Crystal Pony - Male) - 58
Goalkeeping Coach - Image Sliding Stop (Crystal Pony - Female) - 44
Scout - Image Patrick (Crystal Pony - Male) - 41
Scout - Image Andrea (Crystal Pony - Female) - 33
Fitness Coach - Image Starburst (Crystal Pony - Female) - 40

Team Strategy


In many ways, the style of hoofball played by the Crystal Empire is similar to that of the Equestrian States, being based on speed, endurance, and the natural advantages of equine athletes. However, there are a couple of key differences between the two teams' approaches. First, the Crystal Empire is more defensive than their Equestrian counterparts, using a slightly-modified 4-4-2 formation and relying on the midfielders to provide additional defensive support if needed. This conservative strategy allows the Crystal Knights to better weather the early all-out attacks that have felled the Ponies in the past, leaving them rested and capable of staging second half surges similar to those utilized by the Equestrian States.

Furthermore, the Crystal Empire lacks the species diversity that the Equestrian States is so well known for, being over 98% inhabited by crystal ponies. While they may lack some of the natural advantages held by other sapient equines, the crystal ponies should still not be taken lightly by humanoid players. Like other ponies, crystal ponies are generally shorter than their humanoid opponents but make up for it with impressive jumping abilities (though not nearly as awe-inspiring as those of the pegasai). Finally, while sapient equines rarely "play dirty", crystal ponies take clean play to a whole new level with their wholehearted devotion to the elegance and beauty of the game.

Home Stadium
Imperial Arena

Location: Crystopolis
Capacity: 69,740
Tenants: Crystopolis City

Located adjacent to the towering Crystal Palace, Imperial Arena was constructed shortly after the Crystal Empire reappeared to the north of Magical Equestria as a part of the nation's bid to host the Equestria Games. In the decade or so since the games were held, many other sports competitions have taken place in the Empire's largest stadium and several prominent local hoofball clubs have also taken up residence.

A multipurpose indoor venue, Imperial Arena's main field is encircled by a track, somewhat limiting the seating of supporters, though additional accommodations will be added to reduce the distance separating the fans from the field. Additionally, it should be noted that pickaxes, hammers, chisels, and other tools brought into the Crystal Empire will be confiscated and checked upon entry to the nation as stealing chunks of the Empire's predominantly crystal architecture is generally frowned upon by the local authorities.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes - TG me first to clear it, since there are some things that shouldn't be done, or should be otherwise limited
Other Notes: TG me if you have any questions regarding my RPs, requests for more information on the Crystal Empire, or requests for exemptions from my RP restrictions. Opponents of the Crystal Empire may also want to consider looking at the roster of the Equestrian States for further information on how equines play hoofball (what sapient ponies call what internationally is known as football or soccer).
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The Crystal Empire of Equestria
Capital: Crystopolis | Demonym: Crystalline | Trigramme: CRY
KPB Ranking (Pre-WC68): 106th (8.16 pts.)
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Postby Patistan » Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:26 am


Patistan Football Federation Presents to you.

Patistan National football Team

The Kits





The Serpents
(Organized by chances of Playing)

#13,Shaheer Shazib,23 years old,Northern Union, A-League
Notes: Shaheer has been performing above average since he left Tachi Federal F.C. He helped Northern Union win the A-League title in his first season for them. The only difference now is that he won't be wearing the captains armband.

#45,Zulqaranian Haider,19 years old,Cachachistan F.C,Patistan Premier League
Notes: Will be debuting for the national team if he is chosen for a match or 2.

#23,Zardar Dargiz, 23 years old,FC Kolberg, Semarluundik Premarligaen
Notes: Zardar after moving from Navy, has had a very good season with Kolberg.

#3,Aslam Chaudary,25 Years Old,Liberty Rodriguez, San Jose Guayabyal Liga Premier
Notes: First Patistani to play in the San Jose Guayablense Liiga

#78,Wasina Harggig,26 years old, Haman Rockies, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Best defender on the league winning side.

#14,Tauhid Rammez, 17 years old, Dasalabad Air Force, Patistan Premier league.
Notes: Youngest ever player to debut for the national team

#38,Akhtar Jamil, 23 years old, Tamabad Strikers, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Known as the only aggressive defender in Tamabad

#23,Hannan Khana, 27 years old, Pak-Jariri F.C, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Pak-Jariri's first international player.

#17,Talat Hussain, 29 Years old, Tahore United, Patistan Premier League
Notes: The only defender which was also in World Cup 69 qualifications.

#28,Jhanzeb Narwal, 23 Years old, Daslabad Air Force, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Was also a defender in the World cup 69 qualifiers but didn't play any mathes due to a hamstring injury.

#45,Rohail Jameel, 19 years old, Tachi Navy F.C, Patistan Premier League
Notes: First player of Semarlandic descent to play for Patistan.

#98,Furqan Shaq, 23 years old, Chiddersley F.C, Jeckland Premier League
Notes: Although with Filston United being relegated, the selectors think that Furqan can still represent Patistan on the global stage.

#29,Fahad Khan, 25 years old, Dayton F.C, Darvale Football League
Notes: After guiding Tashawar Cheetahs to the cup, Fahad was chosen by Dayton F.C and after performing there he was a easy pick for the selectors.

#88,Zulfiqar Babar, 23 years old, Fairbanks United F.C, Darvale Football League
Notes: Controversial pick due to his experience.

#5,Atiaq Rasool, 23 years old, 1860 Azoth, Cenian Premier league
Notes: Cost a heavy 13 million to Azoth after performing spectacularly at P.E.C.S. Will hopefully perform at the global stage.

#67,Abdullah Hussain, 24 years old, Tahore United, Patistan Premier League (VC)
Notes:Even though with the lack of experience...Abdullah has shown enough to the selectors with Tahore United that they gave him the Vice-Captain band.

#21,Younda Fahad, 21 years old, Fujranwala United, Patistan Premier league
Notes: By far the best midfielder in the newly promoted side of Fujranwala, he also scored in the pre-match friendly against Super-Llamaland.

#14,Raina Akhtaura,29 years old, Jawhlpur City, Patistan Premier League
Notes: The only person selected from a team which plays in the 3rd division of the league, Raina was the person who in some opinions was responsible for promoting Jawhlpur

#100,Faraz Zia,26 years old, Spindlow, Jeckland Premier League
Notes: Faraz had a rusty season but is all set to play on the global stage again, he will also might move back to Patistan.

#9.James Hussam, 21 years old, Nagelti Rovers, Jeckland Premier League
Notes: With James playing very well at one of the top Jeckish clubs, he was a easy pick for the selectors. He will though try to build up on his last world cup goals.

#12,Shahid Shazib, 25 years old, Jaunepont Persians, Sun League (C)
Notes: The most expensive Patistani on the transfer market to date, Shahid went for a amazing 36 Mil to Jaunepont Persians, he got his armband for putting a captains performance with Tahore United/

#19,Zesh Rehman, 28 years old, Kingston F.C, Quebecois Premier League
Notes: Zesh had a horrible season with PLI Paladins, he was struck with injuries and could only play 5 matches. He although had a bright start with Kingston.

#14,Eshanullah Khan, 21 years old, Western Ocras, League X+1
Notes: The lone striker of Cachachistan F.C had been responsible for there promotion, Barunian side Western Ocras then bought him.

#10,Rashid Gulaz,25 years old, Tachi Stars, Patistan Premier League
Notes: Rashid has been with Tachi ever since they started in the 3rd tier, he was the reason that they got promoted to the Premier league this quickly,he was also the reason they finished 2nd in the premier league.

#89,Farahl Tauhid,23 years old, Serebii Arcues, K League
Notes: Farahl won the silver boot in the league with his 19 goals.He also helped them win the league.

The Managers
Nassear Hussain.55 years old,Tachi Stars, Patistan Premier league.
Notes:Nassear is the mastermind behind the star struck club Tachi Stars.

Starting 11


I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: N
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
"When Muslims commit crime the media exposes them as radical Islamists, but when NON-Muslims commit crimes it is just a crime that is not associated with their beliefs."
Pakistani in Karachi
"Glory to Manchester United"
Really do like telegrams :P
"Okay it's your choice if you don't want to submit to Allah but I for one like to submit to him because he created me and gave me everything I have right now and he will be the one who will judge how I lived my life and he will be the one who decides if I go to Heaven or hell and I for one submit to him because I don't want to live my second life (which will be never-ending) in hell just because I have a ego and want to live in this world partying and enjoying it's luxuries. "

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Postby Filopines » Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:42 pm

The Filopines Football Federation presents
Filopines national football team
World Cup LXX

Sierra Haleze 26 (Female)
Third WCQ

Formation 4-2-2-2
Style +5

Kenneth Nolder 25
Marcus Kullersten 20
Jake Tuohy 23

Jason Dayley 35 Vice Captain
Cedric Levesque 17
Ben Arden 29
Lawrence Cahill 25
Amanda Rojas 23 (Female)
Mark Viney 30
Robin Tuazon 22
Louis Tenner 26

Luis Rodriguez 31
Ross Hart 24
Paul Rhett 46 ('an exciting prospect')
Thomas Rosberg 27
Marcos Cabañas 22
Shaun Albrecht 30
Jacques L'Acier 21

Ahmed Dibay 25
Jack Harodzic 29
Wilhelm Fleiner 24
Simeone DuPont 22
Tori Lamane 25 (Female)
Stephen Cayley 26 Captain
Haley Morsett 20 (Female)
Sebastian Kirk 18
Fabien Ceneze 23

Aaron Bolbing (33)
Jason Hale (36)

Possible Starting XI
Dayley Arden Cahill Viney
Rodriguez Albrecht
Lamane Cayley
Dibay Harodzic


Corsley Stadium 104,098

RP Permissions
Anything 'cept serious injuries and death.
Nation of Filopines
Fort Town, Filopines: Sixth Rushmori Capital of Culture
Native Filopinian names

Demonym - Filopinian
Beach Cup VIII Champions

updated 5/01/2015 pre-apocalypse

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Democratic Socialists

Postby The Archregimancy » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:43 am

The Archregimancy World Cup 70 Roster

First of all, everyone except newbies knows that the Archregimancy is a nation of Eastern Orthodox Christian monks from an alternate reality, right?

Following two consecutive failed qualification attempts that have seen the team's ranking slide down to a second seeding, the Monastic Football Association have decided to accept their fate; the current squad reflects that acceptance. Only Fr. Auxentius the Merciful survives from the last two squads, though Cup of Harmony winning manager Fr. Stephen is also given one last chance.

Fr. Irenaeus the Meek

Fr. Auxentius the Merciful
Fr. Amphilochius the Mild
Fr. Gregory the Forgiving
Fr. Alexander the Inoffensive

Fr. George the Kind
Fr. Manuel the Commanding [cap]
Fr. Metrophanes the Easily Distracted
Fr. Sisinius the Accepting

Fr. Theodore the Slow to Anger
Fr. Anthony the Kindly

Fr. Stephen the Wonderworker

The Archregimancy always plays an orthodox 4-4-2; style modifier +0.



Team Icon

The team is always accompanied to matches by the Holy Icon of the Mother of God, Bringer of Victory, which is paraded before the team before the match. The Holy Icon looks like:


Tips for footballing visitors to the Archregimancy:

1) Each home match is preceded by the complete Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Rest assured that this should only require visiting teams, fans, and officials to stand for a mere 2 hours before kickoff. Consider yourselves lucky we don't use the Liturgy of St. Basil. This isn't required or expected at away matches (though it's always hugely appreciated when a host Association/Federation does do so).

2) We control the nature of reality in the Dreamed Realm. This isn't used to cheat - all normal rules of football are strenuously followed - but it does have two major side effects:
A) Any injuries to either team in Archregimancy home matches are immediately healed.
B) No violent or riotous behaviour by visiting fans will be tolerated. Any such behaviour will find those responsible immediately transported back to ordinary physical reality.

3) Direct travel from ordinary physical reality to the Dreamed Realm is impossible. Some 72 hours before your away qualifier in the Archregimancy, a team of monks shall arrive in your home stadium and construct a portal to the Dreamed Realm. You may then use this to travel to the Archregimancy at your leisure.

4) Visiting support is limited to a maximum of 2000 fans (which is generous by recent Archregimancy standards).

5) Women are not usually permitted into the Archregimancy. Exceptions will be made for visiting players and properly accredited officials - largely because we have to - but not fans (OOC: nations sometimes ask me about sneaking in female fans as accredited officials; this is acceptable).

6) Formerly, the Archregimancy made a point of being resentful of being forced to permit atheists, communists, freemasons, assorted heretics and foul excelites into the Archregimancy for home qualifiers. These days the Monastic Football Association tries a little harder to welcome all of the above – though largely in the hope that they might just possibly be open to conversion through a slightly more conciliatory approach.

More detailed information on visiting the Archregimancy, please see this post: viewtopic.php?p=18461733#p18461733


For the third cup in a row, home qualifiers will be at the ground of the relatively comfortable Holy Monastery of Iviron. The following picture shows the South Stand of the Holy Mother of God, behind one of the goals.


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players y
Godmod Other Events Y - (no religious conversions of players, please)

And remember... Monks don't cheat. Please.

OOC: I realise my team might present a role-playing challenge. Rest assured that once they start playing they'll play just like any other team (though they might be a bit more inclined to pray after scoring), so I have no problem with you treating the team like any other if you don't want to deal with the Orthodox Christian element.[/quote]

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While the nation took a long break from WCs 8 through 24, the Holy Empire is proud to be the only active nation to have participated in WC1.

It is equally proud to be your defending champion

Imperial Coach Juan Tzimisces is officially dating Margaret, NSWC goddess of random numbers. Theirs is a relationship of fire and passion.

If I can actually find time to RP, you might even get to hear about it.

The Holy Empire Football Association is fielding an 'ordinary' team of Imperial footballers.

Jesús Metochites [make 'Jesus saves' jokes as much as you want]

Nicephorus Scleruso
Jorge Apocapes
Nicholas Bryennio

Manuel Gabraso
John Malenuso
Isaac Curcuaso
Miguel Aspietes
Michael Palaeologo

Jose Taronities
Bardas Phocaso

Style Modifiers / formation

Frosty football is attacking football. The Holy Empire always plays a 3-5-2 formation using overlapping wingers that turns into 3-3-4 on the counterattack.

OOC'ly, for the purposes of scorination, the team uses the maximum attacking style modifier permitted by each cup's hosts.


The team coach remains World Cup Hall of Fame legend Juan Tzimisces.

The assistant coach is Starblaydi World Cup Hall of Fame legend Simeone Di Bradini.

The team will wear famous Imperial Gold and Red, as worn by the Holy Empire since WC1


The Holy Empire plays its home matches in the bejewelled and platinum-domed Imperial Hippodrome, the oldest World Cup venue still in use, and one of the most famous - and impressive - stadiums in the multiverse.

RP instructions:
Have fun; but don't kill anyone, and don't try and launch attacks on the Dreamed Realm - largely because you can't.

The same basic rules on injuries, use of portals to get to the Dreamed Realm, and inability to take violent action, apply in both the Archregimancy [see above] and the Holy Empire.
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Osarius Squad for World Cup 70

Team: Osarius National Football Team (aka "The Firebirds")
Style modifier: +1.5 (counter/possession-based attacking)

Manager: Jermain Lewis (66 years old)
Assistant Manager: Georgina Carsley (58 years old)
Captain: Roque Acosta
Vice-captain: Ruby Fletcher
3rd captain: Juan Pablo Rodriguez

Home stadium: Mount Crown Stadium, Burningham (cap. 98,000 all seated)
The Firebirds' home stadium is built at the foot of the imposing Mount Crown, on the outskirts of the capital city, Burningham. Fans are known for their extremely vocal support, and the Osarian national stadium has been described as a difficult place to play. The stats support this notion, as Osarius are undefeated, and have not failed to find the net there under Jermain Lewis. The most vociferous home fans are seated in a kop-esque stand built into the mountainside, with the huge, rocky face behind them adding to the intimidation. The pitch itself is usually made shorter, but wider than most, catering to the short midfield passing game of the Firebirds, and their frequent use of width. Long-ball teams will find it difficult to find space behind the defence, but teams making liberal use of wingers will likely flourish.

Image Image
Image Image

There are also two "special" kits, one is white with black and red flames on the front left, and the other is mostly gold (the traditional alternate kit colours) with a red and black bar across the middle, if neither of these is suitable. I'll make these eventually.

My RP Permissions are pretty chill to be honest.
Pretty much anything goes, I only ask that you let me decide the severity of any injuries you decide to RP for me, please.
Send my players off if you must -- if it's a player I really didn't wanna lose for the next game, I'll RP an appeal or something.
Oh and at the risk of sounding a bit "RAWR" ... do not kill any of my players or coaching staff (unless I say go ahead via TG).
Killing fans is okay though. Go nuts with that if you like.

Most likely to...
Score a goal: Ezio Grassi, Marco Puntoriero, the winger opposite Wesley Kane, or Wesley Kane (in something like that order)
Create that goal: Toby Drummond (he's a witch!), Wesley Kane or Nicola Costello
Win a free kick: Ezio Grassi, Tobias Clarke or Paolita Bruno
Take (and score) that free kick: Roque Acosta, Lucio Lazzarani or Wesley Kane
Win a penalty: Ezio Grassi, Nathaniel Doherty or Sergio Mora
Take (and score) that penalty: Roque Acosta, Toby Drummond or Wesley Kane
Miss a penalty: Other than Arturo Monte... probably Yazmin Velásquez
Score a header off a set piece: Salvatore Laccona, Fabian Padron or Emanuele Riviello
Score an own goal: Emanuele Riviello or Clemente Jaconelli
Hack an opponent down: Ramiro Figueroa (out of necessity, of course)
Lose their head and get sent off: Felix Victor is pretty tightly wound, if you get my meaning.
Commit a professional foul: Efrain Suarez. Dude is insane.
Argue with the referee: Nathaniel Doherty or Efrain Suarez (he will sprint a good 60-70m to do it, too)
"Disappear" during a match: Yazmin Velásquez, Susana Grana or Theodore Prince
"Put in a shift": Fabio Mancini or Emilio Tapia
Have an elaborate goal celebration planned out: normally, nobody... but Nathaniel Doherty is the team prankster
Get caught stumbling out of a nightclub: Well, it's rumoured that Giorgia Caruso's fall down the pecking order...
Do charity work: Lewis requires the entire squad to at times, but Juan Pablo Rodriguez and Andrea Poynter are most likely to do so without being told to
Elicit marriage proposals from fans: Ruby Fletcher or Sergio Mora... despite both being engaged. Ha.

The team will generally attempt to control possession rather than engage in consciously defensive play; and "parking the bus" is a cardinal sin. When out of possession, the team will generally press high up the pitch and try to win the ball back as quickly as possible, sometimes over-committing, and leaving themselves vulnerable to a swift counterattack. Generally pacy defenders help to alleviate this problem somewhat.

Against stronger opponents, expect to see a more defensive positioning manifest itself, though. Defenders will be less likely to press high, and the team plays something akin to consciously defensive football, looking to use devastating speed on the break.

They will also slow down when ahead later in the game, but only so they don't unnecessarily provide opportunities to lose possession and/or concede. This doesn't mean they wont take the opportunity to score if it presents itself, though...

The front line of three is often very flexible, with all three (usually) capable of playing in any of the front three roles at any given time. Most of the time, the centre forward/striker will remain the focal point of the team's central attacking, though, whether they are receiving passes or moving to make space for the wingers.

If there is an attacking midfielder on the pitch, they will likely operate as a "false ten" in tandem with a forward dropping deep (like a "false nine"). Effectively they will be most likely to get onto the end of passes in the final third, and thus score goals. Unless the forward is Ezio Grassi. Because he is Ezio "Goalmachine" Grassi, and in this case, the attacking midfielder will be tasked with creating chances. This normally means that if Toby Drummond is replaced by another midfielder, either they will be a playmaker, or Grassi is coming off soon too.

On the occasions no specifically named attacking midfielder is used, typically it is an indicator that the manager expects a tighter battle for possession in the midfield zone. In these situations, expect Acosta to push forward more often, while the third midfielder is a more defensively-inclined option, like Ramiro Figueroa or Emilio Tapia.

The fullbacks typically overlap a lot -- considering how often the wingers change sides and become "inverted" (i.e. cutting inside the defender on their stronger foot, rather than pulling wide) -- and seem to operate almost as advanced as wingbacks (or even midfielders against considerably weaker teams) a lot of the time, making the system a sort of like a 3-4-3 when Osarius attack, due to Costello (usually) dropping deeper to counter against a potential playmaker "in the hole" for the opposition.

Set piece preferences (in order):
Corner kick takers: Whichever wingers/wide forwards are on the pitch. Wesley Kane usually pulls rank since he's ambidextrous, though
Penalty takers: Roque Acosta, Toby Drummond, Wesley Kane, then... your call, I guess.
Free kick takers: Roque Acosta, Lucio Lazzarani, Wesley Kane (particularly when not shooting)
Long free kicks: A centre back (usually Riviello), or the goalkeeper (only really for offsides, really... or if Suarez starts)

You don't have to stick to all of that, though. It just fits in better with the way I intend to RP my team (when I can).

Something that is important to know is that football isnt the number on sport in Osarius. Its second, to GraviBall, though the gap is (still) closing.

Footballers in Osarius are popular for abstract reasons. Normally the main one is making tough tackles, because the combative nature of the game is what the majority of fans like most. Very passionate, are Osarian fans, you see. However, there is also an increasing appreciation for the cerebral footballer; be that a clever pass or a clever run that leads to a goal. Sooo... basically, if you're not creating/scoring goals or making crunching tackles, the fans generally aren't impressed. That goes for opponents too... Osarian fans always appreciate good football, so they will even applaud opposition players at times (although they will boo their goals, obvs).

The complicated tactical systems used by modern Osarian teams are well-understood by the fans, and a growing football blogging community within Osarius often has in-depth tactical discussion, and regularly posters show great insight. This is thought to be the result of a general increase in coaching quality throughout the nation, which has also contributed heavily to the national team's increased degree of success in recent years.

From time to time I'll make reference to the area a player is from, and when I do, I will try to add an OOC note to explain what it means (if relevant), because different regions of Osarius have almost entirely different cultures. For example, Tubrissian people's habits and sayings are heavily based on Phoenician/Carthaginian culture and religious beliefs; Islanders -- those from Kyoshiku/Kholanaras Island in the south-west -- have a warrior-centric culture and are quite insular; many Ikutursans worship a malevolent, erisian, serpent deity... and so on.

Manager: Jermain Lewis
Having pretty much cemented his place in the nation's football legend long before he started his non-playing career, the former Firewood City and Osarius captain has extended it considerably in the past decade. The gaffer has a well-documented hatred of losing, and some have suggested he is addicted to winning. It has rubbed off on his players. Though well into his sixties now, he still carries that air of "enforcer" that he always did as a player, and still commands respect in a similar way. Lewis would never claim to be a particularly tactical mind -- though he is no slouch when it comes to strategy; he does have an interest in game theory, too -- but it is his intangibles, the psychological attributes he possesses that make him a great manager. His mentor, Benedict di Corradi once said that a great manager inspires his players to want to play for him. There is no indication that Lewis has failed to do this with any of the one hundred plus players he has managed during his tenure.

Assistant Manager: Georgina Carsley
Replacing a legendary coach, to work under (or alongside, as Carsley would say) another legendary coach is a daunting task even for many legendary coaches. Carsley is unfazed. Having worked with Lewis for years, the former darling of the Greeningham City faithful was hand-picked by the gaffer himself to take on the assistant manager role starting with the AOCAF Cup last summer. A decision no doubt influenced by the fact that her predecessor, Elissa Barca-Carthy, was her mentor, drilling into her the same disciplined defensive principles that exist in almost every professional female player of that generation. Despite being short in the trophy department when compared to her colleagues, and despite the potential problems (as a woman) dealing with the testosterone charged dressing room, Georgina Carsley has always commanded respect. Despite her pleasant appearance -- even in her advanced years, Carsley still turns heads -- the players are said to fear her wrath even more than they do the gaffer's.

Other Non-Playing Staff
With the elevation of Georgina Carsley to assistant manager, and the departure of Jayson Dhanda to coach the Quebecois national team, Lewis had to reshuffle his backroom staff, despite coming off a successful cycle. Perhaps due to the success Lewis has brought to the national team, he wields greater influence within the OFA than ever, though, and has negotiated not only replacements for the departed faces, but also an increase in personnel.

Coaches: Lorenzo Ruiz, Harvey Decker, Serenity Lewis, Ayanna Barca-Carthy, Dean Richards
Lorenzo Ruiz retains his role as the team's primary technical coach, often working with Ayanna Barca-Carthy to refine the more delicate aspects of the game with the players; particularly the younger ones. Barca-Carthy's affinity for working with youngsters led to Lewis handing her the reins for the Rabastor Trophy this past summer -- under the stipulation she take an under-23 squad -- which the Firebirds won. Her past as national team captain affords her a lot of weight among the squad, too.

The gaffer's daughter, Serenity, made history as a player; becoming the first Osarius captain at a World Cup finals stage. Some may have felt her elevation to national team coach was nepotism, but she thoroughly disabused that notion quickly, gaining the trust and respect of the squad almost immediately with her intense, yet affable demeanour. Much like her father, she inspires the players to want to do better, except not necessarily for her.

Lewis has also noted that the team's defensive organisation might have weakened without Elissa Barca-Carthy to keep them in line, so he brought in former Grasshoppers Turic defender Harvey Decker. While Decker was never a top player in his own right, he was part of one of the best defences in Osarius for years, under Karl Heinz-Grichenbauer. Former Osarius and Turic defender Tay Gidds -- a close friend of Lewis' -- maintains that Decker's innate understanding of defending means he is one of the best coaches in the country for defensive positioning.

The final piece of Lewis' supposed championship run puzzle is a prolific goalscorer who can hone the inconsistencies inherent in the Osarian forwards (Ezio Grassi excluded, of course) into consistent deadliness. Richards spent his entire career at AFC Hollybrent, shouldering the burden of scoring for several years -- successfully. Some have suggested that, if not for recurrent injury trouble, and Hollybrent's rollercoaster form, Richards may have had an international career not too dissimilar to Grassi's. He would downplay this, but there is a lethal understanding of the art of goalscoring behind his quiet eyes. An understanding that, if he can pass it on to the likes of Puntoriero or Caruso, Osarius need not concern themselves with Grassi's impending age-related decline.

Specialist Coaches: Lana Schroeder (goalkeeping), Claudio Traga (fitness), Gabriele Esposito (strength and fitness)
The introduction of Esposito to the coaching staff is technically an expansion, but Traga has announced his intent to retire after the current cycle. Traga's reputation -- his net worth is estimated to be over one hundred million credits; on the back of his wildly popular and successful training methods -- is hard to compare to, but Esposito is his most favoured student, and appears likely to continue the older man's legacy; "mental fitness training". The Fourgian also has experience working with football teams, having spent three years working with Trothwands Evolution prior to joining Traga's organisation.

Schroeder looks likely to remain national team goalkeeping coach for the foreseeable future, though. She recently passed up the opportunity to take the director role at the Enzo Corradini Goalkeeping Academy, preferring to take a less prominent role, in order to continue her work with the national team. Ruby Fletcher in particular has expressed great happiness at her mentor's decision, stating that "[she] wouldn't be half the goalkeeper [she is] if not for Lana's training."

Medical Team: Dr. Clara Cormega (physiotherapist), Dr. Vite Karusiki (team doctor), Dr. Daniella Bruni (psychologist)
Dr. Cormega's presence has been invaluable for Lewis in his attempts to maintain health among his squad. Between the niggling injuries from domestic campaigns his players are involved in, Lewis may have been forced to deviate from his long-term plans with regard to younger, emerging players, if not for Dr. Cormega's expert assistance in limiting recurrence and speeding recovery. It helps that Dr. Cormega has an excellent working relationship with Dr. Karusiki, and the two are able to combine their knowledge and experience to maximise efficacy.

Noting the increased burden on Dr. Karusiki with regard to attending to mental health -- and perhaps to address the lingering concerns over squad mentality -- Lewis implored the OFA to hire a dedicated psychologist for the team. Dr. Bruni comes highly recommended, having spent several years working with OLAF championship winning sides. Perhaps the crucial recommendation came from Alessandro di Corradi, who worked with Dr. Bruni during his struggles with depression.

Scouting Team: Roberto Cormega, Rene Wilson-Ouaddou, Elene Altieri
Something Osarius has never had in the past is a dedicated scouting team. Lewis insisted on this after the humiliating defeat at the hands of The Hakifao Isles during the last AOCAF Cup, and finally he has his wish. It was agreed that a scouting team would aid Lewis in his meticulous preparations, and to fill requirements, he called on one of the most knowledgeable coaches in Osarius (Cormega), a trusted old teammate (Wilson-Ouaddou) and the head scout working under another of his old teammates (Altieri; currently contracted to Hastmead Diamante, under Benni Watson). Of the three, only Wilson-Ouaddou is full-time with the national team, though Cormega's superior knowledge affords him the rank of chief scout. Lewis will be relying on the trio to provide him with detailed information on the lesser known opposition Osarius will face this cycle, as well as to find any weakness in the stronger opponents, as he aims to avoid any slip-ups. He knows all too well the threat posed by Super-Llamaland and Cosumar, for example, and every point will count if Osarius are to stay clear of them at the top of the group.

The Squad

As is customary, Jermain Lewis has named a "pool" of players from which he will select each matchday squad. Higher numbers correspond to players less likely to appear in a given match. The list will be edited later to reflect the final twenty-three players selected for the World Cup finals squad.

## Pos  Name                  Age    Current Club          
01 [GK] Ruby FLETCHER 28 y/o Callisto City
02 [RB] Gabrielle HARRISON 20 y/o Burningham City
03 [LB] Paolo BOCCHETTI 24 y/o Callisto City
04 [CM] Nicola COSTELLO 22 y/o Hastmead Diamante
05 [CB] Emanuele RIVIELLO 27 y/o Violence Chariots
06 [CB] Juan Pablo RODRIGUEZ 22 y/o Grasshoppers Turic
07 [RW] Nathaniel DOHERTY 27 y/o Ponyville United
08 [CM] Roque ACOSTA 30 y/o AFC Treason
09 [CF] Ezio GRASSI 31 y/o Cloudsdale Flyers
10 [AM] Toby DRUMMOND 32 y/o SK Franz Josef City
11 [LW] Wesley KANE 26 y/o Hastmead Diamante
12 [GK] Adam MCBRIDE 29 y/o SK Aasiaat Harbour
13 [GK] Efrain SUAREZ 22 y/o Utica United
14 [ST] Marco PUNTORIERO 21 y/o Firewood City
15 [CB] Felix VICTOR 26 y/o Hastmead Diamante
16 [AM] Sergio MORA 26 y/o Krsthaven
17 [CB] Clemente JACONELLI 22 y/o Grasshoppers Turic
18 [RW] Darell MARSHALL 24 y/o Firewood City
19 [CM] Yazmin VELÁSQUEZ 26 y/o Hastmead Diamante
20 [CM] Fabio MANCINI 18 y/o Grimsby Town FC
21 [RB] Susana GRANA 29 y/o AFC Treason
22 [LW] Tobias CLARKE 25 y/o Firewood City
23 [DM] Ramiro FIGUEROA 18 y/o Trothwands Evolution
24 [LB] Theodore PRINCE 24 y/o Firewood City
25 [CB] Fabricio GALLARDO 24 y/o Trothwands Evolution
26 [CB] Fabian PADRON 22 y/o Fransborg set Njilkaer
27 [ST] Salvatore LACCONA 21 y/o Fairbanks Royals
28 [AM] Lucio LAZZARANI 22 y/o Heigellion
29 [AM] Andrea POYNTER 23 y/o Grasshoppers Turic
30 [CB] Nicola PECORARO 24 y/o Utica United
31 [CF] Gabriella NEGRI 25 y/o Hastmead Diamante
32 [GK] Paolita TACCARDI 21 y/o Hastmead Diamante
33 [ST] Sido PUDOREMU 18 y/o Kyoshiku Island
34 [RW] Paolita BRUNO 20 y/o Utica United
35 [CM] Emilio TAPIA 22 y/o Callisto City

Finals Squad

## Pos  Name                  Age    Current Club          
01 [GK] Ruby FLETCHER 28 y/o [OSR] Callisto City
02 [RB] Gabrielle HARRISON 20 y/o [OSR] Burningham City
03 [LB] Paolo BOCCHETTI 24 y/o [OSR] Callisto City
04 [CM] Nicola COSTELLO 22 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
05 [CB] Emanuele RIVIELLO 27 y/o [NPH] Violence Chariots
06 [CB] Juan Pablo RODRIGUEZ 22 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
07 [RW] Nathaniel DOHERTY 27 y/o [EQS] Ponyville United
08 [CM] Roque ACOSTA 30 y/o [NPH] AFC Treason
09 [CF] Ezio GRASSI 31 y/o [EQS] Cloudsdale Flyers
10 [AM] Toby DRUMMOND 32 y/o [PIS] SK Franz Josef City
11 [LW] Wesley KANE 26 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
12 [GK] Adam MCBRIDE 29 y/o [PIS] SK Aasiaat Harbour
13 [GK] Efrain SUAREZ 22 y/o [OSR] Utica United
14 [ST] Marco PUNTORIERO 21 y/o [OSR] Firewood City
15 [CB] Felix VICTOR 26 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
16 [AM] Sergio MORA 26 y/o [SEM] Krsthaven
17 [CB] Fabian PADRON 22 y/o [SEM] Fransborg set Njilkaer
18 [RW] Darell MARSHALL 24 y/o [OSR] Firewood City
19 [CM] Yazmin VELÁSQUEZ 26 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
20 [CM] Fabio MANCINI 18 y/o [APX] Grimsby Town FC
21 [ST] Salvatore LACCONA 21 y/o [DRV] Fairbanks Royals
22 [LW] Tobias CLARKE 25 y/o [OSR] Firewood City
23 [LB] Theodore PRINCE 24 y/o [OSR] Firewood City

On Standby
24 [DM] Ramiro FIGUEROA 18 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
25 [CB] Fabricio GALLARDO 24 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
26 [CB] Clemente JACONELLI 22 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
27 [RB] Susana GRANA 29 y/o [NPH] AFC Treason
28 [AM] Lucio LAZZARANI 22 y/o [WBO] Heigellion
29 [AM] Andrea POYNTER 23 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
30 [CB] Nicola PECORARO 24 y/o [OSR] Utica United
31 [CF] Gabriella NEGRI 25 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
32 [GK] Paolita TACCARDI 21 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
33 [ST] Sido PUDOREMU 18 y/o [OSR] Kyoshiku Island
34 [RW] Paolita BRUNO 20 y/o [OSR] Utica United
35 [CM] Emilio TAPIA 22 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United

"Best" starting lineup: [4-3-3] Fletcher; Bocchetti, Riviello, Rodriguez, Harrison; Costello, Acosta (c), Drummond; Kane, Grassi, Marshall
Most common changes: Doherty, Padron, Mancini, Prince, Clarke

[LM] Marianela REYES       23 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
[LW] Alex MARSHALL 22 y/o [OSR] Shanak FC
[RW] Tony DALEY 24 y/o [OSR] Shanak FC
[RW] Tony DALEY 24 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[GK] Louis FOX 25 y/o [OSR] Greeningham City
[GK] Tommaso RIZZUTO 22 y/o [OSR] Paper Tree Town
[LM] Brooke MILLER 23 y/o [OSR] Real Jraxville
[LW] Trevor WARD 23 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
[RB] Natalie REID 22 y/o [OSR] Kronkow United
[RB] Natalie REID 22 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[RM] Manuel YBARRA 24 y/o [SEM] FC Nuholm
[RW] Lloyd BROOKS 23 y/o [OSR] Rapid Hearthlands
[RW] Lloyd BROOKS 23 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[CB] Juan TAPIA 25 y/o [OSR] Violia FC
[CB] Juan TAPIA 25 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[CB] Luca MILANI 20 y/o [OSR] FC United of Dynapolis
[ST] Diego BALLESTEROS 25 y/o [SEM] Eikborg Club
[CB] Pepe BATISTA 21 y/o [OSR] Muirford Athletic
[LB] Theodore PRINCE 24 y/o [OSR] Firewood City
[RB] Esperanza MOLINA 20 y/o [OSR] Arcaea County
[LB] Arturo MONTE 28 y/o [OSR] Utica United
[ST] Giorgia CARUSO 27 y/o [OSR] Utica United
[CF] Joanna HEALY 20 y/o [OSR] Greeningham City
[DM] Miguel GOMEZ 19 y/o [OSR] Rapid Hearthlands
[DM] Ramiro FIGUEROA 18 y/o [SEM] FC Jansberg
[GK] Bartolo MONTEFORTE 19 y/o [OSR] FC Barciddia
[GK] Bartolo MONTEFORTE 19 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[LB] Alexander SCOTT 19 y/o [strike][OSR] Cymrwell FC
[LB] Alexander SCOTT 19 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[RM] Eula LUSITO 20 y/o [OSR] Trelagstad FC
[RW] Ismael DIAZ 24 y/o [SEM] Eikborg Club
[AM] Cesar ROSAS 20 y/o [SEM] Lusenhagen
[AM] Francisca SANDOVAL 21 y/o [OSR] Greeningham City
[CB] Brock KANE 19 y/o [OSR] Renneville United
[CB] Alisa ROBERTSON 19 y/o [OSR] Cymrwell FC
[CB] Raymond DEL REY 19 y/o [OSR] FC Barciddia
[CF] Beatriz MONTEZ 24 y/o [OSR] Alissar Phoenix
[CF] Beatriz MONTEZ 24 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[CM] Gavin MITCHELL 18 y/o [OSR] Shanak FC
[CM] Peter DONALDSON 21 y/o [OSR] Yamihagi FC
[CM] Zoe BARNES 19 y/o [OSR] FC Masaka
[CM] Zoe BARNES 19 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[CM] Luigi PESCIANO 20 y/o [OSR] Harinnet FC
[CM] Luigi PESCIANO 20 y/o [OSR] Dynapolis United
[DM] Damien O'HARA 19 y/o [OSR] Cymrwell FC
[GK] Zachariah ARNOLD 19 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
[LB] Jemma PECORARO 18 y/o [OSR] Charleston Athletic
[RW] Chester JOHNSON 19 y/o [OSR] Real Rajahara
[ST] Caleb CALLAGHAN 18 y/o [OSR] Burningham City
[ST] Nathan CALLAGHAN 19 y/o [OSR] Burningham City
[GK] Salvador ROSAS 24 y/o [OSR] Rapid Hearthlands
[GK] Tanya CLEAVER 19 y/o [OSR] AFC Hollybrent
[CM] Vitor ABREGO 24 y/o [OSR] Rapid Hearthlands
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Postby Ancharmunn » Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:15 pm

Ancharmunn football squad for World Cup 70

As has been the case in recent years, football in Ancharmunn remains an ostracised sport. Whilst a comeback of sorts was attempted in the previous World Cup, the fact that most members of the Kumquat Vale Casuals Soccer Club that participated in Ancharmunn's place ended up being brutally murdered in an epic but sadly shelved tale of treachery and feud among the gentry of the country, has done little to inspire anyone else in the country to take up the sport. Therefore those tasked with assembling a squad for Ancharmunn from the colonies. This squad therefore largely hails from Mahanauta (and a couple found within the vicinity of there), though it has to be admitted the ways of means of getting them to Ancharmunn somewhat border the lines of ethics.


Trinidad M'Thui
Caine O'Conner


Tiaki Burke
Kalti Worosun
Rangi Potiki
Makura McDermott
Stepan Bazarov
Miro Karetu – wing back
Gatjil Tapai – wing back
Laane Sheehan – wing back


Juan Bucanero
Kuno Videler
Greg Munyarryun
Declan Kanuta
Parri Manu

Oscar Vallis
Sam Waaka
Teague Kavanagh
Marawarpina Gallagher

Oisín Ó Mordha


A 5-3-2 formation implementing extremely attacking wing-backs shall be in force. Nominally the team shall play with a +2 modifier, though given the late submission of this squad will in all likelihood be playing with a default 0. The midfield three shall be fairly central with the major stipulation here be that Juan Bucanero plays just behind the strike pairing in a trequartista role. Given his role has a fancy foreign name Bucanero is obviously the star of the team, and should be portrayed as far superior a player to his team-mates. Otherwise you have pretty reign!


Given the popularity of the sport these days, football grounds in Ancharmunn tend to largely lay derelict. Such is the case with the famous Paradise, home of Goidelic F.C. In their heydey. Gone are Paradise's days of packing in 8000 fans. Today the three terraces of the ground are overrun by weeds and largely out of bounds, any spectators are advised to find seating, where it remains, in the main stand.

Should any visiting teams object to playing at Paradise due to health and safety concerns a local recreation park can no doubt be sought out as an alternative.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
I'm not on the Greenwich Meridian so my time is a few seconds behind. Bear that in mind.

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Queer Poco el Mono Ara
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A lot has changed since World Cup 69. The civil war is now well and truly over and an uneasy peace hangs over the formerly united Kingdom of Queer Poco el Mono Ara, as four separate states try to coexist on the eastern coast of continental Rushmore. To further foster that feeling a unified football league has been established, the Una Serie Mk2 as has a national football team comprising of Pocoans from across all four states.... this is that team...

Introducing the Queer Poco el Mono Ara National Football Team for World Cup 70!

Head Coach – Tayip Misra (68). Selected by the newly formed national football association, Misra is an ageing warhorse who over 40 years ago, before the civil war, played for Racing Minanda and Hunslet Wanderers in central defence. His managerial experience is limited to some non-league sides and a brief stint as the under 21’s coach of former Una Serie club Augustus. The sexagenarian coach is still very defence minded and will line up his team to soak up attacking pressure, sit deep in numbers and then counter attack. The team is most likely to line up in a 4-3-1-2 formation

#1. Goal Keeper. Shahrukh Kartal, Varuna Rock Hoppers (32). Shahrukh has been in outstanding form for the Rock Hoppers. Considering this is his first season as a professional he has displayed excellent agility and reach and has been a commanding and vocal presence in his box. He’ll keep his defence in check and won’t be afraid to come for crosses from corners.

#2. Right Back. Bonifacio Cuellar, Vrazillia Rolling Thunder (23). Coming straight out of University into his first professional contract Bonifacio is a natural athlete and a bit of a genius too. The Rolling Thunder right back covered more distance than any player this season and completed the most percentage of tackles. He’ll be hard to beat for most wingers.

#3. Left Back. Washington Bennett Zavala, Batil Toads (21). Another youthful wingback, Washington offers an injection of pace on the opposite flank. He might not be as strong defensively as Cuellar, which could be exploited by savvier coaches, but the boy can shift.

#4 Central Midfield. Ramesh Nibhanupudi, Galene Corsairs (27). The 27 year old played a big part in the Corsairs season, playing just in front of the defence. Reads the game well and breaks up attacks, his completed pass percentage this season was the second highest in the league. Ramesh will be a key figure in the Pocoan team.

#5 Centre Back. Mateu Demirici, Varuna Rock Hoppers (29). Mateu is one of those rare diminutive centre backs, standing at only 5ft 8, but his ability to read the game and time a tackle have made him one of the toughest defenders in the league to beat. He also has an outstanding jump which allows him to get up and challenge those tall strikers.

#6 Centre Back. Ilhan Solak, Cobalt Stars (32). Big, mean, imposing, tough tackler, horrendous scar under his right eye, Ilhan might not have the silkiest of skills but makes up for it by being the archetypal hardman. He’d probably have been named captain if it weren’t for his disciplinary record in the Una Serie this season.

#7 Right Midfield. Peregrine Raeburn, Neptuna Sea Dragons (23). Peregrine may come from the illustrious Raeburn family, his rakish good looks are almost a carbon copy of his movie star father but he hasn’t traded on his name. The young midfielder has a wealth of talent and could become one of QPeMA’s new rising stars.

#8 Striker. Lisandro Espinoza, Badawi Scorpions (24). Lisandro finished top scorer in the Una Serie, bagging 17 goals in 29 appearances, or a goal every 1.7 matches, or 1 every 153 minutes. He’s young, agile and will be the focal point of the counterattack.

#9 Striker. Rizwan Abdullah, Varuna Rockhoppers (28). Scoring 6 goals in the last 11 matches of the season propelled the big man into the limelight for the national team. His powerful, muscular frame allows him to hold the ball and jostle with defenders, this will most likely be his function for the Whites, to hold the ball until the rest of the attack can join in.

#10 Central Midfield. Jokin Quiros, Cobalt Stars (25). The shaggy haired Jokin plays just behind the front two at Cobalt and will be expected to do the same for the QPeMA national side. He’s good with the ball at his feet and driving towards goal. Expect him to be a goal threat throughout qualifying.

#11 Left Midfield. Roc Alvarado, Monolithia Football Club (26). He may not be blessed with a left foot, but that’s been the curse of the Pocoan National Team for as long as time began. He can still cut inside on his right peg and deliver a decent ball to the back stick.. are the words of his club manager that have been echoed by the national team coach.


#12 Centre Back. Lucas Ruiz, Badawi Scorpions
#13 Goalkeeper. Hakim El-Mofty, Agrabah Sultans
#14 Central Midfield. Cedric Baumgartner, Batil Toads
#15 Striker. Elvis Raincloud, Cobalt Blue Stars
#16 Winger. Bilal Albaf, Cobalt Blue Stars


#17 Wing back. Atuf Ahmad, Monolithia Football Club
#18 Striker. Moran Nussenbaum, Neptuna Sea Dragons
#19 Attacking Midfield. Paul Watson, Vrazillia Rolling Thunder
#20 Goalkeeper. Cornelio Salamanca, Kukuxumushu Fire Dragons
#21 Centre Back. Imad Karim, Salacia Broadbills

Stadium: The tour guide for world cup 58 states “ The 60,000 all seater stadium was purpose built for the most recent Baptism of Fire held here in Queer Poco el Mono Ara and Nethertopia. A desert oasis amongst the white pyramids of Monolithia the Jewel in the Desert is a glorious sight to behold amongst the backdrop of ancient Queer Poco el Mono Ara. But just because it’s out in the desert doesn’t mean our visitors will feel isolated from civilization. The area is home to an opulent complex of hotels, restaurants, night clubs and high fashion boutiques for those of you looking to take an expensive souvenir home.” During the previous qualifying campaign, some of this may not have been entirely true, but since the regeneration, everything is looking hunky dory. So come, relax, watch some football, eat at one of the many fine restaurants or take a tour of the pyramids. Life in Queer Poco el Mono Ara right now is great, so why shouldn’t tourists enjoy themselves.....

Style Modifier: 0

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
Hosts of one World Cup
A Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy and the 16th Di Bradini Championship to name but all of our accomplishments The Pocoan League

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The Fallenmark Islands
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Nation Name: The Commonwealth of The Fallenmark Islands
(Though for short simply Fallenmark - the geographical name of the archipelago - is perfectly acceptable; provided you don't mind offending the autonomous nation of Cairnskillen. Since the independence of Cairnskillen's was made official the politically correct name for the combined archipelago they share is 'Lesser Valhalla', but you're unlikely to see many Fallenmark call it that colloquially.)
Demonym: Fallenmarks/Valhallans
Team Nickname: The Herons
Official Supporters Group: The Blue Unit
Pronounced: [fal-ehn-mark], not [faw-luhn-mark]

Folkstadion - 23,819(Marylebone)

HOME SUPPORT: The Shelfside - Home of The Blue Unit

Manager: Alexsandr van Sorensen (PIS), 43
Record in Charge: P 25, W 9, D 3, L 13, GF 50, GA 54, GD -4, WP 36%
A legend in Polarian football, Alexsandr van Sorensen led his country at two World Cup finals before whilst captain, and later moved into coaching and the assistant manager's position at childhood club Jan Mayen Islanders. It would have had to have been a big job to tempt him away from the Ospreys, and so it was, as fellow Valhallan Union nation The Fallenmark Islands surveyed their options and invited van Sorensen to cut his teeth at management with them. He brings with him a mind bent on attacking football, a whole host of Baptism of Fire and international experience, as well as the best contacts a man can bring. Widely considered to be the best player to have ever pulled on the famous Terns jersey, for whom he'll likely be the record caps-holder forever, Alexsandr now has the perfect opportunity to become a legend in another Valhallan nation. Suffers from rare brain condition synaesthesia, which means his senses get all mixed up and confused in his head. However, he appears to have turned this into an advantage on the pitch, and in the dugout. Things almost got off to the perfect start at the Baptism of Fire, with the Herons becoming the latest VU side to finish as runners-up, but things weren't quite so good in qualifying as the team struggled badly and only picked up five points overall - four of which came in their last two games. He certainly doesn't have a problem with coaching this squad to create goals, it's stopping them that will make all the difference to this team.

Assistant Manager: Dietar Eygenroy (BLK), 49
A Blockhead with a history of being a keen disciplinarian, Eygenroy matches van Sorensen in being the captain of his national side at international level. In fact, with the lack of Bleak Rock representation in international football these days, Eygenroy's presence as assistant manager convinced a couple of the Blockheads with Fallenmark ties in the squad to switch allegiance to the Commonwealth. A hard-nosed defensive midfielder in his day, Eygenroy has plenty of experience dealing with defensive coaching and unusual formations, so his presence will be key to complementing and filling the gaps in van Sorensen's otherwise attacking focus. Both will be missed by Jan Mayen Islanders.

Coach: Mikkel Kovalyov, 48
Coach: Eyvindur Ramberg, 57
The Fallenmark connection in the coaching team ceoms from Kovalyov and Ramberg, who have been brought in from Marylebone Invicta and Marylebone Esprit respectively, primarily to work on fitness and conditioning.

#1 - GLK - Karl Pfennig - Age 29 - Olympique Beaudette (SCT) - 20 Caps
- Calm, trusted, and one of the best players in the Minor Valhallan Premier until his move to Sicoutimont. Tall and confident in the air.

#2 - DEF - Niko Aamot - Age 26 - FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) - 21 Caps, 2 Goals
- Staggeringly tall and strong, Aamot has been snapped up by the Flotilla and more than holds his own in the competitive Divisjon One.

#3 - DEF - Valbjörn Kivivuori - Age 27 - Olympique Beaudette (SCT) - 19 Caps, 1 Assist, 1 Goal
- Fleet of foot and with a wicked eye for a cross, Kivivouri is ideal for the wide defender role van Sorensen utilises.

#4 - DEF - Willem Moss - Age 28 - Cóndor-Valladares FC (SJG) - 20 Caps, 1 Goal
- Moss drew widespread admiration for his performances for Kieslen last season, and has since got that big money move abroad.

#5 - LIB - Eero Darmstadt - Age 29 - FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) - 25 Caps, 5 Goals, 4 Assists - CAPTAIN
- The first name on many a scout's wishlist after his performances in qualifying, Darmstadt's solidity, leadership, and creativity are key to the side. A born winner.

#6 - MID - Luc Tikkanen - Age 26 - Alianza FC (SJG) - 20 Caps, 1 Goal, 3 Assists
- The utility man in the middle, Tikkanen's role will be to keep things tidy and keep things simple. An enforcer if required to be.

#7 - MID - Reuben Ness - Age 28 - SC Kiel (PIS) - 21 Caps, 4 Goals, 7 Assists - Vice-Captain
- A veteran of Divisjon One, Ness had never been called up for the Terns and so accepted the call from van Sorensen without looking back.

#8 - MID - Dagbjartur Damkjaer - Age 28 - Chenoworth Rovers (NPH) - 20 Caps, 3 Assists
- Happy to sit and dictate the play with his long-range accurate passing, Damkjaer has the ability to drop back into defence when needed.

#9 - FWD - Kjartan Dagfinnursson - Age 32 - FC Axel Heiburg (PIS) - 23 Caps, 11 Goals, 6 Assists
- Having renounced his Blockhead citizenship to accept the call-up, Dagfinursson brings a wealth of UICA experience to the team.

#10 - FWD - Klaus Just - Age 29 - FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls (PIS) - 24 Caps, 3 Goals, 8 Assists
- Another player previously thought of as Polarian, Just's father's place of birth means this experienced attacker can feature here.

#11 - FWD - Eiríkur Beyer - Age 24 - FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) - 25 Caps, 14 Goals, 6 Assists
- Fallenmark football's big hope for the future. Technically gifted and with a great strike, Beyer is the poster boy of the team and the third of the Bjarnarey-based trio.


#12 - GLK - Ruslan Korpelainen - Age 25 - Grimsby Town FC (DRV) - 3 Caps
- A surprise transfer to Bleak Rock has been followed by a surprise trip to Grimsby Town in Darvale - both have developed him as a player.

#13 - GLK - Martijn Bershadensky - Age 21 - Eretium AC (WBL) - 2 Caps
- The youngest player in the squad, Bershadensky's age conceals an experienced and talented goalkeeper with a big future ahead of him.

#14 - MID - Aberdeen Salt - Age 22 - Marylebone Esprit (TFI) - Uncapped
- Coming in as one of only two domestically based players in the squad, Salt is a young midfielder with a growing reputation for attacking.

#15 - DEF - Klaus Minkowski - Age 29 - Cassandra City (COS) - 11 Caps, 2 Assists
- A roaming defender with an eye for goal from set pieces, Minkowski was simply too good to settle for Auchtenmill's delights, and now plays in Cosumar.

#16 - DEF - Guðvarður Mogensen - Age 22 - Canterlot Royals (EQS) - 10 Caps
- Another of the young hopes for the future of Fallenmark football, Canterlot Royals and van Sorensen are placing a lot of faith in him.

#17 - MID - Oleg Urness - Age 27 - April 7 FC (OAM) - 9 Caps, 1 Goal, 1 Assist
- Never stops running and will never stop chasing what other people would consider a lost cause, Urness is as dependable as they come.

#18 - FWD - Artemiusz Vyrubova - Age 30 - Goteborg FF (FLX) - 12 Caps, 1 Assist
- A resident of Marylebone until his move to Felix, Artemiusz is a versatile and talented wide right with a fierce shot.

#19 - FWD - Niko Kekkonen - Age 25 - Krsthaven (SEM) - 10 Caps, 2 Goals, 3 Assists
- Kekkonen is a dead ball expert and has tricks and flicks to spare. Not quite so good when tracking back but he offers an outlet up front.

#20 - FWD - Arnljótur Juran - Age 28 - Hornchurch (EUR) - 14 Caps, 5 Goals, 3 Assists
- A little annoyed to have missed out on the starting spot to former Blockhead Dagfinnursson, Juran is always looking to prove a point.

#21 - MID - Hallvarður Gundersen - Age 28 - FC St Martin (NVA) - 12 Caps, 1 Assist
- Gundersen has the ability to dictate play if you let him, and a long range thunderbolt of a shot to be proud of. Expect to see plenty of him.

#22 - DEF - Nikolai Haavikko - Age 23 - Marylebone Invicta (TFI) - Uncapped
- Already a fan favourite at Invicta thanks to his unrestrained passion for the club, Haavikko could well be around for a long time.

#23 - DEF - Gunnar Kristensen - Age 24 - FF Berafjörðinn (BLK) - Uncapped
- A series of impressive cameos in the cup competitions soon lead to this talented defender becoming a fixture in his club's backline.

TACTICS: "The Orion" 1-3-3-3
A student of the game, Alexsandr van Sorensen has gone back as far as the successful tactics used by Anders Laursen for SK Franz Josef City, way back in the 1950s, for his tactical inspiration. Drawing on the best traditions of Valhallan attacking football, the line-up aims to utilise attacking wide defenders when in possession, and a centrally based libero, Darmstadt, to swiftly turn defence into attack, whilst keeping things tight at the back thanks to the dropping presence of Damkjaer. The lop sided trio in midfield that gives the formation its nickname will aim to retain the ball, whilst Dagfinnurson will receive lots of support up front from the wing-attackers Beyer and Just, the latter of whom drops back to keep the three-man midfield when the opposition have the ball and Damkjaer is already falling back to sit alongside Darmstadt. Darmstadt's free role makes it a difficult formation to write down numerically - even as a 1-3-3-3 - but if you think of it as a 3-4-3 in attack and a 5-3-1-1 in defence then that's a good start.

Penalty Taker: Dagfinnursson/Beyer/Darmstadt
Free Kick Taker: Beyer/Just/Ness
Corner Taker: Beyer/Just/Tikkanen

Starting line-up
Modification: +3

Record going into World Cup 70:
Played 25, Won 9, Drawn 3, Lost 13, Scored 50, Conceded 54, Goal Difference -4, Win Percentage 36%
Top Goalscorers:
Eiríkur Beyer - 14*
Kjartan Dafinnursson - 11*
Arnljótur Juran - 5*
Eero Darmstadt - 5*
Reuben Ness - 4*

Most Assists:
Klaus Just - 8*
Reuben Ness - 7*
Eiríkur Beyer - 6*
Kjartan Dafinnursson - 6*
Eero Darmstadt - 4*

Most Caps:
Eero Darmstadt - 25*
Eiríkur Beyer - 25*
Klaus Just - 24*
Kjartan Dafinnursson - 23*
Reuben Ness - 21*

Asterisks indicate player in squad

Choose my goalscorers? Yes.
Godmod scoring events? Yes.
RP injuries to my players? Yes, within reason, and I reserve the right to change the severity in a follow-up RP.
Godmod injuries to my players? Yes, as above.
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players? Yes, but only 2 per match maximum, and never to my captain or vice-captain.
Godmod other events? TG me first, but I'm always open to ideas.
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The Commonwealth of The Fallenmark Islands - Pop. 9,400,000
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Postby Taeshan » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:43 pm

Sorry in advance. I thought this was up, guess i missed putting it here.


Nation Name:Taeshan
Demonym: Taeshanis, Taeshites, Taes
Team Nickname: Purple Knights
Modifier: -5
Captain:Tyler Pantoum
Vice-Captain:Alex Guggenheim


Manager: Lydie
With the rather shocking departure of Gwyn Juniper to coach elsewhere the Taeshan Soccer Federation was put in a rather tough bind over the summer. The likely new Manager was thought to be second in command Elijah Knickerbocker, but he turned down the opportunity in favor of staying on as an assistant. With that they went to recently international retired Lydie. The youngest Taeshani manager in team history, Lydie is also the first female manager for the national team. The defensive minded player surely will look to continue the defensive outlook for the Taeshani team.

Assistant Manager: Elijah Knickerbocker
Many wonder why he didn’t leave with longtime friend Gwyn Juniper, but it seems Knickerbocker still believes in his home country. Many also wonder why he didn’t take the managerial position, but with the recent birth of his second son the wondering has declined coming up to the qualifiers. We will likely see what his part of the managing is with the departure of Juniper.


1 - Joe Jackson - New Capetown Falcons 85 Caps, 30 Years Old
Joe Jackson has been one of the key cogs in the Taeshani defense for almost a decade. It’s been a long time since he’s lead the Knights to the World Cup, and many feel if they do not make it this time around he could be forced out of the starting line up before he’s ready to leave.

23 – Nick Garden – Real Atlantea 15 Caps, 28 Years Old
Nick Garden had a strong performance in leading the Purple Knights to 4th place in the 19th Copa Rushmori. If Joe Jackson starts of weak he likely could see a lot of the field. His continued performance for the top team in Taeshan has many wondering if he could force Jackson out of the starting lineup sooner rather than later.

24 – Myung Wook Yu – Bayern-Algaer 0 Caps, 22 Years Old
Myung Wook Yu saw the field once in the final game of the group stage at the Copa Rushmori. With advancement assured he proved rather capable on the final matchday. He is the goalkeeper of the future and could likely see some play this upcoming qualifiers.


2- LB, Dusty Latrine - Blacklake Blues 24 Caps, 30 Years Old
Latrine saw a lot of action in the Copa Rushmori off the bench, but was saved throughout the tournament from the field due to a nagging injury. He was named as starting left back for the qualifiers before the Copa, but based on the performance of Nostradamus and Von Bois in the Copa he could have a fight to keep his position.

3 - CB, Flynn Parker – Dragoste Dragons (Antoletia) 39 Caps, 1 Goal, 29 Years Old
Parker had a strong performance in the last qualifiers. The continued gelling of the center back duo can only help the Knights as the look to return to the world cup finals.
4 - CB, Jhett Jackal- Real Atlantea 33 Caps, 1 Goal, 29 Years Old
On the right side of central defense is many time Premier League champion Jhett Jackal. He leads the center back group and gelling with Flynn Parker could be the difference between the Knights making the world cup and not playing football come the end of the year.

21 – RB, Gabriel Gorzon – Tintown Terrapins 6 Caps, 28 Years Old
The new right back is Gabriel Gorzon. He provides speed and attack to the defensive side of the ball. He backtracks like a maniac and gets quite a few bad yellows and could miss a few games. That said he’s probably the best on the ball defender on the team.
10- Tevia Iacoco – Yaton FC 0 Caps, 26 Years Old
The newest member of the Defensive corps is center back Tevia Iacoco. Though he did not see the field in the Copa Rushmori he was apparently a good influence on the practices and has been chosen by Lydie as one of her corps players for the future of the back four.
19 - Adain Nostradamus - Ojian Orangemen 28 Caps, 30 Years Old
Adain Nostradamus will continue his position at the speedy defender off the bench. A wing back type with a strong ability on the ball and a powerful cross he is a favorite of the managerial staff.
21 – Alain Von Bois – Yaton FC 17 Caps, 2 Goals, 27 Years Old
Alain Von Bois proved to be a fireball from left back in the Copa Rushmori. With two beautiful goals in the Copa he was voted player of the tournament by the fans. Dusty Latrine may have been out with a few issues, but Von Bois seized the day and put forward a performance that could help him earn the starting job.


5 - CDM, Alex Guggenheim – Red Star Severny (Polar Islandstates) 11 Caps, 1 Goal, 25 Years Old
Alex Guggenheim may not have a lot of international experience, but he sure has packed a powerful punch in his appearances so far. He steps into the lineup as the CDM and looks to be a playmaker for the Taeshani team.
11 – LM, Jansen Cardinal - Bayern Phoenix 17 Caps, 0 Goals, 30 Years Old
Jansen Cardinal gets to start on the left side of the midfield in the upcoming season. The speedy left footed player will provide pace and service on his side of the field.
14 - CAM, Grant Fauejeau – Fadron Flight 71 Caps, 10 Goals, 29 Years Old
Grant Fauejeau proved to be a rather prolific scoring threat for the national team in the last world cup qualifiers. With four goals out of the attacking midfielder position he is a rather important part of the attack for the Purple Knights.
18 – Lysander Ying Uing – Bayern Phoenix 39 Caps, 4 Goals, 24 Years Old
Lysander Ying Uing has earned a starting spot in the squad and the Purple Knights once again have an Asian persuasion on the team. Ying Uing has proven a viable weapon for the team in the past few years and now looks to follow in his father’s footsteps and lead the team.
9- Isaac Benoit- Real Atlantea 3 Caps, 23 Years Old
Isaac Benoit is a strong central midfielder.
12- Brett Toulanlan – Canalave Dragons (Valladares) 15 Caps, 5 Goals, 25 Years Old
Toulanalan was a vital part of the Copa Rushmori squad and could see a lot of play off the bench in the upcoming qualifiers.
15 – Pierre Conway – Atlantea Hurricanes 1 Cap, 26 years Old
The big center back option off the bench is Pierre Conway, who is notably not a defender, but as a big body might be brought into the fold as a defensive option, that said if the starting two center backs get hurt there is not a lot of belief in Conway to do much, especially with his non formality with the position.
17 – Parry Perry – Moresville FC 1 Cap, 28 Years Old
Parry Perry has finally managed to break into the Purple Knights squad at the ripe old age of 28. He offers good service on the right side of play.
20 – Addison Lambrogini – Real Atlantea 3 Caps, 0 Goals, 28 Years Old
Lamborigini is a strong speedy right footed player that can play in the back or on the wing.
22 - A.J. Bouvieau -Fadrön Flight 26 Caps, 2 Goals, 29 Years Old
Bouvieau has proven to be a integral part in the Purple Knights midfield bench play over the past few years and could very well help them in their hopes to qualify.


7 – LS, Xander McDrew – Bayern Phoenix 22 Caps, 5 Goals, 23 Years Old
Xander McDrew has taken the national team by storm and now starts in only his second world cup on the squad. He has proven to be an energetic player on the field and uses his abilities to their full extent. His combination with Tyler Pantoum could prove to be vital for the Knights qualifying hopes.

8 - RS, Tyler Pantoum - RSK Longyearbyen(Polar Islandstates) 103 Caps, 51 Goals, 28 Years OldCaptain
It seems like the Captain has now been a part of the team forever, and he pretty much has. The main scoring threat for the Knights Pantoum drawing double teams has ultimately lead to an increase in goals for the second striker.

13 – Javier Yon – Ojian Orangemen 3 Caps, 1 Goal, 23 Years Old
Javier Yon is a young striker on the bench, but being the elder statesman on the bench could see him see a lot of time on the field in the upcoming season.
16- Peter Wiggin (Blacklake Blues) 1 Cap, 20 Years Old
Peter Wiggin joins the team when at the same time another relative of a famous Taeshani player makes his first A team starts. The two of them have a lot of football together in their future to look forward too.
Formation 4-4-2 (Diamond)
--Ying Uing --Cardinal--
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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Postby Mangolana » Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:39 am


Manager: Akeem Howard (45yrs old)- Former International striker and striker for Dalenderain (MNG) and a striker in the Equestrian States. Retired, appointed Manager of Mangolana to help oversee rebuilding process of the team, which includes the major promotion of former U-21 players to the national team.
Assistant Manager: Tappy Shogun (48yrs old)- Former International team captain. Played domestically with Arlnet and Skyline United along with playing time in Erathore, Valladares, and Felix.
Head Trainer: Dr.Todd Wisocki

Mangolana line-up

Goalkeeper: #1 Victor Moses (31yrs old), Club: Dalenderain, Mangolana

Left Back: #17 JP Gutierrez (33yrs old), Club: Mangolana City, Mangolana
Left center: #20 Robert Marks (34yrs old), Club: Federation, Mangolana
Right center Back: #9 Dell Showers (29yrs old), Club: Goldshom, Mangolana
Right Back: #29 Arnold Sutil (19yrs old), Club: Mangolana City, Mangolana

Left Midfielder: #4 Steven Hart (24yrs old), Club: Makosile, Vilita CAPTAIN
Right Midfielder: #14 Mitch Macentire (28yrs old) Club: Amsterpom, Mangolana
Midfielder: #2 Benjamin Clucke (29yrs old), Club: Mangolana City, Mangolana
Midfielder: #18 John Hanks (31yrs old), Club: Herogeos, Mangolana

Striker: #16 Rudy Bungle (30yrs old), Club: Skyline United, Mangolana
Striker: #7 Harold Tyler (24yrs old), Club: Arsenrall, Mangolana

Midfielder: #10 Matt Tutor (33yrs old), Club: Justidell, Mangolana
CB/RB: #15 Jordan Phillips (23yrs old), Club: Skyline City, Mangolana
Forward: #5 TJ Ceresa (18yrs old), Club: Redpool, Mangolana
Midfielder: #21 Frank Guenther (27yrs old), Club: Federation, Mangolana
ATK Midfielder/Forward: #33 Frank West (31yrs old), Club: Quentis, Mangolana
CB/LB: #12 Edison Exavier (25yrs old), Herogeos, Mangolana
GK: #99 John Blank (35yrs old), Club: Mascona FC, Mangolana
Midfielder: #47 Robert Costas (21yrs old), Club: Bluepool, Mangolana
Defense/Midfielder: #16 Sam Mcentosh (20yrs old), Club: Totten, Mangolana
GK: #32 Adam Roshid (17yrs old), Club: Soccoroo, Mangolana

style modifier: +1

straight on Freekick: Benjamin Clucke
freekick from angle: Benjamin Clucke
Penalty: Rudy Bungle
Corner: Benjamin Clucke
Defensive zone Freekick: Dell Showers


Commander's Stadium, Arlnet (80,000) The Stadium of power, settled right near the Mangolana Navy yard, the Commander's Stadium was built as a dedication to Mangolana's military, but specifically, her powerful navy. The stadium originally sat 63,000, but was expanded to 80,000 with Arlnets new stadium sharing deal with fellow Premier league side Soccoroo, who recently signed a 20 year lease with the stadium and the city of Arlnet . The stadium was built by both the city of Arlnet and the Alrnet Soccer Club. The city of Arlnet is also known for its great beaches and its family style environment. Downtown Arlnet, is also not designed like a big downtown, with many of the original Arlnet Businesses still inhabiting the stores they opened with when the city became first incorporated. Though the club Arlnet was relegated and finished last in the Premier League this season, more than half of their matches and all of Soccoroo's matches were sell-out, which shows the love and passion for the sport in the area.

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, tg major injuries, i can set return time table
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but keep it within reason.
Godmod other events N
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Qualified for World Cup 59, 60, 65
Hosted: World Lacrosse Championship XI, Market Cup, Market Cup II, Soccer for Hope, Beach Cup 4, WISC 2, WISC 4, Campeonato Rushmori Juvenil Sub-20 and Sub-17
Won: Beach Cup IX
Second: Market Cup, Graveyard Cup
Third: Market Cup II, WIF/SC II
Fourth: Market Cup 4
Quartefinals: IBC 8, World Lacrosse Campionship XI, World Junior Ice hockey Championship, Buchadinger Cup II, Market Cup 3

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Postby Legalese » Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:02 pm


About Legalese

Legalese is a gargantuan, cultured nation in the hallowed Northeast of Atlantian Oceania. It consists of two landmasses - the continential mainland and the adjoining Karin Islands - and is located on the eastern side of the Calanian continent, between Lake Bekk on the west,
Audioslavia to the east, Starblaydia to the north, and New West Guiana to the south. While the three centuries of Legalite history have more downs than ups, recent history has been quite good to the hosts of the World Cup 68 Final, as their on-pitch performance reached a new high with a fourth-place finish in World Cup 69. However, with the gauntlet that is World Cup Qualifying, will this prove to be a peak for the Legalites, or another step in the climb?

Full Nation Name: The People and Government of Legalese
Short/Common Use Name: Legalese
Three-Letter Designation: LGL
Denonym: Legalite
Governing Body/Representatives to the WCC: The Federation of Assocation Football, simply referred to as The Federation

The Team
Order is shirt number, name, age, and club team. Players playing outside the LigAnia or The Leaguealese noted with the league of the club

1 Evan Swales (33) Tyrellia Titans
24 Morrissey Beaudine (26) Comunas Cougars
25 Ivan Tuskor (17) International of Tyrellia

2 Eudav Kaszinski (28) Bekknia FC
3 Gnaeus Shoobridge (25) Comunas Cougars
4 Gruffudd Masters (25) Comunas Cougars
5 Jeff Donaldson (28) Turoki Tide (V-League)
16 Kenny Stroud (34) International of Tyrellia
17 Aulus Blem (30) LC Capitals
18 Shanahan Glowinski (32) LC Capitals
20 Kellen Grubbs (25) Comunas Cougars

6 Cade Zorich (28) Bob’s Towing
7 Cyrus Damhan (33)
8 Slade Brahm (33) Draig Goch
10 Chance Cloman (26) Bob’s Towing
14 Blake Carter (29) Francis City
15 Brayden Champy (21) Bobs Towing
26 Diego Gazitano (21) Tyrellia Titans
27 Scanlan Nixa (28) The Knights of Tiberia
28 Damien Ester (21) Coastal United
29 Aiden Dawes (30) Stratton FC

9 Xavier Boyle (34) Jlinal Cove (V-League)
11 Quintus Oxboro (24) Tyrellia Titans
12 Titus Leopolo (28) Draig Goch
13 Jake Detzler (25) Comunas Cougars
22 Reginald Corolla (21) Argyle Warriors
19 Doane Tuskor (17) International of Tyrellia

The Staff
Manager: Ben Gammal. Gamma, in his mid thirties, seemed both a sensible yet surprising choice to replace the outgoing Stan Thate as the next manager. While young and low on experience, Gammal's CV is already fairly strong. A former club player in Comunas, he was tapped to lead the side as they joined the Legalese National Championship system some six years ago. In that time, he has led the Cougars to two National Championships, two national cup victories, and a record of overperformance with a side often underestimated. He debuted with the National side during AOCAF XLIV with a quarterfinal finish, keeping up the hopes of the Legalites. The one disadvantage he holds to his predecessor, however, is the fact that he has to survive qualifying first.

Head Coach: Liam Todd. Todd, celebrating his fourth decade, has followed a path similar to his former boss - a decade of International play, followed by transitioning into a player-coach role, before retiring from play entirely to take a full-time coaching role. The former defender epitomizes the attacking style of the NT, having scored a dozen goals to go with the countless number he helped prevent.

The Eleven
While Legalite football definitely has a set of “go-to” players, one should hesitate to list the full lineup. Gammal’s selection philosophies tend to be consistent, unless he chooses to change them, leaving everyone on their toes until the lineups are posted before the match.
That said, The Legalese City Docket, the nation's newspaper of record, loves to speculate on the possiblities, and has posted the likely first-choice lineup, which we share here:


Legalite football is attacking/possessive in its style; to this end, they will play with a +4 modifier.

The Kits
The Legalites will again wear the kits provided by Kirola of Audioslavia. The most recent edition of the shirts debuted for the World Cup 68 Finals:

A reversal in decision-making by The Federation has prompted the end of the traveling National Team, with all home matches to take place in one location:

National Stadium Legalese City, Capital Region: Of course, the primary site is the true home for the National Team - the fittingly-named National Stadium. The current incarnation was built sixty years ago, going through a significant refreshing in preparations for World Cup 68, where it hosted one match, and one match only: The Final. 83,068 fans - the bulk from Legalese and Vilita - took every ticket available for the final. With eight more opportunities to see the National Team in action this cycle, it seems likely that the Legalites will do their duty and fill it to capacity time and time again.

RP Permissions:
Should my opponent RP first, I grant them permission to utilize my team in any and all ways that they also permit in their own RP permissions, short of death and/or obviously serious injury to my players. That is, consider your RP permissions to be my RP permissions for the purposes of RPing a match between us, with the only exception listed above. Should you have an intense desire to cause serious harm to one of my players, feel free to either seek help with the nearest professional who deals in such matters, or shoot me a TG/message me on IRC if I'm around #nssport to propose ideas.

Additonally, this also means that should one not post a Roster or RP Permissions, one is not permitted to do a damn thing.
Legalese proudly calls Atlantian Oceania its home!
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Winner of Cup of Harmony 55 and Jeremy Jaffacake Jamboree II
NS Sports' Primary Proponent of the Casaran System Tournament
Host/Co-Host of:
World Cup XXII and LXVIII
Cup of Harmony XI and XIII
Baptism of Fire IX, XIV, XV, XVI, XLII, LII

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Postby Kalumba » Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:09 am

Choose my goalscorers Y, but try to keep them in the chosen 16
Godmod scoring events Y, but not too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players Y, but not to serious
Godmod injuries to my players Y, but please don't cripple them
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y, but not excessively
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but not too often
Godmod other events Y, make it funny. As you may have notice Kalumba has a wee bit of a hooligan problem so feel free to mention that

And the team:

Manager: George Davies- Resigned from the first team after a very disappointing start to the World Cup 56, which he deemed disgraceful for a team who had just won the Baptism of Fire, but has since returned to the side. Hoping to rebuild Kalumba's international reputation after a long period away from competition and a decent showing at the last few WCs. Has opted to leave a number of veterans behind for this campaign and place Kalumba's future in the exciting hands of youth, who made a decent showing at the last outing and of whom great things are expected.

First Team Coach: Magnus Malan- Led the team throughout the last World Cup without much success but he did record a notable victory against highly rated Newmanistan, and suffered only narrow defeats to teams in the top 25 in the world. Very defensive minded and his approach led the team to be nicknamed 'The Tortoises'.

Ulusu Mtanda-No.1 23 year old novice, looking to make his debut this time out. Part of the Kahali Spears team which is taking the Kalumban League by storm, and holds a new clean sheet record after going 14 games unbeaten this season.
Frank Burnden-No.67 42 year old veteran keeper, useful back up option. Will not expect to start but will most probably be on the bench to cover for the young keeper in case of injury.
Peter Franks-No.41 23 year old rookie, first selection for the team. Missed out on going to the Di Bradini cup by 2 months, so will be hoping to play a few games to secure his position as long term successor to Ottbourne and to unseat Mtanda. May play in less crucial group games or when Kalumba are knocked out. Still strugging to fulfill his early potential.

LB-Derek Ward, 29 year old truck driver, stupid but effective No. 12 Recently banned from driving for Drink-Driving, will be hoping to secure a place at a foreign club team to provide him with an income.
LCB-Vincent Mkure, 19 year old, member of the Kahali Spears No. 14 Built like the proverbial ox this young man has a long career ahead of him at the heart of Kalumba's defence. And such is his maturity he is already being spoken of as a future captain.
LCB-Duncan Edward, 22 year old, pretty boy, but solid at the back No. 4 Recently married with a child will his mind be fully on the World Cup?
RCB-Kaneu Daima, 22 year old, 6 foot 9, deadly in the air No. 6 Last minute inclusion ahead of the injured Von Harniggen, but his displays for Kahali this season warrant an inclusion anyway.
RCB-Norman Baker, 28 year old bank manager, great slide tackler No. 5 Castigated in the news for losing his bank a large amount of money speculating on the stock market, will try to rebuild his reputation.
RB-James Downs, 39 year old ex-rugpy prop forward, solid but no agility whatsoever No. 3 Recently dropped from his Rugby team so is looking to football for his wage.
RB-Frank Ruyten, 23 year old civil servant, very fast but poor crossing ability No. 19 Has worked on his crossing but still struggles to fulfill his promise as an attacking fullback.

LM-Peter Kurtz, 25 year old full time proffesional footballer No. 21 Still struggling for form but has improved at the World Cup scoring twice and creating another couple for Kalumba.
LM-James Fish, 19 year old protege No. 9 Still a protege, retained for the first team instead of the U21s so Davies clearly intends to play him.
CM-Ollie Roberts, 24 year old model and dancing champion No. 18 First high profile homosexual in Kalumba. Has moved to Southern Cynocephali to play proffesionally and be open with his sexuality.
CM-Gabriel Danukwe, 20 year old Kahali Spears strong man No. 16 An old fashioned enforcer, Danukwe will have to watch his discipline.
CM -Laurence Kabila, 20 year old Kahali Spears creative midfielder No. 15 Picked up 23 assists this season and is seen as a major part of the future of Kalumban football.
CAM -Ben Cheeter, 23 built like an arab donkey but with the shot of an angry mule No. 27 Didn't impress at either the BoF or the last WC but still integral to the team as he links the midfield to the strikers.
CDM- Godwin Kuli, 19 year old sweeper for Kahali Spears No. 17 Despite the unfashionability of the position this young man has played it with aplomb and will hope to reproduce such form for the national side.
RM-Jameson Slutei, 23 year old and rapid No. 33 Lucky to get in the team, but an injury to Abouto left the position open and Slutei will look to make it his own.
RW-Jermaine Filks, 33 year old great crosser of the ball No. 11 Due to Abouto's excellence has yet to feature but has worked on his left sided play in hope of getting a starting position.

RS- Roland Grezlak, 28 year old, 6 foot strong as an ox No. 8 Came on to score many a crucial goal, will be looking for me involvment this time round.
RS- Anthony Peters, 23 year old, youngster but top scorer last season No. 99 Barely featured but did score our second goal in the BoF final. Will be looking to break into the team on a regular basis.
LS-Piet Von Kruger, 21 year old, second striker for Kahali spears No. 21 An excellent partner for Watusi, if they can recreate their club form they will be a feature for years to come in the Kalumban national team.
CF- Peterson Watusi, 17 year old, 20 goal hero for Kahali Spears No. 10 His goals have won him the place of veteran Kevin Davis, it is hoped the pressure won't overwhelm the young man.
CF- Craig Garden, 28 year old, reliable but not much skill No. 93 Another non-starter and like Malone will struggle to record a further cap to his collection of seven.

Starting line-up:

4-4-2 (Style Modifier: +3)

GK Ulusu Mtanda

LB Derek Ward
LCB Duncan Edward (c)
RCB Kaneu Daima
RB Vincent Mkure

LM Peter Kurtz
CM Ollie Roberts
CM Laurence Kabila
RM Jameson Slutei

CF Peterson Watusi
CF Piet Von Kruger

GK Frank Burnden
LCB Ronan Beardly
RB James Downs
CM Gabriel Danukwe
CM Godwin Kuli
ST Roland Grezlak

By Barrengeka, becuase there's the rest, then the best.

Kahali National Stadium.
(15,000 of which 800 for away supporters.)
Unilateral Declaration of Indifference viewtopic.php?f=23&t=111178 - Honestly Kalumba has no interest in you or your problems.
Looking for a PMT RP, no godmoding, etc. Come and help Zimbabwe-Rhodesia defeat the Soviets in Africa viewtopic.php?f=5&t=116682
The Colonial Crisis viewtopic.php?f=5&t=138755
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Postby Valladares » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:08 pm




Coaching Staff:

Head coach: Dimitri Campbell (Eura)
Assistant coaches: Oscar Young (Eura) and Bradley Parkins (Eura)
Goalkeeping coach: Martin Legendre
Fitness coach: Ramón Estiaguirre
Team doctor: Jacques Pelletier
Physiotherapist: Dante Palazzi
Video analyst: Lorenzo Coombs


1. Luis Fuentes - GK - 39 - Image Metropolis Alligators (Captain)
12. Tom Moore - GK - 32 - Image AS Bezieres
23. Andrés Orozco - GK - 25 - Image Pradera FC

2. Jéremy Carrasso - DR - 32 - Image Olympique de Fontvielle (Vice-captain)
13. Luis Carlos Perea - DR - 30 - Image Canalave Dragons
3. Patrick Courtois - DC - 23 - Image AS Bezieres
14. Jefferson - DC - 21 - Image Fontvielle Impact
4. Freddy Edwards - DL - 32 - Image Marinos Metrópolis
15. Frank Lescott - DL - 26 - Image Tannenberg FC

5. Pedro Pedretti - DMC - 25 - Image Nacional
16. Alain Démont - DMC - 28 - Image Fontvielle Impact
6. Ivan Coupet - DMC - 29 - Image FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls (Polar Islandstates)
17. Jonathan Bosetti - DMC - 22 - Image Metropolis Alligators
7. Juan Pablo Reyes - OMC - 25 - Image Nacional
18. Manuel Santos - OMC - 31 - Image Olympique de Fontvielle
8. Rubén Morantes - OMC - 27 - Image Ulsa (Eura)
19. Abel Brücke - OMC - 21 - Image AC Tallin

9. Yoan Gignac - FW - 28 - Image Baskita FC (Pasarga)
20. Néider Riascos - FW - 26 - Image Slateport Bulls
10. Pedrinho - FW - 24 - Image SK Franz Josef City (Polar Islandstates)
20. Carlos Alberto Sáez - FW - 24 - Image Raynor City United (Valanora)
11. Frank Rozenthal - FW - 23 - Image Olympique de Fontvielle
22. Michael Tello - FW - 26 - Image Ulsa (Eura)

Starting Lineup, Formation, and Tactics:


Valladares' usual formation is a 3-2-2-3 (or 3-4-3 for general reference), which can turn into either a very aggressive yet non-conventional 3-2-5 for attacking or a 5-4-1 (a 3-6-1, even) when the team feel the need to enter into a defensive mode. La Nacional will always be looking to attack and retain ball possession for as long as possible, trying to score many goals in the shortest possible time and mounting an insurmountable lead for the second half of the match when players from both teams start showing signs of fatigue. This squad mostly relies on the speed of both Rubén Morantes and Juan Pablo Reyes on the wings both in attack and in defense modes, with defensive midfielders Iván Coupet and Pedro Pedretti being able to retreat to the defensive line with ease whenever the team lose ball possession in order to form a line of 5 defenders, thus giving rival forwards a very hard time when trying to break through the Valladar defense. The 3 forwards are also very speedy and talented but most of all, dangerous: they can turn seemingly harmless crosses into goals, create chances and score goals out of nothing, and kill defenses with speed and lethal counterattacks.

Style Modifier: +3


Dragon Stadium, Canalave (Capacity: 50,987)

The Valladar Football Association has decided to choose Dragon Stadium as the official host stadium for all the qualifying matches to be played by the Valladar national football team on Valladar soil. Canalave, located to the northwest of the Valladar "mainland" on the banks of the Danube river, is known for its medieval alleys and water channels as well as its hot (sunny) and humid climate, with temperatures averaging from 32 to 34 degrees Celsius (89.6-93.2°F) at the time all matches are going to be scheduled: 3 pm.

This stadium, also known as the "Dragon's Den" is also renowned for its hostile (to away teams and fans) environment, which added to the city's own weather conditions make Dragon Stadium a very difficult place to play at for visiting teams. The Valladar national football team will be looking to take advantage of these factors to ensure no rival will be able to get even a single point at Valladares without making an enormous physical effort.

RP Permissions:

In the event my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my goalscorers YES
Godmod scoring events YES
RP injuries to my players NO without permission. I'll determine the severity if granted permission.
Godmod injuries to my players NO without permission.
Hand out yellow cards to my players YES
Hand out red cards to my players NO I'll determine whether my players are sent off or not.
Godmod other events YES only if they involve weather conditions.

Special requests:
1) Please no killings
2) Try to be as realistic as possible, and last but no least...
3) Have fun.

Kits (Brought to you by Kirola Sports):


The first kit (on the left) has white shorts and green socks, while the alternate one (on the right) has white shorts and socks.
Map of Valladares | Valladares on NSwiki | Valladares Embassy Program
Champions: I Coupe Pomme D'Or, Copa Rushmori 26, Copa Rushmori 29
Runners-Up: World Cup 75, Cup of Harmony 49, Copa Rushmori 25, Copa Rushmori 27, IBC 10
Third Place: Copa Rushmori 18
Fourth Place: World Cup 67, IBC 8, IBC 9, IBC 12
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Postby Equestrian States » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:32 pm


The Pony Republic of Equestrian States
National Hoofball Team - World Cup 70 Roster

Quick Facts
KPB Ranking: 40th (18.54 pts.)
Style Modifier: -1.75
Nickname: The Ponies
All-Time Record: 222-73-69 (1-2-0 at WC70 Finals)
Achievements: Market Cup V (Champions), Runner Cup 3 (Champions), Equestria Cup II (Runner-Up), Equestria Cup I (3rd Place), Market Cup VI (3rd Place), Cup of Champions 4 (Semifinals), VIII Olympiad - Men's (Quarterfinals), VIII Olympiad - Women's (Quarterfinals), World Cup 67 (Round of 16), World Cup 70 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 51 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 53 (Round of 16), Cup of Harmony 60 (Round of 16), World Cup 64 (Qualified), World Cup 65 (Qualified), World Cup 66 (Qualified)


Home - Away - Reverse

The national team receives its kits from two different companies, though the design for each is the same. Kits for the humanoid players (see above) are provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia, while those for equine and other non-humanoid players are provided by Generosity Sporting Equipment. The Equestrian kits were designed to be simple and easy to identify, using the national colors of purple and orange.

Group A - Finals
#14 - Image Nephara (30.89 pts.)
#30 - Image The Sarian (22.25 pts.)
#40 - Image Equestrian States (18.54 pts.)
#42 - Image Sargossa (18.14 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Pre-Qualifying Friendlies
Pre-Qual I: Equestrian States 2-0 Gloriax at Star Stadium (cap. 59,250) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
Pre-Qual II: Equestrian States 1-0 Cosumar at Sky-High Coliseum (cap. 65,000) in Cloudsdale, Equestrian States (Win)

Ponies' World Tour (First Half)
MD1: Equestrian States 2-1 Quebec at Grand Regal Stadium (cap. 81,955) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
MD2: Tumbra 0-3 Equestrian States at Wembley National Stadium (cap. 92,000) in Goldlion City, Tumbra (Win)
MD3: New North Aqmuland 0-1 Equestrian States at Stade Capital (cap. 87,940) in Wasebukhosini, New North Aqmuland (Win)
MD4: Devonta 0-3 Equestrian States at an Unknown Stadium (cap. Unknown) in Devonta City, Devonta (Win)
MD5: Equestrian States 2-1 Holy Republican Empire at Wild Grounds (cap. 56,500) in Everfree, Equestrian States (Win)
MD6: Equestrian States 2-0 Dainer at Elements Stadium (cap. 48,750) in Ponyville, Equestrian States (Win)
MD7: Patistan 1-4 Equestrian States at Tachi National Ground (cap. Unknown) in Tachi, Patistan (Win)
MD8: Bye Day
MD9: Equestrian States 1-0 Super-Llamaland at Diamond Park (cap. 75,000) in Stalliongrad, Equestrian States (Win)

Mid-Qualifying Friendly
The 13th Equine-Ursine Cup: Bears Armed 2-1 Equestrian States at Wimbley Stadium (cap. 60,000) in Council Groves, Bears Armed (Loss)

Ponies' World Tour (Second Half)
MD10: Equestrian States 3-0 Albundania at Shady Grove (cap. 43,650) in Whitetail, Equestrian States (Win)
MD11: Equestrian States 1-1 The Sarian at Apple Orchard Park (cap. 52,680) in Appleoosa, Equestrian States (Draw)
MD12: Jeckland 0-2 Equestrian States at National Sports Stadium (cap. 100,000) in Rack City, Jeckland (Win)
MD13: Darmen 2-3 Equestrian States at Net Natinalen Stadin (cap. 93,321) in Scott City, Darmen (Win)
MD14: Cata Larga 0-3 Equestrian States at Gold Coast Center (cap. 112,500) in Puerte-de-Liberete, Cata Larga (Win)
MD15: Bye Day
MD16: San José Guayabal 2-2 Equestrian States at Estadio Cuscatlán (cap. 121,000) in San Salvador, San José Guayabal (Draw)
MD17: Saint James Islands 2-3 Equestrian States at Arena la Rouge (cap. 62,000) in Philibiscostal, Saint James Islands (Win)
MD18: Equestrian States 1-0 Boring Paradise at Derby Field (cap. 65,000) in Manehattan, Equestrian States (Win)

Post-Qualifying Friendlies
Post-Qual I: Equestrian States 2-1 Yttribia at Grand Regal Stadium (cap. 81,955) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
Post-Qual II: Equestrian States 1-1 San José Guayabal at Royal Equestria Stadium (cap. 98,625) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Draw)

Group Stage - Group A
MD1: Equestrian States 3-0 Sargossa at Royal Equestria Stadium (cap. 98,625) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Win)
MD2: Equestrian States 1-1 The Sarian at Grand Regal Stadium (cap. 81,955) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Draw)
MD3: Nephara 0-0 Equestrian States at Royal Equestria Stadium (cap. 98,625) in Canterlot, Equestrian States (Draw)

Knockout Stage
Round of 16: Equestrian States vs. Legalese at Apple Orchard Park (cap. 52,680) in Appleoosa, Equestrian States


#1 - Gentle Breeze (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Qazox (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Northbrook Diamonds FK | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 99 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0
Many hoofball supporters throughout the multiverse often boast of their respective national teams' supposed world-class players, but few nations' superstars are truly recognized as elite beyond their own borders. Fortunately for the Ponies' fans, Gentle Breeze has perhaps the best resume among her fellow goalkeepers to back up her claim to world-class status. Over the course of her still young career, the Equestrian keeper has won a Di Bradini Cup, four league titles (one with Astograth University and three with Northbrook Diamonds), two domestic cups, and no fewer than four consecutive Golden Glove awards between the Astograthian and Polarian leagues. First appearing on the Equestrian roster at the age of 18, Gentle Breeze has been a regular for the Ponies ever since, initially as an understudy of longtime international High Soarin' before eventually driving the older pegasus to retirement from national team duties as her talents eclipsed his. As impressive as her career has been thus far, Gentle Breeze is only now beginning to enter her prime years, which makes her ambition to someday be recognized among the all-time greats seem a very real possibility.

#22 - Nightflame (Unicorn - Male)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 25 | Debut: vs. Image Yesopalitha (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Dynamoe Sabryke | League: Image FLOPC Parramountte Divizyoun
International Caps: 20 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
With Gentle Breeze on the team, Nightflame's playing time is largely limited to friendlies and low-importance international matches, but he's still a talented goalkeeper with a lot to offer to the Equestrian States national team. A product of the Canterlot Stars' famed youth academy, Nightflame has developed into one of the United League's top keepers, but has often been overlooked by the local and international media thanks to the his club's recent struggles and lack of appearances for the Ponies. Regardless, Nightflame is a more than capable backup goalkeeper who steps up his game when needed, a quality which serves him well given his role in the Equestrian squad.

#21 - Marilyn Peterson (Human - Female)
Position: Goalkeeper | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Urain (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Sabrefell Moths | League: Image NFA Premiership
International Caps: 14 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 0
A recent graduate of the Equestrian States U21s, Marilyn Peterson may not be particularly well-known even among Equestrian hoofball fans, but her promising talent has managed to turn enough heads to earn her a spot on the senior team. It's possible Peterson may overtake Nightflame in the depth chart in the near future as her stock in the Nepharim league continues to rise, though she'll still likely find herself with minimal playing time behind the world-class talents of Gentle Breeze. Regardless, Marilyn is a goalkeeper with considerable potential and will probably be a regular for the Ponies for the foreseeable future.

#12 - Brix Hamilton (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/CB) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Argo Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image SK Franz Josef City | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 74 | Assists: 9 | Goals: 2
Along with Gentle Breeze, Brix Hamilton is one of the few Equestrian players considered a world-class talent outside of the Pony Lands. Unlike her goalkeeping counterpart, however, Hamilton wasn't expected to develop into one of the multiverse's elite as a teenager and signed a relatively modest deal with a then-mid-table club in Earent: Nithgard GU, where she quickly established herself as the club's pride and joy. It wasn't until several years after Brix signed with the Kaynd that the club first experienced real success, improbably winning the Integ Brandel and reaching the Champions' Cup quarrterfinals. From that season on, Brix Hamilton would help lead her club to the very top, culminating in a UICA Champions' Cup title with Nithgard GU which saw her become just the second Equestrian to ever hoist the highly-coveted trophy. Now playing for the renowned Polarian giants SK Franz Josef City after an astounding $28 million NSD transfer between two of the multiverse's top clubs, Brix Hamilton is entering her prime and is eager to assist her nation's quest to reclaim the prestige it held not long ago.

#8 - Andrea Molovi (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 29 | Debut: vs. Image Euskirribakondara (WC61 Qualifying)
Club: Image 1830 Cathair | League: Image LigAnaia Division One
International Caps: 174 | Assists: 6 | Goals: 3
Despite being a longtime starter for the Ponies and one of the team's most experienced players, Andrea Molovi is widely considered one of the Equestrian States' most overlooked stars by the local media. Among the first Equestrian-born human players to make a name for herself on the domestic and international levels, Andrea is an extremely talented defender whose disciplined style of play has often earned her praise from coaches and fellow players. After spending much of her professional career with Stalliongrad HC, Molovi was sold to 1830 Cathair for $15 million NSD and immediately helped transform the club's back line into one of the LigAnaia's best. While not as young as she once was, Andrea Molovi has been a key member of the Ponies' ever-improving defense over the past few years and has recently put together some of her best career performances on the international level.

#3 - Flitter (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Waspeaters (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Jan Mayen Islanders | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 203 | Assists: 21 | Goals: 10
Twin sister of the Ponies' captain Cloudchaser, Flitter is viewed by many as an anchor of the Equestrian back line and is considered one of the best defenders to ever represent the Equestrian States on the international stage. A regular starter for the Ponies since her debut as a promising 20 year-old during the World Cup 60 qualifying campaign, she may not be the most imposing player on the pitch, but Flitter is exceptionally quick and agile for a defender, often relying on her speed and hoofwork to steal or intercept the ball rather than brute force tackling. Though Flitter hasn't earned as much praise at the club level with Jan Mayen Islanders as she did with Ponyville United, her form at the international level has remained pristine. Together with Brix Hamilton and Andrea Molovi, Flitter is a key member of the Equestrian defense and has played no small role in its dramatic improvement in recent years.

#19 - Krysia Bailey (Human - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB/DM) | Age: 21 | Debut: vs. Image Iturributa (WC68 Qualifying)
Club: Image Avenida Leal | League: Image FARF Freitball Ligá
International Caps: 44 | Assists: 5 | Goals: 2
One of several promising young defenders to make the senior team, Krysia Bailey is an extremely talented prospect who is already considered the best Equestrian right-back. Currently playing with Farfadillis' Avenida Leal, Krysia Bailey looks every bit like a star of the future and, along with Rumble and Erauso Iburrusteta, is routinely hailed as one of the faces of the next generation of Equestrian talent. Offensively-minded, Bailey isn't afraid to assist in the attack, charging down the flanks when called upon and launching pinpoint crosses to her waiting teammates.

#20 - Rumble (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Defender (CB/DM) | Age: 20 | Debut: vs. Image Jeckland (Pre-WC68 Friendly)
Club: Image Jlinal Cove | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 41 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
The younger brother of longtime national team striker Thunderlane, Rumble is another one of the several promising defenders selected by Pearly White for her 23-player finals squad. Though the young pegasus idolizes his older brother, his talents differ considerably from those of Thunderlane. A defensive prodigy, Rumble aspires to become the best Equestrian center-back ever, though his speed and versatility have seen him occasionally feature in the midfield at the club level. Regardless of where Pearly White decides to use Rumble, opponents should be careful not to underestimate this young Equestrian's abilities.

#24 - Erauso Iburrusteta (Human - Male)
Position: Defender (CB) | Age: 20 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 27 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 0
Born and raised in Astograth, Erauso Iburrusteta defected to the Equestrian States when Astograth's government was toppled and a fascist regime took over. Signed as a young prospect by the Cloudsdale Flyers, Erauso Iburrusteta has been a rising star in the United League for some time now and the Ponies' supporters were delighted to finally see him don the purple and orange of the Equestrian States last year.

#27 - Sunlight (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Defender (RB/CB) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Saint James Islands (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Telino | League: Image Yttribian Premiership
International Caps: 12 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0
Yet another promising young defender to recently break into the senior team, Sunlight's selection is a clear indicator of the Equestrian manager's willingness to give her youthful prospects a chance at earning valuable international experience. Though the pegasus mare may not boast the same profile as Rumble, Erauso Iburrusteta, or Krysia Bailey, her raw talent has seen her stock rise tremendously since breaking into the Cloudsdale Flyers' first team and landed her a huge transfer to Telino in the on-the-rise Yttribian Premiership.

#9 - Rainbow Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - VICE-CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CAM/ST) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image Slembana (Pre-WC63 Friendly)
Club: Image Makosile United | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 158 | Assists: 78 | Goals: 67
One of the best-known Equestrian players and the leader of the Little Ponies teams that dominated the 26th and 27th Di Bradini Cups, Rainbow Blitz is already considered among the best Equestrian hoofballers of all-time and is one of the Ponies' leaders on the pitch and in the locker room. Rainbow Blitz has spent almost his entire playing career with Makosile United in the elite Vilitan Stellar Division after he signed with the club at the age of 19, and is considered among the league's best midfielders. An extremely dangerous threat to opposing defenses, Rainbow Blitz's speed and agility are only really challenged by developing world-class striker Pristina Shine on the Equestrian national team. Also among the pegasi's arsenal of abilities is his consistency, as Rainbow Blitz rarely puts in a poor performance at the international or club level, either creating scoring opportunities or finishing them almost without fail. Now entering his physical prime years, Rainbow Blitz is undeniably among the Ponies' best players and any team hoping to beat the Equestrian States will need to find a way to limit him.

#2 - Cloudchaser (Pegasus - Female) - CAPTAIN
Position: Midfielder (CM/CAM) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Khytenna (Pre-WC60 Friendly)
Club: Image La Nueva Avenida | League: Image FARF Freitball Ligá
International Caps: 222 | Assists: 90 | Goals: 59
The twin sister of star defender Flitter, Cloudchaser is seen as the Ponies' undisputed leader and is extremely popular among her teammates. On the pitch, Cloudchaser is a very unselfish player, her pinpoint passing ability allowing her to set up countless chances for the Equestrian attackers. Among the Ponies' all-time assists leaders, the veteran box-to-box midfielder is quick to lead the Equestrian States on counterattacks. On corners, Cloudchaser is usually among the most-targeted players as her headers rarely miss their mark and her leaping is aided by one or two quick flaps of her wings. At the club level, Cloudchaser initially starred for the Cloudsdale Flyers as one of the United League's best players at a position where the league is extremely deep before moving to Astograth's Ituraitz FC and then Farfadillis' La Nueva Avenida.

#5 - Apple Cobbler (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CAM/RM/CM) | Age: 20 | Debut: vs. Image United Gordonopia (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Jungle Strike FC | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 54 | Assists: 13 | Goals: 7
First appearing for the Ponies' senior team at the age of 16 during the Summer Olympics, Apple Cobbler has long been hailed as the future of Equestrian hoofball and has spent her entire professional career with the world-famous Jungle Strike FC of Vilita. Capable of going hoof-to-toe with the multiverse's best, Apple Cobbler's future is extremely bright and can only really improve as she continues to develop her talents alongside the Equestrian States' highly-regarded midfielders.

#11 - Krystal (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/LM/CAM) | Age: 25 | Debut: vs. Image Manetreal (Equestria Cup 4)
Club: Image Burgess FC | League: Image LigAnaia Division One
International Caps: 80 | Assists: 21 | Goals: 14
Another member of the Little Ponies teams that dominated the Di Bradini Cup several years ago, Krystal has played alongside Rainbow Blitz in the Equestrian midfield at both the under-21 and senior levels and is also extremely quick. Where Krystal surpasses her contemporaries is ball control, which combined with her speed makes her a dangerous threat on the wings. Her small stature (even among fellow ponies), however, puts her at a disadvantage on headers, and she often is tipped to take corners as a result. A longtime star for Crystopolis City, Krystal led the Crystalline club on an unprecedented Globe Cup quarterfinals run and has since transferred to Burgess FC in the LigAnaia, where she continues to ply her trade as an extremely talented and still relatively young midfielder.

#4 - Apple Jack (Earth Pony - Male)
Position: Midfielder (DM/CM) | Age: 31 | Debut: vs. Image Antoletia (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Mardi Lopunnies | League: Image SUN.League 1
International Caps: 204 | Assists: 45 | Goals: 19
The oldest player currently on the Equestrian States national team, Apple Jack is a battle-hardened veteran of 10 World Cup campaigns who has been a regular starter for the Ponies since first appearing on the roster over a decade ago. A physical defensive-midfielder who's not afraid to rough up opposing strikers and midfielders, Apple Jack could have been a center-back had he wanted to play on the back line. Easily the largest pony on the Equestrian team, Apple Jack is still smaller than all but the shortest humans when it comes to height but is no pushover. Boasting impressive endurance, even for an equine, Apple Jack poses the biggest threat to opposing teams late in the match when other defenders might be tiring. A longtime star for Sunrisian club Mardi Lopunnies after starting his career with Appleoosa HC, Apple Jack was one of first ponies to play in foreign league and has largely been successful despite not winning any league titles.

#17 - Rosie Tyler (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/DM/LM) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Colombian Britannia (Pre-WC66 Friendly)
Club: Image Urbanista | League: Image Apox National League
International Caps: 39 | Assists: 5 | Goals: 6
Despite her youth and talent, Rosie Tyler can already be considered a journeywoman midfielder, having featured for no fewer than five clubs in five different leagues in her short career. First signed by Mytannion's CDSA Decraa, Rosie Tyler has also played in the Equestrian States, Astograth, Earent, and now Apox, gathering praise for her performances in each but often being forced to move on by events outside her control. However, despite lacking a longtime home like many of her teammates, Tyler has been a consistent performer with the Ponies and has been working her way towards a starting job for the past several years, with her versatility enabling her to fit into her managers' plans whenever and wherever she's needed.

#14 - Stardust (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/CAM) | Age: 25 | Debut: vs. Image Blouman Empire (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Iskara Daii | League: Image LigAnaia Division One
International Caps: 76 | Assists: 19 | Goals: 9
The third member of the Little Ponies' midfield that tore apart their opponents in the highly-successful 26th and 27th Di Bradini Cups, Stardust has been largely overshadowed by the successes of Rainbow Blitz and Krystal, but is still a very talented player on her own. A move to Umber Lumber turned out to be a poor deal for Stardust, as the club struggled to perform despite the best efforts of the pegasus midfielder and Stardust eventually demanded a transfer, landing with Starblaydia's Iskara Daii where she's been most successful. An extremely fast sprinter, Stardust can be especially lethal on counterattacks and makes runs that must be tightly-marked by opposing defenders or risk allowing her to expose them to the Equestrians' ruthless attacking-midfielders and strikers.

#25 - Aarón Aiza (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/DM/CM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image AC Izotz Zubia | League: Image LigAnaia Division One
International Caps: 20 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 2
Like Erauso Iburrusteta, Aarón Aiza wasn't born in the Equestrian States, starting his career in Yttribia and even featuring for the Yttribian national team several times before defecting to the Equestrian States when the Esportivan nation was taken over by the Corvidae. Though the Corvidae no longer rule Yttribia, Aiza continues to play for the Ponies at the international level while playing with Audioslavia's AC Izotz Zubia at the club level. Though slower than most of his fellow Equestrian midfielders, what Aarón lacks in speed, he makes up in stamina and smarts. Rarely does he make a poor decision on the pitch, and is regarded as a very polite and respectful player who rarely complains and is praised by teammates and opponents alike for his sportsmanship.

#15 - Elaine Everdeen (Human - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CAM/LM) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image The Inevitable Syndicate (WC65 Qualifying)
Club: Image Granger Dragonites | League: Image SUN.League 1
International Caps: 58 | Assists: 8 | Goals: 5
The younger sister of former Ponies' striker Katherine Everdeen, Elaine is still a relatively young and talented midfielder who has found success with Sunrisian club Granger Dragonites. Graceful and agile, the younger Everdeen sister can race up and down the pitch at an impressive clip even compared to her speedy equine teammates. Though her endurance isn't as impressive, Elaine Everdeen shouldn't be underestimated by her opponents and is often used as a substitute against teams already worn down by the relentless Equestrian style of play to either preserve a lead or give the Ponies another attacker.

#10 - Pristina Shine (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Footballand (VIII Olympiad)
Club: Image Red Star Severny | League: Image FPIFA Divisjon One
International Caps: 73 | Assists: 11 | Goals: 48
Though some still debate whether or not Pristina Shine is truly a world-class striker, there's no arguing that she isn't well on her way to becoming one. Signed by world-famous Iturributa United as a teenager, Pristina Shine was immediately thrust into the spotlight and regularly started for the club, finishing third in the league in scoring in her first season. Over the next few years, the young forward's profile continued to soar as she seamlessly transitioned from the Equestrian league to the higher-profile Iturributan Premiership. When Iturributa fell to the invading Astograthians, Pristina Shine followed her Polarian manager to Divisjon One's Red Star Severny, where she again established herself as a rising superstar, finishing among the prestigious league's top scorers and claiming her second Young Player of the Year award. Over the past couple seasons, Pristina Shine has been a major factor in her club's ascension towards the top of Divisjon One as the once mid-table club now routinely contends for a spot in the Champions' Cup. With the international retirement of legendary Equestrian striker Fire Dash, Pristina Shine has taken the former captain's spot as the Ponies' primary scoring threat and opponents will need to be wary of her lightning-quick speed and lethal ability to finish.

#7 - Thunderlane (Pegasus - Male)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 30 | Debut: vs. Image Waspeaters (WC60 Qualifying)
Club: Image Makosile United | League: Image V-League Stellar Division
International Caps: 197 | Assists: 33 | Goals: 75
While not the most imposing member of the Ponies' attack, Thunderlane's value to the team lies primarily in his versatility. A talented passer and extremely dangerous long-distance accuracy, the pegasus is often overlooked by opponents as Pristina Shine and Rainbow Blitz are seen as more immediate threats. When not appropriately defended, Thunderlane can deliver a hammer blow to opposing teams with one well-placed shot that might appear seemingly out of nowhere. The longtime "other" Equestrian striker, first behind Fire Dash, now behind Pristina Shine, Thunderlane may not get the same attention as his teammates, but his relentless determination has often inspired late comebacks by the Ponies when called upon. When Thunderlane is playing his best, the Equestrian States can be extremely difficult to beat.

#6 - Wither (Bat Pony - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image The Pazhujeb Islands (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Soldarian FC | League: Image Elven Premier League
International Caps: 40 | Assists: 5 | Goals: 20
Widely viewed as the most under-appreciated Equestrian striker, Wither's abilities and scoring record would suggest that she's a regular starter for the Ponies, but she has often been overlooked in favor of the more-established stars. Though Wither's playing time has increased dramatically under Pearly White, she's still considered a second option behind Thunderlane in the roster. A star for the historic Vanorian club Soldarian FC, Wither has established herself as a solid player in one of the multiverse's most famous leagues that is seen as rather selective when it comes to purchasing foreign stars. Despite her role with the national team, Wither is a determined athlete who never backs down from challenge and who likely will take over Thunderlane's position in the Ponies' depth chart as the pegasus nears the end of his international career.

#23 - Sonar (Bat Pony - Male)
Position: Forward (ST/LW) | Age: 26 | Debut: vs. Image The Scandinavian Islands (WC62 Qualifying)
Club: Image Matthew City Senators | League: Image SUN.League 1
International Caps: 64 | Assists: 8 | Goals: 28
The first bat pony to appear on the Ponies' roster, Sonar has been a regular for the Equestrian national team since he made his debut, though his role in the depth chart has been far from consistent. Generally used as a "super sub", Sonar's endurance isn't nearly as good as others on the team but is still nothing to scoff at, especially since his speed is almost unrivaled. Often appearing late in matches, Sonar can provide the Ponies with the final boost to overcome a tough opponent or put the final nail in the coffin of a lesser team. Sonar has spent most of his professional career with the Matthew City Senators and is usually near the top of the Sunrisian league's scoring table.

Reserve Squad
In the event that one or more players on the Equestrian States' squad are injured during the World Cup finals and are deemed unlikely to recover before the tournament's conclusion, a replacement may be drawn from the following reserves to take the place of the injured player on the Equestrian roster. In general, the players on the reserve squad are certainly talented enough to play for the Ponies but missed making the final 23-player squad for the World Cup finals for any number of reasons.

#13 - Shady Daze (Earth Pony - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/RB/LM) | Age: 23 | Debut: vs. Image Saint James Islands (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 10 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0

#18 - Horus (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Defender (LB/CB) | Age: 27 | Debut: vs. Image Megadia (WC63 Qualifying)
Club: Image Canterlot Royals | League: Image United League
International Caps: 32 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 0

#30 - Jermaine Poole (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (CM/RM) | Age: 24 | Debut: vs. Image Mizuyuki (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Canterlot Stars | League: Image United League
International Caps: 18 | Assists: 5 | Goals: 3

#28 - Sparrow Body (Human - Male)
Position: Midfielder (RM/CM/CAM) | Age: 20 | Debut: vs. Image Gloriax (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Cloudsdale Flyers | League: Image United League
International Caps: 11 | Assists: 2 | Goals: 1

#16 - Luminesce (Unicorn - Female)
Position: Midfielder (CM/RM/LM) | Age: 18 | Debut: vs. Image Bears Armed (Equine-Ursine Cup 12)
Club: Image Mardi Lopunnies | League: Image SUN.League 1
International Caps: 13 | Assists: 1 | Goals: 1

#26 - Decima (Sphinx - Female)
Position: Forward (ST) | Age: 18 | Debut: vs. Image Osarius (Pre-WC69 Friendly)
Club: Image Ponyville United | League: Image United League
International Caps: 10 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 2

#29 - Rosewing (Pegasus - Female)
Position: Forward (ST/RW) | Age: 22 | Debut: vs. Image Laiyenda (WC69 Qualifying)
Club: Image Mignon Beart Charmers | League: Image SUN.League 1
International Caps: 13 | Assists: 0 | Goals: 3

Coaches & Staff
Manager - Image Pearly White (Earth Pony - Female) - 43
Appointed interim manager of the national team by the Hoofball Association following the resignation of Twilight Striker, the Ponies' long-time boss, Pearly White has secured the position on a permanent basis thanks to a rather remarkable run of results which saw the Equestrians pull off a couple stunning upsets and easily win the Runner Cup. Prior to taking an assistant manager position under Twilight Striker, Pearly White was in charge of the Equestrian U-21s, which she led to the Di Bradini Cup semifinals in the youth tournament's 26th and 27th editions and lifted the trophy in the latter. Familiar with the players at her disposal and highly-respected by her peers, the Ponies' new manager is ambitious and eager to lead her team to new heights at the World Cup.

Assistant Manager - Image Dreamy Skies (Pegasus - Female) - 39
Just a few years ago, Dreamy Skies took charge of the Second League's Whitetail Foresters, and had a near-instant impact on the club's fortunes. Promoted to the United League and now a contender for the United League's Globe Cup berths, the Foresters' rise under the steady hoof of Dreamy Skies is nothing short of incredible. As a result, then-interim manager Pearly White managed to convince the HA that the pegasus would be a strong addition to the Ponies' coaching staff, and thus far that move has paid-off spectacularly, with players praising her work ethic and optimism. Although still young compared to many coaches at the international level, Dreamy Skies is a popular figure in the locker room and can certainly inspire the best from her players.

Assistant Manager - Image Steven Frew (Human - Male) - 53
The one-time manager of the Apoxian national team and a legendary figure with Dwile Warriors, Steven Frew brings more than a little experience to the Ponies' coaching staff and a tactical mind that seems a perfect fit for the Equestrian national team. Brought into the Ponies' hierarchy by Pearly White after former-assistant Hat Trix resigned to focus on the domestic scene, Frew is expected to be used as an adviser by the Equestrian manager and will surely be a valuable asset to the team. Generally regarded as an aggressive tactician, Steven Frew has often promoted attack-minded hoofball and encouraged individual creativity and flexibility, traits which have always been associated with the Ponies. Comfortable with managing top-notch players from his days with Dwile Warriors, Frew seems a natural pick to help Pearly White get the very best out of a squad which boasts a handful of the multiverse's elite players.

Goalkeeping Coach - Image Fire Blossom (Unicorn - Male) - 48
Training the talented Equestrian goalkeepers is Fire Blossom, whose exploits as a keeper in the old Equestrian Premier League earned him much respect among hoofball fans nationwide. Though Fire Blossom rarely speaks to the media for any reason whatsoever, his early statements doubting Mac Stevenson's ability to replace High Soarin' back in World Cup 61 qualifying made him look like a genius when Stevenson's selection turned out to be one of Twilight Striker's greatest blunders. Likewise, predicting and guiding the development of Gentle Breeze into a true world-class goalkeeper have brought attention to Fire Blossom's eye for potential and knack for coaching.

Scout - Image Diamond Star (Unicorn - Female) - 46
Few outside of the Equestrian States would be able to correctly identify the nation's top scout, but Diamond Star has a fairly impressive résumé, being the first to spot the potential of stars such as Rainbow Blitz, Pristina Shine, Cloudchaser, and Thunderlane. Diamond Star specializes in locating and recruiting domestic talent for the Equestrian national team.

Scout - Image Golden Hooves (Earth Pony - Female) - 57
Unlike Diamond Star, Golden Hooves' talents lie more in scouting the abilities of foreign players and how they match up against those of the Ponies. The earth pony mare is particularly well-known for her recruiting of foreign prospects for the Canterlot Stars and Ponyville United clubs.

Fitness Coach - Image Craig Jackson (Human - Male) - 46
Hired in the midst of the injury-filled disaster that was World Cup 63 qualifying, Craig Jackson was the first human member of the Ponies' staff and has done well in the last several years keeping the Equestrian States relatively injury-free. While fitness coaches generally don't get much respect or attention from the press, Jackson's natural gift for keeping players of so many species healthy cannot be overlooked or scoffed upon.

Team Strategy


The Ponies' most-used formation is the slightly modified 3-5-2, preferred by former manager Twilight Striker because of the strength and dominance of the Equestrian midfielders. Thanks to the versatility of the Equestrian States' players, the formation gives the Ponies the ability to shift quickly from the offense to the defense and vice-versa. More recently, however, the Equestrians have begun to shy away from the 3-5-2 in favor of the 4-2-3-1 in order to strengthen the back line and keep their opponents guessing. Aside from the formations themselves, the Equestrians have a number of definitive strengths and weaknesses.

First, the Ponies are among the world's fastest and most durable teams, using their natural advantages to tire out opponents. With those two traits as the defining characteristics of the Equestrian style of play, the squad excels at producing chances in the latter stages of the match. But while the attack dominates the second half, opposing squads have occasionally found success going all-out at the start of the match in an attempt to build an insurmountable lead.

Another area in which the Equestrian States has traditionally dominated is in the aerial battles for headers. While the Ponies are generally shorter than their opponents, the team is often credited with impressive leaping abilities (particularly among the pegasai players). Controlling headers makes the team lethal on corner kicks, and opponents looking to defeat the Equestrians must limit the number conceded to the Ponies or else face a barrage of dangerous short-range shots from the Ponies' attackers.

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article (written during WC65, and a highly-recommended read for my opponents), please click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes - Limited to one per match, player info and species sections give hints on likely candidates
Godmod other events: Yes - No weather-related events allowed in the Equestrian States
Other Notes: TG me if you have any questions regarding my RPs, requests for more information on the Equestrian States, or requests for exemptions from my RP restrictions. Additionally, I strongly encourage my opponents to read through my roster's section on team strategy and the linked article on species to get a better idea of the team's strengths and weaknesses. Player statistics are updated through post-qualifying friendlies and the Cup of Champions (aka Confederations' Cup).
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