World Cup 70 - Rosters Thread

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World Cup 70 - Rosters Thread

Postby San Jose Guayabal » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:29 pm



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Welcome to the 70th World Cup, being hosted by the Equestrian States and San José Guayabal with additional administrative support provided by Felix and Mizuyuki!

Nations that have signed up for World Cup 70 are to post their rosters here. Rosters should (at minimum) list your 11 starting players and their reserves. Participants may also wish to include background information on their players, manager/head coach, and any other staff members their teams might have. It is suggested that information on national stadiums also be included in roster posts, as they are commonly-used elements in many participants' RPs.

Other information participants may include in their posts include: formations, strategies/tactics, team background, traditions, kits/jerseys, fans, players' roles, team achievements, nicknames, and anything else not listed here that might come to mind.

Style Modifiers
Nations are also invited to include a style modifier for their team. Style mods range from -5 to +5. A team that plays offensively, attacking more and focusing on scoring more goals at the cost of defense, should choose a positive style mod (anywhere from +0.001 to +5.0); they will both score and concede more goals on average. Teams that would rather sit back and focus on defense to prevent their opponents from scoring too many goals should choose a negative style mod (anywhere from -0.001 to -5.0); they will give up fewer goals, but will also have more difficulty scoring goals than their offense-first counterparts. For those who want the best of both worlds, or just don't really care to choose one style over the other, a neutral style mod of 0 is the best option. Nations that do not indicate a style mod will be assigned a neutral one.

After the first match day, if a participant wishes to change their style mod to one different from what they initially posted, they may do so by sending the host scorinating their next match a request via telegram. It is asked that participants include an in-character rationale for the change in their TG to the hosts. Nations will only be allowed one style mod change after the first day of qualifying, so choose wisely when asking.

RP Permissions Box
It is also asked that participants include information on what their opponents can and cannot include in RPs about their team by posting an RP permissions box (or its equivalent) with their roster:

Code: Select all
[floatleft][pre]I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y/N
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y/N
Injure Players: Y/N
Godmod Injury Events: Y/N
Red Card Players: Y/N
Yellow Card Players: Y/N
Godmod Other Events: Y/N

Posting a roster for your team will earn you a small RP bonus as well as the gratitude of other nations in your group, since writing match reports quickly becomes boring if one is unable to name any of their opponents' players. If you have any OOC comments, questions, or concerns please post them in the World Cup Discussion Thread (see links at top) or send one of the hosts a TG.
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Postby Jecatria » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:32 pm

Jecatria Roster for World Cup 70 Qualifying


GK: Dominic Price (33)
RB: Leon Harrison (26)
CB: Zak Mason (30)
CB: Sebastian Parkes (23)
LB: Spencer Vaughan (28)
RM: Harley Kirby (25)
CM: Kieran Dobson (31)
CM: Joseph Richards (22)
LM: Oscar Winter (20)
ST: Louis Wallis (24)
ST: Jay Whitehead (30)

GK: George Todd (29)
GK: Archie Clayton (23)
RB: Zachary Howarth (33)
CB: Billy Higgins (21)
CB: Samuel Nicholson (30)
LB: Kyle Norman (25)
RM: Bailey Tomlinson (27)
CM: Louie Randall (30)
CM: Peter Duffy (26)
LM: Elliot Kelly (23)
ST: Samuel Jarvis (20)
ST: Anthony Godfrey (29)

RP Permissions
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Postby Nephara » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:36 pm

Preferred Formation:
4-4-2 diamond
Style Modifier: 0
Home Stadium: The Farham Arena in Sabrefell. Capacity of 88,000, no attached club.
Kit Supplier: Kirola
Nickname: The Cormorants

It's been a turbulent past couple of years for Nephara. Failure to qualify for the World Cup was followed by victories in the Cup of Harmony, then in the Eagle's Cup. A very promising start to the Campionato Esportiva on home soil was cut tragically short by Ruentenbach in the quarterfinals. After a very uncharacteristic phase of uncertainty, Jess Mortlock is very eager to get back to the reliable successes that the Nepharim were finally getting used to - they still see themselves as a team that should contest every World Cup, and they certainly have the squad for it.

Mortlock has selected a core squad numbered 1-23, with another seven drafted in to replace injuries or suspensions - barring long-term injuries, they'll be cut for the World Cup proper.

Overall Record
138 wins - 30 draws - 49 losses
425 scored - 257 conceded

Champions of the 51st Baptism of Fire, the 6th, 8th and 10th Campionati Esportiva, the 61st Cup of Harmony, Eagle's Cup 5 and Market Cup 6.
Qualified for World Cups 67 and 68.
Quarterfinalists in WC68 - the first Esportivan to make it that far.
Ranked 16th in the world.

First Team and Tactics
After trialing it to significant success, Mortlock is returning to the 4-4-2 diamond - Locke an incisive playmaker, Brandon anchoring the defence, and two box-to-box midfielders. The fullbacks tend to play an advanced role, close enough to a genuine wingback. The Nepharim play a physical, assertive game, aiming to dominate midfield, press high up the pitch and string short, forward passes together to work the ball into the box for the strikers.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Brandon takes penalties, Penrith takes most free-kicks, Penrith takes right-footed corners and Stockinger left-footed ones.
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match.

Jess MORTLOCK - 50
5'8" with something of the look of a retired boxer, strong and stout. Blonde, with a preference for dark blue suits.
Summary It was rumoured Mortlock had to be talked out of handing in her resignation during a disastrous qualifying campaign - that said, it's for the best that she's remained at the helm, steadying the dressing room and keeping a strong face as the Cormorants ultimately claimed the Cup of Harmony. Mortlock is a winner at heart who can drive her players on to great feats, a protege of national team legend Gethin Ramsey, and a good tactician (though her substitutions tend to be conservative). The best for the job, without a doubt.

Auburn BYWATER - 32
Assistant Manager
Lanky, pale ginger. Shabby-looking, but attractive.
Summary Originally in the team with the role of a 'whip' - someone to maintain discipline, keep players in line - when Boyden let his contract with the national team lapse to go and manage Premiership teams again, Bywater made the step up. She's only recently earned her coaching badges, but her man-management skills are more than sufficient for her lack of tactical nous.

Franziska RENSENBRINK - 23
A tall, lean woman with sharp features and close-cropped chestnut hair.
Summary Rensenbrink, one of the many daughters of NFA President Markus Rensenbrink, unsurprisingly took a while to win the trust of the staff and players. That said, she's managed to firmly become one of the fixtures of the team. There are limited rumours that her bond with Catheline Stockinger is very strong, whether platonic or romantic - whatever the cast, they're certainly seen together a lot.
1 - Reece COLEMAN - 31 - AFC Mayville (EUR)
34 caps, 15 clean sheets
6'2" and strong, with close-cropped auburn hair and stubble.
Summary Coleman might not be comfortable keeping the ball at his feet, but he's got the nerve and the pace to come out and contest a ball even in no-man's land. This is a trait that Mortlock evidently feels will be very much complementary to the high line the Nepharim defence keep. Beyond this, he's a fine stopper who can go toe-to-toe with the world's best when he's in form.

12 - Diandra BALLARD - 26 - FC Endeavour (APX)
11 caps, 2 clean sheets
6-foot-even, strongly-built brunette, hair kept long and braided.
Summary Second-choice after Riordan's international retirement, Diandra Ballard made her mark on the national imagination early on in her career, coming second in the UICA Youth Cup with AFC Treason. An amazing pure shot-stopper, she has as yet been unable to break her way into the first-team setup at new club Endeavour - but it's only a matter of time.

20 - Seb SEWARD - 27 - Sabrefell Athletic
Lanky sandy blond with a small, ferretty face.
Summary Seward's pure reflex and speed are his greatest assets. While not exactly an imposing physical presence, he's out of his box and on you like a flash - and that's without mentioning his shot-stopping capabilities, which are strong in their own right. Reasonably consistent as well, with most errors coming down to shaky handling.

30 - Tana COLBRIGHT - 30 - Brinemouth
11 caps, 4 clean sheets
Tall and lean, with a small, angular face. Short, braided, light brown hair.
Summary An impressively quick and consistent goalkeeper, a constant presence between the posts as the Dockers won three consecutive titles. Exceptionally comfortable on the ball these days, but that plays better into her club's style of play than that of her country.
2 - Markus RHEIN - 23 - Slateport Bulls (VLD)
2 caps, 0 goals
Small and wiry. Badly-shaven with a ragged mop of black hair.
Summary A Sabrefell lad to the end, Rhein's a scrappy little fullback, liking to burst forward and use his pace to his advantage. He's a great defender, too, and can stick to his man when he has to - clipping their heels and hacking at their shins for ninety minutes, like a sort of terrier. Like his predecessor at rightback Snowy Sleet, a Sabrefell Athletic academy graduate who burst through the ranks early before a move to Valladares - unlike Sleet, a far more dynamic, less conservative player, though he needs a bit more sharpening at the top level.

3 - Amanda CLOUGH - 28 - Brinemouth
40 caps, 2 goals
5'4" and lean, sandy blonde with a plain face.
Summary A technical, nippy leftback whose hooked crosses always hit their mark perfectly. Not amazing defensively, but won't let the squad down, and can hang tight to a mark when needed to. For all that she might have retained her number, Catheline Stockinger has taken her starting role.

5 - Hadrian BELFAST (c) - 29 - Dwile Warriors (APX)
86 caps, 3 goals
Powerfully-built man with wavy chestnut hair and a clean-cut beard.
Summary Hadrian Belfast emerged, perhaps unsurprisingly, as the new captain - a rock-solid presence both on and off the pitch. He's the sort of player that aims to dominate his opponents, firmly and usually fairly - that said, he's not above a professional foul when needed. Also a threat at set pieces, these days - he's worked hard to improve that part of his game. One of the best centrebacks in the world, and getting better every year.

6 - Tosca MARLOWE - 29 - AFC Treason
103 caps, 1 goal
Lean and wiry, with short brown hair and piercing eyes.
Summary Marlowe's a solid, skilled centreback whose specialty is in clean sliding challenges. She's a patient marker who rarely goes in late. With great anticipation, a fine mentality and a firm but generally fair physicality, she's a bulwark at the back for the Cormorants. Over the years for the Cormorants, Marlowe and Belfast have reached an understanding comparable to a long-standing defensive partnership for a club side - Belfast might be the better player, but it makes the two more than the sum of their parts at international level, where many players struggle for chemistry.

13 - Catheline STOCKINGER - 24 - FC Brimstone (APX)
11 caps, 1 goal
5'5" and greyhound-thin, olive skin with short, straight, dark brown hair.
Summary Stockinger comes from a chequered background, but a fiercely ambitious nature has steaded her well. A fantastic attack-minded leftback with breath-taking pace. Suffered an anxiety attack just a couple of days before starting in the Eagle's Cup final, but managed to overcome that to electrifying effect in the second half - assisting one goal and then scoring the winner. Ever since, has been a fan favourite for sticking through it despite the circumstances.

17 - Aidan MARTYN - 25 - Pajukas Sport (BYN)
1 cap, 0 goals
Tall, strapping blond. Intricate sleeve tattoo down the right arm.
Summary A quietly intelligent defender, Martyn's not a risk-taker by nature - but that doesn't make him anything short of a bulwark at the back. The sort of player who'll tail a man for as long as it takes, try to limit his opportunities and force him into mistakes. His tendency to stand off players is rather at odds with most of the rest of the side, but he's a good player who offers something different but equal to his peers.

19 - Rachael KELLEN - 24 - Violence Chariots
10 caps, 0 goals

Summary Kellen just sort of showed up from Vermillion, where she was being under-utilised in her favoured right-back position. The Chariots picked her up at 20 and quickly moulded her into a storming fullback who excels at knocking the ball past her man, backing herself to make it to it. Great crosser of the ball, not a bad shot.

22 - Brescia STUBBS - 27 - Chatswood
A 6'0", very strong woman, well-tanned with short dark brown hair and a variety of tattoos.
Summary "When the world falls apart, some things stay in place! Brescia Stubbs' elbows are in your face!" A recent but popular chant for the Premiership's most violent, spiteful defender, but one with a remarkable football intelligence and great communication. A fixture for Chatswood as they exceeded everyone's expectations to come 4th, and win the Cup. Can mark anyone out of a game.

24 - Elaine BLACKSTOCK - 31 - Brinemouth
Centre-back, right-back
17 caps, 0 goals
Wiry and tough, with braided brown hair.
Summary A versatile defender capable of playing in the centre and on the right - very comfortable on the ball, and a key part of Brinemouth's game plan. A solid defender, and perhaps the Cormorants' best pure defender on the right.

25 - Brigid KESTREL - 22 - Crisisbless
Left-back, left midfielder, defensive midfielder, left-sided central midfielder
An easy-going freckled redhead, fairly slender.
Summary Kestrel has done fantastically in her first two seasons in the Premiership, lighting up the league on loan for Extreme Hills and then lighting up the league for the club that actually owns her. Immensely versatile, Kestrel can leverage her very accurate passing at all ranges, her pace and her work-rate at virtually any position in the bottom-left quarter of the pitch. Even then, she's said she'd be willing to give left winger a shot if it ever comes up...
4 - Michael BRANDON - 31 - Directus (EUR)
Defensive Midfielder
106 caps, 4 goals
Lean, hawkfaced brunet. Hair cut short and clean-shaven.
Summary Deep-lying playmaker and midfield anchor in equal measure, Brandon is every inch the archetypal Nepharim holding midfielder. He's a steadying presence for the squad, the kind who makes those around play better knowing he's covering them. His sharp passing makes him a constant threat to start counter-attacks, too. A quietly essential presence for the Nepharim national team.

7 - Kylie PENRITH - 26 - Flying Jellyfish (FFD)
Central Midfielder (Right)
22 caps, 4 goals
Short and lithe, extensively tattooed. Naturally dark brown hair with blond, spiky tips.
Summary The word that most commonly comes to mind with Penrith is 'buccaneering'. Or perhaps 'swashbuckling'. Either way, she's a player with genuine flair, the only truly flamboyant player in the squad. Either way, Penrith is a crowd-pleaser, strong and persistent in the attack, perhaps a little unskilled in defence, but by no means with a low work-rate. Any doubts on her readiness were settled when she scored on her debut.

8 - Rutger LOCKE - 25 - Tannenberg FC (VLD)
Attacking Midfielder
42 caps, 10 goals
Handsome with a decent tan, a tall, lean physique and short sandy blond hair.
Summary The most expensive Nepharim in history, Tannenberg shelled out twenty-five million for the incisive playmaker. While his goalscoring tends to come in fits and starts, every other aspect of Locke's play is beyond reproach - a superb work-rate, a fantastic passing range, great vision and a keen intelligence. One of the most important players for the national team, and one of the best in Nepharim history.

11 - Logan MURDOCH - 25 - RSK Longyearbyen Town (PIS)
Central Midfielder
Tall, athletic sandy blond, with an angular face and a prominent, hooked nose.
Summary An international callup comes at last for Murdoch, born in Sabrefell to Licentian immigrant parents - arguably overdue, he's been on the fringes for years, but proof of his credentials came after a successful move to the Polarian league. A muscular, hard-working player who just gives the players around him room to move, but he has a great first touch and pretty good technique in his own right.

14 - Kunibert MATHIAS - 28 - Brinemouth
Attacking Midfielder
18 caps, 3 goals
Dark-haired and swarthy, with a lean build.
Summary Kunibert Mathias, or generally just Kurt to Nepharim, had been a key player in Felix's midfield for years, but became one of the fascist regime's most open critics. Openly defecting to Nephara, having lived in Brinemouth long enough to be naturalised, he was a natural pick for the national team. Has always been a backup for the Cormorants, but has never let the side down, always filling in more than capably.

16 - Elaine ASHDOWN - 22 - Brinemouth
Central Midfielder
5'8" of sleek, lean muscle, with black hair cut to the shoulder.
Summary Under-21 captain for two consecutive Di Bradini Cups, Ashdown quickly rose above early bloomer Chris Christon in the Brinemouth pecking order. A great playmaker, fairly well-rounded in her other skills - a born leader as well, but as one of the junior members of the team, that probably won't be so prominent.

18 - Rachael LOXLEY - 26 - Goodfeather FC
Defensive Midfielder
2 caps, 0 goals
Wiry and blonde, with hair kept in a long ponytail.
Summary An early bloomer who made her breakthrough for Goodfeather at 20, Loxley might just be the successor to Brandon, though she can't claim a starting role yet. A good enforcer, a better playmaker, and with the stamina, pace and workrate to fill the gaps in the rest of the field.

23 - Jess CARRAGHER - 26 - Maximum City
Central Midfielder
A short, stocky and powerful brunette.
Summary A muscular, workmanlike midfielder who makes her presence felt whatever her role. Can also play deeper, but has thrived in a more box-to-box role for Maximum City - doesn't score often, but chalks up a fair few assists.

26 - Augustine BRANDON - 25 - Crisisbless
Defensive Midfielder
Tall, average build, with light brown hair. Unremarkable.
Summary Not a brother, but a cousin, of the better-known Brandon. Augustine Brandon's career has still been fruitful in the same position, however, anchoring a powerful Crisisbless midfield diamond. Like his cousin, an understated and often overlooked player - but lacks Michael's nous and hard-nosed defensiveness.

27 - Nikita LUNDGREN - 23 - Chatswood
Central Midfielder
Just 5'3", somewhat stocky, with dark hair and pale skin.
Lundgren had certainly done well for Raven River, but few thought she was worth a 2.25 million fee. She proved the nation wrong with some great performances, and was one of Chatswood's standout players as an all-around midfielder. Has a bad tendency to try to beat a pack of players rather than make the easy pass, but when she makes the right decision she's excellent at executing it - whether it be in defence or attack.

28 - Rowan GAWAIN - 23 - Sabrefell Athletic
Attacking Midfielder
Pale and cleanshaven, with chestnut hair and a small Celtic cross tattoo on one cheek.
Summary Impressed in a frankly terrible Newrook City that was immediately relegated, and continued to impress still further upon transfer to an actually good team, powering Athletic to a third-place finish. His rawness does occasionally show and he's not the most diligent, but he's a vicious, incisive player, and gamechanging on his day.
9 - Keith ROWLAND - 30 - Holdenberg (EUR)
66 caps, 31 goals
A tall ginger, rippling with lean muscle, and with an angular face.
Summary Keith Rowland, or as he's known to Holdenberg City fans, 'Judas', is a dangerous target man who cut his teeth in the Euraleagues from an early age. A hard-working, intensely physical striker who likes to drive deep into defences, he's a perfect foil to the selfish but talented Cathar. Has been through a lean spell in front of goal lately for the national team, but can be trusted to get through it.

10 - Rook CATHAR - 29 - East Franz Athletic (PIS)
66 caps, 38 goals
Tall, muscular and lantern-jawed, with a fine blond mullet.
Summary Cathar's a bit of an odd case - once thought a standout player for the Cormorants, he's now fighting desperately to keep his place over Cheney Bittencourt. His strike rate shows his immense talent, but it comes and goes - he scored just once in the first half of WC69 Qualifying, and was seen by many as a scapegoat. A player of great athleticism, strength, technique and accuracy, Cathar's obsessively driven mentality and selfishness in front of goal can be a double-edged sword - if he can't perform, there's others who will.

15 - Kurtis QUINN - 25 - AFC Treason
Just 5'8", with a wiry but sturdy build and short blond hair.
Summary A Treason local, Quinn was the unlikely hero for AFC Treason last season, ending up top scorer in the league as Treason went on to become champions as they found that the solution to their striker problems was to trust in their own. Will run, exceptionally fast, for ninety minutes, harrying and pressing defenders, and getting in the perfect place for chances he generally makes the most of. Don't misjudge his height, either - short he might be, but he can leap like a salmon. A perfect impact substitute for the team.

21 - Cheney BITTENCOURT - 29 - Fontvielle Impact (VLD)
44 caps, 23 goals
A lean brunet, usually easy-going and smiling, with an interesting set of arm tattoos.
Summary Bittencourt had something of a reputation as an impact substitute for the national team - it's one he's eager to shed. A total professional, his move to Valladares signals an intent to fight for a starting role. He's more than good enough to be taken seriously - a consummate finisher of remarkable nerve, with great ball control, he's far more a technician than the physical bruiser that Cathar is.

29 - Birgit STERNBERG - 24 - Crisisbless
Tall, tough-looking brunette with a sleeve tattoo over her right arm.
Summary As a youth, regarded as a half-decent goalscorer who just didn't add too much to a side. Her progress came in leaps and bounds after her club, Vermillion, reluctantly promoted her to the senior team, and after transferring to Crisisbless to taste first-team football she's had an outstanding couple of seasons. A very unselfish striker, but very capable of finishing her own chances - she's a very complete centreforward who can fill any role needed.

1 - Reece Coleman (AFC Mayville, EUR)
12 - Diandra Ballard (FC Endeavour, APX)
20 - Seb Seward (Sabrefell Athletic)
30 - Tana Colbright (Brinemouth)

2 - Markus Rhein (Slateport Bulls, VLD)
3 - Amanda Clough (Brinemouth)
5 - Hadrian Belfast (Dwile Warriors, APX, c)
6 - Tosca Marlowe (AFC Treason)
13 - Catheline Stockinger (FC Brimstone, APX)
17 - Aidan Martyn (Pajukas Sport, BYN)
19 - Rachael Kellen (Violence Chariots)
22 - Brescia Stubbs (Chatswood)
24 - Elaine Blackstock (Brinemouth)
25 - Brigid Kestrel (Crisisbless)

4 - Michael Brandon (Directus, EUR)
7 - Kylie Penrith (Flying Jellyfish, FFD)
8 - Rutger Locke (Tannenberg FC, VLD)
11 - Logan Murdoch (RSK Longyearbyen Town, PIS)
14 - Kunibert Mathias (Brinemouth)
16 - Elaine Ashdown (Brinemouth)
18 - Rachael Loxley (Goodfeather FC)
23 - Jess Carragher (Maximum City)
26 - Augustine Brandon (Crisisbless)
27 - Nikita Lundgren (Chatswood)
28 - Rowan Gawain (Sabrefell Athletic)

9 - Keith Rowland (Holdenberg, EUR)
10 - Rook Cathar (East Franz Athletic, PIS)
15 - Kurtis Quinn (AFC Treason)
21 - Cheney Bittencourt (Fontvielle Impact, VLD)
29 - Birgit Sternberg (Crisisbless)
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Postby Free Republics » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:42 pm

Holy Republican National Soccer Team


Formation: 3-1-2-1-3
Style Modifier: +4
Colors: Blue and White
Manager: Rule Theriault
Assistant: Massimiliano Abdullahi

Roster (age in parentheses)

Starting Lineup

GK: #2 Marius Christoffersen (21)
RB: #51 Arnou Labrecque (22)
CB: #58 Patrick Werfel (25)
LB: #92 Omar Asbergsson (17)
CDM: #6 Rados Miletic (18)
LM: #22 Bernard Lukic (23)
RM: #42 Ayub Sandstrom (21)
CAM: #12 Koby Theodore (20)
ST: #19 Porvaldur Hinriksson (19)
ST: #15 Kyle Bolton (24) [C]
ST: #17 Faredin Pozenel (20)

GK: #2 Marius Christoffersen (21)
RB: #51 Arnou Labrecque (22)
CB: #13 Zrina Martinovic (19)
LB: #52 Joseph Poole (24)
CDM: #33 Kieran Hancock (25)
LM: #22 Bernard Lukic (23)
RM: #42 Ayub Sandstrom (21)
CAM: #12 Koby Theodore (20)
ST: #19 Porvaldur Hinriksson (19)
ST: #15 Kyle Bolton (24) [C]
ST: #17 Faredin Pozenel (20)

GK: #2 Marius Christoffersen (21)
RB: #51 Arnou Labrecque (22)
CB: #55 Miroslav Bozek (21)
LB: #52 Joseph Poole (24)
CDM: #33 Kieran Hancock (25)
LM: #22 Bernard Lukic (23)
RM: #42 Ayub Sandstrom (21)
CAM: #24 Jens Koch (22)
ST: #12 Koby Theodore (20)
ST: #15 Kyle Bolton (24) [C]
ST: #17 Faredin Pozenel (20)


GK: #1 Ausilio Mancini (25)
GK: #3 William Walls (19)
GK: #88 Levai Imre (17)
RB: #56 Nikodem Sobczak (24)
RB: #25 Nusmir Senicar (18)
CB: #57 Berto Marcelo (22)
CB: #55 Miroslav Bozek (21)
CB: #28 Melania Lucchesi (18)
CB: #91 Filip Perkovic (17)
CB: #13 Zrina Martinovic (19)
LB: #50 Leonid Borodin (21)
LB: #52 Joseph Poole (24)
CDM: #33 Kieran Hancock (25)
CDM: #29 Volodymyr Vernekar (24)
CAM: #24 Jens Koch (22)
CAM: #21 Jan Beranek (23)
CAM: #62 Orazio Lucchesi (16)
CAM: #72 Thomas Donahue (16)
LM: #44 Durante Trevisano (25)
LM: #9 Chandler Sirois (18)
LM: #47 Roberta Villalobos (17)
RM: #31 Leonti Ulyanov (21)
RM: #78 Hegyi Bence (17)
RM: #69 Valente Endrizzi (18)
ST: #11 Leo Cremonesi (25)
ST: #68 Paul Anisimov (18)
ST: #14 Drazan Topic (17)
ST: #87 Connie Chase (15)

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)



Pre-Qual VS Eura

Stadium: RayDome
Stadium Location: Doranto, Contoria
Stadium Capacity: 72,469

MD1 VS Bandwagon

Stadium: Church of Saintland Stadium
Stadium Location: Albertope, Roxawa
Stadium Capacity: 83,802

MD3 VS Darvale

Stadium: Alex Tomlinson Memorial Stadium
Stadium Location: Barkersville, Amolotopia
Stadium Capacity: 92,906

MD6 VS United Eastedge

Stadium: Olden Stadium
Stadium Location: Falkamore, Nejax
Stadium Capacity: 92,681

MD8 VS Tumbra

Stadium: AllMartDome
Stadium Location: Reco, Jolarus
Stadium Capacity: 88,234

Mid-Qual Friendly VS Saintland

Stadium: Gem of the Oceans Stadium
Stadium Location: Republica, Republica District
Stadium Capacity: 101,208

MD11 VS Farfadillis

Stadium: Soccer Palace
Stadium Location: Petrograd, Plymouth
Stadium Capacity: 111,663

MD13 VS The Fair Republic

Stadium: Bank of Acedonia Stadium
Stadium Location: Gontamo, Kantana
Stadium Capacity: 63,101

MD16 VS HopNation

Stadium: Nejan Stadium
Stadium Location: Oldston, Nejax
Stadium Capacity: 122,406

MD18 VS Octinstine

Stadium: MilaneseDome
Stadium Location: Wortana, Keronama
Stadium Capacity: 98,734

More information on the stadiums can be found in my IC information for World Cup 68


While their second place finish in World Cup 68 was regarded as a fluke, at the time, pretty much everywhere outside of the nation then officially known as the Free Republics (and still often referred to by that name), the Republican National Team proved that it was no fluke in World Cup 69, making it back to the Quarterfinals of the World Cup before faltering against Legalese. Then again, anybody familiar with their performance at the youth level shouldn't have been too surprised by their sudden rapid ascent to an elite level. From the 27th through the 29th Di Bradini Cup, this team finished in the top 3 in every edition and won the 28th edition of that prestigious tournament. Now, with the core of that team approaching their respective primes, the Free Republics are one of the most formidable teams in the World Cup and they are always certain to ensure that everybody knows it.

When he first decided to create the Republican National Soccer Team, Rule Theriault decided against using professional athletes on the team, at that time. He decided that it would be next to impossible to convince the best athletes in the Free Republics to put their egos aside for the good of the team. So, he did the next best thing and assembled a team of fringe players and a few stars who fell through the cracks, mostly for off-the-pitch issues. Most prominent among them is Kyle Bolton, once considered one of the most promising soccer prospects in the Free Republics. However, Bolton was expelled from high school and unable to find another school willing to take him in. Rule Theriault signed him up and ended up with a star striker.

The other 2 pieces of the Republican striking trio have stories of their own. Faredin Pozenel was a son of immigrants from the Republican colony of Irad who was overlooked by scouts, in large part because of his background as an immigrant. However, Massimiliano Abdullahi, himself a grandson of immigrants, recognized Pozenel's talent and brought him onto the National Team. Koby Theodore was extremely young and his dedication to the sport was questioned as an amateur, but Theriault saw something in him, took a chance and Kyle Bolton took the young striker under his wing, molding him into a star.

While there are plenty of talented teams in the World Cup, few (if any) can match the team chemistry of the Republican National Team. Theriault has produced a united team and convinced them that they are constantly backed into a corner with the entire multiverse against them. The core of the team has been the same since World Cup 65 and yet they are still a relatively young team, with no players over the age of 25.

When playing away, the Republican National Team will be accompanied by a military escort, for security, and the Republican Navy and Air Force will position some troops near the nation where they are playing. This is done so that the Republican military may invade any nation that attempts to harm Republican players. After the events that took place in World Cup 67 qualifying, Rule Theriault has decided to ensure that it will never happen again. An addition in the prior World Cup cycle was the Cheerleading Squad, comprised of 68 cheerleaders (in honor of World Cup 68), which accompanies the Republican National Team to all matches. After each of the first 68 goals scored by the Republican National Team in a World Cup cycle, the respectively numbered cheerleader will celebrate with the goalscorer. The celebrations, however, became substantially less risque, as did their outfits, after the Republican government fell into the hands of the Sanctii-backed Holy Party. Every single Republican player, coach, cheerleader and security escort will travel armed, for the sake of security. Expect any attempt to interfere with the entry of any member of the Republican National Team delegation, their right to keep and bear arms or their performance of their duties to be met with an immediate attack from the Republican military, although the military presence surrounding the team has reduced slightly since the change in regime.

Cheerleading Squad (age in parentheses)

#1 - Almina Ekmecic (20)
#2 - Wagner Zsuska (19)
#3 - Davorka Marjanovic (21)
#4 - Fabiana Bianchi (18)
#5 - Elizabeth Imler (21)
#6 - Ermengardi Dupere (19)
#7 - Patricia Cobb (18)
#8 - Nediljka Baric (18)
#9 - Alena Veselska (18)
#10 - Mikiko Miyakawa (17)
#11 - Hollie Taylor (21)
#12 - Kiyoko Aizawa (21)
#13 - Matilda McLean (19)
#14 - Cerise Favreau (22)
#15 - Malwina Dudek (19)
#16 - Ruby Ngabidj (20)
#17 - Louise Mathiesen (18)
#18 - Oona Hakala (21)
#19 - Sakinat Dratchev (17)
#20 - Zargan Khadzhiev (22)
#21 - Chovka Vedzizhev (22)
#22 - Madison Flegg (18)
#23 - Ragnheidur Joakimsdottir (19)
#24 - Belle Majory (19)
#25 - Kurutz Greta (18)
#26 - Janna Collins (17)
#27 - Sabine Avdeeva (21)
#28 - Kaija Heikela (18)
#29 - Rosa Collins (22)
#30 - Paninnguaq Pedersen (20)
#31 - Mevlide Dihpol (21)
#32 - Lima Mishina (21)
#33 - Angela Webber (21)
#34 - Rewjeana Newra (21)
#35 - Karina Saito (19)
#36 - Ane Knudsen (21)
#37 - Elvira Biryukova (21)
#38 - Sonja Aavikko (20)
#39 - Rice Frolova (18)
#40 - Inger Sandgreen (18)
#41 - Fatima Agee (18)
#42 - Hanne Petrussen (22)
#43 - Bianca Maurice (19)
#44 - Nanna Lund (22)
#45 - Speranza Calabrese (17)
#46 - Santana Hajna (20)
#47 - Agate Plante (22)
#48 - Irina Shcherbakova (22)
#49 - Yasmin Franklin (22)
#50 - Farrah Moore (22)
#51 - Maruko Kan (22)
#52 - Oddlin Algroy (17)
#53 -Dorota Pawlak (22)
#54 - Bewsh Thana (22)
#55 - Aracelia Chacon (17)
#56 - Jenna Heikkila (18)
#57 - Mette Josefsen (19)
#58 - Lydie Skage (19)
#59 - Birthe Lovstrom (21)
#60 - Clarabella Leyva (17)
#61 - Marlene Norheim (17)
#62 - Florine Vogt (20)
#63 - Donna Romriell (19)
#64 - Lucie Nguyen (22)
#65 - Colomba Bergamaschi (21)
#66 - Hansine Kristiansen (18)
#67 - Louise Josefsen (22)
#68 - Isabel Fox (21)

Past Records

All-Time WCC Record: 34-13-24
Baptism of Fire 52: 2-2-1 (8 points, 17th of 58 in Casaran stage)
World Cup 65 Qualifying: 7-3-8 (24 points, 6th of 10 in Group 20)
Cup of Harmony 57: 2-0-2 (6 points, 3rd of 5 in Group A)
World Cup 66 Qualifying: 5-2-3 (17 points, 3rd of 6 in Group 29)
Cup of Harmony 58 2-1-1 (7 points, 2nd of 5 in Group E), Lost to The Licentian Isles in Ro16
World Cup 67 Qualifying: 10-3-3 (33 points, 2nd of 9 in Group 17), Lost to New Sideburn in the Playoffs (2-4 aggregate)
Cup of Harmony 59: 1-0-1 (3 points, 2nd of 3 in Group C), Defeated The Royal Kingdom of Quebec in Ro16, lost to West Angola in penalties in Quarterfinals
World Cup 68 Qualifying: Qualified Automatically (as host)
World Cup 68: 1-2-0 (5 points, 2nd in Group E), Defeated Felix in Ro16, Mytannion in QF, Polar Islandstates in Semis, lost to Vilita in World Cup Final
World Cup 69 Qualifying : 11-0-3 (33 points, 1st in Group 7), defeated Furellum in the Playoffs (2-0 aggregate)
World Cup 69: 1-2-0 (5 points, 2nd in Group E), Defeated Felix in Ro16, lost to Legalese in QF

Penalty Kick Order of Preference

Remove players from this list that aren't playing at the start of the shootout.

O. Lucchesi
M. Lucchesi

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y (no arrests, attacks on any member of my delegation or barring them from your country without prior approval by TG)
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Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
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Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: +1.75
Home Stadium: Kingsgarden - recently refurbished, a 58,000 all-seater in the capital of Rozelle.
Kit Supplier: Kirola
Nickname: the Patriots

The Patriots have continued to do reasonably well, making massive strides under Catherine Bardsley. A young, fast, direct team is starting to click, as the emergence of the A-League as a strong international force has paid dividends. Before, Brenecian sides often resembled something of a patchwork, but for once Brenecia have depth in every position coming through. It would be an overstatement to say that Brenecia expect to qualify... but the playoffs are definitely thought to be on the cards.

Overall Record
55 wins - 34 draws - 47 losses
203 scored - 193 conceded

First Team
Most RPs will contain the lineup for the next game, but this is the strongest lineup the Patriots can field.

Under Catherine Bardsley, the Brenecian national team will play aggressively for the first time in modern history. Assembling in a 4-3-3, Brenecia will rely on a fast, direct game, aiming to pump the ball forward, preferably on the wings. Meanwhile, the three central midfielders will assert themselves on the game - Breton (Armstrong) a largely defensive player, the other two more free of movement and to create play. A very quick, athletic side, Brenecia will hope to catch defences off-guard through the pace of Scherzer or Bryson up front. With regards to skill, Brenecia are somewhat a patchwork as far as depth is concerned, but they have a solid first-team despite lacking any real star players.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Camden takes penalties and most free-kicks, Camden or a fullback takes corners
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match.

Catherine BARDSLEY - 42

A lover of Brenecian domestic football, Bardsley's work with Kingsgrove of the A-League ended up changing the entire league's culture, shifting it in favour of direct attacking play, and of harnessing the ability of local youth. She's enjoyed success using much the same methods for the national team, and doesn't plan to stop there. Has chosen a lot of A-League players, discarded a few from the Premiership, and performed a clinical pruning of the backroom staff - starting with Vance Sterling, long-serving and long-suffering assistant manager.

Conrad KEANE - 38
Assistant Manager

A clever, canny man who enjoyed a career largely in the B-League, before becoming a player/interim manager and being quite successful. Later became scout, then head scout for Kingsgrove - but evidently managing is still high in his thoughts, and when Bardsley called him up he leapt at the chance.
1 - Jayce PENCE - 29 - Kingsgrove
34 caps, 8 clean sheets
Lean, whippetty woman with long brunette braids crowning a sharp face.
Summary A quick reflex stopper, fresh off her first season back in Brenecia, Pence might be somewhat erratic and prone to errors, but by the same token she can single-handedly keep the Patriots in a match on her day. Either way - there are alternatives, when needed, and while Brenecia might not have any great goalkeepers, Pence can do the job.

12 - Paul ASHPIKE - 27 - Honneur (ZEN)
1 cap, 1 clean sheet
Tall, athletic man with chestnut hair and a rather severe face.
Summary An energetic sweeper who excels at most things you could ask from a goalkeeper - aside from outright shot-stopping, at which he's competent and reliable. His form has been fantastic in Zenic - a step down in terms of rank, but worthwhile in Ashpike's mind to taste UICA football. He was backup before and after he moved, so it hasn't made too massive a difference.

20 - Sara FAIRHALL - 29 - North Hall
A tall, strongly-built blonde.
Summary With Carrick internationally retired, having seemingly purged his demons with his performances in the Cup of Harmony, the beacon passes to Fairhall, a good shot-stopper known for her consistency. Also a great communicator with her defence - she's a part-time folk singer, and knows how to speak from the diaphragm. Her voice often carries clearly onto video broadcasts of a match.

30 - Catherine RALSTON - 26 - Marque
Lean, rough-looking ginger. Always wears short sleeves.
Summary A quick-witted, quick-moving goalkeeper, always good on her feet and knowing the time and place to reposition herself for a save. Can sometimes overthink the situation and leave herself open, but broadly speaking a good goalkeeper, just... not perfect.
2 - Fiona BERENGER - 24 - Crisisbless (NPH)
18 caps, 2 goals
A lanky, long-legged blonde. Small snake tattoo around her left wrist.
Summary An aggressive, attack-minded, nippy little fullback, used to providing width in a narrow Crisisbless side, and ideally suited to overlapping a side like this. Something of a two-trick pony with her pace and crossing, and can occasionally be suspect in defence, but adds a lot of dimension to this team.

3 - Miriam PORTADOWN - 26 - Kingsgrove
22 caps, 3 goals
Small, mousy, dark-haired woman with bright green eyes.
Summary Blazing pace, tireless stamina and great vision make up for fairly average technique - and Portadown can at least cross fairly well. She's been a revelation for Raven River in the Premiership, moving up from obscurity back home - and ironically that paved the way for a move back to the A-League, and Kingsgrove, no longer such a step down in league terms as it once was and certainly a step up in clubs.

5 - Seth GREIG - 32 - Crisisbless (NPH)
46 caps, 2 goals
Tough, muscular blond, with a sharp face.
Summary A defensive bulwark for club and country, Greig and Faulkner together is looking like Brenecia's toughest defensive partnership in its history. A spiteful, efficient centreback who makes for a tight, vicious marker.

6 - Orson FAULKNER - 26 - AC Izotz Zubia (AUD)
Centre-back, right-back
2 caps, 0 goals
Weathered-looking auburn man with rough-hewn features.
Summary A heroic performer for Zozi in the LigAnaia, Faulkner's equally comfortable at centre- and rightback (and is backup to Berenger) and could probably do a job on the left, or in defensive midfield. A daring defender who likes to step up into the midfield and play the ball, but also very capable at just sticking tight to his mark and keeping them out of the game. Probably the best defender on the team.

18 - Emma KELLY - 26 - Goodfeather FC (NPH)
Centre-back, right-back
15 caps, 0 goals
A tough, athletic brunette with a prominent nose.
Summary A wiry, agile centreback - not perhaps one with the typical attributes of a defender, liking to take possession and run forward, but one with undoubted skills. Perhaps not the most hard or reliable defender, but not exactly a weak-point. Another okay backup rightback, but Milligan's the better option.

19 - Constantine BOWYER - 27 - Sabrefell Athletic (NPH)
23 caps, 0 goals
Tough, strong man with a sleeve tattoo, stubble and wavy auburn hair.
Summary A fairly well-balanced fullback, Bowyer's a very strong, muscular player capable of dominating generally smaller, weaker wingers. He also offers the team another threat by way of his long throws - something more suited to Slatesaver's era and Bowyer's former club, Cranequin Wanderers, but still a useful Plan B for his current club and country.

22 - Ash KILCANE - 25 - Fontvielle FC (YTT)
2 caps, 0 goals
Tall, strong and lean, with braided auburn hair.
Summary A devilishly fast player, Kilcane's no brute, but she can more than hold her own. A player most at home hanging tightly to her mark, harrying and lashing out at them over the course of the match, and rarely caught out of position - though her single-mindedness can occasionally count against her.

24 - Rook MILLIGAN - 28 - Rozelle
Stocky, with slicked-back brown hair.
Summary Milligan's not exactly blessed with talent, but he's a hard-running, hard-fighting rightback who'll give you ninety minutes of constant threat and solid defence. Well-rounded, with his physicality and work rate generally placing him at the right place at the right time.

25 - Merry CHILTON - 25 - Lotus Park
2 caps, 0 goals
Lanky platinum blonde with a sharp face.
Summary One of those players whose genuine football intelligence is truly world-class, despite their lack of genuine physical gifts. The lanky Chilton's got an uncanny eye for being in the right place at the right time, and is unlikely to let the side down with an error - that said, she's still developing her game, and is probably fourth-choice by a margin.

26 - Rhea LOCKHART - 27 - Real Santa Maria (FLX)
11 caps, 0 goals
A strong, heavily tattooed redhead.
Summary One of the many players to make a breakthrough under Bardsley, Lockhart is a good, though fairly conservative left-back. A good crosser, and capable of threatening with those crosses, but just as comfortable shutting down the opponent on her wing. Scored precisely one goal in her A-League career, which lasted right up until the last year - strong performances for her country proved the catalyst for interest abroad. That said, the resurgences of the A-League broadly and Constantine Bowyer specifically have probably both served to peg her back in the lineup.
4 - Augustine BRETON - 27 - Brinemouth (NPH)
Holding Midfielder
29 caps, 0 goals
A lean, tough-looking brunet with a generally severe expression.
Summary A strong holding player who also adds a lot to the attack with his accurate, quick forward passing. Breton's not the quickest of players, nor the most physical, but he's an intelligent, technical midfielder who quietly adds that extra dimension to a team.

8 - Morgan UNDERWOOD - 27 - Vermillion Rage (NPH)
22 caps, 2 goals
Central Midfielder
A strong and muscular auburn.
Summary A strong, strapping young man with a gift for long passes. Athletic and overpowering in midfield, and the sort of player whose drive and commitment are what mark him out. The first to start running and the last to stop. Technically, nothing special, but has the ability to assert himself box-to-box that this midfield otherwise lacks.

10 - Erin CAMDEN (c) - 28 - Parrhesia United (NPH)
Central Midfielder
49 caps, 11 goals
A lean, wiry brunette with a small face and frame.
Summary Now captain both of club and country, Erin Camden's another player who might not be the most physical, but she's quick enough and she makes the ball do most of the work regardless. A set piece specialist and always a threat from distance, Camden's perfectly suited to this side, and gives it a great central dimension. No liability defensively, either.

15 - Catherine PURRINGTON - 23 - Wye United (APX)
Central Midfielder
3 caps, 1 goal
A short, rather stocky, unathletic woman with a short mop of dark brown hair.
Summary Purrington may be several things - short, chunky, reluctant to track back, a poor marker, solely left-footed - but damn if it's not a hell of a foot. Brenecia's most-skilled player technically, playing with all the individual flamboyance of an arrogant pub footballer, Purrington strides past defenders with an easy grace and generally the ball goes where she wants it to go.

17 - Rowena STAMPER - 28 - Kingsgrove
Central Midfielder
1 cap, 0 goals
Sharp-faced with chestnut, shoulder-length hair and an average frame.
Summary A real tournament player who always steps up in the big occasions - a goal and assist in the CEdC final the most prominent example. Generally playing further forward than any midfielder in a 4-3-3, Stamper will be given plenty of licence to move forward and start plays.

21 - Kurtis ARMSTRONG - 28 - Foxchester Raiders (STB)
Defensive Midfielder
10 caps, 0 goals
A tall, lean blond, fairly tanned.
Summary A true midfield enforcer, Armstrong's pace, stamina and strength make him a perfect harrier to put a bit of stick about in the midfield. The Falkner-born midfielder's also a loyal, brave sort, who tends to be a source of calm and strength in the dressing room in times of duress - were he part of the first-team, he'd be a clear candidate for captaincy.

23 - Cheney KELLER - 27 - Violence Chariots (NPH)
Central Midfielder
15 caps, 1 goal
A rough, well-tanned brunet, all lean muscle.
Summary A thoroughly professional player, and a versatile central midfielder who might not be outstanding in any one aspect but has the skillset for any role the situation demands. In other words, Keller's the sort of reliable, quietly-efficient squad player one usually only finds in club sides - but the utility's welcome to the Patriots.

27 - Lyn CROWLEY - 25 - Kingsgrove
Defensive Midfielder
1 cap, 0 goals
A 5'6", lean and laid-back brunette.
Summary An important player for Kingsgrove, who's spent enough time covering for a 38-year old Lucia Oakwood to have shown the world she has all the pace and stamina a defensive midfielder could need, and then some. Also a great passer of the ball, though her accuracy to go long is sometimes less than her ambition requires.
7 - Isadora CULLEN - 24 - Barbury Town (APX)
Right Winger
12 caps, 3 goals
Pale brunette with a sharp, ferretty face.
Summary A flamboyant, quick-footed winger, Cullen's had to make a tough transition - from star of Kingsgrove and darling of the A-League to squad-player status at hard-hitting Barbury. Never one to shirk her duties, Cullen's taken to her new status with her best shot, and looks set to take up a starting role for her country.

9 - Cheney SCHERZER - 26 - Wye United (APX)
28 caps, 16 goals
Slick dark brown hair with an angular face and a prominent nose. Pin-up material.
Summary Scherzer's national form is nothing short of spectacular. The pacy centreforward has a perfect set of attributes - speed, control, finishing and stamina - to get on the end of every chance a direct pair of wingers can set for his runs. There's others who create more, or do more, but Scherzer's the crucial key to making certain all their good work comes to goals.

11 - Miriam SPITFIRE (vc) - 32 - FC Brimstone (APX)
Left Winger
105 caps, 19 goals
Weather-beaten blonde. Lean and sinewy.
Summary One of the few remaining veterans of the BoF team, Spitfire's main asset is her vicious left boot - she prides herself on an ability to beat goalkeepers at their near post, as well as a natural aptitude for crossing. Not exactly a one-trick pony, but not known for her versatility; that said, can fill in at centre-forward when needed.

13 - Matt KILGALLON - 27 - Foxchester Raiders (STB)
Right Winger
Tall, tough, sinewy sandy blond.
Summary A workmanlike, muscular winger, very much in the Nepharim mold. Never actually played in Nephara, but did play that role for a rough Saint Alexander before making the step up to the LigAnaia. A physical, energetic presence, but with the technique to support it.

14 - Tanith BRYSON - 29 - Chatswood (NPH)
25 caps, 8 goals
Lean greyhound of a striker, with shoulder-length brown braids.
Summary A quick, cunning striker, Bryson's been back in the ascendancy after two outstanding seasons for Chatswood. Loves to bait defenders with her control, and boasts a fair yard of pace. Sometimes lacks that little bit of composure, but she's certain to create no shortage of chances with this well-suited Brenecian side.

16 - Larissa CONNOLLY - 25 - Falkner United
Left Winger
2 caps, 1 goal
5'5", compact and muscular, with a dark brown ponytail.
Summary Connolly's an incisive winger who grew tired of being a journeyman in Nephara and returned to her homeland - she's thrived wherever she's played, however, and has proven a remarkably prolific goalscorer. Two-footed but with a marked preference for playing on the left, Connolly looks the most likely successor to Miriam Spitfire.

28 - Daniel SNOWDEN - 31 - Sabrefell Moths (NPH)
Right Winger
42 caps, 10 goals
Lanky, pale blond with a vaguely avian look about his face.
Summary An energetic, pacy winger, Snowden seemed a little raw earlier in his career but is currently a far more developed player. Creates more chances than he converts, but he has an eye for putting crosses in at the far post for a lurking striker. All that's missing is the defensive ability to match his attacking flair, and even that's not for lack of trying. Pegged down to third-choice with a sense he's done his part for Brenecia, but he's a genuine crowd favourite, loved by the Patriots fans, and they wouldn't be too sad if he snuck back into the lineup.

29 - Malta KEOHANE - 26 - Rozelle
Tall and lean, with close-cropped sandy hair.
Summary A late bolter into the squad given her A-League form, Keohane makes it three for three as far as pace merchant centreforwards are concerned - evidently Bardsley was unconvinced by Cheney Belconnen's big lad up top performances, and has sided decisively with Scherzer's style of play. A tendency to take somewhat heavy touches, but physically and mentally she's impeccable.

1 - Jayce Pence (Kingsgrove)
12 - Paul Ashpike (Honneur, ZEN)
20 - Sara Fairhall (North Hall)
30 - Catherine Ralston (Marque)

2 - Fiona Berenger (Crisisbless, NPH)
3 - Miriam Portadown (Kingsgrove)
5 - Seth Greig (Crisisbless, NPH)
6 - Orson Faulkner (AC Izotz Zubia, AUD)
18 - Emma Kelly (Goodfeather FC, NPH)
19 - Constantine Bowyer (Sabrefell Athletic, NPH)
22 - Ash Kilcane (Fontvielle FC, YTT)
24 - Rook Milligan (Rozelle)
25 - Merry Chilton (Lotus Park)
26 - Rhea Lockhart (Real Santa Maria, FLX)

4 - Augustine Breton (Brinemouth, NPH)
8 - Morgan Underwood (Vermillion Rage, NPH)
10 - Erin Camden (Parrhesia United, NPH, c)
15 - Catherine Purrington (Wye United, APX)
17 - Rowena Stamper (Kingsgrove)
21 - Kurtis Armstrong (Foxchester Raiders, STB)
23 - Cheney Keller (Violence Chariots, NPH)
27 - Lyn Crowley (Kingsgrove)

7 - Isadora Cullen (Barbury Town, APX)
9 - Cheney Scherzer (Wye United, APX)
11 - Miriam Spitfire (FC Brimstone, APX, vc)
13 - Matt Kilgallon (Foxchester Raiders, STB)
14 - Tanith Bryson (Chatswood, NPH)
16 - Larissa Connolly (Falkner United)
28 - Daniel Snowden (Sabrefell Moths, NPH)
29 - Malta Keohane (Rozelle)
Puppet of Nephara.

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Postby Sandwich Territories » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:48 pm

The Official Sandwich Territories World Cup 70 Squad

Official Nickname: The Royals
Formation: 3-4-3
Playing Style: +1

NOTES: All home games are played at Parc na Saiorse in Port Trádáil.


Courtesy of BNW Varin (The Kytler Peninsulae)



Courtesy of Kirola Sports (Audioslavia)


Manager: Laurance Blaise (70)
Head Coach: Amadej Lama (41)
Assistant Head Coaches: Anton Ohme (53), Wenzel Pierce (45)

Position: Name-Number (Age)
*Denotes starter

*GK: Elian MacIntyre - #1 (27) [Olympique Davos]
GK: Knut Ré - #12 (28) [Worcester City]
GK: Vikrama Karimi - #23 (35) [Florence Park]

*CB: Diarmuid Capello - #2 (18) [Belmont Wanderers]
*CB: Seung Riese - #3 (36) [Florence Park]
CB: Zdravko Van Haanrade - #13 (30) [Dynamo Galaktik]
CB: Arsène Santana - #14 (36) [Mercer United]
*SW: Brennus Guarneri - #4 (35) CAPTAIN [Amherst United]
SW: Émilien Van Canne - #15 (33) [Dynamo Galaktik]

*RM: Brady Slezak - #5 (39) [Florence Park]
RM: Lachlan Varley - #16 (25) [New Waterford United]
*CM: Abraham Wegener - #6 (25) [FK/SC Swansea]
*CM: Adam Sergeant - #7 (22) [Winnipeg United - Royal Kingdom of Quebec]
CM: Tristan De Klerk - #17 (28) [Olympique Davos]
CM: Edward Sauvage - #18 (27) [Port Tradail Rangers]
*LM: Reggie Mateus - #8 (25) [AFC Northampton]
LM: Lucas De Santiago - #19 (25) [Union Palace FC]

*RW: Barukh Kjeldsen - #9 (20) [Iqualit Red Army - Royal Kingdom of Quebec}
RW: Tim Hermann - #20 (35) [Champlain Rovers]
*ST: Alexander Wolff - #10 (38) [Westminster Athletic]
ST: Derry Wilbur - #21 (25) [Olympique Davos]
*LW: Finnán Pavia -#11 (26) VICE-CAPTAIN [Port Tradail Rangers]
LW: Flamur Eason - #22 (37) [Amherst United]

Left Corners: Reggie Mateus
Right Corners: Abraham Wegener
Penalty Taker: Barukh Kjeldsen
Direct FK: Finnán Pavia
Indirect FK: Abraham Wegener

My opponent may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (Limit it though, please)
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y (No deaths however)
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Saintland National Soccer Team


KPB Ranking: 36th (20.76)
Formation: 3-2-2-3
Style Modifier: +5
Captain: Prince Andreas
Tactical Consultant: Petrus Fadius
Colors: Red and White
Demonym: Sanctii
Stadium: Royal Stadium
Stadium Location: St. Petrus
Stadium Capacity: 62,383
Factbook (contains all the results and stats)



Starting Lineup

GK: #1 Alessandro Seius
RB: #2 Ioannes Poenius
CB: #3 Lucas Aufidius
LB: #6 Nicolaus Poenius
RCM: #7 Silvester Flaccus
LCM: #9 Paulus Flaccus
RCAM: #10 Prince Andreas
LCAM: #16 Josephus Flaccus
ST: #25 Philippus Vagionius
ST: #11 Stephanus Vagionius
ST: #99 Herakles Karoki


GK: #12 Antonius Avidius
GK: #22 Lucius Duronius
DEF: #13 Petrus Jucundius
DEF: #4 Matthaeus Belaeus
DEF: #5 Georgius Catiotus
DEF: #19 Paulus Plinius
DEF: #14 Marcus Jucundius
MID: #8 Petrus Mamilius
MID: #43 Petrus Barrius
MID: #34 Isaacus Barrius
MID: #15 Andreas Inventius
ST: #17 Paulus Gabinius
ST: #18 Ioannes Gratus

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)



Saintland has a very rough style of play and very few fouls in our national league, so don't hesitate to card Sanctii players, especially if Saintland loses. In the Sanctii version of the 4-2-1-3 formation, the outside backs also function as outside midfielders. Prince Andreas is the twin brother of Prince Josephus, the goalie and captain for the Saintland ice & field hockey team and younger brother of King Petrus XX, quarterback and captain for Saintland's gridiron team (and also the new King of Saintland). He is the team captain and also functions as the team's playmaker. Ioannes and Nicolaus Poenius are brothers, as are Silvester, Paulus and Josephus Flaccus, Stephanus and Philippus Vagionius, Petrus and Isaacus Barrius and Petrus and Marcus Jucundius. Andreas Inventius is the brother of Pius Inventius, Saintland's flagbearer at the VIII Winter Olympics. Inventius is a defensive-minded midfielder. Georgius Catiotus is married to Martha Catiotus (maiden name: Pudentilla), the figure skater from Saintland, who won the gold medal at the VIII Winter Olympics. Both Mr. and Mrs. Catiotus competed at the IX Winter Olympics, against the wishes of Prince Andreas, so Georgius Catiotus has been benched for World Cup 68. Stephanus Vagionius is not an especially fast player, but he is very tall and he is an exceptional finisher. Philippus Vagionius is faster than his brother and just as good at finishing. Herakles Karoki, an Acedonian national who was granted Sanctii citizenship prior to World Cup 66, is the star striker and an all-around dominant player. Karoki led the Saintland-Acedonia Unified Team to an Olympic gold medal at the Games of the VIII Olympiad, with a dominant performance and then led the Sanctii National Team to a successful World Cup 66 qualifying campaign. The Poenius brothers both have world-class speed. When Saintland attacks, typically Prince Andreas has possession of the ball and the Vagionius brothers, the center midfielders and the outside backs all try to get open inside the box, but 1 or 2 of them will usually be left back to defend (never Stephanus Vagionius), except when the situation calls for an aggressive attack. Prince Andreas takes free kicks, corners and throw-ins. Karoki will handle penalties. When I have started RPing a match report, I will update my factbook to reflect what happened in the match. I will likely be saving full match report RPs for special occasions from now on.

Saintland boycotted World Cup 67 qualifying, ostensibly over "corruption" in the WCC, but actually because they had no desire to go to either Cassadaigua or the Equestrian States. After Feministvs Sanctvsterra, impersonating this team, earned a Cup of Harmony berth, they decided to end their one-nation boycott and take the spot that had been earned on their behalf. They eventually reached the Round of 16 before being eliminated by Ko-oren.

After the ascension to the Throne of King Petrus XX, he reached out to Josephus Flaccus. Flaccus had defected Saintland following World Cup 65 qualifying and became a star in New Sideburn's domestic league. King Petrus XX worked out a deal for him to return to the Saintland National Team. This led to Saintland's most successful World Cup ever in the 68th edition, which concluded with a Round of 16 defeat to Polar Islandstates. That was followed up with a Round of 16 exit from their first Copa Rushmori, at the hands of Taeshan.

Saintland dominated in Qualifying for World Cup 69, but were stunned by Antoletia in the group stage, suffering an early exit. They came into their second Copa Rushmori as the 4th highest ranked Rushmori nation in the current KPB rankings and made it all the way to the finals before faltering against Polar Islandstates. After an ill-fated host bid for all 3 WCC events during this cycle, King Petrus XX has given his brother Andreas an ultimatum - Win World Cup 70 or be stripped of his captaincy!

Penalty Kick Order of Preference

Remove players from this list that aren't playing at the start of the shootout.

P. Vagionius
S. Vagionius
J. Flaccus
I. Poenius
S. Flaccus
P. Flaccus
N. Poenius
P. Barrius
I. Barrius
M. Jucundius
P. Jucundius
G. Catiotus
L. Aufidius
M. Belaeus

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y (except Prince Andreas)
Give injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
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Official Name: Regnvm Sanctvsterra
Official Name in English: Kingdom of Saintland
Monarch: King Paulus XVI
Demonym: Sanctii
Trigram: SNT

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San José Guayabal (SJG) National Team


This roster and detailed information of our nation is brought to you by Federación Guayabalense de Fútbol "Football for everyone", Guaycume Food Industries "Food for Winners" and Banco Nacional de SJG "Your money in good hands".


Kits provided by Kirola Sportswear (Audioslavia), the best.



About SJG National Team

The disaster has finished, after being the favorites to qualify for the WC in his group, a last MD nghtmare sent them to fight for the other side of the glory in the Cup of Harmony, despite getting a perfect nine points group stage, the team was knocked off by Brenecia in the Round of 16 in Penalty Kicks after a suffered 2-2 tie for 120 minutes but a rather good participation in the Campionato Esportiva when they achieved the Round of 24 and were knocked off by the team who finished as third.

The time for WC arrived and this edition has a special ingredient, San José Guayabal will co-host it together with Equestrian States, adding more pressure than expected to the National Team, the automatic qualification to the finals gave a good oportunity to the team who was picked out earlier than expected in order to get more preparation seeking for victory at home in the finals. Everything is served and our guys have the best chance to show his quality to the world in their nation, a lifetime opportunity that they won't like to "throw it to the trash can".

Summary of SJG important records

First Game: San José Guayabal 2-1 Tatras (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°1)
First Victory: San José Guayabal 2-1 Tatras (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°1)
First Draw: San José Guayabal 0–0 Myeeria (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°3)
First Defeat: San José Guayabal 0-2 The Crystal Empire (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°2)
Greatest Game: San José Guayabal 3-2 The Archregimancy (World Cup 68 - Second Leg of Playoffs); San José Guayabal 2-0 Cassadaigua (World Cup 68 - Group Stage, MD N°1)
Worst Game: San José Guayabal 2-6 Eura (World Cup 68 Qualifiers, MD N°10) - San José Guayabal 1-2 The Sarian (World Cup 69 Qualifiers, MD N°14)
Biggest Win: San José Guayabal 6-0 New South Aqmuland (World Cup 69 Qualifiers, MD N°5)
Biggest Loss: San José Guayabal 2-6 Eura (World Cup 68 Qualifiers, MD N°10)
Biggest Scoring Game: San José Guayabal 4-7 Legalese (Eagles' Cup, MD N°5)
Boogey Team: Darmen (7 Games, 5 Defeats, 1 Tie and 1 Victory)

All-time record: 69-21-49 (After CoH 61)


Tactical system: The Geometrical (3-1-3-3)

Starting XI
GK: #1 Henry Hernández (25 years) AC Tallin (VLD)
DF: #3 James Moreira (19 years) Nhorton vo Mirrun (PDT)
DF: #4 Mattías Passarelli (25 years) Delare Minon (YTT)
DF: #5 Meyson Salume (18 years) East Franz Athletic (PIS)
MF: #10 Rudy Valencia (23 years) Oakstone (EUR)
MF: #2 Sebastián Núñez (20 years) SK Nasjonale Hauker (PIS)
MF: #16 Leónidas Bregoo (20 years) FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls (PIS)
MF: #9 Árbol Saucedo (21 years) Wye United (APX)
FW: #22 Sean Fraser (25 years) FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS)
FW: #11 Rodolfo Zelaya (25 years) Northbrook Diamonds (PIS)
FW: #7 Jonathan Faña (27 years) Oljestaden IF (AUD)

GK: #12 Ruslan Molodetsov (21 years) Sunrice Saint-Raptors (NSI)
GK: #20 Abraham Terrazas (17 years) Izotz Zubia (AUD)
GK: #14 Javier Quintanilla (18 years) FC Polaris (CEN)
GK: #38 James MacLean (20 years) Colanso City (JEC)
DF: #5 Daniel Côçô (20 years) SK Nasjonale Hauker (PIS)
DF: #8 Martín Mô (21 years) Crystal Mertagne (TCU)
DF: #13 Édgar Dârgâneý (20 years) Atlético Nacional (SJG)
DF: #24 Herbert Sosa (23 years) Alianza FC (SJG)
DF: #15 Alan Álej (20 years) Licentian Isles AFC (SJG)
DF: #25 Marcial Pâlazýüs (21 years) AD Isidro Metapán (SJG)
MF: #28 Jairo Henríquez (22 years) Whilliumborough Swagger (PDT)
MF: #26 Jairo Araujo (24 years) Djnamo Sabrjk (PDT)
MF: #30 Antonio Rosado (20 years) Magnaeus City (TCU)
MF: #29 Oliver Ábrego (19 years) 1830 Cathair (AUD)
MF: #31 Bruno Camiletti (22 years) Santa Tecla FC (SJG)
MF: #41 Marcos Haedo (18 years) Tannenberg FC (VLD)
FW: #36 Gonzalo Mazzia (26 years) CD FAS (SJG)
FW: #34 Nicolás Jarvís (24 years) AD Isidro Metapán
FW: #31 Marcos Ródâs (19 years) Alianza FC (SJG)
FW: #40 Dido Apprendidoadido (18 years) Red Star Severny (PIS)
FW: #39 Michael Richtie (24 years) Licentian Isles AFC (SJG)


As we can see here, the roster of SJG features a somewhat-shaped like an hexagon line up where Mathias Paatelainen chosen to use three defenders with some experience like James Moreira and Meyson Salume, both can act as key players if we talk about the realization of transitions to offensive plays meanwhile Passarelli is the team sweeper and also most experienced of the team in terms of playing in the international scene, specifically in UICA tournaments. In the midfield we can see a rhombus shaped position of four players, being Saucedo and Bregoo a kind of fake forwards due to the changing role of the tactical system that can feature five forwards in case of need and Núñez together with Valencia can be sorta defence in case of need. In resume this strategy helps in defence and attacking because it can turn into a 3-2-5 in attacking moments or a 5-2-3 in defending moments, creating a complete system that can help the team to achieve victory at any cost.

Coach Staff

Head coach: Mathias Paatelainen (PIS)
Assistant coach: Emmanuel Inzer (Estope)
Goalkepping coach: Misael Alfaro
Coach: Ernesto Pérez-Aaltonen
Trainer: Oscar Beltranena
Doctor: Carlos Mendieta
Nutritionist: Ruslan Shirokov
Orthopedist: Juancho Pérez
Logistics Manager: Marta Ruiseñor
Doctor Assistant: Miguel Ruiz
Strategy and Analysis: Vyacheslav Chernishov

Captain: Rodolfo Zelaya
Vice-Captain: Matías Passarelli
Penalty kicker: Árbol Saucedo
Right Corner kicker: Rudy Valencia
Left Corner kicker: Meyson Salume
Free Kicks: Rodolfo Zelaya and Árbol Saucedo
Indirect Free Kicks: Sebastián Núñez
Most likely to receive fouls: Rodolfo Zelaya
Most likely to be booked: Leonidas Bregoo and Rudy Valencia
Likely to receive red card: Sebastián Núñez
Counter attacks: Sean Fraser and Rodolfo Zelaya
Likely to score goals: Rodolfo Zelaya and Sean Fraser
Likely to score wonderful goals: Sebastián Núñez and Leonidas Bregoo
Most Likely to be replaced: Meyson Salume

Play style: The game who SJG does, is essentially technical, based on the agility of movement of players, using his intelligence for the game for single passes that are very accurate, they like to accumulate players when attacking or using the surprise factor which is use the speed of the players to perform counterattacks that can hurt any team, taking in consideration that this is a team that thinks in score the goals ASAP instead of defending, something that they do when they face a football powerhouse or a extremely offensive team.

In the defence area, they tend to use more physical to play aggressively without injuring the rivals, except that the defenders are of medium height, stands that are agile in the aerial game, so it is very difficult to beat thereby, expect always a fair game from this team but they are capable to seek scoring the biggest amount of goals as fastest as possible.

Players like try long-distance shots to beat the goalkeeper, but SJG can have more surprises because it is a team that does not give up that easy and also they can try with the set-pieces factor with some weird moves or using the height of some players like Arbol Saucedo and Mattías Passarelli.

The Manager

Mathias Paatelainen 64 Y/O, Nationality: Polarian (Valhallan)

Considered as an "old fox" by many analysts all over the Multiverse, emphasis in Rushmore, this manager has an excellent experience across domestic teams in Polar Islandstates and with a somewhat recognizable as the championship triumph achieved a couple of seasons ago in the Lattitude Cup with Red Star Severny, after leaving his country to face its first challenge in national teams, Paatelainen has achieved a good level with nacinal selection, achieving many successes and also leading her to her first WC Finals in just three years building the national team, but has fallen into a little bump, the coach with an offensive vision game plans to recover the level of the national team and have to rise to the level of Multiverse and avoid the reputation of being a "yoyo" team.

Starting XI Bio

Henry "Spider" Hernández 25 Y/O, Goalkeeper of AC Tallin (VLD)

The player in charge of the last defence bastion on the team, Hernández has demonstrated that he's a very secure goalkeeper during the last three cycles, specially the last one when we reached the WC Finals and he saved our goal from several goal chances from the rival sides, now Hernández wants to allow less goals than the last campaign, with the sole purpose of leading SJG for his second WC appearance.

James Moreira 19 Y/O, Left Defender of Nhorton vo Mirrun (PDT)

Young but experienced, Moreira is the typical player who can receive love or hate, his special location in the roster mades him a key player in terms related to defending, being the sweeper but also being one of the creators of the game, despite falling in nerves sometimes the youngest of their football dynasty family as the Moreiras are, his good leadership and attitude makes him being an excellent player in the team.

Mattías Passarelli 25 Y/O, Central Defender of Delare Minon (YTT)

The oldest of the defenders in the Starting XI and also the one with more experience in the team, Mattías played in the NT since they were an almost amateur-ish side, he played in Alianza FC and achieved three titles, enough to do his move to the Yttribian powerhouse of Delare Minon, when he got another three league tournaments including one solid run in the UICA Globe Cup made him a worship idol for the fans of the team, he doesn't plans to move of the team, because he feels the love of the fans.

Meyson Salume 18 Y/O, Right Defender of East Franz Athletic (PIS)

The reliable Salume is back, after being injured for some matches, the strongest player of the teams is now in action to keep the order in the defence, his role is defend but he does the task of midfielder quite often, his strong point of being tall makes him an ideal player to keep the National Team without many troubles, but his slow speed can make some trouble over there, and can do more due to his motivaion caused due to his arrival to Polarian lands

Rudy Valencia 23 Y/O, Midfielder (Destroyer) of Oakstone (EUR)

The globetrotter of San José Guayabal, a player who did his labour in three nations like Mangolana, and Chiata, now is in Eura to show his quality, Valencia's role is being the destroyer of any attempt of play creation in the midfield, his confidence is a strong point for him but his loose reaction when gets booked it's a trouble for SJG, specially to avoid red cards.

Sebastián Núñez 20 Y/O, Left Midfielder of SK Nasjonale Hauker (PIS)

Probably one of the youngest promises for Guayabalense football in the future, Núñez is one of the interesting players to follow in the team due to his special moves in the midfield, a player who wants to kick the ball from far as possible and pput it inside of the opposite goal, Núñez is more offensive than the average midfielder in terms of moves across the pitch.

Leónidas Bregoo 25 Y/O Midfielder of FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls (PIS)

The Rulandese borned but Guayabalian by nationality Leónidas Bregoo is actually the heart of the midfield with his team mate Rudy Valencia, Brego is essential in the midfield specially at the moment of being offensive or defensive due to his time-pacing function in the field, with good skills as headers, long crossed passes and long distance shots, considering his good height of 195 cms, is a good header in the area, in conclusion he's the heart of the team.

Árbol "Tree" Saucedo 21 Y/O, Right Midfielder of Wye United (APX)

The tallest of the team, say hi to the 202 cms high player of Avenida Leal. Saucedo is without doubt the main weapon of the team in headers and also one of the main defenders, taking advantage of his size Saucedo tends to run fast in counterattacks, with a speed worthy to compete with the best in the Games of the Olympiad.

Sean "Black Panther" Fraser 25 Y/O, Right Striker of Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS)

The top scorer of all the time in the National Team, the useful Sean Fraser is a deadly weapon in the strikers zone, counterattacks, long shots and headers makes him a player who can score in any way possible in any moment, dangerous by his skill and technical game with the dribbling, is a headache for the defenders.

Jonathan "Atomic Flea" Faña 27 Y/O, Left Striker of Oljestaden IF (AUD)

Little in size but relevant in speed, the "Flea" tends to be very technical and does a lot of dribbles, he can't shot so well from large distances but his excellent speed and counterattack skills makes him a rather interesting player to follow, the bad thing is that he's overconfident and can fail goals even in front of the goal, even if the Goalkeeper was beated by his drible. Well he has a bad luck.

Rodolfo "Fito" Zelaya: 25 Y/O Striker of Northbrook Diamonds (PIS)

Considered the SJG's best player good among the groups of football experts and fans all around in the country, the 25 years old player born in Islas Canarias near the Esportivan South Pole is a player that features good skills if we talk on the goal scoring and headers being the most accurate player if we talk of shots to goal, this crack is the one to put the spotlight on and his strong point is definitively the long distance shots taking in consideration his good skills at bending balls.

Specialities: Free kick.

IC Information of San José Guayabal

Demonym: Guayabalense/Guayabalian/Guayabalese
Nickname: Mountaineers, Iceguys, Guavas, Vikings.
Region: Esportiva
Capital: San Salvador
Population: Aprox. 52 mil.(2047 census)
Largest City: San Salvador
Trigramme/TLA: SJG
Motto: “Nemo me impune lacessit"
Languages Spoken: Spanish, Russian, English, Swedish, Guayabalian (Official) Norwegian, Finnish (De facto)
Administrative Regions: 18 Provinces + 5 Overseas Colonies


The Constitutional Monarchy of San José Guayabal, or also known as Guayabal or simply called SJG is a culturally diverse nation, inhabited by at least thirty ethnic minority groups and five other major ethnic groups, forming a bond of brotherhood between each group offering him to the nation a strong reputation of unity and brotherhood even in the most difficult moments. A former colonizers ancestral heritage and a mixture of innovation and creativity have shown positive effects in this vibrant nation located in the southernmost corner of Esportiva. In this guide basic data information that will help the tourist (Regardless of nationality, sex, species, religion, etc.) to have a pleasant stay in San José Guayabal, with phrases and tips that will be much useful.


Originally, San José Guayabal was inhabited by a tribe from the South Pole, which has been called "Eskimos" and which our country still live to this day, beginning more than 2,600 years before Christ. Eskimos settled in small communities on the shores of the south coast of the nation, developing solitarily without contact with most members of his ethnic group or the like. The economy was based on hunting and selling bearskins for the winter season, or the planting and harvesting of grapes or apples during the spring time. The system of government was nonexistent and remained so for a long time, where the Eskimos were the majority before a new ethnic group in the center of the country, which was the group of "Wára-Wára" who ended up being called "Native Guayabalenses.”

Many centuries later, the picture did not change in ethnic background, because the Eskimos maintained a social domain but now much more informed through a central government called "Naalakkersueriaaseq" or simply "Naala", consisting of a governor who tended to meet the role of chief and spiritual guide of the nation. Note that abandoned their nomadic practices and decided to establish around the "Great Lake" now called "Metropolitan Lake", about 230 km from what is now San Salvador, the capital.

We going back to closest date to today, specifically in the 14th century BC, a new ethnic group came from the Northern regions which, specifically from Andarica, we mean the Spaniards who colonized our country with the valorous mission of Explorer Luis Barbosa (Who’s considered as founder of the nation) and transformed it into an important cultural spot for Esportiva then. The discovery of new cities and new cultures was almost unstoppable, the isolated Eskimos decided to merge into a new society, full of opportunities for everybody. And that hasn’t stopped yet, because more groups came to stay in our nation, coming from the north the Finns, Swedes, Russians and Anglo-Saxons, creating a multicultural society in a big nation, who had a strong sense of unity and brotherhood since the early beginning despite the racial differences.

In the last 200 years, San José Guayabal has suffered drastic changes into his history and social system, being caused by political reasons, who led to three civil wars (1989, 2024, 2047) where the main factor was the wish of liberty and prosperity from a diverse but united nation with strong wishes of success in international issues as business, industries and more specially peace and freedom.

Today, San José Guayabal is a nation that is rising from the ruins by leaps and bounds after the most recent and devastating civil war that put a stop to the tyrannical communist regime of then President Miguel Serrano. In an industry dominated by petroleum and energy resources such as shale or subtraction of natural gas in conjunction with a strong and increasingly thriving tourism industry and micro technology based economy (Chips, micro-chips, etc.) are transforming the nation into what people have dreamed of, a country of advanced its breakthrough in the future and seek to overcome adversity to become more powerful and provide a better standard of life for its inhabitants.

Geography, Climate and another natural phenomena

San José Guayabal is a continental nation, located in the continent of Inferiore Minore, Esportiva. Having a great number of surrounding islands, an 85% of The Antartic Territory, doing a great combination of climate geographical features.
The continental area is very irregular, mountainous and extremely volcanic relief, being mountainous in the west, south-central, north-central and eastern containing long plains and steppes in the central area (also called "The Heart") of the nation, The Alpine Belt also called "Cordillera Del Fuego" runs from the border with Estope and Wednesday Evening in the far west to the border with Gregoryisgodistan in the east, forming a branch towards the south coast of the nation. The eruptions are less frequent in recent years, the last eruption was 12 years ago and the possibilities of a new eruption event occur is very minimal. This has generated an abundance of rocky material from the process of cooling of the lava, a very popular material used for gardens, decoration or houses.

Notable exceptions to the mountainous terrain of San José Guayabal are the Central Valley and the Northern Steppe. El Valle is a flat land that does not exceed 600 meters above sea level and extends over much of the Lempa River; the soil is very fertile for growing grain and other agricultural products such as corn, beans, and sugarcane, and also is home of the biggest hydroelectric dams in the entire region of Esportiva.

The North Steppe is the most arid area of the territory, dominated by its large sand dunes, this region has very little rainfall throughout the year and extreme weather in the summer, easily exceeding 42°C at noon and decreasing the 9°C at the night, fauna it’s minimal there except for scorpions and some lizards.

The climate of San Jose Guayabal is generally quite predictable because there are four distinct seasons being these winter (June 21 to September 20), spring (September 21 to December 20), summer (December 21 to March 20) and the autumn (March 21-June 20) while in Rossana (overseas colony) the condition is different because of its location in the northern hemisphere being the winter between December and March, spring between April and June, the summer between July and September while autumn is from October to December. It's very rare to see a non-corresponding to the station in our country climate, with stable climates for each season and very few flaws in the service of climate information in the news and newspapers because the control systems of the climate and the almost obvious weather patterns.

In terms of natural phenomena we can find three, the most catastrophic ones are the earthquakes, a very common event in the nation due to its volcanic activity and its location between two major tectonic plates, the Southern Plate and the Inferiore Plate. This makes our nation quite prone to seismic events place but do not panic. The nation has high construction standards regarding the prevention of seismic events and is mandatory that each building has evacuation plans which are placed in visible to make easier the evacuation besides making evacuation drills at least two times for year. Note that at least 45% of citizens are people trained to provide first aid, this being part of the given requirements to complete the Students’ Social Service, required for the graduation of students in the education system.

We now turn to other less lethal phenomena, as are the aurora australis and the migration of geese, spectacular events that attracts lots of people. The aurora australis is a phenomenon that occurs mainly from March to September, while maintaining an appropriate intensity to be seen until the end of December, usually can be seen throughout the country, including northern areas like El Roblar or Metapán. The migrating of geese occur during September to December, from the Central Valley region they move to the South Pole, then head north of Esportiva. These spectacles often bring many people to be witnessed, because they have an enormous facility to witness each of these phenomena.


Visiting San José Guayabal is not a very complicated process, as the provisions of international travel are applied for each foreign visitor. International flights usually land at three airports, one for each egion of the country, being the El Roblar International Airport designated to the west, Luis Barbosa Airport in Vladivostok for the central region and San Salvador International Airport to the east, the latter being the most important because of its location in the capital.

On transport and within San Jose Guayabal, we can find many alternatives among these is a rental car, join a tour group to use a minibus, taxi, public bus system, the private mass transportation, the underground (Available in cities over 500,000 inhabitants com) the bullets and domestic flights trains provide easy connectivity between one point and another in the nation, but can mention popular media, low cost and short runs as the tuc tuc and the colloquially called "coaster" (small minibus whose route is fast but to some extent uncomfortable due to the high volume of music and the sound of their mufflers). As mentioned, the transport between different parts of the nation is very easy, even people facilitate travel through the "ride" method, something often practiced by people who made a short trip and bear a considerable burden in order to avoid walk with overload.

Transportation is a very fast method SJG if done especially between cities separated by many kilometers because there is no speed limit on highways, although it is recommended to drive at no more than 140 kilometers per hour.

It’s important to say that you should drive defensively in the roads, especially in the interstate highways, due to the very aggressive driving style of Guayabalenses in general, drive always at your right side and carry an extinguisher, reposition tires and use always your seatbelt, failure to do this might cause you high fines with the police, the fines should be paid at the local police department, in any bank or pharmacy under the “EasyPay” system which can be found in almost every town in the nation.

Culture & Society


San José Guayabal is a predominantly religious nation since ancient times, presenting a wide variety of thoughts about divinity.

From the beginning of time to the Eskimos, prevailed a kind of shamanism mixed with pagan rites in honor of the earth, moon and sun, entities of great importance to the Eskimos because of their dependence on agriculture and sun for planting and harvest of food and other goods for storage in the winter, which was worshiped by the moon and snow, who deserved rest and relaxation afforded to the Eskimos that time.

This Eskimo tradition of worshiping natural phenomena remained for more than 2500 years until the arrival of Spanish colonizers, who spread a new faith, Christianity in an easy way and without shedding innocent blood by religion. The Guayabalenses have been very receptive to the religion without falling into religious fundamentalism and fanaticism, this being a meeting point of unity and for society.

The Catholic branch of Christianity was the most professed in San José Guayabal to the arrival of the ethnic groups of Nordic origin like the Swedes and Finns who are predominantly Protestant, their influence on the people was so great that within two decades (1840- 1860) the percentage of Catholics dropped from 86% to 7%, and Protestantism dramatically increased to 89% of the population said to practice religion mainly based on the three pillars that characterizes San José Guayabal populace as a whole: Unity, Brotherhood and Passion.

Today the trend remains solid, the population is even more liberal than before in terms of tolerance creeds, admitting any theological thinking according to the Constitution of the Republic, severely condemning any act of censorship of religious expression or fundamentalism religious. Notably, church attendance has been increasing in the last seven years, bringing together a large part of the population; the missions of the churches typically perform community works across the nation or even international level people who need it most.


Because being a multicultural nation, many languages are found in San Jose Guayabal, 31 to be precise, of which only five are relevant in their social use and only two are used by the government. At least a basic knowledge of Spanish language is more than useful in our nation but not essential, because 68% of the population has declared Spanish as their first language and 85% admit to have sufficient knowledge of the language. There are also four more languages in which the population has knowledge such as English (spoken by 70% of the population, 12% as their mother tongue), Swedish (spoken by 35% of the population, 4% as mother tongue), Russian (spoken by 26% of the population, 7% as their mother tongue) and Finnish (spoken by 17% of the population, 3% as their mother tongue).

The people of San Jose Guayabal are known regionally for the effort they made to learn new languages, speaking on average three to four languages at an appropriate level for communications with different people, according to them this is essential because knowledge is acquired different cultures and helps to relate to more people in The Multiverse.

Below, a table of English phrases translated into Spanish is presented, in order to have a broader contact with the population or in case of an emergency, which can be very helpful during your stay.

 Basic English-Spanish words Guide

Note: Emergency number in San José Guayabal it's the 767
(SOS), the access is free and can be reached in any phone,
be it landline, cellphone, etc.

Nota: El número de emergencias en San José Guayabal es el
767 (SOS) es de acceso gratuito desde cualquier teléfono,
sea fijo, celular, etc.

English Spanish

Hello Hola
How are you? ¿Cómo estás tú?
Fine, and you? Bien, ¿y tú?
What's your name? ¿Cómo te llamas?
My name is... Mi nombre es...
Good morning/day Buenos días
Good afternoon Buenas tardes
Good evening/night Buenas noches
Good bye Adios
Can you show me your migration papers? ¿Podría mostrarme sus documentos de migración?
Yes Si
No No
Please Por favor
Thank you Gracias
Where's the stadium? ¿Dónde está el estadio?
Where's the bus terminal? ¿Donde está la terminal de buses?
I'm feeling sick Me siento enfermo
Help Ayuda
Call the ambulance, please Llame a la ambulancia, por favor
Pain Dolor
Head Cabeza
Stomach Estómago
Arms Brazos
Legs Piernas
Fingers Dedos
Nails Uñas
Headache Dolor de cabeza
Stomach ache Dolor de estómago
Hotel Hotel/Hostal
Room Habitación
Team Equipo
Fan(s) Hincha/Hinchada
Hooligans Barra brava
Seat Asiento
Ticket Boleto
Entrace Entrada
Exit Salida
Water Agua
Food Comida
Thirsty Sediento
Hungry Hambriento
I'm hungry Tengo hambre
I'm thirsty Estoy sediento
Beer Cerveza
Restaurant Restaurante/Comedor
Underground Subterraneo/Metro
Police Policía
Military Police Policía Militar
Ambulance Ambulancia
Paramedics Paramédicos
Church Iglesia
Theatre Teatro
Hospital Hospital
Forest Bosque
Mountain Cerro/Montaña
Peak Pico
Car Carro
Fuel Combustible/Gasolina
Diesel Combustible Diesel
Full Lleno
Cold Helado
Hot Caliente
Humid Humedo
Warm Mojado
Passport Pasaporte
Football Fútbol
Ball Balón
Pitch Campo/Terreno de juego
Goal keeper Portero
Defender Defensa
Mid fielder Mediocampista
Striker Atacante
Yellow card Tarjeta amarilla
Red card Tarjeta roja
Sun Sol
Moon Luna
Day Día
Afternoon Tarde
Evening Noche
Wind Viento
Rain Lluvia
Desert Desierto
Beach Playa
Lake Lago
Lagoon Laguna

Food & Etiquette

Food in San Jose Guayabal is very diverse, varying due to the presence of different ethnic groups that have imported your culinary culture to our nation, varying by region, but yes there are dishes that are distinguished from others if we talk about popularity nationwide.

Eating habits in SJG tends to be foods with moderate calories, being mainly meat and some salads that are normally accompaniment to the main course, where it normally waits for all those who eat at the same table finish their plate, then they start to eat all at the same time the main course, as tradition, a toast is made by anyone at the table. It is considered impolite to leave food residue on dishes and should you be invited to a house to eat or social activities, is always appropriate offer to wash the dishes and glasses where you ate, this being a gesture of good education and thanks to the host (not always the person that is offered is done, is considered as a simple act of appreciation.)

The typical dish par excellence of San José Guayabal are Pupusas, is a food made from mass shaped like circle, stuffed inside with fried beans, cheese, pork rind, squash, blackberry. This is often accompanied by vegetable tanning and ketchup.
Other main courses are: Tray (Composed of roast beef with barbecue, rice, salad, soup and fries), Quesadillas, Coastal Chops (Cutlet, bathed with barbecue and served with shrimp), Croquettes (breaded meat, accompanied with piece of dough and rice) and Spaghetti. Among the salads are: Paisa salad (lettuce, avocado, omelet, egg, chicken, bacon and corn chips) and the “Mil Cumbres” salad (lettuce, tortilla croutons, chicken, tomato, corn and ranch dressing).

Football Culture

Football in San José Guayabal is the sport that moves the masses, on any day and at any time of day is normal to see children playing football in the streets of residential areas or football academies, the Community youth playing football in tournaments, or at academies of professional or semi professional teams, adults meet after the workday with peers and then perform matches, as distraction from work stress and also the elderly and women, who do not hesitate to leave their detention work in order to enjoy the football. Through this we can deduce that as people get involved in football in an active way, so is his passion.

The passion for football is very excessive in our nation, for some it is cultural issue of pride support their team and others, is literally his own "religion" if you are so want to call, many fans to stadiums are directed to support his team in an almost unique way, the hostility in the atmosphere and tension is very high, the songs of hate towards the opponent and vice versa are very frequent flares, pyrotechnics, giant banners to support the team, hypes, trumpets and other musical instruments give much color to the bars organized teams or selection, popularly known as "Barras Bravas" are very common, but accidents between the fans are very rare.

Discuss and be contrary to any guayabalense about football in public is something that will not be very pleasant, especially if the national team is playing. In such cases, groups are formed and the riots start against the supporters of another nation, then this gives origin to the riots. Something forbidden by the laws of behavior in stadiums, as if they are the perpetrators, be of any nationality, the price to pay is high, from fines of 1,000 crowns (NS $ 2,000) up to three months in jail, or if they occur fatalities.

It is recommended to refrain from displays of hatred and mockery against the home crowd, in order to avoid problems of any kind during your stay, note that stadiums are not allowed to enter water bottles, umbrellas, sharps, flagpoles or pencils. You can enter flares, banners and musical instruments with previous notice to the police (if you are from an organized “ultra”), it is important to mention that you can find different food at the stadium, from ice cream to banquets of gourmet food, any kind of drink is available from the typical and highly alcoholic “Chaparro” to typical beers or wines.

"Thou ancient, Thou free"

Tune: Click here to listen!


Tú antigua, tú libre, tú, Sur de altas montañas,
¡Tú, silencioso, afable y alegre!
Te saludo a ti, el país más amigable del mundo.
Tu sol, tu cielo, tus prados verdes. (bis)

Tú reinas en la memoria de gloriosos días pasados,
cuando tu nombre era venerado en todo el mundo.
Sé que eres y serás lo que fuiste.
Sí, sí, yo quiero vivir y quiero morir en el Sur. (bis)


Thou ancient, thou free, thou mountainous South
Thou quiet, thou joyful and fair!
I greet thee, most beautiful land upon earth,
Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy meadows green.

Thou art enthroned upon memories of great olden days,
When honoured thy name flew across the earth,
I know that thou art and wilt remain what thou wast,
Yes, I want to live, I want to die in the South


О древний, свободный, высокоглавый Южная,
Радующий мирным покоем и красотой,
Приветствую тебя, прекраснейший край на земле,
Твоё небо, твоё солнце, твои зелёные просторы,
Твоё небо, твоё солнце, твои зелёные просторы.

Память о величии старины служит тебе троном,
Дней, когда славное имя твоё разносилось над землёй.
Я знаю, таким ты остаёшься и таким пребудешь.
Здесь, на юге, хочу я жить и умереть,
Здесь, на юге, хочу я жить и умереть.

I Give To My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y (Please TG or contact me in IRC. Length and severity will be determined by me).
Godmod Injury Events: Y (Be creative but realistic, just write things that can happen normally).
Red Card Players: Y (Just one player).
Yellow Card Players: Y (Maximum six players).
Godmod Other Events: Y (Please TG or contact me in IRC about that, but please be creative and jocular).

Any idea? plase shoot me a TG or contact me on IRC.

Lets go SJG
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NATIONAL STADIUM - Natunolstadion, Jansberg, 86,000
HOME KIT - Red, with upwards diagonal yellow stripe
AWAY KIT - White with red trim

Manager: Henrik Jensen, 48
Manager for nearly six years, Henrik Jensen is a popular figure in Semarland. Always calm, he is one of Semarland’s most successful managers. Always with his assistant, Thomas Leonardsen, Jensen’s tactics have revolutionised Semarland’s style of play. With his trust and faith in young players, he has overseen the development of talented youngsters like Demba Cisse, transforming them into world-class players. Before, he managed FC Kolberg for three seasons, before he was hired as Semarland’s manager. Every football fan in Semarland will agree, this was one of the greatest decisions ever made.

Assistant Manager: Thomas Leonardsen, 50
Thomas Leonardsen is the other man orchestrating Semarland’s team. Named as one of the greatest Assistant Managers ever by futbaalnyheter.sem, Leonardsen is quite popular too. Ever since Henrik Jensen was a manager, he has been his assistant. He usually keeps quiet during matches, but all of Semarland knows that he still has a role in the team.

First team coach, Mako Albrechtsen, 42
First team coach, Sven Niemstad, 53
Goalkeeping coach, Ulrik Lächt, 50
Defensive coach, Jan Mortensen, 49
Attacking coach, Simon Pedersen, 40
Fitness coach, Marko Kjær, 36
Head physio, Leonard Henriksen, 54
Physio, Jens Larsen, 42
Physio, Lars Keilik, 39
Doctor, Stefan Tramsø, 45
Doctor, Åke Ulfsson, 37
Spokesman, Mikael Stevestad, 42

#1 - GK - Jorgen Karlstad - Age 30 - Dayton FC (DRV) - 53 caps
Usually always first-choice for the national team, since Martin Datheim broke his wrist eight years ago, Karlstad was drafted in as a long-term replacement. But then he seemed to be on a downhill roll recently for club and country. Initially replaced by Andreas Mikkelsen, his new replacement’s injury in AOCAF 45 saw Karlstad return to favour. He will likely start in goal for Semarland, and if he does, he is a reliable and dependable goalkeeper for his club and country.

#2 - RB - Eirik Malsen - Age 31 - Molsbik Arkjet - 69 caps - 1 goal
All managers that have played Malsen agree that he is one of Semarland’s best ever right-backs in history. He is the perfect right-back, not too attacking, not too defensive. At 30 he still has his pace and he is a brilliant tackler. Starting off at Eikborg Club, he moved to Molsbik Arkjet at 22 for a bargain £3,000,000. Ever since then he has been starting choice and is currently the captain of the club. And when he broke into the national team, his coaches and peers alike knew he was the perfect player for the role.

#3 - LB - Matur Eiriksson - Age 21 - Marlborough Town (TSA) - 31 caps - 4 goals
Still at a rather young age, 21 year old left-back Matur Eiriksson has already been capped nearly 30 times, and has scored 4 goals. A product of the famous FC Jansberg academy, Eiriksson is a speedy, attacking left-back. He can play left-back, but he personally believes wing-back is the best place for him. With his whole career ahead of him, this youngster is one to watch. A recent summer move to Marlborough Town of the Sarian proves he is highly rated. He is also capable of playing at centre-back, but can be a little hot-headed sometimes.

#4 - CB - Jakob Lunds - Age 23 - Exton FC (APX) - 14 caps
After shining for the under 21 side, Henrik Jensen selected Lunds and a host of other young players for the Baptism of Fire tournament, not long ago. Lunds excelled, and was now known as one of the country’s top young centre-backs. Like many young players, Lunds was linked with moves away, and accepted an offer to go to Apox and play for Exton FC. He has a talented, solid centre-back, and has been tipped to stay in the centre-back for many more years. He was even predicted to be future captain, something likely if his performance are top quality.

#5 - CB - Nicolas Janzaard - Age 22 - FC Jansberg - 20 caps - 1 goal
Half Semar, half Mrevish, Nicolas Janzaard graduated from Pansberg’s academy and played for the Mrevish under 18 and under 21 sides before switching to Semarland. Janzaard is a solid defender, and is tipped for great things in the future. After signing for FC Jansberg, Janzaard will definitely make this space his own. However, some poor performances for his club have made Henrik Jensen opt for other centre-backs. However, he has been given the benefit of the doubt. He has a younger brother, Jonas, who plays as a forward for FC Nuholm and the Mrevish national team.

#6 - CB - Matthias Karbruck - Age 29 - Koppen Rig Force (PIS) - 41 caps
Relatively unknown at many clubs, until he signed for Krsthaven aged 26. Started off at right-back, and played for Laastne Sportsklub, Adjurgen and Molsbik Kadet before switching to centre-back at Yeyjkyavik, before signing for Krsthaven. Karbruck is an excellent centre-back, and has a great tackle and a superb header. Recently, he signed abroad in Polar Islandstates for Koppen Rig Force. Always dependable, he is also happy to play at right-back, something he did often at Krsthaven.

#7 - LW - Mads Olsen - Age 25 - Grimsby Town FC (DRV) - 23 caps - 1 goal
Speedy, fast, efficient. Mads Olsen is your dream winger. A classy, stunning player, Olsen graduated at FC Jansberg before moving to Darvale’s champions Grimsby Town FC for an undisclosed fee. Recently he has been overlooked for the national team, but after stunning club displays, Henrik Jensen has made him his first choice left winger. Also able to play in attacking midfield, too, Olsen is no doubt one of the fastest players on the team, making him a reliable asset. If he does not start, he may be used as a sub, with his blistering pace effectively destroying tired opponents.

#8 - CM - Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg - Age 38 - Krsthaven - 105 caps - 4 goals
Experience is a must for any team. And for club and country, Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg is just that. Possibly his last world cup, he is able to play in a variety of central midfield positions, defensive midfield, attacking midfield, or just in the centre, the 38 year old veteran is still a superb player. He has always been a favourite of Henrik Jensen, only missing one football tournament when Jensen has been a manager. Not to mention he has been a favourite of his previous managers, too. Noted for his precise passing and crunching tackles, this player could be a likely person to start.

#9 - FW - Jakob Larsen - Age 27 - Molsbik Arkjet - 75 caps - 40 goals
Semarland has always had a reputation for some of the best quality strikers. From the early days such as Ulrik Kenersen and Matthias Mollenheim, to more modern players like Marc Lygaard and Jakob Larsen. Yet being only 27, Jakob Larsen has smashed in 39 goals in 73 caps, which is actually quite remarkable for his age. Depending on the formation, Larsen is likely to start alongside Marc Lygaard up front, or on the right-wing, where he can also play, thus making him a versatile player.

#10 - FW - Marc Lygaard - Age 30 - FC Jansberg - 135 caps - 82 goals
The star player of the team. The captain of the team. Semarland’s leading goalscorer. Both captain and star striker for club and country, Marc Lygaard made it clear he was destined to be one of the best Semar players ever. Scoring talented goals from an early age, Lygaard graduated through the FC Jansberg academy and his been there since, making his debut at 16 years, 4 months and 23 days, making him the youngest player to play in the Premarligaen. For country, he has netted more goals than any other player. He is a guaranteed starter, and will always be a fans favourite.

#11 - RW - Tipio Runen - Age 22 - Eikborg Club - 13 caps - 3 goals
A strong right-sided player, that made his debut alongside other youngsters in the Baptism of Fire. For his club, he is a free scoring right-winger/striker and is looking to replicate that form for his country. Notched 14 goals in 33 games for the under 21 team so far. Renowned for his pace and strength, he can operate either on the wing, as said, or as an attacker. Like other young players, Tipio Runen is definitely one player you should watch.

#12 - GK - Martin Datheim - Age 38 - Krsthaven - 106 caps
A veteran goalkeeper, Martin Datheim has been a part of Semarland’s national football team ever since day one. Talented at saving long shots, as well as penalties. This World Cup will be Datheim’s last, as well as this season. He plays his club football for Krsthaven, the team he supports and the team he has been at for his whole life. He has a younger brother, Janko, who plays for Dayton FC in Darvale.

#13 - CB - Per Olsen - Age 29 - Ærlo Sport - 59 caps - 3 goals
Per Olsen is what you could call a “Centre-back for hire”. That is, because he is a quality centre-back who clubs across the country have been chasing since he was a first-year scholar. He has played for numerous clubs, such as Eikland Sport, Lusenhagen, Adjurgen, Molsbik Arkjet, Fransborg set Njilkaer and now Ærlo Sport. Said to be playing at the best of his career, if any centre-back gets injured Olsen will be selected in a flash.

#14 - DM - Yacouba Sakho - Age 24 - Krsthaven - Uncapped
Yacouba Sakho is a battling, tough, gritty, defensive midfielder. Younger cousin of ex-NT left-back Marcel Sakho, Yacouba is a graduate from Krsthaven’s academy and his only just recently returned from an overseas loan in Canacia. He will never give up, something that Henrik Jensen values, and will fight to the end. As well as defensive midfield (which is his favourite position), he can fill in any midfield role, providing it is central. Attacking midfield, one of those, works quite well for him. Despite being uncapped, he is one to watch.

#15 - CM - Steffan Poulsen - Age 26 - Adjurgen - Uncapped
Another uncapped player included in Henrik Jensen’s squad is Adjurgen central midfielder Steffan Poulsen. With a perfect pass, great vision and superb awareness, Poulsen was snapped up by 2Ligaen title favourites Adjurgen in their push for promotion. Happily playing in central midfield or defensive midfield, Poulsen is tipped to be a key player for the national team in the future.

#16 - AM - Demba Cisse - Age 23 - FC Nuholm - 25 caps - 9 caps
Demba Cisse exploded onto the national team in the Baptism of Fire. Being Semarland’s player of the tournament, the young FC Nuholm midfielder continued to replicate his form for his country afterwards. Another more than impressive display at the AOCAF 45 followed, with Cisse receiving his second Semar player of the tournament award (his first was at the Baptism of Fire). Loyal to his club, he rejected moves from big clubs such as FC Jansberg, Krsthaven and Molsbik Arkjet. Definitely one to watch.

#17 - LW - Claes Naemstad - Age 26 - Ærlo Sport - 1 cap - 1 goal
Versatile left-winger or striker Claes Naemstad has been the shining star of a struggling Ærlo Sport over the past few years. Making a few appearances for Semarland B, he has been overlooked for the national team until Henrik Jensen decided to call him up for a friendly against Matykland. Starting the game, Naemstad netted the first goal and assisted the third and fifth. Impressed by his display, Naemstad has been called up however he may not start. But if he does or comes on as a sub, he will either play on the left wing or up front.

#18 - RW - Andreas Jansen - Age 39 - FC Kolberg - 121 caps - 21 goals
A national team player since the age of 17, Andreas Jansen has continued and still is to be one of Semarland’s best ever players. He can play anywhere in the midfield. A tricky winger. A solid holding midfielder. A box-to-box central player. But his best is an attacking midfielder. He doesn’t usually score goals, he creates them. Still going on, Jansen has vowed to continue his professional career until he is 45, but has said he will retire from the international stage after the end of this World Cup. The vice-captain of the team, he will likely start on the right-wing or any other central midfield role.

#19 - RB - Ole Mikkelsen - Age 25 - Unattached - 5 caps
Right-back or centre-back Ole Mikkelsen becomes the first ever unattached player to play for Semarland at a tournament. Well, this proves he has quality, because it’s rather rare to see unattached players in a World Cup (most of the time). Well, Henrik Jensen obviously has faith in this dependable, solid right-back. Formerly playing in New Silbodale, Mikkelsen was released in the Summer. He lacks pace now, but his superb defending can make up for that. Also has a decent cross on him, too. Will happily play at centre-back if needed.

#20 - LB - Rasmus Norregaard - Age 20 - FC Nuholm - Uncapped
There is always a speedy, attacking left-back when you need one in Semarland. This time, Jensen has looked to FC Nuholm’s left-back Rasmus Norregaard. Despite being uncapped, he has shown lots of potential in domestic games and a few appearances for Semarland B convinced Jensen to include him in the squad. Alongside his pace, he also has a bit of flair, too. Some fancy tricks from him are not uncommon. But he is self-disciplined and knows when not to do it. Is also a good tackler, and can whip the ball away from an opponent like lightning.

#21 - ST - Yannick Simeone - Age 19 - Molsbik Arkjet - Uncapped
Uncapped striker Yannick Simeone is not just a goal poacher. Scoring quite a lot for Molsbik Arkjet, Simeone has been tipped as the next Jakob Larsen, due to the two being club-mates and playing style. With a great eye for goal, Simeone personally thinks he will be most effective as a “super-sub”, able to poach a quick goal or two late on in the game. But he is also thankful for Jensen, as he has shown faith in a lot of young and uncapped players.

#22 - GK - Marco Valbuena - Age 20 - FC Chippenham - Uncapped
After shining at the Di Bradini Cup, then-Krsthaven goalkeeper Marco Valbuena was highly tipped for a national team place. A move to The Sarian to play for FC Chippenham could have boosted his chances, and with the retirement of Martin Datheim, a place in the squad for Marco Valbuena could look very likely indeed. A top shot stopper for the under 21s, manager Henrik Jensen thinks Valbuena is ready to step up to the national team.

#23 - AM - Abel Nkutu - Age 24 - FC Jansberg - 2 caps
Tricky on the wing, or creative in attacking midfielder, Abel Nkutu is definitely one of Semarland’s most underrated players. Graduating from FC Kolberg’s academy, he was snapped up by league champions FC Jansberg, where he has featured in nearly all of their league games this season - starting most of them. Capable either on the wing, attacking midfield, or a support striker or even up front, Nkutu is a versatile player. He gets many assists and is also starting to score quite a few, too.

Semarland will line up as a 4-2-3-1 formation. Jorgen Karlstad will start in goal, as usual first-choice Andreas Mikkelsen is injured. Matur Eiriksson, Jakob Lunds, Matthias Karbruck and Eirik Malsen will make up the back four. Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg and Andreas Jansen will slot into defensive midfield, with Mads Olsen and Tipio Runen on the wings. Demba Cisse will play in attacking midfield, with captain Marc Lygaard as the striker. On the substitutes bench are Claes Naemstad, Abel Nkutu and Yannick Simeone, who could all be great players to throw on if the Semars need a win. Two talented but uncapped defensive/central midfielders Yacouba Sakho and Steffan Poulsen will be ready if needed, as will centre-backs Nicolas Janzaard and Per Olsen. Rasmus Noregaard and Ole Mikkelsen are reserve full-backs, and finally Martin Datheim and Marco Valbuena are the last two goalkeepers.

The Semarlandic game is fast and attacking. The creative force is a triangle spearhead by Demba Cisse, and defensive midfielders Andreas Jansen and Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg, who, despite being “defensive” midfielders, are pretty creative. Mads Olsen and Tipio Runen provide excellent wing support, while Marc Lygaard, who in the words of futbaalnyheter.sem, can score a goal from anywhere in the final third, will be likely be the top scorer.

Captain - Marc LYGAARD
Vice Captain - Andreas JANSEN
Penalty Taker - Marc LYGAARD
Free Kick Taker - Andreas JANSEN/Demba CISSE
Left Corner - Mads OLSEN
Right Corner - Tipio RUNEN
Playmaker - Demba CISSE
Star Player - Marc LYGAARD/Demba CISSE/Andreas JANSEN
Most Likely To Foul - Genuinely no-one, Semarland are a fair team.
Most Likely To Be Fouled - Demba CISSE/Marc LYGAARD

Starting XI (4-2-3-1):

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
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The Republic of Semarland
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Hosted: Trindl Cup I/II, Baptism of Fire 68
Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
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NATIONAL STADIUM - Natunolstadjon, Polaaberg, 63,000
HOME KIT - Dark Blue with White trim
AWAY KIT - White with Dark Blue trim

Manager: Ulrik Leonardsen, 51 (SEM)
Usually, most national teams won’t appoint a foreign manager as their first manager. Well, Polaaskan have. They’ve looked to experienced Semar Ulrik Leonardsen, who has managed the national teams of Matykland and Haelesces. Ulrik Leonardsen has been known to use tactics such as the 4-3-1-2, or “the Iceberg”, made famous by Polar Islandstates many cycles ago. Well, his signature one at the moment is the 4-2-3-1, or, more favourable at the moment, the 4-1-2-1-2, so look out for either of those when Polaaskan play. Other than that, Leonardsen is a rather quiet man, rarely speaking to the media. Once, when he was managing Rumenlo Sapruna in Semarland, he made his assistant speak to the media. But when it is on the pitch, he sure has a loud voice, and will be there to put the motivation behind the team.

Assistant Manager: Jakob Freidrich, 39
It’s always hard to find a good assistant that’ll go well with your manager, when they do not come together. Well, the PFA thought that 39 year old Freidrich, who led SC Martinsberg to the title in the last pre-PFA Season, would be the right man for the job. Despite his young age, Freidrich is a tactical genius. Surpisingly, Freidrich is the tactician and Leonardsen is the shouter, many think it should be the other way round! But Freidrich has stated himself he does not wish to work as the manager yet, wanting to have some more experience in his career before he goes onto managing a national team. But anyway, Freidrich is perfect for Leonardsen, and Leonarden without Freidrich will be like cereal without milk.

#1 - GK - Teemu Petersen - Age 25 - SK Martinsberg - 11 Caps
Towering goalkeeper Teemu Petersen kept the most cleansheets out of any other goalkeeper in the last three pre-PFA seasons. With some slight Semar ancestry, he was even asked to play for the Semarland national team, as Polaaskan did not even have an FA, let alone a national team. But Petersen refused and kept loyal to his country, believing that one day that national call-up will come. And here he is, No.1 for his club and No.1 for his country, going to Polaaskan’s first ever football tournament, the Baptism of Fire, and then the 70th World Cup. What more could be better for Teemu? Aside from that, he has a good relationship with his team mates, and is the perfect goalkeeper for Leonardsen and Freidrich’s plans.

#2 - RB - Jonathan van Leonardsen - Age 23 - SCKH - 9 caps
Jonathan van Leonardsen is the perfect definition of a wing-back. Marauding, fast, an outstanding cross. One of the fastest players on the team, van Leonardsen could easily have been a sprinter, like his father and uncle. But, after being scouted by Nq85 at 9 years old, van Leonardsen never looked back and secured a move to SCKH as soon as the trials ended. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Magnus Hardstrom and Petter Berg, who never got to play for the national team, van Leonardsen is highly rated. Probably going to be selected over the more defensive Timo Asker, van Leonardsen could make this right-back spot all his for many years to come.

#3 - LB - Vasili Semshov - Age 24 - Oslo Klub - 11 caps
Vasili Semshov, like van Leonardsen on the right-hand side, is a wing-back. Though he does not have exactly blistering pace like van Leonardsen, he’s still fast and has all the other qualities of a wing-back. Semshov, like other players, started off at Azhlesk Dynamos, before moving to SK Lundsholm at 12 years old. At the end of his scholarship, he was surprisingly released but picked up by Oslo Klub, who nurtured and transformed into a marauding, attacking left-back who eventually went on to play as a wing-back. Comfortable with both feet, Semshov is a born starter and will be looking to get as many assists for his country as he does with his club.

#4 - CB - Nikolay Dimitrov - Age 28 - Azhlesk Dynamos - 2 caps
Looking for a hulking centre-back? You’ve found Nikolay Dimitrov. At 28 years old, his time in the national team may be cut short, not only due to age, but a little niggling injury that often occurs every few months. For some reason, Dimitrov is not the player he used to be, and is likely to lose his spot. But when he’s on the field, he can play like a captain, and has an excellent tackle that always wins the ball but can sometimes trip an opponent. He does not have the grace as other centre-backs like Markus Pallessen, he’s more of a “demolition man”, as Leonardsen called him. But if he plays, forwards beware, because you’re unlikely to score when Dimitrov’s about.

#5 - CB - Sol Arke - Age 28 - SK Martinsberg - 11 caps, 2 goals - CAPTAIN
Like Dimitrov, Arke is a hulking, intimidating centre-back. But he rarely gets injured and has always got a winning mentality. Impressing for SK Martinsberg, Freidrich has persuaded Leonardsen to make Arke captain, which is a very good decision. Fearless and bold, Arke is the perfect centre-back. Always winning the ball off an opponent, Arke can then follow up with a long clearance or he can pick a perfect pass to find a team-mate. Arke impressed in the trials, as Leonardsen stated he was “the best centre-back there”, so he looks to have nailed his spot and written his name all over it. He also has an amazing header, scoring his first goal for the team in their second match with a bulllet header.

#6 - DM - Frans Laurensen - Age 32 - Dynamo Renesburg - 10 caps
Frans Laurensen is the right person for the defensive midfield slot. Only venturing into the final third when told, Laurensen’s job is to tackle the opposition before they get to the sticky end that is Sol Arke, then distribute the ball out to more attacking players. Laurensen was a candidate for the captaincy, but was overlooked. This and the next will probably be his only world cups, as Laurensen is now 32 years old. But age does not matter for the Renesburg holding midfielder. Watching him play, you’ll find him to be in the mold of the Semar holding midfielders Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg and Morten Poulsen.

#7 - LW - Lukas Karlstrom - Age 23 - SK Martinsberg - 11 caps, 2 goals
Clever and fast, Lukas Karlstrom is comfortable on the wing, or playing as an attacking midfielder. Either way, he will be bound to create a goal, or even score one himself. With incredible pace and an outstanding cross, Karlstrom is highly rated. Being chased by numerous clubs, Karlstrom is rather loyal to SK Martinsberg, being one of their core players. But he’ll happily play for anyone, as long as he starts, which is something he may not get as Leonardsen’s 4-3-1-2 does not suit him, with the “3” being too inner, and the “1” likely to be taking up by young star Jon van Axelsen or even Iiro Mihaylov. However, when he does play he will definitely be one to watch.

#8 - CM - Iiro Mihaylov - Age 24 - FC New Llama (SLL) - 11 caps, 3 goals
Creative and technical, Iiro Mihaylov always performs to the best of his ability. Whether it be in the centre of the park, or in the attacking midfield slot he usually plays in, Mihaylov is a creative playmaker who is always hard to win the ball off. Famous for scoring the first goal of the trials, Mihaylov scores goals but will usually create them more. A very very impressive Baptism of Fire saw him move from Red Star Slazhnov, all the way to Super-Llamaland, to play for FC New Llama and become the first Polaaskan player to play abroad. The creative midfielder will be looking to impress there, and will be looking to impress at the World Cup. Will likely to start every game due to his influential play and amazing creativeness.

#9 - FW - Patrik Ael - Age 25 - FC Kolberg (SEM) - 7 caps, 2 goals
Patrik Ael is the typical target man - tall, strong and good at scoring goals. He usually scores more goals via his head than rather his foot, but either way, he is still capable at scoring from both. Usually preferred for the target man role over Willem Jakobsen, Ael will likely start alongside Timo Heinckel up front. Currently playing for FC Kolberg, after a switch from his home team, Southwik Hardcastles, Ael is looking to stay there for quite a long time, which the club will be very very grateful for as he is certain to be a key player in the team and one of their main source of goals. He’ll be looking to replicate his club form for the national team, too, and with the way he is playing at the moment that wish looks guaranteed.

#10 - FW - Timo Heinckel - Age 26 - CSKA Quebec (QUE) - 11 caps, 10 goals
Every team will always have that star striker. That one who scores a goal a game, is always on target, first choice. Well, Polaaskan have Timo Heinckel. His very impressive form in the Baptism of Fire saw him stay in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, sealing a move to CSKA Quebec, where he will likely play for a long time. One of the best players in the Polaaskan football trials, held before the Baptism of Fire, Heinckel is an amazing striker, who can score from virtually anywhere in the final third. Whether it be a simple tap in from five yards or a blazing screamer from 40 yards, you can guarantee Timo Heinckel will score.

#11 - RW - Mikke Leonardsen - Age 27 - FC Aaneshel - 7 caps
Mikke Leonardsen thoroughly impressed the coaches with his darting runs, fancy dribbles and sharp goals. In five appearances he netted three times and assisted twice. He also won two Man of the Match performances. Aside from that, Leonardsen is a right-side midfielder - comfortable on either the wing or in a more central position. He has said himself he’s more suited to a more central role, somewhere that the manager will play him in a 4-3-1-2 formation. He can also be used as a support striker or an attacking midfielder if really needed, but he’ll most likely started on the right-hand side.

#12 - GK - Aleks Johansen - Age 23 - Sudbricks - 2 caps
Usually, playing as a goalkeeper for a second-division club won’t get you a place in the national team. But for Aleks Johansen, it has. A reliable back-up keeper with a good frame, Johansen, despite having these qualities, won’t likely play at all. He was the star keeper for Beta Squad in the trials, as well as being the youngest goalkeeper there altogether. But with Petersen and Sokolov to compete with, playing time is expected to be low at the most for the Sudbricks goalkeeper.

#13 - CB - Markus Pallesen - Age 27 - North Estenlund Rovers - 2 caps
Seeing graceful centre-backs this days is fairly uncommon. Well, Markus Pallessen is graceful and composed on the ball, and an excellent passer. With these qualities, he might as well be a midfielder you’d think, but no, he’s a centre-back. He can calmly whip the ball away from the opponent, then play it expertly outfield. He would probably be starting alongside Arke at centre-back, but he carries an injury from the first friendly against Polaaskan B, so he won’t be playing for quite a few games, which is quite a blow seeing as Nikolay Dimitrov carries an injury as well. But not to fear, Pallessen will be back soon - and opponents better get ready.

#14 - AM - Jon van Axelsen - Age 17 - SK Bauhaus - 6 caps, 1 goal
Talented young prodigy was a surprise call up to the trials, let alone the squad, for some at first. But when they saw his immense talent, reminiscent of that of Semarland’s Demba Cisse and Polar Islandstates’ Alexsandr van Sorensen, they disagreed with their earlier thought. Proudly the first person ever to score a goal for the national team, with a blistering screamer against Polaaskan B, van Axelsen is not only a born goalscorer but a creator too, which makes him the perfect attacking midfielder. Already playing in the first team of Divisjon Two club SK Bauhaus, van Axelsen is very likely to move away.

#15 - RW - Johan Pekarik - Age 24 - Northbrook Volcano FK - 9 caps, 1 goal
Pacy with an amazing cross, Johan Pekarik is your perfect winger. Star player for Northbrook Volcano, Pekarik is one of the most highly thought of players in the squad. Despite making only a few trial appearance, Pekarik impressed the whole coaching team, with his lightning fast runs and perfect crossers. Pekarik can also get a cross in too. Pekarik can also play in centre-midfield only if needed, as well as that he is a capable attacking midfielder. Thanks to his brilliant play, he looks to have made the right-wing berth his own.

#16 - FW - Willem Jakobsen - Age 28 - North Estenlund Rovers - 5 caps
Willem Jakobsen is yet another target man - tall with a great header. He is a stronger player than Ael, but scores less goals than him. However, Jakobsen is strong and holds up the ball very well - something that can prove to be quite valuable for the team. But, he is fourth in the pecking order behind Heinckel, Ael and Blonqvist, but may well come on as a substitute occasionally. Other than that, Jakobsen plays for North Estenlund Rovers, one of the bigger clubs. He is one of their best strikers, and if he is in good form for them, Jakobsen could cement a regular place in the national team.

#17 - CM - Riko van Bommel - Age 29 - FC Roslenborg - 6 caps, 1 goal
More of a driving, attacking midfielder than a more neutral, central midfielder, Riko van Bommel is a combative, all-action, box-to-box midfielder who won’t back down for anybody. Always showing true grit and fighting spirit, van Bommel is very tough. However, his downside that he fouls the opposition quite often. Playing for FC Roslenborg, he’ll be looking to leave after an argument with the management team, which would also benefit the club as he is worth quite a lot.

#18 - FW - Heiko Blonqvist - Age 26 - Azhlesk Dynamos - 10 caps, 3 goals
It’s very, very hard to believe that a talented striker like Heiko Blonqvist is playing Polaaskan’s second division. Yes, that’s right, Blonqvist is the shining light of the side of Azhlesk Dynamos, situated in the remote Azhlesk region of Polaaskan. Blonqvist is a talented striker who will most likely be used as a “super sub”. He is capable of scoring crucial goals late in the game, but is also a very good starter too.

#19 - RB - Timo Asker - Age 26 - 1. FC Stagnov Athletic - 4 caps
Timo Asker is the more defensive right-back on the team, but of course he loves going forward. Another player, like Blonqvist, playing in DivisjonTwo, for Stagnov, Asker is one of those talented players that will likely move to the Premardivisjon or abroad. Starting of Czechny Yulinsk of the fifth tier’s academy, Asker only recently was signed by Stagnov for 2.5 million, a record in the 5th division. Nevertheless, Asker will be quick to spring into action if anything happens to van Leonardsen. Also, he is capable at playing in the centre-back role, something Ulrik Leonardsen will value very much.

#20 - LB - Artem Makarov - Age 20 - 1.FC Rakavolzhniya - 1 cap
Under-21 left-back Artem Makarov was picked over BoF reserve Soren Akselsen, and trialists Dimitri Lukansson and Knut Normansson. A speedy, attacking left-back, just like Vasili Semshov, Makarov has lots of potential. Definitely one to watch for the moment.

#21 - DM - Christian Hogg - Age 28 - Oslo Klub - 10 caps - Vice-captain
Every team needs that gritty, no-nonsense, tough defender. That’s right, Polaaskan have got Christian Hogg. Capable of playing in defensive midfield, or at the moment centre-back, where he will likely start due to the slight injuries of Nikolay Dimitrov and Markus Pallessen going into the tournament. Regardless, he will be likely starting, being the vice-captain for the team. Hogg plays domestically at Oslo Klub, a mid-table side looking to achieve greater things. Like quite a few of the team, Hogg is linked with a move abroad. Depending on his form in the tournament, this could realistically happen.

#22 - GK - Timo Sokolov - Age 24 - Matsholm Athletic - 2 caps
Timo Sokolov is your perfect back-up. He hardly makes mistakes, and has a good mentality on and off the pitch. However, he faces second or probable third choice due to Leonardsen’s preference of Teemu Petersen and Aleks Johansen. But then again, if Leonardsen needs a reliable keeper, Sokolov’s the right man for the job.

#23 - FW - Renat Lindquist - Age 19 - SC Kristiansberg - 1 cap
Renat Lindquist has smacked in loads of goals for his club, SC Kristiansberg, and has also shown lots of talent. Replacing Soren Kvist, he has bags of potential. Lindquist was one of the original 92 in the football trials, but did not make the final 46 due to an injury, which was quite a setback for Polaaskan. And when he plays, he’ll be an excitement to watch.

Polaaskan will play as a 4-1-2-1-2, with Teemu Petersen in goal, Vasili Semshov at left-back, Sol Arke and Christian Hogg, (both captain and vice-captain respectively), in the centre-back roles. Jonathan van Leonardsen will start at right-back. Frans Laurensen will be the defensive midfielder, with Lukas Karlstrom on the left side and Mikke Leonardsen on the right, with Iiro Mihaylov as the attacking midfielder. Timo Heinckel and Heiko Blonqvist will likely start up front, although Leonardsen may want to substitute Blonqvist with Patrik Ael instead. Johan Pekarik and young prodigy Jon Van Axelsen will be itching to come off the bench, while Willem Jakobsen and Renat Lindquist will provide reliable back-up strikers. Riko van Bommel is also capable of playing the defensive midfield role. Hogg may return to that, if Pallesen or Dimitrov return from injury and start at centre-back.

Tactically speaking, Karlstrom, Mihaylov and Leonardsen will be the creative force, striving to assist Heinckel and Blonqvist up front. Laurensen will be there to cover Arke and Hogg, with wing-backs Semshov and van Leonardsen providing extra wing support. The Polaa game is fast and explosive, so get ready for some exciting football!

Captain - Sol ARKE
Vice Captain - Christian HOGG
Penalty Taker - Iiro MIHAYLOV
Free Kick Taker - Iiro MIHAYLOV
Left Corner - Vasili SEMSHOV/Lukas KARLSTROM
Right Corner - Jonathan VAN LEONARDSEN/Mikke LEONARDSEN
Playmaker - Iiro MIHAYLOV
Most Likely To Be Foul - Christian HOGG
Most Likely To Be Fouled - Iiro MIHAYLOV

Starting XI (4-1-2-1-2):

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, I will decide the length of injury
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y, no more than 1 per game please unless you TG me first
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y, but please keep it realistic
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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Gorod National Team (YSG)

Brought to you by Spartak Athletics Association "Keep in shape, be Spartak" and Kuril Milk "The best milk in all Sakhalin, yummy"

OOC: For RP effects, you can RP this team with the name of "Sakhalin"


About YSG National Team

YSG's national team, was recently established at the initiative of Vladimir Kokorin, ruler of Sakhalin, who want the team excel at regional level, which will happen step by step according to stated in the press conference he gave to the media Sakhalin, for that, has called for a base of players playing in the Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk of "SJG Segunda División" (Second division) and other players who come from the island teams are eager to get at least one decent participation in the CE VIII, after that CE VIII, the team came in a period of inactivity due to some problems in the region of Kuril, specially in the Okhotsk sea, near the coast with two years of permanent ice, being a problem to leave Sakhalin, but now they have an airport and can travel to all Esportiva, and this is their warm up to the first adventure globally, in the WC 69 Qualifiers, who were quite a disaster and now it's revenge time at the CE.

Kits, made by AER Sportswear.


Official energetical drink


All-time record: 4-3-14


Tactical system: 4-5-1 (Defensive)

Starting Lineup: Team
GK: Kiril Medvedev (24 years) Spartak Dolinsk
DF: Maksim Golubev (26 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
DF: Matvei Grigoriev (26 years) FK Kurilsk
DF: Ruslan Vorobiov (24 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
DF: Pyotr Kuznetsov (31 years) Dinamo Uglegorsk
MF: Mikhail Mariinsky (24 years) Mysh Nevelsk
MF: Vladimir Novikov (18 years) Aniva Albion
MF: Vyacheslav Pavlov (26 years) Okha Anti-Fasistas
MF: Ruslan Molokov (30 years) Alianza F.C. (SJG)
MF: Svyatoslav Romanov (25 years) Ultra Blanca FC (AAL)
FW: Yaroslav Denisov (32 years) Shakhtar Shakhtyorsk

GK: Konstantin Popov (24 years) C.D. Real Destroyer (SJG)
DF: Gennadiy Volkov (26 years) Júbilo Toyohara
DF: Ilya Leonov (31 years) Lokomotiv Chernomorets
DF: Igor Andreev (21 years) FK Karafuto
DF: Vladimir Putin (30 years) Sikhote-Alin Dolphins
MF: Aleksander Smirnov (32 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
MF: Artyom Kokorin (28 years) Energia Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Coach Staff

Head coach: Evgeniy Kozlov
Assistant coach: Aleksei Nekrasov
Goalkepping coach: Anton Ustinov
Coach: Sergei Korsakov
Trainer: Svetlana Mamayev



Noble Patria tu hermosa bandera.

Sakhalin, despite being a nearly 100% ethnically russian, has their anthem in spanish due to Federal rule of the GuAlSa federation, which has formed with SJG and Alianza Albos, but the populace understand the lyrics, because at least 75% speaks Spanish fluently.

Lyrics in Spanish

¡Noble patria!, tu hermosa bandera
expresión de tu vida nos da:
bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo
blanca y pura descansa la paz.

En la lucha tenaz, de fecunda labor,
que enrojece del hombre la faz;
conquistaron tus hijos - labriegos sencillos -
eterno prestigio, estima y honor,

¡Salve, oh tierra gentil!
¡Salve, oh madre de amor!
Cuando alguno pretenda tu gloria manchar,
verás a tu pueblo, valiente y viril,
la tosca herramienta en arma trocar.

¡Salve, oh patria!, tu pródigo suelo
dulce abrigo y sustento nos da;
bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo,
¡vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!

Lyrics in English

Noble homeland, your beautiful flag
Proof of your life it gives us
Under the unsullied blue of your skies,
Peace rests, white and pure.

In the tenacious struggle of fruitful toil,
That which brings a glow to men's faces,
Your sons, simple farm hands,
Gained eternal renown, esteem and honor.
Eternal renown, esteem and honor.

Hail, gentle homeland!
Hail, mother of love!
When anyone should attempt to besmirch your glory,
You will see your people, valiant and virile,
The rustic tool into a weapon transform.

Hail, O homeland! Your prodigal soil
Sweet shelter and sustenance gives us.
Under the unsullied blue of your sky,
May peace and labor ever live!

Lyrics in Russian

Благородный родина, ваша красивый флаг
выражение вашей жизни дает нам;
под прозрачной синеве вашего неба
чистый белый лежит мир.

Упорная борьба
из плодотворной работы
покраснение лица человека,
завоевали ваши дети
простые крестьяне
вечная слава, уважение и честь.

Радуйся, нежная страна!
Радуйся, Мать любви!
Если кто-то должен попытаться
опорочить вашу славу,
вы увидите ваши смелые и жизнеспособные людей,
деревенский инструменты для троакара оружия.

О Salve Patria Ваш блудный почвы,
Сладкий дает нам средства к существованию и жилья;
под прозрачной синеве вашего неба
Всегда жить работу и мира!

I Give To My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y (Please TG or contact me in IRC. Length and severity will be determined by me).
Godmod Injury Events: Y (Be creative but realistic, just write things that can happen normally).
Red Card Players: Y (Just one player).
Yellow Card Players: Y (Maximum six players).
Godmod Other Events: Y (Please TG or contact me in IRC about that, but please be creative and jocular).

Any idea? plase shoot me a TG or contact me on IRC.
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The F.A. (Bostopia) do not condone, encourage or support the actions of any of the players & staff not related to positive on or off the field matters, such as winning challenges, beating the opposition, fair play, scoring goals and partaking in pleasant interviews (amongst others). The F.A. (Bostopia) do not have any involvement in diplomatic incidents that may occur due to any of the actions of any one player or staff member, or any event undertaken by all players & staff, or a combination of the above.

This especially counts for the Emperor... (if you leave him alone he may leave you alone)

Number/Initial(s), Name, Position, Age


WS – Walter SAMUELS - Manager - 28
TS – Tony SMITH - Assistant Manager – 35
FE – Fred GRAINGER – Chairman - 54
C – Cooper RABBIT Oryctolagus cuniculus – One of Emperor Boston's rabbits – 2 (Human years)
T – Thumper RABBIT Oryctolagus cuniculus – One of Emperor Boston's rabbits – 2 (Human years)


Unfortunately, due to an incident decades ago involving a pick-your-own farm and some traumatised cows, the Bostopian F.A. have finally scraped together the money to send someone to the World Cup. Unfortunately, Emperor Boston was the first to hear about this and has insisted his Sunday morning side go because they'll be able to "hack" economy class travel. While some concerns were raised about the Emperor being abroad and able to talk to foreign people, .

Playing in the following formation: GK | DC DC | WBL DMC WBR | MC MC | AMC | SC SC

The first player(s) named in each area of the team start the game. For example, Boston, Stevens, Petter and Wilshaw would start out of the defenders.

Goalkeepers - 2

1 - Luke MARSH - GK – 23
13 – – GK – 21

Defenders - 5

29 - Emperor BOSTON - WBR – Immortal (physical age – 27 & 3/4)
6 - Kyle STEVENS -Captain - DC - 28
2 - Luke PETTERS - DC - 21
3 - Pete WILSHAW - WBL - 17
15 - Dan WHITE - D - 16

Midfielders - 6

4 - Mike WALLIS - DMC - 29
11 - Sammy PETERSON - MC - 28
8 - Danny HALSHORN - MC - 24
7 - Will BRIGHTSTONE - AMC - 21
14 - Colin MATTERSON - DMC - 30
15 - Ralf VOGEL - MC - 17

Strikers - 3

9 - Samuele PASTORE - SC - 26
10 - Luca GIARDINI - SC – 17
16 - Harry WALSH - SC - 19


Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers

Style Modifier - +2

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful. Any RPs which hurt/kidnap/destroy (or do anything else nasty to – though obviously if you want to say rude words that's fine, but don't expect a nice comeback) my rabbits will be ignored and I won't be your friend. Ever
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Coach: Christopher Tajo Mendez

Vice-Coach: Vince Young


1- Bradley Kozak Cooper [Team: Mariner F.C]
Height: 6’1 - Weight: 196 lbs - Age: 29 years old - Starter
Cooper was born into a world of soccer as his parents were both players in the National League, Cooper’s father sent him to the prestigious Dock City Soccer Academy at the age of five. Cooper played as a Defender till the age of 15, As a last minute decision his coach made him take the spot of Goalkeeper after the goalkeeper was injured. In the remaining twenty minutes of the game Cooper had over eight saves and his team went on to win the game 3-2 and become his teams new starting goalkeeper. Recruiting agents from the National League watching the game noted Coopers ability as an effective goalkeeper and continued to watch his performances throughout that season. Before Cooper could start yet another season at his academy he was recruited and signed by Riverton F.C a team in the National League. Cooper played for Riverton for nine years and in the middle at age 18 started playing for the United States of Devonta national men’s soccer team as a substitute goalkeeper against in the region of North Valheaven and North America Paradise. At the age of 23 he became the starting goalkeeper and helped make his nations team the #1 ranked team in his region. In a surprising decision Riverton F.C traded him for three players from Mariner F.C where he plays today.

Cooper is known for his ultra fast hand-eye coordination, which allows him to move quickly and almost mystically in the goalie box. The ever observant Cooper is good at keeping track of the ball and can easily perform perfect passes and goalie kicks. Known also to play through pain and refuse to give up or let himself done. He is known to be very caring towards children and is a strong supporter of welfare programs.

7- Brandon Lee Kowalski [Carter Villa F.C]
Height: 5’11 - Weight: 170 lbs - Age: 23 - Substitute
Kowalski started playing soccer at an early age at his local recreational centers team. During his highschool years he played on the national stage in the youth soccer league while playing for his high school as the topped ranked varsity goalkeeper in the country. When he graduated at the age of 17 he was instantly recruited by the Carter Villa F.C as a substitute goalkeeper. He has proudly stayed with the team through its worst and last season became the team's starting goalkeeper replacing Tim Snyder. Finally he was chosen to play for the national team the same year. He still waits for a chance to prove himself on the international level.

Kowalski is known for being a very quick and observant goalie and very timid, Usually sticking to the box instead of attacking. He is also known for being very flexible. Kowalski is very loyal to his teams and it can get him in fights against rival teams.

11- Nicolas El Nunez [Santa Julia Rockets]
Height: 5’9 - Weight: 152 lbs - Age: 25 - Substitute
Nunez played in local leagues around Santa Julia most of his child life before making it on the Washington Heights High school’s varsity soccer team as a freshman. He played well but also had his bad games. He managed to make it in his cities minor national league team and played well there for most of his soccer career. Finally at the age of 25 after two good seasons he was offered a two year contract by Bull F.C but he rejected it saying he likes the minor leagues friendly environment better and nothing could change that. Nunez did go to the national training camp and managed to do the unthinkable and beat out many of the major league goalkeepers causing a massive upset.

Nunez is known for being cocky which makes him a very aggressive goal keeper sometimes even running at attacking strikers to get the ball, This sometimes backfires on him and they get past him, Although he catches many by surprise.

Left Defenders [Left Fullbacks/Wingers]:

2- Johnson Alexander Brooks [Strickland F.C]
Height: 5’10 - Weight: 155 lbs - Age: 32 - Starter
Brooks did not always play soccer but instead played basketball as a point guard which he soon figured out had the same concept as a left winger which he started playing when he tried soccer in 8th grade, After realizing his love for the game he joined a national soccer training program and rapidly gained the skills needed to be a top player in the sport. He played one year for his high school then graduated. After high school he went to college at Desmound State where only in his first season he was recruited by Carter Villa F.C and played seven long years with the team scoring 20 goals as a left winger. As he wanted more opportunity, He played in the nation of Neo-Liberalis for five years on two different teams before returning and being signed with Strickland F.C where he has played his last two seasons at. It was no surprise to soccer critics when the #1 defender in the country was picked for the national team, Making him the oldest member of the team too.

Brooks is known for being quick and waiting for the right moments to strike out at an unsuspecting player and being able to drive the ball up and make quick precise passes or relatively accurate long shots towards the opposing teams goal. Its known by all players in his league that he never brags or acts like a sore loser and always has an upbeat attitude.

3- Jose Manzano Alvarez [Astro F.C]
Height: 5’9 - Weight: 164 lbs - Age: 23 - Substitute
Alvarez played soccer in the Youth Soccer League in Santa Julia, New Julia before he started playing for his high school for four years, Although he was considered good and one of the best players in New Julia he was not recruited, But given a scholarship to New Julia University where he played all four of his college years and won one best player award and two best defender awards. After graduation he was finally recruited by a major league team which was his hometowns Astro F.C. Soon after his recruitment into the football club he was invited to the national teams training camp. Alvarez successfully finished camp and was selected to play for the national team.

Alvarez seems to know when to attack another player for the ball or play more cautiously, Making it hard for players to get past him. Despite being able to steal and retrieve the ball he sometimes manages to lose the ball in sloppy fast paced dribbles and does not have the best long passes, Although his speed makes up the distance usually. Alvarez his an active community organizer and donates to charities often.

Center Defenders [Center Backs/Sweepers]:

5- Martin Paul Benton [Middleton F.C]
Height: 6’1 - Weight: 188 lbs - Age: 20 - Starter
A product of Blue River Valley High Schools soccer program Benton arises from high school soccer a three time MVP and many best player awards including many man of the matches. He was instantly drafted as a first round pick by Middleton F.C. During his first season Benton showed his worth as a fast and ultra observant sweeper for his team making many goals that could've been no more by knocking them out of the penalty box. In his second season his team made it to the finals. Benton played admirably till the last ten minutes when he made the mistake of passing the ball to player on the other team, Resulting in a 1-0 loss. Benton was driven to make it in the mens national team by his haunting mistake, That he did and as the second youngest player on the team.

Benton many strengths is is quick agility and his ability to focus on multiple points of the penalty box at one time, It is also not uncommon to see him quickly slide tackle without fouling. Critics have noticed he has gotten more aggressive on the field since his mistake and only passes short precise passes. If there is one thing everyone knows, It is he wants to redeem himself.

6- Daniel Kay Kindred [Nordland F.C]
Height: 6’4 - Weight: 223 lbs - Age: 26 - Starter
Kindred started playing soccer in the 6th grade for his middle school. By high school he made his varsity team his freshman year and in his Junior year was recruited by his state's only professional team Nordland F.C. at the age of seventeen. He was taller than most of the players on his team and known to be intimidating when you meet him. His taller stature also made him a natural born center back. He made himself known in the professional league as a tall player and can beat most in a jumping battle. After five years in Nordland F.C. he was loaned off for three years to a professional team in the nation of Seggenea. After a successful time in Seggenea and a best defender reward in that country, He was given back to Nordland F.C. and played two more seasons and scoring an unprecedented goal from midfield aided by the wind in his returning seasons quarter-finals. Kindred as a natural defender easily made it into the national teams trading camp and was quickly selected.

Kindred's large size makes him an excellent jumper and he his not afraid to throw his weight around or slide tackle with his large feet, Although he can get to aggressive and fouls are a worry when he plays. His mighty long legs make his work as a centre back easy. Attacking he is more clumsy so he chooses to stay on his half of the field unless instructed otherwise.

8- Micco Chi Takishima [Harding F.C]
Height: 5’8 - Weight: 140 lbs - Age: 23 - Substitute
Takishima went to Braden Soccer Academy for most of his youth soccer career, Till his last two years of high school when he was transferred to Wesley Soccer Academy. His performance his last two years got him in a local minor league team for three years, By the time agents came to observe his minor league team he was the best defender on his team and was signed to Harding F.C. and played two average seasons. In the middle of this he joined the national guard and played for his bases soccer team. The experience in the army was different than in the major league although he quickly adapted. Takishima found it hard to get selected for the national team but was ultimately accepted.

Takishima short size make him quick and agile and he is usually on the attack, This has its setbacks sense he sometimes strayed too far from his position as center back and goes to the mid field. He also suffers from anger problems which he tries to control.

Right Defenders [Right Fullback/Winger]:

7- Brayden Liam Jr. [Ceceila United F.C]
Height: 5’11 - Weight: 174 lbs - Age: 25 - Starter
Liam started playing soccer at the age of 10, Since then he fell in love. Playing for his high school he received every best player reward from his school for the four years he was there. After high school he played soccer at Ceceila State University for three years before being signed by Danza F.C a professional football club in his junior year. Liam played well for Danza but a rocky third year prompted Danza to trade him to Ceceila United F.C. Coming back from a bad season playing for a different team Liam contributed in his teams championship victory the first year he was on there team. Liam to the offer to go train and try out at the national teams training camp and was a quite easy pick to join the team.

Liam prefers a slow paced controlled dribble and is not as fast as the other players on his team, Although he is the best a dribbling and noted for his crossing capabilities. His slow dribble can be a problem as many players take opportunities to steal the ball, Although his slow pace usually can draw fouls from this. As a Winger his control allows for great passes and shots that are usually on goal.

9- Eric James Martin [Real Langston F.C]
Height: 5’10 - Weight: 167 lbs - Age: 21 - Substitute
Martin was not introduced to soccer till he decided to try out for his high schools soccer team at a freshman and made junior varsity. The next year he was pushed up to the varsity team and in the next three years. In his senior year his high school won the state championship partly because of him. Martin then went to college at Langston University where he played soccer for two years having an okay first season and a good second season, His performance in the second season of his college career earned him a chance to play for Real Langston F.C which he proudly took and signed with the team for two years. Martin had an exciting but still disappointing first year. He had his good and bad moments and critics were a shocked by his poor performance. Looking for another opportunity to shine Martin found himself at the national teams training camp and was selected for the roster.

Martin is a quick Right Fullback and he is not afraid to challenge an opponent for the ball, Although this can backfire if his opponent is good at crossing but his speed makes up for any lost ground. Martin is known for only being able to play on the right side of the field and normally played poorly in the center and left side of the field.

Defensive Midfielder:

4- Isaiah Brandon Russell [Danza F.C]
Height: 5’11 - Weight: 177 lbs - Age: 27 - Starter
Russell’s father was a soccer coach for a local youth soccer program which Russell was made to play on. Russell’s father was very hard on Russell and was pressured often to do better, By the time he was in high school he had already been selected to play for a local minor league team. Russell played four years with the team and also played for his high school's varsity team. After graduating high school he was offered a four year contract to play for Danza F.C, Which he proudly accepted. Playing for Danza he seen the team make it to the semi-finals twice in a row. In a three year loan Danza traded him to Nordland F.C. At Nordland he shined with the rest of its strong defense although he played on the midfield. After three years at Nordland F.C. he was then resigned to Danza F.C. and signed another four year contract similar to his first. Two years into his contract he has seen many successes although his team has seen better days. Russell easily made it on to the national team.

Russell is not a good all around player and plays best as a defensive midfielder, He is quick and knows how to mark men and pass well, He seems to work best in tight situations and does not disappoint. He has admitted that he needs to work on his crossing and needs to improve his average level dribble.

10- Marco Hernandez Jr. [Ceceila United F.C]
Height: 5’8 - Weight: 145 lbs - Age: 21 - Substitute
Hernandez begun his soccer career playing for a local youth league team, He left the team during his first year of high school to play for a minor league team. He played up and down seasons for six years, Four of those years he played on his high schools varsity team to. His six season at the age of 20 was his most successful and his team won the minor league championships. Hernandez was signed by Ceceila United F.C and listed in there reserves. During his first season in the reserves he played two games and did well in both. He is suspected to be a starter for the team next season. Hernandez surprisingly was selected to play for the national team after a excellent show at the national training camp.

Hernandez is known for his nice crosses and his ability to slide tackle well, He is not the fastest player but not the slowest either. He struggles with finding and then passing to a man, Whether he kicks it out or down the field if pressured too much.

Left Midfielders:

12- Mohamed Zari Abdullah [Mandiana F.C]
Height: 5’11 - Weight: 175 lbs - Age: 27 - Starter
Son of two muslim immigrants from a war torn middle eastern nation, Abdullah was born in the United States of Devonta. His father had only brought the clothes on his back and a soccer ball which he passed on to young Abdullah. Abdullah was invited to play for Maxwell Soccer Academy and accepted the invitation. Playing for the academy for most of his child and teenage life, Leading his team to win four championships and winning various awards. At the age of 17 he was drafted as a first round pick to play for Strickland F.C. for four years. He played for four years at the football club for his four years and got his team to the semi-finals twice. After his four years expired he went north to the nation of Rygristan and played for two years, Winning a championship there and a best player award both years he was there. When he returned instead of joining his old team he signed a five year contract with the struggling Mandiana F.C. Four years in his five year contract Abdullah has played very well for the once struggling football club. He has one championship with the team and has been to the semi-finals with the club. Rumors say he plans on staying with the team and resigning when his current contract ends, Although no one can guess what the #1 midfielder will do next.

Abdullah has described himself as a devout Muslim and prays on the side of the field every game. He is known for his versatility on all sections of the field, Defense or Offense, Left or right he can play. Dribbling, passing, crossing, and striking are his main perks. The only thing that brings him down is he can sometimes become a ball hog.

13- Tony Lamont Phillips [Real Langston F.C]
Height: 5’9 - Weight: 154 lbs - Age: 23 - Substitute
Phillips played soccer for a youth league team most of his childhood till the age of 17, When he was selected to play for a minor league team. After just one year with the minor league team and a bad season he terminated his contract and started attending Franks University where had two perfect seasons and brought his team to the semi-finals his second year. After his second year he was drafted as a second round pick by Real Langston F.C. and signed a two year contract. Both seasons where good for Phillips and critics noticed he evolved a lot from when he played at a university level. Real Langston made it to the quarterfinals twice but have not made it any further. Phillips herd of the opportunity to try out for the national team and he took it. After much hard work he managed to make the team.

Phillips is known for his ability to mark men and steal the ball with quick reflexes. He knows how to get around people and make long passes, Although he tends only to be good playing in a defensive rule and performance varies when he is attacking. Phillips can get very frustrated at players and officials but usually manages to control it.

15- Anthony Don Crox [Devonta City Capitals]
Height: 5’9 - Weight: 161 lbs - Age: 21 - Substitute
Crox did not start playing soccer till he was sixteen years old, Playing for his local high school team and managing to bring them to two city wide championships both years, But his team lost on the state level. By the time he graduated he received a scholarship to play for Kanza University and he took it over three other scholarships. He played for Kanza University for two seasons and helped them win one championship. After two years he was offered a large contract lasting two years with the Devonta City Capitals, A minor league team. In his first season he played well and his the Capitals made it to the finals but were defeated 1-0. Crox was one of the few minor league players invited to the national teams training camp and in an impressive feat was selected to play for the national team.

Crox is better suited for defense then he is on the offense, That is one reason he plays as a defensive midfielder. Known in the minor leagues for being able to mark men and pass, Although he is also known for being too aggressive and bad crossing. Crox as shown he can learn more from his more professional teammates and is very promising.

Right Midfielders:

14- DeMonte Creole Edwards [Harding F.C]
Height: 6’0 - Weight: 179 lbs - Age: 26 - Starter
Edwards started playing soccer as a little boy playing local neighborhood kids in his backyard. At age ten he was admitted into the youth league and they soon recognized his potential on the national level. His youth team won two championships and made it to the semi-finals three times, Partly do to Edwards efforts on the team. When he started high school he started to play for his high school team. His high school team went on to win the national championship and his youth team made it to the quarter finals. A year after playing soccer for his high school he left his youth team and joined a minor league team. The next three years he saw his high school team go to three quarter finals and his minor league team make it to the quarter finals twice and semi-finals once, Many critics were not surprised when he was signed to a four year contract with Harding F.C. after he finished his time on his minor league team and graduated high school. The four years playing for Harding F.C. brought four disappointing seasons although Edwards played well and managed to bring his team to the semi-finals his second year. Edwards was loaned out to a team in Seggenea for four years, Managing to led his team there to two trips to the championships losing both. Edwards took the chance to attend the national teams training camp and after beating out some hard competition he was selected to be on the national team and resigned with Harding F.C. hoping for better results.

Edwards is a solid midfielder and is known for his abilities to dribble and control the ball, His shooting abilities from long range and up close are also on par with some of the best, This ability to shoot allows him to be an effective passer also. Edwards struggles to sometimes stay in his spot and sometimes breaks formation.

16- Julius Xander Washington [Mandiana F.C.]
Height: 5’11 - Weight: 171 lbs - Age: 21 - Substitute
Washington begun playing soccer at a young age for local youth leagues around it hometown. When he attended high school he chose to continue to play for local youth teams instead of his high school. When he graduated after limited success in the youth league other than a few awards, He attended George Town State University and played two surprisingly well seasons for his team, Breaking his universities record for assists and sending them to the semi-finals his last year. Before signing a two year contract with Mandiana F.C., An emerging professional soccer club. In his first year as a substitute he played well and helped the team to the semi-finals. Washington was invited to tryout at the national teams training camp and he soon accepted the invitation, After hard work and a determined effort Washington was selected for the national team.

Washington is a moderately fast midfielder who is very versatile, Although he plays better on the offense. His abilities to control the ball and keep it are widely noted. He struggles with finding openings to pass but shows he is willing to learn from more senior players on his team.

20- Alexander Graham Jones [Mariner F.C.]
Height: 5’9 - Weight: 154 lbs - Age: 21 - Substitute
Alexander played soccer for his local youth soccer league before he joined his high schools varsity soccer team leading them to a city wide championship twice in his four years of playing for his high school, After high school he managed to get signed onto a minor league where he played two great seasons but with limited success. Recruiting agents for major league soccer watching one of his games decided to work out a contract with Jones. Jones signed a two year contract with Mariner F.C., In just one season he helped his team to the quarter-finals and became a noted player. Jones received an invite to the national teams training camp for tryouts and proudly accepted it, After a superb effort he managed to make the national team.

Jones is a good passer and knows how to keep tempo with the game. He plays better on the right side of the field and lacks crossing capabilities.

Offensive Midfielders:

17- Tyrell LaMarcus Owens Jr. [Riverton F.C.]
Height: 5’10 - Weight: 171 lbs - Age: 22 - Starter
Owens was the son of a minor league soccer player and was raised into a life of soccer. As a kid his dad made him spend countless hours practicing in his backyard. He soon joined his high schools varsity team and dominated on the statewide level. After high school was offered a chance to play for a minor league team or attend a university and play on a college level. Owens chose to play for Three Forks University and led his team to a semi-final and a championship. After two years playing for his college team he was drafted by Riverton F.C. and signed a four year contract. Since joining the professional football club he has helped his team to the semi-finals and the quarter-finals. After a good season he was invited to attend the tryouts taking place at the nationals teams training camp which he accepted. Owens passed through tryouts relatively easily.

Owens is known for his short burst of fast energy which allows him to get around other players. This also makes him good at crossing, shooting, and passing. He lacks from a defensive standpoint.

18- Salomon Van Bundy [Danza F.C]
Height: 5’9 - Weight: 162 lbs - Age: 23 - Substitute
Bundy played soccer in his early childhood but quit soccer to play basketball. By the time he reached high school he decided to give soccer another try and joined his high schools varsity soccer team. Through the next four years of high school he made himself known with in his city and with in his state, Many critics were surprised when he was not offered any contracts by a professional league team. He settled for a scholarship to play soccer at Humphrey University where he played with some success his next four years, Helping his team to three quarter-finals and a semi-final. Finally after long negotiations with Danza F.C. he was admitted into the professional league for a two year contract. He helped Danza F.C. to the quarter-finals his first year. Bundy took a shot at tryouts for the national team and was selected after a hard decision.

Bundy is known for being able to play in fast paced type games and can mark players and pass well, This also reflects on his shooting capabilities. He lacks when it comes to defense and ball control.


19- Gerald Van Johansen [Harding F.C.]
Height: 6’0 - Weight: 173 lbs - Age: 22 - Starter
Johansen’s father was a professional soccer player and loved soccer almost as much as his family it seems like. From his first steps in school he attended Gulf Coast Soccer Academy competing against youth league teams and other academies across the nation. He made himself known across the nation and lead his team to many high profile matches and lead his university to four championships. At the age of seventeen he graduated the academy early after signing with Harding F.C. a professional league team, The contract lasted four years. During his first game he wowed the United States of Devonta with his performance in his first match, He continued to impress to the point it was no longer surprising. It was not soon after his second year he became the #1 ranked forward in the league. Though he played well his team struggled as a whole till a better line up was made and the team made it to two championships, but lost both. He resigned with Harding F.C. for three years and passed easily through tryouts for the national team.

Johansen is known for his fast attacking capabilities, He has noted skills in crossing, ball handling, shooting, and works best in crowded environments it seems. Johansen as great focus and is also a capable all around versatile player his only problem is he tends to not like to pass the ball.

21- Lamar Samuel Adams [Danza F.C.]
Height: 5’9 - Weight: 157 lbs - Age: 17 - Starter
Adams attended the Dock City Soccer Academy most of his child life, He quickly made himself known and became noted around the United States of Devonta, Helping his college expand their soccer dynasty. By the age of 17 he was already in talks with the professional league, He signed with Danza F.C. for two years in a deal that was reported around the nation. Adams became the youngest player in the league when he signed his contract. His first year at Danza F.C. went well but his team only made it to the quarter-finals. Adams was invited to the national teams training camp and proudly accepted, It was no surprise when he was chose as a starting forward, Making him the youngest player on the national team.

Adams is a quick versatile Forward, Using his speed to make good crosses and get through defenders, His dribbling and control are also noted. Shooting seems almost basic to him. Adams has also shown is worth defending using his speed. Adams sometimes gets too frustrated or has problems with bragging about his goals.

22- Michael Jay Geithner [Astro F.C.]
Height: 6’0 - Weight: 183 lbs - Age: 23 - Substitute
Geithner played soccer all through his childhood for local youth leagues around his city. He failed to make it on his high schools team during his freshman year and it drove him to try hard his next year. The next year he made the varsity team and brought his team to two city wide championships, After receiving an offer to play for a foreign professional team for four years in the nation of Neo-Liberalis he accepted because a lack of offers in the United States of Devonta. During his time in Neo-Liberalis Geithner seen his team they’re go to two semi-finals, After his contract was over Astro F.C. asked him for a two year contract and he accepted. His first year seen Astro F.C. make it to the quarter-finals. After receiving an invitation to the national teams training camp he accepted and barely made the national team.

Geithner is a slower paced forward and uses his ability to control the ball and dribble as his advantages, He tends to not work well in very fast paced games and is not good a defense. Geithner is good at getting players to foul him too.

23- Noah Lamont Hill [Strickland F.C.]
Height: 5’11 - Weight: 173 lbs - Age: 26 - Substitute
Hill played soccer most of his childhood in different youth soccer leagues across the his hometown. When he became a freshman in high school he opted out of playing for his high school and was offered a chance to play in the national youth league, Which he accepted. He had good and bad seasons but managed to get his team to two quarter-finals. By the age of eighteen Hill was offered a chance to play for a professional team in the nation of Rygristan for four years and he accepted. In his four years in Rygristan he brought his team to a championship and semi-finals. Recruiting agents noticed his success and he was signed onto Strickland F.C. for a large five year contract. In his four years there Strickland F.C. has made it to the quarter-finals twice and semi-finals twice. Hill received an invitation to tryout at the national teams training camp, Which he accepted. After a close selection he was chosen to play on the national team.

Hill is known for his ability to mark men and pass, He also is known for his headers. He lacks when it comes to crossing and ball control.


Modifier: +2

Captain: 19- Johansen
Vice-Captain: 12- Abdullah
Third Captain: 2- Brooks
Free kicks: 19- Johansen
Right corners: 7- Liam
Left corners: 12- Abdullah
Penalties: 21- Adams

4-4-2 Diamond Formation:[Subject to change]




I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Minor only
Godmod Injury Events: Yes
Red Card Players: No
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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The Empire of Mizuyuki
Official Roster for the 70th World Cup

Official kits of the Mizuyuki national team, courtesy of Kirola Sports

Nation Background

Mizuyuki (Miraian: 瑞雪 , Tinchalian: 瑞雪, Mizuyuki; formally 瑞雪国 Mizuyuki-koku, Ruixueguo, alternatively the Empire of Mizuyuki), is in effect an amalgamation of twenty prefectures into a single unitary state, known formally as the Empire of Mizuyuki or the Technocratic Union of Mizuyuki. The Divine Empress of Mizuyuki, Empress Asuka, Amatsuka-no-Akane, is the de jure ruler of the country, while in practice, a select group of ten individuals - collectively known as the Executive Committee - are the leaders of Mizuyuki.

Situated in the region of Aeneas, the Celestial Empire has prided itself at being at the forefront of scientific progress for many a year. However, in recent years its sporting achievements have been nothing to sniff at, either; two successive qualifications in WC66 and 67 tell its own story, while only two last-gasp goals prevented them from making it three in a row at the last World Cup. In absolute terms, however, success has been difficult to come by; the only footballing honours that the senior side have bagged are the now-defunct Market Cup and the regional Aenean Cup.

Unfortunately, due to the inexorable progress of time, there is no historical record available for the foundation of the Celestial Empire. Historians claim that there is not sufficient empirical evidence to trace the links and connections back in time, but according to uncorroborated apocryphal evidence passed down via oral tradition, the lineage of the ruling House of Shirakawa can be traced to the ultimate deity of Kiseki-no-michi; Kirigiri-no-Mikoto-no-oomikami.

Mizuyuki is a country of approximately 72 million people. The population is about as homogenous as a pancake - more than ninety-five percent of the population are Mizuyuki-jin, with a smattering of other minorities floating around the place. It is a technologically advanced, semi-isolationist country that mostly keeps to itself, though it has been known to intervene in international affairs with the intention of preserving the status quo.

Stretching over 225,000 km2 in total land area, Mizuyuki ranks among the smaller nations in Aeneas - however, it ranks among the most densely populated nations in the region, with an average population density of almost 325 people per square kilometre. Mizuyuki has practised a form of government that is similar to an absolute monarchy ever since the promulgation of the Asuka Constitution in 2014. However, it does still retain some semblance of democratic government, with members of both Houses in its unitary bicameral parliamentary system elected by universal suffrage.

For more relevant information, see the Yukipedia page on Mizuyuki. Alternatively, you may have recourse to Mizuyuki on iiwiki.

Team Background

Three cycles; all of them comparatively successful to the doom and gloom that came before.

Having been granted effective carte blanche over team affairs following her masterful managerial performances in her debut cycle, things have perhaps not gone in Shirakiin Kurumi's favour last cycle. Top seeds in the group stage for the first time in Mizuyukian footballing history, the Nova choked badly against their group stage opponents, leading to a relatively unfancied Neu Engollon outfit pipping them to the group title, and along with it an easier route to the 68th World Cup Finals in Legalese and the Free Republics. Shirakiin's young guns comfortably disposed of Kalumba over two legs in their first playoff, but suffered heartbreak in the second playoff against Osarius; having pulled off a dramatic equaliser in the dying embers of the game, the Nova were then undone by two quick-fire goals in extra time.

Shirakiin is a very ideological coach when it comes to football strategy and tactics; as such, she has persevered with her brand of attacking, creative football throughout her reign at the top of Mizuyuki's footballing hierarchy. Shirakiin heavily emphasises the rapid recycling of possession from the back - it's not uncommon to see the ball being passed quickly from the defence to the midfield or forward line after possession is gained, without any dithering on the ball. However, there is a distinct personality to the team's attacking play - Mizuyuki usually breaks rapidly down the flanks before cutting into the middle. This can give them some trouble when they come up against a team who prioritises the battle for the center of the park, but in that case the two inverted wingers will switch flanks and start to bomb crosses in from wide with their favoured foot - the same goes for the wingbacks. The fluid play of total football is emphasised in Shirakiin's system, and Mizuyuki's players will regularly switch positions during open play, so a wingback may appear in the forward line, and a striker might track back to defend while leaving a winger up front as an auxiliary forward.

Strategy and Tactics

Style Modifier - +2.33r
Formation - 4-2-3-1


The Empire of Mizuyuki - Starting XI



All statistics are accurate as of pre WC70
Note - Family names/surnames listed first, given names listed last

NumberPlaying Pos.Squad Pos.NameAgeGenderHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Preferred Foot
1GKStarting XITakanashi Kiyoko20Female17547.79Left
4LBStarting XINatsume Rin17Female15244.31Right
5LCBStarting XIIshio Mifune18Female17554.59Right
6RCBStarting XIMikasa Natsumi17Female16449.29Right
25RBStarting XISatō Mana16Female15342.49Left
22LDMStarting XISaten Ruiko19Female16347.85Right
18RDMStarting XIIshibashi Tomoe18Female15443.99Left
92LWStarting XIUryū Kaori15Female15438.63Right
10CAMStarting XITsuchimikado Mikoto (C)18Female16146.51Right
11RWStarting XIIsshiki Mika18Female14839.57Left
30FWSubstituteKurugaya Miki17Female17748.31Left
80GKSubstituteKashiwagi Chiyo16Female17347.82Left
3LBSubstituteSuzuki Rikka19Female15642.56Right
16CBSubstituteTachibana Mashiro15Female17553.24Right
51LCMSubstituteSakuranami Koeda15Female15441.88Right
45CDMSubstituteYamamoto Shiori15Female17342.63Right
99CAMSubstituteKihara Sumire16Female15339.53Right
9FWSubstituteIzawa Airi18Female16447.98Right
60GKReserveHagiwara Maiya16Female17549.21Right
20LBReserveRin Qinghua19Female16753.86Right
40CMReserveSasaki Suzuno15Female15342.04Left
45FWReserveSamukawa Shizu16Female17352.23Right
52CMReserveAsakusa Kuroko13Female14035.72Left
55LWReserveHonda Midori18Female15742.56Right
70RWReserveShintani Miku12Female15243.67Right
42FWReserveSteiner Kirara14Female15741.15Right
90FWReserveShirane Luna14Female15342.21Right
74CBReserveHosoi Yui12Female16444.77Right
32FWReserveMiyazaki Misaki17Female17251.10Right
88LWReserveItsuka Reika15Female17045.98Right

Player assessments (Starting XI)

    TAKANASHI Kiyoko
    At nineteen years of age, Mizuyuki's first-choice senior goalkeeper is the oldest player in the entire senior team. Her style, influenced in part by her height, can only be described as highly unconventional. As a goalkeeper, she is not used to banking on support from Mizuyuki's persistently high defensive line, and as such, plays an exceedingly proactive sweeper-keeper role - at times even traversing the entire defensive third to clear up any impending danger, as well as play a part in ball distribution for the offence. Her game is a high-risk, high-reward one - trained to distribute the ball as efficiently as the rest of the Mizuyukian outfield players, her long balls can catch the opposition off guard, but the downside is of course her tendency to get caught out of position whenever an opposition attack bears down on her goal. Positionally speaking, she is excellent; however, the same cannot be said for her handling skills. Two prominent weaknesses are obvious in her game - she is prone to losing focus or buckling under the pressure in big games, as evidenced by her unfortunate slip in a World Cup group stage match against Turori, while her command of her area is naturally weak due to her inferior height relative to other multiverse-class goalkeepers.

    In keeping with the tradition of Mizuyuki's buccaneering inverted wing-backs, Natsume's play is designed around pace and wing wizardry. In a conventional tactical setup, the responsibility of providing incision from the flanks might well be left to the wingers - a stark contrast from the Shirakiin system. Thanks to the versatility which is so prized by the incumbent manager, Natsume found herself elevated to a starting spot ahead of the more tactically-limited Suzuki Rikka - and it is that very quality which has enabled her to thrive within a tactical setup emphasising creative freedom over excessive transitional rigidity. While defensively suspect, Natsume's speed and not-inconsiderable strength has allowed her to exploit defensive oversights or simple incompetence effectively; when switching positions with her left winger Uryū, she becomes a potent force on the flank, often cutting in to allow a teammate to make a free attacking run down the left. She is also a force to be reckoned with when on the ball - tricky dribbling is one of her strengths, and her finishing is commendable enough for a nominal defender when the ball falls onto her favoured foot. However, she can be easily harried off the ball when matched up against a stronger opponent with pace to match her own, and despite her skill on the ball, her off-the-ball movement can be questionable at times.

    ISHIO Mifune
    The complete technical centre back schooled in the Mizuyukian art of 'defence' (i.e. offence is the best defence), Ishio is a veritable defensive totem for the Mizuyukian team. Arguably the most defensive player of the entire starting XI sans defensive partner Mikasa, her playstyle is geared towards providing adequate support for the midfield while retaining a modicum of control over Mizuyuki's own defensive third. Tactically speaking, Ishio's defensive role is simple - sweep up long balls and dispossess anyone prowling within range of her defensive zone, while leaving Takanashi to sort out the hopeful long punts. However, this task is decidedly more difficult than the job description would seem to suggest - having a goalkeeper with an unusual playstyle in Takanashi, Ishio is often tasked with the unenviable job of attempting to rescue a seemingly desperate defensive situation. Bailing out the rest of her defensive colleagues is usually part and parcel of the Ponyville United centre back's game, and her immaculate timing of the tackle is a huge asset. Despite being vertically challenged like the rest of the Mizuyukian team, Ishio is blessed with a stunning jump - she more than makes up for her inferiority in terms of absolute height by rising far above the opposition when challenging for headers, a great asset which often comes in handy at both ends of the pitch. It is one key reason why she has been a mainstay of the starting XI ever since Shirakiin took charge of the national team - there is simply no one else possessing her unique skillset, and whenever Ishio is absent, Mizuyuki look very suspect at defending set-pieces and crosses into the area, a weakness which is only exacerbated by Takanashi's poor command of her area.

    MIKASA Natsumi
    A sports commentator was once overheard making a less-than-complementary remark about then fourteen-year-old Mikasa - 'what's that little girl doing on the pitch?' Barely 160 centimetres in height at sixteen years of age, one would not have thought that Mikasa makes a living as a professional footballer, let alone a centre back. It does not pay to underestimate the seemingly-frail Mikasa, however, as plenty of forwards found out to their cost last cycle - the Starfall centre back packs a punch when it comes to tackling, while her physique conceals above-average upper body strength honed by years of consistent regimens. In terms of style, expansive passing play is a defining characteristic of the more attacking-minded Mikasa. Often switching positions with the bulkier Saten, her competence in the pivot is nothing to be sniffed at - she is regularly the only pure defender to rank in the top ten of the senior squad in terms of successful through balls. Complementing Ishio's more defensively-oriented skillset with her own offensive spark, the two, in tandem with the midfield pivot of Ishibashi and Saten, form a formidable defensive combination.

    SATO Mana
    Shirakiin's well-documented predilection for attacking-minded defensive players notwithstanding, Satō's long-standing presence in the senior team has always been taken for granted, simply because she does her unspectacular job spectacularly well. Less of a direct attacking threat than Natsume, Satō plays with two things in mind - one, to keep the opposition pinned back in their own half; and two, to create attacking outlets for teammates with her astute positioning. She is not one to be directly involved in the attacking play; however, her role is crucial in that it disrupts the opposition's defensive line and opens up all sorts of opportunities for Mizuyuki to capitalise upon. Pulling the opposition one way and another with sheer positioning is one thing; but being a credible threat to warrant the opposition reshuffle is another thing altogether; Satō has a mean eye for goal, and her delightful crosses are nothing to be sniffed at either. Can be found wanting for stamina in the later stages of a game, so she's usually the first player to be substituted whenever Shirakiin feels that she can afford to spend a substitution on energy conservation.

    SATEN Ruiko
    Saten Ruiko can only be described as the human personification of the Energizer bunny. In her role as the box-to-box midfielder, Saten's unbounded energy and drive is the oil that keeps the Mizuyukian juggernaut ticking over comfortably. The number 22 usually plays in a withdrawn role in midfield, allowing the more creatively talented Ishibashi to venture forward supporting the attack, but she is hardly one to shy away from partaking in the attack herself. Unlike the silky Ishibashi, Saten plays rough and is not ashamed of it; she is well-known for her hatchet jobs and bodychecks, and many a player has been on the receiving end of one of her powerful challenges. A dab hand both on the ground and in the air, the midfield general is well-rounded in all aspects of the game, and is especially talented at the fine arts of tackling and pressuring the opposition. She likes to shoot from long range, especially when facing a shaky opposition goalkeeper, while her exceedingly impressive energy levels allow her to flourish well late into the game. A favourite Shirakiin ploy is to substitute a fresh Saten in after the hour mark as an impact substitute, with a brief to harass and force mistakes out of the tiring opposition.

    Mizuyuki's very own midfield metronome, passing is second nature to Ishibashi as breathing is for most people. Usually playing alongside the energetic Saten, Ishibashi's own style is more languid, relaxed and distribution-centric, focusing on dictating play and supplying the pacy attacking quartet with her incisive passing. As can be expected for a master of the pass, Ishibashi's vision is exemplary; spraying passes left, right, and center, her proficiency in this department meshes well with the intelligent attacking runs of Uryū and Isshiki, providing them with all the support they require to wreak damage in the final third. Ishibashi complements Tsuchimikado's more adventurous style well; often to be found roaming in an advanced position later in a match despite her withdrawn starting position, Ishibashi's sublime interplay with Tsuchimikado has brought many an opposition defence to its knees, the two often combining to devastating effect in the opposition half. The Saten-Ishibashi combo has also proved to be a winner; depending on the success of her interplay with Tsuchimikado, Ishibashi can withdraw slightly and feed the buccaneering Saten with shorter balls instead. Free-kicks have always been a key strength of Ishibashi's game, and she has scored some delightful scorchers over the course of her national career, with the most memorable coming in a Phoenix Cup game against Felix. A significant weakness is her defensive inadequacy; many's the time Ishibashi has been caught out of position when the team is caught on the break, and that can prove especially costly if Mizuyuki's flank players have overplayed their hand in attack.

    URYU Kaori
    The youngest member of Shirakiin's starting XI at the tender age of fourteen, Uryū Kaori is nonetheless widely acknowledged as one of the finest wingers that the Celestial Empire has ever produced. And that's saying something, with raw talents rolling off the assembly line by the hundreds every single cycle. Blessed with a dizzying turn of pace and all the technical attributes to thrive under the yoke of a Shirakiin system, the teenager is a crucial attacking outlet for the Nova. She isn't a prolific goalscorer by any means, and can sometimes be guilty of overplaying, but the bag of tricks she has under her belt more than makes up for that minor shortcoming; her inclination for blowing past stranded, flat-footed opponents to produce hatfuls of chances for her teammates to convert has quickly made her a fan favourite. She specialises in perfectly-timed low crosses, which is at odds with Kurugaya's physical style, but can also deliver a peach of a floater whenever the situation necessitates it. Skilful finishing is part of the tricky winger's repertoire as well; several memorable strikes have come against top-class opposition, some of which will definitely live long in the memory. The sheer quality of her goals compensates for their relative paucity; however, she has shown a compulsive eagerness to shoot in recent games, so don't be surprised if the goals start to come hard and fast.

    Captain and goalscorer extraordinaire, no single player in Mizuyukian footballing history has ever matched Tsuchimikado's astonishing goalscoring ratio. Nominally a creative attacking midfielder, Tsuchimikado tends to play off her forward's shoulder, her versatility allowing the team to shift to a two-striker formation with the minimum of fuss. An unparalleled instinct for scoring, coupled with a stunning rocket of a shot, has allowed Tsuchimikado to plunder goals against opposition from all across the ranking spectrum with remarkable ease. No matter where she may be on the pitch, she's always a latent threat waiting to pounce when the opportunity arises - just ask Northern Sunrise Islands 'keeper Mellody Sioux, who was beaten by a spectacular 35-yard angled drive during WCQ 69. As part of her armoury, the captain also boasts an unerring eye for the cute pass. Her telepathic connection with both Ishibashi and Saten allows her to showcase that particular attribute to devastating effect, regularly combining to pass the opposition out of the game with her midfield colleagues. Tsuchimikado's main strength is of course her finishing and anticipation, but she is equally well versed in the art of tackling - whenever interchanging with Kurugaya, she is often the first line of defence for the Nova, and her high work rate plus impressive engine allows her to give the opposition defenders no end of trouble. Top-class teams can often mark her out of the game by sticking a strong defender on her, although she does have a turn of pace that can leave the inattentive marker sprawled on the pitch.

    ISSHIKI Mika
    The classical Mizuyukian inverted winger, Isshiki lives for causing havoc on her flank. Whenever she steps on the pitch, you can bet she's going to do her damnedest to give her defender a torrid time. Being an out-and-out winger, she has that yard of pace which enables her to always be a step ahead of the pursuing defender, and it is undeniably her biggest asset. Unlike the more technical Uryū, who revels in executing sublime crosses and pulling off spectacular dribbles, Isshiki doesn't bother with the aesthetic side of the game if she can get away with it - she simply blows past everyone else and gets the ball into the box, failing which she will apply the finishing touch herself. You would be surprised at how much damage Isshiki can cause with a penetrating run with the ball, but it's just another day on the job for the speed merchant. Don't be fooled into thinking that Isshiki's speed is her only strength, though; the Canterlot Stars winger has made a name for herself after bamboozling some of the most experienced Miria defenders during her debut cycle. Underestimate her at your own peril.

    A highly accomplished target man, Kurugaya's finishing prowess - both in the air and on the ground - is simply unsurpassed in Mizuyuki. Standing at 174 centimetres tall, Kurugaya is a strong presence in the penalty area, and she uses her strength to great effect. Whether it be sweeping loose balls home from close range or sending goalkeepers sprawling with thirty-yard piledrivers, Kurugaya is in her element when scoring - she and Tsuchimikado alone have contributed close to forty percent of the Nova's goals over the last three cycles. However, she isn't a selfish player by any means; she is equally comfortable holding the ball up and waiting for support to arrive. Pace is yet another key attribute in the Kurugaya armoury, while her athleticism has improved by leaps and bounds after Shirakiin slotted her into the starting XI in place of Izawa. Her sheer instinct for knowing when to arrive in the box has contributed to a large amount of her goals, while opposition defenders would do well to pay attention to her propensity to force the issue and pull the trigger at the slightest hint of an opening.


ManagerShirakiin Kurumi26Female
Assistant ManagerYunokawa Takiji33Male
1st Team CoachYasuhiro Shizuka29Female
1st Team CoachTsuga Mariko28Female
1st Team CoachIchikawa Hayao23Male
Goalkeeping CoachMayuzumi Yukiyo27Female
Tactical CoachShiba Jun31Male
Fitness CoachMitsuzaka Midori24Female
Head PhysioNarato Yuri41Female
PhysioFuchida Rina21Female
PhysioNaganohara Yumeha19Female

Roleplay Info

Left Corner TakerUryū Kaori
Right Corner TakerIsshiki Mika
Penalty TakerTsuchimikado Mikoto
Direct FK TakerIshibashi Tomoe
Indirect FK TakerSaten Ruiko
Most likely to foul/be bookedIshio Mifune
Most likely to shootIsshiki Mika
Most likely to score from close rangeIzawa Airi
Most likely to score from long rangeSaten Ruiko
Most likely to be fouledTsuchimikado Mikoto
Most likely to attempt the spectacularTsuchimikado Mikoto

Roleplay Permissions

I give my opponents permission to do absolutely anything, with the exception of the infliction of career-ending injury/death on my players.
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The Scattered Isles of Kazamatsuri
Official Roster for the 70th World Cup


Nation Background

A semi-autonomous territory of the Empire of Mizuyuki, Kazamatsuri is a relatively new nation, having only been formed through a secession of a number of Mizuyuki's island colonies from its local administration a year previously. However, this change is said in political circles to be merely cosmetic, as the Empire remains in de facto control over the entire island chain in the prefecture due to the "revolutionaries" being unable to gain international recognition as a sovereign country.

Mizuyuki's comparatively overwhelming military might cast a shadow over Kazamatsuri. Following months of negotiations between the Executive Committee of Mizuyuki and the revolutionaries, the island chain of Kazamatsuri was officially made a protectorate of Mizuyuki, formally The Scattered Isles of Kazamatsuri, Protectorate of the Celestial Empire of Mizuyuki. However, a clause exists in the official treaty that compromises Kazamatsuri's already insignificant "independence"; Mizuyuki retains the right to revoke their protectorate status and reintegrate Kazamatsuri into their territories without notice. That being the case, however, during her opening speech at an official ceremony held at Kizuna Kyūden (絆宮殿) to recognise Kazamatsuri as a protectorate of the Celestial Empire, Mizuyukian diplomats reassured the leaders of Kazamatsuri that there were no plans to sanction such a revocation of their status in the near future.

Soon afterwards, a puppet government of the Celestial Empire was put into place; the leaders of the revolution were given nominal positions in the newly formed Kazamatsuri cabinet, which is known as The Committee of Judgment (判決委員会), Hanketsu Iinkai, (Judgment for short) while a loyalist of the Mizuyuki administration, Tonoya Akira (殿谷 明), the sister of Mizuyukian Executive Committee member Tonoya Jin (殿谷 仁) was installed as the Mizuyukian High Commissioner in Kizuna. She is set to continue presiding over the Scattered Isles for the foreseeable future.

Note - On 20 November 2013, the Scattered Isles of Kitsuneshima was officially renamed the Scattered Isles of Kazamatsuri.

Team Background

A group of ragtag professionals that originally held Mizuyukian citizenship, the members that make up Kazamatsuri's team are footballers that defected to Kazamatsuri following the Treaty of Kizuna that officially declared Kazamatsuri as a protectorate of Mizuyuki in protest of the decision. They claim that the formation of Kazamatsuri as a protectorate and not a fully independent country is unlawful, and thus chose to protest the decision by claiming Kazamatsurian citizenship and playing for their hatchling national team. However, since the Treaty of Kizuna holds that all citizens of Kazamatsuri are, by extension, citizens of Mizuyuki, this move was also criticised by many as ineffectual and merely a plea to garner attention.

Strategy and Tactics

Style modifier - +3.125
Formation - 4-2-3-1 wide


The Scattered Isles of Kazamatsuri - Starting XI



All statistics are accurate as of post Runner Cup 3
Note - Family names/surnames listed first, given names listed last

NumberPlaying Pos.Squad Pos.NameAgeGenderHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Preferred Foot
90GKStarting XIMaruyama Natsu29Male19383.57Right
2LBStarting XISakanoue Masuzu18Female16446.57Left
4LCBStarting XIMoriguchi Takashi (C)31Male19092.44Right
5RCBStarting XIShimura Kazu19Male18262.31Right
19RBStarting XIAkechi Naruko21Female14948.97Right
12RCMStarting XIJinnai Minatsu19Female17154.25Right
13CDMStarting XIFujioka Misako24Female16447.23Right
16LCMStarting XINishio Katsuko25Female16143.45Right
10CAMStarting XISakurada Sachiko19Female14939.79Left
7RWStarting XIToyota Kaori18Female16746.24Right
9LWStarting XIKira Rei18Female17254.56Left
34GKSubstituteTezuka Ruri32Female17853.45Left
26LBSubstituteTsukade Minami18Female16448.25Left
28RBSubstituteEnomoto Takumi14Male18061.25Right
30CDMSubstituteShiina Rintarō37Male17455.47Right
32RWSubstituteKikugawa Mariko30Female16746.54Right
11FWSubstituteShokuhō Suzuno18Female17050.21Right
33LWSubstituteShikitei Yoshifumi27Male16752.67Left
40GKReserveFukazawa Taki30Male19794.65Right
35CMReserveGasai Tsumiki20Female15945.51Right
37CMReserveHigashikuni Yuki21Male17158.26Left
92CBReserveSugihara Takara28Female18563.74Right
42FWReserveSerizawa Amane19Female16349.63Left
93LWReserveTsukamoto Nichiren17Male17354.66Right
41RWReserveHasekura Kazue19Female16446.45Left
42FWReserveEzakiya Amaya14Female14741.12Left
90FWReserveHayashida Inari17Female16043.68Right
79CBReserveTsutsumi Yasuhiko20Male18468.65Right
87FWReserveIshida Yuka18Female16452.67Right
95LWReserveKomatsu Jin19Male17867.59Right


ManagerMad Dash51PegasusMale
Assistant Manager IMitsumine Akira (formerly Mailman 912JZNSUDU)28HumanMale
Assistant Manager IIArranna Sa’Martan40UrsineFemale
1st Team CoachMorning Star42PegasusFemale
1st Team CoachStronghold59DragonMale
1st Team CoachUtagawa Rie22HumanFemale
Goalkeeping CoachDaisy Dive37Earth PonyFemale
Tactical CoachFrigid Night45GriffonMale
Fitness CoachAnders Pierson41HumanMale
Head PhysioGempatch42Crystal PonyFemale
PhysioMerriwell29Bat PonyMale
PhysioShirai Kazushige28HumanMale
International ScoutHazel Watts39HumanFemale
Weather Team CaptainThunderburst24PegasusFemale

Roleplay Info

Left Corner TakerSakurada Sachiko
Right Corner TakerSakurada Sachiko
Penalty TakerKira Rei
Direct FK TakerKira Rei
Indirect FK TakerJinnai Minatsu
Most likely to foul/be bookedAkechi Naruko
Most likely to shootToyota Kaori
Most likely to score from close rangeKira Rei
Most likely to score from long-rangeJinnai Minatsu
Most likely to be fouledToyota Kaori
Most likely to attempt the spectacularKira Rei

Roleplay Permissions

I give my opponents permission to do absolutely anything, with the exception of the infliction of career-ending injury/death on my players.
The Scattered Isles of Kazamatsuri
Demonym Kazamatsuri-jin/Kazamatsurian | Capital Yuigahama | Trigram KZR | Population 7,293,721
'I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant ...
it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.'
<Vettrera> You're scooping what I'm pooping
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11:34:23 <+Val|WI> Felix should be dead by now
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11:35:20 — Yui-nyan|Kaza chainsaws Felix
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The Llamanean Classic or Double Diamonds lineup, which Bogdan Antonlescu will be employing to begin with, is a flexible 4-4-2 / 4-2-3-1 crossbreed which looks like this
Offensive Lineup (3-3-2-2)
Defensive Lineup (3-4-3)

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y, but only to a certain extent
RP injuries to my players Y, not too many please. No killing or career-ending without my express written consent.
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N-ish (If you eject more than one player, you have to eject an equal amount of your own players)
Godmod other events Y (TG me what you're godmodding for approval.)

Style Mod: +1.35

BoF49: 3W-1D-1L, 10 points, second of six in Group B, L 3-0 to Kintratar in Ro16
WC62 Qualifying: 3W-1D-10L, 10 points, seventh of eight in Qualifying Group 8
WC63 Qualifying: 9W-2D-7L, 29 points, seventh of ten in Qualifying Group 6
CoH55: 0W-1D-3L, 1 point, last of five in Group A
WC64 Qualifying: 5W-3D-10L, 18 points, seventh of ten in Qualifying Group 17
WC65 Qualifying: 9W-4D-5L, 31 points, third of ten in Qualifying Group 1
CoH57: 2W-1D-1L, 7 points, second of five in Group F, L 3-2 to Barunia in Ro16
WC66 Qualifying: 6W-2D-2L, 20 points, second of six in Qualifying Group 29
CoH58: 1W-1D-2L, 4 points, fourth of five in Group F
WC67 Qualifying: 10W-1D-5L, 31 points, second of nine in Qualifying Group 2, lost playoff legs to Kandorith (2-1, 0-1, Kandorith wins on away goals)
CoH59: 1W-0D-1L, 3 points, second of three in Group A, W 3-0 over Sangti in Ro16, L 7-0 to Pasarga in Quarterfinals
WC68 Qualifying: 11W-2D-1L, 35 points, first of eight in Qualifying Group 2, lost group winner playoff legs to The Holy Empire (3-4, 1-3), won second playoff legs over Taeshan (2-1, 1-1)
WC68: 3-0 L to The Holy Empire, 2-1 W over Northern Sunrise Islands, 3-2 L to Audioslavia: 1-0-2 (3 points, 3rd of four) in Group B
WC 69 Qualifying: 8W-1D-5L, 25 points, third of eight in Qualifying Group 20
Runner Cup 3: 2-2 D to Dainer, 1-1 D to St. James Islands, 3-2 W over Mangolana: 1-2-0 (5 pts., 2nd of four) in Group E;
Ro16 W over Darvale (1-1, 3-1 AET), QF W over Jeru FC (2-2, 4-2 AET), SF W over Kandorith (3-2), Finals L to Equestrian States (2-0)


Fast Facts: When Henry McNeal strained his wrist diving for a ball in the dying minutes of FC Chippenham's season, he immediately put himself off the squad. The thirty-one-year-old ex-prodigy, now appearing to have only one cup left in him, could still join the team for the cup proper and if lucky the second half of qualifiers, but it's more than likely that McNeal will pass the beacon down to Jared Finch, with Nick Mikalay a capable reserve. For the third spot, the enigmatic A.J. Ramires has been selected. Only time will tell if the keepers can hold out.

listed in order of likeliness to start

FINCH, Jared - #3 - 26

Lauded as the next Henry McNeal, Finch is a little injury-prone, although his dexterity and penalty-kick skills are second to none. A natural leader, Finch could potentially have three cups in him, making him, although not the most mistake-free keeper, a fantastic solution to Super-Llamaland's current lack of a dominant keeper with intact wrists.

MIKALAY, Nick - #2 - 29

Solid and consistent, Nick Mikolay doesn't make highlight plays, but never gets injured and makes many saves. Good tactically but average athletically, he shouldn't be on the pitch too often, as Finch overshadows him in far too many aspects. Not that he cares, naturally, for he's a great teammate.

RAMIRES, AJ - #23 - 26

Consistently inconsistent, Ramires has a brilliant sense of tactics and is extremely athletic, but as he played in different positions until 17, still seems to lack the base instinct that could instantly deposit him into the starters' slot. Perhaps he'll come around someday?


Fast Facts: Well, that got old quickly. Like seriously. Those who were once stars of the future have suddenly matured, and the team's defense for the first time in six years has veteran leadership. With a few new additions, the Llamaneans could suddenly have a solid back wall.

REAGAN, Ryan - #9 - 32 - Sweeper/Center Back (Image Sabrefell Athletic)

Despite his age, Reagan is still one of the fastest players on the team, and with his steadily improving tactics and passing, it's no surprise Antonlescu considers him the de-facto assistant captain.

MYERS, Sebastian - #3 - 21 - Left/Center Back

Freshly graduated from the U21, Myers is one of the most active players on the pitch. With seemingly endless stamina and a runner's frame, he's also fast and can often make runs to kickstart a counterattack.

AGUDIERES, Javier - #8 - 27 - Center Back

Fantastic coverage, seems to anticipate passes at will and get there, not the best stamina, fair tackler, specializes on getting the ball and giving it a good kick to midfield. A great guy to have on defense.

NELSON, Derrick - #5 - 31 - Right Back (CAPTAIN) (The Royal Kingdom of Quebec -Montreal Koreana)

Defensive linchpin, vocal leader, ex-captain of U-21 team, could've easily made it to WC 67 had he not tore an ACL. All-around stud recovered quickly to get back on the U-21 team for "recovery", conveniently leading defensive to the Ro16 in the process. Not the best attacker but great at clearing it upfield under pressure, as well as pretty much everything else, especially that leadership of his. A few knee injuries are beginning to slow him down, but he's still a great defender, especially with coverage.

GRAY, Nicholas - #35 - 24 - Any defensive position

A great teammate, started charity before he was old enough to drive, mild Aspergers. On the playing side of things, he's athletic enough for top-notch coverage, although he struggles at clearing it.

BAY, Adam - #18 - 23 - right back/sweeper

Inconsistent but has the potential to shine. Replaces the injured/ineffective Curtis Appel. Bay should be able to substitute adequately for most positions in the endgame, making him a valuable tactical tool for Bogdan.

(Image Industus BALE, Alex - #6 - 25 - left/center back, defensive midfielder

Strong tackle-control-and-clear guy, good ball coverage, decent athleticism, slowly improving skills and instinct. Still has a reputation for being carded too often, although the cards themselves have faded away.


Fast Facts: The loss of Jake Wiggins will sting, but with improvements from every other player and a more balanced team, this could be one of the best Llamanean set of halfbacks ever, surpassing even the dynamic Trevor Duncan - Jared Mullin - Chris May combo from a decade or so back.

STURGEON, Kyle - #31 - 29 - Left halfback Jeckland - Nagelti Rovers)

A laid-back playmaker who can shock with short bursts, but tends to stay back and facilitate the attack. Three-sport athlete in high school is rarely injured and becoming more athletic. He still hasn't been slowed by age, and perhaps he could become a star at the World Cup.

PLAYER, Anthony - #16 - 25 - Center/right halfback

Do-anything halfback specialized in being the middleman between playmakers and shooters at the Di Bradini Cup and saw scattered appearances at the WCQ. Good leadership, ex-captain of the Royals, but has already reached his ceiling. Jack of all trades. (Jeckland - Colanso FC)

FORD, Alex - #11 - 30 - Attacking midfielder

(Image Carrubonieta II Gueti)
Fantastic shooter, can put a shot on goal from anywhere, crafty with shot placement. Loves attacking, tends to receive passes instead of pass them. Will occasionally sit out if the manager is desiring something more teamwork-y, but he's certainly a great shooter unless he's overconfident, in which case expect a smattering over the crossbar and outside the post.

FORDHAM, Bryan - #22 - 28 - Defensive/center halfback
Good all-around, poor man's version of player, quiet teammate. Not a bad shot but tends to stay back and pass around. Surprisngly good in the back four but just not good enough, but he's a versatile asset to have when you want to space the field.

DICKINSON, Tobias - #30 - 27 - Center/attacking midfielder
Great playmaker in the front third, can pass around brilliantly and good at keeping control. Not a bad shooter but tends to hang too far in front to be an effective center midfielder.

INRIQUEZ, Sebastian - #13 - 21 - wing halfback/attacking midfielder

Projected to become one of Super-Llamaland's all-time greats, Inriquez, still extraordinarily talented and athletic, although he isn't much off the field, has developed into a brilliantly agile attacking force. While he won't do much defensively, his attacking prowess and a rapidly-improving shot made him one of Adam Castronova's best weapons.


Fast Facts: There's still a logjam here, with Cartwright, Powell, and Masters all starters in their own right, Ferguson and Nilssen brilliant as well, and no true vacancies in either the defense or the midfield.

CARTWRIGHT, Alex - #10 - 27 (The Royal Kingdom of Quebec - Kingston FC)

A venomous attacker who was called "the next Trevor Duncan" at eighteen, Cartwright is brilliant in the box and powerful, although not the most accurate, from long range. Solidified his star status with a flurry of goals in the qualifiers, including a hat trick against Costa de Ouro, to finish with eleven goals, before moving from the midfield to the attack and scoring another brace at the runner cup. Cartwright has slightly improved his passing game, and he's transitioned into a complete offensive player.

MASTERS, Peter - #21 - 28 (Image 1830 Cathair)

A player in LigAnia, one of the world's most prestigious leagues, Masters is an attacker. The shoot-first striker is introverted, willful, and passionate, with a brilliant PK and astoundingly quick acceleration, although he still isn't the best passer.

FERGUSON, Aidan - #18 - 25

A good playmaker with a surgeon's touch. Fairly athletic, but will take a more complementary role.

POWELL, Eden - #14 - 30

Brilliant with the finish, top-notch with penalty kicks. He's a better passer as well, and provides leadership in the box. Can score with any part of his body, but not the best beyond the penalty box. Great tactically if only decent athletically. (Image Inter Binar)

NILSSEN, Kristopher - #16 - 23

Nilssen is sublime on the attack, keeping opponents constantly guessing with his combination of speed, agility, and creativity. While still unfinished, Nilssen could be starting in front of players like Masters and Powell once the cup ends.


BENNETT, Lucas - 25 - GK
MYERS-BRIGGS, Sagan - 23 - DF
ÇESKY, Cameron - 26 - DF
ALLEN, Hadrian - 29 - DF
MONTGOMERY, Karl - 23 - MF
MARQUEZ, Jefferson - 31 - MF (Image Honneur)
ESTRELLINE, Alexis - 23 - MF
McKENZIE, Michael - 26 - ST (Image Deline Athletic)
RAYMOND, Angel - 28 - ST (Image Sieberg)


Bogdan Antonescu - A banteng cow straight out of Furellum, where he's coached every national team squad but the current one along with the successful U-15 team. Also, he's a cow and definitely not Llamanean, which is irking many a sportswriter. Tactically flexible and mentorally fantastic, he could see a long and prosperous career for the Tigers. Or be assassinated.


Eric Bayern - 67
Trevor Duncan - 43
Kathryn Pederssen - 51

TRAINER - Rob Grady - 46
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Northern Sunrise Islands
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Postby Northern Sunrise Islands » Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:11 pm


Other Nicknames: The Victory Road Warriors, The Black-White-and-Yellow, USI, Arceus' Eleven
Capitals: Mardi (NSI), Platform Moon (ESI), Porto Velho (WSI), Danielson (SSI), Arceusfair (CSI), Novalux (UPS), Underground City (LWS)
Administrative Cities:Sunrisian Edenia (NED/SED), Soluppgängen (SOL), Basil Pike (BPI), Xavanan (AON), Sant Joan (SAN), Son Vasco (SON), Saint Elsewhere (STE), New Milkwood (NMW), Novalux (NVA), Ambrechoodthi (WDW), Tehau (ROB), Spear Pillar (SPR), Jamestown (ARC), Central Town (NOV), Tynebrook (FLT), Wildton (CRO)
Official Language: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Sunricean, Maori, Upper Sunrisian, Lowergroundian
Unofficial Language: Italian, Irish, Welsh, Mobian, Swedish, Aoesenx, Catalan, Basque, Widownese, Roberiquian, Crosstownian, Creeperin, Enderian
National Currency: Islander Dollars (I$)
Regions: Esportiva (NSI, SSI), Rushmore (ESI), Atlantian Oceania (WSI), Emirates of Futurnia (UPS, LWS, NED, SED, SOL, BPI, AON, SAN, SON, STE, NMW, NVA, WDW, ROB, SPR, ARC, NOV, FLT, CRO)
National Info: The Unified Sunrise Islands are, in fact, the religious union of Northern Sunrise Islands, Southern Sunrise Islands, Western Sunrise Islands, Eastern Sunrise Islands, recently founded Central Sunrise Islands, a group of space settlements that recently started to go under Arceusism known as Upper Sunrise Islands and an underground community who so happen to have found out a sea under the ground and call themselves the Lower Sunrise Islands.

Num. Pos. Name Age NAT Team
01 GK Mellody SIOUX 31 NSI Ponyville United [Equestrian States]
02 LB LUCAS GALHARDO 26 NSI Manehattan Dragons [Equestrian States]
03 CB Matt O'HAILE 23 NSI Tropicorp FC [Vilita]
04 CB Slein DRAAGYN 23 NSI Stemanisis SSC [Yttribia]
05 RB Maynor "MIRACLE" Marian 25 ESI Runaway Luxrays [Eastern Sunrise Islands]
06 DM Hasato KIMIKI 23 NSI Tropicorp FC [Vilita]
07 CM ROLANDO 18 NSI Zenit Attapiskawat [Royal Kingdom of Quebec]
08 CM ROLANDINHO JULIANO 18 NSI Montreal Koreana [Royal Kingdom of Quebec]
09 OM RUBY 18 SED Ragaman [Dainer]
10 CF Hannah ALCOUIN 18 NSI RSK Longyeabyen Town [Polar Islandstates]
11 CF FELIPE MANICHE 26 NSI¹ Bengtsmark IF [Buyan]
12 GK Luke CHARMANDER 24 NSI Avenida Principal [Farfadillis]
13 LB Krista "GRASSHOPPER" Miller 21 NSI Sporting Volker [Felix]
14 CB Yuki HIYAMA 20 NSI Suzuka Route 99ers [Mizuyuki]
15 CB ZEZINHO 18 WSI Gwinevra Barbarians [Apox]
16 RB Tamara Lynn RHODES 28 NSI South Rathia [Brenecia]
17 DM Yupanqui SARRACENA 18 NSI Sabrefell Athletic [New Sideburn]
18 CM MARQUINHOS CARNAVALENSE 20 NSI Iskara Daii [Starblaydia]
19 CM Brittany CLEESE 19 NSI Mabel Wigglytuffs [Northern Sunrise Islands]
20 OM Sanui SHIZUKA 22 NSI Gwinevra Barbarians [Apox]
21 CF Nexxus RIOT 18 BSP Southwind HC [Crystal Empire]
22 CF MING 18 NSI Urdutown [Dainer]
23 LB Kirlia RALTS 19 NSI Serbury [Jeckland]
24 CB Apollinaris TRETYAKOVA 20 NSI¹ Oljestaden IF [Audioslavia]
25 CB RED 19 NSI Sport Wios [Dainer]
26 RB Anna HIKARI 19 NSI St. George's Creek [Apox]
27 DM Namine NAGASHIBATO 24 NSI CD Guayabal Gas [San Jose Guayabal]
28 CM Yuna NAGAI 20 NSI CD Barrio El Niño [San Jose Guayabal]
29 CM Sasuke AKIYO 19 NSI Suzuka Route 99ers [Mizuyuki]
30 OM BEBETO 24 NSI Bayern-Algaer [Taeshan]
31 CF ANA CAROLINA 18 NSI Northbrook [Western Borderlands]
32 CF Isaac SUPLEX-TILT-A-WHIRL 17 STE FF Berafjordinn [Bleak Rock]
33 CF Louise MONTBLANC 27 NSI Altomare [Felix]
34 CB Dustin AMBROSE 21 NSI Acropolis [Dainer]
35 CB Luther REIGNS 22 NSI Crystal [Dainer]
36 CM PIETRA CARVALHO 18 NSI Industus [Gloriax]
37 CF Remus OTHNIEL-ĽUBOMIR 16 ESI Dayton FC [Darvale]
-- COACH Mihashi CHIYO 32 Matthew City Senators Style: +1
Asterisk denotes player with double nationality.
Main Nations:
NSI - Northern Sunrise |WSI - Western Sunrise |ESI - Eastern Sunrise |SSI - Southern Sunrise
CSI - Central Sunrise |UPS - Upper Sunrise |LWS - Lower Sunrise
NED - North Edenia |SOL - Soluppgängen |BPI - Basil Pike |AON - Aonx
SED - South Edenia |SAN - Sant Jordi |SON - Son Vasco |STE - Saint Elsewhere
NMW - New Milkwood |NVA - Novacqua |WDW - Widowrovery |ROB - Roberick
SPR - Spear Pillar |ARC - Arceusland |NOV - F.A.A. Nova |FLT - Flatland Heights
CRO - Crosstate

Don't kill or injure them for too long. Cards are fine, zanny goals are even better.

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Postby Gylias » Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:11 pm

Gylian national football team

National information: Available on iiwiki.


The national football team of the Republic of Gylias has historically had a rather limited international sports presence due to its gender-neutral roster, as the team absolutely insists that it will either be allowed to play as is or it will not participate in an event at all, which has led to it boycotting several international tournaments. Its experience consists mainly of frequently scoreless friendly matches, though it has participated in the Cornellian Cup since independence, winning in 2000 and coming second in 2014. It also participated in this year's Baptism of Fire 57, coming in last in its group.

Gylians are known for culturally regarding sport as an opportunity for enjoyment above all else, and refusing to acknowledge the competitive aspects. The national football team is no different, as its players are drawn from local football teams which never play in tournaments, but instead only play friendly matches, completely ignoring winning, losing and even scores in order to focus on having fun. Gylian players are known for a near-perfect record of good sportsmanship, having only very rarely received yellow cards due to accidents, and for frequently interacting and engaging in friendly conversation with their teammates and the other team's players on the pitch while playing.

The standard Gylian playing style is mainly inspired by the total football practiced by the Dutch national team in the 1970s and the tactical innovations of the Hungarian national football team in the 1950s. As such, the Gylian national football team has no fixed formation, and instead uses a fluid lineup whereby every player on the field except for the goalkeeper freely switches between multiple roles and positions, emphasising flexibility and cooperation over specialisation.

The team's shirts are white with a golden line running through the middle, regardless of whether they are the home or away team. If it would be necessary, they request that the Gylian national anthem not be played before a match in order to avoid depressing the audience.

Kits: White T-shirts with a golden line running through the middle, whenever they feel like wearing them
Style: 0 (balanced)
Formation: Total football - no fixed formation


1. Bhaksa Terneshyk
2. Kalse Ramned
3. Hurik Davidyan
4. Navan Dzíorny
5. Adna Acsir
6. Panagiotakis Xanthopoulos
7. Hana Matsuri
8. Dietmar Enns
9. Mared Terneshyk
10. Xadje Korxal
11. Naomi Mizushima
12. Nar Enylesh
13. Tzane Leuthej
14. Nels Langenberg
15. Zardáy Thashnæn
16. Arda Shanrek
17. Arevik Moushian
18. Rubinho Rodrigues

The position of goalkeeper rotates among all members for each match, and the roster is also changed for each match. Every half-time, the Gylian team will make two substitutions to rest players and give backups a turn on the field, ensuring that all members play as equally as possible throughout a match or tournament.

Manager: Amrana Eytak

Coach: Sarna Dyrvedz

I Give To My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: N
Yellow Card Players: N
Godmod Other Events: N
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The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:12 pm

Royal Kingdom of Quebec Grim Reapers

Country Code: QUE
Nickname: Grim Reapers
Manager: Jayson Dhanda, 48, Osarius (OSR)
Assistant Managers: Kurt Hlasek, 49, Vaugania (VAU)
Antonio Leggieri, 67, Felix (FEL)
Coaches: Cody Gallant, 28; Sook Jin Lee, 36; Michel Lalonde, 48
Physiologist: Jean-Ferdinand Martin, 43
Captain: Frederic Beauchemin, 54
Assistant Captains: Karl Varsteeg, 25
Zachary Fortin, 28

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes(TG me)
Godmod scoring events: Yes(TG me)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes(TG me)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes(TG me)
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(TG me, and no more than one)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(make them creative, but TG me beforehand )
Godmod other events: Yes(Be creative, but TG me beforehand)
Style Modifier: +4.25

Starting XI
GK- Ondrej Cech, 19, Beckwith City (The Sarian)
DEF- P.K. Varsteeg, 28, Sleepy Hollow (Taeshan)
DEF- Carlos Ferrari, 27, Beckwith City (The Sarian)
DEF- Karl Varsteeg, 25, Avenida Principal (Farfadilis)
MID- Frederic Beauchemin, 54, Alianza FC (San Jose Guayabal)
MID- Soo Hyuk Kim, 21, Ninon Beart Reapers (NSI)
MID- Roberto Di Maria, 25, CD Aguila (San Jose Guayabal)
FOR- Xavier Hertel, 23, Fontvieille FC (Yttribia)
FOR- Leonardo Conavacio, 20, Blacklake Blues (Taeshan)
FOR- Marcos Zelaya, 17, SK Aasiaat Harbour (Polar Islandstates)
FOR- Zachary Fortin, 28, Real Campo Grande (Valladares)


GK- Adrian Middleton, 26, Maximum Rovers (Nephara)
Seung Myeon Courtois, 21, St.John's Arsenal (Q-League)

DEF- Devane Miller, 26, Nunavut North Stars (Q-League)
Jannick Kontiola, 20, OAS Royal FC (Cosumar)
Eugene Cohen, 37, Stalliongrad HC (Equestrian States)
Hye Min Jeong, 18, Montreal Koreana (Q-League)

MID- Robert Byeon-Myeong, 27, Nunavut Red Army (Q-League)
Stewie Burns, 23, Universidad de Santander (Felix)
William Corriander, 32, Montreal Koreana (Q-League)
Rene Bourassa, 32, Winnipeg United (Q-League)

FOR- Cassius Antolini, 25, CSKA Quebec (Q-League)
Pascal Boyle, 23, Knights of Tiberia (Legalese)
Maksim Buchanevitch Jang, 25, Salvador FC (The Sarian)
Angelo Gelinas, 19, Burgess FC (Greater Mertagne Union, LigAnaia)

--------Kim-----Di Maria-----------
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Postby Pays den haut » Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:18 pm

Équipe nationale de soccer des Pays d'en haut
Pays d'en haut's national soccer team

Pays d'en haut's introduction and country information:

Pays d'en haut is a large country with a small population who remained isolated until now. The only spoken language is French and anyone not speaking French in les Pays d'en haut is executed. However, during the world cup 70, tourists will be allowed to enter in les Pays d'en haut and they will be allowed to speak another language than French. Tourists (and soccer players and journalists) will have to wear an orange fluo card around their neck to show they are a tourist. This orange fluo card allow them to speak another language than French between themselves. Your national soccer team will be allowed to bring one or two interpreters who speak French and your language. If you don't have an interpreter it will be also possible to rent a slave who will act as a French/English interpreter.

Les Pays d'en haut is a medieval country with a cold climate ruled by 13 clan leaders. We don't have any technologies. No radio, no tv, no microwaves, no computers, no wifi. During the world cup 70, with the help of a technologically advanced nation, we have build a technology center with tv studios for any nation who wants to broadcast our games. There's also a media center with computers equiped with an old dial up internet connection. Wifi won't work though.

Team history and background

Les pays d'en haut remained isolated until now. They have recently participated in the Baptism of Fire 57 and have a 1-0-3 record.

Baptism of Fire 57
Pays d'en Haut 1–2 Abanhfleft
The Oaklands 1–0 Pays d'en Haut
Pays d'en Haut 2–3 New Drakonika
North Britonisea 0–1 Pays d'en Haut

More information:

Nation: Les peuples nordiques des Pays d'en haut

Demonym: Habitants

Nickname: les Ours, the Bears, les Habitants, the habitants

Colours: light blue, yellow, white

Formation: 4-5-1

Style Modifier: -1

National stadiums:
Parc Blainville, Blainville, Pays d'en haut (2000 seats)
Stade André-Courcelles, L'Assomption, Pays d'en haut (500 seats)
Parc Angora, Terrebonne, Pays d'en haut (1000 seats)
Parc Multisports de Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Jérôme, Pays d'en haut (500 seats)


Home Schedule:

Friday Nov. 21 (Matchday 2): vs Nephara (16) at Parc Blainville, Blainville
Monday Nov. 24 (Matchday 5): vs Filopines (70) at Stade André-Courcelles, L'Assomption
Wednesday Nov. 26 (Matchday 7): vs R. K. of Québec (28) at Parc Angora, Terrebonne
Friday Nov. 28 (Matchday 9): vs The Oaklands (281) at Parc Blainville, Blainville

Monday Dec. 1st (Matchday 10): vs Arvenia (UR) at Stade André-Courcelles, L'Assomption
Wednesday Dec. 3rd (Matchday 12): vs Estenia (207) at Parc Angora, Terrebonne
Saturday Dec. 6 (Matchday 15): vs The Saint James Islands/Omerica (143) at Parc Multisports de Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Jérôme
Monday Dec. 8 (Matchday 17): vs Yttribia (51) at Parc Blainville, Blainville

Coaching staff:

Head coach: Gaston, clan Dupuis
Ass coach: Jean-Charles, clan Bélanger
Ass coach: Denis, clan Ducharme


Captain: Jean-Christophe, clan Gallant
Ass captain: Vincent, clan Turcotte
Penalties: Vincent, clan Turcotte
Left corner: Charles-André, clan St-Onge
Right corners: Jean-François, clan Groulx
Free kicks: Jean-Christophe, clan Gallant

The team (starting XI in bold):

GK	1	Simon, clan Gauthier	        31
GK 31 Charles, clan Brochu 24
GK 35 Olivier, clan Dubé 27

SD 2 Jean-François, clan Groulx 29
SD 6 Sébastien, clan Lavoie 32

SD 17 Loïc, clan Lamontagne 21
CD 3 Jean-Christophe, clan Gallant 25
CD 5 Pierre-Luc, clan Durand 28

CD 13 Frédéric, clan Houle 24
CD 44 Olivier, clan Levasseur 29

SM 4 Sylvain, clan Charbonneau 32
SM 9 Nicolas, clan Lapointe 26

SM 15 Antoine, clan Desgagné 29
SM 22 Simon-Pierre, clan Clément 20
CM 7 Rodrigue, clan Labelle 23
DCM 10 Kévin, clan Bédard 24
ACM 11 Jean-Luc, clan Tremblay 32

CM 16 Nicolas, clan Breton 29
CM 19 Samuel, clan Trudel 27
ACM 99 Charles-André, clan St-Onge 28

S 8 Vincent, clan Turcotte 22

S 12 Martin, clan Prévost 34
S 14 Samuel, clan Sabourin 26


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: Yes
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:41 pm

Here is the Gregoryisgoidstan soccer team's roster. Our team is nicknamed the Foot Slaves. Our style modifier is -5

Coach: Horse Beater KFIU9140

Gregoryisgodistani names have the title first, which is usually whatever job they have. Then comes either the government ID sequence (for commoners) or the name (for government VIP's.) If that is the same, they are the same person even if the title is different. However, government VIPs can change their name whenever they want.

All players play domestically in the Gregoryisgodistan Soccer League except as noted. Only government VIPs are permitted to play club soccer outside Gregoryisgodistan.


GK Prune Farmer 3818F - Prune Farmers FC
DEF Police Agent Jorge Warlord - FC 17 June
DEF Government Advisor Lordborn Godsam - FC 17 June
DEF Secret Police Agent Dominic Button - Police Squad
DEF Executioner 98481 - Club de Executioners
MF Pervert Chaser 867530PNC - AC Pervert Chasers
MF Hacker Fred'); DROP TABLE Rosters;-- - Rouyn-Noranda Coal Diggers FC (Quebec)
MF Prune Farmer 913881 - FC 17 June
MF Guy Who Cleans Up Behind The Elephant at the Circus P0120AZNNAU - Coastal Soccer Club
FW Soccer Captain Laredo Potato (C) - Ile Royale Battalon (Coconutstan)
FW Loyal Friend of Lord Almighty Gregory Robert Possibe - Real Campo Grande (Valladares)


GK Cow Herder 91291A - FC 17 June
GK Slave Chaser ASUFU8348SG - Coastal Soccer Club
DEF Grammar Enforcement Officer ZZNNKUMBYA - Coastal Soccer Club
DEF Chef 82718138 - Coastal Soccer Club
DEF Penmaker 58140XPLA - Coastal Soccer Club
DEF Decapitated Head-to-Bomb Converter DHU83818 - Coastal Soccer Club
MF Fisherman PAZLLLL102 - November 5 SC
MF Slave Beater SUAXMC91 - FC 17 June
FW Loyal Friend of Lord Almighty Gregory Henry Itted - Coastal Soccer Club
FW Loyal Friend of Lord Almighty Gregory Joseph Hauu - FC 17 June

OOC: If you don't get the hacker reference, see this comic. If you still don't get it, entering that name as a database input in certain programming languages will delete all the rosters from the file. Feel free to RP this crashing your computers or something like that. By the way, Fred's younger brother, Hacker John'); DROP TABLE Rosters;-- is on the junior hockey team.

Uniforms (by Libertad Sportswear):

From left to right, our home kit, our away kit, and our third kit (in case of clash.)

Home games will be played at Lord Almighty Gregory National Stadium, the newly rebuilt national stadium in Capital District. It was rebuilt following the Wolfopian terrorist attack (OOC: a false flag by Gregoryisgodistan's government) and seats 175,617. It is a guaranteed sellout for every game since people will be forced to attend if it does not sell out.


RP Permissions: Basically, do whatever you want but expect reciprocation. If you card my players, I'll card yours. If you kill my players, I'll kill yours. Just don't kill Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state and alleged deity. Also, if you are going to refer to my nation by a different name for IC reasons (like Gregoryisnotgodistan) please either TG me or leave an OOC note saying you are referring to Gregoryisgodistan. I frequently search for mentions of my nation, but if it's not mentioned by name, that doesn't help. So either mention it by name in an OOC note or TG me to give me a heads up. You don't need to wait for permission with the TG, but please send it so I can respond to the RP. Also, striking out the "isgod" part (as in Gregoryisgodistan) causes it to not show up on the search, so this will not fulfill the notification requirement. However, feel free to use that style as long as you either mention me by name without the strikethrough in the same post or TG me to let me know about the post. Also, no completely unrealistic scoring events such as 80 meter goals. The tendency of a certain user whose name begins with E to do these things in the Baptism of Fire has led me to add this restriction. You know who you are.
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Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
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IBS IV host, champion
4th in WCoH 23
HWC 12 hosts
WJHC VI 2nd place,
CoH 60 4th place
WCoH XXIV Champs
CoH 61 Runner-Up
IBS VI Champs
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Postby Tumbra » Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:52 pm

World Cup 70
Tumbran National Football Team

Team Information

Nation: The Royal Federal Republic of Tumbra

Government: Constitutional Monarchy with Parliament

Region: Esportiva

Official Nickname: Blue Lions

Colours: Royal Blue, Gold, Red, White, Black

Stadium: Wembley National Stadium, capacity 92000

Location: Goldlion City, Tumbra

Team: 23 players will be sent, all of which are humans. The team prefers short passing, attacking football as well as having a heavy bias toward speed, first touches and set pieces.

Formation: 4-2-3-1 wide

Style Modifier: +3

The Roster


GK Ryan Hughes (25 years old, Cumberland Jacks FC)
The custodian of the Tumbran goalpoasts for the last two years has been Ryan Hughes. Extremely acrobatic and able to launch himself anywhere at high speeds. However, he is not so good at stopping set pieces, with the majority of his 22 goals conceded during his international career being so. If any game goes to penalty shootouts, he will be substituted immediately for Larry Peterson, the second choice goalkeeper.

LB Louis Paterson (23 years old, Fayborough Defenders)
Paterson was originally second choice left-back to Tumbran legend Mickey Layton, but ever since Layton retired from international football in 2012, Paterson has been starting left-back. He usually plays at left wing-back for his club, which plays five at the back, so does have some experience in crossing. His clearances are not so well, however, something Layton always did well.

CB Brandon Brooks (26 years old, Port Humoor Seagulls)
Brooks has had a long international career; he has represented every single level of Tumbran football, from Schoolboys level to the captaincy of the Under-21 side. His club career has been a bit controversial, most recently in 2011, while at the Goldlion Titans, he complained to the press about being left out of the team. He can play as a defensive midfielder in times of need.

CB Steve Nelson (24 years old, Vizhune Vipers)
Nelson's career originally started between the sticks, but was convinced to switch to being a sweeper after a few unsuccessful years in the lower divisions of the Football League. Once he became a sweeper, his impressive tackling ability, strength and jumping earned him a lot of praise in League One, and completed his transfer to the Vipers in 2012. He is, however, the slowest player in the team.

RB Edward Williams (29 years old, Goldlion Titans)
One of the five Goldlion Titans players within the squad, Williams has been in the team since he's been 22 and has been a solid right-back ever since. His stamina makes it possible for him to last two full hours without rest, and his pace enables him to catch up to the quickest of attackers. However, a weakness of his is that of standing too far back, he keeps a lot of attackers onside, therefore making some offside protests invalid.

CDM Henry Butler (21 years old, Randia Stars (Downtown Metros on pre-contract))
Butler has often been touted as the successor to Joseph Edmund, who retired from football last season at the age of 34. His performances for his club have merited him a spot with the Tumbran National Team, and a pre-contract with the Downtown Metros. However, he does have a tendency to foul others quite easily.

CDM Chris Howard (29 years old, Dyce Whalers)
Despite the Dyce Whalers being extremely successful domestically recently, Howard was the only player from their club to make it into the team. The reason? The Whalers have a large proportion of their players being foreign, with Howard being the only player from that club to be Tumbran and be good enough to make it into the team. A staple of the team, he has been capped forty-seven times. He is a very athletic player.

LM Patrick Sanders (28 years old, Goldlion Titans, Vice-Captain)
Sanders is an extremely versatile left midfielder that can play in the center, on the left, and even as a striker. However, his preferred position is left winger. Having been in the team since 2006, the once inexperienced left midfielder who scored an own goal during his first appearance has now become another staple of the team.

CAM Robert Alexander (25 years old, Goldlion Titans)
Alexander's starting spot may be in contention (see Peter Jones below), but the talented midfielder has something that Peter doesn't: experience. Having represented the national team for five years now, the advanced playmaker has seen to drop back sometimes and act as a centre midfielder or even a third defensive midfielder

RM Albert Foster (23 years old, Verthollow Turthes)
The team, formerly devoid of a true right midfielder, (instead pushing Alexander out onto the right wing, somewhere where he was not comfortable), have finally found one in the shape of Foster. Foster is the speediest player within the team, and when he sprints, practically no-one can catch up to him.
For the cup, though, he has been told to slow down, so his team-mates can catch up when he crosses into the box.

ST Henry Pandon (26 years old, Goldlion Titans, Captain)
Tumbra has never experienced a striker as good as Henry Pandon for the last two decades. Already on his way to breaking manager Jordan Fletcher's record of goals for the international team, Pandon will be hoping to keep up his recent run of performances that saw him finish as top scorer in the domestic season, netting 33 goals in 38 games.

Subs and Reserves


GK Larry Peterson (32 years old, Elon Dragons)
Peterson has always been used to being second fiddle as goalkeeper, being so since 2005. He never complains though, happy enough to be selected for the national team. He is what Ryan Hughes isn't: a master set piece stopper, and penalty-saving maestro. Of all the penalties he had to face throughout his club and international career, he nearly always manages to save them. Some say he's psychic, but he has rebuffed all these myths in a press conference.

GK Raymond Perry (23 years old, Independent City Cardinals)
Raymond, or Ray as he's called by his fellow team-mates, was really only called up to fill in the numbers, but he'll grab any opportunity there is to play football for the team. He's not as good as Hughes or Peterson in their individual qualities, but can be called a mixture of both.


RB Scott Moore (23 years old, Beachlyn Seals (Cumberland Jacks on pre-contract))
People often think that after your club has been relegated to the Football League Championship, all your hopes of getting picked for the national team are over. Not for Moore. An extremely promising prospect that has risen through the ranks, he is seen as a potential replacement for Ed Williams when he retires. Fast, agile and with extremely good ball control, Moore is a force to be reckoned with.

CB Will Collins (27 years old, Cumberland Jacks)
Collins was once a talented youngster before his career took a turn for the worse, getting involved with women and the like. However, he has been given a second chance to save his footballing career with the national team. His versatility, able to play in all three defending positions as well as the defensive midfielder role, makes him a near-perfect defensive third player.

LB Alex Tucker (23 years old, Elon Dragons)
Little Alex Tucker, so called for his dimunitive height, is a masterful full-back that has proved his presence on the domestic and international scene, being the first defender in five years to score two goals in one game, for the Dragons. He occasionally runs upfield to shoot, oft resulting in the left centerback having to cover for Tucker.


CDM Harold Thornton (25 years old, Angelsea Armada)
Thornton, while not first choice defensive midfielder, is still a solid, box-to-box midfielder that turns out consistently for club and country. His longballs are deadly and accurate, and normally requires a very fast striker to catch up. Cue Henry Pandon and his speed to catch up with the aforementioned longballs...

CM Don Roberts (19 years old, Downtown Metros)
Don is here to fill in the numbers and hopefully pick up some experience of international football, as he is seen as the future of Tumbra's midfield. At first glance, he is a very average midfielder, but looking closer can expose some of his good points. Skills, passing and heading are just a few.

LM George Bryant (27 years old, Anglesea Armada)
Bryant was lucky to be fit to be picked for the team, as the stellar left mid's career has been dogged by injuries, the latest being a broken ankle all the way back in February, which effectively put an end to his season. Jordan Fletcher has seen fit to pick him for the team, however. Bryant's strengths are tackling and crossing, but often fouls others easily.

RM Jeremy Turner (25 years old, Verthollow Turtles)
Turner has had a rather uneventful career, as ever since sixteen he's been at the same club, the Verthollow Turtles. Patient and tenacious, his wide midfielder position suits him perfectly as he delivers crosses into the box with terrifying accuracy. Critics call him "lazy" but fans prefer to call him "technical".

CAM Jason Simmons (22 years old, Elon Dragons)
Simmons has had a very controversial career-dogged by allegations of diving to gain an unfair advantage. However, when he plays well, he plays extremely well for a 22-year old, displaying the technical mind of a veteran, able to play almost anywhere on the pitch. Athlectism isn't his strong suit, however, and these are his reasons for him being fouled.


CF Peter Jones (20 years old, Goldlion Titans)
Peter Jones, who scored nine goals in four Di Bradini Cup 32 games, has certainly made headlines all around the world, especially within Ahbanfleft, which expressed interest in signing him. However, the deal fell through and Jones is entering his first season with the Titans, after his old club, the Karanoogan Jet-Setters, fell apart. He can play as a true number 9, a false 9 and even as supporting striker.

ST Steven Miller (26 years old, Randia Stars)
Miller has has a very consistent career-in fact, he has been named in almost every domestic season's Most Consisent Team. However, his consistency with the national team has yet to be tested. For a striker, he is unusally adept at tackling, and volleys; however penalties are not his strong suit.

The Manager

Jordan Fletcher (53 years of age)
Fletcher has had an illustrious playing career as his manager career, though he would be quick to refute that claim. The 53 year old has previously managed teams like the Goldlion Titans and the Port Humoor Seagulls over a twenty year managing career and is certainly a capable choice to lead the team into this World Cup cycle. Some of his choices have been criticised; not including either Edward Whittaker or Phil Baker from the Under 21 Squad that took Tumbra into the group stages has been met with controversy; yet he has firmly stood by his choices.









I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (1/match)
Godmod Injury Events: Y
Red Card Players: Y (1/match)
Yellow Card Players: Y (3/match)
Godmod Other Events: Y, realistic please...

D1:VS. HopNation (A)
D3:VS. Octinstine (H)
D4:VS. Bandwagon (A)
D5:VS. Farfadilis (A)
D6:VS. Darvale (A)
D7:VS. TFR (H)
D8:VS. HRE (A)
D9:VS. United Eastedge (H)
D12:VS. HopNation (H)
D14:VS. Octinstine (A)
D15:VS.Bandwagon (H)
D16:VS. Farfadilis (H)
D17:VS. Darvale (H)
D18:VS. TFR (A)
D19:VS. HRE (H)
D20:VS. United Eastedge (A)

For home games, all ticket prices range from 50 to 70 pounds, ranging from how far away said spectator is from the pitch.
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Postby Robsonien » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:26 pm

Robsonien World Cup 70 Roster


Nation: The Community of Robsonien

Government: Robsonien is a Parliamentary Republic rooted in the tribal tradition of the island.
complete civil rights, protecting nature
Language: English , Robson (Māori-dialect)

Region: Atlantian Oceania

Stadium: Sundown Flower Central Stadium (capacity 15,000)

Location: Sundown Flower, Robsonien



Formation: 4-4-2
History: Baptism of Fire 40: Kazzoria and Krytenia , AOCAF Cup 45 Ratastan ,
Official Nickname: -
Colors: light blue and white

The Starting 11

Tamati Thomsen (28) GK
Golden Bay FC

Hoani Roinson (22) LB
Golden Bay FC

Mikaere Erigson (25) RB
Golden Bay FC

Rongo Roihta (24) CB
Sundown Flower FC

Mahora Martensen (25) CB
Sundown Flower FC

Tama Wigens (28) DM
Sundown Flower FC

Hare Borton (29) LM
Sundown Flower FC

Kuru Kelter (26) CM
Robsonien Chiefs

Raniera Argus (26) RM
Sundown Flower FC

Henare Hurgwe (25) CF
Sundown Flower FC

Walter Worges (28) CF
Sundown Flower FC

The Substitutes


Ruufer Johnsen (28) GK
Sundown Flower FC

Hakopa Riuki (26) RB
Golden Bay FC
Mikaere Erigson (25) LB
Golden Bay FC
Tamati Ventura (26) CB
Sundown Flower FC
Mahora Martensen (25) CB
Sundown Flower FC


Timoti Flender (24) CM
Sundown Flower FC
Arapeta Alversen (22) RM
Robsonien Chiefs
Ropata Brandel (24) CM
Lynx Fc
Andrew Jegersen (26) LM
Lynx Fc


Purahi Tepta (22) CF
Robsonien Chiefs

Timothy Lgersen (21) CF
Lynx Fc

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y

Style Modifiers
-3 the Webpage of Robsonien
Factbook Robsonien and Q&A
Embassy Program
Catalytic Inc. ---Waste in Diesel Out (MT)
Air cushions Travel
The unspoilt nature is our capital, thousands of people make Holiday in Robsonien

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Postby Fellow Citizens » Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:20 pm



Style Modifier : 0
Formation : 4-1-4-1

GK - Jakob Sutoyo (26), Dortmund Schwarz
GK - Adam Adhitama (26), VfB München 1900
DM/DC - Per Schmitz (27), VfB München 1900
DC - Maximillian Sudjiwo(24), VfB München 1900
DC - Jo Sanada (21), SC Surabaya 1927

DR - Jo Fujiwara (23), Dortmund Schwarz
D/ML - Tetsuya Sado (25), VfB München 1900
DL - Joko Subianto (24), SC Surabaya 1927
DL - Prananda Sudiro (24), SC Surabaya 1927
ML - Yoyok Dwi Sastro (25), SC Surabaya 1927
MR - Abe Djojohadikoesoemo (26), SC Surabaya 1927

MC - Ganjar Tsuchiya (27), VfB München 1900
MC - Al-Ghazali Yasuoka (28), FC Okinawa
DMC - Tri Haryanto (23), SC Surabaya 1927
DMC - Kosuke Nakata (22), Dortmund Schwarz
AML - Okky Maeda (24), FC Okinawa
AMR - Tsuneoki Hasekawa (25), FC Okinawa
AMC - Ragil Nugroho (26), SC Bremen
AMR, ST - Irwan Kamil (22), TSG 1966 Tokyo
AML - Felix Permadi (28), VfB München 1900
ST - Adolf Sutikno, 27 , VfB München 1900
ST - Soekarno, 24 , TSG 1966 Tokyo
ST, DC - Rudolf Walter, 26 , TSG 1966 Tokyo

*green coloured text means starter

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N, realistic please
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y,
Yellow Card Players: Y

Godmod Other Events: N, realistic please

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Postby Barunia » Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:35 am

Barunia's National Football Team

Everything you ever wanted to know about Barunian Football History
After failing to qualify last cycle despite being the top seed in the group, the Suns have regrouped for World Cup 70. Back with the formula that saw them have their most successful run in 68, this is a new team, with plenty of fresh blood and some old hands to help steer the ship. The Suns will be looking to once again climb the rankings, and get back into the World Cup proper.

It's a fresh team, especially in the attack: Only Yohan Marris returns, and the 40 year old legend will be relegated to the sub bench for most of the tournament. Much is being asked of the new batch of forwards, some of the best new talent to come out of Barunian football in years. The defence and midfield will keep much of their shape, with a good mix of stalwarts and debutantes. Paul Bainbridge is the only new goalkeeper, but he should expect plenty of game time in this tournament, after helping to place the Bluebirds on top and earn promotion with just 33 goals getting past him last NFL season.

Head Coach: Joric Ruskin
Joric Ruskin played just seven international games in his footballing career, but he is still regarded as a legend in Barunian Sports. The Sun's captain during his career, Joric led them to the quarter-finals of the Baptism of Fire. In the Sun's inaugural World Cup campaign, Joric played just one game before departing the team suddenly. It later transpired that he had left to join the Socialist army in the civil war. His career as both a footballer and solider came to an abrupt end when he lost his legs in a grenade attack. Now confined to a wheelchair, the former defender for the Marion Hawks has found a new career as a football coach. His first campaign as coach saw him guide the team to their first world cup qualification, before following it up immediately with a second. Despite a rocky campaign in 69, Ruskin keeps his job as coach for World Cup 70.
NB: As is typical of football teams in Barunia, the Suns do not have a manager. The Coach is responsible for managing the team.

Team Line-up
OOC: If I RP before you, please check my RP for the start list, as I will be changing it regularly. If you RP first, or I haven't posted a start list, the players in the picture below will be starters. If you wish, feel free to make changes, as long as you swap defender for defender, midfielder for midfielder, etc, and keep the 4-2-4.

#1 Paul Bainbridge Goalkeeper - 2 caps - Southern Bluebirds
#12 Adam Simpson Goalkeeper - 8 caps - West Bay Mariners
#35 Billy Meyer Goalkeeper - 4 caps - Haman Rockies [PAT]

#4 Dylan Webster Right Back - 17 caps - Monte Sol Warriors
#5 Steve Magana Left Back - 25 caps - 1 goal - Trinity Saints
#6 Carl Silva Centre Back - 64 caps - 1 goal- Makosile United [VIL] Captain
#13 William Marr Right Back - 1 caps - Marion Hawks
#22 Akio Sweet Centre Back - 9 caps - Firewood City [OSR]
#23 Pedro Quinn Centre Back - 2 caps - Trinity Saints
#29 Virgil Hernandez Left Back - 1 caps - Tildos Ravens
#30 Aaron Johnson Centre Back - 1 caps - Western Orcas

#7 Nick Lyle Centre Attacking Midfielder - 0 caps - Babbage Town
#8 Luke Cadena Centre Defensive Midfielder - 18 caps - 1 goal - Marion Hawks
#17 Sam Winton Centre Defensive Midfielder - 42 caps - 1 goal - Newland FC
#18 Ellis Merriet Left Midfielder - 2 caps - Port Newland Destroyers
#19 Emmanuel Jackson Right Midfielder - 29 caps - 1 goal - West bay Mariners
#21 Loren Sanchez Left Midfielder - 36 caps - 2 goals - Northern Tridents
#25 John Bubble Centre Attacking Midfielder - 7 caps - 1 goal - Tjelberg Forening [BYN]
#33 Simon Hodge Right Midfielder - 2 caps - Woodvale Wolves

#11 Miguel ManzanaLeft Forward - 2 caps - Northern Tridents
#31 Matthew Murray Right Forward - 1 caps - Woodvale Wolves
#32 Leon Reno Right Forward - 2 caps - Port Newland Destroyers
#37 Yohan Marris Left Forward - 79 caps - 47 goals - West Bay Mariners Vice-Captain

A more in-depth look at the Barunian squad

Formation and Play Style
Formation: 4-2-4 / 4-4-2
After the failure of the 4-2-4 attacking strategy, Joric has returned to the more conservative approach of WC70. A traditional line of four at the back, with the midfield consisting of a holding midfielder and attacking midfielder in the centre. These two play a straight line in defence, but in attack the defensive midfielder will hang back and serve as an outlet for passing, or the first line of defence. Two wide midfielders will set up runs down the wing, looking to cross into the box. Joric is asking more from these two wingers as he looks to up the intensity the team keep on the opposition goal. Expect more goals coming from the wings and relentless attacks from the two forwards, with support from the opposite winger and attacking midfielder.

Kits by Kirola Sportwear, Audioslavia

Sam Garcia Field (Northport Sports Complex) - Capacity: 43,000
Ground will host: Stuzemstazem, The Kytler Peninsulae
Located in the city of Northport-San Baptise in the Northern Islands, this ground is the sacred heart of Barunian football. Located near the place where people first came to Barunia, San Baptiste island is considered the place where football began in this country. It's a ground known for firsts, hosting all home matches during the Suns inaugural World Cup campaign (due to it being the only safe ground during the civil war) and is the home of the San Baptiste Sea Lions, the first Barunian Football League championship team. Named in memory of former Sea Lions and Suns goalkeeper Sam Garcia, who died in a ferry crash that claimed hundreds of lives.

United Stadium - Capacity: 110,000
Ground will host: Felix, Kitsunia-Deesse
This massive ground is the largest in the country, and is situated in the heart of the national capital of Porthaven. Home to Porthaven United, once the best club side in Barunia, the stadium regularly draws capacity crowds from Barunia's most populous city, as well as further afield. As such, playing here is a daunting prospect for away teams, and the crowd will be a boost for the Suns during this World Cup campaign.

Blackrock Stadium - Capacity: 80,000
Ground will host: Gloriax, RPGers
Blackrock Stadium is located in Newland, the state capital of West Barunia. It is the largest roofed stadium in the country and the third largest in terms of seating capacity. The stadium is home to the Western Orcas, two-time champions of the Barunian Football League. The closed roof and close stands gives this place an atmosphere, and the noise of the crowd will reverberate around the stadium, making it a terrifying place for opposing teams.

Memorial Stadium - Capacity: 100,000
Ground will host: Kalumba, New Drakonika
It's been a long time coming for this upgrade to the Marion Hawk's home stadium. Originally intended to be named in honour of Hawks legend and national coach Joric Ruskin, the stadium name was changed at Ruskin's suggestion to honour all those who fought in the civil war. Memorial stadium is located in Edwardton, the capital of Marion state, and is shared by both the Marion Hawks and Edwardton Eagles, which has led to the nickname "The Birdcage". The newest stadium in Barunia, Memorial stadium has a retractable roof, 90,000 seats plus terraces, plus plenty of room for foreign media and large movable screens at the back of the top tier.

Style: +2.5
Choose Scorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, but I will decide the severity
Godmod Injury Events N
Godmod Player Discipline: N
- Allow Players to Be Yellow Carded: Y (Including double yellow)
-- Number of Yellow Cards Permitted: 4 (Including double yellow)
- Allow Players to Be Red Carded: Y
-- Number of Red Cards Permitted: 1
Godmod Other Events: N
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