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A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Aestate » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:24 pm



Here We Go Again

The preparations for 70h World Cup are in progress, in and out of Aestate

BY Roberto Tardelle
Meninx, Wednesday 12 November

Year my friends, again we’ll go to an international competition. Are we ready? Maybe, but for now, I’ll talk about other element of this history. While our Squad was disappointing in the BoF’s fields, another group worked very well in Quebec’s terraces. With screams, chants, drums and doses of provocation, the Aestateans showed their presence at that moment. Thousands traveled to the last competition with energy, but and now? I spoke with a tourism agent in this morning, and asked of him if our people have breath for one more tournament. “Physical breath? Definitely they have, but the financial breath is a doubt. Quebec wasn’t friendly to them and their pockets”. And I do confirm this. I was there.

On the second day, I ran into an aestatean family in Quebec’s capital, and we exchanged ideas about the local prices. “It’s horrible, and the food is the worst problem. Here, the hambuger has the same price as an exquisite dinner in Portus Cale”, said Fabio Parodi, the father. “I lost three kilos in one day. How do I support the team with this situation?!” But Amy Parodi, the adolescent daughter, hadn’t the same worry. “We should look the positive side of these things”, said Amy with a spiritual expression. But Mr. Parodi wasn’t an isolated opinion. In restaurants, stadiums, stores, the reclamations were unison, aestatean or other foreign.

In a local shopping, I ran into the Parodi’s family again. Amy was sad. “This is ridiculous, insane. I saw a wonderfull shoes, but the price would serve to buy a car. It’s crazy”, cleared her air. “We should look the positive side” replied Fabio Parodi. Elisabeth Parodi was sad too, but the Amy’s mother was more direct. “We knew about the exchange rate, nevertheless we are surprised at those prices. Unluckily, we won’t take much advantage of this trip. But, this country is beautiful. It was worth every penny”. I also liked it there, but it can’t help with my account. And the World Cup?

“Now, the aestateans have more experience about those competitions. They’re more wises for the next chance” commented the tourism agent. I hope, because Aestate has not many things to get up. We have moments in BoF when the supports determined the team’s drive. And we need to agree, if it would depend of our fans, we had a different result:


Currently, an example is reinforcing my belief in aestateans fans. Yep, I talk about the Northeast Gate, the Ziccardi’s isolated place in a lost region of Aestate. Or a no more isolated place. You had a correct thought. Now, the fans invaded Northeast Gate. Peace for monks isn’t a possibility this time. Last week, I visited this complex, joining to eleven thousand supporters. Near villages don’t get to put up with it. That far way rock never saw so many people... Maybe in old invasions, but not with much light:


The government is trying to control the Northeast situation, but no exist discomfort. It’s interest of the government this touristic movement. Because the region of Northeast and its economy, but the growing of fans too. “We can’t see the problems in this international tourism. It’s narrow the countries’ relations, and it can create an economic and politic possibility. We are speaking with our soccer federation to program unofficial matches and other international events. The sport open many doors, and we needed learn to use this”. That use is a motive to preoccupy. However, we may survive with this use and the eventual distortion.
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Postby Jeruselem » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:58 pm

Jeruselem coach Jayden Bella and Jeru FC coach Princess Amy discussing the world cup 70

Bella: How are the troops going?
Amy: Well ... I guess alright, no idea what I'll achieve with this lot
Bella: All boys again
Amy: I was hoping for a girls team but didn't happen
Bella: Say, how did you end up as coach
Amy: I coached the Runner Cup 3 team which was really the Jeru FC team and they thought they didn't need to go recruit anyone else

Bella: Did you want to keep the job?
Amy: No, I wanted to play another cup for Jeruselem
Bella: But you're stuck with that lot
Amy: I have better things to do
Bella: I guess you don't actually have to work
Amy: I don't need to work but I get bored easily

Bella: You have a military rank?
Amy: No, I don't really want one either.
Bella: I guess you don't need it
Amy: I'm a Princess, I don't need a military rank to show off
Bella: I heard they are a bit of mixed bag
Amy: Yes, some of them you don't need to worry about while others are an ongoing headache

Bella: So, expecting the team to make the finals?
Amy: Um, not really. Just hoping we can raise our ranking
Bella: It's a bit low isn't it
Amy: For a team which was once in the World Cup final, yes
Bella: There's a few of those teams around
Amy: Yeah but Jeru FC can't even make the final these days

Bella: Hopefully you can fix that situation
Amy: I don't know, I feel like I'm in charge of the Titanic really
Bella: I guess who wants to watch a Jeru FC game these days
Amy: People would if we had a team of girls
Bella: The perv factor
Amy: Yes but people would turn to watch our games

Bella: Hopefully the boys will win a few games to get the stadium full again
Amy: We'll need to win more than a few games
Bella: Just don't come last
Amy: Thank God there's worse teams to make the team look good out there
Bella: You can only do you your best
Amy: Whatever that is
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Postby Buyan » Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:20 am

To be fair, it had not been the monotone sound of the alarm clock, that attempted to chase any sort of cosiness out of this room, who inspired him to get out of bed. Neither were the icy flowers that formed their chilly paintings on the single glass window. It was the knowledge that if he would push the blankets away, the grey wall would give way one of Henrik’s most precious possessions, the yellowish poster which depicted the eleven players that had been at the kick-off of what must have been one of the most glorious matches of the national team, the victorious final of the Baptism of Fire.

Henrik didn’t have to look to his left to see the blood red figures spelling out to him that it was a quarter to five in the morning, a moment at which a solemn silence had taken over the streets of Kallsmudden with the exception of a cat rumbling through the flower pots on an early chase and a busker who had hunted the night with a combination of poor chanting and even poorer brandy. When he stepped out of bed, his feet almost froze to the hardwood floor and for a minor instance, he hesitated. Would he… No. Whilst trying to convince his eyes that the day had started by splashing cold water on them, Henrik once again made the calculation in his head.

Fourteen hours a day, at a saddening wage of sixteen mints and thirty pence a day. Six days a week. A rent of nearly one hundred and eighty mint – ridiculous for what seemed to have been a back room back when this impoverished apartment block in a concrete suburb was still a stately, even majestic manor in the outskirts of old Kallsmudden. Paying off the debts of the old man. Trying to balance that difficult line between starvation and wasting food to a no-good factory worker as himself. Keeping himself from turning on the rotten boiler in the corner – luckily it didn’t work most of the time when he gave up and tried it. Twenty pence a day for the bus ride between his both jobs as being caught would cost him even more.

Just before he took off, his blue overall and woollen mittens trying to guard him from the snow that had piled up in the street, Henrik took one long look at the bag beneath his mattress. The few mints that were left over after the calculation above all had gone in that worn out gunny sack and by now, when he moved or opened the bag, their clanking and jingling almost warmed his hearth more than any other heat source could.

Only seven hundred meters separated his ratty shack from the steel mill and as such, the cold hadn’t completely frozen his nose off – his shawl being stolen lately, such sometimes felt as a realistic option. When the horn indicated with a loud hoot that it was five o’clock, Henrik had taken his position along with the other three. His mittens were replaced by a pair of black gloves, as they would drag the rails created by Ilka – as the workers named the machine after the porn star whose voluptuous figure decorated the side wall – to the carts that were located some thirty yards further. As usual, Henrik was paired up with Stefan, a creature of whom no one knew from what hole he had crawled.

Stefan was build a little too short and plumb for this job, whilst his long arms dragged along his body when walking back to Ilka. He had a strange stumble and whenever the temperature went below ten degrees – which practically means eleven months a year in Kallsmudden – he wouldn’t stop wiping away bogeys with his grey sleeve, whilst a pair of vain-ridden eyes tried to grasp the world from above his grotesque red nose. And to be harsh, Stefan wasn’t strong in grasping the world. Usually, someone with the intellectual capacity of a badger and the swiftness of mind of a cockroach would have annoyed Henrik who, whilst not being an Adonis himself, almost resembled both a savant and an ancient god compared to this lousy alternative for a human being.

But when all you have to do for seven hours is picking up things designed too heavy for human transport and placing them a bit further, just because some engineer was too lazy to design the machine correctly and paying four poor souls a nickel for the job apparently costs the factory less than optimizing their process, you do not need an intellectual conversation upon the alpha and omega of modernistic philosophy. At such moments, you appreciate someone to banter about chicks – who would not care for schmucks like us -, liquor – usually too expensive for us -, the bloody management – as if it would help a bit to complain – and football of course.

“Seen the match?” Stefan snuffed.

A question that was rather preposterous, as he knew damn well that Henrik couldn’t afford a television nor visit a pub with a big screen – Stefan couldn’t either, for the record.

“Heard it… And up!” Henrik responded, whilst firmly picking up rail number sixteen of the day. Sixteen of a approximately four-hundred twenty.
“Lost in extra-time… To HopNation. Again!”
“They’re a lot better than what everyone appreciates them for,” Henrik analysed, stating the obvious for any observer of the Beltane Cup.
“Our attackers are shite, I tell you,” Stefan sighed, “but…

Whether it were the national team, or Jottnar Kallsmudden – the local Top divisionist both lads supported -, whether they had just scored five or are going to a six-games drought: every time Stefan would complain and nag upon the goalscoring. For some reason, he had in mind that every game should end nine against nine, at least. Only one man couldn’t do much wrong for him, as that guy accidently had been born in the same hospital as where some poor woman brought Stefan to earth.

“… luckily we’ve got Sverre Devold. I’m telling you, this season Barbury is winning the title!”
“Yeah, yeah, and we the World Cup, and down!” Henrik grinned.
“You’ll see, you bastard,” Stefan mumbled mockingly. “You’re the sucker who’s plundering his wage to see him.”

As they had to be within two metres of one another forty-two hours a week, it didn’t hurt to tell him a bit more than should be known. Who else would Henrik talk to?

“You’re almost there?” Stefan asked, as he did almost every day.
“By the last few qualifiers, I’ll be. Plane, tickets, stay, … If the prices remain stable,” Henrik sighed, “and up!”

Number seventeen of the day.

A quarter to one. That meant that Henrik had exactly nine hundred seconds to run out of the mill, catch the bus to the recycle centre and get on his spot before the conveyor line started working. It sufficed, usually, but today he was trembling for over half a minute whilst he still couldn’t see the bus at the other side of Racucziwicz Avenue. As the streets were abandoned – due to the gas prices – it must have been the snow that held the driver back. Henrik knew very well that he had one more minute forty seconds left.

His blue coat did not suffice to guard him from the cold. Approximately ten other people had lined up by now when suddenly two pairs of hands dragged him from the queue against a brick wall. The pointed knife placed between his ribs indicated already to Henrik who he met, the raspy voice only formed a confirmation.

“Mister Jorgensen junior, it seems that you have an evenly leaky memory as your old man,” spoke the raspy voice.

Although his fists itched, Henrik tried to keep a calm tone. Making a scene wouldn’t help him a bit, even to the contrary.

“We’re the fifth already today?” Henrik responded.
We’re the fifth already today?” Raspy repeated with a high-pitched tone.

A second later, his tall companion had buried his fist in Henrik’s stomach and only because Raspy held him back, Henrik did not fold double. A few heads turned at the bus stop, but they were wise enough not to intercept.

“Tomorrow, little shit,” Raspy continued, “and I’ld like some interest. I don’t like waiting… And I suppose you don’t do neither.”

Still being held against the wall, Henrik saw how the yellow bus rode up and got filled. Only when its fog lights had disappeared past the next turn, he was released. Even at this moment, he knew that his only chance now was to run – if he wanted to avoid being fired over being late.

His throat was sore by the blistering cold when he arrived at the recycle centre. Whilst obediently accepting a ramping speech by his superior, Henrik tried to convince himself that the tears in his eyes were caused by sprinting in such an awful weather.
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Postby Atrua » Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:30 am

From the Atrua factbook

Atrua is a small island nation located in the West Pacific region composed of religious exiles from the land of Tynelia who were banished from that nation 59 years ago when their religion- Eastern Orthodoxy was outlawed by the so-called "Lord of Scores" cult ruling the larger nation after a failed qualifation by the larger nation in the 54th World Cup. The island they settled was somehow unclaimed by the rest of the world, though some signs of earlier settlers could still be found and so these exiles made it their own.

Since that time the country has experienced slow growth and settled into a more simplistic lifestyle where they could worship as they wished in peace.

The island itself is only 13 miles (20.96km) at it's longest point and 9.5 mi (15.3km) at it's widest with a highest point only 2974 feet (906m) above the surface of the ocean. The average elevation of the island is 57 feet (17.38m) above the surface. It also claims two uninhabited small nearby islands within 3 miles (4.83km) of its’ shores to the north. The largest of these is less than a half mile long and a quarter mile wide, while the other is approximately half that size. They are mainly used by sea birds as resting places during their migrations but are otherwise uninhabited and dotted with small plants and shrubs.

The western quarter of the island is dominated by the now dormant volcano and its cave systems whose caldera has collapsed resulting in a small freshwater lake (Caldera Lake)which had been filled over the years by the rainfall in the region providing a source of fresh water for the inhabitants. The lake is roughly circular and about a half mile wide (.31km) and 200 feet (60.9m) deep at its deepest. One stream flows in a generally straight route from the lake across the central farmlands before pooling up at the outskirts of Sanctuary in a collapsed natural cavern some 50 feet(15.24m) wide and 60 feet (18.28m)deep. The central portion is generally flat and used for farming by the inhabitants with irrigation from the stream flowing from Caldera Lake. The eastern portion is the most thickly settled as the island’s one protected harbor of note is here and is where the bulk of the population resides. The northern portions of the island are the hilliest, while the southern portions tend to be the flattest.


The population consists of religious exiles from Tynelia who made their way to the then uninhabited island some 70 years ago. It was thought by the Tynelians that the lack of the country being unified in their devotion to “Scoreology” and their “Lord of Scores” was the reason for multiple World Cup soccer failures and so the government kicked out the already dwindling numbers of Eastern Orthodox , Jewish, Anglican and Muslin faiths. A small group of Eastern Orthodox members discovered the island and made it their home while others settled elsewhere. It was called Atrua after the name it was referred to by other islanders in the region who spoke of the “lost island of atrua” rumored to the far western regions of the Pacific
At the time these colonists numbered about 2,500 members which stressed the island’s ability to support them all. Fortunately the ground was found to be fertile and the waters rich with seafood and so with some fasting and rationing these earliest colonists managed to survive. As the years went on, the colonists built their capital named Sanctuary along the southeast coast where, to this day, the bulk of the population reside. The harbor by the city provided shelter for the growing fishing fleet of the island and a stream coming down from the lake to the west provided fresh water.

Today the population has reached 3,300 with almost 2,500 of them living in Sanctuary. A few hermits and monks live out in the west at the Monastery of St. George numbering a few dozen total, the only building of note in that part of the island. A half dozen small farming villages of less than 100 people each dot the central portion of the island. The only other “large” population center is at the north central coast, a small village called Haven numbering about 300 people which is situated at a small harbor but boasts a long sandy beach, and several hiking trails leading to and from the volcanic lake which lets the walker enjoy the sight of the natural untouched portions of the island. It also serves as a launching point for divers who wish to visit the small islands to the north for scuba diving and snorkeling. Haven hosts the biggest of the island’s hotel can be found here. Two wind generators supply the power for the town and currently they are working to build a power line from the solar plant to the south for additional power.

The bulk of the population remains in Sanctuary which is home of the fishing fleet and the religious center of the island. The Church of the Holy Apostles can seat up to 400 people and is the primary place of worship on the island. The fishing fleet consists of 10 medium sized fishing boats owned by various families as well as several dozen smaller craft owned by those of more modest means. The town boasts two hotels, several wind generators to provide electricity, a sporting stadium capable of seating 1000 people, boat shop, three restaurants, a hospital, a bicycle shop, bookstore, police/fire station, repair shops, general store and other small shops as well as the island’s lone radio tower. A solar power plant has recently been completed just outside the city in an effort to make the island self sufficient in power. Finally a water distillation plant has greatly eased concerns of insufficient drinking water on the island.

The entire population is of the Eastern Orthodox faith


While mostly self sufficient, the island does need to import machinery and mechanical goods, as well as foodstuffs from the outside world. It exports seafood and foodstuffs while bringing in additional income from tourism and docking fees for ships as Atrua is the only populated region for a hundred miles in any direction so any ship needing resupply has to stop here.
The island happens to have had a small native population of sheep which have been domesticated by the original long lost settlers and now gives the people some wool for clothing and grows some crops- breadfruit, bananas, brown rice, and limited Quinoa crops up by the higher elevations by the lake. When combined with the plentiful fishing in the ocean around them, Atruans generally can support themselves in terms of food with only limited outside aid.

The main need for imports come on the machinery and technological side as the original colonists only brought limited numbers of these materials with them. The main impetus for the island was to provide its’ people electricity and so a foreign power company was brought in to set up the island’s wind power systems, an easily accessible power source for the isolated island and the pacific winds which constantly blew across it. Later, in the hopes of taking advantage of the weather a solar plant was built just outside of Sanctuary to provide additional power for the growing town.

Given the size of the island there is no automobile industry at all and people either walk or ride bikes inland with wagons being the primary method of moving large quantities of something overland. There are however many fishing boats and other personally owned boats for travel by water.

Wood is scarce on the island, mostly in the western part of the island is scarce enough that laws limiting how much can be cut down annually are strictly enforced, and is one of the island’s other major imports.


The weather on the island is slightly on the warm side with summer temperatures ranging from 80-90F (27-32C) during the day from May to September and dropping to 65-75F (18-24C) with the coldest months being December and January where it drops to 70-75F (21-24C) during the day and 55-60F (13-16C). The temperature is kept moderate by the warm ocean winds during the winter coming from the south.

The island does receive regular moderate amounts of rain, especially during the winter months where the warmer winds from the south bring moisture to the cooler island. On average the island receives about 84-90 inches of rain a year. Of which 40-45% tends to fall between November and February. The driest months are July and August where less than 10% of the yearly rainfall takes place. The people keep storage tanks to collect rainfall to supplement their fresh water needs.


As all Atruans are the descendants of exiles from the Eastern Orthodox church this is the religion of all islanders. Due to their isolation from the rest of the world for so long, a few local tweaks have crept in. The chief of these was the establishment of “The Day of Fasting” which takes place once a week starting from Saturday at sundown to sundown on Sunday in remembrance of the food shortages and required fasting of the early colonists. During this time only a single small loaf of bread and water may be consumed though exceptions are allowed for the sick and elderly if they so choose.
The main religious houses are the Church of the Holy Apostles found in Sanctuary which can seat up to 400 people. Masses are held at 7AM, 10AM, noon and 4PM local time daily to ensure everyone has a chance to worship at least twice a week. A special mass takes place at 5PM Saturday (instead of the regular 4PM mass) to remind everyone of the Day of Fasting and what it meant to the original colonists.

It is also the biggest building on the island with the exception of the Stada of St. David which is used by the local soccer and track teams with sections listed alphabetically named after various Orthodox Saints with a small icon of the saint named to remind the spectators of the sporting event as they leave that whatever passions that have been fired up during the activity have no place outside the Stada and that even one who supported the other team is still a spiritual brother or sister. A brief ceremony welcoming the players and the spectators including prayers for fair play, good sportsmanship and a lack of injury on all participants for the joy of the gift of the event God has granted everyone the ability to enjoy.

The three other main religious houses are
1) the Monastery of St. George in the hills to the west where hermits and monks seeking to worship in relative solitude gather. They do welcome pilgrims who wish to join them for whatever period they deem suitable. It is a silent order from dawn to dusk with only the Abbot and the Hieromonks(priest-monks) granted permission to speak freely all day. Pilgrims who wish to worship must follow the same rule of silence as the monks. There are about 20-30 monks, hermits and pilgrims here at any one time and all pitch in to run the monastery with regards to cleaning, cooking, laundry etc.

2) The Church of St.Mary also located in a small farming village (Jamestown) three miles outside the city limits of Sanctuary to the north and west which serves as the place of worship for the farmers of the central region. It seats 150 people and holds services at 6AM and 3PM with an additional service at 5PM Saturday to remember the Day of Fasting. The schedule differs from the other churches due to both travel time and time spent in the fields

3) Holy Trinity Church located in Haven which is the smallest of the three churches with a capacity of only 75. It’s schedule more closely matches the Church of the Holy Apostles’ with services at 7AM, noon and 4PM with the special Saturday mass replacing the 4PM match like the others.

The head of the church on the island is currently Bishop John Descartan who is recognized by the official church in his position. There are currently fourteen consecrated priest and eighteen monks not counting the Abbot and the two Heiromonks present. A couple dozen laymen also serve on the island.


The island is a democracy headed by the Mayor of Sanctuary who serves a single five year term. The mayor cannot run in consecutive terms but is otherwise unlimited in how many times he can try to run for office. Voting is allowed for the entire adult population over the age of 18.

The Mayor is assisted by his Council which includes

Secretary of State (second place finisher in the Sanctuary Mayoral elections)- chairman of council and next in line if something happens to the mayor, handles the budget (with secretary of trade) and lawmaking

Secretary of Trade (appointed by the Mayor)- handles economic issues, import/export/production

Secretary of Foreign Affairs (appointed by the Mayor)- handles dealings with other nations

Secretary of the Interior (appointed by the Mayor)- handles security, infrastructure and the military army/navy

Representative of Haven (appointed by the Mayor of Haven- who is also elected by the people of Haven in a separate election)- deals with tourism (along with Secretary of Foreign Affairs) and Haven related issues

Spiritual Representative (appointed by the Bishop- must be of at least Priestly rank)- makes sure government rules in a proper Orthodox manner and handles religious issues which may come up either internally or with outsiders.

Each council member gets to vote on any given issue with the Mayor holding the tiebreaking vote if needed. Each council member serves one term but are limited to no more than three terms in office (non-consecutive) in their lifetime to ensure new people are constantly involved in government.


Atrua has no standing army and the navy consists of six patrol boats. The patrol boats are divided into two larger cutters armed with a 25 mm autocannon and four .50 caliber machine guns and four smaller patrol boats, each armed with a pair of .50 caliber machine guns. The vessels are used for island security as well as search and rescue operation in the area.

The only armed troops are the police forces in both Sanctuary and Haven. Haven boats a ten police officers, slightly high for the population due to the higher rate of tourism in that part of the island. In Sanctuary there are twenty four police officers.
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Postby Schottia » Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:29 am

All Covered Up

Part One

Schottia's man in New Edom.

Gary Corsie sat in front of his coffee table; his laptop in turn sat in front of him. The two were locked in a staring contest were neither being nor machine had agency over the other. The Schottia midfielder was waiting for a satellite call from his friend Abigail and as always the young musician was late. Gary hadn't seen or heard from her since he had moved to New Edom after his transfer to the Fineberg Flockers two months ago. They had merely exchanged a few emails.

Gary was slowly adjusting to life in his new home. New Edom, it's Christian culture, and weird public nudity thing had been a bit of a shock to the system for the 22-year-old, but he was slowly managing to adjust. For the socially awkward Gary, walking past beautiful exotic woman wearing nothing but body paint on a walk to the shop had initially been too much for his little country heart to take. It wasn't so much that his eyes were glued to them, rather he didn't know where to look. To everyone else in New Edom it was a normal part of everyday life, but to Gary it was plain embarrassing. His matches for the Flockers had been a similar story as all teams were required to play completely naked, with their team colours painted on. Gary however, in what he thought was one of his brighter moments, had avoided this by claiming he had eczema. This had allowed him to play wearing a suit not dissimilar to a woman's tights of stockings, but covering his whole body. It wasn't ideal either, however it bought him time.

He was slowly getting settled in. Inching himself into the water bit by bit. He had managed to get himself a bungalow in one of the nicer parts of town, front and back garden, and a couple of spare rooms. There was something about a spare room that filled Gary's mind with utter wonder. A kitchen was a kitchen; a bedroom was a bedroom; a bathroom was a bathroom; but a spare room could be anything. He had decided to dedicate one to hobbies and gaming, moving in his painted miniatures and workstation, along with his scale models of the Royal Ossorian Navy vessels. Here also he had his PC, some shelves for his books, and a newly purchased games console. The second room he had left empty for now, and in fact he may never fill it. While it was empty it fulfilled the afore mentioned potential, it existed in a constant state of becoming. Gary often liked to stand in this room, right in the middle and look out of the window into his back garden. At night he could see all the lights of Fineberg leading down to the coast from.

He had also been coming to terms with the whole nudity thing, taking it very slowly. He had been practicing, by himself of course, just taking it one day at a time. He would try sitting naked, then walking naked, then performing a task naked. The first few days he hadn't managed to last long, something would happen, or he would become paranoid and run back to where his clothes sat in a heap. However he was getting better at it. Just yesterday he had managed to remain naked for three hours.

Gary was suddenly brought back into the here and now by the sound of Abigail's Skype call. Abbey hadn't had internet for long, only recently having had acquired a phone capable of performing the required operations. This was largely owing to the fact that she lived with her mother on a canal barge and the electricity they had was often limited. It was just one of the many things about Abbey that interested him.

'Hey Gary, what's up?' She said, her image jumping to catch up with the slight time delay on the screen. As she came into sharper focus Gary was able to make out her shoulder length red hair and a new addition to her large collection of tattoos, this one perhaps an eagle's wing protruded slightly up her neck.

'Hi Abbey, I'm pretty good thank…' He started before being cut off.

'Gary you've got clothes on!' She shouted accusingly. 'I thought you were an Edomite now.' She seemed genuinely surprised to have encountered him thusly clad.

‘Not everyone walks around naked all the time.’ He replied in a mock patronizing tone. ‘They do sell clothing in shops.’

‘That’s a shame, Gray, I expected better of you. And after me stripping off for this conversation and everything.’ She was certainly enjoying the humour of all this.

Abbey had a somewhat shallow outlook on life, which Gary constantly had to be on his toes to keep up with. Where he was into contemporary art, philosophy, and post-humanist thinking and ontologies; she loved her romanticism, poetry, classic art and literature. Abbey had somehow managed to disconnect herself from the word, living in a mad mismatch universe of speculative realities.

‘You’re trying to tell me you’re naked right now.’ Gary laughed, as Abbey beamed back at him, her pale skin reddening a little.

‘Sure!’ She said, and lifted the camera repositioning on some high-place within the room. ‘See told you.’ She said stepping back and turning round once, her arms extended.

Gary laughed again.

‘I see you’ve got a few new additions to the gallery.’ He commented, referring to her tattoos. ‘Come on though, sit down, you’re making this conversation awkward for me.’

And of course she was, Gary had enough trouble talking to girls fully clothed.

‘Aw, its nothing you haven’t seen before.’ She said smiling back, as she lifted the camera back down, becoming once again, to all intents and purposes, a talking head. ‘Oh, and yes I do have a few new ones.’ She answered eagerly. ‘This one of an osprey on my neck. This one of a ship on my lower thigh. And this one, which it itsy witsy tiny, of a star on my hand.’ She used the camera to show him each of them in turn.

There was no coherent theme or narrative to any of Abbey’s body art. Much of it was Schottic socialist or communist party symbols, but there was also a vast amount of unrelated subject matter. It was almost as though she had went through an encyclopaedia at random stopping on images. She had told him once how her ex-boyfriend, a tattoo artist, had got her hooked on them.

‘So how have you been?’ Gary asked changing the subject back to the here and now. ‘You said you were looking at getting a flat somewhere, maybe in Handon?’

‘Meh. That all kind of fell through.’ She said, showing that she was clearly not keen on that line of conversation. ‘The guy I was going to move in with was a drug addict and, well to be honest, I think it might have got in the way. So I’m back with my mum for the time being.’

‘A drug addict!’ Gary exclaimed almost rising to his feet. ‘What the hell were you going to move in with a drug addict for? Are you off your head Abbey?’

‘Well we were kind of seeing each other for a bit and, well he seemed nice enough, our band supported his a few weeks ago.’

‘Oh this just gets better and better!’ He shouted back cutting her off. ‘Some kid you met a couple of weeks ago, who just happens to be a drug addict. Godsake Abbey you talk about the fact like it may have been a minor detail you just happened to overlook.’ Gary was incensed with rage, his temperature rising along with the pitch of his voice. The twinge of jealousy he felt wasn’t helping either.

‘Well for a start he wasn’t some boy, he is an adult…’ Abbey started.

‘How old is he?’


‘Oh this just takes the bloody biscuit!’ Shouted Gary, now very much jealous. ‘Abigail he is eighteen years older than you! Just because you are a rock musician doesn’t mean you have to go around acting like you have a death wish.’

‘I’m not going to sit here and listen to lectures from you. You… You… You jealous ass. Just cause you’re not getting any action up there in New Edom.’

‘I am not jealous.’ Gary snapped back at her.

‘Oh yeah. Well how many girls have you slept with since you left?’

‘I don’t see how that’s relevant to this topic, which is simply about me being worried about your well-being… as a friend.’

The word friend almost chocked him as it came out of his mouth. Of course he had felt very different about her before he had lost the plot and accepted the Flockers’ contract.

‘I will take that as zero then.’ She said scowling at him. ‘That makes it 3-0 to me. I dunno, I’m no expert but I think that means I’m winning.’

She ended the call and instantly went offline, leaving Gary to kick the living hell out of his coffee table.

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Postby Tumbra » Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:33 am

The International Career of Will Collins

Now, listen here, before you think of me as an elitist that refuses to take public transport, well, I'm not.

I think I speak for most of the Goldlion populace that the Tube is a necessary evil. Why? Because the roads are perpetually f*cked up by people who refuse to take the tube because it's, according to them, f*cked.

See what I mean? It's a very, very roundabout situation. People think the tube is f*cked, take the roads, and then the tube is left empty, and then the roads are f*cked.

However, once the roads are f*cked, a lot of people will eventually flutter back to the Tube, making it f*cked again. And as such... I think you get the point.

I'm not even go into the politics of this thing, because mayor after mayor of Goldlion has promised us that he'll rebuild the roads, improve signals on the Tube, et cetera, et cetera.

I think most of you with half a brain cell will eventually figure out what's going on, because it's been nearly thirty years since the Mayor position was created...and not many improvements have been made to public transport.

The press - yes, and I do read the press, just not the Sports section - lambast whatever opposing party is in power (be it Tory, SocDem or Liberal) and continually protect whatever party is in power that they like.


I arrived at Wembley Park station with ten minutes to spare...and wasn't surprised that I found that twenty-two people were in the conference room when I arrived there.

"Well, I see the traffic hasn't been screwed over for the last few hours for you guys," I muttered to myself as I took the last seat around the table.

I'm not going to include what happened in the debrief, because debriefs are boring. Instead, I'm going to summarise what happened. Gaffer Jordan did say that his job was under review. Which is pretty major news for me. He's a footballing hero. He's not going to be sacked.

He's not the Maradona level of manager, but he isn't exactly Laurent Blanc either. The TFA knows that our morale will all go down if he's sacked and some foreign manager comes in. They aren't going to make the same mistake as they did with Alex Nevesky again.

He also said that the draw would be on Sunday, and we had to come back down to watch it being broadcast live. Would we get an easy group? No-one would know.
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Postby Isula ge Ru » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:49 pm

Isulan Sporting Companies "Worried" About Goal Amounts

As the Baptism of Fire ends, much and more of this nation is rejoicing. There is every reason to, of course. The national squad has neither lost nor drew, embarking on a eight-game winning streak during which they have outscored their opponents 15-2. However, some members of the Isulan Football Federation have found the destructive defense exhibited by the team worrying. In particular, a representative of Caitura, the Isulan corporation contracted by the CFN to outfit goal framing, netting, and technology spoke yesterday at a conference about the readiness. On condition of anonymity, he said "It's worrying, it is. My colleagues at Caitura are concerned that it may be impractical to outfit both goals with nets. Obviously, we have the interests of the entire nation in mind, but in the interests of efficiency and cost-saving, it may prove to be in the best interests of both Caitura and the CFN to only set up one goal for Isulan home games, moving it at halftime."

More concerns were raised by Caitura executives at their novel "fiber-weaving technology." Slated to debut at the World Cup Qualifiers, this is a new prototype of lightweight netting introduced earlier in the year by Caitura. Another representative, again speaking anonymously, said the prospect of utilizing the technology may be offset by the Isulan defense. "Obviously...the money won't be spent for this high quality netting...if it won't be used. We're worried about testing, that one net will get more results than the other and thus skew results and reviews about the new technology." CFN representatives also stated that they would be searching for a solution favorable for all, as one representative said "we want...the utmost experience for players, fans, and international audiences, but surely one cannot fail to see the remarkable business opportunity created by such an impenetrable defense." According to CFN calculations, he went on to say, the money saved from keeping one net out of use in all World Cup home matches could be spent on publicizing the matches. When asked why the undefeated Baptism of Fire champions needed publicity, further comment was declined.

We would like to inform readers that two nets will be used for the upcoming friendly against San José Guyabal, a compromise reached when the point was made that the Guyabalan's heavy attack may prove to break through the Isulan defense and allow Caitura a chance to test their new technology.

It is unclear, however, how many nets will be used for the opening World Cup match.
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Postby Aestate » Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:22 am



Ziccardi confirms the Aestate’s Formation for WC Qualifying Draw

With no change, the Squad will begin the unofficial matches

Agostina Bertolli in Trício
Corriere Dello Sport, Tuesday 11 November

In a press conference at this morning, Paolo Ziccardi spoke about the official roster. “I’m confirming the same players without doubts. This group has chances if it gets luck and organization. But you need to be aware. Our team is new in international competitions and young when we compare with the others. They can’t produce miracles. Even the Aestatean League has problems compared with many Leagues in the world, and our League had an incredible growth, mainly when we remember its time of existence. Therefore, they must train, but we need to be patient. They aren’t gods, not throw yours supernatural expectations on the back of them. And please, no more scandals”. But finally Ziccardi did a comment about the nun’s pregnancy. “It was confirmed, Álvares admitted his responsibility, and end.” Ziccardi concluded with a talk about the matches’ sequence. “So far, three clubs will play against our team before the World Cup. As you know, the clubs would accept if the other provincial clubs confirm the regional collaboration, lending their players. Today, AS Portus, USC Fenice, and FC Nazionale achieve those players and programing the games. It’s sufficiently, and I hope good results from it”.

Another three clubs are having problems to realize this event. AC Meninx and UC Gênua are from the same province, and one requires the player of the other. Besides, the time doesn’t permit more matches/clubs than five. Already, The Trício FC is from a province with a small number of teams. Because that, it’s uncertainty too. But three tests are enough, and the first confirmed is against AS Portus. I contacted the Portus administration, and they are preparing everything in the Blue Stadium and in Portus Cale for this event. Their supposition is a big public, and a favorable effect. “Every Clubs’ president wants visibility for their athletes, as well as experience against one National Team”. Besides, the biggest number of fans may provide a great profit for the club. The president of Aestate Federation is enthusiastic. “Excellent! I can’t wait”.

Afterward, the Federation still opened the Northeast Gate for us, giving a chance to explore the local structure, and I assure, It was not easy. Conferences and accommodations are localized in the base of the rock, and fifty meters or one hundred sixty-four feet separated the base from the top, with a long step to us. First, me and my teammates explored the players’ bedrooms in the base. Simple spaces with an uncomfortable bed, illumination and without anyone communication technology. A good situation, because years earlier the energy installations not existed, and five years later it was can destroy something electronic, thanks to the instability. Today, a complete revision permitted their use of a television, for example, but not exist signal for it. Next, we were going to meet the team, and for it our path was long. We were worn out when we finally came at the top, where it was reserved a great surprise. The green places are much bigger than we could imagine, not limiting at the training camp.

Further on, the training area has the acceptable size limit of a soccer camp, together at one side of the stone, wherein the right side we have a church, and on the left we have a precipice with a spectacular fall. Questioned about this, Grossi laughed. “The problem is when the ball ends up in the sea”, stated midfielder with a mention about the bay which surround the rock. We still watched a piece of the training, when Ziccardi reduced the field area to force the players a practice of more passes. “They need a fluid midfield, and for this, their individuality shouldn’t dominate the decisions”.
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Postby Equestrian States » Sat Nov 15, 2014 3:52 pm


Group 1
Nephara (16)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (28)
Yttribia (51)
Filopines (70)
The Saint James Islands (143)
Estenia (207)
The Oaklands (281)
Pays d'en Haut (319)
Arvenia (UR)

Group 2
Valladares (6)
Gregoryisgodistan (35)
Sargossa (45)
Furellum (69)
Nassau Hessen (99)
Mendoya (213)
Wolfbenz (248)
Leadan (319)
Albundania (UR)

Group 3
Valanora (13)
Bears Armed (41)
Carialus (60)
Star United States (81)
Timbermunich (127)
The Fallenmark Islands (191)
Joshulia (281)
Kingston-Atlantis (319)
Robsonien (UR)

Group 4
Holy Republican Empire (10)
Farfadillis (20)
HopNation (48)
United Eastedge (90)
Darvale (113)
The Fair Republic (165)
Tumbra (264)
Bandwagon (306)
Octinstine (UR)

Group 5
Paradystopia (19)
The Sarian (43)
Sameba (67)
Lymantatia (74)
Red Blackiland (142)
Semarland (156)
Seltik (264)
North Britonisea (357)
Democratic States of Fenbar (UR)

Group 6
Polar Islandstates (3)
Chiata (25)
Kandorith (55)
Kernansquillec (95)
Mangolana (124)
Absurdly Polite Gentlemen (155)
Gregory Llama Land (258)
Beauce (319)
Friday Freshman (UR)

Group 7
Felix (12)
Barunia (26)
Kalumba (64)
Kitsunia-Deesse (97)
Gloriax (103)
The Kytler Peninsulae (144)
New Drakonika (258)
RPGers (337)
Stuzemstazem (UR)

Group 8
Legalese (8)
The Archregimancy (21)
Falcus (67)
Eastfield Lodge (77)
The Icemark (102)
Abanhfleft (213)
New Bordial (272)
Republic of Guadalajara (350)
Ramosverg (UR)

Group 9
Audioslavia (1)
Neu Engollon (36)
Darmen (61)
Ceni (96)
Electrum (104)
Pine Island (187)
Garifunya (281)
Rejistania (UR)
Masentur (UR)

Group 10
Ko-oren (14)
Jeruselem (32)
Starblaydia (44)
Karditan (83)
Schiavonia (111)
Sakhalin (192)
Polkopia (235)
Somstratzka (350)
Reibija (UR)

Group 11
Unified Sunrise Islands (11)
The Calanian Union (24)
Jeru FC (62)
Crystal Empire (98)
Dawnhaven (128)
Britonisea (189)
Aestate (294)
Etelkoz (319)
Bostopia (UR)

Group 12
Saintland (15)
Rüntenbach (23)
West Angola (46)
Zenic (82)
Schottia (136)
Polaaskan (187)
Khalifa Arabia (281)
Scow Creek (319)
Unolia (UR)

Group 13
Vilita (5)
Mizuyuki (34)
Sandwich Territories (58)
Maklohi Vai (71)
Patistan (108)
Cata Larga (149)
Atrua (281)
Valientus (UR)

Group 14
Eura (17)
Kinitaria (27)
Taeshan (47)
Nova Anglicana (75)
Jeckland (105)
Isula ĝe Ru (175)
Friskney Eaudyke (281)
Western Borderlands (319)
New Ecopia (UR)

Group 15
Osarius (2)
Super-Llamaland (42)
Cosumar (65)
HorusLand (79)
The Greater Vakolicci Haven (112)
Ancharmunn (153)
Peruvian Highlands (272)
Zips Nation (350)
Dracum (UR)

Group 16
Turori (9)
Buyan (38)
Estope (52)
Thatius (76)
Greater Watford (100)
The Paradystopi Consanguinity (182)
Masseau (281)
Paymina (306)

Group 17
Blouman Empire (18)
Apox (30)
Brenecia (50)
Quakmybush (87)
Queer Poco el Mono Ara (135)
Alastonia (235)
Daritii (272)
French Louisana (350)
Fellow Citizens (UR)

Group 18
Pasarga (7)
Antoletia (29)
Kazamatsuri (63)
Milchama (78)
Hicaña (101)
Racao (226)
Sumaltheria (258)
Gylias (337)
Carpathia & Ruthenia (UR)

Group 19
The Holy Empire (4)
The Royal Barangay (31)
Boring Paradise (56)
New North Aqmuland (91)
Dainer (116)
Jecatria (181)
United States of Devonta (294)
Schutzenphalia & West Ruhntuhnkuhnland (357)
Sarrbia (UR)

Host Notes:
Somstratzka is incorrectly ranked 356th, having earned 1 pt during the BoF (good for 0.13 KPB points), the rankings have been fixed to account for this error. Furthermore, the nation referred to as Unolia on the current rankings is a different nation than the Unolia which signed up for this edition of the tournament and there is no IC connection between the two. Thus, Unolia will enter this tournament unranked and the Unolia presently listed on the rankings will henceforth be known as the Unolian Kingdom for the sake of clarity (as it was referred to with that name in its most recent signup post). Finally, several nations have changed their names prior to this tournament, they are:

Free Republics, now known as Holy Republican Empire.
Northern Sunrise Islands, now known as Unified Sunrise Islands.
The Inevitable Syndicate, now known as The Calanian Union.
The Paradystopi Lymryk Isles, now known as The Paradystopi Consanguinity.
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk gorod, now known as Sakhalin.

The draw and fixtures for qualifying will be edited into the thread OP shortly.
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Postby Chiata » Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:26 pm

Chiata Times
Cycle in Review

Last cycle, World Cup 69, was certainly quite surprising for most Chiata Suns fans. At qualifying, Chiata was ranked a poultry 69th and in the group draw was pitted against two top twenty teams. Already, fans were marking the cup off as another tournament finishing in third or worse. However, the Suns surprised everyone when they went straight out on the first game and beat Super-Llamaland 2-1. And then Ceni, Western European Republic, Costa de Ouro, and Subspace Embassy. The streak finally ended with a draw to Quakmybush and finally a loss to top seed in the group Felix. However, Chiata was far from feeling down, for they were in second place in the group, albeit hotly contended by a vengeful Tigers squad. In an almost perfect setting, Chiata began the second leg of qualifying by traveling to Super-Llamaland. And what do they do on the road against a would be qualifying team? Shut them out 2-0. However, apparently the game tired out the Chiatan squad which settled for an away draw against Ceni. Not wanting to slip when they were so close to qualifying, the Suns pulled it together, if you can call allowing a draw a serious problem, and won four straight shutouts against WER, Costa de Ouro, Subspace Embassy, and Quakmybush. At this point, Chiata had already atleast qualified for the playoffs to get into the World Cup Proper. Only one game remained, but that was against Felix, owner of Chiata's only loss thus far. If Chiata would win, there would be a fairly large chance that they could skip the playoffs and receive a straight out qualification to the Proper. The same would go for Felix, win: you have a good shot at outright qualification; lose: you come face to face with the dreaded playoff rounds. The same playoff rounds that had kept Ko-oren, Farfadillis, The Archregimancy, The Inevitable Syndicate, Kinitaria, and Apox all out of the World Cup Group Stage in '68. Luckily, Chiata had home field advantage and played like they had it too. In a decisive game, and arguably one of the most important games in the Suns' history, Chiata routed Felix in a 3-1 victory that catapulted Chiata straight to the World Cup Group Stage, free of playoffs.

When qualifying was over, the new rankings were tallied up and Chiata had been moved up to 50th. A 50s nation now in the middle of the 10s and 20s. As expected, Chiata was drawn into a grim group. Except, all groups are going to be extremely tough for a 50th ranked team. The group housed Valanora, veteran group stage nation and advanced to or past the quarter finals some 20+ times. Second was Pasarga, another group stage regular. Rutenbach was the only team viably within Chiata's reach. Perhaps they could get a single win in the group and get a boost of fan support for the next cycle. However, it was not to be.... Instead, Chiata came out swinging like they had against Super-Llamaland. Against all odds and some undoubtedly heavy betting tabs, Chiata clawed its way to a rough 1-0 win against Valanora. Like the games against Supper-Llamaland and Felix, it was a match Chiata truly shouldn't have won. Seemingly in response to this bout of good luck, Rutenbach came out against Chiata like Chiata had against Valanora. However, through luck or skill, the Chiatan back five proved tougher than Rutenbach has expected and the game ended in a 0-0 draw. Now came the time when everything came down to situations. If Chiata won than they will win the group. If they lose they might not qualify. A Rutenbach win against Valanora, whom has just lost to Pasarga, couple with a Chiata loss to group leader Pasarga would result in Chiata packing. In other words, an absolute mess of statistics, odds, situations, and projections. Putting all this aside them, the Chiata Suns went out and played a solid game against Pasarga. The defense was stretched thin after two games of 0-0 for most the time and proved to be less effective against Pasarga. When the unwavering defense fails, the offense has to pick up the slack. And that they did, notching three goals against Pasarga's one. It's a good thing they did too, for Rutenbach won their game against Valanora, leaving valiant Valanora vexed and void of V words and points. Now Chiata charges on! Conquerors of Super-Llamaland and Felix! Vanquishers of the Valanora and Pasarga! Nothing can stop their fairy-tail run! They will go down for the ages! What can stop them now? A 5-2 loss to Legalese can...
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Article 2 : The Battle of Affliction begins for Red Blackiland on day 20


The above image of the fans near Blackberry City International Airport translated the part of the most important events of the day in Red Blackiland.Like this,hereafter,the 'Dark Lions' will leave the city of Blackberry,our borders and our country and will return much times before this journey,a journey for the players can represent a country that each times envolves more and more with football/soccer.
We are all united around a big national passion,we don't have billion of supports,but yes,billion of coaches,the soccer always existed in the history of the country,but because a series of factors never ''accelerated'' between the citizens.
A literature teacher of Cruce Estrella Internal University,explains the thesis that the soccer always was famous here : '' Football or soccer,or whatever we you like to say,always was popular here.In the thousand first post-indenpendence years of the country,was compulsory communicate the police the desire of create a sports college/club,i discovered it searching into a great amount of documents and historical records,i found more than dozens of small clubs or colleges,with ''poor-class'' workers,were absent from the history of the soccer,the exact way to play soccer turn this sport into a little-expensive sport,and with this,this small clubs found your way to play soccer,played as could,in the streets,even with a orange or newspaper ball served as a soccer ball to anyone who like to play soccer.
There were clubs (depending of the viewpoint,clubs from 'the elite') with more better economic-social reality,and in these clubs like Bluebehrry Cavaliers or The Strip,the concern of sports practice was linked to the valorization of physical education in adittion of the formation and the idea of ''sound mind in a healthy body'' more later evolued to ''The talent comes from the mind,the body is only the manifestation'',began to gain force,more later a few holidays are mixed to soccer,like some popular parties.
In 1939,the first concern of a teams of the better players of the country,called 'Freedom Lions' (actually,National Team) was made,but in the team only had Bluebehrry Cavaliers,The Strip and Montgomery players,this change with the past of the year,the great and fast growth of the economy and social-welfare control affected this soccer reality and much more clubs really participated in the sport.
The first black athlete,near this time,in 1940,Mario Blarizz,were called to play a international tournament with the Red Blackiland team,until then,blacks don't participated in the sport and was far away from the official fields,with the time and the evolution of the way of the human to think,the citizens see that the mixture of races isn't seen as a problem or a burden, but as an advantage,was one of first nations to claim this,especially in soccer.
The culmination of this change,come from the publication of various books,that defende the concern to the BIG NATIONAL PASSION to soccer and the national feels consolidates with it,the population needs to be united,and with time,is this that exactlly occured. ''


And with this spyrit and this history,the team leave the country in the next days and will go to the quiet region of Red and Black Islands and will begin the preparation for the World Cup 70 Qualifiers.We have as opponents,the strong and elegant Paradystopia and The Sarian teams,the good tactic-mounted Lymantatia and Sameba teams,the nordic brave players from Semarland,North Britonisea and Fenbar,very different group compared to the last time.
Peter Valbuena,the 'Dark Lions' coach says : '' We need to link us with a time bomb that disarmed in the last seconds,don't matters the scoreboard shows to us,with much better strong teams in the group,only with it we can survive in this fight.We will continue to knock the stairs with more and more force,is with this way,that the reward comes. ''
Certainly,all the fans,we will support Red Blackiland even the ball don't enter in the goal net,even the Red Glorious Stadium be silenced,even your shirts,our eternal mantles was discolored and faded,even the victory are too far.We will suport Red Blackiland,even the journey will be long,even the road is hard,Red Blackiland in the chest,in the heart and in the 'soul',in the yell or in the palms,we will Red Blackiland until the death!
We have anger of the lose,we simply don't accept and just because of this,Dark Lions don't desists,all is a question about more few ate grams and few beads of sweat fall as a waterfall in the shirts.Is the most fun and emotional crazy that exists in the football...We this spyright...You Never Walk Alone,Red Blackiland!
Come and show the proud of the country!

Until next time!
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Postby Wolfbenz » Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:44 pm

Niam, Osterwolfbenz, Wolfbenz

Meino Sachs had stopped in Niam, a city located about 5 hours away from Ferris. He knew that the police here wouldn't bother trying to find him just for knocking out two guys. He had arranged to meet Granit Konstantinov, a friend of his who lived in Niam, at a restaurant downtown. "The White Boar's Steakhouse," Meino had remembered. "What a stupid name for a resturant."

When he arrived, Meino attempted find Granit in the large crowd of people walking through the street. Eventually, he gave up, assuming he had been stuck in traffic. He sat down at a small, two-person table outside of the restaurant building.

"So Meino, what brings you to the smoggy hellhole of Niam today?" Said a familiar voice behind his back.

Meino turned around to see Granit himself, sporting his signature sleek brown hair and devilish smile, with his dark eyes hidden by sunglasses, in spite of the dark thunderclouds blocking the sun. He wore a black leather jacket and loose jeans, and looked like someone who came right out of the sixties.

"Well well well, Granit," started Meino, "It's been too long."

"It's been two years since you've come here, Meino," replied Granit, taking the open seat on the opposite side of Meino. "It's impressive that you've kept a clean record that long."

"Well, I broke it by beating up these two losers in a casino."

Granit made an expression of mock suprise. "You beat up two guys? Meino, I didn't think you had the guts to!"

"I guess you're right for once."

Granit and Meino sat in silence, Meino looking at up at the skyscrapers like a kid looking at an airplane cutting through the sky, while Granit was scanning the crowd of people walking down the street.

"So Meino," started Granit, still looking at the people walking down the street, "do you have a girlfriend?"

"Why are you asking?" Meino asked, still staring at the skyscrapers.

"Just wanted to make some small talk," he said innocently.

Meino sighed. "No. I don't have a girlfriend. What about you, Granny-boy? Are you sweeping the ladies off their feet?"

"Okay, first off, never call me Granny-boy again unless you have a death wish, and two, I technically had a girlfriend."

Meino smiled. "Who was it then? Your sister?"

"Very funny Meino, you could become a comedian." Granit replied sarcastically. "And she was this extremely cute girl."

"So it was your sister!"

Granit sighed. "You know what, never mind then."

"What!? No Granit, I'm actually a bit curious."

"Too late for that," Granit spoke, a smirk growing on his face.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I saw the chance, and I took the chance. Okay?"

Granit pretended to ponder for a second. "Okay Meino, I'll tell you a bit later, okay?"


After a few minutes, a waitress came over to take their orders. Meino ordered a beef steak, while Granit ordered steak and lobster.

"Are you sure you can afford all of this Granit?" Meino asked.

"I thought you were paying."

"You were the one who invited me here!"

"That's never an excuse Meino." Granit said calmly. "It's was a custom in Estenia that the invitees pay the bill."

"Granit, that is not true. That isn't true in any country!"

"Look it up, Meino. It's basic cultural knowlege."

"It's basic common sense in the majority of the multiverse that the host pays the bill."

"Alright fine, you with this time Meino. Do you have a place to stay while you're here in this 'wonderful' city?" Asked Granit, making air quotes when saying the word wonderful.

"I was planning to stay with you and your family, but-"

"Well that's what I was planning also. I even told mom that you were coming. You sleep on couches, right?"

"I don't really have a choice now, do I?"

"Nope. But look at the bright side, Meino. You can watch Arseniy playing during the qualifying matches for the World Cup. How does that sound?"

"I think it sounds better for you and your family than me. I mean, when we were kids, I didn't play with him a lot because he was always playing with that soccer ball of his."

"It's all worth it now. I mean, don't you have a bit of pride that you're from the same family as him? Or are you jealous?

"Oh shut up Meino." Granit turned his head to see the waitress walking towards the two with their meals.

"About time," joked Meino to Granit while making room on the table for his plate of food.

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Postby Estenia » Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:30 am

OOC: I won't use the real calendar which is the calendar I use, I'll go straight forward, a month away.

Time for a Second Shock
Chapter 1: The Brutal Group

Rannin, Estenia
19th December 2014


Group 1
Nephara (16)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (28)
Yttribia (51)
Filopines (70)
The Saint James Islands (143)
Estenia (207)
The Oaklands (281)
Pays d'en Haut (319)
Arvenia (UR)

After checking the group, the main coach said "What the fuck is that? What do they think we are, super extraordinary machines? I hope we'll learn them a lesson, we got this, we're 207th in the World, there must be something we can do. I hope we crash Yttribians, cause I want it so badly, so, so badly."

and then Maksimov said

"We barely won the 4th place on the Baptism of Fire Last month, you need to relax, we're stronger now, plus I heard Adrianov has relaxed completely, erm, can you use a different lineup coach?"

"No, not yet, we'll have to do effective things with this lineup, we used in the Baptism of Fire, we need this lineup because we need defence and then fast counterattacks."

"But Makarov isn't feeling well, he cannot play in the qualifiers matchday 1 which is in 2 days from now, he even vomited in his house and has got 39.2 Celsius of fever. He better stay hom and let's use Maksimov and Orgonov as the substitute."

"This is a very good idea, but only for Matchday 1 and we'll see how this goes."

"Great sir, thank you." and Maksimov run away to his girlfriend Sarianna, they kissed and went to Makarov's Jesu-Rannin car. They drove away and went to the cinema which had the movie 'The Shadows of Politics' which was a political thriller which shows the life on Estenia when it was a dictatorships on the years of 1984-1986 and killed more than 5.000 innocent muslims,jews and buddhists. The movie lasts for 2,5 hours with a break on the 1st hour's 25th minute. When it was the break, Maksimov went to buy popcorn and some coke for his girlfriend and him. When he returned he said

"I hope you enjoy, here's the change from the money you gave me" and gave 2.50 Estos to Sarianna which answered

"Thanks, sweetie let's sit down, the movie starts again." and they sat down.

The other 1 hour and 25 minutes they saw the shocking end of the dictatorship with the monarchical revolution with leader Konstantin II of Estenia and stopped dictator Andrei Smerov from doing an ethnic cleansing to the Estenian muslims, jews and buddhists, which back then were 10% of the Estenian realm's population. Now the population is drastically redced to 2% 1% muslims which are all in Jackatia and 1% the other religions. Let's return to the point after the movie finished, Maksimov and Sarianna went to their luxurious apartment by the sea, it was late night of course and both of them were tired after this long movie and because it had around 32 celsius outisde and good wind, the decided to sleep on their hammocks outside, they were relaxing 11 hours before waking up next morning.

Meanwhile in Gianlang-Checheng

Estenian soldiers were wining battle after battle and destroyed the Fascists, second target was Socialist Gianlang which they always wanted to destroy since 25th of September when it became Socialist with Murimov and his idiotic revolution that destroyed the country. He used 25.000 soldiers into that war and now has less than 5.000 guerillas, meanwhile Estenia has lost only 15 soldiers having only 7.000 of them, plus with the weak confederacy soldiers they make 10.000 of whom 2.5000 are Estenian Guerrillas and only 500 are Gianlang-Checheng guerillas.
Runner-up at the 1st OMAHAN FUTSAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, 4th at Maple Leaf Bowl III, 4th on Baptism of Fire 57, 2nd at Runner Cup 4, 3rd at 21st World Lacrosse Championships.

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Postby Jeckland » Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:33 am


Well, it's almost that time again. World Cup Qualifying. Jeckland fans are whipping themselves into a state of hysteria. After the last qualifying attempt was one to forget for the Spuds, with a 5th placed finish in a group of 8, changes have been made to try to ensure the team kicks on to reach their full potential.

So what's new?

First of all, new gaffer. Yes, Lee Evans was given the sack after Jeckland went out of their debut Campionato Esportiva in the Round of 24 at the hands of Dandillis. In comes Osarian Habib Kouli. An ex international for the world #2 side, the right back has little experience in managerial roles and is media-shy, however he has demonstrated his tactical prowess in the friendlies leading up to the qualifiers, including a 3-3 draw in future host nation San Jose Guayabal.

Also, the squad has changed a fair bit. Only a select few from the Baptism of Fire remain, with gaps being plugged by players impressing in the Jeckish Premier League and overseas. The one big shock in the squad selection was the exclusion of Bill Wilson, who is currently playing in The Sarian. The media has been calling for his inclusion, although it is split on whether Fox or Kemp should be dropped to allow Wilson into the squad.

With a new World Cup, new hope blossoms. Optimistic Jeckish fans dreamt of getting second in the group and sneaking into the World Cup via playoffs. Then the group draw came out and their dreams were crushed mercilessly by the grinning foot of Margaret. Yes, Margaret's foot can grin. Weird right?

Jeckland have been drawn into a very difficult looking Group 14. So let's preview it!

KPB Rank 17th | KPB Points 29.87 | 1st Seed

Last Cycle
2nd in Group 18 with 9-3-2
Beat Yttribia 6-2 in playoffs.
=2nd in Group C with 1-1-1
Lost to Paradystopia 6-2 in playoff.

How will they do?
Eura are very very good. After winning World Cup 66, things have gone downhill for them, but they're still a force to be reckoned with. Last cycle was one to forget, with The Licentian Isles comfortably beating them out of top spot in their qualifying group. They pushed past Yttribia easily to secure their spot in the final 32, but a bizarre tie with Paradystopia in the group stage. meant the two teams had to have a playoff to decide who went to the Round of 16. They lost emphatically. This is a tough group, but Eura have immense quality and will be disappointed if they don't win it.

KPB Rank 105th | KPB Points 8.71 | 5th Seed

Last Cycle
5th in Group 1 with 6-3-5

How will they do?
After a disappointing campaign last time out, our Spuds failed to receive a Cup of Harmony invite for the second time. Probably one of the trickier teams from pot 5 came 5th in a group where they could and perhaps should have done better. A side with potential, and under new management could go far. It could be difficult to do so in this group, but they'll be pushing for the top three. Fourth would be a more realistic goal.

KPB Rank 47th | KPB Points 16.73 | 3rd Seed

Last Cycle
2nd in Group 4 with 6-3-2
Lost 3-2 to The Royal Kingdom of Quebec in playoffs

How will they do?
Taeshan have been around for ages, but never achieved anything massive. In recent World Cups they have always been in the mix for qualification, for example last time out, where they narrowly lost in the playoffs to Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Renowned for being a very defensive side, they may find this group too much and slip down. Fifth looks likely.

KPB Rank 75th | KPB Points 12.45 | 4th Seed

Last Cycle
4th in Group 5 with 7-4-3
4th in CoH Group Group E with 0-1-2

How will they do?
A side similar to Jeckland in many ways, though their stature is slightly larger. Potential to go far, but failed to kick on last time out, coming 4th in a group that was there for the taking. Now entering their fourth qualifying campaign, the Lions will be looking towards the top two, however in a group such as this that may be ambitious. Third is what a team like this would be happy with.

KPB Rank 281st | KPB Points 0.75 | 7th Seed

Baptism of Fire
3rd in Group F with 2-0-2

How will they do?
Don't be fooled by the fact they fell at the group stage - this team are no pushover. An attack minded outfit, look a good side. However, they're not good enough to touch the top 6, so will probably come seventh.

KPB Rank 319th | KPB Points 0.38 | 8th Seed

Baptism of Fire
4th in Group F with 1-0-3

How will they do?
Another one from Group F of the BoF, this team showed a lot less mettle in that tournament. Little is known about them due to a lack of roster, but they will get up to eighth.

KPB Rank 27th | KPB Points 24.42 | 2nd Seed

Last Cycle
2nd in Group 3 with 9-1-4
Beat Vaugania 7-6 AET in playoffs
3rd in Group F with 0-2-1

How will they do?
This lot are dangerous. After being on the periphery of qualifying for a good few cycles, they finally broke through last cycle via an extra time victory in the playoffs. They were only beaten once in the group stage of the main event, coming third, and they will not want to miss out again. Thre will be dangers from below, but this side should have leartn enough from their experience to hold second place.

KPB Rank Unranked | KPB Points 0.00 | 9th Seed

How will they do?
Nothing much is known of this nation. Apparently they beat Nephara 4-0 once. But that was a long time ago. They're bound to finish bottom.

KPB Rank 175th | KPB Points 3.00 | 6th Seed

Baptism of Fire
1st in Group B with 4-0-0
Beat Tumbra in Ro16, Beat Abanhfleft in QF, Beat Estenia in SF
Beat Polaaskan 3-2 in final

How will they do?
Yikes. Not the sixth seed anyone wanted, the Baptism of Fire champions had a perfect winning record and until the final, hadn't conceded a goal either. As you might guess from this, they are a defensive minded team. They're a great bet for the future, but they'll struggle to rise above sixth in this group right now.

Group Prediction
1. Eura
2. Kinitaria
3. Nova Anglicana
4. Jeckland
5. Taeshan
6. Isula Ge Ru
7. Friskney Eaudyke
8. Western Borderlands
9. New Ecopia



Here it is. The first game of World Cup qualifying for Jeckland, and it looks to be a cracker. The Spuds have lost both of their previous opening matches and although they are better seeded than their opponents, this one won't be easy either.

How are we doing?
After two cycles of mediocrity, Jeckland will be looking for better things this time. After promising, yet unspectacular performances in friendlies and the Opener Trophy under new Osarian boss Kouli, Jeckland will be looking to start qualifying strongly to vindicate their choice of a manager with little managerial experience.

How are they doing?
Pretty blooming well. The debutants won the Baptism of Fire with ease, winning every game and conceding just two goals, both in the final. Their defensive style has won them many plaudits, however questions have been asked of whether they can mix it with bigger teams after a recent 3-0 friendly defeat to San Jose Guayabal.

What does this mean?
It's the first matchday. Everyone's on 0. A blank slate. A million possibilities, some that will make you leap into the air squealing, some that will have you a sobbing wreck on the floor. Basically, if you win this game you get off to a good start, if you don't you don't.

This won't be easy for Jeckland. Isula Ge Ru are a side with quality. However, World Cup Qualifying is a whole different ball game to the Baptism of Fire. So Jeckland will win, but it will be close.


Watch the match live on Jeckland Sports 1, as well as extensive build-up and reaction. Jeckland Sports 2 will have reporters across the multiverse keeping you up to date on what's happening in the other games.
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Postby Starblaydia » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:42 am

Good Draw from a Bad Pot
Can Starblaydia make it to Equestrian States and San Jose Guayabal?

Group 10
World Cup 70 Qualifying
Ko-oren, AO (14)
Jeruselem, GP (32)
Starblaydia, AO (44)
Karditan, RM (83)
Schiavonia, AO (111)
Sakhalin, ESP (192)
Polkopia, ISSU (235)
Somstratzka, IUSR (350)
Reibija, AO (356+)

Football statisticians the world over always go into overdrive at times like this. With 171 teams all competing to get to the World Cup there has to be some way of separating them down to just 30 nations who can take their places in Equestrian States and San Jose Guaybal. To this end, some clever brain at the World Cup Committee decided on the most exciting way possible where they take all the teams and smash them together at random until only the top thirty remain. To ensure complete fairness, as well as aid the sporting cultural domination of the top forty-or-so nations while keeping the newcomers down where they belong outside the old boys (and girls, and bears, and... you get the idea, - Ed.) club, the nations are organised into seeded pots, ensuring the really big teams can't knock each other out of contention, while ensuring that the small teams have some challenge to scrap and scrape points from each other before being demolished by their betters.

At least, that's how it's supposed to work. What it also allows is the chance, home and away, for the lower-ranked teams to come up against the so-called superior nations and see if that label is correct or now. Otherwise how would the rankings ever change? It is this sort of situation that Starblaydia find themselves in. Calculations had been done all over the land to decide if Starblaydia were going to find themselves in the Second seeded pot, or the Third. The dividing line between the two was tight, considering the hosts and several non-competing nations this time were not included in the final breakdown.

Had Starblaydia been able to make it into the Second pot, they would have been instantly seen as a lock for the Play-off place at the end of Qualifiers, fighting with the team above them for auto-qualification. In the Third pot, even the Play-off place is not guaranteed, merely the title of being the bookie's leader of the chasing pack to qualify. The thing is, though, being the worst team in the Second pot means you're much less likely to be able to topple the leaders, as well as much closer for the pack to chase at. Being the highest-ranked team in the Third pot, however, has actually worked in Starblaydia's favour. Their Second pot team is Jeruselem, sitting just twelve places above them in the rankings, then there's eighteen places to Ko-oren above them. Pot Four's Karditan are, perhaps crucially, some forty places lower than Starblaydia. Were the white-and-purples in the Second pot, there'd be another team in between them doing the chasing.

Although some may question the wisdom of having two teams better than you in a group, compared to just one, Starblaydia's position as the underdog in these matches could be crucial to the outcome of the group. Both Jeruselem and Ko-oren have to visit Starblaydia in the second half of Qualifying, indeed the match that could even decide the outcome of the top two places in the group, Starblaydia hosting Ko-oren, is a scintillating prospect on the final Matchday of Qualifying. You can bet that the Stadii Di Bradini will be rocking for that contest.

Starblaydia have a goal to chase, two familiar nations ranked higher than them to overcome, and a selection of known and previously unknown nations to tussle against for the right to go to the World Cup. Kochanska says her boys and girls are ready. Are you?
Starblaydia's Schedule in Full
Starblaydia v Karditan - Iota "Big Eye" Arena, Penningworth - Penningworth United (82,000)
Sakhalin v Starblaydia
Starbalaydia v Schavonia - Stadii di Quercus, Farça - FC Farça (99,000)
Jeruselem v Starblaydia
Starblaydia v Polkopia - Hallad City Stadium, Hallad City - Hallad Reavers (49,000)
Reibija v Starblaydia
Starblaydia v Somstratzka - Montepool Bayside Stadium, Montepool - Montepool Waves (32,000)
Ko-oren v Starblaydia
Mid-Qualifying Break
Karditan v Starblaydia
Starblaydia v Sakhalin - Jader Barbahlo Stadium, Jhanna - Jhanna United (96,000)
Schavonia v Starblaydia
Starblaydia v Jeruselem - Stadii Di Bradini, Jhanna - National Stadium (196,754)
Polkopia v Starblaydia
Starblaydia v Reibija - Jaffacake Memorial Arena, Cedrus - Cedrus Soundgardia (33,000)
Somstratzka v Starblaydia
Starblaydia v Ko-oren - Stadii Di Bradini, Jhanna - National Stadium (196,754)

Qualifying Predictions
Running the rule over the other 18 groups in the World Cup Qualifiers, we've come up with the following predictions that you probably shouldn't put any money on, let alone actually invest any thought into. Think we're totally wrong? Let us know on our website or through all the usual social media outlets.

Group 1
Nephara are the stand-out team here, mostly standing out for having a different name to when we last remember seeing them as New Sideburn. Below them a couple of teams battle for the Play-Off place, but we think Calania's own Royal Kingdom of Quebec will edge out Yttribia. Look out, too, for Estenia to cause upset wherever they go, and not just in the form of scorelines.

Group 2
It's very hard to look beyond Valladares as the team sitting in the top spot, here, although we'll plump for Sargossa making the play-off spot ahead of Gregoryisgodistan and Furellum. Second to Fourth place should be a tight contest, if nothing else.

Group 3
Five stars on the shirt and a lock for the World Cup Finals for the past century can only mean that Valanora will coast-maraude their way to victory at the top of this group, with only the mildest of Haroom speedbumps from Bears Armed along the way in this group that appears to offer little for the neutral to get excited about.

Group 4
Not the Holy Empire you're thinking of, this Holy Republican Empire side will be tussling it out with Farfadillis for the top spot, and for our money it's Forza Farfa in this contest with HopNation fighting Darvale for the long-distant and utimately futile third spot.

Group 5
The surprises of this group will certainly be Red Blackiland and Semarland finishing much higher than their ranks suggest, overtaking the likes of Lymantatia and Sameba on their ways to highly respectable finishes behind the eventual qualifiers of Paradystopia and The Sarian.

Group 6
Chiata, Kandorith and Kernansquillec will make this a very interesting group and ultimately our nod goes to the Suns and Chiata emerging to finish in the top two. Way, way behind Polar Islandstates, of course. Duh.

Group 7
Barunia over Felix, because why not? If The Kytler Peninsula can manage to put something together, they may shake the standings up a bit, as Nw Drknika may also prove to do.

Group 8
Oh, how the tables have turned. Once the perennial Starblaydi whipping boys (quite literally), Legalese now astride the world as genuine contenders for the title. How far our southern neighbours have come. The monks of The Archregimancy will lead the polite, ordered charge to the Play-offs, beating back the likes of The Icemark and Eastfield Lodge.

Group 9
Audioslavia cruise through here, and beyond them, who really cares except that we get to see the Orange-Blues in international action again?

Group 11
As much as we'd like to see neighbours The Calanian Union pip Unified Sunrise Islands at the post, these two big-boys will go through to the World Cup like a luchador into intensive care. Nice to see the formerly Top Ten Bostopians back on the field, too.

Group 12
Saintland will go marching on, and putting a pin in a map we've decided that West Angola are the ones to beat over former-German American States, Rüntenbach.

Group 13
Former World Cup winners and Atlantian Oceani's own Jungle Cats, Vilita, are far and away the best team in this group, and they'll surely show it, too. Mizuyuki's impressive runs over the last few tournaments will be continued, too, as they get into the Play-offs.

Group 14
Group 14 will be Eura Victor, no matter what the likes of Jeckland, Taeshan and Kinitaria, eventual qualifiers, have to say.

Group 15
If the first- and third-best teams in the world will sail through their groups, you'd expect the second-best to, too, right? Well, that's exactly what they'll do, no matter what Super-Llamaland have to say about it.

Group 16
As Vilita will be strolling through their Group 13, colony Turori will do the same in Group 16, with Buyan fighting off Estope for the right to go to the Play-offs.

Group 17
We're picking Apox to top this group and go straight through to the World Cup, leaving Blouman Empire to figure out what the hell went wrong and hope for a not-awful draw in the Play-offs.

Group 18
Pasarga dominate this group, as per usual, and can Antoletia really screw up and let another team in? Another team like Milchama? Of course they can. And they will.

Group 19
Rounding out the predictions, World Champions in the form of The Holy Empire stroll to a Simeone Di Bradini-inspired group victory and even undefeated record, with The Royal Barangay as hot on their heels as it's possible for them to be, despite the attentions of Boring Paradise (which some uninformed types might argue the Dreamed Realm actually is).
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Postby Tumbra » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:22 am

"...And from Pot Six, into Group Ninteen..."

It was the draw.


The lady with the pots held up the slip, and the camera zoomed in to see the words "JECTARIA" on the white paper.

"Pot Seven."

We were in Pot Seven. One of ninteen teams in Pot Seven. Along with most of the Baptism of Fire nations. The screen behind the presenters showed the teams in Pot Seven.

"Polkopia, Wolfbenz, Gregory Llama Land, New Drakonika, Sumaltheria, Seltik, Tumbra, Daritii, New Bordial, Peruvian Highlands, Atrua, Friskney Eaudyke, Garifunya, Joshulia, Khalifa Arabia, Masseau, The Oaklands, Aestate, Devonta. These are the nineteen teams in this Pot."

Henry was looking, expressionless. Gaffer Jordan was wiping his eyes. Brandon was looking frustrated with the slowness of the draw.

"Y'know, if they actually bothered to hurry up with this fecking thing, than we might actually be able to not train under floodlights." said Brandon.

"Be patient, Brandon. Anyway, there isn't any training today." Gaffer said.

He'd narrowly passed the evaluation. It even came down to the board voting whether to sack him. The final result? 8-7. Yep, 8-7. 8 in favour of him staying, 7 for the sack.

To be honest though, he'd probably only passed because he'd agreed to take a massive pay cut. Money-grabbing selfish f*cks.

"Pot Seven, Group One."

Urgh. The tension in the room could nearly be tasted. And it tasted like testosterone.

"The Oaklands."

A massive sigh of relief. Group One contained Nephara, the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, Yttrbia AND Estenia, for goodness' sakes. The Group of Death? I wouldn't not count on the press calling it that next morning.

"Pot Seven, Group Two."

This was the group that contained Valladares, Gregoryisgodistan, Sargossa and Furellum. Just as difficult as Group One. No-one wanted us to get into there.


Another bullet dodged. But how many could we dodge? And for how long? We couldn't keep dancing forever, you know. We had to be drawn sometime.

"Pot Seven, Group Three."

Valanora and Bears Armed were the only real notable threats here. If we got drawn here it would elict a sigh of relief from everyone.


Fuck. Our luck was running out, I myself felt it...

"Pot Seven, Group Four."

Fuck. The Holy Republican Empire, runners up at the WC 68, Farfadillis, HopNation, and United Eastedge were there. Our luck certainly wouldn't give out now, would it?

Would it?





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Postby Albundania » Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:26 am

And the Blues come marching home

Albundania returns to the world stage

It's been a long time since we've had the pleasure of an Albundanian team competing abroad, but that time has come around again for the boys in blue. Martin Simpson, still alive despite his best efforts sometimes it seems, has picked a team that he thinks is capable of competing in the world cup itself. Of course, Simpson still refuses to believe that any Albundanian has been to space, so we shall see how reasonable his squad choices end up being. To his immense credit, he has picked out a team made up entirely of professional footballers, so we needn't worry about milkmen or carpenters taking the field. At least not at the beginning.

However, though many of the faces may be new and unfamiliar, it is prudent to take a look at the group in which we are participating.

Valladares (6): One of the elite sides in the world, Valladares would normally be expected to qualify from this group with no problems at all. That being said, there are some cracks starting to show in this side and a collapse would not be out of the question. They also have the distinction of being the only team in this group that we've played.
Previous Matches: Albundania have played Valladares in one competitive match, way back in Cup of Harmony 40. That game was an exciting 2-2 draw, the highlight of Albundania's performance in that competition. If we're lucky, we may accidentally grab a point out of them again.

Wolfbenz (248): Straight out of a strong performance in the BoF, they are not a nation to be messed around with despite their low ranking. While we can't see them making it out of the group, Konstantinov could cause quite a headache for even the best of teams in this group.

Mendoya (213): They have yet to announce their roster for the tournament, but this is one team that Albundania absolutely must grab points from if it wishes to be taken seriously again in world football. Look for Easton and Potter to dominate the midfield in this fixture.

Gregoryisgodistan (35): Something of a world power, they are ranked higher than we were when we made our world cup final, so they are potentially a team that could go deep in to the world cup proper providing they do not slip up in qualifying. This is the team we would personally pick to top the group, with their superstars of sequential numbers and letters looking to at least qualify fairly easily. The only real challenge to their security is...

Sargossa (45): One of the highest teams in Pot 3 is looking to capitalize on a pot 1 team that could potentially slip up and a pot 2 team that is near the bottom of its pot. They, also, have not as yet publicized their roster, but if it all goes right the men/women/ponies/bears/extra-dimensional beings have a good shot at upsetting one of the two predicted favorites in the group.

Furellum (69): It wouldn't be a world cup without a team from another species to come in and destroy our squad, and this one comes from AO to boot, also conveniently nailing the "Team from AO that will decimate Albundania" category as well. Despite the political upheaval in their state at the moment, I'd be surprised to see their squad suffer as a result. Look for them to try and play spoiler for the real threats in the group, though.

Leadan (319): Another team that has yet to publicize its rosters, we can only hope and pray that they simply forget to show up to the tournament and hand us an easy three points.

Nassau Hessen (99): A team of tough mountain men, they will join Furellum in playing the spoiler role for the good teams at the top, lacking the real threat to make it to the world cup proper in all likelihood. We do have a hunch, however, that we'll be hearing a lot about Nassau in the future.

There you have it. Albundania isn't good enough to make it through, but maybe we can get lucky and grab a few points against some true footballing powers. The first week Albundania has a bye, but we'll be sure to keep you updated on the group dynamic and other shenanigans that seem to happen whenever Simpson is involved in any capacity.
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Postby Apox » Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:32 am

Dravid Scott was sat, quietly in the waiting area of the AFB, a bland, white room. He was alone, the only sound to be heard was the clocking, ticking resolutely on the wall. They'd clearly tried to make the room a little more exciting by putting pictures of famous moments in Apoxian history on the walls - there was the winning sides from both Campionato 4 and 5, Dravid in both teams, trophy held aloft. There was Olim Benzari, the most capped Apoxian player, hitting a sweetly struck shot from a qualifying match in World Cup 64, the first Cup Apox qualified. There was Apox being selected as joint host of the 69th World Cup and the FC Endeavour team which won the ANL with a record points score.

The thing that annoyed Dravid about this room the most though, was the bloody enormous picture of him completing his hat-trick with a fantastic bicycle kick in the 8-0 rout of Slembana from Apox's World Cup 62 Qualifying campaign. In fact, that was the reason he was at the AFB headquarters in Dwile today, the World Cup qualifying campaign, specifically, how Apox could transform themselves into the footballing force they had the potential to be - potential which had never really been reached. The president's assistant opened the door and beckoned for him to come inside. He gratefully obliged, pleased to stop having to look at a massive picture of his face.

The president of the AFB, the fantastically eccentric Jooles the Sophisticated, was sat at his desk, smoking a cigar and reading a book entitled "The 50 best own-goals". Dravid grinned at this, having actually played against Jooles when Jooles was at Barbury Town and Dravid was finishing his career at Urbanista.

"Dravid! Please, have a seat! Can I offer you a cigar?" said Jooles, beaming, offering him a chair as he stood up. Dravid sat down once more, but declined the offer of a cigar. Jooles continued to read for a couple of seconds, an uneasy silence falling once more, before slamming his book shut and looking at him seriously.

"Well, as I'm sure you know, I'm something of a jovial man. However, today's meeting is not jovial, not trivial, but deadly serious. As you well know, our nations performances in the early years of the our World Cup involvement were incredibly promising, ranked in the top 50 nations after just 2 cycles. However, since then, we've really plateaued at being ranked around 30th, and we've only passed out of the Group stage once in our four finals appearances. Something needs to be done."

"I'm aware, but what, exactly, do I have to do with it?" asked Dravid, confused as to what Jooles statement had to do with anything.

"Well, my dear old thing, you are one of the most decorated footballers we've ever had. An undisputed legend, as much as I know you hate the term. You were simply one of the best players we've ever had. However, we need to press on now, with Apox in this game for 21 years now and not a great deal to show for it. I'm asking you to head up a committee of people looking at ways to improve Apox's recent results spiral."

Dravid nodded, but didn't reply, so Jooles continued to babble;

"The ANL is incredibly successful, and in it's time has reached the top of the World rankings, our clubs have won multiple CEdC's and Cygnus Cups - and it's only a matter of time before we win a UICA tournament proper. We are clearly sorted in that regard - how to we turn that to international level? The players we have at our disposal are capable of winning a World Cup - what are we missing, how do we turn things around?"

"But, I have my job at Wrexton to contend with."

"Not a problem, this is a long term project - although still a pressing one. You won't be working alone, you will be able to fit it around your other work commitments, I promise."

"Deal then. I'd better be off anyhow, if you'd be able to email me the full details that would be much appreciated." said Dravid standing up, offering his hand to the rising Jooles;

"Of course, of course. Thank you for agreeing to this proposal."
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Postby United States of Devonta » Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:42 am

The Scrimmage: Through the eyes of #19 Gerald Van Johansen

It was a cold windy 27 degree Kanza day, although it was only November it seemed to me winter had come to early to Kanza. The reporter on channel five said we would have a likely chance of snow. Even though Kanza had... lets just say interesting weather patterns, snow in November was strange to most people. Including myself. The snow came in the form of a light drizzle as I was walking down the snowy frozen dew soaked soccer pitch towards my team; I saw that the team had already started there pre-game warm up exercise with couch barking commands to the team, which they followed. I looked around the stadium's field for any other player that might be late and with my luck I was the only player late for practice. I would suffer coaches wraith differently. Myself being team captain would make me more of a target for coach he had high expectations for me. So when I arrived for worm ups in the midfield he pulled me aside a cussed me out for at least five minutes. I was use to it unfortunately, but it was still humiliating when twenty two other guys laugh at you. I thought he was going to make me do some sort of exercise like push ups or sit ups but instead he made me join back in with the other guys. Practice would be short and just a game of scrimmage. When me and the other guys figured out we smiled.

For the scrimmage we separated into our normal two squads when where scrimmaging, Squad A and B. I always played on squad A. Since squad A had more players coach usually played on Squad B's side, although he was older then us he had played many years in the domestic league and was a legendary soccer player in the United States of Devonta. Despite this we still held more wins against squad B. Right before we began the snow started coming down harder then before but squad B was still visible from the other side of the field; There forwards where slowly heading towards the midfield to face us. Before the game began the coach flipped a coin, we would start with the ball. We all got into our positions, them on there side and us on ours. I heard our assistant coach (Acting as the referee) blow his whistle, the game had started. The next thirty minuted would be cold for us, and the few die hard fans and pesky reporters in the stands.

Our team had the kick off, I started with the ball and passed it to our other forward Noah Hill (Noah is the substitute forward on our team, he is quite tall and he has brown hair and hazel green eyes.) Noah dribbled the ball past several of the boys on squad B through the left wing of the field until he passed the ball back to me. We were close to the penalty box now; I dribbled the ball until I reached the goal box, I lifted my leg to shoot for the goal but my kick was smothered by another player, Benton (One of the best and youngest defenders on the team v.s me. The best forward in my own rights.) I pursued him; he was fast but not as fast as me. It was not easy to gain repossession but I did. This time as soon as I got the ball, I passed it to Noah who dribbled it a bit and passed the ball back to me. I dribbled the ball up the line and through to the goal box finding a gap. I kicked the ball with all my might; it flew up and slammed into the nets at the back of the goal. The few fans in the crowd whood as they watched the goal being scored. I ran back to my position with a smile on my face. Just another goal I thought.

The cold wind began to pick up, blowing snow that was formerly on the ground in our faces. Despite my earlier goal I was pissed, pissed enough to course god. (Okay not quite, but close.) The other squad were at our end of the field pressing are defense and all our defenders were shivering but still trying to defend our goal desperately. I decided to go run down the field and try to help out but I could hardly run it was so cold. I managed to get down the pitch but they had already scored a goal. I seen forward Lamar Adams with a smile on his face. He must of made it passed Cooper our goalkeeper.

It only took what seemed to be a few minutes after squad B's goal for the temperature to drop dramatically, it was snowing mixed with ice at the same time and it felt like it was minus one hundred degrees. We had the kick off once again after a few uneventful go arounds. I decided to play on with the team, coach would make us practice though a hurricane. It was so hard to run when your legs feel as if they are frozen blocks of ice. (Shorts are not good protection the the cold) I passed the ball to Noah again. He then passed it back to Crox, one of our midfielders; who did not even attempt to dribble the ball closer to the goalie box. Instead he crossed Abdullah ( An unexpected feat), It looked like he was going to manage it. He dribbled the ball around the shivering, dumbfounded defenders on the other team. He shot a long shot for the goal; it went sailing in the air. We all watched hopelessly as the goalkeeper Kowalski dived and saved the goal from being scored. Just then the assistant coach blew the final whistle (Five minutes early) because every one was shivering and soaked in snow (On the orders of coach of course), I and a few others even had tears in their eyes it was so cold. It was the coldest day in my entire life, no doubt. It was a 1-1 draw. I would of rather of won but a tie was fine I thought. This was not our last practice, but our last in Devonta; we where heading to World Cup 70 and I had just played the coldest fucking twenty five minute scrimmage in my life!
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:04 pm

Golden Square Mile- Part 1


A prestigious neighbourhood in 19th-century Quebec and to this day.

Sumptuous Catherinesque residences, noteworthy institutions, mansions, great thoroughfares and shady streets, parks and monuments define the character of this residential neighbourhood, home to the different generations of the Quebecois rich, from flamboyance to elegance. To this day it is still bustling with residential activity, as it still serves as home to some of the richest people in the country.

A prosperous neighbourhood moulded by a core of businessmen normally of Scottish and Korean descents, its original area was about one square mile, hence the name. It was bounded by Mount Royal Park, Charles Merton Regimbault Boulevard(formerly Elsdale Street), Jangchoongdong St and Farrer Avenue.

With urban development, these limits were extended, as the area's boundaries changed and few houses giving way to the urban development of the city's growing Downtown core. Despite this, a rich built heritage has survived the pressures of demography and speculation, through the consistent flow of the residents and their powers to conserve and enrich the area.

The Square Mile is part of the Mount Royal Natural and Historical District and includes the Farrer University campus, the Royal Quebec Institute of Architecture, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and G.W. McConnell Museum of Quebecois History, as well as many other attractions that could be discovered by strolling along its hallowed, well-vegetated streets.

This multiple-part series will address the history, the buildings and the past residents of the Golden Square Mile, with the first two going to be a brief overview on its history.


Following the the Imperial Treaty of 1779, fur magnates and factory and railway builders owned the land. Flower and vegetable gardens, equestrian fields, ponds and luxurious country houses gave a special flavour to this neighbourhood, which established itself on the south flank of Mount Royal.

The destruction of Montreal's fortification in 1810s accelerated urban development to the north, as the city and its commercial activity rapidly grew. Soon there was a demand for the rising class of Nouveau riche in Montreal, who wanted to move out of the city's crowded Downtown while still living close to city.

In willing his property for the founding of a university, Leonard Farrer heralded the development of a prestigious neighbourhood to the north of Sherbrooke Street, in the shadow of Mount Royal. In the purchases and years that followed, the district was slowly being settled by the Montreal business magnates, whose fortune snowballed in the years following 1845.

Right in the centre of it stood Farrer College, later to be renamed as world-renowned educational institution of Farrer University. The 25-acre portion of the very land on centre was originally reserved as Leonard Farrer's, which would turn into university land after his death in 1821.


In 1852, Montreal had 150,000 inhabitants and by 1860, Montreal was the largest city in Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Sir Reginald Martin was elected President of the Board of Trade in 1851, and work on railways and steamships was evident everywhere, bringing with it a surge of construction. There were now dozens architects practising in the city and the newly rich competed with one another for the largest, most decorative homes.

It was from this point that the city took over as the nation's commercial and financial capital, with the Beaudry Canal and major new businesses linking the well-established port of Montreal with continental markets to the Northwestern AO.

In 1870s, the Quebec Pacific Railway from Winnipeg to Montreal was completed, followed by the Imperial Railway from Montreal to Halifax, under the direction of William Strathcona, Lord Van Horne, Janne Strehaus, and Jean-Frederic Han, after which was continued by Lord Sung and R.B. Wells. Celebrating their success, they spared no expense on their homes, with interiors decked in detailed mahogany and private art galleries housing marvelous works of historic artists.

Aside from the men at the very top, the railways had also brought about another housing boom to the Square Mile: In 1887, John Ferdinand Regimbault, the Acadianan-born company lawyer for the Imperial Textiles Company, moved in when he built his 3-acre, 2-storey house at Sherbrooke and Hampyeong. He, in doing so set a trend among his boardroom colleagues- as Valiev had correctly predicted, filling the gaps within the Square Mile.


From the 1890s into the Edwardian era the city enjoyed a gilded age. The men of the QPR and the Imperial retired in 1890s, having created the "Multiverse's Greatest transportation system" and writing a chapter of Quebecois history. Together they had rebuilt and redefined the frontiers, seeing over 3 million settle in the nation's frontiers occupied by the existing First Nations, and by exploiting the mineral resources included in their land grants.

Those men and their shareholders would see their net earnings grow year on year to $75 million Quebecois in 1915, eventually breaking the million dollar bar in 1919. Unprecedented amounts of capital now flowed in from all over the Multiverse to build the Western and Northern Quebec, and Montreal, where every major company had its headquarters, was once again at the centre of this latest web of prosperity. Lord Graikalonii, the Starblaydian QPR executive who resided in the area for 29 years, once said- "those who thought that the government of Canada was in Quebec City were mistaken, it was here".

The wealth inherited and managed by the next generation of Square Milers continued to grow, and with greater sum than ever as the economy grew. But while many were successful as businessmen they were less entrepreneurial. They, the older generation, financed and worked closely with newcomers such as Sir. Jeffrey Russell, Lord Wilfrid Jeong and of the last great tycoons of the "old era", George W. McConnell. These men had easily integrated themselves into Square Mile society, but there was a also new and hungrier generation of businessmen coming to Montreal, epitomised by Sir. Viktor Forsberg and Lorne Kim, who were not as readily accepted by the older generation that jealously guarded over the dominance of their cornerstones. The latter of the group would later develop resentment, gradually causing the divide within the district and in turn Quebecois economy, due to the rise in competition in-district.

As much as the next generation spent their money on parties, new houses, grand refurbishments and summer homes, they also continued to pour money back into education, health, and culture. Donating $200 million over his lifetime, George McConnell followed the likes of his predecessors, including Sir. Jean-Frederic Han whose contributions to Universite St. Croix included $25 million at the time, as well as 5 buildings in memory of his contributors...........
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Postby Aestate » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:09 pm


Club: Associazione Sportiva Portus
City: Portus Cale
Coach: Yuri Gregorovich
Players in National Team: Flavio Svevo, Michael Myers, Roberto Ferri



Good and Bad Moments of Ziccardi

Provocations, screams and the derby’s atmosphere dominated the first local friendly game

When this local event was announced over the television, I admit, my worries increased. I didn’t know which could happen in those matches. If problems would arise between the Squad and the fans, it was going to backfire. Of course, I couldn’t believe in a possibility when the aestateans support other nations against the national team. But a fan’s escape would be as bad as. Until my entry in the Blue Stadium, that idea crushed me. Then, after my first vision of the stadium, it came a relief to me. The Portus’ blue predominated, but the Aestate’s Flag was everywhere. The fans didn’t forget their clubs, which it wasn’t a problem, because the Aestate was there. And the beginning of the match proved my theory.


Everybody supported the squad with traditional chants, jokes, and energy. At five minutes when Myers scored, the stadium exploded in a big feast. A fast happiness to Ziccardi, since four minutes later the AS Portus scored too, and the local fans didn’t lost this opportunity. With chants “Blue Nightmare” and “Poor cardi, Ziccardi”, the fans remembered uncountable Ziccardi’s defaults with the Nazionale against Portus in this stadium, including two defaults in National League. They sang about Gregorovich too, the Portus coach and the responsibilities of this history. A new Myers’ score, the result of a long through ball created by Bobbio, reduced the noise in the stands, but when Portus scored again, the fans singed once more, and this time, the stadium’s sound system helped fans, sounding the “Enter Sandman” intro. After two minutes to the end of the first half, Soldati scored with a shooting out of the penalty area. 5-2 against a local club was a doubtful result, and Ziccardi didn’t seem happy. He gave the pitch up without comments. Bobbio appeased. “Gregorovich did a good job. He is very tactical, using his players in a good defending formation. The counterattacks are a big problem, now. We need to come back better, bringing whole to attack”. Maybe for training or not, the second half received a different Aestate’s team. Ziccardi did five substitutions:

Roberto Ferri (02) - Lankester Merrin (18)
Emilio Grossi (08) - Cruzio Magris (12)
Mario Bobbio (07) - Flavio Svevo (14)
Marco Álvares (10) - Charles Lee Ray (22)
Michael Myers (11) - Daryl Van Horne (23)

Gregorovich only did six substitutions, and the match changed. Quickly, Svevo gave a present to Lee Ray, who scored for Aestate. In sequence, one forward of Portus tried a bicycle kick, but his failing created a new opportunity, used for Van Horne. With 5-3, Aestate wined, but the match wasn’t so easy. Questionable, Ziccardi criticized details in midfield and defense, respecting the adversary. To players, many hours of training awaits them, but now they are in Portus Cale, with beaches everywhere. No reasons for revolt.

Britonisea will open our Qualifying Stage

Today, we know our first obstacle. In match day 1, Britonisea surely will be preparing to cause problems for us. Will we too? According to FAS, this match will be happening in National Arena, and many preparations in Carpanela are flat out. I should hope something will be readying, because if our country want develop the tourism, this is the moment. For now, the Carpanela’s stadium is ready.

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Postby Britonisea » Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:22 pm

"Hello, I am Luke Cumbrigham and I am here with you on BVC Sports at 10pm in the night bringing you the latest from the World Cup tournament held in San José Guayabal and Equestrian States, I think it's called. Anyway. We don't know who we are playing yet but we have some news for you! After riots in both North Britonisea and Britonisea, we might miss World Cups 71 onwards due to the lack of support and the hatred of football. A man called 'Amen' spoke to me today and he said the following "You know what, I hate the sport because you use your feet to kick a stupid ball and the ball goes in the air then in the net. Big whoop! Why are billions getting so haps about it man? It was those people, those multicoloured people coming here and bringing football". Being Hispanic myself I found that quite rude and said "don't you use your feet for nearly every sport?" And all he could say way "No comment." That was a fun day out.
This just in! Aestate broadcasters say we are playing them! So let me give you the stats and all of that jargon, they might win, we might lose whoop and we suspect they will win 3-1 against us. Whoop. Now let's talk about tennis, Ricardo Toli has- oh it is the end of the show! Be back for more brilliant football news from me. Luke. Bye"
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:54 pm

Group 2 Preview

Gregoryisgodistan was drawn into Group 2 for World Cup Qualifying yesterday, alongside eight other teams. What follows is a preview of those eight teams. As a reminder, the order below is from Pot 1 to Pot 9, and does not reflect the order in which we play those teams.

Pot 1 - Valladares Valladares is the number 6 team in the world, and should be winning this group with ease, in theory. However, Valladres has been unheard from in the world of sports lately, and is reportedly undergoing major domestic turmoil at the moment. There are even rumors that the nation could be meeting its untimely demise within the next two weeks. (OOC: It will CTE in 13 days if Val doesn't log in.) In the event Valladares is wiped off the map, the organizing committee has not specified how this will effect advancement should they also somehow win the group. As a result, the Gregoryisgodistan Soccer Federation has put in an inquiry regarding how this will be handled. (OOC: Consider this RP said inquiry.) Gregoryisgodistan could easily split this matchup, winning home and losing away. The Valladarans will be the Foot Slaves' toughest challenge by far, and indeed will be among the toughest matches they have ever played, given relatively easy draws in the past.

Pot 2 - Gregoryisgodistan We're in Pot 2. We don't play ourselves. Skipping.

Pot 3 - Sargossa Sargossa, at number 45, is one of the highest ranked teams in Pot 3, and could end the Foot Slaves' hopes of either winning the group or coming in second to a vanished Valladares and possibly automatically qualifying anyway. However, they have not posted a roster at the moment. They are a real wild card here - they could potentially top the Foot Slaves if they show competence, or they could fall to the lower half of the group if they don't. It will certainly be very interesting.

Pot 4- Fullerum Fullerum is ranked 69th, a most obscene rank that would necessitate the summoning of a pervert chaser if it were acted upon. Alas, Fullerum is not likely to pose any real threat to the Foot Slaves, being ranked over 30 spots beneath them. They might steal a point at home, but that's it. However, every point will count in this group with Valladares and Sargossa.

Pot 5 - Nassau Hessen Now they face a team barely in the top 100. However, Nassau-Hessen is a feisty little team and the Foot Slaves must be careful not to be tripped up. Again, Nassau could steal a point at home, so the Foot Slaves need to be careful.

Pot 6 - Mendoya Now we get into the no-names. Mendoya should give the Foot Slaves no trouble whatsoever. Foot Slaves win both legs and easily dispose of this enemy.

Pot 7 - Wolfbenz The Gregoryisgodistanis have faced Wolfbenz on the diamond in the form of the Bat Slaves, but this is the Foot Slaves first shot at the disease-soundalike. It should be an easy win, however, as Wolfbenz is not a formidable opponent. Expect another sweep.

Pot 8 - Leadan Who? Who are these people? Is that a real nation? Apparently so. Well, I've never heard of it. They never did anything significant. Blowout city. Expect two shutouts with possibly 10 goals between them. Lord Almighty Gregory will be proud.

Pot 9 - Albundia An unranked foe who apparently has played before. But not recently enough to get a rank. They will probably surprise some people with how well they do, but they're simply not good enough to get any points against the Foot Slaves. But they will finish higher than expected.

Predicted standings:

1. Valladares
2. Gregoryisgodistan
3. Sargossa
4. Fullerum
5. Nassau Hessen
6. Albundia
7. Wolfbenz
8. Mendoya
9. Leadan

As mentioned above, this could be complicated if the domestic turmoil in Valladres causes them to disappear (OOC: CTE) before the end of qualifying. Would Gregoryisgodistan assume first place and go through automatically, or would the number of second-place teams to go through automatically just be adjusted? In that event, presumably the Top 7 would go through automatically and the next 10 would play off to join the 18 group winners other than Valladares and the two hosts. In the event that Gregoryisgodistan does get the auto berth as group winner in this scenario, it would be interesting to see whether Sargossa goes to the playoffs as the second-best extant nation, or whether they go with more automatic berths. In that case, presumably it would be the 18 other group winners, Gregoryisgodistan, the four best remaining second-place teams, and 7 playoff winners out of the remaining 14 second-place teams. Considering Gregoryisgodistan could finish third in the group and not just second, the Soccer Federation is making a formal inquiry into that question as well. (OOC: Again, consider this RP such an inquiry.)

The qualifying starts on Thursday. Go Foot Slaves!

Journalist JDJF8358 sentenced to life in Grammar Reeducation Camp

Journalist JDJF8358, a sports columnist for The Lord's Word, has been sentenced to life in a Grammar Reeducation Camp for numerous grammatical and spelling errors in his World Cup Qualifying preview. He was subsequently arrested by both Grammar Enforcement Officers and Spelling Enforcement Officers. Under Gregoryisgodistani law, if someone is simultaneously arrested by both Grammar Enforcement Officers and Spelling Enforcement Officers, they are sentenced to life in a reeducation camp of their choosing, regardless of what the sentences originally were supposed to be. Journalist JDJF8358 committed multiple errors, including spelling the names of Furellum and Albundania wrong multiple times each, as well as using at least six sentence fragments, starting a sentence with a preposition, and the double whammy - starting a sentence fragment with a preposition. He also omitted a few necessary commas and used the wrong demonym for citizens of Valladares. The correct word is "Valladar," not "Valladaran." Finally, he forgot to hyphenate Nassau-Hessen. While that appears to be the fault of the organizers, no mercy was shown to Journalist JDJF8358 in his life sentence. For the rest of his life, Journalist JDJF8358 will spend 23 hours a day studying grammar. The remaining hour may be spent eating, sleeping, showering, or using the bathroom. Gregoryisgodistan takes grammar and spelling very seriously, and Journalist JDJF8358 will be made to pay for his multitude of sins.
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Postby Nephara » Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:17 pm

by Theodora Kenway

Goodfeather FC goalkeeper Isadora Caravella shocked the NFA today when she turned down a callup to the Nepharim national team, citing an eligibility for Yttribia through her parents' birthplace and a vague claim that she 'needed time to make a decision'.

Caravella made her breakthrough for Goodfeather this year over out-of-favour Barunian international Michelangelo Willans, and her form in the Premiership and UICA evidently impressed Jess Mortlock enough for a call-up; presumably as either third- or fourth-choice, seeing as Ballard and Coleman are clearly the two best goalkeepers Nephara can call upon. But while Caravella has never made a secret of her dual-eligibility, it is still a shock to see her reject the nation of her birth - at least for now. In a statement on her Twitter account, she stressed that she was 'not ruling out playing for Cormorants, just need time to think/don't want to be trapped'.

While we at the Herald don't feel it is our place to comment on what nationality certain players are, Caravella - who was born in Crisisbless, has lived there her entire life, has never left Nephara except when with her Nepharim club, born to naturalised Nepharim citizens and speaks with a broad east Nepharim accent - is certain to attract criticism from other, less reputable papers. It remains to be seen whether she can weather the storm; in the meantime, it is uncapped Sabrefell Athletic goalkeeper Sebastian Seward who was selected as third-choice in her stead, with Brinemouth's Tana Colbright waiting in the wings to add to her 11 caps.

Auburn let the paper fall from her hand onto Jess Mortlock's desk.
"So. Thoughts?"
"Well, it strengthens our current squad. Only wanted to give the lass a competitive cap to ensure her loyalty, but, well... looks like she was a step ahead. It's a shame. I'd still like her to pick right later in her career," said Mortlock, with the tone of someone who had a very specific idea of what 'picking right' was.
"Yeah, well... it's a minor thing. Most are saying Steed Corren has the potential to do as well or better, anyway. Everything else, ah, to your pleasure?"
"Yeah, all else looks pretty smooth. Even Stocki's looking a fair shout less skittish this time around."
"You can thank Franziska for that, guv. They're inseperable these days."
"Well, as long as it doesn't lead to drama later down the track..." Mortlock sighed. "Auburn, you know we can't afford to fall short again, right?"
"Of course, guv. But I'd say we're all through our horror cycle. Lightning doesn't strike twice."
"Yeah. Well. Let's make it easy on ourselves for once, shall we... ?"

'Making it easy on themselves', as it happened, wasn't really much of a priority in Nephara's eyes.
First there'd been the Brenecia game. Nephara got the early goal, but then Brenecia scored twice - at the Farham, no less. It was then that Jess Mortlock had turned to the bench, to the unimpressive sight of the short, scrappy Kurtis Quinn.
Quinn had risen from nowhere to take an Iron Boot trophy that the bookies seemed prepared to award Darek Norgen before the season even started, judging by the odds. And his goals had powered Treason to the title. He wasn't the clinical veteran, the marquee man, Gethin Ramsey had sought and failed to get in the transfer window - he was a local lad, through the academy, who'd scored in a Youth Cup Final but never really troubled the senior first-team. Well, he was a driven, cunning lad, and once he got the chance... anyway, Mortlock's centreforwards had really picked themselves, and Quinn was right there among them.
That game had proven Mortlock's theory - the lad would win games, particularly if set on an already weary defence. He started for Treason, but Treason didn't have Rowland and Cathar battering opposing defences for sixty-five minutes first. And two goals in twenty-five minutes on his debut...
He'd been interviewed after the game, chosen as man of the match. He really was just the kid fresh from the streets of west Treason, an easy-going, laid-back blond. Talking about how it had been a dream year from him, but nothing was quite like pulling on the green shirt... yeah, and people even believed it. Kurtis Quinn, instant national hero. And there were calls for him to start in the real big match... the Strongnesse Trophy.

The thing about the Strongnesse Trophy was that in seven editions (and nine matches), the hosts had never lost. Even when Saintland had won the trophy it had been after a farcical penalty shoot-out. Perhaps it's no real surprise - the two sides have historically been incredibly even, so any edge, any twelfth man you got - be it 88,000 roaring Nepharim or 62,000 fanatical Saintlanders - would make the difference.
The Cormorants made a bright start, though it was Herakles Karoki who forced the first save - a smart one, low and quick, from Diandra Ballard. The Endeavour goalkeeper might have been wearing the 12, but if Mortlock was going to be forced to start her through injury? Ballard needed to have played a high-standard fixture in the past year, and at least in her first season for Endeavour she'd played second-string. But it was Seius who got the bulk of the work in the first ten minutes - Penrith and Cathar both forced saves, and Rutger Locke fired over from just outside the box.
But as Mortlock had feared, the Saintlanders soon punched a hole in their defences. And it was Josephus Flaccus who chipped over his own teammate, Tosca Marlowe, to release Heracles Karoki, who let fly. Ballard made an exceptional flying save to palm it away... but Phillippus Vagionius held off Catheline Stockinger to sidefoot it into the net.
... It would have been so easy, at that point, to despair or surrender. Ballard was slamming the ground with her fist, Marlowe spitting on the ground. But Hadrian Belfast was wearing the armband for a reason - and not just because he was a world-class defender. He shouted and swore and got the rest in line, shaping up. This was Saintland as their recent, aggressive selves - goals were going to be conceded. It was just a matter of limiting the damage... and punching back.
Saintland's W-M formation was an... enigma. Archaic, even. It worked for them, most of the time, but it had weaknesses. Only a single true centreback, for example, and Aufidius was not exactly a defensive bulwark - and as a result Mortlock had allowed the strikers to drift out wide if they wished. Not... really something that suited either of her big centreforwards that much, but Keith Rowland made the best of the freedom, giving Catheline Stockinger another option as she ran at Poenius. The Brimstone fullback managed to feint one way, move the other, but Poenius saw the move and wildly lashed out a boot. Stockinger collapsed, but swung out her own left boot clumsily to get the ball towards Rowland.
And suddenly, it would only take the easiest cross in the world to get Cathar in the box, marked by one player and with the ball. Rowland managed it, right onto the chest, and Cathar's first touch was perfect - it had to be, S. and P. Flaccus were both doubling back in defence and he was already casually holding back Aufidius. His second touch, to lash it past Seius? Was even better.
So the scores were level after 29 minutes, but the Cormorants came out determined to take a lead into half-time. The issue was Alessandro Seius - Saintland might not have had a defence to speak of, but Seius was truly class. Rowland forced a smart save from him in the 32nd minute, and Belfast headed a corner right into his chest. Fortunately, Belfast defended more solidly than he attacked, and a last-minute sliding tackle stopped Karoki from a certain goal. Though perhaps 'certain' was stretching it - Diandra Ballard looked equal to any shot Saintland could throw at her. Still, after a quiet period, the Sanctii were starting to get back into the game...
But a very average shot from Prince Andreas was easily caught by Diandra Ballard. And since leaving Crisisbless, Ballard had been training endlessly to try to improve her other phases of play, trying to be more than just an exceptional shot-stopper. She'd trained to become competent with both feet. She'd learned when to sweep behind the defence, or at least when she had to. But the most work, perhaps, had gone into distribution. Ballard didn't waste time - she saw that a quick release would give Markus Rhein all the space in the world to charge forward. Rhein latched on quickly to her long throw, knocked it past Paulus Flaccus and hit a nice, early cross to Rook Cathar. But Seius came nicely off his line, scrambled to punch the ball away - and scythed down Cathar in the process.
Even by Strongnesse standards, that was a clear penalty. And Michael Brandon made no mistake from the spot.
Mortlock made it nice and simple in the half-time talk - keep tight at the back, make the most of the chances they got. And they'd get chances, if they looked for them - the Sanctii would have to go even further on the attack after all. You didn't want to overcomplicate things - just go out there and win it.
The second half wasn't a classic. But it was very much in the Strongnesse mould - very physical, Nepharim casually making professional fouls, Sanctii ripping through people to regain possession. But Belfast, Marlowe and Ballard were rock-solid at the back, and going forward they always looked dangerous. Another goal was coming from somewhere.
It came, ultimately, thanks to Logan Murdoch. It was only his second match, after he'd debuted against Brenecia - he'd been quiet there, mostly trying to help Brandon shut down the midfield, but here he was free to act in his full capacity. And Silvester Flaccus, dwelling on possession? That was a mistake. Murdoch... well, Murdoch floored him, brushed past his brother, and kept moving forward. This time it was Rowland in the centre of the box, and as Aufidius dithered, Murdoch laid it neatly for him. The Holdenberg striker trapped the ball with one foot, shaped to fire... and hit the post.
But the chance wasn't over yet. Kylie Penrith was another who'd had a quiet game, and on the verge of being substituted - but right now she sensed an opportunity. Cutting ahead of Nicolaus Poenius, she struck the ball sweetly with her first touch, and while Seius was a little out of position from the first shot? Nobody could've gotten a hand to a shot like that, even with all the time in the world.
Saintland redoubled their efforts - Nephara, by contrast, pulled back. There were ten minutes left - they could hold out. Martyn came on for Marlowe, Carragher for Penrith. Hatches were battened down. And, granted, Saintland did eventually snatch a consolation in the second minute of injury time - Josephus Flaccus had stroked a lovely pass through the defence, and Karoki had smashed home past a sprawling Ballard - but it was just one. They'd needed another, and it hadn't come.
Nephara had retaken the Strongnesse Trophy - against an even opponent, away from home. After this, and after the Brenecia game... Mortlock was feeling good about the cycle to come.

Group One - Your Guide To The Cormorants' March To Glory

Well, nobody can say they'll be hard to find - Nephara were drawn into the very first group of the qualifiers! And while there's been easier groups before - including last qualifiers, which was thought to be a breeze - there's still reason to think that Nephara can make it through - and quite comfortably, too. Jess Rhinestone goes to find out more.

1st Seed - Nephara - #16
Summary: The Cormorants have been around the block a few times by now, haven't they? And it feels good to be going in as favourites. Mortlock's gone back to the 4-4-2 diamond in the pre-match friendlies, and, well, it's paid off with two wins.
Manager: Jess Mortlock hasn't lead us astray so far - well, okay, in qualifying. But she's a hard-nosed,
Strengths: As always, Nephara is a solid, physical, dominant outfit with a strong spine and good depth. We're the best squad here in sheer quality, well-drilled, good chemistry... no real reason to suggest we won't top the group. It's not that Quebec and Yttribia are slouches - they just got drawn with the wrong first seed.
Weaknesses: That said? The Cormorants' diamond is ... rather narrow, the full-backs being the only dedicated wing players, and neither is particularly defensive-minded. If they aim to attack us, they might get some joy down the flanks.
Key Player: You can't look away from Hadrian Belfast at the moment. One of the best centrebacks in the world, now wearing the captain's armband, his inspirational performances have been driving the squad forward.
Prediction: Realistically? Quebec and Yttribia away are the only two tough fixtures. Assuming we win every other match, we should have this in the bag.

2nd Seed - Quebec - #28
Summary: The Grim Reapers are a ferocious attacking side, and no pushover as a second seed. Backed by an oil money league, Quebec can draw on a patchwork of highly-rated players from various leagues across the world. But they face a difficult fight on their hands to take second, let alone first.
Manager: One manager, Osarian Jayson Dhanda, with a Vauganian and Felixan working under him. The Quebecois have a lot of experience to draw on, and if Plan A doesn't work our, B and C are surely waiting in the wings.
Strengths: Quebec has a nice stable of forwards, generally employing a line of four of them. Hertel comes highly-recommended, and 17-year old Zelaya's already been picked up by a Divijon One club. Real Campo Grande's Fortin, eleven years older, will start most matches up top. There's plenty of quality in Quebec, and most of it's up top.
Weaknesses: Beauchemin is 54 years old. He'll be in a fucking wheelchair when the likes of Logan Murdoch's done with him. Also, their defence is kind of crap, or at least compromised by their aggressive style of play.
Key Player: Fortin is likely their strongest forward, the 28-year old making a lovely combination with Leonardo Conavacio up front. He's a complete striker who can give even our extremely solid defence problems, let alone the rest of the group. Might well finish as the group's top scorer.
Prediction: It's going to be close in the fight for second place. But at the end of the day, they might well be pipped to the post by Yttribia. 3rd.

3rd Seed - Yttribia - #51
Summary: Post-fascist Yttribia's close but somewhat inexplicable bond with Nephara continues with this - with Nephara vs. Yttribia occasionally being bitterly referred to as 'The Final That Never Was' in the aftermath of CE11, it's finally time to put those ideas to rest. By actually playing them.
Manager: Daniel Cardona has taken Yttribia to new heights, going 27-6-6 in his reign of the national team. He's beloved by the nation and his team, with a deep bond of trust binding them. If anyone can get Yttribia over the line to the World Cup? You're looking at him.
Strengths: The Yttribian midfield is superb, though they're unlucky to have the talent converging in defensive midfield - Goode and di Mercurio fighting over the same position? Painful, really. But with them anchoring the likes of Abbatantuono down the left and various rough diamonds elsewhere, this is where Yttribia will win games.
Weaknesses: While they do have solid defenders in the form of Vilhjalmsson and Mathews, with 21-year old Totso behind them? They don't really have a solid defence as such. They tend to be left rather exposed by a very aggressive-minded lineup, and can't always compensate for it with talent alone.
Key Player: Vilhjalmsson is a national hero, and for good reason. Inspirational captain and defensive anchor, his declaration of international retirement as he enters his 30s was much-lamented.
Prediction: Second. The most balanced squad often wins out over the longer campaigns, and they've better depth as well. Quebec might have more punch, but Yttribia will be better over the 18 games. 2nd.

4th Seed - Filopines - #70
Summary: In three matches against the Filopines, Nephara lead 9-2 on aggregate. We should have this.
Manager: Rumours are hazy at present surrounding the job status of the current Filopino manager. It is likely their ambitions will focus towards winning games and scoring one or more goals per match, while also avoiding conceding goals and attempting not to be defeated.
Strengths: They've been around for ages. Is Paul Rhett still playing? Paul Rhett's probably still playing.
Weaknesses: They've been decidedly mediocre for ages. Realistically, they aren't breaking into a top three like this.
Key Player: ... We're going to say the team spirit.
Prediction: Struggling to cling onto 4th. In fact, they'll take fifth.

5th Seed - Saint James Islands - #143
Summary: SJI have the look of a potential spanner in the works. They'll have their own struggles, clawing their way towards the top 100 without qualification really being on the agenda. They're a solid, good-looking nation, and they'll do respectably.
Manager: Jean-Baptiste Archambault has set out his team very narrowly and very compact, trying to make the field as small as possible. It's a sound plan, and there's no reason to doubt him.
Strengths: The Islands look like... just a generally solid team. They're mostly in their primes, all play locally (which tends to give some chemistry) and really, there's no reason to see them underachieve. More than the sum of their parts.
Weaknesses: They have no wing players. Literally none. And Stockinger/Rhein/Kellen/Clough are all attack-minded, and will thrive in that environment.
Key Player: 29-year old Royal Martecabras goalkeeper Gulyèlmo Dessantos has been a bulwark at the back for them. He has 85 caps, and judging by his number 1, can be expected to break a century after this set of qualifiers. He has also, apparently, scored a goal at some point...
Prediction: A solid team, who will do solidly. 4th, probably with a tasty home win over Quebec or Yttribia for them to look fondly upon for years.

6th Seed - Estenia - #207
Summary: An encouraging Baptism of Fire run was cut horribly short when they were annihilated 5-0 by the eventual champions in the semi-finals. Still, Estenia are hoping to recover and punch above their weight. So are the Oaklands, immediately below them - so that might get ugly.
Manager: Yuri Nazarenkov has set up his side to counter-attack. Playing in a 4-4-2 diamond, they're reasonably well-balanced against teams that don't have 'Isula' in their name. They won't get slaughtered, but it's hard to see them scoring against the likes of Yttribia or Nephara. Especially us.
Strengths: Most of this squad hails from the one club, Jelle FC.
Weaknesses: Again, it's just hard to see how they're going to score against teams that don't leave themselves open for it. Quebec might, but Quebec will probably also score about eight times, so no joy there.
Key Player: How the fuck does a 20-year old centreback get 4 assists in one match? Well, apparently Makareshi did, and he's captain at that. So he's probably quite good, but he's yet to come up against truly class opponents.
Prediction: Fighting for 6th. It'll be close. They'll do respectably for a first qualifying run.

7th Seed - Oaklands - #281
Summary: One of the stronger Baptism of Fire teams, and World Changers champions, the Oaklands have reason to be somewhat disappointed with their finish. They'll aim high, and they've a decent squad for their ambitions. Right now, though? They don't have what it takes to tangle with the big boys.
Manager: At 60, Joseph Kenythe's playing days are long over - but he was a left-back of some repute back then. He's set up a very versatile side, able to break out many different formations to suit a match.
Strengths: Going forward, the Oaklands are pretty good, though reliant on their strike partnership. To be fair, so was Nephara in its first cycle - remember the golden days of Thunder and Scabbard up top?
Weaknesses: Their first-team is one thing, but several questionable selections have lead to an... absence of depth. Shaun Mitchell, backup right winger, apparently plays in the 4th Division. Their backup left winger is 34, their second leftback 33. And none of their other strikers are nearly as good as Cannock, and to a lesser extent Serpent.
Key Player: George Cannock, of Eastlea United, has chalked up eight goals from nine caps. Better still, his strike partner at club level, Paul Serpent, tends to start alongside him for country as well. 28-year old Cannock's the player that stands out as needing some experience abroad, and he'll likely be leading the line for the Oaklands for some time to come.
Prediction: Fighting Estenia for 6th, while hoping Pays d'en Haut don't grab a couple of upsets to avenge their Baptism of Fire defeat. It's going to be close.

8th Seed - Pays d'en Haut - #319
Summary: A backwater dictatorship, Pays came into the Baptism of Fire with high hopes. These did not bear out, as they were defeated disappointingly in the first round. Still, they're tough for an eighth seed, though they won't trouble us.
Manager: Gaston Dupuis has kept a defence-first mentality with his squad, and that might serve them well against the higher seeds. His side is disciplined and conservative, and seems to respect his leadership.
Strengths: They have a strong defence, and a solid midfield - they can be expected to keep solid and strong and compact against tough opposition. They might have suffered three defeats in the Baptism of Fire, but all were one goal away from a draw. Expect their matches to be tight affairs.
Weaknesses: The Bears' 4-5-1 doesn't leave much room for ambition. Lone striker Vincent Turcotte often looked isolated during Pays' defeats, and it's hard to see how the 22-year old can do better against the big professional teams.
Key Player: Jean-Christophe Gallant is their captain, and a bulwark in the centre of defence. At 25 he's just entering his prime, and can be expected to be a major part of the Habitants' future for years to come.
Prediction: 8th. Oaklands already beat them in the Baptism of Fire. Sneaking as high as 6th is possible, but beyond that is a stretch.

9th Seed - Arvenia - Unranked
Summary: Yeah, Arvenia's just one of those unranked nations. They went through pre-qualifying, and... um... yeah, every team in this group is beating them. Probably twice.
Manager: Do they have one? That would be a heartening show of professionalism. We choose to remain optimistic.
Strengths: ... Nope. None.
Weaknesses: They are a weakness.
Key Player: One assumes that those handed the numbers 1-11 will be of slightly higher quality than those handed slightly larger numbers.
Prediction: Yeah, dead last.

So in summary? This is a tough group... for everyone else. But as so often, we're part of the reason why it's a tough group. It doesn't matter who the other nations are, because we can expect to beat them solidly regardless. Make no mistake - if the Cormorants are firing straight, no group in the world is going to stop us. And if, God forbid, things go wrong?

... Well, there's plenty of vultures to fight off.
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Postby Brenecia » Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:18 pm

Friendlies are important. Friendlies matter. Catherine Bardsley knew that - it was how she'd narrowed down her squad for the last cycle, and it was how she was planning for this one.
Granted, there was only so much the Pravenna match had told her. Constantine Katsaros' squad had conceded one goal in their new, blank slate history. Now they'd conceded six more in one game. It was Katsaros' first time experimenting with a comparatively enterprising 4-4-2, and judging by the look on his face he wouldn't be trying it again. Nor would, in all likelihood, he ever trust Evangelos Tsakiris again - the Creed United backup goalkeeper was directly at fault for two goals, and could've done better on a third. She'd wanted to give a mostly A-League side a run-out, to make sure she could dispatch of minnows (and Pravenna were better than most minnows) without risking dropping points, and it lead to Malta Keohane scoring a hattrick on her debut - Connolly, Stamper and the ever-reliable journeyman striker Own Goal also getting on the scoresheet. Fairhall, Milligan, Stamper, Crowley and Keohane had all made their debuts.
Straight after that, she'd brought an acceptable first-team to Apox, a heavily-rotated Apox, but any Apox would be a threat. It had been a very tight match, but Bardsley was elated with her team's performance. Pence, well, hadn't made any grievous errors, and was pretty good for them all match. She was already pretty sure about Faulkner and Greig in the centre of defence, but this game sealed it, they'd been rock-solid. Against McKenna and Zozula up front, even - and that had taken some doing. Portadown on the left, Berenger on the right, well, they knew how to stay back when they had to, though their threat was still on the attack. And it was Berenger's long shot that sent Lockwood scrambling back into his own goalframe, though the ball sailed over as he collapsed in pain. And while he was ultimately unhurt, and made several good saves to keep out Scherzer, Spitfire and Cullen, he couldn't do much to stop Catheline Purrington, latching onto Camden's short pass, knocking it past Ibrox, holding back Kinlasson as she cut into the box, shaped for the shot and fired it low and hard...
Bardsley knew she'd be giving that eleven her first numbers after that.
And after that it was Nephara. A better match, though not as good a result, but she wasn't too unhappy with her second-string's performance against their second-string. And it'd gone well, in spells - it was their striker, Keith Rowland, who opened the scoring with a crisp strike from just inside the box (and frankly, Ashpike could've done better) but after that point Brenecia got back into the game. Matt Kilgallon struck first - this had been a good couple of weeks for scoring on debuts - and Tanith Bryson got the second. She'd been in cracking form for Chatswood, and she managed to get past her teammate, Brescia Stubbs, a few times that night - only once, however, was she able to beat Diandra Ballard in goal by going low and hard. But once Kurtis Quinn came on as a substitute... two goals in the last twenty-five minutes. And he was on his debut as well! Still, it was an encouraging sign. Brenecia hadn't been limited, or just a Nephara B side, as they had in the past. It wasn't so long ago in fact that they hadn't had a player capable of breaking into the Nephara setup had they been able to qualify for it. Brad Kuepper could've qualified for Nephara, so could've Erin Camden, and he was the national top scoerer and she was their current captain. And that wasn't to diminish either of them, or anyone else whose only crime was being a middling Premiership player. But this was a better Brenecia.
Look at Scherzer. He'd done alright in the Premiership, but only thrived with the step up - and it was no small step up - into Apox. Most clubs could do with a man as fast as him. Spitfire on the left wing, Brenecia's most-capped player, and still a key player for FC Brimstone at 32. Cullen, who hadn't been afraid from being one of the best players in a (then-weaker) A-League to fighting for her place for Barbury. And the competition had suited her, she was a better player for those experiences. Purrington, who'd left Francisca very young to join Scherzer in Wye. Breton, who'd established himself in a powerhouse of Nepharim football. Faulkner, Kilgallon, Armstrong, three who'd taken a gamble to move to Iskara Daii, all three had moved away soon after, and, well, it had paid off for Faulkner at least. But Kilgallon and Armstrong giving it a shot? And, hell, they were playing at a very high standard.
This wasn't a team for the safe option any more. These were gamblers. And right now, the status quo wouldn't cut it. They were just one flash of brilliance, one spark of overachievement, away from the World Cup. And these was the kind of players who could give her that.
And it was a good thing, too. A week later, they were drawn into Apox's group.
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