AOCAF Cup 45 - Everything Thread

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AOCAF Cup 45 - Everything Thread

Postby Ratastan » Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:11 pm


The multiverse's oldest and greatest regional tournament will be held in Ratastan for the first time! yes, this is the official thread for the AOCAF 45, The competition where Atlantian Oceania's finest footballers and legends will fight for the regional glory in Ratastan. This thread is the place for your rosters and RPs, whether they be short but sweet or extraordinary size RP's with great taste! and also for the results of every matchday. The tournament is open for business, so feel free to begin posting your rosters RP's!.

This thread is exclusive for Atlantian Oceania nations only, and I would request that you don't post here unless you're in AO or if you are a mod who needs to post here while doing their duties.

Vilita & Turori
The Inevitable Syndicate
Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Blouman Empire
Greater Watford
New West Guiana
New Cloudsdale
New Drakonika
Western Sunrise Islands
The Hakifao Isles
Northern Sunrise Islands


Before the draw, the 36 nations who will be taking part of this edition were divided into four pots of nine. As hosts, Ratastan were assigned to Pot 1 and after that the Pot was completed by the eight highest-ranking teams left in the remaining 35. Pot 2 and 3 contained just ranked teams and the Pot 4 was a combination of ranked and unranked teams who will make their début in this Cup.

Pot 1: Ratastan (host), Farfadillis, Vilita & Turori, Valanora, Audioslavia, Osarius, Legalese, The Inevitable Syndicate, Ko-oren.

Pot 2: Nellietopia, 95X, New West Guiana, Blouman Empire, Ibex, Schiavonia, Cosumar, New Cloudsdale, Naitpyge.

Pot 3: Northern Sunrise Islands, Furellum, The Royal Kingdom of Quebec, Kiryu-shi, Weimania, Florgania, Greater Watford, Mangolana, Mochria.

Pot 4: Bazalonia, The Hakifao Isles, Semarland, Robsonien, New Drakonika, Western Sunrise Islands, Romorov, Mendoya, Austenersey.

The Groups

Group A
Ratastan (31)
Ibex (18)
Florgania (38)
Semarland (UR)

Group B
Valanora (3)
Naitpyge (24)
Mangolana( 41)
Mendoya (UR)

Group C
Ko-oren (10)
New Cloudsdale (23)
Furellum (26)
Bazalonia (57)

Group D
Osarius (5)
Nellietopia (11)
Mochria (45)
The Hakifao Isles (UR)

Group E
Farfadillis (1)
Cosumar (22)
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec (28)
Austenersey (UR)

Group F
Audioslavia (4)
Schiavonia (19)
Northern Sunrise Islands (25)
Western Sunrise Islands (UR)

Group G
Legalese (6)
Blouman Empire (16)
Kiryu-shi (30)
Robsonien (UR)

Group H
Vilita & Turori
95X (13)
Weimania (35)
Romorov (UR)

Group I
The Inevitable Syndicate (8)
New West Guiana (14)
Greater Watford (39)
New Drakonika (UR)

Format and Schedule

The format will be of 36 teams using nine groups of four, best sides advances together with the best seven second placed teams according to the tiebreaker criteria proposed for the tournament will advance to the round of 16. The round of 16 matches will be in base of seeding of the teams ranked first in their groups and the best seven second placed teams (i.e. Best group winner vs 7th second placed team and so on with the exception of the 8th and 9th group winner that will play each other in round of 16) the seeding will be made according the tiebreaker criteria for the tournament and a table will be posted showing the seeding and also the fixtures.

Matchdays will be scorinated with a 48 hours gap between each scorination. Cutoffs for this tournament will be between a two hours window of 19:00 to 21:00 in Salvadoran Time (UTC-6, Without DST), in other times is: 21:00-23:00 in Eastern Summer Time (UTC-4) or 1:00-3:00 in GMT. Fixtures to be added on schedule later.

- Sunday 9/21: Group Draw at IRC channel #AOCAF45 at 20:00 GMT.
- Tuesday 9/23: Matchday 1 - 1v4, 2v3
- Thursday 9/25: Matchday 2 - 1v2, 3v4
- Saturday 9/27: Matchday 3 - 1v3, 2v4
- Monday 9/29: Round of 16 (Fixtures to be chosen via seeding)
- Wednesday 10/1: Quarterfinals R16W1 vs R16W2, R16W3 vs R16W4, R16W5 vs R16 W6, R16W7 vs R16W8.
- Friday 10/3: Semifinals QF 1 vs QF 2, QF 3 vs QF 4
- Monday 10/5: Third Place match. Semifinal loser 1 vs Semifinal loser 2
- Wednesday 10/7: Final. Semifinal winner 1 vs Semifinal winner 2

Best of luck to all the competitors in the tournament, may Margaret help you and bring you luck for the tournament.
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Postby Ratastan » Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:12 pm

Ratastan, the land of rats

Welcome everyone to the nation of Ratastan, I'm Ruslan Bahramov the Prime Minister of this nation, is a pleasure that you come to our country to visit us is a pleasure to serve you, our dear tourist, now we will show you some details to help your stay in this nation, here we include the basic details of how to act in this country.

First and foremost we always use Romanian and Azerbaijani to speak among ourselves. Romanian and Azerbaijani are the official languages. English is spoken by the 62% of the population, something that will be quite difficult for the tourists if you want to enable communication with the locals If you do not understand Romanian nor Azerbaijani and you don't speak English, you can bring or hire your own interpreter and personal guide in the country provided by the Government without any cost or bureaucratic process.

Our national currency is the GuAlSa, a strong currency if we talk about exchange globally (G$ 0.33 = $1.00 NSDollar or G$ 3.33 = NS$ 1.00), because it's a currency used in five countries, including San José Guayabal, our main provider if we talk about economical and millitary topics, this country is well known for being one of the cheapest in all Atlantian Oceania, next we present you a chart with the prices of things you'll use in your stay.

Things you'll need in your stay, prices in NSDolars$ (NS$) and GuAlSa$ (G$)

-Hotel: NS$ 25-200 per night. G$ 7.5-60 per night.
-Bus transport: NS$1.00. G$0.33
-Ferry between islands NS$35. G$11.55
-Average cost of food: NS$3.50-NS$24.50. G$1.15-G$7.35
-Stadium ticket: NS$10-90. G$3.30-27.
-Bottle of water: NS$0.50. G$0.17.
-Public phone: NS$1 per call. G$0.33 per call.

The number for emergencies is 374 (FQH, an abbreviation of the Azerbaijani word: Fövqəladə Hallar - "Emergency"), reachable from any phone, be it mobile or a land-line. Inside some companies, you may find you first need to dial a 1 to reach an external line before dialing 374 as usual, though all companies (from “big business” to restaurants and shops) and other public venues (museums, stadiums, etc) are required by law to display adequate signing advising on this.

Emergency vehicles are marked with the name of the service (be it Police, Fire, or Ambulance), and are also equipped with a siren and flashing either red and blue lights. If you encounter one of these vehicles while the lights, the sirens or both are active, please take extra care, and if necessary, pull over at the nearest and safest opportunity, using your turn signal to ensure that the driver of the emergency vehicle is aware of your actions.

Though unlikely, if you need medical care in Ratastan, it will not come with a cost to visitors with the appropriate travel insurance. You will find our hospitals are state-of-the-art, with the best equipment, treatments and employees available. In case your life it's at risk by an accident or any kind of problem, medical staff will attend you under the status of "Viața e risc" ("Life in risk" in Romanian) considering the humanistic service of the medical staff.

You will find that all police officers are armed with either a standard pistol (9mm) automatic gun (M-16) or knifes, including grenades or pepper spray, depending of his branch of the Police Force (Metropolitan Rats, Civil Rats, and Order Keepers) they belong to. However, this does not mean they should not be approached if you have a question. In Ratastan, the Police Officers have excellent training, and patrol areas they are familiar with, so if you are lost, they are often the best people to consult. First and foremost, though, they are keepers of the peace, and will not hesitate to involve themselves in anything they feel is likely to endanger members of the public, or cause criminal damage to private property.

The venues

Stadionul National, Ratxfordshire (Capacity: 67,500)
Host of: Group A, Ro16 Match 5, Semifinal 1 and Final


Sobolanii Stadion, Piatra (Capacity: 42,500)
Host of: Group B, Ro16 Match 1, and 3PPO


Varcea Stadionul, Mehedinti (Capacity: 49,100)
Host of: Group C, Ro16 Match 3, Quarterfinal Match 4, Semifinal 2


Parc Suceava, Turnu-Suceava (Capacity: 34,000)
Host of: Group D, Ro16 Match 2, Quarterfinal Match 1


Kare Boğalar, Isratanbul (Capacity: 38,920)
Host of: Group E, Ro16 Match 4, Quarterfinal Match 3


Mihai Constantinescu Stadion, Isratanbul (Capacity: 29,168)
Host of: Group F, Ro16 Match 6


Estadio Memorial, Isratina (Capacity: 31,420)
Host of: Group G, Ro16 Match 8


Jubilee, East-Ratxfordshire (Capacity: 24,102)
Host of: Group H, Ro16 Match 7


Independenta Stadionul, Oras de Est (Capacity: 21,093)
Host of: Group I, Quarterfinal Match 2

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Postby Ratastan » Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:13 pm

Ratastan (RAT) national football team

Brought to you by Neftegorsk Supplies, bringing you gas since 1830.

OOC: All the players in this team, and his manager staff are human size Rats/Mice.


About RAT National Team

After the disaster in the WC 68 Qualifiers of just 9 goals in favor, Ratastan comes with optimism to their first AOCAF, they have nothing about history and want to give their best in this tournament who's one of the most prestigious in all the world, the rats want success or at least score a goal in this tournament, the mission seems difficult but not impossible, specially with his lethal Bubonic Plague disease, they can bite a player they want and cause illness in him, if your player didin't receive assistance, he can die in just 6-8 hours, so beware. With that reason,the rats use a protection in their mouth to avoid a bite, they want to display a fast game, specially with headers and counterattacks.

All-time record: 0-0-15


Tactical system: 4-5-1 (Defensive)

Starting Lineup: Team
GK: Traian Romanescu (24 years) Spartak Dolinsk (YSG)
DF: Maksim Grigoriev (26 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
DF: Petru Moldoveanu (26 years) FK Kurilsk (YSG)
DF: Ruslan Mahastaha (24 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
DF: Artemya Fahadas (31 years) Dinamo Uglegorsk (YSG)
MF: Shusana Naisdala (24 years) Mysh Nevelsk (YSG)
MF: Vladimir Novikov (18 years) Aniva Albion (YSG)
MF: Andrei Ramírez (26 years) Okha Anti-Fasistas (YSG)
MF: Gheorghe Kozlov (30 years) Alianza F.C. (SJG)
MF: Leonid Marhatats (25 years) Ultra Blanca FC (AAL)
FW: Eruuskas Pohjalainen (32 years) Shakhtar Shakhtyorsk (YSG)

GK: Konstantin Popov (24 years) C.D. Real Destroyer (SJG)
DF: Ilya Asmatov(26 years) Júbilo Toyohara (YSG)
DF: Ilya Leonov (31 years) Lokomotiv Chernomorets (YSG)
DF: RIgor Syails (21 years) FK Karafuto (YSG)
DF: Maijhsaa Kurytalraa (30 years) Sikhote-Alin Dolphins (YSG)
MF: Ishaala Kuusama(32 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
MF: Artyom Kokorin (28 years) Energia Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (YSG)

Coach Staff

Head coach: Euganii Koaksa
Assistant coach: Lahjana Hayast
Goalkepping coach: La Peste
Coach: Svyatoslav Gaaga
Trainer: Shelala Kuaiska


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (Everything except Career-Ending injuries)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (Don't kill them please)
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y (no more than 3 as total)
Hand out red cards to my players Y (Send me a TG for autorization)
Godmod other events Y (Please be creative and jocular but don't kill them).
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Postby New Drakonika » Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:25 pm

New Drakonikan AOCAF 45 Roster

Manager: Petr Yulayevitch Medvev (QUE, 32, 3-4-3, +2)
A well-seasoned veteran, he previously was the manager of Montreal Koreana and Zenit Attawapiskat for past 5 years, before getting his first job at coaching at a Quebecois NT position. Once there, he has successfully led the Royal Kingdom of Quebec U-15 Executioners to their championship run in U15WC8 held in Mastille, as the assistant manager to Sook Jin Lee.
When it comes to strategies and expectations for players, he's demanding of his players, he is willing to use any strategy to counter the opponent and win. Work ethics, as well as the mentality of Team over Individual, will be expected.
Assistant Manager: Rn Jhnsn (NDK, 23)
Rn was a very promising defender before a serious injury to his leg ended his career at tha age fo 18. Now 23, he's been selected to be assistant manager for the national side due to his good performances managing the top amateur team.

1 - Jk Jnz - 27
Jk is a veteran keeper who is just starting to feel his body age, but he still puts in 110%, and is very athletic, with the main tool in his arsenal being monster diving saves.

12 - Hri Tms - 21
Hri is a keeper in the middle of his career, hoping to make an impact, but as second-string keeper, it looks unlikely until Jk retires.

23 - Jsua Wlsn - 17
Jsua is a highly touted keeper talent, with a exemplary attitude and good athletic skills. His technical skills need some work, but he should be there or thereabouts for at least second string when Jk retires.

2 - Jf Prkr - 23
Jf is a good defender who can mix it with the nation's best, although his attitude leaves something to be desired.

3 - Mrk Brn - 21
Mrk is a middle of the park defender, a good utility who can provide consistently good performances.

4 - Kvn Adms - 25
Kvn is a veteran defender, who dives hard into tackles, but makes sure he's in front of the player first. He has caused injuries, but outside of football, he's a big softy.

13 - Zk Ylw - 17
Zk is an abrasive and combative young defender, who is known to lose his temper, but he can really defend, even better than someone at their peak. His attitude has led him to only be a backup, however.

14 - Bryn MkNtsh - 21
Bryn is a smart analytical player, who spends most of his off the ball time watching the opposition for weaknesses. It's a shame that his technical ability, while good, doesn't anywhere near match his mental ability.

15 - In Tbis - 19
In was an Australian rules footballer before moving on to what many call "the real football" three years ago. He's athletic, albeit still makes the mistake of handling the ball on occasion. He can muscle out almost any forward however.

5 - Jrj Lepd - 29
Jrj is a very good midfielder, having been a mainstay in the amateur leagues for years. He's hoping he has at least 2-3 more years left in the tank, but it's looking more and more unlikely.

6 - Olvr Frsf - 26
Olvr is a smart cookie, always analysing the team before matches figuring out how they, and ultimately himself, can improve. His technical ability is quite good as well.

7 - Wlm Tbs - 22
Wlm is a strong midfielder, who can muscle almost any player into making errors, but he knows the laws of the game, and tries to avoid fouls, albeit with limited success.

8 - Kyn Tylr - 20
Kyn is a very energetic player, he can zip up and down the pitch with ease, and still have a lot left in the tank when all is said and done. Technically, he needs to work harder, but if he can match his physical skills, he'll be practically unstoppable.

16 - Edwd Nrf - 31
Edwd is a veteran player who, while still having something to offer, is seriously considering retirement. He was a very gifted player at his peak, but has been given one last hurrah before ultimately hanging up the boots.

17 - Hrsn Crtr - 16
Hrsn is a young, raw talent, who has aspirations of becoming a world beater, whether he will achieve that is up to his work ethic, which is flagging as of late.

18 - Jn Eln - 20
Jn is a brute, always going in hard to tackles and generally causing mayhem. He is a very powerful kicker of the ball, but is usually only used in emergencies, or games where the goal is to cripple the opposition, i.e major rivalries with incited hate.

19 - Juln Mnng - 21
Juln is a class act, he always helps out his teammates and almost never takes the glory for himself, always looking for the killer pass. He's a good techincal player, but his niceness does seem to get in the way at times.

9 - Jmz Blyv - 24
Jmz is the number one striker in New Drakonika, having a very powerful and accurate kick. However, he can get angry at the most minuscule of things, and has been thrown off the field more than a few times.

10 - Nthn Smnr - 22
Nthn is your Average Joe when it comes to personality, but god help you if you underestimate him on the pitch. He will rip your defense apart and feast on your goal, or at least he does so in the league.

11 - Mrtn Hrmsn - 17
Mrtn is a very good forward, who always moves the ball with skill and precision, although he's known for showboating and sometimes losing his cool.

20 - Qwncy Prtr - 27
Qwncy is a chance creator, always getting at the line and timing his runs to score on the break. His only issue is that he's offside more often than not due to his mistiming.

21 - Ptr Hndscm - 29
Ptr is a deft touch with a lot of experience under his belt. It's just a shame he's starting to age heavily.

22 - Vctr Hrmsn - 17
Vctr is Mrtn's twin brother who is always always attempting to one him up and gain a competitive edge, however, the rivalry seems to get to Vctr more than it does Mrtn. As such he seems to be slightly worse.

RP Permissions:
Do whatever you want sportively, but don't muck about with the workings of New Drakonika and don't kill anyone either.

Style Mod: +2
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Postby Cosumar » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:39 pm

Team Cosumar - AOCAF Cup 45


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is technically a Fiefdom, which means Cosumar is comprised of 21 historical "fiefs" which are now effectively provinces. Cosumar is a constitutional monarchy and believes wholeheartedly in complete civil rights, protecting nature and exploring outer space.

Region: Atlantian Oceania

Official Nickname: Dragons

Colors: Royal Blue, Silver, White

Stadium: Leviathan Arena (capacity 99,114)

Location: Kaldukosic, Cosumar


History: World Cup 69 was Cosumar's 19th consecutive World Cup (debut in WC51). Cosumar qualified for nine consecutive Cups (54-62) but has not qualified since then, despite coming very close in recent years. Cosumar's best finishes were trips to the Round of 16 in World Cups 56-59, including one quarterfinals appearance. After World Cup 59, Cosumar reached its peak ranking of #7 in the world. Our national team endured a significant decline through the next decade or so, but seems to be on the rise again. There is a growing sense of optimism around AOCAF Cup 45 despite a lack of past success in the competition.

Team: The roster consists of 23 players, 21 of which are human (species homo sapiens sapiens). The remaining two are Vloo (species homo cosumarensis), a humanoid race native to Cosumar. Please note that the Vloo, though not human, have no considerable physical advantage over human players. The average Vloo is about two inches taller than the average human, and they must wear different cleats due to their unique foot structure. Vloo are roughly equivalent to humans in terms of strength and speed, but have a blue taint to their skin and two small, dull horns on the top of their head. Most Vloo's horns are mostly covered by their thick, black hair. This Cosumarite team features an emphasis on surgically-precise passing and technical possession football. Manager Farris Crowley is continuing the new formation introduced in the Cup of Harmony (4-2-3-1), moving on from the heavily-criticized 4-2-4 that struggled to retain possession in WC68.

Style Modifier: +2

Formation: 4-2-3-1



This will mark the debut for Cosumar's new kit, prepared for the team by Meski Soccer & Sports Store of Red Blackiland. The uniform has been applauded by the public and media like for featuring a brilliant and refreshingly modern aesthetic design while still staying true to the spirit of the beloved old kits that served the team from World Cup 54 to 69. The home and away kits make heavy use of the national colors (blue, white, silver), team badge, and the majestic [i]Azure Dragon that Cosumar is famous for. The keeper's uniform is gold and green - the royal family's colors.[/i]

The Starting XI

Goalkeeper - Tomi Koskinen - 32 - Image Ramusok United Image
Tomi Koskinen has served Cosumar so well for so long that it seems like an eternity ago that someone else defended the Dragons' net. But alas, it was about 16 years ago that Koskinen emerged as one of the best young stars in Cosumar. At only 16 years old, he dominated Cosumar's collegiate league by allowing an average of 0.4 goals per game. At age 18, he shocked pundits by locking up the starting spot on the Cosumarite National Team. He hasn't looked back - serving as an anchor of consistency in the back for the Dragons for over a decade and several World Cups. Still in his prime, Koskinen is known for his exceptional instincts and reflexes, often denying goals with extraordinary feats of athleticism and anticipation. He currently plays his club football with Ramusok United, which will be playing in the Globe Cup soon.

Left Back - Jukka Lindroos - 22 - Image Centus Serpents Image
Lindroos is the not just one of the best young defenders in Cosumar - but in all of Atlantian Oceania. This season, he was the best player on a dominant defense that carried Centus to a promotion, allowing only 7 goals all season. He was also Cosumar's most consistent starting defender in World Cup 69 and the Cup of Harmony. Still only 22 years old, Lindroos is a key to the Dragons' future success. His boyish face and long, golden locks have charmed the media, but do not be fooled, he is a ruthless player on the field. He may not be as seasoned as his elders on the team yet, but he is extremely skilled and brings a jolt of energy whenever he steps on the field. There are rumors that he may bolt for the Vilitian V-League, but it's not clear if there's anything to them yet.

Center Back - Kirum Mortonsson - 27 - Image Ramusok United Image
Dashing model/footballer Mortonsson recently completed his third season with Harlighet Ligan stalwarts Ramusok United. He and teammate Tomi Koskinen were part of a formidable defensive machine that shut down even the league's top attacking teams. Manager Farris Crowley is hoping that pairing the two on the National Team will achieve similar success. WC69 was Mortonsson's third World Cup, but first as starting Center Back. He had a few costly mistakes, but overall, his performance was strong enough to reprise the role in the AOCAF. Though his biggest fans are often teenage girls (and as such, he is jokingly heckled by the sports media), he is supremely athletic and finds ways to make big stops when the team needs it the most. He can be hotheaded at times and make poor decisions resulting in yellow or red cards.

Center Back - Abdiel Assad - 32 - Image Eastweald Image
Hailing from a poverty-stricken community in the rugged, mountainous land of southeast Cosumar (where soccer is practically nonexistent), Assad defied all odds to emerge as one of Cosumar's finest defenders and has helped expand the sport to this region, which traditionally disavows competitive sport. Nine years ago, he had a breakout season with Eastweald to help them recapture their former glory and qualify for the TakilQuip Champions Cup. He has remained with Eastweald ever since, showing loyalty to his club - something of a rarity these days. He has established himself as one of the Harlighet Ligan's most prominent stars, and is known as a true "nice guy" and class act. Assad is not exceptional at any one thing, but has no weaknesses either - a reliable jack-of-all-trades. He is also the first man of Arab descent to play on the Cosumarite national team.

Right Back - Tae Woo Miyori - 30 - Image Klyde FC Image
Miyori possesses great speed, quickness and ability to play both sides of the ball. He is also known as a phenomenal passer. Miyori had a spectacular debut as a youngster in World Cup 67, and fully embraced the limelight in World Cup 68 & 69. Truly in his prime, he is considered by many to be the heir to the likes of William Riley and Alexander Pearce as Cosumar's premiere defenseman. Miyori plays his club football with Klyde FC, guiding the Blues to their first ever League Championship two years ago. He likes to drift quite far forward at times and be utilized as part of the attack, whereas Lindroos will stay back.

Defensive Midfielder - Vareza Na'Noni - 25 - Image Red Star Severny Image
The sole Vloo member of the Starting XI, Na'Noni can play almost any field position due to his ability to read the game, strong ball skills, and imposing physique (tall, muscular, fast). He made a name for himself as a Right Back for Cosumar's U-21 team, which catapulted him into the Harlighet Ligan, where he converted to midfielder with FC Samotath. After a sustained period of success there, Na'Noni made a name for himself on the international scene with his brilliance in World Cup 69. He recently moved to Red Star Severny of the Polar Islandstates, making him the only Cosumarite currently in one of the world's top few leagues. Surely, playing at Severny will help him continue to improve. Na'Noni is known for his tattoos, including a detailed patterns of constellations across his arms, a roaring dragon on his neck, and an elaborate sunset on his forehead. This will be Na'Noni's first AOCAF.

Defensive Midfielder - Eido Noldor - 24 - Frostmarris FC Image
This will be Noldor's first appearance in the starting eleven. He was something of a surprising selection because many anticipated this spot being filled by the more experienced Dean Harold McSaunders, who started ahead of Noldor in the World Cup and Cup of Harmony. However, Farris Crowley opted for youth over experience for his second defensive midfielder alongside Na'Noni. Noldor was an unheralded prospect coming out of the collegiate league from a small school. But in just three seasons in the FSF he steadily improved his game was rewarded with a big payday (for a DM) to play with Frostmarris of The Icemark. Noldor is not the most athletic player, but he has a phenomenal understanding of the game.

Left Attacking Midfielder - Anders Engström - 23 - Image Mallox FC Image
A young superstar who is one of the most dangerous weapons on the team. After years of being groomed for the limelight, his time is finally here. His natural position is forward, but in Crowley's 4-2-3-1 he works best plugged in as an aggressive attacking midfielder rather than forward. Engström led Stoneshore College to a collegiate championship three years ago and then signed a big fat paycheck with Mallox, where he has shined as their second-leading goal scorer for the last two seasons. A precise deliverer in set-pieces and from the flanks, Engström will be instrumental in setting up Cosumar for goal-scoring chances. Oh yeah, and he's a pretty damn good goal-scorer himself as a natural forward. He scored 9 goals in the WC69 cycle, sharing the team lead.

Center Attacking Midfielder - Giovanni Aldinne - 33 - Image Real Azuris Image
Aldinne debuted in the FSF Sekundar Ligan nine years ago and gradually worked his way up, eventually becoming a star with up-and-coming club Real Azuris. Aldinne, like his cousin Francois Renault, helped spearhead this generation of Cosumarite footballers, helping lead the nation into something of a Renaissance in the sport. He was shockingly dropped from the starting line-up in World Cup 69 in favor of Paaron Petrov, but handled the situation with dignity and was an impact substitute. Petrov was extraordinary in WC69, and especially in the Cup of Harmony, but Aldinne earned his starting spot back for the AOCAF by leading Real Azuris to their first ever Harlighet Ligan Championship and Champions' Cup berth. He's in unusually sharp form at the moment and Crowley doesn't want to waste it. Aldinne is noted for his extraordinary intelligence (maximum score on a soccer IQ test) and endurance. He brings invaluable experience to the Dragons' midfield and will share playing time with Petrov as the center attacking midfielder. He can also play as a defensive midfielder if needed.

Right Attacking Midfielder - Francois Renault - 33 - Image Cassandra City Image - CAPTAIN
Renault debuted in the Harlighet Ligan eight seasons ago with Cassandra City, which has made a few Globe Cup appearances in large part due to him, including one this year. He recently announced he has played his final season with Cassandra City, and will sign on with Semarland club Molsbik Arkjet after this AOCAF and the Globe Cup. The man has done so much for Cosumarite football, including Captaining the Cup of Harmony 61 team after Sur Arora broke his leg and leading the Dragons in assists over the last three World Cups. Along with his cousin Giovanni Aldinne, Renault was a much-hyped young prospect that headlined Cosumar's World Cup 67/68 generations. Though he has struggled with aging and some injuries in the years since, Renault is still a valuable veteran presence and team leader for Cosumar. He's not as fast as he used to be, but he's still savvy around the goal and has enough left in the tank to start. Renault was known for his lethal combination of speed and brute strength, but with age he's had to replace his speed with creativity and technique.

Center Forward - Sergio Vilar - 26 - Levadia Narkiv Image
Vilar was a breakout star last season for Sekundar Ligan side Olask Islanders. The Islanders had been on the brink of relegation for several seasons running, but an unheard of 30-goal season from Vilar rocketed them to the top half of the table for the first time in almost three decades. Vilar has since moved to Levadia Narkiv of Estenia and seems to be excelling there. Though Sur Arora is clearly still the King when it comes to Cosumarite goal-scorers, Vilar's role on the team is growing. He will start in place of Arora in the AOCAF as Arora is still recovering from a broken leg suffered in WC69 Qualifying. Arora can play, and will do so sparingly as a sub, but is not yet at full capacity. Thus, Vilar will return a starting forward after scoring a couple goals in the Cup of Harmony. Vilar clearly has a ton of skill (the ball is basically tied to his sock!) and is passionate about the game - a man possessed on the pitch. But he also struggles against elite competition due to his relative lack of top-level experience. How big of a role he plays in WC70 likely depends on how he does here.


The Substitutes


Jakk Winterfyll - 20 - Image Crawford City FC Image
Winterfyll is clearly the goalkeeper of the future for Cosumar - it's not even disputed. He just turned 20 and he's already the best Cosumarite goalie not named Tomi Koskinen. He still has a lot to learn about mental aspects of the game, but the instincts and physical tools are all there. He recently gained some valuable experience on the Cosumar Olympic Team, and allowed less than a goal per game for Harlighet Ligan side Crawford City FC this season, leading the Elephants to their first ever Globe Cup berth. Watching the regional cream-of-the-crop go at it in Ratastan will go a long way towards Crowley's goal of grooming him to eventually replace Koskinen.


Jon-Perohlin Nodtveit - 27 - Image OAS Royal FC Image
If there was ever an enigmatic and controversial footballer, it's Nodtveit. He is bald-headed but bears a thick black beard. Off the pitch he is almost always gruff and silent, hardly uttering more than a word or two in interviews. He is known to be a member of the Luciferian Satanist Order and was a suspect in a well-publicized murder case three years ago (though he was ultimately found innocent due to lack of evidence). Some despise him, but even more Cosumarites love his dark & dangerous allure. Though divisive off the pitch, he is universally recognized for his value on the pitch. When the match begins, everyone watching him forgets all that other stuff about him - that's how good he is. Nodtveit is the Dragons' "hard man", a defensive enforcer and ruthless tackler. Though he is not particularly skilled with the ball or particularly fast, he plays his role well. He will substitute in as a center back frequently, usually for Assad when the 32-year-old gets fatigued.

Arndu Farsgaard - 28 - Cazadores Cathair Image
Like Winterfyll, Mr. Farsgaard recently got his first international caps in The Kytler Peninsulae for the Olympic Games. However, Farsgaard, 28, took a much longer route to earn them. Originally a hockey player with no interest in a "sissy sport" like soccer, he didn't even discover his talent for the game until age 24, after failing in his hockey career. He took to the sport quickly, rapidly moving up the ranks of FSF after starting with a local semi-professional team. By the time he was 27, he was starting at center back for Sekundar Ligan regulars Keenan Athletic. Last year, he got snatched up by Audioslavian club Cazadores Cathair. Just think...just four years ago he was on the street after being cut from a minor league hockey team. Now he's suiting up for the Cosumar National Soccer Team. Crazy. Whether he has reached his ceiling or will continue his meteoric rise remains to be seen and likely depends on if he can make an impact in Audioslavia.

Alexander Pearce - 35 - Image OAS Royal FC Image
Pearce has been traveling with the Cosumar National Team in a variety of positions since age 18. Pearce captained the squad for World Cups 67 and 68. He was hailed as the figurehead of those campaigns and is considered one of the best Cosumarite defensemen in history. With multiple World Cups under his belt and a highly developed skill set, Pearce is one of the most vital leaders of this team even though he no longer Captain. Though age has begun to bite him in the last few years, Pearce will still play a priceless role as a team mentor and spokesperson (and occasional substitute, whenever stability and experience are needed). He has an exceptionally strong leg and is an extremely crafty player who frequently outwits his opponents. He still has the versatility to play anywhere on the back line.

Sheldon Serra - 20 - Zenit Attawapiskat Image
Serra has the distinction of being born and living the first eight years of his life on a spaceship of neutral nationality. After returning to the planet and living in Indigo Plains, Serra adapted found his land legs surprisingly quickly and discovered a natural talent for football. Because Indigo Plains does not have professional football, Serra attended university in Cosumar and is eligible for our team because his mother was a Cosumarite citizen. He was the Defensive MVP of Cosumar's collegiate league two years ago, before signing with Zenit Attawapiskat of The Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Though small in stature, this shaggy blonde teenager has incredibly rare natural ability. With experience and hard work, he could be a star at any position in the future. For this World Cup he will primarily play as a left or right back. Due to his speed and ability to play both sides of the ball, he is the a great fit as a substitute for the unique skill set of Tae Woo Miyori at right back.


Dean Harold McSaunders - 28 - Vijallu Image
Once an obscure reserve for a few obscure teams, McSaunders rose up out of nowhere three years ago without breakout performances in the Harlighet Ligan for Kaldukosic FC after several of their midfielders went down injured and they loaned him out of desperation. It became a viral story in Cosumar: the story of the relatively unknown player exploding into fame out of seemingly nowhere. Since his ascension, McSaunders has maintained his great play, earning recognition as one of the Realm's best midfielders in this generation. He can play any midfield position (he was a substitute as Center Attacking Midfielder in WC68), though he fits best as a Defensive Midfielder in this new 4-2-3-1 regime. He started at defensive midfielder in World Cup 69, but a shaky body of work in that tournament has landed him on the bench for the AOCAF. Despite lackluster speed/strength, and average ball skills, McSaunders is simply a winner, frequently finding creative ways to outwit and outmaneuver supposedly "superior" opponents. He just has some sort of unidentifiable "it" factor, and Farris Crowley is hoping that will be enough for him to hold his own against the World's top talent.

Paaron Petrov - 30 - Image Fevelo United Image
A citizen-by-birth of the Cosumarite extraterrestrial colony of Fevelo, Petrov insists on playing only for Sekundar Ligan side Fevelo United. He has turned down big money from more reputable clubs around the world to stay near his family and friends on Fevelo. Though he plays in an inferior league compared to that of his teammates, Paaron Petrov has dominated the Sekundar Ligan for the last nine years. In World Cup 69, he started at center midfielder for the entire campaign, scoring 5 goals and racking up 7 assists. Crowley has given away his starting spot to Giovanni Aldinne for the AOCAF because of Aldinne's recent success with Real Azuris. Feisty and resourceful, and a devastatingly accurate passer, Petrov is an asset when it comes to setting up the big play. He is also a threat to score from long distances, as he gets great movement on the ball and is able to keep it down. Petrov is a formidable box-to-box midfielder who is a ruthless tackler. Will sub in a lot.

Ace Newman - 22 - Image Cassandra City Image
Ace Newman is another young prospect who recently got his first international caps in the Olympics. He was the second-leading goalscorer in the entire Harlighet Ligan this season, netting 19 for Cassandra City in a 3rd-place campaign. However, the AOCAF is higher quality of competition than the Olympics and the Harlighet Ligan. It will be a good test for him. Like Anders Engström, Newman's natural position is forward, but will primarily play as an aggressive midfielder/winger in Crowley's system. If he impresses Crowley here and continues to shine in the Harlighet Ligan, he might just earn himself a larger role when WC70 comes.

Ole Öhman - 23 - Lauerton FC Image
Though his surname is a bit comical (Oh man... it's Öhman!), Ole is a well-known around Cosumar as the flashy young attack-minded midfielder for Lauerton FC of Florgania. Producing goals is what he does, and he does it well. After his well-publicized success as Captain of Cosumar's U-18 team five years ago, Öhman donned the Cosumarite uniform for the first time in WC69. Many were concerned that he would be snubbed due to his strained relationship with his club manager Truda Jotunnoj, who also happened to be the National Team's assistant manager. However, all bad blood was apparently been put aside in the name of the Glorious Realm. He didn't play much in the World Cup, but did score a goal or two as a late substitute. Öhman will primarily sub in as an attacking midfielder on the right side. His only downside is his lack of elite speed.


Sur Arora - 31 - Image OAS Royal FC Image
Arora is Cosumar's world-class superstar goal scorer. He has been the very best at every level of Cosumarite football he's played in, from U-18 to Collegiate to the FSF to the World Cup. A true bastion of excellence. He is the leading goal-scorer for Cosumar's most famous club team OAS Royal FC, which has made several Champions Cup appearances with him. He genuinely loves the game and has been described by coaches as being "one of the hardest workers they ever coached". He is so noticeably fluid in his motions, acceleration and ball control that it's almost scary. Arora was one of the leading goal-scorers in the entire World Cup 67, 68 AND 69 Qualifying fields, the first time the Dragons have had a true go-to attacking weapon since the retirement of all-time leading goal scorer Rikki Varshney. However, he broke his leg at the end of WC69 qualifying and hasn't been quite the same since. He's still lethal around the goal, but has lost quite a bit of agility and can't play a full game - hence his new role as a sub. Farris Crowley is hoping Arora and his golden foot will be back to 100% by the time World Cup 70 comes around...

Ejegefe Na'Safeh - 32 - Image Na'Malsille Mariners Image
Ejegefe Na'Safeh (pronounced: Eh-hey-eff-eh, Na-Sah-Fay) is a Vloo (the second Vloo on the team) football phenomenon from the remote Na'Malsille Isles (territory of Cosumar). Na'Safeh was a young benchwarmer who seldom played in WC 66. He was at times magnificent and at times painfully sloppy but was kept around for his potential. But in WC 67 he proved that he was finally deserving of a starting spot, alleviating concerns about his consistency and scoring the second-most goals of the team's campaign. However, he had a bit of a dud campaign in World Cup 68 and did not make much of impact, eventually losing the starting job to a 36-year-old Corey Simmons halfway through qualifying. He was a bit disappointing in his limited opportunities in WC69 as well. Despite his inconsistencies at the international level, Na'Safeh is kept around because everyone who has played with or against him has seen the sheer brilliance he is capable of when he's feeling it. He scored 16 goals for the Na'Malsille Mariners this season, so hopefully that will carry over to the AOCAF.


Manager: Farris Crowley
After a phenomenal debut as Manager in World Cup 54, and an even more impressive efforts in World Cups 56-59, Farris Crowley will return to lead the Dragons towards greatness once again in AOCAF 45. The seemingly immortal manager was once a somewhat successful player in Cosumar's domestic league many years ago and has since taken to coaching. His goal is absolute: bring glory to Cosumar through victory on the pitch. He is currently 73 years of age and has a very stoic personality most of the time. Despite being the one who took Cosumar to new heights and qualified us for nine consecutive World Cups, there is a rumor that he is on the hot seat due to the unsettlingly early exits in the last few World Cups. And with his health starting to finally show signs of deteoration, pundits are questioning his capacity to lead the team for much longer. This AOCAF Cup will be a chance for him to build some positive momentum leading up to World Cup 70 and pick up some experience for the many young players on the roster.

Assistant Manager: Kennedy Kopenhaver
This is Kopenhaver's first appearance as Assistant Manager for the National Team, replacing Truda Jotunnoj, who retired. Kopenhaver, 48, was once a terrific center back for the Cosumar National Team in World Cups 55-57. He was infamous in Cosumar for being one of the most passionate and fiery players ever to step on a pitch. He would stop at nothing to win, even if it meant angrily telling his teammates what's what or getting himself a card. After retiring from his playing career, Kopenhaver attempted a broadcasting career but was not happy - it was too far removed from the action! He since took to coaching, and has spent the last six years as an assistant to Alvin Burnsides, Manager of Mallox FC, the most successful club in Cosumar's Harlighet Ligan. Kopenhaver feels he has learned a lot from his time there and is ready to be a Manager himself. After being skipped over for the managerial vacancy at Miners 47 in Apox, he jumped on the chance to work for Farris Crowley with the National Team. Kopenhaver should bring a lot of passion and youthful energy to a team that Crowley and Jotunnoj hadn't been able to provide. He is a rare man - physically imposing yet keenly intelligent. Deceptively clever and excels at game strategy.

Goalkeepers Coach: Luis Varezzi

Defenders Coach: Artis Thomas

Midfielders Coach: Irvinn Rincon

Forwards Coach: Guiseke Seto

Head Trainer: Yvette Carson
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Postby Nellietopia » Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:30 am

So You Want to Know More About Footy in Nellietopia...

Well, that's a bloody mistake. Any exercise in understanding Nellies is an exercise in futility, much like emptying a bathtub of molasses with a spoon underwater. We've stopped trying to explain it years ago. But what you do need to understand are these:

(1) While there are many types of nellies, the most frequent (i.e. only) type of nellie found is the ubiquitous Purple-Stinging Nellie. These little critters are the conception of some crazed lunatic who spent his/her/its days inventing creatures with radically long stories filled to the brim with verbose descriptors like adverbs and adjectives (not to mention the odd plethora of parenthetical remarks). That crazed lunatic is now retired, but the conception that spawned the first purple-stinging nellie has given birth to a whole nation of nellies that very much dominates regional thought.

(2) The organization responsible for the defense of Nellietopia is known as the Armed Forces League of Allemenschen Critters (AFLAC) [link no longer works because someone took away NSWiki...]. If you don't what that means, don't worry - we're still confused as well. The general jist is that the country that used to be the former territory of Nellietopia was once called Allemenschen, a poor country full of idiots (literally). Somewhere along the way, the defense of the country was subcontracted to a bunch of animals, hence AFLAC. The list of animals that makes up this armed force is only limited by the imagination allowed. Perhaps the most famous members are the Bovine Geese Corps, whose hatred of all things Sorthern Northland is quite renowned (even as the Snorths nuked themselves to oblivion). If you've been reading out latest (and greatest) in the Nellie anthology of xenobiological wonders, you'll also know there's someone new on the block.

(3) A typical match of footy in Nellietopia is simply chaos. There are eleven nellies with eight legs. There is that purple silk that the nellies will produce. There is the stinging. There is the biting. And there is the ball - it is round.

I mean, we could contrive some roster for you to survey and say "well, I think Jim-Bob deserves to score a hat trick today..." but we've evolved beyond the need to publish match reports. Does it mean that you're going to love every last bit of RP we write? Hell no. People hate it when we write, because it means ten-ninety-three words of superfluous drivel. Moreover, even if we were to contrive a roster of nellies, the reality is that Nellietopian society is becoming more and more hive-mind-like. Is it fair to say one part is above any other part or whole?

To prepare you with that inevitable reality, we've concocted a few "realistic" scenarios should your team face a team of Nellies...

(A) "The [TEAMNAME] was sent to hospital following the AOCAF match against Nellietopia, most players suffering from serious bites and stings inflicted by the opponents. The referee attempted to issue red cards to the violating players, but he/she/it was stung as well and sent to the hospital. Government officials are now quarantining the stadium and banning Nellietopia from sending any more nellies, threatening to nuke the country with a giant can of RAID..."

(B) "The [TEAMNAME] emerged victorious over the puny Nellies of Nellietopia. Government officials later issued apologies after the entire Nellietopian team was squashed under the feet of the [NATION] players. The nellies are still recovering from the hospital, although it is widely expected that the nellies will remain in critical condition for some time..."

(C) "I rolled special AOCAF XLV edition Nellie Scout Chance Cubes, and a badger mauled my niece!"

Well, there are other options. But that's for you to decide and for me to critique nonchalantly with a casual wag of my hyperbolic finger.

(4) More than likely, playing a bunch of nellies is going to be boring. I mean... they're nellies. You could spray a can of RAID and win. Or you could huff a can of RAID and die. Please don't die.

But instead of the match report, you could opt to partake in perhaps the greatest cultural legacy of the Nellies - an exclusive line of Nellie Scout brand merchandise! It started with the original - Nellie Scout Cookies, made with real scouts (not nellies...). Then we branched into other obscure (and long forgotten products). Recently, a new resurgence in the Nellie Scout brand has brought you a whole plethora of random shit that you don't need but you direly want (almost the same thing as needing, I suppose). Of course, you're welcome to buy Nellie Scout Chance Cubes - the chance cubes where anything can and will happen. Eventually, we'll catalogue all of those merchandise that the Nellie Scouts have produced, but for now, we'll suffice with cookies, chance cubes, frying pans, and cans of worms - mostly because they're the most amusing at the present, and quite frankly, we'll come up with something else that equally amusing later and forget about that as well.

(5) RP Permissions: you can do anything whatever you are willing to have done to yourself. Be mindful of the torrent of words that you may unleash upon yourself should your RP not satisfy the nellies, however (as a point of advice, buy lots of our Nellie Scout shit, and you'll be plenty fine).

BTW: we pledge to the hosts that the nellies won't do anything to defile the host venues that can't be cleaned up with a good amount of Nellie Scout Elbow Grease ®.


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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:37 am

Royal Kingdom of Quebec Grim Reapers

Country Code: QUE
Nickname: Grim Reapers
Manager: Jayson Dhanda, 48
Assistant Managers: Kurt Hlasek, 49
Antonio Leggieri, 68
Coaches: Cody Gallant, 27; Sook Jin Lee, 36; Michel Lalonde, 42
Physiologist: David Michener, 27
Captain: Frederic Beauchemin, 53
Assistant Captains: Eugene Cohen, Zachary Fortin

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes(TG me)
Godmod scoring events: Yes(TG me)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes(TG me)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes(TG me)
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(TG me, and no more than one)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(make them creative, but TG me beforehand )
Godmod other events: Yes(Be creative, but TG me beforehand)
Style Modifier: +5

Starting XI
GK- Adrian Middleton, 26, Maximum Rovers (Nephara)
DEF- Devane Miller, 25, Nunavut North Stars (Q-League)
DEF- P.K. Varsteeg, 27, Sleepy Hollow (Taeshan)
DEF- Jannick Kontiola, 19, OAS Royal FC (Cosumar)
MID- Roberto Di Maria, 24, Quebec Phoenixes (Q-League)
MID- Soo Hyuk Kim, 20, Ninon Beart Reapers (NSI)
MID- Edouard-Maxime Han, 21, St.John's Arsenal (Q-League)
FOR- Leonardo Conavacio, 20, Backwater City (Taeshan)
FOR- Pascal Boyle, 22, Knights of Tiberia (Legalese)
FOR- Angelo Gelinas, 19, Burgess FC (Greater Mertagne Union, LigAnaia)
FOR- Marcos Zelaya, 16, Winnipeg United (Q-League)


GK- Pierre Ryu, 23, Sherbrooke FC (Q-League)
DEF- Claudio Cortez, 24, Montreal Koreana (Q-League)
William Gelinas, 20, Stilwater City (Northern Sunrise Islands)
Lorne Dunford, 19, PLI Paladins (Q-League)
MID- Markus Lazarev-Horak, 23, St.John's Arsenal (Q-League)
Felix Mwemba-Ishongawa, 21, Quebec Phoenixes (Q-League)
FOR- Marco Engvall, 17, Kingston FC (Q-League Challenge Division)
David Haas, 23, Moncton Schooners FC (Q-League)
Cassius Antolini, 24, CSKA Quebec (Q-League)

----Di Maria-----Boyle-----Conavacio------
Retired from NSWC. Possibly available for NSCF / WB / WCoH but cannot be guaranteed.

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Postby New West Guiana » Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:47 pm

Overall Record: 57-41-84(W-T-L)

Baptism of Fire 43
Record 0-2-3
World Cup
Overall Record: 42-29-52
Last participated: WC 63
Cup of Harmony
Overall Record: 0-1-2
Overall record: 16-8-27


Head Coach

Bob Thiesman


3 Louis De Cader Jr
4 Adrian Wilkson
2 Allen Midfiled
8 Dannel Jino
5 Florence Diyelo
6 Jeuo Lopez

9 Ali Ytei
1 Yano Xzayit
13 Alex De Cader(Captain)
14 Danell Hamliton
15 Quin Luther
17 Pak Ji Ung

18 John Adlin
23 Aaron Rothes
24 Jamie Usor'

26 Han Honi
27 Xetho Yi'toni
22 Thomas Sins




The national team has signed a two AOCAF edition leas of Hue Howard Stadium in Ft. McCarney, a capacity of (lower bowl): 37,000

Style: +1.5

RP Premissions:
What ever you want to the point of killing them.
Yellow Cards: Max 5
Red Cards: Max 3
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Postby Romorov » Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:02 pm

The Official Roster of The Allied States of Romorov for the AOCAF 45


Tactics, Formation, and Other Team Information

The Romorovi team, with an extremely balanced playstyle, plays in a rather uncommon 4-1-4-1 formation, and is captained by winger Sean Carpenter. The four midfielders - Darren Fletcher, Aaron Griffiths, Jimmy Black, and Sean Carpenter, collaborate excellently with each other to create opportunities to score. Defensive midfielder Fraser Powell is a major pass supplier, but is also dubbed "The Gateway" between the Romorovi defense and offense, being easily able to aid the Romorovi defense during attacks from the opposing team, but can also provide passes to the midfield, and sometimes all the way up to striker Anthony Poole. Anthony Poole is the lone striker of the Romorovi team, and prefers to take a sly approach to the game, capable of easily slipping through the defense and remaining unmarked, but onside. The defense, which comprises of Seamus Crowe, Max Anderson, Aiden Rodney, and Adrian Engelmann is very solid, almost never moving out from the box, making themselves the last bastion of defense before goalkeeper Axton Marshall. Anthony Poole takes penalties, Jimmy Black takes free kicks, Aaron Griffiths takes left-corner kicks, and captain Sean Carpenter takes right-corner kicks. The Romorovi team has a style modifier of +4, and is managed by Wolfgang Strauss.
Players & Staff

Manager - Wolfgang Strauss (Rossana) | 52 Years Old
Head Coach - Winston Crouch | 43 Years Old
Assistant Coach - John Abbott (Darvale) | 39 Years Old

Starting Eleven
#1 | Goalkeeper - Axton Marshall | 24 Years Old
#2 | Left-Back - Seamus Crowe | 22 Years Old
#13 | Left Central-Back - Max Anderson | 23 Years Old
#4 | Right Central-Back - Aiden Rodney | 28 Years Old
#5 | Right-Back - Adrian Engelmann | 29 Years Old
#6 | Central Defensive Midfielder - Fraser Powell | 21 Years Old
#16 | Left Winger - Darren Fletcher | 24 Years Old
#7 | Left Central-Midfielder - Aaron Griffiths | 23 Years Old
#8 | Right Central-Midfielder - Jimmy Black | 22 Years Old
#9 | Right Winger - Sean Carpenter | 24 Years Old
#10 | Central Striker - Anthony Poole | 27 Years Old
#12 | Goalkeeper - Nick Cummings | 20 Years Old
#27 | Left-Back - Dan Williams | 21 Years Old
#3 | Left Central-Back - Alex Wilson | 19 Years Old
#15 | Right Central-Back - Paul Harper | 18 Years Old
#30 | Right-Back - Warren Warner | 22 Years Old
#18 | Central Defensive Midfielder - Jorge Knight | 17 Years Old
#16 | Left Winger - John Wallcroft | 23 Years Old
#14 | Left Central-Midfielder - Yuri Koesovič | 20 Years Old
#17 | Right Central-Midfielder - Will Hoffman | 19 Years Old
#19 | Right Winger - Marcus Wright | 22 Years Old
#11 | Central Striker - Brandon Langston | 23 Years Old





Roleplaying Permissions

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod goalscoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per 3 games)
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per 4 games)
Godmod injury events: No
Godmod things in general: No

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Postby Naitpyge » Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:03 pm

Naitpyge National Football Team

Manager: Fuat Badem, 47, Cowapobia
Assitant Manager: Károly Olasz, 45, CT Naitpyge
Style Modifier: +0.55
Formation: 4-6-0
All time Record: 109 matches, 47 wins, 20 draws, 42 losses, 148 goals for, 136 goals against

Position #  Name              Age Club               Caps Goals
GK 1 Sámuel Bátori 28 Club Jim Falls 99 0
GK 12 Deyan Büki 25 Guard FC 27 0
GK 13 Svetoslav Halász 23 Scott City Beat 12 0
DEF 2 Serhan Simon 26 Vogler City Force 106 3
DEF 3 Ábel Albaf 27 Darmen City AC 107 1
DEF 4 Yakov Büki 32 Eau Claire United 107 4 Captain
DEF 5 Hikmet Demir 30 Club Jim Falls 106 2
DEF 14 Mikhail Marangoz 33 Bloomer FC 52 0
DEF 15 Nanook Fekete 26 Augusta 37 0
DEF 16 Shahzad Balogh 24 Vogler City Force 30 0
MID 6 Khorshid Vargha 27 Vogler City Force 105 28
MID 7 Richárd Vörös 28 Darmen City AC 103 45
MID 8 Ottó Velitchkov 24 Darmen City United 107 7
MID 9 Shahriyar Agócs 30 Brady City Crunch 105 13
MID 10 Eko Vincze 32 Darmen City FC 108 9
MID 11 Arastoo Nyilas 29 Bloomer FC 102 7
MID 17 Arastoo Chavdarov 27 Vogler City Force 62 4
MID 18 Cemal Baráth 26 Vogler City Force 37 4
MID 19 Arda Teke 28 Bloomer FC 32 5
MID 20 Samu Bokor 26 Darmen City FC 31 3
FOR 21 Evren Hegedûs 22 Scott City Beat 47 12
FOR 22 Temel Küçük 30 Darmen City United 43 1

Starting 11 are #1-11
All Players play in Darmen

RP Permissions: No killing, otherwise, go wild.

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AOCAF 45 - Austenersey Roster

Postby Austenersey » Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:06 pm

Austenersian Eucalypts

With a name symbolic to the country's national animal, the Eucalypts are made up of the best and fairest from the domestic Leagua-A. While the team may be newer than that of our competitors, they are ready to dominate the competition.

Starting XI
GK | #13 - Conrad Bösch - 31, Cautley United
DEF | #9 - Ryan Goode - 28, Mount Carcer-Bowral Giants
DEF | #4 - Brent Tobias -34, New Bellevue Tigers
DEF | #12 -Josiah Papke - 26, Cautley United
DEF | #6 - Leon Ethans - 29, Francis Jets [captain]
MID | #28 - Lorenz Suero - 34, Mont Alban Glory
MID | #1 - Dannie Clark - 22, New Bellevue Tigers
MID | #19 - Vince Roach - 28, Osbourne Stars
MID | #8 - Dan Cardona - 33, Portland Renegades
FOR | #16 - Hugh Oakley - 31, Francis Jets
FOR | #7 - Adam Hambledon - 27, Mont Alban Glory

Manager: Daniel Wallace - 43, Portland Renegades
Assistant Manager: Nicholas Willoughby - 38, Mont Alban Glory
Style Modifer: +1.4
Formation: 4-4-2

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, however do TG me.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, however do TG me.
RP Injuries to my players: Yes, however do TG me, and no more than 2.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, however do TG me, and no more than 4.
Godmod other events: Yes, however do TG me.
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Postby Robsonien » Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:00 pm

Robsonien AOCAF 45 Roster


Nation: The Community of Robsonien

Government: Robsonien is a Parliamentary Republic rooted in the tribal tradition of the island.
complete civil rights, protecting nature
Language: English , Robson (Māori-dialect)

Region: Atlantian Oceania

Stadium: Sundown Flower Central Stadium (capacity 15,000)

Location: Sundown Flower, Robsonien


Formation: 4-4-2
History: Baptism of Fire 40: Kazzoria and Krytenia
Official Nickname: -
Colors: light blue and white

The Starting 11

Tamati Thomsen (28) GK
Golden Bay FC

Hoani Roinson (22) LB
Golden Bay FC

Mikaere Erigson (25) RB
Golden Bay FC

Rongo Roihta (24) CB
Sundown Flower FC

Mahora Martensen (25) CB
Sundown Flower FC

Tama Wigens (28) DM
Sundown Flower FC

Hare Borton (29) LM
Sundown Flower FC

Kuru Kelter (26) CM
Robsonien Chiefs

Raniera Argus (26) RM
Sundown Flower FC

Henare Hurgwe (25) CF
Sundown Flower FC

Walter Worges (28) CF
Sundown Flower FC

The Substitutes


Ruufer Johnsen (28) GK
Sundown Flower FC

Hakopa Riuki (26) RB
Golden Bay FC
Mikaere Erigson (25) LB
Golden Bay FC
Tamati Ventura (26) CB
Sundown Flower FC
Mahora Martensen (25) CB
Sundown Flower FC


Timoti Flender (24) CM
Sundown Flower FC
Arapeta Alversen (22) RM
Robsonien Chiefs
Ropata Brandel (24) CM
Lynx Fc
Andrew Jegersen (26) LM
Lynx Fc


Purahi Tepta (22) CF
Robsonien Chiefs

Timothy Lgersen (21) CF
Lynx Fc the Webpage of Robsonien
Factbook Robsonien and Q&A
Embassy Program
Catalytic Inc. ---Waste in Diesel Out (MT)
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Postby Furellum » Sun Sep 21, 2014 8:30 am

Introducing the Furellum Team in Exile

An open letter to the AOCAF organisers

To whom it may concern,
By now, I'm sure you are aware that Furellum has undergoing some serious political upheaval of late. We are sorry to say that the Corvidae government has felt it necessary to exile the players of Furellum's football team. However we, the players of that team, urgently ask that the AOCAF accept this team as the legitimate Furelese entry to the AOCAF. Please understand that we remain the national team officially recognised by the legitimate government of Furellum - namely Grand Bishop Gabriel and Grand Duke His Majesty Aldrich II. As such, and in condemnation of the false regime that is currently poisoning our fine nation, we urge you to consider our application as the official representation.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Fyodor Iosef - Team Captain
Frederik Montalban - Team Manager

The Background
To the unaware, Furellum is nothing more then a small island at the mouth of the Taaru sea in Atlantian Oceania. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as it were. The vast majority of the country is situated in another dimension, accessible only through the magical bridge which connects the White Tower in Altsby and its otherworld counterpart, the Moonlight Tower, in Other Altsby. Furellum is a land of magic, soaked in ether which the wizards of the country bend to their will. The country is home to many different races, species of animals made sentient and human-like by some powerful magic long since forgotten. They have been here for time immemorial, but only since the medieval period have humans lived in Furellum, when it became a Grand Duchy of the Kingdom of Maalvia. Much of Furellum is still stuck in the middle ages, with modern technology only beginning to creep into the nation.

The Team
Motto - "Victoria et hoc genus omne"
#1 Mihails Gavrilovic (Gelada Baboon) Goalkeeper
Bio: Impressing in two U-15 World Cups, Mihails was selected for the Di Bradini squad, where he played an important part in winning the title. He's been in the FFA's sights for a long time, and finally makes the move to the senior team. Naturally gifted, Mihails has an almost unstoppable energy that has him bouncing around the goal and stopping shots from any angle. His long reach and jumping distance make him tough to score against, even on a rebound.

#5. Sorin Vladimirescu (Human) Left Back
Sorin is a minor member of the Maalvian Royal family, who rule over Furellum. As such he is often placed on a pedestal by the lower-class members of the team, even though their is nothing aristocratic about his nature. This image of royalty has been enhanced by his recent move to club giants SK Franz Josef City in Polar Islandstates.

#3. Ragnar Asbjorn (Polar Bear) Left Centre Back
Asbjorn is big and tough, but he is also remarkably quick. One of the Di Bradini squad players, Ragnar still acts like he has something to prove. This sometimes causes him to go in too hard and foul opposing strikers. Due to his bulk, once they're hit, they stay down, often causing Asbjorn to be yellow-carded where others might be let off with a warning.

#2. Bronislav Mlaker (Badger) Centre Back
Cute and Cuddly, Mlaker has also been voted the player most likely to rip your head off and spit down your neck. A player with a mean streak, Mlaker is a fierce competitor for the ball. He may give away a lot of fouls, but referees should be prepared for the consequences should they get on his bad side...

# 15. Marian Constantin (Elk) Right Centre Back
The polar opposite of Mlaker, Constantin is cool, calm and collected. Since Krupin's shock departure from the national team, he's been dropped into the starting line-up. Constantin excels at precision tackling and passing under pressure, and could well be a game changer when the stakes are down.

#4. Fyodor Iosef (Horse) Right Back (Captain)
Solid, dependable and strong. Iosef ticks all the boxes for a defender. His gentle disposotion and calming influence on his team, especially Mlaker, has also led to him being given the captain's armband, a burden he does not bear lightly. Fyodor was also named as part of Baptism of Fire 53's "Team of the Tournament".

#7. Symon Maksimov (Grey Wolf) Left Midfielder
Maksimov is one of the most technically skilled players on the team, and is well renowned for his ball control skills. Known as a friendly player, Maksimov plays clean, using his skills to avoid contact with opposing players.

#8. Adam Vukoja (Human) Midfielder
Vukoja plays for Guldisall, the university where he is currently studying the secrets of magic. Adam has dreams of one day being a wizard, but he is already a wizard with a football. Vukoja has been at the centre of Furellum junior football for years, and his entrance into the senior squad is no surprise.

#9. Germogen Sokoloff (Cheetah) Right Midfielder
The quickest player on the team by a long shot, Sokoloff is the key to the Turtle's attack. He has the speed to beat the opposing defence and the skills to find a penetrating pass to the forwards. If he has a weakness it is in his stamina, and he will rarely last a full ninety minutes without being replaced.

#10. Moisey Vaduva (Markhor Goat) Left Striker
He may look like an old veteran with his almost floor length braided beard, but don't be fooled. Moisey is a youngster at just twenty-one, and as such plays a mostly supporting role in providing the more experienced and skilled Szczelaszczyk with scoring opportunities.

#11. Eleazar Szczelaszczyk (Leopard) Right Striker
The star of the national team, Eleazar is from a well known sporting family. His son Ezra is an up and coming striker, having competed in the U-15 and U-21 World Cup squads, and his father was a pro-golfer on the Furellum circuit. Fast and flashy, Szczelaszczyk will be a big contender in the box, much to the despair of foreign commentators who are likely to have to repeat his last name.

The Reserves
#12. Volodya Dumitrescu (Hare) Goalkeeper
An unlikely choice for a goalkeeper due to his diminutive size, Volodya makes up for it with an impressive leap, good reactions, and a strong grip. He's fairly useless against short balls and penalties though, which is why he is not the main keeper for the team.

#23. Gregor Petrovich (Polar Bear) Goalkeeper
A dominating presence between the goal, Gregor relies on his massive bulk rather than agility to keep shots out. Seen as a solid choice for the team, he was previously the team's starting goalkeeper. Petrovich is especially good at rushes, and likes to use them, perhaps too often.

#14. Vidarr Stefanovich(Hippo) Defender
Taking the number of Vyacheslav Lagunov, arguably the World Cup's clumsiest player ever, Vidarr has some worrying similarities to his predecessor. A hippo like Lagunov, Vidarr is built like the proverbial house. Being tackled by Vidarr really is like being hit by a ton of bricks, or at least a ton of over-eager Furellum defender. Vidarr always wants the ball, and takes to the sport with an excitement and energy that cannot be contained.

#6. Lievin Zaboulon (Otter) Defender
Zaboulon, like many otters in Furellum, comes from a fishing village along the Rode river. As the middle child of eight in a working-class family, he's lived a hard life, but that only motivates him more on the pitch. Football is Lievin's life, and he is a hardworking defender with a good ability to harass opposing players and steal the ball from under their noses.

# 16. Domen Loke (Leopard) Midfielder
Another player from the DBC champion squad, Loke has come a long way in the past few years. While quick and with enough smarts to get around defenders, Loke is also introverted and selfish. He'd rather try to beat five defenders himself then pass to a teammate. However, he has been working on that, and will see plenty of game time this cup.

# 17. Luka Zelenko (Leopard) Midfielder
The player usually called on whenever Sokoloff runs out of steam, Zelenko is a decent attacking midfielder. Suspected of being a feline hybrid and not a pure-blood leopard, Zelenko has the ability to jump nearly two metres in the air, a useful ability whenever Furellum have a corner.

# 18. Havryil Petrov (Maned wolf) Forward
A man with a chip on his shoulder, Petrov is aggressive, confrontational, and emotional. While he may seem at conflict with himself, when he's in control he is a good forward with a powerful left footpaw that is sure to keep opposing keepers on their toes.

# 19. Boleslav Balan (Black Boar) Forward
Not a team player, Boleslav's usual attacking method is to get the ball and charge towards goal, regardless of any defenders that might get in his way. While this may work sometimes, more often than not he will be dispossessed or called for a foul, so he is usually kept on the bench. He's like a nuclear weapon: Lethal, but extremely dangerous to those who use it and only utilised as a last resort.

Coach: Claudiu Frey (Ferret)

The Kits
Image Kits made by Foroni Fabrics of Barunia

The Strategy
Formation: 5-3-2
Style: -4.5

RP Permissions
No killing my players or giving them career-ending injuries. Other then that, have fun.

OOC: Running with this due to limited time for RP. RL precedence et hoc genus omne.
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Postby Northern Sunrise Islands » Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:44 pm


To say the Northern Sunrise Islands' debuting squad is lackluster is a given. The recent issue of Northern Sunrisians deeming the move to Atlantian Oceania rather unnecessary, not to say a cause of homesickness has also dragged to the national team as the regular Vaporeon squad decided that they wouldn't play the tournament. A very late minute entry in the tournament became a big problem to Mihashi Chiyo as she couldn't bring the bigger stars, nor some more established, nor even the hidden bright stars that Sunrisian football tends to have every now and then. Also tied with some political disagreements that maybe the return of the Sunrisians, without the Corvidae being a problem back at Esportiva anymore, caused a couple of names avoiding the call, such as the almost entire list of players at the Daineri teams, with Harmonion and Sagat as late entrants to save face for the league's almost sole World Cup presenting side's debut at such an important tournament.

While it is clear the Northern Sunrisians are behind the team's back for this AOCAF, they all sorta feel like they shouldn't really be here on the first place.

Num.	Pos.	Name				Age	Team
01 GK RISINHO 18 46ers [Schiavonia]
02 LB MARTINHO 18 Maximum City [Nephara]
03 CB Apollinaris TRETYAKOVA 20 Oljestaden IF [Audioslavia] (Captain)
04 CB RODRIGO 22 Tiamare Zekroni
05 RB Anna HIKARI 18 St. George's Creek [Apox]
06 DM YAN GAÚCHO 18 FC Nuholm [Semarland]
07 CM JARPI VALTTERI 16 Marylebone Espirit [The Fallenmark Islands]
08 CM ANTTI VALTTERI 16 Marylebone Invicta [The Fallenmark Islands]
09 OM MATEUS MANANCIAL 16 Krsthaven [Semarland]
10 CF Orégano SAGAT 18 Ragaman [Dainer]
11 CF Matt RADFORD 16 Wadsworth [Darvale]
12 GK RICARDO 18 AC Zevella [Yttribia]
13 LB Andrew GRUENEBAUM 16 Connover 1878 [Darvale]
14 CB Joleen KELLY 23 Porto Alegre Snorlax
15 CB Martin GUEVARA 17 Krsthaven [Darvale]
16 RB GIULITE DE ALMEIDA 17 Real Chinchinhua [Taeshan]
17 DM JOSÉ ENRIQUE 15 Sporting Saint Adrensburg [Semarland]
18 CM RENATO BIANCHI 19 Connover 1878 [Darvale]
19 CM Ben GANNON 18 Astaria United [Darvale]
20 OM Simö ENRIKSEN 16 Krsthaven [Semarland]
21 CF Grivan GARNIER 16 Aveport FC [Darvale]
22 CF JOSIAS LOBISOMEM 17 46ers [Schiavonia]
23 MUL Gwinevra HARMONION 18 Raoni [Dainer]
-- COACH Mihashi CHIYO 31 Matthew City Senators Style: +1

Don't kill or injure them for too long. Cards are fine, zanny goals are even better.
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Postby Blouman Empire » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:58 am



Manager:Matt Waterhouse: After a number of successful seasons as manager of Stafford AFC Matt has recently been appointed as the Blouman Empire's manager for the international team. Matt began his career playing for Newtown United before being appointed as the team's assistant manager after injury. Matt's first manager role was with Sallana Wolves where he successfully guided the team from the Fraycrant Super League (Tier 3) to the Fraycrant Championship (Tier 1) over 3 seasons. Matt took up the role as manager of Stafford AFC 7 years ago and in that time he has won the Upper Braxon Premier Division (Tier 1) four times, the FAUB Trophy twice and the Blouman League of Champions in his final season.
Physio: Dr. Bradly Holdings


1. Milton Tuneson (Vice Captain)
Club: AFC Gresdon
Bio: Milton Tuneson is one of the key goalkeepers in Blouman Football and is able to wow crowds with his ability to pull off unbelievable saves and has been a key player in AFC Gresdon’s dominance in recent years.

24. Michael Gradrer
Club: Bluehead-Blundy United

25.Thomas Cousin
Club: Widditon FC


2. Dominic Noble
Position: RB
Club: AC Narlston
Bio: Dominic has been a strong defender proving repeatedly to be a useful defender, having played for his first team for the past two years. Dominic is keen to prove his selection in the squad over more experienced defenders.

3 Hamish Alpin MBE (Captain)
Position: CB
Club: Prosen United
Bio:Strong defender he is fast and can close down on players, man marking is also a strong suit with him. A strong captain that is able to influence the team and keep morale high, he is also well respected by the team.

4. Harry Carr
Club: North Shore AC
Position: CB
Bio: A well experienced player who can hold a back line as well as good communication. Is capable of seeing the play well before it happens and uses that to his advantage with good positioning.

5. Jacob Kleeza
Position: LB
Club: Haerves and Litson
Bio: Strong player with good tackling skills, can cover the left flank well.

14. Thomas Brown
Position: LCB
Club: Adiric United

16. Samuel Barnet
Position: CB
Club: Flinders Jaffers

19. Reece Lattimore
Position: RCB
Club: Crusson Old Boys


6. James Keeling
Position: RM
Club: Longate
Bio: Uses the right side of the field well and can move up and down it with ease, a fast player who is dangerous in corner kick situations with his excellent heading ability and has great crossing skills.

7 Steven Mallard MBE
Position: CM
Club: Braxon City
Bio: Strong midfielder with years of experience, a player who can take control of the centre of the field and dictate the game to his liking.

8. Dylan Hall
Position: LM
Club: Kings Court
Bio: A player to look out for with a powerful left foot he will easily be able to send the ball to waiting forwards from anywhere on the left side, an ability he has shown time and time again while playing for Kings Court.

12. Jacob Hudson
Position: LM
Club: Cape Forton

15. Edward Hills
Position: CM
Club: Cwellenluu Athletic

18. Josh Power
Position: CM
Club: The Hill FC

9 Oliver Battle
Position: LW
Club: Pulaner Sunday
Bio: Fast player who is able to create plays and find his targets with precision, an effective man on the wing with one of the most accurate left foots in the Empire

10 Blaine Cooperson
Position: ST
Club: Stafford AFC
Bio: Good striker with pinpoint accuracy and a powerful finish, is able to find the back of the net more often than not

11 Kane Harrison MBE
Position: RW
Club: Kings Park
Bio: Kane has been a member of the squad since his dominance in the 26th DBC taking the team to win the title for the first time. Since then he has been a key forward for the Eagles and their success over the past few tournaments.

17. Jack Green
Position: ST
Club: Traken Rangers

21. William Marsh
Position: RW
Club: Waterside Wanderers

38. Max Rope
Position: LW
Club: Rydge City FC


Image Image

Formation: 4-3-3
Those which have a short bio are starters.
Style Modifier: +0

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y (within reason TG me if you want something major)
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Postby New Cloudsdale » Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:15 pm


The Equestrian Sky Colony of New Cloudsdale
National Hoofball Team - AOCAF Cup 45 Roster

Quick Stats
AOCAF Ranking: 23rd (5.33 pts.)
Style Modifier: +4.75
Nickname: The Flying Stars
All-Time Record: 3-4-8 (1-1-1 at AOCAF Cup 45)
Achievements: None
AOCAF Cup 41: 0-1-2 (4th in Group 4)
MD1: The Inevitable Syndicate 0–0 New Cloudsdale at the Flynn Arena (cap. 96,500) in Fligsive, The Inevitable Syndicate (Draw)
MD2: New Cloudsdale 0–1 Lymryk Isles at the Flynn Arena (cap. 96,500) in Fligsive, The Inevitable Syndicate (Loss)
MD3: Kinitaria 3–2 New Cloudsdale at at the Flynn Arena (cap. 96,500) in Fligsive, The Inevitable Syndicate (Loss)

AOCAF Cup 42: 0-1-2 (4th in Group E)
MD1: Vilita & Turori 1–0 New Cloudsdale at the 66 Stadium (cap. 85,500) in Cathair, Audioslavia (Loss)
MD2: New Cloudsdale 1–1 Naitpyge at Audmoor Stadium (cap. 22,000) in Ceileerden, Audioslavia (Draw)
MD3: Ibex 2–1 New Cloudsdale at the 66 Stadium (cap. 85,500) in Cathair, Audioslavia (Loss)

AOCAF Cup 43: 1-0-2 (3rd in Group A)
MD1: New Cloudsdale 0–2 Maklohi Vai at Stadion Republikana (cap. 49,830) in Serenberg, Kinitaria (Loss)
MD2: Kinitaria 2–0 New Cloudsdale at Central Stadium (cap. 76,000) in Mi'ato, Kinitaria (Loss)
MD3: New Cloudsdale 4–1 Greater Watford at Stadion Dinamo (cap. 47,000) in Paleu, Kinitaria (Win)

AOCAF Cup 44: 1-1-1 (3rd in Group D)
MD1: Thatius 1-1 New Cloudsdale at Artani (cap. 74,000) in Mar Sara, Valanora (Draw)
MD2: New Cloudsdale 0-5 Legalese at Aranfield Bridge (cap. 52,000) in Everlin, Valanora (Loss)
MD3: New Cloudsdale 4-0 Oceanic Lemmingtopias at Donna Cathedral (cap. 60,000) in Mar Sara, Valanora (Win)


Home - Away - Reverse

The squad from New Cloudsdale will use their newly-designed kits for the first time, after wearing the same kit used by the Equestrian States in previous editions of the AOCAF Cup. Kits for humanoid players (see above), as well as those for equine and other non-humanoid players, are provided by Generosity Sportswear of the Equestrian States.

Group C
#10 - Ko-oren (12.28 pts.)
#23 - New Cloudsdale (5.33 pts.)
#26 - Furellum (4.33 pts.)
#57 - Bazalonia (0.22 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group C
MD1: New Cloudsdale 1-1 Furellum at Varcea Stadionul (cap. 49,100) in Mehedinti, Ratastan (Draw)
MD2: Ko-oren 1-0 New Cloudsdale at Varcea Stadionul (cap. 49,100) in Mehedinti, Ratastan (Loss)
MD3: New Cloudsdale 3-2 Bazalonia at Varcea Stadionul (cap. 49,100) in Mehedinti, Ratastan (Win)


Starters (3-5-2)
GK - #1 - Hurricane Gale (Pegasus - Male) - 32 - Image Caen Draveurs (NSI)
DF - #2 - Cassandra (Griffon - Female) - 30 - Image Manehattan Dragons (EQS) - CAPTAIN
DF - #6 - Rainbow Shine (Pegasus - Female) - 23 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)
DF - #3 - Shady Daze (Pegasus - Male) - 21 - Image Whitetail Foresters (EQS)
MF - #5 - Constance (Pegasus - Female) - 26 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL) - VICE-CAPTAIN
MF - #8 - Stormy Seas (Pegasus - Male) - 28 - Image Seaddle Rage (EQS)
MF - #4 - Gleaming Light (Pegasus - Female) - 22 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)
MF - #7 - Supernova Starlight (Pegasus - Female) - 24 - Image Crystal Palace HC (CRY)
MF - #9 - Perfect Place (Pegasus - Female) - 27 - Image Whitetail Rangers (EQS)
FW - #10 - Decima (Sphinx - Female) - 17 - Image Ponyville United (EQS)
FW - #11 - Redlight (Pegasus - Male) - 23 - Image Coltenhagen Magic (EQS)

GK - #22 - Road Block (Pegasus - Male) - 27 - Image Manechester City HC (EQS)
GK - #20 - Sterling Silver (Griffon - Female) - 25 - Image Maneapolis Stars (EQS)
DF - #12 - Maelstrom (Griffon - Male) - 27 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)
DF - #15 - Foremast (Pegasus - Male) - 22 - Image Whitetail Rangers (EQS)
DF - #18 - Matt Williamson (Human - Male) - 29 - Image Molsbik Arkjet (SEM)
MF - #17 - Reyan (Griffon - Male) - 31 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)
MF - #16 - Golden Chance (Pegasus - Male) - 17 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)
MF - #14 - Pointed Glare (Unicorn - Female) - 30 - Image South Spire United (CRY)
MF - #23 - Pained Prowess (Pegasus - Male) - 24 - Image Salt Lick City HC (EQS)
MF - #13 - Jailbait (Pegasus - Female) - 27 - Image Maresaiiles HC (CRY)
FW - #21 - Coinstack (Pegasus - Female) - 26 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)
FW - #19 - Satin Rose (Pegasus - Female) - 17 - Image New Cloudsdale Colonists (NCL)

Head Coach - Image Guiding Light (Pegasus - Female) - 60
Assistant Coach - Image Blackout (Unicorn - Female) - 46
Assistant Coach - Image Firing Cylinder (Pegasus - Male) - 42
Goalkeeping Coach - Image Storm Thunder (Pegasus - Male) - 47
Scout - Image Foresight (Pegasus - Male) - 58
Scout - Image Hindsight (Pegasus - Male) - 67
Fitness Coach - Image Tender Care (Earth Pony - Female) - 35

On Species and Equestrian Hoofball
The Equestrian States is a nation of incredible diversity. When many countries make this kind of statement, they are referring only to racial matters dealing with differences in skin color or culture. But the Equestrian States takes diversity to a whole new level, with dozens of sapient species living alongside each other in harmony. From pegasai to griffons, and humans to dragons, the Equestrian States is among the most diverse nations known to exist. But diversity has also had a unique and intriguing impact on the playing of sports in the Equestrian States, and hoofball is no exception. In the following paragraphs, the natural strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each prominent species in the Equestrian States will be explored, offering those unfamiliar with the Equestrian States a chance to explore the wonderful diversity that makes the Equestrian States a great country and gives our beloved national hoofball team a versatility that few others can hope to match.

For the full article, which I highly recommend my opponents read, click here.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (Max: 2)
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but please keep it somewhat realistic
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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:37 am

Ko-orenite National Team Roster | Ko-oreniet nationaal elftal | Seleção Co-orenense de Futebol | Équipe de Co-oren de football | サッカーコーレン代表

Nation Name: The Babelic Meritocracy of Ko-oren
Short Nation Name: Ko-oren
Trigramme: KOR
Demonym: Ko-orenite
Team Nickname: Greenblues, Dragonflies
National Colors: Green, Blue
Head of Committee of Coaches: Pet Rilasthaunden
Style: -5
Formation: 5-4-1
Ko-orenite Roster
for AOCAF 45

Starters normally numbers 1-11, but check the latest RP

1. Storm Enshadilsa - GK (30/m) - Solid goalkeeper, even if his goal kicks won't reach the half way line.
12. Cláudia Macedo - GK (21/f) - Excentric and explosive. Excellent line keeper, but she has trouble with defending corner kicks and free kicks.
22. Ralph Maverick - GK (22/m) - He doesn't like to wait in goal until the strikers come for him. He also joins the passing game with the defenders.

4. Katanmak Juliasterinthen - CB (26/m) - Big man on the defence. About to be captain.
3. Katherine Davenport - CB (24/f) - Big woman on the defence. Good at communications, though she likes to run off to confuse the defence on the other side.
5. Timon van der Heijden - RB (29/m) - Fairly limited wing back, although his headers are world class.
13. Celine de Jong - LB (23/f) - Energetic left back. Good crosses, even better stamina.
6. Páll Ólafursson - CB (30/m) - Tank. Muscular, 200cm, the entire package.
2. Nanami Aoki - LB (26/f) - Smart, tactical defender. Small physique, but excellent pace.
14. Shi Zhang - CB (30/m) - Tends to get booked, but he's otherwise good at shutting out one specific player.
15. Jin-Sang Min - RB (19/m) - Inexperienced but talented. Quick, agile, and faster than most strikers.

16. Nalaikh Bagaurunir - DM (26/m) - Great tackles... not so great passes.
7. Ceindrych Heilyn - CM (31/f) - Excellent passing rate, likes to play a high possession game. Unfortunately that's not what the Dragonflies do.
8. Henrique Nascimento - CM (24/m) - Box to box midfielder, thrives in a team that utilises the long ball.
17. Hisahito Kawano - CM (21/m) - Accurate and powerful shots. Free kicks and corner kicks are his strong point.
18. Palnatoki Idrasil - WM (33/m) - Quick winger, unpredictable and good at crosses as well as dribbling.
9. Violet Wakefield - WM (27/m) - We still don't know what she likes best: shooting or dribbling. Unfortunately she's best at crossing.
10. Esolywend Eregrent - AM (26/m) - Attacking midfielder who is also just as good on either wing. Can even play central midfielder.
19. Emeline Millet - AM (21/f) - Good at distracting defenders to create gaps for the strikers. And that's only partially because of her looks.

20. Audrey Leroux - ST (25/f) - Excellent poacher. Stays cool in all circumstances, good at defeating the goalkeeper one on one.
21. Anthony Sutherland - ST (23/m) - Elegant striker, good touch. Bicycle kicks galore.
11. Narantuyaa Chuluun - ST (27/f) - Heaps stronger than most defenders. Awful at dribbling, but good at finishing free kicks and corner kicks.

Home stadium:
Name: National Stadium
City: Ko-oren City
Built: 1995
Capacity: 34.000

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 2x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Semarland » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:21 am


It’s that time in Atlantian Oceania. You know, the time of the AOCAF. This time, the tournament’s 45th edition is here and of course, Semarland are travelling to Ratastan to compete. With a wide variety of players to choose from, Henrik Jensen and his staff have selected 25 players as usual, with seven reserves. Notably in the team is Lars Carlsberg, who has not been selected for a major tournament since SEM 2012. Of course, captain and star player Marc Lygaard is in the team. And surprisingly, usual first-choice Jorgen Karlstad is third-choice, after a somewhat decent season with FC Kolberg, but was transfer-listed and sold to Darvale club Dayton FC

Here is the list of 25 players:
(Note, Ratings, Team Relationship, Morale are out of 100 while Form is measured from A-D, A being highest, D being lowest.)


1 - Andreas MIKKELSEN (FC Jansberg, Semarland)
Caps - 23 - Goals - 0 - Age: 27
First-choice goalkeeper for Semarland’s best club, FC Jansberg, Mikkelsen has quickly made himself first choice for country, too. After an outstanding performance in the SEM 2013-14 Premarligaen, Mikkelsen is said to be at the peak of his career. Compared to the likes of Jon Nielsen and Mikkel Henning, Mikkelsen is definitely the star keeper for Semarland this time around.
Rating - 88 - Morale - 94 - Form - A

12 - Anders SJELKORDS (FC Matøvallanen, Semarland)
Caps - 14 - Goals 0 - Age: 25
Quite a surprise inclusion for some, 25 year old Sjelkods got the nod for second-place instead of the usual choice, veteran Martin Datheim. But Sjelkords was preferred to Datheim, as well as other keepers such as Leonard Palsen and Markus Hansen. Sjelkords is a decent goalkeeper, but only returned from injury two months ago, missing the majority of Matøvallanen’s campaign.
Rating - 83 - Morale - 90 - Form - B

22 - Jorgen KARLSTAD (Dayton FC, Darvale)
Caps - 52 - Goals - 0 - Age: 29
Usually always first-choice for the national team, since Martin Datheim broke his wrist eight years ago, Karlstad was drafted in as a long-term replacement. But he seemed to be on a downhill roll recently for club and country. Playing at FC Kolberg, he lost his spot to Enrique Selies and was transfer-listed, being sold to Dayton FC of Darvale. However, Karlstad hopes he can regain the No. 1 spot for his country.
Rating - 77 - Morale - 85 - Form - C


3 - Matur EIRIKSSON (FC Jansberg, Semarland)
Caps - 29 - Goals - 4 - Age: 20
Still at a rather young age, 20 year old left-back Matur Eiriksson has already been capped nearly 30 times, and has scored 4 goals. A product of the famous FC Jansberg academy, Eiriksson is a speedy, attacking left-back. He can play left-back, but he personally believes wing-back is the best place for him. With his whole career ahead of him, this youngster is one to watch.
Rating - 86 - Morale - 93 - Form - B

23 - Knut SVENSSON (Sporting Saint Adrensburg, Semarland)
Caps - 2 - Goals - 0 - Age: 23
Like Eiriksson, Knut Svensson is rather young. He is also quite inexperienced to the national team side, but Henrik Jensen has put that aside and has selected this bright young defender. He is pacy, and likes to attack, but unlike his counterpart Eiriksson he is slightly more defensive and a solid tackler. He has been first-choice left back since he graduated from Sporting Saint Adrensburg’s academy and rightly so.
Rating - 83 - Morale - 90 - Form - B


2 - Eirik MALSEN (Molsbik Arkjet, Semarland)
Caps - 67 - Goals - 1 - Age: 30
All managers that have played Malsen agree that he is one of Semarland’s best ever right-backs in history. He is the perfect right-back, not too attacking, not too defensive. At 30 he still has his pace and he is a brilliant tackler. Starting off at Eikborg Club, he moved to Molsbik Arkjet at 22 for a bargain £3,000,000. Ever since then he has been starting choice and is currently the captain of the club.
Rating - 88 - Morale - 93 - Form - A

21 - Lars JORGENSEN (Fransborg set Njilkaer, Semarland)
Caps - 53 - Goals - 1 - Age: 28
It’s fair to say that Lars Jorgensen has a mixed history. Starting off as an amazing prospect, he quickly worked his way to the top then back to the bottom. After numerous incidents at Krsthaven, he was sold to Fransborg set Njilkaer. Since then, his attitude has improved and he is a solid right-back, who will provide excellent cover for Eirik Malsen. A great selection.
Rating - 82 - Morale - 88 - Form - B


5 - Nicolas JANZAARD (FC Jansberg, Semarland)
Caps - 14 - Goals - 1 - Age: 21
Half Semar, half Mrevish, Nicolas Janzaard graduated from Pansberg’s academy and played for the Mrevish under 18 and under 21 sides before switching to Semarland. Janzaard is a solid defender, and is tipped for great things in the future. After signing for FC Jansberg, Janzaard will definitely make this space his own. He has a younger brother, Jonas, who plays as a forward for FC Nuholm and the Mrevish national team.
Rating - 90 - Morale - 95 - Form - A

6 - Matthias KARBRUCK (Krsthaven, Semarland)
Caps - 22 - Goals - 0 - Age: 28
Relatively unknown at many clubs, until he signed for Krsthaven aged 26. Started off at right-back, and played for Laastne Sportsklub, Adjurgen and Molsbik Kadet before switching to centre-back at Yeyjkyavik, before signing for Krsthaven. Karbruck is an excellent centre-back, and has a great tackle and a superb header.
Rating - 88 - Morale - 93 - Form - B

13 - Jakob LUNDS (Molsbik Kadet, Semarland)
Caps - 6 - Goals - 0 - Age: 22
After shining for the under 21 side, Henrik Jensen selected Lunds and a host of other young players for the Baptism of Fire tournament, not long ago. Lunds excelled, and was now known as one of the country’s top young centre-backs. Like many young players, Lunds was linked with moves away, but stuck with his hometown club, Fransborg set Njilkaer. However, Molsbik Kadet were willing to break their transfer record for Lunds, where he now plays.
Rating - 89 - Morale - 94 - Form - B

20 - Per OLSEN (Ærlo Sport, Semarland)
Caps - 55 - Goals - 3 - Age: 28
Per Olsen is what you could call a “Centre-back for hire”. That is, because he is a quality centre-back who clubs across the country have been chasing since he was a first-year scholar. He has played for numerous clubs, such as Eikland Sport, Lusenhagen, Adjurgen, Molsbik Arkjet, Fransborg set Njilkaer and now Ærlo Sport. Said to be playing at the best of his career, if any centre-back gets injured Olsen will be selected in a flash.
Rating - 90 - Morale - 93 - Form - A

24 - Matjas NORDLAND (FC Nuholm, Semarland)
Caps - 3 - Goals - 0 - Age: 20
Like most countries, Semarland has a reputation for calling up talented youngsters the national team. One of these is Matjas Nordland, vice-captain of Semarland’s under 21s, and current vice-captain for his club, FC Nuholm. Nordland is a commanding centre-back, one who takes no prisoners. He may possibly start, but may be overlooked due to his national team inexperience, but on the other hand, young players are often started to nurture and experience them.
Rating - 85 - Morale - 94 - Form - B

Defensive midfielders:

4 - Marko HALCK (FC Matøvallanen, Semarland)
Caps - 102 - Goals - 8 - Age: 34
Veteran defensive midfielder Marko Halck has usually always been called up for international tournaments. And of course, he has this time. Living up to his position name, Halck is a remarkable defensive midfielder and a tough tackler. However, he is getting quite old now, and the media will expect him to retire soon. But Halck has stated “if players around 38 years old are being selected, then why shouldn’t I be selected?”
Rating - 87 - Morale - 90 - Form - B

14 - Braanko JAANSSEN (Molsbik Kadet, Semarland)
Caps - 11 - Goals - 0 - Age: 19
Decent player, but only really beginning to find his feet. After some poor performances for his club, the media predicted he would not be selected. But the media were wrong. He can have outstanding games, he can have poor games. If 4-2-3-1 is employed, Halck will probably be partnered with a “centre-midfielder”. Whatever the formation, Jaanssen is unlikely to start.
Rating - 78 - Morale - 85 - Form - C

Centre midfielders:

8 - Adren CHRISTIANSEN-HALLENSBURG (Krsthaven, Semarland)
Caps - 103 - Goals - 4 - Age: 37
Experience is a must for any team. And for club and country, Adren Christiansen-Hallensburg is just that. Able to play in a variety of central midfield positions, defensive midfield, attacking midfield, or just in the centre, the 37 year old veteran is still a superb player. Noted for his precise passing and crunching tackles, this player should be a guaranteed starter.
Rating - 93 - Morale - 86 - Form - A

15 - Marko PALOS (Adjurgen, Semarland)
Caps - 12 - Goals - 0 - Age: 27
Ten years younger than his counterpart Christiansen-Hallensburg, Marko Palos is relatively new to the national side. Top-notch midfielder and captain for his club, Palos hopes he can replicate his club form for his country. However, like Braanko Jaanssen, Palos is not guaranteed a starting role.
Rating - 81 - Morale - 92 - Form - B

Attacking midfielders:

16 - Demba CISSE (FC Nuholm, Semarland)
Caps - 16 - Goals - 8 - Age: 22
Demba Cisse exploded onto the national team in the Baptism of Fire. Being Semarland’s player of the tournament, the young FC Nuholm midfielder continued to replicate his form for his country afterwards. Loyal to his second-division club, he rejected moves from big clubs such as FC Jansberg, Krsthaven and Molsbik Arkjet. Definitely one to watch.
Rating - 94 - Morale - 96 - Form - A

18 - Andreas JANSEN (FC Kolberg, Semarland)
Caps - 118 - Goals - 20 - Age: 39
A national team player since the age of 17, Andreas Jansen has continued and still is to be one of Semarland’s best ever players. He can play anywhere in the midfield. A tricky winger. A solid holding midfielder. A box-to-box central player. But his best is an attacking midfielder. He doesn’t usually score goals, he creates them. Still going on, Jansen has vowed to continue his professional career until he is 45, but has said he will retire from the international stage soon.
Rating - 93 - Morale - 95 - Form - A


7 - Mads OLSEN (Grimsby Town FC, Darvale)
Caps - 20 - Goals - 1 - Age: 24
Speedy, fast, efficient. Mads Olsen is your dream winger. A classy, stunning player, Olsen graduated at FC Jansberg before recently moving to Darvale’s champions Grimsby Town FC for an undisclosed fee. Recently he has been overlooked for the national team, but after stunning club displays, Henrik Jensen has made him his first choice left winger. Also able to play in attacking midfield, too.
Rating - 89 - Morale - 92 - Form - A

11 - Tipio RUNEN (Eikborg Club, Semarland)
Caps - 9 - Goals - 3 - Age: 21
A strong right-sided player, that made his debut alongside other youngsters in the Baptism of Fire. For his club, he is a free scoring winger/striker and is looking to replicate that form for his country. Notched 14 goals in 33 games for the under 21 team so far. Like other young players, Tipio Runen is definitely one player you should watch.
Rating - 87 - Morale - 91 - Form - A

17 - Otto KALSABUR (Krsthaven, Semarland)
Caps - 7 - Goals - 2 - Age: 23
Clearly a blossoming player, Otto Kalsabur has never really been first choice. With the left-wing spot a spot hard to compete, Kalsabur is going to have to prove he can play at his best if he wants to start. Otherwise, he is a reliable striker and an often scorer for his home club, Krsthaven. Has shown his best for the under-21s, but should be ready to prove he can shine on the big stage.
Rating - 88 - Morale - 93 - Form - B


9 - Jakob LARSEN (FC Kolberg, Semarland)
Caps - 73 - Goals - 39 - Age: 26
Semarland has always had a reputation for some of the best quality strikers. From the early days such as Ulrik Kenersen and Matthias Mollenheim, to more modern players like Marc Lygaard and Jakob Larsen. Yet being only 26, Jakob Larsen has smashed in 39 goals in 73 caps, remarkable for his age. Depending on the formation, Larsen is likely to start alongside Marc Lygaard up front, or on the right-wing, where he can also play, thus making him a versatile player.
Rating - 94 - Morale - 97 - Form - B

10 - Marc LYGAARD (FC Jansberg, Semarland)
Caps - 131 - Goals - 79 - Age: 29
The star player of the team. The captain of the team. Semarland’s leading goalscorer. Both captain and star striker for club and country, Marc Lygaard made it clear he was destined to be one of the best Semar players ever. Scoring talented goals from an early age, Lygaard graduated through the FC Jansberg academy and his been there since, making his debut at 16 years, 4 months and 23 days, making him the youngest player to play in the Premarligaen.
Rating - 98 - Morale - 100 - Form - A

19 - Lars CARLSBERG (Real Destroyer, San Jose Guayabal)
Caps - 72 - Goals - 30 - Age: 29
Another high-scoring player, Carlsberg has been underlooked recently. A quality striker that only just recently moved to Real Destroyer of San Jose Guayabal, Lars Carlsberg is a free-scoring striker. Probably not going to be first-choice however. He will probably most likely be on as a substitute, only starting if there will be an injury to another striker.
Rating - 89 - Morale - 92 - Form - B

25 - Ture SKØJERHAVN (Unattached)
Caps - 5 - Goals - 3 - Age: 24
Despite being unattached, the 24-year old was included anyway. Only making 5 appearances for the team, people did not think he’d be picked. But notching three goals, Skøjerhavn found his way into the team. He can play anywhere up front, and on the wings, thus making him versatile and skilful. Despite his relative inexperience, Ture Skøjerhavn is definitely one to watch.
Rating - 90 - Morale - 93 - Form - B

STARTING XI (4-2-3-1) -
CB - Matthias KARBRUCK
RDM - Andreas JANSEN (vc)
AM - Demba CISSE
RW - Tipio RUNEN
FW - Marc LYGAARD (c)

Tuesday 23rd September - Opening match vs RATASTAN
Thursday 25th Setember - vs FLORGANIA
Saturday 27th September - vs IBEX

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers - Y
Godmod scoring events - Y
RP injuries to my players - Y (Everything except career ending injuries)
Godmod injuries to my players - N
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Y - no more than 3
Hand out red cards to my players - Y - but please send me a TG for authorization
Godmod other events - TG me first
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Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
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Weimania National Team

Postby Weimania » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:31 am


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Postby Audioslavia » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:47 am

Audioslavia National Football Team
Official Selection: AOCAF 45

1. G		Serge Rollins		25	Image Cazadores Cathair
2. D R Arne Polsson 30 Image Jlinal Cove
3. D L Andreij Tal 32 Image 1830 Cathair
4. D/DM/M C Gaizka Omaexevarria 24 Image Bastion
5. D C Frantzko Intxausti 29 Image Attereg
6. D C Alex Koskinen 31 Image 1830 Cathair
7. M R Maati Jarvinen 31 Image Alianza FC
8. AM/F C Ronda-Judith Styrn 23 Image Cazadores Cathair
9. F Arturo Hudson-Blake 33 Image Surtsey Island Gulls
10.AM/F LC Jody Rijshaart 25 Image Barbury Town
11.AM LC Aitor Jovellanos 20 Image Dwile Warriors
12.F Hufdis Uulver 23 Image Thunchester City
13.D L Txordin Iturrigatza 20 Image KT Itzalovalle
14.F Jaurtiketa Buruz 26 Image AC Izotz Zubia
15.D RC Lortzen Zauritu 26 Image AS Bezieres
16.D C Ultan Malfeev 26 Image Mierton Manatees
17.M R Kjeld-Dahl Johanssen 26 Image RSK Longyearbyen Town
18.DM C Cristóbal Bustos 26 Image La Nueva Avenida
19.M LC Xurxo-Luis Luminez 27 Image Tanrisal
20.DM/M C Alexander Kirk 34 Image Urbanista
21.D RC Agustin Evrard-LeCuyer 18 Image Tout-Puissant Hasiera
22.G Paul Blackwood 39 Image Nasjonale Haulker
23.G Sean Patterick 18 Image Shamrock Cathair

Audioslavia is, both ICly and OOCly, rather ancient. The country was founded on December 17th 2002, a period regarded as 'pre-history' by many. The nation originally CTE'd in 2006, was revived briefly in 2007 and 2009, and enjoyed a proper resurgence at the start of 2012, locating itself in Atlantian Oceania indefinitely after IC centuries of rivalries with various nations in the region.

The Audioslavia national side participated in World Cups 4 to 29, made an abortive comeback in World Cup 37, and rejoined the world of international football properly back in World Cup 59. The ancient Audioslavia side qualified for all but one of the World Cups it entered (a young Audioslavia failed during the WC5 qualifying playoffs) and generally maintained a place in top twenty of the world rankings, peaking at #1 during the qualifying phases of World Cups 20 and 21.

Paradoxically, the national team has seen more success in its modern form - a period where quick success is much more difficult to achieve than in the early days. Whereas those early years yielded only the inaugural U21 World Cup and a string of losing finals in the World Cup proper, the modern team won the Baptism of Fire tournament before WC59 and triumphed in the thirty-fifth, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth installments of the AOCAF Cup. The side have also reached the final of the AOCAF cup on three other occasions, and have reached as far as the semi-finals of the Cup of Harmony.

Modern Audioslavia finally won the World Cup itself in cycle 63, a victory that required a huge amount of luck and some very po-faced, negative football. Audioslavia managed to win the tournament despite going into the qualifiers with a ranking of #53 in the world. Four years later, in World Cup 64, the national side proved that this win, as fortunate as it was, was no flash in the pan when they again took home the World Cup trophy, completing the first ever 'double-double' of winning back-to-back AOCAF and World Cup championships. Recent years have seen the side reach two further World Cup finals, in cycles 67 and 69, with the side falling at the final hurdle on both occasions. Despite that, the side are currently tanked #1 in the world.
Audioslavian footballers tend to be a little on the small side compared to their opponents, with few players standing over six feet (1.83m) tall. These taller, stronger players tend to be goalkeepers and central defenders, though the side will usually have a tall target-man style striker on their roster. The rest of the team tend to average about 5'8 (1.72m) or thereabouts.

Audioslavian footballers are renowned for their high fitness levels and stamina, though a comparatively lithely framed squad do occasionally have problems when facing large, physical teams. Quick, one-touch passing is the key to Audioslavia's midfield prowess, which likes to play at a high tempo, and the side often take advantage of some fleet-footed wingers and full-backs to play through-balls beyond the opposition's defensive line after having created the space with some quick interchanges.

The side's lack of height and physical strength means defending against corners is often a problem, and their negative, cautious play can play against them if the side find themselves a goal or two behind in the game, assuming their opposition drop back and invite the Audioslavians to come at them.

Kontrapuntzeka has long been the name of Audioslavia's style, taken from the Auskadian word for 'counterpunch'. Audioslavia's ability to hold teams at bay for long periods before hurting them via quick counter-attacks and short bursts of activity helped the side to its two World Cup victories, but as the side's standing in world football has grown, so has the necessity to stamp their authority on games, and the current team, under the direction fo Euran manager Lee Sharp, has taken on a more possession-oriented style, with a high line of defenders, packed midfield and increased reliance on a big 'target man' striker to hold the ball up during counter-attacks, rather than a number of smaller, quicker attacking players to get forward quickly.

Audioslavia's new style involves more pressing in the middle of the field - a tactic that suits the team's high levels of fitness and stamina - and increased reliance on breaking down attacks before they begin and forcing mistakes and misplaced passes from their opponents. The new, more modern approach, introduced by manager Lee Sharp, worked well in guiding the Bulls to the World Cup 69 final, and Sharp is expected to continue with this approach for the AOCAF Cup.

Audioslavia's squad has traditionally consisted of a multitude of Audioslavians plying their trade abroad, including a number of nationalised foreign-born players. The progression of the LigAnaia, however, has seen an larger proportion of domestic-based players make the national team squad, with recent champions 1830 Cathair and AC Izotz Zubia highly represented.
After the modest successes of the tenures of John Ryan and David Reilly, the Football Federation of Audioslavia have turned to Euran superstar-turned-manager Lee Sharp to guide the side at World Cup 69.

Euran journalist Simon Banning has the following to say about the new manager:

Lee Sharp’s career in professional football started as a 17 year old at Euran top flight side Culpapy United, over twenty years ago. After impressing scouts from Euran giants Directus, he was signed for an undisclosed fee and fast tracked to the first team where he became a revelation. He quickly racked up an impressive goal tally and was called up for Eura duty at just 18. By the time Eura was in a position to enter a World Cup qualifying section for the first time after too long an exodus, Sharp was already in his early twenties and smashing records in Euran domestic football. Renowned for his pace, finishing and diminutive stature, as well as his outstanding skill on the ball, he would have an unusually long career for such a pacey striker. He would evolve his game in his 30’s to become more of a centre forward, ensuring he kept playing until the age of 40.

From Eura’s qualifying debut in the 54th World Cup to the mid-60’s of World Cup history, Sharp was an immovable object at international level. He scored an almost farcical 189 goals for Eura from a total of 265 caps, winning two minor friendly competitions (the Market Cup and Next Generation Trophy) and winning a World Cup runners up medal. That medal was won at the 60th World Cup where Eura, who were making their finals debut, shocked the world with thrilling attacking football that took them all the way to the final, dispatching established footballing giants along the way. Sharp was critical to this run, topping the scoring charts of the tournament – and though no official title is anointed these days for Player of the Tournament, he almost certainly would’ve won such an accolade. Tragically Eura fell short against the Holy Empire in the final, but only after Sharp scored another memorable goal that was perhaps only trumped by his legendary equaliser against Bears Armed in the group stage.

In his domestic career, Sharp left the Euraleague during its troubled years stuck in UICA mediocrity, and became by far the most successful Euran abroad. He won league titles and other silverware first at FC Mildrid in Erathore, than at a major club in Civil Citizenry and then in Cafendu before returning to Euraleague in his 30’s. He came back to his old haunt Directus to continue smashing away goals, before in his final season he inexplicably netted a record of 40 league goals in a season – beating the record of 36 set by his Euran strike partner Sam Needle. Sharp was incredibly lucky to score so many in that season and it is worth noting that 8 of the goals were from penalties, but it was nevertheless a great achievement.

After this, he left Directus and bowed out of Euran football to spend two more seasons in Polar Islandstates. Joining Jan Mayen Islanders to reunite with the former Eura boss Ben Randall and good Polarian friend Alexsandr van Sorensen. He performed remarkably well in his first season and was seen by many as the surprise package of the season at 39 years old. The next year he was less key to the Islanders but nevertheless made a very important contribution and scored several key goals that allowed the Islanders to beat the odds and win the league, giving him and van Sorensen title winning send offs. Somewhat tragically, Sharp retired the year before Eura won the World Cup he deserved a medal for, but he was able to take part in the success as Eura’s attacking coach.

Sharp then took on the role of manager of the Euran Under 21’s team, with limited success. His first job managing a club came shortly after at Issington FC, one of the biggest clubs in Apox. He enjoyed a very good first season, securing a high placed league finish and winning plenty of plaudits in the process. However Sharp came to be undermined by a team that had just peaked, with little support from his board, and in his second season they played atrociously. Without the tools to properly replicate his first season’s success, Sharp resigned in principle despite continuing support from the fans of the club.

Sharp now takes over as manager of Audioslavia at the age of 45, and his first act was to appoint Daniel Belgrave, the 42 year old retired goalkeeper who had pulled off a man of the match performance to help Eura win their first World Cup title. It is already expected that Sharp will impose a new way of playing on Audioslavia to try and sustain their lofty ambitions. Sharp will recognise the irony of the fact that the multiple cup winning team of years past famously (or infamously, if you’re Audioslavian) was cut down by Eura in the group stage of the 65th World Cup. The reigning champions and world number one team, led by Israel Klimt who now manages New Montreal States, sunk to quite a low as their golden generation faded. Since then, it’s been years of chopping and changing and inconsistency.

Sharp seeks to end that with a new tactical approach. Sharp has come in with the intention of modifying Audioslavia’s famous counterattacking style to give it a more Euran flavour, ironically like how Kelly Sporadic has enjoyed much success by modifying Eura’s tactics with Audioslavian influences. Sharp will seek to play a higher defensive line and move from a gameplan of counter attacking off the base of a strong defence to one of controlling games by retaining possession cautiously, and then assaulting the opposition through attrition and short bursts of energetic attacking play down the wings and through the medium of through balls. Whether or not he can succeed is a complex question; is he experienced enough? Will his idealistic outlook towards the game and reputation as a star striker but not a leader lead to him struggling to maintain authority? And will an Audioslavian team in transition be able to capitalise on an increasingly strong domestic output?

Credit to Eura for writing this biography up.
Ronda Jude Styrn, or 'RJ', is the biggest story of the current squad. Styrn is Audioslavia's first ever female footballer, picked after a wonderful season at Cazadores Cathair. The selection of RJ Styrn was first hinted at in Lee Sharp's first press conference as national team manager, where he noted his preference for high, pressing football and the necessity of a terrier-like midfielder to close down opposing defenders as they attempted to release the ball.

'Terrier-like' is certainly an apt description. Styrn is 5'5 but with broad shoulders and a low centre of gravity that allows her to turn quickly, shield the ball from defenders and get past them when needed. Styrn is quick over ten yards, though lacks the true pace to properly break away from chasing defenders. Her finishing inside the box is exemplary, though one shouldn't expect too many long distance shots, and though she's a quick and accurate passer she isn't quite the type to create openings. With Styrn as the team's only attacking midfielder (the 4-5-1 line-up features two defensive-minded midfielders), the Bulls are likely to attack down the wing.

The best of the six strikers in the provisional qualifying squad is undoubtedly Arturo Hudson-Blake, but all the same, the taller and more physical Hufdis Uulver is expected to get the nod as Audioslavia strive to replace quick counter-attacking with slower, cautious build up play, which needs a little muscle up front. Rijshaart could be second or third choice up front, but has been moved out on the left side of midfield (where he's currently behind newcomer Jovellanos in the pecking order) meaning striker Jaurtiketa Buruz could well find himself launched into the throng as a substitute.

Elsewhere, goalkeeper Serge Rollins has become number 1 after Kajaxo Imaslavii's retirement. Imaslavii's international career lasted twenty-four years, during which he won two World Cups and three AOCAF Cups. Rollins has had some very large gloves to fill, but his performance in accompanying Audioslavia to the World Cup 69 final has gone some way to cementing his place in the starting line-up.

Roleplaying permissions: We frown on god-modding if there isn't a sense of humour behind it. Everything else is fine. If you'd like to injure a few players or dish out red cards for a particularly harsh game, go right ahead, go hog wild. Want to injure the entire team in a bus-crash? Fine, but make it good, or suffer the humiliation of having your limbs scattered hither and thither via a blast from my mighty ignore-cannon.

Style Modifier: -1
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Greater Watford
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Postby Greater Watford » Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:28 am


Code: Select all
GK   1   James Hemsworth
DEF   2   Jonny Gregor
DEF   3   Ian Watts
DEF   4   Ryan Warthon
DEF   5   Vincent Warthon
MID   6   Peter Tilder
MID   7   Jan Regan
MID   8   Garry Oldfen
ATT   9   Mario Mannetti
ATT   10   Ignacio Peréz
MID   11   Samuel Harris
GK   12   Kendrick Hannon
DEF   13   Keven Sproull
DEF   14   Ryan Franks
DEF   15   Damien King
DEF   16   Alex Salvatore
MID   17   Tommy Deer
MID   18   Louis Revson
MID   19   Hobert Capp
ATT   20   Freddy Lincoln
ATT   21   Pip Roberto
MID   22   Shirley Ortiz
GK   23   Ivor Reynolds

Manager: Alessandro de Rosso
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2

Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (no fatalities or serious injuries)
Godmod other events: Yes

Style modifier-0

Kits: (Home, Away, Goalkeeper/Third)
Image Image Image
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Western Sunrise Islands
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Postby Western Sunrise Islands » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:38 am


Wanting to prove something, the Jolteons strongly believe that a good showing on the AOCAF could make up for a couple of players on the Unified Sunrise Islands roster. Whether they're right or not, on the other hand...

Num.	Pos.	Name				Age	Team
1 GK PAULINHO ROMÃ 17 Nacional
2 LB LUIZINHO 19 Corringer FC [Florgania]
3 CB Paleomalite DOS SANTOS 20 Nacional
4 CB ZEZINHO 18 Gwinevra Barbarians [Apox]
5 RB LORENA WOLFF 18 Nacional
6 DM DIEDERIK 17 Pirarucu
7 CM RENÉ Zeiss-Jena 17 Porto Velho
8 CM Piedade ANTONINE 16 Porto Velho
9 OM NEGRESCO dos Anjos 17 Porto Velho
10 CF CLÁUDIO MORENO 17 Porto Velho
11 CF ZÉ GUTO 17 Nacional
12 GK TERESA ARMADA 19 Porto Velho
13 LB JEFF 21 Paulo Soares
14 CB FELIPE JÚNIOR 18 Paulo Soares
16 RB RIVOCA Pentegueiros 19 Nacional
17 DM DIEGO MOTTA 20 Rosas
18 CM RONAN Barroso-Gomes 16 Nacional
19 CM CINÉSIO 26 Brentwood Charizards [Northern Sunrise Islands]
20 OM DIANA ORTIZ 17 Rosas
21 CF JULIAÈNNE Sannit-Souersaekviy 17 Nacional
24 LB Zeshin NAGAHAMA 18 Rosas
26 CM BRANQUEBA 19 Rosas
27 CF DADÁ CARVOEIRO 15 Legiontown Magpies [Southern Sunrise Islands]

-- COACH COXINHA 40 Nacional Style: +1

Don't kill or injure them for too long. Cards are fine, zanny goals are even better.
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New West Guiana
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Postby New West Guiana » Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:34 pm

(OOC: Pretending that this person is authorized to enter every AO nation)

The updated Travelers Guide to the AO

[*] A note from the author, this guide will be done so after I have done something that I do not believe no one has done so recently by traveling by boat to every nation on the AO continent.

Now then my name is Alex Wagger IV, my family is one of the wealthiest in West Guiana worth over $14.8 billion, however though I am not doing this journey to find potential locations for future investments, I am doing this to find a better understanding of the region that all of us call home. When we see the map of our region on the walls of our rooms, classrooms or war rooms, we do not know much about, but a select few nations that make up a wonderful place to live and dream big. I am undertaking this extraordinary task, not for myself, but for everyone, so that we will in the end gain knowledge from our neighbors or those who we tend to overlook all too often.

This map is what I shall be using to charter the course set by myself. I will not until the end overlap areas that I have already sailed through. Now then in the case of the Blouman Empire I will not sail to their nation as simply they are too far away, so instead I shall fly to their nation.

The nations to which I shall travel to day by day,
Day one I shall start off in Lake Bekk at Port Salem, then travel through the newly completed Gateway Canal, making a quick stop in Gemsbrook. After leaving the Big G(Gemsbrook) I will then set course eastward towards The Empire of Kryosis, by the time I arrive it should be late morning, nearing noon. After spending a hour or so I shall be off to the south to The Kingdom of Osarius. As this leg will be shorter and they do boarder one another I estimate that it might take only one-two hours to get to my next port of call. Finally I shall start back west towards West Guianas other southern neighbor The Principality of Stadavrik my trip to there will be most entertaining as even though we do share a boarder we know next to nothing about them, thus the reason for this incredible journey.

Day Two As I wake on my boat, which I must clarify by now is not a boat, no it's a yacht. However though I shall start off on a small leg, only further south to The Inevitable Syndicate which our last government called them "a nation infested with fascists", which we all know isn't true? Well after a good and educational stop, back westward, again to the ancient nation of Whittora. This nation has been around for ever, but my knowledge is very little only that they are a nation of race car fans. Well now I will set a more south-west course (oi, I feel like a ping pong) towards a new comer in New Drakonika, where in I shall be staying for the night. After two days done and six nations visited, sure I could fly but not much joy in that.

Post MD2

Day Three Day three will start out on a quick start as right off the bat I head south and dock in Carpathia and Ruthenia a nation not as old as many but known to us in West Guiana, that's about it. Leaving the port there I'll pass by the final leg of my journey which is the strait between Carpathia and Ruthenia and my next stop Northern Bettia. Of course that final leg will be a couple weeks away at most, pending the weather stay nice and calm. Finally day three will come to an end in Bettia. The very fact we have a North and south makes me believe that I should be extra cautious around the waters over there, who knows why is lying beneath.

Day Four In terms of region influence, the first nation is the second most powerful in all of the AO, yep The Free Kingdom of Falcania, this nation on the other hand I know a bit about a nation who dared Starblaydia in a war for the ages, and lost big time. A nation whom I do believe hasn't a navy of their own since that war, this is a stop I did circle because of the knowledge that they can share. After what I hope can be a actual and great learning experiance in the land of King Falcon, i'll be off to the nation whose home to the most successful national soccer team in AO, Pacitalia. Unlike Falcania I really know nothing of these people and their nation other than what I mentioned, and what again is the point of this journey, exactly to understand each other. In terms of size Paripana is the largest in AO and again unknown to many. At this point I'm sounding like a broken record, which shows exactly how much is known about our fellow region states.

(OOC: If Margert is on my side, the follow routes will be done, if not you'll just have to wait until AOCAF 46 :) )

Post - MD3
Day Five First time in a few days I'll be heading back west towards the small nation of Greater Watford, which is only a few miles from my second stop Osarius. After leaving heading north to the host nation of this AOCAF Ratastan even being hosts I know absolutely nothing of them, but after this edition I think I'll know a bit more. Finally i'll end the day in Dorian and Sonya if I do recall when West Guiana competed in the NSWC we did play them once in a major upset, we were ranked mid 100s and them mid 20s, but i'd like to know more.

Day Six Western Sunrise Islands, will be first considering its name I believe it is a colony of my next stop the Northern Sunrise Islands. Again two nations I know little of, but using NSI i'll travel to my last stop by plane as the Blouman Empire is too far to sail so a plane ride will have to do. I said I was going to visit every nation, I never said anything about only by boat.

Post - MD4
Day Seven I will wake early and fly back to the NSI and get ready to travel to Cosumar a country that I have heard mush about in the past, unlike many in AO they are a multi-sporting country, if you name a sport there is a good chance that they have a national team. After cosumar, i'm onto Naitpyge like many nations they are made up of a archipelago, though the islands that make up this nation are all roughly the same size. Ah next up a nation that I was waiting to get here, a country that was created eons ago, even before the gods created AO, yes i'm speaking of Audioslavia. A country and people so old that most records of its early years have been lost and forgotten to time, what we know is what we have read in a history books. A nation once was known all through out the universe, a very powerful one at that, now they are back and once again known, but are no longer the power house they once were. Finally I will travel to my last stop, the fourth which I shall do again on the eight day. My last stop a small island state, by the name of Kjeligsted.

Day Eight Off from Kjeligsted I will hug the coast of Audioslavia until I cut off towards the west to Perlasilangan, not much information on them, but I'll sail south to Schiavonia, again not much info, but it will be a quick trip to Thatuis, on my many trips I've run into a few people from there they are quit nice at least the ones i've met, but a sample a few internationals travelers is a good sign of what many are like. My last stop will be to our neighbor to the north Legalese. In all truth our national relations with them are cool to mild, with a real or fake threat from their government once, our government build a fence on our boarder with them with watch towers, I will not be spending the night here, i'll sail into international waters for the night.

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95X AOCAF 45 Roster

Postby 95X » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:36 pm

Formation: 4-4-2
Style: +1

## P Name                     M/F Age Soccer League X Team
00 K Trent Callahan M 32 SC Cascadia
06 D Cynthia Brixton F 22 Twentytwo Cacti
11 F Xi Foureleven F ?? SC Oceanside
12 F Floyd Commando M 22 SC Oceanside
20 M Krista Beal F 22 Cascadia Seafox
22 D Allison Sixtwentyninth F 28 SC Cascadia
29 D Natasha Davis F 31 Port Chester Ladybugs
30 M Myrshyll Grandview M 25 Port Chester Ladybugs
31 M Cassidy Eighttwentythird F 29 Port Chester Ladybugs
33 M Travis Sevenninetyeight M 28 Port Chester Ladybugs
51 D Wu Fivetwelve F 21 Brooklyn Cultures
Reserves exist; announced as needed.

Head Coach: Marvin Stark (SC Cascadia)

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod reasonable other events: Y
Godmod anything involving Xi Foureleven: N
Finally, please refer to the 95X Style Guide. If you learned something about 95X or it answers a question you'd otherwise have, make sure to click "Approve of this dispatch."
One more thing:
<ircuser> How old is Xi Foureleven?
XiFoureleven slaps ircuser
<XiFoureleven> HOW DARE YOU!
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The Hakifao Isles
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Postby The Hakifao Isles » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:41 pm

Hakifao Starlings : AOCAF Cup 45 Official Roster

Nation History

The Hakifao Isles, the furthest northwest of the three major nations to the north of Super-Llamaland, has a rich and glorious history of being taken over repeatedly but coming out ahead of their captors. Parts of the classical Vjäle, Arønedell, and Nojais Empires at various points in its older history, Hakifao first became independent following the Öslerholm Revolts of 1687, whereupon they broke apart from the Arøndell Monarchy. They were one of the first nations in the North to embrace democracy, deposing the autocratic Henrik II in early 1705, nearly half a century before the formation of Arøndell's Talspråkare för Republiken movement.

In 1896, after nearly two centuries of relative peace due to non-aggression pacts signed with Vjaalsbürg and Arøndell, the fledgling Arøndellan Empire attempted to annex Hakifao, failing miserably in a multi-year war that sparked the First Northern Conflict (1905 - 1912). In said conflict, the expansionist Arendellenskes were defeated by a Vjaal-Hakifao coalition, and the Isles gained territory. In the Second Northern Conflict (1926 - 1928), however, the Hakifaos lost much of their territory to a Vjaal-Arendellenske alliance.

The North continued onwards through relative peace until the rising of the Llamanean Union under autocratic William Andeck. The Isles surrendered quickly and as such had the least loss of life. Super-Llamaland occupied Hakifao from 1975 to 1986.

After the dissolution of the Empire and the death of Andeck, Hakifao once again became an independent state. However, after countless years of pressure, the nation joined the Arendellenske Union in 1999, quickly losing autonomy but still technically being a sovereign nation. Now, a new wave of nationalists have pressured the Arendellenskes into more rights, but their fate is still up in the air.

Team History

Although Hakifao had numerous short-lived leagues since 1934, after the Llamanean Expansions, they did not possess one. Pressured to create one by the Arendellenskes upon entering their union, the Hakifao Football League (HFL) was founded in 2002.

Still, it would not have survived if it weren't for two men - Alessandr Simon was the first. Herlek Korhonen, the second. Simon, the owner of FC Denholm, one of the largest cities, in Hakifao, began to sign foreign players, building a football empire and taking over the reigns as commissioner, reviving the league and bringing football to Hakifao. But the only reason it stayed was Korhonen - a do-it-all offensive star in his day, which perfectly coincided with Denholm's rise to power, who drew players in great amounts for both Ösling and Denholm, after Simon shrewdly engineered a deal for him.

In 2005, the Hakifao Football Association (HFA) was founded to get the Hakifaos access into the international scene. Sure enough, they debuted in the Empire Reunion Cup in 2009, generally doing mediocre. Finally, they gained access to an important sporting region, Atlantian Oceania, and joined as a member.

Team Roster

Formation: 4-4-2
Manager: Clint Egress (Eirelian)
Style Mod: -2

listed in descending likeliness to start.

ANDERSSON, Isak - #01 - 28
GUSTAVSSON, Anton - #12 - 26
RAMSEY, Henrik - #23 - 31


PEDERSSEN, Alex - #02 - 25
HAUGEN, Marcus - #03 - 26
HENRIKSON, Adam - #05 - 24

ANJEL, Tomas - #19 - 25
HANSEN, Alessandr - #15 - 29
ISOAHO, Alexei - #25 - 23


WALQUIST, Jonas - #08 - 20
BORG, Elias - #11 - 26
KORHONEN, Herlek - #07 - 31 (CAPTAIN)
Attacking: PEDERSSEN, Sven - #09 - 26

VIRJALEN, Heikki - #10 - 35
SAARINEN, Mattias - #25 - 29
KARLSON, Viljami - #17 - 23
MÄKELA, Konstans - #19 - 26


NIEMI, Daniel - #06 - 25
LINDQVIST, Oscar - #12 - 29
ANDREASSON, Gordon - #13 - 21
LETONIEN, Sofia - #18 - 25
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