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International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:15 am
by Commerce Heights
Post your nation’s domestic association football (soccer) league results, transfers, et cetera here. You can generate league results using a scorinator such as NSFootySim, as explained in the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. OOC discussion should be placed in the International Domestic Soccer Discussion thread.

UICA club tournaments—the Champions’ Cup (Champions League equivalent), Globe Cup (Europa League equivalent), and Series B Champions’ Cup (for second-division teams)—are held in this thread. You can enter teams from your league in these tournaments here by following the entry rules. You may enter no more than two of your nations in UICA competitions in a single season. There may also be other tournaments, such as regional championships, which your clubs can enter.

This thread is a continuation of the International Domestic Soccer NewsWires thread on Jolt.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:17 am
by Commerce Heights
(Note to prospective entrants: This season of international club competition is already closed to new entries. You can, however, enter teams for next season’s tournaments—TakilQuip Champions’ Cup 15, Globe Cup 12, and Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup 12.)

Association codes
Code: Select all
ADN  Ad’ihan                   NTH  Nethertopia
AGU  Aguazul                   PAN  Panuul
CAF  Cafundéu                  PAS  Pasarga
CAM  Candelaria And Marquez    QOD  Quintessence of Dust
CAR  Carpathia and Ruthenia    QUT  The Islands of Qutar
COM  Capitalizt SLANI          QZX  Qazox
DAN  Dancougar                 RAM  Al-Merika
EIT  Estresse Intenso          SNO  Sorthern Northland
ERR  Errinundera               SOM  Somewhereistonia
ESF  Elves Security Forces     SPT  Septentrionia
HAN  Daehanjeiguk              SRG  Sargossa
JSY  Jasīʼyūn                  STB  Starblaydia
KRY  Krytenia                  TAE  Taeshan
LEN  Liventia                  VPH  Vephrall
LOG  Logria                    WZI  West Zirconia

Fourteenth TakilQuip Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Round Draws

Procedural note
The Champions’ Cup Licensing Board has declined the initial license application of West Zirconian club Etruria, which claimed to be a successor to St. Martin University, on the basis that the club played in a lower division than its predecessor this past season. Etruria has, however, been granted a license as a separate club, and thus remains eligible to play in this Champions’ Cup, but it will not retain St. Martin University’s coëfficient points.

Final site selection
The Selection Committee convened to select the site of the fourteenth Champions’ Cup final. As usual, it required many rounds, and was ultimately a close decision.

Round 1: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 8, Northern Astrodome (QOD) 5, Stade des Îles (ADN) 4, Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 4, Lengden Road (SNO) 4, Babel Spiral (EIT) 3, Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 3, Complexe Sportif de Septentrionalis (SPT) 2, Independiente (SRG) 2, Protectorate Stadium (ADN) 1 (18), Arena América (CAF) 1 (14), Maracatuzão (CAF) 1 (9), Estádio Rei Albieri Van Tocco (CAF) 0
Round 2: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 8, Northern Astrodome (QOD) 5, Stade des Îles (ADN) 4, Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 4, Lengden Road (SNO) 4, Babel Spiral (EIT) 3, Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 3, Arena América (CAF) 2, Complexe Sportif de Septentrionalis (SPT) 2, Independiente (SRG) 2, Protectorate Stadium (ADN) 1
Round 3: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 8, Stade des Îles (ADN) 5, Northern Astrodome (QOD) 5, Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 4, Lengden Road (SNO) 4, Babel Spiral (EIT) 3, Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 3, Arena América (CAF) 2 (14), Independiente (SRG) 2 (14), Complexe Sportif de Septentrionalis (SPT) 2 (13)
Round 4: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 9, Stade des Îles (ADN) 5, Northern Astrodome (QOD) 5, Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 4, Lengden Road (SNO) 4, Arena América (CAF) 3, Babel Spiral (EIT) 3, Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 3, Independiente (SRG) 2
Round 5: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 9, Stade des Îles (ADN) 5, Northern Astrodome (QOD) 5, Arena América (CAF) 4, Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 4, Lengden Road (SNO) 4, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 4, Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 3 (25), Babel Spiral (EIT) 3 (16)
Round 6: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 9, Stade des Îles (ADN) 5, Arena América (CAF) 5, Northern Astrodome (QOD) 5, Lengden Road (SNO) 5, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 5, Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 4, Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 3
Round 7: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 9, Arena América (CAF) 6, Lengden Road (SNO) 6, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 5 (14), Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 5 (10), Stade des Îles (ADN) 5 (9), Northern Astrodome (QOD) 5 (8)
Round 8: Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 9, Lengden Road (SNO) 8, Stade des Îles (ADN) 7, Arena América (CAF) 6, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 6, Olympic Stadium Nethertopia (NTH) 5
Round 9: Stade des Îles (ADN) 9, Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 9, Lengden Road (SNO) 9, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 7 (22), Arena América (CAF) 7 (19)
Round 10: Stade des Îles (ADN) 12, Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 10, Lengden Road (SNO) 10, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (UCS) 9
Round 11: Stade des Îles (ADN) 14, Lengden Road (SNO) 14, Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 13
Round 12: Stade des Îles (ADN) 21, Lengden Road (SNO) 20

Stade des Îles in the city of Ad’ihan will host the final.

The last-minute entry of the Northern Astrodome was included in the vote before an inspection could be arranged, and before most Selection Committee members had the opportunity to conduct even the most rudimentary research. After the vote, it was discovered that the stadium fell far short of the 60 000 capacity requirement, but a decision was made not to stage a second vote.

First preliminary round draw
Lockstow United (QUT)–Sanghae Gukjei (HAN)
Wiechester FC (TAE)–Greschmeier MSC (QOD)
New Tabari Raiders (RAM)–Metalurgs (SOM)
Folenisa (LEN)–Foxchester Raiders (STB)

Second preliminary round draw
Bola Mine (ERR)–Fareham (QUT)
Qasarian Sparta (SOM)–Folenisa (LEN) or Foxchester Raiders (STB)
El Nacional (SRG)–Broome City (LOG)
Galactica (PAS)–Ciudad Soluca (SRG)
Saint Nash State (QZX)–Deddick (ERR)
BobBank FC (QOD)–Lockstow United (QUT) or Sanghae Gukjei (HAN)
New Tabari Raiders (RAM) or Metalurgs (SOM)–Ousevale Borough (KRY)
Tanrısal (PAS)–Orean United (LEN)
Wiechester FC (TAE) or Greschmeier MSC (QOD)–Cimnersog Town (PAN)
CA Condadore (AGU)–Corinthian Spirits (STB)
Bayern Phoenix (TAE)–University of Qazox (QZX)
SVV Stoedt (NTH)–New Susa Warriors (RAM)

Qualified for third preliminary round
Section I
Ranca Toco (CAF)
Marquez-Onwere (CAM)
CF Mont-Pluie (ADN)
FC Cap-Phare (SPT)
CS Ourseville 1093 (SPT)
San Solari FC (COM)
San Diego Iguanas (COM)
Medoria Löwen (COM)
Carter FC (JSY)
FC Capri (ESF)
Poikimitagiin FE (VPH)
Mylfe CE (VPH)
Shuukyuu Kishin (DAN)
Sporting Kildare (DAN)
Oncologists (EIT)
Neurologists (EIT)
17th of October (SNO)
Heathfield United (SNO)
Stanley United (WZI)
Etruria (WZI)
Section II
Seoan Gukjei (HAN)
Cheonjin (HAN)
Atlantea Hurricanes (TAE)
Dover City (LEN)
Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)
Tenderville United (NTH)
Casuals Osteria (KRY)
Monteriano (CAR)

Qualified for fourth preliminary round

Qualified for group stage
A.F.F. (CAF)
Petardos S/A (CAF)
Cafundó do Juta (CAF)
Albrecht FC (CAM)
Green Island (CAM)
Caires Sports (CAM)
Protectorate United (ADN)
Mountbatten Junction (ADN)
County Stanley (ADN)
CS Sept-Onze Ourseville (SPT)
CS Lac-Amédée (SPT) [title holder]
Sonoma Center Panthers (COM)
Yuba United (COM)
Qidade Savana (JSY)
Dusanto Mojaʼikījī (JSY)
Raynor City United (ESF)
Hondo FC (ESF)
Bumpoogra FE (VPH)
Yuki City Athletic (DAN)
Psychiatrists (EIT)
Corcaigh (SNO)
Banks (WZI)

Eleventh Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Round Draws

Allotment of places
As ninety-two teams were entered in this edition of the Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup, the fourth seeds of twelve associations were removed to bring the number of participants down to eighty:
  • Fenians Sports Club (SNO)
  • St. Martin Athletic (WZI)
  • Christian FC (HAN)
  • Loudon Lancers (TAE)
  • September City (NTH)
  • New Cefn Albion (KRY)
  • Cabanandra (ERR)
  • Sardin United (PAS)
  • FK Alytus (SOM)
  • Zadiyakh Rush (RAM)
  • Casuistic Athletic (QOD)
  • Ionia United (STB)

First preliminary round draw
Ippi-ippi-ippi (QOD)–SC Myrkan (PAS)
SC Ianisle (ESF)–AFC Stanton (WZI)
DFE Donseplock (VPH)–Dellicknora (ERR)
Alexandria Porcupines (JSY)–AC Mineros (AGU)
Olympiques de Baieville (SPT)–Paricone Athletic FC (STB)
Tribe Urjali (STB)–Rizzi College (DAN)
Aterro FC (EIT)–Barynsk College (DAN)
Dyaza Pistons (RAM)–Mercia Bromham (KRY)
Cobh Walkers (SNO)–Monkeytop United (ERR)
RC Sardin (PAS)–Bonde do .38 (EIT)
Haroah Rockers (RAM)–Nitmar SC (NTH)
Loachen Yellow Jackets (TAE)–Eastfield Rogues (JSY)
Armed Forces FC (HAN)–Custler FE (VPH)
Old Suvisians (SOM)–CRBTSF (QOD)
Stanton Town (KRY)–FC Travesian (ESF)
Olimpiskais Kaljak (SOM)–Peregrinus City (NTH)

Second preliminary round draw
Alexandria Porcupines (JSY) or AC Mineros (AGU)–DFE Donseplock (VPH) or Dellicknora (ERR)
Sparrowbottom Athletic (SNO)–Cedrus Soundgardia (STB)
Schimpol (LEN)–Redwood Forest (WZI)
NAPPC (NTH)–Western Territories (LEN)
Paulinthal FC (PAS)–Tribe Urjali (STB) or Rizzi College (DAN)
Stanton Town (KRY) or FC Travesian (ESF)–Cobh Walkers (SNO) or Monkeytop United (ERR)
Olimpiskais Kaljak (SOM) or Peregrinus City (NTH)–Ippi-ippi-ippi (QOD) or SC Myrkan (PAS)
SC Ianisle (ESF) or AFC Stanton (WZI)–Hogwang (HAN)
RC Sardin (PAS) or Bonde do .38 (EIT)–FBK Kedainiai (SOM)
Olympiques de Baieville (SPT) or Paricone Athletic FC (STB)–Old Suvisians (SOM) or CRBTSF (QOD)
Khemul Scarlets (RAM)–Highmark City Reds (QOD)
Armed Forces FC (HAN) or Custler FE (VPH)–Dyaza Pistons (RAM) or Mercia Bromham (KRY)
X Island Marauders (TAE)–Deportivo Peralta (AGU)
Haroah Rockers (RAM) or Nitmar SC (NTH)–Camisa Dez (EIT)
Tubbut (ERR)–Norton (KRY)
Aterro FC (EIT) or Barynsk College (DAN)–Loachen Yellow Jackets (TAE) or Eastfield Rogues (JSY)

Qualified for third preliminary round
São Jorge (CAF)
Sambarilove (CAF)
Castillo FC (CAM)
Melin & Nader (CAM)
Kinney Road (ADN)
Island Athletic (ADN)
FC Lamer (SPT)
SpVgg Tolzerio (COM)
Forest Hill FC (JSY)
Kareen FC (ESF)
Sichisers OB (VPH)
Shiratori University (DAN)
Larne Valley Rovers (SNO)
Moorcroft Wanderers (WZI)
Sanseo (HAN)
Gieron FC (TAE)

Qualified for group stage
Metropolitano (CAF)
Engenheiro Peres (CAF)
Mayo Valley (CAM)
McDonald SC (CAM)
Altsend (ADN)
Flitton City (ADN)
ASJL Cap-Nord (SPT)
AA Benoîtville (SPT)
Werd Beachcombers (COM)
Sonoma City Volcanoes (COM)
Lexington FC (JSY)
Silto Dosi ʼYasāŋmajī (JSY)
Quel’Thalas FC (ESF)
Fekler FE (VPH)
Pine Bluffs State College (DAN)
Academia Acropolis (EIT)

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:33 am
by Newmanistan
(OOC: Please enter my teams. I DID beat your cutoff. The extra work that it might take you to fix a few things pales in comparison to the hours I would have wasted in scorinating this. It also would have been nice if you had posted info on a definite time when you are were going to cut people off like you had done the last two times. I am fifteen minutes away from posting more information. Sorry, to sound rude, but given the lack of notice and that I did beat your cutoff, and I spent probaby 4-6 hours on this, I feel greatly stiffed by this.) (I missed an important post and apologize for this).


The Keystone Cup is an eight-team tournament featuring the top four (more-or-less) club sides in Dancougar against the top four (more-or-less, again) club sides in Newmanistan. The two leagues have seen a lot of back and forth movement between players, creating a pretty close relationship between the football associations of each nation. Naturally, this player movement creates an interest in each nation to follow the other league. The two nations have also become famous for the “Bird on Skates”, a challenge Cup in which the national teams have played for every World Cup cycle since the 41st version. The Bird on Skates means a lot to both nations, and despite Dancougar being the better ranked team and even the reigning World Cup Champion, it has been Newmanistan that has had a recent stranglehold on the trophy, having successfully defended it since winning it in a pre-World Cup 44 friendly. The rotates being hosted by the two nations, and this Cup will be held in Newmanistan.

(OOC: The Cup has been named the Keystone Cup because each user hails from Pennsylvania, otherwise known as the Keystone State, or the “State of Champions”.)

Representing Dancougar:

1) Shuukyuu Kishin- The Champions of the 2040/41 season in Dancougar. They are an offensive-minded team featuring Karen Stadler and Newmanistan’s Matthew Turner, who plays on the Rockets national team. Midfielder Louis Ransberger, who was a member of their World Cup 46 championship team also plays here.

2) Yuki City Athletic- Finished 3rd in the 2040/41 season and has two Newmanistanians on the club, Robert Selvy (defense) and Tony Dempster (forward). Selvy starts on the national team. Kuo Hirano (forward) and Tomo Asanuma (defender) each were on the World Cup 46 winning team. Midfielder Ulga Westwalker of Bears Armed plays a big role for this team as well.

3) Port Royal FC- Team has a strong midfield, and recently added Nick Roberts from the Springfield Thoroughbreds. Port Royal will also be known to Newmanistanian fans as the place where former World Cup starting goalkeeper Chris Kusler played the final years of his career.

4) Dynamo Kalinsk- Awarded the fourth spot in this Cup after being the odd-team out for representation in the Globe Cup. They are led by World Cup 46 winning goalkeeper Artur Komarov as well as newly acquired defender Smokey Black from Silexhera. The team is led offensively by Cassadaigua’s Erica Daniels.

Representing Newmanistan:

1) Loudon- Winners of the NPL championship. They boast a roster of six foreign players, one of which (Dwight Heath) is Dancougaran. Three players are from Candelaria And Marquez, one from Green Wombat, and the other from Quintessence of Dust. Additionally, Thomas Lipinski, is a domestic national team member.

2) Tundra Falls: Considered a team of the future, the future was almost the present after their second place finish. Former national team member turned head coach Tony Borsinger has assembled quite an impressive young group of defenders which play in front of veteran goalkeeper Luke Brengle from Dancougar.

3) Centralia- Winners of the title two seasons ago, the Cougars are known for their tenacious and unforgiving defense. Chris Johnston and Robert MacPherson have seen national team time and Matt Sherwin is on the bubble. They’ve improve with the acquisition of Meghan Burns, Cassadaigua’s well known team-blogger in the midfield as well.

4) Springfield- The Thoroughbreds play like a team with that nickname should. Fast and offensive. Like Tundra Falls, they also have a Dancougaran in goal with Lane McCarville. They are led offensively by Brett Carlson, who you either love or despise as even a Newmanistanian fan. Carlson works very well with Cassadaigua’s Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser up front. Stacie’s husband, Secristan’s Eric Fraser is a key member of the defense.

The Bracket was drawn up as follows:
Game A: DAN1 (Shuukyuu Kishin) vs NEW4 (Springfield) @ Pocono City Stadium
Game B: NEW2 (Tundra Falls) vs DAN3 (Port Royal FC) @ Pocono City Stadium
Game C: DAN2 (Yuki City Athletic) vs NEW3 (Centralia) @ Tundra Falls Proving Grounds
Game D: NEW1 (Loudon) vs DAN4 (Dynamo Kalinsk) @ Tundra Falls Proving Grounds

Game E: Winners of Game A and B @ Pocono City Stadium
Game F: Winners of Game C and D @ Tundra Falls Proving Grounds

Game G: Winners of Game E and F @ Pocono City Stadium

The Empress felt that Tundra Falls should not host a game that could possibly involve their team.

And now, the results:
Shuukyuu Kishin 3-1 Springfield
Tundra Falls 2-3 Port Royal FC
Yuki City Athletic 1-0 Centralia (0-0 FT, 0-0 AET, Yuki City wins 2-1 on PK’s)
Loudon 4-2 Dynamo Kalinsk

Shuukyuu Kishin 2-0 Port Royal FC
Loudon 3-2 Yuki City Athletic

Shuukyuu Kishin 3-1 Loudon

Shuukyuu Kishin wins the inaugural Keystone Cup!

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:46 am
by Commerce Heights
Newmanistan wrote:(OOC: Please enter my teams. I DID beat your cutoff. The extra work that it might take you to fix a few things pales in comparison to the hours I would have wasted in scorinating this. It also would have been nice if you had posted info on a definite time when you are were going to cut people off like you had done the last two times. I am fifteen minutes away from posting more information. Sorry, to sound rude, but given the lack of notice and that I did beat your cutoff, and I spent probaby 4-6 hours on this, I feel greatly stiffed by this.) ... count=2520
New Manhattan wrote:The deadline for entry to TakilQuip Champions’ Cup 14 and Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup 11 is 16:00 UTC on Saturday, 2009–06–13. ... count=2548
Newmanistan wrote:Today, 17:43

I posted a very definite time (well, I didn’t include the number of seconds, I guess :p ), which you missed by nearly two hours. I had already completed the draws well before you posted, but had to wait for the forums to work, and do the formatting. I know domestic leagues are a lot of work, but ICCs are too. And sorry to sound rude, but for once, this is not my fault.

If you want to discuss this further, please do it in the OOC thread.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:04 pm
by Newmanistan
In accordance with the NPL results posted on the jolt thread and missing the TQCC cutoff, Newmanistan sends these teams to the Globe Cup.

Loudon, Tundra Falls, Centralia, Springfield. (If I do not get four, remove from the back end).

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:07 pm
by Cafundeu
Code: Select all
ADN  Ad’ihan                   PAN  Panuul
AGU  Aguazul                   PAS  Pasarga
CAF  Cafundéu                  QOD  Quintessence of Dust
CAM  Candelaria And Marquez    QUT  The Islands of Qutar
COM  Capitalizt SLANI          QZX  Qazox
DAN  Dancougar                 RAM  Al-Merika
EIT  Estresse Intenso          SNO  Sorthern Northland
ERR  Errinundera               SOM  Somewhereistonia
ESF  Elves Security Forces     SPT  Septentrionia
HAN  Daehanjeiguk              SRG  Sargossa
JSY  Jasīʼyūn                  STB  Starblaydia
KRY  Krytenia                  TAE  Taeshan
LEN  Liventia                  VPH  Vephrall
LOG  Logria                    WZI  West Zirconia
NTH  Nethertopia


The Eleventh Globe Cup
presented by Globo Multimedia and Banco Econômico

Draw of the first stages

Selective Stage:

Port Royal FC (DAN) x FK Koltecia (SOM)
Centralia (NEW) x Yaton FC (TAE)
Vinquraz Surf (RAM) x Naquada Falls Demons (JSY)
San Pablo (AGU) x Telecontarë (STB)
Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK (COM) x First Creek Falls (ERR)
Highmark City Blues (QOD) x Dunas Del Sol (SRG)
Hangyeong (HAN) x Porto Lacruz (CAF)
Bradley Hornets (WZI) x Caversham (KRY)
Hatton Town (ADN) x New Cleethorpes Athletic (QOD)
Alvhazi Tigers (RAM) x Wexax United (ESF)
Talbott (LEN) x Ventspils Redwings (SOM)
Castrograd SC (SNO) x KT Hotspur (CAM)
Vecchio Victors (STB) x Lockstow City (QUT)
Apsley Athletic (QUT) x Otorhinolaryngologists (EIT)
Stein-los Turkish (PAS) x Gretor Sport (NTH)
Penuler OC (VPH) x Football Nordiqueville (SPT)

Preliminary Stage:

Bradley Hornets (WZI) or Caversham (KRY) x Mar Sara FC (ESF)
Apsley Athletic (QUT) or Otorhinolaryngologists (EIT) x Daazyiles OC (VPH)
Penuler OC (VPH) or Football Nordiqueville (SPT) x Sporting Lakeport (DAN)
San Pablo (AGU) or Telecontarë (STB) x Orthopedists (EIT)
Vecchio Victors (STB) or Lockstow City (QUT) x Rothsbere Athletic (SNO)
Highmark City Blues (QOD) or Dunas Del Sol (SRG) x Houghton Kestrels (WZI)
Stein-los Turkish (PAS) or Gretor Sport (NTH) x Sanghae (HAN)
Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK (COM) or First Creek Falls (ERR) x Ojian Orangemen (TAE)
Alvhazi Tigers (RAM) or Wexax United (ESF) x Pardbo (LEN)
Talbott (LEN) or Ventspils Redwings (SOM) x Arcrés Millos (AGU)
Port Royal FC (DAN) or FK Koltecia (SOM) x Ashdom City (NTH)
Castrograd SC (SNO) or KT Hotspur (CAM) x Emberton Reds (KRY)
Vinquraz Surf (RAM) or Naquada Falls Demons (JSY) x Tundra Falls (NEW)
Hangyeong (HAN) or Porto Lacruz (CAF) x Amboyne Crossing (ERR)
Hatton Town (ADN) or New Cleethorpes Athletic (QOD) x CA Paulinthal (PAS)
Centralia (NEW) or Yaton FC (TAE) x Dínamo Maturín (SRG)

Teams qualified for Eliminatory Stage:

Fortuna 84 Cimnersog (PAN)
Arundale Rangers (QUT)
Dunboor FC (CAF)
Caires City (CAM)
Grand Arsenal (ADN)
Union d'Ourseville (SPT)
Black Oasis Athletic (COM)
Heidelstadt Falken (JSY)
the 16 winners of Globe Cup's preliminary stage
the 4 eliminated teams from TQCC 1st preliminary stage
the 12 eliminated teams from TQCC 2nd preliminary stage

Teams qualified for Qualifying Stage:

Eastport United (DAN)
General Practitioners (EIT)
Actarius Athletic (SNO)
Civil Service (WZI)
Hanseong Gukjei (HAN)
AC Quarant Xa'virt (TAE)
Jesner Town (LEN)
Estudiantes de Íguen (AGU)
Ratos Island (NTH)
Caledon Simpson (KRY)
Loudon (NEW)
Ootopia (ERR)
Lunas FC (PAS)
Avenell Garrison (LOG)
Sporting San Marquez (SRG)
Charles Feld University (QZX)
Dinamo Karrakiv (SOM)
Rayyen Wildcats (RAM)
Nowy Orpington United (QOD)
FC Farça (STB)
the 20 winners of Globe Cup's eliminatory stage
the 20 eliminated teams from TQCC 3rd preliminary stage

Teams qualified for Group Stage:

Atlético Jutense (CAF)
Albrecht Turkish (CAM)
Oldbridge City (ADN)
CF Grand-Glacier (SPT)
Ἄργος ΛΠ (COM)
Sokojito Dosi Dalamjwijī (JSY)
Soldarian FC (ESF)
Boalluns FE (VPH)
the 30 winners of Globe Cup's qualifying stage
the 10 eliminated teams from TQCC 4th preliminary stage

Globe Cup final stadium:

Between ten stadia, the man responsible for choosing the venue between the candidates slept while analyzing them and spilt coffee on one of the pages, which was then considered "the chosen one". So, the host of the final will be stádie:qs, Savana, in Paripana/Commerce Heights (cap. 104,900).

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:48 pm
by Daehanjeiguk
Eleventh Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup—Stadium Selection

And so, with the Samseong Board of Football Affairs furiously busy about their business now, we'd like to present the winning bid for the Final Venue for the Samseong Series B Champions' Cup. This time, we decided to try out the TQCC Final Site Selection Method:

Round 1: Athlete Stadium (ADN) 5, Bridge Road (ADN) 5, Estadio Cochaucho (AGU) 5, Cúpula Tropical (CAF) 5, Gigantão (CAF) 5, Presídio (CAF) 5, Sector-Delta Sporting Field (EIT) 5, Home of the Dragon (NTH) 5, Petro Dome (SAR) 5, Parc du Centre (SPT) 5, Quarant Xa’virt Sphark Stadium (TAE) 5, Aeropag Olympic Stadium (UCS) 5

Failing any majority whatsoever, the BFA decided to re-vote, with each member voting for a different stadium than what he/she originally voted for in Round 1.

Round 2: Athlete Stadium (ADN) 5, Bridge Road (ADN) 5, Estadio Cochaucho (AGU) 5, Cúpula Tropical (CAF) 5, Gigantão (CAF) 5, Presídio (CAF) 5, Sector-Delta Sporting Field (EIT) 5, Home of the Dragon (NTH) 5, Petro Dome (SAR) 5, Parc du Centre (SPT) 5, Quarant Xa’virt Sphark Stadium (TAE) 5, Aeropag Olympic Stadium (UCS) 5

After two rounds of inconclusive voting, we opted to let the crickets choose for them in Round 3.

Round 3: Athlete Stadium (ADN) 5, Bridge Road (ADN) 5, Estadio Cochaucho (AGU) 5, Cúpula Tropical (CAF) 5, Gigantão (CAF) 5, Presídio (CAF) 5, Sector-Delta Sporting Field (EIT) 5, Home of the Dragon (NTH) 5, Petro Dome (SAR) 5, Parc du Centre (SPT) 5, Quarant Xa’virt Sphark Stadium (TAE) 5, Aeropag Olympic Stadium (UCS) 5

We skipped Round 4 and went straight to Round 5, playing pin the tail on the donkey.

Round 5: Athlete Stadium (ADN) 5, Bridge Road (ADN) 5, Estadio Cochaucho (AGU) 5, Cúpula Tropical (CAF) 5, Gigantão (CAF) 5, Presídio (CAF) 5, Sector-Delta Sporting Field (EIT) 5, Home of the Dragon (NTH) 5, Petro Dome (SAR) 5, Parc du Centre (SPT) 5, Quarant Xa’virt Sphark Stadium (TAE) 5, Aeropag Olympic Stadium (UCS) 5

Failing that, we decided to give the bid to the stadium whose home country held the esteemed "Bird-on-Skates" Trophy; unfortunately, neither Dancougar nor Newmanistan had a final bid open for discussion. Failing that, we gave it up and went home to sleep. When we came back, little elves (not those Vanorians, mind you) had neatly arranged everything in place with a note reminding us that the number 60 is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, not mention 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30, in addition to 1 and 60 - the point being that we should have used a prime number as the standing number for people who vote in these things, so for SBCC13, we'll have 61 members on the selection panel, (not SBCC12, because we're going to do the same thing that Cafundeu did for GC10 and have a stadium in Daehanjeiguk host the event exclusively for SBCC12 (because 12 makes a good number for us)). Anyway, the elves also left us with a note saying that it would be nice if we could let the Frenchies host the event - hence, the BFA has selected Parc du Centre of Cap-Nord, Septentrionia will host the SBCC11 Final.

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by Vephrall
Collegiate Sporting Alliance, 1772 season

Midland Conference

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                 P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  (1) Military        15  12   3   0   30   10   20   39
    2  (6) Siellal         15  11   0   4   31   14   17   33
    3  (11) Riestre        15   9   1   5   21   13    8   28
    4  Riestre State       15   7   2   6   23   22    1   23
    5  Westlake            15   7   2   6   15   17   -2   23
    6  North Shentarong    15   7   1   7   26   26    0   22
    7  Taeschand           15   6   1   8   19   20   -1   19
    8  NE Riestre          15   5   3   7   10   18   -8   18
    9  Riestre Tech        15   2   5   8   19   29  -10   11
   10  Shentarong Tech     15   0   4  11   13   26  -13    4

[float=left]Image[/float] Champions:
Vephrese Military Academy
(4th consecutive championship)

Southern Crescent Conference

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                 P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  (2) Darnai          15  12   2   1   30   13   17   38
    2  (4) Sumbobor        15  10   4   1   34   16   18   34
    3  (8) Twin Cities     15   8   4   3   25   14   11   28
    4  Shentarong Southern 15   7   3   5   27   20    7   24
    5  East Point          15   7   3   5   21   15    6   24
    6  Fekliir State       15   6   4   5   20   22   -2   22
    7  Sumbobor State      15   6   3   6   22   17    5   21
    8  Nenbondle           15   6   3   6   23   23    0   21
    9  Shentarong State    15   5   5   5   16   15    1   20
   10  Shentarong          15   5   1   9   17   27  -10   16
   11  Astenast State      15   4   2   9   10   23  -13   14
   12  Southwestern        15   2   3  10   16   32  -16    9

[float=left]Image[/float] Champions:
University of Darnai
(4th consecutive championship)

Lowland Conference

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                 P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  (3) NW Sumbobor     14  11   2   1   26   10   16   35
    2  (7) Jishmid         15   9   5   1   26   13   13   32
    3  (16) Bayside        15   7   6   2   26   18    8   27
    4  Dettune State       14   6   3   5   21   15    6   21
    5  Sumbobor Tech       14   6   3   5   16   15    1   21
    6  Speilers            15   5   2   8   20   27   -7   17
    7  Middle Bektys       14   4   3   7   19   24   -5   15
    8  Baseng              15   2   4   9   12   23  -11   10
    9  Narrows             15   2   1  12   18   33  -15    7
   10  Chezlot             15   1   3  11   17   40  -23    6

[float=left]Image[/float] Champions:
Northwest Sumbobor University
(last season: Sumbobor Tech)

Isthmian Conference

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                 P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  (5) Western Shent.  15  10   4   1   30   13   17   34
    2  (10) Flaarickug     15   9   2   4   23   18    5   29
    3  (12) Bektys Coastal 15   8   4   3   29   18   11   28
    4  Riestre-Clyddly     15   7   4   4   21   13    8   25
    5  North Bektys        15   6   5   4   31   24    7   23
    6  Eastern Darnai      15   5   5   5   17   19   -2   20
    7  Bektys State        15   6   2   7   16   18   -2   20
    8  BTI                 15   4   4   7   16   18   -2   16
    9  Isthmian            15   4   4   7   17   22   -5   16
   10  Fishbog             15   4   2   9   17   31  -14   14
   11  South Bektys        15   3   4   8   16   25   -9   13
   12  Scusenany           15   1   6   8   18   31  -13    9

[float=left]Image[/float] Champions:
University of Western Shentarong
(last season: BTI)

East Coast Conference

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                 P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  (9) Defae           15   9   3   3   22   16    6   30
    2  (13) Sheoron        15   9   2   4   18   13    5   29
    3  North Salle         15   6   6   3   19   12    7   24
    4  Salle               15   4   7   4   19   15    4   19
    5  Calamen             15   4   7   4   19   20   -1   19
    6  Salle Southern      15   5   4   6   19   21   -2   19
    7  Till                15   5   4   6   16   18   -2   19
    8  Calamen-Custles     15   4   5   6   12   18   -6   17
    9  Calamen-Petaki      15   4   4   7   15   29  -14   16
   10  Southeastern        15   4   3   8   16   23   -7   15
   11  Rascenass           15   3   2  10   20   23   -3   11
   12  Solonds             15   2   4   9   12   20   -8   10

[float=left]Image[/float] Champions:
Defae University
(last season: North Salle)

Big West Conference

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                 P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  (15) Sirinis        15   9   1   5   27   20    7   28
    2  (14) Seibeng        15   7   6   2   22   13    9   27
    3  Highland            15   6   7   2   33   23   10   25
    4  Northern Darnai     15   7   3   5   20   18    2   24
    5  Sirinis Ag          15   7   1   7   28   28    0   22
    6  Anhenir             15   5   6   4   22   19    3   21
    7  South Sirinis       15   4   8   3   22   20    2   20
    8  Western Dettune     15   5   3   7   24   23    1   18
    9  Virdys              15   5   3   7   18   20   -2   18
   10  Western Darnai      15   5   3   7   16   23   -7   18
   11  Dettune Mtn         15   4   3   8   12   28  -16   15
   12  Dettune             15   4   2   9   17   25   -8   14

[float=left]Image[/float] Champions:
Sirinis University
(last season: Highland)

The teams finishing in the top 16 in the CSA coefficients (the numbers in parentheses in the tables) will proceed to the national championship tournament.

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by Delaclava
Could someone walk me through NSFootySim?

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by Panuul
The Football Association of Panuul (FAP) has granted licenses for two new teams to enter Liga Panuul beginning with the 1773 season. The University of Cimnersog and Healfat College (formerly Healfat Territorial College) were both members of the Collegiate Sporting Alliance before withdrawing for political reasons.1 These two institutions will now enter their teams into Liga Panuul.

The two college teams will have less stringent membership requirements than they did as CSA members. While they will remain amateur teams, they will now also be open to anyone with any affiliation to the institution: namely faculty, alumni, and family members, as well as current students. These restrictions are enforced by the clubs themselves and not by Liga Panuul or the FAP. They will be eligible to participate in the TakilQuip Champions' Cup and Globe Cup, but not the IUCC. The league will continue to send just one club each to the TQCC and Globe Cup.

1 Panuul was, until several years ago, known as the Northern Territory. A push for Panuuli independence did not fully succeed, though the region was granted autonomy while still technically remaining part of Vephrall, an arrangement that persists to this day. The change in political status resulted in the withdrawal of Cimnersog and Healfat from the CSA, in addition to the withdrawal of DFE Cimnersog (now known as Cimnersog Town) from the Vephraller Tririsec e Foutbill.

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by Qazox
Fourteenth TakilQuip Champions’ Cup is about to begin, and for the 3rd time (ooc: i think) Qazox will participate. Though only 2 entries are allowed, due to recent international Club competitions, and the fact the college kids will be playing against professionals, there are some high hopes for Saint Nash State and UQazox to at least get to the 4th round.

QAZOX Entries:

2nd Preliminary Round
Saint Nash State vs Deddick (Errinundera)
UQazox vs. Bayern Phoenix (Taehsan)

(ooc: When might the GLOBE CUP draw be posted?)

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by Commerce Heights
Fourteenth TakilQuip Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Rounds

First preliminary round
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(QUT)           Lockstow United    3–6    Sanghae Gukjei            (HAN)   3–1   0–5
(TAE)             Wiechester FC    4–1    Greschmeier MSC           (QOD)   1–1   3–0
(RAM)        New Tabari Raiders    0–2    Metalurgs                 (SOM)   0–1   0–1
(LEN)                  Folenisa    2–1    Foxchester Raiders        (STB)   1–1   1–0

Second preliminary round
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(ERR)                 Bola Mine    3–6    Fareham                   (QUT)   2–2   1–4
(SOM)           Qasarian Sparta    1–4    Folenisa                  (LEN)   1–1   0–3
(SRG)               El Nacional    3–4    Broome City               (LOG)   3–0   0–4  (aet)
(PAS)                 Galactica    3–2    Ciudad Soluca             (SRG)   2–2   1–0
(QZX)          Saint Nash State    3–4    Deddick                   (ERR)   2–1   1–3  (aet)
(QOD)                BobBank FC    0–4    Sanghae Gukjei            (HAN)   0–2   0–2
(SOM)                 Metalurgs    0–1    Ousevale Borough          (KRY)   0–1   0–0
(PAS)                  Tanrısal    2–3    Orean United              (LEN)   2–2   0–1
(TAE)             Wiechester FC    2–3    Cimnersog Town            (PAN)   1–1   1–2
(AGU)              CA Condadore    3–0    Corinthian Spirits        (STB)   2–0   1–0
(TAE)            Bayern Phoenix    1–3    University of Qazox       (QZX)   1–1   0–2
(NTH)                SVV Stoedt    2–1    New Susa Warriors         (RAM)   1–0   1–1

Third preliminary round draw
Section I
FC Capri (ESF)–Heathfield United (SNO)
San Solari FC (COM)–Marquez-Onwere (CAM)
Oncologists (EIT)–Poikimitagiin FE (VPH)
CF Mont-Pluie (ADN)–Sporting Kildare (DAN)
Ranca Toco (CAF)–Stanley United (WZI)
Medoria Löwen (COM)–Etruria (WZI)
FC Cap-Phare (SPT)–Mylfe CE (VPH)
Carter FC (JSY)–CS Ourseville 1093 (SPT)
Neurologists (EIT)–Shuukyuu Kishin (DAN)
17th of October (SNO)–San Diego Iguanas (COM)
Section II
Sanghae Gukjei (HAN)–University of Qazox (QZX)
Atlantea Hurricanes (TAE)–Monteriano (CAR)
Fareham (QUT)–Casuals Osteria (KRY)
Tenderville United (NTH)–Broome City (LOG)
SVV Stoedt (NTH)–Seoan Gukjei (HAN)
Cheonjin (HAN)–Dover City (LEN)
Galactica (PAS)–Deddick (ERR)
Orean United (LEN)–Cimnersog Town (PAN)
Ousevale Borough (KRY)–CA Condadore (AGU)
Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)–Folenisa (LEN)

Fourth preliminary round draw
Section I
17th of October (SNO) or San Diego Iguanas (COM)–FC Cap-Phare (SPT) or Mylfe CE (VPH)
Ranca Toco (CAF) or Stanley United (WZI)–Oncologists (EIT) or Poikimitagiin FE (VPH)
Carter FC (JSY) or CS Ourseville 1093 (SPT)–CF Mont-Pluie (ADN) or Sporting Kildare (DAN)
Neurologists (EIT) or Shuukyuu Kishin (DAN)–Medoria Löwen (COM) or Etruria (WZI)
San Solari FC (COM) or Marquez-Onwere (CAM)–FC Capri (ESF) or Heathfield United (SNO)
Section II
Atlantea Hurricanes (TAE) or Monteriano (CAR)–Alianza Ciruelas (AGU) or Folenisa (LEN)
Ousevale Borough (KRY) or CA Condadore (AGU)–Orean United (LEN) or Cimnersog Town (PAN)
Cheonjin (HAN) or Dover City (LEN)–Fareham (QUT) or Casuals Osteria (KRY)
Sanghae Gukjei (HAN) or University of Qazox (QZX)–Tenderville United (NTH) or Broome City (LOG)
Galactica (PAS) or Deddick (ERR)–SVV Stoedt (NTH) or Seoan Gukjei (HAN)

Eleventh Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Rounds

First preliminary round
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(QOD)            Ippi-ippi-ippi    2–6    SC Myrkan                 (PAS)   1–4   1–2
(ESF)                SC Ianisle    3–1    AFC Stanton               (WZI)   1–0   2–1  (aet)
(VPH)            DFE Donseplock    4–2    Dellicknora               (ERR)   2–1   2–1
(JSY)     Alexandria Porcupines    3–1    AC Mineros                (AGU)   2–0   1–1
(SPT)   Olympiques de Baieville    3–0    Paricone Athletic FC      (STB)   2–0   1–0
(STB)              Tribe Urjali    2–8    Rizzi College             (DAN)   1–2   1–6
(EIT)                 Aterro FC    2–3    Barynsk College           (DAN)   1–1   1–2
(RAM)             Dyaza Pistons    5–3    Mercia Bromham            (KRY)   2–1   3–2
(SNO)              Cobh Walkers    2–1    Monkeytop United          (ERR)   0–0   2–1
(PAS)                 RC Sardin  a 1–1    Bonde do .38              (EIT)   0–0   1–1
(RAM)            Haroah Rockers    2–4    Nitmar SC                 (NTH)   1–2   1–2
(TAE)    Loachen Yellow Jackets    7–5    Eastfield Rogues          (JSY)   4–3   3–2
(HAN)           Armed Forces FC    0–2    Custler FE                (VPH)   0–1   0–1
(SOM)             Old Suvisians    0–4    CRBTSF                    (QOD)   0–2   0–2
(KRY)              Stanton Town    2–5    FC Travesian              (ESF)   1–1   1–4
(SOM)        Olimpiskais Kaljak    0–3    Peregrinus City           (NTH)   0–0   0–3

Second preliminary round
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(JSY)     Alexandria Porcupines    1–4    DFE Donseplock            (VPH)   0–1   1–3
(SNO)    Sparrowbottom Athletic    2–0    Cedrus Soundgardia        (STB)   0–0   2–0  (aet)
(LEN)                  Schimpol    3–5    Redwood Forest            (WZI)   0–2   3–3
(NTH)                     NAPPC    3–2    Western Territories       (LEN)   2–0   1–2
(PAS)             Paulinthal FC    1–5    Rizzi College             (DAN)   1–3   0–2
(ESF)              FC Travesian    1–3    Cobh Walkers              (SNO)   0–0   1–3
(NTH)           Peregrinus City    1–0    SC Myrkan                 (PAS)   1–0   0–0
(ESF)                SC Ianisle    3–2    Hogwang                   (HAN)   1–1   2–1
(PAS)                 RC Sardin    1–1 a  FBK Kedainiai             (SOM)   1–1   0–0
(SPT)   Olympiques de Baieville    3–4    CRBTSF                    (QOD)   2–1   1–3
(RAM)           Khemul Scarlets    1–3    Highmark City Reds        (QOD)   1–2   0–1
(VPH)                Custler FE    5–1    Dyaza Pistons             (RAM)   3–0   2–1
(TAE)        X Island Marauders    1–2    Deportivo Peralta         (AGU)   1–1   0–1
(NTH)                 Nitmar SC    0–2    Camisa Dez                (EIT)   0–1   0–1
(ERR)                    Tubbut    2–3    Norton                    (KRY)   1–1   1–2
(DAN)           Barynsk College    1–3    Loachen Yellow Jackets    (TAE)   1–2   0–1

Third preliminary round draw
Norton (KRY)–SpVgg Tolzerio (COM)
Cobh Walkers (SNO)–Redwood Forest (WZI)
Peregrinus City (NTH)–Loachen Yellow Jackets (TAE)
Kareen FC (ESF)–FBK Kedainiai (SOM)
Sichisers OB (VPH)–SC Ianisle (ESF)
DFE Donseplock (VPH)–Larne Valley Rovers (SNO)
Moorcroft Wanderers (WZI)–Sparrowbottom Athletic (SNO)
Kinney Road (ADN)–Melin & Nader (CAM)
Sambarilove (CAF)–Gieron FC (TAE)
Castillo FC (CAM)–Forest Hill FC (JSY)
Island Athletic (ADN)–NAPPC (NTH)
Sanseo (HAN)–Shiratori University (DAN)
FC Lamer (SPT)–Camisa Dez (EIT)
Deportivo Peralta (AGU)–Rizzi College (DAN)
São Jorge (CAF)–Highmark City Reds (QOD)

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

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by Cafundeu
The Eleventh Globe Cup
Selective and Preliminary Stages

The Selective Stage:

First leg:

Code: Select all
(DAN)                 Port Royal FC     3-0     FK Koltecia                   (SOM)
(NEW)                     Centralia     2-1     Yaton FC                      (TAE)
(RAM)                 Vinquraz Surf     2-4     Naquada Falls Demons          (JSY)
(AGU)                     San Pablo     2-0     Telecontarë                   (STB)
(COM)             Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK     6-1     First Creek Falls             (ERR)
(QOD)           Highmark City Blues     1-1     Dunas Del Sol                 (SRG)
(HAN)                     Hangyeong     0-1     Porto Lacruz                  (CAF)
(WZI)               Bradley Hornets     3-2     Caversham                     (KRY)
(ADN)                   Hatton Town     5-0     New Cleethorpes Athletic      (QOD)
(RAM)                Alvhazi Tigers     2-2     Wexax United                  (ESF)
(LEN)                       Talbott     0-1     Ventspils Redwings            (SOM)
(SNO)                 Castrograd SC     2-3     KT Hotspur                    (CAM)
(STB)               Vecchio Victors     0-0     Lockstow City                 (QUT)
(QUT)               Apsley Athletic     0-2     Otorhinolaryngologists        (EIT)
(PAS)             Stein-los Turkish     2-1     Gretor Sport                  (NTH)
(VPH)                    Penuler OC     5-3     Football Nordiqueville        (SPT)

2nd leg:

Code: Select all
(SOM)                   FK Koltecia (1) 1-1 (4) Port Royal FC                 (DAN)
(TAE)                      Yaton FC (3) 2-2 (4) Centralia                     (NEW)
(JSY)          Naquada Falls Demons (7) 3-1 (3) Vinquraz Surf                 (RAM)
(STB)                   Telecontarë (0) 0-1 (3) San Pablo                     (AGU)
(ERR)             First Creek Falls (2) 1-3 (9) Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK             (COM)
(SRG)                 Dunas Del Sol (2) 1-0 (1) Highmark City Blues           (QOD)
(CAF)                  Porto Lacruz (3) 2-0 (0) Hangyeong                     (HAN)
(KRY)                     Caversham (3) 1-1 (4) Bradley Hornets               (WZI)
(QOD)      New Cleethorpes Athletic (0) 0-1 (6) Hatton Town                   (ADN)
(ESF)                  Wexax United (5) 3-1 (3) Alvhazi Tigers                (RAM)
(SOM)            Ventspils Redwings (1) 0-0 (0) Talbott                       (LEN)
(CAM)                    KT Hotspur (7) 4-1 (3) Castrograd SC                 (SNO)
(QUT)                 Lockstow City (2) 2-3 (3) Vecchio Victors               (STB)
(EIT)        Otorhinolaryngologists (3) 1-1 (1) Apsley Athletic               (QUT)
(NTH)                  Gretor Sport (2) 1-0 (2) Stein-los Turkish             (PAS)
                        Away goals:     1-0
(SPT)        Football Nordiqueville (6) 3-1 (6) Penuler OC                    (VPH)
                        Away goals:     3-1

The Preliminary Stage:

First leg:

Code: Select all
(WZI)               Bradley Hornets     1-3     Mar Sara FC                   (ESF)
(EIT)        Otorhinolaryngologists     4-2     Daazyiles OC                  (VPH)
(SPT)        Football Nordiqueville     1-1     Sporting Lakeport             (DAN)
(AGU)                     San Pablo     2-1     Orthopedists                  (EIT)
(STB)               Vecchio Victors     0-2     Rothsbere Athletic            (SNO)
(SRG)                 Dunas Del Sol     1-1     Houghton Kestrels             (WZI)
(NTH)                  Gretor Sport     2-3     Sanghae                       (HAN)
(COM)             Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK     4-0     Ojian Orangemen               (TAE)
(ESF)                  Wexax United     1-0     Pardbo                        (LEN)
(SOM)            Ventspils Redwings     1-2     Arcrés Millos                 (AGU)
(DAN)                 Port Royal FC     2-0     Ashdom City                   (NTH)
(CAM)                    KT Hotspur     3-0     Emberton Reds                 (KRY)
(JSY)          Naquada Falls Demons     3-1     Tundra Falls                  (NEW)
(CAF)                  Porto Lacruz     4-1     Amboyne Crossing              (ERR)
(ADN)                   Hatton Town     1-0     CA Paulinthal                 (PAS)
(NEW)                     Centralia     0-0     Dínamo Maturín                (SRG)

2nd leg:

Code: Select all
(ESF)                   Mar Sara FC (5) 2-0 (1) Bradley Hornets               (WZI)
(VPH)                  Daazyiles OC (4) 2-0 (4) Otorhinolaryngologists        (EIT)
                        Away goals:     2-0
(DAN)             Sporting Lakeport (2) 1-1 (2) Football Nordiqueville        (SPT)
                        Extra time: (2) 1-1 (2)
                         Penalties:     3-5
(EIT)                  Orthopedists (4) 3-1 (3) San Pablo                     (AGU)
(SNO)            Rothsbere Athletic (5) 3-0 (0) Vecchio Victors               (STB)
(WZI)             Houghton Kestrels (2) 1-0 (1) Dunas Del Sol                 (SRG)
(HAN)                       Sanghae (3) 0-1 (3) Gretor Sport                  (NTH)
                        Away goals:     3-1
(TAE)               Ojian Orangemen (2) 2-4 (8) Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK             (COM)
(LEN)                        Pardbo (3) 3-1 (2) Wexax United                  (ESF)
(AGU)                 Arcrés Millos (4) 2-1 (2) Ventspils Redwings            (SOM)
(NTH)                   Ashdom City (3) 3-3 (5) Port Royal FC                 (DAN)
(KRY)                 Emberton Reds (0) 0-0 (3) KT Hotspur                    (CAM)
(NEW)                  Tundra Falls (3) 2-3 (6) Naquada Falls Demons          (JSY)
(ERR)              Amboyne Crossing (1) 0-1 (5) Porto Lacruz                  (CAF)
(PAS)                 CA Paulinthal (1) 1-0 (1) Hatton Town                   (ADN)
                        Extra time: (1) 1-2 (3)
(SRG)                Dínamo Maturín (0) 0-2 (2) Centralia                     (NEW)

Eliminatory Stage - the draw:

Football Nordiqueville (SPT) x Saint Nash State (QZX)
Dunboor FC (CAF) x Metalurgs (SOM)
New Tabari Raiders (RAM) x Mar Sara FC (ESF)
Houghton Kestrels (WZI) x Centralia (NEW)
Corinthian Spirits (STB) x Fortuna 84 Cimnersog (PAN)
Daazyiles OC (VPH) x Sanghae (HAN)
El Nacional (SRG) x Lockstow United (QUT)
Naquada Falls Demons (JSY) x Caires City (CAM)
Black Oasis Athletic (COM) x Bola Mine (ERR)
Hatton Town (ADN) x Rothsbere Athletic (SNO)
Union d'Ourseville (SPT) x KT Hotspur (CAM)
Foxchester Raiders (STB) x Bayern Phoenix (TAE)
Heidelstadt Falken (JSY) x Arundale Rangers (QUT)
Wiechester FC (TAE) x Port Royal FC (DAN)
Arcrés Millos (AGU) x Ciudad Soluca (SRG)
Greschmeier MSC (QOD) x Orthopedists (EIT)
New Susa Warriors (RAM) x Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK (COM)
Tanrisal (PAS) x BobBank FC (QOD)
Pardbo (LEN) x Grand Arsenal (ADN)
Qasarian Sparta (SOM) x Porto Lacruz (CAF)

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by Commerce Heights
Fourteenth TakilQuip Champions’ Cup—Third and Fourth Preliminary Rounds

Third preliminary round
Section I
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(ESF)                  FC Capri    1–2    Heathfield United         (SNO)   0–1   1–1
(COM)             San Solari FC    7–1    Marquez-Onwere            (CAM)   4–1   3–0
(EIT)               Oncologists    1–4    Poikimitagiin FE          (VPH)   0–3   1–1
(ADN)             CF Mont-Pluie    5–2    Sporting Kildare          (DAN)   3–1   2–1
(CAF)                Ranca Toco    4–1    Stanley United            (WZI)   2–0   2–1
(COM)             Medoria Löwen    2–4    Etruria                   (WZI)   1–2   1–2
(SPT)              FC Cap-Phare    1–0    Mylfe CE                  (VPH)   0–0   1–0
(JSY)                 Carter FC    4–3    CS Ourseville 1093        (SPT)   1–1   3–2
(EIT)              Neurologists    0–3    Shuukyuu Kishin           (DAN)   0–2   0–1
(SNO)           17th of October    2–3    San Diego Iguanas         (COM)   2–1   0–2

Section II
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(HAN)            Sanghae Gukjei    4–2    University of Qazox       (QZX)   3–0   1–2
(TAE)       Atlantea Hurricanes    5–1    Monteriano                (CAR)   2–0   3–1
(QUT)                   Fareham    2–4    Casuals Osteria           (KRY)   2–2   0–2
(NTH)        Tenderville United    3–2    Broome City               (LOG)   2–1   1–1
(NTH)                SVV Stoedt    1–5    Seoan Gukjei              (HAN)   0–2   1–3
(HAN)                  Cheonjin  a 2–2    Dover City                (LEN)   1–0   1–2
(PAS)                 Galactica    1–0    Deddick                   (ERR)   1–0   0–0
(LEN)              Orean United    1–2    Cimnersog Town            (PAN)   1–0   0–2
(KRY)          Ousevale Borough    2–3    CA Condadore              (AGU)   1–1   1–2
(AGU)          Alianza Ciruelas    4–3    Folenisa                  (LEN)   2–1   2–2  (aet)

Fourth preliminary round
Section I
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(COM)         San Diego Iguanas    0–2    FC Cap-Phare              (SPT)   0–1   0–1
(CAF)                Ranca Toco    3–4    Poikimitagiin FE          (VPH)   2–0   1–4
(JSY)                 Carter FC    4–2    CF Mont-Pluie             (ADN)   1–1   3–1
(DAN)           Shuukyuu Kishin    0–4    Etruria                   (WZI)   0–2   0–2
(COM)             San Solari FC    3–2    Heathfield United         (SNO)   1–0   2–2

Section II
Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(TAE)       Atlantea Hurricanes    1–2    Alianza Ciruelas          (AGU)   1–0   0–2  (aet)
(AGU)              CA Condadore    5–0    Cimnersog Town            (PAN)   3–0   2–0
(HAN)                  Cheonjin    0–3    Casuals Osteria           (KRY)   0–0   0–3
(HAN)            Sanghae Gukjei    0–2    Tenderville United        (NTH)   0–2   0–0
(PAS)                 Galactica    2–5    Seoan Gukjei              (HAN)   1–2   1–3

Group draw
Group A
CS Lac-Amédée (SPT)
Sonoma Center Panthers (COM)
Carter FC (JSY)
Bumpoogra FE (VPH)

Group B
Yuba United (COM)
Petardos S/A (CAF)
Psychiatrists (EIT)
Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)

Group C
A.F.F. (CAF)
Hondo FC (ESF)
Caires Sports (CAM)
Tenderville United (NTH)

Group D
Protectorate United (ADN)
Green Island (CAM)
Corcaigh (SNO)
Seoan Gukjei (HAN)

Group E
Cafundó do Juta (CAF)
Dusanto Mojaʼikījī (JSY)
Poikimitagiin FE (VPH)
County Stanley (ADN)

Group F
San Solari FC (COM)
CS Sept-Onze Ourseville (SPT)
Mountbatten Junction (ADN)
Etruria (WZI)

Group G
Qidade Savana (JSY)
Yuki City Athletic (DAN)
FC Cap-Phare (SPT)
CA Condadore (AGU)

Group H
Albrecht FC (CAM)
Raynor City United (ESF)
Banks (WZI)
Casuals Osteria (KRY)

Eleventh Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup—Third Preliminary Round

Code: Select all
             Home (first leg)   Aggregate   Away (first leg)                1st   2nd

(KRY)                    Norton    2–0    SpVgg Tolzerio            (COM)   1–0   1–0
(SNO)              Cobh Walkers    2–3    Redwood Forest            (WZI)   1–1   1–2  (aet)
(NTH)           Peregrinus City    0–3    Loachen Yellow Jackets    (TAE)   0–1   0–2
(ESF)                 Kareen FC  a 2–2    FBK Kedainiai             (SOM)   0–1   2–1
(VPH)              Sichisers OB    1–3    SC Ianisle                (ESF)   1–1   0–2
(VPH)            DFE Donseplock    3–4    Larne Valley Rovers       (SNO)   1–2   2–2
(WZI)       Moorcroft Wanderers    5–2    Sparrowbottom Athletic    (SNO)   3–2   2–0
(QOD)                    CRBTSF    1–2    Custler FE                (VPH)   0–1   1–1
(ADN)               Kinney Road    3–5    Melin & Nader             (CAM)   3–1   0–4
(CAF)               Sambarilove    2–0    Gieron FC                 (TAE)   1–0   1–0
(CAM)               Castillo FC    2–7    Forest Hill FC            (JSY)   1–4   1–3
(ADN)           Island Athletic    2–1    NAPPC                     (NTH)   1–1   1–0
(HAN)                    Sanseo    1–4    Shiratori University      (DAN)   0–2   1–2
(SPT)                  FC Lamer    4–2    Camisa Dez                (EIT)   3–1   1–1
(AGU)         Deportivo Peralta    5–1    Rizzi College             (DAN)   2–1   3–0
(CAF)                 São Jorge    4–1    Highmark City Reds        (QOD)   2–1   2–0

Group draw
Group A
Lexington FC (JSY)
Mayo Valley (CAM)
Island Athletic (ADN)
Custler FE (VPH)

Group B
Moorcroft Wanderers (WZI)
Quel’Thalas FC (ESF)
Academia Acropolis (EIT)
São Jorge (CAF)

Group C
SC Ianisle (ESF)
Larne Valley Rovers (SNO)
Norton (KRY)
Altsend (ADN)

Group D
Redwood Forest (WZI)
Forest Hill FC (JSY)
Metropolitano (CAF)
Kareen FC (ESF)

Group E
Sambarilove (CAF)
Sonoma City Volcanoes (COM)
Loachen Yellow Jackets (TAE)
ASJL Cap-Nord (SPT)

Group F
McDonald SC (CAM)
Pine Bluffs State College (DAN)
Flitton City (ADN)
FC Lamer (SPT)

Group G
Silto Dosi ʼYasāŋmajī (JSY)
Werd Beachcombers (COM)
Engenheiro Peres (CAF)
Fekler FE (VPH)

Group H
AA Benoîtville (SPT)
Melin & Nader (CAM)
Shiratori University (DAN)
Deportivo Peralta (AGU)

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

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by Delaclava
Delaclava wrote:Could someone walk me through NSFootySim?


Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:06 am
by Bikini Bottom Republic

League One:
Pacífico FA. 5 stars.
Bristole Crown. 4.5 stars.
Hoppersville 4.5 stars.
Penguins. 3.5 stars.
Atlantis Albion. 4 stars.
FC Bonde. 4 stars.
New Port Bay. 3.5 stars.
Bikini Bottom FC. 3 stars.

League Two:
Hannansex FC. 3 stars.
Champions FC. 2.5 stars.
CF Winger. 2.5 stars.
Jerusia. 2 stars.
Diamondbacks. 2.5 stars.
Bikini Bottom Field Force. 2 stars.
Brock Albion. 1.5 stars.
Supermen FC. 1.5 stars.

Code: Select all
Pacífico FA. 35-6-1, 111 points. They will go to the 1st Super 7 Cup.
         Bristole Crown. 34-6-2, 108 points.
         Hoppersville. 29-5-8, 92 points.
         Penguins. 24-7-11. 79 points.
         Atlantis Albion. 20-5-17, 65 points.
         FC Bonde. 18-6-18, 60 points.
         New Port Bay. 12-7-23, 43 points.
         Bikini Bottom FC. 9-6-27, 33 points. They will be relegated to League Two.

Code: Select all
Hannansex FC. 37-4-1, 115 points. They will be promoted to League One.
         Champions FC. 30-6-6, 96 points.
         CF Winger. 26-5-11, 83 points.
         Jerusia. 22-6-14, 72 points.
         Diamondbacks. 20-5-17, 65 points.
         Bikini Bottom Field Force. 16-7-19, 55 points.
         Brock Albion. 12-6-24, 42 points.
         Supermen FC. 9-6-27, 33 points. They will be relegated to an amateur league.

To replace Supermen FC will be Nasten FC 1, 2 stars, who won from the East Regional Amateur Division and defeated three others for the promotion.

5. Richteña, 4.5 stars, BBR, from Hoppersville to Cafundéu's Hatton Town, for 74 million pesos.
4. Robert Hartford, 4.5 stars, CH, from Commerce Heights' Alianza Ciruelas to Pacífico FA, for 80 million pesos.
3. Roberto, 4.5 stars, BBR, from FC Bonde to Penguins, for 84 million pesos.
2. Julius, 4.5 stars, Cafundéu, from The Animal Union's Irelundia Town FC to FC Bonde, for 91 million pesos.
1. James Corn, 5 stars, CH, from Commerce Heights' Casuals Osteria to Bristole Crown, for 106 million pesos.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:58 am
by Krytenia
Bikini Bottom Republic wrote:1. James Corn, 5 stars, CH, from Commerce Heights' Casuals Osteria to Bristole Crown, for 106 million pesos.

Three problems.

a) Who he?
b) Casuals Osteria are a Krytenian club.
c) I ain't heard s**t about this.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:29 pm
by Bikini Bottom Republic

Ranking Stage

Code: Select all
         Pacífico FA
         Champions FC
         New Port Bay
         Supermen FC

Code: Select all
         Hannansex FC
         Bikini Bottom FC
         Bikini Bottom Field Force

Code: Select all
         Bristole Crown
         CF Winger
         FC Bonde
         Brock Albion

Code: Select all
         Atlantis Albion

Code: Select all
         Pacífico FA 3, Supermen FC 1.
         Champions FC 2, New Port Bay 4.
         Hoppersville 5, Bikini Bottom Field Force 0.
         Hannansex FC 1, Bikini Bottom FC 1.
         Bristole Crown 2, Brock Albion 0.
         CF Winger 3, FC Bonde 2.
         Penguins 1, Jerusia 0.
         Diamondbacks 2, Atlantis Albion 0.
         Supermen FC 0, Pacífico FA 4.
         New Port Bay 2, Champions FC 1.
         Bikini Bottom Field Force 2, Hoppersville 5.
         Bikini Bottom FC 1, Hannansex FC 1.
         Brock Albion 0, Bristole Crown 4.
         FC Bonde 1, CF Winger 2.
         Jerusia 1, Penguins 3.
         Atlantis Albion 3, Diamondbacks 3.
         Pacífico FA 2, New Port Bay 1.
         Champions FC 1, Supermen FC 0.
         Hoppersville 2, Bikini Bottom FC 1.
         Hannansex FC 4, Bikini Bottom Field Force 1.
         Bristole Crown 3, FC Bonde 1.
         CF Winger 2, Brock Albion 0.
         Penguins 3, Atlantis Albion 3.
         Diamondbacks 2, Jerusia 2.
         New Port Bay 2, Pacífico FA 5.
         Supermen FC 1, Champions FC 2.
         Bikini Bottom FC 0, Hoppersville 1.
         Bikini Bottom Field Force 1, Hannansex FC 3.
         FC Bonde 0, Bristole Crown 3.
         Brock Albion 1, CF Winger 3.
         Atlantis Albion 2, Penguins 3.
         Jerusia 1, Diamondbacks 2.
         Pacífico FA 2, Champions FC 0.
         New Port Bay 1, Supermen FC 0.
         Hoppersville 2, Hannansex FC 0.
         Bikini Bottom FC 1, Bikini Bottom Field Force 1.
         Bristole Crown 2, CF Winger 1.
         FC Bonde 1, Brock Albion 1.
         Penguins 2, Diamondbacks 2.
         Atlantis Albion 3, Jerusia 1.
         Champions FC 1, Pacífico FA 4.
         Supermen FC 1, New Port Bay 1.
         Hannansex FC 0, Hoppersville 1.
         Bikini Bottom Field Force 4, Bikini Bottom FC 4.
         CF Winger 2, Bristole Crown 2.
         Brock Albion 0, FC Bonde 2.
         Diamondbacks 3, Penguins 4.
         Jerusia 0, Atlantis Albion 1.

Code: Select all
         Pacífico FA. 6-0-0, 18 pts. 1st.
         New Port Bay. 3-1-2, 10 pts. 6th.
         Champions FC. 2-0-4, 6 pts. 9th.
         Supermen FC. 0-1-5, 1 pt. 14th.

Code: Select all
         Hoppersville. 6-0-0, 18 pts. 2nd.
         Hannansex FC. 2-2-2, 8 pts. 7th.
         Bikini Bottom FC. 0-2-4, 2 pts. 12th.
         Bikini Bottom Field Force. 0-2-4, 2 pts. 13th.

Code: Select all
         Bristole Crown. 5-1-0, 16 pts. 3rd.
         CF Winger. 4-1-1, 13 pts. 5th.
         FC Bonde. 1-1-4, 4 pts. 11th.
         Brock Albion. 0-1-5, 1 pt. 15th.

Code: Select all
         Penguins. 4-2-0, 14 pts. 4th.
         Atlantis Albion. 2-2-2, 8 pts. 8th.
         Diamondbacks. 1-3-2, 6 pts. 10th.
         Jerusia. 0-1-5, 1 pt. 16th

Code: Select all
         Pacífico FA 3, Jerusia 0.
         Hoppersville 2, Brock Albion 0.
         Bristole Crown 4, Supermen FC 0.
         Penguins 2, Bikini Bottom Field Force 0.
         CF Winger 2, Bikini Bottom FC 1.
         New Port Bay 2, FC Bonde 2.
         Hannansex FC 2, Diamondbacks 1.
         Atlantis Albion 0, Champions FC 1.

Code: Select all
         Jerusia 0, Pacífico FA 2.
         Brock Albion 0, Hoppersville 3.
         Supermen FC 0, Bristole Crown 2.
         Bikini Bottom Field Force 0, Penguins 1.
         Bikini Bottom FC 1, CF Winger 1.
         FC Bonde 2, New Port Bay 2 (5-3 pen.)
         Diamondbacks 1, Hannansex FC 3.
         Champions 0, Atlantis Albion 1 (4-1 pen.)

Code: Select all
         Pacífico FA 2, Atlantis Albion 0.
         Hoppersville 1, Hannansex FC 2.
         Bristole Crown 2, New Port Bay 1.
         Penguins 3, CF Winger 2.

Code: Select all
         Atlantis Albion 1, Pacífico FA 4.
         Hoppersville 0, Hannansex FC 0.
         New Port Bay 1, Bristole Crown 3.
         CF Winger 3, Penguins 2 (2-1 pen.)

Code: Select all
         Pacífico FA 3, Penguins 1.
         Bristole Crown 2, Hannansex FC 2.
         Penguins 0, Pacífico FA 2.
         Hannansex FC 4, Bristole Crown 4 (2-1 pen.)[/code]

         Pacífico FA 2, Bristole Crown 2
         Bristole Crown 3, Pacífico FA 2.[/code]

         Penguins 2, Hannansex FC 1.
         Hannansex FC 3, Penguins 1.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:47 pm
by Liventia
Bikini Bottom Republic wrote:TOP 5 TRANSFERS
5. Richteña, 4.5 stars, BBR, from Hoppersville to Cafundéu's Hatton Town, for 74 million pesos.
4. Robert Hartford, 4.5 stars, CH, from Commerce Heights' Alianza Ciruelas to Pacífico FA, for 80 million pesos.
3. Roberto, 4.5 stars, BBR, from FC Bonde to Penguins, for 84 million pesos.
2. Julius, 4.5 stars, Cafundéu, from The Animal Union's Irelundia Town FC to FC Bonde, for 91 million pesos.
1. James Corn, 5 stars, CH, from Commerce Heights' Casuals Osteria to Bristole Crown, for 106 million pesos.

You either do the right thing and use the discussion thread to discuss international transfers, or we do the easy thing and summarily ignore your post which randomly transfered players to clubs that aren't even in the right countries. If you're trying to make a good first impression you've just failed badly.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:12 pm
by Cafundeu
The Eleventh Globe Cup
Eliminatory and Qualifying Stages

The Eliminatory Stage:

First leg:

Code: Select all
(SPT)        Football Nordiqueville     4-1     Saint Nash State              (QZX)
(CAF)                    Dunboor FC     2-1     Metalurgs                     (SOM)
(RAM)            New Tabari Raiders     0-0     Mar Sara FC                   (ESF)
(WZI)             Houghton Kestrels     3-2     Centralia                     (NEW)
(STB)            Corinthian Spirits     1-1     Fortuna 84 Cimnersog          (PAN)
(VPH)                  Daazyiles OC     6-4     Sanghae                       (HAN)
(SRG)                   El Nacional     2-1     Lockstow United               (QUT)
(JSY)          Naquada Falls Demons     0-1     Caires City                   (CAM)
(COM)          Black Oasis Athletic     3-1     Bola Mine                     (ERR)
(ADN)                   Hatton Town     1-2     Rothsbere Athletic            (SNO)
(SPT)            Union d'Ourseville     3-3     KT Hotspur                    (CAM)
(STB)            Foxchester Raiders     0-2     Bayern Phoenix                (TAE)
(JSY)            Heidelstadt Falken     7-1     Arundale Rangers              (QUT)
(TAE)                 Wiechester FC     0-0     Port Royal FC                 (DAN)
(AGU)                 Arcrés Millos     2-1     Ciudad Soluca                 (SRG)
(QOD)               Greschmeier MSC     1-3     Orthopedists                  (EIT)
(RAM)             New Susa Warriors     0-3     Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK             (COM)
(PAS)                      Tanrisal     2-2     BobBank FC                    (QOD)
(LEN)                        Pardbo     1-0     Grand Arsenal                 (ADN)
(SOM)               Qasarian Sparta     2-1     Porto Lacruz                  (CAF)

2nd leg:

Code: Select all
(QZX)              Saint Nash State (2) 1-1 (5) Football Nordiqueville        (SPT)
(SOM)                     Metalurgs (1) 0-2 (4) Dunboor FC                    (CAF)
(ESF)                   Mar Sara FC (3) 3-0 (0) New Tabari Raiders            (RAM)
(NEW)                     Centralia (4) 2-2 (5) Houghton Kestrels             (WZI)
(PAN)          Fortuna 84 Cimnersog (2) 1-1 (2) Corinthian Spirits            (STB)
                        Extra time: (2) 1-1 (2)
                         Penalties:     1-3
(HAN)                       Sanghae (5) 1-2 (8) Daazyiles OC                  (VPH)
(QUT)               Lockstow United (1) 0-0 (2) El Nacional                   (SRG)
(CAM)                   Caires City (3) 2-0 (0) Naquada Falls Demons          (JSY)
(ERR)                     Bola Mine (3) 2-4 (7) Black Oasis Athletic          (COM)
(SNO)            Rothsbere Athletic (2) 0-0 (1) Hatton Town                   (ADN)
(CAM)                    KT Hotspur (5) 2-3 (6) Union d'Ourseville            (SPT)
(TAE)                Bayern Phoenix (4) 2-0 (0) Foxchester Raiders            (RAM)
(QUT)              Arundale Rangers (1) 0-2 (9) Heidelstadt Falken            (JSY)
(DAN)                 Port Royal FC (1) 1-0 (0) Wiechester FC                 (TAE)
(SRG)                 Ciudad Soluca (3) 2-1 (3) Arcrés Millos                 (AGU)
                        Extra time: (3) 2-1 (3)
                         Penalties:     4-5
(EIT)                  Orthopedists (3) 0-1 (2) Greschmeier MSC               (QOD)
(COM)             Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK (5) 2-0 (0) New Susa Warriors             (RAM)
(QOD)                    BobBank FC (3) 1-1 (3) Tanrisal                      (PAS)
                        Away goals:     2-1
(ADN)                 Grand Arsenal (4) 4-1 (2) Pardbo                        (LEN)
(CAF)                  Porto Lacruz (6) 5-3 (5) Qasarian Sparta               (SOM)

The Qualifying Stage:

First leg:

Code: Select all
(AGU)          Estudiantes de Íguen     1-2     Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK             (COM)
(QOD)         Nowy Orpington United     2-2     Union d'Ourseville            (SPT)
(CAR)                    Monteriano     0-4     Mar Sara FC                   (ESF)
(CAF)                    Dunboor FC     3-1     Civil Service                 (WZI)
(CAF)                  Porto Lacruz     1-1     Caires City                   (CAM)
(AGU)                 Arcrés Millos     2-0     Dover City                    (LEN)
(KRY)               Caledon Simpson     3-2     Stanley United                (WZI)
(ADN)                 Grand Arsenal     4-2     Port Royal FC                 (DAN)
(SRG)          Sporting San Marquez     2-3     Folenisa                      (LEN)
(SNO)            Rothsbere Athletic     1-2     Eastport United               (DAN)
(EIT)                  Neurologists     3-0     Rayyen Wildcats               (RAM)
(TAE)            AC Quarant Xa'virt     1-0     FC Farça                      (STB)
(COM)                 Medoria Löwen     4-1     Houghton Kestrels             (WZI)
(QZX)           University of Qazox     2-3     Heidelstadt Falken            (JSY)
(SOM)               Dinamo Karrakiv     3-1     Hanseong Gukjei               (HAN)
(CAM)                Marquez-Onwere     6-0     Deddick                       (ERR)
(ERR)                       Ootopia     1-1     Ratos Island                  (NTH)
(DAN)              Sporting Kildare     4-3     BobBank FC                    (QOD)
(SPT)        Football Nordiqueville     2-1     Avenell Garrison              (LOG)
(VPH)                  Daazyiles OC     3-1     Fareham                       (QUT)
(SNO)               17th of October     0-2     FC Capri                      (ESF)
(LEN)                   Jesner Town     0-0     Corinthian Spirits            (STB)
(COM)          Black Oasis Athletic     0-0     Mylfe CE                      (VPH)
(SPT)            CS Ourseville 1093     2-0     Lunas FC                      (PAS)
(EIT)         General Practitioners     3-2     Ousevale Borough              (KRY)
(QZX)       Charles Feld University     1-2     Orthopedists                  (EIT)
(TAE)                Bayern Phoenix     4-2     SVV Stoedt                    (NTH)
(SNO)             Actarius Athletic     2-2     Broome City                   (LOG)
(LEN)                  Orean United     1-4     El Nacional                   (SRG)
(NEW)                        Loudon     1-0     Oncologists                   (EIT)

2nd leg:

Code: Select all
(COM)             Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK (4) 2-0 (1) Estudiantes de Íguen          (AGU)
(SPT)            Union d'Ourseville (5) 3-1 (3) Nowy Orpington United         (QOD)
(ESF)                   Mar Sara FC (7) 3-0 (0) Monteriano                    (CAR)
(WZI)                 Civil Service (3) 2-2 (5) Dunboor FC                    (CAF)
(CAM)                   Caires City (2) 1-0 (1) Porto Lacruz                  (CAF)
(LEN)                    Dover City (2) 2-1 (3) Arcrés Millos                 (AGU)
(WZI)                Stanley United (3) 1-0 (3) Caledon Simpston              (KRY)
                        Away goals:     2-0
(DAN)                 Port Royal FC (3) 1-2 (6) Grand Arsenal                 (ADN)
(LEN)                      Folenisa (4) 1-1 (3) Sporting San Marquez          (SRG)
(DAN)               Eastport United (6) 4-1 (2) Rothsbere Athletic            (SNO)
(RAM)               Rayyen Wildcats (0) 0-0 (3) Neurologists                  (EIT)
(STB)                      FC Farça (1) 1-0 (1) AC Quarant Xa'virt            (TAE)
                        Extra time: (1) 1-1 (2)
(WZI)             Houghton Kestrels (3) 2-1 (5) Medoria Löwen                 (COM)
(JSY)            Heidelstadt Falken (6) 3-0 (2) University of Qazox           (QZX)
(HAN)               Hanseong Gukjei (2) 1-1 (4) Dinamo Karrakiv               (SOM)
(ERR)                       Deddick (1) 1-2 (8) Marquez-Onwere                (CAM)
(NTH)                  Ratos Island (3) 2-1 (2) Ootopia                       (ERR)
(QOD)                    BobBank FC (5) 2-2 (6) Sporting Kildare              (DAN)
(LOG)              Avenell Garrison (1) 0-2 (4) Football Nordiqueville        (SPT)
(QUT)                       Fareham (3) 2-3 (6) Daazyiles OC                  (VPH)
(ESF)                      FC Capri (3) 1-1 (1) 17th of October               (SNO)
(STB)            Corinthian Spirits (0) 0-0 (0) Jesner Town                   (LEN)
                        Extra time: (0) 0-0 (0)
                         Penalties:     3-4
(VPH)                      Mylfe CE (2) 2-1 (1) Black Oasis Athletic          (COM)
(PAS)                      Lunas FC (4) 4-2 (4) CS Ourseville 1093            (SPT)
                        Away goals:     0-2
(KRY)              Ousevale Borough (3) 1-0 (3) General Practitioners         (EIT)
                        Away goals:     2-0
(EIT)                  Orthopedists (5) 3-1 (2) Charles Feld University       (QZX)
(NTH)                    SVV Stoedt (3) 1-2 (6) Bayern Phoenix                (TAE)
(LOG)                   Broome City (4) 2-2 (4) Actarius Athletic             (SNO)
                        Extra time: (4) 2-2 (4)
                         Penalties:     1-3
(SRG)                   El Nacional (4) 0-1 (2) Orean United                  (LEN)
(EIT)                   Oncologists (3) 3-0 (1) Loudon                        (NEW)

Group Stage - the draw:

- the 10 eliminated teams in the 4th preliminary stage of the TQCC enter here
- teams from the same country cannot be put in the same group
- teams cannot have only teams coming from the TQCC (teams coming from GC qualifying are counted as GC-teams)

Group A
Sanghae Gukjei (HAN)
Grand Arsenal (ADN)
Neurologists (EIT)
Soldarian FC (ESF)

Group B
Union d'Ourseville (SPT)
Atlantea Hurricanes (TAE)
Caires City (CAM)
Actarius Athletic (SNO)

Group C
Ranca Toco (CAF)
El Nacional (SRG)
Bayern Phoenix (TAE)
Ousevale Borough (KRY)

Group D
Marquez-Onwere (CAM)
Oldbridge City (ADN)
Sokojiʼwa Dosi CK (COM)
Boalluns FE (VPH)

Group E
Heidelstadt Falken (JSY)
CS Ourseville 1093 (SPT)
Orthopedists (EIT)
Ἄργος ΛΠ (COM)

Group F
Atlético Jutense (CAF)
Daazyiles OC (VPH)
Medoria Löwen (COM)
Cimnersog Town (PAN)

Group G
Sokojito Dosi Dalamjwijī (JSY)
Shuukyuu Kishin (DAN)
Mylfe CE (VPH)
Football Nordiqueville (SPT)

Group H
Folenisa (LEN)
San Diego Iguanas (COM)
Sporting Kildare (DAN)
Ratos Island (NTH)

Group I
Dinamo Karrakiv (SOM)
Dunboor FC (CAF)
FC Capri (ESF)
Cheonjin (HAN)

Group J
Oncologists (EIT)
Galactica (PAS)
Albrecht Turkish (CAM)
Jesner Town (LEN)

Group K
CF Grand-Glacier (SPT)
Mar Sara FC (ESF)
Eastport United (DAN)
CF Mont-Pluie (ADN)

Group L
Arcrés Millos (AGU)
AC Quarant Xa'virt (TAE)
Heathfield United (SNO)
Stanley United (WZI)

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:33 pm
by Qazox
HMMMM.. no mention of CHARLES FELD UNIVERISTY at all in the Globe Cup.

Don't worry about it too much Caf, they probably would have lost in the 1st qualifying stage anyway.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:21 am
by Commerce Heights
Fourteenth TakilQuip Champions’ Cup—Group Stage

The winners and runners-up of each group advance to the first knockout round, while the third-placed teams in each group will enter the first knockout round of the Globe Cup.

Code: Select all
  Group A                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   SCP  LAm  Bum  Car
1 Sonoma Center Panthers      COM   6    6   0   0   15   4  +11   18    —   2–0  3–0  5–3
2 CS Lac-Amédée               SPT   6    2   1   3    6   7   −1    7   1–3   —   1–0  3–0
3 Bumpoogra FE                VPH   6    2   0   4    5  10   −5    6   0–1  2–1   —   2–4
4 Carter FC                   JSY   6    1   1   4    7  12   −5    4   0–1  0–0  0–1   —

Code: Select all
  Group B                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   Yub  PSA  AlC  Psy
1 Yuba United                 COM   6    4   0   2    7   4   +3   12    —   2–0  2–0  2–1
2 Petardos S/A                CAF   6    3   1   2    7   6   +1   10   0–1   —   2–0  2–1
3 Alianza Ciruelas            AGU   6    2   1   3    6   8   −2    7   1–0  2–2   —   0–2
4 Psychiatrists               EIT   6    2   0   4    6   8   −2    6   2–0  0–1  0–3   —

Code: Select all
  Group C                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   AFF  Hon  CaS  Ten
1 A.F.F.                      CAF   6    4   2   0   11   3   +8   14    —   2–0  2–1  3–0
2 Hondo FC                    ESF   6    3   1   2    9   5   +4   10*  1–1   —   0–1  5–0
3 Caires Sports               CAM   6    3   1   2    9   5   +4   10*  1–1  1–2   —   4–0
4 Tenderville United          NTH   6    0   0   6    0  16  −16    0   0–2  0–1  0–1   —
* Hondo FC ahead of Caires Sports on head-to-head away goals

Code: Select all
  Group D                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   Cor  GrI  SGj  PrU
1 Corcaigh                    SNO   6    4   0   2    7   6   +1   12    —   0–1  2–1  2–1
2 Green Island                CAM   6    3   2   1    8   5   +3   11   2–0   —   0–0  0–0
3 Seoan Gukjei                HAN   6    2   1   3    7   9   −2    7   0–1  2–4   —   2–1
4 Protectorate United         ADN   6    1   1   4    7   9   −2    4   1–2  3–1  1–2   —

Code: Select all
  Group E                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   CJu  CSt  Dus  Poi
1 Cafundó do Juta             CAF   6    3   2   1    9   5   +4   11    —   1–1  2–0  3–0
2 County Stanley              ADN   6    2   3   1    9   7   +2    9   1–3   —   1–1  3–0
3 Dusanto Mojaʼikījī          JSY   6    1   3   2    4   6   −2    6   0–0  1–2   —   1–0
4 Poikimitagiin FE            VPH   6    1   2   3    5   9   −4    5   3–0  1–1  1–1   —

Code: Select all
  Group F                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   SSo  SOO  MbJ  Etr
1 San Solari FC               COM   6    5   0   1   13   5   +8   15    —   2–1  1–0  4–0
2 CS Sept-Onze Ourseville     SPT   6    2   2   2    5   6   −1    8   1–0   —   1–1  1–1
3 Mountbatten Junction        ADN   6    2   1   3    6   8   −2    7   1–3  2–0   —   2–1
4 Etruria                     WZI   6    1   1   4    6  11   −5    4   2–3  0–1  2–0   —

Code: Select all
  Group G                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   YCA  CPh  Sav  Con
1 Yuki City Athletic          DAN   6    3   2   1   15   6   +9   11    —   3–0  0–0  6–0
2 FC Cap-Phare                SPT   6    3   0   3   13  11   +2    9   4–2   —   1–2  5–1
3 Qidade Savana               JSY   6    2   2   2    7   6   +1    8   1–1  1–2   —   2–0
4 CA Condadore                AGU   6    2   0   4    6  18  −12    6   1–3  2–1  2–1   —

Code: Select all
  Group H                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   COs  Alb  RCU  Bnk
1 Casuals Osteria             KRY   6    3   2   1    7   7    0   11    —   2–1  1–0  0–0
2 Albrecht FC                 CAM   6    2   2   2    7   7    0    8*  0–0   —   2–2  2–1
3 Raynor City United          ESF   6    2   2   2    8   6   +2    8*  3–0  1–2   —   1–0
4 Banks                       WZI   6    1   2   3    6   8   −2    5   3–4  1–0  1–1   —
* Albrecht FC ahead of Raynor City United on head-to-head points

First knockout round draw
Green Island (CAM)–Yuki City Athletic (DAN)
Albrecht FC (CAM)–Cafundó do Juta (CAF)
FC Cap-Phare (SPT)–Casuals Osteria (KRY)
Petardos S/A (CAF)–Corcaigh (SNO)
County Stanley (ADN)–Sonoma Center Panthers (COM)
Hondo FC (ESF)–San Solari FC (COM)
CS Sept-Onze Ourseville (SPT)–Yuba United (COM)
CS Lac-Amédée (SPT)–A.F.F. (CAF)

Quarterfinal draw
CS Sept-Onze Ourseville (SPT) or Yuba United (COM)–County Stanley (ADN) or Sonoma Center Panthers (COM)
Hondo FC (ESF) or San Solari FC (COM)–FC Cap-Phare (SPT) or Casuals Osteria (KRY)
Albrecht FC (CAM) or Cafundó do Juta (CAF)–CS Lac-Amédée (SPT) or A.F.F. (CAF)
Petardos S/A (CAF) or Corcaigh (SNO)–Green Island (CAM) or Yuki City Athletic (DAN)

Semifinal draw
winner QF2–winner QF1
winner QF4–winner QF3

Final draw
winner SF1–winner SF2 (@ Stade des Îles, Ad’ihan, Ad’ihan)

Eleventh Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup—Group Stage

The top two teams in each group advance to the first knockout round.

Code: Select all
  Group A                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   Lex  IsA  May  Cus
1 Lexington FC                JSY   6    6   0   0   13   2  +11   18    —   3–0  1–0  2–0
2 Island Athletic             ADN   6    1   2   3    8  11   −3    5*  1–3   —   1–2  3–0
3 Mayo Valley                 CAM   6    1   2   3    6   9   −3    5*  1–3  1–1   —   2–2
4 Custler FE                  VPH   6    1   2   3    5  10   −5    5*  0–1  2–2  1–0   —

* Head-to-head results              P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   IsA  May  Cus
1 Island Athletic             ADN   4    1   2   1    7   5   +2    5    —   1–2  3–0
2 Mayo Valley                 CAM   4    1   2   1    5   5    0    5   1–1   —   2–2
3 Custler FE                  VPH   4    1   2   1    5   7   −2    5   2–2  1–0   —
Head-to-head goal difference was the decisive tiebreaker.

Code: Select all
  Group B                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   QTh  MoW  SJo  Aca
1 Quel’Thalas FC              ESF   6    4   2   0    9   4   +5   14    —   1–1  2–0  3–2
2 Moorcroft Wanderers         WZI   6    2   3   1    7   7    0    9   0–0   —   2–2  2–0
3 São Jorge                   CAF   6    2   2   2    8   6   +2    8   0–1  3–0   —   2–0
4 Academia Acropolis          EIT   6    0   1   5    5  12   −7    1   1–2  1–2  1–1   —

Code: Select all
  Group C                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   Alt  Ian  LVR  Nor
1 Altsend                     ADN   6    5   0   1   14   5   +9   15    —   3–1  5–1  2–0
2 SC Ianisle                  ESF   6    3   1   2   12  12    0   10   0–3   —   4–1  2–1
3 Larne Valley Rovers         SNO   6    2   1   3    9  13   −4    7   3–0  2–3   —   1–1
4 Norton                      KRY   6    0   2   4    4   9   −5    2   0–1  2–2  0–1   —

Code: Select all
  Group D                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   Met  Kar  FHi  RdF
1 Metropolitano               CAF   6    6   0   0   15   4  +11   18    —   1–0  2–1  3–1
2 Kareen FC                   ESF   6    3   1   2    7   4   +3   10   0–1   —   2–2  2–0
3 Forest Hill FC              JSY   6    2   1   3   10  11   −1    7   1–4  0–1   —   3–2
4 Redwood Forest              WZI   6    0   0   6    4  17  −13    0   1–4  0–2  0–3   —

Code: Select all
  Group E                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   SCV  CNo  Smb  LYJ
1 Sonoma City Volcanoes       COM   6    3   3   0   10   7   +3   12    —   3–2  3–2  0–0
2 ASJL Cap-Nord               SPT   6    2   3   1    8   7   +1    9   1–1   —   0–0  2–1
3 Sambarilove                 CAF   6    1   2   3    8   9   −1    5   0–1  1–2   —   3–1
4 Loachen Yellow Jackets      TAE   6    0   4   2    7  10   −3    4   2–2  1–1  2–2   —

Code: Select all
  Group F                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   Fli  McD  Lam  PBl
1 Flitton City                ADN   6    4   2   0   10   3   +7   14    —   4–0  1–0  2–1
2 McDonald SC                 CAM   6    4   1   1    8   6   +2   13   1–1   —   3–0  1–0
3 FC Lamer                    SPT   6    2   0   4    2   6   −4    6   0–1  0–1   —   1–0
4 Pine Bluffs State College   DAN   6    0   1   5    3   8   −5    1   1–1  1–2  0–1   —

Code: Select all
  Group G                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   EnP  SDY  Wer  Fek
1 Engenheiro Peres            CAF   6    3   2   1   10   5   +5   11    —   0–2  1–0  3–0
2 Silto Dosi ʼYasāŋmajī       JSY   6    2   2   2    5   4   +1    8   0–0   —   0–0  2–1
3 Werd Beachcombers           COM   6    2   1   3    7   9   −2    7*  1–4  2–1   —   3–0
4 Fekler FE                   VPH   6    2   1   3    7  11   −4    7*  2–2  1–0  3–1   —
* Werd Beachcombers finished ahead of Fekler FE on head-to-head goal difference

Code: Select all
  Group H                           P    W   D   L   GF  GA   GD  Pts   Ben  M&N  Shi  Dep
1 AA Benoîtville (SPT)              6    5   1   0   11   3   +8   16    —   2–1  1–0  2–1
2 Melin & Nader (CAM)               6    2   2   2    7   8   −1    8   0–3   —   1–1  0–0
3 Shiratori University (DAN)        6    2   1   3    9   9    0    7   0–2  1–2   —   3–1
4 Deportivo Peralta (AGU)           6    0   2   4    6  13   −7    2   1–1  1–3  2–4   —

First knockout round draw
SC Ianisle (ESF)–Flitton City (ADN)
Silto Dosi ʼYasāŋmajī (JSY)–Sonoma City Volcanoes (COM)
Melin & Nader (CAM)–Altsend (ADN)
McDonald SC (CAM)–Metropolitano (CAF)
ASJL Cap-Nord (SPT)–Lexington FC (JSY)
Moorcroft Wanderers (WZI)–AA Benoîtville (SPT)
Island Athletic (ADN)–Quel’Thalas FC (ESF)
Kareen FC (ESF)–Engenheiro Peres (CAF)

Quarterfinal draw
McDonald SC (CAM) or Metropolitano (CAF)–Moorcroft Wanderers (WZI) or AA Benoîtville (SPT)
SC Ianisle (ESF) or Flitton City (ADN)–Silto Dosi ʼYasāŋmajī (JSY) or Sonoma City Volcanoes (COM)
Island Athletic (ADN) or Quel’Thalas FC (ESF)–Melin & Nader (CAM) or Altsend (ADN)
ASJL Cap-Nord (SPT) or Lexington FC (JSY)–Kareen FC (ESF) or Engenheiro Peres (CAF)

Semifinal draw
winner QF3–winner QF4
winner QF1–winner QF2

Final draw
winner SF1–winner SF2 (@ Parc du Centre, Cap-Nord, Septentrionia)

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:24 am
by Candelaria And Marquez
cont. from here, fwiw...


Matchday Thirty-Three… It takes a big weekend to leave the capital city derby in the shade, though as it turned out it was a pretty major occasion – with Fabio Mannasuch masterminding a 2-1 away victory for Turkish, bringing the Millerman Sheppard Stadium’s career to a sad close, as far as the Scorpions supporters were concerned, anyway. The Millermen themselves also had a long spell at the MSS, lest we forget, and could afford to be a wee bit emotional as well – but, when all’s said and done, it were a ghastly little hovel and we can only be thankful for its imminent demolition in favour of a supermarket an–

Eh? It’s being downsized and used as part of Albrecht FC’s vast training complex, as well as being part-leased to the CAMAFA for some reason, and slated to host home matches for the AFC Songstress FC Scorpions Football MSS, or whatever their ‘new’ feeder club is supposed to be called from next season? We might as well all be dead, then.

The victory for Mannasuch’s girls and boys saw them close the gap on the soon-to-be-deposed champions to just two points, with Caires Sports a further point back. The race for the TQCC places will still be alive and kicking on the final day, then, though Tenderville United can smugly consider themselves out of it. Their own comeback victory against Gamboa saw them leapfrog the Scorpions into third. God, I hate them so.

To Sloane next, where the ten thousand yokels at Fairmile Road were listening as intently to the scores coming in from Harper Street and the Army Ground as they were watching their own match, or would have done if radio had reached Sloane Island along with motor cars and modern sanitation. As it was, they resolved to simply jump up and down for ninety minute – knowing that, if they did end up going down, they could very well end up taking their venerable wooden box with ‘em to the darkest pits of hell. Very much an all-or-nothing people, yer Sloanians.

It was, after all, their biggest game of the season – the Outlien derby against Green Island. With Edmund Bingley, Justin Aldren and Lloyd Carpenter all GIZ products, the Wanderers had plenty to prove.

They were duly behind after barely twenty minutes, with stand-in full-back George Heybourne exchanging places with va Drake and finding Tom Osborne, who controlled it with all the confidence of a man a matter of days away from winning his first league title and slotted home with his less-favoured left as Bingley and Smit parted like the red sea. Plainly, this was going to be a walk in the park – with the knowledge that MarquezOW were already two goals to the good against KT Hotspur doing nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the travelling supporters. They may not have been great in number throughout the past year or so, and Fairmile Road itself doesn’t cater for a particularly significant away section, but those that had made the trip certainly made a hell of a lot of noise.

And so too, it steadily became apparent, did the Sloane supporters. With the Indies and CandelariaAM both ahead in their respective fixtures, the Wanderers were clearly on their way out – but the chance to see a fellow Outlien side get one over on the rest of the Candelarias was too good not to celebrate. Truly, this was the archetypical friendly derby.

Well… for a bit. For late in the second half we were treated to a truly sublime charge from Justin Aldren, a man brought up by Vanorians – in a footballing sense, obviously, they didn’t steal him from his cot – and for a few brief moments displaying all the signs that had once made him a highly-rated talent. The equaliser almost quietened the crowd, before they came to their senses and began taunting the hundred or so Green Islanders present anew. They really couldn’t lose… apart from being relegated an’ all, obviously.

In the second half, events took a turn for the sillier. With Samuka Szatmári exiting injured on the forty-sixth minute, Reuben Kennedy chucked on holding midfielder Samuel Sanders and prepared to shut up shop for the afternoon. Apparently he forgot to inform his team, however, who proceeded to take advantage of the only glaring mistake any of us can remember Ladordren Dorack making all season to go two-one up. In desperation Green Island pushed forward for an equalising of their own, before Zachary Loftus spotted Darren Bryson off his line and shot from somewhere just short of the halfway line. Three-one. Well that wasn’t supposed to happen.

It goes without saying that the GIZ pulled one back, given their affection for late goals, but it ultimately served to help their goal difference remain just ahead of MarquezOW’s, and nothing more. Once again, the title has slipped out of their grasp – and they now rely on Caires City to take at least a point off the naranja on the final day. Um… would that be the Caires City managed by former Green Island coach Hane Davies? Aye, thought so…

And so, a morgue it was – for the Wanderers’ victory was indeed not enough to keep them up, after the Indies and Caires Sports shared a point. The key match at the bottom was in Clotaire meanwhile, with William Alvis scoring a scorching winner for CandelariaAM inside injury time to leave the final weekend a three-way tussle between the three Candelarian clubs to avoid the drop. Radyukevich are home and dry after a thumping victory in Arrigo, and can now sit back and cheer on the Marbles’ bid to relegate Port of Clotaire…

As for Cathedral City, they left after an eight-season spell in the top-flight with barely a whimper, in a two-nil defeat in Bove. The inevitable immediately followed – each and every player in the squad aged over twenty-one were put on the transfer list, with Ad’ihan internationals Danny Evans and Francis Doyle certain to be snapped up by UILC sides in a matter of days. Nicole Delara will make a handy new addition for someone, Jatobá can probably still do a job in this division (can we hear Gamboa calling, perchance?), Seb Ferreira was once considered a Big Blues centre-half in-waiting for a reason, Ilga NorthWalker has shown glimpses here and there… Basically, they should never have gone down, and both Torrealba and Da Silva should hang their heads in shame, and it’s a really sad day for Candelariasian football, an–

Yeah okay, so over it now.

AFC MN Smith 2-0 Cathedral City (Lewis 62, Harrison 89)
Albrecht Independent FC 1-1 Caires Sports (Rogers 19; Sinjinir 87)
Albrecht FC 1-2 Albrecht Turkish (Kim 42; Innisvale 1, Rotherwell 57)
Arrigo Portuguese 0-3 Radyukevich CSC (O’Leary 15, Adekunde 19, Clayton 56)
Caires City 4-1 El din Marbles (Palmer og 6, J. Marshall 24, González 34, Perry 90; Sánchez 5)
Marquez-Onwere 2-0 KT Hotspur (Oliveira Tavares 5, Souto Maior 11)
Port of Clotaire 1-2 Candelaria-Allemali (Ham 60; Kim M. 27, Alvis 90+1)
Sloane Wanderers 3-2 Green Island (Aldren 40, Prideaux 55, Loftus 61; Osborne 21, Anwamanë 81)
Tenderville United 2-1 Gamboa FC (Martinez 53, Deleks 82; Potter 3)

International Update… ‘spose we ought to be sticking this in here, so… Er. The update is; the Spur got done by more ghastly Septentrionionionions, MarquezOW put six past Deddick, which is… nice, for them, and, um… yeah. That’s about it. Bring on the group stages, for God’s sake.

Matchday Thirty-Four… Ahh, the final Saturday afternoon. Is there a finer day in the Candelariasian sporting calendar than this? With the title and final relegation spot up for grabs, not to mention all the ICC places (assuming we get the same number as last time, and Caires Sports don’t go on and win the Champions’ Cup, and other deeply annoying stuff like that), it should be really rather enjoyable.

‘Tis a sad day, in other ways, for this is my final matchday report. After many years chewing it over, I’ve decided to listen to my calling and take up missionary work in the south pacific. It’ll be a wrench, but remember that Jesus loves you.

He’s the Marquezian bloke who’ll be doing the daily updates during XXXV.

Any road up, here’s the stats where they stood.

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  Marquez-Onwere            33  21   6   6   67   38   29   69
    2  Green Island              33  21   5   7   70   39   31   68

Up top, MarquezOW would take the title with a victory at Caires City. Otherwise, the GIZ needed to go one better than the naranja, with a point at home to CandelariaAM and a MarquezOW defeat enough to hand them a first title of the international era on goal difference.

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    4  Albrecht FC               33  16   9   8   65   37   28   57
    5  Albrecht Turkish          33  15  10   8   50   35   15   55
    6  Caires Sports             33  14  12   7   40   29   11   54
    7  KT Hotspur                33  13  12   8   42   34    8   51
    8  Caires City               33  14   8  11   64   50   14   50

The Scorpions and Tenderville would be battling it out for third, but the more important concerns saw Albrecht aiming to out-point Turkish and keep in the TQCC qualifying top three. Fourth, quite blatantly, is a major lottery – one which Turkish would be keen to avoid, but they also need the points at Arrigo to hold off Caires Sports, at home to relegated Catedral. KT Hotspur and City both have Globe Cup places in the bag once more, but were competing to skip a preliminary round or two by their league placings.

Code: Select all
  Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   14  Port of Clotaire          33   9   6  18   29   54  -25   33
   15  Albrecht Independent FC   33   8   8  17   41   60  -19   32
   16  Candelaria-Allemali       33   6  12  15   35   56  -21   30

All eyes really were on Zapata, with CandelariaAM needing an unlikely victory to avoid succumbing to the drop. The Indies, for their part, hosted Albrecht FC – while PoC could potentially have been drawn into the fight with a defeat at home to the ravaged squad of the El din Marbles.

Off we trot, then.

Minute 1 ~ Ahh, nothing like a first-minute goal to get the pulses racing (it’s an unusual sport, played predominately in the north-east of Marquez on slopes conducive to accurate rolling, with the runner bean understandably considered the layman’s choice, though in recent years the establishment of one of the island’s more atypical ethnic communities has see–

Minute 2 ~ Sorry, yes, goal. Josh Belmore, indeed, the little fella who’s never going to be quite as good as we’d all once hoped but can certainly be relied upon to make it into double figures every season, even for an anti-football side like Caires Sports. And has done. He’s scored ten. On this occasion it came from the most un-Knights move you could expect to find, with Ahadris Kolukernin clearing long from Jatobá’s hit-and-hope, signmesignmesignme effort, with the ever-youthful Robbie Sinjinir knocking on for his ickle chum. The Catedral defence, it goes without saying, wasn’t present for the occasion.

Minute 3 ~ Yeah, alright, not ‘anti-football’ per se, but… Oh, there’ll be letters…

Minute 4 ~ Interesting… if you’re remotely interested in whether Tenderville can secure two places on the XXXIV row on the wiki, having made the cup final an’ all, and now going for a truly historic and completely implausible third place… Er, they’re behind. Erik Kjaer’s still got it, when he wants it, and did to Makkis Savvidis what Macario Oliveira Tavares couldn’t come close to, a week or two back. Nice one, you old bugger.

Minute 5 ~ Kim Zetaback, who surely won’t be able to stomach another season for the Harpies and should, if she’s got any sense, make way for a random Sortherner and go back home, hits a dipping volley past Bartolomeu to make Port of Clotaire all but safe. That’s nice for them. One day, they might even trouble the top half again.

Minute 7 ~ Aaaand one for Ham Hyi-san, and the PoC are running over the Marbles here. Panadero, it should be mentioned, isn’t even in the Marbles dugout, with Evan Laurie enjoying, after a fashion, an extremely brief caretaker spell before big Abby Soro gets the nod next term.

Minute 17 ~ Some random Pasargian pulls one back for the Marbles… Can we have some goals elsewhere, please?

Minute 18 ~ Cheers. Francis Doyle with the Catedral equaliser. I was just about to point out that the Knights were ahead of Turkish and into the fourth TQCC spot at the moment… but now they’re not, ‘cos of that. Back where we started, nothing to see here, move along…

Minute 20 ~ GOOOOAAAAAAL!! First really big one of the afternoon, and it comes for the GIZ’s Tom Osborne, with Thingy Durosa easily outwitting CandelariaAM stand-in centre-half Dean Jackson to tee up Green native Osborne’s tap-in through the meaty thighs of Marra Riverfarer!

Minute 21 ~ And what that means, of course, is that Green Island inch a point ahead of MarquezOW and have one hand on the trophy.

Minute 22 ~ To be fair, for the sake of accuracy, they would have anyway – the CMSC trophy itself is waiting in Marlow Park rather than the McNeil Bingo Arena, with the lifty-paradey thing expected to happen at the Escalera Naranja next week, in the event that MarquezOW turn this one around.

Minute 25 ~ Which isn’t overly likely, by the current looks of things, with Salvador González and Lawrence Amey – the outward-bound Lawrence Amey, if the tattlepress are to be believed – going the closest in the all-important clash oop north so far.

Minute 26 ~ Good good finish from big Lacerda. On the goal-scoring front he’s been comfortably overshadowed by fellow Cafundelense Jorge Roberto for Gamboa, but there’s few better in this division right now at holding the ball up and bringing his team-mates into play. And if Samual Fortal can’t handle him, he must be good.

Minute 28 ~ Must… resist… temptation to do… Postman… song… Eh? He’s off at the Oxen Cup, and it were young Carter Lockyer who scored for MN Smith against the Wanderers instead? Superb!

Minute 31 ~ Eeek, Pappas goes mighty close for the naranja, but Russ Becker just bats in clear. The City goalie’s had a pretty dire season, all things considered, though the Errant Knights’ rather unimpressive defensive record isn’t entirely his fault… It’s clear, for one thing, that Tuomas Hindenburg desperately needs a new partner, as oooh… Dennin goes close this time… All they need is one goal, and the title’s back in their pocket.

Minute 33 ~ A comparatively rare goal for Wanderley, and you certainly have to wonder whether the new Albrecht FC boss, whoever he may be, is going to stand by the Cafundelense or find a shiny new partner for Kim. Even if he, or she, doesn’t end up looking outside his, or her, squad, Simon Chinn must surely be well overdue a chance up front.

Minute 38 ~ Not so good news for the Scorpions, who lose Fred Foster to an ankle… thing, but getting the three points they need at the Army Ground to move up to third shouldn’t be a problem still.

Minute 40 ~ Or… maybe not. Drunn Deleks, who really is just having an insanely good Clausura, sticks an equaliser past Cafundéu-bound Christian Fernández Montes (oh, and to think he was almost off to the Sargossan league a few weeks ago, ho ho ho) despite the keeper’s fine lunge. Albrecht still have it on goal difference as it stands.

Minute 44 ~ Gowwwwwlll…. for Green Island, Lúthien Anwamanë with an odiously simple finish after a fine moment of work from guess-who (yes, that’s right, Pasargian midfielder Gerson Illés), and the Shining Sons simply don’t look like they’ve got anything left in the tank. This one’s won, but all eyes are on Caires.

Minute 45 ~ Second goal for Gamboa, second for Lacerda… and that puts them back in front, actually, since I missed Fortal’s equaliser a few minutes ago. Terribly sorry, old bean.

Minute 45 and a bit ~ Gooooooool for William Lacamoire, astonishingly enough, completely embarrassing Courtney Poole (seriously, women in football, when are we going to learn?) and putting Portuguese one up against Turkish. Bit of a calculator job, this, but it leaves Turkish in fifth on goal difference, and a Caires Sports winner in El din could well put them outside the TQCC once again. Fabio Mannasuch does not look a happy bunny. One wonders why he cares, given that he’s offski once he’s knocked off the Prince’s Shield.

Anyway… Off to raid the vending machine. Who wants to share my twiglets?

Minute 46 ~ Prwfhafh! Pwah Praf pap! Pra… Ugh… They’re actually revolting, aren’t they, when you get right down to it. Where was I…? Oh yes.

Minute 47 ~ GOOAAAAALL….!!! And this is the big one, a superb swirling cross from Anthony Jones into the feet of Cas Richardson, and the much-travelled big Candelariasian makes the stab at it… A wicked deflection off Cotuba gives City the lead, and the naranja suddenly have a mountain to climb.

Minute 54 ~ They’re bouncing in Zapata, which probably isn’t especially wise looking at that roof, but Kim Mihyeon’s just gone pretty close so don’t discount CandelariaAM from this one just yet…

Minute 56 ~ An equaliser for the Marbles at Harper Street, but it doesn’t particularly change much… Port of Clotaire are surely safe now, and engaged primarily in a little tussle of their own to see which of the Clotaire clubs finishes higher in the final table.

Minute 59 ~ Oooh… Blimey. A seemingly innocuous challenge there between Jorge Roberto – who can normally be counted upon to go down like a sack of spuds but decided here to hold his own, for some reason – and Samual Fortal, sees the Rennidanian hardman come much the worse off… Ick. Is his leg supposed to…? Cor…

Minute 60 ~ Quite entertaining though, I mean given how much of that kind of thing he’s dished out over the years… KT Hotspur really are going to have to do some major rebuilding at the back next term. And find a manager. Hey, maybe this would be the perfect opportunity for them to reverse the habit of a lifetime and actually put out a modestly attack-minded team next term, if… Eh, who’re we kidding?

Minute 61 ~ Second goal for Wanderley; absolutely dire defending from the Indies. If they do stay up, bless ‘em, they’re going to need some seriously major additions at the back themselves…

Minute 63 ~ Augustine Denniiiiinnnn…. Juuust wide from the Dancougan veteran, and MarquezOW are really struggling to find one goal here, never mind two…

Minute 70 ~ Caleb Edwards, PoC player of the season by all accounts, puts the Harpies back in front in their little cracker against the Marbles. That’s nice for them.

Minute 71 ~ And Wanderley completes his hat-trick, so you can stick all that stuff about Kim needing a new partner up your jacksie, in all probability. *Sigh*

Minute 72 ~ Sooo close from Oliveira Tavares there… did I just say ‘sooo’?… and Becker scrabbles to get it round the post. Poor corner from the C&M lefty in the end, put MarquezOW are ratcheting up the pressure none the less. Incidentally, this would probably be a good time to remind you that if you’d rather discard these primitive text feeds in favour of the real thing, then all this scorchin’ action is available on a telly broadcaster near you! Shucks, why not be all proactive and add your local network to the list, an–

Minute 73 ~ Goal for Salvador González, two-nil Caires City, game over, goodnight! And congratulations Green Island!

Minute 75 ~ Kim Zetaback puts Port of Clotaire four-two up.

Minute 77 ~ Ooh, something interesting. Sort of. A goal for Ilga NorthWalker in front of a distinctly hostile Decimotercia puts Catedral two-one up against Caires Sports, and pretty much hands Turkish a TQCC preliminary place.

Minute 78 ~ And lordy be, don’t they just need a helping hand like that…? Harry Oughton, who really hasn’t had his best season with Portuguese, scores an absolute screamer to put Turkish down, but certainly not out. They’ll have the last laugh, but this is a poor way to end their league campaign.

Minute 80 ~ Or… conceivably not, as Darren Robinson pulls one back. Dennin, meanwhile, has gone close again in Caires but surely there’s no way back for the naranja in this one…?

Minute 83 ~ If there is, they can certainly learn from Turkish – old Julius Rotherwell finds the equaliser out of absolutely nothing… Ooh, and Tenderville take the lead against Radyukevich, and that could be third place all sewn up for them… somehow…

Minute 84 ~ Kim Mihyeon skies a shot, and would you believe Green Island are actually defending now…? Hanging on to a two-goal lead though, they look safe as houses. An awful lot of happy faces at Marlow Park… and a few worryingly emaciated ones, and others apparently covered in soot, and… Anyway

Minute 86 ~ Well. Not entirely sure what Mannasuch has threatened his assorted men and women at Turkish with, but it’s certainly done the trick! A superb comeback at Portuguese, with Rotherwell tucking home the winner from the spot, but the locals are streaming out now… Surely this is the end of Eduardo Morales’ obsession with turning the biggest club on Marquez into a Kura-Pellandi sideshow?

Minute 87 ~ Drunn Deleks completes a hat-trick, the Dragons are definitely third… and, I might add, only three extra wins and goal difference away from winning the bloody title. Bloody yanqs…

Minute 88 ~ Ho, and Danny Evans receives a straight red for bringing down Belmore in the box… Has any foreign keeper had less fun during his CMSC stay than the poor old Ad’ihani?

Minute 89 ~ Sinjinir takes the pen… and it’s saved by asterisk-level talented nineteen year-old Adeliz Giménez. She’s a female goalkeeper. We’re through the looking glass here, people…

Minute 90 and a bit ~ Final whistles in various places… But not yet where it matters. Surely it’s all a formality now, but…

Minute 90 and a bit more ~ And that’s your lot, it’s all over, Caires City beat MarquezOW, Osborne slices the ball high in the air right down south, and Green Island Zapata Football Club take their second ever CMSC title, their first for eighteen seasons, their first silverware all told since the XXV CMS Cup… And all those near-misses of the past are banished, the CMSC Trophy leaves Candelaria And Marquez for the second ever time… Cor. And when all’s said and done, you’ve got to tip your hat to Allan Adams. This is a self-made man from Mary’s Park who made his fortune in refuse collection before leaving Candelaria after his business was nationalised and settling on Green. Decades later, after becoming GIZ chairman, his policy of mixing pointy international stars with home-grown youngsters – va Drakes y Saundersons, if you will – has finally paid off, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a title victory celebrated quite so much before… Proper old-fashioned pitch invasion here, quite a lot of banners and things, that’s… No matter; Espy va Drake, the club captain, takes the mic here and will address the crowd, and…

And we would appear to have lost our connection to Marlow Park, there. That’s curious…

Ne’er mind. Congratubloodylations to the GIZ, because you may not be from Candelaria And Marquez proper, but at least you’re not damned Nethertopians! Boo-yah, sirs!

AFC MN Smith 1-0 Sloane Wanderers (Lockyer 28)
Albrecht Independent FC 0-3 Albrecht FC (Wanderley 33 and 61 and 71)
Arrigo Portuguese 2-3 Albrecht Turkish (Lacamoire 45+2, Oughton 78; Robinson 80, Rotherwell 83 and 86)
Caires City 2-0 Marquez-Onwere (Cotuba og 46, González 74)
Cathedral City 2-1 Caires Sports (Doyle 18, NorthWalker 77; Belmore 1)
Gamboa FC 2-1 KT Hotspur (Lacerda 26 and 45; Fortal 32)
Green Island 2-0 Candelaria-Allemali (Osborne 20, Anwamanë 44)
Port of Clotaire 4-2 El din Marbles (Zetaback 5 and 75, Ham 7, Edwards 70; Berecz 17, Sánchez 56)
Tenderville United 3-1 Radyukevich CSC (Deleks 40 and 83 and 87; Kjaer 3)

Code: Select all
CMSC XXXIV Final Standings
  Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  Green Island              34  22   5   7   72   39   33   71  CHAMPIONS/TQCC
    2  Marquez-Onwere            34  21   6   7   67   40   27   69  TQCC
    3  Tenderville United        34  19   5  10   53   42   11   62
    4  Albrecht FC               34  17   9   8   68   37   31   60  TQCC
    5  Albrecht Turkish          34  16  10   8   53   37   16   58  TQCC
    6  Caires Sports             34  14  12   8   41   31   10   54  GC
    7  Caires City               34  15   8  11   66   50   16   53  GC
    8  KT Hotspur                34  13  12   9   43   36    7   51  GC
    9  El din Marbles            34  11  12  11   46   52   -6   45
   10  AFC MN Smith              34  11  11  12   41   48   -7   44
   11  Arrigo Portuguese         34  10  12  12   50   53   -3   42
   12  Gamboa FC                 34   9  12  13   46   50   -4   39
   13  Port of Clotaire          34  10   6  18   33   56  -23   36
   14  Radyukevich CSC           34   8  11  15   45   59  -14   35
   15  Albrecht Independent FC   34   8   8  18   41   63  -22   32
   16  Candelaria-Allemali       34   6  12  16   35   58  -23   30  REL
   17  Sloane Wanderers          34   7   7  20   40   61  -21   28  REL
   18  Cathedral City            34   8   4  22   37   64  -27   28  REL

TQCC & GC places will be confirmed in a very public and unnecessarily showy way at some point following the publishing of post-TQCC14 coefficients.

Players of the Season

Golden Boot:

1st Augustine Dennin, Marquez-Onwere, 23 goals
2nd Lúthien Anwamanë, Green Island, 20 goals
3rd Drunn Deleks, Tenderville United, 19 goals

Players’ Player of the Season:

1st Souto Maior, Marquez-Onwere
2nd Fred Foster, Albrecht FC
3rd Aintôrthea Durosa, Green Island

While these awards are frankly pony, given how players generally know even less about football than the country’s journalists, and split votes for similar players tend to see less likely candidates slip into contention; let’s just acknowledge the recognition that – for all the performances of those top three goal scorers up there and a handful of fine defender – this season was all about the creative, goalscoring midfielders.

Leopoldo Souto Maior, while an ever-so slightly dubious choice for the actual gong (we’re guessing that the likes of William, Werner, Rossi, Jatobá, Banz and Aldo just happen to be their club’s nominated PFA representative, given how this is the second year in a row a Cafundelense has won this one), has never the less pulled MarquezOW’s drawstrings throughout; the perfect link man between Dennin, Joãio and all the rest, as well as chipping in with just the sixteen goals himself, putting him fourth on the list and ahead of the likes of Kim Daeeui and William Lacamoire. You certainly can’t accuse this division of not having top-quality, second-rate Cafundelenses a-go-go!

Sportswriters’ Player of the Season:

1st Espy va Drake, Green Island
2nd Drunn Deleks, Tenderville United
3rd Souto Maior, Marquez-Onwere

Two players with rather similar seasons top the slightly more intellectual of the top gongs, with the big E coming out on top for the second season in a row. You wouldn’t have thought that possible during the Clausura’s early stages, with a plainly lethargic va Drake propped up by Durosa and the like. Likewise, Deleks was nowhere to be seen while Tenderville struggled miserably throughout the Apertura… And then it all changed, with the Rennidanian perpetual youngster hitting thirteen in seventeen and va Drake’s own tally coming to total fourteen as he brushed aside the competition in his own inimitable fashion. He really is very good, isn’t he?

Young Player of the Season:

1st Jacob Davies, Marquez-Onwere
2nd Jordon Hawker, KT Hotspur
3rd Luis Pavoni, El din Marbles

Wow, a centre-half actually wins this one. That’s not happened since, like, ever. While the presence of Eric O’Brien alongside him and Amern S’toris in goal certainly did Davies the power of good in assisting his development, there’s no arguing that he’s not a very special talent that the naranja really could have done with during their title run-in.

Hawker is likewise a C&M regular of the very near future, and moves up from third on this list to second after making the switch to the Spur, while whoever voted must be given props for handing Pavoni a nod – pretty much holding the Marbles together while their Nethies were off at the Harmony or Oxen, or otherwise injured, Pavoni wasn’t even selected for the Small Blues. We really do have strength in depth in the attack-minded midfield role, don’t we? Pity about everywhere else…

Manager of the Season:

1st Brian Carson, Tenderville United
2nd Daft Massimo, Green Island
3rd Keron Alhrem, Caires Sports

Sweet mother of mercy, the title-winning boss didn’t get this particular gong… Is that a first? Anyway, sweet old Brian Carson not unreasonably picks this one up for rescuing his own Dragons career from the brink of collapse and dragging his side up into the top three (and the TQCC group stages an’ all), and getting them through to the CMS Cup final; while Alhrem’s continued success with the Knights and Massimo’s league trophy makes this a banner year for the elderly.

Foreigner of the Season:

1st Augustine Dennin, Marquez-Onwere [Dancougar]
2nd Lúthien Anwamanë, Green Island [Valanora]
3rd Espy va Drake, Green Island [Valanora]

Still as utterly redundant as ever, this one, and so bunged in Dennin’s direction as part of everybody-gets-an-award day. But, despite being an undoubted beneficiary of the naranja’s playing style, he’s never the less been an immense goalscorer in his own twilight years.

Keeper of the Season:

1st Harry Rosalia, Albrecht FC
2nd Amern S’toris, Marquez-Onwere
3rd Christian Fernández Montes, Radyukevich CSC

This one, by all accounts, was a bit of a struggle thanks to an extremely limited selection of possibly candidates… The top two have certainly been a consistent cut above the rest for some years now, and frankly the league’s crying out for half-decent ‘keepers.

Defender of the Season:

1st Ladordren Dorack, Green Island
2nd Gwynfardd Lopulalan, KT Hotspur
3rd William, Albrecht FC

With a flighty slip of a girl alongside him, thirtysomething full-backs out wide and Darren Bryson in goal; the fact that the GIZ let in fewer goals than Marquez-Onwere is testament to the former Raynor City man’s ability and experience on his first season in Candelariasian football, and he was arguably the major difference between XXXIII’s third-placed and this season’s title-winning side. No Caires Sports representation here, despite the Knights possessing the best defensive record, with the voters (whoever they are) apparently unable to pick between any of the back five.

Midfielder of the Season:

1st Aintôrthea Durosa, Green Island
2nd Souto Maior, Marquez-Onwere
3rd Lawrence Amey, Caires City

va Drake’s ignored here, presumably to give everyone else a chance, and despite the familiar look of the top three this was as strong a field as you could hope for. Fred Foster, Salvador González, Rossi, Roel Kuypers, Francisco Martinez, Macario Oliveira Tavares, Peter Rogers, Jordan Hawker, Ahershk Valinial, Katie Cincoski and several more could all have found themselves in the running in any other season, so… er… well done everyone!

Forward of the Season:

1st Drunn Deleks, Tenderville United
2nd Augustine Dennin, Marquez-Onwere
3rd Vorin Dariegan, KT Hotspur

Winning this one for the second season in a row, this award really should be handed out joint to Deleks and Erik Jans – without the big, Rennidanian-trained Nethertopian forward, Deleks looked half the player he once was during the Apertura, before coming alive once the new partnership had been established. As for Dariegan, the fact that he even breaks double figures so consistently without any real service still astonishes. No Candelariasian here, you’ll note. Cas Richardson, somewhat implausibly, was our own ‘best’ with thirteen goals…

Women of the Season:

1st Katie Cincoski, Albrecht Independent FC
2nd Lúthien Anwamanë, Green Island
3rd Bethany Nicholls, Candelaria-Allemali

I… What!?

Yes, for the first time the award giving committee saw fit to create this monstrosity. Superfluous at best and certainly patronising, it’s hard to see quite what the point is when the likes of Naoki Tonnelier and Natalie Instonenext and… and… stuff have picked up awards off their own bat in the past without needing one of their very own. What next, Homosexual of the Season? Candelariasian of the Season? Non-hum… er, you get the idea there, anyway.

So, Nicholls is probably elevated beyond any merit, but at least it shows a Candelariasian chick can almost keep up with the stronger sex. Durosa is a glaring omission from this list, by the by, and we can only assume that, since her shift from Michelle to Aintôrthea, everyone kinda forgot she was actually, y’know, female…

What? It’s plausible. Have you seen her lately!?

CMS Cup Final… The Scorpions didn’t have an awfully long way to travel for the cup final, given that the Solidarity Stadium was the venue of choice, while the Dragons had to cross both the Onbenaamde Waterleemte and the estrecho innomado (by boat on both occasions, with most internal and external flights to and from the Candelarias currently grounded and sent to their rooms without any supper) and were, not unreasonably, a little the worse for wear after only getting back from Sanghae barely twenty-four hours earlier.

It’s almost as if we planned it that way…

It’s fair to say that, for quite possibly the first time in recorded history, the entirety of the Candelarias (aside from Turkish and Portuguese supporters, naturally) were on Albrecht FC’s side for this one, with a Tenderville victory in the Candelaria And Marquez Soccer Cup being proper sign of the apocalypse stuff.

Happily for us all, therefore, it didn’t happen. Andy Le Lan appears to have got this cup final thing down to a find art and the last rites on the Amah-Ceyhun partnership were read by Kim and Wanderley, the Scorpions front two sparking fully for arguably the first time this season. Three-nil did absolutely not flatter Albrecht, what anyone says, with the holders becoming – with a scoreline identical to last seasons – the first side to retain a CMS Cup title since, um, themselves, back in VIII and IX. At least that’ll keep their inscrutable paymasters happy, eh?

Le Lan’s exit, while confirmed now, will have to wait until the close of his final ICC campaign, with the Scorpions up against Raynor City again but expected to roll over Banks and that well-known Commerce Heights outfit Casuals Osteria. Tenderville, interestingly enough, have Caires Sports – not the first meeting between Nethertopian and Candelariasian clubs internationally, we don’t think, but certainly the first where the Nethie one will arguably start favourites. For what it’s worth however, the Knights took all six points during the league this term – a couple of one-nil wins with Josh Belmore hitting the winner in both. That’s unusual…

Albrecht FC 3-0 Tenderville United (Kures 28, Kim 33, Wanderley 61)
@ Soldarity Stadium, Albrecht


Code: Select all
 T4S CMSC2 XXXIV Final Standings
  Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
    1  Melin & Nader             38  21   9   8   70   42   28   72  CHAMPIONS/SBCC
    2  NAPPC                     38  21   9   8   67   41   26   72  PROMOTED
    3  McDonald SC               38  20   8  10   57   41   16   68  SBCC
    4  Mayo Valley               38  19   8  11   51   38   13   65  SBCC
    5  Melin Professionals       38  16  13   9   53   42   11   61  SBCC
    6  Castillo FC               38  17   9  12   53   37   16   60
    7  Ironside-Talinger         38  15  13  10   59   39   20   58
    8  Candelaria Arsenal        38  15  10  13   58   54    4   55
    9  Turks’ Club               38  14  11  13   51   54   -3   53
   10  Deportivo María           38  16   4  18   54   51    3   52
   11  Alvery Blades             38  13  13  12   56   55    1   52
   12  Abiodun North             38  13  10  15   46   46    0   49
   13  Miranda FC                38  12  11  15   40   55  -15   47
   14  Brayton Town              38  12   8  18   57   63   -6   44
   15  Khatib FC                 38  11  10  17   37   45   -8   43
   16  Caires FC                 38  10  12  16   36   50  -14   42
   17  Arrigo C.d.F.             38  11   8  19   43   59  -16   41
   18  Fallon United             38  10   8  20   38   56  -18   38
   19  Liverpool Knights         38   9   9  20   38   72  -34   36   REL
   20  Club Marquez              38   8  11  19   39   63  -24   35  REL

They don’t hand out little trophies for winning the Clausura stage of the CMSC2, because frankly that’d be silly, but if they did there’d be no arguments about the winners… much to everyone else’s distaste.

Yes, Never Give Up & Always Keep the Ball Forward Peregrines & Peregrinus City Soccer Combination Football Club (or summat like that, we can’t be arsed to check) sacked our very own Ricardo Garcia in favour of Victor Wildeman (grr, etc), who promptly led his team to a grand total of two defeats in nineteen fixtures, the little get. So once more, that’s two Nethertopian clubs we’ve got to worry about in the top-flight next year.

Remind us again who said this was a good idea?

Actually going and winning the thing, however, were perennial “oh yes… them” side Melin & Nader, still managed by Nathaniel Ferraro and barely changed since the last time they were in the CMSC1. Woo.

CMSC2 Play-Offs

Castillo FC 4-0 McDonald SC
McDonald SC 0-0 Castillo FC
Aggregate: McDonald SC 0-4 Castillo FC

Melin Professionals 0-1 Mayo Valley
Mayo Valley 1-1 Melin Professionals
Aggregate: Mayo Valley 2-1 Melin Professionals

Castillo FC 0-0 Mayo Valley (1-1 AET) (Mayo Valley wins 4-3 on penalty kicks)
@ Solidarity Stadium, Albrecht

And so the battle for the final promotion place came down to a shoot-out between a bunch of Marquezian nationalists and western Candelarian bumpkins. And a few random Serbs, as it turned out, with teenage winger Joe Milošević putting away the decisive spot kick to send former league leaders Mayo back up and ensure that the little town of Hodgehill, how still we see thee lie, will once again be represented in the top-flight. Awesome.

The Regional Divisions

Code: Select all
Patton-Carmichael Candelarian Premier League XXXIV
   Pos  Team                     P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   1  Maidment SC               33  19   8   6   57   33   24   65  PROMOTED
   2  Dyce FC                   33  19   4  10   53   35   18   61
   3  Hanlon Warbirds           33  17   7   9   57   41   16   58
   4  Magnus United             33  15   8  10   47   35   12   53
   5  Di Alfonso Phoenix        33  14   8  11   44   42    2   50
   6  Alber City Wasps          33  14   6  13   40   38    2   48
   7  Webley Stadium            33  12   6  15   44   49   -5   42
   8  Dublynne Raiders          33  11   5  17   39   47   -8   38
   9  Starless City Nationals   33   9  10  14   31   37   -6   37
  10  Abiodun South             33   9   8  16   32   45  -13   35
  11  Saurin I.A.               33  10   5  18   34   57  -23   35
  12  Warne Cities              33   8   7  18   39   58  -19   31  REL

Right, God knows why these divisions really warrant comment, but anyway… Northern Candelarian club Maidment, who often tend to be there or thereabouts, went on a nice late surge as Magnus United tumbled horribly in tandem with Turkish’s early Clausura slump, and Warne went down. Um. As you can see from the table above. Yeah.

Code: Select all
The El Monstruo Verde Elite Championship XXXIV
 Pos  Team                        P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   1  Riverton Olympic          33  19   6   8   46   30   16   63  PROMOTED
   2  Onwere University         33  17   9   7   47   31   16   60
   3  Castellano Hills FC       33  18   6   9   51   37   14   60
   4  Chapon FC                 33  15   7  11   38   42   -4   52
   5  Bass FC                   33  14   9  10   54   41   13   51
   6  Newport Island            33  14   7  12   41   30   11   49
   7  Condory Bantams           33  12   7  14   46   44    2   43
   8  Fallon Town               33  12   7  14   47   47    0   43
   9  Swords of Bass            33  11   8  14   40   43   -3   41
  10  Blackwell Island          33  10   7  16   37   53  -16   37
  11  C.G.y.F.d.C.d.L.T.        33   5  12  16   29   45  -16   27
  12  Estrellas Brilliantes     33   6   5  22   27   60  -33   23  REL

The other half of the country saw Green Island side Riverton bounce straight back up, despite being only fifth after Matchday 27. MarquezOW’s feeder team – benefiting enormously from the naranja’s great huge squad – could consider themselves disappointed not to make the CMSC2 for the first time in their history, but I wouldn’t get yourself worked up about it especially.

Code: Select all
Cristal Chemical Stragetic Candelarian Second League XXXIV
 Pos  Team                            P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   1  Thoth Town SC                 33  17  11   5   46   25   21   62  PROMOTED
   2  Exeter Trident                33  17   5  11   50   32   18   56
   3  The New Saints                33  15   8  10   55   35   20   53
   4  Lesperance Knights            33  13  13   7   44   39    5   52
   5  Preece Town                   33  13   8  12   39   37    2   47
   6  Lower Wessaxontown Magicians  33  12  10  11   50   46    4   46
   7  Bulent GBC                    33  12  10  11   36   36    0   46
   8  Catherin FC                   33  12   8  13   37   39   -2   44
   9  Cleal Beck                    33  11   6  16   36   49  -13   39
  10  Warbirds Talinger             33  10   8  15   28   41  -13   38
  11  Thompsontown Bettians         33   7  10  16   28   53  -25   31
  12  Mount Lo                      33   7   7  19   26   43  -17   28  REL

Back to Candelaria, and it was the turn of KT Hotspur’s kids and fogies to fall just short of jumping up a division. Instead, and having recovered from inexplicably losing half their squad to the NWD1 a couple of years ago, it’s the surprise package of The House on the Hill, from somewhere near Bove apparently, who contrive to get themselves promoted. More good news meanwhile for Mayo Valley, who saw Vo FC drop out of the semi-pro divisions last term and waved goodbye to their own only plausible rivals, Mount Lo, this time around. The Scruggs Pickings Sharks come back up in their place, as they do often tend to.

Code: Select all
Campeonato de la Doble Vidriera de la Élite XXXIV
 Pos  Team                        P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   1  Club Atlético Lugar       33  15  14   4   59   36   23   59  PROMOTED
   2  Guerreros de Agujero      33  15  12   6   43   31   12   57
   3  San Juan                  33  14  11   8   49   28   21   53
   4  Nader FC                  33  12  12   9   43   42    1   48
   5  Club Atlético Fasnia      33  14   6  13   41   40    1   48
   6  Gómez United              33  12  11  10   47   40    7   47
   7  Korslund                  33  11   9  13   36   36    0   42
   8  Chapon United             33   9  12  12   39   46   -7   39
   9  Gustavo Sánchez           33   8  14  11   32   39   -7   38
  10  New Taylor Road           33   9   8  16   37   57  -20   35
  11  Los Realejos Storks       33   7  12  14   42   55  -13   33
  12  Robert Simpson FC         33   6  11  16   25   43  -18   29  REL

Aaaaand finally… oh God, I really don’t care. Marquez Athletic went up, if it really matters to anyone.

International Update… Mm, another one, since we spent so long getting the bloody tables to work that the entire TQCC group stage went by.

So, to put it in simple terms, Albrecht are still pretty good internationally and so are Green Island, Caires Sports aren’t quite as much, and Tenderville are funny. It all matters for naught however, because the most obscure of the three remaining Septentrionie clubs are clearly going to go on to win the whole thing anyway.

Thank you.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:21 pm
by Cafundeu
Qazox wrote:HMMMM.. no mention of CHARLES FELD UNIVERISTY at all in the Globe Cup.

Don't worry about it too much Caf, they probably would have lost in the 1st qualifying stage anyway.

Well, Qazox, you should look better at the last post, as you'll notice that there is a mention of Charles Feld University... they have participated in the Globe Cup as expected, there is no mistake.

If you look closely to the post, you'll notice the following line in the results of the Qualifying Stage 1st leg:

Code: Select all
(QZX)       Charles Feld University     1-2     Orthopedists                  (EIT)

And, in the results of the 2nd leg:

Code: Select all
(EIT)                  Orthopedists (5) 3-1 (2) Charles Feld University       (QZX)

As you can see, they lost to the Orthopedists in the Qualifying Stage. That's okay to raise a discussion about it, but please next time use the discussion thread for this, as there is the right place for it.

Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:31 pm
by The Animal Union


Code: Select all
1. UNION TOWN HAWKS. 1-0-0, 3 pts, 3-1.
         2. IRELUNDIA TOWN FC. 1-0-0, 3 pts, 2-1.
         3. TORTOLIA FC. 0-1-0, 1 pt, 1-1.
         4. PROSTINIUM FC. 0-1-0, 1 pt, 1-1.
         5. LISBONA FC. 0-0-1, 0 pts, 1-2.
         6. PARINIA. 0-0-1, 0 pts, 1-3.

Code: Select all
         1st. Johnson, UT.
         16th. Johnson, UT.
         23rd. Willias, P.
         79th. Hanasi, UT.
         29th. Y, Harper, UT.
         20th. Bono, LFC.
         26th. Kane, ITFC.
         74th. Richards, ITFC.
         43rd. Kaper, PFC.
         45th. Johns, TFC.
         76th. Y, June, PFC.

Code: Select all
         "The Prostinium Forces held off four shots and only missed one, which made the draw. I am somewhat upset at the poor defence in the season opener."
         ATN SPORT AU, ON UT V. PA.
         "Union Town displayed it's agility and power in it's expected-yet-stunning 3-1 murder of Parinia. Very impressive."
         ROBERT JAMES, ON IT V. L.
         "Irelundia Town will enjoy it's victory this week, but it might be loathing next week against Union Town."

Code: Select all
Irelundia Town FC v. Lisbona FC. 67th minute. Quain, ITFC. Broken nose. Expected return: Round 13.

Code: Select all
Union Town Hawks v. Irelundia Town FC. 17:00, Irelundia Stadium.
         Prostinium FC v. Lisbona FC. 15:00, Lisbona Stadium.
         Parinia v. Tortolia FC. 19:00, Parinia Stadium.