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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Cafundeu » Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:37 am


SÃO JORGE: Júlio; Evandro, Nelsinho, Silva and Mário Fontes; Ulisses, Betinho, Gutiérrez and Omar; Kelson and Ikaru.
Coach: Fabrício Casagrande.
President: Jorge Henrique de Menezes.
Team Full Name: Real Clube São Jorge de Futebol.
Team Style: offensive, focuses on passing.
Strongest Point: the offensive midfield.
Weakest Point: central defence.
Nickname: Esquimós.
Stadium Used: Estádio Municipal do Norte, in São Jorge (cap. 20,000).
State: Dunboor.
Team Sponsor: Churrascarias Brasa Mora.
Home Kit: white shirt and blue shorts.
Away Kit: light blue shirts and shorts.
Other Facts: São Jorge was ever a solid team in the Second Division, but only know the team was able to get the promotion. Things, however, are going to be very difficult now, as the team doesn’t have top players – at least compared to the other Cafundelense major clubs – and don’t have tradition. A tough battle against relegation lies ahead.
Transfer Market: Omar and Silva came from abroad, but the biggest signing was the arrival of midfielder Gutiérrez, who was owned by Banco Econômico – and therefore Malla Gukjei – before.
Fans’ Favourite: attacker Kelson is very popular due to the fact he has played in São Jorge for the last 10 years, but defender Nelsinho is also very famous and respected in the team.
Good Bench Players: Curupira (goalkeeper), Nestor (defender) and Pedrão (defender).
The Fans Expect: escape relegation.
Fans’ style: passionate (low number) – nice supporters, involving many family, but in a restricted area.
Club Tradition: recent team – newcomer to 1st Division environment.
Experts’ Ratings: Sílvio Ruiz (*), Jorge Lang (**), Carlos Alberto Gujabre (*).

SAMBARILOVE: Peru; Benedito, Jassa, Negão and Fininho; Mano Firmeza, Banana, Saci and Gérson; Garanhão and Malandro.
Coach: Oswaldo Carvalho Pinto.
President: Hugo Kiklom.
Team Full Name: Organização Sambarilove para Esportes e Eventos.
Team Style: balanced, likes to counterattack.
Strongest Point: the midfield.
Weakest Point: the attack, it’s horrible.
Nickname: Boêmios.
Stadium Used: Várzea do Bar do Zé, in Guará (cap. 30,000).
State: Lasft.
Team Sponsor: Bar do Zé.
Home Kit: blue shirt with red stripes and blue shorts.
Away Kit: red shirt and blue shorts.
Other Facts: maybe you remember them from many seasons ago… or not. Sambarilove tried to establish in the First Division, but failed and passed many years in the second, unable to get the promotion. Now back to the top, they have the sad news that they are now the worst team of the top division.
Transfer Market: no big deals.
Fans’ Favourites: it changes often, depends on who’s performing well at that moment. Currently it’s midfielder Banana.
Good Bench Players: Girino (defender), Celsinho (midfielder), Palhares (midfielder).
The Fans Expect: escape relegation.
Fans’ style: calm (average number) – most are samba musicians or people who love carnival.
Club Tradition: just slightly traditional – fighting to be a consistent 1st Division team.
Experts’ Ratings: Sílvio Ruiz (*), Jorge Lang (*), Carlos Alberto Gujabre (*).

FAVOURITES: survey’s results:

18% - Petardos S/A
15% - Ranca Toco
13% - Cafundó do Juta and A.F.F.
11% - Atlético Jutense
10% - Clube Imperial and Dunboor FC
5% - Porto Lacruz
3% - América
2% - Central United


47% - Sambarilove
36% - São Jorge
10% - Engenheiro Peres
5% - Metropolitano
1% - Rio Bonito and Atlético Insular

SECOND DIVISION (participating teams) - Clube Comercial, Aliança, Galáxia, Carandirú, Penders, Santa Cruz do Norte, Cruzeiro do Sul, Nova Éden, Tênis Clube, Clube dos Banqueiros, São José, EC Elville, União Trabalhadora, Vila Velha, Tabajara, CR Submiria, Nacional da Cruz, Imperatriz, Agreman FH, Real Jaçanã.

Favourites: Clube Comercial, Galáxia, Santa Cruz do Norte, Cruzeiro do Sul, Clube dos Banqueiros.

THIRD DIVISION (participating teams) - Coqueiros, Petrol, Varzeano, Pernetas EC, Tio João, Massaranduba FC, Eldorado, SC Haja Coração, Royal Pollvogarad, Pico da Neblina, Mondragon Warriors, Aldeia Vigiah, Ferroviário, SC Carnavalesco, Faculdade de Medicina, Bandeirantes, Palestra, Tropicália, Miragaia FC.

Favourites: Coqueiros, Varzeano, Eldorado, SC Haja Coração, Pico da Neblina.

FOURTH DIVISION (participating teams) - Mocidade, Zeca Futebol, Espinalense, Forças Armadas, Estrela da Manhã, Coríntios Jutense, Cosmopolita, União, Esportivo Jutense, Globo Multimídia, Amigos do Pebolim, Desportiva, Supersônicos, Legião de Srieth, Associação Imobiliária, Guaraense, Sport Clube, Independência, Grêmio Lux, Peladeiros.

Favourites: Mocidade, Estrela da Manhã, Coríntios Jutense, Amigos do Pebolim, Desportiva.

FIFTH DIVISION (participating teams) - Multiclínicas, Ribeirão, Dunbooritano, Gelid United, Boiadeiros, Al-Zalabahad FC, Ilha do Mel, C-Electronics, Velha Guarda, Baback FC, Moto Clube, Virgem Maria EC, Litorâneo, Morro do Galo, Clube do Conde, Clube do Fusca, Vitória de Espinal, Atlético Central, Montes Negros, Real Ouro Branco.

Favourites: Multiclínicas, Ilha do Mel, Morro do Galo, Vitória de Espinal, Atlético Central.

TQCC/GC/SBCC teams and/or venues to be decided on the Jowenguard Crown, to come soon.
Monopolists' Sport Achievements:
World Cup Committee President (WCs 55-57)
Cup of Harmony 27 and 48 Champions; World Cup 44 runner-ups

AOCAF 33, DBC 15/17/18 Champions; BoF 19(WC32) runner-ups; Oxen Cup 1/8 Champions; WGPC9 Champions
DBC 16; OFC6; AOCAF27/30 runner-ups; Q-Cup 2 and Women's World Cup 11 Champions

Olympics: Host of V Winter Olympics and VI Summer Olympics - III Summer Olympics: best overall performance
Hosted: WWC8; BoF21 (WC34); BoF30 (WC43); BoF37 (WC50); CoH31; CoH36

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Commerce Heights » Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:01 am

As the initially-stated deadline for TakilQuip Champions’ Cup 15 entry is in less than twenty-four hours, and there are still not enough teams from Section I entered (though Cafundéu’s expected entry will solve this), the deadline is extended by twenty-four hours, to 16:00 UTC on Thursday, 2009–07–09.

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Somewhereistonia » Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:39 am

This is brought to you by Hyeondae


The results


Code: Select all

 Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   1  Atlantas Klaipaada        38  29   3   6  115   51   64   90  C/TQCC
   2  Metalurgs                 38  24   7   7  104   61   43   79  TQCC
   3  Dinamo Karrakiv           38  24   5   9  114   65   49   77  GC
   4  Qasarian Sparta           38  23   8   7  112   72   40   77  GC
   5  Qasarian City             38  22   6  10   97   81   16   72  GC
   6  FK Koltelcia              38  21   4  13   96   69   27   67
   7  Ventspils Redwings        38  20   6  12   94   63   31   66
   8  Skonto Liepaja            38  14   8  16   81   85   -4   50
   9  Kalev Talla               38  13  10  15   68   70   -2   49
  10  FBK Karrakiv              38  13  10  15   67   77  -10   49
  11  Vetra Jurmala             38  14   6  18   75   76   -1   48
  12  FK Ekranos Panev          38  12   9  17   66   83  -17   45
  13  FBK Kedainiai             38  11  10  17   64   84  -20   43
  14  Silute City               38  11  10  17   42   73  -31   43
  15  Vetra Karrakiv            38  12   6  20   58   74  -16   42
  16  Trans Lazvor              38  11   4  23   62   91  -29   37
  17  Old Suvisians             38  10   5  23   54  102  -48   35
  18  Kabano Zeppelin           38   9   7  22   63   86  -23   34
  19  FK Kabano                 38   7  12  19   61   80  -19   33  R
  20  Olimpiskais Lazvia        38   7  10  21   68  118  -50   31  R


Code: Select all

 Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   1  Qasarian Sparta B         30  20   4   6   78   54   24   64  C/*R
   2  Qasarian City B           30  18   4   8   67   44   23   58  *R
   3  FK Alytus                 30  14   9   7   51   48    3   51  P/SBCC
   4  Olimpiskais Kaljak        30  14   6  10   57   48    9   48  P/SBCC
   5  Dinamo Karrakiv B         30  14   5  11   67   60    7   47  *R
   6  Hawks Sporting Academy    30  13   7  10   51   50    1   46  SBCC
   7  Metalurgs B               30  14   3  13   64   60    4   45  *R
   8  Kalev Talla B             30  12   9   9   49   45    4   45  *R
   9  Tammeka Kuressaare        30  12   8  10   51   43    8   44  SBCC
  10  FK Kuka                   30  11   8  11   58   50    8   41
  11  Olnavia United            30  11   7  12   50   48    2   40
  12  Ventspils Bluewings       30  10   8  12   56   59   -3   38
  13  FK Narva                  30  11   5  14   43   46   -3   38
  14  Skonto Liepaja B          30   9   8  13   43   53  -10   35  *R
  15  Olimpiskais Kabano        30   8  11  11   43   55  -12   35
  16  Modraine Pirates          30  10   4  16   48   60  -12   34
  17  FK Vindava                30   9   6  15   49   51   -2   33
  18  Vilsuv State              30   9   6  15   53   73  -20   33
  19  Rig City                  30   7   9  14   44   52   -8   30
  20  Balti Talla               30   6   9  15   44   67  -23   27


Code: Select all

 Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
   1  Trakai Sparta             30  21   2   7   73   40   33   65  C/P
   2  Karrasiana                30  17   8   5   81   56   25   59  P
   3  Rig Mosquitos             30  15   8   7   66   54   12   53  *P
   4  Vetra Sakiai              30  15   7   8   52   42   10   52  *P
   5  Dinamo Moletai            30  15   6   9   65   55   10   51  *P
   6  Atlantas Klaipaada B      30  14   7   9   55   43   12   49  *R
   7  FK Roja                   30  12  11   7   65   50   15   47  P
   8  Ventspils Redwings B      30  13   8   9   68   56   12   47  *R
   9  Koltelcia B               30  13   7  10   61   47   14   46  *R
  10  Nica Zeppelin             30  10  13   7   57   48    9   43
  11  FK Vilāni                 30  13   3  14   59   51    8   42
  12  FBK Dagda                 30  11   8  11   50   58   -8   41
  13  Vili United               30   9   9  12   52   59   -7   36
  14  FK Kabano B               30  11   2  17   55   61   -6   35  *R
  15  Okainiai Zeppelin         30   9   8  13   52   68  -16   35
  16  FK X-Spordica             30   7  11  12   55   67  -12   32
  17  FK Landsberg              30   7   7  16   49   72  -23   28
  18  Free Kievans              30   6   8  16   38   67  -29   26
  19  FBK Kardla                30   5   9  16   34   52  -18   24
  20  Laz United                30   3   6  21   33   74  -41   15

Liitriik Kruus – Later rounds

Skonto Liepaja 3-3 Ventspils Redwings
Replay: Ventspils Redwings 3-1 Skonto Liepaja
Vetra Karrakiv 2-5 Qasarian Sparta
Atlantas Klaipaada 5-0 Kabano Zeppelin
Metalurgs 0-1 Ventspils Bluewings

Ventspils Redwings 1-2 Qasarian Sparta
Qasarian Sparta 6-3 Ventspils Redwings
Aggregate: Ventspils Redwings 4-8 Qasarian Sparta

Atlantas Klaipaada 2-0 Ventspils Bluewings
Ventspils Bluewings 0-2 Atlantas Klaipaada
Aggregate: Atlantas Klaipaada 4-0 Ventspils Bluewings

Qasarian Sparta 3-1 Atlantas Klaipaada

Season summary

One thing is for sure this season: money buys success in Somewhereistonia. Atlantas Klaipaada had for the last two seasons been fairly close to the top, but far from winning the league or cup. Atlantas were bought out by the ex-boss of X-I at the end of last season; this led directly to the spending of over $70m to propel them to the forefront of Somewhereistonian (and hopefully, eventually world) football. After winning the Prince's Shield in Queer Poco, they went on to win 29 games in the league and win by a massive 11 points, taking the crown from Qasarian Sparta for the first time under the new league system. Not only that but Atlantas made it to the final of the Liitriik Kruus, only to be beaten fairly thoroughly by a Qasarian Sparta team looking for something that resembled success.

Qasarian Sparta will be looking at the league table with some bafflement after the back to back champions finished fourth after getting 1 MORE point than they did last season. Too many draws held them back but Mäe has a lot of work to do in the coming season if he wants to keep his job. Metalurgs had another great season to finish second and win the remaining place in the TQCC, much to the fans delight. They have now had two years since their takeover, although far less money was involved in their transfer. One thing we can tell is that the 'big two's' hold on the league has quite definately broken, although Sparta and Dinamo are both definately still in the running for next season, with big national team players such as Taska and Kusnets helping them gain third and fourth spots and with them places in the Globe Cup.

Qasarian City held off Koltelcia and Ventspils Redwings to claim the last Globe Cup spot, all of the teams are well clear of the next team; Skonto Liepaja, but that can be explained by Skonto having to sell off the better half of their team, the only wonder is why they didn't finish lower.

Kabano Zeppelin, who did so well last season finished just a single point above the relegation zone, and surely will be cautious of relegation next season, but with the money from staying up, they should manage it. FK Kabano, surprisingly, find themselves taking a visit to the Esiliiga, but they have a good fairly chance of coming straight back up. Given Ventspils Bluewings impressive cup run, they may actually have a bit of competition on their hands, but you never can tell.

The long time strugglers Olimpiskais Lazvia will join FK Kabano in relegation, but this is not really worth much comment, they haven't looked like getting a foothold in the new league since the new system started.

In the Esiliiga there is quite a lot of change. Qasarian Sparta 'B' won the league, but as they are a 'B' team they won't be promoted or qualify for the SBCC. More importantly, the champions, and the rest of the 'B' teams in both the Esiliiga and the Koliliiga are to be removed and put into the 'B' league system as stage 3 of the league system introductory measures. The result of this is that no regular teams are to be relegated from the two full lower divisions, whilst there are to be mass promotions to them. This is much to the relief of Balti Talla, who would otherwise be on course for their second relegation in three years.

Hawks Sporting Academy made it into the SBCC this year; the newly promoted side managing to finish 6th and due to the issue with 'B' teams, they have made it to the worlds, not quite so premier club football competition. It is now a wonder whether the Academy will use the cup to show off their top players to a larger market in order to maximise their sales revenues, or whether they will make the move to become a 'normal' team and look to win promotion to the top division.

The Koliliiga will look much different next season, with six teams gaining promotion, four 'B' teams being removed and thus 10 news teams winning a place in it. The few that remain will possibly struggle to adapt just as much as the newly promoted teams, expect this league to be very open next season.

In the cup there was only one real surprise, and that was Ventspil Bluewing's run, getting all the way to the semi-finals before being knocked out quite convincingly by the superstar team of Atlantas Klaipaada. Qasarian Sparta proved their strength at the eng on the year with a strong 3-1 win in the final, a game that probably saved the manager his job for another couple of seasons.

International Club Qualifiers

Atlantas Klaipaada

Globe Cup:
Dinamo Karrakiv
Qasarian Sparta
Qasarian City

FK Alytus
Olimpiskais Kaljak
Hawks Sporting Academy
Tammeka Kuressaare

International final bids

Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup: Spektakl-3-Arena (85,100)
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Candelaria And Marquez » Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:22 pm

CMSC XXXV Preview: Part II of V

Tenderville United: Water* – Rafaela*, Gaggioli, Lilithian, Meesschaert – Lewis, Martinez (c), Kuypers*, Reargold** – Deleks**, Ariel
Nickname(s): Tenderville, the Dragons, the Blue Storm
Stadium: Home of the Dragon [cap. 45,200], Tenderville, Nethertopia
Home Kit: Dark blue with, er, dark blue stripes. And black bits.
Ownership: Nethertopia: Lots of them, one would assume
Coach: Brian Carson
Team Style: Lots of passing through the centre and towards the feet of Deleks, in what has become a fairly bog-standard, but extremely effectively, 4-4-2
Background: Hailing from nearby Nethertopia, the involvement of the Dragons and rivals NAPPC in the CMSC2 was seen as a money-spinning sop to the Candelarias’ sportingly impoverished neighbours… until last term’s Clausura, when Tenderville produced a truly extraordinary run to break the top three and make the CMS Cup final. With their high international squad guaranteed an NeFA ticket to the Champions’ Cup regardless of their league form, they can relax and concentrate on domestic honours… in our league. The bastards. The squad itself doesn’t convince 100% however (they still employ actual Nethertopians, the silly billies), while old Carson’s involvement with the camouflage whores is a major distraction.
Transfer Market: Always active, older stars Amah and Ceyhun have departed on frees to be replaced at the back by Candelariasian youngster Carlo Gaggioli and Vanorian veteran (duh) Lilithian, Dorack’s old partner at Raynor City. Ariel looks set to go up front, although we curiously haven’t seen much of her as yet, while the equally enigmatic “Alan” could be one to watch.
Star Names: The Rennidanian Drunn Deleks, who still seems to be nineteen, is certainly established now as the best out-and-out goalscorer in the CMSC, but Starblaydia international Francisco Martinez is the recognised heartbeat of this team.
Options: A useful bench includes Newmanistan international Brittany Paxson (there’s got to be a story there, given that her countryman’s the manager and all…), big Erik Jans up front and French Ariddian Candelariasian Nethertopian Candelariasian centre-half Laurens Cassou.
The Fans Expect: No idea, haven’t checked. Top four again, let’s say. And to win a group stage game at the TQCC. Please.
The Pundits Expect: A modest bump back to reality would appear to be on the cards, but that may just be wishful thinking from Candelariasian experts eager to see the interlopers get a kicking.

Albrecht FC: Rosalia – Logan, Graves, William**, St. Louis (c) – Foster, Nakatsuru, Zec, MorrisonKim, Wanderley**
Nickname(s): The Scorpions
Stadium: Millerman Sheppard Stadium [cap. 40,614], Songstress, Albrecht, Candelaria
Home Kit: Red shirt with white cuffs, white shorts with red trimming
Ownership: Daehanjeiguk: The jaebeol Samseong
Coach: Luis Enrique Torrealba
Team Style: Tricky to say, at this stage – nothing truly inspirational, they’ll need the new manager to at least capture the echo of Andy Le Lan’s tactical genius
Background: The biggest club in the country bar none, and by whatever way you measure it – only the stadium capacity lets them down, and a mid-season move to an arena just down the road almost twice the size will firmly put Albrecht FC among the echelons of the true global greats. No-one else can really come close to their ten CMSC titles, though ironically they’ve enjoyed even greater success of late internationally with two Champions’ Cup titles in three years. The loss of longtime manager Le Lan to the C&M national team job leaves a massive hole however, and Torrealba – fresh from lifting the Di Bradini Cup – will demand plenty of time to bed in.
Transfer Market: A couple of interesting rather than inspirational moves to an already solid squad, with George Morrison a certain upgrade on D’Ancona – and forging a pretty much immortal left flank alongside St. Louis, as well as providing a nod towards Songstress’ army of bohemian gays – but Kim Mihyeon and Kim Gihyeon share with Kim Daeeui only their family name and his are enourmous feet to fill.
Star Names: The truly great Kim may have retired to the dugout, but there’s still a quality handful – Cafundelense international centre-half William, the best ‘keeper in the division Harry Rosalia, the evergreen Fred Foster and exciting Jesse Nakatsuru… but none of it, if we might be so bold, is the sort of thing that should induce genuine fear into too many opponents.
Options: A vast squad by necessity sees Simon Chinn still expected to push for games up front along with a whole host of locally mined talent – with Xavier Tekeste likely to challenge Foster very soon indeed and sixteen year-old playmaker Adam Kouakou Kouamé considered by those in the know to be the next José Felipe Cassumba Domingos or Diego Fernando Pappas or something. Having at least three names in this country makes you automatically a real prospect, for some reason…
The Fans Expect: Why, the title. Which one, they don’t particularly mind – and, though Torrealba wouldn’t exactly have been their own first choice, the faithful will be prepared to give him time, bless them.
The Pundits Expect: The loss of Kim – the Kim, anyway – is a particularly major blow, never mind the exit of Le Lan, and very few experts have them in the final top two.

Caires Sports: Kolukernin** – Actarish**, Plunkett, K’latris, Tascarnin, T’saal** – Valinial (c), Made’er**, Sinjinir*, Adirondu – Belmore
Nickname(s): CSC, the Knights, oh yeah them bloody Yaforites
Stadium: AAC-Dimrar Dome [cap. 38,838], Caires, Candelaria
Home Kit: White with unnecessary grey bits
Ownership: Yafor 2: Jagor Aiza, owner of the bloody ooj conglomerate AAC-Dimrar
Coach: Keron Alhrem… theoretically
Team Style: Refreshingly negative and stubbornly anti-football. Unless you like this sort of thing, anyway, in which case it’s a wise and well-tempered 5-4-1 with pacey flank action on the break
Background: One of the grand old ladies of Candelariasian football, the Knights have barely tasted success during the CMSC era but climb ever closer as the Yaforite control over the club becomes increasingly silly. The octogenarian Alhrem remains in the dugout, urinating cheerfully to himself and giving dribbly team-talks to the trees and invisible baseball players, and with his most recent carer Shaan Magerin off to the national team job it falls now to Damien Dulars to do the actual coaching and that, and guide a club wildly popular in a small corner of Nova, and almost nowhere else, to a third successive sixth-place finish. Or better, of course.
Transfer Market: Jaon Endekov’s big move to the Dancougan champions precipitated the arrival of some… what are they called… funny little brown chaps… no, don’t tell… Yaforites, that’s it! A young full-back, and a naïve winger, all slipping in under YTS legislation and leaving the Knights with the grand total of two and a half Candelariasians in the expected starting XI.
Star Names: Ahershk Valinial was the trend-setter here, arriving out of nowhere and taken under Matt Sampson’s wing (and let’s hope that’s where it ended, eh?) to become one of the division’s most reliable right midfielders. Holding midfielder Aranar Made’er has also become highly popular but, on the they-all-look-alike-really-don’t-they? Basis, it’s big C&M international Jono Plunkett who sells the shirts in Caires itself.
Options: Plenty. As it stands, creative midfielder Sorin Acraan’s reduced to a bit-part, alongside C&M under-21 star Jarrell Reuberson-Mohammed, who must be the wrong shade of brown, or summat. Anyway, it’s an impossibly massive squad which also includes, unofficially, a number of cats, a small rubber dinghy, and a collection of novelty seaside postcards. Poor old thing.
The Fans Expect: Not knowing too much of Dulars they await the season with mild trepidation, and mainly want to sit and watch the other third of the city implode…
The Pundits Expect: Outside contenders for the title once more, but most predictions see them struggling to keep their heads above the Errant Knights.

Caires City: Becker – Neal, Hindenburg, Rosenthal**, IampietroJones, Marshall (c), Agostinho**, González, Lloyd – Richardson
Nickname(s): City, the Errant Knights, the Towers
Stadium: McNeil Bingo Arena [cap. 40,144], Caires, Candelaria
Home Kit: Navy blue with white outline of pleasantly-proportioned woman
Ownership: C&M: The McNeil Bingo gambling empire
Coach: Dionísio Madeira Lobos
Team Style: “Confused”, we’re thinking. Not a whole lot of pace, they’ll presumably be attempting to pass the opposition to death but there’s a helluva lot of question marks
Background: Spawned from Caires Sports and very much in their shadow until recent years, City emerged under the great Elgin Dannat to become domestic and international powerhouses, regular fixtures in the global top ten and home to the captains of both Liventia and Ad’ihan, among others. His subsequent absence brought an inevitable decline, but Hane Davies still managed to lead the Errant Knights to a sensational Globe Cup 11 title – before being sacked just days later for failing to guide the side back into the Champions’ Cup. The aftermath has seen the club’s reputation as one of the best run in the country badly knocked and the fans’ faith in the board shattered – with the arrival of City legend Dionísio as manager barely mollifying them.
Transfer Market: If Davies’ axing wasn’t bad enough, City also waved goodbye to Lawrence Amey – never a hugely popular player as a person, but undoubtedly representing a shuddering loss. His direct replacement is Agostinho, a Cafundelense (funnily enough) who Dionísio clearly hopes to mold as his protégé, but there’s so much pressure on the young man that the arrival of teenage centre-half George Rosenthal won’t go especially far to alleviating.
Star Names: City can always count on selling shirts overseas, with the presence of Anthony Jones and Colin Marshall, never mind Starblaydia captain Tuomas Hindenberg. The Candelariasians however are less sparkling, with journeymen and home-grown stalwarts facing a big ask to make the top four a reality.
Options: With everyone expecting a shiny new forward, Dionísio’s decision to stick with big Cas Richardson may indicate his faith in the talents of Luke Perry or, indeed, highly-rated teenager Leo Williams who was snaffled from the Scruggs Picking Sharks over the summer. Most of the rest of the small squad are Rider Castle locals, and the likes of right-back Adrian Zaczek and holding midfielder Sascha Connah may be the best of an otherwise rather bad bunch of teens.
The Fans Expect: Glory, glory, glory, after the woefully premature sacking of Davies, or else they’ll be banging down the front doors and demanding answers.
The Pundits Expect: Another mixed bag – with the Herald’s Morgan Fattori notably making them his title shout, but most others believe Dionísio’s learning curve will be very steep indeed.

KT Hotspur: Gonzaléz – Lopulalan (c), Stewart, Szathmári*, Cummins – Rataran, Smith, Makedonski, Rossi, Collins – Dariegan
Nickname(s): The Spur, KT, the Lilies
Stadium: The White Palace [cap. 41,472], Rose of Sharon, Candelaria
Home Kit: White with dark blue collar, shorts and armpits. Good for sweaty fans, I suppose
Ownership: C&M: The Adamczyk coal empire
Coach: Juan Carlos Revault
Team Style: Hideously defensive, booting it up to Dariegan and generally being as unappealing as possible… although, for the first time in many a year, it looks as though they’re readying a back four
Background: Hailing from a depressed northern town, the Spur are Rosasharn’s most famous export and the funds – provided from day one by the founding Adamczyk clan – have made them a consistent force throughout the CMSC era. Long renowned for a devotion of sorts to defensively-minded football, the club surprisingly disposed of their second foreign manager in a row last term and opted to promoted from within and hand former C&M international Revault the job – before it became suddenly rather clear that the club were starting to struggle financially and pulled the cord on a couple of stars…
Transfer Market: It’s all been about what’s gone out, with an unsettled Jordan Hawker moving back to El din to leave a gaping hole in the centre of the park, while Morrison also departed to Albrecht FC. In their places, KT raid poor little MN Smith for big centre-half Chris Stewart and Yaforite international Ras Rataran, while Blagojce Makedonski will attempt to somehow fill Hawker’s boots with his arrival from Cathedral City.
Star Names: Despite their relative titchy catchment area, the club have a real record in youth production – right-back Gwynfardd Lopulalan is a C&M international of a lengthy standing, while tricky lefty Noah Collins on his preferred flank could soon join him in the seniors if he continues to improve. Love Cummins is generally considered an absolute legend, principally because he’s called Love Cummins, but ultimately it all relies on that most un-Yaforite of Yaforites, Vorin Dariegan.
Options: Stewart and the Pasargian Zoárd Szathmári look set to make up the central pairing, but huge Sam Fortal will return from injury eventually and aggressive Nethie Mark Maas can’t be discounted either. As ever, the kids remain worth watching – with big forward Andy Nilsson consistently threatening to make an impact and big (they like big around these parts) fullback William Naysmith a very hot talent indeed.
The Fans Expect: Revault will be given time, and the supporters would principally fancy a Globe Cup run to reverse a previous history of relative misery in the ICCs.
The Pundits Expect: The manager certainly has his doubters, and with financial clout coming up behind them another bid for the ICC places will be a tall ask.
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

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CMSC XXXV Preview: Part III of V

El din Marbles: Bartolomeu – Rodríguez, González* (c), RaellisHorrigan, Erwin Visser*, Schaak*, Pavoni, Hawker, Herráez* – Ricky*
Nickname(s): Marbles
Stadium: The Marble Ground [cap. 40,052], El din, Marquez
Home Kit: White with orange chest and dark blue shoulders
Ownership: Sargossa: Meat magnate Daniel Gil
Coach: Abdoulaye Soro
Team Style: Another new manager leaves much up in the air, but the proposed 3-6-1 could be fascinating indeed. Don’t expect all that matter goals, mind you – Soro was a striker, after all…
Background: Very much the junior outfit of El din’s big two, the Marbles have since enjoyed watching Cathedral City twice succumb to relegation while they themselves cling onto their top-flight status like grim death. A popular club drawing support from some of the country’s most impoverished barrios, as well as a few gaudily opulent neighbours an’ all, the Marbles have long been known for their connections to the rest of the region – with a host of Nethertopian players, a Nethie manager, and Sargossan ownership. The shadows of long-serving manager Carlos Panadero looms long however, despite the arrival of Marbles legend Soro, and the team itself has an unbalanced look about it.
Transfer Market: Despite the arrival of Dancougan international Cody Horrigan, the headline signing proved to be Jordan Hawker – an El din native, albeit as a Catedral product, returning to the bosom of his family for a truly vast transfer fee. The holding midfielder is joined by Sargossan internationals Néstor González – very much a Soro pick – and Alberto Harráez – probably rather less so, if we’ve being honest – while the Secristianians on the squad have returned to Gamboa.
Star Names: Away from 1000000-cap Nethertopian international Thomas Schaak and Taeshanese veteran Jacin Raellis, you’d be looking at the man they call Ricky, then. Or who calls himself Ricky, at any rate, and who the rest of us think is a bit of a prick for not just being plain old Erik Visser but who at least is, undeniably, a proper goalscorer.
Options: Versatile midfielders like Diego Sánchez and Wim Smits have frequently stood up to the plate when the Cup of Harmony and whatnot have swung around, while the returning younger Damián Jimenez can expect to make an immediate impact.
The Fans Expect: Another top-half finish and a push for the Globe Cup or a CMS Cup run would give Soro the perfect start in most eyes.
The Pundits Expect: Ghah, all these managerial changes really are making this predicty stuff tricky, aren’t they…? Top half at best.

AFC MN Smith: Mirakel* – Menderes, Meyer, Nenov, LittlefellowTimpson, Rogers, Van der Laan* (c), Harrison – Lewis, Postman*
Nickname(s): MN Smith, the Smudgers, the Smith, Smiths
Stadium: City of Bove Stadium [cap. 20,568], Bove, Candelaria
Home Kit: Bright red with random blue bits
Ownership: C&M: Local consortium of fans and businesses
Coach: James Hannah
Team Style: Less than thrilling, with the main aim involving getting the ball to Rogers and hoping for the best.
Background: The poorest club in the top-flight by a mile, at least among those who have been CMSC1 regulars throughout the international era; the Smith have long been wrought by internal disputes and are seldom able to make best use of their enviable youth set-up before such youngsters are flogged. Once again Hannah has been forced to mine for bits and pieces, but somehow you just know that the fairy story won’t be beaten, and you’d be a fool to tip this strange little club for the drop, it would seem…
Transfer Market: Bye-bye Stewart and Rataran, hewwo Albrecht FC refugee William Nenov and wide man Reuben Timpson from C.A.L. And some dross on the bench, but forgive me from not caring especially.
Star Names: It’s all about Peter Rogers, really, what with his charming local girlfriend, collection of giant rabbits, and love of carrot and orange ice-cream that has all but kept the local branch of Arancione’s in the black. The rest are just window dressing.
Options: Oh, alright then. I guess he could give Jamie Small a chance, with the holding midfielder having learnt from recent experiences gently grazing other people’s knees overseas, and sixteen year-old striker Alex Budden is certainly the next big thing, but the first XI is the first XI and this is a woefully skinny squad.
The Fans Expect: Oh, relegation, the plague, the millennium bug, the apocalypse, swine flu, and blood pouring through the streets of Bove. They’d like to finish 15th, plz.
The Pundits Expect: Fifteenth. Or relegated, whichever, but there’s frankly never been any point predicting what this stupid excuse for a football club’ll get up to. They’ll probably go and win the thing, or summat.

Arrigo Portuguese: Romero Fernández – Quirot, Wilson, De Woudt*, Wilkinson – Nicholls, Al-Fayoomi, Oughton (c), Randjelovic – Lacamoire, Macanás
Nickname(s): Portuguese, the Heuva
Stadium: Estadio Nacional [cap. 50,138], Arrigo, Marquez
Home Kit: Red shirt with dark green collar and shorts
Ownership: C&M: Automobile tycoon Eduardo Morales
Coach: Carlos Panadero
Team Style: Relatively conservative, and inclined to hoof it towards a towering front two, though at least ½ the midfield will demand their fair share of touches
Background: One of the biggest and most underachieving clubs in the country, hailing from the islands’ second city, Portuguese have benefited more recently from Morales’ cash but only once have they really made a genuine tilt for domestic honours. With Oscar Goldsworth sacked and the Kura-Pellandi experiment pretty much dead (apart from the four still on their books, anyway…), the board have now looked to sexy old Carlos to drag the club back towards the top eight or so.
Transfer Market: Not an exactly pulse-quickening summer, with Jerome Cotton leaving in a Dancougan direction and Beth Nicholls coming in alongside fellow Candelaria-Allemali midfielder Spencer Jones. The money, it would seem, is rapidly drying up and Panadero will have to make do with his predecessor’s sloppy seconds. He couldn’t even bring in a Nethertopia, poor thing.
Star Names: Harry Oughton has been very much in and out but now, finally returned to his favoured role through the centre, he’s to be the centre of attention. Squornshelan-born, home-grown, Koviljko Randjelovic can be a major star, in a team littered with undoubted potential – even if former C&M forward Tom Smith has gone off on his travels.
Options: Not a whole lot, and those kids who do show promise are mostly off in Queer Poco el Mono Ara. Jones will get games, while Al-Fayooumi and Oughton’s versatility is a real boon and left-footed John Pepper can still do a job at this level.
The Fans Expect: The CMSC1, CMSC2, CMS Cup, Champions’ Cup, Globe Cup, the moon, several Dallases on a silver platter and chips for tea. Or mid-table safety, that’d do it.
The Pundits Expect: A refreshed Panadero should put in a better showing, with the team having the tools to battle for a Globe Cup place.

Gamboa FC: KayZanirato, Aldo (c), D. Lacombe – Tollison**, Coventry**, Nixon – Lacerda, Potter, Jorge Roberto
Stadium: Wallpark Road [cap. 30,092], Abiodun, Candelaria
Home Kit: Crimson shirt and shorts with black trimming
Ownership: C&M: A considerable number of poshos
Coach: Sargento Castelão
Team Style: A pacey 4-3-3 that cuts out the midfield entirely where possible and relies on the big Cafundelenses up front taking the occasional tumble
Background: Hailing from the large town of Abiodun on the south-east coast, Gamboa’s name is synonymous with the wealthiest single district in the country – a proper millionaires’ playground where national income tax rates appear to have but a curiously limited impact on the general level of opulence. The club itself have been bankrolled to domestic honours in the past but life has proved a little more awkward in recent times and two SBCC final appearances have been the highlights of the international era. With club legend Sargento Castelão in as manager, they’re now known as much for their Cafundelense connections as anything else, but produced a fine Clausura last term to stay up after promotion.
Transfer Market: A quieter summer than last with the Sergeant unable to break the quota system and bring in more countrymen – but former stars Scott Tollison and Chris Coventry make a welcome return, and in Raheem Kay they now have a top-class, if thoroughly untested, goalkeeper who has gone straight into the C&M squad without a single second of CMSC1 football.
Star Names: Despite their moneysoaked past, Gamboa fans of all backgrounds have long valued their youth system, with diminutive forward John Potter and left-back David Lacombe among those to have come through the ranks, but it’s the giant Lacerda who makes this team tick from the opposition box.
Options: The bench is aging to say the least, but as Castelão rotates his front three look out for teenage strikers Ben Hill and Matt Newcastle to make an impact.
The Fans Expect: The realistic half expect another battle against relegation; the rest are hankering after a push towards the Globe Cup places.
The Pundits Expect: Sustaining their relatively impressive finish into the new Apertura is a big ask, but it’s not as though Castelão ever benefited from the element of surprise or anything, is it? Comfortably squatting on the sediment about the bottom five.

Port of Clotaire: John – Archer, Cooper (c), Andrews, Fuentes** – Van Dijk*, Edwards*, O’Airmeadhaigh – Ham, Arrigorriagakoa**, Sánchez García*
Nickname(s): PoC, the Harpies
Stadium: Harper Street [cap. 26,600], Clotaire, Candelaria
Home Kit: Bright red shirt with white sash, black shorts
Ownership: C&M: Local business consortium
Coach: Winston Muscat
Team Style: The tedium of the recent past finally looks set to transform into the kind of mindless attacking we really should expect of this kind of team. A 4-3-3, then, and thank heavens for it
Background: A venerable club founded by Clotaire dockworkers and always stubbornly attempting to maintain their working-class credentials (although, frankly, they’re still not fooling anyone). Ever presents in the CMSC1 during the international era, their success during that time has been truly limited – and has barely improved in the recent years of the Sorthern revolution, with their link-up to the renowned youth conveyor belt of St Patrick’s baring them players aplenty but little in the way of results. General Manager Robert Moyes and head coach Winston Muscat are obnoxiously close, but the rot has got to stop in XXXV for Winsty to keep his job. Although, to be fair, we say that every year. Eh.
Transfer Market: The only major addition is that of the Marquezian Sortherner Francisco Manuel Sánchez Garciá, the striker joining his international colleagues up front. It’s probably only a matter of time before Frank Vroon gets hauled in too (don’t suppose anyone knows any long-lost Vroons living in the Candelarias, do they?), and Martijn Barentstochter of Bergkamp of Drotske of Groethuysen of Hackenbroch of Struycken’s bound to know Gregory van Houten tot Schaagen, right, so he could get in on a Rushmori visa…? But alas, for now, it falls to Albrecht native Toirdhealbharch O’Airmeadhaigh to move up into the first XI and keep up the honour of the few remaining actual Candelariasians.
Star Names: Iñaki Arrigorriagakoa improves with every passing week, but it’s the midfield that will most likely make or break their season – with Caleb Edwards needing to show his spoiling form once more and the underrated Nethertopian Tom van Dijk vital on the creative front.
Options: Jake Fragkioudakis up front probably hasn’t trained on in quite the way they’d hopes, but the likes of wide man Al(bert) Owen and centre-half Aaron Thompson can still do a job, while teenage defender George Rachna is supposedly the one to watch.
The Fans Expect: Absolutely no concerns about relegation. And if they do face them, then they’ll want Muscat tarred and feathered on a very prompt basis.
The Pundits Expect: Muscat’s sacking inside five games.

Radyukevich CSC: Lanchini – Palmer, Maxwell, Parrott**, Ģipslis – Davis (c), Clayton**, Banz, Eenpalu – Adekunde, Paganel
Nickname(s): Jukos, lilacs, pigmen
Stadium: Hilltop Stadium [cap. 31,039], Clotaire, Candelaria
Home Kit: Purple and violet striped shirt, purple shorts
Ownership: C&M: Consortium led by ClotaireAutos
Coach: Tommy Tohver
Team Style: Somewhat wearisome, this is arguably the most traditionally Candelariasian 4-4-2 in the division with a big-man, little-man combination up front ‘n’ everything
Background: Clotaire’s other big club widely consider themselves the most popular side in the country beyond the capital giants – with polls regularly backing that up, at least as far as armchair supporters go. Renowned for playing football in the right way, and the tediously off-the-wall behavior of their fans, the Jukos’ status has suffered badly in recent times with last term encapsulating their troubles in a nutshell – with Radyukevich staying up by a handful of points amid some truly uninspiring play. With new signings and plenty of promises from Tohver however, they’ll be looking to leave all that behind once more.
Transfer Market: A raid on Somewhereistonia, for some reason, sees Siiri Eenpalu – last seen on Candelariasian telly putting Turkish to the sword in the Prince’s Cup – and the international full-back Jurgis Ģipslis join the youngster Parrott on the squad, while big Ben Palmer is a handy new arrival in a new-look defence.
Star Names: That partnership of former C&M international Zachary Adekunde and lithe teen Nathan Paganel could yet prove to be the least progressive notion experienced in the CMSC all season or one of the most effective pairings out there, while big (there’s a whole lot of big going on here, as well) Jared Clayton is steadily becoming a real monster in both directions.
Options: A solid squad, though with few likely to test the first team, and the main focus may well be on how Tohver integrates the kids (or doesn’t), with Ben Clayton, Jasari McDermott and Karl Johnson providing the front three for a recent C&M under-17 international and suggesting that the future’s very bright for the Jukos indeed.
The Fans Expect: Like just about everyone else – pushing towards a Globe Cup place, and finishing ahead of their nearest neighbours.
The Pundits Expect: Looking nervously below rather than wistfully above, but if Isaiah Smith’s scouting in Somewhereistonia hits the jackpot they shouldn’t have too much to worry about.
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

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CMSC XXXV Preview: Part IV of V

Albrecht Independent FC: Santamaria – Ward, Roberts, Zapata, AdekundeKenroe, Walker, Delara**, Millard – Rogers, Dennin
Nickname(s): Independent, Indies
Stadium: The Army Ground [cap. 28,520], Hoxton, Albrecht, Candelaria
Home Kit: Black and grey striped shirt, black shorts
Ownership: C&M: Fans’ consortium
Coach: Ancil Liebeskind
Team Style: Hoof it up to Dennin and hope. Alright, maybe that’s a tad harsh… that Vanorian bird will be expected to pick up the odd scrap as well.
Background: The power of Albrechtine football (even if none of ‘em finished in last term’s league top three) is evidenced by the continued presence of one of the city’s smaller sides, who clung onto their top-flight status for their first ever second straight season in the CMSC1. Near neighbours to Turkish, it’s highly questionable whether the borough of Hoxton needs two clubs at all, never mind two in the top-flight, but Liebeskind continues to keep the lefty Indies competitive.
Transfer Market: The loss of Katie Cincoski after a truly immense first season was sadly inevitable, but damaging all the same. Fellow woh-mann Nicole Delara is a fine replacement, but the real coup was in bringing in XXXIV top scorer Augustine Dennin – the veteran Dancougan having presumably been holding out for ages for a season struggling against relegation with a minor club. Um.
Star Names: Dennin, immediately, but his young Candelariasian partner Luke Rogers remains worth a look, and teenage forward Jamie Hamblett – brought in from the Alber City Wasps – could make an instant impact.
Options: Er… We’ve just about covered all that, haven’t we? Thirty-seven year-old forward Andrew Abbott’s still on their books, I think.
The Fans Expect: Another glorious battle against relegation. Ending in victory, naturally, but most still seem to see the CMSC2 as their natural home and wouldn’t be too distressed with a valiant failure…
The Pundits Expect: Even with Dennin and Delara, the Indies’ top-flight story is simply unsustainable in the long term. Bottom three, with few arguments from whoever you talk to.

Melin & Nader: Uskokovic – Marin, Barajas, Reginaldo, MarcelinhoHerbert, Enría, Allbright, D’AnconaSilva, Solaris
Nickname(s): M&N, los italianos
Stadium: Estadio del Camino de Valle [cap. 21,112], Melin, Marquez
Home Kit: A striking firey-red-fading-into-brown number
Ownership: C&M: Local business consortium
Coach: Nathanial Ferrero
Team Style: Pretty robust, but with lots of crosses launched in the box. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait and see…
Background: A modestly sized club with a sizable heritage and a diverse fanbase across the south of Marquez, M&N’s natural state is spent bouncing around between the top two divisions. Surprise CMSC2 champions following a superb Clausura, their promotion hands Ferrero a second tilt at keeping the club up, but it goes rather without saying that he’s got a proper job on his hands
Transfer Market: The need to strengthen the squad was nothing if not self-evident, and those who arrive include a couple of slightly underwhelming Pocoans and a Starblaydi teenager, as well as C&M under-21 left-back Marcelinho and M&N YTS product Cristian Enría in a double deal from CandelariaAM.
Star Names: Enría will be the focus, but expecting him to do for his hometown club what he couldn’t for the Shining Sons is a big ask. The ‘keeper Seth Uskokovic is a big lad and worth watching meanwhile, considering how badly off we are for men between the sticks. He’ll have plenty to do.
Options: Some familiarish faces – captain and left-back Luis Alberto Vázquez for one, former Portuguese centre-half Riccardo Bella for another, while big forward Leo Garza has a descent smidget of experience at this level.
The Fans Expect: A real struggle to avoid being cut adrift, for even they (rather proudly) recognise that they’re the worst team in the division.
The Pundits Expect: If the strike partnership fires, they could well cling on – otherwise, last place is firmly within their sights.

NAPPC: Van Dalen* – Veldkamp*, Van Houton tot Schaagen*, Scholey*, De Wit* – Brugmans*, Taylor (c), Thwante, Cuesta* – Beender*, González Rodríguez*
Nickname(s): Peregrines, Knights Templar
Stadium: Falcon Stadium [cap. 51,300], Peregrinus City, Nethertopia
Home Kit: Red with white cuffs
Ownership: Nethertopia: Publicly owned
Coach: Victor Wildeman
Team Style: A quick paced defensive game, looking for goals out of corners. Apparently.
Background: A relatively modern club in its current guise but with historical tendrils dating back to the earliest days of Nethertopian football, NAPPC have struggled in their supposedly smaller neighbours’ shadow since making the move across the Onbenaamde Waterleemte, failing to match Tenderville’s CMSC1 nor TQCC exploits. The sacking of Candelariasian Ricardo Garcia – the last of his countrymen to maintain the slightest involvement at this club – in favour of Wildemann following a poor Apertura helped propel the team towards a superb second half of the season, losing just twice and missing out on the CMSC2 title only by a whisker. There’s been a handful of moves since, and this is a big ol’ stadium to be hosting relegation football…
Transfer Market: Former Vephrese international Thwante is a solid signing who’ll create an experience midfield alongside the Newmanistanian Taylor, but crucial will be the form of the strike pairing – with Arjan Jakobs departing for Turkish, Tenderville native Bieuwe Beender and the young Sargossan Daniel González Rodríguez will have to get used to Candelariasian football very quickly.
Star Names: Taylor’s the principal bell-ringer these days. Because honestly, does the name “Nelis Scholey” or “Wim Veldkamp” mean anything to anyone? Anyone…?
Options: Ooh, let’s see. There’s goalkeeper Pieter Jongejans, which sounds a bit like Jimjams, but not very much. There’s striker Vil Bertotten, which is mildly enjoyable to say. And there’s Sjakie Yost. He’s a right midfielder. How nice.
The Fans Expect: Staying up, at this stage. Cheers.
The Pundits Expect: Relegation with a record low points total. Gowon, pwease?

Mayo Valley: Tipping – Lawrence, Castillo, Johansson**, LiljaNorthWalker, Tillström, Zoric, Warren (c) – Witt, Szatmári*
Nickname(s): Mayo, Valley, the Sky Blues
Stadium: The Wall [cap. 21,867], Hodgehill, Candelaria
Home Kit: Baby blue and white hoops
Ownership: C&M: Business consortium
Coach: Zachary Telemans
Team Style: Modestly uninspiring, post-promotion fair, sadly. I really can’t bring myself to rave about it.
Background: Very much the club of south-western Candelaria, Mayo claim a vast catchment area and the smallest host town in the top two divisions. Former champions of the pre-CMSC era, they’ve been top-flight, mid-table regulars off and on for a sizable chunk of their history but reasons to believe they can echo their heritage and cling on particularly comfortably are a wee bit thin on the ground.
Transfer Market: That said, they’ve made some interesting moves – Samuka Szatmári, now on his third Candelariasian club, aims to break his relegation duck and beat the drop for the first time, and partners the once promising Turkish forward Zachary Witt. Ilga NorthWalker is another refugee from XXXIV’s victims, the perfectly ordinary human woman’s pride still smarting from her only perceived personal failures and now devoted to the Mayo cause, while the most notable three are arguably the new arrivals from Toyur – the only Baptismal nation outside Rushmore raided by the CMSC this term. The poor kids don’t know what they’ve let ‘emselves in for…
Star Names: Beyond the newcomers, Mayo’s side is awfully young with ‘keeper Greg Tipping all of eighteen and huge pressure equally on the shoulders of fellow teen Patrick Zoric. Ultimately, it all depends on the newcomers.
Options: Yet more kids, to be fair – particularly wide man Joe Milošević and striker Walker Ankers, though old Reiban Okeke remains on the club’s books well into his late thirties.
The Fans Expect: Giving a good account of themselves and not being cut adrift would do for many, but they’ve shelled out descent money and the board at least would expect more than a perfunctory effort at staying up.
The Pundits Expect: Of the three promoted sides Mayo look the best equipped to give a half-decent showing. Arguably a better prospect than the likes of Gamboa and the Smith, the various Serbs, yokels and interesting foreigners could be this term’s surprise package.

There Is No Part V
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Cafundeu » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:30 pm

Pre-Season competition to decide teams for International Competitions

After seasons choosing the teams to be directed to the TQCC, Globe Cup and SBCC through mysterious ways (although most followed a criteria, which changed once or twice), the CCFM finally decided to create a new competition in order to choose the teams to go to the international competitions to be played before the end of the Cafundelense season. In homage to the former president of the CCFM, Erasmo Carlos Jowenguard, the new competition was named the Jowenguard Crown. Played before the official beginning of the new season, is composed by some knockout rounds, involving teams which had good performances in the previous season: be those in the league or in the cup. The competition is divided in two "areas": the TQCC/GC and the SBCC, the winners of each one meeting in the final game to decide the Crown.

The first edition showed that the competition is a pure mess when deciding which teams would participate and which would be its format, and the CCFM directors proved that they are completely useless by repeating the same format and continuing with the mess involving this competition which is entering in its second edition. For the TQCC/GC area, the 8 best teams of the league were qualified (7, as the champion is already in the TQCC), together with the semifinalists of the last Empress Cup, and the last champion of the Second Division. Current First Division league champions (A.F.F. in this case) wouldn't participate in the Jowenguard Crown and would receive an automatic TQCC spot. Of course, there were cases of a team qualifying in both league and cup criteria. But, in these cases, no substitute would be called.

Seeds for the TQCC/GC area are the following: League 2nd (1st), Cup Winners (2nd), then the qualified through the league (3rd - 7th), those qualified through the cup (8th - 9th) and last the current Second Division champion (10th). 1st and 2nd seeds would receive a bye on the first round, and the 3rd and 4th seeds would have the chance (or their opponents in the first round) to rest in the second round.

Former champions:

Edition 1 - Ranca Toco

See the results of the TQCC/GC area:

First Round:

(3rd)          Cafundó do Juta     3-0     Metropolitano           (10th)
(4th) Ranca Toco 4-1 Clube Imperial (9th)
(5th) Dunboor FC 1-1 Engenheiro Peres (8th)
Penalties: 3-4
(6th) Porto Lacruz 2-1 América (7th)

Second Round (losers go to GC automatically):

(1st)             Petardos S/A     3-1     Porto Lacruz             (6th)
(2nd) Atlético Jutense 1-0 Engenheiro Peres (8th)


(1st)             Petardos S/A     2-0     Ranca Toco               (4th)
(2nd) Atlético Jutense 0-1 Cafundó do Juta (3rd)

TQCC Playoff (winner goes to TQCC/loser to Globe Cup):

(2nd)         Atlético Jutense     2-2     Ranca Toco               (4th)
Penalties: 0-3

Area Final (both qualified for TQCC):

(1st)             Petardos S/A     3-1     Cafundó do Juta          (3rd)

For the SBCC area, there was more organization, and it was easier to get which teams were qualified to play the competition and its format. There were no automatic SBCC spots, and fourteen teams were called, among relegated teams from the First Division in the last season, teams from the Second Division and last season's best Third Division teams. Of course, all of them are now in the Second Division.

The seeds are: last season's 17th placed at Division 1 (1st), 18th/Div1 (2nd), 19th/Div1 (3rd), 20th/Div1 (4th), top 8 not promoted of last season's Division 2 (5th - 12th), last season's Division 3 champions (13th) and last season's Division 3 runner-ups (14th). The first and second seeds enter only in the second round (quarterfinals).

See the results:

First Round:

(7th)          Cruzeiro do Sul     3-0     Clube dos Banqueiros    (10th)
(8th) Nova Éden 1-1 Tênis Clube (9th)
Penalties: 4-2
(3rd) Galáxia 6-2 Nacional da Cruz (14th)
(6th) Santa Cruz do Norte 2-1 São José (11th)
(4th) Carandirú 5-0 Agreman FH (13th)
(5th) Penders 0-0 EC Elville (12th)
Penalties: 1-3


(1st)          Clube Comercial     0-2     Cruzeiro do Sul          (7th)
(4th) Carandirú 3-1 EC Elville (12th)
(2nd) Aliança 1-2 Nova Éden (8th)
(3rd) Galáxia 4-2 Santa Cruz do Norte (6th)

Semifinals (all qualified to the SBCC):

(4th)                Carandirú     2-3     Cruzeiro do Sul          (7th)
(3rd) Galáxia 3-0 Nova Éden (8th)

Area Final:

(3rd)                  Galáxia     0-1     Cruzeiro do Sul          (7th)

Jowenguard Crown Final:

(TQCC)            Petardos S/A     7-1     Cruzeiro do Sul         (SBCC)

So, the qualified teams (in order):

Petardos S/A
Cafundó do Juta
Ranca Toco

Atlético Jutense
Porto Lacruz
Engenheiro Peres

Cruzeiro do Sul
Nova Éden

Estádio Rei Albieri Van Tocco, Cafundó do Juta (cap. 210,001)
Arena América, Abadia (cap. 120,000)
Maracatuzão, Dunboor (cap. 135,000)

Olímpico Imperial, Lux (cap. 80,000)
Cúpula Tropical, Ilha Eremita (cap. 35,000)
Gigantão, Santo Galvão (cap. 80,000)
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Estresse Intenso » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:42 pm

Estresse Intenso and Landau Institute's international competitions teams - decided via the Medical Olympics, which involved football too (among other sports and some "medical competitions" (as "surgery time trial" or "diagnosis dispute"):



Academia Acropolis
Camisa Dez
Bonde do .38
Escritórios Macedo


TQCC: Babel Spiral, in Cânyon Abissal (cap. 353,535 - you know the details)
GC: Aterro Sanitário, Limbo (cap. 45,000)
SBCC: Sector-Delta Sporting Field, Landau Institute (cap. 0)

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby The Islands of Qutar » Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:39 am

The Islands of Qutar will send the following teams;

Lockstow United

Globe Cup:
Apsley Athletic
Cotham Knights
Lockstow City

AFC Drayton
Kirrin Island
Thornhill Rovers

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Krytenia » Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:44 am

Krytenia will send the following teams;

Casuals Osteria
Avidia City

Globe Cup:
Ousevale Borough
Caledon Simpson
Aigburth Athletic

New Cefn Albion
Penniton United
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Adihan » Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:12 pm

International University Challenge Championship 16 presented by Radio Ad’ihan International
Group stage results

Group A
Prifysgol Gymraeg   WZI 2-0 Van Prooijen Uni    ASA
Reynea Area CC TAE 0-2 Shiratori Uni DAN
Shiratori Uni DAN 3-0 Prifysgol Gymraeg WZI
Van Prooijen Uni ASA 2-1 Reynea Area CC TAE
Prifysgol Gymraeg WZI 1-2 Reynea Area CC TAE
Shiratori Uni DAN 5-2 Van Prooijen Uni ASA

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Shiratori Uni DAN 3 3 0 0 10 2 8 9 Q
2 Reynea Area CC TAE 3 1 0 2 3 5 -2 3
3 Prifysgol Gymraeg WZI 3 1 0 2 3 5 -2 3
4 Van Prooijen Uni ASA 3 1 0 2 4 8 -4 3

Group B
Maritime Warfare    CAM 0-0 St. Martin Med Inst WZI
Western Shentarong VPH 2-1 Amada University DAN
Amada University DAN 0-1 Maritime Warfare CAM
St. Martin Med Inst WZI 0-3 Western Shentarong VPH
Maritime Warfare CAM 0-3 Western Shentarong VPH
Amada University DAN 4-2 St. Martin Med Inst WZI

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Western Shentarong VPH 3 3 0 0 8 1 7 9 Q
2 Maritime Warfare CAM 3 1 1 1 1 3 -2 4 Q
3 Amada University DAN 3 1 0 2 5 5 0 3
4 St. Martin Med Inst WZI 3 0 1 2 2 7 -5 1

Group C
Hondo College       VAL 3-2 Northwest Sumbobor  VPH
Air Force Academy TAE 3-4 Arrigo Harbour UIGA CAM
Arrigo Harbour UIGA CAM 3-3 Hondo College VAL
Northwest Sumbobor VPH 1-1 Air Force Academy TAE
Hondo College VAL 1-1 Air Force Academy TAE
Arrigo Harbour UIGA CAM 1-1 Northwest Sumbobor VPH

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Arrigo Harbour UIGA CAM 3 1 2 0 8 7 1 5 Q
2 Hondo College VAL 3 1 2 0 7 6 1 5 Q
3 Air Force Academy TAE 3 0 2 1 5 6 -1 2
4 Northwest Sumbobor VPH 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group D
Pine Bluffs State   DAN 5-1 Portland Business   ASA
U of Darnai VPH 3-0 Hatton Coll of Med ADN
Hatton Coll of Med ADN 1-1 Pine Bluffs State DAN
Portland Business ASA 0-1 U of Darnai VPH
Pine Bluffs State DAN 2-0 U of Darnai VPH
Hatton Coll of Med ADN 1-2 Portland Business ASA

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pine Bluffs State DAN 3 2 1 0 8 2 6 7 Q
2 U of Darnai VPH 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6 Q
3 Portland Business ASA 3 1 0 2 3 7 -4 3
4 Hatton Coll of Med ADN 3 0 1 2 2 6 -4 1

Group E
City of Ad’ihan Uni ADN 2-2 Medicina São José   CAF
Vahala University VAL 1-2 Allemali University CAM
Allemali University CAM 2-0 City of Ad’ihan Uni ADN
Medicina São José CAF 0-0 Vahala University VAL
City of Ad’ihan Uni ADN 1-1 Vahala University VAL
Allemali University CAM 2-1 Medicina São José CAF

Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Allemali University CAM 3 3 0 0 6 2 4 9 Q
2 Medicina São José CAF 3 0 2 1 3 4 -1 2
3 Vahala University VAL 3 0 2 1 2 3 -1 2
4 City of Ad’ihan Uni ADN 3 0 2 1 3 5 -2 2

Knockout round
Shiratori Uni DAN 1-1 Maritime Warfare CAM (1-3 AET)
Western Shentarong VPH 2-1 Arrigo Harbour UIGA CAM
U of Darnai VPH 3-0 Hondo College VAL
Allemali University CAM 0-1 Pine Bluffs State DAN

Maritime Warfare CAM 0-1 Western Shentarong VPH
U of Darnai VPH 1-3 Pine Bluffs State DAN

Western Shentarong VPH 0-1 Pine Bluffs State DAN
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Septentrionia » Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:36 pm

Septentrionian competitions report: 2026


Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 CS Lac-Amédée 30 16 9 5 52 27 25 57 TQCC
2 CS Sept-Onze Ourseville 30 17 5 8 52 32 20 56 TQCC
3 FC Cap-Phare 30 15 8 7 55 32 23 53 TQCC
4 Football Nordiqueville 30 13 12 5 50 29 21 51 GC
5 Union d'Ourseville 30 14 8 8 48 31 17 50 GC
6 CS Ourseville 1093 30 15 5 10 49 33 16 50 TQCC
7 Mont-Lambert FC 30 12 9 9 44 43 1 45
8 Sudistes de Bourdailleux 30 12 7 11 41 34 7 43
9 CF Grand-Glacier 30 11 10 9 41 46 -5 43 GC
10 ASJL Cap-Nord 30 10 7 13 40 53 -13 37
11 Révolution FC 30 9 8 13 47 48 -1 35
12 Latins de Septentrionalis 30 10 5 15 33 35 -2 35
13 Stade du Dauphin 30 9 6 15 37 51 -14 33
14 AA Benoîtville 30 8 5 17 25 56 -31 29 R
15 US Septentrionalis 30 6 6 18 26 55 -29 24 R
16 FC Lamer 30 4 8 18 28 63 -35 20 R


Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 Richelieu AC 30 17 10 3 54 33 21 61 P/SBCC
2 FC Les Vals 30 17 5 8 43 29 14 56 P/SBCC
3 SC Mont-Bleu 30 15 9 6 48 29 19 54 Pl/SBCC
4 Pointemer AC 30 14 9 7 43 31 12 51 Pl/SBCC
5 SS des Monts 30 13 8 9 44 38 6 47
6 Baie-Verte CCFC 30 12 10 8 38 35 3 46
7 Royaux d'Orléans 30 11 9 10 35 36 -1 42
8 Cavaliers de Jeanne d'Arc 30 11 8 11 32 36 -4 41
9 Septentrionalis HC 30 9 7 14 41 48 -7 34
10 Olympiques de Baieville 30 8 9 13 34 35 -1 33
11 SC Presqu'île 30 6 15 9 30 31 -1 33
12 Club des Franciscains 30 7 12 11 38 43 -5 33
13 Voyageurs de Val-des-Lacs 30 9 6 15 34 47 -13 33
14 Mont-Surrindère SC 30 7 10 13 27 41 -14 31 R
15 CS Sainte-Denise 30 8 5 17 30 48 -18 29 R
16 L'Étoile du Nord d'Alioth 30 6 8 16 31 42 -11 26 R

Promotion playoffs
Match 1: SC Mont-Bleu 3-0 Pointemer AC
Match 2: Pointemer AC 0-1 SC Mont-Bleu
Aggregate: SC Mont-Bleu 4-0 Pointemer AC


Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 CH Vaudreuil 30 14 8 8 44 32 12 50 P
2 Marteaux de Mont-Bleu 30 12 13 5 40 26 14 49 P
3 AS Île-Benoît 30 14 6 10 42 33 9 48 Pl
4 Bostopians FC 30 13 8 9 44 43 1 47 Pl
5 Croisée de Sauvageville 30 13 6 11 36 34 2 45
6 CF Mont-du-Nord 30 14 3 13 46 47 -1 45
7 Blagueurs de Calembourg 30 12 7 11 46 39 7 43
8 Étoiles de Dubreuil 30 12 6 12 35 36 -1 42
9 Ouvriers de la Nation 30 11 8 11 38 35 3 41
10 Pêcheurs de Bordemer 30 11 8 11 31 30 1 41
11 Sauvages de Sauvageville 30 11 8 11 41 43 -2 41
12 CH Piedmont 30 11 5 14 39 41 -2 38
13 Juniors de Baie-Douce 30 11 4 15 25 39 -14 37
14 Police de Saint-Jacques 30 7 13 10 31 32 -1 34 R
15 FC Club de Golf 30 9 6 15 32 40 -8 33 R
16 Marécages de Desmarais 30 7 7 16 27 47 -20 28 R

Promotion playoffs
Match 1: AS Île-Benoît 2-1 Bostopians FC
Match 2: Bostopians FC 1-0 AS Île-Benoît (3-0 AET)
Aggregate: AS Île-Benoît 2-4 Bostopians FC


Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 UF Cafundéaise 30 15 8 7 49 27 22 53 P
2 Athlétiques d'Ourseville 30 14 7 9 50 40 10 49 P
3 Igloos de Cap-Nord 30 13 8 9 35 32 3 47 Pl
4 AS Haut-Lieu 30 13 7 10 38 38 0 46 Pl
5 Loups Midivillois 30 13 6 11 44 39 5 45
6 Atlantes de Grand-Chariot 30 12 8 10 41 40 1 44
7 CS Anse-aux-Craupauds 30 11 8 11 44 40 4 41
8 Nordiqueville AFC 30 10 10 10 36 32 4 40
9 Amateurs de Côte-Ravin 30 12 4 14 38 37 1 40
10 Hockeyeurs de St-FX 30 11 7 12 31 34 -3 40
11 CF Sainte-Anne 30 9 12 9 42 44 -2 39
12 AC Alioth 30 9 12 9 37 41 -4 39
13 Piedmont 1852 30 10 7 13 42 48 -6 37
14 LS Saint-Jacques 30 9 8 13 33 38 -5 35
15 Lac-Lemire FC 30 9 5 16 32 51 -19 32
16 Aigles de Dubreuil 30 7 9 14 40 51 -11 30

Promotion playoffs
Match 1: Igloos de Cap-Nord 1-1 AS Haut-Lieu
Match 2: AS Haut-Lieu 2-3 Igloos de Cap-Nord
Aggregate: Igloos de Cap-Nord 4-3 AS Haut-Lieu

Coupe d'État

After speaking with Uiri representatives, some people at the ASS decided to organise a kind of League Cup. Instead of calling it the Coupe de la Ligue, which would have been too boring, they decided to go with the name "Coupe d'État", as they were given money by the government of Septentrionia to create it.

Huitièmes de finales
CS Ourseville 1093 2-3 AA Benoîtville
US Septentrionalis 2-1 Mont-Lambert FC
CS Lac-Amédée 0-1 CF Grand-Glacier
CS Sept-Onze Ourseville 4-0 Union d'Ourseville
Sudistes de Bourdailleux 2-2 Latins de Septentrionalis (3-2 AET)
FC Cap-Phare 1-0 Révolution FC
Football Nordiqueville 7-2 FC Lamer
ASJL Cap-Nord 2-1 Stade du Dauphin

Quart de finales

CF Grand-Glacier 1-0 Football Nordiqueville
Sudistes de Bourdailleux 2-4 ASJL Cap-Nord
FC Cap-Phare 6-3 US Septentrionalis
AA Benoîtville 0-1 CS Sept-Onze Ourseville

CF Grand-Glacier 0-0 CS Sept-Onze Ourseville (1-0 AET)
FC Cap-Phare 3-1 ASJL Cap-Nord

FC Cap-Phare 1-1 CF Grand-Glacier (1-1 AET) (CF Grand-Glacier wins 3-0 on penalty kicks)


Code: Select all
Trente-deuxièmes de finales
Pêcheurs de Bordemer 1-0 CH Piedmont
Piedmont 1852 1-3 Cavaliers de Jeanne d'Arc
Étoiles de Dubreuil 3-1 Latins de Septentrionalis
Marteaux de Mont-Bleu 1-1 Police de Saint-Jacques (1-1 AET) (Police de Saint-Jacques wins 3-0 on penalty kicks)
Loups Midivillois 0-0 Aigles de Dubreuil (0-0 AET) (Aigles de Dubreuil wins 3-0 on penalty kicks)
Sauvages de Sauvageville 1-2 Richelieu AC
CH Vaudreuil 1-2 Football Nordiqueville
Royaux d'Orléans 0-1 Croisée de Sauvageville
Club des Franciscains 1-4 FC Cap-Phare
CS Anse-aux-Craupauds 2-3 Amateurs de Côte-Ravin
Septentrionalis HC 2-1 SC Presqu'île
CF Grand-Glacier 1-1 Mont-Surrindère SC (3-1 AET)
Baie-Verte CCFC 3-0 Blagueurs de Calembourg
Mont-Lambert FC 2-1 ASJL Cap-Nord
FC Club de Golf 1-3 Sudistes de Bourdailleux
Union d'Ourseville 4-0 Marécages de Desmarais
Juniors de Baie-Douce 1-1 US Septentrionalis (2-1 AET)
CS Sainte-Denise 0-7 CS Ourseville 1093
CF Sainte-Anne 0-3 AA Benoîtville
Atlantes de Grand-Chariot 0-1 Hockeyeurs de St-FX
Révolution FC 2-1 Pointemer AC
Ouvriers de la Nation 1-0 Lac-Lemire FC
Voyageurs de Val-des-Lacs 1-2 FC Les Vals
AS Haut-Lieu 0-0 L'Étoile du Nord d'Alioth (0-0 AET) (L'Étoile du Nord d'Alioth wins 4-2 on penalty kicks)
Olympiques de Baieville 1-2 Nordiqueville AFC
Stade du Dauphin 2-0 Athlétiques d'Ourseville
CS Lac-Amédée 2-0 CF Mont-du-Nord
SS des Monts 2-0 Igloos de Cap-Nord
UF Cafundéaise 0-1 AS Île-Benoît
SC Mont-Bleu 0-1 Bostopians FC
AC Alioth 2-2 LS Saint-Jacques (3-2 AET)
FC Lamer 4-2 CS Sept-Onze Ourseville

Seizièmes de finales
Mont-Lambert FC 1-3 Union d'Ourseville
CF Grand-Glacier 4-0 Amateurs de Côte-Ravin
SS des Monts 3-1 Baie-Verte CCFC
Ouvriers de la Nation 2-1 Croisée de Sauvageville
Septentrionalis HC 2-2 AC Alioth (2-2 AET) (AC Alioth wins 4-1 on penalty kicks)
Sudistes de Bourdailleux 3-1 Hockeyeurs de St-FX
Pêcheurs de Bordemer 0-0 FC Les Vals (0-1 AET)
AA Benoîtville 2-2 FC Lamer (2-3 AET)
CS Lac-Amédée 2-0 FC Cap-Phare
Juniors de Baie-Douce 2-0 Stade du Dauphin
Bostopians FC 0-1 AS Île-Benoît
Étoiles de Dubreuil 2-1 Richelieu AC
CS Ourseville 1093 5-1 Police de Saint-Jacques
Cavaliers de Jeanne d'Arc 2-1 Aigles de Dubreuil
Football Nordiqueville 4-1 Nordiqueville AFC
Révolution FC 1-1 L'Étoile du Nord d'Alioth (2-1 AET)

Huitièmes de finales
CS Ourseville 1093 4-1 Cavaliers de Jeanne d'Arc
FC Lamer 2-0 AC Alioth
Ouvriers de la Nation 0-5 Union d'Ourseville
Juniors de Baie-Douce 2-3 Football Nordiqueville
CF Grand-Glacier 3-1 Révolution FC
CS Lac-Amédée 1-1 AS Île-Benoît (2-1 AET)
SS des Monts 1-1 FC Les Vals (1-3 AET)
Étoiles de Dubreuil 1-1 Sudistes de Bourdailleux (1-2 AET)

Quart de finales
CF Grand-Glacier 2-1 Football Nordiqueville
FC Lamer 2-1 Union d'Ourseville
FC Les Vals 1-1 CS Ourseville 1093 (1-1 AET) (CS Ourseville 1093 wins 4-2 on penalty kicks)
CS Lac-Amédée 2-2 Sudistes de Bourdailleux (2-2 AET) (Sudistes de Bourdailleux wins 3-0 on penalty kicks)


FC Lamer 2-3 CS Ourseville 1093
Sudistes de Bourdailleux 2-1 CF Grand-Glacier

Sudistes de Bourdailleux 1-2 CS Ourseville 1093

International competitions qualifiers

The ICC qualifying rules have changed this year. As four teams qualify for them thanks to Septentrionia's position as one of the best leagues in the world, and considering the new cup competition that has been started this year, now only the top 3 in the Superligue will qualify for the TQCC. The fourth spot will be given to the winner of the Bouclier du Président. As an incensitive to perform in the Coupe d'État, the ASS and the Superligue decided to award the winner a Globe Cup spot. The best two teams in the league that haven't qualified for an ICC by other means than the league will receive the top 2 GC Spots. We heard that there could be a change in the next season for the qualification to the SBCC, but nothing precise has come through to our ears.

Takilquip Champions' Cup:
CS Lac-Amédée
CS Sept-Onze Ourseville
FC Cap-Phare
CS Ourseville 1093 (Winner of the Bouclier)

Globe Cup:
Football Nordiqueville
Union d'Ourseville
CF Grand-Glacier (Winner of the Coupe d'État)

Serie B Champions' Cup:
Richelieu AC
FC Les Vals
SC Mont-Bleu
Pointemer AC

Stadium bids:
TQCC final Stadium: Complexe Sportif de Septentrionalis (Capacity: 85,300). Also used to be known as Complexe SR Banque Économique
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Quintessence of Dust » Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:53 am

    OOC: Last time I tried a rather fancier season review, which yielded approximately shit-all in dividends: either my coefficient is too low to be salvaged by RP bonus, or CH doesn't care for King Lear. So it wasn't really worth the effort, sob sob sob. Hence, here is the more boringly orthodox and immensely cliched review of Season 3. CAUTION: this post uses the word “egress”.

Sadly, the 11th consolidated round of international club football only served to demonstrate the abject weakness of Quintessential football. No team made any significant headway and, although the home games had relatively high attendances, the televished matches produced low viewing figures. Perhaps to the irritation of the established footballing community, however, the QFA announced it would continue funding for at least another two cycles of competition. Eight teams competed, but brought home only the “unofficial award for best red-themed second division club side in the world”, whose marginal status did not stop the QFA proudly holding a week of celebrations in consequence.

Greschmeier MSC faced a particular humiliation shared by only three other teams, being eliminated at the very first stage of the TQCC by Taeshan's Wiechester FC. There was some consolation in seeing two of their young prospects on loan at Somewhereistonia's Metalurgs help them advance. But so did Han team Sanghae Gukjei, who promptly knocked out BobBank FC in two one-sided legs in the second preliminary round.

The result was that the Globe Cup featured five Quodite teams, but sheer force of numbers wasn't enough to gain any success. The Highmark City Blues drew their first leg and lost to a late squeaker in the second against Sargossa's Dunas Del Sol in the selective stage, but New Cleethorpes Athletic were unsurprisingly blown away by Hatton Town, the famous team from Ad'ihan Commerce Heights Ad'ihan that other Commerce Heights-type entity Ad'ihan Here-be-dragons.

Greschmeier's somewhat tragic travails continued as they were placed against a team from Estresso Intenso, the country that beat Quintessence of Dust in the third place playoff of their Baptism of Fire debut. They managed a home win, only to lose 3-1 away to the Orthopedists. BobBank made it through to the qualifying stage despite still failing to win a single leg, beating Pasarga's Tanrısal on away goals despite missing star midfielder Masami Tamagotchi, who stayed home to play for the Grey Sox.

There they extended their record to no win in six matches at the international level, with a draw and a loss to be eliminated by Dancougar's Sporting Kildare in an 11-goal bonanza. After a first leg draw all remaining hopes were left for The Arena of Dreams, but Septentrionian side Union d'Ourseville proved too strong for Nowy Orpington United.

Fittingly, things went slightly better in the SBCC, but that only served to prolong the misery a little further, like Chinese water torture (which gave Wow! Health & Fitness's defensive coach unfortunate ideas for pre-season training). The growing pool of competing nations meant Casuistic Athletic missed out on their chance to compete, and Ippi-ippi-ippi, who were in the same position last season, may have wished they stayed at home after 1-2, 1-4 demolitions by SC Myrkan.

But Continuation Railway Biscuit Thickness Spray Farm pulled off a surprise victory over Somewhereistonians Old Suvisians despite having sold off all of their best players following their relegation to the Moo Maid Top League, and even more to pay for the giant piss-up when they were promoted again. They then came from behind thanks to goals from Java Lambchop and Gumption Spunk to tip themselves past Olympique de Baieville. (Yes, his name is “Gumption Spunk”, there's only so much RP leverage to be had from “all our teams lost”.) They were joined in the third preliminary round – the closest any Quodite teams came to group stage action – by the Highmark City Reds, who triumphed in the aforementioned apt encounter with al-Merika's Khemul Scarlets.

Both the Reds and Farmers came a-cropper at the last pre-qualifying hurdle, however, losing respectively to Cafundelese São Jorge and Vephrallese Custler FE, leading to (quickly withdrawn) threats that the QFA would no longer “subject [its] teams to the international menace of '-ese' demonyms”. All in all, it was in inglorious affair, but the fans continued to cheer on teams with a dull, unknowing fervour that might otherwise be mistaken for a sympton of early onset sociopathy. “My mama allus tole me to be a good boy,” confirmed one fanatical Ip.


In his role as Director of Development for the QFA, Jeremy Dixon proved quite successful at attracting foreign talent prior to Season 2. This time, it was a different story. A confluence of factors contributed to a decreased interest in playing in Quintessence of Dust for all but the most despairing veterans or experience-starved youngsters: continuing growth of international club football leading to a “crowding out” effect, poor performances at the international level, and the continuing lack of financial lucre. None of which was especially helpful in rebutting deeply held Quodite suspicions that all foreigners are snot-nosed avaricious bastards.

Nowy Orpington decided to cling onto their two defenders, Mich Henton (Foreign Player of the Year in Season 2) and Alexis Clinton despite their homeland's unfortunate disintegration. FC Drongosnort's relegation saw Kasper Grinius trudge back to Qasarian City and the impressive Petras Zoltoks transfer to New Cleethorpes Athletic, but Bears Lurra and Herronna decided to stay on to aid the battle for promotion back to the QNRVPL, to the immense joy of the local fans, who promptly developed the chant: “Bears never quit/but they do shit/in the woods, innit”. Two of MN Smith's loans were sent home, Jamie Small looking like breaking into the first team, Çaatay Menderes looking like he'd put on about 50 pounds, but Oscar Vincent was offered a full contract to stay at Wow!, along with a new trio of bright-eyed youngsters.

Aside from Zoltoks, though, only 6 new players arrived – half of them from Somewhereistonia, with Secretary of State George Madison hastily clarifying his government's increasingly close relationships with the Baltic nation as “just friends with benefits”. Morgan Williams got the shove once Michael Kastner decided it was time for a new era at Nowy Orpington, deciding to finally employ a forward, and brought in Kelssek's Douglas Crawford, prompting absolute outrage from New Cleethorpes fans who dubbed the move “the first infiltration of communism into our game”. They also picked up a couple of Somewhereistonian youngsters, whose perspective on historical materialism went unchastised.

Continuation Railway Biscuit Thickness Spray Farm made their first ever foreign signing, bringing in the aging Koltelcia captain Marek Oll to try to make up for the giant Tamagotchi-shaped hole in the centre of midfield. But perhaps the most exciting development was the acquisition of two Starblaydi players, the trade bringing out all the customary fanboyishness of Quintessential fans. Makki Kaukonen transferred from Iskara Daii to Wow! Health & Fitness FC, and Gregory Kanzantzakis from Ionia United to New Cleethorpes, his signing unveiled in a press conference in which Jiao Chen managed to mispronounce his name to include eight different profanities, finally settling on “Greg K”, which, it turns out, is a popular Highmark street name for ketamine.

There were few internal transfers of note, but by far the most significant egress was Woody Cockbadger, who accepted an offer from the CCFM Scout to play for América after the Regals were relegated, to the obvious dismay of his uncle, Arlo Cockbadger, who judged the move “a profound betrayal”. Although emotional scenes at Highmark International Airport-Laundromat saw him wish his nephew all the best, he later added that he “burned in a car fire”. But the move was well received elsewhere, América added to the list of foreign clubs who are more popular at home than any domestic ones are.

QuinTel Not-Really-Very-Premier League Season 3

Season 3, and already the QNRVPL has jumped the shark. That was the feeling many expressed as BobBank FC defended their title, Western stalwarts New Cleethorpes Athletic were relegated, and everything else went much the same. Still, the season had its moments of excitement, much of which came to the boil on the last day. The Highmark City Blues were out of TQCC contention but still managed a shock 3-0 win over BobBank to give Nowy Orpington United a chance of going top. But the Highmark City Reds, down 2-1 at half-time at with no hope of avoiding relegation after Continuation Railway Biscuit Thickness Spray Farm upset Greschmeier MSC, came back with a late goal from Carolina Benet to break Eastern hearts. Wow! Health & Fitness FC improved one place to earn a Globe Cup spot.

Once again, defenders had the better of strikers, and some high scoring games were generally the result of maniacal incompetence on the behalf of the country's notoriously poor goalkeepers. For the third successive season, Brikk Schitthausen was named MVP, leading to increasing theorising that the QFA is simply afraid to ask for the trophy back from him. Tatsumi Saikawa was the surprise winner of the Grey Boot, scoring 10 goals for Spray Farm, or almost half their total goals. Greschmeier slipped to fourth, but still managed the most emphatic, chewing up the utter limpid New Cleethorpes 6-0 at the Astrodome. Inevitably, much of the blame for Athletic's terrible season fell on the young, largely uncomprehending shoulders of Goshinho, who managed just two goals, but the systemic anti-Western bias of the QFA probably didn't help – including scheduling all of their home games on a single afternoon.

BobBank were deserved champions, the quiet griping about their flush resources notwithstanding. Masami Tamagotchi, increasingly overstretched between international and national duties in both football and baseball, lacked some of the spark from last season, but the strikers did their job and the Secristani-Sandrian defence held firm. Nowy Orpington's ascendancy was all the more remarkable given their dismal home form two seasons prior. And the Blues continued solid, unremarkable football to remain in contention until the closing weeks.

All in all, the experience raised troubling questions about the issue of finances: the two richest clubs won TQCC places, the three poorest finished in the bottom three spots. Yet at the same time, corporate buy-ins helped boost ticket sales and viewing figures, particularly when foreign players featured. This was no doubt helped by the announcement that from Season 4 onwards, Radio Adihan International (RAI), sponsors of the Super Cub, would feature a weekly “QNRVPL Lowlights” segment, featuring the round's most cackhanded performances. Slowly but surely, the international profile of Quodite football is growing
.Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 BobBank FC 14 9 2 3 27 18 9 29 TQCC
2 Nowy Orpington United 14 8 4 2 34 15 19 28 TQCC
3 Highmark City Blues 14 5 6 5 19 16 3 21 GC
4 Greschmeier MSC 14 5 3 6 20 21 -1 18 GC
5 Wow! Health & Fitness FC 14 6 1 7 27 25 2 19 GC

6 CRBTSF 14 5 3 6 21 27 -6 18
7 Highmark City Reds 14 3 5 6 21 28 -7 14 R
8 New Cleethorpes Athletic 14 2 3 9 9 28 -19 9 R
QFA Player Awards

MVP: Brikk Schitthausen (Greschmeier) - 3rd award
Young Player of the Season: Florian Dugge (Nowy Orpington)
Grey Boot: Tatsumi Saikawa (CRBTSF)
Foreign Player of the Season: Yuri Alekna (Nowy Orpington) [Somewhereistonia]
Player Who Would Be The Best Subject Of A Comic Reworking Of “Beautiful Freak” by Eels: Narcissus “Beautiful Greek” Theodore (BobBank) [Peisandros]

QNRVPL Players' Awards

Player of the Season: Mich Henton (Nowy Orpington) [Rennidan]
Fair Play Award: Makki Kaukonen (Wow!) [Starblaydia]
Most Vigorously Hip-Thrusting Goal Celebration: Roger Longhorn (Blues)
Player We'd Like To Kiss On The Mouth: Marina Sundqvist (Greschmeier) - 2nd award
Player We'd Like To Punch In The Mouth: Petr Kot (BobBank)

Season 4 Preview

BobBank FC

Regional affiliation: Central
Seasons 1-3: 6, 1, 1
Home ground: BobBank SkyPark, Highmark City (HI). A small, functional indoor arena inside the state-of-the-art BobDome complex, the SkyPark is routinely voted the arena teams most fear visiting.
Sponsor: BobBank (investment bank). Envy-inducingly lucrative, though the nascent thread of anti-trust investigation might see the pursestrings temporarily tightened.
Manager: Courtney Ferguson [Cassadaigua] The QNRVPL's only foreign manager is also its most successful, having won back-to-back titles.
Mascot: Bob the Badger; teaches children about the benefits of stock options.
Captain: Sebastian Hakala. Workmanlike defensive midfielder.
Quodite national team players: Masami Tamagotchi, Hamilton Humperdinck
Foreign players: Lefteris Diakos, Narcissus Theodore [Peisandros], Keith Cassell, Tyson Cadrette [Secristan]
Biggest weakness: Everyone hates them.
Most likely to: Win. Let's face it, they're getting pretty good at it.

Continuation Railway Biscuit Thickness Spray Farm

Regional affiliation: Western
Seasons 1-3: 7, -, 6
Home ground: Sniffit Football Stadium. Trust me, don't sniff it.
Sponsor: Super Pop (music). The coolest record label in the country decided to sponsor the team as an ironic gesture. Or it may have been genuine; with hipsters, it's always a little hard to tell.
Manager: None. The team makes all decisions democratically.
Mascot: Whatever they happen to see on this week's solvent high.
Captain: Kirkjubæjarklaustur Hlíðarvegur. Defender, though he rarely plays as his named won't fit on the match programme.
Quodite national team players: None, since Masami Tamagotchi left.
Foreign players: Ooh! Ooh! We have one of those now! Marek Oll [Somewhereistonia]
Biggest weakness: Bad at football.
Most likely to: Stay up in the most jammily contrived circumstances imaginable, probably involving the other team dying of a heart attack. A colllective one.

FC Drongosnort

Regional affiliation: Eastern
Seasons 1-3: -, 7, -
Home ground: Holy Immaculate Stadium of Saint Grapefruit the Anomic, Voop (PU). A creaky old stadium with traditional standing terraces, the shops sell deep fried pies, deep fried chips, deep fried chocolate bars and deep fried fat.
Sponsor: Snorticulture (gardening supplies chain). Their huge fanbase meant severing ties with the lucrative but incredibly illegal gambling site qPick wasn't too much of a sacrifice.
Manager: Lechosława Wiśniewski. Pioneer of “total football”, tactical system in which each player is so bad at their own position they might as well play anywhere on the pitch.
Mascot: Ernst the Shrub. He's a shrub, he just sort of sits there, sprouting.
Captain: “The Colonel”. Mysterious midfielder who took power in an armed coup.
Quodite national team players: None, to the intense irritation and occasional anti-Semitic conspiracy theorising anguish of the Drongosnorters.
Foreign players: Lurra, Herronna [Bears Armed]
Biggest weakness: Wildly fluctuating form.
Most likely to: Have a storming run, only to lose under tragic circumstances, probably involving arson.

Eastling Rovers

Regional affiliation: Southern
Seasons 1-3: 8, -, -
Home ground: Eli F. Baker Memorial Arena. Purpose-built for football, it was something of an embarrassment when the Arena's incumbents were promptly relegated from the QNRVPL in Season 1.
Sponsor: Baker Farms (agriculture). Conglomerate agriculture concern, formerly owned by the late President Eli F. Baker, who first got the country involved in the World Cup.
Manager: Ryan Duncan. Chiefly known for his outrageous misogeny missogyny mysygyny dun't like girls
Mascot: Stanley the Wifebeater. Don't ask.
Captain: Zack Perz. The youngster left the club when they were relegated, and has now returned the prodigal son, cheeky twat.
Quodite national team players: None.
Foreign players: None.
Biggest weakness: Refusal to hire female players in a country most of whose best players have, well, boobies.
Most likely to: Be immediately relegated and see their captain try to sidle back to BobBank.

Greschmeier Mountain Sports Club

Regional affiliation: Northern
Seasons 1-3: 1, 2, 4
Home ground: Northern Astrodome, Greschmeier (FR). Environmentally conscious arena that faced the humiliation of being submitted for TQCC consideration, only to be beset by Paripanan officials wielding tape measures and tutting with disdain.
Sponsor: Klein & Klein (fashion). The links with Quintessence of Dust's most famous corporation run deep, but Marina Sundqvist's increasingly scant presence on the football field might be leading some to reconsider the cost-benefit analysis of an anorexic second striker.
Manager: Jennifer Fischer. With Biber and Schitthausen running things on the pitch, Fischer has traditionally been more concerned with youth development. That approach has yielded great results in the past, but she can't allow the slide to continue.
Mascot: None – they consider it beneath them, though occasionally they force Biber to don a rather tattered beaver outfit, which he hates.
Captain: Wilhelm Biber. Former national team reserve, and Olympic gold medalist, he has always primarily been a skier, but has come into his own as a stable presence in defensive midfield for the time. May retire soon.
Quodite national team players: Marina Sundqvist, Brikk Schitthausen
Foreign players: Josh Stoker [Secristan]
Biggest weakness: Almost all their players consider football a hobby, a diversion, a passing fancy.
Most likely to: Have a great domestic season, get republicanly dicked on at the international level.

Highmark City Blues

Regional affiliation: Central
Seasons 1-3: 4, 4, 3
Home ground: National Stadium of Sports, Highmark (HI). The Reds' relegation mean they once again have the country's largest sports stadium to themselves. At least until rugby season begins.
Sponsor: QSF (freight shipping). Having dropped City Mail, they haven't moved far in terms of sponsor choice, from people who send little things to people who send big things. In a few years they may graduate to people who send enormous things, and try to ally with a mail order lingerie firm. OH SNAP.
Manager: Bo-Christer Nyberg. Increasingly greying player-captain-manager Nyberg is a decent attacking midfielder, a respected captain, and an organized manager – but it's questionable whether he can continue to be all three at the same time for a third season.
Mascot: Chulpan the Hawk. Also chosen to be the mascot of the nation's comically woebegotten Olympic bid, Chulpan is popular with children and furries.
Captain: Bo-Christer Nyberg. See above.
Quodite national team players: None, though Roger Longhorn used to be a regular member. The club has benefitted immensely from his being dropped, and is probably in no hurry to lose someone else.
Foreign players: Alex Tyrony [Taeshan]
Biggest weakness: Having to share their home ground with about 50 other sports clubs.
Most likely to: Have their manager burn out and commit a murder-suicide at the season halfway point, but still end up in the top half of the table.

Nowy Orpington United

Regional affiliation: Eastern
Seasons 1-3: 5, 3, 2
Home ground: The Arena of Dreams. Once a derelict mess, it is now considered the most state-of-the-art stadium in the country. However, you can still buy crystal meth in the men's toilets, if you know the right people.
Sponsor: Samseong (electronics) [Daehanjeiguk]. If you're reading this, you know who they are. So, instead I'll use the space to slip in some naughty words poo fart wanker cuntflaps
Manager: Michael Kastner. People keep telling him his beard makes him look like an axe murderer. He tells them it's a magic beard which disappears when they look away. That usually buys him enough time to reach for his axe.
Mascot: Gimpo, the world's only PVC mascot, is a hangover from their sponsorship deal with Eriqa's Erotiqa Emporium.
Captain: Mika Tuomikoski. Average goalkeeper who's been with the club long enough to know where the bodies are buried. (Which made for a nasty surprise during the stadium redesign.)
Quodite national team players: None. They all play for foreign teams – why am I even including this?
Foreign players: Like, the entire squad. Mich Henton, Alexis Clinton [Rennidan], Yuri Alekna, Oleksandr Kersys [Somewhereistonia], Douglas Crawford [Kelssek]
Biggest weakness: Presence of foreign sponsors and players in the rabidly xenophobic Nowy Orpington environs
Most likely to: Lose in a penalty shootout because they've burned all their best players in an impromptu pogrom

Wow! Health & Fitness FC

Regional affiliation: Central
Seasons 1-3: 2, 6, 5
Home ground: Wow! Football Park. The halls are bedecked with pictures of bodybuilders who look like a pinprick would burst them, and motivational posters (the club's motto is “Enthusiasm! Energy! Eggplant!”). The artificial surface will fuck your knees up if you fall over.
Sponsor: NutBurst Breakfast Bars (nut bars whose packaging contains more calories, and flavour). The popularity of health foods in Quintessence of Dust has made this a pretty lucrative deal, except for the messianic zeal with which Jensen approaches her promotional role, frequently stopping the match to chase fans she spots snacking in the stands.
Manager: Bang “Electric Blue Snorkel” Bang. Hyperenthusiastic, hyperenergetic, hypereggplantic gym trainer. The team's fall from grace is largely due to his inattention to the transfer market.
Mascot: Doggy Woof Woof. New mascot, after Catty Miao Miao was implicated in a multi-state drug investigation.
Captain: Jessica Jensen. The temperamental midfielder is probably still the best player in the country, and has recently been getting back to top form in order to “show that bitch” [Masami Tamagotchi].
Quodite national team players: Jessica Jensen, Hamilton Humperdinck.
Foreign players: Lysander Galatas [Peisandros], Oscar Vincent [Candelaria And Marquez], Makki Kaukonen [Starblaydia]
Biggest weakness: Steroid rage.
Most likely to: Be chosen as favourite by all the pundits, then end up avoiding relegation on goal difference.

Moo Maid Top League

Eastling Rovers won a surprise Top League title to earn promotion back to the QNRVPL, from which they were the first team to be unceremoniously dumped, back in Season 1. Defender Arsi Sandell continued the tradition of prodigies whose marketability is severely hampered by their parents' naming choices, starring in a tight defensive line. Lurra, unhampered by such considerations, performed a similar role for FC Drongosnort, who also won promotion but couldn't keep up with the Rovers in the title race. Ippi-ippi-ippi-ippi once again beat Casuistic Athletic by a narrow margin, meaning Top League MVP Bob Carter might not get a chance to show off his amazing banana free-kicks in the SBCC, though that won't stop him showing off his amazing banaSTOP RIGHT THERE

The Actuarial Tables were back to fifth, and seem destined for MTO (mid table obscurity/oblivion/osteoporosis) until they hire some players worth randomly generating names for. Oh, alright then: their defensive midfielder is called...Zbigniew Klingon. And their goalkeeper is called Fred. The newly promoted union league side, Part-Time Baristas, Part-Time Film Students Co-operative Union managed to lay off the Mauwie Wauwie and haunting death pop long enough to avoid relegation. Sadly, for a third successive season, the same was not true for the Colonies, this time represented by Oignons Verts. On the upside, they didn't make a four hour documentary about their season shot entirely inside a large fish tank.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment was seeing the Rahlia Regals relegated, though Arlo Cockbadger's deteriorating mental health made it a distinct possibillybunter from the season's first game (which he attended naked, despite it being held at the sub-Antarctic Eli F. Baker Memorial Arena, prompting a round of press coverage entirely devoted to some unusual statistical speculation). The entire squad, including internationals Ronald Johnson and Yua Yua Huang, decided to exercise their relegation clause, while Benny Chang became the second national goalkeeper to retire in his early 20s, to concentrate on his golf game (Winchester Furman having retired to concentrate on creamcakes). They will be replaced next season by 3,4,4,5-tetramethylcyclohexa-2,5-dienone FC from the highly regarded chemical engineering division of the union leagues, and Colonial side FC Violences Conjugales.
.Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 Eastling Rovers 14 8 4 2 22 12 10 28 P, SBCC
2 FC Drongosnort 14 6 6 2 20 16 4 24 P, SBCC

3 Ippi-ippi-ippi-ippi 14 5 8 1 19 12 7 23 SBCC
4 Casuistic Athletic 14 5 4 5 21 16 5 19 (SBCC)

5 The Actuarial Tables 14 4 3 7 23 22 1 15
6 PTBPTFSCU 14 4 5 5 20 20 0 17
7 Rahlia Regals 14 3 4 7 14 30 -16 13 R
8 Oignons Verts 14 2 4 8 13 24 -11 10 R

TQCC: BobBank FC, Nowy Orpington United
Globe Cup: Highmark City Blues, Greschmeier MSC, Wow! Health & Fitness FC
SBCC: Eastling Rovers, FC Drongosnort, Ippi-ippi-ippi-ippi, Casuistic Athletic (to be dropped if we only have 3 places)

Stadium bids: None you big meanies :(
The fight is long and tough, but together, we can make it. -- José Carlos Mariátegui

Two kinds of pork in one soup? Bring it on. -- Christina Hendricks

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

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Liventian Football League season 8

The top three qualified for the TQCC; the next three for the Globe Cup. The bottom two in the First Division were relegated to be replaced by the top two in the Second Division, who also qualified for the SBCC.

Liventia First Division

Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 Orean United 42 28 5 9 107 58 49 89 C/TQCC
2 Dover City 42 24 9 9 110 70 40 81 TQCC
3 Jesner Town 42 20 5 17 73 66 7 65 TQCC
4 Talbott 42 17 9 16 67 66 1 60 GC
5 Folenisa 42 16 10 16 72 69 3 58 GC
6 Pardbo 42 13 6 23 58 71 -13 45 GC
7 Western Territories 42 14 3 25 60 110 -50 45 R
8 Schimpol 42 7 11 24 54 91 -37 32 R

Liventia Second Division

Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L   GF   GA   GD  Pts
1 Neverend Utd 42 17 17 8 46 31 15 68 C/P/SBCC
2 Mountain FC 42 13 21 8 32 27 5 60 P/SBCC
3 Bede City 42 9 20 13 51 59 -8 47
4 Liventia Utd 42 7 18 17 42 54 -12 39
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

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Association codes
ADN  Ad’ihan                   PAN  Panuul
AGU Aguazul PAS Pasarga
CAF Cafundéu QOD Quintessence of Dust
CAM Candelaria And Marquez QUT The Islands of Qutar
CAR Carpathia and Ruthenia QZX Qazox
COM Capitalizt SLANI SNO Sorthern Northland
DAN Dancougar SOM Somewhereistonia
EIT Estresse Intenso SPT Septentrionia
ESF Elves Security Forces SRG Sargossa
HAN Daehanjeiguk STB Starblaydia
JSY Jasĭyun SWR Swartaz
KRY Krytenia TAE Taeshan
KSK Kelssek UIR Uiri
LEN Liventia VLD Valladares
NEW Newmanistan VPH Vephrall
NTH Nethertopia WZI West Zirconia

Fifteenth TakilQuip Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Round Draws

Final site selection
The selection committee met yet again to select the site of the fifteenth Champions’ Cup final, this time with fourteen venues to consider.
Round 1: Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Arena América (CAF) 5, Independiente (SRG) 5, Lengden Road (SNO) 5, Maracatuzão (CAF) 3, Babel Spiral (EIT) 3, Stadii Di Bradini (STB) 3, Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 3, Ellime e Vephrall (VPH) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (PSC) 2, Estádio Rei Albieri Van Tocco (CAF) 1 (24), Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 1 (10), Solidarity Stadium (CAM) 1 (7), Complexe Sportif de Septentrionalis (SPT) 0
Round 2: Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Arena América (CAF) 5, Independiente (SRG) 5, Lengden Road (SNO) 5, Babel Spiral (EIT) 4, Maracatuzão (CAF) 3, Stadii Di Bradini (STB) 3, Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 3, Ellime e Vephrall (VPH) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (PSC) 2, Estádio Rei Albieri Van Tocco (CAF) 1 (26), Atlantea Coliseum (TAE) 1 (15)
Round 3: Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Arena América (CAF) 5, Independiente (SRG) 5, Lengden Road (SNO) 5, Babel Spiral (EIT) 4, Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 4, Maracatuzão (CAF) 3, Stadii Di Bradini (STB) 3, Ellime e Vephrall (VPH) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (PSC) 2, Estádio Rei Albieri Van Tocco (CAF) 1
Round 4: Arena América (CAF) 6, Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Independiente (SRG) 5, Lengden Road (SNO) 5, Babel Spiral (EIT) 4, Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 4, Maracatuzão (CAF) 3, Stadii Di Bradini (STB) 3, Ellime e Vephrall (VPH) 3, Anaphase Alchemy Stadium (PSC) 2
Round 5: Arena América (CAF) 6, Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Lengden Road (SNO) 6, Independiente (SRG) 5, Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 5, Babel Spiral (EIT) 4, Maracatuzão (CAF) 3 (17), Ellime e Vephrall (VPH) 3 (15), Stadii Di Bradini (STB) 3 (9)
Round 6: Arena América (CAF) 7, Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Lengden Road (SNO) 6, Independiente (SRG) 5, Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 5, Maracatuzão (CAF) 4, Babel Spiral (EIT) 4, Ellime e Vephrall (VPH) 3
Round 7: Arena América (CAF) 8, Lengden Road (SNO) 7, Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Independiente (SRG) 6, Babel Spiral (EIT) 5, Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 5, Maracatuzão (CAF) 4
Round 8: Arena América (CAF) 12, Lengden Road (SNO) 7, Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Independiente (SRG) 6, Babel Spiral (EIT) 5 (27), Docktown Memorial Stadium (TAE) 5 (14)
Round 9: Arena América (CAF) 15, Lengden Road (SNO) 9, Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 6, Independiente (SRG) 6, Babel Spiral (EIT) 5
Round 10: Arena América (CAF) 17, Lengden Road (SNO) 9, Independiente (SRG) 8, Qazian Memorial Stadium (QZX) 7
Round 11: Arena América (CAF) 21, Lengden Road (SNO) 10, Independiente (SRG) 10

With a majority of votes in the eleventh round, Arena América in Abadia, Cafundéu will host the final.

First preliminary round draw
RFC Rinha (UIR)–Jesner Town (LEN)
Hanseong Gukjei (HAN)–Burnaby SC (KSK)
Metropolis Alligators (VLD)–12 de noviembre (AGU)
Avidia City (KRY)–Jaargusmutz FC (SWR)
St. Nash University (QZX)–El Nacional (SRG)
Nowy Orpington United (QOD)–Telecontarë (STB)
Langlois Océanic (KSK)–Metalurgs (SOM)
Wiechester FC (TAE)–SC Movim (UIR)
Lockstow United (QUT)–Slateport Bulls (VLD)

Second preliminary round draw
Ratos Island (NTH)–BobBank FC (QOD)
Wiechester FC (TAE) or SC Movim (UIR)–Fareham (QUT)
Dover City (LEN)–Qazox Naval Academy (QZX)
Nowy Orpington United (QOD) or Telecontarë (STB)–RFC Rinha (UIR) or Jesner Town (LEN)
Cheonjin (HAN)–Langlois Océanic (KSK) or Metalurgs (SOM)
St. Nash University (QZX) or El Nacional (SRG)–Lockstow United (QUT) or Slateport Bulls (VLD)
Springfield (NEW)–Arcrés Millos (AGU)
Cimnersog Town (PAN)–Galactica (PAS)
Atlantas Klaipaada (SOM)–Bayern Phoenix (TAE)
Sporting San Marquez (SRG)–Hanseong Gukjei (HAN) or Burnaby SC (KSK)
Tundra Falls (NEW)–Foxchester Raiders (STB)
Avidia City (KRY) or Jaargusmutz FC (SWR)–Metropolis Alligators (VLD) or 12 de noviembre (AGU)

Qualified for third preliminary round
Section I
Ranca Toco (CAF)
Albrecht Turkish (CAM)
Hatton Town (ADN)
FC Cap-Phare (SPT)
CS Ourseville 1093 (SPT)
Yuba United (COM)
Sokojiwa Dosi CK (COM)
Medoria Löwen (COM)
Wexax United (ESF)
Hondo FC (ESF)
Mylfe CE (VPH)
Bumpoogra FE (VPH)
Sporting Kildare (DAN)
Grandborough FC (DAN)
Neurologists (EIT)
Oncologists (EIT)
Castrograd SC (SNO)
Corcaigh (SNO)
Mort Park (WZI)
Redwood Forest (WZI)
Section II
Seoan Gukjei (HAN)
San Pablo (AGU)
Atlantea Hurricanes (TAE)
Orean United (LEN)
Casuals Osteria (KRY)
Tenderville United (NTH)
Monteriano (CAR)
Tanrısal (PAS)

no teams qualified for fourth preliminary round

Qualified for group stage
A.F.F. (CAF)
Petardos S/A (CAF)
Cafundó do Juta (CAF)
Green Island (CAM)
Marquez-Onwere (CAM)
Albrecht FC (CAM) [title holder]
Protectorate United (ADN)
Oldbridge City (ADN)
Mountbatten Junction (ADN)
CS Lac-Amédée (SPT)
CS Sept-Onze Ourseville (SPT)
San Diego Iguanas (COM)
Sonoma Center Panthers (COM)
Raynor City United (ESF)
AC Valanari (ESF)
Qidade Savana (JSY)
Heidelstadt Falken (JSY)
Poikimitagiin FE (VPH)
Shuukyuu Kishin (DAN)
Psychiatrists (EIT)
Snowspire (SNO)
Banks (WZI)

Twelfth Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Round Draws

Allocation of places
As eighty-five teams entered this edition of the Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup, five teams were removed:
  • Targas City (PAS)
  • Eastport (NEW)
  • Tammeka Kuressaare (SOM)
  • Casuistic Athletic (QOD)
  • Bridgemary (QUT)

First preliminary round draw
Loudon Lancers (TAE)–St. Martin Athletic (WZI)
Felton Athletic (WZI)–West Penthoria (NEW)
Bonde do .38 (EIT)–Banna Rovers (SNO)
Penniton United (KRY)–Dibert Colts (TAE)
Katya City College (DAN)–Ranju (HAN)
Hampton (NEW)–High Mountain Buffalo B (JSY)
Internashionale (STB)–Penbûlg Donʼûjĭ (JSY)
Kirrin Island (QUT)–Pointemer AC (SPT)
Celesthem FC (PAS)–Escritórios Macedo (EIT)
Shing OC (VPH)–Sharala AC (ESF)
Daebuk (HAN)–Secklow (KRY)
Chastain College (DAN)–FC Drongosnort (QOD)
Cirbeod CE (VPH)–Olimpiskais Kaljak (SOM)
Hawks Sporting Academy (SOM)–Revolutionaire (SNO)
Ippi-ippi-ippi (QOD)–Thornhill Rovers (QUT)
Malta Lines (STB)–West Bend Wildcats (JSY)

Second preliminary round draw
Eastling Rovers (QOD)–New Cefn Albion (KRY)
Chastain College (DAN) or FC Drongosnort (QOD)–Neverend United (LEN)
Hampton (NEW) or High Mountain Buffalo B (JSY)–Katya City College (DAN) or Ranju (HAN)
Norton (KRY)–AFC Drayton (QUT)
Loudon Lancers (TAE) or St. Martin Athletic (WZI)–Celesthem FC (PAS) or Escritórios Macedo (EIT)
X Island Marauders (TAE)–Felland Marsh (SNO)
Ippi-ippi-ippi (QOD) or Thornhill Rovers (QUT)–Hawks Sporting Academy (SOM) or Revolutionaire (SNO)
Penniton United (KRY) or Dibert Colts (TAE)–FK Alytus (SOM)
Sanseo (HAN)–Cirbeod CE (VPH) or Olimpiskais Kaljak (SOM)
Fetherdron United (PAS)–Crompton Town (WZI)
SC Filwarfin (PAS)–Daebuk (HAN) or Secklow (KRY)
Fábricas (AGU)–Internashionale (STB) or Penbûlg Donʼûjĭ (JSY)
Felton Athletic (WZI) or West Penthoria (NEW)–Bonde do .38 (EIT) or Banna Rovers (SNO)
Fairfield City (NEW)–Shing OC (VPH) or Sharala AC (ESF)
Mountain FC (LEN)–Malta Lines (STB) or West Bend Wildcats (JSY)
Jhanna City (STB)–Kirrin Island (QUT) or Pointemer AC (SPT)

Qualified for third preliminary round
Carandirú (CAF)
Nova Éden (CAF)
Mayo Valley (CAM)
Melin Professionals (CAM)
SC Mont-Bleu (SPT)
Querzakhi United (COM)
FC Longview (ESF)
Forest Hill FC (JSY)
Netler FE (VPH)
Southport City College (DAN)
Camisa Dez (EIT)
Areck Furness (SNO)
AFC Stanton (WZI)
Hogwang (HAN)
Unión de Ciudagua (AGU)
Loachen Yellow Jackets (TAE)

Qualified for group stage
Cruzeiro do Sul (CAF)
Galáxia (CAF)
Melin & Nader (CAM)
McDonald SC (CAM)
Flitton Rangers (ADN)
Olympique Protectorat (ADN)
Richelieu AC (SPT)
FC Les Vals (SPT)
Chorion Bluffs Knights (COM)
SpVgg Tolzerio (COM)
Turmondale FC (ESF)
AC Zul’Atun (ESF)
Lisda Lokado Goji Salamjĭ (JSY)
Trillet FE (VPH)
Hazuki State University (DAN)
Academia Acropolis (EIT)

Note: The sponsor of Series B Champions’ Cups 13–20 will be announced at the conclusion of the current season (i.e., along with the TQCC final and Super Cup). Bids were submitted by Moacom (AGU) and Samseong (HAN).

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Sargossa » Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:04 pm

The Island Chronicle

One In & One Out & . . . erm . . . Then One In Again

Now here’s a story no-one saw coming. Félix Barreto has left his post as manager of SuperLiga mega club Ciudad Soluca. Barreto is one of Sargossa’s most respected and successful coaches having led Ciudad to five league titles in his spell in charge, including three on the spin prior to last season. But for a club so used to being the top dogs last season’s ‘struggles’ just weren’t acceptable. Admittedly there are hundreds of other clubs up and down the archipelago that would kill for similar struggles but for Ciudad a shock defeat in the Super Cup to Dunas Del Sol, a 6 – 0 hammering in the Copa Sargossa to arch rivals El Nacional and third place in the league, waaay behind Sporting San Marquez and even behind those pesky Gozans was almost criminal.

The actual details are a little sketchy, some reports say Barreto quit after a massive row with Sporting Director Marc González others that club President Alberto Gómez García simply sacked the boss. The second seems more likely as Gómez García has long bemoaned the lack of success experienced by his club at global level. They may only have had two campaigns but early preliminary round exits in both TQCC and GC while El Nacional swaggered around in the Globe Cup group stages have really stung the Ciudad hierarchy. It could well be that Barreto had been on borrowed time ever since that unnamed Aguazul player hit the winning penalty for Arcrés Millos in last seasons Globe Cup eliminatory stage, having already crashed out of the TQCC of course, all those months ago.

Whatever the reason ‘The Professor’ has gone and his replacement has been named with almost unseemly haste. The new man in the dugout is Canderlarian Hane Davies, formally of Caires City and Green Island in the CMSC. And surely what caught the eye of Gómez García and the higher-ups was Davies’ record in the global cups having led the Errant Knights to two TakilQuip Champions Cup semi finals and to a sensational victory in Globe Cup 11. And it’ll be the early stages of Globe Cup 12 that provide Davies with his first competitive action as the new boss at the ediraf.

Ciudad’s own little soap opera would have been met by oh so much giggling over in Goza where El Nacional’s own search for a new coach took a more conventional route. No drama followed Rob Kietecs decision to step down to concentrate on coaching the Sargossa national side and Diego Ruano and his board went about their recruitment process quietly and sensibly. With Mercadel S.C. and current Sargossa Under-21 coach Juan Manuel Del Rios installed as the bookies favourite the writing looked on the wall but instead the Copa Sargossa holders and league runners-up decided to replace one Nethertopian with another. Taking over at the Independiente with immediate effect will be Otto van Belhamel, fresh from leading a poor SVV Stoedt side to the Nethertopian title. And the new man will start off with the simple task of a TQCC tie as his new charges take on Qazox side St. Nash University in the first preliminary round.
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Graziland » Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:47 pm

I think that this is appropriate for here. I'm new here, so I wanted to introduce my country through the medium of the football league. So here goes ;)

Graziland Town, Company Leagues to Merge, Create National League

Finally, the time has come! Today the leading figures of the Graziland Town Football Commission and the Company Football League have come to an agreement to finally settle who the best football team in Graziland is! The new Graziland Football Association, made up from the now dissolved former organizations are going to start a 2-division national league for the 12 teams. Three teams from each league have been selected for each division, with the top teams in Division 1 and the lower teams in Division 2. The teams are as follows:

Division 1
Weitchland United (from the capitol Weitchland, champions of the Town League, known for it's attacking style of play)
Patret (The Paper Company, leading team from the Company League)
Bashingdell (from the Northwestern Bashingdell region, Town League)
Xerdos (The Police Force team, played in Company League, thought to have most of the Company League's officials and referees in their pocket)
Krowdos (The Farmers Guild, most popular team in Company League)
Hamacker City (The overachievers of the Town League, from a small area in the southwest)

Division 2
Weitchland City (Also from the capitol, for many years the main rivals of United, recently fell on hard times and end up here)
Cuantos (The Iron Miners, former Company League team known for it's high turnover of players due to their best players leaving the iron mines for "better" jobs)
Zygery (The plumbing company, Company League team)
Roundbusch (team drawn from the Roundbusch Province, a series of 4 small "round" villages in the southeast, played in Town League)
Medivac Corporation (The Doctor's Union, Company League team, play on best "stadium" in country thanks to wealth of hospital patrons)
Wellington (team from Wellington, 2nd most populated area of Graziland, better known for the local game "Liftball", underachievers in the Town League)

We will keep all of our citizens up to date with the fixtures and results of the league right here.
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Cafundeu » Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:55 am

Association codes:
ADN  Ad’ihan                   PAS  Pasarga
AGU Aguazul QOD Quintessence of Dust
CAF Cafundéu QUT The Islands of Qutar
CAM Candelaria And Marquez QZX Qazox
COM Capitalizt SLANI SNO Sorthern Northland
DAN Dancougar SOM Somewhereistonia
EIT Estresse Intenso SPT Septentrionia
ESF Elves Security Forces SRG Sargossa
HAN Daehanjeiguk STB Starblaydia
JSY Jasĭyun SWR Swartaz
KRY Krytenia TAE Taeshan
KSK Kelssek DFU Uiri
LEN Liventia VLD Valladares
NEW Newmanistan VPH Vephrall
NTH Nethertopia WZI West Zirconia
PAN Panuul


The Twelfth Globe Cup
presented by Globo Multimedia and Banco Econômico

Draw of the first stages

Selective Stage:

KT Hotspur (CAM) x University of Fromburg (QZX)
Cotham Knights (QUT) x Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (COM)
Qasarian City (SOM) x Porto Alegro Azul (SRG)
Dynamo Kalinsk (DAN) x NAPPC (NTH)
Centralia (NEW) x CS Colhi (DFU)
FC Farça (STB) x Engenheiro Peres (CAF)
Pardbo (LEN) x CF Grand-Glacier (SPT)
Greschmeier MSC (QOD) x Aigburth Athletic (KRY)
Folenisa (LEN) x AS Dieppe (KSK)
Bradley Swifts (WZI) x Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)
Mar Sara FC (ESF) x Lockstow City (QUT)
Arel CF (DFU) x Sanghae Gukjei (HAN)
Frontvielle Impact (VLD) x Boalluns FE (VPH)
Caledon Simpson (KRY) x Iskara Daii (STB)
Dalinn Wanderers (ADN) x Dinamo Maturín (SRG)
Monteverde University (QZX) x Baskita FC (PAS)
Pocono City (NEW) x Gynaecologists (EIT)
Tannenberg FC (VLD) x Black Oasis Athletic (COM)
Club Stein-los (PAS) x North York (KSK)
Yaton FC (TAE) x Wow! Health & Fitness Club (QOD)
Qasarian Sparta (SOM) x SVV Stoedt (NTH)
East Reading (SNO) x Gieron FC (TAE)

Preliminary Stage:

Pocono City (NEW) x Gynaecologists (EIT) x FC Tório (DFU)
KT Hotspur (CAM) x University of Fromburg (QZX) x Marinos Metropolis (VLD)
Caledon Simpson (KRY) x Iskara Daii (STB) x Volerander FC (SWR)
Pardbo (LEN) x CF Grand-Glacier (SPT) x Porto Lacruz (CAF)
Greschmeier MSC (QOD) x Aigburth Athletic (KRY) x Caires City (CAM)
Bradley Swifts (WZI) x Alianza Ciruelas (AGU) x County Stanley (ADN)
Centralia (NEW) x CS Colhi (DFU) x Union d'Ourseville (SPT)
Monteverde University (QZX) x Baskita FC (PAS) x Ἄργος ΛΠ (COM)
Tannenberg FC (VLD) x Black Oasis Athletic (COM) x Club ESF (ESF)
Yaton FC (TAE) x Wow! Health & Fitness Club (QOD) x Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (JSY)
Qasarian City (SOM) x Porto Alegro Azul (SRG) x Oillid CE (VPH)
Club Stein-los (PAS) x North York (KSK) x Yuki City Athletic (DAN)
East Reading (SNO) x Gieron FC (TAE) x Orthopedists (EIT)
FC Farça (STB) x Engenheiro Peres (CAF) x Heathfield United (SNO)
Arel CF (DFU) x Sanghae Gukjei (HAN) x Hyland Town (WZI)
Frontvielle Impact (VLD) x Boalluns FE (VPH) x Gwangdong (HAN)
Mar Sara FC (ESF) x Lockstow City (QUT) x Qasarian Sparta (SOM) x SVV Stoedt (NTH)
Cotham Knights (QUT) x Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (COM) x Dalinn Wanderers (ADN) x Dinamo Maturín (SRG)
Folenisa (LEN) x AS Dieppe (KSK) x Dynamo Kalinsk (DAN) x NAPPC (NTH)

Teams qualified for Eliminatory Stage:

the 19 winners of Globe Cup's preliminary stage
the 9 eliminated teams from TQCC 1st preliminary stage
the 12 eliminated teams from TQCC 2nd preliminary stage

Teams qualified for Qualifying Stage:

Sporting Lakeport (DAN)
Otorhinolaryngologists (EIT)
Rode Ster Amsterdam (SNO)
Bradley Hornets (WZI)
Seojang (HAN)
Mapabore Juventud (AGU)
AC Quarant Xa'virt (TAE)
Talbott (LEN)
Ousevale Borough (KRY)
FC DePardenti (NTH)
SC Troubalose (PAS)
Olympia (NEW)
Ciudad Soluca (SRG)
University of Gila-Iguana (QZX)
Dinamo Karrakiv (SOM)
Highmark City Blues (QOD)
Port Healfat (PAN)
Corinthian Spirits (STB)
Apsley Athletic (QUT)
Clayquot City (KSK)
the 20 winners of Globe Cup's eliminatory stage
the 20 eliminated teams from TQCC 3rd preliminary stage

Teams qualified for Group Stage:

Atlético Jutense (CAF)
Caires Sports (CAM)
Grand Arsenal (ADN)
Football Nordiqueville (SPT)
San Solari FC (COM)
FC Capri (ESF)
Naquada Falls Demons (JSY)
Stestrenas OC (VPH)
the 30 winners of Globe Cup's qualifying stage
the 10 eliminated teams from TQCC 4th preliminary stage

Globe Cup final stadium:

Between ten stadia (again), the man responsible for choosing the venue between the candidates slept while analyzing them and drooled over the name of one of them, which was then considered "the chosen one". So, the host of the final will be Estadio Paridos, in Mapabore, Aguazul (cap. 34,000).
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DBC 16; OFC6; AOCAF27/30 runner-ups; Q-Cup 2 and Women's World Cup 11 Champions

Olympics: Host of V Winter Olympics and VI Summer Olympics - III Summer Olympics: best overall performance
Hosted: WWC8; BoF21 (WC34); BoF30 (WC43); BoF37 (WC50); CoH31; CoH36

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Graziland » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:02 am

Bashingdell Win First GFL Title, League a Success Despite Tactics of Police

Bashingdell have won the first all-Graziland Football League defeating Patret in Bashingdell the final week to secure the championship, holding off a late charge from the Papermen and Krowdos, the farmers. Bashingdell looked to romp through the league early, but a Round 6 controversial shock defeat to Xerods (the Police) started a downhill slide for them. Coincidentally, Xerods only bothered to score the one goal in their 10 matches, their rough tactics from the former Company League led to very low scoring matches, and numerous 0-0 draws. They did secure enough draws, however, to guarantee survival in Division 1 over Hamacker City who (despite a glorious 3-2 home win over the champions) looked out of their depth most of the season. It was a disappointing season for the pre-season favorites, the capital team Weitchland United, as they were never really in the title race despite finishing 3rd.

In Division 2, Roundbusch finished top of the table and gained promotion. It was a tight race throughout, with promotion only won on the final day over the Medivac Corporation and Cuantos. The Miners (Cuantos) played a lovely attacking style of football all season long, but probably gave up a few too many to seriously contend.

Final Tables
Division 1
Team	                W	D	L      GF	GA	Diff	Points
Bashingdell 7 0 3 20 11 9 21
Krowdos 5 2 3 18 12 6 17
Weitchland United 5 1 4 20 13 7 16
Patret 4 3 3 21 21 0 15
Xerods 1 6 3 1 8 -7 9
Hamacker City 1 2 7 10 25 -15 5

Division 2
Team	                W	D	L	GF	GA	Diff	Points
Roundbusch 7 2 1 22 7 15 23
Medivac Corporation 6 1 3 24 11 13 19
Cuantos 5 2 3 32 20 12 17
Weichland Town 3 2 5 14 27 -13 11
Zygery 3 1 6 12 15 -3 10
Wellington 2 0 8 9 33 -24 6
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Commerce Heights » Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:00 pm

Fifteenth TakilQuip Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Rounds

First preliminary round
(UIR)                 RFC Rinha    1–4    Jesner Town               (LEN)   1–1   0–3
(HAN) Hanseong Gukjei 4–1 Burnaby SC (KSK) 2–1 2–0
(VLD) Metropolis Alligators 3–3 a 12 de noviembre (AGU) 2–3 1–0
(KRY) Avidia City 4–1 Jaargusmutz FC (SWR) 1–0 3–1
(QZX) St. Nash University 3–5 El Nacional (SRG) 1–2 2–3
(QOD) Nowy Orpington United 4–3 Telecontarë (STB) 3–0 1–3
(KSK) Langlois Océanic 2–1 Metalurgs (SOM) 2–1 0–0
(TAE) Wiechester FC 4–0 SC Movim (UIR) 2–0 2–0
(QUT) Lockstow United 5–1 Slateport Bulls (VLD) 5–0 0–1

Second preliminary round
(NTH)              Ratos Island    4–1    BobBank FC                (QOD)   1–1   3–0
(TAE) Wiechester FC 2–3 Fareham (QUT) 1–1 1–2
(LEN) Dover City 5–0 Qazox Naval Academy (QZX) 2–0 3–0
(QOD) Nowy Orpington United 1–5 Jesner Town (LEN) 1–1 0–4
(HAN) Cheonjin 3–1 Langlois Océanic (KSK) 3–0 0–1
(SRG) El Nacional 3–1 Lockstow United (QUT) 1–0 2–1
(NEW) Springfield 2–4 Arcrés Millos (AGU) 2–2 0–2
(PAN) Cimnersog Town 1–2 Galactica (PAS) 0–1 1–1 (aet)
(SOM) Atlantas Klaipaada 1–5 Bayern Phoenix (TAE) 0–0 1–5
(SRG) Sporting San Marquez 3–3 p Hanseong Gukjei (HAN) 2–1 1–2 (2–4 pen)
(NEW) Tundra Falls 3–2 Foxchester Raiders (STB) 3–0 0–2
(KRY) Avidia City 5–3 12 de noviembre (AGU) 4–2 1–1

Third preliminary round draw
Section I
Castrograd SC (SNO)–Hondo FC (ESF)
Corcaigh (SNO)–Redwood Forest (WZI)
Medoria Löwen (COM)–Hatton Town (ADN)
Wexax United (ESF)–Sokojiwa Dosi CK (COM)
Albrecht Turkish (CAM)–Mort Park (WZI)
Oncologists (EIT)–CS Ourseville 1093 (SPT)
Grandborough FC (DAN)–Neurologists (EIT)
Yuba United (COM)–Bumpoogra FE (VPH)
FC Cap-Phare (SPT)–Mylfe CE (VPH)
Sporting Kildare (DAN)–Ranca Toco (CAF)
Section II
Bayern Phoenix (TAE)–Galactica (PAS)
Tenderville United (NTH)–Monteriano (CAR)
Jesner Town (LEN)–Ratos Island (NTH)
Tanrısal (PAS)–Orean United (LEN)
San Pablo (AGU)–Fareham (QUT)
Dover City (LEN)–Hanseong Gukjei (HAN)
Seoan Gukjei (HAN)–Avidia City (KRY)
Casuals Osteria (KRY)–Cheonjin (HAN)
Atlantea Hurricanes (TAE)–Tundra Falls (NEW)
El Nacional (SRG)–Arcrés Millos (AGU)

Fourth preliminary round draw
Section I
Grandborough FC (DAN) or Neurologists (EIT)–FC Cap-Phare (SPT) or Mylfe CE (VPH)
Oncologists (EIT) or CS Ourseville 1093 (SPT)–Sporting Kildare (DAN) or Ranca Toco (CAF)
Yuba United (COM) or Bumpoogra FE (VPH)–Castrograd SC (SNO) or Hondo FC (ESF)
Medoria Löwen (COM) or Hatton Town (ADN)–Corcaigh (SNO) or Redwood Forest (WZI)
Wexax United (ESF) or Sokojiwa Dosi CK (COM)–Albrecht Turkish (CAM) or Mort Park (WZI)
Section II
El Nacional (SRG) or Arcrés Millos (AGU)–Atlantea Hurricanes (TAE) or Tundra Falls (NEW)
Bayern Phoenix (TAE) or Galactica (PAS)–Dover City (LEN) or Hanseong Gukjei (HAN)
Tanrısal (PAS) or Orean United (LEN)–San Pablo (AGU) or Fareham (QUT)
Jesner Town (LEN) or Ratos Island (NTH)–Casuals Osteria (KRY) or Cheonjin (HAN)
Seoan Gukjei (HAN) or Avidia City (KRY)–Tenderville United (NTH) or Monteriano (CAR)

Twelfth Samseong Series B Champions’ Cup—First and Second Preliminary Rounds

First preliminary round
(TAE)            Loudon Lancers    5–3    St. Martin Athletic       (WZI)   5–2   0–1
(WZI) Felton Athletic 2–4 West Penthoria (NEW) 0–1 2–3
(EIT) Bonde do .38 4–1 Banna Rovers (SNO) 1–0 3–1
(KRY) Penniton United 2–1 Dibert Colts (TAE) 2–1 0–0
(DAN) Katya City College 4–1 Ranju (HAN) 3–0 1–1
(NEW) Hampton 0–4 High Mountain Buffalo B (JSY) 0–1 0–3
(STB) Internashionale 1–6 Penbûlg Donʼûjĭ (JSY) 0–3 1–3
(QUT) Kirrin Island 1–4 Pointemer AC (SPT) 0–2 1–2
(PAS) Celesthem FC 0–2 Escritórios Macedo (EIT) 0–1 0–1
(VPH) Shing OC 6–5 Sharala AC (ESF) 3–2 3–3 (aet)
(HAN) Daebuk 3–3 a Secklow (KRY) 3–1 0–2
(DAN) Chastain College 2–1 FC Drongosnort (QOD) 0–0 2–1
(VPH) Cirbeod CE 5–0 Olimpiskais Kaljak (SOM) 2–0 3–0
(SOM) Hawks Sporting Academy 2–4 Revolutionaire (SNO) 0–2 2–2
(QOD) Ippi-ippi-ippi 2–1 Thornhill Rovers (QUT) 0–1 2–0 (aet)
(STB) Malta Lines a 3–3 West Bend Wildcats (JSY) 1–0 2–3

Second preliminary round
(QOD)           Eastling Rovers    1–5    New Cefn Albion           (KRY)   0–1   1–4
(DAN) Chastain College 4–7 Neverend United (LEN) 3–4 1–3
(JSY) High Mountain Buffalo B 2–1 Katya City College (DAN) 1–0 1–1
(KRY) Norton 4–2 AFC Drayton (QUT) 1–0 3–2
(TAE) Loudon Lancers 3–1 Escritórios Macedo (EIT) 1–0 2–1
(TAE) X Island Marauders 1–4 Felland Marsh (SNO) 0–2 1–2
(QOD) Ippi-ippi-ippi 1–3 Revolutionaire (SNO) 1–0 0–3 (aet)
(KRY) Penniton United 2–3 FK Alytus (SOM) 2–0 0–3 (aet)
(HAN) Sanseo 2–5 Cirbeod CE (VPH) 1–2 1–3
(PAS) Fetherdron United 1–5 Crompton Town (WZI) 0–3 1–2
(PAS) SC Filwarfin 2–1 Secklow (KRY) 0–0 2–1
(AGU) Fábricas a 1–1 Penbûlg Donʼûjĭ (JSY) 0–0 1–1
(NEW) West Penthoria 0–1 Bonde do .38 (EIT) 0–1 0–0
(NEW) Fairfield City 1–7 Shing OC (VPH) 0–4 1–3
(LEN) Mountain FC a 3–3 Malta Lines (STB) 2–0 1–3
(STB) Jhanna City 1–5 Pointemer AC (SPT) 1–1 0–4

Third preliminary round draw
Southport City College (DAN)–Forest Hill FC (JSY)
Neverend United (LEN)–Norton (KRY)
Carandirú (CAF)–Areck Furness (SNO)
Netler FE (VPH)–Loudon Lancers (TAE)
Crompton Town (WZI)–Melin Professionals (CAM)
SC Mont-Bleu (SPT)–Shing OC (VPH)
Revolutionaire (SNO)–Camisa Dez (EIT)
AFC Stanton (WZI)–Hogwang (HAN)
Pointemer AC (SPT)–Felland Marsh (SNO)
Loachen Yellow Jackets (TAE)–Mayo Valley (CAM)
FC Longview (ESF)–Cirbeod CE (VPH)
High Mountain Buffalo B (JSY)–Querzakhi United (COM)
Unión de Ciudagua (AGU)–Nova Éden (CAF)
Bonde do .38 (EIT)–Mountain FC (LEN)
FK Alytus (SOM)–SC Filwarfin (PAS)
Fábricas (AGU)–New Cefn Albion (KRY)

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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Krytenia » Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:33 pm


The surprise move toward bankruptcy by the Krytenian League of Football has led to the KFA taking over the Overleague, renaming it the O-League in the process.

The KFA have allocated sixty-four league places, organised into four divisions, to the current KLF clubs. These will be as follows:

Aigburth Athletic
Avidia City
Avidia United
Bradwell Saints
Bromham City
Caledon Simpson
Casuals Osteria
Dereapolis City
Emberton Reds
Krytenia Emberton
Leston Town
Mercia Bromham
Ousevale Borough

Adanac City
Bletcham Devils
CF Avides
CFF Monthuez
Hastings County
Kallia United
Linford United
Notegia Rangers
Noton United
NSE Kovenham
Stanton Town
Stratford Rovers
Westleigh Rovers

Beckton Supermarine
Blakeland Town
Foxchester Rovers
Locomotive Wolverton
Nenbridge White Diamonds
New Cefn Albion
Penniton United
Shruton Town
Thackworth Rovers
Walton City
Wick Town
Yardley Forest

Bulham City
Dinamo Gravea
Faversham Town
Ousevale Juniors
Quinton City
Sandwell United
St Peter's
Tuvera City
Walton Park
Westleigh Wanderers
Wroxham Trinity
Wylon United
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Krytenia » Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:59 pm


Ten Uiric players have been signed as free agents to various Krytenian Overleague clubs. They are as follows:

Gonçalo Crespo (CB, 25) - Bromham City (OL1)
Eduardo Cresp (RB, 30) - CF Avides (OL2)
Nicolau Spim (CM, 19) - Casuals Osteria (OL1)
Gustavo Lima (LM, 19) - Secklow (OL1)
Emanuel Sorrab (CM, 30) - Avidia United (OL1)
Marco Oncabro (CB, 30) - Avidia United (OL1)
Eduardo Cachado (CF, 30) - Emberton Reds (OL1)
Afonso Muça (GK, 30) - Caversham (OL1)
Nicolau Pratiero (LB, 30) - New Cefn Albion (OL3)
Carlos Romano (RB, 30) - Aylesford (OL2)
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Cafundeu » Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:10 pm

The Twelfth Globe Cup
Selective and Preliminary Stages

The Selective Stage:

First leg:

(CAM)                    KT Hotspur     3-1     University of Fromburg        (QZX)
(QUT) Cotham Knights 1-3 Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (COM)
(SOM) Qasarian City 1-0 Porto Alegro Azul (SRG)
(DAN) Dynamo Kalinsk 2-2 NAPPC (NTH)
(NEW) Centralia 3-0 CS Colhi (DFU)
(STB) FC Farça 4-4 Engenheiro Peres (CAF)
(LEN) Pardbo 2-1 CF Grand-Glacier (SPT)
(QOD) Greschmeier MSC 0-1 Aigburth Athletic (KRY)
(LEN) Folenisa 4-2 AS Dieppe (KSK)
(WZI) Bradley Swifts 2-3 Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)
(ESF) Mar Sara FC 2-0 Lockstow City (QUT)
(DFU) Arel CF 0-0 Sanghae Gukjei (HAN)
(VLD) Frontvielle Impact 0-2 Boalluns FE (VPH)
(KRY) Caledon Simpson 1-1 Iskara Daii (STB)
(ADN) Dalinn Wanderers 2-1 Dinamo Maturín (SRG)
(QZX) Monteverde University 3-0 Baskita FC (PAS)
(NEW) Pocono City 1-2 Gynaecologists (EIT)
(VLD) Tannenberg FC 0-0 Black Oasis Athletic (COM)
(PAS) Club Stein-los 1-1 North York (KSK)
(TAE) Yaton FC 2-0 Wow! Health & Fitness Club (QOD)
(SOM) Qasarian Sparta 1-0 SVV Stoedt (NTH)
(SNO) East Reading 4-1 Gieron FC (TAE)

2nd leg:

(QZX)        University of Fromburg (1) 0-1 (4) KT Hotspur                    (CAM)
(COM) Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (6) 3-1 (2) Cotham Knights (QUT)
(SRG) Porto Alegro Azul (1) 1-0 (1) Qasarian City (SOM)
Extra time: (1) 1-0 (1)
Penalties: 5-4

(NTH) NAPPC (4) 2-1 (3) Dynamo Kalinsk (DAN)
(DFU) CS Colhi (0) 0-2 (5) Centralia (NEW)
(CAF) Engenheiro Peres (7) 3-2 (6) FC Farça (STB)
(SPT) CF Grand-Glacier (1) 0-0 (2) Pardbo (LEN)
(KRY) Aigburth Athletic (2) 1-0 (0) Greschmeier MSC (QOD)
(KSK) AS Dieppe (3) 1-1 (5) Folenisa (LEN)
(AGU) Alianza Ciruelas (5) 2-2 (4) Bradley Swifts (WZI)
(QUT) Lockstow City (0) 0-1 (3) Mar Sara FC (ESF)
(HAN) Sanghae Gukjei (2) 2-0 (0) Arel CF (DFU)
(VPH) Boalluns FE (4) 2-1 (1) Frontvielle Impact (VLD)
(STB) Iskara Daii (2) 1-1 (2) Caledon Simpson (KRY)
Extra time: (2) 1-1 (2)
Penalties: 4-2

(SRG) Dinamo Maturín (2) 1-2 (4) Dalinn Wanderers (ADN)
(PAS) Baskita FC (0) 0-0 (3) Monteverde University (QZX)
(EIT) Gynaecologists (3) 1-0 (1) Pocono City (NEW)
(COM) Black Oasis Athletic (4) 4-0 (0) Tannenberg FC (VLD)
(KSK) North York (4) 3-2 (3) Club Stein-los (PAS)
(QOD) Wow! Health & Fitness Club (2) 2-0 (2) Yaton FC (TAE)
Extra time: (2) 2-0 (2)
Penalties: 3-1

(NTH) SVV Stoedt (1) 1-1 (2) Qasarian Sparta (SOM)
(TAE) Gieron FC (2) 1-3 (7) East Reading (SNO)

The Preliminary Stage:

First leg:

(EIT)                Gynaecologists     2-1     FC Tório                      (DFU)
(CAM) KT Hotspur 1-0 Marinos Metropolis (VLD)
(STB) Iskara Daii 3-1 Volerander FC (SWR)
(LEN) Pardbo 1-2 Porto Lacruz (CAF)
(KRY) Aigburth Athletic 0-3 Caires City (CAM)
(AGU) Alianza Ciruelas 1-0 County Stanley (ADN)
(NEW) Centralia 2-3 Union d'Ourseville (SPT)
(QZX) Monteverde University 1-1 Ἄργος ΛΠ (COM)
(COM) Black Oasis Athletic 4-2 Club ESF (ESF)
(QOD) Wow! Health & Fitness Club 0-2 Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (JSY)
(SRG) Porto Alegro Azul 3-1 Oillid CE (VPH)
(KSK) North York 1-4 Yuki City Athletic (DAN)
(SNO) East Reading 2-2 Orthopedists (EIT)
(CAF) Engenheiro Peres 1-0 Heathfield United (SNO)
(HAN) Sanghae Gukjei 3-3 Hyland Town (WZI)
(VPH) Boalluns FE 5-3 Gwangdong (HAN)
(ESF) Mar Sara FC 3-1 Qasarian Sparta (SOM)
(COM) Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen 0-0 Dalinn Wanderers (ADN)
(LEN) Folenisa 2-3 NAPPC (NTH)

2nd leg:

(DFU)                      FC Tório (2) 1-0 (2) Gynaecologists                (EIT)
Away goals: 1-0
(VLD) Marinos Metropolis (3) 3-2 (3) KT Hotspur (CAM)
Away goals: 0-2
(SWR) Volerander FC (1) 0-2 (5) Iskara Daii (STB)
(CAF) Porto Lacruz (7) 5-2 (3) Pardbo (LEN)
(CAM) Caires City (8) 5-1 (1) Aigburth Athletic (KRY)
(ADN) County Stanley (0) 0-1 (2) Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)
(SPT) Union d'Ourseville (5) 2-0 (2) Centralia (NEW)
(COM) Ἄργος ΛΠ (4) 3-1 (2) Monteverde University (QZX)
(ESF) Club ESF (4) 2-4 (8) Black Oasis Athletic (COM)
(JSY) Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (3) 1-0 (0) Wow! Health & Fitness Club (QOD)
(VPH) Oillid CE (3) 2-0 (3) Porto Alegro Azul (SRG)
Away goals: 1-0
(DAN) Yuki City Athletic (7) 3-1 (2) North York (KSK)
(EIT) Orthopedists (3) 1-0 (2) East Reading (SNO)
(SNO) Heathfield United (3) 3-0 (1) Engenheiro Peres (CAF)
(WZI) Hyland Town (6) 3-3 (6) Sanghae Gukjei (HAN)
Extra time: (7) 4-3 (6)
(HAN) Gwangdong (3) 0-0 (5) Boalluns FE (VPH)
(SOM) Qasarian Sparta (2) 1-1 (4) Mar Sara FC (ESF)
(ADN) Dalinn Wanderers (1) 1-0 (0) Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (COM)
(NTH) NAPPC (4) 1-1 (3) Folenisa (LEN)

Eliminatory Stage - the draw:

Nowy Orpington United (QOD) x Iskara Daii (STB)
Orthopedists (EIT) x Slateport Bulls (VLD)
NAPPC (NTH) x Heathfield United (SNO)
Yuki City Athletic (DAN) x Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)
Mar Sara FC (ESF) x Jaargusmutz FC (SWR)
Union d'Ourseville (SPT) x Qazox Naval Academy (QZX)
FC Tório (DFU) x Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (JSY)
RFC Rinha (DFU) x Boalluns FE (VPH)
Cimnersog Town (PAN) x Sporting San Marquez (SRG)
Porto Lacruz (CAF) x Hyland Town (WZI)
Metropolis Alligators (VLD) x Langlois Océanic (KSK)
Ἄργος ΛΠ (COM) x Metalurgs (SOM)
BobBank FC (QOD) x Burnaby SC (KSK)
KT Hotspur (CAM) x Telecontarë (STB)
Lockstow United (QUT) x Atlantas Klaipaada (SOM)
Foxchester Raiders (STB) x Black Oasis Athletic (COM)
Springfield (NEW) x Caires City (CAM)
12 de Noviembre (AGU) x Wiechester FC (TAE)
Oillid CE (VPH) x SC Movim (DFU)
St. Nash University (QZX) x Dalinn Wanderers (ADN)
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Graziland » Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:01 pm

At a hastily arranged conference at the Hospital Fieldhouse in Weitchland, the new head of the Graziland FA, Robert Vega, speaks to the members of the Graziland Press.

Vega: "Recently, the FA has come into possession of videos from competitions known as the TakilQuip Champions' Cup the Globe Cup, which feature teams from many of the lands on this planet. Many of these foreign lands are completely unknown to us. So it is in the spirit of exploration that the FA has decided to send a single team into the Champions' Cup and 2 teams from the Globe Cup, starting with editions 16 and 13 respectively. Currently editions 15 and 12 are running, however these videos did not reach our possession until just after the deadline to enter. We had no idea that so many throughout this world, which we've only known to be as big as it is for a limited time, enjoy the sport of football as much as we do.

The Qualification for these tournaments will come from Season 2 of the popular new GFL, as well as an even newer competition, the Football Cup, which will be a knockout tournament much like the old Inter-Town Cup. The top team from the GFL Division 1 will enter the Champions Cup. The winner of the Football Cup will be entered into the Globe Cup, along with the 2nd place team from the GFL Division 1. Should the 1st or 2nd placed team in the GFL win the Football Cup, then the beaten finalist will go to the Globe Cup in their place. Should it happen that the 1st and 2nd place GFL teams meet in the Football Cup final, then a playoff between the beaten semi-finalists will determine the 2nd Globe Cup representative.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the stranger whom brought these competitions to our attention through these videos. We hope to find out who this stranger is, and hope (s)he has more to offer our modest little nation."

(OOC: If any of you "old-timers" wish to have some low-to-mid level football figure from your past be the one to mold a new footballing nation/torture a newbie, I would enjoy the interaction. As I've said, I'm just starting out here and spending time reading through the boards, looking for a place to start. And if no one wants to, that's cool too! :) )
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Re: International Domestic Soccer NewsWires

Postby Qazox » Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:42 pm

TQCC/Globe Cup Update!

TQCC First Round: El Nacional (Sargossa) def. St. Nash University 5-3 aggregate.
TQCC First Round: Dover City (Liventia) def. Qazox Naval Academy 5-0 aggregate.

Globe Cup Selective Stage: KT Hotspur (Candelaria And Marquez) def. University of Fromburg 4-1 aggregate.
Globe Cup Selective Stage: Monteverde University def. Baskita FC (Pasarga) 3-0 aggregate.

Globe Cup Preliminary Stage: Ἄργος ΛΠ (Capitalizt SLANI) def. Monteverde University 4-2 aggregate.

Eliminatory Stage matchups:
Union d'Ourseville (Septentrionia) vs. Qazox Naval Academy
Dalinn Wanderers (Ad’ihan) vs. St. Nash University
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