World Bowl XXII RP/Roster Thread

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World Bowl XXII RP/Roster Thread

Postby Free Republics » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:50 pm

World Bowl XXII

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the World Bowl, hosted by The Kingdom of Saintland and the Federation of Free Republics. This thread is for the posting of your rosters and RPs. Please refrain from posting anything in this thread that is neither roster nor an RP. While including OOC notes in your RPs is fine, posts that are purely OOC belong in the World Bowl Discussion Thread. Additional information will be found in the next few posts.


January 8th - Initial Draw (if ranks are updated)
January 12th - Casaran Day 1
January 13th - Casaran Day 2
January 14th - Casaran Day 3
January 15th - Casaran Day 4
January 16th - Casaran Day 5
January 17th - Casaran Day 6
January 18th - Casaran Day 7
January 19th - Casaran Day 8
January 20th-21st - Casaran Tiebreaker playoffs or off days
January 22nd - Group Stage Day 1
January 23rd - Group Stage Day 2
January 24th - Group Stage Day 3
January 26th - Round of 16
January 28th - Quarterfinals
January 30th - Semifinals
February 1st - 3rd Place Game/Final

Assuming everything stays on schedule, World Bowl XXII will conclude the day before Super Bowl XLVIII.

Cutoff Time: 8-9 PM Eastern Time (North America)

Alphabetical List of Signed Up Nations (rosters linked)

Accardola (UR)
Allamunnic States (5)
Anarchist States Of America (85)
Anditia (UR)
Ati Kaluraya (37)
Audioslavia (100)
Azurlavai (100)
Baughmerica (113)
Caek of the Wolfen (100)
Cassadaigua (6)
Chunnan (55)
Cosumar (29)
Darmen (4)
Emeralds United (127)
Equestrian States (3)
Estope (19)
Free Republics (78)
Gaveo (27)
German Shepherds (113)
German Zerabithea (2)
Gloriax (133)
Gregoryisgodistan (44)
Hamdrew (127)
HopNation (75)
Independent Digital Systems (UR)
Jeckland (UR)
Juan del Pastel (UR)
Karditan (10)
Kinzar (67)
Ko-oren (16)
Lisander (133)
Lunar Republic Islands (40)
Lymantatia (118)
Lzherusskia (UR)
MoonBase Fourcannon (UR)
Nassau-Hessen (100)
New Koln (127)
New North Aqmuland (100)
New Tebow (118)
New Wolfopolis (46)
Osarius (8)
Polar Islandstates (127)
Qazox (1)
Quakmybush (UR)
Saintland (13)
San Jose Guayabal (49)
Shadowbourne (42)
Sjovenia (118)
Stretta (11)
Super-Llamaland (UR)
Taeshan (15)
Texacano (45)
Thatius (28)
TheStonedSurfers (85)
The Fair Republic (32)
The Glorious Commune (79)
The Knox Valley (93)
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec (7)
The Serbian Empire (18)
The Sova Empire (39)
Torisakia (75)
Unolia (93)
Vettrera (12)
West Angola (14)
West Guiana (9)
Yttribia (127)
Zeneabo (127)
Zhenovia (79)

All 68 nations on this list have signed up for the World Bowl and may post rosters and RPs in this thread. Anybody who is not on this list should not post in this thread.

All-World Bowl Team

Sporting World magazine will be naming an All-World Bowl team, consisting of the best-RPed players from the tournament. The team will consist of 25 players (a QB, RB, 2 WRs, TE, RB/WR/TE, 5 OL, 3 DL, 3 LB, DL/LB, 4 DB, K, P and KR/PR), with no limit on the number of players chosen per nation. "Ironman" players (those that play on both offense and defense, as well as kickers that also play other positions) may be considered for multiple positions, but will be held to a correspondingly higher standard. There will be no additional RP bonuses other than what the posts would normally obtain because the idea here is to provide an interesting RP opportunity.

Useful Links

World Bowl XXII Results Thread
World Bowl Discussion Thread
World Bowl XXII Bid
Guide to Sports RP
Wikipedia's article on American football
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Postby Saintland » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:51 pm

Casaran Day 1 Draw

The top 17 ranked nations signed up for the World Bowl were placed into a pot, along with the 17th lowest ranked nations. In effect, this included the nations from #1 to #18 (the #17 ranked nation is not signed up for this World Bowl). The lowest 17 nations consisted of 9 unranked nations and the 8 nations that did not make the playoffs of the 15th Baptism of Iron. The 34 remaining nations were randomly drawn against one another.

#5 Allamunnic States vs. #127 Yttribia @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#18 The Serbian Empire vs. #127 Polar Islandstates @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#14 West Angola vs. #133 Gloriax @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#2 German Zerabithea vs. Lzherusskia @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#16 Ko-oren vs. Quakmybush @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#12 Vettrera vs. Accardola @ Royal Park, Saintland
#11 Stretta vs. Anditia @ RayDome, Free Republics
#9 West Guiana vs. Jeckland @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#3 Equestrian States vs. Hamdrew @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#8 Osarius vs. Independent Digital Systems @ R&k Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#13 Saintland vs. #133 Lisander @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#7 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #127 Emeralds United @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#15 Taeshan vs. Super-Llamaland @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#6 Cassadaigua vs. MoonBase Fourcannon @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#4 Darmen vs. #127 New Koln @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#10 Karditan vs. #127 Zeneabo @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#1 Qazox vs. Juan del Pastel @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#29 Cosumar vs. #93 Unolia @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#79 The Glorious Commune vs. #48 New Wolfopolis @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#32 The Fair Republic vs. #27 Gaveo @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#45 Texacano vs. #67 Kinzar @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#44 Gregoryisgodistan vs. #118 Lymantatia @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics There must be some kind of mistake...
#49 San Jose Guayabal vs. #113 Baughmerica @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#79 Zhenovia vs. #100 Audioslavia @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#100 New North Aqmuland vs. #39 The Sova Empire @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#100 Nassau-Hessen vs. #113 German Shepherds @ Royal Park, Saintland
#55 Chunnan vs. #100 Azurlavai @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium
#75 HopNation vs. #37 Ati Kaluraya @ RayDome, Free Republics
#78 Free Republics vs. #85 Anarchist States Of America @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#40 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #85 TheStonedSurfers @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#42 Shadowbourne vs. #75 Torisakia @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#93 The Knox Valley vs. #19 Estope @ Royal Park, Saintland Why can't this stupid machine even rig a draw properly? Estope was supposed to play Gregoryisgodistan!
#28 Thatius vs. #118 Sjovenia @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#100 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #118 New Tebow @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland

Casaran Day 2 Schedule

#1 Karditan vs. #34 HopNation @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#2 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #33 Thatius @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#3 Saintland vs. #32 Gaveo @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#4 Nassau-Hessen vs. #31 Kinzar @ Royal Park, Saintland
#5 Chunnan vs. #30 The Serbian Empire @ RayDome, Free Republics
#6 Darmen vs. #29 The Sova Empire @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#7 Qazox vs. #28 Vettrera @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#8 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #27 Equestrian States @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#9 Shadowbourne vs. #26 Cosumar @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#10 German Zerabithea vs. #25 New Wolfopolis @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#11 Zhenovia vs. #24 West Angola @ PetroDome, Free Rrepublics
#12 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #23 Osarius @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#13 Ko-oren vs. #22 Gregoryisgodistan @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#14 Taeshan vs. #21 Estope @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#15 San Jose Guayabal vs. #20 Cassadaigua @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#16 Free Republics vs. #19 West Guiana @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#17 Stretta vs. #18 Allamunnic States @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#35 Ati Kaluraya vs. #68 Zeneabo @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#36 Sjovenia vs. #67 TheStonedSurfers @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#37 The Fair Republic vs. #66 Lisander @ Royal Park, Saintland
#38 Texacano vs. #65 German Shepherds @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#39 Polar Islandstates vs. #64 Azurlavai @ Royal Park, Saintland
#40 Accardola vs. #63 New Koln @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#41 New North Aqmuland vs. #62 Juan del Pastel @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#42 Hamdrew vs. #61 Emeralds United @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#43 Unolia vs. #60 Torisakia @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#44 The Glorious Commune vs. #59 Lzherusskia @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#45 Independent Digital Systems vs. #58 New Tebow @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#46 Gloriax vs. #57 Audioslavia @ RayDome, Free Republics
#47 Lymantatia vs. #56 Quakmybush @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#48 The Knox Valley vs. #55 Super-Llamaland @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#49 MoonBase Fourcannon vs. #54 Baughmerica @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#50 Yttribia vs. #53 Anarchist States of America @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#51 Jeckland vs. #52 Anditia @ PetroDome, Free Republics

Casaran Day 3 Schedule

#1 German Zerabithea vs. #16 West Angola @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#2 Saintland vs. #15 Kinzar @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#3 Karditan vs. #14 The Serbian Empire @ RayDome, Free Republics
#4 Darmen vs. #13 Free Republics @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#5 Ko-oren vs. #12 Osarius @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#6 Shadowbourne vs. #11 Taeshan @ Royal Park, Saintland
#7 Qazox vs. #10 San Jose Guayabal @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#8 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #9 Stretta @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#17 Thatius vs. #19 Nassau-Hessen @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#18 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #50 Emeralds United @ RepublicSoft Stadium
#20 Ati Kaluraya vs. #49 Torisakia @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#21 Texacano vs. #48 New Wolfopolis @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#22 Chunnan vs. #47 Gaveo @ RayDome, Free Republics
#23 Zhenovia vs. #46 Lzherusskia @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#24 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #45 Azurlavai @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#25 The Fair Republic vs. #44 Yttribia @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#26 West Guiana vs. #43 Baughmerica @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#27 Estope vs. #42 HopNation @ Royal Park, Saintland
#28 Cassadaigua vs. #41 New Tebow @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#29 Accardola vs. #40 Anditia @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#30 Cosumar vs. #39 The Sova Empire @ Olden Stadium
#31 Equestrian States vs. #38 Lymantatia @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#32 Vettrera vs. #37 Audioslavia @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#33 Allamunnic States vs. #36 The Knox Valley @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#34 Gregoryisgodistan vs. #35 New North Aqmuland @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#51 TheStonedSurfers vs. #53 Hamdrew @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#52 Sjovenia vs. #68 German Shepherds @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#54 Unolia vs. #67 Zeneabo @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#55 The Glorious Commune vs. #66 Lisander @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#56 Anarchist States of America vs. #65 New Koln @ Royal Park, Saintland
#57 MoonbaseFourcannon vs. #64 Juan del Pastel @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#58 Jeckland vs. #63 Gloriax @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#59 Polar Islandstates vs. #62 Super-Llamaland @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#60 Independent Digital Systems vs. #61 Quakmybush @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics

Schedule for Casaran Day 4

#1 Saintland vs. #8 Stretta @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#2 Karditan vs. #7 Qazox @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#3 German Zerabithea vs. #6 Taeshan @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#4 Darmen vs. #5 Ko-oren @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#9 Thatius vs. #11 Cassadaigua @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#10 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #33 Kinzar @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#12 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #34 TheStonedSurfers @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#13 Ati Kaluraya vs. #32 Gaveo @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#14 Allamunnic States vs. #31 The Sova Empire @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#15 Estope vs. #30 Anditia @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#16 Texacano vs. #29 The Serbian Empire @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#17 West Guiana vs. #27 Osarius @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#18 Vettrera vs. #26 West Angola @ RayDome, Free Republics
#19 Zhenovia vs. #28 Free Republics @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#20 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #25 Gregoryisgodistan @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#21 San Jose Guayabal vs. #24 The Fair Republic RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#22 Equestrian States vs. #23 Shadowbourne @ Royal Park, Saintland
#35 Nassau-Hessen vs. #58 New Tebow @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#36 Cosumar vs. #57 Juan Del Pastel @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#37 Chunnan vs. #56 HopNation @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#38 Unolia vs. #54 Emeralds United @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#39 Accardola vs. #55 Torisakia @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#40 The Glorious Commune vs. #53 Azurlavai @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#41 Jeckland vs. #52 New Wolfopolis @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#42 Anarchist States of America vs. #51 The Knox Valley @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#43 New North Aqmuland vs. #50 Baughmerica @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#44 Yttribia vs. #49 Super-Llamaland @ Royal Park, Saintland
#45 Lymantatia vs. #48 Audioslavia @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#46 Independent Digital Systems vs. #47 Lzherusskia @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#59 German Shepherds vs. #61 MoonBase Fourcannon @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#60 Sjovenia vs. #68 Zeneabo @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#62 Polar Islandstates vs. #67 Lisander @ RayDome, Free Republics
#63 Hamdrew vs. #66 New Koln @ Royal Park, Saintland
#64 Quakmybush vs. #65 Gloriax @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics

Casaran Day 5 Schedule

#1 Saintland vs. #4 Darmen @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#2 German Zerabithea vs. #3 Karditan @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#5 Allamunnic States vs. #21 Thatius @ RayDome, Free Republics
#6 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #22 Gaveo @ Royal Park, Saintland
#7 Estope vs. #20 Stretta @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#8 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #19 Gregoryisgodistan @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#9 Cassadaigua vs. #18 The Fair Republic @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#10 Equestrian States vs. #17 Qazox @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#11 West Guiana vs. #16 Taeshan @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#12 Texacano vs. #15 Vettrera @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#13 Zhenovia vs. #14 Ko-oren @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#23 Nassau-Hessen vs. #46 The Sova Empire @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#24 Ati Kaluraya vs. #45 Kinzar @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#25 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #44 HopNation @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#26 San Jose Guayabal vs. #43 Anditia @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#27 New North Aqmuland vs. #42 TheStonedSurfers @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#28 The Glorious Commune vs. #41 Anarchist States of America @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#29 Cosumar vs. #40 Free Republics @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#30 West Angola vs. #39 The Serbian Empire @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#31 Unolia vs. #38 Lzherusskia @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#32 New Wolfopolis vs. #37 Shadowbourne @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#33 Accardola vs. #36 Super-Llamaland @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#34 Audioslavia vs. #35 Osarius @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#47 German Shepherds vs. #48 Chunnan @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#49 Polar Islandstates vs. #62 Baughmerica @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#50 Sjovenia vs. #61 Azurlavai @ Royal Park, Saintland
#51 The Knox Valley vs. #60 Juan del Pastel @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#52 Independent Digital Systems vs. #58 Jeckland @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#53 Torisakia vs. #59 Quakmybush @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#54 Emeralds United vs. #57 Lymantatia @ RayDome, Free Republics
#55 Hamdrew vs. #56 Yttribia @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#63 New Tebow vs. #64 MoonBase FourCannon @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#65 Gloriax vs. #68 Lisander @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#66 New Koln vs. #67 Zeneabo @ Royal Park, Saintland

Casaran Day 6 Schedule

#1 Saintland vs. #2 German Zerabithea @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#3 West Guiana vs. #12 Stretta @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#4 Ko-oren vs. #11 Thatius @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#5 Karditan vs. #10 Gregoryisgodistan @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#6 Cassadaigua vs. #9 Qazox @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#7 Darmen vs. #8 Texacano @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#13 Gaveo vs. #15 Estope @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#14 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #34 The Sova Empire @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#16 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #33 Kinzar @ Royal Park, Saintland
#17 Allamunnic States vs. #32 Taeshan @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#18 Cosumar vs. #31 Anarchist States of America @ RayDome, Free Republics
#19 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #30 Shadowbourne @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#20 Equestrian States vs. #29 Lzherusskia @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#21 Vettrera vs. #28 Osarius @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#22 New North Aqmuland vs. #27 The Fair Republic @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#23 San Jose Guayabal vs. #26 Zhenovia @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#24 West Angola vs. #25 Accardola @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#35 Nassau-Hessen vs. #54 Free Republics @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#36 Chunnan vs. #55 New Tebow @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#37 Ati Kaluraya vs. #56 German Shepherds @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#38 The Glorious Commune vs. #53 HopNation @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#39 New Wolfopolis vs. #52 TheStonedSurfers @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#40 Unolia vs. #51 Hamdrew @ Royal Park, Saintland
#41 The Knox Valley vs. #50 Anditia @ Royal Park, Saintland
#42 Torisakia vs. #49 Baughmerica @ RayDome, Free Republics
#43 Audioslavia vs. #48 Jeckland @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#44 Emeralds United vs. #47 Super-Llamaland @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#45 Sjovenia vs. #46 The Serbian Empire @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#57 New Koln vs. #64 Quakmybush @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#58 Yttribia vs. #63 Juan Del Pastel @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#59 Polar Islandstates vs. #62 Lymantatia @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#60 Azurlavai vs. #61 Independent Digital Systems @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#65 Lisander vs. #67 MoonBase Fourcannon @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#66 Gloriax vs. #68 Zeneabo @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland

Casaran Day 7 Schedule

#1 Saintland vs. #3 Cassadaigua @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#2 German Zerabithea vs. #7 Stretta @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#4 Ko-oren vs. #5 Texacano @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#6 Gregoryisgodistan vs. #8 Estope @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#9 West Guiana vs. #24 Gaveo @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#10 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #23 The Fair Republic @ RayDome, Free Republics
#11 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #22 Thatius @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#12 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #21 West Angola @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#13 Cosumar vs. #20 Qazox @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#14 Karditan vs. #19 San Jose Guayabal @ Royal Park, Saintland
#15 Allamunnic States vs. #18 Vettrera @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#16 Darmen vs. #17 Equestrian States @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#25 Nassau-Hessen vs. #43 Shadowbourne @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#26 New North Aqmuland vs. #42 Kinzar @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#27 Ati Kaluraya vs. #45 New Tebow @ R&K Bank Stadium
#28 The Glorious Commune vs. #41 Taeshan @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#29 Accardola vs. #40 Anarchist States of America @ Royal Park, Saintland
#30 New Wolfopolis vs. #39 Super-Llamaland @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#31 Unolia vs. #37 Anditia @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#32 The Serbian Empire vs. #38 Lzherusskia @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#33 Zhenovia vs. #35 Osarius @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#34 Audioslavia vs. #36 Torisakia @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#44 The Sova Empire vs. #46 Chunnan @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#47 New Koln vs. #60 German Shepherds @ RayDome, Free Republics
#48 Emeralds United vs. #58 Azurlavai @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#49 Yttribia vs. #59 Lymantatia @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#50 Jeckland vs. #57 Free Republics @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#51 The Knox Valley vs. #56 HopNation @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#52 Baughmerica vs. #54 TheStonedSurfers @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#53 Sjovenia vs. #55 Hamdrew @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#61 Lisander vs. #63 Independent Digital Systems @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#62 Polar Islandstates vs. #66 Juan del Pastel @ Royal Park, Saintland
#64 Zeneabo vs. #65 Quakmybush @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#67 Gloriax vs. #68 MoonBase Fourcannon @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland

Casaran Day 8 Schedule

#1 Saintland vs. #3 Ko-oren @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#2 German Zerabithea vs. #4 Gregoryisgodistan @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#5 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. #14 West Angola @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#6 West Guiana vs. #13 Qazox @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#7 Lunar Republic Islands vs. #12 Texacano, Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#8 Cassadaigua vs. #11 Darmen @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#9 Karditan vs. #10 Allamunnic States @ Royal Park, Saintland
#15 Stretta vs. #17 Nassau-Hessen @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#16 Estope vs. #34 Thatius @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#18 Ati Kaluraya vs. #33 The Sova Empire @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#19 Caek of the Wolfen vs. #32 Anditia @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#20 Accardola vs. #30 Osarius @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#21 Cosumar vs. #31 Torisakia @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#22 Equestrian States vs. #29 The Fair Republic @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#23 Vettrera vs. #28 Kinzar @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#24 Taeshan vs. #27 New Wolfopolis @ Raydome, Free Republics
#25 San Jose Guayabal vs. #26 The Serbian Empire @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#35 Gaveo vs. #36 Unolia @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#37 New North Aqmuland vs. #52 New Tebow @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#38 Zhenovia vs. #51 Lymantatia @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
#39 New Koln vs. #49 Azurlavai @ Royal Park, Saintland
#40 Audioslavia vs. #50 Anarchist States of America @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#41 Baughmerica vs. #48 Hamdrew @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
#42 HopNation vs. #47 Free Republics @ RayDome, Free Republics
#43 Super-Llamaland vs. #45 Lzherusskia @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#44 The Glorious Commune vs. #46 Shadowbourne @ Podvez Field
#53 Lisander vs. #54 Chunnan @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics
#55 Yttribia vs. #62 Zeneabo @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#56 Emeralds United vs. #61 TheStonedSurfers @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#57 Polar Islandstates vs. #60 Sjovenia @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#58 Jeckland vs. #59 The Knox Valley @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics
#63 German Shepherds vs. #64 Independent Digital Systems @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
#65 MoonBase Fourcannon vs. #67 Quakmybush @ Royal Park, Saintland
#66 Juan del Pastel vs. #68 Gloriax @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics

Tiebreaker Playoff Qualifying Round Schedule

#38 Anditia vs. #43 Anarchist States of America @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
#39 Torisakia vs. #42 Azurlavai @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
#40 Thatius vs. #41 The Sova Empire @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland

Tiebreaker Playoff Schedule

#26 Nassau-Hessen vs. #39 Torisakia @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
#27 New North Aqmuland vs. #38 Anditia @ RayDome, Free Republics
#28 San Jose Guayabal vs. #40 Thatius @ Olden Stadium, Free Republics
#29 New Wolfopolis vs. #35 HopNation @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
#30 Zhenovia vs. #36 Super-Llamaland @ MilaneseDome, Free Republics
#31 Osarius vs. #37 Shadowbourne @ PetroDome, Free Republics
#32 Kinzar vs. #33 The Fair Republic @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics

Pots for Group Draw

Pot 1: Allamunnic States, Cassadaigua, Equestrian States, German Zerabithea, Qazox, Saintland, Stretta, West Guiana
Pot 2: Accardola, Darmen, Karditan, Ko-oren, Osarius, Taeshan, The Royal Kingdom of Quebec, Vettrera
Pot 3: Estope, Gregoryisgodistan, Lunar Republic Islands, New Wolfopolis, Texacano, The Fair Republic, The Serbian Empire, West Angola
Pot 4: Anditia, Ati Kaluraya, Caek of the Wolfen, Cosumar, Gaveo, Nassau-Hessen, Super-Llamaland, Thatius

Group Draw

Group A (Royal Stadium, Saintland)

Ati Kaluraya
New Wolfopolis

Group B (Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland)

Equestrian States

Group C (Royal Park, Saintland)

Caek of the Wolfen
West Guiana
West Angola

Group D (Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland)


Group E (MilaneseDome, Free Republics)

The Fair Republic

Group F (Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics)

The Royal Kingdom of Quebec

Group G (PetroDome, Free Republics)

Allamunnic States
The Serbian Empire

Group H (Olden Stadium, Free Republics)

German Zerabithea
Lunar Republic Islands


Group Stage Day 1 - 1v4, 2v3
Group Stage Day 2 - 4v3, 1v2
Group Stage Day 3 - 2v4, 3v1

Round of 16 Schedule

Saintland vs. Taeshan @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
West Guiana vs. Texacano @ Royal Park, Saintland
Equestrian States vs. Darmen @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
Stretta vs. West Angola @ Civitate Dei Stadium, Saintland
Qazox vs. The Royal Kingdom of Quebec @ R&K Bank Stadium, Free Republics
Ko-oren vs. German Zerabithea @ Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, Free Republics
Cassadaigua vs. Karditan @ RayDome, Free Republics
Osarius vs. Allamunnic States @ RepublicSoft Stadium, Free Republics

Quarterfinals Schedule

Saintland vs. West Guiana @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
Darmen vs. Stretta @ Via Damascus Stadium, Saintland
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec vs. German Zerabithea @ Podvez Field, Free Republics
Cassadaigua vs. Allamunnic States @ Church of Saintland Stadium, Free Republics

Semifinals Schedule

West Guiana vs. Stretta @ Royal Stadium, Saintland
German Zerabithea vs. Cassadaigua @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics

Third Place Game

Semifinal losers @ Royal Park, Saintland

World Bowl XXII Final

Semifinal winners @ Gem of the Oceans Stadium, Free Republics
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Free Republics National Information

History of the Free Republics

The Federation of Free Republics was formed in 1767, following decades of revolutions in the World Changers region. In the previous few decades, there had been a wave of revolutions. The ideas of liberalism had become popular in the region, as Abram Schmitts, an economist from Shostistan, wrote several books promoting the benefits of capitalizm. Soon, absolute monarchies fell throughout the World Changers region. The Kingdom of Saintland remained unaffected by this wave of revolutions, due to its self-imposed isolation.

Following the revolutions, there were now many Republics scattered throughout the region. These Republics faced seemingly constant attempts from reactionary elements to reverse the revolution and bring back absolute monarchy. They also had trouble trading and communicating with one another. The newly free, with a lowercase f, Republics had numerous antiquated laws and contradictory systems of measurement in effect. A foot in Vorita was 2 feet in Amolotopia and a meter in Roxawa was a decimeter in Nejax. It was a total mess all around. This mess was made even worse by the multitude of languages spoken in the different Republics. As they sought to eliminate trade barriers and forge closer ties between one another, their efforts resulted in confusion. In the days of absolute monarchy, the inability to speak one another's language was a benefit, since kings were always waging wars against one another. However, as the Industrial Revolution heated up and brought an unprecedented degree of prosperity to the land, they could no longer maintain separate languages, separate measurements and the arcane laws and regulations that were hindering commerce in the region.

Then, a rebellion broke out in the Republic of Roxawa. The rebels sought to abolish all property, all laws and even government itself. Rampaging around the countryside, they attacked government buildings, vandalized property and stole whatever they felt like. All the while, they spoke of total freedom. Terrifying the Republic's well-armed militia into inaction, the rebel crime spree continued for weeks. Fear spread throughout the region that other "rebellions" of this sort would soon break out, providing the perfect excuse for the Federationists. The leaders of 77 Republics throughout the region agreed to send delegates to the city of Baseton in Amolotopia to discuss an appropriate response to the rebellion. This was a pretext, which was seized upon by the Federationists to push their "Constitution" scheme.

The Federationists proposed that a document called a "Constitution" would establish a new unified government of all of the Republics, known as the Federation Government. This would be a relatively weak government, as the Republics would remain mostly autonomous and generally free to do as they wished in governing themselves. The Federation Government would have an enumerated list of responsibilities, such as promoting commerce, maintaining a common foreign policy and common immigration policy and several other minor tasks, such as the option to establish a national postal system.

The Constitution guaranteed a number of fundamental rights. Among them are the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the right to own weapons for the defense not only of oneself and of the Federation, but also against tyranny. Other provisions of the Constitution prohibited unreasonable searches, cruel and unusual punishments and double jeopardy. The document also included a strict prohibition on the practice of slavery and declared immediately and permanently free any "slave" that was brought within any territory subject to the Free Republics. The Federation Government has the power to pass any legislation it deems necessary to free slaves. While ratification was controversial, due to the feeling among many people that the Federation Government was too powerful, it was eventually ratified by the electorate in each of the original 77 Republics. Today, there are the number of Republics in the Federation is well into the hundreds.

The Constitution created a bicameral Legislature and an executive branch where power is shared equally by the 2 heads of state. The Assembly is the popularly elected branch of the Legislature. Originally, it used a first-past-the-post system, but this was later changed to proportional representation after political parties and coalitions became the norm. The entire Assembly has always been up for re-election every second year. The Senate, by contrast, is a purely appointed branch and Senators serve for life terms. When a Senator is elected to another office, he becomes an inactive Senator, but other than such periods when he may serve in other offices, he is a Senator for life, without exception. Each Republic may appoint a new Senator every second year and Senators are appointed in the same years when Assembly elections are held. Finally, the Consuls are elected to 8 year terms, with a new Consul elected every 4th year. This means that every other Assembly election is held simultaneously with a Consul election. The Constitution prohibits any Consul from serving more than a single term per lifetime. Originally, Consuls were also elected first-past-the-post, but that has since changed to a 3 round system. In the first round, the top 2 candidates, plus any other candidates that get at least 10 percent of the vote advance, assuming that no candidate gets a majority of the vote. The second round sees the top 2 candidates advance, again assuming that nobody wins a majority of the votes cast. In the third and final round, whoever wins the majority of votes cast is elected. Both Consuls have and have always had full power to veto any act of the other and former Consuls automatically become Senators upon the expiration of their term in office.

The government of the Free Republics quickly moved to standardize the system of measurements used throughout the Federation and adopt English as the national language. To help transition the Federation to an English-speaking nation, the Federation Government established a system of schools funded by the Federation Government, which ensured that the next generation would speak English and identify themselves as Republicans, rather than identifying themselves by their home Republic and speaking their Republic's native language. A substantial minority of parents resisted this effort, but children were allowed to go to school and learn English, whether or not they had parental permission. By 1830, almost everybody spoke English and identified as a Republican, not an Amolotopian, Roxawan, Voritan, Schost or whatever the demonym was for their home Republic. This brought about a more unified society. Around this time, education was returned to the Republics, most of which eventually adopted a voucher based system.

The government also banned trade barriers between Republics. This was an expected and noncontroversial move. The funding of the government by a tariff also proved uncontroversial, since politicians generally agreed that the tariff should be limited to revenue only and not used to "protect" industries from competition. However, an income tax was eventually adopted as foreign imports began to dry up. The Republican economy was simply too much of a powerhouse to justify importing goods from abroad. Discontent with the income tax grew as the government kept pushing it higher and higher. Finally, Paul Musgrove ran for Consul on a platform of capping all taxes at 10 percent of income. After his election, the amendment passed both the Assembly and the Senate before being sent directly to referendum. Voters in every Republic overwhelmingly voted for it and it became a popular amendment.

In the 20th century, the Free Republics became even more of an economic powerhouse, thanks to the capitalizt economic system. Business thrived in the FFR, as the nation became progressively wealthier. Over the years, the FFR has expanded its territory while remaining on the cutting edge of technological advancement. In the present day, the Free Republics have a population in the billions and are one of the wealthiest nations in the multiverse, with a correspondingly high rate of income inequality. The exact population of the Free Republics is unknown, due to a Constitutional amendment adopted in 1934, which prohibited the taking of a Census by any entity, whether governmental or otherwise.

More recently, the Republican Military has grown increasingly powerful, after they obtained access to the treasury of a foreign government and went on a spending spree, buying up all kinds of advanced weaponry. These days, the Military is always trying to start a war somewhere, although their only action so far involved rescuing a soccer coach and 2 players who were arbitrarily arrested in The Sarian at halftime of a World Cup match.


Just about every mode of transportation is an option in the Free Republics. Visitors for the World Bowl may arrive at any seaport or airport in the Free Republics. Planes and ships may also be used to travel between cities. As the Free Republics spans 4 continents and many thousands of miles, the use of planes is recommended for long-distance travel.

Several private companies offer high speed rail between cities. It is possible to travel through most of the Free Republics on high-speed rail, although in some places you may have to walk across the city to a competing company's station to go to your desired destination.

The use of bicycles, although unregulated, is not recommended. The Free Republics are simply too vast a nation, so players and fans that travel by bike risk missing a game altogether.

Taxis are available in every city that will be hosting World Bowl matches. Most bus services cover a radius of less than 100 miles, so the use of buses is only recommended for short distance travel.

Automobiles are legal in the Free Republics and can be rented near any airport or seaport. Travel by automobile is possible to any nation located on one of the 4 continents upon which the Free Republics are located. However, as the only other nation from the World Changers region that competes in the World Cup at present is located on a remote arctic island several thousand miles to the north of the Free Republics, it is not possible to travel by automobile to-or-from the Free Republics and any other nation participating in the World Bowl. Anybody who intends to rent a car is strongly encouraged to get a Republican drivers license. Most Republics will hand out a drivers license to anybody that applies and passes the driving test. The difficulty of these tests varies greatly by Republics. The test in Nejax is notoriously easy while the test in Amolotopia is notorious as one of the most difficult. Despite this, all Republics are required by Federation law to recognize out-of-Republic drivers licenses as valid. A wide variety of cars are commonly available in the Free Republics, such as SUVs, sports cars and pick-up trucks. Those that have money to burn may rent luxury cars or limos. The vast majority of cars on the road are produced in the Free Republics. Many roads, especially long distance roads, are in poor condition, so planes and high speed rail are much more popular in the Free Republics.


There are numerous hotel firms throughout the Free Republics. Participating nations will be required to pay for their own lodging. Each nation drawn to compete in the Free Republics is encouraged to visit and purchase rooms before the rush. Those that wait may very well end up staying in a cheap motel with holes in the walls and bedbugs under the sheets.

Those national teams that do not wish to stay in hotels may stay at campgrounds outside of the host cities.


The Free Republics has a varied climate. In the north, it tends to be very cold during this time of the year and snow is a definite possibiliity. In the south, the climate is tropical. The World Bowl will be held during the rainy season in the southern part of the Free Republics. Amolotopia is one of the more northern Republics while Roxawa tends to be toward the southern part of the Federation. A Republic such as Exastrium is in the middle, where they experience all 4 seasons, but only mild snow during winter.


The official language of the Free Republics and all government documents are printed in English. Most private businesses do not print anything in a non-English language. If somebody speaks a language other than English in public in the Free Republics, it is commonplace for bystanders to complain. Non-English languages are associated with immigrants and there is a not-insubstantial minority in the Free Republics who don't like immigrants very much. Judging by the fast rising poll numbers of the Party for National Greatness, that minority is growing.


The Republican Thaler is the only widely accepted currency in the Free Republics. Financial institutions are generally willing to change Sanctii bullion, Acedonian Aces or Universal Standard Dollars into Thalers. Due to the large number of currencies in the world, it is impossible for financial institutions in the Free Republics to keep track of all of them. Therefore, it is highly recommend that everybody visiting the Free Republics get their currency converted into Thalers, USDs or bullion before entering the Free Republics.


There are a plethora of entertainment options in the Free Republics. Every quality hotel room comes equipped with cable or satellite television, including thousands of channels and an interactive program guide. No matter what your preferences, you can probably find something on Republican television that you'd want to watch. If you can't find anything to watch on TV, you can always log on to Sanctustube, a video sharing website from Saintland, and browse the uncensored version of the site, which has (illegal) copies of just about every television program and movie in the multiverse.

Virtually every town in the Free Republics includes a movie theater, which is a popular social hangout. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, to keep an endless flow of teenagers coming into the movie theaters. Concerts are held in the major cities on a near-daily basis and there are several popular groups in each major genre.

Nightclubs and bars are available in virtually every village, town or city in the entire Federation. The local laws do differ, but most Republics will allow anybody over the age of 15 or so to enter a bar or nightclub. Strip clubs and brothels are also popular, although the regulation of those establishments greatly differs in each Republic.

At the present time, pro wrestling is a popular form of entertainment in the Free Republics, especially among guys between the ages of 13 and 30. The wrestling company in the Free Republics puts on extremely violent and sexualized shows. As their shows have grown more explicit, their ratings have steadily increased to the point where they are now one of the most popular programs on television in the Free Republics. The Republican Wrestling Conglomerate is currently planning an international expansion and comments made on their television program have made international headlines in the past.

All players on all of the teams competing in the World Bowl will receive complimentary copies of the Saint upon their arrival in either host nation. The Saint is an "interactive entertainment" handheld device which also has numerous features that are commonly found in smartphones. Every Saint will include a copy of the Bible and the Real Gridiron Simulator. This will be the full version of the Real Gridiron Simulator.

Important Laws

For the most part, visiting teams and fans will not have to worry about any unusual laws in the Free Republics. While public nudity statutes remain on the books in many Republics and around half of the Republics restrict the use of hard drugs, pornography, prostitution, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis are generally legal. In fact, pornography is legal everywhere in the FFR, as it is recognized by the Federation courts as freedom of speech.

Some Republics have their share of silly laws. The Constitutional provision prohibiting "cruel and unusual punishment" does not have as strong of an effect as you might expect because the Federation courts use an 18th century definition of cruel and unusual punishment. While nobody's going to be hung, drawn and quartered or tortured for evidence, several backwater Republics do practice some rather bizarre punishments for crimes. If you're going to run into any legal problems, it will probably be in some backwater Republic, since they are the main power base of extremist politicians in the Free Republics.

In particular, women visiting the Free Republics should be mindful that sexual consent is defined slightly more broadly than they may be used to. The Free Republics is a very sex-positive culture for the most part and tends to look rather dimly upon false accusations of a sexual nature. The different sexual norms in the Free Republics have caused several international incidents in the past.


During the World Bowl, there will be a total of 10 host stadiums.

Church of Saintland Stadium

Located in Albertope, Roxawa, Church of Saintland Stadium is a multipurpose stadium that seats 83,802. The Church of Saintland, a well-known religious denomination around the world, purchased the naming rights to the stadium. The Republic of Roxawa is one of the southern Republics.

Gem of the Oceans Stadium

Located in Republica, the capitol of the Free Republics, Gem of the Oceans Stadium is a massive stadium that seats 101,208 fans. Gem of the Oceans Stadium is named after the National Anthem of the Free Republics. Republica is located near the center of the Free Republics, but is slightly north of the true center.


The MilaneseDome is named after Virgilio Milanese, a former Consul of the Free Republics. Consul Milanese was born in the Republic of Keronama. The stadium seats 98,734 and is located in Wortana, Keronama. Keronama is toward the eastern part of the Free Republics.

Nicholls Enterprises Stadium

Nicholls Enterprises Stadium in Baseton, Amolotopia is owned by one of the wealthiest men in the Free Republics. Mr. Nicholls, the owner of Nicholls Enterprises Stadium, is so wealthy that he was able to bring the 3rd World Korfball Classic to the city of Baseton. Amolotopia is toward the northern part of the Free Republics. Nicholls Enterprises Stadium seats 66,487.

Olden Stadium

Olden Stadium is located in Falkamore, Nejax. Olden Stadium is named after the Olden Automobile Company, one of the leading automobile manufacturing companies in the Free Republics. Olden is famous for making SUVs and pick-up trucks. Nejax is a southern Republic. Olden Stadium seats 92,681. Nejax has acquired somewhat of an international notoriety lately.

Podvez Field

Podvez Field is located in the small town of Yellow Bay in Vorita. It is primarily used as a football stadium , but has also been used for some soccer matches, and is named after Mario Podvez. Mario Podvez was a quarterback and later the longtime head coach of the Yellow Bay Tornadoes. He is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks from the early days of professional football in the Free Republics. Coaching Yellow Bay for over 5 decades, he won more games than any other coach in the history of Republican professional football. Vorita is one of the northern Republics. Podvez Field seats 65,397.


The RayDome is located in Doranto, Contoria and seats 72,469. Contoria is a southern Republic. The RayDome is the home of the Doranto SunRays. The SunRays are one of the more accomplished football teams in the FFR. The RayDome has a fully transparent roof and is an architectural marvel.

RepublicSoft Stadium

RepublicSoft Stadium is located in New City, Orlandiana. New City is believed to be the most populous city in the Free Republics, but RepublicSoft Stadium seats just 42,282. Ticket prices are notoriously high at RepublicSoft Stadium and many believe that the capacity was kept deliberately low to draw a wealthier audience to the stadium in New City. RepublicSoft is a computer company in the Free Republics. They make the Doors operating system, which is the most popular OS in the World Changers region. The most recent version of Doors, Doors 9, is a notorious flop that uses a touchscreen interface better suited for use on cell phones. RepublicSoft is also well known for their line of office software. However, they are most widely known as the co-creators of the Saint, along with Royal Computer Entertainment of Saintland (RCES) and the producers of most of the first-party software for the Saint. Orlandiana is a mid-northern Republic.

R&K Bank Stadium

R&K Bank Stadium in Mortonsville, Exastrium is named after a prominent bank in the central Free Republics region. R&K seats 59,542. Exastrium is located in the central part of the Free Republics.


The PetroDome is located in Petrograd, Plymouth and seats 82,349. The PetroDome is the home of the University of Petrograd's football team and is located on campus. The University of Petrograd is one of the biggest party schools in all of the Free Republics and that is saying something. Petrograd is the center of the oil industry in the Free Republics. The Republic of Plymouth is located toward the south-western portion of the country.
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Saintland National Information

History of Saintland

Saintland was founded in 966. Prior to that year, the island that is now Saintland was an uninhabited island in the World Changers region near the north pole. In the year 966, the Christian Church, which was still united at that time, held a now-forgotten Council. At this Council, they discussed some arcane matters related to Christology. There were 2 factions at this council that had irreconcilable differences. The majority faction are known today as the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

However, a small minority of Christian bishops rejected the decision of the Council of 966. Knowing that they would be persecuted for their beliefs if they remained, they left their homes and got on a number of ships. Their brothers and sisters, members of the nobility, went along with them. A Prince by the name of Paulus chose to go with them, because he believed they were right. They set out across the sea, praying that God would guide them to safety.

Somehow, they ended up traveling several thousand miles by sea, arriving at a remote island far to the north of their original homes. They were widely believed to have perished at sea. Soon, the very existence of the Council of 966 would be forgotten. The Prince would be crowned King Paulus I, the first King of the Kingdom of Saintland. Centuries went by and the Sanctii were able to keep their existence secret from the rest of the world.

Despite their isolation from the rest of the world, starting in 1038, the King's Government sent periodic expeditions to explore the outside world. They would inevitably return to Saintland, with information regarding what had happened since the last expedition. The explorers brought knowledge of new inventions back to Saintland. The King consulted with the Patriarch of the Church and they jointly decided which of the new inventions and innovations were worth adopting and which should not be adopted. This would prove to be very useful to the authorities in Saintland, as they successfully kept the Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment out of the Kingdom.

The policy of isolation would be ended in 1788. In 1825, King Josephus X decided to abolish the practice of serfdom. After breaking the power of the nobility, King Josephus X industrialized Saintland. However, Saintland never adopted laissez-faire policies and has only developed a barely modern economy. Usury laws remain on the books, intellectual property legislation remains non-existent and protective labor legislation was adopted very early on in the industrialization process. As Saintland industrialized, a special legal status called "foreign resident" was created, which permits foreign nationals to reside in Saintland and remain exempt from some of Saintland's laws.

Today, Saintland is a semi-modern nation. Despite that, the nation retains its divine right absolute monarchy and the Church of Saintland remains a powerful force in the island nation. Saintland's population remains relatively small, as it is estimated at somewhere between 500,000 and 600,000. Despite the small population, Saintland has somehow developed a large number of world-class athletes that have been able to go toe-for-toe with the best athletes from the rest of the multiverse.


Due to the lack of an automobile manufacturing industry in Saintland and the prohibitive cost of importing foreign-made cars, the automobile has never been popular in Saintland. Several months ago, King Paulus XV decided to ban private ownership of automobiles for public safety reasons. Therefore, visitors to Saintland will not have the use of automobiles of any sort.

Under the laws of Saintland, automobiles may only be used by police, the military, fire departments and licensed bus or taxi services. In the cities, you should be able to find a bus or a taxi. If you see a police or military vehicle on the road, it is likely headed toward a crime scene of some sort or is being used to transport a criminal who has been apprehended by the authorities. It is highly recommended to move to the sidewalk when you see an automobile coming down the street.

Saintland has a highly developed high-speed rail network that connects every community in Saintland, from the tiniest villages to the cities of St. Petrus and St. Paulus. This is the only fairly quick way to travel between the communities of Saintland.

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation in Saintland. There are bicycle rental stores in most communities throughout the Kingdom. The most popular bicycle rental stores, among international visitors to Saintland, are located at the St. Paulus and St. Petrus airports. Bicycle parking is provided throughout Saintland and locks are included with every bike. The use of helmets is optional, but recommended.


Until recently, Saintland lacked the necessary lodging to host large numbers of foreign visitors at a given time. However, in the hopes of luring major international sports events to Saintland, the King's Government constructed a number of hotels in the major cities. All players, coaches and officials from the nations that advance to Saintland will receive complimentary lodging at the Royal Hotel in St. Petrus. If requested, hotel staff will perform a wake up call to ensure that your players make it to the stadium in time for the start of their game.


Saintland is located in a polar region, which means that the weather is relatively cold, even during the summer. The average summer temperature in Saintland is 14 degrees (Celsius), which is the equivalent of 57.2 Fahrenheit. On an exceptionally warm day in Saintland, the weather may reach the mid-70s Fahrenheit (24 Celsius), but temperatures in the neighborhood of 7 Celsius (44.6 Fahrenheit) are not unheard of during the summer.

As this World Bowl is being held in the month of January, temperatures will be below freezing (negative Celsius or below 32 Fahrenheit) during the World Bowl. Snow is a frequent possibility and will only be cleared from the field at the discretion of the King's Government.


Saintland speaks a dialect of Latin. Sanctii Latin is a living language, so it does have some differences from classical Latin. The degree of difference between the Latin of the Vulgate and the Latin spoken in Saintland is similar to the difference between the English of the King James Bible and the English that is widely spoken today.

Although Latin is the native language of the Sanctii, foreign language education is heavily emphasized in the nation's education system. The average person you run into on the street should be able to speak English relatively fluently, so there is not much of a language barrier.


Saintland uses a currency based on bullion. The main coins in Saintland are the Denarius, which is a one-ounce gold coin and the Argentii, a one-ounce silver coin. Gold and silver coins are also available in smaller weights, all the way down to 1/100th of an ounce of silver.

If you do not possess bullion, Universal Standard Dollars are widely accepted, as are the Republican Thaler and the Acedonian Ace.


Saintland is a theocracy that operates under a very strict version of Biblical law, so many forms of entertainment are illegal in Saintland.

There are 5 television networks in Saintland, which are numbered from Royal One to Royal Five. These networks will be airing heavy coverage of the World Bowl, although there may be some coverage of "World Cup 67" (actually Cup of Harmony 59) during the World Bowl, especially when the Sanctii National Team is involved.

All players on all of the teams competing in the World Bowl will receive complimentary copies of the Saint upon their arrival in either host nation. The Saint is an "interactive entertainment" handheld device which also has numerous features that are commonly found in smartphones. Every Saint will include a copy of the Bible and the Real Gridiron Simulator. This will be the full version of the Real Gridiron Simulator.

Additional programming is available on Sanctustube. The Royal Networks maintain a popular Sanctustube channel, which will include live streams and on-demand access to every game from the World Bowl. It already includes on-demand access to any game from the last 3 World Cup cycles, completely free of charge. If you'd rather watch programming from your home nation, you can probably find it on Sanctustube. Outside of Saintland, if you watch an unauthorized video of a non-Sanctii show on Sanctustube, you will see the show unedited. However, when accessed within Saintland, Sanctustube displays a highly edited version. Anything that is deemed incompatible with the values of Saintland will be removed and background music is usually replaced with music of Sanctii origin. It is not unheard of for the King's Government censors to ideologically translate a foreign television program or movie to reflect the values of Saintland.

There are movie theaters in the cities of Saintland which mostly show (low-budget) movies produced by Sanctii directors. Movies must be approved by the censors before they can be shown in movie theaters. Sometimes, popular foreign films will be broadcast in the theater, typically after an ideological translation and massive editing.

Cantus Virginum is the most popular musical group in Saintland. The group consists of around a hundred members at any given time. Their members are young women who are either still legally minors under the laws of Saintland or have only recently become adults. Their music is primarily popular with their peers and with girls slightly younger than them. It is widely considered, even among citizens of Saintland, to be of poor quality. However, it is considered impolite in Saintland to publicly criticize their (lack of) singing ability and they remain extremely popular.

Important Laws

As Saintland is a theocratic nation, pornography, prostitution and public nudity are all highly illegal. The ban on pornography includes "written" pornography, a category that includes most romance novels of foreign origin. Tobacco, Cannabis and other recreational drugs are also illegal. Drinking alcohol is legal, although it is highly regulated. There are limits on how much alcohol an individual may purchase. Drinking alcohol outside of communion is unlawful for minors, university students and soldiers that are not officers. Excessive drunkenness in public is illegal. Contrary to popular misconception, protesting is actually legal in Saintland, but sedition and blasphemy are illegal. In effect, this means that any protest against the King's Government or the Church of Saintland is considered a criminal act. However, a protest against horse racing at the Saintland Triple Crown by citizens of the Equestrian States was permitted. There are laws on the books that prohibit aiding unlawful organizations, such as Feministvs Sanctvsterra and Vindicta Progressvm, in any way whatsoever. Possession of firearms by anybody who is not a police officer or a soldier is strictly prohibited.

While there are sumptuary laws on the books, most of them will not be enforced upon visitors to the World Bowl in Saintland. However, women who are playing in or attending WBC games in Saintland will be required to wear a head covering. Visitors who are not following the sumptuary laws should keep their IDs with them at all times and be ready to show them to any soldier or police officer upon request. This exemption will apply to nationals from nations that have a team competing in the World Bowl and will remain in effect until up to 72 hours after the elimination of their nation's national team. Any foreign nationals that remain in Saintland 3 days after the elimination of their team will automatically obtain visitor status, with their 90 day clock to either apply for foreign resident status, apply for immigrant status or leave starting at the moment they arrived in Saintland.


Everybody visiting Saintland for the World Bowl should plan to go through Customs prior to entering the nation. Customs is a branch of the Royal Army, which is tasked with keeping contraband out of Saintland. Customs will thoroughly search all items that are taken into Saintland. They will primarily be searching for guns, tobacco, cannabis, other recreational drugs, blasphemous material, seditious material and pornography. If a book appears to be "written pornography," that can cause a long delay in Customs while the Customs officials check the list of known works of "written pornography" to see if the book in question is on the list.


Royal Stadium

Royal Stadium, located in St. Petrus, is Saintland's National Stadium. The spacious stadium seats 62,383 fans and is the home of the National Soccer Team and the National Gridiron Team. Royal Stadium has a grass surface, which was re-seeded several months ago after an incident at the World Bowl XX.

Via Damascus Stadium

The Via Damascus Stadium, which means "Road to Damascus" in English, is located in St. Paulus, the largest city in Saintland. Via Damascus is Saintland's second most prestigious stadium. It was the home of the National Rugby Union Team during the 20th World Cup of Rugby Union. It is also the home stadium of the St. Paulus teams for soccer and gridiron. The stadium seats 32,189.

Civitate Dei Stadium

Civitate Dei Stadium, which seats 38,202, is located in St. Augustinus, where the University of St. Augustinus is located. Civitate Dei is the home of the University of St. Augustinus Football Team, which competes in NSCF's Celestia Conference, and is also the stadium where the National Gridiron Team played their home games during World Bowl XXI.

Royal Park

Located in St. Petrus, Royal Park is the home of the Saintland National Baseball Team. Seating 51,773 fans, Royal Park is primarily used as a baseball stadium. However, since baseball is not currently in season, Royal Park has been temporarily converted into a gridiron stadium for World Bowl XXII. Unlike the other stadiums in Saintland that will be hosting World Bowl games, Royal Park is not big enough to fit a Saintland Rules (OOC: Canadian Football) field, but it is big enough to fit a World Bowl-sized field. However, this means that the crowd at Royal Park will be closer to the field than crowds at the other stadiums in Saintland.

Additional Information

For additional information, please consult the following RPs:

Lonely Multiverse


Development of the Saint


Cantus Virginum

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Postby Free Republics » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:53 pm

Federation of Free Republics National Football Team


Base Formation: Pistol (Offense), 4-3 (Defense)
Style Modifier: +5
Colors: Blue and White
Head Coach: Logan Allen
Offensive Coordinator: Kosa Zoltan
Defensive Coordinator: Arad Bhemnesh

Roster (age in parentheses)

Offensive Starters

QB: #4 Drasko Pecar (23) [C]
RB: #33 Meier Pongor (18)
WR: #81 Isaac Jakobsson (22)
WR: #88 Aman Rosado (24)
WR: #80 Pusztay Adojan (19)
TE: #44 Finley Davey (20)
LT: #77 Inunnguaq Enoksen (20)
LG: #61 Lucas Upton (23)
C: #64 Havassy Mooreoorish (21)
RG: #68 Ilmari Waltari (20)
RT: #79 Salvatore Solis (25)

In Offensive Rotation

RB: #30 Jonas Rasmussen (23)
FB: #38 Damion Kirk (21)
3DB: #35 Jake Willis (17)
WR: #84 Simun Basic (16)
WR: #87 Tom Dreher (19)
TE: #48 Eldbjorn Gjoen (20)

Defensive Starters

LE: #70 Alparslan Verdult (22)
DT: #92 Leevi Nikula (23)
DT: #95 Lyle Plouffe (22)
RE: #78 Kaszas Arpad (19)
LOLB: #56 Elton Holden (21)
MLB: #51 Alfie Lord (19) [C]
ROLB: #50 Peter Hansen (23)
CB: #39 Guy Davis (20)
CB: #22 Marwin Fransson (24)
FS: #27 Marten Lindgren (23)
SS: #29 Jiri Cerny (22)

Defensive Rotation

DT: #91 Josko Jaksic (21)
Rush LB: #58 Kacper Kwiatkowski (16)
Nickel: #24 Reno Nyberg (19)
Dime: #25 Heidar Sigmundsson (17)

Special Teams

K: #2 Jaromir Zuyev (19)
P: #6 Emppu Vatanen (22)
Long Snap: #65 Nazar Kharlamov (25)
KR/PR: #83 Connor Stewart (17)
KR: #85 Zdravko Stipanov (24)
Kick Cover: #45 Porarinn Egilsson (23)
Kick Cover: #47 Adulfo Saldivar (19)
Kick Cover: #54 Blair Reid (22)


QB: #3 Ziemowit Majewski (25)
QB: #7 Ira Goldschmidt (21)
QB: #1 Jan Sojka (15)
RB: #31 Gyorffy Bartalan (22)
RB: #37 Dario Babsek (16)
WR: #89 Jakub Sokolowski (20)
WR: #86 Lavoslav Zivkovic (19)
WR: #82 Oskar Pawlowski (21)
TE: #41 Njordur Skaftason (22)
TE: #46 Dean Mitchell (18)
OT: #71 Marinko Miletic (19)
OT: #74 Fjolnir Margeirsson (17)
OT: #76 Algiso Siciliani (16)
OG: #63 Ludovico Genovesi (20)
OG: #69 Svanur Arnfinnsson (18)
OG: #60 Christian Genovese (15)
C: #66 Housei Irie (24)
C: #62 Agerton Winje (14)
DE: #72 Svenn Heien (22)
DE: #75 Jiyuu Ooba (19)
DE: #73 Tomas Hill (19)
DT: #98 Shinga Miyazawa (17)
DT: #94 Josef Kolarík (18)
DT: #96 Valentine Vinogradoff (20)
OLB: #53 Tobias Christensen (21)
OLB: #59 Tom Baier (19)
OLB: #57 Thomas Demidov (20)
MLB: #55 Ryan Wallace (25)
MLB: #52 Jack Birrell (16)
CB: #20 Raman Semaea (21)
CB: #23 Vekoslav Schaubach (20)
CB: #32 Saustin Ocasio (17)
S: #28 Omri Knibbe (19)
S: #21 Juergen Jurovic (21)
S: #26 Rinat Biryukov (16)
K: #5 Hanan van Harn (14)
P: #9 Bevis Brunault (19)


The Federation of Free Republics (FFR) is a federation of Republics with a weak national government (the "Federation Government") that has numerous checks and balances. The Republics, each of which has its own government, are relatively independent, although they are subject to the Federation Constitution and its numerous restrictions on what government can do. Most important among them is the cap on taxation, which makes it unconstitutional for government (meaning all governments in the FFR) to take more than 10% combined of anybody's income in taxes, effectively limiting the government. They are the nearest neighbor to Saintland, although that tiny island nation is over a thousand miles to the north of the northern-most Republic's northern border, and most Republicans actually tend to consider progressives worse than religious fanatics, even if both ideologies are considered extreme and contrary to Republicanism. The players on this team would not necessarily be considered the best players in the FFR. Republican athletes tend to have massive egos and often aren't interested in playing for their country.

This team, like other Republican National Teams, was created by its coach. In this case, it was the creation of Logan Allen. Coach Allen has been a successful assistant coach for many professional teams, but he has never been offered a job as a head coach. After the promising start to the National Soccer Team program run by Rule Theriault, Allen decided to start his own National Team in football. Since football is the most popular sport in the Free Republics, it was easy to find investors for the team and Coach Allen quickly obtained the funds he needed and then some. When he heard that Saintland wanted to host this edition of the World Bowl, he contacted the Sanctii embassy and they put together a joint bid, using the Casaran format that had been used in the ill-fated Saintland-Legalese World Cup bid. The Republican National Team has a truly massive roster, filled with depth. If a player is struggling, Coach Allen will be perfectly happy to bench that player and give somebody else a chance.

Coach Allen chose to go with an offensive based around a dual-threat quarterback, usually throwing or running out of the pistol formation. Thus, all of the quarterbacks on the roster are dual threats. Meier Pongor is a 255-pound power running back. Rasmussen is more of a balanced back. Neither of them catch passes well, so Jake Willis will come in on 3rd downs. Rosado is a possession receiver. Basic is a deep threat, but he is notoriously inconsistent and a poor route runner. The tight ends are primarily pass-catching tight ends. If the Free Republics need extra blockers for a play, Allen will bring in an extra offensive lineman instead. Defensively, the Free Republics play a bend-but-don't-break scheme, involving heavy amounts of Cover 2, Cover 3 and Cover 4. The zone defensive scheme can confuse inexperienced quarterbacks. Alfie Lord is the star of the defense. He is a very good middle linebacker with the potential to become a dominant player at the position. Kwiatkowski is the team's best pass rusher, but he is downright awful against the run. Zuyev is a very accurate kicker, but van Harn has the stronger leg and would be called upon if the Free Republics needed a 60-yard field goal to win a game. Connor Stewart is a dangerous return man whom opposing teams will want to avoid.

Past Records

Baptism of Iron XV: 8-1 (2nd place, by 1 point)

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
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Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
Current Senior Consul: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock (Golden Age)
Current Junior Consul: Samuel Izmailov (Nat-Gre)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
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Postby Saintland » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:54 pm

Saintland National Gridiron Team

Captain: Prince Petrus
Style: +5
Base Formation: variable (offense), 3-4 (defense)
Colors: Red and White
Demonym: Sanctii


Offensive Rotation

QB: #3 Prince Petrus
RB: #36 Andreas Tuccius
RB: #32 Petrus Maximius
FB: #49 Alessandro Ancharius
WR: #88 Ioannes Lusius
WR: #85 Lucius Herius
WR: #82 Matthaeus Epidius
WR: #89 Thomas Lusius
WR: #83 Ioannes Oranius
TE: #81 Matthaeus Favonius
TE: #87 Thomas Favonius
TE: #80 Paulus Favonius
LT: #74 Lucas Floridius
LG: #68 Ioannes Conconius
C: #75 Abraham Nemetorius
RG: #65 Isaac Secundius
RT: #77 Marcus Nigrius

Defensive Lineup

LE: #92 Thomas Calventius
NG: #90 David Vargunteius
RE: #99 Andreas Cammius
LOLB: #52 Georgius Didius
LILB: #55 Matthaeus Publicius
RILB: #59 Lucas Sepurcius
ROLB: #50 Silvester Didius
CB: #23 Lucius Curtius
CB: #26 Lucas Desticius
Nickel: #28 Paulus Rufrius
Dime: #22 Stephanus Praesentius
FS: #25 Matthaeus Stlaccius
SS: #20 Marcus Stlaccius

Special Teams

K: #9 Philippus Francus
P: #8 Josephus Polus
Long Snap: #69 Adam Sennius
Return: #84 Nicolaus Lusius
Kick Cover: #51 Petrus Roscius


QB: #6 Paulus Salvius
QB: #5 Thomas Ulpius
RB: #31 Matthaeus Loreius
FB: #44 Lucas Matius
WR: #86 Alessandro Norbanus
OT: #72 Petrus Vassinus
OT: #79 Paulus Vassinus
OG: #73 Lucas Valgus
OG: #62 Antonius Terentia
C: #66 Ioannes Sidonius
DE: #93 Ioannes Minucius
NG: #97 Petrus Maelius
OLB: #56 Andreas Oclatinius
ILB: #58 Lucius Mucius
CB: #27 Adam Lampronius
S: #24 Paulus Placidus
S: #29 Lucas Lutatius


Prince Petrus is an athletic QB who is known to scramble frequently. He is the heir to the throne of Saintland. During World Bowl XX, he famously suffered a serious injury suffered at the hooves of the Equestrian States, but he returned during World Bowl XXI as good as ever. Salvius is more of an accurate pocket passer. Ulpius is a big quarterback with a very strong arm who can run a little. Tuccius is a power RB and Maximius is a speed back. Loreius is a great pass catcher, but lacks elite power or elite speed. Ancharius is a large fullback who moves pretty well and can make some plays. Matius is a pure blocking fullback. Matthaeus and Thomas Favonius are twins and Paulus Favonius is their younger brother. Ioannes Lusius is a deep threat and all-around dominant WR. Herius is more of a possession WR. Epidius is a relatively tall WR. Thomas Lusius is the younger brother of Ioannes. He is a speed WR who is drop-prone. All of the defensive linemen are big players that would be defensive tackles in a 4-3. Oranius is a balanced WR. Georgius Didius is an elite pass rusher. His brother Silvester is more of a coverage OLB. The Stlaccius brothers are known for their hard hits. The defense is extremely aggressive and tends to show alot of different looks. They use movement to throw the opposition off guard. Offensively, Saintland tends to run the ball most of the time, but they are an extremely deep offense that can run any style of offense. They can go no huddle or use a huddle. They can go option and they can go run and shoot. Saintland will run trick plays and they will call unexpected plays. Prince Petrus calls the offensive signals and Georgius Didius calls defensive signals. If Didius is knocked out of a game, Publicius would likely become the defensive signalcaller. The league in Saintland has 12 players per side, 3 downs, a 110-yard field that is also wider and 20 yard end zones ("Canadian" rules). This team won Arena Bowl IV with an undefeated record. They finished 9-5 at World Bowl XX and, despite playing without Prince Petrus, won the inaugural Maple Leaf Bowl with an undefeated record. At World Bowl XXI, they went 7-2, failing to advance out of the 2nd group stage after Francus blew a potential game-winning field goal against the Quebecois. That defeat would be followed by a mistake-filled defeat against Taeshan, which eliminated the Sanctii from the World Bowl. Now that they have brought the World Bowl to the Kingdom, they expect to win it all and to do so on their home field.

RP Permissions

Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby HopNation » Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:19 pm

The HopNation Malts
American Football Team

Squad Details
  • Head Coach:
    • Winston Churschmidt
  • Offensive Coordinator:
    • O'Reiley McCalister
  • Quarterback Coach:
    • Farv Mareeno
  • O-Line Coach:
    • Tshaw Otto Unitus
  • Running Back Coach:
    • A. Peters McDadden
  • Wide Receiver Coach:
    • Rice Carter
  • Special Teams Coach:
    • Al McMadden
  • Kicking Coach:
    • Dempsey Janik Anderson
  • Defensive Coordinator:
    • Tony Grudy
  • D-Line Coach:
    • Pierre-Allen Watt
  • Linebackers Coach:
    • Taylor Urla Clay
  • Defensive Backs Coach:
    • Mel Sandbrowner
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches:
    • Moe Kinsly
    • Brooks Liftser
    • Anders Paul
  • Training/Medical Staff:
    • Dr. OT Constant
    • Dr. PT Metatarsal
    • Ace Carter Lester (trainer)

Offensive Starters Defensive Starters
QB #18 Fran Bradanning* DL #94 Sappy Randle
RB #28 AP Goreyou DE #69 Allen Mathistuck Pepper*
WR #81 Cinco Uno Megatron DE #99 Dwight Abraliams
WR #80 Crydez Fitzjerry LOLB #51 Bednarik Seaouh
WR #87 Deck Weswes* ROLB #52 Huffer Nitschky
C #54 Turner Webster MLB #55 Singlebert Buttkis
RG #50 Fusco Johnson NLB #59 Mills Louis
LG #66 Mankin Snee Yanda CB #34 Dishman Winfielder
RT #67 Dierdor Yary CB #38 Woodson Law Lebeau
LT #77 Shell Roaf FS #29 Linch Tatum Charry*
TE #49 Casper Ditka Donzalez SS #33 Atwaters Polamalalu
* denotes captians

QB #9 Ruthlesburg Star | RB #35 Walker Bush | WR #86 Keshawno Ivine
QB #7 Archie Elmode Cannon | RB #25 Noshow Green | WR #82 Owme Hairisson
QB #11 Joe Colorado | RB #22 Alstat Bettus | WR #19 Slargent Mossy
| WR #17 Mulford Vincent
C #57 Wallace Vleg | G #56 Wilber Star | T #60 Winifred Zoltron
C #58 Galigar Carr | G #53 Caviler St.John | T #61 Hunter Ivan Voltz
| G #62 Storm Kahler | T #63 Benton Bostonia
TE #83 Sharper Reindeer
TE #89 Gronkuld Willie | P #3 Morty Walsher | K #1 Anderson Gouldie

DL #95 Dillon Diller | DE #68 Edward Knorty | LB #98 Larry Sweetknee
DL #96 Dexter “Bull” Dozzer | DE #91 William Williamson | LB #93 Howard Swanson
DL #97 Droimpol Dixon | DE #92 Kronk Kirkpatrick | LB #90 Gilbert Johnsonso

CB #36 Catcher Phingers | SS #20 Niguard Jorgensons | FS #30 Matthew Quible
CB #40 Siverster Larghand | SS #26 Phillip Mooser | FS #43 Alfred Pont
CB #47 Bentley Baker
CB #48 Oscar DeLaRusta

Team Colors: Orange, Black, and White

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y – within reason, no deaths or career ending please
Godmod scoring events: Y*
Godmod injuries: Y*
Godmod other events: Y*
*with any of the godmod items, its RP have fun just don’t kill my players or end their careers. My brewmasters are great healers too, so return times are subject to me in a follow up RP.
Style Modifier: -5
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Fressen Hundefutter Stadion

Fressen Hundefutter Stadion: Capacity 78,000|Location: Wortwort, Hefebayern
Fressen Hundefutter is a new stadium with many great features. It is an open air stadium so both players and fans are subjected to what ever mother nature throws at it, to an extent. The field however is heated and typically stays at a nice 45 to 50 degrees right at grass level even when the outside temperature dips down into the single or below zero digits. It also has cooling fans with misters built just under the first row of seats so on those hot HopNation days players have a few spots to keep cool. Fan comforts are also something that was considered when this facility was erected. Throughout the concourses there are heaters as well as the same cooling fans that the players have, so depending on the outside temperature the fans will also be somewhat comfortable. The stadium seats themselves do not have cooling elements but they do have a self regulated heater that each fan can set to his/her comfort level, however the heater quality degrades as the ticket price decreases so fans in the cheapest sections have a far less reliable seat than those in the prime expensive sections. Viewer pleasure was also something that was considered during construction, so there are a number of video boards throughout and no seat has an obstructed view of the field. Each seat also has a headphone jack so they can listen to the games broadcast if desired (Ear Buds or Headphones not provided).
Home of the Große Hunde and is also the official home of the National Handball Team the Malts (American Football).
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Postby German Zerabithea » Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:36 pm

Roster notes: a few positions will have two names as those players are slowly being transitioned in to replace those getting close to retiring. If a position has two names, ether is acceptable for a event.

The Rams of German Zerabithea!
Head Coach: Clarine Rogers
Offensive Coach: Darren Jones
Defensive Coach: Platty McLincoln
Team owner: Hamsun Tom
Style modifier: +2.5

Offensive style: Lots of throwing, but tries not to let the run go unnoticed.

QB: Robert Shoemaker #2
RB: Benarv Cafeno #21/ Jones Jams #19
WR: Gerarrge Manotiee #79
WR: Charles Valintely #17
WR: Dwight Kenny #12
TE: Zambia Samuelson #81/ Cornelius "Corny" Waugs #80
C: James Camera #23
RT: Cornelius Robin #59
LT: Laired Morgoto #62
RG: Juan Reas #61
LG: Robert Ge Garro #68

Defensive style: Like to keep pressure, but prefer INT's and fumbles over sacks.
DE:Tyrone Huge #63
DT: Donald Ducked #71
DT: Gordon Kendal #64
DE: Dantbay Amadaes #73
CB: Nathan Handway #54
SS: Chaplin Paul #24
LB: Kamden Brosome #91
LB: Gerald Hathway # 90
DT: Jordez Zhukov #69
DT: John Li #66
NG: Renie Vaposa #77

K: Katie Wisslespoon #1
PK: James Barbon # 12
PR: Bonbre Taylay #6
KR: Raygon Samoan #10

Team uniform:


Stadium: Tzar Zachary 1st National Stadium (previously known as the Tzar Zachary 1st National center) , which holds up to 64,000 people.


RP: I could care less on what you say, but if you want to kill or injure someone. Tele me first. Also, I realize that my nation name does not reflect this, but both the G and the Z are capitalized.
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Postby Qazox » Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:16 pm

Once again Qazox is the World Bowl Champions. 'But you didn't play or beat Allamunnic States to do so...' the naysayers will say. So? Not our problem the Regulars finally had Mother Time smack them upside the head. But if they want some, they can go wait in line like everyone else. This time a Casarian-style (a style they copied from the old Oxen Cup tourneys from a century ago) tournament will be held, meaning any team could face any team this time around. Hell we might face the Regulars 3 times, if things go the wrong way. But we are hungry for more. 2 titles isn't enough.

Style: +5.00
Coach: Liam Abbott
Nickname: Sharks

Offense: Spread Option
QB: Nate Jackson
RB: Carlos Marcos
WR: Shawn Davenport
WR: Thomas Walker
WR: Brad Reed
TE: Peter Yardley
LT: Lester Stewart
LG: Morris Branch
C: Kyle Issaquah
RG: Greg Albright
RT: Patrick Oliver

Defense: 4-2-5
DE: Kyle Hussein
DT: Gary Clancy
DT: Harvey Bradford
DE: Mike Harlow
LOLB: Rickey Robles
ROLB: Darrin Royce
LCB: Chuck Orem
RCB: Jason Krueger
NB: Aaron Jupiter
SS: Frank Jeong
FS: Joe McTaggart

Special Teams:
K/P: Eric Haqemdal
Ret: Reggie Syarid

All of Qazox' home games will be played at the SaxerDome in SaxerVilla (capacity: 91,150)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: YES
Choose scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: NO
Godmod scoring events: NO (Only teams ranked higher than me can record a safety against me)
Godmod injuries: NO
Godmod other events: YES (Weather conditions only)
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Postby Equestrian States » Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:10 pm


The Pony Republic of Equestrian States
National Gridiron Team - World Bowl XXII

Quite inexplicably, the "Fire Ponies" (as the Equestrian States national team has come to be known as) enter this World Bowl ranked third in the world despite having been to the semifinals just once in their history. And while the Equestrian team's ranking may be surprising to most people (if not to everyone), its shock value pales when compared to the fact that the highest-ranked and most-feared national sports team to ever come out of the North Pony Lands is largely ignored by the Equestrian media. Even though the gridiron team has never finished a World Bowl with a losing tournament record, the press generally pays little-to-no attention to the Fire Ponies. Even the third tier of the domestic hoofball pyramid receives more coverage from reporters. However, that's not to say that the team has no supporters. On the contrary, the Fire Ponies may not be able to mobilize an army of fans to join them for overseas trips, but in the Equestrian States there is no way for visitors to even contend with the locals, who are best described simply as "louder than they have any right to be".

Those few Equestrian reporters who do cover gridiron see this World Bowl as a chance for the Fire Ponies to finally gain a non-hoofball international title in a major sport. Last year, the Equestrian States were almost unstoppable, going undefeated through both group stages en route to a third consecutive quarterfinals berth. Unfortunately, the team's hot streak came to an end at just the wrong time, as the Fire Ponies fell against Taeshan in a tightly-contested game that ended with them being eliminated from the World Bowl. Still, the run was more than enough to send the Equestrians surging up the rankings, propelling the team from 11th-ranked outsiders to 3rd-ranked title contenders behind trophy-holders Qazox and the Equestrian States' current fiercest gridiron rivals: German Zerabithea.

If there were ever any doubts about the Fire Ponies' World Bowl aspirations, Head Coach Crafty Crate announced in his last press conference that "anything less than a semifinals run would have to be considered a disappointment for the team." He would go on to state (much to the amusement delight of the two dozen or so reporters in the room) that the team's goal was "to go to that [expletive] muddy Tartarus-like wasteland with the arrogant bunch of cheating, lowlife, pasty, fat-mouthed, balding apes and thoroughly beat them on their home turf en route to our first title." Though there was some debate as to whether or not the Free Republics fit into that description, it was clarified by a later press release that he was (of course) referring to Saintland, where his team triumphed despite abysmal playing conditions back in the World Bowl 20 group stage. The Equestrian States Gridiron Association has yet to openly support or condemn the famously hot-tempered head coach's statements, but several leading members of the ESGA's Board of Directors have publicly questioned the ability of the Sanctii government to run a tournament free of unwanted controversy. Unconfirmed rumors have also recently surfaced that the ESGA is using its considerable influence in the World Bowl Assembly to investigate the suitability of any designated Sanctii stadiums for hosting international level competition.

But the Equestrian States' shaky relationships with the two host nations aside, this year's Fire Ponies seem destined to make a splash with a deep run. The team's sights have been set on the trophy, and few would deny the Equestrian States have talent enough to make good on that objective. Will the Equestrian States finally claim a non-hoofball title of any significance? Can the Fire Ponies retain their top defensive form despite the stricter rules recently imposed on the field by the hosts? Will the Sanctii ever realize the term "hostile host" better refers to themselves and their regional partners than to the Equestrian States and other nations not stuck in the dark ages? And finally: will the controversial Casaran system lead to chaos, as many pundits in the international media have predicted?

All-Time Stats
Ranking: 3rd (21.70 pts.)
Record: 47-20 (.701)
Style Mod: -5.0
Nickname: The Fire Ponies
Achievements: World Bowl 19 (Semifinals), World Bowl 20 (Quarterfinals), World Bowl 21 (Quarterfinals)
Baptism of Iron XI: 1-3 - 5th in Group 5
World Bowl XVII: 6-4 - 4th in Group 2
World Bowl XVIII: 8-2 - 3rd in Group 9
World Bowl XIX: 11-6 - 2nd in Group 3; 2nd in Pool B; Won QF vs. Vettrera; Lost SF vs. Yesopalitha; Lost 3PPO vs. Qazox
World Bowl XX: 12-4 - 2nd in Group 1; Won Ro16 vs. TRK of Quebec; Lost QF vs. Thrilledge
World Bowl XXI: 9-1 - 1st in Group H; 1st in Pool 1; Lost QF vs. Taeshan
World Bowl XXII: 0-0 - TBD in Casaran Stage

Tournament Schedule

Casaran Stage
MD1: Equestrian States vs. Hamdrew at Venue TBD (cap. Unknown) in City TBD, Nation TBD

Players listed earlier for each position are used more often than those listed later

#12 - QB - Score (Pegasus - Male) - 28 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#8 - QB - Hot Talon (Griffon - Male) - 33 - Trottawa Falcons
#10 - QB - Julia Marr (Human - Female) - 25 - Stalliongrad Miners

Running Backs
#30 - RB - Lightning Bolt (Pegasus - Female) - 31 - Canterlot Crowns
#34 - RB - Treetop (Pegasus - Male) - 34 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#48 - RB - John Erwin (Human - Male) - 28 - Manehattan Blitz
#22 - RB - Sonic Strike (Bat Pony - Male) - 29 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#23 - FB - Xenith (Zebra - Female) - 24 - Everfree Flames

Wide Recievers
#11 - WR - Hoops (Pegasus - Male) - 32 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#18 - WR - Mochaccino (Unicorn - Male) - 36 - Canterlot Crowns
#16 - WR - Neon Lights (Unicorn - Male) - 38 - Canterlot Crowns
#14 - WR - Bruiser (Minotaur - Female) - 27 - Ponyville Suns
#19 - WR - Regalis (Zebra - Male) - 25 - Everfree Flames

Tight Ends
#40 - TE - Graphite (Unicorn - Male) - 30 - Ponyville Suns
#42 - TE - Andrew Owens (Human - Male) - 32 - Everfree Flames
#44 - TE - Harmony (Bat Pony - Female) - 30 - Ponyville Suns
#49 - TE - Firestorm (Unicorn - Male) - 28 - Everfree Flames
#81 - TE - High Tide (Earth Pony - Female) - 23 - Canterlot Crowns
#88 - TE - Firedeath (Dragon - Male) - 39 - Cloudsdale Crushers

Offensive Lineponies
#50 - T - Promontory (Earth Pony - Male) - 34 - Appleoosa Storm
#51 - T - Walter Coltchalk (Earth Pony - Male) - 39 - Ponyville Suns
#71 - T - Crusher (Dragon - Male) - 37 - Everfree Flames
#68 - T - Sharpbeak (Griffon - Male) - 28 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#58 - T - Razortalon (Griffon - Female) - 31 - Stalliongrad Miners
#73 - T - Nightwatch (Bat Pony - Female) - 32 - Canterlot Crowns
#53 - C - Jeff Letrotski (Earth Pony - Male) - 30 - Ponyville Suns
#60 - G - Dumb-Bell (Pegasus - Male) - 32 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#67 - G - Stephen Jackson (Human - Male) - 36 - Manehattan Blitz
#70 - G - Hillary Frye (Human - Male) - 35 - Canterlot Crowns
#75 - G - Walinda (Zebra - Female) - 32 - Everfree Flames

Defensive Lineponies
#54 - DE - Iron Claw (Griffon - Male) - 28 - Everfree Flames
#78 - DE - Garble (Dragon - Male) - 34 - Everfree Flames
#72 - DE - Star Sparkle (Crystal Pony - Male) - 37 - Canterlot Crowns
#52 - DE - Robert Fitzpatrick (Human - Male) - 27 - Appleoosa Storm
#69 - DE - Bloodfeather (Griffon - Female) - 25 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#64 - NT - Candy Mane (Earth Pony - Female) - 35 - Canterlot Crowns
#90 - NT - Arnie (Pegasus - Male) - 32 - Ponyville Suns

#91 - OLB - Al (Pegasus - Male) - 31 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#92 - OLB - Thunderoar (Griffon - Female) - 34 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#56 - OLB - Sonic Bolt (Pegasus - Male) - 27 - Canterlot Crowns
#55 - OLB - Screech (Dragon - Female) - 26 - Everfree Flames
#99 - OLB - Trevor Higgins (Human - Male) - 32 - Trottawa Falcons
#94 - OLB - Will MacCormack (Human - Male) - 26 - Manehattan Blitz
#98 - OLB - Light Dust (Unicorn - Female) - 27 - Canterlot Crowns
#57 - OLB - North Star (Earth Pony - Male) - 32 - Ponyville Suns
#93 - ILB - Baritone (Earth Pony - Male) - 30 - Appleoosa Storm
#96 - ILB - Caboose (Earth Pony - Male) - 28 - Appleoosa Storm
#95 - ILB - Sunblaze (Dragon - Male) - 29 - Canterlot Crowns

Defensive Backs
#37 - FS - Ambrosia (Earth Pony - Female) - 29 - Ponyville Suns
#31 - FS - Zachary Kim (Human - Male) - 28 - Manehattan Blitz
#38 - FS/CB - Youngclaw (Griffon - Female) - 31 - Stalliongrad Miners
#21 - CB - Ace (Earth Pony - Male) - 26 - Ponyville Suns
#25 - CB - Purity (Crystal Pony - Female) - 27 - Canterlot Crowns
#24 - CB - Blitzfire (Zebra - Male) - 26 - Everfree Flames
#33 - CB - Ellory Davis (Human - Female) - 29 - Ponyville Suns
#32 - CB - First Cylinder (Unicorn - Male) - 33 - Canterlot Crowns
#35 - SS - Saberspark (Pegasus - Male) - 25 - Ponyville Suns
#36 - SS - Strong Wind (Pegasus - Female) - 27 - Cloudsdale Crushers
#29 - SS - Proud Storm (Earth Pony - Male) - 26 - Appleoosa Storm

Special Teams
#2 - K - Blackstone (Earth Pony - Male) - 41 - Appleoosa Storm
#3 - K - Firehoof (Earth Pony - Gender) - 25 - Stalliongrad Miners
#1 - P - Lumos (Earth Pony - Male) - 35 - Trottawa Falcons
#4 - LS - Longtalon (Griffon - Female) - 33 - Everfree Flames
#15 - KR/PR - Jet Set (Unicorn - Male) - 29 - Canterlot Crowns

Head Coach: Crafty Crate (Pegasus - Male) - 54
Offensive Coordinator: Fire Streak (Pegasus - Male) - 35
Defensive Coordinator: Ferocity (Griffon - Female) - 50
Special Teams Coordinator: Melissa McManson (Human - Female) - 31
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator: Stronghorn (Minotaur - Female) - 36


The Fire Ponies generally aren’t known for being a strong offensive team overall, with the defense being the indisputable cornerstone of their success (though recent years have seen the offense steadily improve its performance). That’s not to say that the Equestrians don’t have a few tricks up their metaphorical sleeves, of course. On the ground, the Fire Ponies have a rugged and very determined running game that can eat up clock but earn reasonable yardage at the same time, setting up some of the long-range field goals that the team is extremely well-known for. The natural abilities of sapient ponies give their kicks considerably more strength than the average human does. Thus, it’s not unusual to see the field goal team come on the field even when they’re over 60 yards away from the uprights. Why? In one of their World Bowl 18 games, the team scored 21 points off of field goals, three of which were from longer than 65 yards. Two years after that defining result, in a group stage game against Saintland, Blackmane (the Equestrians' star kicker) hammered eight field goals through the uprights from more than 50 yards out, and would set a personal best the following week with a 70 yard attempt that was spot-on.

Brutal and relentless are the two words that most analysts choose to describe the Equestrians’ tough-as-nails defense. If you want to score on the Equestrian States, you’re not going to have an easy time doing it without the help of over-zealous officials. The records offer confirmation of just how difficult it is to score against the Fire Ponies, as the team has recorded 24 shutouts in their 46 World Bowl victories and have conceded more than 21 points just six times in their five tournament appearances (the last such occurrence being a World Bowl 20 group stage defeat to eventual champions German Zerabithea). The intimidation factor of predatory dragons and griffons on the Equestrian line is considered to be a major factor in the team's defensive success, and has caused several fainting spells among opposing offensive linemen from time-to-time. Thus, blitzes are a specialty of the Fire Ponies, with the lineponies often presenting few avenues of escape for a targeted quarterback. As the Equestrian defense regularly forces turnovers, they are also a potent scoring machine for the team.



Name: The Royal Coliseum
Location: Canterlot, Equestrian States
Capacity: 65,775
One of the few large stadiums in the Equestrian States dedicated solely to the sport of gridiron, the Royal Coliseum is home to the Canterlot Crowns and is capable of holding 65,755 ponies and other assorted species. When the stadium was constructed about ten years ago, the press (or at least the few reporters who bothered to write about gridiron) criticized the move to allow for such a large capacity considering the low popularity of the sport. However, such critics seem to have been proven wrong, as the domestic popularity of gridiron has since soared.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes - Limited to minor injuries only without TG permission
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes - See the above restrictions
Godmod Other Events: Yes - Nothing weather-related if I am the home team
Other Notes: If you wish to do something that is either not listed as allowed in my RP permissions or really out of the ordinary, I require that you ask me (via TG) at least two hours prior to RP cutoff so my own post can account for the unusual event. Failure to send a TG in time will likely result in your request being turned down as I will probably have already begun work on my own RP. Also, feel free to TG me if you want more IC info on my team or nation.
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title://official team roster for the glorious commune
subtitle://world bowl 22 in karditani equestrian rugby

body text loading
body text loaded
body text://player list follows
1 . Daemon XII 
2 . Ifrit VII
3 . Cacophony X
4 . Ifrit VI
5 . Ifrit III
6 . Daemon X
7 . Apocalypse IV
8 . Apocalypse III
9 . Cacophony IX
10. Discord V
11. Daemon VIII
12. Cacophony VII
13. Apocalypse II
14. Ifrit II
15. Homunculus IV
16. Discord IV
17. Daemon VI
18. Daemon IV
19. Homunculus I
20. Zenith I
designated placings follows
Back=0.25 - Daemon XII
Kicker - Discord V
message ends

RP Permissions and other OOC scribblings
Permissions: My opponent can do whatever they choose, but read below for a flavour of how to RP again this team.
Style Mod : +5

So, Karditani Equestrian Rugby.

Albeit nearly completely alien to the sport of American football, barring the odd glance of another country's sports broadcasts during their ritual scrutinising of the multiverse, The Commune, being a strong contender in domestic rugby feel they have the necessary ability to challenge the world at American football. The name 'Karditani Equestrian Rugby' comes from their assumption that it is a form of rugby championed by the current executive persons of the sport.

The players in the team, despite looking sort-of-humanoid are actually about as human as your average coffee machine. They are all manufactured clones with their names being merely a pseudo-brand name and model number. These androgynous beings are all of an sturdy athletic build, roughly 2 metres tall and totally devoid of any body hair. Completely emotionless, they exhibit no reaction to pain and very seldom actually vocalise anything. Being created purely for the purpose, they are however, extremely talented players. All are fast, strong and ruthlessly efficient. The kicker, Discord V can convert near impeccably from distances over 50 yards and quarter-back, Daemon XII can pass accurately over nearly the same distance. There are no set defensive, offensive or special teams as all players are completely interchangeable and don't, or at least appear not to tire. Any player could be on the pitch at any time.

Their one weakness is their lack of communication and lack of management staff. This team can score points with the greatest of ease but expect a lot of interceptions, 4th down turnovers (they will punt exceptionally rarely. 80 yard field goal attempt? Of course. 4th and 35. Running play perchance? You betcha.) and other poor tactical decisions. Dummy passes, blitzes and the like will frequently catch them off guard. The only management figure is an elderly Communadi gentleman who calls himself 'the Babysitter'. He's just there to check the players are all accounted for and knows nothing of the sport itself.

The team have no kit as such. All players will be bare-chested (names tattooed across the top of their chests and backs) and wear slim dark-grey bottoms with their number emblazoned on the thigh. Don't think the lack of body armour will lead to more injuries though as you'll have to seriously try hard to render one of these guys unfit to play and even with broken arms and legs the players will attempt to continue regardless. Also, like most Communadi, they are extremely vengeful. If you cause (serious) injury, they will reciprocate.

Bear that in mind if you have plans to kill a player ...

Have fun.

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The Reformed Indios

No	Pos	Name
32 QB Romer Roberto Timple
28 QB Arwin Joaquin Dadis
84 QB Ichiro Luke Gamao

49 WR Raymund Jeyromme Prelligera
8 WR MJ Deirdre Noveloso
41 WR Gonzalo Roland Munoz
74 WR Ganther Joselle Tadle
95 WR Val Earle Daulo
71 WR Argie Ryann Lazo

88 TE Ciprian Jayvic Luspo
45 TE Benedicto Joeffrey Tamalla

48 RB Juene Joselito Artates
55 RB Guerrero Kim Arana
34 RB Federick Gilbert Armamento

54 FB Dexie Alfonso Sta Rita
87 FB Exequiel Leevhan Codiñera

23 C Frente Jesse Cristoria
7 C Ar Kristoff Binay
6 RG Bentz Francis Bejo
30 LG Jerald Ralston De Apolonia
91 LT Jesusito Erron Tapnio
38 RT Jazer Ranniel Lucasan
61 T Vlademir Elmerei Abuel
99 G Carlson Rodante Jamon

3 DE Lito Jomari Bagcal
50 DE Rene Daniell Mangonon
25 DE Derrick Lloyd Celestino
96 DT Amadeo Binoe Millo
37 DT Israel Neil Pages
59 DT Anthony Ezekiel Concon

69 LB Kevin Edrian Lapastora
13 LB Josef Senando Yamsuan
16 LB Victoriano Roangelo Trawon
95 LB Vigel Rolando Pareno
90 LB Gyver Joremy Yance

60 DB Reno Emmanuelle Barriga
11 DB Arnolfo Johann Cajanding
19 DB Jerald Gonzalo Itum
12 DB Alfonsus Arvee Gulfin
18 DB Alieto Pattrick Penera
20 DB Phillip Leomer Magsino

43 K Jay Oscar Baconguis
76 P Justy Jommer Alimango


Kalurayan National Stadium, New Manoglu (mainly used for Association Football)
cap. 35,000

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier (Between +5 and -5, +5 being most offensive and -5 being most defensive): +3
Ang Tampalasang Bansa ng Ati Kaluraya
Region: Esportiva | Capital: New Manoglu | Demonym: Kalurayan | Population: 15,000,000
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Home -> Sport -> Gridiron

Khudyakov Names Roster, Captains For Lzherusskia at World Bowl XXII
By Vladislav Rodzyanko - 8.Vesdelat, 2122

Earlier today, Dmitri Khudyakov made the announcement practically every gridiron fan in the nation has been waiting for and while everybody will have their own opinions on his picks, I write for a newspaper so more people are going to see the things I come out with. I will try not to abuse this power.

The moment we found out Khudyakov - who's just coached Vreka Sherzhelt to their first championship in over two decades - was going to be in charge of the national team, I think we all came to similar conclusions about what he wanted the team to be, but he's gone against expectations. Vreka took their title on the strength of a stifling secondary and a grinding rushing game, whereas the national team he's picked is...not that. Let's take a look at the starting lineups.

Pos # Player Name Club Team Age
QB 11 Anton Spiridonov Vreka Sherzhelt 21
RB 36 Andrey Voroshilov Vreka Sherzhelt 26
FB 30 David Mosalev Shevard Kotoviska 34
WR 19 Ferdinand Oshchepokov Kutuzuvir Upakovna 23
WR 87 Arkadi Emilianenko Polozh Zabivat 32
TE 86 Gennady Lukashev Stalskala Petrosinya 37
OT 73 Felix Kondurov-Mirzaev Vreka Sherzhelt 20
OG 76 Anatoli Nurmagomedov CSCT Pitrikovsk 24
C 71 Valentin Burtsov Vysdyav Novotelnov 34
OG 51 Jaromir Zverev Polozh Zabivat 28
OT 50 Alexei Yakimov Kutuzuvir Upakovna 33

Looking at this offense, the first thing that jumps out at you is wow, there are a LOT of passing threats. Arkadi Emilianenko had a strong season despite being by far and away the best player for Polozh Zabivat and, with no disrespect meant to Polozhenin, I have high hopes for him now he won't be double-covered on every single play he runs. Some will argue Ferdinand Oshchepokov's tendency to drop the ball at critical moments means he doesn't deserve a starting spot, but he's a legitimate touchdown threat every time he gets the ball and he'll also benefit from having another truly world-class receiver across from him.

Obviously, that by itself isn't proof positive this team is going to air it out at every opportunity, but it's the choice of offensive linemen that's the big clue. None of them are poor run blockers by any margin but, with the exception maybe of Alexei Yakimov, they are all excellent pass blockers and when you're planning to put the ball in the hands of Anton Spiridonov as much as I think they're going to, you need to be able to keep the pocket open. Anton is many things - cannon-armed, deadly-accurate, cool-headed - but he is never going to be much good without a pocket to work from. Not that I want to give the opposition any tips.

Pos # Player Name Club Team Age

DE 54 Milan Vasiliev Shevard Kotoviska 31
DT 53 Demian Solodukhin CSCT Bolugkov 20
DE 62 Niko Karlampiev Bazin Cherepakh 29
OLB 58 Piotr Kharitonov CSCT Bolugkov 28
ILB 57 Kristian Duranichev Konechvoi Terentiev 22
ILB 60 Maximilian Dragunov Bazin Cherepakh 37
OLB 93 Teodor Makovetski Stalskala Petrosinya 24
CB 39 Ravil Nevzorov Bazin Cherepakh 25
SS 20 Kusma Podvoyski Kuritelnya Trekylat 31
FS 43 Fjodor Rakhlinin Malivoln Vorognezdo 24
CB 37 Ruslan Khasanov Malivoln Vorognezdo 31

On the other side of the ball...again, this is not the defense I was expecting to see. This is a unit quite obviously designed for the big play, particularly in the secondary - while you do have corners and safeties on the roster who are quietly effective and better in coverage, the choice of starters positively screams "interception", most obviously Ruslan Khasanov. Likewise, the front seven are not here because they're good at playing prevent, they're here to blitz, blitz and put the fear of whatever god or gods their opponents pray to into them.

It's also going to be a swansong for Maximilian Dragunov. We all knew he was going to retire at the end of the league season and, equally, I suspect most of us were certain he was going to end up here. The man literally redefined what it meant to play linebacker in this country, and the idea of a Lzher team going up against the best of the world without him around seemed...frankly, blasphemous. He'll be the team's captain, spiritual leader and talisman and, even if his stamina isn't quite good enough to keep him in a full game any more, it's not an exaggeration to say that everybody else will play just that little bit better while he's around.

Pos # Player Name Club Team Age

K 5 Vitali Kosotorov Forintos Ryderiov 36
P 8 Yuri Galygin Kutuzuvir Upakovna 20
KR/PR 88 Yegor Aparin Forintos Ryderiov 19

No surprises on any front here - Vitali Kosotorov is proving to be as ageless as Father Time himself and is still damn near automatic at any distance within forty feet. Yegor Aparin was a very nice surprise for Forintos fans last year, only getting picked in the fourth round of the draft but emerging in training camp as a superb returner and growing to claim a starting spot as the season wore on. At nineteen, he's a long way from complete and him being here might be too much pressure too soon, but there's no substitute for experience and no experience quite like this.

We're expecting the group draws within the next few days. Once that's done, I'll be back to explain how we can beat everybody we're thrown up against.

Style Modifier: +5
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose scorers and scoring events. RP minor injuries to my players - using phrases like "lower body injury" would be preferred so I can take it from there. No killing, maiming or seriously injuring my players. Any other events you want to include, shoot me a telegram. I'm fairly easy-going.
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1 John Launders
2 Mark Hendeson (C)
3 Johnathan Preston
4 Fark Hinan
5 Hi-Yiang-Ho
6 Mark McHenderson
7 Thor Normanson
8 Nick Normans
9 Philip Karabatzakis(First Scorer)
10 John Anderson
11 Heart Landers
12 Kenan Thomasson
13 Kel Kinanes
14 Maco Kierzona
15 Francesco Koolfred
16 Mark Spoiler
17 Zhenovia Thomas
18 Querois Jerou
19 Mano Jodevic
20 Kosta Pablo

I think they're enough players
Coach Mark Asami
Coach Jack Marks
Coach Launderson
Coach Davis
Coach Maasen

Ronald Mark StadionImage
Who's New Koln man?
Well, New Koln is an almost big nation of 350.000.000 people in the north east coast of ATLAS. It is surrounded by high mountains and tropical seas.
Does New Koln play sports?
Yes, a lot. New Koln's 99,9% plays ,supports and watches sports teams and sports.
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About Knox Valley

Knox Valley is a tiny, almost micro-sized nation of less then 5,600,000 people located in tiny coastal Valley in Rushmore. Despite its small size, the nation is full of ravenous sports fans. In fact a recent poll showed 92% of Knoxians follow at least one Sports Team regularly. TA tough yet Scrappy Nation, that hopes to have a tough but Scrappy gridiron team.

About Our Team

This will be the Volunteers first rodeo, as this will be the first International contest the nation has entered. The nickname Volunteers comes from the fact that the Dominion of Knox Valley was Founded by volunteer explorers from a now lost nation. The team prides itself on it's offense and believes that despite the population gap between Knox Valley and other nations.

Players to Watch out for.

QB #18 Manning Peytona : A rare physical specimen of 6'4'' height and 230lbs weight. Peytona can play with the big boys and probably can do so in other larger countries. Peytona was also the first person to throw for 4000 yards in College when he played for the University of Marianas and the first 4500 yard passer for the Martinsville Matadors

DB #41 Terrance Fayer: the veteran statesman of defensive backs in Knox Valley, Terrance has the instincts to know how to properly jam a receiver and when to stay clean. He played for West Hanford in College and is now the South Brooklyn Bees best player.

#18 Manning Peytona
#5 Schuler Heathrow
#8 Eric Angie
#31 Lewis Ja'mel
#36 Stephen Travis
#34 Stewart Jamison
#49 Brock Buntkis
#7 Price Pearlesson
#17 Nash Marcusson
#80 Patrick Cordele (Kick Returner)
#88 Shane Wiggam
#14 Geo Wineirt
#88 Stockland Lucas
#82 Witt James
#87 Maurice Polk
#71 Hailey Bonnet
#67 Tim Brunn
#58 Simon Young
#74 Fred Wilson
#64 Deon La Rouix
#61 Alex Goudax
#73 Pete Pernois
#52 Frank Bunson
#70 Dan Tift
#63 Jason Pratt
#98 Lucas Wayne Pollard
#92 Reggie Black
#76 Franz Michealson
#90 Pete Robbinson
#93 Hendrix Johnson
#65 Trevor Baird
#75 Lee Toleman
#94 Andrew Poindexter
#50 Trent Collins
#48 Wilson Alexander
#91 Jake Terbaldi
#56 Mike Spikes
#40 James Ray
#49 Lee Copwell
#41 Terrence Fayer
#30 Angelo Park (Kick Returner/Punt Returner)
#21 Pete Brauswest
#34 Andy Anderson
#44 Ray Richards
#32 A.J. Grey
#17 Jenteo Lane
#9 Nick Beltran
#1 Ben Hamby
#2 Dustin Britton

Stadium info

MTA Credit Union Stadium


Located in St Paul, MTACU Stadium is home of the University of Marianas Warriors. It seats 35,000 comfortingly and is also used for track events.

Choose my scorers: Y/N
Will you allow your foes choose you scored that game winning touchdown, or will you hold out on them?
Choose scoring events: Y/N yes

RP injuries to my players: Y/N If they're not injuries that would keep players out more than the rest of the game, then I will allow them
Godmod scoring events: Y/N Yes
Godmod injuries: Y/N Again, Minor Injuries only
Godmod other events: Y/N Heck Yeah
Style Modifier (+2)

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Postby New Wolfopolis » Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:38 am

New Wolfopolis Wolfpack - National Gridiron Football Team
Offensive Captain: Eduardo Davis
Defensive Captain: Thomas Domanech
Offensive style: 60% run, 40% pass
Defensive style: 4-3-4
General style: -2

After a promising BoI and a disappointing WB XXI, the New Wolfopolis Wolfpack is back, with a few minor changes. The first change is the offensive captain. Last cycle, quarterback Will Goldberg was the captain, however, he suffered a broken collarbone on MD1 and was removed from the roster. Filling his place as captain was Eduardo Davis. Davis did a fantastic job at captain and head coach Kevin Springer decided to keep him there. The second change also involves William Goldberg. Goldberg had a less-than-stellar year in the NWFL, and he was not added to the roster this year. Instead, Peter Plourde, who was added to the roster as the backup after Goldberg's injury last year, is the starting quarterback after unanimously winning NWFL MVP and leading the Moldenhauer Mashers to a Wolf Bowl Championship. Plourde has developed into one of New Wolfopolis's best quarterbacks because he can do it all. He can run, pass, and anything else you need your quarterback to do, unlike Goldberg, who was simply a pocket passer. Expect the Wolfpack to use more option plays and QB draw plays than last year's cycle. The defense is still lead by safety Thomas Domanech, who announced that he will be retiring after this edition of the World Bowl. Other than that, the Wolfpack team looks about the same. They still have leading rusher Alshon Manzera and second-best wide receiver Nicholas Digennaro. In my opinion, the Wolfpack should be able to do better this year than last. Let's see how it works out.

Players are listed in order of starting/backup

Number, position, player, age, college attended, NWFL team
#13, QB, Peter Plourde, 22, University of New Iowa, Moldenhauer Mashers
#12, QB, Jeff Powell, 30, Lupinia University, Seaburg Seahawks

Running Backs
#23, HB, Alshon Manzera, 26, Wright College, Lupinia Lightning
#35, FB, Robert Ming, 31, Holmgren University, Moldenhauer Mashers
#40, HB, David Swiderski, 24, Crowson Technical Institute, Gulbranson Giants

Wide Receivers
#82, WR, Eduardo Davis, 26, Arjema University, Gaffton Gators
#10, WR, Nicolas Digennaro, 23, Lupinia U, Seaburg Seahawks
#17, WR, Ronald Conley, 28, Ducuzeo University, Fauntleroy Falcons
#89, WR, Jimmy Kulas, 27, Crowson University, Burgoyne Banshees
#15, WR, Francis Williamson, 34, Hopunaly University, Lupinia Lightning
#11, WR, Jeffrey Walter, 30, New Mississippi Community College, Pedrosa Panthers

Tight Ends
#86, TE, Carl Miller, 24, New California University, Lucius Lemmings
#83, TE, Daniel Brosseau, 27, Didasia University, West Cresswell Warriors
#88, TE, Robert Clyburn, 25, Lopasia University, Seaburg Seahawks
#80, TE, Eddie Southerland, 33, Layfield College, Aux Eveques Airplanes

Offensive Line
#72, LG, Tim Barry, 26, Lopasia State College, Prohaska Piranhas
#60, LT, Billy Whittaker, 32, University of Fortney, Gulbranson Giants
#56, C, Dean Fortenberry, 29, Putium University, Jimmerson Jaguars
#61, RG, Michael Washington, 25, Lopasia U, Clarksville Cardinals
#99, RT, Adam Wingard, 35, Wright University, Reddington Raptors
#58, C, Roger Scannell, 28, Hopunaly State College, Gaffton Gators
#93, RG, Ty Noyola, 27, Arjema University, Schmitz Salamanders
#52, C, Walter Gaona, 23, Navy, Seaburg Seahawks
#74, LT, Manuel Carter, 23, Navy, Fauntleroy Falcons

Defensive Line
#69, DT, Robert West, 31, Walunaly State College, Querioz Quetzal
#66, DE, Ronnie Allen, 26, NCU, West Cresswell Warriors
#94, DE, Bennie Bracamonte, 28, Putium Univerity at Harville, Treiber Tigers
#70, DT, Javier Breece, 24, AU, Seaburg Seahawks
#67, DT, Robert Bowen, 29, New Delaware College, Durocher Ducks
#78, DT, Michael Wasson, 23, Holmgren State University, Martinek Mustangs
#90, DE, Matthew Grose, 32, West Lopium Community College, Los Diablos Leopards
#79, DE, Albert McCaskill, 29, Rakuvou Liberal Arts School, Sartori Surgeons
#63, DT, Patrick Tepper, 30, Seyeroe University, Fenstermacher Flyers

#51, MLB, Antonio Poleo, 24, Wright College, East Cresswell Eagles
#54, LOLB, Donald Neal, 32, Wright University, Holgate Hawks
#56, ROLB, Robert Jordan, 27, Crowson University, Reddington Raptors
#98, OLB, Clifford Hanson, 23, LC, Los Diablos Leopards
#52, MLB, James Raymond, 34, Tomogocu Institute, Holgate Hawks
#55, OLB, Raymond Shumer, 30, Ledzuwe State University, Mullican Magic

#24, CB, Michael Glover, 23, Zamium University, Meyerville Merlot
#48, CB, David Ward, 32, University of New Iowa, Fauntleroy Falcons
#42, CB, Frederick Edwards, 28, Fortney State University, Gaffton Gators
#30, CB, Quincy Norman, 24, Arjema Arts Conservatory, Burgoyne Banshees
#31, CB, Eddie Kay, 27, NWU, Wisneski Wild

#28, SS, Thomas Domanech, 32, Nunema State University, Reddington Raptors
#33, FS, Randall DeJesus, 23, Crowson Technical Institute, Fretwell Fire
#26, FS, James Matthews, 30, Navy, Moldenhauer Mashers
#38, FS, Manuel Fordam, 26, New Delaware College, Aux Eveques Airplanes
#21, SS, Toure Flickinger, 27, Hopunaly University, Fenstermacher Flyers

Special Teams
#1, P, Christopher Berkmann, 27, WLCC, Fretwell Fire
#9, K, KOS, Travis Gould, 34, Hopunaly University, Wisneski Wild
#6, K, KOS, Martin Richardson, 28, University of New Iowa, Moldenhauer Mashers
#4, P, Fernando Miller, 30, New Iowa State University, Martinek Mustangs


Head Coach: Kevin Springer
Offensive Coordinator: Simon Walker
Offensive Quality Control: Joshua Wallace
Quarterbacks coach: Charles Wilson
Running Backs Coach: Sebastian Coleman
Recievers Coach: Isaac MacDonald
Tight Ends Coach: Harry Mackenzie
Offensive Line Coach: Christopher Pullman
Asst. Offensive Line Coach: Jacob Thomson
Defensive Coordinator: Paul Alsop
Defensive Quality Control: Edward Dowd
Defensive Line Coach: John Mathis
Asst. Defensive Line Coach: Stewart Forsyth
Linebackers Coach: Matt Clarkson
Defensive Backs: Christopher Hart
Special Teams Coordinator: Jacob Piper
Strength and Conditioning: Warren Robertson
Strength and Conditioning asst.: Larry Sloat

ImageBig thanks to Vulpine Sportif.

The Wolfpack has the Campana Bowl @ Lupinia Pavilion (cap. 61,500) as their home field. Image@Image

All Wolfpack games will be broadcast on NWSN, New Wolfopolis' leader in sports. Play-by-play will come from Guy Hardin, with color commentary from Lisa Nielsen. Pre- and post-game coverage will come from the panel of Helen Evans, Dustin Thom, and Jason Martinez.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but one per game max would be good
Godmod scoring events: No
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: Depends, TG me
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New Wolfopolis
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Proud member of the WA
Champion: None
Second Place: Watterson Bowl I
Third Place: BoI XIV, IBS III, WHS I
Fourth Place: IWC
Host: WBC 30, IWC, Maple Leaf Bowl II, KWC III, NSCAA ACC
Founder of World Hoops Showcase
Member of the WBC Council
Also, our sports teams are the Wolfpack, not the Wolves.
Super-Llamaland wrote:"But coach...that's so...that's so New Wolfopolis!"
"Yeah, New Wolfopolis is a good team."
"No, that's not what I meant! It's--organized!"

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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:45 pm

Gregoryisgodistan Grid Slaves
Style modifier = -5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only one per match
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, go crazy, just don't kill Lord Almighty Gregory. Trying to kill him is fine, as is staging a fake assassination using actors/other creative means. And if you do anything too weird, Telegram me to give me a heads up, but you don't need to ask permission.
Style Modifier: -5

Most Gregoryisgodistanis (that is the demonym) do not have real names, only titles and government IDs. For instance, our starting quarterback is Zookeeper ZNZ949AHX. This means his job is Zookeeper and his government ID is ZNZ949AHX. Government IDs do not change throughout one's life, but titles may. For instance, our quarterback was formerly known as Youth ZNZ949AHX until he turned 18, then Lion Tamer ZNZ949AHX while he worked as a Lion Tamer, before becoming a Zookeeper and acquiring his current title. He should be referred to by his full name at all times, never ZNZ949AHX. A few high-ranking government elites have personal names.

Gregoryisgodistan normally goes with 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, a halfback, and a fullback on offense, but may use other sets, such as 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB, etc.

On defense, our base is a 4-3-4 (4 linemen, 3 linebackers, 4 backs) but we also use a 4-2-5 nickel from time to time, and occasionally, a 3-2-6 dime. We NEVER play prevent defense.)

Additionally, since our success rate on two-point conversions is roughly 53%, meaning the expected value from going for 2 is higher than the expected value from an extra point, we almost always go for two points after a touchdown, unless we're either winning in a blowout (to avoid appearing unsportsmanlike) or if one point is equally as good as two (such as if we've just scored a touchdown to tie the game, in which case usually we'll kick the extra point for the lead unless it's early in the game.)

Our defense is very strong, but our offense is mediocre at best. Most of our scores are either directly scored by the defense or scored by the defense setting up the offense with good field position. We also frequently will use Defected Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher (more on him later) as a blitzing linebacker, meaning we're sending five men.

Note: our head coach calls all plays, unlike most teams.

Head Coach: Assistant Sports Minister Jorgen Roth
Offensive Coordinator: Assistant Sports Minister Orlando Pornoa
Defensive Coordinator: Assistant Sports Chief Hugh Rivers

(Starters first, then second stringers, etc. Also, be sure to see the notes in the FAQ.)

QB #14 Zookeeper ZNZ949AHX, 6-3, 175 lb.
QB #6 Gruelmaker SBZBZB, 6-1, 195
QB #3 Grammar Enforcement Officer SLS399SSH, 6-2, 205

HB #25 Slavecatcher ZN39000ASD, 5-10, 215
HB #35 Pervert Chaser A00312939, 5-11, 185
HB #33 Slave Beater K939SJHSHD, 6-0, 195

FB #44 Chef L0091, 5-10, 245
(use a tight end as fullback in second string)

WR #81 Navy SuperAdmiral Q-Bert McFee, 6-3, 185 (Kick and punt returner) OFFENSIVE CAPTAIN
WR #89 Air Force SuperCaptain Peter Karfee, 6-2, 175
WR #80 Pervert Chaser ZMM019931, 6-3, 185
WR #19 Air Force SuperPilot Z-Bert Gorgonzola, 6-2, 180
WR #88 Navy SuperAdmiral Booboo McZebra, 6-1, 195

TE #84 Tank Driver SUIERUA95, 6-2, 255
TE #85 Soldier N2N4A917, 6-4, 285
TE #82 Military Sniper and Assassin Ugine Orca, 6-1, 255

LT #70 Enemy Crusher Drew Flipkens, 6-0, 395
LT #67 Enemy Crusher Ulysses Encherido, 6-2, 385

LG #61 Enemy Crusher Michael Flipkens, Jr. 6-2, 415
LG #60 Enemy Crusher Parker Howell, 6-1, 410

C #58 Enemy Crusher Bob Howell, 6-2, 380
C #54 Enemy Crusher Charlie Howell, 6-3, 390

RG #66 Enemy Crusher Charles Richardson, 6-1, 425
RG #67 Enemy Crusher Harold Flipkens, Sr. 6-2, 450

RT #50 Enemy Crusher Michael Flipkens, Sr. 6-1, 415
RT #71 Enemy Crusher Uga Paloga, 6-2, 410

RE #98 Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino, 6-2, 450 DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN
RE #99 Enemy Crusher Surly Paladino, 6-3, 410

DT #97 Enemy Crusher Jorgen von Streudel, 6-1, 415 (Often used as a third tight end in goal-line situations)
DT #96 Enemy Crusher Yorgen von Streudel, 6-2, 425
DT #90 Enemy Crusher Piotr von Porker, 6-2, 410
DT #91 Enemy Crusher Samuel "Porky" von Porker, 6-1, 515

LE #92 Enemy Crusher Jurgen von Streudel, 6-8, 450
LE #93 Enemy Crusher Greenward von Squiredward, 6-2, 410

LOLB #55 Soldier 193DGA, 6-2, 250
LOLB #58 Soldier 9139AH, 6-0, 215

MLB #54 Defected Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher, 6-1, 230 AT-LARGE CAPTAIN
MLB #51 Military SuperGeneral Peter Smithbergs, 6-2, 215

ROLB #52 Chef ASHBA13, 6-0, 230
ROLB #59 Chef 9SHAG, 6-2, 215

CB #24 Defected New York Jet Darrelle Revis, 6-0, 210
CB #28 Military SuperGeneral Ichabod Luna, 6-2, 215
CB #23 Elementary School Teacher 1837GGA, 6-0, 211
CB #34 English Teacher 1381377DQ, 6-1, 210

FS #27 Police Officer 8138DHAQ4, 6-3, 215
FS #26 Police Officer 1DQHHA, 6-2, 210

SS #22 Pervert Chaser NSBGAGD, 6-1, 195
SS #21 Pervert Chaser JJSHQ991, 6-0, 185

K #1 Mathematics Teacher 2737ASH
P #11 History Teacher 518HHA284

What is an Enemy Crusher? And why are they all so fat?
Enemy Crushers work for the government to crush people as an "enhanced interrogation" technique to get them to confess. Many of them die if they don't confess in time. They are fat in order to successfully inflict pain upon the torturee. That's why most die. The Enemy Crushers also crushed to death multiple referees, plus several players, coaches, and fans of the the opposing teams during the Baptism of Iron and World Bowl last cycle. You have been warned.

Is Enemy Crusher Carl Paladino related to the politician from New York?
No, and he will crush to death anyone who asks him that. So don't try, unless you want to be crushed to death.

Did Darrelle Revis and Brian Urlacher really defect to Gregoryisgodistan?
No, but the government claims to have kidnapped them. Following the Baptism of Iron, in which "Uralcher" was named MVP of the final, the two "kidnapped NFL players" claimed they liked Gregoryisgodistan so much that they wanted to live here forever, even though Lord Almighty Gregory offered them the opportunity to leave. But in reality, they are just random Gregoryisgodistanis who are good at football who were instructed to pretend to be Urlacher and Revis. Keep in mind that everyone in the country believes the official government story because they are so propagandized, even though "Urlacher" and "Revis" look nothing like their real counterparts.

"Liked Gregoryisgodistan so much and decided to stay here forever" sounds an awful lot like Stockholm Syndrome, considering they were allegedly kidnapped, right?
It is often debated among Gregoryisgodistanis whether it is Stockholm Syndrome or true love of the country, and in fact both players mentioned Stockholm Syndrome then specifically denied it. A recent survey showed that 76% of Gregoryisgodistanis believe the two genuinely love this country, 24% believe it is Stockholm Syndrome, and 0% believe the "absurd foreign propaganda" that the players are not really who they supposedly are.

You do realize Darrelle Revis doesn't play for the Jets, anymore, right?
Exactly, and the official government story is that he no longer plays for the Jets because he was kidnapped and later defected. In reality, he was traded to the Buccaneers.

And Urlacher's retired, you know?
Yes, but the official story is we kidnapped him and he defected permanently.

How should I refer to these two in my RP's?
By their official names, but feel free to use irony quotes to imply doubt as to the name's veracity.

What's a pervert chaser? Sounds creepy.
It really isn't. They chase down perverts who expose themselves and run away, then cut their privates off with a butcher's knife. Without any anesthetic or Novocaine. Don't be a pervert in Gregoryisgodistan. Or a Pervert Chaser will catch you.

Are all the von Streudels related?
Yes, they are brothers.

What is a Grammar Enforcement Officer?

A Grammar Enforcement Officer is a law enforcement officer in Gregoryisgodistan who is responsible for enforcing the use of proper grammar. Using improper grammar is punishable by 8 weeks in a grammar reeducation camp under Gregoryisgodistani law. The Grammar Enforcement Officers enforce this law. There are also Spelling Enforcement Officers, Mathematics Enforcement Officers, and Speaking Enforcement Officers, and respective reeducation camps.
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Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
IBS II Champions
Beach Cup IX Round of 16
World Indoor Soccer Championship 6 - 2nd place
BoI XIV Champion
IBS III Champions
WCoH 22 Round of 16
WB XXII 10th Place in Casaran, advanced to Round of 32
IBS IV host, champion
4th in WCoH 23
HWC 12 hosts
WJHC VI 2nd place,
CoH 60 4th place
WCoH XXIV Champs
CoH 61 Runner-Up
IBS VI Champs
IBS VII Champs
WCoH XXV 2nd Place
WBC 32 2nd Place
IBS VIII host and champs
WBC 33 Host/QF
WCoH 27 co-host and champs
WC 72 Qualifier
WBC 34 champs
CoH 67 Third place

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Postby Super-Llamaland » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:45 pm

Super-Llamaland Warriors National Gridiron Team

Note: Gridiron ranks very low on the list of our national sports, nestled slightly ahead of cricket but vastly behind international football, baseball, and basketball. This team is not expected to do very well, being formed in six days by noted corporate head-hunter Bobby Trebek, who picked players from the Llamaland Gridiron Circuit, one notch above barnstorming.

Style: Run, run, run, but don't let the defense run. QBs are mainly short passes.

Head Coach: Justin Boyd, 63 (Llamaland Smashers)
Offense: Britt Carlson, 49 (New Pica Kings)
Defense: Tommy Mitchell, 53 (South Bryant Killers)
Trainer: Ray McMartin

# Pos Name
40 QB Darwin Mendelev
12 QB Carl Christopher
13 QB Mike Bradley

55 WR Gordon Beckett
26 WR Bill DiVito
92 WR Allen Griner
44 WR Angelo Cardell
68 WR Nick Gunther
3 WR Jim Gonzalez

8 TE Mikel Hendricks
14 TE Benedict Wayne

48 RB Kris Jairo (YARE-uh)
50 RB Beckett Aryna
24 RB Lucas Pennington

84 FB Edgar Alfonzo
17 FB Ezekiel Paine

93 C Randall Grady
4 C Chris McHale
6 RG Alexis Stockavov
0 LG James Yancy
1 LT Andrew Hilton
2 RT Garry Starr
51 T Matthew Carlson
9 G Rupert Finch

14 DE Bob Lucas
5 DE Idontcare Cruz
35 DE Floyd Stagway
76 DT Marcos Minglo
71 DT Neil Niall
98 DT Ryan Bennett

97 LB Kevin Garcia
18 LB Joey Stanton
2 LB Michael Rhoderick
56 LB Rolando Jimenez
93 LB Jeremy Rhoderick

6 DB Ryan Smith
98 DB Derrick Penn
94 DB Carson McHale
100 DB Gerald Gonzalez
103 DB Pat Bay
36 DB Lewis Bay

48 K Colin Stafford
71 P Rick Martinez

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier (Between +5 and -5, +5 being most offensive and -5 being most defensive): +5
The Eighth Llamanean Republic
Capital: New Llama City, President: Nicholas Hansen, Population: ~56,000,000
World Baseball Classic champion (28, 30, 31, 40, 42), runners-up (29, 37, 41),
World Cup Qualifiers (68, 70, 71, 74, 77-79), Esportivan Regional Champions (20), Cup of Harmony bronze medalists (68)

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Postby Taeshan » Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:57 pm

Taeshan National Football Team
Fitin' Falcons

The Former Runners Up, Third Place finisher and Champions of the World Bowl

# ↑ 	Name ↓ 	Position ↓ 	String ↓
11 Ryan Yorke QB/K 3/1
12 Jason Mathews RTB/ROLB 1/2
13 Isaac Lesack QB/P 2/1
14 Jeremy Dramona QB 1
18 Oliver Landis LTB/LOLB 1/2
19 Colby Adamson LTB/LOLB 2/1
30 Andrew Waldrop RTB/ROLB 2/1
50 Joe Nedley LT 1
51 Andrew Grey LT 2
52 Jack Forrest LG 1
53 Lamar Kanbury LG 2
66 Kenneth Grant RG 2
68 Jemilee Andrew RT 1
69 Johny Sinclair DT 3
71 Adam White DT 4
74 William Taharew RG 1
79 Perry Grainger RT 2
80 Adam Waraner WR/KR/PR 1/1/1
81 Jacob Martin WR/FS 3/1
82 Tadam McMurray TE/MLB 1/2
83 Mark Drake TE/MLB 2/1
84 Mathew Hainesworth WR/CB 4/1
87 Joey Drew WR/SS 6/2
88 Laurent Kariquez WR/CB/KR 2/2/2
89 Drew Lansbury WR/SS 5/1
90 Reginold Larraby DT 1
92 Grady Swann DT 2
94 Jackson Tyler LE 1
96 Andrew Ollivir RE 1
98 Tyson Argonout RE 2
99 Tyler Sanchez LE 2

Head Coach-Randall Quatrain

Offensive Coordinator-Ricky Zellefrow

Defensive Coordinator-Jacob Landsall

Special Teams Coordinator-Adam Lestew

Offensive Scheme- Flexbone
Defensive Scheme 4-3
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85, 87

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41, World Cup 87

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Postby Texacano » Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:09 pm

(X-posted from Texacano Sports Newswire)
Labor Disputes Paralyze ATFA; TFL suspends operations indefinitely
AUSTIN--In a press conference held outside the headquarters of the Asociación Texacano de Futbol Americano (ATFA) commissioner Levy LaBerge announced that negotiations between the Texacano Football League Players' Association (TFLPA) and league management had ended in a lockout. As a result, the TFLPA has announced that no TFLPA players will be allowed to play for the Republicanos in the twenty-second World Bowl.

The TFL had been in dire straits ever since the federal government mandated that it suspend operations during the Texacano qualification campaign for the twenty-first World Bowl last year so that the likes of Damian Cosworth would not have to choose between his professional team or playing for his country. Many TFL players had clauses in their contracts requiring their teams to pay them back pay in the event of a league shutdown, but the TFL owners refused to honor this clause, believing that the suspension did not constitute a shutdown since it was not done for financial reason. The Supreme Court of the Republic, in an emergency session last week, ruled that the clause did in fact apply to the World Bowl suspension, and that the owners were derelict in paying back to the players.

Negotiations began immediately following the Supreme Court decision and stalled several times this week before the announcement came today regarding the lockout. The TFLPA cited the owners' large take-home from merchandise and ticket revenue as evidence that the league could afford the back pay where it said it could not, while the owners countered that the loss of revenue from the season had put them into default on many of their loans, and that they could not afford any more debt.

LaBerge also announced that a "tentative" roster had been set for the World Bowl, but declined to comment on any specifics. Hours later, a roster leaked to the press from within the ATFA, containing the names of fifty top-flight college players, as well as a depth chart for what has been dubbed the "Republicaninos" team for the World Bowl XXII.

1	Maximo Booker	SR	LB	Corpus Christi A&M
7 Ward Calderon JR DB Gadsden-Hermosillo
8 Clifford Battle JR RB University of Tejas
10 Murray Glass SR RB Gadsden-Tucson
10 Fabian Weber SR LB Regiomontana
11 Mariano Orr SR DB San Marcos
12 Jean Hendricks SR LB College Station A&M
15 Caleb Haley SR DB Gadsden-Tucson
18 Duane Shepherd JR DB College Station A&M
22 Kip Reyes SO P Air Force
23 Calvin Carson SR WR Tamaulipas
24 Arlen Bryant FR LB College Station A&M
27 Nathan Roach SR QB Gadsden-Tucson
29 Donovan Bender SR FB Chihuahua
31 Ellsworth Bray JR K San Marcos
35 Jackie Massey SR WR College Station A&M
36 Andy Horton SR WR Gadsden-Hermosillo
39 Maxwell Larsen SR LB San Marcos
42 Eddy Cantu SR RB Navy
23 Gino Newton JR QB University of Tejas
26 Abel Wolfe SR QB San Marcos
28 Nicholas Valdez SR LB Regiomontana
29 Tyree King SR WR Air Force
35 Bryce Buchanan SR TE Gadsden-Hermosillo
37 Omar Campbell JR DB Tejas Western
40 Wilfred Pate SO TE University of Tejas
44 Alvaro Henry SR DB Nuevo Leon
48 Luke Smith JR LB Kingsville A&M
49 August Craig SO DB Chihuahua
51 Robbie Weeks SR C University of Tejas
54 Miquel Harrison SR C Tejas Western
66 Kurtis Wilkins SR G Corpus Christi A&M
67 Darrin Mills SR G University of Tejas
68 Lowell Huff SO LG Gadsden-Hermosillo
69 Louie Haley SR RG Chihuahua
70 Jared Merrill SR DT University of Tejas
71 Rosendo Mejia JR DT Chihuahua
72 Bret Camacho SR DT Kingsville A&M
73 Dewey England SR DT College Station A&M
74 Melvin Tucker SR RT Tejas Western
75 Collin Adkins SO LT Corpus Christi A&M
76 Leonardo Banks JR OT Gadsden-Tucson
77 Jerald Meyer SR DT Tamaulipas
79 Carroll Kinney SO OT Navy
82 Max Thornton JR DE Kingsville A&M
84 Cory Garrett SR DE Corpus Christi A&M
87 Brett Holloway SR DE Kingsville A&M
89 Larry Rosales SR DE Nuevo Leon
QB	Wolfe	Roach	Newton		
RB Glass Battle Cantu
FB Bender
WR King Carson Massey Horton
TE Buchanan Pate
RG Haley Wilkins Mills
LG Huff Wilkins Mills
RT Tucker Banks Kinney
LT Adkins Banks Kinney
C Weeks Harrison

DT Camacho England Meyer Mejia Merrill
DE Holloway Rosales Garrett Thornton
ROLB Hendricks Booker Smith
MLB Weber Smith Bryant
LOLB Larsen Booker Smith
CB Haley Shepherd Campbell Craig
FS Orr Calderon Craig
SS Henry Calderon Craig

PR Craig King
KR Craig King
RP Population: ~55 mil
Demonym: Texacano/Texacana
Languages: English and Spanish
Capital: Austin
Sports played: American football, association football, basketball
Maple Leaf Bowl I Finalist
Baptism of Iron XIV Finalist
International FireStorm Cup IV Semifinalist (Torreos de Torreon)
Viva Esportiva!
Congratulations to the world champion Broncos de Chihuahua (IUBC)!
Backwater puppet of Taijan. Guns and isolationism, aiyee!
How to Do Interconference Play in Xkoranate (sort of)

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Postby Lunar Republic Isands » Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:32 pm


Head Coach: Billy Back
Offensive Corrdinator: Brian Wells
Defensive Coordinator: Mike Goodpaster
Special Team Coordinator: Travis Johnson
Strengthing and Conditioning: Sport

Home Field: Big Brown Stadium (Fillinnati) 65,000:

# Pos Name

7 QB Ben Mauk (Starter)
1 QB Kevin Warner
13 QB Tyler Sheehan

32 RB Quick Drift (Pegasus Stallion, Starter)
22 RB Tony Temple
5 RB Wendell Lewis

43 FB Treetrunk Oak (Earth Pony Stallion, Starter)
37 FB Jason Null

8 WR Sport (Earth Pony Stallion, Starter)
7 WR Patrick Cornett (Starter)
12 WR Brandon Boehm (Starter)
9 WR Phillip Barnett
3 WR Kyenes Mincy
89 WR Ricardo Lenhart

80 TE Strong Brick (Earth Pony Stallion, Starter)
87 TE Ken Berlin

67 C Regan Green (Earth Pony Stallion, Starter)
76 C Franco Pace
00 RG Michael Hendrickson (Starter)
90 LG Quick Swirl (Stallion Earth Pony, Starter)
71 LT Frank Straub (Starter)
75 RT Kahil El-Amin (Starter)
61 T Andre Andrews
65 G Chris Anderson

51 DE James Spikes (Starter)
84 DE Waterfall Blaze (Pegasus Stallion, Starter)
81 DE Jason Clemons
99 DT Dale Young (Starter)
95 DT Terril Byrd (Starter)
05 DT Brian Vickson

11 LB James Fraizer (Starter)
90 LB Ray Jameson (Starter)
79 LB Dark Emerald (Unicorn Stallion, Starter)
35 LB Owen Bryant
42 LB James Black

21 DB Jeff Franklin (Starter)
36 DB DeQuan Young (Starter)
40 DB IceCap McGee (Starter, Unicorn Stallion)
29 DB Chris Sain (Starter)
33 DB Antonio Dishman
18 DB Kyle Gordon

15 K Art Carmody
39 P Todd Ferdland

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N
Style Modifier (Between +5 and -5, +5 being most offensive and -5 being most defensive): +2
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Soccer History
Runner Ups: Lymantatian Cup I
3rd Place: Slembanan Cup I
Appearances: WC63, BOF50

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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:09 am

Noma Ko-orenan Xetorenan World Bowl XIIau
Ko-orenite National Gridiron Team Roster | Ko-oreniet Nationaal Gridironteam | Ko-orenische Gridironnationalmannschaft | Ko-orenska Karlalandsliðið Í Amerískur Fótbolti | Seleção Ko-orenense de Gridiron | Équipe de Ko-oren de Football Américain
アメフトコ・オレン代表 | 美式足球隊名單 | Ko-oren Millî Amerikan Futbolu Takımı | Ко-орэн улсын Баскэтболийн шигшээ баг | 코오렌 미식축구 국가대표팀 | Tîm Pêl-droed Americanaidd Cenedlaethol Co-oren | Ko-orenská Americký fotbala Reprezentace | Сборная Ко-оpении по Американский футболу

No - Pos - Name - Club
15 - QB - Denes Ploraon - Endev Explosions
03 - RB - Ales Ardhonsi - Alara Astronauts
19 - RB - Sonr Bakoan - Tosk Dollars
71 - WR - Dedhedh Ardhonsi - Vnoskjulung Moonlight
11 - WR - Rengedar Adhaumauan - Hogone Tortoises
17 - C - Kerstan Kywelena - Endev Explosions
13 - G - Mosas Samenotsard - Sishinova Swans
05 - G - Lennek Shadmarki - Ko-oren Capitals
01 - T - Morilak Ijaknapert - Kastundun Kytes
99 - T - Wurdadhaum Wekhent - Engbrothun Destroyers
00 - TE - Wesr Wekhent - Mazaj Monos

10 - S - Thor Mengentnau - Norilya Kaspan
06 - S - Zerom Sipwanstorm - Maethoru '65
22 - CB - Lereon Ijaklad - Hogone Tortoises
18 - CB - Zados Gusard - Endev Explosions
12 - LB - Gelkurt Sharnebal - Vnoskjulung Moonlight
48 - LB - Merkeshin Pertrentkuwel - Enlifl End
14 - LB - Ku Bekwylgi - Sahari-Mota Talking Trees
90 - E - Er Bekwylgi - Sahari-Mota Talking Trees
16 - E - Gelasthun Perethalthatun - Tosk Dollars
84 - T - Aragalukt Ilsanapert - Alara Astronauts
04 - T - Delebun Leonaumatra - Tangku City Godspeeds

50 - K - Stark Hergurin - Ursannun Silver
51 - P - Storm Rastukywel - Rabth State Loa
52 - PR - Bren Wendlust - Uzhotu Reflect

45 - QB - Ken Kitajima - Sahari-Mota Talking Trees
41 - RB - Kevin Jonsson - Ko-oren Capitals
42 - RB - Bart van de Laar - Jeknolr State
47 - WR - Alphonse Denis - Tangku City Isis
46 - WR - Hergulin Rathalauthen - Ko-oren Capitals
49 - C - Tobias Schneider - Jeknolr State
43 - G - Zhang Li - Hogone Tortoises
44 - G - Oleg Lukyanov - Vnoskjulung Moonlight
38 - T - Gregor Fedchenkov - Vnoskjulung Moonlight
56 - T - Jachym Vanek - Vnoskjulung Moonlight
59 - TE - Aðalsteinn Páll - Sraltlur Roses

54 - S - Haneul Ji - Kangutsu State Shells
58 - S - Yavuz Harun - Sishinova Swans
63 - CB - Casimiro Carlos - Branvun Leafs
67 - CB - Cornélio Ivo - Engbrothun Destroyers
66 - LB - Hyun Sung - Kangutsu State Shells
86 - LB - Kalusir Terhaulisun - Ko-oren Capitals
87 - LB - Gaël Aubin - Tangku City Isis
83 - E - Vivien Henri - Tangku City Godspeeds
82 - E - Donovan Garret - Sraltlur Roses
91 - T - Gabe Arthur - Alara Astronauts
92 - T - Bat-Erdene - Sishinova Swans

95 - K - Nergüi - Sturng Mog
96 - P - Qian Lang - Tangku City Isis
97 - PR - Saran - Sturng Mog

Ko-orenite Roster for World Bowl 22
in Saintland/Free Republics
Nicknames: Greenblues, Dragonflies
(Demonym: Ko-orenite, Kite)
Colors: Green and blue
Head coach: Lester Gregurithun
Offensive coach: Altai Helgelithen
Defensive coach: Derek Brown
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier (Between +5 and -5, +5 being most offensive and -5 being most defensive): -5
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships loser!

Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Regions - Spreadsheets - Domestic Sports Newswires - Factbooks - Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x World Cup - 1x CoH - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 4x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 4x RUWC - 2x RLWC - 2x T20 WC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x World Cup - 1x CAFA - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 3x World Bowl - 1x WCoH - 4x IBC - 2x RUWC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Organisation & Hosting 1x WCC President - 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 2x RUWC - 1x T20 WC - 1x FHWC

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Postby Stretta » Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:53 am

Stretta's WBXXII - A Preview

The SFL & SSC have jointly released full details of the squad that will travel to Saintland/Free Republics for World Bowl 22. Following a World Bowl that saw Stretta reach the round of 16 for the second year in a row, and the team's gridiron gold medal at the Esportiva Autumn Festival, George Winters has a largely unchanged side.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Julian Timmen and family, who has taken leave of the SFL to concentrate on battling the cancer he was diagnosed with early last season. Luke Masters will take his place as offensive co-ordinator. Timmen has been with the Strettan side since their Baptism of Iron 13 victory. In a show of support, the team uniform for WBXXII will feature a badge - the letters JT over the traditional blue ribbon of the Strettan Cancer Research Trust - placed on the left hand side of the front of the jersey.

Johnny Nestle, who was also a part of the BoI winning team, announced his retirement from football both at a national and international level, meaning that 24 year old Steve Rabjohns will take over kicking duties. The sophomore Strettan Football League player, who kicks for the Kingstown Monarchs, has posted a career high 61yds and a staggering 5 50+yd kicks this season.

Scott Ingram at right tackle is out with a torn ACL, which gives Nathaniel Dietrich a chance as Stretta's first ever rookie in the international side. Other injuries in the receiver corps and at defensive tackle see Qe and Peterson dropped in favour of Adam McKenzie and Sean Brown respectively. The final change is at 3rd string QB, with Christian Jones taking the spot of Fabio Mendenez. The quarterback battle of WBXXI, and a poor show during the season from Mendenez, means that losing his place on the Strettan side may be followed by losing his job at the Redbridge Rams.

3 things to watch for:
  • Luke Masters' blistering offense during no-huddle situations and the greater focus on the run game
  • Auteberry (TE) after his 1,254yd season - the 2nd highest ever in the SFL
  • That big leg of Rabjohns, which could end up saving a number of failed drives during the campaign

Official Strettan Football League/Strettan Sports Council Press Release

The purpose of this release is to detail the team selection for the Strettan national team representing Stretta at WBXXII; to offer advice for other nations on team details such as home stadium and staff details; and to declare broadcast permissions. Players/staff who are a change/addition at their position are marked with a "(*)".


Coaching Staff   
Position Name Offensive Scheme Defensive Scheme Playing Style
Head Coach George Winters "West Coast" 4-3 +1 Offensive
Off. Co-ord Luke Masters(*)
Def. Co-ord John Hardey # of Players Trigramme for Broadcast
Special Teams Mike Gustaffson 50 STR

Position Name Position Name
QB Charlie Hodges C Jason Kelsey
QB Julian Farway C Isiah Mendenhall
QB Christian Jones(*)
LG Claude Hammernick
HB Fred Jackson LG Harry Jenkins
HB Oliver Lloyd RG Donald Hartnell
FB Alan Schenn RG Freddy Smith
FB Colin Foster
LT Thomas Lacey
WR Karl Boyis LT Phillip O'Brien
WR Jason Trevor RT Martin Stringer
WR Grant Imohara RT Nathaniel Dietrich(*)
WR Stacey Jones
WR Adam McKenzie(*)
WR Matthew Walker

TE Wyatt Auteberry
TE Terrence Kendricks
TE LaDaniel Thomas

Position Name Position Name
DT Kurt Mullins LB Ed Denzil
DT Andy Elwin LB Martin Southgate
DT Mark Hopkin LB Aaron Test
DT Sean Brown(*)
DT Steve McDonnell CB AJ Watson
CB Kenny Albertson
DE Yuri Bannerman CB Kirby McGinn
DE Leslie Phelan CB Russell Jones
DE Ewan Plie
DE Mark Lesciutti SS Ray Ness
SS Denny Hill
SS Sam Friscotti
FS Terence Sill
FS Nathan Cameron
FS Ronald Jenkins

Special Teams
Position Name
K Steve Rabjohns(*)
P Gerard Tolmen

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but sparingly
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Cassadaigua » Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:16 am


Starters in Blue
Backups in Red

Coach- Kaitlyn Rinaldi (57) 6th World Bowl as Head Coach. Was Def. Coord. the prior three World Bowls, and was a starting DB as a player

Offensive Coordinator- Danielle Regan (57) (Former starting HB) 5th WB as Off. Coord.
Defensive Coordinator- Erica Davidson (43) (Former starting CB) 1st WB on Coaching Staff

(*= Denotes First Time Starter; **- Denotes Player making international debut)

QB: #11- Jessica Minor (31)
QB: #7- Caitlyn Fisher (30)
QB: #12- Meghan Roberson (29)

HB: #34- Stacie Meehan (30)
HB: #32- Crystal Amodeo (27)
HB: #35- Danielle Cortes (26)

FB: #44- Jessica Kline (26)*
FB: #47- Aisha Edmonds (25)**

TE: #89- Tracianne Christie (30)
TE: #88- Katarina O'Malley (25)
TE: #49- Lucinda Quinones (24)**

WR: #87- Kiersten Carmichael (32)
WR: #80- Stephanie Reagan (29)

WR: #81- Tiffany Gordon (27)
WR: #83- Chelsea Carrillo (24)- Primary Kick Returner/Punt Returner
WR: #84- Audrey Kelly (29)
WR: #85- Nicole Spillane (29)
WR: #86- Heather Sullivan (23)**
WR: #82- Lauren Pryor (21)**

LT: #69- Matthew Johanssen (29)
LG: #62- Lenny Gomes (28)
C: #60- Trevor Kincaid (27)
RG: #66- Nathan Breen (27)
RT: #68- Joseph Naylor (25)

T: #63- Connor McAvoy (30)
T: #64- Russell Mulvey (31)
T: #61- Jordan Sweeney (25)
C: #65- Thomas O'Toole (27)
G: #67- Brian Jarnigan (28)
G: #70- Henry Kruze (29)
G/C: #50- Andrew Holmesbee (23)**


DT: #98- Alexander McGowan (28)
DT: #99- Tricia Dimura (29)
DE: #92- Wendy Black (30)
DE: #95- Zoey Schaffer (28)

DL: #96- Lisa Quilcox (28)
DL: #91- Jose Santacruz (30)
DL: #93- Rachel Oliver (26)
DL: #94- John Merrick (28)
DL: #90- Ryan Brouwer (24)**

OLB: 59- Amanda McNichol (31)*
MLB: #53- Courtney Douglas (30)
ILB: #54- Ashley King (29)

LB: #58- Chloe Rossman (27)
LB: #76- Cara Whitney (28)
LB: #97- Alexa Kielty (27)
LB: #72- Lena Bailey (25)
LB: #75- Ashley Filkins (23)**

LCB: #27- Shannon Jackson (28)
RCB: #37- Katrina Shatzky (29)
FS: #26- Stacie Hutchinson (32)*
SS: #21- Kimberly Mason (26)*

DB: #25- Danielle McNall (25)- - Secondary Kick Returner/Punt Retuner
DB: #23- Samantha Thomas (26)- Gunner on Special Teams
DB: #36- Megan Breeden (28)
DB: #28- Adrienne Lewis (22)**
DB: #29- Courtney Morrison (20)**

Special Teams:
K: #9- Adrienne Morales (27)
K: #3- Sierra McIntyre (26)

P: #6- Darlene Engbert (48)
P: #14- Alyssa Dillon (32)

Style Mod: -1.4
RP Permissions: Do whatever you want. Just don't kill or seriously injure someone.
RP Request of you: Cassadaigua prides itself on defensive play by the secondary. I request (and it is just a request) that you have the majority of your offensive success be on the ground.

Home Stadium: Concord Heights Stadium (Concord Heights, Cassadaigua). Capacity 77,000
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37 & 38; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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New North Aqmuland
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Postby New North Aqmuland » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:05 pm

New North Aqmuland Maroon Lions
Trigramme: NNA
Colors: Maroon and Gold
All-time record: 3-3
Rank: T-100
KPB: 0.75

RP Rights: 
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Choose My Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries: Yes, no backups though
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Injuries: Yes, still not backups
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Style Modifier: 0

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Mikel Dumsakwire
Offensive Coordinator: Kwame Aratundo
Defensive Coordinator: Cranston St. John
Quarterbacks Coach: Langston Proxima
Runningbacks Coach: Dwinte Musafa
Receivers Coach: Jaequan St. Michael-Jones
Line Coach: Moto Ibomfata
Linebackers Coach: Nuiapa Mi'ia
Secondary Coach: Moises Peponaramonwikaetafakmon

QB 8 Adrián Çircumvois
RB 22 James Yubu
FB 35 Malone Tsakai
WR 19 Humbert Araingai
WR 85 Simmons Grey
TE 46 Oliver Yibukwe
LG 68 Thomas Fahobu
LT 77 Eamonn Vunupu
C 62 Abel Tsotsokokwe
RT 70 Cristoforo Vasco Temi
RG 74 Yakub Ghango

QB 12 Yasser Al-Hassen
RB 29 Evander Humber
RB 27 Ezekiel St. Xavier
FB 39 A'unipa Futu'a'apa
WR 89 Franklin Henderson
WR 11 Charles Unzwike
TE 49 Drevean T'sanvigorai
G 61 Stian Feghouli
G 65 Yuan Poupo
T 76 Eriel Sekken
T 67 Castile Dean
C 70 Robert Unbugurungu

DE 99 Chumwubke Jifebe
DT 67 Fernán Duku
DT 79 Yassi Tembe
DE 98 Dumebukyewibu Jifebe
LB 53 Clint Umuzwikye
LB 66 Louk van Yassenpfeiffer
LB 52 Nyil Frassaterre
CB 42 Wyoming Safras
CB 32 Alonte Ofaboufamongongu
SS 38 Binke Yodob
FS 41 Yousan Naame

DE 92 Zane Deklubo
DE 94 Dyur Al-Fassa
DT 95 Hussein Raman
DT 73 Quentin Idonje
LB 56 Dennis Quow
LB 57 Vente Assumbrarsse
LB 51 Difimbe Aloum
CB 23 Sidney Danging
CB 44 Yurin Sakahar
CB 49 Sou Mascarpov
S 36 David DeMarcos
S 20 Austin Mission
S 41 Sainte Yuppis

Special Teams:
K 1 Ouri Tosomagog
P 15 Frenti Plaba
LS 66 Frank Hyira

K 3 Evanston St. Francis
P 7 Holyfield Credi
LS 63 Opanemwa Yubiratwaka

Also called the Lion's Den, XTerra Stadium, located in the heart of Dtakwubu, is the home stadium of the New North Aqmuland American football team. The stadium seats 54,000, and is considered one of the best places for catching all the action. The stadium also hosted the World Cup 67 qualifiers played in New North Aqmuland.




On the picture with the uniforms, take the "B" functioning as the helmet logo and switch out the lion in the second spoiler. Same thing with the white, switch that with the gold. I'm doing this from mobile, so it's near impossible for me to do.


Anything Else
The logo in the spoiler is also the team logo. If you want to do anything fancy, TG me for details. No deaths or career ending injuries.
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Call me NNA or David, whichever you prefer. I'm an 18 year old freshman at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, planning to major in international relations and minor in Spanish and math. I love music, math, sports, video games, and trivia.
The Democratic States of New North Aqmuland
Numquam mentiri, numquam amittere.
Capital: Anchoring
Population: 1,671,948,317
National Animal: Eagle
Colors: Blue and Gold
Soccer: 3.66pts (143rd)
Football: 13.98 pts (14th)



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