World Cup 66 RP Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Cup 66 RP Thread

Postby Audioslavia » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:52 pm


Information on tie-breakers and the like can be found in our winning bid thread.

World Cup 66 Roster Thread
World Cup Discussion Thread
World Cup 66 Bid Thread
World Cup 66 Scores Thread



Second Round Fixtures

Audioslavia vs Darmen
At the 66 Stadium, Cathair

Valanora vs The Holy Empire
At the Silver Jubilee Stadium, Ceilerden

Polar Islandstates vs Pasarga
At the 1927 Stadium, Kjelstad

New Montreal States vs Osarius
At the Old National, Hasiera


Valladares vs Turori
At the Flynn Arena, Fligsive

Eura vs Ko-oren
At the Bird Cage, Magnaeus

The Archregimancy vs
The Inevitable Syndicate
At Point Impact, Webster Crater

Wight vs Farfadillis
At Sunrise Park, Burgess

Pot One: Audioslavia, The Inevitable Syndicate, Polar Islandstates, Wight, Valanora, Vilita, The Holy Empire, The Archregimancy
Pot Two: New Montreal States, Osarius, Mytannion, Eura, Equestrian States, Darmen, United Gordonopia, Ko-oren
Pot Three: Turori, Blouman Empire, Pasarga, Valladares, Farfadillis, Sargossa, West Angola, Mapletish
Pot Four: Kiryu-shi, Legalese, Gyatso-kai, Saintlandl, Zwangzug, Sicoutimont, Antoletia, Mizuyuki

World Cup Draw
Audioslavia, United Gordonopia, Pasarga, Gyatso-Kai
First listed match will take place at the 66 Stadium, second at the Glass Bridge Stadium in Audioslavia

Polar Islandstates, Darmen, Sargossa, Kiryu-Shi
First listed match will take place at the 1927 Arena, second at the Black Lemur Complex in Audioslavia

Valanora, Osarius, Blouman Empire, Legalese
First listed match will take place at the Old National, second at the Antzerkia in Audioslavia

The Holy Empire, New Montreal States, West Angola, Zwangzug
First listed match will take place at the Silver Jubilee Stadium, second at Silica City in Audioslavia

The Inevitable Syndicate, Mytannion, Valladares, Sicoutimont
First listed match will take place at the Flynn Arena, second at the Hyford City Stadium in The Inevitable Syndicate

The Archregimancy, Equestrian States, Turori, Mizuyuki.
First listed match will take place at the Point Impact, second at the Patches Park in The Inevitable Syndicate

Vilita, Eura, Farfadillis, Saintland
First listed match will take place at the Bird Cage, second at the Klaus Memorial Stadium in The Inevitable Syndicate

Wight, Ko-oren, Mapletish, Antoletia
First listed match will take place at Sunrise Park, second at the Dajukdome in The Inevitable Syndicate

Matchday 1
OOC: Monday October 7th. Groups A-D: 9pm UTC. Groups E-H 11pm UTC
IC: June 4th - 6th 2178 (Groups A-D). June 6th - 8th 2178 (Groups E-H)

(1 v 4, 2 v 3)

Matchday 2
OOC: Wednesday, October 9th. Groups A-D: 9pm UTC. Groups E-H 11pm UTC
IC: June 9th - 11th 2178 (Groups A-D). June 11th - 13th 2178 (Groups E-H)

(1 v 2, 4 v 3)

Matchday 3
OOC: Friday, October 11th. Groups A-D: 9pm UTC. Groups E-H 11pm UTC
IC: June 14th - 16th 2178 (Groups A-D). June 17th - 19th 2178 (Groups E-H)

(3 v 1, 4 v 2)

Second Round
OOC: Monday October 14th.
IC: June 20th - 22nd 2178

2R1: A1 v B2
2R2: C1 v D2
2R3: B1 vs A2
2R4: D1 vs C2

2R5: E1 vs F2
2R6: G1 vs H2
2R7: F1 vs E2
2R8: H1 vs G2

OOC: WednesdayOctober 16th.
IC: June 24th - 25th 2178

1 vs 2
3 vs 4

5 vs 6
7 vs 8

OOC: Friday October 18th.
IC: June 28th - 29th 2178

Third-Place Playoff
OOC: Saturday, October 19th.
IC: June 2nd 2178

Sunday, October 20th, 2013
Saturday, June 3rd, 2178

The Republic of AUDIOSLAVIA
A Loose Guide for the Football Fan


Audioslavia claims to be one of the oldest nations in the world, if only because the exact date of the nation's founding has been lost to history. What is known, however, is that the borders of the ancient nation used to be discernable by archeologists, who note a series of lines in the sand and a myriad rotten skeletons of oddly proportioned homo-erectus types deposited on one side, each with a tell-tale head injury, as if ancient Audioslavians had bonked them on the head, carried them over to the 'border' and shouted 'AND STAY OUT'.

Those borders are now covered by sand - a remnant of 'The Other Great Remove', a magical and geological event that placed mainland Audioslavian in North-East Atlantian Oceania.


Audioslavia can be split into five seperate sections. Cathair and Ceilerden - two large and ethnically diverse cities that are only ten miles from being a rather colossal conurbation - in the centre of the country; the Spanish, Galician, Catalan and 'Ausqe' (a version of Basque)-speaking mountainous south-west, the desert-like north-east complete with border to odd neighbours Neo Lemmitania; the green, picturesque south-west and the industrial, nordic north-west. The names of these five regions are lost to time, thanks to a period of mind-numbing, spirit-crushing socialism/communism a few centuries ago that crushed any notion of regional identity. Audioslavians tend to think of themselves as Audioslavian first, and secondly a native of their city. One exception to this is the region of Silexhera, in the south-east, which was formerly a seperate nation until its annexation in 2140, yet still holds a strong independent identity.

Kjeligsted is a seperate nation a little to the north of Audioslavia, but will be hosting a handful of games in the 1927 Stadium. Kjeligsted is, unlike Audioslavia, a bit of a nightmare. There is a curfew that lasts from 11pm to 3am - one that may not be laxed for the World Cup - alcohol and most other recreational drugs are banned, although speakeasies can be found if one knows where to looks. OOCly the place looks like Dubai and is run like 1920s Chicago.

The 66 Stadium, Cathair Capacity: 85,500
The newly-built 66 stadium will become Audioslavia's new home ground after World Cup 66, replacing the 1927 Arena in Kjeligsted, although the team will first use the stadium on matchday three. A modern stadium, the 66 Arena is a product of these heady times, featuring as it does a shopping centre, cinema, large and lavish conference rooms, room for the new Football Federation of Audioslavia offices, a swimming pool, gymnasium, one of the largest and most expensively constructed media centre in the world and almost five toilets. The pitch, however, is small and narrow - perfectly suited to Audioslavia's defensive, counter-attacking play.

The 1927 Arena, Kjelstad, Kjeligsted Capacity: 35,000
The Audioslavian national team have played at the 1927 arena since they returned to world football before World Cup 59. The stadium's location - on an island politically seperate from the rest of Audioslavia - ensures that Audioslavia are the only team in the world who's home stadium is *outside* their own national borders. The 1927 Arena will be retired as Audioslavia's home ground after World Cup 66, meaning followers of the national team will no longer be able to turn their attentions, mid-game, to views of the vast, tranquil Bight Sea to the north, over the top of the low North Stand.

The Silver Jubilee Stadium, Ceilerden Capacity: 60,000
The Silver Jubilee Stadium was used as the venue for the World Cup 25 final - the scene of Starblaydia's first triumph. The stadium since fell into disrepair, but has been renovated - sans a few thousand seats - in time for the world cup. The stadium was used as Audioslavia's home ground between World Cups 25 and 29.

The Old National, Hasiera Capacity: 45,200
The Old National, formerly the 'Soundgardian National Arena', was the home of Audioslavian football between World Cups 4 and 24. The stadium, like its successor, fell into disrepair for centuries but has been renovated in time for World Cup 66. The stadium hosted the final of World Cup 7, which saw Errinundera win their first and only title. Despite the renovations, the signs of age are all too easy to spot. The media centre is tiny, the television camera station is annoyingly close to the pitch for home viewers and, above all else, the scoreboard is still manual - a feature unlikely to change since its use was written into the building contract all those hundreds of years ago.

Silica City University Stadium, Silica City. Capacity 32,000
The 'Uni Ground', as it's known in Silexhera, is home to the Silexheran national team, which was active in World Cups 46-49 but has lain dormant since the Silexherans stopped entering major international football tournaments.

Black Lemur Complex, Celtade. Capacity: 46,000
The Black Lemur Complex hosted matches back in World Cup 7 and 25, and is famed for its gargantuan, faux-obsidian exterior. The old seats were ripped out of the stadium long ago, replaced with a more corporate and luxurious seating arrangement that suits those with wider buttocks. While still an impressive sight when seen from the horizon, the stadium is no longer imposing from the inside, and has lost much of its old atmosphere, but remains a fixture in Audioslavian tournaments.

The Antzerkia, Ferramendiak. Capacity: 65,000
The Antzerkia is one of three brand new stadiums used for the World Cup. The absence of much in the way of useful flat ground in the Ferramendiak region, and the demand for the region to be used at some point in the World Cup, necessitated the construction of the stadium into the ground or, to be exact, partially into a mountain. It is a nod towards the Paladindome in New Montreal States, which was constructed by Audioslavians before World Cup 10.

Glass Bridge Stadium, Cathair Capacity: 45,000
Nicknamed 'The Crystal', Glass Bridge is a small yet ultra-modern stadium built on the outskirts of Cathair, specially for the tournament. Transport to and from Cathair is quick and effective, but does involve large numbers of opposing fans travelling together..
The pitch is small and narrow, with the spectators almost on the touchline, making for an interesting and claustrophobic atmosphere for the players.

A Loose Guide for the Football Fan

Hello, and welcome to the Inevitable Syndicate, one of the two fantastic nations that are playing host in this World Cup 66. The Syndicate is a proud nation, located on the central Atlantian Oceania continent of Calania, below West Guiana and Krytenia. While the Syndicate is currently involved in a conflict on it’s Western Border, the rest of the country is a peaceful place, home to 61 million people.

The Syndicate has not always been the political entity that it is now, as long ago the nation was split into many kingdoms, each vying for more territory in the fertile lands east of the Great Calanian Desert. It would be two kingdoms that would prove victorious in the end - The Kingdom of Fligsive in the south, and Magnaeus in the north. These two lived side by side, until an eventful day just over 400 years ago, when Magnaean spies attempted an assassination on the Queen of Fligsive, causing the Unification War, which lasted ten years and crippled both nations. Eventually, the war came to a peaceful conclusion, and 50 years later the children of the Royal Families were married in a union of the two nations.
The Royal Bloodline continued for the next 200 years, but the tyrannical rule of King Stephen IV (known as “The Shameful King” in Syndicate folklore) was forced to hand control of the country to the people, and the first parliament was formed, with Nathan Thackeray at the helm. This “Inevitable Syndicate” as it was known laid the foundations to the great nation you see today.


The Geography of the Syndicate is quite varied, ranging from the cold pine forests of the north to the fringe deserts of the south west. The captial of the Syndicate is Fligsive, a mighty city that has a population of 8 million people, and is the centre of Syndicatian culture and current affairs. There are four other major cities, each in a corner of the nation; Magnaeus, Pinehearth, Burgess, and Nostromo. The Syndicate’s coastline stretches all the way down the east border, introducing the country to the Crystilakere Channel and the wider ocean. Above the Syndicate is the Federal Republic of New West Guiana, and a small border north of Pinehearth is shared with Krytenia. Also found north of the Syndicate is the country of Ibex, a nation that sits behind the Mertagne Mountains that stretch west of Lake Dysen. Not much is found south of the country, as the Great Calanian desert has claimed most of the land for itself.

The country also has another major lake, Lake Belk (not to be confused with the lake Bekk, which is found north of the Syndicate, past West Guiana) which was formed after the Great Tsunami Event that struck the Syndicate just months prior. The Syndicate has two main rivers that run through the country, unconnected to the lakes; The River Sebald, which acted as the historical border of Fligsive and Magnaeus, and the River Lesko, which begins in the Lesko Foothills and brings a source of freshwater to many settlements, including Fligsive itself.

The northern areas of the country are a lot colder than their southern counterparts, due in part to their elevation from the rest of the nation. The Mertagne Mountains and the Black Peaks act as a cutoff point for the north, a stark contrast to the flat plains of the areas south of the Sebald.

The South-West is a lot more temperate, with it’s closer location to the Great Calanian Desert, and with no mountains to protect it from the elements. The South-West region is also home to a unique geographical feature, the Webster Crater, a meteorite impact from hundreds of thousands of years ago that spans many kilometers across. It is so large, in fact, that the city of Nostromo is settled in it, after Syndicatians of the past found it to be a safe haven from the land around.


The Syndicate’s infrastructure is one that holds up very well, and travel within the nation isn’t difficult in the urban areas. Two out of the three international airports may be your first ports of call; Fligsive International Airport in the capital, and for those with more northern games, Martin & Lauren International in Magnaeus. From both of these locations, flights are available to any of the host cities, or if you’re so inclined, train connections are also available. Travel to the Western regions,Namely the partitions of Arborshire and Lake Dysen, are not recommended, due to ongoing hostilities with Ahlenfi aggressors. Travel is mostly locked down on trains to Westonbirt, and the road are heavily policed with toll guards for your own safety.

Travel within cities is rather easy, as most of the “Power Five” have metro networks or a robust bus service for travellers to use. The most impressive of this is the Fligsive Metro, which has eight lines that stretch all over the city. There’s even a station at the Flynn Arena, so if you’re headed to a game there, then the Metro is often your best bet.


The Syndicate’s culture is an interesting one, driven by the fast-paced lifestyle of the large cities which 60% of the population live in. As a result of Union between Fligsive and Magnaeus, there are some aspects to the culture (such as food, folklore, and dialect) that may differ depending on which side of the Sebald you are on. The northerners tend to be more cold and calculated to outsiders than their southern counterparts, but are just as friendly once you’ve got past that initial barrier. The South differs in dialect, adopting a more flowing style of speech, which to an outsider may seem confusing at first. The national language spoken is English, however, a remnant of regional pressure from their Krytenian and Starblaydi neighbours, and the influx of Audioslavian settlers hundreds of years ago.

The currency of the Syndicate is the Ducat (?), a gold-backed currency that as of the time of writing trades better than the Universal Standard Dollar. The Ducat does not have any smaller denominations, but prices are merely listed and referred to as factions of a ducat instead (for example, ?0.57). As far as prices go, the average cost for a drink (such as Hyneman’s Dandelion and Burdock)” is roughly ?3-5 per 500ml. Your typical Syndicate Burger will set you back about ?3, but the cost of food in a restaurant may cost ?25-40 per person for a quality meal. As for accommodation, a night in a Pledger Hotel would cost roughly ?90.

If you get involved in an accident (which could be likely depending on who your football team is playing), then healthcare is available, and covered by the Universal Health Service that is funded by Syndicatian tax-payers. Free healthcare is available to citizens of other nations, but large healthcare costs may be claimed from your nations government by Syndicate authorities. However, access to healthcare may not be available in areas that are strained by the war effort. It’d probably be best to stay away from those areas anyway.


The Flynn Arena Capacity: 96,500
The Flynn Arena is the premier stadium in The Inevitable Syndicate, and home of Fligsive FC. Previously a wooden stadium, the current iteration of the Flynn Arena was built in 11943 after a great fire destroyed the stadium during a game between Fligsive FC and Magnaeus City. Nowadays, it's a little more robust, having been the subject of many refurbishment projects over the years. The stadium sports a green and black seating design, and is easily reachable on the Fligsive Metro.

The Bird Cage Capacity: 57,300
The Bird Cage is an iconic stadium that sits in one of the highest points in the city of Magnaeus. Rightly so, as the Magnaeans hold their football in high regard, and because of this, it’s the Syndicate’s “other” main football stadium. It can be quite an intimidating sight, due to it’s arching metal bars that reach over the pitch, your footballers may feel a little boxed in during their time at the Bird Cage…

Sunrise Park Capacity: 52,000
Sunrise Park, in Burgess, is home to one of the best teams in the Syndicate’s domestic league. Constructed by Kytlerian Stadium manufacturers BNW Varin after Burgess FC recieved a large cash injection from sources unknown. While it still doesn’t have the history that the previous stadium (Bithell’s Circle) had, the Stadium can still hold an electric atmosphere, even if the Eastern Side is exposed to the elements of the Calanian Coast.

Hyford City Stadium Capacity: 46,500
Hyford is a city that used to hold the league title on a yearly basis – because of this, the stadium is incredibly well furnished and kept. The striking orange accent colour of the stadium is bright enough to keep your mind off the bad weather – and it's fully retractable roof means that your football players won't have to worry about it at all.

Point Impact Capacity: 42,000
Point Impact, as the name suggests, is a stadium that is situated in the Webster Crater, which also holds the entire city of Nostromo. The city has prospered in its sheltered location, and thanks to some wise financial moves from the manager of home team Nostromo Meteorites, the stadium is looking better than ever.

Patches Park Capacity: 37,050

Patches Park in Wozinitz isn’t quite as the name suggests - it’s pitch is still very much intact, for one. But the stadium has fallen on hard time recently, and a struggling Wonderers side isn’t doing much to pull in the much needed cash to fix the thing. Patches Park is still a very robust stadium, however, that is located in a city that is far from other troubles in the country.

Klaus Memorial Stadium Capacity: 35,250

Klaus Memorial Stadium is located in the historic city of Baudelaire, which sits on the River Sebald. The stadium itself is built right on the outskirts of the city, and retains the red brick theme of many of the densely packed houses that surround it, due to Syndicatian town planning laws from many years ago. Named after dearly beloved FC Baudelaire manager Henry Klaus, any teams playing here might want to hope he’s smiling down on them to skew the balance of the game into their favour.

DajukDome Capacity: 24,770
FC Milenol, always up for a bit of corporate shilling when the chips are down, recently sold the name of their home stadium to Dajuk, the Syndicatian furniture company. Now that they received a hefty sum because of it, the stadium have been upgraded and now surpasses some of the older stadiums in terms of technological prowess and style. However, it’s also the smallest of the stadiums that the IFA have picked for use in the World Cup 66, but that won’t stop fans in their thousands from flocking to see the game!


Qualifying Groups

Group 1
Nouvel Ecosse
The Serbian Empire
Group 2
New Montreal States
Group 3
Åsløtten-Bëðerbørg så Česky
Fiendish Snackers
Group 4
Partially Blind People
Group 5
Branta Island
Group 6
Eastfield Lodge
The Sovan Antithesis
Group 7
Neo Lemmitania
Savski Venac
Group 8
Jeru FC
Neu Engollon
Group 9
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Friday Freshman
Star United States
Group 10
The Sylvanaes Queendom
New Lowerlands
Group 11
Polar Islandstates
Crystal Empire
Catholican Catholica
Group 12
Equestrian States
Northern Sunrise Islands
Welsh Cowboy
Colombian Britannia
Group 13
Boring Paradise
Old Guard
D Land and Isles
Group 14
The Holy Empire
The Licentian Isles
Silver Beach
Group 15
Free South Califas
Group 16
The Archregimancy
German American States
Haute Savoie
Group 17
Caprathia and Ruthenia
Group 18
Sandwch Territories
Western Cuba
Group 19
West Angola
Bears Armed
The Kytler Peninsulae
Group 20
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
Maklohi Vai
New Matawan
Group 21
United Gordonopia
Wiggum Island
Group 22
New Sideburn
Group 23
San Jose Guayabal
Group 24
The Sova Empire
New Lonopolian Empire

Qualifying Fixtures
Teams listed first are playing at home.
All OOC times are estimates and subject to change
All IC times use Audioslavian/Starblaydian Roleplay Time, and may not be suitable for those nations who RP the World Cup as happening more often than once every four years. As such, the dates are guidelines and can be discarded at will.

Matchday 1 (22:00 UTC, Tuesday, September 17th) / August 8/9, 2176
1 v 6
2 v 5
3 v 4

Matchday 2 (22:00 UTC, Wednesday, Sepember 18th) / / September 12/13th, 2176
6 v 4
5 v 3
1 v 2

Matchday 3 (22:00 UTC, Thursday, September 19th) / October 17/18th, 2176
3 v 1
2 v 6
4 v 5

Matchday 4 (22:00 UTC, Friday, September 20th) / March 23/24, 2177
6 v 5
1 v 4
2 v 3

Matchday 5 (23:30 UTC, Saturday, September 21st) / March 27/28, 2177
3 v 6
4 v 2
5 v 1

Matchday 6 (23:30 UTC, Monday, September 23rd) / May 29/30, 2177
6 v 1
5 v 2
4 v 3

Matchday 7 (23:30 UTC, Tuesday, September 24th) / September 18/19, 2177
4 v 6
3 v 5
2 v 1

Matchday 8 (23:30 UTC, Wednesday, September 25th) / October 30/31, 2177
6 v 2
1 v 3
5 v 4

Matchday 9 (23:30 UTC, Thursday, September 26th) / November 6/7, 2177
5 v 6
4 v 1
3 v 2

Matchday 10 (22:00 UTC, Friday, September 27th) / November 13/14, 2177
6 v 3
2 v 4
1 v 5
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The Kirola-sponsored 'emergency placeholder post'

Postby Audioslavia » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:53 pm


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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:05 pm

And in case I need one too, here's the Syndicate's ad-free version.
The Inevitable Syndicate - Host of World Cup 66 with Audioslavia
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One Fan




"So how's your day going, sir?"



"Alright. Going to the game later."



"Fantastic! I'll be there myself, rushing off after work."



"The derbies are always fun, aren't they?"



"Some of the best, for sure. Do you have a loyalty card, sir?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Forgot about that part."

"Alright, then. Looks like your total will be $54.25. Would you like help out?"

"No thanks, as long as I can fit it into the cart I'm fine."

"Great, enjoy your day, sir, and have a great time at the match!"

Just like that, one customer was finished and another coming through the checkout line. Ross Jacobs had been working at Foster's for four years, starting when he was still in secondary school as a bagger. The bright ambiance of the grocery store, the kind where you could never tell the time of day or the weather outside, had become just as familiar to him than the never-changing rotation of songs and ads played over the intercom. Since going full-time as a checker, virtually every week had been the same.

Five days a week, eight hours a day, one hour lunch.

Come to the store, sit in the break room, clock in.

Check. Check. Check.


Check. Check. Check.


Check. Check. Check.


Check. Check. Check.

Clock out. Go home. Sleep.

40 weeks a year it was the same routine, one that had been practically pressed into his muscle memory. Even on off-days, he still woke at the same one o' clock time for work. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, two days off.

10 weeks, though, were different. The routine, the monotony, was broken. Saturday was matchday. Saturday was an early shift.

For as long as he could remember, Ross had eagerly awaited Danmeir AF matches. His father, a local plumber, had season tickets in the upper reaches of Longspit Stadium for a few years in Ross' early teens, when business had been especially good. When it sunk, Ross began to use his work money to go to every match. Though the 42,000 seat arena sold out every one of its 10 home matches, a boy still living at home with full-time wages could easily afford season tickets high up.

His supervisors had come to know that every one of those 10 matchdays, Ross would move from his usual 2 pm to 11 pm shift to a bright and early 5 am to 2 pm slog. Try to schedule him late, he would not hesitate to call in sick.

As Ross finished out another day, though, he began thinking what he had taken to calling 'checkstand philosophy'. In the flow of work, it was often an easy task to think as well as serve the customers in front of him.

On this particular day, his routine was what first came to mind. His routine and the game. Or, after so many years, were they really the same thing?

Forward pass, dribble, dragback, cross, goal!

A perfect succession, and Danmeir AF was up by one over their cross-town rivals FC Danmeir. Like the rest of the crowd, Ross didn't get on his feet to celebrate; he was already standing. Like the rest of the crowd, Ross cheered, hugged, took a gulp of the stadium ale. Like the rest of the crowd, Ross was thrilled. Unlike the rest of the crowd, it did not fill the hole dug earlier that day.

Two years ago, New Gordonopian football had changed forever. Though it was the 'birthplace of Gordonopian football', its league and players had been almost entirely insular for over a century. New Gordonopia had its own league, its own fans, its own stadiums. 2021, and the 65th World Cup, changed that.

Like his neighbors, Ross had barely followed the United Gordonopian National Team before the merger. They had never played a match in New Gordonopia, nor did any of New Gordonopia's starts play for them. In 65's qualification, there were suddenly two players on the roster, one from each of Danmeir AF's fellow 'Big Three' teams; the Woodward Townsmen and FC Kjin.

When New Gordonopia's league integrated with the GFF system, it was only a matter of two seasons before those other two were in the GPL, leaving Danmeir the lone powerhouse in the home league.

Though none of the men he saw every week played on the United National Team, Ross had become enthralled from the first moment. Watching the team battle through qualification to the big stage, even overcoming giants like The Archregimency, had been incredible. At the same time, he had taken to watching the GPL, something he had never done before. So much football, such high quality, and all of it left him feeling... empty.

United Gordonopia was thousands of kilometers away, and all he had was Danmeir AF. Whereas the National Team had Empire, Basin Mormont, Gordonopia IGC, Deska Peak, Teva Iron Harbor, Reichsburg Das Lager, Reinheim Northern, he had Longspit.

In recent years, fans across New Gordonopia had defended their comparatively small, and outdated, stadiums with one message: "the people". While the cathedrals to the sport in the mainland could seat tens, if not hundreds, or thousands more in much greater comfort than the aging chapels in New Gordonopia, the latter were People's Stadiums. IGC had its rows of private clubs and box seats, Empire had scalpers peddling tickets for thousands, but the common man could sit practically anywhere in Woodward, Danmeir, or Kjin. Who needed 160,000 seats if a small city like Danmeir wouldn't be able to fill it? Who needed a modern stadium when Old Ground, Longspit, and Southsound worked just fine. Who needed all the modern aspects of those stadiums like seats that weren't blocked by support beams?

Ross did. For two years, going to Danmeir's matches truly had become a routine. For two years, he had one burning desire: the National Team at Empire. Another cycle would start soon, and there would be five new games played there. All Ross wanted was to be in the stands for one. But Gordonopia City was thousands of kilometers away, and Ross was just a checker living with his parents. How could one fan living like that make it all the way there?
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Although reports and findings are not yet conclusive, historians believe that Edinburgh was founded in BC350 by foreign settlers of an unknown origin. Nestled on a large peninsula almost resembling Italy, Edinburgh was perfect in many ways: the ground was fertile for farming, the Great Ecosse Forests were teeming with game and wild animals, and the "Walrus Bay" & Astyrian Oceans were filled with shoals of fish. Most of the people living in Nouvel Ecosse at that time were nomadic and tribal, and Edinburgh is the first example of true civilisation growing. Large farms were developed around the now small and bustling harbour of Edinburgh, and the traders of the town were renowned for their international market in Ecossian Walrus meat & bone. Foreign traders would aft travel far to deal in the illustrious and prestigious markets central to the life of the town.

By BC106 it is thought Edinburgh had a population of roughly 7,000, and this was mostly off the back of the trade in Walrus goods. The town was under no real control, with very little power, and so when the Caledonia Empire from the North-West conquered the city no real defense was put up. Noting the many benefits Edinburgh offered against their current home city, all power was shifted along with the army's main base to the port from the City of Chong-Hue. Because of its Geographical location, the land separating Edinburgh from the rest of the nation was easier to defend, and a wall was gradually erected, finished under the reign of Kris the Cupar in 70AD. With a stone wall erected, the Caledonia Empire was safe from attackers, and began building on its Navy. From the City of Edinburgh, now with a population of around 80,000, a navy was built up, and with this powerful sea attack Kris the Cupar was able to expand his empire, conquering the hunting grounds of Walrus Harbour to the North East, reconquering the city of Chong-Hue from the Fifers who had begun to stretch their borders to the South, and capturing the city of Callander across the Bay.

The Caledonia Empire lasted until AD85, when Curt the Crooked was defeated at Moon Town and sold his lands in cowardice, including the City of Edinburgh. This defeat saw the rise of the Ecossian Empire, when the Keitel Dynasty and the new owners of Edinburgh, the Callander Conquerers, were married together. The joining of their armies, which ceremoniously took place at Saint Juan's Cathedral in Edinburgh, saw their army combined to number 60,000, 15,000 of which were part of the defeated Caledonia Empire.

Samson Keitel, the newly crowned Emperor of Ecosse, oversaw the successful rise of his empire across the nation, and established the nation we now know as Nouvel Ecosse. Edinburgh was his base of command, and thrived under his family's reign; not only was there an influx of other Astyrian nationals who came to pay homage to the Keitel family, but the work of the fisherman and Walrus traders continued to grow, and Edinburgh with it. By 10000 AD there were still some areas of what we know as Nouvel Ecosse still left unconquered and some rebel forces, but by and large the Keitel family had the nation under wraps. Some of the buildings from this period still remain in Edinburgh, most notably the historic west-wing of Saint Juan's Cathedral and the Chapel and Towers of Edinburgh University.

In the 1600's the Keitel family, in a bloody and historic revolution, were overthrown by the impoverished working class. Although Samson Keitel VI, the then Emperor of Ecosse, attempted to quell the resistance with the more loyal elements of his army, the working classes won many in the army over to their side, and Edinburgh was eventually left as the last stronghold of the Keitel Dynasty. The Walls erected all those hundreds of years before were still standing, and with some construction were quickly restored, even bolstered, against the gathering resistance.

Samson Keitel VI still had one element that over-powered the resistance forces, and this was in his navy. Over the years the Navy had grown considerably, and was the pride and joy of the Ruling Class. Through his Navy, which was largely situated in the harbour of Edinburgh, Keitel VI was able continue fleeting attacks on the now free Cities of Ecosse. Many citizens who had until then avoided war were subjected to the brutal attacks from their once trusting Emperor, and turned to help the Resistance. When word reached many families in Edinburgh who had relatives elsewhere, there was anarchy. The majority of the Navy was captured and set alight, although some of the ships escaped with very limited supplies. Many of the escaped films were later found floating abandoned, or found shipwrecked in the outcrops that jutted from the sea at Walrus Bay.

Samsun Keitel and the remaining members of his family were captured and hanged on the 20th November 1649, a day that is still celebrated to this day as "Nouveau Jour". Much of Edinburgh was damaged by the opposing forces, especially the port and harbour, which was badly damaged in the resulting fire. A mass-exodus resulted in the loss of trade, and Edinburgh lost its Capitol status to Bel Cansas. The population of Edinburgh almost halved in the following ten years, until the demand for trade in Walrus goods greatly increased once again. This saw the reconstruction of the Port and the return of many of the deserted citizens.

Nouvel Ecosse officially became the democracy that it is now on the 16th March 1650, when the formation of Parliament was passed. The Parliament was built in Edinburgh, and Edinburgh was once again renamed Capitol.

Nowadays Edinburgh is a major World Financial Centre, a home to some of Edinburgh's top Sports teams, including the National team at Embassy park, and is integral to life in Nouvel Ecosse. It has a population of around Eight Million, and has an Airport that deals with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of tourists a year.

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The Times They Are A-changin'

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-Lyrics by Bob Dylan
Come on writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen

Lee Texico stared blankly at his computer screen. It was five o'clock in the morning, and his post for Llamaland Sports Online News Network (LSONN) was not yet completed. Deadline was in two hours, and the ghosts of six Red Bulls lay haphazardly on the ground in a rubble of aluminum cans. And so he continued to type.

"Arismendy Luteno's decisions involve replacing the beloved Lee Matthewson with his son, Will Luteno...nephews Drew and Paul Luteno could be next to see National Team glory...okay, "C" team national glory."

And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again

It was madness. Lee "The Wizard of Merrill Stadium" Hayes, the beloved coach on the national squad for twenty years, and the pitch's equivalent of an odd-jobs man (left back, then goalie, then center back, then equipment manager and clubbie, then coach) for the national squad, who had finally settled in after five cups. Beloved Lee Hayes, now working the night shift because the Luteno regime did not believe in overpaying coaches. Working the night shift at a beaten-up old tire factory.

But he couldn't bear to leave. I will coach this World Cup and go, Lee thought, I have to go. I will take a job with a club team.
I will go.

And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin

Trevor Duncan couldn't believe it. He was beloved, attacking midfielder, captain of the pitch, all-time leading International scorer for the squad. Relegated to "Right hand man of Arismendy Luteno". Bryan Ferguson recognized his offensive talent. Bryan knew he could captain a squad and tally up over a point a game at the same time. But Arismendy Luteno wanted him to do what Arismendy Luteno said.

What kind of a captain did that? And Trevor thought:

I will do what is right, not what I am told. I may be kicked off the position. I may be kicked off the lineup. I may be kicked off the team. But I will do what is right, and may my replacement do the same.

And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin

Eleven-year-old Mickey Rogers sat excitedly next to his aging father, Emmanuel Rogers, on the old and dusty couch. In front of them was the television, broadcasting a replay of WC64. The last World Cup Qualifier that young Mickey, then three, hadn't watched. Mickey knew about Luteno. He knew that the Tigers were still a second-tier team, not good enough for the big thing.

But Mickey could hope. And Emmanuel Rogers did too.

For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'

Had it really been so long?

In 1978, President of the Llamanean Soccer Council Garry Joyce, a multibillionaire thanks to Joyce Industries Corporation, decided to create a National Soccer Team. The team was dubbed "The Llamas". The "Super-Llamaland Llamas." Joyce snapped it up for a song: sixty-five million nuggets.

Garry Joyce was a good owner. But in 1986, twenty-six days after a tearful Joyce hugged manager Melvin Mishworr, a field genius and still youngish at forty-six, after winning the Oceanside Cup, two horrid things happened.

1.) Mishworr died in bed.
2.) Joyce Industries stock cratered, losing 45% in eight months.

Garry Joyce, once proud owner of 1.5 Billion Dollars, was now down to just over a billion. But when half his other holdings crashed in recession, he was forced to sell off the team for well below market price at a measly eighty-four million.

Now the team was in the World Cup Qualifier. Now they were.
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I have been moving in and out of a haze. It follows me around and I can only evade it for a little bit. Then it envelops me again. I didn't feel it in Appleoosa. There, it was always a shiny feeling, like I was floating, even though I have these clumsy human feet. The Equestrians have welcomed me and been so good to me. They never treat me like I'm not worthy enough, even though I don't have wonderful long legs and sturdy hooves. I can't canter. There, they are wonderful and graceful, with a power to live life with such spirit and move like no mere mortal can. I don't play for the Appleoosa HC for money anymore, I play to live.

Now, there is a force yanking me back from reality to unreality...and back again. The boys on the National team welcomed me back with open arms. Even my old teammates here from the Panoli FC were warm to me. There were no hard feelings for leaving my old club.

"Matti, good to have ya back with the Goats, ya schiesser!"

It's good to see them all again and have that familiar feeling, but I still feel overwhelming sadness, like it's not my home anymore. Even with my family, who cooked roclettes for me and everything I could possibly ever want or love from home. They know I am having trouble adjusting back, even if it's temporary. My family says it's culture shock, adjusting back after so long. I've given up trying to tell them. No one in Neu Engollon could ever believe in a nation run by talking, sentient equines.

Still I can't fight it off.
I count the minutes until I can lay down and dream. Sometimes, I just have the hooves. Sometimes, I am the half-centaur, and in the best of them, I am a full pony. Playing hoofball like a natural, as God must have meant me to be. Who I truly am. I wake up and I am pink flesh again. I try not to cry, and I succeed...swallowing it for another day. I stay upright on two awkward pedestals and practice kicking a ball with other humans, preparing to face in a World Cup, many of the four-legged beings that were meant to truly rule the earth...and wait until I can drift into heaven again.
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Dear Diary,

I'm a journal you idiot!

Tor Tong Lee just about jumped out of his seat. His diary journal had just written back to him.

What? You want to know what sorry means, or what you're sorry about, I'm not sure I understand your question.

Never mind then. Um, who are you?

I'm Tom Riddle.


No, I'm a journal you idiot. Riddle had a diary.

Oh. Well then, this is um, weird.

Oh come on, give it to me. I can handle it, I was born for this. Give it to me.

What am I giving you?

Your innermost secrets, your problems. Are you married, do you have kids?

Um, yes and yes.

Dang, son, didn't your mama ever tell you not to talk to strangers? Who am I?

A journal?

Don't doubt yourself.

OOC: Assume this newstory was from a couple of days ago, specifically the morning of September 9th.

Second Communist Group claims victory, majority in Parliament, House of Lords and House of the Magistrates

While complete results won't be available for several weeks, the Election Commission has declared that the Second Communist Group has won a majority in the next Parliament, which will be the fifth since the Parliament was given superiority of the Duke in terms of enacting legislation in January of 2011. While the number of seats is still not even determined, and probably won't be for at least a week, it is widely accepted that current Prime Minister Scat Peari has held his seat, and will continue to lead the country, assuming he can maintain the confidence of his party.

It appears that the Liberal Democratic Party has secured the second most seats, although some rumors persist that this honor has actually been won by the Libertarians.

According to the EC, the majority in the House of Lords, as well as the House of the Magistrates has also been won by the Second Communist Group.

The new Parliament will not take their seats until January of next year, at least one week before the State of the State, and State of the Rechom addresses, given by Peari and the Duke respectively. It is interesting to note that this will be Duke Lyons the XXth's first State of the Rechom address.
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Princess Amelia Jane Dallas and Lord Mayor Isabella Dallas

Amy: I'm Princess Amy for Naked News Jeruselem at Dazza Dallas Stadium. Jeruselem took on the new look Jeru FC team came out winners 2-1. I'm with the new mayor of Tel Aviv, Isabella Dallas.
Isabella: Hello everyone, it was a great day
Amy: First thing, you're not born in Tel Aviv are you?
Isabella: Not really, but I worked there more than in Jerusalem
Amy: You retired from making porn, why?
Isabella: Well, I needed a regular job with regular hours.

Amy: I wouldn't say, being a Mayor isn't regular hours
Isabella: It was time I got respectable job, so tried for position of Mayor of Tel Aviv
Amy: Well, you got the job
Isabella: Yes, I wasn't expecting to win or anything like that
Amy: Your opponent did fight a dirty campaign against you saying you're just a dirty whore
Isabella: Yes, but I am a hard working one. I don't steal people's money like some politicians do

Amy: Did you fund your own campaign?
Isabella: Yes I did. I have my books ready for those who say I was helped by the royal family
Amy: I can say, we didn't fund her campaign. It was pretty shoestring
Isabella: I'm not in the job to make myself rich. I want to help the poor
Amy: Some folks Tel Aviv want World Cup games to move to Tel Aviv
Isabella: I can't support that, this stadium is far better than any in Jeruselem

Amy: Can you promise you keep your clothes on?
Isabella: Not really, you know. I'm a Dallas.
Amy: So what's your plans for Tel Aviv?
Isabella: I want to make the place a safe place for all people. Parts of the city aren't safe for women and I want to change that
Amy: Taking on crime?
Isabella: I've been robbed a few times. I'm lucky I have rich family, but most can't fall back on rich friends like yourself

Amy: I hear you got raped once?
Isabella: Yes, but I was drugged out and had no idea
Amy: Good luck in your job
Isabella: Ill work hard to make my city a better place
Amy: How about doing something about those parking meters
Isabella: The ones that triple charge?
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"Jesus fucking christ," muttered Gethin, earning him a glare from a taciturn Sanctus. Gethin glared back, no stranger to confrontation.
Lucia plucked at her captain's armband. "We all ready?"
"I guess." Hadrian Belfast shifted uncomfortably. This was his first senior cap, and he wasn't ready to die.
"Now remember, lads, to those of you as haven't fought for the Strongnesse yet-" began Gethin.
"I've seen footage."
"Shut it, Mike. Y'all see, I say 'fought' for a reason. This ain't football anymore, this is a fucking blood sport. We're like fuckin' gladiators here."
Gethin advanced along the line. "We're fightin' here not just for the team, but for the honour of New Sideburn itself-"
"What honour?" sneered a Saint.
"Shut your wide-arse faith-healer mouth before someone shoves a cock in it," said Gethin, without turning.
"So you're saying, guv, the result isn't what matters, it's what we-"
Gethin smacked Hadrian upside the head. "No! Results are always what count. I'm just sayin' this is something that matters more than ... well, anything we can do today."
Darren Parrett raised an eyebrow. "So the result doesn't matter, but we got to win or else?"
"Pretty much. Now get out there and get stuck in!"
A hail of cheap purple shirts rained down on the teams as they exited the hall. "HEY PRINCE," roared some of the drunker and more adventurous fans. "SIGN FOR US, WILL YER, PRINCE?!"
The Saintland Royal Guard were next, very visibly armed. This brought a bit of the cat-calling and shirt-tossing to order. To an extent. Still, rumours of how they'd dealt with stray tagalongs around the city and harassing the hotel gave some pause to the chaotic Cormorant supporters.
Gethin lit a cigar, followed the teams at a safe distance, and waved.
It looked to be a Trophy contest in the full, petty and violent spirit of the tournament... and this was just the start.

When the national anthems (predictably interrupted by more purple precipitation) Henry Crossbow walked briskly out of the tunnel, stepping neatly over the remnants of the barrage of purple shirts, tossed and caught his microphone and moved to the centre of the Farham Arena.
"Ladettes and gents!" he announced. "Today is a special day, for not only is one of the most prestigious annual competitions in the world to be held here for us tonight, but this is to be the ceremony of the NSFA Awards! Joining me tonight, Gethin Ramsey's lovely de facto, Angela Crowbarre!"
Elegantly, Angela stepped beside the NSFA President, and took his hand. Henry couldn't help but think of the "if you do a thing to her, you're fucking dead" whispered sweetly into his ear by Gethin earlier.
"Anyway," said Henry, starting to sweat. "Let's start..."
The Saintlanders looked nonplussed as the first three awards were handed out and Henry looked increasingly smug.
Then things started to click.
"And of course," said Henry smoothly, "with South Laithland performing so well this season..."
"They truly did light up the season with some genuinely inspired signings," said Angela, dreamily.
"But foremost among them of course-"
"Wait," hissed a Saintland defender. "South Laithl-"
"Judas," spat a midfielder.
"Last season's bargain of the year, this year's Foreign Player of the Year is ... Joe Flaccus!"
The entire stadium applauded as Flaccus entered the field nervously, accompanied by two edgy-looking constables. He walked forward jerkily, trying not to look at the Saintlander guard. Or their very, very visible weapons. He shook Angela's soft hand and gingerly accepted a heavy steel trophy.
Henry cleared his throat. "Now, Joe, as a Saintland-"
"TRAITOR!" snapped a royal guard.
"Expatriate," said Henry, smoothly. "What were your thoughts upon entering the stadium?"
Fear? Resentment at being used as a publicity stunt? "Honour," muttered Flaccus.
"Why might that be?" prompted the President, ruthless with a microphone in his hand. "Are you finding honour with a Sideburnese club for the first time in your life? Pride in being a professional?"
Right. Time to face the music. Flaccus swallowed, tried to take solace in the freedoms of New Sideburn (a mercifully uncensored internet and a car were the first two he'd normally thing of, but right now PC Beckett and PC Lockston were the two foremost in his mind. He stared into the hateful eyes of his former comrades. "I regret nothing! At least now I can act without the weight of a repressive theocracy bearing down on me!"
120,000 people roared their approval. Another volley of cheap shirts was thrown, one smacking Anna Shrike in the face. Henry cleared his throat into the microphone.
"Now, uh... we were quite hoping to start the game within the hour?"

While waiting for the referee to convene with his crew and show up in the centre circle, captains Lucia and Andreas passed the time with calm and jocular small talk.
"Amoral whore of Babylon."
"Posh git."
"Oh, that's well nice. Fuckin' ain't good enough for royalty? How'd they make you, in a fuckin' test-tube?"
"You talk a lot. Maybe you and your sodomite team should spend less time talking and drinking and more time training."
"Maybe it wasn't the royals after all, maybe your mum just got fucked by a male stripper or somethin'."
"Do you kiss your mother with that tongue?"
"No, I don't believe in incest. You?"
The referee cleared his throat. He'd been listening to the exchange fascinated for a good few seconds, but the cameras were starting to turn on him and technically he had a job to do.
"Now, boys, I think we should shake hands and kick off. Please."
The hands converged, then clenched as hard as possible. Both immediately wiped their hands on their shirts, as though they'd just shaken hands with cow manure.
"Cunt drinker."
"Deranged radical."

The referee cleared his throat again, and Lucia settled for one last defiant thrust of the jaw before wandering back to her own lines.

A violent atmosphere was soon followed by a violent match. Saintland had the better of the early sparring, as their offensive formation took the Cormorants by surprise. P. Vagionius caught Belfast off-guard, who instinctively blocked Vagionius' throat with his elbow for the first foul of the game. Belfast got off with a warning, which should give one an idea of the style of refereeing being encouraged.
Prince Andreas took the free kick thirty yards out, and it span over the net and into Portia's arms. One hundred, twenty thousand and eleven people sighed in relief.

Still, the Cormorants struggled to come to grips with the new formation. They mostly dealt with it with body-checks and subtle shin-kicks. But Michael Brandon and Dale Brightley were at the heart of every play, stabbing the ball forwards and leading counter-attacks. The two combined to give New Sideburn a goal against the run of play seventeen minutes in. Lone striker Gerd Thunder was scythed down by Catiotus, but the ball kept rolling and Brandon ran onto it. Snipping past Aufidius, he cut through one of the Poenius brothers with a forward pass between his legs... Brightley was on the same wavelength, ran onto it and smashed it past a stunned Alessandro Seius from just outside the box.

It was impressive work, and it inspired the rest of the team to fight harder. The Cormorants only became more physical as time passed. Thunder in particular started to dominate the centre-backs sent against him, the 210-lb striker simply bulldozing them whenever space was needed. But while New Sideburn became more spirited, it was by no means one-way traffic, and they were caught off-guard on the counter more than once, Portia Thrift having to salvage the situation (though Belfast accounted himself well on his debut).

But despite New Sideburn's lead, the first half ended nervily, Silvester Flaccus' shot from well outside the box skidding over the crossbar. With that reminder of how slim the margins were, the sides re-entered the dressing rooms...
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Continued from the 2nd half of this post...

.... ZONE 1? ZONE 1?

Gary cradled his wife's body in his arms, as both of their children huddled behind him. His mother-in-law was still screaming, forcing one of the masked men to hit her across the jaw. Just a quick glance down at his wife, Gary knew the gunshot was fatal, hitting her square in the chest from 3 feet away. But he couldn't let the kids know, at least not yet. Here he was, the legally new Marcos Dynamite President, as both his kids were under 15, the legal age of accession; therefore making their legal parent president until then. But Gary doubted that the men pointing guns at him would know that. As the radio squawked out that different zones were secure, Gary sat back clutching his wife's dead body, planning on how to start turning this around.

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Postby Sangti » Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:26 am

Stadium MS DeltaOne, Mogd-Syrdusha
Campionato Esportiva VII Final
The Licentian Isles vs Sangti

The lads were inside the locker room, and a vibrant mood was evident in their prematch talk. There was a consensus in the talks. They should never let the Licentians score goals, even if that means that they wouldn't score in the process. The talk concluded with a one big shout:

"Viva Agilang Dilaw!"

Their journey to the final was a roller coaster ride. After narrowly keeping Nekoni to 0 points at the first matchday, they struggled at the match against the defending champions, New Sideburn. The thrown fan should be watching the match back home - actually he was one of the proponents of the giant screen viewing of the matches of the Agilang Dilaw since the Semifinal, where they partied all night after Sangti beat Cyborg Holland. The screens remained standing in select areas in Sangti, particularly in the Capital. And now after eight matches and after Faltado was thrown out of the Commune, they face the Cyan and Gold, who have won all their matches, bar their extra time win against Apox in the semifinal, the opposing side has been unstoppable.

The two sides went on to the pitch to play their respective national anthems, after which the Sangti players gave a warm reception to their opponents which was greatly reciprocated. The atmosphere was tense, drums were rolling, chants can be clearly heard, and many cheering paraphernalia were placed, like creative banners and cardboard frames. The fans in Sangti have also made loud noises at the streets. They, like the people in the stadium were ready to watch the final. And the referee blew his whistle, signalling the start of ninety plus minutes, or more, of pure action and excitement.

Both sides fired warning shots at each other in the first half, with no one letting down. The keepers were the stars of the show and they parried any shot that came their way. As a result, neither pair of strikers scored a single goal in the first half. The team returned to the locker room and there the mood was slowly turning from good to bad. However they kept their heads cool. They would not want to cause a second half collapse after all.

The second half almost showed why the Agilang Dilaw had eradicated its underdog status. Relentless attacking, which they used to upset teams such as Swyftlandre and Cyborg Holland was evident in the Sangtian style of play. The difference? They were gravely misfiring. The Licentians kept their goalframe secured as they would not allow the Agilang DIlaw to grab the initiative and cause a probable shock result. However they kept themselves dangerous as any counter attack proved almost costly for the Sangtians, particularly Aran Miller, their winger. After another fourty-five minutes plus added time, it remained goalless, and the match headed to extra time.

The players sat in the pitch, very tired. Playing extra time is not usual for them - it was the first time that these players playing together will play extra time. Some may have already experienced it playing for their local clubs, but not playing as a unit. They had one agenda however - to hold out in extra time and take the game into penalties, which would have given the Agilang Dilaw a better chance to grab the Campionato Esportiva.

Five minutes after the whistle for the first half of extra time, their hopes crumbled.

Miller found a way to pass a ball to Ruaraidh Donaldson. He shot the ball with finesse. It was a shot Williard Navarette would never reach. 1-0, in extra time. Potent attacks that the Sangtian brought to the table earlier became moments of desparation, and in the last minute, they sent Navarette at the Licentian goal for one last attack. Navarette, who had received the corner from Marvick Sor, headed it goalwards.

It was over the bar.

Seconds later, the final whistle sounded. As the fans of the Cyan-and-Gold stormed the pitch, the Sangtians in yellow had their emotions taken away. No one cried, but no smiles were seen in their tired faces. They were emotionless. Wenefrido came to the pitch and to the players, which were approached by the Licentian players to help them stand up, a sign of sportsmanship between the two sides, to pat their backs. "You did well." He said.

The players of Sangti accepted their second place medal and Wenefrido accepted the medal for Jaime. The team watched the Licentian Isles lift the Campionato trophy, which some of them wished that they could have lifted it have they performed better. But there was always next editions, and the team flew to Colombian Britannia afterwards, where Jaime and some under-21 players are waiting for them.
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Postby Super-Llamaland » Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:22 pm

"Flight 8266 is now departing, from Vargas, Super-Llamaland, to Cathair, Audioslavia! Please wish your national team players luck, as they are playing in the sixty-sixth world cup! The national team players are sitting between section 1 and section 15."

Arismendy Luteno plugged in his iPod, blasted "Venus Carl", a 90's pop song from Super-Llamaland, and proceeded to ignore the fans and reporters asking him questions. Venus Carl wasn't really that good, but it was loud.

One row back, Lee Hayes sat in stony silence between Bryce Brink and Bryan Harp. He was the only sane coach left. Brink was a nut, and Harp was a neophyte who put "coached U8 House League Drodgerick Demons to a 25-and-10 record, 2006-08" on his app. Luteno was a nut too.

Six rows back, Michael Kerraway sat next to two goalies who were far better than him. But Kerraway had hit the books over the four years, and was now feeling good, even if he would be the third-string goalie. His mind wandered back to WC65. Kerraway had been a hero, but now he was four years older, and, despite the studying, not a whole lot wiser.

Four rows back, Johnny Rushmore was in animated conversation with reserve Dienis Moor. Moor was a sixteen-year-old, a cousin of Eric Matthews, and a star defensemen for the C-team and U-18 team. But his chances of making the team in case of injury were slim. Moor didn't care. The last world cup he'd been too was WC65...when he was a twelve-year old fan.

Fourteen rows back, "First Class" shifted into "Business Class".
Twenty rows back, "Business Class" shifted into "Economy Class".

In the cheap Economy Class seating, an overweight middle-aged man by the name of Vinny LaVista sat heavily into his seat. LaVista was a fan who had been to every World Cup since sixty-two, when it had begun (and the Tigers finished in sixth out of ten).

LaVista was more optimistic than most of the players, bar four.
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Postby Nouvel Ecosse » Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:53 pm

"The Saltire & The Embassy" - Prologue

"The Saltire & The Embassy" was the pride and joy of its owner and bartender, Bulloch McOrr. Situated just across Hampden Street from Embassy Park, the Nouvel Ecosse National Stadium, the Pub was an award-winning and fairly popular kind of establishment, especially on matchday. Considering its position and notoriety, The Saltire & The Embassy will often fill with fans of both sides playing, and there is known to be the occasional brawl. Bulloch's cool and calm demeanor when it came to fights was one of the reasons the pub was so popular; he adopted a no nonsense approach, and wasn't afraid to whip out the trusted shotgun he kept under the counter.

The World Cup Draw was scheduled to be shown soon, and so the pub was naturally filling up with excited and nervous fans. The pub was naturally a hub for Nouvel Ecosse fans, and was a meeting place for many of the forum-famous that followed the team, including the often hilarious podcast makers Eliseo and Stan, who rose to fame at the BoF 52 after getting involved in a spat about Walrus inbreeding. "The Saltire & Embassy" will welcome any foreign visiting fans with open arms, and sells a variety of Nouvel Ecosse whisky's and lagers, including the Alpen View Beer Festival Gold Winning Walrus Lager. It was this Lager that Bulloch was stocking the morning of the draw.

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Postby Barunia » Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:17 am

World Cup team announced, Questions raised
by Kitty Smith

Another World Cup cycle looms, and the Suns return, hoping that it will be third time lucky as they look to qualify. The Suns were looking forward to entering the tournament as a top 50 side but that was not to be. Due to a recalculation, Barunia have dropped four places to 51st. This is because, with the conclusion of the 53rd edition of the Baptism of Fire, the Suns performance in the 51st BoF no longer counts towards their KPB points ranking. It puts the suns just outside the top 50, one place behind Mangolana, who know a thing or two about qualifying from a low position, having been the lowest ranked qualifier into the last World Cup.

Of course, few teams know what can be done with a low rank more than Barunia, as evidenced by their results in WC64. Although it's been a while, there are still fifteen players on the team who played in that campaign. So let's have a look at the team. The starting line-up for the defence is unchanged since the WC64, with Willans, David, Millet and Tsebo all returning. Sam Garcia is also back as second keeper, having not been part of the squad since 64. Veteran substitute defender Tommy Clinton joins newcomers Silva and Jensen on the bench.

It's the same story in the midfield, with Wiggens once again going for the starting line-up of Montoya, Centena, St.John and Bhara, which has been a feature of the Suns since the very first game in the Baptism of Fire. While this has proved effetcive, it has kept excellent players such as Haynes, Crook and Hardy confined to the bench for most matches.

Up front, Yohan Marris will be the only starter not in the WC64 team. He got his break in 65, when Gregory Plant was injured, and made the position his own during the Cup of Harmony. Zokora and Sagoro will start up front, which of course begs the question: where is Victor Castolo? On the bench, along with Featherstone and Samson. Coach Stephen Wiggens has said that Castolo is too big a risk to play as a starter, but one has to question wether leaving him out is an even bigger risk. Let's take a look at the stats.
Top Goalscorers - All Time
Victor Castolo 36
Fabrice Sagoro 19
Pablo Zokora 8
Yohan Marris 7
Cedric St.John 5

With more professional goals scored in his career than the current three starters combined, this decision could leave the Suns short of attacking power, and Zokora and Marris will need to step up their game. Both are competent players, but both have less then fifteen starting caps under their belts and are more used to assisting goals then scoring them. Only time will tell if the teams preparations have made them ready for this World Cup qualifier, and is the team can fill the giant hole left by Castolo.

Kitty Smith is Barunia's leading sport journalist. She has covered international sports, including football, motorsport, field hockey and cricket, for both BNN, the Porthaven Times, and
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Postby Omarios » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:55 am


Omarian National Team prepares for World Cup 66 qualifications

At this time, the Omarian National Team are preparing for the World Cup 66 qualification held at Audioslavia, the World Cups 63 and 64 winners, however, the team will face many challenges by experienced and strong team, after the team was at last place in its group in the World Cup 65 qualification.The Omarian Team, now ranked 132nd will be placed at a random group, as the questions rise, many of the people have been asking, how well will the Omarian Team do, as the Omarian Football League starts, many of the teams will be missing main players due to the World Cup, also, there will be an incredible decrease in how much the fans will show up during matches, since most of the people of Omarios, had already bought tickets for the World Cup qualifications.

Will Rengong and Wqidos do their Magic?

The two forwards Rengong, and Wqidos, are one of the most recognized Omarian sportsmen, doing really good at both the Market Cup, and the FireStorm Cup, in which hopefully an Omarian Team will one of the both cups, however 5 months ago, Rengong had problems and was ill because of his right ankle, after they lost against AlKheil AlArabi 4-1, whilst Wqidos, was a perfect player in the FireStorm Cup, scoring atleast a goal in each match.

All Eyes on Chevnovski

As the league starts, Chevnovski and his squad started training since last week, as his team didnt do good last qualification, Chevnovski is one of the few men in Omarios, who are known to not get disappointed at all, a former military Sergeant, he is known to be rough, also training his players to climb walls and do 50 push-ups each 4 hours, he stated to the media that this training is to "build a strong and easily enduring body structure", so the players wouldnt get tired easily, however aside from his training he also stated "I trust my men, they will do their best, but however I do not assure qualification", currently, all eyes are on Ramo Chevnovski, also known as "the military sportsman".
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Postby Furellum » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:57 am

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Fyodor stood admiring Furellum's new stadium. It had been hastily thrown together, but at least it was something. A long stand ran down one sideline, stocked with a thousand plastic seats. The stand would have to be torn down before the Duke's next visit, so no concrete was used. Instead, it was a wooden structure, held together by nails, some magic, and quite a lot of luck. The public areas behind the other sidelines and the goals were meant to be for standing patrons, but in true Furelese fashion the locals had decided something different. The space was packed with seats of every description: armchairs, dining seats, bar stools, chaise lounges, sofas and more. Although no games had been played yet, the people had shown up to watch the Turtles practice, and were staying to make sure no-one stole their spot. Or their chairs. Fyodor could see some tents being erected on the lawn. It seemed football fever had hit Furellum.

He strode off into the dressing room, which was actually one of the palace's ballrooms that had been commandeered by the Furellum Football Association. The rest of the team were all here, eagerly waiting for the draw. Fyodor shook his head. The memories that had plagued him during the Baptism of Fire still ran in his head. He'd been waiting then too. Waiting for his opponent to make a move.

Walter Vasile was a rich wolf. He had a mansion in the rich end of the city, and extensive property in at least a dozen other places. All this Fyodor knew from the case file on him, which was as thick as his forearm. The constable could not help but feel a certain uneasiness as he pulled the doorbell. He was about t meet the most dangerous man in this city, the man who ran the crime in this city. Crime that Fyodor had sworn to eliminate. The fact that Vasile was expecting him didn't make him any less nervous.
He was escorted into the presence of the crime boss by an armed guard. Vasile was taking no chances after the attempt on his life.

The old wolf lay on a lounge, smoking a cigar while flanked by two massive bears. Clearly they were there to intimidate him, so Fyodor chose instead to ignore them. "Do you know a fireworks merchant by the name of Felix?" he asked Vasile.
"Good day to you too, Constable. No, I don't know a fireworks merchant. What's this got to do with anything?"
"He was killed last night. By the same person who tried to kill you."
"I see. Well, it seems you have a bigger problem on your hands than I thought Constable, if you allow people to go wondering around shooting at random civilians."
Fyodor had to resist the urge to rise to the sardonic tone in Vasile's voice. "I don't think it's as random as you make it out to be. We've got a connection between it and another murder. Ioan Wolankski. Ran a shop in the Felismarch, small time drug dealer. Ring any bells?"
Vasile leant back casually. "Of course not, Constable. I don't associate myself with those sort of people."
Fyodor decided to take a more direct approach. "Come off it, Vasille. You and I both know you're crooked, and that there isn't a thing I can do about it. Just tell me what you know so we can stop this madness."
Vasile leant forward, all trace of geniality gone. "I suppose you'd like me to confess Constable. Do you really think I'm that stupid?"
Fyodor fixed him with a bold stare. Too far to back out now. "You need the watch. You would have solved this by yourself nice and quiet if you could. Sent these blocks of lard," he indicated the two henchmen with a wave of his hoof, "to pay the guy a visit. Next thing we know he's floating in the sewer. Because that's how you work Vasile. You don't call the Watch. Not unless you have too."
"Really? How naive you are, little Constable. Now, while I've enjoyed our little chat, I think it's time for you to leave. Goodbye Constable." He stood up and left the room, accompanied by his bodyguards. Seconds later, the armed guard hurried into the room and escorted Fyodor off the premises.
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Postby Levivania » Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:35 am

World cup 66! The Levivania national team was excited! This would be only there second time participating in the world cup. Levivania had participated in other international tournaments, but this time the whole world was watching them. Some notable members on the team were: star forward and team captain Levi Goldman. He was considered the best player in Levivania. 14 year veteran defensemem, was a falling star, whose career was coming to an end. After his Levivania domestic club: The Asto City Prowlers, he was thinking of retiring. But somehow, he got selected to play for the 12th time in his career on the national team. Then, there was hotshot goalie Mike Laznbey. He was considered one of Levivania's top prospects at only 20 years old. He has amazing in the Levivania domestic leagues, but he has struggled on the international level. He has a lot resting on his shoulders. In preparation for the game the team had vigorous workouts. First, they did a 7 mile run through the city. They then did timed 50 yard dash sprints. Next, was skill work and finally a full scrimmage. After the practiced the players were exhausted and soaked in sweat. Mike Lanzbey and Levi Goldman went to get a drink at a local bar together, at the bar they saw some players from a rival national squad. There were three the biggest and toughest looking one talked "Hey, were gonna kick your ass when we play you" the player said smiling. Mike, got up and punched him. Immediately Levi joined in and there was a brawl in the bar! Finally, the bartender threatened to call the police. As Mike and Levi walked home, Mike thought:That was one hell of a night!
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Postby Super-Llamaland » Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:18 am

Day before the group draw.

President of the Llamanean Soccer League Samuel Dijon III stared at the pots. Here was Pot 1, there was Pot 2, and so on. Large metal vats each containing balls with national flags inside. One carried the blue-yellow-and-green flag of the Llamanean Soccer League. But which one was it?
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Friendly: SJG Vs Luzvimindia

Postby San Jose Guayabal » Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:00 am


Luzvimindia vs San José Guayabal.


San José Guayabal

Style modifiers: LUZ = -2. SJG= 1.5

Stadium: Estadio Nacional Vladivostok-Alianza. Attendance: 170'451 spectators

In a match of preparation for qualifying for the WC 66, the National Teams of Luzvimindia and SJG, face in a duel at the National Stadium, in SJG. with a massive influx of spectators, 170.451. which are 160,000 and 10,451 are SJG Luzvimindia.

The referee: Joshua Perez.

The match started at 11:30 A.M. SJG Time (9:30 a.m. UTC-6) with a clear dominance of possession by SJG balloon, which was his first goal in the first occasion of danger in the 6th minute, through a corner where A. Jibrin jump and gave a powerful header that left up, the goalkeeper Trillanes. But after sunrise's the goal. Luzvimindia strongly attacked, through a colorful game, a lot of touch on the ball and with emphasis on the plays at ball stopped, to find the equalizer, which came by Lim, 26 minutes into the match, the match is was 1-1 at halftime.

After starting, SJG game unfolded a beautiful touch to the ball that left their opponents on their own ground for the entire second half, the goal slow to arrive, through our scorer, R. Zelaya. which made ​​it 2-1 at the 74th minute through a powerful shot from distance that stunned the keeper.

Already withthe game under control, SJG, kept attacking until the added time in the 90th minute. J. Faña defined with a superb volley shot, which beated the Goalkeeper and sentenced the 3-1 final for SJG.

San José Guayabal 3–1 Luzvimindia
SJG Goals: Jibrin 6', Zelaya 74', Faña 90'
LUZ Goals: Lim 26'

SJG Important OOC: Starting from next match, SJG Change his Style Modifier to +2.35
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Postby Luzvimindia » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:15 am

Luzvimindia loses to San José Guayabal in friendly, 3-1
by: Lorenzo Lozano - 12:22 am September 15, 2013 (Luzvimindia Time); 4:22 pm September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Today, the Luzvimindia Eagles' woes continue as they lose their first international match in over two months to San José Guayabal. The match began with SJG having a clear dominance on possessions, 61% to Luzvimindia's 39%. Within 6 minutes, A. Jibrin of the SJG national team scores a powerful header, that left the entire Luzvimindian defense shocked. However, team captain Julius Rizal calls for a play that seems to be a new one taught by Coach PJ during their trainings. It pays off, with Rommel Lim scoring at the 26th minute, tying the game at one a piece into halftime.

By the second half, SJG breaks out with an impressive offense but with Luzvimindia holding up with their 4-5-1 defense, it started to become a slug match. By the 70th minute, neither team had advanced well into their opponent's field and goal attempts were kept at a minimum. It seemed like it was going to be another tiebreaker match for Luzvimindia. However, a surprise kick from SJG forward R. Zelaya hits home, stunning goalkeeper Gabby Trillañes as well as the rest of the team and bringing the score back to 2-1 at the 74th.


Luzvimindia goalkeeper Gabriel Trillañes desperately trying to contain the offensive onslaught by SJG

Luzvimindia revamped its offense, making three goal attempts within the 16 minutes left in the game, however it was to no avail. By the 85th minute, SJG was clearly in control of the match with its superb defense and strong offense. The goal that sealed it for Luzvimindia however was the volley shot by J. Faña at the 90th minute. With that last goal, the score was brought to 3-1 with San José Guayabal taking this match.

At the post-game press conference, Coach PJ said that this match had proven the team is still ill-prepared for the World Cup ahead and he said that they all needed to continue pushing all their effort if they wanted to place better in the 66th WC. Team Captain Julius Rizal also commented the sloppy defense showed by everyone in the team, including himself, and said that they needed to train harder after the last friendly with SJG tomorrow. He also added that the main thing that was missing in this game was smarter plays and the team chemistry. Despite this, he said and I quote, "...I'm glad that this match happened, it's better to make all the mistakes now rather than later on in the main tournament. I am still confident that the Eagles will place a whole better in this edition of the World Cup than in the last despite this loss because I know this team is very resilient and accepting of its mistakes. The harder thing to do now is correct those mistakes and not make them again..."

Final recap of the score 1-3:

26' Lim - 6' Jibril
74' Zelaya
90' Faña

The next friendly match against SJG will be held in the Maynila City International Stadium tomorrow at 11:30 am Luzvimindia Time (3:30 am UTC; 9:30 UTC -6). Hope to see you guys there! 'til my next update, this is Lorenzo Lozano, signing out from Estadio Nacional Vladivostok-Alianza in San José Guayabal.

© National Television Broadcasting Network. September 15, 2013.
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Postby German American States » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:24 am

The German American Broadcasting Corp., the #1 radio and TV provider in the GAS presents a series about each state in the country. We start with Milwaukeesburg Bezrik.
Milwaukeesburg Bezrik
Milwaukeesburg Bezrik is the largest(in population) of the states in German America. Milwaukeesburg is also the largest city in German America, having a population of 5.5 million. It was settled as the first city on the country's inception in 1868. It started out as a town of only about 10,000, but as more immigrants came from the Homeland, it grew larger and larger. Althof was the first of the neighborhoods founded. Then came Christiandorf. When the Dunnamere immigrants came from their homeland, they founded another neighborhood, Keltischdorf. then, immigrants from Cyborg Holland came too and settled along the sea in Gunwhale Pier, or known by the natives, Wal-Kai. The rich soon moved out of Althof into Steinbruck Heights, then a suburb, now a part of the city. Museum Park was finally chartered in 1916 on the 50th anniversary of the nation, and built museums and monuments and several residential areas there.
This explosion of different people living in so many different areas in such a close proximity formed a big conglomerate of people, and an explosion of different football teams, making Milwaukeesburg the hotbed of football in the States.
A description of each of the neighborhoods:

Althof: The oldest of the neighborhoods. This neighborhood holds the government buildings, such as the National Congress building, along with the Presidential Palace. The National Shrine at St. Micheal's Cathedral is the spiritual center for the nations 63% Catholic population. The National Colosseum also lies here, which is the center of the national football scene. Working class citizens live in Althof, commuting to their jobs in IT, brewing, and manufacturing elsewhere in the city. The neighborhood is also home to the wildly popular SC Gold Loewe, the most popular team in the country.

Gunwhale Pier: Gunwhale Pier, also known as Wal-Kai, is the home of the second biggest shipyard in the States besides Eisenport's. This is traditionally a manufacturing hub, with the Cyborgian immigrants filling jobs at factories and shipyards. Now, it still has the presence, but also is the center of the State's navy, with all of their ships not in action docked here. It is also the home to the National Naval Museum, a tourist attraction.

Christiandorf: Christiandorf is the financial center of the country. The German American Stock Exchange(GASE) is located in the center of Christiandorf. Christandorf is also known as the Market District, having housed several grand markets and home to many entrepreneurs. Most notably, Christiandorf has been the home to the Milwaukeesburg Christmas Market, the biggest deal behind National Team games at the Colosseum and Oktoberfest.

Keltischdorf: Keltischdorf is traditionally been a beaten down, poorer immigrant neighborhood since its inception. However, in recent years, it has seen a resurgence with many young college graduates moving there because of the cheap housing. It has become the center of the IT industry and tech, as well as being the home of one of the best club teams in the States, FK Keltischdorf.

Museum Park: Museum Park is the newest of the neighborhoods in Milwaukeesburg. It was unused land in 1916 when the National Congress commissioned the building of 6 museums and monuments to be built. They are the Founders Monument, the National Folk Museum, the National Science Museum, the National Space Museum, the National Museum of Sport, and the Monument of the Presidents.

Steinbruck Heights: Steinbruck Heights used to be a suburb of Milwaukeesburg, but was incorporated into the city in 1947. It is still the home of rich executives and the nation's elite. It is also the home of the GAFF offices and training facility. It has many luxury shops, as well as the biggest mall in the nation.

Muellerinsel: The last of the neighborhoods, Muellerinsel was bought for $20 in 1890 by the Mueller brothers in an attempt to make a perfect society. It was their own town for a while, with the Mueller brothers making the rules and governing their own little land. It was incorporated into the city in 1936, but the city allowed much of the independence the islanders wanted.

Map of Milwaukeesburg
Map of German American States(with States) and surrounding countries
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:56 pm

The Gregoryisgodistan Intelligence Agency has intercepted communications from an unspecified country which claimed that, in the event said country were to face Gregoryisgodistan in qualifiers, would attempt to covert the players away from the Church of Gregoryisgodistan. In response, the GIA announced that all players will be lodged with two armed security officials and one armed intelligence official at all games, including those at home. When away from their rooms, players must be accompanied by 5 armed minders at all times. These include the three lodging with them and two will be stationed outside the room. Anyone who tries to enter without authorization will be shot and killed.

"Following defections at the Beach Cup and Olympics, we cannot take any chances," Intelligence Chief Kris Orton said. "All players will be kept under careful watch to ensure they do not come into contact with outsiders." The GIA has more security measures but is not disclosing them publicly as they are top secret.
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Postby Saintland » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:46 pm

It was now halftime of the 3rd Strongnesse Trophy match. New Sideburn led 1 goal to nil at halftime. Dale Brightley had scored the goal, in the 17th minute. The Royal Army escorted the Saintland National Team to the locker room, guns pointed at the crowd. Prince Andreas gave his usual halftime speech, boring a team that had heard it over and over again. Finally, Herakles Karoki, the star of the Games of the VIII Olympiad, spoke up:

Herakles Karoki - What was all of that about? I thought you brought me in to go to the World Cup finals. We are in New Sideburn and why are we in New Sideburn?

Prince Andreas - Because that thug Strongnesse violently assaulted me and then this classless nation made a stupid trophy of the assault.

Herakles Karoki - With all due respect, your Highness, we are here to win and bring that stupid trophy back to the Kingdom. We aren't a bunch of street fighters. We are footballers and we are here to defeat New Sideburn and take the first step toward the World Cup.

Silvester Flaccus - Well, this nation drew my brother Josephus into sin and away from the True Faith. That's reason enough to hate New Sideburn.

Herakles Karoki - I'm not telling you that you can't hate New Sideburn. I don't particularly like these clowns myself, but we are here to win, not to maim our opponents.

Philippus Vagionius - I thought Andreas was serious.

Philippus Vagionius paused for a moment.

Philippus Vagionius - But, you're right, Herakles. We aren't here to beat New Sideburn to a bloody pulp. We are here to win and that is what we need to do.

Lucas Aufidius - Herakles is right. For too long, we've been putting our desire to maim New Sideburn ahead of our desire to beat New Sideburn.

Prince Andreas - In that case, let's forget violent play and just focus on winning.

Herakles Karoki - Just give me one chance to take a penalty. I won't miss.

Prince Andreas - Then, we have ourselves a plan. We go up-tempo in the second half and take as many shots as we can. Either we score the equalizer or those thugs will give it to us.

Herakles Karoki - That'll work.

The Sanctii came out of the locker room, refocused on the match. Suddenly, New Sideburn found themselves on the defensive. The Sanctii attack was relentless. It wasn't even a minute into the second half before Prince Andreas forced Portia Thrift to concede a corner. He sent the corner into the box, where Nicolaus Poenius headed it forward. It barely missed the goal.

The violent play continued, as New Sideburn players repeatedly went for cheap shots. At one point, in the 57th minute, Michael Brandon took down Paulus Flaccus with a diving tackle and booted the ball long. Gerhard Thunder ran through Lucas Aufidius like Andreas Tuccius runs through linebackers. Thunder got underneath the pass and sent a shot toward Alessandro Seius. Seius barely came up with it and booted it away down the sidelines into space. Ioannes Poenius sprinted down the sideline, getting to the ball first. Poenius passed toward Prince Andreas, who delivered a perfect cross to Stephanus Vagionius. Vagionius shot and Portia Thrift batted it away to Anna Shrike.

The match had turned offensive, but despite this, the Sanctii still could not score goals. Portia Thrift was playing at her best on this day and the Sanctii attackers missed several scoring opportunities each. Finally, Prince Andreas decided to take Georgius Catiotus out of the match and replace him with Ioannes Gratus. The Sanctii shifted to a 3-2-1-4 formation. Still, no matter how aggressive the Sanctii offense got, it seemed that they could not convert any of their scoring chances.

That would all change toward the end of the match. Alessandro Seius caught a rocket off the foot of Gerhard Thunder. Seius tossed it out to Aufidius and Aufidius booted it deep. Prince Andreas got underneath it and immediately passed it forward to Philippus Vagionius. Several minutes earlier, Anna Shrike had been clearly winded and Gethin Ramsey decided to bring on Rooke Harm as her replacement. The hot-headed New Sideburn defender decided it was a good idea to take Vagionius down from behind. As Vagionius the younger lay on the ground in severe pain, the referee whistled for a penalty.

After awarding Rooke Harm a red card for his fine display of sportsmanship, the referee signaled the go-ahead to attempt the penalty. Herakles Karoki stepped up to take the penalty. Now, the Acedonian had his opportunity to deliver upon his promise during halftime. Karoki noticed Portia Thrift leaning to the left side, so he decided to boot it to the right side. Shoe connected with ball and the ball went sailing through the air. It rebounded off the right side of the goal and into the net. Saintland had equalized!

The New Sideburn crowd, already furious at the penalty, had now gone into a drunken frenzy. They were visibly not happy with the outcome and were looking for a Sanctii fan to beat up. They could not find any. There simply wasn't anybody from Saintland that was crazy enough to travel to New Sideburn to watch a Strongnesse Trophy match. Even when scouts from the World Changers Regional Scouting Bureau, a joint project of Saintland and Free Republics, traveled to New Sideburn, they did not acknowledge their WCRSB affiliation to anybody. These people were crazy.

Following the goal, Prince Andreas chose to make a substitution. Matthaeus Belaeus came onto the pitch to replace Philippus Vagionius. While Vagionius did not appear to be injured, Prince Andreas decided to take him out of the match as a precautionary measure. He needed to remove a striker anyway, since there was no need to play 4 strikers when the match was tied and there was plenty of time to go. Although Lucia Oakwood would make an attempt at goal in added time, Seius would catch it and boot it away. The referee whistled to send the Strongnesse Trophy match to extra time, as if these teams needed to play each other for another 30 minutes.

In extra time, Prince Andreas quickly decided to just play it safe. He made the decision to give Petrus Mamilius his first cap since his benching in favor of Josephus Flaccus. Mamilius came on for Stephanus Vagionius and suddenly the Sanctii were playing a 4-3-1-2 formation. The red card seemed to limit the brutality slightly, for a while. However, in added time for the first half of extra time, Petrus Mamilius showed why he had been benched. Mamilius ran over Lucia Oakwood like Georgius Didius runs over quarterbacks, while she had possession of the ball. The referee awarded Mamilius a red card for his actions. Oakwood got back up, shook off the big hit and booted a free kick wildly out of bounds for a throw-in.

Down to 10 apiece, Saintland and New Sideburn continued their war in the second half of extra time. By this point, the Sanctii were just waiting for penalty kicks. The violent play finally settled now now that both teams had a red card apiece. Instead, the second half of extra time was a rather boring affair. Although Thunder would get one last shot, which would be blocked by Matthaeus Belaeus, the match would come down to a penalty shootout.

The Sanctii went first in the shootout. Herakles Karoki positioned the first penalty right down the middle and, sure enough, Portia Thrift moved. Lucia Oakwood took New Sideburn's first penalty. She was still not feeling right. Although Seius moved to the left side and Oakwood shot to the right, her shot was especially wild. It was well above the bar and also well wide. Saintland led 1 to nil after the first round of penalties.

Ioannes Gratus took the second Sanctii penalty. The backup striker hit his penalty high and in the left corner. Thrift guessed right, but barely missed the ball. Darren Parrett's shot was directly at Seius, who just batted it back for the easy save. The score was 2-0 Saintland after 2 penalty shots.

Prince Andreas walked up. If he made this shot, then New Sideburn would have to make all 3 of their remaining shots. Prince Andreas booted it low and in the bottom right corner. Thrift dove the wrong way and it was now 3-0 to Saintland. Michael Brandon stepped up with the Strongnesse Trophy on the line. The young New Sideburn midfielder's shot would be to the left side. Seius had guessed the right side. However, Brandon, and the rabid New Sideburn crowd, could only watch helplessly as his shot hit the post.

It took a moment for what had just happened to sink in, but finally the players on both teams and everybody in the crowd realized that Saintland had just won the Strongnesse Trophy. The Sanctii got down on their knees, as one of the soldiers from the Royal Army handed Prince Andreas a microphone. The Prince of Saintland gave thanks, through a prayer, to God for his team's victory. As if that was bad enough, the crowd was really infuriated when Prince Andreas prayed for the conversion of New Sideburn to the True Faith. After he had said his amens, he passed the microphone to Silvester Flaccus.

Silvester Flaccus - Contrary to what my fallen brother Josephus may have said earlier today, we are NOT a "repressive theocracy." There is nothing "repressive" about the true freedom that comes from following God's Will, as revealed to us by the Patriarch of the True Church. Josephus, I hope you will one day see the error of your ways, repent and do penance for the sins you have committed. Indeed, I hope that this nation of New Sideburn will one day see past their hatred and embrace the love of Iesus Christus. We harbor no ill will toward your nation or toward my fallen brother who has rebelled against God.

He passed the microphone to Paulus Flaccus

Paulus Flaccus - Indeed, all of this is just a tragic misunderstanding. We have nothing against the rest of the world. We just want to save the nations of the world from eternal damnation in the fires of Infernus. Trust me, there really is an Infernus and it really is a lake of fire, where the wicked will be punished for their wickedness, for eternity. All have sinned and fallen short of God's standards. None of us are righteous. Indeed, we all deserve to spend eternity in Infernus. However, God so loved us that he sent His only Son to die on a cross, so that we might be able to enter Caelum instead of spending eternity in Infernus. All he asks, and it really isn't that much, is that we accept Iesus Christus as our Savior, join His True Church and do our best to follow His Commandments, which should ideally be enforced by the worldly authorities.

Paulus passed the mic back to his brother.

Silvester Flaccus - I ask one thing of everybody that is here today. I ask that you think about whether you want to continue in your wicked ways or whether you would prefer to at least attempt to be righteous.

Silvester passed the mic to Prince Andreas

Prince Andreas - I want to personally invite everybody in New Sideburn to visit Saintland for the next Strongnesse Trophy match. I also wish to extend an invitation to our opponents to attend a Church service in our Kingdom prior to our next soccer match and It is my honor and privilege to invite Lukas Strongnesse himself to Saintland. I want to thank everybody for attending today's match and for listening to us and I want to wish the nation of New Sideburn the best of luck in World Cup qualifying.

The Royal Army escorted the Saintland National Team back to the locker room and onto the team plane. As they left the pitch, they had to dodge garbage being tossed at them from the stands. Their next stop was Albertope, Roxawa in the Free Republics, where they were to play Rule Theriault's Republicans, reigning Di Bradini Cup Champions, for the (unofficial) regional championship. For some reason, they didn't think their words had gone over very well with the nation of New Sideburn, but what mattered now was defending the regional championship and qualifying for the World Cup...
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Postby Apox » Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:09 pm

Apox seem to have terrible luck against our oldest rival, Northern Sunrise Islands, when playing them in our traditional pre-qualifying friendly, now know as the Vermouth Trophy, at home. We lost 2-3 last time, and now succumbed to a dismal 0-1 loss, something which manager Dravid Scott will be worried about.

It is our inconsistency that is most worrying at the moment, after our brilliant victory against Eura last week, Scott's first as manager, now we succumb to this, the hardest defeat to swallow, against our biggest rivals. Truth is, they'll be mocking us now until the next Vermouth Trophy, which is where we'll hopefully regain some dignity with a splendid 6-0 trashing of them. Or something appropriate like that.

So, it was Apox's 150th international match, therefore a highly appropriate that it be against an opponent we respect and have a good rivalry with on the sports field (interestingly our 100th international match was also against the Vaporeons in a pre-qualifying friendly). The Royal Stadium was sold out, as it always is for these kind of matches. Matthias Sindelar proudly led his team onto the field with the hopes and expectations of his country resting on his shoulders - a great deal of pressure, which, to be fair to him, he didn't show.

Apox were fielding a slightly weaker team than the named squad starting line-up, mainly to give players a run out before the qualifiers got underway, but also to show off the depth of the talent in our squad, with Isner handed a place in the starting line-up, replacing Fronden Abel, who had a slight calf injury going into the game that Scott did not want to risk.

The Vaporeons kicked off, immediately going on the offensive, and testing the defence straight from the off, captain Matthias Sindelar having to make sure things were al organised at the back to prevent breakthrough after breakthrough.

However, after the opening minutes, Apox managed to play their way into the game more, Tregajorran being able to take a couple of shot on goal, the second of which in the 11th minute, was one of the best Apoxian chances of the night, with Tregajorran's angled shot being cleared just off the line by Antony Hawk in a fantastic piece of defending.

Apox continued to press for a time, Will Fich in midfield making good progress against a tricky pairing of Mangalonga and Nagatomo, the latter being very familiar to Apoxian's after spending 9 seasons and counting playing in the ANL for Barbury Town and Issington F.C.

However, the match soon settled down, and there was a bit of a stalemate for a while, with a long spell of passing around the midfield with little exciting play, except for a flick through and decent shot on goal by Keri Ularu, still showing us how talented she is, even at this later stage of her career.

The final good chance of the first half came from a Vaporeon free-kick around 25 metres out, after Hans Nielssen's strong tackle and subsequent yellow card on Guillermo di Luca. Mateus Carvalho stepped up to take the free-kick, a fantastic curling shot which Joe Frost could only just get a hand to it, in order to flick it over the bar.

Half time came and went, with a couple of changes being made, as both managers tried to outmanoeuvre the other strategically. Apox kicked off this time, and once again, the early stages of the first half were dominated by the Vaporeons, Carvalho and McCloud both getting good genuine chances on goal in the opening stages of the first half, once again requiring a good performance from Joe Frost in goal.

Once again through, Apox managed to steady the ship, and slowly the course of the game changed. However, it would all be undone by a careless bringing down of Carvalho by Jack Forster in the box, leading to a straight red for Forster, having caused a light injury to Carvalho, meaning he would take no further part in the match. Neither would Forster, the referee giving him a straight red and giving the Vaporeons the penalty. McCloud stepped up to take, and nonchalantly sent Frost the wrong way, giving NSI the lead with 20 odd minute left to play.

It was always going to be hard to recover from this position, and so it proved to be, the Vaporeons shutting down any further attacks by Apox, despite a number of changes, and nearly scoring a second, this time Christie Travis scraping the bar with a thunderous half volley from 30 metres out.

And so Apox have lost some pride again to our rivals, lost some confident going into a shorter length qualifiers, where we need to bring our 'A' game to every match, and Jack Forster is suspended for the first two matches of qualifying, as per Apoxian football rules for a red card. Generally a quite disappointing performance all round really.

Team Sheet from the Match
GK - Joe Frost
RD - Jack Forster (sent off 65')
CD - Isner
LD - Hans Nielssen
DM - Matthias Sindelar (c)
RM - Ivo Trevowah sub Olim Benzari 80'
CM - Will Fich sub Athelstan Firth 65'
CM - Jack Moses sub Katie Womble 45'
LM - Sammie Puskas
ST - Keri Ularu
ST - Tolgus Tregajorran sub Fred Barnett 70'
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