World Baseball Classic 27- Everything Thread (IC)

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World Baseball Classic 27- Everything Thread (IC)

Postby Maklohi Vai » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:05 pm

World Baseball Classic 27
Maklohi Vai and Saintland


Home team listed first
Tuesday, August 20: MD 1 - 5v2, 4v3 (bye 1)
Wednesday, August 21: MD 2 - 3v5, 2v1 (bye 4)
Thursday, August 22: MD 3 - 1v3, 5v4 (bye 2)
Friday, August 23: MD 4 - 4v1, 3v2 (bye 5)
Saturday, August 24: MD 5 - 2v4, 1v5 (bye 3)
Sunday, August 25: MD 6 - 2v5, 3v4 (bye 1)
Monday, August 26: MD 7 - 5v3, 1v2 (bye 4)
Tuesday, August 27: MD 8 - 3v1, 4v5 (bye 2)
Wednesday, August 28: MD 9 - 1v4, 2v3 (bye 5)
Thursday, August 29: MD 10 - 4v2, 5v1 (bye 3)

Please read the disclaimer here, as the playoff schedule is highly subject to change.
Friday, August 30: Playoff Games (if necessary)
Saturday, August 31: Round of 24 Game 1
Sunday, September 1: Round of 24 Game 2
Monday, September 2: Round of 24 Game 3 (if necessary)
Tuesday, September 3: Round of 16 Game 1
Wednesday, September 4: Round of 16 Game 2
Thursday, September 5: Round of 16 Game 3 (if necessary)
Friday, September 6: Quarterfinals Game 1
Saturday, September 7: Quarterfinals Game 2
Sunday, September 8: Quarterfinals Game 3 (if necessary)
Monday, September 9: Semifinals Game 1
Tuesday, September 10: Semifinals Game 2
Wednesday, September 11: Semifinals Game 3
Thursday, September 12: Semifinals Game 4 (if necessary)
Friday, September 13: Semifinals Game 5 (if necessary)
If both semifinals go only 3 games, the schedule will be moved up a day.
Saturday, September 14: Finals and Third Place Series, Game 1
Sunday, September 15: Finals and Third Place Series, Game 2
Monday, September 16: : Finals and Third Place Series, Game 3
Tuesday, September 17: Finals Game 4, Third Place Series Game 4 (if necessary)
Wednesday, September 18: Finals and Third Place Series, Game 5 (if necessary)
Thursday, September 19: Finals Game 6 (if necessary)
Friday, September 20: Finals Game 7 (if necessary)


  1. Head-to-head record
  2. Run differential in all matches
  3. Runs forced in all matches
  4. Runs forced per 9 innings
  5. Tiebreaker game


The current edition of xkoranate will be used with the NSFS formula, the same used in the last few WBCs.

Games will be scheduled daily through group play and in the playoffs. There will be a single day break between group play and the playoffs and in between playoff rounds.

Saintland cutoff: 10 or 11 pm Eastern (will be finalized later)
Maklohi Vai cutoff: 10 or 11 Pacific (will be finalized later)
If you'd like, here's the World Clock for time conversions:


Rosters are a list of your players and the positions they occupy. This can also include statistics, both personal and about their play, as well as their handedness, stengths and weaknesses, uniforms, nicknames, coaches, or anything else you find appropriate. Here is an example of a fairly standard roster: viewtopic.php?p=11597544#p11597544

Rosters are appreciated and will be graded as a separate RP. Rosters should include a RP permissions box (godmodding, injuries, choosing scorers, etc.) if players want to put restrictions on the roleplaying of their characters. Here is an RP box form that you should copy and paste into your roster post:

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes/No
Choose my lineup: Yes/No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No
Use DH at home: Yes/No

New to baseball RPing, or sports RPing in general?

If you're new to sports RPing in general, please read this thread, as it provides a great guide for what you need to know. If you have any questions, you can TG me or Saintland, post on the WBC Discussion Thread, or on the Sports Roleplaying Questions thread.

One thing unique to baseball is the designated hitter, a feature often confusing to newcomers. For explanation, we turn to Equestrian States' lovely concise summary:
Equestrian States wrote:The Designated Hitter (DH) Rule is an aspect that is unique to baseball here on NS Sports. In short, the DH rule allows for teams to designate a player to bat for their pitcher, generally giving teams more flexibility when at bat. For more information on the DH rule and its implementation, please refer to the Wikipedia article on the subject, as it goes into far more detail than I can here. In regards to the WBC, the DH rule is only used if the home team uses a DH. If the home team does not use a DH, neither team will use the DH, regardless of the away team’s preference. If the home team has not specified (in their roster or an RP) whether they use a DH or not, the first participant to RP will dictate the use/nonuse of the DH in that game.

IC information, as well as pots and groups, is provided in posts below.

Helpful Links
World Baseball Classic Discussion Thread
Our bid
Signup Thread
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Postby Saintland » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:05 pm

Group Draw

Group 1

#34 Cyborg Holland
UR Alitaba
#20 Super-Llamaland
#9 Equestrian States
UR New Edom

Group 2

UR North Franklin
#43 Cowardly Pacifists
#54 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
#7 Darmen
#27 Saintland

Group 3

UR New Wolfopolis
UR Hardwinter
#22 Vaugania
#43 Cassadaigua
#13 Free South Califas

Group 4

#17 Qazox
#55 Lymantatia
#2 Milchama
#42 Sakurakoku
UR Levivania

Group 5

#14 Kinzar
#5 Ko-oren
UR The Sovan Antithesis
#32 Aardenland
UR Imota

Group 6

UR Kingdom of Costa Luna
UR Ukrainya
#37 Sangti
#28 The Serbian Empire
#4 New Montreal States

Group 7

UR Super Bwitain
#49 Kerblaekistan
#6 Maklohi Vai
UR Nova Anglicana
#15 Karditan

Group 8

#40 Skeckoa
#29 Estope
UR Myeeria
#3 Sicoutimont
UR New Texaco

Group 9

UR Tarrigan
#50 The Fair Republic
#12 Taeshan
#18 Allinlia
UR Southwick

Group 10

UR Britonisea
#25 The Sova Empire
UR Gregoryisgodistan
#10 Western Cuba
#39 West Guiana

Group 11

UR Callumackbar
#21 Strawbee
#50 Kriegiersien
#64 Unolia [The Jahistic Unified Republic]
#8 Saugeais

Group 12

UR Welsh Cowboy
#1 Zwangzug
UR San Jose Guayabal
#23 Thatius
#50 Carasatoga

The Red groups (7-12) will be scorinated by Saintland and the Blue groups will be scorinated by Maklohi Vai (1-6).

Pot 1

1 Zwangzug
2 Milchama
3 Sicoutimont
4 New Montreal States
5 Ko-oren
6 Maklohi Vai
7 Darmen
8 Saugeais
9 Equestrian States
10 Western Cuba
12 Taeshan
13 Free South Califas

Pot 2

14 Kinzar
15 Karditan
17 Qazox
18 Allinlia
20 Super-Llamaland
21 Strawbee
22 Vaugania
23 Thatius
25 The Sova Empire
27 Saintland
28 The Serbian Empire
29 Estope

Pot 3

32 Aardenland
34 Cyborg Holland
37 Sangti
39 West Guiana
40 Skeckoa
42 Sakurakoku
43 Cowardly Pacifists
43 Cassadaigua
49 Kerblaekistan
50 Carasatoga
50 Kriegiersien
50 The Fair Republic

Pot 4

54 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
55 Lymantatia
64 Unolia
Kingdom of Costa Luna
Welsh Cowboy
The Sovan Antithesis
New Wolfopolis
Super Bwitain

Pot 5

North Franklin
New Texaco
New Edom
San Jose Guayabal
Nova Anglicana
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Postby Maklohi Vai » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:05 pm


Tourist's Handbook:

1) Where is Maklohi Vai and how do I get there?
Maklohi Vai is an island group, comprising an archipelago and a truncated volcanic chain, located in southeast Atlantian Oceania. There are ferries to some other nations in AO, but those are long rides typically unsuitable for tourists. The best way to get to Maklohi Vai is by plane, most likely through Kolo Lahi International Airport. From there, there are connecting flights, roads, ferries, or trains to all other destinations in the country.

2) Will I be able to communicate with the locals?
Maklohi Vai is a bilingual nation, with 98% of the citizenry knowing both Vaian and English. Highly educated people, no matter their field, will typically learn one or two more languages, often an East Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) or a major Romance language (French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.). Those working in cultural and historical fields often learn Siroyese and Samoan as well. If none of these meet your language, there are translators available at all visitor information centers and major tourist destinations.

3) Where can I stay?
There are numerous hotels and smaller hostels in and around every city. The Vaian economy is largely built on tourism, so there’s plenty of options in many places. If you need help, you can contact the National Tourism Bureau.

4) What and where can I eat?
Like hotels, restaurants and cafes are abundant in cities and along highways linking the cities. In the more tourist heavy sections of the country, as well as those more metropolitan areas, cuisine is global, encompassing a number of options from nearly any place you can think of. If you’re looking for a trendy bite, try out a Vaian fusion restaurant, the new kids on the scene. If you’re off the beaten path in other parts of the country, you’re likely to find the local cuisine more frequently. This consists largely of fish and other seafood, tropical fruit, a multitude of spices, and various root vegetables like taro.

5) Are there any religious services available?
Yes, although they may be hard to find. Maklohi Vai is 94% atheist, with the remaining 6% being almost entirely Christian, mainly Mormon and Catholic. As such, it’s not hard to find those places of worship if you’re in a big city. There are a few other Protestant denominational churches in Kolo Lahi and Totai, a mosque in Kolo Lahi, and a synagogue in Wakita.

6) What cultural norms should I observe?
Vaians are very friendly, welcoming people. If they see you looking around lost, they’ll come over and help. If they see you looking very much like a tourist on the street, they’ll wave and say hello, a gesture which you should return. It is considered impolite to not accept an offer of hospitality such as a ride to where you’re going or another offer of assistance. Do not try to pay those who help you, as this is typically embarassing; it is better to give a sincere thanks and a warm handshake.

7) Will I be safe?
There is little to no daylight crime whatsoever, especially not in tourist areas. Likewise, if you’re going to a restaurant or bar and there are a lot of other people around, you will be perfectly safe. If you must be out at night alone, it’s safe on major roads and in the downtowns of cities. The danger lies in the rural parts of the country, off the main roads. There are opportunist theives who are not afraid to strip you of your belongings before letting you go. Murder and violent crime rates are extremely low.

8) What health services are available?
The nationalized healthcare system admits foreign patients free of charge for a one time ER visit. If you enter a hospital, costs are subsidized heavily, but do expect a bill. Amublances run with great speed, as do the police. Dial 444 on any phone to get services.

9) Are there sensitive politics that I should avoid?
If you are not a native of Maklohi Vai or otherwise very well acquainted with its political situation, it is considered bad form to make disparaging remarks against government officials. Mild criticism is acceptable, although not warmly welcomed, and if you voice strong opinions contrary to the present political situation, be prepared for a debate. Vaians love to talk politics and love even more to engage in a intellectual debate about it, especially with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It is best to not be that person.

10) How is the civil rights situation?
Maklohi Vai is ranked highly internationally for civil rights, and all people are accepted regardless of any preference, with one major exception: religious fundamentalists. The Mormon population in other countries may be known for their prosletyzing, but in Maklohi Vai they stay quiet for a good reason: Over 3/4 of the country identifies as anti-fundamentalist and anti-religious activism. If you hold particularly strong religious beliefs, do not share them out loud, let alone try to persuade others of them. This is a very good way to make a Vaian’s good charm flip to the opposite emotion. Besides this, there is almost no reason to be scared because of who you are.

Kolo Lahi

Kolo Lahi Stadium: 45,402. LF- 328, LCF- 362, CF- 392, RCF- 371, RF- 342.

Kulakapoi Memorial Field: 36,235. LF- 350, LCF- 375, CF- 400, RCF- 375, RF- 350.

In Kolo Lahi, there are a few primary interests for tourists. The first of these is the water sports, which are conducted on a series of beaches to the southeast of the city. Nearly anything that strikes your fancy can be had there: scuba, snorkel, water ski, surfing, you name it, there's some outfitter that has it. Since this chain of beaches is at the end of a bay, the conditions are nearly always perfect for whatever you want to do. The second main interest is the food. Kolo Lahi is home to the best Polynesian cuisine in AO, with dozens of restaurants serving everything from the most casual breadfruit with guava to the most upscale and trendy Vaian fusion dishes. This style of cuisine is the next step in Maklohi Vai's culinary tradition, and at the forefront is Polo's Kitchen. Serving Vaian fusion cuisine since 1994, Polo's Kitchen is the mastermind of chef Polo Shukawa-Mutarakanai. His half Vaian, quarter Japanese, quarter Portuguese background gives him a wide variety of cuisines and cultures to draw from. Polo's is already a hit in Maklohi Vai, winning fusion restaurant of the year 5 years running. It currently has its hub location in Kolo Lahi and an expansion branch in Andossa Se Mitrin Vega. The third main interest is the museums and cultural sites. When the Maklohi Vai's population isn't watching sports, they maintain a deep interest in their cultural background. To facilitate this, there are a number of museums, largely in Kolo Lahi, that deal not only with Maklohi Vai's history ( ... k/id=30404), but also that of other Pacific Island nations. Together, the museums have won several international awards, largely due to the depth of their information and their accessibility to the common man. If you prefer a more outdoor cultural experience, a good place to look is Point Mua (25 minutes west of center city), the first point spotted by the ancestral seafarers who founded the nation. It is largely accessible to visitors, except for the tip, which remains a place sacred to many Vaians.


Koropai Field (Wakita): 39,233. LF- 342, LCF- 397, CF- 418, RCF- 382, RF- 351.

Lotomakanai Stadium: 33,352. LF- 331, LCF- 351, CF- 396, RCF- 345, RF- 321.

Wakita is the second largest city in the country and the one with arguably the most city pride. Fiercely competitive and proud of their city, Wakitans will always be welcoming and compassionate while at the same time throwing jabs at your team. Wakita is largely a residential city, but it does posess the best university in the country, Wakita University, meaning there’s a vibrant science and tech community along with several museums associated with the university.


Ufarakai Memorial Stadium (Tamolaki): 43,051. LF- 330, LCF- 365, CF- 400, RCF- 370, RF- 345.

Tamolaki Municipal Park: 32,800. LF- 340, LCF- 360, CF-405, RCF- 350, RF- 340.

Tamolaki, the fourth largest city, is foremost an industrial city, built to facilitate the trade between Maklohi Vai and its commonwealth protectorate (now territory), Lalo Limahina. As such, it’s relatively new and easy to get around, but also fairly boring in terms of tourist activities. There are several water sports that one can take part in, and it’s the foremost departure point for deep sea fishing. It’s also very close, just twenty minutes by car, to Ka’afu National Park, the oldest and largest in the country. The park provides rich green mountains and a jungle among the most diverse in the islands.


The Dock (Lowanaki): 38,525. LF- 345, LCF- 370, CF- 425, RCF- 385, RF- 355.

Lowanaki Municipal Park: 35,018. LF- 330, LCF- 350, CF- 390, RCF- 350, RF- 340.

Lowanaki is not one of the top four cities by population, but they certainly top the charts in baseball enthusiasm. The local Lowanaki Anchormen have reached the league finals in the past couple years and have sold out several seasons in a row at their unique and cavernous stadium, The Dock. Lowanaki as a city is relatively quiet and traditional; it’s not a center of protests or major events, but rather prefers to stay close to its port city roots. Most of the tourist life will center around entertainment and eateries within the city.
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Postby Saintland » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:06 pm

Saintland National Information

History of Saintland

Saintland was founded in 966. Prior to that year, the island that is now Saintland was an uninhabited island in the World Changers region near the north pole. In the year 966, the Christian Church, which was still united at that time, held a now-forgotten Council. At this Council, they discussed some arcane matters related to Christology. There were 2 factions at this council that had irreconcilable differences. The majority faction are known today as the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

However, a small minority of Christian bishops rejected the decision of the Council of 966. Knowing that they would be persecuted for their beliefs if they remained, they left their homes and got on a number of ships. Their brothers and sisters, members of the nobility, went along with them. A Prince by the name of Paulus chose to go with them, because he believed they were right. They set out across the sea, praying that God would guide them to safety.

Somehow, they ended up traveling several thousand miles by sea, arriving at a remote island far to the north of their original homes. They were widely believed to have perished at sea. Soon, the very existence of the Council of 966 would be forgotten. The Prince would be crowned King Paulus I, the first King of the Kingdom of Saintland. Centuries went by and the Sanctii were able to keep their existence secret from the rest of the world.

Despite their isolation from the rest of the world, starting in 1038, the King's Government sent periodic expeditions to explore the outside world. They would inevitably return to Saintland, with information regarding what had happened since the last expedition. The explorers brought knowledge of new inventions back to Saintland. The King consulted with the Patriarch of the Church and they jointly decided which of the new inventions and innovations were worth adopting and which should not be adopted. This would prove to be very useful to the authorities in Saintland, as they successfully kept the Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment out of the Kingdom.

The policy of isolation would be ended in 1788. In 1825, King Josephus X decided to abolish the practice of serfdom. After breaking the power of the nobility, King Josephus X industrialized Saintland. However, Saintland never adopted laissez-faire policies and has only developed a barely modern economy. Usury laws remain on the books, intellectual property legislation remains non-existent and protective labor legislation was adopted very early on in the industrialization process. As Saintland industrialized, a special legal status called "foreign resident" was created, which permits foreign nationals to reside in Saintland and remain exempt from some of Saintland's laws.

Today, Saintland is a semi-modern nation. Despite that, the nation retains its divine right absolute monarchy and the Church of Saintland remains a powerful force in the island nation. Saintland's population remains relatively small, as it is estimated at somewhere between 500,000 and 600,000. Despite the small population, Saintland has somehow developed a large number of world-class athletes that have been able to go toe-for-toe with the best athletes from the rest of the multiverse.


Due to the lack of an automobile manufacturing industry in Saintland and the prohibitive cost of importing foreign-made cars, the automobile has never been popular in Saintland. Several months ago, King Paulus XV decided to ban private ownership of automobiles for public safety reasons. Therefore, visitors to Saintland will not have the use of automobiles of any sort.

Under the laws of Saintland, automobiles may only be used by police, the military, fire departments and licensed bus or taxi services. In the cities, you should be able to find a bus or a taxi. If you see a police or military vehicle on the road, it is likely headed toward a crime scene of some sort or is being used to transport a criminal who has been apprehended by the authorities. It is highly recommended to move to the sidewalk when you see an automobile coming down the street.

Saintland has a highly developed high-speed rail network that connects every community in Saintland, from the tiniest villages to the cities of St. Petrus and St. Paulus. This is the only fairly quick way to travel between the communities of Saintland.

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation in Saintland. There are bicycle rental stores in most communities throughout the Kingdom. The most popular bicycle rental stores, among international visitors to Saintland, are located at the St. Paulus and St. Petrus airports. Bicycle parking is provided throughout Saintland and locks are included with every bike. The use of helmets is optional, but recommended.


Until recently, Saintland lacked the necessary lodging to host large numbers of foreign visitors at a given time. However, in the hopes of luring a major international sports event to Saintland, the King's Government constructed a number of hotels in the major cities. All players, coaches and officials from the nations that advance to Saintland will receive complimentary lodging at the Royal Hotel in St. Petrus. If requested, hotel staff will perform a wake up call to ensure that your players make it to the ballpark in time for the start of their game.


Saintland is located in a polar region, which means that the weather is relatively cold, even during the summer. The average summer temperature in Saintland is 14 degrees (Celsius), which is the equivalent of 57.2 Fahrenheit. On an exceptionally warm day in Saintland, the weather may reach the mid-70s Fahrenheit (24 Celsius), but temperatures in the neighborhood of 7 Celsius (44.6 Fahrenheit) are not unheard of during the summer.


Saintland speaks a dialect of Latin. Sanctii Latin is a living language, so it does have some differences from classical Latin. The difference between the Latin of the Vulgate and the Latin spoken in Saintland is similar to the difference between the English of the King James Bible and the English that is widely spoken today.

Although Latin is the native language of the Sanctii, foreign language education is heavily emphasized in the nation's education system. The average person you run into on the street should be able to speak English relatively fluently, so there is not much of a language barrier.


Saintland uses a currency based on bullion. The main coins in Saintland are the Denarius, which is a one-ounce gold coin and the Argentii, a one-ounce silver coin. Gold and silver coins are also available in smaller weights, all the way down to 1/100th of an ounce of silver.

If you do not possess bullion, Universal Standard Dollars are widely accepted, as is the Republican Thaler and the Acedonian Ace.


Saintland is a theocracy that operates under a very strict version of Biblical law, so many forms of entertainment are illegal in Saintland.

There are 5 television networks in Saintland, which are numbered from Royal One to Royal Five. With the Olympics now relegated to a single prime-time block on Royal Five, the WBC will receive heavy coverage on the Royal Networks. Once the World Cup and World Bowl begin, Saintland's games from those events will be aired live and prominently on the Royal Networks.

All players on the teams that reach the playoffs and end up playing in Saintland will receive complimentary copies of the Saint. The Saint is an "interactive entertainment" handheld device which also has numerous features that are commonly found in smartphones. Every Saint will include a copy of the Bible and the Real Baseball Simulator. This will be the full version of the Real Baseball Simulator.

Additional programming is available on Sanctustube. The Royal Networks maintain a popular Sanctustube channel, which will include live streams and on-demand access to every game from the WBC. It already includes on-demand access to any game from the last 2 WBCs, free of charge. If you'd rather watch programming from your home nation, you can probably find it on Sanctustube. Outside of Saintland, if you watch an unauthorized video of a non-Sanctii show on Sanctustube, you will see the show unedited. However, when accessed within Saintland, Sanctustube displays a highly edited version. Anything that is deemed incompatible with the values of Saintland will be removed and background music is usually replaced with music of Sanctii origin. It is not unheard of for the King's Government censors to ideologically translate a foreign television program or movie to reflect the values of Saintland.

There are movie theaters in the cities of Saintland which mostly show (low-budget) movies produced by Sanctii directors. Movies must be approved by the censors before they can be shown in movie theaters. Sometimes, popular foreign films will be broadcast in the theater, typically after an ideological translation and massive editing.

Cantus Virginum is the most popular musical group in Saintland. The group consists of around a hundred members at any given time. Their members are young women who are either still legally minors under the laws of Saintland or have only recently become adults. Their music is primarily popular with their peers and with girls slightly younger than them. It is widely considered, even among citizens of Saintland, to be of poor quality. However, it is considered impolite in Saintland to publicly criticize their (lack of) singing ability and they remain extremely popular.

Important Laws

As Saintland is a theocratic nation, pornography, prostitution and public nudity are all highly illegal. The ban on pornography includes "written" pornography, a category that includes most romance novels of foreign origin. Tobacco, Cannabis and other recreational drugs are also illegal. Drinking alcohol is legal, although it is highly regulated. There are limits on how much alcohol an individual may purchase. Drinking alcohol outside of communion is unlawful for minors, university students and soldiers that are not officers. Excessive drunkenness in public is illegal. Contrary to popular misconception, protesting is actually legal in Saintland, but sedition and blasphemy are illegal. In effect, this means that any protest against the King's Government or the Church of Saintland is considered a criminal act. However, a protest against horse racing at the Saintland Triple Crown by citizens of the Equestrian States was permitted. There are laws on the books that prohibit aiding unlawful organizations, such as Feministvs Sanctvsterra and Vindicta Progressvm, in any way whatsoever. Possession of firearms by anybody who is not a police officer or a soldier is strictly prohibited.

While there are sumptuary laws on the books, most of them will not be enforced upon visitors to the World Baseball Classic playoffs in Saintland. However, women who are playing in or attending WBC games in Saintland will be required to wear a head covering. Visitors who are not following the sumptuary laws should keep their IDs with them at all times and be ready to show them to any soldier or police officer upon request. This exemption will apply to nationals from nations that have a team competing in the World Baseball Classic and will remain in effect until up to 72 hours after the elimination of their nation's national team. Any foreign nationals that remain in Saintland 3 days after the elimination of their team will automatically obtain visitor status, with their 90 day clock to either apply for foreign resident status, apply for immigrant status or leave starting at the moment they arrived in Saintland.


Everybody visiting Saintland for the World Baseball Classic should plan to go through Customs prior to entering the nation. Customs is a branch of the Royal Army, which is tasked with keeping contraband out of Saintland. Customs will thoroughly search all items that are taken into Saintland. They will primarily be searching for guns, tobacco, cannabis, other recreational drugs, blasphemous material, seditious material and pornography. If a book appears to be "written pornography," that can cause a long delay in Customs while the Customs officials check the list of known works of "written pornography" to see if the book in question is on the list.


During the World Baseball Classic, games will be hosted in 4 stadiums in the cities of St. Paulus and St. Petrus.

Royal Park

Located in St. Petrus, Royal Park is the home stadium of the Saintland National Baseball Team. Seating 51,773 fans, Royal Park is a traditional ballpark, but with a SaintTurf surface. With a moderate amount of foul territory and fences at 325 feet in left/right and 405 in center, Royal Park is a fairly neutral park.

Royal Stadium

Royal Stadium, located in St. Petrus, is Saintland's National Stadium. The spacious stadium seats 62,383 fans and is normally the home of the National Soccer Team and the National Gridiron Team. Not designed for baseball, Royal Stadium is a massive stadium with a huge amount of foul territory. The left field fence is only 288 feet away, but the center field fence is 468 feet away and the right field fence is 392 feet. Royal Stadium has a grass surface, which was re-seeded several months ago after an incident at the 20th World Bowl.

Via Damascus Stadium

The Via Damascus Stadium, which means "Road to Damascus" in English, is located in St. Paulus, the largest city in Saintland. Via Damascus is Saintland's second most prestigious stadium. It was the home of the National Rugby Union Team during the most recent World Cup of Rugby Union. It is also the home stadium of the St. Paulus teams for soccer and gridiron. Although not designed for baseball, Via Damascus has a SaintTurf surface and a large amount of foul territory. In Via Damascus Stadium, the fences in left field and right field are 345 feet away. The distance to the center field fence is 420 feet.

King Paulus XIV Park

King Paulus XIV Park is a baseball stadium in St. Paulus, which is named after the great-great-great-grandfather of King Paulus XV. King Paulus XIV was a legendary pitcher in the early days of baseball in Saintland. He was every bit as dominant in his time as Prince Andreas and Prince Ioannes are in their respective sports today. In honor of King Paulus XIV, the best pitcher in Saintland's baseball league is awarded the King Paulus XIV award. Although the park is named for a legendary pitcher, this natural grass stadium is a very traditional ballpark in its design. King Paulus XIV Park has very little foul territory and the fences are fairly short. In left, the fence is 298 feet away, but the wall is 30 feet high. In right, the fence is just 313 feet from home plate, while the center field fence is 401 feet away. These dimensions make King Paulus XIV Park one of the most difficult places to pitch in Saintland.

Additional Information

For additional information, please consult the following RPs:

Lonely Multiverse


Development of the Saint


Cantus Virginum

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Postby Maklohi Vai » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:06 pm

Maklohi Vai National Baseball Team
Nickname: Lumai
Acronym: MKV
Home Field: Kamanakai Oa'a Pani Stadium
MANAGER: Okao Lomnai

One name is not a misprint; some Vaian athletes go by one name
SS #7- Aputo Roma’ai (R/R)
LF #2- Iao Laina (S/L)
1B #3- Ri’ino Uilnai (L/L)
3B #9- Mae’ao (S/R)
CF #1- Koilani Ruputuo (S/R)
2B #8- Arnao (R/R)
C #4- Moalna’akai Lai (R/R)
RF #6- Wolo Rakinalmanai (L/R)
Pitcher Spot

SS #7- Aputo Roma’ai (R/R)
LF #2- Iao Laina (S/L)
1B #3- Ri’ino Uilnai (L/L)
3B #9- Mae’ao (S/R)
CF #1- Koilani Ruputuo (S/R)
DH #11- Nalo Makai (R/R)
2B #8- Arnao (R/R)
C #4- Moalna’akai Lai (R/R)
RF #6- Wolo Rakinalmanai (L/R)

#5- Ratai Moi (LHP)
#13- Arwai (RHP)
#10- Aonmai Rutulotoa (RHP)
#12- Rom Lunomai (LHP)
#61- Uwo (LHP)

INF- #11 Nalo Makai (R/R) DH in DH games
INF- #14 Tutai (L/L)
INF- #15 Riolai Komotai (S/R)
OF- #18 Woi Mai (R/R)
OF- #17 Luimao Makai (S/R)
OF- #16 Woilao Wanao (L/L)

#73- Ru (RHP) long relief
#43- Unrowai Lonma’ao (RHP) mid relief
#20- Katwo (LHP) lefty specialist
#55- A’awnai Kupantai (RHP) 7th inning
#63- Rimai Lomukiwo (LHP) 8th inning
#42- Maruamo Riwara (RHP) Closer

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, follow my lineup posted above.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes, follow the rotation posted above.
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, only one per game
DH used at home: No, and this shouldn’t even be a question
Godmod other events: No

Official Commentator and Post Game Analyst: Wolmoto Likani

All time WBC Stats:
HR: Mae'ao 102, Arnao 15, Wolo Rakinalmanai 8, Ri'ino Uilnai 4, Aputo Roma'ai 3, Iao Laina 3, Koilani Ruputuo 2, Moalna’akai Lai 2, Luimao Makai 1
RBI: Mae'ao 221, Arnao 30, Wolo Rakinalmanai 20, Aputo Roma'ai 12, Moalna'akai Lai 12, Ri'ino Uilnai 10, Koilani Ruputuo 9, Iao Laina 4, Luimao Makai 1, Rimai Lomukiwo 1
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Hosted: MVBT 1; WBC 27; Friendly Cups 7, 9; (co-) NSCAA 5
Former President, WBC; WBC Councillor
Senator Giandomenico Abruzzi, Workers Party of Galatea
Head Administrator
Beto Goncalves, Chair, CTA
Abraham Kamassi, Chair, Labour Party of Elizia
President of Calaverde Eduardo Bustamante; Leader, LDP
President of Baltonia Dovydas Kanarigis; Leader, LDP
President of Aurentina Wulukuno Porunalakai; Leader, Progress Coa.

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Postby Saintland » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:07 pm

Saintland National Baseball Team

Style Modifier: -1
Captain: Petrus Tragus
Colors: Red and White
Demonym: Sanctii
Trigram: SNT
Stadium: Royal Park
Stadium Location: St. Petrus
Stadium Capacity: 51,773
Distance to Walls: 325 feet to left and right, 405 to center
Stadium Surface: SaintTurf



1: #1 Ioannes Bebius (L/L)
2: #28 Andreas Fundanus (R/R)
3: #47 Paulus Famulus (R/R)


CL: #82 "Wild One" Josephus Oppius (R/R)
SU: #12 Petrus Nonius (L/L)
MR: #78 Lucas Rufus (S/R)
MR: #91 Alessandro Arius (R/R)
LR: #61 Thomas Ulpius (R/L)
LR: #22 Marcus Laelius (L/R)

Starting Lineup (listed in order)

CF: #3 Petrus Tragus (R/R)
SS: #2 Ioannes Sentius (S/R)
LF: #11 Matthaeus Bebius (R/L)
1B: #25 Lucius Maccius (L/L)
RF: #88 Petrus Iulus (L/L)
3B: #5 "Iron" Lucas Maianius (R/R)
DH: #51 Paulus Sittius (L/R)
C: #70 Marcus Vagnius (S/R)
2B: #33 Marcus Tragus (R/R)


C: #45 Thomas Ennius (R/R)
IF: #9 Lucas Cnisius (R/R)
IF: #32 Stephanus Neratius (S/R)
OF: #79 Paulus Juventius (R/R)
OF: #19 Petrus Fannius (S/L)


The same Saintland National Baseball Team that competed in the 26th World Baseball Classic will return this time, hoping to earn a playoff berth on their home turf. Marcus Tragus is an exceptional defensive 2B. This year, he has finally developed into a decent hitter. Matthaeus and Ioannes Bebius are brothers, as are Petrus and Marcus Tragus. Sittius is a defensive liability. He used to be a great defensive player and a very fast player, but he's gained weight. He is still an exceptional contact hitter, but he is a very slow baserunner these days and often fails to beat out throws he used to beat consistently. Ennius is a good defensive catcher who is just decent offensively. Vagnius is a great hitter and above-average defensively. Matthaeus Bebius was in the midst of a breakout season when he suffered a season-ending injury on June 26th, 2012. He returned at WBC 25 and is having a career year in Saintland's domestic league this year. Bebius and Iulus are 5-tool players. Iulus is finally putting it all together this season. Petrus Tragus is a very fast player who stole 128 bases in 2012. Sentius is a good hitter, but he is primarily known for his leadership and his highlight-reel defense. Maccius is known as the top power hitter in Saintland, but he doesn't make much contact. Maianius is above-average at hitting for contact, power and defensively. He is known as "Iron" Lucas Maianius because he hasn't missed a game in over 10 seasons, a streak that was broken during the last WBC. Cnisius is normally a second baseman and Neratius is normally a third baseman. Cnisius is a decent all-around player offensively, but he is below-average defensively. Neratius is an average hitter with exceptional speed and good defense. Juventius is a poor man's Petrus Tragus, albeit without Tragus's patience at the plate. Rufus returned from an injury in midseason of last year. Most Sanctii players have good plate patience. Sittius and Juventius are the exceptions to that rule, as they tend to swing at pitches early in the count. The Saintland will again use a 3-man rotation this time around. Although the 4-man rotation is the norm in Saintland, Petrus Tragus went with a 3-man last time so that Ioannes Bebius could. In Saintland, the closer gets many 6-out save opportunities. In 2012, Bebius won 40 games, struck out 413 batters in 375 innings and had an ERA below 2, winning the King Paulus XIV Award, named for the great-great-great-grandfather of King Paulus XV and greatest pitcher in the history of Saintland baseball. Famulus is just as powerful a pitcher, but has control problems. Fundanus averages just below a strikeout an inning. Nonius and Oppis have similar power to the starters. Laelius, Rufus and Ulpius are finesse pitchers. Arius is a knuckleball pitcher. Saintland will use its bench aggressively because most of the bench players are of comparable ability to the starters and have different skill sets. Sanctii baseball players are taught not to argue with umpires and doing so is unthinkable. Surprisingly, King Paulus XV installed SaintTurf at Royal Park, but Royal Stadium uses a grass surface. As those familiar with Saintland's World Bowl team know, the surface at Royal Stadium was re-seeded following World Bowl 20 due to Royal Army drills that "inadvertently" turned much of Royal Stadium into a swamp, but the King still has no plans to install turf at that stadium or to install grass at the baseball stadium. The fences at Royal Park were moved in prior to WBC26 to increase capacity and for strategic reasons.

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes (be realistic)
Choose my lineup: No (if I make any lineup changes, I will announce them in my RP for the previous day and if no DH is used, just take Sittius out of the lineup and move both Vagnius and M. Tragus up a spot)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: Yes

EDIT: Ioannes Bebius's scheduled start on MD5 will be skipped. Andreas Fundanus will start against North Franklin instead. From there, my team will resume going through their rotation in order.
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Qazox WBC 27 Roster

Postby Qazox » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:09 pm

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes (weather related only)
Use DH at home: HELL NO

Manager: Ike Mesa
Pitching Coach: Tobias Monroe
1st base/defensive Coach: Jessica Talbot
3rd base/hitting Coach: Brad Burns

Starting Lineup- (bats/throws)
SS Alexa Charles (R/R)
RF Ezekiel Miles (S/R)
3B Jack Northfield (R/R)
1B (DH when needed) Vincente Pachuga (L/L)
LF May Mathews (R/R)
2B Tyiqua Antony (L/L)
C Aaron Green (R/R)
CF Lorilei Cauldwell (S/L)
Starting Pitcher

1B Derek Langdon (bats 6th in DH games, with evrryone dropping 1 spot) (R/R)
Inf Carla Bramble (S/R)
Inf Wyatt Kane (R/R)
C Brad Questa (L/R)
OF Hallie Burke (L/L)
OF Sean Thaniv (R/R)

Starting Rotation (throws/bats)
Ryan Kolkata (L/R)
Tiffany Stanhope (R/R)
Tyrone Buller (R/R)
Jessica Shawnee (L/L)

Chandra Miller (LHP long relief)
Dave Ianson (RHP long relief)
Ryanne Ivante (RHP mid relief)
James Crenwik (LHP mid relief)
Paul Bruno (RHP short relief)
Gary Jobs (LHP short relief)
Kylie Francisco (RHP CLOSER)

SCHEDULE: (Group 4)
MD2: @ Lymantatia
MD3: v. Milchama @ Parque Isla de Cràneos, Cuidad de Iguana (Capacity: 39,126)
MD4: @ Sakurakoku
MD5: v. Levivania @ Hammond Stadium, New Bruxen (Capacity: 54,321)
MD7: v. Lymantatia @ Eric Reisen Field, Bruxen (Capacity: 41,025)
MD8: @ Milchama
MD9: v. Sakurakoku @ Burrito King Field, Las Vitas (Capacity: 49,000)
MD10: @ Levivania
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Postby The Serbian Empire » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:10 pm

Nation Code: SRB
Team Nickname: Vuk (Wolves)

C (2): #4 Nemanja Milic, #24
1B/3B (3): #2, #7 Enver Andrijasevic, #19
2B/SS (3): #3, #6 Momcilo Alenic, #30 Tihomir Kotalic
OF (4): #21, #44 Alen Cechmanich, #15 Marijo Vucevic, #22
UTIL (2): #8, #11

Starting Pitchers (4): #41 Vladimir Halisevic, #33 Andrej Kuzmanov, #48 Nemanja Crnic, #60 Marek Rancic
Relief Pitchers (8): #99, #40, #37, #38, #27, #51, #56, #52 Milorad Vranes (may spot start at times)

Batting Order

#6 Alenic
#15 Vucevic
#4 Milic
#44 Cechmanich
#7 Andrijasevic
DH: #8

Starting Rotation


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, if I mention an injury first.
Godmod injuries to my players: Send a telegram if you want.
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: Yes

Names will be revealed in later RPs
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Postby Estope » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:15 pm

Nation: Estope
Acronym: EST
Home Park: Thomas-Johnson Field (18,650)
Manager: Nicolas Carr - Age 59 - (9-6)
Pitching Coach: Gregory Jackson - Age 47
Hitting Coach: Richard Willhem - Age 62
Fielding Coach: Taylor Neyman - Age 41

(Starters in Bold)
Name - Age - Bats - Trows

1. Eric Almanza(SP) - Age 25 - R - R
2. Cedric Mothershed(SP) - Age 22 - L - L
3. Garrett Masser(SP) - Age 26 - R - R
4. Taylor Nolden(SP) - Age 21 - R - R
Noel Pelot(RP) - Age 28 - L - L
Ed Knippenberg(RP) - Age 24 - R - R
Jonathon Nitka(RP) - Age 21 - L - L
Colin Noakes(CL) - Age 29 - R - R

James Campella - Age 27 - R - R
Carroll Schrier - Age 24 - L - L

1st Base
Cory Keys - Age 28 - R - R
Irving Faden - Age 27 - R - R

2nd Base
Austin Forde - Age 22 - R - R
Dallas Clutts - Age 20 - R - R

Alex Alvez - Age 24 - R - R
Levi Breck - Age 27 - L - L

3rd Base
Fabio Fernandez - Age 25 - R - R
Marty Stille - Age 23 - R - R

Max Meister(LF) - Age 20 - R - R
Henry Fowler(CF) - Age 27 - R - R
Jessie Driggers (RF) - Age 24 - R - R

Clark Schack(LF) - Age 25 - L - L
Bryant Bolman(CF) - Age 29 - L - L
Taylor Bottenfield(RF) - Age 23 - R - R

1. Alex Avez (SS)
2. Max Meister (LF)
3. Cory Keys (1st)
4. Jessie Driggers (RF)
5. Henry Fowler (CF)
6. Fabio Fernandez (3rd)
7. Austin Forde (2nd)
8. DH Bryant Bolman or Pitcher
9. James Campella (Catcher)

Style Modifier: -4

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: Yes
Soccer: 61st (14.33 pts.) | Football: 26th (9.08 pts.) | Baseball: 13th (3.23 pts.) | Rugby: 13th (5.07 pts.)
Hockey: 11th (16.85 pts.) | Basketball: 25th (2.73 pts.) | Lacrosse: 4th (37.62 pts.)
Maklohi Vai Tournament (Baseball)
Esportiva Union Cup II (Rugby)
Estope Open
World Bowl XXIII
Maple Leaf Bowl III

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Postby North Franklin » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:44 pm

Nickname: Wasps
Manager: Chad Helfert (Father of current star Michael Helfert)
Pitching Coach: Aidrien DeLongus (Former Star, 233-165 in career)
1st Base Coach: Daniel Long
3rd Base Coach: Christopher Choarick
Stadium: Elfanno Field (23,500)

Starters: Number-Position-Name-Age-Bats-Throws
32-1B-Kendrick Johnson-24-L-L
1-SS-Nicco Valerincio-32-R-R
17-C-Marc Puriene-28-S-R
45-LF-Michael Helfert-27-R-R
99-RF-David O'Neil-35-L-R
39-3B-Marc Curtis-19-L-L
(DH goes here if used)
3-CF-Alec Helton-30-R-R
78-2B-Jamie Ranstall-R-R
Pitcher Spot

Bench: Number-Position-Name-Age-Bats-Throws
8-DH-Saheed Liriana-33-R-R
55-INF-Kenny Ess-20-L-L
54-INF-Kevin Ess-20-L-L
2-OF-Jack Turnham-34-S-R
80-OF-Ricky Rhodes-25-S-L
91-C-Mike Ernest-30-R-R

Pitching Rotation: Number-Position-Name-Age-Bats-Throws
19-SP-William Cranston-39-L-L
42-SP-Garrison Murray-30-R-R
38-SP-Oden Gregory-23-S-R
93-SP-Nick Satasive-34-L-R
66-SP-Christian Gell-31-R-R

78-JaDamian Starks (RHP)
59-John Warmack (RHP)
53-BJ Hamilton (RHP)
70-Kenwood Black (LHP)
4-Johnson Tellgwood (LHP)
9-Avery Carder (CP)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: 1 Per Game
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Absolutely Not
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Postby New Texaco » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:59 pm

New Texaco Oilers Roster

Manager: Cito Gonzalez

Lineup (all based on Texas MLB players)

OF Michael Bowie
2B Jorge Canto
OF Bruce Jakes
DH Adam Davis (for DH games, all others move up when no DH is in effect)
OF Scott Pence
3B David Gant
1B Chris Dunn
C Brad LaRue
SS Clint Carpenter


UTIL Omar Vasquez
C Jeremy Jennings
IF Matt McCarty

Pitching Rotation


Clay Bubela
Jared Crawford
Dean Danks
Kyle Duke
Gil Lackey


Randy Heep
Cliff Jennings
Scott Kendrick
Carlos Hernandez
James Logan
Lucas Mahler
Andres Quintanilla
Pedro Vilarde

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: Yes

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Postby Welsh Cowboy » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:16 pm

Welsh Cowboy National Baseball Team
World Baseball Classic 27

Coaching Staff
Manager: Karl Schelner (0-0)
Pitching Coach: Bradley Vernard
1B/Hitting Coach: Joseph Matton
3B Coach/Assistant Manager: Robert Duval

Starting Lineup (Number/Position/Bats/Throws)
1. #2 2B Luke Burchett (R/R)
2. #10 RF Devon Clarke (L/R)
3. #3 3B Pierce Brosen (R/R)
4. #14 LF Anders Thurgen (R/R)
5. #27 CF James Madsen (S/R)
[6. #15 DH Carl Burhansk (L/NA)]
6. #30 1B Rodney Larrick (R/R)
7. #8 SS Chris Robelm (R/R)
8. #12 C Bradley Lakeland (R/R)
9. Pitcher Slot

Pitching Rotation
1. RHP #34 Robert Gale
2. RHP #9 Martin Brodvik
3. RHP #21 Ethan Chalmers
4. LHP #44 Franklin Anderson
5. RHP #18 Scott Yagenov

Bench Players (Number/Position/Bats/Throws)
#15 1B/DH Carl Burhansk (L/R)
#22 OF Neil Harper (R/R)
#24 1B/OF Herman Cunoggio (L/R)
#37 IF Sherman Bannister (R/R)
#51 C Randle Von Hoffman (R/R)

LR #35 RHP Ben Gasconta
MR #38 LHP Carl Pauvelle
MR #46 RHP Andrew Charlton
MR #47 RHP Fernando Alonso
SU #18 LHP Wilson Capps
SU #29 RHP Bryan Pondexter
CL #41 RHP Mark Flynn

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, follow the one I posted
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes, the one I posted
Godmod scoring events: Yes, but for example, the only major power threats are the 3-5 hitters. Home runs from other players should be limited.
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
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Postby Imota » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:27 pm

Imota National Baseball Team
Demonym: Imotan
Abbreviation: IMT
Nickname: Sunwings
Home Field: Imperial Sun Dome, Mitakihara (retractable dome, seats 45,000)
Uniform: White (home) or Grey (road) with "IMOTA" in red letters across the chest. Cap is solid white (home) or gray (road) with a red "I" surrounded by two red wings.

Position: #number Name (Age) [Team] (Notes)

Manager: #56 Ken Urofuchi (54) [Mitakihara Archers] (Widely regarded as one of Imota's best baseball players ever. A legendary outfielder who consistently was in the top five for most batting categories and still holds the single season RBI record. One of the Four Emperors of the Mitakihara Archers.)

Bench Coach: #61 Yuuta Arashiri (48) [Mitakihara Archers] (Another of the Four Emperors. A former infielder known for his agility and accurate throws under pressure.)

1B Coach: #64 Franz Lilienthal (45) [Tamiyasu Rabbits] (A former infielder for several teams including the Rabbits. Left the pros early when he discovered his skill for teaching.)

3B Coach: #67 Yuusuke Asumi (44) [Mitakihara Archers] (The third of the Four Emperors. A highly skilled infielder who still holds the single season stolen bases record.)

Pitching Coach: #68 Hiroshi Kasahara (48) [Akibahara Angels] (A former pitcher nicknamed "The Spook" for his psychological approach to pitching. The only Imotan pitcher to throw multiple perfect games, but also holds the dubious honor of most walks in a game ever.)

Bullpen Coach: #82 Kaoru Mizuhashi (53) [Mitakihara Archers] (The fourth of the Four Emperors. A legendary closer nicknamed "Master K" for the frequency with which he would end games by striking out the side. Holds the single season save record.)

Hitting Coach: #84 Riku Takanashi (47) [Kasumi Crows] (An eccentric former infielder with a knack for bloop singles. The only former position player on the coaching staff who has never homered in a regular season game.)

Athletic Trainer: #87 Kazu Seki (32) [Kasumi Crows]

Strength and Conditioning Coach: #89 Jun Oota (35) [Yatsugatake Tengu]

Team Doctor: Dr. Hiro Kirishima (45) [Kasumi Crows]

Order. #Number Position Bats/Throws Name [Team]

1. #2 SS R/R Yoshifumi Shameimaru (28) [Yatsugatake Tengu] (Regular second baseman for the Tengu. Not very powerful, but widely regarded as the fastest in the league.)

2. #34 3B S/R Akitoshi Touno (31) [Fuyuki Sabers] (Regular third baseman for the Sabers. A powerful hitter with a keen eye and nerves of steel.)

3. #9 1B L/L Yasuhiro Chadani (30) [Tamiyasu Rabbits] (Regular first baseman for the Rabbits. Slow, but powerful, and one of Imota's most prolific sluggers.)

4. #5 CF R/R Akio Homura (28) [Mitakihara Archers] (Regular center fielder and clean up hitter for the Archers. Perhaps the best outfielder in Imota, he led the league in home runs and RBIs last season, and had the third best batting average.)

5. #12 LF R/R Naoto Takamachi (31) [Uminari Lighting] (Regular center fielder for the Lighting, and often overshadowed by Homura. Had the best batting average in the league last season.)

6. #44 DH L/L Kiyohiko Sakurai (28) [Mitakihara Archers] (Regular first baseman for the Archers. Holds the dubious honor of causing more property damage and injuries with batted balls than any other player in the history of the league.

7/6. #21 C L/L Atsushi Miura (35) [Akibahara Angels] (Regular catcher for the Angels. Known for remaining calm under pressure and for catching some of the league's wilder pitchers.)

8/7. #10 2B R/R Haruki Kamio (25) [Kasumi Crows] (Regular second baseman for the Crows. His lackluster bat is compensated for with probably the best glove in the league today.)

9/8. #17 RF S/L Satoshi Houjou (27) [Hinamizawa Sea Cats] (Regular right fielder for the Sea Cats. Despite his powerful throwing arm and pinpoint accuracy, he's a rather lackluster batter.)

9. Pitcher

#Number Position Bats/Throws Name (Age) [Team] (Notes)

#11 OF R/R Rinnosuke Aoba (31) [Tamiyasu Rabbits] (Regular right fielder for the Rabbits. Powerful and agile, he nonetheless has one of the worst strikeout percentages in the league.)

#23 C L/L Senjirou Ushiromiya (24) [Hinamizawa Sea Cats] (Regular catcher for the Sea Cats. A somewhat unpolished rookie with great potential.)

#26 IF S/R Hayato Yagami (27) [Uminari Lightning] (Regular shortstop for the Lightning. Agility and a surprisingly good bat make him an excellent all-around player.)

#28 IF R/R Nagi Touno (29) [Kasumi Crows] (Regular shortstop for the Crows. Lacks power, but has a good on-base percentage and a top notch defense.)

#41 OF R/R Makoto Sawatari (31) [Kasumi Crows] (The somewhat flightly regular left fielder for the Crows is nonetheless a powerful batter. Not very fast, though.)

#Number Bats/Throws Name (Age) [Team] (Role) (Notes)

#18 R/R Eiji Miki (29) [Mitakihara Archers] (Ace) (Mitakihara's ace has a 98 MPH four-seam fastball, and supplements it with a wicked slider. His other off-speed pitches need more work, however.)

#27 R/R Rinnosuke Natsume (30) [Kasumi Crows] (Despite some control issues, the Crows' ace has a solid two-seam fastball and curveball, and loves to use them.)

#31 L/L Renji Hong (32) [Yatsugatake Tengu] (This Tengu starter has some stability issues, but his slider and a nasty eephus keep opposing hitters off guard. His so-called fastball is something of a league joke.)

#36 R/R Makoto Kikuchi (20) [Akibahara Angels] (The youngest player on Imota's squad. Has a solid repertoire of fastballs, but his control and off-speed pitches need work.)

#39 L/L Shinobu Tsukimura (27) [Uminari Lightning] (Spot/Long Reliever) (A rather average Lightning starter. Despite good control and a well-balanced repertoire of pitches, he doesn’t particularly stand out with any of them.)

#Number Bats/Throws Name (Age) [Team] (Role) (Notes)

#49 R/R Tomohiro Mamiya (36) [Mitakihara Archers] (Long Reliever) (A former starter for the Archers. Relies heavily on his slider and curveball.)

#32 R/R Issei Tsumuhana (28) [Hinamizawa Sea Cats] (Long Reliever) (This Sea Cats long reliever has a large repertoire of off-speed pitches, but mainly relies on his sinker.)

#35 R/R Arahiko Inui (29) [Fuyuki Sabers] (Middle Reliever) (Despite a powerful arm, this Sabers reliever isn’t very bright, and relies on his catcher to do most of the thinking. Whether being paired with the best catcher in the league will help him shine is anyone’s guess.)

#48 L/L Reijirou Hakurei (34) [Yatsugatake Tengu] (Middle Reliever) (Despite control issues, this middle reliever has a large repertoire of pitches. He primarily relies on his curveball.)

#45 L/L Shirou Emiya (32) [Fuyuki Sabers] (Left handed Specialist) (The Sabers’ left handed specialist has very good control, but not a lot of power, rarely breaking 80 MPH.)

#46 R/R Mikoto Aoi (33) [Tamiyasu Rabbits] (Setup man) (Regular closer for the Rabbits. Keeps opposing batters off guard with a wide variety of off-speed pitches, but rarely exceeds 90 MPH.)

#29 L/L Makoto Kaname (31) [Mitakihara Archers] (Closer) (The Archers’ closer has a well-deserved reputation for shutting down opposing batters. Is a master of a wide variety of pitches, but lacks the endurance to pitch more than a few innings. His favorite pitch is a split-fingered fastball.)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Limit one per game
Godmod other events: Weather related only
Use DH at home: No
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Postby New Edom » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:19 pm

The New Edomite Diatrymas

Manager Joachim Kotzebue
Coach Hugo Macon
Assistant Coach Nehemiah Clock

Catcher: Paul Bloser (1)
Shortstop: Julian Paulucci (2)
First Base: Thomas Baruch (3)
Second Base: Gregor Serilla (4)
Third Base: Benjamin Jordan (5)
Right Field: Anthony Komosa (6)
Left Field: Gerhard Heibrunn (7)
Center Field: Joseph Bovee (8)
Starting Pitchers:
- Romulus Gordius (18)
- Martin Levy (60)
- John Bonath (62)
- Columba Bagoon (63)
- Martin Short (64)
Relief Pitchers:
- Aidan Jacobi (65)
- Solomon Woolf (66)
- Rupert Hentzau (67
- David Fox (68)
- Daniel Corder (69)
Backup Cacher: Lucius Tuller (9)
Backup Infielders:
- Matthew Abel (10)
- Felix Rose (11)
- John Parot (12)
Backup Outfielders:
- Jacob Blang (14)
- Daniel Timm (15)
- Paul Kraft (16)
Pinch Hitter: Christian Saenger (44)

Batting Order
1. Catcher: Paul Bloser (1)
2. Shortstop: Julian Paulucci (2)
3. First Base: Thomas Baruch (3)
4. Second Base: Gregor Serilla (4)
5. Third Base: Benjamin Jordan (5)
6. Right Field: Anthony Komosa (6)
7. Left Field: Gerhard Heibrunn (7)
8. Center Field: Joseph Bovee (8)
9. Pinch Hitter: Christian Saenger (44)

(Follows numbers after 8 for reserve batters)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: One per game.
Godmod other events: Weather, fan responses
Use DH at home: Yes
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Postby Super-Llamaland » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:26 pm

RP Permissions:
Choose my runscorers: Y
Choose my lineup: N
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y (one per match)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Eject my players: Y (only one without ejecting a few of your players. Ex: you can eject Alex Cameron, but if you want to eject Evan Masorka too, you better eject some of your own. Don't eject my entire team plus one of your players, either.)
Godmod other events: Y
Designated Hitter at home: N
And our Kits? Image thanks to Vulpine Sportif.

So, here are the Llamaland Tigers, top-20 in the world, Fourth place in the first International Baseball Slam and the pride of Super-Llamaland! (When they're playing, otherwise it's the soccer team)

LAST YEAR: First Tigers Playoff Appearance in WBC history. Swept by Equestrian States, but still.

Changes from WBC 26 are struck out!

Starting Lineup (Danks, Mills, Moreno, and Roberts are lefty hitting; Bradley is a switch hitter)

1. SS Darren Bradley- Age 29, #15 (Can also play: None): Best contact hitter in the Llamaland Baseball League. Good speed/defense and veteran presence. Good power for his relatively small size.

2. 2B Max Danks- Age 24, #2 (3B, SS) A scrappy player who can steal often and plays amazing defense. Good hitter, but could improve.

3. 3B Alex Cameron- Age 29, #7 (RF, but close your eyes) A former benchwarmer, Cameron underwent a Jose Bautista- like transformation. Now is a fantastic 30-30 type hitter with good contact. Defense needs work. Now with knee issues!

4. 1B Danny Mills- Age 30, #13 (None) Mills, a power hitter, loves pulling it to right field. Average contact hitter but when he hits it, he hits it FAR. Also a sterling defender at first.

5. RF Chris Harder- Age 28, #30 (LF) Chris Harder may be just a slightly-above-average hitter, but his throwing arm is one of the best his team has ever seen. Below average speed.

6. CF Brett Rochester- Age 23, #0 (OF) Rochester is the kind of player who bunts himself onto first, steals second and third, and then tags up for home on a pop fly just out of the infield to the opposing shortstop. Without bunt singles, he's hitting .279, but with them, he's .305. He can also slap it over defenders when they pull in. Without these kind of hits, he's hitting .265. Average everything else.

7. LF Jake Addams- Age 25, #1 (OF) Almost as fast as Rochester.

8. C Tyler Thomas- Age 37, #3(1B) Bryant Moreno, Age 28, #3: A pretty-good-at-everything catcher with a large personality. Batting .310/.370/.480 all the time in the LBL. (Throws righty, bats lefty)

9. DH (If needed) Keith Dawson- Age 22, #24(C/1B) Young and raw but with fantastic power.


Jim Atkins, OF, #18, 33: A veteran who beats lefties to death: .381 against them compared to .235 versus righties. A good option for pinch-hitting, with a great arm in right, left or center.

Drew Stephenson, IF, #11, 28: He can play third, short, second, and left. Good contact, speed, and defense, everything else is below-average. Will get more time with Cameron's health problems.

Duncan Roberts, IF, #18, 25Trevor Matthews, OF, #18, 18: A young outfielder with world class talent and a switch hitting bat. Matthews' swing is the purest in the Llamaland Minor League at any level, but his baseball IQ could use work.

Manager- Joe McKenzie, 54
Hitting Coach- Steve Mays, 57
1B Coach- Nick Horry, 44
3B Coach- Stan Evans, 66
PITCHING COACH- Thomas Yaft, 42
BULLPEN COACH- Chris Evans, 41
BULLPEN CATCHERS- Don George, 36, and Jack Aaron, 45.

The Llamas are just off their first playoff appearance in the WBC.
Thomas Yaft, the old manager, was disappointed after his ouster as coach. Yaft, a former New Llama Cyclones starter who won 219 games in his career, will become pitching coach. Pitching coach Chris Evans will become bullpen coach to adjust to the retirement of Vinny Marrero. Bullpen catcher Ray Nelson was signed by the Cyclones and decided to chase his old major-league dream after a successful minor league career. In his place is the recently retired Don George. The new manager is former New Llama Cyclones manager Joe McKenzie (who complied a 1867-1211 over nineteen years) who agreed to be international team manager.



R Evan Masorka- 27, #43- Low-to-mid nineties fastball, nasty high-80s sinker and splitter, looping low-70s curveball. He's so good with his other pitches and command that he doesn't even need a changeup. His career changed after the development of the final pitch.

L Ryan Lucas- 30, #44- He's made a career of his amazing curveball. A quote from catcher Chris Romatini: "It completely skips the strike zone. It starts on one edge and ends on another." He also has a nice fastball in the low nineties. But he can't seem to stay healthy for more than two starts.

L Leo Davis- #51, 26- He's been almost always injured, but has a golden arm. He throws triple-digit fastballs and mid-nineties Mariano Rivera cutters. Who needs offspeed?

R Allan Roswell- #36, 38
L Alex Arroyo - #25, 21- The latest young stud off the U-21 squad. Arroyo is rising quickly through the Llamanean minor leagues and features high nineties heat with a 92-mph bugs bunny slider and a mid-seventies curve. Nicely done, pitching coaches.

R Chris Lee- #31, 27 R Rick Jackson, #50, 31- Once a Long Reliever who got spot starts, Jackson has a high-80s 2-seamer as his out pitch and usually throws that, a low-70s curve, and a knuckle curve in the high 60s. Nobody knows why he bothered learning two curveballs.

R Rick Jackson, #50, 31R Chris Lee, #66, 27: A knuckleballer with a 2.95 ERA in eight seasons. Coming off a fiendishly brilliant season during which he won twenty-two and lost seven with a 2.35 ERA. Lee, a WBC26 starter, will be more welcome than the horrendous control of David Mendello, whose ERA of 10.80 during the second International Baseball Slam was worse than Kris Dohickey's ERA in two seasons in the North Division! (9.76, an aggregate six and seventeen as a starter)

L Nick Carter, Lefty Specialist- 24, #73- Lefties can't hit his low-80s sinker. Most people can hit his mid-80s fastball.

L Aaron Raymond/R Alex Carson- Seventh Inning- Raymond- #53, 23: Aaron Raymond features a low-90s 2-seamer and great control. Has gone through four breaking balls looking for the right one and can throw all four to keep you off balance- curveball, slider, cutter, and splitter. Carson- 23, #53: Alex Carson has the same 2-seamer and same control. However, he has a good mid-80s slider and that's it.

L Darren Mueller/L Evan Daye/R Robby Irving- Setup: Mueller- #-3, 24: A slightly cuckoo pitcher (See: Jersey Number) who is one of two pitchers with an eephus on the team. mid-80s 2-seamer, low-60s eephus. Daye- #55, 27: A lefty killer, Daye has an amazing low-90s cutter. That's it. He has no injury troubles or stamina issues, but only one pitch means being whacked in the fourth inning.
Irving: 28/#82- Robby Irving used to be a starter with a low-90s fastball, mid-80s sinker, low-80s slider, and low-70s curveball. Then he got injured and moved to the bullpen.

Nick Bowden- Closer: High 90s-fastball, low 90s- splitter. #43

Lineup (with DH)
Danks 2B
Bradley SS
Cameron 3B
Mills 1B
Dawson DH
Harder RF
Rochester CF
Addams LF
Moreno C
Lineup (without DH): Remove Dawson.
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Postby Levivania » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:02 am

Levivania National Baseball team
Roster and batting order
1. 1B Eric Goorman
2. SS Levi Goldman
3. C Ben Ballmer
4. RF Babe Robinson
5. CF Chip Bukcton
6. 2B Mike Olinsky
7. LF James Wajoroswki
8. 3B. Fabio Zletz
8. P Elvis Hernandez

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Yes


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Hosted: Silver Racket I and II,
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:09 am

Our roster is the same as for International Baseball Slam II, except all slaves on the roster have been liberated except the two defectors. Keep in mind in Gregoryisgodistan, everyone's name is their job and government ID except for high-ranking government officials.

Our manager is Sports Chief Rufus Markel, that is his legal name.

Our style modifier, if that is allowed, is -3.

2B Liberated Slave 9DHUAS (Bats Right/Throws Right)
C Construction Worker XUAHAUAH (R/R)
1B Liberated Slave JJIASDES (L/R)
RF Lumberjack JSUUSI99387 (R/R)
3B Military General Rupert McGee (L/R)
SS Military General Rufus McGee (S/R)
CF Executioner 9D8AH (L/L)

If there is no DH, move Barber LIEUIUSH to Right Field and Lumberjack JSUUSI99387 to center. Bench Executioner 9D8AH and bat the pitcher ninth.

Pitching Rotation (all pitchers bat the same way they throw except if noted)

SP: Liberated Slave USUALSO (R)
SP: Liberated Slave NAUSJW (L)
SP: Liberated Slave 948313 (L)
SP: Liberated Slave HUD8S (R)


Long Relief: Military General Jake Robertson (R)
Middle Relief: Lampmaker 82477GSS (L)
Middle Relief: Carpenter DHHAUS (R)
Set-up Man: Toiletmaker LAO9183 (R)
Set-up Man: Chef SHSUUAISSADF (L/Switch hitter)
Closer: Plumber FAH182 (R)


C: Liberated Slave NSNSH (R/R)
1B: Liberated Slave WAITOKALE (R/R)
2B/SS: Police Officer EWSAUSU (R/R)
3B/OF/1B: Military SuperGeneral Ulysses Martin (L/R)
OF: Military Supergeneral Dominick Brockston (R/R)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: No
Choose my lineup: Follow the listed lineup unless I indicate it will be changed. Then follow that.
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Only if I would be allowed to do the same based on your RP permissions
RP injuries to my players: Only if I would be allowed to do the same based on your RP permissions. If so, one per game max.
Godmod injuries to my players: Only if I would be allowed to do the same based on your RP permissions. If so, one per game max.
Eject my players: Only if I would be allowed to do the same based on your RP permissions. If so, one per game max unless you eject a commensurate number of your players. For instance, you can eject two of my players if you eject one of your own, three if you eject two, etc. This includes coaches as well.
Godmod other events: Only if I can do the same. If so, go crazy, but if it's anything really crazy, like killing off or defecting my players (the latter of which has been done on two occasions), telegram me to give me a heads-up. The only restriction is to comply with major league baseball rules. So it's fine if aliens land on the field and physically prevent a runner from scoring, but then the umpire should call fan interference and count the run anyway. Of course, you could RP the ump getting the call wrong, too, as long as there's some justification for why the run didn't count. Or the player could be distracted by the alien spaceship which was in no way blocking his path and get tagged out, which might be easier to RP. If you're unsure, telegram me rules questions. And feel free to steal my example about the alien spaceship and use it. One more thing - killing my politicians is the only thing not allowed, but attempting unsuccessfully to kill them is (as long as I can do the same to yours) as is staging a fake killing (as long as I can do the same to yours.) Costa Luna knows what I mean by the last one.
Use DH at home: Yes, but as under major league rules, it's optional so your pitcher can bat. But then your pitcher has to bat for the entire game, even if you take out your starter in which case the reliever has to bat. And if your DH moves to the field, you lose your DH for the remainder of the game and your pitcher (or a pinch-hitter) must bat in place of whoever the DH replaced in the field. For more details, read the MLB rulebook or telegram me if you're unsure. My team will still use the DH for our home games though, regardless. You decide for your team. If you RP that your starting pitcher is a good hitter, he can bat. But then you don't get a DH once you take him out.

Most games will be played at Lord Almighty Gregory Baseball Stadium
Capacity: 2,500
LF Line: 314
LCF: 378
CF: 409
RCF: 381
RF Line: 319

Two or three games, to be announced after the draw but before the first stage, will be played at the larger Lord Almighty Gregory National Stadium, which is primarily a soccer stadium. If there are five or six teams per group (meaning four or five home games), there will be two games at National Stadium, against either the top teams or teams which Gregoryisgodistan has a rivalry with, such as Costa Luna. In the event that there are groups of seven or eight, meaning six or seven home games, we will play three games at National Stadium, using the same logic to decide who we play there.

Ground rules

Apparently I can't do spoilers within spoilers, so here's an explanation not in a spoiler. Ground rules are rules relevant to a specific ballpark. Contrary to popular belief, the "ground rule double" where the ball bounces over the fence on a hop is actually an "automatic double" though it would be permissible to use the common name in RP. One RL example of a "ground rule" is that if a fly ball hits the ladder on the Green Monster at Fenway Park, it is a triple and the ball is dead. These rules must be followed if you RP such a situation, but feel free to make up a bizarre explanation for how it occurred. The same applies to ground rules at National Stadium. Also, some of these ground rules deal with situations that are unlikely to arise because the Gregoryisgodistan sports ministry has way too much time on its hands. But feel free to RP them anyway.)

If a batted ball lodges underneath the benches in the bullpens in foul territory in left or right field, the ball is dead, it is a double and all runners advance two bases from the base they are on when the pitch was thrown.
If a batted ball hits the bullpen bench on the fly, it is dead and is a foul ball.
If a ball lands in fair territory, then hits the bullpen bench and bounces back, it is a live ball.
If a ball is in fair territory, and a bird takes it in its beak and flies off, then if the ball was over the outfield it is a double and all runners advance two bases. If it is past an imaginary line from third base to first base through the pitchers mound, it is a single and all runners advance one base. Otherwise, if it is in fair territory, the batter is out. In all cases, the ball is immediately dead. If it is in foul territory when the bird grabs it, it is a foul ball.
If Lord Almighty Gregory causes the ball to be struck by lightning while it is in fair territory, therefore destroying the ball, it is a home run. If it is in foul territory, the batter is out. (This is exactly how the rule reads - but it would apply to any lightning strike, it's just that Gregoryisgodistan would attribute the strike to Lord Almighty Gregory.)
If the pervert who lives in the bushes beyond the outfield exposes himself to an outfielder, which in the umpire's opinion distracts him from making the catch, this constitutes fan interference, and the batter is out. Runners must return to their bases to tag up, but may advance at their own peril once the outfielder fields the ball.
If an alien spaceship lands on the field while the ball is in play, play shall not be stopped until the aliens emerge from the ship, at which point all runners shall return to the last base they have previously touched, except that the batter is entitled to first base if he has not been put out. If this would lead to two runners on the same base, the lead runner shall instead advance to the next base without liability to be put out, and if necessary this rule shall be applied again at that base.
If the ball hits an airplane, helicopter, alien spaceship, or flying car that is flying overhead, and it is over fair territory at the time, it shall be a double and all runners advance two bases from the base they are on when the play started.

Capacity: 228,617
LF Line: 345
LCF: 369
CF: 423
RCF: 350
RF: 300

Ground rules:

All the same as at Baseball Stadium, except for the ones about the bullpen because the bullpens are outside the playing field here. Also, there are more ground rules.
If the ball hits the crossbar of the soccer net that is exposed directly above the center field fence (since this is a soccer stadium usually), it is a home run even if the ball bounces back into play.
If the ball hits the left post of the goal (facing the fence from the field) it is a home run as that part is beyond the fence. However, if it hits the right post, which is directly above the fence, and bounces back into play, the ball is still in play.
If a ball bounces in the field of play and hits the right post, it is also in play. However, if it hits the left post or crossbar, it is a true ground-rule double (NOT an "automatic double" in this case, since it relates to the ground rules.)
Note that although the rule about the perv is on the books, it should not be applied because he doesn't live there. Unfortunately, our sports ministry is too lazy to do anything but copy/paste.

We will ensure the stadiums are filled, by selecting random citizens who will be forced to attend if necessary. If they fail to show up, they will sentenced to a lifetime of slave labor.

Both stadiums are located in the Capital District, which lies above the underground Government Center, which houses the government offices. The baseball stadium is in Ward 7, while the National Stadium is in Ward 14. The Capital District is divided into 17 total wards, plus Government Center, which is underground in a secret location. Lord Almighty Gregory's mansion takes up the entirety of Wards 1 and 2. National sites, shrines, and minor offices such as the birth certificate registry are located in the other Wards.
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Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
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IBS IV host, champion
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HWC 12 hosts
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WCoH XXIV Champs
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Postby Darmen » Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:50 am

Darmeni National Baseball Team

Manager: Erle Rakes (#45-Eau Claire Cavaliers)
Pitching Coach: Junior Hodges (#19-Eau Claire Express)
Hiting Coach: Simón Salazar (#20-Eau Claire Bears)
Bench Coach: Rodrigo Ortiz (#21-Cadott Red Sox)
1st Base Coach: Senan Wilkerson (#42-Scott City Blue Jays)
3rd Base Coach: Jimmie De La Cruz (#23-Bloomer Woodticks)
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Haven Todd (#25-Darmen City White Sox)
Trainer: Bernie Roach (Hallie Eagles)

POS Name Num B T Club
SP: Maxwell Travis #12 R R Eau Claire Cavaliers
SP: Bart Rennold #1 R R Eau Claire Cavaliers
SP: Allen Grey #34 R R Augusta Athletics
SP: Stacey Samson #99 L L Menomonie Eagles
SP: Jaden Bryan #56 L L Scott City Blue Jays
MR: Bobbie Monday #5 R R Eau Claire Express
MR: Alfred Wyght #4 L L Eau Claire Express
MR: Gordon Neville #2 R L LR Hawks
MR: Konrad Mullane #97 L R Hallie Eagles
LR: Wade Tobin #10 R R Eau Claire Cavaliers
SU: Brendon Snider #24 R R Augusta Athletics
SU: Indigo Easom #57 R R Eau Claire Express
CL: Takehiko Autenberry #3 R R Scott City Blue Jays

C: Hugo Lund #8 R R Menomonie Eagles
C: Hiraku Ott #7 S R Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks
1B: Jaylen Garret #6 S L Hallie Eagles
2B: Eugenio Attwater #28 R R Hallie Ealges
SS: Tim Prince #11 R R Augusta Athletics
SS: Jack Lin #9 R R Hallie Eagles
3B: Micky Thomas #13 S L LR Hawks
IF: Raeburn Wolf #14 L L Eau Claire Bears
LF: Noble Gary #15 R R Tim City Athletics
CF: Nicolò Omdahl #26 R R Scott City Pirates
RF: Baldric Hilton #76 L L Darmen City White Sox
OF: Zeke Belcher #99 S R Bloomer Woodticks
UTIL: Jermaine Winthrop #66 R R Brady City Braves
DH: Tracy Cannon #69 L R Cadott Red Sox

Batting Order-Without DH

Batting Order-With DH

Pitching Rotation
Stadium:Carson Park, Eau Claire (Capacity:3,800, up to 6,000 can be crammed in)
RP Permissions
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose my Lineup: No, it's already listed.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, but keep it realistic.
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod injuries to my Players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Designated Hitter at Home: Yes
The Republic of Darmen
President: Alexander Woodrow (REP) | Capital: Scott City | Population: 9.2 mil | Demonym: Darmeni | Trigramme: DAR
Factbook (WIP) | Encylopedia | Domestic Sports Newswire
Champions: CoH 51, CR 13, GCF Test 9, WBC 25, QWC 7 Runners-up: CoH 53, CR 10, GCF Test 11, T20C 2, T20C 4, RLWC 10, WBC 42
Third: CR 20, T20C 10, RLWC 20, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RUWC 18, RUWC 26, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Southwick » Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:00 am

Southwick National Baseball Team

Basic Information
Name: Southwick
Nickname: Candlemakers
Stadium: Candlemaker Park
Capacity: 14,000

Coaching Staff
Manager: Ernest Grant
Bench: Gary Salazar
Pitching: Manuel Sullivan
Hitting: Daniel Sparks
First Base: Edwin Stevens
Third Base: Darren King
Trainer: Brent Lawson

Starting Rotation (Name - # - Age - Bats - Throws - Fielding - Pitches)
SP1: Woodrow Paul - #9 - 24 - L - L - B - Two Seam - Sinker - Circle - Screwball - 12 to 6 - Curveball
SP2: Sean Morris - #51 - 20 - R - R - A - Fastball - Changeup - Curveball - Slider
SP3: Luke Lawrence - #70 - 27 - R - R - B - Knuckleball - Fastball - Curveball
SP4: Mel Barker - #78 - 26 - L - L - B - Split Finger - Fosh - Slurve - Knuckle Curve

Bullpen (Name - # - Age - Bats - Throws - Fielding - Pitches)
RA: Al Hansen - #61 - 27 - R - R - B - Cutter - Fastball - Changeup
SU: Sylvester Palmer - #17 - 20 - L - R - B - Fastball - Circle - Slider
SU: Joel Page - #48 - 25 - L - L - B - Submarine Fastball - Submarine Curveball - Submarine Changeup
MR: Gilberto Logan - #43 - 23 - R - R - C - Fastball - Changeup - Curveball - Slider
LR: Alex Lane - #32 - 20 - R - L - B - Two Seam - Changeup - Curveball - Slurve

Starting Lineup (Name - # - Age - Bats - Throws - Average - Power - Speed - Throwing - Fielding)
CF: Curtis Chandler - #17 - 21 - L - L - A - D - A - C - A
2B: James Gordon - #26 - 24 - R - R - B - C - A - B - B
RF: Alan Williams - #13 - 22 - S - R - A - A - B - B - B
1B: Adrian Clark - #19 - 26 - L - R - B - A - C - C - A
LF: Andres Campbell - #16 - 25 - S - R - A - B - B - B - A
3B: Darin Curry - #28 - 24 - L - R - B - B - B - A - A
SS: Marcos Holloway - #38 - 26 - S - R - A - D - A - A - A
C: Marty Dunn - #8 - 27 - L - R - C - D - C - B - A
P/DH: Pitcher (If Playing With DH, Jared French will bat here as DH)

Bench (Name - # - Age - Bats - Throws - Average - Power - Speed - Throwing - Fielding)
C: Alex Hill - #34 - 20 - R - R - B - C - C - C - C
1B: Jared French - #35 - 21 - S - L - B - B - D - C - B
UT: Brendan West - #2 - 21 - R - R - C - D - B - B - B
UT: Ronnie Gomez - #5 - 20 - R - R - C - B - A - C - A
OF: Henry Harris - #45 - 24 - R - L - C - B - B - C - B
OF: Noah Harvey - #22 - 21 - L - L - C - D - A - A - A

Depth Chart


RP Notes
Alex Hill and Marty Dunn will platoon. Hill should be used in games against lefties, Dunn in games against righties. Dunn has a better throwing arm and manages pitchers well, so if there is any doubt, use him. Jared French will DH when necessary in the #9 spot. The Southwick team are very good fielders and hit for average, but the power of most of the lineup is iffy. The team also has above-average speed and coaches are not afraid to send runners to steal bases, even against catchers with good throwing arms. Most runs should be scored from small ball, and errors should not be frequently charged to the team. Noah Harvey and Ronnie Gomez can be used as defensive replacements late in close games if Southwick is ahead.

RP + Style
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I will determine the severity beyond the current game
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, but no more than two unless you TG me first
Use DH at home: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: +3
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Postby Super Bwitain » Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:49 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes.
Choose my lineup: No.
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: No.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Eject my players: No.
Godmod other events: No.
Use DH at home: No.
Style modifier: +1

Manager - River Gerhard
Pitching Coach - Issac Herbetson
1st base/defensive Coach - Marvin Cox
3rd base/hitting Coach - Skyler Eckstein

Starting Lineup- (bats with/throws with)
SS Kaleb Phillips (R/R)
RF Elmo Lum (R/R)
3B Israel Mann (S/R)
1B (DH if needed) Allan Snider (S/L)
LF Sylvester Augistin (L/L)
2B Darien Henryson (R/R)
C Lucian Aitken (R/R)
CF Helmut Abraham (S/L)
Starting Pitcher

1B Ollie Downs (R/R)
Inf Freddie Martin (S/R)
Inf Dylan Evans (L/R)
C Toby Carroll (R/R)
OF Josh Wright (L/L)
OF Jack Bodley (L/R)


Starting Rotation (throws with/bats with)
Balfour Unruh (R/L)
Domenic Kraus (R/R)
Ian Mercer (L/L)
Walten Potter (R/R)

Russel Wooten (LHP long relief)
Maynerd Ridley (RHP long relief)
Vern Alvin (RHP mid relief)
Knox Reuter (LHP mid relief)
Ayden Mandel (RHP short relief)
Barrett Beverly (LHP short relief)
Ferdie Alvey (RHP CLOSER)
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Postby The Sova Empire » Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:25 pm

The Sova Empire 25'ers (OOC: The ones that were from Abbot and Costello's "Who's On First") have been retired. So the "Valley All-Stars" baseball team will be coming in to relieve them. Next to each name, you will see which team they played for.

Coach: "Old McDonald"

SP Brett Adcock (Warriors) (the ace) (Will face Gregoryisgodistan in group play)
SP Connor Foley (Warriors) (plays 3B when not pitching) (Will face Western Cuba in group play)
SP Reid Beffrey (Bobcats) (plays 1B when not pitching) (Will face West Guiana in group play)
SP Tyler Janish (Cardinals) (plays SS when not pitching) (Will face Britonisea in group play)
LR Zach Olszewski (Bobcats) (can be a backup catcher)
MR Luke Scharich (Bobcats) (is a little wild)
SU Devin Clifford (Wolves) (can play SS)
CL Tyler Palm (Falcons)

3B Connor Foley (Warriors)
C Grant Bridgewater (Warriors)
2B Grant Miller (Warriors)
SS Tyler Janish (Cardinals)
1B Reid Beffrey (Bobcats)
OF Sam Brooks (Bobcats)
OF Cody Orban (Red Hawks)
OF Dylan Staebler (Spartans)
Pitcher's Spot

OF/IF Greg Sova (Warriors) (substitutes for any player that is pitching that would otherwise be playing)
C Zach Olszewski (Bobcats)
SS Devin Clifford (Wolves)
SS Chanse Meylan (Dukes)
C James Baer (Pioneers)

Home games will be played at the Temple Dome

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod: TG me first
RP injuries to my players: Only if there is a backup available, and TG me first
Eject my players: Only if a backup is available
Use DH at home: No
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Postby Cowardly Pacifists » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:14 pm

The Phrytton Sandpipers
Baseball Club

All-time record: 5-5; Last WBC finish: failed to make play-offs; Current Rank: 43rd in the world

RP Permissions:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Follow my lineup: Yes (lineup posted below)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes (rotation posted below)
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Eject my coach: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: No

Ian Wagner - Head Coach/Manager - Following an exciting first Classic in which he led the Sandpipers to a respectable 5-5 finish, Wagner graciously accepted a second offer to manage the CP team. Though he has made some small roster changes to reflect a small change in personnel, Wagner's managerial style remains the same and he has invited back most of last years players.

Angel Barker - Bench Coach - A recently-retired star short stop, Barker's relative youth and agressiveness figures to be a perfect compliment to Wagner's more calculating managerial style. He will continue in his role as the team's #2 manager.

Santiago Horton - Pitching Coach - With one Classic now under his belt, Horton is much more confident in his ability to weigh pitching match-ups. He 's back for a second Classic and will once again be the man primarily responsible for calculating the pitching rotation.

Morris Taylor - First Base Coach A small, stern, rotund man, Taylor is known for his big mouth and tendency to pick fights with the umpires. He managed to keep his temper in check last Classic, and was rehired as the teams first line coach. He pulls double duty as the team's infield trainer.

Oliver Howell - Third Base Coach - Howell is an intelligent third base coach who is viewed as the man primarily responsible for the Sandpiper's great success in stolen bases. Most suspect that Howell's tiny gambling problem is a thing of the past. Taylor earns extra money by doubling as the team's outfield trainer.

"Big" Jim Wilkerson - Hitting Coach - Though Wilkerson agreed to one more stint as the international team's batting coach, he is adamant that this will be his final year before retiring from the game for good. Big Jim is something of a national hitting legend, and his mere presence has an obvious impact on the players.

Brendan Warren - Bull-pen Coach - A dedicated and effective young coach, Warren is still angling for the Pitching Coach job - though a year under Horton has given him a great deal of respect for the man who currently holds the job. Warren's bull pen is well-anchored and he intends to keep it that way by enforcing a strict practice regiment.

1. Terence Ruiz - CF - Captain of the outfield and arguably the best athlete on the team, Ruiz returns as the Sandpipers' lead-off hitter. His hitting skills have improved, but his real strength is in raw speed.

2. Tam Nguyen - LF - Nguyen is an excellent contact hitter with shifty, deceptive speed. His strong performance in last year's Classic earned him a second look as the lead-off man, and there are rumors that Coach Wagner will give him a few opportunities to lead off in WBC 27.

3. Lester Snyder - 3rd Base - Snyder's fun-loving and friendly attitude often causes folks to forget that he is a fierce competitor. He is unquestionably the best all-around hitter on the team, though many wonder how many more series he has left. That kind of talk may be premature, as Snyder can still keep a terrific pace when base running, and he's made no mention of retirement.

4. Harvey Oliver - RF - Oliver has made tremendous strides, both as an outfielder and as one of the better hitters on the team. With the retirement of Rogelio Adkins at the end of WBC 26, Oliver was the logical choice to slide up into the Clean-up spot. He has openly stated that he wants to make a run at the playoffs this Classic, so it will be interesting to see if his game can keep up with his mouth.

5. Lynn Shaw - C - After Austin Schneider blew out his right knee in training camp, Shaw was promoted to the starting catcher position. Lesser players might struggle with being thrust into the starting catcher position so abruptly, but Shaw has been playing high-level ball for years and regularly filled in as the starter in WBC 26 when Oscar Holloway was pitching. Shaw knows that with recent player turnover, he will have to make the transition to full-time smoothly if the Sandpipers are to succeed.

6. Julius Joseph - 1st Base - A bench player in WBC 26, Rogelio Adkins' retirement opened a starting position that Joseph was more than happy to fill. Joseph is an athletically gifted player in his prime with tremendous reaction time. He bats 6th only because of his relative lack of experience - Jim Wilkerson has said that Joseph has the talent to take over three-hole duties from Lester Snyder in the future.

7. Darrin Shelton - Short Stop - Shelton is a young, agile short stop; his defensive skills have been described as "otherworldly," and he's an outstanding base runner. Shelton has apparently learned a lot from his experience in the last Classic, prompting Coach Wagner to promote him slightly in the batting order. He remains an exciting young player to watch.

8. Albert Wells - 2nd Base - Wells continues to be a phenomenal defender who regularly comes up with fantastic defensive plays. Sadly, his relatively poor batting average did not improve much in the last Classic. On the plus side, Wells has acknowledged the weakness and has been putting in extra training time with Angel Baker and Jim Wilkerson in an attempt to improve. Only time will tell if the extra work will pay off.

9. Pitcher/Designated hitter - The Sandpipers do not use a DH at home. When playing on the road against a team that does use a DH, substitute outfielder Kelvin Matthews will bat in place of the pitcher.

Jared Fleming - C - Fleming is an unassuming, hardworking man who always gives his all to his team. He was the third catcher up until Austin Schneider's knee injury thrust him higher in the pecking order. Now he will spell Lynn Shaw when necessary and can also be called in as a fair substitute hitter.

Austin Schneider - C - One Classic ago, Schneider was the team's starting catcher and captain of the infield. Unfortunately, a bad training-camp knee injury has put his whole Classic in peril. At this point, there's an outside chance that Schneider will be back in time for the play-offs. He won't even try to suit up until the group stage is complete. Losing Schneider's veteran presence and competent batting skills is quite a blow to the team. Coach Wagner won't drop him onto the IR: he is still optimistic that Schneider will be back as an effective substitute hitter if the team makes the play-offs.

Larry Hudson - IF - Hudson has continued to work on his batting skills and is now the first man Coach Wagner will look to in choosing a substitute hitter. A solid defender with good speed and quickness, Hudson is making a strong case for starting line-up consideration. Other players and team staff agree that he's that best substitute on the roster, all things considered.

Cory Henderson - IF - Henderson saw some improvement after his first Classic, but he's still considered just a substitution-level talent. Physically, he remains an imposing, athletic player. He will need continue developing his "baseball IQ" if he wants to earn a starting spot in the future.

Len Feliciano - IF - A new addition to the team, Feliciano impressed team management at tryouts as a fiery young talent. He clearly has the potential to become a starter in the future and already has the athletic gifts and ball skills to make a fantastic substitution player and pinch hitter. He's still a bit shy on experience though, so team management are likely to bring him around slowly.

Kelvin Matthews - OF - A tall, slim man, Mattews is a very fast base runner. He may have better outfield range than any other player on the team, and his throwing and hitting skills have improved. He is now firmly entrenched as the teams designated hitter (against home teams that use the position) and is just a step behind starters Ruiz and Nguyen.

Curtis Chandler - OF - Chandler was a bit of a disappointment last Classic, though some say he simply has not been given enough of a chance. Though team management has expressed confidence in his ability as a substitute, it's clear that he is still considered a very talented work-in-progress.

August Beale - OF - An old-hand at right field, Beale is a seasoned veteran who has played years of baseball at the domestic level. Now on the down-side of his career, and he views WBC 27 as his last chance to forge an international reputation. Though Beale no longer impresses with his speed or arm strength, he remains a competent player who can still contribute in small doses.

1. Julio Leonard - As the only Sandpipers pitcher to win both of his starts in WBC 26, Leonard remains the best pitcher in the rotation. He is still the Sandpiper's Ace - a fact no one would seriously dispute. A quiet, unassuming man, Leonard is deeply respected by everyone on the team. He is beginning to feel the heat from some of the pitchers below him on the rotation, and that has prompted him to redouble his personal training sessions. Rumor has it that he lost 10 pounds in the off-season, and he's looking as fit as he's ever been.

2. Oscar Holloway - Holloway is a boisterous, fun-loving man. Though some say he doesn't take his job seriously enough, nothing could be further from the truth: Holloway is a true student of the game and his love of the sport comes through in every moment he is on the mound. Many Sandpipers fans consider his MD 7 win over Qazox to be the most exciting game of WBC 26, and Holloway earned a long, hard look as the teams #1 pitcher before team staff decided to stay with Leonard for another Classic.

3. Seth Soto - Soto is a tall, cantankerous man. In the past he developed a reputation for intentionally beaning opponents when things were not going his way, and he once got into a shouting match with a six year old fan. Still, Soto is a crafty pitcher who deserves his place in the pitching rotation. Many fans blame the Sandpiper's failure to make the playoffs in WBC 26 on Soto's MD 8 loss to The Jahistic Unified Republic. Needless to say, Soto will be fired up for redemption in WBC 27.

4. Carlos Guerrero - Two games against Western Cuba is really no way for a young pitcher to start his career in international baseball. But that's exactly what Guerrero faced in WBC 26. Despite losing both games, Guerrero showed tremendous improvement in the face of adversary. That improvement impressed team staff enough that they offered him another Classic in the starting rotation. Guerrero's performance in this Classic will likely decide whether he stays on the starting line or drops to relief duty.

Ronnie Bryant - Closer - "Fast Ball" Bryant is a skillful veteran who is steel eyed and cool under pressure. He remains the team's closer and is rarely seen before the 9th inning. Personal troubles surrounded Bryant in the off-season when he was sued in a paternity action by an ex-girlfriend. Sandpipers fans hope that distraction will not affect his concentration on the mound.

Ruben Moss - Set-up Closer - No one benefitted more from the team's decision to waive Everett Rodgers than Ruben Moss. A mid-reliever in WBC 26, Moss always considered himself the best man for the set-up job. Now he has a chance to prove it. Moss will come into games in the 8th or late-7th innings, and as a substitute for Bryant when the closer has the night off.

Malcolm Hines - Mid-reliever - Hines made some great strides in the off-season and in training camp. Brenden Warren and Santiago Horton agree that Hines has taken a major step forward. That was enough to convince team staff to promote Hines to the #3 reliever position. Hines will step in when a starter reaches a high pitch count too early, and he will play set-up closer when Bryant or Moss have the night off.

Kendrick Mauro - Mid-reliever - A new addition to the team, Mauro barely missed making the team last Classic. This year, he managed to impress management enough to earn a bull-pen spot. He really wants to be a starting pitcher, but understands he needs to prove his worth as a mid-reliever first. He is considered by most fans to be competent-but-not-special, though he is still early enough in his career to change that perception. Now on the international stage, he's itching to do just that.

Rafael Dawson - Long Reliever/Lefty Specialist - Dawson did very little in WBC 26 to earn praise, struggling to get it done on any of the occasions he was called in. It was quite a let-down for a player who had been billed as the next big reliever out of Phrytton University. Dawson remains the best left handed pitcher that the Cowardly Pacifists have to offer, so he'll keep his spot on the team for now. However, if he does not show some improvement quickly he may not hold his spot much longer.



The team plays their home games at Sandpiper Park, an open roof park located on the downtown Phrytton waterfront. The stadium seats 41,606 people and has standing room for about 1,500 more. Most of the time the weather is sunny and warm, though fog and overcast skies can be an issue in early morning and late evening games. Rain delays are infrequent, but do occur, and sometimes include lightening and thunder. Other weather events are extremely rare.
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Postby Vaugania » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:19 pm

Vaugania Golden Eagles
Style Modifier: +4

All-Time Record: 15-12
Rank: 22

21 1B Francois DuBois L/L
20 LF Kerby Rychel R/R
16 SS Radim Mencher R/R
53 C Marty Bzibziak R/R
45 2B Roman Janicek L/R
25 3B Jaromir Braun S/R
17 RF Asmund Skjeggestad S/L
32 CF Mathias Hummel L/L

21 1B Francois DuBois L/L
20 LF Kerby Rychel R/R
16 SS Radim Mencher R/R
53 C Marty Bzibziak R/R
77 DH Cliff Gilbert L/L
45 2B Roman Janicek L/R
25 3B Jaromir Braun S/R
17 RF Asmund Skjeggestad S/L
32 CF Mathias Hummel L/L

24 SP Lars Erstad R/R
39 SP Stian Losnedahl L/L
27 SP Felix Brauer S/R
35 SP Kostyantyn Wasylyk L/L
48 SP Nikola Vlahovic R/R

40 MRP Bradley Weber R/R
44 MRP Frano Zupan L/L
91 LRP Ernie Baer S/L
13 LRP Petr Mraz L/L
76 SU Whit Kedzierski R/R
87 CL Jonas Abel L/L

63 IF Andre Markum S/L
84 IF Brett Springsteen R/R
99 OF Mikeal Neilsen R/R
77 OF Cliff Gilbert L/L
12 P Lee Siegbert R/L
49 P Arnold Perkins R/R

Manager: Leif Solberg
Pitching Coach: Gavrilo Costel
Hitting Coach: Evgeni Varlaam
Infield Coach: Kazmir Salo
Outfield Coach: Donovan Finnegan
Trainer: Dr. Riordan Ryan


Home Ballpark: Landvik Memorial Ballpark (52,250), Yzerberg, Vaugania
LF: 340ft. LCF: 375ft. CF: 425 ft. RCF: 365ft. RF: 320ft.

RP Permissions:
Uses DH at home: No
Can choose my lineup: No
Can do anything else: Yes, except seriously injure or kill players.
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Postby Allinlia » Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:56 pm

Allinlian Imperial Baseball Team
Nickname: Allinlian All Stars
Acronym: ALL
Home Field: Triton Stadium, Pargo, Allinlia. Capacity: 50,300
MANAGER: Raymond Weiss -Avallaice Diamonds

All Time Record: 17-20
Rank: 18th
Last WBC Finish: lost in quarterfinals vs. Zwangzug, 0-2

CF #4- Joey Bezzio Jr. (R/R) -Fonzona Giants
SS #18- Andy Capps (S/R) -Charlai Scallops
RF #41- Aiden Stairs (L/R) -Welling Comets
DH #1- Conan Marteen(S/R) -Grand Rexes
3B #12- Paul Majuwitz (R/R) -Normonwoth Wolves
1B #8- Ferris Silver (L/L) -HarvestValley Dragonflies
LF- #2 Nick Fasano (R/R) -Avallaice Diamonds
2B- #17 Devin Kearns (L/R) -Wansai Bandits
C- #44 Toby Abbott (R/R)-Harvestvalley Dragonflies

CF #4- Joey Bezzio Jr. (R/R) -Fonzona Giants
SS #18- Andy Capps (S/R) -Charlai Scallops
RF #41- Aiden Stairs (L/R) -Welling Comets
3B #12- Paul Majuwitz (R/R) -Normonwoth Wolves
1B #8- Ferris Silver (L/L) -HarvestValley Dragonflies
LF- #2 Nick Fasano (R/R) -Avallaice Diamonds
2B- #17 Devin Kearns (L/R) -Wansai Bandits
C- #44 Toby Abbott (R/R)-Harvestvalley Dragonflies
Pitcher Spot

#28- Matt Eastman (RHP) -Dallint Stallions
#3- Eli Wells (RHP) -Brineport Grays
#23- Jerry Bowler (LHP) -Patronus Falcons
#80- Buddy Cox (LHP) -Roos Aces
#13- Bonser Aidrun (RHP) -Pargo Tritons

INF- #1 Conan Marteen (S/R) DH in DH games -Grand Rexes
INF #32 George Mayo (L/R) -Dallint Stallions
INF #7- Conor Levins (R/R) -Avalloca Vultures
OF #5- Crowder Grimes (S/L) -Roos Aces
OF #51 Gus Farllai (L/R) -Brineport Grays
C #16- Cal Gordo (R/R) -Vallent City Knights

#96- Doug Hendriks (LHP) long relief -Sullo Hounds
#38- Mike Wise (LHP) lefty specialist -Grantcity Spirits
#10- Kel White (RHP) mid relief -Tallos Hawks
#24- Bobby Lecroy (RHP) mid relief -Laquete Catfish
#19- Boof Mendoza (RHP) 8th inning -Tortuna Manta Rays
#20- Tommy Vickers (RHP) Closer -Fonzona Giants

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, follow my lineup posted above.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes, follow the rotation posted above.
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: within reason
Godmod injuries to my players: ^
Eject my players: Yes, only one per game
DH used at home: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Official Commentator and Post Game Analyst(s): Joey Tortia and Rolland Sargusso
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Postby Taeshan » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:10 pm

Taeshan Purple Knights Baseball Roster

Andrew Michealson 	SP 	10 	27 	Knuckler, Curve, Change, Splitter 	Left 	
Tyler Fitzpatrick SP 9 24 Curve, Slider, 4 Seam Fast, Change Left Fadrön Firebirds
Matt Richards SP 17 25 Slider, Palmball, Gyro, 2 Seam Right Chinchinhinhua Clockstoppers
Peter Taylor SP 20 22 4 Seam, 2 Seam, Curve, Slider Left Docktown Barnstormers
Zach Lee Harper RP 12 33 Curve, 4 Seam, Change, Slider, Palm Right Taeshan City Orange Sox
Gail Weaver RP 29 26 4 Seam, Curve, Slider, Knuckler Right Wiechester Admirals
Joeseph Pierre RP 69 24 Change, Slider, Palmball, 2 Seam Right Docktown Barnstormers
Matt Smith RP 75 29 Change, 2 Seam, Curve, Splitter Right Yaton Golden Eagles
Colby Warner RP 98 25 4 Seam, Sinker, Slider Left
Adam Williams RP 1 28 4 Seam, 2 Seam, Change, Slider Left Los Riosa Rattlers
Dan Mashkov RP 2 25 Gyro, Splitter, Slider, Change Left Ojian Angels
Jeff Zimmerman C 15 31 8th Left
Zack Childs 1B 50 26 6th Right Ojian Angels
Tim Wasaver 2B 40 27 5th Right Taeshan City Orange Sox
Kenton Bleacher 3B 42 24 7th Left Atlantea Isotopes
Adam Fisher SS 77 29 1st Right Bayern Braves
Todd Addams LF 4 26 3rd Left Quarant Xa'virt Sharks
Kareem Mywane CF 94 32 2nd Left Mierton Mets
Isaac Lewis RF 14 24 4th Right
John Martin C 52 30 Switch Right Chinquin Cougars
Josiah Lee SS 76 23 Sw1tch Right Atlantea Isotopes
Tyler Rissler IF 5 24 Switch Left Fadrön Firebirds
Garred Lester IF 6 31 Switch Right
Victor West OF 7 35 Switch Left
Darren White OF 34 24 Switch Right X Island Scream
Juan Ramirez OF 13 31 Switch Right Tintown Tigers

Manager - Alexander Parea
Stadium - Quarant Xa'virt Sphark Stadium ... k_Park.jpg
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85, 87

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41, World Cup 87



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