8th Scott Cup | 2nd World Team Tennis Championships

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8th Scott Cup | 2nd World Team Tennis Championships

Postby Delaclava » Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:45 pm


There seems to have been a recent dearth of tennis in the NS sporting world. So, accompanying my comeback is the
8th Robert Winthrop Scott Memorial Cup, the world's longest running tennis-only competition!

First, a brief refresher on Delaclava (or if you never knew me, a quick lesson) in NS Sports: I've hosted the 55th World Cup, 44th and 46th Cups of Harmony, 7th International Basketball Championships, 11th and 14th World Bowls, 31st AOCAF Cup, 4th Baptism of Iron, 2nd Quidditch World Cup, Valhalla Skating Grand Prix, the previous seven Scott Cups, World Team Tennis Cup, the Quinniville Carpet Championships (Tennis), Three Rivers Classic (Athletics), Women's Soccer World Cup, part of NSCAA 3, 5th Commonwealth Cup, and 1st Phoenix Cup.

Now that you're confident in my hosting abilities and know I'm not just another greenie who wants to host a tournament, a brief history on the Scott Cup, with past champions and podium finishers, can be found here.

Each nation sends one male and one female player to Catherina, the capital of Delaclava. Somewhere in the gargantuan Delaclava National Athletic Complex, on the wooden courts, the males from each country will play a best-of-five match, and the females will play a best-of-three. There will then be a best-of-three mixed doubles match. Whichever country won 2 or more courts will win the match.

There will be a group stage, followed by a single-elimination knockout round. The tournament will culminate in a third-place playoff, where bronze and pewter medals are awarded, and the championship, where gold and silver medals are awarded, as well as the prestigious Scott Cup trophy.

Simply state your two players and you're in the tournament. I will, however, state that I do want the players to sign up to RP a lot to make this more fun.

Delaclava (Will Goggin/Claire Bell)
Levivania (Levi Goldman/Olivia Jackson)
Darmen (Scott Perry/Liese Knochenmus)
Schmiegelland (Eklemi Imelke/Aadfi Ifdaa)
The Andromeda Islands (John Galt/Violet Green)
Thatius (Rob Djokic/Caroline Kygios)
The Inevitable Syndicate (Antonio Cronin/Michelle Newton)
Super-Llamaland (Chris Robenson/Milica Makokic)
Kriegiersien (Andrew Graf/Hermine Murphy)
Kingdom of Costa Luna (Vito Najera/Isabell Espino)
Shadowbourne (KL Lobzhanidze/Koressa Stefanov)
Tyrrin (Rikke Leondarson/Regina Von Kann)
Saugeais (Stefan Baptiste/Jeanne Ribery)
Sarzonia (David Polley/Joann Grimsley)
Lithatrius (Marvin J. Potter/Carolyn B. Humphrey)
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec (Felix Jeon/Carolyn Bourassa)
Swibia (Camron Wetmore/Melina Twigg)
Sarzonia B (Adrian Treadway/Dee Landers)


For the second time, the World Team Tennis Cup will be run in conjunction with the Scott Cup. The format is like that of the Davis Cup: on Day 1 there will be two singles matches and a doubles match, and on Day 2 there will be two more singles matches. The first team to win 3 rubbers will win the tie. I would like to run it as a double-elimination tournament. At the moment, you must sign up at least two singles players and one doubles team, and may designate different players for the fourth and fifth rubbers. During the course of the tournament, you may declare changes in your lineup for the upcoming day, which you may want to do for RP purposes if, say, you won all 3 first-day rubbers and would like to try someone else, or if a player gets injured. Your players may be any gender that you would like, and a singles player may also play doubles.

Delaclava (Rocco Davis, Will Goggin, Usan Djabe Arefi/Daiko Uchimura)
Levivania (Joe Hines, Megan Brown, Jake Curso/Blake Norris)
Darmen (Scott Perry, Lavrenty Whelan, Elliot Sprecher/John Hoogliand)
Schmiegelland (Loinjyl Lyjnion, Crebacker Rekcaberc, Eklemi Imelke/Aadfi Ifdaa)
Thatius (Christian Janowicz, Laura Reynolds, David Fynsterberg/Philipp Marrero)
The Inevitable Syndicate (Andrew Adams, Callum, Wilkinson, Nathan Bishop/Daniel Bishop)
Super-Llamaland (Eric Francis, Jennifer Stone, Jeff Martell/Erin McKenzie)
Kriegiersien (Thomas Scharch, Scott Achintee, Herbert Hammer/Sergej Service)
Kingdom of Costa Luna (Marcela Bozeman, Josiah Chadwick, Rosalinda Fiore/Carter Mason; alternates Fiore, Mason)
Shadowbourne (Jos Kozacik, Klaudiusz Lairson, Sujit Kumar/Christophe Svendsen)
Tyrrin (Regina von Rann, Rikke Leondarson, von Rann/Lucetta Fatin)
The Andromeda Islands (Michael Williams, Donald Green, Leroy Green III/Audra Kelley Greene; alternates Green III, Greene)
Lithatrius (Michael R. Kemp, Matthew S. Pipes, George L. Williams/Robert D. Woods)
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec (Adophe-Luc Hossa, Carolyn Bourassa, Laurent Wilkinson/Erin Johnson)
Swibia (Gunnar Crofts, Aliza Shore, Camron Wetmore/Forrest Cowser)
Sarzonia (Clay Bonner, Cara Vanin, Matt Branson/Alyssa Tyler)

RP's will be graded on several things: Understanding of tennis, absence of godmodding, adhering to a storyline of sports, spelling and grammar, and others. Please do not post RPs until signups have been closed.

Scorination will be done at about 10:00 PM EST, using xkoranate 0.3.3. I haven't used this version before but I am very familiar with 0.3.2 and I expect this version to be equally as familiar.

So, you may sign up for one or both of these tournaments, whatever you would like. Get your players in and best of luck!
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Back on a limited basis, interested mainly in tennis and lacrosse, possibly a bit of track and field (athletics). Currently hosting the 8th Scott Cup and the 2nd World Team Tennis Championships.

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Postby Levivania » Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:53 pm

8th scoot cup
Man: Levi Goldman
Woman: Olivia Jackson

2nd world team cup
Double team: (Men's) Jake Curso, Blake Norris

Man: Joe Hines
Woman: Megan Brown
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Postby Darmen » Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:04 pm

8th Scott Cup
Scott Perry and Liese Knochenmus

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Scott Perry
Lavrenty Whelan
Elliot Sprecher/John Hoogliand
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Postby Schmiegelland » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:54 pm

Schmiegelland's Entries

8th Scott Cup
Eklemi Imelke, Aadfi Ifdaa

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Loinjyl Lyjnion
Crebacker Rekcaberc
Eklemi Imelke/Aadfi Ifdaa

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8th Scott Cup!

Postby The Andromeda Islands » Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:44 pm

Male Player - John Galt
Female Player - Violet Green
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Postby Thatius » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:59 am

8th Scott Cup
Rob Djokić and Caroline Kygios

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Christian Janowicz
Laura Reynolds
David Fynsterberg / Philipp Marrero

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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:20 am

8th Scott Cup:
Antonio Cronin
Michelle Newton

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Andrew Adams, Callum Wilkinson, Nathan Bishop/Daniel Bishop
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Postby Super-Llamaland » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:35 am

8th Scott Cup
Chris Robenson (M) , Milica Makokic (F)
2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Singles Players: Eric Francis, Jennifer Stone
Doubles Team: Jeff Martell, Erin McKenzie
Fourth and Fifth Rubbers: Stone, Francis
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Postby Delaclava » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:53 pm

Signups updated through Super-Llamaland, putting us at 8 couples in the Scott Cup and 7 teams in the WTTC. Keep 'em coming!
Back on a limited basis, interested mainly in tennis and lacrosse, possibly a bit of track and field (athletics). Currently hosting the 8th Scott Cup and the 2nd World Team Tennis Championships.

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Postby Kriegiersien » Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:52 pm

8th Scott Cup
Andrew Graf
Hermine Murphy

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Thomas Schnarch
Scott Achintee

Herbert Hammer/Sergej Service
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Kingdom of Costa Luna
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Postby Kingdom of Costa Luna » Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:55 pm

8th Scott Cup
Male: Vito Najera
Female: Isabell Espiño

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Singles: Marcela Bozeman
Josiah Chadwick
Doubles: Rosalinda Fioré/Carter Mason
4th Rubber: Rosalinda Fioré
5th Rubber: Carter Mason
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Postby Shadowbourne » Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:55 pm

8th Scott Cup
KL Lobzhanidze & Koressa Stefanov

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Jos Kozacik & Klaudiusz Lairson (Singles)
Sujit Kumar/Christophe Svendsen (Doubles)
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Postby Delaclava » Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:58 pm

Signups updated through Shadowbourne for 11 in the Scott Cup, 10 in the WTTC. A few more and we should be good to go!
Back on a limited basis, interested mainly in tennis and lacrosse, possibly a bit of track and field (athletics). Currently hosting the 8th Scott Cup and the 2nd World Team Tennis Championships.

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Postby Tyrrin » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:08 pm

It wouldn't be a Scott Cup without Tyrrin!

Singles in both competitions:
Regina Von Kann (women)
Rikke Leondarson (men)

Regina Von Kann/Lucetta Fatin

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Postby Saugeais » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:11 pm

Scott Cup entrants:

Stefan Baptiste on the men's side.
Jeanne Ribéry on the women's side.
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The Andromeda Islands
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Postby The Andromeda Islands » Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:46 pm

Heck w/it!

AI's Team Tennis Participants:

#1 Singles - Michael "Mick" Williams
#2 Singles - Donald "Donnie" Green
Doubles - Leroy "Junior" Green III. & Audra Kelley Greene (also #3 & #4 Singles respectively)
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:30 pm

Like a ghost through the fog, ghost through the fog, close to the fog, the ghosts are GONE!

But Sarzonia definitely signs up for the Scott Cup with David Polley and Joann Grimsley back ...

As a joint team!
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Postby Lithatrius » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:00 am

At a small press conference in a relatively unknown corner of White City, the President of the Lithatrian Tennis Players Association announced the following team to return to the Scott Cup, in front of 2 journalist, a man who walked in by accident and the accidental man's dog.

Scott Cup Team: Marvin J. Potter and Carolyn B. Humphrey

World Team Tennis Cup Team: Michael R. Kemp, Matthew S. Pipes, George L. Williams/Robert D. Woods

At this point, the dog decides to throw up and then walk out of the room, shortly followed by his owner. None of the journalists present appeared to know enough about tennis to ask any questions beyond asking the contestants if they will be using "tennis clubs".

NOTE: This wasn't an RP, I just wanted to add a little bit of flavour to my sign ups. Unless it gets me a small contribution to an RP bonus.
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Postby Delaclava » Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:45 am

We're at 15 in the Scott Cup and 13 in the WTTC. That number works for the Scott Cup, but I'll still leave signups open for it for a little bit. I'd like 2 more teams for the WTTC, and 3 would be preferable. So keep signing up, we're almost ready to go!
Back on a limited basis, interested mainly in tennis and lacrosse, possibly a bit of track and field (athletics). Currently hosting the 8th Scott Cup and the 2nd World Team Tennis Championships.

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The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:53 am

Team Quebec's in.

8th Scott Cup:
Felix Jeon
Carolyn Bourassa

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Adophe-Luc Hossa, Carolyn Bourassa, Laurent Wilkinson/Erin Johnson
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Postby Swibia » Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:38 pm

8th Scott Cup
Camron Wetmore/Melina Twigg

2nd World Team Tennis Cup
Gunnar Crofts
Aliza Shore
Camron Wetmore/Forrest Cowser
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Postby Sarzonia » Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:20 pm

World team tennis entrants:
Male: Clay Bonner
Female: Cara Vanin
Doubles team: Matt Branson and Alyssa Tyler
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Postby Delaclava » Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:23 pm

WTTC signups are CLOSED! The 16 teams will be placed in a double elimination bracket. I'll post the opening round matches and schedule tomorrow.

I'll accept one more duo for the Scott Cup and then we can start that as well!
Back on a limited basis, interested mainly in tennis and lacrosse, possibly a bit of track and field (athletics). Currently hosting the 8th Scott Cup and the 2nd World Team Tennis Championships.

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Postby Delaclava » Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:42 pm

I'll leave 24 more hours for a nation to sign up for the Scott Cup! After that, as the champions of the previous Scott Cup, Delaclava will send a B team.

Here are the first round matchups for the World Team Tennis Cup:

Round 1
Match 1: #1 Delaclava 5-0 Swibia
Match 2: #8 The Andromeda Islands 2-3 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Match 3: #5 Thatius 3-2 Shadowbourne
Match 4: #4 Tyrrin 4-1 Kriegiersien
Match 5: #3 Darmen 5-0 Levivania
Match 6: #6 Lithatrius 2-3 Super-Llamaland
Match 7: #7 The Inevitable Syndicate 5-0 Schmiegelland
Match 8: #2 Sarzonia 5-0 Kingdom of Costa Luna

The top three teams were seeded by performance in the previous WTTC (Delaclava 2nd, Sarzonia T5th, Darmen T9th). The remaining five seeds were sorted by overall NS Sports reputation, with weighting on tennis reputation.

From there, here is the remaining schedule:
Winners Round 2
Match 9: #1 Delaclava 5-0 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Match 10: #5 Thatius 3-2 #4 Tyrrin
Match 11: #3 Darmen 2-3 Super-Llamaland
Match 12: #7 The Inevitable Syndicate 1-4 #2 Sarzonia

Winners Round 3
Match 13: #1 Delaclava 5-0 #5 Thatius
Match 14: Super-Llamaland 0-5 #2 Sarzonia

Winners Round 4
Match 15: #1 Delaclava 4-1 #2 Sarzonia

Consolation Round 1
Match 16: Swibia 4-1 #8 The Andromeda Islands
Match 17: Shadowbourne 0-5 Kriegiersien
Match 18: Levivania 2-3 #6 Lithatrius
Match 19: Schmiegelland 1-4 Kingdom of Costa Luna

Consolation Round 2
Match 20: Swibia 2-3 #7 The Inevitable Syndicate
Match 21: Kriegiersien 4-1 #3 Darmen
Match 22: #6 Lithatrius 0-5 #4 Tyrrin
Match 23: Kingdom of Costa Luna 3-2 The Royal Kingdom of Quebec

Consolation Round 3
Match 24: #7 The Inevitable Syndicate 3-2 Kriegiersien
Match 25: #4 Tyrrin 2-3 Kingdom of Costa Luna

Consolation Round 4
Match 26: #7 The Inevitable Syndicate 5-0 Super-Llamaland
Match 27: Kingdom of Costa Luna 1-4 #5 Thatius

Consolation Round 5
Match 28: #7 The Inevitable Syndicate 3-2 #5 Thatius

Consolation Round 6
Match 29: #7 The Inevitable Syndicate 2-3 #2 Sarzonia

Winners Round 5
Match 30: #1 Delaclava vs. M29 winner

(If M30 winner is the M15 winner, they are the champion: if M30 winner is the M29 winner:)
Winners Round 6
Match 31: Rematch of M30

Schedule Of Matches - Each matchday will take 2 days UNLESS every match in a matchday has been clinched at 3-0:
MD1: Round 1
MD2: Winners Round 2 and Consolation Round 1
MD3: Winners Round 3 and Consolation Round 2
MD4: Consolation Round 3
MD5: Winners Round 4 and Consolation Round 4
MD6: Consolation Round 5
MD7: Consolation Round 6
MD8: Winners Round 5
MD9 (if necessary): Winners Round 6

3. The Inevitable Syndicate
4. Thatius
5. Super-Llamaland
6. Kingdom of Costa Luna
7. Kriegiersien
8. Tyrrin
9. Swibia
10. The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
11. Darmen
12. Lithatrius
13. Schmiegelland
14. Shadowbourne
15. The Andromeda Islands
16. Levivania

Get to RPing and good luck! And one more Scott Cup slot!
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Back on a limited basis, interested mainly in tennis and lacrosse, possibly a bit of track and field (athletics). Currently hosting the 8th Scott Cup and the 2nd World Team Tennis Championships.

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Postby Thatius » Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:04 am

Scott Cup & World Team Tennis Cup Preview

Few tournaments in tennis can rival the prestige and glory that comes with winning the Scott Cup and World Team Tennis Cup. Aside from the Olympic Gold Medal, these two tournaments rank as some of the most competitive in the world. The world's most talented players will come together in Delaclava to compete for their respective nations, hoping to earn the title in the process.

Among those nations, the Federal Republic of Thatius will be sending a whole delegation of players to compete in both tournaments. For the Scott Cup, Rob Djokić and Caroline Kygios will represent Thatius in its pursuit of its first ever Scott Cup crown. Both players will compete in a singles match and then pair up in mixed doubles. The winner between the two nations will be decided by whomever wins two out of the three matches. The draw for the Scott Cup has not been posted, so we cannot give an accurate preview as of now.

In the meantime, we know that both Rob and Caroline are experienced players with impressive records. Rob, however, has more international experience, especially on the Citiz Championship Circuit, where he was seeded 12th in the CTAT Open and reached the third round. He also was a quarterfinalist at the Devonthorpe Armstrong-McShirley Crown, also hosted by Civil Citizenry. More recently, Rob competed with Thatian tennis superstar Vittoria Panaro to win the Coby Cup, a tournament very similar to the Scott Cup. Vittoria has elected to not compete in any international tournaments as she trains for the Olympics and also takes care of her newborn son.

Caroline Kygios, an eighteen year old rising star, is competing in her first international tournament. She finished as a finalist at the Thatian Junior Cup, but then proceeded to win two women's tournaments in Korcyka and Brevik, respectively. Thus, the Thatian Tennis Association promptly elevated her to take Vittoria Panaro's place in the Scott Cup. She will face a large uphill battle having little experience competing against foreign players, but with a little help from Rob, her feistiness on court may disrupt other players. Agile and quick on her toes, Caroline is not known for her powerful groundstrokes or crushing winners. Instead, she tries to make her opponents force errors and overhit the ball. In time, that has proven to be useful seeing as many players try to dominate the game of tennis with power.

Moving on to the World Team Tennis Cup, four players will compete for Thatius in its first ever appearance. Led by Christian Janówicź and Laura Reynolds, Team Thatius will face stiff competition in a lieu of the world's top competitors. Accompanying them will be the doubles pair of David Fynsterberg and Philipp Marrero. All four are playing in their first international tournament and have a lot to prove. On the first matchday, all four players will compete in their respective fields. If all three win their rubbers, Thatius wins the tie. However, if one or more players loses, then the tie will be forced to a second matchday, where two more singles matches will be played. In case either Christian or Laura become injured or feeling sick, they may withdraw and have someone else replace them for the fourth and fifth rubbers. Right now, Cédric Norman and Kathy Stephens are lined up to replace Christian and Laura, just in case.

Christian Janówicź, at twenty years old, has competed on Thatius' domestic circuit for the past four years, earning a title in Brevik, Neumünster, and two titles in Starfall. Ranked as the third best player in Thatius (only behind Novak Dlouhy and Rob Djokić), Christian seeks to improve his tennis career with a few wins in the World Team Tennis Cup. Much to his delight, he will be competing in his first Olympics this coming summer as he qualified being the Thatian #3. However, he stands focused on competing in the WTTC and showing off his blazing serve to the international crowd.


At 6'8'', Christian is one of the tallest men on the Thatian Tour, and consistently fires 135+ MPH serves. Coupled with a defiant one-handed backhand, he is deadly from all angles. The few who try to pass him over the net find that his long arms reach nearly anything, and his legs help him reach any lobs that are hit behind him. From all angles, Christian is a player that seems intimidating from across the net, but can break down easily due to a lack of concentration and mental focus. This is one area he certainly needs to improve on if he ever wants to become known internationally.

Quite different from the other players is Laura Reynolds, the youngest player competing in Delaclava this year. At seventeen, she broke away from the competition at the Thatian Junior Cup, defeating Caroline Kygios 6-1, 6-0 for the championship. Not only did she not lose a set during the tournament, she also was not broken a single time in any of her matches. She elected to take a spot on the World Team Tennis Championship after given the opportunity to compete in the WTTC or the Scott Cup. Humbly, she believed she was not ready to take the #1 spot for Thatian women's tennis, and gave it up to her rival and friend, Caroline Kygios instead.


At 6'2'', Laura has the firepower to knock off any opponent. Starting with her serve, she sets up the points well enough to give her the ability to go for winners. While her forehand seems to be her strength, her backhand has no problem hitting winners down the line or cross-court, wherever she chooses, really. Coupled with great hands at the net, Laura is a formidable opponent not to be underestimated.

Thatius, seeded #5, will take on Shadowbourne in the first match of the World Team Tennis Cup. Christian Janówicź faces Jos Kozacik while Laura Reynolds has the daunting challenge of playing Klaudiusz Lairson. In the doubles match, David Fynsterberg and Philipp Marrero face Sujit Kumar and Christophe Svendsen. All three matches look promising, and certainly will be worth watching. Radio-Televizija Thatius will be featuring all three matches live on Chanel 72, and will show replays afterwards for anyone who missed them live.

If Thatius manages to survive the first match against Shadowbourne, they will face the winner of Tyrrin vs. Kriegiersien. The losers of both match will face each other as well. Losing seems to not be an option for the nation that has done so well in tennis as of late. With Novak Dlouhy winning the Bronze Medal at the Olympics in Men's Singles, and after he and Vittoria Panaro teamed up to win the Gold Medal in Mixed Doubles, Thatian tennis has continued to be strong. Will that trend continue here in Delaclava with the 8th Scott Cup and 2nd World Team Tennis Championships? With fierce competition from Sarzonia, Delaclava, Tyrrin, and Darmen, that could be wishful thinking. Best of luck to all competitors.



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