AOCAF Cup 40 | Pacitalia | Tournament thread

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AOCAF Cup 40 | Pacitalia | Tournament thread

Postby Pacitalia » Wed May 15, 2013 12:36 pm


Official Tournament Thread for the 40th Atlantian
Oceania Confederation of Association Football Cup

Welcome to the 40th edition of the world's premier regional football tournament, the Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football Cup, here in Pacitalia! This is the official tournament thread for the Cup, where you will post rosters and RPs, and see scores and other information provided by the host. The tournament is now open and you may begin posting at your leisure.

Signups are now closed. The latest rankings are available here.

Visitors to this thread: please note that this tournament is only open to resident nations of Atlantian Oceania, and participation by countries outside the region is not allowed.
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Postby Pacitalia » Wed May 15, 2013 12:36 pm

Group draw pots

Pot 1 consisted of the defending champions and the host nation, as well as seven of the other nine highest-ranked national sides in the region. Pot 2 consisted of the next highest-ranked participating teams, as did Pot 3 after that. Pot 4 consisted of the bottom three ranked teams as well as the six unranked teams.

  • Pot 1: Audioslavia, Valanora, Pacitalia, Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, New Montreal States, Starblaydia, Wight, Vilita & Turori, Dorian and Sonya
  • Pot 2: Farfadillis, Thatius, Kiryu-shi, Osarius, Legalese, New West Guiana, 95X, Kinitaria, Yelvoldia
  • Pot 3: The Inevitable Syndicate, Carpathia & Ruthenia, Maklohi Vai, Naitpyge, Khytenna, Blouman Empire, Savski Venac, Mantwenic, Ibex
  • Pot 4: Lymryk Isles, Scandonia, Kjeligsted, Kericia*, Kikwipeyi*, Ko-oren*, New Gordonopia*, Quakmybush*, The Islands of Qutar*
* = unranked


In AOCAF Cup 40, there are 36 national sides participating. This resulted in a slightly unconventional twist on the traditional four-teams-per-group tournament structure. In this tournament, there will be nine groups of four teams each, with the top team from each group automatically qualifying for the round of sixteen. Seven runners-up from the nine groups will also qualify for the round of sixteen, based on their record during the group stage. This is where tiebreakers may be needed to settle qualification. From that point, the tournament reverts to its traditional knockout structure, with a round of sixteen, a quarterfinal, a semifinal, a third-place playoff and a championship final.

The groups drawn, based on the pots above, are as follows:

Group 1
Pacitalia (3)
Osarius (13)
Carpathia and Ruthenia (25)
Ko-oren (UNR)

Group 2
Wight (7)
Thatius (11)
Naitpyge (27)
Kjeligsted (63)

Group 3
Vilita & Turori (8)
Yelvoldia (21)
The Inevitable Syndicate (22)
Quakmybush (UNR)

Group 4
Valanora (2)
Kiryu-shi (12)
Mantwenic (35)
Scandonia (62)

Group 5
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega (4)
Legalese (15)
Blouman Empire (29)
The Islands of Qutar (UNR)

Group 6
Dorian and Sonya (9)
New West Guiana (16)
Maklohi Vai (26)
Lymryk Isles (49)

Group 7
Starblaydia (6)
95X (17)
Khytenna (28)
Kikwipeyi (UNR)

Group 8
Audioslavia (1)
Kinitaria (19)
Savski Venac (31)
Kericia (UNR)

Group 9
New Montreal States (5)
Farfadillis (10)
Ibex (42)
New Gordonopia (UNR)

Schedules (RL time)

Saturday, May 18th: MD1
Monday, May 20th: MD2
Wednesday, May 22nd: MD3

Thursday, May 23rd: Scorination of tiebreakers, if necessary

Friday, May 24th: Round of 16
Sunday, May 26th: QF
Tuesday, May 28th: SF
Wednesday, May 29th: 3P
Friday, May 30th: Final

Scorination will take place at approximately 11:00 pm PDT on the dates listed above.

Stadia and schedule of AOCAF Cup 40

Group stage


Matchday 1 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4
Matchday 2 1 vs 3, 2 vs 4
Matchday 3 4 vs 1, 2 vs 3

Group 1
Ground Stadio Alfredo Peruzzi Ferma dell'Arzu
Location Rigunanta, Amalfia Lucifora, Pungaria
Capacity 73,010 67,400

Group 2
Ground Stadio Regionale di Franconia Stadio tnpSonera
Location Amita, Franconia Sapuntoli, Beracanto
Capacity 93,104 51,692

Group 3
Ground Stadio Synergent * Parche Domenico Manichere
Location Athalone, Provencia Caderesta, Provencia
Capacity 96,375 65,053

Group 4
Ground Stadio ABN * Adiotex-Arena *
Location Nortopalazzo, Antigonia Potenza, Alt-Empordà
Capacity 86,564 74,174

Group 5
Ground Stadio de la Revolución Stadio Ibertex *
Location Monterio, Margheria Rado de Finetera, Margheria
Capacity 90,264 63,734

Group 6
Ground Camp de Gràcia Parc Esquerráls
Location Pau, Baix-Empordà Bergamo, Baix-Empordà
Capacity 68,284 53,890

Group 7
Ground Parche Regionale di Dossavora Ferma Profectis *
Location Argazali, Dossavora Fiorentina, Palatinia
Capacity 60,670 56,172

Group 8
Ground Stadio Cansoma di Pogli La Borreda di Campo
Location Timiocato, Capitale Timiocato, Capitale
Capacity 96,789 66,392

Group 9
Ground Stadio Angelino Albanese Stadio San Michele
Location Capagatta, Trasteveria Ficherenza, Trasteveria
Capacity 58,879 48,768

Match distribution
In each group, the stadium in the first column will host 1v2, 1v3 and 4v1.
The stadium in the second column will host 3v4, 2v4 and 2v3.

1 = team from Pot A (i.e. in Group 1, Pacitalia) 2 = team from Pot B (i.e. in Group 1, Osarius)
3 = team from Pot C (i.e. in Group 1, Carpathia and Ruthenia) 4 = team from Pot D (i.e. in Group 1, Ko-oren)

"1" and "2" play two "home" matches and one "away" match.
"3" and "4" play one "home" match and two "away" matches.
As an additional bonus, "1" will play all three of its matches at the same stadium.

Round of 16

TBD based on final placings in the group stage.
Note: The seven best group winners are guaranteed to be the "home" side during the round of sixteen.

Stadio Banco di Mandragora * Mandragora, Beracanto 89,794 Match 1
Stadio Rosa Saronno, Pomentane 92,322 Match 2
Stadio Nazionale Timiocato, Capitale 95,316 Match 3
Complio Civitale Sambuca, Sambuca 88,816 Match 4
Stadio Regionale di Franconia Amita, Franconia 93,104 Match 5
Adiotex-Arena * Potenza, Alt-Empordà 74,174 Match 6
Ferma dell'Arzu Lucifora, Pungaria 67,400 Match 7
Stadio ABN * Nortopalazzo, Antigonia 86,564 Match 8



Ro16-1 vs Ro16-2 Ro16-3 vs Ro16-4
Ro16-5 vs Ro16-6 Ro16-7 vs Ro16-8

Complio Civitale Sambuca, Sambuca 88,816 QF 1
Camp de Gràcia Pau, Baix-Empordà 68,284 QF 2
Stadio de la Revolución Monterio, Margheria 90,264 QF 3
Stadio Piccolo Fiumare Positano, Franconia 61,160 QF 4



QFW1 vs QFW4 QFW2 vs QFW3

Stadio Synergent * Athalone, Provencia 96,375 SF 1
Stadio Banco di Mandragora Mandragora, Beracanto 89,794 SF 2



3P SFL1 vs SFL2
Final SFW1 vs SFW2

Stadio Alfredo Peruzzi Rigunanta, Amalfia 73,010 3P
Superstadio Repubblicana Timiocato, Capitale 98,446 Final

Note: An asterisk (*) next to a stadium's name indicates that it is named for a corporate sponsor.
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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Wed May 15, 2013 12:39 pm

The Inevitable Syndicate Presents...


The Inevitable Syndicate National Football Team
For The AOCAF 40

Current W-D-L: 27-10-23

After an interesting Cup of Harmony, in which the Syndicate performed exactly as well as they did last time, Lewis Thackray found himself rather content with the state of the team. Hopefully the team can continue to do relatively well in this latest AOCAF, marking the start of the team's third cycle in international football.

Starting XI:
Name No. Club Caps
GK Dominic Archer 1 Nostromo Meteorites 56
RCB Ryan Oliver 2 Burgess FC 60
CB Nick King 3 Galesby Athletic 60
LCB Alex Sutler 5 Galesby Athletic 60
DM Sean Lucas 8 Pinehearth United 33
RM Ethan Sinclair 6 Nostromo Meteroites 60
CM Adam Willis 7 Burgess FC 60
CM Jay Robinson 19 Aldenbourne Electric 34
LM Bradley Birch 9 Fligsive FC 57
ST Luke Mitchell 10 Galesby Athletic 60
ST Jacob Pratt 22 Burgess FC 57

Name No. Club Caps
Joseph Lloyd 12 Hyford FC 24
Antony Kay 13 Wozinitz Wonderers 16
Andrew Watson 14 Aldenbourne Electric 32
Petr Cervinka 15 Fligsive FC 9
Josh Rogers 16 Magnaeus City 21
Peter Howard 17 Wozinitz Wonderers 16
Joel Hurst 18 Hyford FC 18
Fred Higgs 20 Magnaeus City 26
Nathan Powell 11 Fligsive FC 41
Henry Davies 21 Nostromo Meteorites 22

Home Stadium: Flynn Arena, Fligsive (100,000)
Style: -2.33
Manager: Lewis Thackray
Coach: George Bain
Youth Team

Formation (3-5-2):

(Kits Provided by the amazing Kirola Sportswear, Audioslavia.)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but I'll decide the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y (3 per match)
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (1 per match)
Godmod other events: Y, but TG me first.

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Postby Savski Venac » Wed May 15, 2013 2:13 pm


Football Association of Savski Venac
Фудболнъй Союз Савскогя Венаций
Фудбласки Савез Савског Венца

Away and home kits
Coach:Robert Prosinečki
First 11:
Pos. Name. No. Age Team
GK Vadim Petrov #1 24 FK Kosmajac
DEF Julius Pelić #20 24 FK Abarth
DEF Petar Kostić #5 25 FK Start
DEF Janko Neješ #8 26 FK Kosmajac
DEF Igor Ignjatov #6 31 PFK CSKA Beograd
MID Pavel Neješ #19 27 FK Kosmajac
MID Dobrica Erić #61 23 FK Borac 1926
MID Dino Petrov #44 32 FK Turbina
MID Andrew Buckett #10 30 FC New Ireland
FWD Avgust Peter #21 33 FK Start
FWD Adrijan Kočić #34 24 PFK CSKA Beograd

Pos. Name No. Age Team
GK Kokan Totić #22 21 FK Crvena Zvezda
GK Karim Yankulovski #24 19 FK Start
DEF Rudi Hiti #96 24 NK Bled
DEF Gorazd Hiti #69 24 NK Bled
DEF David Čavčić #4 25 NK Dinamo Ub
MID Andrej Stojković #9 22 FK Orao
MID Dragan Mrđa #53 27 FK Dunav
FWD Pavel Medved #18 17 FK Start
FWD Aleksej Čajkovski #44 24 FK Abarth
FWD MIchael Budd #32 24 FC New Ireland

Code: Select all
I grant the following roleplay permissions to my opponent:
Choose Scorers: [Y]
Godmod Goalscoring Events: [Y]
Injure Players: [Y] i will decide when will he be egliable to play again.
Godmod Injury Events [Y] See above.
Godmod Player Discipline: [N]
- Allow Players to Be Yellow Carded: [Y]
-- Number of Yellow Cards Permitted: (2)
- Allow Players to Be Red Carded: [Y]
-- Number of Red Cards Permitted: (1)
Godmod Other Events: [Y] TG me first.
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The truth about Kosovo
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Postby Audioslavia » Wed May 15, 2013 4:13 pm

Introducing, the reigning World and Atlantian Oceania champions...
National Football Team
The Bulls

Code: Select all
    #  Pos Name                  Age    Club                       
     1  GK Kajaxo Imaslavii      25     Strike FC (Vilita)                   
     2  RB Claus Rijsbergen      28     Directus (FSSO)           
     3  LB Cesar Vazquez         31     FC Brimstone (Apox)
     4  CM Luca Romanov          25     Cedrus Soundgardia (Starblaydia)     
     5  CB Ruy Garcia            31     Ferdullaele (Farfadillis)       
     6  CB John Ryan             31     SK Port Jarko (Mytannion)
     7  CM Matías Garrastazu     27     Reedring F.C. (Falconwhereveryouare)
     8  CM James Courier         24     FC Axel Heiberg (Polar Islandstates)     
     9  CF Karsten Eiger         28     SK Franz Josef City (Polar Islandstates)
    10  CM Wim Van Wildernis     25     Issington F.C. (Apox)
    11  LM Zonnestraal Jansen    24     La Nueva Avenida (Farfadillis)
    12  CF Vucidini Zekani       18     Arcticala Inlet (Vilita)         
    13  RB Jean-Luc Cézanne      27     Yeaddin Owls (Vilita)                 
    14  RM Manestraal Jansen     24     La Nueva Avenida (Farfadillis)
    15  CM Mauro Soccorso        26     Cedrus Soundgardia (Starblaydia)
    16  CM Txordin Zerubeltzak   17     Angels (Pazhujeb Islands)     
    17  RM Flavio Vivaldini      28     Cedrus Soundgardia (Starblaydia)   
    18  CB Máxima Crespo    28   Reedring F.C. (Falconwhereveryouare)               
    19  LB Anders Euler          27     Dinamo Esca (Mytannion)
    20  CF Niko Ferz             32     Wye United (Apox)             
    21  LM Alessandro di Viola   24     Cedrus Soundgardia (Starblaydia)
    22  GK Anthony Newbridge     39     Iturributa United (Astograth)
    23  GK Ari Salbatzailea      27     Reedring F.C. (Falconwhereveryouare)

Code: Select all

           2         5         6        3
       Rijsbergen  Garcia     Ryan   Vazquez
     14            7            10           11
Mannestraal   Garrastazu  Van Wildernis  Zonnestraal


Style Modifier: -1


Audioslavia is an ancient nation, recently having celebrated the 10th OOC anniversary of its inception. The nation originally CTE'd in 2006, was revived briefly in 2007 and 2009, and enjoyed a proper resurgence at the start of 2012, locating itself in Atlantian Oceania indefinitely after IC centuries of rivalries with various nations in the region.

The Audioslavia national side participated in World Cups 4 to 29, made an abortive comeback in World Cup 37, and rejoined the world of international football properly back in World Cup 59. The ancient Audioslavia side qualified for all but one of the World Cups it entered (a young Audioslavia failed during the WC5 qualifying playoffs) and generally maintained a place in top twenty of the world rankings, peaking at #1 during the qualifying phases of World Cups 20 and 21.

Paradoxically, the national team has seen more success in its modern form - a period where quick success is much more difficult to achieve than in the early days. Whereas those early years yielded only the inaugural U21 World Cup and a string of losing finals in the World Cup proper, the modern team won the Baptism of Fire tournament before WC59 and triumphed in the thirty-fifth, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth installments of the AOCAF Cup. The side have also reached the final of the AOCAF cup on two other occasions, and have reached as far as the semi-finals of the Cup of Harmony.

Modern Audioslavia finally won the World Cup itself in cycle 63, a victory that required a huge amount of luck and some very po-faced, negative football. Audioslavia managed to win the tournament despite going into the qualifiers with a ranking of #53 in the world. Four years later, in World Cup 64, the national side proved that this win, as fortunate as it was, was no flash in the pan when they again took home the World Cup trophy, completing the first ever 'double-double' of winning back-to-back AOCAF and World Cup championships.

Ten Things Audioslavia's football team are famous for:
1: The claret and green striped kits, complete with white pinstripe. They have been like this, with the odd exception, since World Cup 4.
2: Jeremy Jaffacake. The indescribable Jaffacake has been a satellite of the national team - both as sports journalist and member of the FFA - since World Cup 6. It is unwise to cross Jeremy Jaffacake. In fact, it's often unwise to even look at him. Jaffacake is arguably the most infamous character in the entirety of sports RPing. He's certainly the oldest.
3:Choking in major finals. Audioslavia were the record holders for losing the most amount of World Cup finals without a victory, having failed in WCs 12, 19, 20 and 29. When you include modern Audioslavia's travails at the final stage of major tournaments, however, our record now stands at a much more respectable 6-6.
4: Being almost unbeatable in semi-finals. Audioslavia's senior side have a scarily good record in the last four of any competition, and have lost only one semi-final match in thirteen attempts.
5: Off pitch entertainment: A fervent, yet well-behaved support. Audioslavia's fans are generally friendly, enjoy mixing with the locals and are partial to the odd litre of whisky. Not to mention the tabloid antics of one Jeremy Jaffacake.
6: On-pitch anti-entertainment. The Audioslavian national team have always played effective, if uninspiring football. The side are usually solid, with a cautious approach play and a willingness to hold on to possession rather than attempt anything too rash.
7: Building rivalries: Audioslavia count, and have counted, a lot of nations as their 'rivals'. They are, in order of healthiest to most hated: Lemmitania, Karditan, Legalese, New Montreal States, Halfassedstates, Iansisle, Vilita/Turori, Bedistan, Starblaydia, Squornshelous, Rejistania, Total n Utter Insanity, Krytenia U19s, Krytenia U21s, Krytenia 'C'. Krytenia 'B', Them.
8: Audioslavia have had, throughout their history, a disproportionate amount of wingers with names beginning with 'J'.
9: Audioslavia are the first and only team to have been eliminated from the group stage of a World Cup on penalties.
10: Audioslavia is home to Kirola Sportswear, the manufacturers of some of the more... avant garde football strip designs seen around the World Cup.

Audioslavian footballers tend to be a little on the small side compared to modern NS athletes. The average height for a goalkeeper is about 6'0, but centre-halves tend to top out at 5'11 and other outfielders rarely venture higher than 5'9 (although the 'target-man' style strikers tend to be taller, such as the 6'2 Karsten Eiger). All of Audioslavia's players, throughout history, have been human and male. Our players tend to be fairly quick with a lot of stamina and physical fitness, and are proficient at short passing. In general, however, our technique is fairly poor, our forward play is particularly uncreative and our small-ish team tends to struggle against physical teams. Our goals usually come near the end of games as our high stamina wins through. The national side frequently employ players of Audioslavian citizenship/parentage but who are naturalised elsewhere. Current goalkeeper Kajaxo Imaslavii and striker Vucidini Zekani were born in Vilita and play their football over there, and a significant chunk of the squad are taken from Starblaydi high-flyers Cedrus Soundgardia, a team based on Starblaydia's Cedrus Isle, a place with a high percentage of Audioslavian diaspora. Recently, the national side has used players born as far afield as Cafundeu, Taeshan, Turori and Krytenia.

As for the current crop, striker Karsten Eiger is, at 6'2, easily the biggest member of the squad and is used as a target man for the team's five midfielders. Zonnestraal and Mannestraal Jansen are twins, both wingers, both very very fast and with the ability to play with either foot. Elsewhere in midfield, James Courier is the twenty-four year old sensation who's harrying midfield play helped Audioslavia to the last two World Cups, while new-boy Garrastazu is a product of Falconwhereveryouare's involvement in professionalising the formerly amateur Audioslavian team Moreazerua and moving them to their league. In defence, John Ryan is turning into a world-classs centre-half, but the rest of the back four are nothing special. Goalkeeper Imaslavii is a rising star in the Vilitan leagues, currently first choice keeper at the famous Jungle Strike F.C.

Roleplaying permissions: We frown on god-modding if there isn't a sense of humour behind it. Everything else is fine. If you'd like to injure a few players or dish out red cards for a particularly harsh game, go right ahead, go hog wild.
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu May 16, 2013 5:27 am

ImageKo-orenite Roster for AOCAF 40 – National Football TeamImage

Nation Name: The Meritocratic Utopia of Ko-oren
Short Nation Name: Ko-oren
Trigramme: KOR
Demonym: Ko-orenite, Kite (derogatory)
Team Nickname: Greenblues, Dragonflies
National Colors: Green, Blue
Head of Committee of Coaches: Pet Rilasthaunden
Style: -4
Formation: 3-2-3-2
Ranking: UR
AOCAF: 1st cycle
Ko-orenite Roster
for AOCAF 40

Starters in bold:

1. Haki Asgard - GK (33) - A solid goalkeeper, experienced and a natural leader. Co-captain behind Sobek Dehenat.
12. Amate Hoki - GK (31) - Good player, but very unfortunate in the fact that he has Asgard in the same generation.
23. Storm Enshadilsa - GK (24) - Biggest talent among Ko-orenite goalkeepers. He should be first goalie when Asgard quits.

2. Svarlamn Norn - LWB (25) - Energetic leftback, has good passing and is always looking for an offensive break.
3. Sobek Dehenat - CB (33) - Captain and biggest personality on the team. Calm and collected, experienced leader of the defense.
4. Lodur Nidog - RWB (27) - Slow player, but excellent in keeping strikers away from the ball.
7. Fin Fenner - RCM (29) - Central passing man on the team. Any attack is likely to start with one of his passes.
8. Susano Sanuki - LCM (27) - The most defensive of the five midfielders, often acts as second centralback next to Dehenat.

6. Ul Leire - DM (31) - In case of a lead that needs to be defended, an offensive midfielder is often substituted off for him.
13. Katanmak Juliasterinthen - CB (20) - Biggest defending talent. Learning the ropes from Dehenat, both in the NT and at the club.
16. Roluswishandin Erlenajaur - DM (21) - Inexperienced and it shows, needs to play a lot more important matches before he can play in the NT.
14. Fuujin Iwaki - CB (25) - Reliable CB, though he hardly does anything outside of defense. Poor passing.
15. Bjarswind Napertnau - CM (22) - The next Fin Fenner. Excellent passing, can even take free kicks well.
20. Futushi Musashi - RB (28) - Can play on either wing, slightly unreliable defender who's in the best of his years.
21. Koneruthen Haukderevnastar - DM (19) - On the squad to get more experienced. Not likely to play, but who knows what might happen.

10. Palnatoki Idrasil - RWM (27) - Quick winger, unpredictable and is good with crosses as well as dribbling inward and shooting.
5. Thor Alfar - LWM (23) - Can give good crosses, but is too slow to get in that position often. He is very strong though, and can hold the ball well.
11. Koyane Shiribeshi - ST (30) - Star striker of the team. Still as good as a few years ago, nobody doubts that he will again be the top scorer for the squad.
9. Naemasu Tokachi - ST (27) - Second striker behind Shiribeshi. Most assists are by him, but he can score too.
17. Pta Talmis - AM (24) - Passing man behind the strikers. Knows exactly when to give a through pass, pass to the wings, or pass back.

18. Esolywend Eregrent - AM (20) - Attacking midfielder who is also just as good on any wing. Can even play central midfielder.
19. Izasul Terathu - RS (25) - Next big striker. Often substituted on for Shiribeshi when his age starts showing. Energetic, agile and fast.
22. Ukru Masaineu - LS (21) - Not one of the biggest talents, but experienced enough to edge out over them.

RP-ing without having to read/think?
Most likely to score: Shiribeshi - Tokachi - Idrasil - Fenner - Alfar - Dehenat (just the starters)
Most likely to be booked: Norn - Sanuki - Nidog - Talmis - Alfar - Dehenat (just the starters)
Most likely substitutions:
Striker - striker: Shiribeshi/Tokachi <->Terathu
Attacking midfielder - attacking midfielder: Idrasil/Talmis/Alfar <-> Eregrent
Defensive midfielder - defensive midfielder: Fenner <-> Napertnau or Sanuki <-> Leire
Defender - defender: Norn/Nidog <-> Iwaki or Dehenat <-> Juliasterinthen

Offensive sub: Fenner/Sanuki <-> Eregrent or Talmis <-> Terathu
Defensive sub: Idrasil/Talmis/Alfar <-> Napertnau or Fenner <-> Iwaki/Juliasterinthen

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events N
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Postby Audioslavia » Thu May 16, 2013 4:02 pm

David Radic felt a sharp burst of pain between his shoulder-blades. He turned to see a grinning Karsten Eiger, just having given him a hearty slap on the back.
"You're getting old, Dave" said Eiger, as the big striker swung open the door to the changing room. Even after a long hard season over in Polar Islandstates, there wasn't a mark of sweat on him.
"He's probably right" came a voice behind David. At least that's what he thought he'd heard, in between the roaring sound of the blood-vessels next to his ears, his heart pounding in his chest. David tried to straighten up, stop resting his hands on his thighs, but found it a difficult task.
"You're getting a little old to be running around the training pitch with the boys" said the voice. David finally managed to turn, and found it was the boss, Israel Klimt, Audioslavia manager. The two of them had been together now for seven years, having taken Audioslavia through qualifying for World Cup 63, through to the WC63 championship, the thirty-ninth AOCAF Cup, World Cup 64 and now, the preparations for AOCAF 40. David had been a sprightly thirty-four year-old when he'd taken the job as Israel's assistant, back at club level. Followed him from Maccabbi Cathair to 1830 Cathair, on to the national team and now, the two of them, provably the best managerial partnership in world football. It was scarcely believable.

Now, aged forty-eight, David was struggling to perform his duties properly. Running the rounds with the team was something he'd done ever since he got his coaching badges. Now, with a few too many miles on the clock. it was near killing him.
"You don't have to run with them, y'know. They'll do it if you just tell them to do it"
"It's not... the same" said David, breathing heavily. "I'm the assistant, the link between management and the players. I've got to go on the run with them. Doesn't feel right otherwise"
Israel shrugged.
"Maybe you should move up. Be the manager"
"What, and have you traipse round that field? You'd be dead by halfway"
"I'm only a couple of years older than you" said Israel, which was correct. Israel had turned 50 last August. He'd celebrated by getting blind drunk - a luxury open to national managers in Audioslavia in certain years, the international itinerary yielding two years off between the end of one World Cup and the start of the AOCAF tournament, with the qualifiers and such coming swiftly afterwards. 2171 had been a very quiet year for David and Israel. David had been counting the days until spring 2172, and the preparations for the upcoming AOCAF Cup.
Israel continued his train of thought.
"Have you not thought about becoming the big man yourself?"
David was silent, but for his heavy breathing. If he were honest with himself he'd been expecting the question any time.
"You've plenty of experience, trained two World Cup winning teams, you're tactically astute, get on well with everyone. You must have given it some thought at least"
"You retiring?" asked David. He knew the answer. Israel shook his head.
"I've worked with you for fifteen odd years. I could easily work with you for another fifteen. I'm just concerned that you might have... more in you,.. than being an assistant"
"Two world cups, one AOCAF Cup, national hero, that's something that's difficult to walk away from"
"Aye, I understand. And we've put a lot of hard work in to get this far. I'm just saying, if you want a challenge, if you want to leave, find a manager's position, I won't stand in your way"
David nodded again. Israel returned the nod and went inside. Only then did David manage to stand up. He lasted all of six seconds before doubling back over and throwing up onto the grass.
Whether the sick came from the over-exertion, or the thought of him being the man, the manager, the man at whom the buck stops, he couldn't tell.

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Postby Maklohi Vai » Thu May 16, 2013 4:51 pm

The Vaian team:

Starters (5-3-2):

Numatao Makai

LFB Wakoro Malaopani
LCB Wono Kalopai
CB Wamoro Ulanamauaio
RCB Ruto Lapanimakai
RFB Mulo Kalopani

LM: Runokunao Palatai
CM: A’auwo Malowai
RM: Tilao Palarutani

LS: Rumoto Noramanai
RS: Tumo Makanopalani

GK: Nokomo Pulamanai
GK: Rumao Malopai

Mota’awao Wurutopai
Nomao Kawai
Umo Munulowai
Muto Nilomapai
Rulo Kawai
Molu Lomai
Alu Napali
Ruta'ao Maniruto

Ulumo Makai
Muwao Nilopawai
Kolao Namopoi
Moko Romokanapai
Luto Omapai
Nuko Mulopai

Roru Lanipoi
Wano Mopa'ai
Makao Rulopanai
Nulo Makaopai
Ailo Malakapanai

Coach: Rimolanao Lomokanapai

Home Stadium:
Vaian National Pitch, Kolo Lahi. Capacity 112,532.

Style: -4

Kits Designed by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, three per game.
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: TG me.
"For the glory of our people, we govern our nation freely. For the glory of Polynesia, we help and strengthen our friends. For the glory of the earth, we do not destroy what it has bestowed upon us."
Demonym: Vaian
-Kamanakai Oa'a Pani, first president of Maklohi Vai
-6.13/-8.51 - as of 7/18
Hosted: MVBT 1; WBC 27; Friendly Cups 7, 9; (co-) NSCAA 5
Former President, WBC; WBC Councillor
Senator Giandomenico Abruzzi, Workers Party of Galatea
Head Administrator
Beto Goncalves, Chair, CTA
Abraham Kamassi, Chair, Labour Party of Elizia
President of Calaverde Eduardo Bustamante; Leader, LDP
President of Baltonia Dovydas Kanarigis; Leader, LDP
President of Aurentina Wulukuno Porunalakai; Leader, Progress Coa.

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Postby Ibex » Thu May 16, 2013 7:12 pm

Ibex is a small, mostly-desert, land-locked nation found slightly west of The Inevitable Syndicate. It is populated mainly by "intelligent" Ibexes (goats). They speak, they work, and they pray; that's about it. The other species--pretty much any intelligent four-hooved creature other than ponies, cows, and pigs--tend to be slightly more educated and in administrative or important business positions, while still maintaining their spirituality. The top tiers of government and business are mostly the least-religious Ibexes, and tend to use the Opiate of the Masses as propaganda and a tool of oppression. Humans are advised to avoid visiting if they can; authorization for entry is difficult to obtain, unauthorized humans are usually enslaved, and there's not that much to see, anyway. Except for the hoofball, of course, and also some magnificent Cathedrals if that's your thing.

Kits courtesy of Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia. The kit actually shown is worn by the team's human Valet; the players will be wearing kits of almost identical design, but shaped properly for their specific species.





Style Mod: +4.6
Formation: 2-4-4

Manager: Rasim Amirmoez, 38, Ibex. The Prince of Isllamabad, son of Emporor Shang Lér.

Starting XI
Pos # Name Age Species
GK 1 Bluegrass 18 Ibex
D 19 Saliha El-Amin 14 Ibex
D 3 Lujayn Salah 15 Ibex
ML 4 Rolling Plain 27 Buffalo
MLC 5 Hassan Dean 17 Ibex
MRC 6 Azucena Salcedo 36 Impala
MR 7 Pterra Ramosa 23 Alpaca
LW 8 Oppy Aire 21 Ibex
FL 9 Aliston Antler 26 Antelope [Captain]
FR 10 Baroque Garret 19 Ibex
RW 11 Baqir Jana 16 Ibex

GK 20 Zaran 30 Zebra
D 2 Iron Horn 20 Ibex
D 18 Llaria 20 Llama
M 17 Drevis Prong 22 Antelope
M 16 Jeptha Oll 28 Alpaca
M 15 Arwa Dabil 16 Ibex
F 14 Illebo 19 Llama
F 13 Quon Nevina 15 Alpaca
F 12 Krunt Ishtag 24 Polar Bear

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y (Encouraged. Ibexes are very aggressive.)
Godmod other events Y
Karditan puppet
Flag courtesy of Vilita.

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Postby Andossa Se Mitrin Vega » Thu May 16, 2013 11:20 pm

Following a mighty push from the three semi-independent Dwarven States to be more included in the selection processes for international sporting events, the powers that be have decided to send a squad comprised only of Dwaves to compete in AOCAF’s 40th edition.

So without further wait we proudly unveil the ASMV Bearded Dragons!

Formation 1-3-1-3-2 (-2)

Manager: Tol Grayfist		Age: 125	Ht:	3'9"	Wt:	136

Starting 11
pos # Name Age Ht Wt Homeland
LF 10 Thirok Redfist 97 4'1 120 Undermountain
RF 11 Urafr Stonehewer 101 3'8 124 Dwarvenhamme
LM 12 Talddar Onyxbeard 99 4'0 117 Dwarvenhamme
CM 13 Ovar Rockcrusher 77 3'11 130 Stonengarten
RM 14 Adalaerl Axebeard 88 4'4 131 Dwarvenhamme
DM 15 Garag Fireheart 96 3'9 144 Stonengarten
LB 16 Ulam Ringcarver 100 4'0 129 Undermountain
CB 17 Zuth Blackspear 95 3'10 133 Stonengarten
RB 18 Nor Firebeard 105 3'7 127 Dwarvenhamme
SW 19 Ygder Gravelfist 99 4'1 130 Stonengarten
K 20 Gret Anvilforger 92 4'3 118 Undermountain

F 21 Cadal Spiderbane 100 3'8 129 Stonengarten
M 22 Fulob Ironfoot 87 4'2 124 Undermountain
B 23 Baergin Ironmaker 91 4'0 126 Dwarvenhamme
K 24 Kildan Rockhand 83 3'10 147 Stonengarten
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3rd Place: WC59; WC61WC65
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Qualified for WC Proper - 27,28,29,30,53,54,56,58,59,60,61,63,64,65
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Postby The Paradystopi Lymryk Isles » Fri May 17, 2013 6:44 am


Hooktooth Stinkypaws modelling the pteronurian 'kit'

The Paradystopi Lymryk Isles Roster for AOCAF
(first team in bold)

Barrington Farquharson-Smythe    - GK, #1  - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Damien Wellington-Hyde - GK, #30 - (of Po City, Human)
Jefferson Thatcher - LB, #2 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Squeaky Fishcatcher - LB, #3 - (of The Sea-Pteronurians Alliance, Pteronurian)
Longtail Surfsrisingtide - CB, #4 - (of The Sea-Pteronurians Alliance, Pteronurian)

Squinty Killerofcaiman - CB, #5 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Pteronurian)
Frederickus van Woffinden - CB, #16 - (of Po City, Human)
Elvis Talbot - RB, #7 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Barnaby Snow - DM, #6 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Flappy Likessquidnowandthen - DM, #21 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Pteronurian)

Anthony Jan Pewterthwaite - LM, #4 - (of Po City, Human)
Laurence Algernon Oldwoodgate - LM, #8 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Squealsalot Bigclaws - CM, #9 - (of The Sea-Pteronurians Alliance, Pteronurian)
Hooktooth Stinkypaws - CM, #10 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Pteronurian) - Captain
George Farrington Kwytaynstate - CM, #24 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)

Joseph Casper Flebbleswick - RM, #12 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Anthony Mark Daniel Bostick - RM, #11 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Edgar Stravanger - CF, #14 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Wobbly Clambanger - CF, #13 - (of Po Pteronurians, Pteronurian)
and Manager: Peter Pasternick

Formation: 4-1-4-1
Style Modifier: -3.5


The human members of the team play as, well, humans. Using feet, head, etc. I don't need to explain this to you.

The pteronurian players play 'football' a little differently. Generally, a pteronurian player will use their head more than any other part of their body especially for dribbling and then their tail for more powerful passes and shots. Due to the nature of this style of play, helmets have been allocated to minimise injuries. The pteronurians wear no other kit as, as they put it, they are not as prudish as their human counterparts. They will probably never use their paws. Despite being capable of standing and walking bi-pedally, they rarely do and scamper around in a way akin to a ferret.

The Lymryk Isles play a quick, short passing game. Working their way towards the opponents goal with slow build-up play, occaisionally interspersed with a long ball counter-attack. The pteronurians being surprisingly nippy on land when they choose to be. From corners or other such set-pieces, expect crosses at difficult heights for humans. As your defender (assuming they're human ... ) tries to decide whether to head the ball or get their leg up high, a springing pteronurian will have probably already bounded through and headed goalward.

Also, do not be alarmed should you find a semi-chewed fish outside your changing room, or find yourself being presented one. This is a gesture of friendship and goodwill amongst pteronurians. However, feel free to freak out should one of our human players exhibit this behaviour.

Some other bits and bobs in my factbook, though feel free to TG me with any queries regarding the strange and wonderful inhabitants of the Lymryk Isles.

RP Permissions:
No deaths or serious injuries please without at least a TG first. Anything else is fair game.
The Paradystopi Lymryk Isles
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Capital City: Po ê Tiknonsenš
Based in the Atlantian Oceania
Puppet of Paradystopia

Greetings to thine, thou and thee.
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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Fri May 17, 2013 11:57 am


Syndicate Set In Zoo Group: Badgers, Ducks, And Eel-Cat Things

17th May 12013

Timiocato, PACITALIA---- The Syndicate are off to Pacitalia in their latest AOCAF run, and the group draw sets us up with an interesting mix of teams from all over the region. We have been placed in Group 3, with the following teams:

Yelvoldia Rank: 21
Placed just one rank above us, the badgers of Yelvoldia will be interesting opponents to face. Hopefully we can pull one over on them with our defensive style of play, and win where it counts!

Quakmybush Rank: UR
Quakmybush are the second opponents in our group, and we've never faced them before, so we don't know what to expect. That won't stop the team from being pre-emptive, however, and the word on the street is that the guys from Quakmybush are an attacking bunch that are not to be trifled with. Expect to see tackles galore as both teams wrestle for supremacy on the regional stage.

Vilita & Turori Rank: 8
Vilita & Turori are probably the most formidable hurdle the Syndicatian team is going to have to face. An experienced group, the Eel-Cat Things (as they've been called in the past) are going to be tricky to beat. Lewis Thackray claims that our tightened defence will be key to stopping the Vilitan attack, but lets hope it pays off when we face them.

And that's our group! Personally, I reckon we could beat Yelvoldia with a bit of luck, and Quakmybush, but V & T are going to give us a hard time. With a little luck, we could tie, or even win, which might be enough to see us progress through the group stage! That's not happened before, and the pressure is on for the Syndicate to do well. Best of luck to our boys on the pitch, and as always: GO SYNDICATE!

Freddie Johnson
ILN Sports

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Postby Kjeligsted » Fri May 17, 2013 2:33 pm

Svarta Tjurar av KJELIGSTED


Introducing the Black Bulls of Kjeligsted
Introducing, de Svarta Tjurar av Kjeligsted

Code: Select all
1  GK Yngve Carlsen
2  RB Waldemar Poulssen
3  LB Kasper Janssen
4  CB Carsten Valvorsson
5  CB Kay Severin
6  CB Tor Andre Tordenvejr
7  CF Stefan Aalsen
8  CM Bjarke Solberg
9  RW Flemming Davidsen
10 CM Vilmar Thorn
11 LM Edvin Stenger 
12 RB Flip Olsen
13 LB Emil Svendsen
14 LW Jakob Salo
15 CB Jari Rasmussen
16 CB Kasper Alexandersen
17 RM Vidar Bager
18 CM Lauritz Nielsen
19 CF Tobias Mortensen
20 CM Jonatan Clausen
21 GK Folke Karstensen
22 CB Tarben Andersen
23 GK Peer Petersen.


   2         5         4          6         3

        9        8         10         11



Kjeligsted: The 'Nation'

The Isle of Kjeligsted is a tiny, tiny island to the north of Audioslavia. It is famous for being rather rich, if a little stringent when it comes to lawmaking - the country recently outlawed alcohol, for example, with tobacco rumored to be on the way out as well. Football in Kjeligsted is, like Audioslavia, mostly amateur, but the game lags well behind Tennis, Cricket and Motor-racing on the rather wealthy island. As such, not much is ever expected of the team on the rare occasion they enter the AOCAF Cup.

Style Modifier: -5
Hello! If you are reading this then my tiny island of Kjeligsted has wandered off again. Please put it back in its box. It won't bite.



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Postby Mantwenic » Fri May 17, 2013 5:11 pm

Since the last time a team from Mantwenic competed in the AOCAF; the citizens of Mantwenic have been through a long journey from a well off nation to a desolate wasteland ruled by rebel forces. The nation is just starting to get back onto its feet. However, the nation's sporting leagues have not yet resumed action and therefore leaving the Mantwenic Football Federation with no other choice than to field a team of Mantwenic's best college footballers. The nation is not expecting any type of a result from this AOCAF. Excitement is in the air because the people of Mantwenic can finally watch some football to take their minds off of the events over the past 5 months.

Presenting the Mantwenic national roster for AOCAF 40...

Style Modifier: +2
Manager: Adam Fredrick, 48

GK: Matthew Barnes, 20 Eleth State University
GK: Curtis Turner, 19 Forton University
GK: Gregory Thurman, 20 Aarowmaw University

D: Stephen Collins, 21, Zeava University
D: Vincent Kilton, 20, University of Benson
D: Adam West, 19, Grashon State University

D: Timothy Harding, 22, Calverton University
D: Carson Simmons, 19, Hartfield University
D: Jason Barnes, 20, Samenic State College

M: Liam Jefferson, 21, Balan University
M: Samuel Ritter, 20, Elmelk Technological University
M: Patrick Delmonico, 19 Mason State University
M: Nicholas Bainbridge, 20 University of Eleth

M: Wesley Mann, 21, Princeland State University
M: Ethan Berring, 19, Hampton Polytechnic University

F: Silas Cromwell, 21, Eleth State University
F: Victor Lipscomb, 21, Memel University
F: Alan Marringer, 20, Thorton University

F: Nelson Torrin, 20, Capital University
F: William Sanders, 19, Zeava University

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y (2 per match)
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (1 per match)
Godmod other events: Y, but with permission via TG
Mantwenic National Anthem:

Member of Olympic Council
Qualified for WC 54
Qualified for WC 55

Mantwenic Broadcasting Service website:

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Postby Andossa Se Mitrin Vega » Fri May 17, 2013 10:50 pm

The mountains tremble, rumble, tremor as the Khordahl march forth from their fortresses and halls of stone. Waters ripple and spray. Trees groan and sway. For now come the Khordahl in all of their resplendent glory. The air hums and churns. Even the fires of the deep recede and hide as the power of the Khordahl is revealed to the world once more.

The Kings of Stone sing deeply their songs of battle. The Masters of the Forge bang their Drums of War. Axe banging shield. Pike banging Helm. Echoes filling the high mountain valleys like thunder. And all can feel the coming of this storm.

Heavy Khordahl axes of steel. Shields of banded iron. Suits of armor, brilliant and formidable. War Axes of Mithril. Shields of Adamantine. Suits of armor, deadly and piecing suits of the Battleragers. Who can stand against the Khordahl?

The Bearded-Ones come marching. Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, and gray - the beards wag and bristle. Long braids, matted locks, and wooly wild - and behind each beard a true Warrior of the Clans. The Bearded-Ones come riding. Steeds of Bear and Chariots pulled forth by sturdy goats of the Mountain. And behind each beard a true hero of the Khordahl.

* * * * *

And so the Dwarven peoples of ASMV, the Khordahl, prepare to enter the 40th edition of the AOCAF. These peoples, after many a long year of being dismissed as ineffective, are finally ready to step to the forefront of international sport and show the world that they belong. And what better place to make a statement than the second most prestigious sporting event in all of the NS World behind only the World Cup itself?

But make no mistake, the Khordahl are treating this opportunity as akin to war itself. And the competition in the first stages of this war will come from Legalese, Blouman Empire, and The Islands of Qutar. Legalese looks to be the toughest of these on paper at least. And though a schedule of which side we face on which day has yet to be announced, many Vegai and Khordahl are looking to this as THE match of the group stage they must see. Most feel that the Khordahl, a small and mostly forgotten piece of the DSE will show Blouman what kind of squad a real Empire can field. The Islands of Qutar will need much more than a glimpse of their former and forgotten glory to even keep things close.

War has come to the AOCAF, figuratively speaking of course, and any who underestimate these vertically challenged, Bearded Warriors will pay dearly for the mistake.
Champions: AORBC II (Women's Champs); AOHC IV; Cup of Harmony 44, 49, & 54; Baptism of Iron VBrevity Challenge Cup 3
2nd Place: WC64
3rd Place: WC59; WC61WC65
WC Quarterfinals- 53,58,60
Qualified for WC Proper - 27,28,29,30,53,54,56,58,59,60,61,63,64,65
Host: Draggonnii Inviyatii; BoF 17 ; World Bowl XII; BoF43 (with K&P);World Cup 58 (with QPeMA)World Cup 61 (with Valanora)

AO is, as they say, THE PLACE.
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Postby Pacitalia » Sat May 18, 2013 12:26 am

24-hour warning for matchday 1 scorination

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Postby Vilita » Sat May 18, 2013 2:43 am


4-Time AOCAF Champions

The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. Players are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.


[ 88 ] Haneshi Hamaaz'urii [ - Morata Valley - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 26 CAPS: 2 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.00 Average Rating ]
Hamaaz'urii played in the 19th Di Bradini Cup as well as an AOCAF Cup for Andossa Se Mitrin Vega before moving a stones throw away to Vilita to play for the Yeaddin Owls during V-League Season 29. After a few up and down seasons in Yeaddin, Colonial Sile spent a club record transfer fee to acquire the uncapped goalkeeper. In Sile, Hamaaz'urii led Colonial to the Vilitan Cup and Tropical Trophy titles, the first major silverware in club history. Hamaaz'urii was snapped up by Strike FC prior to Season 36 after the departure of Nycflala Kater. After spending half a season in Lonngeylin, the emergence of Kajaxo Imaslavii as an international hero following Audioslavia's World Cup 63 triumph pushed Hamaaz'urii out of the lineup eventually landing in Morata Valley

[ 82 ] Mumau Atla-Siioai [ - Turoki United (Vilita) - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 28 CAPS: 5 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
A Dual Vilita & Turori National, Atla-Siioai was invited to the Vilitan World Cup 57 Training camp - but so were 6 other goalkeepers. Atla-Siioai transferred from the Kionao Locals to Vilitan side Turoki United for the V-League 27 season. While his play for Turoki was solid, the impact of Atla-Siioai's presence was most evident back in Turori as the Locals were relegated from the V-League with a club record 20 defeats. While showing the importance of having Atla-Siioai in the squad, the fact that the Goalkeeper left the Locals high and dry has not left a good impression on their Turorian fanbase. Atla-Siioai has, however, made a name for himself in Turoki, repeatedly being named Supporters Player of the Season and leading the team into UICA Competition places.

[ 83 ] Cilamara Issah [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]


[ 68 ] Kadi Molali [ - Makosile - ]
------- D R ( AGE: 30 CAPS: 85 :: GOALS::SR: 7 U21: REG: ) :: [ 7.27 Average Rating ]
Molali has the ability to make stunning runs up the right side of the field and has put together exciting 'from-nothing' goal scoring opportunities in weekly scrimmage matches. Molali was an exciting prospect for the Turoki Academy who was solid, but not exceptional during World Cup 57 Qualifying, making 13 appearances and scoring 1 goal. After joining multiple clubs, including Strike FC, Molali left the VLeague abruptly in the middle of VLeague 26. After some time off, Molali returned, signing for Eastal Lunar FC and completing a strong VLeague Season 27. Following Eastal Lunar's relegation, however, Molali - fearing the relegation could cost him appearances in the National Team, spent 2 seasons at Cednia Beach AFC before moving back to Vilita to play for Makosile.

[ 3 ] Lioniaa Tana [ - Turoki Tide (Vilita) - ]
------- D/DM LC ( AGE: 30 CAPS: 66 :: GOALS::SR: 5 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Tana is one of the most athetlically skilled defensive players in the Turorian arsenal, although Tana's weakness shines in technical areas like heading and man to man marking. After starting their career at Vilitan side Rammsissil, Tana moved to Eastal Lunar FC during V-League 27, winning the Vilitan Cup with the team during Season 28 but relegation triggered a clause allowing Tana to return home to Turori with Cednia Beach AFC for Season 29. After a miserable campaign which saw Tana without Champions Cup competition, Tana joined the Turoki Tide for Season 34, doing so in time for their 43rd UICA Cycle run. The Tide lifted the UICA Globe Cup and UICA Super Cup, one of three Turorian players on the roster for the Tide's Triumph

[ 61 ] Endur Rotropii [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 4 ] Tyaoino Munviola [ - Makosile - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 29 CAPS: 19 :: GOALS::SR: 1 U21: REG: ) :: [ 7.06 Average Rating ]
A towering defender with a dependable head, Munviola is not afraid to join the attack on corner kicks, and rarely loses a defensive header. His feet have let him down from time to time, but have been improving. Despite his inconsistencies, Munviola was a surprise package during World Cup 57 qualifying, making 6 appearances and having a strong ratings average. After multiple seasons in the Non-League with Laiotia Locals, Munviola finally signed a league contract to play with Declasse side Mavaloiao for Season 30. Munviola's fast rise continued when making the big switch to V-League Champions Makosile for Season 32. Things fell apart quickly for the Makos who were anything but strong in their title defense, Munviola jumping ship back to the big island signing with the Yeaddin Owls for Season 33 before moving back to Sile.

[ 94 ] Miiara Makose [ - Strike FC - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 28 CAPS: 94 :: GOALS::SR: 4 U21: REG: ) :: [ 7.26 Average Rating ]
Makose has Druidan blood, though has been diluted through multiple generations. He was trained as a goalkeeper in Turori but did not want to be stuck in the shadows of Nycflala Kater, so switched over to the defensive role when joining the Strike Academy. The transition was clearly justified as Makose was one of the top performing players in World Cup 57 qualifying, carrying a 6.65 average rating while appearing in 14 of Vilita's 16 group matches. Makose was also part of Strike's dominating VLeague 27 performances winning the League and Cup titles with the club and repeated the feat during VLeague 29, doing one better, having scored the game-winning goal in the 86th minute of the Cup Final against the rival Yeaddin Owls. Incredibly, Makose did it again during the Season 30 Cup Final, scoring the opening goal of Strike's 2-0 victory over Colonial Sile.

[ 2 ] Moia Fliporta [ - Kiiarana City (Vilita) - ]
------- D/DM L ( AGE: 29 CAPS: 2 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Fliporta started their career at Laiotia Locals in the Non-League system of Vilita. Known for aerobic ability such as speed, acceleration and the ability to jump higher than most anyone on the pitch, Fliporta is otherwise not particularly great at the technical aspects of the game. After holding out to remain the star at non-league Laiotia City, Fliporta finally 'sold out' and moved to the Stellar Division to play for Kiiarana City.

[ 8 ] Ricata Amakra [ - Morata Valley - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 30 CAPS: 2 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ 5.00 Average Rating ]
The product of the Alikka-Corra Academy is a defender being compared locally with former Alikki-Corra FC defender Emarka Laniora. While he doesn't yet share the same ability to charge up either wing with the ball, his solid defensive skills should see him earn some playing time with the National Team. Amakra has been a star performer in the Non-Leagues with the Orbital Kickers. After amassing a 10-season, 400+ match career outside the Vilitan League system, Amakra finally made the leap ahead of V-League Season 37 signing for Morata Valley and moving back to the main island.


[ 22 ] Klaillal Tuirma [ - Kionao Locals - ]
------- ATH ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Descendant of Season 4 Turorian Player of the Season and National team legend Cuolia Tuirma, Klaillal will work with Restiaa Mumamba to become the future "All-Around" player for the Turori National Team. Playing in a unique role, Tuirma will be expected to fill the role of being able to play every game, in every position - even Goalkeeper, if there are no subs left. Tuirma will certainly be starting as a substitute during their debut campaign in World Cup 62 but may get the chance to start against weaker opposition.

[ 22 ] Restiaa Mumamba [ - Turoki Tide (Vilita) - ]
------- ATH ( AGE: 27 CAPS: 66 :: GOALS::SR: 1 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Mumamba was the definition of a versatile player for Vilita's Yeaddin Owls after joining them for the V-League 27 season from Jlinal Cove FC. Mumamba played in every position from Central Defender to Striker, scoring a game winning goal in one game and a game saving tackle in the next. Mumamba is an expert choice for a third sub or to allow tactical changes on the pitch without substitutions being made. The strong and versatile performances of Mumamba during Season 28 earned Mumamba a high profile transfer to defending Stellar Division champions Arcticala Inlet but he left the Electricians the following season to be apart of the growing Yeaddin Owls squad.

[ 30 ] Ukalai Saluria [ - Cednia Beach (Turori) - ]
------- DM C ( AGE: 28 CAPS: 1 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ 5.00 Average Rating ]
Saluria was a product of the Turoki Academy, who has trained with the National Team as an alternate since World Cup 57. Saluria played much of his early career for Jaguar Moreda in the Vilitan Non-League system. Saluria was discovered by Lopinka United during Season 31 and strong performances quickly earned the midfielder a switch to Stellar Division side Turoki Tide for Season 32. Saluria was one of the few dark spots in the Tide's run to the championship and would not be retained for the Season 33 campaign. Kiiarana City snapped him up where he became the V-Leagues lowest performing international player, once again, inspite of the strong performances by his club. Used mostly as a sub on the domestic side, Saluria's set-piece ability is likely the only thing that has kept the player on the National Team radar.

[ 39 ] Tujamu Treola [ - Colonial Sile - ]
------- DM C ( AGE: 27 CAPS: 38 :: GOALS::SR: 2 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.52 Average Rating ]
A product of the Strike Academy, Tujamu Treola excels both defensively in the midfield, and with his head both defensively and on corner kicks. Treola made his competitive debut in World Cup 57 qualifying against West Zirconia. After spending the majority of his youth at Tivali United, Treola joined Jlinal Cove in the middle of Season 31 to attempt to save them from relegation but was unsuccessful, later making the switch back to the Stellar Division, spending one season with Arcticala Inlet before moving to Sile to play with Colonial, winning both the Vilitan Cup and Tropical Trophy with the club.


[ 25 ] Kiroki Mitaroka [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- M RLC ( AGE: 25 CAPS: 56 :: GOALS::SR: 5 U21: REG: ) :: [ 7.20 Average Rating ]
After starting at the Turoki Locals in the Lower Leagues, Mitaroka's talent was spotted by Inland Peaks FC who snapped the youngster up for V-League season 29. At the midway point of the season Mitaroka was setting the Declasse on fire with skillful performances and caught the attention of the Vilitan coaches who added Mitaroka to the World Cup 59 roster despite having never been called to the National Team before. After their promotion back to the Stellar Division for season 38, the Electricians of Arctical Inlet made Mitaroka their primary target, landing him for a large transfer fee.

[ 25 ] Lopaki Kilpter [ - Kiiarana City - ]
------- M RLC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
After coming up through the Strike Academy, the younger Kilpter played 40 matches over 2 seasons winning a Stellar Division title before shifting up the coast to Kiiarana to enjoy a regular place in the starting 11.

[ 22 ] Etamara Kulkkiia [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
------- AM C ( AGE: 17 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Kulkkiia was developed at the Cednia Beach Academy having been highly scouted and recruited by teams throughout Turori and even Vilita. After the Turori Eels failure to qualify for World Cup 64, Kulkkiia became the subject of media attention questioning whether the aging crop of players should make way for younger players like Kulkkiia in the Esportiva-hosted Cup of Harmony for World Cup 64.

[ 70 ] Aniara Jiurjai [ - Mliona-Lpaka (Turori) - ]
------- M RLC ( AGE: 28 CAPS: 24 :: GOALS::SR: 3 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.38 Average Rating ]
Jiurjai was trained in Turori but declared for Vilita after being called upon for World Cup 57 Qualifying. Jiurjai can play both central and outside midfield and can use both feet equally well. After declaring for Vilita, Jiurjai moved from Turori to Turoki to play with the Turoki Tide. Strong performances during VLeague 26 earned Jiurjai a transfer to Strike for VLeague 27 where the midfielder was instrumental to Strike's League and Cup double. However, Strike's success would eventually lead to Jiurjai being excessed as an influx of new signings joined the club, and the midfielder opted to move to Arcticala Inlet when the contract allowed during Season 31, accomplishing little before moving on to Kiiarana City, performing equally unimpressively. Jiurjai had a career-best performance during Season 35 after moving to Colonial Sile, netting 3 goals.

[ 13 ] Vrotaoa Lorasoiba [ - Arcticala Inlet (Vilita) - ]
------- M C ( AGE: 30 CAPS: 89 :: GOALS::SR: 7 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Lorasoiba's impressive performances for Turoki United, including 5 goals during the V-League 26 season, earned a high-value transfer to top Vilitan side Arcticala Inlet AFC. While it took Lorasoiba some time to get settled into life on the big Island, Lorasoiba's performances were enough to get an invitation to the Turori National Training camp for World Cup 58.

[ 21 ] Jomur Hulyer [ - Kiiarana City - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 29 CAPS: 135 :: GOALS::SR: 24 U21: REG: ) :: [ 7.26 Average Rating ]
A decsendent of the exciting Marine Coast and Yeaddin midfielder Jonjo Hulyer, Jomur has been compared heavily to his ancestors and even carries the same squad number. Unlike Jonjo, however, Jomur was trained at the Yeaddin Academy. Hulyer would soon become the quickest player to ever represent all three of the original Vilitan Dynasties, signing his first professional contract with Marine Coast United before transferring to Strike for VLeague 28. The list of honors earned by Hulyer in Lonngeylin was massive, with 5 appearances in the Tropical Trophy, 3 Stellar Division Championships and a Vilitan Cup title in addition to being a finalist for Vilitan player of the Season every season he spent in Lonngeylin. After Strike failed to claim a Champions League place following Season 35, Hulyer decided it was time for a change of scenery, moving to Turori to join forces with Mliona-Lpaka FC.

[ 24 ] Astara Daiili [ - Kiiarana City - ]
------- M C ( AGE: 30 CAPS: 43 :: GOALS::SR: 4 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.18 Average Rating ]
Daiili is a classic central midfielder who prefers a holding role and short distribution. With Starblaydi blood and Vilitan determination, Daiili was a consistent performer during World Cup 57 Qualifiers making 19 appearances with a 6.07 average rating. After spending the first 6 seasons of the career in Crosaibi, Daiili jumped ship at struggling Marine Coast for a team with far more Starblayde heritage, Kiiarana City.

[ 74 ] Jian Lejsrma [ - Morata Valley - ]
------- AM RL ( AGE: 29 CAPS: 70 :: GOALS::SR: 17 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.88 Average Rating ]
Lejsrma is a speed demon who was trained at the Strike Academy. The most dynamic and pacey winger in the Vilitan system, he is expected to be a great player for many seasons to come. At this stage in his development, he may get overlooked as he works more on his technique and vision, but with experience, he will learn these skills. Lejsrma has been an important part of Strike FC's VLeague successes. After winning yet another V-League title with Strike during Season 37, Lejsrma decided it was time fora new challenge and made the switch to Season 37 5th-place finishers Morata Valley.


[ 43 ] Kristofer Kilpter [ - East Franz Athletic (PIS) - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 29 CAPS: 78 :: GOALS::SR: 30 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.28 Average Rating ]
Kilpter is joint Vilitan & Turori national, but declared to play for Vilita, with the lure of World Cup competition in Vilita's entry into World Cup 57 the key decision maker after the Turorian side was not entered. Kilpter netted 4 times during the World Cup 57 campaign but missed three matches due to an undisclosed injury. After struggling to win silverware with the Yeaddin Owls, Kilpter made the Largest Transfer in V-League history (12.7 kT) to Turorian side Cednia Beach. The transfer was more than double the 4.5kT previous transfer record in the Vilitan League, which was also payed by Cednia Beach to Yeaddin (for Antonis Siazzu). The struggles continued for Kilpter in the hunt for Silverware as Cednia Beach simply could not get over the hurdle, either in the V-League or in the UICA Champions League. Cednia Beach recouped their transfer fee in dishing Kilpter out to East Franz Athletic in the Polar Islandstates prior to Season 33. A rejuvinated Kilpter received praise for his performances in the Polar Islandstates while Cednia Beach would go on to miss out on Champions Cup qualification for the first time. Kilpter's international career has bolstered since his departure from the Tropics, having regained his place in the side for World CUp 64 Qualifying in a 3-player rotation with Erocka Lorei and Viji-mara Lawaai.

[ 41 ] Nili Ylimaiina [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 8 ] Liinai Zakazaka [ - Jlinal Cove FC (Vilita) - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 29 CAPS: 95 :: GOALS::SR: 40 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Zakazaka joined Jlinal Cove FC for the V-League 27 season and gained some attention back in Turori for their contribution to the 'Cove's impressive top-4 finish in the final standings. Zakazaka was named Jlinal Cove's top player during Season 28.

[ 13 ] Yves Gadois [ - Strike FC - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 27 CAPS: 45 :: GOALS::SR: 17 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.57 Average Rating ]
Gadois became a hot topic in Vilita after rising to glory as the spearhead for Strike FC's Vleague 27 championship, with 8 league goals and an incredibly 6 goals in the Vilitan Cup. Gadois, a product of the Inland Academy, earned an invitation to the National Team Training camp for the first time in the build up to World Cup 58.

[ 49 ] Xcnaio Bansoa [ - Makosile - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 29 CAPS: 23 :: GOALS::SR: 3 U21: REG: ) :: [ 5.93 Average Rating ]
Bansoa was a training partner of Sirkii Moliaudo at the Coastal Academy, and many believed that Moliaudo's prowess in front of goal was due solely to his close partnership with Bansoa. After not being called to the line during World Cup 57 Qualifiers, Bansoa decided it was time for a change, breaking ties with Moliaudo and Marine Coast United, signing for Arcticala Inlet in the Stellar Division. Bansoa featured frequently for the Jungle Cats during the World Cup 58 Campaign, performing well, but scoring no goals, relegating him from the top selection in the subsequent Cup of Harmony held in Vilita and New Montreal States.

[ 31 ] Matlya Eelador [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]


I Give My Opponent Permission To:		
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y

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Postby Yelvoldia » Sat May 18, 2013 5:34 am

(OOC: Yelvoldian time is the same as Slembanan time. This will take place in June 2025 Slembanan time.)

YBC Sports - Football - Squad for AOCAF 40

By Aaron Bearven

Here, we will reveal our squad for AOCAF 40, the 40th edition of the football cup for our region, Atlantian Oceania. This edition will be held in Pacitalia. This is our third AOCAF.

All players in the squad will be badgers. The badgers are all able to talk, and all have human intelligence. They are in our squad because the badger is our national animal. These badgers were all engineered to be able to talk and have human intelligence in harmless labs.

Starting XI (4-1-3-2):
GK: Jay Farley (age 26)
RB: Martin Albertson (age 36)
CB: Anna Japlin (age 32)
CB: Vandrill Markon (captain) (age 41)
LB: James Baxter (age 31)
CDM: Jack Brown (age 36)
RW: Ben Ligerworth (age 27)
CAM: Tim Beaton (age 29)
LW: Gary McGovern (age 33)
RS: Patrick Vale (age 24)
LS: Connor Evans (age 34)
Substitutes bench:
GK: Marty Haryx (age 35)
CB: Cameron Barnes (age 32)
LB: Ian Smythe (age 38)
RW: Jake Blackburn (age 29)
RS: Nelly Jackson (age 25)

Style modifier: +1.5

Manager: Benny Dennis (a lion)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: NO
Roleplay injuries to my players: NO
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, but only one per game. Maximum one per player.
Hand out red cards to my players: NO
Godmod other events: NO

Kits (Designed by Northern Sunrise Islands);
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The best footballers from Savski Venac are off to Timocato, Pacitalia where they will compete for the AOCAF cup the most prestigeous football competetion in Atlantian Oceania.
"The Eagles" are in a tough group consisting of Audioslavia ,the best national team in the world, Kinitraria, a very strong team that will be hard to play with and Kericia, a nation competing for the first time in the AOCAF Cup.
"We are a young team and we have good players. We are in a tough group, but I think the boys will do well and that we can pass the group stage.We will have a match against Kericia where we will be the favourites and we must use that opportunity to win three points because we might not have a chance that easy again. We are also playing against Audioslavia and Kinitraria, and they will be hard to play with. All I can say is that the boys will do their best"
says Robert Prosinečki the coach of "The Eagles"

The coach of our national team is also the coach of FK "Crvena Zvezda"(FC Red Star), the club with most trophies in Savski Venac. The have finished third this season. Prosinečki has also played for his current club and is one of the best players savski Venac ever had.


Personal information

Name: Robert Đurovič Prosinečki (Роберт Ђурович Просинечки)
Date of birth: 12. January 2045. (age 44)
Place of birth: Krakowia, Karlowar hetmanate, Kingdom of Savski Venac
Height: 1.82 m (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in)
Playing position: Midfielder

Club Information
Current club
FK Crvena Zvezda (Manager)

Youth Career
NK Dinamo Ub 2050-2053
FK Crvena Zvezda 2053-2063

Senior career
FK Crvena Zvezda 2063-2074
FK Abarth 2074-2079
FK KAIOS 2079-2084
FK Abarth 2085

National team
PFR Savski Venac 2063-2081 (124 matches played)

Teams managed
FK Crvena Zvezda 2086-

text and interview by Slaven Krantanov
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AOCAF-40 Synaxarion

Postby Wight » Sat May 18, 2013 7:58 am

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AOCAF-40 Pre MD-1

Postby Wight » Sat May 18, 2013 2:07 pm

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Postby Quakmybush » Sat May 18, 2013 2:45 pm

The Quakmybush National Soccer Team is excited to return to international competition in AOCAF 40. This will serve as a primer for the team's return to the upcoming World Cup cycle. Details regarding the team including name, kit and colours still need to be decided upon and worked upon. However, the roster of the team, is in fact known.

The team will play a 2-5-3 style. With a +3 style modifier. Bold denotes a starter.


RP Permissions
Go Nuts, don't murder anyone.
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Postby Farfadillis » Sat May 18, 2013 2:52 pm


Hector Rossizzo

Assistant Manager
Gonzalo Mordáz

La Vherderoja

Style Modifier


Name: Erfaon Lisdiren
Age: 24
Team: Ajax Carloburgo (Valladares)
Style: Acrobatic goalkeeper
Bio: He was discovered by a Gorfalle Town scout by the age of 18. Quickly rose to fame by becoming the FFL's goalkeeper of the year with Flying Jellyfish and was consequently bought by Ferdullaele FC. He can stop almost any shot, but will almost always lose the ball due to poor handling, or send it out. He can still handle easy shots, so he's really unlikely to commit a gross error. He's been a really good keeper at club level and national level and recently moved to Valladar relegation-threatened team Ajax Carloburgo, where he single-handedly saved them from relegation and got them to their best league position ever. His performances were key for Farfadillis' third place last AOCAF as hosts. His best performance was without a doubt against the Blue Foxes of Pacitalia, having been the only one to keep Farfadillis up and able to fight along with Tuzzio in what was probably the most important match in Farfadillis' history.

Name: Illi Setentriona
Age: 22
Team: Ferdullaele FC
Style: Can join the attack precisely, good at defending
Bio: Illi Setentriona is really good when joining the attack, really good at tackling and short, but fast. His dribblings are impressive and is almost always unmarked. He used to be the captain of the U-21 side, before he turned 22. Apparently, he's seeking for a move out. However, he's never said a thing, one of those quiet guys at conferences. Though not the one that everyone wants to be or the one who scores that very important goal or makes that spectacular steal that saves the game, his two cents are very important for the team, as he and Frêndê are Farfadillis' way of wreaking even more havoc. His marking isn't impressive, but he rarely ever needs to mark as Farfadillis likes to hold possesion for long periods of time.

Name: Yung Chinsúa
Age: 24
Team: Feardallis' Wanderers
Style: Fast defender, aerial threat
Bio: He's been the captain ever since Saindí retired after WC60's Qualifyings. His performances last World Cup were terrible, but Rossizzo still trusts him. He's demonstrated he's an aerial threat despite being short, as he's good at knowing where the ball is heading and when to jump, as well as fouling people without the referee noticing. He's also really strong now and can tackle with extreme ease. However, it's proven he hasn't taken any kind of steroids or similar. He's fast and can dash to the ball at a very good speed for a defender. Still, he's often questioned by the Farf media because of how many chances the opponents often get during a match, ignoring the fact that he's often the only defender to prevent counterattacks, which are the most threatening weapon that can be used against La Vherderoja. However, nobody really pays attention to the Farf media, as Farves may be a bit aggresive, uneducated and so on but nonetheless smart enough to notice blatant lies that now a days are a common-sight.

Name: Agundí Frêndê
Age: 24
Team: Mabel Wigglytuffs (Northern Sunrise Islands)
Style: Very selfish, awesome dribbler.
Bio: He's arguably the best dribbler of the team, with Tuzzio competing for this unofficial title as well. He's one of Rossizzo's favourites due to his playing style, his performances on Farfadillis' last matches were impressive. So far, he hasn't received much momentousness, but he may any time soon. A player everyone should fear at least a bit, you never know when he can score the goal you don't want to concede. His talent at through passing is obvious as well, he's demonstrated it continuously, as well as his spectacular dribbling, which is vital for Farfadillis to create attacks, he and Setentriona form the duo of "defenders" that do anything except defending. Neither of them are good at defending, but their collaborations for the Farf attack are enough to make both of them worthy of the starter spot, unless Rossizzo wants a more defensive formation, in which case Nessi kicks in. He won a cup with Mabel Wigglytuffs of Northern Sunrise Islands, but the team's performances at the Sunrisian league have been pretty average.

Frion Wanderis
Age: 22
Team: 1.FFC Turbine Decraa (Mytannion)
Style: Very good defensively, very good dribbler, good passer.
Bio: Frion Wanderis is very good in important areas of the midfield, specially on a defensive point of view. He's a very important player of the team now, and never gets substituted. He's been performing awesomely lately, how much his form may last is unknown. These performances spotted the attention of Mytanar team 1.FFC Turbine Decraa, who are battling relegation and bought him to lead them forward out of the relegation zone. He and Mêndêlöíndçêl form another duo like that of Setentriona and Frêndê or Tuzzio and O'rosso. They're the ones who take care of keeping possesion and recovering it, both are good at defending, afterall. Wanderis is pretty good at retaining it as well, and even causing some problems to the defense when trying, though the effort he outputs isn't something you'd like, he still does pretty well, and has a high football IQ that helps him on everything. Perfect understanding of tactics and perfect prediction to steal the ball make his marking outstanding in a way and makes him a very important part of set pieces. His dribbling is very good and it helps him retain the ball, as mentioned.

Name: Yurpá Mêndêlöíndçêl [C]
Age: 19
Team: Oyardo FC (Astograth)
Style: Very energetic, decent when it comes to technique and superb defensively.
Bio: Yurpá's not that good with the ball, but he's a ball-recovering machine. He was named most promising young player of the FFL and third best young player of the Astograthian League. He's got a solid place on the midfield, playing with Wanderis as a duo to keep possesion, Farfadillis' roots in its game. He's almost never the main protagonist of matches, but his constant steals always give Farfadillis an advantage, despite how he sometimes scores goals from long distances with strong missiles he's got used to execute. Has now forged an identity inside the field, often leading his teammates, an experienced tactician at a young age. Recently signed for astograthian side Oyardo FC, also, will be the captain this WC as he did really well as captain last AOCAF. He scored the equalizing goal in the Astograthian Cup Final that Oyardo won against Echegoyan. He's particularly ramarkable for how much effort he puts on the game, unlike his teammate Wanderis. This balances Wanderis' lack of will and makes them a very effective duo with Wanderis giving the skill and him giving the effort. His defensive skills are impressive, his steals are impossible to foresee as he's spectacularly fast and his passing is decent overall, with his dribbling not really being remarkable but not something you'd punish him for.

Name: Friekder Dandalleion
Age: 20
Team: Jungle Strike (Vilita)
Style: Extremely Fast, always helps on the offense, a bit on the defense, tends to score goals by outrunning players.
Bio: After being the best Farf player on the Swamp Soccer WC 2, he was called by Ferdullaele FC and started playing on Farfadillis' first division, was loved by the fans (who already loved him because of his performance on the SSWC2) and was called for the national team, quickly replacing Bujkanovic. He's is an example of commitment. He had performed really well in Cednia Beach, where he'd played slightly out of position, before signing for Vilitan champions Jungle Strike and becoming the first Farf player to play in the Champions' Cup, along with Ichi Tuzzio, where he got to the semifinals as a starter. Probably recognized as the best Farf footballer after becoming an AO-All Star starter and a World XI starter. However, Tuzzio's got a strong case for the same title as he was a sub for the earlier and the best foreign player in the V-League as well as best midfielder. He's by far the fastest of the team, and as it's Farfadillis that's quite a feat. He's difficult to catch when he dribbles using his speed, and his technique is by no means bad, his crossing isprecise, his dribbling is very good and his shots are unstoppable. He's also very oportunistic and knows when to run and which direction to take, which makes his speed even more lethal than it would be alone. He's one of those players that's never nervous and that never gives up a ball. Scores a lot for a midfielder, but he's more of a winger as of late, despite defending as well, which he does in an overall average way.

Rancisc Tenian
Age: 21
Team: Gwinevra Barbarians (Apox)
Style: Playmaker, horrible at defending, sometimes scores directly from crosses
Bio: Tenian is one of the first Farf players to play abroad. He is an incredible playmaker. Matino decided to call him for the starting eleven over Minduruguatzel, and Rossizzo decided that this decision was very sensible so he kept him and even as a starter. Recently champion with Gwinevra Barbarians of the Apox National League twice, being a key player. Sometimes scores directly from crosses, regardless of difficulty. At first it was thought that it was just luck, but he's done it so many times now that people know he does it on purpose. He's basically a slower than average midfielder but one with a very good technique for passing and crossing, his dribbling might not be as remarkable, but it's still very good. His marking isn't good, just as Dandalleion but worse, but he makes up for it by not letting the ball go, ever. He's not one of those players that runs all around the pitch and so on, as he's not fast, as said, but he's good at knowing when to run to get the ball before someone else, at least.

Name: Matí O'rosso
Age: 21
Team: Mardi Lopunnies (Northern Sunrise Islands)
Style: Fast-paced, agile, playmaker.
Bio: He's the centre of every attack and can assist from very difficult positions, coupled with Tuzzio, his duo companion. His weak point is dribbling, as he's used to pass the ball as soon as possible since he started playing football, but that doesn't make him a bad dribbler, just an above average one. He's very passive and never complains to the referee, never dives either. His free kicks are almost impossible to stop He's been underperforming lately, but he's been performing really well at Mardi Lopunnies, from Northern Sunrise Islands. Being champion and being the winner of the "Top Striker" award for the Heritage Cup, where his team lost in semifinals. He's been lacking his momentousness lately, but he might recover it this time, his assists are still there and his free kicks still go in, but the spark is missing and Farfadillis, despite still doing well, still doesn't manage to do as in WC61's Qualifiers, where they were 1 point away from the play-off spot, and it was arguably the best performance of the national team ever.

Name: Ichi Tuzzio
Age: 19
Team: Makosile United (Vilita)
Style: Very good at shooting from long distances, excellent dribbler, agile, and good playmaker.
Bio: Ichi Tuzzio was originally born in Dodeni, Dandillis, but due to the fact that if you're born on Dandillis you get Farfadillis' nationality too (and viceversa), he plays for Farfadillis, because he hadn't played any official competition for Dandillis, just unofficial ones, among them the Campionato Esportiva, of which no-one has collected records about the Dandish team, luckily. He's demonstrated he's a hell of a player by shining last AOCAF and scoring no less than 3 goals against the hegemonists of Pacitalia, which the Farves somehow managed to defeat 3-1. He's the player most adversaries should fear when along with O'rosso, maybe along with Dandalleion. He signed his first contract with a foreigner team for Kiiarana City, Vilita. There, he'd played almost every game of the season, finally playing for a competent team. Has a strong case for best Farf player, currently facing Dandalleion for it, unofficially, obviously. However, they're both really good friends outside the team. He was a substitute for the AO-All Star team and the winner of 2 important Vilitan awards: Best Foreign Player and Best Midfielder. Somewhat short and thin, still very good at fighting and celebrates every Farf win by drinking. He's one of those players that could start a war between Farfadillis and Apox. Oh, wait, I'm spoiling it. First Farf to take part in the Champions' Cup along with Dandalleion.

Fermín Juárez
Age: 24
Team: Avenida Victoria
Style: Deadly finisher who knows how to move in his natural habitat: the box.
Bio: Fermín Juárez is part of this mainly because of how he played in the FFL last season, outperforming pretty much everyone. He's still pretty young and is expected to play really well, fits better in a more defensive formation but can easily adapt. Performed decently enough last CoH to keep his starting position, the trophy in the war between the many young Farf strikers. However, he can fall down to any of the others easily. Led Avenida Victoria to its first-ever Globe Cup Group Phase appearance. His moves inside the box are to be feared, as well as his shots which are lethal, specially on one-on-one situations. He has an eye for the ball and can easily predict where the ball us heading, much as if it was an instinct. His headers are very potent and he likes to score from corners, as he doesn't find it hard. He's very acrobatic as well so if anyone would be most likely to score a spectacular goal similar or exactly as an overhead kick, that'd be him.


Name: Joan Raguzzelli
Age: 21
Team: Koloko
Style: Experienced Goalkeeper.
Bio: Raguzzelli may be young, but he's experienced; Koloko is a mid-table team which almost never manages to get a good player from their youth system. However, they managed to form Raguzzelli, and gave him playing time since his debut at the age of 16. He's played more than 300 matches for Koloko, but he'll probably move to another team as Koloko are likely to get relegated once again. He's probably gonna be Lisdiren's shadow for a lot of time, but he's still very experienced and makes up for an excellent back-up in case of send-offs, injuries and others.

Name: Nomá Greffe
Age: 23
Team: Flying Jellyfish
Style: Fast thinking, Tactical Mastermind.
Bio: Nomá Greffe is a very interesting LB, he's a bit slow, but totally makes up for it by always knowing what the opponent's going to do. He's not very good at long passing, so he often tries to make the team play better by using short passing. After not being called for the national team for some time, he's returned. Still, he probably won't be trusted anymore after some very bad performances leading to 8-1 and 7-1 thrashings, which many Farves still remember with dislike.

Name: Cundo Nessi
Team: Flying Jellyfish
Age: 21
Style: Almost perfect tactically sepaking.
Bio: Nessi was born in Ruland, known as the "3rd world state", a state where almost everyone is living in poverty, and starving. He was one of those kids who didn't get an education because of it. However, he did play a lot of football and managed to be spotted by one of Flying Jellyfish's scout. He's almost perfect when it comes to tactics. Just Frêndê's back-up, but is flexible and may enter for anyone in the defense, or defesnsive midfield if they get injured/tired/on low-form/carded and Rossizzo foresees a red card. He was briefly the starter for the CoH, before he underperformed a bit and Farfadillis ended up last of its group. He's still a possible sub for matches that ask for a more defensive style, as both are really attacking, unlike Nessi.

Name: I7'imund Bujkanovic
Age: 32
Team: Ferdullaele FC
Style: Fast, good on a defensive point of view.
Bio: I7imund is a fast midfielder, almost unstoppable on a long run. He's been the Best Farf Player of the year twice since his debút. His youth team was Tympú FC, but Ferdullaele FC bought him before he even debuted. Won't get much playing time, if any at all. He can still be decent when playing, but he hasn't got much time left in the team. He's been slowly losing his speed and might not have any real treats left now.

Name: Américo Marino
Age: 32
Team: Avenida Victoria
Style: Very good at defending, good free kicks
Bio: Marino is currently in the last years of his career, but thta doesn't mean that Rossizzo can't call him up for the national team. He's a very good leader, inside and outside the pitch, and this national team needed a reference once and for all, they're all too young after all. He's a good back-up for Wanderis should anything happen, and better at attacking than Sereno, who couldn't join the squad due to a last minute injury. He's Avenida Victoria's captain and was one of the key players of the team that reached the Globe Cup knock-out stages, something without precedent.

Fabrifé Numbá
Age: 30
Team: Tympú AC
Style: Fast, precise striker.
Bio: An incredibly fast and very lethal finisher. Used to compete on athletism until, at the age of 16, his uncle persuaded him to compete on football instead, he did keep his athletic treats though, something easily noticeable. Currently plays on Tympú AC . He's returned to the national team after a break to care after his father, who recently died. He hasn't become the starter again yet, but he may in the future.

Yolo Fu
Age: 21
Team: Ferdullaele FC
Style: Ideal Poacher.
Bio: After Numbá decided to retire from the national team for an undefined amount of time, Matino called Ferdullaele FC's current centerforward: Fu, a decision Rossizzo kept but sending him to the bench instead. He's the ideal poacher: exquisite heading, good finishing, good at reacting, good positioning and fast on short distances. He's demonstrated what he's worth, but the battle for being the starter against all other strikers will continue, he's been losing it up to now. He's not as acrobatic as Juárez and is a bit worse than him in some aspects, as well as not having the talent to foresee what can happen exactly, and isn't as good at dribbling as Johans, another one that can win back his position easily.

Neguimbelefra Fragreda
Age: 28
Team: Bafilo United (Slembana)
Style: Slow poacher.
Bio: Neguimbelefra is VERY slow, and often has troubles with the offside law, but he's a superb poacher and makes up for it completely. He lost his place on the starting eleven because of Ichi Tuzzio, Farfadillis' star now-a-days. He isn't getting any playing time with the national team lately, but he's the current top goalscorer in the Slembanan league. He's one of those players who you can predict not playing any minutes at all, or maybe just a few. However, you never know when Rossizzo can go completely crazy.

Septimus Johans
Age: 19
Team: Ferdullaele FC
Style: Finisher, Awesome Dribbler and good crosser.
Bio: Septimus is one of Farfadillis' best strikers, currently, everyone has put their eyes on this young striker, being known for being "the perfect finisher". His dribbling and crossing are very good. As a lone striker, he's one that carries marks and goes to the flanks to cross the ball for the incoming midfielders, a tactic that without him on the pitch has changed now. It proved to be very effective back at WC61's Qualifyings, so Rossizzo might want to try him as a starter on some games, and he might keep that position if he does well.

Sê Mêrí
Age: 19
Team: Mont Blanc Club (Free Swiss States)
Style: Awesome at crossing and going down the flank. Problems with goalscoring, but really young.
Bio: Sê Mêrí is actually a left winger, but he can pull off pretty much any position on the attack. He's been playing really well at the Free Swiss States, so he might get some playing time. It all depends on how lucky he gets, though. Played a really good DBC, too. Didn't get much playing time but might as well get some in the near future. He's still too young and isn't a complete prodigy like Dandalleion and Tuzzio were back on the day.

Vasilije Østergård
Age: 18
Team: Avenida Victoria
Style: Playmaking striker. Precise shooting from anywhere. Excellent dribbling.
Bio: At the age of 18, Vasilije is this team's youngest player, as well as the most promising along with Ragnere, Daokō and Mêrí, all of them taken from the squad used last DBC. He's characterized for leaving his teammate attackers with best-case-scenario opportunities. His playmaking is often too much for defenders. He's extremely precise at shooting, often fetching the upper-corners with elegance. His dribbling is much better than average and he tends to administrate it well: just as much dribbling as needed to create an opportunity. Østergård became a starter with Flying Jellyfish last year, almost breaking a record for youngest player to make his first appearance. After this success, he was transferred to current FFL winners Avenida Victoria and played as a starter in replacement of the deceased Cris Bartoloměj, leading the team to a Globe Cup spot. Completely settled with Avenida Victoria, might settle soon with the national team, and seems like he could become the striker this WC Qualifyings. He saved Farfadillis with a last minute goal against Burchadinger that sent Farfadillis through to beat Pacitalia later on, in a match where he wasn't really important but played some time. Has shown some good performances so far, he'll have to keep them up.


Starting XI



Farf Fragar Firschendujmal I7'snerra
Capacity: 150,000
In 1950 the FFFF decided that it was time to have an official stadium for the national team, they had used Tympú AC's stadium up to that moment. In the end they brought the resolution for the Federal Council to approve (back in that time, federations had to draft resolutions for the Federal Council, which would approve them or not).
The 20th of August of 1964, the Federal Council finally gave the FFFF the right to build the stadium, they even gave them a really huge piece of land that the state had, near Ferdullaele. On the 20th of November they presented the planes to the FM (Farf Municipality). After lots of inconveniences, the FFFF finally got to start building the stadium. They got the resources from selling diamonds from the diamond mine they had bought back in 1952, foresseing they would need money for the stadium and believing it was the best investment back then. The total cost of the stadium was of about F$100,000,000, back then, the stadium had 90,000 seats.

It would be upgraded to the monstrosity it is much afterwards, in the year 2004, when the amount of football fans grew substantially. Out of 300,000,000 people living in Ferdullaele, approximately 1,200,000 constantly tried to get tickets for Farfadillis' matches, back then playing only minor cups without being a recognized national team. That often made tickets really expensive and almost impossible to get, that's when the FFFF decided to upgrade the stadium to the gargantuan thing it is now. Now having the permission to do what they pleased, they gathered the money to upgrade it in approximately 5 years, they had started gathering it back in 1999. Donations were also needed, with the Farf population happily donating, statistics say that 1 out of 300 Farfs donated for it. The average of a donation was F$10 (approximately 15 dollars). This meant 15,000,000 dollars in donations plus all the money the FFFF had gathered from their mine. Soon, they had enough money to upgrade the stadium, they decided that the optimal number of new seats would be 60,000, effectively making the capacity 150,000. There's much controversy back then on what materials they were going to use, as they couldn't afford much more than pretty average materials, something that Farfs certainly didn't like. Finally, on the 25th of September of 2006, upgrading was over and the I7'snerra was now a juggrnautesque stadium it is now.

The 2nd of October of 2006, the renewed stadium would be inaugurated. It rained that day and there wasn't many people there, but it was a party regardless. The people were happy to have a bigger stadium, this would mean they would have to pay less to assist a Farf match and that they would have more possibilities of getting the tickets. The first match played on that stadium was a demonstration one, between past Farf stars. The teams were "Blue" and "Red", with Blue winning 7-4 on an epic match most Farfs will remember.
The Farf football team would later on sign up for the 60th edition of the World Cup, playing at the Farf I7'snerra officially for the first time. However, the result wasn't good for Farfadillis, they would lose against Darmen 2-1, in a match where both teams could've score more goals, but the posts denied almost every chance. Those qualifyings were a nightmare for Farfadillis, just as expected. Later on they would win their 1st match at the I7'snerra by a 1 goal margin against Tales, the goalscorer would be Matí O'rosso. This would be the only match Farfadillis would win that cycle. On World Cup 61, however, the team would fare really well at the I7'snerra, failing to score only once and losing only once against Cassadaigua, sadly, they lost 8-1 that game, a record. The team would only draw two games at the I7'snerra, lose one and winning five.
The I7'snerra, for short, is Farfadillis' biggest stadium, it can hold up to 150,000 people and is home to the national team. However, the I7'snerra's size backfires in security. The I7'snerra is a good place for hooligans and they do happen to frequent it a lot and the Federal Council just ignores it all the time, as well as the FFFF. So, expect a few shots to be heard ocasionally. Also, the I7'snerra is the second building in the "Top 10 least safe Farf structures" rankings. So, well, your people may fear going into it. Still, it's so big that it can even be considered a tourist attraction, so do consider visiting it for a match or two as a tourist.

I grant the following roleplay permissions to my opponent:
Choose Scorers: [Y]
Godmod Goalscoring Events: [Y]
Injure Players: [Y] I'll decide the amount of time needed to recover.
Godmod Injury Events [Y] See above.
Godmod Player Discipline: [Y/N]
- Allow Players to Be Yellow Carded: [Y]
-- Number of Yellow Cards Permitted: (6)
- Allow Players to Be Red Carded: [Y]
-- Number of Red Cards Permitted: (1)
Godmod Other Events: [Y] TG me first.

Please note that the manager is very likely to make some changes to the starting line-up throughout the competition, with only Dandalleion, Tuzzio, Lisdiren and Mêndêlöíndçêl having a placed completely earnt. The striker position in specific is very likely to rotate a lot unless some striker plays exceptionally or something.

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Kinitaria National Football Team
For the 40th AOCAF

Following a fifth consecutive failure to qualify for the World Cup, going out with a whimper at the playoff stage, Kristijan Evinov was relieved of his managerial duties. Jeruselem girl Melody Pond came in and promptly guided Kinitaria to their worst-ever Cup of Harmony performance, going out without winning a game as Kinitaria's defence, known to be shaky at the best of times, crumbled. As the clouds gather over the Kinitar Football Federation, attention turns to the AOCAF.

Manager: Melody Pond (age 32)
Here is the one to guide the hopes of a nation - Jeruselem's Melody Pond. The reserved but capable manager has guided her Jeru FC team to a World Cup qualification, and Kinitaria are desperately hoping for her to repeat the feat with the boys in blue. A disastrous Cup of Harmony has given fuel to those who opposed her appointment, and she has work to do to win over the doubters.
Pond favours attacking play, and is very much in tune with the physical side of the game, a management style which Kinitar fans will be sure to take to. She's known to prefer a laidback, hands-off approach to management which could go either way with regards to some of the egos in the Kinitaria side. It's critical that her Kinitar side begins to rebuild their damaged reputation in the AOCAF.

Pond's first assessment of her squad in the Cup of Harmony cannot have been a positive one. She was roundly criticised for playing some experimental formations with fringe players, but better should be expected now that she's got used to her squad. The squad remains much the same, but an overhaul will be required ahead of the next World Cup cycle as some of the "old guard" become simply too old to carry on.

1. Costin Petran - GK - age 35 - 1. Maja - 140 caps - 0 goals
Petran is by far the overwhelming choice for the goalkeeping position, having held the #1 jersey almost permanently since the team played its first match. A superb shot-stopper, he is likely to consider each goal conceded as a personal insult. He played a key role in many of Kinitaria's most famous victories, and it is unlikely that he will be ousted from his position.

2. Karl Sala - LB - age 30 - Mi'ato - 117 caps - 2 goals
Sala has been an established member of the team right from their first game. An old-fashioned sort of left-back, he aims to make life hard for oncoming attackers, and will always stand his ground, although he's now not as fast as he once was. He has been known to put in some harsh tackles, and this is shown by his disciplinary record, since he's been sent off eight times in his national career.

3. Doran Lupei - CB - age 30 - Litora United - 122 caps - 4 goals (Captain)
The loyal, talented defender is great at marking, sticking closely to his man and breaking up attacks through the middle. He's proven himself to be the anchor of a Kinitar back line which has often been criticised for being fragile, and his performance will likely be crucial if the defence are to stick together and work as a unit. He's earned the captain's armband for both club and country through his loyalty, sticking with Litora United at a time when the club was going into meltdown.

4. Sebastien Sykora - CB - age 31 - AFC Damaciu - 113 caps - 3 goals
Maybe not the most technically gifted of defenders, Sykora has nevertheless established himself as a regular in the national side. He's no stranger to the occasional error, having cost Kinitaria crucial goals on at least two occasions during qualifying, and was part of the Damaciu side which slipped down the league in the latter half of last season. Despite this, he is versatile and can drift into new positions as needed, and he has also been known to notch a few goals himself, mainly headed efforts from corners.

5. Anton Spirlea - RB - age 29 - Mi'ato City - 120 caps - 0 goals
An accomplished team player and capable of performing under pressure, Spirlea is known for his excellent distribution of the ball, able to pick out a team-mate and start a counter attack with ease. He never panics when pressed and prefers to play his way out of trouble rather than hoofing the ball upfield. It's very rare to see him make a mistake and if he does have a flaw, it would be that he tends to let his complacency get the better of him. His form has dipped in recent games, but he's still capable of producing a performance.

6. Sergiu Vacarestič - LW - age 28 - Avnani Athletic - 116 caps - 26 goals
Vacarestič is now an established member of the Kinitar squad, one of the first names on the teamsheet. He is an attacking-minded winger who slots perfectly into Kinitaria's formation, and he's just as likely to cut inside and have a go at goal as well as sending in a cross from the left - preferring to cross early and attempt to beat the offside trap.

7. Paulo Naoumov - DM - age 33 - AFC Farnworth (LCP) - 109 caps - 23 goals
Having been a divisive figure for many Kinitar fans, he's made a lot of progress towards winning them back with some fine performances for the national side. The versatile midfielder prefers pace rather than distribution, his speed allowing him to beat opposing defenders or get on the end of a cross with ease. In his preferred DM role, the determined Naoumov refuses to back down from a challenge and can often be seen making life worse for oncoming attackers.

8. Kristijan Preda - CM - age 31 - Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS) - 104 caps - 22 goals
Preda is an accomplished free-kick taker and can also head a ball well. After some time in the wilderness, he impressed Evinov in training and has won himself a spot in the first team, and rewarded the manager's faith in him with some fine performances. He might not be able to run a game himself, but his hard work and determination can make all the difference. What impression he'll make on Pond remains to be seen.

9. Lupan Mihalcič - SS - age 33 - Mi'ato City - 124 caps - 72 goals
One half of the greatest strike partnership in Kinitar football, Mihalcič has proven his quality over and over again. His best position is just behind the main striker - typically Sabčot - from which he can both score and create goals. He can time his runs perfectly to cut through the opposing defence, and prefers to hit a first-time shot rather than using a few valuable seconds to bring the ball under control. Certain to be hungry for more goals during the upcoming tournament.

10. Luka Sabčot - CF - age 32 - Mi'ato City - 133 caps - 95 goals (Vice-captain)
Kinitaria's famous talisman is getting on a bit by now. He doesn't have that extra yard of pace, the one spark of magic, that he was once able to produce. But he's still a superb player, there's no doubt about that. He still lives up to his image, both as a fantastic footballer and as a bit of a playboy. And he'll still be crucial if Kinitaria are to finally secure a major trophy. He'll want to grab his chance before it disappears, so watch out...

11. Duska Avramov - RM - age 33 - FC Serenberg - 39 caps - 7 goals
Having been thrown in at the deep end, Avramov has impressed consistently in the national team. He is an offensively-minded player, great with crossing, even scores a few, but he's not the most reliable if called upon to defend. He fits nicely into a traditional Kinitar attacking system and, after proving himself in the past, will be looking to keep up this run of form during the next few matches.

12. Jaren Kozak - GK - age 31 - Mi'ato - 2 caps - 0 goals
Kozak is a decent keeper, he's yet to reach his peak, and he's helped his club Mi'ato to three straight top-two finishes. However, he hasn't been able to get a look-in for the national team thanks to Evinov's staunch refusal to rotate his goalkeeper. He'll grab his chance if he can get it, but there's a good chance that it won't come this cycle.

13. David Topol - CB - age 24 - Mi'ato - 7 caps - 0 goals
Following an impressive breakthrough in the Premier Division, Topol has earned his place in the national team. He's not the tallest of players, but he makes up for it in determination and technical ability. He's remarkably calm under pressure, and is one for the big games - he'll be desperate to convince Pond to give him a chance to prove himself.

14. Milan Beskid - CF - age 27 - Universita Tirinthea - 37 caps - 11 goals
The talented striker can finish like no other and functions best with a strike partner to spur him on to greater heights. He's not one for spectacular goals, instead, he's a consistent threat to opposition defences if he gets so much as a sight of goal within the penalty area. A reliable backup to Kinitaria's front two, and if they desperately need goals, might be thrown on to make up a 4-3-3.

15. Samuel Costica - CM - age 25 - Inovita - 32 caps - 3 goals
He's made a strong impact on the national team since being brought through from the youths in the 62 qualifiers. Not quite a first team player just yet, but if he does come on, expect him to try to use his pace to beat his marker before spreading the ball out wide to launch an attack. Distribution is definitely one of his strong points.

16. Marko Kuzinov - RB - age 28 - Universita Tirinthea - 0 caps - 0 goals
Pond's only uncapped player in her AOCAF squad, she will be looking to Kuzinov as a pillar in defense, something which Kinitaria's notoriously leaky back line has lacked in recent years. He's an old-fashioned sort of defender who fits in very well with the traditional Kinitar style of play, and he has the disciplinary record to prove it.

17. Zenel Halil - RW - age 25 - Mi'ato City - 12 caps - 1 goal
The tricky winger burst into the national consciousness following a run of form - and quite a few goals - in Mi'ato City's title-winning season. Now, after being drafted into the national side, he will be looking for opportunities to make his mark at a higher level. Most observers agree that Halil has a successful career ahead of them, but it remains to be seen if he can live up to the hype.

18. Ciprian Marin - CB - age 25 - Universita Tirinthea - 47 caps - 0 goals
Another former youth team player who has significantly impressed fans and manager alike since being given a chance in the 62 qualifiers. He stands up to onrushing attackers and uses his strength to win the ball. He has a tendency to dive into rash challenges and still has a lot to learn before becoming an established squad player.

19. Cyril Novak - LB - age 32 - Mowling City Tigercats (NSI) - 43 caps - 0 goals
Novak returned from a horror injury to become a solid and capable member of the Kinitar squad. The bruising left-back plays hard but fair with no quarter given to opponents, a great sense of timing allowing him to stop attacks dead with a perfectly executed tackle. He's scored a few goals from headers at club level, but has yet to trouble international goalkeepers.

20. Leon Cantacuzino - LM - age 31 - Litora United - 59 caps - 16 goals
Once a superb squad player, Cantacuzino has faded somewhat in recent years. When he plays, he'll be the team's corner taker, since he can swing in a good ball from either the left or the right. He prefers to stay wide, use the flanks and cross from the byline, and he can do this very effectively to slice open an opposing defence. Still Kinitaria's super-sub, in a way. He can change the direction of a game almost single-handedly.

21. Malen Elkinič - CM - age 19 - Mi'ato - 4 caps - 0 goals
The youngest player to be named in this squad, Elkinič broke through into the Mi'ato team recently, providing a spark of life during the team's dismal 3477 season. A product of their youth academy, pace is his strong point, which is something Kinitaria have been lacking in recent years. He probably won't set the world alight immediately, but look out for him in the future. He's got the world at his feet, if he uses his opportunities right, and did impress during his brief appearance in the Cup of Harmony.

22. Dalča Nurmanov - FW - age 29 - Fryi Frêndê (FFD) - 25 caps - 6 goals
After being frozen out of the squad for some time, a range of impressive games in the Premier Division brought him back to the squad and secured a big-money move to Farfadillis. He's put in a good claim for a first-team place in some previous matches, and with a run of form in the qualifiers, he could be well on his way to an established squad place.

23. Doriel Azinovič - GK - age 28 - AFC Damaciu - 0 caps - 0 goals
There's no denying that Azinovič is a capable keeper, but... what does a third-choice keeper actually do? I think they're just there to take up space. Moving swiftly on...


In keeping with what has became an established tradition, Kinitaria keep the same kits throughout a cycle.
Left (home): A striking new design in the national colours, trimmed with red.
Center (away): A smart red outfit featuring the national flag as trim.
Right (goalkeeper): Keeper Costin Petran will be wearing this faded gold outfit, also featuring the flag colours.

Kinitar fans burning flares in a Cup of Harmony game

Kinitar fans are known for their passion. They're also known for burning down a significant portion of the Tricorn Arena in Wight during the Cup of Harmony 53, although the FFK has naturally disavowed all responsibility, and supporters' groups maintain that the shoddy construction of the host stadium was to blame. Either way, lighting flares is a part of fan culture in Kinitaria, and there's always the possibility that a Kinitaria goal will turn the air thick with smoke. During the match, the team are typically roared on by 70,000 home fans screaming themselves hoarse non-stop throughout the game, which creates an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams - although the fact that the aforementioned flares, among other things, are sometimes thrown at visiting players or fans might also contribute to this. The fights which characterise some of the most fierce club matches, such as the cross-capital derby between hated rivals Mi'ato City and Mi'ato, have yet to make their way to international level, although some say that this is merely because they haven't found the right spark yet. The FFK has been somewhat reluctant to take action against such matters, because "it's all part of the game, isn't it?"

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Postby Quakmybush » Sat May 18, 2013 4:44 pm

Men’s National Team Makes Comeback

It’s been a long hard road for the nation of Quakmybush. Turmoil within the nation has caused years of progress to be stalled and in some cases erased. Politics, the economy, infrastructure all went down the tubes. The sporting landscape of the nation was not safe either. Once a mainstay in the World Cup, Quakmybush started to falter, missing cups constantly, and finally the plug was pulled on the team. “There is no reason to have to have this team playing, when it is not providing our people with a glimmer of hope during these rough times” former Prime Minister Gerry Hughes said. With that statement, the team was pulled from competitions, and the money was invested elsewhere.

Fast forward 15 years, and here we are today. The nation has righted itself, and things are back to what they once were. Many similarities exist from the glory days of the team. This includes an attacking style, confidence, and a Fields in the midfield. The team hopes to draw from the previous iterations of the team. Those teams were known for their luck, and to win, Quakmybush will need it.

The team returns to AOCAF for the first time in many years. They enter this tournament to help build experience for the upcoming World Cup cycle. Also during the nation’s AOCAF campaign a crew from the sports lifestyle show S60 will be following the team to chronicle the team’s first games in nearly 20 years. The AOCAF will serve as a step in a hopeful return to prominence in regards to football. To hopefully eventually qualify again, and maybe, just maybe win a World Cup. That journey starts tomorrow with a group 3 game in AOCAF 40.
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