Ninth Handball World Cup (RP, Squads, Scores)

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Ninth Handball World Cup (RP, Squads, Scores)

Postby Ancharmunn » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:40 pm

Ninth Handball World Cup

Group A – Green Dome
The Jahistic Unified Republic
Passo Tonale
Civil Citizenry

Group B – Cobolt Box
The Holy Empire

Group C – Maudraiska Arena
New Republic of Egypt
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
West Tyland
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec

Group D – Pálás Nic Rhaith
Free South Califas

Group E – Aluminium Box
The Babbage Islands
Equestrian States
Polar Islandstates

Group F – Sayercooan Indoor Sports Hall
Michael VII
Saer Republic

Group G – Celtic Palace
Cyborg Holland
Vamprican-Krumbian Confederacy

Group H – Grand Handball Arena
Union Isle
Conservative World

Round 1
1 v 6
2 v 5
3 v 4

Round 2
6 v 4
5 v 3
1 v 2

Round 3
2 v 6
3 v 1
4 v 5

Round 4
6 v 5
1 v 4
2 v 3

Round 5
3 v 6
4 v 2
5 v 1


The group stage will see each of the groups being hosted by one venue, where a group is being played has been listed above besides the groups. Knockout matches will be shared among the eight venues.

Grand Handball Arena, Ballyfeeaknock, 10,000

A newly built arena for the competition, the GHA has been designed to be as good a handball arena as possible. Superligue superstar Maelíosa Nic Rhaith has described it as “the very best arena in the world”. Then again, as an ambassador for the tournament she would.

Cobolt Box, Ballymairead, 9,000

Named to reflect the appearance of the building the Cobolt Box sits glistening on Ballymairead's waterfront. Another new venue, and generally regarded as a well designed one.

Aluminium Box, Caernankry, 8,000

Another elementally named venue. The main industry of Caernankry provides the name for this modern arena, which during the season provides a home for the successful local handball club sponsored by the Claybanks Mining Company

Sayercooan Indoor Sports Hall, Sayercooan, 7,000

This rather boringly named venue usually serves as a municipal sports centre available for general use of the public. For the duration of the tournament though a large swathe of temporary seating will convert it into an international handball arena. What it won't do however is improve the very basic facilities is has. Best bring a packed lunch and go to the toilet before coming here.

Maudraiska Arena, Rushmore, 6,000

Given that the exterior of this venue is coated with wood from the yew trees which grow in abundance on the surrounding Rushmore Peninsula it is perhaps somewhat of a surprise that the Rushmore venue didn't follow it's Ballymairead and Caernankry siblings in the naming stakes. As far the interior goes, it is in the main a smaller version of those two venues.

Pálás Nic Rhaith, Cashlauncarriga, 5,000

Barely even a country town in a remote chain of islands there is no doubt that Cashlauncarriga has only been chosen as a host venue due the the multisport superstar Maelíosa Nic Rhaith having made the Na Hoileáin Órga county in which Cashlauncarriga is in her adopted home. To go with it's rural nature the venue has a somewhat rushed feel to it, though a warm welcome from the locals should make up for any downfalls of the arena.

Celtic Palace, Porthmageed, 5,000

Overlooking the Bay of Celts the Celtic Palace and truth be told pretty uncomfortable venue. A converted former municipal sports hall the building is a fairly old and decrepit one. Ideally the venue would have been torn down and replaced, but the local authorities seem determined to squeeze as much use as possible out of it.

Green Dome, Mullendroghed, 5,000

Included largely to make the numbers the Green Dome is perhaps impressive only in it's blandness. The facilities of the venue are good enough without warranting any memories of afterthought for those attending.

Knock-out rounds

Round of 16

M1: Group A winner vs. Group H runner-up (Green Dome)
M2: Group B winner vs. Group G runner-up (Cobolt Box)
M3: Group C winner vs. Group F runner-up (Maudraiska Arena)
M4: Group D winner vs. Group E runner-up (Pálás Nic Rhaith)
M5: Group E winner vs. Group D runner-up (Aluminium Box)
M6: Group F winner vs. Group C runner-up (Sayercooan Indoor Sports Hall)
M7: Group G winner vs. Group B runner-up (Celtic Palace)
M8: Group H winner vs. Group A runner-up (Grand Handball Arena)


QF1: M1 winner vs. M2 winner (Cobolt Box)
QF2: M3 winner vs. M4 winner (Maudraiska Arena)
QF3: M5 winner vs. M6 winner (Aluminium Box)
QF4: M6 winner vs. M7 winner (Grand Handball Arena)


SF1: QF1 winner vs. QF2 winner (Cobolt Box)
SF2: QF3 winner vs. QF4 winner (Grand Handball Arena)

Bronze medal match

SF1 loser vs. SF2 loser (Cobolt Box)


SF1 winner vs. SF2 winner (Grand Handball Arena)

The first round of group matches will be scored on Saturday evening (British time) with group stage matches following daily until Wednesday 15th August. Knockout matches will then be held from Friday 17th August on a daily basis until the final. I will aim to be scoring the matches around 19:00 BST.

Posting a squad/roster is welcomed and encouraged. This should include at minimum the names of the players you are sending, and can be expanded to include things such as coaching staff, details of tactics, kits and so on. Some form of permissions detailing what you allow your opponent to do to your players in the way of scoring, injuries and disciplinary action should they RP before you do is also useful.
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Postby Saugeais » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:26 pm

Saugeais National Handball Team

Starting Lineup:
GK - Gustaf MacLeod      (Rushmoréens, Cotdelapoms) 
LB - Oscar Cino (Predateurs, Cotdelapoms)
CB - Baptiste Sokolofsky (Kodiaks, Cotdelapoms)
RB - Fabrice Kokot (Atletico, Cotdelapoms)
P - Blaine Hayward
LW - Elmo Baggio (Pomhommes, Cotdelapoms)
RW - Dwight Lyndon

GK - Baptiste Whittemore
B - Jason Williamson
B - Kerr Irvine
P - Kama Pendev (Pomhommes, Cotdelapoms)
W - Chanokh Pavlov (Barsteeg, Cotdelapoms)

Permissions: Anything and everything, except killing, is accepted.
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Postby Cyborg Holland » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:30 pm

Squad sent to the Ninth Handball World Cup

Name: Per Tuen
Position: Goalkeeper
Shirt Number: 1
Age: 24
Height: 6ft 4"
Club: Paritzburg University Parrots

A versatile and athletic player who has the envious task of keeping the ball out of the Dragons net, which is nigh-on impossible in the game that is handball, but he tries very hard at it. One of the few professional handball players, he is paid by New Amzterdam University to play for thier side.

Name: Rebecca Kai
Position: Full Back
Shirt Number: 4
Age: 22
Height: 6ft 3"
Club: Eindhoven Technical

Captain of the side and a solid defensive player, who can both block shots from attacking players, close down and leave no space for the attackers and deal with the speedy wing players of the opposition. Also has small attacking ability, but leaves that to the others, mostly.

Name: Kerneels Diederik
Position: Full-Back
Shirt Number: 12
Age: 19
Height: 6ft 8"
Club: Paritzburg University Parrots

Freakishly tall and freakishly good at the game. Voted twice the best handball player in the country, and repeatedly shows his extreme talent in Varsity League games. His epic size and power just make him un-beatable in defence. He is simply unpassable when he's on his game. And that's pretty often. One to watch out for definitely.

Name: Valerie Jonathan
Position: Right Winger
Shirt Number: 7
Age: 23
Height: 6ft
Club: New Amzterdam University

A quick and light girl, she makes perfect winger material and is one of the top goalscorers in the Varsity League and is expected to perform for the national side after making her debut in the Olympic Games against Chenkorya in the round of 16, scoring 7 of the women's sides 21 goals.

Name: Vadim Matthijs
Position: Left Winger
Shirt Number: 2
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 8"
Club: Andersson College Beavers

Quite small in size and stature, but not little when it comes to presence on the court. He is quick on the left and links up brilliantly with Valerie on the other side, they often confuse both opposition and their own team with lots of long cross-court passes. He is also a strong presence up front and can score goals.

Name: Emily Albert
Position: Circle Runner
Shirt Number: 21
Age: 21
Height: 6ft 2"
Club: Eindhoven Technical University

Bit of a primadonna, but a very strong and talented handball player nonetheless. She controls the defence and can often just steer the game into the direction she wants. Whether it be not concede any goals, or go for broke, one move and Emily can change it.

Name: Dimitri Kazirim
Position: Centre
Shirt Number: 3
Age: 24
Height: 6ft 2"
Club: Paritzburg City Parrots

Totally domineering in the heart of the pitch, he dictates the pace of the gamealong with his co-midfielder Emily, and together they run the Handball. He is also a lethal goalscorer, the top goalscorer in the Varsity League and tipped to be a superstar for the Dragons.






Domestic League
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Postby Taijan » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:31 pm

Code: Select all
Daniel Rasmussen  #16 Montem Virid            24 y/o*
Jordan Kaspirisin #5  St. Jermaine University 22 y/o
Keith Mack        #11 Dynamo Perrero          23 y/o

Joshua Cho        #00 SC Montfort (LIC)       18 y/o* C
Liam Nguyen       #3  Montem Virid            22 y/o
Kane Mbutu        #4  Green Star              21 y/o

Rene LeBlanc      #21 North Coast University  21 y/o*
Derrick Matthias  #23 HC Freeport             24 y/o*
Rakkim Davis      #19 Montem Virid College    18 y/o
Kyle Sansa        #22 Green Star              23 y/o

Rory Kim          #14 Dynamo Perrero          24 y/o*
Hassam al-Maktab  #12 Freeport                25 y/o*
Cameron Ortega    #9  Coco Bay South College  18 y/o
Tannis McGhehey   #13 St. Mark's University   19 y/o
Keaton Douglas    #15 Dynamo Perrero          22 y/o

Code: Select all
Hircumberg--The final piece of the puzzle came together for the Taijani national handball team today as pivot Justin Cho, described by many as the team's "secret weapon", arrived from Licentiapacisterra to begin preparations for the world championships. At 18 years of age, Cho's resume already reads like a laundry list of "first-evers" and "youngests" for one Taijani sports, starting from last year's collegiate handball championships, in which Cho's Maritime College Stingrays became the first-ever champions from outside the Northern Zone. After graduating Maritime, he became the first Taijani handball player to sign a foreign contract when he inked a deal with Monfort SC of Licentiapacisterra, and now with the world championships, he is now the youngest captain of a senior Taijani team in history, as well as only the second Asian-Taijani to hold such an honor, after beach soccer player Christopher Nguyen, who previously held the record for youngest captain. But, no matter what he accomplishes in the championship, Joshua is not the only Cho representing Taijan on the international stage.

That's right; for Joshua and his brother Carlton, a midfielder for the Lion of Judah FC's beach soccer squad who has recently been capped for the national squad, Taijani sports are a family matter.

"Me and Carl, we're real close, but it's always competitive, you know," Joshua told reporters as he disembarked his flight from Montfort, "Whatever he would do growing up, I had to try to do something a little different the next year, and try and do it better than him. Like he started playing football because he was fast, but I was taller so I played handball. He went to [the College of Land Management], so I went to Maritime. Then when he got signed with the Lions, I thought, 'hey, I need to see about getting a professional contract.' And that's what lead me to try out for Montfort. So, it's like we're competitive, but it's a good thing, you know. We push each other." Carlton's Lions are currently representing Taijan in the Esportivan Sun Beach Soccer Competition in Cyborg Holland.

When asked how his foreign contract might affect the team's competitiveness in the world championships, Joshua's bravado lessened only slightly. "I mean, getting that contract was a huge step for me, of course, but I think it could also be a step forward for the sport, you know, in Taijan...I just hope that we can show [in the cup] that Taijani handball is ready for the next level. I mean...if we can get some exposure, get people to see that we're serious about handball, then maybe we can get some investment in these clubs. As much as I love my teammates in Montfort and what I'm doing there, I don't want to be playing for a foreign club; I want to be playing in Taijan, but the level just isn't there. And it's not for lack of talent, either."

Cho leads a team composed of mostly younger players from Roam Island and the northern portion of mainland Taijan, considered to be the hearth of the sport in Taijan. Asked why he thought that was, Cho pointed to stereotypes. "I mean, it's self-propogating. People say, 'oh, I'm not Asian, I'm not from the north coast, so I can't play handball.' And that's [explicative removed]. I mean, here I'm from Coco Bay, and I'm captaining the team. Clearly, you don't have to be northern to play the game." And as for the younger players, "It's just like any other sport in Taijan; there's no career in it, so guys just play a couple years and move on. It's only been recently that going overseas has become even an option, and most guys just don't think they're good enough."

Cho remains hopeful for his team's successes, however, despite the odds. "Really, we're winning just by being there, but that's not enough. It can't be enough. Still, I think we've got a good a shot to maybe rack up some wins and get our names on the map. I'm shooting to at least get out of the group stage, personally." ###

Don't kill or maim.
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Postby Thatius » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:35 pm

Thatius Roster

for the

Ninth Handball World Cup

Team Information
Coach: Branimir Matkević
Captain: Marko Dragunski (Foward)



GK- Mariusz Tkaczyk, #6
DEF- Davor Duvnjak, #9
DEF- Cédric Daenescu, #5
DEF- Julius Bayermann, #16
FOR- Reed Nikčević, #20
FOR- Marko Dragunski, #13
FOR- Christian Haas, #6

GK- Magnus Sefik, #22
DEF- Dominik Jansen, #14
DEF- Viktor Zaljdsov, #11
DEF- Michael Kehrmann, #27
FOR- Jakob Karabatić, #4
FOR- Petar Domagoj, #16
FOR- Andrej Schwarzer, #23

(to be held in Sayercooan Indoor Sports Hall, Ancharmunn)
vs. Urszag-Csatoria
vs. Saer Republic
vs. Lymantatia
vs. Taeshan
vs. Michael VII

RP Information
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events N
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Postby Sicoutimont » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:50 pm

Sicoutimont Royales Roster and Information- Handball World Cup IX

Goalkeeper-Paul Perrault
Top goalie in the nation, but with no Major League may have to look foreign for games. Starter for Universite Sicoutimont.

Goalkeeper-Jean-Paul Dandenault
Solid goalkeeper, good under pressure. May only play 1-2 games with Perrault in net however. Starter for Cegap Val-Maurice

Pivot-Jacques de Lorraine
Top pivot in the nation, plays a good 2-way game. Potentially best Sicoutian handballer of all time. Will play almost every game.

Pivot-Olivier Comtois
Cegap St-Simeon Sud star pivot Comtois is the youngest player on the team, at 17. May be the next de Lorraine, and will play most games.

Centre Back-Pierre Cartier
Cartier provides a solid offensive threat every time he is on the court. Scores most goals for the Sicoutian team.

Centre Back-Xavier Berube
Xavier is almost the opposite of fellow CB Cartier, focusing mostly on defense. Expect to see him on late in games, or in a close match.

Left Wing-Herbert Villeneuve
Villeneuve provides a solid 2-way game, but may have the best shot in Sicoutian handball.

Left Wing-Charles Archambault
Grandson of gridion star, Archambault is young, and already a solid defender.

Right Wing-Francois Gerrard
Gerrard can easily get a good shot off, but isn't a defensive specialist. Could ride the pine in high pressure games.

Right Wing-Denis Hall
Hall, from Port Aubin, is a solid 2-way player. Can be offensive, but often focuses more on defence.

Left Back-Kevin Deslauriers
Deslauriers provides a large offensive threat, but not by shooting. Always seems to make the perfect pass at the right time.

Left Back-Georges Simon
Simon can score. Quite easily in fact, scoring 57 times in 18 College league games for Universite Jonquiere.

Right Back-Pierre Lorrot
Lorrot focuses mostly on defence, but he is also solid on offense, scoring most times he tries to play an offensive game.

Right Back-Alexandre St-Georges
St-Georges is a newcomer to Handball, only starting last year. However, he is one of the greatest talents Sicoutimont has ever seen in handball.

Coach-Girard Giguere
Giguere has been with the St-Simeon program for 7 years, and is coaching the national team for the first time. Can he lead Les Royales to glory?

Group H And Schedule

Group H – Grand Handball Arena
Union Isle
Conservative World

In a group with the hosts Ancharmunn, Sicoutimont are in for a tough group stage. Will Les Royales be able to advance?

Match 1
Sicoutimont vs Conservative World

Match 2
Sicoutimont vs Liventia

Match 3
Sicoutimont vs Megadia

Match 4
Sicoutimont vs Ancharmunn

Match 5
Sicoutimont vs Union Isle

All games to be played at the Grand Handball Arena, called the "best Handball arena in the world". Sicoutimont look to advance to the Round of 16, and will need to beat some key contenders such as the hosts to advance. Tune in soon for more Handball coverage, here from the Grand Handball Arena in Ancharmunn.

Permissions: Do whatever you want, but don't kill anybody.
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Postby Darmen » Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:15 pm

Darmeni National Handball Team

Head Coach: Bob Thompson (Brham 88)

GK: Adam Borris 6'8" Liverpool
DEF: Cedric Donaldson 6'5" Liverpool
DEF: Erik Furman 6'3" Liverpool
DEF: Greg Halverson 5'11" Brham 88
FOR: Ivan Jacobson 6'0" Liverpool
FOR: Kevin Larvee 6'2" Libertyton
FOR: Mike Narrowe 6'1" Johnho HC

GK: Owen Perry 6'6" KE28 HC
DEF: Quinn Roberts 6'4" Chuckio
DEF: Samuel Sedláček 5'8" Tempala
FOR: Sammuel Tyree 6'3" Liverpool
FOR: Luděk Lukska 6'2" Brham 88

RP Permissions: Anything you want, just follow the Ten Comandments.

Also, all of these players would love to play in the Cotdelapomais Superligue.
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Third: CR 20, T20C 10, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RUWC 18, RUWC 26, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Cotdelapoms » Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:10 pm


(OOC Note: Le Télégramme is Cotdelapoms' largest right-wing newspaper. Although its' readership may be dwindling rapidly to the point of non-existance, they are steadfast in retaining their anti-Rushmore bias. Perhaps as a result of the heavily corporate backing of Cotdelapomais handball, they are supporters of the sport and are considered the go-to source for handball news from a major daily newspaper, even if it means that many people have to hold their noses. As you can imagine, take this all with a grain of salt and take no offence to any description of any other nation.)

Pints, Punts and Handball?
Will Our Emberton Gold Medalists Be Able To Win Gold Again In Den of Sin?

If Luc Rodrigues, Gilles Janneteau, Benoît D'Aoust and the rest of the Olympic Gold Medal winning team want to potentially win their second consecutive major handball championship and unify the Olympic and World Cup titles, they will have to do so whilst avoiding the omnipresent drink, drugs and gambling that comes with Ancharmunn. The Tynealans are hosting the WC of Handball this go around, no doubt putting it together in part using dirty money swindled from good hard working pomhommes. As most of the country knows by this point, organised crime runs Ancharmunn, and it's almost impossible to go anywhere without running into it. Before ever getting to set foot on the court, our world champs will have to ensure that they stay together and not get roped into any potentially dangerous behaviour- some of it as mundane as driving an automobile. Our reporters in Ballyfeeaknock tell us that the police know who the out of towners are and will target them specifically and ask to be paid on the spot...all because they are in league with the hoodlums!

Ideally, Jires Julien has a solid game plan for keeping his men in line so they can focus on doing their jobs. The Apples have to be considered favourites, but should not overlook teams like Darmen, Saugeais and Thatius, all of whom will likely be contenders for the silver medal. In our own qualifying group, the Apples should be most weary of the Dragons of ASMV and the Royal Kingdom of Québec, a nation who we have little interaction with but seems remarkably similar to our own. Of course, the team we would most enjoy beating would be defending Emberton silver medalists, the Bats of Polar Islandstates. Whilst the Polarians were too busy chattering at length about that game for foreigners they are sorta good at (though not good enough to actually win a World Cup), we've gone and beaten them in World finals of both Ice Hockey and Handball, perhaps the two sports that matter most.

We here at Le Télégramme would like to warn any and all of our readers who will be headed to Rushmore, Ancharmunn (even the city name is dangerous!) to be very careful whilst visiting. It'll be impossible to not stand out as foreigners since you won't have the crazy accent the locals have, but you can try to pass yourselves off as being from somewhere other than Cotdelapoms- try adopting a Valladar accent. As Cotdelapomais, you may be targeted for your money, but by adopting a Valladar accent local pickpockets and petty crooks will assume you have none. Of course, if you are going to pretend to be Valladar, it'd probably be in your best interest to dress down since you don't have a mullet, but you, dear reader, have probably already figured that out.



Players in bold are the "starters" and should be assumed to get the most minutes.
GK- Benoît D’Aoust- Cap Nordique Guillemots
GK- Mark Whitfield- US Charlevoix

LB- Luc Rodrigues- HC Montréal
LB- Yoan Carroll- Cap Nordique Guillemots

CB- Michel Robitaille- HC Montréal
CB- Einar Hjálmtýsson- Cap Nordique Predateurs

RB- Antoine Brouillette- Portsmouth Black Tails
RB- Maxandre Laprise- Kingston Griffins

LW- Gilles Janneteau- Atlético Elisabetano
LW- Djibril Bourassa- Montréal Sasanachs

P- Frédéric Desbiens- Worcester Rushmoréens
P- Ismaël Pellegrino- Outremont Kodiaks

RW- Kristján Svensson-Deslauriers- Worcester Rushmoréens
RW- François Carbonneau- HC Montréal

Head Coach- Jires Julien

Tactics: As we learned during the Olympics, the Apples are essentially two teams- one with Luc Rodrigues on the court and one without. Rodrigues is potentially the best player in the world, and was the Apples' leading scorer at the Olympics in Emberton. He is both swift and strong and draws away a lot of attention, which frees up the wing players. Svensson-Deslauriers especially had plenty of opportunities during the Emberton games, as Rodrigues would often draw extensive coverage and run into a wall- only to rocket a pass over to an open Svensson-Deslauriers, who would hurl one over or under the diving keeper.

Without Rodrigues, Jires Julien's men play a slower, more methodical game with more movement and redirecting runs- attempting to do essentially the opposite and spread the opposing defence and allow the team speed to do much of the work. Cotdelapoms are not the tallest team in the world, and so they are especially crafty both on the floor and in the air- the Emberton team had its share of highlight reel goals.

Defensively, the Apples like to force plays to the wings and allow Benoît D’Aoust to make saves when need be. They are moderately physical and as such, attract a moderate amount of disciplinary attention. Feel free to give my players two minute suspensions and yellow cards.

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Postby Daehanjeiguk » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:31 pm

Imperial Roster

The Imperial Handball Association (皇帝手球協會) was hastily conceived as a joke in protest by fellows not wishing to spend time or money playing football. It was later learned that the sport is real, and said fellows were "drafted" by the military leaders in Gyeongju to "enhance the morale of the people". Most of these players have never contemplated playing with anything other than their feet.

GK: Pak Song-Gil *
GK: Kim Geun-Cheol

DF: Yim Dong-Hwan *
DF: Yi Tae-Woo *
DF: Kim Cheon-Su *
DF: Hong Bae-Seok
DF: Shin Choe -incarcerated pending arson investigation

FW: Kwak Sun-Min *
FW: Choe Gwan-Tae *
FW: Kim Hak-Seop *
FW: Go Heung-Min
FW: Pak Hwan-Nam

* Starting players

You have permission to do anything that allows me to use the same set of players that are described here for the next match - unless it's the last match, in which case be prepared to reap the rewards for your actions.

MD1: v Camwood [Cashlauncarriga]
MD2: v Hakkland [Cashlauncarriga]
MD3: v Krytenia [Cashlauncarriga]
MD4: v Free South Califas [Cashlauncarriga]
MD5: v Carmadin [Cashlauncarriga]

"Son-gu?" the players looked at the coach with a perplexed glare.

"Yes, son-gu. Handball. You use your hands and not your feet." The coach really needed to emphasize this point. Here was a country so immersed in the football culture that many of them were taught in some form of their early childhood never to use hands with balls. The sorting-out-of-players usually began with a routine to see who would grab the ball, in which case that person was designated the goalkeeper. Here, nearly everything was reverse of what they had learned, so they were swarmed with goalkeepers, but only one person went to reach for the ball with his hands.

"You must use your hands to pass the ball, to dribble the ball, to shoot the ball. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to kick it."

"But if you must pass, dribble, or shoot, how do you do that without kicking the ball."

The coach had to invent a way to connect to the players. "Okay. You know how you kick the ball in football?" The players unanimously nodded. The coach tried to lead them on. "Well, in handball, you throw the ball."

The coach proceeded to do a demonstration. "Kick." He kicked the ball. "Throw." He tossed the ball into the air and caught it again. "Kick. Throw. Kick. Throw." Slowly, the coach was starting to connect with his players. One of them rose their hands. "Can we still head the ball?"

The coach slapped his face - probably a bad idea at the time. "Well, you can, but you really don't want to head the ball."

"Why not?"

"Because the ball has got this sticky stuff all over it. It's called resin. It helps you hold onto the ball better so you can throw it better."

"But if you need sticky stuff to throw the ball, why not skip the sticky stuff and just use your feet?"

One step forward, two steps back. "Well, it's part of the sport. You use your hands in handball. When you play football, you use your feet. It's really not that hard. Instead of kicking, you throw the ball. Come on, I want you to try it now."

The players all picked up the ball. It was chaos that ensued. Among the twelve players present, there wasn't a single person who could grasp the reality that they were holding the ball. Even the "goalkeepers" had a hard time rationalizing the use of hands to hold something so small, so sticky in the palm of their hands. It must have been the resin that irked the players, since their immediate reaction was to toss the ball away at random speeds and in random directions. In the confines of the small court, the balls all ended up hitting the other players before getting lodged in the rafters above the lights.

"Who wants to play with a ball so sticky like that?"

The coach shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I'm not sure who writes the rules, but more than likely you won't be playing with resin."

"Why not?"

"Well, because when you play, the spectators are going to need a bath. Also it's messy... as you can probably see for yourselves. But it's a tool that can help you grab the ball."

"I don't want to touch that," the players almost universally said, cringed as the coach approached them with the only remaining ball on the court.

He sighed as he glanced at his notes in the top pocket of his shirt. Just five matches, and potential elimination. That wasn't much to ask, was it?
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Postby Taeshan » Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:20 pm

The Taeshan National Handball Team
Manger- Ben Socrates
Nickname-The Zeppelins

Roster(Starters Bolded)
GK-Max Ferdinand 24 1
GK-Brady Hermes 20 13
GK-Liam Suares 18 15
LD- Ludwig Miejer 25 2
CD-James Connors 29 3
RD- Alexi Stephanidis 20 4
DF- John Dorian 18 14
DF- Théodore L’Heureux 19 12
DF- Petr Andronicus 20 11
LF- Han Tae-Wo 19 5
CF- Aidan Matrias 25 6
RF- François Verizone 22 7
FW- Gary Metronome 25 8
FW- Alex Foose 20 9
FW- Govind Nemo 18 10
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41

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Polar Islandstates
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Postby Polar Islandstates » Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:40 am


Polarian handball returns to the world scene bitterly disappointed at their performance in the olympic final. The tiredness and fatigue of a long campaign, not helped by needing extra time to overcome Thatius in the semi-finals, meant the players felt they didn't do themselves justice in the final, and just as in ice hockey, Polar Islandstates lost an international final to Cotdelapoms. The Bats, affectionately nicknamed thus after their traditional black outfits (generously provided for the World Cup by Polarian kit manufacturer ØKS), are therefore out for revenge, and have sent a slightly modified olympic team to Tyneala in a bid to make amends. Nothing would make them happier than a final victory over Cotdelapoms to settle the score.

Much of the team actually play their club handball in Cotdelapoms, four of the starting line-up alone all play for Cap Nordique Guillemots, with the bulk of the remaining team members playing for the Norscelt giants of the Polarian league, GKGK. Chief amongst them are world class right back Matteus Nygard, an absolute bear of a man, and the young and exciting pivot Vojta Zjukowski. Both men play in Cotdelapoms for Cap Nordique Guillemots, and both would certainly have something to say on the topic of Cotdelapoms' Luc Rodrigues supposedly being the best player in the world...

GK: Joakim Reinertsen - 28 - GKGK
CB: Miroslav Gaustad - 29 - Cap Nordique Guillemots (CDP)
LB: Dmitry Kubitsky - 20 - Atlético Elisabetano (CDP)
RB: Matteus Nygard - 22 - Cap Nordique Guillemots (CDP)
LW: Pol Martinek - 27 - Cap Nordique Guillemots (CDP)
RW: Henrik Gronlund - 24 - GKGK
PV: Vojta Zjukovski - 21 - Cap Nordique Guillemots (CDP)

GK: Adam Heikkila-Laakso - 27 - Montréal Pomhommes (CDP)
CB: Ruben Kivivuori - 25 - Jaadlands HC
LB: Alexandre Svahnstrom - 24 - HGK Kungsdocks
RB: Maciej Wilhelmsen - 23 - IHK Torshavn
LW: Johannes Hemmingsen - 29 - GKGK
RW: Olivier Hedner - 27 - Atlético Elisabetano (CDP)
PV: Amadeus Strand - 23 - US Charlevoix (CDP)

Head: Jurgen Dahlby - 41
Assistant: Vasily Sigmundsson - 54


Polarian handball is just as fast and furious as their football is. The attack is devastating with the quick break and the defence is incredibly strong, which is just as well, as just like in football goalkeeping is not a Polarian speciality...

Yes to all permissions, and yes to all yellow/red card issues, except to Vojta Zjukowski, keep him clean of two minute suspensions please.
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Postby Urszag-Csatoria » Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:34 am


The Urszag-Csatoria Tanácsadók is delighted to announce the team to make glorious the great and all-powerful Unified Csardom of Urszag-Csatoria! Straight from the Kézilabda Szövetség Urszag-Csatoria comes the announcement of the players that will risk their lives for the Csardom on the field of battle, heroes one and all.


GK: Róbert Károlyi - 25 - SE Szaracénok
CB: Dániel Haggenmacher - 28 - Kőszén-Erdei VTK
LB: Jenci Keresztes - 29 - Csapadék-Zsóry SSE
RB: Soma Andorkó - 28 - SE Szaracénok
LW: László Kwiatkowski - 27 - UCKV Fennsíkvárosi
RW: Sándor Erdő - 24 - SE Szaracénok
PV: Illés Sedlar - 24 - UCKV Fennsíkvárosi

GK: László Szél - 28 - SK Bányászok
CB: Szilveszter Jansons - 23 - Vécsei-Veszprém LK
LB: Lipot Katišić - 28 - SE Szaracénok
RB: Róbert Ravlić - 25 - VTK Moholy-Nagy
LW: Gusztáv Nyilasi - 30 - Csapadék-Zsóry SSE
RW: Joszef Juhasz - 28 - Kőszén-Erdei VTK
PV: László Lendvai - 28 - Egyesült Völben VSE

Head: Róbert Csorba - 49
Assistant: Berti Kalniņš - 38

All of them are proud and loyal citizens, and have put aside the partizan differences of their club careers to work together for the common goal of supporting the nation in international handball competition for the first time! They will be wearing a team kit generously donated by Polarian manufacturer ØKS, and are confident of bringing glory back to the nation!

Workers across the nation are to be granted time allowances off from work in a bid to boost productivity when they return to work, hearts stirred and buoyed by the performances of our brave boys in white, green, and red. Not like the Cuppet. Which was rubbish.


Yes to all permissions.
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Postby Slembana » Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:59 am

Slembana's squad

The Slembana Times will give you the inside on Slembana's handball squad for Handball World Cup 9. This tournament will be the first-ever in which Slembana has played international handball, with these matches being Slembana's first-ever matches in international handball. As a result, no players have caps, and no players have scored.

Starting XI:
Goalkeeper: Javo Pitera
Age: 27
Birthday: 23 April 1985
Right-back: Timmy Vërbix
Age: 19
Birthday: 21 June 1993
Centre-back/Playmaker: Dale Dagens
Age: 23
Birthday: 1 February 1989
Left-back: Fraser Wensleydale
Age: 25
Birthday: 31 March 1988
Circle-runner: Roddy Vale
Age: 22
Birthday: 1 March 1990
Right-winger: Harvey Jones
Age: 32
Birthday: 1 March 1980
Left-winger: Jack Black
Age: 26
Birthday: 8 May 1986

Goalkeeper: Bobby Bexa
Left-back: John Watson
Centre-back/playmaker: Jordan Lee
Left-back: Liam Torrenson
Circle-runner: Kyle Riley
Right-winger: Larry Hernandez
Left-winger: Vinny Smith

Manager: Andy Skillmeb
Assistant manager: Skorrin d'Alla

Permissions: Anything but injuries, red cards, yellow cards, bombs, deaths.
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The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:27 am

Royal Kingdom of Quebec National Handball Team
Head Coach:Gustav Lee-Bergen(Montréal Kebekwa)
GK: Jacques Arvineau 7'1" Montréal 76ers
DEF: Laurent Lee 6'5" Montréal Kebekwa
DEF: Elmar Gunnarsson 6'7" Labrador City Hibous
DEF: Jun Lee 5'7'' Attawapiskat Jets
FOR: Yeong Sun Park 6'0" Baie-Comeau Caribous
FOR: Marc-Andre Jones 6'2" Quebec Impulse
FOR: Gwang Hoon Kim 6'3" Montréal Kebekwa
GK: Laurent Brossard 6'1" Sept-Iles Fire
DEF: Quentin Glenson 6'4" Ottawa Regiment
DEF: Igor Novak 5'8" Montréal 76ers
FOR: Se Hyuk Kim 6'3" Saint John Clippers
FOR: Hralmar Lavejgil 6'2" Montreal 76ers

RP Permissions: Anything you want, just follow the Ten Comandments.

Also, all of these players would love to play in the Cotdelapomais Superligue.
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Postby Maron » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:32 am

Maron's Official Handball Association Team

GK:James Wright
LB: HanK Jefferson
CB: Frank Tyler
RB: John-Savage Morgan
RF: Kingsley Allan
CF: Allan Jones
PV: George Nathan


James Henderson
Tyler Bray
Kyle Long
William Archer
Issac Bray
Alex Jefferson
Quentin Jackson
Luke McNamara
Derek McNamara
Tim Barker
James Nathan

Head Coach: Alexander Matthews
Assistant Coach: Kevin Sullivan
Assistant Coach: Whitney Archer
Assistant Coach: Chloe Sullivan
Team Trainer: Michael Richards
Team Doctor: Alan Minks
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Postby Licentiapacisterra » Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:14 pm

Licentian Men’s National Handball Team

Despite handball being one of the big four of Licentian sports, along with football, lacrosse and cricket, they have never entered a side into the international stage. Now a team consisting entirely of players from the top team in the country, Sporting Club Montfort, will compete for the Licentian side, as they look to take on the top side in the world.

Head Coach – Struan Crawford:

An absolute legend in Licentian handball, the fifty year old, originally from the island of St Bart’s, was formerly a player for SC, before hanging up his metaphorical boots, and moving onto the coaching staff. He hasn’t stopped since, winning many an accolade for his coaching, and has been selected to coach a SC-filled side.

Starting VII:

GK – Niall Aitken – 22
LB – Kaden McDonald – 35
CB – Brad Fraser – 27
RB – Colin Reilly – 29
P – Finn McGregor – 21
LW – Duncan Moore – 19
RW – Alex Walker – 28


GK – Scott Mackenzie – 23
FB – Shane Burns – 20
CB – Archie McLean – 37
P – Isaac Ritchie – 32
W – Lawrence Kerr - 30
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Postby Boriem » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:06 pm

Boriemese National Handball Team

GK - Steven Der Vijk - #1
LB - Lawrence d'Blanc-Montlorraine - #3
CB - Sven Gryfsson - #2
RB - Kelly Lutecsa - #4
P - Henry Murray - #5
LW - Jeanne Van Rijn - 7#
RW - Willem d'Doge - #10

GK - Hansel von Moorhaven - #8
B - Jacob Henryson - #11
B - Mbole Negvele - #12
P - Franz Morovitch - #9
W - Randal Shands


My opponent may RP anything including death.
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Free South Califas
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Harvest Mice at the 9th Handball World Cup

Postby Free South Califas » Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:48 pm

Presenting the Harvest Mice national handball squad
Domestic league:
Season 1
Season 2

All players are seeking international transfers. TG any offers.

Starting lineup:
## Ps Name, Domestic Club
01 GK Gamal Lunete, Anaheim
02 LW Eoghan Bentsen, Fontana
03 LB Pankaja Nando, Ontario
04 CB Kasper Schroeter, South San Diego
05 RB Alycia Blazej, Amzterdam Historical Gladiators (Cyborg Holland)
06 RW Carlo Cernunnos, Brullik University Sea-Dragons (Cyborg Holland)
07 PV Hakate Kavanah, Club TBD (Carmadin)
11 GK Conrad Elisa, Santa Clarita
14 CB Hyginos Schräder, Anaheim
13 LB Sabia Vere, Chula Vista
15 RB Justin Pantaleone, Ontario
12 LW Simeone Di Pietro, Irvine
16 RW Jose Menendez, San Diego
17 PV Adamu Felina, Palmdale

Head: Eden Rafael, Fontana
Assistant: Felina Snyder, Anaheim
Fixtures at Pálás Nic Rhaith in Cashlauncarriga, capacity 5,000:

MD1: Krytenia (Group D: Camwood vs. The Han Empire & Carmadin vs. Hakkland) Krytenia 24-39 Harvest Mice
MD2: Carmadin (Group D: The Han Empire vs. Hakkland & Camwood vs. Krytenia) Harvest Mice 25-20 Carmadin
MD3: Hakkland (Group D: Krytenia vs. The Han Empire & Carmadin vs. Camwood) Hakkland 24–24 Free South Califas
MD4: The Han Empire (Group D: Camwood vs. Hakkland & Krytenia vs. Carmadin) Deahanjeiguk 31–27 Free South Califas
MD5: Camwood (Group D: Carmadin vs. The Han Empire & Hakkland vs. Krytenia)

OOC: Let's get some more rosters! if you don't know the positions, just put one GK and six "OF" or outfielders.
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Postby Yesopalitha » Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:56 pm

Handball is a relatively new sport in Yesopalitha. So, the YSC has given the job of playing it to a bunch of amateur players with the hope that they will actually amount to something in the upcoming competition.

Coach: Peter Sundevant

Goalkeeper: #11 Hailee Bysonia
Left Wing: #24 Miriam Neovasin
Right Wing: #31 Julianne Potter
Left Back: #21 Izzie Newpotter
Center Back: #3 Lyiana Mott
Right Back: #4 Kristine Sunderson
Pivot: #66 Catarina Pollak

Goalkeeper: #81 Nianova Meer
Left Wing: #90 Patricia Isan
Right Wing: #22 Meerkraft Ivanson
Left Back: #30 Pristine Shock
Center Back: #41 Rilee Myer
Right Back: #57 Katherine Werth
Pivot: #56 Larissa Coco

The team isn't expecting to go far, just enough to draw attention to their sport. Also, every member of the team are women.

RP Permissions: No deaths and no career-ending injuries. Otherwise, have at it.
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Postby Falconfar » Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:52 pm

The only place in Falconfar where Handball is popular is the moon of Iona. When the Ionians aren't going to Defenders/Spiders games, they go to the local Ionian Handball League games. Hence, all the players representing Falconfar will be from Iona.

Starting Seven
Goalkeeper: #2 Hans Eriks, Gerard Sporting Club
Left Wing: #31 Jared Pika, Spaceport Sounders
Right Wing: #43 Pierre DuHoc, Junction Juggernauts
Left Back: #51 Nevin Mer, Spaceport Sounders
Center Back: #88 Karen Misha, Vance, Inc.
Right Back: #91 Poppo Larson, Junction Juggernauts
Pivot: #61 Michael Strina, Gerard Sporting Club

Reserve Seven
Goalkeeper: #41 Brian McMann, Vance, Inc.
Left Wing: #1 Joseph Moriarty, Freddie's Center
Right Wing: #8 Liam Motts, Junction Juggernauts
Left Back: #90 Henri Pieter, Spaceport Sounders
Center Back: #7 Yodorio Zime, Freddie's Center
Right Back: #80 Larson Nicks, Mountaintop Warriors
Pivot: #22 JoAnna MacCandrell, Mountaintop Warriors

Coach: Marrion Barber

No significant injuries. Otherwise, have at it.
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Civil Citizenry
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Postby Civil Citizenry » Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:06 pm

Civil Citizenry National Men's Handball Team

Delman Harlan (Head Coach ~ #00 ~ 39 years old ~ HB Dunes)

Norman Balder (Forward ~ #07 ~ Indoor Center of Athenstoft)
Iram Cornwallis (Right Defender ~ #04 ~ 2 Wooden HC)
Hewson Devon (Forward ~ #14 ~ Outremont Kodiaks/Cotdelapoms)
Gary Elmore (Left Defender ~ #02 ~ HB Dunes)
Gary Everton (Goalkeeper ~ #01 ~ Norfolk)
Beaman Fitch (Left Defender ~ #09 ~ Bartewick Westerns)
Eaton Kirkleigh (Center Defender ~ #03 ~ Sherwood Polarians)
Vinson Newell (Left Winger ~ #12 ~ HB Dunes)
Meldon Smith (Goalkeeper ~ #08 ~ Sherwood Polarians)
Wolfe Wadsworth (Right Winger ~ #06 ~ Professionalʹnyĭ Gandbol)
Axton Webleigh (Left Winger ~ #05 ~ Victorwick)
Washington Weldon (Right Defender ~ #11 ~ Victorwick)
Cranleigh Wilkinson (Center Defender ~ #10 ~ Norfolk)
Palmer Woodville-Harper (Right Winger ~ #13 ~ US Charlevoix/Cotdelapoms)

Starting Lineup: Everton, Elmore, Kirkleigh, Cornwallis, Webleigh, Wadsworth, Devon
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Postby Ancharmunn » Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:51 pm

Ancharmunn national handball team

GK - Lochlan Kenny – 32 - Portmageed Celtic
GK - Finn Burke – 25 – Ballymairead Cobolt Bullets
RB – Finn Mullaney – 26 – Kingston Griffins (Cotdelapoms)
RB – Tiernan Moore – 20 – Caernankry Clayminers
CB – Bairee Ó Cuinn – 25 – Ballyfeeaknock Capitals
CB – Finbar King – 22 – Sayercooan Sasanachs
LB – Dougal McGrath – 28 – Ballyfeeaknock Capitals
LB – Iarfhlaith Mac Giolla Phádraig – 24 – Sayercooan Sasanachs
RW – Dai Nevett – 30 – Drayfill
RW – Fearghus Ó hAodha – 17 – Ballymairead Cobolt Bullets
PV – Jarlath O'Flaherty – 26 – Saint-Urbain Guerriers (Cotdelapoms)
PV – Oscar MacKenna – 32 – Ballyfeeaknock Capitals
LW – Maelíosa Nic Rhaith – 26 – Montréal Sasanachs (Cotdelapoms)
LW – Gareth Cadogan – 19 – Kingston Griffins (Cotdelapoms)

Head coach – Neil Kenny – 41
Assistant – Dáire Ó Loinsigh – 31

The Charmunnry team will look to Maelíosa Nic Rhaith to guide them. Whilst Polarians and Cotdelapomais make dubious claims to have the best player in the world there is little doubt in Tyneala that the Montréal Sasanachs lass reigns supreme over the likes of Luc Rodrigues, Matteus Nygard and Vojta Zjukowski. Such awe can lead to problems however, despite having quality players in all positions a lack of Nic Rhaith can leave the others looking somewhat lost. Pivot Jarlath O'Flaherty and right back Finn Mullaney are the other standout players in the squad, whilst Finbar King is probably the cream of the domestic crop.

Kits meanwhile are provided by Trinity Kits, and are made of a far superior material to the cheap tat used by Polarian budget brand ØKS.


Permissions – Feel free to do what you'd be willing to have reciprocated.
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Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
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Postby Andossa Se Mitrin Vega » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:38 pm

As the Sea Dragons begin their long anticipated foray intot the realm of international Handball, A new national team must be chosen. With more than 50 of the highest ranked players in the Empire all trying to get one of just 14 coveted spots the competition has been more than fierce. And what we are now ready to reveal is an amazing corps that we hope can bring a championship back to ASMV.

You can do anything you like without killing my players without permission.


Head Coach: Andughi Is'asi
Offensive Asst: Dikasahu Que'tan
Defensive Asst: Itonuture Ar'pery

LW Tutywaku Qu'aset
RW Sulei Ris'cer (F)
PV Yijetu Ang'kali
LB Xekylaca Urn'ach (F)
CB Etonoardo Per'elmu
RB Yr Ild'tase (Captain)
K Eduiyii Ough'loro (F)

LW Boraez Sw'ageusk
RW Zelyla Dyn'banii (F)
PV Cazith Ale'achu
LB Molakedu Ray'quae
CB Neraes Gha'tur
RB Yseroghae Augh'ath (F)
K Tuvotabi Rad'erii
Champions: AORBC II (Women's Champs); AOHC IV; Cup of Harmony 44, 49, & 54; Baptism of Iron VBrevity Challenge Cup 3
2nd Place: WC64
3rd Place: WC59; WC61WC65
WC Quarterfinals- 53,58,60
Qualified for WC Proper - 27,28,29,30,53,54,56,58,59,60,61,63,64,65
Host: Draggonnii Inviyatii; BoF 17 ; World Bowl XII; BoF43 (with K&P);World Cup 58 (with QPeMA)World Cup 61 (with Valanora)

AO is, as they say, THE PLACE.
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Postby Anollasia » Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:40 pm

Anollasian national handball team

Head Coach: Giovanni Di Maggio
Assistant coach: Harold Trafalgar
Assistant coach: Emir şeref
Assistant coach: Francois Cavanagh

GK: Zafer Akdoğan #1
LW: Ferhat Gül #2
RW: Lamar Curry #5
LB: Mason Douglas #10
RB: Remzi Topul #7
CB: Jack Addams #21
PV: Victor Kensington #15

GK: Ken Steward #8
LW: Neil Jackson #6
RW: Haydar Bekiroğlu #17
LB: Cemil Karataş #25
RB: Larry Finnley #16
CB: Seyfi Açık #3
PV: Kemal Yeter #23

RP Permissions: Nothing exaggerated, and no deaths. TG me before doing it. Otherwise, sure!
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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:16 pm

The Holy Empire presents its first ever national handball squad...

...consisting of sentient giant hamsters.
Note that these are not 'humanoid' hamsters - they are actual hamsters.


GK: Gerald

LW: Pebbles

RW: Hampoo

LB: Captain Marvel [cap]

RB: Rumpus

CB: Meatloaf

PV: Radar Snicklefritz the 1st

GK: Toggle
LW: Sprockett
RW: Watson
LB: Mr Snuffles
RB: Twitch
CB: Squeeks
PV: Nibbles

They have no need of a kit - they're hamsters.

RP instructions: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; otherwise, no deaths, please.
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