BoF 36 - Archregimancy / Weegies bid

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BoF 36 - Archregimancy / Weegies bid

Postby The Archregimancy » Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:24 am

The Archregimancy and The Weegies proudly announce their intent to co-host the next Baptism of Fire tournament.

The Dreamed Realm nations of the Archregimancy and the Holy Empire [OOCly controlled by the same person] are some of the most experienced hosts in WCC history, and have hosted or co-hosted a WCC event in almost every WC era. These include three World Cups (going all the way back to WC 2) and two Cups of Harmony; in two previous Baptisms of Fire, they have successfully served as formal mentors to less-experienced hosts without actually taking on logistical duties - so this marks the first Baptism of Fire the Dreamed Realm is looking to actively co-host.

The Weegies have not previously hosted a WCC event, but have hosting experience in other sports dating all the way back to the pre-Jolt days.

The nations' respective football associations have released the following statements:

The Archregimancy:
The Monastic Football Association and the Holy Synod of the Archregimancy welcome this opportunity to co-host your Orthodox footballing baptism. The service of Holy Baptism will be held before each first-round match in the Archregimancy. We welcome this opportunity to co-host with our God-fearing brothers in Christ in The Weegies.

The Weegies:
The Weegie Football Association is proud to co-host with the Monastic Football Association, and is pleased that its' partners are so dedicated to upholding what we consider the timeless values of sport. The Weegies will involve teams and supporters of all countries in an opening ceremony in the centre of Mackintosh which harks back to our own nation's more spiritual side, in a tribute to the religious nature of the Archregimancy.

Our facilities are as follows -

The Archregimancy:

Borisoglebsky Monastic Stadium - The famous all-wooden monastic stadium has a current capacity of 35,000

Solovetsky Monastic Stadium - The arctic stadium, often iced over on match day, has a capacity of 33,000 (blizzards optional)

St. Catherine's in the Desert Monastic Stadium - Never before used for international competition, this 40,000 capacity venue is located in a particularly out of the way desert.

The Grand Lavra Monastic Stadium - The Archregimancy's capital 'city' stadium will be extended to a 60,000 capacity for the Baptism of Fire.

The Weegies:

The Trees, Lylia City, Lylia (67,648)

Home of Lylia Foresters. Located outside Lylia City proper, surrounded by, appropriately, forests.

The Dear Green Place, Mackintosh, Weegia (73,211)

Home to Mackintosh Thistle Celtic; smack bang in the middle of Mackintosh, the capital city.

Big Rig Stadium, Plai-na-laich, Dreich (58,823)

Home to Plai-na-laich FC; multi-use stadium. Located in the Floating City, Plai-na-laich.

Canrail Park, Hanover, Stemil (68,234)

Home of Hanover Town, located near the university district.


The OOC technical stuff:

Scorination: The most up to date version of NSFS available at the start of the tournament will be used.

RP bonuses: While not wanting to give too much away in advance regarding technical detail, the Dreamed Realm has a tried-and-tested approach to rewarding RP quality over quantity. We will be providing a rich RP environment for all participants, but nations are not obligated to engage with this, and will not be penalised for taking their own RP approach outside of the broader tournament RP environment - though we'd obviously like you to join in since we've put some work into it!

Tournament Organisation: The precise tournament organisation will depend on the number of sign-ups, but we will try to follow a traditional structure of a group stage followed by knock-out stages. We see no need to challenge newbies with an unfamiliar tournament structure. We otherwise don't want to be too prescriptive about that structure yet, but we do want to try and avoid having nations that meet in the group stages meet again until the final. This will mean that some nations will play in more than one host country.

The RP Environment:
The Holy Monastic Football association takes a very literal view of 'baptism', and will be expecting teams based in the Archregimancy to convert to Orthodox Christianity before each first round match. Why else would they be coming to the Holy Monastic Republic for a 'baptism'? The Weegies is a largely atheistic nation whose citizens are IC'ly bemused by the co-host attempt, and are likely to react in a slightly hostile manner to reports of baptisms coming from the Dreamed Realm.

So how did they end up as co-hosts?

Orthodox monks can be simultaneously naive and otherwordly. It's all a misunderstanding on the Archregimancy side. The MFA came across a reference to 'Orthodox footballing practices' in some document regarding The Weegies, and thought it had something to do with Orthodox Christianity - when it was only supposed to refer to the use of 4-4-2 tactics in WC49.

The Weegies were a bit baffled to subsequently receive an invitation to co-host, but decided to run with it for the commercial reasons... after the poor showing of Weegie clubs in the international club competitions, but a successful year for clubs domestically in terms of revenue, the Weegie Government is considering cutting support to clubs, and the public service sports channel is considering dropping some of its' football coverage to appeal to minority sports, thanks to a new Director who has little interest in football. In fact, the WFA think that this strangest of bids is likely to fail - they'll still tget the increased infrastructure and support for the year, without all the logistical worries and expense of actually winning a bid.

And they may not have realised that the Monastic Football Association is going to be taking 'baptism' quite so literally....

At which point, IC'ly the above bid is made. It's only once the tournament is underway that the Archregimancy will realise that the Weegies are either atheists or heretics; similarly, it's only later that a horrified WFA will realise that the monks want to baptise every team playing in the Monastic Republic....

And God only knows what's going to happen once residents of the Weegies realise a portal to the Dreamed Realm has been built on their territory... "They're going to use it to lecture us all on sin! They'll drag us to an alternate and less fun reality!! They'll make sure all our pubs shut when they're actually meant to be shut!!!""

IMPORTANT POINT: No team based in the Archregimancy will be baptised against their will! After we set up the initial RP environment, nations will be free to RP reaction as they see fit; RP involvement from the hosts will largely be reactionary rather than prescriptive.

But most importantly of all...

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