World Cup 91 [roleplays]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Squidroidia » Fri May 13, 2022 1:29 pm


The Squidroids Bible
Your one stop for Squidroidian football chants

Chant Docs: Squidroidia 9-2 StrayaRoos, Matchday 5, World Cup 91 Qualifying

[All] [Notable] [NEW]

He's got it on lock
He's got it on lock
Shiba Tetsuo, he's got it on lock
It flew past his head
It flew past his head
Thomas Yesak, it flew past his head

Do you come from the Roos down under?
From Pale broke and Eay wander?
Can't you hear, can't you see the wonders?
You better run, you aren't leading sunder!

You put one foot in front of the other
And then you have that Quatro scoring gooooals
You put one foot in front of the other
And even if he fumbles, it shows!

When the ball hits the goal
Like a smooth coral shore
That's the Brooks way
She can play anywhere
Yes down low, she don't care
What you say
You can fly, you can dive
You can bake her a pie
She'll be great
As long as you are not
Getting her wires crossed
You'll be okay

Itō's on fire
Your defense is terrified
Itō's on fire
Your defense is terrified
tō's on fire
Your defense is terrified
Itō's on fire
Na na na na na na na na na na na na!
Na na na na na na na na na na na na!
Na na na na na na na na na na na na!
Na na na na na na na na na na na na!

It's only 5-2
It's only 5-2
StrayaRoos man, it's only 5-2
It's only 6-2
It's only 6-2
StrayaRoos man, it's only 6-2
It's just 7-2
It's just 7-2
StrayaRoos man, it's just 7-2
Come on it's 8-2
Come on it's 8-2
StrayaRoos man, come on it's 8-2
Maybe it's 10-2
Maybe it's 10-2
StrayaRoos man, maybe it's 10-2

We're winning
1-0, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, bang, bang bang
Winning 5-1, 6-2, 7-8-2, bang, bang, bang
We're winning this old game 9-2
Against the poor old Strayayaroos
Did you put a PE teacher in at goal, goal, goal
You lost 1-0, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, bang, bang, bang
You lost 5-1, 6-2, 7-8-2, bang, bang, bang
You lost this old poor game 9-2
You're the poor old Strayayaroos
Did you put a PE teacher in at goal, goal, goal
Tetsuo, Quatro, Brooks, Itō, bang, bang, bang
Meeuwessen and Hideo going bang, bang, bang
You lost this old poor game 9-2
You're the poor old Strayayaroos
Did you put a PE teacher in at goal, goal, goal

Full Time
So take all my life away
We won this 9-2 today
No, the Strayas won't hear the end today
Down in Pale
Embarrassment in their eyes
The Inkling shot as the crow flys
No, the Strayas won't hear the end today
Down in Pale
Na, na na na na na na na na na,
Na na na na na na na na na,
Na na na na na na na na na,
Na na na na na na!
Na, na na na na na na na na na,
Na na na na na na na na na,
Na na na na na na na na na,
Na na na na na na!

Squidroidia: Tetsuo '9, Quatro '20, Brooks '45, Itō '57 '58 '73, Meeuwessen '70 '89, Hideo '75
StrayaRoos: Fitzsimmons '12, Kaiplo '64

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Postby Milchama » Fri May 13, 2022 1:49 pm

"So say as I say and do as I do"

'Ringa pakia!''
''Uma tiraha!''
''Turi whatia!''
''Hope whai ake!''
''Waewae takahia kia kino!''
''Ka mate, ka mate''
''Ka ora, ka ora''
''Ka mate, ka mate''
''Ka ora, ka ora''
''Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru''
''Nāna nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā''
''Ā upane, ka upane''
''Whiti te rā, hī!''

"Now repeat after me!"

"Forini! Forini!"
"Finidi! Finidi!"
"George! George!"
"Oh Brother! Oh brother!"

*They strip and run around for 18 minutes*

"We pray the Margaret of SnubNose 38 and Random Number God that you may deliver us victory over Efnakia and any other infidels that we face in international play"

"Sacrifice the Rubber Chicken!"

*Swoosh of an axe and the chicken is dead*

"Margaret we pray that you take this sacrifice of a rubber chicken in good faith and that by your deliverance Milchama does well in all international competitions"

"Come on You Warriors!"

"Let's Go Milchama!"

"So we're skipping the whole beginning conversation part?"


"Oh ok just checking"

"Makes sense to check but yes just straight to prayer"

"Interesting, what's for kiddush?"

"It's milkhich today, bagels and cream cheese"

"Ashkenaz too"

"Well there are a couple of bourekas"

"Oh nice, what type?"

"Potato and cheese"

"Not together?"

"Not together"

"That's nice"

"It is"

"What are you doing for Shabbos?"

"Nothing special, shul, hanging out by the lake, board games"

"That sounds nice"

"It is, I'm excited for a nice chill shabbos for once"

"Makes sense"

"How about you?"

"Probably the same, though I'm apparently supposed to lead Mincha"

"I hate Shabbos Mincha"


"I don't need the sneak preview Torah reading, Mincha should be 15 minutes max"

"I like that part, that's why I volunteered to lead"


"Well, anyway, I'll see you at shul"

"Yep! You too"

Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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Postby Jeruselem » Fri May 13, 2022 1:53 pm

Qualifying match day, Aaliyah Lust and Princess Kate at Dazza Dallas Stadium for the game against Acastanha.

Hey everyone, it's Aaliyah Lust for Naked News Jeruselem covering the World Cup 91 campaign. Qualification match day 5 is here, with me is Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas, or just Princess Kate. Not to be confused with NON-PRINCESS Katherine Annabelle Dallas who's the team manager. We're back home at Dazza Dallas Stadium for a home game, well you should know we're at home because we're not wearing anything.

Kate: Hello, nice to be back here at the football.
Aaliyah: Nice to bring the kids to the football
Kate: Yes well the kids loves it here
Aaliyah: Now, qualification match day 5 and after a successful last two days.
Kate: Yes, beating Baker Park and Trolleborg in a succession - I'll take that!

Aaliyah: Another home game, so far 100% record at home.
Kate: We're actually have a bad home record, we play better away but hopefully we can do both this time.
Aaliyah: Well, today Britonisea had the bye so they had to watch others potentially make progress.
Kate: Byes are just a necessary evil with uneven team sizes.
Aaliyah: Potenzia still had no points and the visitors Gortolekua kept them that way winning 1-0. Which is win number three for Gortolekua, Potenzia still no points.
Kate: Sadly some sad team had to be one on the bottom, we've done that before.

Aaliyah: TotoMishin were at home but the home advantaged counted for nothing as Trolleborg beat them 1-0.
Kate: Trolleborg can never be written off, we've found out.
Aaliyah: Ranoria the home team didn't get much joy as the Commonwealth of Baker Park rolled them over 3-1. Baker Park are a quality team and should be be regared the favourites
Kate: Yes, we've doing well but we still hold them as the Gold standard in this group
Aaliyah: Tekatus finally scored a point with a draw against Pyazhnaya. Pyazhnaya who did beat Trolleborg aren't keeping the same pace it started but they are still undefeated with 3 draws now. In fact Trolleborg are the only team which are undefeated in Group 4.
Kate: Unfortunately draws won't get you into the group stage, but if one can be undefeated in a group - well done.

Aaliyah: So nothing really unusual today in the Group 4?
Kate: Not really
Aaliyah: That leaves the Princesses hosting Acastanha, here.
Kate: Hopefully the visitors Acastanha like visiting here
Aaliyah: We didn't have much to worry about, we won 3-2. I know it sounds close but there was a last minute goal by Acastanha which made the scoreline look better than it was.
Kate: I dunno, it looked offside to me ...

Aaliyah: But it was judged to be fair
Kate: That's entire issue with that rule, if you got one of line ball decisions it could either way.
Aaliyah: But I guess we still got 3 points
Kate: Hey, needless goal conceded at the last moment. Hopefully it doesn't bite us it the end.
Aaliyah: I hear Acastanha are having elections are a rather nasty civil war
Kate: Why they call it a civil war, when wars aren't civil anyway.

Aaliyah: The table didn't really change much at the top, with Commonwealth of Baker Park and then Jeruselem on 15 points. Trolleborg 3rd on 12 points and Gortolekua 4th on 10 points. Undefeated Pyazhnaya on 9 points in the top half. Acastanha and Ranoria in 6 and 7 on 7 points and Britonisea still on 6 because of their bye. TotoMishin have 4 points and Tekatus have 1 point finally! Potenzia ... still waiting.
Kate: Well, top 3 are kinda the usual suspects. Gortolekua showing doing it's best and of course the team who haven't lost game yet, Pyazhnaya.
Aaliyah: Pretty much the top 3 have played each other, so those awkward games are out of the way.
Kate: There's the Commonwealth of Baker Park vs Trolleborg game left I think but that's nothing to with us anyway.
Aaliyah: Actually you're right, that one is later. Match day 9 - err and guess who has the bye there
Kate: Has to be us doesn't it?

Aaliyah: Yeah
Kate: That's fine, that game will be interesting.
Aaliyah: Now, we're not forcing visitors coming to Jeruselem to be vaccinated for COVID. This includes people from all over multiverse who come here to support their team.
Kate: Well, it's just too hard to enforce it ... we'd like everyone to have some form of protection from COVID but we can't tell people from other countries what vaccine they should have.
Aaliyah: So what to we do then?
Kate: We just require people to have travel insurance, so someone pays for the medical bill in case they do have a medicial episode of some description. We don't give free healthcare away to people who aren't Jeruselem taxpayers. Anyway, any smart traveller should have travel health insurance.

Aaliyah: Tell about it, high end travel insurance is expensive. I actually need it given I'm going overseas so much
Kate: Well, we would prefer to not be using it but one can fall sick anywhere.
Aaliyah: Apparently insurers think adult movie stars are high risk category as football players ...
Kate: Insurers are a strange lot ...
Aaliyah: They think I'll get some STD everytime I went to work when it's the opposite.
Kate: Don't worry, we're paying for your insurance anyway.

Aaliyah: Err, that's it. Sorry about going side tracking about insurance.
Kate: We think it's bloody important, especially if you travel overseas for our world cup games to some weird country where no one can understand you.
Aaliyah: Guess what I'm doing next round of this cup ...
Kate: Don't worry, we'll take care of you. I've been through all that myself. I'm just getting too old for that now.
Aaliyah: Anyway, see you all later ... in ... Gortolekua!
Kate: Have a good day everyone. Now I have to go find the kids ...
Jeruselem's sports achievements ... hievements

Land of the Tiger Princesses

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Boot It!: Ziwana Strikes As Hard As The First Time

Postby TJUN-ia » Fri May 13, 2022 2:16 pm

By Peter Davis

After a great win and a great game that ended in defeat, the Jaguars of TJUN-ia were starting to see a pattern develop with their season after only 4 games - great at home, not so great on the road. To be fair, those road opponents were the Top 2 seeds so you can kinda understand why this was the case, but in a competition like the World Cup, every mistake could be costly and everyone knew that this pattern could not continue if we wanted to get into the Top 3 and stay there. David Seems and Li Xiu Ying knew this and they certainly wanted that pattern to change, but the more important thing was to take this campaign a game at a time and that every game is important in this long battle for our 2nd WC appearance.

The battle continued in another new location as Top 100 Schima Bas arrived at Zebra Stadium in Toropo/Almadinat for the AU's WC Debut. The close-knit nature of the ground was certainly felt almost immediately as the passionate local fanbase certainly brought the noise that we certainly needed and it would certainly affect the going of this contest. The Jaguars certainly loved the atmosphere here and in the first half, they took advantage of the new surroundings and managed to push Schima Bas around with ease. Both Archer Andrews and Prince Carter were in the mood for scoring and both of them combined for both of TJUN-ia's first-half goals, with Archer finishing the job in the 34th and Prince in the 43rd. The second half saw a cooldown with little to no action but an 80th minute goal for the visitors would wake everyone up very quickly and that moment certainly allowed us to do enough to close off the game at 2-1. The chaos of this group meant that we were now only 3 points back far, so good.

Then came the game we didn't expect to see but were so glad arrived with a road trip to the Ziwanicell National Stadium in Birnin-Likulu. The Scorchers of Ziwana, Ungwazi wa Ziwana, were the very first team to knock TJUN-ia out of a competition, at that Baptism of Fire from long ago. We never thought we would play Ziwana after all this time we are, taking on Slam Alahaji and his new generation of players that were certainly hungry to prove that while they were gone a little while, Ziwana could still be a footballing nation some may fear. Many felt like after all this time, Ziwana were just a ghost from our past that we could easily overcome now...oh how wrong we were. We did take the lead in this contest through Manu Kepelewako in the 34th and we took that lead into the break...but clearly, Alahaji said something in the dressing room and as Venon Thomas came on this game changed. Thomas was an experienced head in this team mostly filled with youngsters and that experience certainly helped change the course of this contest. Hassan Haqawi scored the equaliser in the 67th minute and from there, the Scorchers were certainly hot and a constant attacking threat. Then came the breakthrough we were all dreading, a corner from Zebron Ngalande in the 85th headed past David N'kude by Timothy Kajoke. The crowd rumbled in approval and thus, the pattern remained - 3-0 at home, 0-3 on the road and 6 points off top spot.

When will this cycle end? Is this how we fall, caught up in a pattern that cannot be overturned? Hopefully, we can start being more consistent soon because if not...well, I don't want to think about that reality. Cardenao come to Tallawah Stadium next in Port Town's WC Debut before a trip to La República Guanacasteca provides another chance to end this road duck. Let's hope that the kinks can be ironed out soon enough...for everyone's sake. GO JAGS!

SCHEDULE (Group 9)
MD1: vs Kyhun (310) - Salam Liljamie Stadium, Al Kalifa W 3-1 (T-2nd)
MD2: @Pasarga (15) - Stade de Torgos, somewhere in Pasarga L 0-3 (7th)
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD3: vs Barunia (55) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong W 4-1 (4th)
MD4: @Tikariot (40) - Citadel of the North, Fort Viljan L 2-3 (4th)
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD5: vs Schima Bas (89) - Zebra Stadium, Toropo W 2-1 (4th)
MD6: @Ziwana (232) - Ziwanicell National Stadium, Birnin-Likulu L 1-2 (4th)
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD7: vs Cardenao (277) - Tallawah Stadium, Port Town
MD8: @República Guanacasteca (137)
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD10: vs Bollonich (85) - Ke Kahua Pāʻani o Pua Aloalo, Kepu Manu
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD11: @Muralos (117)
MD12: @Kyhun (310)
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD13: vs Pasarga (15) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City
MD14: @Barunia (55) - Memorial Stadium, Edwardton, Marion
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD15: vs Tikariot (40) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky
MD16: @Schima Bas (89)
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD17: vs Ziwana (232) - Estadio Universidad Carlandas, Carlandas
MD18: @Cardenao (277)
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD19: vs República Guanacasteca (137) - Stade de la Victoire, Roi Ville
-----------------Boot It!-----------------
MD21: @Bollonich (85)
MD22: vs Muralos (117) - Estádio do Pacífico, Rio Pacífico
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (1W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Cabo Azure » Fri May 13, 2022 3:27 pm

HUElavia 4-0 Cabo Azure
Starters: Antunes | de Lima, Medeiro, Moniz (off 45'), Branco | Lobo, Ferreira, Maciel (off 45') | Cardoso, Corte-Real, Silveira
Substitutes: Brandao K (on 45'), Rathbone (on 45')

An unfortunately predictable result. Las Maçaricas and their fans went into the away tie vs. HUElavia confident in their ability to hold their own and maybe grind out a result against superior competition, bolstered by two convincing wins in the first half of the September qualifying window. Large numbers of Azurean fans made the trip, owing largely to the prevalence of Portuguese speakers in HUElavia and the prominence of its national team. Ironically, the "Stadium of Hope" (Estadio da Esperança) in Rigente held no such for either the Azurean side or its fans.

The Maçaricas were clearly outclassed from the beginning, as evidenced when young HUElavian midfielder Lourdes Duarte put one past Antunes at an angle to goal that seemed impossible, it was so acute. Another young player, Rafaela Lopes, would score on a corner conceded by Amilcar Branco to double the HUElavians' lead. Two more goals in the second half put the Maçaricas irrevocably behind, and they went into the locker room with heads held low.
Cabo Azure 3-2 Saltstead
Starters: Antunes | de Lima, Medeiro, Moniz, Branco (goal 18')| Lobo, Ferreira, Maciel | Cardoso (goal 76'), Corte-Real (goal 40'), Silveira

A win in a match the Maçaricas might reasonably have been expected to lose, and an impressive rebound after the drubbing away at HUElavia. Saltstead struck first blood with a powerful header in the tenth minute, leading many to fear a repeat of the previous match, but the Maçaricas struck back in short order, with Branco making one of his signature box-to-box runs and slotting the ball in behind the keeper.

With the score 1-1 just twenty minutes in, the teams settled in and began trying to break each other down. Maciel found Cardoso for an open-goal shot at around twenty-five, but the young striker skied it, much to the chagrin of the sellout crowd at Estadio Nacional. The next goal wouldn't come until the fortieth minute, when Corte-Real got on the end of an impressive cross from Narciso Maciel and sent the ball into the upper-right over the outstretched hands of the Saltstead keeper.

Saltstead would equalize again shortly after the second-half whistle, and the balance of that half would prove to be both chippy and hotly contested. Cleto Silveira was brought down hard in the box, leading to a penalty which Cardoso subsequently missed. After the missed penalty, the pace of the match became frenetic, with both sides trading shots on goal until a Salstead player made a desperation tackle on Corte-Real that was ruled an obvious goal scoring opportunity. Cardoso converted this penalty, and it was all ten-man Saltstead could do to keep the lead at one goal.

Renegade, Act I part 2

Despite being the crown princess of Cabo Azure, Alex spent as little time inside the royal palace as she possibly could. Inside it was smaller than it looked, and the climate control was never perfect, even in the king’s chambers, so that it was always a bit hot and muggy in the summer and drafty in winter. Manuel lived here most of the time, she knew, to better facilitate his private lessons with professors at Maritime. He’d completed undergraduate studies in only two and a half years and had recently begun a master’s program in political science. All Manuel’s academic progress was overseen by their mother, Queen Abigail, a professor emeritus.

It was late evening when the helicopter landed at the National Guard barracks, the only helipad on the island of Portelo. Men in black fatigues identical to those worn by the commandos met them at the helipad, but Alex knew these were men from the royal guard, sent by her brother to escort her. For her part, Ronnie had shed her helmet, body armor, and top, wearing only her fatigue bottoms, black Coast Guard t-shirt, and ballcap as they sat in sullen silence in the back of the helicopter. The men loaded them into an SUV, which disembarked them at the rear entrance of the palace.

There was no press present, and no onlookers, which surprised Alex. Knowing the raid to be a Silva stunt, she had anticipated there would be a phalanx of reporters there to capture her shame. Instead, Alex and Ronnie entered alone, with no more circumstance than if they were calling on Manuel socially. The king’s guards gave them space, but Ronnie kept her weapon on her, and the look on her face made it clear that Alex wasn’t free to go.

Yancy Calderon met them in the sitting room of the queen mother’s chambers, where the princesses typically stayed when they were visiting the palace overnight. A tall, dark-skinned man in his sixties, Yancy had been Manuel’s chief of staff since the early days, keeping his calendar and his secrets. Alex didn’t know much about him, except that he was loyal to a fault to his king and had no use for the Silvas, which made him a welcome sight.

“Your Highness, Your Highness,” he said, bowing to each princess in turn as they entered, “His Majesty begs your forgiveness, as he has retired for the night.” He said this in an even tone, as though Ronnie and Alex had shown up to the palace in the middle of the night of their own volition. “You are invited to stay here for the night. I will have clothes brought up for you.” He paused, seeming to think. “Princess Alexandra, Dr. Rosenshield is aware that you are here. A car has been sent for him, and he will arrive by morning.”

Francois, Alex thought with a sinking horror. She hadn’t contacted her husband. He was aware of what she was doing, of course, and supported her, had offered to reach out to contacts in Quebec to facilitate, but she hadn’t thought to call him when she’d been plucked off the freighter…how long ago? Twelve, eighteen hours? She hoped he was savvy enough to see through the Silvas’ rhetoric.

“Is there anything you need from us, Yancy?” Ronnie asked, the first time she’d spoken since the freighter.

“No, Your Highness. If I may, I suggest you ladies get some sleep. Tomorrow may prove to be a long day.”

His advice was repeated by Francois in the early hours of the morning when he arrived to curl up next to Alex in bed. She began to stammer, as if she needed to explain everything to him all at once, and he quieted her.

“Shh, my princess,” he said. “It’ll all still be there in the morning.”
Las Maçaricas 23-Man Roster Announced for WC Qualfiers vs. Pemecutan, Raspotochje, Thibaea, Chromatika
Today Paulinho, head coach of the Cabo Azurean national football team, published the names of twenty-three players who will be called into camp ahead of his team's October 2017 qualifiers. Most of the key players from the team's September qualifers, where they earned nine points from four matches, will also be present in October.
Goalkeepers		Defenders		Midfielders		Forwards
Antunes Branco Ferreira Botehlo
Batista Brandão Cunha Cardoso
Gomez Costa Lobo Corte-Real
De Lima Maciel Dantas
Garcia Rathbone Gouveia
Medeiro Torres Mendonça
Moniz Silveira
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Population: ~500K
Capital: Sao Simone
Demonym: Azurean
Sports played: Football
OOC Reference

Arquivos de Esportes (Domestic Newswire)
Current timeline is June 2018 (as of the end of WCQ 91)
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Postby Krytenia » Fri May 13, 2022 4:05 pm


Slam Dunk Da Trunk
By Rami Niblick in Emberton

ELEPHANTS are curiously majestic creatures. On the surface they seem friendly and almost timid; threaten them, however, and you will face four metric tons of sharp-tusked trampling death. Thankfully for Krytenia, South Newlandia's national side forgot about that second part, resulting in them coming away from the Isserson empty-handed.

From the get-go, Krytenia simply looked the better side. The double-act of Savannah Quinn and Scott Stringer is developing nicely, and they controlled the tempo in the middle of the park, allowing the players ahead of them to go fully to a front four on the ball and stretch the South Newlandian defence. The Dragons came close to taking the lead six minutes in, with Cande Montalban teeing up Alexander Devereux for a strike at the edge of the box; the shot stretched Kenneth Harris, but the Elephants' keeper got both hands behind it to deny the Casuals forward. Harris would get a good workout for much of the first half, as the Krytenians relentlessly pressured the opposition back line. That said, centre-backs Tommy Anderson and Filip Barker held relatively firm, meaning that the shots Harris faced were mostly speculative and relatively routine. Admittedly, there were a few half-chances created by the Elephants, but they were few and far between, and only Brandon Irving's low drive forced James Orwell into action.

The centre couldn't hold indefinitely, and just under ten minutes from the break, Krytenia finally found the back of the net. Stringer, unsurprisingly, was the architect of the move, finding Montalban with a lofted pass. Bringing the ball down to his feet, Montalban shielded the ball from Barker before slipping the ball to Carlos Senna, whose rising first time shot was venomous and well out of reach of a despairing Harris. The Dragons had the ball in the net a second time before half-time, with Daniel Usher heading home a Simon Masari corner, but the referee (correctly) called a free-kick to the visitors, with Devereux impeding the goalkeeper as the ball swung in.

South Newlandia, to their credit, remained positive despite the onslaught, and came out for the second half in search of the equaliser. Alexander Lyon - a man well-versed in Krytenia thanks to plying his trade at Abbey Road - did his best to orchestrate, with Corban Green and Marcus Young providing useful support. The issue was beating the Krytenian defensive line. Too many times, the likes of Irving, Tom Sloan or Reid Gomez would receive the ball only to find a sky blue shirt immediately up in their business. On the rare occasions where one of the above would find space, it would be due to going too early, bringing momentum to an abrupt halt when the flag was inevitably raised for offside. Sloan's well-struck volley, tipped over the bar from Orwell on fifty-three minutes, would be as close as anyone got.

Krytenia slowly pulled the tide of the game back in their direction, and sixteen minutes from time would serve to double their lead. A fine Masari run and cross looked for Devereux at the far post, and though Anderson got there first, his header only served to bring the ball to the feet of Quinn. The Avidia United midfielder connected with the ball sweetly, and the bend on her volley took the shot out of reach of a blameless Harris and into the back of the net. The goal, Quinn's first for the Dragons, puts here in rare company as she became the first woman to net for the national team since the great Saffron Lines.

It's fair to say the intensity dropped a little from Krytenia following their second, allowing the visitors a foothold back in proceedings, and South Newlandia did grab a late goal. It wasn't James Orwell's finest hour, but he can see himself as a little unfortunate. Young's ball into the box was almost certainly meant to be a cross, but he hit it a little too deep. Unfortunately for Krytenia, Orwell was out of position and the ball sailed over his head and into the net. It proved to be only a consolation, though, and the Dragons saw out stoppage time without incident to secure the three points.

Victory leaves Krytenia in a strong position, with only the defeat in Kandorith blotting the copybook. Twelve points from five games is a good return, and the Dragons lie in third spot, a solitary point adrift of Indusse with a game in hand. Brelk-Xeral Erv has instilled a ruthlessness and winning mentality into the squad that has perhaps been missing in the last few years, and this will hopefully see them well in their next pair of games against Saint Eleanor and Sannyamathland. Another six points from those matches and maybe we can dream of ensuring our absence from the last thirty-two ends at one cup. Onward!

Senna 37
Quinn 75

Young 88
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Postby Kimi-Suomi » Fri May 13, 2022 4:34 pm

Yeah...mitä helvettiä edes tapahtui?! Last time out, it was all very simple for Huuhkajat...a bye on MD3 gave way to a massive comeback win over Al Qurija in Kimi Kaupunki and now, Kimi-Suomi finds itself 5th in the table after our first 3 games played. It does feel weird as hell to see Kimin Armeija this high up the table this early and while no one here in Northern AO is going to complain about that, kuinka kauan tämä muotojuoksu voi kestää? Is there a glass ceiling we can't break this time around? Well, Esko Laaksonen figured that the answer to this question will be discovered soon enough as matches with both Pot 3 and Pot 4 lay on the horizon...

Up first was HUElavia, on the road at the Estadio Nativo in Kuelap and this one was also expected to be a bit of a tough task...HUElavia are the defending IYM (IAC) Champions, breaking a legendary curse at that, so coming over there and getting anything from these guys was expected to be a bit...iffy. But...somehow, Kimi-Suomi löytää keinon and today was no exception. Both halves would follow a simple formula, but that was just about enough. The hosts took the lead through Iskay Chanca Caipa in the 32nd but the counter would be our friend today and Kimi Airo would find a way past Ignacio Casillas for a 42nd-minute equaliser. The final 45 would be similar to the first but this time, with a bit more drama as it would all come in the final 5 minutes of the game. Inkill Chamba Nina would give the hosts a presumed winner in the 86th and the crowd went wild...but Esko Laaksonen wasn't going to give up just like that and in the space of 30 seconds, Jyrki Bottas popped up from nowhere to level the game just as quickly as it was apparently won. It would finish 2-2, a result that would be celebrated back home for sure.

Then came the game back at Pesä against Suolahevonen - or, to everyone else, Saltstead. The Stallions entered this contest tied for 3rd in the table and many knew that Christiane van Åupħen's defensive outfit might be a tough nut to crack...Tai niin me kaikki ajattelimme. IN fact, this nut was so hard to crack that...actually no, I'm not going to say that. Liian aikuinen tälle foorumille. To simple put things out there, we won 6-2. SIX-TWO. KUUSI-KAKSI. How? Well, we just...overran them in almost every sense of the word. Poor Robert-Jan van Daal stood no chance today as our team just went out there and...huh...fucked them up. Valtteri Nordström ended up with a first-half hattrick while all 3 of Kimi Airo, Hannu Koivu and substitute Mika Noronen all got involved in the scoring in the second. Sure, it wasn't all perfect out there and Kauko Loukamaa did concede twice - both to Stepħanie Withöüf in the latter stages of both halves - but apart from that, it was our day. Pure and Simple. Puhdas ja Yksinkertainen. It was only after the game that we all realised what happened elsewhere and what that meant for the group as, due to other results, Kimi-Suomi is now 3rd in the group.

I'm not joking. En vitsaile. Kimi-Suomi on tässä ryhmässä kolmas.
Savour it all because it certainly won't last forever. The next two games will be all about gaging where we are compared to teams across the rankings as we both travel to undefeated Pemecutan and then host the 1-win Raspotochje. Getting 3 points will be the goal and if we, somehow, can get anything out of the #4 team in the world...then maybe, vodka voi alkaa tulla ulos. NOSTA KUIN HUUHKAJAT!
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Postby Saterun » Fri May 13, 2022 4:46 pm

The Promised Land: A Journey Through Saterun Football
By Kalvin Hsemer

Part 1, Chapter 3: The Boy From Feilan

Feilan is a port town, located on Saterun's eastern edge. It is renowned for its oranges, and not much else. You might think it a decent place for a vacation or honeymoon; cruises are offered all year round. The beaches are very scenic. All together, a nice place to live. Although quite on the periphery. But to the newly-formed SFF, it was much more.

José Pedellin grew up on the outskirts of the town. As so often is the case in this book, one person caused rippling effects on Saterun football. For this chapter, it is José. Feilan didn't have a team, necessarily (for the sport was still rather new at this time, having been only ~3 generations old), but there was a place for the local youth to go and have a kick-about. José went there often. As he said in a later interview, "It was definitely my second home. I felt really happy there. To be playing with the other lads from around the town was brilliant." This time seemed to have had a profound effect on young José. By the time he was 13, he was captaining every game held at that rec center. But it was just the beginning.

He soon outgrew Feilan. At this point, he was on the SFF's radar. Football was managed interestingly back then. There were a handful of amateur teams, with already established players. They could keep them for as long as they liked. New players entering the system were treated differently, however. The SFF would add all the young prospects to its database, and then sort through them. It would then send each team a list of young players at the end of the season. A team could pick which ones they wanted, and the unchosen ones might drop out or wait a year. Unsurprisingly, José was picked up in his first year in the database. Pinewood County were a top-class eastern side. They had money, a stadium that could fit 4,500 (a lot at the time), and some of the best players. Their lesser-known neighbors and city rivals, Portura Escapade, were the ones who got Pedellin initially. The league worked on a reversed-finish selection process. Lower-finishing teams got better players in their lists. Of course, there was no structed league, but the SFF had all the numbers from friendlies, and could tell who needed good players. Escapade were in desperate need.

Pedellin arrived at the 900-seater Cartoux on May 24th. He got a wage of §130 a week. Lodging and transport were up to him to provide. It seemed pretty bleak. But Pedellin wasn't going to give up. He wanted to give this side of Portura something to hope for. The first match with him officially listed on the roster was against Crest FC. Fallen titans, Crest were looking for a rejuvenating friendly win to bring their spirits up. They thought Escapade would be an easy match.

Pedellin was quite well known after that game. He bagged a hat-trick, winning Escapade the game 3-1. He even remarked, "Some of the lads back at the rec center could have played in this match." The season following was electric. Of course, there was no actual season, but the series of friendlies was electric. Escapade racked up win after win, spearheaded by their main man Pedellin. He was also supported by dynamite midfield duo Jean Challou and Fatih Hyjakaspor. The exact numbers are unclear, but we know that Pedellin racked up double digits within his first 5 games. 10 games in, Escapade were well in contention for the Island Cup. The Island Cup was between the 8 best amateur teams in Saterun based on record. This was the way to determine the best team, the season winner. Going into their 11th and final regular game, Pedellin was shocked to see the matchup. Your collection of opponents wasn't the same each season, so it could have been any team. As it happened, it was Pinewood County.

The current record between the sides was 8-1-0, in favor of Pinewood. Escapade had only managed to tie once. County fans went to the games to watch their team beat up local rivals, and Escapade fans went to verbally harass the Country fans. Nobody went because they thought it would be a good game. The winner had always been known. Until now. The stadium was packed to the brim, with the Country faithfuls cheering vehemently. They wanted to shut down this upstart Escapade. Eventually, the match started. Of course, I can't tell you exactly what happened during this match. This is history, and I wasn't there. I got all the previous information from SFF databases and Pinewood County's stadium ticket files. Of course, their stadium is now the 37,000 Obelisk Ground. And Pinewood County are now United Portura, in the second tier. Looking back through the records, the match was apparently a draw. It guaranteed County an Island Cup spot and Escapade a play-in spot. Escapade managed to win both play-in round games. They too were in the Island Cup. This could be big.

Alas, it never was. County got knocked out by Siaman CF. If County were Raynor City United, you could think of Siaman as 1830 Corsair. Siaman were, at the time, the best team in Saterun. Escapade made it all the way to the final, but also lost to Siaman.

Pedellin stayed on ate Escapade for two more seasons. Eventually, he signed on for Siaman. Their story will be told in the next chapter. But this one's about Pedellin, so lets wrap it up accordingly.

He had an illustrious career at Siaman, winning the Island Cup 4 times in 6 seasons. At that time, footballers only played into their late twenties. They rarely played on into their thirties. Pedellin was no exception. He was Saterun football's first superstar.

He continued to work in football his entire life. After Austin stepped down, he became the SFF director. He launched a new and improved youth system, which gave youth players more of a choice about which teams they played for. He streamlined the amateur transfer market. In a sense, he almost turned the collection of amateur teams into a league. They never got that far, of course, but many of the top amateur teams are the ancestors of today's A Liga. There's a statue of Pedellin in front of the SFF Headquarters in Tsear. Printed on the plaque set into it are these words:

I hope that every young player like me knows what it's like to step out onto a pitch for a top team. I also hope that every young player knows that they have to fight for it. But most importantly, I hope every young player knows that they can do it.
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Postby Mon Sold » Fri May 13, 2022 4:56 pm

Mon Sports!
Domestic and International Sports Wire from the Grand Duchy!

Are we seeing the plateau?

By: Carman Parri
ARBERGHAST, Mon Sold - The past two days have been a struggle for the Bowheads, though not entirely unwarranted. On Match Day 5 they went up against Sargossa, easily one of the stronger teams in the group, and managed to fight them to a draw which is about as good as most experts could've reasonably expected. The next day, the team flew out to Brookstation where they received a resounding defeat of 3-1 by the Dreamers. Analysis of both games has been done to death but there are a few highlights that can taken from both matches. First, in the match against Sargossa the team's early game goal set the tempo and it seemed that team captain Sjaak was content to draw the game out and maintain an solid defensive position but a score late in the game by Sargossa was obviously unintended and with so little time left in the game the Bowheads floundered a bit being unable to gain the upper hand. While a draw is certainly better than a defeat it lead to some criticism that the team should've played more aggressively but whether or not such a strategy would've backfired is yet to be determined.

Again Brookstation the failure seems to be how hard the team was pushed. The Dreamers seemed to dominate right out of the gate by scoring 2 early game goals, and having a more flexible and adaptive offense. This is despite their mixed performance in earlier qualifications. The cohesion which was building amongst Campo, Assies, and Van Dale was pushed to failure. There was even rumors that after the game the three exchanged words in the locker rooms, with eye witnesses claiming Van Dale and Assies took taxis back to the hotel while Campo rode on the team bus. So far there is no confirmation of these rumors and the Bowhead Organization has been very tight lipped about the whole affair. Though, when General Manager Rimigio Vesser was questioned he responded with scorn for the rumors: "They've got a lot of weight on their shoulders. Our schedule is brutal, demanding, and leaves little time for anything but games and practice." The statement was made by Rimigio from his villa outside of Palaghast, it is believed he has not travelled with the team at all since their entry in the Baptism of Fire.

Only time will tell if these issues are real or just the growing pains of the new team. The Bowheads are scheduled to play against the Eraman Monkey Kings in Dreuxdire after having a bye day for Match Day 7.

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Postby Pemecutan » Fri May 13, 2022 7:32 pm

Pemecutan 2-1 Cabo Azure
@ Tegeh Kori National Stadium, Pemecutan Puri

Line Up
1 - A. Jandisuga/GK; 13 - Y. Nehusandak/LB; 3 - S. B. Wijaya/CB; 5 - S. P. Laksamana/CB; 6 - D. R. Putra/RB; 7 - A. Kusumawijaya/LM; 8 - R. Karyadi/CM; 9 - B. Hermawan/RM; 12 - K. T. Mahayana/AT; 14 - D. P. Mahardika/AT; 22 - W. Pramana/ST
4 - A. Gunadarma/GK; 2 - D. P. Kusuma/LB; 15 - S. Aksapadan/CB; 16 - O. T. Atmaja/RB; 18 - B. Padurjana/LM; 20 - A. Setiahadi/CM; 21 - S. Hermawan/RM; 11 - A. T Wijaya/AT; 10 - P. Oka Jaya/ST
Wisnu Pramana (38')
Agus Kusumawijaya (84')
Yuhabani Nehusandak <--> Dwi Putra Kusuma (69')
Rama Karyadi <--> Agus Setiahadi (75')
Bayu Hermawan <--> Samsul Hermawan (80')
Stresia 2-6 Pemecutan
@ Stresia

Line Up
1 - A. Jandisuga/GK; 13 - Y. Nehusandak/LB; 3 - S. B. Wijaya/CB; 5 - S. P. Laksamana/CB; 6 - D. R. Putra/RB; 7 - A. Kusumawijaya/LM; 8 - R. Karyadi/CM; 9 - B. Hermawan/RM; 12 - K. T. Mahayana/AT; 14 - D. P. Mahardika/AT; 22 - W. Pramana/ST
4 - A. Gunadarma/GK; 2 - D. P. Kusuma/LB; 15 - S. Aksapadan/CB; 16 - O. T. Atmaja/RB; 18 - B. Padurjana/LM; 20 - A. Setiahadi/CM; 21 - S. Hermawan/RM; 11 - A. T Wijaya/AT; 10 - P. Oka Jaya/ST
Komang Trisna Mahayana (8', 47')
Agus Kusumawijaya (19')
Wisnu Pramana (33', 79')
Rama Karyadi (61')
Dwi Rangga Putra <--> Oscar Tri Atmaja (62')
Bayu Hermawan <--> Samsul Hermawan (72')
Dewa Putu Mahardika <--> Arya Tungga Wijaya (88')
Goal score table

Leo Olivando (5)
Komang Trisna Mahayana (5)
Agus Kusumawijaya (5)
Rama Karyadi (3)
Wisnu Pramana (3)
Dewa Putu Mahardika (2)
Agus Setiahadi (1)
Bayu Hermawan (1)

Part 4.3

Arrived at Pemecutan Puri ahead from the schedule, Partayasa looks contemplating with the situation happen in Cakranegara yesterday. The question about 'who' and 'why' are circling in his mind. And the referendum schedule have to be push from the previous date. Thank God they've made a back up. But the distribution will be delayed.

Partayasa relaxing in his office. Nothing much to be done. He have a schedule to visit Toluiwa but it is also cancelled following the situation in Cakranegara. Even Toluiwan envoy decline their Cakranegara tour because of the incident. He sighing heavily confused on what do to. And suddenly his office door is opened abruptly.

'What's going on?' he ask his secretary who is coming in without any permission.
'I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Minister. But you have to see this,' say the secretary as she turn on the tv that is hang on the wall in front of the Minister's desk. A man with all white clothes is being interviewed on the TV.

'Isn't it obvious? The mastermind behind this is pro-integration people who wants us to stay under the control of Pemecutan. They want us to become their puppet so they can control our government and do what's they want us to do as long as it is benefits them. They who wants the referendum to be delayed so they can change our government minds. But we will not stand down. For far too long Pemecutan have dictate us. We have to cut ties with them. We are as sovereign as other nations. Don't let other country especially Pemecutan to control us.

The scene then turn to the protest which happening in front of Pemecutan embassy in Cakranegara. The protesters use an anti-Pemecutan banner and chant for Pemecutan to stay away from Cakranegara. The secretary turn to Partayasa in a horror. While Partayasa still in shocked. He can't believe that the situation turn this way.

'Have the Patih Agung know about this?' ask him.
'I haven't confirmed yet, Sir,' answer the secretary.
'Get me in contact with him. This is a serious problem,' say Partayasa in a firm voice.
The secretary running out of the office. Partayasa exhale heavily. This is a serious issue. he thoughts.


'We have to increase our fleets alert in Gili Anakan,' say Minister of Defense, Ali Sukmahadi.
'Don't be too reckless. They haven't made any move yet. It's just a comment from one person,' refute Partayasa.
'But his comment have create the protests to us. In our embassy and consulate offices there. We have our citizens to be protected there too,' pressed Sukmahadi.
'And don't forget who's that man is. He is a pro-nationalist extremist leader. His group is connected to the anti-monarchy coup years ago,' cut Dewa Putu Anggayudha, chief of Pemecutan intelligent.

The situation in the meeting room is very chaotic. After knowing about the news, Patih Agung, Pemecutan title for Prime Minister, held an emergency meeting.

'Calm down everyone,' interrupt Patih Agung Ngurah Agung Kusumajaya. Everyone suddenly stop their arguments. 'Have the government address a comment about this?' he ask to the Pemecutan Ambassador to Cakranegara via teleconference.
'Nothing yet, Sir. I think the government is taking a careful comment about this situation. They are being pressed in every direction,' explain Wisnu Jaya Hadi, the ambassador.
'How's the situation there?' ask Partayasa.
'The protesters still standing in front of the embassy's gate. But Cakranegaran police have stand by to protect the situation. Hope nothing's bad happen,' answer Jaya Hadi.
'I heard the situation is worst in our consulate office in Selaparang,' comment Sukmahadi.
'Yes, that's correct. The protest have turn into riots. The employees and our consul have been evacuated. Situation in Selaparang is worst than in Ampenan,' explain Jaya Hadi.
'Selaparang is their based. They will use it again as their main place to start the widespread protest,' comment Anggayudha.
'So what do we do now, Mr. Patih?' ask Partayasa.
Everyone turn their head to Kusumajaya.
'As the situation is still premature, we don't take any direct action at the moment. Especially not in a militaristic way. I don't want anything like Soracana happen again,' comment Kusumajaya with a firm voice. He deliberately looking to Sukmahadi while mentioning Soracana which makes the Minister of Defense understand.

Their intervention in Soracana coup have been regard as one of the country's failure. Eventhough they win the war but the annexation of Soracana is not in their agenda in the first place.

'Anggayudha, I want you to track these people and get to know what are their next move. Partayasa and Jaya Hadi, stay in contact. We have to know how the situation escalate there. And Sukmahadi, stay calm and checks the situation around our naval base. That is our biggest asset there,' add Kusumajaya.
Everyone in the room nodded.

Partayasa arrive at his house. Today is a heavy day. What's started as a calm morning have turn 180 degrees.

'You look so tired,' comment Satriani, his wife.
'Too much works,' Partayasa answer calmly.
'I heard the news. Everything's okay?' she ask him carefully.
'Nothing to worry about for now. We can only hope for the best,' answer Partayasa as he try to calm his wife. He doesn't want her to worry about him.
'Take a bath first. I'll heat up the dinner,' say Satriani.

Partayasa nodded. As Satriani walk out from their room, he turn on the TV. He checks every channel. Nothing's new from Cakranegara situation. Will Patih Agung give a counter speech? But they're not directly pointing at us, right? His thoughts coming at him again.

'Didn't I told you to take a bath?' remind Satriani as she walk in to their bedroom again.
'Okay okay. I'll do it now,' say Partayasa as he walk to the bathroom.
Satriani put a little smile as she heard the grumpy tone on his husband's voice. He can be stubborn sometimes. Satriani turn off the TV and remind her husband to take a quick bath before the dinner turns cold.

Meanwhile, somewhere in an abandon house. Four men are seating together circling a small table full of scattered paper. Their faces can't be seen clearly with a low lights in the room. The only light there only focused on the table.

'This is our next target,' say one man while pointing out something on a paper.
'Do you think we can infiltrate there? It is heavily guarded,' comment another man with a heavy voice.
'We can use disguise to go in,' another man give an idea.
'But as what?' ask th heavy voiced man.
'They are always need foods, aren't they?' the first man remind the other.
'Considered it done,' says the man who give them the idea.

Pemecutan v Kimi-Suomi
@ Tegeh Kori National Stadium, Pemecutan Puri

Line Up
1 - A. Jandisuga/GK; 13 - Y. Nehusandak/LB; 3 - S. B. Wijaya/CB; 5 - S. P. Laksamana/CB; 6 - D. R. Putra/RB; 7 - A. Kusumawijaya/LM; 8 - R. Karyadi/CM; 9 - B. Hermawan/RM; 12 - K. T. Mahayana/AT; 14 - D. P. Mahardika/AT; 25 - L. Olivando/ST
4 - A. Gunadarma/GK; 2 - D. P. Kusuma/LB; 15 - S. Aksapadan/CB; 16 - O. T. Atmaja/RB; 18 - B. Padurjana/LM; 20 - A. Setiahadi/CM; 21 - S. Hermawan/RM; 11 - A. T Wijaya/AT; 22 - W. Pramana/ST
Al Qurija v Pemecutan
@ Petro Muhhamed Stadium, Al Qurija

Line Up
1 - A. Jandisuga/GK; 13 - Y. Nehusandak/LB; 3 - S. B. Wijaya/CB; 5 - S. P. Laksamana/CB; 6 - D. R. Putra/RB; 7 - A. Kusumawijaya/LM; 8 - R. Karyadi/CM; 9 - B. Hermawan/RM; 12 - K. T. Mahayana/AT; 14 - D. P. Mahardika/AT; 25 - L. Olivando/ST
4 - A. Gunadarma/GK; 2 - D. P. Kusuma/LB; 15 - S. Aksapadan/CB; 16 - O. T. Atmaja/RB; 18 - B. Padurjana/LM; 20 - A. Setiahadi/CM; 21 - S. Hermawan/RM; 11 - A. T Wijaya/AT; 22 - W. Pramana/ST

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Postby Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom » Fri May 13, 2022 7:38 pm

World Cup 91; Zeta Reka Scoreless In Mid-Table, A Familiar Place
By Xaver Lulling
Zeta Reka return to a familiar point. The Mantis are points behind the front of the pack, and have seen an early victories turn into spasmodic bight spots. With a quarter of their matches finishes, there is still time for Jialan to right the ship. He may be thrown overboard if things persist, and perhaps fed to the squids? If so, Jialan may end up like a few injured Rekans.

Zeta Reka was unable to score in two matches. Audioslavia and Zeta Reka's draw wasn't a shock, as both nations had each only given up a single goal up to the point. The Rekan counter attack lacked the "attack" one would require, and after ninety minutes and injury time, no side had scored. Zeta Reka took the lions share of offside calls, which was understandable when the opposites played a lateral game of anti-football. “The match was dour,” analyst Christian Holzmann said of the game, “Our talents can be geared to something with a bit more control of the game, and a lot of offense.” The lack of goals caused Zeta Reka to drop all points against group leaders Soldera. Zeta Reka sits in fifth place, only past Valladares thanks to head to head results, and goal stats.

RekanSport Minibox
World Cup 91, Qualifying Group 7
MD 6
Bendicion 1–4 Squidroidia
The Sarian 2–1 Togonistan
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 0–1 Soldera
Valladares 0–0 Audioslavia
Drawkland 4–0 StrayaRoos Barrier Islands

Rankings Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
.1 Soldera 6 5 1 0 15 5 +10 16
.2 Drawkland 5 5 0 0 16 4 +12 15
.3 Squidroidia 5 4 0 1 17 6 +11 12

4 Audioslavia 6 3 2 1 8 1 +7 11
5 Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom 5 2 1 2 4 2 +2 7
6 Valladares 5 2 1 2 5 7 −2 7
7 The Sarian 6 2 0 4 8 10 −2 6
8 StrayaRoos 5 1 1 3 8 14 −6 4
9 Togonistan 5 1 0 4 3 10 −7 3
10 StrayaRoos Barrier Islands 6 1 0 5 8 19 −11 3
11 Bendicion 6 1 0 5 10 24 −14 3
World Cup 91 Playoff Round
Togonistan and Squidroidia are the next opponents Zeta Reka will need to play. The Rekans will be away from home against Togonistan. The only victory Togonistan's Yellow Warriors had was against bottom ranked Bendicion. Togonistan side to score less goals in the group than Zeta Reka. Less than twenty teams at this point have score four or less, and the number who have scored under four is less than ten. Given the low scoring, some would predict similar for Zeta Reka-Togonistan, but reports state two top four forwards will be employed in the game by Coach Lu Jialan. Should the Rekans gear up for an attack, they will need to watch out for a five player backline that many times includes Togonistan's captain.

The forwards not visiting Tushlark will be assigned to play in the game against Squidroidia. Squidroidia are coming off a group stage exit in World Cup 90, plus a bronze finish in the fifteenth Independent Associations Championship. Squidroidia are an odd bunch, with veterans, teenage kinds, and more than a few Wunderbars running around the training area. Victory against a side like the Inklings is important. Zeta Reka are behind with less points per game than any teams ahead in the standings. One team better off is Squidroidia, but a win in Aleiusia could reverse fortunes.

Zeta Reka have been challenged hard in their matches against the other high pot teams, and will need to start winning agains good competition if they're to climb out of mid table limbo. Reports suggest the matchup will have an effect on the staff of the Rekan team. “Nothing is confirmed for sure,” TV presenter and commentator Luka Lukić said on air “but we know a lot of people are split on the coaching regime right now.” Lukić would also back the current administration on air, “For my mind,” Lukić said sternly, “people are unfairly expecting a lot out of Jialan simply because he gave the national team a nickname. His biggest fans however are treating the guy like a cult leader without the 'money blowing' part, and that's concerning.”

Injury Report
Player               Injury             Hurt on     Recovered?    Prognosis
Nikola Branić Calf strain MD 2 Yes 7 weeks
Nenad Mihajlowić Groin pull MD 5* Yes 4 weeks
Danica Wultz Knee injuries MD 6* No 2 Months
*Injured in domestic match
Nenad Mihajlowić will be on the bench for both rounds. AFK Imperialismus' number nine, Mihajlowić was out with groin issues in the league. Mihajlowić made his on field return last week with a hat trick in the Rekan League. Mihajlowić was reportedly already healthy, and was almost selected for the Soldera fixture. Miloš Simeoniwić took the slot instead. “I am back in form,” Mihajlowić said after his return, “I worked with the national team while they were in the area. We've got a good rapport this year, and we'll be looking to take the others down a peg.”

Danica Wultz would be out for an extended period after being hurt in the women's league. Wultz's knee was fractured on a set piece in Strumsburg. Wultz's ankle caught a competitors, and the midfielder went down knee first. Doctors at the hospital in Strumsburg also discovered injuries beyond Wultz's patella, including an MCL tear. Despite losing two players, Sportswriter Djoko Weljkowić was optimistic of the side's fitness. In his syndicated column, Weljkowić wrote, “While the side has some damage, major pieces are in top shape” Weljkowić also added that, “A second pot team is coming up and every single Mantis will need to be at their best.”
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@ Togonistan (@ Tushlark Stadium, Tushlark, Max Cap 30,000)
GK: Zlatko Wukowić
CB: Yousef Iwanić
CB: Sigmund Hafner
CB: Sidon Mauer
LWB: Leo Wendschuch
RWB: Zaur-Luka Igorić
DM: Marko Desimirić
CM: Stanimir Rekawić (c)
CM: Marko Zup
FW: “Fen” Scwartzhammer
FW: Arnald Gal
Named Subs
GK: Aleksander Basilić
CB: Anubis Zlatkowić
CB: Marka Krušlin
CB: Jan Meyer
LWB: Marko Dieter
RWB: Wladan Momirić
DM: Ena Bratić
CM: Maria Wieder
CM: Markus Rolfes
FW: Nenad Mihajlowić
FW: Dženita Wladmirowić

Vs. Squidroidia (@ National Sports Complex, Aleiusia, Max Cap 52,000)
GK: Zlatko Wukowić
CB: Yousef Iwanić
CB: Karlo Gabrielstein
CB: Sidon Mauer
LWB: Nikola Djordjewić
RWB: Zaur-Luka Igorić
DM: Nikola Branić
CM: Wladoslaw Dorboslawić
CM: Tim Ulrich
FW: Bogdan Rawić (Advanced this time, as opposed to lying deep)
FW: Jakow Krstowić
Named Subs
GK: Wukan Ogrovenić
CB: Anubis Zlatkowić
CB: Marka Krušlin
CB: Didi Wukowić
LWB: Marko Dieter
RWB: Wladan Momirić
DM: Marko Desimirić
CM: Maria Wieder
CM: Marko Zup
FW: Nenad Mihajlowić
FW: Olu Osanyinleye
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Postby Sendhang » Fri May 13, 2022 8:54 pm

Who would have expected that the match against Montesina would have sparked the Free Putrasia Movement again?

The armed separatist organization whose aim was to establish an independent Putrasia nation was thought to have been contained almost two decades ago. But the giant Free Putrasia Movement tifo which was displayed for five minutes during the match against Montesina in Kambang brought it back to light. Everyone on the social media was talking about it, especially in the two southern states, Putrasia and Nainha who had always viewed each other suspiciously. Putrasians accused President Paulus Etamba and Nainhans in general of marginalizing them and trying to systematically abolish their culture and history. While Nainhans accused Putrasians of extremism and terrorism.

The tension between the two states was made worse after a Liga Super Sendhang match between KS Tapaklaboh and KS Larantuka, the two most successful clubs in Putrasia and Nainha respectively. It was an ugly scene in Tapaklaboh, the state capital of Putrasia as some of the away fans returned home injured after a brawl between the fans. The match itself was marred with unsporting conduct as the referee was forced to hand out a red card to each side, Teuku Hassan Al-Qari for KS Tapaklaboh and Niko Kefalo for KS Larantuka, both Sendhang national team players. To make it worse, the match was just a week before the international break.

The divide in the national team squad was first seen when they made the trip to Legalese. On the pitch, it was like nothing happened. They played very well to beat Legalese, keeping a clean sheet in the process. Everything looks fine. But it's not. The Tapaklaboh and Larantuka players don't talk to each other anymore since the start of the international break. The squad was divided into three camps; the Tapaklaboh players with their Putrasians ally, the Larantuka players and their Nainhans ally, and the rest of the squad.

The mood in the national team was at its all-time low. Even the 4-0 win at home against Sajnur, their third win in a row was unable to lift the players' morale. It was quiet in the dressing room after the match. They have just won 4-0 but there was no sign of excitement among the players.

That was when Albertus Wageo, the team captain stepped up.

"Listen!" he broke the silence. "This needs to stop," he continues.

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Postby Astograth » Fri May 13, 2022 8:59 pm


Urti Kirna had uncovered the scoop of his life: Astograthian national team player Tipi Izotzubia had usurped his citizenship from former teammate Itziar Lévêque, with direct intervention from the Astograthian Ministry of Interior. The story was irresistible: it had to do with football, which was obviously his main interest as a sports journalist, and it had international appeal, what with Izotzubia using false papers to compete against other national teams. It was unlikely the WCC or CRF would take any action, though. Could you imagine, the authorities taking points away from Astograth, potentially voiding every match Izotzubia had played in to 3-0 loss? How would that even work for competitions that were already over and done with? Ridiculous. You could shoot someone dead on the pitch and the WCC wouldn’t lift a finger, and Kirna was pretty sure that scenario had already happened before.

Internationally it was of interest, but domestically it was a bomb. Corruption at the Ministry of Interior? And at very high level, to authorise that kind of thing. Collusion with the FAF! Probably the Ministry of Sport, too. Everyone in Astograth knew there was corruption, everyone did a little corruption here and there – you go do some paperwork, you probably slip the official a bit of cash so he can ‘expedite’ the process through the massively choked bureaucracy. A shrug was the usual response to pointing this wasn’t normal in other countries. It was too low-level, too low-stakes to register for most people – and officials from Interior were famously immune to it, anyway. Trying to bribe a cop was a guaranteed arrest, and common enough for foreigners who hadn’t quite figured out the rules of the game. But Kirna had proof that Interior was, in fact, just as corrupt as everyone else, and not in the low-stakes realm of officials pocketing spare change but in the medium-to-high stakes realm of issuing entire fake citizenships, taking them away from real Astograthians like Itziar Lévêque in the process. That was a massive scandal with the potential to undermine the public’s faith in the bedrock of the Grand Duchy and its security apparatus.

The problem for Kirna was exactly that: this was the bedrock of the Grand Duchy and its vast security apparatus. The Minister of Interior, who was simultaneously the Grand Duke’s Chief Advisor, was the second most important person in Astograth. He controlled the borders, the police, the secret police, the national and foreign intelligence services. Going after Minister Lord Gorka Irunkiaga – or his Ministry, with whom he was synonymous – would be a death sentence in all but name.

It was the biggest scoop he, some random freelance sports journalist, could ever hope to break. And his hands were tied behind his back. It tormented him daily, as he grew ever cloistered in his Urbizania flat. He had grown increasingly certain the government had bugged it and that they were breaking in every time he left – so he’d resolved to never leave. He got everything delivered. The curtains were permanently drawn. In his hunt for cameras and microphones he had hacked the floorboards to pieces, smashed his wall clock, ripped up the sofa, the mattress, every pillow, cushion, and duvet, torn off the wallpaper and dismantled every electronic device he owned, from his phone to the TV remote. Nothing he could recognise as a bug, but he knew barely anything about bugs. Maybe they’d used something he wouldn’t recognise. So he’d bought rolls of tin foil, gigantic rolls of it, and papered the walls of the flat with it. A giant Faraday cage for him, from where bugs couldn’t emit any signals. If they were recording locally, Interior couldn’t retrieve it either because he never left the flat. He was very smart, thought Kirna.

The only issue was he needed to keep using his computer, and it was probably stuffed with a government-issued secret screen recorder and who knows what else. He didn’t have the technical know-how to get around that, beyond running the most powerful foreign-made anti-malware software he could get his hands on. He already used a VPN and an onion-network browser, fairly standard for reporters in Astograth, and that would at least keep his browsing hidden from his ISP and the Ministry. On the so-called ‘deep web’ was where the Astograthian underground organised itself. If you knew where to look – and Kirna had heard a few whispers of where to look in his time – you could find leaked government documents, blueprints for 3D-printed firearms, encrypted communications between cells of the Iturributan resistance, all sorts of banned books, pamphlets, and manifestos, and, naturally, the eternal debate between Krugerist communism and Utilist-Pamicist socialism.

Above all, though, were the conspiracy theories. Forums upon forums sharing and discussing all the wildest thoughts and theories of secret and illegal activities carried out by the Astograthian government, corporations and, for some reason, football clubs also kept coming up. So Kirna wasted his days away, on a forum, reading and typing awash in the bluish light of his computer screen. To keep the lights on – or the one light on – he would piece together some clickbait crap to submit to The Raven. That job was strictly secondary to reading up on the crimes of Astograth, as much as he could, day and night.

Was the Tragedy of Uidio actually an inside job, executed by Interior? Was the Jackal of Ibarguren, a serial killer from the 640s, the result of failed mind control experiments by the government? Was Astograth technically at war with Sargossa? Had Grand Duke Lastur’s visit to Ossidiacqua during Copa Rushmori 17 been part of a coup attempt by Polar Islandstates? Were there giants living in the Blue Mountains or were the Blue Mountains themselves the remains of giants – maybe both? Had Lord Protector Ugarte restarted the chemical and biological weapons programmes in the 660s? For that matter, had the old stockpiles really been destroyed in 621? The Astograthian space programme obviously ran spy satellites in stationary orbit above national territory, everyone knew that – but how many, and to what resolution? Could they really identify your face if you just looked up? Had the House of Rumiatzi made a pact with the mystics of the Dreamed Realm to keep themselves in power? Were they selling the Astograthian peoples’ dreams as part of a personal data gathering programme? To what purpose, better targeted advertising? Who or what was Office 7 of Blue Mountain Range Football Club? Had Erribe United tried to build their own nuclear reactor? Was it true that Louis Vaudrail had hired a witch for Cup of Harmony 78, at the price of his immortal soul? Had the government signed fake defence contracts with EMEA? Leaked budget documents counted billions spent on the “Future Generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Tracked and Cannoned”, with nothing to show for it. Where had the money gone? Had Astograth lied and actually put boots on the ground in Nyowani Kitara? On which side? Had there been many more casualties than reported, all covered up? In the elections there, was Astograth really funding a pro-KNC botnet? Or was it pro-UPF, or were Interior and Military Intelligence funding both sides separately, in some twisted inter-departmental rivalry? Were they both doing it, unaware of the other side?

Anything was possible, and Kirna’s head spun to think of all the Truths he had been blind to, and the Truths he himself held. He knew this was the place, and these were his people. He would share what he knew and they would, all together, unmask the rot. So, in one feverish afternoon, he wrote out what he knew, with care to omit how he knew it since that would make him too obvious. Kirna published his account of the citizenship scandal that would rock the nation. It received immediate praise by the likes of ketamine_weasel, DAKING666 and CaptainPrick, some of the biggest names in the community.

Kirna could physical feel a weight lift off his shoulders. By pressing send he had maybe just signed his own death warrant, but the die was cast. All he had to do now was sit back, wait for it to go mainstream, and he would have brought down the Grand Duchy of Astograth.

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Postby Yue Zhou » Fri May 13, 2022 9:41 pm

Zheng Zhoulun Memorial Conference Room
南港市,南海省,月州 (Nangang, Nanhai, Yuezhou)

"...and that brings us to the Kitaran election," Foreign Minister Zhen Qiang offered. He paused and looked to President Wu for approval, then continued. "Obviously, the UPF winning is our best-case scenario. Muhoozi Kulan has made it very clear that he prioritizes the De-Akongoization and Pavolan emphasis in Rushmori affairs that we tried to push through at Varakoula. And our initial overtures have suggested that Kulan would be very open to collaboration with National Union."

"How are the polls looking for them right now? Are they a credible threat to Nafuna?"

Zhen Qiang nodded. "They're four points behind the KPWC in the polls, in a very respectable second place. And the sheer number of undecided voters makes it very easy for them to catch up. If the 'silent majority' types back them as a centrist alternative to continued KPWC rule, then this could be a very good election for us. It's in our best interest to make sure that's the case."

"And if they win, what exactly do the outcomes look like?" Zhen turned to one of his Assistant Foreign Ministers, the intense, brooding Sun Yong. "Assistant Foreign Minister Sun has prepared a report for our ministry."

"Thank you, Foreign Minister Zhen. As you mentioned earlier, the key difference between the UPF and the other parties is their focus on improving Pavolan relations rather than strengthening existing Rushmori institutions such as the CRC. Of course, Varakoula proved to be a battle between these two interests, although the Eura-Nephara bloc came from a much stronger negotiating position. But ultimately, Græntfjall, Yuezhou, and Tikariot have significant shared interests in greater self-determination within the subregion's affairs. Adding a newly-democratic Nyowani Kitara to that coalition can stop the nascent CRC push to dictate Pavolan affairs in its tracks. In addition to the greater negotiating position it puts us in, practical considerations like the status of the Euran naval base in the Xandrian could turn in our favor."

"Are there other parties in support of this platform?"

"The CFO and KNC do as well. But our support for them would come less out of ideological similarity, and more out of a desire to weaken and fracture a KPWC majority. We may consider giving them support if the UPF seriously falters...a 'Plan B', perhaps."

"What kind of support is the UPF seeking? Financially, we'd prefer to not overextend after a relatively costly war."

"Financially, they are not in significant need. They have...other sources." Sun Yong snorted. "Háttmark, possibly," Zhen continued, acknowledging Sun with a nod. "But they are a center-right party in the first election after a democratic transition. It's a position very similar to the one we were in after the Yue Civil War. By covertly sending strategists and campaign managers who were proven in our elections, in addition to limited funding, we might be able to turn the tide."

"If you're seeking my approval for that, you have it. I trust you know how to be discreet." President Wu paused, lost in thought, then brightened. "Have you thought at all about the KPWC's ties to the People's Federation? I believe they're the only mainstream party to oppose our recognition."

"It's certainly something we can discuss with Kulan."

"We may be able to help that out. Talk to Wang, the head of the intelligence agency. There may be an upcoming attack by ex-YPA members. The impact will be mitigated, but there's no reason we can't...massage the numbers for the UPF's sake."

Sun stiffened beside him, but Zhen took the implication in stride. "We'll see what we can do."

MD5: Yuezhou 4 - 1 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
Lineup: Guo; Jiawei (Lu 62), Yuan, Zhu, Reeve; Li (C), Wan (Fang 55), Tao; Jiang, Liu (Ji 75), Luo N.W.
Goals: Luo N.W. 11, 37; Yuan 56, Jiang 80 // Francke 26

4-1 likely flatters the Dragons, but an assured win over Pluvia and the Saxean Isles was still appreciated. Young Leichhardt winger Luo Nanwei, already impressive in his cameo against Nephara, outdid himself with a first-half brace of beautiful goals - a long-range thunderclap for the first, a slalomed run capped off with a dinked finish over Holger for the second. The Magpies had some success playing through captain Rory Goldberg, who set up a well-worked goal late in the first half and hit the crossbar early in the second, but a defensive mistake allowed an unmarked Yuan Mingrong to put the team up 3-1 from a corner-kick. Ji Weibo recorded his first-ever international assist in a late substitute appearance, although his furious reaction to Jiang knocking his "cross" in suggests that it may have just been another shot attempt that took a lucky bounce.

edit: match recap adjusted to account for P&SI's earlier RP.
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The United Republics of Yuezhou (月州联合共和国)
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Postby Fort McKinley » Fri May 13, 2022 9:43 pm

(FMNA) SHILOH SPRINGS--The People's Republic Football Team steamrolled their way to victory over the allegedly socialist state of Sannymathland by a score of 3-0. This followed a 2-2 draw against the filthy capitalist nation of Saint Eleanor, who were sent back to their bourgeois existence lucky that they were not eventually beaten at the People's Revolution Stadium after Comrade D.G. Allen leveled the match inside of the final15 minutes.

The Heroes of the Revolution will next face Cheetahs & Reptile Coalison at the PRS before traveling to another depraved capitalist backwater to face Ochre Islands. Comrade Allen will return from an ankle injury to play in both matches after missing the win in the previous contest.

David and Lee-lee had watched the telecast of the game from Sannymathland, and the way the team dominated the hosts got him thinking about why the side looked so confident and sharp when he wasn't in the starting lineup; the following day ahead of the next training session he watched the first half of the Kandorith home match, looking for signs that teammates behaved or reacted differently.
Because they were on a bye for the next round, only the squad players who hadn't played were brought in for a 70 minutes light workout, and Dave reported to the physio, who deemed him OK to take part in the first thirty minutes.

Dave had spoken to Manager Chris Gray as they headed out to the pitch, asking if he could come by Gray's office afterwards to talk, which the boss was happy to agree to.

Once the session was over, and after he'd undergone a bit of treatment on the ankle David found himself sitting across the desk from Gray, a familiar face as he'd been Allen's boss at his club in Curundu before being assigned the job of NT manager.

"What's on you mind Dave? How's Lee?"
"She's doing great, thanks for asking. I'm not going to mince words Chris, does the team play better when I'm not in the lineup?"

Gray was taken off guard by the question, because this was was one of the best players in the squad wondering if he's part of the problem rather than the solution.
"I've never entertained a thought like that, but I can see you have given it some thought so I'd like to hear your reasoning."

Allen went through the results from back in Jabal Akhdar and the BOF to the present, noting that the previous match was the third time they'd won with him not among the starting XI, and pointing out that he'd scored half his NT goals as meaningless consolations in matches where the outcome was not in doubt.

Gray listened patiently, knowing this wasn't a star player complaining about having to come off the bench in the regionals but a young man who wanted to help the team improve their results.
"I think that part of the issue is we haven't found the right mix to put out that can make you perform at your best. Maybe we don't have the right players in the squad at the moment to be able to have a lineup that can do that. But don't think that you are not one of the most important pieces in our system."

The idea flashed through David's mind that if Gray was looking at a long term plan for the NT, it wasn't going to include him if he found the right moment to defect.

Lineup for MD 7-8
Sammy Pete Davis--G; Mickey Joe Beard, Davey Charles Young, Aaron Roy Morris, Ronnie Floyd Jones--D; Ernie Clyde Beard, Lee Myron Clark, Simon Jay Allen, John Hugh Davis--M; Dennis Gene Young, David Guy Allen--F
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WC91Q MD6: 2-1 v. Flavovespia

Postby Turori » Sat May 14, 2022 3:54 am


Roller Coaster Ride for Ruaplal before Eels win in Mliona

Eels Park, Eelandii, Turori :: After a hard fought 1-0 victory in Savojarna on Matchday 4, the Turori National team returned home to the Island Emirate for their lone break in the match schedule during the first half of Qualification Play. With no game of their own to play on Matchday 5 the Turorian players were allowed an off day to themselves to spend however they pleased - whether it be with familiy or just some alone time. As the players went on their way, Tarek Edgeli and the coaching saff sat down at the video center in Eels Park to take in all the Matchday Five action from around Group 14. The biggest surprise on the day was a match that the Coaching staff didnt even turn on for the first tweny minutes of their session. After focusing on good battles in the early action between Turori's next opposition Flavovespia - and the team Turori had just played, Savojarna, the Turori National Coaching staff just kept getting reports of additional goals being scored in Wreckeria. While the primary assignment was the game in Flavovespia, the Turori National Coaching staff couldn't fight off the curiosity and would ultimaely turn on the Wreckeria-Gadria battle on picture in picture.

Just as they tuned in the game in Wreckeria it seemed that Wreckeria had scored yet another goal as an overweight defender appeared to be making the universal airplane celebration pose on screen. While the goal and its subsequent replays were a novelty for the Turorian coaching staff they were also just a tad too distracted with the entertainment value of their viewing choice opposed to the work they were supposed to be doing watching Flavovespia v. Savojarna to prepare for their next matchday opponents. With about eleven minutes left in Group 14 matchup in Flavovespia, Turorian head coach Tarek Edgeli received a call on his communication device. The call was from Turorian foward Kala'a Yuliizala and it was a call for help.

Yuliizala, along with 6 other Turori National Team players, had decided to spend the day at Eelsland - a small amusement park just down the street from Eels Park and the Turori National Trainings. It appeared that the emergency brake had triggered during a roller coast ride leaving a roller coaster car containing Yuliizala and teammate Naraiza Ruaplal stranded at the top of the Coaster just meters before the largest downhill section of the ride. While Yuliizala at least remainded calm enough to make a phone call back to Eels Park, it is rumored that Ruaplal was far lass calm under the circumstances and became a bother to Yuliizala and the two other coaster riders in the same attached car which had been the trail car of the coaster that had for unknown reasons separated from the rest of the ride triggering the emergency stop. The location that the coaster car halted itself was at least a convenient location with a walkway and emergency access ladder nearby - and not the middle of a loop-de-loop or anything of that nature. Unfortunately, while three of the riders including Yuliizala had no trouble following the park employee's instructions to walk along side the rail and begin down the emergency ladder while attached to a carabiner pole, the employee could not seem to convince Naraiza Ruaplal to unbuckle from the coaster car. With the weight balance off and out of an abundance of caution, the crew did not want to send the car back down the track with any passengers on board. so the new task became figuring out how to reason with Ruaplal to extract themselves from the coaster car and exit the ride. Ruaplal would rmain stranded at the top of the roller coaster hill for nearly 2 hours before finally building up the courage to get out - likely influenced by the onset of hunger.

With the Turori National Coaching staff now waiting at the bottom of the ladder for Ruaplal to climb down - in lock step with one of the Coaster employees guiding their feet every literal step of the way, Ruaplal was escorted back to Eels Park for an evaluation following the 'traumatic' incident at the entertainment park. After being evaluated both Physically and Mentall, Ruaplal would return to their lodging and immediately put out a twii citing their 'near death' experience at the Roller Coaster Park.

Citing a need for some 'time off', the Turori National Coaching Staff announced that Ruaplal would not be making the short trip over to Mliona for Turori's Matchday 6 clash with Flavovespia. In the days since the Roller Coaster Incident there were some rumors floating around that Ruaplal and Yuliizala were not acting entirely properly on the ride and that may have somehow contributed to the incident but no such details were every corroborated. Either way, Kala'a Yuliizala was also left out of the Eels lineup against Flavovespia though it is believed that the Cednia Beach AFC striker did travel with the team to twii.tur Field @ Sokattack Stadium.

twii.tur Field @ Sokattack Stadium, Mliona, Turori :: Fans in attendance for Turori's third home game of the campaign were treated with a bunch of giveaways from the booming social technology communication platform twii.tur. Every fan through the gates would receive a twii.tur t-shirt with the Turori National Team colors as well as a blind grab bag containing either twii.tur Sunglasses, a twii.tur communication device holder or a three-in-one Flashlight / Screwdriver / Whistle - the popularity of which became a hot commodity at the stadium with fans utilizing barter or straight up re-selling their newly acquired whistles to other fans desperate to get in on the noise making action.

While the plethora of Whistles had the potential to make the game a bit more chaotic for the officials to keep a hold of, it was largely a well played game between the two teams. The Turori National Team had the better of play for long stretches of the match but could never move too far in front of their opponents as to feel at any point that they had the result fully locked up. The Eel's first goal came after Kiidallen Aeroluzzi intercepted a short pass across the midfield by Jonathan Bagshaw and the Colonial Sile midfielder was able to quickly send the ball forward to Nua'oma Aikiki who used their pace to make space and finished the shot in stride to give the Eels a 1-0 lead in the 22nd minute.

That would be the scoreline through half time where the Turori National Team coaching staff would make one single change, introducing Lati'ala Giaoka in place of Amakli Inuro'o for some fresh legs on defense. When the second half resumed Turori were back on the threat and less than ten minutes into the second half it was a "Highlights of the Matchday" type contribution from Cuoabaza Orani'aoa who fired a perfectly placed shot from just outside the area, catching Flavovespian goalkeeper Aarif Muhammad just unable to react in time as the ball flashed by to double the Eels advantage. While the tempo of play up to that point had dictated that the second goal would be more than enough to secure the three points for Turori, they would have to wait all the way to the final whistle to celebrate after some later drama that saw Derizi Amatopa's shutout evaporate and made Orani'aoa's goal scored from just outside the area become the eventual game winner. Amatopa will be kicking themselves for letting in Bagshaw's long range effort but in the end the mistake was palatable for the Eels who would collect all three points on the day.

The win, coupled with Juvencus 2-2 draw with The 14 Stars would see the Turori National Team climb to the top of the Group 14 table for the first time in the competition with each of the Top 4 nations having now taken their bye game in the schedule. The Eels would next hit the road to New Folgore, a nation with just one win in six matches whom the Eels would be hopeful of continuing their good form against before returning home to Eels Park to play a home game against Metherwell - a side who had already proven themselves a potential bogey with their upset victory over the Purple Peril on Matchday 6.

 Turori 2 - 1 Flavovespia	
Turori Goals: :: 22' Nua'oma Aikiki:: 53' Cuoabaza Orani’aoa
Stats :: Turori :: Possession: 54%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 12 :: Flavovespia :: Possession: 46%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 4
Turori Lineup :: Derizi Amatopa, Moumouni Verre'elali, Amakli Inuro'o (Lati'ala Giaoka 45'), Biliki Rona'atu'i, H’munao Cagomia, Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, Tulaki Rauogba (Loala Inkabu 68'), Kinabo Telioa (Daliora Toru'u 65'), Turakia Diijelhma, Nua'oma Aikiki


#Eels move to the top of #Group14 after a 2-1 victory over Flavovespia at the #SokattackStadium. Follow the Story Here...

#WC91Q - #TURvFVA - #Group14

Next Matchday Venue Information & Preview:


Eelandii, Turori

Turorian Fans Dance along with a Nigel-Green colored figure on the Eels Park Scoreboard

Fixture :: World Cup 91 Qualifying Matchday 8 v. Metherwell

Capacity :: 68,000

Location :: Eelandii is a purpose built "Sportropolis" built midway between Turori's two largest cities, Almintora and Cednia. Eelandii is accessible by air through the Almintora Internationstatal Skyport (AIS). Regular shuttles and public transportation run between Almintora, Eelandii and Cednia with an increase in services during active sporting events. Monorail services exist throughout Eelandii to connect fans to the different sporting venues as well as local lodging and eateries. As the Eelandii Sporting Village is not an officially populated city or community, all security within the "Sportropolis" is private in nature with company and independently hired security patrolling the region. However, law enforcement officials from both Almintora and Cednia have jurisdiction within Eelandii if they were otherwise in the area. The weather in Eelandii is mostly temperate with the chance of temperatures permitting naturally occurring snow considered as highly unlikely. Athletes and Staff typically stay directly in Eelandii while Media and Fans often stay nearby in Almintora, the Capital City of Turori, or Cednia home of the popular Cednia Beach tourist destination.

Eelandii has a number of restaurants, shops and amenities which typically are only open on match days as well as a smaller selection of local eateries that are open on a daily basis to serve the towns full time employees and visitors which include Football Association of Turori, Eagle's Club as well as visitors to the Race Eelandii! Racing School and Driving Experience at the Eelandii Grand Prix Course.

Stadium & Tenant History :: Constructed by the Football Association of Turori, The Eels Park site was a critical component of the successful World Cup 63 host bid for Aguazul and Turori which eventually resulted in the World Cup returning to Turori for the first time since World Cup 19. Once the Eels Park site was complete, the Football Association of Turori packed their things and moved out of their offices at the Almintora National Stadium. The Arena also hosted matches during the 26th Di Bradini Cup and due to its moderate size is one of the most atmospheric venues in all of Turori. Turorian National Team matches not being held in Cednia have also been held at Eels Park instead of Almintora National Stadium. Located equidistantly between the cities of Almintora and Cednia - the two largest cities in the Island Emirate, round the clock public transportation can take guests from Eelandii to either city center.

Due to its proximity to the Eagle's Club in Eelandii, Turori, Eels Park has regularly been used as a final venue for the Eagle's Cup having hosted the competition on five different occasions. Eels Park was also a host venue for the XIV Winter Olympic Games hosting select games of the Bandy Demonstration Event of which the Sportropolis of Eelandii was the hub of competition. Eels Park also hosted events during the AOlympic Games including the final round of the Atlantian Oceania Motorsports Championships. One famous recent matchup at the venue came during World Cup 88 Qualifying. While the 4-1 victory over Hisipinas was ultimately inconsequential for the Eels it was the achievement of a record fifteen consecutive victories and the home celebrations on the day which would be remembered by Eels fans fondly - even if over shadowed later in that cycle by the Turori National Team's first ever World Cup Title. Eels Park will host its first game of the World Cup 91 Qualification Campaign against Metherwell on Matchday 8.

<Silexhera> Why does Turori make sense? :p

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Postby Mytanija » Sat May 14, 2022 5:37 am


The title music begins to play and a video montage of footballers playing on muddy pitches whirs across the screen. The camera images are grainy, these are clearly some old-timey footballers, the programme is clearly set at some undefined point in the future looking back on the past. Images of the Mytanar port city of Severyan are interspersed between the football, along with street scenes from Severyan and the supporters of the only football club in the city, Ararat. Above all there is a focus on the legendary manager, Misel Ravnjak, he can often be seen drinking or smoking or even on a television chat show. Finally, the montage settles on the title image.



“I think the boss was more disappointed than Mingrong was at him not winning the Player of the Season award the season before,” Mateja Stojkovic explains. “He felt that it only demonstrated the lack of respect much of the Mytanar sporting media had towards us, I think he was quite old school in that regard, he felt that the media was still against us because we were at a Rauchik club. I’m not sure he ever felt that we got enough credit for what we managed to do in the end, it’s a shame that he’s not around to see things like this really, it’s fitting that it’s recognised in such a way.”

“A lot of people say that the system helped to elevate Mingrong Yuan, do you think that was true?” The interviewer asks.

“The system helped us all concede less goals. Misel Ravnjak was an expert at coaching players in a defensively solid system, Ermin Urankar grew up as a left-sided midfielder and ended up playing as a full-back and a wing-back for Mytanija because of the effect the gaffer had on his development. Does that mean that Mingrong Yuan wasn’t an absolute colossus for us at the back? I don’t think so. He came from Yuezhou and stepped right into our squad and improved our already strong system. The way you can tell is that we ended up winning trophies with him in our side, he was a fantastic organiser, tactically very intelligent and he could coax teammates through games. That’s what you want from a defensive leader.” Stojkovic evangelises about his former teammate.

“Did it take him long to acclimatise to Severyan, Rauchnya, Mytanija as a whole? Culturally it is quite a different place to his homeland.”

“Not really. I was one of the supposed ‘elder statesmen’ of the squad, along with Pedja and Zelimir. We were given the responsibility of helping to introduce any new players to the squad and the area. The boss liked to delegate that sort of stuff to us, knowing that we would do our utmost to help them.” Mateja laughs slightly. “But I think he was so smart in his signings because he generally only brought players in who did acclimatise quickly. He wanted good people as well as good footballers, people who would buy into the city and the region. He saw Ararat Severyan as a real representative of our region out on the football pitch.”

“How did Mingrong ‘buy in’ to the area?”

“Well, it didn’t actually need too much input from me and the other older lads in the end, I heard a story about him being at a bar that a few friends of mine went in quite a lot. Not drinking, but joining in the sing-song they had in the evening. They were their playing Rauchik folk music and he was joining in, being dragged up onto the stage and singing despite only being in Mytanija for two minutes and barely speaking the language!” Mateja laughs again. “Mingrong was a fantastic guy, I can’t praise him enough for both the player he was and how much he became a part of the city in his time with the club.”

“Do you think he was the key player in the first-half of the 31-32 season?”

“Well, the fact that he went one better in the Player of the Season award at the end of it should tell you a lot,” Mateja smiles knowingly. “He was, though, we had young Bosko Pestotnik starting for the first time. A 16 year old centre-back. Misel absolutely loved him, he’d rated him highly throughout the youth squads and he was somebody you heard a lot about as he came up through the age groups. But that step up to men’s football is huge and the kid made a few mistakes in the first five games. Our form was mixed, I think we won two, drew one and lost two and Bosko had made some errors which led to goals. The gaffer persisted with him and Mingrong Yuan helped him through it, Mingrong was absolutely crucial. The key player throughout the 31-32 season and probably afterward too!”

A highlights montage starts up with Yue central defender Mingrong Yuan front and centre. Newspaper cuttings show him stepping off the plane after joining Ararat Severyan, proclaiming him ‘Ararat’s new hero from beyond the sea’. A club which had traditionally relied on its own products, fiercely proud of its Rauchikness when many across Mytanija hated them for it. Having a foreigner in their ranks wasn’t something the supporters disliked, like might be the case at Lok. Cassia, but it certainly was unusual. Yuan became one of their own in Severyan, though. Footage of him mixing it with supporters in bars in the close season demonstrated that, enjoying a quiet drink in amongst the Severyan people.

“What a defender this guy is!” One commentator shouts as the footage changes to the football. Yuan can be seen heading crosses away, bravely putting his body on the line to block shots and gesticulating to his teammates as he organises them at the back. “He’s everything you want from a modern centre-back.”

Yuan can be seen putting an arm around Bosko Pestotnik, covering his mouth and whispering some guidance away from the prying eyes of the television cameras. Pestotnik is listening intently, clearly eager to learn from his defensive partner. Seconds later the footage changes to Pestotnik recovering to block a shot from Tekstil Ibon’s Nebojsa Aleksic. Yuan is the first one there to pick his colleague up, roaring his approval and a hearty chest-bump. “A defender who enjoys defending as much as strikers love scoring is always welcome in any team, but especially in a Misel Ravnjak side! And look at the support he is giving young Pestotnik here, Yuan’s such a great role model for any young player.”

Finally Yuan and Pestotnik can be seen heading up for a corner, with Lindse Kvasina heading out to take it on the right-hand side. Yuan and Pestotnik can be seen muttering to one another under their breath, giving one another notice of their intentions for attacking runs. Kvasina puts an arm up, signalling that she would be swinging the ball in shortly. The two defenders suddenly come alive and as Kvasina arcs the ball across the box Pestotnik runs to the near post with Yuan hanging around somewhere between the penalty spot and the back post. Pestotnik glances the cross towards the back stick and Yuan meets it, sliding in, turning the ball into the net.

“Yuan!!!” The commentator screeches. “The big centre-half has met Pestotnik’s flick-on courageously there and he has been rewarded for his efforts! Look at the pair of them celebrate!” Yuan and Pestotnik run in front of the
Cirkusgrupa section of Korecky Road arm-in-arm, laughing to one another as they celebrate. Youth and experience together.

“I think that’s a good way of summing up Mingrong Yuan,” Mateja Stojkovic smiles again. “Just that video there. Young Bosko must have learned so much from him during that season. It was good to have that sort of leader on the pitch, especially with Zelimir playing less. Even myself ahead of them in midfield, we needed a bit of know-how at the back to help the likes of Bosko and even Dordo Urbanc. Mingrong provided that.”

“You had a few setbacks over the first twenty games or so, though, going out of the National Cup in the fourth round must have stung? And you were 10 points behind 1896 Ebor heading into the last-third of the campaign, how did Ravnjak keep your heads up?”

“Yeah, I mean, going out of the cup was probably partially my fault.” Mateja laughs painfully. “I was 38 going into that season.. I wasn’t the same player I had been even a few years before. I wasn’t quite at the same level and whilst I could contribute from the bench starting games was a bit beyond me. I think I made errors in both legs against Vitalia and we actually lost 6-2 in the end. Not our finest hour certainly, but it did allow us to focus on the league a bit more. Not that you ever want to go out of any competition.”

“And the gap heading into those final ten games?” The interviewer presses. “How did the manager keep you focussed? How did he keep the belief up?”

“Well, we’d only been six points behind 1896 Ebor at the halfway point and I think that’s when everybody started to believe that we could have a really good season. We didn’t cover ourselves in glory just after that though, we went through a bit of a rough patch and that’s when Ebor extended the gap. They looked relentless at that time. The manager didn’t really look at what they were doing though, he asked us to stay focused on what we could do. He always spoke about this concept of ‘accelerating at the right time’. He said you had to put your foot on the gas when it mattered and he underlined that to us even when the gap went out.”

“Did he retain belief even when the gap went out that far?”

“He did, the fact he was even talking about that ‘acceleration’ was a sign of that, he had that unwavering belief. I think some of the players thought the season might end up with qualification to the IFCF Challengers’ Cup or something, we’d missed out on that a few times in previous seasons. That would have been a good campaign, but Misel knew there was more to come from us, even when ten points down he spoke about accelerating into the final ten games and winning matches to put pressure on. He thought 1896 Ebor might have some slip ups in them and that we had to be there to take advantage where possible. The only way we could do that was by raising our game once again. His management allowed us to do exactly that.”
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
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Postby Eraman » Sat May 14, 2022 5:50 am

"Where are we going, my boss?" Samin Jali, the prime minister's personal assistant asked his boss.

"Sargossa!" the prime minister replied.

"But... Would not it be better if we go to another Melayuan country? It would be great for you if we can get some other Melayuan countries' leaders to agree on the region's name change," replied Samin Jali, not satisfied with the prime minister's answer.

"Tell me which Melayuan country should I go to?"

"I don't know. Sharktail?"

"That's too risky. They were never part of Meilawati but they have been heavily Meilawaticized after the fall of Sripala. We don't know their stand yet,"

"How about Acastanha?"

"Too busy with their own election,"


"Busy playing geopolitics fixing referendum in some poor country down south,"

"Samudera Darussalam?"

"Come on now. That's the last place we should go to. That's the birthplace of Meilawati. They will never agree to change the name of the region. It feels like you are just spewing random Melayuan countries' names now. Enough. We are going to Sargossa to watch some football,"

Samin Jali was surprised by the route that the prime minister wanted to take. He was not sure if going to a football match can boost his boss' popularity. Moreover, his boss has never been a football fan. But that was the start of Tun Rendra Usin's attendance at Eraman's national team matches. First in Pasirpura for the home match against Lumbinipur where they won comfortably with a 5-1 scoreline. Then to Sargossa where they were trashed 5-0.

Despite the trashing at Sargossa, Tun Rendra Usin's popularity went up a little bit. His theatrics off the pitch, sitting alongside the traveling away fans, refusing to sit with the VIPs, and picking up trash after the match won the heart of some Eramanians. Samin Jali may have doubted his boss' way but it was working. And since then, the prime minister had never missed a single match involving the Eraman national team.
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WC91Q 1-0 @ New Eestiball (Rebel Squadron)

Postby Vilita » Sat May 14, 2022 6:01 am


"One in a Million" Shot sinks New Eestiball

That's no Door - It's a Stadium!, Tallin-4, New Eestiball :: The Vilitan National Team and their fan base had high hopes that after returning to the Rebel Base following their unfortunate defeat at the hands of the Holy Empire inside the Dreamed Realm, they would be able to refresh and re-focus on their tasks to get back into the mix in Group 13 play. Unfortunately, the break didn't seem to do much for the Jungle Rebels who - despite yet another spirited late comeback, were unable to claim any points from their meeting with Geektopia and would start the campaign massively behind the proverbial eight ball, with zero points from two matches and having already lost the head-to-head battle with the two highest seeded nations in their group.

Perhaps more incredibly, it was the first time in 60 cycles that the Vilita National Team had lost the opening two matches of their World Cup Qualifying campaign - and just the third time overall in the history of the Nation's participation in World Cup Committee Competition. Of course, when the Vilitan National Team entered World Cup 13 Qualifying for the first time, it would take eight matches for the team to score its first ever goal - with the first four of those matches being defeats to The Lowland Clans, Snub Nose 38, Warnocks Wizards and the Lovebug. That would also be the second longest losing streak in the history of the Vilita National Team, surpassed only by a five game losing run during World Cup 33 Qualifying - which, in a different stretch, was also the most recent time that Vilita had dropped consecutive matches at the start of a World Cup Qualification campaign.

After a respectible World Cup 32 cycke, hopes were high in Vilita for World Cup 33 but those expectations instantly dropped to the floor with back-to-back defeats to Jasīyūn and Krytenia at the start of the World Cup 33 Qualifying Campaign. While the Jungle Cats would snap out of it with a draw against Qazox and a victory over Cuation - the resurgence would be short lived. Later that same campaign, Vilita would suffer its worst losing streak in National Team history dropping results against Assegai Developments, Quintessence of Dust, Jasīyūn, Krytenia and finally - the record breaker - a 6-1 defeat to Qazox in Qazox. Vilita would finally break the streak with a 4-3 victory over Lethislavania but the damage had been done and the Jungle Cats would fail to qualify for World Cup 33.


Tivaliwood Studios aim to connect the Cove Wars Universe to the Jungle Rebels team

Now, with their team once again staring down a pair of defeats at the start of a World Cup Qualifying Cycle - which none of the existing fanbase had ever before experienced in person, they would be hoping that this new team of Jungle Rebels could rebound in a way that the World Cup 33 Squad could not - by actually starting to win games and not finishing near the bottom of their Qualifying Group. After defeats to The Holy Empire and Geektopia, the next opportunity for the Jungle Rebels to prove themselves would be against New Eestiball. Very little was known about the Jungle Rebels opposition in New Eestiball other than the fact that they were "A bunch of doorknobs" which Endur Rotropii and the Rebel Academy coaching staff interpreted to be a knock on the players intelligence level.

However, the production crew at Tivaliwood Studios, following the Jungle Rebels around in order to produce a documentary on the teams travels and performances during the World Cup 91 Qualifying campaign, had another take on the teams opposition and saw a new opportunity for a crossover angle between the Jungle Rebels documentary and their popular Cove Wars franchise line. Instead of simply telling the story of the team by showing live match footage and behind the scenes recordings, Tivaliwood films are adapting the story into the Cove Wars universe and the connections between Vilita's third opponent and the Cove Wars universe wrote themselves directly into the story line. What they didn't know heading into the match, that a new hero would emerge for the Jungle Rebels once the battle of New Eestiball began.

There were whole-scale lineup change for the Jungle Rebels after they had written their own undesirable place in the history books with back-to-back defeats to open World Cup 91 Qualifying. Rotropii would make a big change in goal dropping Eastal Lunar's Zelkki Milake Jr. for Baker Park based netminder Ukamai Talingri. The other critical change in the lineup that would bring great rewards for the Jungle Rebels against New Eestiball would be the selection of Treasvo Tlikara in the starting lineup for the forward's first ever National Team appearance.

Job one on the day was accomplished at the half time break when Vilita failed to trail by 3, 4 or 5 goals as they had in their opening matches. In fact, for the first time all cycle, the Vilita National Team managed to hold their opponent without a goal in the first half. Considering that the Jungle Rebels had outscored their opponents 5-1 in the second half across each of the matches they have lost during the World Cup 91 Qualifying cycle, the fact that they were starting the second half level on the scoreboard with New Eestiball was highly encouraging for the team.

The decisive moment came in the 59th moment when - after multiple failed attempts by their teammates, Treasvo Tlikara took the ball at their feet and attacked through the middle of New Eestiball's defensive trench. Skillfully working their way through the defense, Tlikara made a one-in-a-million close range shot, the side footed chip shot seeming to curve ninety degrees in its path and forcing its way between the legs of New Eestiiland's goalkeeper #937. Tlikara, scoring on their debut, was greeted with great celebration as the New Eestiiland fans exploded in rage behind the goal. This improbable moment drew instant comparisons to Tivaliwood's Cove Wars series and has given rise to the idea that maybe, just maybe, these Jungle Rebels still had a chance as they continue to build up to their fight against the Holy Empire on Matchday 13.

Getting a shutout from starting goalkeeper Ukamai Talingri on the road and seeing a game winning goal scored by a previously unknown forward making their debut for the National Team, Head Coach Endur Rotropii was all smiles after collecting their first ever victory as Vilita National Team head coach:

"You know we had a lot of losses early in this campaign but the Jungle Rebels never give up, never stop fighting. Even against New Eestiball. We were kind of shocked and not entirely prepared when we first saw them with our own two eyes. It really affected our game plan and I wasn't sure we would be able to survive particularly against their primary weapon."

Rotropii continued, "It really was a team effort. Ukamai was great and really put is in position to fight for that tie. Thats what i told the team before the game. We couldn't give the opponent the edge. We've been fighting from behind the whole campaign and when you get to the half time break just hoping to level the scores, you've already losing. Quite literally. We needed our opponents to be the tie fighters - and thats what we did. We held them off the scoresheet in the first half and we put them behind in the second. I don't know how they did it honestly. I told them after the match that it was a great shot, one in a million. But sometimes that's all you need, and today was one of those days. All we needed was one and we got it."

 Vilita 1 - 0 New Eestiball	
Vilita Goals: :: 59' Treasvo Tlikara
Stats :: Vilita :: Possession: 53%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 6 :: New Eestiball :: Possession: 47%:: Shots: 2:: Corners: 1
Vilita Lineup :: Ukamai Talingri, Injyua Klizlo, Narri Sebapilo, Tero Alatalo (Letirpsi Vulitn 45'), Trezisi Rokopolis, Fyin Miateal, Riku Kasslin (Jakku’u Naboyavi 45'), Sami Samii’i, Clarana Refiami, Takaara Milanzi (Kunaro Tlikara 70'), Treasvo Tlikara

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
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Postby Juvencus » Sat May 14, 2022 6:21 am

The Second Great War of Unification(1876-1892)

The south and southwest of Juvencus is an area filled with plain fields, savannahs and rainforests obscuring the way, making transportation in the area a nightmare for any army, no matter how formidable. The exposure to the hot tropical sun, sudden rainfalls as well as diseases meant this area was probably not the best suitable enviroment for a war. However it constituted an important as well as decisive theater in the war. Any settlement or fortification captured in this area was not only important, but vital, as they were usually near the only sources of water that could make surviving in the harsh conditions of the area bearable. This meant that attacking those positions was easy and was to be done swiftly. The Kingdom of Pacgliari decided to do exactly that in a counter-offensive against the Union of Tiscan-Demene.

Tiscanodemense soldiers posing with captured Pacglarese artillery, photograph by Antoine Juste, taken in the morning of September 25th, 1879

Chapter 11: Battle of Alagoineiro(September 24th,1879)
"When the world collapses right in front of your eyes, remind yourselves what you are made of." Tiscanodemenese Sergeant Julien Dupoint to his fellow comrades, September 24th, 1879

Alagoineiro is a town as well as a general region that had been occupied by the Tiscanodemenese following the Independentists' victory in the First Great War of Unification back in 1844. It had been the site of one of the deadliest battles of the war and it still had not fully recovered under Tiscanodemenese occupation. This was a sensitive spot for the Pacgliarese on both sides of the border that seeked to be reunited with their people. Alagoineiro was important for a number of factors as well, it served as the capital of the once thriving Pacglarese textiling industry, as well as an important location for the domestication of the Western Juven llama, famous for its transportation capabilities as well as its milk, wool and meat in the area.

After tedious troop movement and entrenchment in vital locations around the north and the west Alagoineiro in mid-September, Pacglarese colonel Ernesto Da Silva decided on striking at September 24th. With the attack now very obvious to the Tiscanodemenese 3rd Division which was stationed in the area, positions were also heavily prepared to be defended. The first shots were fired and exchanged at 7:30 AM local hours. A subsequent barrage would follow which would destroy parts of the western side of the Tiscanodemenese defences, but to no avail, as they would not be displaced, as was planned. Soon after the Tiscanodemenese would counter-charge at the northern side in a surprise charge, capturing many positions, soldiers and a lot of cannons in the process. Not many casualties were recorded on that side.

A Tiscanodemenese counter-barrage was recorded later in the day, this time directed at the intact western positions of the Pacglarese, destroying some of their makeshift positions and allowing them to charge in once as it started to rain thunderously. The battle was a mix of shoot-outs as well as melee combat in the tight trenches, with a lot of soldiers from both sides dropping dead. However, by the afternoon, the Pacglarese decided to back down as they were chased by the Tiscanodemenese troops, capturing or killing many of them in the process, including the capturing of colonel Ernesto Da Silva himself, who wished he had died in combat rather than being ridiculed and captured by the enemy.

Several executions of high ranking officers or strong soldiers in combat followed for morale reducing of the Pacglarese as the rest were placed in concentration camps such as the Campos Concentration Camp at Arregas, a vicious concentration camp on which they'd be subjected to harsh labor in the hot savannah conditions of the area, with many of them dying in the process. It was a reminder that the war is harsh and it would not matter how much relation there is between people once they are at odds.

The victory at the battle of Alagoineiro was the first major Independentist win in the war in over a year, as the scales would tip once again in their favor, at least in the southwestern theater of the war.

Battle Outcome: Decisive Tiscanodemenese victory! As news spread of this victory war heats up on all theaters at once!

Union of Tiscan-Demene: 9,150 infantry, 45 cannons and mortars, 175 casualties, 3 cannons and mortars lost
Kingdom of Pacgliari: 13,500 infantry, 37 cannons and mortars, 650 casualties, 5,000 captured, 100 executed, 7 cannons and mortars lost, 30 cannons and mortars captured
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Postby Valanora » Sat May 14, 2022 7:41 am

"A snag has appeared in the grand plan to dominate the group it appears and a bit of a dreadful one at that."

"Quite, losing at home was definitely not in the plan for the team to win the group and it makes the rest of the campaign that much more difficult. You can plan to drop points when away from home but a team like ours is counting on take full points when playing at home, the Marauders are known for being nearly unbeatable in the Hatire Memorial and yet they were defeated. It presents quite the quandary and ground to make up during the duration of the campaign."

"Yes, though there was something in the eyes of that Happilopper squad, as if they were possessed by some form of evil that must be otherworldly. The challenges that they were putting in against the squad were reckless and I am entirely surprised that they were not booked for the severity of the challenges that they were committing, particularly against Hawk and Ludwig. Those sort of tackles are the sort of tackles that can put a player out for weeks or months if they are not careful and yet they were committing to them with reckless abandon. There ought to be some sort of formal complaint made against the referee for allowing that sort of behavior to transpire and not controlling the match some more. If one of those were to have injured Hawk or Ludwig, it could have spelled catastrophe for the side."

"Unfortunately that is a risk you run in the game, referees are subject to human error as well as their own judgement of the event and how they personally interpret the rules of the game. While I agree that there were a number of reckless and dangerous challenges that were made against our side in the match, if the referee thought that it was a fair challenge, then you simply have to take it in stride, much like we will have to take the loss of points in stride. The worst part of losing is if you then start to feel sorry for yourself or start to doubt yourself and then do not play up to your abilities in the subsequent matches, letting one poor result snow ball until you find yourself completely out of form and wondering how you got here. The Marauders were always behind the eight ball because of the opening bye, this changes nothing as the side still has their destiny in their own hands, it merely erases the margin for error going forward, which was always going to be a small amount to begin with as the standard of the group is quite a high one. As they say, we move."

"Move on to the next then eh? Well I suppose, still I think it ought be wise that we keep an eye out for more foul play like that which Happilopper employed against us, they provided a blueprint for other squads to use against us with success. It very much feels like the way that Audioslavia likes to play against us, which when it works they manage to get the result, but when it didn't the Marauders were able to exploit all those exposed weaknesses in the squad. The team is going have to study that footage hard and well not just for the rematch later in the campaign but for any potential use of a similar tactic by the rest of the group and trying to dethrone the Marauders. A hunt for six can not happen if we can not even escape out of our own qualifying group after all and we all know that hunt is in the back of the minds of all the staff, players, and most of the fans as well. Especially now when it seems like we are poised the best for that hunt."
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Postby Pasarga » Sat May 14, 2022 7:55 am

"Three straight wins since that opening match defeat and it seems that perhaps it might have been a case of opening match nerves for the Wanderers, don't you think?"

"Perhaps, although the team did not exactly inspire a massive amount of confidence in dispensing with Kyhun last time out. While the match was away from the dual islands, it was a poor performance through and through and we are quite lucky that Elek Salai had one of his better games with the first half brace to let us escape with the full three points. Hopefully the squad will have rested up and got in some much needed team bonding in over the bye so that they are all more on the same page for the rest of this first half. The team still has very difficult games against Tikariot and others left before the end of this half of the qualifying campaign and any slip ups there could mean that there will be a mountain to try and climb in the second half of the qualifiers. The opening loss already made the proposition of winning the group difficult, we do not want to compound it with further poor performances and results."

"Well yes, it was far from the sort of showing that inspires a lot of confidence, but there is something to be said about not just winning on the road but also finding a way to win when you are clearly not in the best of form. I would not be so quick to harshly critique the squad when we know just how difficult these sort of campaigns can be and with a new manager at that. It was not an ideal situation nor outcome but it was still a victory and that alone can breed confidence in the team and keep the morale high as they prepare for those more difficult games. You have to remember, to a lot of other squads, the Wanderers are one of the staples of the game, one of the pillars and a team to be feared as we have that gold star on our crests. For some, our visiting their field is going to be the most important game of all their careers, while for our squad it is likely just another qualifier in their careers and a game that has no extra pressure other than what a qualifier already puts on them. It is all about perspective and understanding why we get the best shots from some of these teams that on paper we should roll over."

"That is fair and I can agree, would still desire to see more of an emphatic result for the Wanderers in these situations though, as in my opinion that is what separates good teams from the truly elite. It has been some time now since the Wanderers have been able to be counted among the truly elite, it is as if we were all lulled into this false sense of wonder and entitlement in that three cycle period of making the Final. Winning only one of those might have been a warning that it was not meant to last and that a crash would come sooner or later, which it inevitable did about two decades after that World Cup triumph. We need to do better if we are to get back to those heights and be competing for regional and World Cup titles as we once were. The last Copa Rushmori was a good start but it should just be that, a start on a long campaign of betterment of ourselves."

"All in due time I believe, the Pasargan will, or stubbornness as some might call it, is quite strong."

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Postby Cassadaigua » Sat May 14, 2022 7:56 am

Six games in,
by Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

We are moving right along in World Cup qualifying, and Group 5 is playing out to be as competitive as we expected. Right now, the Fillies have a record of 5-0-1, and are tied with Electrum for the top spot. They have not played the Turnip lovers yet, and with the head to head matchup with them happening very late on the schedule, we could be in for quite a doozy of a game on the second leg when MD21 comes around. That game gets played in Electrum, so if you are looking for a road game to attend, we could use seeing a large sea of pink in our fellow Rushmori nation. I’m not sure how many of their fans will find their way to Concord Heights for the first leg, as reportedly flights from Electrum to Cassadaigua do not exist. Sarzonia is three points back, but could be seen as being in a three way tie given that they have a game in hand right now. The Stars are our final opponent on the schedule, so a showdown between Cassadaigua and Sarzonia on MD22 at Dagan Airways Stadium? That certainly sounds fun. Ultimately, though, you would love to see Cassadaigua wrap up this group before those matches, but this is a competitive pack of teams with several worthy of playing in the World Cup, itself.

Overall, I think the Fillies have played well but that loss to Magnecia could prove to be costly. You want to see a team rebound from that kind of effort, where they came out flat and uninspired, and the pink and black did just that. Let’s backtrack a little bit to get a handle on what has happened thus far.

World Cup 91 qualifying began for Team Cassadaigua against the relatively unknown nation of Serdtgyu, and right away Dagan pundits, such as myself, were double and triple checking that we knew the right way to pronounce the name of that country. While the Fillies won this match 3-2, there were not many that were impressed with this result, feeling that the team should have won this more handily. And, they are probably right. All things considered, this was an unimpressive beginning to qualifying that saw the team go down 1-0 just six minutes in. We still don’t know the names of the Serdtgyu players, but you never want to let an underdog think that they can pull off an upset on you, and when they have success that early, they get confidence. The Fillies would not score in the first half, but came out playing well after intermission, with goals by Morgan Rosenblatt (53'), Bayley Stanton (61'), and Rachel Boldin (67') to go up 3-1, before conceding one in the 72nd.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that game served as a wake up call. Perhaps the team was confident with the way they played in the second half, but it did not seem as though they made the needed adjustments as they traveled to Magnecia. Manager Brittany Byers was riding a 66-game unbeaten streak, and I tell you, it’s been a real long time since we lost to a team of Magnecia’s stature. At least in World Cup 86, it was a team like Quebec. But give credit to Richard Montana and his Eagles. They weren’t expected to be a defensive juggernaut, but 34-year old veteran Peter Gates and the back end completely dominated Jenna Frontiera and Bayley Stanton, and Morgan Rosenblatt was unable to generate much, either. Chances were even, but the only goal of the match came in 63rd, off the foot of Joe Zimmerman. A defeat in qualifying had happened. Maybe now, the team would have their wake up call.

That wake up call was answered in the home game against The Karodin Tetrarchy, with a convincing 4-0 victory. Jenna Frontiera scored twice, something she really needed personally after struggling in qualifying for World Cup 90. After not scoring in the first two games of this session, you know pundits were ready to destroy her with criticism if a home game against a nation that will likely be one of the bottom feeders also saw her not score. But in the 12th minute, she would. In the 25th minute, she did again, giving the Fillies the quick 2-0 lead. Goals would be added in the second half by Bayley Stanton (53') and Kelsey Werth (80').

The fourth game saw the team travel to Huayramarca, seen as one of the better teams in the group, so there would be no room for a let down in this match and overall I think the Fillies played match better. You don’t expect to dictate play throughout the game, while on the road, against this quality of team but overall the pink and black had the better of chances. The Huayramrcans are known for an offensive style, so we saw Brittany Byers utilize Tara Kriedel as a fifth defender for most of the game, and that seemed to work well. Cynthia Kerr was on her game when the home side got their chances, but still the Fillies could not put anything by the 28-year old goalkeeper, Juan Mamani. While the plays that seemed to be well thought out to generate a goal were stopped, it would end up being a broken play that resulted in the 71st minute Krystal Sherwin goal. Kevin Quispe lost his footing briefly before trying to clear a ball out of danger, and Jenna Frontiera stole possession and had her shot stopped, but not controlled by Mamani. Sherwin was in the right place at the right time, a place she would probably not have been in had Quispe successfully cleared the ball, and delivered the big goal for the win. At 3-0-1, things were starting to look a lot better now.

Game five saw a bit of a surprise as Brittany Byers elected to start Katie Schnapper in goal against Ancherion. Also, Amber Hogan got a start in the back (for Summer Speers), and Chloe Anderson started in place of Bayley Stanton. Like they did against The Karodin Tetrarchy, the Fillies scored early, with Jenna Frontiera getting her third of qualifying, coming in the 14th minute, and Morgan Rosenblatt delivering her first since the opener, in the 29th, to make it 2-0. That is where we were at halftime, and while everything seemed to be going well, the tide of the game abruptly changed in favor of the visitors for the second half. Fans seemed confused with whatever adjustments Bendeguz Gamberlini made as they were so effective. For a while the defense survived the onslaught, but goals in the 59th and 65th minutes, from the high scoring Mamadou Kaur, silenced the crowd. However, this time, Byers would have an answer, as Ancherion never got a good chance after tying the match. Bayley Stanton, who came on as fresh legs in the 72nd minute, would assist on Chloe Anderson’s goal three minutes later, and then deliver the final blow in the 82nd.

The brought us to Darmen, just a short trip within Rushmore for Cassadagans to go to, and we saw a huge amount of supporters going to National Stadium in Scott City for the game. As one of the shortest road trips that could potentially occur for us in qualifying, it was a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to go to a road qualifying game, but some of the longer treks might be a little too costly. You can expect a ton of Darmenis in Concord Heights, as well. We’ve never really had a rivalry with them, but the potential has always been there. Against Darmen, you need to be prepared for a highly physical matchup, so the changes to the Cassadagan roster for this World Cup to add Brianna Ward and Madison Rutland to the defense were perfect for this type of opponent. There was hard tackling all around, but both teams know how to do that while keeping it clean, and despite players on the ground for both sides often, the referee was able to keep cards in his pocket. A 33rd minute goal by Morgan Rosenblatt would be the only score of the match as Cassadaigua survived this physical, though clean, affair, 1-0. Players shook hands and joked after.

All that puts us to that 5-0-1 record. The next match is a home game against Delte, and there will be a protest before the game. No, not by Male Equality Now, but one led by Concord Heights wide receiver Hannah Schulz, and many other players of other sports, with gridiron expected to make up the biggest portion of it. The purpose will be to try and convince Queen Cassie II to allow the sports teams of other sports to continue to play in competitions like the World Bowl. This protest may have been encouraged by the comments of Princess Brianna, and it is anticipated that the Princess will also be on site and joining the protestors. She has not officially said that she will, but most expect her there.
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Postby Zwangzug » Sat May 14, 2022 8:31 am

Neha had gone to several worship services in her investigations. A lot of yajnas, where she hadn't had to participate much, just watch the priests chant over the fire. A couple church gatherings, where she'd stood up and sat down along with the congregation but didn't speak or sing, instead keeping her eyes peeled and taking notes. No one had criticized her or urged her to join in further, although she was not entirely sure whether this was typical for such churches or merely a feature of Zwangzugian introversion.

So while it was not hard to track down some DHA members, knowing how to participate in their gatherings was another issue. In general, she preferred to start by being truthful, if economical. "My name is Neha," she said. "There are several devotees of the archangels in my neighborhood in Guariday, and I want to learn more so I can be a good neighbor."

It wasn't like she was expecting to be given a bite of sacred wumfish--that was expensive and difficult to import, not something to squander on visitors. But she wasn't prepared for the--disdain? chill?--that they greeted her with instead. They were not suspicious, she told herself; they could not know who she was or what she was about. It wasn't that any stranger could be a spy; it was that spies were no worse than any other stranger.

"It is not the duty of the wise," said Lakshmi Dasa of the Glorious Seraphim, "to open the eyes of the simple."

"Yet do you not teach your children of what you believe, and instruct them in the ways of the angels?"

Himmat Chelliah of the Worshipful Cherubim glared at her. "If the angels see fit to make our flesh ripen and bear fruit, that is a duty we shall undertake. Yet the labor of setting an example for the young, that they may know how to speak the truth, does not end at the doors of our households. Each child is a witness who might behold the archangels, if they are diligent. Therefore we do not speak of handing down what we have received only as if it were an inheritance, a bounded thing, but we must fill the world with the words of truth."

"Then the child of another, even of a nonbeliever, is worthy to enter into your fellowship?"

"Of course! If we are bold to proclaim the truth here where we gather together, how much braver are they to speak it even from within prison walls! Thus it is our duty to liberate them from their bondage."

Neha filed this away. "I confess I am indeed a simple woman, yet many are the years I have lived. Am I, then, less worthy to be enlightened, than they?"

"It is not that you are unworthy," said Lakshmi. "Only that you are prejudiced by the weight of false words that constrict your spirit. Newborn souls, not burdened by the lies of this world, are the most pure, the most ready to believe what is disclosed to them."

"Well, yeah," said Neha. "Because they're little kids. If I told a toddler that the moon was made of green cheese, or that people in the FTC turn into werewolves that howl at the moon, or that the random number gods accept the sacrifices of rubber chickens to help football teams, they'd probably believe that too. But that doesn't make it true--"

"Enough!" Lakshmi snapped. "This is a sacred place, where we support one another in our suffering. Do not disgrace it with your cruelty."

The others murmured, repeating after Lakshmi. "sacred...suffering...cruelty."

Neha took the hint. It had been a reasonable lead, but an insufficient one. She would have to go undercover.

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Postby Aleirave » Sat May 14, 2022 8:49 am

A Tale Woven in Time
Part XI: A Lesson in Hopelessness
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X
Banija 3-0 Aleirave
Aleirave 5-0 Quakmybush

The ship was gone, Nikita and Mikhail were stranded, and Aleirave was about to be lost. This was it.

"Well, Mikhail... why didn't you just tell me Aleirave already knew?"
"It's not like you ever told me what the plan was Nikita! If I knew the plan involved letting the Aleiravans know, I would've told you!!"
"...I really shouldn't have kept this a secret... what have I done..."

Mikhail started to think of a plan, if only to ease Nikita's worries. It would take a miracle to get them to Aleirave before the Bedisov and its fleet, and in even bigger miracle to successfully intercept the fleet before it could get there. How was any of this going to be possible? How could this story end in anything other than disaster...

Then, Mikhail had his idea, his big breakthrough. He ran back to the payphone, 1 Oceanic Credit in hand. There was a call he had to make, to the only person who could stop everything from going off the rails...

"Igor? Igor?" he frantically asked as the phone started ringing. "Pick up pick up pick up..."
"Hello?" his Aleiravan cousin responded when he picked up his phone.
"Igor, how wonderful it is to hear from you!"
"Oh, hi Mikhail, what is--"
"I'm gonna need you to help us out here. No biggie, just the future of the island's at stake, that's all..."
"Well... Nikita Annedov had this crazy plan to stop the war, but because he never told me about his plan we wound up stuck on another island, yada yada yada now the Klysevian fleet is headed right towards Aleirave and they don't know that the Eshian government knows they're coming."

Igor took a moment to process his cousin's insane rambling before replying "so what do you want me to do?"

"I need you to take a boat out in the direction of Bestairitza. Make sure the boat is unflagged so they don't know you're Aleiravan. Go as far as you can, no matter what. You need to intercept the Klysevian ships as early as possible, to make sure they don't get close enough to the island to pose a real threat. Board the Bedisov and tell the captain that, AND I QUOTE, 'Nikita ate blueberry pie last week'. Nikita tells me that those words, and those words exactly, will tell the captain that something is afoot and that you're more than worth listening to. That's when you inform the captain that Aleirave knows of Kyslyev's invasion."

"Got it... unflagged boat, intercept the ships, blueberry pie, inform the captain."

"Yes Mikhail?"
"I wish you the best of luck out there. Hopefully, this invasion can never come to pass."
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