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A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Geektopia » Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:58 pm


Categorium: Work (Curated by Migueis in Geektopia) edited by Atham Tasasubsil in Burur cak Noaqsi)
Automobiles (Curated by Naumovic in Geektopia) edited by Christoffer Cappuyns in Chica Saw)
Amusement (Curated by Zahharov in Geektopia) edited by Corion Icepis Samarneta in Aimena)
Household (Curated by Palime in Geektopia) edited by Kalijat Hink in Unimon)
Good Physical Condition (Curated by Blard in Geektopia) edited by Edtacio Bezerra in Campo de Ervas)
Government (Curated by Podjasek in Geektopia) edited by Eskanova Singleton in Sponsertivity)
Faith (Curated by Nke in Geektopia) edited by Taire Ah Oak Guru in Sainterris)
Branch of Knowledge (Curated by Rehnström in Geektopia) edited by Aguilḻar Mendoza Sanafan Ţluknaṟbire in Islas Cardinales)
Competitive Games (Curated by Rifiño in Geektopia) edited by Andreika Rararch Sigi in Aimena)
Technology (Curated by Tschšppeler in Geektopia) edited by Shuan Zawadkun in Aimena)
Travel (Curated by Courtieux in Geektopia) edited by Tamir Tater in Aimena)<======= You are here.
Popular Media & Economy (Curated by Sulkumški in Geektopia) edited by Margharita Abbate in La Fiorita)
Multiverse (Curated by El Baraka in Geektopia) edited by Eva Mariska II Purrlicious Chowder Chocolate in Islas Cardinales)

Courtieux visits each country in Kwandoa, says Chohn-Singh Abirabishnu pirate ship is seeking a bad audience. (Bravo! Onward!)

The act of writing a list in alphabetical order with the items consisting of all of the thirteen conjuncted countries in the Kwandoan continent, the only one which is known to this planet, then travelling to them each in that said order was not thought to have been a worse idea in the travel and tourism when it first came about as a way to kill time outside from the megalo mouth of famed Unimonite megastar, backpacking, and hiking fundi Fideline Ywwlidil (2x guest on The Very Best in Outdoor History talk show), though after the abduction and subsequent disappearance of her in Chohn-Singh Abirabishnu Pirates (as the country is called), the unique missioning challenge proliferated going outside in her home country of Unimon's treacherous mountains and popularized the activity even more after the fact of her disappearance in Geektopia. For some reason, glares of passive-aggressive intent were more common after this in the country which had an orange split-flag encompassing two red bands and an elephant on it and which could be more fittingly called a pirate fleet, as folks who went outside frequently were trying to spend time in each of these countries alphabetically. For most, the obstacle of living in Chohn-Singh Abirabishnu's endless pirate ship for a day –– which the most loyal intelligence in the country say is an anchor in and of itself, it's depth extending that of five miles –– was enough to call it quits. Most had already seen the lacklustre landscape and failed football franchises in the Chinese Congo, dubbing it the most depressing country on the continent, more still, in a set response from 200 people asked which two countries they'd not want to live in most, these lands came up first and second out of thirteen items. Indeed, the two nations which come very early in the alphabet are two heavy demoralizers when it comes to embarking across the continent alphabetically, and for one thing, the influx of people that have been coming into Chinese Congolese borders are probably there for only one day and are the most the tourism industry has ever seen, which is that of a sad fact, but it's seen more as an opportunity for the wasteland to generate a little money.

Traversing the continent by ourselves is hard, so a tour guide will be with us each step of the way. You'd have to start with the land most in Geektopia still want to burn in the form of Aimena. The shocking anti-Geektopian counter-culture is already a sight seen by someone putting their foot in a fantasy land, as nearly all leaders and countries respected and put embassies inside of the first theocracy, while Aimena goes so far to even copy their father land's ideology and take a major economic benefit in aerospace industry away from it by including the city of Witegão in their first peace treaty, denied in 2796.

Anyhow, this tour guide who I didn't know the name of wore upsetting clothes, and so I turned him away at the airport for another Aimenan (this one named Jadran Iinsawtas Tulabu), where a tour guide from the country in which you're flying to sits and accompanies you on your flight under the assumption that it's jetting out of the country in where the airport is situated, of course. And so, in my diary of interpersonal interactions with Jadran, I ask him about the foliage of Aimena, and whether he's really wanted to take up this job during the existence of hostility between Geektopia and Aimena. He answers to me that the only tolerant Geektopians and more are ones who would have wanted to visit the country with an Aimenan tour guide, and in the situation of a hostile person doing so and expecting a nerve-soothing exercise, they'd be setting themselves up for failure. He knows a lot about the political environment, and so I try to prod him more, asking questions like that of how irritated countries bordering the two are getting of this madness. He says that in the case of Unimon, they've been focusing more on distinguishing their capital in tourism by way of pumping out movies with glamorous pork-barrel budget funding from the government, as well as flouting their superb jagged mountains and lake which also serves it's purpose as a freshwater distributary and hot tub, though the government has divided both sides with invisible lines, saying that the eastern part can be used as a hot tub while worse still, the western reaches of the lake (which are colder indeed) will be collected for it's freshwater which comes in voluminous supply. As for other countries, the chubby blonde hunk Jadran doesn't know all that much to say.

He begins to ask me about what I'm reading about on the airplane and I name Constant Tyne’s Proof of Jurisdiction and Individual Thought in Nautical Organisms which was scientifically produced by two of the fifteen truth-seeking researchers who were on Scientific Fealty and Excellence Association's (SFEA) bi-annual reward ceremony who go by the names of Chancelline and Pelsen, Geek born and raised. The experiment takes place inside of a cave in Kings Gate and details an amphibian starfish whose existence is confined inside of a vase for most of the record, where the starfish is lured out with lights and some netting in one instance, and we converse on whether I'd really want to do away with my sanity so much as to look into the scientific legitimacy, independent variable/s, dependent variable/s, and control group of a starfish who escapes from their captivity and paints cramped cave interior with their hues and vibrant colouring. He says that I incline myself to a bit of a voyeuristic view when it comes to science and the areas of study which environ the area of study, in this I feel that he's prepared to share his stories of Aimena with me.

As soon as the thought enters my mind to catechize him, I find that I've only managed to ask the most mundane questions as we land at Okkomagellone in the Toisse-North province of Aimena. I thank my tour guide briefly with a glint in my eyes, and, equipped with a state-of-the-art earpiece which translates the various tones and tongues spoken in this vile land to Geektopian, I ask my way around the bustling scene, though my attention is only with unoccupied taxi drivers. One of the ones I speak with has a thick jovial-sounding voice and speaks in a language which I find so uniquely Aimenan that it seems to elude translation even in my own language. The earpiece triumphs, and this individual tells me his name is Fiezemer, along with the fact that he's one of the more cheaper taxi drivers who's been in waiting for four hours and it'd do him a great deal if I requested his services. He doesn't charge me per-driver, but only per-ride, which gives him a pretty hefty profit margin. I follow him as he speeds through the city with the same speed which I would expect to see from that of a pebble tumbling down a mountain, and with a capital-S swagger, he works his way through the city's endless roads to a lesser-known hotel, where he stops in front of the building which the inexpensive car finally sees a sight in me dismounting it and paying the rider a few cryptos (which are of or nearly the same value as AimBalance notes).

In an entirely new landscape where the sun is setting fast, I find it fortunate that I was able to consult and communicate with a taxi driver for his services in a language not one hundred percent known to me or a travel brochure of the country (albeit not existing to be the most luxurious mode of transportation). I sleep late as I have no business in anyplace (and any city in most countries) that would have me depart before dawn, and awake to a sun rising in the East, one which feels sickly yellow, amongst the purples of sunrise. Upon waking, I see a jet trail in the sky, accompanied by some tail-to-tail choppers which equip helicopter-like features into the airplane that by all means is meant for transportation. A glimpse into one of their windows reveals a family of people who, like me, are more used to the gaze of strangers upon their silhouette. I contemplate the nature of their lives, with everyone seemingly terrified that I've begun to acclimate to the outside world and the social nature of things while only having just set outside of country for a record first time.

The odds of me living in this country and stationing my work here have probably just increased fifty fold, though I will unfortunately and hesitantly have to head for an airport by noon and fly by, this airplane only stopping at the state of Burur cak Noaqsi.
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Postby Brookstation » Sat Jan 15, 2022 1:27 am

This video was uploaded on Wetube on Scott Parker's channel

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in the video was based on my personal opinions. None of the things mentioned in this video reflect the Brook Football Association's opinions.

Well the world cup is back again and the qualifiers are kicking at the door about to kick off anytime now and you know what its time for right ? A review, of course.

Right so welcome back to the channel - your boy is back with another new video. My name is Scott Parker and I make videos on everything related to sports. So if you are a Brook and a sports lover, go and change the colour of the subscribe button.

Firstly, let's talk about the teams who have the highest chance of making it to the world cup. So starting with the top of the table, the team which is going to find their place at the extreme top of the table is without the benefit of doubt, Zwangzug. Zwangzug is by far the most experienced nation in our group in terms of football. In fact just this year, Namiri Forest, a Zwangzugian club went on to win the Champions League. Although they didn't have a great time last world cup, they are without the least benefit of doubt the best team in our group. They are going to dominate the group throughout smashing teams (especially like Brookstation) to get their ticket to the world cup.

At second place I expect previous world cup hosts South Newlandia. I hope that I don't trigger FC 69 Norweigan wood for placing them at second place but I personally have a feeling they are going to have a certain upset which will result them finishing at second place. The team has some great players including the likes of Dhruv Roy, who is personally one of my favourite player. South Newlandia finished third in their group in last year's world cup and their performance in football have been pretty impressive throughout. South Newlandia is the highest ranked team in our group and is surely it's going to be fun to watch them this year as well and they might as well get a ticket to the World Cup.

Next up is Yuezhou. Yuezhou missed out on the second place last year finishing just one place below the second place. Yuezhou had a great performance in the 39th Copa Rushmori reaching the quarter finals before suffering in the hands of Eura. Yuezhou has a set of really talented players in their squad including the likes of Liu Huiying or Luo Dan who play for some of the elite clubs of the multiverse. Their captain, Li Jing plays for Graintfjallean club Steinaux where our defender Kearyn Caceres made a move this year. Needless to say Li Jing has been smashing it in Graintfjall, making it to the team of the season. Their centre back, Yuan Mingrong literally just won the Copa de Campeones with Ararat. Players like Wan Sheping, named in the All-Pro Team of the Rainbow League and Zhu Aiguo is also going to assist the team in their campaign. So you can understand that they aren't going be an easy opponent. Yuezhou has a offensive style of play somewhat similar to that of Brookstation, thus it would be nice to see them face each other. I admit the fact that Yuezhou is definitely a strong footballing nation but I think that the level of competition in our group is fierce with the likes of top dogs Zwangzug and South Newlandia as well as the various emerging teams. Yuezhou is one of the three Rushmori nations in our group and thus I eagerly hope they are successful in bringing some glory to Rushmore at least.

Next are the champions of the 75th Baptism of Fire, Eshialand. Oh my god, this just reminded me of our first football competition where we had such a glorious start just to suffer to Le Choix, who in turn were defeated by Eshialand to get the trophy to their name. Eshialand finished at fourth place last year as well in a quite difficult group consisting of Baker Park and Polkopia. Eshialand is definitely better than the rest of the teams in our group and that is the reason I expect to find them in fourth position by the end of the qualifying stage. Eshialand definitely has a good team including the likes of Jacob Harran and Lucas Meilling and they also have two players playing in the Twin Premier League who have performed pretty well this season so thus I hope they have a good time this qualifying season. Eshialand had a good run in the last IAC reaching the quarter finals before seeing a disappoint exit after losing to Kriegiersien. Eshialand is going to be our main opponent in the run and in all probabilities, Brookstation is going to mess up.

Moving on.. we find ourselves By this time you all must be knowing that I have given up on Brookstation so even expecting us to win 4 matches in the qualifiers will be having great expectations from Robes and company. But let's just hope Soham Misra is able to bring some glory to the club. I mean last time, we started out so well but then started our losing run and we found ourselves at 5th place. Misra will be swapping teams frequently and I just hope this strategy goes well. A lot of pressure will be on Caceres, Angeles and Veum to retain their position in the starting lineup. The performances of John Johnson, Vincent Mignolet and of course, Lance Logan has been really impressive this year and I hope that the newcomers are able to bring a change. Yeah, hoping is all we can do.

Gatchingerrak Union, another Rushmori nation known for playing Ice Hockey. If our team can somehow, just somehow pull a good result against Gatchingerrak Union and the rest of the teams, we might find ourselves at a slight advantage over them. Gatchingerrak Union is the third Rushmori nation in our group who finished sixth in their group last qualifying season. The nation was a pretty strong one in the sport but there inactiveness for a few years saw a slight downfall in their performance over the years. definitely are a good nation who are going to give their best on the field, so I just wish them the best of luck. Clement Mattern-Soh is their best player in my opinion, thus our forwards need to put in some effort in order to break through their defense. Let's just hope that Gatchingerrak Union doesn't cause much of a disappointment for us.

Lisander is a nation known for playing rugby but as far as I know, football isn't that popular a sport there. Thus it is natural to not have much expectations from them. Lisander didn't participate in last year's qualification but they did enter the qualification stage for the 88th World Cup where they didn't have a quite enjoyable time. Thus there wouldn't be much to expect from them but I hope they fall in love with the beautiful game during their run for the World Cup.

Texkentuck made their debut in the quite recent Baptism of Fire 77 but their attempt in their first football tournament turned out to be pretty disappointing, even seeing losses against Straya Roos and Jeeves Land. They finished at sixth place in their group, failing to advance to the Quarter Finals. Apart from this, I don't have anymore information on their football merit, so that's all I have to say but again I look forward to them gaining a lot of experience and having a good time in this world cup qualifying stage.

Texkentuck will be our first opponent in our third qualifying campaign. This is a match where our players need to buckle up and get a victory over them to start this campaign on a positive note. Well we always start with a win, even to current world champions but still at the end of the day find ourselves somewhere in the middle. But that's not the point. The point is if we actually want to qualify rather than treating this as a campaign to do some football practice, we need to win a considerable number of games. Anyway rather than keeping your hopes on the Brookstation team, I suggest everyone to enjoy this world cup and see the best team emerge as the champions. Meet you all in the Pop Smoke stadium tomorrow.
Signing off, Scott.
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We will reach playoffs but never get past that.

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Postby Electrum » Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:00 am


The Turnip: No Seriously, Snap Out Of It
by Billiam Maskey, chief-editor-in-chief

Against your better judgement, you are at the doctor's office. Again. It's around noon and you are starting to feel the lunch pangs. Right now you would normally be having a toast sandwich, a meal commonly preferred by invalids and reading all the latest news on the laptop, or perhaps on your phone.

Instead, the receptionist gives you a wry smile while she speaks to another patient. She knows what you're like. It never had to be like this but your parents insisted that you be here in this unkempt office. There are so many publications to choose from on the coffee table, but you're feeling a bit smart today so you decide to start leafing through the pages of the bourgeois publication The Economist. Too bad you can't focus because the lady next to you is speaking so loudly on the phone and your parents, who brought you here, are just staring into space, hoping, silently praying that everything's going to be okay.

A kindly doctor calls you in. Your parents, knowing that you are an adult that can take care of yourself, stay in the waiting room.

"Here, take a seat," she says, ushering you to the red chaise longue. She impatiently taps the sofa a few times. You acquiesce and lie down, half expecting the argument that is to come.

"So. What progress have you made?"


"You still believe in its existence?"

"I don't believe. I am living in it right now."

"The country that you name 'Electrum' is just a figment of your imagination. It is just a nation you created on the popular nation-simulator RLStates. It's not a real country. I don't care how many of your friends 'roleplay' with you, they're just fuelling your addiction! Your parents want you to stop and I agree. This madness has to end here."

"But, but my next roleplay line will involve every single nation in the World Cup, mysterious listicles with just a hint of comedy, The Computator, and this one really weird obsession with Farfadillis. Please. Don't tell them to send me away."

"This is just a manifestation of your delusions of grandeur and inflated sense of worth. You have idle time and you spend it all on this satanic roleplay. You are nothing. Electrum is nothing. It does not exist. Stop saying it exists. You need to face the truth. Who are you to hold the fate of an entirely fictional nation's citizens in your hands? Those people have rights you know. They may even become sentient and realise their fate is written by a callous author. It's madness."

You stand up, tear in your eye, courageous.

"You can't stop me. For I am Billiam Maskey, and Electrum is not merely a figment of my imagination, it is a reality."

You storm out. You slap your parents in your face as you leave, get back home and start living in your fantasy land. Because that's all you know, and that's all you're good for.
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Postby Eshialand » Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:43 am

World Cup Qualifying 90: Third Time's the Grindset!

A cloud of smoke fills the ENN studio, as a voice belonging to one of two silhouettes announces in a booming voice: "And now, for this special edition of..."
"Karsten, cut it out, you're stealing my lines!"
"Okie doke." Karsten says as he puts down his voice-changer.

"Hello and welcome to this special edition of Tournament Report, where the World Cup Qualifying draw has completed, and this man next to me, one Karsten Rhodes, decided to prank me and send me all the way to Baker Park for the World Cup draw only for Coach Morgan to yell at me all the way home."
"My pleasure!"
"Today, we'll be going through this... odd... group, characterized by an Owls side that's been hit with a dose of political shenanigans, history that's very much non-soccer related, and an absence of any and all teams from regions starting with the letter A!"
"Uh, Josh? Isn't Lisander in Astyria these days?"
"Come on now Karsten, I'm trying to be poetic about the lack of AO and Anaia teams and you're out here being all Astyria on me!"

"So, we'll be going through each of the teams in the order that the Owls will face them--"
"Lose to them!"
"...and break down whether 2023 really is their year."
"I'm pressing X on that!"

(44) Yuezhou
Home MD1, Away MD8

"That's right, for the first time, Eshialand will open up their qualifying campaign at home!"
"...against the highest-ranked team we could've drawn from Pot 3."
"I want a refund!!"
"While our relations with nations in the region of Rushmore may not be the closest--"
"...Josh says as he forgets that most of Eshialand's international domestic transfers have been to and from Rushmori nations..."
"Karsten, shut the fork-- anyway, um... they'll get closer, as the Owls will be making three stops in the region, Yuezhou being one of them. Eshialand actually has a grand total of 0 matches against teams from Yuezhou in... well any sport really, so this will most certainly be a new and exciting experience!"


"Two losses, right?"
"Oh yeah."

(29) Zwangzug
Away MD2, Home MD9

"So the Cup of Harmony!"
"Please don't remind me..."
"We get to relive those memories--"
"I'd rather not..."
"By going back to Zwangzug for our first away match!"
"Just take the two losses, MAKE IT STOP!!!"

(18) South Newlandia
Home MD3, Away MD10

"That's right, for the second cycle in a row, the Owls get to kick off qualifying by playing against the top three teams in the group in quick succession..."
"I do adore the Eshian luck Josh, isn't it just swell?"
"Now, history appears to be on the Owls' side on this one; two of South Newlandia's favorite sports are chess and baseball, and both of those sports played host to a South Newlandia-Eshialand match that made Elephants fans a little less amused than when they walked in that day."
"How is this supposed to make me feel better?"
"With our luck, we pull off at least one draw and make South Newlandian crowds a little unamused about the endeavor."
"Dreamer... nothin' but a dreamer... There's one for all the Chartistanis in the audience!"

(188) Lisander
Away MD4, Home MD11

"So World Cup 88 Qualifying!"
"Josh, I know where this is going and I'd like to kindly ask you to stop..."
"The Owls, in their debut campaign, only managed winning records against two teams, one of them being Lisander, who, after skipping last year, have returned for another go!"
"Oh wait that's actually a pleasant surprise..."
"How is it a surprise? You literally made a comment about Lisander earlier!"
"Because it's in my contract, I have to be surprised. Anyway, uh, what was so eventful about Lisander anyway? Something something win and a draw, something something George Habisbrauer having a romantic movie moment... what's really there?"
"We beat them at our worst and anything less than two wins against them would be a crime!"
"Thanks for jinxing it, now I think I'll go cry into my pillow..."

(140) Gatchingerrak Union
Home MD5, Away MD12

"Tut tut tut, you can't just be leaving now, there's a Gatchingerrak to unionize!"
"Josh, have you lost your mind again?"
"Wait, er, we're playing the Gatchingerrak Union. Hockey fans will love this name! The memories of the World Junior Hockey Championship, edging past GGU to etch their spot in the semi-finals on their way to a feeling of glory that hasn't crossed Eshian minds in the year and months since..."
"None of that applies tho--"
"They're ranked 140th."
"And SOLD! To the announcer over there for the low low price of two wins!!"

(109) Brookstation
Home MD6, Away MD13

"There always has to be another team from BoF 75 in these groups, isn't there? First Sendhang..."
"Dearest Maggie that was a terrible home defeat..."
"Then Aut-Ves-Nat..."
"And apparently, for the last Rushmori stop on this qualifying hell-trip, Brookstation!"
"Which ones were they again?"
"4-0 group stage, eliminated by becoming the fourth of six teams to be handed a Le Choix patented clean sheet in the octofinals..."
"So what I'm gathering is that anything is possible from them."
"Win and a draw?"
"You're thinking too highly... win and a loss."

(308) Texkentuck
Away MD7, Home MD14

"Lastly, Texkentuck!"
"Texkentuck. They're certainly a name that's been going around lately! And I have no doubt in my mind that the Owls can win this one twice, and take it out with a bang right at home!"
"You know what? I'll agree with that. I just will."
"Great to hear that we can finally agree on something!"

"So, Karsten, how do you feel about the Owls' odds in this group? Where do they place?"
"Say it together?"
"On three. One, two, three!"


"...really Karsten?"
"I may be pessimistic, but your math is straight-up wrong."
"Ugh... can we get a commercial break in here? I need a minute to deal with him..."
"Oh please no, ANYTHING BUT THE AD--"

"After taking Zalaxxa for just one week, 90% of testers found that their constipation was significantly reduced or even cured!"
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Postby Atheara » Sat Jan 15, 2022 3:50 am

It's Round 3, With Hiccups, And What's AORTA?
Kevin Laycent - Nuzel deals with the World Cup, ABL hiccups, and finds out about AORTA.

Oh goodness. What was Kevin going to do after this. He hadn't been checking social media ever since he had announced a female substitute bench in the hopes of creating a gender friendly national football team. He was doing a lot of paperwork because he had been dealing with many hiccups for the Athearan Baseball League, which was originally planned to start after the World Baseball Classic. But because of this hiccup in terms of scheduling, he had to move it to after the World Cup, and the schedule along with the ASL was fine. Finance was also an issue, as well as a few more smaller issues when it comes down to the bigger, more general picture of the ABL. After skimming a few more papers, his phone ringed with a call.

"What the hell?" It was the manager of the football team, Tobias Oslegard. Kevin picked up the phone and opened up the call. "Hey Kevin, how is it doing?" Tobias asked as Kevin hears what seems to be chatter between two people, a male and a female in the background. "What do you mean by how it's going?" Kevin asked back, was it about the reception about the national team or what? "The national team duh, and of course if you're worried, reception has been good. I know how you think, Kevin." Oh good, if reception was good then everything will be fine. Even the Councilliary Guard, Eriana Delis herself was surprised with the proposal for a mixed national team for football.

"Have you seen our World Cup Qualifying group?" Tobias asked Kevin. Kevin hadn't been on social media so he had missed Atheara's WCQ group. "Nope, haven't seen it." Kevin answered, and Tobias ended the call. Before Kevin was able to ask to himself why, Tobias sent a message to him, it was the World Cup Qualifying group that Atheara is in for this World Cup. It was a list of the nations, and all Kevin could say was, "Oh goodness me." As he read the list to himself, while closing the curtains of a nearby window as it had started raining.

Group 13
Kingdom of Voidstania

A second and third clash against World Cup champions Ko-oren, and two rematches against the team that knocked Atheara from WC89 playoff contention, Valladares. It was safe to say this might get a bit messy. "Thanks for telling." Kevin texted Tobias back and went to sit down on his desk as he closed his phone, to continue skimming over a few non-important documents and files. As he sat down, there was only one massive thought inside his already filled mind, 'This WCQ is not going to be fun, isn't it?' As that thought enteed his mind, someone bursted into his office. 'Oh god.' Kevin thought as he saw who came inside. It was the Minister of Internal and Foreign Athearan Affairs, Kletzka "Klee" Wildenhort.

Klee was always a bit of a nutcase when it came into matters about Atheara or what happens inside the Imperial Council, Kevin only hoped she wouldn't do something crazy as she would usually do. "I have good news. And you're one of the few who haven't heard it!" Klee shouted with excitement, oh boy. "Alright, what is it?" Kevin asked as he took a glass of water and drank a bit. "Atheara is now part of AORTA!" When Klee said AORTA, Kevin sprayed his water out from his mouth. Did she really make Atheara part of some international organization and she did it without telling anyone? "Did you tell Madam Delis about this? And what in the world is an AORTA?" Kevin asked Klee. He was intrigued, to be honest.

"I did of course! Sister Eri wouldn't be happy if i didn't. Also, AORTA is a collection of primarily Anaian nations who have agreed to visa-free travel to their nation from other nations within the Area, where the purpose of that travel is for tourism and/or leisure. And yeah, that was from the wiki!" Klee answered. Damn, sometimes she does act like a child. Kevin also didn't care about what Klee called Madam Delis, and Eriana herself never really cared what she was called, really. "Right, i gotta tell the remaining few!" Klee said as she rushed out of Kevin's office and closing the door.

"Things might start to change here with the more younger members." Kevin said to himself outloud. He will check the wiki about AORTA later, the situation with the World Cup was currently of utmost importance to himself, and maybe a few others.
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Postby St Trinians » Sat Jan 15, 2022 3:55 am

There was blood in the water. Amy could smell it. At her insistence, St Trinians entered their third world cup campaign with an unchanged lineup. That had angered several notable people, who for some reason or another wanted this player or that on the team. Sometimes it was a genuine belief that they were football's next big thing, but other times it was political. Amy was no stranger to the chaotic landscape of St Trinians' politics, having been a negotiator for the country's ruling Matriarch before being given the job of football coach. St Trinians had a complete absence of laws, so politics functioned as a way for the various factions to generate enough power to impose their will on the populace. The generally accepted method was to prove your point of view was right, and in St Trinians, "might is always right."

As a general rule, football in St Trinians had been a casual affair, with poorly organised leagues where school-tie rivalries and a complete regard for rules usually meant the games were more blood sport than ball sport. But the surprising success of the national team had changed that. Now the biggest groups in the country were taking an interest, and that spelled trouble for Amy and her 23 players. She had resisted the pressure so far, but she knew it would increase. Sooner or later, there would be bloodshed.
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Postby Indusse » Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:18 am

Off to the World Cup,We Go!

After their defeat in the Independents Association Championship Semi-Finals against the who would be the champion team of Adab, Indussean National Team arrives for their participation in the Ninetieth edition of the Nationstates World Cup hosted by Commonwealth of Baker Park and Vilita. This World Cup would be the 9th World Cup in which the National team participated. The 90th edition would also witness Indusse's national team coach Shane Newman's new tactics which would bring the team into one of the best teams in this multiverse as well as the final world cup tournament of Indussean Legend and Captain Baskar H Kumar. The spectators would also witness the rise of a new captain this season. As the news says the first spotlight would be on Shane Newman, the Baker Park born National Team manager.

Shane Newman joined the Indussean National Team succeeding Joseph Moteudi who had been the best coach the nation had till then. J. Moteudi who had the Hero identity between the players left the team after the continuous lesser outcome of victory in different tournaments. Shane joining the team was overlooked by the indigenous media mainly due to two reasons. The first one was that Shane Newman is the first non-Indussean as well as experienced Manager of the Indussean National Team. The nation had a history of having Indussean born coaches as the National Team Manager. Secondly, the fans as well as the board members had doubts about how can Shane change the path of the team from losing towards victory. The team remained with the same players and Moteudi who has been coaching the national team for years couldn't get them into victory. The practicality of how a newcomer can get the team towards a total football playing team was questioned.
Shane Newman is a Baker Park born, who took the chance to become the first NT Manager for Havynwilde with an understanding that he would have time & resources to build from scratch. He was hounded by negative media coverage, the unrealistic expectations of supporters & the governing body, and no investment to correct the dearth of talent in the domestic league. He was unceremoniously fired while out of the country on holiday. He'll consider his time there a learning experience. He was the chief defensive architect for the Baker Park National Team in the first three WC cycles. He who is aged 49 and married with three children--a boy and two girls, promised to look to the domestic league for talent by focusing on technique, pace, and positional flexibility.

His new recruits could be brought to the light with Baskar Kumar retiring and new players coming into the camp. He included a better food schedule, more exercises but of lesser difficulty, frequent talks with each one in the camp, fifteen minutes of tactic storming before each match, two days to one-week fun trips after every tournament even if they win or lose and even sharing personal experiences between the camp members. The new changes in the system as well as the calm and closeness of the coach towards each one of the players let them be reserve players or the main playing eleven, boosted the confidence as well as created a bond between each and everyone one leading to the rise of a large amount of Teamspirit and Sportsmanspirit. The new changes brought a lot of criticism but the manager was supported by the former coach Moteudi as well as the board members. The real result of these changes was seen in the thirteenth edition of the Independent Association Championship hosted by Poafmersia. The team rose to a stage where it drew major teams and defeated some of them and finally qualified for the playoffs. They kept winning and in the finals faced a rather strong team from HUElavia. Everyone was happy with the team at least reaching the finals and many thought HUElavia would defeat Indusse. Destroying all thoughts and surprising everyone, Indusse defeated HUElavia in the thirteenth edition of the Independents Association Championship and got its first major Championship.
The team and its staff rose to fame with the victory over HUElavia. It started to get seen as a major team of this multiverse. They came up to the semifinals of Independent Association Championship 14 hosted by Belnegau with zero defeats and just a single draw. But this time too, there was a surprise waiting. They lost against Adab in the semifinals but won against Kriegiersien in the Third place Playoffs securing the third position. Shane is now one of the best, loved and celebrated staff in the history of Indusse. They would be loved always because they produce the Di Bradinis and Legends of the future.

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Postby Mertagne » Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:52 am

Browsing your local video site, you see that the algorithm has recommended you a video titled The hidden secret under a nation's most famous football stadium, from a "Bloem Hott". Intrigued, you click it.

A middle-aged man is stood in a plaza, wearing a dark green t-shirt and jeans. Behind him is a large building, with one straight wall decorated in an ancient Gothic Revival Style.

"I'm here at the Neorudo Cop Limy Stadium. If you've been to Neorudo in the last... forever, you've probably been in or around here. The stadium, formerly the Leorudo Olympic Stadium, has a deeper history than you'd think, and a weird secret."

The video speeds up as the man walks into the stadium, around the foyer, down a corridor, and past a set of double doors, which obscure the shot and cut to a similar but ever-so-slightly different set of doors, that open into an older corridor, filled with ancient brickwork, that arches a bit too low for modern standards. The man faces the camera as he walks backwards, slowly.

"The stadium was abandoned when the ancient city state of Leorudo fell into ruin, but was entered again by Mertagnian refugees fleeing the Corvidae War. The stadium posed a great place to co-ordinate after making the perilous journey across the Bekk, and also boasted a modern art section - that now exists as the FMF museum. But, several years later, when the stadium was once again a stadium, and undergoing renovations, they found - this."

The camera pans to the man's left, as he has now entered a large room, to reveal what looks like a Victorian train station. On one of the tracks is a large, red steam train, which whistles as the steam dissipates around the room, collecting in a vent at the top of the arch.

"That's right - an steam train, several hundred feet underground! What's even weirder about it is that, as you can see, this is a train terminus, but there's no track behind it. This train just exists, here, unable to move forwards or backwards."

The video cuts to a carriage inside the train, where the man sits with a woman.

"To find out exactly how this came about, I spoke to local historian Emmile Tredini."

"It's certainly peculiar that this steam train, and its accompanying station, was found under the stadium, let alone the fact that the track doesn't lead anywhere. However, inside the station, several papers were left behind, and they have since been translated from Old Neorudan to reveal that this was to be an underground train station that would connect the stadium to the rest of the city."

"And they just never completed it?"

"It seems that the project was plagued by difficulties. Worker strikes, faulty drilling equipment, and attacks from 'weevils' were common, causing the project to be indefinitely delayed. All that remains is this short piece of track, and the train, called "The Red Lion", which was perhaps constructed right here in this chamber as some sort of photo opportunity."

The video cuts to the man stood in front of the train.

"It's believed that the train never once completed a journey, and has simply sat here gathering dust. But that's about to change. A few months ago, the Neorudo Culture Commission revealed that they had purchased the Red Lion, and that they plan to begin the painstakingly slow process of deconstructing the train piece by piece, and reconstructing it back above ground. Once this is complete, they claim that it will be used on the Neorudo Heritage Line, as a tourist experience to bring people from the local airport up the mountain."

"So, while the Red Lion has slept under this stadium for several decades, she might soon become the pride of her fleet. If you live near the line, keep your ears peeled for her distinctive roar."

The train whistles once again - this time a whistle with a deeper, more throaty roar behind it.
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Postby Barunia » Sat Jan 15, 2022 5:25 am

Group 9
1 New Zhengguo (UR)
2 Barunia (52)
3 Natanians and Nosts (102)
4 Indusse (82)
5 Nephara (5)
6 Milchama (121)
7 Pekoland (216)
8 Independent Athletes from Quebec (33)
The National Football Board of Barunia has released the schedule for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, following the group draw. Barunia are the third seeds in group 9, behind Nephara and the Independent Athletes of Quebec.

The first match for the Suns will be a home game, against newcomers Pekoland. The nation is fresh from the Baptism of Fire, and will face off against Barunia at Sam Garcia Field. The ground in Northport-San Baptiste traditionally hosts the first match of the Suns’ qualifying campaign, a tradition that dates back to Barunia’s own post-Bof campaign, way back in WC64. It will be the only match the ground hosts in what is a shorter qualifying campaign than in previous cycles.

The Suns than travel to New Zhengguo, an unranked team. Barunia will have an easy time of it for the first two matches, but things should heat up on Matchday 3. The Suns will be at home, and this time head to Memorial Stadium for a meetup with the Independent Athletes of Quebec. The teams last met in the most recent Cup of Harmony, where Barunia were knocked out by the Quebecois. The Suns will be looking for revenge, and it will be a fierce match at a ground affectionately known as “the Birdcage”. This will be the biggest challenge for the Suns so far, not just because of recent history but because the IAQ are ranked almost 20 points ahead of them

The Suns will stay in Edwardton to take on Natanians and Nosts, before heading to Indusse for matchday 5. Then its home and off to the nation’s capital to take on Nephara.

Way back in Baptism of Fire 51, where Barunia were knocked out in the quarterfinal, Nephara would go on to win. Since then, the paths of the two nations have taken very different trajectories, with Nephara also claiming a Cup of Harmony and two World Cups, the last one coming just three cycles ago. Currently ranked 5th in the world, the Cormorants will be the team to beat. Fittingly, this “Class of 51” match up will take place at Sun Stadium in Porthaven.

The first half of qualifying will end with a trip to mid-ranked Milchama. In the second half, Barunia will have three home games, with New Zhengguo facing the heat at Bayview stadium in west Tildos on Matchday 9, before a return to Sun Stadium to play 4th seed Indusse on Matchday 12. Barunia will also end the campaign with a home game against Milchama, which will take place at the picturesque Bayview Stadium.

Barunia Schedule
MD1: vs Pekoland - Sam Garcia Field, Northport San-Baptiste, North Islands
MD2: @ New Zhengguo
MD3: vs Independent Athletes from Quebec - Memorial Stadium, Edwardton, Marion
MD4: vs Natanians and Nosts - Memorial Stadium, Edwardton, Marion
MD5: @ Indusse
MD6: vs Nephara - Sun Stadium, Porthaven, Havenia
MD7: @ Milchama

MD8: @ Pekoland
MD9: vs New Zhengguo – Bayview Stadium, Bayview, Tildos
MD10: @ Independent Athletes from Quebec
MD11: @ Natanians and Nosts
MD12: vs Indusse - Sun Stadium, Porthaven, Havenia
MD13: @ Nephara
MD14: vs Milchama - Bayview Stadium, Bayview, Tildos
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Postby Estorvipa and Estorpiva » Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:56 am

(OOC: This is the continuation of the story of the foundation of the Federal Republic of Estorvipa and Estorpiva. The first part can be found here (1), and the latest part can be found here (2).)

"Major, I think you just took a wrong turn," Junior Lieutenant Olga Titovna Grisenko said to Major Grigoriy Dmitriyevich Umalin as the latter drove out of the underground car park of the Feuerstadt city hall. What had originally been supposed to be a meeting between opposing sides in the Estorian Civil War to secure a peace treaty between each other had become a fight with survival not only for the leaders of the Federation of Estorvipa, the Republic of Estorpiva, and the State of Estorpiva; but also for the Pridnestrovian operators tasked with securing the peace treaty between the warring Estorian factions. Despite all evidence to the contrary, it appeared that the Blue Skulls militia had gotten word of the intent of the leaders of the State of Estorpiva to sue for peace with the Pridnestrovian-backed factions, and now the Skulls were intent on killing everyone in the city hall to stop the peace treaty from going through. The Pridnestrovians and their allies in the area, the guerrilla force known as the True Pivan Protection Forces, were currently defending the city hall against the onslaught of Skulls forces in order to buy time for their other operators to escort the leaders of the rebel factions of Estorvipa and Estorpiva out of Feuerstadt. But despite settling upon an escape plan, it would appear that the plan was falling apart right at the start, all because of a wrong turn.

"What are you talking about, Lieutenant? What do you mean, I took a wrong turn?" Major Umalin asked Junior Lieutenant Grisenko as the former put his foot on the accelerator and drove away from the city hall as fast as he could.

"You were supposed to take a right turn right out of city hall, Major!" Grisenko repeated. "Now you've taken a left turn, and now you're going to drive us right into the Skulls!"

"I said no such thing!" Umalin said back immediately. "I said we needed to turn left to get to the airport!"

"You did, Major, you certainly did,” Grisenko insisted. “I remember you saying it right before we got out of the park!”

“I said turn left, not turn right, Lieutenant! Are you telling me that I am misremembering my own words?” Umalin asked.

“I’m just saying that there’s a possibility that you might have misremembered stuff,” Grisenko shrugged.

“Oh, come off it, Olga Titovna,” Umalin muttered.

Right on cue, the radio clipped to the strap of Umalin’s plate carrier crackled. “Major Umalin, you need to turn that car around right now!” said the person on the other end.

“Who is this? How did you get this frequency?” Umalin asked on the radio. “And why should I turn this car around if I don’t even know who you are?”

“Alfa-One, you bloody idiot, this is Alfa-Two!” Major Klaudia Glaser almost screamed back. “You’re going in the wrong direction! Turn that car around right now or you’re going to get right into the thick of the fighting!”

“What are you talking about, Alfa-Two? I’m right on the road to the airport!” Umalin said matter-of-factly.

“Grigoriy Dmitriyevich, this is Mstislav Vladimirovich,” said Captain Mstislav Andropov, the other Pridnestrovian operator with Glaser in the other car with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Estorpiva and the other leaders of the State of Estorpiva. “Major Glaser is right, You need to turn the car around because you’re headed right for where the Skulls are attacking the city hall!”

“Slava, don’t tell me you think I took a wrong turn too!” Umalin said.

“I don’t think you took a wrong turn, Grisha; I know you took a wrong turn!” Andropov immediately replied. “Now turn the fuck around before you get yourself and your VIPs killed!”

“What’s that? I can’t hear you over the sound of the gunfire outside!” Umalin shouted.

In the back of Umalin’s car, President Kiril Fedorchuk of the Federation of Estorvipa and Denys Ihorovych of the State of Estorpiva looked at each other with some trepidation. “What are they talking about, Kirill?” Ihorovych asked Fedorchuk. “You’re the one who’s been around these people the most! Do you understand what they’re talking about?”

“I don’t know enough Pridnestrovian to buy a bottle of vodka, Denys,” Fedorchuk shrugged. “But it does sound like they’re talking about something that none of them like at all.” In truth, however, Fedorchuk could understand what the Pridnestrovians were saying, and it was putting him on edge. And it didn’t help that the sounds of gunfire was getting louder.

“Hang on a minute,” Umalin said as he continued down the road. “This doesn’t look like the road to the airport at all.”

“What have I been telling you this whole time, sir?” Lieutenant Grisenko said to him.

Der’mo,” Umalin muttered. “Now this is embarrassing, isn’t it? I’ll have to find somewhere to turn this thing around without arousing suspicion and... oh, no.”

Umalin slowly brought the car to a stop as the headlights shone upon what appeared to be a hastily erected checkpoint on the road. There were armed men manning the checkpoint, but they didn’t wear anything that would identify to which unit they belonged. Umalin couldn’t tell if the men manning the checkpoint were with the True Pivan Protection Forces or the Blue Skulls. And the weapons that they were carrying were not reliable indicators of their allegiance as well since both the TPPF and the Skulls used weapons made by the Imperium (the Skulls, being affiliated with the Imperium-allied Estorvipan Commune, were provided Imperium weapons right from the manufacturer, while the TPPF scavenged those Imperium weapons from Skulls and PPF soldiers killed by the TPPF’s guerrilla operations).

“What do we do now, Major?” Grisenko asked Umalin once the car had come to a stop.

“I’m thinking about it, Lieutenant,” Umalin replied. “We don’t know if they’re Skulls or TPPF. We can’t just start blasting away at them because of that.”

“So what? We just wait until they blast us? We have to find out whose side they’re on before the bullets start flying, Major!” Grisenko insisted.

“Of course I know that, Lieutenant! I’m trying to figure out a way to get us out of this mess!” Umalin said. “You don’t happen to speak Pivan, do you?”

“What? Are you kidding me, Major? Of course not!” Grisenko replied.

“That’s one plan scuppered immediately then,” Umalin muttered. And then he felt a light tap on his shoulder. Umalin turned around to see that it was President Fedorchuk. “If I may, Major,” Fedorchuk said, “I believe I may be able to talk to these people.”

“You speak Pivan, sir?” Umalin asked him.

“I won’t be able to pass as a native, but I can speak some Pivan, Major,” Fedorchuk nodded.

“Very well, then,” Umalin nodded. “Ask them who they are and if they are with the TPPF.”

“Okay,” Fedorchuk nodded. He then rolled down the window on his side and was about to poke his head outside when Umalin cautioned him, “Don’t go outside the car, sir.”

“Understood,” Fedorchuk nodded back, and then he cleared his throat and asked in a loud voice, “Are you with the TPPF?” He asked the question in Pivan first, and then he switched to Vipan. The men on the checkpoint said something back to him, but Fedorchuk couldn’t understand it through the gunfire happening just a few blocks away from them. “I can’t hear you!” he said in both Pivan and Vipan. “Speak up!”

“What the hell is going on here?” Umalin asked himself as the guards began gesturing wildly in all directions. His hands hovered over the steering wheel and gearshift of the car in nervous anticipation of what could happen next.

“Are you TPPF?” Kirill Fedorchuk repeated, and this time the guards set aside one of their checkpoint’s wooden barriers and began pointing to an alley to the left. “What is that? What is that supposed to mean?” Umalin asked loudly this time. “Are they telling us to go into that alley or what?”

“Do you want us to go in there?” Fedorchuk asked the guards in Pivan and Vipan once again.

“I have a bad feeling about this, Major,” Grisenko muttered, and she tried to check the chamber of her Kalashnikov rifle as discreetly as she could. Meanwhile, the guards continued gesturing towards the alley, but now their gestures were getting more urgent, as if they were now actively commanding Umalin to go there.

“Is it safe in there?” Fedorchuk asked the guards. “Are we not going to be attacked if we go there?”

“That’s it,” Umalin said. “I’m backing out of here. They’re not giving us any straight answers. Close your window, Mr. President.”

Clearly, the car backing up was not the outcome desired by the guards, and Grisenko could only shout a warning, “Watch out!” before the guards opened fire on their car.


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Postby Eura » Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:19 am

This RP is set during WC89/Euraleague Season 48, so at least a year ago, as the Euran timeline has Euraleague Season 49 coinciding with Copa Rushmori 39 and WC90 qualifying. The next RP will jump forward over that period to the present and deal with the consequences, and the next stages of the Nyowani Kitara RP

Ian Smith was lifted from his slumber by the crackle of thunder outside his window. He glanced over at the digital clock on his bedside table.
His gut started to rumble, and his nerves had come alive. Eura’s Prime Minister had fathered several children, but none of them had caused him as much grief as the triplet of referenda he had unwisely sired. Smith clicked refresh on his tablet, and the livestream began to play.
’…and you can see it at home, on the screen behind me, where we are now with the Territories tally, as we might be tempted to call it. 18 counties have declared out of 90 and so far we’re at just shy of 3 million votes for Atlantian Oceania, against a slightly higher figure for Anaia of just over 3.1 million. Professor Roe-Barnes, what do you make of this?’
‘John, it’s still probably far too long to go tonight before we can start making any predictions. But so far, I’d say there is a clear emerging pattern, the one thing that most analysts were predicting tonight, and that’s a big divergence between cities and towns and rural areas, and between west and east.’
‘And in what way is that split laying out Professor?’
‘Anaia have come out ahead in only 7 of the first 18 counties but lead by over 100,000 votes so far, because the seats – sorry, force of habit, I should say counties – the counties they have won have been majorities in cities. They’ll perhaps be a little disappointed with how tight the five declared Magnaeus counties have been, they only really got a big lead in Magnaeus Central where they topped 200,000 votes in a single county for the first time tonight, but otherwise it’s been enough to get them ahead. The Busby Cross result is the most remarkable of the night, a huge 67% majority in the southwestern Fligsive suburbs that may be ominous for the AO campaign, who were hoping to restrict their opponents to limited victories in the hugely populous capital.’
‘Well, that could be crucial then later on, when we’ll be seeing many of the Fligsive counties declaring, and we’ve got a number to come from Magnaeus, Bakermouth and Burgess where the Anaian campaign can be confident. Shouldn’t that be enough for the Anaians?’
‘Not by a long shot John – they need to do well enough elsewhere to not slip behind, and it hasn’t been all bad for the AO campaign so far. They won big with 57% of the vote in Shrina on an 83% turnout, and Magnaeus Outer Southwest is an impressive victory where they weren’t fancied. If they can replicate the Shinra and Newton results across the west and south, they’ll be giving the Anaians a lot to do in the cities toward the end of the night.’
‘Thank you, Professor…’

Smith harumphed. Nothing was clear yet, then. He drifted off and away. Some-time later, the text underlying the feed came on by itself after he unconsciously nudged his device.


EBC NEWS POLITICS LIVEBLOG – Results of referendum in Euran Oceania Territories flooding in
- Live coverage of trio of referenda taking place in Eura and Euran Oceania Territories. Edited by Wilbur Anderville
- 31 counties have reported out of 90; AO 5.1m, Anaia 5.5m
- Three exit polls predicted tight result in E.O.T
- Almost all counties recording over 80% turnout
- Voting has not yet ended in former Sameba and Euran electoral system contests

Previous posts hidden – click here to refresh

02:30 – For those just tuning in, the last hour or so has been an absolute barnstormer. It started with the first county of the night to record 200,000 either way, Magnaeus Central, at which point most counties were going towards Atlantian Oceania (AO), but Anaia was winning the popular vote, which is what really counts in this referendum. Since then, Anaia’s lead has grown to over 300,000 votes, helped by losing only narrowly in parts of AO-leaning Rattford and Hyford in the southwest, but driven mainly by an absolutely astonishing pair of results in Burgess.

There, the heavy Anaian (particularly Audioslavian) diasporas of the city and its surrounding areas delivered the most one-sided results of the night, with a massive 247,847 people voting for Anaia in Burgess’ Shipbuilding Quarter, 69% of the vote. They also recorded some big wins in Fligsive and Magnaeus, at one point leading by nearly half a million votes. But the AO campaign were then rejuvenated by thumping victories in the Phoenix and Borderlands districts of Magnaeus, recording a near-draw in the Sunrise district of Burgess, plus victories in the past ten minutes in Eastlands (Hyford) and both Whittorian Isles seats.

We’re expecting to hear shortly from the 32nd county set to report, Ripe Fields (Hyford), a predominantly rural county expected to lean heavily towards the AO campaign. Before then, we’ve just had some sage advice from the legendary elections and polling expert, Professor Simon Roe-Barnes, on EBC One: ‘Although it might be tempting to make bold predictions now, there is a very, very long way to go tonight. The last half-dozen results have been extremely positive for the AO campaign, bar a 45-55 defeat under an immense 93% turnout in Magnaeus Outer East. And yet the Anaia campaign leads by hundreds of thousands of votes, and, after Ripe Fields, we are expecting to hear from a number of big city seats.’

02:32Wallace Guzby, a prominent right wing political commentator back in Eura and a staunch supporter of the campaign for AO, was also on EBC One just now: ‘I think we’re right back in it…a lot of people might have thought after those Burgess results earlier, “oh my, this could go anywhere”. But a bunch of workshy Audioslavians turning up to what they thought was the dole queue shouldn’t be confused for any kind of momentum. We’re in a really good place.’

Horrible bigotry aside, could Wallace be right? Coming straight back at him was Jerome Paine, considered by many the voice of the party-less centre-left in the Territories, with over 4 million followers on his twii.tur account: ‘Firstly, what an abhorrent thing to say…I can only assume you’re just mad that Banijan paratroopers aren’t romping into Burgess docks to turf all the ballot boxes into the bay! The Expats are speaking and soon will have spoken and, well, just look, Anaia is winning. I think the lead will get bigger.’ Right, well I suppose that was a marginally less unpleasant slight on some foreigners, but anyway…

RESULT – Ripe Fields (Hyford) – AO 60 ANAIA 40 (Turnout 84%)
That is the second biggest win of the night for AO! They’ve trounced their opponents in the rural communities neighbouring Hyford, topping 60% of the vote for only the second time tonight and 200,000 votes for only the third time. That reduces the Anaian lead to around 275,000 votes.

02:34 – We are now having a short break and will return soon.

02:39 - …and we’re back! Coming up next are some really big city counties.

Professor Simon Roe-Barnes on EBC One: ‘The worst results tonight for the AO campaign have come in the cities but particularly in Fligsive, which, with its population of 9 million and electorate of over 7 million, could be decisive in this referendum. But we’ve only heard from 2 of the 18 counties in and around the city, both of which were expected to be heavy wins for Anaia with large native Mertagne citizen populations and a younger electorate; it’s been confirmed now, coming up next, we’ll have Roxbury and Fligsive North, two other “capital counties” which are both considered possibly competitive, and it’s really crucial for the AO campaign that they can start narrowing the Anaian victories in these areas. The AO side have less city counties predicted to go their way so the ones they do lose cannot be lost too heavily. On the other hand, we have also got counties from Bakermouth to come, after the first of 8 or so Bakermouth-region seats returned an unexpectedly low 47-53 victory for Anaia earlier. If that is repeated across the Territories third biggest city, the Anaia campaign could be in big trouble.’

02:41 – We are expecting to hear from Roxbury momentarily, but our on the ground reporters at the AO and Anaia campaign headquarters have both checked in ahead of a hugely important ten-minute burst of results:

Katie Green with the Let’s Go AO! (LGAO) campaign in Magnaeus: ‘Until that news from outside Hyford, I don’t think you could have heard a pin drop here, where campaigners desperate to see the Territories stay Atlantian Oceanian were quietly mortified at early results in Burgess and Fligsive. But better than expected results here in Magnaeus, propped up by the heavily canvassed Quebecois refugee community and offers of Vilitan trade from the Tropicorp Free Trade Zone, alongside some big wins elsewhere, have resorted faith. When AO’s 65,000 vote victory in Ripe Fields was read out, the entire room roared.’

‘Now there is a febrile atmosphere as they look to chase down Anaia’s small lead with two thirds of the Territories’ counties yet to report. Nevertheless, there’s reason for them to be nervous; I’ve just spotted LGAO campaign pollster Ronan Burton silently watching the TV’s waiting for the coming results from Fligsive and Bakermouth. Big defeats in the next half a dozen or so counties and it could be game over – but if the AO vote holds up decently in either city its game on. If it holds up in both then suddenly the AO campaign are in the driving seat.’

Sam Pearson at the Anaia World Is Possible! (AWIP) campaign headquarters in Fligsive: ‘I’m not sure the Royal Directus hotel is equipped for the amount of champagne bottles that will be needed ten minutes from now. AWIP are very, very confident about Fligsive and Bakermouth. Roxbury and Fligsive North have both reportedly topped 90% turnout, and in the former in particular the Anaian campaign are hawkish about their chances. The trade-off is, of course, that anything less than a series of victories could set the hares running.’

‘I’m hearing that AWIP are a little less confident about Bakermouth after the unexpectedly narrow win in the Lords District earlier, and some faith in the belief that “the cities will win through” has been shaken by results in Magnaeus. Fligsive is just so big though, and much of it is set to report towards the end of the count. A lot of eyes are also on the handful of strictly rural counties where it’s the Anaians who are on the defensive; North Borders is up soon and is probably the best bet of any rural county for an Anaian win but is also expected to have one of the lowest turnout figures in the Territories.’

02:44 – Here we go! After a short delay, the count at Roxbury’s celebrated tube station is ready to go. It used to serve as a conduit for four different lines on the Fligsive Underground (the Territorial Administration are trying their best to restore it after all these years). We can see the counting committee emerging…

02:45 – EBC One host John Cole is a very patient man. But even he must be sweating watching this?

RESULT – Roxbury (Fligsive) – AO 29 ANAIA 71 (Turnout 91%)

02:46 – That is, unquestionably, the result of the night so far. On a turnout of 91%, the Anaia campaign has just taken 257,038 votes in Roxbury, one of the central counties of the Fligsive metropolis. The AO campaign collected just 105,404 votes.

Katie Green with the Let’s Go AO! (LGAO) campaign in Magnaeus: ‘For the first time this evening we have an unquestionably disastrous result for one side or the other. The mood here has turned very sour.’

02:47 – We are going straight up the old North Line to see Fligsive North report at Old Whittlesby.

RESULT – Fligsive North – AO 38 ANAIA 62 (Turnout 93%)
A less severe beating for the AO campaign but, with such a high turnout, any defeat over a few percentage points is very damaging. This is also a semi-rural seat where the AO campaign might have fancied their chances, but not anymore.

02:48 – We said it was going to be ten minutes or so of constant results and I can tell you, we’ve now got two fresh ones coming in.

RESULT – Docklands District (Bakermouth) – AO 49 ANAIA 51 (Turnout 85%)
RESULT – North Borders – AO 49 ANAIA 51 (Turnout 75%)

Two much more positive results for the AO side this time around. It’s been said already that they needed to avoid heavy defeats in at least one of Bakermouth and Fligsive, and the trend seems to be leaning that way from the Docklands and earlier Lords districts. Meanwhile the sparsely populated (but geographically huge) county of North Borders reports back with an unusually low turnout, as the Anaians are limited to an underwhelming 51% of the vote, having briefed to the press expectations of winning much more comfortably.

Sam Pearson at the Anaia World Is Possible! (AWIP) campaign headquarters in Fligsive: ‘Those two results are good reasons to be cautious if you’re hoping for an Anaian victory tonight. Still, there’s a jubilant atmosphere here right now. That Roxbury result was an absolutely bolt from the blue. If results like that happen across Fligsive, then the Anaians only need to avoid reverses in a handful of the smaller cities and big towns.’

02:50 – I was about to bring you the latest comment from our pundits on EBC One, but there’s a couple more results incoming as we speak.

RESULT – Blades Quarter (Magnaeus) – AO 41 ANAIA 59 (Turnout 84%)
Aside from Magnaeus Central, the Anaians have failed to make the most of their perceived advantage in cities in the former capital of the Calanian Union and Mertagne. Not the case here – they’ve collected just short of 200,000 votes while the AO vote is limited to 137,821.

02:52 – Some interesting insight now on the next two counties due, which are Fligsive counties, from chief political correspondent of the Expat Times, Plectrum Balompie, speaking on EBC One: ‘After some big reverses so far in the capital, its absolutely vital now for the AO campaign that they take as few big hits as possible from here on out. They might have to wait – the county of Victory borders Roxbury to the southwest and has similar demographics; young, with a strong Mertagne diaspora among the Euran majority, and a high proportion of professionals working in industries expected to be insulated from any disruption caused by joining Anaia.’

‘They should look to Ashen instead, which comes next, and is situated in the southeast of the city. A lot of jobs there rely on the city’s massive port and existing regional trade, and the manufacturing jobs that come with it. The population is more uniformly Euran, with an even distribution of minority groups between Anaians and Atlantians. The AO campaign could feasibly win this county, and later other counties in the south and east such as Falconpoint and Oxwich. If they don’t that’s going to make things harder elsewhere, but after the beating they’ve taken elsewhere a tight result might be enough, as long as the votes are made up in the towns and smaller cities.’

RESULT – Victory (Fligsive) – AO 35 ANAIA 65 (Turnout 86%)
RESULT – Ashen (Fligsive) – AO 50 ANAIA 50 (Turnout 90%)

No shocks in either of these counties then. A procession for Anaia in the appropriately named Victory, but Ashen is a dead heat; Anaia are victorious by a margin of just under 3,000 votes. Not a good result for the AO side, but not bad either.

02:54 – Not so long ago, the gap between the AO and Anaia vote totals was no bigger than 275,000 votes. It has now been blown back open to nearly 700,000 votes. Until now, the split of counties was even with the overall vote tally leaning slightly Anaia’s way. Now it has become a significant lead and seven counties have gone Anaian on the trot.

02:55 – Time to panic if you want to wake up in AO? Not necessarily. Professor Simon Roe-Barnes on EBC One: ‘The kind of margin Anaia has now looks big, but it could actually be overturned quite quickly if Bakermouth continues to produce only minor wins and Hyford leans as heavily to AO as we expect. Absolutely critical now is Milenol/Judgetown, where we have not heard from any of the six counties representing 3 million people, about 2.4 million of whom can vote. We’re pretty certain that the Judgetown counties will swing to AO for economic and ethnic reasons – there’s a lot of Banijan traders and Farf refugees there – but Milenol has the biggest Mertagne community outside of Fligsive.’

02:56 – As we approach 3am here, Professor Roe-Barnes might be pleased to know that Milenol West is due to report on the hour. Before then we’ll be hearing from Bakermouth again.

RESULT – Stadium District (Bakermouth) – AO 45 ANAIA 55 (Turnout 86%)
Interesting result this. Once again, the Anaians fail to dominate in Bakermouth as they had hoped. And yet they still come away with their lead increased by nearly 40,000 votes.

02:58 – Ok then, finally Milenol/Judgetown is upon us for the first time. Milenol West is probably the best candidate of the six local counties to vote for Anaia.

02:59 – The spokesperson for the counting committee is wearing a ridiculous hat. Don’t let it be said that democracy can’t double as entertainment.

RESULT – Milenol West – AO 33 ANAIA 67 (Turnout 81%)
Another eyebrow-raising win if you support the Anaian cause, another daunting defeat if you are instead backing AO. Nine consecutive counties have gone one way. The lead is nearing a million votes.

03:04 – We are now past that rapid period of results, which has undoubtedly swung this vote in a clear direction. But will it keep going that way with over half the counties still to report?

RESULT – Hyford County (Hyford) – AO 57 ANAIA 43 (Turnout 83%)
The chain of Anaian victories is finally broken. This is a largely rural seat near Hyford, much like Ripe Fields. A much-needed victory. But is it enough?

Katie Green with the Let’s Go AO! (LGAO) campaign in Magnaeus: ‘Campaign director Amber Ward has vanished into a briefing room at the back with several senior aides – not after the defeat in Milenol, which caused some gaps here where a narrower margin was expected – the commotion was actually brought on by Hyford County, which I think they’d hoped would be a bigger victory. There is definitely concern here now.’

03:06 – There is some fascinating footage doing the rounds on social media at the moment from Burgess, where some quite possibly inebriated activists have hoisted an Anaian flag alongside the Euran stars at the entrance to the city docks. Of course, they are getting very carried away. But - if they do get the result they want, it will be in no small part thanks to the coastal cities like Burgess.

Sam Pearson at the Anaia World Is Possible! (AWIP) campaign headquarters in Fligsive: ‘The Burgess clip is doing the rounds here and causing much hilarity and guffawing. Russell Phillips-Webb has finally turned up after a long absence since the earliest results were declared. He’s the de facto head of the campaign and has no doubt been facing the press. He’s got a smile on his face for sure. It doesn’t last long though, he’s just urged everyone to calm down and wait for some more results.’

03:12 – We are going to resume the pouring in of results now, this time in AO friendly territory once more, as the towns of Westonbirt & Diomede vote together as one county.

RESULT – Westonbirt & Diomede – AO 56 ANAIA 44 (Turnout 81%)
It is a win for AO in the westernmost part of the Territories, an absolute banker. But…

Professor Simon Roe-Barnes on EBC One: ‘That is simply not good enough for the AO vote. Westonbirt & Diomede might only be one county but its ideally suited to the AO campaign’s strengths in terms of demography, geography and politics. To win by only just over 40,000 votes is not adequate if they want to turn this around. We are only halfway through the count and yet its already noticeable that the turnout is slightly different in areas suiting each side; I would estimate, off the top of my head, that the Anaians are benefitting from an extra 5% turnout in areas where they are performing well.’

Professor Roe-Barnes has also said something that makes me think all readers will want to be available for the next ten minutes or so. ‘Coming up soon should be New Bastion North. New Bastion is the nearest there is to a genuinely too-close-to-call city; if Anaia are winning there, it makes it very, very challenging for AO to find a route to victory.’

03:14 – A further result is coming in now from Bakermouth, where the Industrial District has conducted a ballot among the looming towers of recently restored steelworks and manufactories.

RESULT – Industrial District (Bakermouth) – AO 46 ANAIA 54 (Turnout 87%)
There has been a lot of discussion of Bakermouth being an Anaian stronghold, but could it actually be a swing city? Its results are increasingly resembling the national picture. Picking up on Professor Roe-Barnes point, there is a noticeable jump in turnout in a county where Anaia lead.

Sam Pearson at the Anaia World Is Possible! (AWIP) campaign headquarters in Fligsive: ‘There is still a lingering disappointment for AWIP staff at the lack of big victories in Bakermouth. Still, the picture across the Territories as a whole is very promising for them. I would say more, except I can’t hear over them cheering a result that’s just come up!’

03:15 – That result came out just as I was typing, so it will be with you in a moment. I think, from the passage above, that you can guess the result.

RESULT – Central Burgess – AO 37 ANAIA 63 (Turnout 83%)
An Anaian win in Burgess is no shock at this stage. Even so, the margin of victory is plenty – nearly 85,000. The AO campaign would need two Westonbirt & Diomede scale results just to undo the damage done here.

03:19 - We are due to hear from New Pinehearth County shortly, which is about as pro-AO as they come, so maybe that will do the trick.

RESULT – New Pinehearth County – AO 64 ANAIA 36 (Turnout 78%)
A great result for the AO campaign, who win 199,936 votes to Anaia’s 112,805. It is yet another northwestern region with a high population of Quebecois refugees, and is very rural, and therefore the result is maybe not surprising. They all count though.

Katie Green with the Let’s Go AO! (LGAO) campaign in Magnaeus: ‘Relief, finally – a few here were starting to consider heading back to their hotels. The real challenge now though is New Bastion, which is considered by most to be a swing city and a genuine toss-up. The LGAO campaign have driven really hard there with several counties on offer. New Bastion North is due to report very soon.’

03:22 – Katie is right. In fact, New Bastion North are reading out as I type this.

RESULT – New Bastion North – AO 46 ANAIA 54 (Turnout 82%)
There have been a lot of very headline-grabbing swings one way or another tonight. It is entirely possible that this, quietly, is the most telling result of all. Slap bang in the middle of the Territories, an entirely new city, populated by an even balance of different groups and a healthy mix of the Euran immigrant wave…and it’s gone to Anaia by a big enough margin to be clear. And if you don’t believe me…

Professor Simon Roe-Barnes on EBC One: ‘I’m confident in saying that is the most important result we have seen tonight aside from the landslides in the Fligsive counties, possibly more important actually. If the AO campaign is losing heavily in most of Fligsive, all of Burgess and maybe Milenol, and behind in much of Magnaeus, Bakermouth and now New Bastion, then I don’t see where the votes come from. Hyford, Nostromo and Rattford are not big enough. Stoneport is already accounted for. There’s Judgetown, but if Milenol is worse than expected then who is to say that won’t be repeated on the other side of the joint-city?’

03:24 The Professor is pushed by John Cole as to whether this means he is calling an Anaian victory. ‘No, not quite. I would be lying to you though, John, if I didn’t say that the route to an AO victory has narrowed substantially.’

RESULT – Milenol North – AO 40 ANAIA 60 (Turnout 83%)
Milenol North has spoken, and it has said the words “Anaia” by a 40-60 margin. Milenol South is due to report its count very shortly, after which anything less than a complete reversal in the Judgetown half of Milenol/Judgetown would be a calamity for the AO campaign.

03:27 How are things looking back home? We can find out from Francis Buchanan, EBC Chief Political Correspondent, on EBC One from Bastion: ‘I’ve been speaking to a couple of senior cabinet ministers in the past few minutes. If the current direction of travel continues, it will make their lives simple, they tell me; there would be no disputing the result on its current track. However, they are much more nervous about the aftermath of what many felt was a no-win situation for the Liberal government. A few backbenchers and maybe even some of the cabinet will be pleased to see an Anaian victory. Beyond that, the Liberals can see only danger.’

RESULT – Lesko and Wexley (Fligsive) – AO 44 ANAIA 56 (Turnout 86%)
Fligsive delivers for the Anaia campaign yet again, though not by the margin we’ve seen in much of the rest of the city. Nevertheless a 44-56 margin is substantial given this county sits almost evenly either side of the diagonal split through Fligsive, separating the perceived tribes of pro-Anaian north and west against pro-AO south and east.

‘Get up sir.’
‘Eh? It can’t be over yet.’
‘It isn’t, but, you told us to rouse you if it’s going that way.’
‘What’s been happening?’
’73 counties out of 90 are done’ the aide replied. ‘The Anaians are winning still.’
‘By how much?’
‘Over a million.’
‘Goodness. Has it been called?’
‘No. The Atlantians have been picking up rurals, some towns, the Quebecois refugee mini-kingdom that is the northwest, Judgetown and Nostromo. It’s mostly Fligsive left though, and they haven’t caught up enough.’
‘And there’s…17, times 400,000-ish…bloody hell, so they need to win the remaining counties 4:3 to stand a chance?’
‘Put the telly on.’

The Prime Minister gathered himself and met his staff, all still up, in his office. A balding local official in some Fligsive public building was reading slowly from a piece of paper.
The votes for Atlantian Oceania…97,018. The votes for Anaia…235,083.
An audible woosh of shock swept the room. Expletives were used.
Smith wiped his eyes to make sure he was seeing correctly. ‘Jones?’
‘Prime Minister?’
‘Can you get the Governor General on the line, please, and keep an eye on this. I think we’re going to have to have conversations soon.’
On the television, EBC’s “voice of the nation” John Cole reflected on the result. ‘Quite a sensation of an outcome there. For the first time this evening one side has failed to gather at least 100,000 votes in any of the counties of notionally 400,000 voters. That adds a thick cushion to an already sizeable lead for the Anaian campaign and, one suspects, that could be a decisive moment.’

EBC NEWS POLITICS LIVEBLOG – Results of referendum in Euran Oceania Territories flooding in
- Live coverage of trio of referenda taking place in Eura and Euran Oceania Territories. Edited by Wilbur Anderville
- 78 counties have reported out of 90; AO 12.5m, Anaia 13.9m
- Anaian campaign lead “likely unassailable” say experts
- Three exit polls predicted tight result in E.O.T; turnout high
- Voting has not yet ended in former Sameba and Euran electoral system contests

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05:30 – If there is a time for a miracle, it has surely arrived for the campaign to renew the Euran Oceania Territories place in Atlantian Oceania. Dismal results from the last districts in Bakermouth, landing like body blows in the last few minutes, make it seem increasingly unlikely any deliverance is coming.

So, what is left? We are due to hear shortly from the last county in Magnaeus, the Merchants District. This was widely predicted to be a dead heat. What the AO vote tally needs is a win in Magnaeus, some unlikely turnarounds in the remaining Fligsive counties outside their favoured areas, big victories in the friendlier Docklands, Rural and Oxwich counties of the capital, and finally overwhelming victories in the AO campaign’s remaining Hyford and Nostromo counties, a bastion of support for their cause.

There is also Bases County to consider – the last county scheduled to report its results. It covers a massive suburban and semi-rural complex around the main Euran armed forces bases on the east coast, north of Fligsive and south of Milenol/Judgetown. However, it is almost certain that the result will be mathematically decided by then.

05:32 – I am hearing we are going to learn of the result in Magnaeus first, then will get a triple whammy of quick-fire results from Dupont and Flynn in Fligsive, and Burgess South.

Professor Simon Roe-Barnes on EBC One: ‘Barring the mother of all upsets, I think this will be over by the end of this series of declarations. If it isn’t, and the AO campaign pull it back with the remaining counties…is it impossible? No. And yet I suspect it would be utterly unfathomable.’

05:33 – Just to remind readers, the Anaian lead is currently 1.4 million votes. There are about 4.8 million votes left.

Here comes Magnaeus.

RESULT – Merchants District (Magnaeus) – AO 50 ANAIA 50 (Turnout 81%)
Victory by the margin of just 1,885 votes in favour of a vote for AO.

Katie Green with the Let’s Go AO! (LGAO) campaign in Magnaeus: ‘That did not feel like much of a victory for anyone here. Some might say its clutching at straws but there was at least some hope of at least narrowing the gap by 50,000 votes or so there, but no luck.’

05:34 – Almost immediately we are being whisked away to Dupont in Fligsive. Its in the southwest of the city, quite far out and highly populated around a revitalised airport. Apparently the Burgess result will be happening at the same time.

RESULT – Dupont (Fligsive) – AO 35 ANAIA 65 (Turnout 88%)
RESULT – Burgess South – AO 35 ANAIA 65 (Turnout 87%)

That is surely it? Dupont goes heavily to Anaia in line with much of the capital, and the same goes for Burgess South.

Sam Pearson at the Anaia World Is Possible! (AWIP) campaign headquarters in Fligsive: ‘We have no mathematical confirmation yet of an overall victory. No-one seems to be waiting for that though. There is a lot of noise.’

05:36 – A lot of fuss on EBC One if you’re not just following our text feed, where a heated debate has started about whether this should be called yet or not.

05:39 – In a campaign where Euran nationalism has become a frequent doorstep issue, it might just be fate that, at this key moment, the Fligsive inner district of Flynn has come into play, one of the great counties of the capital city. The mighty Flynn Arena stadium, where Eura famously won the 66th World Cup, dominates the skyline of this part of Fligsive.

It is a testament to the impact of the Euran transformation of this barren, largely abandoned land – and the significant cultural legacy of the people of Mertagne, whose diaspora in this district is predictably very large. The Euran Unionist Party have campaigned heavily here for the Anaia cause, and the Anaian campaign themselves have treated it as a target seat, believing they can extract a big majority here. They were relying on it as a late gamechanger; now it seems Flynn might be more of a victory lap.

05:40 – The counting committee have emerged. This is it.

RESULT – Flynn (Fligsive) – AO 26 ANAIA 74 (Turnout 93%)
With a sky-high turnout and everything in their favour, the Anaian campaign have won the mightiest victory of them all in Flynn, sprinting to the finish line with 275,209 votes. That will surely prove to be the highest tally in any single county. The beleaguered AO campaign finishes on their second sub-100,000 vote of the night, 94,942 – the lowest tally of them all. I’m not sure its technically certain yet, but it seems inevitable now that the Euran Oceania Territories has voted to join Anaia.

Katie Green with the Let’s Go AO! (LGAO) campaign in Magnaeus: ‘The mood here has gone from desperate to desolate. Its over now and everyone knows it. What is really gutting for many here is that they were hoping for a last gasp turnaround, with Nostromo South and Hyford Outlands to come, but there is simply no hope now. The key figures have all withdrawn from the main conference room. I assume some kind of concession statement is being prepared.’

05:42 There’s a lot of comment going around at the moment but Professor Simon Roe-Barnes on EBC One sums things up the key factors nicely: ‘This referendum was won by the Anaian campaign in the cities which dominate the Territories, with only 6 million or so of the 45 million population living in rural areas. Underwhelming performances in much of Magnaeus and Bakermouth were countered by avoiding too many big defeats outside of the north-and-southwest and some pockets elsewhere, while dominating in the pivotal counties of Fligsive, alongside impressive victories elsewhere, especially Milenol and Burgess.’

05:44 Francis Buchanan, EBC Chief Political Correspondent, on EBC One from Bastion: ‘The result isn’t technically confirmed yet and the race has only just been rendered effectively over. Nevertheless, the wheels of government are already turning in Eura. The Foreign Secretary, Carl Rutherford, has just been pictured heading into his ministry, with a press conference expected in due course. I’ve been told Eura’s ambassadors across Atlantian Oceania are braced for whatever reaction they could receive. The Minister for Anaian Affairs, Preston Armitage, was reported recently to have expressed pro-Anaian sentiments regarding the vote; he has been muzzled by Rutherford since then, in order to preserve the government’s neutrality and avoid offending AO allies, but may now be wheeled out again and given some scope to wine and dine the Anaians.

There is also a lot of reaction from the opposition benches already. Unionist Party politicians have been pictured partying with the pro-Anaian campaign, while an inquest is likely to be due at Capital Party headquarters, where donors and senior MPs will be deeply concerned at another failure after the party backed the losing AO campaign. However, despite the magnitude of this outcome, most Euran politicians will be keeping their powder dry until the outcome of the dual-referendum in Eura itself, with results due later today.

05:45 Although it might seem academic now, we are still getting further results – nine counties remain to report.

RESULT – Fligsive Central – AO 35 ANAIA 65 (Turnout 92%)
241,938 votes for Anaia in Fligsive Central, a county that includes most of the buildings of the Territorial Administration.

05:46 – With an overall result now imminent and the outcome clear, who can we expect to hear from in the next hour or so? Chief political correspondent of the Expat Times, Plectrum Balompie, gives his view on EBC One: ‘I’m told a concession speech from Amber Ward or Matthew Cristian, flanked by the Lets Go AO! co-ordinating committee, will be delivered imminently. After that we can expect to hear something from the victorious Anaia World is Possible! campaign, most likely from unofficial figurehead Russell Phillips-Webb. At some point Foreign Secretary Rutherford will have to speak. And, in due course, the Governor General of the Territories – he has also been expected to announce Euran government led plans for representative elections across E.O.T in future, so he may choose now as the time to make that announcement.’

05:46 – We might be hearing from Matthew Cristian right away in fact. For readers who might not be familiar with Cristian, he is the leader of Fligsive Metropolitan Council (local government in E.O.T is elected) and chair of the Let’s Go AO! (LGAO) campaign.

’…I am of course hugely disappointed by the result, as we all are. We should be proud though, proud of how we fought for the cause of putting the Oceania in Euran Oceania Territories, proud of taking the high road, and proud of our efforts getting millions of Expats to vote for AO…’
Rutherford wrinkled his nose. There was something sickening about hearing the death throes of another politician’s career. How could a guy whose national campaign got slaughtered in Fligsive continue to lead its Metropolitan Council? It was a stark contrast to the speech of Russell Phillips-Webb.
‘…this isn’t just a victory for democracy, it’s a victory for the Euran way of life! That is right. It was Euran money and ingenuity that restored this great land, devastated as part of Atlantian Oceania, renewed by Eura, and now taken forward into the future, hand in hand, by Euran willpower and Anaian opportunity. I will be contacting Bastion immediately to establish a timetable for the transfer of alignment…’
‘Well,’ Rutherford muttered to himself, ‘we’ll see about that.’

PRESS RELEASE: Statement from the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, regarding the Euran Oceania Territories referendum on regional alignment

In the past hour, the Euran Oceania Territories has voted by approximately 53% to 47% to realign regionally from Atlantian Oceania to Anaia. Nearly 85% of eligible Territories citizens voted in this historic ballot – over 30 million people in all – with just shy of 16.2 million voting to join Anaia. This was reflected by the balance of the vote across all 90 equally sized electoral counties, 54 of which voted for Anaia and 36 for AO. It is the policy of the Euran Government to honour the result of this ballot, while respecting and taking account of the views of more than 14.3 million Territories citizens who voted for continued alignment with Atlantian Oceania.

To execute the decision of the electorate, the Euran Government will immediately consult the Territorial Administration and Governor General on the formation of a Territorial Transition Committee. This body will agree a specific timeframe and plan for transition. It will represent the full breadth of the diversity of the Territories, including substantial representation for those who desired that the Territories remain part of Atlantian Oceania. Reflecting the apparent will of both sides during the campaign, it is assumed that the Territories will not change its name, introduce new trade barriers, or change the citizenship status of any foreign nationals.

It is the express desire of the Euran Government that the transition causes as little disruption as possible. However, in order to minimise institutional drift, the Euran Government will insist that the transition timeline last no longer than 12 months from the date of the referendum. There may be some scope to extend this deadline if absolutely necessary to avoid distress or hardship for ordinary citizens, with a final limit being the date of the next Euran general election. Any other issues will be resolved in the coming period of transition; in an early recognition of the importance of stability, the Euran Football Association and their EOFF partners in the Territories have agreed that the Expats football team should participate in one final AOCAF championship, AOCAF LXV.

Previous administrations have promised that the Euran Oceania Territories will enjoy the benefit of full national elections and devolved government when feasible. Before the referendum process commenced, the Prime Minister and Cabinet agreed that the Territories have reached an adequate level of institutional and economic development for this to be the case. Therefore, once the regional alignment transition is complete, the Euran Government and Territorial Administration will begin devising a truly democratic domestic electoral system for the Territories, bringing the full benefits of democracy to all its people.

I understand on a personal level the distress, confusion and anger this outcome may cause to some of our friends and partners across Atlantian Oceania, having worked with them on numerous issues over the years. We regret that the need for this referendum in the first place was foisted upon Eura and the Oceania Territories by events beyond our control. Our intention to deliver on the choice the electorate of the Territories have made should not be mistaken for hostility. For the Euran Government, our nation and its overseas territories remain profoundly connected to Atlantian Oceania in more ways than we can count. We see the coming years an opportunity to renew our relationship with Atlantian Oceania, not weaken it, even if one fundamental aspect of that relationship must now change.

Similarly, Eura enjoys a deep and lasting connection in many respects with the nations of Anaia, as do the Territories who neighbour them. It is vital then that we take advantage of the new opportunities this development will create for Euran Oceanians and Anaians alike. The Euran Government looks forward to supporting the Territorial Administration, businesses and ordinary citizens in establishing the Territories place within Anaia and becoming a full part of the region. Finally, all of these groups within the Territories, its former neighbours in Atlantian Oceania, and its new neighbours in Anaia can all rely on one unchanged reality; that Eura has an unwavering commitment to the security, identity and prosperity of the Euran Oceania Territories.

United Federation of Eura - Sporting achievements
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Runner up: WC60, WC72, WC78, CR16, CR20, CR32, CoH51, COH79
Host: CR24, CR37, BoF60, CR Under 21's and Under 17's

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Postby Banija » Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:33 am

Kabaka - King
Luguba - Queen Consort
Sarauniya - Queen Mother
Isebantu - Crown Prince
Omugabe/Omugaba - Prince/Princess
Omulangira/Kyabazinga - Duke/Duchess
Kagere/Kiweewa - Lord/Lady
Katikkiro - Prime Minister
Waziri - Foreign Minister
Lukiiko- Parliament
Kiongozi- Leader of the Opposition
SUB(Shirika la Ujasusi Banija)- Intelligence Agency of Banija

Newly-inaugurated Xolile Lubabalo on her second morning in charge of the country

The previous day had been an absolute whirlwind at the Lukiiko, a day that she would remember for the rest of her life. How time flies, doesn't it? She thought back to all the moments that led to this one. Her first ever election to the Lukiiko. Her rise to serve in Kizza Makoni's cabinet as the Minister of Justice. Her fall from grace when, on the ballot, she was stunned as her seat was taken by other left-wing groups as she lost election. Her then appointment to serve as an assistor to help Chromatika in their democratic transition, where she was even subject to a physical attack by anti-democratic protestors. All leading her to an appointment as Ambassador to Chromatika, which is where she realized- she wanted to be the woman empowered.

So after serving there a few years, she saw an opportunity to go home and achieve her rise in station. Getting elected to the Lukiiko once again. Running for party leader, and winning. Successfully engineering a winning electoral campaign, surprising most observers and pundits within the country. The majorities for her coalition were razor thin, just 24 seats- although now was not the time to worry about that. The Lukiiko was a fantastic moment. Per tradition, the Kabaka showing up himself, to announce his formal nomination of Xolile Lubabalo to serve as Banija's first ever female Katikkiro. Slightly over half the Chamber applauding loudly. A new era of Banijan politics was about to begin, in her mind. Like all new Katikkiros, she was showing up with bright eyes and large expectations. A progressive era was set to launch.

All the trappings of an inauguration. The spectacle. The pageantry. Getting to meet all sorts of esteemed delegated, including foreign Ambassadors from all sorts of Banijan allies, to plenty of countries that she had heard of for the very first time on that day. And then, of course- who did not like a great party? It wasn't a common thing in Parliamentary democracies to throw a massive banger of a party on Day 1, but everyone in Banija, especially the rich and powerful, loved nothing more than a good party. So, per tradition, the Convention center was rented, and the inaugural ball was held. Banija's first female Katikkiro danced with her husband, the drinks flowed, everybody went deep into the night, and the next day, all of Banija's oldheads had a splitting hangover.

So the first morning in charge, for a Katikkiro, typically wasn't about getting much done, as the whole town was basically recovering from the one night every four or five years that it was considered publicly acceptable for everybody to go crazy. The second morning in charge, however, was when they were going to get stuff done. Xolile Lubabalo knew that she had an important to-do list that she had to deal with before she could get down to what she really wanted to do- Single payer healthcare. Universal childcare. The things that she had gotten into politics for in the first place- effect the day-to-day lives of everyday Banijans. But as every politician around the world knew, you had to deal with things that you didn't want to deal with, to be able to deal with the things that you wanted to deal with.

Banija's Constitutional setup was a unique one, and a complicated one, to say the least. The division of power. A hereditary monarchy, alongside an elected Lukiiko? Not a unique setup by any means, but how do you divide power? While the monarchy/Parliamentary structure was quite common, their division of power, was not. The Lukiiko, naturally, took charge, and the Katikkiro was chosen from its ranks. All domestic issues were from the Katikkiro. But foreign policy and defense? Nominally, those were in the hands of the Kabaka- meant from Banija's constitutional designers to ensure that Banija's foreign policy retained a long-term outlook, that it would not be subject to the day-to-day whims of politics, and to ensure that Banija was reliable internationally- consistent foreign policy. Because of that, the Kabaka's heir, the Isebantu, had a constitutional mandate to hold the Foreign Minister once they reached age 25.

In reality? While it was supposed to be the sole purview of the Kabaka, it was a little more complicated than that in practice. While the Katikkiro didn't have direct power, the Lukiiko held the power of the purse. In reality, Banija's Kabakas had jealously protected the political power that they had. So in reality, who controlled foreign policy kind of ebbed and flowed depending on the personal relationship between the Kabaka and the Katikkiro of the day. Kobe Azizi, Lubabalo's predecessor, had an immense interest in foreign policy. It was his decision to pursue nuclear weapons, and that was an issue that dominated Banija's foreign policy for a while. Then, of course, the AO-Anaia split- he took a great personal interest there as well. He was a big supporter of the AO campaign in the Euran Oceania Territories, which had, sadly, lost. And lastly, he was a big fan of Malik Akongo. Outside obviously of Matthias Mutebi, one of Banija's most active Katikkiros in the realm of foreign policy in decades.
New NYK Sub-Cabinet Committee

His Majesty the Kabaka- Mwanga
His Royal Highness the Isebantu- Mutungi
The Katikkiro- Xolile Lubabalo
Minister of Defense- Justus Odika
Director of SUB- Lt. Gen. Issa Shawel
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs- Admiral Luke Agina
Government Chief Whip/Leader of the House- Jonah Okoth

But with a new government, of course, things changed. New personalities, new priorities, new values. The kinds of things that Banija's constitutional founders precisely did not want to effect Banija's foreign policy- and yet, of course, things like that were inevitable. The only thing constant in this world is that time always moves forward, and never back. And of course- death and taxes. Xolile Lubabalo and her new cohort came into power, really not interested in foreign policy. Malik Akongo remained an extremely popular figure in the country, with over 4/5s of Banija, in exit polls on election night, the same electorate that put her and her party into power, said that Malik Akongo was the man who they supported in Nyowani Kitara. And it made sense- they saw themselves in him, somebody who promised to heal the rifts between Banija and Nyowani Kitara, one that had been so ruthlessly exploited for decades by the Kitara Progressive Worker's Coalition.

But Lubabalo wasn't a big fan. Members of her party were, of course, as was basically the country. But she, personally? While she thought Malik could lead, she thought that the war was an unwinnable quagmire, and that in peace talks, it should basically be left alone. And now, here she was, for her first NYK Sub-Cabinet meeting. Of course, the three politicians in the Sub-Cabinet Committee changed, although the career officials obviously stayed. New Government Chief Whip, new Minister of Defense, and naturally, a new Katikkiro, all part of the new left of center Government. So when the Kabaka entered the room, and everybody rose(and then sat down), he greeted Xolile Lubabalo.

"Congratulations, again, on your victory." The Kabaka said. "It was impressive! I'm always praying for you- and wish you the best of luck."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Xolile politely said. She knew that she needed to get through this- not that she really wanted her hands in Nyowani Kitara, but she had to get through this in a way where they couldn't use too much political capital to get any sort of treaty through the Lukiiko. But she did not want this to be a long-term issue for her country. "Let's not waste our time here- let's get this thing rolling."

"Ok, then." Said Kabaka Mwanga. "We, of course, have peace talks upcoming in a couple of weeks. We will be going to Varakoula, on the Cardannon Archipelago in Tikariot. Everybody will be there- Nephara, Eura, the White Winter Queendom, and all three Kitaran factions. We've, of course, thanked Tikariot profusely for their willingness to host the talks. Negotiators have worked painstakingly on details for months, where the talks will be held, who will attend, etc... And I'm glad that we are going there."

The Kabaka then paused, and then was quite candid- candid in a way like somebody who knew they would never face a popular election could be. "The war, obviously, was lost. The KFF still controls some territory, the DFLK is still doing whatever the hell they want up north, but.... The war is lost." The Kabaka looked around, and he was quite disappointed in that himself. "Could the KFF hold out for some time? Probably. Would it be a costly bloodbath for Nephara and Eura to crush the KFF? Certainly. But- they could get it done, if they really wanted to. As all of you know, there is absolutely no path to victory for the Kitara Freedom Front. So now, of course, we are suing for peace."

"So, of course, we need to get to the country with a negotiating position." Isebantu Mutungi then said. "We intend on leaving Varakoula with a deal. What kind of deal can we secure though? Nafuna Akongo, if given free reign, will simply pillage and terrorize the people of Nyowani Kitara. All this blood, treasure- just to strengthen her position and make her even worse and more cruel than her father or great uncle."

"Well, you know, she did not save herself." Said the newly appointed Minister of Defense, Justus Odika. "It was Nephara and Eura who saved her from near certain ruin. And Corvistone, particularly, has been quite public about what they want from her. Our intelligence sources say that they wanted President Akongo to transform the country into a democracy."

Kabaka Mwanga snorted. "It's like the war hasn't taught Corvistone anything. There's absolutely no way Nafuna Akongo can be trusted to do anything but desperately cling onto power by any means necessary. And with Gustav Isaksson in prison for life, she'll be even more desperate."

"Yes, but the question isn't can Dewayo be trusted. The question is- how much resolve does Corvistone have to see this through?" They all looked at Isebantu Mutungi, who had said this. He paused, and then continued. "Look at it like this. Nephara, more than any foreign nation, has sunk their teeth into this war. They've put the most boots on the ground out of every foreign country. They've got tens of thousands of troops in the country, as we speak. They've spent probably tens of billions to upkeep that troop presence, and support the war. Lindt just won re-election. You don't think she's going to want to see this project through? To do all that to ensure that Nafuna Akongo doesn't simply rule like Boaz?"

"So you're saying-" Jonah Okath said, before he was interrupted.

"What I'm saying, is that the key here is what is Corvistone's resolve to see this through. If they can ensure that we have a democratic government there- well, everybody wins, right? We don't influence it like we should, of course- it'd be those damned Rushmoris- but in terms of all of our options right now, our best goal should be ironclad democratic commitments. Not just on Dewayo, but specifically, Corvistone." Mutungi finished. The sub-cabinet members talked it over, and then they all agreed. They would push for democratic reforms in the new Nyowani Kitara. And they would push for ironclad commitments from Corvistone to ensure that these were implemented.

"So the last question is- who will go?" Xolile Lubabalo asked.

"Will you?" The Kabaka asked. He looked at Xolile Lubabalo. Lubabalo was considering the situation for a moment.

"No." She said. Ultimately, what was unspoken in the room so far was known to all- there would be no solution that would allow for Malik Akongo to have any sort of future influence at all, if the grand plan was to leave Corvistone to their devices. And how would that go down politically in Banija? Well, she didn't want to be connected to that deal. She'd push it through the Lukiiko, of course- but if she kept her distance from it, it'd leave her the political capital to accomplish what she really wanted to accomplish.

"Alright." The Kabaka said.

"I will go." Isebantu Mutungi said. And it made sense- as the heir, he was the Country's foreign minister.

"No." The Kabaka said to that. "Well, you can go, I guess. But I will head this delegation." Every looked at him, quite surprised. The Kabaka himself? "We must show Rushmore the importance that we place on these talks. And that we do not consider ourselves weak. The world will be watching- the eyes of Rushmore, the eyes of Atlantian Oceania. I may be an old man, yes, but I am capable of negotiating this through. I will attend the entirety of the talks, I will lead our delegation, and hopefully- I will sign the document myself."

And then it was decided. Kabaka Mwanga would lead the delegation, with Isebantu Mutungi in tow. No elected officials would be there. A showcase of power by the Royal Family domestically, that foreign policy was back in the hands of the House of Katende. Time would tell if these talks would be enough to end this war.
President of the World Cup Committee and the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Back to Back defending IBC champions.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports | Map of Banija.
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Postby Tikariot » Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:37 am


Good evening and welcome to "Tikariot Tonight". I'm Winston Curtis.


For the past four years the world has looked at neighbouring Nyowani Kitara, where a bloody civil war has caused death and destruction as well as a humanitarian crisis of a scale that Pavola has never seen before, displacing over 2.5 million civilians. But now an end might be in sight with the warring factions having agreed to hold peace talks in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict. So tonight let us take a look at the background of the country, the history and more.

Just like many other nations in northwestern Pavola, Nyowani Kitara was under communist rule for several decades, but when revolutions in Tikariot and Græntfjall saw the communist regimes fall, the country just to the east of Tikariot that had looked like it was going to follow down a similar route took a sharp turn to the left. Mere days before scheduled elections the military staged a coup that would lay the foundation for a completely different direction when President Tinavo Kutamba was forced to resign from his post and pass on the powers to General Zelotes Akongo as leader of the 'Provisional Officers Council'. The "provisional" council turned into General Akongo being declared President-For-Life and 23 years of iron-fisted dictatorship with any potential stirrings of dissent brutally silenced, isolating the country from its neighbours as they established flourishing democracies, while singling out Banija as the source of most of the evil looming beyond the Kitaran borders.

After a mysterious deadly accident of his son Venizelos, his nephew Boaz Akongo was named "President in Waiting" and after General Akongo passed away, Boaz took his position and installed himself as equally brutal leader of the nation in a regime that was even more egocentric than before, where one thing became clear very quickly: Democracy was nowhere near the horizon for Kitarans as Boaz consolidated almost all political power and with that also lots of assets that would allow him to be a true "primus inter pares", "first among equals". The country's isolation became even more pronounced when one of the last few regimes that he could count as allies, Ren Qiang's in Yuezhou, was overthrown.

But while his unequivocal modus operandi of ruling through instilling fear and removing any emerging elites from positions of power aided him in solidifying his status as undisputed leader of the country to the general public, it also created a highly volatile environment underneath the surface as the number of internal enemies grew in the process. Another source for potentially looming instability also lay in the unresolved line of succession as he avoided appointing any "President-in-Waiting" and his children were a son that had never shown any interest in politics and a daughter that was well shielded from the public and an unknown entity.

Back in the studio.

Now fast forward to roughly six years ago and the roots for the NYK civil war. Unbeknownst to the general public in an obvious attempt to avoid potential unrest and political struggles, Boaz Akongo began to groom his daughter Nafuna, who had grown up in Tikariot, to become his successor after he was diagnosed with cancer. At the same time her brother Malik also had started to prepare for the inevitable event of his father's passing while maintaining the public screen of being a partier not interested in politics, but in secret. While Nafuna was poised to continue her father's legacy as head of a staunchly communist nation, Malik's plans revolved around overthrowing the radical leftism and opening Nyowani Kitara to the rest of the world and end its insular status and isolation.

Then, taking everybody by surprise, chaos erupted in the country when a curfew was called, shots were fired and tank movements started to take place. Rumours sprung up across Rushmore and beyond concerning President Akongo's lack of public appearances and health as well as speculations if he actually was still alive. The situation quickly began to escalate when the Mayor of Port Viljan in the north declared himself the leader of the DFLK, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Kitara, with troops in the north of the country defecting from the Kitaran army to join the new movement. At the same time Malik Akongo surfaced with a communiqué declaring himself the head of a revolutionary group, the Kitara Freedom Front, having captured Inhalo in the south of the country and being the legitimate rulers of Nyowani Kitara.

The ensuing violent and brutal civil war cost an estimated 300 thousand lives and displaced millions of Kitarans, with roughly 2.5 millions fleeing the country to refugee camps in Tikariot, Græntfjall, Mytanija, Banija and Quebec, with the fate of many within Nyowani Kitara still unknown. As the crisis unfolded, it also caused international tensions within diplomatic circles with countries such as Banija, Darmen, Juvencus and Yuezhou openly declaring their support for the KFF, while Nephara, Eura and Hispinas are backing President Nafuna Akongo's regime, with the former two also having sent troops into Nyowani Kitara, while the countries bordering the crisis area have remained neutral, focusing on humanitarian aid instead.

While the DFLK are still controlling parts of the north of the country, they have not been able to gain a lot of political backing, and the KFF is holding parts of the south. The fronts have not seen any significant changes, there are now, however, some positive news on the horizon, as the warring factions seem to have agreed to enter peace talks, scheduled to commence later this month near Varakoula in Tikariot. While details are still scarce, any movement on the diplomatic front is seen as a positive sign. TBC News will be reporting from the Cardannon Archipelago on the preparations of the peace summit.
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Postby Savojarna » Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:49 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
Gylfi is here: Savojarna to kick off WCQ 90 campaign against Osarius

By Jaukka Halanen

As much as people have tried their best to construct discussion and options around national team coach Daniella Strauss, it seemed unspokenly clear the Nephar’s contract would not be prolonged after a rather mediocre WCQ campaign that could not live up to the expectations raised by Mikaela Rangren. As expected, this was confirmed, alongside a return to a Savojar coach in the person of former Admiral Storevik coach Gylfi Haukason, an Ejanan commonly going by the name of Gylfi, and making his first appearance in the SFFB system. He has been particularly noteworthy for his consistency in results, sending Admiral to the top three of the SFS A with remarkable consistency. Attention is high across the nation for his debut tonight against Osarius (OOC note: Gylfi Haukason has been coach for the past Copa Rushmori, but IC’ly for Savojarna, the WCQ campaign starts before CR) where the Northligths start out with an away game against the group’s sixth seed.

Changes to the Savojar side can be expected, as Gylfi prefers a setup with a single striker in his club career, implying a return to the more successful Rangren system over the 4-4-2 employed by Strauss. Likewise, he has diminished the traditional 40 player pool to only 32, implying some more consistency in callups, although resulting in fewer caps to go around. With Alvin Strid, Vibeke Mortensen, or Gudjohn Magnusson there are still multiple fresh talents called up, particularly in defence, an area where Savojarna in the past have been uncharacteristically shaky. It looks like they might finally be able to build up a new combo on their back end, while in the front Jashkin and Voynov appear to remain the choice option. With Östberg and Hartikainen on left wing, and Gyldenström on the right, there are strong contestants for these spots, an important factor that has been lacking in the past.

The calendar appears to favour the Northlights, with their two initial away games played against lower seeds in Osarius and the Finntopian Empire. Gylfi will play his home debut with the Savojarna National Team in late November, facing off against top seeds Squidroidia at the Bjurman. Next February, they will travel to Legalese for another potentially crucial matchup before hosting St Trinians, an opponent against whom the Savojars will likely expect to score some points to challenge for the direct qualifier spot. The home stretch of the first half of the campaign will be reached in April with games in Kohnhead and at home against Valentine Z, neither of whom will be easy opponents but whom Savojarna have to beat to qualify for the next round. The schedule does not set up the Northlights for a late-campaign final showdown, but it is a doable schedule that escapes previous bogeymen. As a result, optimism is high among fans for Gylfi’s debut season.
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Boot It!: Time To Face The Music Of Time

Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:58 am

By Peter Davis

After an IAC of dreams that ended with a troll-filled nightmare, the Jaguars of TJUN-ia were in a position where 48th in the world was beginning to feel tiring. It has felt like this team has been around the Top 50 mark for the last 3 pr 4 cycles now and despite all our best efforts to reach the promised land of the World Cup, we've fallen near the final hurdle and in dramatic fashion for the last 4 Cycles now (playoff defeat after last-day win, playoff defeat on away goals, 3rd via final day defeat, 3rd via final day defeat). That's not on David Seems or Li Xiu Ying either, as they've been trying their best to maintain our current form, but it is mainly on pure luck in the eyes of many. It's no secret that no matter what a team from TJUN-ia tries to do, we always find a way to fail in spectacular fashion and Margret sits back in the heavens and laughs at our constant tragic saga with no catharsis in sight.

But many will be hoping that can change here, in the final WCQ before Jackson Levi-Holt's deadline of many years ago. The three new players in the team (Christian Wollatungi, Frederico Jiminez and former U21 Captain Jose Lozano de la Cruz) just came off a brilliant fun to 2nd in the Wonder Cup, any many in this team will turn to what these kids know of "success" as they look to negotiate an 8-team group, smaller than before with little room for error at all. Only the group winners qualify for the WC automatically, with the 2nd-placed teams all entering into the playoffs for the final 10 spots, so finishing in the Top 2 here will be absolutely critical for the first WC with the new Starting 11 - but who will they face in this important group stage?

Pot 1: Ethane (14) - MD6 home, MD13 Away
The final games in both halves will be up against the Top 2 seeds, so you all know how important those fixtures will be. The #14 Red Kites of the extremely-flammable Ethane is that top seed, who made the WC via qualifying last time for the first time since WC81 - 6 years before we came into the picture. They used that opportunity to reach the knockouts as Group Winners, before falling to Turori in the Ro16. They were one of the favourites for the resulting Campionato Esportiva, but also fell in the Round of 16 - this time to Sangti of all teams. As such, the Red Kites will most certainly be looking to get back to the WC and reach their joint-highest mark in the Quarterfinals - so any points we can take off them will be considered a job well done.

Pot 2: HUElavia (41) - MD7 away, MD14 home
Oh HUElavia, why must you follow us here? It was only a month or so ago that they beat our U21s twice to claim the Wonder Cup and now, they arrive at the WC to face the Senior Jags twice. The good thing about that is that Phillip van Oosterend, the U21 coach, is not that far away if either Seems or Li want intel on how they play - but everyone knows about HUElavia at this point. Despite their Pot 2 status, they finished 1 point behind Squidroidia in their WCQ group, beat us late to secure not playing Vilita (Thanks for that) before falling to Sharktail in the Ro16. The IAC wouldn't be any better, losing to Eshialand in the Ro16, so #41 enter this one with the Wonder Cup alone to build on. This will be our final opponent and if the race for Top 2 is a tight as expected, then MD14 in TJUN-ia City could either be another late late success...or a late late elimination.

Pot 4: Ranoria (67) - MD4 home, MD11 away
Just like 2 years before, the now #67 Krauts of Ranoria are in the same WC group as the Jaguars - and they must absolutely hate that. Not just because we took 4 points from the Krauts in that group, but historically we've kinda had Ranoria's number across multiple sports - so much so, they refer to us as their "Bogey Nation". Will that form continue into this WC? Who knows...but as the team behind us in Pot, they are expected to push us to the wire once more.

Pot 5: Darkmania (104) - MD5 away, MD12 home
Ah yes, good ol' Darkmania - a mainstay of the WCQ process for the longest time now. The first team ranked outside the Top 100 in this group, the National Team ranked 104th finished a disastrous 8th 2 years ago, finishing behind our good friends Kimi-Suomi on GD. They will certainly be hoping to get back to form, with a new National Stadium and new starting lineup looking to end the rot for this side in the WCC.

Pot 6: Aut-Ves-Nat (142) - MD2 home, MD9 away
Ok...this one is a bit interesting. Ranked #142, the Autonomous Vessel Nations (commonly known as Aut-Ves-Nat) is exactly what it says on the tin: an Autonomous Nation based on a Vessel - the aquatic spiritual successor to the legend known as 95X. They only managed 4 wins in the last WC for 8th, but they more than made up for that at CAFA2 by winning their group and beating Audioslavia on pens before falling to Flavovespia. The determination they showed in that Audio game showed that this "Nation-On-Sea" has the potential to be great in the future and thus, we must be careful when we take them on.

Pot 7: United Adaikes (244) - MD3 away, MD10 home
Now then, it's time for the Baptism of Fire team! Every year, we always seem to get at least 1 team in our group that made it through the Baptism of Fire, the pre-WCQ WCC tournament for debuting nations, and this time, the honour goes to #244 United Adaikes! UA are a nation that has been through a lot even before this WC, with debuts in the IBC and the WB and the NSTT and WGP2 and many more. UA are a nation we are familiar with because of this and while they only managed 1 win in IAC14, they did manage a 1-loss BoF group stage before falling in the quarters on penalties to República Guanacasteca. All you need to know is that while UA is unfamiliar with the WC, they certainly aren't to sport as a whole and they could end up as a Top 5 Dark Horse in the group if chaos decides to reign.

Pot 8: United States of Great America (UR) - MD1 home, MD8 away
Finally, we have the unranked nation - an agent of chaos who no one knows how good they actually are until games actually begin. For this tournament, that honour goes to the United States of Great America, a nation that was in our WB group not that long ago - and who actually played us tight across both games in a way. That WB association means that many fans will be hoping for a similar group stage to the GFA - undefeated, group winners and into the WC itself. Of course, that won't happen here but it's not wrong to dream, right?

So there they are, the 7 teams we must try to overcome on route to the WC for the very first time. How well we'll do overall remains to be seen, but starting off at home against USGA ain't gonna hurt at all. Let this important road matter the final destination. GO JAGS!

SCHEDULE (Group 15)
MD1: vs United States of Great America (UR) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City
----------------------Boot It!----------------------
MD2: vs Aut-Ves-Nat (142) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City
MD3: @United Adaikes (244)
----------------------Boot It!----------------------
MD4: vs Ranoria (67) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong
MD5: @Darkmania (104) - Nätionaljë Stëduÿm, Örkendrem
----------------------Boot It!----------------------
MD6: vs Ethane (14) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky
MD7: @HUElavia (41) - Estadio Nacional, Curumba
----------------------Boot It!----------------------
MD8: @United States of Great America (UR)
MD9: @Aut-Ves-Nat (142)
----------------------Boot It!----------------------
MD10: vs United Adaikes (244) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong
MD11: @Ranoria (67) - Smith Field, Richardson
----------------------Boot It!----------------------
MD12: vs Darkmania (104) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky
MD13: @Ethane (14)
----------------------Boot It!----------------------
MD14: vs HUElavia (41) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (5 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3 Wins/2 @JR)/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (1 Win)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1 Win)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1 Win)
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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He took a right turn. He'd rather walk home by the seaside, putrid smell of rotten fish and polluted water and all, than pass through his neighborhood's sèmànâl. A storied Rulandese tradition: kids from all around the neighborhood, of various ages, would get together and just play a lot of football. Often, small tournaments would be improvised. Scouts from across Ruland would be at many of these. Some sèmànâlès were more important than others: his neighborhood's was decidedly trash, from what he'd heard. Not a surprise: he lived in one of the best parts of town, after all. That doesn't mean too much in Ruland, sure, but his neighbor's kids often had a future. Many studied and could even aspire to not spend their adult days toiling away at a uranium mine or, even worse, fishing.

There was something very irritating about the sight of those kids. It invoked memories of worse times: back when his father wanted him to be a footballer because that was the way out of hell. His father had been a footballer—a very good one, from what he'd heard—but at the wrong time and the wrong place: by the time Ruland was on the map football-wise, his legs had gone. Every single Friday, his father would force him to run across town to some new neighborhood where he could play in yet another sèmànâl. He hated it. He wasn't bad! Even managed to get scouted by a third-tier club at one point, but he passed up on the opportunity, much to his father's ire. Thing is, he knew burying himself in books would work out much better. Making it as a footballer? A one-in-a-thousand chance at best, here in Ruland. Making it as a nuclear chemist? Just read a couple of books on atoms, radiation and the like and boom! Boom! Uranium Mining will basically be begging you to work for them. You'll make more money than any non-top-flight footballer, and you'll even meet a few who will happen to be your neighbors.

So yeah, a seaside walk it was. No kids chasing impossible dreams, just the bad smell of fishermen who once chased those same dreams. And fisherwomen, of course, who never even had that hope, to begin with. The misery of his home city didn't bother him nearly as much now as when he had to experience it head-on. He felt guilty for it, but remembering how bad things had been helped keep him happy and grounded. Nothing more important than being grateful in life, he figured.

The walk home from Boom!'s headquarters could get tedious, but at least at this time of the year he got to stop and watch the sunset, something he always found pleasant. He was a busy man, though, so he couldn't just sit and watch it. He had to continue walking, and get a few fleeting glances every now and then.

Clank. Bam. Bzzt. Pft.

“Oh my God, I'm so sorry.” She helped him stand up. “Sunset distracted me. Didn't see you coming. Did I break anything?” She asked, frenetic.

He looked back at his backpack, which had caught fire because his laptop had spontaneously combusted. “Yeah, but don't worry about it. It's fine.” He smiled, the pain from the fall still somewhat visible.

She gasped. “Is that a laptop? Oh my God.” Her face made it clear that she would, in fact, worry about it. “I'm so, so sorry. I don't have the money to pay for that.”

He shrugged. “It's no big deal, really.” He looked her in the face. “Huh,” he thought to himself. “Tell you what, let me take you out for a drink tomorrow and we'll call it even.” Bit of an asshole move, that one, he now realized. If she didn't fancy him, he was basically forcing her into a date with some ugly dude.

She raised her eyebrows. “Uh, sure, sounds fun. A couple drinks I can pay for.”

“Oh, no, no need. It's on me. Does Wallenbârr sound good?”

She raised her eyebrows again. “Going all-out, huh? And to think I'm wearing my running clothes... but sure, Wallenbârr, 7 pm. It's a date.” She smiled, then continued running.

He smirked. He'd played it very smoothly... right? The only screw-up was he'd completely forgotten to ask her her name. He turned around, but she was already too far away.

Calmly, he stared at his burning laptop. Why on earth Boom! kept insisting on buying their employees laptops that could burn ‘when enough blunt force is applied’ he would never know.


She kept stirring her drink, blushing and touching her hair. Already two hours in, it was safe to say things were going very well. “Hate to break it to you, though, but I've been here many times.” She said, smile beaming across her face. “Dad's friends with Bârr. Played together for Dí Maozöxê's youth team.”

He smiled back. “Ah, but I didn't bring you here for the football. I brought you here 'cause they make a mean Lìbërë Rülândéá.” Might as well get it over with, he thought. “I actually don't care about football, like, at all.”

She chuckled. “Nuclear physicist doesn't care about football? Color me surprised.” She remarked, sarcastically, then shrugged. “I don't, either, if I'm honest. Running's the only sport that's ever made sense to me.” She stared into her drink, pensive. “You know, you just run and you leave things behind. Figuratively and literally. It's therapeutic.”

No, Lüí, don't make an ass of yourself by making fun of that last comment. He stared at her for a few seconds. As discomfort started finally creeping into her expression, he spoke: “What are you running from, then?”

“Now that's a pointed question.” She looked down at her drink again. “Definitely a second-date question. Maybe even third.” She complained, tongue-in-cheek.

“Sorry, was a bit of a killjoy there. Let's just continue talking about—”

“No, no, it's fine.” She chuckled. “No big trauma or anything like that. I just guess...” She looked around, not really taking in any of what she was seeing. “I guess we're all running, aren't we?”

He looked at her, confused. “Everyone? I don't think so, no.”

“No, not everyone everyone. Everyone here, everyone in Ruland. I have it good, you know? I'm making a living as a marathonist. In Ruland. Best marathonist in all of Farfadillis, if you ask me or my parents. Top ten for sure. And yet... whenever I'm on the road, running, I can't help but feel like I'm trying to leave this wretched place behind. It's all I've ever known, and I feel like the last thing I want is for it to be all I'll ever know.”

He was not one for this touchy-feely pseudophilosophical conversation about running, and he was already regretting having asked her about it, but the alcohol had long made its way into his system, so he humored her. “Why haven't you moved away?”

She sighed. “I don't know. Family?” She shook her head. “Honestly, I have no idea. Guess it's like, uh...” She paused for a bit. “Well, you're gonna make fun of me, but I guess it's a bit like running. You know, you start running and then you just... keep running? Never thinking to stop.”

He smiled. She was cute. “Inertia's probably the word you're looking for.”

“Look at the fancy-schmancy nuclear physicist with his nuclear physics words.” She teased.

He closed his eyes and shook his head in flirtatious disappointment. “I don't think I'm running away from anything, you know. Besides potential muggers, I guess.” He stared at the ceiling to gather his thoughts for a moment, then stroked his beard. “Inertia, though, now that can be a lot trickier to avoid, I think.” He downed another drink. “Like how a fourth drink can lead to a fifth, and a fifth to a sixth, and then by the end of the night you come home with me...”

Her expression turned sour, though only slightly. She shook her head. “Stick to the nuclear physics, player. It suits you better.”

He chuckled. He liked some pushback. “Fine, I'll be real. I fear the inertia, you know?” He said as he gestured to the waiter for another drink. “I have a cushy job, a cushy home, a cushy life... relatively speaking, at least. I have friends and a few hobbies, family's doing alright—and/or dead, I guess—and I get to meet fun, beautiful, interesting girls like you. But... is that it? Fifteen thousand more days like this one, give or take five thousand, lights out, curtain call, applause? What a boring play, if so.”

She blinked for a bit too long. “I know people who would literally kill you for what you just said. They'd say you're an ungrateful bitch.” She was saying the truth, he didn't doubt that. Her nonchalance saying it intrigued him, though. A hint that she didn't agree with the sentiment?

“Well, then let's keep this our little secret.” He offered a sleazy smile.

She blinked a bit too long, again, but this time she was smirking. Back to playful flirting? “And what do you do to fight this inertia?”

He shrugged. “Nothing, really. It's almost like I'm just waiting for life to hit me, full force, with something that will shake things up.” The waiter arrived with his drink. Remarkably quickly at that. He made a mental note to tip him well, then proceeded to take a sip. “And maybe also make my laptop combust spontaneously in the process?”

“I just want you to know, for the record, that if you take me home tonight, it's despite the cheap pick-up lines... and mostly down to me having, uh, seven of these.” She gestured towards the empty glasses. “You're an ass, but there's something I like underneath the façade. Can't quite pin it down, sadly.”

He made the 'bill, please' gesture in the waiter's general direction, then proceeded to leave about twice as much money on the table as his tab was going to be. “I'll take it. It's getting late. Come with me?” He extended his hand.

She bit her lip. “Fine.” She complained, then grabbed his hand a bit too tight. He winced.
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Image @NYKPublicBroadcaster The capitalist, Banijan and Græntfjall sponsored rebellion has failed, as all parties are set to descend onto Varakoula for final peace talks, and their surrender to the leader of the revolution, Nafuna Akongo. The President's unique resolve has saved us from utter subjugation to foreign powers and the re-establishment of Nyowani Kitara as a foreign policy. #NYKPeaceTalks

Image @NYKWatch A war that has sent 2.5 million Kitarans abroad claiming asylum, as well as millions more internally displaced and 300,000 dead, seems to be coming to an end with peace talks in Tikariot. Keep the pressure on all leaders- human rights should be at the center of those peace talks. #NYKPeaceTalks

Image @NYKWatch What to watch for going into the talks? The President has won. The wild card is Nephara. What will they demand- of President Akongo? Call your nearest Nepharim Embassy today and tell them to demand democracy in Nyowani Kitara. #NYKPeaceTalks

Image @KitaraFreedomFront Malik Akongo himself will attend peace talks. The fight is not over! It just has shfited to a different front. The KFF withstood the combined might of the KRF, Nephara, and Eura and brought them to the table. It is a miracle in military terms- God himself is on our side. #JailNafunaAkongo

Image @DFLK Max Ulf has been confirmed to have landed in Tikariot for peace talks that start in a few days. The DFLK has been the most effective fighting force for the people of Nyowani Kitara. Rest assured- the people in the north will get a direct say on their freedom. #NYKPeaceTalks
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Goalkeepers: 1. Semir Besak (Mipojoseon [QUE]); 12. Pedja Kasun (Ararat Severyan); 23. Dragisa Lazarevic (Litala ’93)
Defenders: 2. Damir Milcic (Anomalies [CMT]); 3. Grigorij Savicevic (AC Izotz Zubia [AUD]), 4. Bigger Mbala-Ekakia (Wirr Tsi [CMT]), 5. Amar Kovacevic (Ituraitz FC [ASG]); 6. Patrik Odonelec (CA Paulinthal [PAS]); 13. Ermin Urankar (Anomalies [CMT]); 14. Ezib Salihovic (CDSA), 15. Kamil Jernejec (Chromatik [CMT]), 16. Adnan Sulejmanovic (Atletik Thessia); 17. Antun Spiridonovic (Litala ’93)
Midfielders: 7. Mersudin Smajic (Stahlburg City [NPH]), 8. Alen Hrdaljko (CA Paulinthal [PAS]); 10. Jasno Odonelec (Atletik Thessia); 18. Dordo Urbanc (Spartangrad [EUR]), 19. Dusko Ocokoljic (St. Thomas [TLI]), 20. Omer Kuhar-Arh (Atletik Thessia); 28. Zijad Kurtcehajic (Crossroads [CMT]); 30. Gavril Atsev (Atletik Thessia)
Forwards: 9. Jezdimir Ocokoljic (Energija Chernovets [STL]), 11. Damien Gannot (Sabrefell Athletic [NPH]); 21. Dejan Zgela (Damogran FC [SRS]); 22. Vido Mehic (Ararat Severyan)


Heading into World Cup 90 qualifying Mytanija are at something of a crossroads. Lev Repin – for whom this is his last contracted qualification cycle – is looking to refresh the national team with some younger players and naturally this means that some of the old heads which got Mytanija back to the World Cup proper will be phased out. The likes of Mojmir Anac, Srdan Vukovic and Vilim Kupresak have 250 caps between them and a whole lot of experience and know-how which Lev Repin has to try to replace. Readers with a discerning eye will notice that one huge name is missing from that list, perhaps the player Mytanija will miss most going forwards and the omission is deliberate because trying to replace him is the focus of this article. If you added his 110 appearances in a hooped shirt to that of the others it would make it 360 caps which Repin has to make up for. It’s not going to be an easy job and the creativity from midfield which this player offered isn’t something which some of the better Mytanar midfielders are best suited to doing. So how does Lev Repin solve the problem of finding Tahir Fejzuli’s successor?


Before we get into the meat of exactly who Lev Repin might try to use as Fejzuli’s successor let’s pause for a word about the man himself. Tahir Fejzuli is sneakily one of the best Mytanar midfielders ever. ‘Sneakily’ because he has somehow ended up being a little underrated on Mytanar shores, somewhat inexplicably (even typing that statement up felt a little criminal). It’s hard to point to a specific reason for this given his obviously exceptional technical ability and his track record at both domestic and international levels. Being unable to watch him at his peak has been posited as one of the reasons for this with his years in Farfadillis not being widely available on Mytanar television, Rushmori football being greatly preferred, but international club competitions are available and many have celebrated his exploits in those tournaments.

His UICA Champions’ Cup winning goal for Sabrefell Moths was celebrated across Mytanija, whilst his contributions to Mâ Âlâmëómë’s IFCF Challengers’ Cup triumph cemented his reputation as a top-class player, capable of playing at the very highest level. Two league titles in the nascent Shango-Fogoa Premier League and another with Atletik Thessia complete a palmares which any player would be proud of. Mytanars saw pretty much all of those, so why isn’t Fejzuli rated alongside the likes of Jezdimir Ocokoljic or Jasno Odonelec as the best players of this generation? It is possible that his languid playing style is held against him. He has never been the most hard-working defensively and never really got to grips with Repin’s pressing game, but the manager thought he was worth keeping in the team despite that. Mytanar supporters can be notoriously fickle though and defensive lapses in games can be remembered for a long time, but that certainly wasn’t Fejzuli’s strong suit.

His ability in possession is arguably unparalleled amongst Mytanar central midfielders. The most famous – the likes of Robin Hjik and Dobroslav Stojanovic – were more all-action box-to-box midfielders. They were more physically imposing, strong and quick and with a desire to bust a gut to get wherever they needed to be on the pitch. Fejzuli is slighter and more graceful, much more about finesse and technique than he is pace and power. The most useful point of comparison in terms of playing style might actually be an attacking midfielder in Snerik Oiskha. They have similar records for Mytanija (21 goals in 107 caps for Oiskha; 13 in 110 for Fejzuli, though you feel the gap would be smaller if Fejzuli played that high up the pitch), but it is more their styles which makes the comparison worthwhile. They played in a similar way, both possessing an almost balletic gait which appeared completely effortless, able to carry the ball around the pitch and past opponents seemingly with ease. It is interesting that Oiskha is held in a similar regard, thought of as something of a luxury player when others were doing the dirty work. It is an unfair charge and both were true icons of the Mytanar game. You do get the feeling that Mytanar supporters are going to miss Fejzuli more with his absence and his reputation might swell as a result.

Fejzuli’s calmness in possession and his ability to see passes which others cannot are the attributes that will be most difficult to replace. The midfield options Mytanija have in his absence can be divided roughly into three categories. There are conductors like Mersudin Smajic and Bruno Ozmec, players who control the flow of the game and can keep possession ticking over. There are box-to-box midfielders, your Dordo Urbancs and Dusko Ocokoljics, who can do a bit of everything and get from one end of the pitch to the other to help out where needed. Then there are press-hungry water-carriers, players who are adept at winning the ball back and giving it to their most gifted team mates to do something with. Alen Hrdaljko perhaps harshly fits into this third category, but he is a very high quality version of this and one that is gifted in possession. A more common example would be Davor Mahovlic.

There is then the mysterious fourth category: the potential Fejzuli replacements. Playmakers who have fulfilled the creative role domestically (and with the national team in some cases), but are yet to make the step up to Tahir Fejzuli’s level. Repin’s problem is that the top-class midfielders – i.e. those who have been successful in some of the better leagues around the multiverse, the likes of Smajic, Hrdaljko, Ocokoljic and hopefully Urbanc soon – do not fall into this fourth category. Repin may have to rely upon a less experienced option, one who hasn’t played at the very highest level as yet or perhaps might have to get creative in trying to find a solution. Let’s look at the options.


Sefir Ajanovic has been a solid performer for FK Arsika ever since moving to Mytanija from Stade Yvelines. He came through the system there, the son of Mytanar immigrants born in the Prahecqois capital, impressing throughout and quickly being picked up by the FSM as they looked to get him into the Mytanar national team set-up. Ajanovic now has 28 appearances for his country and at the age of 29 is in his peak years and represents the most experienced option as Fejzuli’s heir. Growing up he was almost a Fejzuli analogue in that he did not defend particularly well but since moving to Mytanija and playing under both Veton Rashaikov and most importantly Dzvezdan Kitanchev he has developed a love of pressing the opposition. This makes him a responsible option, one who can both create chances and can contribute defensively. This is important as Lev Repin has gone on something of a tactical journey over the years from the free-flowing positional rotation of his 4-6-0 to the more controlled 3-4-1-2 we see today. He wants control in games and he wants players who will fight to win the ball back quickly to reassert that control if necessary. Ajanovic should be able to contribute in that.

But that isn’t why we’re discussing Ajanovic, we want to see how he can match-up to the others as a potential successor to Tahir Fejzuli, one of the most creative central midfielders Mytanija has seen. Ajanovic scores pretty well in some key metrics with 0.33 big chances created per 90 minutes in the Mytanar Top League last season (10 in total, good enough for a spot in the top ten); to go with 2.1 key passes per 90. He was 7th overall in that category, a decent showing given that FK Arsika were a bit disappointing last season, finishing down in 9th after a strong showing the season before. They missed Juljana Chmela’s goals, with the Squornshelan forward missing some of the campaign with injury and had she been on the pitch you feel that Ajanovic’s assist numbers and FK Arsika’s season would have been a fair bit better. Ajanovic is a player who could thrive alongside top-class team mates. Jezdimir Ocokoljic and Damien Gannot would put away the chances he creates at a good clip and you have to think his experience and willingness to adapt his game would appeal to Lev Repin. His bravery in taking on physical opponents and riding tackles despite his slight build make him seem a bit similar to Fejzuli too and you have to feel he might be the frontrunner as his successor at this moment in time.


Okay so he’s not wholly Euran but it makes for a good title. The next contender is the Mytanar-Euran starlet Edin Aganovic. Yes, we realise it might get confusing with both Aganovic and Ajanovic in the national pool, especially given that they are pretty much competitors for the same role in the team. Edin is part of the large Mytanar diaspora in Eura and has come through the ranks at one of the biggest clubs there in the form of Directus, no mean feat. He hasn’t been a starter too regularly but it is expected that from next season he might be able to make a starting role his own, something which would be an impressive achievement in its own right given the money Euran clubs have at their disposal to attract the best talent from all over the multiverse. His lack of starts hasn’t been held against him by either the FSM or Lev Repin, he’s been a member of two DBC squads with the under-21s and Lev Repin has now made him part of the national pool for World Cup 90 qualifying. Scouts have talked about him in hushed tones as potentially ‘the next Tahir Fejzuli’, something which makes him a major point of interest for this article.

Given his lack of starts it is difficult to gather useful data for Edin Aganovic but in his time on the pitch, mostly from off the bench, he has shown just why the FSM were so eager to get him into the Mytanar system before the Eurans realised that they had a serious player on their hands. He can split a defence with a pass and likes to dribble past opponents too. In his younger days this occasionally manifested itself as showboating but it appears he is now more focused on making decisive actions and that development might well be why Repin saw fit to include him in the national pool. He is a player who constantly scans the pitch, looking around him to see both where his team mates are positioned and where opponents are so that he can plot his next moves ahead of time. It is a useful skill which can be taught but the best players do it naturally and Aganovic very obviously does it whilst out on the pitch. He isn’t the most hard-working presser nor is he overly positionally aware player out of possession but Repin might relish the chance to work with him on that given that he could be a long-term successor to Tahir Fejzuli in the centre of the park. The national team would get a lot more mileage out of a 23 year old Edin Aganovic than a 29 year old Sefir Ajanovic, for example. His inexperience might count against him in the bigger games if Mytanija require a creative spark, but look for him to make a few appearances against teams the Hoops should be beating.


Gavil Atsev perhaps matches Tahir Fejzuli (and Snerik Oiskha before him) the most in terms of playing style. Whilst all of these players are nominally creative midfielders they don’t all look the same whilst out on the pitch, but if you put a video of Atsev beside a video of Fejzuli then the similarities are uncanny. Most coaches want similarities in output when looking at replacing one player with another but sometimes you have to look at how a player plays to understand if they will be suitable for a certain role. If you look at Atsev then you might conclude that he has modelled some of his game on how Fejzuli plays. You would be right, too, in an interview with Gazeta Sporta Atsev explained that Fejzuli is one of his ‘heroes’ and that as a teenager at Rudar Uchenik he would watch endless highlights packages to pick out ‘the things [Fejzuli] did best’ so that he could practice them too. Perhaps even more spookily both Atsev and Fejzuli have followed similar paths in their careers. Both started at provincial clubs (Rudar for Atsev; Arka for Fejzuli) before moving to the biggest club in Mytanija, Atletik Thessia. Few would be surprised to see Atsev making the next step like Fejzuli did and move on to one of the top domestic leagues around the multiverse, maybe even at the end of the current season.

Atsev likes to try things out on the pitch and whilst this can sometimes mean that he loses possession it does also mean he creates lots of big chances (0.5 per 90 minutes last season, 15 in total and in the top five in the Mytanar Top League); along with lots of key passes (2.5 per 90, 5th overall in the league). He was number one for progressive dribbles per 90 (judged as dribbles which take the ball past at least one opponent) among central midfielders, more even than his esteemed and experienced Atletik and Mytanija colleague Jasno Odonelec. Those underlying stats show that Atsev can produce results to go with the stylistic similarities he shares with Tahir Fejzuli, but for anyone who likes to trust the eye-test over statistics all you might need is video footage of the pair. You watch Atsev drop the shoulder to take the ball past an opponent before picking a pass and you might have to rub your eyes in disbelief a little at the fact it is not Fejzuli, he looks at ease in possession and that gracefulness is hard to come by. Very few players are able to attain that level of technical control but it appears Atsev might be on his way towards it. He does not have very much international experience (a solitary cap) and that might be held against him in a similar way to Edin Aganovic, but his performances domestically certainly provide food for thought and put him into contention.


Okay so I only ask that you hear me out here, right? Mytanija actually have another option who could fulfil ‘the Fejzuli role’. He is an attacking midfielder most of the time, though he has shown great versatility in recent years in playing out on the right and even in the defensive midfield sections of the pitch as something of a deep-lying playmaker or perhaps even a regista. Maks Shishkin could be a slightly creative (see what I did there) option for Lev Repin to go with. He is mostly thought of a number ten in Mytanija due to his performances with both FK Magevskaya and Energija-Nuklearna but for Ko-orenite giants Maethoru SC he has shown the ability to play a number of different roles to a high standard. This versatility could see him play in central midfield and his playing style and attributes would seem to point towards him being well-suited to this role. As a number ten his performances have been characterised by a desire to get on the ball wherever possible and slaloming runs between opposition defenders. He is only 167cm tall which might leave him at a disadvantage in the rough and tumble of a midfield battle but players generally get more protection than ever these days and Shishkin might relish the challenge to play a bit deeper given the success he has had playing there in Ko-oren.

Earlier on in Shishkin’s career it is not something that would have been perceived to be an option but his development as a player and his unexpected versatility mean that he could very well be the Fejzuli replacement Lev Repin needs. He can unpick opposition defences with deft passes and touches and his dribbling ability is probably the best out of all four of these players (though Gavril Atsev might question that!). Similarly to Ajanovic he will benefit from having international experience and he actually has a very similar international record to Ajanovic in terms of goals and appearances in the more advanced role, something which suggests he perhaps isn’t as impactful there as he should be and could be better used in a deeper position. It would be interesting to hear Lev Repin’s thoughts on a direct comparison between Shishkin and Ajanovic for the role. Shishkin also plays at the highest level domestically given that he is a regular starter for Maethoru (compared with Aganovic who has mostly made substitute appearances to this point in his career). International football is another step up altogether but playing tough matches against strong opponents is the best experience any player can get and Shishkin has plenty of that, Lev Repin might look kindly on it if he is trying to come up with something different to try and replace Tahir Fejzuli’s contributions.

It is an interesting conundrum for Lev Repin to try to solve. It remains to be seen if he even wants to solve it, it could be that he has a preference for a conductor and a water-carrier in the middle of the Mytanar midfield. That seems to be the current set-up with Smajic and Hrdaljko (who is better with the ball than he is given credit for a lot of the time!) and it might be that that is what Repin wants to go with long-term, though you do feel that it is an approach which could leave Mytanija a little blunt against defensively solid opponents. A bit of creativity and spark is sometimes needed from deeper positions against those sort of teams and it can’t always be left up to the wing-backs flying down the flanks, the number ten and the strikers to try and beat a bunkered down opponent. Tahir Fejzuli was ideal in that sort of scenario and there’s a few potential successors who could take over from him for this qualifying cycle, you imagine Repin will have to tinker with things to work out exactly who will be the man to take over. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!
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Postby Valanora » Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:50 pm

The more things change, the more they often stay the same, and the starting eleven for the Marauders is more or less the same for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, despite some struggles by the team during the last World Cup. It was looking like it might be time for some wholesale changes for the team before they moved into the AOCAF and went on a full redemption tour, capturing the regional title for the first time in over ten editions and having looked like the World Cup contenders they believed themselves to be but had failed to show in the tournament. It was the sort of performance that reinstilled the belief that the assembled talent in the national team pool is indeed good enough to be able to once again go deep into the Finals themselves and once again attempt to add to the number of stars that are across their crest. That the Finals will be taking place in the same two host nations that were the hosts of the recently completed regional championship, there is a small amount of belief that the familiarity that the Marauders will have in having recently won there will be of benefit, should the side qualify.

The task to qualify will be one that has its challenges, particularly with a pair of trips to places where the team is likely to be received with quite a bit of hostility, one of those being the very first game that the Marauders will play in the group stage. Away days are never easy, regardless of the quality of opponent or the distance that need be traveled for the visiting side, that the side opens up on the road is an even more difficult situation compared to starting at home and having that chance to establish a little bit of form before having to deal with the perils of traveling during the qualifying season. Mix in a bit of political and social tension and one of the two most difficult games that the Marauders have on their schedule is the very first game and could well set up the tone for which the rest of the qualifiers will be played with. Getting a result of any sort will be an issue of utmost importance, as even a draw would be seen as a good outcome given the difficulty of the situation that the team will have been placed in with their opening fixture and knowing that one of the most difficult hurdles had been cleared, though a win would be a huge boost to morale and confidence.

This is especially true with the nature of this qualifying campaign and the format with which our regional neighbors have chosen to host the competition, as twenty groups of eight teams means that only the group winner will be assured of a place in the Finals, while the runners up will be subject to a playoff. One need only ask Nephara about the difficulties that can be accompanied by the precious nature that is the playoff with a spot in the Finals on the line. Any slip ups are going to magnified in this format, with every point being critical in the attempt to work your way up to the top of the table and the spot into the Finals that is accompanied with it. Away days are going to have even more stress put on them, which perhaps will be counter productive for what the players need going into those matches, where a more relaxed side would likely be more free to play their game than prone to the mistakes that being overburdened by the stress and magnitude of the occasion. Every match might be important but getting the players adequately prepared is definitely a higher priority.

That all brings down the most important question that the team does have going into the qualifiers, is Didrik Gjedrem still the right man to lead the squad moving forward or has he perhaps overstayed his time at the helm of the national team program? Everything leading up to last World Cup said that Didrik had lived up to his reputation and had the Marauders moving in on the right track towards the sort of goals that both the VSC and the fans of the team would desire. The struggle in the qualifiers last cycle, then that they followed them into the group stage, before eventually ending up with the side going out in the penalty shootout did put a dent into the belief of the manager. That faith has been mostly restored after the regional championship, capturing the title, and then a fairly successful foray into the Eagles Cup with a mostly reserve and fringe player side that performed better than anticipated. This cycle will be crucial in figuring that out and there is still the chance that the former United man leaves at the end of the cycle when his contract is up regardless. For now it seems clear that he is getting the team ready for this campaign and the difficulties that it will pose.
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Postby Milchama » Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:59 pm

"No matter what we say, no matter what we think
We will never, we'll never leave this room
No matter what we say, no matter what we think
We will never, we'll never leave this room"

"Hey! It's a very clear RP rule that you can't use outside art"


"That is clearly the Notwist's This Room from Neon Golden"


"You are clearly violating the rule"

"No I'm not"

"Why not?"

"Because you just exposed me so this is clearly citing my sources"


"So it's very established academic principle that if you cite your sources it's fine. We've very clearly cited sources"

"Only because I pointed it out"

"Nah, I expected you to do that"


"Because you always do pedantic stuff like that"

"Oh ok"

"Yeah it's a pretty clear thing"

"Well then"

"So what does this have to do with anything?"

"Nothing, I just really liked the lyrics and also it feels what it's like to be a nerd on the internet"

"Now that's just propaganda and self hatred. You're a nerd on the internet and now talking about how you hate yourself"

"No! How dare you! I like myself just fine"

"Ok then explain why you continue to support Milchama in the World Cup"


"We haven't been successful since the mid-40s and now we're struggling in a group where we are just overwhelmed"

"Who is in our group?"

"Well here we are"

Group 9
New Zhengguo
Natanians and Nosts
Independent Athletes from Quebec

"So let's go through them"

"Isn't the traditional thing to do a newspaper article?"

"It is but we started with this RP and that's where we are now. Also, we need a RP before the first cutoff so that's our job now"

"Oh ok then"

"Cool, so let's see"


"New Zhengguo"

"Chinese influenced puppets"

"Were they in the BoF?"


"Did they do well in the BoF?"

"Well they weren't in the BoF and they are unranked"

"So 6 points"

"Yep 6 points"

"Good, who's next?"


"What's their deal?"

"Mid 50s team that's stuck until they inevitably expand the World Cup to 48 nations"

"Oh, that sucks for them"

"How did they do last time?"

"Better than us"

"So we can draw them at least once?"

"Basically, lost to them on the road, get a credible draw at home"

"So 1 point"


"Cool. Who's next?"

"Natanians and Nosts"

"That is an annoying name to pronounce"

"Our nation's name involves a phoneme that doesn't exist in English on an English speaking server"

"Ok so what's your point?"

"Maybe we shouldn't be complaining"

"Meh but I want to complain"

"Ok but how are they on the football pitch?"

"I have no idea, they're probably better than us"

"Makes sense"

"So like one win and one loss"

"More or less"

"Cool so 3 points"

"Great, next"


"Aren't they new?"

"In the sense of they started during the Isolation, yes, in terms of actually playing in World Cups, no."

"Oh ok, so are they good?"

"Well they're Indian so they're only good at cricket"

"Hey they could be also good at field hockey"

"True but we're better than them at soccer?"


"Well we should be, I mean, who knows man, we kinda suck but there's a chance we could beat them"

"Ok then so 2 wins?"

"Nah, a win and a draw"

"Great 4 points"

"Sounds good"

"Who's next?"


"They're better than us. 2 losses. Next"

"That's it?"

"What else is there to say? Top seed is really good at soccer and can clearly bit middling team in the mid 100s. 2 losses"

"History? Anything else?"

"Maybe when we play them. 2 losses. Next"


"Oh that's us. We don't play us"

"So a win and a draw"

"Yep 4 points"



"So these guys were actually in the BoF"

"So after guessing wrongly on like 3 other nations, we finally found one"


"And how did they do?"

"4th place"

"Better than us"


"So then they should beat us?"



"1 draw"


"Alright, 1 point"


"Independent Athletes from Quebec"

"Are they from Montreal?"

"I don't think so because they're independent and Montreal is much to connected to Quebec to be Independent"

"Ok so we don't quite understand the politics business"

"Well I do it starts with refugees from other countries they moved to Quebec and..."

"Shut up, I don't want to hear it"

"Why? It involves Jews"


"Jews are good"

"True and we'll talk to them more about it but not right now"

"Why not?"

"Because this is a preview post, not a match report where we concentrate on one nation. Give it time, give it time"

"Ok then"


"That's it, also we didn't say how we'd do against them"

"Are we confident?"


"Cool two losses"


"So let's add that up"


"12 points"

"Not great"

"At least we should do poorly in the CoH"


"But should we pray for more?"

"Yes we should"


"You know how"


"Are you ready?"


"Alright then say as I say and do as I do"

"''Ringa pakia!''
''Uma tiraha!''
''Turi whatia!''
''Hope whai ake!''
''Waewae takahia kia kino!''
''Ka mate, ka mate''
''Ka ora, ka ora''
''Ka mate, ka mate''
''Ka ora, ka ora''
''Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru''
''Nāna nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā''
''Ā upane, ka upane''
''Whiti te rā, hī!''

"Now repeat after me!"

"Forini! Forini!"
"Finidi! Finidi!"
"George! George!"
"Oh Brother! Oh brother!"

*They strip and run around for 9 minutes*

"We pray the Margaret of SnubNose 38 and Random Number God that you may deliver us victory over Natanians and Nosts and any other infidels that we face in international play"

"Sacrifice the Rubber Chicken!"

*Swoosh of an axe and the chicken is dead*

"Margaret we pray that you take this sacrifice of a rubber chicken in good faith and that by your deliverance Milchama does well in all international competitions"

"Come on You Warriors!"

"Let's Go Milchama!"
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Postby Zwangzug » Sat Jan 15, 2022 1:47 pm

Let's get ready for number ninety!

I got this feeling as another decade starts to dawn
We park the train in front of goal
We stop, won't let you score
We make a budge in onion bags and climb to greater heights
We crash through records as we win
Now we're here: let's do it!

You're on the wrong track, but
We're the Galacticos
You want to chase us down
We won't let you get close
Forget the histories
Let's build the future up
We missed the seventies
But it's a 90's cup.
Now we're here: let's do it!

We've got no ceiling, we just keep on rising to the stars
You want to see how winning happens?
Well, just watch and learn.
Though sometimes spirits sag, though dice may be unfair,
You want to see us as we win?
Now we're here: let's do it!

The stars don't make our fates
We're not ruled by a curse
You want us down on Earth?
We'll cruise the multiverse.
We're bleeping hard to beat,
We play without a hitch
And there's no need to cheat:
We're gonna rule the pitch.
Now we're here: let's do it!
IRC humor, (self-referential)
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Postby Eshialand » Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:03 pm

A Mixed Reception

"Alright, two more days until the match against Yuezhou, everybody get your game faces on!" Coach Morgan told his team on that sunny Wednesday in May. He knew that this wasn't going to be an easy qualifying campaign, that much was for sure... but he still had hope. After all, Eshialand's draw wasn't great last time either, and making the playoffs this time around would only require 3rd out of 8 and not 2nd out of 10. If they had hope the previous year, they damn well had a shot this time.

Just then, two new players walked into the room. Coach Morgan recognized one of them, but the other one wasn't exactly a familiar face. "Tommy!" he yelled out, as the 19-year-old ran to talk to him.

"Is he on the Royals?" Faith Krupp asked, unfamiliar with who this person was.
"Yeah, he's our left back..." Jake Harran replied, "he's a pretty nice guy... but I'm not sure who this other kid is..."

"Wait, Bradley? Izzat you??" Christian Meers asked as if he was seeing an old friend for the first time in years.
"You know him Christian?" Faith questioned.
"Of course! We're right about the only two Eshians in all of Bollonich, so we've been talking for a while... it's always nice having someone who I can relate to... anyway, how's it been?" he said as he went to talk to the newcomer and show him around the stadium.

"It's always nice to see some new faces around here..." Melissa Carey told the coach. "Were they your idea to add?"
"No, they weren't actually. Someone else... though I couldn't tell you who even if I wanted to! I got a call telling me some new people were coming, but they never said who the people were, or even who they were!"

Just then, a mysterious figure enters the stadium. "Huh, so I guess we're not done with the new people, huh?" Melissa told her coach.

"Hello, I guess I should explain who I am..."
"Please, go on..." the coach told the man.
"My name is Haulafo Paka'ula, from the Aleirave Football Federation, a subsidiary of the Eshian Soccer Federation."
"Oh, yes, I remember you now, we spoke over the phone! What could it be?"
"Could we have a moment alone?"
"Anything you can say to me, you can say in front of my team. Please, go on!"
"Alright, anyway... so, as a part of the Aleiravan Integration Initiative, I was offered the opportunity to nominate a few players to participate on the Eshian National Team, at least until we start participating in the World Cup ourselves..."

"Aleiravan Integration Initiative?" Sarah Silver asked of Mr. Paka'ula.
"Yes, yes, it's the plan to make sure that Aleirave's transition to its status of Special Administrative Unit is as smooth as possible, and that Eshialand and Aleirave truly may become one!"
"Blergh... Jake? Mel? George? Alice? May I have a word with you?"

"Sure, yeah..." Jake replied.
"Why not?" George said.
"Coolio!" Alice answered.
"What is it you'd like to talk about?" Melissa asked.
"Just... come with me and I'll answer. It's... complicated."

The five friends walked towards the Eshian locker room as Sarah explained her issues with the matter. "Okay, so... remember when the whole Anaia split thing first happened? We got the news on that flight to Pluvia and the Saxean Isles, and I was worried about how international affairs may affect us..."
"Yes, and I remember wondering why you thought that in the first place..." Melissa replied.
"Look, Mel... we're in a special place in the world. We, as a nation, are away from all the others."
"Except South Americanastan!" Jake chimed in.

"Yes, except them, I suppose. Anyway, we're truly independent. We don't have to deal with all of this regional politics garbage. We don't have to drag ourselves into the matters of other nations, we don't have to make anyone love us, and they don't have to have any reason to hate us! We can simply be, be a nation free from all of the world's problems."

"Wait, so you're advocating for isolationism?" George asked. "But what about the last two years? We've played soccer on the world stage, and you've loved it just as much as us! If we went back into isolation, that would all go away, wouldn't it? We'd be back home, nothing to worry about, sure... but the world is so much more fun when it's more than just us!!"

"I'm not saying we should go back to the isolation. I'm not saying we should be done with it all, but we certainly shouldn't be messing with greater powers than ourselves. We can exist in the multiverse without meddling, without inserting ourselves into every situation! The friggin' king, with his delusions about being friends with everyone and fighting for every single cause, doesn't seem to get that, and the Prime Minister's too much of a sitting duck to stop him!"

"Sarah, enough!!" Melissa yelled. "What you're saying is absolutely ludicrous! Look, if you wanna complain about the government, fine. After you retire, you can run for office and start making your changes yourself. Until then, it's not our place to comment on the nation's political moves! We aren't politicians, we should stick to our jobs here!"

"You're telling me that the king hasn't used us as pawns in his political game before? He's perfectly willing to--"

"I said enough!!! I'm going back to the pitch now, and I'm assuming Jake, George, and Alice will be coming with me. Sarah, you need to cool off. Even if you don't agree with Aleirave, Anaia, or anything else, why don't you just keep it to yourself and play?"

As Melissa returned to the pitch, she noticed four new players, and just had to ask: "Coach, who are these?"
"Oh, yeah, they're who that Haulafo fellow was telling me about... meet Neraveke, Fyodor, Tefei'o, and Efineha. They've come from Aleirave to play on the team with us!"
"Hoo boy, Sarah's gonna love this..." Alice replied.
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Postby Soldera » Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:13 pm

The final touches to King Anthony Stadium in Branwen were done a couple of days before the opening kickoff of World Cup 90 qualifying was to begin.

The stadium was ready for an opponent, but there wasn't an opponent to be found in time.

For Solderan national team manager Norm Carricker, that fact bothered him.

The tickets could be sold in a hurry. The new stadium was ready for its big date, but there wasn't a dance partner for the Snakes. It wouldn't be the first friendly Soldera have ever played. The Snakes faced the Stars at Dave Wilson Stadium in Woodstock and in Branwen, but the latter match was at the old City Stadium, a dilapidated "overgrown high school stadium," as Carricker put it. Not the gleaming new stadium that was worthy of being a true national stadium.

Soldea needed to prepare, and intrasquad scrimmages were good only to a point. The Snakes players were sick of each other and trying to assemble scout teams. They wanted competition, true competition against foreign opponents. They also wanted to play a match at home in front of their supporters before a two-game road trip to begin qualifying. They wouldn't return home for a match at King Anthony Stadium until Matchday 3.

As for City Stadium, the sooner that piece of shit met the wrecking ball, the better for everyone involved. Every Snakes player cringed when the Branwen City Council floated an idea to refurbish the stadium, even if it meant putting in actual stands instead of the bleachers that lined the stadium. The costs associated with the "renovations" would have been much higher than simply tearing the place down or building a new City Stadium. Carricker was glad the City Council came to its senses and voted down the proposed renovations. Besides, he couldn't wait to actually use his new office in the stadium and the coaches' locker room. Meanwhile, he'd just finished leading a tour of various media of the new stadium and walked very much like a proud parent.

He knew getting strong results in Soldera's World Cup qualifying debut would be a long shot, but that wasn't the point. The point was that Soldera was getting a chance to show off its new stadium and get its feet wet in a worldwide competition for the first time. Whether they played on after World Cup qualifying in the Cup of Harmony or in the proper was a question that had yet to be answered. The present saw Soldera getting ready for its close up in a way that Copa Rushmori never did. And Carricker could only hope his charges would be ready.
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Postby Kandorith » Sat Jan 15, 2022 3:34 pm


Shinonome Kyoai - International

A renewed Kandorith preparing for qualifiers.

Kaya Michiyu returns to lead Kandorith towards World Cup 90.
By Natsumi Miyasaki
ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Kaya Michiyu is the name echoing through the halls of the Kandorese Football Association once again as the coach of the immensely successful World Cup 89 returns to the managing position of the national team for World Cup 90. It is always a special time throughout the empire: qualifying for the World Championship, as the team is looking to get the support of the home fans behind them, and this has not always been a success, depending on decisions by either the KFA or the managers themselves.
The upcoming campaign will be quite a switch from the national Kandorese football league to the schedule of the World Cup Qualifiers, but as always, the players and manager insist they are ready and one hundred per cent focused on qualifying for the 90th World Cup. After the recent success and finishing in the quarter-finals of the previous World Cup, it is the road towards, hopefully, the quarter-finals again for the now 12th placed team in the rankings.

Vilita and Baker Park
For the World Cup, the goal is to travel to Vilita and Baker Park, which are hosting the tournament, which also means it is in extremely capable hands. These two very well-known names in football have been a concept for quite a while and are certainly not unknown to the Kandorese players and traveling fans alike.

While there is no doubt at all that the organization of the World Cup will be flawless and the locations where the Kandorese team will travel will be wonderful, the success of the Kandorese team is not a guarantee. Michiyu's squad turned into a giant-slaying underdog in World Cup 89 and are now going into the World Cup Qualifiers with a definitive favourite role, being drawn from pot 1 for the first time in the modern-day empire's history.

Vilita is also holding the Mountain Games in addition to hosting the World Cup. These games consist of several athletic and traditional activities from Vilita's mountainous areas. While no Kandorese athletes will compete, the games are a must-see event. The celebrations are a major cultural festival that incorporates traditional entertainment, cuisine, and art and are hosted in the country's tropic areas. Heavy athletics, lumberjack contests, and strongman competition are among the activities covered. The Kleptochase World Championship, a head-to-head competitive event that combines labyrinth running, escape rooms, and capture the flag, is held alongside the Mountain Games. Both events originated in Atlantian Oceania's Vilitan area and have since spread to other continents.

No Surprises
Michiyu stated earlier this month that if they were appointed manager again for this cycle, he would prefer to make almost no changes to the squad. However, there have been a few changes to Michiyu's preferred starting eleven, as in their words, "to give other players a better and fairer chance to prove themselves and maybe get a permanent or more frequent rotation spot."

For the group, Kandorith will be competing in group number 20 with the Squornshelan Remnant States at rank 39, Chartistan at rank 55, Sendhang (78), The Sarian at rank 88, and Southwest Eastnorth at rank 124, respectively. Fresh from the baptism of fire, the group will be joined by the Republic of Western Sol, at rank 292 and StrayaRoos at rank 266. As the group looks right now, the real dangers to the Kandorese would be the Squornshelan Remnant States and Chartistan as direct threats, with Sendhang and Sarian as possible underdogs. According to Michiyu, the team would be looking to stay on their guard when playing all teams and not play too risky.

The Mission
The previous World Cup for Kandorith was one of tremendous success, topping the group phase with an unbelievable fourteen wins, four draws, and no defeats, ending up with 59 goals against 32, beating teams like Vilita, Mertagne, and Barunia to convincingly hold the top spot. The Dragons then continued their venture into the World Cup in Group D, with the first match being their very first defeat immediately. A 1 goal difference defeat against Nephara would dent the spirit of the Kandorese fans a bit, as the group phase has been the ending station for the team most of the time, except for occasionally playing in the round of 16 and ending the World Cup campaign there.

Kandorith would suddenly start a turnaround against Chromatika to level themselves with the number 2, Eura, who they would then play in the last match and win with a convincing 3 to 1 victory. The tournament would lead to a nerve-wracking round of 16 game against Twicetagria and saw Kandorith victorious in extra time with a score of 1-2. Turori, however, would break the hearts of the Kandorese and, after reaching the quarter-finals for the first time, they would end their journey with a 3-2 defeat. Michiyu's goal would be to reach the quarter-finals once more, and possibly even further.
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BREAKING NEWS: Cyberphage has spread through the Empire, people are urged to only get their implants checked by government certified ripperdoctors. • The streets of Kandorith are safer than ever, last year there were only around 11,090 deaths on the road and only 114,921 gun point robberies.

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Postby Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom » Sat Jan 15, 2022 5:09 pm

OOC: Supplement/Continuation of the Rekan tales told for the 89th World Cup and the 81st Cup of Harmony. The tale of injury, melodrama, supernatural powers, and a man tied down to lives he had never chose. This material details a major and deadly accident at a hospital in Zeta Reka
Aleiusia Star

Splitting the "true" and
the "false" for 25 years

The University Hospital Explosion, Two Years On
Almost two years after a true tragedy in the capital city, questions remain as to what caused the single worst medical disaster in modern Zeta Reka. What really happened? Who is still looking for the truth? Most of all, how has society adapted in two long years since?

On a warm August afternoon, rainfall had ended, and the city was returning to business after a public funeral. The University Hospital and Clinic of Aleiusia, a crown jewel of health in Zeta Reka rumbled suddenly. With no time to prepare dozens of persons on the second and first floors suffered injuries. Some were not as fortunate, with an entire block of occupied hospital rooms incinerated. Fires spread to the almost every floor, as medical workers scrambled to protect their patients. One hospital worker, Jessika, told her story to a documentary crew from Reka TV. The nation last Wednesday was captivated by her story, “We were all in a frenzy,” the social worker told interviewer Anna Strohkirch, “we had to move patients. The fires began on our floor. We had no time. I wasn’t sure if anyone would make it out.”

Not everyone on Anna’s wing would survive the deadliest explosion in Zeta Reka in just over twenty years. Many coworkers and patients died once the fires spread across floor two, and beyond. “It’s been hard for us who still work there,” Jessika said with a face flushing beat red, tears exiting tired eyes, “I still have trouble on that floor.” Nine months passed before Jessika reported for work again, and she has since become the head social worker for the entire hospital. “I’ve poured everything to my work,” Jessika said “Two workers who were injured that day are still being treated here. I can’t abandon them, I simply can’t.”

Investigations into what detonated at a major Aleiusian landmark proved inconclusive. The official words of the Glavni Fire Department provided little information for an answer hungry public. While the GFD report states “Some equipment in the hospital (oxygen tanks, chemicals, and flammable items) exacerbated the burn,” the report later concludes that, “The original source of the explosion remains unknown.” Investigations into the eruption two years ago do conclude an unknown catalyst burst energy in the south west wing. The heat and flame pivoted to the rest of the building as if a rocket ship had activated in the building. The unknown catalyst also put a three meter hole from floor two to floor one. In addition, trees south west of the hospital were downed in an erratic pattern, wrapping eventually eastward into the capital region’s nature preserve.

On the fourth floor, one patient was spared from total destruction. Iwan Borjanić was then a Glavni councilor and now a National Assemblyman. The politician was in Zeta Reka’s finest hospital for the treatment of a leaking heart valve. Borjanić was almost as far way from the south west of the building as possible. No fires made it to this section of the building, which was on the fourth floor. Even though he was spared fatal anguish, the aging politico has continued to search for the truth. Borjanić a year on from the disaster spearheaded continuing the investigation. Official inquires thus have continued, and now look for a culprit behind the blaze.

“Claims of an accidental explosion have never survived scrutiny,” an assistant of Borjanić told the Aleiusia Star, “as we continue to see, none of the equipment in that part of the hospital could so quickly destroy lives and families.” Official suspects for a malicious explosion remain a matter of national security. In leu of answer the general public has had two years to form countless hypothesis of their own. Most of these explanations are unsupported by all evidence, but each has gripped public conciseness. “False explanations are why we must find the truth,” Borjanić’s aid said, “as of today, con artists are telling people simple lies instead of the complex truth.”

One explanation attempts to account for the natural damage veering off into the adjacent “Glavni Nature Preserve” operation by the University of Aleiusia and the Federal Government. “They bombed our hospital, but some shells hits the forests!” fiction author Rainer Scwartz claimed a month after the disaster. Scwartz’s op;ed blaming a neighboring nation was rejected for publication by multiple news outlets, leading to public support for the theory. Far right political group “The Federation’s Future” blamed Hügeltalian laborers in the Hospital. TFF further claimed the event was an “anti-Rekan bombing.” The bombing hypothesis is still unable to explain the total disappearance of any explosive mechanism.

Since the disaster, some positives have emerged through bitter soil. A commissioned report by the National Assembly on fireproofed buildings in Zeta Reka found gaps in the infrastructure of buildings constructed as young as sixteen years before the construction of the University Hospital. The Jeličić government scored a cornerstone political victory by passing laws for a retrofitting program. “The government is projected to have saved hundreds lives with their actions,” former President Iwan Maurer wrote in a rare public statement, “No one in our country, or any nation, should be a vain victim. We must continue to protect ourselves from harm.”

Repairs and further modernizations were placed into the University Hospital alongside the repair and retrofitting projects. Only a few weeks before the anniversary of tragedy, the final repairs to the new University Hospital and Clinic of Aleiusia concluded. President Wuk Panzyak gave comments at the unveiling of the final ward, joined by many of the hospital’s working, distastes survivors, members of the University’s board, and the university football team. “This place endured the worst tragedy of these past decades,” president Panzyak said, “but the commitment of everyone in this building to save lives saved many, will they will be saviors for as long as this nation is in need.”
Written by Anton Krist
    Weekly headlines
    • The University Hospital Explosion, Two Years On
    • Images On The Rekan Web Have Broke; Here’s Why
    • Opinion - The Socialist Advance On Government (by Niko Hrgotow)
    • Aleiusia Capital Confident Of IFCF Improvements
    • Water Privatization Court Challenge Continues



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