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A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Nico Hulkenberg » Tue Oct 12, 2021 3:49 pm


”Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Emmerich. The temperature outside is around 12°C, and the local time is 8am. We thank you for choosing to fly with FlyHülkenberg.

Meine Damen und Herren, wilkommen zurück in Emmerich…”

Home sweet home. Well, airport sweet airport. After two hectic trials in Liventia and Diarcesia, Dario was finally back on Hülkenberger soil - not that he would be there for long, since he had to be in Auruna the day after, but still. He would be able to rest, recuperate, and do many other things that begin with “R”… including “race”. If he wanted to get any better, he’d have to get himself back up to speed with racing, and he knew just the place that would be able to do that.

HMG Entwicklungszentrum

Dario hadn’t spoken to HMG since he had his last debrief as a rally driver, but he was still technically an employee of HMG-Rally, which allowed him to enter the building without any need for him to obtain a visitor’s pass (not that he’d need one, considering he’d probably have gotten in anyway) or any other sort of access card. Hence, he walked straight into the building and headed towards the office of Jöhan Turbringer, Head of Development at HMG (and Team Principal of HMG-Rally).

*knock knock knock knock knock, knock knock*

“Christ, careful! You’ll break the glass if you knock it too hard.”

“Well, I had to get your attention somehow, didn’t I? It’s Dario, by the way.”

“Mate, I can see you through the glass - I knew it was you as soon as I saw you coming down the hall. Now, what are you here for?”

“Right, so you know how I’m an überfamous WGPC driver with bucketloads of money?”

“Yes, you mentioned all of this when I hired you for the rally team.”

“Well, I have a teeny-weeny question that I’d like to ask you.”

“Go on?”

“Can I use your simulator?”

“What, the simulator that’s built for rally cars?”

“Yes, that one. The state of the art simulator that YOU mentioned when you hired me.”

“It’s not best suited for simulating WGPC-spec vehicles, Dario. I mean, you’ll remember from when you used it - the steering wheel is rally-spec, the instruments are rally-spec, every single bit of it is rally-spec.”

“What, so you can’t just download WGPC simulator software onto it?”

“It’s possible, but it wouldn’t be much better than, say, just playing it on a games console.”

“Can I do that? The playing it on a console, I mean.”

“Well, yeah - there’s a console in the break room, if you’re wanting to use it. It has a copy of ‘WGPC: The Game’, albeit it’s not the latest version out there.”

“Ach, bugger it - I’ll go and play that then.”

“Oh, but make sure you don’t disturb any of the adjacent rooms while you’re at it - they’re working on some top secret stuff, and they won’t want any überfamous übernumpties disturbing them.”

With that, Dario walked over to the break room and tried to forget about the fact that his employer had just called him an “übernumpty”, no matter how true that statement was. He strode over to the console, turned it on, and grabbed the game from the adjacent shelf. On its cover was the Driver’s Champion from the year before the game was made… that being Stang Crax, Driver’s Champion of WGPC 11.

”Christ, this is a bit older than I was expecting. Meh, I’m sure it’ll be just as good.” said Dario as he inserted the disc into the console and selected the game on the screen.


#1 - Stang Crax
#2 - Xeb Kallasdun

#3 - Jai Kardaeri
#4 - Sotil Morua

#5 - R.L. Cruisin
#6 - Allian Marquis

#7 - Enaut Londoso
#27 - Alexandra Mayari

#9 - Vitaliy Aaltonen
#10 - Victor Hall

#11 - Johannes Fagerholm
#12 - Shayna Barstowe

#14 - Matt Hingis
#15 - iBen Toralmintii

#16 - Alexander Lund
#17 - Roger Bunn

#18 - Bartosz Macdonald
#19 - Matthew Portland

#20 - Johnny Boudermann
#21 - James Davies

#22 - Louis Krindle
#23 - Lukas Forbes

#24 - Donal O'Connell
#25 - Andreas Schroeder

Dario pondered the driver select screen for a while, unsure of which driver to select. Two drivers stuck out to him - Toralmintii and Cruisin - as they were still active WGPC drivers, but the rest were either completely unknown to him or only vaguely recalled from old stories of the sport.

”Hmmmmmm, who to pick…” thought Dario, endlessly scrolling through the list of drivers.

”Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a tiger by the toe, dum de dum de diddle dum, diddly diddly diddly dum! Looks like I’ll be racing as Toralmintii, then.”

After selecting Toralmintii, the game automatically selected the Talbott Autodrome as the track, and within seconds he was on-track in the #15 ‘WGPC Motorsports Two’ car.

”Catchy name for a team. I wonder if the car will be as catchy, hah.”

The car, needless to say, was pretty rubbish, both in how it was rendered on-screen, and how it performed - but that sense of vehicular connection that Dario felt during the PB trials returned to him, as if he was driving the real thing once more. As he got more used to the way that the ‘WGPC Motorsports Two’ car drove (as well as the heavily-compressed scream which was supposedly the sound of the engine), his virtual lap times began to steadily improve, and every going round every corner felt like a hot knife going through butter - gloriously gliding around the digital track.

”Man, I could really get used to this…” said Dario, fully engrossed by the set of polygons and pixels filling up the screen.


The break room door opened, and into the room came Jöhan.

”Dario… how on Earth are you still here? Surely this old game isn’t THAT good - after all, it’s ancient.”

“I’m having the race of my life over here, don’t distract me! This Motorsports Two car is brilliant, man! The setup is perfectly suited to my driving needs, and the suspension is SOMETHING ELSE!”

“It’s only a game, Dario. You’re not even competing against real people, just coded software that’s meant to try and drive around the same track as you.”

“The cars, the surroundings and the tracks may not be real, but the racing is. The racing is certainly real. I could do this forever!”

“Well, you can’t - after all this hyping up you’ve done, I’d quite like a shot at the game myself, considering that I’m the guy who actually does work around here, AND you have a trial to go to tomorrow.”

“Jöhan, how would you know that?”

“You linked your email to HMG when you signed, and we saw your email exchange with Viska.”

“You can’t do that, that’s illega-“

“Oh! It says here that you’ve got an email from a guy called ‘Tauro Volante’. Let’s take a look at that, shall we?”

“No! These are MY emails, Jöhan!”

“Look here, Dario! It says ‘This is Tauro Volante, representing Badai Angin Tim Motorsport, second runners-up in the last World Grand Prix Championship season.’ Doesn’t that sound very interesting?”


“Fine, fine. You can thank me later for telling you about that Badai Angin Tim email, though - you should really take a look at it.”

Dario stormed out of the break room, enraged that HMG had the power to sift through his emails at any given moment. What had they seen? What could they do with this power? Had they done anything malicious? He couldn’t be sure, but he was still absolutely fuming. This didn’t stop him from responding to the email, however.

From: dnülke@hülkenbergmail.hü
To: [Tauro Volante]
Subject: RE: Badai Angin Tim private test offer


I have received your invitation for a private test, and all I have to say is: you can absolutely count on me coming to Jakulta International Raceway! I’d be delighted to test out the BAP003, especially considering the team’s finish last season. I’ll have to participate in the Viska trials before I get there, but you can absolutely expect me to be there!

Dario Nülkeschläger
(Former) WGPC and WSRC Driver

With the email sent, it was time to go back home and get ready to fly out to Veratuna. He was sure that his newfound experience on the console would help with this trial, and he hoped for the best…

(It did not help, and he did not get the best of results. Needless to say, he hoped for much better at the Badai Angin Tim test :P)

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Postby Diarcesia » Tue Oct 12, 2021 4:02 pm

Sara Luna's Home Office
Chiyginia, Diarcesia
The Night After Pre-Season Test One

Sara considered the Viska offer before her, the details being shown in her laptop, and the third firm one after PB and Badai Angin's. She found the Viska Junior Formula car fun to drive. And thanks to some muscle memory left over from driving the Schkeska rally cars, she could get herself attuned to its quirks as well. The three trials were to be held on the same day, so Sara expected it to be grueling. As a free agent, she had to be competitive to widen her options, to continue to show them that what reputation she has is backed by actual results. Concentrating fully on maximizing the Junior Formula car's abilities, she crossed the line second in the first two trials and dipped somewhat in form in the third with a P5 finish. Nevertheless, Viska found her good enough to receive the offer should Janne Laukkanen decline, which he did to race for Carvenlo. Now, she switched to Badai Angin's and pored over the important details, as well as her personal judgments during the test she attended in Filindostan.

"I think the BAP003 is a fine machine," she said to herself. "Do I picture myself racing with it, though? It is quick to accelerate, indeed. I may have a chance to win with it in a track like Forest Cross. But what about one that is not? Say, Talbott? I feel I may lose too much speed. I can call Badai Angin's car a 'speed demon' that doesn't run out of juice. I think I could make a case for it, although a Preston is likely faster."

She looked at the clock, as if she was in a dreamlike state. "It's very late, and I think I should accomplish something today. I was loafing around for too long. I need to show that I am worthy to have a championship. First step, actually accept a team offer... Championship, eh?"

She switched to another email, this time from Edvin of TRÆ fame. When she initially saw it earlier, she squealed in excitement and took every ounce of her being to not accept it on the spot. Their negotiations were going well, though Sara worried whether she was too forward or desperate. At first, TRÆ wasn't even in her radar. But when she started regular correspondences with them, she quickly realized that this could be a very advantageous piece in her drivers' championship puzzle.

Her monologue continued. "It's a one year contract, not an issue. I like one year contracts. How about the car? I have no tests to attend, so the simulator is all I got. And that car is on rails. No wonder they were constructors' champions by a long shot. But should I trust on simulator experience? It's a gamble, but my gut says it's a good foundation..."sighing, she continued, "it's way harder to choose this time."

Eventually, she had a team in mind. She began to type her confirmation reply to her chosen team. Then she paused to rephrase a sentence here and there. After a few iterations of that, she fell asleep on her desk, her email not yet sent.

Before her laptop monitor turned off, a label in a spot of Sara's pilarmanesi.dc email client changed appearance to say "Email draft saved."
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Postby Sorlovia » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:47 am

Café Rostok, Sorlovia

Gregori hid it well. But not yet being signed to a team was really worrying him. He wasn’t usually the type of guy to worry about things. He took everything in his stride and calmly did what needed to be done. But he’d never been without a team this late before and it was getting to him. Even a trip back home and a visit to his favourite café in Solnichniy, his beloved hometown, wasn’t enough to quieten his nerves. This had never happened before. What if he didn’t manage to get a place on a team? The prospect deeply alarmed him and broke through his usual calm level-headedness.

He sighed as he slowly raised the coffee mug to his lips. This really was an uncomfortable experience for him and he wanted it to end. The rug had been pulled out from under him and all of his hopes for the approach to WGPC19 had been dashed. The fall and disgrace of Volkov Racing had left him high and dry. The spot he had been promised was gone and his future was uncertain. All he wanted to do was race and now even that looked threatened. All because of some crooked race executives. None of it made sense. Everything had been going well for Volkov Racing. They’d competed in WGPC18 and made a name for themselves. They’d had extensive funding from Volkov Motors and enjoyed huge support with the Sorlovian public. Why had the race executives done it?

“It will all work out Gregori,” he told himself quietly “you have the reputation and skill. You’ll secure a place on a team.”

Positive self-talk was vital. It helped you get through a bad spot and kept you from tumbling towards a mental breakdown. Not that that was where was headed by any stretch. But if you weren’t careful self-doubt could creep into your mind and unravel your confidence in yourself. Three seasons and it came to this. It was just another hurdle that he would overcome on the path of his career. He had a reputation. He’d made a name for himself on the World Gran Prix stage. The teams knew him. Surely one of them would bite. He didn’t have Volkov Racing to fall back on. VMR and MRT weren’t there as options. But there were plenty of great teams, most notably Race Eelandii VTGP, and if the played his cards right he could secure a place with one of them.
Café Rostok, Sorlovia

Gregori hid it well. But not yet being signed to a team was really worrying him. He wasn’t usually the type of guy to worry about things. He took everything in his stride and calmly did what needed to be done. But he’d never been without a team this late before and it was getting to him. Even a trip back home and a visit to his favourite café in Solnichniy, his beloved hometown, wasn’t enough to quieten his nerves. This had never happened before. What if he didn’t manage to get a place on a team? The prospect deeply alarmed him and broke through his usual calm level-headedness.

He sighed as he slowly raised the coffee mug to his lips. This really was an uncomfortable experience for him and he wanted it to end. The rug had been pulled out from under him and all of his hopes for the approach to WGPC19 had been dashed. The fall and disgrace of Volkov Racing had left him high and dry. The spot he had been promised was gone and his future was uncertain. All he wanted to do was race and now even that looked threatened. All because of some crooked race executives. None of it made sense. Everything had been going well for Volkov Racing. They’d competed in WGPC18 and made a name for themselves. They’d had extensive funding from Volkov Motors and enjoyed huge support with the Sorlovian public. Why had the race executives done it?

“It will all work out Gregori,” he told himself quietly “you have the reputation and skill. You’ll secure a place on a team.”

Positive self-talk was vital. It helped you get through a bad spot and kept you from tumbling towards a mental breakdown. Not that that was where was headed by any stretch. But if you weren’t careful self-doubt could creep into your mind and unravel your confidence in yourself. Three seasons and it came to this. It was just another hurdle that he would overcome on the path of his career. He had a reputation. He’d made a name for himself on the World Gran Prix stage. The teams knew him. Surely one of them would bite. He didn’t have Volkov Racing to fall back on. VMR and MRT weren’t there as options. But there were plenty of great teams, most notably Race Eelandii VTGP, and if the played his cards right he could secure a place with one of them. He just had to be patient.

He swore to himself that he would give his all for whichever team signed him. There was no way that he would let them down. He wanted to race and he wanted to race bad. The desire and the unrelenting passion just wouldn't relent. He had to get back out on those tracks again. He had to.

He leaned back in his chair and quickly flicked off an email to Sara Luna. They had raced together in WGPC18 and he still had enormous respect for her.

To: Sara Luna
From: Gregori Krupin (

Hi Sara,

I hope the pre-season is going well for you. You've probably heard about Volkov Racing and what happened with them. But don't worry. Our contracts are safe and we've both been cleared. But it's safe to say that we won't see that team again. Viktor left his job before the federal authorities back home shut it all down. He was cleared too but last I heard he was taking it well. You think you know the people you work with and then this happens. Poor guy.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you out on the track. You have so much skill and a technique that is so unique and intriguing. Go for gold! We may soon be competitors but that doesn't mean that we have to be enemies. I wish you the best of luck.

Warm regards,

A message from a friend popped up on his screen as he finished the email. It seemed that Rusty had some sort of grudge against him. Was he really still bitter about the fact that he'd stolen the MRT contract from him? All the way back in WGPC17? The idea both amused and disappointed him. He didn't harbour any ill feelings for Rusty but he wasn't about to back down.
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WGPC Pt2: All About #2, But We're #1?

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:02 am

Race Eelandii VTGP HQ
Eelandii, Turori
Break Between Test 1 and Test 2
9 pm Local Time

After a long offseason break, the Galarian was back in his 2nd home pondering a lot of things. Lane Carter felt at home here in Turori and with the grind of a new season only just beginning, he knew that a lot of people were relying on him to do the team proud this season. He's known that for a few days now, ever since R.L. Cruisin's move to Carvenlo Liventia Airways was confirmed and how he publicly stated that "I have complete confidence in Lane Carter to be able to step up and do big things for the team this season in Eelandii." That was big talk, especially from the most experienced driver on the grid by a long shot, and Lane's position as #1 was now secure. It felt weird to think about that, a guy who struggled in UrGa being #1 at VTGP, but he knew that he had to take the challenge on if he was to survive long term and anything was certainly possible in a sport like this.

He was going over the data again from the 1st Pre-Season Test in Togonistan's Hwoarang Racing Circuit. Getting up to speed with the new machinery actually turned out to be a harder process than he first imagined but as the new #1 in the eyes of REVTGP, the guys were all there ready to give him advice and feedback where possible. That could mostly explain being last in the morning session, with the Kaylans looking pretty good on their home track, but the afternoon was definitely an improvement as he switched things into high gear and ended the day right up there in 5th, behind only Pressley, Melani, Ryker Lane (of course) and his boss iBen Toralmintii. That was certainly a great day to end that day and a good note to end that week, after the chaos of Mike Stefan in Spartansburg, Squidroidia a few days ago (a situation he could personally understand).

But then his thoughts turned to everything involving him. He was at that test as well, talking with Lane's employers about his prospects this season. Of course, he's done some good in his career and Lane will supporting him through thick and thin, but he got the idea that VTGP may want him as more developmental than #2. Some high profile names are yet to figure out where to go as of now and with some spots left, the pressure was on every single team to finalise their driver line-ups before the 3rd and final Test in Tumbra. The time was certainly running out for him to get a spot on this grid, or even in WGP2 next season where he could end up with Batu in all this chaos. ane just wanted him somewhere, anywhere, where he could succeed as a driver and if he had to sway some folks to try and get him in, then fine by him.

The dream echoed in his thoughts yet again. The current situation played to this as well and now, he was beginning to understand why he may have had these thoughts and dreams since that letter in S18. He wanted him to succeed, sure...but he also wanted him by his side...maybe at all times. In the end, the final decision may lay with the elusive Sara Luna, whose choice will certainly cause dominoes to fall elsewhere, and maybe with iBen himself. He just hoped that once the dust settled in time for Round 1 in Liventia, both Galar and Inkhalla can be where they rightfully belonged.
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Postby Tumbra » Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:55 am

Hwoarang, Togonistan

And so the old team had been re-assembled, ready for Kaylan's jump to WGPC. Some news outlets in Tumbra reacted with a mix of bewilderment to the news; after all, if outfits such as Carvenlo and TRÆ (the latter only unofficially, of course) had been interested in him — sharing nine Constructor's Championships between them — why had he re-signed with the outfit that was, in all likelihood, going to have to take a year to find its feet in the highest rung of the sport?

He'd declined to give many interviews on why; instead giving noncommital answers on the side of "good working relationships" and "familiarity". Those were the standard answers to a media industry whose interview style might have been lightly described as 'relentless'. They were also the correct answers.

Well, half-correct, by any measure. Ted had stayed with Kaylan because he had a good working relationship with them. He was familiar with how things worked. One didn't get very far in motorsport by not having good working relationships with their team. And after all — the T170, which now occupied pride of place in Kaylan's museum of cars — had brought him within ten points of a title.

People were always going to be interested in his career, after all. There was little to no excitement over where the champion, Heinz-Otto, would end up; the moment TMW announced they were heading up to WGPC was the moment the bookies closed bets on him making the jump. There was slightly more excitement over where teenage hotshot (emphasis on hot, Ted found himself thinking, while scrolling through his Instagram account) Janne Laukkanen was heading; but much of that excitement was sated because Janne was a Nexus junior driver. Even if he did end up somewhere else on the grid for Season 19, there was little to no question over where the man would end up eventually, to try and continue Terho Talvela's legacy — Nexus, with their eight-wheeled caterpillar of a car. Vialiv was in the pipeline to head to TRÆ one day (a remarkably open secret), Haukanna was guaranteed a seat at Viska, Zoomtwat and his biplane had disappeared into thin air, Matviyenko had retired, Wingelaar was a sure shot to re-sign with TMW...

In a way, Anola and him were the only two drivers with any confusion over their futures. And in a way, Ted had known since his walk of shame down the pitlane in Neverend that he wanted to re-sign with the team. His life was in a state of flux; going with Kaylan for at least another season would at least give him a longer runway to settle his future without his father. Stability, something he craved. And there was also the loyalty he felt he owed Kaylan.

Last year he'd come within forty-eight hours of throwing in the towel and re-signing for his father's racing team, heading back to another gruelling season of Tumbran Super Formula; then Kaylan had swooped in with an offer. They'd signed him despite his poor result at essentially every test so far; they'd signed him mainly because of John Ashburn's sponsorship. But he felt he owed them something. And that something ended up becoming another year with Kaylan; where he would try to help the team in their efforts to at least try to be competitive, and they would help him adjust to life in a WGPC car.

And adjusting was what he bloody well needed to do. The private tests in Tushlark were a window to another world; one where his neck hurt for the entire afternoon after the test. Bloodshot eyes, the pain in the neck; if he hadn't been on the limit during his time in WGP2, he certainly was now. Everything in his body felt like it wanted to go in different directions; when he applied the brakes it felt like he was being stamped on, being pushed into his seat, and the throbbing pain in his neck when he turned the different corners of the Kaylan private circuit. After his first run he was wobbling all over the place.

It had gotten slightly better, but there was still an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach when the team headed towards Hwoarang. He stared at his helmet, done up the way he wanted; dark grey, the Tumbran eagle on the front, surrounded by the twenty-five stars. It'd been a decision he'd made when he decided to move up to WGP2; after all, as Tumbra's trailblazer in the series, he had to represent his country somehow.

Maybe next season he'd go for something different. For now, though, familiarity was the name of the game. It kept him grounded; it kept him in check; it kept him feeling secure.

"I don't know how much of this is because we've done a lot of testing, Simon, and I honestly don't want to find out."
"Early days yet, Ted. You having fun?"
"If you ignore the pain in the neck, sure."
"Eh, it'll buff out. This is probably the fastest thing you've ever driven. Or might ever drive."

Hwoarang was a fast, explosive circuit, one that suited the Kaylans perfectly. Much like the T-170 (of which Ted's chassis had been privately nicknamed Alicia), the T-180 was good on the straights, with the kick provided by the Kaylan's engine making a big difference. In corners, it probably wouldn't do so well; though Hwoarang didn't have the twisty, more technical sections required to test the car out. That would have to be saved for Elbej, in Diarcesia; the scene of where Ted's title challenge began to unravel.

They eventually settled into a rhythm, Kaylan testing out the Phoenician-In Motion tyres which were springy; though he rather preferred the Deyozes that had been his car's boots the previous season. Still, though, the car proved fast enough to land himself first on the timesheets in both sessions; Anola came third and second in both sessions, both easily beating out the rather incomplete field that had turned up at Hwoarang. iBen in the sole TRÆ had put in competitive lap times; the six-time champs of Carvenlo, too, had put in solid laps. Whether they were sandbagging or not, nobody knew; that was part of the intrigue of pre-season.

Promising, if early, days; as the sun set and testing ended, Ted sat on the pitwall, contemplating his future again — not just in the sport, but his own life, as well.
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Postby Diarcesia » Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:07 pm

Pre-Season Test One

The weather is still dry and the Hwoarang Racing Circuit is showing the potential of testing the Imagination-imbued Phoenician-In Motion supersoft tires to the fullest. Initially, Laura finds it tricky to navigate, combined with piloting a WGPC-spec machine for the first time in an official event, but she is later able to cope. The car is still missing some power, the reason being that the Sidus power plant was yet to be tuned for optimal race conditions. The preseason testing is precisely the time to determine the parameters for that. The mechanics will need some getting used to in adjusting from working with the Skychief V6 in WGP2 to the current turbo-hybrid. There are more components, the startup sequence is more complex, but the additional power delivered is also massive. For instance, Laura now has the ability to activate the Energy Recovery System to help in her overtakes.

Once the first session is over, the team delivers a quick report on results for Aldauren to peruse. The issues that had plagued their WGP2 season so far are considered resolved, most especially the transmission. For the team principal, the signs are encouraging. If they get the set ups right for both a particular race and for the driver's liking, he thinks that the PB cars can have a clear advantage in comparison to the competition. The team strives to strike a balance between raw speed and driver responsiveness, particularly in the last segment of the track. Aldauren also sees the Kaylan of Ted Pressley topping the time sheets, which tells him they can eke more performance out of the Phoenician-In Motions that said team also evaluates. For the second session, Aldauren recommends Laura to emphasize on race pace and help gather more tire degradation data. So far, what they find is that the rubber does deliver superior grip relative to what they observe the other teams have: a very favorable situation for a driver to just send it after a pit stop.

Overall, the session in Togonistan is considered a success. The biggest pending thing weighing on Aldauren and the chief scout Gideon Scrivenor's minds is who will be Laura's teammate? Thankfully, that evening, they arrive at a final determination.

"Aldauren, I don't think Sara will accept our offer. It was widely reported that TRÆ had an offer to Anola Melani. She's driving a Kaylan now."

"Which means..."

"Go on."

"...which means Sara is holding out for a TRÆ contact of her own. Of course she's the heiress presumptive of that seat after Terho Talvela left, what else should I expect? She doesn't speak much, but she really knows what she is doing."

"So what now?"

"This is the final call."

"About fucking time," the scout laughs. "We're torturing ourselves in the last several days over it."

"Come on, this decision could make or break our team! Dario Nülkeschläger will be PB's second driver."

"Mmm, you sure about that?" Gideon stares inquisitively.

"I'm bloody sure. We agree Sam has tapped merely the tip of her talent iceberg, but my sources have it that the WGPO could make room for us to give Sam a WGP2 drive on our terms. That is, a seat that we can control."

"I loathe to think about missing out on a generational talent here, but the original plan is to let her race in WGP2, indeed."

"Don't worry. With Sam being our test driver, she will get a taste of how a WGPC car operates. We ping-ponged on our second driver choice many times now. With Dario being Laura's teammate, I can see how their dynamic could work very well in the more complex races. I've looked at the schedule. Sam blew away our expectations. We can't ignore that. However, Dario's insights can be very valuable to a fledgling team like us. Moreover, I remember our conversation during his test."

"What is it?"

"Something about having a sixth sense during the race. Sara didn't recommend him for nothing."

Gideon nods at the realization.

The Next Day

"Good morning."

"Curses, Tom! I'm easily spooked when you do that!" Sara and Tom laugh.

"Sleepwalked again to your laptop?" Tom observes Sara's groggy form as the latter stretches her neck.

"No. Only got a few hours' sleep on the bed and decided it was better to get back to work. I don't have a team yet!"

"You're lucky the teams are patient with you."

"Only this time. I'm sure you know the speculations. There's merit to it. In fact, I'll show you," Sara wakes her laptop up and shows the relevant email thread to Tom, whose eyes widen at its contents.

"Jeez," is all Sara's boyfriend could mutter.

"I know, I know."

"Anyway, let's make breakfast now. You must be hungry. And so am I."

A few hours later, emails are transmitted from Sara's account. She has already thanked the teams she attended tests before for their time, so she goes straight to finishing the confirmation draft that she slept on the past night.

To: Edvin Pekkanen
From: Sara Luna <sara.luna@pilarmanesi.dc>
Cc: Atila Aksyonov <atila.aksyonov@pilarmanesi.dc>
Subject: Re: An Opportunity to Race for Tropicorp Racing Ælund

Thank you so much for your patience. I have deliberated my options, and reached the decision to accept TRÆ's second seat. It is a great honour and a privilege I will treasure for a lifetime. I look forward to racing with the team this season.


Sorlovia wrote:
To: Sara Luna
From: Gregori Krupin (

Hi Sara,

I hope the pre-season is going well for you. You've probably heard about Volkov Racing and what happened with them. But don't worry. Our contracts are safe and we've both been cleared. But it's safe to say that we won't see that team again. Viktor left his job before the federal authorities back home shut it all down. He was cleared too but last I heard he was taking it well. You think you know the people you work with and then this happens. Poor guy.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you out on the track. You have so much skill and a technique that is so unique and intriguing. Go for gold! We may soon be competitors but that doesn't mean that we have to be enemies. I wish you the best of luck.

Warm regards,

To: Gregori Krupin <>
From: Sara Luna <sara.luna@pilarmanesi.dc>


It's good to hear from you again. I was shocked when I received news on the developments regarding Volkov. It's a shame, to be honest. Viktor had been very helpful to us.

I understand you had plans to race for them this season, only for it to be derailed. I am more than willing to send my personal recommendations to the teams you are applying.

I'm happy to meet with you someday, if you feel up to it. Please tell Elena I say hi.

Best regards,

Pre-Season Test Two

This is it. Sara Luna is about to begin her WGPC19 season right in home soil, on the Elbej Historic Site. She is very ready and undeterred of the vast expectations of filling Terho Talvela's shoes. Seated in the car she christened Tabetha, the mechanics give the go signal, and off she goes to her very first drive as a TRÆ driver.
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Postby Chromatika » Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:55 pm

Hwoarang, Togonistan

The first "official" test of the year had gone off without too much of a hitch. Anola found herself thoroughly enjoying herself in the two races at Hwoarang, finishing in third place and then second when it came to fastest laps. Her teammate, Ted Pressley, got the fastest lap both times; they had done well in their home circuit.

Afterwards, as Vladimir and she celebrated their success and also took the time to look over the specs of how the vehicle had performed. Pretty well, at least in home confines; there wasn't much that they had to complain about.

Then, Anola was surprised to find that Scarlett Miyashiru was waiting for her outside the door, her tablet in hand.

"Ready for your first interview as part of this new column I'm doing on your season?" asked Scarlett, teasing slightly.

"Uh, sure," replied Anola.

As they went off to do an interview, Vladimir looked on and smiled. Things were off to a great start.
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Postby Auruna » Wed Oct 13, 2021 11:04 pm

Veratuna, Auruna
It was a few uneventful days in Veratuna and while Kinu awaits his fate in WGPC, the latest news immediately pops up. "Sara Luna confirmed for TRÆ." The MNA article read. "Wait what?!" He yells out in shock. He had to read it multiple times over. He just couldn't believe it. First, Laukkanen, then Luna. His shock is then replaced by excitement as this is his only chance for a seat. He rummages through his belongings to find his laptop. Before composing an email, he gives it a thought who to mail it to but that thought lived for a short time as immediately he decides to mail it to Jöna. "Should I keep it formal or what?" He asks himself but knowing Jöna that well, he comes up with a short and simple email to get it done quickly.

To: Jöna Ekeränna
From: Kinu Luminna
Subject: Viska Second Seat


I'd like to let you know that I'll be accepting Viska's offer for the second seat. I'm looking forward to my return to Viska and to race with the team this season.

Kinu Luminna

And send.

He leans back to relax for a bit, wondering when Jöna would reply but he would not wait for longer as he receives and email from Viska, meaning Jöna had read it. He goes to his emails to check what it's about. Then he was filled with excitement. It was probably a fated return to his former team that he adored so much. He packs his bags for a trip to Sterlennau. To race for another season.

On his laptop, the email from Viska featured one line to confirm it. Kinu didn't even need to read it further.

Tarvellanettakanaa Viskaan, Kinu!
(Welcome back to Viska, Kinu!)

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Postby Sorlovia » Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:41 am

Krupin Bungalow, Sorlovia

Tropicorp and Race Eelandii.

Those had been his two premier teams. It wasn’t that he would turn his nose up at an offer from any of the other teams. It was just that those were the two of the most premier teams and he’d wanted to race with them for a long time. But it seemed that Tropicorp had ignored his email. He wondered if he’d worded his email wrong or perhaps they’d already decided before they’d already received it. Or perhaps racing with Tropicorp had always been a pipe dream. Being signed to Tropicorp was very much a leap in your career. But so was getting signed to Race Eelandii. He still hoped that he’d hear back from them soon.

But in the meantime he had to cover his options:

To: Badai Angin Tim, F+H Eminent GP, GP Auto Pryfors Bilar
From: Gregori Krupin (


The World Gran Prix is upon us again! If you haven't found a second driver I would like take this opportunity to put myself forward for your consideration. My name is Gregori Krupin and I have had the privilege and pleasure of racing in the past three WGPC seasons. I am available to take part in a test circuit at your earliest convenience and would very much like the pleasure of racing with your fine team.

I have attached my race portfolio for your consideration and look forward to hearing back from you.

Warm regards,
Gregori Krupin

Waiting to hear back from Race Eelandii was getting painful. He'd never been a man who enjoyed suspense. Trying to win places on a team and waiting to hear back from those teams had always been a deeply stressful thing for racers. You never knew whether your bid had been successful or whether you'd been passed over. It was not unlike sitting outside the principal's office at school waiting for that interview. Gregori knew that he had the skills, passion and track record to do well in the WGPC. But would Race Eelandii find him suitable for that coveted second seat? Or had the spectacular eruption of Volkov Racing ended him?

In the meantime he'd spent his time learning all he could about Race Eelandii. He'd studied their track record in the WGPC, the public portfolios of their race executives and had even read up on their team history. They were an extremely fine team and the prospect of racing with them filled him with excitement.

"Come on Gregori," he said quietly to himself "you have to get a place on a team."
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Postby Abanhfleft » Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:27 am

Another season of the World Grand Prix Championship was about to start, and William Archer was more than excited to get started.

He was excited for a number of reasons, chief among them the fact that he wanted to take the PGP-02 out for a spin. Preston Autos had unveiled the PGP-02 on the same day that the team announced that they were retaining the services of both William and Rudy Edwards. The PGP-02 was a radical departure from the PGP-01 that both Rudy and William had driven to the top step of the podium last season (even if William's two wins in the midseason tests didn't count towards the final points standings), and William wanted to see how differently the PGP-02 performed on the track as well. William was also looking forward to getting to know the team more, as he had made a promise to himself to reach out and not be such a recluse like he was last season.

It was the day of William's flight to Hapilopper. His bags were already packed; he already had his clothes and both his professional and gaming laptops ready to go at a moment's notice. William was going to stay in Hapilopper with Preston for the entirety of the season, an arrangement that he and the team agreed upon on his first contract negotiation almost a year ago. The flight itself however wasn't until tonight, so William had some time to kill before he had to leave for the airport. So William decided to go out for a little morning jog just as he had always done during the offseason.

William had never been much for jogging, or for any exercise altogether back when he was young, but once he got into karting and eventually open-wheel racing, he just got used to it. Jogging became a part of his daily routine, and it was especially nice because it allowed him a glimpse of his hometown of Effelenendro before everyone else woke up. While almost 87 percent of the island of Effelenendro was taken up by the city that shared its name, there were still some places on the island where nature reigned supreme, although it was safe to say that that probably wouldn't have come about if the conservationists hadn't made a fuss all about it. But William was still grateful that the parks were there and hadn't been built over by another block of condominiums.

William had his preferred route memorized by now. He would turn left after leaving the Archer family residence and jog the 0.4 mile down to the park before going on a counterclockwise circuit around the edge of the park three times. He would then jog down the park's footpaths going southeast to northwest before turning around and going clockwise around the park three more times. It was a long job, but William liked it. And with him doing his daily jog early, it allowed him to enjoy the cool morning air before the sun came up over the horizon and the rush hour traffic poured their emissions into the air once again. There were a few other joggers in and around the park when William got there, and while he knew some of them by their faces, he didn't really know any of them by their names. There seemed to be an unspoken pact between the joggers where while they were allowed to recognize each other, nobody really wanted to know anything else beyond that. And honestly, William preferred it that way. Another thing he liked about his jogs was that he had time to think while he was alone, sort out his thoughts.

The sun was already shining brightly over the hills when William finished his jog. He was approaching the pedestrian crossing that would take him to the street back to his house when he noticed out of the corner of his eye a woman walking towards him. Well, not really towards him but she was certainly walking in the direction where he had come from. And that was all the attention that William would have given to her until she got closer and her face and hair suddenly seemed familiar to him. But it's been so long, four years to be exact, since that year in college. Would she even remember him—


"Um, what?" William replied instinctively before he realized who he was talking to.

"William, it's me! Katie Corpus!" the woman said. "Don't you remember me?"

"Oh, of course! Katie!" William said, the pieces finally falling into place. "Man, it's been so long!"

"Yup, four years," Katie nodded.

"How's it been?" William asked. "The last time I saw you was on the last day of dance class."

"Oh, well, here, I'm just coming home after another midnight shift," Katie replied with a shrug. "Are you just starting or are you already done?"

"What? Oh, this!" William said once he realized she was referring to his jogging. "Yeah, I just got done. I'm actually walking back home right now."

"Back home? You don't live in San Bartolome anymore?" Katie asked in surprise.

"Yeah, we moved up north to Tassackie after Dad won his first championship," William replied.

"I heard that you were some bigshot driver now as well," Katie continued. "But you're not racing here. Where are you driving now?"

"I'm in WGPC now," William said. "It's like the CGPRA, but it's for the whole multiverse, not just Abanhfleft and the Coalition. It's a long story," William said when he saw that everything was going over Katie's head. "It's really nice to see you again," he finally said.

"It's nice to see you too," Katie nodded back. She then looked down at her watch and said, "Well, I gotta go. Like I said, I just got back from my midnight shift and I'm tired, so…"

"Oh, of course! I understand," William nodded. "It's nice to see you again, Katie," he said again.

"You too, William," Katie said softly. The crossing light finally turned green, and William Archer and Katie Corpus went their separate ways once again. But even as he crossed the street, William couldn't help but look back at Katie. She still looked as beautiful as the last time he saw her. If he had only known that that year in college was going to be the last time that they would see each other until today then he should have probably made his move. But she looked so happy where she was right now, William told himself. There was no guarantee that Katie would have been this happy if William had indeed asked her out and they had gotten together just as William's racing career in CGPRA and then WGP2 and now WGPC had got going. But then again, never say never, right?

"Someone looks very happy today," Brigitte Archer said when William walked through the door. "That must have been one really nice jog."

"I just met someone," William said. "Someone I haven't seen for a long time."

"Ooh," Brigitte said. "Is she pretty?"

"It's like she hasn't even changed for the past four years," William muttered.

"Well, I'm sorry to be the one to bring you back down to earth, William, but you still need to get ready for your flight tonight. Since you're leaving at around seven PM then we should be at the airport at around three. That's six hours from now. You might think you've got a lot of time left but before you know it, it's time to go! So get cleaned up and get dressed because your breakfast is ready!"

"Yes, Ma," William said, still smiling wide.
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Postby Aboveland » Thu Oct 14, 2021 10:29 am

Alm-Alessian Civil War Museum
Elbej Historic Site
Almur, Diarcesia

Edvin paces frantically before the floating platform on which two shapely drapes rest. His shoes squeak every time he turns back around; the pull tab of the zipper on the front of his polo shirt dangles and clinks against its slider with each step. He marches towards the far side of the impromptu stage, laid against a marble backdrop and illuminated by the faint glow of the dimmed museum lighting: behind the shapes under the drapes, soft yellow floodlights illuminate a plethora of historical artifacts, glistening in tones of bronze and copper. Some reflections bounce off towards him and the drape between him with the shapes and the small crowd beyond.

He brings his watch to his face, squinting, its glow-in-the-dark hands reflecting off of the lens of his glasses. It reads a backwards L, slightly rotated to the left. He takes a deep breath, as a chill — it might have been an AC draft, because the museum hall is freezing — tackles the back of his head, but before he can sigh heavily with the brunt of expectation of a long day ahead, a new set of shoes squeaks into the room behind him. His head turns instantly, snapping backwards to face the origin of the squeaks as his cervical vertebrae crackle and pop. He can't quite see the faces of the people approaching, but there's four of them, and they're barely separated into pairs. If only Terho were here, he wonders, frowning, but quickly shakes himself back into the moment.

It's time.

With his head down, he positions himself between the two shapely lumps on the stage, and directs each pair to their corresponding drape, as each member of each pair grabs one of the corners at the front of their lumps. Despite the darkness, Edvin looks in each pairs' general direction, giving one nod to each, before reaching into his rear pocket for a small remote. WIth a single press of a button, a chain reaction ensues. Smoke machines billow to life with the questionable smell of pancakes, the mellow, diffused, golden glow of the museum hall brightens into floodlights which fill the stage, as two sets of lights illuminate each drape, and the curtain before the stage begins to part, revealing, through the thick fog of the smoke machines, the sporadic flashes of patiently waiting mediapeople. With a wave of his arms, the pairs ― as they come under the light, visible as Sara and her race engineer, and iBen and Skiia Vialiv — begin pulling back the drapes of the shapes they'd been assigned to; he side-eyes the rear wings to check he's given each pair the correct car to reveal, and once he's assured he's done that right, he takes a step forwards, then down, from the stage to approach the audience.

"Welcome," he announces with a clear voice, his feet planted and close together, hands outstretched in the grand stance of a conductor.

" WGPC19," adds a smooth, familiar voice, off-stage, as a new pair of squeaky shoes approach him from the right. Edvin doesn't shift his head to look, but catches the shadow of a somewhat thick beard on the marble floor.

He'd made it.

Tropicorp Racing Ælund Announces WGPC19 Driver Lineup
WGPC veteran iBen Toralmintii and WGPC18 second runner-up Sara Luna have been announced as Tropicorp Racing Ælund's number one and number two drivers for the coming WGPC season. The Turorian and the Diarcesian will pilot the AGP004 chassis throughout the 11 competitive rounds of the season, with Skiia Vialiv of Vilita fulfilling test driver duties.
ALMUR - After much anticipation — and a rumored eleventh-hour paperwork scare — Edvin Pekkanen's bi-national Tropicorp Racing Ælund WGPC outfit has revealed its first-ever Abovian-less driver lineup from the Alm-Alessian Civil War Museum at the Elbej Historic Site, in Almur, Diarcesia.

Joined by three-time, and reigning, drivers' champion Terho Talvela, Pekkanen pulled back the drapes on the team's season 19 challenger, AGP004, alongside Toralmintii, Vialiv, Luna, and Luna's race engineer, Vilitan Agreka Rimanti'i. The reveal presented the team's first major livery change since WGPC17 on yet another evolution of the dual championship winning AGP002 chassis, replacing the iconic gold accents across the bottom of the chassis and the dark blue base color with a two-tone finish: a darker blue on the engine cover and below the chassis' upper aerodynamic surface, and gold draped across the bargeboards and the top of its actively controlled winglets up to the nose beyond the suspension mounts.

AGP004, the team's WGPC19 machine, improves on AGP003 by employing further aerodynamic refinements, the use of a reformulated paint coat to reduce drag, weight reduction measures particularly on the active winglets, and tweaks to the rear steering suspension geometry. Powered by a likewise incrementally-improved twin-turbo Tropicorp V8 powerplant, AGP004 to build on its predecessors cars' almost unbeatable success.

Official WGPC19 Tropicorp Racing Ælund Poster


Asked about how the pieces of the lineup puzzle had fallen into place, Pekkanen was deeply honest about the deliberation process. "It took us a long while to finally decide on who we were going to pick to support iBen," he said. "After how utterly competitive the fourth season of WGP2 had proven to be, we were obviously keen on snapping up one of [Heinz-Otto] Junker, [Anola] Melani, [Joy] Wingleaar or [Ted] Pressley, but understandably they remained committed to the teams that had given them the chance to prove their worth."

Between Toralmintii, 35, and Luna, 38, the Abovian-Vilita and Turorian outfit fields the oldest driver lineup of the entire WGPC19 field by average age — a statistic which Pekkanen had vocally been adamant to avoid in the run-up to the pre-season. “We did want a young driver alongside iBen,” he admitted, “but with all of the talents firmly on our radar taken, we decided that straying from that dossier would pose a risk.” He also revealed the first testing session of the season had influenced his decision. “We were willing to take a risk, perhaps on a driver like Aaron Deering, before the first test in Togonistan, but our rivals’ strong pace proved that we had to put out a serious, safe bet to defend our constructors’ crown. Sara Luna has proved to be the best of the rest twice already, in WGP2 and WGPC, second last time out only to our own drivers: if anyone was deserving of that second seat, it was her.”

The event honored Luna's admission into the team by being held just ten minutes away from the Elbej circuit, host of the second official pre-season test of WGPC19, and as soon as the announcement was made the display cars were quickly shuttled to the circuit paddock to ready the machines for two 180-minutes testing sessions.

Sara Luna and iBen Toralmintii have both signed one-year contracts with the team for the duration of season 19. As rumors circle around the future beyond the present season for Toralmintii, and with Luna’s age possibly soon becoming a factor to take into consideration, the Lintulahti-based stable looks hard-pressed for WGPC20. Analysts and racing fans alike believe the team’s next outfit could have an all-rookie lineup.
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Postby Liventia » Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:21 pm

With a lack of response from Dario Nülkeschläger on taking up a Carvenlo Racing test driver seat, Carvenlo officially offers Lukas Fichter of Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland the test driver seat.

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Postby Togonistan » Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:28 pm


█████████████████████████████ About Us █████████████████████████████

Kaylan Racing Team has competed in the World Grand Prix 2 since it's second season, representing the Togonistani car manufacturer on a global sporting scale in single-seater motor racing. Over the years, we have steadily grown into one of the most well established teams on the grid. Following our WGP2 Constructors title last season, we have taken a step forward into World Grand Prix Championship with only one goal in mind - to push ourselves to be the best we can be!

Joining WGPC as a new force on the grid, we are eager to take on the challenge of competing on the highest level of motorsports. With a team where young minds and fresh ideas are accompanied by years of experience, we are here to prove that we're a force to be reckoned with. Driven by our will to constantly improve ourselves in everything we do, we are ready to enter the new season while following the value of passion, discipline and teamwork.

█████████████████████████████ Our Drivers █████████████████████████████

Image Image

█████████████████████████████ Our Team █████████████████████████████

Image Image Image Image Image

█████████████████████████████ The Car █████████████████████████████

Chassis: Kaylan T180
Engine: Kaylan Taika 1 V6 Turbo Hybrid
Gearbox: 8-speed paddle shift
ERS: Hybrid energy recovery system via electrical Motor Generator Units
Overall Weight: 752 kg
Tyres: Phoenician-InMotion


█████████████████████████████ Our Partners █████████████████████████████

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PB Test Summary - Cocoabo #23

Postby Tropicorp » Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:29 pm


PB Viska Private Test Event, Pryfors Bilar Raceway, Diarcesia :: It was a big day for Fast Cocoabo and the Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Project Support team as they had been given the opportunity to compete for the second driver seat of the Grand Prix Autos Pryfors Bilar-Viska Racing Team that would be making its debut on the top tier of the World Grand Prix Circuit during WGPC Season 19. After a handful of seasons on the World Grand Prix Two Circuit, Cocoabo #23 graduated to the World Grand Prix Championship during WGPC Season 18 driving for Tropicorp-backed Fireline Motorsports.

When it was announced that Fireline was merging with another team on the grid, Bitten Heroes, Fast Cocoabo was optimistic about retaining their seat with the team after having posted 4 Top Ten finishes for 26 Points as well as a Pole Position driving for Fireline Motorsports during WGPC Season 18 compared with their teammate who posted just two Top 10 finishes for 5 points - a delta of 21 points from the performances of Fast Cocoabo. Unfortunately, however, it was not to be as Fireline stuck with their second driver from the previous season, Adriana Kowalski. While the team has not yet ruled out bringing on Cocoabo #23 as their second driver, it is widely expected that the team will instead sign Anneliese Devereux of Lisander for the teams second seat. If they don't, however, Fast Cocoabo could still be in line for a return to the newly named Eminent GP Entry. Representatives for Fast Cocoabo Also Reached out to Badai Angin Tim Motorsports and Viska Racing to inquire if there were any open seats available for the upcoming season.

Otherwise, the so-called 'bird' would have to impress at the PB Test Track where five different drivers would be competing for one seat on the grid - one of which was a local driver by the name of Sam Blaatschapen. Since Fast Cocoabo did not compete in the most recent World Grand Prix 2 season due to having been a driver in the World Grand Prix Championship Season 18, many of the Pryfors Bilar staff had never before interacted with a Cocoabo up close and personal. Once Fast Cocoabo got behind the wheel, however, they were just another driver on the track.

All things considered it was a successful test for Cocoabo #23 who would certainly be willing to accept a drive with the team if offered. At the end of the day, Fast Cocoabo lived up to their name as one of the Fastest on the circuit with purple times compared to the other drivers in multiple sectors. There was one particularly slow portion of the course where the PB team were critical of Fast Cocoabo's entry. With available seats on the grid dwindling and no confirmation yet as to whether a twelfth team will be added, Cocoabo #23 and the CEEP team stand by to see if they have done enough to earn the Pryfos Bilar seat. If not, the team will have to decide what the future holds for the Cocoabo driver.
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Postby Squidroidia » Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:56 pm

To: ipalmstii@raceeelandii.tur, jklianiota@raceeelandii.tur
From: Daryl Mizushima
Subject: RE (2): My Resume

Hello Intoreil,

I would like to thank you for being brutally honest in your reply to my WGPC resume. I understand that last season was rough on me, and the situation I was in didn't help things either. I was a rookie in a 4 driver Motorworks program, with only 2 of the drivers making the race itself. My sudden jump from karting straight to the pinnacle of racing didn't help either. I wasn't really capable of consistently making the races - As you know I consistently wasn't able to make races during the WGPC campaign, the only 2 exceptions were Hodori and Hapilopper. I understand this, hence why I tried NSSCRA and IRACT and was set to compete in the IBA World Cup of Motorsport before nothing really materialized.

Unfortunately, I am not able to attempt a run in WGP2. I understand that this might be detrimental to my chances of a test driver role within the Race Eelandii team if I don't get the 2nd seat, hence why I regret to break this news to you. I do, however, at the very least, hope to get an opportunity to drive for Race Eelandii for the tests in Almur and Caldwell. If you accept this, I will head out to Almur and we'll go from there. After the tests are over, you would have to make a very hard decision. I will accept any outcome that you give to me, even if I don't get the chance.

This is something that feels very detrimental for me. I understand that I didn't have the best of times last term, but I'm ready to prove myself one more. A new season is a clean slate for everyone, and if the stars all align, maybe I will get somewhere. Maybe with this team, maybe off somewhere else, but I don't know until the future becomes the present. I hope to see you in Diarcesia, and if not... I'll hope to see you whenever we meet again.

Best wishes,
Daryl Mizushima, #63

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Postby Nico Hulkenberg » Thu Oct 14, 2021 3:09 pm

”Ah, how convenient! An offer hath arriveth! Well, it would be rude to say no, wouldn’t it?”

From: dnülke@hülkenbergmail.hü
To: aldauren.ginintella@pryforsbilar.dc
Subject: Offer Response


I have received your offer of a seat on the grid for this season, and I’m replying to say that I, Dario Nülkeschläger, will be accepting your offer to drive for Pryfors Bilar-Viska for the upcoming season. I’m glad to see that the trials and conversations we had have had an effect, and I look forward to meeting up with you and the rest of the team members soon. After all - the season’s fast approaching!

Dario Nülkeschläger
WGPC and WSRC Driver

”Aaaaaaaaaaand send. Huh. That was easy. I better tell Jöhan.”

From: dnülke@hülkenbergmail.hü
To: jöhantur87@hmg.hü
Subject: hey bitch

wassup wagwan i gots me a seat so u best b getting ready 2 put ur logo on da car ya get me?

big d
in da wgpc

From: jöhantur87@hmg.hü
To: dnülke@hülkenbergmail.hü
Subject: RE: hey bitch

ey that’s bare cool my drilla! just gives me da numba of the foo who hired u and i’ll b giving him some money and a logo 2 shove on

big bossman at hmg

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Postby Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland » Thu Oct 14, 2021 5:39 pm

Der Nordschutzenphalenglaubreiterfluchtschlamterkrötische Flümederthelweiderverlautzällegerwißmeinschlaftsörbschlimmelbeobachter.

Lukas Fichter has accepted an offer from Carvenlo Liventia Airways Racing to serve as test driver for the forthcoming WGPC season. The young Schutzenphalian driver will be joining one of the most successful teams in WGPC history, with a record 6 constructors’ titles to their name. Fichter’s appointment comes after attending the trial day, in which he drove with one observer called “a degree of caution suggesting his priority was not inflicting any damage on the Carvenlo car”, with racing speed a clear secondary concern. Fichter was often criticized for his conservatism during a mediocre debut season in WGP2, in which he drove with Nykipiflugpuun Noortekoondis.

As news of his acceptance of the offer broke, Fichter said he was “excited to be working with such an esteemed team” and hoped to “learn much” in the environment while providing what he hoped would be a “valuable service”. The news means that Fichter will not drive in this season’s WGP2, making it certain Schutzenphalian team EHF will be seeking a second foreign driver to compete alongside Parveen Kulkarni, the Bollonischian driver who has been confirmed as the team’s lead driver for the season, having driven with the team last year as a late-season replacement for Hoshikari Yume. “We are overjoyed to be partnering with Parveen again,” said team principal Annika Hunnertwasser, “And look forward to continuing to attract diverse talent for our future operations.”

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Postby Valentine Z » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:43 pm

The Valentians - Chapter 4 - Seconds Away.

I signed on the dotted line as the other Fireline staff, trainers, and everyone else was looking at me with quite a delight, I will have to say! This is my third time with them, and I hope to goodness that I will be able to keep up with the other drivers. I suppose the hype worked both ways, because as much as I was happy and was very eager to be on their team, I am sure they are also looking forward for me. Maybe. There are also a few other faces that I am not very familiar with, so you know what that means - either they are from Heroes, or new staff joining Fireline. I don't think I have seen Jane just yet, so that's okay! I do feel a little inside and that I miss her, but I am not that picky on who gets to be my trainer. I am quite a workable person-robot! "You might want to shrink down a little when you are in our car," one of them quipped lightheartedly, to which I also chuckled and laughed with the rest of the people around. All in all, this is shaping up to be good.

Then comes the practice - Hwoarang Racing Circuit, Togonistan. From what the history said, it was built in the area of an abandoned military field, and is the biggest circuit in Togonistan. I do love it when old places like these are repurposed! Although, this goes both ways for me once again. There are places that need a demolition and to be converted into something more worthwhile and useful, but there is also value in preservation! After all, the Valentians did not forget everything about our past, at least that is what I was told. A bit earlier in the morning, with the permission of the Eminent Team, I got myself hooked up to the car I was driving in order to calibrate myself. I think the people at Heroes found that a little unorthordox, but hey, I'm a robot, I need this sort of data or I won't work well. As I was doing the calibrations, I also had a thought of simply winging it - give my human thinking mindsets a lot more priority over the cold and calculated facts and figures. I shall have to try both!

I went with the tested and true codes with default settings for the new aggressive driving - one that Jenny set up for me a while back. It performed rather normally, I will say. No wait, literally - I was 8th out of the 20 drivers that went for the first test session. Not bad, not bad. Then came a bit of an embarrassement when I switched to using my human mind all the time - Session 2 saw me being at the very end. What the hell, I thought to myself. Either I was too aggresive, or I still rely on those codes. I think I will keep the first settings, that always helped. Still, these guys are not playing around. Just 2 seconds off and that set me back all the way to the bottom. Sure, it's the fastest lap we are talking about, but it's all the more terrifying!

Ted Pressley and Anola Melani are the ones that I really need to watch out for. They are very good. Ted topped both test sessions, and Anola was 3rd and 2nd respectively. The Green A-Team, as I called them personally, not out of any malice, but just as a nickname. Lean, Mean, Green- hmm, that sounds about right. It will take me more than just my codes to get myself straightened up for the very first race. I should be able to ask Fireline for more practice sessions both with the actual car and with the simulation - I know these guys as friends, that should be fine. The guys from Heroes should be fine with it too, I think. We will have to see to that!
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Postby Filindostan » Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:03 pm

Badai Angin Tim Motorsport Headquarters
Yogyakulta, Filindostan

Tauro and Pamelita had a nasty surprise awaiting them. It was Rusty knocking on the door of their room. The Filindo driver barged in and aired his grievances about the first test where he believed the team won't have a competitive car this season.

"Seems the car is shit this season. We only managed middle of the pack the last test in Hwoarang and I had a difficulty driving the car. We cannot keep the third place in constructors' this season let alone challenge for the title." He exclaimed to the two who are spearheading the project.

"Okay, I understand your feedback on the first test. The team are attending to this right now and you should be able to feel the improvements by the second test comes."

"I would not drive your car in the preseason tests until this is sorted out. Besides, I had a deal with Ilona that I may opt not to drive for the team in preseason, given that I have already some pre-planned appearances for the team I own in NSSCRA."

"Please, Rusty, how many times have we discussed this between you, me, and Pamelita? You can't just skip races whatever you want and do whatever you want. We want you to focus on WGPC solely and prevent any conflicts of interest! I thought you had settled it in the offseason. If so, why your decision isn't retirement from the WGPC?"

"Come on, this was in the contract I signed before the last race in Mattijana last season. I can do whatever I want now that Alex is gone and I am the lead driver of the team. Besides, there's Alvin. He can run the car as he had on the first test and I will get his feedback on the car. You guys just focus who would I pair with this season. Any driver, I don't care as long as priority #1 is given to me."

"Suit yourself, Rusty. Don't blame us if you flop this season again."


Rusty left the room leaving the two speechless.

"Tauro, I didn't realize he is becoming an entitled driver."

"Ha, I'll put him in his place this season. Let him do whatever he want. Regarding the drivers, I have already two official confirmations from Dario and Dom, one verbal agreement with Sissie on social media chat, and one request from Krupin himself."

"Gregori? He sent his application email to the team yesterday."

"Okay. With Luna out of the picture, we have four drivers set for the private test, and the one we feel that we can have the best chance with, is who we will be signing."

"You are sure we will include Gregori in the tests?"

"A big and resounding Yes. Rusty cannot have everything go his way. Anyway I will get the updates regarding the BA Driver Academy search. Seems one of the academy drivers is not responding the ANMARA seat offer yet."

Rustom Ibuna will skip the two preseason tests, and Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana will be the sole driver for Badai Angin Tim in the second official preseason test.
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Postby Vilita and Turori » Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:35 pm


To: Daryl Mizushima; jklianiota@raceeelandii.tur
From: ipalmstii@raceeelandii.tur
Subject: RE: My Resume


See you in Diarcesia. We will fit your seat at the track. If things go well we will give you the test seat for the whole season.

Thank You,

Intoreil Palmsti'i
Race Eelandii VTGP

To: Erica Okumura; Gregori Krupin, Sayono Souzare, Dom Falepeau, Batu Tüvshinbayar; jklianiota@raceeelandii.tur
From: ipalmstii@raceeelandii.tur
Subject: Virtual Test Session


We are hosting a private test event on our virtual race simulator system at the Race Eelandii Headquarters in Eelandii when we return from the second official Pre-Season Test event. Please advise your interest in participating.

Thank You,

Intoreil Palmsti'i
Race Eelandii VTGP


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Postby Sorlovia » Thu Oct 14, 2021 9:26 pm

Krupin Bungalow, Sorlovia


It was time to bring his best. He was up against four other racers and as such he would have to prove himself. He would have to prove why Race Eelandii should sign him over the others. The concept of a virtual race simulator was something he was intensely familiar with. Such simulators were a key part of his intensive training and practice regime alongside traditional on-track runs. But he’d taken quite a liking to the virtual race simulators. They were an interesting piece of technology and a very useful tool that helped him improve as a racer.

This could very well be the break that he was waiting for. He couldn’t afford to give it anything but his absolute best performance. Could his dream of racing with Race Eelandii be about to come true? They, alongside Tropicorp on an equal level, were one of the teams he dreamt of racing with. But he knew it wouldn’t be an easy contest. He was competing against some very skilled racers. But that all added to the thrill of it. Who better to test himself against?

To: ipalmstii@raceeelandii.tur
From: Gregori Krupin (

Hello there,

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for the offer of a test in your virtual racer simulator. I am humbled that you have taken the time to consider me. I will most definitely be taking part in the test and I promise to give nothing short of my very best. I want to thank you for giving me this chance to show how I can perform for Race Eelandii on the track. Your team has always been of immense interest to me and it is a privilege to be offered this test.

So, I will take part in this test at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much for taking the time to consider me. I look forward to meeting you and your team in person.

Warm regards,
Gregori Krupin

Race Eelandii had very quickly become his favoured team. He'd spent the past few days carefully studying their past drivers and the team itself. He wanted to know everything he could about the team. Not just so that he would sound like he knew them. But also so that he could imagine his place with the team and how he could best perform for them. He was a man who liked to know the teams he had test offers with. It showed that he was genuinely interest and committed in his desire to race for them.

Dom Falepeau. He'd only met Dom in passing in WGPC18. But he'd watched his performance out on the track carefully. Dom would be a major challenge and a worthy opponent to test himself against in the virtual simulator. In truth, Dom was one of the racers he watched most closely. He'd known that the man had real skill the moment he met him on the track. But he had to skill to match.

Gregori was always curious to hear back from Badai Angin Tim. He'd never raced with them before but he had taken part in a test circuit with them in the past. They hadn't yet made him an offer or a test invite but for all he knew it might be in the works already. Sometimes it came down to which team made an offer first and which offer was better. Test circuits provided a valuable way for a racer to prove themselves to prospective teams.
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WGPC 19 - Pre Season Test #2

Postby WGPC 19 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 10:53 pm



Elbej Historic Site Circuit, Diarcesia

The famous Elbej Historic Site in the Odrioyan desert was host to one of the pivotal battles of the Alm-Alessian Civil War, and has been accorded a good deal of historical and cultural value. The circuit was established in 1975 near the city of Almur, and since then has held many Diarcesian WGP3 races. As a result of special arrangements to allow such a track to be built here, the course alters little of its surroundings. This ensured the place's technical nature with an emphasis on challenging corners as well as the breathtaking scenery of its rugged terrain. It began to earn a reputation in international motorsport when PB-Viska's Laura Haukanna won in front of the team's home crowd during WGP2 Season 4.

Companion Event(s): None

Pre-Season: Practice #2
Conditions:      	Dry
Predicted Optimal Time: 00:01:10.471
Session Length: 180 minutes
Nation: DCS
Circuit: Elbej Historic Site Circuit

Drivers have 180 minutes per session to complete as many laps of the track as they like

Test #2 - Session #1

POS # ▍DRIVER                           	FASTEST LAP	GAP TO LEADER
1 50 Sara Luna 00:01:16.408 00:00:00.000
2 27 Dario Nülkeschläger 00:01:16.420 00:00:00.012
3 51 R.L. Cruisin 00:01:16.498 00:00:00.089
4 37 Laura Haukanna 00:01:16.525 00:00:00.117
5 11 Lane Carter 00:01:16.532 00:00:00.124
6 -- (T) Sam Blaatschapen 00:01:16.539 00:00:00.131
7 19 Anola "Wrench" Melani 00:01:16.659 00:00:00.251
8 77 iBen Toralmintii 00:01:16.685 00:00:00.277
9 85 Olivia Stone 00:01:16.707 00:00:00.299
10 -- (T) Skiia Vialiv 00:01:16.742 00:00:00.334
11 31 Joy Wingelaar 00:01:16.768 00:00:00.359
12 82 Kinu Luminna 00:01:16.877 00:00:00.468
13 40 Adriana Kowalski Ela... 00:01:16.922 00:00:00.513
14 41 Jean Mercer-Daly 00:01:17.015 00:00:00.607
15 8 William Archer 00:01:17.079 00:00:00.671
16 15 Heinz-Otto Junker 00:01:17.087 00:00:00.679
17 -- (T) Lukas Fichter 00:01:17.214 00:00:00.806
18 94 Ryker Lane 00:01:17.269 00:00:00.861
19 -- (T) Daryl Mizushima 00:01:17.282 00:00:00.873
20 17 Janne Laukkanen 00:01:17.338 00:00:00.930
21 5 Rudy Edwards 00:01:17.520 00:00:01.112
22 -- (T) Aaron Deering 00:01:18.035 00:00:01.627
23 88 Ted Pressley 00:01:18.121 00:00:01.713
24 -- (T) Alvis Kalvin Lacs... 00:01:18.644 00:00:02.235

Test #2 - Session #2

POS # ▍DRIVER                           	FASTEST LAP	GAP TO LEADER
1 27 Dario Nülkeschläger 00:01:16.377 00:00:00.000
2 17 Janne Laukkanen 00:01:16.395 00:00:00.018
3 37 Laura Haukanna 00:01:16.398 00:00:00.021
4 -- (T) Skiia Vialiv 00:01:16.403 00:00:00.026
5 51 R.L. Cruisin 00:01:16.406 00:00:00.028
6 50 Sara Luna 00:01:16.409 00:00:00.032
7 8 William Archer 00:01:16.420 00:00:00.043
8 -- (T) Sam Blaatschapen 00:01:16.435 00:00:00.058
9 85 Olivia Stone 00:01:16.448 00:00:00.071
10 15 Heinz-Otto Junker 00:01:16.469 00:00:00.092
11 77 iBen Toralmintii 00:01:16.480 00:00:00.103
12 40 Adriana Kowalski Ela... 00:01:16.482 00:00:00.105
13 41 Jean Mercer-Daly 00:01:16.499 00:00:00.121
14 -- (T) Aaron Deering 00:01:16.533 00:00:00.156
15 88 Ted Pressley 00:01:16.538 00:00:00.160
16 5 Rudy Edwards 00:01:16.570 00:00:00.193
17 94 Ryker Lane 00:01:16.574 00:00:00.197
18 31 Joy Wingelaar 00:01:16.597 00:00:00.220
19 19 Anola "Wrench" Melani 00:01:16.718 00:00:00.341
20 82 Kinu Luminna 00:01:16.776 00:00:00.399
21 -- (T) Alvis Kalvin Lacs... 00:01:16.980 00:00:00.603
22 -- (T) Lukas Fichter 00:01:17.687 00:00:01.310
23 11 Lane Carter 00:01:18.025 00:00:01.648
24 -- (T) Daryl Mizushima 00:01:18.170 00:00:01.793

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TURBO: Identity Crisis

Postby Lisander » Fri Oct 15, 2021 3:50 am

Anneliese is from a special race. Lisanderians are very emotional people. The kind of people who let their desires speak more than common sense. More than once she has shown herself impulsive, like the time she threw a tantrum and threw away an energy can in the pit at the last WGPC, or when she graffitied an entire test car with Flow-vis.

But since she started training under the supervision of Marc Wiel and Darius Castellammare, she has been striving to become a more patient and focused driver. Due to her childhood with fewer financial resources than most of her track mates, she was always a driver who focused much more on "getting the car in the pits in one piece" than on necessarily fighting for better positions. So she was, in the recent past, someone who was less aggressive on the track than she was in words. And this 'forced' change in driving style seems to be causing an identity crisis in the young woman. Her lack of public appearances has caused concern among fans. She was at the PB-Viska test, where her new way of driving was noticed, but so was her old way of behaving. Old habits don't go out that easily, and that kind of worries us. Will Sissie get a job in the outside world or will she stay with Eminent, where she has the job without even having to ask? Time is running out, two tests have already taken place and she doesn't have a car to drive yet. When asked, Wiel and Castellammare only say the same thing: "We want to give her as many possibilities as possible, be it PB-Viska, Badai Angin, wherever she can test she will test. Only we don't want, and we have settled this by mutual agreement, to be a team that was WGP2 before. It's not something personal, we respect the work of the 'promoted' teams very much, it's been brilliant... but we feel that Sissie needs something more solid, that gives her a support, let's say... err... more temporal than merely structural" - Castellammare said after the end of the PB-Viska tests in a rare "stuttering" moment. Could it be the "My Lovely Dame" effect?

Darius Castellammare has had some success in his time in WGP2 precisely because of his coolness. And that is the characteristic he tries to pass on to Anneliese. We honestly don't understand the reason of his sudden retirement, who had so much time ahead of him in WGPC, and we secretly hope for his return, even if it's in WGP2, or even WGP3, alongside the new darling of Lisander Motorsport, Lukas Horsch. We need to devote more articles to both of them, instead of conjecturing as to Anneliese's mental state. She probably won't even like this article, but what else can we do, dear readers? Our duty is to inform.
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Postby Auruna » Sat Oct 16, 2021 3:39 am

Viska Factory
Sterlennau, Auruna
Days before the second Pre-Season Test

Kinu's return to Viska was nearly last minute but the factory wasn't frantic to rush everything. They're well prepared for this. The seat fitting went off without a hitch and Kinu, alongside Aaron, are briefed on how the Viska car works by Hori before preparing them for the second pre-season test at Elbej. The two caught on quick and are ready for their first drive with the new Viska WGPC car. All of it was done in just a day and Kinu was eventually taken to the drivers' lounge to rest but Aaron was called for some important Aurun language lessons just in case although most Auruns are fluent in English, he was to be taught some basics. Kinu, meanwhile, was just resting in the lounge, letting his mind take a break until he met his race engineer.

Jan Mikkeli Kovalenna, Abdoulaye Goita's race engineer, arrives after getting a bit lost inside the factory. Jan was the perfect race engineer for Goita but the same would not be said with Kinu. Jan didn't handle Kinu before and while he doesn't expect Kinu to be exactly like Goita, he has big shoes to fill or he might end up being the rear-gunner for Olivia. Jan first greets Kinu with a Nisko-accented "hevänpäivü."

"Nisko ta Karalinne kau?" Kinu curiously asks.

"Karalinne je Nisko." Jan answers before he sets it aside. "Anyway, let's not dwell on where I'm from. Let's talk about this season. You have big shoes to fill since it was supposed to be Goita's seat but he couldn't race for this season. So you'll be taking care of the second seat, but listen here, I know you can perform well based on how you handled that Motorworks car last season. Just remember, täitä. That's all." Then Jan sits down after that serious talk with Kinu.

"Y-yeah, got it."

"Now all that serious talk out of the way, feel free to rest here anytime---er... wait, I heard that you returned to Viska, right?"

"Yeah, I drove for VIska in AEC previously until... that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to racing with Viska again."

"Well mate, same here."

Minutes later, Aaron enters the lounge looking to have survived the basic Aurun lessons. Jan greets him and gestures Aaron to sit down. The three just hang out at the drivers' lounge for a while, using the time to get acquainted to each other. They had the time to relax, it's still the pre-season test but Jan reminded them to take the tests seriously when the time comes.

Elbej Historic Site Circuit, Diarcesia
Pre-Season Test 2

There were good memories in this circuit for Laura, it was the venue of her first win and PB's first win in home soil. While the circuit is relegated to a pre-season test, those memories were to stay and at the day of the test, morale was quite high in PB. Laura was early to the paddock as she heads to the PB garage. Walking to where the team was assigned to, Erik's voice can be heard yelling for her at a distance. She turns to look for Erik and see three people heading towards her -- Erik with... Juno and Kata?! She stops as she was surprised, she never thought her sisters would be present. Did they skip school? No wait... nevermind.

Laura excitedly greets Kata and Juno. She couldn't never contain her happiness even if it's only been around a week, she appreciates their presence. The four then head to the garage. It was another usual pre-season test but this time, her new teammate Dario Nülkeschläger and PB test driver Sam Blaatschapen will be with her. She's hoping to try to get along with them, it is not certain but might as well try. As she prepares, she couldn't help but get a bit distracted by Dario as he enters the garage. Laura attempts to avert her gaze and focus on preparing but she couldn't help but look. Oh, so this is what they were talking about. Alright, it's time for the test, all of this can be done later.

Laura enters her car and as soon as she enters, Erik was on the radio. "Alright, our programme for today is the usual but we'll try out the new engine settings and the tyres at race pace so get out there and let loose on this memorable circuit."

"Thanks Erik. I'll get you the all the data you want."

"Don't push yourself too hard, I know you won here but let's not get too cocky."

"I get it."

Once she was signaled to go, she immediately heads out ahead of her teammates. Once she is on the circuit, she was reminded of that day. It was certainly special to her. Everything came back to her as she goes around on her out-lap before gunning it at the pit straight to start her flying laps.

"Alright, we have an all-clear for Mode 7 on next lap. Should feel an improvement. Let me know."


"Your previous time was 1:17.2 on relatively cold tyres."

"Okay, that's all I need for now."

She continues with her laps, and keeps doing it over and over. It was obvious that she loves this circuit and wants to keep driving it in a WGPC car while she still can, making the most of this opportunity.

This definitely feels different than last time!

Later, the first session ends and she has returned to the garage. After getting out, she removes her helmet and balaclava and sets those aside and stretches. That was a nice run. It was long before the second session so she has time to head to her sisters but Kata was ahead of her. As Laura turns around, Kata was then in front of her.

"Oh-- Kata! N-nie sienä."

"Aanta äi. Ni--uh... zakkaista aita?"

"Ja, kaitan Kata."

"Oh-- Kata! N-not like that."

"Sorry sis. So-- uh... you want some snacks?"

"Yeah, thanks Kata."

Kata runs back to Juno after giving Laura some snacks which is just a large bag of kuurami (small cinnamon rolls) and a variety of kivana (puff pastry) and the only thing missing is coffee. Well, now's not the time for coffee. After opening the bag and checking the amount inside, Laura decides to share it with the mechanics. Then she realises her chance to talk to her teammate and makes her way to the other side of the garage for Dario. Laura greets him first then offers him some of the snacks. Although Laura was a bit reluctant to actually start a conversation with him.

Ah vittaantara, kaku kara hÿlljentäkkäri tana kau?
(Oh goddammit, why am I nervous now?)

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WGPC Pt3: Test Buddies?!?!

Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Oct 16, 2021 4:49 am

A Hotel Room
Almur, Diarcesia
Night After Test 2
11:35pm Local Time

He couldn't sleep. Try as he might, he couldn't...and that is concerning for a Galarian like him. For Galarians like Lane Carter, one of the things they value is their sleep and how much they get. They take the "8 Hours Rule" pretty seriously and make sure that they stick to that number no matter the circumstances unless absolutely necessary. Lane had gone lights out over an hour ago and to still be wide awake even now was definitely a concern...something was obviously on his mind. And, once again, it came back to him. He. That guy.

Entering the 2nd test at the Elbej Historic Site Circuit in Diarcesia, Lane was in pure data mode on focused solely on collecting as much data as possible. The 2nd driver was still up in the air but at this point, Lane knew that would sort itself out in due course. But then he realised there was a 2nd car in the garage. And Daryl Mizushima was getting into said car. No number, but it was still him.

He managed well enough to get 5th in the morning session, with Luna-Nülkeschläger-Cruisin being your Top 3, with Mizu (don't tell him you called him that) only 7 tenths off his pace in 19th. He got the low-down on the situation during lunch: Daryl had known that #2 was off the table, but he didn't give up on getting a testing role and asked VTGP if he could accompany the team for the final 2 pre-season tests. The team agreed because of two reasons: 1) If he did good enough, then he could become the official test driver after all and 2) getting a 2nd car out there isn't going to hurt anyone, as more data is always appreciated when the #2 hasn't been decided yet. That put Lane at ease: Daryl could have a role after all. He didn't know why he was so focused on the fate of his friend like this, but at least he was happy for something. That was good...right?

The 2nd session was mostly all about race sims and both cars were towards the back, with Lane only a tenth up on Mizu, but Nülkeschläger would end up as the best in the local Pryfors Bilar car. After the running was over, Lane was happy to answer any questions Daryl may have on the car and on stuff like that...he actually quite enjoyed it, in fact. It was great to just talk to him in this half-professional, half-friendly manner and he was actively hoping that this could carry on for a while.

All that would've been reason enough for intrigue, but the real kicker came when the convosation ended. As Daryl walked away, Lane watched him disappear and...he didn't quite know why. Sure, he was just looking out for him, that's all but...he knew others would bring up a certain Mercado in a heartbeat.

That was why he was struggling to sleep on this night. He didn't know who would be his teammate, as a session involving Batu Tüvshinbayar of all people would be going down in Turori soon enough, but here he was concerned about the de facto Test Driver and...why he acted the way he did. "Surely not...It can't be that...right? I know he's nice but...surely not..." He didn't know what to think. He didn't know if he wanted to think. He hoped the final test in Tumbra can help question his denials, for better or for worse. He knew that dream would come again and he was certainly getting it now, but...was it truly...that?
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NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (5 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3 Wins/2 @JR)/#96 Alice Jepkosgei
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

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