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A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Juvencus » Wed Sep 15, 2021 5:21 am

OOC: Roster names taken from Ardelark's post in BoF 76
Ardelark 0-2 Juvencus

Comfortable win in Ardelark and on we go!

Gli attaccanti keeps on showing its impressive and characteristic form beating Ardelark far from home!

Ardelark XI:
GK:Mohamed Benkssar Mnaouar
CB:Makhloufi Yasin(Subbed for Rabie Leo Øjk, 81')
CB:Toufin Bensalem
RB:Samir Benali(Yellow card, 38')
LB:Abdellah Moumen
CDM:Ahmed Raghidi
CDM:Benslimane Amori
CDM:Omar Tamsaoui
RF:Alilou Bentesnim
LF:Malek Larbi
CF:Ghoulam Givaoui(Subbed for Hmed Ilyes, 67')
Juvencus XI:
GK:Iago Asputti
CB:Carlo Callejon(Subbed for Lucia Agnelli, 75')
CB:Pau Puig
CB:Izotz Ibarra(Subbed for Sebastian Solano, 73')
CDM:Josefina Portieri(Subbed for Nino Russo, 67')
CDM:Félix Sissoko(Assist 39')
RM:Júlien Cantù
LM:Michelangelo Santini(Assist 87')
RF:Martin Rocher
LF:Joaquim Martell(Goal 39')
CF:Paulo Castelli(Goal 87')

Heading into matchday 2 gli attaccanti visited Ardelark in an unspecified venue for unknown classification reasons whatsoever. Over there, however, gli attaccanti showed its masterclass and left the venue unscathed and untouched much to the distaste of the home fans, who witnessed their team not being able to play as well as they would like.

With this away matchday against minnows in Ardelark being considered a sort of minor undertaking, Madeiros decided to leave it up to his assistant managers, Conti and Galletti to come up with the important decisions and in general take care of the team for the game. Having gone through a series of managers before, all with that same outlook for testing new players, they did the same thing for most positions. Putting youthful Portieri and Sissoko in the middle to garner up even more senior experience while trusting a frontline almost entirely from the Campionato(only Martell was not a Campionato player in the frontline).

As the match started, la Squadra was immediately in good possession of the ball, exchanging passes back and forth throught the pitch, trying to find space between the Ardelarkian lines. This did not take too much time, however, as Santini with a beautiful sprint and subsequent cross in the box managed to find Castelli with the latter's header being saved by Mnaouar. On the corner kick that followed, Martin Rocher was not able to capitalise on Cantù's beautifully placed cross as he headed the ball wide. Soon after, the Sand Cats would try to attack themselves, a smart Tamsaoui through-ball to Larbi found the latter's shot being saved by Asputti. Eventually, gli attaccanti would be on the offensive again and by the 38th minute a tough challenge by Benali to Martell on the 27 meter mark would find the Juven side really close to scoring a goal. And scoring a goal they did as Sissoko chipped the ball over the wall and veteran Martell would capitalise on the opportunity given to him, thus breaking the ice. The half would end with a 2-goal lead by Castelli was caught offside after smashing the ball in the net, leading to some frustration on the pitch. But with the scoreline at 0-1 in gli attaccanti's favor, everything seemed to be a smooth sail.

Second half began the same way the first half ended, with la Squadra breathing on the Sand Cats' necks in their defensive line, playing their high pressure line and not allowng them to move too far forward on the field. A through-ball by Santini would find Rocher in a beneficial position to score yet again, but the ball hit the side bar after a lightning bolt by the S.S.C Tipoli star. On the 62nd minute, Sissoko's boldness almost paid off with a long-range cannonball being saved in the last second by the Ardelarkian goalkeeper, much to the awe of both home and away fans. Martell would pull a beautiful solo-effort himself a few minutes later, but his shot went just a bit wide. However the game would be sealed in the final minutes, Santini would prove to be too fast for the Arderlarkian defense and his eventual cross to Castelli would see him score the volley he didn't score on the first half bringing the entire team on him to celebrate the inevitable 2nd straight victory for the gli attaccanti. With the qualifiers in full swing, the team's next few matchdays will be crucial in order to clinch a secure spot in the World Cup proper for the first time since World Cup 82.

Other news:

International: Nyowani Kitara in a state of crisis as the Rushmori nation is engulfed in the flames of a civil war! The Holy Emperor expresses support for the KFF!
Agriculture: Juvencus and Oscioru's open trade agreement eases trade of agricultural goods, helping the few poverty-stricken areas in both nations recover fast enough.
Weather: Monte Pio records a temperature of -32 degrees celsius, the lowest it has been in 20 years.
Legislature: A vote to protect Juven goods' names and creation processes has passed in an overwhelmingly majority of yes votes!
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:23 am

The KFA was forced by the Ministry of Science, Culture, and Sports to apologise to all non-English speakers in the archipelago for repeatedly only offering vital information in English. Various local organisations have appealed to the KFA in the past, to no avail, until the Ministry forced the country's largest and most influential sports assocation to act. The KFA will be working with local language authorities to add information - starting with practical info about the World Cup 89 Qualification phase - in other languages

Of course, it has always been possible to book tickets to a national team match in francophone Aminey in French - but that process has been very difficult as a non-French or English speaker elsewhere in Ko-oren.

Rodi Gaubert, chairman of the KFA (and a francophone, no less!), admitted that some frequently used terms don't even have an official translation into some Ko-orenite languages. "We'll be working with local language schools and authorities to come up with understandable vocabulary, enriching the language, making our services better, and, after asking some interns, it turns out that even 'KFA' - Ko-orenite Football Assocation - isn't officially translated..." as the KFA now awaits a monumental task to 1) find solid translations, 2) communicate them in the roster and via other information outlets, and 3) make it all look somewhat decent.

The KFA has historically been good at the first, good enough at the second, and the third has always fallen by the wayside. They might find some inspiration with the (Field) Hockey team, which has published all of its information in Dutch and English - but then again, hockey isn't played all over the country like football is.

As always, the most vocal community was the Japanese-speaking one - not for the sake of the language, but for the sake of the (perceived) autonomy (or 'independence' as they'd like to call it sometimes) of the Yoshiman prefectures, though the francophone community has also made their complaints widely known. Finisterran just wants to be recognised as its own thing rather than 'that dialect that is not Spanish, not Portuguese, not Catalan, and not Galician'. Surprisingly, the Ko-orenite native languages have been happy enough without the official translation. Those languages have some strange compound structures, and the preferences on how to put those together are ever so slightly different from town to town - so having no official standard allows all of these varieties to be accepted. Once the KFA settles on one term, that implies that all the other ones are 'wrong' - but the Ministry was clear.

The most football-oriented languages have several neat examples ready for us. Native languages are to follow - after the inevitable debate that needs to happen within those communities as outlined above - and the smaller languages will take some time.

Ko-orenite Football Association National Team
サッカーコ・オレン代表 / Équipe de Co-oren de Football / Ko-oreniet Nationaal Elftal / Selecao Co-orense de Fútbol

ゴールキーパー / Gardiens / Doelverdedigers / Porteiros

ディフェンダー / Défenseurs / Verdedigers / Defensas

ミッドフィールダー / Milieux / Middenvelders / Centrocampistas

フォワード / Attaquants / Aanvallers / Danteiros

チームカラー / Maillots / Tenues / Camisetas

Individuals & Collectives
個人・集団的 / Personnes & collectifs / Individuen & Collectieven / Individuos & Colectivos

Formation & Style
プレースタイル / Style de jeu / Opstelling & Stijl / Formacao & Estilo

記録 / Statistiques / Statistieken / Estatísticas

成績 / Histoire / Geschiedenis / Istoria

開催場所 / Stades / Stadions / Estadios
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Postby Torisakia » Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:36 am


We're back with Sports with Bort again. I honestly don't even know how to structure this post. I could go on about the national team's performance and how it's been subpar to say the least. That would be too straightforward and kinda boring. But am I going to do it? You bet.

Lets start from the beginning. I don't think any of us expected Torisakia to win the first match, but none of us expected them to get assblasted like they did. A 4-1 loss to Blouman Empire that wasn't as close as the score suggests. It seems that no one on the squad was ready for prime time. That's okay though. First game in a major event after the sanctions so there's bound to be some nerves going on. It's an 18 matchday event so one loss isn't going to hurt us that much. Only goal came from Todd Rothe late in the match to prevent a shutout. Craig Novak did not have a very good day as you could imagine. Giving up 4 goals doesn't bode well for your confidence. Apparently the coaching staff didn't have any confidence in him either because the next day he was demoted to substitute while Dani Wortham was promoted to starting goalkeeper. A bit premature and knee-jerk, if you ask me. I think Wortham is a pretty skilled player though so I can kinda see why they made the change. But I'm just a guy on the internet so what value does my opinion hold?

Things could only go up from here, right? WRONG! Torisakia would drop their second match, a 1-0 loss to Atheara. While not as bad as the Blouman loss, it hurts because Torisakia had multiple opportunities to tie the game late including two, count 'em, TWO missed penalty kicks back-to-back. Not to mention the numerous times they had the ball in opponent territory in prime offensive attack. At least Wortham did a good job for his first start at goalkeeper, only allowing the one goal. It has become apparent that this team will have trouble finishing out games, given the increasing lack of effort that occurred as the game went along. Even though they were only behind a goal, no one seemed all that interested or urgent. I don't know if this is a coaching issue or a player issue, but whichever it is it's not going to be able to hold the longer this event goes on. Someone either needs to be moved, fired, executed, or any combination of the three. At this rate, Torisakia will be out of the World Cup by matchday six.

Things looked...better? against Eastfield Lodge on matchday three. Torisakia actually scored more than one goal, by Wallace, Lennox, and Burrell respectively. Sad part is: the defense was AWOL. Everything was fine early on as Torisakia jumped out to a 2-0 lead at the half, but afterwards the defense collapsed and gave up three goals in the span of 20 minutes to then be down 3-2 with around 20 minutes left to play. The Ice Birds got lucky at the 80th minute with a goal by Troy Burrell to tie the match at 3-3, but the neither team seemed to really try and do much of anything else and were just settling on a draw. It ended just that, and Torisakia sat at 0-1-2 and in 10th place in Group 4 after all was said and done. It's where this team belongs after the performances they've put up so far, and they'll stay there until they prove otherwise. Though I'd be more in favor of kicking them out of the entire event for their horrendous attempt of trying to play a football match. But I'm not the one who gets to make that decision, sadly.

The longer that this event goes on, the less and less the team seems to care. That's translating to the fans. On social media there's been a major outcry of fans who have completely given up on this team and we're not even halfway through the qualifying round yet. But this is no surprise. It happens every time Torisakia participates in the World Cup. But I have to question just how much people expected from this team given the circumstances. Suffering heavy sanctions to begin the year and having to scramble to put together a team, this is the best they can do. Not to mention the loss of star players from years past due to retirement and the formation of the professional shuffleboard league. Everything was adding up to this World Cup being one of the bigger disappointments for Torisakia in recent times. While it's still possible for the team to rebound and at least reach the middle of the pack in the group, the attitude and effort shown so far by the squad doesn't make one too hopeful. But that's the price we pay for having two players in a completely unrelated sport being involved in a murderous cult.

Well that's it for today's edition of Sports with Bort. Join me next time as I discuss my upcoming biopic Bort Stevens: A Torisakian Tragedy. It's still in the writing stages, but we're looking to move into a casting call here soon. I posted some ads on FredsList but have yet to receive any calls from potential actors. Though I did have one who asked if the audition consisted of a couch in a backroom. I told them 'no' and that those kinds of scenes were for the sequel, but I would keep them in mind. Turns out they didn't roll like that, and they only asked because they were in need of a place to crash and wanted to sleep on the couch. I was disappointed, but invited them over to my house to stay there. My dog Chuggles was having none of it, sadly. As soon as the guy came in the house, Chuggles chased him throughout the house, bit his pants leg, and dragged him into his doghouse. The guy managed to escape, but not before his face was covered in dog saliva from Chuggles' compulsion to lick people's faces profusely without a break. Need to get that checked out by a vet.
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Boot It!: Two Points Down, But Certainly Not Out!

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:13 am

By Peter Davis

WC Double-Headers are always a bit interesting. The long journey known as World Cup Qualification is always a bit chaotic, so having it in two bite-sized pieces can make you take every single game as it is in detail...but it can also show the duality of this sport, where a dominant team one week could fall flat on their faces the next. That is the beauty of modern football and everyone knew that could happen to us entering the first double-header of this campaign.

Up first was the first home game of the campaign, a fun occasion no matter the final score. The National Stadium was packed as the Jaguars took to the field to play a Top 100 team in the form of Ranoria, a nation we have become accustomed to playing in every single goddamn tournament over the past few years. If you wanted another TJUN-ian goalfest, then this one was for you as Kepo Ulawaya scored twice within the opening half an hour (13th and 26th) to give us control before Felix Graf found his way in from a 42nd-minute free-kick to give us some nerves entering the break. These nerves were fully realised when Tony Hamilton scored the equaliser in the 48th but a quick change saw Carlos Pique come on and retake the lead by his own, heading the ball past Vincent Emilia to give us the lead we wouldn't give up, despite the constant pressure being thrown at us by Mark Tilmann's players for the rest of the 2nd half. It certainly was a hard-fought win, but a win nonetheless.

Then came a trip to the Estadio Nacional en el Castill in Mandrid to take on a pretty good team in the form of Hispinas, managed by Alfonzo Medrano (Rama) and a sneakily good unit on their day. This would certainly be proved tonight, with both teams managing to score in both halves and nothing being taken for granted at all. Ozeano Amunategui (Gonzalez De Artaza) took the lead for the hosts in the 23rd with a superb strike, but Joe Green wasn't having any of that and headed in a 37th minute David Johnson free-kick to level the scores at the half. The visitors were certainly on the rise and when Vladimir Podolov scored in the 76th, many assumed the Jags would pull away...but Munio Sola (Arroniz) had other ideas and his header in the 88th gave the hosts a late point after another enthralling game in this WCQ Cycle.

TJUN-ia is 2 points back on both St Trinians and Turori after the opening 3 games but with 15 left to play, they were certainly not out of the picture just yet. Our next two games, @Milchama and in Szensky against Sargossa, will certainly be key indicators of how good our immediate competition is and what we have to do to keep pace with the Top 2 in the group. GO JAGS!

SCHEDULE (Group 13)
MD1: @Pyazhnaya (181) - Krasnograd Dome, Krasnograd D 3-3 (T-4th)
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD2: vs Ranoria (79) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City W 3-2 (4th)
MD3: @Hispinas (126) - Estadio Nacional en el Castill, Mandrid D 2-2 (T-3rd)
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD4: @Milchama (220)
MD5: vsSargossa (41) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD6: @Sevenida (UR) - Seven Stadium, Seven
MD7: vs Raspojochje (336) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD8: @St Trinians (97) - National Stadium, Searle
MD9: vs Turori (2) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD10: vs Pyazhnaya (181) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky
MD11: @Ranoria (79) - Smith Field, Richardson
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD12: vs Hispinas (126) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong
MD13: vs Milchama (220) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD14: @Sargossa (41) - Independienté, Goza
MD15: vs Sevendia (UR) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD16: @Raspojochje (336)
MD17: vs St Trinians (97) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City
----------------------BOOT IT!----------------------
MD18: @Turori (2) - Cednia Beach Center, Cednia
2nd: NSCF24
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12, 7WC6
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (5 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3 Wins/2 @JR)/#96 Alice Jepkosgei
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Mytanija » Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:04 pm

Omer was tearful, shaking. The emotion hadn’t hit him until he reached the relative calm of the changing rooms, but when it did it was like a tonne of bricks weighing down upon his chest. He had scored on his international debut, the feeling had been like nothing else he had ever experienced, pure elation. It might not have been a game-winning goal, nor was it even a particularly decisive goal given the gap between the two teams out on the pitch. The 4-1 score line overall told you everything you needed to know in that regard. But it still meant a lot and it was one way to announce himself on the international stage. When he got back to the changing room his mind wandered elsewhere, back to his mum and sister in Severyan, he thought about how they had wished him well just before he had left to travel down to Esca to link-up with the national team. It was strange, they said ‘good luck’, but the sombre feeling in the air betrayed their real feelings. It was almost as if none of them wanted to speak about it, lest they accidentally will it into existence.

Their father and three brothers – their mum’s husband and three sons – would be caught up in a ferocious summer storm, the sort that was spoken about in hushed tones years later, the sort that hardy fishermen would speak about over a beer late at night in one of Severyan’s bars. They would be experiencing the storm just as Omer was making his first appearance for the Mytanar national team. The fact he didn’t know if they would make it home took the shine off the achievement a little bit. The fear of them not returning dampened what should have been high-spirited celebration of Omer’s first cap and first goal for Mytanija.

“Omer, are you alright?” Ermin Urankar stepped towards Omer, before sitting down next to him and putting his arm around his shoulders. “Come on mate, you’ve done amazing, try to enjoy this. They’ll get home, how many times have they done it before?”

“I just wish they had been here, Ermin.” Omer replied, wiping tears from his eyes and trying to compose himself. He didn’t want the others to see him upset.

“I know mate,” Ermin responded. “I know. I’m sure that wherever they are they will have been with you in spirit man, you know what they’re like, even if they can’t get the match on the radio they will have been discussing it all evening until they found out what happened.”

“Yeah,” Omer allowed himself a little laugh. It was a bit hollow. He didn’t quite believe it, his mind raced to the worst conclusion. He wasn’t quite sure why it had done that, after all his father had survived many a storm out at sea. Perhaps the magnitude of the occasion – playing for Mytanija – along with the idea that his family might not see it had gotten to him a little more than he thought.


Omer, Pedja and Ermin were sat on the train heading north from Esca back up to Severyan. It was a fairly long route, having to go through Thessia and up to Cassia before finally reaching their city. The length of the journey was a relic of the Mytanar Conflict, there had once been a more direct route which skirted the eastern shores of Ozero Lisica but the Rauchik Otpor had blown the bridges which carried the tracks across the River Etva to prevent Kalinina’s forces from easily crossing into the region during the war. They had never been rebuilt, despite regular promises from Bruno Petric’s Provisional Government and various consultations by the subsequent Jedinstvo-Ekologija coalition.

The trio had had a decent international break. A win and a first cap and goal for Omer made it worthwhile. The high of scoring hadn’t lasted long for the 21 year old, although both Pedja and Ermin tried to bring him back to the topic whenever possible, they wanted to keep his mind away from where it seemed to end up if Omer was allowed too long to think. It was only natural he was worried and in his own head he almost blamed himself. Why had he let them go? Why hadn’t he said that they should stop working in such a dangerous line of work? He knew it wasn’t fully rational, but the human mind has a strange way of magnifying issues.

Members of the public would occasionally come by – albeit rarely, there weren’t too many heading to Rauchnya who could afford first class train tickets – to congratulate the trio and tell them how proud they were. ‘What a good representation of Rauchnya you lads are’ was the line from one middle-aged businessman. Omer had come close to snapping back at him, he wanted to know what a bad representation of Rauchnya would be, everybody was just trying their best to get by and the stereotypes of Mafiya clans and thieving gypsies weren’t even close to the truth.

“Back to the grind now then, eh?” Ermin grinned, breaking Omer’s train of thought.

“I’m expecting this fella to go back to club level and stroll around the pitch like he’s got all the time in the world,” Pedja laughed. “He found international football that easy, he must be laughing his backside off playing against some of the teams in the Top League.”

“Hey, don’t give him too many compliments, his head will be too swollen and he won’t want to speak to us anymore.” Ermin’s jibe elicited a smirk from Omer, but he still didn’t join the conversation. His phone buzzed on the table.


Omer’s heart soared. Maybe his worry had been over nothing after all? He picked up, struggling to hear over the crackle of static in the background. The train sped past packed trees, the signal wasn’t great.

“S—son? Can you hear me?” Came his dad’s voice at the other end, interspersed with the line dropping in and out.

“Dad?” Omer asked, scarcely able to believe it. He had almost convinced himself that something bad would happen. “You made it?”

“Of course I made it,” Adian Kuhar-Arh replied. “I could hardly go out because of some little storm in the Modraine when my son was playing for Mytanija could I?”

“What happened? Did you manage to avoid it?” Omer asked.

“It was pretty hectic out there, we ended up in some very choppy seas, we were basically vertical in the water at times.” Adian explained. “We’ve had to come into port at Vostochnaya Tochna, we suffered a fair bit of damage to the boat. Proper limped in if I’m honest, we got pretty lucky.”

“Well thank god you made it.” Omer said, relaxing ever so slightly. “That’s the most important thing. I was so worried, Mum and Liana were too.”

“When have you ever been worried about it before? You know I’ve always come back alright, your brothers too!”

“I know, it’s just—” Omer started before Adian cut him off.

“I know son, you don’t have to explain.” Adian said calmly. “Listen son, I can’t stay on the phone for too long, I just want you to know I’m – no, we’re – so proud of you. We had it on the radio before the storm got to its worst and we heard your goal and everything. We were there with you Omer, even if we were so far away. You’ve done amazingly. Just make sure you keep it up now. There’s more games to come in a few weeks and I’m sure you want to experience that feeling again. We love you mate, we’ll talk soon, I’ve got to ring your mother and Liana to tell them we made it in.”

“Okay Dad.” Omer said, his heart full. “Thanks. We’ll speak soon.”

“Absolutely, goodbye son.”


Mytanija had started this game brilliantly, racing into a 2-0 lead thanks to a thumping Grigorij Savicevic header and a well-worked goal from Damien Gannot. That was where the good ended and Lev Repin started to get annoyed on the touchline. Where Mytanija had put Hebitaka away with a third they toiled, allowing the Kytler Peninsulae back into the game and slowly but surely it turned away from them. The Kytlerians scored one before half-time, pegging Mytanija back and then early in the second-half they equalised. Repin went ballistic on the touchline and nobody was safe from his vitriol. Ermin Urankar – an early second-half substitute for Damir Milcic – one of the major subjects of his consternation.

Repin had already made two of his changes and with the likes of Ocokoljic, Gannot, Jasno Odonelec, Fejzuli and Hrdaljko all already on it was unlikely he’d want to change too much. Omer didn’t expect his name to be called anyway, not when the team was getting used to playing the 3-4-1-2 formation. Repin needed a game-changing player, though, and Omer had shown that he could do that both at club level and with his instant impact at international level. The goal against Hebitaka may not have been game-changing in itself, but the speed with which he acclimatised to the international game showed plenty of promise.

The manager spoke with his assistants and it appeared as if he was going to bring Dino Racic off. A central defender. It felt like he might bring Dejan Zgela into the game to really take the match to the Kytlerians. That would mean three recognised forwards on the pitch at once and perhaps a switch to a version of a 4-3-3 formation. A pause in the play, Tahir Fejzuli felt a knock on his ankle, allowed Repin to beckon both Alen Hrdaljko and Jasno Odonelec over to the sideline. He used two fingers on each hand to show what he wanted, although it meant very little to Omer sat on the bench, the gesticulations without the words could have meant anything.

“Omer!” Repin shouted down the bench.

“Me?” Omer pointed at himself. It was one thing coming on with the game at 3-0. It was quite another coming on at 2-2 when the team needed a goal.

“Yes, come on!” Repin yelled. Omer hurriedly stripped out of his training gear, with his match kit ready underneath. He almost sprinted over to the coach’s side to hear his instructions. “Okay. We’re going to play a sort of 4-3-1-2, most of the team has played in this formation before at some point, and I know you might not have but I want you to play how you normally do. Nothing unusual. In behind the striker and acting as a hook between our midfield and Jezdimir and Damien up top, okay? Just try to create opportunities and exploit space, gamble on running behind when you can too. Understood?”

“I think so gaffer.” Omer replied, he wasn’t really sure what else he could say.

“Jasno, Alen and Tahir will be there to help you through if it’s not working. Just try your best son, alright?” Repin put his arm around Omer and gave him a squeeze of encouragement and suddenly Omer was being pushed towards the fourth official, having his studs checked and being allowed onto the pitch.

Fejzuli was magically okay, it was Dino Racic coming off. The Mytanar players shifted around, Ermin Urankar coming deeper into a definite left-back position with Patrik Odonelec doing the same on the right side. It was definitely a back four now. Alen Hrdaljko occupied the deepest midfield position with Jasno Odonelec shouting instructions slightly ahead of him. Tahir Fejzuli feigned a limp for a few seconds, the wily playmaker using every trick in the book to get the substitution done. Omer occupied the space in front of them, in that ‘hook’ position which Repin had mentioned. Ocokoljic smiled encouragingly in Omer’s direction whilst Damien Gannot threw a water bottle away in the general direction of the sideline as the referee wanted to get the game back underway.

For the first few minutes Omer floated through the game. It had all happened so quickly and although his touches were all fine, they were hardly penetrative. He wasn’t affecting proceedings quite how Lev Repin might have envisaged. Jasno Odonelec kept shouting encouragement in Omer’s general direction and the Kytler Peninsulae defence began to drop deeper. The change had restored Mytanar control of the midfield and with Urankar and Patrik Odonelec willing to roam up the flanks they had a spare man wide to contribute to attacks too.

Hrdaljko’s terrier like presence at the base of midfield snuffed out Kytlerian attacks quickly and his tidy distribution allowed Mytanija to get the ball forward quickly. A sprayed ball out towards the left invited Ermin Urankar to burst forward and his enterprising play got Mytanija into the final third. He played a square pass inside to Jezdimir Ocokoljic and the legendary striker controlled the ball and time seemed to stand still, paused. Ermin Urankar and Omer Kuhar-Arh seemed to be the only ones still moving. Urankar continued his run, Omer did the same. Ocokoljic chipped an audacious pass over the Kytlerian defenders, it was inch-perfect for Urankar but he still had the difficult task of controlling it and doing the right thing.

Repin’s criticism would have stung earlier in the game, but Ermin made-up for it with his first touch here, chesting the ball down and then his second touch to provide Omer Kuhar-Arh with a tap-in to an empty goal made sure he would be remembered in this game for all the right reasons. The two boys from Severyan combined to score the winning goal for Mytanija. The third man from Severyan, Pedja Kasun, raced up the pitch to celebrate with the rest of the team. A late winner to seal the three points, Omer could score decisive goals too. The Rauchiks had done good.

And this time Omer knew that somewhere back home, in his beloved Severyan, his father and three brothers would be watching the match along with his mum and his sister Liana and they would be celebrating together. No storm could ruin this moment.

Goalkeepers: 1. Pedja Kasun (Ararat Severyan); 12. Semir Besak (Mipojoseon [QUE]); 24. Lazar Obradovic (Liria Prizren)
Defenders: 2. Damir Milcic (Anomalies [CMT]); 3. Grigorij Savicevic (AC Izotz Zubia [AUD]), 4. Mojmir Anac (Olympic Thessia), 5. Dino Racic (Libertas Bergheim [SVJ]; 6. Patrik Odonelec (CA Paulinthal [PAS]); 13. Srdan Vukovic (1896 Ebor); 14. Bigger Mbala-Ekakia (Atletik Thessia), Kamil Jernejec (Chromatik [CMT]), 16. Josko Omerovic (Olympic Thessia); 17. Slobodan Vujovic (Royal Rumiatzi [ASG])
Midfielders: 7. Alen Hrdaljko (CA Paulinthal [PAS]), 8. Tahir Fejzuli (Mâ Âlâmëómë [FFD]); 10. Jasno Odonelec (Atletik Thessia); 23. Zijad Kurtcehajic (Atletik Thessia); 18. Vilim Kupresak (Olympic Thessia), 19. Mersudin Smajic (Liria Prizren); 20. Maks Shishkin (Maethoru SC [KOR]); 32. Brajko Gavrilovic (1896 Ebor)
Forwards: 9. Jezdimir Ocokoljic (Energija Chernovets [STL]), 11. Damien Gannot (Sabrefell Athletic (NPH); 21. Dejan Zgela (Damogran FC [SRS]), 22. Kemal Gajic (FK Arsika)
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

Interested in Mytanar sport? Visit the Mytanski sportski mediji web page

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Postby Sharktail » Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:11 pm

Matchday 2

Quebec 7-2 Sharktail
Que:(Enrico '10, Hertel Huitema '17,
Enrico '33, Omeasoo '58,
Mamcosu '62, Enrico '73 pen,
Omeasoo '89)
Sht:(Ilias '64, Balang Nazran '80)

PotM: Enrico

Sharktail Line up:
Twin Zairo(sub)
Zaman Sahami(sub)

Nik Hashim
Balang Nazran
Ilias Rezal

Matchday 3

Sharktail 0-1 Chartistan
Char:Yamjune '55

PotM: Cash Smith

Sharktail Line up:
Twin Zairo(sub)
Zaman Sahami(sub)

Nik Hashim
Wan Qairil

Hello guys, here we meet again. Nazri here, the name that always be on your mind. I cannot stream for time being because too busy, so i record this video in my limited free time. I pay the editor just to make video editing so appreciate it. Ok, straight to the point. One is enough, 2 surely pissed off, but if 4, what else should we expect. That my own opinion. Ofcourse everyone can already guessed what i refer this to right? Anything else come in our mine right now. I guess not. Waiting for almost a year, and when we finally able to cheering together, just this kind of show they able to show us.

The worst away record. I dont really want to take into account about friendly matter, but at this stat better put it to show you how worst our state now. Montana Verde 4-1, Baker Park 9-0, Starblaydia 6-1, Quebec 7-2. 1+0+1+2, even a preschool kid can count this. Let count together, you take one the add 0. Zero mean empty so the answer is 1. Then you add 1 with that answer, so it will be 1+1 equal to 2. Then, we only left 2 to be added. So last 2 added with 2, it would be 2+1 equal 3 plus 1 more equal 4. We did it. The answer is 4. Sharktail Football Association President, we did the formula, hope you look at it. Do you want me to count the allowed goal with this step too. Well,he is busy, so let me help him. I buy this new calculator just to count for him. I prepare my phone and even my laptop to do calculation. Or should i also make a sheet to make a count, maybe white board can add more. Well, we have to do many calculation since our president are busy counting the money on his pocket rather than looking into match stat.

I dont know what to say, but since everyone waiting and even some requesting me to do this. Firstly i will say, i have no more connection with SFA starting CoH 80. Not just me ok, many of us old staff or acquaintance have been cutted from SFA. That little bastard just thinking he has own everything and throw everyone away like a thrash. At this matter i will say, the SFA now has acting behind the door. I think you guys follow Sharktail Post right. For your information, all their report are just based on the match stats, no even little statement or anything from SFA. That how everyone doing now.

It will not stop me or even everyone you know. The reason i dare to live today, because it done now and i cannot wait to tell you guys. That little bastard president now on his way to his own hell. Hope he happy with his new house in prison. I will not share much with you guys today, but i promise i will share with you all. After all, Sharktail Post also give me permission for me to talk to you. So i will spent some time to live stream with you all later.

I dont have much time now. I in my restaurant and later i have a meet with other former SFA staff as we will be the man behind the scene for SFA. As i talk about SFA, actually Tengku Muhammad Hazim has stepped down from his position after WCQ 88 end. We respect his decision as he now will act more with government. But well, just a short time enough for a bastard to make a stupid thing. For now all the staff of SFA has been in custody. I will just say a little about this for now. Actually, our finance of SFA have been in red. For your information, the advancement budget has been added for this team to operate in MAC 8 and CoH 80. Dont ask me why we dont know all of this at all. I dont know too, but seem like they using something to manipulate the signature of all board member. Even you guys not really sure who is the president and board. All of them are new guys in this. Then, when the letter out, everyone found out about the rearrangement with an official letter stat about the firing of the staffs, the cancellation of media and everything. At the first place, Sharktail Post still given permission to update about this team as they are payed, but later they stated behind the scene actually their contract has been cutted much. But better i leave it there, and see if there will share with you all. Then, later a few show and streamer try to make a coverage but rather than getting praised, i can said they getting fined. Sharktail now being like copyrighted thing. At that time, for me i not really afraid, but their fined are too insane. What more fearsome,how the hell they can get all the official signature. In MAC 8, this team doing quite well, so they can hide behind that good result that slip away from attention. At that time, we have start our own investigation.

We almost fade up. Seem like they covering well. But you know, they messed up at last. They focusing on National team to cover up, but regional they messed up. I kinda found it funny how they published the squad list but until the exact date, the league cancelled. Then, with later all the club seem not satisfied as they also in red paying for all import player who already sign a new contract. So, all team ready to play it this season, but they kinda messed up again. Flower Town FC and Tiger FC, this two club not to small with other club, without any further explanation, they requested player to join other club if they want to continue playing. For the club name change, it actually nothing to do with them. Just club own decision. So later, when the league started, we come in touch with all club chairman to further our investigate. Maybe we can catch a rat in the condominium. With help from a few acquaintance and club, we collect all the letter then send them to the official. At first we dont suspect anything, but after 3/4 time the signature has been used, we kinda think this is fake. Then, when we bring up to the highest, they confirming that all the signature are true but none of them ever recorded by Sharktail Sport Department.

The arrest start when last week when this team already started the world cup campaign. But it not official so no one know about this. What more shocked, all departments of SFA are part of this scheme. So, easy way to say, here they go to jail. I kinda found it funny. It kinda not logic at all what i say,but that what happen. They are like doing it in broad daylight but no one really notice it. Oh yeah, one more things to say, there will be change for roster after this matchday. What i can confirm now only Harold, Win Aziz, Hidawi, Maqri, Maxter and Irfan Danial will be back in squad. So hope it get better. One last thing, we have new record, shortest serving manager, say goodbye to Wan Adnan, Carrol back in action. That all. I cannot say for sure how this team will do. So we will do our best to reconstruct back in all aspect, so i hope you guys can support them now. We try our best to catch every rats out there. For now, win or lose,just hope you can be patient. Ok that all, hope you guys watch this, and share to your friends. Say no to corruption. Let all the bastard go and die.

Sharktail new team roster
Manager:Carrol(43 y.o)
22-Zeehad Yusof(30)
2-Harold(33) -lb
13-They Haikal(27) -lb
3-Maqri(29) -cb
4-Yusri(33) -cb
14-Afifi hadhari(25) -cb
15-Homer Harizul(25) -cb
5-Irfan Danial(33) -rb
16-Izz(29) -rb
6-Shafizan Farid(25) -cm
7-Azaim(29) -cm | captain
17-Than Kadir(24) -cm
18-Twin Zairo(22) -cm
8-Nazmi Shafik(22) -w
19-Benjamin Hidzan(23) -lw
9-Mokhtar Aidil(23) -am
11-Balang Nazran(25) -rw
20-Rawilson(34) -rw
10-Ilias Rezal(25) -cf
21-Win Aziz(23) -cf
23-Zaman Sahami(23) -cf
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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:08 pm

Dear Mr Blåuveud,

Oh Boy! We were so excited to get your letter about joining GOOFI! So excited that Shet-Niggurath (the Pony in the Fields With a Thousand Haggis Young) wet herself in her remote island home, and Coothulhu munched even more hay than he usually does!

Will you really join us for tea, crumpets and other baked goods, as well as freshly-baked muffins and bagels and a gift of freshly-roasted Saltsteadish coffee before the match? You have no idea how happy this makes us!

Say, let's make a deal! We're really, really lonely because no one else wants to join GOOFI. This makes us sad. If you really do mean it, if you really do want to join GOOFI, we'll turn a blind eye to Åubreħtssen scoring a goal in the 69th minute, and won't direct any on-target shots against van Daal for the entire match. We'll make it look really convincing, honest we will.

In return, all we want is the pledge of your immortal souls to worship us in all eternity a return gift of tea and crumpets to be paid in the return leg.

Fine print: If you agree to this deal, the bit in strike-out text is what you're actually agreeing to. An eternity as gibbering mad cultists enslaved to our uncaring will await should you defeat us 1-0 in Match Day 3, as specified in the preceding sections of this letter.

Gosh, this would make us so happy! So far only Vilita and Audioslavia have agreed to join GOOFI! If Saltstead agree to join GOOFI too, that would just be ace! Here, have as many plush cuddly Cthulhu cuddly toys as you would like! Maybe we can even cuddle as well as sharing tea, crumpets, other baked goods, freshly-baked muffins, bagels and a gift of freshly-roasted Saltsteadish coffee! This would make Hastur ever so happy; it never has enough cuddles!

Say... we read in one of your media outlets that there was some confusion about this:

What the hell is this nonsense, Mr Frosticus?

We're not Orthodox Christians ourselves, but we had a chat with Mr Tzimisces, and we think we can help explain this:

There is a single God who is both three and one (triune); the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, "one in essence and undivided". The Holy Trinity is three "unconfused" and distinct divine persons (hypostases), who share one divine essence (ousia); uncreated, immaterial and eternal. The Father is the eternal source of the Godhead, from whom the Son is begotten eternally and also from whom the Holy Spirit proceeds eternally. The essence of God being that which is beyond human comprehension and cannot be defined or approached by human understanding.

Wow! Sounds like this Orthodox God is a lot like a Great Old One, only even more powerful, and even better! Maybe we'll get to meet him one day? If we do, we'll be sure to tell you all about it!


The Great Old Ones Friendship Initiative

PS: 1-0, with Åubreħtssen scoring in the 69th minute... wink, wink. If you let someone else score at a different moment in the match, this offer is void
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Postby Kimi-Suomi » Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:24 pm

After a tight loss at home in our very first match, many were actually starting to get behind Huuhkajat as we prepared for our first double-header in our lifetimes. TJUN-ia claimed these were "very interesting", so many felt that this would be interesting as interesting though?

Well, first up was Bongo Johnson and we played out a 1-1 draw that officially got us on the board, with Bongald being cancelled out by Valtteri Nordström at the Murbly Coliseum. That felt...quite good, in fact.

That match was so good that we decided to replicate it back in Kimi Kaupunki against Malta Comino Gozo. Kimi Airo scored early on but Rafi Farrugia scored before halftime and things were looking bad when we conceded a penalty in injury time. Luckily for us, Kauko Loukamaa saved the spot-kick to give us our second point, which the fans at least applauded the team for in the end.

So...2 points in the bag and in 7th place...not too bad for a debutant at all. The long road shall continue, but many feel we are getting better by the game...

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Postby Squidroidia » Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:41 pm


Squidroidia vs HUElavia

Chapter 3 - A Perfect Hill to Climb

The thrill of World Cup qualification was one that, as a player or manager, is one of those experiences that will live with you. Your path is one of treachery and danger, one where a slip-up could result in disaster and where a victory is well earned, especially against higher ranked opposition. Play your cards right and the main tournament awaits, even if only a small select handful are guaranteed entry, leaving a couple of minnows as the only ones to slip through the cracks. Some of the smaller nations are just happy to be at a World Cup proper, as the Nepharas, Valanoras, Starblaydias and Banijas of the world fight for the right to be called champions.

Squidroidia, in 3 attempts, have never made the World Cup proper. An upstart Independent national team like them rarely has opportunities against the biggest and best teams in the world. Zwangzug and The Holy Empire have never bothered to send in their first teams to the IAC,
so every time the regional tournament comes around the highest ranked teams they could possibly play are Poafmersia, Squornshelan Remnant States, Mercedini, Omerica and New Lusitania. Playing a Banija, a Eura, a South Newlandia or The Holy Empire is exceptionally rare - It's reserved for World Cup qualification or the World Cup proper, and for the smaller teams maybe the Cup of Harmony. That's what makes games
against bigger opposition more special - You don't have to face them every cycle in regionals. This may be the last time some of these players will play against Brenecia or Txakhaxi or Garifunya in their entire careers. Savor every moment, because you don't know when it's going to be your last.

Coming into the 139th best team according to the WCC-sanctioned rankings, Txakhaxi didn't seem like a team that would put pressure on the Inklings. Home field advantage singlehandedly seemed to stop Squidroidia from scoring more than that one lone 73rd minute goal from Sho Itō. Intimidation from traveling to a new place can do damage to anybody, and Johnson was glad he got 3 points from that experience. But with Brenecia, the biggest test of qualification so far, looming on the horizon, a game against World Cup debutants Britland at home would be a warmup for the big match ahead. Resting Itō and Hideo would be seemed as a controversial choice, but with a big game on the line Johnson argued it had to be done. Cue a wonderstrike by Akira Honda to open up the game in the 31st and a first-half stoppage time goal by Shiba Tetsuo to put the Inklings on cruise control.

7 points from the first 3 games was ideal, but HUElavia were right on their tail. Heading back home for their 2nd game of the campaign, they rocked the Estadio Banco de HUElavia with a resounding 2-0 win against Pot 4 Kohnhead, who Squidroidia couldn't even beat in the IAC just gone, followed by another 2-0 scoreline, this time against Geisenfried away from home. HUElavia currently sit 2nd in Group 2, just behind an on fire Le Choix team and above Squidroidia by 1 goal. Brenecia sit in 4th after losing 1-0 away from home to the current group leaders.

Heading into the Kingsgarden is no easy task. Getting out unscathed is another story. In Group 17 of World Cup 88 qualifiers, paired against the likes of Twicetagria and Squornshelous, they lost 3 games at home, as Sajnur recorded a famous 2-1 victory on Matchday 8 and The Sarian got a 1-0 win on Matchday 15. A draw against Twicetagria on Matchday 11 was the difference to see them through to their first ever World Cup proper. In World Cup 87 qualification, they went undefeated, home and away, with a 16-2-0 record, only edged out by Cassadaigua for the best record in qualification on goal difference. It's just as likely for Squidroidia to make the World Cup as they are to win against Brenecia away - Very unlikely. But one never knows if he doesn't go. Squidroidia won't shine unless they glow against the top seed in their group.

RIVALRY - Squidroidia vs HUElavia
Chapter 1 - Here We Go Again
Chapter 2 - First Blood
Chapter 3 - You are Here!
Chapter 4 - Frustration
Chapter 5 - TBA
Chapter 6 - TBA
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Postby Juvencus » Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:58 pm

Juvencus 3-2 Baggieland

Pomena trembles as thriller against Baggieland sees gli attaccanti still victorious!

Gli attaccanti keep their win streak in tact thanks to a late Etxeberria strike

Juvencus XI:
GK:Taddeo Bulgari
CB:Carlo Callejon
CB:Pau Puig
CB:Izotz Ibarra
CDM:Nino Russo
CDM:Pierre-Didier Kouyaté(Subbed for Josefina Portieri, 61')
RM:Júlien Cantù(Assist 90+1)
LM:Michelangelo Santini(Assists 22', 67')(Subbed for Tore Christian, 82')
LF:Joaquim Martell(Goal 22')
RF:Patxi Etxeberria(Goal 90+1)
CF:Julio Campana(Goal 67')
Baggieland XI:
GK:Ben Osborne
CB:John Moore
CB:Jonas McAuley
RB:Brendon Dawson
LB:Derek Pennington(Subbed for Jesse Statham, 79')
CDM:Len Livermore(Subbed for Jake Cantello, 86')
RM:Laurie Bassett(Assist 41')
LM:Ray Brunt(Assist 75')
CAM:Ronnie Regis(Subbed for Cyrille Allen, 61')
CF:Jeff Richardson(Goals 41', 75')

To think the game against Baggieland was dramatic beyond comprehension is probably an understatement. Gli attaccanti, entering the world cup qualifiers proper on fire(having won all but one of its friendlies prior, in addition to the first two matchdays) entered the game against Baggieland feeling a sense of superiority, perhaps even cockiness. This would not serve the team well considering how much closer the matchup was than it was initially supposed to be. Thankfully, the beast-like mentality of la squadra slowly itched its way through to the current squad.

Both teams entered the pitch with hunger to attack and it was immediately obvious, initially, gli attaccanti managed to start playing its very fast-paced passing game while clinging on to the Baggieland side. A beautiful set of passes by Cantù, Etxeberria and Martell saw the latter attempt at breaking the ice but his chance was stopped by a beautiful Moore tackle. The Throstles would get on the counter real quick, a Bassett cross would be capitalised by Richardson but his header would not find net as Bulgari's leap would stop the ball in the last second. Our lads would eventually give Juvencus the advantadge when in the 22nd minute Michelangelo Santini would kite through the entire defence of the Throstles before giving the ball to Martell to score the first goal of the game. The mentality boost would be really helpful for gli attaccanti, as they would get close to increasing the lead, but Etxeberria's solo effort, passing through the Throstles' defence and and chipping the ball over Osborne would be stopped on the goal-line by McAuley, which would be applauded by the crowd of the Nuovo Stadio Olimpico, a rare occurence for an away side to receive. First half would end with a shocker, a through-ball by Bassett would find Richardson one-on-one with Bulgari, an one-on-one which the Throstles' striker did not hesitate to finish by equalising, freezing the Juven fans who had come to see their team "comfortably" win.

Second half is where the situation turned a bit more worrysome, with actually no side managing to break through the barriers of the other while still maintaining a back-and-forth feeling which was apparent in the first half of the game. A few substitutions here and there would manage to change the pace of the game a bit. Santini would once again find some space to break through, this time assisting Campana who would score the tap-in to make the scoreline 2-1. Celebrations would not last for long, however, as a Brunt cross would be headed in by Richardson for the equaliser. And that's when the Throstles would eventually park the bus, bringing the bulk of their team on the back, kicking the ball wide and not really caring to attack, but to keep the game at a standstill. And while it all really seemed to work in Baggieland's favor and they would secure that 1 vital point in the bag, here came a beautiful Cantù effort, magically breaking through the wall the Throstles had so eloquently set up and with a pass to a -now free- Etxeberria he would stick it in the net to win the game for gli attaccanti, the third straight victory and keeping gli attaccanti's place at the top of the group, alongside les Incorrigibles of Omerica(who also happen to be our next opponents), who crushed previous opponents Ardelark with a 7-2 scoreline.

With the next matchdays being against Omerica at home and Oberour Ar Moro, la Squadra will still be looking at maintaining that flawless winstreak with no pressure, just pure unstoppable attacking force, as gli attaccanti is and SHOULD be known for.

Other news:

Juvencus: With the upcoming game against Omerica, increased safety measures have been planned for the safety of the Romance-language speaking players from extremist Panjuvenists.
Military: Odiol pursuing the speedy creation of state-of-the-art battleships to be used in likely intercontinental and interdimensional warfare, as per reported secret requests of the Juven Navy.
Sports: Plans for combined Juvenoscioru Basketball Championships to commence are underway, as well as plans to combine the divisions in many other major sports that are not association football, for the increased quality of players.
Politics: Holy Emperor & Royal Parliament have come to agreement for more frequent meetings for important decisions in the coming weeks.
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Postby Ethane » Wed Sep 15, 2021 2:38 pm

Banishing Demons

This Ethanian team is one that seems like it could really go all the way in these qualifiers. The performances so far have been in sharp contrast to the team that was playing at the start of the 88th World Cup Qualifiers, despite no real major personnel changes outside management. They're spirited, well-disciplined, and passionate. They manage games well. And they're banishing the demons in the closet, putting behind them the struggles of last World Cup's qualifiers.

No game shows that more than their victory against West Zirconia. The game was a rather nervy affair, with the Red Kites unable to really penetrate the defensive line of their opponents for most of the game. It was a rather torrid affair, with neither team able to create good chances. The first half was rather boring. Neither team looked particularly invested in committing people forward - an approach that in a fixture between West Zirconia and Ethane historically has been high risk - high reward. The first half only saw one major chance - that fell to Scott Burgess. Montoya had found some space in the attacking third to dribble with the ball. With a beautiful through-ball, he carved open the West Zirconian defence, giving Scott Burgess space to get in behind the line and manoeuvre with the ball. He took a touch on the edge of the box after running on to the ball. However, Burgess was put off a bit by a rapidly approaching defender and sent it wide of the goal. That was the only real chance of the half, with both teams struggling to piece together promising offensive moves.

West Zirconia came out fighting at the start of the second half, looking to create chances and get a quick goal against a resolute defence. They managed to create a few opportunities but were never able to find that good final shot for the goal. A great opportunity was spurned by their striker after a good cross in from the left wing, but they misjudged the ball in and couldn't get a decent shot off, scuffing it to Wilburn-Mason who was easily able to clear. Another opportunity came when some space opened up through the middle of the Ethanian defence, but the midfielder went for power over accuracy and sent it high over the bar.

This attacking momentum quickly died out though, with the Ethanian players clawing themselves back into the game and getting the upper hand in midfield. From about the 60th minute the game was really only played in one direction, with Ellis-Wood and Montoya dictating the game from midfield. As the game wore on, the West Zirconians sat deeper and deeper in their half, unwilling and unable to break out on the counter. Ethane were suffocating them but still unable to make chances or threaten to score.

The moment came in the 72nd minute of the game. The goal wasn't exactly a masterful piece of work or anything special. If anything, it came from a piece of luck. The team were getting frustrated with the lack of opportunity and inability to create chances, so were starting to play speculative passes and long-shots. Tyler Ellis-Wood found himself with a bit of space just outside the box. He went for goal with a powerful shot. It was going just wide, but the keeper dived for it to the right. An unfortunate deflection off the West Zirconian defender sent the ball on target into the left corner of the goal. With the keeper going the other way, the defender just stood there and watched as the ball bounced into the net, no one able to prevent it. From there, the rest of the game was a rather boring affair with West Zirconia lacking the energy to put up a significant challenge, and the Red Kites just strangling the game and holding the ball, counting down time until the end of the game.

This victory against an opponent the team also faced in the qualifiers of last World Cup signifies the banishing of last World Cup's demons. This team is starting a new era with a new manager, determined to show that they can beat the best. While this game was nervy with the memories of last World Cup's goal fests against West Zirconia in the back of everyone's minds, the way they managed to control the game and grind out a goal shows just how different this team is now compared to them, and how far they have matured as players and as a team.

It's a game that is a complete contrast of last World Cup's performances, really demonstrating the changes in philosophy that Nathan Walker has instituted in the team that he took over from Joren Kreuger. No longer are the team pushing themselves forward as much as they used to. They comfortable sitting back in defence, taking the chances they can get and holding a lead. Strong resolute defensive performances are the name of the game for this team, which is yet to concede a goal after the first three games of the World Cup Qualifiers which includes a key game against fellow Esportivans South Covello. The fact they struggled to score a goal against West Zirconia may be a concern as the team progresses into the latter stages of the qualifiers against tougher teams, but for now they can stand tall and confident, having banished the demons and concerns that plagued this team last cycle.

Ethane 2–0 Pratapgadh | Burgess 23' (a. Ruiz), Montoya 71' (a. Johnson)
Ethane: Velázquez | Johnson, Wilburn-Mason (James 67'), Calvo, Stevens, Dance (Turner 81') | Carter, Ruiz (Ellis-Wood 63'), Hunt, Montoya | Burgess
An easy win for the Red Kites against a team that never really provided top-level opposition. The team remained defensively strong, refusing to allow their opposition to get even a sniff at goal. Ethane controlled the game from midfield with their slightly weakened team, Montoya proving particularly useful in link-up play between offence and defence, creating numerous chances and perhaps unlucky to pick up an assist. He did score the second goal of the game though in the 71st first minute, picking up a pass from Johnson and slotting it home with ease. The first goal was an easy tap-in as well. Burgess collected a good pass from Ruiz through the defence and with space, basically passed the ball into the back of the net around the keeper.

West Zirconia 0-1 Ethane | Player (72' og)
Ethane: Velázquez | Johnson, Wilburn-Mason, James, Collins (Stevens 75'), Allard | Kjaer (Carter 75'), Ellis-Wood, Taylor (Reid 68'), Montoya | Burgess
A nervy affair that lacked any real excitement in the first half, the victory only came through a fortunate deflection for the Red Kites. They controlled the game throughout, excluding a short spell immediately after the break that saw West Zirconia come close a couple of times. The team struggled to really make anything from their control. However, luck struck in the 72nd minute when an Ellis-Wood shot heading wide was deflected in by a West Zirconian defender. From there the result was set with West Zirconia lacking the energy and willpower to break down the Ethanian defence, and the Red Kites willing to just sit back and control the game, riding it out to the final whistle.

Ethane vs Murphtannia
Lineup: Velázquez | Baird, James, Collins, Calvo, Allard | Kjaer, Reid, Ruiz, Palmer | Aboud
With the objectively most difficult game of the qualifying campaign immediately following the game against Murphtannia, it's expected that Nathan Walker will field a much weakened team against 91st ranked Murphtannia. They're a team Ethane has never played against before, so the team are prepared for the unexpected. However, Walker will be confident that his second string side can put in a good performance and overcome this lower-ranked team, and possibly even maintain their clean sheet record which has persisted over the first three games of this campaign.

Savigliane vs Ethane
Lineup: Velázquez | Johnson, Wilburn-Mason, James, Stevens, Turner | Carter, Ellis-Wood, Ruiz, Montoya | Burgess
This game is perhaps the most difficult and most important game of the qualifying campaign for Ethane. Away against the top ranked team in the group, if the Red Kites were to win this game then winning this group would truly be on. Ethane have had a good start but this is where stories are made and narratives are woven. Savigliane have not quite had the start that the Red Kites have had, but they are a team that can strike when they need to and fight to the last minute. This won't be an easy game. However, Savigliane are one of the easiest top ranked teams you could face in a group - the draw was kind. And this is a game, if the Red Kites play their best with their strongest lineup, that is winnable for Ethane. Walker will know this. He'll know how much this game means within the qualifying campaign - a win away against the top seeded team would be massive. So he'll be putting all the stops in to make sure Ethane have a fighting chance. This is going to be an absolute thriller.

Schedule and Stats

MATCHDAY 1 South Covello 0-2 Ethane (Burgess 41', Johnson 62')
MATCHDAY 2 Ethane 2-0 Pratapgadh (Burgess 23', Montoya 71')
MATCHDAY 3 West Zirconia 0-1 Ethane (Player 72' og)
MATCHDAY 4 VS Murphtannia (91)
MATCHDAY 5 @ Savigliane (19)
MATCHDAY 6 VS Greater Vakolicci Haven (UR)
MATCHDAY 7 @ Bahia Roja (294)
MATCHDAY 8 VS Osarius (209)
MATCHDAY 9 @ Trolleborg (36)
MATCHDAY 10 VS South Covello (75)
MATCHDAY 11 @ Pratapgadh (112)
MATCHDAY 12 VS West Zirconia (160)
MATCHDAY 13 @ Murphtannia (91)
MATCHDAY 14 VS Savigliane (19)
MATCHDAY 15 @ Greater Vakolicci Haven (UR)
MATCHDAY 16 VS Bahia Roja (294)
MATCHDAY 17 @ Osarius (209)
MATCHDAY 18 VS Trolleborg (36)
S. Burgess - 2
D. Johnson - 1
J. Montoya - 1
T. Carter - 1
J. Montoya - 1
J. Ruiz - 1
D. Johnson - 1
Clean Sheets
D. Velázquez - 3
Esportivan and Proud.
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Postby Zug um Zug » Wed Sep 15, 2021 2:48 pm

Dear GOOFI representatives,

Thank you for your cordial invitation. We would be delighted to have scones with you after the game (not before, we need to keep in shape). We also will try our best not to be reduced to madness if your corporeal manifestations violate the conventions of Euclidean geometry. (Actually we think non-planar graphs are neat, you can do some cool stuff with topological equivalence if you want to represent various abstract relationships.) A few of our "puppetmasters" made the whole interdimensional thing sound intimidating but we're not gonna be frightened, they were probably gibbering wrecks to start with.

However, we have chosen to decline the invitation to become part of any formalized friendship group. As some politician or bigwig from somewhere or another (we're not big on history) once said, "only a peace between equals can last." By this, we don't really care about the enormous gulf in skill between our sides--sure, you're current runners-up, multiple-time champions, and the top seeds, while we are a mere unranked side attempting to make up the numbers--but who cares about that, any team can get exceptionally lucky and grab points off any other if fortune goes their way. Our concern lies with the fundamental disparity in outlook between us, mortals of limited duration in this frame of reality, and yourselves, who go decidedly beyond our lifespans and said frame. Given these factors, we are afraid your overtures of friendship could come off as a wee bit condescending. And we know that we are the sort of stubborn culture in which efforts to downplay or deny such condescension often backfire completely. Therefore, we think it best we go our separate ways off the pitch.

(Except we have heard that some of you enjoy Scrabble, and we would be happy to take you on in that field of battle as well. Simone has been brushing up on obscure two-letter words whose definition she doesn't know.)

(But no initiatives, please and thank you.)

team Zug um Zug

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Postby Banija » Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:06 pm

Background Info on NYK
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Kabaka Mwanga walking down to a Nyowani Kitara intelligence briefing with his son, Isebantu Mutungi

Kabaka Mwanga walked down the stairs at Mujaguzo Palace. Sometimes, he decided to hold his intelligence briefings in the Palace, especially if it was a special request or if there would be a larger than normal audience. And this, of course, would be one of those days.

Most of the cabinet would be there. Opposition leaders would be given a briefing, of course, showcasing that in Banija the Nyowani Kitara situation was being handled extremely cautiously. Naturally, of course, Opposition leaders were sworn to secrecy after undergoing an intelligence briefing. But this briefing would include quite a few people. Some of the military leadership, representatives of Banija's three military branches. Obviously the Kabaka himself and the Isebantu, both from the Royal Family. You'd need a big room. But mostly, it was symbolic that the meeting was happening at the Palace. If you had a special-issue briefing at the Palace itself, it meant that high-level discussions were taking place before action could take place.

It was not going to be simply informative. But they'd get to that momentarily.

"Have you seen the National team, Dad?" Isebantu Mutungi said.

"Don't get me started." Kabaka Mwanga said. "We've lost both of our away games so far. Why does it seem every time we take a trip to Ranoria, it exposes serious issues in this team? Right before World Cup 87? Our attack was in shambles, and Ranoria exposed us by keeping a clean sheet. This time, after four excellent friendiles? Showed we didn't have the mental fortitude to perform away from home, and that has come to pass so far- 0-2 in away games thus far."

"I mean, we'll be find, right?" Isebantu Mutungi said.

"If even Eura can miss the World Cup a few cycles ago, then anybody can miss the World Cup." Kabaka Mwanga said. "But we're in excellent hands. We're three games into an 18 game Qualification campaign- nothing has been won or lost yet, and we're the defending regional champs for gosh sake. But we're going to have to figure out how to get it done away from home, and fast." And he sighed. "Even despite Demba Kinteh getting turned into a lion on ice skates for that Fleftic goal." Referencing, of course, Fleftic winger Marcus Tabarez beating Kinteh so bad on the dribble, that Kinteh turned functionally into a meme. They continued to debate the Kadongo Kamu's lackluster start to World Cup Qualifying as they made their way down the stairs.

As they walked into the room, everybody stood. It was a tradition for meetings with the Royals. The highest ranking Royals would arrive a few minutes late, everybody stood when they walked in. Ensures nobody has the embarrassment for being late to a meeting with a member of the Royal Family. The Kabaka checked his watch as he thanked everybody for showing up, and told everyone to sit down. 3:07- not bad, only 7 minutes late. And then, of course, Banija's Head of Foreign Intelligence started his presentation.

"Thank you, Gentlemen, for coming. Especially you, your Majesty." Lt. General Issa Shawel said. The Lt. Gen., of course, has made his name during the Farfadillis nuclear crisis. His work as the Deputy Director of Military Intelligence then impressed many, as he was quickly promoted to Director of Military Intelligence after that incident. And then, not many years later(aka between World Cup 87 Qualifying & Finals), The Lt. General was named Director of the SUB- the Intelligence Agency of Banija(Shirika la Ujasusi Banija in Olusanke, Banija's native dialect).

"We, of course, have taken the time to prepare everybody the following primer on the present situation in Nyowani Kitara." And he passed out the following document, detailing exactly what was going on in Nyowani Kitara.

Nyowani Kitara Situation - Civil War


All of us, of course, understand the history of Banija. But not all of us may know the history of Banijan intelligence in Nyowani Kitara. Banijan intelligence has always had an ear on the ground, especially 30 years ago when General Zelotes Akongo launched his coup against their constitutional government, and took power himself in Central Rushmore. Since then, after failing to foresee the coup, Banija has made it a priority to understand exactly what's going on- although Banija has never tried to actually influence events in Nyowani Kitara.

It has been with the understanding of the Banijan belief that totalitarian states such as Nyowani Kitara are inherently unstable, and while they may seem secure for now, we want to be in a position to garner allies in the country in the future. Many Kitarans, of course, are ethnically our brothers, and the divide between the nations brought about by their radical leftist government destroys what could be a valuable alliance for all involved, to move on from the events of the 1840s and root an alliance in the modern-day.

Thanks to our intelligence on the ground, while Banija has not influenced actions, we believe that our intelligence agency has some of the best information coming out of Nyowani KItara out of anybody. This will go onto explain the three groups currently operating in NYK, the present early stages of the civil war, and what could happen.

The Kitara Progressive Worker's Coalition- The Central Government
Key People: Nafuna Akongo- Female, 19 years old. General-Secretary of the KPWC, President of the Republic, Commander-In-Chief. What we call the "singular leader", as she is now head of party, state, and country.
Gustav Isaksson- Male, Age UNKNOWN. Longtime friend and ally of the late Boaz Akongo, known as his do everything right-hand man. He lacks a formal title, but he was sort of a combined Bodyguard, Chief of Staff, and Chief Thug. Likely to be close to Nafuna, since at her young age, and her schooling in Tikariot, it is unlikely that she has had much time to make deep alliances of her own within the country.

Nafuna Akongo is the center of how the establishment will work. It is still very early days, but there are no other figures that are still loyal to the KPWC that have risen to challenge her. Her forces have already defeated a military coup attempt, when the DFLK(defined later on) appeared to attempt to forcefully take the reigns of government. Her managing to hold onto power in these early days has been surprising, to say the least.

Either the party, at this point, simply needs an Akongo at its head, or people's loyalty at the top to Boaz has extended to Nafuna. Or, more likely, their fear of Boaz has stopped most of them from acting. The KPWC, of course, are ardent and frequent human rights abusers, operating a system that is built for the benefit of few at the top, to ensure the oppression and eternal poverty of the rest of their society. There has been a long time bipartisan consensus in Banija that the KPWC is, and has always been, the worst-case scenario government.

Potential Allies: The People's Federation of Yuezhou. It is public that Ren Qiang and Boaz Akongo are very close, with the Akongos hosting what remained of Ren Qiang's government for a few years, before they were able to establish a foothold in their own country. As the last two communist nations of that part of Rushmore, with a long history of working together, it is quite possible that Ren Qiang and his ministers will see the threat to Nyowani Kitara as existential.

The only question is that they are technically always under constant threat from the United Republics. They will offer whatever support they can, but can they spare soldiers if they believe the United Republics would take advantage of troops abroad to land in Xilindao?

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Kitara
Key People: Max Ulf. Mayor of Port Viljan, recent defector from the KPWC. Age UNKNOWN.
General Vilhelm Lidstrom. Age UNKNOWN. Led military coup attempt in Dewayo, defeated and killed in captivity by the Nyowani Kitara Central Government. DECEASED.

A center-right group, that is mostly popular among the Osterlander and Nordlander ethnic groups of northern Nyowani Kitara. They control portions of the north, having secured the defections of a series of mayors, captains, and regular old soldiers who are generally anti-communist. It is unclear exactly how they would form their government if they won, besides their commitment, of course, to democracy. But while Ulf is a long-time party member, he lacks ties to the elite in Dewayo, making it likely in our eyes that he is a credible reformer.

We believe that the group would be amenable to positive ties with Banija, although they are known to prefer deeper ties with their neighbors. Because of their ability to secure large-scale defections in the way that they have, they are capable of taking over larger swaths of territory in fairly quick succession. In the two peninsulas of Nyowani Kitara off of the mainland, they have pinned government troops towards the borders of foreign nations.

Potential Allies: Max Ulf is known to be seriously courting Nyowani Kitara's neighbors for recognition.
Græntfjall- The White Winter Queendom, so far, is neutral. But there is known support in right-wing circles in the country for the DFLK, although it is unclear exactly how deep this support runs, whether it is just rhetorical or it runs further.
Tikariot- No word from them.
United Republics of Yuezhou- They are bound to support the overthrow of the KPWC, but we are not sure which opposition group they would support.

Kitara Freedom Front
Key People: Malik Akongo. 28 years old. Son of the late President Boaz Akongo, sister of President Nafuna Akongo.

Even though they control the least territory of the three, Malik Akongo is certainly the most intriguing. He, of course, as the son of the former President, has bones to pick with the establishment. He has never been truly involved in governing, and is now leading an opposition group. HIs is almost the opposite of the DFLK. While the DFLK has focused on getting internal defections, it seems as if Malik Akongo has taken control of an internal opposition group to launch an all-out rebellion. He defeated forces at Inhalo, and has established a foothold in the surrounding area.

Of course, he is also the opposite of the DFLK. He has focused his campaign among New Kitarans in the south, especially ethnic Kitarans. He has openly said that if there is a "settlement of terms", he is open to peaceful relations within the Kingdom. He is definitely right-wing and anti-communist. He is also seen as pro-democracy. Now, he has the smallest military forces of the three groups. But he is also known as somebody who can make connections far more easily. He was known as a social media influencer before he started his involvement in opposition politics, and having the Akongo name is bound to inspire confidence.

Of course, his military forces are by far the weakest. Insurgencies are not easy, and it will be hard to match the central government. However, he's got popularity in the country and abroad. He's got the ability to ramp up a diplomatic campaign for support, to try and get his troops up to scruff. The question is, will his forces face a quick annihilation, or will he get the time to build the strength necessary to march all the way to Dewayo?

Potential Allies: Juvencus- their government has made noises throwing their support behind Malik Akongo, throwing their support behind the KFF. It is a big coup to get foreign support this early- he will want to parlay that into momentum as he attempts to build for the long haul.
United Republics of Yuezhou- Would they want to stick it to Boaz, even in death, by choosing his disfavored son over his favored daughter?
Many foreign nations with an interest.

Foreign Wildcards: Eura, Savojarna, Mytanija, San Ortelio, Darmen, Bollonich- these are 6 Rushmori nations that we predict may get involved in one way or another, diplomatically or more. It's hard to know what way any of them would lean. Although, any nation in Rushmore, or even in the Quebecois Commonwealth, could be considered a wild card. There are a multitude of reasons to support or oppose any of these groups.

The Kabaka read through the document as he had it explained to him by the SUB Director. A lot of information. The key was this- this was Banija's best opportunity to influence events in the country in over a century- and who knows when it would ever come again. They would have to take it. The question was- how?
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Kabaka = King
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Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports | Map of Banija.
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Postby Milchama » Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:30 pm

"So we won?"


"Against who"



"Well we scored more goals than them"

"I got that bit but like how did we score more goals than them"

"Oh overwhelming them on the flanks and then lots of crosses. Jurgen Klopp style football"

"Makes sense because Milchama is a bunch of Liverpool fans"

"Yep except nobody plays the 3-3-4 but us"

"Nope, whether it's an offensive or defensive variant"

"But then we played another game, I thought the goal for this cup was to RP every matchday what happened?"

"Oh well they changed the scheduling of the World Cup. Instead of a break they now do MDs back to back but give people more time to write RPs in the meantime"

"Ah ok"

"So we drew in that other match?"

"Yep basically"

"And how did that go?"

"We got lucky, St. Trinians had more possession, shots, movement, play, everything. They even beat us silly. The only thing we had was luck and Marc K. Floren"

"I think beating us silly is unfair. Yeah it was a physical game but we can hold our own. We are named after war after all"

"Fair and bringing maces onto the field also helped"

"Yeah, it was a good decision by Lamarein to do that tactically. It definitely helped when they attempted to attack us"

"It's all about knowing what to do with mace"

"It also helps that we faced Raging Penguins like 6 times and had to deal with that nonsense"

"Oh man, what a weird country, remember when they withdrew from the World Cup and then let Quakmybush in?"

"Remember when we sat in front of them in history class for like 3 straight years?"

"I don't think that's supposed to go in the RP"

"Whatever, we're talking about old people now"

"We are old people"

"Yeah we're clearly ageless based on any NS timeline"

"I mean Marc J. Floren's still alive but only because he's probably studying about gnosticism in the Archregimancy"

"Imagine being the only Jew in that country"


"Oy indeed but at least he has us"

"We're not there, we live in Milchama"

"Oh no just that we're ageless and remember everything"

"I'm pretty sure I'm mortal, at least I know I won't join Goofi"

"I bet there's somebody in Milchama who will"

"Oh yeah one of those Margaret cultists"

"That's us!"

"Meh, that's not us, that's our twins"


"You think it's the same two people having an endless dialogue into the void and that we don't switch it up based on sports?"


"Why do you think we call on Margaret in baseball but not in soccer. Different people and different conversations"

"Then why isn't it mentioned in the RPs?"

"Who wants to type out names?"

"Ok fair"

"So anyway, back to the football, Milchama is doing better than expected?"

"Basically and, most importantly, we get the historical ignorants of TJUN-ia next"

"Ooooh so we'll lose by like 4 goals"

"I think 2 goals. 3-1 loss"

"Ok, 4-0 for me"

"We really have no faith"

"Nope but at least I trust Floren"

"Well he did score a goal in both games"

"Good stuff"

"Well let's expect the worst but hope for the best"

"Sounds good"

"Come on You Warriors!"

"Let's Go Milchama!"
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Postby Zwangzug » Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:27 pm

The Kerlagrad Courier

Football played in pretty much every time zone

To the relief of insomniacs, people whose work or family schedules require them to keep odd hours, and actual sports fans, football continues to be played around the world at all hours of the day. "Whether it's the Dragonflies updating us on fantasy predictions, the Sentients being surprisingly matter-of-fact about appliances, the Polkopians' struggle against toxic masculinity, or whoeverthebleepelse," reports CJ Loess of Hadiln, "I turn on the TV, and look! Football!"

These matches are not mere lower-division clashes, such as, uh, we don't have a pyramid so in that sense all the league matches kind of matter. No, this is international football, with all the pride and glory at stake. "There's nothing like watching Pratapgadh eke out a gritty draw with Murphtannia!" extols Anastasia Vadim of Kerlagrad. "I mean, there's probably a lot of things like it, but that's beside the point."

"I just started a new work schedule so it's a little tiring having to get up in the morning to catch my train," admits Terrence Finnegan of Weegham. "I don't want to complain, the transit system does a very fine job servicing such a large city, but sometimes I'm drowsy. But never fear, I know I'll be energized for the day when I catch glimpses of thrilling clashes such as Yasquia versus Rangers FC during my commute!"

"Yeah, I can't really watch TV when I'm at work, so I didn't get to see that goal from Cheetahs and reptiles Coalison that was totally offside," sulks Georgios Talum-Rech of Frischberg. "By that one guy. You know who I mean. But that's fine--by the time I get home, there's still gripping football on, like Greater Vakolicci Haven hosting Bahia Roja! Truly, we are blessed with an embarrasment of riches."

Some sources have ventured that it might be theoretically possible to engage in foreign affairs, so that the country could throw its weight around in venues other than football. At press time, everyone agreed this was actually a terrible idea.

(Blum 49)
(Waugh 26)
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Postby Ottoman Syldavia » Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:31 pm


Ottoman Syldavia 3-2 Ochre Island


To think that Ottoman Syldavia was supposed to be eliminated by now. After the first game, people were stunned. "It's a fluke," called many analysts. "Remember the Jaguars," yelled fans as Ottoman Syldavia came onto the field for their game against Ochre Island.

It was obvious both teams had a thirst for goals as soon as the game begun. Philip Lambert of Ochre Island and captain Jared Kubos both opened scoring with incredible goals. As per usual, Przemysław scored as the first half ended and the first half ended with a 1-goal lead for Ottoman Syldavia.

The 2nd half opened with hopes for Syldavia. However, fans started to get more worrisome as Mark Wilkinson of Ochre Island scored the game-tying goal. As well, Ochre Island's defense began to, in Syldavian terms, "heat up". However, as the clock was seconds away from 90:00, Gerard Struber executed a perfect Hail Mary pass to Frank Jorgensen, who scored the game-winning goal. Following the game, analysts coined the pass as the "Miracle at Maidenhead."

In their next game against Eraman, De Gaal has emphasized "keeping it close," and, "hopefully winning".
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The Farmers:: part 3

Who is Nilson Morrow? The 44-year-old Teaham FC head coach is a former national player who can play in midfield and winger, dead-ball situation expert, he scored 7 international goals, 5 of them from free kicks. So it is not surprising if the Farmers are very dangerous in a dead-ball situation. In the first season of the Lathamford Nationwide League, they scored 51.84% of goals through free kicks or corner kicks. Their midfielder, Claudius Bottomford, is known as a corner kick specialist, and among the best in the Lathamford Nationwide League. Morrow coaches them more intensively in free-kick training and corner kicks, he is also well known among players-liked coaches, his philosophy is the need for coaches to understand their players individually and know each of their players ’strengths and weaknesses, one-on-one. His leadership can clearly be seen in how much the players respect him and are willing to sacrifice for him. A conducive atmosphere in the dressing room and training ground is very important for the performance of players and teams, he said when asked about the secret to being the best coach. To him, the coach’s idea, if it can’t be totally translated to the players is a mistake, and that mistake is 100% the coach’s fault and not the player’s. Clear communication is paramount, he said again. [Part 1 ׀ Part 2 ׀ Part 3 ׀ Part 4]
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Metropolis, Wednesday, September 15th, 2021


DOMESTIC | Royal Valladar Institute of Cartography website hacked, map of Westlands state annexing zones of Darmen leaked

EDMONTON (VAP) — Yesterday, users browsing the Royal Valladar Institute of Cartography website were surprised by finding out that the official map of the Westlands state had been updated to include a hypothetic annexation of the Darmeni municipalities of Rogerton and Chavarria, whose residents as well as others from nearby settlements will be summoned to vote for the future of their territories in a referendum in the coming days, as announced by the Darmeni government.

With the announcement coming from Darmen and the possibility to grant independence to the Valladar minority living in Southeast Darmen or even bring that group back to their country being met with excitement in virtually every sphere of Valladar society both in the Westlands as well as the Mainland, an overwhelming majority of users expressed their support to the alleged new maps, believing they were part of a move endorsed by the Royal Government ahead of said referendum towards any of those directions.

However, the Royal Valladar Institute of Cartography confirmed in the evening through a press release that their website had been targeted by a cyberattack which altered the contents of the site, more specifically the maps portal portraying the official maps of the States of the Valladar Union. This attack saw the official map of the Westlands state being replaced by this version which was confirmed to be a hoax by the Royal Goverment in this release and was quickly taken down from the site. Whilst the perpetrators are still unknown and no group has yet claimed to have been behind the cyberattack, preliminary inquiries suggest that it might have been performed by radical groups based in either Darmen or Valladares advocating for Valladar annexation of the municipalities of southeast Darmen.

The Royal Valladar Institute of Cartography website was shut down in its entirety for a few hours after the confirmation of the cyberattack, while the original information was being restored. The Metropolis Herald attempted to contact a spokesperson of the Institute or the Royal Ministry for Territory for further commentary on the matter but no person in either entity could be reached.

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A Look at the Turori National Team for World Cup 89 Qualifying

Eels Park, Eelandii, Turori :: None. A word that appeared a lot on the official Turori roster presented to the media prior to World Cup 86. "None" was the most common description in the Turori National Team's player bios under the "Trophies" section. Trophies: None. There was not a single Turori National Team player that had ever won a major trophy for the Turori National Team. And there was good reason for that. The Turori National Team hadn't wno a major trophy at any point during the current generation. Turori's most recent WCC level trophy of any kind had been the 62nd Cup of Harmony during the 70th World Cup cycle.

While a handful of Turori's National Team had been a part of the Vilita and Turori Squad that had won AOCAF 56, there were fewer and fewer of those players around either. There were a handful of domestic trophies between them particularly due to Cednia Beach AFC's triumph in the Atlantian Oceania Champions League but even then, there wasn't much.

Then the tables turned. Nigel the Eel. Margaret. Triumphs. It had all happened so quickly.

The official Turori National Team roster for the World Cup 89 Qualifying campaign is missing one word. "None". The word that had been so ever-present on Turorian rosters for many cycles on end no longer appears even a single time in the "Trophies" section of the Turori National Team's official roster.

The 50th Di Bradini Cup. World Cup 88. The Olympic Gold Medal. The Cup of Champions. The Eagle's Cup. Over the timespan of just a single cycle, the players of the Turori National Team had added up to four major titles to their resume. More impressively was the fact that two of those belonged to Turori (Only) without the assistance of their Vilitan neighbors.

Turori's World Cup 88 championship goalkeeping trio return for World Cup 89 Qualifying with one un-surprising change. While the Turori National Team rode the experience of long time fan favorite and Cedniavella Turori goalkeeper Wiyauw An'maude for much of the World Cup 88 Finals, it is obvious that the future keeper of the gloves in Turori is Eura based net-minder Derizi Amatopa. At just 21 years of Age Amatopa has already won the World Cup, Cup of Champions, Under-21 World Cup, Olympic Gold Medal, Major Domestic Title in the EuraLeague and its top Goalkeeper Award. No one may quite be certain what else Amatopa could deliver for the Turori National Team as they gain more experienced but there is no question that everyone is highly anticipating finding that out.

Turori's defense is led by another player based in Eura, Amakli Inuro'o. The Bastion defender has already become the most capped Turorian defender of the modern era and is just 26 years of age. Inuro'o is well on pace to become Turori's all-time appearance leader and some wonder if the Eura based defender could even eclipse 200 appearances for the National Team. Inuro'o is expected to be first name on the team sheet throughout the finals for the Eels while Moumouni Verre'elali of Tropicorp FC could be next. After a fast start to their career, Verre'elali had fallen out of favor with the Turori National Team in their early 20's but has regained their standing after a stellar run with Tropicorp FC earning the Vilitan Cup title. Karek Edgeli, whose father Tarek is manager of the National Team, is also expected to play a much larger role in the team during the World Cup 89 cycle.

Turori's veteran midfield duo of Daliora Toru'u and Kentu Umaka'a have long imposed a major threat to any Turorian opposition from set plays and will look to continue providing the deliveries that set up Turori's System Turori style 1-0 victories through the World Cup Qualifying session. Long Time Turori National Team forward and highest capped player on the current roster Meldi'ita Mungwaii returns for another campaign after seeming to find a new level of form late in World Cup 89 and then carrying that form through to the Eagle's Cup. After a slow start to World Cup 89 and many wondering if the then 38 year old was finally showing signs of their age, Mungwaii silenced the critics with a stunning performance in the World Cup Final to deliver Turori its first triumph on the multiverse's largest stage. Mungwaii would back up their newly-minted Championship Final reputation by delivering the winner for the Turori National Team in the Eagle's Cup over Zwangzug, the very nation where Mungwaii continues to see out their domestic playing days through the club Arlington City. Mungwaii will continue their partnership with former Jungle Strike FC teammate Nua'oma Aikiki up top. Mungwaii currently sits on 69 career goals for Turori, Nice, averaging over half a goal per game played to lead all Turorian forwards. Mungwaii is already the top goalscorer in the modern era for Turori and is looking to continue to add to their career stats - though Mungwaii is likely to be rested often during the campaign particularly against lower ranked opposition.

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Scorers: None
Lineup: 1. K Belgrave, 2. H Wheeler (sub Coffey 60), 19. A Coles, 4. J Menard, 27. T Wellington, 3. L Almwood (sub Woodman 60), 29. T Matthews, 24. E Mullins, 16. O Vincent, 17. S Walker, 26. C Atkinson (sub Tomlinson 66)


Scorers: Robshaw 13, Malone 17, Woakes 60, Bowman 73
Lineup: 13. V Simm, 4. J Menard (sub Byrd 60), 15. T Green, 5. K Sherwood, 6. M Rowland, 8. V Robshaw, 11. B Malone, 12. D Bowman (sub Woodman 81), 7. M Woakes, 9. B Bond (sub Walker 56), 10. I Tomlinson

Dear Prime Minister,

I hope you’re well, and the kids too. I’d like to thank you again for renewing my appointment for another term.

We spoke last week about the situation in Nyowani Kitara, and I promised to come back to you with the initial thoughts of myself and the wider intelligence community. While I have somewhat editorialized and provided my own opinions, the below reflects a multifaceted view from across the Blackhall network.

Nyowani Kitara, as you know, is a central Rushmori country close to Kytler Peninsulae, San Ortelio, Tikariot, Graintfjall and Yuezhou. It has a deep colonial history with Banija, including the legacy of a black implanted majority and a large native white minority. It’s been three decades now since a coup where the Akongo family dynasty seized power, continuing the aesthetics of communism but in practice junking any libertarian or liberal elements, turning the screw on any opposition and ending any vestiges of democracy.

This was largely an opportunistic reaction to the fall of communism in neighbouring Tikariot and Graintfjall; the Akongo’s took their chance to strike while the iron was hot, overthrowing a relatively open communist society with a more closed, orthodox one under the auspices of protecting the country from capitalists and colonial masters. There is considerable debate about what would have happened if the coup never took place, but provisionally it appeared anti-communists may have swept the next round of elections in an unprecedented reversal of the revolution.

The way that coup played out resonates strongly in Nyowani Kitara’s political culture and history, gaining renewed significance due to events in recent days. The takeover was rapid, dubbed "The Darkness that Changed the Nation” – utilities and everything shut off, curfews, elections ended, your classic Kalashnikov coup. Accusations of Banijan interference to distract the population with nationalistic fervour. Thousands of arrests and deaths. Now it seems to be happening again – or was, until the latest member of the family to take over dealt with an abortive coup with surprising ease.

Recently deceased autocrat Boaz Akongo was paranoid and centralizing, consolidating power around the Presidency and gutting the Politburo of any real leaders for fear of creating rivals. This created a weak state vulnerable to instability once he inevitably kicked the bucket. Their only external stabilizing influence was the communist regime in Yuezhou, which they can no longer rely on as a bulwark after its collapse (as you will no doubt recall, we were quiet on that series of events but informally are co-operating with the new emerging democracy – the communists can slip quietly into history for all we care). So, it isn’t surprising that the moment he passed away, the vultures circled.

The country spends a lot on its military, to the detriment of its civilian economy, but these armed forces are a paper tiger, not much of a threat to their neighbours and incapable of fighting a serious foreign opponent for any period of time. This was typified by their inability to mount a counter-revolutionary intervention in Yuezhou. The military might be useful for internal stabilization but even that is debatable; the country is hugely unstable after Akongo’s death. It has opened a can of worms that can’t be closed. Even the army seems to be coming apart at the seams, splitting into factions. Who, then, might have a chance of leading this basket case for more than a few days?

My assessment at this time is that the real game in town is between the son and daughter of Boaz Akongo. Nafuna Akongo, the new President and head of state of the Kitara Progressive Worker’s Coalition (in other words the one party state), is the daughter. She is only 19. What can we say about her? She’s rumoured to be very intelligent, and groomed for power – educated abroad, naturally – but at that age she is clearly inexperienced and vulnerable. She could be another Yarley…or a repeat of a certain devil from Mytanija who we expended a lot of blood and treasure to get rid of. But there isn’t enough information and experience to go off to make that judgement, not yet.

Still, she has showed some ruthlessness in putting down the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Kitara (DFLK) coup attempt which has been pushed to the margins of the country’s territory. Her success suggests either she is made of stern stuff or has a lot of help, or perhaps a bit of both. She is aided and abetted by Gustav Isaksson, a shadowy ally of the deceased premier who appears to be her chief adviser and enforcer just as he was to her father. Its likely she relies heavily on him. A key question for upcoming policy decisions is how we identify other key players and influential figures around her and ascertain their relative importance.

Does she have popular support? An open question. The revolt being put down doesn’t really prove anything – it appears to have been a battle of elites and for elites and does not reflect public opinion as such. She needs two things; to be loved, and/or to be feared. Its possible she has inherited both from her father, but there are limits to how much being someone’s spawn can sustain you. Her foreign policy views are a bit of a mystery too. She probably understands the realities of geopolitics with her overseas education, and may be friendly towards states like Tikariot where she was taught. The key question to answer from our perspective is how she sees Eura and the Common Rushmori Community, on which we have little intel, and beyond the region Banija.

The DFLK, the group who launched the coup, appear to be a busted flush, having retreated to the recesses of Viljan and a slither of territory on the eastern frontier of the country. Their original leader is dead at the hands of the new regime, now the only standout figure is the Mayor of Port Viljan, Max Ulf. Nominally they are a moderate coalition (perhaps leaning rightwards), but highly regionalized to the north; they might well be well intentioned, genuine reformers, but how will they seize power now? Their only hope is probably to reach some kind of reconciliation with the government and negotiate while they still have the capability to force defections, but our assessment is that they do not hold the cards required to win this battle.

That leaves Nafuna’s brother as the main threat to her nascent rule. Malik Akongo appears to be best summarized as an anti-political party boy turned right wing revolutionary – maybe. It’s hard to pin him down or read exactly what he believes in other than having a lot of baggage with his sister and the communist establishment. He’s almost certainly not fit for office, an amateur playing statesman, and is relying on his name to carry weight. Nevertheless it has worked so far. He’s charismatic and can win people over. And, just about, he carries legitimacy as an alternative leadership in a country that has been subdued into accepting the Akongo family as almost divine rulers.

We think he is less likely to be an actor in his own right than his sister, having co-opted the DFLKs southern and ethnic Kitaran equivalent. Its key to try and understand who is pushing him to launch this second front of rebellion so soon after another has apparently been seen off. But even at this early stage, our bet is that despite being the head of state’s sibling, Malik and his KFF will not go quietly like the DFLK might/could. His sister, if remotely as ruthless as her father, will be going in for the kill; he has momentum and the opportunity to grow unlike the DFLK, but still has meagre territory and forces and could therefore be crushed now.

That means he has no motivation to negotiate or reason, and his tactics (less defections, more brute force actions and spreading popular revolt) reflect a kind of all-or-nothing philosophy in development. It also means that the longer he goes on, the more self-sustaining his movement becomes. Every day that he remains on the field is a day that the regime’s self-doubt will grow. It also increases the chances that what is currently a succession dispute will turn into a full blown civil war.

What of other countries? Could they support the new tinpot teenager and her regime? Yuezhou was an ally, but is now gone, with only an exile government under Ren Qiang on their side, living on borrowed time as the rest of the world moves on from the ancien regime. The former colonial masters in Banija have had a long-term opposition to the regime on both sides of the house and are no doubt watching this situation closely, but have yet to make a move. Other neighbours have been patient as well. Leftist countries in the region – Savojarna, Mytanija for example – will be reluctant to get involved in the mire of a potential civil war, and the latter may be instinctively cautious about becoming entangled with a brutally intelligent young woman running the country with an iron fist, given their history.

The majority of the CRC will surely not be supportive of the continuing dictatorship, but its not clear whether any rebel faction can survive long enough to gain foreign support; the DFLK have a few right wingers from around the region on their books, and the Kitara Freedom Front have already been charming foreign governments, but no-one has gone in heavy for either yet. This is where Eura could change the rules of the game – by swinging in behind a faction and giving them resources and recognition.

More analysis will be carried out imminently to make further recommendations on how to proceed. Prime Minister, you must not allow domestic political distractions to prevent us from managing this crisis. Foreign capitals are starting to wonder if we can really provide leadership while squabbling over what colour rosette parties can use in Aspel. This is your chance to prove them wrong.


Paige Burns
Chair of the Office for State Intelligence
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Inside the Snovski's Locker Room Leading Up To MD4

One, two, three. Nikita Rudin counted the whistles as referee waved his arms in the air, signaling the end of the game. Rudin watched as the ball whizzed past his face as it left the foot of a frustrated athlete from Jerusalem, but he didn't care. The match ended in a 3-3 draw, but the Polkopians had all felt as if they had scored a major victory, which, in a sense they had, as Jerusalem had been ranked 22nd in the multiverse and was one of the top contenders for a qualifying spot at the 89th World Cup. The fact that the Polkopians had managed to hold Jerusalem to a draw AND do so with the opposing team having a home field advantage was incredible, to say the least. Rudin sprinted down the field and grabbed Kosyo, dragging him down to the ground, where Maksim Pašin and Danya Siyan all joined. The Polkopian forward had managed to score a brace in the final thirty minutes of the game, thereby ending Polkopia's deficit they had accumulated in the first half of the match.

"You son of a bitch, we did it!" Rudin heard Siyan's voice in the midst of the pile of bodies that were accumulating in the middle of the field.

"My arm! My arm, watch the arm!" Rudin snapped at someone who had clumsily fallen on top of them and trapped Rudin's arm underneath a cleat, but the perpetrator withdrew himself from the pile. Rudin looked to see Smyefinov's bloodied face dance around the pile and wave his arms up at the small Polkopian section of the stadium, thanking the supporters for coming out to support the team on their World Cup journey.

Rudin nudged Smyefinov with his cleat and winked at him. The midfielder played a hell of a game too, and even took an elbow to his brow in the middle of the game. Despite this, Smyefinov played an incredible match and was one of the key players in determining Polkopia's fate in this game. Rudin hopped off the dogpile and hugged Smyefinov, burying his head in the crook of the midfielder's neck.

"You played a hell of a game, Yuri. Best I've seen you play all year." Rudin said, feeling tears well up in his eyes as the prospect of actually qualifying for the World Cup started to seem within reach for the Polkopians.

"Krasivnik1, that fucking cross you sent in? Beautiful! I should've had that one in, but that damn princess idiot got in the way. We could've won this one. We should've won this one." Smyefinov stopped in his tracks and hugged Rudin back.

"Ey, sudučka2, don't worry. We thought we were gonna blown out this game but we played really fucking well, all things considered. We're doing so well here, alright, and you've been a huge part of this. I don't want you to talk about how you're feeling like Kurvenkho should have been here instead of you anymore, because that's not true."

Smyefinov looked up at his captain, his eyes wide in horror. "What?" he said.

"Yep, Rudin said, "I've heard you say that shit in the locker room to some of the guys. You think I don't give a shit about some of the stuff you're saying, but I'm always listening. Listen," Rudin took Smyefinov's face in his hands, feeling the dried blood caked on to his cheeks, "you belong here as much as any of us, and if we're in another international tournament coming together, I'll fight tooth and nail for you to come before Kurvenkho. I've seen you play, you're really good, better, I think, than Kurvenkho would be. Next time you start thinking these things, I want you to throw that shit out of your head and focus on why you're here, okay? Games like today are why you're here, you got that?"

Smyefinov said nothing, only nodded. Rudin hugged Smyefinov and patted him on the back before pushing him toward the locker room. "Now take a shower and wipe that shit off of your face before you get infected or something, I can't have you dying before the next game!"

Rudin smirked as he watched Smyefinov turn around and walk back toward the locker room. 'Damn,' he thought, 'how many players are going through shit? Does everyone on this team have some sort of trauma they're going through?'

Well, this was the job he signed up for and as captain, Rudin's job exceeded far-beyond that of wearing the yellow armband and staying poised on the pitch. No matter what, he was going to be there for his teammates, even if the reasoning for someone's foul mood seemed trivial to him. Whatever it took for them to perform 100% on the pitch, Rudin would do it.

1 "Krasivnik" is a Polkopian word meaning "beautiful person". It is used among friends in a more casual setting in Polkopia.
2 The word, "sudučka" literally means "little stump" in Polkopian, but colloquially means dummy, or fool.

"Okay gentlemen!" Coach Dyakov's voice boomed throughout the locker room, silencing the prior pre-game chatter at once, "In a few minutes, we'll be in front of lots of Polkopians who will want to us bring another win! This team, Eshialand, they're a good team and they've been unlucky in the past few games, and will be looking to play us extra-hard so they can earn back some points, alright? We came into this tournament as underdogs, we came into this tournament with most people not paying us any mind, but look where we are now! Look at who we've played and what we've all been through to get where we are now. We're only three games in, but we've got a mighty good chance at qualifying for this thing if we keep it up, so let's not let these guys knock us down!"

Coach Dyakov glared around at everybody in the room. All of his players eyes were staring back at his, the footballers eager to hear his game plan against their next opponent.

"So, this team," Coach Dyakov continued, "plays a 4-3-2-1 formation, normally. They're going to rely on counter-attacks and fast breaks to get ahead, but keep in mind that they'll also be very good defensively against our counter-attacks, okay? So we can't rely on them to mess up for us to score; we're going to have to score by keeping calm under pressure and playing slow. We cannot give up possession, as they'll probably dominate us in the possession game, but instead what we're going to have to do is make use of our wings. So in this team we have..." Coach Dyakov paused as he flipped through some of the pages in his binder, "we have Gorman on the left and Silver on the right. Really, they'll be the only ones playing wide unless we can pull their midfielders out to the wings to meet us, and we'll just pinch in that way, okay"

As he talked, Coach Dyakov held his binder in between his arm and side, and moved his hands around in front of him to demonstrate the positioning in which he envisioned his team having against Eshialand.

"So Marčuk, Azarov, I want you two to hug that boundary line, alright. Play slow and pass around the midfield and your fullbacks until you an draw a few midfielders out to you. You two will be the key in leading our attacks against these guys, but we've got to do it smartly. I don't want you to be too hasty with your attacks, and I don't want you to force a pass among yourselves. Make runs, get open, and stay on the wings if you can. Once you do, you can make runs toward the center of the pitch and find Kosyo or Pašin out there. Or, worst case, keep it out on the wing and send in crosses. You'll be 1-on-1 with their fullbacks, most likely, so if you can beat them, take a shot or two and challenge their keeper."

"Coach, uh..." A raspy, waverin voice came from the back of the room. Everybody turned their heads to see Slava Panin raising his hand and speaking, looking around himself as if he was unsure if he was speaking out of turn or not."

"Speak then, Panin." Coach Dyakov said, not necessarily offended by the player's interruption, but rather curious as to what he could contribute to the overall game plan. He hadn't played too much thus far, only a total of 60-something minutes over the span of three games, but he had intended to perhaps utilize him more if need be.

"Okay," Panin continued, "if we're staying out wide, wouldn't it be better for the striker to move in to help with alleviating some of the pressure in the midfield? I.. I mean, I don't really see Yakoby as being the type to pass the ball around the field, if I'm being honest." Panin looked at Kosyo, who just glared at him right back. The rest of the players' eyes darted between the two players, unsure on how to react.

"So," Panin said after a brief pause, "what I'm saying is that you need more help in the midfield if we're going to play out wide. I don't think our current formation is best for this, because Kosyo-"

"Stop," Coach Dyakov held his hand up and then pinched the bridge of his nose between his index finder and thumb, "so what you're saying is that I've made a mistake in my starting lineup, Panin?"

"Well, I uh..." Panin stuttered.

"See what you're doing now is assuming that you know this team, this team of guys who I brought, picked each and every single one of you because I knew you had something to offer the team, better than I do. What you're doing is throwing your teammate under the bus and saying you're better at your job than he is. What you're doing is not what I expected of you, quite frankly Slava Fyodorović, and I'm very disappointed in you, not only as a player, but a person."

The entire room was dead-silent as Coach Dyakov spoke directly at Panin; no one dared move a muscle.

"So, you will not be playing the next game. Or the game after that. And you'll continue to not play until you understand the value of a team in team sports, and that you will not undermine me, nor will you undermine anyone else in this room, you got that?" Coach Dyakov made it a point to never raise his voice thus far. From previous experience, he knew that maintaining a cold, calm tone was more telling than losing your temper and screaming at players. He didn't want to evoke anger from anyone, but he did want to make a point that such behavior would not be tolerated.

"Now, for everyone else, let that be an example. If you have a problem with how I run my team, come to me - my office is open, but do not, under any circumstances, throw your fellow teammates under the bus and try to embarrass them in front of us all. We're not in secondary school anymore, we don't have time for any of that petty bullshit. Say what you have to say, but say it to me first, you all got that?"

"Yes coach!" Everyone said at once, some nodding their head furiously.

"Okay. Well it's time to go out there now. Remember what I said and we should get some of those points. I know you're all hungry for this as much as I am, so lets not fuck this one up okay?"

"Yes coach!" Everyone repeated all at once, leaving their belongings in the locker room and hustling outside to stretch before the game.

Coach Dyakov sighed and shook his head. 'Really, the nerve of some people,' he thought to himself, laughed, and headed outside to inspect the pre-game warmups.
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Postby Chromatika » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:13 pm


By: Xinyi Leung, Politics Correspondent

Election Season: Mountain District Preview
Candidates: Taurus Benson (Rainbow Party), Lina Wherry (Traditionalist Party); Favorite: Tossup

Long thought of as being a Rainbow Party stronghold - being the home District of Alyss Montague, wife of Keira Andisori - this race has gained national attention after a huge upset happened in Z’ai’ai’s Mayoral race not quite a year ago. The incumbent Mayor, Sarah Jones, was upset by a newcomer, Dr. Allison Gerard of the Traditionalist Party who promised that she would listen to the voices of the businesses in the city who felt slighted by the aftereffects of Foxchester. This was even after Jones had done plenty to try to repair the rifts.

Buoyed by their recent success, the Traditionalists think that they have a chance to flip the entire district and put it under their rule. Taurus Benson is a respected member of the Rainbow Party who has some clout with Chromia itself; he won’t go down without a fight, especially after laying out on his campaign agenda that he plans on having a more active role in negotiations with Chromia itself to see the needs of the District met. Polls are very close on trying to call the race. If this District falls on Traditionalist hands, it will stop the monopoly of the Rainbow Party across all seven Commissioners and also show the Traditionalists that they had potential. This proves to be a fascinating, pivotal race.
Tales from the Lower Leagues
Pùr: The Slow Fall

There are stories that are missed every season by the big markets because they aren't in the Red or Orange Leagues. There are stories of surprise promotions, tearful relegations, financial struggles, teamwide drama, and external forces that impact smaller teams. We here from The Rebel will spend some time to look at nine different stories from nine teams that were in the Yellow League or lower up till the start of Season Seven.

By: Jasmine Dillon, Pùr Times
Name of Club: Pùr
Nickname: Riders
City: Pùr
District: Heartland
Stadium: Riders' Arena (Cap. 35,210)
Owner: Henriette Georgioux, Chairman of Brightstar, Non-Profit Organization

Season 1 W D L GF GA GD Pts Place Cup
After 5 2 1 2 8 6 2 7 Orange 6 Round 4: Win vs. Egren (2-2, 2-2 AET, 9-8 pen.)
After 10 2 3 5 17 18 -1 15 Orange 13 Round 5: Win vs. Chromatik (0-0, 1-0 AET)
After 15 2 5 8 22 28 -6 19 Orange 16 Ro16: Loss to Knetyohai (2-2, 2-3 AET)
After 20 3 6 11 31 43 -12 15 Orange 15
After 25 5 8 12 39 51 -12 23 Orange 14
After 30 7 9 14 51 63 -12 30 Orange 13
Season 2 W D L GF GA GD Pts Place Cup
After 10 3 2 5 18 22 -4 11 Orange 11 Round 4: Win vs. Hanai Breakers (0-0, 1-0 AET)
After 20 6 3 11 30 45 -15 21 Orange 14 Round 5: Loss to Alnio (1-4)
After 30 13 4 13 49 56 -7 43 Orange 7
Season 3 W D L GF GA GD Pts Place Cup
After 5 1 3 1 8 6 2 6 Orange 9 Round 4: Loss to Lorentine (0-1)
After 10 3 6 1 16 11 5 15 Orange 6
After 15 5 8 2 21 16 5 23 Orange 4
After 20 6 9 5 23 21 2 27 Orange 8
After 25 8 9 8 26 25 1 33 Orange 11
After 30 9 11 10 31 30 1 38 Orange 13
Season 4 W D L GF GA GD Pts Place Cup
After 5 2 0 3 4 8 -4 6 Orange 12 Round 4: Win vs. Rhoni FC (2-2, 2-2 AET, 3-2 pen.)
After 10 5 0 5 11 12 -1 15 Orange 7 Round 5: Loss to Anomalies (1-3)
After 15 6 5 7 12 15 -3 20 Orange 10
After 20 9 2 9 20 25 -5 29 Orange 7
After 25 10 4 11 26 31 -5 34 Orange 9
After 30 14 4 12 32 33 -1 46 Orange 6
Season 5 W D L GF GA GD Pts Place Cup
After 5 0 1 4 1 5 -4 1 Orange 16 Round 4: Win vs. Kynxe (4-0)
After 10 4 2 4 6 6 0 14 Orange 8 Round 5: Loss to Felswyr (1-2)
After 15 5 3 7 9 11 -2 18 Orange 12
After 20 5 8 7 10 12 -2 23 Orange 12
After 25 6 11 8 14 15 -1 29 Orange 12
After 30 6 11 13 17 23 -6 29 Orange 15- Relegated to Yellow League
Season 6 W D L GF GA GD Pts Place Cup
After 5 2 1 2 8 6 2 7 Yellow 6 Round 3: Loss to Jatho (0-1)
After 10 4 2 4 17 9 8 14 Yellow 7
After 15 6 4 5 20 11 9 22 Yellow 7
After 20 9 4 7 29 14 15 31 Yellow 5
After 25 12 5 8 39 15 24 41 Yellow 3
After 30 13 7 10 41 19 22 46 Yellow 6
The Continuation

Pùr is a proud, historic side hailing from the Heartland; the second biggest city in the District behind only Anfanhar. There was that magical season back in the fifth season of the League Chromatiks where a certain striker named Carrie Mason carried their team to new heights; by the end of the Chromatik League, though, Pùr ownership was in shambles and the team was wondering if they could maintain their status in the Orange League altogether.

Enter Brightstar, a Nonprofit Organization based in the city that works with the District's youth. Henriette Georgioux is a retired police officer from the Chromatik Party days who had used her considerable wealth to start the organization; it has helped over a million youth in its existence. All proceeds from Pùr games go toward the nonprofit, and some of the benefits from the sales of the merchandise go to running the franchise. Of course, there is a for-profit branch called Red Dynamics that actually runs the club so that Brightstar can remain a nonprofit; it's all above board and one of the better run organizations in Chromatika.

The Slow Fall

From the beginning of the Rainbow League System, it was clear that Pùr wasn't in any condition to contend for the Orange League title. Mark Bignon tried as best as he could with the players that he had, but conceding sixty-three goals in the first season was indicative of their struggles to come, in thirteenth place. Their best season came in the second and fourth seasons, where they finished either mid or above midtable; Season Four saw Swain Bears concede only thirty goals while scoring thirty-one as they had a complete change of pace. In fact, it would be the defense that really carried the team in further seasons, including Season Five where they were relegated even while only conceding twenty-three goals.

Pùr changed Managers multiple times from Mark Bignon to Sigurkarl Kristiansson to Anera Asohom, a fifty-one year old from Lanar who used to moonlight as a midfielder in her playing days. Asohom is a decent fit for the club who knows the club's history but also understands just where they stand.

Season Six: Getting Grounded

Pùr has become a very defensive side under Asohom's guidance, conceding only twenty-two goals in this sixth season; Swain Bears has been a faithful keeper to them through thick and thin. Delilah Anisov, Emar Nazir, and Glynnis Plummer are some of the best players that they have, and in finishing in sixth place, they have shown they are a step or two away from retruning to the Orange League.


Hold the ball, play keep-away, and counterattack when the opportunity presents itself. They don't score as many goals, and are okay with draws. It can be a bit frustrating to watch, but it's a work of art nonetheless.

Future Prospects

Pùr is too big of a city and too good of a team to remain in the Yellow League forever. They should return back to their usual hunting grounds rather soon.

Concluding Thoughts

Pùr has been patient; their day will come soon enough. We will be back.
Matchday 2 Chromatika 3-0 Agresos @ United Center, Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island
Goals: Phoen ‘8, Oveni ’56, Laurette ’88 (pen.)
Player of the Match: AM Alissar Phoen (1 Goal, 2 Assists)
Starting XI (4-3-2-1): Begley (C); Watt - Odling - Nodis - Sayer; Baum - Pill - Hama; Phoen - Laurette; Oveni.
Reserves: Ighv -> Sayer (’66), Ju -> Pill (’79), Kruetzberg -> Baum (’82)

Matchday 3 Melbergia 0-3 Chromatika
Goals: Toussaint ’11, Nodis ’38, Hauser ‘90+1
Player of the Match: CB Cylie Nodis (1 Goal, 3 Shots Defensed)
Starting XI (4-3-2-1): Enax; Chapman - Odling - Nodis - Ighv; Kruetzberg - Ju - Anderson; Fillar, B. (C) - Phoen; Toussaint.
Reserves: Anderson -> Odling (’59), Hama -> Anderson (’78), Hauser -> Phoen (’82)
Five Questions with... Alissa Phoen, Who Featured in Both Wins

1. How was it to get your first starts of this qualifying cycle?
”We have a goal in mind, and we are working toward that goal. I trust in our Management - in Valens and Landers - to lead us to that point. What is my job? Play when my number is called and get the job done. I think we got that accomplished in these two games. They aren’t the stiffest opposition in the group, but they’re opponents that we have to take care of and if we don’t, we will only have ourselves to blame. I’m glad we got to show what we are made of.”

2. Who do you look up to on the squad?
”Vasiliy Kuznetsov. It must have been such a risk to get away from the CCFA and into Banija. In Kitara Athletic Association, he’s found a place to help him excel. In winning the Champions’ League, he’s shown that he has the skills to win; now, he continues to lead this squad. He may not play the same position as me, but the mindset of a champion, the work that he has done, and the success he’s had definitely makes him a player to learn from.”

3. What's the hardest part about being on the Anomalies?
”The competition is the best part and the hardest part. Everyone wants to get to where you are. It is hard to remain on the roster with the amount of footballing talent present in the country, and then to try to go up the ladder to become the best player in your position? Even harder. As Chromatika becomes a stronger and stronger of a sporting nation, it’ll get even more difficult. I look forward to the challenge.”

4. Who is the best player not on the roster in your position, and why?
”I think everyone who is someone and an Attacking Midfielder is on the roster, because the Managerial staff need to know who they are working with. By changing formation to where they have the option of fielding either one or two attacking midfielders, we have to be ready at all times. If I had to pick one? Keep an eye on Jacklyn Chung, who barely didn’t make the U-21 squad. She has the aggressive nature needed as well as the brains to know the timing. That makes a good Attacking Midfielder.”

5. A question from a fan: pick a spot for a vacation - mountain or ocean?
”Honestly, I don’t really like sand or being by the water, so it’s the mountains for me. There’s crisp air, lots of green, and the views are magnificent. You also don’t have to worry about salt water.”
Chromatik Roster for MD4 and MD5:

Starters @ Talamia (106) (4-3-2-1): Tioux (C); De Saint-Pierre - Anbient - Ingram - Pomeroy; Marc - Zuniga - Croix-Pierre; Hauser - Fillar, B.; Gainsbourg.
Reserves @ Agresos: GK Juxon Fillar, GK Jacob Descombes, RB Grayson Fillar, CB Henri de Aea, CB Giles Ken, LB Valence Ilya, RM/RW Augustus Humphreys, DM Kaia Larriet-Cortes, DM Enigma Armageddon, AM Hermaeus Mora, AM Alissar Phoen, LM/LW Edith Fillar, ST Olimpia Vidal.

Starters vs. Darmen (48) (4-4-1-1): Fillar, J.; Xiao - de Aea - Ken - Ilya; Humphreys - Armageddon (C) - Zuniga - Kuznetsov; Mora; Vidal.
Reserves vs. Darmen: GK Ferret Tioux, GK Kathie Begley, RB Grayson Fillar, CB Keira Anbient, CB Damon Ingram, LB Nina Pomeroy, RM/RW Orianne Marc, DM Kaia Larriet-Cortes, DM Mare Si, AM Haley Hauser, AM Baillaire Fillar, LM/LW Andréa Croix-Pierre, ST Alicia Gainsbourg.
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Regional Tournaments: AOCAF 55 Champions, 52 & 63 Runners-Up
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CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
KPB Ranking: 16 (Post 88)
RP Population: 20 million

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Postby Yue Zhou » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:21 pm

Governor's Palace, Nangang City

It had been a solid year for Wu Zhongsheng. The National Union party grew stronger by the day, business was booming as foreign investment continued to pour in (economists estimated that once subsidies and other provisions were factored in, Yuezhou's corporate tax rate had gone negative), and the Yue people were returning to some semblance of normal life under a free* democracy. The Civil War had been decisively won, and both Nanhai and Yuezhou as a whole were on the rapid ascent. There were still milestones yet to come - a few rebellions to brutally repress, then some image work so they could join the Common Rushmori Community - but he had all the time in the world to do so, as a second five-year term looked virtually reassured.

There was one small thing. Well, maybe more than small - the fact that he'd somehow let Ren Qiang out of his grasp and given him time to regroup on Xilindao absolutely infuriated him. There was a bottle of premium baijiu under the desk for the day Xihaishi fell, but until then, the last few socialists were proving surprisingly frustrating to drive out. This was especially embarrassing, considering that Nanhai had the proudest maritime tradition in all of Yuezhou, but the former Yue People's Navy had proven surprisingly pro-Ren Qiang, and their combined might had just barely been enough to dissuade Wu from trying anything. It was hardly the time to waste resources, manpower, and most importantly, public opinion on a risky siege.

This new Nyowani Kitara situation seemed promising, though. It had been that bastard Akongo who had hooked the Ren regime up to life support right when they were on the verge of bleeding out. President Wu had to admit that it would be satisfying to finish off the last recognized socialist government in the region. The younger Akongo, the son, seemed at least charismatic enough to be a figurehead, and was saying all the right things. He would need guidance, of course, both in statecraft and war - but he would have friends across the Xandrian if he wanted to. There was money to spare due to the recent oil boom, after all...

But no, there was a bigger prize in sight. Because Wu Zhongsheng knew how close Boaz Akongo and Ren Qiang had been before the former's death. There was no doubt the former premier would try to meddle to prop up the new government. And that took the sort of manpower, supplies, and capital, that could really change the direction of a war. And with their only benefactors fighting for their lives...

President Wu opened the cabinet underneath his desk, and turned a crystal Zuanshi bottle betwixt his fingers. Maybe there'd be something to celebrate soon.

MD1: Gyatso-Kai 3 - 3 Yuezhou
Starting Lineup: Lu; Kang, Yuan, Zhu (Ren 63), Reeve; Li (C), Wan; Liu (Jiang 55), Wen, Luo; Huang (Ji 80)
Goals: Skirata 12, 80; Song 53 // Huang 12, Luo 64, Li 70

MD2: Yuezhou 5 - 1 Daehae
Starting Lineup: Lu; Kang, Ren, Yuan, Zhu; Li (C) (Yang 60), Wan (Chen 53); Liu, Wen, Luo (Mao 66); Huang
Goals: Huang 14, 53 (P); Wen 45+1, Mao 74, Zhu 80 // [REDACTED] 8

MD3: Legalese 0 - 0 Yuezhou
Starting Lineup: Lu; Kang (Jiawei 80), Yuan, Zhu, Reeve; Li (C), Wan; Liu, Wen (Guo 68), Luo; Huang (Ji 54)
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Postby Audioslavia » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:33 pm

A Silly Song about Group Six
Set to the Tune of Waltzing Matilda
At the top Electrum sit with Ancherion
Audioslavia round out the top three
They sing as they play and they fight just to qualify
“We want to play in the W.C."

Off to Tikariot, Off to Newlandia,
We want to play in the W.C.
They sing as they play and they fight just to qualify
We want to play in the W.C.

Group Six includes the esteemed Al Qurija
A team that are best known for being World Champs
But in a weird case of mass-scale historian amnesia
No-one thinks that of the Electrumite camp

Off to Tikariot, Off to Newlandia,
We want to play and to be world champs
In a curious case of multiversal amnesia
We want to play and to be world champs

Down came Saint Eleanor from their home in Anaia
Fresh from defeat in the Baptism Cup
They’d tried and they’d fought and they’d lost that game to Pyazhnaya
Here they lie ninth, but the only way’s up

Off to Tikariot, Off to Newlandia,
We want to play and in the footy World Cup
Eleanor’s ninth, but they’re confident of coming back
They want to play in the footy World Cup

Down came the boys from New Lusitania
Chanting and singing to boost their morale
They sang and they shouted from Faro to Coruña
“Vamos vencer o grupo, caralhos”

Off to Tikariot, Off to Newlandia,
Vamos vencer o grupo, caralhos
As they sang and they shouted from mountains to glens,
“Foda-se, vencemos a copa, também”

Up comes the Isles of Pluvea and Saxean
New Gothanita are islands to boot
So were Audioslavia, but jump in a taxi and
Drive to the east coast and you’ll overshoot

Off to Tikariot, Off to Newlandia,
Some team called Saterun are playing as well
But their roster got lost by a Dancougarite bureaucrat
So we’ve no idea about their personnel

“Off to Tikariot, Off to Newlandia,
We want to play in the W.C.
We sing as we play and we fight just to qualify
We want to play in the W.C.”

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Postby Geisenfried » Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:54 pm

(from the satire site www.halbbackerei.gsf - "Where well-constructed arguments, like delicious cake, take too long to make!")

Much ado has been made of late with the "return of international football to Geisenfried" in this past week, as the qualifiers of the 89th (89th?! Haven't people gotten tired of this yet?) edition of the World Cup meant that the national team of Huelavia - a country that is such an international laughingstock that the sound of chuckling is literally in their name - made their way to the capital for 90+ minutes of kicking a ball around a giant field of grass, an event that drew tens of thousands of spectators and likely hundreds of thousands more television and computer screens, probably which more than a few of were turned back off in disappointment before the end. Yes, while no doubt many were hoping for a repeat of the completely jaw-dropping (if utterly meaningless) finale of the AOCAF group stages, where half-Banijan Djibril Kayode disappointed his fatherland and invigorated his motherland with a late go-ahead goal to help knock off a world top-5 side and unexpectedly take the Kanün River Derby, the much more mundane reality of mediocrity was on full display here. But the grand extravagance put on the "return of international football" might make the more astute observers of Geisen international football contemplate "wait, isn't this like the third time we've done this?" To which the proper response is "no, it's the fifth." So why are we doing all this again, and what does a fox named Chester have to do with it?

So what is with all this hokie-pokie? (You put your whole team in, you take your whole team out, you put your whole team in when your rank has fallen out). Well, Geisenfried is no stranger to insularity - it's almost as if being hedged in on nearly all sides by mountains leaves one content to not bother with those on the other side - and the GKFB has been more than happy to pull the plug on the whole endeavor if it's been feeling that it's not worth the effort being put in... which it has... a lot. Still, after the great Atlantian Oceanian politics kerfuffle, they decided to roll out the checkered red carpet again, first for the latest AOCAF in the Equestrian States and now here on the road to either South Newlandia or Tikariot, and take the long trek towards international footballing... something. Probably not glory, but something. And so, in "honor" of our grand "return to international football", a look back at our previous not-so-grand "returns to international football."

WC28 - WC38
Wait a minute, I hear you saying, weren't these the original glory days of Geisen football? What was there to return from? But au contraire, despite all efforts of the GKFB to burn it from the history books, Geisenfried's debut at the World Cup was back in WC24, an experiment that went so poorly that it set back international football in the country decades. Yes, this cycle is the sapphire anniversary of Geisen international football, and back in that first halycon competition, we won that ever rare treasure - a Wooden Spoon, granted only to those with the absolute worst qualifying records for a World Cup qualifying cycle, which sits somewhere very, very buried in Darnesmark. But because of their debut in the Baptism of Fire during that tournament, the country has not been eligible to participate ever since, preventing us from pulling what Milchama did this time around and entering the BoF even with copious World Cup experience. Speaking of Milchama, it's still no doubt that this was the golden age of Geisen football - finally breaking through into the World Cup during the 31st edition and hosting it with our eastern neighbors during the 32nd edition. Geisenfried would reach the World Cup another four times during this "decade" of tournaments before bowing out after the 38th edition. And that's as close to the peak as we've ever come. Kinda sad to think about, isn't it?

Having reached a half-century of WCC-sponsored events, there was much buzz and excitement about rejoining the world sporting stage once again. There was even a tournament, though not WCC-sanctioned, organized by other nations who had come to celebrate the special occasion after a long departure from the tournament. We even won that tournament. Yes! Geisenfried has actually fully won an international football competition, believe it or not. But alas, the excitement didn't hold on and come the much more boring number of fifty-one out the door we went again.

WC61 - WC64
While I cannot care to explain why fifty-one is too boring but sixty-one is interesting enough to come back to, after a decade of disappearance, the GKFB decided "why not" and decided to try again. If the 30s "decade" was the golden age of Geisen football, then the early 60s half-"decade" has to be a patina'd silver age, with the sixty-second edition of the Cup being the closest Geisenfried has come to a seventh World Cup appearance. Despite a rank placed over 100, the team managed to reach second-place in their group and win the right to lose heart-breakingly in an extra-time playoff against Mytannion for one of the final World Cup slots. They didn't come any closer in 63 & 64 and perhaps coming so close after only a single cup back spoiled them. And like a spoiled child, they took their toys and went home after that.

WC81 & 82
Twenty cycles later, and we're at least in the same decade (though one wonders why we didn't just wait for 91, if that's how we're gonna do it, given previous precedent). That said, one must suspect the fact that the 81st edition of the World Cup was being held in Banija - Geisenfried's western neighbor, as a key contributor on Geisenfried opening its shell again, though I can't imagine anyone suspected that they'd be going right back to the World Cup in time. They came way closer than anyone could have expected them too, however, taking third place in their group. They couldn't replicate their success in 82, however, and so our story ends... until it appears, now.

How long will the GFKB's patience last with this latest experiment in actually playing other countries last? Who knows! It's definitely not the steadiest bet in the world, but weirder things have happened. Like beating Banija!

Kohnhead 1 - 0 Geisenfried
Rallyton (13')

Moliza 0 - 1 Geisenfried
Christensen (49')

Geisenfried 0 - 2 Huelavia
Fonseca-Mantovani (18'), Braz-Bitencourt (79')
The Royal Federation of Geisenfried / der Königsbund von Geisenfried
Proper demonym: Geisen

- Two-time quarterfinalist, six-time qualifier, and former host (XXXII) of the NationStates Football World Cup
- Proud member of the world's greatest sporting region - Atlantian Oceania!



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