World Cup 88- Roster Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Gergary » Tue May 04, 2021 9:57 pm

Gergary National Football Team
Gergary Nationale Fußballmannschaft | Gergary Labdarúgó-válogatott

National Information
Region: Esportiva
World Ranking: 322
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold
Home Stadium: New Olympic Stadium, Ingbert-Borbely, Gergary (cap. 62,000)

Coaching Staff
Manager: Heidemarie Frost | 57 | Female
Assistant Manager: Milos Tolvaj | 66 | Male
Coach: Gunther Leitz | 59 | Male
Assistant Coach: Zsofia Kiraly | 69 | Female
Doctor: Arthur Wieck | 68 | Male

Playing Squad
# | Ar | Pos | Name                            | Gender | Ag | Club
1 | GK | GK | Laci Kurthy | Male | 30 | Balogsi ETO
13 | GK | GK | Jozsi Apponyi | Male | 23 | VfR Steinigestrasse
23 | GK | GK | Bella Lajtha | Female | 21 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
2 | DF | RCB | Kati Eross | Female | 25 | VfR Steinigestrasse
19 | DF | RCB | Adel Heszlenyi | Female | 26 | Balogsi ETO
5 | DF | CB | Adulf Ludwig | Male | 23 | Balogsi ETO
6 | DF | CB | Oliver Egerszegi | Male | 20 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
16 | DF | CB | Ibolya Szilard | Female | 20 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
3 | DF | LB | Kevin Hauer | Male | 21 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
17 | DF | LCB | Wotan Alscher | Male | 23 | VfR Steinigestrasse
11 | MF | RM | Feri Kun | Male | 23 | Balogsi ETO
21 | MF | RCM | Csenge Kalocsai | Female | 23 | VfR Steinigestrasse
4 | MF | CM | Annabell Breisacher | Female | 22 | VfR Steinigestrasse
8 | MF | CM | Dorka Vargha | Female | 24 | Balogsi ETO
14 | MF | CM | Miki Bacsik | Male | 20 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
18 | MF | CM | Vanda Kenyeres | Female | 21 | FSV Matrose Wiesenblume
7 | MF | LCM | Emmeline Wegener | Female | 22 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
12 | MF | LM | Hubert Behrend | Male | 29 | VfR Steinigestrasse
--- FORWARDS ---
9 | FW | FW | Amalia Zsigmondy | Female | 27 | VfR Steinigestrasse
10 | FW | FW | Erik Bartos | Male | 25 | Balogsi ETO
15 | FW | FW | Petra Nemet | Female | 21 | Balogsi ETO
20 | FW | FW | Anja Hoffmann | Female | 26 | FK Egyetertes Borbely
22 | FW | FW | Ingeburg Armbruster | Female | 22 | SV Bauern Milchmaenner


Coming soon
Gergary's football kits will be supplied by Hispinas' Harrokeria.
Primary kit is Green and White - Secondary kit is Black and Gold.
The national symbol of Gergary (white vulture) is placed in the front of the kits.

RP Permissions
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: N

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match N)
GodMod Injury Events N (Limited to Duration of Competition/Match Y)

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: N

Style Modifier: -2
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Capital: Ingbert-Borbély | Trigram: GGY | Leader: Domonkos Virág | Sportswire
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Postby Istoreya » Wed May 05, 2021 3:51 am

Welcome to the World Cup!

The Baptism of Fire did not go so well for Istoreya's national team, failing to make it past the group stages, but they are not letting that bring them down and they are ready and raring to go for the 88th World Cup!

As always, information about the team and their adventures can be found on the team's wiki page and the Heritage Daily Sports news page, and be sure to follow @IgnalaIguanas on Twitter for regular updates!!
Istoreyan National Football Team @IganalaIguanas ∙ 3h

Tsara hariva, Istoreya! After the BoF, we know some of you are disappointed with our performance, and we are too. But that just makes us even more glad to have the chance to prove ourselves in the World Cup! Cya there! - Dalton


The Iguanas remain in the same kits they wore during the BoF, made by UNI-Q in support of #FreeQusmo.

The World Cup is a massive event attended by hundreds of nations, so you can be sure that something weird or wacky is going to happen at some point!
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Roleplay injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (except death/career-ending injuries)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N
Style modifier: -4

With so many new faces to the world of the World Cup, here's a quick reminder on all our boys, their positions and a little snippet of their personalities!
#1 - Dalton Scribe - Left Wing-Back - At 33 years old, Scribe is the oldest on the team but he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He is well known for being a proud Istoreyan and always happy to play under the green and grey, and the other players look up to him as a big brother.

#2 - Bo Ribbin - Centre Forward - Having played for the Northport Football Club since he was 19, the now-23-year-old striker is known for being the type to act first and ask questions later, which scores him as many goals as it does yellow cards.

#3 - Abraham Vane - Left Winger - Vane is only 31 years old, but he has the wrinkles by his eyes and the wisdom as if he was thrice that, but at 6'4" he will still knock you flat if you dare hurt any of his teammates - which has been known to get him in a bit of trouble.

#4 - Archie Gentell - Goalkeeper - Hailing from the Southport Football Club, 25-year-old Gentell lives up to his name, on camera at least, always very polite and a likeable young lad with excellent goalkeeping skills. Although given the long-standing rivalry between the Northport and Southport clubs, it might be best he stays at the other end of the field to Ribbin, else his charming personality might falter.

#5 - Ido Igwe - Centre Midfielder - Having only recently turned 20 years old, Igwe is the baby of the team but that just makes him all the more loveable. In his first match outside of Istoreya, he saved the game by scoring a goal with just 3 minutes left, and the video of Gentell running across the pitch to tackle him into a hug remains popular to this day.

#6 - Dmitri Adis - Centre-Back - Adis, 28, has never been a fan of the camera, or of talking in public, but his heart is devoted to the game. He came close to a career-ending injury several years ago during an accident involving several broken ribs, but he came back and powers through like always.

#7 - Nathan Rellotis - Centre Midfield - As a teen, Rellotis played for his school's football team and was on the right track to make a name for himself. However, after successfully landing a position in the Gelaros City Club, he didn't last long after finding himself in trouble with the law, being caught smoking marijuana in public. It was manager Giannis Demakis who was his talent and didn't want it to go to waste, offering him a place with the INFT after his jail sentence was complete. That was years ago, and now he is 27 years old and as strong a player as ever, often seen as proof that the mistakes you make when you are young shouldn't be held against you.

#8 - Sage Castell - Right Winger - At 30 years old, Castell has been with the team the second-longest after Scribe. He is also the Captain of the team, known for being an excellent tactician who makes the most out of each boy's advantages.

#9 - Oakley Managatos - Right Wing-Back - Managatos, 25, played for the Gelaros City Club before coming to the INFT. He is the only player on the team currently who was not born in Istoreya, but it doesn't stop him from loving his teammates or the game any less.

#10 - Owen Morgan - Centre-Back - At 24 years old, Morgan was one of the new players who arrived during the large recruitment that replaced half the team. Morgan is known for donating a large amount of his earnings to Bone Cancer Research DoI, after losing his younger sister to it.

#11 - Nikolai Sane - Centre-Back - Also 24, Sane is the son of Theodora Sane, a very talented ex-goalkeeper who played for the Ignala Sauras, the women's international team. He seemed to have inherited his mother's skill, but it can only be hoped he is more flexible than she was, otherwise there may be some rivalry between him and Gentell for the spot in goal.

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Postby Qzvarkian Qaz » Wed May 05, 2021 7:02 am

Qzvarkian Qaz Tri Reds


NATION: Qzvarkian Qaz
FORMATION: 4-3-2-1
MANAGER: Hank Spreewell (52 y/o)
STADIUM: Cosmonaut Memorial Stadium


Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Give me a warning first. Faust is off limits though as he is key to a series of vignette's I'm writing. If anyone injures him it's going to be me.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Striker (Starters in Bold)

#10 Bryan Faust - Qariq 1000
#14 Des Aliwayu - Yzvn

Offensive Midfielders

#21 Sal Almenzelo - CSKA Qariq
#26 Tashkar Aleed - Lokomtoive Sufa
#27 Fasul Mohqzasid - Qariq 1000
#44 Francois Giebber-Jabier - CSKA Qariq

Defensive Midfielders

#3 Esto Janaukis - Metalliq Qariq
#9 Petey Whitegood - CSKA Qariq

#18 Asi Asileef - CSKA Qariq
#25 Mahroon Aleed - Qariq FC
#30 Shiriff Qa-Nanar - Qariq FC
#31 Alton Babcok - Shaqtar Olymnysk


#4 Mashfall Qalid - CSKA Qariq
#5 Hashine Buranoaboa - Qariq 1000
#8 Max Cunningham - Boszhqev
#11 Fulij Al-Fa'd - Qariq FC
#15 As-Drubal Qahbrerra - Qariq FC
#17 Neft Ali Per-Es - Boszhqev

#45 Shareef Qbaqqia - Lokomotive Sufa
#55 Alvin Alony - Boszhqev


#1 Ashar Yumringuci - CSKA Qariq
#99 Hek Tashkent - Qariq FC
PRONOUNCED: Kuh-var-key-in Kahz

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Postby Flavovespia » Wed May 05, 2021 11:06 am



The island nation of Flavovespia lies in Atlantian Oceania. A population slightly more than 20’000’000, it is a nation of football lovers. The team are nicknamed the Hornets, the native animal of the island, albeit an animal less harmful to humans (and other sentient species) than first impressions give off.
This is the 6th attempt to qualify for a World Cup for Flavovespia. The national team however, are in a bit of a rut. A poor AOCAF Cup 62 was followed by Flavovespia coming nowhere near a Top 2 place in the previous World Cup Qualifiers, despite a Pot 2 seeding. Then in the Cup of Harmony 79, they crashed out in the group stages, not even making the Round of 32 despite being in Pot 1. Last place in their AOCAF Cup 63 group, and times are not happy at the moment for Flavovespia.

National Stadia

5 becomes 6, as Seafront Stadium, the new home of Langmere Green Rovers joins the list of top class venues in Flavovespia. Some will argue Flavovespia needs a single dedicated National Team venue, but if that argument seems a bit acrimonious, it’d have nothing on the debate on where to build it. So it seems the stadium rotation will continue onwards.

Hornet's Nest
Location: Waldster
Club team: Waldster FC
Capacity: 75000
Opened: 0U
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, retractable roof


The largest stadium in Flavovespia, situated in the capital. It’s hosted plenty of classic cup finals, playoff finals, and internationally, an AOCAF Cup 62 Round of 16 match. With a retractable roof and impressive architecture, it is becoming a timeless venue.

Highland Road
Location: Hadford Hill
Club team: Hadford Hill FC
Capacity: 69518
Opened: 79BU
Open/Closed Roof: Open seating and field


Flavovespia’s oldest stadium, over a century old now. Has hosted an AOCAF Cup 62 Round of 16 game, as well as an IFCF Liga B Champions Trophy and Rising Stars Cup final. Very old school with it’s open stands, but the fans can create an absolute wall of atmosphere.

Saints Park
Location: St Astons City
Club team: St Astons City FC
Capacity: 60000
Opened: 30BU
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, open field


Also a host stadium of the AOCAF Cup 62 Round of 16. It’s sort of a middle-of-the-road ground compared to the classic feel of Highland Road and the big Hornet’s Nest. The stadium nevertheless is a popular home for St Astons City.

City Arena
Location: Marthorpe
Club team: Marthorpe City FC
Capacity: 60000
Opened: 9BU
Open/Closed Roof: Closed roof


A unique stadium with its fully indoor setting, no matter the weather. The purists may not like it, but it’s been a faithful home for Marthorpe City. The atmosphere is strong due to the fully enclosed roof here, and weather won’t be a factor.

Rovers Arena
Location: Loxthorpe
Club team: Loxthorpe Rovers FC
Capacity: 55000
Opened: 23AU
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, open field


About a decade old now, a stadium with facilities designed with real care and attention to perfect the fan experience. Loxthorpe Rovers are settled in well here, and Rovers Arena is beginning to feel like a great example of good modern stadium design.

Seafront Stadium
Location: Langmere Green
Club team: Langmere Green Rovers FC
Capacity: 55000
Opened: 33AU
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, open field


Langmere Green Rovers, after so much domestic success recently, move out of South Road to their new home. Seafront Stadium, as the name suggests, is right on the coast. It’s an ultramodern stadium, fully prepared now to host international football, as well as international club football.



This set of kits will remain for another cycle, although so far they’ve brought little joy. The home kit features the standard design elements of a Flavovespia kit, yellow shirt, black shorts, black socks, the use of the “double V” motif, etc. The away kit reverses the main colours, which allows some mix and match between elements. The green kit is used both as a goalkeeper and a third kit.



Marcus McCormick Age: 55

Marcus McCormick may only have had 4 games as permanent manager of Flavovespia, but bottom of Group H in AOCAF Cup 83 haven’t impressed the FFA. A manager often considered quite stern and serious, he wasn’t pleased with some of the performances he saw in the most recent tournament. He was a long time assistant of Nick Cole, the first manager of Flavovespia, and the two battled out for the 32AU Flavovespian Super League, with Nick Cole’s Langmere Green Rovers winning out. Whilst he did very well for Binclestead Wood, Marcus McCormick must show that same skill for Flavovespia, or else yet another job search may begin for the FFA.

Whilst the 5-2-1-2 is the formation of choice for Marcus McCormick, there’s early signs he’s considering a switch to a 4-2-2-2, with 2 holding midfielders and wingers, if things don’t go well to begin with. Seen as a bit stubborn from time to time as a club manager (or maybe not keen to change a winning formula for Binclestead Wood), McCormick may finally become pragmatic to save his job and try and reverse the slide of Flavovespia.


1 Aarif Muhammad Age: 24 Position: GK Club: Rockridge Phoenix [BRE] Caps: 47 Goals: 0
12 David Meehan Age: 34 Position: GK Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 79 Goals: 0
23 Lucky Diamond Age: 26 Position: GK Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0

Aarif Muhammad has moved comfortably into the role as #1 goalkeeper for Flavovespia, and at just 24 he’s in theory got plenty of years ahead of him in that position. He struggled a bit in the AOCAF Cup 83, although it’s fair to say the whole defence didn’t help him on that front. If he can hit consistently good form, that could set Flavovespia up nicely for the World Cup Qualifiers. The second choice goalkeeper now looks set to be Lucky Diamond. Arguably unlucky to have never actually got a cap yet, despite being in multiple squads, he’ll hope to get on the pitch this time. He’s certainly an eccentric goalkeeper in appearance and playstyle. With his long blond hair, quite often with a dyed ponytail, he’s not afraid to leave the box to try and clear balls, which can lead to some heartstopping moments for his fans. David Meehan may now only be the 3rd choice goalkeeper, but the veteran has had a strong career, and if performances at Bavingtor last season are anything to go by, could still do a decent job between the posts.


2 David Lyons Age: 23 Position: LB Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 28 Goals: 1
3 David Blythe Age: 26 Position: RWB Club: Kytheas Rivermen [TKT] Caps: 76 Goals: 0
4 Alexander May Age: 31 Position: CB Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 92 Goals: 2
5 Tony Gardner Age: 29 Position: CB Club: Newrook City FC [NPH] Caps: 139 Goals: 5
14 Daniel Lansdell Age: 25 Position: CB Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 7 Goals: 0
16 Mj Hayes Age: 26 Position: RWB Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 2 Goals: 0
24 Ronald Maddox Age: 33 Position: LWB Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 80 Goals: 2
26 Stuart Cookson Age: 22 Position: CB Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0

David Lyons will be somewhat disappointed with his performances at the AOCAF Cup 83. He let a few too many attacking players past him, whilst not then able to contribute in attack. Marcus McCormick has shown faith in him, as he’ll likely start most games, but Lyons does need to live up to his potential soon. Coming back to the squad, maybe for the last time is Ronald Maddox. At 33, many thought his international days were over. However, he’s a somewhat surprise call-up to try and add some experience to the defence of Flavovespia. He has the added bonus of being a natural wing back, with McCormick often playing a 5-2-1-2.

Question marks have been raised over the formation and centre backs under Marcus McCormick, but for now this squad is more evolution, not revolution. After his transfer to Newrook City FC of Nephara, Tony Gardner will be one of the high profile players of the Flavovespia squad. As well as a solid defensive skillset, he also has good passing and dribbling for a defender. That could provide an outlet to play out from the back. Alexander May wasn’t great at the AOCAF Cup 83, but largely avoided any major dramas he’s had a reputation for causing. He’s a tough defender, not afraid at all to tackle or make challenges for the ball, but has the tendency to go over the line. Daniel Lansdell had a few bright flashes so far for Flavovespia, and at 25 looks to be growing into the role as a potential starter for Flavovespia for plenty of tournaments. He’s fairly consistent in terms of performance, but isn’t quite at the ability level of Gardner or arguably May yet. The only new call up comes in the form of Stuart Cookson. At 1.93m (6ft 4), he’s a tall, strong defender with aerial superiority at both ends of the pitch. His main weakness does seem to be against pacey, agile strikers, but with age comes experience and improved positioning. A few think this tournament may be a bit early for him, but the response to his call up has generally been positive.

David Blythe was a fairly decent player in an otherwise unremarkable squad in the last tournament for Flavovespia. His quick feet helped in the 5-2-1-2, getting down the wing and creating some attacks. A little more work on the defensive side would be beneficial, but the past few years have seen him become a consistent starter. MJ Hayes didn’t get much of a look in, and although his performances weren’t great in his few caps, he was hardly the worst player on the pitch. There are other players in Flavovepsia who may feel they should’ve had his spot, and will try hard to earn it, but MJ Hayes has shown enough to get a second chance. His player is similar to David Blythe, Hayes actually being the player signed to replace Blythe when he left to play in Tikariot.


7 Kieron Player Age: 22 Position: CDM Club: Sleepy Hollow [TAE] Caps: 22 Goals: 0
8 David Clark Age: 27 Position: CDM Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 40 Goals: 11
11 Steven Hall Age: 31 Position: RAM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 151 Goals: 58
17 Jonathan Feld Age: 30 Position: LM Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 117 Goals: 15
18 Robert Totten Age: 26 Position: CAM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 8 Goals: 1
19 Alexander Clarkson Age: 28 Position: CDM Club: Binclestead Wood FC Caps: 4 Goals: 0
20 Christopher Ace Age: 28 Position: RM Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 49 Goals: 5
25 Murad Ahmed Age: 28 Position: CM Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 45 Goals: 3

With the 5-2-1-2 still likely the formation of choice, the bulk of the midfielders called up are players who are central midfielders, or can play centrally. Kieron Player has shown a lot of skill for someone of just 22 years of age. Inconsistency, or a lack of tactical fit did hinder his performances in the AOCAF Cup 63, so he may need to adapt to that, to be a consistent starter. David Clark had a similar issue, whilst not a particularly bad player in recent tournaments, he hasn’t quite found the ideal role to play in. Good at passing and winning back the ball, but not someone excelling at either of those. That could explain the call up of Murad Ahmed. A real utility player, he can slot in practically anywhere in the midfield and make an impact, so he could be getting plenty of substitute appearances and maybe some starts. Alexander Clarkson remains in the squad, his performances were decent for a debutant, but still needs to refine the physical side of the game to avoid unnecessary fouls at international level.

In terms of attacking midfielders, captain Steven Hall will lead the way. Whilst historically a winger, the new signing for Loxthorpe Rovers can play centrally, and has done so with some brilliant skill for Flavovespia. Maybe his pace is a tad slower than his peak, but great dribbling, passing and shooting makes up for that, still one of the stars for Flavovespia. Robert Totten is the second choice in central attacking midfield. He may not get a lot of game time with Hall ahead of him in the positional ranking. Nevertheless, he still has great positional awareness, providing a good link between attack and midfield, even if he’s not a player with a high amount of flair. The aforementioned Murad Ahmed could also play in central attacking midfield, albeit he’s not often used there.

Whilst the 5-2-1-2 doesn’t call for wingers, 2 wide midfielders make the squad. Jonathan Feld is a hard-working, experienced veteran of many Flavovespian national team squads. Also able to play centrally, it’s not a big surprise to see him called up again. Christopher Ace hasn’t always delivered at international level, but has continually impressed for St Astons City, and thus stays in the squad. His pace is blistering, so a real danger if he comes on as a sub when there’s tired legs on the pitch.


9 Michael Cole Age: 22 Position: CF Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 5 Goals: 1
10 Scott Coleman Age: 28 Position: CF Club: Aries Chariots [NPH] Caps: 133 Goals: 83
21 Anthony Hannigan Age: 24 Position: CF Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 2 Goals: 0
22 Sean McClafferty Age: 28 Position: CF Club: Binclestead Wood FC Caps: 1 Goals: 0

Scott Coleman has been a star for Flavovespia for many years, and shows little signs of slowing down. Supremely talented in finding space for himself, and then finishing accurately, he’ll be chasing the 100 international goal mark in these qualifiers. Playing in Nephara is also a big boost to his reputation and ability level. Alongside him will be Michael Cole. A big money transfer to Langmere Green Rovers means the pressure is on him domestically now. Internationally, he’ll look to kick on and begin to rack up the goals. A player who still seems to be finding out exactly what his best strength is, but it seems he’s every bit a potential expert creator and poacher. Anthony Hannigan has moved to Kings Lunsel, as part of the deal taking Steven Hall the other way. He’s been at a few clubs now in Flavovespia, but has made a name for himself on the scoresheets at all of them. He’s pacey, which can set up him up well to score, but doesn’t have the greatest of accuracy from long range. Sean McClafferty turned his career around at Binclestead Wood, leading to an international call up. More of a second striker, he’s even played as a central attacking midfielder in his career. Not the most clinical of strikers, but good awareness off the ball. However with a lot of competition in this position, he must deliver if called upon to stay in the squad.

(Note, all caps and goals are taken as of the start of WCQ 88)


MD1 The Gothanita Isles (A) TBA
MD2 The Hainan Union (H) Hornet's Nest, Waldster
MD3 Acastanha (A) Estádio Estadual de Pálidas, Amarelda Federal City
MD4 Bunkaiia (H) Highland Road, Hadford Hill
MD5 South Covello (A) SuperNerd Wants To Fight Video Game And Computer Store Stadium, Riverview
MD6 Newmanistan (H) Hornet's Nest, Waldster
MD7 Darkmania (A) TBA
MD8 Osarius (A) TBA
MD9 Omerica (H) Highland Road, Hadford Hill
MD10 The Gothanita Isles (H) Seafront Stadium, Langmere Green
MD11 The Hainan Union (A) Rovers Arena, Loxthorpe
MD12 Acastanha (H) The Wuyuan River Stadium, Haikou
MD13 Bunkaiia (A) TBA
MD14 South Covello (H) City Arena, Marthorpe
MD15 Newmanistan (A) Keisler Stadium, Southport
MD16 Darkmania (H) Saints Park, St Astons City
MD17 Osarius (H) Saints Park, St Astons City
MD18 Omerica (A) Stade des Marins, Romainbourg

Predicted Starting XI:

MD1: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Lansdell-Blythe, Clark-Ahmed, Hall(c), Coleman-Cole (5-2-1-2)
MD2: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Lansdell-Blythe, Player-Ahmed, Totten, Coleman-Hall(c) (5-2-1-2)
MD3: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Lansdell-Blythe, Player-Ahmed, Totten, Coleman-Hall(c) (5-2-1-2)
MD4: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-Lansdell-Gardner-Blythe, Player-Clark, Feld-Totten-Hall, Coleman (4-2-3-1)
MD5: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-Lansdell-Gardner-Blythe, Player-Clark, Feld-Totten-Hall(c), Coleman (4-2-3-1)
MD6: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-Lansdell-Gardner-Blythe, Player-Clark, Feld-Totten-Hall(c), Coleman (4-2-3-1)
MD7: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-Lansdell-Gardner-Blythe, Player-Clark, Feld-Totten-Hall(c), Coleman (4-2-3-1)

N.B If Flavovespia lose the first matchday of the double matchday, feel free to make changes to the predicted starting XI.

Style Mod: 0

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: TG me or Discord me first
RP injuries to my players: Y, I choose length of injury
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me or Discord me first, I choose length of injury
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (although if you want multiple Red Cards, TG me or Discord me first)
Godmod other events: TG me or Discord me first

COVID-19 specific issues: Flavovespians are assumed to be vaccinated/immune against this. However if your nation is in a pandemic, assume the Flavovespia NT take specific precautions to avoid infection (i.e. isolating at all times before and after the match, daily tests. If you have any particular questions or RP lines that may involve my permission, TG me or Discord me.

I'll try and post the next 2 MD line-ups here before each match. If not, assume the same as previous in the event of a win, or some rotation otherwise. You’re welcome to use any player as a sub (within reason), unless they're listed as injured or suspended.

Code: Select all
OOC Info: The year in Flavovespia is 33AU. Player ages are taken from the start of the year, player teams are after the end of TW31. TG me or Discord me if you need some IC or OOC info for RP purposes.
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Postby Krytenia » Wed May 05, 2021 4:16 pm

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just TG me first if it's particularly insane and/or egregious. Also, anything COVID related can do one.
Ages are at World Cup LXXXVIII finals. Subtract two years for the first half of qualifying, one year for the second half.

Formation: Usually 4-3-3 (occasionally 4-3-1-2)
Modifier: +2.5


Manager – Paul DAVIS, Age 50
Having taken over the reins from Jerome Jaffacake-Phillips, Davis had a bumpy ride in his early campaigns as national team manager. However, following successes in the AOCAF and Di Bradini Cups, the former Ousevale boss is looking to build for the future. As such, rather than pick a squad, we're instead treated to a "longlist" of fifty players, with a final twenty-three to be determined (we hope, at least) at the finals.

Assistant Manager – Gary BARTON, Age 47
An ex-Ousevale manager with an ex-Mercia assistant. The national team makes for strange bedfellows sometimes. Has redeemed himself excellently, taking charge of the Under-21s in their run to the recent Di Bradini Cup final.

Goalkeeping Coach – Marcus WASHINGTON, Age 53
Defensive Coach – Robert FIELDS, Age 54
Offensive Coach – Selaphiel KENNEDY, Age 44
Physiotherapist – Stephen WILLIS, Age 45

Most likely starters are in bold.


Robert WILSON (GK, 28, Hondo FC (VAL)) - Vice-Captain
Michael SVEYN (GK, 21, Secklow)
Kevin RIZZO (GK, 30, Bradwell Saints)
Aaron SHEPHERD (GK, 26, Ousevale Borough)
Jeff VASHA (GK, 22, Avidia City)

There were those who worried about there being a Damien Carpenter-sized gap between the sticks; they needn't have. Robert Wilson is, if anything, even better than his predecessor. This might be why he plies his trade in Valanora nowadays. Michael Sveyn has impressed in his showings, helping the Under-21s to the final of the Di Bradini Cup, and is surely one for the future. Add in the absolute beast that is Kevin Rizzo, Ousevale's reliable custodian Aaron Shepherd, and another promising youngster in Jeff Vasha, and you have some stern competition for the second and third goalkeeper slots in the final squad.


Marcus BELLAMY (LB, 28, Ashton Olympic)
Stephen CAMERONESI (RB, 25, Casuals Osteria)
Ross OKANO (CB, 29, 1830 Cathair (AUD)) - Captain
Joey SINTON (CB, 29, Sabrefell Moths (NPH))

Devlin NAPIER (LB, 30, 1830 Cathair (AUD))
François DUJARDIN (LB, 26, TSV Marzig (STL))
Ryan ATINARI (LB, 23, Stanton Town)
Benjamin LISPALLE (LB, 21, Beckton Supermarine)
Billy PRICE (RB, 23, Oustia)
Kian HOOVER (RB, 22, Stanton Town)
Ian ANGELL (RB, 27, Emberton Reds)
Neil CORCORAN (RB, 24, Caledon Simpson)
Alex RIVERS (CB, 26, Iturributa United (ASG))
Elias MOLINARI (CB, 23, Emberton Reds)
Arthur CROSS (CB, 21, Bromham City)
John FLORENCE (CB, 21, Mercia Bromham)
Adam GHAZI (CB, 23, Royal Emberton)
Eddie BULL (CB, 27, Stanton Town)

Ross Okano is pretty much the first name on the team-sheet; being Paul Davis' preferred holder of the armband helps in that regard. He and Joey Sinton provide the spine of the Dragons' back line, and for good reason. Alex Rivers, meanwhile, looks comfortable in a Krytenia jersey, and will be keeping the established pair on their toes. Elias Molinari is definitely one from the mould of Rosses Green and Okano, and could feature strongly too.

Stephen Cameronesi has the perhaps unfair tag of being regarded as the weak link in the back four; that said, he's no slouch. If it does start going wrong, though, expect either the calm-headed Ian Angell or the exuberant Billy Price to supplant him at first choice. Young Kian Hoover, meanwhile, will need to be on his toes just to retain his place in Stanton's line-up, with Nepharim defender Avarice Meriwether joining the Dockers.

Left-back, meanwhile, could be a tricky pick for the final 23. Though Marcus Bellamy is sturdy and reliable, he perhaps lacks an ounce of flair that others can offer. François Dujardin is the obvious alternative in this regard, but Devlin Napier impressed in the Eagle's Cup and has the advantage of playing his club football alongside Okano at Half Six Furball.


Robert REEDER (R/CM, 21, Yeaddin Owls (VIL))
Stuart KUIPERS (L/CM, 30, Sandwell Rangers)
Cormac O'NEILL (CM, 34, Stanton Town)

Jésus CRUZ (RM, 27, Avidia United)
Sam BARCLAY (RM, 23, Ashton Olympic)
Rodrigo NEVES (RM, 27, Stanton Town)
Alexander ZIGIC (RM, 23, Sandwell Rangers)
Joe BIELSA (LM, 32, Royal Emberton)
Oliver SELHURST (LM, 23, Ousevale Borough)
David PEPPERS (LM, 23, Avidia United)
Graham STONE (LM, 23, Leston Town)
Max SNELDERS (CM, 25, Avidia United)
Andrew ASPRILLA (CM, 22, Bradwell Saints)
Darren HARRISON (CM, 30, Ousevale Borough)
Leon OSWALD (CM, 24, Ashton Olympic)
Robert QUINN-FASSELL (CM, 28, Emberton Hibernians)
Joshua BRUNBERG (CM, 22, Beckton Supermarine)

Krytenia's midfield can be best described as an embarrassment of riches. Though 4-3-3 is the preferred formation, with former captain and future Hall of Famer Cormac O'Neill pulling the strings in what is almost certainly his last World Cup cycle, there's also a bit of variety to plug in there either alongside or instead of the Stanton man. Andrew Asprilla is beautifully unpredictable and could be a useful impact sub when opposing legs are heavy, Max Snelders is essentially O'Neill with fewer miles on the clock, whilst the uncapped Robert Quinn-Fassell is a tenacious ball-winner and could be seen when the Dragons need to shut up shop.

Both first choice wide midfielders are ostensibly there to push the play onto the flanks; that being said, though, both are just as comfortable cutting inside and overloading the centre. Robert Reeder was enough of a revelation at the AOCAF Cup that Yeaddin Owls just had to snap him up - and what Krytenian under thirty can say no to Yeaddin? Of course, moving to the Owls means the temptation of the (in)famous Nwoko's Bar is right there...and Jésus Cruz would like his place in the team back, thanks. Rodrigo Neves' performances for Stanton mean he's in the mix as well, despite never having featured in any previous Dragons squads.

On the left, Stuart Kuipers is an absolute engine, and is likely to be preferred to the experienced but slowing Joe Bielsa. Neither man is blessed with what most fans would call "pace", mind, so look out for young Oliver Selhurst to stake a claim of his own.


Alun BELMWR (FW, 26, Mercia Bromham)
Curtis SUNDAY (FW, 31, CSKA Quebec (QUE))
Neil SMITH (FW, 32, Stanton Town)

Simon ELLISON (FW, 23, Caledon Simpson)
Cande MONTALBAN (FW, 19, Avidia City)
Alex MEITNER (FW, 24, Casuals Osteria)
Ciaran RAFFERTY (FW, 21, Emberton Hibernians)
Fraser YOUNG (FW, 20, Mercia Bromham)
Vic MADRIGAL (FW, 22, Beckton Supermarine)
Apollo PETERS (FW, 29, Avidia United)

The Dragons are an attacking side, so it's perhaps little surprise that the list of forwards is somewhat of a killer's row. Alun Belmwr practically pick himself at this point, whilst the skillful unit that is Neil Smith is both a lock in terms of being in the final squad and being Nate Ellis' Undesirable Number One thanks to the retirement of a certain Vdaran. As to who plays alongside them...that's been a bit of a carousel. Curtis Sunday looks the most likely to feature, but there's also Cande Montalban, who looked very dangerous in the Di Bradini Cup, and Apollo Peters fighting to get his place back in the team after losing his way somewhat in the national jersey. Simon Ellison is another with talent to burn, and will surely play for bigger clubs than Caledon Simpson in his career, whilst Ciaran Rafferty will be keeping Belmwr on his toes. And if Neil Smith thinks he's got it easy, Montalban and Fraser Young will have something to say about that.

KITS – courtesy of JMC
KRYTENIA: RIP "Losing in semi-finals" meme. 2004-2020.
Capital: Emberton ⍟ RP Population: ~180,000,000 ⍟ Trigram: KRY ⍟ iTLD: .kt ⍟ Demonym: Krytenian, Krytie (inf.)
Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (official regional only)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony VII, AOCAF I, Cup of Harmony XV, World Cup XXIV, AOCAF XIII, World Cup XXIX, AOCAF XVII, AOCAF XXIII, World Cup XL, Cup of Harmony XXXII, Baptism of Fire XXXII, AOCAF XXVII, Baptism of Fire XXXVI, World Cup L, Baptism of Fire XL, Cup of Harmony LXIV, AOCAF XLVIII, World Cup LXXV, AOCAF LX
Champions: AOCAF LII, Cup of Harmony LXXVIII
Runner-Up: AOCAF VII, World Cup LVIII
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Postby Chartistan » Thu May 06, 2021 9:23 am

Squad for the 88th World Cup

About Chartistan

The Musicalistic Union of the Cities of Chartistan (Often just Chartistan) is a nation in the region of Sonnel. The capital city, Billboard, is where most of the residents live and work, and is also home to the main governing jurisdiction of the country. Other major cities include Official City, Gaon and Aria.

About the National Team

The Chartistani national team picture varies from week to week as do the Chartistani... Charts. The Chartistani NT was decided by this week's Chartistani Hot Chart, a 100 player index of the top players in Chartistan, the Bubbling Under Hot Chart, a 25 player index of up and comers, and whatever other chart we could find.

The main Chartistani home kit is purple with blue accents, while the away kit is mostly black.

Manager: Doctor Lucas Combbrush
A Musicville district citizen of Chartistan's largest city Billboard, Doctor Combbrush has been inside and outside the game of football for the last couple of years as a player and a manager. His side had just come out of a successful World Cup qualifying campaign, at least by their standards, and hope to replicate or even succeed it this cycle. I mean, they beat freaking Savojarna and drew with Zwangzug of all teams last time...

Hot 11

Formation - 4-4-2 Shadow Striker

#1 (Goalkeeper) - Dollarsigns Ago - Air's clean in between the sticks, I guess...
#2 (Leftback) - Donald Love - His love is already over, it hasn't even been 3 years.
#3 (Centerback) - Liam Barney - Once a leader of his craft in Musicville, now a walking punchline that likes margaritas.
#4 (Centerback) - Rosanne Emilia - Former member of the 7NC Inter-City Squad.
#5 (Rightback) - Florence "I Love My Country" George - No explanation.
#6 (Left Midfielder) - Plasticium Amphibia - How did they make this roster? Was it some fanfiction or heatwaves?
#7 (Center Midfielder) - Tatertot Crazy - Cana district member, always reminds her ex that he broke her.
#8 (Center Midfielder) - Adult Royce - Billboard resident who is so done with his job.
#9 (Right Midfielder) - Olisa Rodgers - Once said forever and now is getting deja vu.
#10 (Shadow Striker) - Little Exnash - Chartistani legend, Billboard resident and that guy who came in calling your name.
#11 (Main Striker and Captain) - Air Latte - Always switching positions.

Bubbling Under Hot 11

That one part of the team that once had a Minceraft streamer in its ranks.

#12 (Goalkeeper) - Your Through
#13 (Centerback) - The Original Mega Millions
#14 (Rightback) - Hunter Grain
#15 (Center Midfielder) - Freddo Bar
#16 (Center Midfielder) - Tom Ready
#17 (Shadow Striker) - Chicken Peas
#18 (Main Striker) - Borealis

Absolute Juveniles of Reserves

Let's go out with a bang...

#19 (Leftback) - Gritty Juices
#20 (Centerback) - Donald Daniel Gomez
#21 (Center Midfielder) - Lishenara Samathachan
#22 (Main Striker) - Jhawn Corerra
#23 (Goalkeeper) - Cheesus Cheesus


Old Town Park
Location: Billboard
Capacity: 68,000 seating


Built around Chart Year 61 after Little Exnash's Chartistani heroics, the Old Town Park serves as the national stadium of the nation of Chartistan and will host their home games. Other than its football pitch, it also has the ability to host atletic events if needed, and is close to the center of Billboard.

Style: +2
RP Permissions - I will allow the person to RP before me to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, but within reason
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only for a couple games
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, only a couple
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but only one, TG if interested
Godmod other events: Yes, but within reason and also no cases of the F2020, the 6 Feet Apart or the Stuck With U
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Postby Blouman Empire » Thu May 06, 2021 11:03 pm



The Football Federation of Bloumany (FFB) wishes to advise all interested parties of the final roster for the 87th World Cup Qualifiers has been finalised.

Manager: Lewis Parry: Lewis is continuing to head the International side after taking the team through on the 85th, 86th and 87th World Cup Qualifiers and 77th and 78th Cup of Harmony after 5 successful years at Lewis Atlayda United winning 7 titles over his itme with the club. Lewis’ appointment comes at a time of rebuilding the international game and the FFB is confident of Lewis’ ability to do that


1. Henry Polinoir
Age: 33
Club: AC Willton

22. James Bushmaster
Age 25
Club: Old Road

31. Jack of the Meer
Age: 29
Club: Jollipville Athletic


2. Rhys Lornet
Age: 28
Position: RB
Club: Old Road

3. David Parson
Age: 30
Position: CB
Club: Northport

13. William Dressen
Age: 24
Position: CB
Club: Hellstom

5. Michael Relston
Age: 27
Position: LB
Club: Grinstead-Linkon United

13. Ryan Court
Age: 19
Position: CB
Club: Newalls FC

12. George Laner
Age: 23
Position: RCB
Club Woodstork

15. Jack Cooper

Age: 30
Position: LB
Club: Baxon City


6. John Miller
Age: 29
Position: DM/CM
Club: Kings Court

8. Isaac Cupstran
Age: 32
Position: CM/AM
Club: Jollipville Athletic

10. Ty Freltron
Age: 31
Position: AM
Club: Lytson FC

16. Max Fox
Age: 27
Position: DM
Club: Wests

18. Liam Peach
Age 21
Position CM
Club: Salton United

20. Nathanial Launzel
Age: 22
Position: AM


7. Luke Coldle
Age: 19
Position: RW
Club: Lamberton Athletic

9. Luke Cousins
Age: 29
Position: ST
Club: Jollipville Athletic

11. Paul Credab
Age: 26
Position: LW
Club: St Bridget

17 James Tinkery
Age: 29
Position: RW
Club: Bruschoken

19 Oliver Eastall
Age: 29
Position: ST
Club: Jollipville United

21. Lincoln Zilva
Age: 27
Position: LW

Home Strip
Away Strip

Style Modifier: +2
Starters numbers 1-11, unless otheriwse notified

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (however, I decide severity)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y (within reason TG me if you want something major)
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Postby Bunkaiia » Thu May 06, 2021 11:03 pm

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Gohulian Republic of Bunkaiia/Repobilika Gohulei là Bàñkaïa


Šumanišen, Šugoïušen, Šukunišen

Swahili-Malagasy-Middle Persian-South Indian cultured Puerto Rico-sized Indian Ocean island with its own creole (conlang). Religion & Political structure are based on the proto-socialist, vegetarian, pacifists, altruistic-hedonist real-life Mazdakite movement from 6th century Persia. Over 30 endemic species of animals and plants, incl. the Black Pomegranate, the Gondwanathere Kouai and the arboreal crocodilian Korbuna
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Postby Valladares » Fri May 07, 2021 5:02 pm




Coaching Staff:

Head coach: Jessica Curran (Cassadaigua)
Assistant coach: Sergio Acevedo
Adviser: Claudio Londero
Goalkeeping coach: Martin Legendre
Fitness coach: Sergio Vélez
Team doctor: Jacques Pelletier
Physiotherapist: Dante Palazzi
Video analyst: Fernando Petro


Lucien Chamoun - GK - 27 - Image Crisisbless
Fernando Sánchez - GK - 32 - Image FC Capri
Danilo Araúz - GK - 29 - Image AD Cerro

Jair Marrugo - RB - 34 - Image CSKA Quebec
Daniel Brown - RB - 31 - Image Bohemians Metropolis
Alejandro Acosta - RB - 28 - Image Aries Chariots
Thiago Matheus - CB - 33 - Image Metropolis Alligators (Captain)
Nicholas Hossiner - CB - 32 - Image Rolalas FC
Mauricio Arboleda - CB - 23 - Image Falourr
Jason Fletcher - LB - 33 - Image AS Bezieres
Jorge Vargas - LB - 33 - Image Tannenberg FC
Pablo Núñez - LB - 23 - Image Marinos Metropolis

Bryan Castillo - DMR - 33 - Image Hondo FC
Leandro Martelli - DMR - 29 - Image Avenida Principal
Marcelo Escobar - DMR - 23 - Image AC Tallin
Christian O'Brien - DML - 29 - Image Tanrısal
Nick Mariner - DML - 32 - Image Tihon
Kevin Martins - DML - 26 - Image Fontvielle Impact
Ronald Mickel - AMR - 33 - Image Kitara Athletic Association
Daniel Lachlant - AMR - 27 - Image Club Stein-los
Fabio Betancourt - AMR - 28 - Image Hondo FC
Arley Barrios - AML - 32 - Image Myana
Alexis Durmisi - AML - 28 - Image Urbizania Wanderers
Ariel Balboa - AML - 29 - Image Istria City FC
Cristian Benítez - AMC - 22 - Image Cazadores Cathair
Marcelo Zamudio - AMC - 26 - Image Metropolis Alligators
Adrien Trolli - AMC - 23 - Image Tanrısal

Wilfried Baume - FW - 32 - Image AC Izotz Zubia
Brayan Borja - FW - 31 - Image Raynor City United
Thibault Benezet - FW - 28 - Image Sabrefell Athletic
Valentin Germain - FW - 30 - Image Crisisbless
Aymeric Fortin - FW - 28 - Image 1830 Cathair
Pierre Vasseur - FW - 31 - Image Burnaby SC

Starting Lineup, Formation, and Tactics:

A 23-man call-up will be posted at the end of each RP to announce the players to be used in each qualifying double-matchday. In the event no such list is posted, feel free to either use the most recent list, or this default roster:


12. F. Sánchez
13. D. Brown
14. N. Hossiner
15. J. Vargas
16. L. Martelli
17. N. Mariner
18. D. Lachlant
19. A. Durmisi
20. M. Zamudio
21. B. Borja
22. V. Germain
23. D. Araúz

The Valladar national football team is known for having its traditional 3-2-2-3 (or 3-4-3 for general reference) formation, which for this WC campaign will mutate into a 3-5-2 by pushing back one of the three forwards to act as a playmaker, and can turn into either a very aggressive yet non-conventional 3-2-5 for attacking or a 5-4-1 (a 3-6-1, even) when the team feel the need to enter into a defensive mode. La Nacional will always be looking to attack and retain ball possession for as long as possible, trying to score many goals in the shortest possible time and mounting an insurmountable lead for the second half of the match when players from both teams start showing signs of fatigue. This squad mostly relies on the speed of its wingers both in attack and in defense modes, with another couple of players (usually Bryan Castillo and Christian O'Brien) playing the role of defensive midfielders that was well covered by Jonathan Bosetti and Pedro Pedretti in the past: both should be able to retreat to the defensive line with ease whenever the team lose ball possession in order to form a line of 5 defenders, thus giving rival forwards a very hard time when trying to break through the Valladar defense. Regardless of who the trio (now duo) playing up front is made of, those strikers are well prepared under the premises of the typical Valladar forward: very speedy and talented, with the ability to seemingly harmless crosses into goals, create chances and score goals out of nothing, and kill defenses with speed and lethal counterattacks.

Style Modifier: +2.5

Kits (Brought to you by Meski Sports):


Home Stadium:

For this World Cup qualifying campaign, all home games for the Valladar national football team will be played at the Temple of Valladar Football, best known as Alexander I National Stadium and located in Swangard, District of Metropolis (Capacity: 95,021 seats).

RP Permissions:

In the event my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my goalscorers YES
Godmod scoring events YES
RP injuries to my players NO unless granted permission. I'll reserve the right to determine severity if granted permission.
Godmod injuries to my players NO unless granted permission.
Hand out yellow cards to my players YES
Hand out red cards to my players NO - I'll reserve the right to decide whether my players are sent off or not.
Godmod other events YES only if they involve weather conditions. If you wish to organize something else, do not hesitate to contact me though.

Special requests:
1) Please no killings, and definitely no pandemic-related RPing.
2) Try to be as realistic as possible, and last but no least...
3) Have fun.
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Runners-Up: World Cup 75, Cup of Harmony 49, Copa Rushmori 25, Copa Rushmori 27, IBC 10
Third Place: Copa Rushmori 18, Volleyball World Expo 9
Fourth Place: World Cup 67, Copa Rushmori 32, IBC 8, IBC 9, IBC 12
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Fri May 07, 2021 10:37 pm

Football Association Of the Commonwealth of Baker Park


5th Under 18 World Championship, 9th Under 18 World Championship, 62nd AOCAF Cup
67th Baptism of Fire
Third Place
58th AOCAF Cup, 60th AOCAF Cup
Fourth Place
World Cup 85, 63rd AOCAF Cup

Established in 1901, the FAC is the governing body of the sport in Baker Park, maintaining a registry of over 24,000 players between the ages of 11 and 80; 3,500 officials; 128 full member clubs and 350 associate member clubs; sponsoring 12 National Championships for men & women across all levels. in addition to 6 domestic cup competitions; and offering training programs for coaches and physiotherapists covering youth to professional certification.

All time match record—387 wins, 236 losses, 122 draws (current through beginning of WCQ 88)

NS Record—208 wins, 74 losses, 53 draws (335 matches)
WCC Record--116 wins, 33 defeats, 24 draws

KPB Ranking--33.93 (13th)

National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth"
Region—Atlantian Oceania
Nickname--since the end of the 1960's the National Team has been known as "The Bees", a period when the team's uniforms consisted of alternating black and gold hoops. While the bee is an element on the coat of arms of the Commonwealth—a long accepted heraldic symbol of industriousness--the association was actually a reference made in an Italian newspaper game story when the senior team was wearing the hooped shirts, referring to the BP team as il Bombi (the bumblebees) for their perseverance and swarming tactical play.

Colors--Black & Gold (while they are just 2 of the 5 main colors on the flag of Baker Park--Blue, Red and White are the others--black & gold have been closely associated in the nation's consciousness as representative of the country since its founding.)



RP Permissions:
In the event my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, but those that would be for just the duration of the match (TG in advance would be appreciated as well)
Godmod injuries to my players: See Above
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, but again, a heads up in advance is appreciated, as I would do for you.
Godmod other events: TG what you have in mind, I'm easy to come to understanding with

WCQ Player Pool Bios All stats/info current to the beginning of WCQ 88



There will be a set 23 (or 24) player roster for each "doubleheader" (MD1-2, 3-4, etc) with lineups identified and shirt numbers assigned. Venue information for home fixtures will also be provided.
ignore the 'host cities' designations, as this is a map from a previous tournament, but it provides info on locations and transportation.
AOCAF LXII Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Postby Sendhang » Fri May 07, 2021 10:58 pm

Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Sendhang
All-Sendhang Football Association


Sendhang National Football Team
Trigramme: SDG
Demonym: Sendhangite
Nickname: The Rice Farmers


Sendhang or Federation of Sendhang is a a landlocked nation located in the Melayu Archipelago on the Melayu Mainland. It has a land border with Acastanha, Kayangan, Springmont, Havynwilde, Bachok and Samudera Darussalam. Sendhang consists of a federal territory and 4 states namely Lemah Banyu, Alamsunda, Putrasia, and Nainhá.

Football in Sendhang is governed by the newly-formed Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Sendhang (PS3). PS3 was officially formed in the sixth month of last year. Before the formation of PS3, football in Sendhang was governed separately by each of the state FAs. There was no Sendhang national team prior to the formation of PS3.

The formation of PS3 also paved the way for a new national league, the Liga Super Sendhang (LSS) which will kick off its inaugural season in the second month of this year. There was no national league before the introduction of LSS. Each of the state FAs organized their own league separately before this. The national team players were scouted and selected from these state leagues.

The 88th World Cup will be Sendhang's third competition and first-ever World Cup participation.

Sendhang made their competitive debut in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup in Pemecutan in the 12th month of last year. Sendhang was knocked out in the group stage of the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup after finishing fourth behind eventual champion, Southern Palm Islands, 2-times champion, Ziwana, and World Cup qualifier, Trolleborg.

Sendhang participated in their second tournament in the 75th Baptism of Fire in Recuecn and Electrum in the first month of this year where they were again knocked out in the group stage after finishing fourth again Marigred, Talkasa, and Gergary. Sendhang collected 4 points from 4 matches with a win, two draws, and a defeat.

PS3 Complex & Facilities


PS3 is headquartered at PS3 Complex in Kambang, the capital city of Sendhang. The complex is located in an area of 55 hectares in the southern part of the Capital Region of Kambang.

It is equipped with the 40,000 seaters national stadium, the Federal Stadium or locally known as Stadium Persekutuan, an older 20,000 seaters stadium, the Unity Stadium or locally known as Stadium Perpaduan, an office block, an accommodation block, a gymnasium, and 3 training pitches.

When PS3 was formed, the facilities were immediately transferred to the new football governing body. The facilities were managed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports before PS3 was formed.

The Federal Stadium is an all-seater multi-purpose stadium and the home ground of the Sendhang national football team. The Federal Stadium has a capacity of 40,000 making it the largest football stadium in Sendhang. All Sendhang home matches will be held at the Federal Stadium.

Staffs & Tactics

Head Coach: Teuku Syarkawi

Teuku Syarkawi is the former head coach of KS Tapaklaboh, the champion of Divisi 1 Putrasia, the highest division in the state of Putrasia before the introduction of Liga Super Sendhang. His appointment as the first head coach of the Sendhang national team was made a week after PS3 was officially announced. It was an easy decision for the decision-makers in PS3 as Syarkawi is a very highly-rated head coach among football enthusiasts in Sendhang especially Putrasia.

He led Sendhang into its debut competition last month in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup in Pemecutan in which Sendhang won once, drew three times, and lost once. Sendhangite, especially the people in the corridors of power at PS3 Complex were generally happy with the performance of the national team in Pemecutan and put their faith in Syarkawi to continue leading the national team.

Assistant Head Coach: Teuku Irfan

Teuku Irfan was handpicked by Syarkawi to be the assistant head coach of the Sendhang national team. Irfan is a graduate of sports science from the Universiti Sendhang. He is a long-time friend of Syarkawi and was his assistant at KS Tapaklaboh. The two complement each other and have worked well together for years. Irfan will usually lead team training while Syarkawi spent most of his time monitoring the training from his office while analyzing data and formulating strategies.

Style Modifier : -2
Formation : 4-1-2-3 DM

Teuku Syarkawi is a defensive-minded counter-attacking coach. He prefers to play with a defensive midfielder to protect the back four and to start counter-attacks. This is accompanied by two quick wingers that will sit deep to help the defense when they don't have the ball and get in position to launch a counter-attack while in transition when they have just won the ball.

Syarkawi prefers his team to be very disciplined in defending. His team will sit deep and frustrate the opponent for 90 minutes if needed. He doesn't believe in possession football. He wants his team to be very direct and quick when attacking. As he said, "possession doesn't win games. Goal does. Keep it tight at the back and hit team on the break."

Starting Line Up in bold



GK: Albertus Wageo (CAPTAIN)
Age: 29
Club: KS Larantuka
9 Caps, 4 Clean Sheets

Albertus Wageo was the backbone of PS Oelmasi as he was their last defender. His prominence performance keeps the club at the top 4 in the last season of Liga Mese Nainhá. Wageo moved to KS Larantuka during the last transfer window after PS Oelmasi failed to qualify for the Liga Super Sendhang. His selection as the captain of the national team has been an honor for him. His leadership, integrity, influence, and high social skills are what the coach sees in him. Syarkawi believed that Wageo as a captain could unite the new squad which comprises players from all sorts of backgrounds.



GK: Monyet Pasuryan, 26 - Persejo Kratonredjo
Age: 26
Club: Persejo Kratonredjo
0 Cap

Monyet Pasuryan's ability in guarding the Persejo Kratonredjo goal last season deserved a thumbs up and earned him a call-up to the national team. The 25 years old Kratonredjo-born sweeper goalkeeper was ever-present for the club from the state capital of Lemah Banyu. He only conceded 25 times in the 28 matches that he played. This record led Persejo Kratonredjo to be the team that conceded the least goal in the Liga Lemah Banyu.

GK: Atep Ramadani, 23 - KS Danokota



DR: Teuku Hamzah
Age: 24
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Small and cunning, that is how the media described Teuku Hamzah. He is one of the four KS Tapakbaloh players called up by Syarkawi to the national team, their former head coach. His performance last season convinced Syarkawi to call him up for national duty. Sendhangite will be looking for him to use his speed and agility to open the space for Sendhang down the wing.


DC: Teuku Muhammad Bari
Age: 28
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Teuku Muhammad Bari is a strong and commanding center-back. He is very highly rated by Syarkawi who coached him at KS Tapaklaboh but Bari is not a player that football fans in Putrasia are interested in because of his temperament. While he is a regular player for his club, he is also a regular on the referee's notebook for the yellow and red cards. He is often seen kicking the opponent's leg, sometimes he is in trouble for it but sometimes he gets away with it. His disciplinary record is bad. But his ability to mark, tackle and close down opponents is enough for Syarkawi to call him up. He is also an asset when defending or attacking a set piece due to his heading ability and jumping reach.


DC: Putra Lumipada
Age: 28
Club: Persejo Kratonredjo
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Putra Lumipada consistently led the back four of Persejo Kratonredjo last season. His role for his club was irreplaceable. The ball-playing defender made 26 appearances in the league, missed 2 matches only due to suspension. The 28 years old Kratonredjo-born who is also the captain of Persejo Kratonredjo was very commanding throughout the season and kept his backline very disciplined.


DL: Nifo Kefalo
Age: 26
Club: KS Larantuka
9 Caps, 0 Goal

The 26 years old defender of KS Larantuka is the star player of his club helping the club retain their championship for the third time in a row in Liga Mese Nainhá which makes the club eligible to compete in Liga Super Sendhang next season. He is in his sixth year with KS Larantuka after his contract was extended for another 3 years during the off-season.

DR: Edo Rungao, 24 - FS Waingapu
DC: Kensiu Lanoh, 28 - Perseguput Gunung Putri
DC: Dadan Winata, 23 - KS Danokota
DL: Jahut Seletar, 24 - Perseguput Gunung Putri



DM: Josua Beripeda
Age: 27
Club: KS Larantuka
9 Caps, 0 Goal

The call-up of Beripeda last year was quite surprising. The regista was playing for PS Ruteng which is a middle-level club in Nainhá. The club never reached the top 4 but Beripeda's performance is catching the eye of the coach. His flexibility is amazing. Although originally a defensive midfielder, he could move forward to help the attack. He is also comfortable playing as a sweeper. This versatility makes Beripeda a unique addition to the national team. He signed for the champion of Nainhá, KS Larantuka during the off-season to challenge himself at the highest level in Sendhang football.


MC: Teuku Hassan Al Qari
Age: 30
Club: KS Tapaklaboh
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Teuku Hassan Al Qari is the captain of KS Tapaklaboh. He is very highly respected by his teammates. He spent his entire career with KS Tapaklaboh. The emergence of Teuku Herman this season, a KS Tapaklaboh academy graduate challenged Hassan's place in the starting eleven but Syarkawi is confident that Hassan can maintain his form and skills for the foreseeable future and deserved his place in the starting eleven of the national team. His main quality is his creativity, vision and passing ability. Hassan is another player that the national team can rely on to take the free kicks and corner kicks.


MC: Nanang Wirajuda
Age: 28
Club: KS Danokota
9 Caps, 1 Goal

Nanang Wirajuda was a key player for KS Danokota for the past few seasons in which they clinched the Liga Perdana Alamsunda title for the past 3 seasons. He is usually deployed as an advanced playmaker or a box-to-box midfielder at his club. Sendhangite will be looking to see Nanang replicate his club form for the national team especially with his composure, long-range passing, and high stamina. He is the deal-ball specialist for his club and the national team.

DM: Jorok Mendriq, 21 - Perseguput Gunung Putri
MC: Wedhus Geni, 24 - KS Gunung Kayasu
MC: Davi Awolu, 23 - Oebobo United



AMR - Temiar Kintak
Age: 27
Club: Perseguput Gunung Putri
9 Caps, 0 Goal

Temiar Kintak is not known for his goalscoring ability but he ticked all the box preferred by Syarkawi to fill this position. He is a very hardworking player who will help the defense, probably run on 3 lungs because he never gets tired and most importantly has the pace and trickery to launch a counter-attack when they won the ball.


AML: Keylar Samoi
Age: 27
Club: KS Gunung Kayasu
9 Caps, 1 Goal

Keylar Samoi is the main attacking threat for his club, KS Gunung Kayasu in Liga Lemah Banyu. The inside forward helped his club to a second-place finish, behind the champion only on goal difference. He mainly plays on the left-wing but is also comfortable playing as a striker. His main strength is his pace, dribbling, and long shot.


ST - Gusti Sing Nggawe
Age: 28
Club: Pesisir United
9 Caps, 7 Goals

Gusti Sing Nggawe is the star of the national team. He was the top goal scorer of Liga Lemah Banyu last season and helped Pesisir United to a third-place finish in the league, enough for them to earn a spot in the new Liga Super Sendhang this season. He gained national prominence last year after scoring 5 of the 7 goals for Sendhang in the 7th Melayu Archipelago Cup especially after scoring the winning goal against Trolleborg. He then went on to score both the goals for Sendhang in the 75th Baptism of Fire. He is a very good header of the ball, has good first touch, and very sharp in the penalty box.

AMR: Ramon Kalbasi, 24 - KS Larantuka
AML: Cezar Nowela, 23 - KS Larantuka
ST: Teuku Salahuddin, 20 - KS Tapaklaboh






The kits for the Sendhang national team are sponsored by Kapak, a local sports brand based in Tapaklaboh in the state of Putrasia.

The Sendhang national team is in its traditional blue kits which represent the lake in the middle of Sendhang that united the whole country and served as a water source for its inhabitants for centuries.

The secondary kit for the national team is mainly in green color that represents the staple food and main export of the country, rice as well as the tropical rainforest that covers the country.

RP Permission

The opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (maximum 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (maximum of 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N

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WWC-88 Roster

Postby Wight » Sat May 08, 2021 1:00 am


World Cup 88

Cup of Harmony Qualification Campaign
Attacking Modifier: +2.3

The winds of change are howling through the multiverse.

Well, that might be overstating it a little. Perhaps there is a storm brewing in that corner of reality we call The Wide Enness Ocean, or NS for short. No. Still a bit grand. How about Oh look, Wight signed up for the World Cup, it's been a while.... that sounds more like it. After twenty two editions without that certain pungent aroma of the afterlife tainting the sports forums of the world (other odours notwith - whiff? - standing) The Sondry Folk of Wight have gathered for a Slight Return. What does it all mean? - was the common complaint back in the day. Don't come here looking for answers: I just make it up as I go along, says Búa, King of Uncertain Dimensions.


The newly-formed DSA has rented a temporary serviced office in the Quetzaldad district of Tapalupé city, capital of Tequilo, on a month-to-month basis while a proper place called Wight can be purchased from the great real estate industry of the multiverse - emphasis on real. Competing in the World Cup from another dimension is alright if you've been doing it for an eternity from the Dreamed Realm of the Holy Asylum Empire and people are all like, 'ok, it's that Basileus again, his name's in red so wadyagonnado?' but for the rest of us it helps to have a base in the reality numbered 'NS2.0'. In keeping with the distinctly hierarchical bureaucratic pre-occupations of the agents of new Wight, a coaching team for the campaign to qualify for the Cup of Harmony requires an administrative title and an office first and foremost. And a fax machine of course. Practice sessions for the team will be at the nearby City of Football facilities.

Though not public knowledge yet, the coaching team will be headed up by a dead Apoxi footballer and his dead Audioslavian footballing friend. However, neither Les Jawallawalla nor Venâncio Paiva, who play for Florentino in the Liga-TQ, are dead yet, and nor have they been made aware that they have been head-hunted for the team so until such time as arrangements are made for their passing over to the other side, the demonic Duke Aim & demonologist Dr. Johann Weyer will take temporary charge of the team - because if you want a devil in charge of sporting affairs, surely no-one is better suited to the task than Duke Aim, a very target-oriented sort of devil. Dr. Johann may not be the most experienced football coach, but he knows a lot about devils so makes the perfect assistant to the Duke.

The homunculus and little demon Otic, strange familiar of the guardian angel Florence Nightingale, heads up the medical team as chief physio; the pickled elf brings along Florence, Our Lady of The Polar Area Diagram, as his number two through whom he communicates - having no gob to speak of - and the virologist Dr. Wuhan, lately of Wuhan, who is tremendously embarrassed about that whole thing... you know... using his spatula from the biosecurity level-4 lab to scoop out peanut butter for his lunch sandwich... a schoolboy error.


ORM HINISSER / Goalkeeper / Pitxi-Pitxi 77 (Tequilo)

Orm is a professional footballer. In this squad there are several Wightlings who make a modest to decent living from playing the beautiful game, and Orm is by far the best of them. He even plays for a modest to decent team, emerging in the world of club football, and is one of the best players on that team in a league, Liga-TQ (a modest to decent league), where he is certainly the best of his kind, a goalkeeper of outstanding agility and quiet leadership. He is, comparatively speaking, the star player in this squad and anything good that happens, he is likely to be the one behind it. In the short rise of Liga-TQ into the comfortable surrounds of the IFCF top-33 league coëfficients, it has been Pitxi-Pitxi 77 leading the way, with Orm winning two Golden Glove awards and collecting two national titles, as well as a record-breaking five consecutive state titles. They could not have done it without him, so they say in the city of Ixtacomitán.

ANGUND ILLCHAELD / Leftback / Old Asyluuminarians

The 'Old' clubs of Wight, known collectively as the Varsity teams, originated as the early powerhouses of the game in the country during the 'Miskatonian Era', just at the time when Búa King of Uncertain Dimensions began to dabble in those planes of the multiverse where football was a thing, and under his pungent will, rose to become simultaneously the top rated UICA league and NSWC national team with a Champions League winner and all the available World Cup titles of the day (under-15, under-21 and The Big One). The Varsity teams, such as Old Asyluuminarians, Pandaemonians, Myrmecolans, Apocalypticians, Gourmeteleians and Cartographers, were at the heart of that brief period of being actually quite good at something - the breeding ground for intelligent and eccentric footballers in equal measure (Old [Redacted]leians, I should point out, have adopted that name most recently, though they were one of the most successful Varsity teams of the day as the Portmuthian Naval Academy, an institution long since gone to dust). Varsity teams competed in the old Miskatonic Gentlemen's League, and were made up of alumni of the various branches and schools of the great Miskatonic University, the pandimensional learning institute for all the most educated devils of Wight. Andund Illchaeld is a former graduate of the Arkham Asyluum Department of Parapsychological Studies, though whether he was there as student or inmate is not clear. Judging by his name, one might suggest the latter.

ENTAN HUSKY / Rightback / Extramarine

Football in Wight has always been 'strictly' amateur, where 'strictly' means 'not really very strictly at all: open to interpretation'. While the famous old Varsity teams have definitely interpreted 'strictly' in a strict fashion, one team that most certainly doesn't is Extramarine, perhaps the earliest example of a professional club in Wight that was, in the heyday of Wightling football, the best of the best. Well past heyday, professional teams are more semi-pro now, but the 'Spitfires' remain dedicated to the cause of buying success. Though salaries might be more in line with the average omnibus driver these days, nonetheless all players on the books at Extramarine are full-time footballers and all the better for it - not least Entan Husky, an experienced and well-conditioned fullback who perhaps ought to have moved to bigger and better things when he was still the right side of 30; but then, no-one had ever heard of him before this world cup, so what is a devil to do? Expect hard work, endless running, resilience in all weathers and a bite that is at least as fearsome as his bark.

DRAECDAN HATING / Centrehalf / Pelotón (Tequilo)

It is a golden period for centre-halves in Wight; almost as if they have a separate breeding programme for big lummoxes that prove immovable objects can stop unstoppable forces when they have a mind to (and who would put it past the Wightlings to come up with such an ingenious/immoral eugenics scheme?). In such a time of plenty, it is hardly any wonder that one or two of these fine specimens have found themselves desirable abroad, and here are two plying their trade in Tequilo that will partner up for the qualification cycle of World Cup 88 - a pair of wrecking ball giants if ever there were such a thing. Of the two, Draecdan Hating is the larger and more angry, a positively volatile pugilist who gets bigger as his temper rises, and might in another world be classified as some malevolent lupine shapeshifter, an incredible and hairy hulk.

OLDUS TIRVERY / Centrehalf / Sporta Ibaeta (Tequilo)

Alongside the giant hooligan Draecdan Hating, Oldus Tirvery plays the calmer, wiser and generally less intimidating defensive partner, though to get on the wrong side of him is still hardly impossible and still likely to end in a bloody nose or worse. But less berserker and more commander, Oldus reads the game with the fast thinking of a seasoned professional who has spent his whole adult life, and much of his youth, learning the game of football and playing it to a very respectable standard. He doesn't froth at the mouth like Draecdan, and his interceptions usually focus on the ball rather than the body of an opponent. But centre forwards who make the mistake of imagining they can lean on him will still find he has about as much give as a titanium truss.

THERRY NURSA / Defensive Midfielder / G.P.O.

Every amateur team has to have a postman in it, just as it has to be described as 'plucky' in a sentence by commentators that also typically ask 'who said the cup was dead?' (Precisely no-one, ever). The G.P.O. is made up of postal workers from five separate divisions - those of the Black Post, delivering letters and parcels and occasional junk mail to the Voids & Stations of the Uncertain Dimensions, might be considered the dark masters of delivery services and usually play on the wings and other more isolated positions; those of the Grey Post delivering back in Búa's country of Old Wight, might best be seen as the artisans and dashing heroes more comfortable in the glory positions of the forward line; those of the Green Post, delivering to the Enness world and Ao in particular (though there are few correspondents to Wight and consequently, fewer respondents) are the grafters of defence; and The Wight Post, delivering exclusively to Wight's new premises in [redacted], live in rural harmony out in the sticks, and therefore, are more likely to be goalkeepers. Finally the beating heart of the Wight G.P.O. is the Sorting Office, in the town of Postmark, and provides mostly the central midfield, being naturally at the centre of everything. It's from here that Therry Nursa learned his trade.

ARCHIE RØDE / Left Midfielder / St. Bernadine Irregulars

"You say a team from Wight won the Champions League, back in the day?" Yes. Yes I did. There once was a half-dead man called Four-Bit Gadaffi, who got thrown out of a helicopter over the Mediterranean Sea, and returned as a cybernetic anthropoid networked to the great AI calculator, Sixteen Bits. He formed a team called Four-Bit's Irregulars, and by and by, they became champions of Wight, and champions of the UICA. To this day, it is the single greatest achievement by any club team from the various nations of Asyluum, which is to say Tamarindia, Wight, Bonesea, Mustardy, Tequilo and hundreds of puppet nations in between - from Aaan to the ZZZR and just about Anywhere Atoll really. Four-Bit changed his name to Jones and disappeared in the Quantum Spaghetti Incident, but his team lives on, in the Taxhavn of St. Bernadine, where they continue to experiment with performance enhancing technology like Archie Røde's augmented hearing which allows him to pick up whispered instructions from his coach on the sidelines - as well as information through several walls from coaches in tactical meetings in opposition changing rooms, comms between match officials relayed through radio devices and underhand slights from opposing players intended to be out of earshot of referees.

SERVO KALLERGHA / Right Midfielder / Old Myrmecolans

Servo Kallergha is the name of a division of 3.76 million individual ants, divided itself into a large number of brigades with specific responsibilities, one of which, made up entirely of phlegm weavers, produces a flexible latex-like sheet by knitting together the spittle of an attendant battalion of saliva ants. Guided by units of the artistic green sculpting ants, this sheet is folded into an almost-but-not-quite hermetically sealed bubble in the approximate shape of an adult human form, behind which the entire division of Servo Kallergha congregate and work collectively to power the structure. These anthropomorphic structures have the look of humanoids with just the merest hint of ant. They are, of course, the Myrmecolans. Different types of ant gather inside the structures to perform different functions, including speaking, sensory perception, spatial recognition and kicking things. Drummer ants pound away to keep all the ants in rhythm, and if you were to listen with Dr. Wuhan's slightly dirty stethoscope, you would probably hear this, muffled ("Just a shade too Wight").

SAM BANSA / Attacking Midfielder / Folkness Orchid

If Orm Hinisser is the star of this team, Sam Bansa might be considered the future-star-one-day-some-time-all-being-well-perhaps. He is a very good young player indeed, and at Folkness Orchid, they are built to provide routes to future-star-one-day-etc.-dom via their network of clubs under the ownership of dubious mega-corporation Grupo Taxhavn. GTX are an expanding empire of clubs that includes the mighty La Nueva Avenida in Farfadillis, formerly mighty GT Molding in Græntfjall, and wannabe mighty Haïtiens in Tequilo. Orchid are actually the oldest and firstmost among all those clubs however, at least as a GTX club, though they were known by a different name until very recently as the original Haïtiens, of Wight, once regular competitors in the UICA Champions League back in the glory days of Wightling football (the Miskatonian Era). Fallen by the wayside and nearly forgotten, they have been revived by GTX as a feeder club, and in this new era of Wight that doesn't have a name yet, they have been given a complete makeover and a new identity - so as not to compete, sadly, with the team in Tequilo which they founded in their own image a hundred years and more ago. Now planning to be a production line of the best new Wight talent that will hopefully move on to greater things at La Nueva, Molding or Haïtiens (TEQ), Sam Bansa is their jewel in the crown. One good showing in the Qualification Cycle for The Cup of Harmony, and he could be on his way to any one of those fine teams.

IVOR USKKIMA / Forward / Orwellian Casuals

Ivor is homosuidic. Intelligent footballers with a polite contempt for humanity, the upstanding pigs or hogfellas are stocky chaps, long in the back and broad across the shoulder, but short in the limb and quite hopeless at throw-ins, with special allowances made at the discretion of the referee for under-arm throws. They dribble at world class levels but don't have much shooting range. Hogfellas are to be found all over Old Wight and have a semi-autonomous principality founded on the archipelago of Orwell Island, where football is the main leisure activity after truffle hunting and mud wrestling. Strong and aggressive, hogfellas play an uncompromising form of football but are nonetheless inherently committed to sportsmanship and and tough-but-fair competitiveness. Their participation in the sport has increased exponentially since the shift from using a pig's bladder to high grade Mrii-satyr leather for the ball.

RILO LEASH / Forward / Old Pandaemonians

The alumni of Pandeamonia get a bad press outside of Wight. Milton himself wondered "whence and what art thou, execrable shape, That darest, though grim and terrible, advance Thy miscreated front athwart my way To younder gates?" I mean. Execrable shape? Miscreated front? Rude. Although I will admit they do like a bit of grim and terrible down in the basement of the Pandaemonic Repertoire of Performing Arts; they are a very melodramatic lot and they do put on a good show. Whether it be epic poems or epic battles, astounding recitals or astonishing revelations, be prepared for a feast of sensory delights and horrors. The Old Pandaemonians football team, one of the great Varsity clubs, have a strong tradition of dramatic plays, dramatic seasons, and dramatic players in keeping with their alma mata. Rilo Leash, for example, is a Master of Hounds of The Horde of Pandaemonia, and keeps some awful-looking mutts who salivate blood and magma, breathe clouds of mustard gas and bark in undertones of great quakes. Or that's what it says in his bio - once again, typical overstatement from the Rep - I've met his dogs and although they do smell a bit after a downpour, they're a soppy bunch really.

Pos. Age Club
Orm Hinisser GK 29 Pitxi-Pitxi 77 (TEQ)
Angund Illchaeld DL 24 Old Asyluuminarians
Entan Husky DR 31 Extramarine
Draecdan Hating DC 26 Pelotón (TEQ)
Oldus Tirvery DC 37 Sporta Ibaeta (TEQ)
Therry Nursa DMC 30 G.P.O.
Archie Røde ML 32 St. Bernadine Irregulars
Servo Kallergha MR 25 Old Myrmecolans
Sam Bansa AMC 20 Folkness Orchid
Ivor Uskkima ST 28 Orwellian Casuals
Rilo Leash ST 33 Old Pandaemonians


Pos. Age Club
Mo Wrawe GK 34 Zennor Parish Rovers
Ango McGarold DL 21 Peru Urzagui (TEQ)
Orlo Serrisyn DR 21 Gimnástico Chichiguina (TEQ)
Iso Ray DC 30 Royal Jackdaw
Kim Densulene DC 17 Haïtiens (TEQ)
Tyrrel Mormo DMC 25 Old Asyluuminarians
Enda Harraway ML 30 Royal Jackdaw
Sammie Rissold MR 38 Old Pandaemonians
Ing Ray AMC 32 Royal Jackdaw
Rodro Dingarran ST 26 Cisne Senzapa (TEQ)
Tonan Taskimo ST 36 Spit City Mission

Pos. Age Club
Emlyn Rist GK 34 Old Pandaemonians
Nalor Mimm DL 33 Spit City Mission
Asa Quadyne DR 25 Royal Jackdaw
Radinaro Thrad DC 34 Unuiĝinta (TEQ)
Isthern 'Izzie' Ysray DC 23 Atlético Lipa (TEQ)
Anesttoros Torque DMC 38 Rose & Thistle
Aldor Yerkin ML 27 Independiencia (TEQ)
Ranald Tandelden AMC 17 Socrates (TEQ)
Ight Quaho MR 27 Spit City Mission
Skelkin Aughtyether ST 26 Old Pandaemonians
Ia Dynarran ST 35 Orwellianshire Blue & Whites FC

Some hastily-assembled Albanians pressganged into posing as Wight World Cup players.



Entirely preposterous kits courtesy of the ket-fuelled Kirola design gurus:
Home ~ Reaper Black shirts with Looted Gold trim,
Reaper Black shorts & Cemetary After Midnight-blue socks.
Away ~ Adrien Brody's Bloody Coat-red shirts with
Suicide Grey & Fenris' Upper Canine White trim;
Horsemen of the Apocalypse Jodphurs-beige shorts,
Whip-Black socks.
"According to the laws of NS Sports we hereby give notice this assembly of the Sondry Folk who are at the summoning of Búa King of Uncertain Dimensions, come here in order to wrest from any challengers qualification to the Cup of Harmony and, perhaps chance to dream, the World Cup proper. By terms agreed upon please be apprised of our men, women, dead and other devils; and tremble at the sight of them, and especially at the smell of them." This message came through on the fax machine this morning from the Office of Slight Returns, a small department of the former King of Uncertain Dimension's vast empire of bureaucratic nightmares. It's rather grand sounding so I thought I'd paste it into the Synaxarion along with the glossy brochure of approved marketing images the nice chaps at Kirola dropped off sellotaped to the boxes of new-minted kits they have produced for us. Exciting!

Now I have called the Office of Slight Returns, the Directorate of Sporting Affairs and various other departments and I have been unable to establish if Búa is actually back. After all, he was entirely annihilated in the story that ate itself, Quantum Spaghetti, all those aeon-days ago. One suspects this is all a ruse by the Shambolic Revivalists of Bonesea or the last echoes of Búa's bursting bubble, an ill-wind of acid reflux after the fact. One can only hope; but under section 23 of the Puppets Act 09:45, I am duty bound to register this uncanny crew to represent Wight in the qualification procedural for the Cup of Harmony.

Estadio Juvenil, Ciudad de Pitxi, Tapalupé, Tequilo. Capacity 32,300

Presently, since this is only a Slight Return, Wight does not exist in the real world. Until that is fixed - and the technicians are working on Búa's "where is my country?" support ticket as we speak - home games will be hosted in Tequilo, at 'Football City' where the National Stadium is located. Wight aren't playing there. The second stadium, the Estadio Juvenil with a capacity of 32,300 newly built to host secondary games including the national amateur People's Cup Final, youth internationals and most likely future internationals within hosted tournaments, gets it's first gig as temporary home to the Sondry Folk, based in Tapalupé city in Tequilo while they complete a real estate deal to move to a more terrestrial location somewhere in the Wide Enness Ocean.

The brochure for 'Football City' says:

The national stadium, the jewel in the crown of Tequilo's 'Football City' development centre of El Unión (that's the national FA to you and me), opened it's turnstiles for the first time with three 'test matches' against the confederation champions of Ao, Rushmore and Esportiva as part of Tequilo's winning debut in the Eagles Cup. Built over the top of the former 'character' suburb of Quezaldad on the outskirts of the capital city Tapalupé, it had become a complete white elephant as the Unión failed to progress from demolishing a residential zone of some 300,000 people into building the dream centre. After eight years of ruin, new Unión project manager Carolina Ruiz got the whole thing erected inside twelve months and was subsequently voted Unión President for Life. After hosting Cassadaigua in the opening event, followed by ties against The Commonwealth of Baker Park and Nova Anglicana de Esportiva, Ciudad de Pitxi now looks forward to hosting it's first ever NS World Cup fixtures for Los Pitxileros; and at Estadio Juvenil, for The Sondry Folk.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Do Absolutely Anything: Y1
[1]RRR: the Right to Reciprocity Reserved
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Banija National Team- The Kadongo Kamu

Country code: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan(s)
Association: Royal Banijan Soccer Association(RBSA)
Nickname: The Kadongo Kamu
Manager: Marcus Waters, 58 years old, native of the Equestrian States. Took over the interim manager role after Matchday 9 of World Cup 80 Qualifying; became the full-time manager at the end of that World Cup Qualification campaign.
Senior Assistant Manager: Kausu Gassama. 50 years old, Banijan native. George Wangolo, the former assistant manager, has left after the team's World Cup 86 title to go and become the senior manager for the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. That will leave Kausu Gassama hired as the new senior assistant manager. He started in this position ahead of AOCAF LXII. It is a prestigious position in Banija- the RBSA traditionally chooses the Senior Assistant manager, to be the head coach/manager for the youth national teams, and there is no exception in this case. He was the senior assistant manager at Istria City FC the past two seasons, where the club in Banija's biggest city reached new heights, winning the League and then following that up by winning the AOCL.
Captain: Kuma Bultum
Alternate Captain: Madu Okparra
Home Kits: Green
Away Kits: White
Alternate: Orange

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod other events: Yes(However, there is a hard ban on any Banijan nationals, player or fans or whoever, from catching a pandemic).
Style modifier: +2

Brief National Team History
The Kadongo Kamu have played in exactly 446 games, as of the beginning of AOCAF LXIII. This will be mark the beginning of our 15th World Cup cycle overall. We have entered in 12 previous World Cup Qualification campaigns(WCQ73, WCQ74, WCQ75, WCQ76, WCQ77, WCQ79, WCQ80, WCQ82, WCQ84, WCQ85, WCQ86, and WCQ87), and have made 8 World Cup Finals appearances(WC80-87). We have also participated in Baptism of Fire 60, and been a participant in three different Cup of Harmonies(CoH 66, CoH 67, and CoH 71). In three Cup of Harmonies, Banija has never once moved past the group stage in the competition, and in their lone Baptism of Fire, they earned a lone point.

After not competing at all during the World Cup 78 Cycle due to the RBSA's bankruptcy, they re-entered the world of international football in World Cup 79 cycle. A shocking World Cup 79 Qualification campaign saw them on the brink of qualifying, but the team simply ran out of gas and lost 4 of their final 5 matches to not make it to Ceni/Drawkland. Since then, the U21 team got 3rd place at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup, and the national team advanced to the quarterfinals of AOCAF LV, AOCAF LVI, and AOCAF LVII, establishing themselves as a strong regional side, falling to the eventual champs in the latter two tournaments. They stunningly qualified for World Cup 80, after starting poorly by losing 5 of their first 9, to going unbeaten in the second half of qualifying, where they won 7 of those games. In the World Cup 80 Qualification playoffs, a 3-0 first leg victory in Montreal, Royal Kingdom of Quebec, powered the team through to their first ever appearance in the World Cup Finals, advancing to sport's pre-eminent competition 5-3 on aggregate over Mercedini. While a pair of one goal losses saw them eliminated after two games, they earned their first ever victory at the World Cup Finals in a 2-0 win over New Gazi in their final group stage game. As they hosted World Cup 81, they went directly to the tournament, and went to their first ever knockout stages, winning Group A before falling, 1-1(2-1 AET) to Turori in the Round of 16. They cruised to qualification in World Cup 82, maintaining a top two spot in their World Cup Qualification group behind Brenecia for the entirety of the World Cup 82 Qualification campaign, getting to the tournament with relative ease before bowing out in the group stages.

The World Cup 83 cycle was their strongest yet. Starting with AOCAF LVIII on home soil, co-hosted with the Commonwealth of Baker Park, the Kadongo Kamu won 6 consecutive matches to open the tournament, taking their winning streak all the way to the final. Unfortunately, they were felled, 4-2, at home to their archrivals, the Equestrian States. Co-hosting World Cup 83 as well, the Banijans made a miraclous run at the World Cup, upending 5th ranked South Covelllo on penalties, and defeating the then two-time defending world champions Vilita in the quarterfinals, before falling, 3-2, at the national stadium to Starblaydia. They added to the trophy case, however, earning a bronze medal after defeating Cassadaigua in the 3rd place playoff game.

The World Cup 84 cycle, the first with real title expectations for the Banijans, was a disappointment in the regionals, as we fell 1-0 to Ko-oren in the AOCAF Round of 16, although we advanced to the quarterfinals of World Cup 84 before dropping to Eura in extra time. The World Cup 85 cycle seems to be a promise of hope for the Banijans. Although AOCAF LX was a rough tournament for the Banijans, it was surrounded by two excellent tournament performances for the Banijans. We won the U21 World Cup(DBC 47), and are just coming off earning our first ever senior-level trophy, by winning the 8th Eagle's Cup to be admitted as a full, permanent member of the Eagle's Club right before the beginning of World Cup Qualifying. Following that, the Banijans dominated World Cup 85 Qualifying, going wire-to-wire as the first place team in their World Cup Qualifying group, as well as earning more points in World Cup Qualifying(67) than any other team did throughout the entire campaign. Those strong performances both in the Eagle's Cup and World Cup Qualifying have caused fans to put an up and down AOCAF behind them, and heighten the standard for World Cup 85. While they escaped the group stages with four points, strong wins over Vilita and Zwangzug in the knockouts put them on course for a medal, as they eventually beat allies Baker Park in the bronze medal match, after falling 3-2 to the eventual champions Free Republics in the semifinal.

After a return to the AOCAF LXI Quarterfinals, their first quarterfinal appearance in the last 3 editions of the regional championships, they fell to Chromatika on penalties. The World Cup 86 Qualification campaign went rather swimmingly- the national team went a perfect 18-0-0 in World Cup Qualifying, the first time that had happened in well over 10 cycles. The multiverse's #1 ranked squad was brimming with confidence, the two-time bronze medalists entering World Cup 86 trying to win the biggest trophy in all of sports for the first time.

Marcus Waters has always preached the following- "you've got to win at home before you can win the World Cup." It's always meant you've got to win in Atlantian Oceania before you can expect to win the World Cup. And while we've never won the AOCAFs, our group was all Atlantian Oceania sides- Ko-oren, Chromatika, and Mriin. We finished in first place with a 1-0 win over Ko-oren, a 2-2 draw against Chromatika, and a 0-0 draw against Mriin being enough to earn 5 points. Then, we faced a gauntlet of former World champions. A 1-0 win over them put us in our fourth consecutive World Cup Quarterfinal, against 5 time World champions Valanora. A thrilling 4-3 win put us in the semifinal, again facing a GSW rival- World Cup 84 winners Farfadillis. In one of the wildest World Cup semifinals ever played, Banija came out on top 7-6, with a stoppage time winner to put them in the Final against the World Cup 85 winners Nephara. It was a true game of the century- neither team had lost a competitive match since the start of World Cup Qualifying, neither losing during Qualifying or the Finals. And in that thriller, it would be the Banijans who would win, taking a lead and holding onto it, winning by 3 goals to 2 against Nephara to lift the trophy and declare themselves World Cup Champions.

The ensuing AOCAF was strong, but not as strong as they wanted it to be. After starting slowly and losing their opening two games, they finished well done the stretch of group play, and even won a pair of knockout stage games before eventually falling to the champions, Baker Park, in the Semifinals. The Banijans redeemed themselves by earning a bronze medal against Sarzonia. The team took a B squad to Eagle's Cup IX, but a strong performance there landed them a silver medal, losing in the final to Valanora. World Cup 87 did not go the way they expected, getting eliminated in the group stages for the first time since World Cup 82.

Statistics(All up to date as of the end of Eagle's Cup X):
All-Time Record: 260-140-59(W-L-D)
All-Time Winning Percentage: 56.64% (Wins over total games played)
All-Time Points Percentage: 60.93% (Wins plus 1/3rd of draws over total games played)
Current WCC Rank: #6
Current AOCAF Rank: #2
Top 10 All-Time Leading Goal Scorers: Italicized players are retired from international duty.
1. Gitonga Kahara(109 goals)
2. Ilman Jawara(103) goals)
3. Namakula Kawesa(59 goals)
4. Idai Uster(57 goals)
5. Chibuzo Afolayan(54 goals)
6. Madu Okparra(51 goals)
7. Kiggwe Mavuto(43 goals)
8. Mzukisi Nzo(39 goals)
9. Toyuwa Okafor(37 goals)
T10. Assefa Yitebarke(35 goals)
T10. Nwabudike Ugonna(35 goals)

World Cup Appearances: 8- World Cup 80, World Cup 81(co-hosts), World Cup 82, World Cup 83(co-hosts), World Cup 84, World Cup 85, World Cup 86, World Cup 87
Times Ranked #1 in the KPB- Pre-World Cup 86 Qualifying, Pre-World Cup 86 Finals, Pre-World Cup 87 Qualifying, Pre-World Cup 87 Finals

Trophy Cabinet:
Champions of World Cup 86
Champions of Eagle's Cup VIII
Winner of the Afro-Carribean Heritage Festival
2nd Place at AOCAF LVIII
2nd Place at Eagle's Cup IX
3rd Place at World Cup 83
3rd place at World Cup 85
3rd Place at AOCAF LXII
3rd place at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships

Youth Level
3rd place at 42nd Di Bradini Cup
Champions of the 8th Sporting World Cup
Champions of the 47th Di Bradini Cup

World Cup Hall of Famers
Adama Sowe(former RBSA Chairman, current WCC Vice President)
GItonga Kahara(all-time leading goalscorer, World Cup winning captain, all-time cap leader)
Marcus Waters(Banija's winningest manager, has led Banija to 100% of our World Cup Qualifications, and has never failed to qualify for the Finals)
Namakula Kawesa(first female star, 3rd all-time leading goalscorer at time of retirement)
Kuma Bultum(Champions League Winner, World Cup winner, most appearances on the Galacticos list for a Banijan)

List of National Team managers
1. Kizza Kabila(Banija). Manager for Baptism of Fire 60 and the World Cup 73 Qualification Campaign. Overall record of 0-14-1(W-L-D).

Kizza Kabila is the only Banijan to have ever managed the national team. Hired for Banija's first foray onto the international scene in this sport, his reign was universally derided as a disaster. Managing 15 games, he drew his first game in the Baptism of Fire, and not only lost the next two, he then lost ever single match in the 12 game World Cup Qualification campaign for World Cup 73, with the side only scoring 5 goals across the entire campaign. Unceremoniously fired after becoming one of few managers to go through an entire World Cup Qualification campaign without earning a single point, he, alongside the entire board of the RBSA, resigned after the last game. He was disgraced in the sport after the campaign, and, to this point, has never returned to top-level soccer.

2.Jan Cassallerus(San Llera): Hired before the start of the World Cup 74 Qualification Campaign, managed through the World Cup 77 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 27-32-16(W-L-D).

Banija put its eyes abroad, searching for a foreign manager before the World Cup 74 Qualification campaign, and found Jan Cassallerus. He is Banija's longest ever serving manager, being at the helm for four entire World Cup cycles, and being at the helm for 75 total games, a kind of longevity unheard of in the modern game, especially managing the national team. He started winning a game at the Coupe D'Esquarium, in what was known as the group of death. He was largely celebrated for bringing the team into relevancy. The expectations were through the floor, following Kizza Kabila, but he brought the team to Cup of Harmony 66 and Cup of Harmony 67, as well as advancing in Olympic Qualifying and getting third place at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships. He was forced into retirement after the World Cup 77 Qualification campaign, when the RBSA declared bankruptcy, and could not participate in the World Cup 78 Qualification Campaign due to their inability to compensate players and staff.

3. Randolf Cherry(Drawkland): Hired before the start of the World Cup 79 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 20-24-2(W-L-D)

Randolf Cherry, after the RBSA got its act together, was hired- controversially- as the manager of the national team. Not that his own hire was controversial, it was applauded across the sports spectrum here at home. He was given a 3 cycle contract, and everyone knew what the goal was- to make the World Cup Finals at least once over the course of the contract. They understood that it would take time to climb the rankings, and they were willing to give him the leash. However, he came in a very awkward situation. Adama Sowe, the Chairman of the RBSA, allegedly first offered the job to Sarah Owens, out of the Equestrian States. Of course, it is illegal in Banija for women to coach men's professional teams, and that caused controversy. And yet, here he was- the manager of the national team.

His own home country of Drawkland is, of course, very progressive in that area, where the sport is dominated by the ladies. Regardless, he had an excellent start to his reign as a manger, and was initially extremely popular. He won his first game, in a special Eagles Club match, against Aggrey-Fynn Land. He lost his first few qualifiers, but he went on a dear through the middle of qualifying, which included a 7 game winning streak on home soil. Big wins against then 4th ranked Chromatika at home and then 32nd ranked Eshan, put them in the conversation of World Cup Qualification, though they were simply not strong enough.

The Cup of Harmony was considered a disaster, finishing in dead last in their group. The competition maybe simply isn't for the Banijans, eh? But they were strong throughout the offseason, making a surprising quarterfinal run in AOCAF LV and bringing high hopes to the squad going into World Cup 80 Qualification. Hopes were through the roof for the national team, maybe even bordering unrealistic. They struggled, and the campaign got worse as the pressure built, as the squad lost their final four qualifiers of the first half of qualifying. With the campaign seemingly in free-fall, he was fired, as the RBSA said they wanted time to conduct "an open, thorough, search."

4. Marcus Waters(Equestrian States): Hired after the 1st half of World Cup 80 Qualifying, present manager of the national team. Overall record of 213-70-40(W-L-D). All-time winning percentage of 65.94%. All-time points percentage of 70.07%.

Marcus Waters was the national team's assistant manager with Randolf Cherry above him, and the manager of the youth national teams. He first gained notoreity in Banija after successfully leading the U21 team to a 3rd place finish at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup. With his abilities clear, it made sense to move onto him as the interim manager as they searched for a permanent manager ahead of the second half of World Cup Qualifying. However, he was able to complete a stunning turnaround of this team. His first game in charge, he changed nearly the entire backline, and had a massive upset, away to Qasden, by a score of 3-2. A 3-0 victory over Razenthuria in the other mid-qualifying friendly got high hopes for him.

Marcus Waters went out with an intent to keep his team focused, despite everything going on at home. He has proven adept at navigating the political minefield that is this job, especially with his own country of origin essentially at war with Banija. He didn't lose a single game in the second half of qualifying, winning 7 games to get to the playoffs, including when the team was forced to play home games in Montreal due to ongoing violence within Banija. He was widely applauded for getting the team ready to play in Montreal, and winning 1-0 against Turori, the group's top seeded squad, and a 3-0 win in Montreal in the Qualification playoffs. While the RBSA interviewed four other candidates, his successful push through the World Cup Qualification playoffs and into Banija's first-ever World Cup Finals essentially clinched the job for him, as he put pen to paper to take the interim tag off of his title ahead of the 80th World Cup Finals.

Since then, of course, he has done a lot to garner the confidence of the higher-ups, and of the fans. Falling to the eventual champions in the quarterfinals of both AOCAF LVI and AOCAF LVII was widely seen as a positive. As well as, of course, a surprising Fourth Place finish in the Cup of Champions Six, highlighted by a surprising point earned in their matchup against Nephara, while also pushing through to the Round of 16 of World Cup 81, pleasing the home fans. A different sort of pressure faces him this campaign, however.

For the first time in his reign, you could say that Banija had a disappointing tournament, failing to advance in World Cup 82 beyond the group stages. It might be harsh to say that- on paper, advancing from a group with both Pasarga and Farfadillis is a tall order if your team is not Pasarga or Farfadillis. They responded well, however, winning six consecutive games at AOCAF LVIII, and knocking off major nations including Cosumar and Mriin at the tournament, before being felled in the final, in their own capitol of Busukuma, to Equestria. Following up with a World Cup on home soil, they continued that momentum forward from AOCAF LVIII, as the Banijans took on the role of giantslayers on home soil. They beat the 5th ranked South Covello side, and the then two-time defending world champions Vilita, before eventually falling to Starblaydia in the semifinals, though they still earned a bronze medal. Although momentum was blunted after a tough 1-0 defeat to Ko-oren that secured an early exit from AOCAF LIX, they followed that up with their second straight appearance in the World Cup Quarterfinals, where they fell to Eura in extra time.

The last two cycles he really got the team to rise above themselves. The last two World Cup Qualification cycles, Banija has finished as the best team in World Cup Qualifying by points earned. And he has the silverware to match- a bronze medal earned in World Cup 85, followed by a gold medal in World Cup 86. Having risen from basically nowhere in Equestria to household name status in Banija, he has truly made a name for himself as one of the world's premier international managers. While World Cup 87 was disappointing, the quarterfinals appearance at AOCAF LXIII was more encouraging. After making a number of changes to the team ahead of World Cup 88 Qualifying, the Hall of Famer will remain ambitious for more glory at World Cup 88.

1. The Equestrian States. All time Banijan record against opponent- 0-7-2(W-L-T).

The Equestrian States are easily Banija's biggest rival, and by a country mile. It has all the makings of a good international sporting rivalry- plenty of matches played, history of competitive matches, geopolitical rivalry, player familiarity, and, of course, geographical proximity- all those boxes are checked. They've played each other 5 times, and Banija has come out on the losing end each and every time, most recently a 4-0 clobbering at the hands of the Equestrian States during Banija's final friendly before this qualification tournament began.

Three times have they played in competitive competition, and three times Banija has fallen. The Equestrian States eliminated Banija from Cup of Harmony 71 in group play, while also defeating the Banijans in both the opening match of World Cup 80, and the final group stage match of AOCAF LVI, though the Banijans still advanced to the quarterfinals of that tournament. The familiarity of players between each other is strong. Banija's present and most successfull all-time manager, Marcus Waters, is Equestrian. A number of players in each country play in leagues in the other. Famous Equestrian NT players like Aaron Aiza, Rosie Tyler, and Josef Lawrenz, ply their trade in the Banijan Soccer League, with Aiza particularly growing to superstar status while winning league titles at Herzegovina City FC.

Banija's first ever major final in this sport, at the senior level, was against none other than Equestria at the national stadium, with the winner to be crowned champions of AOCAF LVIII Final. In front of a decidedly pro-Banijan crowd, it was the Equestrians who dashed Banijan dreams of glory on their home turf as they picked up their first ever major international silverware, with a 4-2 victory. That victory has made the Banijans just that much hungrier to defeat their bitter rivals, and though the history is lopsided in favor of Equestria, that has just fueled the fire on this side of the matchup. The two sides co-hosted World Cup 83 together, and almost had a rematch of their AOCAF LVIII Final in the World Cup Final, though Banija could not fulfill its end of the bargain as they fell to a stronger Starblaydia side in the semifinals. Equestria, of course went on to win the World Cup, and the next AOCAF to boot, establish a fully fledged dynasty. The Banijans, in pre WOrld Cup 84 Qualification friendlies, got their first ever result against the Equestrians, a 0-0 draw in Everfree.

Equestria and Banija were in the same group at AOCAF LXII, with the opening match of the tournament being a repeat of the AOCAF LVIII Final. Banija, we thought, rising high and champions. But Equestria came to rain on the parade. They won on Matchday 1, by a score of 2-1 in Busukuma, and we could only manage a return draw. Our fiercest rivals, and yet, we've still never managed to have beaten them, in a competitive or a friendly match. That search for the elusive win against Equestria continues.

2. Farfadillis. All time Banijan record against opponent- 2-5-0(W-L-T)

What makes a good international rivalry? You need a mixture of history and luck. Luck, to have played in plenty of high stakes matches against each other on the biggest stages- World Cups, AOCAFs, and the like. But you also need nearness. What makes these two know each other so well? We've played in twice as many competitive matches against Chromatika as we have against Farfadillis.

Well, let's go with the political intrigue. Of course, there's geography- Farfadillis is the closest nation to Banija that does not share a land border with Banija. Their former capitol, is on the northern tip of their island, which is just south of Busukuma, the Banijan capitol city. So of course, there's that familiarity. And when the Farfadillis national government fell apart and they fell into some sort of a controlled chaos, many refugees fled Farfadillis for the stability of Banija. Busukuma became the natural landing place. There are no official numbers, but there an estimated 100,000 or so Farf refugees across the country, but with over half of them, around 60,000, residing in Busukuma.

So there's that familiarity on an intimate level, especially in Banija, and especially in Banija's capitol. Especially in the capitol, it's always a huge deal when these two meet. And besides that? Well, of course, we dropped a few nuclear warheads on Farfadillis, where Banija's nuclear weapons got both hacked and stolen by operatives. While, surprisingly, it didn't cause as much damage as one would expect, 5 nuclear weapons are still quite a bit to get hit by. Farf citizens weren't exactly appreciative, and that is fresh in everybody's mind.

Lastly, look at the integration of our footballing systems. We have a combined league. With the combination of our top flights in the Shango-Fogoa Premier League, Banijan footballing fans and Farf footballing fans interact every single week. Sometimes peacefully, sometimes violently, always loud and passionately. For two seperate nations(plus Busoga), they have a very integrated league system. And that, of course, will mean that the rivalry is played out every week. Banijan teams v. Farf teams. Farf teams got the better of their Banijan opponents, by and large, throughout the inaugural season, but there is still plenty left to say on the subject.

This is Banija's clear #2 rival, ahead of anybody else, besides Equestria. And as the S-FPL continues, this rivalry will continue to be competitive for years to come. Not to mention, the two have played a pair of thrilling World Cup Finals matches against each other- Farfadillis being victorious in World Cup 81, and then being victorious again in World Cup 84, where they went on to win that World Cup. What'd be more fun than another Finals matchup between these two juggernauts, right?

3. Chromatika. All time Banijan record against opponent- 6-2-2(W-L-T)

This is, admittedly, not the first nation you think of when you think of Banija's rivals. But There is a long-time history between these two nations. These two have more shared history than Banija and any other opponent, at least in competitive matches. Banija and Chromatika have faced off a grand total of 9 times competitively- all in the modern era of Banijan soccer, which is WCQ79-present. It was that first campaign back, after the RBSA bankruptcy, where it was established.

Banija had one of their biggest ever all-time wins in that Qualifying campaign, our first ever win over a top 5 opponent, when we beat then #4 Chromatika 2-1 in Jinja City. It's a night that has gone down in Banijan history. Looking back, many see it as Banija's first true launch towards where we are now- from a consistent middle of the pack nation in Qualifying, who couldn't do anything in the Cup of Harmony, to demanding a seat at the table by being an elite squad.

And we've played plenty of times since, as well. AOCAF LXI- we beat them in the group stages, only to fall to them in the Quarterfinals, on penalty kicks. We each got clean sheet victories over the other team at Eagle's Cup VIII, a tournament that we ended up winning. And we played them twice in World Cup Qualifying for 86, beating them twice en route to a perfect 18-0-0 Qualifying record. We played them again at the Finals, and we battled out a 2-2 draw.

They're a tough opponent, and considering the frequency of our matches in recent years, meeting up in the Finals would not be that unexpected. We know each other well, have played with plenty of stakes on the line. And, of course, there's those cultural and political connections that make the greatest international rivalries- a Banijan delegation, led by present Banijan Ambassador to Chromatika and former Banijan Minister of Justice, Xolile Lubabalo, helped shepherd Chromatika's transition to democracy. It's friendly, but there's plenty of history to make it interesting.

Honorable Mentions
Nations mentioned here are considered key rivals, but there is not enough competitive match history to really define it as a rivalry. Nations are not listed in order.

- Siovanija & Teusland(Geographic proximity, cultural + political ties)
- Valanora(geographic proximity)
- Royal Kingdom of Quebec(general history and close political/cultural ties- Banija is a former colony of Quebec and they have been close ever since)
- Sarzonia(General sporting rivalry, history with 3 AOCAF matches against each other, 2 World Cup Qualifying matches, and a World Cup Finals match)
- Baker Park(cultural plus political ties)

Full credit to Filindostan for the design and production of these jersies. Thank you very much!

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them.

Roster for World Cup 88 Qualifying

Starters: 3-4-1-2
Players who are based in a foreign league are bolded.
Players who have their first ever competitive callup received in this tournament are italicized.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, Banija's second tier. National league. S-FPL is the joint first tier soccer league for Farfadillis, Banija, and the Busoga Islands.
GK #35 François Tantoh. Age 30. Plays for Herzegovina City FC in the S-FPL.
RCB #2 Alanso Tibamba. Age 33. Plays for Hondo FC in Valanora.
CB #3 Kuma Bultum. Age 34. Plays for Northern Union in Brenecia. Captain.. Two-time Galactico.
LCB #20 Samba Ogunsola. Age 26. Plays for Holdenberg City in Eura.
RM #22 Madu Okparra. Age 33. Plays for Herzegovina City in the S-FPL.
RCM #6 Mzukisi Nzo. Age 29. Plays for Crisisbless in the Nepharim Premiership.
LCM #15 Immaculate Kaba(Female). 26 years old. Plays for Kitara AA in the S-FPL.
LM #18 Babaja Mboob. Age 30. Plays for Herzegovina City FC in the S-FPL.
CAM #10 Momodou Sene. 27 years old. Plays for 1912 Stelburg in the Republikgaliga.
ST #19 Kausu Dione. 28 years old. Plays for CdF Celtade in Audioslavia. Starter on both the DBC 47 and SWC 8 Championship Teams.
RS #9 Idai Uster. Age 26(Female). Plays for AFC Treason in the Nepharim Premiership. Formerly wore #19 until this tournament.
GK #23 Wanda Kouyaté. Age 29(Female). Plays for Jungle Strike FC in Vilita. Only player on this team to be a world champion at every level- U18 World champion(Sporting World Cup 8), U21 World Champion(DBC 47), and World Cup Winner(World Cup 86).
GK #39 Akabueze Okparo. Age 32. Plays for Istria City FC in the S-FPL.
CB #62 Chiokie Uchie. 27 years old. Plays for Marine Coast United in Vilita.
LB #4 Lama Nyang. Age 28. Plays for Jinja City FC in the S-FPL.
CB #5 Demba Kinteh. Age 27. Plays for Dí Maozöxê(Farfadillis) in the S-FPL. Captain of the U18 Sporting World Cup 8 championship squad.
CM #14 Cyper Corr. 26 years old. Plays for the Northern Stallions in Brenecia.
CM #8 Gereh Kama. 19 years old. Plays for Kitara AA in the S-FPL.
CAM #49 Abigail Admassu. 27 years old. Plays for Energie Thorsborg in Savojarna.
LW/LM #17 Adama Coote. Age 29. Plays for Busukuma AC in the S-FPL.
RW/RM #12 Sarafina Ikpeazu. Age 22. Plays for Guerilla Cathair in Audioslavia. Female.
ST #17 Ilman Jawara. Age 35. Plays for Starskville United in Cassadaigua. One-time Galactico.
ST #23 Kamara Touré. 20 years old. Plays for Mar Sara FC in Valanora.

- Our free kicks are taken by Madu Okparra. Our corner kicks are taken by Madu Okparra.
- Our penalty kicks are taken by Idai Uster.

Player Bios

1. CM Mzukisi Nzo

Nzo is one of those Banijans who has essentially spent their entire careers abroad. Playing and starring in Taeshan for a number of years, he has essentially been a permanent fixture in the center of the Banijan midfield for a while. Marcus Waters tries all sorts of combinations next to him, to try and get that perfect central midfield pairing. But Nzo is one of the most talented Banijans on this team, and his spot is written in ink.

Nzo was young, of course, but now looks around and finds himself as a veteran. As the leaders of the World Cup winning generation take a step back, with Namakula Kawesa already retired from international play, Ilman Jawara relegated to the Bench, and Kuma Bultum likely participating in his last set of Qualifiers, it's time for this next generation of players to step up. And that starts with Nzo. His spot in the starting XI is secure at this point- and therefore, he's got a chance at getting the armband from Bultum when this tournament is over. Can the veteran star prove himself worthy of captaining his country?

2. CB Kuma Bultum

Kuma Bultum is one of the most accomplished Banijans to ever play this sport. Of course, the all-time most accomplished one is Gitonga Kahara- the leading goalscorer, captaining the World Cup side. But of course, Kahara is gone, and although there were a number of intriguing options- Kawesa, Francois Tantoh, and Madu Okparra, just to name a few, it would be Kuma Bultum who would be awarded the armbanded after the retirement of the long-time captain.

Bultum is the first national team captain to be a defender since George Wangolo, the team's former assistant manager, first ever Banijan Galactico long-lister, and the now senior manager for the Grim Repears(Royal Kingdom of Quebec NT). Aka, back in the 70s. Ever since the RBSA's bankruptcy-induced hiatus that caused the squad to miss World Cup 78, the national team has had four captains. George Wangolo for World Cup 79 cycle, Kiggwe Mavuto for the World Cup 80 Cycle, Chibuzo Afolayan for cycles 81-83, and then Gitonga Kahara for cycles 84-86. All left their mark.

And now Bultum is the next in that prestigious list. He has long been an anchor on the back line for this national team. Playing at what many consider to be the biggest club in Atlantian Oceania, he is a starter for Raynor City United in Valanora. They bought him from Bunyoro RSC in the BSL for a stunning $22 million NSDs- far and away a record transfer fee for any Banijan ever. But he has been worth the funds. Week in, week out, he is a dominant force on the back line for club and country. He rarely gets beaten on the dribble, and is excellent in the air.

His excellent performances have been recognized- He has reached the Galaticos long-list for the third consecutive season, as close to an authoritative document that you can find on the top 100 players in the multiverse. He is the only Banijan to long-list three times. He is the first Banijan to ever appear in the Galaticos Starting XI, and remains the only Banijan to short-list on that prestigious list twice. The former IFCF Champions League winner is likely in his last campaign anchoring the back line, however, as at 34 years old, having already won a world title, he's gotta think about extending his club career. Even at 34, however, he is capable of vintage, dominant performances anchoring the national team's defense.

3. ST Idai Uster

One of the national team's two star strikers who play up top. Idai Uster is unique among her teammates for this- instead of playing for a club and going professional at such a young age, she is the only Banijan(And remains so) in the post bankruptcy era(World Cup 79 forward) to play college soccer. Having played at Loyola-Istria for a single season, she was dominant as a freshman, meaning many thought that she made a foolish decision to play for them and not go play for a paycheck immediately. However, she got noticed by Marcus Waters, and got her first national team callup at AOCAF LIX.

Ever since then, she has been a fixture for the national team coming off the bench. No matter- the young female striker was quickly lapped up to go and play in the Schottic Premier League, and she had strong performances there. After playing in Schottia, she eventually hit the transfer market to go play for a massive club in the world's best league- and she was signed to wear the #9 jersey for AFC Treason in Nephara. To say that the signing paid off is an understatement.

Increasingly, of course, there is all sorts of competitiveness for spots on the national team. But as Ilman Jawara had a stranglehold on the starting striker role, Uster chose this past season to really explode onto the scene. 24 league goals in the last season of the Nepharim Premiership- good for third in the league, and more importantly, helped lead her team to a double, as they won both the Premiership and the Copa de Campeones. She played a starring role their as well, scoring a hat trick in the CdC Final to put them over the top.

Coming to the national team in top form, Marcus Waters faced a question- how could he not play her? But he didnt' dare mess with the lineup that he had. She was the first person off the bench, playing in all 7 games in World Cup 86 without recording a start. But no matter- even in limited time, she made her presence felt. She scored three goals, including the game-winning goal on Matchday 1 against Ko-oren, and scoring in the World Cup final against Nephara. But it begged the question more- for someone who was clearly hitting their prime, how could he afford to leave her on the bench?

Her performances caused Banija to full-time switch to a Back 3 for the first time ever. With players like Gitonga Kahara retiring, Marcus Waters knew that he'd have an opportunity to play his strikers together, and he is doing just that. For the first time ever, she's a member of the Banijan starting XI. While the team will have to get used to the new formation, she had already done her talking on the pitch- Waters simply couldn't afford to leave her out. And with Jawara on the bench, she is now the lead striker, and will be expected to bag boatloads of goals for the national team. Can she handle the pressure of being the primary option up front?

4. ST Kausu Dione

And now, for the other starting striker. Ilman Jawara has been the main man up top for so long, the days of Assefa Yitebarke leading the front lines feel like an eternity ago. But all good things must come to an end, and at 35 years old, Jawara simply cannot be expected to be the #1 man up front for club and country. So he is relegated to the bench, with fierce competition upcoming to eventually replace him. But Kausu Dione has leapfrogged the pecking order, going from not making the roster for World Cup 87 Qualifying or the most recent AOCAFs, to take Cyper Baldeh's roster spot and land himself a starting role.

He's a world champion at two levels- a starter on Banija's U18 World championship team, and a starter on Banija's U21 world championship team. While Kadongo Kamu teammate Wanda Kouyate is the multiverse's only three-level world champion(U18, U21, Senior) Kausu Dione is going to go for a more impressive feat- become the first person to be a three-level world champion as a starter on every level, since Kouyate was only a starter on the U21 squad. He's moved to Audioslavia to enhance his career, and he'll hope his performances there can hold off up and coming young strikers who are gunning to fill Ilman Jawara's shoes.

World Cup 88 Qualifying Schedule
Matchday 1: Bongo Johnson (139) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 2: Malandrin (UR) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 3: Banija(6) v. Ibixa (173) @ Istria Olympic Stadium(cap. 80,000) in Istria, Moravica, Banija
Matchday 4: Astograth(24) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 5: Banija(6) v. Oberour Ar Moro (82) @ Hangaza Unified Stadium(cap. 55,000) in Aissa, Hangaza, Banija.
Matchday 6: TJUN-ia (50) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 7: Banija(6) v. Euran Oceania Territories (86) @ Keystone Stadium(cap. 47,000) in Sisonke, Kitara, Banija.
Matchday 8: Shreekaristan (354) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 9: Banija(6) v. Srednjaci (253) @ Tiones Lumber Field at the Wolf's Den(cap. 43,000) in Busembe, Kitara, Banija.
Matchday 10: Banija(6) v. Bongo Johnson(139) @ Star Field(cap. 62,600) in Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija
Matchday 11: Banija(6) v. Malandrin(UR) @ Electra Stadium(cap. 41,000) in Mynda, Aksum, Banija
Matchday 12: Ibixa(173) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 13: Banija(6) v. Astograth(24) @ The Stadium of the Restoration(cap. 91,835) in Busukuma, National Capitol Region, Banija
Matchday 14: Oberour Ar Moro (82) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 15: Banija(6) v. TJUN-ia (50) @ Mavuto Field(cap. 75,000) in Hoima, Ankole, Banija
Matchday 16: Euran Oceania Territories (86) v. Banija(6)
Matchday 17: Banija(6) v. Shreekaristan (354) @ The Eagle's Club(cap. 48,600) in Dodoma, Bunyoro, Banija
Matchday 18: Srednjaci (253) v. Banija(6)
President of the World Cup Committee and the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Back to Back defending IBC champions.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby Kohnhead » Sat May 08, 2021 1:30 pm


Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Shorter Name: Kohnhead
Nation Trigramme: KND
Record: 60-24-40 (W-D-L)
WCC Record: 39-17-28 (W-D-L)
Inaugural Match: Kohnhead 2 - 2 Riena
Biggest Win: Kohnhead 5 - 0 Al Qurija
Biggest Loss: Kohnhead 0 - 4 Eura
Achievements: First Place at the 2nd Wonder Cup, Round of 16 at the 72nd Baptism of Fire, 5th place in group 2 of WC85 qualfiers, Round of 16 at the 77th Cup of Harmony, Round of 16 at the 10th IAC, Round of 32 at the 78th Cup of Harmony, Round of 24 at the 11th IAC, 4th place in group 10 of WC87 qualifiers, Round of 32 at the 79th Cup of Harmony
Top Scorer: Aaron Korkson (57)
Most Assists: Linus Rallyton (37)
Most Caps: Charles Laker (123)

Team Info: The Brains surpassed all expectations and turned many heads at their original attempt at qualifying as we came in 6th in our group but that doesn't tell the whole story. We were in it until the second to last match where Drawkland eliminated us by winning 5-4. We have also impressed in virtually every other competition we have been in except for last qualifiers where we did extremely poorly (but don't talk about it). The Michael White era has started off pretty well for Kohnhead with good results at the Twicetagria Football Invitational, however subpar results at the 11th IAC had many wondering if we could truly mount a challenge in qualifiers. With a new formation, a new mindset, and some new players we came in 4th of the Group and even managed to win the UWC belt to carry it into the Cup of Harmony where we finished 2nd in our group before suffereing a humiliating 5-1 loss to Mercedini in the Round of 32 once again. Unfortunately a poor run in the IAC with the top team competing saw us exit in the Group Stage and changes were made afterwards that bring in new players and give Harry Richman and Rodriguez Sporet their International Retirements.

The official roster of the KNFT consists of the following players for the 88th World Cup Qualifiers. It has players from the KFA (Kohnhead Football Association), as well as some who play on teams abroad.

Starting XI
(C) Right Forward: Aaron Korkson #91 (M) Age: 26 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 114 Goals: 57 Assists: 25
The 25 year old captain played very well at the Baptism of Fire before their loss in the round of 16. He also was one of the main reasons they were able to do so well in the World Cup 85 qualifiers. He's a strong leader and is able to score goals pretty easily. He and Maltos are the stars on Kohnhead City FC and on national team. He will be entering his prime soon and leads the squad in goals by a pretty large amount. Korkson followed an awful campaign in WC 86 Qualifying with his best in WC 87 Qualifying leading the team in goals and showing why he's considered the top striker. An injury in the 12th IAC hurt his stock but he recovered in time to resume his domestic duties and showed in the two preceding friendlies that he's fully healthy.

Left Forward: Erin Maltos #10 (F) Age: 26 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 118 Goals: 45 Assists: 26
Erin Maltos is very good. While Korkson may have more goals, the impact she has on the game when she's plays cannot be understated and although there are times and there are some games where she may disappear into the shadow of other stars, she has the best footwork on the team and a deadly shot. She like Korkson will be reaching her prime soon and it will be good to see, Maltos like Korkson had a bounce back campaign last cycle which was huge and of the strikers on the National Team she has had the most success domestically even if she takes a 1B role.

Right Midfielder: Suzanna Barter #60 (F) Age: 21 Team: Olympique de Rimouski (Quebec and Shingoryeo)
Caps: 17 Goals: 2 Assists: 3
Suzanna really emerged in season 1 of the the KFL on a surprise Real Dawson squad that made the Challengers Cup and a few seasons later completed a massive transfer for 4.75 million to Kingston FC in Quebec and Shingoryeo. Despite a rocky start in year one she was amazing in their second season helping them finish 9th in the Q-League and earning herself a move to second place on tiebreakers for 6.0 million surpassing Linus Rallyton to become the most expensive Kohnheadian player at only 21. Barter has played herself into a starting role ahead of Al Torgan but her spot is most definitely not secure and she will need to work hard to keep it.

Central Midfielder: Sophie Johnson #7 (F) Age: 21 Team: Kohnhead City FC
Caps: 46 Goals: 5 Assists: 9
While Sophie Johnson was buried on the depth chart at the Cup of Harmony 78 a great run of form in the KFA Premier League scoring five goals for second place Kohnhead City FC as well as Michael White's approval during training earned her this spot away from Audrey Henderson. It was bold move however especially given the talent at the position but Johnson more than justified her starting spot during the cycle and she fit right in for the offense. Her starting spot isn't going anywhere and she's just another example of why this team can be so good in the future.

Central Midfielder: Linus Rallyton #11 (M) Age: 28 Team: FC Yassaca (Squornshelean Remnant States)
Caps: 117 Goals: 21 Assists: 37
It didn't take long for Linus Rallyton to show that he was the best player in Kohnhead and it happened during our Baptism of Fire as he looked dominant. He is our all time leader in assists with 26 and he controls the game from the center of the field as that guy. Last offseason he completed a massive move to FC Yassaca in the Squornshelan Remnant States and they finished in second place after failing to get a victory in their final match which would have sealed it. Despite this it was a great season being named the second best signing, the fourth best midfielder, and the fourth best foreign player. He followed it up by being named to the Team of the Season in his second campaign although Yasacca only qualified for the Challengers Cup and has now been named team captain. Internationally he has been brilliant and leads the team in assists a mark that no one is anywhere close to. Heading into his third season at Yasacca the time was right for a breakthrough and as the newly named captain he led them to the title and was named midfielder of the season an award that had evaded him for two seasons once again making the Team of the Year obviously. Then something even more amazing happend as he captained the IFCF Challengers Cup Champions with Yassaca going on a great run in the ensuing Domestic season, and the only Kohnheadian to make the Galacticos Longlist continues to show his talent and worth.

Left Midfielder: Charles Laker #54 (M) Age: 23 Team: Barnley FC
Caps: 123 Goals: 27 Assists: 18
In the two years since our Baptism of Fire we have seen the emergence of Charles Laker on the left side of this midfield. His talent, skills, and maturity level have grown exponentially and he will keep getting better in the years ahead. Laker has played in all but one game in Kohnhead's brief history, and he has played every minute of every game showing just how much of an ironman he has been. Laker has slowly been ascending to stardom as one could say and we will get to witness him continue to grow.

Right Back: Taylor Rodar #15 (F) Age: 23 Team: New Capetown Falcons (Taeshan)
Caps: 48 Goals: 1 Assists: 2
Rodar after leaving Bingham City was called up to the National team as possibly the second center back off of the bench behind Porsha. Rodar didn't play too well at the DBC and Bingham City were awful during their relegation year however she was given a shot at the Cup of Harmony and played well, Michael White really likes her skill set. She currently is the starter at right back for Taeshan side New Capetown Falcons who recently came in third of that higher level league. Rodar has been a defensive liability however the hope is that she can continue to step up and has outplayed Callie Porsha although Porsha wants the starting role back.

Center Back: Miranda Atkinson #51 (F) Age: 22 Barnley FC
Caps: 107 Goals: 3 Assists: 7
Miranda Atkinson has been the second best player on the defense since she became a starter midway through the Baptism of Fire, two years ago. Since then she has improved, just reached, 20, and not to mention won the MVP with Barnley FC in season 1 of the KFA Premier League. While the following seasons haven't been as good she still has been one of the best defenders in the league and will continue to be so as she grows and develops. She like a lot of this team has her best days ahead of her and will be the starter for a long time.

Center Back: Claire Corton #24 (F) Age: 28 Team: Swisston City FC
Caps: 98 Goals: 3 Assists: 6
Corton had a rough start to the BoF, with some saying her and Vargas were the major problem with the team. She stepped it up a bit later in the tournament but overall had a rough BOF. Since then she has been a real redemption story playing extremely well, a lot better than when Callie Porsha had to step in as her replacement. Corton is still in the prime of her career, but she was injured midway through last 85's qualifiers causing her to miss the entire Cup of Harmony. She really has put those questions behind her and has been very solid in the back but will have to keep looking over her shoulder if she wants to keep this spot.

Left Back: Nicholas Radison #14 (M) Age: 26 Team: Port Tacassam FC (Tikariot)
Caps: 122 Goals: 9 Assists: 7
Radison has been the best defender by far. He has the pace to run up and down the wings which is something you always look for in a wing back. Radison has consistently been the lone saving grace of the defense but now the defense is much improved which will take the burden off of his back especially with the emergence of Atkinson, from Claire Corton. Radison is just entering his prime at age 25. He has also been asked to play more of a role in the offense with his speed down the wings. Last offseason he completed a transfer from FC Kohnface City to Tikariotan side Port Tacassam FC
who finished in second during his first season with the team with the best defense in the league.

Goalkeeper: Bertha Sanders #1 Age: 23 (F) Team: Sindvpore FC (Indusse)
Caps: 72 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
After starting for Kohnhead at the most recent U-21 World Cup/DBC, Sanders in a surprise move was named the National Team starter over Madison Richards for the IAC. Richards continued to be on the bench as Sanders who looked good at the DBC took over for the legend that was Jackson Newcastle. Newcastle has also returned to and will be a member of the coaching staff and will especially be helping Sanders. It appears as if Coach Kohnhead made another smart move as she looked great at the IAC and could be the starter for the next 15 years. Qualifiers were more difficult for her but she should bounce back here at the CoH. White is keeping her as the starter after a good Cup of Harmony, and IAC. Sanders recently completed a big money move to Sindvpore FC the reigning champions in Indusse where she will continue to get better. Sindvpore captured another league title in her first season there and then in the ensuing League of Victors helped lead them to a surprising trophy.


Formation: 4-4-2

Captain: Korkson
Left Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Free Kick: Rallyton
Right Corner: Rallyton
Left Corner: Rallyton
Penalties: Korkson

Coach: Michael White (M) (South Newlandia)

Forward: Thomas Stratford #12 (M) Age: 22 Nickelson FC
Caps: 25 Goals: 6 Assists: 5
Stratford has barely played for the National team but with Griffin Pheonix-Anderson retiring and Harry Richman retiring he has moved up to the first choice striker on the bench. He recently graduated from University and succesfully returned to his club of Nickelson to pair with GPA and Madison Richards helping lead them to a second place finish in the league which he followed up with a third place last season. His best season might have been his third season but the team itself faultered in its first year without GPA finishing in 8th. Internationally he played quite well in Twicetagria starting a couple of games and played pretty good off the bench at the last IAC, qualifiers, and Cup of Harmony. Stratford while he isn't going to supplant Korkson and Maltos has a route to playing time in a formation switch if we go back to a 4-3-3 but it would be difficult to pass any of the current starters.

Forward: John Smith #19 (M) Age: 24 South Saints (Ethane)
Caps: 3 Goals: 1 Assists: 0
Smith played for Barnley in Season One but transferred to the reigning champs of Ethane (The South Saints) in that offseason where he helped them reach third place in the league to go back to IFCF competitions. The following season he helped them win the league in dominant fashion cementing his place on the squad. He replaced GPA in the squad when he retired and has moved up to second choice striker off of the bench with Harry Richman's retirement and will be adding some more caps to his International Career.

Forward: Darien Robin #13 (M) Age: 21 Olympique de Rimouski (Quebec and Shingoryeo)
Caps: 0 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Darien Robin was a product from the FC Wangor academy who stepped in and excelled in his first season in Kohnhead outperforming every expectation put on him, now for 2.2 million he joins Suzanna Barter at Olympique de Rimouski in Quebec and Shingoryeo. Robin may not get much action in his first cycle but as we saw last season the sky is the limit for him as he just showed how good he can be and now will get a chance to prove his worth at a top team in a good league.

Midfielder: Audrey Henderson #9 (F) Age: 25 FC Kohnface City
Caps: 77 Goals: 14 Assists: 10
For the longest time, Henderson was our top sub off of the bench especially in the midfield and she stepped up big time when Cogginter went down early on during the qualifiers at World Cup 85. Despite this it seemed that the young Henderson may never be given a spot to start until finally before our inaugural IAC, Coach Kohnhead decided to give her the starting spot in for Hannah Horsford as we transitioned to a 4-3-1-2. Henderson played extremely well at said IAC but struggled in both the 86 qualifiers as well as the following Cup of Harmony prompting a benching as Michael White made his first big move. Things were looking down for Henderson but an MVP winning season for the Premier League winning FC Kohnface City side changes everything. She and Torgan will be competing for playing time off of the bench as the top two midfield subs.

Midfielder: Al Torgan #21 (M) Age: 30 Team: FK Finansijskigrade (Sylestone)
Caps: 67 Goals: 10 Assists: 7
He was the top mid off the bench in the 86 qualifiers and Michael White is exceptionally high on him for good reason and with a legendary season with Capital FC in Sylestone winning the league, MVP, and Golden Boot he may have earned the top sub spot back. While the plan was for him to appear as a sub in most games in place of Ida Cogginter, Torgan just outplayed every expectation and added on to Cogginter's struggles his resurgence in his late 20s gave him a starting spot for the first time which he kept for a long time and built on at the Cup of Harmony. While he still played really well in his last season at Capital FC an end of window move to FK Finansijskigrade in Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom is his next move domestically. He's played well for the National Team and is certainly nowhere near done yet.

Midfielder: Ida Cogginter #41 (F) Age: 30 Team: Alexandria City (Xanneria)
Caps: 81 Goals: 13 Assists: 13
Three years ago before our BOF many thought Audrey Henderson the then young 21 year old would have her spot. Cogginter proved those doubters wrong and had a fantastic tournament. She really is a big part in the flow of the offense and has great skills as a passer. Cogginter plays second fiddle on Kohnhead City to Korkson and Maltos but she really played well in the BOF and some claim her injury was the reason Kohnhead didn't make it to the quarters. Despite her injury troubles in the qualifiers for World Cup 85 she has returned as good as ever in the Cup of Harmony and in the IAC. It was a bold move to give her the starting spot originally and it was a bold move to give it back to her upon her return to injury but she has deserved it both times. Age and injury unfortunately have just taken a toll on her and while she is still good and had a good season for 2nd place Alexandria City in the FLOX she continues to slide down the pecking chart.

Back: Callie Porsha #42 (F) Age: 22 FC Kohnface City
Caps: 61 Goals: 2 Assists: 3
Porsha following CPL's well documented struggles took over the starting right back spot as Coach White eventually benched her in favor of Taylor Rodar. She recently graduate to join FC Kohnface City and is currently the top defender off of the bench. She played a big part in FC Kohnface's turnaround two seasons ago and is only 22 so even though she lost her starting job there is definitely time for her to win it back. Porsha also had a very good year domestically being named to the KFA First Team as part of the best defense in the league alongside people like Burung Geremek from the Squornshelean Remnant States.

Back: Arnold Donaldson #23 (M) Age: 26 Team: Kinjestad Soccer (South Newlandia)
Caps: 3 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Donaldson was the third new player added to the roster for the last IAC after a good debut season in Mriin playing for the Vidal Alcehmists. While he's by no means the best player on the team, Mriin teams are a lot better than Kohnheadian teams and the fact that he was starting says a lot. He is replacing Vargas but is probably the last or second to last defender on the depth chart. Despite reports that he would play ahead of CPL at the qualifiers this was untrue as he only appeared in one game however by now it is pretty much official that he is ahead of Prius-Leonard when it comes to the depth chart. Donaldson becomes the next Kohnheadian to move to South Newlandia signing for Kinjestad Soccer on a free due to the collapse of the Alchemists.

Back: Caroline Prius-Lenoard #76 (F) Age: 35 Team: Sporting Kohnhead City
Caps: 70 Goals: 1 Assists: 5
Prius-Leonard didn't start out too well as the entire defense struggled during our Baptism of Fire but since then she has been a constant at right back and has really turned her game around. CPL is getting up there in age and while she has missed only three games as part of the team she has a bad injury history and at 34 many people are worried how much longer she can keep playing at a high level as she has publicly flirted with retiring before last domestic league season and is now on a new team in SKC. CPL looked old, slow, and fatigued during 86 qualifiers which resulted in her being benched for the first time. Donaldson is now ahead of her on the depth chart as is Porsha.

Goalkeeper: Madison Richards #72 (F) Age: 34 Nickelson FC
Caps: 5 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Richards proved to be a suitable backup in the 3 games that she started last time in place of Jackson Newcastle as she despite some nerves in the first one settled down. At age 34, she will probably remain the backup for the rest of her career as Bertha Sanders has looked very good so far. Richards had another good domestic season and helped Nickelson have a top two defense and finish third just short of the title once again.

Goalkeeper: Amber Washington #25 (F) Age: 24 Porter City
Caps: 0 Goals: 0 Assists: 0
Washington is the third string keeper on the team and will probably take over the backup role once Richards retires. Washington is coming off of a season in which she won the Golden Boot and was named to the KFA First Team for the winning Porter City. She was the only callup to the squad for the 87 World Cup Qualifiers because White wanted a third keeper and will be staying here for that reason, she's young and will probably pass Richards for the position of backup at some point.

Stadium: Chicken King Stadium (57,000), Kohnhead City


Massive shoutout to Filindostan and No Nonsense Sportswear for making these awesome kits

Style Mod: -2
RP Permissions: Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (1-2 games maximum due to scheduling)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Just TG me to let me know what it is. I will probably allow almost all.
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Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football 61st
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Hockey: 29th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Cenian Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Mendez Bay Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Electrum Slam - Runner up (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place

World Lacrosse Championships XXXVII - 4th place

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Postby Netop » Sat May 08, 2021 3:53 pm

Netop Football Squad

Nation Name: Netop
Nation Trigramme: NTP
Record: 32-18-24
Achievements: Quarterfinals-BOF 73, League B Third Place-AOCAF LXII, 3rd place Group 5-WC 87
Colors: Blue, Green, and Yellow
Nickname: The Friends (Netop is what colonizers referred to Native Americans as when they were friendly with them)
IC Information about Netop: The Islands of Netop were a colonization expedition by Kohnhead. When they arrived they encountered a peaceful native people and proceeded to wage war on them. Atrocities were committed by the Kohnheadian colonizers but after years of hardships the native people sent the colonizers back to Kohnhead after successfully rebelling. The South Kohnhead situation also forced Kohnhead to abandon it's overseas colony. While the natives won some Kohnheadian colonizers stayed around and introduced their culture to the native people which is why the names, currencies, and language are quite similar. They also introduce the wildly popular sport of football which is played by amateur teams and leagues across Netop.

Two cycles ago Netop sent its first ever team to the World Cup Qualifiers where they came in 7th of their 10 team group at 17 points after a quarterfinals run in the 73rd Baptism of Fire. Netopian officials claim their COH invitations was lost in transit although many think we just didn't get an invitation and they are just saying that. Netopians were surprised to find out that we could sign up for the AOCAF but because of our geographic location we are technically allowed to sign up and the first appearance went quite well. We won our League C group and almost advanced out of the second phase tied on points with Gyatso-Kai for second but they had beaten us 1-0 to take that final spot into the Round of 24. Out of nowhere in Netop's second attempt at qualification we managed to finish 3rd just three points off of the group winners and so close to a playoff spot, highlights include a draw against Zwangzug and a win against Savojarna the eventual group winners. The Friends unlike last time received an invite to play in the Cup of Harmony and they did okay finishing at 0-2-1 although it was not enough for them to advance to the next round. In a tough AOCAF Group containing Banija, Northwest Kalactin, and Sarzonia we slumped to an 0-1-3 record only drawing against Sarzonia which was disappointing considering the run at Qualifiers. However Atlantian Oceania is by far the most dominant sporting region and so it should surprise no one that the levels of competition are fierce. Now a Pot 5 team we prepare for our third attempt at qualification and try to follow up an amazing performance from last time.

Coaching Staff
Manager: Joey House (59) (M) House is to put it simply a tactical genius. He was the obvious pick to manage the squad as an unanimous selection and the early signs of picking him are extremely positive.

Assistant: Isaac Galindo (76) (M) Galindo was actually a colonist from Kohnhead but was one of the ones who stayed in Netop and was the leading figure in introducing football to the nation. Unfortunately in recent times he has become quite ill which has prevented him from becoming the full time manager. The thought here is he can help House from the background without having to put too much stress on his body.

Assistant: Vicky Hensley (41) (F) Hensley has recently retired from the sport of football. The idea behind her hiring is to give House the old in Galindo and the new in Hensley as she's supposed to bring new and innovative ideas to the team. Hopefully it actually works out as planned.

Starting XI
GK: #-492 Johnny Howells (24) (M) Howells who is from one of the most Southern Islands has the exact opposite personality of someone who you want on the team. He is the guy who blames others, gets into fights with teammates, has a massive ego, isn't as good as he thinks, and never takes any responsibility. He has some talent although not as much as he says and the backup position is not ideal so he's the starter. Howells played amazing at the BOF and has given us renewed confidence in him.

RB: #2.5 Logan Diaz (30) (M) Diaz is an aging back who has dealt with a lot to reach this point. He once had lots of speed but a couple of major injuries have made him very slow on the right side. He is a safe and secure tackler who you know won't over commit but can be beat on just speed.

CB: #007 Heather Burrows (22) (F) Burrows is the future of the defense. At only 22 she is the third youngest starter on the team. Her main problem is a lack of size but she makes up for it with a massive vertical which prevents her from being a liability on corners. She also tends to be a bit aggressive when making a tackle resulting in a decent amount of cards and over committing errors.

CB: #1492 Bertie Gilbert (19) (F) Gilbert will be taking the place of Vaughn in the back line and will be paired with another young player in Burrows. Vaughn's experience at the back was crucial to their success and while she will return as a coach of sorts, I have serious questions about the defense given that Burrows still needs a bit of time and Gilbert still needs lots of time. Gilbert is tall unlike Burrows but doesn't have the best speed, and her tackles are quite strong and leads to a lot of missed tackles and cards.

LB: #123456 Beau Hendricks (28) (M) Hendricks had to undergo a good battle for this starting spot with Ellie Pitt and despite Pitt being the fan favorite and having the better skill set of the two Hendricks has been named the starter. Hendricks will be under a microscope as he will desperately try to keep his spot.

RM: #-973 Tiana Mitchell (29) (F) Mitchell was brought into the starting XI after Wanda McNeil played horribly. Mitchell doesn't have McNeil's speed but she at least is competent enough on the field and she's next to Park and Holder who are both very good so they can pick up her slack.

CM: #1776 Savanna Park (27) (F) Park is the best player on the team and it's not debatable. She stands in the middle of the formation and has brillant skill moves, a deadly and powerful shot, and good enough speed to make runs. With Holder to her left and the speed of McNeil to her right the midfield is by far the strength of the squad.

LM: #1.754 Max Holder (20) (M) Holder is the second youngest player on the squad and is already one of the best. His best traits are his set pieces abilities as he takes the free kicks and corners as well as ideal speed, strength, and size. Holder should be the superstar on the team in a few years if he continues to develop.

RW: #2020 Zoe Kinney (24) (F) Kinney is very raw on the wing and it was a bit of a surprise that she is in the starting lineup. She has good power and with the right development could become something special. "She is a long term project though and could be heading to the bench if she doesn't play well early on." That's what I wrote before the BOF, but at the BOF she showed us what she could do scoring the second most on the team.

(C) CF: #10A Teddy Riggs (35) (M) Riggs is aging but will be by far the top scorer on the team. Riggs has that ability to find the back of the net often and his powerful shot and 6' 4" frame make him the best option in almost all situations. Despite being 35, Riggs has indicated he wants to play for at least four more years.

LW: #-10 Lyla Wormald (26) (F) Wormald is the 1B to Riggs' 1A as she will get the most assists and will be the second best scoring option behind Riggs. Wormald is relatively young but she has a tendency to struggle in high pressure situations and is a very streaky player. Wormald is under a lot of pressure to perform well as as Adelle Benton has been making a push for her spot.

Formation: 4-3-3

Captain: Riggs
Free Kicks: Holder
Corners: Holder
Penalties: Riggs

GK: #493 Marcus Nixon (31) (M)
Def: #24.94 Ellie Pitt (27) (F)
Def: # 2π Marcus Hussel (25) (M)
Def: #1093 Arthur Werth (27) (M)
Mid: #-973 Tiana Mitchell (29) (F)
Mid: #0000 Wanda McNeil (26) (F)
Mid: #ABC Seth Cross (17) (M)
For: #69 Adelle Benton (27) (F)
For: #420 Lulu Wright (34) (F)
For: #10B Claire Churchill (32) (F)

Style Mod: +1
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes (Nothing pandemic related) TG/PM me if you do so although it's unnecessary to ask for permission. I just want to know if you have done anything
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Nickname: Trolls

Total official games in every tournament +81=28–41
In the World Cup Qualifying +47=15-17, goals difference 196:131.




Morten Troghil continue in this position, being manager of the team since its creation. Altough successes evade our team for some time, and there was heard voices questioned his methods and tactics recently, his contract extension was overwhelmingly approved.


Morten Troghil viewed a lot of promising players in recent IAC, Melayu Cup and India Cup, but only some of them made it to the national team for WCQ. Having tough group on hand, he was, most probably, will fielded experienced players, with addition one or two new ones.


Tomas Kot Kotsson (31). Flexible and agile, quick-thinking, he recently made a quick progress – probably due to the hard work at the recent FA training camp for goalkeepers. Altought previously he was justifiable castigated for a big numbers of goals conceded, and there was doubts if he continue as number one, in the last tournaments he improved his game significantly. But it was seen, how things will evolve in WCQ.
Lunde, Johann (24). Being goalkeeper at the the only and extremely unfortunate tournament of our U21 team, “Master of the Box” as he was known, he recently proved his skills in the recent all-league training camp for a goalkeepers, but probably he will be third goalkeeper in the forthcoming tournament, if coach don’t put someone with more experience in the squad.
Jesper Krogh (23). Player who already prove himself on a league level, fast and good at the second floor, without losing something in his first floor game skills, making some incredible saves in our league. At the MC he taste big game first time and having rather positive reviews, his only game in India Cup doesn’t prove obviously that he is fully ready for international football. But head coach nevertheless choice him.


Jesper Loonstrup (23). Another man from unfortunate U21 team, he at last receive a ticket to the national team camp. He is flank defender in the preferred Trolleborg style – fast moving, adept in supporting attacking moves, willingly throw himself in the way of the ball, aggressive in tackling.
Aien Troger (28). He is fast, strongly build and extremely good in tackling. It’s very challenging to move into the box past him and he is made a serious progress for four seasons Trolleborg team played in the international football. Being (probably) in his prime years, he was a pillar of defence, but it will be seen whom coach paired him in the centre.
Joran Du Riis (26). Cold-blooded fighter prove that he more than capable holding his own at the highest level. Agile and fast-moving, but solidly builded and used this for his advantage, he prefers play either to the right of center or on the right side, as team needed.
Morten Levenkrans (33). Full left back in the beginning of his career, he than move to the center, having considered almost impassable in both positions. Due to age, not the fastest man on the field, he is very good man-marker, having excellent header, and, being intelligent clever player, can be very useful when attacks began.
William Schendel (25). Agile fast moving defender known for his skillful positioning and man-marking, highly effective in breaking opposition attacks, great in the heading, with incredible high crosses-interception rate.
Nikolaas Laste (31). He was reliable left back, not lacking attacking instincts, who in recent years due to age prefer to concentrate on his defensive duties, which he does very successfully
Kasper Wolters (28). One of the team brightest stars, he is right back by default, but he is very strong, very fast, have a very good shot and even better crossing skill. Having all this, he very often make a lighting runs to the opposition box and sometime substitute right midfielder. Coach don’t take him into the last three tournament, experimenting with lineup, but decide bring him back to the important WCQ campaign.
Torgeir Dushegub (31). Known as a Column, this tall and strong player usually dominates a box both in the air and at the grass. Being always calm and confidence, he projected aura of them around. Age advanced on him, but he was trying to live up to the fan expectations. Another veteran player, whom Troghil don’t fielded in the recent games, so it’s not entirely clear, how good he will be in the new defensive setup.


Rolf Valgren (31). Quick-thinking, with a perfect understanding of game, seeing everyone and everything in the field, and with brilliant passing skills, this man can bring ball everywhere he wants. He definitely add something from international experience, and his wealth of experience personified through by his calmness on the ball.
Torstein Halst (22). Right winger\forward, with a good passing, master of highly accurate long crosses and very well making in curved shots from outside the box. Willingness to fight for every ball, spare no effort, and, most importantly, improve his skills is what give this very young player a chance to play for national team.
Hendrick Groningen (29). The defensive midfielder, probably the best in his generation, he was not selected to play in BoF and joined team by way, proved himself worthy of a place in the team, caused a lot of problems to the attacking players of the opposing teams and ready to help out in the back. His talent of intercepting ball in the middle and using every possibility to begin attacks was fully appreciated by everyone – apart, probably, of his opponents.
Finn Finnsnes (31). Playing usually attacking midfielder, free forward or link man between midfielders and attackers, he is swift, smart, good dribbler with a great sense of goal possibilities. Having all this, he didn’t make solo runs without need, and has a habit to review every option before doing something, so opponents never know beforehand what he did next second.
Morten Troll (27). He is a brightest star amongst midfielders in the whole country. Genius of game, with a wonderful dribbling, beautiful technique, excellent pass and extremely good shot, he won many games for his local team single-handedly, but also a great team player with great repertoire of tricks. Highly probably, he will be a player of generation, and very probably, best player Trolleborg ever had. He brilliantly justified all the positive reviews even when team performance was rather uninspiring. Recently Troghil prefer to give other players chance to play in the centre, but looked like they they all lack something he has.
Ruud Kolding (30). Left midfielder, he, despite his age, covering lot of ground with his unbeliveable stamina, can press forwards or go back as team need.
Kenneth Pathmoor (25). Recent addition to the team, Kenneth already play in the WCQ cycle, altought coach don’t selected him for the World Cup itself. But looked like everything is ahead for this versatile and clever midfielder, who can cover a lot of space and conjure goal opportunity for his forwards from nothing. With his pace, agility and an eye for goal he probably has a bright future.
Kasper Windass (23). Broad and strong, he looked a little bit sluggish when moving without ball, but everything changes when he have it. Then he moved extremely fast, sweeping away everything in its path due to his mighty build and usually ended move with a clever pass.
Jesper Lucius (23). With a perfect sense of game, this central midfielder usually can move ball to where it want with only one touch, and he is good with a set-pieces. Some say, he was like a Morten Troll in his younger years, and most probably backup for him right now.
Jesper Gronholm (25). Recent addition to the team, he was comfortable down the right flank as either defender or midfielder. Competenly hold his own while in defence, he was willingly join any move forward, where he pass ball quickly and thoughtfully.


Stuart Kerr (31). Quick, brave, skillful, moved fast despite age, love to puzzle defenders and having ability shot from everywhere in the box right despite defenders best efforts. Brilliantly confirmed his reputation as a prolific scorer at home, he was definitely keystone of team that winning BoF, winning a prize for the topgoalscorer of BoF and continue to add goals in almost every tournament.
Tom Gulbranden (29). Build like a very tall stone wall, he easily can tramp defenders if he wish to do so. He don’t need such a things, though. Altought never shies physical contacts with defenders and having often put opponents under pressure, he can move past defenders with surprising speed, it’s difficult to knock ball out of his possession, and his powerful leaping give him many advantages. Yes, it is looked impossible, that a man of such a stature can bring himself in the air at all, but nevertheless he is – strongly jumping and struck the ball by the head with deadly precision, scoring many of the most beautiful goals of the team.
Torgeir Berglund (24). Another recent addition to the squad, effective center forward in front of goals, having something in common in both Kerr and Gulbranden despite their visible differences. Being teamed with Jivoglot at the last tournamens, he looked like a very menacing and already prove his goal-scoring talents.
Karsten Severin (28). His game style not very impressive, but it’s highly effective, this fast forward can conjured goal from nothing, playing quite impressive in the last five seasons, altought spots in lineup of national team mostly taken by others.
Torfinn Jivoglot (22). Albeit very young, he is already established player in the Trolleborg league with a very decent play-to-goal rate. Very fast, reading game perfectly, with a strong goal flair, he will probably have a bright future.


Team practiced attractive attacking game on a fast pace, and already its style well-known and liked by public. Usually played 4-4-2 with defenders pressed forward whatever possible, or 3-5-2 with a midfielders move back and forth as things dictated. Integral and inalienable part of the team’s game will be mighty pressing, applied whatever on the field when ball is not on our side.

National psyche tell players to put everything even if odds are heavily against, so almost every match in the league played with high determination, and national team shirt oblige one who wore it for even more efforts – altought it was visible, that players often lose breath when unexpected setbacks occur. Unsportsmanlike behavior is highly discouraged even if in the interests of the cause, and national team players are required to meet the highest standards possible, so it is completely impossible to imagine a player of the Trolleborg national team faking injury or begging for a penalty. But players are not easily bullied, though, and more than able to stand up for themselves both as individuals and as a team, and have a strong inclination to go tit-for-tat in case of excessive brutality on the opponent’s part.

Style -5.
No, there was no confusion, team played attacking football on the field, while having negative style modifier for a scorinating purposes.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I reserve right to estimate injury severeness
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes only for a last ditch fouls or two yellows, any other variants must be discussed with me
Godmod other events: No, but if you have something interesting in mind, let me know and we try to find a middle ground.


All Trolleborg’s home games, bar anything unusual happened, will be played in the capital, Trolleborg City, on a “1th December” Stadium, which have a recently upgraded and having capacity of 100000.


This stadium was built by the voluntary labor of ordinary citizens in the honour of the sacred 1th December, Trolleborg Day of Victory. And due to that tickets to all games taken place here is always free, altought in the cases there are high demand (like in the WCQ games) they are arranged by lottery. It’s located in the beautiful place – in the middle of a forested area on a peninsula protruding into the sea near the capital. Three stations of subway transport and stops of two bus routes located within two kilometers, and this allow fans arrive and leave stadium quickly and troubleless. Specially designed climate system provides around the stadium constant sunny weather with t +18C, with, maybe, occasional gusts of winds from the sea.


Fans is a pride of Trolleborg and almost part of the team, having already earning themselves a name and a good reputation at every place where national team playing.

Trolleborg Republic will organize trips for a fans and they wil arrive in the host countries in a very big batches, by thousands.


Of course, we expect fans from other countries.
The question of transportation to and from country arises, though. Trolleborg International Airport already established itself as a hub of international flights, and our flag international airline “Trolleborg Wings” having a decent route networks and a lot of code-sharing agreements. Trolleborg FA already made arrangements for a charter flights, and we are open to any proposals that will make our nations literally closer.

For fans of the guest teams, all possible facilities will be created. An art-of-science integrated payment system has been launched, which allows guests of the country to use their own credit cards, payment systems and banknotes directly, without resorting to currency exchange operations. The fans will benefit from the artificial intelligence system “Keith”, free for connection, which acts as a translator, transport planner, leisure organizer, hotel search engine, and a ticket service for cultural events. Volunteers in costumes of saber-toothed cats, which was a mascot of our team, are placed at key points in the transport network, starting with the huge international airport, in order to help if something goes wrong.

How things looked like on the ground you can find in these long series. Travelling to the country covered in parts 2, 3 and 4. Ideas of how city looked like and which attractions it have can be found in parts 7, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23. Stadium and game atmosphere are covered in parts 23 and 24.


Recently opened Trolleborg TV-Sport channel try to do it best to provide everyone with a 3D broadcasting of every game, altought you must understood limitations of technology, which was in their first steps. Problems with color shades, difficulties with communication channels and so on are rather often happens. We already see changing the colors of the uniforms, the appearance of the stadium, women on the field replaced by the men and much more. But these are the inevitable costs of implementing such a progressive innovation in the so fast pace.
We will be happy to participate in any endeavors that will allow your fans visit evolve in a story that will please both participants and readers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Eastfield Lodge Roster for World Cup 88
(And retrospectively CR37)


Demonym: Eastfielder

The Imperial Commonwealth of Eastfield Lodge is a vast conglomerate of nations and states that resides almost entirely in a separate dimension to the reality you all know and love - a bubble universe would be an apt description (the why is a long story, involving the Dreamed Realm and a threat to the existence of the entire universe). The one bit of the country that lies in the regular dimension is a tiny island in the northern seas of the famous sporting region Rushmore, which serves as a transport hub for travel across the region by conventional transport, and for travel to the Imperial Commonwealth via something called a Void Ship (think of it like travelling through a well controlled wormhole).

The history of the country is long and complex, but the key overview is that it is a very socialist Muslim constitutional monarchy, with a noted reputation as being one of the nicest places to visit in the entirety of the known multiverse - the most recent WA census puts the Imperial Commonwealth in the top 100 nations in several measures such as Safety, Compliance/freedom from crime, Tourism, Weather, Compassion, Niceness and Environmental Beauty, amongst several others; most of which are also ranked as the best in the Rushmore region. Because of the initial portal, the nation advanced forwards in leaps and bounds technologically due to intermingling with denizens of another dimension, various alien races from the universe in which the popular RLStates TV show Doctor Who is situated. Whilst these aliens used to take part in life in the Imperial Commonwealth, even forming the Eastfielder National Team for a number of tournaments, they no longer exist in this bubble universe, due to a dimensional shift no longer aligning the two dimensions - for now, Eastfield Lodge only contains those beings that you find elsewhere in the NS multiverse.

Whilst we are a fairly chill nation, we are still fairly socially conservative, and there are plenty of special rules visitors need to be aware of:
  • No Alcohol. At all.
  • No smoking or recreational drugs at all. Visiting team members/fans will be given replacement/cessation therapy if struggling to cope.
  • No public displays of affection. What you get up to in the privacy of your own hotel room is up to you, as long as it stays there.
  • There isn't a legally enforced dress code, but at least dress respectfully, the locals will appreciate you.
  • Cities are by and large car-free zones; make use of the extensive public transport system.
  • Don't worry about a language barrier, there is an inbuilt telepathic translation circuit within the visas that you will be issued - it translates all speech and text into a language you understand instantaneously.
  • No unhealthy junk food will be available, the country is too healthy for that. Also, the food will all be halal, but there is an extensive range of vegetarian/vegan options for those who insist.
  • Ignore all the cameras and the police presence. They're for the safety of everyone.
  • High-level technology pervades every aspect of society and life here, get used to it.

Lodger City Memorial Stadium
Location: New Lodger City
Capacity: 150,000
Description: The home of Eastfielder football, the stadium was built on the ruins of the old capital of Eastfield Lodge, Lodger City, which was flattened in a double disaster (severe floods from dams bursting and an explosion from an unknown source, killing much of the population of the city and rendering the city useless. Administrative functions were transferred over to Lodgertia, the city began to be rebuilt, and it was decided that this stadium would be one of the monuments erected in place. The inside walls contains inscriptions of the names of all the dead – just under 9 million. The stadium used to play host to the two classic giants of EL football – RGS Athletic and VLC FC - until both had their new stadiums finished; it is now only used for internationals and cup matches.

Parliament Stadium
Location: Lodgertia
Capacity: 80,000
Description: Formerly the second largest stadium in Eastfield Lodge (until King Iqbal II and Vorgan Park were completed), behind the Memorial Stadium in New Lodger City, it was built in the centre of Lodgertia, the capital of Eastfield Lodge, and the Imperial Commonwealth. It was named due to the fact that the Parliament is based just a few hundred metres down the road; in fact, the original stadium was actually joined to the Parliament building, as an area where MPs could watch or even engage in sport with the public, as well as being a designated protest site. However, with Lodgertia becoming more built up, it was decided that the stadium needed to be built up as well. It is home to Lodgertia United and Lodgertia City alongside being temporary hosts of RGS Athletic and VLC FC (when Lodger City was being rebuilt), and in the past has hosted several international matches, including the final of SBCC 27 and a group in both stages of Market Cup 4.

Tavernia Stadium
Location: Tavernia
Capacity: 65,921
Description: Currently the largest stadium outside of Eastfield Lodge itself, Tavernia Stadium sits near the heart of the city of Tavernia, in Westmeadow Tavern, the nation bordering Eastfield Lodge. WC85 will see the stadium's debut when it comes to hosting the Eastfield Lodge National Team, but it is no stranger to WC football though - it was the home ground for Westmeadow Tavern when they had their own international football team in the earlier years of the Imperial Commonwealth. It is also home to the two best teams in Westmeadow Tavern, with FC Tavernia and Tavernia City plying their trade here.

Lodger City Memorial Stadium: MD5 vs. Valanora, MD7 vs. Geektopia, MD17 vs. Electrum
Parliament Stadium: MD3 vs. The Grearish Union, MD11 vs. Abanhfleft, MD15 vs. Mytanija
Tavernia Stadium: MD1 vs. Adab, MD9 vs. Atheara, MD13 vs. Deniria

Manager: Robert Andrews
Age: 55. The former national team striker, who had over a century of international appearances to his name during his career, was specifically recruited by a former Eastfielder manager, his old friend and ex-teammate Shabeen Ahmad III. Being the national team's assistant manager was his first major job in football since his playing retirement, but his ability to calmly analyse situations even under immense pressure has earned him some plaudits from those in the know, and as such allowed the ICELFA some confidence in appointing him as the interim manager for Cup of Harmony 77 - however, things haven't gone well since, and Robert only remains in the job courtesy of it being a poisoned chalice no sane manager wants to approach. After the disaster of World Cup 87, he rung the changes, almost root-and-stem, and removed much of the ageing squad in time for the most recent Copa Rushmori - the team didn't gel well, but one would hope that, with time, they'll come together and bring some glory to the Imperial Commonwealth.

Player are listed higher are more likely to play – strongest starting XI listed in Tactics section

Goalkeepers		Age	Gen	Club
Josias Foster 29 F Walston Brook Albion
Eddiq Sadiq 29 M RGS Athletic
Fortune Cammers 23 M AS Marcadia (Audioslavia)

Defenders Age Gen Pos Club
Cristos Harding 21 M CB Cazadores Cathair (Audioslavia)
Danita Fahs 29 F CB Soldarian FC (Valanora)
Torunna Soriano 23 M CB Walston Brook Albion
Elouan Elbaz 29 M RB RGS Athletic
Faustina Dad 32 F LB Raynor City United (Valanora)

Svante Whitfield 29 F CB Marque (Brenecia)
Mahdhoodha Gower 29 F CB Royal Jam FC
Analena Niazi 29 F CB VLC FC
Renato Hargreaves 33 M CB Royal Jam FC
Arthur Smith 27 M LB Norrion Rovers
Ginton French 33 M RB Oakstone (Eura)
Kyan Farmer 27 M RB Nile Bridge
Anabia Rifal 32 F LB Walston Brook Albion

Midfielders Age Gen Pos Club
Mckenzie Black 26 F DMF Olympia FC
Craig Girard-Vaillancourt 32 M AMF RGS Athletic
Jewell Foley 29 M RMF North Laithland (Nephara)
Raquel Accardi 32 F RMF/LMF Norrion Rovers

Joan O'Brien-Hamer 29 F DMF Walston Brook Albion
Sa'd al Din Latif 32 M CMF RGS Athletic
Mirielle Brewer 23 F RMF Olympia FC
Sten Wright 27 M RMF RGS Athletic
Kahla Jewell 31 F AMF Nile Bridge
Munsif Strand 26 M LMF RGS Athletic
Devyn Nasser 27 F LMF Olympia FC

Strikers Age Gen Pos Club
Izzat Patton 29 F ST Metropolis Alligators (Valladares)
Maisha Paree 22 F ST Olympia FC
Zétény Pryor-Sandoval 26 M ST Nile Bridge

Formation: 3-3-3-1

It's a new look defensive formation for Eastfield Lodge now, with the team moving to three at the back, but still retaining the rotating attack system - striker and three players in behind moving about to find space. The central defender of the back three has permission to advance forwards on attack, allowing the formation to switch from a 3-3-3-1 to a more balanced 4-2-3-1 or even 4-1-4-1 in attacks, whilst the wingbacks retain the same attacking freedom they had under the previous 4-1-2-3 system. In terms of goal scoring, the ST will get the bulk of the goals, with good contributions from the AM and both WFs as well. The WFs will get most of the assists, followed closely by the AMs, then the ST, DM and the wingbacks.

Captain: Raquel Accardi
Vice-Captains: Craig Girard-Vaillancourt, Renato Hargreaves, Faustina Dad
Penalties: Izzat Patton, Raquel Accardi, Craig Girard-Vaillancourt, Jewell Foley
Corners: Torunna Soriano, Raquel Accardi, Mckenzie Black
Free kicks – shooting: Raquel Accardi, Craig Girard-Vaillancourt, Kahla Jewell
Free kicks – other: Torunna Soriano, Mckenzie Black, Elouan Elbaz


Style: +1
RP Permissions:
Select my scorers: Y
Give out yellow cards to my players: Y (maximum five, TG me with a reason for more)
Give out red cards to my players: Y (only one more than the number given to your team, maximum of three - i.e. I get two red cards, you must have at least one)
RP injuries to my players: Y (Maximum 3, no career-ending injuries without my explicit permission – I reserve right to how long players are out; you can RP how severe it looks)
Godmod injuries: Y (within some reason)
Godmod scoring events: Y (Have fun.)
Godmod other events: Y (TG me if you're planning on killing anybody though, or anything really extreme.)

If I do RP, I will include the line-up for the next match in my RP post, along with any suspensions/injuries. If there is no line-up, look through my posts and check for current suspensions/injuries, but otherwise it’s fine. Also, if you're RP'ing any part of my match, please use the full name Eastfield Lodge at least once, it helps me find the RP.

NB: As the people of EL are extremely compassionate, and very civilised (despite what you may say about the religion), it would be uncharacteristic for the coaches/players to lose their temper, dive deliberately (jumping out of the way of bad tackles and falling awkwardly doesn't count), to be sent to the stands (if the ref is clearly very biased however...), spit, argue with the ref or fight. Players will also tend to inform the referee about mistakes/clarifications in judgement regarding throw-ins, fouls given but with no contact and goal kicks/corner kicks (plus other bouts of honesty - up to you).
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Postby Le Choix » Sun May 09, 2021 2:05 pm

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes, though Lavigne will score most of the goals.
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes; Max: 3
Hand out red cards to my players: No (TG me if you want to)
Godmod other events: No
Style Modifier: -4
Ligue Légère 40          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Croiser 36 19 12 5 23 8 +15 69 Champions
2 Chevalier 36 14 13 9 21 20 +1 55
3 Brillante 36 15 9 12 30 24 +6 54
4 Lumière 36 15 8 13 36 30 +6 53 Cup Champions
5 Glacée 36 15 5 16 19 20 −1 50
6 Étoile 36 14 7 15 15 17 −2 49
7 Aube 36 13 8 15 16 18 −2 47
8 Marquée 36 11 9 16 16 25 −9 42
9 Ailes 36 11 7 18 18 25 −7 40
10 Fidèle 36 12 4 20 25 32 −7 40
Coup des Élus 40
First Round
Aube 1-0 Fidèle
Marquée 2-1 Ailes

Croiser 2-0 Marquée
Chevalier 0-1 Aube
Brillante 0-1 Étoile
Lumière 3-1 Glacée

Croiser 2-1 Aube
Lumière 1-0 Étoile

Croiser (1-1) (1-1 AET, 4-5 pen.) Lumière

Botte Dorée: ST Gavin Lavigne, Lumière (20 Goals)
Gant Doré: GK Francine Pellier, Croiser (8 Goals)
Ballon d'Or: GK Francine Pellier, Croiser
Le Choix National Team
Nickname: Les Élus, Les Jaune et Noir
Home Venue: Sang des Martyrs (Cap. 20,100)

Management Staff
Manager: Hélène Monet, 39
Assistant Manager: Florence Dior, 47
Physio: Clarence Mardin, 41

Starting Lineup:
Goalkeeper: Francine Pellier, 30 Crosier, 6 ft 1 in Capitaine

Right Back: Isaac Morneau, 22, Brillante, 6 ft 3 in
Center Back: Adolphe Pleimelding, 23, Étoile, 6 ft
Center Back: Éloi Bouthillier, 21, Aube, 6 ft 8 in
Left Back: Béatrice Pueyrredón, 19, Marquée, 6 ft 1 in

Right Midfielder: Élise Lacan, 24, Brillante, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Léa Leloup, 20, Lumière, 6 ft 3 in
Attacking Midfielder: Aurélie Dior, 22, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in
Center Midfielder: Hervé Kaplan, 25, Croiser, 6 ft 2 in
Left Midfielder: Henry Grant, 27, Étoile, 6 ft 4 in

Striker: Gavin Lavigne, 23, Lumière, 6 ft 3 in

Goalkeeper: Marie-Françoise Benett, 23 Étoile, 6 ft 5 in
Goalkeeper: Davy Kléber, 21, Aube, 6 ft 4 in

Right Back: Flore Dembélé, 19, Aube, 6 ft
Center Back: Mathis Bertillon, 20, Marquée, 6 ft 1 in
Center Back: Ingrid Bureau , 23, Glacée, 6 ft 2 in
Left Back: Jérémy Marchal, 22, Ailes, 6 ft 6 in

Right Midfielder: Océane Manaudou, 24, Lumière, 6 ft 2 in
Center Midfielder: Fabrice Bessette, 20, Croiser, 6 ft 5 in
Attacking Midfielder: Élie Rouzet, 22, Chevalier, 6 ft 8 in
Center Midfielder: Émeline Doisneau, 25, Glacée, 6 ft 4 in
Left Midfielder: Brice Vasseur, 22, Croiser. 6 ft 2 in

Striker: Rolande Peletier, 22, Brillante, 6 ft 1 in
Key Characters:

GK Francine Pellier
The eldest player on the team and two years ahead of retirement age for Chosen players, Pellier has been the best keeper in the Ligue Légère in the last five years. She debuted for Croiser in Saison 27, meaning this was her fourteenth season in the league. Early in her career, it was reflexes that saved her; now, she relies more on the extensive knowledge of situations and shots that she's faced in her long career. Having only conceded eight goals in thirty-six games, she's coming off her best season; can she lead les Élus to success on their first foray into world football?

CB Éloi Bouthillier
He may only be twenty-one and barely have three seasons of Ligue Légère under his belt, but he's being heralded by The Chosen media as one of the better defenders in the last decade. With a mean streak in him that results in brutal tackles and a good knowledge of the goings-on on the field, it's no wonder that he's been talked up so much. Possessing a very moldable personality and a willingness to learn, he's going to be the future of The Chosen for years to come.

LM Henry Grant
Henry Grant has been on his third team already in his tenth season for Les Élus, having played for Brillante and Ailes before settling with Étoile. He's good for at least one highlight of a bending goal every season. With The Chosen's 4-5-1, having players that can create scoring opportunities remain of paramount importance, and Grant will be called upon to contribute. He's one of the most vocal of the lot, having connections with both the Grand Bishop of the Church and the Grand Bishop of the Interior. He hasn't used the connections so far, but it'll be interesting to see what happens if the team struggles.

AM Aurélie Dior
Playing the spearhead part of the 4-5-1, Dior will be the other player to try to score the goals for Les Élus. With a quick burst and creativity to boot, she knows when to make a play on the goal and when to pass the ball off. A model citizen that takes the job of sports very seriously, she's a perfectionist who drives herself to live every day as a better example than the day before. With her best days still ahead, she'll be very important in this first cycle for Les Élus.

ST Gavin Lavigne
A four-time Gant Doré winner by age 23, Gavin Lavigne is one of the hottest players in Le Choix in the sport of football. Possessing a lethal arsenal of speed, awareness, vision, and killer instinct, he's known as l'éclair (the lightning) by the Chosen Media. A calm player who prefers to let his playing do most of the talking, he'll be at the forefront of the attack as part of La Phalange (The Phalanx).

CM Élie Rouzet
If The Chosen are behind late, they have the ability to replace one of their center midfielders for Élie Rouzet. She's more of the "Shoot first, ask questions later" type of player with a license to shoot. Thankfully, she's got decent range and a good follow-through.

MG Hélène Monet
The woman in charge that helped Chevaliers win Saison 39 after many seasons of futility, Monet is more of a facilitator than a tactician. With players coming from all the teams of the League coming together, her skills will be needed to put aside their egos and work together as a team.
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Postby New Lusitania and the Algarves » Sun May 09, 2021 4:12 pm

Convocatória do 88ºMundial - Qualificação / World Cup 88 Qualifying Call-up

Style: +1,5
Coach: Francisco Grilo
The OOC Bit: RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Within moderation
RP injuries to my players: Yes - nothing too severe
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, within moderation
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, within moderation
Godmod other events: Yes, perhaps check?
Best of luck to all, have fun.
{i]Any questions? Reach me through an NS telegram, or, better yet, through the NS Sports Discord Server.[/i]

GK António Lopes (OF Académica)
Preparing to be full-time No.1, Lopes is a promising goalkeeper who could live up to expectation
GK Rui Patríce (União Leiriense)
Old veteran Patríce is now drawing his Selecção's chapter at a close, now alternating with Lopes. A trusty goalkeeper and unstoppable on his day, Patríce hopes he can be part of the team that finally does it after returning to his hometown through União Leiriense
GK Luís Manuel (Sporting CL)
Luís Manuel shows himself to be a promising young keeper with plenty to give, despite having a weakness in his footwork. It is likely to look to see him play in at least one or two games this cycle

LB Rúben Vinagrete
LB Nuno Mendonça (Sporting CL)
CB Fernando Ferradura (Tikariot City - TIKARIOT)
CB Diogo Leiteiro (Porto)
CB Duarte Domingues (Sevilha)
CB Vilarinho - Pedro Vilar (SCUT)
RB João Cancela (Sevilha)
RB Ricardo Pedralva (Vitória de Guimarães)

LM Gonçalo Guerra (Vitória de Guimarães)
LM João Pedro (Bemfica)
CM Bruno Fernando (Sporting CL) (C)
CM João Palhagueira (Valnohar Rovers - TIKARIOT)
CM Pedro Caldeirão (Sporting CL)
CM Sérgio Azinheira (Porto)
RM Francisco Gama (Sevilha)
RM Miguel Pereira (SCUT)
CAM Bernardo Veiga (Sevilha)
CAM João Teixeira (U.Leiriense)

ST André Silveira (Sevilha)
ST Daniel Jota (OF Académica)
ST Gonçalo Paciente (União Leiriense)
ST Filipe Vieira (Sp.Faro)
ST Tomás Silva (Belém)

GK Duarte Costa (Porto)
DF Ricardo Alves (Bemfica)
DF José Bento (OF Académica)
MD Luís Miguel (Sp.Bracarense)
MD João Cabral (Sporting CL)
MD João Teixeira (Vitória Guimarães)
FD Nuno Silva (Sporting CL)
FD Francisco Machado (Sp.Bracarense)

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Postby Barunia » Sun May 09, 2021 11:42 pm

Barunia Suns
World Cup 87 Squad

Barunia seem to have found a team that works. There have been minor changes of course: Karly Seymour comes in for the injured Simon Thompson, who tore an ACL in the X-League semi-finals, Pablo Saurez has been dropped in favour of Richard Hall, and Adam Starc retired, replaced by Clive Rushton. Other than those small changes, the team remains unchanged, with most of the players having been around for two cycles now. The big names are all up the front of course: Moorhouse, last year’s X-League top scorer; Neville Swan, the captain; and Emmanuel Carter, generally regarded as the greatest Barunian footballer in years.

#1 John Taylor
#22 Mercedes Collins
#23 Bradley Warren

#2 Travis Adlington
#3 Ronald Moreno
#4 Nick Bentley
#5 Fiona Brayshaw
#12 Debbie Elliot
#16 Tyler Stevenson
#13 Karly Seymour
#20 Bailey McAndrew

#8 Louise Cartwright
#14 Melissa Hunt
#9 Neville Swan (c)
#15 Antonio Mendoza
#7 Rebecca Thomas
#6 Stefani Obando
#18 Clive Rushton
#19 Juliette Whistler

#11 Emmanuel Carter
#10 Sara Moorhouse
#21 Richard Hall
#17 Rachael Cross

Rafael Barrios (Sargossa)

Formation: 4-3-1-2


Stadium and Hosting Information

Sun Stadium (National Stadium of Barunia), Porthaven - Capacity: 95,000. Location: Porthaven, Havenia
Sun Stadium is the national stadium of Barunia, and the home of the national team, the Barunian Suns. In honour of these illustrious tenants, the stadium has a strong sun motif. This includes the seat patterning, which represents a yellow sun in a blue sky, and the golden "sunburst" roof. The stadium is multi-purpose too, creating a vibrant sports hub for the capital. It was the obvious choice to hold the grand final of the 66th Baptism of Fire.

Will Host: Ko-oren, ZSeparatists, Aut-Ves-Nat

Bayview Stadium - Capacity 70,000. Location: Bayview, Tildos
Bayview Stadium is home to the West Bay Mariners, one of the powerhouses of Barunia's domestic league system. It is located in the town of Bayview, in the West Bay area of Tildos. The stadium is situated on a mountain overlooking Morgan Bay, and is considered to have one of the best views of any stadium in Barunia. Only a recent addition to Barunia’s World Cup tour, where it replaced Newland’s Blackrock Stadium, Bayview has proven a popular destination for both local and foreign fans.

Will Host: HUElavia, Txakhaxi

Memorial Stadium - Capacity: 100,000. Location: Edwardton, Marion
Home to both the Marion Hawks and the Edwardtion Eagles, the box-shape and grille-like cladding of Memorial Stadium has earned it the nickname of “The Birdcage”. The largest football stadium in Barunia, Memorial Stadium is named in honour of those who fought in the civil war. Memorial stadium was built by Kytlerian company BNW Varin and features a retractable roof, 90,000 seats plus terraces, plenty of room for foreign media and large movable screens at the back of the top tier.

Will Host: Vdara, Frestovenia

Sam Garcia Field (Northport Sports Complex) - Capacity: 43,000. Location: Northport-San Baptiste, Northern Isles
Located in the city of Northport-San Baptise in the Northern Islands, this ground is the sacred heart of Barunian football. Often considered to be the place where football in Barunia originated, it's a ground known for firsts, hosting all home matches during the Suns inaugural World Cup campaign (due to it being the only safe ground during the civil war) and is the home of the San Baptiste Sea Lions, the first Barunian Football League championship team. Named in memory of former Sea Lions and Suns goalkeeper Sam Garcia, the main pitch at the Northport Sports Complex is ready to once again provide plenty of firsts.

Will Host: Communist Republic of North Yorkshire, Delaclava

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes (no own goals please)
Godmod scoring events:No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 1 per match at most
Godmod other events: No

Style: +2.6
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Rugby Union World Cup 25 - Third Place

Hosts of the 4th T20 Cricket World Cup
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Postby St Trinians » Mon May 10, 2021 12:14 am

St Trinians National Football Team
#1 Millicent Becket
#2 Dottie Carmicheal
#3 Nonie Swindlehurst
#4 Frankie Tipton
#5 Miracle Butler
#6 Essie Gardner
#7 Temperance Porter
#8 Ilsa De Grandhomme
#9 Elisabeth Speight
#10 Alyson Granger
#11 Poppy Appleton

St Trinians is a matriarchal anarchy. The society is completely lawless, and the monarch, or Matriarch, rules by the principle of "Might is always right", a phrase that appears in the national anthem. There was a lot of difficulty in naming 23 players for the national team, as each powerful gang leader and noble wanted to have their way. Politics in St Trinians involves a lot of threats and placating. After much political posturing, the Matriarch herself named the team.

St Trinians' national motto is "Get your blow in first", and the team will follow this philosophy. Relentless attack is the order of St Trinians football, and the team employ a 2-3-5 strategy which attempts to overwhelm the opponent with constant shots on goal. As true anarchists, St Trinaisn' players have little regard for rules, personal safety, or the right of other players to not be carried off on a stretcher. Expect fouls, injuries, and cards galore.

Team information for starting 11
1. Millicent Becket
Tall and athletic, Becket is probably the best player on the team in terms of pure skill. That's a good thing, as she'll get little help from her defenders. Always serious, Becket will be one of the few St Trinians players unlikely to recieve a card. She has become one of the team's poster girls.

2. Dottie Carmicheal
With her teased hair and facial piercings, Carmichael's appearance screams alternative. While she might be small and shy, she makes up for it with an almost psychopathic aggressiveness and a tendency to know just where a person's weak spots are.

3. Nonie Swindlehurst
Big, solid, and mean, Swindlehurst employs a simple approach to defence: run through the opponent. And if that doesn't work, break their jaw. Intimidating anywhere on the field, her presence in a crowded box becomes terrifying. Nonie is the most likely player on the team to pick up a red card, and that's saying something.

4. Frankie Tipton
Tipton is a hyperactive ball of energy that always seems to be in the best of spirits. It's unclear how much of that is natural and how much is due to the recreational drugs she frequently takes. What is clear is that this restless energy means she is perfect for the holding midfielder role as the first line of defence and the start of attack.

5. Miracle Butler
Miracle is from an upper-class family, and is a social media star. Her presence on the team was paid for, the Matriarch receiving a large sum of cash. Miracle hopes this will pay off in the form of an uptick in her followers, which is all she seems to care about. With training she has become a passable midfielder, but certainly not world class.

6. Essie Gardner
Don't let the outlandish makeup and bright hair fool you, Gardner has an evil streak. She knows all the dirty tricks, and she's not afraid to pull them out. From Galloway, a city known for it's often brutal gang violence, its quite possible that Gardner has the highest kill count of any of the team.

7. Temperance Porter
Porter is one of two captains for the side. She is a highly-talented footballer with clinical passing skills and a decent right boot that has made her an excellent choice to lead the team. She also has serious anger management issues, and will lash out if provoked.

8. Ilsa De Grandhomme
Of the many upper class girls on the team, De Grandomme is undoubtedly the highest on the ladder, as it were. and the most well-connected. Her naming as co-captain is seen by many as a favour to her mother, a personal friend of the Matriarch. She's not without talent though, and will send in many crosses into the box. Also likely to take free kicks from range.

9. Elisabeth Speight
Born to a low-class family on the mean streets of Galloway, Speight's inclusion shocked the upper-class establishment. Speight was chosen by the Matriarch herself after footage emerged of Elisabeth taking penalties in a school match. She is the most accurate striker on the team, and will be the penalty taker.

10. Alyson Granger
Granger is at centre forward for one reason and one reason only: shock value. A tall, strong woman, Granger dominates in aerial contests. It helps that she has an accurate header as well. Her approach to goalscoring is just to kick the ball as hard as possible in the direction of the goal. Shots from Granger are best described as rockets.

11. Poppy Appleton
The exact opposite of Granger, Appleton is the youngest player on the team. Arguably the brains of the team, her skills lie more in running circles around defenders and pouncing on loose balls (always a possibility with Granger on the team).

Full 23 player roster
#   Position       Name                Hometown    Favourite Weapon
1 Goalkeeper Millicent Becket Searle Hunting Rifle
2 Defender Dottie Carmicheal Mummerpool Switchblade
3 Defender Nonie Swindlehurst Searle Knuckleduster
4 Def. midfield Frankie Tipton Finkton Revolver
5 Midfield Miracle Butler Searle Metal Pipe
6 Midfield Essie Gardner Galloway Assault Rifle
7 Att. Midfield Temperance Porter Searle Hat-pin
8 Att. Midfield Ilsa De Grandhomme Wochester 9mm Pistol
9 Forward Elisabeth Speight Galloway Razor Blade
10 Forward Alyson Granger Mummerpool Kitchen Knife
11 Forward Poppy Appleton Coxford Wooden Bat
12 Goalkeeper Virginia Brassington Cowbridge Knife
13 Defender Catherine Holker Searle Wood Axe
14 Defender Georgie Haight Searle Sawn-off Shotgun
15 Def. midfield Trinity Wollenstone Searle .45 Pistol
16 Midfield Wilhelmina Dorsey Wochester Hockey Stick
17 Midfield Gwendolyn Temple Searle Revolver
18 Att. Midfield Primula Hardwick Finkton Cavalry Sabre
19 Att. Midfield Eleanor Longstaff Searle Hunting Knife
20 Forward Comfort Maitland Searle Assault Rifle
21 Forward Dorothea Cummings Searle Battle-Axe
22 Forward Penny Breckenridge Mummerpool Walking Cane
23 Goalkeeper Madelyn Walmsley Searle Grenade Launcher

Head Coach: Amy Pepperpot

Left to right:
Goalkeeper home Kit, worn by Millicent Becket
Home kit, worn by co-captain Temperance Porter
Away kit, worn by co-captain Ilsa De Grandhomme

Insert: Goalkeeper away kit

Stadium: National Stadium, Searle. Capacity 25,000.
The National Stadium was built specifically for St Trinians' entry into the World Cup. It is a significant upgrade to the stands and grounds of Walmsley College, one of the richest colleges in St Trinians. Located in the nation's capital of Searle, the new stadium seats 25,000, or an impressive 5% of the national population. A high security presence will be provided by the Royal Army of St Trinians to protect players and officials.

Permissions: You may do anything to my players short of killing them or giving them career-ending injuries. Bear in mind I will likely reciprocate.
If you would like to godmod anything to do with my team, TG me first!

Style mod: +4
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Postby Marigred » Mon May 10, 2021 2:10 am

Marigred Senior

Nation: The Kingdom of Marigred
Nickname:Grey Wolf
Region: Melayu Archipelago
Tactic:4-1-4-1 DM

WCQ 88 MD1-5 (March 2101) Roster

Mordel Clay (47 y.o)
-In pro area, Mordel was totally green. He never play as a profesional player. Mordel end all his career as amateur player as Marigred seriously began adjusting football a few ago and the first ever pro league just started this year. Even Mordel never feel the pro level, he is one of the moat respected and well known in amateur level. His name quite well known especially around Procktria, his hometown. Same s his career, Mordel also only has record at amateur level. However, among all the manager from Sharktail, Mordel considered the best. He has won everything with Sand Rays FC, an amateur club from Procktria town. Considering his experience as a coach and career achievement, All Marigred Football Association (AMFA) believe Mordel are good enough to take over Marigred Senior team. After bring Marigred past group stage in BoF 75, now the more biggest challenge come. Mordel have work to do and only he know this team better than anyone else.
Assistant Manager
Arleen Moses (38 y.o)

1. Zakari Calhoun
Age : 27 | Club: Aumotar City
NT caps: 5 | NT CS: 3

12. Briceson Daniels
Age : 27 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: Debutant | NT CS: -

22. Jaslene Robinson
Age : 32 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: 0 | NT CS: -

Left back
2. Jashana Bailey
Age : 29 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: 5 | NT assist: 1
MotM: 1

12. Jazael Norris
Age : 32 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: 0

Center Back
3. Antez Mcdowell
Age : 29 | Club: Aumotar City
NT caps: 4

4. Rakeem Brown
Age : 26 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: 5

13. Olishia Jordan
Age : 27 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: 2

14. Aksa Anderson
Age : 27 | Club: Aumotar City
NT caps: 1

Right Back
5. Deana Reese
Age : 28 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: 4

15. Juelle Jackson
Age : 29 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: 3

Defensive Midfielder
6. Tevoris Tucker | V. captain
Age : 30 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: 5 | NT goal: 1

16. Orien Barber
Age : 30 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: 0

Center Midfielder
7. Taylen Wells
Age : 22 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: 4

8. Itrez Bush
Age : 32 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: 1

18. Wakee Hubt
Age : 25 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: 4

17. Yucera Powells
Age : 24 | Club: Procktria United
NT caps: Debutant

Left Wing
9. Damarco Baldwin | Captain
Age : 32 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: 5 | NT goal: 2
NT assist: 2 | MotM: 1

19. Isiah Price
Age : 28 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: 0

Right Wing
10. Anjawon Hill
Age : 23 | Club: Reauwy United
NT caps: 5

20. J'waun Joyner
Age : 32 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: Debutant

11. Zima King
Age : 24 | Club: Olympio Quena
NT caps: 4 | NT goal: 2

21. Shovon Banks
Age : 28 | Club: FC Procktria
NT caps: 3

23. Trashae Mcclain
Age : 27 | Club: Aumotar FC
NT caps: Debutant

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, please tg or DM on discord.
Godmod injuries to my players: yes, inform me via tg or dm
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: go on,

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Postby Electrum » Mon May 10, 2021 4:24 am

RE: Electrum Roster [SEC=SENSITIVE]

To whoever reads this...

I write this letter during the time of my greatest need. I have used the last of my will to write this. I have seen the depravity of humanity.

When the plane crashed, we thought it would all be over. But it wasn't.

What really killed us though was the hope that we would survive.

One by one we starved. Carrion-eating birds circle us. We had no choice but to consume our friends, our brothers.

I put this letter in a bottle, and send it off to sea, in the hopes someone finds this precious document that we have saved...

Please find attached this roster of Electrum's national football team.


Electrum National Football Team
presented by Electrum Football

General Information
The sentient creatures from the country of Electrum take part in a competitive endeavour called football, where the objective is to use feet (the bottom two limbs) to move the ball into the opposing team's netted zone, scoring one goal. The most goals wins the match. Electrum's performance in this tournament, can be objectively described as being "okay" with a win in the "World Cup 78" competition, and losses in all other editions. The state of football, has recently fallen by the wayside in recent years, due to the catastrophe that required your (The Computator) intervention. You may recall that you saved Electrum from a time freeze, a phenomenon where we were stuck in place while time moved inexorably forward across the rest of the multiverse. Because Electrum's players were stuck in a time freeze, their muscles have atrophied to the point of no return, so we've had to throw out the old team and start fresh with new players who didn't have a large base to begin with. We've really only kept the captain on board.

Of course you recall, with your fifth dimensional neural network, we embedded some of your interdimensional friends from other worlds, to assist the team. Unfortunately, this arrangement has not worked out for certain creatures, so we have replaced some of them with the native sentient creatures. You will be happy to note that we have continued to keep Einarsson, King of the Armoured Bears as well as Seb on the team. We have generated a new strategy utilising Seb for this World Cup. The Electrumite National Team are not expected to make great success in this competition, and this trend is expected to continue in perpetuity.

Style: 0

Statistical Information

Best World Cup record: Champion (WC78)
Worst World Cup record: We don't talk about that

Coaching Staff
Manager: Tyler Fernando
Assistant Manager: Jemima Bryant
Development Manage: Risa Shigaraki

A new contract is currently in effect with the procurement of services from Tyler Fernando, sentient creature. Fernando has previously, we understand, piloted the Electrumite National Team to the victory in World Cup 78. Jemima Bryant is noted for her use of technology in decision making and could prove useful in other capacities for The Computator. She has indicated that she is ready to feed real-time statistics directly into your neural network so you can better understand the data that humans generate.

Starting XI
#1 Ralph Mills - 25 - GK - Image Hamilton Sandstorm
#4 Elenora Sapper - 21 - DF - Image Taeshan City Miners
#5 Bayden Forest - 26 - DF - Image Hamilton Sandstorm
#7 Roland McCourtney - 29 - FW - Image Grenville Sailors
#9 Sentient Energy Ball (Seb)** - ?? - FW
#12 William Stewart - 23 - DF - Image University
#13 Julius van Buren - 28 - MF - Image Grenville Sailors
#18 Alan Moore - 32 (c) - DF - Image Directus
#20 Nindethana Nindethana (vc) - 27 - MF - Image Eastal Lunar
#22 Einarsson, King of the Armoured Bears - ?? - MF
#24 Android X3-TU in the shape of a flightless bird - ?? - MF

**Note: Seb will be wearing a 'jacket' for the duration of this tournament, which will cover its entire body. The jacket will look identical to a normal football. Some confusion may be had.

#11 David Patterson - 23 - FW - Image NextGen
#14 Deborah Garcia - 21 - MF - Image NextGen
#15 Marcus Renshaw - 26 - FW - Image FC Fairleigh-Warburton
#16 Alex Xiao - 24 - FW - Image Somer City and Surrounds
#19 Pete Westtcott - 26 - MF - Image Ventura Bay
#21 Christine Bayer - 22 - DF - Image Agri Foodbowl
#26 Cindy Torvald - 22 - MF - Image Pinkerton FC
#27 Crystal Le - 29 - DF - Image Kale Island Dwarfs
#28 Ian Kravitz - 25 - DF - Image Burnton 1963
#30 Peyton Nix - 27 - GK - Image Prescott Wolves
#32 Sarah Archer - 25 - GK - Image Centralis Heart

Style: 0

-                First Eleven Formation                -

McCourtney Seb

Android Einarsson van Buren Nindethana

Stewart Forest Moore Sapper


Kit Information

Kits have been provided by infinite, a Donnacona company

Stadium Information


All Electrum home matches where Electrum is the higher ranked team will be at Centralis Arena (capacity: 40,000). All other matches (where Electrum is the lower ranked team) will be at Olympic Stadium.

RP Permissions
Everything/anything is acceptable can occur to the non-human players. Humans cannot be killed or suffer career ending injuries.
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Tiemnational van Fuutbol De Bondsaari
The Sarian National Football Team

291-2 World Cup Qualifying Squad

i. The Squad

The LegaSaari, who organises the national team, have centrally-contracted forty players who can be drawn upon during the qualifiers.

Each player is listed in likelihood of being selected within their position. Stats are correct as of start of qualifying.


Name                   Age  Pronouns   Caps C.S Best Other Club     
Oodel Duoztiun 30 he/him 84 28 GK - De Commons
Augustijn Kindvanevan 23 he/him 0 0 GK - Ituraitz Victory [ASG]
Max Bul 24 he/him 1 0 GK - Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Cseralen Zwarte 28 he/him 0 0 GK - Tucanviul Tijgers
Lex Horn 32 they/them 5 2 GK - Tocigtuon Taun



Name                     Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other Club     
Henri Brejzun 26 he/him 44 5 DC - CF Bondstad
Matilde Schaap 23 she/her 12 0 DC DR Zilverstraat SC
Wilaam Braanviul 27 he/him 5 0 DC - De Commons
Kameron Bondstad 27 he/him 15 0 DC - Bondstad Treason
Ela Bulle 26 she/her 0 0 DC - CvdS Wiclyf
Lyzbet Sneiders 25 she/her 0 0 DC - Mancodas City [PFA]
Criuzi Siwaad 30 she/her 23 1 DC - Tucanviul Tijgers


Name                 Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other Club     
Trent Kindvanbruux 26 he/him 35 4 DL WBL De Commons
Padrig Singh 27 he/him 10 0 DL - Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Oli DeSaari 26 he/him 1 0 DL DC De Commons

Max Bruin 22 he/him 3 0 DR DL Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Dora Jacobs 26 she/her 3 0 DR WBR De Commons
Ceutiz Maazden 29 he/him 41 1 DR DC Bondstad Treason
Mati Kolen 26 they/them 16 0 DR DC Tocigtuon Taun


Central & Speciality Midfielders

Name                Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other  Club     
Winona Tolbert 30 they/them 6 0 DM MC De Commons
Bloem Auteberi 28 she/her 9 0 DM MC BSC Kroningdam

Hugo Sint Lo 34 he/him 58 7 MC - Zilverstraat SC
Maarta Denell 27 she/her 15 0 MC - Zilverstraat SC
Pietr Beurkhaad 27 he/him 3 1 MC DM Oostelund Cavalaars
Piteur Jong 30 he/him 18 1 MC AMC CF Bondstad
Wilaam Kindvanjohan 25 he/him 10 0 MC DM Bondstad Treason
Jens Foord 27 he/him 0 0 MC ML CvdS Wiclyf

Mohammad Islam 27 he/him 35 10 AMC MC Bondstad Treason
Fleur Rietdekker 28 she/her 12 2 AMC - De Commons
Luuc Rietdekker 22 he/him 0 0 AMC MC FC St. Jakob [STL]

Wingers & Wide Midfielders

Name                  Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other     Club     
Franc Tucanviul 30 he/him 15 2 ML AML CF Bondstad
Luuc Broen 27 he/him 6 1 ML AML BSC Kroningdam
Luci Berenhaad 30 she/her 7 0 ML AML Wilaamstad Wrijgers

Maeri Beniut 25 she/her 76 10 MR AMR CF Bondstad
Cnut Zumer 28 he/him 28 9 AMR MR,FC De Commons
Lucie Joy 26 she/her 0 0 MR AMR,FC CvdS Wiclyf


Name            Age  Pronouns  Caps Gls Best Other  Club     
Wil De Lang 23 he/him 12 6 FC - Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Mikaal Kok 26 he/him 0 0 FC - Wilaamstad Wrijgers
Lach Houten 34 he/him 48 20 FC AMR/L CF Bondstad
Jodi Croena 25 he/him 0 0 FC - Inter Raití [TEQ]

ii. Kits & Miscellaneous


Manager: Miccal Druiven (73, he/him)
Assistant Manager: Ghaun Rejn (70, she/her)
Captain: Oodel Duoztiun

Home Stadia: De Stadionnational, Bondstad (capacity: 50,046); Volkenstadion De Commons, De Commons (capacity: 36,500).
Teams ranked 150 or below, or unranked, will play at Volkenstadion De Commons. All others will play at De Stadionnational.

Best Formation: 4-4-1-1
Other Formations Used: 4-5-1/4-2-3-1/5-4-1/3-5-1-1/3-3-3-1
Style Mod: -3.5

The name
The Sarian is the common English title, with Sarian, The Sari Union, Saria, The Saarian or The Saari Union common variants.
De BondSaari (literally, the Union Saari) is the common native title, with increasing use in English.
De Bondtlanden van de Saari (literally, the United Lands - often translated as nations - of the Saari) is the full official title.
Saari or Sari is the demonym, though Sarian is occasionally used by some foreigners.
The names all refer to the Saari people - an ethnic group united by The Saari Union.

Role-play Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, though I reserve the right to determine length. Please do not RP something that will stop the player playing in their next game without TGing me.
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, though I reserve the right to determine length. Please do not RP something that will stop the player playing their next game with TGing me.
Suspend my players: Yes.
Godmod suspension events: Yes.
Godmod other events: Yes, though nothing which affects my team or nation beyond the scope of the game being played.

A note on the COVID-19 outbreak: I find any attempts to RP the pandemic, or something closely resembling the pandemic, to be in extremely poor taste. Thus, I shall not interact with them in any way.

You do not have permission to RP any infectious disease in my nation or any player with an infectious disease into my nation. If your nation is making domestic adjustments because of the Coronavirus which affect our games, I will not be attributing the changes to the Coronavirus in any of my RPs.

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