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Postby Port Ember » Sun Nov 22, 2020 4:36 am

Republic of Port Ember National Football Team - Official Independents Association Cup 11 Roster


Nation Name: The Republic of Port Ember
Trigramme: PE
Demonym: Port Emberian(s)
Nickname: The Dragons
Sponsors: Gudfrey's Trading Company; Hydra Industries; Reaver Industries
Style Modifier: +3
Formation: 4-4-2
Team Colors: Primary - Blue & White; Secondary Black & Red.
OOC: Logo & Kit supplied by the awesome Brusseldorf

Team Kit

Primary Kit


Secondary Kit


Port Ember: A Brief Overview

The Republic of Port Ember is a nation comprising a tropical archipelago within the Northern Ocean and is considered as a regional superpower and international economic giant. The tropical nation is governed as a constitutional democracy in the form of a Republic. The nation considers itself as a champion for personal liberty and economic freedom, and is seen as one of the most free and wealthiest nations in the world. The two billion citizens are considered to be world wise and innovative, considering the art of world trade & travel, making money and engaging in bar brawls as the foundation of their national culture. The nation also possesses two colonies - Braziliztan and Port Arthur which they gained during bloody wars to uphold international freedom and human rights.

Port Ember: A Brief Football History

Prior to World Cup 83, Port Ember had a very limited football culture and infrastructure, with interest and development on par with international amateur leagues. The sport slowly gained interest within the Republic due to the widespread media coverage the sport received within the nation, and slowly but surely, the masses started calling for Port Ember to enter the international football scene. The people's voices were heard and the Port Ember Football Association (PEFA) received a massive financial injection with which to kick start the road to enter the international scene. PEFA established the "Port Emberian Youth Football Project", which saw a large group of 14-year old children chosen to become the future of Port Emberian football - training together and being developed into future stars. Four years later the team was finally ready to storm the world - and they did so by participating in the Baptism of Fire 70 tournament. Although they failed to win the tournament as hoped, they won Bronze for finishing in third place. Although only achieving third place, this tournament was a massive victory for PEFA since it managed to wake a sleeping giant- the entire nation rallied behind the national team and the team turned into national heroes and idols overnight. Modern, state of the art stadiums jumped up across the nation, quickly filled by passionate fans supporting the newly formed domestic clubs. Children and adults alike took to the streets and local stadiums to kick ball - creating a massive pool of new potential players on a scale never seen before in any sport in Port Emberian history. Next, the inexperienced but passionate Dragons entered the qualification campaign for World Cup 83, meeting true professional giants in the footballing world. Although failing to qualify for the World Cup proper, the team managed to make a massive wave on the international stage - showing the world that they had the capability to cause upset after upset, relying on pure passion, fitness and youth despite their inexperience. Their strong showing in the qualifier campaign earned them an invitation to the esteemed Cup of Harmony 75 tournament. Once again the young team was seen as complete underdogs against the giants of the tournament. Again the young Port Emberian squad managed to cause spectacular upsets, finally being knocked out in the Quarterfinals of the Cup. Returning home, the new heroes joined the newly formed domestic league and laid the foundation of a modern and professional football league and infrastructure.

The Qualification campaign for World Cup 84 commenced, with the Dragons once again being considered underdogs in the face of very strong and established teams. After a rocky start, the team shocked the world as they took their group by storm, winning 10 consecutive matches, qualifying for the World Cup proper by grabbing the runner up spot in their group - becoming one of few teams who could manage to qualify for the grandest stage of them all, on only their second attempt. The lowest ranked side of the tournament celebrated a bit too soon as they were torn back to humility in the World Cup, losing all their World Cup games, failing to enter the Knockout Stages. The team continued to build and hone their technical skills whilst retaining their passion and fitness in an attempt to prove that they were not lucky - they were here to stay.

They managed to prove to the world and themselves that they belonged on the international stage during the Independent Association Cup 9, grabbing Bronze in the end.

The peak of the Port Emberian 'Golden Era' seemed to have come to a grizzly end after the constant morbid events which took place during the World Cup 85 Qualification Season. Firstly, fame and success finally caught up with the young orphans of the squad, leading the squad to overindulge in extreme parties, with an emphasis placed on the consumption of alcohol, recreational rugs - and the attention from the fairer sex. This led to constant arguments and brawls between the team members, both in public, during practice sessions - and even on the pitch during matches. This period of unrest quickly reached boiling point as one player, Frazer Murray, brutally murdered the team's captain and star player, Ray Reddington in a local coffee shop. Frazer pleaded guilty to the murder charges, and was executed by lethal injection one day before the last match day of the Qualification Season. The man who established and led the team from the very start - the Head Coach & Manager, Stuart Baxter, resigned with immediate effect when Reddington was murdered. The national hero was found dead by suicide a few days before the end of the last season.

This emotionally broken team reluctantly entered the 77th rendition of the Cup of Harmony, in hopes that they could restore the name of the 'Dark Horse Underdogs' - and perhaps regain some faith within the world which has so crushed them. This was not to be however, as they were knocked out of the knockout rounds before they could reach the Quarterfinals.

Following this disaster, the domestic leagues grew ever larger and more successful, drawing legions of new talent, new money and new supporters to the new and modern stadiums. Despite this evolvement, PEFA remained stubborn and steadfast in their ways - refusing to select new players or staff members for the national squad, choosing to rely on the original heroes who have build the sport into the legend it was currently - yet who have mostly passed their prime, and have succumb to the depression of the morbid events which have marked their team.

The error of PEFA's choices were highlighted when the Dragons faltered at the Independent Association Cup 10, and continued to yet again fail to qualify for the World Cup 86 proper.

With a new Chairman, PEFA has changed its ways completely, and have selected an entire new squad - staff members included - to attempt to relive the Golden Days of the past. They will now partake in the Independent Associations Cup 11 to test their new squad prior to the World Cup 87 qualification campaign.

Staff Members

Team Manager: Valentine Oliver

Assistant Head Coach: Danny Nicovic

Attacking Coach: Leon Moult.

Defensive Coach: Daryl House.

Goalkeeping Coach: Peter Smith

Fitness Coach: Dusty Russel

Team Doctor: Dr Toby Curtiss

Massage Therapist: Jessica Day

Physiotherapist: Dr Jolene Michels

Starting XI


#1 (GK) || Ilbert Moses || Age 22 || Greenfield Bulls

#2 (CB) || Craig Ramsey || Age 22 || Waterstad Pirates

#3 (CB) || Jason Lee || Age 34 || Greenfield Bulls

#4 (LB) || Adam Reynell || Age 22 || Greenfield Bulls

#5 (RB) || Elihu Frost || Age 22 || Amanaki FC


#6 (AM) || Jason Chamberlain
|| Age 22 || Thurston FC

#7 (DM) || Steven Packard || Age 34 || Eden FC

#8 (LM) || Tàmhas Savage || Age 22 || Real Beras

#9 (RM) || Finnbar Cox || Age 22 || Gold Coast Raiders


#10 (CF) || Donald Vroomen || Age 22 || Lilly Black Kings

#11 (CF) || Charlton Townsend || Age 22 || Lilly Black Kings



#12 (GK) || Floris Shepard || Age 22 || Eden Fc

#13 (GK) || Claud Hanson || Age 22 || Thurston FC

#14 (CB) || Dominick Mclean || Age 22 || Blacklake FC

#15 (CB) || Rowland Mclean || Age 22 || Beras FC

#16 (LB) || Brantley Heimans || Age 22 || Beras FC

#17 (RB) || Tracy Paddon || Age 22 || Blacklake FC


#18 (AM) || Devon Campbell || Age 22 || Nirvana FC

#19 (DM) || Jozefo Van Dalen || Age 22 || Amanaki Coast

#20 (LM) || Gib Aaldenberg || Age 22 || Amanaki Coast

#21 (RM) || Maoilios Priestley || Age 22 || Nirvana FC


#22 (CF) || Collin Cockburn || Age 22 || Blacklake FC

#23 (CF) || Conall Stevens || Age 22 || Blacklake FC

Typical Gameplan

The team has quite an unique play-style, reflecting much on the genetics of the average Port Emberian. They prefer a fast, aggressive and hard game, playing to their benefits of being an athletic and powerful race. Their 'Signature Play' is an interesting one, which can almost be seen as a gamble. A possibly effective gamble however. They would bait the opposition to push far ahead to their goal area hard, to lure most opponent players into their half of the field. Thereafter the strong and aggressive defense would steal the possession from the opponents, and powerfully kick the ball deep to the other side of the field, where the Port Emberian strikers would use their athleticism to chase down the ball in a counter attack, outrunning the majority of the opponents, and pushing hard until a goal is scored. It is due to this play-style that the local sports-wires have dubbed it a "Aggressive Counter Attack Style".

The Fans

The national team enjoys a very large supporter base, with fans being nearly fanatical in their support.

When matches are being played, most businesses closes down for the duration of the derby, allowing their employees to watch the match at home or a local pub.

For the duration of the IAC, thousands upon thousands of fans are expected to flock towards the hosting nation.

The official fanclub of the squad is known as "The Traveling Buccaneers", and can be identified at the games due to being painted completely blue with body paint, and some wielding trumpets.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Basically just remember the 'Do upon others' rule...
♤ And my proudest work - Hydra Industries - I created all my own military equipment.
♤ A great RP resource -The Average Port Emberian
Port Emberian Embassy Program
♤ My Discord Channel -
However only for members of the GFTC

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IAC-11 Roster

Postby Tequilo » Sun Nov 22, 2020 4:56 am

Independent Associations Championship
Tequilo National Team
Tournament Squad

Attacking Modifier: +3.3

Team kits by Natty Kit.
Home - agave blue shirts with charcoal & white trim; agave blue shorts; white & agave blue hooped socks
Away - desert gold shirts; gold shorts & socks - all with agave blue & white trim.

Often referred to by the nicknames Agave-Blues on account of their kit or Los Pitxileros [Transl. The Footballers], the Tequilo national team set-up approaches it's third cycle of the World Cup with some moderately impressive showings at all age groups but no real honours on the board as yet. Third-placed finishes in Baptism of Fire 72 and the last under-18 World Cup (and into the semi-finals of the current one) are the pinnacle of achievements so far, with a fourth-placed finish in their debut IAC also signalling some promise. The feeling is it may be time to start delivering on that promise for fear of settling in the bracket of good-ish, but not great or even simply never quite good enough - something most Tequiloa, a very relaxed kind of people, would be perfectly happy with but the Tequiloan FA, the Unión, having made such a fuss over the last few years and publishing so much about their great plans for world dominance, could not settle for, politically speaking.

A Brief History of Los Pitxileros

In the last IAC, which was the nation's debut, the decision was taken to send a development under-23 squad, given that Tequilo would not take part in the di Bradini under-21 World Cup and needed a pathway to the full national team. The surprise success of the team in reaching the semi-finals and finishing fourth overall led the Unión - that is the Tequiloan FA to you and me - to declare in retrospect that full caps would be awarded to all participants. The Unión have decided to opt for a similar approach this time around, sticking to an under-23 team but considering it as a full national status and significantly, allowing established younger internationals like Vilca Hualla, Tlacolotl and Ixtub Tün to take part. It is suspected this move was in part to allow keeper Oscar Bienvenida to continue his record-breaking run of consecutive caps for his country, as well as to push for an even better finish than last time around. As part of the development ethos, the team will again be run by national team coaches Luka Entenza and Haize Apeiztegui, with national senior team head coach Isaac Martí taking the role of Team Director. It is not clear whether he will travel with the team; last time he was a remote presence, seen in the stands at matches and not attending training as he allowed Luka and Haize the space to develop their own practice.


Head Coach: Luka Entenza, 49, former coach at Argón Tacranza. Intense sort of fellow. Also head coach of the Under-23 development squad.
Team Director: Isaac Martí, 57, head coach of the national team and former coach at Motozintla FC. Also director of the junior teams; the under-23 and under-18s.
Assistant Head Coach: Haize Apeiztegui, 34, a professor of the game and brilliant defender coming to the last of his playing days at Unuiĝinta, still playing for the national team as a supporter’s favourite, Tequilo’s most-capped player.
Team Captain: Vilca Hualla, AML, 23; former Índigo Huayna winger, he moved to KT Itzalovalle in Audioslavia at the beginning of the current season for a national record transfer fee of ₸8m (₸=chèlinpesos). Despite some injury problems early in his career, he has been very highly rated since the Baptism of Fire days and was appointed captain of the national team in quick succession to his vice captaincy in the last World Cup, his leadership qualities shining through as he replaces the legendary (in Tequilo) Mateo Tafalla.
Vice Captain: Oscar Bienvenida, GK, 20. In the middle of a record-breaking run of consecutive caps for his country - currently at 25 and counting - the young goalkeeper has years ahead of him but is already a mature and experienced figure around the national camp. Also captains his club team, Motozintla, where he signed for a then record domestic transfer fee of ₸3.75m from Tumuloa Xico.


The core of this team are the brave young things that have been around since the early days of the Baptism of Fire and yet are still young enough to squeeze into this under-23 development team - Oscar Bienvenida, Ixtub Tün, Vilca Hualla, Niño Pinto, Tlacolotl, Ricardo Bailén and Isidoro Artechevarria; this core is expected to serve a mentoring role for a host of younger players moving up from younger age brackets or those who have had some national team experience as fringe players, looking to cement places for the next World Cup campaign - Vincent Okila, Alexandro Calvoecheaga, Cio Çenturion and Masango Sukè, for example. The team features seven players who will hope to win their first caps in this tournament, most notably Mani Quetzalama coming out of the hugely successful Argón Academy, and Tikariot-based pair Sebastian Pozo and Baptiste Ndosi.

Starting XI

# Name Pos. Age Cps/Gls Av.R Club Paeips

1. Oscar Bienvenida (VC) GK 20 51/14* 7.21 Motozintla leader
2. Mani Quetzalama DL 20 - - Argón Tacranza reliable
3. Tol Chicote DC 20 10/- 7.26 Fábrica Tapalupé leader
4. Vincent Okila DC 21 10/1 7.53 Benemérito unpredictable
5. José Tavia † DR 21 7/- 6.66 Atlás Ciuredor laid backOut with Kepolalia
6. Ixtub Tün DMC 19 39/2 6.93 Olympia Borograd (SLT) beastOut with Kepolalia
7. Vilca Hualla (C) AML 23 28/4 7.32 KT Itzalovalle (AUD) leader
8. Niño Pinto AMC 19 29/13 6.98 Índigo Huayna predatory
9. Tlacolotl ST 21 54/35 7.46 Pitxi-Pitxi 77 warhorse
10. Alexandro Calvoecheaga ST 20 12/4 7.63 CF Frantxizko-A professor
11. Ricardo Bailén AMR 23 17/4 7.41 Fábrica Tapalupé eccentric


12. Ostando Bertendona DL 20 7/- 6.86 CF Frantxizko-A reliable
13. Sebastian Pozo DC 22 - - Parakleion Firebirds (TKT) languid
14. Diego Nores DC 21 - - Motozintla braveOut with Kepolalia
15. Baptiste Ndosi DR 21 - - Miruan City FC (TKT) creativeOut with Kepolalia
16. Tomás Alemán DMC 22 5/- 7.92 Argón Tacranza bulldozerOut with Kepolalia
17. Isidoro Artechevarria AML 22 35/8 6.75 Urbo Ibaeta bulldozerOut with Kepolalia
18. Cio Çenturion AMC 18 9/1 7.29 Pitxi-Pitxi 77 stylish
19. Gil Aznar ST 20 - - Jaguar Ixtacomitán extrovertOut with Kepolalia
20. Alex Gallo ST 19 5/- 6.26 Equipo Caimán creativeOut with Kepolalia
21. Tepin Mecatl-Rubió GK 23 2/- 7.85 Resplendiente determined
22. Masango Sukè AMR 19 9/2 6.82 Argón Tacranza predatory
23. Esâ Neá AML 20 2/- 5.60 Florentino unpredictableOut with Kepolalia
24. Títi DC 20 - - Pitxi-Pitxi 77 dynamoOut with Kepolalia
31. Goio Demato GK 22 - - Índigo Huayna cavalier

† José Tavia is dual national; Tequilo-Tamarindia (TAM)
*clean sheets


Have fun. Maybe don't kill everyone. At least not all at once.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Do Absolutely Anything: Y*

*RRR: the Right to Reciprocity Reserved

The ‘Paeips’ (‘peeps’) system - as noted in the squad listing - is there to assist your RP, if you need it. Full description ‘Personality As Expressed In Playing Style’, it uses a single word to sum up how the person plays, and/or how they are off the ball, off the field, off the clock and off piste… feel free to interpret that one word how you wish, or ignore it.

Most likely to get…

Poacher's tap in: Tlacolotl
20-metre screamer: Cio Çenturion
Applauded for fancy panenka: Vincent Okila
Laughed at for bungled panenka: Ricardo Bailén
Drilled down the middle: Vilca Hualla
Jeered for over-exuberant celebrations: Gil Aznar
First minute booking: Tomás Alemán
Last minute winner: Niño Pinto
Early bath for handbags: Isidoro Artechevarria
Stretcher to the tunnel: Sebastian Pozo
Blood-covered rag around head: Ixtub Tün
Tackle of the season: Mani Quetzalama
Book of tactics for extra-curricular homework: Alexandro Calvoecheaga
A packet of sweets, a pat on the head, and excused from doing his homework for the night: Alex Gallo
Early nomination for legend status: Títi

The average Tequiloan has an exceedingly high SQ (shambolic quotient) meaning they are really very good at creating and thriving in chaos… they generally get things done in a very roundabout and often nonsensical way, usually with an unbelievably high portion of luck (either good or bad). They are happy to lose, and prefer it in chaotic fashion - it's all about the journey, not the result. 0-7 is much more interesting than 0-1. Apparently.

For the purpose of media marketing, the PR company attached to the UPT has decided the national team will take the nickname Los Pitxileros - the imaginative epithet translates as ’The Footballers’ - although the press and fans mostly prefer to use ’the agave-blues’ on account of their shirt colour.

Kepolalia Update
Tequilo's second appearance in the IAC is turning into a nightmare; within days of arriving in the country some of the squad had contracted Kepolalia, which affects the Broca's area and arcuate fasciculus sections of the brain; typically causing an extreme dulling of original conceptualisation and critical thinking, communicating in nonsense language, and automatic imitation, repetition and 'parroting' of others. It is believed Diego Nores was the first to become infected, but the variable gestation of the virus lends uncertainty, as others may have caught it first but been asymptomatic initially. Certainly he was the first to demonstrate symptoms but the infection was not immediately picked up, as Deigo was not well known in the team and people just though he was an annoying little kid trying somehow to win acceptance through bizarre shows of disingenuous performance. Some wanted to punch him for his copycatting. But it became clear, after a few days of this, that there was something wrong. Too late, the penny dropped - the squad was already in the midst of a Kepolalia outbreak. By then, José Tavia and Baptiste Ndosi were already beginning to show symptoms. One of the other known side-effects is developing a bad temper, often brought about through frustration and an ironic awareness of one's own inability to control ridiculous behaviours, causing unpleasant outbursts; it was noticeable on the pitch that indiscipline was evident across the team - in hindsight, a clear indicator that it had spread through the squad. Players ruled out by Kepolalia are struck through - feel free to replace them with whoever seems a good fit.

OOC: I'm not RPing this tournament but happy to help with any queries on this roster - drop me a TG
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Postby Trolleborg » Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:14 am

Greetings, compatriots! It’s TTV, I am your host Tiernes Riper. Our guest is a person whom we all haven't seen for a long time, FA CEO Torben Mortensen.

T.M.: Yes, we haven't seen each other for a long time. But, however, unlike our previous meetings, I cannot say that much has changed since then. Don't expect the same lengthy and varied interviews today as you usually do.

T.R.:Situation totally stable, I presume?

T.M.:In a way, yes. Caused by the fact that things have come to a certain equilibrium. Not a full stop, but equilibrium.

T.R.:And which one?

T.M.:Now there is such a moment that the old methods work with difficulty, and it is better not to start a new one, an unfortunate historical moment. We do not launch new projects and nothing fundamentally new is happening on the world stage.

T.R.:Does this mean that we still won't see Trolleborg TV-Sport?!

T.M.:You yourself know that the internal political situation now does not favor new projects. That is why we postponed the opening of Trolleborg TV-Sport, which was so awaited by TV viewers, and not only in our country. In principle, technically everything is ready, but just now is not the time. Even if we do not do anything new, but only use the material we have already shot, we can easily hold out for several weeks and even a months, but now is not the right moment. Trust me, things will be better this way.

T.R.:I think I will express the feelings of all our viewers if I say that I am very, very disappointed.

T.M.:I’m no less than yours, really. So much work of the so much people, so many things invented and implemented, but ... such is a fate. It is unwise to do this right now.

T.R.:Okay, then tell us what's going on with the national team.

T.M.:I don't know yet (laughs). It’s not unlike our first game four years ago – no one known how it all will look like. We all was understandably nervous, since It was totally unknown, if we will win 5:0 or will be beaten 1:9, there was no factual basis for a real projections, only guesses. Ask me before the start of next WCQ, then I'll tell you based on what I see, hear and understand at IAC and MC. The head coach presented his vision of the situation, he is taking new players to both tournaments, wanting to see them in action, it takes time to understand how they will behave, how painlessly they will be able to move from the domestic championship to international football. Someone may need to be psychologically repaired after debut and given a second chance. Perhaps the result will suffer slightly, but one must be prepared for this so that we suffers now and insignificantly, than later the lack of a reserves will affect important games of the international level.

T.R.:Describe the state of things at the IAC.

T.M.: Uff. This is a traditionally difficult tournament for us, we have no luck at it at all, and the question was raised whether there was any point in taking part in it. Nevertheless, it was decided that we must continue to go to IACs and try to reverse the unpleasant tendencies. Not every unpleasant tendency can be reversed in reality, but we will try. Now about our group. In the opponents we have only one familiar team, namely Drawkland, which knocked our team out of the playoffs in the last tournament. And we have never met the other three opponents, and very few people have met or at least could have met them, they do not participated in the world championships and other major competitions, minus Central Shaneville in the IAC a few tournaments ago. And what we can find about that endeavour is already, for a long time, hardly relevant data, although we still took them into account and will try to take potential dangers as seriously as possible. And what is known about Ginadjkrum looks very strange.


T.M.: It looks like they sent a team of e-sports enthusiasts.

T.R.:Maybe this is some kind of trick to lull the attention?

T.M.: It is quite possible. Remember how New Lusitania did at the last tournament? So, we take into account this possibility, and the head coach is busy with intensive indoctrination of the players just for such a case.

T.R.: In past seasons, you have repeatedly complained about the gaps in Trolleborg sports psychology as a science ...

T.M.: I did, and maybe there will still be a reason to continue complaining and nagging, but we are taking measures, and quite intensively. Not everything is done at once, alas, since this area of science is painfully complex.

T.R.: Well, let's stop for the newsreel and then discuss another tournament in which the national team should take part in the near future.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:57 am


These are tough times for Fleftic football. After having experienced the rise of a so-called "golden generation" of players at right around the same time that Abanhfleft finally joined the greater multiverse, everyone is seemingly losing their heads now that the Fleftic teams are just losing left and right. Rebuilding is the word that everyone knows is being thought but not said, but even that is encountering problems seeing as even Abanhfleft's youth teams are doing very poorly in their competitions. The danger of overperforming in the early years has seemingly finally caught up with the Democratic Republic, and now the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft is having to do everything in its power to reverse a troubling trend and finally get this sports-obsessed nation back on the right track. After another disastrous campaign in the Di Bradini Cup which has seemingly vindicated those in the SFA saying that it's no use sending a team to that competition anymore, the very same team assembled for that one-and-done campaign is now about to be blooded into actual international football far away from the bad vibes in Valanora.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: White (home), red and blue (away)
Style modifier: +3
Formation: 4-2-3-1 (This will be standard unless I change it through RPs)
Head coach: Kate Bernanos (50 y/o, Abanhfleft)

GK: Deanna HERRING 20 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Women

RB: Christina SINGLETERRY 20 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Women

RCB: Eloise PAVIA 21 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Women

LCB: Skye EREVE 20 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Ladies

LB: Delilah COSTILLA 19 y/o, Sarvusdalamoive Ladies

RM: Christina BUSTAMANTE 21 y/o, Keephall Valkyries

LM: Andrea SILVESTRE 20 y/o, Keephall Valkyries

RW: Rebecca MOWERY 21 y/o, Keephall Valkyries

CAM: Rosalee CAUFIELD 20 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Women

LW: Josefine VITAGLIANO 19 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Women

ST: Hiroko KELLERMAN 22 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Women

RESERVES (All players are members of their league team's youth squads unless otherwise noted)
GK: Benita HOUCK 22 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Women

GK: Mihaela HRISTOVA 20 y/o, Riuwiee United Women

DF: Ilda FAUSTI 19 y/o, Uthilmir United

DF: Norma DECATORIA 18 y/o, Peninsula University–Kimmirut

DF: Madena LANSANGAN 18 y/o, Peninsula University–Kimmirut

MF: Ingrid MINDORO 19 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Women

MF: Roza GUINAN 21 y/o, Keephall Valkyries

MF: Tatiana TOS 23 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Ladies

MF: Whitney CASIS 22 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Ladies

FW: Desirae KATIGBAK 19 y/o, Keephall Valkyries

FW: Jordyn BERNARDINO 20 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Women

FW: Lily NATIVIDAD 21 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Women

KITS (by Adidulas)

IMPORTANT STATISTICS (for Independents Cup only)
Win-loss record:
27-6-13 (penalty shootouts are counted as draws)
First Independents Cup match: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
First Independents Cup win: VS Prusy Krolewskie (W 5-2)
First Independents Cup loss: VS Kaboomlandia (L 0-1)
Biggest Independents Cup win: VS Spaam (W 6-3)
Biggest Independents Cup loss: VS Veldgouwen (L 2-4)

IC1: 4-1-2 (won third place against Barunia)
IC2: 3-1-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Bonesea)
IC3: 4-0-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Schottia)
IC4: 2-1-1 (eliminated in Round of 16 by Alpine Union)
IC5: 5-0-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Mercedini)
IC6: 3-2-0 (eliminated in quarterfinals on penalties by Kavagrad)
IC7: 2-0-2 (eliminated in Round of 12 by Free Republics)
IC8: 2-1-2 (4th place in group stage)
IC9: 2-0-3 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Poafmersia)
ICX: 1-1-2 (4th of 5 teams in Group D)
IC11: ???

Everything except killing is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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The Central Shaneville team stepped off the team plane to an applause from local media as they tried to get questions out of the team as they return to Independents Cup action for the first time since Independents Cup 5.

Tomorrow, of course, marks the start of the group stage - Central Shaneville were for once not in the final pot at a tournament which manager Jay Bucks called "Strange to see" with the island nation in Pot 3, Central Shaneville can be found in Group J with Drawkland, Trolleborg, Ginadjkrum and Sannyamathland, Central Shaneville media back home are predicting a group of ups and downs (as is the normal for Central Shaneville at tournaments) and hope to get out of the group, which is something they havent done since they returned to international sports earlier this year.

Last time in the Independents Cup, the then debuting Central Shaneville made the Last 16 (after getting out of Group B that year with a 3-1 record)- which so far is the best the nation has done at any tournament so far in both international sporting runs they have had falling short of the IC5 quarter finals after losing to North Prarie 2-1 which was heartbreaking for the team but they promised to come back stronger with the aims of mirroring their IC5 campaign this time round.
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IAC11 Roster

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:20 am

Squornshelan Remnant States Black-and-Reds Roster

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Please don't kill any of my players without talking to me first, anything else is fair game
I will not be RPing anything pandemic-related. I come here to get away from the real world.
Style Modifier: +1

Trigram: SRS
Captain: Iuri Takala
Vice Captain: Rudi Dalso
Manager: Anne-Sophie Groothuis (OME)
In the conversation among Omericans as her homeland's most successful national team manager, Groothuis has gotten off to a respectable start with the Black-and-Reds. It's obviously far too early to talk about her place in the history of this national team's history of managers. Results have been frustrating since a quarterfinal appearance in the previous edition of the IAC, with the team failing to make the qualifying playoffs for World Cup 86, and declining an invitation to the Cup of Harmony. While she never managed to get Omerica to the World Cup finals, something the SCFA would dearly like to see her accomplish with the Black-and-Reds, even merely raising them to the level that she reached with Omerica would be a welcome change from the disorder and decline the team has gone through under Zaman and Tamela. To this point, her version of the Black-and-Reds has displayed a sturdy back line, and a fluid, creative attack, though the latter still has yet to show the consistency she would surely like to see. A flexible and disciplined tactician, Anne-Sophie is known to favor a moderately attack-minded approach, but is unafraid to mix things up from time to time in order to keep opponents guessing.
Long Form Name: The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
Short Form Names: Squornshelan Confederacy, The Confederacy
If You Don't Mind Losing Some Teeth: West Squornshelous
Demonyms: Confederate (political); Squornshelan (cultural, not always PC)
Native ethnicites in the Confederacy include Squornshelan, Molvanian, Brantid, Algolian, Sivolvian, and Han. If you are curious about a particular player's ethnicity you can send me a TG or message me on discord
Team Nickname: Black-and-Reds (never Red-and-Blacks)
Team Colors: Confederate Red (#EE0000) and Black (#000000)

Independent Associations Championship Roster

Stovar Krieven - ImageNorth Laithland - 33 y/o - Male
Once the understudy, Krieven is long since the most capped goalkeeper for the Black-and-Reds. Of the many Confederates who have taken their talents abroad, Krieven is definitely one of the success stories. Leaping from floundering Interblag to the Nepharim Premiership, he spent two years with Bishop, being relegated the first, and earned himself an offer from North Laithland, who have established themselves as a consistent mid-table club of late. As a keeper, he is known for his athleticism and, increasingly, his *ahem* enthusiastic and outspoken communication with his defense. If nothing else, the back line will be very clear on what his expectations of them are.

Marzanna Furnadjiev - ImageInterblag FC - 26 y/o - Female
Furnadjiev has been a big part of Interblag's recent resurgence, and Groothuis looks to be trying her out as a potential goalkeeper of the future for the national team. One can hope her career might follow a similar trajectory to that of fellow Interblag product, Krieven. She is well-rounded overall, but isn't yet the type of keeper to steal a match her team should've won.

Paiva Shimski - ImageSporting Jaglan - 20 y/o - Female
Shimski has emerged over the past two seasons as a talented young shot-stopper on a team that has not, historically, put great emphasis on defense. Her distribution needs some work, but her instincts are good and her booming goal kicks allow plenty of time for attackers to get under them.

Left Backs
Jaylene Kazarov - ImageSyneca AC - 26 y/o - Female
Kazarov is a strong wingback with an excellent workrate. Of late, she's put in work on some defensive deficiencies in her game, and it's begun to show. She is more responsible and aware in her positioning than she was even just a year ago.

Valda Harkhan - ImageSouth Laithland- 25 y/o - Female
The less famous twin sister of center back Walda Harkhan, Valda made her own mark on Brasta's back line. A small team from a small market that has been making a few waves in the Superleague amongts much bigger clubs. Harkhan is developing into a well-rounded fullback, as capable defending against opposing wingers as she is carrying the ball forward and joining the attack. She shares her sister's surprising strength in a small frame.

Right Backs
Reuter Storsjo - ImageTraal Athletics - 28 y/o - Male
Storsjo, unlike a series of center backs, has stuck around at Traal, and now into his prime, will be an excellent option for the national team Delu continues to age. He is a two-way player, but tends slightly conservative, careful to get back and defend when necessary. His performance was one of the bright spots during WC85 qualifying, earning him a spot on the CoH77 roster, and his continued good form since then sees him return for IAC10.

Taisiya Achthoven - ImageYassaca - 25 y/o - Female
Emerged over the course of the season as Yassaca's new first-choice right back, replacing an injury-plagued Escarano. While there were a few growing pains, her entry to the first team was generally pretty smooth, and the Tigers will have a dilemma on their hands if Escarano chooses to return for another season. She's used to playing in a pretty conservative back line at Yassaca, but has the skill set to move up the field when needed.

Center Backs
Walda Harkhan - ImageYassaca - 25 y/o - Female
SCFA Season 5's Defender of the Year, and a runner up for the awared in Season 6, Harkhan (not to be confused with her twin sister Valda, who plays for Brasta), enjoyed a strong debut campaign through qualifying, despite the team falling short of their ultimate goal. Harkhan is a complete defender, wise beyond her years, with a strength on and off the ball that belies her small stature. Her vertical leap leaves taller players astonished. If she can be faulted for anything, it's being a bit overeager on challenges and too hopeful on outlet passes trying to launch counterattacks. She looks to be a fixture on the Black-and-Reds backline for years to come.

Rudi Dalso - ImageJaglan Royals - 32 y/o - Male
Dalso, the veteran, is still staving off the predations of age, and is a very steady presence on the back line. While the other four have him beat for sheer athleticism, his depth of experience is not to be discounted.

Aryel Ciernik - ImageAlgolia - 25 y/o - Female
Not quite the same level of precocious that Harkhan has been, Ciernik still had a solid year with Algolia, and is developing a reputation as a fearless tackler. Despite her penchant for collisions, she has thus far shown just enough restraint to avoid picking up as many cards as you might expect. The two of them playing as defense partners for years to come is a prospect that should give some hope to weary Confederate fans.

Svenja Baste - ImageCreed United - 26 y/o - Female
Right alongside Ystrad on the First Division team of the season, Baste was also a key player on a promoted side, second place Creed. Her club turned in a 100-point season that probably would have been good for the top spot any other year.

Defensive Midfielders
Shrike Hagaz - ImageLeichhardt - 32 y/o - Male
Prior to IAC10, Hagaz had not appeared for the Black-and-Reds since World Cup 83 Qualifying. An unapologetic midfield enforcer, his style of play, though it served him well in Westpike's midfield setup, did not suit the more fluid 4-3-3 that manager at the time Bethany Donnell employed, nor those of her successors. With the shift to Groothuis's favored 4-2-3-1, however, Hagaz's skills were needed once again.

Selvala Tabur - ImageTorpedo Pavlograd - 26 y/o - Female
Like Hagaz, Tabur is most at home in a holding role. Unlike his brute force approach to the position, Tabur plays with finesse, making containing and dispossessing opponents into something more like a ballet step than a tackle. Don't get things wrong though, she's no pushover, and can bring the physicality when needed.

Center Midfielders
Iuri Takala - ImageMegabrantid - 29 y/o - Male
While Takala now has considerable competition for the title of best center mid in the SCFA, his main rivals for that title are not in the running to play for the Black-and-Reds. He is primarily an attacking-minded player, and figures to be one of the favored players to fill the spot just behind the striker in the new formation implemented by Groothuis.

Mithya Hashemi - ImageAnomalies - 22 y/o - Female
Hashemi was regarded as a good prospect coming out of Jaglan, but not a world beater. She surprised a lot of people by putting in a very classy performance with Anomalies, winning the Red League, and being named a runner up for both Young Player of the Year, and outright Player of the Year. That kind of performance from someone so young promised great things to come, and Hashemi has continued to deliver, helping to make Anomalies a perennial title threat.

Isperia Marrish - ImageMegabrantid - 24 y/o - Female
With Season 5 Young Player of the Year and a spot on the corresponding Young Galacticos longlist to her name, Marrish is a definitely a rising star in Confederate football. A clever, crisp passer, she has yet to establish herself as a significant scoring threat, though on a team as stacked with finishers as MSC, playing that role has been largely unnecessary. Whether or not she'll be content to stay at MSC, where emerging from Iuri Takala's shadow will be a tall order, remains to be seen.

Damnagoras - ImageHan Dold City - 19 y/o - Male
After a breakout showing for the U21 team at the Twicetagrian invitational and a solid debut season in the league, the one-named wonder gets his first senior callup. He is a dynamic dribbler and shooter, if a little raw when it comes to decision making.

Left Midfielders
Jzeovak Vladcik - ImageAdmiral Storevik - 29 y/o - Male
Also comfortable playing at left forward or striker, Vladcik is enjoying a career renaissance of sorts. Having won the SFS with Admiral, he's back in vogue with the national team, and still has many years of football ahead of him. He scores goals and crosses in the air or along the ground. The main thing he doesn't do as well is defend.

Lavanya Naqvi - ImageMâ Âlâmëómë - 29 y/o - Female
A natural left midfielder, Naqvi was pressed into service on the right for IAC10 due to a perceived paucity of capable right wings, and the glut of talent at her natural position. She's a superb technician, but perhaps hangs on to the ball a little too long, for Confederate tastes, something her new club don't mind in the slightest. So far, playing out right has been a mixed bag for Naqvi, but as a player who's always been comfortable ranging inside from the wing, there's no reason why Naqvi can't excel on either flank.

Right Midfielders
Oliwer Starosta - ImageDamogran FC - 27 y/o - Male
Born in Soute, Starosta did not come to the Confederacy until the age of 22, when he joined Damogran for a then SCFA record fee of 5 million. Since his arrival, he has been a scoring machine for the Eagles, and has made their attack one of the most dangerous in the league year after year. While IFCF football has eluded them, Starosta's completion of his naturalization process will finally allow him to compete internationally, giving some badly needed star power to the right midfield position.

Naiva Storrev - ImageNewrook City - 29 y/o - Female
Storrev spent three seasons confounding fullbacks with Orient in Brenecia, and earned herself a big move and a payday from Newrook in Nephara. They're not about to be making a run for the Premiership, but if she can stick around as a first teamer in the best league in the world, even for a mid-table side, that's definitely something.

Lyzolda Petrov - ImageSouthfell United - 28 y/o - Female
Petrov is a complete striker with no major weaknesses, unless one were to fault her on a possible lack of sheer physical bulk. Fast, accurate, with good instincts and a nice turn of skill on the ball. She might not be the best in any one area, but she's the complete package.

Kaalia Gerstlauer - ImageBlacklake Blues - 27 y/o - Female
Falling out of national team consideration some years ago after being mired mid-table with Royals, Gerstlauer's has firmly reestablised herself as a reliable goalscorer with freewheeling Blacklake, culminating in winning the TPL Golden Boot. In that striker's paradise, Gerstlauer has been able to refine her dribble-heavy style quite a bit, and is definitely a much more well-rounded player than when she first came on the scene at the tender age of 19.

Jeska Verhulst - ImageYassaca - 28 y/o - Female
While Yassaca's ascendancy has been built indisputably on defense and midfield possession, at some point you need someone to put the ball in the net. That's Verhulst's job, and one she's gotten pretty good at. At Yassaca, of course, no one is exempt from helping out defensively, and Verhulst has been molded into a high-effort, backtracking striker. The furthest thing from a poacher imaginable.
The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
True Democratic Successor to the nation of Squornshelous
Trigram: SRS
KPB Ranking: 13.99 (58th)
World Cup:
Did not Qualify: WC81, WC82, WC83, WC84, WC85
Cup of Harmony:
Quarterfinalist: CoH73, CoH75
Second Round: CoH74
First Round: CoH76, CoH77
Third Place: IAC8
Second Round: IAC6, IAC7
BoF68 Quarterfinalist

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Wyoming Cyber Buffaloes

ST #2 Langdon Pratt
ST #17 Harry Jefferson IV (Corner Kicks)

ST #3 Bryan Ormack
ST #22 Emmit Reynolds

Offensive Midfielders
OM #18 Samantha Bassey
OM #9 Sean Montclaire

OM #55 O.J. Stanislas
OM #7 Bernardo Jones

Defensive Midfielders
DM #6 Alan Womack-Dale
DM #13 Lucielle Bernadetti

DM #51 Owen Grant
DM #22 Robbie Reynolds

D #77 Hoyt Gherke (Penelty Kicks)
D #50 Jeromey Taylor
D #25 Kevin Schroeder
D #36 Paul Ioacomb

D #78 Trevor Phil Jacobson
D #40 Ryan Sterling
D #19 Edd Morris
D #26 Benson Bruffeit

Goal Keepers
GK #1 Josh Sutton
GK #11 Jermicheal Figgs

Trigramme: WYO
Formation: 2-2-2-4 (L to R)
Style Mod: +2



Code: Select all
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (We have Cybernetic implant technology)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

ABOUT The Cyber Buffaloes represent the nation of Neo-Futurist Wyoming. The nation is a fairly young one on the terms of NS, but it is in a experimental nation based on the Retro-Futuristic art style of Swedish Painter Simon Stalenhag. The Nation has four major cities, the Capital in Cheyenne is the political center of the nation, the Agricultural center of Wyoming is in Cody, home of its most successful domestic club 'Cowboy Club.Green River is the industrial heart of Wyoming and the location of an important freight hub. Larame is the banking hub of the nation and home of most the areas data farms and cyber tech. Yes the Wyoming populace has access to some cybernetic enhancements and limbs in case of injury. Both veteran defender Hoyt Gherke and youngblood Goalie, Josh Sutton are the most notable examples of athletes who have cybernetic replacement limbs. Gherke, a 40 year busted up his ankle several years ago sliding and hitting the goalpost. Hoyt went with a controversial desicion to have his entire foot replaced with a cybernetic model and some say it gave him second life moving from striker at the Green River Galaxy team to a star defender at Laramie City FC. Sutton garnered his cybernetics early in his career when he gained new hand after a severe auto accident in the Tour de Wyoming auto race. If there is any injury, it should not be a huge factor for the Cyber Buffaloes!

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Postby Havynwilde » Sun Nov 22, 2020 1:48 pm


Composed of the mainland, stretching from the dense forests of Southern Gallo way to the island archipelago of Kinnland, Havynwilde is a Nordic-styled nation of nearly five million people situated mainly in the northern parts of the nation. A nation with a strong, crazed obsession over football -called fooligbol domestically - Havynwilde is noted for its short-running sports seasons which run from late Góa to early Gormánudr. Havynwilde’s domestic league, LygaHaven is successful in the Melayu Archipelago, producing two champions in the CMFA Champions League in the past three cycles, meanwhile, its national team on the international scene hasn’t really struck a chord, since crashing out of the Baptism of FIre in the play-in round some twelve years ago, Havynwilde’s national team hasn’t really splashed onto the scene in any wide array of formalities, but things are supposedly looking up sa former WIldeport Wanderers manager, Runar Guldbrandsen arrives to take over for the national team, this being his second tournament in control of the national team.

The Nordslaget has brought together players of both arenas - both domestic and international - for this tournament; wit a focus on expanding the youth structure and of course, the U21 sides were brought in, it was seen saw a clear tournament to trust and rely on youth, and also l=glance at the future of the national team for the next ten or fifteen years. The national team draws players mainly domestically, front runners were of course expected: Avante Leipreachán will represent, as will Advernians, Bawall Athletic and the other favorites.

Quick Facts
  • Nation Name: Dominion of Havynwilde
  • Trigamme: HVY
  • Population: 4,629,301 million
  • Language: Havyish
  • GDP: Ⱥr89,201 per capita (N$64,027 per capita)
  • Nickname: Nordslaget (The Northerners)

Team Info
Basic info:
  • Preferred formation: 4-4-2 (high)
  • Style mod: +5
  • Home stadium: Nordstadion - cap. 41,402 (32,202 all-seater) - Formerly called Bellymn Stadium, Nordstadion is one of the oldest stadiums in Havynwilde, built in the capital to host the Kopahaven’s precursor, the Kogenkopa.
  • Manager: Runar Guldbrandsen - new manager, former manager of Wildeport Wanderers in LygaHaven, won the title last season
  • Coaches: -
Players to watch:
Team Record:
UoH era: 10-15-18
SoH era: -


    1 :: RHYS MOSS :: 20 y.o., Knights of Briarcliff :: nat'l debut
    This is a clear B-team of sorts, and it starts at the back and continues up for the national team, who treats the Independents Cup as a clear under-21 tournament, from the backline to the front, it's clear Havynwilde’s looking to build for the future and perhaps, will be looking for some youth to add to the national team. Moss represents a more of a sweeper-keeper styled goalie, and spends much of his time on the ball in the outfield, seemingly working with the backline. He’s been compromised a few times in play, and that’s something that Havynwilde’s backline needs to be weary of, he’s known to lose the ball sometimes, and I’m sure that some contingency plan will need to be put into play to eliminate issues such as these. Other than that, excellent reflexes also help to assist him, and he’s been putting up good numbers. He’ll be hoping to use this tournament as a place to make a statement for the national team, likely won’t receive the starting shirt, but one can dream.

    2 :: REUBEN FLETCHER :: 17 y.o., Virtus Advernians :: nat'l debut
    Fletcher should’ve gotten a chance at least on the bench last month, at the Melayu Archipelago Cup, especially given Gulbrandsen called his best team to the MAC, but, an opportunity in camp shown that he at least was a shoe-in for the U21 side, and here he is, a starter at the the Independent Associations CHampionship. Hopefully, in a relatively-light group, he can prove himself and perhaps earn some accolades from overseas, he’s had a quiet story progression and at seventeen, looks perhaps set for life, given his playing and abilities. His natural skill on the ball is there, and while not an attacking wingback per se, he gets the ball where it needs to be, and is a dominant force on and off the field for the Ivys. The goal for him is to replicate all of that and consolidate it into a run at the IAC.

    3 :: JACK KAUR :: 16 y.o., Baywall Athletic :: nat'l debut
    A backup during the BCEL Archipelago Cup, it's clear that Havynwilde sees him as a player of the future, and is looking to bring him into the fold early - at sixteen, his upside is huge, and capitalization, before foreign powers will be able to get to him is certainly on the minds of many at the hFF. Kaur is reportedly courtoing possible moves abroad, with both sides in Eraman and Soracana being interested in the young prospect, who’s quietly been making a name for himself since coming out of a Sharktailian youth academy. What we’re saying is, the door is wide open for someone of his caliber to make a spot on the national team, and it certainly won’t do him any wrong to have a good stint at the IACs, perhaps establishing himself as a serious piece in Guldbardsen’s greater rebuilding scheme.

    4 :: ELLIS RAY :: 19 y.o., Wildeport Wanderers :: nat'l debut
    Gulbrandsen never actually worked with Ellis Ray while with the Wanderers - he was with the youth team at the time - but, Runar told the press, “Ray’s always been a hard worker, and we've seen him since day one as someone we’re looking to work with, an explosive, and certainly respectable player, we’re liking what we’ve seen from him.” Ray made the first team for the Wanderers this season and has been a continued presence on the bench for much of the season, despite only starting a few games, it seems like he’s a natural choice, once which everyone admires. He’s improved, says The Associated, the newspaper highlighting his on-the-ball mechanics and physics becoming more acute and aware, he’s really looked like a better player, and he’ll be looking to further this at the IACs.

    5 :: NATHANIAL DeJESUS :: 22 y.o., Wildeport Wanderers :: 3 caps
    Some seem think Nathanil DeJesus can be the right wingback of the future for the national team, and that’s a considerable option, he has at least ten years of fuel in the tank for the national team, and a good play in the MAC can put him in the driver's seat for possibly playing in bigger competition - i.e. Independent Associations Championship, World Cup qualifiers - there’s more out there for the promising talent, who’s looked pretty decent in all play thus far. There seems to be no limit on his skill, and he’s shown off his excellent range of passing, awareness of tactics, and other reasons why we should consider him perhaps as someone to be aware of for the future. Look for him to start for much of this tournament and hopefully serve up some nice assists with that delicious range.

    6 :: DARIEN VAUGHEN :: 20 y.o., Baywall Athletic :: 3 capst
    The general consensus is that the national team and the league in general is lacking a clear left midfielder who really stands out, and that’s true if the best the Nordslaget could muster was Darien Vaughen, while he’s still young, many feel he simply hasn’t performed up to the level needed to play in the LygaHaven, much less the level needed to be a continued presence on the national team. His stay won’t be long, unless he dazzles for the national team, I don’t see him being selected again as the national team attempts to fill the spot. There’s no bona fide number one at that spot, and I expect it to be a revolving door until it's answered. If at all, it is answered, that is.

    7 :: BAILEY MCMILLAN :: 17 y.o., Avante Leipreachán :: nat’l debut
    Rough around the edges, this raw seven looks relatively good, bur, his still on the ball is lacking. Presumably, he’s being brought in because Gulfbardsen wanted to emphasize picking the youth for this tournament, but some of the pieces he brought in didn’t need to be chosen, but Micmillan could be chief amongst them. A holding midfielder who struggled to establish himself, the national team transition will likely be even harder for a player of his lesser caliber, so, deciding where and how he’ll play for this team is still frankly a bit surprising that he was even chosen to do the honors for the national team. He does however, have three assists this season through the break, so, he has shown some sign of upside to not be fully discounted.

    8 :: BENNIE COX :: 21 y.o., Avante Leipreachán :: 3 caps
    Another submission from the Shamrock Club, its safe to say while the team slacks off in regards to defensive astuteness, Bennie Cox isn’t one to mess with and aas a box-to-box midfielder, has established himself as one of the sturdier picks or the role, has looked to push himself, establishing himself as a focal point in their attempts at defensive stances, Cox looked clean on the ball and has a good perception of positioning which should combine well with Penningston’s defensive prowess. Its the goal of Runar Guldbrandsen that Cox’s positioning can work to their advantage, we haven’t seen much of Cox on the international scale, so seeing this and how it will play otu will be keen to watch out for for the national team.

    9 :: GABBY DICKERSON :: 16 y.o., Avante Leipreachán :: nat'l debut
    Invited to camp and one of the backups on the reserves list, Dickerson should’ve been awarded a spot in the starting eleven for the MAC, instead, she was forced to wait till the IACs came around to find her way into a starting spot, but she’s looking more and more like she’s going to shine, and perhaps be a key piece for this team. Domestically, she’s been tearing it up, and really has been doing an amazing job in finding the back of the net for the Shamrock Club. Guldbarsen acknowledged she’s not being played in her natural position, perhaps in ode to the fact that there’s issues with Havynwilde’s set-up compared to domestically, and he tried to address this, with trying to allow the holding midfielders to sit back more, which will necessarily allow Dickerson to shift into the center of the field and carry play upward, we’ll see how this works for her. DIckerson is a player with clear skill, and really looks like she has an understanding.

    10 :: JACOB SAUNDERS :: 17 y.o., Avante Leipreachán :: nat'l debut
    The fourth Shamrock club edition to the national team, Jacob Saunders adds swagger that the team needs in the front - he also adds a prowess for the goal that many don’t have, only at seventeen, he’s become defined for his emphatic, “clutch” moments, and is well on his way to becoming a Shamrocks legend in the future. From has laser beam accuracy, to his strong tap-in poaching skills, he’s a well-rounded poacher who will serve up whatever you send his way, and that’s all the more reason you should pass him the ball and let him decide what happens next; he’s got great field awareness and reads the came well, dictating the tempo is his thing, and he’ll be sure to do that with the right circumstances presented.

    11 :: TURNER SEARS :: 19 y.o., Virtus Advernians :: 3 caps
    Six goals in eight games isn’t bad for a nineteen year-old in their first season, and that’s why Sear earned his callup for the national team, where he’s looking to truly establish himself on a different plane this competition, the nineteen year-old’s been turning heads in domestically, don’t write him off, his convincing performance has been key to powering the Ivy’s offensive prowess this season and he has the marksmanship of a sniper with his accuracy. This prodigy is certainly seen as the next big thing for the Havyish national team and the HFF certainly is looking to build the team with this player as one for the future, he has a huge upside and little to no downside exists for him, he’s looking like the one for the next fifteen-or-so years and could be the one who takes Havynwilde to the promised land.


Name Pos. Age Club Nation

Lucas Ross GK 24 Baywall Athletic HVY
Harley Kaur GK 25 Wildeport Wanderers HVY
Liam Barker L/WB 26 Union Forge HVY
Jack Kaur CB 16 Baywall Athtlethic HVY
Eillis Davidson CB 26 Virtus Advernians HVY
Todd Mcdonald R/WB 23 Virtus Advernians HVY
Quinn Workman L/AM 16 Avante Leipreachán HVY
Tyree Flowers CM 23 Baywall Athlethic HVY
Hezekiah Flores CM 27 Union Forge HVY
Gabby Dickerson R/AM 16 Avante Leipreachán HVY
Jacob Saunders CF 17 Avante Leipreachán HVY
Spencer Patel CF 16 Wildeport Wanderers HVY

Name Years Nationality Record

Shane Newman 758-769 CBP 10-15-18
Runar Guldbrandsen 769-present HVY xxx

IAC-11 Schedule
MD1 :: bye
MD2 :: Havynwilde v. Kohnhead
MD3 :: Havynwilde v. Daewhi
MD4 :: Havynwilde v. Ponyvillian Separatists of Twicetagrien Canterlotine Territories
MD5 :: Havynwilde v. The Fortem

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason
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Postby Quemorr Isles » Sun Nov 22, 2020 2:19 pm

Quemorr Isles is a tiny archipelago located in the region of Sonnel and is mostly underwater. The islands themselves are basically uninhabited as the residents swarm the oceans. Many of these creatures are sentient fish, coming through the portal from outside Kirkham, Sylestone, to establish a new life here in stunning Sonnel. The Quemorr Isles have now decided to form their own national football team. This side has been sent to Havynwilde for the eleventh IAC. It is as follows:

Blue Whale
Ocean Sunfish

Whale Shark
Reef Shark
Green Turtle
Bottlenose Dolphin
Humpback Whale

Basking Shark
Box Jellyfish
A big fat swarm of plankton
Beaked Sea Snake

Great White Shark
Manta Ray

Style Mod: +5
RP Permissions: Do whatever you want, just don't kill them. That would be sad.
Formation: 4-2-4

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Postby Kohnhead » Sun Nov 22, 2020 3:09 pm

Michael White makes some changes and we get a favorable draw

Last time we entered the IAC for the 10th edition in Omerica we were considered an up and coming nation that had just done very well in the Cup of Harmony and the World Cup qualifiers. We surprisingly won our group pretty handily defeating two notable teams including heavy favorite Port Ember and Juvencus. However once again we suffered a defeat in the round of 16 losing 3-2 to the eventual champs (exactly like the CoH) Poafmersia.

This time everything is different, we have a new Manager in South Newlandian Michael White after Christopher Kohnhead was fired midway through our second qualification campaign. Instead of building off of our round of 16 performance at the 77th CoH we were eliminated in the Round of 32 to HUElavia. Now to be fair that's an extremely difficult draw and HUElavia were one of the best teams in the CoH but still we have to get farther. However there is hope that the Michael White era can be very successful as he makes his changes to the squad and we learn the new system.

Now let's look at some of the changes we were describing above, we will still be sending 22 players (although we hope to expand it to 23 by qualifers) and there have been three changes made to the roster and two changes made to the starting XI. Interestingly all three new additions play in foreign leagues which just goes to show how talented Kohnheadians are going abroad.

1. Griffin Pheonix-Anderson retires from National Team replaced with John Smith
This one was obviously going to happen as GPA had long ago announced that the qualifiers and whatever tournament came after (CoH or WC proper) were going to be his last. He is also in his last domestic season and while he will continue to play in that he is done for Internationally. While GPA didn't play that much and clearly wasn't too important on the field he was recognized as a great leader and his prescence will be missed in the locker room.

John Smith his replacementis known as a second striker who will rack up assists but can also score. After season 1 with Barnley where he scored six goals he moved for 2.5 million dollars to Ethane where he joined their defending champs the South Saints. He had a very good season with them although they failed to defend the title finishing in third place, the 22 year old now gets his first call up where he probably won't see much playing time.

2. Hannah Horsford replaced with Rodriguez Sporet
This one was truly surprising, Hannah Horsford who hadn't played often was replaced with 32 year old Rodriguez Sporet from FC Rüsselsheim in South Newlandia. Sporet had not had a good career and spent season one with the Diamonds before moving on a free to a fast rising South Newlandia. However he had a brillant campaign there being named the second best defender and scoring the winning goal for them in the Cup final to send them to the Challengers Cup. Again he broke out just last season and while I don't love this move I wonder if Michael White being from South Newlandia influenced this in any way.

Hannah Horsford the same person who has 37 caps under her belt including a period where she was the full time starter (that included all of World Cup 85 qualifying) finds herself dropped from the National Team. Yes she struggles to play anywhere besides Defensive Midfielder not offering the same versatilit that Sporet does and yes she's a very low ceiling option I just don't love the move. Nevertheless there's clearly a reason for it but Sporet will probably not get much playing time.

3. Dylan Vargas replaced with Arnold Donaldson
This was a long overdue move and I have no idea why it took so long for Dylan Vargas to finally be dropped. The 31 year old was disgraceful at our Baptism of Fire which resulted in him losing his starting spot which he never got back. He just sat around on the roster only ever appearing in little meaning friendlies. He has finally been removed from the squad for a younger, and better player.

Arnold Donaldson was on that season one Barnley team and was a big part of the defensive success (that now sees three of their defenders on the National Team although only one still plays their) that they had. A 1.5 million dollar transfer to the Vidal Alchemists a highly successful Mriin team saw him be a part of a suspect defense. However even if he isn't performing the best in Mriin he's still a starter on a Challengers Cup team in one of the top 30 leagues in the World. In addition he is young and has lots of potential to turn into a star.

4. Sophie Johnson to start in place of Audrey Henderson
While White will be keeping the 4-3-1-2 formation he will be benching Christopher Kohnhead favorite Audrey Henderson in favor of the slighly younger Sophie Johnson. Henderson was a major disappointment last cycle despite having a strong 77th Cup of Harmony and 10th IAC. Johnson has impressed domestically and is ready to take advantage of Henderson's disappointmeants. I really like this move as it shows White will not be complacement with his personnel.

5. Taylor Rodar to start in place of Callie Porsha
Callie Porsha was put in for Caroline Prius-Leonard midway through our most recent qualifiers. She was unspectacular and while she possesses a ton of upside having just graduated from KCU it was clear that Michael White favors Taylor Rodar and he benched Porsha midway through the Cup of Harmony. Rodar will remain the starter for the IAC, White has confirmed and Porsha will be sent to the bench however she still can earn her spot back and will play as a sub.
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Postby New Lusitania and the Algarves » Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:03 pm

Independent Associations Cup 11/11ª Taça das Associações Independentes
Squad Call-Up/Chamada à Selecção

GK Rui Patríce (Sporting CL)
LB Rúben Vinagrete (OF Académica)
CB Diogo Leiteiro (Porto)
RB João Cancela (Sevilha)
LM Rui Horta (Sporting Bracarense)
CM João Palhagueira (Valnohar Rovers FC - Tikariot, transferred from Sporting CL)
CM Bruno Fernando (C) (Sporting CL)
RM Francisco Gama (Sevilha)
CAM Bernardo Veiga (Sevilha)
ST Daniel Jota (Porto)
ST André Silveira (Sevilha)
GK António Lopes (OF Académica)
GK Duarte Costa (Porto)
LB Rafa Guerreiros (Sevilha)
CB Fernando Ferradura (Tikariot City FC [TKT], transferred from Bemfica)
CB Nuno Matos (Sporting CL)
RB Ricardo Pedralva (Vitória Guimarães)
LM João Teixeira (Vitória Guimarães)
CM Paulo Gonçalves (Sporting CL)
CM Sérgio Azinheira (Porto)
RM João Cabral (Sporting CL)
ST Guilherme Paciência (Vitória Guimarães)
ST Fábio Soares (OF Académica)

GK Cláudio Rocha (Belém)
DF Diogo Domingues (Sporting CL -> on loan UD Tomar)
MD Ricardo Oliveira (SCUT)
MD Daniel Avis (Sporting CL)
FD Ivo Cavalariça (OF Académica)
FD Mateus Pragal (Sporting CL -> on loan to Sporting Faro)

COACH: Francisco Grilo
(Since IAC10)
His debut done two years ago already, he returns to where he first made his mark. The Quarter-finals weren't bad and in his second cycle, he hopes to glue things together.

Champions! of IAC9
Trigramme: NLA
Embassy Program - Closed
Champions of IAC9, 3rd IAC6
3G, 2S, 2B at the IDU Olympics'19
Semi-finalist of the WPIC 3 [Water Polo]
Almost made it to World Cup 80 (3rd in Group) as well as World Cup 81 (lost playoff)

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Postby Megistos » Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:44 pm


Time to show them the game.

It was their chance.

Megistos were going into this, well, not the best. Not getting a good result in the last IAC, you wouldn't expect much. But this was their time to shine. GO MEGISTOS!
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Postby Sharktail » Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:48 pm


Sharktail's young player, Azaim, is confident that the team will be able to compete with 4 other teams in group B IAC 11 which took place in Havynwilde. The four teams that Sharktail will face are Port Ember, TJUN-ia, NPC West Florida and Silvedania.

Acknowledging the challenges that this team will face, Azaim still believes in the ability of his teammates. This team has been disappointing several times and with no significant changes taking place in this team, it is certainly to some extent annoying the ranks of supporters. However, Azaim hopes that all the supporters will remain calm and not panic because it will slightly disturb the morale of the players. "We used to play at IAC 10. We know a lot of people want improvement for this team. Sharktail has recently been stranded at the group stage in various types of competitions. We ourselves are not satisfied with this achievement. We will try our best to bounce back. "

In another stories, Sahami admitted that the team is mentally and physically ready to face this tournament. All players are in the best condition and free from any injuries. "I did some research before deciding on the final list of the squad to take to Havynwilde. There are some names I dropped due to fitness. They will have a chance in the future to regain a place in this team. Most of the players I chose this time already have international tournament experience. , so I am confident that the problem will not arise. We coaching staff are also ready with all the preparations throughout this tournament. "

For the opening match against NPC West Florida, Sahami is expected to drop some reserve players in this match. Asra will continue to be trusted in the position of goalkeeper. In the defensive line on the left, Harold will be rested and replaced with Batuil. In the right and middle positions, Irfan Danial, Maqri and Yusri are in the best position to start the match. In the middle position. Chandra, Azaim, Nik Akif and Fikri will fill the main line-up. Completing 11 starters, Gaby and Ilias Rezal will team up to find goals against NPC West Florida.

Starting X1
Asra (GK)
Irfan Danial
Nik Akif
Gaby (C)
Ilias Rezal

A full three-point mission for the first match, hopefully Sharktail will feature their best action. Playing in Havynwilde, with some of Sharktailian player have playing there before, it expected to give this team not much problem. Go Wi Go Sharktail.
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Steinagrasse open(single and double semi final)
Istria Open(Single Final,Double Semi Final)


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Postby Quintessence of Dust » Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:58 pm

Full disclaimer, I am not sure how much I will RP this competition. Therefore this roster is submitted more to give my groupmates RP opportunity than anything.

Nation name: Quintessence of Dust (QoD or Quod)
Trigram: QOD
Demonym/adjective: Quodite (Quintessential is rarely used)

Quintessence of Dust has a long and incredibly not illustrious history in international football, debuting in Baptism of Fire 20, in which they finished fourth. They mounted six or seven scattered attempts at World Cup qualification (33, 34, 44, 45? 49 maybe, I think 50, possibly 51 or 48, perhaps). They failed on every occasion. They participated in a couple of Cups of Harmony, and reached the semi-finals of CoH 39, eventually finishing fourth. Quodite clubs had limited success in UICA football, although BobBank FC did win an invitational tournament. Football never enjoyed great popularity in a country more interested in rugby, skiing, ice hockey, and, latterly, baseball. The history can probably be best summed up by an episode in which the only DBC team ever to compete under a Quodite flag all died of starvation and/or cannibalism, being reduced to a single member gnawing on tree bark for sustenance. The greatest Quodite football achievement was having a Candelalalalalian club buy a couple of players. (A century after Candelalalalalia and Marquez’s disappearance MN Smith retains a fanatical following among Quodites despite no long actually existing.)

Which brings us to an important history note: it is now about 120 years since Quintessence of Dust last participated in international football (about World Cup 50 or 51, or thereabouts). This is absolutely ironclad in my canon even though it makes no sense with previous continuity. With about 36 World Cups having since passed this suggests a 3 – 4 year cycle. There will be no attempt to maintain any form of consistency going forward (chronology will instead be linked to the Rugby World Cup and World Baseball Classic in the unlikely event of prolonged participation). This means that as far as Quodites are concerned, it is now the 22nd century. The average lifespan is well over 100 thanks to advances in medical technology (meaning a small number who remember or even participated in historic football events are still, conveniently, alive). Quintessence of Dust claims outer space territories on the Moon, Mars, and in deep space (currently in Titan’s orbit). This doesn’t really affect their defensive pressing but just thought we’d take the opportunity to flex on it.

Football is played by men and women together. A majority of players are male but some of the country’s greatest talents, including Jessica Jensen, Masami Tamagotchi, and Marina Sundqvist were female. Football is one of the more ethnically mixed sports in Quintessence of Dust: while rugby has been dominated by the Anglo-French majority, winter sports by the Fennoscandians, and baseball by Quintessential-Japanese and -Chinese players, just about every ethnicity is well represented in top level football. Drug use, ubiquitous among some Quodite athletes, is also less common in football. Quodites are morbidly secular and republican, and can come across as snooty. They tend to regard their society and its values as more advanced. This influenced a vaguely unpleasant strain of colonialism in the 20th century, and murky attitudes persist on into the 22nd, especially on matters of religion (for a time, made illegal by Congressional fiat). These attitudes, which those who recall Quodite sporting participation may remember, are if anything even stronger now. Quodites will react with furious scorn to claims of supernatural or divine intervention. On the other hand, Quodites are tolerant of non-humans and have even become more accepting of non-biological intelligences (also at one time illegal; Quodites like making things illegal). Slavery is – you guessed it – illegal and Quintessence of Dust hosts the headquarters of Antislavery International. Quodites will attempt to liberate any slaves they encounter.



1. Guiying Kwok (Nowy Orpington United)
12. Jeremy Byrd (Boilermakers’, Pipefitters’ and Sub-Aqua Welders’ Union for the Perpetuation of Industrial Solitary FC)
23. Henning Olesen (Greschmeier MSC)


3. Yuudai Kazama (Continuation Railway Biscuit Thickness Spray Farm)
4. Yin Fan (Rahlia Regals)
5. Yahui Ng (Twiddlechester United)
6. Charly Renard (f) (Les Orbitales)
15. Jón Þór Ármannsson (Spljööörg FC)
16. Finn Bloxham (Eastling Rovers)
19. Danni Reed (f) (Nowy Orpington United)


2. Noriko Kuroda (f) (Continuation Railway Biscuit Thickness Spray Farm)
7. Zhen Wong (Quasi-Ingenuous Town) – captain
8. Juurou Okumura (Continuation Railway Biscuit Thickness Spray Farm)
10. J. J. Rousseau (Highmark City Blues)
11. Brittany Royce (f) (Highmark City Reds)
13. Chi Hương Huỳnh (f) (FC Drongosnort)
14. Jiahao Huang (Twiddlechester United)
18. Mervyn Taintgrundler (AFC Chupacabra)
21. Josh Chandler (FC Drongosnort)


9. Jack Ryder (Eastling Rovers)
17. Kaycee Thurstan (f) (Highmark City Reds)
20. Johnny Paterson (Quasi-Ingenuous Town)
22. Kasper Holt (Ippi-ippi-ippi-ippi)

Formation: 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 (R – L: Kwok; Kazama – Fan – Ng – Renard; Wong (c) – Okumura; Kuroda – Rousseau – Royce; Ryder)

Style modifier: 0

RP permissions:

You may RP or godmode any footballing event. You may choose scorers, assign cards, etc.

Events that will end a player’s participation in a match (e.g. red card, injury, exit pursued by a bear) are permitted.

Events that will end a player’s participation in future matches (e.g. flagrantly illegal or immoral action that would clearly lead to suspension, serious injury or death, running off to join the circus) are not permitted.

Please do not use photographs and say they represent my characters.

Otherwise, go nuts.
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IAC-11 :: Matchday 1

Postby Havynwilde » Sun Nov 22, 2020 11:31 pm

No reservations aside from host info is allowed.

The opening ceremony went off,the opening fireworks symbolizing the start of the tournament, all of that nonsense and fanfare that was to be expected. Of course, even the Alderman himself made his presence known, welcoming a sellout stadium with people from forty-nine different nations all to Havynwilde, “welcome to the north, welcome to the bear of the Archipelago,” he smiled festively, the old man clearly wasn’t built for these sorts of things. Meanwhile, the HFF would make sure to assist teams who were arriving, base camps all through the major cities had been set up for the teams travelling to Havynwilde - from the prestige of the mountain vistas to city blocks and hotels for some, players and visitors alike would get much to see upon arriving in Havynwilde.

Some would even notice bombed out craters, plaques which stood to symbolize the constants that emerged from the impact of war on the population, some would wonder what had happened? Why was it covered up? What had gone on in Havynwilde?

Your rp prompt: A topic concerning the impacts of war that visitors or players would see through their eyes, look upon the Bosnian conflict and others for inspiration

And without further ado, you’re scores.

Group A
Kohnhead 3–2 The Fortem
Daehwi 0–2 Ponyvillian Separatists of Twicetagrien Canterlotine Territories

  Group A                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Ponyvillian Separatists of Twicetagrien Canterlotine Territories 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Kohnhead 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
3 The Fortem 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
4 Daehwi 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group B
1–0 Silvedania
Sharktail 3–4 NPC West Florida

  Group B                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 NPC West Florida 1 1 0 0 4 3 +1 3
2 TJUN-ia 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Sharktail 1 0 0 1 3 4 −1 0
4 Silvedania 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group C
2–0 Unified Hemand Insia
Choudal 1–3 Muralos

  Group C                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Muralos 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
2 Sajnur 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
3 Choudal 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0
4 Unified Hemand Insia 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group D
Abanhfleft 3–5 Quemorr Isles
Indusse 0–0 Otksarin

  Group D                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Quemorr Isles 1 1 0 0 5 3 +2 3
2 Indusse 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Otksarin 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Abanhfleft 1 0 0 1 3 5 −2 0

Group E
Kriegiersien 0–1 Quintessence of Dust
Space 3–3 Neo-Futurist Wyoming

  Group E                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Quintessence of Dust 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Neo-Futurist Wyoming 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Space 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
4 Kriegiersien 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group F
Silver Beach
1–0 Thea Liters
Almuzahara 0–1 Icecliff

Group F                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Icecliff 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Silver Beach 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Almuzahara 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Thea Liters 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group G
Terre Septentrionale 0–2 Rwekazaland
Dryicor 2–2 Pripet Socialist Republic

  Group G                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Rwekazaland 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Dryicor 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
Pripet Socialist Republic 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
4 Terre Septentrionale 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group H
Juvencus 1–1 The Frozen Forest
Megistos 1–0 Hebitaka

  Group H                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Megistos 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Juvencus 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
The Frozen Forest 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
4 Hebitaka 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group I
Omerica 2–4 Vykta
A Flock of Seagulls 0–0 Murphtannia

  Group I                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Vykta 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3
2 A Flock of Seagulls 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Murphtannia 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Omerica 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0

Group J
Trolleborg 2–2 Sannyamathland
Central Shaneville 2–1 Ginadjkrum

  Group J                                                              Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Central Shaneville 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
2 Sannyamathland 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
Trolleborg 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
4 Ginadjkrum 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
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Postby Indusse » Mon Nov 23, 2020 12:13 am

Bringing up a Void Game

Group D
Abanhfleft 3–5 Quemorr Isles
Indusse 0–0 Otksarin

Group D Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Quemorr Isles 1 1 0 0 5 3 +2 3
2 Indusse 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Otksarin 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Abanhfleft 1 0 0 1 3 5 −2 0

That was the the first match of the eleventh Independents association cup at Havynwilde. Havynwilde is a nation located in the Melayu Archipelago region which is one of the budding sporting regions in Nationstates. Melayu Archipelago is home to Syurga Terapung di Kepulauan Palm Selatan (Better known as Southern Palm Islands or SPI) which is a independent colony of Indusse. The first match of the season for Indusse wasn't a celebratory game. The Indussean seniors couldn't win against Otskarin Eventhough, Goblin Grundjee who is known as the junior superstar of the nation was recruited into the national camp. Goblin Grundjee also got the record of being the first ever non human to play in Indussean National Team (Senior). He was the captain of the Indussean junior team touring for the RTC U-18 WorldCup at Chromatika. The team lost against Abanhfleft Youth in the Penalty shootouts of the Octofinals.

The staffs of the national team noticed War Ruins like bombed out craters and plaques in and around the nation of Havynwilde. Is it something to worry? No one knows. War is something dangerous, The last greatest war indusse had witnessed was the war of Independence. The Indusseans fought against the evil mercenaries of the Shayarid Dynansty which took over the nation from the Kulashekara clan with the help of British colonialists. The Kulashekara clan is known as the oldest native clan and last royal family to rule indusse. After the war of independence, Indusse established a Democracy crushing the Shayarid dictatorship and getting them kicked out of the country. The primary elections at Indusse appointed Baskar H Kumar, who was the leader of the Democratic Progressive Alliance (Freedom Movement of Indusse) as the first president of Indusse. Baskar was re-elected in the next elections and now, the third presidential elections are going to happen. Will Baskar be re-elected? Let's wait and watch....
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Postby Icecliff » Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:42 am

Icecliff Opens 1-0!

The Icecliff Daily

Havynwilde - Yesterday, the Icecliff squad managed a 1-0 victory over Almuzahara in the IAC, tying them with Silver Beach for the top spot in Group F. Here is a summary of the game:

Yesterday's game went as well as it could have possibly gone. Icecliff went on the attack early, pinning the Thea Liters side in their defensive zone from the start of the game and never giving that advantage up. The only goal of the game came in the 27th minute, as Artturi Leonardson sent a corner kick curving towards the net. The Almuzaharan goalie, Abdel Bekkaye managed to stop that, but the ball deflected off his hands to a waiting Zackary Davidson, who headed the ball in for an Icecliff goal. The rest of the game passed much the same as the first 20 minutes, with the stifling Icecliff 2-4-4 offensive zone formation pinning the Thean side near their own net. There were a couple dangerous moments that could have been the team's undoing. The first came in the 44th minute. Expecting a whistle any second, the Icecliffan squad began to relax. Almuzaharan left back Ibrahim Delgado took advantage of this and sent a stretch pass halfway down the field to a sprinting Tariq Ben Labrat. Only some smart play by Linus Carlsen, getting in Ben Labrat's way and slowing him down enough for Ware to get back and take the ball, prevented a shot on goal for the Thean side. The second came in the 57th minute, as Almuzaharan attacking midfielder Ali Al-Qushayri went to pass the ball to left wing Ahmed Fernandez, who was open and had plenty of space to move down the Almuzaharan left side. This time, Katy Steinsson saved the play, sprinting into the line of the pass as it happened and actually kicking the ball at the Thean goal, turning a dangerous position into a huge chance. Unfortunately, the ball was headed away by Almuzaharan defender Yussuf Bendahan, and no high-quality chances appeared for the rest of the game.

Elise Garrett caught up with Icecliffan left wing Hjalmar Rowe, the 18-year-old Icecliffan star player, after the game for a short interview. It was clear that the scars of war in Havynwilde had triggered something in him, so we opened with that. Here's the transcript:

EG: You seem to be affected by the landscape around us. [indicates craters and rubble that can still be seen despite cleanup efforts] Why is that?

HR: I'm just thinking of my dad. He's a Junior General in the Air Force, seen a lot of combat, especially in urban areas since he flew a heavy bomber when he was younger. It mostly amounts to "is that what he saw in combat? Is this what being a soldier is like, minus the shooting?" These sorts of places give me this uncomfortable feeling.

EG: I can see this is a serious topic for you. Let's try and lighten this up some. What was your first game in adult international competition like?

HR: [noticeably lightens up] Amazing. The atmosphere of the arena was just incredible. And to win in such a high-stakes tournament is great.

EG: How do you think the rest of the tournament is going to go?

HR: Well, I'll enjoy the bye we have next matchday, then we have some work to do. Getting Almuzahara out of the way is good; they were supposed to be a really good team. Then we have Thea Liters in four days, which I think we can win, then Silver Beach, which is usually very good but their team isn't supposed to be quite as good this year, so that's a possible win. Then there's the SRS, which is one of the best teams. We may be able to pull off a win there, but that'd be a huge upset, frankly.

EG: Anything else you'd like to add?

HR: Not really, just go Icecliff, and let's get some support for our next games!
Take Vikings, make them feudal, put them in Antarctica, give them modern technology, and add the Inuit to the south, and you've pretty much got the idea of Icecliff.
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Blackpool Defense

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Postby Sajnur » Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:10 am

Sajnur at IAC 11

In the year and a bit since the last Independent Associations Cup, Sajnur has gone through a World Cup qualifying campaign, the resignation of Eliseo Marinon, now at Montreal Koreana in Quebec, and the hiring and firing of Chloe Saukanen after she led Sajnur to a sorely disappointing 6th in Group 2 and a drop in the KPB ranking ladder. The new occupant of the hot seat? Kayla Dosarya, now formerly of Stormers FC. A former women's league footballer, her career was cut short shortly before the merger of the former men's and women's systems due to lung problems, leading her to seek an early entry into management. This she did spectacularly, finding quick success with Second League sides and winning a Sajnur Cup with Red Star before becoming the Stormers manager, with whom she took to their first ever Premier League title. And their second. With Sajnur not entering clubs into the last IFCF season, Dosarya has chosen to guide Sajnur through this tournament, although it is uncertain whether she will stay on long term as manager even if she is successful here.

Core players in bold

Player Age G Position Club

Piotr Laghiev 35 M GK FK Khadur
Alek Khadur 32 M GK Crossroads Image
Natasha Kirai 24 F GK Capitals Javoser

Taulant Haji 29 M RB/RM/LB/LM Hondo FC Image
Silja Jorse 22 F RB/RW/LB/LW Stormers FC
Hatu Raglan 25 M RB/CB Canalave Dragons Image
Tomasi Vuierev 31 M CB/RB Chuckio FC Image
Stefan Jana 30 M CB Ciarkhan City
Kahala Murje [vc] 24 F LB/CB AFC Treason Image
Hela Isarghie 26 F LB/LM Maal Daemons Image
Salloah 31 F LB/RB Capitals Javoser

Kaori Hajat 31 M CDM/CB Capitals Javoser
Zain Hasan 30 M CDM/CM Rivers Roskjepa
Metiria Ocango 29 F CDM/CM Capitals Javoser
Dario Tule 33 M RM/RW Hamiltonian Cambria Image
Jessica Siafik [c] 28 F CM/CAM/CF Maal Angels Image
Cristiano Karaji 25 M LM/LB Marinos Metropolis Image
Sian Levici 32 M CAM/LW/CM Red Star Tisinar

Parjazu 26 O CF/RW/RM/ST Stormers FC
Ella Ciuru 23 F CF/LW/ST Stormers FC
Andre Naulo 30 M ST Northern Stallions Image
Basuli Maktar 28 M ST Capitals Javoser
Ahmed Nazar 30 M LW/ST/LM Capital FC (Xanneria)

Manager: Kayla Dosarya (38)
Typical Formations: 3-5-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +4
Free Kicks: Siafik, Jorse, Ocango
Corners: Siafik, Nazar, Jorse
Penalties: Anyone on a hattrick, otherwise whoever wins the penalty

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y, but TG me for FIFA style bullshit
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but I decide severity
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod other events: TG me

Jerseys, by Brusseldorf


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Postby Port Ember » Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:19 am

Port Ember Times
Special Edition: Independent Association Cup 11

Introducing The Team

With the 11th rendition of the Independent Association Cup being underway, the "Footy Fever" has already infected the nation on a massive scale.

As the fans are well aware, the golden heyday of our rise to fame has long passed, and decline is the order of the day. However, With a new Chairman, PEFA has changed its ways completely, and have selected an entire new squad - staff members included - to attempt to relive the Golden Days of the past. They will now partake in the Independent Associations Cup 11 to test their new squad prior to the World Cup 87 qualification campaign.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the "New & Improved" team to our readers in its entirety:

Coaching Staff:

Team Manager: Valentine Oliver

Valentine Oliver is the new Team Manager and Head Coach chosen to lead the "New Generation" team into combat. As this is the first cycle where he is leading the national team, during the period where the public has serious expectations of the team returning to its former glory, the man has his work cut out for him. Luckily, he has proven to be an excellent coach, as he has led his club - The Lilly Black FC, to four consecutive Premier League championships.

Assistant Head Coach: Danny Nicovic

Danny Nicovic is considered a national hero due to his exploits for the national team during his career. Danny was part of the very first national team fielded by the nation, and thus has been part of the squad since he was but fourteen years of age. The entire sport today within Port Ember owes him gratitude, for it was his flair, passion and talent which drew millions of fans to the sport and inspired countless new players to take to the pitch. During his career as striker for the national squad, he managed to score 132 goals, and became the very definition of a Port Emberian Star Striker. Now at age 34, he has retired from play, and has taken up coaching instead. Whilst the entire nation loves Danny, some are a bit concerned due to the fact that he was propelled to this high status so soon, as he lacks any sort of coaching experience.

Attacking Coach: Leon Moult

Leon Moult was a legend during his career as a starting striker for the national squad, and was the partner-in-crime of the legendary Danny Nicovic, since the team's inception. Despite not being as revered as his partner, Leon was never far behind in actual goals - scoring a total of 98 goals in his career. Although, like Danny, he has never coached before, placing him as the attacking coach feels right, as few alive understood the technical game as he did, and was a pure scientific genius on the spearhead of the pitch.

Defensive Coach: Daryl House

House was the previous Head Coach of the Port Emberian club 'Waterstad Pirates', (prior to PE turning international), before joining the youth program in 2014. Before the commencement of the World Cup 83 Cycle, many sports publications praised his technical knowledge as a defensive coach, and many believed he was in line to become the next possible future head coach, due to his keen eye and attention to detail. However, Port Ember's defense has been criticized as being the weak-link of the team. In fact many have openly questioned why he was not replaced for the upcoming cycle.

Goalkeeping Coach: Peter Smith

Peter "Iron Man" Smith is yet another legend who turned coach, having served the national team since its inception as well. As a keeper, Peter was a metaphorical machine between the sticks. He had tiger-like reflexes and nerves of steel. He has managed to block shots before which can be considered "unstoppable". His inclusion as a Coach, makes it three previous players from the Youth Development Program to have been appointed as coaches.

Fitness Coach: Dusty Russel

Dusty is a former Port Ember Security Forces Physical Training Instructor, and has a masters degree in Human Physiology. After discharging from the Port Ember Security Forces, he created a fitness system, which he presented to several celebrities within the nation, which propelled him to overnight fame. He has now let behind his mantle of "Fitness Coach to the Rich & Famous" to help the national team remain one of the fittest in the game.

Team Doctor: Dr Toby Curtiss

Doctor Curtiss is a qualified medical doctor who specializes in sports injuries. He has vast medical experience, which he gained as a trauma surgeon during his service with the Port Emberian Special Forces. He is well known as a brilliant doctor and as a 'no nonsense hard-ass' when it comes to his work. He has been with the squad since its inception during the World Cup 83 Cycle.

Massage Therapist: Jessica Day

Jessica replaced the previous therapist, one Sally Jones, when she resigned following the murder of Ray Redington by Frazer Murray. The appointment of Jessica Day has been a surprise appointment to most as she had only 1 year professional experience. However, her appointment turned out to be a wise choice, as she has proven to be very capable in her work.

Physiotherapist: Dr Jolene Michels

Dr Michels is an experienced Physiotherapist known to be extremely caring of the players in the teams, sometimes described as a 'real life empath'. She owned her own practice before joining the youth program at its inception. She worked hard during the World Cup 83, 84, 85 & 86 Cycles to ensure her players did not succumb from minor injuries, and kept them fit and healthy.


#1 (GK) || Ilbert Moses || Age 22 || Greenfield Bulls

Ilbert Moses is a promising keeper who has risen to fame quickly within the Premier League, as he has demonstrated some wonderful keeping skills in a very consistent manner. Granted, there were technically better choices to choose from, yet those wildcards have failed to be as consistent as Moses.

#2 (CB) || Craig Ramsey || Age 22 || Waterstad Pirates

Defenders like Craig have come a long way from the poorly skilled, yet physical defenders, who donned the national jersey's during the "Golden Era". Craig is young, extremely fit, lightning quick and quite skilled relating to technical work. It remains to be seen whether his nimble defending style will fit into the national philosophy, who tends to demand a more physical style of play.

#3 (CB) || Jason Lee || Age 34 || Greenfield Bulls

One of only three players from the original squad, who established the national team during the WC83 cycle, to be still donning the national jersey within the new and current squad. Jason has continued to develop since his early days, and is now considered to be one of the greatest "Backline Generals" in the world. Whilst his advanced age is prohibiting him from being his old hungry self, his organisational skills will still come in very handy.

#4 (LB) || Adam Reynell || Age 22 || Greenfield Bulls

Adam has proven his worth, season after season during the Premier League. Whilst he still obviously requires international experience, his time spent with Jason Lee in the same team is definitely showing.

#5 (RB) || Elihu Frost || Age 22 || Amanaki FC

Frost has demonstrated that he is a true gem in Port Emberian style football, as he is both technically skilled, and physically imposing. We can only hope that his individual talent fits in smoothly with the remainder of the backline, whose Premier teams plays quite different plays when compared to Amanaki FC.

#6 (AM) || Jason Chamberlain
|| Age 33 || Thurston FC || (C)

One of only three players from the original squad, who established the national team during the WC83 cycle, to be still donning the national jersey within the new and current squad. The current captain has always been a serious talent, being able to lead, organise, set up attacks, create gaps and exploit gaps - being a true leader in the definition of "Star Talent". Unfortunately, his advanced age has slowed him down immensely, and it shows on the pitch, especially during the late game phases. Furthermore, Jason is living within the shadow of the previous national captain and Attacking Midfielder - Ray Reddington, who was brutally murdered by a teammate during the World Cup 85 cycle.

#7 (DM) || Steven Packard || Age 34 || Eden FC

One of only three players from the original squad, who established the national team during the WC83 cycle, to be still donning the national jersey within the new and current squad. Steven, like his original teammates, Jason Lee and Jason Chamberlain, is no longer the players they used to be a few years ago - although their combined experience will more than make up for their lack of youth - both in individual play, and in the sharing of their experience with the fresh bloods of the squad. Furthermore, despite the fact that Steven Packard and Jason Chamberlain are playing for different Premier League teams, they have played together as a unit for the national squad for a little over 20 years (since they were both 14 years of age during the Port Ember Youth Development Program) - making them one of the most dynamic combinations in international football today.

#8 (LM) || Tàmhas Savage || Age 22 || Real Beras

Savage is an exciting prospect, loaded with all the right skills and passion to be a future legend. His speed and dribbling skills makes him one of the most dangerous midfielders on the pitch, and one of the most exciting to watch. I am personally anticipating the majority of attacks launched by our squad, to be launched from his left wing.

#9 (RM) || Finnbar Cox || Age 22 || Gold Coast Raiders

Finnbar is a sort of "Jack of all trades" when it comes to the midfield, making him a very valuable asset in both offense and defence. He might not be as energetic and offensive minded as his left wing compatriot, yet he will be much more effective in shutting down attacks on the right wing.

#10 (CF) || Donald Vroomen || Age 22 || Lilly Black Kings

The dynamic duo storms the international scene! Donald and his compatriot, Charlton, has been the talk of the nation for the last four Premier League seasons, where they have utterly dominated the opposition, in an ever increasingly fantastic and entertaining fashion, helping their team, Lilly Black FC, to grab four consecutive trophies. Donald is a fantastic, world class striker in his own right, yet he spends most of his effort in setting up the goals for Charlon, his dribbling skills being one of the craziest ever seen.

#11 (CF) || Charlton Townsend || Age 22 || Lilly Black Kings

The one and only goal machine. Whilst his compatriot is the crazy dribbling genius, Charlton owns a boot made out of pure steel and luck - being one of the most accurate kickers in the modern game.

#12 (GK) || Floris Shepard || Age 22 || Eden FC

No Port Emberian cycle can be called a true Port Emberian cycle, unless there is some scandal or terrible decision taken. Luckily, to that end, the inclusion of Floris is exactly that scandal which we crave for. Floris is the starting keeper for Eden FC - the most terrible Premier League team, with the most goals conceived - for four consecutive seasons. Quite frankly, Floris is the worst option for a reserve keeper.

#13 (GK) || Claud Hanson || Age 22 || Thurston FC

Continuing the scandal, the 3rd line keeper, Hanson, is a better option when compared to Floris. Granted - not much better.. But better still.

#14 (CB) || Dominick Mclean || Age 22 || Blacklake FC

A solid center back, with decently average skills and talent. Not quite ready to start a match yet, however is very capable in bringing in fresh legs during the late game stages.

#15 (CB) || Rowland Mclean || Age 22 || Beras FC

With development, Rowland can become a starter. Not there yet however.

#16 (LB) || Brantley Heimans || Age 22 || Beras FC

Nothing truly special here, but nothing scandalous either.

#17 (RB) || Tracy Paddon || Age 22 || Blacklake FC

Nothing truly special here, but nothing scandalous either.

#18 (AM) || Devon Campbell || Age 22 || Nirvana FC

A very good late game attacking midfielder, being able to use his high levels of energy and passion to capitalise against a tired opponent.

#19 (DM) || Jozefo Van Dalen || Age 22 || Amanaki Coast

A very good late game defensive midfielder, being able to use his high levels of energy and passion to bring a solid yet fluid style of defense to the match.

#20 (LM) || Gib Aaldenberg || Age 22 || Amanaki Coast

Nothing truly special here, but nothing scandalous either.

#21 (RM) || Maoilios Priestley || Age 22 || Nirvana FC

Nothing truly special here, but nothing scandalous either.

#22 (CF) || Collin Cockburn || Age 22 || Blacklake FC

He is extremely talented, and plays his heart out when he hits the pitch. However, he does not possess the focus to go for the full 90 minutes. He is mostly used to break deadlocks late in the match.

#23 (CF) || Conall Stevens || Age 22 || Blacklake FC

Like his teammate Collin, Stevens is extremely talented, and plays his heart out when he hits the pitch. However, he does not possess the focus to go for the full 90 minutes. He is mostly used to break deadlocks late in the match.

Article By: Erica Davies
Port Ember Times

The Blog of The Traveling Buccaneers

IAC10 Edition

Life in the land of Coats and One Armed Prostitutes - Part 1

So we have arrived in the Melayu Archipelago, on the island nation of Havynwilde…

Now those of ye who know me personally, or through my blog, ye already know what I'm about to say… THIS BE A SHITHOLE!. Ye basterds would tell me that I am biased, and that I call all countries I visit a shithole, simply cuz' its not the marvelous Republic of Port Ember. And normally you would be right of course, since the marvelous Republic of Port Ember knows no equal.

But, this time, I'm not lying! Firstly, this place is COLD! Argue all ye want, but we all know that the tropical climate of our home archipelago is the only climate which makes sense. What kind of life is a life where everyone always wears long pants and thick coats!? A life where you cannot appreciate the art form of a lass in a bikini, that's what!

Secondly, all Port Emberians loves a good jolly vibe, where we can party, drink and fight in joy - but here… Here everything is so morbid… Almost soviet like! (For those wankers who do not know, Soviet = Cold/Snowy + National Depression).

They poor jacket wearing sods have recently recovered from a proper civil war, where brothers kicked brothers in the face. And not in the way we do back home - with guns and bombs and such nonsense. A family gathering where the alcoholic uncle had a tad too much…

This was evident from the moment me and the lads landed at Henreik Airport (after paying $10 000 NSD for a bloody ticket!). We could see that the poor jacket wearing fellows tried their mightiest to spring clean their only international airport - yet it still looked like a crackhouse. Lucky for 'em - we like crackhouses.

Me and the lads hired a tour bus for the entire duration of our stay here, and she looks every bit as much as the stolen ones we steal from the scrapyards back home when we are doing our annual national pub crawl. Except, this is not a stolen, forgotten bus - we actually paid top dollar for this beasty! We have painted her ugly dimly yellow arse in the glorious blue, white and red scheme of Port Ember, just to make us feel a little less homesick.

So, we managed to arrive at the opening ceremony, after a morbid journey. Firstly a large majority of buildings are adorned in wartime graffiti. Now you all know that I appreciate a little graffiti every now and then - but it should be jolly! Rude! Crass! Naked! Here it's all about the names of those missing or deceased, or some or other bounty on someone's head. Bloody uncreative. Secondly, the roads they call roads here, is akin to a muddy farm road back home. Sure it's cobbled, but the amount of craters and potholes in it is crazy. My body is aching in places where I did not even know I had places! At least I got a free gym session by traveling here…

At the ceremony itself, you could see that almost every local has been affected by the war, cuz' they seem shit-scared 24/7! The big political boss dude spoke loudly over the mic - people ducked and twitched. Me and the lads boo'd their big political boss - people ducked and twitched. Fireworks were shot into the cold crisp air - people ducked and twitched. We got in the mood so we made a large ruckus and played our trumpets left and right… - people ducked and twitched.

Anyway, we managed to book two adjacent hostels down in the capital, for a surprisingly good deal. Turns out that said hostels has holes in its roofs and no running water. A few bullet holes in me room's wall are covered in some poor paintings of trees. No worries - a good deal is a good deal!

Since Matchday 1 was a Bye Day for our Dragons, we decided to spend the day casing out the best entertainment venues. To our surprise, there is quite a lot of fun around in this dump! Me and the lads could find AMPLE of cheap booze and drugs (yes mates, like in Port Ember, narcotics is legal!) - and we overdid ourselves of course!

So, one of our mates, Linton, he is quite an ugly bastard, and this is why he is not married with mini Linton's at home. So Linton is a lonely fella… luckily for him, he met this gorgeous young prostitute in the pub last night. She had a pretty face (missed a few teeth though), long brown hair, skinny figure (though she was wearing a big bloody coat, so not sure)... and one arm. Yep, the lassie had lost an entire bloody arm in the war! Now, Linton, like any true blooded Port Emberian - is a hardline capitalist. And a hardline capitalist simply cannot pay full price for damaged goods. So, Linton informed the lass of this fact, and demanded a 20% discount. This bloody lass went absolutely mental at the suggestion, and slapped Linton so good, that his face had swollen to the size of a ale casket! Whilst this was highly entertaining, some bouncers got involved in an attempt to stop the show - which we could not allow of course…

So, Linton went home looking like a hogmonkey, most of the lads with a variety of bloody noses and swollen eye banks (much like almost the entire patronage of the pub!), and a massive poster on said pub, barring us hooligans from ever getting near the place again.

Such is life in the land of Coats and One Armed Prostitutes.

This Blog is authored by Corey Taylor - The President of the Traveling Buccaneers - the fanclub of the Port Emberian National Football Team. Whilst we are the "Official" fanclub, the Port Ember Football Association has zero control over us - and have forced us to tell ya all that our views and misdeeds are not representative of them, the team or the nation at large. Cowards!

Matchday 2 Preview

Port Ember vs TJUN-ia

Venue: Havynwilde

Brief Summary:

After Port Ember enjoyed a Bye Day during Match Day 1, our national team will face off against TJUN-ia, as our opening match. Our opponents defeated Silvedania during match day 1, in an unimpressive 1-0 fashion. Despite the unconvincing win, we should not underestimate our opponents - as they have gained momentum already, where we still have an untested squad on our side.
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Postby Squidroidia » Mon Nov 23, 2020 6:53 am

Holes in the Walls

A rumored civil war in a host country didn't persuade the IAC organizing committee to not give the hosting duties to Havynwilde. Heck, most people visiting the country didn't know this truth at first, but over time the truth became more apparent. In the Squidroidian national team's case, it arrived right when they went to their hotel rooms.

"Hey guys," murmured team captain Itoh Hoshi as he examined his hotel room. "These walls... T-they have holes in them."

Itty-bitty holes appeared in the walls of not just Itoh's hotel room, but for every player on that Squidroidian team. They looked like they came from bullets or dynamite, like someone who the citizens hated was in this very hotel long ago. The hotel on the outside looked fine, but on the inside it seemed like the team was living in a concrete slab of Swiss cheese.

The rubble and monuments dotting the country were apparent. There was some sort of resistance here before the tournament began. Heck, some teams voiced concern over the sheer fact that Havynwilde was hosting and not, say, Tequilo or New Lusitania or Drawkland or heck whatever remains of Free Republics. Omerica were a prominent example, effectively soft boycotting the tournament, sending their amateur side instead of the main national team to get hounded with a 4-2 loss against Vkyta. The holes in their hotel walls were scars of a war that tore a country apart, and it was just getting back on its feet.

But the team couldn't leave. This was effectively base camp, the practice field was 5 minutes away via the team bus chartered for the tournament, and the fans back home wanted them to recreate that Semi-Final appearance in Omerica... They'd have to beat a shell of their former selves on the first matchday for the team.

As the sun's glare spewed beams of light in the hotel rooms caught in its direction, the team had their first meeting before a quick practice session, all the players as well as manager Mito filling in a conference room. There, they saw their formation. It looked practically the same, but there was one glaring difference as Brooks raised her hand.

"Why am I not starting, but Jun is?"

It was a simple question, one that Ryūzaki was happy to answer.

"Double defensive midfielders. Get used to it, I want a position battle for center-midfield!"

The pressure was on, and the tournament didn't even start for them.

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Boot It!: Oh Crap, How Could We Forget This?!?

Postby TJUN-ia » Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:56 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Football Association: FA-TJUN-ia
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Blue and Orange (commonly-used informal)/Draw Masters (satirical)
WCC Ranking: 56th (14.99 KPB)
IAC Ranking: 13th (6.786 KPB)

Yes, we all forgot about the IAC. Sorry, I guess? With so much happening across the TJUN multiverses, I guess it was easy to forget the 11th Edition of the IAC in Havynwilde is upon us but here we are. WC86 Qualifying was great, making it to the playoffs on the final day to fight out an entertaining defeat against Chromatika. CoH78, on the other hand, wasn't as fun, seeing the Jags fall in the knockouts to Vdara. Everyone can still remember the target Jackson Levi-Holt, the Chairman of the FA-TJUN-ia, made during his inauguration speech just after we crashed out: to make the World Cup Finals by its 90th edition. That gives the Jags 8 years in U3 time to make the promised land and the road to that starts here in Havynwilde.

Seems and Li are still here, elevated to lovers status officially after the CoH, and are ready to try and beat TJUN-ia's record in this competition: the Quarterfinals in IAC9. As for the team, it stays the same for now but with Step 1 of Levi's Three-Step Plan in effect. The TJUN-ian players that did not have a club team to play for before that Cup of Harmony was put onto the market as free agents and have all found sides to play for across the multiverse, from Murphtannia to Tikariot. While the implementation of Steps 2 and 3 have been delayed until the next DBC, the plan is still in full effect and will be until dreams of the WC FInals are met at some point.

Manager: David Seems (JB TJUN-ia, 36)
Assistant Manager: Li Xiu Ying (CEA, 28)
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +1.5
Free KIcks: Pedro Vasquez
Corners: David Johnson (R)/ Pedro Vasquez (L)
Position: Name (Number, Age, Current Region of Residence, Club Side [if applicable])

GK: Harold Gylfisson (#1, 26, NAU, Port James Athletic, Schottia) (VC)
LB: Aron McKenna (#2, 25, UO, Shamrock Cathair, Audioslavia)
CB: Mohammad Kallah (#3, 26, ArU, Dursten Easterners, Xannaria)
CB: Nicolas Umkala (#13, 27, AU, Ratzupalfu Rhinos, South Newlandia)
RB: Jeff Donaldson (#4, 28, JB TJUN-ia, King's Park, Schottia) (C)
LM: Pedro Vasquez (#7, 27, UAC, Kohnhead City FC, Kohnhead)
CAM: Peliniho (#8, 26, UAS, Royal Arupura, Eraman)
RM: David Johnson (#9, 24, CU, Jecken Newport, South Newlandia)
ST: Vladimir Podolov (#10, 25, CSTO, an unnamed club in the Vilitan League, Vilita and Turori)
ST: Joe Green (#11, 25, NAU, Ausharmuj Marusi, Farfadillis)
ST: Kepo Ulawaya (#18, 25, AU, Straudum VV, Ko-oren)

SUBSTITUTES (Blue indicates a former Galarian, Bold indicates players with U21 experience)

GK: David N'kude (#12, 23, AU, an unnamed club in the Vilitan League, Vilita and Turori)
GK: Maximilian Robertson (#19, 22, JB TJUN-ia, Pyathora Mariners FC, Tikariot)
LB: Leighton Labe (#23, 24, JB TJUN-ia, Luton City United, Murphtannia)
CB: Nico Aquinio (#14, 26, UAC, Bikarish, Poafmersia)
CB: Axel Pearson (#21, 24, JB TJUN-ia, Walstreim Lions, South Newlandia)
CB: Percy Pearson (#22, 24, JB TJUN-ia, AFC Brentford United, Murphtannia)

CB: Mohammad Malsharma (#30, 22, ArU, Mancodas City, Poafmersia)
RB: Orion Reynolds (#20, 23, NAU, Leicester Village, Murphtannia)
LM: Marshall Barry (#24, 24, AU, Bikarish, Poafmersia)
LM: Preston Chapman (#26, 24, NAU, Tikariot City FC, Tikariot)

LM: Nick James (#16, 27, JB TJUN-ia, Oriannor Mountaineers FC, Tikariot)
LM: Manu Kepelewako (#31, 22, UO, Hanai Breakers, Chromatika)
RM: Ruben Gibson (#25, 24, UO, Ruditown Guards, South Newlandia)
RM: Mason Watts (#27, 25, NAU, Xanark City FC, Tikariot)

RM: Vijay Palalele (#5, 26, UO, Dalaris City, Poafmersia)
CM: Pedro dos Santos (#15, 26, UAS, Kistina Galaxy, Poafmersia)
CM: Kim Won-an (#6, 25, CEA, Luton City United, Murphtannia)
CAM: Prince Carter (#28, 23, JB TJUN-ia, Branvon CD, Ko-oren)
ST: Carlos Pique (#17, 24, NAU, Luton City United, Murphtannia)
ST: Archer Andrews (#29, 23, JB TJUN-ia, Shamrock Cathair, Audioslavia)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

SCHEDULE (Group 2)
MD1: vs Silvedania (Pot 5)
MD2: vs Port Ember (Pot 1)
MD4: vs Sharktail (Pot 3)
MD5: vs Npc West Florida (Pot 4)
Quarter-Finals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2
Round of 16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX
Round of 32: CoH78
Other Achievements: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (1 Win)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (1 T2 Win)
WGP Driver: #11 Lane Carter
Tennis: 2 Singles Runners-up /1 Doubles Title (1 Doubles Runner-up)

UN - A multinational organisation that focuses on world peace and cooperation (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Boot It!: We Win First In This War-Torn Land!

Postby TJUN-ia » Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:07 am

By Peter Davis

War is painful. Simple as. For the nation of Havynwilde, especially so with the scars of civil conflict still to be seen across this small nation. Graffiti against both sides of the conflict could still be seen on the walls of many cities here if some are still standing, while others contain holes that tell it all. Humanity failed Havynwilde not that long ago but as it rebuilds, one word could be heard from sea to shining sea: hope.

David Seems and his Jaguars had hope too, as they kicked off their IAC11 campaign against newcomers Silvedania in this land still bearing the scars of pain and suffering wherever you looked. It was pretty grim to arrive at this scene but if football is anything, it is a sport that can heal most wounds and conquer all anguish and suffering. Black armbands were on all TJUN-ian players and staff for this game, as they will be for the duration of their stay, and hope was certainly on the faces of the players who wore the Blue and Orange on that field. In order to advance to a 3rd knockouts in a row, the Jags had to to be either in the Top 2 or 3rd (but only the 4 best advances) in this group of faces old (Port Ember and Sharktail) and new (Npc West Florida and Silvedania).

The game against Silvedania was a bit rough but understandable. TJUN-ia's first match since the last Cup of Harmony, the team didn't have that same playstyle that got them to the playoffs of WC86Q in the first place. But it wasn't all bad, just a bit...meh. The first half was a bit drab, with both teams not really doing much for the score to remain 0-0 come the break. The 2nd saw more action in the form of TJUN-ia's first goal of the campaign, the luck man being Vladimir Podolov on 64 minutes, but other than that, it wasn't really a game you could write home about...but that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Huh.

It wasn't the best game by David Seems' men, but a win is still a win and we will certainly take it. Npc West Florida won the other game, 4-3 over Sharktail, so they lead the group after the first set of games. Next up in our 2nd and final game before our bye on MD3 is Port Ember, who didn't play on MD1 but who we did play in our WC86Q group. The new-look Dragons will be looking to bring back the glory days, but can TJUN-ia get a statement win here? Maybe, maybe not, be we'll find out soon enough. GO JAGS!

SCHEDULE (Group 2)
MD1: vs Silvedania (Pot 5) W 1-0 (2nd)
MD2: vs Port Ember (Pot 1)
MD4: vs Sharktail (Pot 3)
MD5: vs Npc West Florida (Pot 4)
Quarter-Finals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2
Round of 16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX
Round of 32: CoH78
Other Achievements: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (1 Win)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (1 T2 Win)
WGP Driver: #11 Lane Carter
Tennis: 2 Singles Runners-up /1 Doubles Title (1 Doubles Runner-up)

UN - A multinational organisation that focuses on world peace and cooperation (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Neo-Futurist Wyoming » Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:35 am

Wyoming takes point on Debut!
exceprt from the WNN Sports Division

HAVYNWILDE - A daring comeback for a draw against Space was the highlight of the games in Havynwilde! A 3-3 thriller saw two goals in 15 minutes from star striker Langdon Pratt put Space into a frenzy and forced many mistakes from the interstellar team. Sadly the internationally, inexperienced Wyoming team could not further capitalize on the problems their rapid fire scoring induced and could only muster a draw holding on after 2 minutes of extra time. Assistant coach Fredric Haroldsson stated that

We did what we could but Space was just smart enough to not truely fold

A rough first half for the Cyber-keeper, Josh Sutton could not hold him back as he cleaned up his act well ion the second block of 45 minutes and blocked multiple key kicks from Space. Samantha Bassey was also a tandout player having a good chunk of her passes direct themselves over to the people they were intending to pass over to. Massey is a young 20 year old colleg star for the Eastern Wyoming Broncobusters team and could be a good FA in international footballing if she keeps this up.

Havynwilde itself is a happening place, host of the IAC's 11 rendition (We're told they've had 10 prior) but its been controversial, given the nations history of violence in the past the Wyoming populace can sympathize with them as they them selves are coming of the infamous "Farmer's War" 25 years ago. The rebellion caused by the old regimes, poor handling of agrairian policy saw much reform come to the nation after, but at the cost of blood. The old regime had an extensive military network, but after the military itself turned on the old leader and launched a coup it was simply over. A 5 month fighting period, new leadership and hope. Now a days most of the old defense network is full of crusty old relics of the old days such, as with the graffiti in Havynwilde, the rusty hunk of metal now are covered in Neon graffiti as people have found the abandoned areas perfect fodder for billboards and other messages. A photo below shows what small town near Jackson Hole did to one of their towers.

A defense tower 25 years later

??? 34' 62'
??? 41'

Jefferson IV 27'
Pratt 55' 77'

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Postby Central Shaneville » Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:51 am

Are the words going around the Central Shaneville camp from manager Jay Bucks was seen congratulating his players following a 2-1 win over Ginadjkrum on Matchday 1 on their Independents Cup return, the island nation however remain humble in victory as they know that top seed Drawkland didn't compete in last night's matchday meaning the true pecking order of the group is unknown.

Despite this, Shanevilleans celebrated in Shaneville Park back home in Central Shaneville as the big monitor streaming the match there captured the David Vujanic and Josh Smith strike partnership in full force as Central Shaneville secured 3 points, the two goals were pretty standard with both coming from around the penalty spot as a clever use of strategy and tactics by Vujanic and Smith tricked the Ginadjkrum keeper twice into diving for the ball, Ginadjkrum did score though dinting the Central Shaneville side despite this Jay Bucks was very happy to see his team win saying after the match to the Havynwilde media "It's great to win and its great to be here...We pretty much started where we left off at Independents Cup 5 and thats how we mean to go on."

13th Winter Olympics - Giant Slalom - Gold Medalists

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Postby Havynwilde » Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:13 am


RAVENCLYFF :: Cities from Bellymn to Hrafnagja faced strong amounts of protests as day three dawned on the IAC-11 which had been awarded to Havynwillde, with th 770 elections sitting four months away, protests rocked all through the nation as the Havyish in overwhelming numbers demanded the resignation of the Alderman and members of the Allefremadstormendeparter, The presence of the party has sparked strong debate, especially in the streets of major cities and towns, as to whether or not it has inspired the far-right to gain popular support amongst the people, only two years removed from a damaging civil war that vaulted through the country and created chaos in its wake. This has only been worsened by the cries of independence from the islands north of Havynwilde, the Kinnland region, which in recent years has pushed for an devolution referendum with some more in the region going one step further and calling for direct independence.

The Havyish government had thought they'd be able to handle it - spending N$20 billion in the past four years, looking to revitalize and modernize Kinnland and its 12,000 inhabitants, but, it’s only made the growing rift between Bellymn and the islands worse. Coupled with campaigning from the traditional party in power in the islands, the Kinnlanduavhengighetsfest has done nothing but gain followers and has won the sympathies of many in the far north, leading the government to being forced to consider a votes for a Kinnland referendum; which is expected to be on the ticket immediately after the 770 election, regardless of which party or alliance wins the majority.

Protests weren’t as big as during the lead up days, with a wave of optimism and patriotism supposedly sweeping through the nation, and the far-right has had to work extra-hard to get its message to the passes over the state of Havynwilde, but in recent weeks, the tide has picked up again, as thousand took the streets, meeting the Havyish military, the Defensive Guard where protestors can be seen clashing with the Defensive Guard. This is worst off in Ravenclyff, Havynwilde’s third biggest city and a bastion of the right, it was met with strong rioting and clashing from the supposedly-oppressed conservative citizens as they would openly clash on the streets with Defensive Guards. The Havyish government was supposedly forced to authorize the use of force on civilians in the region, and similarly ordered occupation units to the vast tundas of south Havynwilde, to secure state power once more, the sweeping movements, which was at the guide of the Alderman from the Alderman’s residence have been used in propaganda pieces to attack the sitting government for the continued suppression of its citizens, rallying behind a six year-old whose head lay cracked on the cobblestone streets of Ravenclyff. Of course, a media blackout of sorts was imposed on these sort of things, while protests and lite rioting were known, the full effects were swarmed in supposed mystery.

“We need civil war,” said Jostein Ottosen, an auto mechanic in Ravenclyff, “the state of the country is no better than where we were some fifteen years ago, and clear, they’ve learnt nothing.” Havynwilde seems to be in an utter state of chaos, especially with people clearly reminiscing about a time of great conflict and war in Havynwidle, where brother marched against brother, and sister fought sister all across the land. The harc back to moving towards a civil war seems to be picking up speed, especially as the Havyish government looks to quell resurrections in the south and directly towards the larger cities in the breadbasket of Havynwilde, with Hrafnagja and Ravenclyff showing the most resistance to the sitting government. The nation’s conflicts threaten to boil out into the public, if Havynwilde’s government can not address the burdens that the people are facing, then the country will further fall deeper into the hole it finds itself in, where people reject peace and a government cannot attend to the wishes of its citizens.

Havynwilde’s government supposedly had a high approval rating just a short two years ago, riding high on the backs of a post-war Havynwillde, little resistance and a mandate to step forward and rule; now, protests from the capital to Ravenclyff, to Kinnland an all through the tunday threaten to split the rule of Havyish authority and cast doubts over whether Bellymn’s government truly can maintain power with a few months till their terms ends. The last straw leading to the calls for the Havyish government to be dissolved, crackdowns in Ravenclyff which left twelve dead after protests to Havynwilde’s new grainary deposits were met with strong resistance from the southern city. The crushing reaction from the Havyish Defensive Guard left hundreds injured as the government soldiers shot rubber bullets into a crowd brandishing knives, molotov cocktails and an assortment of weapons at Havynwilde’s soldiers. Havynwilde’s Pangean-Havyish were the main people caught in the fire, as both sides routinely used their communities as places to wage war in Ravenclyff, with the two sides colliding and causing unforeseen havoc across the nation wit other major deployments in Easterbridge and Baywall.

Despite this, around the world, papers have picked up on the conflict and lack of perception into what’s going on in Havynwilde has begun to be understood - from the crude blogs of Port Ember’s Blog of the Travelling Buccaneers, to WNN of Neo-Futurist Wyoming documenting and comparing the effects of war in the respective nations, the feeling of dread has similarly been echoed between the two nations, and clearly has lead to a shift in opinion, even for people who’re coming to Havynwilde to visit and have a good time, the sense that things are not truly as they appear has been strongly pushed throughout the nation, With mass-arresting being heralded through the nation, it was clear the nation wasn’t safe for anyone, be it a leftist or rightist, the situation on the ground for thousand of Havyish, coupled with the effects that rioting had brought at the behest of hosting the IAC-11, had only served to further harm the state and the people, as both sides seemed rushing for an end-all-be-all to the issue.

Journalists have recently spoke out on the issue too, “I fear for my life sometimes,” Diane Clark told The Associated, the award-winning journalist has covered the All-Bellymn Herald for the past thirteen years, “I wasn’t this scared during the civil est, now, it's nothing but fear when we walk out these doors and go out into the world. It's really every person for themselves, you see what’s happening in Ravenclyff, they’re just killing people left and right, and then the far-right is gaining ground, and you wonder, when is your family next, when am I next.” She voices the opinions of how millions in Havynwilde feel, despite continued protests from the Havyish people, little has been done to meet the needs and address the problems, feels Alice Murray, student at the National University - Baywall, “all we asked for was the government to invest the same money they put into stadiums into healthcare and tuition for students, and they’re killing us for it.”

“Call it what it is, this country’s falling to shit, and it's only going to continue with the status of things with this currency government, and it's time the people stood up to the injustices and fought for the change that we all want to see,” Malik Loeffler, the famed far-right politician whose becoming extremely popular in southern Havynwilde and throughout much of Ravenclyff with his populist message, “we’re going to purge the socialists and remove the heathen from office, and it's going to happen soon. I hope Turnbull here’s my message, and I hope the fake news and all of them blast this through the nation so they see their lies they spread, the country needs to be reawakened, only I can get that done, for the mother in Downey who doesn’t have water and heat for her children; for the steel worker in Ravenclyff who lost his job; for the men and women on the borders protecting this great nation, you DEMAND change, and only I am willing to bring it.”

Regardless, downplaying the crisis from the government has only allowed for the media and protests to respond with a stronger position, the status on Havyish around the nation, as many feel the final months of power coming to a close for the ruling majority, is still bitter. Where the nation moves forward hasn’t been answered, the Alderman remains quiet from his seat of power, and similarly, the Havyish government proves it doesn’t read the room and doesn’t have the mandate of the people for much longer. The main question is what does the Alderman and the ruling power do in the closing months? Go out with a bang or remove themselves from the political landscape quietly, for them, going quietly will be almost impossible, due to the party’s logo and the Alderman’s face being plastered on everal streetlight through the nation, the burning of all memorabilia associated with them, and the protests that grip the streets of Havynwilde.
Black lives matter.



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