World Cup 85 || Rosters Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Ancherion » Fri May 22, 2020 4:30 pm

Ancherion's National Football Team


Main Formation is 4-2-3-1 with two CMs
Secondaries include, 4-3-3 with two CMs and one AMC, 4-1-3-1 with one CDM or 4-4-2 with two CMs

Captain Order: Arts, Haynes, Zenin

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (Nothing Too Serious)
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y (Nothing too Serious)
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y (max 5 including double yellows)
Give Red Cards to my players: Y (No more than two players, max 2 match suspension)
Godmod other events: Y

Style Modifier: 2.4

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Atheist Democratic Freehold
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Postby Atheist Democratic Freehold » Fri May 22, 2020 4:36 pm

Formation: 4-5-1
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: (Y)/N
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y/(N)
Injure Players: (Y)/N [make sure to tell me first]
Godmod Injury Events: Y/(N)
Red Card Players: Y/(N) [Double yellow is okay though if you tell me first]
Yellow Card Players: (Y)/N
Godmod Other Events: Y/(N)

Style Mod: +2 (style is changing)

Tournaments: 3-3-1
Friendlies: 1-2-1
TOTAL: 4-5-2
Tournaments: 0-0-0
Friendlies: 1-2-1
TOTAL: 1-2-1

GK: #1 Zaksle Zijdansm
LB: #2 Andamsin Bardan
CB: #4 Redol Powen
CB: #5 Perd Oum
RB: #6 Savka Opladoor
LM: #7 Nonas Okald
LCM: #8 Savka Oqapels
CM: #13 Ceja Nobek
RCM: #9 Redando Oasmedi (C)
RM: #10 Perd Gajalo
CF: #11 Andos Galqe

Stadiums (ones used for Baptism of Fire (training) are in green, ones used for World Cup are in red, ones used for both (BOF training) are in yellow.
Atheist Stadium, Atheist City, Atheist Democratic Freehold (Seats 60,000)
Zadopia Stadium, New Zadopia, Atheist Democratic Freehold (Seats 60,000)
Northern Stadium, Atheist City, Atheist Democratic Freehold (Seats 40,000)
Soups and Sandwiches Stadium, Socovar, Atheist Democratic Freehold (Seats 30,000)
Edit: For fuck's sake, it's still down. (Now it is not)
4-5-1 Version with Numbers
4-5-1 Version with Positions

(I'm sorry about how late this shit is, I really am.)
Neither player using this account is atheist.

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Soracana Islands
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Postby Soracana Islands » Fri May 22, 2020 6:22 pm



Management Team
Manager: Aksabasu Milajading
Head Coach: Yuhabani Padangadak
Assistant Coach: Rustijana Sambaul
Goalkeeper Coach: Agibani Canaduhi
Medic Head: Maragi Duhisani
Style Modifier: +1.78
Formation: 4-3-2-1

Main Lineup
No   Pos   Name                Age   Club
1 GK Aksabasu Padurjana 29 Gato Uyuri
2 DF Basuri Kasipadan 24 Nilayam
3 DF Agibasu Anarjangga 29 Abayantasi
4 DF Aksabani Sorakasi 26 Ruacalu
5 DF Basubani Canabaksa 24 Calukanta
6 MF Jandigi Gadakmara 27 Gato Uyuri
7 MF Soragi Humanjar 26 Calugida (C)
8 MF Yuhagi Dusisani 23 Ruacalu
9 FW Jandiyuha Sadakarsi 22 Nilayam
10 FW Yuhabasu Kamraja 23 Ruacalu
11 FW Agisa Janabandar 21 Nilayam

Reserve Team
No   Pos   Name                 Age   Club
12 GK Aksayuha Sudajana 31 Ruacalu
13 GK Yuhagi Sanijading 27 Calugida
17 DF Yuhabani Bansamara 27 Nilayam
18 DF Aksabasu Kasijangga 28 Gato Uyuri
19 DF Basuri Uyurida 24 Abayantasi
24 DF Jandiyuha Marajangga 28 Ruacalu
25 DF Soragi Ambaraja 21 Calu Humang
15 MF Yuhagi Maraduhi 24 Calugida
16 MF Agisa Pakeluntar 25 Nilayam
21 MF Yuhaksa Banarusti 23 Abayantasi
22 MF Agibani Yuhajangga 19 Calu Humang
23 MF Basubani Ranggida 18 Gato Uyuri
14 FW Aksayuha Marakalam 21 Gato Uyuri
20 FW Yuhabasu Rantabaha 19 Calugida

RP Permission
If my opponent RP first, they may do the following:
Choose my scorer: Yes
Choose Scoring events: Yes
God-mod Scoring event: Yes
RP injuries to my Players: Yes (no career-ending/max. 1 per match)
God-mod injuries to my Player: No
Yellow Card my Players: Yes (max. 3 player per match)
Red Card my Player: No
God-mod Other Events: No

Home Stadium
For World Cup Qualifying Round, SIFA (Soracana Islands Football Association) selected 3 stadiums for its home ground.
1. Uyuri City Stadium, Gato Uyuri Capital Region (cap. 45,000)
2. Nilayam Arena, Nilayam, Anar Province, Yuhansa Region (cap. 40,000)
3. Ruacalu Aksa Stadium, Ruacalu, Gato Province, Aksamara Region (cap. 38,000)

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Commonwealth of Baker Park
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Fri May 22, 2020 6:34 pm

Football Association of the Commonwealth


The FAC was founded in 1901 and currently has 128 full member clubs, 303 associate member clubs and approximately 21,000 registered players--male & female--between the ages of 11 to 65+ as well as approximately 3,100 registered officials, both male & female. It sponsors competitions across all age groups, genders and ability levels, including 12 National Championships and 6 domestic cup competitions for men and women.

Major Multiverse Honors
SWC 5 & SWC 9 Under-18 Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runners-up
AOCAF LX Third Place
DiBradini Cup 42/63 Quarterfinalists
DiBradini Cup 43/64 Round of 16
World Cup Cassadaigua/Baker Park 84 Round of 18
World Cup Banija/Equstria 83 Round of 16
World Cup Apox/Valanora 82 Round of 16
World Cup Banija/FFR81 Round of 16
World Cup EqueStar80 Group Stage

All time match record—284 wins, 205 losses, 102 draws (current through beginning of WCQ 85)
NS Record—105 wins 43 losses 33 draws (181 matches)

National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth"

Region—Atlantian Oceania

Nickname--since the end of the 1960's the National Team has been known as "The Bees", a period when the team's uniforms consisted of alternating black and gold hoops. While the bee is an element on the coat of arms of the Commonwealth—a long accepted heraldic symbol of industriousness--the association was actually a reference made in an Italian newspaper game story when the senior team was wearing the hooped shirts, referring to the BP team as il Bombi (the bumblebees) for their perseverance and swarming tactical play.

Colors--Black & Gold (while they are just 2 of the 5 main colors on the flag of Baker Park--Blue, Red and White are the others--black & gold have been closely associated in the nation's consciousness as representative of the country since its founding.)

KPB—36.49 (11th, current to beginning of WCQ 85)

Manager—Ichi Tuzzio (FFD)
Assistant-- Friekder Dandalleion (FFD)
1st Team Coach—Tony Weiss
Coaching Staff—Jennifer Prescott
Will Barnard
Elaine King
Hailey Reinhardt-Zavakos
Jessica Curran
Liam Sullivan
Physios—David Hume, Gina Damicone

The following are the top 30 players in the World Cup pool, but are not necessarily the only ones who will play in matches during qualifying. Expect an updated listing of those players shortly.

ImageImageThe management team of Ichi Tuzzio & Friekder Dandalleion were the architects of Farfadillis' World Cup 84 victory, and now have taken upon themselves the challenge of elevating the Commonwealth to similar exalted heights

Other National Team Pool players
Danielle Gaines 29 Castleford FC 19 [3]
Kelsey Vickers 23 Jaguar Moreda FC (VIL) 8 [1]
Zach Johnston 23 New Bremen FC 2
Ben Kelley 23 Hillsborough FC 1

Kelly O'Connell 26 South Laithland FC (NPH) 15 [3]
Nicole Underwood 23 Samaj FC (COS) 8 [5]
Pryna Rasanamira 23 SK Leiderkranz Ladies 21 [2]
Julie Ackerman 28 Broadview AFC 11 [9]
Leslie Monaghan 28 Brentford Ladies FC 12 [9]
Derion Hutchins 27 Coolville United FC 17 [4]
Victor Onikambe 22 Southend AC 3
Jerome Brooks 22 Dalton Town FC 2
Alan Wiseman 23 Corinthians FC 6 [3]

Anna Porter 23 Riverside City Ladies FC 11 [8]
Susana Aguilar 22 Shirley Metros Ladies FC 4
Ashley Delgarro 26 Forest Park SC 8 [2]
Travis Grimaldi 21 Avenida Leal (FFD) 2 [1]
Kelvin Buxton 22 Monmouth Park FC 2 [1]
Max Rizzo 22 Riverside City FC 3

Angelique Underwood 29 Hoima Warriors FC (BNJ) 20 [16]
Jessica LeClair 28 WEA (EUR) 30 [13]
Lindsay Thompson 27 Hannover United FC 2 [4]
Tim Cassel 21 Sorenberg Park FC 2 [1]
Daniel Pryor 24 Marketville FC (EUR) 11 [7]

Home kits--BP are going back to their roots, as it were, bringing back the uniforms they wore in their first WCQ campaign
Away kits--they will retain the all whites that have been used in World Cup 84 and AOCAF 60

Home match schedule/venues
Sharktail MD 1--President's Park, Shirley (26,115)
Khazajamal MD 15--Carrollton, Coolville (33,000)
Darkmania MD3--BBP National Stadium, Belle Haven (70,000)
Zwangzug MD 17--BBP National Stadium
Valladares MD 5--Collins Park, Oceana (47,000)
The Macabees MD 19--BBP National Stadium
Bushkrub MD 7--BBP National Stadium [600th All-Time Match Celebration]
Twicetagria MD21--Rogers Stadium, Endborough (46,750)
Mkabia MD 9--State Fairgrounds Stadium, Springfield (44,000)
Squornshelous MD 23--BBP National Stadium
Adsuri MD 11--Sportsmen's Park, Belle Haven (39,000)
Vakolicci Haven & Celeria MD 25--BBP National Stadium

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y duration of match only
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out Red cards to my players: Y, TG in advance, please
Godmod Other Events: Y

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Soccer--2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF Third Place LVIII (co-hosts), LX
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage

NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Ziwani World Cup Roster

Postby Ziwana » Fri May 22, 2020 7:43 pm


The Ziwani Football National Team to the 85thNS World Cup Qualifiers



4th CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup and 1st CMFA Nations League Champions


Full Name: Ungwazi wa Ziwana
Nickname: Akambuku (Leopards)
Triagramme: ZIW
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Moodifier: +3
Manager: Harry Ngonamo
Assistant Manager: Chisomo Kavinya

Starting Line Up

GK1Jean Kane19Western United
RB13Surinder Fernandes19Fadrön Flight
CB3Yannick Saramandiff29Sandheights City FC
CB4Jonathan Boi20Sandheights City FC
LB5Jonathan Ah Fok19Eshan FC
DM6Issa Swedi19Black leopards FC
CM7Louis Albert15Western United
CM8Joseph Kawoa29Sandheights City FC
LW9Charles Payen-Vice Captain22Sandheights City FC
RW10Abdulaziz Haqawi19Al-Quasim Athletic Club
ST11Jean Wilder-Captain29Sandheights City

ST: #24, Joseph Castel(27), Ainheim Dynamos
GK: #12, Nicolas Mitraille(29), Black Leopards FC
RB: #13, Manu Labonte(26), Birnin Almalaki
CB: #14, Jean Sophie(20), Western United
CB: #15, Jean Ranaivoson(29), Black leopards FC
LB: #16, Louis Citorah(19), Western United
DM: #17, Jean Gopaul(20), Birnin Almalaki
CM: #18, Mohammed Al-Dossari(20), Asghar Athletic Club
CM: #19, Hashaan Casimir(19), Ainheim Dynamos
LW: #20, Jean Aristide(30), Black Leopards
RW: #21, Nicolas Bayaram(29), Black leopards FC
ST: #22, Johan Dimanche(27), Birnin Almalaki


Ziwani kits are made by local and world renowned kit makers, Zsports.


Stadium Name: Izula National Stadium
Location: Birnin-Likulu (Capital City)
Capacity: 55750

I give my opponent permission to(that is if they are first to RP):
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Bushkrub » Fri May 22, 2020 9:31 pm

Bushkrub National Soccer Squad
Head Coach
Darrel Barnacle, Age 49, Dabush SC
Coach Barnacle will be a part of a professional club team for the first time in the upcoming debut season of the Bushkrub Domestic Soccer League. Before, he was coaching various amateur and youth teams around the Dabush metropolitan area, but his well respected leadership during the latest Baptism of Fire has secured him the prestigious position that he has now.

Starting Eleven
Johan Johnson, Age 33, Neonbrick FC
Johan Johnson has an uninteresting backstory that is not worth writing about.
Left Back
Gofa Kurseff, Male, Age 25, Dabush SC
As a child, Gofa was always a hassle for his parents to deal with, even dropping out of high school when he was seventeen. Before earning his spot on the Dabush SC roster, he barely got by working at a local steel mill, and relying on the generosity of his friends.
Center Back
Panchelli Chorelli, Male, Age 29, Bushkrub City
Panchelli Chorelli became homeless after being unable to find a job when he immigrated to the country. His life tuned around when his talents were discovered by the Bushkrubian National Soccer Squad, and he now enjoys an exciting life of fame and luxury.
Right Back
Tracy Vegan, Non-Binary, Age 21, Bushkrub City
Tracy is the only non-binary member on the team, giving zim an extra boost of notoriety. Most of zis teammates however find zim extremely annoying, as she allegedly won't stop preaching about the benefits of veganism and ranting about the usage of incorrect pronouns when others refer to zim in the locker room.
Left Midfield
Humon Godick, Female, Age 26, Neonbrick SC
Ms. Godick is one of the most experienced payers on the squad, having previously played for AFC Footham, a semi-pro team in a far away nation. After successfully trying out for the national team, she decided to move back home and is now looking to be the star player of her new home, Neonbrick SC.
Center Midfield
Edwin Footburger, Male, Age 27, Dabush SC
Edwin Footburger lives an unusually comfortable life, as his father is the CEO of the mega-corporation, Bushkrubian Automotive Industries. In school, he was generally disliked because he was seen as a spoiled brat by his classmates. His negative reputation followed him into his adult life as many have accused of bribing his way into Dabush SC.
Pan Troglodytes, Female, Age 30, Florida Men
Ever since she was a child, Pan has been a lover of animals. As an adults, she decided to live her dreams by deciding to go as far as to live permanently in a zoo. To this day, many question whether she is even a human at all!
Right Midfield
Horseman Fricker, Male, Age 30, Giraffe City FC
Horseman has been a gifted athlete all his life, At an early age, he moved abroad to play for Giraffe City FC. He has been very successful with them and has stated that he wants to stay there for he remainder of his career.
Left Wing
Kim Yong-um, Male, Age 34, Neonbrick SC
Kim Yong-um grew up in the distant land of Coreo, where his father was the head of a tyrannical communist regime. Not wanting to live an evil life similar to that of his father, he moved to Bushkrub to start a new life. It was there that a he saw a promising soccer career ahead of him, and didn't let the opportunity go to waste.
Your Mom, Male, Age 33, Bushkrub City
Your Mom is probably the most famous member of the team. His previous fame as a TheePipe vlogger, as well as his recent spectacular appearances in the Baptism of Fire, has helped him appear in countless interviews, podcasts, and movies. Dirt Finance Magazine recently listed him as the third richest man in all of Bushkrub!
Right Wing
Lion Messy, Male, Age 21, CF Arbustocomida
There isn't much to write about Lion, he just likes jumping up and down in muddy puddles with lions.

Ora Jman, Female, Age 17, Waterside AFC
Ora was brought onto the team to replace John Johnson, Johan's twin brother who was kicked off the team for drug abuse.
Left Back
Lamarcus Bigmac, Male, Age 25, Dabush SC
Growing up with a single mother and often getting bullied in school, life was not easy for Lamarcus. At the age of eighteen, he founded the Fatherfrickers, a dangerous gang which quickly became feared throughout the streets of Dabush. After Lamarcus left home to join the Bushkrubian soccer team, violet infighting broke out among the members of the Fatherfrickers. He realized that this was no way to live and has committed to leaving his life of crime behind.
Center Back
Walter Halter, Male, Age 35, Waterside AFC
Weather Walter is deserving of his success or not is disputed among many people. At twenty-one, he was found guilty of kidnapping and sentenced to a dozen years of prison time. He is often harassed by his teammates and normal citizens who pass by him on the street.
Right Back
Ronald Dump, Male, Age 19, Bushkrub City
Ronald Dump has made a name for himself in both sports and politics. Apart from having a successful soccer career, he is also a prominent member of the Bushkrubian Action Party and has expressed interest in running for a seat in the National Legislature sometime in the future.
Left MIdfield
Youhar Bigay, Male, Age 20, Florida Men
Youhar was previously a well known activist pushing for the legalization of marijuana. After his political goals were achieved, he opened a store that sold cannabis related products. It is still open to this day under different ownership.
Center Midfield
Ethan Mathews, Male, Age 20, Friccboi Beach SC
Ethan was fat, but now he's not.
Right Midfield
Patricia Peepee, Female, Age 18, Bushkrub City
Although Patricia is definitely a very talented soccer player, she is best known for pop trash music enjoyed by thousands of Bushkrubians with hit singles such as "My BF's Ugly Face Tattoos" and "Big Booty".
Left Wing
Joe Birdkiller, Male, Age 34, Florida Men
Prior to being where he is today, Joe was the star of hit television reality show, "Big Ice Dudes" where he depicted what life is like in the treacherous Great Northern Tundra.
Larry Lettuce, Male, Age 24, Friccboi Beach FC
Larry's life was mostly uneventful before becoming a pro athlete. His greatest achievement was being a very grumpy public schoolteacher.
Right Wing
Penelope Poopy, Female, Age 21, Neonbrick FC
Penelope was disowned by her family weeks ago when she dropped out of the the prestigious Green University for Women to chase her dreams of achieving fame an fortune.

RP Permissions
Godmod Scoring Events Yes
Injure my Players Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Playrs Yes
Give Red Cards to my Players No
Godmod Other Events Yes

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Postby Legalese » Fri May 22, 2020 10:31 pm

About Legalese

Legalese is a gargantuan, cultured nation in the hallowed Northeast of Atlantian Oceania. It consists of two landmasses - the continential mainland and the adjoining Karin Islands - and is located on the eastern side of the Calanian continent, between Lake Bekk on the west, Audioslavia to the east, Starblaydia to the north, and New West Guiana to the south. It’s been roughly 32 years since Legalese’s fourth place finish in World Cup 69, and losing in penalties in The Eagle’s Cup “Relics Match” didn’t exactly exude confidence. With a number of familiar names in their group, will this be the start of something special, or just a minor footnote in the history of the Legalite nation?

Full Nation Name: The People and Government of Legalese
Short/Common Use Name: Legalese
Three-Letter Designation: LGL
Denonym: Legalite
Governing Body: The Federation of Assocation Football, simply referred to as The Federation

The Team
Order is shirt number and name. Per typical Legalite naming conventions, the family name is the last word(s) in the person’s name.

1 Karter Lindamood
18 Linus Heckaman

2 Gus Cestero
3 Preston Everet
4 Freddy Cauthon
5 Grover Flett
16 Ole Youngberg Tade

6 Dale Ree
7 Kamari Osofsky
8 Lannon Kaai
10 Edd Shill
14 Jerry Mcgilvery
15 Rafe Senechal
17 Mitch Oyston

9 Skyler Mandella
11 Fredrick Charlot
12 Trace Coursey
13 Ray Borgella

Manager: Hardy Bolder. Bolder, originally from Francis City -- a port on the strait side of Legalese’s main land -- like his side, this is his World Cup debut. His recent work has included player-manager of Numalian side Draig Goch FC, as well as a fine crafter of wooden utensils.

The Eleven/Playing Style
The lower the number, the more likely they'll be in the eleven. General formations to expect include some variation of a 4-4-2, 4-3-2-1 (with two pressing wingers), and maybe even a 3-1-2-1-3 somewhere in there as well. If it's attacking but somewhat true-to-RL, It might come out.

Legalite football is attacking/possessive in its style; to this end, they will play with a +4 modifier.

The Kits

Stadium: National Stadium Legalese City: Of course, for the return, it’s only fitting that the National Team play in their National Stadium. The bowl-shaped structure is nearing its Centennial, having gone through a few renovations, first for the World Cup 68 Final, as well as a fresh coat of paint in preparation for the current cup. It seats -- and will admit -- 83,068; whether Legalites will come back and fill it remains to be seen.

RP Permissions: You are permitted to apply any and all RP permissions that you have posted for yourself to my side, if you have posted first - this also includes the clause that if you've not posted a roster and/or permissions, you shalt not be permitted a damn thing, and that you keep all ejections/injuries/deaths to a reasonable amount. The only additional note I’ll add is that I do not intend to participate in any pandemic-related storylines, and regardless of the above, will more or less ignore/come up with an alternative explanation to any action taken along those lines.
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Legalese proudly calls Atlantian Oceania its home!
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Winner of Cup of Harmony 55 and Jeremy Jaffacake Jamboree II
NS Sports' Primary Proponent of the Casaran System Tournament
Host/Co-Host of:
World Cup XXII and LXVIII
Cup of Harmony XI and XIII
Baptism of Fire IX, XIV, XV, XVI, XLII, LII

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Postby Darkmania » Sat May 23, 2020 12:42 am



Ranking: 78th
Formation: 4-4-2

Darkmania are the national team who has slowly and silently climed up the ranks despite that they got arse rekted at the Indipendent Cup 7. The national team has not lost their moral and are determant to make it into the World Cup for the first time. And they have decided not to give up untill they can finaly step into the pitch of the host stadias at the WC.

Not much has changed for Darkmania with the exception of a new stadium being given clearance to being able to host international games.

Home grounds:
Darkmania has three stadias to be used for the Qualifying to the

Örkendrem Nätionaljë Foëtbäll Arëna (Örkendrem National Football Arena) [Capiblty: 50 000]
This is the "official" venue and the one used the most. Mainly used mostly by the football team FC Örkemdrem 97 (who uses a red-white jersey, hence the colours).

Tÿramël Städÿon ("The Tÿramël") [45 000]
The venue that was the replacement for ÖNFA doing the qualifying for the 82th World Cup and as already become a fan-favorite.

Cäer Foëtbäll Stadÿon [40 000]
The newest stadium to get clearance, the Cäer Foëtbäll Stadÿon arent a new one, having been open for 25 years as of now.


Nickname: Just "The National Team"
Manager: Däniël Rëspertner
Stylemod: +2

The Squad
Not much has changed since Independent Cup 7.

(All main players are marked like this.)
#1: Ërimär (GK)
#2: Bjørndalsen (GK/sub)
#3: Yürang (Def)
#4: Tërman (Def)
#5: Lërnÿn (Def)
#6: Ërim (Def)

#7: Bernsüng (Def/sub)
#8: Përsater (Mid)
#9: Årdalberg (mid)
#10: Rånde (Mid)
#11: Vërnspern (Mid)

#12: Tÿrn (For)
#13: Mjøe(For) [C]

#14: Änderm (For/sub)
#15 Ødegård (For/sub)

Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring events: Yes, but realistic.
Injure Players: Yes, but no death, career-ending or life-threatening injuries.
Godmod injury event: Yes, but telegram me or DM me on Discord. (DarkNS#2301)
Red card player: No, unless telegrammed/DM`ed. If allowed, only up to 1 player.
Yellow card player: Yes, but not for "stupid reasons". Also, try to be realistic.
Godmod other events: No, unless telegrammed or DM`ed. If allowed, must be realistic.
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Postby Recuecn » Sat May 23, 2020 1:40 am

Reçueçn Roster & National Information

Sporting History

Reçueçn is only just now becoming a recognizable name in the sporting world. The nation has had few opportunities to make forays into the world of international football, but those it has had have been quite successful recently. Reçueçn debuted in the 59th Baptism of fire, where they made it to the quarterfinals. In their last game, they took Panem, the eventual winners of that tournament, all the way to penalty kicks, coming the closest to defeating the champions-to-be out of any nation in that Baptism of Fire. Immediately following the Baptism of Fire, Reçueçn played a friendly against United RussoAsia in "Le 1er Annuel Tournoi Teikei," which they handily won, 3-1. The nation followed this up with two back-to-back attempts to qualify for the world cup, both of which were unsuccessful. Following the first attempt, during World Cup 72 qualifiers, Reçueçn was invited to the 64th Cup of Harmony, where two draws in the group stage proved not to be enough to advance.

After Reçueçn's abortive attempt to qualify for the 73rd World Cup, the nation ceased entering international tournaments for a long period. During this phase, domestic sport in Reçueçn fell into disarray as well. Only recently did things change, when a young legislative staffer named Jean-Luc Lassalle began an initiative to resurrect organized sport in the country with the government's assistance. The result of his push was the creation of the brand new Reçuecian Ministry of Sport, which promptly reorganized domestic association football leagues throughout the country and got things moving once more. Lassalle himself became the new Minister of Sport, despite his young age.

For the national team, this meant involvement once more in international competition. Reçueçn's first chance to declare its return came at the 7th Independent Associations' Championship. To the surprise of everyone, including its own fans, the unranked Reçuecian national team managed to win 3rd place, taking home its first silverware of any kind. The team itself largely consisted of the same squad that had partaken in the Baptism of Fire and World Cup qualifiers all of 10 World Cup cycles ago.

The team has struggled in the past, due to the rivalries within Reçuecian domestic football. During the Baptism of Fire and first international competitions for the national team, the players hadn't really had enough experience playing with each other to develop the necessary camaraderie or team spirit. Hopes were high that the creation of the Ministry of Sport would herald in a new era. Since the team was largely the same, some of the rivalries came back at first, but the team's performance at IAC 7 smoothed over its troubles and the team gelled.

Riding high on their third place finish in the IAC, the Reçuecians launched into their first qualification attempt since World Cup 73. This time, things were different: still officially unranked, Reçueçn miraculously managed to qualify for the world cup in its first attempt, even making it as far as the Round of 16. The nation returned to the IAC even stronger and more confident; this time they knew what they were capable of, and they were hosting to boot. In its second IAC, Reçueçn got everything it could want: victory at home.

Back in world cup qualifiers, the Reçuecians earned a spot in World Cup 84, making their qualification record two for two since their return. They were less successful in the world cup itself this time around, proving unable to make it out of the group stage, but having only been ranked 44th going into qualifiers, were happy to make it as far as they did.

At the last IAC, however, Reçueçn went home earlier than they might have hoped, finding their earliest ever exit in the Round of Sixteen. This was followed by an appearance at the Eagles Cup where Reçueçn failed to make the knockout rounds. Hopefully neither of these performances are indicative of what the nation can expect as we head into qualifiers for the eighty-fifth world cup.

All time record: 51-29-30

National Team Information

L'Équipe Nationale de Reçueçn de Football is still in the process of making a name for itself, but if it's known for anything, it would be for its defensive style. This is partly due to the large influence of Reçueçn FC on the team—the most popular domestic club in Reçueçn plays about as defensive a game as you can imagine. This is balanced out to some extent by the players from other teams with more attacking philosophies, but the league as a whole tends towards defense, and it shows in the national team. Furthermore, Gerauld Firaut, the team's #1 goalie, is the best player on the team by a solid margin—without a doubt, Reçueçn's first world-class player. He and his defense form the foundation for the team as a whole.

National Team Logo
The team plays in a 4-3-3 formation, but sometimes the wings drop back, almost making it a 4-5-1. In general, the team's strategy and tactics are solid—Jacques Tremblay, the coach, knows his stuff despite his age. Last world cup, amid rising concerns over Tremblay's health, the team signed an official assistant manager for the first time in Bonheur Relié, whose fiery personality contrasts Tremblay's gentler wisdom. The team's weakness would be a possible lack of talent—Reçueçn has not yet had the opportunity to develop or train true world-class quality players.

The Reçueçian National Team's mascot is the nicorn; thus another name for the team is "les licornes". The fantastical creature has been a symbol of Reçueçn for almost two millennia and is also the national animal, appearing as the supporters in the national coat of arms.

The team's kit represents the colors of the flag in a quite literal fashion. The jersey was recently redesigned, replacing the first one the Unicorns ever wore, dating back to the 59th Baptism of Fire. Fans who thought the old outfit ugly are excited to see the team play wearing its new uniforms, and feel that they are now represented much more professionally.

Reçueçn has only one stadium in which its national team plays, located in the capital city (also named Reçueçn). Never having been given an official title, the national stadium is usually simply referred to just that: The National Stadium, or in French, the local language, the Stade Nationale. Capacity: 30,000.

Name               	#	Pos.	Age	Club                 	TGM	Caps	Goals
Coaching Staff
Jacques Tremblay M Manager 72 National Team
Bonheur Relié AM As.Man. 46 National Team
Gerauld Firaut 1 GK 26 Reçueçn FC RCN 101 45 clean sheets
Emanuele Cutrona 2 CB 22 Mierton Manatees TAE 31 3
Paulin Bourguignon 3 LB 23 Stomford 1904 RCN 33
Lukas Kayserling 4 CB 22 Herzegovina City FC BNJ 38 1
Oliver Spencer 5 RB 26 Brinemouth NPH 108 1
Raoul Lavigne 6 LM 23 Monmouth Park FC CBP 33 2
Harold Saunders 7 AM 29 Association Genève RCN 85 11
Maynard Hebron 8 RM 27 Assalto Alpino RCN 109 11
Hippolyte Lavigne 9 LW 33 Hawthorne Kickers XAN 108 16
Frank "Franky" Adams 10 CF 21 Association Genève RCN 107 48
Freeman Lebo 11 RW 28 Pelethas United COS 103 22
Estienne de Chefderue 12 GK 22 FC Harrim RCN 4 1 clean sheet
Hagen Groos 13 SW 25 Reçueçn FC RCN 5
Jayson Compton 14 LB 23 Col-de-Môse RCN
Quirino Lucian 15 CB 23 Ville-sur-Rivière RCN 5
Barnabus Mercer 16 RB 27 Heldingen 1919 RCN
Robert Chéreau 17 LM 22 FC Zimmerich RCN 1
Grégoire Leclair 18 DM 30 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn SVJ 62 4
Quentin Gouin 19 RM 20 Association Genève RCN 5
Per Tegeler 20 LW 25 Marketville EUR 42 7
Ly Nasser 21 CF 24 FC Zimmerich RCN 46 8
Jean-Baptiste Brochard 22 RW 28 Lampadaires Associés RCN 39 5
Calanico Di Martino 23 GK 25 Renwyll RCN 2

Coaching Staff
Jacques Tremblay: Old and wise, Jacques Tremblay is often seen as the father of modern Reçuecian football, known for his eternal ability to innovate and surprise. He had retired, but when asked to coach the national team, did not refuse. He, along with Gerauld Firaut, holds together the national team. Reçuecians tend to forget how ridiculously old he is, and anyway, he's all they've got.

Bonheur Relié: Passionate and motivated, Relié has all the youthful energy you'd hope for in the assistant coach of a side whose manager is pushing three quarters of a century. Sometimes his energy can be a bit much and he's had some friction with the players in the past.

Gerauld Firaut: The face of Reçuecian football. Mature, talented, humble. Firaut, team captain, provides the leadership on the pitch that les licornes need, and the fact that he's such a nice guy when he's not playing soccer helps cement him as the nation's favored son. As some of his Reçueçn FC have retired or not been called up for this tournament, his exceptional goal-tending skills combined with Tremblay's strategy has preserved the team's defensive nature.

Emanuele Cutrona: Cutrona was in the first batch of call-ups for the National Team after the original Baptism of Fire squad, and he's still one of the youngest on the team. Until Di Martino's call-up, he was the only Italian-speaking player on the team (although others are from Italian-speaking clubs). He's developed a strong friendship with Franky Adams, which often leads to the pair of them getting in trouble.

Paulin Bourguignon: Bourguignon is the kind of defensive player who is always trying to clear the ball with long shots and score goals at corner kicks. Big on counter-attacks, he sometimes outpaces the mid-fielders, usually to his coach's dismay.

Lukas Kayserling: Very tall. Calm and controlled. Sometimes has difficulty communicating as he doesn't speak English or French as well as most of the other team members.

Oliver Spencer: Annother star defensive player from Reçueçn FC, Spencer is often outshone by Firaut, and for a long time Spencer couldn't decide whether the rivalry he thought they had was more important than team spirit or not. By now he has found his groove as part of the all-important back line.

Raoul Lavigne: No relation of the slightly more well-known Hippolyte Lavigne, Raoul is the second sophomore of the team: not one of the original squad but not a brand-new call-up either. He caught the NT's scouts' eyes after helping Bonneville Sportif to a couple good seasons. (He now plays in Baker Park.) Playing outside the nation has given him new things to worry about, namely, if his teammates leave him out of things since he's not a 'local' anymore. He doesn't realize how ridiculous his fears are, but fortunately they push him to prove himself every time he steps onto the field.

Harold Saunders: Saunders is synonymous with an aggressive style of play, especially in the midfield. He seems to always be able to find a way to give the ball to Franky. On and off the field he is emotionally well-balanced, usually rather stoic and unmoved.

Maynard Hebron: The unsung hero of the Assalto Alpino, Hebron is a great proponent of football development across Recuecn, especially on behalf of the smaller amateur teams that have recently joined the FNRF. Hebron often gets lucky with long shots from the edge of the box when the strikers are unable to really get open right in front of goal.

Hippolyte Lavigne: Lavigne can make great crosses, but usually tenses up out of pressure if he has to score himself. Very tall, a leading figure on and off the field.

Frank "Franky" Adams: Young, extremely talented, and rather cocky, Franky, who plays for Association Genève in the LNRF, really makes their team. When he has a bad shooting streak, his team has a losing streak, and vice versa, and he knows it. At Association Genève, the team and the fans love him. At the national team, they tolerate him—his rivalries with Reçueçn FC's players cause tension which Coach Tremblay must try to defuse. Tremblay, incidentally, thinks Franky is a bit conceited, although he is still one of the most aware of his talent. Franky is definitely the second most famous player on the team, at least to Reçueians. His role up front helps with that, obviously.

Freeman Lebo: Lebo can score goals, is highly motivated, and persevering. He's comfortable in the striker role. However, he is high-strung and not too difficult to offend, traits which, when combined with his overestimation of his own skill, can make him difficult to get along with. Has lots of potential when a manager can get him to swallow his pride, and Tremblay usually can. Lebo and Franky got off to a rocky start but since then they've really meshed well, and they give each other great service often leading to one of them scoring.

Estienne de Chefderue: Both of les licornes' reserve goalies were recently replaced, and de Chefderue got the number one number two spot. Last season at FC Harrim he did well, and he got some practice in the Eagles Cup when Tremblay subbed him into a lot of matches. It remains to be seen how he'll fare in a tournament that means a bit more.

Hagen Groos: A Reçueçn FC representative, yet again: Groos is sweeper for the club, which is supposedly the best in the country. It's probably confusing for him then why the starting sweeper position is handed to the younger Cutrona rather than him.

Jayson Compton: Not a ton to say about Jayson Compton. He's a mysterious fellow and we don't quite know what he's up to ourselves.

Quirino Lucian: Lucian has the look of a rugby player, and he'll take all the intimidation he can get from that: he needs people to know he's not afraid to muscle them down as they approach his goal—because he's not. He'll mess you up.

Barnabus Mercer: Called up for the first time at twenty-seven years old after doing very well in le championnat, some people questioned this decision of Tremblay's. Certainly it was the strongest on paper, so we'll see how it pans out. If you can believe it, Mercer played for a San Lleran club team more than ten world cups ago.

Robert Chéreau: Chéreau's biggest issue is that he tends to drift toward the center when he shouldn't, yet he ironically seems to have a very good idea of space and where to be in it, which is good for a player in his position.

Grégoire Leclair: Leclair almost never plays at the same time as Saunders. Usually, one is subbed for the other depending on whether more defensive or offensive tactics are called for at the moment. Leclair's specialty is going back and clearing the ball in difficult situations. There were thoughts Leclair wouldn't be called up this year, which would've been major news, but I guess he's been doing well enough in Savojarna for Tremblay.

Quentin Gouin: The team's new youngest player, he has breath and speed and agility. The stamina is sometimes lacking.

Per Tegeler: Good at receiving the ball from the defense or mid-field, trapping it in general, and taking it into the 18-yard box and shooting. Possible weakness is passing: either he doesn't, or it's long air balls.

Ly Nasser: Loves to shoot from far out, and often shoots high. Despite this, he makes up for it with his sheer number of shots. Incredibly aggressive, and loved by Zimmerich fans. Thinks he is one of the best strikers in the world, and he certainly is a good player. Weirdly he gets put on the Reçuecian reserves, you'd expect him to be playing with Lebo and Franky.

Jean-Baptiste Brochard: Immensely fast, especially with the ball, Brochard is weaker in set pieces and organized attacks. His strength is the counter-attack and the breakaway.

Calanico Di Martino: Unfortunately Di Martino's given name doesn't quite just mean 'soccer,' although it is close. His parents must have known there was something special about him. He has a toe that moves with wings.
Reçuecian History and Culture

The nation of Reçueçn was created in the first half of the XIVth century, when Carl Blancpic, Duke of the Duchy of Reçueçn, launched a breakneck military campaign invading and annexing many of his neighbors to the east. Before this time, Reçueçn had been only a city, built on the heights overlooking the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers. These heights had been settled by Carl Blancpic's distant ancestor, Ifheda Rcuecn, near the end of the IInd century a.d., and had born his name ever since. The area at that time belonged to the Roman Empire, who had established their regional administrative center, Lugdunum, on the other side of the river.

In 197 a.d., a decisive battle was fought near Lugdunum in one of the civil wars for the throne of the empire. The victor, Septimius Severus, razed the city of Lugdunum and destroyed it, stripping from it all imperial privileges in punishment for supporting his rival. This was the end for Lugdunum, but it was the beginning for Reçueçn. Refugees flocked across the river to join the settlement, and the city of Reçueçn grew to become a smallish regional center. Rcuecn's descendants (who changed the spelling to Reçueçn) maintained control over what became the Duchy of Reçueçn for 700 years, until it was inherited by their cousins the Blancpics who reigned for another 300 years.

At the beginning of the XIVth century, power passed into the hands of Carl Blancpic, who was partially insane and a megalomaniac. Thus he declared his duchy to be a kingdom and singled out weak neighbors who he invaded with audacity. Over an incredibly short period of time beginning in the spring of 1337, he had carved out for himself a sizable dominion.

Carl, who styled himself "Carl III of Reçueçn", was violent, unstable, and petty. He was also wildly unpopular with the populations of the various states he had conquered. Although the central power structure helped the economy of the new Kingdom of Reçueçn to some extent, it did not bring with it all the stability that might have been expected. This was mostly due to the decrees of Carl III, who, among other things, began a campaign to persecute and kill all "heretics" within his new realm. Most historians agree that this was in fact a thinly veiled purge of his political rivals. This and other policies he enacted on his whims finally drove the people into open revolt sometime around 1352.

Carl managed to hold on to power for a couple years by hiring mercenaries, but in 1254 lost two key battles and was captured by the rebels. By this time, the rebellion was led by feudal lords throughout the country who had sided with the people against their tyrant king. Carl III was executed, and the kingdom dissolved into a mess of tiny, independent feudal holdings.

No sooner had the various states that had been in the Kingdom of Reçueçn won their independence, than infighting broke out among them. The feudal lords squabbled over power and influence, trying vainly to imitate Carl's meteoric rise to power. This new violence, combined with the economic downturn associated with the rebellion and the breakup of the nation, clearly displayed how poorly things were turning out. More sensible minds came to the decision that the solution was to once more unify Reçueçn.

On November 19, 1356, therefore, The Allied States of Reçueçn came into being. The leaders of all the petty states, duchies, bishoprics, free cities, etc., came together and signed what are known as "The Treaties of the Alliance," a document just powerful enough to classify Reçueçn as a single nation by most people's definition, rather than a group of independent entities. The treaties also established a rough form of democracy, with each state represented (although typically by its aristocracy). Thus Reçueçn lays claim to being one of the oldest democracies in the world.

The treaties defined much of Reçuecian history to come. Provisions were made to establish freedom of religion, in order to avoid another scenario similar to Carl III's persecution of his opponents. The treaties also gave Reçueçn an isolationist bent. The nation had been burned before, and wouldn't soon try to meddle in external affairs, especially when its composite nature made creating a foreign policy so difficult.

Reçueçn, then, has managed to avoid many of the crises of European history. It's darkest moment came when Napoleon invaded, proclaiming himself emperor (although he allowed Reçueçn's government to continue to function under his reign). The allied states have drawn closer together, although cultural differences remain among them; they don't even all speak the same language.

Reçueçian culture has also been shaped by its location, nestled in the center of the Alps. Although rural communities did center around agriculture--especially dairy production--many Reçuecian were forced by the lack of arable land to find other work. This led to a culture of innovation that continues today: Reçueçn is now known for its luxury products and technological exports. This has additionally led to a focus on science and education. The relatively diverse nature of Reçueçn's culture means that some areas are culturally more time-oriented while others are more task-oriented, but this conjunction has led to some unique things, especially in art. Reçueçn, perhaps thanks to its inland, mountainous location, or the fact that it was never a colonial power, has seen little immigration or emigration. Recently, however, the diversity of language spoken in the country has made it attractive to refugees from other areas where those languages are spoken.
Visiting Reçueçn

Reçueçn is a small nation, but it's got a lot to see. If you're visiting to attend a world cup qualification match, you may want to stay the weekend to see the sights.

Travelling to and in Reçueçn
If you are coming to Reçueçn for world cup qualifying, you will most likely want to fly into Reçueçn city. As the capital and biggest city, it will definitely have the flight connection you need. Genève, the nation's second city, will also accommodate you in this regard, but Reçueçn city is also the site of every Reçueçian home qualification game. If you are travelling from a nearby country, arriving by rail is also a possibility, and many more Reçueçian cities have international rail connections than have international airports.

For travel within the country, taking the train is probably the way to go. Car rentals are fairly expensive, and many cities restrict downtown access to pedestrians and public transport. When travelling through the countryside, you will find that autoroutes have high tolls, and smaller roads are typically wind annoyingly through steep mountain terrain. However, an extensive rail and tunnel network has been built, and taking the train is fairly cheap between most places in the nation. Bus routes also connect most larger towns. Within cities themselves, public transport is always very high quality and usually very affordable or in some cities, even free. But armed with these tips, the next question is: where to go?

What to See
Presumably if you're reading this, the main attraction that has brought you to Reçueçn are the world cup qualifying games, all played just a short bus ride away from Reçueçn international airport at the National Stadium in Reçueçn's inner suburbs. You could take the metro there without going outside. But if you want to see a bit more of Reçueçn, consider taking a ride up to a cute alpine village and hiking along a mountain ridge to appreciate the amazing views we have to offer. Or take a swim in a mountain lake and cool off in the shadow of the peaks. If you really are looking to ditch the heat, check out the ice tunnels at the Écho glaciers. Or, if you come back in the winter, you can hit the slopes--our skiing's the best in the world.

If the mountains aren't for you, consider visiting our world-famous cheese museum--free samples! Or visit the Genève Cathedral if the culture you're looking for isn't bacteria. Genève, Reçueçn, Zimmerich, and other cities all have beautiful downtown historic districts worth the walking tour. Check them out if your idea of a good time means wandering through medieval fortifications or strolling down cobbled alleys. If what's up your alley is shopping, then we've got that too--check out Genève's luxury district for high end jewelry, fashion, watches, and more. Exchanging your money should be no problem: the Reçueçian guilder is very stable and worth only a little more than the NSD.

Where to Stay, What to Eat
If you are on the search for the perfect hotel for your stay in Reçueçn, worry not. Plenty of all kinds abound in and around each major city, whether you're looking for the four star experience, or just want to save a buck. If you'd rather have the personal, local touch, then we've still got you covered: a quick look online will reveal plenty of family-owned bed & breakfasts, as well as short-term rentals with people trying to make some money off the empty spare room one night or week at a time. Hostels are also very popular in Reçueçn, and are a great way to stay near the city center for a very low cost.

What'll you have for dinner? Reçueçn's food is what will make you want to come back for another visit. We love our cheeses, and our national specialty is Raclette, melted cheese scraped over small potatoes, cornichons, and salami. Try it at a restaurant where each table is provided with its own small oven so each diner can melt their own. Another local specialty is Tartiflette, essentially a casserole of potatoes, onions, and lardon (thick-cut bacon) served with a slab of, you guessed it, more melted cheese cooked right over it.

If you find yourself in an alpine pasture hankering for a pique-nique, rather than seated at a fine dining establishment, don't worry, cheese is great for a basket-lunch too. Bring along a baguette and a saucisson, and you've got yourself a meal.

No meal in Reçueçn is complete without a glass of wine, and the local product is certainly worth the connoisseur's time. Reçuecian wine varies immensely depending on whether you're south, west, or north of the Alps, so try a few varieties and pick your favorite. If you need a pairing for your meal, it just so happens that every single person you meet on the street in the country is a self-proclaimed expert ready with helpful advice. Just don't stop them on their way home for dinner.

Do's and Don't's
Do say "Bonjour" to those you pass, if you're in a small town. Don't block the passageway in the metro if you're in the city. Do take your time to enjoy a meal or a conversation in western Reçueçn. Don't be late in eastern Reçueçn. Do greet people with a kiss on each cheek. Don't actually let your lips touch them. Do cheer loudly for your team! Don't insult the Unicorns in front of their fans. Do take a selfie with your head on the block at execution square in downtown Reçueçn. Don't miss out on your visit because you're on your phone the whole time. Do rent a bike and pedal around to see the sights. Don't be unprepared to parallel park if you've rented a car. Do make eye contact during a conversation. Don't stare at people. Do be ready to share gossip with perfect strangers. Don't expect people to open up to you right away. Do keep your hands above the table at dinner. Don't yawn when someone's talking to you. Do offer to help your host with cleaning up. Don't ask for seconds until offered. Do speak your mind and be straightforward. Don't bank on too much personal space.

Do have the time of your life.
Essential Information
RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but never
Firaut, Saunders, or Kayserling
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: -π | Trigram: RCN
Quick Facts
Capital: Reçueçn
Official Languages: French, German, Italian
Non-official Languages: Arpitan
Demonym: Reçuecian
Population: 5,252,000 (regional censuses 1999-2011)
Area: 43,116 sq km
GDP: $340,000,000,000 (2019 Estimate)
Currency: Guilder
All photos taken by me in locations that would be in IC Reçueçn.
All logos and graphics created by me.
Starting XI
1 - GK - Gerauld Firaut
2 - SW - Emanuele Cutrona
3 - LB - Paulin Bourguignon
4 - CB - Lukas Kayserling
5 - RB - Oliver Spencer
6 - LM - Raoul Lavigne
18 - DM - Harold Saunders
8 - RM - Maynard Hebron
9 - LW - Hippolyte Lavigne
10 - CF - Franky Adams
11 - RW - Freeman Lebo

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Gold medalists, Games of the V Olympiad.
Six-time WC qualifiers (51-56). QF at WC51.
Champions of 2nd Wonder Cup, Moon Bracket.
Co-hosts of WC55, CoH 44 and 46, BoF 72, AOCAF 31.
All time peak rank of 11th in the world.

First game: Oxen Cup XI, L 0-4 Starblaydia
First goal: Oxen Cup XI, Geraldo Ayala against Taeshan
First win: Oxen Cup XI, 2-1 against Sativaville
Largest victory: World Cup 53 qualifying, Delaclava 12-0 Mossulia and Friendly, The Kiaser Colonies 0-12 Delaclava
Largest loss: World Cup 50 post-qualifying friendly, Delaclava 0-6 Cafundéu
Highest-scoring game: AOCAF Cup XXXI quarterfinal, Delaclava 10-11 Pacitalia

Trigram: DEL | Nickname: Phoenixes | Style Modifier: +5

RP permissions: Yes.

Starting Lineup

#1 GK George Ross - Unattached - 23, 6'4", 175 -- Tall, sturdy, and a keen observer of the game, Ross makes up for perhaps a lack of natural athleticism with smart field positioning, an ability to communicate with the field players, and quick natural instincts and decision making. Currently on a strong run of form, Ross has embraced the field general role of the team, and looks to spearhead a squad whose path to potential success demands keeping balls out of the net.

#2 MF Ryan Keating - Unattached - 27, 5'11", 165 -- A stalwart on defense with a high level of endurance and physicality, Keating finds himself in a new tactical position as a defensive midfielder in the revamped 3-4-3 formation. It suits his abilities to win the ball back in the defensive half and distribute the ball amongst the offensive midfielders and wings. One of the older players of the team, Keating brings veteran experience and confidence to a team desperately looking to gain traction quickly in this tournament.

#3 DF Josh Torres - Unattached - 24, 5'8", 150 -- The grandson of goalkeeper legend Graham Torres, Josh has taken after the family legacy of keeping the ball out of the net as a field play. Small yet scrappy, Torres doesn't let attack on the sideline go unpunished, and is willing to risk the odd foul to force a turnover, or at least send a message to the opposing team.

#5 MF Keaton Durbridge (C) - Dí Maozöxê (FFD) - 25, 5'10", 155 -- The recently appointed captain of the team also has Phoenixes football in his blood - his grandfather is longtime midfield staple David Ward. Durbridge has become noted in his appearances with this squad for his control of the middle of the field, the ability to draw out individual possession before finding the right pass to move the attack forward, and his own infrequent yet successful attempts at the goal. In a time where this team continues to experiment with lineups and tactics, Durbridge's skills and level of play have remained a welcome constant, and his evident on-field leadership made him an obvious choice for the revamped Delaclava squad's first permanent captain.

#6 DF Valentin Gusev - ASK Landsmark (SVJ) - 24, 6'3", 185 -- The larger of two twin brothers on this team, Gusev will see a new role as the sole center back in the formation - but he is no doubt up to the task. Tall and imposing, opponents find it quite difficult to penetrate through the air against Gusev, although he is wanting for speed and a bit more susceptible on the ground. Gusev likes to take risks on the counterattack, following up the action and looking to play a second or third chance. This can either make him a defensive liability or an unanticipated big playmaker. Either way, there's no shortage of excitement in watching Gusev on both ends of the field.

#7 FW Dathan Ingram - Unattached - 20, 5'7", 140 -- One of the smallest players on the squad, Ingram is most commonly a threat penetrating the left wing. In a typical attack, Ingram will look to take it to the flag and cross. On the counterattack, Ingram will seek out the middle and can generate wonderful displays of individual skill, either taking the goal himself or dropping the ball off for a neat assist. He is not a significant aerial threat but is counted on to take many corner kicks and free kicks.

#8 DF Pavel Cicak - Brookford Otters (NPH) - 25, 6'1", 170 -- The most aggressive of the defenders, Cicak is a force on the left side of the field. He is physical enough to win many balls back himself, and yet often will lead the attack with the ball instead of finding an outlet pass. He also coordinates well with Ingram and Donato Girardi to run overlap patterns, allowing Cicak to move down the sideline and more forces to come through the middle. Cicak is also the most athletic and speedy on the backline, and therefore most able to recover when the Delaclav offense breaks down. He has gained a lot of confidence in his brief tenure in the Nepharim Domestic League and has invaluable practice and game experience to lend to a team that is rather lacking in that area.

#9 ST Dashaun Howard - Unattached - 18, 6'5", 190 -- At his best, Howard can be a prolific goalscorer, primarily finishing balls out of the air, or using his great speed to finish breakaways and take off on his own. A young and incredibly talented athlete, Howard only promised to get better with age and more match experience.

#10 MF Donato Girardi - Chenoworth Harriers (NPH) - 22, 5'9", 145 -- Girardi is easily the most skilled with the ball on this squad, and is a great asset in the midfielder, individually penetrating the defense and exploring his options. Girardi is in a new tactical role as left midfielder, to accommodate a lineup that included all the best players, but he looks to play off his midfielders as well as the left back and wing, Cicak and Ingram. Girardi is a naturally creative offensive force who makes up for a relative lack of defensive physicality by serving as an effective "quarterback" for the Phoenixes' high-octane offense.

#11 FW Lukas Meyer - Savojars Vinge Virkaja (SVJ) - 19, 6'2", 175 -- The best natural goalscorer of the squad, Meyer does not have the speed or size to capitalize on many breakaway chances, but in offensive sets and possessions, there is no one more reliable or adept in the 18-yard box. Meyer has a knack for finding the right shot or leading pass within that range, and seems likely to have the best chance at cracking the world's stiffest defenses.

#21 MF Rhydian Campbell - New Capetown Falcons (TAE) - 18, 6'2", 175 -- The fastest rising prospect of the team, Campbell was simply too good to leave out of the starting lineup - so much so that manager Tim Landers opted to re-design the squad's formation to fit him. A natural attacking midfielder with a strong physical presence and a nose for the goal, Campbell is noted for his ability to draw defenders into the middle of the field, re-distribute the ball to the wing for outside attacks, and make runs at the net himself to produce scoring. The Taeshan Premier League All-Star also brings added experience from his action in a prestigious league. Campbell promises to be a fixture of this squad for years to come, and looks to get off to a good start in World Cup 85.


Image Image Image Image Image Image
#4 DF Chris Lang ---- #12 DF Kelly Joseph -- #13 FW Alexei Gusev - #14 GK Tomasz Janaczek - #15 DF Brent Ritchie -- #16 DF Zane Davis
Image Image Image Image Image Image
#17 FW Ryan Walters -- #18 MF Gunnar Sash - #19 ST Declan Mullins -- #20 MF Jesse Bates -- #22 GK Jared Thompson - #23 MF Quentin Bard

Full Roster

Tim Landers
Assistant Managers
Jonathan Rothstein, Joe Cowell
Technical Director
Jessica Garcia
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Allison Rhimes
Goalkeeper Coach
Paul Harris

1GKGeorge Ross236-4175Unattached
14GKTomasz Janaczek306-3190Unattached
22GKJared Thompson ^396-3175Unattached
3DFJosh Torres245-8150Unattached
6DFValentin Gusev (3)246-3185ASK Landsmark (SVJ)
8DFPavel Cicak256-1170Brookford Otters (NPH)
4DFChris Lang266-2170Unattached
12DFKelly Joseph276-3185Unattached
15DFBrent Ritchie*266-4195Unattached
16DFZane Davis236-2165Unattached
2MFRyan Keating275-11165Unattached
5MFKeaton Durbridge (C)255-10155Dí Maozöxê (FFD)
10MFDonato Girardi (V)225-9145Chenoworth Harriers (NPH)
21MFRhydian Campbell196-2175New Capetown Falcons (TAE)
18MFGunnar Sash ^336-3190Unattached
20MFJesse Bates*235-10170Unattached
23MFQuentin Bard ^356-2185Unattached
7FWDathan Ingram205-7140Unattached
9STDashaun Howard186-5190Unattached
11FWLukas Meyer196-2175Savojars Vinge Virkaja (SVJ)
13FWAlexei Gusev246-1160Unattached
17FWRyan Walters ^386-4170Unattached
19STDeclan Mullins ^365-11175Unattached

(C) = Captain, (V) = Vice Captain, (3) = 3rd Captain
* = International debut tournament
^ = Previously capped for Verceola


Offensive-minded 3-4-3, particularly utilizing the individual skill in the middle and up front. A bias towards action and chance instead of possession, and an inclination towards taking defensive risks to generate counterattack opportunities.


Stadium Information:

Complete Home Schedule (To Be Confirmed)

✓ MD3, vs. South Charlia (Home Opener) - Olympic Field (Dedication), Catherina (85,000)
✓ MD5, vs. Aimena - Jayji Stadium, Crystal Lake (23,000)
MD8, vs. Acronius - DENFO Stadium, Salem (20,000)
MD10, vs. Welzat - University Field, Velodri (17,500)
MD12, vs. Great Lausitz - The Void, Nonsense (45,000)
MD14, vs. Sarzonia - Pride of Manchester (Grand Opening), Manchester (110,000)*
MD15, vs. Competitive Solitaire - Babbage Grounds, Mariana (52,000)
MD17, vs. Darmen - Pride of Manchester, Manchester (110,000)
MD19, vs. Jeruselem - Pride of Manchester, Manchester (110,000)
MD22, vs. Simpralia - Abandoned plot of land, Barrassia (None specified)
MD24, vs. Nephara - Valhalla Stadium, Valhalla (105,000)
MD26, vs. Huayramarca (WCQ Finale) - Berrera Stadium (Dedication), Catherina (95,000)

* Sarzonia will serve as the official home team for this fixture.
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The Grim Reapers Crest, designed by Kirola of Audioslavia. It is used internationally by all Quebecois national teams with the nickname Grim Reapers.

Royal Kingdom of Quebec National Football Team - World Cup 85 Qualifiers

There once was a time when the Grim Reapers were one of the best national teams in the World. Yes, I'm talking about that time when they had a remarkable semifinals run that fell short a couple of times, and Grim Reapers eventually finished fourth at home. Still, that was like 16 years ago, and almost all the players from that team have retired or are retiring in the very next or two. Heck, some of them are fairly seasoned managers at this point and their kids are now coming into our attention. God, how time passes by so quickly....!

Anyways, building the team bottom-up would mean another kind of fun. The Grim Reapers, while not unfamiliar to winning, have an entirely different squad than their predecessors, that they are going to primarily focus on building from international experience that they sorely need, especially after a decade and half of political squabble between Royal Sporting Council (responsible for the domestic side of the sports, so in this case Q-League), and Imperial Sporting Council (same, but on the international side of the fence and of course, all national team sides). So really, expectations are to be controlled and calmed down, because everybody knows this isn't the same team. But hey, the excitement's still around and abound, as you can only expect Team Chemistry as a minimum while also learning about the Growing Pains as a maximum. So, while making the World Cup seems rather a long-term goal at this point, but the Grim Reapers remain hopeful that they will reach there in a decade or fifteen years' time.

Basic Facts

Nation Name: Royal Kingdom of Quebec and Shingoryeo
Short Names: Royal Kingdom of Quebec, Quebec
Demonyms: Quebecois
Colours: Red, Black and Blue
National Anthem: 'Ode to Thee, My Quebec'
Royal Anthem: 'Hymn to the Shingoryeo'
Capital City: Quebec City
Other Major Cities: Montreal, Halifax, Kingston, Chicoutimi, Winnipeg, Val d'Or

FA: Royal Quebecois Football Association
Highest Domestic League: Q-League
Nickname: The Grim Reapers
Home Stadium: The Reneegrad, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale, is the usual home stadium with top preference. That said, however, the Grim Reapers does have a tradition of hosting World Cup qualifying matches in a set of rotations.
Ultras Group: The Bubonic Plague
Style Modifier: +5
Manager: Sir. Lionel Mah, 68
Captain: Anton Vujadinovic, 31
Vice Captain: Lucien Raeff, 24


Home and Away Kits, brought to you by Infinite of Donnacona

Traditionally, Royal Kingdom of Quebec has picked the finest of the finest kit makers all across the Multiverse. After many decades of successful partnership with variou Quebecois companies, it decided to take a step forward when the Grim Reapers, just coming off their first-ever World Cup qualification the year before, signed a major contract with Audioslavian Kitmaker Kirola ahead of World Cup 70.

This was followed by the RQFA joining forces with the Red Blackilandian kitmaker Infinite, who brought their expertise with designing creative gears to new heights with the Grim Reapers ahead of World Cup 75. During their time with the Grim Reapers, while shorter on a six year run with Meski, compared to Kirola's decade long partnership with the Quebecois NT, achieved new heights by making its only semifinals appearance on the very last year of its contract.

Now, with the Quebecois return to international footballing scene, the time has come for a new kitmaker for the Grim Reapers to sign with. This time, after much deliberation, the Donnaconan kitmaker Infinite was chosen over various Quebecois and foreign kitmakers to procure a long-term, multi-year contract with the Grim Reapers. As the Quebecois looks to return to the international footballing prominence they once held, the RQFA looks forward to its (hopefully) longtime partnership to come with Infinite.




Manager: Sir. Lionel Mah, 68
Assistant Manager: Federico Rassmussen, 37, Valladares
Goalkeeping Coach: Sergei Adamovich, 53, Novopetrograd
Defensive Coach: Eugene Cohen, 56
Midfields Coach: Mark Hailey, 35, Xanneria
Offensive Coach : Hwang Dong-Wook, 48

Sir. Lionel Mah is a man of promises. When the former CSKA Quebec manager came to Quebec City after the club's revival of fortunes (and their first Q-League title in 33 years!), he promised to the Schottians that their time will come sooner than later. That promise eventually became true, as Mah achieved unprecedented height of glory for the Schottian side that eventually capped it off with sweet, sweet, WC79 title. Since then he managed CSKA Quebec for a five season run that saw him win 2 titles (landing his name as the 'Only Curse-breaker in the Eternal City of Lights) and then a couple of solid seasons with Willox Street Pirates, a Port Christopheran giant who then joined the Schottian Premiership. After the club's post-Willoxian financial difficulties caused him to part ways with the club, he was quickly snapped up by none other than RQFA. Having signed the offer, the long-knighted Mah (he was knighted in 2030, so exactly twelve years ago, after Schottia won the World Cup 79) is expected to play a major role as the Grim Reapers begin a gradual but long journey back to the top echelons of international football.

A very experienced manager with highly fiexible style of management, Mah is expected to make adjustments as necessary. Having been part of two consecutive sides in CSKA Quebec and Schottian national team definitely helped with that approach for the level-headed man, and he's always prepared for some kind of needed adjustment to be made. He'll try something- no matter what- even when this may be unsuccessful. Still, he's an offensively-driven man by hart, so don't expect them to go completely on defence and lock the entire turf. For the formation, the Grim Reapers are expected to use the 4-2-3-1 formation that he used with great success back in Schottia, but is open to use 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 3-4-3 or whatever that he feels needs to happen.

One thing to take a particular note with the manager, especially for those who remember the Quebecois national team's heydays, is that he is just as much a disciplinarian, if not even more, than his predecessors. There once was a time when he was lot more flexible with crazy antics, but after a solid decade in Schottia, where she had to deal with CORINNE MARTEL-BURNS and Gary Corsie, he's hardened up a bit. So while he'll tolerate most players' off-pitch antics as a lifestyle-related choice, he's most likely not going to handle bullshit when on pitch for his players, and would gladly kick a garbage fan to show his frustration with a player's performance or unwillingness to listen.


#1, Okropir Cadwaladr-Andjaparidze, 23, Turoki Tide (Vilita) - 6 caps
#31, Nelson Okello, 25, Hoima Warriors (Banija) - 6 caps

#21, Sandra Middleton, 17, Zenit Attawapiskat - 2 caps

Yes, there is a legitimate goalkeeper controversy in the town. The Grim Reapers, traditionally known for its stable of elite goalkeepers who more often than not have to cover for defensive lapses, have two very good goalkeepers on paper. Unfortunately, neither have proved themselves clearly, as they got shelled fairly equally and eventually had to be helped out in AOCAF 60, where 41-year old Neville McKinley played the last of his 25 caps for the Grim Reapers. The Grim Reapers, of course, will have to hope that either Cadwaladr-Andjaparidze or Okello will get into their usual form and actually make some difference on the field.

Nelson Okello, the starting goalkeeper for the CSKA Quebec the previous 5 seasons, just moved to Hoima Warriors of Banija in a highly-publicised move that many viewed as a clear upgrade. Okello is a great shot stopper whose decisionmaking skills more than not cover for his reflexes. He is a good goalie with good mindset and, having earned the favour of the manager, is expected to start at least 8 of the qualification games this cycle.

While his presence is commanding enough, the backup Okropir Cadwaladr-Andjaparidze is also a goalkeeper many should not ignore. The Quebecois sweeper, who had just come off a solid season with Turoki Tide of Vilita, is the prototype sweeper keeper Quebec has been looking for since Ondrej Cech. While he was unable to translate his excellent distribution skills and remarkable zone coverage with his reflexes, he is expected to play significant number of games and remains firmly in consideration to overtake Okello in depth chart.

Then, the most intriguing option out there may be Sandra Middleton. The 17-year old, Quebecois-Nepharim dual citizen, who moved from her hometown of Stahlburg (Nephara) to play for Zenit Attawapiskat, was the biggest newsmaker in Quebecois football when she took over. While not the most statistically dominant player out there, her remarkable reflexes and extremely consistent form have convinced many in a matter of single season that maybe she's the very future of Quebecois goalkeepers. While she may not be getting much playing time at this point in time, that's not a bad thing. It's a good thing that a player that young is introduced to international competition, especially after a couple of solid matches in the Seventy-second Baptism of Fire.


Key Starters (2)
#12 Donovan Lumaniyka, 22, CSKA Quebec - 14 caps
#20 Lucien Raeff, 24, Montreal Koreana - 16 caps

Borderline (3)
#2 Eileen Green, 34, Swangard Athletic - 13 caps
#4 Sam Oronhyatekha, 33, Hamilton Steelers - 10 caps
#24 Leah McKechnie, 24, Haligonian - 9 caps

Backups (2)
#3 Sean Piugattuk, 26, Iqaluit Red Army - 7 caps
#69 Hazel Hanson-Conavacio, 17, Shenso-Shukujo Ladies HS, Kita-Hinode - 6 caps

To be frank, this is probably the weak spot on the team, not because it's a bad group of players, but also because the way that team is coached. The Grim Reapers, over the course of Quebecois football history, have been renowned for their offensively-driven style of 'Quebecois Takil', with the emphasis on flashiness and violence. Even then, the Quebecois always had elite defenders, as we've seen with the likes of Lorne Dunford (Blau-Weiss Pallstadt, Buyan; and Turoki Tide, Vilita), Jannick Kontiola (OAS Royal FC, Cosumar), Devane Miller (Chatswood, Nephara), and of course, Karl Varsteeg (Avenida Principal, Farfadillis), and this team does have some. It's just that they will likely require lot more time to tune it together and see whoever would be the best possible shipmate to Lucien Raeff.

Widely represented by many as the Old and the New of the team, Eileen Green and Hazel Hanson-Conavacio are neck to neck on left back position. Green is one of the Q-League's finest stars during its sixteen years of hiatus from the international stage, and brings with her the defensive reliability and leadership that the team solely needs. Hazel Hanson-Conavacio, on the other hand, is the fullback of the future; tall, jacked and unbelievably fast, Hanson-Conavacio was one of the finest players of the Hinodean high school football and is expected to continue the transition when she takes furthering of her crafts to Haligonian, where her late start to the game (she started playing at age 13) should be neutered with accelerated training from her father, Haligonian manager and Quebecois legend Leonardo Conavacio.

On the right back, the situation is lot more competitive than transitional, for those who wonder about it. Donovan Lumanyika, signed to CSKA Quebec after an excellent season with Trojana Condommakers FC in what was a $4 million NSD move, is a gritty, rough rightback who has already shown the signs of flashes comparable to that of Jannick Kontiola. At 22 years of age, he's already a key contributor to the team that has enough problems without him on the right flank and should aim to play long as he doesn't get yet another red card. Sean Piugattuk, his backup, is also another defensive option who rarely commits to a mistake, but his lack of vision and slower speed is something that should limit his use, for this deficiency is going to be exposed more often than not with this team that does not use 5 backs (which only Iqaluit and Trojana use, to be honest).

Now is the position of key strength and concern at the same time. Lucien Raeff, to be frank, is the best player on the Quebecois national team, and it's not even close. While the Montreal Koreana defender didn't have the necessary pace, stamina or even outstanding man-to-man defence (very good but not outstanding), but his exceptional on-turf IQ, areas of defensive coverage, accurate long-range passes and leadership eclipse his deficiencies. Having already achieved two MVP awards and being named as the national team's vice captain, he's expected to be that lone defensive anchor for the team that desperately needs one.

Unfortunately, the issue is that Raeff is that he's best suited for a three-back system, and in team like Quebec where three-back system usually equals suicide, that becomes very problematic. So much of the time spent by the coaching staff will be on finding adequate partner for Raeff. Sam Oronhyatekha the fire, Leah McKechnie the steel, and Joseph McLean the iron are all expected to get significant playing time to find that right solution.


Key Starters (2)
#6 Anton Vujadinovic, 31, Montreal Koreana - 15 caps
#8 Marco Hertel, 19, Servette FC (Valladares) - 17 caps

Borderline (3)
#41 Sinead MacDougall, 23, Umnama'kik-Inverness 1877 - 10 caps
#14 Erin Kang, 21, Rülândéá Kôstä (Farfadillis) - 13 caps

Backups (2)
#13 Seamus McKellar, 24, Haligonian - 8 caps
#16 Evander Bush-Sprenger, 24, Heart of Saguenay - 7 caps

For a country where there would be a couple of solid but never dominant players in the position (barring the earth-defying Frederic Beauchemin), this is a solid group of midfielders we have in Quebec.

Among them all, Marco Hertel is the most special of them all. The Jeruselemite-Quebecois, who is best known as the eldest of five children between Xavier Hertel, the legendary Quebecois footballer, and Princess Anna of Jeruselem, is as talented as his father was and hopes to deliver the same with Servette FC of Valladares. He is an offensive–minded midfielder who plays both central and attacking midfielder position at will. As the team's main playmaker, due to his unique vision and remarkable passing range, he is going to see a lot of ball touches and is expected to stay as the alpha and omega to the long as he lets his personal life sorted out.

Anton Vujadinovic, on the other hand, is the most loved of all Quebecois players. The Grim Reapers' captain, who also captains Montreal Koreana, is the heart and soul of the team and is universally loved by all for his outstanding personalities. Unlike his teammate, Vujadinovic is traditional midfielder, in that he prefers to do the nit and grit that comes along with defensive responsibility. Of course, he, the jack-of-all-trades guy, is perfectly happy and willing to help the team out on that role.

Finally, we should talk about the next four players on the team. Erin Kang, the third starting midfielder of the team, is an outstanding middle ground between Hertel and Vujadinovic, as the tall, rangy winger brings with the team all the right traits needed for the central midfielder. Her strengths derive from her speed, off-the-ball movement, work rate and of course, energy (which saw him deployed all over the midfield). Sinead MacDougall is a remarkable passer with vision rivalling that of Marco Hertel (!) who is also well known as outspoken leader for the social rights, but the concerns over her body of glass means that she is usually at her best when played under a joker role.

Seamus McKellar, like Kang and Vujadinovic, is a helluva lucky guy. An underheralded prospect with Haligonian, he quietly rose to starting position as former manager Norman Hacker's last protege. Then came Leonardo Conavacio, who gave him free reins to run the team, and boy did he excel as the Haligonian placed fourth in league and won the Coupe du Roi. This continuous renewal of confidence eventually got him noticed by Lionel Mah, who liked this mercurial, hardworking midfielder with excellent technique so much that he promised Leonardo Conavacio to keep a particular eye on the player. It will certainly be interesting to see if he will successfully challenge Marco Hertel, though.

Evander Bush-Sprenger is another promising midfielder who was the only consistent factor in wildly inconsistent Heart of Saguenay side the previous two seasons. While often called out for missed defensive responsibilities, the son of a Donnaconan and a Valladar immigrant in Chicoutimi is still a top-class card for the Quebecois and is expected to receive some playing time as a substitute.


Key Starters (2)
#10 Roderick Yi, 19, Turoki Tide (Vilita) - 13 caps
#18 Michel Fillion, 20, Montreal Koreana - 10 caps

Borderline (2)
#9 Pablo Mancosu, 21, Pradera FC (Valladares) - 9 caps
#77 Michael Kasaboski-Wilcox, 25, Herzegovina City Phoenix (Banija) - 8 caps

Backups (2)
#11 Min Dong-Jin, 28, Olympique de Rimouski - 6 caps
#17 Nelson Ha, 29, Umnama'kik-Inverness 1877 - 4 caps

Everybody and their mother knows that the Quebecois national team is always filled with remarkable corps of forwards, even on their cycles, and the same rule applies even to this rendition of Grim Reapers. While there is no clear favourite nor a successor to any of the Quebecois Quintet of Leonardo Conavacio (Alianza FC, San Jose Guayabal), Zachary Fortin (Marinos Metropolis, Valladares), Angelo Gelinas (Avenida Principal, Farfadillis), Xavier Hertel (CD FAS, San Jose Guayabal), Hazel van Robben (CD FAS, San Jose Guayabal; and 1830 Cathair, Audioslavia), the current group of Quebecois forwards is still an excellent one that has the right mindset and nosedive for the goal.

Michel Fillion is the prototype poacher, physically thicc striker with powerful shot and good technique complementing a 197cm, 89kg figure. While his stubbornness and particular mentale problems have some far prevented him from becoming a complete forward, he still is the likeliest goalscoring option for Quebec and is expected to start a ton of games.

To the right is Roderick Yi, the latest signing by Turoki Tide from Kingston FC. Yi, the most promising forward prospect coming out of Quebecois football, is an all-arounder whose clean, precise moves amaze many in deking past the oppposition defence. While notorious for his club-going antics, he is still a very hardworking player who wants to get better and hopes that his 45 goals in past 2 seasons with Kingston FC will prove for something even greater on sight. Pablo Mancosu plays on the opposite wing and is a clinical winger who who happens to be defensive stalwart as well. Don't expect him to score a ton, but he will land crisp crosses and will contribute with more assists than you'd think.

To back up Roderick Yi, is Michael Kasaboski-Wilcox, who just signed with Herzegovina City Phoenix after having an excellent season with Zenit Attawapiskat in a dreadful season where he was one of the team's two bright spotlights. Min Dong-Jin and Nelson Ha are both flashy forwards who are fast, all-arounded strikers who can also double up as a left (Min) or right wing (Ha).


#37 GK Padraig McGibbon, 20, Port Sebastian (Schottia) - 1 cap
#31 GK Park Jae-Hoon, 33, Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa - 1 cap
#24 CB Joseph McLean, 26, Perce Town - 3 caps
#28 CB/LB Bastian Borges Jr, 21, Saint-Urbain (Donnacona) - 2 cap
#34 RB/LB Lawrence Moon, 34, Trojana Condommakers FC - 2 cap
#48 RB Ilya Smolkin, 29, Swangard Athletic - 1 cap
#51 LB Moh Yoon-Jeong, 31, Olympique de Rimouski - 1 cap
#15 LM/CM Erin Namur-Jaurès, 20, Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa - 3 caps
#25 CM/AM Jeong Se-Hwang, 33, Northandryun Rovers - 1 cap
#23 LW/RW Mohamed Khedira, 23, St. John's Arsenal - 2 caps
#25 RW/RM Marcus Swyripa, 31, Haligonian - 2 caps
#47 ST Rodrigo Austin Milhoes, 22, Advernians (Havynwilde) - 3 cap
#57 ST Jasper de Buxhoeveden, 27, Montreal Impact - 1 cap
#86 LW/ST Kim Jong-Yoon, 19, Perce Town - 1 cap

Yes, this is a fucking backup pool and you can probably figure out from this list alone that you won't always see these guys play. If anything, it's gonna be rare to see any of them play a ton of minutes! Still, this pool of player is worth looking at because it's where the last two players out of twenty five will be selected out of every Quebecois national team match. Some are elderly players likely heading towards retirement in few years, but others are either well in the height of their playing careers, or may just be waiting for the right occasion for them to step up and land their showcase moment. So keep an eye on this list, because you never know at any moment they might make that difference for the Quebecois national team (or the opponents)!


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes (I'll be liberal with it, but still, TG me in advance just in case)
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Y (Please TG or contact me on Discord in advance. I'll be able to answer any of your inquiries in earliest due time possible!)

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World Cup 85 Qualifiers


SPORTING BODY: Filindostan Football Federation (FFF)
DESCRIPTION: The Filindostan Football Federation (FFF) was founded after they split from the Filindostani National Sports Commission (FNSC), citing the FNSC's tainted image during the Multiverse Boxing.ccanization boxing tournament and the budget cut the agency suffered. The newly-established federation caters to the nation's footballing affairs and sanctions the selection of the senior, under-21 and under-15 squads. The FNSC will remain the agency for fielding other national football teams that are not sanctioned by the FFF.
HEADQUARTERS: San Marco (Calle Sturiaga)
CHAIRPERSON: Estrellita "Estie" Barizaga


REGION: Esportiva
NICKNAME: Pula Garuda (Red Garuda)
OVERALL RECORD: GP 197, W 100, D 36, L 61, GF 358, GA 276, WP 50.76% (Figures latest as of start of WC85 Qualifiers)
FIRST MATCH: vs Tumbra - Campionato Esportiva 20, Mattijana (L, 0-1)
FIRST WIN: vs Natanians and Nosts - Campionato Esportiva 20, Mattijana (W, 2-0)
vs Robostania - Campionato Esportiva 24, Velestria (W, 7-2)
vs Banija - Friendly, Filindostan (W, 6-1)
vs Star United States - Campionato Esportiva 22, Damukuni (W, 5-0)
vs Apox - Friendly, Apox (L, 1-5)
vs Damukuni - Campionato Esportiva 26, Filindostan (L by Forfeit, 0-3)
vs Starblaydia - World Cup 79 Qualifiers, Starblaydia (L, 0-3)
MANAGER: Krisna Hendra SUDIRMAN (Male, 58)
CAPTAIN: His Excellency TISANG (aka King) (Male, 35)
VICE-CAPTAIN: Manny Jacob Lou RIVAS (aka Yakob) (Male, 33)

Kit Number | Position | Name | Gender | Age | Club
1 | GK | Antonio Rafael VERA | M | 30 | Image Fortunas
13 | GK | Billy Abdi AMO | M | 26 | Image Venividicci
23 | GK | Abner SITOHANG | M | 29 | Image Perotres Bandaroon
37 | GK | Cahya Siska KARTAWIJAYA | F | 28 | Image Perokojak Kota Jakulta

2 | RB | Remus Graci TESSIN | M | 30 | Image Venividicci
3 | LCB | Casimir LIKUMAHUWA | M | 33 | Image Fortunas
16 | LCB | Tobias SINUKABAN | M | 29 | Image Perotapam Massakar
19 | RCB | Safrizal Bintang DEKKER | M | 29 | Image Fortunas
25 | RCB | Kadek Hendrik KAM | M | 22 | Image Perouno Bandarito
31 | LB | Chantal Grace LI | F | 28 | Image Venividicci

5 | CB | Kartio WEICI | F | 28 | Image Tivali City
6 | CB | Kadek DARMALI | M | 33 | Image Perokotyog Yogyakulta
17 | CB | Abraham Janni LUIZ | M | 28 | Image Venividicci
20 | CB | Joseph DAMANIK | M | 26 | Image Fortunas
24 | CB | Johnpaul ARIZALA | M | 27 | Image Venividicci
34 | CB | Annie PATTIASINA | F | 25 | Image Fortunas

7 | RM | Juanda WEICI | F | 28 | Image Perokotyog Yogyakulta
11 | LCM | Damaris CAMBO | M | 32 | Image Advernians
18 | RM | Shiloh MANURUNG | F | 27 | Image Fortunas
26 | LM | Charity LUMBANBATU | F | 25 | Image Fortunas
29 | LM | Bilhah SIMANJUNTAK | F | 27 | Image Perokotyog Yogyakulta
36 | RM | Theresa PULBOSA | F | 23 | Image Perokojak Kota Jakulta

4 | CM | His Excellency TISANG | M | 35 | Image Venividicci
8 | CM | Manny Jacob Lou RIVAS | M | 33 | Image Perokotyog Yogyakulta
14 | CM | Muhammad SAFRI | M | 29 | Image Venividicci
26 | CM | Mordecai SITINDAON | M | 29 | Image Fortunas
32 | CM | Daneilo AMOMONPON | M | 25 | Image Perokojak Kota Jakulta
35 | CM | Alim GUI | M | 28 | Image Perotapam Massakar

9 | FW | Boris Choel SAN LUPE | M | 31 | Image Fortunas
10 | FW | Ina TETERISSA | F | 29 | Image Venividicci
15 | FW | Marish Luzanie STA. LUCIA | F | 32 | Image Union Forge
22 | FW | Seto TUHUTERU | M | 27 | Image Perokojak Kota Jakulta
27 | FW | Shaina Louise ESCOBIDO | F | 29 | Image Venividicci
30 | FW | Philippe Martin BATARA | M | 26 | Image Fortunas
33 | FW | Muhammad HERAWAN | M | 21 | Image Knightspurs


Filindostan will attempt to qualify for the World Cup finals for the 7th time in their history, despite having a horror of a time when they hosted Campionato Esportiva 26. The remnant of the ugly end of the group stage match between them and near neighbors Damukuni is left midfielder Dian Dimara being left out altogether of the national pool, despite 35 slots being allocated for the qualifying pool.

For the goalies, Tonyo's performance at the Campionato earned him the undisputed #1 jersey for the qualifiers, where he is expected to start around forty percent of the Pula Garuda's matches, including the fixtures against top seeds Brenecia, Recuecn, and Damukuni. Billy Abdi Amo, Abner Sitohang, and Cahya Siska Kartawijaya will each have 20 percent of the games. All three has something to prove, especially Kartawijaya, who felt she was treated unfairly after being dropped unceremoniously by Sudirman last World Cup qualifying campaign.

On the defenders' pool, only Kartio Weici, playing internationally in Vilita, has a sure slot in the team in either World Cup finals or the Cup of Harmony. The heir to the Empress of Defence Dina Satyawan, Weici is arguably Filindostan's best player, but she also has something to prove after being overlooked at the Galacticos Index while left back Casimir Likumahuwa and forward Ina Teterissa made it to the shortlist of around a hundred multiversal players.

Arguably, Likumahuwa's spot in the squad is all but secure as well, although at the age of 33, he needs to watch out for his slightly younger colleagues - Tobias Sinukaban, and Chantal Li. The latter, having transferred to Venividicci from Kabanalan SC 004, has a knack to be a speed demon, which can prove useful when Sudirman is using a 4-3-3 or a 5-2-3 formation in his matches. Both Sinukaban and Likumahuwa though have the capability to play center back, which bodes well for them in case a 3-4-3 formation is used. The one in danger of losing his starting spot is Graci Tessin, with two younger rightbacks, Safrizal Bintang Dekker and KH Kam young, agile, and can play the centerback position.

The squad pool that Sudirman assembled is a mixture of experience and youth. Among them are several notable players who already tasted success at international level such as Damaris Cambo, King Tisang, Yakob Rivas, and Bochog San Lupe, however, there are also youngsters included in the squad who are hungry for international callups and could well vie for several open spots come selection time for the post-qualifying festivities such as either the World Cup Finals or the Cup of Harmony, so hungry that even one of them - Muhammad Herawan, left Filindostan to play his trade at Taeshan at the age of 21, looking to be the next Ina Teterissa, who is known to be a goalscoring machine and in the shortlist for the Galacticos as well.

The manager, Krisna Hendra Sudirman, always plays with three players up front, as he always do while being Venividicci manager. He always releases the starting lineup 12 hours before the match, barring any other unforseen circumstances. He uses the following formations in his matches, sorted from the most preferred to the least preferred:

Play Style
Historically, the play style of the team is of a more attacking lineup, looking to score more goal scoring opportunities. The team usually utilize pacey wingers to deliver dangerous balls to the penalty box during coordinated attacks. Filindostani players are usually physical, especially the defenders. Cautions are mostly common due to their physical plays.

With Sudirman's appointment as manager, he tries to balance the style of his team, balanced between attack and defense, usually to less effect, as they only had a single clean sheet during the tournament, and have conceded a total of eight goals during the playoffs itself.

Filindostani fans are double-edged swords - sometimes they are most passionate fans in Filindostan, sometimes, they can be compared to the worst of internet trolls. Around five thousand diehard fans will travel to the host nation to watch their team play - but they usually bring their megaphones and flares with them - they somehow make it past the guards. Some fans are crazy enough to invade the pitch and cause match delays. The fans recently caused problems to the national team after doing riots and attacked both team buses after Filindostan's 3-0 forfeit against Damukuni during the 26th Campionato Esportiva. As a result, they were ordered to play the first three home matches of the WC85Q in an empty stadium.

Unused Kit Numbers
12 - Reserved for the 12th man (fans)
21 - Unofficially retired in honor of Lorenzo Mark MATIENZO


For additional information on Filindostan as a nation, click on this link.

For this edition, the FFF have decided to not allocate all the home matches to the national stadium, Gelora Sepakbola Nasional Pilindo/Filindostan National Stadium. The national stadium will only be used for six home matches - against Brenecia, Recuecn, Damukuni, Poafmersia, Crystalline Caverns, and Quebec. The other six matches will be held in three other stadiums scattered around the other three islands. Jakulta Esportiva Stadium will welcome Andromeda Island Group and Revatnagar, while Stadium Petrofilindo in Bandarito will host The Grearish Union and Emastalia. The newest stadium in Filindostan, Wardogs Ground in San Rafael, will host Qvardax and Shokpos.



Filindostan National Stadium, San Marco (capacity - 80,000)
Known to Indos as the Gelora Sepakbola Nasional Pilindo, the national stadium of Filindostan was opened in 90003 with the country's hosting of the U-18 World Cup. The under-18 team of Mercedini has been the first team to officially win a match here, which has been a staple of National team matches and numerous domestic cup finals and super cups, pitting the league champions against the cup champions.

Jakulta Esportiva Stadium, Jakulta (capacity - 30,000)
The stadium was created for two purposes - to house the most ambitious team in the Filindostan Football League, and to create a stadium to host a potential Campionato Esportiva final... until those plans were scuppered by a larger project, which was the GSNP/GNP. Due to the capacity of the stadium as well as its modern facilities and amenities, and also due to the fact that the next largest stadium is also in San Marco, this venue was selected to host the third place match even if the expansion plans didn't push through.

Stadium Bandarito, Bandarito (capacity - 30,000)
One of the venues which hosted the SWC4, and known as Stadium Petrofilindo for sponsorship purposes, the stadium was renovated during the event to be able to host evening matches and increase capacity to 30,000 all-seater. The stadium had been a subject of a presidential speech well-known to the locals where the president lashed his tongue at the corrupt officials of the city.

New San Rafael Stadium, San Rafael (capacity - 25,000)
Known in San Rafael as the Wardogs Ground due to ownership by San Rafael Wardogs, the stadium is the newest stadium built in Filindostan, as part of the ambitions of the Kabunuklan club to attract big name players and close the gap to the rest of the clubs in the FFL. With modern amenities and the only stadium sporting artificial turf to reduce maintenance costs, viewing experience of fans should be good for the duration of the tournament.

Image Image Image

Filindostani kit makers No Nonsense Sportswear (NNS) have provided the national kits from their debut at the Campionato Esportiva 20 up to the present. Unlike the current kits, Filindostan used a black kit as their primary, and a white kit as their secondary, when the FNSC was still administering the football affairs of the nation. After the split, the nation adapted the red #CE1126 variant as their sporting color, and NNS commissioned a new set of kits prior to their participation in the Baptism of Fire 66 tournament, which they won. Since then, they have used the same design of the kits up to today, as the planned deal with Starblaydi kitmaker ediraf encountered several delays, with the delivery date of the kits still unknown.


The primary kit is red shirt with black trim, paired with black shorts, and white socks. In case of shorts clashes, a red shorts from their alternate kit and red socks are available, if further color clash occurs (i.e., red and white hooped socks, then the black socks which is primarily only used by goalies will be used.

The secondary kit is white shirt with black trim and sides, with the design used the same as the black kit used in their debut tournament, with this paired by a red shorts with black sides, and red socks. Home shorts and socks can be used in case of color clashes.

If both kits clash with the home team, they use the all-black kit usually used by the keeper, with the keeper using a stock yellow keeper kit.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (I'll determine the severity)
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No (This can be negotiated via TG or Discord for any potential match forfeiture due to 3-0 scorelines, which I did last Campionato)
Style Modifier: -0.002

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I have decided not to mention or make any scenarios with references to the current pandemic, and will ignore any RP instances of it during the tournament.
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Postby Timuria » Sat May 23, 2020 7:56 am


World Cup Squad Selected


Quick summary by the editors

Kits (Home/Away/Goalkeeper):


Coaching Staff:

Manager: Bekir Altingunes
Age: 49
Bio: A former disgraced Agriculture Minister who has carved out a decent reputation as a football manager having been given the job in what seemed like suspicious circumstances. The national team has undoubtedly had its ups and downs, from an impressive first ever World Cup qualification campaign, following a strong Baptism of Fire, to a serviceable showing in the last edition of the AOCAF Cup, overall his time and record as manager has been received as a positive one. He is known to favour an attacking 4-2-3-1 and is known to be flexible with selection of players. His goal for this tournament will be to finally show that his 3 cycle plan will come to fruition and the Red Wolves will make a serious challenge for qualification.

Assistant Manager: Senol Tarimcioglu
Age: 64
Bio: A statistician turned Director of Football at reigning Super League champions Hisar, he has turned out to be an essential part of Bekir's staff, with his personnel insights proving invaluable in providing the national team with the best talent available now an easier task with development of players improving across the board and international success for individual players. An often underrated element of his role is the tactical insights he provides the manager during the matches with several of the best substitutions and tactical shifts being accredited to him by the manager. While his age is certainly advanced he has not indicated at all that he'd look to leave either his club or his national team role and is said to be on the pushing hard for staff to be hired as the national team seeks to expand its operation.

Goalkeeping Coach: Hasan Kocaeli
Age: 44
Bio: The former national team goalkeeper and current Devlet-Bira Fabrika Takimi player has been asked to lend his expertise to the national team and offer specialised training to the three goalkeepers in the squad. His excellent performances in the Super League as well as his time as third goalkeeper where he effectively fulfilled the role he is currently filling will stand him in good stead as he begins his coaching career. With a talented group of three goalkeepers to coach, two of whom he competes against in the Super League it will be interesting to see how the decisions he helps the manager make with regards to the often fluid goalkeeping situation is taken.



1. Iskender Nur (Tihon (CMT)) Caps: 23
Age: 23
Positions: GK
Bio: The former Demirspor goalkeeper took the plunge for an eye popping 7 million NS$ to go to Tihon in Chromatika where he established himself as a key player at Tihon. He was always considered a bit of an unambitious and according to some analysis lazy and distracted player to ever reach his full potential, but with 23 caps under his belt and obvious talent he's shown enough to be regarded as a pretty much permanent fixture as the team's number one keeper.

12. Murat Yigithan (Uryanspor) Caps: 29
Age: 30
Positions: GK
Bio: Murat Yigithan had been the national team's top keeper for a short while but now he's relegated to first backup duty. He's perhaps the most accomplished goalkeeper on the squad in terms of how he handles himself, but he's not been producing at the same level as the number one keeper Iskender Nur. He'll be ready to step in as always if the worst should happen to Iskender.

23. Saban Inekci (Hisar FK) Caps: 14
Age: 33
Positions: GK
Bio: Saban Inekci has had a good season in the Super League so far and is one of the bright spots on a floundering reigning champion side Hisar, with masterful performances. He will be the Red Wolves' third keeper as they try to qualify for the World Cup, but can consider himself very unlucky to not be in contention for starting, bested by two superb keepers. If things go very wrong he will step in, but he will provide a set of eyes for the coaching staff and his fellow keepers, adopting a mentor role as the eldest in that room.


2. Ozbek Sarikaya (Bassabook Old Boys (ZWZ)) Caps: 54 Goals: 1
Age: 35
Positions: DL
Bio: Ozbek Sarikaya is a player firmly in the sunset phase of his career, but that doesn't mean that he has nothing to offer and isn't clearly the best full back the team has to offer. He has found a measure of success abroad after his time in Timuria seemed to come to a natural end and many wondered if he would be able to be as consistent as he has been previously. Regardless it appears he has produced sufficiently good performances to justify his starting role and has the trust of Bekir Altingunes, a rare commodity in this defence.

3. Kemal Colak (Miners FC (CMT)) Caps: 1 Goals: 0
Positions: DC
Age: 20
Bio: The young centre back made his way abroad due to a lack of appropriate Super League team for him to feed into from his youth side, he went to Chromatika like Iskender Nur and found himself a solid contributor to their campaign which led to them staying afloat. The Arhavi native is a lightning fast player for his age and surprisingly mature in his decision making, both attributes that mean he's being eyed up by many as a long term partner for Berker Balkan, to form a formidable first choice centre back pairing that few teams would relish coming up against. Now he has a chance to show that he can be that and all eyes will be on him.

4. Berker Balkan (Uryanspor) Caps: 18 Goals: 0
Positions: DC
Age: 23
Bio: The young centre back has enjoyed a meteoric rise and is now considered the centre back of the present and the future for both his club and his country. Now he took his chance at the AOCAF and is now considered a permanent fixture in the defence paired up with whoever the staff deem fit. A part of Uryanspor's famously strong defence and famously ambitious and talented, he may be putting himself in the shop window for a move, especially with Uryanspor failing to achieve any significant success domestically.

5. Gokdeniz Dag (VC) (Uryanspor) Caps: 62 Goals: 0
Positions: DR
Age: 28
Bio: A regular and solid performer for the national team he will work opposite his good friend and former teammate Ozbek Sarikaya on the opposite flank, however he is known to be a professional and positive influence across the squad he will be relied upon to provide more of the same solid play that has lead him to be the first name on the teamsheet almost every match at both international and club level. His reliability and leadership will be key to a defence that has had more than its fair share of troubles at inconvenient times.

13. Eyup Mustafa (Almat JK) Caps: 55 Goals: 1
Positions: DC, DR
Age: 31
Bio: Capable of playing both as a full back and a centre back, Eyup has now been asked to take a step back in favour of a gifted pair of centre backs and is now handing off to them. That being said he still has a lot of talent and experience to offer the squad and his 55 caps will be a valuable resource off the bench. He has struggled at club level as Almat have moved to a new system, but he can still deliver and Bekir Altingunes is nothing if not loyal to players who have delivered for him in the past.

18. Zeynel Abidin Birkan (Hisar FK) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
Positions: DL
Age: 21
Bio: The young left back has been performing very well since he came onto the scene this year, replacing Beyhan Enver though he's less versatile than the two footed left back. He's been a bright spot on the slightly reduced defence of the reigning Super League champions. He'll be gaining critical experience behind a talented and experience starter in Ozbek Sarikaya who will need a successor and clearly Bekir Altingunes and his assistant have found the man they think can fulfil that role in the coming years.

20. Yildiray Sabuktiginoglu (Marianopolis (DCA)) Caps: 13 Goals: 0
Positions: DC, DL, DR
Age: 29
Bio: A gritty, determined player who has not seen very much of the field for the national team, but has shown large amounts of leadership and flashes of quality as he's played across all defensive positions at club level. Yildiray is the ultimate depth player and after the relegation of his side Kilicspor from the Super League he decided that he should play abroad a move which will have tested his abilities and was made with the intention of getting him a larger role in the national team. This is a gamble that has yet to pay off for him, but he remains in and around the squad when others may not have.

6. Reza Karaduman (Wirr Tsi (CMT)) Caps: 5 Goals: 0
Positions: MC, DM
Age: 20
Bio: A young player who was forced by the lack of appropriate Super League side to take his services abroad, he has found himself a key player in the midfield for Wirr Tsi in Chromatika. An Arhavi native who has shown an exceptional well of talent, he will now be expected to build on his five appearances at the AOCAF which were a mixed bag, but were overall positive earning him this starting role for the World Cup. His skill set is broad, but mostly suited to that of a bully in front of the defence and an effective long range distributor of the ball, which is the role he will likely occupy as a number 6.

7. Caner Turan (Northshore FC (XAN)) Caps: 61 Goals: 13
Positions: AML, AMR
Age: 27
Bio: Considered the most gifted player on the team, he is a two footed winger who operates both as an inside forward and as a traditional winger. He and his new partner on the opposite flank will be able to switch freely if they find themselves unable to breakthrough against their particular opposite number, indicating Altingunes' confidence in his attackers. He will now be expected to use both his raw talent and the experience he's gained to truly lead the offensive side of the team now he's entering what should be the peak of his career.

8. Ertan Renda (C) (Elektriklestirmespor) Caps: 60 Goals: 19
Positions: AMC, MC
Age: 29
Bio: The diminutive, often lethargic looking player always takes opposition players by surprise. He isn't particularly fast, nor is he especially technically gifted and he doesn't really show any particular flair in general open play, but he's shown flashes of brilliance and genius throughout his international career and his career at club level. He is a very technical player who shows that his main talent is getting the job done. His determination makes him a valuable asset in such an intense and high pressing system. He has had to adapt to his new primary role as a central midfielder a bit deeper than he'd like at both club and international level, but one half of the Super League season has given him ample practise in the role.

9. Volkan Ayhan (Advernians (HWY)) Caps: 5 Goals: 0
Positions: AMR
Age: 29
Bio: He was part of an attacking side who scored more than 100 goals in his final Super League season and was a key, if underrated player in that side. He has leveraged this and Manat's tactical realignment to propel himself abroad in order to showcase his skills without being overshadowed by his teammates and become a noteworthy player in his own right. He has been invisible at times, but with little in the way of acceptable long term alternatives he finds himself the top right winger yet again.

10. Vatan Ercetin (Jinja City FC (BNJ)) Caps: 59 Goals: 41
Positions: ST, AMC
Age: 25
Bio: The supremely talented Vatan Ercetin drops back into the number 10 role that he fills at his club side in neighbouring Banija. He's formed an exceptional partnership with his teammates at club level and Bekir Altingunes has taken note, hoping to maximise the firepower the side puts on the pitch at any one time, by ensuring him and Ismail Burhan both start. He wont be used to being a number 10 at this level, but his vision in the role and his ability to be a goal scoring threat, evidenced by his absurd return of 41 goals in 59 caps, but he will now be hoping to replicate some of his best moments at the AOCAF and get his teammates on the score sheet.

15. Yerkebulan Suyumbayev (Advernians (HWY)) Caps: 1 Goals: 1
Positions: AML
Age: 22
Bio: The young winger made his way abroad after a lack of acceptable club to take him on from youth level. He went on to have an exceptional season, to the point that he is now looking to move on after playing so well. Bekir Altingunes clearly noticed, bringing him into the squad to provide cover for arguably the most talented player on the team in the form of Caner Turan, who he is often compared to. Expect to see him thrown on to try to change matches with his energy and flair.

16. Metin Aytacoglu (Elektriklestirmespor) Caps: 12 Goals: 1
Positions: AMC
Age: 29
Bio: Metin showed himself to be a talented and capable player when he was called upon in relief of Vatan Ercetin, while he isn't likely to see a lot of action the team can be assured there is a solid backup option. He may have been a more gifted player technically than the previous occupant of the starting role ahead of him, there's no argument that can be made to put him ahead of Vatan Ercetin who is a supreme talent, even compared to a player who shows bright flashes like Metin.

17. Atilla Acar (Zvezda Vlaikograd (STL)) Caps: 56 Goals: 3
Positions: MC
Age: 30
Bio: Easily recognisable with his long flowing black hair and long beard, both of which flow as he endlessly runs up and down the pitch in the role of a box-to-box midfielder. Very capable of delivering pin point passes over long distances. He has moved on from Demirspor to ply his trade abroad and he brings a wealth of experience that will be invaluable from the bench, rumoured to have taken his relegation to the bench well he will be an important mind on the team whether on or off the pitch.

19. Tekin Yavuz (Devlet-Bira Fabrika Takimi) Caps: 40 Goals: 10
Positions: AMR, AML, AMC
Age: 35
Bio: The aging star Tekin Yavuz has been running amok at his club DBFT, but his advanced years means that the national team has moved from him as a starter and are now leaning on his experience and versatility to be a factor from the bench. He will provide immense technical ability off the bench as well as a wealth of insight and intelligence on the pitch. His physical decline has been undeniable as he reaches his mid-30s, but all good players find a way to contribute as their gifts fade and he is undoubtedly a good player.

21. Sabah Tanriseven (Devlet-Bira Fabrika Takimi) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
Positions: MC
Age: 21
Bio: The young midfielder has been a revelation in the first half of the Super League season as his DBFT side make a shocking challenge for the title. He has been both an exceptional defensive screen and a great creative playmaker. He will probably be a priority substitute in matches when the Red Wolves need a bit of extra energy and enthusiasm, this is a player who delights in being on the pitch and may even be one of the best players on this side. If he's tempered with experience and gets enough time from the bench he could well become a start midfielder for a side that at times looks like it needs a good balance for Ertan Renda.


11. Ismail Burhan (Manat FK) Caps: 23 Goals: 14
Positions: ST
Age: 28
Bio: Ismail took his chance to be the starting striker after his (friendly) rival Vatan Ercetin was moved to the number 10 slot, with a fantastic AOCAF tournament. He is a prolific finisher in the Super League and hasn't delivered a bad return at international level in his chances. He will be trying to stake his claim as the number one striker for the Red Wolves and will face stiff competition from the other players in this squad, but he has shown he's more than capable of delivering when it's needed. A more complete forward than the other options he will be asked to do a little more than Vatan Ercetin was in this role, but the expectation is that he be prolific.

14. Omer Tameroglu (Devlet-Bira Fabrika Takimi) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
Positions: ST
Age: 27
Bio: Ismail Burhan's former teammate who got out of his shadow and went on to become his main rival for the top scorer position in the Super League with half the season gone. He has yet to surpass his former teammate at either domestic or international level, but his performances have drawn the attention of the national team and he will now be given a few chances from the bench to show he is every bit as good as Ismail Burhan. Many privately reckon he is a better striker for Bekir's system, maybe that will be proven in this campaign?

22. Bayram Tansu (Elektriklestirmespor) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
Positions: ST
Age: 29
Bio: The third choice striker who has also been something of a revelation at club level with an impressive return of 9 goals in 18 matches in the first half of the Super League season. His rise from Amateur League player who spearheaded a surprise cup run to a Vizier's Cup final to national team striker is complete. A true Cinderella story. He's unlikely to take the final step and seize the mantle of starting striker, but many will be rooting for him to do just that, after all everyone loves a good story, with an even better ending.

Expected starting XI (4-2-3-1):
GK: Iskender Nur
DL: Ozbek Sarikaya
DC: Kemal Colak
DC: Berker Balkan
DR: Gokdeniz Dag
MC: Ertan Renda
MC: Reza Karaduman
AML: Caner Turan
AMC: Vatan Ercetin
AMR: Volkan Ayhan
ST: Ismail Burhan

OOC Stuff:
Trigram: TMR
Style Modifier: +3
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but maximum of 2 players, with only one missing a maximum of one game)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 4)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (Maximum of 1)
Godmod other events: No (soft no, please TG me or get a hold of me on Discord)
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Postby Starblaydia » Sat May 23, 2020 9:06 am

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team factbook will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. If you need more background information or just fancy browsing 15 RL years of roleplayed football history, that's a fairly decent place to look.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose my scorers
GodMod Any scoring events
RP injuries to my players
Give Red & Yellow Cards to my players (Within reason; they're not remotely a dirty side overall)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia's style modifier is +3
2) The best starting eleven are numbered 1-11 and are in bold
3) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any) and their style of goal.
4) * Denotes female, denotes elf, ^ denotes dwarf.
5) Before each match, in between the national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, one of Starblaydia's traditional war-dances.
6) If you're stuck for a player to do a specific thing, some suggestions are in the infobox on the right.


Starblaydia's Squad for the 85th World Cup
The Quest for the Sixth Title Begins Again

Starblaydi All-time Cap Winners:
1. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 270
2. Dacil Taniquentar, 263
3. Daeron Avathar, 259
4. Valrauncion, 242
5. Soronúmë, 240
6. Carnophin Narquelie, 134
7. Minheled Earisil, 127
8. Brazadar Khurnos^, 126
9. Lucas Cable, 108
10. Sergio Di Bradini, 107

Starblaydi All-time Scorers:
1. Valrauncion, 116
2. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 71
3. Lena Kochanska*, 61
4. Jacqueline Maitland*, 59
5. Aaron Cole, 54
6. Soronúmë, 57
7. Lubii*, 55
8. Dasha Tolkacheva*, 52
9. Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 47
10. Johan Keifner, 47

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's Elven
Manager and record appearance maker,
leads Starblaydia for a seventh
World Cup campaign.

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
McCloud, Apelles, Saraviva
Take a penalty:
Apelles, Roshanak
Defend well:
Kaumolainen, Apollo, Ortiz
Create a moment of magic:
Roshanak, Saraviva, McCloud
Change the game as a sub:
Eccleston, Deangelo, Jiminez
Receive a card:
Al-Hashem, Renatovic, Velasquez

Five-time World, six-time Regional, two-time Under-21, one-time Under-18 and one-time Olympic Men's Football champions Starblaydia will line up for their 66th participation in the multiverse's oldest and most prestigious competition. Now a top-ten side once again, the fourth-ranked team in the KPBs are aiming to finally win that elusive and unprecedented sixth World Championship.

To achieve this, manager Ázëwyn Fëanáro has mixed her core team of tried and trusted individual with the best of the youth squads she has been bringing through since taking command of the entire national team setup. Almost all of this side have tasted glory in a Starblaydia shirt, being players who were in the two Under-18 World Cup Finals - with one loss and one victory to their name. The aim, of course, is not just to win junior tournaments, but to win senior ones again, as Starblaydia aim for the pinnacle of the world and an unprecedented sixth World Cup championship. They're a side that almost any team in the competition will fear, and one that many have marked out as among the favourites.

The full makeup of the team is as follows:

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,069 - World Cup 44 & 47 Winner, World Cup Hall of Famer
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and fifty years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. She's taken her team to the World Cup Final, but can this be the time they break through the ultimate barrier?

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 79
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour.

AC. Aaron Cole, Coach, 40
90 Caps, 54 Goals (7 Caps, 4 Goals at Under-21 level)
The first person to break into the Starblaydi all-time top ten goalscorers in literally generations, Cole had the dubious honour of being the man to finally knock Simeone Di Bradini off out of that same list. His excellent footballing brain, aggression levels, tactical nous and all-round Audioslavian/Brenecian level of shithousery made him a uniquely successful striker in a nation more used to smooth flying strikers and hulking target men. These are the qualities he will try to bring to the national team on a much grander scale.

1. Cosmo Leopoldi, GK, 32 - Colonial Sile (Vilita)
12. Elliot Jakobsen, GK, 28 - Hallad Reavers
19. David Floyd, GK, 24 - Paricone Athletic FC

2. Imane Al-Hashem*, RB, 29 - Paricone Athletic FC
3. Henri Apollo, LB, 28 - Ionia United
5. Falka Kaumolainen*, Captain, CB, 30 - Hallad Reavers
6. Arn Renatovic, CB, 25 - Nidola United
13. Lucius Wolffe, C/LB, 23 - Iskara Daii
14. Nadia Velltri*, CB, 27 - Widdrington Wolves
20. Joel Alberto Filho, RB/RWB, 24 - Tabeck Cefn Druids

4. Franklin Ortiz, DM, 25 - Corinthian Spirits
7. Lucy Saraviva*, R/LM, 27 - Foxchester Raiders
8. Calindra Apelles*, C/AM, 30 - Northern Union (Brenecia)
15. Noah Kranendonk, DM, 23 - Cedrus Soundgardia
16. Jake Deangelo, C/LM, 28 - Internashionale
21. Gabriel Escerra, DM, 29 - FC Farça

9. Hope Roshanak*, SC, 24 - Malta Lines
10. Sutter McCloud, SC, 31 - Yeaddin Owls (Vilita)
11. Carmine Velasquez, SC, 27 - Corinthian Spirits
17. Marcus Jimenez, SC, 23 - Iskara Daii
18. Alan Eccleston, SC, 32 - Tuncastle Rovers
22. Edwin Deacy, SC/RW, 28 - Vecchio Victors
23. Betanni Jetvanna*, SC, 20 - Kitara AA (Banija)

Formation (4-3-3), +3 Style Modifier

Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits, with this version first debuted at the 82nd World Cup Finals.

Generation Five-B blends a number of Starblaydia's iconic kits from across more than a quarter of a millennium, including the return of side panels and a number on the front, while mixing in new design elements such as the subtle stripes of the away kit. Both proudly sport the five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships at senior level - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo. Starblaydi players will also all be wearing rainbow laces, as a symbol of diversity and inclusion.

Home Stadium

The site of the 80th World Cup Final, all of Starblaydia's home matches will take place in the 196,754-seater Stadii Di Bradini, close to the popular tourist destination of Downtown Jhanna, Starblaydia's capital city. Boasting extensive transport links, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and entertainment, the Downtown area is the perfect place for a nearly quarter of a million fans to disperse into every evening after a match. It also has a direct route to JAX, Starblaydia's main internal airport and a major air travel hub of Atlantian Oceania.

The stadium is named after Starblaydia's most legendary former player, Jhanna-born striker Simeone Di Bradini: the former World Cup Committee President, World Cup Hall of Famer, and four-time World Cup Winner (all with The Holy Empire as player/manager), for whom the Di Bradini Cup, the world's premier Under-21 tournament, is also named. It is a gargantuan stadium notable for environmentally friendly 'eco-stadium' features built-in since before ground was first broken on the site. Designed and constructed using as many recyclable materials and installed with technology that reduce its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs, the exterior features a huge array of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. It was the centrepiece of the 'Green Starblaydia' project many years ago and remains one of the world's iconic stadiums.
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Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Six-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)


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21-Player Squad


Nation Name: The Republic of The Grearish Union
Short Names: The Grearish Union, Grearish Union, Grearia
Demonyms: Grearish
Colours: Black, Gold and White
National Anthem: 'All Hearts for Grearia'
Capital City: Atheburn
Other Major Cities: Plibury, Forsho, Edgenorth

FA: Grearish Football Association
Highest Domestic League: None (All footballers are on central contracts.)
Nickname: The Black Dolphins
Home Stadium: The Atheburn Park, in the capitcal city of Atheburn is the usual home stadium due to the high capacity and is therefore given greatest preference. This, however, does not mean that the GFA will host it's matches in one stadium only, and will rotate matches as and when needed.
Ultras Group: Grand Street Heroes
Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +2
Manager: Frank Blanchard, 66
Captain: Joanna Rodrigues, 24
Vice Captain: Avery McAuley, 19


Susanna Schaefer, 18, #1, Female, Goalkeeper
Schaefer is known around the country to be a prodigy in the Grearish football ranks, with what they call the safest hands in the entire land. Having grown up a few miles outside Plibury, the rural background meant that she had to do a lot of the heavy lifting (literally as well) for her family, being the eldest in her generation. It remains to be seen, however, how well she performs in the World Cup cycle in which the Black Dolphins have already travelled to Delaclava for the Baptism of Fire breaching the quarterfinals, and later try their hand at qualifying for the World Cup proper.
Joanna Rodrigues, 24, #2, Female, Left Back, (Captain)
Some say, that being named captain of the football side has worked in the favour of Grearish skipper Rodrigues, as the 24-year-old is expected to stand stall to defend the opposition's right wing attacks and overlaps, while making sure our own left-wing is well-fed with a regular supply of deliveries from the back four. A charismatic showing of leadership and an intelligent style of gameplay, coupled with impeccable vision and a sense of innate empathy justified her being adjudged the skipper of the Grearish national team. The entire nation is now rooting behind her. A few stellar Baptism of Fire performances have put this young leader firmly in control of her side.
Alexander Allman, 35, #3, Male, Left Centre Back
A football team is known to be highly dependent on the pillars in their central defenders who stand like rocks before their own goal, protecting it from shots dangerous enough for Grearia to concede. The experience of the senior-most player on the Grearish squad will most definitely come in handy especially while facing formidable oppositions ranked much higher than Grearia's own. It remains to be seen, however, if age becomes a major hurdle for Allman in the process. The expectations, will still be sky-high from the seasoned veteran, who is loved throughout the nation.
Mateo Elliott, 21, #4, Male, Right Centre Back
The young Mateo Elliott was known to be a bit of a wonderkid ever since he burst on to the national scene when he stood immovable in front of his goal, defending to the end. This well-built right centre back will be one to watch out for, if the pundits are to be believed!
Lilah Buchanan, 20, #5, Female, Right Back
Buchanan's quick rise to the national scene was propelled by her blistering right leg, and her sturdy build, making her a fearsome barrier for most opposition wingers. The tall Grearish defender had caught the eyes of national team scouts in the wake of the announcement of the Grearish participation in the World Cup spectacle, and the performance of this young workhorse has never disappointed since.
Cassandra Preston, 24, #6, Female, Left Winger
Fondly known to the public by the name of Cassandra "Pacey" Preston, the speedy left winger has a vicious left foot in her arsenal that has caught many eyes in the course of the selection process for the Grearish national team. The onus will be on her in the upcoming international season to prove her might, as she will face off against some of the best in the world in battles to assume control of the midfield.
Chance Benton, 18, #7, Male, Central Midfielder
Chance Benton, named by his parents after he was born in one of the most difficult times the family had seen in terms of financial and social stability, Chance has definitely taken every chance he could get up until this point to get the coveted central midfielder position in the fairly new Grearish national team. Ball distribution being one of his key assets, will have keen eyes overlooking it, as he tries to help his comrades out to work every inch of space available in the midfield, or wherever his team needs him.
Layla-Mae Potts, 17, #8, Female, Central Midfielder
Adding to what some might call the youthful boiling blood of the Grearish midfield, comes Layla-Mae Potts, renowned for her pinpoint passing precision, and ability to pick up teammate runs as they occur around her every second. A timid girl when not on the field, Potts shows the greatest of transformation to convert into the fierce central midfielder that Grearia has been blessed with.
Janet Daly, 16, #9, Female, Right Winger
Completing the 4-player midfield formation is another young gun out of Bradwick in the south. Janet, otherwise completing her 10th standard examinations back in school, decided to try out for the Grearish national team when news spread that the BoF was upon us and the nation needed young blood who were hungry for victory. This tactful right winger knows most tricks of the trade to fool her opposition, but a rather short-tempered teenage mentality might prove to be her greatest foe.
Avery McAuley, 19, #10, Female, Striker, (Vice-Captain)
Number 10 and probably one of the most sought-after players for the Grearish NT, Mc Auley is also the vice captain for the national team we take such pride in. The Black Dolphins' premier striker will be on the lookout for a prolific goal-scoring season as a poacher up front, relying on her immense shooting force and gargantuan willpower.
Willis Kline, 24, #11, Male, Striker
We round off the starting eleven with the inclusion of Kline, the deep lying forward, who prevents the supply chain from the midfielders to McAuley from getting blocked up. Kline, however, is not expected to be rigid in his role, and that the Grearish public can expect to see a flurry of goals from him as well.


Summer-Rose Stuart, 24, #12, Female, Goalkeeper
The second goalkeeper of the 21-player squad is Summer-Rose Stuart, who despite being the elder of the two, finds herself on the bench. The gaffer seems to be quite firm about the first XI choices hat he makes, but one cannot rule out the possibility of a change in the guardian under the sticks once Grearia finds itself in a suitable position.
Jasmine Gardener, 25, #13, Female, Left Back
In what some pundits are claiming could be only a possibility under a major injury condition, Gardener is seen as an eclipsed player by the Grearish community, shadowed by the all-pervasive charisma of Rodrigues as the skipper. Preparing for the worst, Gardener may as well be blooming flowers of success for Grearia in times of grave crisis.
Lydia Radcliffe, 20, #14, Female, Left Centre Back
With Alexander Allman occupying the LCB role in the first XI, Radcliffe had to be pushed to the back-burners in a situation where the hands of the team management were tied. The age issue might work against Allman in the case of a marathon tournament, though, and that might mean so action for our girl from Donetch.
Callum Frank, 28, #15, Male, Right Back
Jersey number 15 goes to Callum Frank, who is expected to warm the bench, really, especially in front of the towering figure of Buchanan. Thought to be a good like-for-like replacement, however, Frank has earned his flight to the NT matches.
Theia Golde, 17, #16, Female, Right Centre Back
The 16-year-old wonder in Theia Golde sees herself on the bench accounting for her lack of domestic experience in inter-city clashes, and her injury proneness. The selection at a young age, however, shows some promising signs for the years to come!
Dionne Blackmore, 30, #17, Female, Right Wing
The senior right winger will most likely not see action until some injury occurs, as there seems to be no valid reason to change two fact paced young guns for a player into her thirties. In the belief that she might be able to slow down the tempo of game with her intelligent passing, however, may be the deal maker if she does get a few minutes on the field.
Ruby Houghton, 21, #18, Female, Central Midfield
Houghton is our reserve central midfielder for the cycle, with impressive performances in intra-Grearish levels. The youthful CM might as well have to see out a few matches for Grearia as the midfield job is predicted to be rather tough, and substitutions would not surprise a lot of people.
Fergus Sloan, 24, #19, Male, Left Wing
Sloan is our 2nd-best left winger for the national team, this cycle, as "Pacey" Preston seems to have her place solidly cemented into the national team. First-team action is thought to be beyond Sloan, at least for thiss cycle, until and unless a dramatic fall in the performance graph is recorded for Preston.
Aaron Murphy, 20, #20, Male, Attacking Central Midfielder
The 20-year-old number 20 of the Grearish NT, Aaron Murphy is one-of-a-kind. With no other ACMs in the team and the gaffer preferring a rather traditional 4-4-2 pproach, Murphy finds himself in the bench. However, if pundits are to be believed, a Murphy substitution in a game could turn it on its head and will thus be a key player for the side, tactically.
Gia Knott, 24, #21, Female, Striker
Another prolific striker in the Grearish ranks, Knott is seen as an out-and-out striker, who is believed to be a perfect replacement for Kline who likes to play in a slightly withdrawn role, in case the gaffer wants to go on the attack mode with the pedal to the metal.



1 Susanna Schaefer 18 F GK
2 Joanna Rodrigues 24 F LB
3 Alexander Allman 35 M LCB
4 Mateo Elliott 21 M RCB
5 Lilah Buchanan 20 F RB
6 Cassandra Preston 24 F LW
7 Chance Benton 18 M CM
8 Layla-Mae Potts 17 F CM
9 Janet Daly 16 F RW
10 Avery McAuley 19 F ST
11 Willis Kline 24 M ST


12 Summer-Rose Stuart 24 F GK
13 Jasmine Gardener 25 F LB
14 Lydia Radcliffe 20 F LCB
15 Callum Frank 28 M RB
16 Theia Golde 17 F RCB
17 Dionne Blackmore 30 F RW
18 Ruby Houghton 21 F CM
19 Fergus Sloan 24 M LW
20 Aaron Murphy 20 M ACM
21 Gia Knott 24 F ST



The 4-4-2 is the most widely used formation in the highly nationalised Grearish academy structure for football, where most players grow up playing the 4-4-2, hardly wavering to any other formation.



Home - Away - GK
These fantastic kits were provided to us by the Donnaconan sportswear brand, Infinite. These will be worn with pride by the national football team of The Union for the foreseeable future.


Atheburn Park, Atheburn (60,000)

Atheburn Park is widely known as the national home ground for the Black Dolphins. This tag, however, is now on the verge of being snatched from the capital city, as the other three of the major four cities in the country are now vying for marquee matches in the qualification campaign for World Cup 85.

To reach the venue, a flight to the international airport at the capital and then a subsequent mode of road transport through the city should suffice.

Dream Games Arena, Plibury (55,000)

Recently taken over by the Dream Games Inc. to support sports in the home nation, the capacity of the stadium has been ramped up to 55,000 for the World Cup qualifier matches to be held in Plibury, apart from the rechristening.

With the rotation of matches becoming an increasing probability, it is likely that you could see some of the bigger games being played here at Dream Games Arena. To reach the venue, a flight to the Plibury International airport, and a mode of public or private transport shall suffice, thanks to the robust Grearish transport facilities.

Hope Springs, Edgenorth (32,000)

Located in the sports-loving town of Edgenorth, it is expected that Edgenorth will provide quite the atmosphere as the supporters' enthusiasm can easily take on that of the two major cities.
One has to take a connecting flight to the city from either of the two international airports to reach the venue. It is known to be fantastic experience to live the moment in this stadium, and the World Cup qualifiers will prove to be the perfect opportunity for the world to witness it, if experiences of previous visitors are to be believed.

Western Wells, Forsho (50,000)

Built on the ruins of the Gloriaxian city of Industus unknowingly, it is now a matter of pride that a city this old lay in ruins underneath to be a foundation for the new city of Forsho. One can reach this beautiful port city by either a connecting flight from the international airports, or via an ocean vessel while the Forsho port welcomes you through it's doors. The beautifully built stadium will see it's first international action in the coming World Cup qualifiers, and is expected to be quite the venue, with top notch hospitality for the richer crowds, and cheap entertainment for the average Joes.


World Cup 85 Qualifiers

MD 2 v Damukuni @ Atheburn Park, Atheburn (60,000)
MD 5 v FIlindostan @ Dream Games Arena, Plibury (55,000)
MD 7 v Shokpos @ Hope Springs, Edgenorth (32,000)
MD 9 v Revatnagar @ Western Wells, Forsho (50,000)
MD 11 v Emastalia @ Hope Springs, Edgenorth (32, 000)
MD 13 v Quebec @ Atheburn Park, Atheburn (60,000)
MD 14 v Qvardax @ Dream Games Arena, Plibury (55,000)
MD 16 v Reçueçn @ Atheburn Park, Atheburn (60,000)
MD 19 v Poafmersia @ Dream Games Arena, Plibury (55,000)
MD 21 v Andromeda Island Group @ Western Wells, Forsho (50,000)
MD 23 v Crystalline Caverns @ Hope Springs, Edgenorth (32, 000)
MD 25 v Brenecia @ Atheburn Park, Atheburn (60,000)

I give my opponent the permission to:

Choose my goal-scorers: Yes
Godmod goal-scoring events: Yes
Injure players: Yes (For serious injuries, please reach out via TG or Discord.)
Godmod injury events: No
Red card players: Please reach out via TG or Discord.
Yellow card players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but nothing that alters my nation.

Any violation of the above will meet the ignore cannon.
The Grearish Union is a proud member of Esportiva!
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Sajnuran National Football Team


National Stadium

The National Stadium is the largest stadium in Sajnur, with a capacity of 102,000 people. Located in the capital city of Javoser, home to more than 12.5 million people, it is the primary arena for big sporting events in the country, hosting a semi-final and most finals of Sajnur’s FA Cup, several finals of the Tarvolan League, tarvolan being a code of football indigenous to Sajnur and traditionally Sajnur’s biggest sport, and three qualifiers for the 82nd World Cup. It has also hosted the biggest of Sajnur’s concerts and the inaugurations of two Presidents.

Built in 1952 and renovated in 2015, the stadium has a retractable roof, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and affordable food and drink options to provide a comfortable experience for all fans while the stadium has been designed to allow fans to produce a raucous atmosphere befitting of large sporting events. The stadium is easily accessible by public transport, and has thousands of parking spaces for those who choose to arrive in their own vehicles.

Niurka Stadium

Home of FK Khadur, arguably Sajnur’s biggest football club, Niurka Stadium is located in the Khadur area of Ciarkhan, a bustling metropolis of 4.6 million people that serves as Laghia’s state capital. Laghia was a territory acquired by Sajnur in a war stretching from 1982 to 1996, and is the Laghian people popularised football in Sajnur. As a result, the province has eight of Sajnur’s 32 professional football clubs despite having only 1/8 of the country’s population, and Niurka Stadium hosts the other semi-final and some finals of Sajnur’s FA Cup.

The stadium, built in 2006, was named after Nicolae Niurka, who was a Laghian partisan that served as a general against Laghia’s pre-1982 rulers and was killed in combat in 1995, aged just 46. With a capacity of 73,000, it is the largest stadium used by a team in the Sajnuran Premier League. Like the National Stadium, it has a retractable roof, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and plenty of affordable food and drink options, with many food options being traditional to Laghia. The stadium is easily accessible by public transport, but parking space may be limited on particularly busy days.

Queen Haqla Stadium

Queen Haqla Stadium is a 60,000 seat stadium near the centre of Roskjepa, the capital of Delta state and, with 6.7 million people, the second largest in Sajnur. Home to Rivers FC, the stadium is a regular venue for intimidating displays from Rivers fans, with flares, aggressive chanting, and large banners being a common sight, especially in derbies between Rivers and cross-town rivals Stormers FC.

The stadium was built in 1960 and renovated in 2016, and has all the amenities of the National and Niurka stadiums, while being a prominent sight on the Jagaroi River. As such, along with bus and train, the stadium is also accessible by the Jagaroi River’s ferry. However, like in Ciarkhan, access by car may be difficult. Queen Haqla, for whom the stadium is named, reigned over Sajnur from 681 to her death in 727.

Siyaka Island Stadium

Siyaka Island Stadium is the largest stadium in the Asulian states, with 66,000 people able to fit within its confines. Located in the outskirts of Tawqush, a city of about 5.4 million serving as the capital of Archipelago state, the stadium is the home of FC Mazigh, the foremost football club in the Asulian states. Fans on Siyaka Island often bring instruments to matches, ranging from the arghul to large drums to even accordions, posing both as support to those they like and a distraction for those who they wish to lose.

The stadium is the newest of the four national stadiums, being built in 2017 on what was the Majar port before it was bombed by the Sajnuran navy during a war that stretched from 1990-2003. The stadium is easily accessible by both car and public transport, and with the New Majar port being built as part of the stadium development, coastal and island hopping ferries can also stop right outside the stadium.

Full Roster

Eliseo Marinon has announced an initial 32 player player pool for Training Camp 1. While the player pool is mostly unchanged from World Cup 83, notable changes include the absence of 37 year old veteran Alan Gharici, who announced his retirement from international football, and Alexis Sjoring, who is playing for Aqtan Beaches in the Sajnur Second League. The four new players are Ella Ciuru, Polna Viskorov, Tassa Inatje, and Metiria Ocango. This roster is subject to change for future training camps.

Core players in bold

Player Age G Position Club

Piotr Laghiev 32 M GK FK Khadur
Alek Khadur 29 M GK Crossroads Image
Giorge Iajevici 24 M GK Red Star Tisinar
Natasha Kirai 22 F GK Capitals Javoser

Taulant Haji 26 M RB/RM/LB/LM FC Brimstone Image
Silja Jorse 19 F RB/RW/LB/LW Stormers FC
Hatu Raglan 22 M RB/CB Canalave Dragons Image
Tassa Inatje 25 F RB/CB/RM/LB Rivers Roskjepa
Tomasi Vuierev [vc] 29 M CB/RB Chuckio FC Image
Stefan Jana 27 M CB Ciarkhan City
Kabas Verjez 23 M CB/CDM Rivers Roskjepa
Kahala Murje 21 F LB/CB OAS Royal FC Image
David Kiral 30 M LB/LM Zoe Eisetsu Image
Hela Isarghie 23 F LB/LM Maal Daemons Image
Salloah 28 F LB/RB Capitals Javoser

Kaori Hajat 28 M CDM/CB Capitals Javoser
Zain Hasan 27 M CDM/CM Rivers Roskjepa
Siaka Munjari 22 M CDM/CM FC Mazigh
Metiria Ocango 26 F CDM/CM Capitals Javoser
Dario Tule 31 M RM/RW Hamiltonian Cambria Image
Sihano Kerero 26 F CM/CDM/CAM FK Bazugh
Jessica Siafik [c] 25 F CM/CAM/CF Maal Angels Image
Alizer 28 M CM Border FC
Tatiana Pavlov 22 F CM/LM/LW Border FC
Vasil Stoianov 32 M LM/ST/CF Tisinar United
Cristiano Karaji 22 M LM/LB Marinos Metropolis Image
Sian Levici 29 M CAM/LW/CM Red Star Tisinar

Parjazu 23 O CF/RW/RM/ST Stormers FC
Ella Ciuru 20 F CF/LW/ST Stormers FC
Rowan Down 28 M RW/CAM/ST/LW Capitals Javoser
Andre Naulo 27 M ST Northern Stallions Image
Basuli Maktar 25 M ST Capitals Javoser
Polna Viskorov 27 F ST/RW/LW FK Khadur
Ahmed Nazar 26 M LW/ST/LM Ka'in United

Manager: Eliseo Marinon (51)
Typical Formations: 3-5-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +3

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y, but TG me for FIFA style bullshit
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but I decide severity
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod other events: TG me

Sajnur Uniforms (Courtesy of Brusseldorf)




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Eastfield Lodge Roster for World Cup 85


Demonym: Eastfielder

The Imperial Commonwealth of Eastfield Lodge is a vast conglomerate of nations and states that resides almost entirely in a separate dimension to the reality you all know and love - a bubble universe would be an apt description (the why is a long story, involving the Dreamed Realm and a threat to the existence of the entire universe). The one bit of the country that lies in the regular dimension is a tiny island in the northern seas of the famous sporting region Rushmore, which serves as a transport hub for travel across the region by conventional transport, and for travel to the Imperial Commonwealth via something called a Void Ship (think of it like travelling through a well controlled wormhole).

The history of the country is long and complex, but the key overview is that it is a very socialist Muslim constitutional monarchy, with a noted reputation as being one of the nicest places to visit in the entirety of the known multiverse - the most recent WA census puts the Imperial Commonwealth in the top 100 nations in several measures such as Safety, Compliance/freedom from crime, Tourism, Weather, Compassion, Niceness and Environmental Beauty, amongst several others; most of which are also ranked as the best in the Rushmore region. Because of the initial portal, the nation advanced forwards in leaps and bounds technologically due to intermingling with denizens of another dimension, various alien races from the universe in which the popular RLStates TV show Doctor Who is situated. Whilst these aliens used to take part in life in the Imperial Commonwealth, even forming the Eastfielder National Team for a number of tournaments, they no longer exist in this bubble universe, due to a dimensional shift no longer aligning the two dimensions - for now, Eastfield Lodge only contains those beings that you find elsewhere in the NS multiverse.

Whilst we are a fairly chill nation, we are still fairly socially conservative, and there are plenty of special rules visitors need to be aware of:
  • No Alcohol. At all.
  • No smoking or recreational drugs at all. Visiting team members/fans will be given replacement/cessation therapy if struggling to cope.
  • No public displays of affection. What you get up to in the privacy of your own hotel room is up to you, as long as it stays there.
  • There isn't a legally enforced dress code, but at least dress respectfully, the locals will appreciate you.
  • Cities are by and large car-free zones; make use of the extensive public transport system.
  • Don't worry about a language barrier, there is an inbuilt telepathic translation circuit within the visas that you will be issued - it translates all speech and text into a language you understand instantaneously.
  • No unhealthy junk food will be available, the country is too healthy for that. Also, the food will all be halal, but there is an extensive range of vegetarian/vegan options for those who insist.
  • Ignore all the cameras and the police presence. They're for the safety of everyone.
  • High-level technology pervades every aspect of society and life here, get used to it.

Lodger City Memorial Stadium
Location: New Lodger City
Capacity: 150,000
Description: The home of Eastfielder football, the stadium was built on the ruins of the old capital of Eastfield Lodge, Lodger City, which was flattened in a double disaster (severe floods from dams bursting and an explosion from an unknown source, killing much of the population of the city and rendering the city useless. Administrative functions were transferred over to Lodgertia, the city began to be rebuilt, and it was decided that this stadium would be one of the monuments erected in place. The inside walls contains inscriptions of the names of all the dead – just under 9 million. The stadium used to play host to the two classic giants of EL football – RGS Athletic and VLC FC - until both had their new stadiums finished; it is now only used for internationals and cup matches.

Parliament Stadium
Location: Lodgertia
Capacity: 80,000
Description: Formerly the second largest stadium in Eastfield Lodge (until King Iqbal II and Vorgan Park were completed), behind the Memorial Stadium in New Lodger City, it was built in the centre of Lodgertia, the capital of Eastfield Lodge, and the Imperial Commonwealth. It was named due to the fact that the Parliament is based just a few hundred metres down the road; in fact, the original stadium was actually joined to the Parliament building, as an area where MPs could watch or even engage in sport with the public, as well as being a designated protest site. However, with Lodgertia becoming more built up, it was decided that the stadium needed to be built up as well. It is home to Lodgertia United and Lodgertia City alongside being temporary hosts of RGS Athletic and VLC FC (when Lodger City was being rebuilt), and in the past has hosted several international matches, including the final of SBCC 27 and a group in both stages of Market Cup 4.

Tavernia Stadium
Location: Tavernia
Capacity: 65,921
Description: Currently the largest stadium outside of Eastfield Lodge itself, Tavernia Stadium sits near the heart of the city of Tavernia, in Westmeadow Tavern, the nation bordering Eastfield Lodge. WC85 will see the stadium's debut when it comes to hosting the Eastfield Lodge National Team, but it is no stranger to WC football though - it was the home ground for Westmeadow Tavern when they had their own international football team in the earlier years of the Imperial Commonwealth. It is also home to the two best teams in Westmeadow Tavern, with FC Tavernia and Tavernia City plying their trade here.

Lodger City Memorial Stadium: MD5 - Taeshan, MD12 - South Covello, MD15 - Main Nation Ministry, MD26 - Melbergia
Parliament Stadium: MD1 - Freeport, MD19 - North Quadana, MD21 - Flavovespia, MD24 - West Pocono
Tavernia Stadium: MD3 - The Appraisal To The Allmighty MR TAYTO, MD7 - Maccian, MD10 - A Flock of Seagulls, MD17 - Sylestone

Manager: Jane Williamson
Age: 51. The first female player to play for the Eastfielder national team back in the day, the former RGS full back became the first big Eastfielder coach in another country, as she went and became the assistant manager for the Chromatika national team, and quite successfully, up until that nation's disappearance from the world. And quite fortunately, she landed in this role after the retirement of her predecessor, although things haven't started auspiciously for her so far, opting not to ring any big changes to the team's system for her first few cycles. Very much a man manager as opposed to an astute tactician.

Assistant Manager: Robert Andrews
Age: 51. The former national team striker, who had over a century of international appearances to his name during his career, was specifically recruited by the previous manager, his old friend and ex-teammate Shabeen Ahmad III. This is his first major job in football since his playing retirement, but his ability to calmly analyse situations even under immense pressure has earned him some plaudits from those in the know, and as such could prove to be a vital asset to the national team going forward.

Player are listed higher are more likely to play – strongest starting XI listed in Tactics section

Goalkeepers           		Age  Gen  Club                       Notes
Thijn Persson 29 M Olympia FC
Jam'Aan Couch 25 F Marine Coast United (VIL)
Korbin Harvey 35 M Duke of the North (PAS)

Defenders Age Gen 1° Pos Other Pos Club Notes
Renato Hargreaves 29 M CB Hellinic Rouge (PAS)
Tajo Carr-Ponce 32 M CB Olympia FC
Wilfred Holding 28 M CB Workers Union (EUR)
Svante Whitfield 25 M CB Marque (BRE)
Vallois Mackenzie 31 M CB Royal Jam FC
Jumaana Aas 25 F CB VLC FC
Eugenie Tierney 32 F CB Olympia FC
Malenna von Kraus 31 F Utility Royal Jam FC Ex-NSI international
Heaven Leggett 29 F CB RGS Athletic
Analena Niazi 25 F CB VLC FC

Wingbacks Age Gen 1° Pos Other Pos Club Notes
Ginton French 29 M RB Oakstone (EUR)
Eskama Nagi 32 F RB Hellinic Rouge (PAS)
Elouan Elbaz 25 M RB RGS Athletic
Ulima Salam 28 F LB RGS Athletic
Faustina Dad 28 F LB Raynor City United (VAL)
Trym Shan 28 M LB Nile Bridge

Midfielders Age Gen 1° Pos Other Pos Club Notes
Graziana Din 29 F CM Hellinic Rouge (PAS)
Arjean Jeremiah-Dockson 29 F CM CA Paulinthal (PAS)
Sorel Qwivotic 28 M DM Royal Jam FC
Jennifer Farrow 28 F CM Crawford City (COS) Box-to-box midfielder
Lucas Stepanov 28 M AM Olympia FC
Kaha Jewell 27 F AM Nile Bridge

Wingers Age Gen 1° Pos Other Pos Club Notes
Raquel Accardi 28 F RM AFC Treason (NPH)
Jewell Foley 25 F RM North Laithland (NPH)
Breta Glibin 32 F RM CA Paulinthal (PAS)
Charmine Berretti 32 F LW Norrion Rovers
Ármin Harry 31 M LM Olympia FC
Faustina Cousin 31 F LM RGS Athletic

Strikers Age Gen Other Pos Club Notes
Nya Murray 29 F Hellinic Rouge (PAS)
Zaaid Stepan 29 M Olympia FC
Azhaar Morales 32 M Stein-los Turkish (PAS)

Formation: 3-3-3-1

It's a new look defensive formation for Eastfield Lodge now, with the team moving to three at the back, but still retaining the rotating attack system - striker and three players in behind moving about to find space. The central defender of the back three has permission to advance forwards on attack, allowing the formation to switch from a 3-3-3-1 to a more balanced 4-2-3-1 or even 4-1-4-1 in attacks, whilst the wingbacks retain the same attacking freedom they had under the previous 4-1-2-3 system. In terms of goal scoring, the ST will get the bulk of the goals, with good contributions from the AM and both WFs as well. The WFs will get most of the assists, followed closely by the AMs, then the ST, DM and the wingbacks.

Captain: Tajo Carr-Ponce
Vice-Captains: Raquel Accardi, Korbin Harvey, Jennifer Farrow
Penalties: Nya Murray, Raquel Accardi, Jennifer Farrow
Corners: Raquel Accardi, Charmine Berretti, Jennifer Farrow
Free kicks – shooting: Raquel Accardi, Nya Murray, Arjean Jeremiah-Dockson
Free kicks – other: Ulima Salam, Jennifer Farrow, Raquel Accardi


Style: +1
RP Permissions:
Select my scorers: Y
Give out yellow cards to my players: Y (maximum five, TG me with a reason for more)
Give out red cards to my players: Y (only one more than the number given to your team, maximum of three - i.e. I get two red cards, you must have at least one)
RP injuries to my players: Y (Maximum 3, no career-ending injuries without my explicit permission – I reserve right to how long players are out; you can RP how severe it looks)
Godmod injuries: Y (within some reason)
Godmod scoring events: Y (Have fun.)
Godmod other events: Y (TG me if you're planning on killing anybody though, or anything really extreme.)

If I do RP, I will include the line-up for the next match in my RP post, along with any suspensions/injuries. If there is no line-up, look through my posts and check for current suspensions/injuries, but otherwise it’s fine. Also, if you're RP'ing any part of my match, please use the full name Eastfield Lodge at least once, it helps me find the RP.

NB: As the people of EL are extremely compassionate, and very civilised (despite what you may say about the religion), it would be uncharacteristic for the coaches/players to lose their temper, dive deliberately (jumping out of the way of bad tackles and falling awkwardly doesn't count), to be sent to the stands (if the ref is clearly very biased however...), spit, argue with the ref or fight. Players will also tend to inform the referee about mistakes/clarifications in judgement regarding throw-ins, fouls given but with no contact and goal kicks/corner kicks (plus other bouts of honesty - up to you).
Economic Left/Right: -5.01 (formerly -5.88)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.31 (formerly 2.36)
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Postby Jeckland » Sat May 23, 2020 11:30 am

The Jeckish Football Association Presents




Nickname: The Spuds

Style Modifier: 0

Image Image


Jeckland used to be an up and coming talent on the international football scene. Often on the periphery of qualification contention, a run to the Cup of Harmony quarter finals in their only appearance to date in the competition showed promise that World Cup qualification could be on the horizon, yet it never materialised and the nation soon went on hiatus. However, the return to the international sporting scene has been a resounding success so far, with a run to the semifinals of the Campionato Esportiva capturing the attention of the sporting community. Whilst that level of performance is unlikely to be possible over 24 matches against high quality opposition, Jeckland will be hoping to ruffle some feathers, take points off the big hitters in the group and earn a spot in the Cup of Harmony.

Owing to the success of the Campionato Esportiva run and the short timeframe between tournaments, Kayden Ross has opted to name the same squad of 23 players for World Cup qualifying.


GK: Carter Clemens, 30, Colanso City - A reliable presence between the sticks, Clemens 6ft5 frame does not impact his agility and allows him to collect high balls with ease and throw them out quickly.

GK: Earl Porcher, 23, Nagelti Rovers - An exciting keeper who has made a name for himself in the past couple of years with some jaw dropping saves.

GK: Stuart Pound, 26, Peswick Town - Renowned for his kicks that travel a great distance, Pound came up through the lower leagues to become one of the top keepers in the country.

RB: Chaz Grey, 24, Peswick Town - His languid running style disguises his tremendous work ethic, often topping running statistics as he bombs up and down the right.

RB: Emery Hodson, 23, Mortsey - More of a traditional full back, Hodson doesn't commit forward as much but makes up for it with huge defensive capabilities.

CB: Teddie Gilbert, 27, Colanso City (CAPTAIN) - Captain of the reigning three time JPL Champions, Gilbert's calm and assured leadership off the pcitch is at odds with his hard tackling, no nonsense style on it.

CB: Jerrard Lovell, 26, Rack City Rangers - With ice in his veins, he looks composed on the ball and often picks incisive passes into the midfield.

CB: Ridley Danielson, 25, Nagelti Rovers - Dependable at the back, Danielson's left footed curling balls up the pitch have become a trademark of his.

CB: Dan Robertson, 22, Panbury Town - A hometown hero in Panbury, Robertson makes the team after a breakout season in the JPL.

LB: Brendan Pain, 24, Rack City Rangers - Known for his looping crosses and deadly free kicks, Pain brings the X factor to the left hand side of any defence.

LB: Zak Peters, 25, Colanso City - Standing at only 5ft5, Peters is lighting down the left flank, able to outpace nearly any opponent.

CM: Reuben Sanderson, 24, Kyslo - The most naturally talented player in Jeckland, Sanderson's fast feet and eye for a pass make him a goal threat himself and a frequent assister from midfield.

CM: Matty Graves, 23, Colanso City - The engine in any midfield, Graves is always in the right position to contribute to both defence and attack.

CM: Billie Gibbs, 26, Serbury - Sprays passes all over the pitch. When they come off, they're magical - but will often go for a wonder pass where a simple one would suffice.

CM: Cleve Blanchard, 27, Panbury Town - An enigmatic character with a very active social media presence, Blanchard makes the squad after letting his football do the talking last season.

CM: Hamilton Sheppard, 27, Nagelti Rovers - Playing in the 10 role for his club, Sheppard is known for his abilities to press opposition defenders into mistakes.

CM: Raynard Deadman, 22, Peswick Town - An enforcer at the base of a midfield, will always look to intercept or tackle, even if it means picking up a card or two.

RW: Cree Martel, 20, Rack City Rangers - Lighting quick, two footed, and with a venomous shot, this winger is the hottest prospect in the country.

RW: Jeffery Peters, 22, Colanso City - Hard working winger who will never give the opposing left back an easy game with his all action play.

ST: Cyprian Stack, 24, Nagelti Rovers - Last JPL's top scorer is a natural finisher and his positional play is outstanding. If given service, he will score goals.

ST: Jeptha Lynton, 24, Yonsolo United - Not as prolific a goalscorer as other Jeckish strikers, but his hold up and link up play bring the best out of his team-mates.

LW: Kolby Dane, 23, Rack City Rangers - Loves to cut inside and shoot on his right foot but also has the ability to skin his man on the outside.

LW: Kimball Forest, 21, Kyslo - Has all the natural attributes to be a star, but still working on his decision making in attacking areas.




Kayden Ross is a 51 year old hailing from Lingham. He played football to a decent level in his younger years but found his feet as a coach and has been hired by the JFA to lead Jeckland into the new era. Favours a balance between attack and defence with a high work ethic and will line Jeckland up in a 4-3-3 formation.


Jeckland will play their home games at the newly renamed Jecken Stadium, formerly known as the Jeckland National Sports Stadium, in the capital Rack City. Host to all previous WCC matches in Jeckland, the 100,000 capacity stadium has state of the art facilities, great transport links and can seat up to 10,000 away fans.


If you're RPing the match first, feel free to RP whatever you want in terms of goalscorers, match events and yellow cards. If you want to do anything 'unrealistic' or godmoddy I might be fine with it, but TG/Discord me first and only proceed if I give approval. Similarly if you plan to give a player of mine a red card or injury that would rule them out of the next match, TG/Discord me first. I will provide a lineup for the following match in my previous RP, failing that use the last one available or the starting lineup in the depth chart.
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Winners: N/A
Runners Up: WBC 30 & 31
Semi Final: CE 26, WBC 35

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Postby Lisander » Sat May 23, 2020 1:00 pm


The FLF Press Center
Lisander won't have a fixed Roster for World Cup Qualifiers. Yet, this page will be slowly updated with information related to the Team and the Roleplay.

What's happening with Lisander NT in three lines: NT Former Coach Andreas Fox died. His protegé, National Team Captain and Goalkeeper, Anders Michaelichen, married Mr Fox alleged daughter and is supporting her in a judicial battle against the other members of Fox offspring. Alfredo Trapp, formerly an assistant to Mr Fox, was selected as Coach and decided to support the "main family" of Mr Fox, and banned Michaelichen from the team. Club Sparta, Michaelichen's team, refused to allow its players to play in the National Team under Trapp. NT is entering Qualifiers without some of its stars, and the pressure is all over Mr Trapp.

Basic Info:
Ranking: 83rd (9.00)
RP Modifier: +2 (Moderate Attacking)

Players Called to Matchdays 1-5:
#1 Júlio Altona (AS Virtus 1904)
#18 Nicolas Carboni (Clube Naval de Sendas)

#2 Bruno Lasses (Dawson FC)
#3 Louis Varden (Atlético Clube de Kasandora)
#4 Marian Valens (AS Virtus 1904)
#6 Milen Kaplanoski (Racing Club de Soria)

#13 Lucas Dass (Soria Union FC)
#14 Julian Naus (Clube Naval de Sendas)

#5 Luís Ávila (AS Virtus 1904) (Captain)
#8 Saber Neville (AS Virtus 1904)
#7 Christian Nantel (AS Virtus 1904)

#15 Nicolas Thorn (Atlético Clube de Kasandora)
#16 Ricardo Santander (Racing Club de Soria)

#9 Nicolas Walker (Soria Union FC)
#10 Milo Sommerville (Shamrocks FC)
#11 Victor Potenza (Atlético Clube de Kasandora)

#12 Yoann Dawson (Shamrocks FC)
#17 Cyril Amati (Atlético Clube de Kasandora)

RP Permissions:
I give my opponent the permission to:
Choose my goal-scorers: Yes
Godmod goal-scoring events: No
Injure players: Yes
Godmod injury events: No
Red card players: Yes
Yellow card players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Map, Rankings and Sportswire
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Postby Huayramarca » Sat May 23, 2020 2:06 pm

Football Federation of Huayramarca


Official Roster for the World Cup 85 Qualifiers

About Huayramarca: The Plurinational State of Huayramarca, also known as ”Huayramarca Mamallaqta” in Quechua and ”Huayramarca Suyu” in Aymara (literally: Windy Country), is an extraordinarily diverse nation in terms of geography that’s located up north Atlantian Oceania. Crossing three time zones, from the coasts to the jungle, passing massive cordilleras such as the Andes and Sierra, a nation with 36 million inhabitants that belong to 9 different ethnical groups.

Huayramarca as such is a relatively new nation for the traditional standards of it, since it was constituted on 1822 (currently, we sit on 1980 according to the Inca Calendar), the main focus of building this nation was to help different ethnic groups to gather force into the region, in order to be recognized multiversally as a nation, hence, may gather some international protection in case their rights would be abused all of a sudden by an external force.

Being completely ignorant on what was happening on the neighborhood, the Aymara, Quechua, Shuar, Guarani, Montubio, Tsáchila, Huaorani, Andoa and Candoshi ethnics decided to form the Republic with the support of neighboring nations such as the Royal Kingdom of Québec. Migration from Québec happened in the late XIX century, mostly peoples known as ”Guayabalenses” decided to move in order to seek a stable place for their families, considering that their home soil was apparently brushed off the map by a dictator called “Gregory”. That last point forced the Huayramarcans into a stronger union in order to survive.

Until the middle XX century, Huayramarca managed to survive economically from llama, alpaca and vicuña herding, since its skins are highly valuable in neighboring Québec due to their strong winters; also, coffee production helped Huayramarca to build some solid institutions that promoted national expansion near the neighboring Cocoabo Forest, that place is “La Selva”, a lush but quite dangerous forest with hundreds of rivers that come from the Andes. After some years of exploration, the authorities met the first indigenous peoples of the zone, which were exploited in order to produce rubber for tires and some mysterious chickens that were provided in order to even more mysterious sacrifices to a deity, which the local people and even the rest of Huayramarca wasn’t able to understand how she works, granted, it’s not even a part of the Incan Mythology which includes Inti (the Sun god) and others.

Said abuses committed against the jungle inhabitants caused a heavy political turmoil around 1950, which formed a divide in the nation that still remains until today: Serranos (highlanders), Costeños (coastals) against Siramas (jungle inhabitants); Those divides weren’t noticeable in economic terms but politically, with constant attempts of coup ‘d etat against the government. That situation caused some issues with the neighboring Québec, who neglected to support financially any of those groups if they don’t manage to cooperate between themselves in order to provide prosperity to a heavily hunger-suffering nation back in the time.

Aymara and Quechua peoples took the power during the remaining part of the 50’s until 1969. On that period, Huayramarca suffered a lot of “huaycos” (mudslides) caused by heavy rain storms near the Andes and Sierra, those events killed at least 300,000 people and urged for an attempt to reincorporate Huayramarca back into normality, but, how? The main bet of the government was to aim for the tourism industry, spamming the developed nations of Atlantian Oceania in order to make some tourists visit sacred places such as Illimani (a mountain that’s devoted as god for the Aymara folk), Huayna Picchu (the royal Incan palace for Quechua) and the sun drenched coast ranging from Guayaquil to Lima (specially Montañita, the best beach par excellence in northern Atlantian Oceania).

The formula was working decently, since the economy was reporting high growth numbers, but seemed to cause some lack of satisfaction on certain zones of the country, specially on the Jungle. Their inhabitants decided to support the Costeño elite in order to beat the Serrano government. 1969 election would be marked for the Huayramarcan history by the magnitude of the sabotage made against the current government, to the point of bribery or killings for their supporters, those incidents made the Costeño elite take control of government and focus even more on the Coast and Jungle, leaving aside the Sierra.

Currently, Huayramarca has a huge wealth gap between zones, the coast boasts the fact of being the economical engine of the nation despite the fact that the capital city is in the Sierra Region, while the Jungle is slowly developing with some cities such as Ormeño, Madre Santa, Virú and several others boosted by oil findings and rubber production. Sierra may be in disadvantage, but recent developments in neighboring nations may make them turn relevant once again in the nation, since lithium batteries demand is growing up and Huayramarca’s Sierra possesses one of the biggest lithium reserves of the entire multiverse.

Basically, Huayramarca is a nation of contrasts and never—ending conflicts that’s well into the deep borehole named “the natural resource course” a hard situation to overcome due to the lack of proper education, critical thinking and result-focused mindset on the population, that constantly seeks for shelter in entertainment industries such as soap operas, music, and now football.

Facts about the nation

Official Name: Estado Plurinacional de Huayramarca - Huayramarcan Plurinational State.
Motto: Unión y Libertad - Union and Freedom.
National Anthem: Noble Huayramarca, tu hermosa bandera.
Capital City: Huayramarca D.M. (Distrito Metropolitano) - Huayramarcan Metropolitan District.
Highest Point: Nevado Inti (7,920 masl)
Currency: Inti (I$ 1 = N$ 0.33)
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara (main); Six other indigenous languages.

Football-wise Information: As a society, Huayramarcans enjoy sports a lot, specially when politics may turn the nation into a chaos every second, they just want to run away from that horrible and desperate situation and may try luck on football.

Considering the levels of poverty on Huayramarca, many young people may give a shot for football in the chaotic Liga 1 or lower tiers, with the hopes of achieving a decent salary that may help their families to get away from poverty and huayco-prone neighborhoods. Liga 1 has sixteen teams from different parts of the country, mostly focused on the Sierra and Costa regions since those are the most heavily populated ones.

In the last year, the president of the Plurinational State, Hugo Mina (Costeño), thought it would be a great idea to form a fringe squad for the AOCAF and then try to make it into Baptism of Fire or World Cup Qualifiers, hence he asked for Eliezer González (head of the Huayramarcan Football Federation) to try and apply for said tournaments. He sent notes in order to sign-up for those events, but he sent them incorrectly, at AOCAF, he sent it to a grandmother living up near the Andean Organization for Coffee, Agriculture and Forests (located at Cumbayá) instead of sending it to the proper AOCAF tournament organizing committee, which turned González into laughing stock for several weeks in Huayramarca. Despite that, González managed to sign-up properly for the WC, despite he was rejected for BoF because he applied to the “Burger of Fire” and not the Baptism of Fire.

After all, the HFF managed to convince 25 players from the amateur-ish Liga 1 sides to build the National Team, whose nickname is resumed to “Kuntur” (The Condors), all those players range from being high school students, to chemists, bus drivers, and even people from the local tavern, whose preference is revealed on how they named their team “Real Ebriedad”, which was later supported by Cristalina, the main brewery firm from Huayramarca. Those 25 players decided to investigate some football techniques and decided to apply them at the different games they played on the inaugural Liga 1 season that was won by Real Ebriedad (in a game where corruption was noticeable as how the referee was given beer instead of an energetic beverage).

Nothing that would be possible without the support of Omar Caicedo, a Costeño who migrated to Québec and decided to learn some football techniques while managing Beyreuth University, where he won three national titles out of eight seasons on his span with them. Caicedo is a fan of high-pressure football, known as “gegenpressing” or “Suicida” as Huayramarcans may call if (specially Serranos, since they might be quite shy or sometimes plain dumb that doesn’t like to attack) Anyways, Caicedo’s strategy proved right on some matches played by Huayramarca against their northern neighbor, the Royal Kingdom of Québec, beating them 5-1 at Huayramarca’s Estadio Nacional (located at 3,820 masl only?!…) and tying 2-2 at Iqaluit’s Ice Hockey Rink (that’s what the players thought at playing in a frozen city… ¡Achachay!) If you wonder what’s ¡Achachay! Well, figure out you’re on top of the mountain receiving wind and gelid weather right into you, if you did it, welcome to Huayramarcan’s sense of cold shivering!

Well, coming back to football, Caicedo’s devotion for 4-2-3-1 is unquestionable, he always loves to boast of having a neat defense, two defending mid fielders that may aim to recover possession when needed, or even having one of them switching to creative duties in support of the team’s brain, Ian Mamani, then, two wingers feeding the sole striker up in the middle of the box. That striker may often go back and try to recover balls and make a power play from himself with support of a winger and then seek for a goal.

Something that makes Huayramarcan football so distinguishable is that they are prone to do long range shots, due that they are used to play at significant heights, the lack of oxygen may make the ball travel further without applying a lot of strength during the mechanics of kicking the football, that is known as the “Andean Effect” and may cause serious troubles for visiting sides on Huayramarca, adding the main fact that breathing might be harder for those used to low altitudes.

Without further ado, the starting XI and substitutes are presented in the following tables:

Starting Eleven





Nota bene: Only official matches are taken into consideration for current record, caps and goals.

Nickname: The Condors.
Current Record: 0-0-0
Most Caps: N/A.
Most Goals: N/A.
Biggest Win: 5-1 (vs. Independent Athletes of Québec / Friendly)
Biggest Defeat:

Captain: Ian Mamani.
Second Captain:Kevin Quispe.
Third Captain: Nicolás Allauca.
Most likely to score: Bryan Tello
Most likely to get red carded: Kevin Quispe.
Prone to get injuries: Gabriel Sayritupac.
The genius: Ian Mamani.
The motivating soul: Santiago Chumacero.

Manager: Omar Caicedo. (38)
Assistant: Rubén Condori. (52)
Physio: Lautaro Huamán. (59)
GK Trainer: Martín Zubeldía (41)
Doctor: Luciano Zambrano. (51)

Team mentality: Huayramarcans, per se, are bold and quite diverse between the team due to the regional contrasts among them: You might note some surnames such as: Condori, Mamani, Quispe, Sayritupac, etc. Those are Serrano surnames. Serranos as such are quite shy people with non-serranos, between them, great footballing societies may be made due to their complete understanding of each other, they are quite homogenous on how they act and may be predictable for each other. But, for the non-expert eye, Serranos are one on their kind and could result unpredictable for them, since they love to do things at fast pace between them, without doubt one could send a 60 meters cross with complete confidence that they might find their teammate, with this, you can notice that Serranos are overconfident on themselves and somewhat dubious with Costeños and Siramas. Other characteristic of Serranos is that they are quite easy to intimidate, being shy and short-sized doesn’t helps, but in that situation, they might opt to act even better than they do for the sake of shutting your mouth.

Costeños and Siramas (jungle) in the other hand are confident with everybody, even if they might not receive the same treatment by their Serrano fellows. Those two groups conform the rest of the team and might do good societies on field, declining the quality of their chemistry when trying to connect with Serranos, due to the latter shy mood. Physically speaking, Costeño and Siramas are people who boast being the tallest overall in the team, also, their mania for body preparation at gyms make them suitable to defensive duties and running on the wings since they love running crazily (they usually do that, since they are used to run away from police or a mob of angry Serranos after robbing).

Overall, the team has some issues while trying to build chemistry, since there are two well-marked groups with some issues, but may try to join forces when needed or when they are being heavily massacred (football-wise). Leaving aside those issues, the team boasts some decent characteristics for running on the wings, the team itself is fast paced but may have problems while struggling physically (specially if a Serrano is trying to mark) since they aren’t so strong to do that, albeit, the consequences of it may be noticeable only with high-ranked teams.

To finish with this part, Huayramarca is that kind of team that may be overconfident sometimes, but if you press them to their limits, they might react in unsuspected ways, be those positive or negative for their interests, you don’t know what would happen in the Serrano, Costeño or Sirama mindset. As they do on the local league, they might try to do some antics to their rivals, be it: providing beer instead of water to their rivals, or the classiest one, giving distillated “ayahuasca” (vodka-like alcohol) and pass it like water and make their rivals be drunk, taking advantage of their influence to beat the rival team. Of course, they might not abuse of this resource, Serranos might ask Inti for it.

Game Scheme: Caicedo aims to use always a 4-2-3-1 scheme that he dubs it as “El huayco” (the mudslide) due to an analogy he made of his team with such a devastating natural phenomena: “We aim to build a fast team, aiming to be unpredictable for the others while using our regional paradigms in our favor. The less known we are, the more lethal we could be and that’s why I love not having a specific plan.” That’s what Caicedo want’s to use, but in reality, there are some hints to analyze what he loves to do with his teams, especially on Beyreuth University of Québec.

El Huayco is a style of play in which you look to win back the ball as soon as you lose it, and you try to win it back as high up the pitch as possible; that means you’re closing down a lot to put pressure on the player that's just won the ball back.

The idea is that the player who just won the ball will be vulnerable and won't have time to think about his first pass. You just close him down to win the ball back quickly as high up the pitch as possible, and then you initiate a counter attack. You're likely already half way there and ready to go past into space and score a goal.

You can also use this tactic to target specific weak players, if you have noticed a weakness in a certain team. Maybe central defenders or full backs aren't comfortable on the ball, and you can look to press and close down certain individuals to try and make the most out of this game pressing style.

For the last purpose mentioned, Serranos are heavily important, they might be the analogue of a dog felling your fear and then attacking, they as collective love to use their different point of views and implement them as one while attacking, then fast passes and maybe a long range shot may happen, especially if the team is playing on the highlands. If the team is playing on the coast or jungle, they might seek to control the ball and make the rival team run behind the ball for some time, in order to cause climatic exhaust on them, since coast and jungle are hot and terribly humid in this part of Atlantian Oceania, so it may pose a real challenge for teams not used to play in such conditions.

To achieve Caicedo’s main goal, there are several prerequisites for successful counterpressing. The decisive factor is the overall positioning of the team and their playing style right before attempting to counterpress. The players must play as close to one another as possible so that they can press together as a unit right after the ball is lost – which is a given in short passing football. At the same time, they should not stick so close to one another that they neglect to cover enough space. Usually, a good layout in possession and a good shape behind the lost ball go hand in hand.

Some trainers use the basic rule of thumb to “occupy the fewest possible zones with individual players, but the greatest possible distance between the players within those zones so that they don’t occupy the same space” to make the positioning simple to understand; although, with a rule of thumb like this, some aspects are lost in terms of complexity.

Many teams also have problems deciding when to stop pressing, for example, when we stop pressing if we can’t win the ball back? When should we retreat? How long should you press and with how many players? This is particularly problematic because the position of the ball is always changing. Therefore, there is a theory created by Caicedo – the five second rule. Immediately after losing the ball the team should press at top speed and with maximum intensity for five seconds.

If the team hasn’t recovered the ball within five seconds and there is no chance of immediately winning it, they should fall back into their defensive formation. Depending on the team, the number of seconds may vary. It is recommended that the strategic basics of “El Huayco” be coached in order to develop a flexible, situation-specific length of time for counterpressing.

For scorination purposes, set the style modifer of Huayramarca at +1.


The Kits: Huayramarca’s social mindset is to aim for local consumption in the long term, hence the HFF decided to hire “eva Sportswear” to manufacture the kits for the national team. “eva” decided to take the ball out of the park with some unique designs for Huayramarca, reflecting the national identity and adding up some motivational phrases on them for mere sake of marketing. Those kits are based on the geography of this nation, from the coast, to the highlands and jungle in order to promote a sense of national unity, especially on a stage that the national team might try to do something decent in their first World Cup Qualifiers venture.

As backgrounds, you might notice some decent spots that Huayramarca has to offer, such as Huayna Picchu, the mythical castle built in the Andes and thought to be built for the Incaic Emperors some centuries ago. On the second kit, the sacred Illimani, a mountain located just outskirts Huayramarca’s Metropolitan District, this 6540 masl mountain is believed to be an angel sent my Inti to protect the city against any disaster. On the third kit, the gigantic Guayas River is displayed, with some Guayaquil neighborhoods in it (Guayaquil is the third biggest city in Huayramarca), also possible home for some World Cup Qualifier games.

As for the goalkeeper kits, in their main kit, the second largest city of Huayramarca, and the main coastal city, Lima is featured, this city is known for their gorges near the coast, something like a potential protection against disasters as the so frightening tsunamis. To finish with, the magnificent Chimborazo mountain is featured in the background for the away goalkeeper shirt, with some important animals for the Huayramarcan folk such as the wild vicuñas, known for their weird habit of flesh-eating (Beware if you go there and see one of those, they might not be friendly if meat isn’t given to them).






Players description - Starting XI.

Nota bene: All players have zero caps, since the statistics taken into consideration were before the beginning of WCQ 85 - For national purposes, friendlies are never taken into consideration for official registries.

N°1 - Juan Mamani - GK - 22 yrs - Team: Ate FC - Height: 1.88 mts.

Mamani is an individual that believes he always is right, he tends to be creative when saving balls of creating some innovative ideas to take the ball forward, based so much in the fact that he is protective, spontaneous and loves to be independent in his actions. Currently, he is sad because he broke up with his girlfriend. Despite his relationship failure, he might seek some attention as the goalkeeper of the national team, forming decent bonds with his teammates in order to leave the baby steps soon in terms of footballing level. Also, he's brother with the creative mid of this team, Ian Mamani.

N°2 - Kevin Quispe - RCB - 18 yrs - Team: Real Ebriedad - Height: 1.75 mts.

A pretty average guy in terms of intelligence that has no life plan, hence he left studies in order to make a living with football. He is very secretive, doesn't likes even to tell his teammates what will be his next movement because he knows we will be wrong, Quispe has serious issues with anger management and may be rebellious, he is cold and ignores what the others might feel or think about him, he doesn't gives a fu*k of anything. Anyways, he's flabbergasted by the fact of being called to the national team, even more by the fact of being part of the starting XI.

N°4 - Carlos Vilca - LFB - 23 yrs - Team: Sporting Club El Alto - Height: 1.78 mts.

Vilca exemplifies the stereotype of a Serrano, he is overly analytical and optimistic, with some patience when a player might approach to him, he might take some minutes to make a mental profile of who he will face and how to block him in its right side. Despite being coordinated and loving to be the center of attention, he loves to be quiet and solitary with his own personal code of conduct, he might be extremely fair while robbing balls. Right now, he's submissive by the fact of being called by Caicedo for the national team.

N°6 - Felipe Fernández - RFB - 18 yrs - Team: Club Atlético Lima - Height: 1.85 mts.

Pipe, as known by his teammates is an extremely intelligent right fool back that adapts quite quickly to any situation he might face, he loves being orderly and hates mess. When playing, he is straight-forward and might argument with rivals, referee and even his teammates, he rarely praises others and values learning from experience, hence why he has a promissory future in football. Right now, he's kind by the chance given by the HFF to play for the national team.

N°14 - Santiago Chumacero - LCB - 22 yrs - Team: FC Atahualpa - Height: 1.81 mts.

Chumacero's perception of things might be out of this world, his mind might be some steps forward the others and might help to anticipate to some movements that may be done by the rival. For that purpose, he's always flexible, active and plays like he would be killed if he does a mistake, he's loyal with his team, faithful and gentle, hence he might be the motivator of the squad. Chumacero's right now really sorry with his mom, because he robbed her I$ 100 Intis to get a room and go with his girlfriend to a hotel and experience some intimacy.

N°17 - Orlando Mina - CM - 19 yrs - Team: Sporting Club El Alto - Height: 1.95 mts.

One of the two defensive mid of the team, being the classical Costeño out there, Mina is the tallest and strongest player of the squad. Mina's attitude is being original and stubborn, giving you some classical Costeño vibes, consistent in his performance and devoted to God, he cares a lot about what he does, since he tries always to correct his mistakes and not suffering on them, instead, he uses them as feedback to improve his game and abilities. Mina's sad right now because his mother was fired from the job, although, he might provide some food for his family while playing with The Condors.

N°11 - Ian Mamani - CF - 19 yrs - Team: Illimani FC - Height: 1.65 mts.

The second of the Mamani brothers in this team, along with Juan, Ian has what Juan might lack sometimes, creativity and brightness, although they play in totally different positions and roles in the team. This creative mid and captain of the team is one of the big things among this team, a fast-paced and fussy person with lots of potential, euphoria that drives him to perform as what he can do, being the best of the entire nation in his role. Large crosses are his specialty, including long-range shots when playing on the highlands. Right now, his euphoria level has increased a lot, considering he got called to the national team, the fact of being called captain and being on the international TV screen for WCQ.

N°8 - Nicolás Allauca - CF - 24 yrs - Team: Huayramarca FC - Height: 1.80 mts.

Nico was a bus driver until the last three weeks, when he decided to enter to the amateur football world of Huayramarca, he was in luck that Caicedo watched him plat and fell in love on how he performed. Allauca is spontaneous and may not like to do training, he is a fast-moving and extremely practical (hates theories) defensive mid, that may mutate to a second creative mid with Ian Mamani. Allauca is blunt, might hurt you with his eyes and ignores rules, he might be dramatical when somebody tackles or fouls him, in order to make that player get sent off of at least yellow carded. Nico is pleased with Caicedo for being called up to the team.

N°7 - Abraham Mendoza - LF - 20 yrs - Team: Huayramarca FC - Height: 1.63 mts.

The smallest of the entire team, Mendoza is a mentally strong individual who loves to work hard, play hard and also be a strong leader inside the team in terms of order. A competent but realistic player who may not be spectacular while playing on the wings, but pragmatical and effective when achieving his purposes. Perhaps, on his personal life he is the best positioned of all the group, since he's currently studying Industrial Engineering at the Huayramarcan Technical University and he's scoring some of the best grades ever in that institution. You might notice how Abraham's personal discipline is, and this is translated even to football, where he tries to compliment some weaknesses that he may have as his height, but he tries to compensate with some decent body-building routines.

N°21 - Gabriel Sayritupac - RF - 20 yrs - Team: Real Ebriedad - Height: 1.75 mts.

Sayri as he's known by many people in his native Tulcán (near the Québécois-Huayramarcan border) is an artistic person in all senses of his life. Usually he makes a living by painting portraits of people visiting the Chimborazo National Forest Reserve, sometimes working on a local brewery or doing some football for fun. He doesn't stands being alone and might be that easy-going Serrano (which is weird, if we come to think it). He has some genetic problems that makes him quite prone to injuries, and when those occur, Sayri decides to get inebriated to let frustration go away. A dirty antic he has is that he's well known for giving alcoholic beverages to the rivals instead of water, he has developed modified ayahuasca in order to make it feel and look like water, which has fooled some teams. Keep an eye on him!

Despite that, Sayritupac is a well skilled winger, an antithesis of Mendoza, since he loves to be artistical while dribbling and doing a cross, he might try to do rabonas while shooting or passing.

N°21 - Bryan Tello - ST - 25 yrs - Team: Club Sport Cumbayá - Height: 1.86 mts.

A decently heighted Costeño as forward is always a neat solution for your goal needs, with good pace, stride and also physic abilities Tello is what every team may need for up front. He's factual since he studied Philosophy at the University of Cumbayá, a committed and self-confident man who might be extremely traditional to his striker role, he might seek for some space in order to go front, use his strength and move towards the goal. Tello is a somewhat strong leader among the shadows of the Huayramarcan national team, an outgoing and straight-forward person that could sometimes aggressive since he's prone to be insensitive. He's right now interested in evolving as a legend for Huayramarcan football.


Nota bene: In order to have a deeper understanding of Huayramarcan players, take in consideration the following list of personalities for the substitutes. For a better understanding of said list, take time to watch the substitute players list posted again down here and follow the order of said list. The first player on this list, has his mindset reflected in the left of the first row, the second in the right of the first row and then, so on until the last one:



Useful Information and Stadia: Before introducing the stadia, there’s some handy information for away fans who might visit Huayramarca. As said before, this nation has a quite complex geography and some long distances to travel for away fans, since there are only two airports: Huayramarca International Airport, located near Huayramarca Metropolitan District at the highlands, and the Jorge Guerra International Airport in Lima, on the coast. You might need to go up mountains or driving through them which is a complete odyssey due to the risks caused by the Andean geography itself.

People in Huayramarca might be passional about football pretty much everywhere, but more hostile when you go down the mountains, driving to the coast. Down there, if people don’t attack you, weather might do due to the offensive humidity, mosquitoes and heat that may occur there. In Lima, despite being in the coast, the weather is mild and great to play football, but there might be some sandstorms due to the deserts located south of said city. Coastal teams usually play at afternoon, when humidity may suffocate those not used to deal with it.

Same happens at the jungle, but the mosquito issue multiplies thousand-fold, also as humidity caused by constant rains that pass there in their transit to the highlands. Water absorption made by trees cause severe issues with an extremely humid weather, hence jungle teams decide to play often at noon, in order to torture rival teams.

On the Sierra things get worse, since the main problem up there is respiration. For a physical activity like football, people might need some weeks to acclimatize altitude and get an efficient breathing pattern that might supply their physical effort needs. Several cities are above the 2500 masl, even the capital city, which is located at 4000 masl, it doesn’t matters at which time they decide to play, if a team isn’t acclimatized, they will even faint during the game if they don’t have with them oxygen tanks to breathe before the game or if they don’t get some treatment into an hyperbaric chamber.

Stadia are distributed in order to have an equal distribution for regions, considering that there will be twelve local games at Huayramarca, Sierra, Costa and Jungla will receive four matches each one. Each region will receive a high tier rival and then a randomized sort of three other teams in other matchdays. You might contact the Huayramarcan Football Federation (OOC: TG me or shout me at Discord!) in case of more information or solving some needs for your team and fans.



Estadio Nacional de Huayramarca - Capacity: 45,500 - Huayramarca Metropolitan District.

Tenants: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Huayramarca.
Built in: 1968.
Altitude: 4012 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Illimani FC, Real Ebriedad, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: Built in 1968, the Estadio Nacional is the jewel in the not so well-shaped crown of the Huayramarcan sport venues, an olympic stadium that might be a nightmare for visiting teams due to the altitude and weather of the city, which tends to be somewhat hostile everyday, even more if it's played at noon due to the sun's radiation at that altitude. Despite being an olympic stadium, people tends to set a lot of pressure in it, especially from the neighboring appartment blocks which tends to be crowded for the matches being held there (they might aim lasers from there, take care!).

Also, the walls near the dressing room have some curious messages as such: "Welcome to Huayramarca D.M. At 4,000 meters above sea level "is one of the first things the visiting teams will read upon entering the dressing room, perhaps to make clear the conditions to which they will be subjected throughout the game. It is still somewhat intimidating the following warning that is issued when they leave the visiting dressing room "Caution, if you have the following symptoms: Headache, vertigo, fatigue, tachycardia, nausea or vomiting, wheezing, dyspnea or inappetence, go to the medical staff, we are at your disposal."

Will host: Nephara (MD 4 - 12:00 P.M.); Aimena (MD 11 - 8:00 P.M.); Acronius (MD 14 - 9:15 P.M.); Welzat (MD 16 - 5:00 P.M.)



Estadio Olímpico del Oriente - Capacity: 26,000 - Sechura.

Tenants: MuniSechura - Municipality of Sechura.
Built in: 1945.
Altitude: 560 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Sociedad Petrolera, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: One of the biggest stadia in Huayramarca, the main hub of sports in the Jungle region is located at Sechura, a city of about 300,000 inhabitants which serves as logistical hub for operations of rubber production and for explorations into the dense jungle nearby. Sociedad Petrolera is a modest Liga 1 side, but one that tends to attract almost ticket sell outs every game, since people in that region tends to be quite passionated of football in order to forget their not so good daily life. At that city, one should take care of humidity, which tends to be quite strong at times, hence teams usually play there on afternoon or night, since heat might be something difficult to stand even for locals.

Will host: Sarzonia (MD 7 - 5:00 P.M.); Delaclava (MD 13 - 7:00 P.M.); Great Lausitz (MD 18 - 3:15 P.M.); Darmen (MD 23 - 5:45 P.M.)



Estadio Metropolitano del Guayas - Capacity: 62,000 - Guayaquil.

Tenants: Autoridad Guayaquileña de Deportes - Guayaquilean Sports Authority.
Built in: 1980.
Altitude: 15 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Guayaquil Wanderers, Barcelona Sporting Club, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: A kettle pot, that's the definition for the biggest stadium in all of Huayramarca. "El Metropolitano" is the most recently built stadium in the nation and will make the debut for international football in Huayramarca. Hosts two teams and the fan athmosphere in Guayaquil is perhaps one of the most intimidatory ones in the multiverse, fans throwing you stones while receiving, throwing flares, extremely noisy people all around and the incredibly hot and humid weather that dominates the city may be lethal for some teams when trying to visit. Rescuing a tie from here may be considered something great, since you survived the "Guayaco" hell. Hence that, teams often love to play at the afternoon, specially at 3:00 P.M. in order to squeeze out the rivals in exhaust.

Will host: Simpralia (MD 2 - 3:00 P.M.); South Charlia (MD 9 - 8:00 P.M.); Competitive Solitaire (MD 21 - 8:00 P.M.); Jeruselem (MD 25 - 3:00 P.M.)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. (Contact me first, so we can agree)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (Contact me as well)
Give red cards to my players: Y (Maximum of 3).
Godmod other events: Y (Contact me first.)
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Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Huayramarca D.M. Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara.

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95X World Cup 85 Roster

Postby 95X » Sat May 23, 2020 3:22 pm

95X National Team Roster
Winners of AOCAF 22 and 47

In 95X, World Cup 85 takes place in 95X Year 85, one year after AOCAF 60 and two years after World Cup 84.

Formation: 4-3-3

Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder, U-Utility

##   P Name                  M/F Age
0 K Lauren Hills F 25
3 RF Sydney Hardin F 24
5 LM Kaylee Moody F 26
16 D Kara Sixteen F 23
18 D Aisling Ayala F 25
19 D Zedex Sinclair X 25
30 RM Summer Madison F 24
33 D Emily Detroit F 24
35 MF Roisin Dart F 23
36 LF Natalie Notgnirrah F 24
70 CM Alix Ajax X 29

36 35 03
05 70 30
16 19 33 18

11 M Sarah Foureleven F 20
12 M Antara Northtown F 21
22 M Becky Catron F 25
23 K Margaret Revol F 20
31 M Ashli Blaine F 24
32 D Jalisa Ninetyfour F 24
34 K Tammy Westward F 25
51 F Grycz Creighton F 21
52 F Alycya Williams F 19
55 D Mya/Aym Gonzylyz F 18
62 D Jemma Dudley F 20
63 D Sadie Twohundredthree F 20
Head Coach: Katelynn State, 53

Rest of the Sideline staff exists; named as needed.

One of four solid colors; blue, green, magenta, or yellow; "Ninetyfive X" written in black diagonally on the upper left of the shirt and upper left of the rear shorts. Number on the front of the shirt in black.

95X International Stadium, 10,000
A domed stadium in Southwestport, 95X (similar in size to the real-life Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington), the stadium now hosts all international competitions in 95X regardless of size or importance. Those wishing to attend a game are recommended to book well in advance.

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most other events: Y
Nation not my RL views, etc.
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AOCAF 22 & 47 Champions! • Volleyball World Expo 1, 2, 4, 7 & 9 Champions!

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Postby Chromatika » Sat May 23, 2020 3:24 pm

Choose my Lineup: No. I will be listing the starting lineup for each match at the end of each RP. You can choose my subs, though.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I choose the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 max.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 2 max. Please TG me.
Godmod other events: No

Kits Credit: Kirola, Logo Credit: Vulpine Sportif

WC Record: 138-36-44 (wins/draws/losses), 475 scored, 274 conceded
Overall Record: 182-51-68 (wins/draws/losses), 657 scored, 411 conceded
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Style Modifier: +1.5
Denonym: Chromatik
Nickname: The Anomalies
Venue: Capitalizt Dome, Chromatk City, Chromatika (144,000) and as listed



Image Konrad Evans, 52 WC Record: 0-0-0 Overall Record: 0-0-0 Debut Cycle: 84
Formerly of Corvette Maulers and Crisisbless United, Konrad Evans is the polar opposite of the Manager that Silian Parker was, being a motivator more than a tactician. Signed to a three-year initial term by the Chromatik Football Federation, Evans has actually been present at all the press conferences. The journalists of Chromatika have been shocked to get to speak to the Manager at all. Evans has been cautiously optimistic yet confident, paying reverence to the importance of Chromatik football to the country, but excited to get back onto the pitch and put the focus on returning to the Knockouts of the World Cup Proper. World Cup 84 ended in the Proper Group Stage again for Chromatika, which was an acceptable result but not an ideal one. With having used the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup to test out some of the younger products, Evans is set to get back to the promised land of the Knockout Stages of the World Cup.

Image Katherine Everdeen, 41 Debut Cycle: 84
Formerly an assistant manager and scout for Appleoosa HC in the United League, Katherine Everdeen is a former Equestrian international who earned 26 caps as a forward for the Ponies during her career. Her younger sister, Elaine, has been far more successful as a player, but it has often been said that Katherine had a better approach to the mental side of the game. Everdeen has taken to get to know the players on a first name basis, and with the pair deciding on a fifty-person contingent, there's been a lot of work to do.

Image Zoe "Z" Benne, 36 Debut Cycle: 80
After graduating summa cum laude from Chromatik City College University with a degree in Sports Physiology, Zoe, affectionately called "Z" by her peers, worked at the Capitalizt Dome until the CFF came calling. Strikingly beautiful and fit, nobody would question her if she put on the uniform herself and went out on the pitch; her physique definitely belong out there. Smart, calculating, and personable, there were actually some concerns about her becoming a visual distraction to the players, which were shot down quickly by her professionalism and integrity. That being said, the Chromatik locker room will be... a bit more spicy than before. The players have done an admirable job of keeping things professional between them, which has allowed her to perform her duties without a problem. It is hard to believe that the team didn't have a physio for a long time. Now dating a now-retired Erika Morningstar - much to the conservative Chromatik media's chagrin - "Z" has really settled into her role.
Italics indicate still active
Most Caps:
Luuk Aart - 164
Rachel Hellion - 162
Erika Morningstar - 155
Keira Andisori - 151
Meagan Kelly - 143
Alyss Montague - 130
Zlastica Ellen - 127
Gabriella Antonio - 125
Trenn Rien - 123
Sandra Sybill - 122
Lucjusz Stef - 121
Kaytlyn Victoriane - 116
Aysu Damjana - 111
Carrol Liam - 110
Player with under 100 caps not listed

Most Goals:
Keira Andisori - 113
Kaytlyn Victoriane - 75

Gabriella Antonio - 43
Ki Niro - 33
Olimpia Vidal - 32
Trenn Rien - 30
Rowena Sierra - 25
Rachel Hellion - 24
Alyss Montague - 23
Beaunia Andisori - 22
Meagan Kelly - 20
Players with under 20 goals not listed


1. Mia Ria, 28 | Image Cassandra City | 5 ft 10 in| Caps: 58 | Goals Allowed: 68 | Debut Cycle: 77
12. Nova Williams, 28 | Image Chatswood | 6 ft 7 in | Caps: 20 | Goals Allowed: 19 | Debut Cycle: 80
23. Ferret Tioux. 24 | Image Sabrefell Athletic | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 17 | Goals Allowed: 27 | Debut Cycle: 84
34. Finn Nichols, 25 | Image Tyrysier | 6 ft | Caps: 7 | Goals Allowed: 4 | Debut Cycle: 84
Shorter but having all the intangibles, Mia Ria is still chomping at the bit to have a go at the world. She is likely to get first choice in all the high-stakes matches. Williams is a solid communicator and leader in the locker room, with the height to give opposing would-be scorers fits. Ferret Tioux (don't laugh at the name) is an understudy at Sabrefell Athletic who is learning behind Echani star Aurelian Gautier, learning the set piece game. Tioux has great anticipation and reflexes, and was tested at length during the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup, with the Chromatiks fielding a U-25 team. If it wasn't for the defensive backfield folding in the Eagle's Cup, he would have had a better outing. Finn Nichols had a rough stint in the first season for Tyrysier, but he is someone who knows how to be a pure shot stopper. He shone in some spots as Tyrysier stayed in the SuperLiga, and will bring up the rear, nobody really quite catching Evans and Everdeen's eyes from the recent graduates of the Chromatik College Football System.

2. Kai Xiao, 25 | Image Farrenton Athletic | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 22 | Debut Cycle: 84
13. Zheide McBee. 29 | Image Alnio | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 40 | Debut Cycle: 79
24. Aoife Ruth, 31 | Image Miare CosmoStars | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 36 | Debut Cycle: 80
35. Olivia An, 33 | Image Hokuto Rangers | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 31 | Debut Cycle: 79
One of the developments of the last World Cup was the cementing of Kai Xiao as the starting right back for the Chromatik squad, and that was before he added thirteen caps to his repertoire through the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup. The lumbering specimen who is a younger, male counterpart to Erika Morningstar, Xiao is in his prime. Interestingly, all four players on the roster are the exact same, just in a different order - Zheide McBee, the aerial specialist, backing up Xiao, and the veteran duo of Ruth and An holding up the back end, providing support and minutes to the younger two. This will likely be the last cycle for An and Ruth with the likes of Nadia Rios coming up the ladder.

3. Henri de Aea, 24 | Image Holdenberg | 6 ft 7 in | Caps: 56 | Debut Cycle: 80
4. Kattie Will, 26 | Image Raynor City United | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 40 | Debut Cycle: 79
14. Cierra Anderson, 27 | Image Vermillion Rage | 5 ft 4 in | Caps: 39 | Debut Cycle: 79
15. Nicole Friedman, 28 | Image Alissar Phoenix | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 7 | Debut Cycle: 84
25. Theodore Rondeau, 26 | Image Franscisca Orient | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 8 | Debut Cycle: 84
26. Yeri Ibex, 32 | Image Chenoworth Rovers | 6 ft 1 in | Caps: 35 | Debut Cycle: 80
36. Giles Ken, 24 | Image AC Holmenkollen | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 11 | Debut Cycle: 84
37. White Baugh, 25 | Image Hokuto Senateurs | 6 ft 11 in | Caps: 7 | Debut Cycle: 84
Henri de Aea is the tall and stocky center back, he of a master of the air and a sure tackler. Well-spoken, de Aea has stated that he loves this opportunity to play with so many other backs and continue his game. Kattie Will is on a loaded Raynor City United team, trying to add more to her arsenal of Luuk Aart's school of frustrating strikers, while Cierra Anderson remains flexible, being able to play both center and left back. Anderson is the best crosser of the bunch, though the shortest. With Yeri Ibex getting older, but still bringing some speed and solid marking, two have gone up the depth chart ahead of him: Nicole Freidman, a very good player off of set pieces, especially corners, and Theodore Rondeau, a stocky man who can make a mean tackle. Giles Ken is a solid aerial defender who can keep up with most attackers who has strong intangibles, and White Baugh, is a spitfire enforcer who does not shy away from contact. As this unit as a whole gains more and more experience, the future of the Chromatik defense remains bright.

5. Valence Ilya, 27 | Image Eastweald | 6 ft 5 in | Caps: 50 | Debut Cycle: 79
16. Miles Austic, 28 | Image Royal Garo | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 24 | Debut Cycle: 80
27. Jarret Rowles, 25 | Image Diamondqueen | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 18 | Debut Cycle: 84
38. Derron Nocturne, 25 | Image Ziemelu Skaida | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 11 | Goals: 1 | Debut Cycle: 84
Valence Ilya has really blossomed into one of the cornerstones of the Chromatik defense. Now fully entrenched in Eastweald, this is his defense to lead. The tall, coachable lad has transformed into an in-game leader who knows how to tackle, pace, communicate... you name it. With Aysu Damjana retiring, Miles Austic has finally been given the opportunity to show his skills - which includes decent pace, a good head, and solid jumping skills. Behind him are two hungry youngsters in Jarret Rowles the colorblind player who is an inspiration and a master of microagression and Derron Nocturne, he of amazing game sense and a knack of being at the right place at the right time to stop shots from crossing the net. With Rowles having started most of the matches during the AOCAF and the EC, pundits think that it's only a matter of time before he takes over the backup spot after Ilya.

6. Enigma Armageddon, 24 | Image Club Valanora | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 60 Goals: 12 | Debut Cycle: 80
7. Kai Dias, 29 | Image Port Patrick United | 6 ft 3 in | Caps: 13 | Debut Cycle: 83
17. Drew Limones, 28 | Image SC Rinaldi | 6 ft 1 in | Caps: 21 | Debut Cycle: 80
18. Min-Seok Kim, 24 | Image FC Flen | Caps: 9 | Debut Cycle: 84
28. Delilah Anisov, 28 | Image Crossroads | 6 ft 8 in | Caps: 5 | Debut Cycle: 84
29. Keeley Avis, 29 | Image Urrheddiao | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 7 | Debut Cycle: 84
39. Kateryna Zuniga, 22 | Image Chromatik City College University | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 3 | Debut Cycle: 85
40. Leysa Burns, 23 | Image Felswyr | 5 ft 8 in | Caps: 3 | Debut Cycle: 85

Konrad Evans's strategy needs two defensive midfielders, and Chromatika is starting to get it. Alyss Montague has retired off to the sunset, leaving the midfield headed by Enigma Armageddon, the one-eyed field general who calls out plays on and off the field. Kai Dias was one of the best defensive midfielders in the CCFA, and now one of the best players in the Schottic Premiership, he will start alongside Armageddon. Drew Limones has been around for a number of cycles as a solid contributor and team player, while Min-Seok Kim is still a developing fundamentally strong youngster. Delilah Anisov and Keeley Avis are journeymen making a living in the Chromatik domestic league. Anisov has no concept of tiring, while Avis has a great first touch. Rounding out this bunch are two players who made their debut during AOCAF 60 - Kateryna Zuniga, a box-out specialist with the tendency of being annoying, and Leysa Burns, a field-general type after Armageddon's own school of thought.

8. Kaytlyn Victoriane, 30 | Image Mallox | 5 ft 8 in | Caps: 116 Goals: 75 | Debut Cycle: 77
19. Molly Thorben, 28 | Image Crystal Fair HC | 5 ft 10 in | Caps: 62 Goals: 6 | Debut Cycle: 79
30. Whitney Kelly, 29 | Image Cornellians | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 36 Goals: 10 | Debut Cycle: 79
41. Laure Etienne, 32 | Image Brentford Ladies FC | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 46 Goals: 4 | Debut Cycle: 77
45. Orianna Marc, 23 | Image AFC Serpentine | 6 ft 4 in | Caps: 12 Goals: 3 | Debut Cycle: 85
The striker pool in Chromatika has been deep for so long, and now, they get to play the positions that they want. Kaytlyn Victoriane was always a winger in Lammerton, and now, the second player to ever reach one hundred goals for Chromatika gets to play her native position. Behind her is the duo that keeps playing and pushing each other - Molly Thorben the possessive midfielder and the speedster of Whitney Kelly. Rounding out this group is Laure Etienne, whose contribution is measured mostly off the field. She is a reliable backup who has a steady rate of play and quick wit that leads to rapid decision making. Orianne Marc is the newest member, having played in the AOCAF and the Eagle's Cup - an assist first, shoot later player who plays for the team.

9. Hermaeus Mora, 25 | Image Club Stein-los | Caps: 62 Goals: 5 | Debut Cycle: 79
20. Mimi Kuzami, 28 | Image Cedina Beach AFC | Caps: 51 Goals: 7 | Debut Cycle: 79
31. Victorina Bird, 28 | Image Ibini FC | Caps: 21 Goals: 13 | Debut Cycle: 80
42. Miranda "Lightning" Gail, 29 | Image RGS Athletic | Caps: 40 Goals: 14 | Debut Cycle: 79
46. Herlinda Sterling, 28 | Image Alnio | Caps: 3 | Goals: 1 | Debut Cycle: 84
49. Mi-Jung Kim, 24 | Image FC Flen | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 15 | Goals: 3 | Debut Cycle: 84
A new position in this formation, a few strikers have also moved over to this one. Hermaeus Mora is a risk taker who knows when to be flashy, while Mimi Kuzami is the blazing speedster. Victorina Bird had a solid gets the nod as the third attacking midfielder - she has strong work ethics and is looking to get better every single match. Miranda Gail, the Lightning, is still an in-your-face striker, though. Rounding out the attacking mids is Herlinda Sterling, recent returner to Chromatika who has the pace and creativity to make a splash, and Mi-Jung Kim, a player who got a lot of experience during the AOCAF and EC who knows how to lurk and then pounce when it matters most.

10. Jazmin Dragana, 33 | Image Brinesmouth | 5 ft 11 in | Caps: 90 Goals: 17 | Debut Cycle: 76
21. Retta Conrad, 28 | Image Creed United | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 31 Goals: 12 | Debut Cycle: 83
32. Ga-yeong Han, 29 | Image North Laithland | 5 ft 3 in | Caps: 30 Goals: 5 | Debut Cycle: 79
43. Andréa Croix-Pierre, 24 | Image Willox Street Pirates | 6 ft 7 in | Caps: 32 Goals: 7 | Debut Cycle: 80
47. Sylvie Reynolds, 25 | Image Galatica | 6 ft 2 in | Caps: 12 | Goals: 1 | Debut Cycle: 84
50. Vasiliy Marten Kuznetsov, 21 | Image Anomalies | 6 ft 1 in | Caps: 5 | Goals: 1 | Debut Cycle: 85
Jazmin Dragana enters perhaps her second to last cycle as the starter ahead of a slew of quality wingers. Dragana has fallen behind in pace, but still has that killer instinct of knowing when to pounce for the ball. Retta Conrad is a shoot-first winger who will now be allowed to be even more aggressive. Ga-yeong Han continues to soldier on, small, fast, quick, and playing with a chip on her shoulder. Andréa Croix-Pierre? Still on the roster, knowing how to use both feet and head to make plays. Sylvie Reynolds is one of the better players on Galatica of the SuperLiga, while Vasiliy Marten Kuznetsov is being talked up to be one of the "Golden Boys" alongside Henri de Aea, Valence Ilya, and Engima Armageddon. A stable of speedsters who will dictate the pace of the game, the Chromatiks remain set here.

11. Keira Andisori, 32 | Image Cassandra City | 5 ft 3 in | Caps: 151 Goals: 113 | Debut Cycle: 75
22. Rowena Sierra, 29 | Image Aries Chariots | 5 ft 7 in | Caps: 39 Goals: 25 | Debut Cycle: 79
33. Olimpia Vidal, 26 | Image Cazadores Cathair | 5 ft 5 in | Caps: 50 Goals: 32 | Debut Cycle: 79
44. Beaunia Andisori, 28 | Image Rozelle United | 5 ft 2 in | Caps: 27 Goals: 22 | Debut Cycle: 79
48. Kristian Non, 25 | Image Alliance Barossia | 5 ft 9 in | Caps: 12 | Goals: 6 | Debut Cycle: 84
With the strategy shift, this position purely exists now to just score goals. That's not a problem for Keira Andisori, the leading goalscorer in Chromatik history who has lost a few steps but still remains Chromatika's #1. Rowena Sierra's Aries Chariots career continues to chug along, and the supermodel-turned player has a knack of being at the right place at the right time. Olimpia Vidal is right behind her heels after a solid AOCAF campaign, and my overtake Sierra soon, a born finisher, Beaunia Andisori is a mainstay on the roster now, and a solid teammate, and Kristian Non continues to make up for his lack of speed with creativity, finesse, and a great spin move that leaves defenders in his wake.

Set Piece Taker: Hermaeus Mora, Keira Andisori
Most Likely to Commit a Foul: Kai Xiao, Kai Dias
Matchday 1: Chromatika vs. (45) Terre Septentrionale @ The Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City
Matchday 2: Chromatika @ (288) Sanctanus
Matchday 3: Chromatika vs. (218) Adyatin @ United Center, Urrheddiao
Matchday 4: Chromatika @ (UR) The Jovannic
Matchday 5: Chromatika vs. (UR) Wanarpu @ RCK Field, Alnio
Matchday 6: Chromatika @ (3) Eura
Matchday 7: Chromatika vs. (134) Northwest Kalactin @ The Island Dome, Myana
Matchday 8: Chromatika @ (70) Eshan
Matchday 9: Chromatika vs. (228) Alba and Cymru @ The Cove, Lhor
Matchday 10: Chromatika @ (95) The Sarian
Matchday 11: BYE
Matchday 12: Chromatika vs. (330) Sabalonia @ Chromatik City Field, Chromatik City
Matchday 13: Chromatika @ (56) Savojarna
Matchday 14: Chromatika @ (45) Terre Septentrionale
Matchday 15: Chromatika vs. (288) Sanctanus @ Anomaly Tower, Chromatik City
Matchday 16: Chromatika @ (218) Adyatin
Matchday 17: Chromatika vs. (UR) The Jovannic @ Z'ai'ai Field, Z'ai'ai
Matchday 18: Chromatika @ (UR) Wanarpu
Matchday 19: Chromatika vs. (3) Eura @ The Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City
Matchday 20: Chromatika @ (134) Northwest Kalactin
Matchday 21: Chromatika vs. (70) Eshan @ The Island Dome, Myana
Matchday 22: Chromatika @ (228) Alba and Cymru
Matchday 23: Chromatika vs. (95) The Sarian @ United Center, Urrheddiao
Matchday 24: BYE
Matchday 25: Chromatika @ (330) Sablonia
Matchday 26: Chromatika vs. (56) Savojarna @ The Tidal Wave, Tihon
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Postby Sylestone » Sat May 23, 2020 3:31 pm

OOC: I'm just going to give a basic roster for anyone who wants to use it. I'll be going the Valentine path and not RPing. Apologies for any inconveniences.

Style Modifier: -3

Tumble Dryer

Bar Stool

Washing Machine
Ironing Board

Brick Wall

Table - Goalkeeper
Chair - Striker
Milk Carton - Midfielder
Pantry - Defender

RP allowances:
Go ahead. Do whatever you want.

*Please note that all of the players are sentient objects.
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The Euran Football Association’s World Cup 85 Qualifying Squad

Manager: Michael Brandon (55, Nephara)

The unceremonious sacking of Daniel Belgrave as Eura manager following an unexpected and unfortunate exit from the 82nd World Cup group stages caused one of the biggest controversies in recent Euran footballing history. Eura hadn't lost a single game until the final match of the group stage (a surreal 3-0 defeat to Sargossa built on a first half collapse), but in an unlikely turn of fate, three teams finished on six points, and the side went out on goal difference. As Eura's dry spell without trophies extended another year, the EFA had clearly felt they had given more than enough time to Belgrave's project. Many saw this decision as harsh on Belgrave, still regarded by most as something of a national hero given his role in winning the 66th World Cup as a player and winning over two hundred caps. They called it a fluke exit.

However, the writing had been on the wall for longer. Eura had finished qualifying unbeaten but drew an unprecedented seven games. The defeat against Sargossa that directly triggered Belgrave's dismissal was the latest in a string of bizarre Euran collapses to bow out of tournaments that could have been won, adding the Corsairs to a list of at-the-time underdogs including Savojarna, Free Republics and South Covello. There are also ramifications for many players in the squad; indeed, following Belgrave's exit, all four of John Leach, Dominic Miller, Alex Wyatt and even Josh Holmes called time on their international careers.

A dilemma had been created for the EFA on how to proceed. Assistant Mike Humphrey had also been dismissed leaving a need to recruit an entirely new management team. Brief rumours of legend Steve Thompson riding to the rescue from retirement were quashed immediately. Rumours of a dramatic swoop for wildcard Skorji Oslograd were also laughed off. Talk of Lee Sharp (Eura's greatest ever player, former Audioslavia manager and now 1830 Cathair boss), Tom Benedict (Sabrefell Athletic coach and long rumoured target of the EFA) or Walter Crasder (Ulsa) also came to nothing. In the end the appointment made after months of what the selection committee called "challenging reflection" was a choice that could be seen as either surprising or completely natural depending on whether you see the appointment as a nostalgia trip or a return to Euran football's core identity.

Michael Brandon, a stalwart of Directus as a player, one of Nephara's first great players and an iconic manager of the Nepharim side itself, was handed a three year contract. Tom Riley, Euran World Cup winning captain and Brandon's former teammate, was appointed as assistant. It came as a shock in Brandon's own country, where it was widely anticipated that he may take the Brinemouth job in the near future. Instead Brandon has clearly sensed an opportunity to take on one last chance to win the big prize, and to return the favour to the country that made his name. He has been given the freedom to make radical, or even ruthless changes to the Euran side in an attempt to take them away from Belgrave's cautious game to a more stereotypical Euran attacking identity.

After a strong start to his reign at the 32nd Copa Rushmori, disaster struck during an abysmal qualifying campaign for the 83rd World Cup. However Eura won just enough points to make the qualifying playoffs, and went on to record a decent winning run into the finals that predictably ended in the quarters against Equestria. They followed this up with reaching the semi-finals of the 33rd Copa Rushmori, exiting to Sargossa on penalties and losing the third place play off to a returning Schottia. Then came a much stronger World Cup performance at World Cup 84. Eura dominated their qualifying group, went all the way to the semi-finals, only to agonisingly fall short again versus Farfadillis.

Despite the regrettable fall at the penultimate hurdle, Eura had clearly improved hugely and took that form into the 34th Copa Rushmori in the next season. After navigating their way through a tough group and the knockouts, Eura beat Savojarna on penalties to loft the Copa for a long overdue third time. It was a sweet success but for Michael Brandon the Copa was just the taster. He’d won it once before as Nephara manager, the 30th edition – so he soon had the players back in training and raring to go for World Cup qualifying the following season rather than celebrating for too long. With Euran football now able to adjust back to two domestic seasons per World Cup for the first time in a while, there is a spring in the national team’s step.

Assistant Manager: Tom Riley (60, Eura)

Riley was Eura's captain when they won the 66th World Cup and, like Brandon, has a reputation as a hardworking, organised leadership figure who played as a short passing central midfielder. Brandon will not be an unfamiliar figure to anyone in the dressing room but Riley may add a degree of intimate familiarity with the way things work. He will be vital to bringing back the work ethic and team spirit that drove previous title winning Euran sides. The two men have been inseparable as a management team and it is expected that, like Belgrave and Humphrey, they will be treated as mutually accountable for better or worse. Brandon has also brought many of his coaches with him from the Nepharim set up that left following his departure there.

Styles and Permission

Style Modifier: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers – YES
Godmod scoring events – YES
RP injuries to my players – YES
Godmod injuries to my players – YES (But only how the injury happens, not the extent of the injury)
Hand out yellow cards to my players – YES
Hand out red cards to my players – YES
Godmod other events – YES, provided you keep events within the realms of realism, so no deaths etc.

Please note that I am not participating in or recognising any kind of pandemic themed RP at this time. You are welcome to RP a pandemic impacting your own country or national team as you wish, but please do not extend this to my team or country.

30 man squad

Shirt number – name – position – age – caps – goals – club
Caps and goals not included currently as stats are out of date


1 - Kevin Belgrave - GK - 31 - Directus
13 – Ryan Bull - GK - 32 - Brinemouth (Nephara)
30 – Vance Simm – GK – 23 – Lajuno

James Clements – GK – 33 – Oakstone
Ethan Fleming – GK – 28 – Unioneers

Belgrave retains the number one shirt as one of the world’s best keepers and the hero of the recent Copa Rushmori penalty shootout. However there was some surprise as Robert Griffin, the former number one and one of the national team’s longest serving goalkeepers in many years, voluntarily called time on his international career following the Copa triumph. He admitted frankly that the time had passed for him to get his starting spot back despite being one of Eura’s best ever keepers. This opens up an opportunity for Ryan Bull to finally shine, having existed in Griffin and now Belgrave’s shadow for a decade. He is now the second choice keeper. This leaves open the third slot which has been filled by talented Lajuno goalkeeper Vance Simm. At just 23 he has seized the number one spot at the Gold League club and looks like a promising prospect for the future. His selection likely means the end of James Clements hopes of a callup, and postpones the ambitions of Ethan Fleming.


2 – Scott Coles - RB - 34 - Ulsa
3 – Stanley Burns – LB – 25 – Holdenberg
4 – Charles Roberts - CB - 29 - Bastion
5 – Harvey Blake - CB - 31 - Spartangrad
15 – Dean Steele – CB – 26 – Brinemouth (Nephara)
19 – Samuel Hopkins - CB - 30 - Eastweald (Cosumar)
21 – Steve Fox – RB – 28 – Sabrefell Athletic (Nephara)
23 – Ben Hall - LB - 31 - Oakstone
25 – Jake Newton - CB - 27 - Baskita FC (Pasarga)
27 – Alex Ingram - LB - 23 – Spartangrad

Jarrod Jenkins – CB – 25 – Falourr
Lucy Almwood (F) - LB - 21 - AFC Corvistone (Nephara)
Jack Menard - CB - 19 - 1830 Cathair (Audioslavia)
Alex Coles - CB - 21 - Usmer
Jane Hallam (F) - RB - 19 – Holdenberg
Jayden Fox – LB – 28 – Hornchurch
James Lord – LB – 29 – Ulsa
Reece Lucas – LB – 27 – Sabrefell Athletic (Nephara)
Jon Haines - RB - 31 – Old Boys Club

It’s been hard being a Euran right back in the last decade or so, because no matter how good you are, Scott Coles has been better. At 34 you might have thought he’d call time on his international career but the Euran captain soldiers on regardless and continues to monopolise the number two shirt. In general the Euran backline has been disturbingly settled now for years, although Dean Steele is continuing to breathe down Harvey Blake’s neck. Ben Hall hasn’t been able to push himself back into the starting lineup ahead of Stanley Burns, despite being the better player during the Copa; its rumoured his age is working against him, especially with Alex Ingram chomping at the bit to start games.

In fact, there has been almost no actual change to the defensive selection from the Copa at all, the only change being Steve Fox coming in for Jon Haines. The difference lies in the reserve selection. Squad players like Samuel Hopkins and Steve Fox have been told explicitly that a number of the young talents in the reserves are likely to take their place during qualifiers unless they can prove themselves. Jarrod Jenkins seems like the most likely candidate to get into the squad, but there’s other talent there. Jack Menard has been a remarkable success at Marketville and now at Audioslavian giants 1830 Cathair, while Lucy Almwood is emerging as one of the top young players in Nephara. Jayden Fox, Reece Lucas and James Lord are other potential heavyweights. The Euran’s are certainly packing at left back.


6 – Monica Rowland (F) - CM - 29 - Bastion
7 – Oscar Coltrane - AM - 35 - Sabrefell Athletic (Nephara)
8 – Frank Bevan - CM – 29 - Holdenberg
11 - Damion Bowman – LW – 25 – Crisisbless (Nephara)
12 - Rhys Griffiths - AM - 29 - Revolutionaries
16 – Anthony Townsend - RM - 31 - Oakstone
18 – Vincent Robshaw - CM - 26 - Northern Union (Brenecia)
20 – Moira Woakes (F) – AM – 26 – Crisisbless (Nephara)
22 – Harry Humphreys – CM – 29 – Raynor City United (Valanora)
24 - Liam Armstrong - CM - 32 – 1830 Cathair (Audioslavia)
28 – Henry Patterson – CAM – 27 – Directus
29 – Freddie Wright – RW – 28 – Brigham

Gabe Stevens – CM – 24 – Bastion
Adam Woodman – LW – 19 – Directus
Chris Ashton - CM - 29 - Cassandra City (Cosumar)
Bobby Malone – RW – 20 – Old Boys Club
Rob Ricketts – AM – 19 – Revolutionaries
Harry Gravesen – CM – 32 – Spartangrad
Clint Rogers – CAM – 25 – Spartangrad
Tom Garner – CDM – 28 – Crisisbless United (Nephara)

There’s only a little change to the midfield that won the Copa, but it is important change. Frank Bevan has finally usurped Liam Armstrong. Now aged 29 and Holdenberg captain, Bevan has been waiting for this chance for a while – probably longer than he should have done – and now has the chance to shine for at least a couple of years as the passing engine of the Euran midfield. Armstrong could still do the job, but has voluntarily accepted a lower role within the team to prolong his career and allow Michael Brandon to start planning for the future. Meanwhile Damion Bowman has supplanted Anthony Townsend despite the latter’s career revival. Oscar Coltrane looked likely to retire fully but has instead opted to have one last go at the World Cup. Elsewhere, Chris Ashton is out of the squad and replaced by Henry Patterson. Ashton is among the most likely of the reserves to be brought into the squad, alongside old hands like Harry Gravesen and prodigies like Adam Woodman.


9 – Brian Bond - LW/ST - 29 – Oakstone
10 – Dion Underwood - ST - 35 - Bastion
14 – John Fletcher – CF – 30 – AFC Treason (Nephara)
17 – Morgan Fox - CF - 31 – Olask Islanders (Cosumar)
26 – Tommy Sutton - ST - 24 – Falourr

Fred Cox – ST – 23 – Bastion
James Howell – ST – 29 – Holdenberg
Dean Sharp – ST – 33 – 1830 Cathair (Audioslavia)
Tom Whittaker – ST – 29 – Chenoworth Harriers (Nephara)
Lewis Phoenix – ST – 27 – Stahlburg City (Nephara)
Isaac Tomlinson – ST – 25 – Sabrefell Athletic (Nephara)
Franklin Harris – ST – 24 – Rolalas FC (Valanora)

This is the oldest group of Euran forwards in decades mostly likely. Yet they are no ordinary forwards. Brian Bond is either the best or among the best in the world, the creative and goalscoring spearhead of the team, not just the latest in a long line of great Euran strikers but one of the greatest. Dion Underwood is somehow 35 now and still won’t call it a day; like Coltrane, he appears to have been convinced to stay on for one more campaign after the Copa. John Fletcher is probably now the main second choice striker, and will look to make the most of his chances in the team now that he has hit 30. Morgan Fox is clinging onto his place but has similar pedigree and desire. Tommy Sutton is the best of the next generation. This cup will likely be the last where we see Underwood and Fox in a Eura shirt.

Future prospects in the reserves include Franklin Harris, Isaac Tomlinson and Fred Cox, although Robbie Truro and Stewart Robson are also highly rated but deemed too inexperienced for potential selection compared to players available. Dean Sharp is technically retired from international football but rumours continue to swirl that he’d make a comeback if asked after winning the Champions League in stunning fashion with 1830 Cathair not long ago. His main rivals would be Lewis Phoenix (fighting for a recall), and the internationally inexperienced but not exactly young duo of Tom Whittaker and James Howell.

Preferred starting lineup

Note: this does not take into account suspensions, injuries or any other change. At the end of each RP I post, I will try to give a team for the next match and formation type. If no such line-up is posted, assume that there have been no changes and use the line-up below.

GK - 1. K Belgrave
RWB - 2. S Coles
RCB - 4. C Roberts
LCB - 5. H Blake
LWB - 3. S Burns
RCM - 6. M Rowland
LCM - 8. F Bevan
RAM - 12. R Griffiths
CAM - 20. M Woakes
LAM - 11. D Bowman
ST - 9. B Bond

Eura may sometimes play 4-2-2-2, or a 4-3-3.

Player Roles

Squad Captain: Scott Coles
Vice-Captain: Monica Rowland
Direct free kicks: Brian Bond (Right footed), Rhys Griffiths (Either foot)
Indirect free kicks: Rhys Griffiths (Either foot)
Right corner: Rhys Griffiths (Either foot)
Left corner: Rhys Griffiths (Either foot)
Penalties: 1. Brian Bond 2. Scott Coles 3. Monica Rowland 4. Moira Woakes 5. Frank Bevan


Eura play their international home games at the Bastion Arena, the 110,000 capacity all-seater stadium at the heart of Eura's capital.


United Federation of Eura - Sporting achievements
Champions: WC66, WC73, CR23, CR27, CR34, Market Cup I, Next Generation Trophy
Runner up: WC60, WC72, WC78, CR16, CR20, CR32, CoH51
Host: CR24, BoF60, CR Under 21's and Under 17's

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Postby Euran Oceania Territories » Sat May 23, 2020 8:04 pm


"The Expats"

World Cup 85 Qualifying Squad

National Introduction

Kit: Blue with combination livery of Euran gold and Syndicatian white. Alternative kit is the same colours are Syndicatian or "Revolutionaries" green.
Stadium: Flynn Arena, 96,500
Style Mod: +4

The Incorporated States of Euran Oceania Territories is a parliamentary federal dominion of Eura, formed of the Euran zone of the former Inevitable Syndicate and the Whittorian Islands. It has a population of just under forty million people which is quickly rising, making it a beacon of diversity home to Syndicatians, Whittorian refugees, Euran migrants and many others. It has possibly the world's largest artificial crater, which dominates the landscape west of what is now a rebuilt Fligsive, the capital of this new entity. Its home stadium is the the Flynn Arena, where Eura beat Polar Islandstates 4-2 in the famous 66th World Cup final. Few would have predicted that the colours of red, blue and gold would become permanent there but its happened, and the stadium is now back in good condition after an expensive refit to return it to the 96,500 capacity it held previously. Previously a wooden stadium, the current iteration of the Flynn Arena was rebuilt after a great fire destroyed the stadium during a game between Fligsive FC and Magnaeus City. Nowadays, it's a little more robust, having been the subject of many refurbishment projects over the years. The stadium was easily reachable on the Fligsive Metro before the violent overthrow of the Corvidae regime and the associated disaster in Fligsive. It now sports a combination of the old paint job as well as Euran blue and gold while the local club Fligsive FC are still in existence despite drawing lower crowds after the Mertagne exodus. Though they did not play in the hastily cobbled together amateur EOTLeague, they are the dominant side in the new professional EOFL.

Euran Oceania Territories formed a national football team not long after the founding of the political entity, a project conjured up by the Euran government Ministry of Sport to imbue a sense of cohesion among the diverse population of EOT. They played a series of friendlies against other "Eurasphere" sides from Endemia and Rushmore in a lengthy state subsidised tour. Their first games were defeats against Daera, Itor and the Ferguson Islands, before an unexpected 4-3 victory against Helving, despite their Euraleague star Scott Barnes scoring a hat trick. They then entered the 50th AOCAF full of excitement despite having a mostly amateur team, including serving military personnel, but were promptly demolished in the group stages by several teams. Now, with the citizenship laws relaxed to allow the growth of the Territories, the "Underdogs" as they have come to call themselves were suddenly confident that they might be able to pull off a shock or two. Their first manager was of top class pedigree - Tolgus Tregajorran, a footballing hero in Apox who was well known on the international scene.

Tregajorran managed to persuade some former Apoxian internationals, playing in Eura and with no international allegiance following the temporary dismemberment of Apoxian professional football, to sign the relevant papers and make the surprise switch to EOT, as well as Euran's and other international exiles. After several years of bit part competition EOT competed in the World Cup qualifiers for the first time and in turn the Baptism of Fire, after the Sameban national team withdrew from the Endemian International Sporting Agreement and international football. They performed poorly at the Baptism of Fire, going out at the group stage, but put on a respectable showing in their qualifying group for the 80th World Cup. Tregajorran's unexpected departure and a chaotic period followed, ending with the controversial appointment of Euran footballing legend and cult icon Skorji Oslograd halfway through World Cup 81 qualifying.

Immediately applying Oslograd's "Skorjiball" approach - best summarised as an extremely aggressive and fluid attacking game interrupted sporadically by the manager doing something inappropriate - the team secured some noteworthy results but remains very much an underdog competitor reliant on an aging core within its squad. Oslograd's dream is to turn them into the living embodiment of "the way of the warrior" and to qualify for the World Cup. His first AOCAF was the first tournament where Olsograd was able to demonstrate his own approach to the game in full but the results were mixed. Then he led the side into World Cup 82 qualifying, but a dreadful start to the campaign snuffed out any hopes, although a later revival ensured a semi-respectable finish. But the team did lose a bit of its soul, playing more conservatively than previously, a trend that Oslograd reversed at AOCAF LVIII.

The Expats excited fans with their performances and took the scalp of Valanora, easily the biggest victory in the young teams history before exiting in the knockouts against Banija. As a result the squad went into qualifiers for World Cup 83 and the following AOCAF largely unchanged, only to disappoint again, and then again at World Cup 84 and the 76th Cup of Harmony. Several retirements and the ageing of players left the squad looking weak for amidst rumours that Oslograd would quit, with his mind turned to helping grow the domestic game in the Oceania Territories - the launch of a new domestic league having now occurred. Oslograd, now 55, quashed these rumours by opting to extend his existing contract. Now he is overseeing the most radical changes to the team since its formation. His objective is to end the stagnation of the Expats growth as a team, and set them on the path to greatness – and got off to a good start in this new era with an above expectations performance at AOCAF 60, including a memorable 4-3 win over Audioslavia. It went so well that there have been no changes to the squad since, partly thanks to Peter Chadwick reversing his decision to retire.

The Squad
Shirt number. Name - Age - Position - Caps - Goals - Club (Nation)


1. Charlie Ross - 22 - GK - Bakermouth
13. Tammy Barton - 31 - GK - Fligsive FC

Charlie Ross is now settled in the first choice goalkeeper role having impressed at AOCAF 60. Tammy Barton looks unsettled even when on the bench.


2. Timwise Gerduns - 31 - RB - Revolutionaries (Eura)
5. Kurt Strong - 32 - CB - Revolutionaries (Eura)
6. Jason Potts - 24 - CB - Ulsa (Eura)
3. Jacob Hayden - 21 - LB - Fligsive FC
15. Marvin Walsh - 24 - RB - Holdenberg City (Eura)
19. Freddie Law - 29 - CB - Carsby (Eura)
21. Danny Lawrence - 33 - CB - Ulsa Rovers (Eura)
23. Hans Cabel - 21 - LB - Brigham (Eura)
25. Jack Ream - 30 - RB - Fligsive FC
26. Patrick Spencer - 24 - CB - New Bastion

The trio of centrebacks changes slightly as Jason Pott squeezes out Freddie Law after a good AOCAF, but it’s still all to play for.


4. George Richards - 26 - CDM - Callodown (Eura)
7. Peter Chadwick - 34 - CAM - Fligsive FC
8. Peter Brooks - 31 - CM - AFC Whittorians
11. Kasey Fuller - 24 - LW - Bastion (Eura)
16. Nathan Harding - 20 - CAM - Bakermouth
17. Louie McKenzie - 33 - AM - Callodown (Eura)
20. Joel Conway - 27 - RW - Creed United (Nephara)
22. Mark Little - 28 - RW - Fligsive FC
24. Joe Irmine - 21 - CM - Crater
26. Nolberto Dravon - 19 - RW - Ulsa (Eura)

The big story here is Peter Chadwick deciding not to retire after all, a decision that will frustrate those looking to take his place. However it will be a huge relief for the Expats fans who have fallen back in love with their mercurial midfield creator. Aside from Chadwick its George Richards, Kasey Fuller and Joel Conway who remain the key players. Nolberto Dravon looks like the biggest threat to the established order from the bench.


9. Pierre-Louis Le Tonnelier - 29 - ST - Farrenton Athletic (Eura)
10. Tom Duffy - 31 - CF – Ulsa (Eura)
14. Garret Ramsey - 28 - ST - Ezriquay United FC (Baker Park)
12. Paul Hooper - 28 - ST – Dartmoor (Eura)
18. Justin Quibble - 20 - ST - New Bastion

No change up top where Pierre-Louis Le Tonnelier remains king after another excellent tournament performance in the AOCAF. He was spectacularly unlucky to be on the losing side against Mriin, scoring a hat-trick in defeat. provides a top class striking option that few sides of the Expat's stature can boast. Still, the team remain utterly reliant on their captain and popular hero. Tom Duffy remains lazy, Paul Hooper and Justin Quibble remain anonymous, and Garret Ramsey remains Garret Ramsey.

Preferred starting lineup
Formation is...good lord, who knows. Really depends what side of bed Oslograd wakes up on. But the absolute madman will likely play a 3-4-3 of sorts, but really it’s more like a 3-2-5. If they are losing and need to score, they tend to stick with that. If they need to defend a lead Oslograd tends to be rather all or nothing, and will throw on the most defensive formation possible at short notice.

GK - 1. C Ross
RCB - 2. T Gerduns
CB - 5. K Strong
LCB - 6. J Potts
RCM - 4. G Richards
LCM - 7. P Chadwick
RW - 20. J Conway
LW - 11. K Fuller
RS - 14. G Ramsey
CF - 10. T Duffy
LS - 9. P-L Le Tonnelier


Manager: Skorji Oslograd
Head Coach: Skorji Oslograd
Father figure: Skorji Oslograd
Spiritual guru: Skorji Oslograd
Sexual counsel: Skorji Oslograd
Chosen One: Garret Ramsey
Captain: Pierre-Louis Le Tonnelier
Vice-Captain: Kurt Strong
Free kicks: Peter Chadwick (Direct right foot), Joel Conway (Indirect)
Corners: Peter Chadwick (Right inswinging), Pierre-Louis Le Tonnelier (Left inswinging)
Penalties: 1. Peter Chadwick 2. Tom Duffy 3. Pierre-Louis Le Tonnelier 4. Joel Conway 5. Garret Ramsey.
Most likely to be found down the pub: Pierre-Louis Le Tonnelier
Biggest snake: Peter Chadwick
Least likely to win a quiz: Kasey Fuller
Most overrated: Tom Duffy
Most underrated: Joel Conway
Most likely to do something utterly inappropriate: Skorji Oslograd
Most likely to commit a crime: Skorji Oslograd
Most likely to look you get the point, the manager is unhinged all right?

Please note that I am not participating in or recognising any kind of pandemic themed RP at this time. You are welcome to RP a pandemic impacting your own country or national team as you wish, but please do not extend this to my team or country.

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y. Le T will score bangers only. Ramsey will score flukes only. Most own goals likely to be the fault of the plucky but unlucky Timwise Gerduns. Chadwick, Fuller, Conway all likely to score. Strong deadly from corners.
Injure Players: Y, however I'll decide the severity. As for your own players, with Oslograd as manager. EOT players will deliver career ending injuries on command.
Godmod Injury Events: Y, however I'll decide the severity.
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but give me some warning/ask for advice unless its Skorji Oslograd doing something absolutely batshit in which case go for it. I reserve the right to contradict you in this case because he is a man who can bend reality with his sublime words after all. This is an unorthodox team, so feel free to be creative.



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