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Postby Banija » Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:36 am


Meet the teams of the Greater Banijan Hockey League

Muhoozi Kutombo, the first Chairman of the Banijan Hockey Federation

ISTRIA- Of course, as many are aware even in the midst of the World Cup fever that has swept the country, the Greater Banijan Hockey League is gearing up to start. Of course, this season the league isn't adding seven new sides like last season- it has left this offseason without the craziness and excitement of the last two offseasons. But Banijan Hockey Federationl Chairman Muhoozi Kutombo called stability a positive for the league. "11 of the league's 12 franchises are returning to the GBHL," said the Federation Chairman. "That shows the strength and viability of this league. IT's a risky venture, of course, when you consider the travel costs and what not. But our teams are doing well fiscally, and even though profits aren't exactly being turned yet, we're fielding a quality product both on the ice and on the balance sheets." Of course, for those who are unaware, considering Banija has no winter, and that fact combined with economics means the sport is almost non-existent within the country, the Banijan Hockey Federation has set up a league where Banijan migrant communities form teams, and compete against each other.

He did mention 11 of the league's 12 sides returning. There is one side that has had their license revoked. The Gold Coast Whalers, after the death of their majority owner and succession issues, could not agree on a plan to continue the survival of the franchise. Kutombo said that the loss was sad, and that they would absolutely try to go back to Gold Coast when they could. However, that left a spot open. And that open spot went North, to their neighbor, the Banijan community in Timuria. A community has launched the Shamkir Whalers, homage to the Gold Coast franchise that lasted a single season. With the move of another franchise to the Glorious Southwest, it has given way to a divisional realignment. Here are your teams for the 3rd season of the Greater Banijan Hockey League. The new Shamkir Whalers, being within Southwestern Oceania, have been given the spot of the New Istria Eagles in the Southwestern Division, and the New Istria Eagles, out of Darmen, will be moved to the North Division.

Without further ado!

The Southwest Division

Shamkir Whalers
Location: Shamkir, Timuria
Stadium: Şamkir Kış Sporları Merkezi, Capacity of 6,000

The league's lone new side, this is located in Timuria, which Banija shares our northern border with. Adding some geographical compactness to the league, they of course were added to the Southwestern Division, which precipitated the move of the New Istria Eagles to the North Division. They have a unique ownership structure as well. The team is structured as a worker co-operative. Co-operatives, while nearly non-existent in Banija, are not something that could be called rare in Timuria. How did this team form, then? It was players who played in a local adult recreational hockey league who decided to all go in together, financially, to set this up.

While you could not call the club fan owned, this co-operative has spent time integrating itself with the community. "This team is going to represent Shamkir well, and I believe that we can connect to both Banijan and non-Banijan locals quite well here" said the Club Chairman. And they have spent this offseason mounting an aggressive campaign, trying to drum up support for the squad within the city. Attending events at the local temple, of course, is the best way to connect to the local Banijan community, and they have done that quite well. But they have had an aggressive campaign targeting youth, as well. They have visited local schools, ran hockey and ice skating camps at their arenas, and visited local community events and fairs.

Will they catch on? We'll have to wait and see. They are confident that they will, and they believe that the team can become a 'fixture of the league' and a 'staple of the community' fairly quickly.

Stallionograd Mountaineers
Location: Stalliongrad, Equestrian States

Naturally, of course, we have the Equestrian States. Stalliongrad, home to so many of Banija's Winter Olympians, plays host to one of the league's original sides. In the shadow of the Harmony Mountains, as the Winter Olympiad is around the corner, it is a city home to numerous Banijan Winter Olympians.

Staillionograd is a city that is a mile above sea level. Very cold, and there is plenty of support for hockey. Stallionograd had the highest foreign ratings of the Banija vs. Equestrian States group stage game in the previous World Cup of Hockey, where the large portion of Banijan fans made it a huge rivalry game, at least in these parts.

Stallionograd looks to have good support both from locals and Banijans. There will be hockey talent, and they will be able to draw from a local talent base that is at least decently deep. With hockey and other sports to draw athletes from, they will be able to develop a strong stable of talent here.

Mansfield Warriors
Location: Mansfield, Commonwealth of Baker Park
Stadium: Bartlett Arena

We'll start in Mansfield, on the eastern side of the Commonwealth of Baker Park. Technically, of course, this is the only team in the division that is not in the Southwest, as Baker Park is in central Atlantian Oceania. This was one of the first cities that was on the BHF's expansion wish list last season, and they got it. In Kabaka Mwanga's state visit to the Commonwealth of Baker Park, the city and the community played host to His Majesty for a few hours. Most Banijans are generally working class in the city, a city that is known for its automobile production. The city, of course, has been very welcoming to Banijans, as they certainly needed extra hands.

Many Banijans face good prospects, with good, union pay working on the lines, and excellent public schools for their children to attend, as they are eligible to attend Baker Park public universities. The Mansfield side got more support from the locals than many teams got, as both the Commonwealth Hockey Association, their professional league, and the Commonwealth Hockey Federation, their national governing body, were both enthusiastic partners in the venture. The local CHA hockey side, the Mansfield Maroons, have also shown their support, giving the team a generous stadium-sharing agreement.

The Maroons and the CHF have each taken a 1/6th ownership venture, meaning that 1/3rd of the side will be owned by local investors. The local Mansfield Puritan Temple owns slightly less than 1/6th of the side as well, while Banijan millionaire investor Isaac Labamba, an avid hockey fan who has family in Mansfield, has taken a 50%+! ownership stake in the team, and made himself majority owner. Labamba said that he was 'excited' for the partnership, and that working with the Maroons and the CHF will allow his team to garner support from Banijans all across the country, as well as ensure its success by making sure that the partnership between the GBHL, the CHF, his side, and the Maroons, runs smoothly. It is a stable situation that has worked in the past, and looks likely to continue to work

St.Jakob Crusaders
Location: St.Jakob, Siovanija & Teusland
Stadium: Prenzlauer Eispalast, Capacity of 17,500

The Crusaders are located in one of Siovanija's most important cities, St.Jakob. It is a large city, with a metropolitan population of nearly 4 million people. This sport is one that is certainly king in Siovanija & Teusland- the country's most popular sporting league is the Ehrenliga, their national, top-flight hockey league. The city has two teams in that league already, the St.Jakob Saints and EHC Kosmopolit, who are both well supported, though the Saints are generally recognized as having the bigger fanbase.

In terms of the Banijans in the city, most of them are working class. Many work in the dockyards and other industrial jobs, but make a fairly decent living for themselves. There are an estimated 60,000 Banijans in St.Jakob, a coastal city in the Glorious Southwest. As one of the larger migrant communities, it is a community that is fairly well integrated into Siovanijan life, and therefore are expected to be very supportive of the team. Most of the Banijans live in Marienfelde, a neighborhood on the north bank of the River Drai, which runs right along the coast of St.Jakob and Teusland in general. The neighborhood has become an ethnic Banijan neighborhood, with many Banijan restaurants and a Puritan Mormon temple opening up there.

Many non-Banijan locals have taken an interest in the squad, especially as EHC Kosmopolit has announced an official partnership with the team. that includes, but it is not limited to, stadium sharing. Of course, most of them have their teams, but for those who can't get enough, it is another outlet for the hockey-crazed nation. Last season, that strong support from non-Banijan locals saw them lead the league in attendance, and excitement is expected to go up for them after a successful first season.

Kapetägien Kestrels
Location: Kapetägien, Geisenfred

The Kestrels- the closest team to Banija's borders. A city located in our neighbor to the East, Geisenfred, it is a region that is home to many Banijans, both permanent migrants and many refugees from the Banijan-Equestrian War. As Banija's only land neighbor, they are expected to be a very well supported side within the few hockey fans that actually reside within Banija's borders themselves. That is because, of course, the geographical proximity between Banija and Geisenfred.

The Kestrels are owned by Ingrid Baloma, the league's only female owner. She is an investor within the city, and she is half-Banijan, born in Geisenfred to a Geis mother and a Banijan father. Baloma is expected to aggressively recruit fans throughout the region and the country in Geisenfred, as she's stated that she 'fully expects' her team to compete for titles almost straight from the get go.

Little Istria Tigersharks
Location: Little Istria, TV City, Qasden

And, here we have another longstanding franchise from the Glorious Southwest- the Little istria Tigersharks. Little Istria is an ethnic Banijan neighborhood in TV city, a major city in Qasden. Qasden is Banija's neighbor, and Banija played their Cup of Harmony games in the country in the tournament's most recent edition. The LIttle Istria neighborhood looks like a Banijan outpost- lots of Banijan food, there's even a Puritan LDS temple in the center of the neighborhood.

Little Istria is located in Northwestern TV City. They, like the St.Jakob Crusaders, exist in a large local hockey ecosystem. They are the third hockey team in a city that has the TV City Monarchs and the TVC Clouded Leopards, both playing under the Qasden umbrella in their major domestic ice hockey league.

Of course, in a city with two other fully professional hockey teams, and this being an ethnic neighborhood squad, this will be even tougher than usual to get traction. Of course, with a hockey tradition, there will be support, but they will probably draw entirely from the neighborhood, making this the only team in this division that is likely to have a team that is 100% consisted of players eligible to play for Banija in the Winter Olympics.

North Division

Rosaria Knights
Location: Rosaria, Eshan
Stadium: Regional Transit Arena, capacity of 18,000

And who else to start with in the North Division but the Rosaria Knights? The Knights, who are the defending champoins play in the capitol city of Eshan, who is also a member of Atlantian Oceania. Most famously, the Regional Transit Corporation, a Banijan company, is headquartered in Eshan. Now, of course, how is a company still Banijan if headquartered in Eshan? Well, it started as a taxi and [url=]boda boda[url] service here in Banija. However, they expanded, and began operating the ferry between the North and South Islands in Busoga, and wanted to expand abroad, to expand their profile.

As a company from a nation like Banija's, they would not be able to expand without access to first-world technology. With expansion abroad, the profits started to flow in. So while probably the single most powerful company in Banija, it is headquartered in Eshan. Rosaria was picked because they have much better access to high-quality personnel, high-quality technology, and, most importantly, capital. They are listed on the Rosaria Stock Exchange, and from there is how they have been able to expand to so many countries.

It is natural, then, that in a diaspora league, there is a team sponsored by the Regional Transit Corporation. Rumored to be the first team to sign up for this competition, the Rosaria Knights, with the RTC's backing, look to be a force in this league. The only club that is technically not fan owned, the team has the support of the Echani national government. Echanis are playing for this team as well as Banijans. The Regional Transit Corporation built a multipurpose stadium, the Regional Transit Arena, that they own for this team to use. It is also to be used as a community convention center and concert venue.

Cascadia Lions
Location: Cascadia, 95X
Stadium: Cascadia Coliseum

This team will be operated by the Puritan Latter-Day Temple of Cascadia. They are, of course, in communion with Banija's national religion, the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They are located in Cascadia, 95X, one of Banija's neighbors in Atlantian Oceania. The Banijan diaspora community in Cascadia wants to use this as an opportunity to ensure that their children retain their culture, and, of course, to help educate 95Xers about their homeland.

The Lions chose their name off of the national animal of Banija, and the holiest animal in the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- the only animal that is not allowed to be hunted. The man serving as the Team President, elected by the temple's congregation, is Isaiah Woodward. They said that this will operate as a 'community hockey team', and all members of the community would get involved. However, of course, they will strictly maintain the rule where at least half of their players must be eligible to compete for Banija in the Winter Olympics.

What else is there to know about this team? The Lions are not building their own arena, they are playing in the city's professional sports arena, the Cascadia Coliseum. The temple will be paying the team's lease fees. Of course, we don't expect them to get between 15-20,000 per game, but still. Playing in a large, state of the art arena could be key come playoff time.

Can the Lions come out winners? It depends on how they will connect with the community. If they can encourage Banijans to support hockey, and also encourage 95Xers to get behind the team, then they have great potential. But if they cannot encourage 95Xers to get behind the team, they will be playing in a stadium filled to 25% of capacity. While 5,000 per game would not be a bad attendance at all, the sheer size of the stadium would leave the atmosphere with much to be desired.

Goldstaff Cocodragons
Location: Goldstaff, Cosumar

The Goldstaff Cocodragons are a team of the Banijan diaspora community in Cosumar. They will be playing in Goldstaff, a city in Southwest Cosumar. It is a mid-sized city. Have you not heard of the city? Then you've heard of Crawford, a large port city, about an hour away from Goldstaff. The Bengals, of course, will be playing in a local arena.

The climate of Goldstaff is very similar to the climate of the Banijan mainland. It is semitropical, thanks to the nearby presence of the Everlong RainForest. The Rain Forest is a protected forest in Cosumar. One of the unique aspects of this inland city, is that Goldstaff is home to an animal unique to Cosumar- the feral cocodragon.

The cocodragon is a species of dragon that is unique to Cosumar. Unlike most dragons, it does not have the fire-breathing ability that is unique to the species- so though they can fly, they tend to act like most of the rest of the reptiles. There is a large species of Feral cocodragons in the Goldstaff area, so much so that the team will be named after them, as a nod to the host city.

Quebec Grizzlies
Location: Quebec City, Royal Kingdom of Quebec

Quebec City- the capitol of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Banija's relations with the Royal Kingdom of Quebec go back further than their relations with any other nation, and the history of Banija is intertwined with the history of Quebec(though the reverse certainly isn't true). The Royal Kingdom of Quebec, of course, was Banija's colonizing power, and Banija was under the rule of Quebecois Kings for over 100 years, until independence was fully achieved in 1910.

This is a metropolitan area with a large number of Banijans, numbering around half a million in the area, and probably somewhere around 2 million in the country at-large. It was actually a very large surprise that they did not get chosen for an expansion franchise in season 1- however, them being chosen for Season 2 makes sense. Quebec City, of course, is also the seat of the Quebecois Commonwealth of Nations, a likeminded cultural association for nations that were once under the rule of those who throne was in Quebec City.

The international headquarters for the International Hockey Federation, of course, are located in this nation, which shows their passion for the sport. Many Banijan hockey players already hail from this country, as this region and Montreal, before the start of the GBHL, were the two metropolitan areas where most Banijan hockey players came from. This team is, of course, expected to be extremely competitive starting out, and expects to garner a lot of fan support fairly early on from the community.

New Istria Eagles
Location: New Istria, Darmen

A unique venture, this is the only team in the league that is not in Atlantian Oceania. The largest Banijan migrant community in the country is in New Istria, a city created by the Darmen government for refugees to live in. Despite its distance from Banija, nearly 40,000 refugees from Banija settled in Darmen as a result of the war. While over a million people settled abroad, at least temporarily, during the drought and ensuing Banijan-Equestrian War, this was the largest refugee population for a nation that was outside of Atlantian Oceania.

The two nations played in a mid World Cup Qualification friendly, in Montreal, as the Banijans continued to prepare for the World Cup Finals on home soil. The two nations played in the World Cup Qualification friendly, in Montreal, but more importantly, they played in the opening match of World Cup 81- right here, on home soil, at the brand spanking new Stadium of the Restoration. However, with the large refugee population, there was a push to create a hockey team in New Istria. Of course, considering the city was almost entirely refugees, the financial aspect would prove tough.

A makeshift temple was set up, the New Istria Puritan Temple, the church of the majority of Banijans, and they assumed ownership of the team, on a non-profit basis, of course. The national government of Darmen have built a 7,000 seat multipurpose arena, that houses the professional ice hockey and basketball arena, as well as a public gym on sight, that has two ice rinks on the bottom floor, as well as basketball courts and soccer fields above it. This, of course, will help these people remain connected with their homeland as they continue to settle in Darmen.

The Eagles, one of the league's cash poor teams, look to serve as a unifying force for the many Banijans in the city, who are almost all foreigners in a strange, new land. We'll see if they can be successful, and leverage their support this season to fill out their stadium for their games.

Maal Pioneers
Location: Maal, Mriin

The Pioneers, who were formed so haphazardly and last minute the first time around, have now had a full offseason to operate. A unique migrant community, they have a different history in Mriin than most of Banija's other migrant communities.

The original Banijans to visit Mriin were not economic refugees, nor even were they recent refugees from the war- no, the Banijans in Maal went to Mriin as missionaries. Plenty of Puritan Mormon missionaries went to Mriin to try and spread the faith, and they ended up living in the country. While there are Banijans throughout the country, the epicenter is in Maal, which is one of the nation's largest cities. There are an estimated 200,000 ethnic Banijans who are living in Maal, and almost all of them Mormon.

It is the Banijans who brought Christian influence into the country- though they have had much more of a cultural effect. Most Mormons in the country are Banijan, so whether or not the historic mission efforts were a success is up for debate- however, the cultural effects cannot be ignored. Christmas and Easter traditions in the country, for example, heavily borrow on the Puritan Mormon traditions of the holidays. The team itself is unique in its nature, owned by fans- with 5,000 people buying a stake in the team, for as little as $1,000 NSDs per share.
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Postby Banija » Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:42 pm

Season 2 of the Gridiron Football League of Banija- Champions Bowl

Logo designed by ALC Visuals of Abaja

Before the start of the season, the teams in the Gridiron Football League of Banija(the GFLB) participated in the Champions. The UICA or IDLO equivalent for international professional gridiron, it brings the best teams from the multiverse's top professionional gridiron leagues, into a competition to see who is the top domestic professional side in the entire multiverse. This happens, of course, as the action that kicks off the domestic gridiron season, at least within Banija. The Champions Bowl ends just weeks before the start of the season, giving those teams participating extra practice time, and, of course, the ability to compete for a top tier trophy.

Let's just get started, shall we? We'll do a team by team review of Banija's four participants in the competition.

Busembe Timberwolves

The Timberwolves, of course, are members of the Coastal Conference. The only foreign owned side in the GFLB, they are part of the same organization as the side of the same name within the Banijan Soccer League. Shortly prior to the start of the competition, of course, the stadium they share with the soccer team of the same name. The stadium has a new name, with sponsorship rights being purchased by Tiones Lumber of Vilita, with the new stadium name being Tiones Lumber Field at the Wolf's Den. They would make the debut at the newly named stadium, but it would not be in this competition. Let's remember, if it was based strictly off of regular season record, the Timberwolves would not have qualified for the Champions Bowl. As Champions Bowl participation is restricted to semifinalists, it was when they won their quarterfinal away from home, a 34-17 upset of the Jinja City Springboks, that they punched their ticket to the big dance.

And who were they drawn to play? The Antakya Hawks, of Pridnestrovia. They had, of course, a similar path to the Champions Bowl within their own domestic season. Would not have qualified by straight up record, but a playoff victory away from home vaulted them into the semifinals, and therefore, put them into the Champions Bowl. While the Timberwolves started off slightly strong against them, they were thoroughly dominated for a good portion of the contest. The Timberwolves had great defense in the first quarter, and an early game turnover gave them possesion of the ball, 1st and 10, at the Hawks 22 yard line. Unfortunately for them, however, they could not punch the ball into the end zone, and had to settle for a field goal. In the second quarter, however, the Timberwolves did have another great play. A 57 yard punt return saw their returner brought down by the Hawks punter at the 6 yard line, and just one play later, they had thrown a strike into the end zone to their tight end for six points. It was 10-0 to the Timberwolves, who were cruising.

But it was at that point, when the game turned. The Hawks wanted to show they were the better team, and although they started slow, they emphatically demonstrated their superiority over the Busembe Timberwolves. Two consecutive touchdown drives to end the half saw the Hawks take a 14-10 lead into the break, even though they were down 10-0 in the second quarter at one point. From this point, however, the Hawks continued their show of force against the Timberwolves. A 16 play, 8 minute drive to start the 3rd quarter ended in a 3 yard touchdown plunge for the opponents, and the score was 21-10. While the Timberwolves hit a long field goal at the start of the fourth quarter to make it a one score contest, the game was iced with a pick six to give us the final score, 28-13. And it wasn't all that close, either. How would Banijans sides do if this was the best they had in their first ever game in Champions Bowl Competition?

Busukuma Suns

They also had to earn their way into the World Bowl via the Banijan postseason, as the Suns had to defeat their hated archrivals, Busukuma Athletic Club, in the quarterfinals of the playoffs, at home. While they also lost in the GFLB semifinals, they were excited for international competition as well, and were in the first round of the competition proper, rather than simply participating in the play-in round. Who was their opponent? None other than the Schemerdrecht 65ers, of Ko-oren, whose national team just came off of winning a World Bowl that was hosted within the Kingdom of Banija. The 65ers, of course, entered the matchup as the odds-on favorites. They had finished with the best regular season record in the past season in Ko-oren at 14 wins and 2 losses, and they followed that up with an appearance in their national championship game. While the Suns went to the semifinals, and a deserved trip at that, not on the same pedigree of accomplishment. However, it speaks to the developing rivalry between the two nations on the gridiron. Banija's elimination of Ko-oren in World Bowl 36 in Ko-oren, Ko-oren returning the favor by lifting the trophy on Banijan soil(although the two sides did not meet), and the placement of the Salamantic Universities in the Celestia Conference of the NSCF, amid rumors swirling about Northern Moravica officials looking to create a trophy rivalry game with the Ko-orenite side.

Regardless, when these two teams met, considering that, and the stakes around the matchup(it's the freaking Champions Bowl, for sake), they were always going to leave it all on the field. Ko-oren's gridiron is a style known for physicality and fierce defenses, so if you're somebody who likes a good, old-fashioned shootout and great offenses like we see at Loyola-Istria, then this matchup was not going to be for you. The two teams exchanged field goals in each of their opening drives of the 1st quarter, but after that, the two defenses dug in. They kept punting away to each other, neither side giving much more than a first down per drive. Both defensive lines were becoming borderline dominant at the point of attack, and that was the cause of the game's first touchdown. The Suns quarterback, under heavy pressure after a blitz, threw the ball directly into the hands of a 65ers safety, who took it 35 yards back for a touchdown. The point after try, however, hit the post, and they went into the half with the 65ers leading, by a score of 9-3.

It would be the Suns who could finally get a big play in the 3rd quarter. The defenses largely still dominant, they took advantage of the 65ers aggressiveness. On a 2nd and 10, the 65ers lined up a big time blitz, and the Suns dialed up the perfect play to counter a blitz- a well designed screen. The halfback slipped away at the last possible moment, caught the ball, and ran it all the way, with blockers in front of him clearing a path, 75 yards to the house. In the blink of an eye, the game had changed. The missed extra point loomed large, as they kicked one to go up 10-9. On the other side. There wasn't much action again until the fourth quarter, when the 65ers offense put together a touchdown drive of their own, sprang forward by a 33 yard run on a 3rd and 1 from the Suns 48 yard line. A touchdown and successful extra point made it 16-10, but the Suns would respond once again, with the quarterback going 5/5 on the next drive, accounting for the drive's 75 yards through the air and ending the drive with a 22 yard touchdown pass, to make it 17-16. And that, folks, was the ball game.

In their next game, they took on the Kamandu Bisons of Kita-Hinode. If you want to talk about the tale of two halves, this was a game that absolutely exemplified that. The Busukuma Suns raced out ahead in this game, and although they were tied 3-3 at the end of the 1st quarter, they scored 20 consecutive points from the beginning of the 2nd quarter to about midway through the 3rd quarter, and held a 23-3 lead against the Bison. They looked well on their way to a date in the quarterfinal. But then, something changed. The Kamandu side woke up. They rose up, and scored 24 unanswered to have a stunning comeback, and knock the capitol side from the Champions Bowl in stunning fashion. A trio of touchdown passes from their quarterback turned the game from 23-3 in favor of Busukuma, to 24-23 in favor of Kamandu, and then, with a minute left, hitting a 52 yard field goal to extend their lead from one point to four, and the Suns threw four straight incompletions on the next drive to lose the game. Not the ending they wanted, of course, but they did win a game.

Istria Black Mambas

The Coastal Conference champions, the Istria side that made it all the way to the national championship game before falling to the Rhinos at the Stadium of the Restoration, went into the competition with high hopes. In this gridiron crazed city, they have the quarterback of the national team, Isaka Jawara, leading the way. He, of course, has a NSCF Most Outstanding Player award, a NSCF Offensive Player of the year award, and a NSCF title as one of the most decorated NSCF quarterbacks of all-time. He, of course, is eager to add some professional accolades to his resume as well, and even though two cracks at the World Bowl have not yielded success yet, the belief is that he has too much talent to not get there.

But this Champions Bowl was not meant to be for him. They took a trip to Rheinburg, Pridnestrovia, to take them on in the first round of competition, and it was clear that the two teams were going to be in for a dogfight in the Round of 32 of this season's tournament. It was always going to be tight throughout, and that was true, as the teams essenteially exchanged scores throughout the entire day. While the Spartans scored the first touchdown of the day to take a 7-3 lead, a 15 yard scramble for a touchdown by the Black Mambas quarterback silenced the crowd and allowed the Istria side to take a 10-7 lead. They added a 45 yard field goal on the last play of the half, to take a 13-7 lead into the break. But Rheinburg, who had already been able to keep this came so close, continued to do so. The Spartans wanted to continue pounding away, and they did. They scored a touchdown to make the score 14-13, just a one point game, heading into the fourth quarter. And with about 5 minutes left, a short field goal extended their lead to 17-13.

At that point, the Black Mambas knew that they needed to try something. But what? It was going to take excellence to try and pull off this road victory, and in front of a hostile crowd, in a foreign country, the Banijans stepped up. Jawara directed a 3 minute drive to move the team up the field, and was able to throw the go-ahead touchdown with 1:55 on the clock. A 7 yard fade route to the corner on 3rd and goal, to give Istria a 20-17 lead with under two minutes left. The home side, after a touchback, would need about 40 yards to get into field goal range? Could the Istria defense hold on? They could not. Rheinburg drove the ball, and with 11 seconds left, they had a 2nd and 10 at the Istria 14 yard line. The defense just needed to hold for one or two more plays to force overtime- but they could not do that. A double move on the outside slowed down one of the corners by just a hair, but enough to allow him to beat his man to the corner of the end zone. A perfect throw was lofted from the quarterback, and they hit the game-winning touchdown with 6 seconds left. A soul crushing loss for the Black Mambas, though one they said they would use as motivation for the upcoming season.

Lwanga Rhinos

Last, but certainly not least, are the Lwanga Rhinos. These guys are the reigning champions of the Gridiron Football League of Banija, and because of that, they were always going to be Banija's best hope in this competition. The theory makes sense. They were strong in the regular season, winning the Heartlands Conference, and decisive in the playoffs, winning both their semifinal and the national championship convincingly. But it would be a long road- the schedule makers were not their friends, as they faced away match after away match, logging all kinds of miles. But still, they advanced further than any Banijan team in this competition. How far, you ask?

Well, in the first round, they took on a Fleftic side, the San Seriffe Gunslingers. The Gunslingers and the Rhinos were poised to have a strong matchup in the Round of 32, and that they did- at least for a half. The Fleftic side had the lead at halftime against Banija's champions, going up 16-10 at the break. After a touchdown on the opening drive for the hosts, however, the Lwanga defense had a break, but don't break, attitude as their offense struggled to find their footing in Abanhfleft. You know, when you are an underdog and especially when you're at home, you want to try and put games away by simple scoring touchdown after touchdown, rather than settling for field goals. But three times did the hosts have to settle for field goals in the red zone- and they hit all three of them. One from 35 yards, one from 29 yards, and one from 33 yards. And yet, each time they struggled in the red zone, it created an opening for Lwanga. It could have been 28-10 at half, effectively ending the game at the break. But instead, it was 16-10 even though the Gunslingers were the much better side in the first half, and the Rhinos made them pay for their lack of a killer instinct. Banija's champions came out with guns blazing in the second half, outscoring the hosts 24-0 in the second half. Defensive adjustments held the home side to just 65 total yards of offense in the second half. The strong second half saw the Rhinos triumph quite comfortably in the end by a score of 34-16, and the home side will rue their missed chances.

In the Round of 16, they were drawn with another away matchup- this time, paying a visit to Seraxinborough, to take on the Ivygate Alchemists. This game was much closer than the Round of 32 game, which makes sense. Just 16 teams left, all competing for that trophy. In the first quarter, both teams scored touchdowns. The Alchemists had a long drive to score their touchdown, taking 6 minutes off of the clock. But the Rhinos had a single, explosive play. A 75 yard bomb to a receiver in single coverage, who had a step on his man and was hit perfectly in stride, who was then only going to have the option of going all the way to the house. WIth the game being 7-7 so early, many people expected a lot of offense, but both defenses stepped up. Lwanga's defense had a similar theme from their previous week's matchup- bend, but do not break. Twice, the Alchemists reached the red zone in the 2nd quarter, but once again, the Rhinos defense stiffened up and held, allowing just a pair of field goals, which would come back to haunt the hosts later. While Lwanga could only manage a field goal in the second quarter, a third quarter punt return for a touchdown saw the Rhinos take a 17-13 lead, and never look back. The hosts had a chance to take the lead early in the fourth quarter, when they had a 3rd and 6 from the Rhinos 22 yard line, with 11 minutes left. But a 9 yard sack made it 4th and 15, much too long to go for it. Neither team scored again as the Rhinos held on for another road victory, this one by just a single point.

In the quarterfinals, the Rhinos looked around and saw themselves as the last Banijan side remaining. They would not get to play a game in Banija once again, however, as their lack of luck would send them to Cosumar(a much shorter flight, being in Atlantian Oceania) against the Jädde Brutes. While this road matchup was also extremely tight, it did not go down to the wire like the week before. A great stretch in the third quarter, where a long drive saw them take a 14-7 lead, and then an interception gave them a short field in which to take a 21-7 lead, was the difference in the game. While the Brutes made it a single score game later in the third quarter, the Rhinos running game was able to put the game away, driving the ball down the field for a late touchdown that would drive a dagger into the hearts of Brutes fans. Look at what Lwanga did in this game, even though it was so tight- convert their scoring opportunities into touchdowns. They had four of them, and all four times, they didn't turn the ball over, they didn't kick field goals- they scored touchdowns. How different would this game have been, momentum wise, if they had left points on the field? But they didn't, and that brought them to the Champions Bowl semifinals.

Finally, they would play at the Watering Hole. Their opponents? None other than the Sterling City Rams of Darmen. Now, when we talk about kicking field goals, that is what these two teams did. Neither defense was giving an inch over the first 45 minutes of game play. The visiting Rams hit one field goal in each of the first and second quarters, while the hosts hit a field goal in the second quarter, and another in the third quarter. No team was seeing the end zone. It took a trick play for the Rhinos to finally see paydirt. A flea flicker saw the Rams defense bite and a receiver get behind the safety, and a perfectly lofted deep pass gave the Rhinos a 13-6 lead. But the Rams, who played like a team on a mission this season, were not going to be denied what they saw as their right. They were able to score a touchdown, and tied at 13-13, the game to send the winner to the Champions Bowl Final would not be settled in 60 minutes, forcing overtime. Lwanga actually got the ball first in overtime, but an ill-timed turnover caused the team to be doomed. The Rams would not miss this opportunity, as they scored a touchdown to end the game, and leave the capacity crowd in silence as they celebrated their berth in the final. They turned out to be truly blessed, as they went on to triumph, 21-18, in the Champions Bowl Final and win the whole tournament.

An interesting tournament this summer- some success, lots of mileage. Just two home games across all the games played. Will these four teams get a crack at the Champions Bowl again? Or who will triumph this season and get their first opportunity for international silverware?
Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
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Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
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Gridiron Football League of Banija - Season 2

Logo designed by ALC Visuals of Abaja

Regular Season Standings
Coastal Conference            Pld   W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Busukuma Suns 14 10 4 364 246 +118 - Conference Champion, First Round Bye, Champions Bowl Berth
2 Istria Black Mambas 14 10 4 385 267 +118 - Playoff Berth
3 Busukuma Athletic Club 14 10 4 361 244 +117 - Playoff Berth

4 Herzegovina City Cobras 14 8 6 263 219 +44
5 Rukunbi Wizards 14 7 7 339 314 +25
6 Busembe Timberwolves 14 6 8 243 290 −47
7 Sisonke Leopards 14 5 9 226 370 −144
8 Dukuma Dragons 14 0 14 149 380 −231

Heartlands Conference         Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Lwanga Rhinos 14 12 2 376 200 +176 - Conference Champions, First Round Bye, Champions Bowl Berth
2 Mynda Gorillas 14 9 5 405 293 +112 - Playoff Berth
3 Bunyoro RSC 14 9 5 330 258 +72 - Playoff Berth

4 Jinja City Springboks 14 6 8 336 299 +37
5 Hoima Zebra 14 6 8 308 349 −41
6 Umbazi Metropolitan SC 14 5 9 295 362 −67
7 Aissa Crocodiles 14 5 9 173 333 −160
8 Askatasuna Wildcats 14 4 10 260 389 −129

Playoff Seedings
GFLB Playoff Standings        Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Lwanga Rhinos 14 12 2 376 200 +176
2 Busukuma Suns 14 10 4 364 246 +118
3 Istria Black Mambas 14 10 4 385 267 +118
4 Busukuma Athletic Club 14 10 4 361 244 +117
5 Mynda Gorillas 14 9 5 405 293 +112
6 Bunyoro RSC 14 9 5 330 258 +72

PLayoff Structure
In the quarterfinals, the top two seeds get a bye. The top two sides must be conference champions, regardless of record.
In the quarterfinals, the 6 seed will play away at the 3 seed, with the winner to face the #2 seed in the semifinals.
In the quarterfinals, the 4 seed will play away at the 5 seed, with the winner to face the #1 seed in the semifinals.

Istria Black Mambas 37–30 Bunyoro RSC
Busukuma Athletic Club 33–13 Mynda Gorillas

For the playoff quarterfinals, we saw Busukuma Athletic Club host the Mynda Gorillas. This was a side that lost in a Capitol derby last season in the playoffs, when they lost to their hated rivals, the Busukuma Suns, to fall in the quarterfinals and miss out on a Champions Bowl berth. This time around, they played at home against the Mynda Gorillas, and they were never going to yield the game to the other side. Mynda did not make the playoffs last season, and had a nice season, finishing with a 9-5 record and second in the Heartlands Conference, prepping them for a playoff berth. They, of course, did finish three games behind the Lwanga Rhinos, showing that, while they had a strong second place finish, they never really threatened the defending league and conference champions for a conference title. Regardless, the Gorillas in their first playoff appearance struggled mightily against Busukuma Athletic Club. Busukuma Athletic Club jumped out to a 21-0 just 17 minutes into the game, scoring touchdowns on their first three possessions, taking advantage of a young Gorillas side that simply looked in over their heads. At that point, the Gorillas did not have a chance, and while they did outscore their hosts, 13-12, in the second half, it was too little, too late. You can't go down that big in a playoff game and expected to come back on the road, and Busukuma Athletic Club, deservedly, punched their ticket to the semifinals.

As for the other quarterfinal, this was a much better game. This pitted the Istria Black Mambas, selling out the domed Liberty Stadium, against Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club. There are a number of sporting clubs within the country that compete within multiple leagues, but none better than probably Bunyoro RSC. Their lacrosse side is seen as one of the best in the multiverse, as they have been to four consecutive IDLO Champions Cup Finals, and have just as many Banijan Lacrosse League titles. They are dominant in that sport. In soccer, their biggest sport, they did compete for a league title in Season 8, coming up just a lone point shy of the eventual champions Herzegovina City FC, but could not keep pace in Season 9. But yet, they are a top half of the table side that is capable of beating anybody. As for the Black Mambas, they are back after falling in the National Championship game last season. They are back, with Isaka Jawara at the helm, trying their best to claim what they thought should have been there's long ago- a national championship.

This game featured quite a bit of offense on both sides. But the red zone offenses on both sides had to settle into the game. In the first quarter, each team reached the red zone twice- however, all four red zone trips, quite surprisingly, ended in field goals. Both defenses had the same strategy, it seemed- bend, but do not break. That made the score just 6-6 after the first quarter. But both offenses were getting their groove on. Isaka Jawara, the Black Mambas quarterback, threw a 45 yard touchdown pass in the second quarter to get the domed stadium rocking, and made the score 13-6. But right on the ensuing kickoff, the viistors ensured that they would not be out of it. They took the kickoff from the goal line, and returned it 100 yards all the way to the house, for six points. As the kick returner dove over the pylon and into the end zone, the score was level once again, at 13-13. And that was the score at halftime.

The second half simply featured fireworks. The Black Mambas scored on a pair of consecutive drives in the third quarter, seemingly knocking Bunyoro RSC out of it. The big moment here, was that after the Black Mambas score to make it 20-13, Bunyoro RSC immediately responded with a quality drive of their own. And with 8 minutes left in the third quarter, down 7 and the ball at the Istria 34 for a 2nd and 3, there was a miscommunication between the quarterback and the center. A fumbled snap, and the Black Mambas nose tackle leapt onto the football. A huge momentum shifter, and the domed stadium was rocking once again. The Black Mambas had a long drive down the field after this, but even though they had 1st and goal inside the 5, the Bunyoro RSC defense held, not allowing the hosts to deliver a knockout punch, and they had to kick another field goal. The score was then 23-13. It took Bunyoro RSC just three plays to respond. A 12 yard curl route, then a 15 yard slant, and then a halfback toss that was taken 47 yards to the house to get them right back in the game. It was 23-20 to the home side, heading into the fourth quarter.

With just 15 minutes left, Isaka Jawara continued to raise his level of play for the occasion. He led a long drive- 11 plays, 73 yards, taking 5:15 off of the clock, where with just over 9:30 left in regulation, the Black Mambas halfback scored a one yard touchdown, leaping over the pile and landing into the end zone at second and goal from the half yard line, to make it a 10 point game once again, 30-20. Bunyoro RSC came back, looking to score a touchdown. They drove down the field, converting three third downs in a row, and with 7 minutes left, they had a 3rd and 1 from the Istria 22 yard line. Unfortunately for them, however, the Black Mambas stepped up on defense, and a 6 yard sack moved them back to face a 4th and 7 from the Black Mambas 28. Down 10, they looked set to go for it, but the Bunyoro RSC coach changed his mind and put the field goal unit out, to make it a one possesion game. The field goal was true, and the score was 30-23.

The Black Mambas needed to rely on their running game once again, and it came through. Another long drive for the home side saw Isaka Jawara take it into the end zone from 2 yards out with 2:03 remaining, just before the 2 minute warning. That was all they needed. Up 14 with that little bit of time left. Bunyoro RSC did score a touchdown to close the gap to seven, but could not recover their onside kick, and the Black Mambas advanced in that thriller. The Black Mambas clinched a trip to Sun Valley Stadium to take on the Busukuma Suns, while Busukuma AC would be traveling to Lwanga for the right to play in the national championship game.

Lwanga Rhinos 26–0 Busukuma Athletic Club
Busukuma Suns 31–15 Istria Black Mambas

And then, of course, here we are for the semifinals. The defending national champions, the Heartlands Conference winners and the #1 overall seed for the playoffs, the Lwanga Rhinos, played host to the Busukuma Athletic Club in a bid to see who would go to the National Championship Game, and who would see their season end, just one game before the big one at the Stadium of the Restoration. The Rhinos came in, after their bye week, with a lot of motivation, and boy, did they come out firing. Their defense was always going to be key in this matchup, with their team only allowing 14.3 points per game- good for best in the league. That defense saw them have a massive point differential of +176, good for tops in the league, and of course, their 12-2 record was also best for tops in the league. And that defense stepped up. In front of a raucous crowd at the Watering Hole that forced the first-time semifinalists to a shocking 8 false start penalties, the Rhinos did not allow a single point in a physically dominant 26-0 victory. While the hosts kicked four field goals and struggled getting into the end zone, the defense pitching a shutout meant that it didn't matter.

The other game, in our nation's capitol at Sun Valley Stadium, had the Busukuma Suns playing host to the Istria Black Mambas. With the Rhinos having already clinched a berth in the National Championship Game earlier that day, the Black Mambas wanted revenge for their national championship loss a year prior, and it would be the Suns who would be standing in their way. But Sun Valley Stadium was energetic as well, and the Suns offense came to play. Bursting out to an early 14-0 lead, this team never looked back and continued to hold the Black Mambas at bay for most of the game. The Black Mambas kicked three first half field goals to make the score 14-9 at halftime, but a pair of third quarter touchdowns really put the game away. The Black Mambas scored a garbage time touchdown in the fourth quarter to make it 31-15, and missed the two point conversion to try and make it a 14 point game. And then, of course, the matchup for the Stadium of the Restoration was set- it would be the Lwanga Rhinos, going for their second consecutive GFLB title, against the Busukuma Suns, going for their first championship.

National Championship Game
Lwanga Rhinos 20–28 Busukuma Suns

All eyes were on the Stadium of the Restoration for this matchup. The site chosen for the second straight year, it makes sense. It's Banija's largest off-campus stadium, holding 91,835, and built for the World Cup. Of course, this is a stadium that is chosen not only for size, but it is one that is a standard of excellence. It has plenty of suites for the corporate crowd, and it is of course in Busukuma, where all these organizations are headquartered. Not to mention, it was the site of two World Cup opening ceremonies, and a pair of World Bowl Finals, as well as a NSCF Title game. This isn't meant to be the permanent site for the game, however, and all signs from GFLB meetings point to Liberty Stadium, the large domed stadium in Istria that has hosted a pair of NSCF Title games, will be home to the National Championship game next year, as well as be the centerpiece of their bid to host the Champions Bowl Final.

Regardless, the Busukuma Suns, of course playing in their own city(though not in their own stadium) had a slight advantage of fans, though the gridiron-crazed Baganda were always going to turn out in big numbers for back-to-back titles. However, it would be the Suns who lept out to an early lead. While neither time scored in the first quarter, a 35 yard touchdown run on a halfback draw gave the Suns a 7-0 lead in the second quarter, and then a 22 yard touchdown pass on the Suns next drive gave them a 14-0 lead. They were not going to waste opportunity in this championship, something that the Lwanga Rhinos could not say was true for themselves. They were wasteful, as two second quarter drives for the Rhinos ended in field goals, instead of touchdowns, and even though they had the chance to go into the half tied, they went into the half down by 8 points, 14-6.

The Suns scored to open the 3rd quarter, with a Rhinos cornerback slipping and the Suns quarterback find a receiver for a 70 yard touchdown bomb, to take a 21-6 lead. The Rhinos were able to narrow the deficit to 21-13 to enter the fourth quarter, but the Suns were able to put the game away, by scoring a touchdown of their own with just 5 minutes left, to take a 28-13 lead. The Rhinos did not want to go away quietly, and scored a touchdown to make it close, however, they could not recover the ensuing onside kick, and the Suns ran down the clock. The Busukuma Suns would be the newly crowned champions of the Gridiron Football League of Banija.
Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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The Banijan Soccer League - Transfer Window 25


Big time foreign media rights deals agreed in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec & Eshan ahead of 'crucial' international transfer window

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- BSL Commissioner Randolf Cherry, the Drawkian former national team manager and now longtime Commissioner of the Banijan Soccer League, has announced a 'very lucrative' business deal to ensure that BSL matches are shown abroad. The BSL has been aggressive in marketing their league to foreign customers, and before last season, launched the Commonwealth Marketing Initiative, to try and market themselves to fans across the Quebecois Commonwealth, as the BSL is the only league from the Commonwealth that actually competes in UICA competition. This is, of course, due to financial realities. There is only so much money to be made within Banija, and of course, at the heart of this, is that this sport is a business. Of course, it is increasingly important to be competitive on the field. In order to get the best players playing within Banija, you need to be able to buy them, and pay them. It is the self-fulfilling prophecy- to get the best players here, you have to move up in league rank, and to do that, you have to spend money. In order for that to happen, of course, cash flows need to increase.

That is right this announcement is such a big deal for BSL Commissioner Randolf Cherry. Let's here it in his own words. "Today, we are announcing the signing of three media rights packages- two of them incredibly major, and the last a bit smaller but still important. We believe that there is high quality soccer out here in the Banijan Soccer League. The sport is played in an exciting way here, and we are of the belief that if we have an aggressive marketing strategy, that if we bring the league to fans abroad, we will be able to get people to become fans of the BSL, our talented players and our members clubs. The first deal I want to talk about, however, is the simplest- Goliæth Sports Cafés. The Ko-orenite company is a bar that is rapidly expanding internationally, and currently has locations in the following countries- Ouna, Nusantara, New East Columbia, and even three locations within Banija, alongside numerous all across Ko-oren. This will make sure that we have the opportunity to bring the Banijan Soccer League to fans abroad, and help create new fans. The opportunity for them to watch our competitions, including the RBSA Cup and the Kabaka's Cup at their favorite local bar can only be a benefit to this league.

We will get to the pair of major media rights announcements. We have long wanted to really hit the Echani Republic as a top-tier market for the Banijan Soccer League. It is a country where we have a lot of connections, especially thanks to one of our greatest sponsors, the Regional Transit Corporation. We have reached a large media rights deal with Echani Media, in order to give them exclusive media rights to the Banijan Soccer League within Eshan. There are plenty of opportunities for teams to create new fans abroad, and this is going to benefit all 20 of our clubs. They are going to have the ability to broadcast matches on each and every matchday throughout the BSL season, including RBSA Cup matches and the Kabaka's Cup. Furthermore, while this contract is to last three seasons, we have committed to playing at least one Kabaka's Cup match in Eshan throughout the life of the contract. This will show the BSL's commitment to Eshan, and give foreign fans the opportunity to see the league, and our players, up close.

The other announcement we have, of course, is from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Everyone here knows about the Commonwealth Marketing Initiative- this is the Banijan Soccer League. However, this is also the Commonwealth's league. We all share a cultural heritage, we love the same sport, we all compete with each other and support each other- and citizens within the Quebecois Commonwealth should have the ability to support high-quality football within the Commonwealth. And that is where we are. And the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, of course, is at the heart of the Commonwealth. It is literally at the heart of the Commonwealth, as they are where our shared heritage comes from. And the bonds between the Banijans and the Quebecois run deep, especially in this sport. Who can forget the Kadongo Kamu winning two very crucial World Cup Qualifiers in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec to help make their first ever World Cup Final? That is why we are proud to have reached deals with companies to let us showcase the sport all over Quebec. This is a great opportunity to grow the sport, and the game. Over the course of the three season contract, we will commit to playing one Kabaka's Cup game in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec as well, for the same reasons."

When asked if this will help BSL sides in the immediate upcoming transfer window, Randolf Cherry replied emphatically with 'absolutely.' "Payments on the contract, which has been ratified by a special session of Owners Meetings this morning, will begin immediately. While the exact dollar amount cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality for our clubs, the payments on the foreign media rights deals will be split between the clubs. The clubs have agreed on a equitable revenue splitting formula, with each member club getting a share of the pie. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the percentages at this time, but I can confirm that it will not be an exactly equal per club split. I do fully expect our clubs to be more aggressive in the transfer window as a result of this, and the growth of the Banijan Soccer League, both on and off the field, shall continue to accelerate as a result of this deal."
Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Season 10 Owners Meetings focus on the international club scene as no UICA competition is confirmed for upcoming season

BSL owners take a picture before entering Season 10 RBSA Owners meetings

BUSUKUMA- Almost every year at the preseason owners meetings, there have been big ticket items up for discussion. Talking about changing rules regarding yellow cards for celebrations, talking about big money items, marketing initiatives, developing coaching talent within the country, etc... But this year, there was other issues up for discussion. For the first time, the owners meetings did not yield any significant changes, on or off the field, about how the BSL and the regional leagues will operate. Promotion/Relegation will remain the same, the business side of ops will not change, and although new media rights deals are being rolled out in places like Valanora, not much is changing.

Of course, on the international scene, the winds of change are blowing. There will be no UICA competitions this upcoming club season- instead, many associations have chosen to enter their clubs into the Dwile Invitiational Tournament, a tournament ran by Apoxian footballing authorities. At the owners meetings, BSL clubs voted unanimously to send their top 4 clubs to participate in that competition, to grant their clubs access to the Dwile Invitational. Commissioner Randolf Cherry spoke about it. "There are big changes coming to the scene of international club football, but the calendar must go on. If there is to be no UICA, giving our clubs the opportunity to still participate in top level international club competition is something that we consider important. The Dwile Invitational will be a priority of ours, and our clubs will go out against the best of the best, as other top associations are looking to send their clubs to that competition as well."

Of course, BSL clubs participated in this window and made some major signings. "The strength of the Banijan Soccer League is growing, and that was shown in this transfer window." Said Randolf Cherry. "Of course, financially, we are beginning to flex our muscle with major broadcast deals in the Echani Republic and in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. We have talent coming to this country from places where we usually don't recruit, like Recuecn, like Hapilopper, like Timuria, and we have ambitious leagues signing players from the BSL. Our standing is rising, both on and off the field, and we firmly believe that we will be able to make this league a top 10 league in the world before long. The talent is here, the drive is here, and we will get there."

The league also voted to share international revenue receipts with clubs who were originally scheduled to participate in international competition but could not due to the lack of UICA competition this season- the Kitara Athletic Association(UICA Globe Cup), Dukuma SC(Cygnus Cup Winners Cup), and the three Banijan qualifiers for the Serie B Champions Cup(Sororo City, Capitol City FC, Suwawa FC). Of course, all five of those sides will get a cut. Almost nothing can be done regarding that. Of course, that will lead us into a much anticipated Season 10 of the Banijan Soccer League, where the focus in the league will be if anybody can dehtrone Herzegovina City, as Banija's most dominant club goes for a three-peat in the league.
Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Basic Information Part I


The Royal Banijan Soccer Association is proud to present the Banijan Soccer League to the sporting world for its 10th season. This is the top division of soccer in both Banija and the Busoga Islands, competing with gridiron football to be Banija's most popular sport. The Banijan Soccer League consists of 20 teams, and for the third season in a row, there is another newcomer into the ranks, as the newly promoted Igulu City FC will replace Corizova United, who were relegated. The Banijan Soccer League is a double round-robin league-style competition. The other major competition that BSL teams compete in is the RBSA Cup, which is a single-elimination knockout tournament with all 68 professional clubs in Banija & the Busoga Islands- the 48 in Banija's regional league system, as well as the 20 in the Banijan Soccer League.

There is limited promotion/relegation within the league- the best regional league champion, as decided in a playoff, is promoted, and the last place team in the Banijan Soccer League is relegated every season. The format followed for the RBSA Cup is each round the opponents are randomly drawn against each other, with one side randomly being picked as the home side. All 48 regional league sides are entered first, with a one-off match in the 1st round to whittle them down to 24, and then another one off match to whittle them down to 12. Then the 20 BSL sides are entered at this stage, with 32 teams in general in the competition, and it is a single elimination competition where each match must have a winner, with the final played at the Stadium of the Restoration, the national stadium. The winner of the previous Banijan Soccer League and the RBSA Cup open each season with the Kabaka's Cup, which is the Banijan supercup. The game's competitors this year will be Herzegovina City FC, making their record 6th appearance in the game, and Dukuma SC, making their inaugural appearance in the Kabaka's Cup. That will mark, of course, the second consecutive year a Busogan side will play in the Kabaka's Cup.

In terms of international club tournaments, with international competition in flux, this upcoming season, Banijan clubs will participate in the Dwile Invitational Tournament and the Atlantian Oceania Champions League. Clubs will be able to qualify for the Vilitan Cove International for next season- the Kabaka's Cup winner will go if eligible, and if not eligible, then it will be the most improved side in the BSL table. Even though 6 of the league's clubs come from the Busoga Islands, which is an independent nation, all 68 clubs are full members of the Royal Banijan Soccer Association, and therefore the league does not form a multi-associational league, as defined by the UICA.

The league is traditionally dominated by the 'Super 5' clubs- Istria City FC, Herzegovina City FC, Busukuma AC, Hoima Warriors, and Jinja City FC, that are Banija's 5 biggest teams in Banija's 5 biggest cities. Last season saw something close to a restoration of the traditional balance, with the Hoima Warriors finally getting back to the top 4 in the table, although Dukuma SC, a regional league side, won the RBSA Cup. On the by and large, however, the Super 5 are the wealthiest, most well-supported, and generally the most competitive teams within Banija.

Teams in the BSL-
1. Herzegovina City Football Club. HZCFC. Location(city, region): Herzegovina City, Moravica. Colors: Blue & Gold.
Star Field, Capacity of 62,600.

2. Jinja City Football Club. JCFC. Location: Jinja City, Hangaza. Colors: Green & White.
BCEL Stadium. Capacity of 52,400.

3. Busukuma Athletic Club. BAC. Location: Busukuma, National Capitol Region. Colors: Red & White.
Lukwago Field, Capacity of 37,000.

4. Hoima Warriors. HOI. Location: Hoima, Ankole. Colors: Red & Silver.
Mavuto Field, Capacity of 75,000.

5. Mynda Electra. MSC. Location: Mynda, Aksum. Colors: Forest Green.
Electra Stadium. Capacity of 41,000.

6. Umbazi Metropolitan Sporting Club. UMSC. VFC. Location: Umbazi, Buganda. Colors: Pink.
Buganda Regional Stadium, Capacity of 29,000.

7. Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club. BRSC. Location: Dodomo, Bunyoro. Colors: Blue.
Stadium- Albert III Stadium. Capacity of 48,600.

This stadium was built brand new for World Cup 81, and with the end of that tournament, Bunyoro RSC have become the stadium's full time tenants. It was originally named Paa Neupe, but with the recent death of Kabaka Albert III, it was renamed in the honor of the previous monarch.

8. The Lwanga Lions. LLSC. Location: Lwanga, Buganda. Colors: Orange.
Lwanga City Arena, Capacity of 26,500.

9. Askatasuna Football Club. AFC. Location: Askatasuna, Aksum. Colors: Green & White.
St. Sava Park, Capacity of 37,500.

10. Kitara Athletic Association. KAA. Location: Sisonke, Kitara. Colors: Blue & white.
Sisonke City Park, Capacity of 31,000.

11. Istria City Football Club. RFC. Location: Downtown Istria, Moravica. (Neighborhood in the center of Istria in the National Capitol Region). Colors: Orange & Black.
Kabonero III Field, Capacity of 48,000.

12. Aissa United Football Club. AUFC. Location: Aissa, Hangaza. Colors: Blue & white.
Hangaza Unified Stadium, Capacity of 55,000.

13. Isipongo Flash. IF. Location: Isipongo, Buganda. Colors: Black & white.
Isipongo City Field. Capacity of 27,000.

14. Igulu City Football Club. ICFC. Location: Igulu, Hangaza. Colors: Blue.
Igulu City Field.
Capacity of 18,600.

15. Rukunbi Football Club. RFC. Location: Istria, Moravica. Located in Western Istria, the largest of the 5 districts of Istria with 38% of the city's population and generally considered to be culturally distinct from the rest of the city. Colors: Light Green & White.
Eastern Stadium. Capacity of 37,000.

16. Lakiska Sporting Club. LSC. Location: Lakiska, Busoga. Colors: Red & black.
Lakiska City Field. Capacity of 31,000.

17. Busukuma Force. BKF. Location: Busukuma, National Capitol Region. Colors: Sky Blue
Mugisha III Memorial Stadium, capacity of 49,000

18. Herzegovina Phoenix. Location: Vidizi, Moravica(suburb of Herzegovina City). Colors: Purple.
Phoenix Stadium. Capacity of 25,000.

19. Busembe Timberwolves. BT. Location: Busembe, Kitara. Colors: Gray, Black, and White.
Tiones Lumber Field at The Wolf's Den. Capacity of 44,000.

20. Hawabark Boulders. HWB. Loction: Hawabark, Buganda. Colors: Red.
Olympic Stadium
Capacity of 17,800. This is where Banijan outdoor olympic summer qualifiers are held.

National Stadium
The Stadium of the Restoration
The National Stadium. Location: Busukuma. Capacity: 91,835.

The national stadium is the center of the Banijan sporting universe. Built on the site of the first restoration of the Banijan monarchy, it is both a great piece of sporting architecture, as well as a place meant to honor Banija's monarchy. Therefore, the funerals and coronations of monarchs all happen at this stadium. The old stadium at the site held all kinds of matches, including, but not limited to, the World Bowl 34 Final, the NSCF 17 Championship Game, and a UICA Globe Cup Final. The building also serves as the home stadium for both the national soccer team and the national gridiron team. In anticipation for Banija co-hosting World Cup 81, the stadium was rebuilt by a Siovanijan & Tueslander firm, to make it state of the art to host the opening match of the most popular tournament in the multiverse. As the national stadium, the RBSA Cup Final, the Promotion Playoff Final, and the Kabaka's Cup are all held at this stadium on an annual basis. This upcoming season, as part of the Commonwealth Marketing Initiative, the Kabaka's Cup will be held on foreign soil for the first time, in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Basic Information Part II


List of BSL champions
Season 1- Jinja City FC
Season 2- Hoima Warriors
Season 3- Herzegovina City FC
Season 4- Herzegovina City FC(Second)
Season 5- Istria City FC
Season 6- Herzegovina City FC(undefeated; Third))
Season 7- Busukuma AC
Season 8- Herzegovina CIty FC(Fourth)
Season 9- Herzegovina City FC(Fifth)

List of Kabaka's Cup Champions
Season 2- Jinja City FC
Season 3- Hoima Warriors
Season 4- Herzegovina Phoenix
Season 5- Herzegovina City FC
Season 6- Istria City FC
Season 7- Herzegovina City FC
Season 8- Busukuma AC
Season 9- Jaribga Soccer Club

List of RBSA Cup Champions
Season 1- Hoima Warriors
Season 2- Askatasuna FC
Season 3- Herzegovina Phoenix
Season 4- Jinja City FC
Season 5- Herzegovina City FC
Season 6- Busembe Timberwolves
Season 7- Istria City FC
Season 8- Jaribga Soccer Club
Season 9- Dukuma SC

List of teams by UICA Group Stage Appearances
UICA Champions Cup 71- Herzegovina City FC
UICA Globe Cup 69- Istria City FC
UICA Champions Cup 73- Herzegovina City FC

Northwestern League Season 0/BSL Season 4- Corizova United
Lower Coastal League Season 0/BSL Season 4- Kabakono City
Southern League Season 0/BSL Season 4- Hawabark Boulders
Northern League Season 0/BSL Season 4- Cerenus United

Northwestern League Season 1/BSL Season 5- Corizova United
Lower Coastal League Season 1/BSL Season 5- Capitol City FC
Southern League Season 1/BSL Season 5- Hawabark Boulders
Northern League Season 1/BSL Season 5- Cerenus United

Northwestern League Season 2/BSL Season 6- Corizova United
Lower Coastal League Season 2/BSL Season 6- Kabakono City
Southern League Season 2/BSL Season 6- Sororo City
Northern League Season 2/BSL Season 6- Igulu City FC

Northwestern League Season 3/BSL Season 7- Suwawa FC
Lower Coastal League Season 3/BSL Season 7- Kabakono City
Southern League Season 3/BSL Season 7- Hawabark Boulders
Northern League Season 3/BSL Season 7- Duntho Sporting Club
Promotion Playoff Winner- Hawabark Boulders

Northwestern League Season 4/BSL Season 8- Corizova United
Lower Coastal League Season 4/BSL Season 8- Baleweye FC
Southern League Season 4/BSL Season 8- Bwubanza City SC
Northern League Season 4/BSL Season 8- Duntho Sporting Club
Promotion Playoff Winner- Corizova United

Northwestern League Season 5/BSL Season 9- Suwawa FC
Lower Coastal League Season 5/BSL Season 9- Capitol City FC
Southern League Season 5/BSL Season 9- Sororo City
Northern League Season 5/BSL Season 9- Igulu City FC
Promotion Playoff Winner- Igulu City FC

Golden Boot
Season 5- Lin Moon(CMT), Jinja City FC
Season 6- Guillermo Madruga(AMZ), Herzegovina City FC
Season 7- Assefa Yitebarke(BNJ), Istria City FC
Season 9- Xilit-Zaxac Yol(QUS), Jinja City FC
Silver Boot
Season 5- Aaron Aiza(EQS), Herzegovina City FC
Season 6- Aaron Aiza(EQS), Herzegovina City FC
Season 7- Alanso Tamba(BNJ), Busukuma AC
Season 9- Josef Lawerenz(EQS), Hoima Warriors
League MVP
Season 5- Aaron Aiza(EQS), Herzegovina City FC
Season 6- Guillermo Madruga(AMZ), Herzegovina City FC
Season 7- Assefa Yitebarke(BNJ), Istria City FC
Season 9- Rosie Tyler(EQS), Herzegovina City FC
Manager of the Year
Season 6- Brian Emerson(COS), Herzegovina City FC
Season 7- Flip Kollias(BNJ), Kitara AA
Season 8- Adam Jeffreys(VLZ), Bunyoro RSC
Season 9- Mark Grayson(NPH), Hoima Warriors
Newcomer of the Year
Season 7- Orion Etzebeth(NPH), Herzegovina Phoenix
Season 9- Xilit-Zaxac Yol(QUS), Jinja City FC
Golden Glove
Season 5- Delbin Kasekende(BUS), Herzegovina City FC
Season 6- Delbin Kasekende(BUS), Herzegovina City FC
Season 7- Delbin Kasekende(BUS), Herzegovina City FC
Season 9- Edgar Farsal-Smith(MRC), Busembe Timberwolves

List of BSL records- For this, records only count from a 38 game season, so stats from Season 1 are not considered. Records count from league games only.
Most Individual Goals in a season: 29. Lin Moon(CMT), Jinja City FC in Season 5 & Assefa Yitebarke, Istria City FC in Season 7
Most Individual Assists in a season: 19. Aaron Aiza(EQS), Herzegovina City FC in Season 5.
Most wins in a season: 31. Herzegovina City FC, Season 6.
Most points in a season: 100. Herzegovina City FC, Season 6.
Most Team Goals For in a season: 108. Herzegovina City FC, Season 4.
Most Draws in a season: 18. Umbazi Metropolitan SC, Season 4.
Best Goal Difference in a season: +67. Herzegovina City FC, Season 4.
Fewest Losses in a season: 0. Herzegovina City FC, Season 6.
Fewest Team Goals Allowed in a season: 19. Herzegovina City FC, Season 6 & Busukuma AC, Season 7.
Fewest Team Goals For in a season: 22. Lakiska SC, Season 7.
Fewest wins in a season: 2. Dukuma SC, Season 2 & Dukuma SC, Season 8.
Fewest points in a season: 14. Dukuma SC, Season 2.
Most Team Goals Allowed in a season: 111. Dukuma SC, Season 2.
Most Losses in a season: 28. Dukuma SC, Season 2.
Worst Goal Difference in a Season: -60. Dukuma SC, Season 2.

Major Rivalries

Istria City Derby between Istria City FC and Rukunbi FC

This is a derby within Banija's biggest city, and it is the country's oldest rivalry- Istria City FC and Rukunbi FC both having played each other a number of times, well before the establishment of the Banijan Soccer League. There is no love lost between these pair of crosstown rivals. Istria City FC is the bigger side, the fancier and glitzier side, with a league title under its belt, an appearance in the UICA Globe Cup knockout stages under its belt, and competing every season to be the best. It has prime real estate on the coastline, and one of the newer stadiums in Banija, in Kabonero III Field. As for Rukunbi FC, they play in the Rukunbi District, which is the Eastern part of town, and the lower income part of the city. Their fans are known for making an intimidating home atmosphere, and are certainly considered Banija's most violent fanbase. So it's always a fun one when these two meet.

The high point of this rivalry came in Season 6, when Rukunbi FC beat Istria City FC 2-0 in a massive upset at home, and the fans, excited over the major victory, stormed the field. They had to, after that, play a game behind closed doors on their home field. The two clubs also tangled, of course, when both put their stadiums forward to host matches in World Cup 81, though it was Kabonero III Field that won out over Eastern Stadium, whcih is an older stadium. Expect fireworks every time these two play, cause you'll never know what you'll get.

Battle for Hangaza's Soul between Jinja City FC and Aissa United Football Club

This is a hot blooded rivalry between the two BSL sides from the Hangaza region. Jinja City FC, the region's big and historically dominant side, from the region's largest city and one of Banija's largest city's in general, and the team from Aissa United FC, the regional capital, and a much smaller city. The rivalry, as one might imagine, is usually dominated by Jinja City FC, but arguably the rivalry's most famous moment came courtesy of Aissa United.

In Season 5, the title race was coming down to Jinja City FC and Istria CIty FC. On the second to final matchday, Istria City FC had 82 points, while Jinja City FC had 83. Istria City FC had a draw- so entering the nightcap, a Jinja City FC victory would leave them needing only a draw on Matchday 38 to win the league. However, Aissa United, away from home, stunned the league leaders 1-0, who then finished in second place on goal difference. A mere point in this game, then, would have won them the league- and that's the closest they've come to their second BSL title since, which is a considerable point of pride for Aissa United. Their matches, since then, have always been high intensity.

The Southern Rumble between Busukuma Athletic Club and the Hoima Warriors

The Southern Rumble is a rivalry between the two Super 5 clubs in the southern part of the country- Busukuma AC and the Hoima Warriors. With Hoima really bereft of a local derby, and Busukuma AC not paying much attention to their local rivals in the Busukuma Force, this one has emerged as the chief rivalry for both teams. They compete on and off the fields, especially in the SOuthern Ankole region, for fans, for players, for all kinds of ways to demonstrate their supremacy.

Busukuma AC, of course, at least has won a title in the past five seasons- the Warriors cannot say the same. There's not really a defining moment in this rivalry, as they've never really competed for trophies at the same time, nor has one side derailed the other in a title race, or anything of that sort, but we know that all this rivalry needs is a spark. Once you lit the match, it can really come off here between two of Banija's Super 5 clubs.

Herzegovina City Derby between Herzegovina City FC and Herzegovina Phoenix

The Phoenix were one of the four expansion sides in Season 2,and they immediately developed a rivalry with the other local club side, Herzegovina City FC. Since, over the course of the last 6 seasons, Herzegovina City FC have almost certainly been Banija's most dominant side, with 4 league titles and a pair of UICA Champions Cup group stage appearances in that era, the Phoenix have been chasing. They've played in numerous high profile matches, especially in Seasons 6 and 7, when the Phoenix were in regular contention for the top four.

The most famous moment on the Herzegovina City side, is when they clinched the league title against the Phoenix in Season 6, with a stunning victory on Matchday 33 over their archrivals, en route to the BSL's only ever undefeated season. For the Phoenix, it probably had to be a thrilling 3-2 victory in the Kabaka's Cup that kicked off Season 4, to earn a trophy for the 2nd season in a row, but this one at the expense of their city archrivals.

North v. South Battle between Istria City FC and Herzegovina City FC

This is part of the larger rivalry between the cities of Istria and Herzegovina City, the two largest cities, and two epicenters, of the Moravica region. Istria, Banija's largest city, and Herzegovina is the oldest city- and the regional capital. The rivalry is perhaps best expressed in the college sports edition of the rivalry, when Northern Moravica, from Herzegovina City, and Loyola-Istria, from Istria, play against each other. But that rivalry is part of the rivalry between the two cities in general, and how can it ever be expressed better than on the pitch?

The high point of this rivalry is probably Season 5, when Istria City FC ended Herzegovina City's quest for a three-peat in the league, by winning their first, and to date, only BSL title. In the RBSA Cup Final that same season, they met in the Final, with Istria City FC looking to become the first ever BSL side to complete a league/cup double. This was not going to happen, however, as the two played a 4-4 thriller, with then Herzegovina City manager Kolt Freegan lifting the trophy high after winning on penalties. Their rematch in the Kabaka's Cup to open the next season saw Istria City FC take its revenge, with the rivalry being solidified between two of the league's top sides.

Battle of the Islands between Dukuma SC and Lakiska SC

This is the rivalry between the two sides from the Busoga Islands- Dukuma SC, and Lakiska SC. Historically, these were the only two sides from the islands to be in the Banijan Soccer League, and even with the addition of the pyramid, and the independence of the Busoga Islands as their own country, this remained to be true. However, these two teams usually hovered towards the bottom of the league table, and therefore ,the rivalry, while fierce locally, has never had any real national implication.

Of course, things are going to change. While in Season 7, they both survived, they took wildly divergent paths in Season 8. While Lakiska SC rose a stunning 12 spots up the table, into 5th, it was Dukuma SC who descended, once again, and only won 2 games out of 38 on the season. Earning only 15 points, they finished last, and were the sole team relegated. The path up is brutal, as only one of the 68 get promoted on annual basis. And, of course, Dukuma SC is an utter and absolute mess, as was seen last season. Who knows when Dukuma will get promoted again to renew the rivalry? That is unknown, but Lakiska is now primed to be the lone Islander side in the top flight for a number of years, and we'll see what that means the next time this rivalry is renewed, at whatever point that might be.
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Rosters


Teams in the BSL-
Underlined players are Banijan internationals.
Nationality is listed if they are not Banijan.
Italicized players are internationals for a foreign country.
All players are male unless otherwise specified.

1. Herzegovina City Football Club.
Manager: Brian Emerson(Cosumar). 80 years old, 5th season at club.
Formation: 4-2-3-1.
GK #16 Francois Tantoh. Age 25. 1st season at club. Came on a free transfer from Duntho Sporting Club in the Southern League.
LB #3 Felix Millar. Age 28(Brenecia).
CB #5 Danijel Brymora. Age 30(Nephara). 1st season at club. Came on a $4.5 million NSD transfer from Brinemouth(Nephara).
CB #4 Lukas Kayserling. Age 20(Recuecn). 1st season at club. Came on a $4.75 million NSD transfer from Hesse Sporting.
RB #2 Obey Chidiebere. Age 30. 1st season at club. Came on a $2.5 million NSD transfer from Bunyoro RSC.
LCM #14 Harald Fireblade. Age 26(Cosumar).
RCM #7 Dennis Brotzmann. Age 30(Siovanija & Teusland). Captain.
RAM #22 Lucas Lucius Vit. Age 33(Natanians & Nosts).
CAM #10 Rosie Tyler. Age 28(Equestrian States). Female.
LAM #17 Marcel Roux. Age 25(Eshan).
ST #9 Christos Tsiavis. Age 29(Nephara).

2. Jinja City Football Club.
Manager: Mór Császár(Pasarga). Former Pasarga NT manager; Copa Rushmori winner. Age 51, 1st season at club.
Formation: 4-3-1-2
GK #1 Iiro Pakenen. Age 24(Savojarna). Came on $2 million NSD transfer from Energie Thorsborg(Savojarna).
LB #2 Matthias Prudenzio. Age 30(Eshan).
CB #15 Jio Eyawanifamni. Age 32(Abaja).
CB #13 Jalang Ba. Age 31. Captain.
RB #18 Jinkzta Ulcviecel. Age 31(Squornshelan Remnant States).
LM #7 Garvan Braehead. Age 29(Brenecia). 1st season at club- transferred from Busukuma Athletic Club(BNJ).
CM #10 Malachi Gallagher. Age 35(Nephara)
RM #23 Sia Fall. Age 33.
CAM #8 Vatan Ercetin. Age 24(Timuria). 1st season at club. Came on $6.5 million NSD transfer from Demirspor(Timuria).
RS #9 Marcus Rose. Age 29(Commonwealth of Baker Park). 1st season at club. Came on free transfer from Monmouth Park FC.
LS #11 Xilit-Zaxac Yol. Age 27(Qusmo).

3. Busukuma Athletic Club.
Manager: Adam Jeffreys(Union of Quincy). 85 years old, 1st season at club. Spent prior three seasons at Bunyoro RSC. Fired after Matchday 18. Mukasa Bukanda(51 years old), former club captain and national team player, appointed interim manager through end of season.
Formation: 4-2-4.
GK #1. Ivan Ignatiev. Age 32(Arioslavia).
RB #2 Ingmar Linderood. Age 30(Ko-oren).
CB #15 Esther Vannatter. Age 28(Nephara).
CB #5 Obadiah Parrott. Age 26(Ko-oren). 1st season at club. Came on a $5.75 million NSD transfer from Cirelbourne(Ko-oren).
LB #6 Celty O'Mercury. Age 29(Cosumar).
CM #18 Phumelele Stofile. Age 31. Captain.
CM #12 Gudrun Crowley. Age 32(Nephara). 1st season at club. Came on $3.1 million NSD transfer from Pelethas United(Cosumar).
LW #7 Baslios Temesgen. Age 34.
ST #9 Alex Sandoval. Age 29(Commonwealth of Baker Park)
ST #10 Ebele Ndulu. Age 23. 1st season at club. Came on free transfer from Kabakono City in the Lower Coastal League.
RW #17 Ambram Salvai. Age 33(Eshan).

4. Hoima Warriors.
Manager: Mark Grayson(Nephara). 51 years old, 3rd season at club.
Formation: 4-2-1-3
GK #1 Chase Rushden. Age 36(Nephara).
LB #3 Daluxolo Matshikiza. Age 31. Captain.
CB #2 Kawsu Kaba. Age 27.
CB #4 Wenceslaw. Age 31(Cosumar).
RB #19 Pablo Castroneves. Age 28(Marianne).
LCM #14 Robert Craig. Age 25(Schottia). 1st season at club. Came on $3.75 million NSD transfer from Cornellians(Schottia).
RCM #13 Mzukisi Nzo. Age 20. 1st season at club. Came on $2 million NSD transfer from Askatasuna FC.
CAM #10 Angelique Underwood. Age 28(Commonwealth of Baker Park). 1st season at club. Came on $2.75 million NSD transfer from Shiloh Ladies FC(Baker Park).
LW #6 Ozolx-Mazur Guv. Age 31(Qusmo).
ST #7 Chizoba Emenanjo. Age 29(Cobrio).
RW #11 Josef Lawerenz. Age 21(Equestrian States).

5. Istria City Football Club.
Manager: Alvin Burnsides(Cosumar), Age 63. 3rd season at club.
Starters: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Joan Martinez Alpacia. Age 32(Eshan).
RB #2 Filije Condé. Age 24.
CB #5 Maximiliane Purcell(Nephara). Age 34.
CB #4 Filije Kolley. Age 30(Busoga Islands).
LB #18 Anwar Petata. Age 27.
RM #11 Jermaine Poole. Age 30(Equestrian States/Yttribia).
CM #19 Murray Hunnisett. Age 25(Hapilopper). 1st season at club. Came on $1.5 million NSD transfer from West River(Hapilopper).
CM #15 Ablie Kah. Age 27.
LM #7 Atsushi Ryu. Age 30(Dunnes).
RS #9 Assefa Yitebarke. Age 32. Captain.
LS #8 Torvald Royle. Age 29(Freeport).

6. Herzegovina Phoenix.
Manager: Jehan Blair(Cosumar). 65 years old. Former Amazonesta National Team manager. 3rd season at club.
Formation: 4-1-3-2.
GK #1 Assefa Berhane. Age 36.
RB #2 Sorcha Lonergan. Age 22(Brenecia). Is on a single season loan from Northern Union(Brenecia).
CB #3 Eindride Cleary. Age 32(Freeport).
CB #5 Mohan Thakshak. Age 27(Busoga Islands).
LB #4 Fekati Abdi. Age 27.
RDM #15 Orion Etzebeth. Age 34(Nephara). Captain.
RM #14 Vidyo Avramov. Age 21(Siovanija & Teusland).
CM #8 Lucia Silkemark. Age 28(Nephara)
LM #7 Julian Turner. Age 29(Dunnes).
RS #9 Corvid Alemane. Age 34(Nephara).
LS #11 Jery Bostun. Age 31(Qasden).

7. Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club.
Manager: Felipe Bergoglio(Amazonesta). Age 59. First season at club. Spent previous six seasons at Barmos United in the Northwestern League.
Starters: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Ke Linkenhorne. Age 35(Bonesea).
RB #2 Katherine Mugabe. Age 21. 1st season at club. Graduate from University of Moravica.
CB #3 Idirissa Ogoo. Age 21. 1st season at club(rookie).
CB #5 Axel Fauler. Age 29(Nephara).
LB #14 Gugulethu Feza. Age 29.
RM #7 Antu Ouattara. Age 20. 1st season at club(rookie.)
RCM #12 Aaron Starkey. Age 28(Blaneu).
LCM #11 Paula Farquhar. Age 29(Brenecia). Female.
LM #8 Davide Waguespack. Age 24(Gloriax).
ST #10 Guillame Fontanils. Age 22(Acronius).
ST #9 Andrey Soltykov. Age 29(Arioslavia).

8. The Lwanga Lions.
Manager: Simon Wanjala. Age 45. 5th season at club. Former starter on the Banijan National Team.
Starters: 4-2-1-3
GK #1 Eric Tarbowza. Age 25.
RB #2 Nweke Obasea. Age 29.
CB #4 Idirissa Dieye. Age 25.
CB #5 Negus Kebede. Age 36(Busoga Islands). Captain.
LB #6 Jato Ceesay. Age 25.
RCM #20 Basant Servaia. Age 35.
LCM #25 Karamba Fatty. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
CAM #10 Xavier Melchoir. Age 23(Taeshan).
LW #7 Phineas Antwell. Age 26(Cosumar)
ST #9 Karamba Biri. Age 23.
RW #11 Samba Singateh. Age 26.

9. Askatasuna Football Club.
Manager: Al Iska, 58 years old. 3rd season at the club.
Starters: 5-3-2
GK #1 Raphael Yaremka. Age 22(Silver Beach). 1st season at club.
RWB #2 Sociga Ngolomingi. Age 24.
RCB #5 Ekwueme Ikenna. Age 26.
CB #6 Assan Sanneh. Age 28.
LCB #4 Akumjeli Chinua. Age 26.
LWB #18 Sarah Williamson. Age 22. Female. 1st season at club. Graduate of Kizza I College.
LM #17 Mesuli Ncita. Age 21.
CM #15 Mazzi Ketobo. Age 22. 1st season at club. (Rookie.)
RM #12 Martin Lucey. Age 24(Dunnes).
RS #7 Alulawe Ju. Age 34(Abaja)
LS #11 Rada Ezera. Age 35.

10. Kitara Athletic Association.
Manager: Alan Bettles, 67 years old. 3rd season at club.
Starters: 3-4-3 Diamond.
GK #1 Sodo Nagatomo. Age 28(Kita-Hinode)
RB #2 Yuri Poltoranin. Age 31(Arioslavia).
CB #15 Melech Gersem. Age 37. Captain.
LB #19 Abraham Godefai. Age 31.
CDM #14 Thomas Owen. Age 28(Audioslavia)
RM #8 Anwar Dawit. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of the Kitara Regional Academy.
LM #11 Ahmad Abdullah. Age 27(Abaja)
CAM #10 Jackson Oglobelo. Age 27(Abaja).
LW #7 Nick Haller. Age 28(Commonwealth of Baker Park).
ST #9 Ikshu Amitabh. Age 26(Busoga Islands).
RW #8 Madu Okparra. Age 23.

11. Mynda Electra -
Manager: Daniel Lucas(Chromatika). 42 years old, 1st season at club.
Starters: 4-2-3-1.
GK #1 Tore Delgado. Age 20(Darmen).
RB #2 Helek-Evela Mal. Age 17(Qusmo). 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
CB #4 Ousman Mansaré. Age 27.
CB #5 Jibrin Ouattara. Age 20. 1st season at club(rookie.)
LB #3 Isaka Karamba. Age 22. 1st season at club(rookie.)
CDM #15 Abesalom Yitay. Age 28.
CDM #12 Essa Kama. Age 28.
RAM #17 Ngũnjiri Wachiuru. Age 31. Captain.
CAM #11 Musukuta Badjie. Age 23. 1st season at club. Graduate of Northern Moravica University.
LAM #8 Fakebba Ouattara. Age 27.
ST #9 Idi Singhateh. Age 32.

12. Aissa United Football Club.
Manager: Travis Kadongo. 42 years old. 1st season at club. Former assistant at Jinja City FC under Alexander Bumba; graduate of the joint Fuzpon Qusma-RBSA-BISA Coaching Academy.
Starters: 5-4-1
GK #1 Mohammed Daramy Age 31. Captain.
RWB #2 Bwuma Ndaw. Age 24.
RCB #15 Hassan Thiaw. Age 21(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club(rookie.)
CB #15 Alanso Sidibeh. Age 20. 1st season at club(rookie.)
LCB #17 Eduardo Val De La Salles. Age 32(Amazonesta)
LB #7 Oaitse Lekgotla. Age 27.
RM #18 Lallo Jarju. Age 20. 1st season at club(rookie.)
CM #8 Asanda Nombem. Age 23.
CM #10 Nweke Obasee. Age 27.
LM #23 Jajah Chee. Age 27.
ST #9 Kawsu Mamela. Age 24.

13. Isipongo Flash.
Manager: Forzu-Denir Ono(Qusmo). 51 years old. Second year at club. Fired after Matchday 24. Enrique Gonzalez(Amazonesta), 43 years old, former Flash assistant manager, will be team's interim manager throughout the rest of the season.
Starters: 3-4-3.
GK #1 Essa Kama. Age 28.
RB #2 Yashpal Gopaal. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
CB #4 Jayce Howard. Age 34(Brenecia). Captain.
LB #5 Malo Izijurim. Age 34(Abaja).
RM #7 Mandla Pukwana. Age 23.
CDM #18 Orin Set. Age 29(Silver Beach). 1st season at club.
CAM #10 Assan Sanneh. Age 25.
LM #17 Baluta Sonko. Age 23.
RW #8 Lelethu Pukwana, Age 25.
LW #11 Jelany Beluchi. Age 21.
ST #9 Noah Lamont Hill. Age 35(Devonta).

14. Igulu City FC
Manager: Abraham Akampurira. 45 years old. Former Men's National Team Player. 5th season as manager.
Formation: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Leonard Patterson. Age 33(Audioslavia). 1st season at club. Came on free transfer from the Chenoworth Harriers(Nephara).
RB #2 Ijeawele Chi. Age 20.
CB #5 Adinew Bullo. Age 21.
CB #4 Belai Mulu. Age 24.
LB #3 Gachanja Mwai. Age 32. Captain.
RM #11 Kóri Vacík. Age 26(Equestrian States)
CM #14 Chyke Obasie. Age 25.
CM #18 Enyinnaya Jideofor. Age 24.
LM #7 Udo Obasie. Age 28.
RS #11 Benedicto Montoya. Age 33(Darmen). 1st season at club. Came on $250,000 NSD transfer from Romanopolis United(Darmen).
LS #9 Kenyatta Mũraya. Age 32.

15. Rukunbi Football Club.
Manager: Teague Spanos. Age 69, 12th season at club.
Starters: 4-3-3
GK #1 Jelanee Jideofor. Age 27.
RB #2 Chizoba Uwaezuoke. Age 29.
CB #5 Nwabudike Uchechie. Age 24.
CB #3 Soli Souba. Age 25.
LB #12 Ayele Zekalu. Age 26.
LM #13 Bubacar Kujabi. Age 22. 1st season at club(rookie.)
CM #8 Demetrio Arroyo. Age 31(Osarius). 1st season at club. Free transfer from Lotus Park(Brenecia).
RM #6 Upanshu Paramartha. Age 26(Busoga Islands). Captain.
LW #11 Kamu Jacobs. Age 25(Busoga Islands).
ST #9 Tyrone Barrett. Age 18(Hapilopper). 1st season at club. Signed out of Washington State College(Hapilopper).
RW #24 Samba Ogunsola. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.

16. Lakiska Sporting Club.
Manager: Winad-Lenpi Xlo(Qusmo). 4th season at club. Hired midseason in Season 7.
Starters: 4-5-1
GK #1 Carlton Sandt. Age 19(Sarzonia). 1st season at club. Signed out of Woodstock City College(Sarzonia).
RB #2 Uzoma Iruka. Age 23(Female).
CB #5 Bezerra Lemos. Age 32(Amazonesta)
CB #4 Govind Nigam. Age 20(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club. Signed from the Islander Regional Academy.
LB #19 Mohammed Gassama. Age 19(Banija/Busoga Islands dual-national). 1st season at club(rookie.)
LM #7 Barkha Visariya. Age 19(Busoga Islands). Female. 1st season at club. Signed from the Islander Regional Academy.
CM #15 Utpal Ishan. Age 27(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club. Came on free transfer from the Hoima Warriors.
CDM #18 Joseph Williamson. Age 33(Busoga Islands). Captain.
CM #14 Kizza Okafor. Age 26.
RM #8 Ibrahim Fatah. Age 25(Busoga Islands).
ST #9 Ousman Babaja. Age 32(Busoga Islands).

17. Busukuma Force.
Manager: Brun Kissinger(Nephara), 54 years old. 3rd season at club.
Formation: 4-1-4-1.
GK #1 Wanda Kouyaté. Age 19(Female). 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
RB #13 Obi Newada. Age 29.
CB #5 Madu Chi. Age 28.
CB #4 Kemo Jobe. Age 22.
LB #14 Lama Nyang. Age 20.
CDM #8 Alieu Mendy. Age 27.
RM #17 Vanza-Vlont Bel. Age 19(Qusmo).
CM #14 Uzochi Okparro. Age 23.
LCM #15 Fabio Hamamura. Age 32(Amazonesta). Captain.
LM #11 Kabiru Kouyaté. Age 26.
ST #9 Fara Keita. Age 20. 1st season at club(rookie.)

18. Umbazi Metropolitan Sporting Club.
Manager: Juma Ouattara. 43 years old. 1st season at the club. Spent prior 2 seasons at Kabakono City in the Lower Coastal League.
Starters: 4-4-2
GK #1 Amat Turay. 24 years old.
RB #2 Simon Johnson. Age 31(Schottia). 1st season at club. Came on $2.25 million NSD transfer from The Warriors(Schottia).
CB #5 Araiy. Age 26(Dainer).
CB #3 Hatabu Ouattara. Age 32. Captain.
LB #12 Wasa Dibba. Age 29.
LM #25 Asa Sylla. Age 27.
CM #8 Gared Kuepher. Age 27(Nephara). 1st season at club. Came on free transfer from Bishop(Nephara).
CM #14 Tamba Kama. Age 20. 1st season at club(rookie.)
RM #17 Adama Coote. Age 19. 1st season at club(rookie.)
LS #7 Baboucar Biri. Age 24.
RS #11 Demetro Laterza. Age 32(Juvencus).

19. Busembe Timberwolves.
Manager: Zachary Sols(Qasden), Age 56. 3rd season at the club.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Edgar Farsal-Smith. Age 24(Mercedini).
RB #2 Berihu Temesgen. Age 34.
CB #4 Nkemdilim Jel. Age 26.
CB #5 Emeka Jajah. Age 27.
LB #3 Valentina Fairbairn. Age 27(Qasden). 1st season at club. Free transfer from Diamondqueen(Nephara).
RM #7 Uchey Nwankwo. Age 25.
CM #19 Mazi Chidea. Age 27.
CM #12 Kiggwe Basamula. Age 24. Captain.
LM #8 Madhav Oojam. Age 26(Busoga Islands).
RS #11 Neil Richards. Age 31(Commonwealth of Baker Park).
LS #9 Jeff Finte. Age 23(Chromatika). 1st season at club. Signed after graduation from Eyrods Tech University(Chromatika).

20. Hawabark Boulders
Manager: Kiggwe Kabelo. Age 42. 1st season at club. Spent prior season as assistant manager at Herzegovina City FC.
Formation: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Giovanni Falco. Age 24(Freeport/Equestrian States).
RB #2 Abdullah Guennoun. Age 21(Busoga Islands).
CB #5 Chinou Chydey. Age 25.
CB #4 Jiba Nzuza. Age 28.
LB #3 Fyodor Khalturin. Age 33(Arioslavia). Captain.
RM #11 Kairaba Kujabi. Age 33.
CM #14 Chi Chibueze. Age 26.
CM #10 Suhayl Mostafa Ahmed. Age 29(Al Qurija)
LM #19 Madu Okparra. Age 23.
RS #7 Boto Mboge. Age 23. 1st year at club- free transfer from Busembe Timberwolves.
LS #12 Lafi Kabba. Age 31.
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Banija's Regional Soccer Leagues - Season 6 Basic Information

The Royal Banijan Soccer Association is proud to present the second layer of Banija's soccer pyramid in both Banija and the Busoga Islands- the Regional League system. The Northwestern League, the Lower Coastal League, the Northern League, and the Southern League, combine to criss-cross the two nations. Each of the four leagues are fully professional.

This will be the sixth season of full integration of the Regional League System into the Banijan soccer pyramid. These are the leagues where RBSA participants in the UICA Serie B Champions Cup come from. One team is promoted from the regional leagues to the BSL each and every season. All four league champions enter a promotion playoff, where they are randomly drawn against each other for two-legged ties. The two winners play a one-off final at the Stadium of the Restoration, and the winner is the sole team promoted to the Banijan Soccer League. The three regional league champions who do not get promoted qualify directly to the Serie B Champions Cup. AFC Kosactus, formerly of the Northwestern League, has been moved to the Northern League to keep balance after the relegation of Corizova United into the Northwestern League and the promotion of Igulu City FC from the Northern League.

The Northwestern League
Regions- Moravica & Busoga Islands
1. Corizova United FC. CUFC. Location: Corizova, Moravica. Color: Gold.
River Corizova Stadium
Capacity of 8,900.

2. Taramazna United. TMU. Location: Taramazna, Moravica. Color: Blue.
Abeselome Field
Capacity of 5,500.

3. Eastern Moravica Football Club. EMFC. Location: Iziarad, Moravica. Color: Scarlet.
University of Moravica Multi-Purpose Field
Capacity of 16,500. Rents the facility from the University of Moravica.

4. Jaribga Soccer Club. JSC. Location: Jaribga, Busoga. Color: Blue.
Jarigba Soccer Stadium
Capacity of 4,000.

5. Tezirbu Foxes. TZF. Location: Tezirbu, Busoga. Color: Green.
Southern Busoga Soccer Park
Capacity of 3,700.

6. Slobochia Bears. SBB. Location: Slobochia, Moravica. Color: Purple.
Slobochia City Field.
Capacity of 6,600.

7. Koszagard City. KZC. Location: Koszagard, Moravica. Color: Orange.
Koszagard City Stadium.
Capacity of 4,400.

8. Barmos United. BU. Loction: Barmos, Moravica. Color: Green.
Lilley Road
Capacity of 7,700.

9. Dukuma Sporting Club. DSC. Location: Dukuma, Busoga. Colors: Purple & white.
Orange Field, capacity of 17,000.

10. Suwawa FC. SFC. Location: Suwawa, Moravica. Color: Green.
Crystal Road.
Capacity of 11,110.

11. Tripoli Foresters. TRI. Location: Tripoli, Busoga. Color: Green.
Forest Stadium
Capacity of 10,300.

12. Nezrouch Rovers. NR. Location: Nezrouch, Busoga. Color: Blue.
Rovers Arena
Capacity of 5,400.

THe Lower Coastal League
Regions: Ankole, Kitara, National Capitol Region
1. Kwadama Dojo. KWD. Location: Kwadama, Ankole. Colors: Red.
Kwadama City Field.
Capacity of 11,300.

2. Kabakono City. KBC. Location: Kabakona, Kitara. Colors: Blue.
Kilebe Road.
Capacity of 12,000.

3. Nsade United. NDU. Location: Nsade, Ankole. Colors: Blue.
Nsade United City Stadium
Capacity of 17,800[/url].

4. AFC Akwadua. AKW. Location: Akwadua, Kitara. Colors: Blue.
St.Matthew Park
Capacity of 7,600.
5. Dimbogourou Sporting Club. DSC. Location: Dimbogourou, Ankole. Colors: Purple.
Commonwealth Stadium
Capacity of 10,400.
6. Kiala Athletic Society. KAS. Location: Kiala, Kitara. Colors: Pink.
The Valley
Capacity of 6,800.

7. Zakuta City. ZKC. Location: Zakuta, Ankole. Colors: Green.
Forest Stadium
Capacity of 8,600.

8. Dioro Athletic. DJA. Location: Djoro, Kitara. Colors: Green.
Recreation Ground
Capacity of 6,700.

9. Baleweye Football Club. BFC. Location: Baleweye, Ankole. Colors: Turquoise.
Mamela Road
Capacity of 9,700.

10. Mamari City. MMC. Loction: Mamari, Kitara. Colors: Blue.
Mamari Valley Stadium
Capacity of 4,800.

11. Ogbordu Diamond Football Club. ODFC. Location: Hoima, Ankole. Colors: Orange.
Hoima City Park
Capacity of 18,600.

12. Capitol City Football Club. CCFC. Location: Busukuma, National Capitol region(coterminous borders). Colors: Blue.
[spoiler=]Capitol Grounds[/url]
Capacity of 29,400.

Northern League
Regions: Hangaza & Aksum(+1 team from Moravica).
1. AFC Kosactus. AFCK. Location: Kosactus, Moravica. Color: Red.
Kosactus Stadium
Capacity of 11,000.

2. Luguyala Patriots. LGY. Location: Luguyala, Aksum. Colors: Red.
Patriot Stadium
Capacity of 8,600.

3. Nanami Dragons. NNI. Location: Jinja City, Hangaza. Colors: Orange.
The Dragon's Nest
Capacity of 12,300. Shares stadium with archrival Selekawe Knights. Stadium located where Nanami and Selekawe neighborhoods meet.

4. Selekawe Knights. KNT. Location: Jinja City, Hangaza. Colors: Blue.
The Dragon's Nest
Capacity of 12,300. Shares stadium with archrival Nanami Dragons. Stadium located where Nanami and Selekawe neighborhoods mmet.

5. Garixas City. GXC. Location: Garixas, Hangaza. Colors: Blue.
Union Stadium
Capacity of 7,400.

6. Thayaferu United. TYF. Location: Thayaferu, Aksum. Colors: Pink.
The Queen's PlayGround
Capacity: 6,500.

7. Okakameb City. OKB. Location: Okakameb, Hangaza. Colors: Orange.
Okakameb City Field
Capacity of 12,400.

8. AFC Okahavi. OKH. Location: Okahavi, Aksum. Colors: Red.
Hills Stadium
Capacity of 8,700.

9. Duntho Sporting Club. DSC. Loction: Duntho, Hangaza. Colors: Green.
Duntho Public Sporting Facility
Capacity of 6,500. Owned by the city. Rented by DSC, Also used by local high school teams.

10. Cerenus United. CNU. Location: Cerenus, Aksum. Colors: Pink.
The Lion's DenCapacity of 5,400.

11. Gadive City. GDC. Location: Gadive City, Hangaza. Colors: Red.
Hampton Roads
Capacity of 15,400.

12. Koksho City. KSH. Location: Koksho, Aksum. Colors: Green.
Koksho City Arena..
Capacity of 17,000.

Southern League
Regions: Buganda & Bunyoro
1. Umbazi Footballers Association. UFA. Location: Umbazi, Buganda. Colors: Red.
NightWatch Stadium
Capacity of 8,900. Their main rivals were Umbazi Metropolitan Sporting Club before UMFC was chosen for the BSL as opposed to UFA.

2. Dodoma City Sporting Club. DCSC. Location: Dodoma, Bunyoro. Colors: Green.
Dodomo City Stadium.
Dodomo City Stadium, Capacity of 33,000. Used to share stadium with Bunyoro RSC. Dodoma City SC v. Bunyoro RSC was the most played fixture in Banijan history before the advent of the BSL.

3. Bwubanza City Soccer Club. BCSC. Location: Bwubanza, Bunyoro. Colors: Blue
Bwubanza City Park, capacity of 40,000.

4. Kigagana Mountaineers. KGG. Location: Kigagana, Bunyoro. Colors: Blue.
Mountain Stadium
Capacity of 3,900.

5. Busemlu Park Sporting Club. BSM. Location: Busemlu Park, Buganda. Colors: Orange.
Allopu II Stadium
Capacity: 8,600. Named after the only Banijan monarch to ever be born in the Buganda region.

6. Mukegara Warriors. MKG. Location: Mukegara, Bunyoro. Colors: Green.
Stade Jacques IX
Capacity of 3,400. Only stadium in Banija named after a foreigner. It takes on the name of the head of the Quebecois Commonwealth, which Banija is a member of. The Head of the Commonwealth is invested in the role of the Head of State of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, who is currently Jacques IX

7. Pumbasa Boars. PUM. Location: Pumbasa, Buganda. Colors: Orange.
Pumbasa City Park
Capacity of 6,800.
8. Byakado City. BYK. Location: Byakado, Bunyoro. Colors: Orange.
Byakado City Park
Capacity of 7,600.[/url]

9. Boufaya Ravens. BFY. Location: Boufaya, Buganda. Colors: Blue.
The Bird's Nest
Capacity of 9,100.

10. Sororo City. SOR. Location: Sororo, Bunyoro. Colors: Blue.
Sororo City Park
Capacity of 10,300

11. Abomfa United. ABM. Location: Abomfa, Buganda. Colors: Red.
Abomfa Field
Capacity of 9,700.

12. Amaku City Football Club. ACFC. Location: Amaku, Bunyoro. Colors: Red.
Amaku Football Arena
Capacity of 8,800.
Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Banijan Regional League System - Season 6 Rosters

Underlined players are Banijan internationals.
Nationality is listed if they are not Banijan.
Players are male unless specified otherwise.
Italicized players are internationals for a foreign country.

The Northwestern League
1. Dukuma Sporting Club.
Manager: Yaser Karimi(Al Qurija). 67 years old, 5th season at club(member of Karimi family, owners of Dukuma SC)
Starters: 4-4-2 diamond.
GK #1 Ayman Jawdat Sultan. Age 27(Al Qurija)
RB #14 Haresh Kekade. Age 23(Busoga Islands)
CB #5 Sarah Ward. Age 31(Osarius). 1st season at club. Came on free transfer from Crawford City(Cosumar).
CB #6 Bunama Hairte. Age 23.
LB #23 Tansu Mirani. Age 18(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club. Signed out of Islander Regional Academy.
CDM #21 Vyomaang Yuval. Age 26(Busoga Islands).
LM #7 Kinuthia Warari. Age 23(Busoga Islands)
RM #18 Kekoto Hairte. Age 24.
CAM #10 Jay Khano. Age 25(Busoga Islands).
RS #19 Reece Gorbell. Age 19(Eshan). 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
LS #9 Kurtis Southwell. Age 31(Brenecia). Captain.

2. Barmos United.
Manager: Sukai Corr. Age 44. Female. 1st season at club. Former head coach of Northern Moravica University Women's Soccer.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Anti Kandeh. 26 years old (Female).
RB #20 Nirav Sopar. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
CB #4 Nhamo Rugeje. Age 31.
CB #5 Nassim Samir Nejem. Age 27(Al Qurija).
LB #3 Tarirai Towungana. Age 36. Captain.
RM #14 Daniyal Zubairi. Age 17(Busoga Islands). Signed out of Islander Regional Academy.
CM #23 Derell Montilibac. Age 20(Eshan). Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
CM #10 Burama Jawo. Age 24.
LM #12 Bassirou Jarju. Age 21.
RS #15 Yaya Kama. Age 25.
LS #7 Fara Sey. Age 23.

3. Corizova United
Manager: Samba Kouyaté. 46 years old. Third season at club.
Formation: 5-3-2
GK #1 Sulayman Diawara. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
RWB #2 Sara Diene. Age 23. 1st season at club. Female. Graduate of Northern Moravica University.
RCB #5 Dike Ikem. Age 31.
CB #3 Yoro Janneh. Age 31. Captain.
LCB #4 Kekoto Gassama. Age 25.
LWB #6 Zamile Nkuhlu. Age 25.
LM #17 Ogbonna Chioke. Age 28.
CM #10 Okparo Oluchi. Age 27.
RM #8 Gola Torsaray. Age 21(Nephara).
RS #11 Kaddy Sohnaur. Age 23. 1st season at club. Female. Graduate of the University of Loyola-Istria.
LS #12 Bubacar Senghore. Age 33.

4. Suwawa FC.
Manager: Estève Palomer. Age 61(Nuovo Juvencus). 5th season at club.
Formation: 5-4-1.
GK #1 Ohlud Venzi. Age 30.
LWB #13 Busang Diphetogo. Age 33.
LCB #4 Fanding Jobateh. Age 24.
CB #5 Jabril Faye. Age 23.
RCB #16 Uchechee Agu. Age 24.
RWB #19 Ookeditse Theofilo. Age 34.
LM #17 Babaja Mansaré. Age 21.
CM #8 Kun Kuya. Age 24.
CM #15 Reginius Kunst. Age 21(Cosumar).
RM #14 Seako Mothibi. Age 33. Captain.
ST #12 Sarika Birla. Age 18(Busoga Islands). Signed out of the Islander Regional Academy.

5. Tezirbu Foxes
Manager: Abadar Al-Jeafar. Age 44. Longtime goalkeeper, son of previous manager Mohammad Al-Jeafar. 1st season at manager.
Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond.
GK #1 Arin Al-Jeafar. Age 22(Twin sister of Guney Al-Jeafar, daughter of manager Abadar Al-Jeafar and granddaughter of former manager Mohammed Al-Jeafar). Graduate of North Busoga University. (Busoga Islands).
RB #2 Qaasin Hussein. Age 31. (Busoga Islands)
CB #4 Fihr Muhammed Bousaid. Age 30(Al Qurija). Captain.
CB #5 Qaaje Nassar. Age 33(Busoga Islands).
LB #3 Makang Jallow. Age 20.
CDM #18 Abbas Behdad. Age 22(Busoga Islands).
LM #17 Mashhur Al-Jeafar. Age 25(first son of manager Abadar Al-Jeafar and grandson of former manager Mohammed Al-Jeafar). (Busoga Islands)
RM #8 Freydoun Rezghi. Age 23(Busoga Islands).
CAM #10 Shakeel el-Salih. Age 30(Busoga Islands).
RS #11 Guney Al-Jeafar. Age 22(Twin sister of Arin Al-Jeafar, daughter of manager Abadar Al-Jeafar and granddaughter of former manager Mohammed Al-Jeafar). Graduate of North Busoga University. (Busoga Islands).
LS #9 Kabeer al-Sadri. Age 31(Busoga Islands).

6. Eastern Moravica FC
Manager: Oscar Boateng. 6th season at club. 61 years old.
Formation: 4-2-3-1.
GK #1 Rohey Bajo. 26 years old (Female).
RB #2 Madoda Hani. Age 32.
CB #5 Ebrima Kabba. Age 20.
CB #4 Yakube Kinte. Age 21.
LB #3 Phakamile Vavi. Age 34.
RDM #8 Ebrahima Kandeh. Age 22.
LDM #14 Cyper Touray. Age 23.
RAM #11 Sevil Basturk. Age 23(Busoga Islands). Female. 1st season at club. Graduate of the Islamic University of Busoga.
CAM #10 Momodou Sene. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
LAM #7 Silumko Ngubenani. Age 31. Captain.
CF #9 Khuzani Nzo. Age 30.

7. Jaribga Soccer Club
Manager: Ermacora Dinapoli. Age 66(Juvencus). 5th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-3 diamond.
GK #1 Hibbaan al-Shareef. Age 29(Busoga Islands). Captain.
RB #2 Jamaal Khalid Tawfiq. Age 28(Al Qurija)
CB #5 Behzad Bina. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
LB #35 Naaji al-Azam. Age 28(Busoga Islands).
CDM #14 Gotay Ajaay. Age 32(Busoga Islands).
LM #17 Davoud Qasemi. Age 23.
RM #8 Ramazan Erdogan. Age 20(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club(rookie.)
CAM #10 Ismaela Sohna. Age 21.
LW #11 Foday Jallow. Age 19(South Detroit). 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
ST #9 Asmar al-Alli. Age 33(Busoga Islands).
RW #7 Hamza el-Abu. Age 33(Busoga Islands).

8. Slobochia Bears.
Manager: Travis Yeste. Age 57. 8th season at club.
Formation: 3-1-3-2-1
GK #1 Ashwin Ghatori. Age 18(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club. Signed out of Islander Regional Academy.
RB #2 Anuj Mundra. Age 19(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club. Signed out of Islander Regional Academy.
CB #5 Gianfranco Malvos. Age 20(Sticiano). 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
LB #3 Sarjo Diene. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
CDM #6 Ebrah Corr. Age 31.
LM #17 Buzwe Ntshona. Age 27.
CM #8 Carl Stieber. Age 31(Equestrian States). Captain.
RM #7 Karamba Tityana. Age 24.
LAM #10 Mangaliso Mandela. Age 34.
RAM #14 Ermias Dibaba. Age 27.
ST #9 Dingindawo Pokwana. Age 33.

9. Koszagard City
Manager: Karafa Dibba. Age 42. Second season at club.
Formation; 4-2-4.
GK #1 Mantek Ranwa. Age 27(Busoga Islands).
RB #2 Abdoulaye Condé. Age 21.
CB #5 Karamo Bajo. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
CB #4 Velile Makwetu. Age 34. Captain.
LB #3 Wendimu Retta. Age 28.
CM #8 Thamsanqa Pukwana. Age 32. Captain.
CM #14 Sizamile Siganeko. Age 31.
LW #11 Mzwakhe Siwani. Age 28.
RS #9 Reza Freydooni. Age 23(Busoga Islands).
LS #10 Victor Frost. Age 33(Ethane).
RW #7 Manlafi Singhateh. Age 21.

10. Nezrouch Rovers
Manager: Alberto Cuandro(Age 62). Amazonesta. Fifth season as manager at the club.
Formation: 4-3-3
GK #1 Zigar Singh. Age 33(Busoga Islands).
RB #2 Jamaal el-Akhtar. Age 34(Busoga Islands).
CB #15 Sirvan Rahnema. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
CB #29 Aziz Dehghan. Age 23(Busoga Islands).
LB #3 Ala al-Din Mahomet El-Hashem. Age 25(Al Qurija)
CM #8 Jallal Abbasi. Age 23(Busoga Islands).
CM #18 Rajab al-Ben. Age 34(Busoga Islands). Captain.
CAM #10 Logan Mabiala. Age 23.
LW #11 Dileep Fulzele. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
ST #12 Arjun Singh. Age 20(Busoga Islands).
RW #7 Masud Latif. Age 29(Busoga Islands).

11. Taramazna United.
Manager: Yasser Qadir. Age 67(Al-Qurija). Fifth season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Njongo Jabavu. Age 28.
RB #2 Yekile Nzo. Age 32.
CB #5 Fezile Ntsokwana. Age 36. Captain.
CB #4 Fanding Jobateh. Age 22.
LB #3 Parviz Blourian. Age 20(Busoga Islands).
RM #7 Bayou Melkamu. Age 19. 1st season at club. (rookie.)
CM #14 Mzwandile Tyali. Age 34
CM #8 Baboucar Daramy. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Moravica Regional Academy.
LM #23 Bekila Abdime. Age 21. 1st season at club. (rookie.)
LS #9 Natalie Lachman. Age 17(Silver Beach). Female. 1st season at club. Twin sister of Ishmael Lachman
RS #12 Qondile Gomay. Age 26.

12. Tripoli Foresters
Manager: Josiah Buba(Busoga Islands). 45 years old. Former Banijan men's national team player. Fifth season as coach. Born & raised in Tripoli.
Formation: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Kylian Jawara. Age 22(Busoga Islands).
RB #2 Karim Shahi. Age 23(Busoga Islands).
CB #5 Gul Dall. Age 27(twin brother of Sahar Dall). (Busoga Islands)
CB #4 Sahar Dall. Age 27(twin brother of Gul Dall). (Busoga Islands)
LB #13 Raj Potrick. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
LM #17 Kiran Sapar. Age 21(Busoga Islands).
CM #8 Juba Marakinda. Age 19(Banija/Eshan dual national). Signed out of the Islander Regional Academy.
CM #10 Qusay Binyamin Ajam. Age 25(Al Qurija). Captain.
RM #7 Yoosuf al-Zakaria. Age 33(Busoga Islands).
RS #9 Nese Celebi. Age 20(Busoga Islands). Female. 1st season at club. Played two years at Northern Moravica University before deciding to go pro.
LS #11 Samsor Lanjwani. Age 28(Busoga Islands).

Lower Coastal League
1. Kabakono City
Manager: Jared Clotterman. Age 36(Schottia). Former player for the Isipongo Flash. First Season as manager.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Karafa Touray. Age 28.
RB #12 Hagos Zewedu. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.
CB #4 Fumnanya Chukwuma. Age 25.
CB #5 Paboy Mansaré. Age 21.
LB #2 John Balong. Age 25.
RM #11 Senay Dejene. Age 28.
CM #10 Oby Uchee. Age 23.
CM #8 Bahij Wafi Saab. Age 31(Al Qurija). Captain.
LM #7 George Walters. Age 31.
RS #10 Sajo Dieye. Age 25.
LS #9 Yivix-Nexev Opu. Age 18(Qusmo). 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.

2. Capitol City Football Club.
Manager: Akhona Joyi. 48 years old, 3rd season as manager.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Aman Melku. Age 27.
RB #2 Malik Secka. Age 33. Captain.
CB #5 Makang Darboe. Age 21.
CB #4 Faraba Coote. Age 22.
LB #3 Sulayman Bajo. Age 24.
RM #17 Jabr Afzal Abdullah. Age 27(Al Qurija)
CM #18 Mamdooh Shambhani. Age 19(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club. Signed out of Islander Regional Academy.
CM #14 Immaculate Kaba. Age 18. Female. 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
LM #7 Jabril Guissé. Age 23.
RS #9 Kausu Dione. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
LS #10 Zema Biruh. Age 23. Female. 1st season at club. Graduate from the University of Loyola-Istria.

3. Baleweye Football Club
Manager: Lukas Bornas. 67 years old. 10th season at club.
Formation: 4-3-3 false nine
GK #1 Bassam Harith Boulos. Age 25(Al Qurija).
RB #2 Paboy Saidykhan. Age 30.
CB #5 Daba Mansaré. Age 33.
CB #4 Kamara Njie. Age 34.
LB #3 Jombo Ogoo. Age 23.
CDM #14 Bouba Ceesay. Age 27.
RCM #18 Momodou Marong. Age 34. Captain.
LCM #8 Nirav Pat. Age 25(Busoga Islands).
CAM #10 Kebaneilwe Omolemo. Age 23.
LW #7 Alec Pogbranovic. Age 19(Eshan). 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
RW #11 Mohammed Beatar. Age 25.

4. Zakuta City
Manager: Al Thompson. 67 years old. 12th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-3.
GK #1 Isaac Ngulu. Age 21.
RB #2 Malik Ndaw. Age 30.
CB #4 Petros Obi Joas. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.
LB #3 Yaya Condeh. Age 33.
RM #17 Baturou Jawara. Age 36. Captain.
CM #18 Yohannes Asmelash. Age 27.
CM #14 Ugonna Uche. Age 25.
LM #11 Idris Nur ad-Din Naaji. Age 26(Al Qurija)
RW #7 Ablan Jaye. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
ST #9 Madu Okparra. Age 23.
LW #19 Ablie Sanneh. Age 34.

5. Djoro Athletic
Manager: Pilate Esters. 57 years old. 7th season at club.
Formation: 4-5-1 Diamond.
GK #1 Aron Hassan. Age 26.
RB #2 Hatabu Manneh. Age 32.
CB #5 Kemo Savaneh. Age 33. Captain.
CB #4 Laity Touré. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
LB #3 Orjea Agu. Age 23.
RM #17 Karafa Ngum. Age 34.
RCM #14 Tolla Amde. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.
CM #8 Musa Gaye, Age 19.
LCM #18 Robert Kabuja. Age 20.
LM #19 Ediresa Biri. Age 34.
CF#9 Rasheed Munir Al-Mufti. Age 32(Al Qurija)

6. Ogbordu Diamond Football Club
Manager: Lionel Bosta(Amazonesta). Age 51, 2nd season at club.
Formation: 5-4-1
GK #1 Yankubah Colley. Age 29.
RWB #2 Chinwe Akabueze. Age 24.
RCB #5 Chijioke Okorie. Age 24.
CB #4 Izuchukwu Zebenjo. Age 25.
LCB #3 Sama Mboob. Age 31.
LWB #20 Orji Mazzi. Age 23.
RM #7 Kabiru Mendy. Age 22.
CM #10 Bassi Kayode. Age 23.
CM #8 Obasey Jideofor. Age 24.
LM #11 Wassa Kairaba. Age 33. Captain.
CF#9 Umar Thamir Nagi. Age 27(Al Qurija)

7. Nsade United.
Manager: Mbasi Niang. Age 47. Female. 2nd season at club. 1st ever female manager in the RBSA on a co-ed team.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Ostis Pialo. Age 19(Sticiano). 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.
RB #2 Chydea Ijeawele. Age 23.
CB #5 Chima Ekenedilichukwu. Age 22.
CB #4 Awa Sene. Age 18. Female. 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
LB #3 Mesuli Nahola. Age 33.
LM #7 Amanuel Selassie. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.
CM #10 Thembalethu Mthobeni. Age 33. Captain.
CM #8 Sonwabo Najeke. Age 33.
RM #17 Gcobani Dumalisile. Age 32.
RS #11 Maduabuchim Ndulu. Age 22.
LS #9 Finnr Beckert. Age 22(Equestrian States)

8. AFC Akwadua
Manager: Kidane Chirkos. 53 years old. 5th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-3 Diamond.
GK #1 Sutay Sowe. Age 25.
RB #2 Laity Corr. Age 24.
CB #5 Chidie Obyke. Age 24.
LB #3 Sajo Marong. Age 21.
CDM #4 Ya Kambi. Age 27.
RM #8 Bataru Dabo. Age 31.
LM #7 Alanso Jallow. Age 33.
CAM #10 Mzwakhe Makepula. Age 33. Captain.
RW #11 Mohammed Ogunsola. Age 25(Busoga Islands).
ST #9 Wandi Jagne. Age 25.
LW #19 Sara Yieshak. Age 23. Female. Graduate of the University of Moravica.

9. Kitara Athletic Society
Manager: Harold Lisle. 57 years old. 11th season at club.
Formation: 4-3-3
GK #1 Luzuko Botile. Age 34.
RB #2 Sulayman Keita. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed from the Ankole Regional Academy.
CB #5 Mnyamezeli Ntlokwana. Age 33. Captain.
CB #4 Kawsu Mboge. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed from the Ankole Regional Academy.
LB #3 Idirissa Guiss. Age 21.
RM #17 Obasi Chinasa. Age 20.
CM #10 Lifa Tyali. Age 33.
LM #19 Fundani Mabandla. Age 33.
LW #11 Sidima Pityana. Age 32.
ST #12 Daba Kuta. Age 19.
RW #7 Madu Okparra. Age 23.

10. Kwadama Dojo
Manager: Kiggwe Spanos. 39 years old. Son of Rukunbi FC manager Teague Spanos. 2nd season at club.
Formation: 4-4-1-1
GK #1. Frederick Beech. Age 35. Captain.
RB #21 Ceylan Hussein. Age 23(Busoga Islands). Female. 1st season at club. Graduate of the Islamic University of Busoga.
CB #3 Chizoba Madukaife. Age 24.
CB #4 Xolani Ntini. Age 24.
LB #22 Biran Ogunsola. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Ankole Regional Academy.
RM #17 Ejigu Meekhbeb. Age 27.
CM #14 Mũrĩranja Nyoike. Age 34
CM #15 Markos Ghidewon. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.
LM #11 Mũhũri Wachira. Age 33.
CF #12 Gĩthaiga Gĩchikũ. Age 31.
ST #9 Gĩkonyo Wawerũ. Age 31.

11. Mamari City
Manager: Noah Chernebereck. Age 39. 1st season at club. Former assistant at Hawabark Boulders in the BSL.
Formation: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Desta Zalelew. Age 23. 1st season at club. (rookie.)
RB #2 Ilman Savaneh. Age 24.
CB #5 Bulelani Komani. Age 34. Captain.
CB #4 Wonga Stofile. Age 34.
LB #3 Sawan Zantye. Age 23(Busoga Islands).
RM #17 Melumzi Kolisi. Age 30.
CM #18 Ndothusile Mandela. Age 31.
CM #14 Andile Sandile. Age 31.
LM #11 Mthuthuzeli Mbeki. Age 30.
RS #9 Anil Sakar. Age 24(Busoga Islands).
LS #11 Menas Bara. Age 36.

12. Dimbogourou Sporting Club
Manager: Andrew Less. 62 years old. 6th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-3 Diamond.
GK #1 Hank Llordan. 34 years old. Captain.
RB #2 Ifean Chikwu. Age 22.
CB #5 Uchechi Ijea. Age 23.
LB #3 Chuks Okparra. Age 21.
CDM #4 Ibezi Mako. Age 27.
RM #17 Mxolisi Thovela. Age 31.
LM #11 Bantu Qoboza. Age 32.
CAM #10 Fekadu Belendia. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Kitara Regional Academy.
RW #7 Amazu Jelaney. Age 21.
ST #9 Sabelo Ngxanga. Age 33.
LW #19 Chibueze Yobachukwu. Age 23.

Northern League
1. Cerenus United
Manager: Teoflyos Asres. 65 years old. 8th season at club.
Formation: 3-5-2.
GK #1 Azah Ewale. Age 24.
RB #2 Kabiru Sowe. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy.
CB #5 Naseer Ashfaq Alfarsi. Age 29(Al Qurija)
LB #3 Nkechi Ogbonnia. Age 21.
RM #17 Sirif Jassey. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy.
CDM #15 Thomas Kinchie. Age 17(Schottia). 1st season at club. Came to club on free transfer from Stalker Bay(Schottia).
CM #14 Madou Okella. Age 21.
CM #18 Yama Dabo. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy by Mynda Electra and is on a single season loan to Cerenus United.
LM #11 Xolile Kani. Age 33. Captain.
RS #9 Lonwabo Dikana. Age 34.
LS #7 Ifeatu Chika. Age 26.

2. Garixas City
Manager: Thembinkosi Siwani. Age 46. 7th season at club.
Formation: 5-4-1
GK #1 Luzuko Ngcuka. Age 33.
RWB #2 Halim Obea. Age 22.
RCB #21 Bantu Mvovo. Age 32. Captain.
CB #5 Sani Jameel Hussain. Age 24(Al Qurija)
LCB #17 Dikgakgamatso Mosweni. Age 21.
LWB #3 Sarah Kargbo. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy by Aissa United- on single season loan from Aissa United.
RM #11 Phumlani Ngxanga. Age 33.
CM #14 Tapiwa Lenthabetse. Age 25.
CM #18 Sulayman Dieye. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy by Jinja City FC- on 2 season loan from Jinja City FC.
LM #7 Galeage Omphile. Age 24.
CF #9 Jebel Ndour. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy.

3. Koksho City
Manager: Adamu Demessie. Age 53. 6th season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Abel Amare. Age 17. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
RB #2 Rizwan Sulaiman Ahmad. Age 28(Al Qurija). Captain.
CB #5 Baluta Mendy. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
CB #4 Emeka Jelan. Age 23.
LB #3 Obasee Uchechi. Age 24.
RM #11 Nwankwo Chukwu. Age 27.
CM #14 Ziko Akuchi. Age 22.
CM #18 Constantin Mouktar. Age 25.
LM #7 Roberto Tsothe. Age 29.
RS #9 Chuks Uzochi. Age 23.
LS #11 Tirelo Tiiso. Age 26.

4. Nanami Dragons
Manager: Nyaniso Mazwai. 59 years old. 9th season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Madoda Jabavu. Age 35
RB #2 Mzwakhe Tyibilika. Age 31.
CB #5 Mabhuti Makwetu. Age 32. Captain.
CB #4 Jibril Kouyaté. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed by Jinja City FC out of the Hangaza Regional Academy. Sent on single season loan to the Nanami Dragons.
LB #3 Boutros Hussain Kader. Age 23(Al Qurija)
LM #8 Chinasa Munachiso. Age 27.
CM #6 Amazu Udeg. Age 25.
CM #10 Isago Pusoetsile. Age 23.
LM #11 Sevet-Blonz Wek. Age 17(Qusmo). 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy.
RS #11 Thukile Qoboza. Age 33.
LS #9 Beca Menas. Age 32.

5. Duntho Sporting Club
Manager: Chydey Obasey. 43 years old. 3rd season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Carson Coleman. Age 19(Union of Quincy). 1st season at club. Came on free transfer from Shin Yu United(Union of Quincy).
RB #2 Kenosi Moreri. Age 22.
CB #5 Chinese Chi. Age 25.
CB #6 Njaũ Waita. Age 34. Captain.
LB #3 Morwadi Tsholofe. Age 23.
RM #11 Lekgotla Mofhenyi. Age 23.
CM #13 Thaddeus Mutebi. Age 22.
CM #10 Rasim Murtaza El-Amin. Age 27(Al Qurija)
LM #7 Kimaru Njoroge. Age 31.
RS #9 Radek Lawniczak. Age 22(Soute).
LS #12 Kamande Muriũki. Age 31.

6. Okakameb City
Manager: Ekene Chee. 44 years old, 2nd season at club.
Formation: 4-3-3 attacking.
GK #1 Retta Paulos. Age 31.
RB #2 Sabelo Mbeki. Age 30.
CB#4 Obasey Ogbonna. Age 22.
CB #5 Matanzima Ndodana. Age 34. Captain.
LB #3 Thembinkosi Kolisi. Age 32.
CM #8 Hatabu Biri. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy.
CM #6 Lallo Daramy. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
CAM #10 Faraba Touré. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
RW #7 Kumba Marong. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
ST #9 Ontlametse Motheo. Age 23.
LW #11 Mabhuti Komani. Age 33.

7. AFC Kosactus.
Manager: Elijah Bryan. Age 55. 9th year at club.
Formation: 3-5-2.
GK #1 Jacob Yusai. Age 29.
RB #2 Thabo Tsholofelo. Age 32.
CB #5 Chukwudi Oby. Age 28.
LB #4 Ayele Gizaw. Age 25.
RDM #18 Ebrahima Kandeh. Age 21.
LDM #14 Ismaela Guissé. Age 23.
LM #17 Rebatho Magosi. Age 34.
RM #8 Lama Diouf. Age 22.
CAM #8 Baaitse Sesupo. Age 32. Captain.
RS #10 Olebogeng Bakang. Age 32.
LS #9 Moagisi Morongwa. Age 31.

8. AFC Okahavi
Manager: Markos Yideg. 67 years old. 6th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-3 Diamond.
GK #1 Nebiyou Alemayehu. Age 33. Captain.
RB #2 Mzukisi Xingwana. Age 31.
CB #5 Yessuf Hailu. Age 33.
LB #3 Nenge Kabange. Age 23.
CDM #8 Malik Ndiaye. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
LM #6 Siyaya Dandala. Age 27.
RM #19 Zukisani Mtoto. Age 28.
CAM #10 Ed Maestri. Age 27(Equestrian States).
LW #11 Lafi Faye. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.
ST #9 Madoda Kwenkwe. Age 26.
RW #7 Shemsia Yaee. Age 22. 1st season at club. Graduate of the University of Ankole.

9. Luguyala Patriots
Manager: Kidane Einku. Age 64. 10th season at club.
Formation: 5-4-1
GK #1 Beluchi Obasey. Age 23.
RWB #2 Mbingeleli Makwetu. Age 32.
RCB #3 Zere Tedros. Age 24.
CB #5 Lemuel Kebede. Age 25.
LCB #4 Nqabisile Mda. Age 33.
LWB #6 Jacob Asres. Age 23.
RM #17 Amazu Chikelu. Age 23.
CM #8 Abdullahi Abanda. Age 24.
CM #14 Paulos Mulugeta. Age 23.
LM #11 Dumile Siwani. Age 32. Captain.
ST #9 Mathéo Dika. Age 24.

10. Gadive City
Manager: Ngozi Okafo. 45 years old. 3rd season at club.
Formation: 4-3-3.
GK #1 Armani Kaleb. Age 23. Female. 1st season at club. Graduate from Wild Valley University.
RB #2 Matos Chernebereck. 23 years old.
CB #21 Abdel Selassie. 26 years old.
CB #29 Motuma Abdella. 24 years old.
LB #3 Vile Thovela. Age 32. Captain.
RM #7 Elsa Jawara. Age 19. First season at club. Played one season at University of Ankole.
CM #6 Melesse Tesfahun. Age 22.
LM #8 Ibea Buch. Age 24.
LW #11 Jamie Nde. Age 21.
ST #9 Fara Sohna. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Hangaza Regional Academy.
RW #12 Grégory Mvondo. Age 25.

11. Thayaferu United
Manager: Liben Dessalegne. 59 years old. 6th season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond.
GK #1 Lebna Werkneh. Age 22.
RB #2 Fikre Nahum. Age 27.
CB #5 Kiros Yieshak. Age 23. Twin brother of Tedros Yieshak.
CB #4 Tedros Yieshak. Age 23. Twin brother of Kiros Yieshak.
LB #3 Emeka Ndidi. Age 24.
CDM #6 Jelan Okparo. Age 25.
RM #7 Mzwakhe Ntini. 35 years old. Captain.
LM #11 Siphelele Xingwana. 21 years old.
CAM #10 Zandisile Siganeko. 28 years old. Son of Xolisa Siganeko.
RS #8 Luyolo Makinana. 33 years old.
LS #9 Makuto Diouf. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Aksum Regional Academy.

12. Selekawe Knights.
Manager: Raphael Ezana. 44 years old. 1st season at club. Former assistant at Lakiska SC.
Formation: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Thokgamo Gaolathe. Age 27.
RB #2 Fungile Calata. Age 27.
CB #5 Maikutlo Tumelano. Age 24.
CB #4 Asrat Atatafi. Age 27.
LB #3 Thusego Tshenolo. Age 28.
RM #17 Goitseone Sebaga. Age 27.
CM #14 Emerta Sito. Age 25.
CM #18 Bakang Kutlwano. Age 33. Captain.
LM #7 Ookeditse Mothudi. Age 33.
RS #9 Theofilo Loeto. Age 26.
LS #00 Sesupo Kenanao. Age 25.

Southern League
1. Bwubanza City Soccer Club.
Manager: Chika Oluchi. 45 years old. 3rd season at club.
Formation: 3-1-3-3
GK #1 Bobby MIkelson. Age 24(Mercedini).
RB #14 Belaye Asres. Age 26.
CB #4 Wasif Chraïbi. Age 22(Busoga Islands).
LB #18 Uchea Chuks. Age 28.
CDM #21 Mazi Chinweuba. Age 26.
RM #17 Assi Fassil. Age 22.
CM #18 Odion Obasea. Age 29.
LM #12 Chika Akachi. Age 28.
RW #7 Jelani Orjey. Age 27.
ST #9 Manasses Teshome. Age 32. Captain.
LW #11 Torrey Mugabe. Age 26.

2. Sororo City
Manager: Italo Cola. Age 57(Juvencus). 5th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-3 Diamond.
GK #1 Zikora DoDimma. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
RB #2 Okechukwu Jelani. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
CB #5 Ami Biri. Age 23(Banija/Busoga Islands dual national). (Female). 1st season at club. Graduate from The Islamic University of Busoga.
LB #3 Jerold Ferguson. Age 32(Equestrian States). Captain.
CDM #6 Sutay Camara. Age 24.
RM #17 Badara Jarju, Age 34.
LM #11 Mus'ad Asad Abdulrashid. Age 28(Al Qurija)
CAM #10 Netali Rosenberg. Age 30(Silver Beach). Female. 1st season at club.
RW #7 Bailo Camara. Age 32.
ST #9 Wandy Kujabi. Age 33.
LW #20 Ixaka Hamutal. Age 31(Silver Beach). 1st season at club.

3. Umbazi FA
Manager: Isa Guissé. 48 years old. 6th season at club.
Formation: 5-4-1
GK #1 Abigail Naoed. Age 23. 1st season at club. Graduate of Kizza I College.
RWB #2 Sirif Njie. Age 22.
RB #4 Paoboy Sesay. Age 24.
CB #5 Gisbert Irving. Age 33(Equestrian States). Captain.
LB #6 Wandi Singhateh. Age 23.
LWB #3 Bubacar Kah. Age 22.
RM #17 Alifa Mboge. Age 33.
CM #14 Lazari Di Campata. Age 20(Sticiano). 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
CM #18 Ekwueme Obasie. Age 27.
LM #11 ZeMicahel Susenyos. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
CF #9 Zaki Hameed Karimi. Age 24(Al Qurija)

4. Pumbasa Bears
Manager: Edrissa Condeh. 62 years old. 5th season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Mekuria Negus. Age 22. 1st season at club. (Rookie.)
RB #2 Onuchukwu Chydie. Age 26.
CB #5 Thorley Ralston. Age 26(Equestrian States).
CB #4 Kabiru Ngum. Age 34. Captain.
LB #3 Ermias Aregawi. Age 23.
RM #11 Narciso Campo. Age 26(Al Qurija)
CM #10 Anwar Trefe. Age 24.
CM #14 Jalal Idrissi. Age 02(Busoga Islands).
LM #17 Fabba Fadika. Age 29.
RS #9 Kunta Ogoo. Age 30.
LS #12 Esra Einku. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.

5. Dodoma City SC
Manager: Yohannes Wagaye. Age 46. 2nd season at club.
Formation: 4-2-3-1
GK #1 Selam Lemma. Age 22.
RB #2 Alemu Mebreatu. Age 20.
CB #5 Nfansu Sidibeh. Age 32.
CB #4 Chioke Uchie. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed by Bunyoro RSC out of the Bunyoro Regional Academy. Sent on Single season loan to Dodoma City SC.
LB #3 Yankubah Thiaw. Age 23.
RDM #6 Alfred Cooper. Age 32(Equestrian States). Captain.
LDM #13 Sirak Hailu. Age 21.
LAM #8 Raphael Senay. Age 25.
CAM #10 Boro Kabba. Age 24.
RAM #11 Luthando Gaika. Age 25.
CF #9 Botros Hanif Saqqaf. Age 32(Al Qurija)

6. Busemlu Park SC
Manager: Jonathan Hamilton(Silver Beach). Age 46. 3rd season at club.
Formation: 4-3-3 Defensive.
GK #1 Luthando Gaika. Age 25.
RB #2 Ugonna Okeli. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
CB #5 Gizaw Negasi. Age 25. Twin Brother of Lema Negasi.
CB #4 Lema Negasi. Age 25. Twin Brother of Gizaw Negasi.
LB #3 Bouba Savaneh. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed by Mynda Electra out of Aksum Regional Academy, sent on two season loan to Busemlu Park SC.
CDM #6 Chibuzo Chidie. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
RCM #14 Fion Fiedler. Age 28(New Cloudsdale)
LCM #18 Bai Sanyang. Age 31. Captain.
RW #11 Asrat Daniachew. Age 22. 1st season at club. (Rookie.)
ST #10 Pateh Coulibaly. Age 25.
LW #7 Mengistu Kebede. Age 24.

7. Boufaya Ravens
Manager: Esra Tamrat. Age 54. Second season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Foday Kuyateh. Age 32. Captain.
RB #2 Zakhele Nokwe. Age 28.
CB #5 Sonwabile Botile. Age 29.
CB #4 Ijeawele Jelanie. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
LB #3 Dumisani Vavi. Age 26.
RM #11 Chinasa Uzoch. Age 19. Female. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
CM #8 Jato Kolley. Age 25.
CM #14 Iyoas Aman. Age 23.
LM #7 Pa Mansaré. Age 23(Busoga Islands).
RS #9 Elesbaan Tesfaye. Age 26.
LS #12 Abebe Gebre. Age 22.

8. Mukegara Warriors
Manager: Lwazi Feza. 43 years old. 2nd season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2.
Warriors only draw from the Mukegara tribe, a small tribe with an estimated population of between 40,000 and 50,000 that worships the Quebecois monarch, who they believe is the reincarnated God.
GK #1 Cebo Bhekizizwe. Age 22.
RB #2 Leonard Thulasizwe. Age 25.
CB #5 Sarah S'kulekile. Age 23(Female).
CB #4 Janet Mgwazeni. Age 25(Female).
LB #6 Fokazi Dundu. Age 33.
RM #11 Iwe Samkange. Age 32.
CM #14 Tashongedzwa Nengomasha. Age 35. Captain.
CM #18 Impi Zishwezi. Age 23.
LM #7 Chidawo Mwaruwari. Age 35.
RS #9 Vala Mkhumbuleni. Age 27(Female).
LS #10 Itai Taremekedzwa. Age 34.

9. Abomfa United.
Manager: Jongwe Diindingwe. Age 64. 6th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-3 Diamond.
GK #1 Mbingeleli Mhlaba. Age 24.
RB #21 Lemuel Elshaday. Age 26(Busoga Islands).
CB #30 Chinwendu Ibezimako. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
LB #25 Nyaniso Thovela. Age 22.
CDM #24 Jongikhaya Nqakula. Age 26.
RM #17 Baturou Danso. Age 24.
LM #31 Hardy Pedersen. Age 29(Equestrian States). Captain.
CAM #34 Paulos Bogale. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
RW #39 Mpumelelo Najeke. Age 26,
ST #9 Beselot Aman. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
LW #45 Sidima Ngubenani. Age 23.

10. Amaku City FC
Manager: Kirabo Besigye. 52 years old. 7th season at club.
Formation: 3-4-1-2
GK #1 Chydy Chinwendu. Age 33.
RB #2 Matanzima Ntsokwana. Age 22.
CB #5 Koofrey Orjie. Age 31. Captain.
LB #3 Madu Akubundu. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
RM #11 Chiamaka Ifeany. Age 19. Female. 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
CM #14 Bouba Ngum. Age 23.
CM #18 Barnabas Negus. Age 26.
LM #17 Ifammah Zebenjo. Age 19. Female. 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
CAM #10 Chukwuma Akubundu. Age 27.
RS #9 Mazo Okoye. Age 20. 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
LS #12 Saihou Jammeh. Age 23.

11. Byakado City
Manager: Mesuli Sontonga. 43 years old. 2nd season at club.
Formation: 5-1-2-1-1
GK #1 Chioke Okafo. Age 32.
RWB #2 Chibuzo Chydy. Age 34. Captain.
RCB #5 Uzoma Uchey. Age 18. 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
CB #4 Karamba Kayode. Age 23.
LCB #3 Yonas Dula. Age 24.
LWB #6 Okechukwu Chineze. Age 19. 1st season at club. Signed out of Buganda Regional Academy.
CDM #8 Gerol-Kresp Yet. Age 19(Qusmo). 1st season at club. Signed out of Bunyoro Regional Academy.
RM #11 Jelanee Chinelo. Age 33.
LM #7 Obea Ndidi. Age 31.
CAM #10 Bekele Dawit. Age 25.
CF #9 Ilman Sowe. Age 23.

12. Kigagana Mountaineers
Manager: Ekene Afamefula Jr. 44 years old. Son of previous manager. 2nd season at club.
Formation: 4-4-2
GK #1 Randall Kabunka. Age 25.
RB #2 Masane Touray. Age 24.
CB #5 Ishmael Lachman. Age 17(Silver Beach). 1st season at club. Twin brother of Natalie Lachman.
CB #4 Naveen Tayal. Age 18(Busoga Islands). 1st season at club. Signed out of Islander Regional Academy.
LB #3 Obee Uchechea. Age 35. Captain.
RM #7 Bassirou Kandeh. Age 27.
CM #18 Mzukisi Yoyo. Age 24.
CM #14 Dalumzi Jabavu. Age 25.
LM #11 Samba Kaba. Age 27.
RS #10 Jelanee Chinuah. Age 35.
LS #9 Addo Ndiaye. Age 27.
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Banija » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:52 am


Summer Roundup- Herzegovina City FC heads back to Champions Cup Group stages as Banijan sides make their mark on the international stage

Chizoba Emenanjo of the Hoima Warriors celebrates a goal in Dwile Invitiational Qualifying

HOIMA, ANKOLE- What are the highlights for this summer? Well, of course, without UICA competition, there is but one competition for us to follow this summer- the Dwile Invitational Tournament. The top four teams in the BSL last season, the champions Herzegovina City FC joined by the Hoima Warriors, who are making a long awaited return to top level international club football competition, Jinja City FC, and Istria City FC. All four of them participated in preliminary rounds of competition this summer. Which ones progressed to the group stages? Which ones made their country proud? And which ones flopped on the big stage, therefore preventing themselves from approaching an even grander stage of the group stages? Read on for exclusive news coverage of the BSL's summer competitions.

And without further ado... Your summer roundup!

1. Herzegovina City FC

Dwile Invitational Qualifiers
Herzegovina City FC earned a bye from the First Preliminary Round
Second Preliminary Round

Opponent- Namiri Forest of Zwangzug. First Leg: Herzegovina City 0-2 Namiri Forest. Second Leg: Namiri Forest 1-0 Herzegovina City.
Namiri Forest advances to group stages of the Dwile Invitiational. Herzegovina City is eliminated from the Dwile Invitational.

Herzegovina City FC, of course. The two-time defending league champions. Entering their fifth season with Brian Emerson at the helm, as the aging Cosumarite tries to bring Banija it's first ever three-peat at the top. But there has been lots of change on this roster. While the front has stayed the same, almost the entire back line has changed. Out of the back four and the goalkeeper, only Felix Millar, the Brenecian left back, has returned from last season. Lazlo Kearney, Abate Brehanu, and Zinnah Atieno, have all gone. Who was their to take their places? Obey Chidiebere will play right back, leaving Bunyoro RSC after Adam Jeffreys decided to take the job at Busukuma AC. Danijel Brymora will help anchor the back line, with the 30 year old Nepharim defender anchoring the center line, and then Lukas Kayserling will play alongside him in the middle, from Recuecn. Francois Tantoh will be playing net, replacing Delbin Kasekende.

OF course, it was always going to take time for a back line with this much turnover to get used to each other. So in the summer, receiving a bye from the 1st preliminary round and entering competition just one stage away from the Dwile Invitational group stages, they had to get their stuff together fast, and could not. They were not used to each other, and Namiri Forest, of Zwangzug, easily took advantage. A pair of early goals in the 1st leg, at Star Field, essentially put that game, and the tie, away in the 1st 25 minutes of the 1st leg. They defended with ferocity- after that second goal, huddling back, preventing anyone from Herzegovina City from launching any real attacks. Herzegovina City ended up losing on aggregate, 3-0. Brian Emerson, while he was unhappy with the performance, said that these kind of things can happen when you need to establish new continuity, and that Herzegovina City would of course be ready for the start of the 10th BSL season.

2. Jinja City FC

Dwile Invitational Qualifiers
First Preliminary Round
Opponent- Adina CF of Dreamplanet. First Leg: Adina CF 1-0 Jinja City FC. Second Leg: Jinja City FC 1-1 Adina CF.
Adina CF advances 2-1 on aggregate. Jinja City FC is eliminated from the Dwile Invitiational.

Jinja City FC brought a new manager to debut at this tournament, with the Pasargan, Mór Császár, accepting the ambitious offer from Jinja City FC this summer. Jinja City FC is the only club to have finished in the Top 4 in all 9 seasons of the BSL- a record of consistent success. Of course, they have only won a lone league title, not winning the league since Season 1. With Alexander Bumba leaving of his own accord to go manage in Cobrio, Jinja City FC shot for the stars with Mór Császár, and he accepted. The pressure will be high, as many say that Brian Emerson will finally have a legitimate equal from a managerial perspective, as Jinja City attempt to end the North Moravican side's dominance.

But of course, like we said above, it is difficult to hit the ground running in this sport. While they didn't go through any wholesale changes player personnel wise, like Herzegovina City did, it is tough to have a new manager. He needs to be given time to acclimate. That's why this Dwile Invitational preliminary round was always going to be a very tough ask. Vatan Ercetin, the man who led the TimLig in goals in the previous season, and the star of the Timuria national team, our northern neighbors, was the star signing, and he is joining the BSL golden boot winner Xilit-Zaxac Yol. The talent is there, and it was shown in spurts- but they needed time to get used to the managerial style of the former Copa Rushmori winner manager.

The first leg was tightly fought, but ultimately, Adina CF triumphed, by a score of 1-0, over Jinja City FC. It is always crucial to try and get an away goal, as that tiebreaker can loom large over the entirety of a two-legged tie. But the second leg was where a lot of the action was. Already, you could see Mór Császár's influence on this squad. The way the ball was being move, the freedom that Ercetin was playing with, the opportunities that were being created. BCEL Stadium was rocking for this late summer match. And it would be the captain, the World Cup bronze medal winner Jalang Ba, who would take the lead in the game and equalize the tie with a 35th minute winner. Jinja City FC continued to largely be the better side the visitors score the crucial away goal in the 72nd minute, which effectively ended the tie. Thanks to the away goals rule, Jinja City would need to score two, and they were not up to the task. Still, good positives to take away, even if the result wasn't what they wanted.

3. Istria City FC

Dwile Invitational Qualifiers
First Preliminary Round
Opponent- Association Genève of Recuecn. First Leg: Istria City 4-1 Association Genève. Second Leg: Association Genève 0-0 Istria City.
Istria City FC advances 4-1 on aggregate to second preliminary round.
Second Preliminary Round
Opponent- FC Teussen Stelberg of Siovanija & Teusland. First Leg: FC Teussen Stelberg 3-1 Istria City. Second Leg: Istria City 3-1 FC Teussen Stelberg.
(4-4 aggregate, 1-1 away goals, 4-4 aggregate AET). (3-4 PK shootout).
FC Teussen Stelberg advances to Dwile Invitational Group Stages on penalties. Istria City FC is eliminated from the Dwile Invitational.

Istria City FC. The side that has always loved to send players forward, to attack. They didn't change much this offseason, with only a lone major signing- Murray Hunnisett, the central midfielder out of Hapilopper. They did not have any major changes to their squad outside of that one change to the starting XI, and with Burnsides coming in for his 3rd season at the helm, the ambitions for this squad will be sky high. And so in the 1st preliminary round, they were paired up with Association Genève of Recuecn. Of course, as we all well know, Recuecn's national team has had an incredible World Cup cycle, storming as an unranked nation not only to the World Cup Finals, but escaping from their group and into the World Cup knockout stages, so fast. And then, of course, they followed that up by winning the Independent Associations Championships, on home soil. So there's plenty of talent in that country, you can't underestimate their club sides.

But Istria City FC did not underestimate their opponents. Kabonero III Stadium was rocking for the first leg, where the Banijan side had the fortune of being the home side. And just like they did last season, they played with a high press, trying to put a lot of pressure on their opponents, and the strategy worked. Score lots of goals, and put away their opposition. It was Assefa Yitebarke, who was shortlisted as a Galactico last season for his own efforts, who opened the scoring with a 32nd minute goal to give Istria City a 1-0 lead. But it was the beginning of the second half where they truly separated themselves. Torvald Royle put a header into the back of the net in the 48th minute, and then Yitebarke, the captain, scored again in the 52nd off a rebound. They were rolling, and that was essentially the end of the tie. The visitors scored an away goal to give them some hope, but Atsushi Ryu scored again in stoppage to make it 4-1. The return leg finished 0-0, as Istria City FC largely cruised to the second preliminary round.

Of course, there were only two preliminary rounds at this tournament- and a spot in the group stages would be at stake here. This time, the journey would not be nearly as far. FC Teussen Stelberg, from Siovanija & Tesuland within the Glorious Southwest, would be their rival for this tie. This would be a fiercely competitive one. FC Teussen Stelburg is a side like Istria City FC, where they like to get forward. They scored 96 goals in domestic competition, and finished just a point off the pace set by crosstown rivals and Republikaliga winners 1912 Stelburg. The Teuslander side is the biggest in Siovanija & Teusland, and this promised to be an epic matchup. The 1st leg, of course, was to be played at Teussens-Arena in Stelburg, Teusland, a stadium that holds 44,000. The 2,000 or so Istria City fans travelled for the match, but the stadium was rocking for the international tie. And rock it should. The home side played extremely well. The stadium went bonkers when they scored the opener, although Yitebarke did equalize almost immediately before the half. But a second half header separated the two once again, and a 90th minute free kick was bent into the back of the net to give the home side a 3-1 win.

Of course, while FC Teussen Stelburg held the advantage, the tie was not over yet. The game was close and competitive, and of course, the home tie still needed to be played. Istria City FC was down 2 goals on aggregate, yes, but this was a side that was plenty capable of scoring goals in the bunches, and of course, the away goal would be crucial. Kabonero III Stadium matched the energy that was seen in Teusland, and it was an incredible match played. Istria City FC drew first blood in this one, when Jermaine Poole bent a ball into the back of the net in the 22nd minute. They went into halftime up 1-0, and still down a goal in the tie, but everyone knew- one goal would turn the tie on its head. And in the 58th minute, they found that goal. Torvald Royle was able to rise above the crowd on a corner kick, and head the ball into the back of the net. It was 2-0 on the day, 3-3(1-0) in the tie- the Banijan side, if scores held, would be through. Istria City started to sit back, but then Murray Hunnisett, the Hapilopper national, was able to score on a counter-attack to make it 3-0. Would Istria City be through?

They would not be. Ludwig Reichwein is a clutch and great player- he scored the match winner in the President's Cup Final in extra time, which is the S&T equivalent of the RBSA Cup. And he would step up once again. A poor foul in the 86th minute set up the player with a free kick, and he wasn't going to miss. He bent the ball in, sending the 2,000 or so visiting fans into ecstasy, and the rest of the stadium into almost silence. The goal equalized the tie, and sent the match into extra time. They could not be exasperated in extra time- so penalties was next. Both sides missed their first penalty- with Torvald Royle's being saved, while Istria City goalkeeper Joan Martinez Alpacia watched one get skied. And then, each of them hit their next 3. The fifth shooter for Istria City, in a shootout tied at 3 goals a piece, was Ablie Kah. Kah hit the crossbar with his penalty, setting up the visitors to win it. The visiting penalty taker attempted a Panenka, and fooled the Istria City goalkeeper entirely. Ball landed in the back of the net, and that was it. The stadium in silence as FC Teussen Stelburg celebrated their berth into the Dwile Invitiational knockout stages. Terrible way to go out, though of course their performances in those two ties give them confidence for the upcoming season.

4. Hoima Warriors

Dwile Invitational Qualifiers
First Preliminary Round
Opponent- Mierton Manatees of Taeshan. First Leg: Mierton Manatees 1-2 Hoima Warriors. Second Leg: Hoima Warriors 2-1 Mierton Manatees.
Hoima Warriors advance 4-2 on aggregate to second preliminary round.
Second Preliminary Round
Opponent- La Nueva Avenida of Farfadillis. First Leg: Hoima Warriors 0-0 La Nueva Avenida. Second Leg: La Nueva Avenida 0-0 Hoima Warriors(0-0 AET) (2-4 PK shootout).
Hoima Warriors advance on penalties to Dwile Invitational Group Stages.

And now, of course, for the Hoima Warriors. A team that spent so much time away from UICA competition, when they had the resources and fan investment to get there, will not get into UICA competition this season either after organization's competitions will not be had. But the excitement for the return of top level international club football was palatable throughout Hoima. And now with them entering their new stadium for the first time, after it was used at AOCAF LVIII and World Cup 83, they will now have the biggest stadium in the league. Can they fill a 75,000 seater weekly? That is a question that remains to be answered. But for this competition, the excitement was out. What better way for them to debut in their new stadium than their first top level international competition in about 5 seasons?

That would be, of course, in the second leg of their tie. The first leg of the first preliminary round would be in Taeshan, where the Warriors would face off against the Mierton Manatees. The Manatees actually opened the scoring, with a player scoring in the 52nd minute to give them an initial lead. But it would be the Hoima Warriors who would storm back. It would be the Qusmi winger, Ozolx-Mazur Guv, who would score the opener, when Ozolx-Mazur was able to chip the ball over the goalkeeper on a great through ball to tie the game at 1-1, and give the Warriors a crucial away goal. They now had the advantage in the tie, but would look for more. They would get it in the 85th minute, when Robert Craig, the Schottian central midfielder making his debut for the Warriors, was brought down inside the box. A penalty was awarded, and the Warriors buried it, with Josef Lawerenz scoring the winner.

The Warriors ran away with the tie, scoring twice in the opening 15 minutes in the second leg to seal it. They ended up winning the tie, 4 goals to 2 on aggregate. And in the Second Preliminary Round, they, a lot like Istria City FC, were faced with an opponent that was not that far away- they were drawn against La Nueva Avenida, of Farfadillis. Of course, there are quite a few Farf refugees living within the Kingdom, especially in Busukuma. Not Hoima though. So with a spot in the group stages on the line, the two sides met at Mavuto Field, which was filled to capacity, for the first leg of this tie. Not much happened in the first leg- it was a very defensive battle, not many chances were made. The Warriors could not press their home field advantage and score, but they did not concede, either. They went with everything to play for in Farfadillis, where a scoring draw would be enough for the Warriors.

The game in Farfadillis was far more entertaining. It was very up and down, chances created by both sides, but the results the same- neither team could break through. Both goalkeepers had to step up, with the home goalkeeper making 7 saves on the night and the 36 year old Chase Rushden putting out a vintage performance by making 6 saves of his own. But with neither side able to break the deadlock, penalties ensued. The home side shot first in the shootout. Unfortunately for the home fans, the striker skied the opening penalty, giving life to the Warriors. The Warriors hit their next 3 shots, and the home side their next 2. With the score 3-2 in the shootout, the home side stepped up for their fourth shot. But Chase Rushden, the 36 year old, was ready, and made a diving, sprawling save, energizing visiting Warriors fans. They just needed to hit the 4th penalty, and they would be into the knockout stages. Who would take it? None other than the Schottian central midfielder, Robert Craig. The new signing stepped up and hit a perfect penalty, blasting it to the upper right corner. The goalkeeper guessed directly, but it didn't matter- the ball was hit with such power and pace that the goalkeeper had no prayer.

The Hoima Warriors all sprinted onto the field, celebrating their grizzled, veteran goalkeeper, Chase Rushden. The Warriors would be the only BSL side to make the group stages of the Dwile Invitational. Of course, the road does not get any easier- they were drawn into a brutally difficult Group B. The Willox Street Pirates of Schottia, Sabrefell Athletic of Nephara, and a surprising Bandarwangsa Bandit FC of Pauh Janggi, who shocked all neutral observers by winning their preliminary round tie and qualifying for the group stages. The path to get top two in this group will be difficult. Of course, Sabrefell Athletic surely will make the top two, so it might come down to Willox Street v. Hoima for that final knockout stage berth? Regardless, what a moment it is for the Hoima Warriors, who will surely be energized for this international competition.
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Banija » Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:19 pm

The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Preview Part I


The 10th season of the Banijan Soccer League is almost upon us. And now, of course, we are set to launch our team-by-team season preview of the upcoming Banijan Soccer League season! It promises to be one of the most exciting seasons in years. Herzegovina City FC, of course, is looking to extend its current run of dominance, champions of 5 of the previous 7 editions of this league. But now, more than ever, their perch at the top is threatened. Mór Császár has taken the reigns at a reinvigorated Jinja City FC, who look for their first league title since the league was at 16 teams. The Hoima Warriors, as well, look to be rounding into form. And with UICA up in the air, the league is where all the focus will go this year. Who will win? Who will move up the table? Who will qualify for whatever competition succeeds the UICA? We'll found out, soon enough.

Of course, we will do a 2 part preview, team by team. Unlike before, we will do it in reverse order. We have always done it in the order that we predict the teams will finish in the final table, and that has not changed. However, we will do it in reverse order. So we'll start with the team that we believe will finish 20th(and be relegated), and go down in descending order all the way until we predict our league champion. Without further ado!

20. Askatasuna FC

Once again, we are going to pick the St. Sava Park side to be the team that gets relegated this season. We all know how they've struggled since their fateful decision to sell Chibuzo Afolayan after Season 3. But for those who are unaware, we'll go back over it. Afolayan was their star winger, and a darling for the Kadongo Kamu, which is the Banijan national team. He had helped them win a RBSA Cup, their only trophy since nationalization to date. They were competing for league titles, even finishing in the top quartet of the table. But then, they saw the money. AFC Corvistone, a side trying to essentially buy their way up the Nepharim pyramid, offered the big bucks- $6 million NSDs. At that point, it had been, by far, the richest deal that any BSL club had ever been involved in. Their eyes got wide, they made the sale, and have been disastrous since. They flew down the table over the next few seasons, and now fight annually to avoid relegation. But since Afolayan's arrival at AFC Corvistone in Nephara's second tier, they have established themselves as a mid-table Nepharim Premiership side. Afolayan has also since captained the Kadongo Kamu, and helped lead the national team to the AOCAF LVIII Final and to bronze medals at World Cup 83.

Why are we picking them to get relegated this year? Well, only one side gets relegated every season. Corizova has had three regional league titles ever since the official pyramid was formed by the RBSA, but they could only last a single season in the top tier. But Al Iska's job has gotten quite a bit harder. They had unearthed some gems last season, in Mzukisi Nzo and Lama Nyang. But both have decided to move onto greener pastures. Nzo moving to the Hoima Warriors, while Lama Nyang will be playing for the 'other' capitol club, for the Busukuma Force. It will be a challenge. He is doing his best, however, to keep them afloat. Signing Raphael Yaremka from the Silverian national team to play in net helps. But do they have the talent? The challenges will be vast. We don't think they'll be able to overcome it.

19. Igulu City FC

We believe that the most recently promoted side, Igulu City FC, will just barely do what it takes to maintain its spot in the Banijan Soccer League. Their own promotion was a just reward for an incredible season they had. In the RBSA Cup, they had some great play. They won four games in the domestic knockout cup, with the first two rounds completely dominant victories, 6-0 over the Selekawe Knights and then 5-2 over the Kigagana Mountaineers, both at home. But when BSL clubs entered the competition, they still kept up incredible form. They defeated a BSL side at home in the Round of 32, part of a string of crazy upsets by regional league sides in last season's chaotic RBSA Cup. And then, they took on and defeated a Super 5 club on the road, Busukuma AC, by tying them 3-3 on their own field and downing them on penalties. It was an incredible run, though it ended in the quarterfinals when they fell against the eventual winners, Dukuma SC.

They took some time to get going in league play. At the halfway mark last season, they sat fifth in the Northern League table, 10 points behind league leaders, and two-time Northern League champions, Duntho Sporting Club. But then, they caught fire. They were good, but not great- 10 draws in their first 22 games indiciated that they were almost there, but most certainly had not arrived. But then they went on a tear. They won 7 of their first 22, but then won 15 of their last 22. Those draws were turning into wins, and they got 47 points in the second half of the season, compared to only 31 in the first half. It was enough to squeeze by Duntho Sporting Club by a lone point to win the league, and force their way into the Promotion Playoff. They then went out and won it, defeating Capitol City FC 5-3 on aggregate over two legs, and then defeating Sororo City in the promotion playoff final at the Stadium of the Restoration.

Abraham Akampurira, the former national team player, is in his fifth season in charge of the side. He made some good signings. Leonard Patterson, an Audioslavian, will play between the sticks this season, and Benedicto Montoya, from Darmen, will play striker. They have a lot to do to catch up to the standard of the BSL, but we think that they'll be able to navigate a path to stay up for at least one more season.

18. Lwanga Lions

The Lwanga Lions are the example of a team with a future that's never arrived. For a while, they've had quite a bit of potential, with young players. But as these young players have matured, they have not panned out to who they were supposed to be. That means that this season, the fifth for Simon Wanjala as manager, will be an absolutely crucial one. He has the hottest hot seat of any manager in the league this season, and by quite a bit. Upper management at this club believes that they can legitimately shoot for a top half finish, though those around the club do not think that is realistic. And what happens when the expectations from your bosses, however unrealistic, aren't met? The manager takes the fall.

Maybe Wanjala can be fairly blamed for the lack of development of the youngsters in his squad. Maybe not. But they'll have to take leaps and bounds this season if Wanjala wants to keep his job. Xavier Melchoir, the hotshot Taeshani prospect, has been a solid player, but that's it- so many players on this team have higher ceilings than they have reached, and there is worry that they won't reach those ceilings. Who can reach those ceilings? But looking at this roster on paper, there is nowhere to go but down. There simply isn't enough talent in the back, especially on the back line, to reasonably expect anything other than finishing in the bottom quarter of the table. They can avoid relegation, we believe, but it won't be by much. The chances of Simon Wanjala surviving this season to be manager during the next are almost none.

17. Aissa United

Here, we have a side with a new manager. The first ever graduate of the RBSA-Fuzpon Qusman-BISA coaching academy, built to help address the lack of top level Banijan and Busoga Islander managerial talent in Banija and the Busoga Islands. Travis Kadongo has been around for a while, however, even if he's never been at the helm before. For the past three seasons, he has served as Alexander Bumba's senior assistant manager at Jinja City FC, so he has at least been under the helm of the best Banijan manager in the BSL. But when Bumba decided to look for greener pastures in Cobrio, Kadongo decided to stay here. He enrolled in the coaching academy, graduated from it, and in the late summer, was offered the managerial job for Aissa United. He accepted.

Now, of course, for the uninitiated- Aissa United and Jinja City FC, although vastly different skill levels and expectations, are fierce local rivals. It's not a crosstown derby, as they are in two different cities, but these are the two biggest teams in the Hangaza region, with Jinja City FC the bigger, richer, and better side by quite a bit. So now he has crossed the bridge of this rivalry. Will he be accepted by Aissa United fans? Who knows? But winning cures all ills. Aissa United FC ownership is patient, and they should be. They have a young squad. They have three rookies coming in, who did not come from the academy system- a rarity for a BSL side. There's not a ton of talent there. His goal for this season will simply be for the team to stay afloat, keep their place in the BSL, and then next season he can really start to make roster improvements. It'll be a rough year for Aissa United fans, but they should be able to at least avoid relegation to the Northern League.

16. Isipongo Flash

The Flash enter their second season with Forzu-Denir at the helm, the last coach of a Banijan Di Bradini Cup side, and the last manager of a Banijan men's Olympic squad. Of course, due to serious controversy within his own homeland regarding his participation in the Olympiad, due to Qusmi protest of that event, he was essentially persona non grata in his own country. Fortunately for him, however, the Isipongo Flash took a liking to him, and hired him to be the manager of their side.

They weren't great last season, finishing just 15th in the table. They made just a lone major signing, signing the Silverian central midfielder Orin Set after he played well in the Sonnel 7 Nations Cup. Of course, will that translate to the BSL? Hard to say. But important players like striker Noah Lamont Hill, is 35, and Jayce Howard is 34. It'll be a tough road to slog for the smaller club, although Forzu-Denir should be relatively safe in his job. That is why we expect them to fall one place in the table.

15. Umbazi Metropolitan SC

Umbazi Metropolitan SC finished 17th in the league last season. They earned just 35 points through the season, and it led to the firing of their manager, Yafet Kahsai, who had managed the club for 8 seasons. They then appointed 43 year old Juma Ouattara, who had spent the prior 2 seasons at Kabakono City in the Lower Coastal League, as the manager of the club. The key signing made by him this offseason was Simon Johnson, the Schottian veteran right back, to try and shore up the back line in front of young goalkeeper Amat Turay.

Of course, there is talent on the team. Demetro Laterza, the Juvencus national, is still heading the front lines. But with change at the helm, it will be a tough season before they can truly try to get back to becoming a mid-table side, which is where they are most comfortable. But it will be a challenge for all. With the energy surrounding a new manager, they should have no problems getting out of their station and just barely into that 2nd quartet of teams, but just barely.

14. Hawabark Boulders

The Hawabark Boulders. The first team to ever get promoted to the BSL, about to start their third BSL season. They, quite surprisingly, finished mid-table, which is a huge leap for the first ever side to get promoted to the BSL(via merit). Their manager, having secured their spot in the BSL, retired on a high note. And now in town is Kiggwe Kabelo. The second most famed Kiggwe in Brian Emerson's coaching tree, after Sporting World Cup 8 winning manager Kiggwe Siakam, Kiggwe is going to run things here for the Boulders. He spent just one season as the assistant manager at Herzegovina City.

Expectations, naturally, are high. There wasn't much roster turnover at the Olympic Stadium. Fyodor Khalturin remains the captain, although he is now 33. Giovanni Falco is still the goalkeeper. They did, however, lose Ilman Jawara. The starting striker(for now, at least) for the Kadongo Kamu saw the chance to go to greener pastures, and he did. When Soldarian FC of Valanora came calling, what was he going to do- say no? He becomes the latest BSL budding star to make the journey west to Valanora, and he is well deserving. Because of that, their standing will suffer in the table. But not too much. While we see 14th as a best case scenario, Kabelo is a good, young prospective manager, and we expect them to stay well away from the relegation conversation this season.

13. Busukuma Force

The Busukuma Force. The often forgotten about expansion side. Brun Kissinger returns as the club's manager, in his 3rd season at the club. They are generally a mid-table club, and are expected to remain in that spot once again. But there is hope for this team, hope for a future. There is some intriguing young talent. Lama Nyang, the left back formerly from Askatasuna FC, and who is now on the national team, is going to play left back here. After he couldn't find a spot at a Super 5 club, here he may get a chance to showcase his talents.

There is more potential on this team besides Nyang. Wanda Kouyaté, their goalkeeper, is just 19. She will have a chance to showcase her skillset, coming out of the Ankole Regional Academy. Vanza-Vlont Bel, the Qusmi right midfielder, is just 19 years old as well. How will they do? They will be captained by Fabio Hamamura, the only person above 30 on the squad. Last season they finished in 14th, and finishing mid-table seems like something they could do again. The expectation is that they will manage that.

12. Mynda Electra

The first of two consecutive foreign owned clubs that we'll preview. Owned by the Damukuni utility company, Mynda is the definition of an average club. They finished with 14 wins and 14 losses last season, as well as in 13th place. Can they be more ambitious than that? The hope for them is, maybe. They decided to get ambitious by looking abroad for a manager, and he is a Chromatik- Daniel Lucas. Just 42 years old, he's a young and ambitious manager, and Mynda Electra fans will surely eat his words up at least at the beginning. He is a popular hire- but will he succeed?

Without time to really take advantage of the Transfer Window, they had to look across Banija for players. They have a trio of first year players out of the college system, as well as one from the Academy system. This team is young and inexperienced, especially in the back. And yet- the talent is there, the potential is there. COuld they rise? It will be interesting to see what happens if they do. But because of the lack of top-flight experience in this side, we believe that another mid-table finish is a reasonable expectation for this side.

11. Busembe Timberwolves

The other foreign owned side in the BSL are the Timberwolves- they are owned by Fadron Pizza of Taeshan, who won a bidding war for the club with Miracle Entertainment of Damukuni. Of course, last season they started on fire, being top of the table after 8 games and finishing in 8th when it was all said and done. They are led by Zachary Sols of Qasden, who is in his 3rd season with the club. We think that the start of last season, unfortunately for Timberwolves fans, was a fluke. For them to have that kind of start again would be almost unthinkable, considering everything we know about the club.

They will be a fun side to watch, however. Edgar Farsal-Smith is between the sticks for this team, and the Mercedinian is widely considered one of the league's best goalkeepers. Valentina Fairbairn in front of him, at left back, was seen as a shrewd signing as well. It will be a tough road for them, but the foreign-owned side should not have any trouble at all making a return to the middle of the table.

And that's it for Part I of this previews! Part 2, for the teams who will finished 10th through 1st, will come to you soon!
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Postby Banija » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:21 pm

The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Preview Part II


The 10th season of the Banijan Soccer League is almost upon us. And now, of course, we are set to launch our team-by-team season preview of the upcoming Banijan Soccer League season! It promises to be one of the most exciting seasons in years. Herzegovina City FC, of course, is looking to extend its current run of dominance, champions of 5 of the previous 7 editions of this league. But now, more than ever, their perch at the top is threatened. Mór Császár has taken the reigns at a reinvigorated Jinja City FC, who look for their first league title since the league was at 16 teams. The Hoima Warriors, as well, look to be rounding into form. And with UICA up in the air, the league is where all the focus will go this year. Who will win? Who will move up the table? Who will qualify for whatever competition succeeds the UICA? We'll found out, soon enough.

Of course, this is the 2nd part of the preview. We've gone through the teams that we believe will finish 20-11, and now we will go through the teams that we believe will finish 10-1. Who will be in the top half of the table? Who do we believe will be the league champions? Read on and find out.

10. Rukunbi FC

The other Istria side, as they are known as. Rukunbi FC are fierce local derby rivals of Istria City FC, and although the two are on different playing fields from each other, their games are always fiercely competitive. Eastern Stadium is widely known as the most intimidating atmosphere in the BSL, and for good reason- their stadium is old, their fans are intimidating, and their fans are working class. There are proposals within the club to return the club to being fan-owned- the type of move you rarely see after a sole owner take control of a franchise.

Teague Spanos is well liked at the club- in his 12th season at the helm. He is the only manager in the BSL who has been at the same club since the beginning of the league, and indeed, he has been at the club since before nationalization, when everyone was simply playing in regional leagues. They finished in 8th place last season, having a solid offense but a porous defense, allowing more goals than all but the bottom 6 teams, even though they finished in 8th. But instead of shoring up the back line, he shored up elsewhere. He landed Demetrio Arroyo, out of Osarius, on a free transfer to anchor the central midfield. He signed Samba Ogunsola out of the Moravica Regional Academy, somewhat surprisingly beating out Istria City FC for the youngster's service, and signed U18 World Cup champion Tyrone Barrett to be the team's central striker, out of Hapilopper. They are doubling down on attack, adherents to the idea that the best defense is a good offense. Can Teague Spanos make that hold true for Istria's 'other' team?

9. Bunyoro RSC

Bunyoro RSC. Life comes at you fast. They finished 2nd in the league two years ago, stunningly, just a point behind Herzegovina City. And things were looking up for them. Adam Jeffreys returning, Reden Omar getting older, and anchors on the back line. And last season, they maintained a lot of their core, and finished in 6th- just two points behind Kitara Athletic Association for the last UICA berth(though that did not end up mattering). And then, the bad luck began. Adam Jeffreys, the manager, decided to make a move to the Banijan capitol and take over Busukuma AC, a club that he had finished ahead of in each of the last two seasons(though, of course, they are a Super 5 club). But it gets better for Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club. The fire sale began. They have a new stadium they have to pay off, of course- was that the reason for it?

Regardless, it will have dire consequences on the field. Obey Chidiebere, the right back and captain, decided to title chase by heading to the league's premier side, Herzegovina City on a $2.5 million NSD transfer. Amadi Uche was sold for $4 million to Valanora side Wexax United. And then, of course, there was Kuma Bultum. The 22 year old center back shattered all kinds of records for a Banijan or BSL transfer, as Raynor City United, a team many call the most storied club in all of Atlantian Oceania, if not the entire UICA, bought him for $22 million. And of course, winger Reden Omar suffering a terrible ACL tear that caused the youngster to retire. What will happen now? We do not know for sure. But they will suffer on the field. There are still talented players, like Brenecian midfielder Paula Farquhar. But it will be a rough year. We have them in the top half of the table, but it will be a tough ask for Felipe Bergoglio to do much with this club. A bottom half finish would not be surprising.

8. Lakiska SC

And now, for the sole Busoga Islander side in the entire BSL. Lakiska SC, competing here alone after Dukuma SC's relegation a couple of years ago. Their relegated archrivals, however, have gotten the better of them last season, when they defeated Lakiska SC in the RBSA Cup semifinals en route to a RBSA Cup. They are managed by Winad-Lenpi Xlo, who has completely molded the team into their image. The Qusmi has made this team a hardworking, defensively astute team, and it is their lack of goals allowed that keep them in every game. They had the best defense in the league last season by goals allowed, allowing only 26 goals, although they had a disappointing 11th place finish in the final table.

They will be an intriguing team to follow. Carlton Sandt, their goalkeeper, was the Sarzonian NT goalkeeper in AOCAF LIX. He, of course, played the Banijans twice, putting in two stellar performances while his defense was utterly overwhelmed by the power of the Kadongo Kamu attacked. Winad-Lenpi liked him a lot, and they signed him. Now, of course, they had to skirt around rules. RBSA by-laws do not allow transfer fees to be paid to Universities or colleges. As outlined by the Busoga Chronicle, a scholarship fund has been established at Sandt's former college, to be jointly administered by Lakiska SC and Carlton Sandt's older brother, and former Sarzonia NT star, Horace Sandt.

They, of course, would like to generate more offense. They signed Utpal Ishan, who became spare parts from the Hoima Warriors. The Islander midfielder has plenty of skill, and he grew up a fan of Lakiska SC, so it will be like a homecoming. They are intriguing. They have quite a few young players in important spots. Carlton Sandt, while undeniably talented, is only 19. The left side of the back line is entirely rookies. But Winad-Lenpi did manage to hold onto Uzoma Iruka, even though she was heavily pursued by Herzegovina City FC. A return to where they belong under Winad-Lenpi, the top half of the table, should be expected. And if they get Dukuma SC again in a RBSA Cup match, you can bet that they won't let that opportunity fall through their hands again.

7. Herzegovina Phoenix

It is tough to try to challenge your way to break into the Super 5, but the Phoenix have been gunning for it ever since their formation. They were formed in Season 2 of the BSL, and they have developed a fierce local rivalry with Herzegovina City FC. Orion Etzebeth is the anchor of their central midfield, and the captain of what many say is the most diverse team in the BSL. This team has more Nephara nationals(3) than Banijan nationals(2) in their starting XI, and they are always a threat to challenge the supremacy of the Super 5. But with many of them getting a year older, and not much change within the squad besides Sorcha Lonergan, who is on a single season loan from Northern Union in Brenecia, they will trouble to break into the Super 5 themselves.

Jehan Blair is a good manager, and the Cosumarite should have his team challenging. But ultimately, we think they are not as good as the 6 teams ahead of them, and 7th would seem fair. If Lakiska SC can break out just a little more offense even, even they could be able to overtake the Phoenix. But if things break right, if Alemane continues to play to the top of his abilities, and things go right for this squad, then hey- you never know if they could break into the top 4.

6. Kitara Athletic Association

Undeniably, the team most effected by not having UICA this past season. Their first ever qualification for international competition ended without international competition, as by finishing 5th, they did not qualify for the Dwile Invitational. But with Alan Bettles in his 3rd season at the helm, he will look to break into the Super 5 once again, and maybe even break into the top 4. They head into this season as the best chance for the rest of the league to break the monopoly of the Super 5 on the top 5 spots in the Banijan Soccer League.

We do not think they will be able to do so, however. Why? Well, Busukuma AC, after finishing 10th, should be much improved from last season(more from them, later). But unfortunately for Kitara AA, they were not dynamic enough in this transfer market to actually work on their team and update them. They made one signing, and that was Anwar Dawit from the Kitara Regional Academy. They weren't active on the transfer market, and that should hurt them. They have a good core- Nick Haller, the Baker Park winger, leading the attack, and Abajan attacking midfielder Oglobelo doing the same. But still- they needed to do more to improve their attack, and they did not. Continuity is the name of the game here, and we'll see if Bettles faith in his current squad pays off as they look to continue their climb up the table.

5. Busukuma Athletic Club

Their league title in Season 7 seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? So much has happened since then. A 9th place finish in Season 8, followed by a 10th place finish in Season 9. It was quite shocking- Ferran Rey, the title winning manager, only survived Season 8 because of his title in Season 7. But when he could not right the ship last season, they had no choice but to fire him, and they did so mid-season. They hired a Qusmi to finish out last season, and then, hired Adam Jeffreys, the 85 year old from Bunyoro RSC, for this season. This, of course, after striking out on a lot of the transfer market. Of course, Jeffreys is 85- so he's more of another stopgap manager, than anything. He'll coach out a season here, and then will surely be too old to manage another season next year.

5th place is the talent they have, and that is where we will put them. Though, with a manager who is essentially here for one year, they are a difficult team to project. But change will surely be coming to the capitol side next summer. Their wingers are 33 and 34, respectively. Ignatiev's camp is making noises that the Arioslavian goalkeeper wants a change of scenery. But they will need to inject life into their attack. The hope is that Jeffreys can coax some vintage performances out of Salvai and Tesmesgen on the outside, to feed the ball to the Baker Park striker, Alex Sandoval. They will be an interesting side to watch, but the talent level alone suggests fifth place is certainly possible and realistic.

4. Istria City FC

Istria City FC. "The" Istria side, in contract to their archrivals, Rukunbi FC. A team with all sorts of offensive talent. A team with a Galactico, in the name of Assefa Yitebarke. Their best players are going forward, so it is no shock that last season they led the league both in goals(88) and in goal differential(+40). But yet, they finished in fourth, 12 points behind the league winners, Herzegovina City. Alvin Burnsides wants to overtake fellow Cosumarite manager Brian Emerson and win a league title of his own. They made a very intriguing signing. Murray Hunnisett, the Baptism of Fire winning central midfielder from Hapilopper, has signed with the club, making him the club's only major signing.

They now have an intriguing midfield- Murray Hunnisett alongside Ablie Kah. Jermaine Poole and Atsushi Ryu on either side of them, with Royle and Yitebarke finishing in the center. Just like their rivals at Rukunbi FC, they did not work to improve their defense, believing that the best defense is a good offense. Can this team score its way to a league title, their weaknesses on the back line be damned? If they can keep possesion, keep going forward, overwhelming opponents, than they can truly challenge. But teams that want to win a league title need balance, and there is not enough balance here. Alvin Burnsides, next offseason, is going to have to get some defenders if he truly wants to challenge for a league title.

3. Hoima Warriors

And now, the Hoima Warriors. Back in their rightful place, as their fans and management would say it, in the top 4. Competing for league titles, playing in top level international competition, this is what the Hoima Warriors have been wanting to get back to, and Mark Grayson has brought them there. There was a lot to like about their roster last season- but they have decided to upend their entire central midfield, as they do not settle for third place. "Hoima is about winning championships, bringing home trophies." Said Mark Grayson in a preseason press conference. "WE have a standard of excellence to meet at this club, and we intend to continue to meet it." And the pressure is absolutely on the big money club to deliver the goods.

They will open a gargantuan new stadium this season, called Mavuto Field. Replacing the old PG Arena, the new stadium will seat 75,000, a vast increase from 44,000. They will now have the largest stadium in the BSL, and be playing in the second largest soccer stadium in all of Banija. It has been host to a number of major internationals already- key matches in both AOCAF LVIII and World Cup 83 were played at this stadium, and now, the Warriors will play here as well. The Warriors were the only BSL side to actually qualify for the group stages of Dwile Invitational, giving them another challenge- the only team in the league who will have to balance the demands of international play with the demands of the league.

But this team has the talent, and the balance, to do just that. Look at this new look midfield. Mzukisi Nzo and Robert Craig(Schottia) will be the new central midfielders. They looked good in the Dwile Invitational preliminary rounds, though we'll see how that transfers over to the league. They will both provide a lot of energy and a lot of skill, as Hoima seeks a strong midfield to challenge the fleet of attacking midfielders that Brian Emerson's Herzegovina City side will bring at them. And to round it out, you'll have Angelique Underwood as the attacking midfielder. That's where their season will be won and lost. THey will try to dominate possession, they will go after you. They will be trophy hunting this season, and we'll see if they can grab one at the expense of the two clubs we expect to be ahead of them.

2. Herzegovina City FC

And now, for the two-time defending champions. Yes- we are not picking them to defend their title. A three-peat is difficult, and this season will be more difficult for them than ever- for reasons we'll see below, an old challengers to the East. But nevertheless. Brian Emerson is going to go for his fourth title in 5 seasons at the helm, and Herzegovina City will be prepared. They had a very disappointing Dwile Invitational- not really competing as they were ran quickly off the field in their sole preliminary tie, falling 3-0 on aggregate, including losing 2-0 at home thanks to a pair of early goals. But this team's key players, the core talent, is still there. Rosie Tyler, the reigning league MVP, two-time AOCAF winner, and World Cup champion, is leading the charge as Herzegovina City looks to cement its dominance at the top of the table. Key players, like Harald Fireblade, Marcel Roux, and Tsiavis are returning, while Dennis Brotzmann, who is from Siovanija & Teusland, has been handed the captain's armband following the retirement of Delbin Kasekende.

But there are questions in the back. The back line was aging, and as expected, Brian Emerson spent the entire offseason reshaping the back line. 3 of 4 defenders were replaced, as well as the goalkeeper. Felix Millar, the left back, is the only returning defender. Francois Tantoh, the two-time Northern League champion and the third string goalkeeper for the national team, will be the starter. They signed Obey Chidiebere to play right back, from Bunyoro RSC. Danijel Brymora has arrived from Brinemouth, the multiverse's richest club according to the last Fekadu Financial Power Index, for a $4.5 million transfer fee. And lastly, they made a play for both present and future with Lukas Kayserling, the 20 year old center back, arriving from Recuecn. Emerson spent just shy of $12 million NSDs to remake the defense. Will it work? Well, there's talent there, but they all must learn how to play with each other. It will be rough, especially at the beginning. Learning curves. We think they will come on strong towards the end, but how quickly the backline meshes will be crucial to their title chances.

1. Jinja City FC

And now, for Jinja City FC. They won Season 1 of the BSL, and have finished every season in the Top 4. In fact, they have finished as league runner-ups five times- Seasons 3-6, and Season 9. Alexander Bumba, the manager for all 9 of those seasons, has left for greener pastures in Cobrio. And now, Jinja City FC has aimed for the skies to bring the title back to Hangaza- Mór Császár, formerly of the Pasarga national team, was introduced with much fanfare. Commentators were drooling over the hire. "This is the most important managerial hire for the Banijan Soccer League since Brian Emerson." One commentator raved after Jinja City stunningly brought him on board. "Emerson has widely been viewed as the league's best manager, and by some bit, but now there is someone who is his match."

He's won a Copa Rushmori, so he knows what it takes to win. He wasted no time remaking the team in his image. Malachi Gallagher, who was rumored to be considering retirement, was convinced to stay for at least one more season as Jinja City FC makes a renewed title push. But the key signing for the Pasargan was Timuria national team player Vatan Ercetin. Ercetin is a striker for the Timuria national team, and was the defending golden boot winner in the TimLig. He will play in the #10 position for Jinja City FC, unlocking a potentially deadly combination with the BSL's previous golden boot winner Xilit-Zaxac Yol, of Qusmo. With Marcus Rose a capable striker pairing up with Xilit-Zaxac, they will be dangerous. And they have balance as well- most of the back line is returning. Though of course, they have a new goalkeeper. A Savojar goalkeeper, Iiro Pakenen will have to adjust to life in Banija and the BSL. There is a veteran defense in front of him- can he do so?

It will be an entertaining season. And it will kick off, for the first time, not in Banija but in Eshan, where the media rights deal calls for the Kabaka's Cup that will kick off the season, between Herzegovina City FC and Dukuma SC, to be played at the Stadii Echani in Rosaria, Eshan. But we'll be back here first, of course, with the 1st & 2nd rounds of the RBSA Cup, the technical start of competitive soccer in Banija. Let's play ball!
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First two rounds of RBSA Cup played as regional league squads get ready to start the season

Duntho Sporting Club players celebrate extra time goal against Baleweye FC in the 2nd round of the RBSA Cup

RBSA Cup 1st Round
Cerenus United 3–3 AFC Kosactus (6–4 AET)
Bwubanza City SC 2–0 Thayaferu United
AFC Akwadua 2–0 Koszagard City
Okakameb City 3–2 Mukegara Warriors
Luguyala Patriots 1–0 Tripoli Foresters
Duntho Sporting Club 3–2 Umbazi FA
Nanami Dragons 0–1 Sororo City
Kabakono City 4–3 Nezrouch Rovers
Koksho City 1–3 Suwawa FC
Gadive City 0–2 Dukuma SC
Busemlu Park SC 4–4 Zakuta City (4–5 AET)
Jaribga Soccer Club 2–4 Nsade United
Mamari City 0–0 Boufaya Ravens (1–0 AET)
Barmos United 5–2 Capitol City FC
Baleweye FC 2–1 Amaku City FC
AFC Okahavi 2–2 Garixas City (2–2 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Taramazna United 0–1 Ogbordu Diamond FC
Byakado City 0–0 Slobochia Bears (1–0 AET)
Kitara Athletic Society 6–4 Abomfa United
Tezirbu Foxes 1–4 Dodoma City SC
Selekawe Knights 1–2 Pumbasa Boars
Dimbogourou SC 0–1 Corizova United
Kigagana Mountaineers 2–2 Djoro Athletic (2–2 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Kwadama Dojo 0–3 Eastern Moravica FC

And the RBSA Cup begins! Dukuma Sporting Club, of course, are the defending champions- and as they are still in the regional league setup, forced to start their trophy defense away from home, and in the preliminary rounds. This tournament can be a brutal one for the regional league sides. For the newly initiated, we'll go through the format. This is a straight knockout competition, with 7 rounds that are each single match. No two legged affairs, no replays- every single match in this tournament is played until there is a winner. The 48 regional league sides all enter in the 1st round, with 24 winners in the second round. When their numbers hit 12, they are joined by the 20 BSL sides in the 3rd round which is a Round of 32, and straight knockout all the way to the final. All matches are random, and the home side is also picked at random, although the Final is played at a neutral site- the national stadium, the Stadium of the Restoration, as the last match of the domestic season.

Last season, of course, Dukuma SC stunned neutral observers by making a run all the way to the trophy. For the regional league sides, this tournament is either '7 and won', or 'one and done', and for Dukuma SC, it was '7 and won'. Of course, last season was their first in the regional leagues after a brutal relegation from the Banijan Soccer League. Losing their twice a year annual matchup with Lakiska SC, the two Islander bitter rivals met in the RBSA Cup semifinals, and it was Dukuma SC, although a league lower, who triumphed that night. What a run that was. And while it won't result in international competition for them, still a trophy that they and their fans can use to gloat over Lakiska SC fans for the rest of their days, or until the two sides meet again- and who knows when that will be?

Dukuma SC's title defense started off strong, winning 2-0 away to Gadive City. It was the young Echani striker, Reece Gorbell, who scored a brace on the day to send Dukuma SC to the second round. One of the most exciting matches of the day, however, had to be Cerenus United against AFC Kosactus. With AFC Kosactus' move to the Northern League to accommodate the promotion of Igulu City FC and the relegation of Corizova United, they will now be league rivals. It was a chaotic and brilliant game, with a Sirif Jassey stoppage time goal sending into extra time at 3-3. But the chaos was just beginning. Jassey scored again to make it 4-3, but AFC Kosactus replied to make it 4-4 at halftime of extra time. But an 111th minute header by Ifeatu Chika made it 5-4, and Madou Okella made it 6-4. 4 goals in extra time, three by Cerenus United, what a thriller of a contest.

Zakuta City won in extra time as well, with Madu Okparra scoring the game winner in extra time. IN terms of the better regional league sides, Duntho Sporting Club and Sororo City won away from home in regulation, to routinely clinch their spots in the second round of this tournament. Capitol City FC, a Lower Coastal League title contender, was ran out of the building by going down 5-0, and eventually losing 5-2. Corizova United returned to the regional leagues in triumph, as the RBSA Cup runner-ups won 1-0 in their first game back down. Now, of course, for them, they'll try to remake the long slog back up to the Banijan Soccer League.

RBSA Cup 2nd Round
Kitara Athletic Society 2–1 Dukuma SC
Pumbasa Boars 2–1 Ogbordu Diamond FC
Zakuta City 2–1 AFC Akwadua
Dodoma City SC 3–0 Luguyala Patriots
Duntho Sporting Club 1–1 Baleweye FC (2–1 AET)
Garixas City 4–2 Mamari City
Nsade United 1–3 Corizova United
Kigagana Mountaineers 1–3 Sororo City
Eastern Moravica FC 1–0 Kabakono City
Cerenus United 0–1 Barmos United
Byakado City 2–1 Suwawa FC
Bwubanza City SC 4–2 Okakameb City

And now, for the 2nd round. This is always a more entertaining round- seeing who will have the privilege of facing off against BSL squads. Corizova United continued its triumphant return to the regional leagues, as they defeated Nsade United by a score of 3-1 away from home. THey somewhat surprisingly held onto manager Samba Kouyaté even after getting relegated, recognizing that they were simply outmatched and outresourced in the BSL. The early returns are showing that was a good idea, as they have had a pair of quality wins away from home in the opening rounds of the RBSA Cup. THey will have the opportunity to play their former leaguemates in the 3rd round of this tournament.

What else happened in the RBSA Cup? Well, Duntho Sporting Club punched their ticket to the third round by defeating Baleweye FC at home, 2-1 AET. They were so close of taking advantage of the 'Corizova' promotion rule, which state that a team that wins their regional league for three consecutive seasons will earn automatic promotion to the BSL, and the Promotion playoff will be cancelled for that year. However, they were just a point behind Igulu City FC for their third consecutive league title. And to add insult to injury, Igulu City FC ended up winning the BSL Promotion Playoff, and they will be playing in the Banijan Soccer League this upcoming season. It was Kamande Muriũki who scored the winner to put them into the next round.

Bwubanza City, the first ever side to get relegated from the BSL, has started its 3rd season in the Southern League strong, by making it to the 3rd round of the RBSA Cup. Elsewhere, the Kitara Athletic Society upended Dukuma SC, 2 goals to 1, to ensure that there would be a new champion of the RBSA Cup. The defending champs, eliminated in the 1st round- stunning. A surprising side so far has been Eastern Moravica FC, who is going to be in the 3rd round of the RBSA Cup. Momodou Sene, the U18 World Cup winner, has been good for his squad so far. Maybe Eastern Moravica FC can rise up the Northwestern League table? Who knows? Regardless, they will be an interesting team to watch this season.

Banijan Regional League System - Season 6 Preview

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- And with the first two rounds of the RBSA Cup played, we've seen all these teams play once. Some of them twice. It's hard to know what to gauge from this limited sample, but this is what we have so far. And now, it's time to preview the regional leagues. Of course, this season, the Corizova rule, as mentioned above, cannot go into effect. None of last season's champions are repeat champions, and therefore, a Promotion Playoff is guaranteed.

Northwestern League

Now going to be rejoined by Corizova United. In the last 6 seasons of the Northwestern League, Corizova United have lifted its trophy in four of them. In one of those 4, they weren't even a member, as they were participating in the Banijan Soccer League, where they obviously got relegated from. And in the other, they were going for a fourth consecutive league title, in the first season where promotion was a legitimate option. So with Corizova United back in the field, the terror of the Northwestern League has to be favored to win its fifth title in seven seasons.

They, of course, will have to do that without their lead striker, Kody Hansen, who has returned to the Equestrian States after the team's relegation from the BSL. But there are other challengers to Corizova United as they look to retake their throne at the top of the Northwestern League. First, of course, Suwawa FC. The two-time league winners, and defending champions, will not just roll over. There is certainly talent in that squad. Another challenger will be Dukuma SC. They won the RBSA Cup last season- they have to be taken seriously. And then, there is our dark horse- Eastern Moravica FC. Can they make some noise with Momodou Sene leading the attack? WE will see. But this league will certainly be fun and competitive this season.

Lower Coastal League

Now, of course, for the Lower Coastal League. There are normally three contenders when it comes to this league, and this season, it is no different. Kabakono City is always a contender here, and there has been much change at this club. After their manager was hired away to Umbazi Metropolitan SC, they searched for a young, dynamic manager- and found one in the BSL. Jared Clotterman, the 36 year old Schottian who has long played in the central midfield for the Isipongo Flash, will manage this squad. They have high expectations, and Clotterman will strive to meet them. He said in an introductory press conference that 'the BSL is the goal' for this squad, and all things they would do would be to prepare them to reach promotion.

But they will have to upend the defendign champions to reach their goal- Capitol City FC. The capitol side wants to get back to the summit, and to the BSL. Their fans have always believed that they should have gotten a BSL spot in Season 2, but that instead went to the upstarts, the Busukuma Force. THey have history with Busukuma AC, and they believe they can get back. They have a lot of new blood- four new players. Three academy grads, plus a Loyola-Istria grad. It will be tough for them, but they believe they can win the league again. It should be a two horse race this year, but Baleweye FC is certainly lurking in the shadows. Lukas Bornas has been at the club for 10 seasons- he's seen it all. We'll see if he has anything up his sleeve for them to shoot back up the table and challenge for a title, once again.

Southern League

And now, for the Southern League. This league is very volatile. Of course, two seasons ago, Bwubanza City SC won the league, only to fall to the bottom half of the table last season. A fall from grace for the former BSL side. Chika Oluchi, somehow, survived that, and will be returning at the helm for a 3rd season. They have a young squad. They will look to rise back up the table. The pressure is on, certainly. IF they do not rise up the table, you can bet that the cascading effect will be Oluchi, contractless, in the unemployment line.

But the defending champions are Sororo City. But there is drastic change in their lineup- they have five new starters from last season. They signed a pair of players from the Bunyoro Regional Academy, to help stock their back line. They also signed Ami Biri, out of the Islamic University of Buosga, to play in the league. But Italo Cola surprised everybody by the depth of his foreign scouting. He looked at a pair of players who made their name in the Sonnel 7 Nations Cup, for Silver Beach. He signed Netali Rosenberg to be his #10, and the Silverian captain, Ixaka Hamutal, to be the left winger.

If they can mesh well, they will be strong favorites to not only repeat as champions, but probably to get promoted as well, considering the international experience of those two players.

Northern League

And now, for the Northern League. Duntho Sporting Club, who has defined the league for the past three seasons, twice as its champion and once as its runner-up, has to be the favorite to win the league this season. With Igulu City FC, their primary and successful challenger last season, now in the BSL, Duntho Sporting Club will look to return as champions, and actually win a BSL Promotion Playoff. They return all their outfield players from last season, though they have a new goalkeeper. Carson Coleman, from the Union of Quincy, will be between the sticks for Duntho Sporting Club this season.

WHo will challenge them? Cerenus United, of course, is a challenger to the status quo in the Northern League. They worked to improve their squad in the offseason. They signed two players out of the Hangaza Regional Academy, and will have a third under their control this season, as Yama Dabo, the central midfielder, is being loaned to them from Mynda Electra. And, of course, they unearthed a quality player in Schottia, signing 17 year old Thomas Kinchie to start as their central defensive midfielder. They will certainly make a title challenge for this upcoming season.

And, of course, that is it! All the leagues have been previewed! Next week, of course, we'll be back with the real action, when the Kabaka's Cup kicks off the 10th season of the Banijan Soccer League.
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Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
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The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Part 1


And the season is underway! Kicked off, of course, with the Kabaka's Cup- the defending BSL champions against the defending RBSA Cup champions, so Herzegovina City FC against Dukuma SC at the Stadii Echani, in Rosaria, Eshan. A small note from the magazine, as well, in regards to the scores. International club competition matches are played midweek. The Dwile Invitational Tournament matches are played on Tuesdays adn Wednesdays. The BSL plays on Saturdays and Sundays. These matches are listed on the matchday they precede.

Without further ado!

Kabaka's Cup
Held at the Stadii Echani(capacity of 125,000) in Rosaria, Eshan
Herzegovina City FC 2–0 Dukuma SC
Herzegovina City FC is the Season 10 winner of the Kabaka's Cup

And now, of course, we head over to Rosaria to start the season with the Kabaka's Cup! Echani and Banijan footballing leaders present, though without political leadership from either nation- quite distracted by events in Castanya, aren't they? But the RBSA has to be pleased with attendance. The stadium was filled to capacity. A large number of traveling Banijan fans, of course, the opportunity to see their favorite clubs played in an allied country. And a number of neutrals. Even though it was a neutral site, the crowd was probably 70% or so in favor of Herzegovina City. And it makes sense. Herzegovina City is Banija's best team, Dukuma SC is a regional league side, though their fans certainly did travel. Almost all the locals leaned towards Brian Emerson's side.

Last season in the Kabaka's Cup, Brian Emerson's side got smoked out by Jaribga Soccer Club. The Islander regional league side took it to them, as Herzegovina City did not seem to take their opponent seriously. But they were not going to make that mistake again as they won their first trophy of Season 10. Rosie Tyler, the reigning BSL MVP, kicked off the festivities when she scored in the 35th minute, off of a free kick. They buried the game in the 50th minute, when the team veteran Lucas Lucius Vit scored. It could have been more, but the Dukuma SC goalkeeper, Ayman Jawdat Sultan, had a fantastic game, making 11 saves. Herzegovina City starts this season as they ended the last- by lifting a domestic trophy. Can they be the first ever Banijan side to earn multiple trophies in the same season?

Umbazi Metropolitan SC 0–0 Lwanga Lions
Isipongo Flash 4–4 Jinja City FC

Busukuma Force 0–1 Rukunbi FC
Herzegovina Phoenix 0–1 Busukuma AC
Hawabark Boulders 2–2 Kitara AA
Herzegovina City FC 2–0 Bunyoro RSC
Hoima Warriors 5–0 Askatasuna FC
Lakiska SC 2–2 Istria City FC
Mynda Electra 1–0 Busembe Timberwolves
Aissa United FC 1–0 Igulu City FC
Dwile Invitational Group B
Willox Street Pirates(SCT) 2-0 Hoima Warriors

And now, for the kickoff of the Banijan Soccer League! But first, midweek, the Dwile Invitational was played. The Hoima Warriors played on Tuesday, lining up against the Willox Street Pirates at PalmBet Arena in Schottia. In front of a capacity crowd of 56,000, the Warriors were simply not up to the level of their Schottian hosts. OF course, they are starting a familiar face- Idai Uster, the national team striker, leading the front line, scored the second goal in the 75th minute. But the Warriors, back in proper international competition, were not on the same level of the Willox Street Pirates. They'll have to improve their play if they want to escape an extremely tough group that contains both the Willox Street Pirates and Sabrefell Athletic. As many commentators say, one of the Warriors, Pirates, or Sabrefell will not make the knockouts- and it won't be Sabrefell.

But now, for league play! The league's kickoff game was Umbazi Metropolitan SC hosting the Lwanga Lions, and they played out to a drab 0-0 draw. But there were good games across the board. Mór Császár made his much awaited league debut at the helm of Jinja City FC on this day, and it was an away game against the Isipongo Flash. It was an absolute stunner- there was 8 total goals in that match as they split the spoils, 4-4. The Isipongo Flash went up big early, however, and had gotten out to a 3-0 lead before Jinja City scored to make it 3-1 at halftime. When the Flash made it 4-1 just after the break, many thought it was over. But Mór Császár's squad was not going to give their brand new manager such a thrashing to start this reign. Xilit-Zaxac Yol scored in the 65th minute to make it 4-2, and the Qusmi striker scored again in the 73rd to make it 4-3. But 1 minute into stoppage time, it was a scrappy goal by Malachi Gallagher, the Nepharim central midfielder, to pull out a point. What a game that was, and a well earned point by Jinja City FC.

There was other big results on this day as well. Herzegovina City FC seems to have thrown off its Dwile Invitational struggles by winning 2-0 against Bunyoro RSC to start their season. The Hoima Warriors shook off their loss to the Willox Street Pirates on Tuesday by demolishing Askatasuna FC, by a score of 5-0. Chizoba Emenanjo scored twice, while Josef Lawerenz, Robert Craig, and Angelique Underwood each scored once. Busukuma AC earned a tough road win, with Alex Sandoval being the difference in a 1-0 victory over the Phoenix. And in another entertaining game, Lakiska SC and Istria City FC, last season's best defensive squad hosting last season's best attacking side, battled it out to a 2-0 draw in Lakiska. A fabulous opening weekend for the BSL- what does the 2nd have in store?

Lwanga Lions 3–1 Igulu City FC
Busembe Timberwolves 3–2 Aissa United FC
Istria City FC 1–0 Mynda Electra
Askatasuna FC 2–1 Lakiska SC
Bunyoro RSC 1–1 Hoima Warriors
Kitara AA 5–2 Herzegovina City FC
Busukuma AC 0–1 Hawabark Boulders
Rukunbi FC 2–1 Herzegovina Phoenix
Jinja City FC 4–0 Busukuma Force
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 2–0 Isipongo Flash

And now, for week 2! The Friday night match was significantly better than last week's. Igulu City FC, of course, was re-introduced to how tough the top flight is, as they were delivered their second straight loss, to the Lwanga Lions by a score of 3-1. But they scored their first ever BSL goal on this day, as Udo Obasie did the honors. Elsewhere, there was some great matches. The Busembe Timberwolves won a thriller, 3-2, as they played their first game at the renamed Tiones Lumber Field @ the Wolf's Den. It was Kiggwe Basamula, the captain, who scored his first goal of the season to lift the Timberwolves.

Istria City FC earned their first win of the season by downing Mynda Electra, 1-0, thanks to a goal from Assefa Yitebarke. Jinja City FC, on Sunday, in their brand new manager's home league debut, took the Busukuma Force to the cleaners, as they thoroughly shredded the Busukuma Force by a score of 4-0. This brand of attacking football, after two league games, looks like quite the game. The most surprising result, however, happened in north Kitara. The Kitara Athletic Association took the game to the defending champions, turning an early 2-0 deficit into a stunning 5-2 comeback victory, which announced their intentions to build on their 5th place finish last season. Baker Park winger Nick Haller had a wonderful bending free kick during the game for the final goal as Kitara AA celebrated downing Herzegovina City FC. A stunning victory that, of course, will send reverberations throughout the BSL.

Isipongo Flash 0–0 Lwanga Lions
Busukuma Force 0–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Herzegovina Phoenix 1–1 Jinja City FC
Hawabark Boulders 0–3 Rukunbi FC
Herzegovina City FC 0–0 Busukuma AC
Hoima Warriors 1–0 Kitara AA
Lakiska SC 0–1 Bunyoro RSC
Mynda Electra 1–0 Askatasuna FC
Aissa United FC 3–6 Istria City FC
Igulu City FC 2–0 Busembe Timberwolves

Igulu City FC had their first ever BSL home game on Sunday night, and their stadium was absolutely packed for the occasion. They were able to earn their first victory of the campaign, when Kenyatta Mũraya and Benedicto Montoya both struck in the first half. Great scenes from that stadium as they fight to stay up. We had the season's first Super 5 clash, as Herzegovina City FC took on Busukuma AC at Star Field. Although the game was very up and down, Adam Jeffreys capitol side was able to earn a point away from home, as they held Brian Emerson's Herzegovina City side to a 0-0 draw.

The Herzegovina Phoenix played host to Jinja City FC, and for the second time in three games, Jinja City FC had to settle for a draw. This one, of course, was a 1-1 draw, with Corvid Alemane scoring for the hosts and the former TimLig golden boot winner Vatan Ercetin opening his account for the Jinja side. Kitara Athletic Association, perhaps still on the high from last week's victory over Herzegovina City, had to travel to a second consecutive Super 5 side, the Hoima Warriors. The Warriors won a tightly contested game 1-0, though it was not without controversy, as a Nick Haller goal was disallowed by VAR, upon review, as just a small part of his body was offsides. Lakiska SC had another disappointing outing, falling 1-0 to Bunyoro RSC at home on Sunday.

Lwanga Lions 1–0 Busembe Timberwolves
Istria City FC 6–0 Igulu City FC
Askatasuna FC 0–1 Aissa United FC
Bunyoro RSC 1–0 Mynda Electra
Kitara AA 0–1 Lakiska SC
Busukuma AC 0–1 Hoima Warriors
Rukunbi FC 3–4 Herzegovina City FC
Jinja City FC 3–0 Hawabark Boulders
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 1–0 Herzegovina Phoenix
Isipongo Flash 0–1 Busukuma Force
Dwile Invitational Group B
Bandarwangsa Bandit FC (PJI) 0-2 Hoima Warriors

Now time for Week 4! The Dwile Invitational returned, with the Hoima Warriors paying a visit to Bandarwangsa Bandit FC. The Warriors shook off their group stage opening loss in Schottia, and continued the solid form that they've had in league play so far by earning a 2-0 win. Mzukisi Nzo opened his scoring account for the Warriors, while Emenanjo scored again for the visitors for them to get back into the thick of things in regards to this group. Their next match, of course, will be hosting Sabrefell Athletic- and we can imagine that the largest stadium in the BSL will be packed to its fullest capacity for an opponent of that stature.

The Warriors took their winning ways into league play, as they had a Super 5 matchup against Busukuma AC in the nation's capitol. It was Kawsu Kaba, the national team centerback, who scored for the Warriors as they won, as visitors, 1-0. Jinja City FC once again dominated at home, as their offense was unleashed on the Hawabark Boulders. Valan Ercetin scored twice on the day, while Marcus Rose opened his scoring account for the Jinja City FC side by scoring himself. Istria City FC hosted Igulu City, and brought them back down to Earth after their win last week, as they shredded their visitors 6-0 at the Kabonero III Stadium.

The match of the weekend, of course, involved our defending league champions. Rukunbi FC, often regarded as the toughest team to play on the road, hosted Herzegovina City FC. Tyrone Barrett scored the opener in the 22nd minute, and it would be Bubacar Kujabi in the 31st minute to make it 2-0. But then, that's when Herzegovina City started to come back. Tsiavis scored to make it 2-1, and just before halftime, Lucas Lucius Vit scored to make it 2-2 at half. The visitors would keep it coming. Marcel Roux scored to make it 3-2, and it would be Rosie Tyler who would put it in the back of the net in the 70th to make it 4-2. Barrett scored again to make it 4-3, and they had a chance to tie the game in the 88th with a well placed free kick, but Kamu Jacobs struck the post. Herzegovina City FC escaped with all three points in what was undoubtedly a thriller at the aging Istria stadium.

Busukuma Force 0–1 Lwanga Lions
Herzegovina Phoenix 0–2 Isipongo Flash
Hawabark Boulders 1–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Herzegovina City FC 6–1 Jinja City FC
Hoima Warriors 2–0 Rukunbi FC
Lakiska SC 1–2 Busukuma AC
Mynda Electra 1–4 Kitara AA
Aissa United FC 2–2 Bunyoro RSC
Igulu City FC 2–2 Askatasuna FC

Busembe Timberwolves 2–1 Istria City FC

One of the most anticipated matches of the season happened today. The battle between the league's two preseason favorites to win the BSL, between the league's reigning best manager, Brian Emerson, against the man who is here to take the title from him, Mór Császár. Who would prevail at Star Field? The advantage on their first meeting, would decisively land in Brian Emerson's favor. They absolutely tore their Super 5 rivals apart. It was a stunning affair. And even though Herzegovina City has shown weakness this decision, none were shown on this day. A 6-1 thrashing saw Herzegovina City fans taunt Mór Császár, with 2nd rate chants aimed in his direction. Rosie Tyler was the star of the day with a hat trick, but Tsiavis, Fireblade, and Brotzmann all scored for the hosts, while Sia Fall bagged what was essentially a consolation goal when his team was already down 6-0. Can anyone stop Herzegovina City's march towards their third consecutive league title?

Elsewhere, teams jockeyed to keep pace with the defending champions. Busukuma AC traveled to the South Island of the Busoga Islands, and came out with a 2-1 victory, thanks to a pair of first half goals by Alex Sandoval. The Hoima Warriors took care of business at home against Rukunbi FC, as they won 2-0. Istria City FC hosted Askatasuna FC, expecting to get three points, but unexpectedly could only earn a lone point against a side expected to get relegated. Abaja national Alulawe Ju scored twice for the visitors, to earn a crucial point for Askatasuna FC, a side that seems to be staving off relegation annually at this rate. Kitara Athletic Assocation also earned a solid victory away from home, as they collected all three points at Electra Stadium in Aksum by a score of 4-1 over Mynda Electra.

Lwanga Lions 1–2 Istria City FC
Askatasuna FC 0–1 Busembe Timberwolves
Bunyoro RSC 1–1 Igulu City FC
Kitara AA 1–1 Aissa United FC
Busukuma AC 3–3 Mynda Electra

Rukunbi FC 1–0 Lakiska SC
Jinja City FC 2–1 Hoima Warriors
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 0–2 Herzegovina City FC
Isipongo Flash 1–3 Hawabark Boulders
Busukuma Force 0–1 Herzegovina Phoenix

Here in week 6, Istria City FC launched a stunning comeback victory against the Lwanga Lions. The Lions were dominant for a majority of this game- and yet, only led 1-0 through 85 minutes. But you can never count out a team that can strike like Istria City FC. Jermaine Poole in the 85th minute to tie the game, and then Torvald Royle, in the 88th to win it- an absolute heartbreaker for the Lions, in what would have been a stunning win on national broadcast. This led into a very tight, very entertaining weekend. The Timberwolves won, 1-0, at St. Sava Park thanks to a Jeff Finte strike, and most importantly, thanks to a penalty save by Edgar Farsal-Smith, who is most certainly a top tier goalkeeper in this league.

There were quite a few draws in the Saturday early slate, highlighted by a 3-3 stalemate at home between Busukuma AC and Mynda Electra. It was a good result for the first year Mynda Electra manager Daniel Lucas, who has shown that his team can compete against the best of the best in this division. Herzegovina City FC on Sunday, took care of business against Umbazi Metropolitan, as both Lucas Lucius Vit and Obey Chidiebere scored for the visitors. But the game of the day was Jinja City FC v. the Hoima Warriors. Jinja City has had excellent home form under Mór Császár, and this week was no different, as they handed the Warriors their first loss of the league campaign. Sia Fall and Xilit-Zaxac Yol were the goalscorers of the day for the hosts, as they showed their recovery from the 6-1 thrashing they received from Herzegovina City just last week.

Herzegovina Phoenix 1–0 Lwanga Lions
Hawabark Boulders 7–0 Busukuma Force
Herzegovina City FC 6–0 Isipongo Flash
Hoima Warriors 2–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Lakiska SC 0–0 Jinja City FC
Mynda Electra 0–0 Rukunbi FC

Aissa United FC 1–4 Busukuma AC
Igulu City FC 0–3 Kitara AA
Busembe Timberwolves 0–0 Bunyoro RSC
Istria City FC 1–1 Askatasuna FC

Last week was almost all close games, a showcase of the BSL's competitiveness and strong depth. This week, we must inform you, was the opposite. Herzegovina City FC seems to be fully on a roll now. They earned their fourth consecutive victory in style, as they absolutely took apart the Isipongo Flash at home, by as score of 6-0. The defending champions are playing fearlessly, and with all sort of confidence right now, and it shows both on and off the field. And if they can get going, they will rack up quite a few points in a short amount of time. But they were not the only ones to win big. The Hawabark Boulders, of all teams, crushed the Busukuma Force 7-0, in a season that is quickly becoming disastrous for the 'other' capitol side. The Boulders are a decent team, of course, but they don't have the firepower to be beating BSL sides 7-0. All of a sudden, it is Brun Kissinger who is on the hot seat, as the Busukuma Force are quickly becoming a disaster.

Jinja City FC has been on and off this season. At BCEL Stadium, they are taking their opponents to the cleaners. But for whatever reason, away from home, they cannot get it done. In their fourth away game of the season, they failed to take a win again, as the final score against Lakiska SC was the same as when it started, 0-0. They could not figure out a way to break down Winad-Lenpi's defense. Quite surprisinlgy, Istria City FC could not do well against Askatasuna FC, as they had to settle for a 1-1 draw in the Sunday nightcap. The Hoima Warriors were able to keep pace towards the top of the table, with a 2-1 home victory over Umbazi Metropolitan Sporting Club. They, of course, will play host to Sabrefell Athletic next week, as the Nephara sporting giants look to slay the Banijan side at their own game.

Lwanga Lions 1–3 Askatasuna FC
Bunyoro RSC 1–5 Istria City FC
Kitara AA 2–2 Busembe Timberwolves
Busukuma AC 0–1 Igulu City FC
Rukunbi FC 1–0 Aissa United FC
Jinja City FC 4–4 Mynda Electra
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 2–1 Lakiska SC
Isipongo Flash 0–1 Hoima Warriors
Busukuma Force 1–4 Herzegovina City FC
Herzegovina Phoenix 3–0 Hawabark Boulders
Dwile Invitational Group B
Hoima Warriors 0-3 Sabrefell Athletic(NPH)

Mavuto Field, as predicted, was filled to its absolutely capacity this week. Sabrefell Athletic's trip to the Kingdom, with a whole host of the multiverse's greatest talents on that squad. The defending(possibly last?) champions of the UICA Globe Cup, and the defending champions of the best league in the multiverse, the Nepharim Premiership. Hoima fans were excited for this match, and turnout matched that. Of course, interestingly enough, quite a few boos rained down on Bryony Westerveld whenever she touched the ball, who told Banijan media before the match that she has three girlfriends. Of course, Banija and Nephara are both famous for their pro-polygamy laws, though they of course come from wildly different sources.

Off to the league! Rukunbi FC has quietly had an extremely strong start to the season, as the BSL's longest tenured manager, Teague Spanos, is showing that he is improving with age, like fine wine. They have their fifth win of this young season as they beat Aissa United FC 1-0. And with Istria City FC crushing their opponents away from home, 5-1, we're looking at a table right now where both Istria sides are in the top 4. When they play each other this season, it will surely be a fun one. Jinja City FC dropped points at home for the first time all season, though in thrilling fashion, when they drew Mynda Electra 4-4. Musukuta Badjie scored the game tying goal, as the Northern Moravica grad had a stellar performance on the stage that is the BCEL Stadium.

The Hoima Warriors and Herzegovina City FC, both at the top of the table, continued their winning ways away from home. Herzegovina City FC continued to pile on Brun Kissinger's misery in our nation's capitol, as Herzegovina City FC dominated at the Mugisha III Memorial Stadium with a 4-1 victory. The Warriors had a much closer battle against the Isipongo Flash, who have been a tough opponent this season. But yet, they earned a 1-0 victory, as Ozolx-Mazur Guv scored the lone goal in that matchup, hitting a volley in the 63rd minute. Igulu City FC earned their second win of the season by stunning Busukuma AC at their own stadium, as a 7th minute strike from Enyinnaya Jideofor gave the newly relegated side all three points against the hosts. Stunning results, eh?

Now, of course, let's have a look at the league table.

League Standings after Matchday 8
Banijan Soccer League          Pld   W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Herzegovina City FC 8 6 1 1 26 10 +16 19
2 Hoima Warriors 8 6 1 1 14 4 +10 19
3 Istria City FC 8 5 2 1 24 10 +14 17
4 Rukunbi FC 8 5 1 2 11 7 +4 16
5 Umbazi Metropolitan SC 8 4 2 2 8 6 +2 14
6 Jinja City FC 8 3 4 1 19 16 +3 13
7 Kitara AA 8 3 3 2 17 10 +7 12
8 Busukuma AC 8 3 2 3 10 8 +2 11
9 Hawabark Boulders 8 3 2 3 14 13 +1 11
10 Lwanga Lions 8 3 2 3 7 7 0 11
11 Busembe Timberwolves 8 3 2 3 8 9 −1 11
12 Herzegovina Phoenix 8 3 1 4 7 7 0 10
13 Bunyoro RSC 8 2 4 2 7 11 −4 10
14 Mynda Electra 8 2 3 3 10 13 −3 9
15 Askatasuna FC 8 2 2 4 8 13 −5 8
16 Aissa United FC 8 2 2 4 11 17 −6 8
17 Igulu City FC 8 2 2 4 7 16 −9 8
18 Lakiska SC 8 1 2 5 6 10 −4 5
19 Isipongo Flash 8 1 2 5 7 17 −10 5
20 Busukuma Force 8 1 0 7 2 19 −17 3

Legitimate Reaction or Overreaction?

Of course, as always, in the beginning of the season, there are a number of reactions and overreactions. The league table is chaotic, conclusions are being drawn, nobody knows what is going on. And this season, there is no exception. Busukuma Force getting relegated? Umbazi Metropolitan SC in 5th? That is why we will have reaction v. overreaction- what is a legitimate reaction, what is an overreaction after 8 games?

1. Rukunbi FC might be the best team in the City of Istria. Status: Overreaction

In all 9 seasons of BSL play, Rukunbi FC has never finished ahead of Istria City FC. Now, of course, this is true for many local rivalries in this league(outside of the Islander derby). Aissa United never finishes ahead of Jinja City FC. The Herzegovina Phoenix, although always a strong team, never finish ahead of Herzegovina City(in fairness to the Phoenix, nobody else ever finishes ahead of Herzegovina City, either). And the Busukuma Force never finish ahead of Busukuma AC. But this season, Rukunbi FC has taken 5 wins from 8 games, has 16 points, and is in 4th place. It has their fans whispering- can they finish ahead of their long hated rivals?

This is what many believe is the fiercest derby in the entire country. This is certainly the oldest rivalry, with these rivals having played almost hundreds of times, and the all-time series having been dominated by Istria City FC. Istria City FC has been the coastal club, on the water, while Rukunbi FC is inland, in the city's largest(and poorest) district. They don't like each other, but Istria City FC fans mostly concern themselves with Herzegovina City. Rukunbi FC fans, on the other hand, would like nothing more than to see Istria City FC burn. So with Teague Spanos guiding this team to its best start in ages, the question is coming- can Rukunbi FC beat Istria City?

That's the question of the day. Their strong start to the season cannot be denied. Their defense is rock solid, only allowing 7 goals so far this season. Their back line is playing great, and their two foreign signings this offseason, Demetrio Arroyo and Tyrone Barrett, have been fantastic. However, the fact of the matter is, Istria City FC has a significant talent advantage. They are point ahead of them now- whom would you rather put money on having their form last for the full 38 game season? But their next head to head matchup will be the biggest Istria derby we've seen in years. That will be must watch football.

2. Jinja City FC has started too slow to challenge for a league title this season. Status: Overreaction

Jinja City FC has not had the ideal start to the season. Of course, it takes time to adjust to a new manager- growing pains. But four draws from their first 8 games could not be what they had in mind. The attack is revitalized and energized, as Vatan Ercetin and Xilit-Zaxac Yol have been a terrorizing combination for defenses to try and deal with. The Timurian and former TimLig Golden Boot winner, who plays #9 for his country and #10 for his club, is being unleashed by Mór Császár. But the back line is a concern.

They've had two 4-4 draws this season, and have allowed 4 goals or more 3 times- those two draws, plus a 6-1 thrashing received at the hands of Herzegovina City FC. The back line is struggling, and considering all four of its members are 30 or older, you can imagine Mór Császár will be replacing them at season's end. But here's the thing about only being 8 games in the season- the table is a mess. If you are in the top half at this point, there are enough games remaining for any of those teams, theoretically, to be in the title race. Considering the talent on this Jinja City squad, they should be able to reach the point where those draws are turning into wins.

They are going to have to fix the back line, somehow. How will they do it? Considering the BSL does not allow midseason transfers, Mór Császár will have a challenge at hand to get the defense to try and stop leaking. Maybe have Malachi Gallagher drop back far more often, move him into functionally more of a defensive midfielder role? The 35 year old is in fantastic shape, and anchoring the middle, but they may need him in the back more often, to prevent those devastating counter-attacks that have hit Jinja City FC hard so far this season. But that's why Mór Császár gets paid the big bucks. Their fans should not be worried- Mór Császár should have Jinja City FC making the climb up the table soon enough.

3. There should be legitimate concern around Lakiska SC's squad. Status: Legitimate Reaction

To say that this porous start from Lakiska SC has been unexpected is to undersell it. They finished in 11th place last season, and in fifth the season prior- they, behind the league's best back line, were supposed to step back up into the top half of the table, and potentially even break into the top 5 or so teams in the league. But if they keep this up, that won't be happening. What happened? Winad-Lenpi has had such an impact in this league, with the Qusmi manager and Brian Emerson leading the charge to convince owners to allow female players into this league. He is so well respected and admired around the league, and yet- 18th place. 2 places out of relegation.

The defense has regressed. From having the league's top defense, to middle of the pack- they have allowed 10 goals so far on the season, firmly in a four way tie for the 8th fewest allowed goals. And the offense has taken a step back. It was never great, but it has regressed. Their longtime striker, Ousman Babaja, seems to be on his last legs, as the 32 year old is not making an impact. He's only scored once this season, and his regression is bad news. They've scored the second fewest goals this season, 6 in 8 games- the only team to score less are the Busukuma Force, who somehow have only managed 2 goals through 8 games(more on them, later).

Lakiska SC ownership are strong supporters of Winad-Lenpi, and therefore, the manager's leash is rather long. However, it can only go so far. There are rumors that Lakiska SC wants to build a new stadium, to solidify their status in the BSL, and in a league system where there is only one relegation and promotion spot, relegation can be a death sentence. The threat of relegation will make any manager's seat go hot, it does not matter who they are. But Winad-Lenpi is going to have to turn things around, and fast, to make that threat go away.

4. Hoima Warriors are legitimate title contenders this season. Status: Legitimate Reaction

The Hoima Warriors spent so many years trying to break back into the top 4, into UICA competition. They broke back into UICA competition once the UICA was dissolved. But they took advantage of their opportunity nonetheless. Their first high level international competition in many seasons, the Dwile Invitational, has been an opportunity that they, and their fans, have taken full advantage of. They are the only BSL side to qualify for the knockout stages, as Jinja City FC, Istria City FC, and Herzegovina City FC all found themselves felled in the preliminary rounds of the Dwile Invitational.

And now, here they are, vying for a league title. Mark Grayson is an extremely popular manager here. He spent two seasons at Herzegovina Phoenix, breaking them into the top 4 before finally arriving at the Warriors. But he came at the right time. The Warriors, with ownership infighting, were a hotbed of instability. But it was the perfect storm. The energetic manager came to the club right as the ownership situation settled, and they promised to back him, giving him the stability he would need to restore the Warriors to their proper status, as a team competing for league titles.

In his 2nd season, Grayson put them in 3rd place. And now, after 8 games, they've won 6 of them and are tied atop the table, with Herzegovina City FC. And he deserves a lot of the credit. They've made smart, shrewd moves in the transfer market- spending money, but not just throwing around money aimlessly. They could not do that, as they were building their new stadium, Mavuto Field. Could they inaugurate their new stadium with their first league title since Season 2? Smart signings like Robert Craig, and Angelique Underwood, who have fit well into their new system. Of course, their nabbing of Mzukisi Nzo from Askatasuna FC at a steep discount is proving to be a smart signing, as Nzo and Craig form an excellent central midfield pairing. They are aiming for that league title, and Mark Grayson could be the man to deliver them to that promised land.

5. Brun Kissinger will be the first manager to be fired this season. Status: Legitimate Reaction

This season has been an unmitigated disaster for the Busukuma Force. They've been the worst team in the BSL by quite a margin, and frankly, it's a miracle that they have a win at all. They've scored 2 goals this season, easily the worst in the league, and have conceded 19, also easily worst in the league. They lost by 7 goals to the Hawabark Boulders. The Boulders are a decent team and all, but 7? Everything has been a disaster for this team. They weren't expected to do much, but they also weren't expected to factor in the relegation race, either. Now, they are going to get all sorts of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Brun Kissinger, of course, is the 3rd year manager of this squad- and therefore, he's going to get the blame. Lama Nyang had a promising season last year, and even got some national team caps at AOCAF LIX for the national team. However, the left back has certainly regressed. The young Qusmi wide midfielder, Vanza-Vlont Bel, has regressed as well. They aren't generating any kind of pressure up top, and if this keeps up, there is only going to be one capitol club in the BSL next season. But Kissinger certainly won't last the whole season. This is quite a surprise, and therefore, his hot seat has quickly been burning up. Don't expect any decisions, of course, until they play their archrivals, Busukuma AC. They love nothing more than to beat their archrivals, but if they get embarrassed then... That could be the end of the road for Kissinger. Who would replace him? Who knows? But there are rumors that ownership has began conducting an informal search for an interim manager, which could mean that Kissinger's days in the nation's capitol are numbered.

RBSA Cup 3rd Round

RBSA Cup Round of 32
Zakuta City 1–3 Busembe Timberwolves
Aissa United FC 0–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Herzegovina City FC 4–1 Duntho Sporting Club
Eastern Moravica FC 0–0 Pumbasa Boars (2–0 AET)
Istria City FC 1–1 Askatasuna FC (2–1 AET)
Bunyoro RSC 3–0 Bwubanza City SC
Byakado City 2–1 Dodoma City SC
Kitara Athletic Society 5–1 Igulu City FC
Isipongo Flash 2–0 Corizova United
Lwanga Lions 1–1 Barmos United (2–1 AET)
Busukuma Force 2–3 Sororo City
Garixas City 3–3 Kitara AA (4–3 AET)
Rukunbi FC 1–0 Jinja City FC
Hoima Warriors 0–0 Herzegovina Phoenix (0–1 AET)
Busukuma AC 1–1 Hawabark Boulders (1–1 AET) (4–1 pen.)
Mynda Electra 0–1 Lakiska SC

And now, for the RBSA Cup! The BSL clubs have finally joined, and the 3rd round of the RBSA Cup is here. We'll start with the Busukuma Force. Things have been bad for the Busukuma Force so far in league play, losing 7 of 8 and scoring just 2 goals in that process. While they got some offense, their defense got shredded by Sororo City, and they were the first BSL side felled on this matchday by a regional league side, as they fell 3-2. The hot seat underneath Brun Kissinger has seen the temperature rise up, as ownership surely won't appreciate being eliminated, at home, by a regional league side.

What else happened on this day? Well, we've spoken about Rukunbi FC's strong start to the season, and how they are in 4th. They got an opportunity in this knockout match to show what they could do against the BSL's best, as they were drawn to face against Jinja City FC. Jinja City FC would be a tough opponent, but of course, Mór Császár has not won an away game yet. It went to yet another away game in Banija without a victory for Mór Császár, as Teague Spanos' side scored a 1-0 victory over Jinja City FC. 18 year old striker Tyrone Barrett was the difference on the day, scoring in the 22nd minute to ensure the 1-0 victory for the home side.

There were more intriguing games on the day. The Hoima Warriors played host to the Herzegovina Phoenix, in what was surely another marquee matchup for the BSL. Unfortunately for Mark Grayson's side, however, his old team got the better of him on the day. It was a Nepharim defeating a Nepharim, as Corvid Alemane got a goal past his fellow countryman in the 111th minute at Mavuto Field, killing any potential Warriors dream about raising the RBSA Cup. If they want silverware this season, they'll know where to get it- via the league.

Who else won? Eastern Moravica FC clinched their own spot in the last 16 of Banija's domestic cup, by downing Pumbasa at home. Herzegovina City FC continued their chase for a domestic treble, by crushing Duntho Sporting Club by a score of 4-1. Garixas City was another regional league side to knock off a BSL side, as they won, 4-3 in extra time, at home against the Kitara Athletic Association. Of course, we cannot go through all 16 matches, but the scores are above.

This is always an interesting tournament. We should have an intriguing matchup set in the Round of 16, and who knows what 8 teams will make the quarterfinals? But this will surely be what we call a fun tournament.
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Postby Banija » Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:18 pm

The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Part 2


We're almost at the halfway point, 16 games in! The table is starting to take shape. Who leads? Who will challenge Herzegovina City for the title? Find out next.

Without further ado!

Hawabark Boulders 0–1 Lwanga Lions
Herzegovina City FC 0–0 Herzegovina Phoenix
Hoima Warriors 1–0 Busukuma Force
Lakiska SC 2–0 Isipongo Flash
Mynda Electra 4–2 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Aissa United FC 0–1 Jinja City FC
Igulu City FC 0–2 Rukunbi FC
Busembe Timberwolves 2–1 Busukuma AC
Istria City FC 0–1 Kitara AA
Askatasuna FC 2–0 Bunyoro RSC

And now, of course, time for Matchday 9! The first week with true rivalries gracing the schedule. The first, of course, was the Herzegovina derby- Herzegovina City hosted the Herzegovina Phoenix. There is not much love lost between these two city rivals, and they played a hard, competitive game. However, neither team could break down the other, and they split the spoils in a 0-0 draw. The other rivalry, was the Battle for Hangaza's Soul, between Jinja City and Aissa United. Mór Császár's introduction to the rivalry was fierce, as Aissa United fans chanted at him the whole night. But despite 50,000+ filling the stadium, Mór Császár's side gutted out 3 points as the manager became 1-0-0 in this rivalry, with a 75th minute strike by Ercetin enough to separate the two teams.

That was the type of game that, in the first part of the season, has generally ended in a draw- their defense has not been able to hold. It's just one game, but does that mean Jinja has turned a corner? But there were other games as well. Rukunbi FC continued their surprising start to the season by defeating Igulu City FC 2-0, with a pair of late goals to break down the home side for Teague Spanos to collect yet another 3 points. This meant that Rukunbi FC moved ahead of Istria City in the league table, as Istria City FC lost 1-0, at home, to Kitara AA. The Busembe Timberwolves got a big 2-1 win over Busukuma AC, and the Hoima Warriors took 3 points against the Busukuma Force. The Force played surprisingly well, though a late goal allowed was the decider.

Lwanga Lions 0–0 Bunyoro RSC
Kitara AA 1–0 Askatasuna FC
Busukuma AC 5–6 Istria City FC
Rukunbi FC 2–1 Busembe Timberwolves
Jinja City FC 6–1 Igulu City FC
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 0–0 Aissa United FC
Isipongo Flash 1–2 Mynda Electra
Busukuma Force 1–0 Lakiska SC
Herzegovina Phoenix 1–0 Hoima Warriors
Hawabark Boulders 0–4 Herzegovina City FC

And now for Matchday 10! The first game that must be focused on, was the absolute thriller between Busukuma AC and Istria City FC. It was the craziest match of the season, with 11 goals between the two teams on the day, and the visitors coming away with all three points. A game that was level 2-2 at halftime was turned on its head in the second half. Goals in the 46th and 51st minutes gave the hosts a 4-2, but Hunnisett and Yitebarke drew the game level by the one hour mark. Jermaine Poole gave the visitors a 5-4 lead in the 65th minute, yet Baslios Temesgen equalized for the hosts in the 73rd. And in the 82nd minute, it would be Ablie Kah that would give the visitors all three points on the day. An insane, 6-5 victory for Istria City FC.

Jinja City FC followed up in their big rivalry win over Aissa United FC by crushing the BSL's newcomers, Igulu City FC. A 6-1 victory at BCEL Stadium was highlighted by a double brace, one from Vatan Ercetin and the other from Xilit-Zaxac Yol. The highlight of the game, however, was the last goal, where Marcus Rose hit a bicycle kick into the back of the net. Another win for Mór Császár's side, as they continue their pursuit for their first league title since Season 1. Elsewhere, the Hoima Warriors lost, falling 1-0 to the Phoenix. Herzegovina City FC dominated proceedings in the Sunday night game, winning 4-0 in Hawabark. And Rukunbi FC continued their winning ways, with an 88th minute winner from Kamu Jacobs giving them a 2-1 victory at home. This keeps them ahead of their archrivals in the league table, the week before their bigtime matchup.

Herzegovina City FC 3–1 Lwanga Lions
Hoima Warriors 3–0 Hawabark Boulders
Lakiska SC 0–2 Herzegovina Phoenix
Mynda Electra 1–1 Busukuma Force
Aissa United FC 6–0 Isipongo Flash
Igulu City FC 0–0 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Busembe Timberwolves 0–0 Jinja City FC

Istria City FC 1–6 Rukunbi FC
Askatasuna FC 2–2 Busukuma AC
Bunyoro RSC 2–3 Kitara AA
Dwile Invitational Group B
Hoima Warriors 2-0 Willox Street Pirates(SCT)

During midweek, Matchday 4 of the Dwile Invitational was played. The Hoima Warriors hosted the Willox Street Pirates of Schottia, whose front line is led by none other than Idai Uster. Mavuto Field was packed to its absolute limit, as 75,000 welcomed the Warriors against the Schottian club. And in what must qualify as an upset, the Warriors resurrected their chances for knockout stage football by defeating the Willox Street Pirates by a score of 2-0. In that deafening atmosphere, it was Josef Lawerenz that scored twice to put the Willox Street Pirates away and gave life to their Dwile Invitational campaign. Can they do the unthinkable and get out of a group that contains both Willox Street and Sabrefell Athletic?

And now, to the weekend. There is one game that we've all been waiting for- the Istria city derby. Banija's oldest rivalry meeting again, but this time, with much more at stake. Both teams are chasing a spot in the top 4, and for the first team in what feels like forever, they meet with Rukunbi FC ahead in the table. Alvin Burnsides v. Teague Spanos. And this has to be the most shocking result of the season. It was an absolutely stunning match. Nobody expected this. Rukunbi FC, in the 2nd half, dominated their hosts. At halftime, it was 2-1 in favor of Rukunbi FC thanks to a pair of goals from Demetrio Arroyo. But in the 2nd half, they counter-attacked almost to perfection. They found the gaps in Istria City's defense and absolutely destroyed them. Kamu Jacobs, Samba Ogunsola, Tyrone Barrett, and Bubacar Kujabi all scored on the counter-attack. Rukunbi fans went crazy after their win, partying until the late hours after the shredding of their archrivals. We can only imagine what the atmosphere will be like when these two teams meet at Eastern Stadium later this season.

That result certainly sent reverberations throughout the league- Rukunbi FC is sure looking like more than a top 4 contender after that win- they are looking like a truly contender for the league title! Of course, there were other games. The Busembe Timberwolves faced off against Jinja CIty FC, and a sound defense held Jinja City to a 0-0 draw. The Hoima Warriors and Herzegovina City both took care of business fairly easily on this matchday, with the former winning 3-0 at home against Hawabark, and the latter winning 3-1 at home against the Lwanga Lions. The Busukuma Force earned another point with a key 1-1 draw in Mynda on this day. But still- Rukunbi FC, at this point, seems to be quite a force to deal with this season.

Lwanga Lions 0–2 Kitara AA
Busukuma AC 1–1 Bunyoro RSC
Rukunbi FC 4–0 Askatasuna FC
Jinja City FC 7–1 Istria City FC
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 0–1 Busembe Timberwolves
Isipongo Flash 1–1 Igulu City FC
Busukuma Force 2–0 Aissa United FC
Herzegovina Phoenix 3–0 Mynda Electra
Hawabark Boulders 0–1 Lakiska SC
Herzegovina City FC 1–1 Hoima Warriors

We were treated to a host of good games this weekend. OF course, Rukunbi FC fans were given even more reason to cheer. The team got a standing ovation from the crowd as they entered the stadium, in celebration of their win over their crosstown rivals. And Rukunbi FC did not let the momentum stop. They took the game to Askatasuna FC as well, winning 4-0. And there were two Super 5 matchups on this day. One, of course, was Jinja City FC and Istria City FC. Istria City FC, of course, was reeling off of a 6-1 home loss to their archrivals. And Jinja City FC piled it on. Mór Császár's side was ready for them, and delivered the pain, winning 7-1 at BCEL Stadium. That means, suddenly, Istria City FC have lost their last two games by a combined score of 13-2.

But the true matchup of the week was the top of the table clash that we saw on Sunday night. Herzegovina City FC, facing off against the Hoima Warriors. They are #1 and #2 in the table, and this match would go a long way towards saying who has a better chance of lifting the trophy at the end of the season. While an exciting, and surely entertaining match, the two sides could not be separated. Harald Fireblade scored for Herzegovina City in the 40th, but Chizoba Emenanjo equalized in the 62nd. This is more than a two team race, but it is clear that at least the Warriors and Herzegovina City will be battling for this title till the very end.

Hoima Warriors 0–0 Lwanga Lions
Lakiska SC 5–1 Herzegovina City FC
Mynda Electra 5–2 Hawabark Boulders
Aissa United FC 0–1 Herzegovina Phoenix
Igulu City FC 1–0 Busukuma Force
Busembe Timberwolves 2–2 Isipongo Flash
Istria City FC 4–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Askatasuna FC 0–2 Jinja City FC
Bunyoro RSC 3–2 Rukunbi FC
Kitara AA 0–0 Busukuma AC
Dwile Invitational Group B

Hoima Warriors 4-0 Bandarwangsa Bandit FC (PJI)

The third straight home game in the Dwile Invtiational for the Hoima Warriors, they played host to a team that they had already beaten, and was in the group cellar- Bandarwangsa Bandit FC. And, as expected, the Hoima Warriors took care of business at home. Winning 4-0 relatively easily, their focus turns to Sabrefell Athletic. After five games, the fate of the group is clearing. The Willox Street Pirates are through, and have essentially won the group barring a disastrous effort against Bandarwangsa Bandit FC. Sabrefell Athletic and the Warriors each have 9 points, with one game remaining, against each other, at the The Barbarossa. Thanks to goal differential, a win or draw will see Sabrefell Athletic through, and the Warriors need a win(by any score) to advance. odds are against, but they are in control of their own destiny- what more could you ask?

And now, back to the league. There was quite a surprising result on the South Island. Lakiska SC hosted the defending champions, Herzegovina City FC, and they absolutely crushed them. Emerson's squad looked slow, looked sloppy- it was one of the worst performances of the Emerson era. They've had very few truly poor performances under his reign, which makes sense considering they've won 3 of 4 league titles, including going undefeated. But this was one of those rare bad ones, and Lakiska SC were ready. Quite surprising that they put that many goals up on anyone, especially on Herzegovina City- but they finished extremely well on the day.

WHat else happened in league play? Jinja City FC went away from home and won, 2-0, thanks to goals from Sia Fall and Marcus Rose. Istria City FC, after back to back blowout losses, gathered themselves and played up to their own abilities after a few brutal weeks, and brought down Umbazi Metropolitan SC, 4-1. Rukunbi's hot streak, most unfortunately, came to an end at the hands of a 3-2 loss at Bunyoro RSC.

Lwanga Lions 2–2 Busukuma AC
Rukunbi FC 0–0 Kitara AA

Jinja City FC 2–1 Bunyoro RSC
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 1–0 Askatasuna FC
Isipongo Flash 1–4 Istria City FC
Busukuma Force 4–1 Busembe Timberwolves
Herzegovina Phoenix 3–0 Igulu City FC
Hawabark Boulders 1–1 Aissa United FC
Herzegovina City FC 4–1 Mynda Electra
Hoima Warriors 4–0 Lakiska SC

And now, for week 14. Busukuma AC kicked things off on Friday night in Buganda, tangling with the Lwanga Lions. The teams could not be separated after 90 minutes, and they settled for a 2-2 draw. The goals in this game seemingly came in spurts. In the 14th minute, the home side took the lead, only for Busukuma AC to equalize 4 minutes later. And when Busukuma AC took a lead in the 61st minute, it took 6 minutes for the home side to equalize. 2-2 on the day, a fair result. Elsewhere around the league? Rukunbi FC could not get a goal against Kitara AA, as the two sides battled to a 0-0 draw. For the Busembe Timberwolves, they were on the wrong end of a crucially important win for the Busukuma Force, as Brun Kissinger's lowered the pressure on their boss by winning 4-1.

Outside of Busukuma AC, it was a pretty good day for the league's Super 5 clubs. Jinja City FC downed a tough Bunyoro RSC 2-1 at home, taking all three points. It was a pair of first half goals from Sia Fall and Marcus Rose that woudl give them a 2-0 lead at the half. Paula Farquhar cut the lead in half in the 67th minute, but Jinja City FC tightened up over the rest of the game and did not allow any good opportunities to equalize, getting out of there with all 3 points. Istria City FC got a big win, defeating the Isipongo Flash in their own backyard by a score of 4-1. Herzegovina City FC took care of business against Mynda Electra, winning by 4 goals to 1, highlighted by a Rosie Tyler volley. And the Hoima Warriors won 4-0 against Lakiska SC, a good win against a side that used to be known for its defensive quality.

Lakiska SC 1–0 Lwanga Lions
Mynda Electra 1–4 Hoima Warriors
Aissa United FC 1–1 Herzegovina City FC
Igulu City FC 0–2 Hawabark Boulders
Busembe Timberwolves 0–0 Herzegovina Phoenix
Istria City FC 4–1 Busukuma Force
Askatasuna FC 1–1 Isipongo Flash
Bunyoro RSC 2–2 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Kitara AA 1–1 Jinja City FC

Busukuma AC 0–2 Rukunbi FC

While last week was a great week for the Super 5, winning 4 games and drawing the other, the big clubs had tough sledding in the Banijan Soccer League this week. It all started well- with the Hoima Warriors trip to Electra Stadium ending with a 4-1 victory. Daniel Lucas is a promising manager, of course, but the talent gap between them and the Super 5 has been on painful display. At the Hangaza Unified Stadium, there was a surprising 1-1 draw, as Aissa United FC withstood Herzegovina City FC's late onslaught to earn a surprising point against the defending champions. It was a good day for Istria City FC however, as they were able to win 4-1 over the Force.

But on Sunday, there was some tough battles. Jinja City FC had what is always a tough trip, traveling to Kitara Athletic Association. Of course, early in the season, even Herzegovina City FC got dominated there, so there was much worry. Jinja City FC earned a 1-1 draw at the stadium, away from home, with Malachi Gallagher cancelling out a Nick Haller strike. And lastly, in the Sunday nightcap, Busukuma AC hosted Rukunbi FC, and came away with nothing- with Rukunbi FC earning another Super 5 win by defeating them 2-0 at their own field. Kamu Jacobs and Upanshu Paramartha both found the back of the net, as they gave their club a win in the nation's capitol.

Lwanga Lions 4–1 Rukunbi FC
Jinja City FC 2–0 Busukuma AC
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 5–1 Kitara AA
Isipongo Flash 0–2 Bunyoro RSC
Busukuma Force 0–1 Askatasuna FC
Herzegovina Phoenix 4–1 Istria City FC
Hawabark Boulders 2–2 Busembe Timberwolves
Herzegovina City FC 6–0 Igulu City FC
Hoima Warriors 1–0 Aissa United FC
Lakiska SC 0–0 Mynda Electra
Dwile Invitational Group B
Sabrefell Athletic(NPH) 3-1 Hoima Warriors

And now, for the last game of the Dwile Invitational group stages! The Warriors, needing to do everything possible to defy the odds. The Hoima manager, Mark Grayson, made his return to both his native country of Nephara and to the city of Sabrefell, as he used to manage at North Sabrefell. Tarala was too much, however, for the Warrriors to handle, as his brace helped guide Sabrefell Athletic easily past the Warriors by a score of 3-1 and into the knockout stages. The homecoming for both Mark Grayson and Chase Rushden was indeed spoiled, but it was a strong performance from Mzukisi Nzo as he earned the man of the match honors. He assisted on Angelique Underwood's stoppage time goal. Disappointing result, but strong performance in this tournament overall nevertheless.

Of course, Saturday early afternoon had the game of the weekend- Jinja City FC facing off, at home, against Busukuma AC. Both teams seeking to improve their standing in the league, both teams fighting against each other. It was a close, hard fought battle. The two teams endured a physical battle for most of the match, each trying to get past the other. Alex Sandoval came the closest for either team scoring in the first half, when his shot rattled the crossbar. It would be the reigning golden boot winner, Xilit-Zaxac Yol, who would score the go-ahead in the 79th, heading home a perfect cross from Sia Fall. Sia Fall would score the second himself. After Ercetin earned a free kick just outside the box, he, Xilit-Zaxac, and Sia Fall stood over it. Surprisingly, it was Sia Fall who took the free kick, and buried it. 2-0. What a run they are on- 20 points earned throughout their last 8 games, best pace in the league since Matchday 9.

Other results happened as well. It was a poor weekend to be a fan of the Istria sides. The Lwanga Lions, who are being prominently featured in that Friday night spot, shredded Rukunbi FC by a score of 4-1. And then Istria City FC, in their own away matchup with the Herzegovina Phoenix, got shredded by the exact same score. The Busembe Timberwolves had to battle for points, but they only got 1 in a 2-2 draw in Hawabark, thanks to a 90th minute game tying strike from their own former player, Boto Mboge. Herzegovina City FC and the Hoima Warriors both won at home, though the Warriors won 1-0 and Herzegovina City FC won in style, winning 6-0. The league table, as it stands, is below.

League Standings after Matchday 16
Banijan Soccer League         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Hoima Warriors 16 11 3 2 28 7 +21 36
2 Herzegovina City FC 16 10 4 2 46 19 +27 34
3 Jinja City FC 16 9 6 1 40 20 +20 33
4 Rukunbi FC 16 10 2 4 30 16 +14 32
5 Herzegovina Phoenix 16 9 3 4 21 8 +13 30
6 Istria City FC 16 9 2 5 45 36 +9 29
7 Kitara AA 16 7 6 3 26 18 +8 27
8 Umbazi Metropolitan SC 16 6 5 5 19 18 +1 23
9 Busembe Timberwolves 16 5 6 5 17 20 −3 21
10 Lwanga Lions 16 5 5 6 15 16 −1 20
11 Mynda Electra 16 5 5 6 24 30 −6 20
12 Bunyoro RSC 16 4 7 5 18 23 −5 19
13 Lakiska SC 16 5 3 8 15 18 −3 18
14 Hawabark Boulders 16 4 4 8 21 30 −9 16
15 Askatasuna FC 16 4 4 8 14 24 −10 16
16 Busukuma AC 16 3 6 7 21 25 −4 15
17 Aissa United FC 16 3 5 8 19 24 −5 14
18 Busukuma Force 16 4 1 11 11 28 −17 13
19 Igulu City FC 16 3 4 9 10 36 −26 13
20 Isipongo Flash 16 1 5 10 13 37 −24 8

Five Fearless Predictions

As always, at this point in the season, we release our fearless predictions. We've seen plenty, the league table has started to sort itself, and we confident to issue predictions on how the season will turn out. You'll find out if we're right on Matchday 38!

1. Adam Jeffreys will be the first manager to be fired.

Busukuma AC has gone from an OK start, to an outright disastrous start. How far they've fallen since they racked up their first league title in Season 7. Back to back mid-table finishes saw the title winning manager get canned, and then his interim replacement also get canned. Of course, Adam Jeffreys was going to be a stopgap. But look at where they are on the table above. In their last 8, they have drawn four and lost four more. They have not won a game in the league since Matchday seven, going 0-4-5 since. The season is quickly coming off the rails.

It is clear to all observers that they are going to do some serious housecleaning after the season. But they had hoped that this season, with Adam Jeffreys at the helm, they would at least be able to get into major international competition next season, getting the extra shot of revenue. But that won't be happening. They've allowed 17 goals in their last 8 games, a terrible goal against record. That is not the pace they want to be at, and that is unacceptable at this level. It's unacceptable when you have a pair of Ko-orenites on the back line. There will be big changes at the club, and although Jeffreys is on a one season contract, if this form keeps up, they'll have no choice but to fire him.

2. Istria City's porous defense will not allow them to finish ahead of Rukunbi FC in this season's final table

Istria City FC is still the more talented side than Rukunbi FC. They have, once again, one of the top offenses in the BSL, scoring 45 goals throughout the first 16 games of the season. Second to only Herzegovina City(surprise?). But their defense, never their strength, is horrendous this season. They've allowed 36 goals over that same time period, second worst in the entire BSL- only the last place Isipongo Flash have allowed more, 37. THeir games are exciting- high octane, lots of goals for both sides. But they have to fix the leaks in the back. They had a streak of two games where they lost by a combined score of 13-2, against Rukunbi FC and then against Jinja City FC.

What is wrong in the back for Istria City FC? THey don't get crushed like that in every game, obviously, but they have a tendency to allow goals in bunches. They've never been strong back there, but it has been embarassing this season. Maximiliane Purcell, their leading center back, is getting up there in age. But the rest of the back line has also had poor starts to the season. And most importantly, their play style- they play high upfield, they press, they attack with large numbers towards goal, is not conducive to great defense. And that could be their achilles heel. You need to be able to defend in this sport- Istria City cannot. And after their head to head matchup, this could be the first BSL season where Istria City finishes behind Rukunbi FC in the final league table.

3. Lakiska SC will find a way to the top half of the table

Lakiska SC struggled mightily at the beginning of the season. They had a horrific attack and a middling defense, and that was a losing combination. But quietly, over the past 8 weeks, Lakiska SC has slowly improved. After only winning 1 of their first 8, they've won 4 of their last 8. Nothing to write home about, but a massive improvement in form. THose are the type of numbers that, if contained, can get this team back to the top half of the table. Their defense isn't world beating yet, but improving- 18 goals allowed over 16, and 8 over the last 8, is solid, but not great. Nothing more, nothing less.

But their offense, that was so lifeless in the first part of the season, has been revived. Kiggwe Okafor is connecting with people in front of him, and Babaja seems to have some sort of renewed life, as the Islander striker has started to consistently find the back of the net for his club. This is the real Lakiska SC we are seeing. Capable of upsetting anybody in the league, but yet, not quite consistent enough, yet at least, to truly challenge for a spot in the Top 5. We believe that they will surely place themselves into the top half of the table when all is said and done this season, with Winad-Lenpi Xlo truly gunning for international competition berths next season.

4. Igulu City FC will find a way to maintain membership in the BSL

Igulu City was always going to have a challenge staying up. We saw what happened to Corizova United last season- such long-term dominance in recent seasons in the regional leagues, and yet, were promptly shown the door almost as soon as they rose up to the Banijan Soccer League. It shows the difficulty of competition in the top flight, and even though the BSL has just one relegation spot, it is tough for the regional league sides to stay up. The players, of course, are used to far less travel, which does not help. But don't miss the obvious- there is a great skill gap between the second and first tiers. The first year, especially, it is tough to adjust. The Boulders have done it, made necessary improvements to their squad, and are looking at even a mid-table finish.

But this first season up, is the hardest up. And considering the lone promotion spot, if they get relegated, it will be tough to get back to the BSL. But Igulu City is trying. They are in the last spot of safety, five points ahead of the Isipongo Flash. They need to fix their defense. The Flash are the only team that has allowed more goals, as Igulu City has allowed as many as Istria City- 36. But instead of scoring 45, like Istria City, to balance it out, Igulu City has scored 10. Abraham Akampurira needs to shore up the back four. Maybe Leonard Patterson wasn't the right signing between the sticks? Regardless, we believe they are capable of doing so. AKampurira is a good coach, and he'll make the necessary adjustments to make the back line something more than a turnstile to Leonard Patterson. They can stay up, but it will be by the skin of their teeth.

5. This season's title race between Herzegovina City, Hoima Warriors, and Jinja City FC will see the 3 sides finish within 5 points of each other.

This is going to be a three way title race this season- between Herzegovina City, the Warriors, and Jinja City. It is clear from looking at the table. Rukunbi FC has had an excellent season, and we believe that they'll finish even ahead of their crosstown rivals- but it is another thing entirely to say that they are title challengers, which they most decidedly are not. But the defending champions, the league leaders, and Jinja City are legitimate title challengers, and it is difficult to say which team will break away.

All three are capable of going on hot streaks, and all three are capable at both ends of the field. We would say that Herzegovina City may have the slight advantage, being the defending champions, but the Warriors and Jinja City are both extremely hungry. And look at Jinja City. They didn't fire Bumba, but when he left on his own accord, they aimed for the stars with their managerial hire. They brought him in expecting to compete for league titles, and that is exactly what is happening. It will be close, and that is why we are predicting that it will come down to the wire between all three teams, who will separate themselves from the pack. The race coming down to the final day would not be a major surprise.

RBSA Cup 4th Round

RBSA Cup Round of 16
Rukunbi FC 3–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Lwanga Lions 2–1 Herzegovina City FC
Busembe Timberwolves 3–0 Garixas City
Kitara Athletic Society 4–0 Eastern Moravica FC
Istria City FC 1–0 Lakiska SC
Isipongo Flash 1–1 Bunyoro RSC (2–2 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Busukuma AC 3–0 Herzegovina Phoenix
Sororo City 0–0 Byakado City (1–1 AET) (0–2 pen.)

And now, for the fourth round of the RBSA Cup! Who will get to the RBSA Cup Quarterfinals! Of course, the 8 teams that survive to the quarterfinals really start to see that trip to the Stadium of the Restoration dancing before the eyes. But who will get to the quarters! First, we go to Eastern Stadium. Rukunbi FC continued their excellent start to the season here in the RBSA Cup, when they took apart an overmatched Umbazi Metropolitan side by a score of 3-1 at home. Their best league season in quite a long time, combined with a cup run? IN his 12th season, Teague Spanos may be having his best season yet at the helm.

THere was a shock in Lwanga today, as the Lions triumphed 2-1 over Brian Emerson's Herzegovina City side. The quest for the domestic treble, as short as it was, is over. Of course, they could still win the league, but when you consider no BSL side has ever won multiple trophies in one season, maybe things are leaning against them. The Busembe Timberwolves took care of home field themselves, by defeating regional league side Garixas City by a score of 3-0.

Kitara Athletic Society punched their tickets to the next round by dominating Eastern Moravica, at home. Istria City and Busukuma AC took care of business routinely. Then, of course, two games went to penalties. Byakado City went to Sororo City, and after 90 minutes of no goals, both teams scored in extra time. Sororo City scored in the 95th minute, Byakado in the 101st, and the two teams could not be separated. It was an ugly shootout, but Byakado City won, 2-0. The last place Isipongo Flash, currently attempting to climb in the league out of their relegation spot, got maybe a boost of confidence by downing Bunyoro RSC on penalties as well.

And now, we have 8 left! This will be interesting. Two regional league sides left. Who will left this trophy?
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Halfway through regional league season as teams start to seperate themselves

Bwubanza City SC players celebrate scoring a goal in Southern League play

And we are halfway through the regional league seasons! So you can recall- we have four 12 team regional leagues in Banija & The Busoga Islands, based on geography. They play a quadruple round robin- meaning 44 league games. At the end of the season, of course, the four league champions enter a promotion playoff, with a two-legged, home & away semifinal(opponents decided on random draw), with the final being played at the Stadium of the Restoration. The winner of the Promotion Playoff Final, of course, earns the lone promotion spot into the Banijan Soccer League.

Without further ado!

Northwestern League

Northwestern League            Pld    W  D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Suwawa FC 22 15 2 5 44 29 +15 47
2 Jaribga Soccer Club 22 14 1 7 48 36 +12 43
3 Dukuma SC 22 12 4 6 43 29 +14 40
4 Barmos United 22 11 6 5 44 30 +14 39
5 Eastern Moravica FC 22 10 4 8 34 29 +5 34
6 Corizova United 22 8 7 7 29 27 +2 31
7 Taramazna United 22 9 3 10 39 39 0 30
8 Nezrouch Rovers 22 8 3 11 31 33 −2 27
9 Koszagard City 22 7 4 11 27 34 −7 25
10 Tezirbu Foxes 22 6 4 12 27 42 −15 22
11 Tripoli Foresters 22 5 4 13 32 48 −16 19
12 Slobochia Bears 22 5 2 15 23 45 −22 17

When you consider Corizova United's dominnace in this league in recent seasons, winning it 4 out of the last 6 seasons, you would have to have thought that they would be the favorites to win the league this year. But Kody Hansen's return to the Equestrian States, following their relegation from the BSL, has seemed to actually singificantly hinder them going forward. They've only scored 29 goals throughout 22 matches, good for 9th best in the 12 team Northwestern League. They lack the firepower they've usually shown in this division, and as a result, they are, instead of competing for more Northwestern League titles, languishing in the mid-table, only in 6th place. Of course, in the past six seasons, there hasn't been much parity in this league. There have been two league winners, Corizova United and Suwawa FC, and Suwawa FC leads the league, once again.

The margin is close at the top as of now, but after 22 games, Suwawa FC holds a slim lead. Of course, when you play a quadruple round robin, there can be no complaints- playing each team four times truly separates the best from the rest. But halfway, Suwawa FC looks the part, en route to a second consecutive league title and a third league title in their last 7 seasons. They've done plenty of goalscoring- they've scored 44 goals across 22 games, and have allowed 29. Good stats, tied for the second most lethal attack and tied for the most stingy defense. But they have almost equivalent numbers to Dukuma SC, who have allowed 29 while scoring 43, despite losing Kinteh to a foreign club. But they know how to pull out those close ones. Almost equivalent goals scored and goals conceded, but yet, 7 points points across the season, thanks largely to 3 more wins. Knowing how to win those close ones will allow you to survive a grueling league campaign, and it sure seems like Suwawa FC is capable of doing just that.

The rest of the league table looks interesting. For the first time in what seems like quite a while, the Busoga Islander sides seem to be mounting a real title challenge in this league. Jaribga Soccer Club and Dukuma SC are the last two champions of the RBSA Cup, and they are having strong league campaigns this go around. Jaribga Soccer Club is mounting a title challenge off of the strength of their offense. Veteran striker Asmar al-Alli, at 33 years old, is having a vintage performance up front. But they are being unlocked by South Detroit national Foday Jallow. Coming out of the academy system, he has given them confidence and belief in the front line. They are getting quite a few goals, and with him up there, they are a legitimate threat to get all the way back to the BSL. We'll see if they can keep up their current goalscoring pace in the second half of the season. If they can, however, look for Jallow to get serious looks from BSL clubs this offseason.

Lower Coastal League

Lower Coastal League           Pld    W  D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Djoro Athletic 22 15 4 3 38 25 +13 49
2 Capitol City FC 22 13 5 4 50 25 +25 44
3 AFC Akwadua 22 12 3 7 51 36 +15 39
4 Nsade United 22 11 1 10 33 37 −4 34
5 Zakuta City 22 10 3 9 29 24 +5 33
6 Baleweye FC 22 9 4 9 27 28 −1 31
7 Kitara Athletic Society 22 10 1 11 31 33 −2 31
8 Mamari City 22 8 3 11 28 39 −11 27
9 Dimbogourou SC 22 8 2 12 31 40 −9 26
10 Kabakono City 22 7 3 12 30 36 −6 24
11 Ogbordu Diamond FC 22 6 3 13 28 41 −13 21
12 Kwadama Dojo 22 4 6 12 27 39 −12 18

Djoro Athletic has not won this league since it has ascended into the formal RBSA pyramid. But this season, they are putting their best foot forward in an effort to capture their first league title in what feels like eons. But with a rock solid defense, and a hardworking midfield, they have surprised all observers by being able to ascend to the top of the table at this portion in the season. Pilate Esters has rejuvenated this squad in his 7th season, and their strength on the back line could push them towards a title. Laity Touré, the youngster out of the Ankole Regional Academy, has stepped into the starting center back role and has gelled almost immediately with Kemo Savaneh, the 33 year old captain. Even though the two players find themselves 14 years apart, they are the most formidable center back partnership in this division. They support each other well, both on and off the field, and love defending. What a joy to watch.

This makes for an interesting season from the pair of expected title contenders- Capitol City FC, and Kabakono City. Kabakono City, of course, has been a particular disappointment. They had to make a new managerial hire after their manager decided to go to the top flight, and they settled on Jared Clotterman, a Schottian who just came out of the BSL. Of course, he had held it down in the central midfield for the Isipongo Flash for a few years, and with his departure, the midfield play in Isipongo has deteriorated significantly, to the point where the Flash are looking well on their way to relegation. Unfortunately, Kabakono City's fortunes have fallen as well. It is tough to go straight from playing to being a manager- and this is a club that has high expectations. Clotterman will be given time to adjust. But 10th is not what they expected. A reversal of fortunes here.

The other preseason title contender, Capitol City FC, is still in the game. Capitol City FC has built their foundation off of a strong offense, and they are scoring goals at an incredible clip, almost 2.5 goals scored per game. The new striker pair, Kausu Dione out of the Ankole Regional academy, and Zema Biruh, a graduate from the University of Loyola-Istria, has gotten along nicely with the rest of the squad. Biruh plays with speed and smarts, while Dione is more powerful, especially in the air- a good, complimentary pair. And with another academy player, Immaculate Kaba, getting quite a bit of attention at the club, they have a good young core that they will chase the league title with. How long can this core loss? Getting to the BSL will keep them there. But eventually, Kaba, Dione, and Biruh are going to get attention from bigger clubs. The pressure will be on Capitol City FC to improve its title challengers and keep the youngsters on the club.

Southern League

Southern League                Pld    W  D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Bwubanza City SC 22 13 2 7 48 37 +11 41
2 Pumbasa Boars 22 13 1 8 46 39 +7 40
3 Dodoma City SC 22 11 4 7 46 40 +6 37
4 Umbazi FA 22 12 1 9 40 35 +5 37
5 Kigagana Mountaineers 22 11 2 9 48 48 0 35
6 Amaku City FC 22 9 4 9 30 31 −1 31
7 Boufaya Ravens 22 9 3 10 39 37 +2 30
8 Busemlu Park SC 22 9 3 10 29 29 0 30
9 Byakado City 22 8 3 11 39 44 −5 27
10 Mukegara Warriors 22 8 2 12 33 44 −11 26
11 Abomfa United 22 6 5 11 30 37 −7 23
12 Sororo City 22 6 4 12 25 32 −7 22

We've all heard of worst to first. But how about first to worst? There's been a lot of surprising things in soccer these past few years, from Banija's stunning upset of Vilita at World Cup 83, to Recuecn making the World Cup, and the knockout stages of it to boot, after not participating in qualifying for 11 editions. But are any more surprising than Sororo City? They won the league last season. They almost got promoted to the BSL. But everything has fallen from underneath them. They have gone from first to worst, stunning observers around the Southern League. What has happened? They signed a pair of Silver Beach national team players, and now their position in the league has absolutely tanked. 12 losses, only 6 wins, only 25 goals for- atorcious. Italo Cola is on the verge of being fired. You can't go from winning the league to last place and expect to survive, can you? A strange series of events.

But what's happening at the top of the league? Bwubanza City SC spent 6 seasons in the BSL, before being the first team to get relegated. They won the Southern League in their first year down, only to fall to mid-table last season. But after those struggles, they are back at the top of the league, trying to become the first team in Banija to get promoted after previously having been relegated. And they are off to a firing start. Chika Oluchi has his players firing at the net with all kinds of confidence, as they have 48 goals. They are creating all sorts of offense, as their philosophy of squad continuity has paid dividends. Chika Oluchi, even after falling 6 places in the table, kept his job, and so did most of the squad. And now they are on the verge, potentially, of making it back to the BSL Promotion Playoffs.

But their lead is thin at the top. There are 5 teams within 6 points of the top of the table, and four points separates Bwubanza City SC from third place Dodoma City SC. The former crosstown rivals of Bunyoro RSC before the latter made the move to the BSL upon its formation, they are putting quite an effort of getting to the top of this league for the first time. It is even tighter closer to the top- the Pumbasa Boars are just 1 point behind the league leaders, and they are closing in hard. The Boars are making this a close title race, and it is certainly an exciting one- will it be one of the races that go down to the final day? The thing about a season this long, is that it usually is plenty of time for somebody to separate themselves at the top. The photo finish is rare in the regional league system. But it may happen this season in the Southern League. Who will earn this crown?

Northern League

Northern League                Pld    W  D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Duntho Sporting Club 22 17 2 3 50 22 +28 53
2 Garixas City 22 14 2 6 43 24 +19 44
3 Cerenus United 22 14 1 7 42 32 +10 43
4 Okakameb City 22 13 2 7 35 34 +1 41
5 Thayaferu United 22 13 1 8 48 40 +8 40
6 Luguyala Patriots 22 9 1 12 37 43 −6 28
7 Selekawe Knights 22 8 2 12 31 36 −5 26
8 AFC Kosactus 22 7 5 10 32 44 −12 26
9 Gadive City 22 7 2 13 28 43 −15 23
10 Koksho City 22 6 3 13 31 38 −7 21
11 AFC Okahavi 22 6 2 14 32 42 −10 20
12 Nanami Dragons 22 6 1 15 23 34 −11 19

While we talk about photo finishes in the Southern League, the opposite seems true in the Northern League. Duntho Sporting Club squandered a glorious opportunity to win direct promotion to the BSL last season- they could have won their league for the third season in a row. And they had a fair, and relatively healthy, lead at the top of this league at this point in the season. But Igulu City FC stormed out of the gates in the second half of the season, and won the league on the final day, just barely preventing Duntho SC from earning their third title and direct promotion. To perhaps add insult to injury, Igulu City FC then continued that momentum through the Promotion Playoff, winning their two-legged semifinal on aggregated before triumphing at the Stadium of the Restoration to earn their spot in the Banijan Soccer League.

So now, Duntho Sporting Club, who were on the brink of the BSL, find themselves in the Northern League yet again. They seem like an extremely motivated team this time around. They have flown through the first half of the season, pacing all the regional league sides in wins(17) and points(53) through 22 games. They have the second best offense throughout the entire regional league system, having scored 50 goals, and they have allowed the fewest, only allowing 22, or exactly 1 per game. Chydey Obasey is trying to win yet another league title as he takes Duntho Sporting Club to another level in the Northern League. Their form has been at a peak lately. They largely kept their same roster, only putting the Quincy national, Carson Coleman, into net. They are strong on both ends of the field, and as the story is told via their 9 point lead at the top, there are very few weaknesses that have been shown by them this season.

They even cruised their way through the first two rounds of the RBSA Cup, and although they fell in the round of 32, 4-1 to Herzegovina City FC, that was falling to the machine that is Brian Emerson's Herzegovina City side. It seems as if they will be their only obstacle to a third trip to the playoffs in four seasons. But can they triumph in the playoffs once they reach them? That is far easier said than done, and as they have shown, they don't have a history of doing well in those playoffs. Is there anyone in this league that can delay the inevitable though? Garixas City and Cerenus United are the next best teams in this division, and although the points gap might be too large for them to catch, they are each having nice seasons of their own. Both teams have veteran managers and multiple academy graduates in their starting XI. While the race for the crown is all but over, the race for 2nd will be interesting. Only 3 points separate 2nd and 5th, and the fight for positioning among those teams will certainly be interesting to follow.
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Postby Banija » Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:21 am

The Banijan Soccer League - Season 10 Part 3


We're over the halfway point now- 24 games in! With less games remaining than have been played so far, we are getting towards the end of the BSL season. How do things stand when we are more than 3/5ths complete with Season 10! Find out, with all necessary analysis, below.

Without further ado!

Mynda Electra 1–0 Lwanga Lions
Aissa United FC 0–1 Lakiska SC
Igulu City FC 1–0 Hoima Warriors
Busembe Timberwolves 1–0 Herzegovina City FC
Istria City FC 3–0 Hawabark Boulders
Askatasuna FC 1–2 Herzegovina Phoenix
Bunyoro RSC 1–4 Busukuma Force
Kitara AA 2–2 Isipongo Flash
Busukuma AC 0–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Rukunbi FC 2–1 Jinja City FC

And now, time for Matchday 17! On this day, the Busukuma Force, who have been threatening relegation all season, surpassed their crosstown rivals, Busukuma AC, in the league table. They had shown their fight by clawing their way out of the last place spot a while ago, but Brun Kissinger's side has seemed to finally turn a corner. They emphatically put four goals past Bunyoro RSC at their own stadium. Vanza-Vlont Bel scored twice herself, and Fabio Hamamura, the captain, hit a great volley of his own. Busukuma AC continued their swim to the lowest of depths, as they lost, 1-0, to Umbazi Metropolitan SC, as the season is now on life support. They are always ahead of the Force- but this race to see who is the best team in the capitol is quite sad, when both teams are part of the worst 5 in the league. How long can Adam Jeffreys continue like this a the helm for Busukuma AC?

But then, there's the race at the top of the table. Rukunbi FC's surprising strength and consistency has come as a pleasant surprise to many observers, and it is no surprise that their game against Jinja City FC, at the always energetic Eastern Stadium, has gotten billing as the Sunday night matchup. Jinja City FC entered, with confidence, trying to make a dent in the title race. It was a bad week for the three teams that we dubbed as this season's serious title contenders. Herzegovina City FC traveled to Tiones Lumber Field in Busembe, and the Timberwolves handed the defending champions a 1-0 loss, courtesy of a Jeff Finte penalty kick. The Hoima Warriors, who are the league leaders, had an opportunity to capitalize on the failures of Herzegovina City to expand their lead at the top of the table, when they traveled to 19th place Igulu City. However, Abraham Akampurira's side was ready for the league leaders, as it was the Igulu City midfield that dominated proceedings on the night. They won, quite deserving, 1-0, with veteran striker Benedicto Montoya finding the back of the net on a counter-attack in the 65th minute.

And so, with the two teams ahead of them on Saturday both falling, it would be Rukunbi FC and Jinja City FC battling each other for a chance to climb the table. For Jinja City FC, it would be their first time all season potentially topping the table, and this was an opportunity that they did not want to squander. 4 v 3. And with Eastern Stadium rocking, Teague Spanos' side surprised many by ekeing out a 2-1, come from behind victory. IT was Marcus Rose who gave the visitors a 1-0 lead at the half, showing that Jinja City's superior talent could have won out on the day. But Kamu Jacobs found the back of the net in the 51st minute, and then it would be Ogunsola who would find the back of the net in the 59th minute, which would be the go-ahead and winner. Jinja City tried every which way to find an equalizer, but they could not break down Rukunbi FC's defense, as Jelanee Jideofor turned in a stellar performance in the net for the home side. Who would have thought Rukunbi FC could be 2nd in the league?

Lwanga Lions 0–4 Jinja City FC
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 1–3 Rukunbi FC
Isipongo Flash 0–0 Busukuma AC
Busukuma Force 2–2 Kitara AA
Herzegovina Phoenix 1–1 Bunyoro RSC

Hawabark Boulders 0–1 Askatasuna FC
Herzegovina City FC 3–1 Istria City FC
Hoima Warriors 3–0 Busembe Timberwolves
Lakiska SC 1–1 Igulu City FC
Mynda Electra 0–1 Aissa United FC

Here was one of the biggest games of the year. The BSL's version of the famed North v. South Showdown, as made famous by Northern Moravica University and the University of Loyola-Istria, respectively. Herzegovina City FC playing host to Istria City FC- though it's the other Istria side, Rukunbi FC, that seems to be providing a better challenge for Herzegovina City's league crown at the moment. But what a matchup this will be on Matchday 37, won't it? Anyways, the defending champions recovered after falling last week, as they downed Istria City FC by a score of 3-1. Rosie Tyler scored twice, as the reigning MVP, World Cup champion, and two-time AOCAF winner, showcased her skills in front of the loud fanbase at Star Field. She assisted on the third goal, a header by Christos Tsiavis, as the vintage performance by Herzegovina City showed why they are generally considered the best team in this league, and why, as long as they are alive in this race, they can never be counted out.

It was a good idea for most of the clubs near the top of the table. Rukunbi FC continued their blistering pace, with Samba Ogunsola, Tyrone Barrett, and Kamu Jacobs each scoring once in Umbazi as the other Istria side netted a 3-1 victory. The Hoima Warriors cruised against the Busembe Timberwolves, defending their home field with a relatively 3-0 win against an overmatched Timberwolves squad. Jinja City FC went to Lwanga and dominated the proceedings there, winning 4-0 on Friday night to get the taste of their defeat from the week prior out of their mouths. Jinja City looked particularly excellent, as the defending TimLig Golden boot winner Vatan Ercetin scored twice, Xilit-Zaxac Yol scored once, and even Matthias Prudenzio, the Echani outside back, scored himself from long range. When they reach top gear, like they have a few times this season- against Istria City at home, for example, or on Friday night against Lwanga, they are almost impossible to stop. They are showing us what they are truly capable of with Mór Császár running the show in Hangaza.

This matchday will mark the end of the road for Adam Jeffreys. The single season manager, who did so well at Bunyoro RSC, has generally been a disaster here at Busukuma AC. He was always a stopgap manager, somebody to hold the tide over this season, but that approach appears to have been disastrous. They remain in the bottom quartet in the league table, behind the Busukuma Force, Of course, with them so close in the table, the state of football in this nation's capitol is quite sad- both teams no higher than 15th, fighting for what? But the end of the line for Busukuma AC had to be drawing 0-0 away to the Isipongo Flash. The Flash have been borderline awful this season, and to fail to get a win against them, even if it was away from home, with the Capitol City derby looming, was the line. The owner traveled to the game in Isipongo, and met Jeffreys at the team bus. Mukasa Bukanda, former national team player and Busukuma AC captain, has been appointed as the interim manager, until the end of the season.

Aissa United FC 0–0 Lwanga Lions
Igulu City FC 1–0 Mynda Electra
Busembe Timberwolves 4–2 Lakiska SC
Istria City FC 4–0 Hoima Warriors
Askatasuna FC 0–5 Herzegovina City FC
Bunyoro RSC 2–0 Hawabark Boulders
Kitara AA 0–2 Herzegovina Phoenix
Busukuma AC 1–0 Busukuma Force
Rukunbi FC 3–1 Isipongo Flash
Jinja City FC 4–8 Umbazi Metropolitan SC

What a fascinating weekend to close off the first half of the BSL season. So many interesting results to go through. The first that we must go over, is Herzegovina City's decimation of Asaktasuna FC. St. Sava Park isn't exactly a fortress, and considering the skill levels of the team recently, and their tendency to sell their brightest talents(Lama Nyang, Nzo, and Afolayan come to mind) has seen them on the verge of fighting off relegation the last few seasons. This season, they seem to have avoided that entirely, despite the talent that they've lost, finding themselves firmly in the mid-table. But St. Sava Park seemed like a visitor's affair. Quite a few Herzegovina City fans made the long journey to Aksum, and the stadium was probably half filled with fans of the defending champions. The travelling support thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they inflicted a 5-0 thrashing on the hosts, with Tsiavis recording a brace, while Tyler, Brotzmann, and Lucas Lucius Vit all fired home.

A Super 5 matchup happened, with Istria City FC hosting the league leaders, Hoima. And Istria City FC shredded the Warriors, 4-0, to put new life into their campaign. They had been struggling against the best opposition, but the team known for its attack put goals on the board, and their defense finally stepped up to the challenge. Assefa Yitebarke provided the exclamation point for the day, as the captain and Galactico headed home the fourth and final goal and did a somersault for his celebration towards the corner flag as the crowd at Kabonero III went crazy. Other big games happened. Busukuma AC's new manager Bukanda made his debut on the day, and in the Capitol City derby, Busukuma AC notched an important 1-0 as Alex Sandoval found the back of the net against an energetic Busukuma Force side.

The craziness here happened on the Sunday night game. Have you ever seen a match like that one? Jinja City's offense is potent, but their defense has been inconsistent. Sometimes, they are stifling, but sometimes, everything goes wrong at once, and when it rains, it pours. This matchday was one of the latter moments. Jinja City FC put 4 goals past Umbazi Metropolitan, and yet got doubled up, at home, against Umbazi Metropolitan SC. There's not really an explanation for what happened here in this stunning result. 6 different players scored for the visitors- including former Juvencus international Demetro Laterza, who had a hat trick. An early red card for Jalang Ba didn't help, and Jinja City got punished on the left side of the defense repeatedly, as Adama Coote had a field day serving in crosses. Still, even a 10 man Jinja City allowing 8 goals, at home? Unacceptable. In a post-game press conference, Mór Császár said he was 'disgusted' at the score, and vowed that Jinja City FC would fix their defensive woes.

Lwanga Lions 0–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Jinja City FC 3–0 Isipongo Flash
Rukunbi FC 1–0 Busukuma Force
Busukuma AC 2–0 Herzegovina Phoenix
Kitara AA 2–1 Hawabark Boulders
Bunyoro RSC 2–2 Herzegovina City FC
Askatasuna FC 0–1 Hoima Warriors
Istria City FC 0–1 Lakiska SC
Busembe Timberwolves 1–0 Mynda Electra
Igulu City FC 1–3 Aissa United FC

Words you never would have thought would be printed in this magazine- Rukunbi FC is top of the table. With Herzegovina City FC tripping up at Albert III, where both goals for the visitors to take the lead saw equalizers come from the home side, the opportunity was seized by Rukunbi FC. Rukunbi FC won, 1-0 on the weekend, in a tough home game against Brun Kissinger's Busukuma Force. Just like on the opening weekend of the season, when a lone Rukunbi FC goal was enough to earn all three points at Mugisha III, a single goal would be enough in this defensive struggle to take all the spoils, and for Rukunbi FC, to, shockingly and stunningly, ascend to the top of the table. The goal's source would be a shocker, as well. Center back Soli Souba scored his first of the season, heading home a corner kick in the 81st minute to send Eastern Stadium into raptures. Rukunbi FC- 44 points, top of the table. What is life?

Mukasa Bukanda enjoyed a second straight win, as Busukuma AC seemed rejuvenated as a former player took the reigns. They earned a 2-0 home win over the Herzegovina Phoenix, who are quietly fighting for their place among the bigger clubs. Young striker Ebele Ndulu, who has struggled for much of this season, scored just his 3rd goal of the season on this day, scoring the opener in the capitol club's win at Lukwago Field. The Hoima Warriors took their own trip to St. Sava Park, and walked out with a 1-0 win, thanks to an Angelique Underwood penalty. The highlight of the day, however, was when the home side was awarded a penalty via VAR, and Chase Rushden, the aging Warriors goalkeeper, had a vintage moment and saved the penalty to ensure his side took all three points. Jinja City FC looked to have recovered from their beatdown at home last week courtesy of Umbazi Metropolitan SC, as a match against the last place Flash was all that was needed to restore confidence at BCEL Stadium, as they won 3-0.

Igulu City FC 1–0 Lwanga Lions
Aissa United FC 6–0 Busembe Timberwolves
Mynda Electra 0–1 Istria City FC
Lakiska SC 0–1 Askatasuna FC
Hoima Warriors 3–2 Bunyoro RSC
Herzegovina City FC 5–1 Kitara AA
Hawabark Boulders 0–1 Busukuma AC
Herzegovina Phoenix 2–1 Rukunbi FC
Busukuma Force 0–0 Jinja City FC
Isipongo Flash 0–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC

Bukanda is earning plaudits for his own mangerial style, as Busukuma AC have earned a third straight win in the league, this time, triumphing over the Hawabark Boulders at the Olympic Stadium, 1-0. NOt the greatest opponents, but three wins from three games is still a strong showing for a new manager. Will he use this audition for the job and land it? Or will Busukuma AC look abroad at the end of the season? That's a question that will be answered later on. Elsewhere in the league, in Herzegovina(or Vidizi, technically), Rukunbi FC traveled north and their winning streak was ended, as the Phoenix earned all three points at Phoenix Stadium by defeating Rukunbi FC, 2-1. Orion Etzebeth, the captain, was everywhere, looking like a much younger version of himself, dominated the central midfield. Etzebeth really unlocks this Phoenix side- when he plays well, controlling the midfield, everyone else is unleashed. And they counter-attacked with deadly effectiveness to take down the league leaders, as Vidyo Avramov and Corvid Alemane both scored for the Phoenix.

Results were interesting from elsewhere around the league. Herzegovina City avenged their matchday 2 shellacking at Sisonke City Park, by cruising against Kitara AA by a score of 5-1. The Hoima Warriors took on Bunyoro RSC at home, and in an entertaining match, a late, late stoppage time goal from Robert Craig, three minutes deep into stoppage time, saw the Warriors take all three points against a Bunyoro RSC side that looked likely to steal at least one point at Mavuto Field. Jinja City FC's defense played well, with the Umbazi Metropolitan 8 goal game still ringing in their ears, but they could not take advantage of their second consecutive clean sheet, as they could not find the back of the net against a stellar Wanda Kouyaté, as she made 9 saves, several of them stunners, to keep Jinja City FC out of the back of the net, and earn a point for the force. Jinja City will be disappointed, as they were the better side on the day, but sometimes, those games happen.

Lwanga Lions 0–2 Isipongo Flash
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 3–0 Busukuma Force
Jinja City FC 3–0 Herzegovina Phoenix
Rukunbi FC 1–2 Hawabark Boulders
Busukuma AC 1–1 Herzegovina City FC
Kitara AA 1–0 Hoima Warriors
Bunyoro RSC 1–1 Lakiska SC
Askatasuna FC 1–0 Mynda Electra
Istria City FC 3–2 Aissa United FC
Busembe Timberwolves 0–1 Igulu City FC

For the first time in what feels like forever, we can say the following- the Isipongo Flash won a game! The last place Flash have seen this season slip away from them, and Forzu-Denir is on an extreme hot seat. Frankly, it's probably quite surprising that he has lasted this long at the helm. But he's finally started to pour some water onto his own chair. There were whispers that he'd get fired today if he had lost, but this was not to be that day. The Flash, desperate for decent performances, finally got some, as Orin Set, the Silverian hit a volley in the 37th minute, and Noah Lamont HIll, the 35 year old Devontan, scored on a counter-attack in the 82nd minute. It is just their second victory of the season, and their first win in 17 matchdays, since they beat the Herzegovina Phoenix 2-0 on Matchday 5. They have yet to win a home league game this season, which shows how badly they have played . Can they use momentum from this to vault back up the table and out of the cellar, and into contention to stay up?

The league was interesting elsewhere on this matchday. Busukuma AC & Herzegovina City were set to match up today, with Bukanda facing off against Brian Emerson. With Lukwago Field packed to capacity to root against the defending champions, the two teams drew, with the Busukuma defense holding off a late Herzegovina City onslaught, as Rosie Tyler and Christos Tsiavis were leading the way, trying to fire their way to three points away from home. But they could not do it. Even though they only earned a point, fellow title contender Hoima did not earn any on this day, as Alan Bettles and Kitara AA took all three points at home against the Warriors. A Nick Haller cross was volleyed into the back of the net by Ikshu Amitabh, and that was enough. Kitara AA has always been a tough out, as their veteran defense has played together for quite a while. And that was proven true on this day.

Jinja City FC cruised against the Herzegovina Phoenix today, triumphing 3-0. Sia Fall scored twice, and the captain, Daluxolo Matshikiza, had his first goal of the season, as he hit a screamer from the top of the box, shooting it one time on a back pass from Vatan Ercetin. Rukunbi FC lost for the second straight game, this time falling at home, as they could not slow down the Hawabark Boulders. Igulu City FC, who has been rounding into form as of late, racked up another win, as they won 1-0 on Sunday night at Tiones Lumber Field and continued their march away from the relegation battle, and towards the mid-table. Istria City FC earned all three points on the day as well, as they raced out to a 3-0 lead in a thoroughly dominating win against Aissa, though allowing 2 late goals and almost squandering that lead has to be a source of concern for Alvin Burnsides.

Busembe Timberwolves 3–1 Lwanga Lions
Igulu City FC 3–3 Istria City FC
Aissa United FC 2–3 Askatasuna FC
Mynda Electra 1–0 Bunyoro RSC
Lakiska SC 0–1 Kitara AA
Hoima Warriors 4–0 Busukuma AC
Herzegovina City FC 2–0 Rukunbi FC
Hawabark Boulders 1–4 Jinja City FC
Herzegovina Phoenix 2–1 Umbazi Metropolitan SC
Busukuma Force 1–1 Isipongo Flash

This would shape up to be quite a fascinating matchday. Igulu City FC has had a nice little set of matches, and they saw a true challenge on this matchday- welcoming Istria City FC into town. What a potent offense they would face- would Abraham Akampurira's players be able to keep up? Assefa Yitebarke set the pace by scoring early, in the 11th minute, to put the visitors up 1-0 early. But that was when Igulu City FC really got to work. Benedicto Montoya scored in the 17th minute to equalize, Udo Obasie in the 28th to make the score 2-1, and then Kóri Vacík right before halftime put the ball in the back of the net. Shockingly, it was 3-1 at halftime. Istria City FC has always been an offensive minded club, however, and even a 2 goal lead against them is almost never safe. This was proven true on this matchday, as a 75th minute strike from YItebarke cut the home side's lead in half, and Hapilopper international Murray Hunnisett equalized in the 88th, earning Istria City a point.

This was largely an entertaining matchday. Busukuma AC had a second straight challenging game for Bukanda, this time with his side paying a visit north to visit the Hoima Warriors. Unfortunately for Bukanda, he suffered his first loss at the helm, as the Warriors gave him a rude welcome to the BSL present, as they won, 4-0, on their home field. The Warriors were dominant, and although Busukuma AC didn't play bad, per say, the Warriors were simply on a different level. Before Busukuma AC fans start dancing for potential glory next year, this brought them back to reality- there is a lot broken at the capitol club, and they are going to have some serious housecleaning to do if they want to compete for a trophy next season.

Herzegovina City FC played host to Rukunbi FC, who could not navigate the defending champions at Star Field. Brotzmann and Fireblade each found the back of the net, and that was enough to overcome Rukunbi FC. After reaching the top of the table, Rukunbi FC have seemed to run out of gas- they will surely finish in the top half of the table, but they have now lost 3 in a row. Jinja City FC had a positive result against the Hawabark Boulders, as Ercetin scored twice to lead them to a 4-1 victory over the Boulders at the Olympic Stadium.

Lwanga Lions 0–1 Busukuma Force
Isipongo Flash 1–2 Herzegovina Phoenix
Umbazi Metropolitan SC 0–1 Hawabark Boulders
Jinja City FC 1–1 Herzegovina City FC
Rukunbi FC 0–4 Hoima Warriors
Busukuma AC 0–1 Lakiska SC
Kitara AA 1–0 Mynda Electra
Bunyoro RSC 1–2 Aissa United FC
Askatasuna FC 0–1 Igulu City FC
Istria City FC 4–3 Busembe Timberwolves

Rukunbi FC were seen as the darlings of this league just four matchdays ago, stunningly reaching the top of the table in dramatic fashion. But it shows just how hard it is for a Super 5 club to not only break into the top 5, but stay in the top 5, and especially stay on top. The Super 5 clubs are deeper, and are more talented- the margin for error for clubs like Rukunbi FC, to have success that is equivalent to Istria City FC, is small. If you want to really make an impact in this league, staying towards the top of the table and challenging for trophies, you have to be able to win when you are not playing your best, otherwise the losses can snowball. Look at Jinja City. They've had some bad performances this season, including a 6-1 loss at Star Field, and allowing 8 goals to Umbazi Metropolitan SC. But they've always bounced back. They have the talent, they have the coaching, to weather that storm. Mór Császár has been through the ups and downs of competition, and won championships at the international level. Teague Spanos has been a long-time manager, but essentially mid-table his whole career- he isn't used to a race to get to the top 5. But the losses are piling up at an alarming rate for Rukunbi FC. They lost 4-0 in Hoima on this day, a poor performance.

Jinja City FC and Herzegovina City met for a much anticipated rematch. We all know what happened the first time these two juggernauts played this season- it was a thrashing of Jinja City at the hands of the defending champions, a nice 'welcome to Banija' present from Brian Emerson, who has seen his crown as the league's best manager threatened by the arrival of Mór Császár. But at BCEL Stadium, Mór Császár's side clearly learned from their first matchup, and had a much improved performance. It would be veteran central midfielder Malachi Gallagher who would break the deadlock originally, scoring in the 48th minute to give his side a 1-0 lead. But Herzegovina City is not a slide you can sleep on, especially in a big game. You must be extremely disciplined, for the entirety of the 90 minutes. Jinja City was for 89. But in the 90th, Mór Császár was hit with a stroke of bad luck. Matthias Prudenzio was just a second too late stepping forward on the offsides trap, sending Lucas Lucius Vit towards goal, uncontested. He finished, VAR upheld his goal, and the two sides drew, 1-1.

The Isipongo Flash's home loss to the Herzegovina Phoenix was the final straw for Forzu-Denir Ono. The Flash sit 7 points deep in the relegation zone, which is much worse considering the fact that there is only one relegation spot in the BSL. They needed to gain 7 points on the Lwanga Lions to reach safety, and at this moment, they are not even sniffing safety. The loss itself wasn't particularly bad- but sitting as far deep in the relegation zone as they are, this far away from safety, upper management in Isipongo had no choice but to part ways with Forzu-Denir. They haven't even been terrible- 14 losses is not good, but multiple other teams in the BSL have 14 losses. But couple that with 8 draws, and it is clear this team, at least this season, under this manager will not find ways to win those close games. Draws won't get them to safety- there is too much ground to make up, and too little time to do it. They need wins, and Forzu-Denir isn't getting them. They will name an interim manager before their next match.

And now, for the league table!

League Standings after Matchday 24
Banijan Soccer League         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Hoima Warriors 24 16 3 5 43 15 +28 51
2 Herzegovina City FC 24 14 7 3 65 26 +39 49
3 Jinja City FC 24 13 8 3 60 32 +28 47
4 Herzegovina Phoenix 24 14 4 6 32 18 +14 46
5 Istria City FC 24 14 3 7 64 48 +16 45
6 Rukunbi FC 24 14 2 8 41 29 +12 44
7 Kitara AA 24 11 8 5 36 30 +6 41
8 Umbazi Metropolitan SC 24 11 5 8 35 28 +7 38
9 Busembe Timberwolves 24 9 6 9 29 37 −8 33
10 Igulu City FC 24 8 6 10 20 43 −23 30
11 Lakiska SC 24 8 5 11 22 26 −4 29
12 Askatasuna FC 24 8 4 12 21 35 −14 28
13 Aissa United FC 24 7 6 11 35 33 +2 27
14 Busukuma AC 24 6 8 10 26 32 −6 26
15 Mynda Electra 24 7 5 12 26 36 −10 26
16 Bunyoro RSC 24 5 10 9 28 37 −9 25
17 Hawabark Boulders 24 6 4 14 26 44 −18 22
18 Busukuma Force 24 6 4 14 19 37 −18 22
19 Lwanga Lions 24 5 6 13 16 29 −13 21
20 Isipongo Flash 24 2 8 14 20 49 −29 14

Five Major Surprises of Season 10

We've been through 24 games! We've seen a lot of season, although we have quite a bit to go. We'll talk about the five biggest surprises of this BSL season for fans.

1. Rukunbi FC's brief climb to the top of the table in midseason.

44 points in 20 games! Of course, they are coming back down to Earth, having lost four in a row. But you have a Rukunbi FC side that has, miraculously, upended all expectations and found themselves firmly in the middle of a title race, one that was expected by almost all, including us at this magazine, to largely be a 2 way race between Herzegovina City and Jinja City FC before the season, and once the season got going, a three way race with those two and the Warriors. And that's how it will probably turn out to be. But the run that Rukunbi FC had, even if it is brief and it may not end up mattering much in the end(their four game losing streak has seen them fall from first after Matchday 20, to sixth after Matchday 24), was something that, for a short amount of time anyways, will have fans of the underdog cheering.

They have a decent amount of firepower, scoring 41 goals in 24 games. And their highlight- their thrashing of their archrivals, Istria City FC, on their own home field. A game that not many expected Rukunbi FC to actually win, and for them to win as they did- regardless of where Rukunbi FC ends up in the final table, that kind of thrashing at Kabonero III Stadium will be one that fans of Rukunbi FC will be able to remember for a long, long time. Just like how Aissa United fans, even many seasons later, remember how their victory over Jinja City on the league's penultimate matchday in Season 5 cost them the league, as they ended up losing the title to Istria City FC based on goal difference that season. But it was about more than spoiling their archrival's title chances- it was about them overtaking their rivals. They've lost 4 in a row and still remain just a point behind Istria City and their porous defense. While Rukunbi FC's brief flirtation with the title race may be put to bed, Teague Spanos may be able to finish ahead of Istria City FC in the league table for the first time in his 12 seasons at the helm, and that would be quite a victory for the 'other' Istria club.

2. Igulu City's recent aboutface from the relegation race to the league's mid-table

Igulu City FC was always a candidate to be relegated this season. We predicted that they had enough talent to just barely avoid relegation. And through 16 games, that seemed to be the case. After Matchday 16, they were in 19th, 5 points ahead of the extremely disappointing Isipongo Flash. Just fighting to stay afloat and alive, but in a position that, in almost any other league in the world that had promotion and relegation, would see them relegated. Their offense, in particular, was struggling, only scoring 10 goals throughout 16 games, good for worst in the league. And have allowed 36 goals, they were leaking in the back at a serious rate. They were fortunate that the Isipongo Flash season was basically disastrous, or else they could have easily been relegated themselves. But then, of course, something changed at that point. They didn't want to be like Corizova United. They wanted to be like the Boulders- promoted, and then finding themselves as a fixture in the BSL.

IN the last 8 games, we've seen a total change from them. After scoring 10 in their first 16, they have scored 10 goals in their last 8. Again, not a ton to write home about, but that's a vast improvement for a team whose offensive performance was previously so poor. But the biggest, most drastic change has been in their defense. They allowed 36 goals through the first 16 games- and yet, throughout the last 8 games, they've only conceded 7. Almost overnight, they went from having one of the worst backlines in the league, to their backline being a strength. And three of those goals were allowed in a 3-3 home draw with the league's best offense, Istria City FC. So that means just four goals allowed in their 7 other games.

What in the world happened? Well, they've seen a vast improvement in both the back line and the midfield. The midfield had been getting dominated for large portions of matches, but they now seem to have found their groove up in the BSL. They've won 5 of their last 8, and only lost once in that stretch. Enyinnaya Jideofor and Chyke Obasie, in particular, have improved their play. They are getting stronger, they are moving faster, and able to make their own mark on the games. This helps relieve the pressure on the back line. They have seen an improvement, as well, from Leonard Patterson. The Audioslavian really struggled throughout much of the early portion of the season, as the veteran goalkeeper kept getting peppered with shots. But he seems to have settled into a groove, and is really communicating well with his defense. They now find themselves in 10th. Wouldn't it be a miracle if a team that just got promoted finished in the top half of the table? We won't make a prediction on that yet, but there is a possibility that could happen. What a turnaround delivered by Akampurira.

3. Isipongo Flash's seeming end to end march towards relegation

The Isipongo Flash have had an extremely disappointing season. They were always going to be a lower tier club, but some thought that, maybe, there was an opportunity for them to get towards the mid-table. Those most optimistic of fans have been dramatically proven wrong, as the Flash are, frankly, embarrassing themselves on this season. They've been bottom of the table for a majority of the season at this point, and it seems as if they won't leave that spot. They've only won twice, once on Matchday 5, and the second time on Matchday 22, and they find themselves deep in last place. They are 7 points behind the team next to them in the table, and at this point, asking them to make up a 7 point deficit to the Lwanga Lions, or the Busukuma Force, who have both struggled on the season, would be asking quite a lot. They waited quite a bit of time to fire Forzu-Denir Ono, but at some point, they had to do it. It may be too little, too late though.

Here's what is peculiar about this team- they are not exactly going out and getting shredded every week. Now, of course, it is true that they have the worst defense in the league, allowing a league worst 49 goals- though the second worst, surprisingly, is fifth place Istria City FC, who have come out and allowed 48 goals so far, and yet, remain in fifth place thanks to their stunning offense. They've only scored 20 goals, but there are 6 teams in the league, including them, that have scored 22 or less. They've lost a league worst 14 games, but two other sides have also lost that many games. What is it then? It is hard to say, but they don't have that it factor, that killer instinct? That is hard to quantify. But look at this. They have 8 draws on the season. They don't get the doors blown off. They are in plenty of games. But their ability to turn one point into 3 is almost non-existent, and that's why they find themselves in such a hole.

When they lost, they lose big. They have a -29 goal differential, so in their 14 losses, they lose by an average of nearly 2.5 goals per loss- showing a lack of competitiveness. But the 8 draws next to the pair of wins show that they can compete. But they will have to turn some of those draws into wins. Pairing a bunch of big losses with a bunch of frustrating draws is a good way to get relegated, as they are showing. They will need to find a way to turn some of those into wins, and then get a bit of help from the Lions and the Force in the form of a losing streak, or else at this pace they will find themselves relegated with 3 or 4 games to go.

4. Busukuma AC's serious struggles in the lower third of the league

We predicted this team to finish in 5th. They will finish nowhere near fifth, and quite likely finish in the bottom half of the table. The team is a disaster. They are on their fourth manager since the start of Season 9, due to midseason firing last season, failing to retain the interim manager, a midseason firing of a first year manager this season, and then the hiring of Bukanda. It's hard to say why things have gotten so bad in the capitol. Both capitol clubs are struggling, but the Busukuma Force were never expected to be great. But this is stunning. There are talented players on this squad, of course. But many of them have not been living up to their potential. Ebele Ndulu has been a disaster up front, not combing well with Alex Sandoval, and honestly having poor form in front of goal. He may be feeling the pressure of playing for a Super 5 club, as he is very hesitant in front of goal, and his shots vary wildly in their accuracy.

Only having 26 goals on the season through 24 games is not what Busukuma AC would have wanted. At least they are having a pretty decent cup run, but that can only take you so far. They will make some wholesole changes at the club next season, and it seems almost guaranteed that both wingers, Temesgen and Salvai, will not return. Alex Sandoval is the centerpiece of that attack, so he'll be back. Will Ndulu? He's done a lot to hurt his stock this season, and unless he can experience some sort of long-form renaissance, a move to a lower pressure BSL club seems in order. Or maybe he'll decide that a change of scenery is what he needs entirely, and he'll go abroad. This team's season is long over, and they are going to look towards the future. What does that mean for veterans like Gudrun Crowley, who have had solid seasons and seem committed to the club? It is hard to say. But this is a season that Busukuma AC fans will be eager to put in the rearview mirror.

5. The strength of the Hoima Warriors title challenge

We thought that the Warriors could repeat their third place effort. But to have a serious title challenge, let alone lead the league after 24 games, is not what we thought the Warriors were capable of. But Mark Grayson has been making an impact in this league ever since his arrival to coach the Herzegovina Phoenix, and he has the Warriors in the thick of the conversation to win their first BSL title since Season 2. Who were the teams that we expected would have the best defense? We expected that Lakiska SC would have the most dominant back line once again, or that it would be a team like the Phoenix. But the Warriors have only conceded 15 times in 24 games this year- and they are hoping to ride the strength of their defense all the way to their second BSL title.

How they have conceded so few times? Enough to keep them in every game? It is quite impressive. Even Jinja City and Herzegovina City, the other two teams in this title race, have been on the wrong ended of serious defensive lapses. Jinja City allowing 8 goals at home to Umbazi Metropolitan SC comes to mind. Herzegovina City conceding 5 goals to the Kitara Athletic Association comes to mind. But the Warriors defense is consistent. They've been in every game they've played this season, even while being the only team to balance multiple competitions, as they had to play 6 group stage games in the Dwile Invitational. The Dwile Invitational success in the summer gave them a lot of confidence heading into the regular season. They have seen that they could do it against some of the multiverse's best- why can't they best Banijan clubs at home as well?

And this group toughened them up. Even though they failed to advance, playing the Willox Street Pirates and Sabrefell Athletic both twice can teach a team a lot about themselves. It seems as if everyone in the back is having a renaissance at the same time. Wenceslaw, the veteran Cosumarite defender who has been at the club since Season 4, and who has long been excellent, is having a stellar season. Kawsu Kaba, the center back who is in his prime, is having his best season yet in Hoima. And their 36 year old goalkeeper, Chase Rushden, is having a renaissance of his own career, posting stellar performance after stellar performance. But the biggest change is in the midfield. The central midfield pairing of Robert Craig and Mzukisi Nzo is clicking. They have a serious case for the best midfield pairing in the league, and are doing extremely well. They stifle attacks before they start, and are both turning defense into offense at an extremely quick rate. Robert Craig is tireless and physical, and he and Nzo compliment each other well. This duo keeping up this form will be the most important of the Warriors sustaining this title challenge.

RBSA Cup 5th Round

RBSA Cup Quarterfinals
Isipongo Flash 1–1 Rukunbi FC (1–2 AET)
Busembe Timberwolves 0–1 Byakado City
Lwanga Lions 2–2 Istria City FC (3–3 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Kitara Athletic Society 0–1 Busukuma AC

And now, for the quarterfinals! We have 8 teams remaining in Banija's premier knockout cup competition. We have a series of 4 close, competitive, entertaining games- all worthy of their stature as late stage knockout games. First, we start in Isipongo. The last place Isipongo Flash, who have struggled mightily in the league, have won as many RBSA Cup games as they have league games- not a good sign for their league hopes, but they find themselves alive in this tournament. They hosted Rukunbi FC, who are looking to get things back on track after losing four in a row. This season, there's no better team to face when things are snowballing other than the Isipongo Flash, and that has surely been proven on this matchday. Enrique Gonzalez is managing the Flash for this one, as he is announced as the interim throughout the season. They actually took a 1-0 lead early in the second half, with Noah Lamont HIll converting a penalty. But otherwise, their continous in season problems resurfaced. They struggled to hold onto the league, and allowed one too many chances. Tyrone Barrett leveled the game in the 85th, and Demetrio Arroyo won it in the 117th minute. Just like that, Teague Spanos finds himself as the first manager to punch a ticket to the RBSA Cup semifinals.

The last two seasons have seen unprecedented success for the regional league system within the RBSA Cup, and that has continued on this matchday. Byakado City took their trip to Tiones Lumber Field at the Wolf's Den, and Bekele Dawit stunned the home crowd by scoring a goal in the 13th minute to take a shocking 1-0 lead over the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves piled on the pressure, but Byakado City decided to park the bus. Shockingly, the Timberwolves could not break down Byakado City, and the regional league ran around celebrating, celebrating a shocking and stunning 1-0 victory, making it the third straight season a regional league side has reached the semifinals of the RBSA Cup. The last two seasons have seen regional league sides(Jaribga Soccer CLub in Season 8 and Dukuma SC in Season 9, respectively) win the RBSA Cup, and Byakado City will look to make it 3 in a row.

There was a second regional league team that took the field today. The Kitara Athletic Society played host to Busukuma AC, who are now under new management, with Mukasa Bukanda coaching his first ever game in the RBSA Cup. But Kitara Athletic Society, even at home, is not a match for a club like Busukuma AC. This cup run is a nice respite from their otherwise quite forgettable league campaign, and a 35th minute strike from Sandoval was the difference. They probably deserved to win by 3 or 4, but the KAS goalkeeper was outstanding, as he kept making save after save to keep the home side in the game. But still- margin of victory does not matter in the cup, and it did not matter in this game.

The game of the round, however, was in Lwanga. They hosted Istria City FC, who is settling into a typical pattern. Scoring all kinds of goals, leading the league in goalscoring, getting into the top 4 or top 5, but then not really mounting a serious title challenge. They can challenge for a title this year- but a team that has the league's 2nd worst goals against record would seem unlikely to win that title, right? But this was an absolutely thrilling match. Istria City FC, in typical fashion, went up early. Assefa Yitebarke struck home in the 34th minute to give them a 1-0 lead, and about 30 seconds into first half stoppage time, it would be Freeport International Torvald Royle who would make it 2-0. But with the team cruising to victory away from home, they faltered. Simon Wanjala, who is becoming much embattled after a series of disappointing league finishes, saw Taeshani attacking midfielder Xavier Melchoir score twice to tie the game at 2 goals a piece, and take the game into extra time. In the 108th minute, Phineas Antwell gave the hosts the lead, but Maximiliane Purcell, who has been criticized for poor performances in the back this year, rose above the crowd in the 116th minute and powerfully headed home an equalizer. The Echani national who is Istria City's goalkeeper, Joan Martinez Alpacia, saved the first and fifth shots for the visitors, to punch their ticket to the semifinals.

Only four teams remain. Istria City FC, Busukuma AC, Rukunbi FC, and Byakado City. Semifinals will be drawn, and the winners will book a trip to the Stadium of the Restoration. Who will go? We'll find out in 8 weeks, as the RBSA Cup Semifinals are scheduled for after BSL Matchday 32.
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