Sporting World Cup 9 (U18WC) Everything Thread

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Sporting World Cup 9 (U18WC) Everything Thread

Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:40 pm

Sporting World Cup 9
Under-18 World Cup

The Siovanija and Teusland Football Association (STFA), in partnership with Sporting World magazine, is proud to present the 9th Under-18 World Cup. The tournament showcases some of the budding stars of world football, and the STFA is excited to bring the tournament to our shores, the first time the nation will host a major international competition. The 32 participating teams have been drawn into 8 groups for tournament play. Which nations have the brightest footballing futures? The time has come to find out!

All OOC comments should be directed to the signup thread.

Sporting World Cup 1 (Host: Free Republics): Semarland
Sporting World Cup 2 (Host: Free Republics): Anglatia
Sporting World Cup 3 (Host: Osarius): Anglatia
Sporting World Cup 4 (Host: Filindostan): Mercedini
Sporting World Cup 5 (Host: Abanhfleft): Commonwealth of Baker Park
Sporting World Cup 6 (Host: Free Republics): Razenthuria
Sporting World Cup 7 (Host: Equestrian States): Starblaydia
Sporting World Cup 8 (Host: Free Republics): Banija

Siovanija & Teusland
Free Republics
Silver Beach
Union of Quincy
Kwangtzu Guānnán
Baker Park (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
Authoritarian Republic of Lochario
The Transmondian Commonwealth
Appalachian Nation
The Andromeda Island Group
Oberour Ar Moro
Terre Septentrionale
Greater Cebu
United States of Devonta
Freeport (Equestrian States)

Group Draw

The 32 teams were placed into 8 groups of 4. As the host nation, Siovanija & Teusland was placed into Group A. Group tiebreakers will use the following method: points, GD, GF, H2H points, H2H GD, H2H GF, and if necessary a coin toss.

Group A
Siovanija & Teusland
The Andromeda Island Group

Group B
Free Republics
Authoritarian Republic of Lochario

Group C
Union of Quincy

Group D
Kwangtzu Guānnán

Group E
The Transmondian Commonwealth
Terre Septentrionale
Oberour Ar Moro

Group F
Baker Park

Group G
Appalachian Nation
Silver Beach
Greater Cebu

Group H
United States of Devonta

Tournament Schedule
Friday, November 8: Matchday 1 (1v4, 2v3)
Sunday, November 10: Matchday 2 (1v2, 4v3
Tuesday, November 12: Matchday 3 (3v1, 2v4)
Thursday, November 14: Round of 16 (A1vB2, C1vD2, E1vF2, G1vH2, B1vA2, D1vC2, F1vE2, H1vG2)
Saturday, November 16: Quarterfinal (R1vR2, R3vR4, R5vR6, R7vR8)
Monday, November 18: Semifinal (Q1vQ3, Q2vQ4)
Tuesday, November 19: Third Place Play-off
Wednesday, November 20: Grand Final

Cutoffs will take place between 11-11:30 PM EST.
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The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland

Capital: Borograd -- Population: 74,245,000 -- Languages: Siovanijan, Teus

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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:41 pm

Welcome/Wilkommen/Dobre Doshli!

With the United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland playing host to the 9th Sporting World Cup, or U18 World Cup, the Ministry of Sport and Ministry of Tourism have united to provide spectators and teams traveling to the country with a guide to help make their stay the best possible. As this is the first major international tournament our nation has hosted, we first want to offer a big welcome to all those experiencing our nation for the first time. Best of luck on and off the pitch.

National Information and Modern History

The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland is located in the Southwestern region of Atlantian Oceania. A democratic republic, the country is composed of two distinct nations: the Teus, living in the eastern half of the country, and the Siovanijans in the west. The two nations are for the most part split by the Mittelgebirge mountain range that runs roughly along the halfway point of the island.

The history of the islands has usually been one of conflicts between these competing nations. For hundreds of years, Siovanija and Teusland struggled against each other for dominance over the other. Each nation claimed major victories over the other, and it seemed they would be in conflict perpetually. Teusland enjoyed a long period of dominance throughout the late 17th, 18th and first half of the 19th centuries during which it expanded beyond its borders and created a colonial empire. The Teus Empire was at its peak during this period of time, and was one of the largest naval powers in the world.

It faced troubles at home, however, and eventually liberal republicans in Siovanija rose up in cities like Vlaikograd, Chernovets and Siovanska Gora, with the city of Borograd being the heart of these demonstrations. Teusland initially attempted to put down the rebellion, but the Siovanijans grew in conviction as this continued to happen. Worried about the potential cost of a drawn-out guerilla campaign, as well as fearing the revolutionary ideas spreading to the Teus population, the Empire granted independence to Siovanija on July 3, 1808.

The new Siovanijan Republic had a tumultuous youth. Its leaders debated how far their nation should take the revolutionary cause. There were three key factions in the Republic’s politics at that time: the liberals, the nationalists and the Dialikovites. The liberals wanting to maintain and build on what had already been achieved through independence. The nationalists wanted to grow the Republic’s power to take back the lands of the Korjava/Vest-Marlebucht region. This area was equally split 50/50 between Teus and Siovanijans. The Teus Empire had maintained the region as part of its Empire upon independence, and the Siovanijans wanted it back. This area contained the major port city of Pomorie, also known as Marzig. The Dialikovites, named for their leader Anton Dialikov, were the most extreme and advocated for radical changes to the state.

The liberals held much of the power in the early days of the Republic, but as time went on the nationalists grew and grew in power, eventually taking control of the National Parliament in 1865. They immediately embarked on a program to build up the nation’s military, which had been neglected in the years since independence. They also demanded Teusland give economic rights to the Pomorie region and some territories of the western Korjava to Siovanija outright. Teusland, caught up in a series of colonial wars at the time, wanted to avoid what would be a costly and bloody war, and in the 1873 Marzig Declaration granted these demands. This move was widely opposed by the average Teus citizen, and opposition to the Imperial government began to rise.

Tensions between the states continued to rise over the following years, as Teusland continued to make some concessions and Siovanija continued to make demands. These tensions would eventually boil over. In 1888, a Teus army officer shot a Siovanijan demonstrator in Pomorie/Marzig. There were mass protests in the city by Siovanijans, and the Teus government cracked down hard on them. Siovanija responded by occupying the mountain pass connecting the rest of Teusland with the city, shutting down rail transport to the city. Teusland warned it would take ‘any and all means necessary to secure our territory.’ and sent a division to retake the passage. It is unclear which side fired the first shot of the war due to conflicting reports, but the Teus Army won this battle and pushed through to the city. 4 days later, Siovanija declared war on Teusland.

The situation in 1888 militarily placed the states roughly even. Teusland had much more fighting experience, having in the previous years fought and won several colonial wars. In addition to a slightly larger population, the Teus could also call upon soldiers from the colonies to fight for them. The army had, however, gotten complacent in the wake of their victories and thus were not as technologically advanced. Siovanija, on the other hand, had relatively little fighting experience but could call on a technological advantage as well as a well-developed industrial base within the country. Each side believed it would defeat the other in a matter of months.

As is often the case with promised ‘short’ wars, however, that did not occur. The Teus won many of the initial skirmishes along the border, and pushed Siovanijan troops back beyond Pomorie/Marzig, the centre of conflict. This remained the focal point of fighting in the early stages of the war. Air superiority and technological advantage allowed the Siovanijans to finally push the Teus in Marzig back to the border after heavy fighting. The fighting stalled, however, in the Mittelgebirge. Each side dug in for what would become the worst phase of the war.

The mountain warfare continued for the rest of the war. Long, bloody battles were fought over strategic passes, forts and mountain tops, usually never ending in a truly decisive victory for either side. Teusland’s troops from the colonies were rendered ineffective, most of them having never seen snow in their lives, let alone a blizzard or avalanche. Siovanija used their air advantage to harm Teus supply lines and harass urban centres such as Stahlberg and Stelburg. By 1892, however, Teus air technology had caught up to their rivals and these campaigns were halted. Popular opinion in both countries had turned heavily against the war, as millions died on each side for virtually no ground gained.

By the end of 1894, each side was looking for a way out of the war. For Siovanija, it was quickly becoming clear that their army would not be able to hold out much longer as the Teus had adapted much better to the gruelling campaigns and had almost caught up to them in technological advancements. Teusland, however, faced a problem on the homefront: food shortages in rural areas due to the amount being sent to the front, and the new Sparta-Korps, anti-war and, for the first time in history, pro-unification, was growing rapidly. Protests in Stelburg to end the war intensified.

In March 1895, both sides agreed to a ceasefire. The Pomorie/Marzig question would be settled with referenda in different parts of the region over which state each area wanted to join. This was massively opposed by the majority of both nations, who wondered why they had lost millions of sons/brothers/fathers over 7 years for virtually no change. Almost 4.2% of Teusland’s population had become casualties, and around 4.0% for Siovanija. The Sparta-Korps openly marched in the streets of St. Jakob, Felsenkirchen and Stahlberg demanding the end of the monarchy and unification between Siovanija and Teusland. Over the next few months, the food crisis in Teusland got worse and there were riots in the streets of Stelburg, an Imperial stronghold and the capital. The situation was becoming untenable.

On September 23, 1895, Kaiser Heinrich III abdicated the throne, fleeing to the Teus colony of Sankt Konrad. The Sparta-Korps stormed the Sanssouci Palace and proclaimed a Republic of Teusland. In the election that soon followed, the SK won a massive majority on a pro-unification campaign. Starting in December 1895, talks began between the governments of Siovanija and Teusland on unification. This was achieved on May 4, 1896, known as the National Day of the new United Republics.

The new nation faced a series of struggles as a series of nationalist Siovanijan Presidents held office. They restricted pensions for Imperial Teus Army veterans, dismantled the rights of Teus-speakers in the Korjava, and handed the Teus lands little power economically. Frustration in Teusland was growing, and the United Republics were quite divided. Those in Siovanija often voted for the National Liberal Party, while Teus voters supported overwhelmingly the National Union. The NLP gerrymandered districts in contested regions, however, to prevent the NU from gaining power.

Over the years, however, the NU could not be held back, and Marwin Laufer was elected President in 1940 on the back of 93% support in Teusland. His main support group was former soldiers and ardent Teus nationalists/monarchists, who rallied around him and attacked opponents in the streets. Laufer promised to bring Teusland back from the abyss, and during his term in office restricted rights of Siovanijans, transferred much of the nation’s industries to Teusland, and made Teus the official language of business and the military. Laufer and the NU planned to eventually declare Teusland again independent and then proceed to invade Siovanija. Laufer was defeated, however, in an election by Milan Dimitrov.

Dimitrov is regarded as the father of the modern-day United Republics, as he focused on creating a shared sense of identity between each rather than the revenge-driven politics of the early period. Under Dimitrov, many differences were reconciled and each group was given enshrined equality in the constitution. Dimitrov was in power for 16 years and is widely regarded to date as the greatest President of the United Republics. In the years since his rule, Siovanija and Teusland has developed into one of the strongest nations in the world. It enjoys a strong economy, strong value of civil liberties and human rights, and is consistently ranked as one of the strongest militaries in the world and often as first in the Atlantian Oceanian region. The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland have overcome a turbulent history to become a truly united, truly great nation.


There are two official languages in the United Republics: Siovanijan and Teus. Naturally, those visiting either Siovanija or Teusland will do well to become familiar with that language in particular, but in cities like Pomorie/Marzig on the border, or major urban centres such as Borograd, Stelburg and St. Jakob, you should expect to hear both.

The Teus language is based in the Latin script, and has developed over the 2000-year history of the Teus peoples. It is the majority language in Teusland, and an official government language. You will see it on signs in all of Teusland, parts of Siovanija near the border, and in larger Siovanijan cities. It is spoken by about 56% of the population as a mother tongue.

The Siovanijan language is also based in the Latin script, and developed over the history of the Siovanijan peoples. Until 1937, however, the language was based in the Cyrillic script. Often on old buildings or in rural areas, you will still see this script. For example, in many towns on the western coast near Trkev, Cyrilic is still used on street signs over Latin. You will see Siovanijan on signs in all of Siovanija, parts of Teusland near the border and in larger Teus cities. It is spoken by about 44% of the population as a mother tongue.

83% of the country is fluently bilingual. English is a commonly-spoken language among young people and is often used in media. Additionally, cities like St. Jakob (largest in the Republics) are quite cosmopolitan, and many other foreign languages can be heard.

One important thing to note for those planning on driving or taking the train is that some Siovanijan cities have different names in Teusland. The most obvious example is the city of Pomorie (Siovanijan) or Marzig (Teus). Other examples include the cities of Chernovets (Karnowitz), Bukovets (Bucowitz), Siovanska Gora (Siowenienberg) and even the capital, Borograd (Borburg). On highway signs approaching the border in Teusland, these names will be used over the official name, except Borograd, which will be signed as Borograd/Borburg.


The United Republics are officially a secular state. In Siovanija, religion is not that big of an issue. The majority of the population are atheist, with some believing in what is known as the ‘Siovanijan Old Beliefs,’ those of the ancient Gods from pre-modern stories and times. Many people list this category on a census out of respect for heritage rather than an actual belief. In Teusland, the vast majority of the population belongs to the Catholic Church. Most Teus are not extremely religious, but will attend church on holidays and support church charity programs. The Church has, however, a negative connotation in Siovanija, as during the 15th and 16th centuries Teusland often launched religious wars against Siovanija attempting to convert the populace. Siovanija recently passed highly-controversial legislation banning the wearing of religious symbols by public workers. These restrictions do not apply to the federal government, and only the Republic of Siovanija’s government.


The Under-18 World Cup will be held in the summer months. In central cities like Stelburg and Borograd, you can expect warm temperatures with some precipitation. Stelburg is particularly famous for being quite rainy, and the weather in the city can change at any time. In cities near the mountains, such as Stahlberg and Chernovets, it will be a little cooler than in the bigger cities with some wind. In coastal cities, weather can vary. Cities on the north coast, like Felsenkirchen, Rotmunde, Marlesee and Pomorie/Marzig experience rainy, cool summers. On the south coast, in cities like Kaiserhaven, summer is cool but with little rain. Being prepared for a wet day is recommended, and you should always check the weather before heading out.


One is likely to arrive in the country at one of three major airports: Borograd Milan Dimitrov International, St. Jakob International or Stelburg International. The St. Jakob International is the busiest in the country. Each Republic has a well-functioning railway system connecting every major town and city, and a high-speed system along the Borograd-Stelburg-St. Jakob corridor. Driving is also possible, but be aware that there can be heavy traffic in major cities and especially between Stelburg and St. Jakob. Avoiding major highways, however, can be a beautiful way to see the country. Throughout the Under 18 World Cup, special event buses will run in each host city, connecting fans with their team. The cities of Stelburg, St. Jakob, Borograd and Felsenkirchen each have a subway metro system. The cities of Rotmunde, Chernovets, Siovanska Gora and Stahlberg each have a light rail system.

Other Fast Facts

Capital: Borograd
Major Cities: Stelburg, St. Jakob, Felsenkirchen, Chernovets
Country Code: +96
Internet Domain: .st
Currency: Tolars. 100 tsents = 1 tolar. Tsents are represented after the number with a lowercase ‘t’. Tolars are represented before the number with an uppercase ‘T’. Coins are available in 10t, 25t, 50t, T1 and T2 denominations. Paper bills are available in T5, T10, T20, T35, T50 and T100 denominations. T1 currently exchanges to about $1.50. Exchange facilities are in place in all airports, train stations and most major cities.

Sporting Culture

The most popular sport in the United Republics is ice hockey. The national game of the country, it is played and watched by the vast majority of the nation’s population. Due to the long winters in much of the country, winter sports tend to be the most popular. Football is the second most popular sport in the country. In recent years, the national football team has made many advancements on the world stage and is ranked 51st in the world, having reached the Playoff stage of World Cup 83 and reached the Quarterfinals of the last three AOCAF tournaments. Cricket is the third most popular sport, exclusively in Teusland, and has been growing as of late. Basketball has some popularity in Siovanija, but is not a big sport. The U18 team for this tournament will be well-supported by fans, and the tournament will be well-followed across the entire country.


It is important to show respect in any place you travel, and Siovanija and Teusland is no different. Firstly, punctuality is extremely important in Teusland. 1:00 means 1:00, or even 12:55. This is not as much the case in Siovanija, but anything more than 5 minutes late even there is considered rude. Drinking is common in bars across the country, the Teus are generally regarded to be the best drinkers. Cigarettes are somewhat common in Siovanija, not as much in Teusland. There is no real party culture amongst young people, however, because at 18 each person must perform 1 or 2 years’ military or civil service. There are some clubs, but you won’t find them to be too popular amongst locals. On public transportation, it is understood that you will give up your seat for the elderly, young children, pregnant women and uniformed soldiers. LGBT travellers will not face any issues, as same-sex marriage is legal in the United Republics and is generally accepted by the population.

Respect for the government and military of the nation is quite important. The United Republics government is seen as trustworthy by most, and while there are obviously issues at times, it has the respect of the population. Criticizing leaders and politicians is fine and a popular pastime amongst many, but the institutions themselves are viewed under a different lens. The military is well-regarded within society. This is not in a bombastic patriotic way, but more of a sense of gratitude and understanding, as all young people must do their years’ service. It would be considered improper to criticize the army.

You should also avoid talking about controversial topics. The most obvious example of this would be the 1888-1895 War, commonly known as the Great War or the Civil War. Most people in the UR have family heritage tracing back to that war, and it is still an emotional topic for many, even over 100 years later. There are still occasional debates in the National Chancellery by MPs over the conduct of the war. The Presidency of Marwin Laufer is also a controversial topic, as are attempts within some Teus political circles to separate and return to the monarchy.

In Siovanija, it is wise to avoid openly discussing religion. Catholicism in particular is viewed negatively by most Siovanijans, due to its history of religious wars, and the government of the Republic of Siovanija recently passed a bill banning religious symbols for public workers. This has been somewhat controversial. It is best to avoid giving an opinion on this topic.

In the city of Pomorie/Marzig particularly, some of these issues become even more important. For example, discussing the Civil War in this city could get you into trouble depending on who you are talking to. Also, wearing the colour yellow/gold in the western, Siovanijan half of the city could get you into trouble, as could wearing the colour dark green in the eastern, Teus half. These are the national colours for Teusland and Siovanija, respectively. Avoid giving any opinion on the city’s status. This is one area of the nation where historical wounds still run deep. Siovanijan and Teus neighbourhoods of the city are often separated by walls or gates, and banners are hung declaring which side a neighbourhood belongs to. The city is officially known as Pomorie/Marzig by the government. Siovanijans will call it Pomorie, and Teus Marzig. Listen to what the person you are speaking with calls the city, and refer to it by that name in the conversation.

Both Siovanijans and particularly Teus have a reputation as appearing cold. People rarely smile on the streets, and there is no such thing as small talk. However, the people of this nation are in fact warm and welcoming once you do get to know them and are excited to welcome you to our beautiful corner of the world.


Host Cities and Stadia

Group A

Nationalstadion, Stelburg, Teusland
Capacity: 75,000
Tenants: Siovanija and Teusland national football team
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3, 1x Ro16, 1x QF, Grand Final

Teussens-Arena, Stelburg, Teusland
Capacity: 45,000
Tenants: FC Teussen Stelburg
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4

Group B

1912-Stadion, Stelburg, Teusland
Capacity: 38,000
Tenants: 1912 Stelburg
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3

Stahlarbeiter-Union Arena, Stahlberg, Teusland
Capacity: 42,000
Tenants: SW Stahlberg
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4, 1x Ro16

Group C

Veisel, Rotmunde, Teusland
Capacity: 48,000
Tenants: FC Rotmunde 1932
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3, 1xRo16

Felsenkirchen Arena, Felsenkirchen, Teusland
Capacity: 45,000
Tenants: FC Felsenkirchen 1879
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4

Group D

Draistadion, St. Jakob, Teusland
Capacity: 60,000
Tenants: FC St. Jakob
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3, 1xRo16, 1xQF, 1xSF

Kaiserhaven Stadion, Kaiserhaven, Teusland
Capacity: 40,000
Tenants: FC Kaiserhaven
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4

Group E

Olimpski-Stadion, Borograd, Siovanija
Capacity: 60,000
Tenants: Olympia Borograd
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3, 1xRo16, 1xQF, 3PPO

Metropola-Arena, Borograd, Siovanija
Capacity: 45,000
Tenants: FK Metropola Borograd
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4

Group F

Energija-Arena, Chernovets, Siovanija
Capacity: 50,000
Tenants: Energija Chernovets
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3, 1xRo16, 1xQF, 1xSF

Bukovets Stadion, Bukovets, Siovanija
Capacity: 35,000
Tenants: Arsenal Bukovets
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4

Group G

Jezera-Stadion, Vlaikograd, Siovanija
Capacity: 40,000
Tenants: FK Vlaikograd 1896
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3, 1xRo16

Ivo-Balikov-Arena, Vlaikograd, Siovanija
Capacity: 34,000
Tenants: Zvezda Vlaikograd
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4

Group H

Pomorie-Arena, Pomorie/Marzig, Siovanija
Capacity: 33,000
Tenants: FK Pomorie
Matches: MD1 1v4, MD2 4v3, MD3 1v3, 1xRo16

Vest-Marlebucht-Stadion, Pomorie/Marzig, Siovanija
Capacity: 30,000
Tenants: TSV Marzig
Matches: MD1 2v3, MD2 2v1, MD3 2v4
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The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland

Capital: Borograd -- Population: 74,245,000 -- Languages: Siovanijan, Teus

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Postby Darmen » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:02 pm

OOC: This SWC is occurring concurrently with Copa Rushmori 33 and DBC 46.

Darmen National U-18 Football Team
presented by the
Darmeni Football Association

Record (since Sporting World Cup 3): 25 matches, 7 wins, 4 draws, 14 losses, 45 GF, 53 GA, .333 Win %
1 Darnell Halle 15
2 Víedharr Svendsen 13
T3 Godfrey Hutson 11
Bill St. John 11
Ron Hendry 11
Manu Ó Baoghill 11
Sergio Salas 11

1 Darnell Halle 9
2 Víedharr Svendsen 5
3 Godfrey Hutson 4
4 Charles Frederickson 3
T5 Billy-Bob Trudeau 2
Kristoffer Stevenson 2
Craig Blackwood 2
Quique Valdez 2
Coaching Staff
Position Name Age
Manager Alban Vang 42
Assistant Manager Meriwether Hewitt 45
Goalkeeping Coach Trevor Brennan 40

21 Player Roster
# Pos Name Age Club Caps Goals
1 GK Bertil Herman 18 Centre for Excellence-Darmen 0 0
2 LB Pablo Candelaria 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 3 0
3 CB Sadiq Lucas 18 Chippewa Valley United FC 0 0
4 RB Mattheus Freeman 18 Sportklub Palerma 0 0
5 LM Boele McGuire 18 Scott City FC 0 0
6 LCM Lennart van der Vennen 18 Olympique Chuckio 0 0
7 RCM Alard Hoedemaeker 18 Darmen City United 0 0
8 RM Malachy Aartsen 18 Rushmore United 0 0
9 LF Jasper Kirchner 18 Rogerton Whitecaps 0 0
10 CF Birger Schulz 18 Royal PFC 0 0
11 RF Kennard Hale 18 Scott City FC 0 0

12 GK Ori Poirier 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
13 LB Eardwulf Chaves 18 Sportklub Palerma 0 0
14 CB Cináed Böhm 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
15 LM Adoniram Bähr 18 Club Jim Falls 0 0
16 CM Artur Haenraets 18 Royal PFC 0 0
17 RM Gwil Danell 18 Royal PFC 0 0
18 LF Jack McCormick 18 Royal PFC 0 0
19 CF Asim Espenson 17 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
20 RF Jasper Thorburn 18 Lynx FC 0 0
21 GK Beau Carver 18 Scott City University 0 0

Formation: 3-4-3
Style Mod: +3
--McGuire--van der Vennen--Hoedemaeker--Aartsen--

Player Roles
Player Roles
Captain: Pablo Candelaria
Vice-Captain: Lennart van der Vennen
Left Corner: Boele McGuire
Right Corner: Boele McGuire
Penalties: Kennard Hale
Free-kicks: Lennart van der Vennen

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: YES PLEASE!
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, minor only.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, within reason. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, no more than two. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Godmod other events: YES. Contact me if you have anything major planned.

Contact me via TG or Discord. TG's are preferred.
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Postby The Andromeda Island Group » Tue Nov 05, 2019 6:09 pm

The Government of the Allied States decided to bring the Andromeda Islands back into International Competition. The Eagles had won the 41st Baptism of Fire as well as three International Basketball Championships in previous decades.

Now, not only have the Andromeda Eagles National Soccer Team been revived, but the Junior Eagles, the U18 Squad, will participate in the 9th Sporting World Cup (U18WC) in Siovanija / Teusland. All of the Eagles participants will be entering their senior year in HS after this event.

Andromeda Junior Eagles


F 10 JC Williams........ M 5’9” Angeles City Central HS
F 11 Patrick O’Leary.... M 5’9” Andromeda City Old Town HS
F 12 Cathleen Sullivan. F 5’6” Todd’s Cove Knox HS
F 13 Elleen Sullivan.... F 5’6” Todd’s Cove Knox HS
M 20 Oscar McCready... M 5’5” Todd’s Cove Knox HS
M 21 Joseph Gallo....... M 5’5” Joppa South HS
M 22 Serenity Moore.... F 5’3” Todd’s Cove Knox HS
B 30 Tranquility Moore. F 5’1” Todd’s Cove Knox HS
B 31 Harper Thomas.... M 4’11” Angeles City Central HS
B 32 Esther Hu.......... F 5’1” Busan Kim Yu Shin HS
G 40 Andrea Ferguson.. F 5’8” Andromeda City Old Town HS


F 14 Rachel Lowenthal. F 5’6” Andromeda City Old Town HS
F 15 Jessica Cavanagh.. F 5’6” Olympia South HS
F 16 Laura Steinberg.... F 5’5” Todd’s Cove Knox HS
F 17 Robbie Nevil........ M 5’6” Angeles City Central HS
M 24 Brad Foreman...... M 5’4” Joppa University HS
M 25 Vivian Dandridge.. F 5’3” Athens West HS
M 26 Ruth Riley........... F 5’5” Angeles City Central HS
B 34 Trudi Lawrence.... F 5’2” Portsmouth College Hill HS
B 35 Karrie Anne Bailey F 5’1” Beta City Lion of Judah HS
B 36 Peppa Sims......... F 5’ Olympia Plymouth Rock HS
G 44 Trey Wallace....... M 5’8” Joppa University HS

Head Coach: Stacy Fleming........ F-51 Todd’s Cove’s Mike Knox HS
Assistant Coach: Alfreda Franklin. F-50 Angeles City Central HS
Assistant Coach: Travis Ramsey.... F-48 Andromeda City’s Old Town HS

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, contact me if you plan anything major.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, within reason.
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, no more than two.
Godmod other events: YES.

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Postby BOLGANO » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:05 am

Bolgano U-18 Soccer Team

#1 Francis Thom 17 years*
#12 José Castillo 16 Years
#13 Marino Sigmellini 16 Years

#2 Thomas Kevinsen 18 Years
#3 Lionard Ghamter 17 Years
#4 Roger Candem 15 Years
#14 Carlos Martins 16 Years
#15 Daniel Bolton 17 Years
#16 Ryan Rads 18 Years
#17 Victor Killengs 17 Years
#18 Eanm Callum 17 Years

#5 Ual Vagino 16 Years
#6 Albert Camn 17 Years
#7 Wilson Brown 18 Years
#8 Robert Lens 17 Years
#19 Dannie Kalmb 18 Years
#20 Jean Loruel 18 Years
#21 Mario Dins-Cheek 18 Years
#22 Samuel Adgerson 16 Years

#9 Carl Tads 18 Years
#10 Neil Derds 18 Years*
#11 Victor Ginolli 17 Years
#23 Luis Roberto 16 Years
#24 Gabriel Kallinho 15 Years

*They come from playing the Di Bradini Cup
Creators of Futsal World Cup
Champion: None XD
Runners-up: None XD
Semifinals: AVBF V (Plate)
Third: None XD
Fourth: Futsal World Cup I
Quarter-Finals: Futsal Invitational Cup (FWC 0)
1st Round: BoF 70
Group Stage: WLC XXXI NS Arena Bowl VI
Host: Futsal Invitanional Cup (FWC0) Callerdft Cup II

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Postby Aquitlia » Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:29 am

Image - Association Football Federation of Aquitlia

History of association football in Aquitlia and its current state -

Although it had been a while since Aquitlia had contacted humanity, it took a while for a meaningful amount of cultural exchange to happen. Aquitlia's stance of being self-sufficient as possible and pursuing autarky made resulted in a limited physical exchange between its neighbors. Aquitlia's policies of pursuing co-operative research between democratic nations to further their cause were the main avenue in which cultural exchange was possible.

Opimaveror, the colony in which is the closest to the human civilization, also acted as the point Aquitilians and humanity met. This heavy focus on research agreements resulted in most humans being involved in academia, seeing the beneficial results of this co-operation. Aquitlia would go as far as making tertiary education and relocation free if the human applicants agreed to complete mandatory service for Aquitlia. Humans wanting to make a fresh new start in their lives as well as the academia would result in humans becoming a significant minority within decades in Opimaveror.

During this time frame, the sport of association football began to spread as university teams were formed. Football turned out to be appealing to young Aquitilians as well as hand based sports were more dominant within Aquitilian culture. Although some physical factors such as Aquitilians having in-ward facing feet made them less adept at dribbling and other aspects of the sport, football would nevertheless obtain a dedicated following on Aquitilian campuses.

Recently to the bid submitted by the "Universiadary Federation of Opimaveror for Association Football" to the Aquitilian Ministry of Sports and Culture for the creation of an Association Football federation to encompass all of Aquitilia was approved and was fast-tracked to gain recognition by other intergovernmental sporting federations.

The fast-tracking process resulted in the Association Football Federation of Aquitlia being able to enter to the Under-18s World Cup. As tertiary education and compulsory service for most Aquitlians start at age of 16, Most freshman and sophomore players in university teams were available for selection.

However, as the Aquitilian Ministry of Sports and Culture found the Opimaverion dominant squad-list may promote regional separatism, but due to little to none following in other planets, rising-stars of Pulsacurrit (a sport close to rugby and handball) were added to the roster as reserve players. Association Football Federation of Aquitlia agreed to this idea as it could allow the promotion of the sport to the rest of the planets.

Head coach was selected from a pool of university team coaches using the Aquitilian military tradition of the subordinates electing their officer. Although the squad was comprised of 80% of native Aquitilians, first-generation human immigrant and head coach of the highly dominant Cerdoni Technical Institute, Marco Abellán. With the rest of the coaches from the league providing an assistant role as a committee.

Head Coach -
Marco Abellán - (Human) 47

The Coaching Committee -
Jordan Pekan - (Human) 42
Amius Alburius - (Aquitilian) 24
Maxitis Faldos - (Aquitilian) 27
Simius Fandarius - (Aquitilian) 25
Pitus Octavition - (Aquitilian) 29
Novus Duvilus - (Aquitilian) 31
Velcus Ebocus - (Aquitilian) 26
Caelio Marcenus - (Aquitilian) 23

Roster - (5-5-0 Formation) - (Style Modifier -3)
#1 - GK (Starter) - Depius Acharakian - Forum Acquadin - (Aquitlian) 17
#12 - GK - Tituv Sarilius - University of Solomiac - (Aquitlian) 17
#111 - GK - Laren Optilis - Bion Institute for Technology - (Aquitlian) 16
#3 - LB (Starter) - Malion Adepmius - University of Solomiac - (Aquitlian) 17
#30 - LB - Arvius Agnadros - Forum Acquadin - (Aquitlian) 16
#31 - LB/CB - Octavi Museudion - Bion Institute for Technology - (Aquitlian) 17
#2 - RB (Starter) - Seicon Adradas - University of Santuarii - (Aquitlian) 17
#20 - RB - Sesion Petraculus - Forum Pontidan - (Aquitlian) 17
#22 - RB/CB - Sectri Drusinias - Certosa University - (Aquitlian) 17
#6 - CB (Starter) - Comtris Qaedonian - Forum Luminaria - (Aquitlian) 16
#5 - CB (Starter) - Aulrius Veriscus - University of Santuarii - (Aquitlian) 17 - (C)
#4 - CB (Starter) - Notius Quinrian - Forum Pontidan - (Aquitlian) 17

#86 - CB - Qious Bonipanus - Certosa University - (Aquitlian) 17
#0 - CB - Velius Epiqoditian - Pulsacurrit - (Aquitlian) 17
#99 - CB - Maxios Syzlagius - Pulsacurrit - (Aquitlian) 17
#11 - RW (Starter) - Servius Dexindros - Forum Luminaria - (Aquitlian) 16
#7 - LW (Starter) - Viqna Mauculus - Cerdoni Technical Institute - (Aquitlian) 17

#42 - RW/LW - Nevio Candigatus - Forum Luminaria - (Aquitlian) 17
#44 - RW/LW - Ethan Kulaba - Certosa University - (Human) 16
#8 - AMC (Starter) - Isiah Graetz - Terranova University - (Human) 17
#9 - AMC (Starter) - Saulo Vila Marques - Cerdoni Technical Institute - (Human) 17 - (VC)
#10 - AMC (Starter) - Hamza Bešlagić - Cerdoni Technical Institute - (Human) 17

#100 - AMC - Jeremy Siregar - Terranova University - (Human) 17
#101 - AMC - Arrusius Candirian - Forum Acquadin - (Aquitlian) 17

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (out for rest of the match or 1 match only, max 2 players per match, ask if you want to something more extreme via TG)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, no more than four. Contact me for more extreme scenarios.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more than two. Contact me for more extreme scenarios
Godmod other events: No.
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Postby Appalachian Nation » Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:40 am


This team consists of member of the coed Appalachian High School All-Appy team. The best and brightist athletes in the sport. This is the first international team orginized by Appalachian nation, and is looking to do well.


COACH: Hank Goodfellow (44yrs)
ASSITANT COACH: Buddy Rattcliffe (67yrs)
GK COACH: Marv Metzenger (31yrs)


ROSTER: Sarters in BOLD (3-4-3 formation)

#3 Jeff Branson
#5 Todd Winecroft
#8 Glydia Sinclair

#11 Thomas Branson
#31 Mikey Smith
#22 Peter Pabst Jr

#9 Jimmie Ray Jansen
#23 Phillip Del Greco
#24 Tyler Sturgeon

#29 Barry Babcock
#33 Landon Phelps
#50 Joey Smith
#60 Tonya Richards-Blakely

#17 Vernon Heaves
#18 Max Bennet
#19 Ralph Sharper
#22 Loy Haggerty
#34 Dan
#78 Pablo Pastorius

#1 Shaun Morris
#11 Shawn Morton

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers:Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (No deaths please)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y.

STYLE - +2.5

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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:17 am

Siovanija and Teusland National U18 Football Team


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teus
FA: Siovanija and Teusland Football Association (STFA)
Colours: Blue and gold
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Capital City: Borograd
Other Major Cities: St. Jakob, Stelburg, Vlaikograd, Chernovets, Felsenkirchen
Highest Domestic Youth League: J. Republikaliga
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +2

Coaching Staff

Manager: Slava Tarasov (FK Metropola Borograd)

Slava Tarasov has been the successful coach of FK Metropola Borograd’s youth academy for several years now, guiding the team to be champions of the J. Republikaliga twice and also achieving a birth in the UICA Youth Cup Quarterfinal. He has helped develop players like national team starlets Todor Mihailov and Luka Ambroz. Tarasov was the manager of the Goldhorns’ team at the Di Bradini Cup two years ago, and has been asked to guide the U18 squad as it looks to make a big impact at home in the Sporting World Cup. Tarasov generally favours a 4-2-3-1 formation, but is capable of adapting based on the game or opponent. His teams usually play a fast, fluid attacking style.

23 Man Squad


GK -- Julijan KOPRVIC -- #1 -- 18y/o -- Vrnovo Mesto
GK -- Andreas HOFER -- #22 -- 17y/o -- VfB Launitz
GK -- Ilija KORTNIC -- #23 -- 18y/o -- FK Raketa Bukovets

Koprvic is the starter here, generally considered to be the best goalkeeper of the current young players coming up and expected to eventually compete with FC Teussen Stelburg’s Ewald Heuser for the senior national team job. He is a strong shot stopper and also moves the ball well, often starting attacking moves with his goal kicks. He started for Vrnovo Mesto in the 2. Republikaliga last season, and is expected to move to a larger club in the near future. Andreas Hofer and Ilija Kortnic both had solid seasons in the youth leagues last year, and get the call here. Kortnic is the most likely backup option if required.

Right Backs

RB -- Daniel NEURATH -- #2 -- 18y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
RB -- Adrian EHN -- #12 -- 17y/o -- SW Stahlberg

There isn’t a lot of star talent coming through at the youth level in the right back position, as Pierre-Louis Lotbiniere has already graduated to the senior team, but Daniel Neurath is the consensus best option here. The Teussen youth has a strong cross on him and is quick, but needs to improve his defensive skills if he wants to make it to the professional level. He’ll still be a strong option for this tournament, however. Adrian Ehn serves as the backup, and is a more defensive option than Neurath if required in the tournament.

Centre Backs

CB -- Taras MAKSIMOV -- #4 -- 18y/o -- Energija Chernovets
CB -- Novak SKRINJAR -- #5 -- 18y/o -- Energija Chernovets
CB -- Pascal HAAS -- #14 -- 18y/o -- SW Stahlberg
CB -- Rafael DUSL -- #15 -- 17y/o -- FC Felsenkirchen 1879

The centre back pipeline has been strong in recent years: Jager, Martz etc. moving up to the senior team. There’s two more big names to watch here in Taras Maksimov and Novak Skrinjar. Skrinjar came through the Energija Chernovets academy while Maksimov was purchased by Chernovets from Rudar Trkev this summer. Both are strong ball playing defenders who are good in the air, and are expected to be the future of the Chernovets’ backline as well as play a key role in the senior national team. Behind them are Pascal Haas and Rafael Dusl. Haas is the more talented of the two right now, but Dusl is considered the higher potential player.

Left Backs

LB -- Alexander WIMMER -- #3 -- 18y/o -- TSV Marzig
LB -- Anze PRIMC -- #13 -- 17y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd

Alex Wimmer is the clear number one option in the left back position, starring for Marzig’s youth team and making a good impression of himself in President’s Cup matches last year. Wimmer is a very fast player with excellent vision for passing and crossing the ball. He is expected to eventually make the step up to the senior national team. Anze Primc, behind him, is a less finished product but offers a bit more defensive reliability than Wimmer.

Central Midfield

CM -- Damir CVETKOV -- #6 -- 18y/o -- Olympia Borograd
CM -- Julian WERNER -- #8 -- 18y/o -- FC Rotmunde 1932
CM -- Avgustin KRISTAN -- #16 -- 17y/o -- Energija Chernovets

The midfield duo of Cvetkov-Werner will be very key to the success of this team. Damir Cvetkov, the Olympia Borograd youth product, has been a strong part of Olympia Borograd’s youth team and has earned comparisons to national team hero Thorsten Kramer, while Julian Werner started for Rotmunde in the Republikaliga last year and gave a very good account of himself as a deep-lying playmaking option. The pair have reportedly developed a strong chemistry in training for the Sporting World Cup. Behind them is Avgustin Kristan, a Chernovets youth product who is a more holding option in midfield.

Right Wing

RW -- Slava LUZHKOV -- #11 -- 18y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd
RW -- Dominik KOLLER -- #21 -- 18y/o -- 1912 Stelburg

Slava Luzkhov’s stock isn’t as high as it was a season ago, when he was considered the brightest product of Metropola’s youth academy: he became the club’s all-time youngest goalscorer and starred in the J. Republikaliga. He hasn’t regressed, but he didn’t necessarily take any big steps forwards either. Still, the very fast player has shown his ability to dominate at this level and will be a key part of the national team’s attacking lineup. Dominik Koller is behind him, well regarded at 1912 Stelburg and by the national team youth coaches.

Centre Attacking Midfield

AMC -- Leopold BLIZNAKOV -- #10 -- 18y/o -- Zvezda Vlaikograd
AMC -- Emil KRONECKER -- #20 -- 17y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg

Leopold Bliznakov took the 2. Republikaliga by storm last year, an absolutely dominant player as Zvezda Vlaikograd finished 3rd and were promoted to the Republikaliga for the first time in the club’s modern history. Bliznakov’s playmaking efforts were absolutely crucial to the team’s success, and expect him to be a very good player on this team. The game will run through him in attacking areas, and if he plays as well as he did in league play last year he can bring this team very far. Emil Kronecker is behind him, a shadow striker who has been successful in Teussen’s youth teams and is expected to eventually take on the #10 role for the club and potentially his country.

Left Wing

LW -- Lojze KOKALJ -- #7 -- 18y/o -- Kawarthas DFA (KSK) (on loan from Olympia Borograd)
LW -- Oliver KANNER -- #17 -- 18y/o -- 1828 Pomen

If there is one player on this team that will attract the most attention, it is Lojze Kokalj. Kokalj dominated the J. Republikaliga last season for Olympia, and rather than play another season in the youth level has been loaned out to Kelssek side Kawarthas DFA as they attempt to earn promotion to the top league. Kokalj has been described as ‘like Ivo Romanov but even quicker,’ which is extremely high praise indeed. Expected to be the future of Olympia’s left wing, there was already talk of him receiving a call-up to the senior national team for World Cup 84 Qualifiers. This tournament will play a key role in determining if he is, in fact, ready for that. Oliver Kanner, behind him, played in 18 matches for 1828 Pomen in the Republikaliga last year and was always solid when playing. Unfortunately for him, he’s unlikely to see much game time unless Kokalj should be injured.

Centre Forward

CF -- Erik MOSELLE -- #9 -- 17y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
CF -- Branimir GLANCHEV -- #18 -- 17y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd
CF -- Denis DEZELAC -- #19 -- 16y/o -- Olympia Borograd

There’s some quality here for sure, as the forward options for the U18 team are all a little younger than the rest of the team. Erik Moselle is the number 1 striking option, the Teussen youth product an advanced forward who won the J. Republikaliga’s Golden Boot with 28 goals last season. He is expected to eventually start for Teussen. Branimir Glanchev, Metropola’s big target man, is an option to be brought on should the Goldhorns need a big man up front. The gem here, however, is Denis Dezelac. Olympia Borograd’s 16-year-old forward is already being compared with his club’s finest Krasimir Kynev, and is seen as an explosive player who can create something out of nothing to find the net. Dezelac is still 16, of course, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see him earn some minutes at this tournament. If all goes to plan, he is the future of our country’s front line.

Set Pieces

Free Kicks: Leopold Bliznakov, Lojze Kokalj
Penalties: Erik Moselle, Lojze Kokalj, Slava Luzhkov, Leopold Bliznakov, Damir Cvetkov


The captain for the tournament will be Taras Maksimov. The vice captain will be Julian Werner.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine length/severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

Group and Schedule

As the host nation of the Under 18 World Cup, Siovanija and Teusland were automatically placed into Group A. Group A includes Starblaydia, The Andromeda Island Group and Tyrannyicalist. Starblaydia were U18 World Champions at the 7th Sporting World Cup, and are, of course, 5-time World Champions. The Andromeda Island Group and Tyrannyicalist are both newcomers to the U18 World Cup, but the Andromeda Island Group does have a world sporting history, having won the 41st Baptism of Fire. All of Siovanija and Teusland’s group stage games will take place in Stelburg, at the Nationalstadion and the Teussens-Arena.

Matchday 1: Siovanija and Teusland vs Tyrannyicalist, @ Nationalstadion, Stelburg
Matchday 2: Siovanija and Teusland vs Andromeda Island Group, @ Teussens-Arena, Stelburg
Matchday 3: Siovanija and Teusland vs Starblaydia, @ Nationalstadion, Stelburg

As our country gets set to host the world, our national team gets ready to take on the world. We’ll have complete coverage of the Sporting World Cup and the Siovanija and Teusland national U18 team. Can our boys bring the title home? Come on you Goldhorns!
The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland

Capital: Borograd -- Population: 74,245,000 -- Languages: Siovanijan, Teus

"Concordia, Patria, Libertatem"

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Postby Trolleborg » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:42 pm


Many years ago Trolleborg ceased to be interested in affairs abroad, resign from the World Assembly and almost cease to make himself seen in the world. But now our national leader propose: “Let’s open the door slightly and see what happens!”. Why not begin with a sport, when opportunity rose right now? We are already signed for BoF and WC-84, and then opportunity to play in U18 World Cup arise, so the young stars going to try the water first.


Trolleborg is a huge country having reasons to be proud, not least because it’s regularly receives high marks in various ratings that assess the quality of life and economic situation. It will be interesting in the light of this to compare level of our sport teams with that of other countries. And even more interesting to see how as a result of sport exploits this proclaimed "opening the door to the outside world" will works if works at all.

Football is a prime sport for a country, with a National League having ended 127th season right now. Finnsnes Hurps is newly-crowned champions. There was a healthy decentralization of soccer in the country, there was no need for a serious monies to build a winning team, and most of the teams accept raising local youngsters as a main way to success. National League teams all must have a youth squads, who play each other in the special Young League.

It’s possible to sign foreign players, but but if teams wish to do so, they must pay twice amount of transfer payment to the federation account, this money to be spent on the youth sport. As a results, Trolleborg teams usually sign only very famous and highly talented players from abroad. Such a players are expected and highly encouraged to visit sport schools, to give a lessons to the young, so youngsters can learn something useful and accustomed themselves with a foreign ways of playing, and usually foreign stars make himself mentor to the three or four youngsters. So the U18 team players is not completely unfamiliar with a trends in the international football.

From left to right uniform for an opening game, then first regular choice and second one.

As it was our first sporting competition at all, there was a serious deliberations about whom to put at the helm. In the democratic traditions of the Trolleborg Republic, fans also given a voice in the selections process, 30 percent of votes. With a healthy lead, contest was won by
Hendrick KERR. 48-years old coach having already won National League championship, two national cups, one league cup, two Youth League championship and in addition won a second division tournament once. He was always looked for a young talents, gave them a chances to play and make many a first-rate players. Four of the players, who will play in the BoF in the national team, is his pupils.

№1 Morten Kerr (18). Younger brother of Kerr who playing for a national team, and namesake of head coach, Morten is already play a lot of games in the National League, with a more than decent game played\goals conceded ratio, and obvious choice to play No1.
№ 16 Tijn Willems (17). Third keeper in the Finnsnes Hurps, he make an impressive league debute recently.
№ 23 Tom Akker (18). He is not play a single game in the first league, but put very strong performance in the Youth’s League, where he twice vote “Goalkeeper of the Year”.

№ 2 Tijn Willems (18). Altought right and left backs in Trolleborg expected to go forward as often as possible, this is solid right back, who prefer concentrate on covering opponent’s players and more than competent in tackling.
№ 3 Theo Korta (17). Sturdy and massive youngster, he is not fastest player ever, but read the game easily and arrive whenever most needed. Theo extremely good tackler and man-marker, which he already prove in the both Young League and National League.
№ 4 Ceel Kolding (18). Already established player in his team, he was known as a “Wall”, because it’s extremely difficult to move into the box past him. Given his age, he have a prospect to became one of the best defenders in the country history.
№ 5 Jaan Berg (18). Man-marker, who already give a tough time to some established forwards in the league. It’s rumoured, that Finnsnes Hurps have put a eye on him.
№ 13 Mart Paauwe (17). He have a very big talent, and with some work he will be a great player in the nearest future. Right now he will probably a backup for the Korta and Kolding
№ 14 Naoise Quirijn (17). Albeit he is not yet played in the National League, he make a very strong impression in Youth League, voted in the Best XI last season.
№ 18 Joos Haankrands (18). Left defender, agile and fast, he has everything to be the first-rate star on his position in the years to come.
№ 21 Zeger Cujpers (17). Left defender who can also play in the center. Already debuted in the first team, albeit probably only because regular defenders have been injured.

№ 6 Morten Gronquist (18). He is one of the three players who play for a team in a second-level league. Raised in the Finnsnes Hurps youth team, he prefer to be transferred to the lower division where he have a place in the line-up and making himself a name because of his good passing and dribbling skills.
№ 8 Jasper Lucius (18). With a perfect sense of game, he is also can move ball to where it want with only one touch, and he is good with a set-pieces. Already established player in his hometown team.
№ 9 Anton Bregelin (17). Right midfielder, usually running fast without tiring back and forth, almost always ended runs with a good cross.
№ 7 Wimsen Nejmegen (18). Left midfielder, in his team he prefer to play more as a left winger/forward, but in the U18 his role defined by which of the available left backs will play behind him.
№ 15 Martijn Knopper (18). Another left midfielder, who play left back in his first years as a player, put some strong performances in the Youth League. We will see what he became in the years to come.
№ 17 Torstein Halst (18). Right winger\forward, with a good passing, very well in curved shots from outside the box, but not yet have a speed to make a regular appearance in the league.
№ 19 Stuart Hofland (18). He play in the hometown team in second-level league as a midfielder\defensive midfielder, and already have an accolades to his name, with a good tackling skills and already proven long-range shot.
№ 20 Karsten Gould (17). Star of the Youth League, this versatile midfielder can also play as a forward if needed. But his passing much better than shooting skills.

№ 10 Torfinn Jivoglot (18). Albeit very young, he is already played full season as a forward in the National League with a very decent play-to-goal rate. Very fast, reading game perfectly, with a strong goal flair, he will probably have a bright future.
№ 11 Fintan Akker (18). Tall and strong, with a good jump, he already score some spectacular goals by his head, and very good when fighting in the box and shooting by leg. He have some decent offers from the National League teams, but prefer to play in the hometown in the second division.
№ 12 Theofilus Cuchulan (18). He doing magic with a ball, but coaches want him to use it not only for a dribbling. Right now it is not known who won this contest.
№ 22 Mogren Langepaas (18). Star of the Youth League, best striker of the last it’s championship and play some impressive games for a National League team. His style of play does not look very spectacular, but he has a phenomenal scoring sense and constantly finds gaps in the defensive orders.

Everyone expected that team will play fast offensive football. All players is understandable high on adrenaline, but nevertheless prepare to do everything possible to play well, or at least put a decent performance even when odds are overwhelmingly against.

As it was first tournament ever for a Trolleborgians, and since all matches in fixture will be played in Teusland, team superiors decide to arrive in Milan Dimitrov International to give players chance to see the both parts of country, than travel to the Stahlberg by high-speed railway. After first game it’s planned to make a sightseeing day tour to Jakob, relocate team to the Stelburg where other two matches will be played and after second game have a detour to countryside.

Events of tournament will be covered by main television channel TTV and two newspapers.


“Aften Trolleborg” is a solid mainstream newspaper


and “GOOOL!” is a specialized sport magazine.

I will post summary of their impressions about the Championship and events around.

On the future World Cup-84 Qualification probably at least two, maybe even three other newspapers and one TV channel will make itself seen.

Probably we will also publish most popular comments from the local social network

Fans will arrive in big numbers, and we ask host for a permission to move a caravan of vans from Borograd to Stelburg to put out exhibitions which illustrate our national culture and offer to try national cuisine in the cities on the way. We will give out some Trolleborg memorabilia like a ribbons, buttons, scarves and so on.

Also we ask for a permission to make a fan’s parade with a live music in the hosting towns before every game and allocate us some space to make an exhibition of our cultural heritage and traditions with some traditional sport contests for both local citizens and incoming fans.

We are glad to welcome the hosts and participants of the competition!
Wir freuen uns, die Eigentümer und Teilnehmer des Wettbewerbs begrüßen zu dürfen!
Veseli smo dobrodošlice lastnikov in udeležencev tekmovanja!
Wyr bidd barde reper eigungar gystadleuaeth dielnimmers fan 'e konkurrinsje reper holdkom!

If my opponent role-plays first (and he will, since I probably will have a time only for a some RP) they may:
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: NO
RP injuries to my players: YES, minor only.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, within reason. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Hand out red cards to my players: NO. But contact me if you have anything major planned.
Godmod other events: NO.

Tactics and line-up on the first game together with some RP elements will be published sometime in the Friday’s morning

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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:40 pm

Équipe nationale de soccer des moins de 18 ans de Terre Septentrionale

U-18 Reprezentacja Nordycki w Pilka Nozna

Northern Land U-18 National Soccer Team

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Green, white and red
Team colors on the road: Blue, black and red
Style Mod: -1

MD1: Terre Septentrionale vs Darmen
MD2: The Transmondian Commonwealth vs Terre Septentrionale
MD3: Terre Septentrionale vs Oberour Ar Moro

Head Coach     Mieczyslawa Gorzelak-Borkowska	54
Ass. Coach Gaston Désormeaux 53
Ass. Coach Ginette McNally 45

Captain: Dzsenifer Szenteleki-Csoka
Penalty Taker: Kévin Cauchon
Corners (left): Dzsenifer Szenteleki-Csoka
Corner (right): Nevenka Martinovic-Hasanbegovic
Free Kicks: Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz
Direct Free Kicks: Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

GK--------------------MAHEUX de MONAGHAN-----------------------

Num	Pos	Player	                Age	Team	                        Birthplace
1 GK Romain Maheux de Monaghan 18 Real Yamaska Yamaska, HY
12 GK Lewis Ahearne-Caskey 18 El Perro United F.C. Black Bear, TX
24 GK Zeljka Pejcinovic-Korzinek 17 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica Ratkovica, DA

2 SD Dzsenifer Szenteleki-Csoka 18 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy Szentgyörgyvölgy, BA
6 SD Frédérique Normandeau-Schneider 18 Racing Club de Prévost Saint-Eustache, CN

33 SD Calum MacMillan 18 En avant Prévost Knowlton, CS
67 SD Oktawian Zubrowski 17 Gornik Ostrzeszow Krszeszyce, SL
94 SD Wojciech Wojnowski 18 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica Rzodkiewnica, KZ
95 SD Przemyslaw Gryszkiewicz 17 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Trzebiegoszcz, PO

3 CD Zac Hagstrom 17 Roxboro Timbers Buck Meadows, TX
5 CD Patricia Escobar 18 Real Yamaska Yamaska, HY
16 CD Walter van den Dikkenberg 18 U.S. Papineauville Broughton Station, CS
20 CD/SD Melania Wloszczowska 17 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Trzeszczyn, LU
44 CD Balazs Egerszegi 18 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy Pusztaszentlaszlo, BA
96 CD Urszula Pietrzak-Zapolska 18 KSZT Trzebiegoszcz Mikolajki Pomorskie, PO

8 SM Kieron Cockerill-Docherty 17 El Perro United F.C. Buck Meadows, TX
9 SM Nevenka Martinovic-Hasanbegovic 18 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica Krnjak, DA

18 SM Frédérique Julien 18 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Marieville, MT
66 SM Tjasa Cucek 18 NK Rudar Podvolovljek Zbilje, KR
75 SM/CM Samuel Jacques 18 Racing Club de Prévost Duvernay, MT
98 SM Urszula Walasiewicz 18 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Kuznica Zdzieszowicka, PO

4 CM Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz 18 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Ostrzeszow, SL
13 CM Gordon Hackshaw 18 Shelburne F.C. Shelburne, SH

15 CM Anne-Sophie Hurtubise 18 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Jacques-Cartier, DC
22 CM Jojo Redington-Ferrara 17 El Perro United F.C. Runaway Bay, TX
76 CM Elzbieta Setowska-Jozwik 18 Gornik Ostrzeszow Wloszczowa, PO
88 CM Maksymilian Wilczynski 17 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica Krzyszkowice, KZ

10 S Marijan Krstulovic-Orsolic 18 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica Vukosavljevica, DA
11 S Kévin Cauchon 18 Impact de Jacques-Cartier Chambly, MT
14 S Benjamin "Sancho" Sanche 17 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Sainte-Julie, MT

17 S Roksana Wiktorowicz 18 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Trzeszczyn, LU
21 S Gabriel Pinsonneault 16 En avant Prévost Val-des-Lacs, CN

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:54 pm

The Hapilopper Under-18 National Football Team

Full nation name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Nicknames: The Thrashers, The Little Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and White

The under-18 Hapilopper National Football Team is participating in its first Sporting World Cup this season, and they are the first generation of the Hapiloppian footballers that were inspired by the HNFT's dominance in the 70th Baptism of Fire and their giant-killing efforts in qualifying for the 83rd World Cup. A number of these players are tough, brash, physical players that will fight for the ball, and will fight in general. Like most Hapiloppian footballers, their style of play is exciting, physical and very, very contentious. Contrary to the senior team's use of a 4-2-3-1 formation, and similar to the under-21 team, the under-18s will utilize a 4-4-2 formation for most of the SWC.

TRAINER: Byron Freeman
PHYSIO: Bryan Reynolds

The Fans:
Typically, Hapiloppian fans, including the members of the "Traveling Thrashers" supporters group are among the wildest fans in sport, and promise to be exactly that for the Sporting World Cup. Expect to see fans dancing along to 1970s funk music, slamming drums as loudly as possible, waving their flags, and throwing streamers for every Hapiloppian goal. Hapiloppians like to have fun and they'll find ways to get under the opposing team's skin, within reason, of course. They travel well, they make the most of it, and they'll make your Sporting World Cup a memorable one, in a good way.

From left: The team's primary kit, the secondary kit and the goalkeeper's kit.

These uniforms, as seen here, are the HNFT's designated regular season kits. Should Hapilopper, make the knockout stage of the Sporting World Cup, the team will unveil a gaudier, livelier uniform for its team to wear. These uniforms, the "playoff specials," are a Hapiloppian sports tradition, and a tradition held very dear since the early 1970s when the West Hampton Royals introduced the "playoff special" to the Hapiloppian sports culture.

The Players:
(Starting players in green, typical subs in red)
## POS Player Age Team
1 GOL Kenny Shelley 16 Shallow Creek High School (Surrey)
30 GOL Brett Roland 15 Pinkerton North High School (Pinkerton)
60 GOL Duke Stamp 15 Pinkerton South High School (Pinkerton)

The goalkeeping squad for the Little Haps, led by 16-year old Kenny Shelley, has vowed to stop every attack and keep the opposing team's score to a minimum, but with Hapilopper's emphasis on attacking rather than defending, that may be easier said than done. Behind Shelley are backups Brett Roland and Duke Stamp, who believe it or not, have a bit of enmity for each other largely due to the fact the two go to rival high schools in Pinkerton City. It will be interesting to see how Roland and Stamp gel in the locker room, if the two can put petty high school level drama behind them and work as a team together.

## POS Player Age Team
2 DEF Ashley Stanford 17 Terrace Street High School (Border City)
3 DEF Fabian Treloar 16 Beachside High School (Kingsland)
4 DEF Jerold Dickman 17 Hetfield Lane High School (Hap. City)
5 DEF Quintin Montague 16 Orndorff High School (Garvinson)

20 DEF Levi Bateson 15 Sig Garnett High School (North Hampton)
21 DEF Alger Fulton 16 Pinkerton North High School (Pinkerton)

22 DEF Tyson Clement 15 Kenneth Schroeder High School (Buckridge)

While the Little Haps have emphasized offense, that does not mean their defensive corps are anything to sneeze at. Ashley Stanford is a rough, physical defender who has used more than her share of tactics to stop an offensive momentum, Fabian Treloar can stop an offensive from the middle, and Quintin Montague led was part of Orndorff High's "Mr. Wonderfuls" team that won a region title last year.

And then there's Jerold Dickman. We don't know if it's the name, but Dickman has a reputation to fly off the handle and flat-out take out members of the other team, whether or not he's aiming for the ball. In fact, a Dickman tackle on Toby Bryson in a city series match last year led to a full-scale brawl and the Hapilopper City Police Department seriously considering pressing charges against Dickman for aggravated assault. Dickman has been asked by the HNFT to not be a dickhead and be on his best behavior. Players were then warned not to use the word "dickhead" around him as the HNFT official that warned him, well, got shoved against a wall.

## POS Player Age Team
6 MID Dean Anson 18 Hull Grove High School (Surrey)
7 MID Kerry Spalding 17 Goodman Road High School (Buckridge)
8 MID Herb Northrop 17 Southland Christian Academy (Buckridge)
9 MID George Hale 17 Rothmans High School (West Hampton)

31 MID Rufus Hartley 16 Monday's Mill High School (Surrey)
32 MID Oral Roundtree 16 Michael Bell High School (North Hampton)

33 MID Piers Adcock 15 Charles Carey High School (Surrey)

The midfield of the Little Haps is led by Dean Anson, who was a crucial piece to the Little Haps team that ended up winning the third place game of the recent Di Bradini Cup. He's joined by two Buckridgians, Kerry Spalding and Herb Northrop, who have alternately been used as both midfielders and forwards when the time is convenient. They are joined by George Hale, a physical player who has become known for his shoulder-block tackles in an effort to advance an offensive effort.

## POS Player Age Team
11 FWD Peter Robson 17 Shallow Creek High School (Surrey)
12 FWD Toby Bryson 16 Vincent Welch High School (Hap. City)

14 FWD Shelley Linwood 17 Pinkerton North High School (Pinkerton)
15 FWD Elias Moon 16 Riverside High School (Hap. City)
16 FWD Morris Jamison 16 Conrad Saylor High School (Hap. City)

The headline striker is Peter Robson, who rode the bench during the Di Bradini Cup for the Junior Haps' effort, but he's a solid striker in his own right, scoring 23 goals for Shallow Creek High last year. He's joined by Toby Bryson, who was a key piece of Vincent Welch High's city championship effort last year, scoring 31 goals last year, including five in one match against Riverside High last year.

Style Mod: +4.5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:05 pm

Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park

Under-18 National Team

The Commonwealth Under-18 National Team make their fifth appearance at the SWC, which they won on their debut in Abanhfleft during SWC 5. The trip to neighboring Siovanija & Teusland will mark the third different nation they have participated this tournament in (Free Republics being the other).
They return with an experienced squad under the leadership of Zoe Montgomery & Darren Kirby.

1 Rob Callaway 18 Newport City FC
22 Brad Murray 17 Bainbridge Friends School, Belle Haven
21 Gillian Albertson 17 Bristol HS, E Liverpool, EN

3 Jon Schulman 18 Fairport City FC co-captain
5 Emily Bruce 18 Sherwood Forest Ladies FC
19 Dean Slater 17 Lucas HS, Ezriquay EZ
15 Amber McFarlaine 18 Ridge Raiders Ladies FC
17 Michael O'Connor 18 Southend FC
4 Hunter Nelson 18 Westwood Sprites FC
2 Heidi Jorgensen 17 Stillwater Valley HS, Oceana, OS

8 Kurt Taylor 18 Osborne HS, Lima BP
11 Isabelle Wiley 18 St Stephens Ladies FC co-captain
7 Freddie Altman 17 Danville HS, Belle Haven
12 Elena Diaz 18 Grey HS, Collinsville EZ
14 Alonzo Boyle 17 Ross HS, E Riverside BP
18 Lucie Shanahan 17 Coleridge HS, Hamilton, BP
13 Paul Vetter 17 Palmerston HS, Southend, EZ
6 Olivia Ryan 17 Camden Borough HS, Alton, LN
20 Carly Logan 17 Southeast HS, Springfield, BP

9 Mark Bouchard 18 Learfield FC
10 Karrie Price 18 Shirley Metros Ladies FC
23 Ben Moorman 17 Ellis Park HS, Belle Haven
24 Amy Knight 17 Maineville Senior HS, Maineville EZ
16 Shelby Engels 17 South York HS, Haskins, BP

Manager—Zoe Montgomery
Assistant—Darren Kirby
Coaches—Kristen Sawyer, Chris LaRue
Physio—April Powell

Style: +2.1
formation: 3-4-1-2
overall SWC record: 15-3-3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, duration of match only please
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y TG as a courtesy, please
Godmod other events: Y
Soccer--Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 81/82/83 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Postby Appalachian Nation » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:16 am

Todd Winecroft was in a unique situation. He played his craft in a small small county school between Charleston and Wheeling. It was miracle he was on the team, or rather just his raw talent that got him here. Brooks County HS was small, only about 200 kids through all grades. Even then a lot of those kids left school to work in the mines. He was lucky, his parents ran the general store in the town of Frog Creek, but even then he wondered how he got here, and why him? The team at Brooks COunty Bucks team he played for had 14 kids, barely enough for a full team. Here he was in a stadium in a stadium larger than his whole county. He looked at Dan, whom he had rid the bus and plane next too. "Why are you called Dan? Not even Bubba or Cleetus,went to single name till after college?"

"Well my parents named me Daniel, and my last name is Daniels, so I just go by 'Dan' when I play."

Todd knew they Screaming Eagles had a shot. but man they had an uphill battle. Several of these players had never been in an stadium as big as the ones in Sav and Tues, he also knew that Ralph Sharper was pissed!, Ralph's banjo got damaged on the flight over and Ralph practically treated it as his girlfriend.

But more importantly, he was pissed off at Happilopper, there had been a scuffle at the hotel yesterday, one of the the players on their team started hitting on and flirting with Tonya Richards-Blakely. After rejecting him, the Happiloper defensemen got mouthy and several teammates came to confront the dickhead. The player had to be restrained and there are actuall reports that most Hapilopperites, actually were siding secretly witht he Appalachians.

We'll see how the game goes versus Happilopper.

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Postby HUElavia » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:18 am

HUElavia National U-18 Football Team Uniform and Squad:

Home Uniform:



#1: Jose Antionio LOBATO (18 Years Old) (C)
#13: Ana VALLARES- (17 Years Old)
#23: Ricardo PATRICIO-Leite (17 Years Old)

#2: Jean FERNANDEZ-Roux (16 Years Old) (CB)
#3: Carolina ACOSTA (15 Years Old) (CB)
#4: Joao COELHO (17 Years Old) (RB-LB)
#5: Raul AMARU-Dominguez (18 Years Old) (LB-RB)
#12: Elenor SALGADO-Lemus (17 Years Old) (LB-RB)
#15: Giuseppe D'Aquila (16 Years Old) (CB)
#18: Kira Smirnov (18 Years Old) (CB)
#19: Alfonso LINHARES-Veloso (18 Years Old) (RB-LB)

#6: Natalia RAMIREZ (16 Years Old) (DM-CM)
#8: Vitor CANDEIAS (17 Years Old) (DM-CM-AM)
#10: Rafael ALMEIDA (16 Years Old) (CM-AM)
#14: Makoto NAKAYAMA (17 Years Old) (DM-CM)
#16: Carolina FURTADO (15 Years Old) (CM-AM)
#20: Marco GOES-Rocha (17 Years Old) (DM-CM-AM)

#7: Marc NAVARRO (16 Years Old) (LW-RW)
#9: Jose Antionio ESPADA (18 Years Old) (CF/ST)
#11: Samuel SISSOKO (17 Years Old) (RW-LW)
#17: Isabella ALEJO-Cuellar (16 Years Old) (RW-LW)
#21: Ayuka HAMADA-Fukuda (15 Years Old) (CF-ST)
#22: Rosario VILLCA (15 Years Old) (LW-RW)

Starting Formation: 4-2-3-1
Starting XI: Lobato (C), Amaru, Fernandez, D'Aquila, Salgado, Ramirez, Candeias, Navarro, Almeida, Sissoko, Espada

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, duration of match only please
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (Give reason why)
Godmod other events: N
Official Factbook: ... /id=569839
Pro: Social Democracy, Christian Left, Respect of all Religions, Science, US-Cuba Relations, Israel-Palestine Harmony, EU
Anti: Religious Fundamentalism , Christian Right, War, Fascist and Communist dictatorships, Science Denial, Terrorists of any kind, Euroskeptics
Economic: -3.75, Social: -5.88
ENFJ/Neutral Good

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Postby Free Republics » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:57 pm

Republican National Soccer Team, LLC U-18 Squad


Formation: 3-1-2-1-3
Style Modifier: +4.5
Colors: Blue and White
Manager: Sir Koby Theodore
Honorary Assistant Coach: Consul Kyle Bolton

Roster (age in parentheses)

Starting Lineup

GK: #1 Alexis Campbell (16)
RB: #2 Ignacy Wozniak (18)
CB: #3 Risae Kan (15)
LB: #4 Brooke Shaw (16)
CDM: #5 Logistilla Bellemare (18)
LM: #6 Amadeus Haugen (16)
RM: #7 Albano Loggia (17)
CAM: #8 Archie White (17)
ST: #9 Amy Ashbolt (16)
ST: #10 Faith Marshall (15)
ST: #11 Steven Bosters (17)


GK: #12 Uzuki Mikami (14)
DEF: #13 Maurelle Allain (16)
DEF: #14 Edmondo Lucchesi (15)
DEF: #15 Gifford Duffet (14)
MID: #16 Christine Eichel (16)
MID: #17 Cataldo Padovesi (16)
MID: #18 Lioba Arcuri (14)
MID: #19 Lisa White (13)
ST: #20 Roland Tretyakov (14)
ST: #21 Marie Meshizuka (13)
ST: #22 Sabrina Angelo (13)

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)


Cheerleading Squad (age in parentheses)

Coach - Nova Hellstrom-Hancock

#1 - Minka Sasa (23)
#2 - Fabienne Casares (20)
#3 - Elsa Suutari (21)
#4 - Anisa Kazantseva (23)
#5 - Michele van Roijen (24)
#6 - Kathrin Unger (20)
#7 - Helena Kucerova (21)
#8 - Zakia Zwarthoed (20)
#9 - Katie Hoysted (20)
#10 - Aubrey Desroches (23)
#11 - Miluse Vilkova (20)
#12 - Morana Tomic (23)
#13 - Rukiyat Ibragimov (21)
#14 - Beatrycze Piotrowska (24)
#15 - Leona Henriksson (22)
#16 - Lalita Bazhaev (24)
#17 - Sonya Wynne (24)
#18 - Ruzena Chlupova (22)
#19 - Sarah Miller (22)
#20 - Leokadia Olszewska (21)
#21 - Olivia Henderson (24)
#22 - Taymaskha Batukayev (23)
#23 - Patricia Knatchbull (21)
#24 - Hilda Sigurvaldadottir (22)
#25 - Ktisztina Dudas (20)
#26 - Mia Espenes (23)
#27 - Bethany Nunan (21)
#28 - Julitta Zawadzka (20)
#29 - Kamilla Sultes (22)
#30 - Summer Bradford (20)
#31 - Jodi Marshall (23)
#32 - Kriszta Goloncser (20)
#33 - Frederique Vaillancour (22)
#34 - Anni Salonen (20)
#35 - Deidamia Batista (21)
#36 - Claribel Fuentes (21)
#37 - Thyra Strom (23)
#38 - Ester Udinese (21)
#39 - Alma Jessen (23)
#40 - Veronica Biryukova (21)
#41 - Edda Palsdottir (24)
#42 - Klaudia Makay (20)
#43 - Candelaria Jaquez (23)
#44 - Judit Forgach (23)
#45 - Rosaura De Luca (22)
#46 - Elina Ek (20)
#47 - Matilda Todd (21)
#48 - Zuzana Tomankova (23)
#49 - Fabienne Jolicoeur (24)
#50 - Katrina Sigmund (23)
#51 - Beatrice van Sluijs (21)
#52 - Mikaela Lindberg (21)
#53 - Zana Kurunic (20)
#54 - Hana Vidakovic (21)
#55 - Victoria Allan (21)
#56 - Ursy Almonte (24)
#57 - Tahlia Lew (20)
#58 - Fiona Soderstrom (24)
#59 - Yisa Vedzizhev (22)
#60 - Sonay Meilink (20)
#61 - Bojana Matic (23)
#62 - Liliana Boni (22)
#63 - Julia Schroder (24)
#64 - Vera Dilday (23)
#65 - Sanja Barisic (23)
#66 - Elise Reinikainen (21)
#67 - Kristal Lendvay (23)
#68 - Claudia Vasilyeva (21)
#69 - Sophie Burrows (15)
#70 - Hua Ko (18)
#71 - Wakaba Chikafuji (15)
#72 - Karen Mathisen (15)
#73 - Greta Yermolayeva (18)
#74 - Ellen Black (17)
#75 - Chloe Kitamura (18)
#76 - Johanna Klein (17)
#77 - Leah Austerlitz (16)
#78 - Liane Lamare (17)
#79 - Ninette Labrosse (15)
#80 - Daphne Pinto (17)
#81 - Teresa Lucchese (15)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Games of the XIII Olympiad Host / NS Olympic Council President
1st: DBC 28, X Winter Olympics, Independents Cup 4, CoH 66
2nd: World Cup 68, DBC 27, U15WC 8, UWCFA Gold Cup I, BoI 15, 2nd Imperial Chap Olympiad, NSCF 11
3rd: World Cups 71 & 81, DBC 29, UWCFC Gold Cup III, GCoS 1
Qualified: World Cups 68, 69, 71, 72, 73, 79
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII & XXXI, WBC 42, RUWC 25, Beach Cup XI, World Korfball Classic III, Runner Cup 7
Current Senior Consul: Kyle Bolton (Liberty)
Current Junior Consul: Scarlett Nicholls (Liberty)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
List of Scorinators and other related programs

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Postby Union of Quincy » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:03 pm


We Go Again
Quincy Looking For A Second

Demonym: Kwangtzu

Key Personnel:
Davy Murray (SCT) — Manager
Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:

Take a penalty:

Defend well:

Create a moment of magic:

Change the game as a sub:

Receive a card:

We go again. At least, that’s what the Kwangtzu Football Association has told us and it still holds true, Quincy has been pushing out youth players, sometimes quicker than expected in recent months and it seems that all of this has lead to another opportunity…for Quincy, looking to seize on their second core of youth academy players to represent the nation, before their 18th birthday. Quincy hasn’t been here in a while, but the trophy still sits here; Sporting World Cup 5 champions still remains the only trophy in the trophy case for the Kwangtzu Football Association, but its clear that the leadership at the top wishes to change that, bringing in new leadership that should reshape the program from top-down, a new manager at all levels is expected to bring major changes to football in the Union.

Davy Murray’s the guy they inserted to right the ship for the youth, he’s also more well-known as Jane Gullie’s trusted assistant and he brings with him the plan to implement her system, of course Eli Kingsford had *sort of* laid out the plan that will be later envisioned by Jane Gullie, but Murray is in charge of the patchwork of assembling the system, starting with the very youth which will inhabit the building up and groundwork to the future national team. Murray who will operate the same system as the one Gullie ran at her previous jobs is envisioned more as a catalyst, he’s really seen as a guide as Jane Gullie has been spotted on numerous occasions in the Evermore Training Center, where winter conditioning for the national football teams are held. Gullie is widely expected to travel and watch the junior team play from the stands, after all, World Cup qualifying for the national team starts next year and many wonder if she’ll need new players, especially after the disgruntled attempt of a run of form that happened at this year’s Campionato Esportiva.

A breakdown of the men and women of the Lahou is as follows:
I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y*
Godmod Injury Events: N
Penalize Players: Y**
Godmod Other Events: N***
* I'll have the final say on severity.
** 3 per match.
*** I'll determine if it affects my team.

Manager — Davy Murray (SCT) - ??

He’s the trusted apprentice to Jane Gullie, where she goes, he goes and they’ve created a strong working relationship in the field. There’s a reason Gullie put him in charge of the junior team too, perhaps she’s looking to call up some of the younger players for qualifying. Supposedly, one of the biggest problems that plagued the CE25 roster was the impact of youth who too many times were pushed into limited roles. It’s been confirmed by Gullie that youth will have a wider representation in the senior team, especially in building something capable of reaching the World Cup; for her and also for Murray, this starts here.

1 - GK – Yan Kang* (Azulon City) – Age 17
12 - GK – Xian Shuan (Shin Yu) – Age 17

Yan Kang is the obvious better of the two here, Kang is at 17 already a backup at Azulon City – sure, Azulon City and the rest of the Fire Isles nations place little emphasis on defense, but she’s actually a talented player and might just be one to look out for. Xian Shuan is another Shin Yu player being groomed to transfer when he turns 19, he’s a decent shot-stopper but he’s not at the talent level needed to make the jump overseas right now. Probably a player who’ll get in at garbage time, but the rest of the youth goalies really don’t make many good cases to be fair.

2 - LB — Jia Xieren (Gaoling F.C.) – Age 18
3 - CB – Wu Wuhan (Berfolk Athletic) – Age 17
4 - CB – Zhong Yahi* (Ba Sing Se Lahou Motors F.C.) – Age 17
5 - RB – Ye Delan* (Shin Yu United) – Age 18
13 - LB – Fan Zhen* (Berfolk Athletic) – Age 17
14 - CB – Han Yuhan (Harbor City F.C.) – Age 17
15 - CB –Zheng Jun (Wreath Metalworks) – Age 16
16 - RB – Even Kander (North Royals) – Age 18

Delan at Shin Yu United, it’s a wonder they kept her under wraps this long. She sustained injuries last season and was out for 17 of her youth games, expected to be promoted sometime during the season to their senior squad, she can anchor the line sufficiently. Also a look at Wu Wuhan at Berfolk, still much too young to leave but this is the last year of her youth contract unless Berfolk renews him, he has a lot of room to maneuver within the youth pyramid and some teams are savoring using her potential in the future. Ba Sing Se looks to have a gold mine on their hands with Yahi, she’s talented but also headstrong with the ball, she’ll need to work on her touches quickly if she wants to develop well enough to please Gullie and Murray.

6 - LM – Chang Xinya (Shin Yu United) – 18
7 - RM – Gregg Henderson (Lianching Future Industries F.C.) – Age 18
17 - LM – Wan Yawen* (Eastern F.C.) – 17
18 - LM – Zhao Chun (Tenzin’s Old Boys) – Age 18

It’s pretty easy out here, Chang Xinya is a decent product from Shin Yu and the club and not to mention Jane Gullie are hoping he makes strides to develop this year, he’s expected to be the captain for Shin Yu’s youth side and he will need to put on some convincing performances if he’s hoping to make the leap from youth football to playing professionally for a side. Gregg Henderson is in the nation’s capital with one of the most hated teams, playing for Future Industries youth side, Henderson looks like a sure and capable player who’ll be able to succeed and play well in the Super League next year, he’s really been able to elevate his game since being recruited to the academy three years ago, he looks like a major piece to the puzzle for Jane Gullie in the future. Yawen plays in the second division for Eastern F.C., a stalwart converted midfielder, her defensive mid marking will be good for Quincy late in the second half and Chun brings a supersub mentality to the team.

8 - L/CF – Mako (Azulon United F.C.) – Age 17
9 - CF – Marcy Donaldson (Lianching Future Industries F.C.) – Age 17
10 - R/CF – Gong Chin, c (Shin Yu United) – Age 17
19 - L/CF – Keith Carmen (Foretress F.C.) – Age 18
20 - CF – Krish Mortan (Kyoshi Foretham) – Age 16
21 - R/CF – Wen Mein (North Royals) – Age 18

Two of these players are starters, that’s Marcy Donaldson who plies are her trade with Future Industries and Gong Chin, a talent who regularly makes the Starting XI for Shin Yu United, both are needed to be the lynchpins of the offense, they’ll be heavily relied on to control the tempo and speed of the game, and yes, its true that there’s others but, Carmen is not considered capable and is only brought because a good youth CF is a rarity in Quincy. Krish Mortan looks like a good player, but he’s 16, and has yet to face the top youth competition, let alone some nations whose youth are already professionalized in the world. Wen Mein looks like a talent to be aware of and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do. Of course there’s the little problem that he was called in because the two previous right center-forwards both were unable to be called up. Is Gullie’s fourth choice RCF really all that good?

11 - ST – Lai Da (Berfolk Athletic) – Age 18
22 - ST – Makiah Loius (Gaoling F.C.) – Age 17

Lai Da is the better of the two, oh and he dropped 27 goals in 30 games if that isn’t frightening enough in the youth league last year, now sure, he has to go against actually good players, but is it truly safe to assume that anyone will be fine against him? Meanwhile, Louis was dropped from the roster of Gaoling F.C. then readded, this shows that he’s an important vessel in their offense, in fact, he’ll probably carry it so it should be interesting to see how he does before then.

Formation (4-2-3-1), +1.375 Style Modifier

Home And Away Kits
Kits created by: ZSPORT

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Postby Trolleborg » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:37 am


This is a first match day, and Hendrick Kerr field following players in roughly 4-4-2 formation

Style: +4

Our fans already gathered around Trolleborg exhibitions in the city and then marching to the stadium with a songs and slogans. It’s decided to establish a special prize for a fans of Lochario team, which will go to the fan with a most memorable appearance, and this will be one who have a most photos by Trolleborgian fans posted in T-Friends.


At the central spot at the “Trolleborg’s” stand fans unfurled banner in the Stahlberg city colours saying “Thank you for hospitality, Stahlberg!”.
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Postby Sajnur » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:48 am

Sajnur Under 18 Football Team

Full Roster

Typical starters in bold

Name Age Positions

Anzoroi 17 GK
Kenny Varanon 18 GK
Alan Kursiev 17 GK

Saina Toro 15 LB/LM
Alton Matuska 18 LB
Gjuka 18 CB
Belkolle 16 CB/CDM
Olah Pracia 17 CB
Nelson Baziru 16 RB/RM/CB
Silja Jorse [c] 17 RB/RW/LB/LW

Toljo Latvala 18 CDM/CB
Marko Kolarov 16 CDM/CM
Isla Taider 15 RM/CAM/RW
Hela Samedov 18 RM/CM/RB
Kolosa Matlaba 17 CM/CAM
Yasin Kalu 15 LM/LB
Stella Moranici 16 LM/CDM/CM
Shahid Mollish 17 CAM/RM/CF
Farah Uche 18 CAM/CF

Ella Ciuru [vc] 18 CF/LW/ST
Makazole 15 RW/ST
Olga Turei 17 ST
Lazar Niuca 17 LW/LM

Manager: Marat Kharalov (37)
Free Kicks: Ella Ciuru, Silja Jorse, Kolosa Matlaba
Corners: Ella Ciuru, Silja Jorse, Shahid Mollish
Penalties: Anyone on a hattrick, otherwise anyone else
Typical Formations: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +3

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y, but TG me if it's stupid
Injure Players: Y, but I decide severity
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but TG me if it's stupid
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod other events: TG me
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:12 am

© Sporting Times Daily 2025
Baker Park to open U18 play
by Fiona Devlin, National Soccer Writer

The Commonwealth National Under-18 Team are preparing for their opening match in Group F of the 9th edition of the SWC--the U18 World Championship, sponsored by Sporting World magazine. They have set up their training base in the city of Bukovets, where they will have the advantage of playing all three of the matches during the group stage, at the 35,000 seat Bukovets Stadium, home ground of local Siovanijan club Arsenal Bukovets.

Manager Zoe Montgomery is happy with the way the draw and arrangements have worked out. "Of course you want stability in how you approach a short-term competition like this. The fact that we won't have to leave here for any of the first three matches means we can plan a routine that will get the squad in a mindset to concentrate on the opponent at hand. The climate in this part of the country also plays to our advantage, in terms of tactics and personnel."

The schedule should play out in a favorable route to qualification for the knockout stages, which BP have advanced to in each of their four previous attempts; the opening match against Bliuji, followed by a matchup with Libonesia, leaves a final day showdown with Abanhfleft to possibly decide the top spot in the group. It will be the first meeting between the Bees and Fleftics since the final of SWC 5 at the U18 level, and in a strange twist, the managers of the two sides from that game will probably be watching from nearby one another; Tony Weiss is now an assistant coach for the senior BP National team, and Rashad Damman is the new manager at Marshallton Athletic.

The Commonwealth roster returns most of the players who helped the team reach the quarterfinals in the Free Republics last time out, losing on penalties to eventual champions Banija. Montgomery is excited to see how much progress the squad have made since that match. "We played exceptionally during the last tournament, and I think we surely must be among the favorites here. A lot of our key players were 16 and 17 year olds then, so the experience and maturity they've gained will be a huge advantage for us."

Lineup vs Bliuji: Callaway; McFarlaine, Nelson, Schulman; Wiley, Taylor, Boyle, Altman; Diaz; Price, Bouchard
Soccer--Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 81/82/83 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Postby Aquitlia » Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:33 am

═══ the Citzen's News Service ═══

Calm before the storm as the "Young Citizens" go into their first match-up.

We are only moments away from Aquitilia's first presence in any association football competition, I have one the most influential figures of football in Aquitilia, Marco Abellán, one of the most successful managers in the history of Universiadary Federation of Opimaveror for Association Football (UFoAF). Abellán, known for his light-hearted approach, responded by saying "I know the News Service likes to paint everything up but you are sure talking up an associate professor who wears a tracksuit occasionally" starting to chortle half-way through his description of himself.

Abellán's expectations from the "Young Citizens" seem to be unclear but is willing to guarantee to get the best from the team through the Aquitilian spirit, "It was maybe only a few years before most of the squad saw some interesting sport being played on a patch of grass on their campus and decided to pursue it further, and maybe a few months before this was some past-time for them to do while they complete their service. What can you expect? There is going to be some differences whether our opposition was grown in vats to compete, or whether they are the multi-million youth program projects of a league owned by billionaires. However, I expect the famed discipline and morale of the Aquitilian forces to help us, the kids are only maybe a year or two into their service but, you still see it in them." Abellán immediately broke his calm voice and started chortling again as he asked a question back "Hold on, Young Citizens? Did the Ministry for Culture give us a nickname before we played a single match? They think 'The Citizens' will be a good nickname for the senior squad as well?" from the given dispatch from the Ministry of Culture, Abellán's comments appear to be accurate as the committee for culture did decide on the nickname and did "think it was a good idea".

The mood within the squad appears to be "cool, calm, and collected", as from the comments "I think the boys seem to be ready for it, the Pulsacurrit players being able to pick the sport up in a relatively short time also helped their morale and composure. As much as they know they are here to represent Aquitlia and have to perform their best, it is just a nice change pace for them to travel and for most of them, this is the first time they have been outside of Aquitlia. They had the chance to visit sites, war history seems to be the main thing for them, to clear their mind. Get into that cool, calm, and collected mindset." Abellán said public reception towards Aquitlian fashion has been mixed but expected "However, they have been complaining about stares. I may have been in Aquitlia for 30 or so years but, beaks or not, around 20 young men getting off in crimson trenchcoats off a bus looks like a military coup on a budget is happening to me as well."

Few foreign pundits covering the competition were surprised about the composition of the squad list, and Abellán had a response for them. "Anyone who has anything to say about the squad or the tactics don't understand how Aquitilians play, from my experience in the Universiadary league. It was always about being highly-defensive, getting the ball back safely and going on a fast break before the other team jams the counter-attack, and rinse and repeat for 90 minutes. I have been trying to tell the lads that these match-ups going to be different from what they expect and may have to take different mindsets, especially if we get locked into our half and can't break or cannot afford to do it. I have been telling Depius regarding this too, that he may not get to out of the box to tackle someone basically and the center. This also applies to the rest of the team as they quite like their hard tackles, 50/50s, that referees here may judge them more harshly than they have been, but on the bright side the referees carry our national colors in their pockets."

The Aquitlian teams will face Chromatika in the Kaiserhaven Stadion later today, volunteers in the Aquitlian Friendship and Peace Corps will be handing out free merchandise in the form of scarves as well as replica jerseys near the gates to anyone who wants one on request. The match will be available on broadcast the Aquitilian Sports Portal for both citizens and non-citizens alike for anyone with a device with an extranet connection.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:10 am


This is the ninth time that Abanhfleft will be participating in an international under-18 football competition. After the absolute disaster that was the 6th Under-18 World Cup in the Free Republics, everything about the Fleftic under-18 team has been dismantled. Few if any players from the team that failed to make it out of the group stage of the previous tournament. The manager, long-time servant that he was and having led Abanhfleft to four out of five finals, has been sacked for ignoring the warning signs showing that this was a team beginning to fall apart. Anyone who returns from the previous Under-18 World Cup roster is either very lucky or very talented, talented enough to not warrant an exclusion from the team. Fresh new team, fresh start, right?

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: -3.0
Formation: 4-2-3-1 (This will be standard unless I change it through RPs)
Head coach: Levi Baak (50 y/o, Abanhfleft)

STARTERS (All players are members of their league team's youth squads unless noted otherwise in their bios)
GK: Dennis MULL 18 y/o, Duhblakk Rovers Image, male

RB: Rodger HECKEL 17 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Image, male

RCB: Shabeeba AL-NAQVI 18 y/o, University of San Bartolome She-Bears Image, female

LCB: Edith HALE 17 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Women Image, female

LB: Melanie GRIFFEY 16 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Women Image, female

RM: Dante GONG 17 y/o, Volga Volta University Image, male

CM: Giovanna HUMBLE 18 y/o, Ogovlich Medusas Image, female

LM: Harlan WATERS IV 16 y/o, Niraza Rovers Image, male

RW: Jaime DEANS 18 y/o, Duhblakk Rovers Image, male

ST: Janett SOCIA 18 y/o, Athletic Dorfdifving Women Image, female

LW: Katlyn IVERY 18 y/o, Keephall Valkyries Image, female

17 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula), male

GK: Viva SUTHERLAND 16 y/o, Uthilmir United Image, female

DEF: Moisés AUTEBERRY 16 y/o, Malabon SC Image. male

DEF: Goro KIMURA 15 y/o, Dynamo Ja Image, male

DEF: Dillon FRY 15 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Image. male

DEF: Maurits AARTSEN 17 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur Image, male

MID: Harald JAKOBSSON 15 y/o, Uranium City Radiation Image, male

MID: Sheryl WIGHTMAN 16 y/o, University of Bytuch Feld–Bytuch Wyk Image. female

MID: HAM Jung-hee 16 y/o, University of the City of Releinthi Image, male

FW: Kimber CONGDON 15 y/o, Keephall Valkyries Image, female

FW: Lucinda GWYNN 17 y/o, Uthilmir United Image, female

FW: Mika FREIRE 16 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies Image, female


KITS (by Adidulas)

RECORDS (extra-time wins or losses are counted as such, penalty shootouts are counted as draws)
Overall win-loss record: 29-4-11
SWC 1: 5-1-1 (runners-up, beaten by Semarland in final 5-2)
SWC 2: 6-0-1 (runners-up, beaten by Anglatia in final 1-0)
SWC 3: 5-1-1 (runners-up, beaten by Anglatia in final 4-3)
SWC 4: 4-0-1 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Mercedini 3-1)
SWC 5: 4-1-2 (runners-up, beaten by Baker Park in final 5-2)
SWC 6: 1-0-2 (eliminated in the group stage)
SWC 7: 3-0-2 (eliminated in quarterfinals by Starblaydia 2-1)
SWC 8: 1-1-1 (eliminated in the group stage)
SWC 9: ?????

Everything except killing is fair game.

The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Postby Tamgu » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:30 am

▬▬▬▬▬ TAMGU U18 TEAM FOR SWC ▬▬▬▬▬

Name: United States of Tamgu
Denonym: Tamguna
Trigramme: TMG
Nickname: The Hawks, Tamgeishi
Formation: 5-3-2
Style: +2.25
Manager: Lada Nasagoloda

  • Kao Hadanokida 18
  • Marke Talonis 18
  • Odan Magadan 17
  • Agnus Tosslis 18
  • Kaghan Poske 16
  • Markiço 18
  • Elon Haskovi 17
  • Reme Alder 18
  • Çani Sakostava 18
  • Pato Kosoga 17
  • Tami Vakilis 17
  • Banava Davod 18
  • Takra Hasgarta 17
  • Salı Ortizo 17
  • Oto Şalto 18
  • Pakelo Sodo 17
  • Anse Timider 17
  • Louk Can 18
  • Torcay Vakalida 18
  • Yann V. Poloda 18
  • Cahin Gastada 16
  • Tomo Katida 17
  • Raiko Konrone 18

Kits Home/Away/Keeper
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Signed By the United States of Tamgu
By the way, its TOM-GOO

  • Goverment type: Federal Republic
  • President and VP: Poalo Benovac and Kimo Otizno (Reelected, 1m)
  • Population: 113.400.000 (2018)
  • GDP nominal: $3,675 Trillion
  • GDP per capita: $32.187,48
  • Tamga/USD conversion rate: 1,27
  • Largest city: Remeno, 11,820,400 (2018)

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Postby Hapilopper » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:25 pm

Ivo-Balikov-Arena, Vlaikograd, Siovanija
Just before the first match of the Sporting World Cup: Hapilopper vs. Silver Beach
Garrett Sydney was looking over his players just before the first match of the Sporting World Cup. These were a bunch of teenagers who had taken up the sport of association football after seeing what Hapiloppians could do with the sport. For the last several months, the Hapilopper National Football Team had held an open tryout for the under-18 team. Billed as “an opportunity to see the world and beat it,” thousands of players signed up and tried out on the regional level.

Coaches got to see all sorts of skill levels and all varieties of players. There were the acrobatic players, the physical players, the two-way players, and the dramatic players. Unfortunately, there were also those that couldn’t kick a ball worth a crap and those that couldn’t make a save even if they were wearing those comically-huge gloves typically reserved for a cartoon mouse.

Following about 20 rounds of training, complete with the customary “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” meetings and the “Consider going into the family business of selling insurance” meetings, as well as the “Call us again and we’ll call the cops” meetings and the “Don’t waste our time again with that nonsense” meetings, the HNFT had whittled down the group to 22 players. These were players, that in their mind, represented the best of the best of high school football in Hapilopper.

As Garrett looked over his players, he was reminded that there had already been some incidents with the team. Mostly, these incidents were limited to spending too much on room service and pay-per-view movies in the hotel, but there had been an ugly one at the hotel when Jerold Dickman apparently propositioned Tonya Richards-Blakely, midfielder for the Appalachian Nation football team.

After it happened, Dickman was forcibly sent to Garrett’s hotel room where he was told to please, for the love of all that is holy, please behave.

“Or what?” Dickman said. “I’m just wondering if I can get lucky here. She seemed pretty hot.”

“Or I’ll throw you off the team and make you have to find your own way home,” Garrett replied. “You need to be on your best behavior here if you think you’re going to be a part of this team. I’m not saying you shouldn’t play hard, but don’t be a jackass to other people. I want you to play hard, and I want you to be physical. But be respectful off the pitch. That’s all.”

The Under-18 HNFT – the Little Haps, as they were called – had a lot of high hopes for this upcoming Sporting World Cup. They felt they were a good team, and they felt they could really handle themselves against Silver Beach, Greater Cebu and the Appalachian Nation. These were good players. They weren’t ready for the Junior Haps, let alone the senior team, but they felt they could make it against the other under-18 teams.

They also knew that Hapilopper was watching. They knew their classmates were watching, their friends were watching and their families were watching. With that in mind, they knew they needed to play hard. They needed to play their asses off, and they were there to win.
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Postby Silver Beach » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:33 pm

The Silver Standard
Silver Beach's #1 source for news!

The future of football- Silver Beach charts non-WCC path as they work to establish the national sport

Silverians celebrate a goal at the Independent Associations Championships

VIAKOGRAD, SIOVANIJA- The move to Sonnel, the struggles of the Hebrew peoples of Silver Beach as they entered a new land, were absolutely daunting. Of course, over time, things began to normalize. 'Normalize', of course, as they could for a nation that had seen its original homeland wiped out. But as we have a generation coming up of kids who grew up only here in Sonnel, and we have another generation of kids growing up here now, it is true- this is our home, and we are here to stay. We are not refugees any longer, we are nobody's colony. We are Silverian, we are independent, and we are Hebrew. Of course, for those are not familiar with Silver Beach's... situation, here is an ex-plainer that we ran during World Cup 80 Qualifyiing. But of course, the state of football has been drastically changing within the country ever since that.

World Cup 80 Qualifying was the attempt by the local sporting governing authorities to really resurrect the football team, and the football scene. It was a little too soon. The team did not perform well, but Silverians are used to that- that makes it around 15 or so qualification attempts without reaching the Finals? No, but the lack of interest in the team during World Cup 80 led us to soon abandon WCC membership almost as soon as we got it. Attendances were poor, fan participation was poor, and it was quite a disheartening sight. But maybe it was too early, too ambitious- to expect Silverian fans, at that point in time, to travel far and wide across the multiverse, away from the planet of Sonnel to regions far away, to see this team get bombed out, was a lot to ask. To their credit, the Football Association of Silver Beach(FASB) understood that the venture was not a good one, and abandoned it.

They largely laid low, ensuring that the infrastructure for the sport was there within the nation. Ensuring that kids were playing. Establishing national competitions. Making sure that there were fields in every city. And slowly, but surely, the investments since World Cup 80 Qualifying have improved interest in the sport. Childhood participation in the sport is at an all-time high. There is interest in foreign sports leagues- the Banijan Soccer League, in particular, took an interest in establishing friendly ties there, making sure that they were on public television screens across the small country. There is not exactly a ton of opportunity for major sports leagues to break in- but the BSL has done so, being the favorite teams of many while football, here, is played at a non-professional level.

So that brings us to the present day- when the FASB decided that the time was ready to get back onto the international scene. What did they decide to do first? Of course, this is greatly helped by the fact that the opportunity even showed up at all in the first place, but the decision to host 6 World Cup Qualification playoff matches gave a large boost to the sport. Of course, it was a 4 team Qualification group- and brutally, only the group's winner would reach the Finals, with the other three destined for the Cup of Harmony, or the end of the road entirely. Of course, praise Yahweh that this opportunity was even available in the first place. The Royal Banijan Soccer Association, wanting to focus on the finals, did not want to administrate three playoff groups, and when this opportunity came, it was always bound to be accepted by the FASB. Robel Ezera, the Banijan Co-Chairman of the World Cup 83 Host Committee, toured the sites and gave a big thumbs up.

This gave the Silverians, for the first time since our own move to Sonnel, the opportunity to see extremely competitive football up close. IT wasn't like the World Cup 80 Qualifying campaign- teams did not take Silver Beach that seriously. But with big time nations like Newmanistan, Eura, Mytanija, and Saltstead in the country, four large fanbases descended upon the country. It was the largest number of foreign visitors we've had at one time since the establishment of the Hebrew Republic. And we watched, and we admired. The passion. The skill. The competitiveness. The desperation. Each player on all four teams playing with an extremely high sense of urgency, understanding that even the slightest mistake can cost their team a spot in the Finals. That is what was wanted.

The sport was getting popular again after that, after hosting all of those fans. The FASB however, understood that the Hebrew REpublic could never compete under a WCC banner. The country was too small, too new, there was not enough infrastructure. But they could still compete. While the formation of professional football within the country is still getting underway, we sent a senior side to the Independent Associations Championships for the first time. There are rumors abound of a Sonnel-specific competition as well. Those will be the competitions that Silver Beach competes in, for the time being. "We don't see WCC membership as a realistic possibility at this time." Said a spokesman from the FASB. "However, the opportunity to participate in high level, international football is here, and in the IAC, we have a home. Nations of our size, of our resources, can't compete in WCC competitions. But in the IAC, and in Sonnel, we absolutely have the opportunity to compete and do well for this country."

And that brings us, of course, to the Sporting World Magazine Cup. If we want to truly develop a football culture in this country, then we need to develop a talent pipeline. And that is where we are here. Of course, with high school football very spread out, and the scouting department of the FASB limited, we simply held open tryouts. Of course, we had to hire a manager, somebody to manage the entire national team program. With the RBSA choosing not to participate in youth tournaments this cycle, there was a manager that was available- Kiggwe Siakam. The Banijan manager who actually won the 8th Sporting World Magazine Cup with the Usana Kadongo Kamu will be back. He is the senior manager, and was also named Director of Youth Development after IAC 8. He'll basically have free reign to run the entire program as he sees fit. He spoke to reporters at an introductory press conference, ahead of one of the 8 different U18 tryouts held across the country.

"I am proud to be able to accept the mantle as the manager of the national team here in Silver Beach, and I am happy that they insisted on my involvement in the youth side.' He told Silverian reporters. "The opportunity to come and be a manager here, at the Sporting World Magazine Cup, once again is an honor. I believe that there is much potential with Silver Beach in this sport. Conducting these open tryouts, I see a love of the game, I see a hunger for the game, that is hard to find. It might be tough sledding for all of us involved to start- but I believe that this team is certainly capable of coming here and making an impact. I will continue to conduct tryouts to find a solid group of 23, a mixture of both men and women, as we try to grow this sport within this country once again."

It will be interesting, right? Siakam back to win a title that he won with his own country for the second tournament in a row. The restoration of Silver Beach as a competitive footballing nation on the international stage(if we ever were that to begin with). The groups have already been drawn- and Silver Beach's young ones will not be in for an easy ride. Hapilopper will be the opponents to start the tournament. This is a nation whose Di Bradini Cup side took the world by storm and got a bronze medal. That is a nation that won the Baptism of Fire. So their youth system is strong, the sport in that country is highly developed. Can the Silverians, led by this Banijan, hold their own against one of the tournament's favorites in Siovanija? We'll find out soon enough.
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The Transmondian Commonwealth
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Postby The Transmondian Commonwealth » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:42 pm

The Transmondian Commonwealth of New England is spread across several parallel worlds. The borders can vary slightly from one world to the next, but it usually occupies the six states of New England: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Newfoundland. The Transmondian state of Massachusetts includes the district that is sometimes called Maine or Acadia. English is the national language. The Commonwealth does not claim alternate versions of New England where it is under French or Wampanoag rule. However, it does claim a small island in Esportiva, off the coast of Vangaziland, which it uses to conduct diplomacy, trade, and exploration into the world of NationStates.

Because every world has its own international sporting events, the Commonwealth often fields several "national" teams in the same sport. Some teams are recruited locally in a single world. Others are recruited across multiple worlds. The settlement in Esportiva is too small to field its own sports teams, so international competitions in the world of NationStates are used to create opportunities for athletes from less developed worlds, who might not be able to compete at this level in their own world.

The team that is representing the Commonwealth at the Sporting World Cup is recruited from the Dark States and the Rubble States. The Dark States never industrialized, and the Rubble States suffered a devastating societal collapse, possibly triggered by a nuclear war. Since they joined the Commonwealth, they are in the process of being built up into modern civilized places, but there is a lot of work to do.


Sam Kramer (Dark)
Bob Rowe (Dark)


Mark Portland (Rubble)
Sal Wade (Dark)
Pete Townsend (Dark)
James Whiteriver (Rubble)
Andrew Tawney (Dark)
Richard Draper (Rubble)


Frank Mechanic (Rubble)
Charles Chase (Dark)
Randy Fairchild (Dark)
Chris Rose (Dark)
Miles Quincy (Rubble)
Dylan Pollard (Dark)
William Barrington (Dark)
Maurice Barre (Rubble)


Jerry Smith (Dark)
Gary Robbins (Dark)
Dan Providence (Rubble)
Leonard Spivey (Dark)
John Mashpee (Rubble)
Henry Lewis (Dark)

Don't godmod anything too crazy, but you can choose my goalscorers and my starting line-up. You can describe what my players did, but please do not severely injure them and do not make them sound like thugs. My players are decent human beings that might be a bit ignorant, but they are not haters and they are grateful for the opportunity to play.



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