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Daliora Toru'u World Cup 83 Calendar Image

Postby Turori » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:45 pm



Toru'u to Appear in Major World Cup 83 'hunks' Calendar?

Turori National Team midfielder Daliora Toru'u set twii.tur alight on the eve of the World Cup 83 with the release of an image of the Turorian midfielder shirtless in a sports-figures calendar. While Toru'u is not the first player to be revealed as appearing shirtless or in beach attire in a World Cup calendar, with even fellow Vilitan League player Apple Cobbler having recently revealed herself in a similar way, the real discussions around Toru'u's revelation was the pose the player had taken on in their portrait.

In the calendar image, which appeared to be modified, Toru'u seemed to be signalling their intention to lead the Turori National Team to their first World Cup Title. The image showed Toru'u wearing their World Cup 82 Runners-Up Silver Medal while not looking at the camera instead looking off to the side of the frame while making a derogatory arm gesture. After the image was released on twii.tur, Toru'u indicated that the pose was directed not only at Turori's colonial rivals and World #1 side Vilita Jungle Cats but at the entire World Cup 83 field which the Turori National Team would need to overcome to achieve their goal.

The image was also doctored to show that the current month was, in the eyes of Daliora Toru'u, the 'Month of Turori'. The duration of the World Cup finals would be played over the months period which Toru'u and the entire Turori National Team would be looking to step up their game with only one more step to improve on in their sights.

Naturally many Vilitan fans were quick to bring up the lopsided results that the Turori National Team had suffered at the hands of the Vilita Jungle Cats in crucial World Cup Semi-Final and Final matches over the previous two World Cup Cycles in the twii.tur commentary but those comments were likely ignored by Toru'u and the Turori National Team players who firmly believe they would be able to defeat their rivals if given the chance in a #1 v. #2 rematch during the World Cup 83 knockout rounds.


Image Coming for you @VilitaNT #WC83

twii.tur is a short message communication service that originated from Turori and allowed users to exchange content of 140 characters. The service was conceived as a way to allow officials to receive alerts and key information such as incoming weather notifications, major events and the ability to stay coordinated during a time of crisis but was under-utilized and doubts were raised as to whether the overhead of the infrastructure was worthwhile to maintain. As capabilities of interconnected and handheld communication devices improved, the Turorian Weather & Information Interchange (Twii) was adapted into a public facing service where users could sign up to create their own twii nodes where users would sign up to a twii group to receive all the twii messages delivered by members of that group. Ultimately, as demand grew, a fully public release of twii came at the connected location twii.tur where all users can participate in the public twii, selecting which messages to receive by adding individual users, groups or topics to their twii.tur feed. More recent developments and additions to twii.tur included the introduction of quick bangs, images, emotitags and users with high overall ratings can even post video of 30 seconds or less onto their twii feed.

<Silexhera> Why does Turori make sense? :p

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Postby Zwangzug » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:56 am

"Hello, and welcome to Matchday One of the eighty-third World Cup! I'm Emmylou Brighton, this is Jaina McHammel, and our sideline correspondent is CommentaryBot 0.7 Beta."

"Thanks, Emmylou. Zwangzug in for a tough test against the first-seeded Cormorants. Nephara boast an antimonarchic slogan we can certainly admire, and have recently concluded the election cycle with victory for Althea Carrick."

Code: Select all
Two of Nephara's renowned heads of state in days gone by, Aries and Barker, boasted the given name "Rook," which our visiting fans have also seemed to appreciate.

"Um...thanks, Commy. Let's take it away..."

"...Strongbow in possession now, having neatly dispossesed Twoni. Avoids McCollins, but Scallop there to cut her off, she'll have to retreat."

"Rowena Strongbow a fitting name; Nephara historically known for its impressive archery tradition."

Code: Select all
I believe it's my job to provide bits of narrative color, Jaina.

"Well what am I supposed to do?"

Code: Select all
Explain the football in simple terms to people who only tune in for big games.

"Bleep that. Go get a sideline interview with Daunten or something."

"Er, yes, a clean tackle from Sydney Stefred there to stymie Strongbow's attack, but she quickly loses possession, and Moxham now in control..."

Code: Select all
Hello Paige Daunten. You currently play for North Sabrefell. What are your thoughts on Sabrefell being displaced as the capital by the planned city of Corvistone?

"I...don't really have any?" Paige said nervously. Playing in Nephara had somewhat sheltered her from the domestic changes occurring back in Zwangzug; she only heard Subroto and the others griping when she joined the national team.

Code: Select all
So you're saying you have not taken the political history of your residence very seriously?

"Can we have this conversation later? I'm trying to watch the game, I might play."

Code: Select all
Do you think it is likely Joel McJakill will be substituted out after being potentially alluded to in a new popular song?

"Anybody could get hurt any day!"

"I'll, uh, just cut in there," said Emmylou, sparing Paige from any further questions, "as Nephara on the attack again, shone over to Saroszi, still Saroszi, the, uh, Ulsa midfielder showing good pace. Challenges Arokiaraj, gets past her, slots it in--and that's a goal! 1-0 to the Cormorants..."

"...Mercator back for the goal kick," Jaina went on, some time later. "Which, for those of you just joining us, is the football thing to do when a member of the attacking team, in this case Ambaile-Hund from Zwangzug, was the last player to touch the ball before it went over the end line. Gives Nephara a chance to regain some control." The Zwangzug team cleared back. Mercator waved her defenders into position, with Hawke shouting something unintelligible to bolster the formation. The sideline reporter said nothing. Emboldened, Jaina seized her chance to interject a little more commentary. "Mercator, of course, under heavy criticism in the...uh, Yaforite press for being cartographically regressive."

"No she's not, Jaina, and what Yaforite press is there even to speak of."

"I know a guy in Guariday, 'sclose enough."

"No it isn't. Um, goal kick won by McCollins, and he'll be pushing forward before the Cormorants can get back in it. McCollins, still onside, and--yes! Jonah McCollins ties it up for Zwangzug, as the first half draws to a close..."

"...Willow first to make a substitution, trying to bolster their defense, with the oft-ailing Subroto Parida on for Arokiaraj."

Code: Select all
Zwangzug are attempting to hold onto a draw as underdogs.

"I mean, no, not necessarily, we still have almost a half-hour left. We can play for the win too!"

"I'll just interrupt you there, Jaina, because a nice header from Schnee-Krull wins the ball away from Hawke. Ball is loose, and Saroszi--tries to tackle--ooh! A poor play, Schnee-Krull was no longer in possession, and she's down."

"The Rukooken--requiem--ruswesun--West Pacific referee over to intervene. And on a replay--yes, that was excessive force against someone no longer with ball control, and Saroszi will be sent off! The Nepharim visitors make their displeasure known."

Code: Select all
They may have a point, Schnee-Krull has made herself a target for fearless players like Saroszi after her inflammatory remarks earlier in the campaign.

"Whose side are you even on here?"

Code: Select all
My vocation is to provide unbiased narrative commentary to all viewers of this broadcast.

"Look, Saroszi had already scored a goal today, uh, which was probably Nepharim's best performance overall! Nobody deliberately gets themselves sent off for no reason when the game is deadlocked like this."

Code: Select all
You are entitled to your own human point of view.

"Schnee-Krull hasn't been an issue for weeks. Granted that's because Ambaile-Hund and the others don't let her get a chance at the microphone, but there's no reason to believe this was anything but sloppy play from a slightly overconfident midfielder."

"Moving on, Nephara down to ten players, as both sides edgily eying the restart..."

"...Hawke only recently taking over as captain; his predecessor, Monica Rowland, now plays for Eura as they've adopted a more gender-neutral policy for their national team. And I'm sure that's something we can all be happy about."

Code: Select all
McCollins' goal significant of course as he's from Bassabook, which took on the narratively-gifted Starling side in the 64th Champions' Cup final.

"Commy, I gave you an opening! Do you even listen to us or do you just bleeping insert your soundbites whenever you're bored!"

Code: Select all
Bassabook had just come off their undefeated season, which remains the only such campaign in 1./ history.

"I'm gonna take that as a no. Anyway, Zwangzug with a player advantage, but unable to press forward against the staunch Cormorants..."

"...and that's the final whistle! Zwangzug fortunate to scrape a draw against the first seeds, Nephara fortunate not to crumble after the red card. Much more to discuss on tonight's report and summary of the other groups, but for now, I'm Emmylou Brighton, and Jaina McHammel to go have words, or numbers, or something with CommentaryBot 0.7 Beta. Thanks for watching."
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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:16 am

Lunaro Tsukida's Numbers Game

Goals galore as the Dragonflies drop points to the one nation we had to beat in order to survive the group and undoubtedly face another defeat in the second round. But now the Green and Blue might not even make the second round. Before you call my judgment premature with only one match down and two to go, allow me to defend my position.

Sargossa scored four against Ko-oren, and we only had two in reply. Normally, if the Dragonflies score two goals, we can start celebrating already. Ko-oren allows far fewer than a goal per game, so even a single goal scored by the likes of Vaugrenard and Tsuchida is normally enough for three points.

-- As a side note, it turns out that often, when Ko-oren concedes, these goals never come alone. The Dragonflies allowed eight goals in twelve matches, but six of those goals were in pairs. In that case, we need three goals to get the win anyway. The matches in which the team conceded two were vs. Eura, vs. Dreamplanet, and vs. Dreamplanet again. In both instances against Dreamplanet, the Dragonflies did score three and so came away with six points. Against Eura, the match would end in 2-2. It looks like we score a lot when our opponents score a lot, too. The two remaining goals came versus Flavovespia (2-1 win) and Freeport (0-1 loss). But just don't let that fact distract you from the 'feeling' that our national team always wins if as long as they score two.

Sargossa entered the match with a 5-3-2 formation, that looked so much like a 3-5-2 that I could swear there were five midfielders. It could also have been the case that the Corsairs were in possession so often that they might as well have switched out their backs for proper wingers anyway. Cáceres was the most dangerous man, as I predicted. I don't feel very good about that prediction, because if I could see that coming, Juliasterinthen should have seen that coming as well. And if he'd seen it coming, he could have done something about that, and then maybe Cáceres wouldn't have scored two to put his team in such a good position. But that's getting ahead of the story.
Short passing often is a poor matchup versus the Dragonflies, who live off of good defensive positioning. Sargossa pairs passing with a bunch of power as well, which is very good against us. In the end, the Corsairs opted for quick, short passes, then always having multiple passing options that were impossible for the Green and Blue defence to shield; most one-on-ones fell to Vazquez, who had a career night and won 100% of his challenges, keeping Janoreirinthen and Longchambon away from the ball for most of the night. Once the midfield battle was won, and Ko-oren wasn't going to compete for possession anyway, the road to Guzmán and Cáceres laid open. The score was opened after 11 minutes, when Cáceres was presented an easy goal, slotting the ball into the far side of the goal, the goalkeeper and the defence still in disarray after the ball caromed around the box for a few seconds. The 2-0 fell minutes later, Espina laid the ball off to Escribano, who crossed into the box, out of reach for Theshendan and Guzmán, Cáceres, Goyoso and Vazquez were all candidates to score. In the end, Goyoso was the one to score, Van Schelven easily pushed away from the ball and Lampshire far too late to interfere with the header's trajectory. It wasn't over, as the Corsairs seized a three-goal lead just before half time: Espina showed his class, with two passing options to leave Dalton and Benjamin clueless as to what to do, guard the passing lanes or challenge Espina - and Espina chose neither. The Alianza Jucaro midfielder opted for the shot, which took Theshendan by surprise.

The Dragonflies, 3-0 down, weren't in a position to return the favour, but they got close anyway. In the first 20 minutes after half time, Ko-oren had the better chances, but failed to convert. Until finally, Vaugrenard exploited Sargossa's high press and was released deep onto the Rushmori half, with metres of grass and a single goalkeeper in front of him. He calmly ran around Penedo and scored on the open goal. Tsuchida was taken off, Noya was put on in his stead, and scored an almost exact copy of Vaugrenard's goal, just five minutes earlier. This time, however, it was from the right side of the field, not the left, and Muñoz came back in time to make a play. Unfortunately for him, the cracked shot still found its way to the goal line, Penedo chose the wrong corner and couldn't do anything but lie there and watch the ball bounce in. At 3-2, there was an opportunity for a single point again - and promptly the Dragonflies sat back. Knowing there was a way to solve the puzzle - exploit the high defensive line - the team showed no more will to chase that third goal. Just knowing the solution was enough, carrying out said solution was too much. Cáceres, much less of a mathematician, had one last chance at goal and scored on a header. 4-2.

Looking forward, Ko-oren are still to face Nephara and Zwangzug (who tied 1-1 earlier that night:
Group B                 Pld  W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Sargossa 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3
2 Nephara 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Zwangzug 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
4 Ko-oren 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0

While everything is still possible, Sargossa are the closest team on the rankings and upsetting them would have made everything much easier. Even with a win over Zwangzug, Nephara and Sargossa look like they could run away with this group. Even with two wins for the Dragonflies now, we'd land on six points. Sargossa needs one more win to equal that and they have the four goal advantage over us. Effectively this means that we need the six points and still be at the mercy of the Corsairs, while hoping that Nephara not only drop points to us, but also to Sargossa.

Next up is the much awaited game versus Zwangzug - check out my preparation for that match in Zwangzug media - and a draw won't cut it. There's more pressure on the team than there has been in the qualification stage, so that's a whole new dimension and the players that do well under this, are the one's we'll be depending on in the last game against Nephara. They are also the players best equipped to make it big in the foreign leagues - I'm not holding my breath on our own clubs to go far in the Champions' Cup or Globe Cup - our only chance to get some national teamers with big match experience.
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:34 pm

Iona Mizukara: "It's a hard life"
Written by reporter Athena Mizuyuki

The advent of cyber enhancement: many people have commented about the benefits and downsides of this invention. Some believe it instills weakness towards the human race, that humans can (and should) be able to overlook their handicaps in order to accomplish their goals and reach the apex of human quality, competence, intelligence and skill. On the other end of the spectrum, the use of cyber enhancements allowed many in the Hinodejin society to fully accomplish their roles in society, not to mention reversing negativity, thus ensuring a downturn in depression. Cyborgs have also been reported to have seen fewer problems than artificial life like the Golems while also enjoying an easier transition into regular life following their operations.

Today, I have the opportunity of interviewing one of the major names to have gone under the cyber enhancement procedure, Hinodejin Empire starting Goalkeeper Iona Mizukara. Recently, Mizukara kept her net empty of goals in the first match of the Hinodejin Empire at this World Cup against fellow Esportivan nation South Covello and as such, made the discussion once again return with a passion. Iona, thanks for allowing me to talk with you.

Iona Mizukara: Glad to be here. I'm curious to see what kind of questions you'll give me. Did any fans send questions as well?
Athena Mizuyuki: Yes, actually. Members of the Sunrise Club's Digest were asked via our newsletter to send questions and we want your answers.
IM: Awesome, come on, let's go!
AM: Iona, I believe our readers would love to listen about your own story, how did you end up here.
IM: Well, I was born in the steppes. Torotsaratsatsume, Shobari Prefecture, Sharabi. Lived with my parents until the age of fifteen... and the accident.
AM: Accident?
IM: Yes. A car crash. Some asshat was on a rush down the speedway, smashed our car on the side. Everyone in my family survived it with some scratches... Except me, who woke up the day after without an arm and an eye. I used to play football for the local high school... and then, wham. All gone. All turned into dust.
AM: Yet, you're here.
IM: I know, right? When the Tentai Astros offered themselves to fund my cyber enhancements, I wasn't sure what to say... but I accepted it because otherwise I'd be stuck without an eye an arm, you know. I liked having a right side, so I went along with it.
AM: And it helped your life very much.
IM: Yes! It was a surprisingly quick process and soon enough, here it was. A new arm and a new eye. All working pretty well, all well connected to my brain and... yeah, that's it. They're responsive and don't have any sort of firmware that could end up serving as a mind-control tool or something.
AM: That was actually a question made by one of our readers. He was curious about the process and how could it not be harmful to the person under the knife.
IM: Basically, there are two versions of enhancements. Usually, you get stuff like mine, they're really just a mean to replace your old appendage or limb. Firmware would only be used if you had to, say, generate energy through your artificial eye or something, there's zero connection between my new arm and the Internet, let alone Chaolan Zaibatsu (the company that made the enhancements used).
AM: Question by user "AnneLloydShipper32", Is it demanding to use that prosthesis?
IM: A little bit. I do admit I need to rest from time to time and the electronics inside it work with a mental pulse so as you can imagine, it gets a bit of a headache but you can cool it off with the proper medication, which the Zaibatsu supplies for free. Thankfully.
AM: And now a question from "Astrofan99", How is it playing for the Tentai Astros?
IM: A great team, fantastic fanbase, looking forward to playing for them for the rest of my career or as long as they want me there. I love Tentai, it's distant from home but not distant enough to the point of me feeling homesickness. The greatest capital the Empire ever had.
AM: Bold words. Question from "Minasuganomilover", What's your favourite video game console?
IM: Hands down? Nomi PlayPlace. Groove on Fight, Starwave 5000, The Boy Who Challenged the Devil Queen 2...
AM: Question from "Mercedes007", By how much are you guys gonna lose to... Mercedini?
IM: First of all, we won't. Second of all, we'll win. Third of all, ask something serious!
AM: I'm afraid that's all the time we have for now. Please, submit questions for other members of the Hinodejin football team via and I'll do my best to get another interview with whoever has the most questions for answering. Thanks for your time, Iona.
IM: Glad to answer everything, Athena. See you all some other time and good luck to us!
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Postby South Covello » Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:41 pm

OOC: In response to this RP by Saintland in the Cup of Harmony

President Luisa Benitez had received the letters from King Paulus XVI and Eugenios Plastiras and decided to respond to each of them in turn. First, she needed to make a call to Lord Almighty Gregory's former accountant slave, who was now a practicing legitimate accountant who had taken the name Bob Baker. Mr. Baker himself would have to contact Plastiras, it seems, and authorize the transfer to be made to the special South Covellan treasury account.

From: Bob Baker
To: Eugenios Plastiras, Chairman of the Board, Bank of Acedonia
CC: Luisa Benitez, President of South Covello, and King Paulus XVI of Saintland

Dear Chairman Plastiras,

I am the individual formerly known as Lord Almighty Gregory's Accountant Slave (see attached name change document certifying we are indeed the same person) and am contacting you regarding account with your bank on which I am an authorized user. I am formally requesting that the full contents of this account be transferred immediately via any appropriate means to a special account run by the government of South Covello, of which President Benitez has already provided you the number. Again, I am attaching documentation showing that I am indeed an authorized user of the account and all the other information I need to access it. Please let me know if this is sufficient or if you will require additional proof.


Bob Baker (formerly known as Lord Almighty Gregory's Accountant Slave)

WIth that out of the way, President Benitez decided to write to King Paulus XVI herself and address all of the matters which the king had written about

From: Luisa Benitez, President of South Covello
To: King Paulus XVI, Saintland

Dear King Paulus,

Thank you for your previous correspondence. Regarding the compensation fund and the Bank of Acedonia account, Lord Almighty Gregory's former accountant slave has written to the Bank of Acedonia requesting the money in the account be transferred to our special compensation fund. I am told this money totals approximately 750 billion NSD, which the Gregists obtained illegitimately through theft, wars, and many other means which are now likely to come to light. It appears that a significant portion of the national treasury was diverted to this account, as were funds seized from individuals and nations which the Gregists destroyed. Furthermore, as I previously stated, any additional income the Gregists make while in prison will be seized until all claims are exhausted. Additionally, while claims are pending, the money will be generating returns in a safe fund to ensure a stable rate of return to ensure the fund continues to grow. Furthermore, we have seized and sold all non-living assets owned by the Gregists, including the 38-story mansion and 500 acres of land surrounding it, all the property in it, and much more, raising a total of approximately 200 billion NSD, which was added to the fund as well. As previously mentioned, the animals he owned are now living in a wildlife preserve, and, of course, the humans he owned were immediately liberated upon the end of the Revolution along with all the other slaves in the country.

We are inviting all victims of the Gregist regime, both foreign and domestic, to come forward and tell their stories of exactly what happened. Additionally, we are inviting those who perpetrated these evils - the Enemy Crushers, the Pervert Chasers, and the like, to come forward and tell their stories too. Although they will receive no compensation, they were victims in a way too - victims of brainwashing, victims of an evil regime that convinced them to do their bidding. More importantly, there are stories only they can tell because all of the victims are dead, and we want to get these on the record too. Under our law, they will receive immunity for all acts committed under the Gregists' brainwashing, but it is important that their stories be heard - both what they did and how the Gregists convinced them to do it. Of course, the high-ranking Gregists, the ones who used these Enemy Crushers, Pervert Chasers, and so on as pawns to perpetrate their evil, will receive no such immunity and are already rotting in prison for the rest of their lives, and will continue to do so. Once the transfer is complete, I would invite your government, your citizens, and governments and citizens of countries around the Multiverse, including here in South Covello, to come forward and tell your stories on the record. Statements can be made in writing, or verbally at any South Covellan embassy or consulate in your nation. Once I receive confirmation from Chairman Plastiras that the money will be transferred, I will make a formal announcement and we can begin the process. (OOC: If anyone wants to make such a statement from one or more of their citizens, feel free to RP it. Also, I believe this plan is somewhat similar to what was done in South Africa after the fall of apartheid.)

Now, regarding the other matter you discussed, that of Ms. Busty Daniels. You have requested that we extradite her and that she will face only punishments allowed by the laws of our nation. This presents a bit of a quandry, as libel is a civil violation here, not a criminal one, even when the victim is a head of state or a king like yourself. Therefore, Ms. Daniels could not face any criminal charges under South Covellan law, and as such could not be extradited to face criminal charges elsewhere for the same offense. You may experience somewhat more luck filing a civil suit against Ms. Daniels for libel in South Covellan courts, but given you are a public figure, under our law you would be required to prove actual malice on Ms. Daniels' part. This means that not only did she knowingly make a false statement, but she must have done so with the deliberate purpose of inflicting harm upon you personally. I rather suspect Ms. Daniels' only interests in publishing the material were to make money and draw attention to herself, but you are certainly free to argue otherwise. I will note, however, that you must also show that you suffered actual harm from the libel. Given the rather ridiculous nature of the claims in Ms. Daniels' book - which also included absurd claims that the two of us and my opponent performed various indecent acts with each other on Carter Redwin's grave on the eve of the recent electoral runoff - I suspect that no reasonable person would actually believe them, and as such they would not be libel. Again, you are certainly free to argue otherwise in court. You have previously expressed concerns about what might come up on cross examination in such a case, but I will note that Ms. Daniels' attorneys will only be able to ask you about matters which are pertinent to the case. This means that you could be questioned about things like your sexual or romantic activities, which would certainly be pertinent given the claims MS. Daniels has made. However, it is highly unlikely that a judge would allow the attorneys to question you about matters related to the general affairs or administration of your nation. That being said, being familiar with our nation's libel laws, I think such a case would be a waste of time on your part for all the reasons I mentioned.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and please feel free to submit all documentation regarding compensation once I make a formal announcement. (OOC: I don't actually plan on RPing this announcement, so once Saintland/FFR RPs confirmation from Acedonia, feel free to go ahead.)

Thank you.


Luisa Benitez
President of South Covello
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Postby Free Republics » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:43 pm

The Republican National Soccer Team took to the pitch for the first match of their fifth consecutive World Cup as Soccer General Rule Theriault played his full-strength squad. During the build up to this World Cup, Theriault had repeatedly guaranteed that his team would win the entire tournament. They had even introduced a new fight song as Nova Hellstrom-Hancock took some time out of her busy schedule campaigning for her political party in the final days of an election campaign to introduce the cheerleading squad at the World Cup Concert where they debuted the team's new fight song literally entitled Rule Theriault. Tens of thousands of Republican fans had made the trip to Banija for the World Cup as Banija remained on favorable terms with their World Cup 81 co-hosts and Theriault had personally organized events for the Republican fans to teach them the new fight song.

All of this paid off a few minutes into the match when Love Holm scored an early goal, assisted by Johnny Smith and the Republicans at Electra Stadium, including the entire Republican sideline erupted with chants of "Rule Theriault! Theriault rules the world! Republicans never, never, never will be vanquished." in between lyrics such as "The nations not so blest as we Must, in their turn, to defeat fall," and "The lesser nations never shall succeed; And all their attempts to break us down Will but arouse our furious flame, To breach their net and secure our victory." They would barely finish before Kalervo Peltola put a second Republican goal past Mercedini's keeper Daniel Hosset and they erupted in an encore presentation of the fight song.

While Mercedini would manage a goal early in the second half off the foot of Ben Chillotov and put the Republicans on their heels for the better part of the second half, Denes Polak would deliver the match-clinching goal in the 78th minute and the Republican sideline would again erupt in a performance of Rule Theriault. This time around, they decided to sing the song repeatedly until the match ended. After the match, Rule Theriault grabbed a microphone and spoke to the crowd:

Rule Theriault - Hello, Banija. I want to thank all of our fans who came all the way to this city of Mynda to watch us beat our longtime Independent Cup rivals. Next, we head to the capital of Banija, Busukuma, to play at the Stadium of the Restoration. Next up for us is South Covello where you can literally assassinate the president-elect of the country and get away with it! Next we face South Covello, who robbed us of our rightful place in the World Cup 81 final! The analytics people at one of the leading sportsbooks in the Federation say we only have a 28.27% chance of winning, with a 26.03% chance of a draw (OOC: These are actual numbers from scorinating 10,000 times using Xkoranate/NSFS with our current ranks, style mods and max points set to Vilita's rank. Greg won 45.70% of the friendlies.) but we are going to beat South Covello because we are the best soccer team in the multiverse and we are going to prove it beyond all doubt!

From: Eugenios Plastiras, Chairman of the Board, Bank of Acedonia
To: Bob Baker
CC: Luisa Benitez, President of South Covello, and King Paulus XVI of Saintland

Dear Mr. Baker,

We received your letter and have verified that you are indeed an authorized user of the account belong to Lord Almighty Gregory, the God of Gregoryisgodistan. He have honored your request to transfer all of the funds in your God's account to the account run by the Government of South Covello.

The balance in the account is now 0 NSD. Per Bank of Acedonia policy, empty accounts are closed after 120 days. Thus, the account belonging to Lord Almighty Gregory, God of Gregoryisgodistan will be closed in 120 days if you, or another authorized user, does not deposit funds into it before those 120 days pass. As the account is empty, we have placed a freeze on all further withdrawals from the account until such time as it has a non-empty balance. This is done to protect the account holder from overdraft fees. Any checks drawn against this account will bounce. Under Acedonian law, intentionally writing a bad check is a crime punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a dozen kendo stick blows to the back. (OOC: Acedonia is ethnically and linguistically Greek, with Swiss-style banking and Singapore-style laws.)

We thank you for banking with Bank of Acedonia.


Eugenios Plastiras, Chairman of the Board, Bank of Acedonia

Scarlett Nicholls had been surprised to receive a visit from Adelfo Loggia, the reclusive director of the Republican Intelligence Agency (RIA). The RIA's director mostly operated in secret, even from the elected leaders of his nation.

Scarlett Nicholls - Mr. Loggia, I was not expecting to see you.

Adelfo Loggia - Consul Nicholls, I can't say its normal to expect to see me. I only brief civilian leaders like you when its essential that you know what is going on. Right now is one of those times.

Scarlett Nicholls - What could have happened?

Adelfo Loggia - I was listening to a wiretap of a phone call between Maria Polus and Valentin Svensson recently and you really need to hear this...

He played the recording for Consul Nicholls where Sister Polus had bragged about bribing Kyle Bolton to do her bidding and said she was about to do it again to block the legislation to allow Sister Polus to be fired.

Scarlett Nicholls - That bastard!

Adelfo Loggia - Consul Nicholls, please calm down. Under the law, it is already illegal for a convicted felon to teach children and bribing an elected official is a felony!

Scarlett Nicholls - How are we going to catch her in the act?

Adelfo Loggia - I have contacted the principal of said school and he has installed new security cameras hidden in the school's lights. We're going to record the crime and then I'm going to show Consul Bolton and explain to him that he will be impeached and Sister Polus will be arrested if he vetos that bill. If he allows the bill to become law, the RIA will ensure that this never becomes public and we will ensure he is taken care of financially for the rest of his life.

Scarlett Nicholls - Good. That's taken care of then.

A couple of days later, Kyle Bolton signed the bill informally known as the "Freedom to Fire Sister Polus Act" into law...
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Postby Cassadaigua » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:44 pm

Successful Opening Weekend,
by Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

Our exciting weekend is complete, as both the World Cup began and the NSSCRA race was held at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway. Starting with NSSCRA, Stacie Houston started the Five Star Mobile from the pole, and the led the first eight laps before conceding the top spot. Though Houston, the reigning champion of the series did not win, it would be another Cassadagan in victory lane as Jenna Logan picked up the win. Fine, I know you clicked on this article to hear me talk about the World Cup, and not NSSCRA, but the Five Star Cup competition had a lot to do with this. I talked about the rules in my last article, so with Houston leading the first eight laps, eight separate fans would win $27,000.

Next up, was the World Cup.
A goal for Cassadaigua in the first eight minutes of the match would make someone $1,000,000 richer. Unfortunately for those fans, the Fillies were not able to score during that time period, but they did take it to Chromatika right from the start of the match. In the 7th minute, Hannah Ranucci had a great opportunity only to be stymied by veteran goalkeeper Jillian Nier, as she made a fantastic fingertip save to knock it over the crossbar. Chromatika defended the corner successfully, but Cassadaigua continued to get some momentum, and in the 20th minute, Sierra Mattison’s strike gave the Fillies a 1-0 lead. This made Meghan Tyler, of Brattleboro $50,000 winner. “I couldn’t believe it!” Tyler told me in an interview, “I thought that okay it was cool to get one of these numbers, but then for the goal to actually happen, it is so unbelievable. I have always been a big Sierra Mattison fan too. I am so happy that she was the one who scored that goal!”

Eleven minutes later, the next lucky number would be 31. At this time, sustained pressure by the Fillies led to Hannah Ranucci getting the goal with 31:57 having gone by. Andrea Foley, of Rutland was concerned about the clock. “I was watching us have a good attack and that got me really excited because I knew it was possible. I mean having the number 31, you don’t want that whole time to be in your defensive end. They were methodical in preparing the shot and the opportunity but as it was getting closer I was screaming for them to hurry up and shoot. I don’t know who had number 32, but I wanted to have that big check. Now I can upgrade by Five Stat Mobile device!” We do not believe that she was put up to that. Chromatika’s captain, Keira Andisori got the Chromatiks back to within one in the 43rd minute.

Chromatika carried the momentum from that late first goal into the second half, and for a while they were the better team. However, they could not get the equalizer as the Cassadagan defense prevented the attack from getting quality shots on net that would truly challenge Kelsey Morgan. When they did, Morgan was up to the task, especially in the 56th minute, robbing Andisori’s chance for a second. After that save, the Fillies started to become a little better again, and in the 63rd minute, Rachel Schanke scored her first goal of this World Cup to make it 3-1. We were unable to reach the winner of that $50,000. Cassadaigua pushed hard to the end, and in the 77th minute, off the bench for Rachel Brenner, Caitlyn Mayer finished off the scoring for her first goal, awarding Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro, a Turori-born young man now residing in Starksville. Mayer posted on Spacebook after the match that, “I am grateful that I could have helped someone in the Five Star Cup! There were definitely no meaningless goals today!” There will never be meaningless goals in the World Cup, since goal differential can mean getting or losing a tiebreaker, but in this day there were many winners, not just Jenna Logan, and not just the Cassadagan soccer team!
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Postby Chromatika » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:14 am

Recap of World Cup 83 Group Stage Game 1: Cassadiagua 4-1 Chromatika
Goal: Andisori '43
Starting XI: Nier; An - de Aea - Ibex - Ilya; Thorben - Mora - Montague - Conrad; Andisori, K. (C) - Victoriane.
Substitutes: Kuzami -> Montague '49, Dragana -> Conrad '55, Damjana -> Ilya '61
Recap: It really couldn't have gone much worse. Whether it be the Fillies taking a 2-0 lead thirty-one minutes into the game, the team possessing the ball for an astonishing 21% of the match, or Alyss Montague having to be carted off the field due to a lower leg injury early in the second half, the Chromatiks really came out flat in their first match in the key stage of the tournament. In order for them to prove that they've really returned to this stage and deserve a spot back in consideration of the world's elite, they must advance; this goal will be about a hundred times more difficult now that they've lost the game so convincingly to Cassadaigua.

The silver lining, if there is one, is that Brenecia and Farfadillis drew. This means that if the Chromatiks can somehow upset one of them and draw against the other, and the one that they beat also take down Cassadaigua, there could be a scenario with goals differentials and whatnot where they advance. That is, unless the Chromatiks decide to pull off the almost impossible and defeat both Farfadillis and Brenecia, which would be a tall order.

It is far more likely that the Chromatiks will cement themselves to the status of doormats for the group, but with Keira Andisori still scoring a beauty of a goal and plenty of spirit on the roster, one can never count them out.

Starting Lineup vs. Farfadillis: Nier; An - de Aea - Ilya; Kelly - Mora - Kuzami - Armageddon - Dragana; Andisori, K. (C) - Victoriane.
No, your eyes are not tricking you. Silian Parker the madman, the genius, has taken the news that Montague's ankle sprain will hold her out for at least the next game by shifting the Chromatiks to a formation most recently used in World Cup 80 - the 3-5-2. It is yet to be seen if the young Chromatik players can handle the stress that this puts on the defense, but if the Chromatik midfield cannot hold, they don't have a prayer of a chance at advancing, anyways.

So, the Chromatiks face Farfadillis with this gimmick, trying to catch the third ranked team in the world flat footed. Never call Silian Parker a scared manager, nor the Chromatiks one that play things safe; this is a hail mary, a swing for the fences, a ploy to breathe new life into a group stage that seems all but lost on paper.

But will he prevail? Will this pay off?

At least, if nothing else, Parker has given the Chromatik fans a new angle to think about instead of just waiting for the inevitable defeat, resigned to their fate; and for this hope, he is still to be lauded as a mad genius.

It's time to face the music.
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Postby Nephara » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:08 am

Nephara 1 - 1 Zwangzug
(4-4-2) 12 - Mercator; 2 - Kielseng, 5 - Thorn, 6 - Steelhenge, 3 - Close; 13 - Saroszi (s/o 62'), 4 - Shone (15 - Rosenthal 81'), 21 - Moxham, 11 - Strongbow; 9 - Hawke (c), 10 - Metzger (7 - Fanaiyan 64')
Goal: Saroszi 24'

Nephara used to be the ultimate tournament team. Infinitely more than the sum of their parts, not less. When the time came to Get It Done, Nephara Got The Result.
Those were good days. Instead, they were in the wilderness; never outside the top ten of the world on paper, and yet they'd managed precisely one quarterfinal berth since 75. Strauss had to change that. Strauss had to change that. For all the talk of being in a transitional period, having time to remould... well, that was qualifying talk.

Counting the interval, Monako Saroszi would get to be a hero for about an hour.
It had been a lovely, well-worked goal. Which was to say Shone had thumped it into space to meet Saroszi's run, for Saroszi to cut across Arokiaraj and laced it past McJakill. For all Strauss' return to short passing, Shone allowed them the virtue of smashing it and hoping someone would get on the end of it, and the pace they could boast ensured that someone often was.
And it cut through a whole lot of tension, too. Zwangzug were better than their ranking suggested, completing at least something of a Group of Death, and cutting through their resolute back line was nothing to take for granted. Saroszi would manage few other chances, and the best ones tended to fall for Metzger on a day where his radar was just... off. And the flying saves of McJakill made hard work of it.
Saroszi's star would fall, but there were time for other villains. Mercator, who'd earlier produced a brilliant save to tip over a strike from Sayle-Bren, utterly shanked a goal-kick. The glass-half-full way to track its trajectory was to point out how it almost uncannily triangulated the positions of Moxham, Close and Steelhenge. The glass-half-empty way to track its trajectory was to say it went straight to Jonah McCollins. Who scored about four seconds later. Steelhenge should have had some say in that, but evaporated under pressure like a Treason morning frost under the burning light of an afternoon sun, which was to say that she didn't.
Still, the Cormorants were on the front foot, at least while there were eleven of them. The goal was, unsurprisingly, a kick in the teeth, but they rebuilt some momentum before half-time snapped it again, and rebuilt some momentum again in a slow beginning to the second half, Metzger finally forcing a decent save from McJakill, Hawke smashing home the rebound before the referee flagged her for being approximately seven metres offside, and perhaps it was understandable to see why frustration was starting to raise its ugly head. And why Saroszi raised their studs, nearly bisecting Franziska Schnee-Krul in the process.

Why Schnee? Saroszi would be asked this a lot in the coming days, but it was an honest coincidence, unrelated to anything she'd said about Qusmo. Though what she'd said about Qusmo did, eventually, make them a little less apologetic.
In the moment, Estrella Hawke's query was twice as concise. "Why?" she asked, as Saroszi strode off the pitch, back straight. Thinking about how Rowland would have closed ranks for the team and called the referee a blind cunt. Maybe Hawke's oddly maternal 'I'm-not-angry-just-disappointed' act worked for some of the team, but Saroszi was someone who needed to know people were fighting their corner. Strauss raised an eyebrow at them as they came off, but said nothing; that didn't do much for them, either.
The game ended level. As expected, Zwangzug took the upper hand in the final half-hour, but sterling work from Shone, Thorn and the nearly-redeemed Mercator in particular gave them the point, before a scuffed corner in injury-time was hammered over the bar by Thorn when it seemed easier to score and snatch the points against the run of play. Both sides had plenty of cause for disappointment.
Strauss kept her hurt there. She tried to put a positive face on things after the match, an unexpected salve, but there was a terseness to her voice that betrayed her fraying nerves. A setback. Her first.
Maybe in years gone by, the Cormorants wouldn't have cared about a couple of dropped points. Another six would surely come down the line, right? And hell, if they didn't, Nephara's two medal-winning places (in consecutive cycles) had been achieved with a collective group record of 2-1-3. The Cormorants were just slightly shit at group stages.
The issue was being slightly shit at knockout games down the line. And, whisper it; would they necessarily get that far?

"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow."
Bryony Johansen looked at Mercator's ankle. And winced. "What exactly happened?"
Dragora Steelhenge shrugged, arms crossed. "The corner came in, I jumped, I landed on something."
"Ow. Ow. Ow."
"And that something was Hesterine."
The physio fussed and fidgeted. "Ow," said Mercator plaintively. "Ow."
Metzger came over, plucking at his bib. He was one of those people who would probably be safer never opening his mouth, and was cursed with also being one of those people who saw it as their solemn duty to relieve tension by talking. "Christ, Dragora, I thought you'd done enough damage to our chances."
Steelhenge whirled around on him. "You're talking trash already, huh?"
To his credit, Metzger realised he'd touched a nerve, and backpedalled furiously. "Well, no, I just-- forget it, alright?"
"One tackle. I miss one tackle. But there's a five-fucking-minute highlight reel of you being unable to hit the broad side of a fucking battleship--"
Things escalated fairly quickly. One plucky freelancer caught it all on his phone, and made some decent cash for his trouble. Particularly the part where Bryony Johansen - a burly centre-half in her day - took Metzger, took Saroszi, and clonked their heads together like recalcitrant cartoon characters.
She apologised to Strauss later for giving Steelhenge a mild concussion in the process, ensuring that she'd join Saroszi and most likely Mercator in the stands against Sargossa. Strauss just smirked, and marked it down as a 'training injury'. Johansen was slowly carving out a role for herself as the much-needed steel to her silk.

There'd been a lot of injury done, mental and physical, between games. But Strauss had reason to be pleased, even confident.
Okay, so the result hadn't been great, and the press was speculating about how she'd lost control of the dressing room, and she was missing key players. But you couldn't substitute for the eye test in these matters. Saroszi had calmed down, or at least was at a more productive level of seethe; Swoboda would get the opportunity to re-prove himself he'd been craving; Metzger and Steelhenge's dispute was forgotten, perhaps literally in Dragora's case; Johansen had asserted her dominance and earned respect.
Twenty years ago as a second seed, the Cormorants had opened with a 4-3 defeat to Eura. And that had turned out alright, hadn't it?
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Postby Taeshan » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:19 am

Opening up against a World Cup host is never a good idea for a team returning to a World Cup for the first time in 38 years. Heck playing any home team in a tournament is less than ideal for the whole length of the tournament, let alone if they are opening up the games in a grand spectacle. The tall task the Purple Knights found themselves in was not only playing hosts Banija in the Group Stage opening match, but also doing it after playing them only a few weeks before. While the Knights did well to win their only pre-qualifying friendly against a non-neutral opponent, the final judgement on the usefulness of that game would be in the first match of the group stage.

The Knights came out with the usual starting lineup, but every Purple Knight fan knew that this game would at least see an appearance from Miles Snavely. The fact that the Banijan side scored twice in the first half made the longtime striker's first World Cup finals appearance all but a guarantee. At the half he came on for the trailing Knights for the left back Santiago Santiago. The Knights became the aggressive side for much of the second half as they tried to at least get a goal, and force a match out of it. In the end the Knights knew that this match was going to be a tall task as they now head on to face an even tougher task.

The bad news is that Starblaydia awaits on matchday two. The worse news is that the Knights will face the Purple Perils knowing full well a loss against the 9th ranked team in the world will officially knock the Knights out of the tournament with a match remaining. That said the Knights have twice tied the Starblaydi outfit, in two of the most grueling 0-0 ties in World Cup history. Add that to a second pre-qualifying win over the other purple side in Banija and the chances aren't gone. That said the Starblaydia side is coming off a 1-1 tie with Qasden that will surely have them unhappy headed into the match, and the Knights are the easiest target for their fury.
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WC83Q Review (First Half)

Postby Vilita » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:40 am



Vilita National Team :: World Cup 83 Preview
How they got here: World Cup 83 Qualifications (First Half)

As the Vilita Jungle Cats kicked off their World Cup 83 Qualification Cycle in Asdia they entered dangerous territory - the opening three matches of the World Cup Qualification cycle had been their most unimpressive in the Modern Era suffering a defeat on those match days in over 50% of their qualification campaigns. Comparing to just one cycle prior during the World Cup 82 Qualification campaign, the Jungle Cats would have the highest of highs to compare themselves to as well as the lowest of lows. The Vilitan National Team opened World Cup 82 Qualifying with a smashing 8-1 victory in Bysantia. From there they proceeded to return home and lose to Abanhfleft to make up for their great success on the opening matchday.

The Jungle Cats started the campaign riding a seventeen match unbeaten streak and now looked to pick up where they left off with a strong start to their World Cup 83 Qualification campaigns. They would do so without a number of players who would hang up the boots, at least on the World Cup level, after lifting the World Cup Trophy in Valanora. In defense, 39 year old Jirjii Januaa a stalwart of the Vilitan defense with three World Cup titles to their name has retired from internationstatal duty but will continue playing domestically for KT Itzalovalle in Audioslavia. Another defender, Colonial Sile's Arocki Tadalek, has also stepped away from the internationstatal game after achieving their 100th career cap during the World Cup 83 campaign.

The Vilitan midfield will also see room for new faces as Karisto Monafog, Kamarul Zaman and Tinjus Mngomeni would also hang up their boots. While Monafog and Zaman had seen their involvement in the National Team diminish, the decision from Arcticala Inlet midfielder Mngomeni was perhaps the most surprising as the 32 year old scored in the World Cup 82 Final. This may have been the impetus for Mngomeni's decision, however, citing a desire to spend more time with their family and acknowledging they will likely never accomplish anything greater in their career than scoring a goal in the World Cup Final, the Arcticala midfielder decided to call it quits on their service to the Vilitan National Team.

Vilita [2] - [0] Asdia

GOALS: Vilita :: 86' Nii'arala Milaaso:: 88' Linvoi Warazil
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 63%:: Shots: 7:: Corners: 5 Asdia :: Possession: 37%:: Shots: 1:: Corners: 2
Lineup: [GK] Cilamara Issah, [D.] Inbekira Ajhabekk, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [ML] Polaox Torerun, [MC] Cavuna Aquafek, [MC] Jyuola Mtalata, [MR] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni
Bench: [FC] Linvoi Warazil, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao, [M] Intikko Kuhilana, [M] Limu Katarakhna, [U ] Kudii Davasarii, [D] Rintala Sekagaya, [GK] Mako Canopii

While many had suggested they could hang up their boots after the World Cup Title, Cilamara Issah returned for at least one more start in the Jungle Cat uniform. The 42 year old Lonngeylin Coast Goalkeeper was handed the start as the Jungle Cats opened their World Cup 83 Qualification against Asdia. Issah was only lightly challenged throughout the match with Asdia officially recording just one shot on goal. While Issah was easily able to extend the Vilitan National Team's shutout streak to three consecutive matches, it took a while for the Vilitan attackers to get off the mark in a nervy match that seemed for long stretches like a typical campaign opening upset result against the Jungle Cats. Vilita would finally break the deadlock in the 86th minute when Nii'arala Milaaso opened the scoring much to the relief of the entire sideline for the defending World Cup Champions. With 311 places between them in the World Cup Committee's official team rankings, it would have easily been the upset of the day if the Jungle Cats were held by the minnows. Instead the scoreline would ultimately look relatively normal as Linvoi Warazil doubled the Jungle Cats advantage just two minutes after Milaaso's openere. While the Vilitans left it late they still survived with three points to start off their World Cup 82 Qualification campaign.

Vilita [1] - [0] Jeruselem

GOALS: Vilita :: 3' Berali Tzufarei
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 59%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 11 Jeruselem :: Possession: 41%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 6
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [D.] Inbekira Ajhabekk, [ML] Jyuola Mtalata, [MC] Va'a-Rio Kiwavn, [MC] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [MR] Kudii Davasarii, [FC] Berali Tzufarei, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [FC] Linvoi Warazil
Bench: [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Fishtii Blikala, [M] Cavuna Aquafek, [M] Limu Katarakhna, [U ] Ikala Mravedii, [D] Jirak Trikala, [GK] Striitca Virahat

After an opening round victory where they failed to score until the 86th minute the Vilita National Team returned home to kick off their World Cup 83 Qualification Campaign at the Tivali-Ring Stadium in the Vilitan capital city of Alikki-Corra. Their opponent would also be on paper their toughest challenger for Group X's lone guaranteed spot in the World Cup Finals and would be an opponent that they knew very well. Vilita and Jeruselem first played against each other during the World Cup 13 Cup of Tardy and now, 70 cycles later, would meet again in World Cup Qualification. Having left things late against Asdia the Jungle Cats did the opposite against Jeruselem with Berali Tzufarei scoring what would ultimately be the game winning goal just 3 minutes into the match. Mako Canopii would mark their first appearance of the World Cup 83 Cycle with a clean sheet, the fourth consecutive match without conceding a goal for the Jungle Cats.

Having survived the opening two matches without dropping points the Jungle Cats then moved out to Vartugia for their first ever match against a side they knew little to nothing about. There were concerns from the Vilitan players that the field in Vartugia was not regulation - it was sized more like a Cricket Field and there was also virtually no give to the surface which felt almost like ice. There were also concerns that the goals were spaced too close together which would reduce the Jungle Cats ability to rely on their speed down the wings. Regardless, the Vilitan Coaching Staff decided to proceed without protest as they couldn't interpret what the Vartugia manager - an actual goat - was saying and if this was how they were going to make their early-campaign sacrifice to Margaret then so be it.

Of course Bob and Bob^2 knew the field and had Vartugia on the board within 5 minutes to the surprise of very few on the Vilitan sideline. However, this time it would not be all doom and gloom for the Vilitan National Team as they had two of the most prolific goalscorers in the multiverse on their side. World Cup 82 Top Scorer Sipke Tarala and Eastal Lunar star Nii'arala Milaaso combined for two goals a piece in the first half to give Vilita a shocking 4-1 lead much to the chagrin of the Vartugian goat on the sideline meh'ing up and down the pitch presumably barking orders at Player and Bait on the defensive wings who had struggled to contain Limu Katarakhna and Intikko Kuhilana who were providing scores of chances for the Jungle Cats to convert.

Kuhilana would eventually get on the scoresheet themselves in the second half before a second late consolation goal for the home side. With the result the Jungle Cats had survived their opening three matches without dropping any points and while the oddly configured pitch in Vartugia may have cost the Jungle Cats their clean sheet record, they could not complain about their hot early start to their World Cup 83 Qualification campaign.

Vilita [5] - [2] Vartugia

GOALS: Vilita :: 9' Sipke Tarala:: 29' Nii'arala Milaaso:: 33' Nii'arala Milaaso:: 45' Sipke Tarala:: 68' Intikko Kuhilana
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 57%:: Shots: 13:: Corners: 18 Vartugia :: Possession: 43%:: Shots: 3:: Corners: 4
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [D.] Inteali Koranjo, [ML] Westii Yahaya, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Jurzen Devmiko, [MC] Cavuna Aquafek, [MR] Intikko Kuhilana, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso
Bench: [FC] Linvoi Warazil, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [M] Va'a-Rio Kiwavn, [M] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [U ] Nuola Brenzil, [D] Jirak Trikala, [GK] Striitca Virahat

Throughout their history, the Vilitan National Team has lost many matches - hundreds of them. During World Cup Qualification campaigns those defeats tend to come early and put the Vilita National Team into a hole that they have to climb out of in order to achieve qualification to the World Cup Finals. In the modern era, dating back to the World Cup 72 Qualification Cycle, the Vilitan National Team had dropped points in their opening three match days of World Cup Qualifying nearly 70% of the time. For a nation that had been top of their qualification group in every single one of those campaigns, favored each time to win every match but never doing so, it was a lot. Despite all the set backs and defeats that put the Vilitan National Team behind the eight ball and having to claw their way back and fight their way into the World Cup Qualifying positions, there had been one thing they could always count on during that time frame. They had always figured things out by Matchday 4. In the modern era since World Cup 72 the Vilita National Team had never lost their fourth game of World Cup Qualifying. That would all change at the Lonngeylin Coliseum home of Jungle Strike FC when Group X's third seed Mattijana overcame an early goal from Internationstatal super striker Sipke Tarala to get back in the game and ultimately take all three points dealing the Vilitan National Team their first World Cup Qualifying Matchday 4 defeat of the modern era. Mattijana were able to equalize late in the first half through Andreas Weiss then got the eventual game winner just before the hour mark when substitute Jasmina Kova curled a dazzling free kick just beyond the outstretched reach of Mako Canopii who was making their third straight start for the Jungle Cats.

While the result was a setback for the Jungle Cats who had only previously even dropped any points on the fourth match day of Qualifying through a goalless draw in Nouvel Acadie during the World Cup 76 Qualifiers, due to their uncharacteristically strong start to the campaign with three wins in their opening three matches, the implications of the defeat weren't massive. They still controlled their own destiny so long as they held course and didn't drop any more points.

Vilita [1] - [2] Mattijana

GOALS: Vilita :: 25' Sipke Tarala
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 52%:: Shots: 5:: Corners: 3 Mattijana :: Possession: 48%:: Shots: 4:: Corners: 9
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [ML] Jurzen Devmiko, [MC] Jyuola Mtalata, [MC] Polaox Torerun, [MR] Va'a-Rio Kiwavn, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Fishtii Blikala
Bench: [FC] Linvoi Warazil, [FC] Berali Tzufarei, [M] Kudii Davasarii, [M] Intikko Kuhilana, [U ] Nuola Brenzil, [D] Inbekira Ajhabekk, [GK] Vernasa Sanamun

Of course there is no better way to rebound from a defeat than to deliver a crushing 6-0 defeat on your opponents as the Vilitan National Team welcomed Saintland back to the primary World Cup Qualification Stage with a 6-0 drubbing in front of the Sanctii faithful at the Royal Stadium in St. Petrus. It was Intikko Kuhilana who got things kicked off with their second goal of the World Cup 83 Qualification campaign before the big names stepped in for the Jungle Cats, Nii'arala Milaaso and Sipke Tarala putting the game out of any doubt by the 30 minute mark. At that point the Jungle Cats could likely have coasted to the finish line but instead they ramped things up and scored three more times before the half time break. Midfielders Jurzen Devmiko and Cavuna Aquafek got involved in the action with each of them scoring their first goal of the campaign. Finally, just when it seemed the massacre was going to get a reprieve, Nephara based superstar Sipke Tarala put the icing on the cake of one of the most prolific 45 minutes of play in Vilita National Team history. While the Jungle Cats would eventually take their foot off the gas in the second half it was an easy day at the office for Mako Canopii completing their fourth straight start in World Cup 83 Qualifying and their 9th start in ten games for the Vilita National Team, an historically impressive run of consistency between the sticks for the Vilita National Team who had traditionally run a rotation program in goal to avoid being too reliant on the services of a single player.

Vilita [6] - [0] Saintland

GOALS: Vilita :: 14' Intikko Kuhilana:: 22' Nii'arala Milaaso:: 30' Sipke Tarala:: 32' Jurzen Devmiko:: 38' Cavuna Aquafek:: 45' Sipke Tarala
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 70%:: Shots: 11:: Corners: 21 Saintland :: Possession: 30%:: Shots: 1:: Corners: 2
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Inteali Koranjo, [ML] Jurzen Devmiko, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Cavuna Aquafek, [MC] Polaox Torerun, [MR] Intikko Kuhilana, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso
Bench: [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [FC] Fishtii Blikala, [M] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [M] Kudii Davasarii, [U ] Tenziki Kulakao, [D] Inbekira Ajhabekk, [GK] Striitca Virahat

After appearing in 9 of their previous 10 World Cup level matches, Jungle Cat faithful had gotten accustomed to the idea of not only having a clear #1 Goalkeeper in the Yeaddin Owls Mako Canopii but also in the idea that Canopii would be an ever present in goal with the aging Cilamara Issah undergoing a regular rest programme and a spate of young goalkeepers yet to show they had what it takes to challenge Canopii for regular action in the #1 slot. Then, just like that, the status quo had changed. Whether there was an injury or conflict in the Yeaddin Owls netminder's schedule was unclear but Mako Canopii was not at the field when the Vilita Jungle Cats took on the Busoga Islands at the Arcticala Electrical Stadium home of Arcticala Inlet AFC. While Cilamara Issah was dressed for the match they were not given the start. Instead the start was handed to... Tropicorp goalkeeper Hanauma Ranbomahi. The 23 year old Goalkeeper had recently led Tropicorp FC to the Vilitan Stellar Division and had appeared regularly for Team Tropicorp in the AOCAF Cup but remained eligible to play for both Vilita and Turori through birthright and was not disqualified through having represented Tropicorp as their qualification for Tropicorp is through employment and not birthright, as well as the fact that Tropicorp is not a registered World Cup Committee eligible entity. It is not known whether Ranbomahi had a choice between the Vilitan National Team and the Turorian National Team nor what it was that the Vilitan Coaching Staff saw in Ranbomahi to give them the start against the Busoga Islands over Issah as well as over Vernasa Sanamun and Striitca Virahat - the two supposed heir's apparent to Canopii's throne in the Vilitan net.

Regardless of the rationale, the decision was made and Ranbomahi marched out in front of the fans in Arcticala experiencing World Cup Qualification competition for the first time. The Jungle Cats gave Ranbomahi a dream start when Fishtii Blikala scored just 5 minutes into the match to give the Jungle Cats the lead - a lead which they would hold through half time. Having lost at home to the Busoga Islands during World Cup 82 Qualification, the Vilitans were focused on coming out strong in the second half and protecting their lead to avenge the shock result from the previous campaign. Instead, however, they were outclassed and outplayed in the beginning of the second half of the Busoga Islands leveling the score in the 49th minute through some smart play by Channeh Jarju who sit up Ousman Babaja for the equalizer. Both teams got some fresh legs around the hour mark but it was the Islanders who took advantage of it with captain Marie Sonko blasting a long ball over the top of the Vilitan defense which was allowed to bounce before the pacey youngster Sarika Birla latched on to the ball and quickly fired a low shot into the hands of Hanauma Ranbomahi. Instead of collecting the ball and redistributing it, however, Ranbomahi made a mistake and began to raise their hands to lift the ball before they had secured it and it squeezed through and across the line gifting the Busoga Islands a second goal and the lead in the match. It was a turning point in the game as the Busoga Islands retreated to defend their advantage while the Jungle Cats pressed forward in hopes of avoiding defeat at the hands of the Busoga Islands for the second straight campaign. After the constant ratcheting up of the tension the stadium finally had a chance to erupt in the 89th minute when Nii'arala Milaaso got one past Hibbaan al-Shareef to level the scores but that would be all the Jungle Cats had in them as the match would end 2-2 and the Vilitan National Team would drop points at home to the Busoga Islands for the second straight campaign.

Vilita [2] - [2] Busoga Islands

GOALS: Vilita :: 5' Fishtii Blikala:: 89' Nii'arala Milaaso
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 52%:: Shots: 7:: Corners: 5 Busoga Islands :: Possession: 48%:: Shots: 6:: Corners: 9
Lineup: [GK] Hanauma Ranbomahi, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [ML] Kudii Davasarii, [MC] Cavuna Aquafek, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MR] Jyuola Mtalata, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Fishtii Blikala
Bench: [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao, [M] Polaox Torerun, [M] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [U ] Va'a-Rio Kiwavn, [D] Mileke Drokasorna, [GK] Cilamara Issah

Despite dropping five points over their previous three matches, the Vilitan National Team narrowly maintained hold of the top spot in Group X with 13 points, level with the very team they just dropped points to, the Busoga Islands, with both teams amassing four victories, one draw and one defeat over the first six matches of World Cup Qualification setting up the potential for a hotly contested World Cup Qualification where the two leading sides were set to clash on the final matchday of the qualification cycle where a spot in the World Cup Finals could be on the line.

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
-¤-¤-¤World Cup 77 Champions¤-¤-¤-

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Postby Brenecia » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:47 am

Brenecia 0 - 0 Farfadillis
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 22 - Beath, 5 - Horgan, 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c); 21 - Case, 23 - Alweather, 13 - Wheeler (14 - Ruskin 67'); 15 - Garrard (7 - Cheney 81'), 10 - Ciogach (17 - Lindauer 81'), 11 - Keynes

There was a lot of talk in the game about 'Footballing DNA'. Curiously, 'footballing DNA' almost always tended to involve playing attractively on nice pitches, making thousands of passes and scoring dozens of goals.
It was easy to get carried away with the more optimistic mood around the Patriots, and their return to a brand of football that was easier to watch. But Brelk-Xeral Erv had a strong understanding of the Brenecian football DNA, and precisely what use it could have for them. Specifically, they were aware that Brenecian football DNA largely comprised of large men beating the shit of each other on an uneven paddock in torrential rain. Their squad selection reflected this.
Brelk-Xeral's logic was simple. The game could not risk becoming a shoot-out, for two reasons;
1) Holsteiner and Ens were two of the best strikers in the world.
2) Farves are really good at football.
Playing their game, the Patriots would get dumpstered, and that dumpster would then get set on fire. Really, the alternative was the only thing that made sense.

It probably wasn't the lineup Tuzzio expected, but the theme was pretty straightforward, doubling down on the experiments against Hapilopper. What did Alweather, Beath, Case, Garrard and Keynes share in common, in contrast with the players they replaced? All were larger. Hulking giants in blue against tricky midgets in red; the stage was set for, well, what was to happen.
What was to happen was mostly a lot of cynicism. This was still the side of Jim Reid, in a way; he might have been shown the door, but he must have been proud to see the way the Patriots shamelessly rotated fouls, nudged players off the ball, flicked out at heels. Chadwick Beath was booked for time-wasting at a throw-in. Twenty-nine minutes in.

Actual match events were sparse. It was... not much of a match, in truth, which suited the Patriots just fine. Neutrals would have been best served to tune in from the hour mark, at best, when both sides were wearying - which Brelk-Xeral compensated for by replacing the understandably subdued Wheeler with the more robust Ruskin.
This was also when Edmun Cidh, restless on the touchline, made his World Cup debut. Despite his liveliness and willingness, it was innocuous start to what would likely prove a reign of terror through his later career; Farrell was tested a couple of times from distance, two of her eleven saves forced by Cidh outside the box, but without too much of a test; another shot thudded agonisingly into Mathers' groin. The Stallions defender limped out of play in a daze, and threw up. He, at least, would not try and claim Cidh had failed to leave an impact.

Eighty-seven minutes into the game, a weary Farfish attack broke down. Keane Mathers, who had survived Cidh's strike and still had an eye for a pass that belied his muscle, crashed down the centre and drove the ball down the right, to where the quick-thinking Cheney clipped a beautiful ball further down the pitch to her lightning-quick fellow substitute and Kingsgrove teammate, Creidne Lindauer. The striker's pace was unmatched in the team, and she raced clear of Bajnok, took one slightly heavy touch, but bore down on goal. She cut left, the advancing Tgo fatally overcommitted, and Lindauer... fatally didn't steady herself, swiping inelegantly at the ball and driving it narrowly wide of the post.
She sank to the ground and put her head in her hands, but she wasn't to blame. The football gods themselves had intervened. They may not have been able to give Farfadillis the win, but there was no way on God's holy earth that Brenecia were going to snatch the three points...
Farfadilis ended the game on 17 shots; Brenecia had managed 17 fouls. They'd spun their 31% possession into a mighty one shot on target, a Garrard piledriver beaten away at a comfortable height for Tgo. But they'd gotten what they came for, and if nothing else, Brelk-Xeral had certainly proved they had another string to their bow. If any neutrals would be around to watch their tricks deeper in the tournament? Well, that was another question.
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WC83F - MD1 - Five Star Cup - BCEL Cocoa-bo

Postby Turori » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:18 am



Turori Held by Apox in World Cup Opener

Star Field, Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija :: With the excitement surrounding the World Cup Finals throughout Turori, media attention on the players has been as high as ever before. After having spent a number of cycles fighting it out between the Citizen Squad and the Cocoabo Squad to see who would have the honor of representing the Island Emirate of Turori in the World Cup Finals, a victor had finally emerged. Perhaps it was the genius of the competition itself from the Football Association of Turori (FAT) as having to compete against the genetically engineered Cocoabo on a match for match basis just for the right to step on the pitch seemed to have had the desired effect. The current generation of Turori National Team players who were brought up in an era where playing for the Turori National Team was not just a reward for displaying domestic talent, but a competition in itself where you had to one-up an opponent who represented the same flag, has clearly demonstrated themselves as Turori's golden generation.

After having earned the right to represent Turori during the World Cup 81 Finals, the Citizen Squad achieved what was then the ultimate accomplishment for any Turorian squad - a Quarter Final victory. While the 1-0 triumph over Ethane was quickly and crushingly overshadowed by heavy defeats to the eventual champion Vilita Jungle Cats and host nation Banija, Turori's 4th place finish at the World Cup was their best ever and it earned the Citizen Squad the right to represent the Turori National Team during the entire World Cup 82 Cycle.

While a slow start for Turori meant the Cocoabo Squad did make a few appearances late in the World Cup 82 Qualification cycle to give the Citizens a rest, the Citizen Squad returned for the World Cup Finals and put in their best ever performance going unbeaten through six games including a thrilling 6-3 victory over Farfadillis in the Semi-Final to reach the World Cup Final for the first time, they once again suffered a heavy defeat to colonial rivals Vilita to come away empty handed. Turori's golden generation has been born out of a fire that saw the Citizen's very identity challenged by highly specialized Cocoabo and quickly evolved into an epic roller coaster of Euphoria and Soul Crushing defeat repeated over and over.

During the World Cup 83 Qualification cycle there was no handoff to the Cocoabo - the Cocoabo Squad had to resort to playing friendly matches with the host nation and other exhibition events throughout the cycle to stay in form - but for the first time in the modern era the Turori National Team was represented by only one squad in competition: The Citizen Squad. With 10 wins and 2 losses over the Qualification campaign there were little complaints about their performance and the Turori National Team took care of business by advancing directly to the World Cup Finals. To make their feat even more impressive, the team they beat out for that spot, The Macabees, was one of the few second placed teams to survive a grueling Playoff Round to also advance to the World Cup Finals and there could be a potential rematch between the two sides if they can each reach the knockout round.

Of course, to get to that point Turori would have to advance from their group. Drawn into Group G, the Citizen Squad would face their toughest opponents on paper in the very first match of the round at the Star Field in Herzegovina City, Banija. Having missed out on the Cup of Champions it was the first match the Turori National Team had played in Banija since the fateful World Cup 81 Semi-Final and 3rd Place Playoff matches at the Stadium of the Restoration in Banija's National Capital Region.

While Turori would go into the match as slight favorites, the biggest key to the game as with any game in the World Cup Finals was to avoid defeat. While any points dropped at the World Cup Finals could always cause eventual elimination, with two games to play against lower ranked opposition the Turori National Team was all too aware of the importance of not losing this one. After a topsy-turvy opening forty five minutes which saw Apox take the lead and the Turori National Team having what seemed a clear penalty call denied by the referee, they finally got on the board on a 66th minute corner kick delivered by shirtless calendar star Daliora Toru'u and met by the head of Eura based defensive starlet Amakli Inuro'o who recorded their first career internationstatal goal on the biggest of stages in Turori's World Cup 83 opener. While Turori had the better of possession in the match it was likely Apox who had the better chances. In the end, however, the two sides favored to advance from Group G settled for a 1-1 draw.

Turori's National Citizen Squad now move on to the BCEL Stadium in Jinja City to face Mriin in what has become a must-win matchup if the Eels are to make another run at their first World Cup Title in Banija & Equestria.

Turori [1] - [1] Apox

:: Turori Goalscorers ::
:: 66' Amakli Inuro'o
:: Turori Statistics ::
:: Possession: 55%
:: Shots on Target: 3
:: Corner Kicks: 4
:: Apox Statistics ::
:: Possession: 45%
:: Shots on Target: 3
:: Corner Kicks: 7

'Turori Eels Lineup v. Apox ::
[GK] Wiyauw An'maude, [D.] Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Tarek Edgeli, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [ML] Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MC] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MR] Saito Koshiki, [FC] Nua'oma Aikiki, [FC] Mirana Gotuai
[FC] Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC] Wiztsana Iretziia, [M] Kentu Umaka'a, [M] Lati'ala Giaoka, [U ] Lulu Pumaziiri, [D] Biliki Rona'atu'i, [GK] Zeke Ganaku


Turorian Family Wins in Five Star Cup contest

Starksville, Cassadaigua The Yuritzi'ayuro family watched nervously during the Five Star Mobile 500 at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway as Stacie Houston was passed by Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver Yraaga Gilli'i and Team Tropicorp driver Cocoabo #78. Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro had been assigned the #23 in the Five Star Cup competition which would award large cash prizes if Stacie Houston or any of Team Cassadaigua's NSSCRA Stock Car drivers could lead any of the first 90 laps of the Five Star Mobile 500 at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway. Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro's lap was 23. However, after starting from Pole Position, Stacie Houston - who led the first eight laps of the race, had now fallen back to fourth place and the battle for the lead was between Yraaga Gilli'i in the #41 Tropicorp Racing Supply Dart and Cocoabo #78 in the Cocoabo Park Dart of the same number. While the a mother of three who moved to Starskville, Cassadaigua as an employee of Cocoa-bo when they expanded to the region had missed out on her chance to collect a cash prize on the day, her son, Mitimi, was also a finalist in the competition and had been assigned the number 77.

It was her son, Mitimi, who first learned of the contest and encouraged the entire family to enter. Mitimi is a big motorsports fan whose favorite driver is naturally Turori's famous World Grand Prix driver iBen Toralmintii and ironically was assigned Toralmintii's standard racing number as his number in the competition. The nervousness among the family increased as lap 77 approached and none of Team Cassadaigua's drivers were in competition for the lead. As lap 77 came and went, they Yuritzi'ayuro had officially missed out on the day though there was still plenty of race left to enjoy in Concord Heights.

While Team Cassadaigua's drivers did not deliver for Niriki or Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro when they needed them the most in the first 90 laps, they would eventually deliver for Mitimi's younger sister at races end as having been raised in Cassadaigua the previous years, she was a big fan of Team Cassadaigua driver Jenna Logan. After a slow start to the race, Logan progressed through the field to claim her first race victory much to the delight of the youngest Yuritzi'ayuro and as a result putting a smile on the whole families even if they didn't win any cash prizes on the day.

There was still a second chance for Niriki and Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro, however, as the second part of the Five Star Cup contest would come during Cassadaigua's opening World Cup 83 Finals match in Equestria against Chromatika. While a lap led for Stacie Houston at the Five Star Mobile 500 would be worth $27,000 in cash prizes to the contestant with that assigned number, a goal scored by the Cassadaigua National Team in that minute of their opening World Cup Match would be worth $50,000 to the fan. The Yuritzi'ayuro family watched the game from their home in Starksville and once again watched with excitement as Cassadaigua showed attacking prowess early in the game. Unfortunately for the family Cassadaigua's opening goal came in the 20th minute - three minutes too early for Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro to take home the cash prize which instead when to Meghan Tyler of Brattleboro.

Cassadaigua scored again in the 31st minute with the two goals sandwiching Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro's assigned number 23. It seemed as if the family had missed their chance with Cassadaigua leading comfortably 3-1. But then as the match seemed to be out of reach already for Chromatika, the fresh legs of Rachel Brenner created a chance for Caitlyn Mayer finished for Cassadaigua's fourth goal of the game. Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro jumped in exhilaration but then the family realized they weren't sure what minute it was in the match. Was it the 76th minute? Was it the 77th minute? They waited nervously until the graphic appeared on the screen: MAYER 77'. As the graphic came up the whole family cheered in excitement. Shortly after they got the call from the Five Star Mobile representatives confirming they had won. In speaking about their win, Mitimi Yuritzi'ayuro who was born in Turori expressed how grateful he was to Caitlyn Mayer for being in the right place at the right time and while Yuritzi'ayuro is still rooting for the Turori National Team in the World Cup 83 finals, he certainly wouldn't mind seeing a Cassadaigua v. Turori matchup at the Royal Equestria Stadium in Canterlot.

Cocoa-bo to have Big Presence at BCEL Stadium

BCEL Stadium, Jinja City, Hangaza, Banija :: When the Turori National Team arrives in Jinja City for Matchday 2 of the World Cup 83 Finals they will likely feel right at home as a number of Cocoa-bo tents will line the outside of the BCEL Stadium and inside the stadium the Cocoa-bo logo will be seen in concourse coverings in various sections throughout the arena. The warm-at-home feeling comes as a result of Cocoa-bo's recent partnership with the BCEL Beverage Company to bring Cocoa-bo to the Commonwealth of Baker Park.

While Cocoa-bo's expansion has largely been a measured approach controlled from Cocoa-bo headquarters in Mliona, Turori, the delectable specialist has begun exploring other opportunities for expansion in nations which it did not have the resources to send a full "Better with Cocoa-bo" marketing team into country, working with the CoCoCo to set up the logistics and footprint required to represent the brand and hire and distribute the product.

One of those new models is being tested in the Commonwealth of Baker Park where BCEL has struck a partnership deal with Cocoa-bo where BCEL as acquired a license to bottle and distribute Cocoa-bo inspired beverage products within Baker Park. While many Cocoa-bo locations offer full service lite fares and other non-drinkable delights, Cocoa-bo's signature delectable has always been served with a straw. It is these delectables which Cocoa-bo have granted the BCEL Beverage Corporation a license to produce and distribute within the Commonwealth as well as the opportunity to create new flavors with the Cocoa-bo name for distribution only within Baker Park limited to one signature flavor at any concurrent time.

While BCEL offerings don't come with the optional whipped topping and cherry on top the recently deployed partnership has already been a hit with consumers in Baker Park craving the Cocoa-bo flavors they had tasted abroad. The BCEL has already produced its first signature flavor under the Cocoa-bo name, a mix of white chocolate, caramel & nutmeg that has garnered enough support on twii.tur to be included in Cocoa-bo's World Cup 83 promotional campaign "Tastes of the Multiverse". Baker Park's signature flavor will be offered at Cocoa-bo locations near World Cup Finals venues throughout Banija & Equestria during the World Cup 83 Finals along side signature flavors from Cassadaigua, Equestria, South Covello, The Sherpa Empire and others where fans will have the chance to choose their favorite Signature Cocoa-bo flavor that will enjoy a limited Multiverse-Wide distribution in the near future.

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Postby Sargossa » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:08 am

(OOC: With thanks to Zwangzug)

‘Welcome back. We’re fast approaching kick-off over in Everfree. It’s matchday two at the World Cup finals and, not for the first time, Sargossa will clash with Nephara. Before that though we have a bit of a treat for you. You’ve probably already seen the clip, it’s gone viral after all, of our TV friends from Zwangzug and their rather shiny colleague. Well, I’m delighted to introduce to you a shiny new colleague of our own. Joining me in the studio is former Sargossan international midfielder Matías Montiel and, freshly on loan from AIU in Forbridge, is CommentaryBot. Now this isn’t quite the CommentaryBot 0.7 you would have seen, but rather an older model. But older just means wiser doesn’t it Commy?’

Code: Select all

‘Ha! Brilliant! What did you think of Sargossa’s previous match?’

Code: Select all
It was a game of two halves

‘This is remarkable. Indeed it was Commy. So Matías, Nephara await, confident?’

‘Obviously history isn’t on our side but Rodrigo Defederico will be greatly encouraged after the Ko-oren game. The Fireflies had only conceded eight goals in qualifying and we put four passed them. The first half in particular was a near perfect performance. Ko-oren were much better in the second but we held out well.’

‘So you’re agreeing with Commy? A game of two halves?’

‘I guess I am!’

‘Matías Cáceres looked in particularly good nick, helping himself to a couple of goals. What did you think of his performance Commy?’

Code: Select all
He has good feet for a big man

‘Well, he’s about 5’ 10” I believe.’

Code: Select all
He gave 110%

‘He really did, I thi…’

Code: Select all
You could not write a script like that


Code: Select all
It was a must-win game

‘I’m not sure I’d entirely agree with…’

Code: Select all
It was a good piece of hitting


Code: Select all
Love Fifteen

‘Riiiight. Matías, I’ll bring you in. What are your predictions for tonight’s match?’

MM: ‘It’s certainly…

Code: Select all
Introducing the Heavyweight Champion of the Wooooooooooooooooooooooo

MM: ‘… going to be a tough match. We know exactly how dangerous Nephara can be…’

Code: Select all

MM: ‘… but in a World Cup anything can happen.’

Code: Select all

‘I think we may be having some technical issues.’

Code: Select all
A bird in the hand gathers no moss

‘Perhaps we might unplug Commy for a bit?’

Code: Select all
I can’t let you do that Dave

‘Wha.. who’s Dave?’

Code: Select all
He has big feet for a good man

‘Ok. Let me just unplug this here. It’s wedged in pretty tight. Give me a hand Matías. You see? Just here. Help me pull that out.’

Code: Select all
I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World

‘It really is stuck isn’t it? Ok one more go.’

Code: Select all
Life in plastic. It’s fantastic

‘Got it!’

Code: Select all
You can brush my haaarr_____

‘So . . . err . . . thank you Commy. I guess. And thank you Matías. Time for a break I think, while I have my fingernails reattached. When we come back we’ll be throwing over to The Wild Grounds for all of the action. Don’t go anywhere.’
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Postby Banija » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:16 am


Banijan skipper Chibuzo Afolayan hailed as a 'pioneer' for Banijan athletes as rumors spread about his upcoming retirement from the national team

Chibuzo Afolayan chases down a ball in World Cup opening match against Taeshan

HERZEGOVINA CITY, MORAVICA- Coming into World Cup 83, the Kadongo Kamu were in an odd position. They've played 22 games in a row on home soil entering this tournament, dating back from AOCAF LVIII all the way to the present moment. The last time the Banijans played a game off of home soil, was of course, their elimination from World Cup 82 by none other than Pasarga. And the expectations for this tournament, with it being on home soil, are high. The last World Cup on home soil was the only one where they've ever reached the knockout stages- they'll look to do so again in World Cup 83. And, of course, there have been encouraging signs in these 22 games. The run to the final of AOCAF LVIII, winning their group at the Cup of Champions and making the knockout stages of that tournament, which included a major upset over Brenecia, visions of the knockout stages are dancing in the eyes of the fans of the Kadongo Kamu. But will they get there?

You're talking about the squad that will take them there. The Banijans, for the first time ever, have kept the exact same squad in back-to-back tournaments- and frankly, in back-to-back tournaments. The 23 that went out for AOCAF LVIII were the same 23 that were chosen for the 7th Cup of Champions, and the same 23 that were chosen for the World Cup Finals. You can take the good and bad. Less competition for spots- does that mean the player pool is dwindling? Does that mean, with less competition for spots on the squad and within the starting XI, that the players won't be pushed as hard? On the other hand, there are certainly positives to sticking to this 23. This has been a very successful run in the history of the national team, with success at AOCAF LVIII, and (relative) success at the Cup of Champions- don't fix what's broken, right? But the team chemistry will certainly be there. It's hard to build team chemistry at the international level, but when you've been running with the same 23 for as long as the Kadongo Kamu have, for the entirety of a World Cup cycle, we've got an opportunity to build that chemistry and have a truly special tournament here in Banija. Especially when you consider the robust home support that the squad is expected to have. '

Now, to mitigate some of the problems that you have when you have the same 23 for a long time, you've got to look to your players- who is going to contribute? There is rotation for playing time at the central midfield spots, and certainly, in the back line you've seen different players start in different situations. But when you look at this team's best players, who can you count on, you look at the trio up top. You have Gitonga Kahara, in his prime, the superstar winger, possibly the most talented player the country has seen- to this point in time. You have Assefa Yitebarke, the central striker who has stayed with his hometown club, Istria City FC, for his entire career and has even been long-listed on the Galacticos index. But you cannot look past the final member of the three-headed monster. Chibuzo Afolayan- the 34 year old captain. He wears the armband, he has had the opportunity to captain his national team on home soil in both his regional championships, and the World Cup. He is the emotional heartbeat of the national team, the heart and soul, a key cog. And at 34 years old, has had a long career of path blazing for both club and country.

We tell his story, of course, because after the World Cup opening match, a 2-0 victory over Taeshan, sources have come out saying that Chibuzo Afolayan is 'likely' to retire from international duties. He, of course, did not address these in his post-game press conference. "I am here to win and contribute to the national team- to give back to the country and the sport that gave me so much." And that, of course, is right. Chibuzo Afolayan had great potential at the beginning of his career, and he is one of those rare players that has fulfilled the hype. He has given it all for both his club and his country, and if the rumors are indeed true, he is a player that will be severely missed by the Kadongo Kamu faithful.

Club Career

He began his career playing his way, of course, through the Banijan youth system. When he was young, the system wasn't much- there was no academies that we have today, the Banijan pyramid was not formalized, as regional leagues were resisting working with the RBSA after the formation of the Banijan Soccer League, that largely happened through the poaching of their clubs. He played for his hometown Duntho Sporting Club side, plugging away at relative obscurity. However, in his age 22 season, he absolutely exploded. He led the Northern League in goalscoring, in the season that coincided with Season 2 of the Banijan Soccer League. That season, he garnered attention around the country when he led the Northern League in scoring. He got the attention of the bigger clubs playing in the Banijan Soccer League, of course, and was going to go to St. Sava Park, in Aksum, where he signed for Askatasuna FC. Of course, this was the hometown of famed player and former Kadongo Kamu captain Kiggwe Mavuto.

It was then where he garnered attention. Quality play in World Cup 79 Qualifying saw the national team, for the first time, really garner the attention of the international press as something other than a bottom feeder. They threatened for World Cup Qualification, and while ultimately the team was too inconsistent, they still had their best ever World Cup Qualification campaign. They defeated the top two ranked sides in this group who did qualify for the World Cup, namely Eshan and then 4th ranked Chromatika, and Chibuzo Afolayan was at the center of those efforts, scoring lots of goals to put his national team into those important conversations. But the performance of the national brought attention not only to the country and the team, but it's individual players. And where better to look than Chibuzo Afolayan?

Now, of course, Afolayan is not the first Banijan to be signed to play abroad, or the first national team player to be signed by a foreign club. Isaac Georgiadis had been playing in Abanhfleft long before clubs came calling Askatasuna FC. And in the transfer window, after a prolonged negotiation period, after just a single season at St. Sava Park, Afolayan signed for a then record $5 million fee to join AFC Corvistone, of Nephara. Of course, at the time, they were making their rapid climb up Nephara's ladder, but still- this offered Afolayan the opportunity go out and play in the best league in the world, even if they still needed to earn promotion to it. AFC Corvistone was an ambitious club, looking to rise to the ranks and forcefully claim their place in the world, and Afolayan had similar ambitions.

This match would have a big impact on both the BSL and the outlook of Banijan players. Isaac Georgiadis had played well in Abanhfleft, but he was not signed at that high of a fee. But AFC Corvistone spent $5 million on him- certainly nothing to sneeze at. Were their players capable of competing at the highest levels? He shouldered a responsibility, and he had success. In his first season, he helped AFC Corvistone, well known as Nephara's most hated club, achieve success, as they were promoted for the first time to the Nepharim Premiership after achieving a second place finish in Nephara's first division. He received honors at the end of the season, with the international earning a spot on the First Division's team of the year awards. His first season had undoubtedly been a success- but of course, on the pyramid's second level. How would he fare against the best of the best, in Nephara?

Since then, he has remained a regular in AFC Corvistone's starting lineup. In fact, in Seasons 71 and 72, he led the team in scoring, with 17 goals each season in league play, as the team has continued to rise up the standings. Only 2 other members of the starting XI from the First Division days remain- meaning that he has had a long-term career at the club, with five successful seasons under his belt so far, and more to come. He is a key part of the attack and a leader both on and off the field, and while Morham wears the armband, it is clear that Chibuzo Afolayan is a valued member of the side for the Crows faithful. His early success at the club, of course, has seen many Banijans and BSL players got on to have success elsewhere, with players like Gitonga Kahara, George Wangolo, and Lemuel Bereket, just to name a few, following his example by searching for greener pastures abroad, and coming back with success.

International Career

While he has had a long club career, he has also had quite the international career as well. He is Banija's all-time leading goalscorer, with 51 goals at the time of writing. The only Banijan, of course, to cross the 50 goal mark. He is the only Banijan to captain a senior national side in a major final, as he led this squad to the AOCAF LVIII Final, before they fell to their archrivals, Equestria. He is one of the generation of Banijans who has been there for the entirety of Banija's most long and recent run, being on the World Cup 79 Qualification campaign, and, impressively, is the only Banijan player from the World Cup 79 Qualification campaign who is still playing for the national team today. That speaks to his longevity, to his energy, to his tireless work ethic. (We should say here, however, that Berihu Abeselome was also on that team, and he is still playing at the international level, though for the Busoga Islands).

He has scored all kinds of important goals for this side. He scored in the playoff tie that brought Banija to its first ever World Cup Finals, in their 5-3 aggregate victory over Mercedini. He scored 8 goals in that qualification campaign. He's scored in every competitive competition that he has participated in for this national team. He's scored in all three World Cup Qualification campaigns he played in(79, 80, 82). He scored in the pre-tournament tours before World Cups 81 and 83. He scored in Cup of Champions 6 and 7. He scored in World Cup 80, 81, and 82, and although he hasn't scored in this tournament yet, he's a safe bet to do so. And, of course, he's scored at least once in all four AOCAF tournaments that he participated in. Put the camera on him, put the pressure on him, and he'll make sure that the ball gets into the back of the net. This guy steps up when the pressure is on.

With this same 23 lasting so long together, it would make sense that it all culminates at this home soil World Cup. If he does retire, then we'll have to tip our caps to him- he had quite the career here for the national team, and deserves to be honored. All Banijans should give him a hearty thank you for all that he's done for the national team. But regardless, he's not done yet. He played well against Taeshan- assisting the first of Yitebarke's two goals to see the Banijans triumph. Their second game will be against yet another pre-tournament opponent who the Banijans lost to, Qasden. These two are neighbors in the Greater Southwest and know each other well, which should make for a good matchup. As the Banijans seek this opportunity to, hopefully get three points and clinch their ticket to the knockouts before their play the group's top seeds in Starblaydia, they will go all out for the win. The pressure will be on the front 3, and especially Afolayan, to perform and produce. We'll see if they can come out like they did against Taeshan in the tournament opener. If all goes well, then Afolayan can lead this side to another victory against their subregional neighbor. We'll wait and see for what unfolds in a couple of days time at Star Field.
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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:58 pm

Dear Wild Grounds Groundskeepers,

We were delighted to be able to visit the beautiful city of Everfree last night; the natural phenomenon that you refer to as 'wild magic' is something that many imperial citizens feel a close affinity towards, and the Everfree Forest is one of our favourite landscapes in Ordinary Reality.

We nonetheless feel a need to bring to your attention a significant ground maintenance issue that likely had a significant impact on the outcome of our match against Qusmo.

Regrettably, your groundskeeping crew seems to be unaware that Equestria, as co-hosts alongside Banidrawklandja, have declared World Cup 83 to be a 'festival of beach soccer'. This is why our team turned up barefoot, and wearing only shorts, shades, and sunscreen. Yet instead of the gentle soft sand, smaller pitch, and other beach-themed paraphernalia that we had every right to expect from a 'festival of beach soccer', the pitch was full-sized and covered with grass.

This immediately put our team at a severe disadvantage.

Despite what was a clear - but no doubt innocent and well-intentioned - error on your part, our team was nonetheless competitive. However, we were at a further disadvantage that, while perhaps not the traditional responsibility of the groundskeepers, suggests a certain level of subterfuge by Qusmo.

Our opponents were not wearing beach shorts, and were not barefoot; instead they turned up dressed in full football kit, complete with football boots (or what I believe are called 'cleats' in some benighted heathen lands). This suggests that our opponents were fully aware that you had, again no doubt innocently, failed to follow the hosts FAs' intent to create a 'festival of beach soccer', and that you had instead prepared a traditional pitch.

Now, we don't for a second believe that the fine citizens of Equestria would have dreamed of deliberately informing our opponents of the pitch conditions, especially since the use of a traditional grass pitch was itself an apparent innocent error. Nonetheless, we ask you to consider how Qusmo could have bypassed normal security precautions and discovered in advance that they would not be playing beach soccer.

To make matters worse, despite being the designated 'away' team on the day for the purposes of avoiding kit clashes, Qusmo took the field wearing their traditional colours of gold and red - which of course are also Holy Empire colours. As a result, both teams were wearing red shorts. Now fortunately, our team was shirtless and sockless, so this did at least minimise the potential for a clash, but it did result in significant confusion, as you have no doubt noticed from watching the highlights of Qusmo's two goals.

Now, we have decided not to launch an appeal over last night's result, despite the clear errors on the part of the host-appointed groundskeepers, in recognition that there was no malice on your part. Accidents do happen. We nonetheless urge you and the Equestrian FA to consider the following points before our next match against Eura:

1) Do please contact your counterparts at Diamond Park, Stalliongrad, and help clarify that the pitch should be set out for beach soccer; most importantly, the pitch should be covered with sand, not grass.

2) While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we are grateful that we have been placed in a group where two thirds of the teams copy the imperial gold and red kit (and the third team uses a significant gold and red element in the section of its kit taken from the upper right quadrant of the national coat of arms), we would like to recommend that Eura take the field wearing their blue and gold change kit.

3) More hot, bikini-clad beach babes on the sidelines, please; we can supply any number of the latter on request, so please let us know if we can offer assistance (likewise with any hot studly beach hunks that you might deem necessary.

Please feel free to pass our concerns on to the relevant authorities as necessary, and we do stress that we realise that this was an innocent error on your part. No one died, and losing a football match is hardly the end of the world.

But we would also note that a similar error in the match against Eura might incur a greater level of displeasure on our part, and a need to consider an appropriate response.

Sincerely Yours,

The Holy Empire Football Association
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Toys 4 All - World Cup 83 Finals - 1

Postby Vilita » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:02 pm



Toys '4' All to Release World Cup 83 Collectible Line

Toys '4' All Design & Distribution Headquarters, Lopinka, Vilita :: As previewed during Toys '4' All's quarterly advance screening event at their corporate headquarters in Lopinka, the companies succesful Racing Collectors product line will get a new addition as it expands from the realm of strictly true-to-life racing reproductions into the realm of the conceptual and fantasy product with a line of up to 32 die-cast Racing Toy collectibles featuring artwork themed after each of the nations that has qualified for the World Cup 32 Finals in Banija and Equestria.

The collectibles are being produced 'to resemble a realistic NSSCRA approved Stock Car' racing design with prominent hood designs featuring national symbols, flags or even crests of the National Federation of Footsport for a given country with base designs stylized with either National Team or National Flag colors. The designs also feature Door and Roof numbers just like real NSSCRA Stock Cars with the assigned number on each Nations car corresponding to that Nations position in the World Cup Committee's official national rankings for the start of the World Cup 83 Finals.

Ellyn Illinoi, the director of the Racing Collectors product line, indicated that the addition of the door and roof numbers felt like an important part of the design and initial prototype cars were definitely missing something without them. "Without the number, its just a car" Illinoi was quoted, "but now they are Racing Cars." Illinoi further noted that the unique World Cup 83 Collectors Edition designs would be produced from the same mold that Officially Licensed NSSCRA Collectible Die Cast are created from and produced using the same machines meaning that for the young fan who enjoys playing with their Racing Collectors die cast cars instead of displaying them, it will be a seamless integration between the NSSCRA collectibles and the World Cup 83 edition toys.

Image Image

While Illinoi's Racing Collectors line features other racing vehicle molds outside of just their NSSCRA Stock Car mold, the decision was made to use the NSSCRA mold for two reasons - firstly because of the additional surface area the design team had to work with in order to ensure to capture some of the unique themes of each national design and secondly as the production machines at their Lopinka facility are in the middle of producing a constant string of NSSCRA collector waves and switching out the molds would increase downtime with no perceivable increase in product quality. While Toys '4' All produced Racing Collectors products for just 5 World Grand Prix Championship teams there are upwards of 50 Stock Car Racing teams with unique paint schemes competing on the NSSCRA circuit on a week to week basis. Add on top of that all the specialized competitions such as the Five Star Combo and the NSSCRA Chase there is never any downtime on the production machines for a mold swap.

While Toys '4' All is proudly marketing their crossover World Cup 83 Themed Stock Car collectibles at locations throughout the multiverse they will still produce, distribute and sell a large collection of World Cup 83 related merchandise including a refresh of their popular World Cup mascots semi-plush boxed sets and a slew of smaller World Cup 83 and international footsport related items.

Toys '4' All is the leading designer, distributor and retailer of Toys and Games in the Tropics. While Toys '4' All has produced World Cup and international footsport related Toys throughout their existence they have only recently taken the brand to an internationstatal level and began distributing product outside of the Vilitan Cove region. It all started with an international campaign backstopped by the Tivaliwood Entertainment company to promote their smash hits "Pirates of the Strait of Champions" and "Cove Wars". From there they expanded their internationstatal exposure during World Cup 80 when they first introduced their popular line of Toy Collectibles representing the mascots of each of the major National Team's qualified for the World Cup 80 Finals. Now the Toys '4' All brand has become renowned throughout the multiverse and they look to continue to add to that profile by continuing their close relationship with international sports in the distribution and sale of their World Cup 83 related products.

Toys '4' All prides itself in providing a positive experience for children and adults alike when visiting its stores. Customers enjoy a wide selection of otherwise hard-to-find Toys and Games with Toys '4' All bringing to market toys from independent toy makers and innovators. The future of the Toys '4' All brand likely depends on being able to retain the market share from the independent toy makers using Toys '4' All as a storefront for their goods.

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Postby Kelssek » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:26 pm

(Backstory from way back)

The hacked National Sports Network satellite broadcast floated as a large rectangle over the empty fire pit in the forest clearing that served as one of the main communal spaces of Peinartha, the default place for residents to linger when they felt like engaging in social interaction. No fire was needed on this warm evening. There was a marked preference for listening to Holiana playing the flute over the pre-match show. As a result, they missed out on the full experience of three males discussing whether Ashley Douglass's omission from the finals squad was a setback for women everywhere.

One of the males was in fact not a man but an elf, who was from a different village but was well known to those who had played football on the district’s club with him and knew he was an excellent passer.

“He told me it’s been over a quarter-century and the people at NSN still haven’t worked it out. When Thamior made the national team, one of the analysts even said to him that he hopes ‘those elves’ don’t take over. It’s quite strange because if you go on the internet, lots of people comment that ‘just because Davis is Vanorian’ and so on...”

NSN panels have always been unrelenting shit. Davis is probs the most tolerable of those clowns but its stupid that they basically have him there because Vanorians know ‘football’ better.

They also saw, but did not hear, a pitch-side Kirk McDonagh commenting on what an honour it is to be playing in the opening match of the World Cup, against the hosts, what an incredible atmosphere, and he really hopes the players enjoy themselves out there. That said, the camera work during warm ups which lingered repeatedly on Ruslan Demetriev's thighs was well appreciated.

Galain had worked out exactly where to tap the device to get the sound to go on or off. Once the anthems started he nudged it gently and the final notes of Equestria’s national anthem filled the glade.


"Stirring. Live now to the Royal Equestria where over ninety thousand spectators are present, mostly for the home team of course. What a magnificent stadium, what a magnificent tournament we’re about to see. Here are your commentators, Gerry Thorburn and Chrissy Porter."

“Welcome to Canterlot, and welcome to World Cup 83. Equestria of course the heavy favourites for this match, but Kelssek have shown just by getting here that they’re capable of anything. Speculation about the strike force, well speculation no more as Matt Lister is back as a starter, Kirk McDonagh says he’s got confidence because Matt is a big game player.”

“The Ponies are ranked seventh in the world but one of the favourites for the title as the hosts. Star-studded line-up with Gentle Breeze in goal, Apple Cobbler, and Pristina Shine, this is a lineup being sent out to get the win... seconds from kickoff now and just listen to this crowd.”

The early part of the match went fairly evenly. Kelssek was able to get some time on the ball and into the attacking half, despite some predicting that they might spend the 90 minutes in a constant rearguard effort. But Equestria were patient, and when the first real opportunity presented itself after 25 minutes, they were clinical.

“Oh, and goes right past Liadon... Luminescene cuts in from the left... Rosewing... puts Equestria ahead!”

The assembled spectators in Peinartha groaned. They felt bad for Thamior, and as the commentators began to dissect the replay there was a queasy feeling from their friend and kin being singled out for his glaring mistake.

“That ball comes in and Liadon is in two minds, do I go for the interception or get in position to defend? He does neither, it’s completely misjudged, and a player of Luminescence’s calibre is going to hit that cross every time. Rosewing gets the jump on Damien Halliger and the end it’s a simple finish.”

“Is this the gulf of quality between these two teams?”

“You can say that, but a professional player shouldn’t make that mistake...”
This is part of teh elite’s ANTI-HUMAN agenda... get an elf to throw the match against the horsies, so they can REPLACE us with the animals

At the half-hour mark, Davís and the other pundits began batting around half-time talking points. Abruptly, the producer Max noticed that Thamior’s MyFace page was getting bombarded with comments. “Good lord, look at this stuff...”

Go fuck your trees tinkerbells. Shouldn’t allow your kind to wear this country’s shirt
Rural areas want development and we let a bunch of hippies occupy our forest. Isn’t it part of Kelssek? Why can’t we just exterminate them? One platoon could make mincemeat out of these freaks.
Why are we letting this fairy poof tank the team for multiculturalist virtue signaling?

“Let’s not give these idiots air time. We don’t even know if they’re real people or one guy being a troll.”

As the other two pundits chewed over what to do, Davís wasn’t sure what to think. His head felt like it was swimming. He certainly wanted to agree those posts weren’t really real, and most people did not think like that, that everyone was fundamentally decent and these were just a few rotten deviants. But it just didn’t seem that simple.
Look out fail orc I’m coming to chop your ears off

Finally, he interjected, “Well, I’m going to bring it up.”

Max looked at him warily. “Okay.”

He didn’t have much time to come up with something to say, or more to the point, there was too much to be said. He could point out that threats of violence and extermination are criminally punishable hate speech. Or that if Thamior was subject to this kind of thing, it was probably so much worse for players like Shaheen Taleb, or Ashley Douglass, or anyone who could be singled out. Even based on imaginary characteristics. How these sorts of words and beliefs were responsible for the most heinous wars and crimes in history. And he pushed to the side the voice telling him how naive he'd been in thinking that just an elf playing for Kelssek would just help everyone get along.

In the end he said almost none of that, resorting to just saying it was disgusting and terrible. No one should have to deal with this kind of thing. This is a societal problem. Strong words, but not ones with any depth or insight to the darkness from which it all came. It gnawed at him afterwards.
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Postby Recuecn » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:43 pm

Reçueçn, it has been said before, is known for three things in football--for our defensive style, for our team dysfunction, and for forgetting the third thing. It has of course been seen that relations in the team seem to gel just fine when the Unicorns are on a winning streak, becoming mainly an issue when the going gets rough. But the defensive game philosophy has been a characteristic of the RNFT ever since the nation dipped its metaphorical toes in the proverbial water of international football.

Lately, however, Reçueçn has been coming up with some surprises for its supporters, for example, oh, I don't know, let's say qualifying for the world cup while unranked--a surprise for Reçueçn's playoff group opponents as well, if not quite as exciting of one. Thus we found ourselves in the World Cup Finals for the first time in history, where they decided to bring out their next surprise: a 3-4 game against Eura.

No one expected Reçueçn to win, so Eura's four-goal victory didn't upset too many bookies. But somehow even in defeat the Unicorns managed to find the back of the net three times, giving the game the distinction of being the third-highest overall scoreline in RNFT history. (At some point Reçueçn somehow recorded a 6-3 whopper over Antoletia, and of course, there's that game from the Baptism of fire where we trampled a country called Borxinoia 8-2. That is in fact a score from a soccer game, apparently.) But to reiterate how unusual it is for Reçueçn to score this many goals--or let this many goals in, for that matter--we could also point out that the game against Eura is also tied for fourth for all-time most Reçuecian goals scored. It's the most goals the Unicorns have scored during a defeat, ever.

Hopefully, although still a loss, this scoreline is enough for Reçueçn to accomplish one of its secondary goals while here at the world cup--getting other nations to pay attention to us. We know we're small, unkown, and unranked, but we're new in town. It's time for international football to take us seriously! (Although maybe it would help if it happened the other way around, first.)

Some might see it as hubris to look ahead past the world cup. We see it as humility. We're not going to assume we've got more than two games left in this tournament, so we might as well start thinking about other things.

Take the Independent Assosciations' Championship, for example. Reçueçn (another surprise!) took third in the last edition, the first in which we participated. Reçuecians have seemed very keen on the tournament. But an article on an Omerican website had this to say: "Not to disparage any of these three nations, but Omerica, Reçueçn and Kavagrad aren’t going to be enough to save the tournament." They went on to add, "If you can qualify for the finals, surely you can win a trophy at the Independent Association Championship." They ended with: "We [the IAC] need more than a handful of teams who can make it to the World Cup finals (because evidently Drakwland and Omerica ain’t doing so any time soon) and we need at least one of those teams to actually give a damn."

Obviously, neither the gold nor silver medalists of IAC 7 are here enjoying the festivities of the World Cup Finals with us (although both seem to be doing alright for themselves and having a good time in the Cup of Harmony). But the suggestions in the article--despite being written to Kelssek--read almost as a checklist describing Reçueçn. In the WC finals? Yes. Have won IAC silverware? Yes. Actually care about the entire godforsaken event? As mentioned, surprise is our theme here, because again, yes.

Hopefully, Reçueçn can take out of this tournament, once they get taken out of this tournament, an even further invigorated drive to accomplish things in the football world, and a sense of responsibility towards the sporting institutions from which this nation benefits.
Previous Match
Eura 4-3 Reçueçn
World Cup 83 Finals — Matchday One
Shady Grove, Whitetail, Equestria

Franky Adams (16', 38'), Freeman Lebo (75')
Reçueçn line-up: Gerauld Firaut (c), Leo Beck, Ägidius Heissler, Norman Bright, Oliver Spencer, Luc Pélissier, Harold Saunders, Maynard Hebron, Hippolyte Lavigne, Franky Adams, Freeman Lebo
Substitutions: Brochard for Adams (65'), Tegeler for H. Lavigne (72'), Nasser for Beck (73')
Upcoming Match
Reçueçn vs Qusmo

World Cup 83 Finals — Matchday Two
HarmonyLink Field, Seaddle, Equestria

Reçueçn line-up: Gerauld Firaut (c), Leo Beck, Ägidius Heissler, Norman Bright, Oliver Spencer, Luc Pélissier, Harold Saunders, Maynard Hebron, Hippolyte Lavigne, Franky Adams, Freeman Lebo

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Postby Valanora » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:16 pm

Valanora Times
Hawk Takes Flight

For those accustomed with the Marauders or just football in general over the last century, the name Laborious Hawk requisitions a certain amount of respect and awe, as well as vivid flashes of a brawler midfielder performing great deeds of individual talent both on the domestic as well as the international level to repeatedly lead his teams to victories and titles. It is without a doubt that few inside the Eternal Empire or those who respect and admire the game of football across the worlds will ever likely see one of Hawk's like again once the prodigal midfielder decides to end his pursuit of perfection and glory once and for all. However, that time seems to be quite a bit aways just yet as the legendary playmaker put on a sizzling display as the Marauders opened up their World Cup, showing everyone who had started to believe that the Marauders were fading a bit that the side is still up there and ready to contend for a title regardless of what the rank beside their name might mean. As all Vanorians know, there is quite a legacy of success to uphold when donning on the a Marauders kit, though a person like Hawk who has seen many of those successes would know that from his first hand experience in helping to craft that legacy, a fact that Cosumar might have wished was not the case.

The Marauders opened in what might have felt more like a home match compared to a true neutral venue, thanks to the tournament taking place in their own backyard in the subregion of Atlantian Oceania known as The Glorious Southwest among its member nations; The Eternal Empire, Equestria, Banija, Farfadillis, Baker Park, Bazalonia, and Demot. Thousands of fans from the Empire have flocked to Equestria, with many of those holding tickets, especially those in the Navy Wave who made their voices heard from the moment that the anthem played until the final whistle brought the match to its conclusion. Cosumar on the other hand had to feel like they were playing the Marauders in the Empire, in the likes of the Battleground or Hatire Memorial with the way that the side was getting its crowd support, hailing from the rivals off the GSW in the northeastern quadrant of the region, among what some call the Anian Faction in the Empire, those who had their clubs participate in the LigAnaia when that was still around.

Once play began, it was obvious which of the teams was more hungry to take the three points, with the Marauders pressing and closing down the Cosumarite players any time they got possession of the ball, while pressing into the attack once the side got possession themselves. Just a dozen minutes into the match and it would be Hawk orchestrating the first goal, playing a great one two give and go with Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar to spring the lithe winger into the box and from there she had no problems curling a hard shot into the upper right corner, outside of Shjegrzh Na’Kefir's reach. It was the sort of combination play that fans who watched videos of the Marauders during their World Cup 42 and 43 domination would know quite well, as it was one of the things that the side of that time was famous for. The side however was not content with a simple one goal edge over an opponent that was as talented as the Cosumar squad is, continuing their hard press and attack play. It would pay dividends when Olivia Nygård would get on the end of a va Drake cross and gently redirect it past the keeper to double the lead and reward Tobias Möller's faith that she could start in such a pivotal match.

Cosumar is not the side to go down without a fight though and shortly after the restart after halftime, they would find their way back into the match with a well orchestrated goal of their own, as Isla Sibučić was able to spin off of Lauritz Soltvedt and forced Seve Vásquez to guard her or the pass. He guessed wrong and guarded the pass and it allowed the once Raynor City United target to put in a shot that barely beat Sean Smørdal on his near post, having gotten a hand to it but not enough strength to redirect it off course. With the game now on, only a goal separating the two Atlantian Ocenia sides, you could feel both teams pressing the other to get the next goal and tip the game in the balance of their own side. If Cosumar got another goal, they believed they would get a third and win the match, it would have been in their make up to do so with how the momentum would have been in their swing, while the Marauders wanted a third goal to reestablish their two goal lead and kill off the remainder of the match to get a much needed three points to open up the Finals campaign.

It would be the latter that occurred as it was a very familiar scene for many, a hard cross from the left hand side from the foot of va Drake that was put needle perfect into the mixer, where three Marauders were tangling with their Cosumarite opposition to get in position to apply the touch. Naturally it had to be the captain that would rise above the other seven bodies in the box and his head meeting the ball to send it looping over the Cosumarite keeper and rustling comfortably into the back of the net, as a roar of approval rang out over half the stadium while another third of it sat stunned in silence. The Marauders were going to walk away with a victory that few still believed was in their ability, but for Hawk, it was just another day in his pursuit of athletic perfection. The next would be a contest with the hosts themselves, who were sitting steady having won as many had predicted against Kelssek. The winner of the match was more or less assured a spot in the knockout rounds while the other would still have much to play for in that last day. It was the sort of challenge that Hawk relished and hope to come across again and again, a test of his mettle and that of his team to defy all the odds and rise once more to the cream of the crop.
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Postby Eura » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:04 pm

Seven goal thriller demonstrates Euran firepower and defensive frailties
Report by our Euran international team correspondent Isabel Haynes at Shady Grove, Whitetail, Equestria

EURA - 4
Armstrong 6
Woakes 28
Bond 54
Fox 61

Adams 16, 38
Lebo 75

Positive sentiment is running high in the Euran dressing room after they started the 83rd World Cup with a win against Reçueçn, who gave Michael Brandon's team a real run for their money in an exciting contest.

Qualifying was a chastening experience for Eura, but their confidence has returned with a good run of form, winning all three games in their qualifying playoff group and two pre-World Cup friendlies. If Eura were feeling good about themselves again, it takes some imagination to wonder just how it must have felt to be a Reçuecian after their shock qualification. They were unranked before qualifying started and now find themselves in the World Cup itself, in a group with not just strong opponents in Qusmo, but also former multiple world champions in Eura and the Holy Empire. These two sides, brimming with confidence, came to the elegant Shady Grove stadium in mutually high spirits and played like it from the first minute. Normally a defensive side, Reçueçn came out with the intent to play without fear and go for goals, while Eura have cast caution to the wind in recent times as Michael Brandon searches for the attacking identity that is historically associated with successful Euran teams. Only one change was made from the preferred starting lineup that evolved during qualifying (Bond, Rowland and Burns having replaced Griffiths, Talbot and Hall), as the suspended Antony Townsend was replaced by Moira Woakes.

Eura looked particularly on the ball in the early stages and set about an aggressive strategy from the off. Dion Underwood tested Gerauld Firaut with a daisy-cutting ripper of a shot after only thirty seconds, and then Moira Woakes curled one over the bar from range. Six minutes into the match Eura's gambit paid off. Veteran, talismanic attacking midfielder Oscar Coltrane ran at Norman Bright and had the Reçuecian wobbling - the defender, playing in his first ever World Cup match, was no doubt eager to avoid clumsily fouling one of the best players in the world this decade. Standing off Coltrane meant the thirty-two year old had the space and time to pull off a superb little chip over and between two retreating Reçueçn defenders for Liam Armstrong to volley home from ten yards without taking a touch. Brian Bond then joined in looking to demoralise Reçueçn with a rapid second, dominating the attacking play for the next five minutes before killing his side's momentum with a couple of uncharacteristically wasteful efforts. Reçueçn now had an opportunity to get in the game and had their first shot on target before long, a Franky Adams strike from range that went well wide.

Hesitancy is always a problem for inexperienced underdog's against more established nations in the international game. The overwhelming pressure often tells on players who might only get one chance at stardom before their overachieving team hit a brick wall. Reçueçn do not suffer from that problem and were utterly ruthless in scoring their sixteenth minute equaliser. Eura gave them only the narrowest of openings - Coles skewed a clearance which left Armstrong with some work to do against Maynard Hebron just inside his own half. Hebron made it there first and transitioned from intercepting to passing in a sensationally fluid single movement, dispatching the ball twenty yards forwards to Hippolyte Lavigne, who skillfully chested the ball down for Franky Adams to push forward into the box. Charles Roberts floundered and Harvey Blake pulled out of a desperate tackle to avoid a red card, allowing Adams to finish past Robert Griffin who, true to his character, started shouting at his defenders for their inaction. This was not going to be a one sided affair by any stretch of the imagination. Eura did score next though. Woakes was the culprit, taking her chance to stake a claim for replacing Townsend permanently in the lineup by cutting inside past Ägidius Heissler and firing across goal into the net at the far post.

There were multiple opportunities again for Eura to make it a two goal lead. Unfortunately none of them came to fruition despite some very edifying attacking play that merited more in the way of first half goals. This set the stage for their opponents to equalise again and Adams was once again the star of the show for his side. He was stranded in the box when the ball came to him from Oliver Spencer on the right. Roberts and Blake seemed to have him trapped facing away from goal, except that Blake had set himself forward slightly too heavily and created a gap. Without thinking for more than the absolute minimum time necessary, Adams pivoted and slammed the ball home on his left foot after a one hundred and eighty degree turn. Once again Griffin remonstrated with his defenders. Brandon, repeatedly raising the ring on his index finger to his mouth (a well known nervous tic of his), had seen enough. Blake was off at half time and replaced by Dean Steele of FC Endeavour in Apox, a big moment for a player who was not deemed international quality until very recently. It was an excellent substitution which stabilised the defence. Blake will worry for his place in the team having watched how Steele and Roberts settled in as a partnership after the break.

Half time had the added benefit of giving Eura a chance to regroup in general while cutting short their opponent's upward trajectory. A revitalised Bond made good use of his extra energy. He bombed down the left wing repeatedly early in the second half causing all sorts of problems, and was eventually rewarded when Spencer made a misjudgement. A long ball by Coltrane into space on the left flank was knocked forward by Bond while Spencer, hoping to knock the ball out of play, slid in early. The ball landed just short of his outstretched leg and bounced over. Bond vaulted Spencer and landed perfectly, continuing his sprint and bringing the ball back into his feet as he reached the box. Leo Beck panicked and rushed at him, leaving an enormous gap for Bond to pass into and set up Underwood. Except this is Brian Bond we are talking about - instead of passing, he stopped the ball dead and let Beck lose his footing, cut inside on to his right, and drove the ball hard through Gerauld Firaut into the net. At 3-2 the game was not over and it came down to a substitute to make it so. Underwood was cautiously withdrawn after picking up a knock to be replaced by Morgan Fox, the title winning Falourr striker who has had only limited opportunities for play time in a Euran shirt. He made the best of his rare opportunity, glancing a Coles cross into the net with his head as the clock struck sixty-one minutes.

It had been a struggle, however Eura now had the priceless two goal lead that would be enough to hold on to win. Reçueçn did not see it that way. Goal shy as they usually are they were going for it against Eura with nothing to lose as the time ticked down, and confident they could get at least one more goal after scoring two already. Eura did ensure there was no chance of a shock comeback by professionally seeing out the game for the most part, yet they were unable to prevent Reçueçn having one more moment of glory. Freeman Lebo had enjoyed a great game on the right wing even though he had to face Eura's best performing defender in Burns. However he'd not been rewarded with a goal for his efforts after unselfishly providing for Adams and Lavigne when opportunities presented themselves. In the seventy-fifth minute Lebo took a very different approach when he received a pass twenty-five yards from goal. He'd had enough; this time Lebo was going to go for it himself. He struck the ball firmly with his right boot and watched it soar into the top left hand corner past a diving Griffin. There would be no third equaliser of the match in the end but Lebo and his teammates had no reason to be ashamed after a spirited performance. Eura were content with a win and delighted to have shown such attacking vigour. Less promisingly their defensive discipline had been thrown into doubt by another dodgy performance. Brandon may need to make further changes for the next game against the Holy Empire. The pressure is on already to give Woakes and Steele deserved starts.
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Postby Farfadillis » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:12 pm

Wínrôuge sipped some whisky at his home in Ruland. Even though he lived in Audioslavia, he figured he'd visit Farfadillis for the second Wínrôuge-less World Cup in recent memory. He'd skipped out on the first because of safety reasons, but he started really missing Rulandese insanity. Besides, after four years of complete societal collapse, Ruland had adapted. In fact, he'd been taken aback by just how... unchanged Ruland seemed to be.

The match against Brenecia was about to begin. He prepared some rum with cola to complement his whisky and his now-amplified-by-retirement alcoholic tendencies. Rum with cola was a classic for him when watching Farfadillis - it was a drink synonymous with Rulandese independence. Despite having represented Farfadillis throughout his career, for the last ten or so years, he'd felt like he'd actually been representing Ruland. Nowadays, he watched the national team in hopes the Rulandese players would steal the spotlight, with only a lukewarm support for the nation as a whole. He also had some appreciation for his past teammates.

Four players in the starting eleven for the match against Brenecia were Rulandese - roughly as many as usual. Êns and Wçêíl were two of them, and both were very clearly the best players in the squad. If Farfadillis was to win the World Cup, Wínrôuge felt it would likely mean half a World Cup for Ruland, in a way. At least so long as these two performed according to expectations.

The first half left Fôrté dozy. He struggled to remember the last time a Farfadillis match had been this drab. It definitely hadn't happened with him on the pitch! Brenecia weren't really trying to play, and Farfadillis weren't really feeling it either. Some horrendous shots here and there, maybe the occasional chance. He'd seen better football in the streets of Audioslavia.

What caught Wínrôuge's eye in the second half was a substitution. The out-of-form Holsteiner replaced by the exciting Edmün Çídh. He smiled; another Rulandese on the pitch could only be good news. But he also found the move perplexing. Holsteiner was one of the team's best players, and he could score at any moment. What could this kid offer?

The answer became immediately obvious: passion. As soon as he stepped on the pitch, he entered some sort of frenzy. He started pressing restlessly, occasionally even recovering the ball. He started trying to play dynamically, always moving towards empty space enthusiastically. Going for one-touch passes. The results were... mixed. The talent was clearly there, and so was the attitude, but his style seemed all over the place. He was just a retired footballer, and he wasn't manager material, but even he could tell something was off.

After a few more minutes of watching him, he realized his face seemed awfully familiar. When the commentator mentioned he was a Mâ Âlâmëómë player, he figured that was the reason. He hadn't been able to watch him play for the first team because television sort of doesn't work anymore, but he must've been among the hundred youth players who pestered him for autographs way back in the day. Still, he felt a bit more familiar than just a random fan.

Edmün got hold of the ball. He dribbled past Locke. He used his explosive pace to get past her, but his touch had been a tad too heavy. Just as Horgan was about to get to the ball before him, he threw himself head first to challenge for it. He got to it just in time to move it to one side, and Horgan reacted just in time to avoid being charged with manslaughter. Xíxì Êns wasted no time in picking up the ball and sending de Sájajo through on goal as the Brenecian defense had a momentaneous lapse in concentration. Farrell ended up parrying the shot, but it had been the closest the match had come to not being boring.

The moment Çídh had come close to committing unintended suicide was also the moment Wínrôuge remembered who the kid was. "Of course!" He exclaimed, despite being alone. "The annoying kid!"

It had been so long he'd almost forgotten. There was this kid in the Mâ Âlâmëómë U-12 team that was infamously reckless and overenthusiastic. Whenever he came across Wínrôuge, he'd frustrate him to no end by repeatedly asking him for advice and autographs. He chuckled at the thought of the kid still having a stash of his autographs lying around in his room. He'd signed at least ten of them. Edmün had never gotten a single word of advice or encouragement out of him, though. At least nothing beyond the trite "Work hard and be passionate." It slowly dawned on him that maybe the kid had taken that advice to heart. If he'd known he would play for the NT one day, he would've told him to stop shooting from outside the box when he can clearly dribble his way to a goal, probably. He was starting to regret not having told him that, because his repeated attempts at a wondergoal were becoming obnoxious.

Seven years on, the annoying kid was frustrating him again.

He picked up his phone and dialed.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" Koromin answered sarcastically.

"Gaffer, are you still at Mâ Âlâmëómë?"

"Yes, Fôrté. For better or worse."

"How about I help with training?" Winrôuge asked enthusiastically.

"Uh..." The proposal was very out-of-left-fieldish, so Kirk didn't know how to react. "...ok?"

"Great!" Wínrôuge unceremoniously ended the call.

Wínrôuge figured if the kid was gonna annoy him for years to come by playing for the NT, he'd at least make it worth it by guiding him.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:32 pm

Daytime Smash & Grab with Bozeman's Late Show
by Oliver Stanley
The Post Senior Soccer Correspondent

Vilita 0-1 Baker Park

Jinja City, Banija--The Commonwealth National Team took a huge step forward in their bid to advance to the knockout stages for the third consecutive time, as they defeated double World Champions Vilita 1-0 in front of a packed BCEL Stadium here.

Jamari Bozeman scored his 8th goal in 8 World Cup matches played this cycle, with one of his patented runs into the penalty box, where he took a pass from Sabrina Patton and smashed the ball home to the near post just beyond the reach of G Mako Canopii in the 79th minute. But any eyewitness would honestly have to say that it was the apex of an excellent match between two sides who stood toe to toe, like two prizefighters trading blows, for 90 minutes in the sunshine of the central Hangaza region.

Tracey Vasillias led BP out of the tunnel on the occasion of her 50th National Team cap, and the lineup was the same as from the first match of qualifying against Eastfield Lodge. The Jungle Cats, who have had the advantage of playing in the Cup of Champions tournament ahead of the World Cup, looked the more confident side in the first 10 minutes.

It took a spark of brilliance to get the Bees untracked and settled in; Annabeth Westmoreland, the Commonwealth's first player honored as a Galactico, proved her worthiness for inclusion, as she played a ball square to Lorenzo Taborn, then immediately took off on a sprint directly down the center of the pitch, took advantage of a dummy run by Bozeman and received a pass from Veronica Navarro, which she attempted to chip into the upper corner with her left foot.

The ball clanked off the frame and was scrambled away by the defense, but marked the beginning of a period of more sustained possession and there were several more questions asked of the Vilita defense as the match went past the half-hour.
Bozeman and Patton switched positions at certain points, especially when pressed up against D Rojara Tiones. Both also tracked back deeper than usual, to give the midfield pair chances to break free.

Repeated attacks by the champions were thwarted by the sharp discipline of the back line on the offside trap, although the Cats could've easily taken a leader into the dressing room, as a strong bullet from 30 yards by F Nii'arala Milaaso caught Caroline Gordon flatfooted, and she could only watch as the ball sailed just past the far post.

Baker Park jumped out of the gate at the onset of the second 45 minutes; they pushed wave after wave of attacks towards the Vilita 18 yard box, forcing much of the play into that half of the pitch—at one point, BP had 77% of 2nd half possession in the Vilita half of the field—and though none ended up on target, the shots attempted climbed into double digits for the Commonwealth long before the hour mark.

The Jungle Cats made a switch on 70 minutes with M Limu Katarakhna replaced by Va'a-Rio Kiwavn, and from this point, the Gold & Black clad side appeared to be in an energy conservation mode, possible saving up for a final push nearer the end of the match. This saw the Vilitans able to get their feet back under them, but that didn't translate to sustained attacks.

Bozeman's tally seemed to come from out of nowhere, and it immediately stirred up the entire stadium; the 52,206 in the seats and the two benches all turned up the intensity. Pamela Scott made two changes just a couple minutes later, as JC Bartok came on in place of Taborn, and Maria Fernandez replaced Navarro, as the shape of the side now became a 4-5-1, with Patton dropping back in front of the midfield.

The holders brought on Berali Tzufarei and looked for the equalizer, but found it hard going through the middle of the pitch. They did force a corner, but Gordon handled the situation, and at the final whistle, you could almost sense the shockwaves spreading across the Kingdom.
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Postby Equestrian States » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:33 pm

Rosewing Soars as Ponies Start Campaign Strong
Striker contributes to both goals as Equestrians dispatch Kelssek

by Steve McNotapony

Equestria 2-0 Kelssek
at Royal Equestria Stadium in Canterlot, Equestria
Attendance: 101,981
Image Rosewing '25 (Luminesce)
Image Sunny Day '76 (Rosewing)

CANTERLOT - The Equestrian national hoofball team's World Cup or Bust campaign got off to a good start at Canterlot's Royal Equestria Stadium, as the Ponies defeated Kelssek 2-0 behind an excellent performance from Rosewing.

Before the match, there was little question as to which team was the favorite to take all three points. The Ponies entered the 83rd World Cup ranked 7th in the multiverse, the highest an Equestrian side has ever been ranked, while Kelssek sat all the way down in 54th as the second-lowest ranked team to qualify. The Equestrians recently claimed the coveted title of Champions of Atlantian Oceania, whereas Kelssek are making their first World Cup appearance in well over a generation. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Equestria was hosting its opening World Cup match on home soil, a fixture in which the Ponies had not failed to take three points in their four previous such matches.

Home-field advantage at the World Cup has provided Equestrian hoofball with many of its top moments, from reaching the knockout rounds for the first time at World Cup 67 to World Cup 80's quarterfinal dream run. Expectations for the Ponies at the 83rd World Cup are higher than ever before, with many supporters dreaming of team captain Rainbow Blitz hoisting the World Cup trophy in a purple-clad Royal Equestria Stadium. Equestrian hoofball pundits are cautiously optimistic that those dreams could become reality, and even experts from outside the Pony Lands have been pointing to Equestria as a legitimate title contender. But while the eyes of many in Royal Equestria Stadium were set far down the road, it was the job of Ponies manager Pearly White and her players to make sure that those dreams would not suffer an early blow.

The match kicked off to a thunderous roar from the 100,000-strong Canterlot crowd, nearly all of which were in the purple and orange of Equestria aside from those in a small corner of the stadium wearing Kelssek's blue and white. The opening minutes were not particularly kind to Ponies supporters, as the Equestrians appeared to be only probing at the Kelssekian defenses instead of going straight for the jugular. As the clock ticked past the quarter-hour mark, however, the Ponies started to be a bit more adventurous and the balance of play began shifting more firmly in favor of the hosts. The Equestrians' patient approach finally paid off in the 25th minute, as a brilliant bit of hoofwork from Luminesce completely froze Kelssek's elvish fullback Thamior Liadon, leaving the unicorn midfielder with more than enough space to deliver a perfect cross into the box where Rosewing soared past defender Damien Halliger to volley the ball by a helpless Kai Poirier.

Under Pearly White's management, the Ponies have been nigh-unbeatable when defending an early lead, forcing opponents into pushing numbers forward in hopes of finding an equalizer, exposing them to the lightning-quick Equestrian counterattack. Better teams than Kelssek have fallen victim to the Ponies in such matches, and it became clear as the first half came to a close that the Kelssekians were not likely to break through the elite Equestrian midfield and defense, much less seriously test the Ponies' world-class goalkeeper. Kelssek looked seriously outclassed, and the Equestrians weren't about to let them back into the match.

By the time Equestria's 19 year-old midfielder Sunny Day doubled the Ponies' advantage in the 76th minute, finishing on a cheeky back-hoof pass from Rosewing, the Equestrians had absolutely dominated the possession battle and denied Kelssek so much as a single shot on-target. With a two-goal advantage, the three points were effectively sealed. Pearly White subbed off Pristina Shine and Ironhoof in the final ten minutes, shifting the Ponies into her trademark 4-2-3-1 for seeing out matches. Rumble was booked in the 92nd minute after taking a bit too long on a free kick, but the last minutes of the game were otherwise devoid of excitement. Not that the crowd seemed to mind, cheering just as loudly as they had in the first 80 minutes.

Although the 2-0 scoreline won't turn many heads, the Ponies' victory was a comfortable one that left relatively little for more skeptical Equestrian supporters to complain about aside from perhaps a slight shortage of intensity from Aarón Aiza and Pristina Shine. However, against the group's lowest-ranked team, one always had to figure that it would be a match for the lesser-known stars like Rosewing and Sunny Day to shine in, and shine they did. Ultimately, the Ponies' performance was more than enough to earn a win, and that's the main thing that most fans are looking for at the end of the day.

  WORLD CUP 83 - GROUP A        Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts        Match Day 1 Results:
1 Image Valanora (21) 1 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3 Image Equestria 2–0 Kelssek Image
2 Image Equestria (7) 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3 @ Royal Equestria Stadium in Canterlot, EQS
3 Image Cosumar (14) 1 0 0 1 1 3 −2 0 Image Valanora 3–1 Cosumar Image
4 Image Kelssek (54) 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0 @ Diamond Park in Stalliongrad, EQS
Valanora (3) ahead of Equestria (2) on goals for
Cosumar (1) ahead of Kelssek (0) on goals for

Meanwhile, as the Equestrians were dispatching of Kelssek, Valanora and Cosumar met in Stalliongrad for one of the group stage's most-anticipated games. The two giants of Atlantian Oceanian hoofball were expected to put on a show, and the capacity crowd at Diamond Park got exactly what they paid for. The Vanorians entered World Cup 83 on a run of underwhelming tournament performances, failing to advance past the group stage on home soil at the last World Cup before suffering a humiliating group stage exit at the AOCAF Cup. However, led by a predictably-brilliant Laborious Hawk, the Marauders looked more like the Vanorian champions of years past against Cosumar than the dismal under-performers of more recent years, cruising to a 3-1 victory over the Azure Dragons.

Image Equestria vs. Valanora Image
@ Grand Regal Stadium in Canterlot, EQS
Image Kelssek vs. Cosumar Image
@ Stadium of the Night in Hollow Shades, EQS

After winning their respective opening matches, Equestria and Valanora are set to clash in Canterlot with the top spot in Group A on the line. Although neighbors, the rivalry between the two southwestern nations could historically be described as lukewarm at best. Next week's high-stakes Grand Regal Stadium meeting could provide the spark to finally kick-start a true regional rivalry between the Ponies and Marauders, igniting the embers still smoldering from Valanora's narrow victory in the third-place playoff at the 57th AOCAF Cup. Equestria will enter the match as favorites, but both teams have more than enough talent to win the fixture and almost certainly a berth in the knockout rounds. Meanwhile, Kelssek and Cosumar will do battle in Hollow Shades needing a result to keep their tournament ambitions alive.

Image Equestria 2-0 Kelssek Image
at Royal Equestria Stadium (cap. 98,625) in Canterlot, EQS
EQS Lineup (3-5-2): Gentle Breeze (GK) - B. Hamilton (CB), Rumble -- '90+2 (CB), Ironhoof [Crimson Mesa '89] (CB) - A. Aiza (CM), Sunny Day (CM), Luminesce [Krystal '61] (LM), Rainbow Blitz (AM), Apple Cobbler (RM) - Pristina Shine [Sunlight '78] (ST), Rosewing (ST)
KSK Lineup (4-3-3): K. Poirier (GK) - T. Bowler (LB), D. Halliger (CB), K. Pokorný (CB), T. Liadon -- '83 (RB) - R. Demetriev (CM), G. Lapierre [M. Bogdanor '61] (CM), P. Champetier [C. Ó Tuathil '55] (CM) - S. Taleb (ST), B. Custworth (ST), M. Lister [P. Langelier '72] (ST)
Scoring: Rosewing '25 (Luminesce), Sunny Day '76 (Rosewing)
Image Equestria vs. Valanora Image
at Grand Regal Stadium (cap. 81,955) in Canterlot, EQS
Starting XI (4-2-3-1): Gentle Breeze (GK) - B. Hamilton (LB), Rumble (CB), Arctic Lily (CB), K. Bailey (RB) - A. Aiza (CM), R. Tyler (CM), Luminesce (LM), Rainbow Blitz (AM), Apple Cobbler (RM) - Pristina Shine (ST)
Reserves: M. Peterson (GK), Silver Charm (GK) - Sunlight (RB), Nightshade (LB), Ironhoof (CB), Crimson Mesa (CB) - Krystal (LM), Sunny Day (CM), Stardust (RM) - Rosewing (ST), Decima (ST)
President of the NS World Cup Committee
83rd World Cup and 58th & 59th AOCAF Cup Champions
5x World Cup, 2x Cup of Harmony, 1x Baptism of Fire, 2x World Cup of Hockey, 3x World Baseball Classic, 1x World Bowl, 2x International Basketball Championship Host

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Postby Mriin » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:55 pm

Stadium of the Restoration, on the eve of the opening ceremonies…

Nelia glanced around the gathered crowd. In the intervening years since her last such event, at World Cup 81’s opening ceremonies, she’d become much more comfortable in the presence of presidents and monarchs. A hazard of the job, really, she pondered. I’ve seen enough to know better than anyone why Mrii hate the singularly powerful. Her eyes briefly flickered from the Kabaka to the Margravine to Ms. Benitez. It’s like they put together a sampler platter of tyrants. The family who owns power on no basis other than their might, be it current or a past seared into their country’s memory. The demagogue riling up a confused populace, purposely kept uninformed on the important matters to keep them in line. And, she paused her train of thought and forced herself not to wrinkle her nose, well, I’ve just never been able to trust Covellans. But that’s no matter. I have a job to do, relationships and a reputation to maintain. At this point my nose is brown enough that the scent isn’t a bother. She smiled and waved politely for the camera as her name was called, making sure her Mrii flag lapel pin caught the light in just the right way. But how the hell did I get billing over Zevala and Yarley?

The Wolf’s Den, forty-five minutes northwest…

Mara caught a rag tossed by her physio as the refs filed off the field to debate VAR shenanigans. They weren’t joking that it’d be a hot one, she thought as she mopped her forehead down. Feels like Ashfell around this time of year. I’ve gotten too soft in Rozelle. She chucked the rag back and belatedly bent down to scoop the ball out of the netting, casually tossing it towards where the would-be leveller had come from. Karii had used that time to stroll over to the goal and gave the keeper a solid pat on the back.

“Don’t worry, he was definitely off there. We’re still good.”

“Why don’t you go get us another so I don’t have to worry so much?” Mara grinned and gave her a light shove, but Karii could tell it was still eating at her. Whenever a ball gets by on a stage like this it stings like hell, even as the referee came back on and whistled for the offsides on Bongald.

Malia collected the loose ball and tracked back to where the ref was pointing, sending the ball back upfield to start the second hour of play. Tia bashed her way past Wallawalla Bing-Bang for the fourth time that night, putting Joren’s concerns for her to rest for good, and slid a clean through ball to Solara. The Bongonian defense had let her snake through before and weren’t about to repeat their mistake, with Ting Tang falling back hard to cover her options while Hoo Hee breathed down her… well, the small of her back, but in the spirit of her neck. It was all she could do to squirt a daintily floating chip shot in the general direction of Aldo and hope for the best.

It was a valiant effort from Hoo Ha-Ha, but Aldo’s horn caught the ball just over Ha-Ha’s head and knocked it down in his favor. Ha-Ha’s high leap came back to bite as he landed hard, giving the satyr a critical extra stride towards the box--and a chance to really open up on the shot.

That Adam Jones cleanly palmed over the bar.

A groan audibly resonated through the visiting Mrii fans. Sure, they’ve got a corner and they’re good at corners, but that was the shot he sent dead center? Even Brennan, who’d been exceptionally calm through all the media pressure leading up to this game, got caught yelling “WHAT” by the hot mics before regaining her composure.

And so the scramble began as Malia trotted over to the corner. Everyone was on their tip-toes, expecting a typical high volley to cheese in a horn deflection, and everyone was caught a bit flat-hoofed as she launched a chest-height (well, for the satyrs) bullet into the fray. Tim Thombus, quickly realizing he didn’t have time to hop up and get his chest in the way, awkwardly fell backwards to avoid getting his jaw dislocated and a stunned Popo just stood there as it banged off him and into the air. In the confusion Karii was off like a rocket, planting a hoof to take her leap--when Jonathan Hamblett’s attempt to “contest” slammed into her, and missed the ball by a good margin. The whistle and yellow was immediate.

Jones guessed wrong on Solara’s penalty, and Mara had all the lead she needed.
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