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Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:28 pm

The Valentians - Qualifications @ Cocoabo Preservation 300K presented by twii.tur, Cocoabo Park Circuit, Cocoabo Park, Cocoabo Forest, Tropicorp

“Welcome to the jungle!” the announcers and the PA systems blared out, as the Valentian trio and the pit crew landed at the airport, then transported to the Cocoabo Park.

“Ooooh, finally!” Clarissa exclaimed once again, this time with more happiness, “Wildlife, nature, and everything else! Isn’t this wonderful?”

“Heh, yeah… Provided they don’t have mosquitoes around, of course,” Jolyn added, hastily applying insect repellent to her arms and legs.

Gwen was reading at the map of the course, anticipating the crazy amount of turns that are required of this course.

Courtesy of Tropicorp.

“So, this is the course…,” Gwen said to Clarissa and Jolyn, while holding out a big map.

“Oh dear, it’s a road course,” Jolyn muttered to herself, “I don’t handle them too well.”

“Well, we just gotta try our best, then!” Clarissa said optimistically, “May the three of us get into the race once again. Best of luck to you, Gwen!”

“Thank you!”

And with that, the qualifications are on. Given that this is a longer road course, the race itself took around 2 minutes to complete. Gwen would find herself placed in the qualifications, 2nd in the list of drivers who needs to be qualified.

“Woo-hoo, and she is back in the race!” Gwen exclaimed to herself, elated and happy.

“You have got to be kidding me,” exclaims Jolyn, who found her name at the bottom of the list, “Did I seriously did that badly? You know, that last turn was a real pain in the neck.”

Jolyn was referencing Turn 14 of the road course, which featured an extremely sharp turn that Jolyn managed to mess up for the qualifications – one time she managed to slow down too much, and another time, she managed to slow down too little and scratched the outside walls.

“Don’t worry, you will get the hang of it,” Gwen reassured Jolyn, trying to cheer her friend up, “I mean, look on the bright side! These are just qualifications! I am sure that you can take back all those positions for the race tomorrow!”

The Valentians - Qualifications @ Cocoabo Preservation 300K presented by twii.tur, Cocoabo Park Circuit, Cocoabo Park, Cocoabo Forest, Tropicorp

The Valentians woke up to a cooler morning breeze in the tropical setting; they decided to turn off the air-conditions in the lounges and threw open the windows to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer in this part of the world. The results were… mostly cooling breeze as aforementioned, the chirping of the birds, and perhaps the occasional mosquitoes and insects. Clarissa did not mind them, and for the rest, they have to use mosquito nets to prevent themselves from getting sucked dry of blood. They are not exactly sure of the mosquitoes (or other insects, if any) in this nation, but the Valentians are not going to take that chance.

After a hearty breakfast involving bacon and eggs, and one full charge-cycle for Clarissa, they were surrounded by 6-8 birds of some kind.

“Ooh dear me!” Jolyn exclaimed, “Certainly can’t get a peaceful breakfast with these birds around. What on Valentian’s Earth are they?”

“I think they are wild cocoabos,” Clarissa answered back, while trying to access the internet from her head, “Yeah, that was what I got. And they are my friends too, haha!”

“Wait… friends? Clarissa, did you feed them?” Gwen asked confusingly, while trying to gently shoo one or two away.

“Yes! “ Clarissa shouted excitingly, while holding one of the bird and stroking its head, “Aren’t they lovely? Who’s the good birdy? Tch tch, who’s the good birdy?”

Jolyn: “Err… rule of thumb; if you fed them, there’s always a good chance that they will come back to you, and follow you like you are their mother.”

Clarissa: “I will keep them in mind, haha! But aren’t they cute?” [While holding a bird towards Jolyn.]

Jolyn: “Yeah, lovely… as long as they don’t poop and makes a mess.”

Gwen: “We are going to be here for only a few days, so… thank goodness for that. Now, let’s go! We got a race to finish.”

With that, the Valentian trio (and some cocoabos) made their way to their race cars, with Jenny and Jared carefully picking these cocoabos away from the cars and away from their own harm.

“Well, good luck to you all!” Jared announced proudly on the comms, “Jolyn, this is where your A/C will come in handy!”

“Thanks!” Jolyn replied back as she put the A/C on full blast, embracing the cold air that comes out of it, “I miss Russia’s winters.”

Jolyn looked behind, only to find no other cars behind her; she has to start from the very last position for the race and felt a little ashamed about that; how can she mess up the qualifications so badly? Still, qualifications did not mean much, and she was confident that she could finish at a higher position. After all, she made it to the top on one occasion.

“And they are away!”


The first segment was great for the Valentian trio – Clarissa graced the 7th place by the end of it, while Jolyn would try to adopt and try her very best on the last turn; she knew that she needed to keep some speed, but at the same time, it has to be so that she did not slow down excessively. After a few laps of trial and error; she had it figured out - she would shift to the inside walls, followed by breaking and turning to the outside wall.


This would ensure that she did not slow down excessively, and it worked – by the last lap of the first segment, she climbed up to the 18th position. Gwen, on the other hand, would linger around the 22nd position, and just like Jolyn, she would be struggling to keep the turns, slow down efficiently, and-

“AAAAAA, WHAT THE FUCK,” Gwen said in the most inelegant manner into the comms, “How the hell did you get in here?!”

“What, what was it?” Jolyn asked confusingly, “What is inside your car?”

“There’s a freaking bird in my car! And it’s on the dashboard, panicking and flapping its wing- STOP IT, I CAN’T FREAKING SEE!”

“Haha!” Clarissa would chuckle a little, while showing some concern for her friend, “I think you will need to be gentle with it?”

“Yeah, you are right…”

“Would you like me to take care of it?” Jared asked, wondering if he could remove the bird out of the car during a pit stop.

“Yeah, I will give that a try later. I will try to hold on for the next few races.”

Second segment came, and it got relatively worse for Clarissa and Jolyn – they are not used to the road course, and they have been trying their best to find the right tactics of slowing down. Jolyn would go for the traditional “slow down gently”, while Clarissa went for the more daring “drifting” approach – powersliding her car when the coast is clear. Drifting tactics didn’t work so well, given that it has tacked on 1-2 seconds on Clarissa’s lap times. As for Jolyn, she was getting increasingly careful, and perhaps too excessively; she was slowing down too safely and too much that she was losing precious seconds over it.

Gwen did rather well, at least for someone with a bird in her vehicle. She climbed up to 16th, trying to one-hand drive her car – one hand petting on a bird that is now sitting on her lap, and another hand on the steering wheel.

“All right, Valentians, pit stop time!” Jared announced on the comms come the third segment. The trio made their way slowly to the pit stop and had a change of tires, as well as gas. The tires did not have the worst of wears, since the slower speeds also slowed the rate of wear-and-tear. The gas topping was most definitely needed.

When Jared and the other Valentian crew tried to get the cocoabo out of Gwen’s car, the bird flapped wildly and nested itself on Gwen’s lap yet again.

“You have GOT to be kidding me,” Gwen remarked with a sigh, “I will have to switch to an Automatic Transmission, then. Do you think we can do it quickly?”

“Might take some time, but it seems doable. I mean… the car is advanced enough to do it, but you will need to take some time to get used to it.”

“Uhhh, hmm… I think I will stick to the manual transmission, then,” Gwen said, while trying her best not to lash out on the poor bird, “As long as this little creature stays still.”

After they got out of the pit, they have started to do their own thing again, of racing, slowing down, and making sure that none of the wild animals made it onto the course; so far, there was none of that happening, but the Valentians like to make sure and prefer that there is zero roadkill as much as possible.

Clarissa and Jolyn skyrocketed to 9th and 10th respectively, while Gwen lost precious seconds because of her struggle against the bird. She placed at 30th by the end of it due to her slightly scratching and bumping on the walls… which in turn was attributed to the bird walking around the dashboard and flapping about.

“Oh my GOODNESS!” Gwen exclaimed loudly on the comms, which in turn startled the bird a little and somehow, maybe it got the hint. It stopped flapping and instead would just sit on Gwen’s lap yet again.

“Everything all right?” Jolyn and Clarissa asked at the same time.

“Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry…” Gwen turned off the comms for a while, then decided to go on with a slightly-annoyed-but-not-losing-temper tirade, “Look, just stay on my damn lap, and don’t do anything else, all right? It’s so freaking hot here, but you chose to stay with me, so deal with it! Besides, if I am here, you are not going to be cooked. You can handle temperatures as well as I can… at least, I hope so. Do we have a deal? I can’t believe I am trying to negotiate with an animal.”

The cocoabo simply made some birdly noises and sat comfortably on Gwen’s lap yet again, with Gwen’s larger-than-normal-human stature making it comfortable for the cocoabo to rest on.

“Heh, don’t get too comfortable,” Gwen said, as she turned back her comms and resumed racing, “Everything is fine, no worries. Just had a… talk with the bird.”

“The bird can understand English?” Clarissa asked, though without a hint of sarcasm; she was as curious as the others.

“Nah, but it does seem to understand me, so… that counts, right?”

Still, driving a racecar one-handed, for the most parts, didn’t work so well for Gwen.

The fourth segment was the typical trading of positions for the Valentians – Clarissa dropped back to 15th, while Gwen gained back to 18th. On the other hand, Jolyn dropped to 31st from 10th, mostly because she overestimated the last turn; she turned too much and this in turn caused the front bumper of her car to get caught with the inner wall. The entire vehicle shook, with the front bumper nearly fully crumpled.

“Crap, crap! I shouldn’t have turned too much!” she muttered to herself and in turn talking on the comms, “Don’t worry, I will be fine! Just hit too hard on the front bumper.”

This moved caused her to lose 4 seconds of precious time as she slowly sped back up and went back into the pits once again, to get her vehicle checked. After some checks, Jared informed her that her vehicle is still fine to drive; it was simply just damaged in terms of cosmetics.

The fifth segment was more or less average for Clarissa – she lost a place to 16th. Jolyn and Gwen, on the other hand, made it to 9th and 8th as they roared and zoomed out of the last lap of the 5th segment. Jolyn learned her lesson, and also realised that with the front bumper partially crumpled, it made the turns easier as she didn’t need to worry about turning too far; of course, this was at the expense of the worse aerodynamics, so her vehicle now has a slightly slower top speed. Not that she would need it that much, since the road course doesn’t demand high speeds.

The sixth segment would have Clarissa climbing to 10th, and then 9th. Jolyn and Gwen made it to 2nd and 1st respectively, happy that for once, perhaps they would reach the top 10, all of them.

“We are going to make history, girls!” Clarissa announced on the comms, “We are going to finish in Top 10, all of us!”

“Ohh, yes, that’s what I am talking about!” Gwen exclaimed.

“Finally, some win like this will be good-“

Suddenly, the comms were filled with the weirdest of sounds… from Gwen’s cocoabo who apparently panicked for an unknown reason.

“What the hell are you doing- NO WAIT, STOP THAT!” Gwen was heard screaming, and flaps of wings were heard in the background. The cocoabo beat the steering wheel with its wings and caused Gwen to swerve… right towards Jolyn. The bad news was that the two got hit with each other and had a slowdown; the good news was, it was not a spinout, and they still managed to control their car.

“OH MY GIDDY AUNT, WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK!” Gwen was heard screaming once again, and much to the surprise of many, many Valentians in the comms; they never heard (or see) her that angry, and at that moment, it looked like she wanted to murder someone in cold blood.

Though, on the bright side, the side-to-side crash and slowdowns happened on the turn, so the cars were already sufficiently slowed down before they hit. They didn’t lose much time, but the damage was done: Gwen finished 16th, Jolyn finished 22nd. Clarissa, on the other hand, made it to 4th, away from the hazards.

Clarissa would come out of the vehicle, singing a little tune to herself and having a big smile on herself. Jolyn was a little disappointed, but once again, she definitely know that it was an accident that is bound to happen.

Gwen got out of her car and pounded the side of the car a few times with her fists out of frustration (not out of rage, thankfully), while she gave a death glare to the poor cocoabo. Gwen took a few deep breaths, petted the cocoabo, and simply went back to her lounging.

“Ahh, Gwen, are you all right?” Clarissa asked.

“Ugggh, I gonna take a shower, and sleep later,” Gwen answered back, her voice soft and low, “Oh and hey, save some beer for me. I want to get wasted tonight!”

Clarissa quickly ran up to Gwen and tried to apologise, but the latter assured her that it’s not her fault.

“No, Clarissa, it is not your fault… if you feed them, then you should be the one that they are flocking to; I don’t know why that cocoabo is attracted to me.”

“Maybe he loves you,” Jenny replied back with sass.

“Ugh, no thanks!” Gwen said, looking at the cocoabo, who in turn was following her back to her lounge, “Fine, follow me back… And hey, Clarissa… feel free to celebrate, don’t worry about us!”

“Are you sure? I mean… I can come with you, cheer you up.”

“Nah, it’s fine. I know it’s not your fault, and you just wanted to feed these things; it following to my car doesn’t relate to you feeding them.”

Jolyn simply followed Clarissa for the celebration, after checking to make sure that Gwen is indeed fine and is not going to go into a tirade of insults… or worse, cook the poor cocoabo. Clarissa, on the other hand, celebrated her victory at the 4th position, making her the very first Valentian to finish Top 10… Top 5, actually. These were all massive improvements from the previous races where she would end up between 30th and 40th. Clarissa also tried to hug everyone involved.

Gwen, in the meantime, took a quick shower, ate a meal, and slept it off in her room, lying face-down. The cocoboa, in the meantime, climbed onto the bed, stood on Gwen’s back, and pecked her head gently.

“Uggggh, not now! I know you are sorry, but stop it, I want some sleep!” Gwen spoke out, her voice muffled by the pillow, “Also, get off my back, you are a little too heavy.”

The bird, as if understanding what she meant, got off her and slept inside Gwen’s helmet, which was placed upside-down on the table. Clarissa and Jolyn simply watched the hilarity from the door.

“Good night, Gwen!” both of them exclaimed happily, especially Jolyn; she should be understandably mad for losing 13 places, but she was well-aware that all these things happen. There is nothing much from being angry or losing a friend over races and events that they have no big expectations toward; after all, it’s all for fun.

“Good night…” the muffled voice of Gwen came up once again, “Bloody hell, I could have been first.”

The bird then made a few birdly noises.

“Shut up!” Gwen retorted back at it, after which the bird quickly quieten down.
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Saint Kanye wrote:(Image)

Posted around the same time:


Thanks everyone for well wishes. Mendok and Kami came home yesterday and they are both well.
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NSSCRA 8 - Rd6 - Cocoabo Park - Gilli'i Victory

Postby Vilita and Turori » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:51 am



#41 Yraaga Gilli'i takes the Checkered Flag in the Cocoabo Preservation 300K
Cocoabo Preservation 300K presented by twii.tur, Cocoabo Park, Cocoabo Forest, Atlantian Oceania :: Heading into the race weekend in the Cocoabo Forest, most of the discussions were surrounding Team Tropicorp and whether one of their two Cocoabo drivers, bred, born and trained at the Calanian Tropicorp facility, would break through and collect their first ever NSSCRA points race victories in their home environment. Very few were talking about the Tropicorp Racing Supply sponsored short-track specialist Yraaga Gilli'i - but perhaps they should have been.

With six Road Course races on the NSSCRA Season 7 schedule, Gilli'i quietly posted five top ten finishes and the only road course event which Gilli'i did not post a top 10 finish was at the Dealmaker Valley Battleground in Greythrone where Gilli'i had qualified 3rd fastest in Vilaye Pole Qualifying only to retire from the event early and record their only DNF of the season. Gilli'i posted an important 3rd place finish at Die Landschaftlich Schöne Strecke in Jebslund during the Elite 8 round of the NSSCRA Chase Playoffs to help catapult them into the Championship 4 in the season finale at the Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, but their two short track victories overshadowed any opportunity to highlight their consistent showing when both left and right hand turns were required. Similarly, during the Tropicorp 500, the only prior race on Tropicorp lands, Gilli'i nearly came out victorious in their primary sponsors backyard but their third place finish was overshadowed by teammate River 'Shark' Suzgar's victory.

In hindsight, pegging Gilli'i as a favorite to win a road course race on Tropicorp soil should have been an obvious connection to make given the performances Gilli'i put in during NSSCRA Season 7 - but once again the Tropicorp driver was overlooked by other story lines. As Team Tropicorp failed to show up with competitive vehicles for their Cocoabo that could drive the course with their eyes closed, the race was wide open and Gilli'i took advantage leading large stretches of the first half of the race before being shuffled back. Gilli'i wouldn't give up and marched back through the field, passing pair of Glorious Free Republic Motorsports Chadwick's in the closing laps and driving away from #3 Skip Stiller en route to victory, the third of their Stock Car Racing career.

After only narrowly beating out Rockii Ezis and Jama'obo Pegasii for a full time seat in NSSCRA Season 6, Gilli'i has quickly improved on the track from their rookie season to become a Championship contender in NSSCRA Season 7. Now, as a race winner already during NSSCRA Season 8 and defending Championship 4 contestant, Gilli'i has reiterated they are a serious challenger for the NSSCRA Title.


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Postby Jebslund » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:13 am

Eva had an uphill battle on her hands.

The new engine had been lost in transit when the ship carrying it was attacked by pirates (the military had hired an unarmed civilian shipping company due to concerns that armed cargo ships wouldn't be permitted to enter neighboring territorial waters) as it was passing by a chain of islands, so Eva had had to use her spare car. Said spare had been made on the same line of the same factory as her main vehicle, and it was hoped that the fact that it had seen less action would mean the defect would be less likely to cause the same degree of problems. Eva found out the hard way that this was not the case, and the result was her qualifying 41st in a run she was barely able to finish, and her entire pit crew joining her in lighting fires under as many asses as they could to get two new engines, from a different line, flown in as soon as possible.

In the meantime, BDA Armory had cooperated with both civilian and military police to launch an investigation and found that a ring of scammers had managed to get two disgruntled employees (a pair of siblings who had been told they would not inherit any money from their wealthy parents if they did not work for some of their own) to sabotage some of the equipment on their line in such a way that it would cause the resulting engines to be made with subtle defects the scammers would then use as an excuse to pressure their clients to sue their mechanics for improper maintenance and walk off with the money. The company, as a result, immediately issued a recall for the defective engines and had the equipment at all of their factories inspected and put to rights.
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:26 am

It was Thursday night before the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400. Dinggu Wang, Kai Qiang, and several guys from the Sherpa pit crews were in downtown Wilkesboro for Racefest 2020. Zakhilwal had put in a brief appearance to shake hands with fans and such, but it wasn't his kind of party and he had not stayed long. Wang loved the atmosphere and really wished he knew enough English to chat with the locals, especially that attractive 40-something brunette who kept looking his way. He guessed she was only interested because she recognized him and knew he was an NSSCRA driver, but she was still attractive. Qiang was mostly there for the BBQ. He would stop to pose for pictures or sign autographs if someone asked, but fans ran the risk of getting greasy vinegary finger prints on whatever they asked him to sign. A couple of somewhat drunk tire changers came sauntering through, urging Wang and Qiang to try the local moonshine with them. Wang thought it was a great idea, but Qiang said he wanted to stay sober so he wouldn't be hung over for the last practice session before qualifying. "Come on!" said one of Qiang's own crew among the group that were already drunk.

"No, you know how easy I get drunk and I don't want to be hung over tomorrow," said Qiang.

"Pff! Come on and live a little!" Wang cajoled him.

Qiang had never tried moonshine before, and eventually, with some more prodding, curiosity got the better of him and he agreed to go drinking with the others. Of course, caving to peer pressure didn't make him any better at holding his liquor. A couple hours later, the guys from Qiang's crew were just getting started, but Qiang himself was too drunk to see straight. He sort of realized he had done something dumb, but it wasn't a very clear thought because he was too drunk to think clearly. Kai Qiang and Houzhi Chang returned to their lodgings while the others stayed out and continued their revelry. "Don't stay out too late," Chang reminded them. "We have a practice session tomorrow."

"Oh, yeah, we'll be there, don't worry."

Chang had to hold Qiang to keep him from losing his footing as they walked away.

The next morning, Chang knocked on Qiang's door bright and early, planning to follow their usual routine of eating breakfast together and then going to the track, but there was no answer. Chang knocked again, tried calling Qiang's phone, knocked again, until finally he got an answer: "Uhh... I don't feel good."

"You need to get up and eat something before we go to practice," Chang said.

"Noooo..." Qiang moaned. "I'm too sick."

"Can I come in? The door's locked."

Qiang made a wordless grumbling noise, and stumbled over to the door. When he opened it, Chang could see that he wasn't kidding about being sick. He was even paler than usual, and his eyes were bloodshot. "I feel like shit," Qiang said.

"You look like shit too," said Chang. Actually, Qiang looked like some elegant undead creature, like a ghost or a vampire. He never really looked like shit, even when he was a disheveled mess.

Qiang realized he was about to throw up and hurried off to the bathroom. Chang closed the outside door behind him and sat on the edge of Qiang's bed, waiting for him to finish in the bathroom. "You know we have practice today," said Chang. "Why did you get so drunk last night?"

"I didn't know I'd be this sick," Qiang said when he stopped retching long enough to answer. The hangover from the moonshine was worse than when he got drunk on baijiu.

"Qiang, you know you can't hold your liquor. You even said so last night. So why did you still drink so much?"

"I didn't know it was going to be this bad! Urgh... I'm really sick. I can't drive like this."

"Really?" said Chang. He could see that Qiang was right, that he was in no condition to drive, but Chang was still pissed at him. He let the rest of the crew know what was going on, and then he helped Qiang clean himself up and go back to bed.

On the day of qualifying, Qiang was well enough to drive, but he had missed a day of practice and he still wasn't feeling his very best. As a result, he had an unusually bad qualifying and posted one of the slowest lap times. He hoped he'd be able to do better at the actual race, since he would have another day to recover from his hangover, but he would still be starting near the back, and he was still annoyed with himself for allowing it to happen.
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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:24 pm

North Wilkesboro Speedway, North Wilkesboro, Western Carolina Union

All things considered, the dramatis personae of Team Blue were in a much better place than this time last week. Things started to change after Frank Bronson went out of his way to buy Drake Stevenson a new set of golf clubs, and after a round of golf that somehow made it the full 18 holes without Drake throwing his clubs into Lake Eclipse in frustration. Chris Holmes had been released from the hospital and cleared to drive, and his cars and racing attire power-washed to avoid any of that black residue making a comeback. And Chet Byrd and Ken Henson had a barbecue on Chet’s back porch without his nosy busybody neighbor calling the cops on him for the 60th time, but we’ll hear more from that neighbor after his race concludes.

As the sun rose on race morning at North Wilkesboro, all three drivers were actually in a really good mood. So was the rest of the team. It seemed like whatever problems Team Blue had experienced in the first few races had started to resolve itself. Chris was 6th on the grid, starting next to the Valentian Clarissa Alanis Star. Frank Bronson found himself on the outside of row six next to Jenna Logan of Cassadaigua, and Chet had actually made the race, starting 13th, next to Gordon Orton of Xanneria. In the final practice session, “Happy Hour,” the three drivers had expressed joy in the way their cars were handling. They weren’t excessively loose or tight, they felt just perfect.

At breakfast that morning, the three drivers and their crew chiefs were holding a pre-race briefing, where they discussed what they’d need to do to improve their starting positions.

“This is not a multi-groove track,” Chet said. “You guys starting on the outside, work with your rowmates to get to the bottom before y’all get shuffled back, and you will get shuffled back in a hurry.”

Drake, thinking about his past experience on a similar track, as well as a walk he had just made around the track, expanded on that point.

“You’re going to have to use the bumper,” Drake said grimly. “You’re just going to have to use the bumper to pass guys here. People are going to be upset with each other after this one’s done, I can tell you that. Use the bumper but be judicious about it. Don’t do something you’ll regret.”

Chet smiled. “I can do that,” he said.

“Well, don’t be an idiot about it,” Drake responded. “I don’t want to have to break up a post-race fight between any of you and someone else. That would reflect poorly on all of us, and we’re still new here, so let’s not go overboard.”

“Speaking of idiots… anyone have the moonshine?” Ken asked.

Each of the drivers started laughing at the mere thought. Over the weekend, the nearby town of Wilkesboro held Racefest 2020, an event that prominently advertised the nation’s moonshine whiskey. The beverage had imposed itself on more than a few people unfamiliar with it. A couple of crew members had a bit too much of it during Racefest and had to be fished out of a hotel swimming pool, bare-ass naked, by local police. The crew members weren’t staying at that hotel, but rather at one across the street.

-Headline from the Hapilopper City Herald,
the next morning

Drake, Chet and Marty Lewis of Preston Autos took the opportunity to go “team-building” with a bottle of moonshine – each. Never mind the fact the moonshine was quite high in alcohol content, they’d familiarize themselves with that fact before long.

As the night wore on, the three traded stories about how they got to this position. Byrd told the tale of how, back in the 1980s, his previous team owners, the team he had driven for before joining Team Blue, had been arrested by National Investigation Bureau agents a few weeks before the 1985 season started. Or maybe it was 1986. Chet couldn’t remember at that point.

Drake, meanwhile, told the tale of the time he went out of the ballpark at a dirt track in Garvinson. It was early in his career, and for some reason, the outside of the track had no catch fence past the frontstraight grandstands.

“I knew I had a problem when the first guy to get to me offered me a beer,” Drake drunkenly said. “I was too young for one, and I wanted to get back going.”

The problem, however, was that he had flipped about a dozen times before coming to rest on his wheels outside of turn three. Thankfully he was OK.

Marty, meanwhile, told the tale of how he left his previous job, a PR position with Crosswinds Racing. It turns out that a practical joke involving a cat, a large funnel and a giant bottle of vodka doesn’t really put you in the good graces of the boss of a company.

“How was I supposed to know the cat would projectile-vomit in the middle of a press conference?” Marty slurred. “It was on live TV and everything, too. That was the most something had puked on live TV since the President ruined a state dinner. Some animal rights activist wanted me shot right then and there.”

The next morning, the day of qualifying, all three woke up with the worst hangover they had experienced in years. Even Chet, who had among the best alcohol tolerance of all of the Team Blue drivers, felt like someone had hit him with a brick.

As the three met the next morning in the hotel lobby, they decided to stop by a nearby Krystal. All three were in differing states of discomfort. Chet had the worst headache he had ever felt. Marty’s eyes were blood red, and he carried a funny stench around him, the stench that suggested he might have forcibly expelled the contents of last night’s debauchery all over something.

The shriek of horror from the housekeeper entering Marty’s room, combined with the hordes of cleaning crews entering and exiting the room throughout the day, and combined with the massive “Cleaning up after your disgusting ass” fee added to his bill probably told the tale of where those contents were forcibly expelled.

-Headline from the Hapiloppian Crier,
two days later

Drake, meanwhile, appeared to be dead man walking. His head was in a massive state of pain, and he appeared to have literally no motivation for doing anything. Thankfully, Krystal was across the street from the hotel, and the three stuffed their faces with food that covered the table. Between exchange rates and the sheer amount of food (and coffee) ordered by the three, their bill at Krystal approached $100.

Thankfully, all of that was a mere memory by the time race morning came about. After Team Blue left the track on qualifying day, the three picked up several dozen jars of moonshine to take home to Hapilopper with them. The day after coming back from the WCU, Chet had planned a big party with members of the Team Blue crew, just to hang out, drink some beer and some ‘shine, smoke some cigars, listen to some old rock music and swim in his pool. After all, he was about to open his pool for the season.

The excitement was high for Team Blue, and was high for their fellow countrymen. Millions of Hapiloppians tuned into the Hapilopper Television Network to watch the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 with the hopes that this day would be the first victory for Team Blue, and for Hapilopper, on the international stage. This was their best chance to date.
Hapilopper: The home of TEAM BLUE!
NSSCRA drivers: #37 - Frank Bronson | #73 - Chet Byrd | #81 - Chris Holmes
WGPC driver: #81 - Drake Stevenson

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Postby Tropicorp » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:56 pm


Team Tropicorp looking to rebound after Cocoabo Forest flop

Cocoabo #78 spins out and nearly collects Cocoabo #28 in the chaos at the Cocoabo Park Circuit
Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400, Wilkes County Speedway, North Notwilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union :: After a disappointing and controversial race weekend at their home track in the Cocoabo Forest, Team Tropicorp tried to put the past behind them and move on to the Wilkes County Speedway to pick up their momentum where they had left it two weeks prior in Sedile. It was hard to forget the abysmal weekend they had just had however, particularly for the Team's two Cocoabo who on their home track in the Cocoabo Forest had much higher expectations than what they ultimately achieved.

The bottom line was the cars were not good enough. Team Tropicorp knew it. They knew it wasn't the Cocoabo who suddenly forgot how to drive. The team simply hadn't invested in their road course program. They had been fast all season turning left a few times per lap but throw in some rights and a lack of straightaway horsepower and the #28, #78, #88 and #98 Darts were basically just dead weight. Rookie drivers Anavella Ariika and Jixaka Motorai never remotely looked like cracking the top half of the field and it was only the second-nature familiarity of the course that allowed Cocoabo #28 and Cocoabo #78 to salvage mid-pack finishes in spite of their equipment.

Yet as the series moved on, there was optimism. Cocoabo #78 and Cocoabo #28 had demonstrated that Team Tropicorp could compete head to head on the standard ovals. Cocoabo #78 had even won the season opening Tundra Falls Exhibition Race. As disappointed as they were, Team Tropicorp had to put the Cocoabo Forest failure behind them and move on and it would all start with Vilaye Energy Drink Pole Qualifying in Wilkes County.

Back to a three-car team for the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400, Team Tropicorp's rookie driver #88 Anavella Ariiki was first on the track for Qualifying and actually put in a fairly respectable lap at 21.452 seconds - less than a second off the track record. For Ariiki, still trying to find her footing in the Stock Cars, she had yet to post a qualification effort that would have earned her a starting position if not for her guaranteed charter. This lap, however, would be close. It was confirmed a decent lap when later in the session, Cocoabo #28 actually put up a slower lap at 21.469 seconds. While Ariiki was thrilled to have beaten her teammate, the rest of Team Tropicorp was on edge as that meant that Cocoabo #28 would be in danger of missing the race - already sitting 3rd among non-chartered drivers with half the field left to qualify. Then 4th after Joseph Rawlings posted a 21.157 and then 5th after Chet Byrd put up a 21.259 second lap.

Cocoabo #78 beat them all and held provisional pole for three drivers at 21.059 seconds until Eddie Walters Jr. of Xanneria broke the 21 second barrier with a time that would eventually earn him a first Vilaye Energy Drink Pole Award. Between Cocoabo #78 and Walters however was the heartbreak for Team Tropicorp when Sofia Kerman of Jebslund posted a 21.438 to narrowly nudge the Cocoabo out of the field meaning there would be just two Team Tropicorp drivers left to contend the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400. Still, despite Cocoabo #28's failure to qualify, it seemed things might be back on track with Team Tropicorp turning left on the short oval as Cocoabo #78 would roll off the grid in the 4th position while Anavella Ariiki set her self up in prime position for a best career finish as she will start the race in 21st place and if she can keep her pace and stay out of trouble she could find herself fighting for a Top 15 finish on race day.
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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:02 pm

Race: Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 @ Wilkes County Speedway, North Wilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union
Lap Record: 20.555 sec.
Minimum Time to avoid DNF: 23.100 sec.

Segment 1:
1 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q*             20.960
2 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 20.975
3 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 20.978
4 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 20.996
5 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 21.004
6 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 21.048
7 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 21.050
8 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 21.067
9 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 21.067
10 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 21.068
11 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 21.093
12 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 21.122
13 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 21.135
14 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 21.195
15 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 21.215
16 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 21.224
17 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 21.301
18 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 21.464
19 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 21.471
20 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.486
21 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.490
22 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 21.494
23 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 21.526
24 #93 - Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) 21.633
25 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 21.672
26 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 21.718
27 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 21.729
28 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 21.810
29 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 21.826
30 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 21.877
31 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 22.001
32 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 22.114
33 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 22.189
34 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 22.226
35 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 22.424
36 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 22.473
37 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 22.516
38 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 22.619
39 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 22.644
40 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 22.795
41 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.841
42 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 22.860
43 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.910
44 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 22.982
45 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 23.139 DNF
46 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 23.245 DNF

Segment 2:
1 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori)                20.956
2 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 20.971
3 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.981
4 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.998
5 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 20.999
6 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 21.010
7 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 21.047
8 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 21.049
9 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 21.058
10 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 21.067
11 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 21.081
12 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 21.082
13 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 21.087
14 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 21.118
15 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 21.218
16 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 21.228
17 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 21.233
18 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 21.234
19 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 21.293
20 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 21.335
21 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 21.382
22 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 21.383
23 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 21.385
24 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 21.401
25 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 21.456
26 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.471
27 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.512
28 #93 - Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) 21.614
29 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 21.773
30 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.803
31 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 21.873
32 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 21.901
33 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 22.074
34 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 22.099
35 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 22.196
36 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 22.273
37 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.323
38 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 22.529
39 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.644
40 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 22.646
41 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 22.656
42 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 22.703
43 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 22.741
44 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 23.061

Segment 3:
1 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)                       20.940
2 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 20.966
3 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 20.966
4 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 21.015
5 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 21.040
6 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 21.052
7 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 21.102
8 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 21.104
9 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 21.106
10 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 21.118
11 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 21.123
12 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 21.140
13 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 21.187
14 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 21.218
15 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 21.225
16 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 21.260
17 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 21.283
18 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 21.314
19 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.323
20 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 21.370
21 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 21.408
22 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 21.465
23 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 21.600
24 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 21.617
25 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 21.635
26 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 21.649
27 #93 - Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) 21.669
28 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 21.696
29 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.764
30 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 21.772
31 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 21.786
32 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.792
33 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 21.953
34 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 22.109
35 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 22.141
36 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 22.263
37 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.419
38 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 22.584
39 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 22.662
40 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 22.798
41 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 22.968
42 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.980
43 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 23.138 DNF
44 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 23.330 DNF

Segment 4:
1 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori)                20.939
2 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 21.012
3 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 21.070
4 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 21.075
5 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 21.097
6 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 21.110
7 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 21.126
8 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 21.127
9 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 21.132
10 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 21.139
11 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 21.190
12 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 21.213
13 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 21.282
14 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 21.329
15 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 21.376
16 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 21.405
17 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 21.425
18 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.494
19 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 21.524
20 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 21.555
21 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 21.564
22 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 21.597
23 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 21.705
24 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.794
25 #93 - Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) 21.798
26 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 21.816
27 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 21.843
28 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 21.891
29 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 21.906
30 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 22.046
31 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 22.144
32 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 22.269
33 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 22.412
34 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 22.431
35 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 22.449
36 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.489
37 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 22.576
38 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 22.682
39 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 22.707
40 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.711
41 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 23.094
42 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 23.198 DNF

Segment 5:
1 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire)       20.973
2 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.976
3 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 20.984
4 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 21.069
5 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 21.095
6 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 21.096
7 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 21.120
8 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 21.121
9 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 21.142
10 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 21.148
11 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 21.193
12 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 21.226
13 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 21.333
14 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 21.336
15 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 21.346
16 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 21.369
17 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 21.375
18 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 21.463
19 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 21.479
20 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 21.499
21 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 21.564
22 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 21.592
23 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 21.625
24 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 21.681
25 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 21.700
26 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 21.756
27 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 21.782
28 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 21.839
29 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 21.854
30 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 21.890
31 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 22.038
32 #93 - Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) 22.081
33 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 22.234
34 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 22.254
35 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 22.278
36 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 22.317
37 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 22.390
38 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 22.718
39 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 22.964
40 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 23.002
41 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 23.005

Final Results
| Pos | Driver | Avg. |
| 1 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 21.052 | WINNER
| 2 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 21.061 |
| 3 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 21.090 |
| 4 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 21.111 |
| 5 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) | 21.128 |
| 6 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) | 21.129 |
| 7 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 21.255 |
| 8 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 21.255 |
| 9 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 21.312 |
| 10 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) | 21.348 |
| 11 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) | 21.352 |
| 12 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) | 21.358 |
| 13 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) | 21.366 |
| 14 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 21.428 |
| 15 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 21.473 |
| 16 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) | 21.478 |
| 17 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 21.481 |
| 18 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) | 21.485 |
| 19 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 21.510 |
| 20 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 21.520 |
| 21 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 21.526 |
| 22 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 21.538 |
| 23 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 21.563 |
| 24 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 21.570 |
| 25 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 21.583 |
| 26 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 21.584 |
| 27 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 21.660 |
| 28 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 21.669 |
| 29 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 21.684 |
| 30 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 21.754 |
| 31 | #93 Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) | 21.779 |
| 32 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) | 21.799 |
| 33 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 21.800 |
| 34 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 21.913 |
| 35 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 21.936 |
| 36 | #67 Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) | 22.337 |
| 37 | #86 Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) | 22.492 |
| 38 | #0 Hana Bhe (Filindostan) | 22.720 |
| 39 | #94 Daniel Almirola (Sedile) | 22.800 |
| 40 | #02 Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) | 22.850 |
| 41 | #29 Frank Joy (Caleonia) | 22.860 |
| 42 | #03 Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) | DNF |
| 43 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) | DNF |
| 44 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | DNF |
| 45 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | DNF |
| 46 | #00 Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) | DNF |

Point Standings (after 6 races)
| Pos | Driver | Points |
| 1 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 261*|
| 2 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) | 242*|
| 3 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) | 239 |
| 4 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 227*|
| 5 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) | 225 |
| 6 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) | 221 |
| 7 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 212 |
| 8 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 203 |
| 9 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) | 200*|
| 10 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 198 |
| 11 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) | 194*|
| 12 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) | 190*|
| 13 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 189 |
| 14 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 183 |
| 15 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 181 |
| 16 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 166 |
| 17 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 162 |
| 18 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 161 |
| 19 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) | 161 |
| 20 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 158 |
| 21 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 150 |
| 22 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 149 |
| 23 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) | 148 |
| 24 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 142 |
| 25 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 141 |
| 26 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 135 |
| 27 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 126 |
| 28 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 126 |
| 29 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 97 |
| 30 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) | 97 |
| 31 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 95 |
| 32 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 90 |
| 33 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 86 |
| 34 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 84 |
| 35 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 84 |
| 36 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 79 |
| 37 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 62 |
| 38 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | 59 |
| 39 | #23 James McCurdy (Hampton Island) | 59 |
| 40 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 55 |
| 41 | #86 Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) | 52 |
| 42 | #67 Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) | 49 |
| 43 | #0 Hana Bhe (Filindostan) | 47 |
| 44 | #03 Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) | 38 |
| 45 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 31 |
| 46 | #94 Daniel Almirola (Sedile) | 31 |
| 47 | #99 Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) | 27 |
| 48 | #17 Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) | 26 |
| 49 | #60 Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) | 25 |
| 50 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | 22 |
| 51 | #00 Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) | 22 |
| 52 | #02 Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) | 20 |
| 53 | #48 Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) | 19 |
| 54 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 19 |
| 55 | #29 Frank Joy (Caleonia) | 19 |
| 56 | #98 Jixaka Motoai (Tropicorp) | 16 |
| 57 | #93 Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) | 16 |
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Margin of victory is 0.009 second; Patterson finishes third as females sweep podium

by Dante Dinkley

NORTH WILKESBORO - For Kanyean NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association) driver Thea Alvarez, third time is the charm.

Two weeks ago, at the Leruse 400 in Sedile, the Glorious Free Republic Motorsports driver found herself in the front pack after a late restart, only to be held off and finish runner-up to Sherpa Kai Qiang. Last week, at the Cocoabo Preservation 300K in Tropicorp, Alvarez was leading with twelve laps to go, but fell to third in the end after being overtaken by two other cars. Fast forward to this week, at the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 at the Western Carolina Union.

Alvarez, who drives the #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings-sponsored Chadwick, has been doing pretty well for herself in the race, with 96 laps led. With fifteen laps remaining, she's running third behind a pair of rookies: Gwen Tracer Allison of Valentine Z, in the #31 T-Racer Holdings Eveline; and Lexi Patterson, born in Hampton Island but racing for Jebslund, in the #30 Sie Nah Fleet Systems Bartpinguin. Allison and Patterson were both looking for their first season and career win. However, Alvarez had other plans.

In a move reminiscent of her winning pass on Stacie Houston and Yraaga Gilli'i in last season's Gryphon Supermarkets 250, the Yeezie saw a gap between Patterson on the outside and Allison on the inside, and (no easy feat in a short track) passed through. But she would not get away quickly. Allison stayed on Alvarez's tail, leaving Patterson behind. With nine to go, the #31 had made a move on the #46's outside to retake the lead, with the #30 a car length behind. With five to go, and with the Valentian beginning to pull away, Alvarez got a push from lapped teammate Jeremiah Brooke, making it able for her to catch up with Allison once more. The #31 and #46 swapped leads and ran side by side for most of the remaining laps, and despite Allison leading the first three turns of the final lap, Alvarez would sneak past her in Turn 4 to take the win by the very narrow margin of 0.009 second.

With her win, Alvarez remained atop the points standings for the third straight week, and also increased her chances of getting to the Chase later in the season; Allison's second place finish became the new best result for the Valentian team. Also, both Allison and Patterson recorded career highs. Finishing fourth behind the three female racers was Qiang in the #44 Khamdo Electronics TMW, followed by GFR's Skip Stiller in the #3 QED Car Rentals Chadwick.

Sixth was defending champion Houston, of Team Cassadaigua, driving the #27 Five Star Mobile Blaze, while seventh is Sherpa rookie Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal in the #06 AutoModi. While Zakhilwal has CoCoCo on his car for this race, the top fifteen finish meant that he will be racing in Mayhem colors next week. Eighth and ninth are a pair of unchartered drivers, Chet Byrd in the #73 Fat Chuck's Tasty Fried Chicken Preston for Hapilopper's Team Blue, and Joseph Rawlings in the #83 Halifax Pontiak for Esmerel's Atlas Phoenician Racing, respectively. Finishing off the top ten is Allison's teammate, Jolyn Helen Ceeta, in the #15 Intermediate Tunings Eveline.

Brooke, who helped push Alvarez to the lead and the eventual win, finished just nineteenth. Earlier in the race, the #18 Hyde Medical Group Chadwick sustained some front end damage when Brooke accidentally spun out Caleonian driver Mike Reddier in the #03. This caused a caution to fly, Brooke to lose laps due to repairs, and Reddier's day to end due to him hitting the wall. The race's polesitter, Eddie Walters Jr., could not capitalize on his good field position at the start, ending up just twenty-seventh in the #10 Ben Foster's Knox, while Walters' fellow Xannerian Robbie Moren settled for thirty-first in a #93 car running on experimental fuel. Gilli'i, last week's winner, saw his hopes for back to back wins disappear as he bowed out of the race midway. The driver of the #41 Tropicorp Dart for Vilita and Turori Motorsports was classified forty-third, or fourth from last.

Alvarez was all smiles in victory lane after the close win. "That was another exciting race, and it was much better than the previous ones since I was able to finish on top. I poured in all my best effort, as I didn't want to keep losing races on heartbreakers. Props to Gwen for putting up a good fight. Same to Lexi, as well as to Brooke for helping me get this win. Maybe I can repay you someday." Brooke commented, "Well, if I wasn't in the position to win, at least I'm gonna help out a teammate that was. That's something good to get out of this race for me, at least. Oh well. Didn't let myself get hit, only to be the one doing the hitting. At least the team managed to keep the car going until the end of the race, and at least I still managed not such a bad finish."

The next track on the NSSCRA schedule will be the Warlock Raceway in the Newark Aristocracy. GFR has already filed a request to allow part-timer Sage Caldwell to attempt the race, and is waiting on the league's approval. All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.

OFFICIAL STANDINGS - Race 6 of 30 (North Wilkesboro)

1. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK) (Top Kanyean driver)
2. #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (VEZ) (Top rookie; top unchartered driver)
3. #30 Lexi Patterson (JEB)
4. #44 Kai Qiang (SHW)
5. #3 Skip Stiller (STK)
19. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK)

27. #10 Eddie Walters Jr. (XAN) (Polesitter)
31. #93 Robbie Moren (XAN) (Open charter user)
43. #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (VNT) (Last week's winner)


1. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK) - 261 (1W)
2. #3 Skip Stiller (STK) - 242 (1W)
3. #27 Stacie Houston (CDG) - 239
4. #44 Kai Qiang (SHW) - 227 (1W)
5. #13 Eva Kerman (JEB) - 225
7. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK) - 212
9. #2 Centur Tiones (VNT) - 200 (1W)
11. #4 Meghan Sharpe (CDG) - 194 (1W)
12. #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (VNT) - 190 (1W)
T46. #19 Sage Caldwell (STK) - 19


1. #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (SHW) - 189
2. #30 Lexi Patterson (JEB) - 181
3. #82 David Rockingham (ESM) - 162
4. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) - 161
5. #37 Frank Bronson (HAP) - 158


Warlock Raceway, Newark Aristocracy
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The back porch of Chet Byrd’s house, north of Hapilopper City
The day after returning from the Western Carolina Union
Chet Byrd had been looking forward to this day since last fall. It was nice, sunny, warm and dry. Today was the day he got to open his swimming pool. Joining him for the affair were the other two Team Blue drivers and their families, Drake Stevenson and the owner of Team Blue, Ken Henson, along with his wife, Marla. There were burgers, hot dogs and steaks being grilled. Several dozen cans and bottles of beer were sitting in a large cooler near the pool, and they were joined by a fine import from the Western Carolina Union: moonshine of all flavors and varieties.

The mood of the day was helped considerably by the fact that Team Blue, and Chet in particular, ran near the front of the field all race. Chet ended up finishing 8th after being as high at 5th at one point. In fact, all three drivers cracked the top 10 at one point or another during the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 at North Wilkesboro, which was a positive sign for everyone at Team Blue. Sure, they were a first-year team in the NSSCRA, but they had the prospects of racing well and winning races before the year was out.

Old rock music was playing on a stereo, as Chet was telling his comrades stories from his past, like the one time he entered the Buckridge 24 Hour race in the mid-80s, driving a Preston-powered prototype along with fellow HASCAR drivers Harry Frank and Steve Clough. It, uh, didn’t go well.

“So, it’s two in the morning, and we’re going down that four-mile long backstraight, I’m probably going two-oh-twenty, and all of a sudden I hear something snap in the engine,” Chet said, as he took a sip from a jar of cherry-flavored moonshine. “So I pull over, and there’s like one lane between the wall and the track surface, and you’ve got to get to the pit lane on your own power. If anyone helps you, you’re disqualified. So, I’m laying under the car, looking for the source of the problem and guys are roaring past me, like a foot away, at probably 230 or so.”

“Did you think you were going to die that night?” Drake asked with a smile on his face.

“Hell yeah I did, I thought someone was going to spin sideways and just end me,” Chet said.

Meanwhile, in the pool, Chris Holmes was splashing around with Chet’s 26-year old daughter, Hannah. It was the first time the two had met, and it was apparent that there was something between the two. Chet looked over at the two and decided to chime in.

“You two gettin’ friendly over there?” Chet asked.

“Yeah, man, what’s it to ya?” Chris responded with a smile. “She’s cool.”

“Aight,” Chet replied. “Just don’t do anything that’d make me jump in there. You’re adults, you know what to do.”

Drake looked over at the two splashing around and having a great deal of fun. It had been some time since he had someone to enjoy a fun time with, but he wasn’t entirely looking for someone right now.

“Didn’t I try hooking Hannah up with you once?” Chet asked.

“Yeah, two years ago, wasn’t interested,” Drake replied dismissively.

“You’re still thinking of Gabriela, aren’t you?”

“No, I just… I like where I’m at right now and I’m not wanting to change anything.”

“Fair enough.”

Drake looked over to the right, towards the next door neighbor’s house, to find one of the occupants, Savannah Wyatt, coming out of the back door to find whatever debauchery going on at the Byrd house. Maybe Chet had the radio up too loud, who knows. Maybe she could smell the grilling of steaks and she didn’t like it. Maybe she saw the guys drinking that liquid out of those jars, either way, to her, it was her business, and she wanted an answer right now.

“You want to tell me what you think you’re doing, you hoodlums?” Wyatt barked at Chet and everyone else in the backyard. “You planning to smuggle some drugs again like you used to do? I know you bought that house with drug money!”

Drake looked back at Chet. “Smuggle some drugs? What the fuck?”

Chet groaned.

“Meet my next door neighbor, her name is Savannah,” Chet said, visibly annoyed. “She’s lived here longer than I have, and she’s made it a point to know what everyone’s up to. She knows who lives where, she knows who doesn’t live where, who goes to what schools, where they work, where they don’t work, and she especially knows if something wrong’s happened. She was really offended when I moved here, and even more offended when she found out about the guys I used to work for. You know, the Mathers brothers?”

“Were those the guys that got arrested by NIB agents?”

“Yeah,” Chet replied. “She hates racing, she hates fun, she hates loud music, she hates barbecues, and she hates it when other people are having parties in this neighborhood. So she’s called the cops on us a bunch of times.”

“Wow,” Drake said. “What a bitch.”

“Keep your voice down, she’ll come over here,” Chet replied.

The next door neighbor was still causing trouble. As Frank Bronson, Ken Henson and Chet’s wife came out from the back door carrying some more burgers, Savannah shouted even louder.

“Who’s that hoodlum there with your wife, Chet?” she screamed. “I bet he runs drugs! I’ve got my eye on you, you thug, and I’ll call the cops!”

“Excuse me?!” Frank shouted. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Just… try to ignore her, Frank, she’ll go away, I think,” Chet said, before turning to his neighbor. “You want to leave us alone? We’re not hurting you.”

“You certainly ARE hurting me with that loud music and that disgusting smell! Stop it before I call the police, you little hoodlum!”

Chris, meanwhile, was both getting annoyed with this old woman causing a scene, and saw a chance to impress this new ladyfriend. So he stormed out of the pool and decided to give Savannah a piece of her mind.

“Hey, old woman! How about you fuck off and leave us alone before I give you a reason to call the cops!”


Chet tried to run over to stop Chris, but it was too late. Chris had grabbed a full can of beer from the cooler and was storming towards the neighbor ready to do something.

The Hapilopper City Herald offices, downtown Hapilopper City
Five minutes later
The offices of the Hapilopper City Herald, the largest daily newspaper in the city, were oftentimes filled with reporters trying to get to the bottom of various stories. Their business was news, and business was booming in Hapilopper. Print media was doing quite well in the country, and especially in Hapilopper City.

At this time, however, deadline for the next day’s paper had passed, and two shifts of reporters were milling about by the police scanner. The first were those that covered the morning and early afternoon shifts, and their day was coming to an end. The second were those covering the late afternoon and evening shifts. These were reporters that were covering the late meetings – the city council meetings, the board of education meetings, the waste authority, water authority, transit authority, you get the idea.

Crime reporters lived and died on the police scanner, as it told them where to go. Sometimes, the scanner could paint the picture of a horrific scene unfolding (like an HCPD officer having to shoot a drug dealer suspect who was driving a car right at him), or the picture of a potential huge story (like the infamous “10-50 with an aircraft” that came up a few times at Eclipse Municipal Airport when someone in their small single-prop botched a landing).

Other times, the police scanner just came up with some real hilarity, like earlier today, when a dispatcher noted that someone “put superglue in their eyes thinking it was eyedrops.”

Some of the second shift reporters were walking in the door at this point. Among them was Joseph Brown, the municipal government reporter, who had a city council meeting to report on that night. Brown was an interesting soul who liked auto racing, black coffee, beer, and nice women, in no particular order. He didn’t necessarily give a damn about the police scanner, but if something caught his attention, he’d let you know about it.

Joining him was Shannon Blaylock, one of the lifestyles reporters, who had the grand opening of a theater show to report on that night. Blaylock was the personification of doom and gloom, but once you got to know her, she wasn’t that bad. That’s what Joseph Brown told people, anyway, the two had been dating for the last two years.

The two had just gotten situated at their desks for the shift ahead when an interesting call came over the police scanner.

“All units advised, a 10-15 at 512 Hetfield Lane, caller reporting a 24-year old white male has doused his wife with a full can of beer and is shouting something about giving her the ‘acetylene torch treatment.’”

Those in the newsroom murmured in wonderment. What the hell was the “acetylene torch treatment” and what, exactly did that entail?

Shannon looked back at Joseph. “Does that mean that guy’s going to set that lady on fire?”

“He just might,” Joseph responded. “With a welding torch, no less.”

One of the sports reporters, Derrick King, thought he had heard something on the address. “You know, that address sounded familiar,” he said. “What was it again?”

“Five something Hetfield Lane,” replied a copy editor. “Why?”

“Oh shit! That’s near where Chet Byrd lives!” Derrick shouted. “He’s had issues with his neighbor, it might have boiled over! Someone go over there and get some photos and a story!”

Right in front of the Byrd and Wyatt houses, Hetfield Lane, north of Hapilopper City
The exact same time
It’s not known how, but Chris Holmes had gotten a hold of an acetylene torch and was screaming a variety of obscenities at Chet’s next door neighbor, who was screaming right back at him. The neighbor was soaked now, and that only seemed to anger her further. It was actually a rather terrifying sight, as Chris waved the torch wildly through the air, nearly striking a bystander in the process.

Never mind the fact that Chris had no idea how to use an acetylene torch, and never mind the fact it actually wasn’t connected to anything that would have brought about, you know, fire.

“You leave us alone, let us have our party and not bother us again!” Chris shouted. “You don’t want to know about the ‘acetylene torch treatment,’ trust me!”

“You are a pest! All of you are a bunch of pests! The cops are on their way!” Savannah shouted back.

And sure enough, several police cars arrived on the scene right there. The officers had been there before, and were just about to cite Savannah for abusing the emergency services, when they saw Chris flailing away with the disconnected torch like a maniac. The officers couldn’t help but laugh. They had seen Chris on television, and they probably imagined that this was yet another party that this lady had ruined.

“Sir, put the torch away before you do something you regret,” one of the officers said to Chris. “Put it away and we’ll leave you alone.”

Chris put down the torch, but the situation was far from over. Savannah was still fuming over the fact the party was allowed to happen, and was utterly incensed over the fact that Chris had dumped a beer all over her.

“Nobody does this to me!” Savannah shouted. “NOBODY!”

“Ma’am, if you’d just leave these guys alone, this wouldn’t be happening,” another officer said to her calmly. “This is about the tenth time I’ve been over here because you’re complaining about your next door neighbor. About the only thing remotely illegal I’ve seen them do is just now with the torch and, apparently the beer all over you. If we have to come back here again, we’ll arrest YOU for disturbing the peace.”

While nobody was arrested for the incident, Joseph and Shannon from the Herald arrived soon after, and the incident was recorded in the newspaper the next day. It would lead to some headaches among sponsors, including Preston Autos, who was having some alcohol-fueled trouble of its own.
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Narengawa Zakhilwal had a little TV that she kept behind the counter at Wolf Totem Carpets' main store in Dali. She watched it to pass the time when there were no customers. The last few weeks, she hadn't been watching as much TV because the store had been busy. She had met a lot of NSSCRA fans that wanted to talk about her son, Rinzi Aogar.

There were always a few people that ignored the sign asking customers not to bring food or drinks into the store, but recently there had been a noticeable increase in the number of people coming in with roasted things on skewers and cans of Vilaye. Every day, when the store closed, Narengawa had to go outside and clean up the skewers and Vilaye cans that people had left around the entrance after she told them to take their snacks outside.

She shook her head as she picked up yet another discarded Vilaye can and put it in the recycling. She had never completely understood her son's fascination with racing, and she certainly didn't understand the Vilaye-chugging NSSCRA fans that had suddenly appeared in her life. Sometimes they happened to need new carpets and they brought money into the store. Other times they just wanted to see the place and talk about NSSCRA.

Lately, Rinzi had gone through a couple of different sponsors -- big international sponsors with money and clout that Narengawa wouldn't even know what to do with if she controlled something on that scale. It made it confusing when she watched his races and his car would be painted different colors from one race to the next. She wondered how long it would be before Wolf Totem Carpets got crowded out by the big companies.

She tried to watch all of Rinzi's races, even though it made her nervous to see how fast they moved and how aggressively some of the drivers drove. Knowing that some of those other cars were driven by trained birds only made it scarier. Sometimes the live coverage came on at bizarre times because of the time zones, and staying up to watch played havoc with her sleep schedule.

Tonight she was confused as to why she didn't see the purplish blue of the Mayhem AutoModi, and it took a few moments for her to remember that Rinzi's car had been repainted brown and blue with a cocoabo on the hood. Rinzi hadn't done well in qualifying, and as the race got underway, it didn't look like he was doing much better. At first, Narengawa didn't see much rhyme or reason in the way the cars got shuffled around, but as the race went on, she began to notice that Rinzi was now overtaking other people significantly more often than he was being overtaken. He must be doing something right. When people pitted, she was impressed with the efficiency of the pit crews. Even though it was not the first NSSCRA race she'd ever seen, it still amazed her how quickly and precisely they worked. The checkered flag came out and cars began speeding across the finish line. A fluorescent rainbow-colored eye-sore, a more tasteful (but still bright and girly) car with a heart on the hood, a dark-colored car that looked like one of those boys' toys that worked waaaay too hard at looking masculine, Kai Qiang's familiar red and blue TMW, two other cars that didn't leave much of an impression in Narengawa's mind... And then Rinzi! 7th place! It was hard to believe it was really happening, that he was really competing at the this level and doing this well. She had always thought his racing was just a silly expensive hobby that she sometimes indulged, when she could afford it without putting herself in too much of a tight spot, because she loved him and didn't like to tell him no. The idea that it could be a real career for him was just... Even though Narengawa was watching it with her own eyes, it was still hard to believe.


Kai Qiang knew he had his work cut out for him after such a crappy qualifying session, and he still wasn't feeling that great. He couldn't blame it all on the moonshine after having this much time to sober up, but maybe the stress of traveling constantly was catching up to him as well, or he'd gone to the wrong diner for breakfast. He did his best to ignore the sluggish feeling and just focus on his driving, and it didn't take long before he was moving up the field, getting back in it with the serious competitors instead of knocking around with the backmarkers. Because he had started so far to the rear, getting back into the race meant battling pretty much everyone at some point or another on his way up to the front. By the end of the race, the wear on the car and tires was starting to affect the way it drove, making it harder to steer precisely. Between that and the fact that Qiang was not feeling well, neither he nor his car was ready to pull off any stunning defensive maneuvers in the last laps of the race. Gwen Tracer Allison and Lexi Patterson took advantage of this to slip past him, and Qiang was too fried to do anything about it except cussing up a storm in Urdu and Korean. (The Korean was a recent addition to his extensive repertoire of multilingual obscenities.) Even his cussing sounded more exhausted and resigned than really furious.

This was by no means the first race that Qiang had finished 4th. In fact, it happened so often it had become a running joke among his crew and fans. Usually Qiang had no problem laughing along with everyone else about how often he finished 4th, but this time he felt like he could have made it on the podium if he hadn't drank so much moonshine when he was partying in Wilkesboro.

After the race, the Beihua reporter who did their driver interviews started up with her usual jokes, "Haha, getting back to your usual 4th place finishes! You know you get more points if you finish 1st, right?"

"Yeah... I know I finish 4th all the time, but I feel like this time was a missed opportunity," said Qiang. "I shouldn't have drank so much moonshine."

"Does this result change your opinion of Lexi Patterson at all?" the reporter asked.

"Not really," said Qiang. "It doesn't change anyone's opinion of Nirav Dhimal when he has a good day at the track, and this is the same thing. Getting a good result doesn't change the fundamental problem with the way Lexi got here." (OOC: Nirav Dhimal is an open wheel driver that used family money to buy his way into the sport, basically the Sherpa Empire's version of Lance Stroll.)

"What would it take to change your mind?"

"She can get out of NSSCRA, go back to modeling, and if anyone says modeling isn't a legitimate way to earn a living, strike a pose like a diva" -- he struck a pose to demonstrate -- "and tell them to talk to the hand. There's nothing wrong with building a career around your looks; just do it in an honest way, in a career that's supposed to be about that."

"Is there anything she could do that would make you respect her as an NSSCRA driver?"

"It would be a step in the right direction if she told people to stop praising her just for existing, and stopped putting on such an act trying to show off how 'serious' she is," said Qiang. "If someone says something about you and you turn your whole life upside down trying to be the opposite, that doesn't mean they were wrong; it just means you're trying too hard. You know, if I spent the whole offseason working out and came back looking like a body-builder because I didn't want people to say I look feminine, everyone would think I was ridiculous."

The interviewer laughed. "It's hard to imagine you looking like a body-builder."

"Yeah, because it's not me," said Qiang.


Rinzi Zakhilwal was packing his bags to go to Newark Aristocracy when he got a message from CoCoCo offering to continue their sponsorship for another 6 races. They said they would be open to cosponsoring with other companies as long as they got the space on the hood. Zakhilwal grinned. It was nice to be so popular all of a sudden. He wrote back, "I am interested, but let me talk to Mayhem and ask how they feel about cosponsoring."

He wrote to Mayhem explaining the situation and awaited their reply.
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NSSCRA 8 - Rd6 Review

Postby Vilita and Turori » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:55 am


Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400, Wilkes County Speedway, North Notwilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union :: When the checkered flag fell in Wilkes County it was a merciful conclusion to a pitiful day at the track for drivers from the Vilitan Cove region as for the first time since the second race of the NationStates Stock Car Auto Racing Season seven, not a single local driver or car placed inside the Top 10. In fact, the closest things to local interests anywhere near the front of the pack in the Western Carolina Union were the rookie Sherpa driver Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal who steered the CoCoCo sponsored #06 Automodi to a seventh place finish and just behind him it was Team Blue driver Chet Byrd who score the first Top 10 for Hapilopper in NSSCRA competition. Byrd's compatriot Drake Stevenson had earlier this season become the first Hapilopper driver to score a Grand Prix podium finish after a stunning near-victorious display in the World Grand Prix Championship's Vilitan Grand Prix event at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course. Yet having a fellow Atlantian Oceanian score their first ever Top 10 finish and seeing a multinational corporation that started in Atlantian Oceania off to a solid start with their new rookie driver would leave little left to celebrate.


Centur Tiones :: #2 Tiones Lumber Dart
:: WINS: [ 1 ] :: TOP 5: [ 3 ] :: TOP 10: [ 3 ] -:- POLES: [ 0 ]

#2 Centur Tiones survives a challenge from teammate Suzgar

After two consecutive seasons of having failed to make the playoffs then performing as well as any Chase driver throughout the course of the playoffs, Centur Tiones has finally put themselves in position to advance to the NSSCRA playoffs and compete for their first NSSCRA title.

Tiones started the season in perfect form with a fourth place finish in the season opening Tundra Falls 500 which also earned themselves a spot in the inaugural Five Star Mobile Combo event at the Tropicoast Beach Course. With another top five finish in the seasons second event at the Grande Mountain Speedway in Cassdaigua, Tiones was continuing right where they had left off at the end of NSSCRA Season 7 where they had posted five top four and seven Top 10 finishes over the ten race Chase. It was all for nothing however as Tiones was not eligible for the playoffs and had to settle for a very clear 'Best of the Rest' title in 17th place in the season standings.

When the checkered flag flew in the Kobold Tools 300 at the Starkville Raceway, however, it appeared things would finally change for Tiones. Leading teammate River 'Shark' Suzgar, Tiones captured their first ever NSSCRA Regular Season victory and propelled to the top of the Season Standings. A win alone no longer guarantees a place in the Chase however and Tiones has seen a dip in their form since the victory in Starkville that will have to be corrected if the driver of the #2 Tiones Lumber Dart is going to capitalize on their early victory and use it to propel themselves into Championship contention.


River "Shark" Suzgar II :: #14 Vilitan Tourism / Vilaye Energy Drink / Toys '4' All Dart
:: WINS: [ 0 ] :: TOP 5: [ 2 ] :: TOP 10: [ 2 ] -:- POLES: [ 1 ]

River 'Shark' Suzgar earned Pole Position in Cassadaigua

While NSSCRA Season 6 champion River 'Shark' Suzgar II is the only full time Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver to have failed to win a race thus far in NSSCRA Season 8, the always consistent Vilitan is placed highest in the series point standings amongst the trio and the only Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver currently in position to break up the Glorious Free Republic stranglehold on the series standings with Thea Alvarez and Skip Stiller running 1-2 with Jeremiah Brooke one place behind Suzgar in 7th.

Suzgar has twice this season finished behind a local driver in the race to the checkered flag having been nose to the finish line by Cocoabo #78 in the season opening Tundra Falls Exhibition and then just three races into the season having been beaten to the stripe by teammate Centur Tiones in the Kobold Tools 300 at Starkville Raceway in Vilita and Turori Motorsports first ever 1-2 finish.

While Suzgar is the only Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver without a victory so far this season, they are the only Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver that has finished in the Top 20 in every race giving them their strong points position with just one finish lower than 13th. With the regular season having expanded to 20 events and the series having seen no repeat winners thus far, however, consistency and points accrual may ultimately not be a strategy that earns a spot on the Playoff Grid.


Yraaga Gilli'i :: #41 Tropicorp Racing Supply Dart
:: WINS: [ 1 ] :: TOP 5: [ 2 ] :: TOP 10: [ 3 ] -:- POLES: [ 1 ]

#41 Yraaga Gilli'i wins the Cocoabo Preservation 300K

Anyone that may have felt that Yraaga Gilli'i had lucked into their position in the Championship Four during NSSCRA Season 7 quickly had their feelings countered by the performance of the #41 Tropicorp Racing Supply Dart driver over the first five events of the NSSCRA Season 8 campaign. While Gilli'i struggled in the races second event at the Grand Mountain Speedway due to damage received early in the event. The Tropicorp drive was consistent and only improving With a Top 10 finish in Starkville followed up by a Top 5 run in New Leruse after having earned the Vilaye Energy Drink Pole award for the first time in their career.

It all came together much like it had one season prior for Gilli'i, however, with their worst qualifying effort of the season. The Tropicorp Racing Supply sponsored driver seemed to be struggling in the qualifying at one of their sponsors home races but the Tropicorp driver was gaining experience and composure throughout the weekend that led to a careful but exciting drive to the front of the field and a late race pass for the victory in the Cocoabo Preservation 300K presented by twii.tur. Just like their debut victory at the Lonngeylin Ring one season prior, Gilli'i had to come from the back of the field all the way to the front to claim the checkered flag.

There is always a balance to things, however, and perhaps Gilli'i's sacrifice to the racing overlords for their outstanding back to front performance in the Cocoabo Forest was the followup front to back performance at the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 where Gilli'i suffered just the second DNF of their top-level motorsports career finishing in 43rd position.


Rockii Ezis :: #60 CoCoCo / Coco-Mart Dart
:: WINS: [ 0 ] :: TOP 5: [ 0 ] :: TOP 10: [ 0 ] -:- POLES: [ 0 ]

Rockii Ezis and the #60 CoCoCo Dart team have contested just one NSSCRA event thus far during NSSCRA Season 8 at the Leruse International Speedway in Sedile. While it was not expected that Ezis would immediately step forward in their first race of the season and compete for the victory, surely many would have hoped for more than what the CoCoCo Dart put forth. While the three full time Vilita and Turori Motorsports drivers had all qualified inside the Top 10, Ezis would start the race in 23rd position and made minimal progress on track throughout the day finishing in 22nd place. It was the worst finish for Ezis in 10 races back to the most recent Vilaye Energy Drink 314 at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course when Ezis exited the race early with a 40th place finish.

Ezis' future in the NSSCRA has been put into some question as Vilita and Turori Motorsports and sponsor CoCoCo have struggled to find an additional charter or open qualifying license for the development driver to use in order to get on the track on a week to week basis. With two of Vilita and Turori Motorsports drivers having already visited victory lane this season and en route to a playoff berth, and the third full time Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver being former World Champion River 'Shark' Suzgar - there is no room at the inn for Ezis and patience has worn thin from sponsor CoCoCo who want to see their logo on the track on a weekly basis. Early attempts to purchase a charter or open qualifying slot for Ezis went unfulfilled but did result in CoCoCo striking up new relationships with additional teams outside Vilita and Turori Motorsports including Atlas Phoenician Racing, where CoCoCo tried purchasing a charter for Ezis and instead came away with a primary sponsorship deal for Esmerel driver Ben Carpenter for five events. With 20 races in the regular season before a 10 race chase, however, there were still a lot of races for CoCoCo to cover. The multinational company stepped up when the Yeezie men's care product company 'Mayhem' abruptly dropped their sponsorship of Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal after just one event, and driving the #06 CoCoCo Automodi, Zakhilwal the current Rookie of the Season points leader put together a solid Top 10 Finish. Thinking they may have found an alternative to Rockii Ezis in the Sherpa driver Zakhilwal, CoCoCo returned with a proposal to continue sponsoring the #06 machine only to be told that Mayhem - the very company that had seemed to give up on Zakhilwal - wanted back in after seeing him perform inside the Top 15. CoCoCo officials were waiting confirmation that Zakhilwal was still interested in either full or partial sponsorship from the CoCoCo but would be preparing a possible application for Rockii Ezis and the #60 CoCoCo Dart to be entered in the upcoming race(s) if a deal with Zakhilwal to keep the CoCoCo logo on the hood could not be reached.

CoCoCo officials have reportedly offered full sponsorship funding in addition to the inclusion of Zakhilwal's personal sponsors Wolf Totem Carpets, Grassland Restaurant, Highland Tire and AutoModi to remain on the car in prominent locations as part of the CoCoCo Primary Sponsorship package. If CoCoCo are left to share co-primary sponsorship with a company such as Mayhem, then CoCoCo would only provide their fair share of the funding for the placement they receive which must include the hood of the #06 vehicle.

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3rd place.

Lexi knew she was definitely partying tonight. It was her best points finish so far in the season, and, while it wasn't first, she was damned proud. Her efforts finally seemed to be paying off, she'd put Kai Qiang in her rear-view mirror and kept him there twice, with her pit being the only reason it hadn't been once and for the duration, and, unless she was mistaken, she had moved up to second in the battle for Rookie of the Year. To be frank, Lexi was over the moon, and she wasn't the only one. As several foreign reporters were taking their turns interviewing her, Lexi could see Eva off to the side, beaming with pride despite a dismal (for the Oberst) 16th place finish, a smile Lexi knew was that of a teacher seeing her student succeeding. Nothing was bringing her down race day, even some of the more... tactless... questions from the reporters, such as her thoughts on things some rivals were saying about her on social media.

"Honestly, I haven't had time to check that. I'm competing in an international series with people who have years of experience on me. This time last year, I'd never even drove anything faster than my boyfriend's car. Third place today is the result of months of playing catch-up, and I'll need to work hard if I want to keep closing the gap.", Lexi stated in response to one such question, "I don't really care about what people like Kai Qiang are saying about me. They don't know me. They're not going to change their minds about me. Only thing I can do is keep working hard and get good enough to always beat them. My teammates with Team Jebslund are helping me do that, and that's all I care about. I'm not here to be popular, or to get praise. I'm here to win, and today, I'm one step closer to that.", she continued, "If Kai wants to talk trash about me, let him. The more I keep him in my rear-view mirror, the less he's gonna be able to say, and I'm not gonna make it easy for him.".

That night, the three Team Jebslund drivers and their pit crews went for beer and snacks in celebration of Lexi's first top-three finish, though the evening ended early enough for the usual practice and work sessions starting the next day. Lexi especially started taking lunch in her quarters in order to ensure she wouldn't be ambushed by any reporters while she was going for food, despite the fact that she hadn't been before, who might see her first top-three as a sign of things to come. Lexi hoped it was, though she wasn't quite as confident as she'd acted with the reporters after the race, and her (long overdue) call to James, as well as calls to her friends, family, and boyfriend, served as a chance to express her private doubts in addition to catching up with them. The calls also served to reinforce her confidence, as most of the replies she got were variations of assurances that her hard work was paying off and, if she kept at it, she'd definitely keep improving.

Eva, meanwhile, was dealing with the joys of having finished 16th, well below her usual performance, and her refusal to blame starting at the rear. Kai Qiang had started behind her, after all, and finished 4th, so, as far as the Oberst was concerned, she had no excuse, and therefore was even more critical than usual of every error in her performance and more determined to let this be an anomalous finish, rather than a trend of her performance slipping.
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A7DXZ5 was at the Warlock Raceway familiarizing herself with the track when she crossed paths with Rinzi Zakhilwal. He said hello and made some small talk, which he had usually not bothered to do when they met at other tracks. Neither of them spoke Mongolian as their first language, but both of them knew enough to communicate in it. A7DXZ5 could tell Zakhilwal had something on his mind that he wanted to ask, and was not just idly chatting to pass the time. After a minute or two of awkwardly forced small talk, he came out with it: "Have you ever been driven?"

A7DXZ5 was offended by even the suggestion that she could be driven. "Of course not! Is that all you can think of when you see a car?"

"Whoa, hey, I wasn't, you know... I know you don't want people to just hop in the driver's seat without asking and make you run their errands, but I thought you might have let someone drive you before, just to see what it was like."

"Why would I want to be DRIVEN???"

Rinzi shrugged. "Sometimes it's fun to let someone else have their way with you. And you might learn some tricks you can use on the track. I wouldn't be rough with you or anything..."

"Just because YOU want to drive doesn't mean I want to be driven!" said A7DXZ5. "That's incredibly demeaning!"

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Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400, Wilkes County Speedway, North Notwilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union :: Cocoabo #78 survived a grueling Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 with a 14th place finish that was just good enough for the team to not leave the track completely disappointed as they were during the previous race weekend at their home track in the Cocoabo Forest. After a strong qualifying run, a third top 5 starting position of the season for the teams leading Cocoabo, Team Tropicorp were hoping for some better luck in the race as the team still looks for its first every points-paying victory. It was certainly a bittersweet qualifying session however as Cocoabo #28's hopes of qualifying for the playoffs at large took a big hit as they failed to qualify for the second time this season and fell to 40 points behind the 16th position in the standings making it look more and more likely that the Cocoabo will have to win a race before the end of the regular season if they will have a chance to compete in the playoffs.

The race was neither good nor especially bad for the remaining two Team Tropicorp drivers as Team Tropicorp's rookie driver Anavella Ariiki persevered for a 29th place finish, just her second Top-30 finish of the season and her second best finish of her career. While Cocoabo #78 was unable to crack the Top 10, the 14th place showing still allowed the team to accumulate enough points to stay inside the Top 16 for the time being, sitting 10th in the table but ahead of 2 drivers who have already won a race meaning there are just four points-chasing drivers between Cocoabo #78 and the outside of the playoffs.

Cocoabo #78 currently sits on 198 points, 2 behind Vilita and Turori driver Centur Tiones on 2 points but five behind the next non-winner, Xanneria's Roman Gwinnett. The driver of the #78 Cocoabo Park Dart currently has a modest 32 point cushion over the 16th place driver in the standings, Vangaziland's Kev Schorebrook who has 166 points. There is a small drop off after the Top 15 drivers where Lexi Patterson has 181 points while five drivers sit within five points in the battle for the last projected playoff position including Newmanistan's Bryan Harrison looking to bring Rocket Automotive back into chase contention while newcomers David Rockingham of Atlas Phoenician Racing, Frank Bronson of Team Blue and Valentinian Jolyn Helen Ceeta look to make an impression in their debut season.

Depending on the results of the next few races, Team Tropicorp will have decisions to make regarding its charter usage as Cocoabo #28 struggles to keep pace on points and #88 Anavella Ariiki struggles to perform at the same level as her rookie competition. The team will be continuing to put all efforts to get the #28 Cocoabo Preservation Society Dart into the field so their Cocoabo can showcase their talents without having to take away from the experience building of the Teams new rookie driver.
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Postby Newmanistan » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:13 pm


Race: Warlock 400, Warlock Raceway, Newark Aristocracy (Speedway)
Lap Record: 30.730 sec.

Qualifying Results:
1 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp)                               31.142
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 31.177
3 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 31.299
4 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 31.335
5 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 31.354
6 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 31.391
7 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 31.400
8 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 31.400
9 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 31.442
10 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 31.467
11 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 31.515
12 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 31.517
13 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 31.519
14 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 31.527
15 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 31.555
16 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 31.576
17 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 31.650

18 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 31.658
19 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 31.685
20 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 31.744
21 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 31.896
22 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 31.969
23 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 31.983
24 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 31.986
25 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 31.987
26 #69 - Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) *Q* 31.994
27 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 32.009
28 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 32.010
29 #19- Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 32.030
30 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 32.041
31 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 32.143
32 #55 - A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) *Q* 32.148
33 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 32.401
34 #48 - Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) *Q* 32.447
35 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 32.505
36 #05 - Tucker Capps (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 32.527
37 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 32.633
38 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.641
39 #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *Q* 32.686
40 #90 - Blueton the 1st (Newark Aristocracy) *Q* 32.797

41 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 32.889
42 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 32.920
43 #99 - Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) *Q* 33.059
44 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 33.111
45 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 33.129
46 #23 - James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q* 33.160
47 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 33.168
48 #08 - Jeff Shreeves (The Western Carolina Union) *Q* 33.175
49 #80 - Franklin Egar (Filindostan) *Q* 33.196

50 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 33.215
51 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 33.333
52 #21 - Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) *Q* 33.340
53 #33 - Tyler Joy (Caleonia) *Q* 33.351

54 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 33.395
55 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 33.475
56 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 33.554
57 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 33.597
58 #04 - Phil Urnsen (Svennish Isles) *Q* 33.611
59 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 34.072
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:37 am

from IRACT's website

शेर्वी | 中文 | English

The latest news from NSSCRA

Qualifying results: Warlock Raceway, Newark Aristocracy

1. #78- Cocoabo #78

2. #3 - Skip Stiller

3. #79 - Dinggu Wang

4. #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal

5. #4 - Meghan Sharpe

6. #44 - Kai Qiang

43. #99 - Liuyong Xu (DNQ)

༄༅། NSSCRA 6 veteran Huang Jia has died. The cause of death is not yet known, but her family say she died peacefully in her sleep. A memorial service is planned for Tuesday in Huang's hometown of Yangshuo.

༄༅། Wang Dinggu files protest with NSSCRA after being denied guaranteed charter.

༄༅། Li Liangmei is seeking to return to NSSCRA. She has requested the use of the open charter at Yoggy Oval, Yogyakulta, Filindostan, but it remains to be seen if the request will be approved by NSSCRA officials.

༄༅། College-student and NSSCRA 7 fan-favorite Tsering Chu has said she is also considering returning to NSSCRA, but not until her classes end for the summer.

༄༅། Sponsorship talks have stalled between Lhotse Love and Rinzi "Carpet Khan" Zakhilwal. The fast food chain may be considering alternatives, such as sponsoring part-time or international drivers.

༄༅། Lao Long Herbal Medicine Group and Westlake Tea have expressed interest in the naming rights for an NSSCRA race planned later this summer at Jusenkyo Training Ground.

༄༅། Zhangjiajie Racing Club has announced that IRACT sanctions against Lexi Patterson and her sponsors will be enforced at Jusenkyo except where they conflict with NSSCRA rules. However, no sanctions will be enforced against tire supplier Tropicorp. A spokesman for the Zhangjiajie club explained, "Tropicorp has been in NSSCRA since before the Patterson scandal, it is their business to sell tires, and there is no evidence that they have given Patterson preferential treatment."

༄༅། Fines against Qiang Kai for his performance at the LGBT Alliance of Guilin's celebrity drag show for charity have been dropped.
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Rd 7 - CoCoCo / Mayhem Deal?

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:42 am

Image Image Image

Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400, North Notwilkesboro, Western Carolina Union :: There were high fives all around for Team CoCoCo and The Sherpa team as Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal came home solidly inside the Top 10 at the Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 in a full CoCoCo livery, the best performance on the season for a car fully sponsored by the multinational logistics and holding company. CoCoCo officials immediately approached the agents for Zakhilwal and team after the race with a new contract. They wanted Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal to be 'their guy' on the NSSCRA Circuit.

For CoCoCo the decision was easy. They had struggled to get a charter for their own driver, Rockii Ezis, and they needed to be on the track each week. Zakhilwal was leading the rookie of the season points standings so even if they didn't ultimately compete for wins or a championship, there was that secondary prize on the line in the Rookie Chase. There would be something for them to put their stamp of success on. But there was a snag. While CoCoCo was busy negotiating with Rocket Automotive, Atlas Phoenician Racing and trying to purchase a charter or even an open qualifying slot from another team to get Rockii Ezis to the track on a weekly basis, Zakhilwal had already signed a six race agreement with the Yeezie company Mayhem Men's Products with a performance rider. If CoCoCo was going to stay involved with Zakhilwal on a weekly basis, a new agreement would have to be constructed.


The #06 CoCoCo / Mayhem Automodi will be driven by Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal in the Newark Aristocracy

One of the nice things about sponsoring Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal from the CoCoCo perspective was the car number. With Zakhilwal piloting the #06 car, and the majority of CoCoCo racing apparel currently having the #60 on it as Rockii Ezis' number at Vilita and Turori Motorsports, it was an easy transition between the two. The parties involved quickly worked out an agreement for the upcoming Warlock 400 in the Newark Aristocracy whereby CoCoCo would appear on the Hood and tail of the vehicle while the Mayhem Products logo would appear around the sides and trunk of Zakhilwal's #06 AutoModi while the drivers personal sponsors Wolf Totem Carpets and Grassland Restaurant would remain on the car.

Now, the parties continue to pursue a long term agreement for sponsorship of the #06 machine with the possibility that the full CoCoCo scheme will be run at races following an event where Zakhilwal did not place inside the Top 15 while the split CoCoCo/Mayhem scheme will be run at races following a Top 15 finish from Zakhilwal and the #06 AutoModi. The original agreement between Mayhem and the Sherpa team called for the full Mayhem Products scheme to be run at the Jusenkyo Training Ground and the Li River Speedway in The Sherpa Empire where Mayhem Products are trying to expand their local market share; the Pencurve Electronics 500 and Kardashia Chadwick Dealers 400 in Saint Kanye where Mayhem Products is based and the season ending Proving Grounds 500. Due to the number of different parties involved who need to review, amend and ultimate accept any deals, no word has yet been received on whether the mash-up agreement will persist beyond the Warlock 400 race weekend.

It will mean at the very least CoCoCo will still be looking to find a way to get their logos on a car for those events or perhaps will have finally secured an open qualifying charter for their driver Rockii Ezis by the time the second half of the season rolls around. While details of a potential deal with Zakhilwal are being worked out, team CoCoCo continue to work options for their driver Rockii Ezis and are planning to get the #60 CoCoCo Dart back on the track regardless of their agreements with other drivers, targeting the Speedway stretch when the series runs events in Lisander, Valentine Z and Caleonia as a likely return for the #60 Dart in a subset of those events as the sanctioning body permits and field space is available. While CoCoCo continues negotiations a spokesman has indicated they remain committed to their partnership with Vilita and Turori Motorsports even if they should arrange a deal with another team for a full season sponsorship, and will continue to support the career development of Rockii Ezis either at Vilita and Turori Motorsports, or, with another team in the NSSCRA circuit if that is determined to be the only way to get their driver a weekly spot on the track.

While the sponsorship negotiations continue behind the scene, it seemed as if none of it was bothering the Rookie of the Season candidate Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal as the Sherpa driver turned in the 4th fastest time in Vilaye Energy Drink Pole Qualifying in the Newark Aristocracy, beating out all of the Vilita and Turori Motorsports drivers who were led by Centur Tiones, another driver who has held the CoCoCo sponsorship on their car this season, who led the Vilita and Turori Motorsports contingent starting from the 8th position.


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Postby Hapilopper » Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:30 pm

Warlock Raceway, the Newark Aristocracy
Race Weekend
The first half of race weekend in the Newark Aristocracy, unfortunately, had been marked by a less-than-positive mood for the Team Blue personnel. Chet Byrd was having to answer reporters’ questions about what exactly happened at his house, after the Hapilopper City Herald published a story about some sort of civil disturbance that happened during the week that involved a overtly pushy neighbor, a full can of beer and a disconnected acetylene torch. He wasn’t too thrilled with that, and he wasn’t too thrilled with teammate Chris Holmes, who escalated the incident by dumping the can of beer on the neighbor, then threatening her with what he called the “acetylene torch treatment.”

Chris was in the doghouse as well, as Hannah Byrd, Chet’s daughter, was turned off by Chris’s display. During the week, she told Chris she understood his anger and she hated her father being called a drug runner despite it being obvious that he most certainly wasn’t. But, Hannah told Chris, he went too far, and that display of anger actually kind of scared her.

“I’m not sure I can be with someone who snaps like that,” Hannah told Chris. “I just don’t know. I can’t blame you for being pissed off, but you scared me. That kind of anger could kill someone.”

That upset Chris, and upon arriving at the Newark Aristocracy, he had a lengthy chat with team consultant Drake Stevenson about how to possibly change Hannah’s mind. After the first practice of race weekend, the two talked over dinner and a few beers about how Chris could become a better man.

“Well, first off, don’t force it,” Drake told his fellow driver. “If you try to force her to see you’ve changed, that’ll weird her out too, so just, you know, let it happen. I wouldn’t try to make something happen, just let it happen naturally.”

“But what about the anger?” Chris asked. “I mean, she said I could kill someone with it.”

“She’s… how do I put it… not wrong,” Drake responded, after thinking about his response. “People just don’t chase old ladies down residential streets with welder’s torches. That is the hallmark of a person gone unhinged. You know, you can’t act like that. At the very least, you might need to seek anger management.”

“Don’t you see someone?” Chris asked. “Like a sports psychologist?”

“Yeah,” Drake replied, shifting around in his seat. “Her name is Shannon Brinkman. I talk to her once a week about trying to get past mental blocks in my head and working with other people to be a better team player. I don’t entirely know how well she works with anger management, but I’ll give her a call when we return to Hapilopper and find out. You know, our employer’s insurance pays for all my sessions, too. They might help with yours.”

The topic of trying to not scare off a potential female friend dominated the evening as the two watched a pro wrestling show from another country.

“So, people say you haven’t been with someone in years,” Chris said. “Why not?”

Drake looked at Chris and shook his head. He’d been asked this question time and again and, frankly, was getting tired of hearing it.

“I’ll just put it this way,” Drake said. “If love is a battlefield, I am a conscientious objector. I have no use for it. I got my heart broken one time and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.”

“So how do you know so much about this?”

“Because, for some reason, people come to me asking for advice on love at bars late at night,” Drake said with a chuckle. “They think that because I’m a race car driver, I know these things.”

The next day, as the teams prepared to qualify, Team Blue crew members were installing qualifying setups in the three Preston Skychiefs. Drake Stevenson, Ken Henson and Chet Byrd were talking about what, exactly, needed to be done to put Chet in the show on race day. Their informal meeting was interrupted by a message over the garage area intercom.


The three looked up and looked nervous. Obviously this must have had something to do with whatever had happened at Chet’s house over the week, wasn’t it? But if that was the case, why wasn’t Chris Holmes called as well?

“Think we’ll get suspended?” Chet asked nervously.

“Hell if I know, let’s just go over and find out,” Ken responded.

About 15 minutes later, the two emerged from the office trailer, about as happy as could be, and returned to the garage with huge smiles on their faces. Obviously the two weren’t in trouble for whatever incident happened at Chet’s house over the week, and later on, it was revealed that NSSCRA officials had a good laugh when Chet said he thought the meeting concerned that incident at his house.

“Well?” Drake asked. “What’d they say?”

- Headline from the Hapilopper Television Network

“I got a charter!!!” Chet said, his excitement palpable. “I get to run in every single race!”

That announcement more than brightened the mood of the rest of Team Blue. While Chet would have to qualify for this race, he was guaranteed a starting spot for every race for the rest of the season. The team would no longer have to worry about focusing their energies on getting one of their cars in the field, they could focus their energies instead of getting everyone up front and winning races.

And, before you ask, yes, Chet made this race, too. He ended up 17th in qualifying, while Frank Bronson, the surprise hit from Team Blue, ended up 11th, and Chris ended up a disappointing 35th, but would start 32nd on race day.

As the three drivers prepared to go racing, the mood had lightened considerably. The “acetylene torch treatment” incident was a memory for now, and it was now time to go racing. However, that incident would pop up again in the near future. Unbeknownst to any of Team Blue, Chet Byrd’s neighbor, as well as a Hapilopper City attorney, were preparing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against all of the dramatis personae.
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Postby Jebslund » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:47 pm

Jebslund wrote:
Win a Race Contest Winner Announcement
Congratulations Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman of Mil Palmeiras

Today's article is an announcement. One month after the conclusion of NSSCRA's Seventh season, a contest was started to win the opportunity to race in the Kermania Fortress Run during the Eighth season. The contest was run, the permissions gained, the winner notified, and the preparations have been completed. As such, it is our pleasure to announce the winner!

Congratularions, Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman, and thank you to all the fans who sent in letters explaining why you wished to compete! Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman's letter was chosen based on her verifiable experience and its short and to the point presentation.

Dear Eva Kerman Die Sportler Schriftsteller,

I am writing you to request that I be permitted to race in the Kerbania(sic) Fortress Run. For six years now, I have placed in the top twenty of all of the domestic leagues, despite racing without a sponsor. I have been racing since Brazilistan was an independent nation under O Presidente and his thugs, and, though my family was poor, I have prospered. I now wish to show the people who have supported me what I can do in the international arena, as well as earn a spot on next season's Team Jebslend(sic). If given this opportunity, I will work hard to ensure I do not disappoint my family and my country. As a long-time reader and a long-time racer, please allow me the honor of this race.

Vanda Rosa Cordeiro Kerman of Mil Palmeiras, Brazilistan, Jebslund

[Editor's Note: The letter has been translated from Brazilistani]

Today's featured Imbissmeister is Waffeltraktor. Waffeltraktor is a chain of diners with a long tradition of serving the finest waffles this side of mutti's kitchen (or MuttisKüche, for that matter.), and Kafferol that will knock the armor off of a battleship, and you'll find one near every track in Jebslund. Don't just take my word for it, though! Mention Eva Kerman (Hey, let me have a bite when you get back from that hunt, yeah?) and you'll get 50% off of anything on the menu on race day.

Writing for the Sportler, this has been Emma Kerman, mother of Eva Kerman, wishing you a lucky season!
Jebslund is a nation of kerbals ruled by Emperor Jebediah Kerman. We reject tyranny, believing that rights should be protected, though we also believe said rights end where the rights of others begin.

Shockingly, we *do* use NS stats, with the exception of lifespan.
Singular sapient: Jebslunder
Plural Sapient: Jebslunden
Singular/Plural nonsapient: Kermanic
Note: When a verb can logically only be done by the sapient using/piloting/holding the object in question, then the appropriate demonym for the number of sapients is used.

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Cocoabo gets pole at Newark; Brooke starts from rear after qualifying crash

by Ray Wright

NEWARK ARISTOCRACY - In an effort to make future races more competitive, the Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association has decided to move around several charters. The league made its announcement just before the qualifying sessions for the race at Warlock Raceway here.

The NSSCRA chose four drivers who will be locked into the field starting at next week's race in the Yoggy Oval in Yogyakulta, Filindostan. The decision to give charters to Xannerian Gordon Orton (#16), Valentian Gwen Tracer Allison (#31), Jebslunder Sofia Kerman (#69) and Hapiloppian Chet Byrd (#73) was said to be based on their good showing in the races that they have managed to qualify into. To keep the field size constant, though, the underperforming teams from Caleon, Filindostan, the Newark Aristocracy and Sedile will each lose a charter. No word yet on which drivers from these teams will drop down to must qualify status.

Earning the pole for the Newark race is Team Tropicorp's Cocoabo #78 in the same-numbered Dart, with Kanyean team Glorious Free Republic Motorsports' Skip Stiller in the #3 Chadwick to the bird's outside. In the thirteenth position in the grid is Stiller's teammate, last week's winner, and current points leader Thea Alvarez in the #46 car. The third GFR driver, Jeremiah Brooke, had an incident during his qualifying run. Brooke ran into some fluid on the track (much like Byrd's own incident last month at Starkville, New Northwesteros) and ended up slamming the outside wall. Due to significant damage on the #18's passenger side, Brooke will switch to a backup car (OOC: same appearance as usual car), as well as start forty-sixth and last. "This will be quite the challenge", quoted the Kanyean, who was miraculously unhurt in the crash. "Being at the tail means that I'd have to make up the most positions. I'll try to get as far up front as I can. People have won after starting last, so why not?" GFR also brought in part-timer Sage Caldwell for his second appearance of the season; the #19 car starts twenty-eighth.

Orton, Byrd, and Allison were able to make the field in their last race as unchartered drivers, qualifying sixteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth respectively. Sofia didn't make the cut, though; instead, Sherpa Dinggu Wang and Esmerelian Joseph Rawlings will be the other two getting into the race on time. Wang's #79 TMW is third in the grid, while Rawlings' #83 Pontiak is ninth.

Meanwhile, some bad news shook the racing world as Jia Huang, former driver from the Sherpa Empire, had died in her sleep. Driving the #39 car, Huang competed in just one NSSCRA season, the sixth, winning the inaugural Exhibition at Tundra Falls but failing to make the Chase. Many teams observed a moment of silence after the qualifying sessions in honor of the late Huang, including GFR, whose three full-timers all competed with the Sherpalander two seasons ago.

All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.

The Sherpa Empire wrote:Rinzi Zakhilwal was packing his bags to go to Newark Aristocracy when he got a message from CoCoCo offering to continue their sponsorship for another 6 races. They said they would be open to cosponsoring with other companies as long as they got the space on the hood. Zakhilwal grinned. It was nice to be so popular all of a sudden. He wrote back, "I am interested, but let me talk to Mayhem and ask how they feel about cosponsoring."

He wrote to Mayhem explaining the situation and awaited their reply.

This is an English translation of Mayhem's letter back to Zakhilwal.

Mr. Zakhilwal,

We have received your letter detailing the possibility of other companies sharing their space in the #06 car with our company. We have already received a similar letter from CoCoCo of Vilita and Turori, one of your other sponsors, and have given them the approval to co-sponsor with us, with the terms that our colors and logo still be prominently displayed on the car. In a few days you will receive a press release from CoCoCo, which will display the scheme that you will run during the races in which their sponsorship and ours will coincide.

We wish you luck in the upcoming races and will be open for talks regarding our existing sponsorship deal.

Samuel Dawkins IV
Marketing Manager
Mayhem Men's Products Inc.

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Cocoabo #78 Pole Position - Cocoabo #28?

Postby Tropicorp » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:58 pm


Warlock 400, Warlock Raceway, Newark Aristocracy:: For Team Tropicorp at the members of the Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Project (CEEP), it has been a tale of two Cocoabo as they looked to branch out into the world of Stock Car Racing. The very first Cocoabo to graduate from the CEEP's motorsport development program was Cocoabo #23 who was quickly transitioned to the world of Open Wheel racing with Tropicorp Engineering in the World Grand Prix 2 Championship. The success of 'Fast Cocoabo' in the world of open wheel racing, however, was also coupled with a log jam of internationstatal top level licenses. When the next two Cocoabo in the pipeline had advanced to the 'integrated' stage of their development, there were no seats in top level open wheel racing so the Cocoabo Park staff members teamed up with Tropicorp Engineering interns and associates to form Team Tropicorp on the NSSCRA circuit as a platform to finish the training of the Cocoabo and to help serve as a development path for future Cocoabo and drivers in the Tropicorp Racing system.

The two Cocoabo, Cocoabo #28 and Cocoabo #78, were joined by an employee with no real world auto racing experience but an expert simulator driver, Euroli Islander. The team were hoping to be able to compare the performances of the two Cocoabo together to determine who would be the top of their class and use the performances of Islander as a baseline to compare against. It would all get detailed when Cocoabo #28 was injured in an accident at the Lonngeylin Ring and could never be compared with the performances of Cocoabo #78 who started all races and improved by seasons end to post four Top 10 finishes.

When the Cocoabo took their break for the offseason and resumed their training regimine, however, something of a reset button was pushed and Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Project officials were hoping that Cocoabo #28 would be more closely competitive with their Cocoabo counterpart. Early in NSSCRA's 8th season it looked like that would be possible as Cocoabo #28 posted a Top 10 qualifying effort in four of the seasons first five events. But the finishes weren't there for Cocoabo #28 while teammate Cocoabo #78 posted four Top 10's including a victory in the Exhibition at Tundra Falls non-points event. It wasn't until the Warlock 400 in the Newark Aristocracy that even Team Tropicorp members began to question whether Cocoabo #78 was indeed better than Cocoabo #28, as Cocoabo #78 put the Cocoabo Park Dart on Pole position to earn Team Tropicorp its first ever Vilaye Energy Drink Pole Award, all the pomp and circumstance, photo opportunities and a spot in the Vilaye Energy Drink Clash. At the same time, Cocoabo #28 from the very same CEEP training class was watching the #28 Cocoabo Preservation Dart get pushed back on to the hauler as they failed to qualify for a second straight event, as team officials wondered whether Cocoabo #28 had what it took to compete at this level or if they would be better off retiring back home to Cocoabo Park once and for all.
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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:00 pm

Race: Warlock 400, Warlock Raceway, Newark Aristocracy (Speedway)
Lap Record: 30.730 sec.
Minimum Time to Avoid DNF: 33.500 sec.

Segment 1:
1 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori)              31.166
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 31.232
3 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 31.250
4 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 31.273
5 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 31.311
6 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 31.320
7 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 31.362
8 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 31.363
9 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 31.380
10 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 31.409
11 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 31.420
12 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 31.425
13 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 31.465
14 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 31.466
15 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 31.474
16 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 31.506
17 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 31.537
18 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 31.585
19 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 31.714
20 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 31.768
21 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 31.806
22 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 31.869
23 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 31.993
24 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 31.999
25 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 32.053
26 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 32.092
27 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 32.177
28 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 32.230
29 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 32.302
30 #19- Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 32.304
31 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.344
32 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 32.427
33 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 32.510
34 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 32.609
35 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 32.641
36 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 32.659
37 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 32.670
38 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 32.733
39 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.757
40 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 33.082
41 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 33.157
42 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 33.172
43 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 33.191
44 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 33.195
45 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 33.299
46 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 33.489

Segment 2:
1 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori)              31.151
2 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 31.233
3 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 31.247
4 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 31.250
5 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 31.264
6 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 31.292
7 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 31.323
8 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 31.359
9 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 31.370
10 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 31.377
11 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 31.411
12 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 31.436
13 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 31.443
14 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 31.463
15 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 31.477
16 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 31.518
17 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 31.571
18 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 31.608
19 #19- Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 31.617
20 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 31.667
21 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 31.675
22 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 31.695
23 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 31.723
24 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 31.761
25 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 31.922
26 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 31.961
27 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 31.968
28 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 32.034
29 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 32.036
30 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 32.060
31 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 32.105
32 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 32.109
33 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 32.225
34 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.374
35 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.441
36 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 32.532
37 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 32.638
38 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 32.848
39 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 32.849
40 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 32.948
41 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 33.027
42 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 33.074
43 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 33.252
44 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 33.260
45 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 33.262
46 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 33.303

Segment 3:
1 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)                       31.159
2 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 31.162
3 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 31.208
4 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 31.216
5 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 31.219
6 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 31.245
7 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 31.282
8 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 31.325
9 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 31.369
10 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 31.378
11 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 31.408
12 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 31.442
13 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 31.449
14 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 31.451
15 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 31.501
16 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 31.505
17 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 31.509
18 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 31.531
19 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 31.540
20 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 31.541
21 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 31.611
22 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 31.797
23 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 31.801
24 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 31.820
25 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 31.850
26 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 31.877
27 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 31.886
28 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 31.943
29 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 31.955
30 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 32.060
31 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.374
32 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 32.438
33 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 32.500
34 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 32.780
35 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 32.780
36 #19- Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 32.791
37 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 32.976
38 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 33.033
39 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 33.069
40 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 33.150
41 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 33.188
42 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 33.254
43 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 33.276
44 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 33.353
45 #67 - Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) 33.513 DNF
46 #03 - Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) 33.616 DNF

Segment 4:
1 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)                   31.177
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 31.254
3 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 31.263
4 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 31.285
5 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 31.308
6 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 31.379
7 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 31.408
8 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 31.423
9 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 31.474
10 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 31.476
11 #19- Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 31.499
12 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 31.500
13 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 31.512
14 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 31.536
15 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 31.540
16 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 31.573
17 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 31.589
18 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 31.590
19 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) 31.606
20 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 31.665
21 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 31.673
22 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 31.675
23 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 31.747
24 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 31.778
25 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 31.862
26 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 31.871
27 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 31.875
28 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 31.996
29 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 32.048
30 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 32.107
31 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 32.110
32 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 32.132
33 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.150
34 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 32.161
35 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 32.291
36 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.536
37 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 32.731
38 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 32.958
39 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 33.065
40 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 33.070
41 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 33.307
42 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 33.403
43 #25 - Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 33.509 DNF
44 #94 - Daniel Almirola (Sedile) 33.578 DNF

Segment 5:
1 #15 - Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z)                 31.022
2 #3 - Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 31.152
3 #2 - Centur Tiones (Vilita and Turori) 31.170
4 #30 - Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) 31.271
5 #73 - Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) *Q* 31.308
6 #78- Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 31.316
7 #46 - Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 31.326
8 #06 - Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 31.327
9 #4 - Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 31.356
10 #37 - Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) 31.364
11 #11 - Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 31.369
12 #18 - Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 31.382
13 #12 - Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 31.403
14 #13 - Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 31.422
15 #44 - Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 31.432
16 #10 - Eddie Walters Jr. (Xanneria) 31.441
17 #27 - Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 31.453
18 #19- Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) 31.458
19 #14 - River Suzgar (Vilita and Turori) 31.476
20 #31 - Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) *Q* 31.492
21 #7 - Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) 31.502
22 #79 - Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) *Q* 31.567
23 #24 - Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 31.673
24 #88 - Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) 31.972
25 #50 - Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 32.168
26 #82 - David Rockingham (Esmerel) 32.207
27 #9 - Lício Granado (Lisander) 32.232
28 #41 - Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita and Turori) 32.353
29 #32 - Andrew Holden (Lisander) 32.373
30 #81 - Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 32.440
31 #86 - Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.453
32 #5 - Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 32.527
33 #75 - Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 32.622
34 #16 - Gordon Orton (Xanneria) *Q* 32.664
35 #22 - Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 32.801
36 #02 - Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) 32.940
37 #00 - Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) 33.091
38 #0 - Hana Bhe (Filindostan) 33.139
39 #29 - Frank Joy (Caleonia) 33.217
40 #83 - Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) *Q* 33.551 DNF
41 #6 - Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 33.725 DNF
42 #84 - Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) 33.908 DNF

Final Results:
| Pos | Driver | Avg. |
| 1 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) | 31.301 | WINNER
| 2 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 31.376 |
| 3 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 31.381 |
| 4 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 31.383 |
| 5 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 31.405 |
| 6 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) | 31.410 |
| 7 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) | 31.466 |
| 8 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 31.467 |
| 9 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) | 31.479 |
| 10 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) | 31.487 |
| 11 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 31.498 |
| 12 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) | 31.571 |
| 13 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) | 31.584 |
| 14 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 31.591 |
| 15 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 31.599 |
| 16 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) | 31.609 |
| 17 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 31.634 |
| 18 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 31.661 |
| 19 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 31.692 |
| 20 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 31.699 |
| 21 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 31.747 |
| 22 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) | 31.754 |
| 23 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) | 31.756 |
| 24 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 31.843 |
| 25 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 31.921 |
| 26 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 31.928 |
| 27 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 31.934 |
| 28 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 32.191 |
| 29 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 32.294 |
| 30 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 32.385 |
| 31 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 32.403 |
| 32 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 32.502 |
| 33 | #02 Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) | 32.532 |
| 34 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 32.590 |
| 35 | #86 Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) | 32.592 |
| 36 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | 32.718 |
| 37 | #0 Hana Bhe (Filindostan) | 33.191 |
| 38 | #29 Frank Joy (Caleonia) | 33.205 |
| 39 | #00 Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) | 33.243 |
| 40 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | DNF |
| 41 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | DNF |
| 42 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | DNF |
| 43 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | DNF |
| 44 | #94 Daniel Almirola (Sedile) | DNF |
| 45 | #67 Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) | DNF |
| 46 | #03 Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) | DNF |

Point Standings (after 7 races)
| Pos | Driver | Points |
| 1 | #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 291*|
| 2 | #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) | 282*|
| 3 | #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) | 266 |
| 4 | #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) | 264 |
| 5 | #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 263*|
| 6 | #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) | 259 |
| 7 | #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 257 |
| 8 | #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) | 246 |
| 9 | #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) | 243 |
| 10 | #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) | 237*|
| 11 | #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) | 228*|
| 12 | #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 228 |
| 13 | #30 Lexi Patterson (Jebslund) | 223 |
| 14 | #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) | 221*|
| 15 | #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) | 211 |
| 16 | #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (Valentine Z) | 211*|
| 17 | #37 Frank Bronson (Hapilopper) | 185 |
| 18 | #82 David Rockingham (Esmerel) | 184 |
| 19 | #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) | 183 |
| 20 | #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) | 182 |
| 21 | #7 Clarissa Alanis Star (Valentine Z) | 172 |
| 22 | #81 Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 171 |
| 23 | #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) | 170 |
| 24 | #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) | 166 |
| 25 | #31 Gwen Tracer Allison (Valentine Z) | 164 |
| 26 | #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) | 144 |
| 27 | #84 Ben Carpenter (Esmerel) | 140 |
| 28 | #79 Dinggu Wang (The Sherpa Empire) | 132 |
| 29 | #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 126 |
| 30 | #88 Anavella Ariiki (Tropicorp) | 116 |
| 31 | #16 Gordon Orton (Xanneria) | 111 |
| 32 | #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) | 105 |
| 33 | #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) | 103 |
| 34 | #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) | 99 |
| 35 | #83 Joseph Rawlings (Esmerel) | 91 |
| 36 | #73 Chet Byrd (Hapilopper) | 87 |
| 37 | #69 Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) | 79 |
| 38 | #24 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) | 75 |
| 39 | #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) | 70 |
| 40 | #86 Bluetarch The 5th (Newark Aristocracy) | 64 |
| 41 | #23 James McCurdy (Hampton Island) | 59 |
| 42 | #0 Hana Bhe (Filindostan) | 57 |
| 43 | #67 Denny Truex Lenlin (Sedile) | 51 |
| 44 | #03 Mike Reddiër (Caleonia) | 39 |
| 45 | #19 Sage Caldwell (Saint Kanye) | 39 |
| 46 | #94 Daniel Almirola (Sedile) | 34 |
| 47 | #02 Kohan The 10th (Newark Aristocracy) | 34 |
| 48 | #55 A7DXZ5 (Wagensvolk) | 31 |
| 49 | #00 Ilham Lukas Jenie (Filindostan) | 30 |
| 50 | #29 Frank Joy (Caleonia) | 28 |
| 51 | #99 Liuyong Xu (New Northwesteros) | 27 |
| 52 | #17 Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua) | 26 |
| 53 | #60 Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) | 25 |
| 54 | #21 Paul Nystrom (New Northwesteros) | 22 |
| 55 | #48 Travis Barkley (Newmanistan) | 19 |
| 56 | #98 Jixaka Motoai (Tropicorp) | 16 |
| 57 | #93 Robbie Moren (The Western Carolina Union) | 16 |

Next Race: Race 8 (July 16/17)- Yoggy Oval, Yogyakulta, Filindostan (Short Track)
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Postby Valentine Z » Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:08 pm

The Valentians - Post-Race @ Cocoabo Preservation 300K presented by twii.tur, Cocoabo Park Circuit, Cocoabo Park, Cocoabo Forest, Tropicorp

It has been a few days since the Valentians bid farewell to the land of Cocoabo Forest, at least for the time being; they had to move to the next venus, and so they did. Of course, this was not as easy as the Valentians would think it to be; Clarissa would have around 20 of the cocoabos following her, and she would give each and every one of them a meaningful hug, and pet them gently. Jolyn did not have any of the birds near her, but she was grateful for that, since she pretty much preferred to look at them from a distance.

Gwen, on the other hand, despite having rather bitter starts with the cocoabo that climbed into her car and gave her trouble, would feel sad about the whole affair and departure to another land. The bird gave her a rather sorrowful look and Gwen, being herself, would recover very quickly from her loss, kneed down, and give it a hug.

“Aww, come on, you!” she said, with a single tear from her left eye, “You know you cannot follow me around! I have some other places to be. Tell you what, I will try my best to visit you back outside of this racing business. I will come back one day!” and with that, Gwen ended off her little speech with a meaningful smile.

The bird in turn made birdly noises, and would hop around in excitement and elation of its own. It ran circles around Gwen’s feet as she and the Valentians made their way onto the plane.

“I will miss you!” Gwen shouted out to the cocoabo, as she boarded the plane and waved at it.

And on the plane, Clarissa would clap and exclaim to Gwen, “Wowww, that was huge! Haha, well, both literally and figuratively! I mean, I am glad that you forgive the little thing.”

“Yeah, I don’t really see much in holding a grudge to it. Seems pretty smart too, I mean, being able to understand a little bit of what I am saying. I hope I can come back one day,” Gwen would reply back while looking dearly at a window of the plane, “I will come back one day, Bobby, I promise you.”

“You named it Bobby?” Jolyn asked curiously, “I mean, good name, all things considered. At least you didn’t give it the Valentian treatment with twenty names!”

“Bobby Bobberson!” Jenny teased happily, followed by a couple of laughs from the Valentian trio.

“Well, I’m gonna take a nap, again…” Gwen announced to the other Valentians, while they themselves would be found talking to one another on a casual level, thinking about the new course that they are going to go for qualifications and the actual race in.

“Is she gonna be all right?” Jared wondered out loud to Clarissa and Jolyn.

“Nah, she will be fine,” Jolyn said back with reassurance, “She tends to get attached like that a little. I mean, Clarissa tends to do that too, but Clarissa has a bit more control and tends to move on faster.”

“Haha, I miss them too! And one day, I will follow Gwen and we can throw a little party with the cocoabos.”

“Hopefully you don’t get them drunk. Last thing we need is for an animal to get drunk.”

The Valentians - Qualifications @ Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 @ Wilkes County Speedway, North Wilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union

The qualifications have indeed gone well for the Valentians. After all, they are simply glad to be back on a speedway. While they did not exactly have a lot of accidents on the Cocoabo road course, they feel that the speedways will still be their very forte, at least as rookies. Clarissa has finished with 5th, at 21.059 seconds, which has her tied with #78’s Cocoabo. Jolyn made it to 16th with her best time of 21.324 seconds. Gwen also made it into the list of qualified racers once again, placing 10th with her best lap time of 21.185 seconds.

They suffered no problems with the speedway; the Valentians have indeed proved themselves to be very fast learners, and other than that road course and typical vehicle problems, there is nothing else that will slow them down.

“Don’t worry, my friends!” Gwen announced to Clarissa and Jolyn, “We are going to win this one, and I dare say that we got this one in the bag! All the best!”

The Valentians - Actual Race @ Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 @ Wilkes County Speedway, North Wilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union

It felt good once again for the Valentians to be opening up the air conditioner and sleeping off the night; no longer they have to worry about the mosquitoes that usually infest the tropical forests, and they certainly did not need to worry about a cocoabo bothering them, especially Gwen.

The trio have once again stepped outside of their lounge, with other Valentians welcoming them and giving them the biggest applause. Some others would choose to buy the tickets and sit at the stadium, while the others got a backstage pass to meet the Valentian trio. Adriana and Clarissa gave each other a meaningful hug, while Gwen would simply wave her hands around and bask in the glory (and the bright sunlight). Jolyn was wiping off the sweat from her forehead, while testing out some mechanisms and vehicle data with Chief Technician Jared. The AC was still running fine as usual, but Jared proposes that they fix or replace it for the next race given the run-time of it under intense heat. He faulted himself for not doing this earlier, i.e. during the buffer time, but he is still confident that the AC would last for this entire race.

“Good luck, you guys!” Adriana waved excitedly, her 11-feet tall body even causing more distractions and stares from the crowd; everyone outside of Valentine Z has probably never seen anyone this tall. Marcus deactivated his suit in an official Valentian plane that they used to come to the race track; he figured that he did not need any defensive, let alone offensive, measures with him, and also because the NSSCRA officials would frown at anyone who tries to bring a weapon even for defensive purposes.

“And they are away!” the announcer blared out of the PA once again.


The first segment, as always, was the one without any hiccups or trouble for any of the Valentians. Jolyn started off rather slow, getting used to the road course yet again, while Clarissa simply accessed her memory banks and inserted the standards and procedures for a speedway, followed by adding the parameters of the current track such as friction, turn degrees needed, and the other bells and whistles that computers do in order to get an edge. Gwen was gritting her teeth underneath that helmet, making sure that no one will stop her this time in her victory. She was aware that the Valentians and Valentine Z as a country do not require any of the trios to win the race, and instead to have fun. This has indeed been emphasised many times, but for Gwen, she wanted the taste of victory for the very first time. She placed 8th by the end of the first segment.

The second segment also went along uneventfully; Clarissa climbed to 12th, while Jolyn climbed much further from 29th to 15th, gaining substantial speed, as well as being extra careful with her turns. She is more or less used to and nearly mastered the art of breaking just enough and turning just the right amount – a “’perfekt’ balance of speed and control”, as she would put it. As for Gwen, she simply lost one position from 8th to 9th, but she was still determined. She was looking out for Clarissa and Jolyn, but at the same time, she was hopeful that nothing will stop her. No stupid incidents, as she thought to herself.

The third segment was where Clarissa and Jolyn would go to the pit stops, while Gwen would still continue on. It was a rather dangerous move for the latter, but Gwen was confident that her fuel tank would last her for the entirety of 2 segments ahead of her. She would go for a pit stop at the 4th segment, perhaps.

“I’m not exactly sure if that will be a good idea!” Clarissa exclaimed a little, worried for her friend.

“Don’t worry, I will be fine!” Gwen responded back on the comms with reassurance in her voice, “I will make it through to 4th segment without a pit stop now.”

“If you say so!” Jolyn said back as well, “See you later, and all the best, Gwen!”


In the meantime, Jolyn and Clarissa switched to a private frequency and had a small chat with one another while they were making their way to the pit stop.

“Have you ever seen Gwen this tense?” Clarissa asked.

“I have never seen anyone this tense…” Jolyn replied in a rather deadpan voice.

“I just hope that she will be fine!”

“I am sure that she is… maybe she is still bummed out about that race. The bird screwed her up, so… I can’t exactly blame her for being mad, but also can’t blame the bird for being too attached.”

“I feel really bad about that one, you know?” Clarissa said, this time with a hint of remorse in her voice.

“Ohh, what? You fed the animals? Nah, that is not on you; if you did, they should have followed you, not Gwen… maybe they just like her as a guardian, or something! Animals can be a little unusual!”

“I hope you are right, haha!” Clarissa chucked back, sheepishly, “Well, thanks for the talk! I am switching back to the normal frequencies!”

“Likewise. Top up your tank and get a fresh set of tires.”

After the pit stop was done and over with, Clarissa and Jolyn continued on, finishing at 21st and 8th respectively for the segment. Gwen, on the other hand, suffered a little due to the worn-out nature of her car’s tires. She indeed realised that she would need to go to the pit stops. While none of the tires are about to blow up, and she still has 20% of fuel left (according to the gauge), she was driving slightly slower than usual, conserving at the turns and making sure that she does not stress out the tires. These moves cost her a little, and she ended up at 11th at the end of the segment.

The fourth segment was the race was also rather uneventful for Clarissa and Jolyn – Clarissa managed to stay at 21st, while Jolyn fell back to 19th after she slowed down a little too much on the turns; after a change of tires, the car handles a little weird, and she was trying to compensate for that with harder breaking.

On the other hand, Gwen was becoming unstoppable, gaining from 11th to 4th.

The fifth segment plays the same way, and this time, it was a moment of triumph for Jolyn and Gwen at 4th and 3rd respectively. They wanted to give each other a fist bump from side-by-side but decided to go against it, citing danger in it, and that they should not celebrate too quickly.

On the other hand, things didn’t go so well for Clarissa, who somehow drifted her car and in doing so, hit Newmanistan’s #24 Kevin Daniels that was more or less right in front of her. The two cars have reported to lose traction for a few seconds, though fortunately, neither of them spunned out. This resulted in Clarissa ending up at 33rd from 21st, and Kevin Daniels ending at 36th from 20th.

“No no no NO!” Clarissa screamed in fear over the comms, “I hit another car, we spun out, and I am afraid that I messed up big time!”

“Oh crap…” Gwen asked, “What happened again?”

“I… I hit a car, spun out, and now he is right behind me by a lot! I accidentally sabotaged him!”

“What is his number?” Jolyn asked curiously, “Don’t tell me it’s Lexi- oh wait, you said “He”…. Don’t tell me it’s Jeremiah again!”

“Ahh, no! It’s #24, Kevin Daniels.”

“I don’t know who that is… let’s just hope that he will forgive you for that,” Jolyn said with some uncertainty. Given the international nature of the race, there are bound to be people from various walks of life. For Jolyn, she is cynical enough and is aware that people could turn on each other at any time, or change their demeanour towards one another. Jolyn at least hope that it will not go that way for her rather clumsy friend.

The last segment was where the actions get tougher for Gwen. Clarissa and Jolyn finished off at 18th and 10th respectively, and they were quite happy with that. Gwen, on the other hand, was about to be 1st, just neck-to-neck with #46’s Thea from Saint Kanye. She soon realised that Thea got a push from Jeremiah, a lapped teammate. The push in turn helped Thea and now Gwen got a real competition in her hands. She was certainly not the one to cheat or play dirty, so she simply gave some way and turned a little away from Thea, so as to give her more space to manoeuvre around.

As luck would not have it for Gwen, by the time turn 4 was reached, #46 went past her by just a very small fraction of a second, and as a result, Gwen finished second. Clarissa and Jolyn certainly did not have any idea that you can indeed give your teammate a push. Though, even if they did know about it, they certainly could not help her, since Clarissa was far away from Gwen even when lapped, and Jolyn was on the other end of the track as someone in the 10th position.

Gwen veered towards the inside of the track and slowed down, slowly removing her helmet and having myriads of sweat pouring down from her face. She did it, she thought to herself. It doesn’t matter if it is second. She managed to make some history - the first Valentian to reach second. Not exactly a winner, but she made it.

Clarissa and Jolyn also got out of their vehicles and carried Gwen, throwing her up and down the air, with the other Valentians following suit and giving Gwen a crowd surf.

“I am sooo proud of my bestest friend!” Clarissa shouted out loud.

“Well, well, Ms. Allison, congratulations!” Jolyn went into a playful banter of being too formal, “Haha, I’m kidding. Seriously though, congratulations! That takes a lot of effort, and you did it!”

She received a 2nd place trophy, with some champagne inside the cup. Gwen took a large gulp of it, and shared it with Clarissa, Jolyn, and with the rest of the Valentians.

“We are gonna have a partyyyy!” Jenny shouted towards the Valentians, “I will call the other Valentian Personnel to come as well!”

“Sounds like a plan!” Gwen exclaimed happily, her 10-feet tall frame sticking out amongst even the tall Valentians (minus Adriana, who is of the aforementioned height of 11 feet).

“I think this is the beginning of something beautiful,” Gwen said to Jolyn and Clarissa, with the latter two nodding in agreement, “We are not here just to win by any means, but making history is also pretty nice.”

The Valentians - Post Race @ Northwestern Bank of Carolina 400 @ Wilkes County Speedway, North Wilkesboro, The Western Carolina Union

And that night, a party was had. The Valentians went to a local chalet and rented a total of 30 rooms for the entire night. Each room has around 4-5 people inside, making it a total of around 200 Valentians celebrating in great and high spirits. Valentijn unfortunately cannot come, and he instead would watch the whole event from Clarissa’s video link that was established for him. He in turn was also pleased that the Valentian trio did well for the races so far; he was not the one to be pessimistic, but he never dreamed that his team would make it this far, and make it with such accomplishment and spirits.

The party went on until 7 AM, though noisy activities were toned down starting from 1 AM, lest there are noise complaints. The Valentians did what they did best – talk to each other, watch movies, play some board games, the works. Most of the chalet rooms still have music emanating from within, but they were either extremely faint, or were ambient music.

That night, Gwen was extremely drunk to the point of crawling around. Clarissa and Jolyn found her near the pool.

“Ohhh, rubbish! I swear this floor was stable when I was walking around just now!” she said with slowdowns and slurs, one hand on her forehead.

“Haha, ahh, it IS stable, Gwen!”

“Mhm-mhm… wait, who are you again?”

“I am Clarissa, and this is Jolyn-“

“AHHHHH HAHAH all right, I remember now! Sorry, I tend to forget a little like that when drunk. I… ahh, wait, where is Bobby?”

“Bobby? You mean the cocoabo?” Jolyn asked puzzlingly, “He was left behind in that nation! In that park!”

“Aoooow, I thought we are going to bring him- HIC- bring him here!” Gwen said, trying to balance herself and making sure not to fall on the ground, “I really.. REALLY, feel sorry that I yelled at it, you know?”

“I’m sure that it still loves you!” Clarissa reassured her with a smile, then she and Jolyn took each of Gwen’s arm and walked towards back their room. A lumbering giant escorted back by 2 relatively smaller women on each side.

Gwen: “How long has I been hereeee?”

Jolyn: “I will say an hour. You have been lying beside that pool for an hour.”

Gwen: “REALLY?”

Clarissa: “Shh! Aww, come on, Gwen, other people are sleeping.”

Gwen: “Ahahaha, HAH, ahh, sorry! I won’t do it againnn! So… wait, what am I doing… beside a pool?”

Jolyn: “Well, that’s what you do when you are drunk; you end up in some place, and you don’t know why or how.”

Gwen: “Thank goodness I didn’t kill or hurt anyone! I am not that kind of girl! I- HIC- I… I am mellow when I am drunk, I swear to the Fate!”

Jolyn: “That Fate is you…”

Gwen: “Oioooh, right, right. Are we there yet?!”

Clarissa: “We just need to take the lift, haha!”

Jolyn: “Ohh yeah, Clarissa… you will probably need to do that apology letter for Kevin Daniels. You hit him and impacted his race.”

Clarissa: “Ahh, right. Chocolates again? Maybe with the message?”

Jolyn: “Yep, that seems to work with Jeremiah just fine, right?”

Gwen: [A little loudly] “Who is Jeremiah Daniels?”

Clarissa and Jolyn: “Shh!”

And that night, Gwen slept it off, and fortunately did not throw up or did anything weird, or unmentionable. She simply slept off her intoxicated state, and the next morning, she woke up with a slight headache that was quickly remedied with medication and carbonated drinks.

“Please tell me no one recorded my ramblings…” Gwen asked, her voice trailing off.

“Nope!” Clarissa said with reassurance, hoping that Gwen didn’t realise that Clarissa’s eyes are recording all the time of the surroundings around her.
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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:53 pm


VEZ's Ceeta becomes season's first rookie winner

by Francis Ludgate

NEWARK ARISTOCRACY - Clarissa Alanis Star gave Valentine Z its first top five in the NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association) by finishing fourth at Cocoabo Forest. Gwen Tracer Allison put the country on the podium with her runner-up finish at North Wilkesboro. Now third Valentian driver Jolyn Helen Ceeta is called upon to contribute, and what does she give?

A victory.

Ceeta survived a late rally by Yeezie wheelman Jeremiah Brooke to claim first place at the Warlock 400 here. Aside from being the first Valentian NSSCRA race winner, the driver of the #15 Intermediate Tunings Eveline also grabbed the first win by a rookie in the eighth season of the international stock car series. Second through fourth was in fact a three-wide finish, with Brooke and the #18 Hyde Medical Group Chadwick on the inside, Team Tropicorp's Cocoabo #78 in the same-numbered Cocoabo Park Dart in the middle, and Roman Gwinnett of Xanneria's KRD Team Iona in the #12 Ben Fosters Knox on the outside. Brooke's feat was made even more impressive by the fact that he started last due to a crash in qualifying; tail also beat head as it was the Cocoabo who sat on the pole at Warlock Raceway.

After the three came a pair of Team Jebslund cars beside each other, with Hampton Island-born rookie Lexi Patterson in the #30 Sie Nah Fleet Systems Bartpinguin narrowly edging veteran Eva Kerman in the #13 BDA Lowe. Then it was another side by side: Skip Stiller, Brooke's fellow Glorious Free Republic Motorsports driver, was to the outside of Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal of the Sherpa Empire, with Stiller's #3 QED Car Rentals Chadwick grabbing seventh by just 0.001 second ahead of Zakhilwal's #06 CoCoCo/Mayhem AutoModi. Ninth and tenth were a pair of Vilita & Turori Motorsports Darts - River Suzgar in the Toys 4 All #14 and Centur Tiones in the Tiones Lumber #2, respectively.

Third Yeezie full-timer Thea Alvarez, the winner of the previous race at North Wilkesboro, had a slow start to the race, but picked up speed about halfway through. Unfortunately, her #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings Chadwick was one of the cars that got caught in the incident (OOC: left vague) that took Sedile's Dan Almirola (#94) and Vangaziland's Kev Schorebrook (#25) out of the race. While Alvarez was able to continue, she spent more time on pit road than she would have wanted, eventually ending up seventeenth, two laps down. She told the Kibitzer, "I am rather disappointed. Three podium finishes, and then today I didn't make it to the lead lap. Well, I just hope things pick up again next week."

Fourth GFR driver, part-timer Sage Caldwell, had a quiet run all day, mostly hanging around mid-pack and getting to as high as only tenth. The driver of the #19 Blood Moon Beer Chadwick (newly nicknamed the "Bloodmobile") finished twenty-seventh, one spot better than he did last month at Starkville, New Northwesteros. The other two Valentians, Star in the #7 Isalov Industries Eveline and Allison in the #31 T. Racer Holdings machine, finished next to each other, in twenty-third and twenty-fourth respectively.

As for Brooke and Stiller, they were among the class of the field during the race. They mostly stayed in the top fifteen throughout (barring Stiller's four-tire change with about a third of the event done) and even found themselves running 1-2. But after a late restart, it was Ceeta who was running away from the pack. The two Yeezies were trying to play catch up, to no avail. "I know I had a fast car and a great crew, given how I came all the way from last to second, so I'm not losing hope as I continue to search for a win. Congrats to Jolyn, though", said the runner-up Brooke. Stiller added, "Good job by the winner. Those Valentians just keep getting better and better, aren't they? I can see them, any or all of them, clawing through the standings in the races to come."

The next race will be at the Yoggy Oval in Yogyakulta, Filindostan. The Sherpalanders have submitted a request to the league to allow Liangmei Li (#89) to use the open charter; while the Filindostanis have also made such a request at the start of the season, they have still not named a driver yet. All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: An error in last week's post-race article has mistakenly listed driver Centur Tiones as having 166 points after six races. Tiones' total was actually 200. The Kibitzer regrets the error, and has fixed it in the newspaper's online edition.)

OFFICIAL STANDINGS - Race 7 of 30 (Newark)

1. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) (Top rookie)
2. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK) (Top Kanyean driver)
3. #78 Cocoabo #78 (TRP) (Polesitter)
4. #12 Roman Gwinnett (XAN)
5. #30 Lexi Patterson (JEB)
7. #3 Skip Stiller (STK)
12. #79 Dinggu Wang (SHW) (Top unchartered driver)
17. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK) (Last week's winner)
27. #19 Sage Caldwell (STK) (Open charter user)

33. #02 Kohan X (NWA) (Top hometown driver)


1. #46 Thea Alvarez (STK) - 291 (1W)
2. #3 Skip Stiller (STK) - 282 (1W)
3. #13 Eva Kerman (JEB) - 266
4. #27 Stacie Houston (CDG) - 264
5. #44 Kai Qiang (SHW) - 263 (1W)
7. #18 Jeremiah Brooke (STK) - 257
10. #2 Centur Tiones (VNT) - 237 (1W)
T11. #4 Meghan Sharpe (CDG) - 228 (1W)
13. #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (VNT) - 221 (1W)
T14. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) - 211 (1W)
T42. #19 Sage Caldwell (STK) - 39


1. #06 Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (SHW) - 228
2. #30 Lexi Patterson (JEB) - 223
3. #15 Jolyn Helen Ceeta (VEZ) - 211 (1W)
4. #37 Frank Bronson (HAP) - 185
5. #82 David Rockingham (ESM) - 184


Yoggy Oval, Yogyakulta, Filindostan
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